Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR LggertCircilitiwjitheDigtrkt Boding Mtttw on Every Ftge WASHINGTON CITY: TTTO1T Mmj ?. 197%. Anonf the propo?e?l provlriOM in tli( new constitution of Ohio is one imposing a tax upon church property. A writer in the Cincinnati Commtrmal would like to know if anybody can tell why church assoc.ation* should not paj taxes upon their private and personal property any more than manufacturing associations, railroad*, or other corporations holding large amount* of property-.' The writer continue*: "11 a dozen or a hundred individual* desire to propagate their peculiar dogmas regarding theologv. and see fit to put one thousand, or one million of their dollars into a church, bet ter to accomplish their object, whv should they be exempt from paving taxes upon their invest ment4.' Why should the people be forced to pay jost so much more taxes in order that the chare lie* may be exempt? The propagation of the particular theological dogma is a personal gratification. The exemption of church prop Is a private speculation on the part of those who make a living out of it, or those who pay for the propagation of their dogma. * * * In a town where there are none but Protestant churches, the Catholics are forced to help sup port what they believe to be nurseries of heresy and perdition?ami ric* rei?a. In country plaree where the people use school house* for public worship, thev are forced to pay large taxes U> exempt the rich, aristocratic churches In the large cities, where a home-spun coat or A calico dress would hardly be welcome in a way-back uncushioned pew, or in the gallery." He gives the aggregate amount of church prij>erty as exempt from taxes in the United states in IMS, at ?)<;,3?,*10, in 1800,|?171,2S?, 922, and in IrtO, A number of prominent ladies and gentlemen of Providence, Rhode Island, have issued an appeal to the wealthy to supply comfortable dwellings for the poorer classes at a moderate rent. They argue with truth that the first step towards awakening or deepening an already existing self-respect, among the classes for which they plead, is to provide them with re spectable homes, and that a family, however ; desirous in the outstart of ruing In the social ecale, that takes its abode in the midst of a low and vicious neighborhood, will soon sink to the level of its surroundings. They further set forth in their appeal that better homes for the poor would prove powerful aids in staving the tide of social evil now sweeping over and en gulphing In ruin the order, purity and peace of domestic life, and that such homes can be pro vided T>y wealth that will yield a fair return for the capital invested. ? ? One of the most convenient uses to which the new postal cards can be put is that of enabling travelers while under way to communicate with friends at home, etc. But to secure their full advantage in this respect, the railway compa nies ought to provide letter boxes in a promi nent place at all their depots, even at way stations. and instruct their employes to see that the mail matter deposited in them is either de livered to the mail car on the next returning train or sent to the j-o?t office, whichever will Mcure the earliest transmission. Would not the railway managers of the country do this n.uch for public accommodation if their atten tion was called to the matter? According to the report of Tax Collector Slater, there is property in this District valued at 95.779,0V9 on which exemption from taxation Is claimed under existing laws. At present rates of taxation, the taxes on this would amount to the snug little sum of t?7.44*. This ?mount has therefore to be paid by the tax pavers of the District in addition to the taxes which are justly due from them, and which are about as heavy as they can well bear, without carrying any additional burdens. These tacts and figures furnish the strongest possible reasons why all laws exempting prop erty should be repealed. The funeral of Nixon, wh? was recently hung In New York for the brutal murder of Charles Phyfer, was largely attended; in fact, the dem onstration might be called a pageant. The New York Timet asks if this conspicuous honor paid to a man who had just expiated with death a crime of the grossest character, may not have originated in sympathy with his crime, and thinks that such scenes have at least one lesson ?that the material from which criminals are made Is plenty enough in New York to require the wisest and firmest measures to keep them (tpwii. The recent census of the liquor saloons in New York taken by the police show that there are in ope ration in that city 8,400 of these es tablishments, or about one saloon to each one hundred inhabitants, including men, women, and children. Deducting from this number those who do not drink liquors at all, (probably ?boat one-half,) and the ratio is one saloon to every fifty persons who support them. With this census the names of the keepers with their character and the reputation of their patrons were ascertained as a guide to the board of excise in granting licenses. It might be well to take each a census in this city. The New York W.,rld, in view of the unseemly ?)barrels over the remains of the murderers Lu aignani and Devine, thinks that legislative action is demanded, as to the proper disposition of the bodies of executed criminal*. If the dead criminal has any relatives or friends, let them dispose of the body as seems to them fit. If there l>e no friends, let the spiritual advisers, if they desire to do so, take the body for interment And if there be neither friends nor spiritual advisers, let the local officers dispose of the dead ?ody in such a manner as the law may direct. f The exodus to Kurope this season far exceeds that of any other for year*, and-it is now diffl ealt to secure first-class pa-sage, all the berths on the steamers having been secured for weeks to come. This universal rush is partly owing to the attractions of the Vienna exhibition, and partly to the fact that many persons who have heretofore spent their summers at the fashion able watering places in the United States, find that they can better afford to vurit Europe. The St. Louis CkrtmicU referring to the late mttack of the Modoc* on our camp says such Awarding of the Hon in his den cannot fail to dwake a certain amonnt of admiration, and O'jggesu that it would not be improper to offer clemency to all of the savages who were not di rectly concerned in the massacre of Oea. Canity ?bd Dr. Thomas. We doubt if the general sen. Siment if the country would approve such mis taken clcmenc r. Bayard Taylor, writing rrom Vienna, give* an idea of the imposition which Is being p aeticed upon visitors to the Exposition when J> Mates, as an Illustration of the general expe rt nee of strangers, that he was recently notified his landlady that from and after a certain *>*'e the rent of his quarters would be " twenty r florins per day-or *12, for what 1* ordi jji:.i i'y valued at 92." ? - ? ? A New York paper suggests a new way of fcrtting rid of the Modoc*. It says if a xew ?York horse railroad were run through their Country the pickpockets would clean them out <0n double quick time. As astounding as it may seem, yet it 1* a fact llni a man recently committed suicide in New 9'utk on account of the death of his mother-in Don't