Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. .ralHih?4 Sally, *u4?Ti cxicpUl, A1 TEE STAB BUILDINGS, P?Uttjl?WU IfMM, Mr, lltk BU, ni muni iris imrmi cii?m & m. ftir/MiAvr, TBI EVENING STAR is imw! by carriers to tt?r nbtrltNirt >t Ti^ Ckti pbk win, * FonxT Ioii C**ts rn Movth. 0?piee at the counts* Two C*st* each. Bj mall?tkrsa mooiiu, ftlJO; Btz months. tS OH; om rear, |l. TBS W1IILT STAB-Published Friday-flj( ? year. V Invariably in advance, to both cases, and Bo paper cent longer than paid for. Tli>w of advertising furnished on application. LADIES* GOODS. *r, MISS MrtUKUIth, jTyso- PKHSTLTIHU AYENCE.W* Has c> nstantly on hand a fine assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, ? Hips, ^ FLOW ERS. RIBBONS, Ac., ?UawS* "V""*' n?- L-uliea CAPS and COIF FI RE> ,U*t received. ni4 Ir J^EAD AND SAVE TOCB MONEY. ~ w*>? ?a,f "?ir ttchea that have faded ir. n, na can h.,ve them restored to their catnrai * 11 ^ i?B?riiir m*rm>T. \V- have a very larcr *ssyi line't of jj Curls; very lor? and handsome M.i.'iJrL* L *P_- Now la th- time to buy at ? ADAMK KSTRkN SHair Factory,619 Ufh st., n-ar 6 street. tli tr J\]BS. C. B. eiLLEf" NEW TOBK MILLINERY STORE, HAS REMOVED from 614 9th street 4?TV PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASMXtiTOX O C.7 aird haa jnat retained from New Y.rk with the latest style* arid novelties in Millinery and Fancy fco-id*. Thankful for past favors, she solic-ts a c?.n tianance of patronage. ?pSt lm* JVOTICE.?Bargain* are now being offered In " MILLINERY FANCY GOODS, E. LEN/.BFRQ A CO., _*? fOt Market Space, ^tamping depot. . ?ppoatte Patent Offlct. WBLL1NO OFF I BILLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP. the entire stock OF THE NEW TORK BAZAR. __ _ 441 Seventh street, near E. ?arT-tr NO HI'MBCG. Ml AD IBS'" . L? FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL la the beat article in the world for do la* op Linen or ? satin It ta a beautiful gloss to The fabric For sale by all Qr>x-~rs. BUBBHAM A CO., Manufacturers, IbO Wost Lombard street, I?M-ly Baltimore. Maryland. PIANOS, Ac. LARGE LOT OF NKARI.V NEW AND SECOND-HAND PIANOS, A from different fact.>ries, now cn hand ai?l_ i? _ for aale or rent on E.v-i Tf:R*<,to m.ike^^^^Y room at RE1CHENBAC11S PIANO WAREROO.MS, 4 23 11th street, above Pennsylvania avenue, Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.'s and Wm. Mc Camnion'a PIANOS. Second han l PIANOS taken in pvt pajment for ill tviv KIHN FK ACTUAL P1A .YO , A>AA*rt, formerly f r-man for F. 5 . "* tnner lor Steiuway Jt ?'n<,BH and late tinier for Metzerott A Co. Tuner >11 III ?nd rejatrerof plANOa and OROANS, No. 634 ?,eT aSa*!??*** .?rdenleft at Karr'a Jewelry, 6i9 Pennsylvania avenne; Nairn's Dm* Sf?''Wmi to a\enu-> and ?b street; Boaen hal a, ^oi 7:h street, corner of H, will nie?t with prompt attention, and satisfaction gnaran alt-ly kiTILFF 6 PIANOS, ntisnpaaaed in sweetness of ' and excellence of flnish; low l M,i and e.u?) terr a. G. L. WILD A BRO fcxa Agents. 440 11th street, n?ar nortliWe?tll^^M io JF. LI CAS, 1148 7th street n. w.,lW?M . Htmlmtor ?/P,a?o* am i Ortmmt. A- _ ?era re, eived at Thompaua's cunur 14th st b|b "d_*_T"rk ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, near>11 ?Y1 Coaxreas, Georgetown; and M->aea\ cor. 7U? and Pa AM 'u#trum?Dt* Mcked and moved' All work gnaranteed. mhlt'ly WCBOMACK.ER 4 UO.V PIANOS. ' ? PHILADELPHIA ?BEAT REDCCTION IB PBICE8. *?"? "-?eta, which, on aceonit of thatr sa ?crtur.-ty o^er a)I otben, in a few 7etri_M^. Bacome tbe a.oal popalar here, as well aa allfialB rr ^ 'c*? ^ aom tor Ua fol->ll ir kwtcr low prtcvs S^UARE pIANOS frem ??? to Kl. CPB1GBT PIANOS from|UtJA7?. VkAHD PIANOS from |Cilo %lff? Peraoos abo wish to save fr.-m ?luu to #301 to par ?Basing tbu t*?t luet rument ont, are invited to Mil aod coTpare jor themselves. Pianoa for rent PtoSoa wwiangai. Tnoing and Repairlna properly attanda CARL BirHVItRVAientT^ >3* Pepnaylra??a av?maa BOOKS, STATIONERY, *0. ?*rpHE AMERICAN ODD FELLOW," for May, STOt lfifaM *C?mw' fet*lTe<i ?ud f'?r sale by L. n r ?^I^ ?ONl AK?nu for District of Co Jfr.I ' "* ?9"L",rtrt ?"ibwest, corner of I. Also Ac and a full as acrtBent of Stationery, Pictures, Picture Frames, m9-tr ?|^BB BOYAL DIADEM; A H B W MUSIC BOOK, ?nd Pr""t in My Garden; by Roe. Z?*" Voung Mechanic, a Practical Treatise The Other Girls, by lira Whitney. ? ? moir of a Brother; by Th.?iaa Bushes *Md b1 Mat hew Arnold. I rrxjnei at ali prlcea. Agency tor STA1MAD GLAS8. .At* **; BALLANTVNB. ? 488 7th at rat, u^ar B. L!ST OF NEW BOOKS AT SHILL1XGTOJTS BOOKSTOBB. Colin 4'? Stkekt lyo Pim AviMi: OW Ker.singt n. B> Miaa Thackeray. The Old C onfess A sequel to "Lord H .pe a Ch? ice. By Mrs. Ann S Stephens. Ant*jnitiee of Sauthern Indians Above Tempaat and Tide. . V author of "Strathmors" an<l '?I nder Two Flag*." V-Oi^iT' ?,r^' ?r *r>- ^'Wtney, author of A Fair ?a*on. By Juatin McCarthy. Bea Beatediea, f,.r April, 1873. Fonng Men <#f Great Britaiu. A journal of amus log ajid itietrnctive literature. .fA,yoU28 gentleman's journal of raort, fun ami literature. A Day with Cbarlen Dickens. Benelm Chillingly . Bv Bulwer. Farm Ballads. By Will. Cartaton. | Illnstrated.r A large stock of BLANK BOOKS, PASS BOOKS and MEMOBANDl'M BOOKS. NOT* PAPER LETTER PAPER, and PLAYING O UDKit ,hJ very !?.weal prices. myff tr A GBICULTCBAL BOOKS. ^JotiMtcal AgrfcnltnraT ^henJatry $1 rt American Gardener's Assistant S Ml Allen's American Farm Book. ? t Bu Henderson"? Gardening for Profit 1 SO Waring ~s Draining for Profit and Bealtk 1 Fuller s Small Fruit CnltorM ?. 1 _ dl Fruit GnltorM 1 Su f ?"?r\?ra?e Culture 1 M L'liS. Apple Cnlturist 1 71 Wright's Practical Ponltry Keeper 1 JU teSr&??T!?~=z IS TooaU on \h* Dfft ^ ? ? All tW 16W book* rpctiv?d n w>n m rabliihid i.iaVCHAM> *OHC"/So. ?t-tr 1#1 ^ P??i>n%. corm^ iitk it. N ones .TV pnfcm ? toiMH toaaU tm4 ?fsly onr ato*. _ bbbTf. FBBBOB, TIBS ?\EATB TO TBB MO DOCS and death so mJ prlMhltoMtwalA. STBACB', 1911 PaJ f be f mm Sta t V2S. 41-N2. 6.292. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, iMAY 20, 1873. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. W'AseiicTO* scerETZEi yereii? The schuetzenlcnt WILL BE CONTINUED TO DAT, (TUESDAY,) AND TO MORROW, (WEDNESDAY,) NOTWITHSTANDING UNFAVORABLE WEATlltR. ni2>>2t ('HA KI> MATUI KACK KOK SI ,000, AT ? Piuey Bra?< h Kac.