Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ??HPAT nmy 19. MCT. LOCAL HEWS. ? Anawaonaowt*, *??., T?-Bl(kL Wmli't Ofra Ihute.?The comedian, Joe. Mur ptly, in "Help." tVi.Vr Comuqn*.?Proi. Harris ami other stars. Kip. dance*. Ac. Linn,in //all.?Carncross <& I>ixey"s Minstrels. &kwtim furlc Opening May Festival. flanUn.?Festival for the benefit ?f St. Joseph's school-bouse. f Loral*. Parker and Shilling ton both hare (Mew's J^trty'- B<??* for Jane. There have been no casesof ?mall pox reiort ed in thi? IMstrict since Saturday. Work has been rei-ommenreii 'on Brisbane'* pneumatic tu??e between the Capitol and Gov tn nn ni printing office. See notice of the annual election for officers event* 0U'l<r Men's Association this The President's Mounted Guard hare received a handsome set of guidons, the gitt of the Du qaesne Greys, of Pittsburg. Pa. John Price's mare "Lady I>eiter" and John Langlej s horse ??Prince." two of the best trot ters of the District, bate been sold to parties in Jiew York. The residents of Mt. Vernon Place and vicin ity want to know why the new fountain on the t>Iu of the Northern Liberties* market is xiot allowed to i?lar. Chapl?in T.'B. MfFal's. of the armv. has. we regret to learn, been confined to hi* bod. at his home ia this city, by severe sickness for four or five weeks past. A correspondent wants-'attention of the Board Of Public works"called '-to the ditch acr.**s the road cor. l*th and S streets," v "'it is very dan gerous to travelers.'* At a special meeting of the medical socioty of the District of Columbia, on Saturday evening, resolutions of respect to the memory of the late J>r. W. H. Ombs were adopted. The funeral of Joseph W. Walsh took place from St Aloysius church yesterday morning Kev. Father!* Maguireand Koecotoit otHciatiiig! The remains were subsequently interred in Mt. Olivet cemetery. A Hic imon.! paper says it is generally con ceded that incase Mi*i* Cunningham resigib the Mount \ernon regency, v to eipected, Mrs. ?Jamt <? Brooks, of New York, will be elected to fill the ? irancv. A boy named -John Burch fell on the Patent Office steps on Saturday aiternoon, dislocating his right arm anil bruising his head, officer Loane took him to his home on F, near loth street, where medical assi*tance was rendered. Mr. B. F. Peters, the former clerk to the health officer. has been appointed and aligned to duty as sanitary inspector of the Mh sanitary district, taking the place of Inspector Hunter, trans ferred. Mr. W. D. Mack takes Mr. Peters' po aition at the health office. At a late meeting or the lona l?oat club the following officers were elected to *erve during the ensuing year ?8. W. Glenn, president and captain; A. F. McDermott, secretary; W. T. Birch, treasurer; K. E. I>arl>y, apjioinUnout rhief: .los. F Birch, jr., business director. Four -peanut fiend-," (one bald-headed coun tryman, one Warded idiot, and two Toothful simpletons1 infested the orchestra seat* at Wail's opera house Saturday Bight, and greatly an noyed the respectable portio-i or the audience. Can't the?e peanut crunchers be banished to the gallery ? At the recent centennial commission meeting J? Philadelphia ronimi^oner Dexter, of the I?i?trict of Columbia, was appointed a member Of the committee on plaits, and the other coin missfoner. L. A. Gobright. was apj>oiiited a member of the committee on arts and sciences and also a member of the committee on legisla tion. 6 A card api>eared in some of the Sunday pa pers yesterday stating that it is proposed to strew flower- over the few confederate grave* at Arlington on the :?>th instant, and re.juest ing all persons de?irous of contributing flowers for this purpose to "leave their contnb-itiou* at ? . P.?n1yer's,.s.|,^.j |nth street southwest, on the morning of the 2.?th inst." _ ?o Fr*iRAi or a Victim of the Moinvd The Mineral of the late Captain Kvan Thomas of the 4th l\ S. artillery, who was killed in the battle with the Modocs on the Jlidof April. to.>k place from the residence of his tather. General Ix>renzo Thomas. No. ?I0 l:?th street, yesterday aiternoon. and there was a very large attend, ance ot tiiendsof the family, Secretary Belk nap. General Sherman, General Meigs, General Hardee, General Townsond, Col. Aodenried. i Lionel Martin ami others represented the army; Secretary Bobeson. Admiral Poor, an 1 others the navv; Colonel Hevwood. Captain Williams and Lieutenant Palmer the Marine Corps. The remains were inclosed in the me tallic casket in which they were placed on their arrival at ^rekafrom the battle-field, ami upon the top was the lamb skin laid there bv the Masonic lraternity of that place. On arrival Jw ? P*.ket *** "I^ned. and it was found that the body was decayed a'nuxt bevnnd recog nition. It was attired in art.llery officer's fa tigne uniform. I pon the casket was a silver plate inscribed with the name and age of the deceased, a wreath and a cross of beautiful ?owers, and also an exquisite Masonic em blem in tmmorteV'i. The services took place at four o clock, and Bev. J. Vaughn Lewis, of St. John s church. read the beautiful service of the Episcopal church, after which the remains were removed to the hearse-C. E. Simm*. I>. Bittenhouse. V. Balch. Holmes E. Offley <. Heeley, A. W Payne. G. F. Hyde, and Jos. I"icksoii pall-bearer*?and escorted by Potomac l.c<!^e,>o. 5, of Masons, of Georgetown, and followed by a large number of relatives and ftiends. they were taken to < >ak Hill Cemetery ohere. with Masonic rites, they were deposited in Ue chapel. T?*owwri? 131 THE Alexandria Ca*al? The body of Mr. John C. Smith, who has been missing from his home on H street, between 3d ?nn, i I?tr,UVt' !,i,nce Tuesday la-t, was w2Li^2L Alexandria. Georgetown and Washingtonicanal on Saturday at a i*>int be tween the tour mile run and the l^udon and Hampshire railroad bridge. The deceased left his home about lou o'clock a. m. on Tuesday .J*?1 n~tnrl"n* by evening, the family ?>tih*?l the police, and search was made for the missing man. On Tuesday afternoon a colored hoy found a coat, vest and pair of pants near the place where the body was subsequently found and they have since "been ascertained to nave belonged to the deceased, and it is sup posed that he was drowned on that day. Ves k'^'i'^.T*" J,eM on ,he and jTe"t'h' * lea?1ing>hysician of Alexandria. testihe.1 that he had examine<l it, and found no marks of violence u|?>n it. and that there wae ?l fo.ul T,ie ',,rT returned a verdict that the decease<l came to his Uaath by *1"1? J*b2fln?. a,,,ler * tempornry aberrat.oi) ot mind. Tile deeeawil wa*?t;i vear* Of age. a carpenter by trade, and a native of ?.erm?ny. Lately he had been in low ami de pressed spirits, the reasons for which are ua ** h^^ways livcl happily with his family, and was devotedly attached to them. ? -.Tl* in* Ya' HT or THK Wa?Ht!?OTrt? vi5iT."~7 K *>r the Washington vJM- .w to go to New York awl "l00p 10 tb" citv- r*ceived the r ,ay .morning, and on Saturday I k?,tr'ni ?"11' ? ,u!l or colors bv Mr John rreadwell, of New Vork. The yacht is >ailer, having avera^eil on .rt*r" knots an hoar. She w p; rt?tJ? ?f'i t 1 inches Warn, an 1 accomnio -?r- twj-nty persons in her cabin. "Ella Trea<lwell." "J* dJ*"*?*??nent of the rigging in thinly! i1-6 <"''n,iDittee in charge were de tamed in New ^ ork until the necessary repairs Tfi'iL!? t' V ' p" Bl- Tr,*terdav (Sumlav), afl being in readiness, they set sail for Wa-h --sloop yaclit was built bv Mr. ?2Ha 112id. ot Bro??klyn. BrK< HM.I 8 Stork a fire Oroke out yesterday morniug. aI>out Uil.lo'clo -k N- w. ? gr oceV; store! on f street, between l.lth and the block Ho0e bulW1,n?. and in a few min ? e. thereafter Officer M. Mahon turned in an ? ro^ ? *' iU Wlllard s Hotel. Chief and 2^r,??rri? ,ur,ieJ ?n ? general alarm. han.1^.