Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. ? I *ND CJ D1S DBOPOSALS FOE WEOCOHT AMD CAST '1 IRON 1T0RK FOR THE BBW JAIL, DIS TB1CT OF COLUMBIA. Biw Jiii, DiimcTof CoLcaiii, I Office of Soperiatendent, Mar 8, Urt.f WROUGHT A!U> CAST IKON WORK. m Bealed Proyli will b? rwtlTrd at the office of (h* SoM>rlii*tiilroi antll 12 m, Jen T.M73, for ffcraiahng. delivering. fitting, and putting in dace the Wrought and Oast ironwork m exhibited by tbe Dr>* in. described in the Specitcatious.and callsd fo> in the Scb*<tolee, consisting of the C?M froaC K dim of Basian nt, Boiled Beams. Ac., of Floors. i-on Work of Roofs, Gratings to Window*, Ac., C'll Doors.Iron Staircases, Ac. Colli iftll* Draw i ait?,l)?KilcilloM,?Bd Sched til? ma? i?e bad oa appl ic at ion at this office. All scaffolding r<xinir?d by tba contractor* to put tha work in place will be furnished by the O iTem xnent free vf ibup. but will be erected by the con trpro?-"?*l? will be made by tha piece, lineal foot, or weight,for the various item* of work, a* called for la tbe Schedule. Th? work will not be subdivided ?n<>rf lifferent ladders, but will be ooneidered in Ikf affT'iatr Tne whole of theCastiron Column# of 3aeemr nt Story and the Beanie, Ac., of First FV w, moat be delivered and aet In position within three mooth* from date of acceptance of proposal, nid the wV>le w<>rk mast be completed withifi twelve month* from date of acceptance. Payments will b? nth monthly, Inducting ten per centum untfl the final completion af the contract. All bids must be accompani-'d by a penal bond, in the sum of twenty thouaaod dollar* ( ?Ju.uuu,i that the bidder will accept and perform the contract if awarded him. the sufficiency of the aeenrity to be cert iked by the United St alee Judge, the Clerk of the United State* Court,or the D .strict Attorney of the District wherein he reaidea. Tha !>'part merit reeer, es the right to reject any or all bid*, if it be deemed for the intereat of the Gov ernment to do eo; and any bid that it not ma>le on the printed f rm. to be obtained in thi* office,and doea not conform in every reepect to the retire ment* of :hia advertisement. will not be considered; neither will any prr p.?als be received from parties who are not th?-m*elves engaged in the manufacture of Wrought ?r Cast-irou Work, and who have nut the aece*>ary facilities for getting oat the work. Proposal* will be endorsed "Bid* for Iron Work," Mid addressed to m7 2Tt ADOLF CLW9. Superintendent. J^UTICI TO contTTvtors. Orrir* of thk Polick Telksbaph. ) No. 4*?2 LorisiA** Avkme, S WasH:x?to*, D. C., Mav 14. UC3. \ 8 *1 -<1 Pr p.?al?. duly indorsed a* such, will be received at thia offic- until 14 o'cb>ck M .on SAT URDAY- May 24.for rebuilding, and al*o for ex tendi ug and rebuilding the Police Telegraph Line* in the Diitrict of Columbia. Detailed specifications t,ir each will be fuiniebed on application to M. Y. HOLLY, nt thi* office. The Board of Police re aervee the right to rej.-ct any and all bids if deemed necessary for the public service W. J. MURTAGH, ml5-td Pr?sident Board of Met. Police. PRO PUS A Lb FOB WATER TRANSPORTA TION. Piror Qra?TKBviA?TEa'? Office,< W a.*hi ktov, P. C? Hay 8, Kl. 1 Sealed Pr >p sal?. In duplicate, will be receiv*M at thia off e until 12 3LJ in 14,1373, for the per f rnian. e of the daibtransportation services by water between thia city and Fort* Foote and Wash ington . Mi., which may be required by this Depart ment during the fiscal year ending June Su.Mft Bidder* will state the price per man. and tha price p?-r pound. also the rate per diem at which they will carry the pa?