- Track, ltth (, ? t. street r ml, to conn i ff on Tili ng DA Y . Ma\ 2*1. ai 4o'cl??k. If st<'finr. ^fcsxy-*C-^ first fair day following. W Nailnr en- "V - t?ri b. m . "B*-ssie," A. Diwv 0*n>'r enters g. ni "Minerva;" J E M ^ses. .Vlmimion to the Course 6" cents. AMOS FOX, Proprietor. m2J 2:* WAl7l/* 51EW OPERA HOUSE. VV JOHN T. FORD? ..-..Proprietor The celebrated Irish Comedian ami Character Ar tint, >1 K. JOSEPH Ml'RPHY. TO NIGHT AND SATURDAY MATINEE. > r ?<!. O. Maeder's Snrcensfal Drama, H E li P * Written especially to display Mr. Murphy's w. url?>r fill versatility and fidelity to nature in Irish am Dutch dialect*, in w hich specialties he is pro-em neiit. iutrnlucing his famous musical SKETCHES OF DUTCH LAND, Supported bv an Evcellent COMPANY OF DRAMATIC ARTISTS. Seats can tie secured in advance at the ,.fljce of the New Opera H"Use. Admission: Orchestra.75 cents; Btlcony, SO cts. Reserved teata, 75 cents and 41- nil ^JERC ADANTE'S GRA>U OR ATORIo OF Til 4 Seven Lust Words of Our Savior," With full Orchestra! Accompaniment, will he giver t"T the first time in Washington, at MASONK TEMPLE, by the BAR1LI .MUSICAL ASSOCIATION. Ou THURSDAY, May 23,1873, in aid of ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHAN ASYLUM, Maestro Antonio Bariti Musical Director Tick?ts, gl ;?eats may be reserved without extri charge,at Kills'Musical War. rouiu*, ?J37 Pentnyl * ania a\ enue. uilJi: W ASHINGTON THEATER COMTqUE (Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania avenue BEHOLD OUR RILL THIS WEEK! PROF. HARRIS' PROF. HARRIS' THE MAN OF WONDER! KIRALFY SISTERS, Th? Brilliant Dancers BILLY DE YKKK, The Comic Vocalist. JOHN PENDY, Tie Ethiopian Specialist. BELLA GORDON. t'ham pi n S"iig and Dance L wl> W aGGIK WEs>N ER, The Favorite Danseus*. OTT<> RI RHANK, The Great Eihinpian. KITTY ROWKLL, Serio Comu- V.*ali-t FANNIE MAY, The HARRISON SISTERS, JOS. WHITTAKKR, J. COLLINGTON, Jtc. The treat Ne? York protean actress, MISS KATE RAYMOND in her f:?in"?i rharacter of IIA MET In the FK E>< II SPY! FKENiHSPY! Or, THE FALL OF ALGIERS! The favorite New Yo?k aetor, MR. O. B COLLINS, in hi* f.tmons rendition cf MAHOMED. in the great Military Drama, with all its marchcs, A rub dances, sword com bats. battle scenes, *c. MISS RAYMOND is withont a peer in her triple character in thi drama Matinees WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. (/"A startling announcement ueat week. ml9-tf ^IRCOL N HALL. MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, May 19th and 20th. CARNCROSS * DIXEY'S FAMOUS MINSTRELS, The StarTronpe of the World Mr. J. L. CARNCROSS appears every night Tens of thousand of persons have daring the past ten years in Philadelphia, enjoyed the ROLLICKING SONGS. PUNGENT WIT, DELIGHTFUL HUMOR SOAKING FARCES, SPLENDID DANCES, SWEET MUSIC AND SINGING of this great merry making Combination. Some thing new and lively each night; something that in vig<>r?tee and eih.laraiee; something that does you good: something that is not often encountered, and no vulgarity. Admission, 50 cts.; secured seats 73 cts. Seat* can be secured at Ellis' Music Store. The Company appears at Georgetown, 21st Inst ; Alexandria, JfSd: Annapolis, UX1. mil 5t "jaw )"a." frm Br.\ Hti 87 ?39 <wef, between D and I streets elf hi , ???<*? akova Odd Fellow's HaJL^' j^t ' ? tigravings Ohronsos. Ac. 4fc,r^r|?j2.''fteRs^a. Fit?t remember Name and Number. jel ly" A'ihfi?1* OF CAST-OFF WEARING AP . ks icld to tha very beat advantage oj sddrseslnaor calling on JUSTH. Ho?ehold Fnrnltara bought and sold. Notes by mail H ousefaoM rnraltnr. bought andi soid Jlotes by Kssfcjsttjrk' AOOBMra"iS Devlin it Co., SEW YORK MERCHANT CLOTHIERS. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS FOR GENTLI.MEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW STYLES AT tnlMr 111 J PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. gXAlUI TBB SOLD aPICTAOLi, ONLY M, H H. HEMPLBB, Optician, m rrm FAT MEM will rejoice to laarn that they 1 can ba at ted and smtad In all imaginable styles tr Caasimars aat Fltnnal Saiu at A. SZKAOS , ?H Ps? ava.,naarUth H. tM ASLEM WHAKF,^ t/ CiA umd F ttrmu. -MCHA.TS. disc bar gad from i, ^nd _IT'|LP.1i?.1.*'^[<a a?-ly ' ?W** mw6. Y. AtLEE. JAFA...K FAN 8. Saveaalthousand, jast received, V?>I?aalaandratail. KEED * SONS, n>I7 >W 1S14 F straat northwest. ^JARPETS, CARPETS, CAE PITS. A h W STORM! COA?RPe\ A LAKQK ASSORTMENT OF BOyUSR, CARPKT8. OILCLOTH, MAT Sivisth St. TING, RUGS, MATS, Ac. Persons furnishing pleaae call and e*smin > and yoa can bay them at New T rk prices, at ni ' C. 0. D. CAKPET HOUSE. all las ?4 7t> Sr .aaT.T* K. pEAfcKLlSSCP^ ?1~ <~> FSTTLI TO AtL, partlalrty to ton??, ta?iwaya tbfiiuo* fcTUAUS', Clethier, 1^11 T'^n. it. SPECIAL NOTICES. flar Ola Rj? Whisky, Fine Old H>e Wnisky, Fine Oki Rpe Whisky, Fib* Old Rye Whisky, Fin? Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Bye WbUky _ Warrttmlta Wart ami ui Warrnmtttt Pmrt Purt Putt And Uhadulterat'd, For (itntral and Muitctnul Vst. This Is the article we have now sold for upwards of five vara with universal satisfaction; put n pin large bottles at One Dollar per bottle. or can be had in any quantity. ?^Notice, that we will return the miner if this Whisky do?-s not give satisfaction or pr?ve as repre sented by ns. Also an excellent stock of California Wines?Port, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel, H>ck and Claret; al?o. Kelly ? Island Ca'awba and imported Liquors of all kind*. ABTHUB RATTANS, Druggnt, alOtr Corner 3d and D streets n. w. Bntcheler'a Hair Dye is the best in the world, the only true and perfect H ?ir Dye: no ridiculous tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneous black or brown; at all druggists', and IS Bond street. New York. f S-eolv SUMMER RESORTS. YT ATTOS.-This beautiful and healthy ?uiiiine_r resort, situuted near Snicker's eiap.f and surrounded by the Blue bulge moun tain, and within two hours ride by R. B. from Wiishington City, will be op*>n and r<-ud? ior the reception of ruests by Juno l<t,lf>73. Amongst th?* improvements since last year, is a ftne piaz/.a in front, bath-room, au ice-house,' tille.i with ice, and a piano in the house. An el"gsnt stag- coach will also be kept for the accommodation of boarder*, and will meet the trains at Hamilton D?