^? entire fire department were on wto fi^t J;:1"^ *? 52*^ fireman f,m? arrived checked the progress of the tbe proorTJt^!?1? ?f ?* known, as the place sutee *' 00 one ha<t beeu in Smurd.v night, when 52stock or*?* iMmi ffootin Mr ? many tine ?U.W, wh.Ot will more'thti coverT^/?r -huh waaoccasional mostly br mltlr 7 3* o clock a. m.. Archbishop ftaviev ?jrived here from Baltimore on Satani*T *rt^ noon commenced hie labor* at m Patri??, of corf'rJ ?eJ? administered thcaacramoM ?m?i* them 30 l^childron. At Ifr,s a. m. *l per at^- Ma^Tch^ch?nTert*' wTk ,h? ^chbi*hop win r\?i* au ininiltV, .k cbnrche" ?? the_l>istrlct and a-1 ?tth Kr ^ of enn^rmation, closing It.-^ Al?Twni' ?n Saturday oe*t, when a ?lam of over w children will be conkrmed sr: jonaf him severely. Officer Guy procured a conveyance and took him home. Gray was ar rested br Officer Bobinson and taken to the fourth procinct tat ion. Too Old rom rmn Kinn* Scbool To day the case of Edward Bntherford, a boy sen tenced by the Police Court to the reform school, was before Judge Cartter on a writ of habeas corpus, and the case having boon argued by his ?oanse), Mr. P. H. Bhinebart, and if appearing that the bov was over 17 Jttn of be was Aieclarfed tnm cutody. The lay Festival m? i Tfrfla. On Saturday evening a party of forty or fifty v?r?oM, including several member* of the Hoard of Pub'ic Work*. Plutrict Legislature, and the press. assembled at tbe Schuetsen Park to ?ee tbe new banquet ball, (recently described in Thi Star.) and to partake of the hospitalities of the superintendent, Mr. Jacob Horner. A tine repast *wspread, and addresses vrre made by Mfwr*. Simon Wolf, president of the Yerein. Messrs. A. K. Shepherd an?l Adolf Close. of the Board of Pnbhc Works; Arthur Shepherd and J. W. McKnight, of the Legisla ture; Phil. A.Jullien.of the RfpmlAirnn; Carl K<> s>er. of tbe German paper, and others. The building is an addition to the hotel, and is admirably adapted for the purposes of a ban ?inet hall, as also an exhibition and concert room, to be used during inclement and cold weather. The building was designed by Adolf Cluss. architect, and erected bv Mr. J. G. Xav lor, and with the furniture,Ac., the eoet * about ?10,000. TO-DAY tbe May festival of the Washington Schuetzen Verein, ar.d also the dedication of the new hall at the park, took place, notwithstanding the unpropitious weather. The membership as sembled at Klotz's restaurant this morning, and the procession was formed as follows, tinder Mr. George C. Walker. marshal, with Messrs. Kisenbeiss and Holstien. assistants:? S?iuad of mounted police, under Lieut. Kedway; mar shals: Ameiican. German and Schuetzen colors, tome by H. Grovermann, W. Kerens and Jos. Gatto; Marine band, in four-horse wagon, handsomely decorated. Prof. Fries leading; four-horse carriage containing the president and vice president, Messrs. S. Wolf and -lohn L. Vogt; twenty-four carriages, containing Misers. Fendner" and Bakersclimldt, target masters; <Jhr. Knppert, treasurer; H. L. Blout artl Ernst Sclimid. secretaries. Kneese, Anger mann. A. Koch. Xander, Mattern, Helnius. Kandler and G. W. Bauer, directors, and Chas. Fbel. king: carriages containing the meml>er8. all attired in uniform?gray blouse, trimmed with green, black slouch hat and feather. The procession passed through the President's grounds, thence by H and 15th streets in front of Baro* Schln-zer's resilience, down Pennsyl vania avenue to 7th street, and thence to the park, where lunch was partaken of, and the amusements of shooting, bowling, ladies shoot ing, dancing, i?c., were enjoyed. The banquet will take place at 7^ o'clock this evening, and tlie following TOASTS will T?e offered and resj>onded to: 1. The Washington Schuetzen Verein?En deared to every lover of true social life, may it continue to prosper. Bv Mr. A. Eberly. 2. Our < 'ountry?The home of our choice, the refuge of the oppressed, may nothing mar her greatness. By President S. Wolf. 3. Germany?1 he land of our birth, may our actions as German Americans ever "prove worthy of her great renown, and mavher latest triumphs not be her last. By Baron' Schlit zer, the German minister. 4. The District of Columbia?May it grow up to be the representative of a free nation'!* great ness and liberality. By Gov. Cooke. 5. Our Invited Gnests?Ever Welcome, may the bonds of friendship never be loosened, but be rivlted closer every day. By Gen. Bluuicn berg. ot Baltimore. C. The ladies?The last and best testimonial Of God's love to man; may we ever have their cordial aid and sympathy. By Ernst Schmidt. 7. The Press?The Promethean spark that has inspired the tiame of lil>erty, that lever that lifts, moulds, and controls public opinion, may it* voice ever be for truth and progress. By W. R. Collins and Carl Kn-ser. THE VI81TISO BALTIMOREAWS. General Blnmenberg and a delegation of the Baltimore Schuetzen arrived tins afternoon, and to?>k part in the festivities. It was at first proposed to i>osti>one the dedication in eonse | quence of the weather; but inasmuch a* the : superintendent, Mr. Horner, had made all his I preparations for the banquet, and as the meni , hers generally favored no postponement on ae [ count of the weather, it was determined at j least to hold the festival to-day and this even | ing. and should the weather prove unpropitious to-morrow to postpone the second day's festival to the next fair dav. o Third l.fKiHlntite A<*Hembly. (01 NCIL.?TheCouncil met on 8atur<lay last, at 5 o clock, and was opened with prayer by Ki-y. G. A Hall. Council bill So. XI. "to provide for the erection of a suitable government buildup for the District of Colombia.'' wa? r>?<l a second time, and r. ferred to tbe coiLniittee on public works and property. II"Use of Itoli-ntee l?llls provijing for tb*1 pur chase ?.f a lot and the erection of a new engine-house for No. 3 ccuipany, of this city, and H?nr\ Addison company, of Qeorgetow n, and extending the tim of paj merits for special :isse?snients. and for other pur poses, were read and appropriately referred. Ad jonrned. Tin HorsE OF I?EI.F(?ATF* was not in session. ? Exemptions from Taxes. Editor Star ?I see the question of taxing church property very widely discussed through the press, and it seems the "people have finally come to the conclusion that it is gross injustice to make others who have nothing whatever to do w ith that kind or property, pay tbe taxes for it. < >ur Christian brethren who profess to care more for the life which is to come, and there lore are not so much interested in the goods of thi# life, certainly should be the last to seek to accumulate riches at the expense of others, and the first to see the unchristianitv of compelling others to pay their bills for them, thereby of fending directly the principle laid down bv their master and law giver, namely: "I>ounto "others as you would others should do unto you." That is the sentiment if not the exact words. With the same, and I might sav even more right, our brethren, the Masons, 0?ld Fellows, and other charitable societies could claim that their tem ples. their halls, should be tax free, and the butilen be borne by others, as they are practical Christians, providing as tbev do tor willows and orphans, and relying merely on their own re sources and means, raised among themselves without soliciting the help and contribution of others, as some of the church organizations do, to -upport their hospitals, infant asylums, etc.. whereby m fact the public provides the mean* and they have the absolute control. But what would l>e said of the benevolent associations should they make such a demand ot our Chris tian brethren? If a number of i>ersons, sav forty or fifty, under the lead of a new reformer", concluded to start a new society and erect a building, called church, for the purpose of car rying on therein their own peculiar perform ances, be they religious or otherwise, why should they not pay their own expenses ami bear their own burdens as othersdo, and how in the name of Christianity can they bring it In harmony with their consciences to compel others to pay the bill for theii peculiar enjoy ment. May 16,1&73. Christian. ? "The pirb commissioners have come to the conclusion that no one was to blame for the in competency displayed at the Michler place tire. There was considerably more than a hogshead of whitewash used in arriving at said conclu sion. The report, likethe board, wm colored to suit the circumstances."