*--ers and stores. Bach bid must be SKrcompanied by a guarantee of two responsible per sons that contract to be entered into will be duly exeruted. The right is rearved to reject any and all bids not deemed advantag* ous to tbe United States. Prnp.?ala are to addressed to the undersigned, plainly marked "Proposals for Water Tranaporta Bidder* are invited to be present at the opening. Any further information desired will be given on application to this office. WILLIAM MYERS, Brevet Brigadier General U. S. A., nil! it Ii.pot Quartermaster. HOTELS. t'KlOM HOTEL, OtomaiTowTi, D O. \ 8HINH, Fr<>prietor. ?thte Hotel has been newly refitted and ivum " contajna all tbe modern Improvement*?hot aad Cold baths, bells, and gas. It la conveniently lo ?9 ? ?, ? e?? mm mm wavvyvuuy ?V ?aasd, belag situated cm the line of the Waahlnftoa aad Georgetown City Passenger railroad, the can of which, froB the railroad and steamboat depots, pass tba dour every two or three minutes. Tbe nests of this house can reach any of tbe public bin Wings af the national capital or any place of ?laaemsut, Ac., by a pleasant rid* of a few minutes Furaeas doing business along the line of tba canal aad on the wharves will find ft to their advantage tc ?top at this house. laB ly || YSOB'S HOTEL, ?o. 799 O STBEET, ? irrwm 7th a? 8th Srtitn. HE IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES SYEES, PrsrrtsMv. ftostist PnitsUTiSu Arim. Bmwmm Btk tmd Utk ttrsau, W?II!WW?, D. 0. T Thanktol to the pabUc for puuw the past, tha Proprietor asks his old friends patrons to test the accommodations of his establishment, which be promiaea shall bo 1 least soul to tha beat in Washington. ion?-u |Rep., Ohron.l J H* haWAHT HOFA?: r m?mm ' Boarters>wU?flnj *thto honss oasTof tSa l desirably and Boat ooavaniaaUy located honaas to the city. The roosaa are neatly furnished, wall lighted aad ventilated, aad provided with all modarnhoasaaa Tha charges are low, bat the fort of an guests will be carefully provided for ' proprietor, Z. BICHABD6, haa determined t i a good caterer. aorlS-ootf WLLLABD, EBBITT HOUSE, WASHIHOTOM, D. 0. HIEVI MADE TO OtBKE l>^ la conaection with my Merchant Tailoring basi ?eas. 1 am sow prepared ta BABE SHIRTS TO ORDEB, having ea?a?ed tba services of oaa at the beat cut ters in the country for that porpnea. Being satis fied of my ability to give entire satisfaction, both la wtyle and fit, 1 respectfully solicit tha patronage of the public. ___ & T. E KEN, Haiti sag Oruwvt Msss/stiwa, al9-.m 422 ?h street northwest. WOBMLEY8 PECTORAL, SYRUP, FOB OOUOHS AHD OOLDB. BOLD B T ALL VKOVVlSn. ovto-ly* Bridal and funeral ?heaths, boj UUETS, CROSSES, AKOHORS aad BTABf Freeerved or Bn esse ted la Was. All kinde of Hall Braiding doaa. Urn amenta' Hair Work oa Olaaa aai *earl,Vy Mrs. FB1B8, late of Boston, Ho. PP* Kh street, near I, northwest. Eafersucsa.?Mrs. Frsal d-nt Grant, Mrs. Admiral GoMsboroagh, W. V) Corcoran, General Eleey, Oaaaral Tompkins, Gasp /al Aikaa JaaM-lr IS THE SUPBEME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Holding a Sp'nii Term, .Mop M. 1373. In tbe case of John G. Killean, executor of JOHN BRECH. deceased, the execn'or aforesaid baa, witn the approbation of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia afor,-*a?d, appointed f ATURDAT, May Itth, A. D 1VS, for tba fltal a^tt lament and distribution of the personal eat ate of aaiddeceMed. and of the assets in band, a* far aa th* a*tue t?a>e been collected and turned into money when aiid where all the creditor* and heirs of said d?-<e**sd are notiSed to atteud. with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit In said deceased's estate: Frovided, a copy of thi* order be published once a week for threw weeks in The Star pieviona to tbe flftM dif. Test I nx> lu 3t* A. WEBSTER. Regiater of Wills. '?'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, Tbat lum subscriber J has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict ol Columbia, holding a Special Term, letters t,*tsir.<-titar> on the personal estate of THOMAS LUSLY, late of Washington county, D. C .de r-aS'-d All persona having claims against the said dec eased are hereby warned to exhibit tne same, with the vouchers thereof, to tbe subscriber, on or before the ftb day of May next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all beneBt of the said eeiate. G ven under my band, 'his otb dav of May, 1S73. aiAtaJt* HENRY BOCHAT. Eve,-utor. 