-pot, W. A i#. R. R. whenever require^. Tho?e desiring to spend the summer in the country will address, A. O. WRIGHT, Round Ilil! P. O., Loudoun Co., Va. B^Go t<v 1209 F street northwest, for informa tion in regard to the plai e. nili-tf \YEiST END HOTEL, AT LO.HU IIRA X II, .M. J., WILL BE OPENED ON THE 1'Jth OF JUNE. Applications for rooms can be made to A.. A D M H1LDRETH, No. *9|n:iv,f|MV N? w York,or by addressing PRESBUK Y & IIILDRKTH, Proprietors, Long Dr.inrli GEo.G. PRESBUKY, I> M. HILDRKTH. m.tl5-t JunM9 'piIE OCEAN HOUSE, N E W P O ifT, K. I. J title, l*?.i, WEWEKS * BATES, ml 4 Gt the heat and dust of the city for cool jiiartern and tine sc-nery tire iu\ ited to try excnanae feSl m MJ1K K DO A BD.?Th?se wli" wish to exchance am the LOUDON INSTITUTE, which will >?? in readiness by the first of June. The buiMiu* is large and airy, and every effort will b- made to min ist< r to the comfort and pleasure of guests. Situated on liieh ground n-ar the L*'esburg and Aldie grade, about iiiue miles from the former place, with daily c fiiuiiuiication with Washington. Charges reason able. Fur particulars address THOMAS W. LAKE. mIO 2w Aldie, Loudon county, Va. ?/OR SI MMER BOARDERS.?Four No. 1 I ROOMS, turnished. Also, four unfnr- A ?_ . A ni-lied,ar.d BOARD,in abeautfiul corn.try home iu a healthy locality. Good refer- JJiJHu ences gi v >? n. For particulars apply to JOHN W. KINSELL, Clearspring, Washington county, Md. m7 1m LECTURES. Lecture AT TBI FOUNDRY M. E CHURCH, Northeast corner 14th and G streets. For the benefit of G0R8UCH M. E. CHURCH, TUESDAY EVENING, May 30, 1873, at 8 o'clock, By Rev THOMAS GUARD, of Baltimore. Subject: "Body and Soul." Admission So cents. n>14-6t" REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLE. FRANK BARN J M Jl'AM BOYLE It CO., HEAL ESTATE AND NOTE BROKERS, No. 604 14th street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. FOB SALB?A handsome HOUSE on I street, No. WIS. A new large double HOUSE, corner 21st and H. HOUSE No. 1010 Massachusetts avenue, HOUSE No. 036 Id street earn, for sate or rent, fur nished or nufnrnished. A COTTAGE in Willard's Row; price. 02,600. Several small Houses, from #3^uU to 98,000; small cash payments. We have several very flbe FARMS, improve# and unim proved, on different railroads running from the city, for sale at low figures or exchange for city property. 3UU.UOO feet of GROUND in various Crtiobs of the city for sale at low figures, on easy rm?, or will axchange for productive improved property. apM-tr P'EO. TRUESDELL A CO.. V* HEAL ESTATE BROKERS, 014 7th street, (over Germau American Savings' Bank.) Special attention given ?? RENTING, COLLEOT ING.^PAYING TAXES aud NEGOTIATING Refer (by permisaioa) to?General Beaj. Alvord, Paymaster General U.S.A.; James S. Grinnell, Chief Clerk U. 8. Patent <>fllce: John Eraser, Arch itect; Hon. F. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. Douglass, Com missi.>ner Internal BSvenue; Will. B Moses, Fnrni tnre Dealer; C. E. Prentiss, Cashier German Ameri can Savings'Bank; Col. John M. Fessenden: Hon. John Hitr,, Consul General of Switaerland. Austin p. brown, Comer M. Y. avenue and ltth street, Washington, D. 0., Wholmali Dials* in LP?!?S5bLJJ!*-0,tM *??? ?*? ?? LUMBER BILLS cat to order on short notice. BLUB 8T0NB for Building, Macadamising and f Mine ?Vf0M? U?U>ored is any part of tte Dto trict. BEAL ESTATB bocght and sold and money to* vested. To this branch of the bnaineaa I will here after give my personal attention, and will be at my ogee daily from 10 a. ?. nntil 4 p. ?a. ?arl-tf METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. A EVLL STOCK OE THE EOLLOWISO REMARKABLY CHEAP UOOItS HAS J US1 EEEM HECEJVED. O.V EXAMINATION THEY WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Gent's Fine I4nen Hemmed Handkerchiefs, 3for 91, Brown Buck Towels, ?, 4 and 3 fyr $ 1. Extra Fine Damask do., 3 for 91. Gent's Fancy Half Hose, 3 pair, r Geufa fc-t *rf.uw - t a ^ fof',?!. ?second Onality British do., 4 pairs for 91. Gent's Lint Marino and India GanzaBUirti, fl. Splendid Suspenders, 60 cento and 91. 1M Btylea of Fine Canes J1 each. SO. English and Francb Hair Brushes, 91. CrUsh Shawl Straps, SO cents and Bl. Ilea ready -made darments of all kinds, made of the beat MaaMn, and wall aewad, at one dollar. Superior Biaa Tacked Shirts, at ft. Fine Hsnstitched Haadkarchiefi,4,S and 3 far 91. Mourning do., 3 and 3for 91- . 3 pairs Ladies' or Childran'a fnil regular made Host* for Children's Striped ttall regular extra long Hoae, Solff Wsinu?Square Picture frame, with glass and back, aise 8x10, 80 canto. Fine Oral Fraaea, M canto and 91. Six Fine Plated Knlvea.for Bl. Splendid Satchels and Baskets, 91. taall Willow Work Stancto. Bl. Children's Bock era and Chairs, 9> Hisdieme J ard inters and Vaaaa,at 91. Fine OU Chromos la aolld w'alnut Frames, at Bill ?Me Bracelets,Setts. Bings.Charass. Chains, Chatelaines. Hecklaeea, Ac.,at 91 ?ech. MO Styles of Bubber and Jet Jewelry, at 91 ALL THESE AND A THOUSAND OTHER ARTICLES AWAIT YOUR INSPECTION. s. exisV3 hbteopolitaji dollar store, 310 SEYEBTB STREET, ml3 tr mM* >w?' LW OH BKHLBITIOB, the m WVm MOW OK EXHIBITIOH, the bow e? White J\ ientirely ne?,) buttona fastened with ring.,^' i sTKAUr, 1911 Paann. ava.. near Uth. =. rv*B OF THB OBUT BBCBBTS OF SB0 O CF.SS in life is to be well drgsacd; then whyhert. tote wnea yon can get a Sm Blac* Own uea? ior 9U at STRAUS', the Ck>tbi*r, 1911 reann. are , r Uth. EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Internal Revkm'e?The receipts from this source to-day were *2*7.721.42. The Ktbsian Mission?The President this morning tendered the mission to Russia to ex Gov. Jewell, of Conn. Mr. .John S. I)klano, Chief Clfrk of the Interior Department, will return to Washington about the miudle of the present week. ASSISTANT SrRUEoM ClIARIES STYKR, U. S. A., has be?