?Capital. The fire commissioners have come to no such conclusion. There was an investigation by the commissioners not as to any charge of ?'incom petency displayed at the Michler place fire," but as to the delay in calling out the fire depart ment for that conflagration, and the facts were re|?orted to the board, who approved the rejxirt of their committee. Had there been incompe tency in using the means and appliances of the department for extinguishing fires when the companies did arrive, the entire row would have been destroyed. Such a fire does not go out of itself whether the wind is blowing or not. As a sufferer by the fire, the editor or the Caintal is to be excused if he cannot look at the m itter dispassionately As no colored men have any thing to do with the lire-alarm, the reravks of the Caj ital about color hardly fit the case. One of the Commissioner?. ? ? A Wife Amaclts Her Husbahd with a Ra/.or. Vesterday Officer Harris, of the Georgetown |K>lice precinct, arrested Lucy It I vets, on the charge of assault and battery with intent to kill her husband. Tillmau Riv". ers. It seems Tillman Rivers and Geo. Clark, both canal boatmen, got into a tight about Lucy, who it is reported by Tillman had been acting a false part towards him, and while they were engaged in fighting. Lucy ran out with a razor in her hand, and cut Tillman across the head and face some six or eight times, swearing that she intended to kill him. She was locked up, and this morning Judge Suell committed her ror action of the grand jurv. ? ? ? Alleoed Colored CoxrinBscB Mas On Saturday afternoon the detective officers ar rested a colored man named Lewis Bell, a'irs George Williams, charged with obtaining five soit* of clothing from several citisens br fraud ulent representations. His mode of operations, according to the statements of the officers, was to ascertain tbe name, residence and habits of his victim, and in bis absence from home, go to his house on pretence of having boon sent by tb# proprietor, and aak that his beat suit of clothes be sent him at once, he having met with an accident. This was generally successful. o? the articles he would veil them to the pawn shops. urd^<lI5D?Km'!?, A Lif* or Shake.?On Sat urday last the detectives rescued a roam firl I?1,' * of ?>l-fame and took her to police he* mother wh!ter? ,he confronted with Baltimore. A dis to retnrL T ' bBt the infatuated girl refo^M w return Lome and tharui^ii th? famous life she hail begun return.%1 to Baltimore' %uISnT irf officer, who took the fifrlhWl^?L*n SC"1 **in * how or the Good ! . - - , - ? -?;? ?? uooa Shepherd, where It U hoped she will be re formed. Cab*crops ? Dixrt's Mibstrrls open at Lincoln hail to-night. This excellent troupe of singer* and actors is well k"*?*? <? this city, and the select character of music the recognised talent of several of thei vocalists, and the merit of their Ethiopian delineations, which are extremely comical wit.^0?* being coarse or vulgar, should attract refin?.d aad in telligent audience*. Tbe company rem"*1" here onlv two nighta No one who appreciated fliirth ud mute ahyuld fill to att **?? Tk? WMkliftM Sarket. A RRTLT TO THE "(iCHDir CHROWICLR." Editor Star:?A long and elaborate piece of i-me fiction, evidently prepared by wine bone banter, to frighten the directors of toe Washing ton Market company and make them come down, appeared in O. C. Fom'y't -Sunday Chroni cle. If the writer ha<I presented one single fact or even accurately rehashed the old ami worn out slanders against the market company, which were expostd and nailed as falsehoods by the report of their investigating committee made to : the District legislature August 12th, lt*71, he might have claimed immunity for sandwitching > in the mass of misrepresentation contained in ' the article referred to. While recompiling ttie ; right of an independent press to strive to correct I abuses which injuriously affect their patrons, I deny, in behalf of the market company, all and singular every essential representation contained i in this unwarranted and libelous attack upon i the directors and managers of the Washington Market company. A large majority of the stockholders, as well as the directors of this company, are not only citizens of Washington, but are among the heaviest taxpayers in the District. AreM.G. Emery, president of the Washington Market company, T. C. Connolly, Hallet Kilbourn, Moses Kellv. R. B. Clark, Hugh Coyle, Caleb Cushing, W. E. Chandler and S. S. 'Sinoot. di rectors, strangers to the citizens of Washing ton T Are they men who would be likely to per petrate a fraud or over-tax the people wno purchase food at the market? In order to an swer these last questions I have hastily drawn off the figures to show the public the ex*ct financial condition of the company so far as receipts an<1 expenditures on account of rent ?1 of the stalls from the new market sheds th it were erected after the fire up to the 31st of last De cember Total amount of rental received from all sources during the year 1X71, 942.632.4:?. A mount of disbursements during tliesame time? Uunning expenses, including gas tax. *S, 107.45; city or local tax, 96.19M.20; paid District au thorities rental imposed by Congress for the support of the poor *22.*60, making total cur rent expenditures *37.105.65. Cost of temporary shedsor market buildings ?26,800, making total expenditures during the year 1<71 ?57,!?05.65; leaving the rental account "of the company in debted to construction account at the erd of the first year, after deducting total receipts, jil5.273.ltfr To this might be added a special ?utsessnicnt bill for paving Pennsylvania avenue amounting to about 911.ooO, although that as sessment lias not yet been settled. Total amourt of rental received from temporary sheds :'rom December 31, 1*71, to .luly 1st. 1*72, when the new buildings were occupied. *1'.?, 114.31. Total amount of rental received for the last two quarters of year 1X72 up to Decem ber 31, 1x72, 931,192.97?making the total re ceipts for the year 1872 on account of rental of s*alls, wagons. ?Xc., 950.307.28, from which de duct rnnning expenses, repairs, and gas tax tor the year 1X72. 91*,844.05. City or local tax and water tax, 96.39*. Paid District authorities rental under act of Congress for support of the I>oor 9'.:6.000?making a total expenditure, out side ol construction account, 945,242.05, which deducted from the total amount of rental re ceived fJ50,30.