'I'ills IS TO GIVE NOTICE.That tbe sub-enbers 1 bate obtained from tbe Supreme Court of the Dis trict <d Columbia, holding a special term, letters of ad ????niatrat i<>n w. a. on the personal estate of THOMAS FILLKBRoWN. late of Washington county, D. C^, deceased All persons having claims against tbe *CS. GEORGE B PILLEBROWNT WILLIAM J WILSON, af-th* Aflmliitstratora w. a. THIS IsTOGIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber has obtained from tbe Supreme Court of tha District of Columbia, aiding a special term, lettera of administration on tja aerar.nal eetate of WM. W. BaILEY. lata of WMiiaclaa county, D. C., Asetasi d. An persoas having claims against ths said decimal are bereoy warneo to exhibit th? same, with tne lo clen thereof, to the suaecriber. oa or before the 4th day of May next: they may otherwise U law p'excluded froas all benefit ot tbe saM sat ate. 55" "? f'lVvSDT""' and-taAw* Administrator. ?rpHlfi IB TO OlYB NOTICE, That tha aokaarthar J has obtained from the Suarese Court off tha Dio trx-t of C?lumMa* holding a Special Term, letters off adaiintatratJra d. b a. w. a. oa the personal estate off LEWIS SAB DEBS, late off Washington county, D. C , deceased. All persona having claima agaiaat tha > ceased are hereby waned to exhibit the saa with the voachera thereof, to tha subscriber, on or before the 4tb day of Mav next: they may otherwise By law be excluded from all benefit off the said ee faj?. Given under my hand, this 4th day >f May, W, _ CHAELE8 F BALLET, ' St A.lmlai?*rator d. b. n. w. a. ? TV1TED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ^ .. W Asai*?tov. D. C? Mar U WW. -<>? th* M. STRONG, off Tergaanea, aad THOM AS Rutland, Ver moat, pray lag for the exteaeioa off a patent n sated te them QftheKthday of Augu?. wSTfor Vroieawnt in Weighing Scalee. It i? ordered that the testimony in the came be cWvefi oa the Uih day off July next, that the time for Him argwrents and the Exaatiaer's report be limited ta th. S8tb day of July next, and that said petiuua ha heard on the SRh day of July next. PROPOSALS. p*0P08ALS FOB STATION***". Havt Department, I _ . . _ . . WsamtxoTos. May 17. M7j.{ Sealed P?*>?als. Rddresaed to th- Secretary of ?h? Navy, for furnishing Stationery for the Navy De partment. and bureau and offices thereof, in Wsah iMton.duringthe fiscal rear ending Jane 30. 1374, will be received until 1* o'clock M. of the So or Jim. mart be submitted on tb? forms far w,W 7 with th* guarantee and ceitincate annexed, and moat embrace ali the items therein. Propoanls from partiee not enlaced in balnea* in Wit nfton, or who have not a supply-depn in "uit! C1,1L' w>" ?>e considered. The schedule embrace# two general claasa*: 1st, pare* and envelope*?il, miscellaneous article*; and the contract will be awarded in the whole or hjr c'*rj"V ?'>' be considered the more advantageous to the Government The Department re-erre. the right to require a greater or lew quantity of any article in the schedule tnan that specified, aa the wauU of the same may require. The article* will be called for from time to tim? aa needed, and mrg* be in accordance with thsacbedule, and satisfactory to the head of the office or bureau for which required; must b* delivered without un necessary delay, and at the expense of the con tractor; in default of any of which requirement* the Department reserve* the right to purchase the article* elsewhere, or to annul the contract in whola or in part, and will hold the contractors responsible f t any additional expense it neceasarily incur* thereby. Bill* properly approved,accruing under the con tract, will be paid quarterly. OKI) M ROBESON. niK Secretary of the Na-y. |)BOPOSAL8 FOB ABMT SUPPLIES U. 8. AIsrxal, Pieestilli, Md.,| 8. aled Proposals, in duplicate, wUha'copr of this ? -"ached to each, will be receive.! nn til lOo clock a.m., on FRIDAY. June **h, 1-73, for ?applying this Arsenal with th- following .inarter "V'P*'the 1?? "f July, 1873, until the -0th dav of Jnne, 1374: 3W\ Cords of Hard Wood, 7J) Pounds of Rve Straw The above stores to be snhject to inspection on d". ''"J *t the arsenal. Wood to be sound. mer chantable, drv, ana free from small or crooked limbs, and to be pi lad in p,?t wood-yard. Straw to be of the ???J* quality, clean and securelv baled. Proposals must he marked Proposal* for Wood or Straw, as the case may be, and addreased to the un cersigned, fr. m whom further information can be obtained if desired. M. J. QRKALISH. ? K and A. A. Q. M. in charge of Pikes ville Ar**nal. ncV 6t pBOPOSALS FOE 8TAT10NERY. Clfrk'sOffici H?r?i Representatives,!' 