advertise unless you have something ?orta advertising. I Aaaaioa?a>T or tub St. MaaTiasviLLa KLa.) PaiaosxK*.?The St. Martinsville priaon ?ers arraigned before the United States -issioner ip Nrw orittns yesterday. In r to a -i nest ion the Wmmiasioner stated the prisoner* were held charged with a fwtolatton of the ?th section of the act of W70, masonly known as the enforcement act. fl^The Tammany society in New York, has ?iec'*d Abraham 3. Herrit grand sachem. AII vessel* from New Orleans quarantined ^t Havana have been released. (TA number of 4ek??tefl to the governor*' Convention have arrived at Atlanta. mr D'Atalie. the iron-jawed nan, died of pieartoy yesterday at Fall kiver, Mass. VTke AUant es .tereated the Philadelphia guhin New York yesterday by a|1L The monetary tftuat on at New York present ed no especially Int. resting feature jrwtertajr. The effect of the advance of the discount rate* ?t London to already wearing off, and gold de clined to 117*. closing weak. Money continues very abundant, and the cl Ming rates for call loans was 9a6 per cent, per anno. The stock market wasdnll and closed heavy after some little fluctuation of prices. The feat ares were the weakness of Pacific Mail and the firmness or Krie. The former declined l? per cent, and the latter advanced 1\. The other fancies changed hot little. a tUflWUM ? *? ?"? J?y Cooke * Oo. furnish the _ _ Bwg'g. BtlTt. Bt Hbw Toms?Fiest Boakd. ? ?.?-sjan.4tJir; kHfi. Currency 4'a.....* a-aiM**. i j?'. 1 H,w Fi' BaLTIHOIB, May SO.-^Yinilnia r?, consolidated, SS',. Went Virginia's, 11% bid to day. BALTlMOk*, May ?i.?Oottan dull-low middlings, 17\fcil8. Floor uuiet and steady; irice* unchanged. Wii'tt Arm and nn< hanged. Corn <juiet and steady?whits southern, 0; yellow southern 44; mixed wwlrro, 64ft. Oats uuiet? southern, 52<3M; western mixed, 49taJO: do. white, SJ*SVJ By* dull? ?/^#l. Provimons, dull and unchanged. Western butter Arm and uncbaug"d Whisky unchanged. Hay unchanged. Sugar unchanged. Hi* Tout, May ai.?Stocke dull. GoM steady. 1T\. Money steady, MT. Exchange, lung, S. short, H> Governments dull and steady. New To**, May SB ?Floor <iniet and very Itrm. Whex dull and nominally unchanged. Corn itnll and unchanged. Loxdos. May $?, 11:90 a. m.?Consols opened at <R'i for money and tS1, for account. Bonds <tf 18A6, old. MS; 1*7, MS; iu Wo, ?>?; new fives, 88V Krie, WS F * a MfoRT, Msy 90. ? B< >nd* 9.V > for issue of VS. Losnol, May SO, 2 p m.?Brie, l-f-i. TUB WKATMIB. Wa? Dmfartmmmt, Ofo* Ckttf Sifmml OJUtr, t Warhivotom, May 20, 1873, 10.30 a. WA. ( Synopsis roam* past twknty-pooe hoc**.? The barometer lias continned to rise, with north easterly and southeasterly win.Is, and cool, clear wen'her, from lake Ontario to Maryland, andnorth ?setwatMlv over the middle and eastern states and Canada. Falling barometer, southeasterly and southwesterly winds, and partly cloudy weather prevail in the northwest And lake region, and th?nce to the lower Ohio and Missouri valleys. Southeast erly winds, increasing pressure, cool aud partly ? londy weather in Tennessee, the gulf and south Atlantic stetes. Pkobasilitiks.?For the middle states and lower Iske region, diminishing pressure, northeasterly and southeasterly witds. cool, clondy weather and rain. For New England and Canada, clear and partly clondy weather, high barometer, and low temperature. For the upper lake region and north west, and thence to the Missouri and Ohio .valleys, soutbeiwterly?veering to southwesterly and north westerly?winds, cloudy and cleariog weather, with occasional rain and falling temperature. For the gulf and southAtlantic states and Tennessee gene rally clearing, cool weather, with possibly occa sional rain, and southeasterly to southwesterly winds. Reports are missing from the southwest, the upper Missouri \ alley, Montana and the Pacific rV"3*NOTICB.?Members of FRIENDSHIP LODGE, No. 8, K of P.?There will be a meeting of the Lslge WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, May S14, at 1 o'clock, for the purpose of at tending the fnneral of our late Brother, Woodso* Bruit,(in carriages.) Members of Sister Lodges are invited to attend. H F. 8IGOURNE f, It* K . of K and 8. n-3?THE REGULAR BEPUBLK AN VOTERS of the THIRTEENTH D18TRK T protest against an alleged election held this day in said dis trict for Delegates to General B-publican Committee. E. W. W. t?riffin and W. H. D*w were dnly and I cally electe<l at an anthori/ed election on 19th in?tant as delegates, and C. W. Sw.iagart and O. Addison as alternates, and so certified Ly the judge appointed for that purpose. It* ~ STRAWBERBY FRSTIVAL , BY TH* WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. On Jtt'liriary Squart. This F.-etival will commeno' on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 21?t inst., continuing Thursday aud Friday, and till S o'clock p. m Saturday. An excellent lunch, including all the dainties of the seaaon, w ill be provided each day of the Fasti vsl from 12 till 2 o'clock. Vocal ana in-trumentsl music every evening The patronage of all who would contribute to a worthy and partly benevolent object is soli cited. m?3t iy-"3? ATTENTION.-CO. A, W. GRENADIERS. Uwv will assemble at the Armory, on WEDNES DAY NIGHT, May SI. ICS, 469 Pa. ave., la /mil \form,for company drill, at 7:30 p. m . prompt. J R HAN NEMAN, Capt. Com g Co. J. W. HUNTER. 1st Serg t. ml? St TV^5*M ASON1C ?A resumed convocation of LAFAYETTE R. A. CHAPTER, No. ft, wiTf be held Tl'BSDAY EVENING, May ?J, at 7* ? 'clock. All R A. Maeotis in good standing are fra ternally invited. By order of M E H P. JOHN EDWIN MASON, m!9 St [ChrARep] Secretary Y M. C. A. ANNIVERSARY THE TWENTIETH*ANNIVERSARY _ or thk YOUNG MEN 8 CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Will be held in Lincoln Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING, May SI, 1473, at 7:90 o'clock. Addresses by Rev. Gf.okqk *. Hkpworth, Rev. S 11 Tf *6. J*., and Rev 0. C. Tirrxit.D. D. The annual meeting for the election of officers of the Association will take place on MONDAY EVE NING, May 1?, at 7:30. mtf-tr n^S?8CHENCK'S MANDRAhB PILLS.-These pills are composed exclusively of vegetable mgredieuts, and although they entirely supersede the nse of mercury, do not leave any of its in urious effects. They act directly npon the liver( and are a valuable remedy in all cases of derangement result ing from a disordered state of that organ, Liver Complaint, Bilious Disorders, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac., Ac .all succumb to the free use of 8chenck's Mandrake Pills. For sale by all Drnggists and Dealers. mS-tr ITS- TO LADIBS. _Bov.Md ** to to see a. her, to see bar prostrated, losing every day strength, feeling badly without being able to why, bat ys? susering enough to be utterly mil eblel This state of wasknsm and debility fatal te bar than asavara spell of sicknsas, fol say .SB vi wvamnoi iOf ill tkfll 1 ?be will receive the proper cars, as in the other ?oe will linger months after months, not worth while to aaa a physician about it, until nature, exhausted, rives out, and she to carried to the grave, when a little precaution In proper time would have ?pared her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, nothing can compare with the LONG-LIFB BIT TERS of Dr. L. ^BERTRAM. They are a safe infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, coa