\28, leaves*5,065.23 to be credited towards paying the *15,273.16 which remained due the construction account on account ol buiidirg temporary market buildings; or in other words, leaving amount due construction account over and above the receipts for rental for stalls and stands at the end of two years, from the time the market company first collect ed rent, *10,267.1*3, for which the company had the lumber in the old sheds. It will thus be seen tl at during this time, and for over two years, the stockholders of the market company received no dividends, and had actually used over *10,000 of the money paid in on the origi nal stock to give the public and tin; dealers I temporary accommodations l.y building tem porary structures, after the "old market w*s burned, and instead of haying assessed and collected t>ne dollar from of stalls or stands to pay towards the construc tion of the new buildings, the total receipts up to the present time, alter de ducting rental due the District, local taxes and ri nning expenses, would not reimburse the construction f und tor money drawn from it as before stated. The stockholders paid in 9100,000 in cash, when they subscribed for their stock. They then issued coupon hondson notes and raised 9100,000 more. The Treasurer has received from bonus on account of sales of stalls and stands up to this time about *:?4,000, while the market company has a floating indebted ness which will make the total cash expendi tures nearly 9^50o,i*o0, jj) erecting what is ad mitted by every impartial and tair minded per son, including strangers from every part of the country to be the largest and best retail market in the t'nited States, if not in the world. The market company reluctantly yielded to the District authorities under the "recent act of Con gress the entire front land secure*I to them by their charter for ninety-nine vears. The land thus surrendered to "the District authorities would probably produce when fully improved an annual income of 920,000 or 930,000: yet dividing the land ui>oii the basis ot the valuation fixed by the A*?essor?. the District authorities, under the recent act ot Congress, get this entire valuable frontage by allowing the market company about *12,000 a year upon their rental, or, what would be the interest on about *150,000; whereas every one acquainted with the value of real estate would value thjs immense frontage of over 500 feet at more than twice that sum. In regard to the transfer of the city's interest in what is known as the City Hall buildings to the U. S., 1 cannn see that any harm can {tossibly come to the city, as the gentlemen comi*osing the com mittee who recently fixed the valuation of that property, are supposed to be quite as loval ami devoted to the present "regime" as the pro prietor of Fort y's Suwlay Ckrvnicle can possibly aspire to be. The statement made in the article referred to, that the root of the market was in a leaky condition, is equally as false as either of his other assertions. The roofs of the market build ings are of the mast substantial character, and bave never leaked at all since they were built. In the designs for the market, prepared by the architect. In order to give perfect ventilation ventilator windows, working upon iron pivots, were placed in the ventilators of each building. It has been found that during a driving storm, with heavy winds, the rain forces itself through the spaces which are necessary to allow the win dows to partially revolve, which causes a drip ping near the center of the building during these heavy storms. This, however, only occurs during a heavy wind and driving rain storm. In order, however, to obviate this annoyance, double rows of heavy tin S|>outing are being cut in and placed on the inside of the ventilators, which catch this water and return it through a small aperture to the outside of the roof. This unusual precaution has been adopted by the com pany to avoid all grounds of complaint, and the entire work will be completed in afewdays. The discreditable and cowardly rehash in regard to the falling of a portion of the 9th street wall during a heavy gale, and before the mortar had had time to harden, was malicious in the ex treme, as the writer well knew. If he knew anything about the matter he knew that every particle of the wall that was jarred by that which fell was taken down, and that the whole was rebuilt under the directions of Mr. Diggs, one of the very best builders in the city, and in the most substantial manner; and I here chal lenge the writer of the article to select any three responsible builders or architects to ex amine the eutire market structure, and if they do not pronounce it one of the best and m >st substantially-built buildings of this class in the I'nited States, I will publicly, and in the newspapers, acknowledge the correctness of his statements. If they do report these buildings of the most substantial character as I have be fore stated, coaiiiu:. Jececcy should require ttie writer to apologise to the entire cominuuity as well as to the market company for his gross and unwarranted misrepresentations. The market company are anxious to secure a reduction ot the rental on the stalls and stands in the m ir ket just as fast as they can do so and pay tUe city lor the supi>ort of the poor, the local tax js. and running expenses, and secure 8 or 10 per cent, on the amount actually invested in th se market buildings. To &.? who complied with the regulations of the company and paid their quarterly rental in advance at the commence ment of the present quarter, the market com panv made a reduction of 10 per cent., ami hone as soon as the stalls are nearly all itermanenilv occnpled, to be able to make a still further re duction. The present rental, as fixed by the District authorities and the market company timier the law of Congress, is much leas than in almost any of the large cities in this country, and I suspect that if some men claiming to be respect able, would pay the market dealers when their bills fall due, or at least as promptly a? the poor laborers do, there would be less com plaint of high prices of market products In conclusion, I desire to say that as the mar ket company, under the recent act of Congress, accepted the terms offered them by the District authorities, and transferred the entire front portion of their land to the District. I cannot possibly see what interest the market company can have in the wis of the city's buildings or in the action of the legislature In reference to the appropriations of money to improve the valuable land thus acquired without any ex penditure on the part of the district, as under the present arrangement they have nothing whatever to do with any buildings here after to be erected, and Instead or de siring to secure the triangle, handsomely fitted np at the carrer of 9th street and Penn sylvania a venae. All of the directors of the market oompaay concurred in the opinion that the Louisiana avenue line, between gth andotti streets, was perhaps more preferable for build ing purposes than the Pennsylvania avenue line. In short, there is no conflict between the District authorities and the market company, and when the writer of these misrepresenta tions in the 8nnday paper referred to examines the papers nnder which the transfer and ar rangements were made, which seem to trouble ft . *? will be ashamed or his stuptd mptln* to writ* *bont ? matter with "Mciualnted, or which he In tentionally misrepresented. W..1. r? r. ?. CROW-AY. *> ubington, P. c? M ay 19, 1X73. MrBPHT, the dialect comedim will a*> He,P-" Wall'1* ?? The play abonnJs