8.,/ ? , , _ Washisgtos, D C.. May 2,1373 \ Sealed Proposals will be received at this office un til IS o'clock m ., Mat S*,H73, for furniahiug stationery far the use of the House or Representa tive*. Blank forms of proposals, shewing the quantity and quality of each article,and the form of boud to be signed by the Kidder and sureties, will be fur ni*hed on application to this office. Proposals from established dealer* onlv will be considered, and preference will be given to produc tion* if American industry, if equally cheap a nl of as good quality. The bid* will be considered and accepted or re jected item by item, and the Clerk reserves theriyht to order more or less of any article than the quan t??>advertised for. Sample* and description of lithographing to be done may be obtained on application to this office. Bidders will be required to fnrnish samples of each ch** of article*, marked with the bidder's name, and properly numbered. All article* to be delivered free of charge* for freiicht or carriage at the Clerk's Office, House of Representative*. by the Soth day of June, 1373. Thi* advertisement and the proposal, so far as ac cepted, and the bond accompanying the same, shall constitute the contract between the Government and the bidder, and no further contract will be executed: and the failure to furnish any article as proposed and accepted, or the furnishing of article* interior to the(*ample, will be sufficient cause for annulling the contract and forfeiting the penalty or the bond. Proposals should be indorsed, "Proposals for Sta tionery," and directed, ?... ?soward Mcpherson. n?6-t.4t Clerk H^nse of Representatives, 0. 8 Bealed Proposals, in triplicate, with a copy of this advertisement attached, are invited at this Office until li m. on the 14th da\ of Jo*, 1373, for the delivery <>r the fallowing-named supplies at post* in the Third Military District, Department of the East, from July 1,1373, ?o June 30. 1374, at such times aud in such quantities a* the Acting Assistant Quarter masters at the several ports may require, supplies to be subject to the usual inspection, viz ,?n .. A7 BALTIMORE, MD. 163,100 pounds Anthracite Coal, more or less. 133 cords merchantable Hard Wood, more or less M MO pounds Oats (well sacked.) more or less. 61 J2o poun ls Hay,(baled,) more <rr less. 14,40U pounds Straw,(baled.) more or less. _ - . AT FORT McHENRY. MD. T? be delivered at such points at the posts aa the Acting Assistant Quartermaster on duty at the time may designate. t7ftcords merchantable Hard Wood, more or less. 360.0W pounds Oats,(well sacked,) more ar loss. . 4Mi.uu) ponuds Hay,(bsled,)more or leaa. IbJAJUU pounds Straw, < baled. m >re or less. ^ AT FORT FOoTE, MD. 1? cords merchantable Hard Wood, more or less. 7,3(3 pound*Corn(well sacked), more or lees, ?r** pounds Oats (well sacked), more or less. 30,M0 pounds Hay (baled), more or Iqss. 174M) pounds Straw (baled), more or le**. The oats and corn W be clean, well sacked, in good strong sacks. * The hay to be timothy of a good quality, free from *????? cat in season, well cured, aud baled. wHl b2edW ?f g0od long, and i11]* 'or each poat should be made separately. 5?? TV11 h? ??ce>?ed ?nd contracts executed sub ject to the usual conditions. Bids to be addressed to th- undersigned at Phila deiphia. Pa . endorsed ??Proposals for Supplies at , as the case may be C. 8. 8AWTELLE, Quartermaster Cnited States Army, nil4 St Brevet Brigadier General. PROPOSALS FOR FUEL D?pot Qcartirmastxr's Office,! _ . . ? ^ashisgtos. D. C., May 8,13/3. { Bealed Proposals, in duplicate, with a copy of this advertisement attached, will be received from re sponsible parties until 14 M., Jrsi 14, 1373, to de liver, as required, during the ttacal year commenc ing July 1, 1373, at the various offices and officers' quarters in this chy and Georgetown. D C., and at Fort Whipple, Virginia, about 410 cords of Pine aud W?t and in the stick,400 cords of i>A!l*oodV,*w?1 Md W1'4 i?