>n ordered to duty in the depart ment of the scuth. Appointment.?The President this morning ap]>otnted Win. K. Sapp, to be collector of internal revenue for the 13th district of Ohio. C? mxaxdin Wkli> N. Allen hax been de tached from ordnance duty at the N<?w Vork iiavy yard and ordered to duty as inspector of the first light-house district. Gen. Sherman expect* to leave here this evening or to-morrow for Indianapolis to attend the funeral of Gen. Canby in that city. The remains of Gen. Canby will arrive at Indianap olis to-morrow or next day. The Pp.esident saw ao visitors to-day. At noou the Cabinet met with all the members present, except Secretaries Fish and Oelano. The former was represented by Assistant Sec retary I>avis and the latter by Solicitor Smith, wl.o is acting secretary. Fzekiel T. Cox, Esy., lather of Hon. S. S. Co*, died at his residence at Zancsville, Ohio, on Sunday last. Mr. Cox was many years ago prominently connected with journalism, in both New .Jersey and Ohio, but had withdrawn from active business several years since. Gen. Katon, Commissioner of Education, left last night for Sutton, New Hampshire, where he was called by the news ot the sudden death of his father. The latter was a well-to <!o farmer, and was the father of nine children. Gen. Eaton being the eldest. He was 74 years of age at the time of his decease. On the Same Footing.?The young gentle man clerk who was implicated with the young lady clerkess in the case of conduct unbecom ing an officer, to which reference was made in The Star several days since, has also been discharged from office." This movement would seem to restore m a measure the equilibrium between sexes in the public service. Personal?Mr. J. W. Wham, who h?s been in the Indian service for several years past, to day formally declined the j?osition of inspector of Indian agents, tendered him by theC ;iumis sioner of Indian affairs. John W. Foster. I'nited St.-iOs Minister to Mexico, leaves New < ?rlcans to-day by the steamer Canandaitrua for Vera Cruz, eri route for the city of Mexico, ac companied by his family. A Test Cask.?The Court of Claims yesterday rendered judgment for some >-VJ0 in favor of retired Major General Eli Long, as comm'ita tion for fuel and quarters while he was serving as prof< ssor of military science at the Indiana Slate University, under detail of the War l>e ?artment. The'decision of this test case estth ishes the principle that retired officers as-igned to such duty are entitled to receive full pay ami emoluments of their rank. In all cases where the additional bonds of col lectors had been received at the Internal Reve nue bureau the assessors were relieved to-day and retired from office. Out of the 220 collec tion 'districts throughout the country nearlv 2j0 collectors have given the additional l>ond re quired as noticed in The Star a few days since. In alKiut 'JOor 25 cases the bouds have not yet been perfected and the assessors in those districts will remain on duty until the 1st ol ? June. News from thk U. S. Ship St. Mary's. Commander T. C. Harris, commanding the U. S. ship St. Mary's, reports to the Navy Depart ment the arrival of that vessel at the Island ol liarbadoes, West Indies, on April 24th, sixty seven days from Valparaiso, Chili. The of ficers and crew were all well. The ship expe rienced rough weather and encountered several very heavy gales during the passage, but be haved excellently and fully proved her admira ble qualities as a sea boat. From Barba loe> she will sail tor Norfolk, Va., touching at St. Thomas. The European Mail Contract.?Owing to the loss of the Atlantic and the temporary dis abling of two other steamers, the White Star line has failed several times recently to comply ?ith the terms of its contract for carrying the Saturday Euro|?ean mails from New York, and 1 the inm'an Steamship Company haviug applied to the Post Office Department for the privilege of pertorming this mail service as formerly. Postmaster General Creswell has notified the agents of the White Star line to appear in Washington and show cause why their contract should not be revoked on account of the inade quacy ol their present service. The Revenue Marine Seuyice.?The rev enue marine steamer Chase has been placed in commission for duty at Oswego, N. Y. She will be under command of Capt. Henriqaes. The steamer Hamilton, which has beeu stationed at Boston while the Mahoning was undergoing re paiis, has been returned to duty in Delaware river, with headqurrters at Wilmington. The steamer Manhattan, just completed at Chester, Pa-, ha? been placed incommissiou on the New York station. First Lieut. Thomas Mason, of the revenue marine service, has been detached from the Wilderness, at New York, and placed on wait ing orders; First Lieut. E. G. Gardner has beeu Hdercd to duty on that vessel. Second Assist, int Engineer Frank D. Neal has been ordered to duty on the Northerner, at Key West. Kiyer Exploration in the Northwest.? j en. Sherman this morning received the fol oaing dispatch: Chicago, I at., May Idtli. To Gen. W*. T. S>.'rman, Washington, D. C. Col. Forsvth reports that he arrived at Edwin :on last night. The expedition to Powder river ria the Yellowstone is a complete success. The iteamer Keywest, the second largest steamboat >n the uppe Missouri river, went up to within :liree miles of the mouth of Powder river, and if le had had proj>er appliances to have taken out :wo loose rocks in the channel at Keywest falls he last rapids on the river, he could have gone

ip at least eightv miles further. At high water the could have g'one over these rocks with ease, at the time the expedition went up the spring ise had not occurred and the water was lower ban at anv time previous for the last three rears. The Yellowstone is a better stream to luviaate Uian the upper Missouri above Buford. P. H. SuKttiDAJ, Lieut. General. Thb Will or Oakks Ahu has been admlt ed to probate in Massachusetts. The bequests ue as follows; To bis wife, Eveliae 0. 1100,000, all household furniture, torses and :arriagee, and use of bis dWO'l'.ng house during ler life. To his daughter. Susan 8. French, 12,000 a year during Eer life. Toeaeh of his rrandsons, now and hereafter to be born, (25,000, and to each granddaughter, S20,000. To lis son, Frank W. Ames, all his interest In the Kinsley Iron and Machine Company, and In the bouses, lands and buildings bougntor received from the estate of Lyman Kinsley In Canton, l o bis sdns, Oakes A. and O. Ames, all his real mute in Braintree, Easton, Canton and Bridge si ater, with all the machinery, tools, and fix tures pertaining to, or that are in any way con nected with, the shovel business. Tne income of *50,000 from seven per eent. railroad bonds to be used for the support of schools in District No. 7, in North Easton, and ail the remainder to be divided between his sons, Oakes A. Oliver ami Frank M. Ames. Oakes A. and Oliver Amss, 1 are appointed executors. ?7* A son of Mr. Hobbs, cashier of the Suffolk. Mass., bank, Is reported to be missing, with 57,000 belonging to the Institution. C7*Professor Agassis desires to throw open to women all the educational institutions and facili ties under his eontzol. ?7*A woman, named Wade, shoes horses at Fort Scott, Kansas, while her husband plays billiards around the corner. MTAn Alabama congressman put his back Kv where it would do most good, by giving it to fwlfe. VMany Illinois towns put the priee of li censes for selling liquor so high that the busi ness doesn't pay. %Th. Georgia paper announces that twenty men are to be hanged In that state within two months. Immigration will be needed there very soon. The Lute Indian ? o?nrn? ?. REPORT OP TUR COM* IKSIONkR Of 1IDUX A r PAIR*. 