tiveneas, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness snd all complaints peculiar to women. Theaa Bit ters, which are sold by all dmggisu, are. In conse quence of their virtue and most medicine par izttllmt* for ladles. iM-tr H IIIDI II ? NBW DRUG STORE, ?o. 14** PXNNSTLVAltlA AtIHVIi Depot for Soda and Mineral Waters. felS-ly FKVM THK EARLIEST AG KB TO the present uay, Scrofnla has Men the bans, as It were, the curse of mankind. So terrible aud.Mttwers, the curse of mankind. Bo terrible and loathsome had bean at aosse periods of the world "* history that a person known to be Infected with tt won Id not be allowed to mix with society. Happily In our day the disease to stripped of its terror by the nse of Samakitam's Boot a?d H**b Joicbs. and the victim of Scrofnla, Uleers, Bores, Pimples, Biota bea, Tetters, Ac., can be restored te sound health In a few weeks. BOOT AND HBBB JUICES, flJi per battle Sold by 8.0. FORD, 11BS Pa ave., and by Drug, gists^ DESMOND^* 00., Fropristors, Sli^Raos ra^DB. A. PRATT, Graduate of Ohio O >Uege of Dental Surgery, 411 7th street, between P u7l, a lew doors eauth of Odd Fellows' Hall. Re fers to B. A. Baeou and Be*. V. B. Bvaas a*M JOSKPH J. WAY'S PARIS KID OLOYBT-poT. ?3? P*S3tSTLVAf.A Av* . mh' lt B*t.9t? '.5d ioth >ts. /CARRI AGES ' CARRIAGES CARRIAGES V>- On hand, a large assortment of Pony. Phn-tons, with top and without.and with! and without ramble, sin^l* and 1 ni l ?? Also, a large stock of faebionaMe Family Carriages, cesisting of Barouches, Victoria*. Bretts. Cal> riolettee. Extension Tops, 4c., Ac. Top aud No-top Buggire, in great variety. at R0BT. H GRAHAM'S, New Repository snd Factory, 410-414 8th street, aerthwest. Repairing promptly attended to. all St* ^|ASOMC RKOALI.L Wears prepared to famish Masonic E inipment* for all Cen.iitenderiee at FACTORY PRICES. CHAPEAIX. bWORDS AND BBLT8. . , Cl'FFS, CAPS, and every artn le pertaining to the Order. We guarautee all 8uit? sold to be regulation. WILLBTT A BUOFF, n s>3? lm U04 PennsylvanU avsnue. V TNITED STATES PATENT OFFICB, U W asmi.sotoji.D. C.. May 7, UTS. On the petition ot WILLIAM BILLINGHU RST, of R <heeter. New York, praying for the extension of a patent graated to him on the 9th day of Au gni>t. law, for au improvement in Fishing Reels : It u ordered that the testimony in thecaee becluesd an the 3th day ef July next; that the time for filing argumenta and the Examiner1! report be limited to the wh day of July next; and that mid petition be heard oa the S3d day af July next. Any peraoa aiav oppose this extension. mfc-tnA MtTuRGGETT. Commissioner. lAPABLSE EitkS J REED A SONS. ?P '* 1*14 F street nerth???. REFR1GERATOKS.WATER COOLERS, Cream Fretsers. Gas Stoves, OU Stoves. Flntia* Ma cninea, at OGDEN 'S mIT St* Honaafurmshing Store. 314 Tth ?t. |)ATBNT SBLF YBNT1NG BEEB FAUCETS, for sale at Msaufactsrers Prices, via: IS Inches te Length. 11? ?? 1* ?? t'm 1* ?? PALMEBA GREEN. rM lw 11 Greene et.. Q^?rgetowa. D. C. I 1MK! 1.1 MKI ilXCI *BE8T WOOD BCBVT LlMlst #1 per barrel, gplivercd to all parts of thscto. THOMAS FAHEY.lOth stnst, mMm near La. avesiae. northwest. WTOPTdUr BEAPEB, bsfere M to too late. ? ?. ?1AAC * MR, WBOLBBALB AMD BBTAIL GBOCBBS, ISIS m Itun BOBTB {IHwmI aad Hate.) H*W BUTTKB ! HEW CHEESE t 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 HAMS. SUGAB CUBED HAMS 16c. PEE LB. 16 16 16 16 16 16 DOOABYB YEAST POWDBB. GBAHAM FLOUR OAT MEAL Becker's Wheaten Grits, Hecker's Farina, Bye Plour, Bvlrr Ti?ioc?, Sm?.MmIoc?, Durjft'l Corn Starch. Wax Candles, Cress A Blackwell'a Pickles, Col Biini Mustard, Stickney A P>>or'a Mast art, Olive Oil, Sauces, Balid Dressing. CINCIBNATI OLEIHE SOAP. Durya's Satin Oloas Starrh, Baker's Chocolate, Cocoa, and Cocoa Shells, Broma, Pruu'-s, Currants, Baiaina. MEDICINAL LIQUORS. Old Port Wine, Preach Brandy, Holland Gin. Blackberry Brandy, Pine Old Whisky, California Brandy. C. B. O'HARI A BO VI, B?ao-tr 1%13 7th at. n.w., between M and H. LVOH MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLE* r AMD TAX, USE PERRY'S MOTII AND FRECKLE LOTION, IT IS RELIABLE AND HARMLESS. PIMPLES ON THE PACE, BLACKHEADS AMD FLESHWORMS, USE TERRY'S IMPROVED COMEDOXE AND PIMPLE REMEDY, THE GREAT SKIN MEDICINE. Prepared only by Dr. B. C. PERRY, D.-rmatol a;i*t, 4# Bond street, New York. Sold by all Druu sis. ni?-t,th,.*.2m J?XTRA TIME LACK SACyUES. Just rerelved from Importers'auction an immense stock of BEAL LLAMA LACE SACQUES, in all sty lee, which will be aold extraordinarily cheap. This ia without doubt the finest lot of LACE SACOl E8 eret brought to the city. Call and aee them at CONNOLLYS, 60S 9th street, n? 5t* Opposite Patent Office. NOTICE.?All persons bavins claims against the late firm of P(TE A SELIQ80N are requested to presen: them to me within thirty days from this date, if they desire to participate in the dividend; and all in debt to said firm will please call and settle at once. H. H. BHADLKY. Assignee, At J. B. Dawsnn'a Wood ana Coal Yard, nil9-<t No. 1318 New York avenue. THE "LITTLE WORLD" WILL REOPEN on the 21ft of this month, at No. I*M?4 SEVENTH STREET, Bctweeu S and T streets. . HOSIERY, FANCY GOODS. NOTIONS. JEWELRY, STATIONERY, CHEAP TOYS, Ac , Ac., VERY CHEAP, AT THE n-19 tr "LITTLE WORLD." TREMENDOUS OVERSTOCK. HOUSE FULL. SHELVES CROWDED. COUNTERS STACKED. WILL Bi: SOLD MUST BE SOLD. PRICES DOWN TEN DOLLARS. FIFTEEN DOLLARS TWENTY DOLLARS. $ 10?Good Business Suit?S 10. $ Id?Better Business Suit?Sift. S^O-B st Business Suit?940. We are determined not to riik a surplus stock by waiting for the season to advance betore putting price*, down, and will therefor sell? A 513 Suit for ?10. A 9** Suit for S^ A 9*1 Suit for S'iO " WOULD I WERE A BOY SOME MORE. The aame course is being unreservedly pursued in oar Boys' Department, and we are selling? An School Bait for S4 A 6 1? School Bait for f 7 A Sift School u( Dress Suit for |10. THE ASSORTMENT BEING FULL, THE ASSORTMENT BEING FULL, THE TIME TO BUY IS NO IF. THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW. CALL AT ONCE CALL AT ONCE. WE MEAN BUSINESS. WE MEAN BUSINESS. BROTI FASHIONABLE TAILOBS, n.H-tr Oonwnn Tr? iW P Bt>i?t?. ftl BINE BOOTS, SHOES, ill AND " GAITERS, AT LOW PRICES. STRASBl'ROER BRO.'S, yob Seventh STREET, between I ASD K, Have now on hand a full line of BOOTS. SHOES, GAITEBS, SLIPPERS, and LOW TIE SHOES, for ladies, gent'a, and children's wear, which they will sell retail at wholesale prices. Children's and Misaes Colored Shoes, at manufac turers' prices. Ladies' low-price Gaiters and Slippers for house comfort, a specialty. Ladies' Slippers, from 35 cents to S3. Ladies' Gaiters, from SI to 83.60. G-iit's Boots, from 83 30 to 6ii. G' nt's Shoes, frrtm M 25 to 8? Please call and examine, and yon will save K per cent. STBASBURGER BKO 'B, ml3 1m 906 Beventh street THE ONLY GENUINB Middlesex Flannel Buits, thoroughly sponged and mads to order,to be had at A.8TRA US', 1011 Pa.ave.,near 11th. a38 NO HUMBUG,?L. 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Ul_ Must and shall be bold.