> ths stick, aad . JU0 tons of Anthracite Coal, white ash, red ash, or Lykens valley, of sixe aa may be called for, free from slata, dust or dirt, and to weigh 2MO pounds to the ton and aboHt so tons of Bituminous Lump Ooal. All the Wood and Coal to be of first-class merchant able quality. Each bid must be accompanied by a written guar ab tee, signed by the bidder or bidders, and a compe tent surety, certified to be such by some officer or other person known to the Quartermaster's Depart ment, to th* eff-ct Miat in the event of the accept ance of snch bid at any tims within ten (lo> days af ter the opening of the bids the necewary contract will be entered into, and that in case said party or parties offering shall fail to enter into contract aa aforeaaid, he or they guarantee to make good the difference between h.'s or their offer and the next U west bid. - The lowest aggregate bid will be entertained. Proposals will be marked " Proposals for Fuel," and sddrssasd to the nadersigned. Bidders are invited to be present at the opening. Full information furnished on application to this office. \VM MYERS, , Brevet Brigadier General, U 8. A., Depot Quartermaster. pROPOSALS FOR FORAGE AND STRAW. Depot Qcartermaster's Office, I c ? w ssHisoTos, D. C . May 3,1373. ( Bealed Proposals, in duplicate, with a copy of tnu adv eriisemeiit attached, are inv ited from reaponsi ble parties until mM .JcxE 14.1373, for furnish '"?.V1 Corn, Oats. Hsy and Rye Straw required at this depot during the fiscal year commencing July 1. 1373, to be delivered in snch quantities and at such times and places as may be directed by the De po> Quartermaster. The quantity required each month is estimated at 7-vO) lbs. of Oat and Corn, to w eigh 33 and S6 lbs. to the bi.shel, OT.ouj lbs. of Hay, known aa prime Tim o'hv.and B^ju lbs. of Straw, all to be of first class merchant able quality. Each bid must be accompanied by a written guar antee, signed by the bidder or bidders, and acoui aent surety certified to be such by some officer er er person known to the Quartermaster's Depart ment , to the effect that in the event of the accept ance of such bid at any time withinten < 10)days after date of opening bids the necessary contract will be eiitered into, and that in case the ?ai J party or par tie* offering shall fail to euter into contra> t as afore said, he or they guarantee to make good the differ ence between his or their offer and the next lowest bid. Proposals will be marked '? Proposals for Forage," ai d addressed to the undersigned Bidders ate Invited to be present at tbeopening. Full information furnished on application to this office WM. MYERS, Brevet Brigadier General C. 8 A. Depot Quartermaster. iia PROPOSALS FOR SANITARY WORK. Depot Qrartrrmaster's Office, ( WasMlseTo*, B.C., May 3,1373.( Bealed Proposals, In dupiic.Ue, with a copy of this advertisement attached, will be receive! at this of fice until 13 M., Jcse 14, 1373. for ths removal of ashes, Ac., for one year from July 1.1373, from snch buildings occupied by branches ef the War Depart ment aa are deaignated by the depot quartermaster. For further information apply at this office. WM. MYERS, Brevet Brigadier General, U.S. A., "K4t Depot Quartermaster. PROPOSALS FOR FRAME BUILDINGS. DRFOT Qt ARTKRM ASTER'S OFFICE, / a .. _Was?is?toH, D.C., May 13,1373. I healed Proposals, ia duplicate, with copies of this advertisement attached, will be received at this office until IS m. Jure SI, 1473, for the construction at Fort Whipple, Va.,ofthe fallowing frame build" ng* In accordance with plans and specifications which may be seen at this oBaa, via: Two (S> Beta Company Officers' Quarter*. One 111 Post Headquarters and Instruction Build ing. Payment to be made when the building* are com pleted and accepted bv this Department. Full information furnished anon application to thiaoffice. VM MYERS. _ _ Bvt. Brigadier General U. ?. Army, Depot ijuarti QFF1CB ACTING C0MM1SSA*T SU1 . . _ Fort whippl'r, Ta., May U, isi f^l? '? duplicate will be received at this office u^n ISm., Jest 1 Tth, 1373, for furnish 1*5_ theF resh Beef repaired by the Subsistence iSfiS.m"' 4"'M obtained by application to . . 