1 be Commissioner of Indian Affairs, to whom were referred for investigation the complaints oi" certain parties who alleged that they were unfairly treated in the recent letting of con tracts tor Indian supplies, to-day submitted his ret ott to tlie Acting Secretary of the Interior After statiug all the on uinstances ot the opeu n?gof bids and award of contract*, aud he made the awards on the unanimous finding* oi the purchasing committee of the board ol In dian commissioners and Gen. Cowen, A'si-t*nt Secretary of the Interior l>epartment. the com miiwiouer says: "That some mistakes were made by which deserving bids did not receive due e<>nsideration is not impossible,but no new ?sets have yet been disclosed to tills offioe*h:eli iu my judgment would be likely to lead to a dif ferent award if it were now to l?e made uuder the advice of the same parties." The bids of Messrs. Harlan, Church ana Mi Idleton. for trans|>ortatioti. ti jur and bacon, which were lower than the bid upou which the contract was made, were rejected tn accordance with the law which gives the agents of the gov ernment authority to reject any or all bid*, or to accept other than the lowest bids, if in their judgmeiit it is to the interest of the government to do so. In the ease of the awards for the trat<si>ortation and supply of cattle for *?me of the Indian tribes, the Commissioner says that while the bid of the party coiuplainiiig was lower than the one who received tlie award, it was regarded as obscure and informal, and could not have been modified without doiug injustice to other bidders. In this particular case he requests that the bid of the protectant be referred to the Solicitor of the Department for his Interpretation of its meaning. A Ho.kkski BrTOHKKY lit New York? SkixkiNj, Munirr of a Scittort tmrind* r.?Joseph Waltz, a young man w ho was arrested on sus picion of murdering Harmon Hulcher, a scis>or grinder, at Athens, New York, on the 1st of May, has made a loll confession of the crime, and directed where the body and money could be found. He states that the deed was done about 10 o'clock in the evening on the 1st of May. He went to the room occupied by Hulcher, whom lie found asleep, and struck liiiu three times with a hatchet, the first time with the blunt part and twice with the sharp >i>le: he only groaned and ail was over. Waltz then took the lK>dy to the stone wall, where traces ot blood were found, and covered it up, and there he leit it until the next lii^ht. when he took it dowe to the orchard and buried it. The officers took Waltz out at his own suggestion to the place wl.t re the body was buried. A few inches below the surtacc the body was found, wrapned iu a blanket, and the head horribly mangled. Waltz also contest*.** to having burned three school houses in Athens and buried the books, which have been found at the place he designated. On being asked why he committed the murder he replied: "I done "it tor mischief, and not for Kain: the bad spirit was in me, and I wanted to <)o something bad." He took good care to secure the scissors grinder's money however. A CrBAJt Cato?The telegraph reports that the Cuban General Agrainontc. seeing that hi. capture was inevitable, committed suicide rather than fall alive into the hands ot tlo Spaniards. This conduct is quite in the Koman vein, it being ouce considered a nol-le thine tor treat commanders to commit sdf-destructioti rather than be captured. Cato, shut up in I'tica, after his defeat at Tliaps;is; Brutus and Cassius, alter their defeat at I'hillippi, are familiar enough examples of great men pre ferring suicide to capture: but in modem times wc are accustomed to trown u{<on this metl?td of avoiding the "slings aud arrows dl outrage ous fortune." It is said that Bourbaki at tempted suicide after his defeat on the Swis? borders, in the late Franco-German war; but 1 i- attempt was ascribed to temporary aberra tion of mmd rather to pure chagrin aud vexa tion. The Wheat Prospect in the Grkat We ;t. j The papers of the great grain-growing districts of the west continue to rej<ort that the spring ' has been most favoiable for the putting in ot ' w heat, aud that a greatly increased breadth lias ' been planted. The crop "#ill probably be a very heavy one. The plants are remarkably thrifty, and the principal danger seems to t>e that the\ will grow too rank, so that much will " lodge" and l>e injured or destroyed by wet weather about harvest time. It is altogether certain now that the ext>ort demand for American wheat will be very heavy during the coming year. Farmers, therefore, need entertain no appre hension of a dull market. Their wheat will be aft wanted at good prices. Their chief trouble will arise from insufficient means of traus portation. A Man Commits Sticidb or Accovkt of the Death of His Mothek-in Law!?Some what an unusual suicide occurred in the city yesterday morning. A young man hung him self owing to the death of his step-mother, l-ouis ltossler, a shoemaker, eighteen years of age, residing at No. 508 east 11th street, was very despondent since the death of his step mother a week ago. Yesterday morning he seemed more sorrowful than usual, and went to his room Apparently unnerved. He closed the door, and fastening a clothes-hook between the jamb and the body of the door, hung himself with his j ocket-bandkerchlef .V. 1". Tim'e, 19th. The Presbyterian General Assembly. in session in Baltimore, yesterday, after our re Sort closed, considered the special order of the ay, viz., tne report of the special committee to which had been referred the annual report of the committee on benevolence and finance. Dr. Backus, chairman of the special committee, read the report, the consideration of which oc cupied the remainder of the morning session, and, without coming to a vote, the matter went over as unfinished business. Mr. Bell gave no tice of his intention to move a reconsideration of the vote adopting th? recommendations of the centennial committee. Another Chargr against Ex-Co*wi9 iiomr Van Bi rkn.?The New York Kveuiug Sews publishes a story of J. Sutherland, re staurateur, that about a year ago General Yau Buren called on him and offered