in ? is seasoned with lots ot ?TSidng perltrmance will be given this GEORGETOWN. Mnif Shct Down Notwithstanding the abundance of water now in the canal and the great amount of wacte water at the Aqnedoct and through the looki at Rock creek, the mills were directed to shut down to-day atlljf o'clock a. m. Galva:tizei> Irow Boat.?A row boat tnvie of galvanized sheet iron arrived here yesterday from Frederick City, Md. It weighs about 50 pounds, and ha* room for two men. The gen tlemen who came down in her say they passed over the Little Falls without getting out of the boat, the boat being made so as not to dip water, even if it is entirely submerged. RivirNiwr The steamer G. H. S'ont, from Philadelphia, and the steamers C. Vanderbilt and Columbia, from Baltimore, arrived to-day with miscellaneous cargoes, and the steamer Lady of the Lake cleared t'or Norfolk with iV> barrels of flour. The canal boats T. ?T. Baker and Bound Top No. 2 arrived to-dav, via canal, with 1,?90 barrels cement for Geo. Waters. Thk MEMRisoof Heber Tent, No. 19, order of Rechabites. are requested Jo meet at Society 11*11 this evening. See advertisement. Grain Trap*?The canal boat B. F. Charles arrived to-day with 3.400 bushels wheat and 100 barrels flour to T. C. Wheeler. The wheat was sold some days since at *1.95 to arrive. Fish Wharf?The receipts of fish to-day were 45 .MO herring, which sold at #2.V)a$3 per thousand. The Uiioh strest railroad are de|K>siting the raJlson West street, and expect s< on to have the cars running as far as Wash ington street. ALEXANDRIA. C<>rjiTY CiRcriT CorRT.?The May term of the circuit court for the county, .lud^e Keith to rres de, will commence on* Mond-iy next. T1 er.- is but one criminal case set for this term, that of a ro ored man named Mills Ktacia, charged with breaking into a house on the Wai11-igton turnpike, just above the cam! b?s n. am! assaulting and robbing the propri - tor, and old milkman named McKinney. The time for the execution Of the death sentence uj?on William .Iacki?on, colored. already con demned to be hung for the murder of his wife will I e fixed at this term. Thikf Heard From?It is reported that the colored woman Sul Brown, alias Adams, who robbed William Cullen, the son of the captain of a Philadelphia schooner, of #100, while he was drunk in a house In Buzzard's Boost, yes terday morning, and suddenly disappeared thereafter, was seen near Colchester, yesterday afternoon, walking down the road accompanied by two colored men, one of whom has but one arm, and was lately confined in jail here. The body of Aaron Sommcrs, the colored roan drowned some time since at Mr. Hender son's fishing shore, was recovered on Wednes day last and staked out tn the river to await the action of the coroner.

Cloi p'8 Mill Sold The property near this city known as Cloud's mill was sold this rooming by F. A. Kcrby, auctioneer, to J. F. Carlin, for ($,500.?Gazette, 17th intt. CITY ITEMS. Three Hats in Owe?The newest and best thing we have ever seen in the way of a hat is the patent reversible, or three bats in one, *at l?avis', under Metropolitan Hotel. Hvrsi Tritile. t'oml-inatir-n. Willett & Knott have received another stip plv ot' the above hate?three in one, adapted for all weather. l:>,6 Aver's Gherry Pectoral, the world's great remedy for Colds, Coughs and Consump tion. m,w,f,<& >V ? ? Cattion Purchasers of the Peruvian Syrup (a protected solution of the protoxide of iron) are cautioned against being deceived by any of the preparations of Peruvian bark, or bark an 1 iron, which may be offered theiu. Kvery bottle of genuine has*/'- rwinn S-irup (not Peruvian bark) blown in the glass. Examine the bottle '>? fore purchasing. 19,ti Silvfr-i'lateo Couhtkk Fixtyres anl Steel Fountains for Soda Water, to loan free of charge, by Palmer & Green, Georgetown, w,* Fi.e<iA7?t,sweet.light,and wholesome Bread, Rolls, Biscuits, Corn Bread. utti?!?. Buck- 1 wheat and other Griddle Cakes, and Pastry Cakes, with Doolcy's Vcut Powder. Soi l by grocers. 1C,6" Cincinnati I. a<.eu and Byck Beer on draught at Geo. W. driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and street. 15,5 A Great Invention Steel Fountain*,sheet tin lined, are the greatest invention of the age for pure Soda Water. Palmer & (ireen, Gaorge town, sole agents. w,s Gyinness Porter and Bass and Kncoop & Co.'s English Ale on draught at Geo. W. Driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4^ street. 15,5 Jylipp, Smashes, Cocktails and other pre scriptions carefully compounded by Geo. W. Driver and hiscorpsof efficient assistant* at the new sample rooms corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4x street. 15,5 Who Will Try For It??We guarantee, under a forf eiture of ?1,000,that Soda Water can remain in sheet-tin lined Steel Fountains for one year or longer without eing contaminated by any metal. Palmer & Green, George town. W,i ? ForND at Last!?a remedy that not only relieves, but cures that enemy of mankind, Consumption, as well as the numerous statelites which revolve around it in the shape of coughs, colds, bronchitis, sore throat, influenza, Jfcc. The remedy we allude to is Dr. Wittar'i Balsam ?f Wild Ch'trry, prepared by Seth W. Fowle & Son, Boston. 12,(5 Children cry for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. 4,25.eo3: Now is'tre time to exchange your old Soda Water Apparatus for new ones.' Palmer & Green, Georgetown, have a great variety of new marble ones for sale at manufacturer-' prices and terms. Old ones taken in exchange Also, pure Soda Water in Steel Fountains. w,s To obtain the most delicious julip or smash, made of the finest material, and manipulated in the most artistic manner, go to Geo. W. Driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. 4,5 Soda Water Apparatus for Sat.f.?A great variety of White and Tennessee Marble Soda Water Apparatus at manufacturer's prices and terms. Second-hand ones taken in exrh tnge. Pure Soda Water in Steel Fountains, at Palmer & Green's, Georgetown. w,s Pond's Extract cures rneumatism, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wonnds, neuralgia) hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract difl'ers from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard meaiciue. treated of in medical writings, and known to be a enre for these diseases. m,th,s,tf The Sikrer Sewing Machine sales of 1872 were ?2?,6M>. 4,12-s,wtf Shirts made to Order?Gentlemen fur nishing tbeir own material, can have their Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's, 422 9th street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: The community at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 Sound feet being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persons oome from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. 038 10th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., Ac., and advice as to suitable shoes. Wn.Loox * Gibe's hVwim* Mao stub. The eelebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Baurn's hoopskirt and oorset factory, 7th street, Intelligencer Building. 10,28 Thrkmohitbis and barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near street. Old, l i New. Ho. 4*6} PaPERHANGIHGS. {No. 4.19 7th 8t.\ i7th St. NOW OPEN AT MAftKRlTBR'S, No. 43V 7th street, between D and E streets. Eight doors above Odd Fellews' Hall, PAPEEHAKOINOH of new and stylish designs of the boat fabrics and A nUfa, selected with due regard to harmony of eel or, durability, richneee and econo ?J. A large portion made ipeciaily to order, era 1 ,tr,pe and oth#r dealgns In Oilt 5^. appropriate for drawing rooms, J!'