-great SACRIFICES AT CAROS LOAN OFFICE AND BAZAAR, No. 014 Pennsyl- f9A \ania aveunev between 9tn and 1IXh streets VSillS BfCUUCt w?wwwu _1A '.???? The whole of the remaining stock in finest Gjid and Silver Watches, (Swissand American makes.) Gold Chains, Bings, Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Moalcal In strumenta must aad shall be aold prior to removing to my new store, Bo. 404 Pennsylvania avenue, under Batloaal Hotel. Yon save from 96 to 60 per cent , by baying here. Goods sold on instalments. Call and aee. It will pay yon. B<* member C A BO'S, No. 014 Pennsylvaniaavenue,between Hh and Wth streets. mla-tr /COHEN'S LOAN OFFICE, wnur afltk V mmd New Yerk s*shm, entrance on Bew a York avenue. The most private loan oMceJL-^a in the city. Money loaned at the loweet rate|# 9? of interest on Goid and Silver Watches, Diamonds. Plata and Plated Ware, Gone, Pistols.Ladles and Gentlemen's Clothing, Carpets, aad all articles of valne. afit-ly THB ELLIPTIC TOKB SBIBT to pronounced 1 by tnsnssnds of wearer* to he the perfec tion of elegance and comfort. The ayatem oUM| cottinnen ablee me to fit any form, or drformityBHl with abeolate precis ton. In the matter of ma?^^P ibTghV 0. mU-tr terials aad manufacture, experience enables ? Be to gnarantee entire satisfaction. J W.BBIGl WILL, No. 400 tth st, Washington, D. C. ml JHE BBW BAT10BAL *U WAJTT8. IVAITID-Twtlri or fifteen 6AB " rilTIU. Apply at 1999 C street. It* WANTED-A COLOKKD BOT at S?aton Hall U Billiard Saloon, comer ?th and Uw. 11* WiVTlD-i HUM*, who U Willi** to do ? cktabtrvork. Brfemcei rtqtirrf. Arplr at Ko. IOC I NrMt northwest. at Ko. 1011 treat ?wthwwt. _ WANTED?A (T'xxl confwti >ner ynta a SITU YY ATIOH. Apply at 4*9 Louisiana itnm, Imwwn ?H and < h a ndt l* r ANTED?? WHITE WOMAN to cook, wash w Iron at No. 91T 4* atreet, opposite the Board of Biiblic Work*. ni>->* VET'ANTBD?A married man of aeveral year* ex *" yrrii'Kr in the dry gi>ods and jmcfry bminfM wants a SITUATION aa salesman. B-st reference given. Address J., 909 I street northwest. ui20 3t* 1A7ANTED? A tidy WoMAN tor chamberwoi k; vY must be a good washer and ironar. AUo,a BOT to do dining-room work, at 1119 H ?treet, corner US itrwt. It* j WANTED?Bv an experienced nurae, a SITU ATION aa l?di*s'maid, or for any other sick- I n?ee, with the beat of reference*; 1TM F street, between 17th and 18th, northweat. It* %,VAHT1U>-A gaod 8BBTANT to cook, waah YY andiron for two ia family. Must come well rec mmended. Apply at 914 Pennsylvania avenue, ? between 9th and lotn streets. mK St IVANTID-TwogoodQABDBNBB8and FARM '? HANDS. Apply at the store of J.O. WIS W ALL ft CO., No 310 7th street, or to B W. CABTKB, Tennallytown. D. C. mXi-St ^ANTED? By a respectable white woman, a w SITUATION to cook waab and iron. No oh jection to go to the coautry. Good referent"* Ap p y at the Star ofllre between the honra of 11 and 11 o'clock on Wednesday and Thnraday. m2?-2t* : WANTED-A voting lady capable of ranning tli.- I " Wheeler & Wilson, Grov-r ft Baker and Singer Mschines is desirous of obtaining a POSITION as operator. Addreaa immediately OPERATOR, Star office 1T_ | WANTED?A lady desires to teach English branches, French, and Music in a private fam ily. Addreea "FANNY," Star office. m!9-3f | WANTED?A MAN that understands handling and taking care of horses, to g<> tothe country. Apply te B. II. 0. BOl'IS. No. 130j E !tMt, I northwest, ml9 St* WAN TED-A HOUSEKEEPER, to take charge of a single gen'lemau's lions*. a short distance from the city. Address Box A00, Alexandria, Vir ginia. m!9 3t* \\rANTED?A settle,! WOMAN to do ihe house vv work i f a small family. Rt-lererces required. Inquire at Silverberg's Dollar store, 314 7th street northwest. m!9 3t WANTED?A white or eolore,! WOMAN to do the general housework in a very small family. City reference* required, and good wages paid. Ap ply at 1461 8 street. ml9 2t * WANTED?A man to to in coi/nfry?A man to go to Laurel for one month, to do general and ? areen work. Apply at 1914 ljth street northwest, between M and N. uil9-.1t* ANTED-A WHl'.E WOMAN to take car. of a child twenty months old. Only those w th the best references,!]eed apply. Call from 10to 12 a, in., at 997 East t'apitol street. ml9-."l.* |\,T ANTED?In a private family, a mile north of " the Capitol, a steady WOMAN, to conk an-1 make herself generally useiul; mnst come well re commended. Apply immediately, 21st street, four doors south of H. ml9 3t* EM7ANTED? All those who value their sight to Y> know that the best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE'' in the country is accurately suited to the eyesight by H. H. HEM PLEB, the Opt ician, corner 4'? street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. ni> 19 ly* \Vr ANTED-A WOMAN to cook. Good refer " ence required. Inquire at 1103 M street northwest. ml7-3t* %V*ANTED? Immeiliately?A BOY thathMtom* *' experience at the coach painting, at No. 421 New Jersey ave. northwest. Gmxt wag>-s. ml7-3i* WANTED?A WOMAN to go to N>-w England for f. ur months to do general housework. Apply at 1515 H street northwest. mir 3t* VVT ANTED?A aober, reliable and wide-awake Yv MAN aa advance courier for a first-class ex h.bition. To save time and tronble, none others need applv than those haviug a thorough kuowl?dge of a No. 1 show biz. Call or address VALENTINE VOX, thia office, fur three days. ml7-3t* \^ANTED?A GIRL that can come well recom " mended; can call at 933 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small fam My. A pply from 3 a. m. to 3 p. m.. or 6 to 8 o'clock p m m 1ft-tf \VTANTED? PLl'MBEKS to kn>w that we are " Prepan-d to furnish them with all kinds of BRASS WORK, at 1006 C street northwest. WM. H. DOUGLAC ft CO. K B.?Brass Casting done daily. ml-lm* VULf ANTED?LADIES to take notice that M Plains *Y D E M AISON, of New York, has opened h<*r Millinery Parlors at No. 413 13th street nortli west a3) lai \lr ANTED?Immediately?Families or persons in v v need of first-classSERYANTSof every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good home* and b?*t of wage* by applvjngat the Eureka Employment Office, to Mr*. LOUISE C. BUTLEB, 407 Uth street, near E. *16 -m W/ ANTED?Every one to know that the VIOTOB ? SEWING MACHINB haa its nidi* ulf tu ciacjthe moat perfect shuttle in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 469 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Detn oreet's Pattern Emporium. ancSO ly T. W. SPICEB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. IOST?Somewhere In the vicinity of the Ebbitt J House, on the 19th instant, a pair of Emerald EARRINGS, tied iu a handkerchief By returning them to the clerk of the Ebbitt a liberal reward will be paid. m?-3t* LOST?A white aud liver colored Pointer DOG; about 9 months old A liberal re ward will be gi?en if returned to J. R , CASS1N, Apothecary, corner 7th *hd M' streets. ma>-<l? LOST-A CHASED GOLD BROOCH in the President's grounds. Saturday afiern?en. Pleaae return toN. W.KING,411 12th street northwest, and receive thanks aud suitable reward. ml9 2t* LOST-An unsealed LETTER ENVELOPE con taining a note written in pencil on a small slip of paper, with the addreaa also in pencil. A liberal reaard piaid for information in regard to the same and its recovery. Address Pjet Office Drawer N >. It. m!9 3t OOABD OP PUBLIC WOBKS, L> District or Columbia, Washington, April3,1873.