him a good lite in the Yienna Exposition building to open i first-class American restaurant, and told him ie could make enormous profits, and adding, 'We will expect, ef course, that you will do something for us in return for giving vou such i good site." Sutherland answered he cjuM ^ot accept the proposition. New York's Poison Mystery Dr. Harri*. he physician to the Blatchford family in New k'ork, says the six domestics of that family who irere poisoned, as stated in yesterday's St a it. jndoubtedly obtained it In the corned beef, li s sup|KH>ed the butchers at the market where he beef was purchased used arsenic to kill rats, ind some of it got spilled into the pickle which -ontained the beef. Nearly all who were poi toned are recovering, and uone will die. Arrest or an Alleged Swindler ?Georg' 3. Wilbur, a cotton speculator, formerly of Cov entry, H. I., was arrested in Kaym?rad,*Ga., by letecti ves of the state police, and taken to Bos on, charged with swindling Dexter Abbott & Jo. out ot *6,000 on a forced sale. It Is said he >wes parties in Providence over *60,000. Wil >ur was arrested on his wife's plantation, where ie assumed the name of Gooding, and U held In he sum PJ fl^OOQ. ? T^Te Pennsylvania Coal Trade?The toal trade continues to steadily improve. Or lers are in good supply and prices are firm The indications daily strengthen that there will >e a demand for all the coal that can be mined ind put into the market this season, and those ?ho now neglect to purchase will ran the haz ard of having to pay higher rates as the season advances ana the demand exceeds the current mpply.?Phila. Ledger, 19tk. Scit Against the Estate or as Alleged Forger.?Proceedings have been instituted iu &e United States bankruptcy eowrt at Boston. Warren * Co., the largest sufferers by the forgeries of Jamas A. Cm, against the estate of :hat individual. The nominal valne ef the bonds tad certificates thus fhr recovered la nearly 1130,000. bnt it remains to be seen bow much ihe creditors oC Coo will realize from them. A sharp piobt will oceur la the French A* tembly to-day, whan the monarchists ask the government u> explain why, in the reconstruc tion of the ministry, republicans have beet; chosen and the claima of the opposite party ut terly ignored The two factions are so even: y balanced that It is quite possible the Assembl r will take such action as will be condemnatory of Thiers. Female emancipation has made surprising prog ess in 8 wiser land. At the university of Zurich last term 110 lady students were entered oa the matriculatma Hets, aad this term, the lists not yet clseed, lie are already Inscribed. The assigament ef some professional chairs to wonien is considered a mere quesUoa of time. There are WO Mormons in Manchester, England, aad these bold a conference in that city April 3X. The conference refussd to be lieve that Brigham Young bad resigned, aad I ut down the news to that offset as a wicked slander ef the aewspapers against that "saaa ot God." ItitfriMi Harder Kair Rirh._.u?. lilCHMOKD, Ya., May 20?The body of mi inknown white man was found last Saturday iu he Chickahominy river, about ten mi lea from Richmond. It *u tied to a heavy fence-rail bv he neck, middle, and heels, and had a ghastly mife wound on the back near the neck. The KHly had been in the water some time, beiug nuch decomposed, and is supposed to be that >t Martin Percell, of Ashland, who has been misting three weeks. Two persons are sos ?ected, and will probably be arrested. UM?m Wei lea* Diary. Niw York, May 20?It i> announced that ex Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles, who kept i diary of all that wae doue in the Cabinet, will eply to Charles Francis Adams. Among other Lings he will be able to prove that Mr. Lincoln lesired to appoint Mr. Dayton minister to Great Iritain, and was only induced to change his Bind and ap joint Mr. Adams by the urgent ai> cal? of Mr. Seward. ? Fires. New York, May 20?Harvey's oil cloth fac ?ry in Brooklyn, was barned this morning, ?oss about 9JO,000. As several workmen were ischarged yesterday, it is rumored that the re was incendiary. Simpson's Japan factory, n Brooklyn, was burned last night. Tbe Csveiasri' t'eavealloa. Atlanta, Gi., May 20?The convention net this morning. An address of welcome wi? elivered by Governor Smith. Mr. Thomas, ol owa, was' appointed temporary chairman. There is a large attendance. A nEAiTirrL vorxG girl who has been raveling in the wert as drummer tor a whole ale grocery house of Boston has just been d i * barged by her employers, because she induced be retail dealers to order more goods than they rere able to dispose of or pay for. The case or Tain tor, the defaulting cashier f the Atlantic bank, was called in the United tatcs district court in New York yeaterdav, and djoorned without taking testimony. WTwo gtrls of Dnbuqae are in jail for steal rig shade trees. ?7*in Oberlin college the female students are s healthy as the male. ?^Massachusetts is going to exclude children nder 10 from factories. VThree counties or Iowa have not a licensed iquor saloon in their limits. VIndiana drug stores sell whisky on Sanday nder the name m "lavender." S7~The factory operatives' strike in Provi ence. Rhode Island, is ended. ?C7"It is rumored la London that a naval foroe as been ordered to Zanzibar to look after the lavt trade. rTRe governor of New York has signed the ill reconstructing the police oourti or the erection or a new Tombs en a V The remains of Michael Nixon, who xecuted in New York last Fridar. was rith a conpiciou funeral demontrrsttoc oi anday. 