!? and 40-Inch Plain tints for panneling with gilt rod or finishing plain, with a fnlfiine of medium s^d low-frtced Pageg, patent and perfect repreeen tatioue of Wood and Mar Die, for panneling halls and , ?SRD*J5P ?? OllfTrelvrt Sd OiIt Common; Center Pieces, Freuch rite board PnnU, Ac., maklnc the larceet and most complete assortment in the DMr: t. WINDOW 8HADE8. _different lizsc abI colon* tlno. Pl&in Good* in PtMirlf Cbocolakf, Lavender ' Ornen and for Into Shade#, febadea mada PICTURE KKAMIB Of!t Frames i? > 8'll? Oval Frames for 2L7A.?r?r?r iit ? I selection of French Aiiiericao Gilt and Velvui FraniM for IvArvtv m ^efvrcy?. Plc,a/eT' s^??2sWAS Tirmy. Fraraai m?1f lo ord^r. future cobd and tassels tEw colors: al*>, frr? nnilnn'r . I ? Wire Center Picture fe ?rd, m "Ud BraM Head I'ic tare Nells, Riugs, Screw Ky?e. Ac. PAINTING!?, ENUKAVINU8, CBUOUUS, Vc. fr?nii'? ehr?ierlecllan It, *p,-> Or pi *V'r" eaWMtion a id e-,U. Oil rom.? and EngravfIttr< Urd^r* for in*. W-..1 ^ St. wt? ?r P;? W8.1RESV T!eH?e r nan ?. OulXo <?? i. )|.iUKHITtCA, .... Slit 43# 7lh <r?t, B lacen ?> and E sitei**. IT3* INPBPEBDBNT OBDBR OF BBCH* BITES?The mrakfn <>f HF.BEB TENT. Nu. 19. are requested lomf tll S.*lety Hall, cor ner of Proepct and High P. C . on MONDAY EVENING. May M. Boslaaas of importance will be bought before the Tent. It* CHAS A LITTLBJOHB, B?-. Sen. 11Y THOMAS DOWLIKG. Auctioneer, L> 13* Bridge street, Georgetown. EXEfTTORB' SALE OF VERT VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPBRTY.CORNFR OF HIGH AMD BRIDGE STREETS,GEORGETOWN, AT AUCTION. ?J-s. B> rirtne ?f the last will and tsstament or t he Kg late Timothy O'O.LShU', ???*?!, an<l villi ^*tbe consent of Peter O'D U"gh'ie. in hi? own eight. th?? undersigned will ??il,at public auction, on the premises. on Tl'BSDA Y, May *J7th, WV at A o'rlock p. di .that valuable improved property froiitins 47 feet 6 inch** Bridge street. I?y 3S feet 3 inches on High street, improved by three stores and dwellirg House. Terms: One-third cash balance in 6. 12. and 18 m- nth*, the purchaser giving Ih'ir not,*, b- aring interest from day of #ale. I?rnl? given and deed of trust taken to secure the deferred paytu, nti. C- n veyincingat the co?t of the purchaser. SARAH 0TK>NO?HrE.( Ft?,n,n? PETER 0 DONOGHUE.l K*^n or" mi: 2w |Rep | THOB. PoWUNO. Au?t. | J W. B R O W Jt, " BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, IBB BRIDGE STREET, GEORGETOWN, D C. I h?r? thin day opened a BOOK STORE at the abovetiamt-d place, and would solicit a liberal share of the patronage of the putlic. Particalar attention will be paid to the Bo. k and Stationery departments, ?id satisfaction in price* guaranteed. I am also closing out all the stock of Sheet Music of the late house of Poe A Boligson at one-half price. Call and examine. vllit |^Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown TKl'STFE'S SALE Or~VALUABl E REAL ES TATE IN GEORGETOWN, D C By Tirtueof a deed of trust from Charles T. Eilmonaton and wif<>, made January 26th, Kn, and recorded amongst the lani records of ?aid District in Liber No.608. folio SIS, Ac., and at th? request of the party secured thereby, 1 will offer for sale at public auction, on Till"RSDA Y. the 'Aild of May, 1S3- at 4 o'clock p m., iu front of the prem ises. all that Lot of Ground ;n 'Georgetown afire said .known and desrrilwd as the southern part of lot No 61, in Peter B-.-atty ,Thr< Ikold.tnd Deakin's addition to said tow* sa d part having a front of thirty-two feet on the west side of Litigan street, between 1st and Prospect streets, and running back of that wiili h to the rear. The property is improved by a snlmtantial Frame Dwelling recently repaired. Terms: Ore-fourth of the purchase money caah, and t he residue In six, twelve, and eighteen months. f??r vhich notes bearing six per cent, interest from the day of sale shall be given, to be secured by a deed of trust of tlw? premise* The terms of sale must be comp'ied with within four day* atler <lar of sale,or the property shall be reaold nrx.n five day* notice at the risk and cost of the defaultitig pur chaser. All conveyancing at buyers' cost. A dt? po-ite of ?2UU Will he required at the close of sale. HUGH CAPERTON.Tm.tee, n>7 fCourier] THOS DOWLING. Auct DRY Got ids AT POPULAR PRICES. For GOOD BIRO AINS be sure to go to BENJAMIN MILLER, 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. Japanese Poplins at 28 and 35c.; Japanese Silks, foe., 76c., $1' plain Dress Goodn, in all the new colors, 25c., 60c ? Black Silksfrom $1.25 to 93; Black Grenadines from 2.V . to 91; beautiful Plaids for children. 15r ,?r., 25c.; Victoria Lawns, Jl>c., 25c., 37c.; Piques, JOc., 25c., 37c., 6*c., Black Alpacas and Mohairs, a splendid 'inalitv, as low as 6ilc. Cloths, Cassimers, Linen Drills; all the novel ties in Parasols; one caoe more of the iplendi i 4 4 Bleached Cotton. 12Hc. ap23 tr EADY FOB THE SPRING TBADB. With a full corps of first class workmen, a com plete stock of the best foreign and domestic Dye Stuffs, Ac., Ao., I am fully prepared to t'LEAN OB kECOLOR LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND 8UM.M ER WEARING APPAREL, promptly and in the best manner. W. H. WHBATtEV. PhEMJVM STEAM D YEIXG AMU SCOUR IX It WOK K S, ESTABLISHED 1931. Premtnm awarded la67. Office.49 Jefferson at .Georgetown, D. 0 P'?t Office Bog 743. ap7 tr THE TRADES. Notice of Removal. T1IE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE CO.\OUCTEU BY THE UX DERSJUXED OX SIXTH STREET, XEAR MISSOURI A VEXUE, AXV B STREET, BE TWEEX SIXTH AXD SEVEXTH STREETS NORTH WEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERB AFTER AT THE (?r? if 13th street ad4 Ohio btc. b. v. m9-lm MATH L B. FUGiTT. HERAIG A LAGIRPUSU, Succeenors to IIK3XT Hokalci, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, 407 F street, ?94-lm* Between Sth and 6th sta. northwest. C-?HA8. HARTEL, j CARPEXTER AXU BUILDER. Ml C street southeast. All orders promptly M tended to on reasonable terms. alT-lm* Aw Nines. JOHN C. HOGAN. 713 Market Space, Maunfacturer of AW NINGS, for Stores, City and Country Residences. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for sale. Bole Agent for the only genuine MILDEW PROOr AWNING MATERIAL. apis tr pLUMBUiO AND GAS FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plumbing and ?as ritting done in a ueat and substantial wanner, aud on reasonable terms, should leave their orders al 113 Pennsylvania atrenae, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. mX7 6m* WM. ROTH WELL. M CUNNINGHAM, HATTBH, . lNir Street, between kKn and Uth, has the pleasure to annoanoe tnat be has reo?4ve< tko Hnrfn* H??l- n* *> ? ?* ""? __ c wHiDiwLcolui ne lias received( the Spring Style of Broadway BLOCK, and isl prepared to furnish New Hats made to order on* them or fCAodel old styles; also, an assortment of relt Hats for sale, on reasonable tanas. ft-tr /^ALL OB JAMBS r. BRIEN, V Practical Plumber mid Oat Fitter, to have your Plumbing, Gas Pitting, and Sewerage promptly attended to on reasonable terms, No. 609 Louisiana avenue, near tth street, north side. Residence. ??9 2d street, northeast. m!4 ^WRINGS, FLAGS, TEMTI. M. O. C0PELAND, MS Louislaoa avenue, one door east Ttk street. AWBIBG8 for Stores.City and County rstAsrcAs in strle and finish. rLAGS and TBNTS fer sale and rent. BOOMS DBG0RATBD. All Canvass articles made to eider. DANCING CLOTHS. J B. TLBTOB, CARP EX TER, BUILDER. AMP OOBTBAOTOB. j for Boom Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo raster's Work speedily attended to. "tf" -0*eSth street, below B at. j^JETBOPOLlTAN DOLLAR STORE. A FULL STOCK OF THE FOLLOWING REMARKABLY CHEAP GOODS HAS JUST BEEN RECEIVED. ON EXAMINATION THEY WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Gent's rine Linen Hemmed Handkerchiefs, Sfor ?1. Brown Buck Towels, 6,4 and 3 fjrr Bl. Extra rine Damask do., S for ?1. Gent's Fancy Half Hose, 3 pairs for fl. Gent's Beat British do., S pairs for (1. Second Quality British do ,4 pairs for ?