A reward ef FIFTY ( $6U) DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conyiction of any person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. a3-tf (Bepnh.Chron.J Chiet Clerk. I OST?On the 1st of March, on E street, between Li linh and 2d streets northweat, a BUBT RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. *09 M street northwest. ml PERSONAL. MADAM ALMORAD, a celebrated Clairvoyant Physician, has takeu Booms at No. 910 12th street northwest, and can be consulted from 10 a. m. to It) p. m. daily. Clairvoyant tests given. Medical consultations free. It* NOTICE. ? All persons having claims against JAMES JIBDINKTON are requested to send iu their certified amounts on or before June 1st, at which time a division will be made; otherwise they ma> be excluded b> law. mlS-eoftt* A H HERB. As?1-:nee. QO AND CONSULT MADAM DE GRAFF, the wonderful Seer and Clairvoyant; she is the aeventh daughter of the aeventh daughter; she can be consulted at 326 Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4H streets, for a short time only; she give advice on all buaine*s matters; tells how to recover lost or stolen property; tells of lovers, and even tells the name of the person you are to marry. Pees #1. All letters answered promptly by inclosing #1 and stamp. Hours from 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. ml4 12t* MEDICAL, &o. Elect bo magneto galyakic treat MENT for nervous diseases by PROF. G P EVANS, No. 437 Pennsylvania avenue, 2d floor, Geiieral applications, Mcspougv bath, 9Vc. hi 16 eclm VIRS. H. J. FRENCH, iTI Clairvoyant, Med teal mndTut Mtdtum, ou,b? seen a short time only at 7M 11th street northwest. Honrs Ircm 10 a. m to 7 p. m. int-lm **?TATUVOLENCE," OB THI WILL OUBB. O THB GBEATEST DISCOVEBY OF THE WOBLD. By it all diseases are cured. No medicines no laying on of hands. Taught by Mrs. J. B. EL T, 479 0 atre?t northwest. Jt|ADAMB WIUJJI, ^ PHI 8 1C I AMAH. D M II __ ?wiri, ran k* conrolMl on ail DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIB8 Residence and Consultatien, 011 9th tug between H aud I. Booma,Board,Medical attendance ftc.,at reasonable prices. Tapeworm retnoved wttl head in two honra. Befcr to patients suoceasfnllT treated in Washington ->o U 7 <%' M OMIT BETUBNED IP SEN RAO ML1X.JH PAILS TO CUBB Oil LLI. To be had of BRACE * CISSBL, corner Brttoi ai Washington streets,Georgetown, aadof GBOBGB H. ^j^T^y?j'Qo?n*f Vaw York aveaue ju>d Mtt Q I ? a 0 L D T^I ? N . Washih?ton, D. 0., April If, 1871. The copartnership heretofore existing bet we* Blphonzo Youngs and Wm. H. Sears, under the name and trmoTBLPHONZO YOUNds ft 00., to dissolved by mutual consent,the second term of such copartnership having thia day sxplred. The busi nesswill ha continued at the ol/stand (Masonic collect All iBooata due said firm. Thanking my friends and the public for their lib eral paironajte in the Mat, I would respectfully ?olicl . COM HUH of ZLrllUKS0 YODMOi. wonld take thia opportunity to thank my friendk and the pnhUc for their patronage, and cbeeafallr rec near Uth. (M JOB RENT AND SALB. (POE RENT-Well FURNISH BDBOOMS. el 713 r IDkitrMt.WtvtMOMdH m?3t* POK R**t-Witk or wtthout Botrl, two nafar * BOOMS oa the llrst floor,froat, at 1414 F Wwwi mil Mh ?trw<?. ??>' |V?R RENT-TW O 8TORE8 on Pennsylvania * ,V-?y- betw.** 12th and 13th str*e?, So. 1 **? and 1*92. ln<jalr*oatbepremi?es aJO 3t* F aAnM?NJIrTfcrM pleasant, anfarniahed w1i,h gas, ?t. Apply at *99 3d street.betae -a E aad P streets a. w. m38-e<>3t* FURN ISHED ROOIH, oa k ,h'rd floors; al?>, Table B ?ari c an L afreet, between 4th and 7th street* northwest, mlU-eoSt* KS& ^ f:,r r'ut J cor l.t, HOOSl F street. tiin^ rooms, with bath and ?,! ItKi niprorements; Urge yard and .table. inquire op prwnin^. mSu St* Ktwi?.^*T.Thrwfh,,,f,'^OTS on Meridian Hilt. C nJlW^B'* ?n IT*,00?,>'' Jw?. Apply to P. 8ALI OR RENT?Nine-mom BRICK. Mew two-story FEAMK8 and BRICKS. LOT on H wTFVrrwv t\\ AOT8 ?U ??r the city O R MILBLRN, 413 7th street. tnSO-St* |? OR KEMY?Furnished <>r uufuriiit.b<st. Wo.l 4 37 * 8 ?treet northwest. two-story. press.,1 brick front, six roobs, cellar,bath room, tr-nt porch, and yard of r.?es; few doors from Stat.' Department. Apply to present occupant. m30 lot Fi1 roni ,h* Iwh of June to Oct ber, a FURNISHED HOUSB of eight roo^s, with improvements. A rare chanc* for a careful nt' children. Inquire at 1344 ltth street, between H and O street* north went. mi> ? 3t * FOR RENT?Partly furnished or untarnished, -?V? '^^communicating ROOMS on second w?Ii7l Wltsb?taiid?; l.ath and .P.n.,he Avenue, between 19.h w ?-th streets, No. 1WI1. ' mSB-tt* pO? 8ALE?Very desirable BUILDING LOTS ?n v J.' . ?! ??"e'*, ?n<l New Hanip-hire, Rn7IK'nB "VJ_K,"H,e I?l*nd a?enue. MAURY * mku., Beal Estate and Insurance Broken, 1427 : m20-eo2w T?Three-story and basement BRICK ? *. f'irin*h?d, in g.w>d location, on 1 street ,orth?^st, tor fo,,r ni .n<ha. Rent very low BOHRER, 7th street, opposite p.*t Office D partment. m30 eo3t? I'OR SALE? At a bargain, another of tli >se teat " two story BlilCK HOUSES,seven rooms, water and ea?. n< rth side of F street, b-t ween 12th aad IJ'h ?treet*; lar^eiot; easy terms; rare chance; call and XSL b** "Eown. B H. WARNER. * 7tt> street. niDO M F*!!ti??^y~T,i1' "fw FRAMES, vary neat and * .?iTTt?3 * Lawrenc stre? t,b-tw<-en 18th ^ *nd ? an<* S streets, one sguare froni street ilcV A I Knl'v* >'ei*hWorho.Hl Apply to WIL TtrJ-t v ?wL,ll',k,'r Merchauta, cornar4th 8tre??t and new 1 ork avenue. nili-Sv FV He? ELG HOUSE, with press UW 'lr<^k,fro?* ?n<l marble trimminKi, No 1A07 Kb-nle Inland avenue, between 16th and 16th street,, tlie reaidenceof the First A??i?tant Postmaster Oen eral for the paat three and half yeara. Inquire 140'J 14th street. The above h n-e has recentb be?-u paiated ontaide and grained walnut inside, and put in perfect order mSU^t I^OR SALE-AT A BARGAIN- " F J RAM? HOUSE, 10 Rooms. Wo. oJ4 12tli street northwest, in*ar Agricultural * ?AA r Department. Lot 34(100 feet; side and back all?y. ,rice, S34IW>?oue-fourth cash; balance <!. 12 an<l ISmontlia. MATTINGLT & WHEKLER. ni201w aoa ?-h street, near K street. t'OR SALE?BRICK IIOUSK. on P?niis>Itania A avenue, betw<-en isth and 13th stieets; haa four More Rooms, aril otherwise a most splendid Imsiuess property. Will be t*old cheap. A Sue chance for an ?leffMit lliTeMtment. FOR SALE?Thr-e new aii-rAoni BRICKS, 13th rtr*?t; three out of sixao!d. WM. II. MINN1X, ii:3u-3t No. 003 lfitli street, corii'-r F street. L'OK KENT-FURNISHED ROOMS for house" 1 keeping, at 1012 3th street, between K and L strata. ml9 3t* Ri;^T-'rom June Lrt, lanje, second-story ? > RONT ROOM; ga?, stationary wakhstand. I'Slli.Ac. 704 8th street northwest. ml9 jt* . IVOR SALE-Very desirable BUILDINti LOT rTr a sale, on west side of 16tli street, opposite Scott S-iuare; X by 1?J0feet. Apply 1A4& M street, be tween 16th ami 16th streets northwest. ml9 Iw* ^OR SALE?A nent six-r(?jni BRirK HOUSE, S. ?.front >ar'' nicely terrac?-d DYER A P , Rt' ? Pennsylvania avenue, over Mil liurn's Drugstore. ml9 lw T?Very desirable six-room HOUSES; a all modern conveniences- close to market and iloV.i?2? T/ '"""th. THOS E WAGUAMAN, 0 1? 7tli street. mja P^S~R^T^5andZT^i7 iurnisliei] spit OF a KOOM8,south front, opp.>site B ?tanical Gar den: delightful locality for sumui-r; bath and wa?er closet adjoiniiig. Penn. avenue n. w. nil92t* ^""OR RENT?Two or three very pleaaaat comaTu i .,.,,caJln? ROOMS, with every convenience, In cluding bath. Location central. Apply at 707 ath street, above Patent Office. ml!