Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. P^?J??rwi??0Ji ??""?""T AM. CA9T 1 iRw?SWM;' "? "'?? , Ktw jAa, Di?tbictof CoLr*iiA, f Superintendent. Ma> ?. WT3-( AMO CAST I ROM WUKK ? Proposal* will bo received at the office of the Superintendent until 14m, Jr*? 7.1 ??.??, for delivering, fitting, and putting in place the \k r nght and Cant iron Work a* exhibited by *?n the Specifications. and ?called lor in the Schedule*, c ruminj of the Caat Jron ( lumnaof Bae-? at. R tiled Beams. Ac , of W".rh '**""*?. Gratings ta Windows, *c^,Cell Door*. Iron Staircaa.-., ,*c. Co^?..f th~ Dra? id?*.Sp-. ifirafionji, and Sched ule mtj b- had on Application at thi* oflk*. Allwaff-'ldint re?jnir?-d I?y the contract*?r* to put the work in pi*c~ will Ik- furnHb-d by thf Govern RM-nt free of eLarg**, but ? ill be erected by the con tractun. Pr. p***U will be mad* by the ?i*ce, lin~al f.** or weiaht, f<>r th* *ert.?ii? it?-ui* of work -uraiiJ 1or in the Schedule. The w rk will not b* ftuUItrided am..?* d.fTerent bidders but will b* 2 theaggr.-gate The wb..|e of the < a*t iroTc\,l7'iin? ?f H*-. m nt Story and the B-amn Ac of r.ei* yiMr, n?t b* (UlTerrd m?I a-t in ao*iti'>n wilhTl l* frm d\'-of Pr ? i- ^'l*! work m*i*t be comply*-,j uiiiiin tvvWe n. nths from date of ?rcfptKric. Paymei t? will b- ni<ul<-D?>i)ttily, d -ductinir ten iw?r centum nrtil the final completion wfthec utract All t id? pin?t be acc<>n?paiii--,l by a penal bond in JkTTJi tboneand d"llar* , taMW.Mfcs* SjiDistnct Att^> ?? f*rve?ihe right to reject any or m mli' J*<??ed for the infect of the O >v the irint^i f"t? '.*nK *nJ ,h?' ?*"<>? aiadeon *??_ .I*"1 _f. to *>? obtained in this offlce,and n?t c- nf? rm in eY?ry re?pt?rt to the remir#?. Mithlri*f ^ivertiwen^f t. wilfnot be couriered who^sre Tnf tH,nL *?* revived from partiei T.I wJ'ni'h. engaged ,n the manufacture I iL-I? * 1 I r^-,r"n Work, and who have not the n... e*e?r> facilities for getting ont the w rk. *r,d3dEt^d'u> <'Ud"r^d "B"U,or Irn Work," rf g? ADOLF CLUBS. Superintendent. WALK ?T < id-mLkT K AND iNrtKUVKK ABLE ?>K(.NAM" ? ANDUBU KASt'E STOBKS. .. _ I', * Oir^ia^c* Ar.itrr, ? or IJ; I AXD Grekx* , ) Mmtram tvn O ?-** p. 0 B?r ,J K ale.1 Pr,B ?.- .rW.YApril 17.H7t. ^ tbia fb ... f?rth/pch^rT6nin.n;r.;d'^rV >B7u"tnll>,ir t* n 'h' l Ar"rn*M' N U*V. 1? .Ir" l J "VI K-k m on WED the 5|"*th riav uf M?v i^-? r 1 . I r-i?.i ,, 7. *. lay, f >r atori-a Wit-!??, n,^rT,r?? /'""wmu uani^d Stat.-t. to Maine J Uw?r-? Ind'*"*. Ill.noi,, ^ ,n th^ folU?W liii^ ft StVPH and T -rrit ?-Ha t. wit Alabama, Cahfornii; Fi^f0-22^2* taiiiis*?' ^ i ui">- indi i"1'1 "*"***^Sc"rVo'f > ;Th: ?**P'*rtn>Pnt reserve* the Tizh* to re.?rt all l iOe which are n..t -ati-fi-iory P -T.r , the acceptance ..f ,n, ? w,? .L JiroTMS l ? the \\ ?r !?. parrment *r m, i'/JSVI*" P*!r'-n? *' the tim^ of the award Tb'irt> ,t.T, ?ViI"b,-'aIf ib-sje ? Pri'P<w:ila will H.| |r. -v-! to t h I* s n, t.,? Air-iic?,N v P O it .Til i , . . yr,l nance ?i.r?..l"Pr i Ltt. ? " ,,, l*'"l<h -HI le?.-n a. r, . II 'f P'T' baMllilt Otxolete Itn.l |*n. ryic.-able Ordnatn-- an.I Or.|?an? e S or?a " wi?H the liaxuea i.| the ?r?n*l< tr ?. , i. ?' By authority of the Ch.ef of Ordnance, 8.CII>P1S, Br?t?t-Cul r s * ^B,,25t Jlajorof OrJnauc'e. |>KOP<is\LS FOB FBAMC BUILDINt;^ Pettt QrAKTRKMAiTRm^ Orrtcr../ s , . - " i?Hiwt.??, D. C.. Ma* 13 l-rt < fn?2?^dail^,w^ii iaj^^''li' ^^^^ame tioi'lll'i'n^ ^n,"! 1) P LV iin?r"> oft" Qiart.-rs. ibk Uead-iuartera and lost ruction B:nld Pay?,e?, to be ma<1" M h?n the buildinm are cm Tf?'n "i"'! "ro-9,~l b/ ,h" I> panJ,r r Ctm IbT. office "nnWK'B ,arn^ Wliratlon to n. * t> j- ,, *? jI I EKS, tnlT ?t Brigmiier General U ? Army, ?? ^ P"t <j'iarterm i?ter O acting ^o>ous<aby si bsist" Pn^v vfl ? Ui '? : i '? ~irirm.ff I*epartn,e?t r h' a ,h*, Su'-"-?-"ce iT? ????!?. o A.% at thi{? ?*taf n?o. darioir the slx Konthe c. MiiMBctn* Jal> 1-t, I'CS. uur,u* ,ne BUl r. n l^i . i'l 'r /J1*1,1 ai"l information aa to _??? ??? LI??..<M2n*iiS?1? ?*?? I^OTICK TO CONTBACTOBS. ?"'rJ "t TJtr POLICK TlLtr.lAfH J No. Lori*iajia Aruct, > dD C , Ma, 14.1*73 ' \ 8-aled Pr^ p-M>al?,dnIy in l -raed a? anrh, will be CbTiTv "L*llnV' ' M .on SAT ? / *? ?*y '<>r rebuilding, and al.?o for e? r*?'aUdiMtlH. Police Telegraab Linea f.V^Lrh Viull r bia Detailed -pecifirarions wT?fYw i .it"B application to M. T. 7*-**.'???? ?ffi?e. Th. Board of Police re reject any a.Ml all bida if .leem?<l seceaaary for the public aer?ice. W. J. MI'HTAGO, _5yr?? PreaLlent B %rd of Met. Police. J>BOPtSALS FOB^W.VTEB TBANSPOBlX r*POT Qt-ABTKK?MA?TKR'<t OPPICK,/ ? . ^ H A1HI.\CT?I<I. D.C., May 8, l-ZS. < r^led PrnP"**'a- in duplicate, will be received at IbiioBI. e until lsl M Jrsi 14, UTJ, for the per f" of the daily transportation aervicea by water Mvtw-othn city and Fort* F -.te and Waah MKton. Bd., which may be re,juired by thia Depart Bient during the flacal year ending June 3U.14TI. Bidder* will ?tate tie price per man. and tha price Ter p- uri'l. alao the rate per diem at which they will ?arry the paee. ngera and atorea Ka. h bid mint be accompanied by a guarantee of two re?poii?ihl? per eiecnt" e"n,r>ct l" ^ entered Into will be duly ? ta***rred to reject any and ail bids not deenied a?l? antag^oi). to the Dnitn] State* *raddrea-e.1 to the underaigne.1, Jlamly marked "Pr,p.M|( for Wat. r Trauaporta Bidder* are inTite.| t>? be proaent at the opening. Any fur her in formation deeired will b.-giren ou 3r Plication to this Mice. WILLIAM MYERS, ... Bretet ?? neral U 8 A., *' I?-pot Q'larti rmaater. A RAILROAD AND Real Estate Surtgagc C?Bbla?4? la '?-??* u m Bond* the Rortbera Paette Ball road Company furmabra to ttra public aa luceataieat security wbicb coaibtne, the ready negotiability, tb? convenience, and the high credit ?f a Qrat claaa rail road bond, with the aididity and safety of ataalM iate BM^rtgaga oa land worth at least twice the amocat They are offered at par In currency, and yield ? HANDbOME PBOrIT u> tijuM exchanging* Xta. The bond* are a II r* and only mortgag* oa the road, ita e>juipmeM* and earninga, and alao on ? land grant ? bich, on the c<4upletion of the road, will average ?<m acres tc each mile of track. They are Isaoed In den' ml nations from flop U 91.UK Cocpoti, and 4 lot to Bogiatered, bavs thirty year* to run, b?'ar an interest of 7 Ju per cent !b g Id, and are EXEMPT VBOM CN1TEP fcTATES TAX to I be bolder. Tbeseail annual Interest en the B^glstered Bond* Is paid with tiOLD CUECXe. sent to the post o<M Address kf the bolder. All Marketable Stocks and Bonds received In ex change, without expense to the Investor, at lAstr 1 corrent prices. CO., WAMIIBTOI. IS THE Sl'PBEME COI RT OF THE DISTB1CT orCULlMBlA, lioUtn* a Srtnai Trrm, May 3rf, 1873 la the taee of Wm Biggie*, exec utor of WM. T. *ToB E, deceased, the executor afor-aaid has, with She approbation of the ?upremeCo?rt of the District ?>f Columbia aforeeaid, aepi^nte<l 8ATCBDA Y. the 3*1 h day of May, A D 1"CJ, for the fiual ?etti.-meat ?ad diatrilmtlan of the p-r-o?al estate of >aid de ceaaed. aiidsi the asset* in hand, as far a* the sam. Natr been collected and turned iato Bone\ ; wtien a ad where all the creditor* and heirs of said decea?ed are notifled to attend, with their claims pr -perly vouched, or they B?I ..ttier?i~- by law be excluded from all benefit la *aid deceased'* estate: Proeirf.rf, ? Copy of this order be puldiabed ?>nce a week for three week* in tike Star pre* ious to the aaid day. Test; A. WEBSTBR. t.iA-m 3t* Begiater of Wills. THE BBOADWAT COAT sad VEST to Match to 1 all the rage at A STRAUS",the Clothier, loll Perm*) Irania aveuae, near lltb street. aM IF WORMLBVS PECTORAL SYBUP, FOB OOCQHI ABD OOLDfl. ?SOLD M f ALL OMPUU1STB. Qkristlaa All order* peorapCly aad seal > oa ? gbreM. bsg. 4ta aai Ra. PROPOSALS. pK OPOBALS FOB FUEL. i HEADMASTERS U. 8. Ma*1SE Co?P?, yc*irK?*A.Tin Office, 4 W ashingt?!?. April as. bCS.l SnW Proposals will be received at this office nntil J o'clock P M. of TUESDAY, the 10?h day of June next. for supplying WOOD and COAL to the United State* Marines at on* or more ?>f the follow ins places daring the fiscal year ending Jane 30, 1>? l The Wood to be merchantable Oak, and to be de liver^, piled, measured, and in*p.-cted at such point* within the limits of the Marine Barracks m may l>e designated by the commanding Murine Offi cer. free of expense to the United State*. The C<>al to be good White A-h Anthracite Egg Goal, free from dust, and to weigh 3.240 pounds to the ton. to t>e inspected and dalivered at such points within the limit* of the Marine Btraacks as may be designated b> the commanding Marine Officer, free of to the Cnited Stafes; and both Wnod and Ccal to b^ furnished upon the monthly or quarterly requisition of the commanding officer. showing the quantities require.!, in accordance with regulations, viz: At POBTSMOl'TII, N. H 12f' tons of Coal. 7s cords of W ood. CH A BLESTOW N , M ASS. 1(0 tons of Coal. lot) cords of Wood BROOBLYN, NT. tf" tons of Coal. 120 cords of Wood. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 1S5 tons of C '*1. 3IMcords of Wood. (Including Rendezvous and Awistant Quarter master's Office.) WASHINGTON, D. C. ate tons of Coal. ?WIJ cords of Wood. ANNAPOLIS, MI?. 75 cords of Wood. OOSPOBT, VA. fill tons of Coal. 1W cords of Wood, PENSACOLA, FLA. 100 cords of \V..od. MABg island. cal 1.10 tons of Coal. loo cords of Wood. < Privile8e of increasing the quantity one The Wood and Coal furnished at Washington city :? b*n"a.-ured, weighed, inspected anl certified by the Government Inspector appointed by the Navy Department, and the expense attending such iusp c ti'-n, Ac., paid by the contractor. Blank forms of pr>p>eals can be obtained upon application at any of the Marine posts. Payments will tie mad' np?n the receipt of accounts duly authenticated by the commanding officers of the jp 'Sts at w hich the Wood or Coal has been delivered. The right is reserved to reject all bids considered unreasonable. A guarantee, to be signed by two responsible per sons, w h"se responsibility must be certifies! to l.y the Cnited States District Judtre, United States Dis trict Attorney, or Unit*! States Collector, mu-t accompany each proposal, otherwise it will not l>9 ?onsi<)pren. To be iiid.*s?i "Proposals for Fuel," and ad dressed to the undersigned. J ? WILLIAM B SLACK, Major and Quartermaster, I nited States M trine * "rps. BOPOSALS FOB STATIONERY. _ , , _ Department or State, Apth 21,1<CJ. ^eale.1 rrnsitN for furnishing stationery for tho y. ar ending June 3U. 1874, will be received at thit Derailment until 31st day of May, 1S73, at 11 o clock 31. Blank forms for bidding will be famished upon arplicatmn. The bids will be considered and accepted or re jected Item by item; and this advertisement and th> pr p..sals, so far as accepted by the Secretary of ?;ate,aiid the bond accompanviug the same, shall constitute the contract between the Government and the bidder or bidders, and no further contract will l>e executed. Th. articles contracted for must be furnished frsm time to time, during the year, in quantities pur suant to orders from the Department. The entire quantities of each article will, how ever, I f called forduringthe year. Each prop, sal must be signed by the individual or firm making it. and be accompanied by a l>ond. with si.ffli ient sureties, in a sum equal to fifty percent. t-i the bid or bi<ls accepted, approved liy a United States officer of the district in which the sureties re side or do business, on a form to be famished by th.< Department conditioned for furnishing such p-r lions of the articles as may he awarded under it and the performance of the contract. All deliveries will be subject to inspection by an expert f..r the purp le, by the Secretary of S" ate, ud the delivery of an inferior article will bo deemed suffii ient cause to annul the contract, at the opt i < not the Secretary. Deliveries must be free of charge at the Depart nient '1 State, W ashington. The failure to comply with anyone order under the contract w ill, at the option of the Secretary of State, operate as a forfeiture of the entire penalty of the bond; or the Secretary of State may direct the purchase, in open market, of such qnantitii-s ?f any articles as shall be necessary to supply the defi ciency caused by such failure, and charge to the contractors fifty p..r centum of the price which it shall be found necessary to nay for such articles. Proposals unaccompanied by a satisfactory bond w_ill not be considered, and contracts will be award ed only to established manufacturers of or dealers in the articles. Proposals to be addressed to th? undersigned, and marked '-Proposals for Stationery." ail eolm HAMILTON FISH, Secretary of State. Office chief quartermaster. third DISTRICT, DEPARTMENT OF TUB EAST, Philadelphia, Pa., May 6,1573. GOVERNMENT SUPPLIES Scaled Proposal*, in triplicate, with a copy of this advertisement attached, are invited at this Office until W m. on the 14th da* of Juse, 1573, for the ??il?Lr7 .VC.'*?? fo"<>wing-natned supplies at posts in tl? Third Military District, Department of the East, from July 1, 1873, to June 30. Igft, at such times and in such quantities as the Acting Assistant Quarter master* at the several ports may require, supplies to be subject to the usual inspection, viz ?, AT BALTIMOBB, MD. 16.1.100 pounds Anthracite Coal.mora or loss. UU cords merchantable Hard W "d.niore or b'se. U 560 pounds Oats < well sacked,) more or 1***. 61 -tli) pounds Hay,(baled,) more or less 14.4UJ pounds Straw. ( baled,) n? .re or less. AT FORT McHEMRY, MD. T<# be delivered at such point-. at the posts as the Acting Assistant Quartermaster on duty at the time ttiay designate. 67acords merchantable Hard Wood, more ar less. 3&04SV pounds Oats, ( well sackrd.) more or less, ttiu.u*) pounds Hay,( b tied,) more or less. lit .MA) pounds Straw. ( haled,) m ?re or less. AT FOBT FOOTE, MD. 78 cords merchantable Hard Wood, more or less. 7 ,aiJ pounds Coin (well, more or less. pounds Oats < well sacked), more or less. 3b,66u pounds Hay (baled), more or less. 17^SW pounds Straw | baled), more or less. The oats and corn to be clean, well sacked, in g< ?d strong sacks. The hay to be timothy of n good quality, freoffi>m weeds, cut in season, well cured, and baled. The straw to be of good quality, clean, long.and well baled. Bids for each poet should be made separately. Bids will be received and contracts executed sub ject to the nsnal conditions. Bids to be addreseed to the undersigned at Phila delphia, Pa, endorsed "Proposals far Supplies at ,' as the case may be. C. S S \ WTELLE, Quartermaater United States Arinv, mlUt Brevet Brigadier General. pBOPOSALS FOR>CELT Depot 'i' a utekm a-ter's Office,! V* ASHINGTOS. D. C., May el,1573. < Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, with a copy oftnis advertisement atta^h.-d, will !-? received from re sponsible parties until 14 M-, Jume 14, lt>73, to de liver, as reuuired, during the fiscal year commenc ing July 1, W73, at the various offices and officers' quarters in this city and Georgetown, D C , and at f'ort Whipple, Virginia, about UO cords of Pine Wo?d_, sawwl and split and in the sti>'k,4U0 corls of the stick, aivd 1 Oak W o<sl, sawed aud split and in the stick, ai 2 500 tons of Anthracite Coal, white ash, red ash, ur L> kens valley, of size as may be called for, free from slate, dust or dirt, and to weigh 2,240 pounds to lh" ton and about SO tons of Bituminous Lump All the W o<>d and Coal to be of first-clase mere ham - able quality. Each bid must be accompanied by a written guar antee, signed by the bidder or bidders, and acomp Unt surety, certified to be such by some officer or oth*-r person known to the Quartermaster's Depart ment, to th>) ett.-ct that in the event of the accept ance *d such bid at any time within ten (10) days af ter the opening of the bids the necessary contract * ill be entered into, and that in case said party or f orties < ffering thall fail to enter into contract as aforesaid, he or they guarantee to make good Ihi difference between his or their offer aud the next |< west bid. The lowest aggregate bid will be entertained. Proposals will be mark -d " Proposals for FUel," aud a>ldreiMt?d to the muleisigned. Bidders are iuvit?-d to t?. present at the opening. Pull information furnished oti application to this office. WM. MYERS, Brevet Brigadier General, U S. A., ml?6t Depot Quartermaster 1BOPOSALS FOB lOBAGL AND 81BAW. Depot Qi'ahtkbmastkr's Office, / WasHiauToa, D. C.x May 8, ld73 ( Seal.-d Prop.?aIs, in duplicate, with a Copy of this ad\erlis< uent attached, are ln\ite?i from responsi ble parties until IX M .JciE 14.ls73,f.>r furnish ing all the Corn, Oats, llay aud Bye Siraw required at ihi* depot during the fis< al year commencing July 1, K3. to be delivered in sach quantities aud at suck times aud places as may be directed by the De pot Quartermaster. The quantity required each month is estimated at 7- iU) lbs. of Oat aud Cora, to weigh 33 and A6 lbs. to the bushel, 93,000 lbs. of Hay, known as prime Tim oihr,and lbs. uf Straw, all to be of first class merchantable quality. Each bid must be accompanied by a written guar antee, signed by the bidder or bidders, and a com petent surety certified to be inch by some officer er other person known to the Quartermaster's Depart ment, to the effect that in the event of the accept ance of such bid at any time within ten (10) days after date of opening bids the necessary contract will be entered into, and that in case the said party or Mr tie. "ffertpg .hall fail to enter into contract as aforw ssM^kn or their guarantee to make good the differ ence between his or their offer and the next lowest bid. Jl'XS^'.'iSTSSS.iKr-'* Bidden are invited to be present at theopening. Full information furnished on application to this office. WM. MYERS, Brevet Brigadier General U. 8 A ml?