9T Jacksonville (111.) bar-keepers art for iddea to aaa gmnnd-glaas In their front sashes r to pat Bp window blinds or *hr'tf or nay Shu am advised the neonle of tallien, Ohio, to hold an election fwVosusas . which they did and elected the present In , K. T. Smith. __ fatal disease* 1 f Massachusetts last ?yThe republicans have all the sMass sTthe >hioconstitutional <*n?entfon^tataertactwn TELEGRAMS TO TEE STAB e This Afternxs's Dispatches. ASSOCIATED PRKSS REPORTS. e New Tnrk THE P ILL I A RD CHAM riOHSHI* AM> DIAVOMi err New Y >RK, May JO?Alber Gamier hv already challenged Maurice Paly to plav a match game of billiards for the championship and the diamond cue. A GREAT STRl'OGLR is Mid to be prevailing in Shaiuckin, Pennsyl vania, lor tht |o?se*sion of over lo.oon acres in the anthracite coalregion. valued at ?JS,nQ0.0M0. One party hh< burn* d three houses which th other side erected and retaliation is now threat ened. O. H. Wheeler, of New %'ork, represents one side and the Heading railroad the other. RIHORK ASOt'T PACIFIC HAIL. The T?mrt publishes what it calls a rutnor in circulation that a stockholder in the Pacitic Mail companv is about to make application lor the appointment of a receiver on the ground tint the fund* of the company are being reck lessly squandered in stock speculation* *i?d the only way to stop theseo|ierattons is to throw the company into bankruptcy. IK THR TRAIN CASR, this morning, the court directed the jury t? render a verdict of not guilty on the ground of insanity. Train's counsel ?a1d two ofthe Juror* say that that is not their verdict. The c^urt replied; "The verdict is entered, and that part of the case is disjHKH-d of." l?r. On>? Untifiixl that this insanity continue*, and therefore. Train must be sent to the state lunatic a?yluiu Train excited said: ?? I protest against the* pro cetdings here. I have been five months in jail without being granted a trial.-' Then address ing Judge l?avis he said. "Before I leave here I move vour imi?-achmcnt in the name of the people." .fudge Mavis ordered him to sit down, and an order w as made out to send Train to the state lunatic asylum. General Ameinbly ol I he Preobylertaa tharek. Baltimore. May JO.?The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (tifth dav) opened with prayer t>y Uev. W. W. Brier. The As?em Idy adopted the re|M>rt of the special committee recommending the next General Assembly convene in the First Presbyterian Church at St. Louis, and that sessions oi' the churches of St. Louis l>e ap|Miinttd a committee of arrange ments. The unfinished business of yesterday, the consideration ?>f the rej>ort of the s|>ecial committee on the annual statement oi the com mittee on llEKKVOLKNCI AHP KINANer, was resumed. The particular feature of the report of this special committee, (of which l>r Backus is chairman,) which has given rise to such protracted discussion, is that it prO|Hiaes a radical in the benevolent and Muancial system of the Presbyterian church heretofore I raeticed in creating a permanent central finance committee, w ho shall receive all benev olent contributions, and pay out and distribute tbe same to tbe several Iniards who have here tofore eaeb levied ami distributed theiu accord ing to the direction of the donors, pr??|?ortion ately according to the sums determined to be raised for each l>oard. It also proposes to dis pense with all paid treasurers of board*. + . _ From* To day. THE KHAN OF KHIVA NOT CAPllRKD. Londo*, May a# A dispatch to the Renter telegram company from St. Peter?!?urg nays there is no truth in the rejiort that Khiva has Ik en taken aud tbe Khan ha? fallen into the hands of tbe Russian tnsops. AJiXlETY AT ST. PETERSr.CRO TO HEAR PROM THE KHIVAN EX P EDITION. London, May 20.?A sjiecial dispatch to the I'nilj) AVm Ironi St. Petersburg says much anxiety prevails there in consequence ol the non-receipt of definite intelligence from the Ktiivan expedition. Two of the detachments at Bussian troops marching agaiust the Khan ate have been delayed iti tTieir progress by tieavv suow storms. At lart advices trom the ?|icJilioii. the column nearest the appointed rendezvous for all the troops was several hun Jred milts distant, and was, besides,one month late. ? Agricwltare la the West. MYRIADS OP TEX A SI GRASSHOPPER** ON THEIR DESTROYING MARCH NORTH. St. Locis, May 20?A special dispatch to the B'liubit ttn irom Austin, Texas, says grasshop pers in immense numbers have made their ap pearance in that state, and are laying waste all vegetation. In some localities they have en tirely destroyed the corn, consuming it down to x level with the ground. They seem to be mov ing northward, and it is feared Missouri. Illi nois, Kansas, and Nebraska, will be visited. the graiv crops. The Prmocrat this morning publishes a large >atch of eorresfiondence from all parts of Mis wuri. southern Kansas and Iowa, which pre licts a large and excellent wheat crop, but snort :rops of oats aud corn. LOCAL NEWS . in n? thmt ? 'iri'iM ft Am mw of brick n >l<i i? ink ? reet, between Mm ? n? tt, arena* ?tv1 M ? rect DottlvfM. vkirh mill ntd kTt>?Ut to (k? ap|<earancr of that growing hMuin.' Um boose* are rto-ics ir. height. laeiutmg -1fT m nt and Ften'h n?o?. each 2l r*et 4 ,,^,1 bv 44 fffl, with preaaci brick tr.*b and jte?e?e ?t >"? hut ? ? ? * I1 -* ?Ue*,) ud aiila. The Hiari^l Kan of tack MMiw contains t six-loot hall, witfi >ttir**n u> the ?tortes above, doable |?rlt?. with ailA^ 4MB* between an<1 doora <n>enitig from eack into the MM,.bsck stair- mm batke-% p?nti y. with rtafc ?i 4 ilvmb atiifr. I n the s o>nd *u>ry are two large chaml-cr?. wit i Jr. ss:ng room* atUi bwl, l>?;l r.tom n?l water c! <? t In the upper (French rtorr th?f ?rr fonr rhamltm with ???jjjt I* *?cfc ot iit? t i. * m. >m then are msrbV topped waaliataiM*. with bot and cold water iti >,!t?r^laM kwtMlitam. Ia each 1'BS. BH ' k hall servant a rooti. ?aU r-. Iw i, ??, y*??*1 irwiwiik. rang*. Mm. *e. Tli* parlor* ?mI rlian.lirni are all tarnished with toe Mtkle Mnir a. and there la wntoe aiMi ^e? in every rcoin I nder tbe Mn ianit there it a coal vault lor each liouae ?Hie oi the fc?? ImlWNli w. i m \ M Bar ker tor ?l\V*i LiwMeId A A igheriaa were ??'e carpenter*. A l?svis htnklsver. M A. ? iHit.a ??| atonccntlrr. *1. F Kln|A Ce. plas terer. C. F. Ft kiort p'nmlirr an.l gasltUer. I>. ,M Iralu painter. atMl 1? A .1. She 'ban & Co. Iurr.:?!inl the mantel*. beaten, Ac Mr. Otorge Btirget*. la baring complete.! on II idreet. between ITth and |*tb atreeta. a row ot ten two-at. ry brick -? aitlcnces. which are rerr *fltop!cte n. t heir ar-ancenifi.ta. These bo aw a arc lit feet wide br 25 iwt deep, with bah Ulii u l.y i- t all the walla and aartt tn na being !? inches thick. The lower -toriea ?re 12 feet in the tle?f, an.l tbe w.-nal ?tories It feet. Ther have a hall, saloon paMttr . dining room aiitl kitchen on the lower floor, an.l in the MM* rtarytfcree chamber*. bath room, water eltnet, servants' rot>ma. In each house are iaiptoved range* anl l.atro'.>c beaters. marble mantels. and * *a- r an.l ga? throughout- The* have pres?cd brick trout*, with broanstone ?tc|? and a iiitlow ?i l? an.l hea.1*. an.l in*?de abutters. Mr. H 11 Oratte ia the carpenter; ? ?race. Parker A Sn.i'h. bricklaTrr.. A. htng*!*, k. p?tliter. *at- ra. | laatrr.