}. Gent's Light Merino and India GauxeBhirts, ?1. Splendid Suspenders, SO cents and fl. 140 Stylet of Fine Canas/Bl each. SUO English and French Hair Brushes, $1. b^^s'?sr<Ciss: WV-f. * the best Muslin, and well one dwllar. Superior Bias Tacked Shirts, at ft. . rine Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, 4,1 and S f?r Bl. Moaroiog do., 3 tud 2 for #1..... 3 Nin Lwliet' or Gbi&dreu ? fail Wgultr ntde Children"/ ftViped tall regular extra lone Hose, Spain for $1. Solid Walnut Square Picture frame, with glass and back.sixegxio, 60cents. Tine Oral Frames, so cents and f 1. Six Fine Plated Knlres.for ft. Splsndid Satchels and Baskets, ?1. Small Willow Work Btands. 91. Childrsn's Rockers and Chairs, fl. Hsndsome Jardiniers and Vases,at #1. Fine Oil Chromos ia aolid Walnnt Frames, at ? 1 escb. Boll Plate Bracelet*, Setts. Rings. Charms, Chains, Chatelaines, Necklaces, Ac ,at Bleach. SOU Styles of Rubber and Jet Jewelry, at #1. ALL THESE AND A THOUSAND OTHER ARTICLES AWAIT YOUR INSPECTION. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORl. ill SEVF.NTH BTBEBT. irl."!- r r.-ar P--nn*?h ao*a ? ? l;0KR " , iu". < iivl. ? - -1 ... -i . A CO..) jTUK><. ARIKT 4NO ."vAVY iflZly Inrn MERCHANT 1AJLOMI I,?M" <Uu* Brown? . MS fenua'a are., Waskiagto BANKERS. | KWIS JOH5ISVX * CO., BANKERS ASP PHI.IRS IN FOREIGN ASP DOMESTIC EXCHANGE. Have RFMoVEP to their d?? Banking Hoaee o? he coroer <?( linh street aud Penn?v liauia iinn'. on lh? ?il> t rtn- rly oerapi. t t?y f Item mIS 1<* OTIS BK.ELOH . ~ Banker, ??D STREET, ME AS fEHXTl, Pays INTEBEST ON PEPOSITS. makes COL LECTIOKHiUd tnuiM.'U ail butia< m connected with Banking. apl 1r U A IHIXU H O l I K " 4. H. SQIIER ft CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ?ProsiTB WULABP's Wf>T*L, WASHINGTON. D C. 0 trr cent. tn.'Ttst p*Ki on irromt. Collection* Dutdf everywhere. Dfpi*ni pa>aMe on iriutud. Pay of offlwri In the Army ruM in ?du?w. a pi tr Jr. BKODHEAD. ? Bruker, Mo. 939 Peon*. a vs., Boom 4, Waehlngtcn, D. C Special attention given to investment securities. IiiMtxa atteutiou to securities do* effered at prices which m ill pa> 10 to Li p*r cent, in amomits ?ih1 < length of time to suit in* e?t.r*. SaT-, reliable, profit atlr At d prompt, making them IB Merjf rwprct FIBST CLASS SECT BITIES. _ Refers by pernii?sion to L'** Johnson ? C<v. Wsshington P. C.: Moeee Kelly, Esq . Caehier National Metropolitan Bank, Washington. D. C Hon. J. M Bratlhead, Second Controller, Washing (on, P C., Edward Clark. Esq., Architect U. S. Cap Hoi, Waahingt< n. P C. marir Sm 'I 'BE NATIONAL BANE UP THE REPDBLIO J. (Corn* rof 7th and D etreeta.l OPEN FROM 19 A.M.TOJ P. M. dec 17 ly CHA8. BBAPLEY^Oashlee. PEEHAN AXERIIA1 BAYINUB BANE, Ij No. 414 Savt^TH Street, UrrwM uu fou UA<* iAvwiauai. Bank boar*: f a.m. to4 f> m. Baturday* open an til 8 p. ?>., to recetie depesita only. Interest paid on drpueit*. Collection* made an< wkiitj ftuillkrf. _ _ JOHN HITZ. President, A. EBFRLY, Y. Preet, W. P MATT^NULf JSec ,C. E. PRENTlhS.Oaabr hot?- ly TBI FREEDMAM'E IAVIS0I AND 1 TRIBT COMPANY Bait^1"! House, No. 1?BT Penney Irani* aveon* oppoaite the Treasury, PATS SIX PEE CENT. INTEBEST. lntertft the ttru */ A ark AloaiA. PAYS POLE PEE CENT, on bosinu** accents from date of depoaft. linui CmtMmttt of IMront twwinf 4 and 4 per cent internet, available anywhere. HAS BEANCH OFFICE* in all large town* i citiee of the Seuth and Boutbw?*t. K/tmh fcnmi ( fl ? an ia 4a mm Open Wednesday and Saturday uighta from 4H to I i*cl ?k, to receive deposit* oaly. Call at the Bank or ?end fwr a copy of the Charter and By-laws jH-ly JET COO EE ft CO., BUT ANP SELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and ISSUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, mrailabU w any pari */ <4* mat id. Our Draft* on JAY COOKE. McCULLOCH A CO,, LONIHJN, are Cashed In any part of E*?La*i>, Ibslaw*and Scotland, frtt of tar**. may IS IVASHI!lflTO?l CITT BAVINOS BAKE. YY Carwsr Ilk ttrtu mnd t?*i<toM ar?aMu, PAYS ? PEE CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest oommences from date of deposit*. Deposit* can be made and drawn at will. myfc-tf J. A. EDFF. Treasurer. GROCERS. ^ ?. O'HAKE ft SUA, 1SII3 7th STREET NORTHWEST. (Biiwccn M and N sts.) SOAP 1 SOAP!! Proctor A Gamble's celebrated Cincinnati Ollre SO A P. the be?t in the nurkrt-h) cent* p-r pound bar.S'tC. b> the box of bo lb*. HAMS, Ac. In store l.HJO lb*, extra quality Sugar-Core HAMS. 9 lb* extra white LARP, ?1. Fre?h Graham FLOUR, from best wheat FRESH OATMEAL. RYE FLOUB LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! Old Baker WHISKY; Old Cabinet WniSEY. Whiftky.6 years old, per Nt fi'* California Brandy, per bottle 100 Holland Gin, per tH>ttle 1 UU Freticb Brandy, per bottle 1 14 SWEET CATAWBA WINE. 82 per gallon. Pnre SWEET CIDER Philadelphia ALE and PORTER. C. 5. O HARE ft SO SI. al6 1HI3 7th st. n. w? between M and N. piOVR! htChJ V t O DIRECT from the Mill* in YALLET OP YIRGINIA. ill sell to families AO cents per barre lea* thai tunal price*. Price* of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE, inst received from Pleasant Valley Win* Company . fit a gallon. 8. H. BACOH.TO* Market Space, tnarg between 7th and Mb street*. HOTELS. ? THIOM HOTEL, ?Boa*ETows, D. 0. U Y. BH1NN, Proarietor. This Hotel has b*en newly rWitted and I It coatain* all the modern lmprorstnenta?hot aad aold bath*, bells, and gas. It ta ooa*?????Uy W> MUed, being situated oa the line of the Washington and Georgetown City Passings railroad, the e*n at which, from the railroad and steamboat depots, saa* th* door every two or thra* mlnnte*. The rneetsof thi* bona* can ranch any ot th* pohUc bnilding* *f th* national capital or aay plao* of ?nnssmeat, Ac., bj a pleasant rid* of afewmlunta* sad oa the wEarve* will twTft to theft a*raolwt tc Hop at thi* hon?. iwi-lf I^TBOBV HOTEL. Bo. 199 Q STREET. I*4i-tf Between 7th asp 8th Stkkot*. yBI IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES SYKES, Prtmmm. r?oNTlII? PlSlMTLTAltlA ArVKVB. Umwm IV* amd Uih strmt, wuiiHm, d. o. Thankful to the public far generous itrnnagi in it* past, th* Proprietor Mk* hi* old friend* and patron* to te*t the accommodation* of hi* present Mtabll*hm*at, which he promise* shall b* found m least equal to the beat In Waahinrton. jan?-tf I Rep., Chron.l X*HB BRYANT HOUSB, E Lccmud *a eerasr 14(4 strmt mad It. T. mm. After the let Ot December, 1371, Permanent and Transisnt Boarder* will tod this houas oaa of the noat desirably aad moat conveniently located hoaaes In the city. The room* are neatly tarnished, well lighted aad ventilated, aad provided with all Modern hon* ac xmiciodatioa*. The charge* an low, hot th* want* and th* COM fort of all gueata will be carefully provided for. The proprietor, E. RICHARDS, ha* determined to provide a good caterer. aovtt-eotf P 0. WILLARD, RBBITT HOUSE, WASH1BQTOB. p. o. LIVERY STABLES. B. OLCOTT A BOB, ? BOARDING, LIYERV d BALB 8TABLBB. ?!? 