-4t Depot Quartermaster. * pBOPOSALS FOB SANITABT WORE. Defot Qr a k tee master's Office, I Washington, B. C., May 8,1873.i Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, with a copy of this advertisement attached, will be received at this of fice antil 13 m , Jcme 14,1873. for th? removal of aabee. Ac., far one year from July 1.1873, from such buildings occupied by branches ef tne war Depart ment as are designated by the depot quartermaster. For further information apply at this office. WM MTIU _UJ, Brevet Brigadier Oenei^, 0. 8. i., BH'* Depot Quartermaster. | Pearl, by Mrs. FRIES, late of Boston, Bo. WOW Ht I street, near I. northwest. Beferences:?Mrs Prssl dent brant, Mrs. Admiral 0?:s.r' rougti, W. Wl Corcoran, ^sosral Blssy, General Tampins, Oe^> | ra1 AifcM luE-ly AUCTION SALES FUTURE DATS. GBEEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Mo. 1000 HortfawMt Mth and D BT chaxceby sale or a thbeebtoby BRICK HOCSE AND VACANT LOT, FRONT ING ON O STREET NORTH. BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STBEKTd WEST, AT AUCTION. , ^ _ By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia^ passed od the nth day ^?of May. A. 9. 1373. made in the cause of Waite rs. Waite, mid other-.N'VSjlSl. E jnity, I -hall sell on the premises. on MONDAY, the 2<i day of June, A. D. 1873, at 6 o'clock p m., all that certain piece or parcel of ground in the city of WiwhiiKtio, Dis trict of Columbia, and known and described an lot numbered eighteen (13), in square numbered four hundred and fifty-five (456>, excepting a portion of f>aid lot five (6)feet in width, on tlie eastern side of itaid lot seven (7) feet and nix (6) inches in width on the rear of raid lot, which has been reserved for alley, together with the improvement!, which con sist of a three-story and attic, brick dwelling house, and a brick stable. The above lot ha* a front of twenty-four feet. Al-o, a va? s-t lot adjoining, hav ing a front of 14 foot .1 inc' .?itha d?p?h of 121 feet iri' re or les?. with fine s. ,?nd back alle.? Tue time of ?a|e a- prescribed l>v deere? are: One thjrd of the purchase in ca-li, and the remainder in cjual installments of si*, twelve, and eighteen month*. f>r notes te-artng interest from t he d*y of snle, and Sec u led bj tlid notes of the purchaser, and ?uch other security as may be sati-d wt >ry to the trustee. Conveys icing, Ac., at the cost of the pur chaser. will be required at the tiir.e of sale, and if the term* of sale are not com plied with within Ave da~ s from the day of sa>, the trustee reserves tlie right to r>-sell the property at the r>?k and cost 11 the defaulting purchaser or purrb -ei?. bv ad vertising the same three times in r u." r <-wsp*per published in the c it * "1 Washington JOHN F EN MS Trnstes. GBEEN A WILLIAMS, ml.Vd | Rep., niy J^ il | Auctioneers. By latimer a clearV. Auctioneers and Real K?tat? Brokers, S<>nth?e?t corner Pennsylvania ave. and llthitreet, Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEES' SALE OF A VALUABLE BUILD 1NG LoT ON 8 STREET, NEAR 14m ST. NORTHWEST. Sl$* virtue of a deed of trust, dated the 3d day ? d October. A I>. law. and recorded in Liber T and R, No. 3, folio 322, "f thcAaii'l Records of Washington comity, the subscribers will well to the h?ghe?t bidder, on the premises. on TUESDAY, the 27th day ot May, A. D. 1873. at ?? o'clock p tn , L >t iinmlMTed 4.(four.) in square numbered -W. itwo hundred and thirty eight.) in the city of We 'iig ton. District of Columbia, to p-iv $IJI3, with i, ter es? Rom October 3,1 SfVs. and expenses. Tlie tern s of sale are: One-fourth cash.(of wl.ich 8 It*1 must be paid at the time of the saie,)and the residue in e<inal sums in 6, 12, 13 an I 24 months, for which the purchaser must give notes, bearing inter est at seven per cent per annum, payable semi-an nually. and secured by a deed of trust on the prem ises. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are not complied with within five days fr-ni the day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to lesell th-- property,or at \ part thereof, to the highest bidder on the premises, for cash, on ten days'public notice in the '? Evening Star,' Wash ington city, at the ri-fc and cost of the purchaser in default. ANTH. HYDE, (Trustees JAMES W. CORCORAN, < Trustees. ?21 2aw3ds LATIM ER A ( LEARV, Ancts. I>V GREEN .V WILLIA MS, Auctioneers. ) No. 1001, northwest coruer Wih and D sts. SALE IN BANKRUPTCY OF TRACT OF L\ND IN Ri(-I1ABDSON COUNTY, NEBRASKA Will be sold, at auction, on WEDNESDAY, ?Y^the 4thday of June, 1873,at 12 o'clock meridian, ? at the . ffice of the Register ill Bankruptcy, in the City Hail, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, the foil..wing described tract, piece or parcel of land, lying and being in the county of Rich ard-on. State of Nebraska, to wit: The south one half (li) of section N>- thirty-two, (32,) in township Kiit?o,(J,| and range eighteen (IS.) east of th? ? i.xth principal meridian,containing three hundred and tw< nty acres of land, more or less. Teims: Cash. All con\e>anciug at cost of the purchaser. W. C. RF.STOR. Assignee of Z. M P Kme.l Son in Bankruptcy. n,13 2aw3wAds QKEES A WILLIAMS, Ancts. |>Y LATIMER A CLEARY I * Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest comer Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st.. Star Office Buildings. TBlfcTEE'S SALE OF SUPEBIOB HOUSE HOLD Fl RN1TURE. By virtue of a de?'d of trust bearing date the v4?7th d;i> of February, 1373, ami duly n-coried |W "? Liber 703, folio 3(3, one of the land rec ?rd I ^ I for Washington county, in the District of 0 ? Intnbia. and by direction of the party secured there by. I shall s 'll. at public aucti >n, on WEDNES DAY MOllNlNG.May 41st, 1373. at 10 o'clock, at residence N< . 1413 K street, between 14th and 15th Mi * ets northwest,the following Superior Furniture: French-plate Pier Mirrors. Superior Marble-top Chamber Furniture. Fine Rep and Lace Curtains, with cornice. Oriental Arm and Easy ('hairs: Elegant L ranges. Elegant Brussels Carpets and Bugs. Three ply and Inerain I arpets, Ac. all other Household Furniture, Kitchen re ?imsites, Ac., in said premises. Term-cash. WM II SLATF. R. Trust?*. Hi IS | Rep. | LATIMER A CLEARY. Auets. STEAMER LINES. Aist HOK LIME STEAMERS, Sail from Pier So. North River, New York. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Tlie passenger accomnn slat ions on Steamer* ol this line are for elegance and C'mfort Cabin staterooms are all^t . on upper d<ck, thus securing g.?od light' ?1 ?" ? and vertilation RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY Sal. Wni. simmers. Gold. Currency. Cabins 97S and .*60. $75 and f'ii Cabin return tickets s?-c?rrn.g best accommodations 8130 8130 Steerage, currency, ,J?. Certificates f..r pa-sage from any seaportorrailway stat ion iu Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent at BATHS AS low as by A';Y otHKR riRsT-CLass limb For passage apple to H KNDERSON BROTH ERS. 7 B.wlu.g Green, N. Y , to C. CAM MACK, 1423 Fst.n w., or W ILLI AMSON A CO., 1745 Penn, avenue u.w.. Agents, Waahington. m6 IVEW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, BBTWBK1 PHILADELPHIA, ALEX ANDBIA.Va , WASH INGTON AND GEOBGETOWN, D. O. SAILIMO DATS. From Pier I, North Wharves, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and SAT-< CRD A Y, at 12 m. ana ? , si mm. From #5* Water street,Georgetown, D. 0., TOES DAY and SATURDAY, at 10 a. m This line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde's Iron Line" of steamers for Providence, Boston and New England States. No wharfage* in Bosten by tbi? line 0. F. HYDE. Agent for D. of 0. W M. F. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. F. A. RE1D, Alexandria, Va. WALDO A. PEARCE, 44 Congress Street, Boa ton. fc/"Freights delivered bv Knox's Express Orders left at General Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenua. or at the steamer wharf will be promptly attendea Uk a pi ^yABBlMQTON^NOBrOLK, BOSTON, AND The fine Iron Steamer LADT OF THB LAKB having resumed her regular trips to Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot ?>f 4th street, every MONDAY and1 THURSDAY, at 1 p. m., touching at principal River Landings, at Norfolk with Steamship ol tl-? M. and M. Line for Boston and Providence Vreight should be addressed "care of Lady of the L*ke. via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at KnoxH E< press Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenue. T. M.CBOCCH, Agent,4th-street wharf. DORSET OLAGBTT, General Agent. m!4 Plart's Store, corner 11th st. and Pa. ave. ?l!IARD LINE. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAS ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, 8KTWEEN NEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOB. FROM NEW YORK. Algeria Wed. May 14 'tiussia Wed May 21 *Ja>a.? Wed May 2a "Cuba -Wed...June 4 ?Scotia Wed..June 11 Batavia Sat May 17 Oaiabria. .Sat May 24 Parthia Sat.... May 31 Samaria Sat_..Jui?e 7 Abyssiuia ,_Sat June 14 St earners marked thna * do not carry steerage pas 9>i.cen And every following WEDNESDAY and SATCB DAY from New York. Rates or Pas-As?.?Cabin, 84J, $100, and |lk <? id, according to acceinm<*ialion. Ti keUto Paris, ?13, gold, additional.?UU R turn tickets ou favorabla terms.^^^^* Steerage, f30, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Qneenstowa. and all parts of Europe, at lowest ratea. Through bills of ladiug aiveu to Belfast, Glasgow, Havre, A*.twerp and other points on the Continent and for Mediterranean ports. For freight and cabin pas saire, apply at the Company's office, No. 4 Bowllni Qr-en; for steerage passage, at No. Ill Bread way Tut'ity Building. CI1AB. G. FBANCELYN. Agent, New York. OTIS B1UELOW. Agent, novl8-ly Waahington, D. 0. ,\| EBCHANT'S LINE OF STEAMSHIPS. 1*1 BX1WKKR WASHINGTON AND HEW TORE. r >rrafter the Bne Steamahlps ? O. EMlOttT ana JOHN GIBSON will make regular weef " trips between NEW YOBE, ALEXA_ DRIA, WASHINGTON and GEORGE- _ TOWN, as follows:?Leave NEW TOBE frocn Plat SV East River, every SATURDAY at 4i, a., Lea" GEORGETOWN every FRIDAY at T a. ?TSaJ ALEXANDRIA the same day at 12 ?. For fall information apply to B. P. A. DENHAM. Agent, oftce nag whart toot ot High street, George town, or at tka eorner of UU six eat and New York avenue. ? . _ _ Freights delivered by Knox's Express. Or ders left at General Office, 603 Pennsylvania ava nue.or at the steamer wharf will be promptly at tended to. Hll-tf j. W. THOMPSON. ] s UIRTS MADE TO OROIB. In connection with my Merchant Tailoring btui aeas. 1 am now prepared ta MAKE SHIBTS TO OBDBB, having engaged the services of one of the beat cot ters in the country lor that pnrpoee. Being satis fled of my ability to give entire satisfaction, both in style and flt.l respectfully solicit the patronage of the public. O. T. keen. Skirt M<f Drawns Bsssfortsra, aB-lA 422 >th street northwest. EFOBE GOING ELSBWHBBB axantne the _ Diagonal Dreas Bait for #17,(a specialty,)and only to be had at A. STRAUS , lOil Penna. ave., ' ll:h. as B C1RNBBAL EMPLOY I sot well to PBT8 CLEANED AT THE STBAM OAS V/ PET BBATING WORKS, 400 Maine avenue, bet. 4H and 4th sts. Carpets called f^r and returne( free ol extra charge. LORENZO BICE, aptt-ly* AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW. DY LATIMEB * CLKART, Auctioneers Mid Real Estate Broken, ""'"?nwest corner of Penn. avenue and n?h . Star Office Building IBIOB GREEN BBP PALOB SUITE; MIR ?R BACK ETEGEREiCURTAINS.COliNIi^E iD SHADES. MARBLE TOP C^IIR T* :K; ^ ALNOt CABD TABLES, ELEGANT SUPERIOR GREEN BEP PALOB SUITE; MIR KOft ? 4/11* vrnv/wn* - ?*?-? ? ? j - AND . BLES , ?? ?? u V * V AI?I/ A *1 OUbC, r. li b< t.\ J' EASY LOUNGES: MIRRORS, SUPERIOR BRUSSELS, THREE-PLY AND INGRAIN CARPETS, BIGS AND STAIR CARPETS; STAIR RODS;STAIR AND HAIR OILCLOTHS HALL FURNITURE; SUPERIOR CHAN DE LI BBS. I?BOP LIGHTS, WALNUT MARBLE Top SIDEBOARD: WALNUT EXTENSION DINING TABLE, WALNUT DINING CH MRS, ? HINAAND GLASSWARE:SCPERIOR WAL NI T MARBLE TOP CHAMBER SUITS, MAR BLR TOP AND OTHER PAINTED COTT\OE FURNITURE; SUPERIOR HAIR AND HUSK M ATTRESSES; OFFICE FURNITURE, RE FRIGERATOR AND SAKE. HEADING STOVES- KITCHEN REQUISITES, Ac , Ac AT Al'CTION A On TUESDAY MORNING, May ?n, JCS, m c mmeccing at 10 o'clock. at the ris?ij.-tic? >>f M|< I ad j declining housekeeping, No. t> 2 { ? J Eistreet, l>etw-en 6?h ami 7(K northwest. we * shall sell the above superior collection of Fur niture N B.?Parties 4ftiring to wr.ri' excellent Fur niture would d<> well t<> attend tlrs sule mU-dftdo LATIMER A CLKART, Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY. Auctioneer* ami Real Estate Brnk?r?. Southwest corner Penney I v art a are nud iltn street, Star Office Buildings. SALE OF CONDEMNED STORKS AT M ARINE BARRACKS. On TUESDAY.the UOth "I Mar, will be oT?ed f< r sale at the Marine Barrack*. Washington, a I t of Ci t,d? iniK-d Si ores of the Quartermaster'* l> -pan ? ment. Anion? them are a large lot of P,-rc:i?sion Cap- for mu-kets, Sword-, .W !bs. II' um, Jij Ins. of < opper. Old Iron. 3,010 lbs. Lea 1, Juil 'bs. powder, together with Belts, Cartridge-boaae, fti , ic. Salt to commence at I O o'clock a. m. Terms ca-li. Purchaser* will be required to re - move the articles purclias<si within ti*e.|a\s LATIMER A CLEARY. n.lP-dts | Bep ] Auctioneers. I> Y LATIMER .V CLEARY. * Auctioneers and R* ai E?tate Bnkers, Si utliwest corner Pentia avenue and 11th street, Star Office Building. A CHOICE COLLECTION OF FLOWERING PLANTS AT A I't'TION. On Tl KSI>\Y MORNING. May '.'O h. [1S73. at II ' ?I' our V ictim R ms, Iwe shall sell the f >11 owing Plants: 4?i baskets of B' dding Plants, of the fin'-st varieties. ?A) beautiful Hangine Basket" N B ?The ladies should attend this sale. Terms cash. 11.16 LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancts. HI LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st., Star Office Building. BALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON Mil STREET WEST AND RHODE ISLAND AVENUE. ellt virtue of a decree of the Supreme C"tirt of the District of Columbia, pa??d in Riuity cau-e No. 73S, chancery rules 5. wherein Eii/a be?h Brent is plaintitl and Charles E. Brent et al. defendant. the under?igued. duly appointed trustee in said cause, w ill sell, at public Auction, in front of the premises, on TUESDAY, the SlOth day of May, A. D. I)i73, at 6 o'clovk p m.. those valuable Build ing Lots on 8tn street we?t and Rh<sb- I-land avenue, numbered 11 aud 12. in Br< nt 's subdivision of square Nil. Ill, lot 11 containing 1.7S7S square feet, ami lot 12 '<Ji&5 square feet. Tie- terms of fale. as prescribed bv thedecroe, are: Oi.*- third casn. and the balauce in two equal instal ments, for which the notes of the purchaser sill hi taken. pa\ able in six and twelve montlis, w it li inter est fr-un date, and secun.. o the satisfaction of the Trustee. A deposit of .?*25 will te required for each lot at time Af sale. It the terms of sale are not complied with within seven days from da\ of shle, tbe property will be resold at the cost and risk of tbe purchaser. Title direct from government of I lie United States All conveyancing at <? .st of pur cbaser. JOHN C \RRObL BRENT. Trustee. H2s-2awAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucta. BY B. H. WARNER, Real E-tate Broker and Aucti< neer. No. Til? Seventh street .between G and II. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY IN THE NoKTIIERS SUCTION OK THE CITY, ON O STREET OR COLFAX STREET. BETWEEN ISm AND Ibrn STREETS NORTHWEST Hy virtue ot a deed id trout, dated March 1st, IMS, and duly recorded in Liber ?64, folio SH, on? of the b<nd reci rds for V* ashingtou county. District of Co lumbia, and by direction ..fthe parn secured. I will sell, in front ofthe premises, on FRIDAY AFTER NOON. May ttth. K73. at to o'clock, to Hi" liiiji -"t bidder,the west 4# feet 9 inches front of Lot 29. in Square 196; improved bv three two-story Frame II? ?uses, of such parts of sr?i,l premises as may be necessary to satisfy said debt. Terms of sale; One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, with six per cent, interest. The d'-ferr?d pa- merits to be secured by a deed of trust and in snrance on the property sold. In case the terms are not com plied with in five days after sale, the right is reserved to resell the property, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. MuOdown on day of sale. FRED. KOONrES, Trustee. uX&dAis B. U. WARNER, Auct.