-r. Karre. pluaiber. an.l S. P. Vidtlinp lurniahctl the luantt la. ?? *** '' * l*? nana -llenrv Bell, twn-atory frame. street, he.aecn M and N otirthweU; r . t tinner. aae-ator}- addition to b?<tMe on tHi l>< tw.. I, | anl tiae hea?' s,i?u Hta kma. two-Morr Iraioe. loth atreet. Meaen North t arohna arenuc an.l H i.?r.?cf aoutheaat: F. H. Ilutb. two aknrr brick, corner E and j0{ street northweat. .1. S. HUnkmin. one-atorv brick, llth street, between S and T northw?l, Murphy. two *torv frame, 3d aueet, be taeen K aud L nortbweat. <?Rntr? or rut K<?aui> t?r Pri?i.ic Toiii. The aui^rintcndcnt ot aew-era liaa l>m>n directetl ?t> put In a trap on tith atreet. between F ami t? atreet* aouthwcM: alao to have a avail drata constracted ao aa to drain a ater ataii.ling on stjiiatt^ l.H into lTtb-atreet ?ewer. The tuifiia tcinlent of road* baa l*??n directe<1 to hare the aeeeaaary rei.aira done on tbe Boaen road irom tLe l>uttiet line to liml Hope. ? ? S**u-i'ox caaes have t?een rej?orted alaco our lu^t report aa follow*. Two at No. '?* atreet atmtliweat, an.l one corner 11th and IT *-treeta n< rtliweat. ami onedtad?Stephen .lack ton?cottier of South Capital and P atreet'. Tiir Mmnxi Bbtork tub War The Phila adt-lphia Kremne Bulletin puhlialiea a letter Ironi Mr. Kli.iah ateele, a lawver in Vreka, ia wh'.cb the Mtaloca are |-artiallv <1ea<-ril>ed aa t'ley were befara tbe outl>rcak ot' the late troa l.le^. 1 aenty-three reara a^o they were a nume rous and |?iwtrtul tril?. and t'j-ia* who are left are not renegade*. They were not. aa haa i.eea ?aaertetl. in ibe babit ot lounging alM.ut Vreka, but went 11: it her tw ice a year to trad.- lur* anl P*1* leatbera tor au|>pliea of proriaiona and clothing, ati.l thna provided th. m?elrea well. They Wire, however, alwava renueoted to camp out ol town Ca|>Uin JacV, wbo waa alwaya the a|K>keaman. lit rer drank any liquor, and invariably putrial.el any of tbe trii?e for any wrongdoing, whether tbev were.lrunk or aober. They are. according to Mr. Steele, a auperior race o! Indiana iti intellect and phvaical devel oi nient, and tbey are reaolved to ?lie rather than yield. In Captain .lack'? own worda: "To die by bullet doea not hurt much; atarve to Ucatli ou rem rvation burt a heap." A Ft?ot. AWD a Or*?Tkr Oiti \.r.rg Famil 1*1 a a bouaehold aorti or a tbri. e-told tale ia the ftorv ot a tragedy iu Vermilion count v. lud., i?a tbe 10th in*t. kfia* Maggie Tbooapiton, an mumble and very attractive voung latlir, waa ?ia ftg aome relative* nametl An.|.r-on in Hcit lownabip. ]jew ia Andetaon a ' amart" young k*ei.tlen>an. waa skylarking about bia ooaaia Maggie, bait love-tbaking atid half-romping, wteu be picked up an oid rilke atainliag in Uie jorner ami pointed it at her. Young Anderson aaaumed the gun waa not loaded, indeed, he aa* tjulte awreof it. But he wax mistaken. The gun tired the tirat Ume, and Mim Thomp son waa t*tally woun.led. Ati.leraon, aa a mat leroi courae. waa greatly mortified at tbe ae rurrence, and waa willing to make an apalfoy. Nt< E*e|T^ FOR C'KRATIla Kit* CARDINAL*. There ia a rumor iu Home that unlea* new car linala are created an v election of the new Pop* mailt by tbe actual College of Cardinal* will he contrary to eccl<wia*tical law* The preaent number of cardinal# ia 45. and it oogbt to be a eaat 70. and the 24ib neiwiou ol the Ti idenUna Jouncil prescribe* that the cardinal* abou'.d be poaaiblf cboaen in e^ual number* trom ail iiationalttiea. or the 45 cardinal* 33 are Ital ana. 5 French.3 S|>aniarda. 2 Auatrian.l (tar tian and 1 Iriab. The X million* of Italian Jatbolio are repreaented by more than halt iM^number ot cardinabCwhiWtbe nei million* ?t Catholic* have a number of representative* aucb le?* iti pro|?ortioii than the lt*n^n+ Taxi* rot the CoKaTKrcTtoa or Rail V.nAJT?r 1 Tr T' A L?The a u pre me i ?t Ohio haa pronounced unconstitutional i law ot that atate empowering communities to ery taxes for the conatruction of railroada ihe grounds of the decision which waa unani moiis. are. that sack taxation is not for public !>urpo*e*. lor whicb alone taxes can be conatltu tionallv levied, and that the state lecialature i? lorbidden by tbeoonat.tution to author,U an^ rommanity to engage in this way in private 'nterpriaee, directly or indirectly. As tbeeow ititutional convention of Ohio i* now in ncsmoi t is pipbable that thu a?atu-j will receive their itULtivh. KTfTItlOm LiKATB (# A tilPST Giat _ oroner Bnliock, of Cold Spnnga.N. Y.. U ia 'Ml(gating the death ofagl|>av girl who died in i wagon at McKeel'a eorner, Putnam c>untv. ler name ia not known. She la about eighteen ears ot age. '1 be evidenoe thus far *bowa that he ha* bee? brutaBy outraged. Her unknown ompani - aere an old man and woman and luknoan " B,en' wUo L*Te r>?* to paru aa yet Cbicaoo b auapieoua that 8t. l?ni* haa de igna on the national capital. in getting together U7?rTsr^n 01 C??nfreTmcD and * aouldnt o tor ?t. Lorn* to be the aeat of the govern nent. unless Chicago could l?e ao. too Thia apital -moving agitation may aa well be atopped the nation is prepared to assume the Teatneasoflthode laland and have two capi. ala?jr. r. Moil. ^em^ant^^ " C"t,e GMyleD ?arThe trial or George Francis Train began ? York jcfUnliy aud a lull jttfj WAi air ained. ?PTwo humtred Apache* have fled from tbs amp Verde reservation and gone on the war ?ath again. ?9"Delavaa, III., is waiting to go ntad, having ound out that it had eaten bogs which had becu 'itten by mad dog*. ave 11 ^?*t the Carliat* eaaea not only shot aatdler* who rll into their hands, but wantonly mutilated efore killing them. ?T'Bushybead ia the name of one of the edttore t a Calitornia paper. Fancy the foeliag with rhich Captain .lack would toy w ith bia nife If Bushy head vent to interview bin. ?PA German woman named Margaretta eiboid committed aniclde at Mo TS North H lgh treet, BalUaaore, an Satarday morning by anglng heraell to a bed-poaC VOn th* Motion af Lyman Tremaiae la Haw ork yesterday the eaae af Stokea ww j the coart of appaala to be heard an; M toth UmC range, tobai ?7"A railroad is to be bailt at gorarnmeat ex ana* at Woolwich, England, which will nlaaa aaaleatiea with each other and with the raU ray system ef the eeantry. i-o?n? VTbe Maine repablican state irirflnaili* ?eels at Baa?ar, Jane 1?, and the '-"' atlilS w??B<war4 Kant will be the ?eo thirty-three' * hU and El Pmo bond*, will apply. It la ran or a rev lawn of thai eCtheT mr Advteea (Na Salt Lake City ana tha fgggsgaisaaBrgt nan have aeon lavltod t? par:.c^ -c ^

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