>-3t* ('OR SALE?HOl'SE No. 11:1 J.) street. G<*orge town; eight rooms, bath rmm, gas and water Lot 27 feet b> 12U 82JUU? fl.uoo casn. balance ft 25 re* month; or a reduction for all cash. Apply *17 Market Space. ml9-? F'Ofc SALE?A new BlilCK HoVSE. containing seven rooms and hall, with modern improve ments, located on loth street, between N and 0 streets. Apply to No. l'ili Vermont avenae. be tween M and N streets. Terms liberal. ml9-3t* slimmer prices. For people remaining in towa during the summer this is a splendid location, being convenient to hotels and cars. Well ahad<-d and *lnr ml?lm I^OB SALE OR EXCHANGE ?An unimproved. 1 unencumbered FARM, of about 300 acres,situ ated on the Manassas Gap Railroad, convenient to three railway stations. Price, ?30 aer acre. Apply to JUAN BOYLE A CO., Bell rfTtate and fioti Brokers, No. 609 I5;h street, epposite U. 8 Treasury. ml? 3w FOR RENT- Furnished or unfurnished ROOMS single is several connected; pleasant for sum mer; aU conveniences: 13U1 New Torkav. mI7-3t* I^OR RENT-Permms wishing BOOMS for house A keeping can be accommodated at 1414 G street, between 12th and 13th. ml7-3t* ffOR RENT-A suite of FURNISHED ROOMS on 2d floor, bath room, 4c. Apply No. 420 3d street, between D and E streets northwest. ml7-3t* FOR BENT-Six unfurnished BO0H8, In house H DONALDSON, Dentist. ml7-3t |^OB RENT?A new three-atorv BRICK HOU8B, E containing IS rooms. No. 313 12th street west, near Penns) Ivania avenue, can be rented on apali cation to No. 3{|1< 12th street west. nil7 M* IVOB RENT?A large HALL, suitable for school 5 ir.cJ "rrl1 purposes. Inuuire on the premises, No. bl4 N street, bet ween #tn and 7th streets north west. mI7 3t* F'OR RENT-BKIOB UOl'SB No. 1?19 fth street Lortliwest, 10 rooms, with m<sjern Im E22*SSS??- 10 JOSEPH F. KELLEY, 9Qil 8th street nerthwest. ml7-3t l^OR RENT?Very desirable HOl'SR; gas and * . ?*ter; French r<?of; close street cars-Ill*51 12th street. TBOS. E. WAGGAMAN, HH 7th st reet. ml7 3t F IVOR KENT?A n?w BRICK HOUSE, 11 rooms, r with modern improvements, situated on I, near 4:h street. No. 601. Apply to MAURY A BRO., No. 14V7 F street ml7-eo3t |V"R SALE?New BRICK HOUSE, 7 rooms and E hall; modern improvements; 1104 tth street northwest, between Mew York avenue and L street. m!7-lw* L/OK RENT?Not far trom the Trea?ury, a four P room new BRICK HOUSE; ?15 per month; possession given the 1st of Juue. lu.juire 644 Louisiana avenue, between 9 and 3. myl71m F'OR RENT-The BBIClf"BOUSB Mo. 37 H, a little west of the Government Printing Office: contains 7 rooms, with Latrobe, h-* water, bathroom, 4c ; nearly- new and in good condition. Apply to R. 8. PARKS, 7 K street, or at room 116 Patent Office. ml7-?t* F'OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY?A FARM ef 30 a'res laud, 3 miles from this city. on the Baltimore and Poto mac railroad; 2uo fruit trees on the place. Price 62.600; A600 casn, balance on long time. Inquire by mail of J Z., Washington, D. C. ml7-3t* F'OR SALE-Six or eight desirable BRICK HOUSES, situated between K and P and 7th and 12th streets, ranging In price from 64.000 to A114M). Also,several small FRAME HOUSES in stiliie locality: price from AljfWO to ?4 JM. Inquire r f JOSEPH k1. KELLEY, Real Estate Agent, N v 903 8th street northwest, between I and K streets. m!7-3t |V 0 B SALE. We offer for sale for a few <Lars a Urfe number of HOUSES, LOTS AND FARM!4, among wLlch are the following, affurdiug the best bargains to be bad in market: A two-story Frame Hotue; 8 large rooms, bath room, cellar, closets, water, gas, Ac , all complete, built by the owner for hia own uae^on a lot 21x1 WH feet, in one of the beat locations in the city: price A4JUU, on easy terms. A two-story Frame on Island; T rooms, comer lot, with frait and shade trees; f3,UU>?$1,000 down and ?60 per month S?ven or eight very two-story Press Brick Fronts, la different locationr; 7 rooms, bathroom, water, gas, 4c., ranging from 63^100 to ?4,800, on easy terms. Several neat two-story Frame Houses, a roams, bathroom, water, gas, Ac., at from ?3,000 te #2>*>. A line three-story Press Brick Front;# rooms; all com plete- 66,000, on easy terms. Alse, a ntunber of flrat-clasa Houses, at various prices, in different parts of the city?very cheap. Several desirable Building Lots and ?neIy improved small Farms near the city. OKO. tlCMDILL * CO., m!7-3t* Ileal Estate Brokers, ftlft 7th st. OR BENT?Summer BE8IDENCE. Houae with ten rooms, high and healthy,. good water, gar den, dairy, chicken house, stabling for horse aad cow, fraits of all kinds Included; near station. Fare 18 cents ??r day per quarter ticket. Apply to G. W. C188EL, 880jTtn street. m!4 4t* FOB 8ALB-B9U8B Mo. 1447 Bhode Isl?td svenue' two-story and basement primed brick, baa south front 21 feet; lot BxHO. Price |4JM, 62v000 cash, bal. easy. Inquire on prsmiaea. ?B4t' FOB SALE?16 LOTS Bear Connecticut aveaae circle; 3 new 7 room HOU8B8 oa SPth street, near 8 northwest; 30,000 FEET of GROUND on Mth street aorthweat. Address NORTHWEST, Star office. mil tf FOB BENT-HOCSB N?. M8 Mth atrsst, be tween H street and Pennsylvania avenue north west, containing eeven rooms, bath room and cellar. Gaa and water. Apply to JAMB8 W. BABEBB, 1106 H street northwest. ml3 2w FBB BENT?A ten-room three-story BBIOK HUOUSI; all modern lmnrovemeaU; situated oa 11th street, between ? and H northwest. Inquire at 1103 M street northwest. aB-lwa F%i*iVo\S!'IranS,S5S3f02 Uniontown, containing eight roons, wn a More room; agnod place for baaiaaaa. Apply to B. ? MARfrra, Uniontown,P.O. m?-13t? IVOR RENT-A HOD8B in the coat^y,3* ?U? a" from the Navy Yard, wmmt Good Hope, 1>. C. containing aifM rooans. For particulars apaiy to TOB RENT AND 8ALR. o- rs:"T teKETyE.0,, BlM0 "*? o/o MrSML?tJ^B Kh tLS^T^"11 * MOCTEBE *fob JTJ** hA^#rK^' tyT?h gv& h,a^? a>UCh * tbr uric* nvi o?, mi rvm?, t)i ^7,. iTJTv ?*Dt?, o? H street. M.r^, JJ'JP ?j0??-| BKS^SRSsSS 1 '?c'",'i?jf ?rcb?rt. ^ J. j^. WmT.M. M1>MI,Mj i?h ?treet. ""' " OPP?ltethe Tre?nrr k'OE RENT?An elegant HIKIK SIatTaT i ?tli*f, leht. Long Island. opposite Fir* laland Lifit-kw!? contain. 16 ro-?w. well AnkM fer a first cIm family; with everv oopt.nirnc- for housekeeping, an boar and a halfr ride from Mow York, and tfcV 32S3C ^ frow the depot; market, ac boats, chnrrkM, atorf?, p.wt office oloee at hand, fln r .ad ?alt water, fiabit.^, boating. atable am owwugatioa^ in^t a"I KST* ?'hou"' ???4 ??"?>. "bade and flower bed* For t-nno appl? to ?,*? WU TVLIB.YlB Uhitnw. pilO eolOl Washington ritj.D C. K?*, ?**,*" *??r ?rI EOOMSTfr.titiTif il JfSj'S fBft* two Communicatiu*, >n first L~k *'*1 i?? d,tu> aecond floor, with large mm. ?*"?' ,n h'>0"*. excellent for a ^ who w,.nld wi?h to n?e one of the EEmZ* **r,or- Btferencea required. Applj at frU?aide"~f/BtlhS KKBIDEWCK-Th. ^ raeT. wITlf , t.K.. b' . J*'.' M Adier. on u fb *k"?* ?"? A row of Lawd. ***** "2?L!?P' F"OK KENT?Valuable BI"81N K8* 8T a NiMkM atory. r?c<n ?u?u feet, Lo. " ana avenue and 7th street, alao, or VICES o..W ond floor. Apply on pnanaes, or at 4^3 p ,lr uortnweat. bmfon 11 a m. 4,J JL*!?* on B rented F?