? /?THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED nntII TUESDAY, May 540, 1573, e.imu hour aud place. B) order Trustee. 11'9-eoAds B H WARNKB. Auct. BY LATIMER A CLEAKT, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker* Boothweat corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th ?t., Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 11th STREET WEST. NEAR MaSSACHTSETTS AVENUE. By virtue of a deed^of trust bearing date the mi 18tli day of April, A I>. 1871. and reciodwl in the land records of this District, in liber No. (45. at folio 299, and at the requ*-st of the party secured thereby, I will sell in front of the premises, on TUESDAY, the 2Uth day of May. W3, at 6 o'clock p.m..Lots lettered G and H, in Cushing's snt>di visiou of lots 2, 3 and 4, in square numbered three hundred and forty-one, (341.) The property fronts about 50 feet on lltli street Wt-st, has a depth of about 95 feet, is improved w ith ac mtortable residence, the same being house No. 1107 11th street. Terms: One-half cash, of which 9250-utist be de posited when the property Is stru k off. and the res idue within flv?t days after sale; the remainder of the purchase money in equal instalments of six and twelve months, with interest from the day of sale Deisl given and trust taken. Conveyancing at ex pense of purchaser. Il the terms of sale are not complied with in Ove days,the deposit to be for feited, and a resale of the proa,-rty made. FRED. W JONES, Trustee. n.12 d LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucta. 1>Y B. H. WARNER, > R-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 789 7th street, between G aud 11. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ON R STREET, BETWEEN 17tu ST AND NEW 11AMPSHIBE AVENUE By virtue of a deed of trust,dated March 9th, lf<7t?, of record in Lil>er No. 611, folio 212, one of ?i lie land records for the county of Washington, and by direction of the owner of t 1m? note secured thereby J shall sell at aurtion, in front of the prem is a. on TUESDAY, May 20th inst., at 6 o'clock p., m , (art of Lot N? 3, in square No. 151, being one halfof ths property from front to rear secured by said trust, having a front of & feet by a depth of 127 feet 6 inches, with the improvements thereon, being a two storv Frame House. Terms of sale: One-third cash, (of which 935 will be required to le* pant immediately after sale.I and the balance in six and twelve months, writh in terest secured by dei-d of trust on the property. All conveyancing at the coat of purchaser, ami if the terms are not complied with in ten days from I h?day of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to rearll the property at the risk and cost of the defauting pur chaser. ASBCRY LLoYD. Trustee. ml2 B. H. WARNER. Auct. GBEEN k WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner of 10th and D street!. B BY TWO FIRST-CLASS PRIVATE RESIDENCES, FRONTING ON E STREET NOR I'll, a EAR THIRD STREET WE8T, AND NEAR THE CITY HALL, AT AUCTION wj. On TUESDAY, the tfOth instant, at 6 o'clock ES p m., we shall sell, on the premise*, two four ?^a-tury mastic front Brick Houses, fine csllars and tin roots, with all modern improvements, consisting of ((as, water, batb-t-ooni, Ac., making first-class residences, being houses Nos. 3u2 aud 3Ut, and ha\ ing good fronts and depths. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in ons, two and three years for notes bearing seven per cent, inter est, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises sold. Conveyancing, ?c., at cost of purchaser. One hundred dollars down on each house at time of sale, ii li td GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. Y B U. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7 7th street, between G aud U sta. TM'STEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED REAL ESTATE ON D STREET NORTH, BE TWEEN Pih AND ?Tll STREETS EAST. Uy virtue of a deed of trust dated September 19;h, A. D. Is67, aud duly recorded in Liber E. C. E., No. 15, folio 436, et seq , one of the laud records for Washington county, D. C., I will sell at Sublic auction, in front of the premiss, on SATUB A Y, the U4th day of May, A. D. M73, at A o'clock p m., all thoae certain pieces or parcels < f ground situate and lyiug in tine city of Washington,!). C., a- d known anddescribed as lots lettered aud mark's! "R" aud "S," in the subdivision of th' weat half of square numbered nine hundred aud sixteen, (916,) wiih the improvement! thereou. Terms made known at sale. A deposit of ?50 will be required at time of sale on each lot. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days, the trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser All conveyancing at coat of the purchaser. W. B. TODD, Ja^Trustee. nJUoAda B. H. WABN^B, Auct. Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, Northwe^ cornerlOUi and D streets. B TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A DESIBABLE BUILD ING LOT AT THE CORNER OF 13th AND BOUNDABY STREETS NORTHWEST AT AUCTION. ^ On MONDAY.the ilSthday of May,1873, at 6 ?^o'clock p m , I shall sell, on the premises, by ^>virtae of a deed ef trust to me, dated the 14th day of February, A. D. 1873, and duly recorded in Liber Mo. <61, folio 376, one of the laud records for Washington county, In the District of Columbia, all that certain piece or parcel of ground situate and lying in said city, and being known and described ae Lot umbered forty-tlxi46), in Carrington A Hugbee' recorded subdivision of Square numbered two hun dred and thirty-four (234.) Said Lot Is situated at the northwest corner of said euuare. Tersa of sale: One-half cash; the balance in aix and twelve months, for notes bearing Interest and secured by deed of trust on the ersasisss. Terms to be complied with within ten days, otherwies the pro pert > w ill be resold at owner's risk. All convey ancing at purchaser's c**rt. #100 will be required at time of safe. ____WM. A. WARD, Truetee. mlS-eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. EKBT, DENT A CO., Bmtrml Amctic Com mil rum Mertkmmu, Nos. SIS aad STREET, near Pennsylvania avenne.?G sum at anctioh at our rooms or any part' at the city Special attention paid to eelUnTILwIBstateat auc tion. Liberal advances on consignmsnu and aromst returns. References:?John 8?Barbour, John Van Biswick isBon. Lewis McEsnsie Windsor A Ford, and J oar an W Maury aiyio-lr AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTEftMOOM. IY l? III KiLLIT 6 GATCHELL. A?ciionM>rt 1'Southeast corner of llth and T streets northwest. "liSAf-I1?! PROPERTY ON D AN? EIMT (ISLAND. > III ThVn S'MALL tlSIMKNM, AT AUU l On MONDAY next, ih* IHth instant,at A 30 O ClOCk P B. OBIhf p eltllseo, we shall ??n Lot# ?part of I"t l4tm Sua?rr MJ, fronimi ICQ feet on the n<>rth side of ? nth I' street, between 1st and l<1 street*, and ruuning back fr >? 75 to l<iu feet to an alley, and improved by sma'.l frame tene ments, containing from t?.i to four rooms each Said nart ?.f lot 14 f.onts 17S feet on 1st strwt, ru? nmg back iH feet, and improved by a Frame Dwel ling. containing four ro. m* Terms Oue rart of th- ab >ve property one-fourth caeb; balance in one, two a<*l three year* On th ? other part ? tie-half ca?h; bslance in six and twelve month*, all with notes bearing interest at the rate of eigh' per cent, per annum, payable ?mi annuailv, and secured bydeed >f trust n the pr p-rty told. C"iive\ ancing at the c.nt i f purchaser. S.vdwn on <ach piece of pria?-rty wheu sold uil*-4t KELLET A GAT?'HEL, A nets. BY GREEN A WILLIAM!*, Auctioneer*, No. 1001. north w-et comer loth and D sts A GOOD TWO-STORY BRI< K HOl'SE. ERONT IN I. (N VIR.ilNM AVENUE BETWRKN Al L IloN * STUfck>TS ISLAND,* AT j/g, On MONDAY, the l?th instant, at 6 o'clock fcjj: P. m., we Khali sell, "u the pr-nnse?, lot 3) feet ?=*Tr.nt,b) Hit feet deep, U) an a ley, with h ? im Prov*jl; ^",?, cotisis-ing ,.f a dw Ihrg h -use, >< 3l7,al?o, .?nrf,:une .Iw.ilitic li ?nse, fronting on the alley And imm-diatelv after th-ab ? e sale * 'Imlllrll ag> dtw ?t?ry fram- dwelling h use rt. ntii.g on G street s i ll ? , l t , -tre--? w. st,< I-iai d.i lot b':ni; Is feet fr. lit. b) 12J f- ?t 2 inch-* deep. u nil a fram 1 dwelling house fronting on ill- alley , being lot s. in s |uar- N>. 330. Terms: One-tbitd ct*h; balauc-t? an i |J month*, f r not-- bearing inter-*:. ai d - cured bv a d". 1 tru-t on the premises* Id. <*? nv.-> ancu;.' at cost of tie purchaser. $?0 dow u -'U evch h u* ? at thetim t 1. <> ORE EN A WILL1AMS. A n"t?. Y B. U. WARNER. Real Es:atc Broker and Auctioneer, No 7!iit 7th street. between G and 11 Rv virtue of a d?d f trust to me dated A pril S, lM7o. of recoid in libel N- floj. foil > ?7(5, one ? t Itie land r-cords f. r th- county of \V tsliing to? , I shall lifter It sale at aiirti-.i., in fr >nt -if the pren on MON l> \ V , th? l^th.liy f M .? , 1*7.^, a: b < ?cli ck p. ni ., all <d ' he let. po-ce or |?i< -Is f gr-'tind deerr.bej in sni,! deed ol tru-t, Uat.-1 tte* nth eT.d of th-Navy yard bride . in Union tori n. being a> bv 100 b-et. * ith th- iniproveuieuis of ft frHiiif4 hon?p. Terms of sale: One fourth cash; of which .?2S must be paid immediate!) aftt r s?l-, the <n twelve, nsd eighteen months, ?<th mtere-i s-. urea by a deed of trn*t on the property. I! the terms ar le't c tnplied Willi III fi\e ila>s afler th- ?!*> "f sale the trustee reserve# the right to-ell the pr..p rt> at the ri*k andc<>st of the defaulting purchaser. liKNRY C A DPI SON. Tru't-e. ???-?< b H warnkr. a i t. BY LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneer* and Real E'tate Broker*. SoUtl.iaet corner Pennsylvania avenae and 11:li St., Star Office Building. DESIRABLE Bl II.DING LOTS ON l" STREKT. BETWEEN I4tii AND lam STREETS NORTH W EST, AT AlVTION ^ Oil MONDAY AKTERNOON. Mtyl9> " o clock, we will S.