4th street, bet. D and B, and Chain Allay, B bstweea Uth aad114th. _Office. Willard*. fco>rtt??niagmtaral*h*d. 8>?l*l aarapaidw tts BA w *" Parti**, wifcltn**. aad raoeacioas fknUM vtt the moat oc^tortaMe aad il^atjOarrt^psa. llth street. . MB ME OP THE OREAT SEC BETS OP SD0 CBBS la life is ta h* wall <r wse4;then why beet tote when yoa can get a fine Black Cloth Coat fj? 812 at STRAUS*, the Clothier, 1*11 PeaaaTare , near Uth. j)ABTUBAGB FOB OOW8 ABD H0EBE8. ARSS, ... . "yBO. ENOTT.Jb.. At B. Lyoa1* MiU, on Rock Cr*A. HAVE YOU SEEN the Yowth<* Imperial Ooat and Yeatto match? It is artmlrrt Vy aU ard ;?"* ?*n at A. STRAUS'.l?t 1 Pa. ara.,Mar Uth street. aM Ta* LATEST WONDBR wrthTMth oeMary la . .y** w^Mlt, n<.w Helling rapidly at STEALS1, IBI1 Peca:.ave., near llth. taE RAILROADS. A LE&ANDRIA A WASHING-, Tt'N ft ft. tir LEXANDBIA A FBEnBRTc RPErBG ft. ft. af b mmd Strut ? for Al'laadrla l?*ee M fnl'->w**?g IS, 7M. HI. 8 88. 10 iS. II M a. m . 12 81. I IS. Ur, 141, 4 8r. 8Je, and r V r> ? UmltralM rn* Alnurfrlt wrlw M Wl?w 1:8 7 41.8*. ? ?. M?.ll S3* ?! , II U. IV. tfl, i>.?is. t?. r a. *? p. m. 'Tnkw u<<-t ?itk traiaa oa H nfe< d Ohio ft ft. tCAMTICO iWinteHot leeraa Wa*h?ngto? ' 'ti ?"??< Sunday UTHERN EXPBEM. tH RV-haoad, >*?*?? W*a??lr*t?>n H>M p n daily . ?"loep- Sunday. Thrift tick*** to all point* Mib and f?r Ml*M oa?N, eoflfr Uk Mr?t and PennaylT* altwmf.H^ earwrkk mr?4 and Pem.?T U aata ? to? iwum mi |<?t* oH*n t >r tmir to t? ?*erked at all hototo and raaidatMW* throujk to 4?atl ft TOCMB.Gaal Ag?I. LIALTIMOKE AMU POToM.H <?? _ IP KMLEfAP. Iftk T l>?re? car. iu mU & ?irw*?. W. r.H? TRAINS A KB! V'ASH INul 4 11 a a.,Wa^Ttap., daily. Sunday. ? *> a m . Mail.daily. ??? f pi Sunday. lliMa.a ., W**tero In , TRAINS LEAVE rOft BALTIMORE 441 a. m? Niagara Eip . dally. I.&3 am., Baltimore Mall, dally, . _ lg* a. at., Weatorn E*p daily, asrept Sunday. daily. ? ) K r it . Baltln.ere Ac 8 V j> n. . Partflr E* j,,_? coanmoaatioc,dally,ag-; datlr.earvpt Sun .ay oept Sunday. 9t? jvai .Acxotnn Patina. 8:? p.m..Cincinnati E? Aailr. ?rw^Mli.Mnpl Sun IWJI |< re , Bouth-ru Ki. day. _ I ar?a?, daily, aaccyt8*u r as a. We*trrn Exp j day. Trafna In?M * aahlngt r at ? M and lr ?** a ta and B.jCdtMtlal Boair?HhlralM(?r Marlboro , le*? ii'C B> ?".48 and 11.28 a Mi., and I M a ?' , ar riving at Marll->ro 9 IS a. a ati 112 1.1 au4 i.ffl a m. Traiaa armidc at W aahingto* H:? a. a. and ? ? and 9-V t? ? .coaaect at B->wie with train* leaving Marlboro'7*0a. a. and l a and 1:13 p. a. PHwu^rr IrMTlnc their i?ro?i at Ticket Officea. oorner of l*h atroKt and Praaa-rWaala arena* and oottbweat oorner of blith atreet and PaoaarlTanl* t?i?t?, caa hav? thnr ba(K?c callxd for and cbarfc ?d at botrla and rxatdoor^a to all poltila N rtb an4 WmI. Tkmwh tirbHa to Ciarlunalt. Oolomboa, Indlanayoll*, Looinlllr, 81 L??nt?. N'w ON^ami, 'htr?a< <?m?ha.Han rran. mo , Mud all polcU nortb, i x-thmeat, wast, and aoathwrat. B L DrBAIlBT.Oaal B S. TOrNQ. Oao*l Paaa'r A|*at. jtVtf 'I'HBOl liU I tNE BUTWriHi 1 WABBIftOTOft.raiLADftL . rtllA, ASP NEW i'l'RI. Wi?HMT?t. Motmibfrl.uri Tratnabatwa^nM AbUlKUTuJ and MEW YuBft. are ran aa follow*: FOB NEW TORE, nrtwt'Uatt 4f c*. L?at? daily (axcf pt 8utida> ) at S:iM a. tt . I *, ' 9'm' roB PHILADELPHIA. L?an dally (aac*pt 8uuda> I at 8 a. m., 1-*M and |:E ON SrNDAT. baaarfor Haw T >rk at UK) p tu , and Philadelphia at f. tn. bleeping cara for Mew Tork oa 8 It y m train T^ironirh tk-kKa to Philadelphia, Hew f?rk an<1 Buaton can ba bad at the btaU> u Utfaoa at all boon of tbe day. Eor BiJt'tnrr# and Ohio railroad adrertlaf??nl aee achednle berw-en W aablnfton, Baltimore, Auoapo* ila and tbe W*st. TU<>8 B MMRP,A?1 Ma?W Traaaportatloa. L M ?X>LE. <i- neral Ticket Acent. OKO 8. KOt'NTE. A??tit. Waabinctoa. )eM |> ALT1MUBE AND UUlUl D BAILBOAD. J Waaiiijisxoji. Jar. *. 1WS. Traiua between WASHINUTi'H AND BALTI* ?OBE and WASHINGTON AND THft WftSTara tow run aa follow*. tIc: FOB BALTIMORE. L*av* dally. a?r*pt Prindar. at ? a. SflO. * 4? *nd le a ?. m.: 1*0, 1:11, 4 111, ??!, ?.Ju. S.Tkj and 8 Jb ON 81'NDAT FOB BALTIMORE Lea^e at 4 44 and B.08 a. at , and 1.-W), 118.8 *), 5 UC d 8:H p. m. FOR ALL WAT STATIONS I-****dally, eicept Bnuday,at 4 48 . 8 48 and ? 4P a. b>., 4.1C and 6:S) p. m , and on 8naday at 4 ?3 ainl j.-Otla. Di .and 11IU, S.L8.8 JD. and p tn Tbe 1:00.3 18 aud C.IS y. m. traiua ?t"p at the f.>1 lowiuc atationa only, va; Bladenabnrg, It -villa Lanrel, Annap lla Junction. Han<>ter and K lay. Al? .the I la a ni. will at p at Jeaau?*a Oat, and tba Aly in. at Penn'aCroaam*. EOB ANNAPOLIS Leave at t'48 a m and 4 10 p m, bat do traiua t J frutn Aanapolia on bandai FOB NORFOLE. Leave at 1*0 p m., aacept Sunday. FOB ALL PABT8 <>F THE Laare daily, except Saturday and 8aadaf, at 8:4f a. B>. and 1 18 and 8 00 ? ai. On 8at arday at < 48 ai<4 aud 8m p. m., and on gonday at 1 18 and 8 80 p. m TRAIN8 ARBIVE AS FOLLOWS: From New York, PliiladxIpUta auU Baltimore, at 8:10 a. m , and 8.38 and 9 88 p ta. From Philadelphia and Baltimora at ( Ma a. Fron Baltimore at 8:10. 8:10. 8 40 and || 10 a. a , ?Dd 1JU, 1.80,8.18.8 38. 7 88. 8 38. and 10 J| p. m. FBOM THE WEST. Arrive at 1:10.6.? and 10:80 p. in Throngb ticketa to tbe Wmt can ba had at tbe ffaahtngtan Station Ticket Office at all hoar* of ttie lay; aiao, at tbeC'>mpany,aoffice, 4*8 P.-m,?yS aula avenne. Paaaenirer* porchaatng tickKa at the A^e sae offire can there arrange to bare tbetr ba*raff? ^al'.'-d for aiid rh^ked at their r*a>d<-uce,taAeu to iba lepot, and pnt into tbe baggage car. For New Tork, PblladHp^Ma and Boatoa aa* ad ? Ttiaeinent of "Through Line.*' THOB. ft. BIIABP, Aaat Maater Tranaponation. L. M. COLE, General Ticket Agent GEO 8 EOONTE Oaal A'gt. Vaahlngtoa. )Ot 1872 PENNBTLV^ANLA BOCTM 1872 (t> THft IOBTHW 1ST. SOCTU. AMD SOUTH W'ftST. Traiaa laara aa followa: A"aablugtoa. 448 a. m. | Baltltaor* tM a. a, MkM a. m i 148 p. m. - _? 8 53 p. ta ! ? 8^8 p m. 7 81 p m. | ?? 10H p. THft GBEAT BOUBLE TBAOft BOcTft, #ltb elegant 8caP^ry, Palace State-rooa day 4s8 " rntnimta. to Woatera and Central light car*, with modern improvenienta. two hundred aulaa aavad to few T< rk. Tbe ltlJB a. a. dally, eicept 8nnday. north aaat, IM p. a. daily, and 8 40 p. nj .ncept Sunday, waat, kin OoswaCTiosa rhrough tram BALTIMORE to MLAOAftA aaO PITTtBUBO without change. Ticket* by thia route can be proenrad a the oSma joroar v4 1Mb atreet and Pennaylanla avenue, and joruer of 8th atreet and Peunat lrarna avenue, und?r Eat tonal Hotel, wbera reliable iaforaaauoa wUl ba gltrea a all tinea. Paaaengera pr.<uHng ticket* a thla office caa - - ~ * Can foe Pita EOCMO.C __ -#< INSURANCE COMPANIES. G ? CAT WESTERN FIRE IMIEAKE COMPANY. CASH ASSETS HIT 6* OFFICft. ?>??:< FIFTEENTH 8TBEET, orroaiTK bt baraaTMBST. mil 3m B W KATE*. Ar- nt THS OP THI D1STB CT OF COLCXBLA. April l?x. 187S. Capital tioo,oo<r. OFFICE No.MtfV PENNSYLVANIA AVENCft. (OvfcB a> V Dat? stoke.) JOHN T. LENMAN, Preaident. A H HEBB. Vice rr-aideut. i. I. IlUB, Secretary, _ MkkCToka: Wm Orme, U . Clay Stewart, i'haa. A. Janiea, Jae. L. Bart* or, Edaard Droop, J?hu T. I ram an Michael Green. John bailey, ap4 tf 1 H H.rr ' ABE TOD 1H8CBBD? IF NOT, APPLT TO THft OLD FEAKKLIN IMAl RAMt ft CUMPA^I, OF WASHINGTON, D. C. IHCOkPokATEB Bt OiMllaa !? 1S1?. Office in the building of tbe National Bank of tAf Bepni iic, Ho. T88 D atreet aorttwaa. Mo char tor Policfep. Dirtttmt? Dr. Jaa.C. Hall, John Pnrdy,Dr_J.I Brodhead. J. Keyworth, J aa C. McGulre, Bradley, Jo*. H Bradley, C. H.W'iltt McDonald, F. F. MrGulre, Dr D B. O Emery. HENKY BBADLET, BLES BBADLET. S-c?4ary. ;BB TOCft LIFB OP TBA DISTRICT OF OOLCMB1A OKVAN1ZMV A Vti VST M, 1ST*. OABft CAPITAL-- ft!?; > la I ??????AiBShbsSi m K S.yjB2WfM8IWTRPriSS vaala arenaa, i J *a ?h

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