* Vr?t TRADE D. *?HT-Th^ floe alolDIalB, known m"|u(I? ^^ttatjiM the m. pike road to V3to' Cl'orch. one-half jaile from the Aqueduct Bridft>, Georgetown, D.C. There la a fine new double house, two-?tor> and rrench roof, with thirteen food r<H>ua. celiac, bath room and watereloaet. with ?ewer,bay window, ran re, hot and cold water, large tree# surrounding the bouse, a food Dam with four "alia, carriage hoase, rrainery,and hennery. There are five acres of (round well fenced, with fruit treea, f rapes, ?c.: two good wella of water and a aprinr I offer thia property for aale, or trade for city proper ty, improved or nntmpnved, or for laaae for a terta "I J^ara. Parties meaniar bnaineaa will be ahowa TenJple ' callln* at F atreet, Maeonic aat-?w (Kept! PniL. H. WELCa. |V?K KENT?May 1st, with board, two connectini '5?1" BOOMS, with hot anl cokl water. B>*rd bouJ^JO*7*b rt'reSt* Moderu conrenieac^fn from tha Pennsylvania avenue and r street tittssssaj?s Lmo^tnirf^^ Cellar#. In^nire U??L lilDOK BROS., feed dealers. 6th and O. af lm or Unfurnished Ru<>MS, a, ?? ?? front; auitable for hooaekeeainr AddIv XI I* Pennsylvania .venue apn fm a back . Parlor furniahed aa a Bedroom, and two ol><aa ''?ck and front, on aecond atory, iu an eliriblyjlocated Dwelling on I atreet, near Hh- will r:nt^ ??n. termato gentlemen only ?M*? ' ri?1 Bep"blican efllca. FOR SALE. sale chkap?a i2 horke phu'&* u r CPKIC1IT UUIi!eK a!?1 KNuiMcPinV?. l na^i? KOBEBT PUBTNEB* Alexandria Brewery. /'HIBCH OKOAN FOR SALE-Tke ORGAN rl nrl h in U?e V"" N T A vt-uue Preab) terian t hnrc h is v tiered for rale at alow price. The In rtmnM-ut ia a go.?d one, made by Krt.en,aul ia in con p>te order. It s.,1,1 to make way / t a li'ie <rgoii, aud application tbould l>e male at once to ?Au FITCH, Treaatirer n.?n tt UO# Pa ne t,?PP. Treaaury. n.ZU 3t Freednn-n a Bank Building. PA^E?H AND CAKT. good as new; will be fb?a?- JJmn be aeen at the northaeat cor ner ot 11th and M streets southeast ml9-St' K?sf- S0f^A11T a"<| uak tvZT I ?tiii M^h . ^ ?"M ch?.Bp Iu.juire ? No '"*<> tltb atreet northweat. tulS St* ^ ^ FOB 8AI/E?Jnat received, a line lot^oMIORSES 5rS1 Yir?l^ ' aoaongst them ae\ -rv pnl ptiri, At 311 Gth ktrept. JNO.T. price a bbo ISaiV^JTs1! fALE?Uw^MI light red and lou.oiiii Salmon Brick. Inquire of JaMES HANE P., PLEMANi^'30^7,h?L?i'" Br?d*?- or AP rLEjiAn x CU., JOB HIh atr?-t northw^it.mHH* tkniture and carpets fob ^y"p'0cUe*P' on ??asy terms. Addreaa A H. 8., Dili jJt FcAB0*E"i^/H?02 <^BE ,ud COUBTEfiTit F^?apok* C'HEAP-(% d.-w BL'TrHERs Mree^?AorthwJ",1U,re ?"? M^kSU ????*?> mi/ 31 ^ALE?Cheap, two new COt'NTEBS, North P'ne, Oiled, 9feet each; also, PARTI TlOJf, at Store, corner of Cth and A afreet- aouth ' ni!7-3t* Fi'OB SALE?One aaau of handaome yottnr and thorough bred BLACK MI LES. ??srii SoSSV lDi*.hJKb Alao,, one flue DKAJtI^ UOKaE, and three flrat claaa CARTS a n U lw |?.,i y- Mi'ENIQHT. Pennaylvania avenue. IjlJODA WATER APPARATUS FOK SALE. Btfb^T'wATltltVppYwiV???1 T''nD'*?^, Marble DTirVa anH ^ J1 ** manufacturer^ ?hM? *M,Til.Sl,iKl'hu<1 ones token in ex &E?o k^Tr4teh^r??,u ^ 8l-' Foun 114 lm* l'ALMEK I 6REEN. G?wrg?town. M fgstvs?!, "?a ltTi>4inch?sA*i-hKG,Na *nd HBAT*B, cylind- r la it ?nnia'^?? P>w,r; OD* b Tiaontal TUBU '.** BO LEB.4 feet diameter, 13 feet long,all com K i, A*-0! Niagara Steam Puma, Shafting Pul wIrD tLVl??dH0,ber iSf *D. ???J?L*CBt B 1< OR SALE?SMALL FARM?A place four milna . uort heaat from thta city, coniaiuing a acrna about one fourth in heavy timber. The uuprove menta conatat of a doable Frame Houae, In g"!og order, with all the necewary outbuildiuga.Sn. laSing an ice bouae, foil of ice. Plenty of goo3 m nto ?o.'tIerVJhuudred frnit treea of the b^tvarieUM V ill be aold on eaay terms, and eit* _. . . ? ? ^ IQia Pennaylrania atenue )-* OR SALB? Juat arrived, Su head of Terr fln? r Dntint and Draft HORDES aoanefaatT? yHuStTLW ?spsrsi.'y &i,rsr..fes York avenne, betweantth and 7th atreeta. m3 Xw* 000 flrrt cl?? ROSES. Climb AT ?IV?TE RARinS#ll^! Copntry Residence called "DCN r {o T*'nnallyt?wii, abjut 2>h AS ?it? a ^ ^biofftou, D.C. iJSTJUSST Stu!bm sb,,nt tw^t7-thr^6 acre? of ^ v ^ y a mmn^ion h<?ti*e coataiuinc *\*b ei* thaBot???^?jrw ?ln*" cottagea, oue containing ?*, the other three rooms, ice house, barn, Ac There ire seven acre* of grapea in bearing, pears peacbea and other frniu. peari, ,h<" '? ???? of the flneat in the UMMU*. Any one deairing a tine country residence would do well to call and examine thia property Iftha place ia not sold by the lat of June liieMan ?n n Houae will be for rent during the aeaa- >u Forterma apply to PIERCE SHOEMAKER ***"" ? near Pieroa a Mill. Khai?la<.mely matched pair of BAT K MAREs; kind, gentle aud atyliah. Also rx. HaSSIm'W|Jm #ILY CAHRIAOE and 5^5? dAKHEbS. Bold for want uf use. Can b^ZQS it KEATING A CO.*8 Stables 209 2111 ^iS and WlA llth street nuiThwe?' oSe Jllij aoutb of Pennaylvania avenue. gMCKcOTrorilLE SIT .? DODO* * DABNEILLB, i17 tf I4ST F atreet. BOARDING. R?XI? a?T0 ?.BBT, with or without Boaid. No. oOb Massacbusetf avenne. m9u etift" ^Ot'NTBT BOARD.?P. raona wishing the beat fm'StHT Board can learn partt. ulant by call ing at 13S1 F street. .?*? ?? F tK'Hu R?0MS FOR PERMANENT~OB BOABDEB8; aiao, 1 ABLE BOARD, 811 E atreet, between && and 9th north wat. lUli PROFESSIONAL. JAMES O. CLEPHAJfE- E. E. BRAILET CLCPHARI k IEAILIT, SHORTHAND WRITEBS A LAW BEPOKTERS. Office?No. 110 G street, betweaa 1st aad ad. .U.. f ?!Ua.a ?w^aa? * TTr - facing Indiana aveaoe. mhSl J OHM W. MANNA. .. _ _ attormbt-at law. Bo. I Toaag's Law^Bulfcllag, |^BW DK8I0BS FOB LADIES' AND CH1L ? DBEN8' DRESSES AT ?BE. a. H MArBEES STAMPING DEPOT, ?iU-tr EIT 7th streat. jy| 0. LDTTBELL. C. A. PCNBltOTO M * LtTTEELL * DCIIIIIllflTOR, AMtfetHrs mmd CmbImIm Bmhtata, ?IT La. ATa.,bat. 9th aad 10th r . _ . igiTea to the i of Baal r ?KtSntiaat?, vm&mmim WotfUa MEN have ao aaaea at ItTpasU' (1A B08LNHH OHANOBS. *i?o .sur.v:? y,~ ? rsray -,w ????--? vr $5^ooI?5^^55rE5SS in hand. J flll.KAST MLAMKMAI. < BaiMma. 1.SI b atr.?-t and M-a V rk av-tiwe w?*a>" I ^TOCK. FIETlKESaml LtA>E ?? tbe Or?rerr ^ anl Lwanr St. r? K" SH4 7th atre?* aontb- aet, (Mill new MM( aiark-t. f. r *??? i k??| , iMi> (Ml"n reaaon* 1?* Mlin. F?v firt??r m ti? ul?>? Il.g?lf> "* >h? i ?I?. w> >' I I^KAI EMATI tir'Mfr* I ?t OFFEB THt FOLLOW IBG BAE<. HNS IB I RKAl KdTATl. Vtr THAT riKF LOT en 11th .treat, betw-ea M %. aarhaaetta >im?> and ? * fee. by l?M. iaiproved bv ? w w ?. *? ?? - ? ? - --- - -???? -i m ? -i r. ?-!. *.' i"< I'f It*1 I*" . iaiproted by a BKIi H COTTAGB ?(< r.?n>.<? aiiuated UU. auawr Inr ? I*. k-, Ml g?v In* r"?? for another rt?i.l.-iir< ii the *ib , al>a4e Jj~ 'J*" tre?w; aoM d-*irabb ^rof-11 y Pi u-e, A FIBB SCILI'lNu SIT t: *xU7 IM ?a K atreet, H?rf? Senator tk-rau'i m?I Jutn* Nwar iw'i. afgaaMe Franklin square \m+<n, s Mr-1 at-<n * 'ottage rontalilnc V rmaa and Km --- |rT rent at fii p- r ni nth, can be b i|ht f.r vi'a? r f Ihffr'tim alone. THE THKEE >ToBY BBICB Hot'SB** I** C * r?ft D"rtkra*t, within lao ?ittr?t <4 Ikr I'tfi tol, containing rifkt roeiw -flia II.h?c- parbw, d.a i( r<a aad kit. h--t . , nd i >.*r ?anting bnl r -tan. bath r.^an and water r|.i*i third S.? * ? t?<< b. d room* an?l hall chaml er. Pi lOe. *.? Jtk> TUB THBEE vTokff BBHJk BEMDESD'E. with two-atory bark building. S ? 4a- M atreet. Mafti F. and F. containing t-u r<>oni< and bath* ro ni ? f tret flo?r?tw.> pat l ir?, dmina room nag kitchen, arroad llo*?r???.' larit" rh?iil? r?, ??? ?mall chamber*. and bath r?.ni with water rl.aat; third floor?two lar?e chanil-eri. t'-llar und?r train b.u? Hav window in parl< r Tw i Lvtt -ba ?it 'Tea. Lo-?i\9H feet. Str?-t tmprox ??nc-iit? com |M^ and i*?id for. Price, ff 7jSft, ?hi favorable ""that FINK GBOCWD at tli?fWf.4M and K oat iac 174 I .ft oa the fna tiam?d ?tt.