-II in front . f th,. p.-mi? **l -t N . 19. in sonare No. 3i5, having a fr nt of 6* b et 8 inche* imp str.w>t. betw?n llth and ISth strt et. uitb a depth of llo feet The prop, rty will b?- HilKijviil?| to ?uit purcha*' r?. Terms. One-third ca-h; r-e-due in six and twelve tin nths, with intere?t from dav of sale. D -f-rr-d psinieM**I l>y di-ed of trn-l 0<>wve>an cii.g at c.-st of narchasers. $s ^n e? ii l it at time ot -ale,or if tak-ii bv one rim ha--r ?r.S nlS-<iAil* LATIMER A CLEARY. A nets Y B. H. \\ AkNKK, R.-al Estate Broker atd Auctioneer. No. 7 51M 7tb street. bet ween G an 111 st?. TITSTEE S SALE OK TWO STORY FRAME }! ! 'N ?th STREET. BETWEEN T AND I 81 REETS NORTHWEST jfcl B> virtue ol a d--d tru?t. dat*>?l K liruary ? >j:: 13. ]K7l,an<l duly record**!, an-1 th" r#??ju**Mt "-"?ot the partV s.cur.d, I wills.-ll at public iiir ti-1.on Monday. m*> i<4. 1*73, ai 6o ci.? kp. n< .on the preiuls* *. part of |, >t If, in tub. of *juare ?1. having a tr.ntof lo fe-t by a depth of *7 feet, w ith improvements. T i ms: One-half <a*h; balance in t> mid 11 m ntlis. with intei. -t tjibmdown on dav of ?ale. T-rius.if *?!?? mii-t be com| lied w 11 h in -e?en dava ?t?-r ? ?le WM H WARP. Truste, " WARNER. Auct. 1.1 TTRELLA l(l N N I Nt.TON. A m 'I 'n-ers, ? 17 Louisiana avenue, bet. 9th and lwh fit. TI.TSTEE S SALE OK VALUABLE IMPROVED HEAL ESTATE?TWO TWO sToRY RRIt'K DWELLINGS ON !<7 ih ST BETWEEN land K. NORTHWEST Al-?. ONE TWO STORY tltAME PW KLLlN'i ON L ST, BETWEEN Ton" d"c a?TH' NO*THWKsT, wasiiing i$y virtue of a d-ed of trust, dated M iy 19th, A P 1K71, and duly recorded in Liber No. '>43. tolio 339. one of the lan<l r-cords for Washing ton count) , in tin ptstnet . f Columbia, an l by re qu nt ef part) sei tied ther-b) . I will *ell at pub In auction. in fr -nl of the pr-mise? to the h'ghest bii!der, ou WEDNESDAY. May 5l|st. A P IS73, at .Mi ^ lock p. the moiif h 24 feet 2 inches fr .nt ing ? 'n I7ih street, b-tween land K -tr-ets northwest, in the ciivof Wa-hington, in said Di*trict, by e.(ual d-p'h . f 81 feet 9 inches of part i.f Lot No. 13, in S-jiiare No. 5, and more particularly d-scrit.-d in Li' f*r K. M IIN<>, W,f<?lio 2*.^ et . one of the land record- for -aid District, t -g-ther with th- mi Lr entente thereon, Con*isting of tw . 2 story Brick i w ellmg*. Also, on the same day. at 6 o'clock p. m., all th we pans of Lots No*. V> and Is. m S-jitar- N>. s5, in a aid cit\, and de*cri'iM*l a- t?ll ?-; B-giuning at the northeast corner of said Lot No. 1?; th-nce running ?outh *2 feet 6 inches, th-aeeweet 33 fi**t| thence north lu f-et; thence ea.| 6 f.-el; th-nce north 72 f?et 6 irichee to the lit e of L?'reet north.and thence eaat w ith-ai l line 2C feet to place of beginning. R-fer em - for a more particular description in Litier J A. S., No. 126 folio 40* et seij ., one of the land records for said District, improved by a Setory Krame Dwelling. T> rme of sale in each case: One-third raeh: bal ance in e.iual payments in eii, twelve and eight-en months, the purchaser giving notee bearing ten per cent interest from day of sale, and secur-d to eatie faction of the trustee, on the property sold; fliw on the first and ?50 on the second property above named mast be paid down at time of sale. Convey ancing and recording at purchaser's cost. The trus tee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and ;..?et of the defaulting purchaser or purcha sers, in ca?e the t-nne are not complied with within six days after sale. WM r. HOLTZM AN, Trustee. PiJM LUTTRELL A PL NN1NGTON. Aucts. BY LATIMER k CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwoet corner Pennsylvania avenue and llth St.. Star Office Building. ch ancery saleoFthe PESIRABLR RES II ENCE. No. 3"* 1 *T STREET, BETWEEN i ('Tomac and market, Georgetow n, IV c. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ^gof the Pi*trict of Columbia, passed on th- 7ih ^*da) of May, A. D. 1S73, in Chancery cans-of Semnies et al. vs Payne et al , No 3,041 Eiuity Ilis ket No. 12,1 will sell at public auction,ou MoN PA Y, the 2d day of June. A. D. 1873. at tt o'clock p. in., in front of the premises, the Lot I* it ^and be ing in the city of Georgetown, in the Di* net of Co Inn bia. and know ii and described upon the grout*I klaii or r'?' of *nid city as th? ne*t west part ->f .tug's acre, in Ib-atty and Hawkiai'e aildition Ueorgetown. and back ground of Lot numl>ered hundri'd and two, (Int.) beginning for the sam- at the eontheast corner of said Lot on 1st st., and run ning west along the line of said stre-t twenty-eight i2?" feet eight (8) inches; thence north to alley jnthe rcur one tnmdr-d and twenty-two < 1221 feet; thence east along the line of said alley twenty-eight (28> feet eight 18) inches; thence south one handr-d and twenty two (122) feet to the place of beginning, to get her with the improvements th-reoa,consisting of a substantial Buck Dwelling, coutaiuiug about lif te?n | IS) rooms. T-ruie of eale as prescribed by the d-cree: One fourth cash, and the balance in six, tw-lve and eigh te en months, for w hirli approved notee or bond will be taken, payable in e.|ual instalments w ith interest at t ight (8? per cent, per annum, pavalde semi-an niD.iht. A deposit of ti^o hundnsl dollars will le- re quired at time of sale. If the t< rin- 'if sale l.e not complied with in five da>s fnm day of sal- the property will be resold at the c->st and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's coet. N F CLEARY. Trustee, mill 2awAds LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts. BY LATIMER A CL,EARY~ Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken, Sot thweetcorner Pensylvania avenue aud llth at. Star Office Building*. CHANCERY SALE nK VERY VALl'ABLE BI'SlNESS PROPERTY. 4liH PEWNSYLVA MA AVENI E, SOl'TII SlI'E. BETW EEN 4'* ANE Oth STREETS NORTHWEST. Bv Tirtne of a decre# of the Supreme C 'ur? of MT:: the District of Columbia, passed on the 7th day ?^*of May . A I>. 1873, in chancery eatise of Ss?mtiie et al vs. Payne et al.. No. 3,1*42. E pi.ity Doc. U, I will sell, at public auction, on Tl'ESPAY, the Sd day of June. A. P. 1S73, at 0 o'clock p. m.. in front of the premises, Lot numh-r-d 31. R-eervation B, lying and being in the city of Wa-hiiigton, Di-trict of Columhia. with improvements thereon,consisting of a substantial brick store and warehouse Said lot is more particularly described as follows: B"giuniug for the same at the northeast corner of said lot aud running thence west along the line of Pennsylvania avenue twenty five (25) feet; thence south to alley in the resr one hundred and twenty-seven (127) feet five (5) inches; thence east along the line of said all. y twenty-five (2S)feet; th?nce north to Pennsylvania avenue and the place of the beginuing one huudred and twenty-eeven( 127) feet five <&> inches. Terms of eale, as prescribed by the decree: One fourth cash; and the balance in six, twelve aud eighteen months, for w hich approved notee or bond will be taken, payable in euual instalments, with interest at 8 per cent, parable semi annually. A MnH of five hundred dollars will he required at time of sale. If the terms of sale be not complied with in five daya from day of sale, the property will be r wold at the coet and risk of the purchaser. Con veyancing at purchaser's cost. N F. CLEARY, Testes. mlO-JtawAds LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucta. THOB. E. WAGGAMAN. Real Estate Auctioneer, 919 7th street. BY TRUSTEE'S SAL* OF VERY YALUABLK BL ILDING LOTS, ADJOINING ST. ALOY BIl'S CHURCH, AND NEAR THE NAVY YARD, AT AUCTION. a By virtue of a decree in Chancery, Equity HPcause No. 1,196, in the Supreme Court of the -^-District of Columbia, wherein McDermott et ?l. are complainants, againet McDeraaott etnl. de fendants, the undersigned, as Trustee, will sell at public auction,to thetilgbeet bidder, on WEDNES DAY, May tISth, at 4 o clock ?. m., all of Lou 1,S, 3,4,Sand 24, in euuare 621, fronting on K street north, and north Capitol street. On THCB8DAY. May *9th, at t o'clock I. m.,oa the premiaee, all of Lot Ho. 1, in square 1 a46, being atthe corner of eowth K and lath streets eaet. The above property offers rare opportunities for ^ In real eet * investments in real estate, as it is located In one of the most improving and valuable sections of the city. Terms of sale: One-half cash; balance In # and 12 sconths, with interest A deposit of fifty dollars will be required oa each lot m soon as soM. AUooa vsvancing at cost of purchaser. The above Lots will be divided into building lota to suit purchasers. Particulars at sale SAM'L. L. PHILLIPS.Trustee, dtl TH08. I WAQ?AMAN, And. AUCTION SALES. BT JAM" 8TiiwS^^" SALE OF ru>w**l*0 MiA*"*?. *OSES.GE OnTl KSPaV.MsV* JJ/*-" ?,,rUO* "^S'm Gl I LP. Auct IV PL NO ANSON. DOW LINO * CO , Au'tW Southeast corner ?th aud ?> streets northwest BOATS. TEAS. CANPLE*, ? BRt?M ?S. Si>PA FOUNTAIN. SHEIF QOOtw ? ^>H On TU ESP * V MilKNIMU. M?. tfO h. T nciut *t to o*cloct, ?f will **11111 At? > f inrutiufi^ c hkU. Al<o, 3 S wine in t >M ?H r I. -I of Jet J w*lrj , Oh.Id V Oarr a** l*ot of ?rnrni?ftr??. L'>t of i hr>*mo?. It D1NCANSOM. POWLING A CO . A*c-s BT TIP'S r VtMAlil, Real K?tate Auctioneer, *1? 7th street DEL1CHTPOL EIGHT R H'M It Kir K H ?. <iOt> WOih STREET. RETUEKN I A M> K OaTHrUDAt.lkrtM.t.1 kra, I -hull p*"!l. on th- p vli* al? ?% ,- pr->|' *rtv , ^havinga fr.nt of 1 f-*t n>ih -T t -r ;?| attenti 'I. If cal ed to thin h u-- b.-i- * I.? in nil its tfKtntmto. T- 'me day of sale. nil* THOS E. W \G<: AM \N, An. ' Bt latTmee A CLEART. Auctioneers ind It-kl K>t?t> Broker*. S uthwest corner Pennsylvania a?.-nne *1 U(b street, Star Offl.-e Building. FOURTH -I KING SALE OF O.BEEK H*?? -K aM HFI'Pl Nt? PL * N TP. F K< > M TI1K NI R s* RY OK J<?HN S AI I JVO * THURsPAY MORNING, M?. J2\. W/LtWff IV.t. c ..II.inn <- lig at II >1 -k,we?ttal ?!!. ithoi ..iir ?ale?r. m?. a large .oll,,l 'f t in i>| flails ( i I?ia4llig nf rli K ??-?. P l*r Mim. t > rai.mni-. liilltN. Fu.H as, Oal-'iitariif*. <' 'i-. V. : I ?!!*>.<? la ll lu-. i. It -k' - !-? le> I. I I'ialit*. II JtI:ciD BaUtKic. Tenns c:i*h ? l:< |Hil_ LATIVER A OLEAEV. Au-t? ? > V PINCANMiN. POWLIKO A OO., A* ? 1) CotUM Hh auJ D ?tnvt> u>>nh?*iit VAl.lAlWE BUMPING LOT OS K STREET, hkTW I KN 1.>TII ANP Hirn STS NOK'll W EST NF ARS?'OTf S-.'t AKE. ST AI <"TI >X M Oil M"NPAY AFTERNOON. M.?\ tft."i, at i||ti I ?> k . We W ill aril, UP-MI lli. pr.-mi- . | ? ft. }> I Ml I e> Im< I . 1 t lit of 4ft I fees <>D N>-rth k str-'et. with a depth of I4*.feet II it,. I, * to iWf'N'i all . . V**MMnHWfNM allrii|i m, to the ?ale ot llii? pr -p'Tl) . *? n i? nia.l tli. fin <i biiiMme lot-in Wanliiaft 'n.b?ins nth*m m t ?*h im.alil.- p.trt "f tin* ri** .a'toa*'-J Ii<- i> >rtli -i.l of K -tro-t. f><>t*.-. ti l.Mli aiij l>'. h #tr<??.t? n .rth?r?t hi .1 ii?*?rli |>f ?itr S. "tt > (ini? . and-iiital l fm ? i of iIn tliiw>t priv?'<-r?-*i'li-DC'4? in th ? oit? T'-nn- Our half raah; in l.t. ati I J vara n,.tini ln-ariiif ittMnt u ?! ???? ni . J |.\ I ? .1 >t ir??i 4 . in? vanriiiB, A' .. at ?'.?t of j.uri ti.??? r A l"p~it i.f *.'h? mill k<> ii ,inr-d a-? >'ii a?t?i" p- p.-i'i ia kiii'. kM off. P?"KOAKSGK.DOW'LIKti -s OO. li.: ? | k> |>uhlitaii| An-ti ii !? BY I. ATI V ER A OLEAET^ Aiictionwm an.! K-a] K-:at? Brok<?ra. Svotb?c?t curnrr Pftmajh aula au<l I It h ?t., * Star Office Building'. TITSTFE - 8AI.E Or A FlRST t'LA<? EK TAl BANT.N i <?.'? 7th STBEET N? ? l& I It \v est, anp i.eam: -lty\irtU' -f a d* ?-I >f trn?t t ' i-?, ri r.| 'il in ^HLii '-rN'1 7iK. f.>|i in"t?-? ??-?4 ,<>l th*-lau.l (w >rd? ** f di.. 1 >i-tri. t .f i ? Icnil-iH. I will ?? II at ( .it i MM llol, oa TICRSPA T,tk?fftk< a* f M?I , I v 3, ai II ? lock a in.. on t bo pr- m ?<?. t li sflUnMarl intr?'1*' f?rnitnn-. tixtui '? and l-n- "f th prom imh No.4^i? Till ?trr?-t Dorth?ro?t, in th* citj -t Mr?afcifgto*.D.C ,tvri?r'i> kani ??* "ElMin B'-inurant." Tb>- hoiiM* i? <1 >it.e a g'MNl lmain"?a. an 1 i- r >m p!i i. Hi all of itn app. intiiifiit- It mil t?- i.i|.| a- a whole. Tlio lotkKf (ia? two yearn l<> i?ii from th I at j?\ ot Jul) no*t, at th" inonlhly i .-nt "f %i>i. Tomia of calo . ?;?*)'. with iut'-r>?t at cicht |x-r rmt.frinii Jan 3. l-v J. and tb.- ?-\p.?n?? of ??le in i u-h. ami th?* balance at ?i* Hi nt h-. t-r w bu ll the n< t?- of the yurrliaaer, liearmg inter'*! froin ?!??? da> of all , and ? ? nred l?> deed of trnat -n th- pr. p?rijr ?o id. will takeu. A d? p.wit of >-? liai m i .1 I..- v ijutied of the pnr< h ??er at tbetinie ? f -ale. ? M F MaTTINOI.T . Trustee, n I.l d I. ATI MKK * t'LI.ARV. AarM VLFTTMCLL A DGMVIKOTOK, A?otl *.? 1 7 Loiii-iaua ave , I 't. 9. li and Id.h at* B B TLI STEE s SU E <>l \ Al.UABLE IMI'RoVKp liEAL ESTATE, U THREE S'MRI H?P K PW ELI.INUS ??K SOUTd SIPEOE L STREET. PITBEKN 1'. ANP <nu MOlTUWEKT, (ISLAND ) It, \ .rtue . f a de. d ?! ?r<]?t. S- >t<-n ? ?r it I \ O:; P , 1-71. ;.nd duly r?. rde<1 ii. Lil?-r N .i.'i.l ?li > ** V?. lie . t lb land le nl- f -r ?? Pi ri .f [yotiimI* a. a> l !>i r^'joewt ot pnrt) -erureil th r l ?, I w ill a? pnl ln auction. In front >'f 'h-pri Ill Ii'i'Ih -t bidder, on SATIKIHV M?f 31-h . A P , lv t at t> o i li~ k , p. in., ill that certain pi- ? -r pii.. | ot ground Ijiiib and heinv in the Oitjr t WH-lni kri- li. in ?aid l?i?trirt, and kn-.wti a- tti ? ae-t halt i t lot iiiunbered twenty, t 3i. ? in -juai. iiiin.t.*-ie.l live himdr,-d and noe.iMl.itrontinit it le?-t s'* in? In ? on ? ?uth L-treet,l?y e.jutl d pth 't I2H f- el II indie-, and l'??nled on t ie west t>\ a I ft f.ot alley . and on the xouth or rei.r hy a II f. it alley, together with tin improvemeiita tlier?iiii. T rni* "f ?ale on ea? h Hoaae: On< third ? aih.iof which 4'7Son ta?li pie. ,- ..f pr p. rty mn?t l? paid time of mi]< ;) balance in equal pa> m?nt-. in one and lw year*, with inter, -' at the rate of eigtit p-r ??nt . per annuiii. pa> al l ?eiui auiinally until paid, fr. m day of ?ale the purchaaer giv nc note* t . be ne< ured on the property <w Id to Katiicactiori -f tru ee Conveyancing and recording at pur< na-er * twt. TheTruatee reaorveatb' rig >t to re*dl th - ir-^erty at the ri-k atnl coat of <|efa ltmg pur lia- r or piircha?er? in ?-a*e the teriu? are u-'t Ct-n plied w it h a I' bill (>ix daga after ??l> U M.F HoLT/.MAN. Trust**. ii 19 d LI TTRELLA PONNlViTuN, Ancta T B. I. WARNER, Real Eatste Broker and Anctionwr, No. 72S 7th atreet, !><-tweeb U and H. TRI'STEE'S SALE OF~V ALOABLE IMl'ROVEP I'BoI'ERTY* AT THE CORNER OF 10m ANP M STREETS. fa Ity ?irtoe of a dwvl of truat to me, hearing ?J date the 1st day of February. A D. 1*71. ant **-1ec--rd,-d in Lil>er fiTJ, folio t5-<, and at tb*' re.iu mi ,.fthe |?-rvn ?ecnred thereby. I will a"ll ?' public auction, to the hlgheet bidder, in fr >nt of th premiM-i.,on Tl'ESpAT.the 3d day of June, It7i,at t> o'clock p ni., Lota anmbered niDeteou (I'M an 1 lix'v foiiritvt) in ?ul?liTi-ioD of S-juare numb-red '?n- hundted and eighty two (W. a" tt. aanie ar - ts i own upon the public plat- and of the city of Wa-hmgton. The property fronta about 4UK feet on 16'h atre-t. and liaa a depth of about ff feet, to an alley, and I'liid* on M htp et, and ia improved with a larc 2*. ?torv Frame Store and Pwelling, and tw amall-r FrameH"Ui>ea, and ia located in a rapidly Improving part of the city. The property will be wold subject to a pri->r in< uni brauce of ftMiu, which mature* Jan nary In,!?'? T'-rnig - 7>ne-half caah, aud the reaidue in MS nn nth*, with iutareat from day of sale. ?luu to tie Jep ait, d when the property ia atruck off. AH con vey an<iuc at co?t of purthaaer. J.J GRIGGS. Trustee n 19-eoAda B H WARNER, Auct. f GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. Mo. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D at a. Bl'ILPING LOT FRONTING ON NEW JERSEY AVENI E ANP RONNING TUROOGII TO *:? S1RF.ET WEST. BETWEEN II STREET NORTH ANP MASSACHUSETTS AVENIE, AT AUCTION i?t*fc On W EPNESPAT. the 'Jlat ia?tant, at fi aclp I'c-if k p m.. w. ahall .-ell, on tb" pr-mi**-, L t * 0, in Oharle* Siott 'a ?ul>divieion of Square N > ftia. being 17 feet 4 inche* front by !.*> feet d -ep through to 2d-trcet, making a gwod building front on both *treeta. Term*: One-third ca?h; balance 6 and II nfMi'h*, for iiot<-a bearing intere-t, aiid ai < ured by a d"--d of tru-t i-n the prenii*es aold. Conveyancing, Ac., i -?t of purchaser, g 10U d >wn on dar of-ale U.K. d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aorta B B Y MATTINO.LV * tt HEELER. Aucti iierr, No. 403 Ninth *trt<et uortliwest. B 9 By Tirtue of a deed of truat. dated April >5th, 1872. record'-d in Lilier No 6-1. tolio 1m:. >D). ,,f the land recwrda for the County of Wa*hiinr'on, ard by direction of the owner of the note aorur^l tbtreby, we ahall aell at auction, in front of ihe prei'ii*es on FRIP A V , May U3-1 m*t , at ti .-lock p. ni., lot nub. lu, and the west hall of lot aub. 10, in Mjiiarc MX T-imaof aale: One-third caah,(of which S2S Ou <>?i oat h lot will be required to be paid Immediately altir ?ale), and the balance in *ix and twelve n,onth*. ?itli ten pi-rceut. intervat, secure.] l,y a d<-ed of trnat on the property. If the tenia of -ale are not ronipli<-d with in ten dats after the day of aale, tin) trustees reserve the right to re sell the property at the riak and cost of the purchasers. Con vey ancing and recording to be at (he cost of the purchasers W H. W ARD. JOHN II MATTINGLV.t mi; MATT1NGLT A W HEELEB. Aucts. V PLNCANSON, POW LING A CO., Au.