-H. w Hh a d pth cif ? f.-t" The ?tie- i i? Hn?Mr im prn?>4 witli w<Hg.-n pa>ement, aeaer and park at the nid'-. niakingon*' "f the (ln<wt Irailding ?ii"? f.?r ? r*>w of rottagea in the whole eitf. Priw.Hilf M ceuta per f?<>t. FITt H g FOX. K a! K?tat. Itr >k r?, UOI Pa. a*- nne. ?i#' "<>st (Kep?rh(] Ft i-'dman'? Kank Bmid'g T? KliTuCB. w |ix, and flXTI BBS ?>f a F<tif> G'?d? and K db>t Btotv for anla ? heap. :<?"? C atreet. bet warn >| and ?tli atr -eia n. rtheaat.Capitol Hill. ni" ?? ' F^OB "ALB-ItRlG and rKBgcBirrioH MTOKE, rare chanc*. Pi ice #!>?'. parl^^T .n>h. I alaiK-e on tiMe. A ljreaa. with name. W . 1. 8 , Poat Offtre. ml* ?? V MOKFT ? OBSTABTLY oK BABO To LOaI ou real e*tnte, in autii* In auit UBO. TBL'IlKI ELL * CO . mvl? ltn* Be?l Ca'at-- Brok*r?. A|A7tli at. V"8MALL SI'M OF MHNKT will pnrchaa- the a\ 8TOCK and FIXTl'BE8ot n ?roc*ry. In an excellent n>'ighb<>rbo.>d. rent very low. Call early and aernre a bargain, corner llih and M atre^a nortbweat. ml" >t* F-UH SALE?The uotfT> WILL and FIXTI BBB vfaOBOl'EBT 8T'?BI doing a ?.?od baaiaawi. Addreaa H. ?. P., Star office. Term* m da rt*. aaW-Sw" Real estate loab!?-money to !.?? t? aiinw and for length of time to ault. n 19 lot B H W ABNEK, TgH 7th atraat. FOB 8\LE?LEASE, GOOD WILL and PIE Tt'BESof a Livery Stable, la one <4 the beat iTntion* in the city, and no* dome a fine buelnaaa. For particular, apply to LA TIM KB g CLEABT, An. tlone- ra. Ac., Mar Office Bnildln*. %| OBEY TO LOAB.-Wa now hava the foliow i"I i'ig ?am? to loan on g?>d r>-al eatate aecuritf: ? umw. #io??. #:aw, ****<?**?*> bobebW g Br BE, mil Ct* 63(1 and 63S F atr?nt. near l'??-nt offina tUBiT~CLAS9 BKAL BbTATB FOB sALB AND BEIT MONEY TO LOAN 4 tirat rlaaa Fnrui?h?d Bonwa on H d.. t?t nf lath. 1 " ?? Hoiiae, No. gjarkaon P1 a< -, t ura'd ?rant I on E , Wtwet-n Uth and Llth, tnrnialied 3 on 1. " 17th and 1Mb; aab- and rent 1 on F, " 1sth and l?-h; for aale. 1 ou O, " ISth and 19th; rent, furniaheg lou4<ii. ?' I> and Ej '? " Ion H, " Ctli and7th: ?? " 1 <>n >1. " 12'h and l.t h f.M t, o.rn.-t II and Uth; fl ;? ta< Oti sah. be*we?.u M and N. 6.iaw.>n stb. Ie tw?-en p an.l y. 2 new Brick Houeea, U. b?-tween 9th and l?*h,f >r ?al* I largi Bri. k. on F, between 12th aud Uth, f >r<ala. Large and valuable improved property, F,c ?r 14th. K> w Brick. with furniture, N Y av ,n- *? l"th, -ala J -torj Brick, with furniture. H, b"t ISth and l?th ft. .d (jr.'Uiid on N Y ava . near IMh. aale II .t>14 ft. bround. on l&th, led. L and II. . * rent*. I BvUUft Ground, aquare 5M. (Iv cent*.I 6r*k' ft Oround, 1. near 16, <2 I The Wilkea prop-rtv , near Tapitol, for aala or rant. \ alliable Lot on I3tli. near F, f<>r aale Alao, Njnare aouth of 196. A lao, property in all part* of the city We buy B"al K?tate for caah, manage, rent, ang sell Propertj eti < ri.ii.i--i.-it Hon- ? t.- loan uilu e.-at KENNEDY A SON. 7*0 Mthat. I^OB BALE?Fow InM-claaa BBK'E HDl'HEb, r two a<iunrea from Capitol Park, aud the A^k ? atne to the new F.aetetb Market, FS and cloae to the Pennayl?ania avenue atreet K& cara; well located, tbaae houaea are well-built, ten room* each. (??, hot and cold water, and -ewer. Tentu eaay. Iihjuira en the pmaiaaa, 31* C atrwat aontheaat. a?-lni* L OB SALE?The STOCK. GOOD WILL aaS " FIXTCBES of the Mltlinery and Fancy Stora, No. 7#7 Market Space, be* 7th and ttb ata. i .rth areat. |a22 trl E. LENZBEBO g CO HIONKY TO LOAB OB BBAL ESTATE, IB i"l auma to anit. for fmm one to Are yewra MOL'BSB A MII'PLETON, apl> Iw III lgth akreat. \r A LIABLE FABM FOB SALB OB BE CHANCE FOB PBoPEBTY IB THIS CITY A UhkAT BAKUAIN ?327 arrea vary auparlar land, eaptcially for t*baooa; large new Tobadth Barn. l>wellihg. Tenant H >uae and outbuildi^a: vineyard of UK) Concord grape vtnaa, ia bearing aaa trelllaagj Uv acrea valuable timber, balance araMa and well fenced, near Guinea'* hiati -n, on K F ? P B. B in Spotaylvania county. Va Pnoa, aaly 86,.a?. B. A. PHILLIPS, apl7-Bn 10S Weat atreet, Georgetown, B. O. RA BE CHABCB to parchaaa a g<Md BTOSB m# UWELLING cheap, near new marhat, M at, No. 17 IS. Price ?SAB.tennaeaay. HAMILTON 4 PEABSOB, Btf T. M. 0. A. Building.>tb and D?ii. DRY GOODS. |?LACK SILKS OF ALL 0KA1>K5, NEW DKESS FABBIC8, Llama Lace 8a< <jn*a. Parabola, White Gikifc, Piijaee, Chintxea. P? rcalea. Lawn-. Organdi?a, Lia eu?, Ac. Black Grenadiu?a, Al|>acaa, Mohatra, Ta nu-e. English Crape*, and other Black G-.eda. oatinga. buitiMr. Clotha, Tw??l?, Dwcha, Drilling*. Flanntfi aM*~ Navy Blue" Fabrtca. gVTable Iianiaelca, Sh?etiMg?, Pillow Liuaaa, Napkin* ConnterpMaa*. Towel*. Do)Lea. sy One Price OiSy.dn plaiiAgurea. BOGAX Ir WYLIK, n'17 tr 101 "and lt?ao 7th atreet nortbweat I^UK MODOC WAR IIaa not ia the leaet interfered with BttLFvRD ft hBILBERtt'l Piocuriug their u*ual attraction* in DBY OOODh For a| ring and summer wtar. Ladiea ahonld bear in mind that thi? ia the biat andch*ape?t eatabliahui. ut aouth of New Y >rk te tit.d aach g<Hid* a* Plain and Striped Japatinae Hilka, Foularda, Black and Colored Silka. B,a- k and C d oreg Striped Crenadinea. CBn>-? P plma m all ahade*, aiugie and doable w idth H -raauuiea. A lull line Mourning Goods. THE OBEAT SPECIALTY, LLAMA LACt JACkkTS AMU POI\TS All the noveltiea in SI N SH ADES aud PABASOLS. Domestic* In large variet<, and man? other arti clea, too tiiimerotia to mention Pel a- >na that value their dollar* and out* *h"all not fail to call at tliia houae belore purchaaiug elaa ghwa. Bemetnber WTHE ABCADE, U.17 tr 4*7 7th atreet, between D ana E, 8 W. ||BL?UCTlON IS 1'KICRs AT THE ABOADE Owing to the backwardtKwnof the aeaaon. and hav it.g a larger atock of CABPETS on hand than a-ual tor the time of year, are MONDAY. Mar 19.|i, make a genetal redaction iu price on all CAB PETb in the bonne. Our at) lea in Engliali Tap?try-, Engliah 1'igralaa, Aniertcan Ingralna aud Imitaiiub Brtuael* cannot be excelled anywhere. A large atock White and Check Matting* in atom at loar figurea. Window Shade*aud Future* Now i* a fair opportunity for honaekaepera to pce enre a nice Carpet for a llttie money. U OLKOBD ft SHICBCfta. n.17 tr 4S7 7th atreet, between D and B,B. W. Lmen,7uc .Towei*, fl 2?aerdoren. Black'Silk at ?, ParaaoTa, wc to ^9. Doyliaa.Tfc. Cr dosea; Black Alpacaa. Mc. to fl. Victoria 'Wn, 22. , Llalag Cambric*, loc , printa, ft ? Bleached Cottoa, He. All kinda of dree* aooda at tha loweat marhet prtcea, at BBODHEAD A CO*. P ii III i Uth aad Ikh. aill-tr II |^BT GOODS AT PAMIO PBICB8. Great bargaina In DBY GOODS fraaa the Bew York and Philadelphia aactiona Drea* Grara4laaa at 4, M and 1XS centa per yard; a beaa.ifal liaa o4 DraaaGooAa at laaa than importer*' aricea; BtrlpaB Swiaa at Be. a yard, worth Mc., Biay Linen at a vaap low price- Striped Yueemite at ftc., arwfth 4ft.; >ah lot Lace Cnrtaiaa at BSJ4 a piece; a liaa of heaakt lul Paranoia at richt pricaa, a law Liana Uaa Shawla at half pnoa _ EMOBY BAXTBB. aM-ly 1 ?*Q PeaaaylTaaU avawaa UD1ELY WONDBBI BBTEB CBAIB.-AS O wool Maa'a Suit, la throe different ahadeafar n^aaa of ?8, at A. STEAL'S', h?ll Pa. the trim ava J^OCT WOBDEBFLL JKTEBT10^J)F TBB J. Moaea' BleetTa-GaKamcSrBClA-'^^^^^' CLBS, Patented J are j. uB. Poaler in Bo. SBS Pa. ave.. bat. 4th and Ma. TV rssr Yta",,!1/!?0 WbESPAlB^lfyoaha^a 1, for caah, at 4ha

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