-tT~ Corner 9th aud D streets northwest. VALUABLE Bl'ILPING LOTS IS FIRST WARD. AT AUCTION SOn SATl'RP AT AFTERNOON. May ?4 , at 6 o'clia k, we aill aell. upon the premises, all of lot 17. in square S3, having a frout uf an f -et S inche*, with an average depth of U6 feet. Ttiia lot will be aubdivided upon day uf sale, gi\ ing purchas er* a chance to bay a portion or all This property iaaituatedon Virginia avenue, neaf th* corner of 24th atreet northwest, aud the attention of buyers is called to thi* sale, as iwtiperty in that part of the city is rapidly advancing in price. Terma: One-third cash; balance in < and Umwttha, notes bearing interest, and secured by deed of tru-t. Conveyancing, Ac., at purchaser'a coat. A dep.?tt of $ 100 will be required as soon as the pr-perty is ?old. DUNCANSON, DOWUNG A CO.. n-14 Auctioneers. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Southeast corner 7th and D street*. TRUSTEE* SAI.E OFlMPROVED PBOPEB TV OM ELEVENTH STREET EAST, BE TWEEN D AND E STREETS SOUTHEAST. By virtue of a deed of trust from William T. BT Grimes and wife, dated January S. U73, and at the written request of the party thereby a*cur ed, I will sell at public front of the pr-m ise?, to the highaat bidder, o? TI ESDAT. May UT, 187.:, at 6Ja atlock p. ?., all of original lot nin 191, in square 90S. together with the itaprovem-ota t hereon. This lot has a front of 66 feet and is of S-<1 depth. It ia improved by two small Frame |->u*es. Terms of aale: One foarth cash, and th* balance in a. IX,and 18 months, with tuWest, or all cash as mav be preferred by the purchaser . f I0U down <,n day of sa'e. to be forfaited in case the terns are 'jot corn plied with in Eve days after aala BRA IN A ED H. W A EN EE, Surviving Tmst as. nt-tawAda OEEEN A WILLIAMS. A-mte. KITED STATES MAEhHALUEALE. Ia virtue of a writ of Eari faa*ae,laewd oet of th Clerk's office of the Baprevaa Ooart of the,P>*"ct of Oolambta, and tobm4 JSasA, I.will aell at *** lie sale .fur casA, ia fro'^t of the Court Howsedoor of said b strict, on FP.IDAT, the E3d day ofMay, 1873. at IS o'clock * , alJ AefendanOa right, UtJe! claim and Interest >.a aad to lot No. *, la aqaars No. 140S. Alao, the w^t half of lot Mo I, la square No. In th* ctt, ot Waahlagtoa. D. O., with all aad a .ii * ^ * and le-.'.eifuaoa as the proaerty of Richard M Mall. aa-J will (Taoldto aatisfy ezecotloa Mo. 7AM. In fa*, or or J. hp W. l,? Ban>M ?4-dto ALEXEHAEP.UiMaretal.DC. EVENING STAR ?niP!ATW ^ A I? A'*?'-Tnr followtr>f ?rr thf t?art irular* <%f m. ?>? ~i?r *ku? wS^iSr^S* sa .tv o,u.: s,sat: i;r ?frs?h" Ii.|f ft rt the door. got B| u4 let him is M ut.dre*?ed and retired with h. r !? o clock ?be can*- to the kNM> ol Mr s.>?,! her nuht clothe*. rrvin|niit, ?? I Bin *b.Jt I - - i>!iot l'r li?kt r *het me." On rumntno* it ??a? loan,I that it wa* not an. Shi* et>[?ean>l u? be tn i *uir of fVittct *n.| great r%r>tenvnt til ? l?> the m .rning the neigh bor* found Baker trig in Mink a vard and hie b-rm. the barn. 1 !,?> d >* of the liouar ?u unt^ *"*?*.** " ?P"? th.'T tOUIHl the m ? V\An ,Jri"? ?*? Huwhut ? t f'*"* ?*vl *?**' ??n. the latter wrong M.le out. ai <| ?tockmg partially on M i* :ar,<w.l th., a,W rr^Tng h,* i.TJi wound he ma ie an attempt to drew. him*. If i\ STk ' "IlrM b* tl.- |..?,t?,n which be wa* found. The hail ra?Nl throat hi* It. a?t into hi* lung. 1 he * iu I,** b.fU *rr< *t?d. A p?**t moitetni tamtfia' >n ha* hoe* made. An in.|ue*t tw held Katardat att.-r m-oa, I*tit ?a> not fini-hed lm,...rtan' eet <1. nre I *.? h. en telegraphed lor. and the ia .jue*t a ill he resumed to d*v It i* conj.-,t ured b> ao?ne that a third pat it i? implicated in the UMgt (ly. ?'\NJ. n,XT* NV '*Al Tort h a Birr Tan . * JV ?4 ?? ?1 ? '*'iii. and. on* day *et towotk. aitl I,all a dozen workmen pntt ti* a lot in the v eli,try n, the ??.?t of .* lor i\ i V If 'Ta,,? A,t* r '* ' ?'?** ? id when the gtound m a- to till y dlieomfd that it * a* not |?art of the l .rut th? \ liad liired hut a lot tM-lonifinc to a i>ur o|.| d< at man. who im <l.>u?.t will K,- T,^-v grate ful tor ?liat hat Ih'Mi done, hut The' vR-tlMa bar.iiv giatltu l. will cover the e?|H-inw. tln u^li liow tbe> ofc i gvt ati\th!ti? mur. u a qt.'< Mlou. A Titt^hi i;t. m i -li i ** ha* t?een oued tor ? IK.fltOlor draatnc fkr^e on a broken lej: too tight. When Iti?. attention wa?<'allewt to the la?-t he |>ai.l no attention to it If |.li\M. ian? have to |>ay ?l? (?? ior etrora ??f hi tli.-y uiil if likely to a*l\aBce tbeir "Jtl" ?' *iiau?.*h.-k? eall the great art i.'xa mother, wbe^ ?*be l? at boue. ?r\ foroannt wj.: l,j m ItiehmMid The OtlM-r (lay. one piece itrikiui a \outb ana ?li?;bt ly injuring him. * ?vrhica^o Keti? Iinportation* or I <trni.?aM tin r? haiMli?e via Monti, al in ;u*h eheaiH t tban tlnou^li Uie New \ oik eu^totu Iiuik. A brtulinil Iti.liana vliool girl. tinrt??en year* ol.l aiul mi n^-t one Inch bifb. la <> a C? neral rupture am,>iig ibe .u>t? ini. rn ol the "bort boy* who try to kim Iter. M'1hfnrterpri*iii| \ %gat?>n,| who n. t,rgan iring a l>ra^ han.l ot twenty women Ray* that If thev learn halt a* ni*nv " aim" a? thev |>ut on tbe ex|ieriment cannot fail to be a RueceM. woman in I .?rt ^la*linon. Iota wa.ev tx ll.,1 Irom cliiirrli for i.uttii it her ting. r? in her car* while a uian wbt>tu ?he tfisliktxl ?aa praying. ?^"-lenkina writea from Pan* that i>mk ailk stocking* and ilaiulv *li|'|.? r? with bowa w ill be quite tbc correct Unng lot unsae* thi* iub mer. VThete i* a man of our aequaintanee mo ecoin.lineal that he lia? ha>t a .H?tltn ao.1 t .mU Mone for hi* Wile uiade from het uiai bie-tow are**ing bureau. any New Orlean* babie* have bee* cheae.1 up by the .log, that the a ithoritic* are alMMit To rme in their ni^t and on >htbe Canute element. ?^"lCe|mrt* from Kim a re[?re*ewt that the Khan i* greatly aiarno-.! at the a|.|.r..a<-li ot tb? liiiwiaii column*, and ha* ordered ail able IkrIikI n? n to re*mt Tbe im a*i..n. ?VPayatd Taylor i* the Nea Vork 1 rihune'a \ letma *|>ecial corre*|^ndent. In ?le*.-ril>lnc the ?>|h-nine fe*ttrltie* ot the lair lie *av? that all Kuropcan langtiag.* were heard, tier maw . Kn^li>h com 1ne%t *fA Vermont man, who had luturiant hair and a tull Uar.l, recently lo*t the in both in a *ugle week. He i* a strong, well man. and aa. moreover, be U not mamcd, be cannot c\i>iam tbe in yatery. *J-A New Orlean* child, whoee death had l?e? n lormally certih.d t.y the family phnlciaa. tri^lit* iK *l nut ill 11> ?*4>ftin |?v a clthof thunder la*t week, junt a* tbe bearne drove uu to tbe door. >1 V U HI I I i bANK?< 0(?K Ma) tiih, IvJ,al the par>,<nae*. I tvi* L ?\r HKKKUIOT ?! bANf. Mtj.l ALICE L TOOK, b ?th i.f Waahtiig' lull. ^TOKB?CIMKOV On Thnr*4art Mar l&th at 9th -tr.-ot M P < hureh. ??> th - |>?-i..r, k-? Mr. 'iT-' K ^TtlXIC t , I.AI KA 1 MMI WH I K^ltiDi,*re p^per* pl.*ia?H* c?,p> | ? DIED. B?crr At 1 a m., on the l<rtl , BLLA. lb- lal V-?'* (latt?,,t*,r ol J. Uul j<t rougi, ao4 Bbca A. Kruff. aged Is reara. u?ii ?oa All ah" knea Iter lov d her, " I'? not atraid to die, I n> ne'er 1 .ue wr .n# bat do ii'it a*nt to lea*e in> m* and p* " ' "*? ?" white, and put while 0,>w?e. oan* UNDERTAKERa ItHARD r. UAtVKT, l*nmwM HAH f H T t MA KM.,) Bo. ?J4 r gtiiiT, lima im Klntfe aad T METALLIC BVKIAL CASKS ANU CASKMTm tf lNr? dr*retpM*a. marl ly BHKUVUbi, HABITS, ?a ||ltMAKa> W. HAKkUl, CAB1NKT MAKMK ANU ONUKRTAKB*. ? IS ELBTBMTB STBBBT, near V. t VKKlTVKM OtttLla|U>M MAD. AM, \\ IUIAB aUCKKTT, " ?o.TUTti Stiibkt,Bktwkihq tn |l -If OoHJna and Oaakati of all \\K HAVE 11 ST RECEIVED ?? DOZEN LADIES' bKJIi'Ri, WHICH Wb AKk ShLLi.W AT ** CEhTS PEK bhlKT LOthWUOU. HtrTV A tavloe, ?*3 PEhBEVLVAMlA AVLECB. MtwHUM Hit*! Block. WlOP, DEAB hKAVkh: before ,t u too laaa. V M"W mau> havecme t-grief I ? not r ha Im their gKnnraU at A. HTEACfl', tbd UlotLar, I tit P.nna. ave .near llth. .-a ? *""? ROACBBB, BATE or ? here Oleutworth'. EX TEES IU A TUB i* n*ed. For sale t> Z D GILMAh ??7 Pennaylvanii aa"! W Mid HOLMES A BBO., ii< rtheaat cor. lat aad E 1i. a.w. ak lui' I IGBT COLOKEP DBE88~PAETi Lavender, aad Tea etdora, aad of ea, eitaai JBI BBW BATIOBAL EAIElf EEE8B, SALT aad HMOEED EEAth m kind* aod of, tbe beat quality, tunmhed In tbebeatatyle:alao^AJIE,lk)t7LTBE (a EBU1T8, and S'EGk TA BLE8. ib tbatr D I ? ? O L c t 1 o Vita i Reran. D. 0., j _ wA??mereit. D. C., April M, ICl The Mfartamkip heretofore nlaui hataaa DphoMcTTouii and Wa. H name andtnouf BLPBOEEO TOLMlie 4 00 Tto di**.'lved by Mutual oaaeat,the aaeowd tar* ofoiX is srzi. t&ss vjsy???S>"s collect aU tea aaid fcna.^^ r i11 Vi"?'?LS?VWM TWanktnc my fHeada aad the rwMlc for t ?rai pairooafe In the paat, 1 weald rm ?elicit a coiiiinuanct of the ww. _ _ BLPUOBEO rOUBOE. H*eiat newt TW paM l wiik Mr. Tonne* la tbe ahove-i would take tht* opaortamHy to thank af *-" i^ tbe public fur iMr aatroeafe, aad rbmfalli ree e* n.end whatever Uifamw I mat hare to hi* to. irr.?.?. |*H?tfJ 1M.M. ElABE.

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