0*0. S. GRIM**, R>S-<I l*t Lieut M Artillery,A. 0/8. BSI8T 1373 I 1GHT COLORED DRBBS PANTS la Psari, Li Lavender, aad Tea color*, at.d of sxcellant workmanship, at * BT*AD?\ 1?U Paana. a?e. Uth. aM BANKERS. I^IWII iOHHSVN k CO., BANKBBS AMD DIUIB8 IB FOBBIGB AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, Have BEMOVED to their *? luUi| How on k* corner of HU street ui Peiurlfuit arenue, on the site formerly occupied by them. mil lot OTIS II6ELOW, B ftDker, ?41 D BTBKIT, NBAS SEVENTH, Pays INTEREST OH DEPOSITS, makea COL LECTIOHS, and truucU all kwiaM connected with apt ly jj A N K I N O HOUSE i. H. SQ11ER ft CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENBE, opposite willabd's hotbl, WASHINGTON, D.O. 0 per Mot. interest paid ?* depostu. OoHccth ni made everywhere. Deposits parable on demand. Pay of officers In the Army cashed tn advance. apt-tr Jr. BEVDHEAO, ? B r o k e r i Ko. V39 Penna. are., Room 4, Washington, D. 0. Special attention giveu to investment securities. Invitee attention to aecnritlee now offered at pricaa which will pay W to U per cent, in amount* and of length of timetoaait investors. Safe,reliable,profit able and prompt, making them in every reapect FIRST-CLASS SECURITIES. Refers by permission to Lewia Johnson A Oo., Washington. D. C.: Moses Belly, Esq., Cashier National Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D.O.; Hon. J. M. Brmlhead, Second Controller, Washing ton, B.C.; Edward Clark, Ea<j., Arahitect D. 8. Cap Itol, Washington, D. C. mar IT-to 'I'UB NATIONAL BANK OF THS REPUBLIC I (Corn* rof 7th and B streets,) OPEN FROM 10 A. ?. TO 3 P. H. declT ly CHAS BRADLEY, Sashler. f 1 KHNAN AnEKlCAN kAVINUS BANK, iJ No. 014 Sbvbnth Stbbbt. OffMiu Ui Ptu-O^ta iHNrMuai. Bank hours: ? a. m. to 4 p. tn. Batardaya opon on dl ? p. m., to receive deposits onlr. Interest paid on deposits. Collections mads ant axchsng" furnished. JOHN HITZ. President, A. EBERLT, V. Prest, W. F. MATTINOLVX-.C. E. PBENTlS8.0aah*r novt-ly l^HE fREEDiHAS'l SAVINGS AND 1 TRUST COMPANY. Bulking House, No. 1407 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Treasury, PATS SIX PER CENT. INTERE8T, Interim Btems the first of Each Month. PAIS FOUR PER CENT, ou busineaa accounts from date of depoalt. fjitui Certificates of Deposit bearing 4 and 4 per oent. interest, available any where. HAS BBANCH OFFICES in all large towns and cities of the Seuth and Southweet. Bank hours,} a.m. to 4 p. m. Open Wednesday and Saturday nights from 4H to I o'clock, to receivedepoeitsonly. Call at the Bank or tend for a copy of the Charter and By-laws, Jlg-ly JAW COOIB ft CO., BUT ABD BELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and IS8CE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, aratlabU is out part of the world. Onr Drafts on _ JAY COO KE^MrCUL LOCH A OO., are Cashed to any part of Eit?LAin>, Ikklarb and Scotland,/r?? of chares. may 18 WASHINGTON CITT SAVINGS BANK. VV Comer 7th strut and Louisiana avenme, PATS S FEB OENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Intereat commences from data of depoaita. Deposits can bo mads and drawn at will. myfc-tf J. A. BUFF. Treasurer. " STEAMER LINES. A NIHOR LINE STEAMERS, 2Y. Sail from Pier *?, North River, New York. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The paseengnr accommodations on Steamers of this line are unsurpassed for elegauce^^?? and comfort. Cabin staterooms are all?^w <TT on upper d?ck, thin securing g >od lijrht"^^?? %n<i ventilation. RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY. Sat. steamers. Weii. steamers. Gold. Currency. Cabins 07S and $61. $76 and $65 Cabin return tickets securing best accommodations- 8130 ..>..9130 Steerage,currency, 5*?. Certificates for passage from any seaportor railway station iu Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent at BATKS AS LOW AS BT ANT OTHER FIR*T CLAS? LI*B. For passage apple to HENDERSON BROTHERS. 7 Bowling Green, N. Y.; toO. CAMMACK, 1403 F st. n. w., or WILLIAMSON A CO., 1732 Penn. a\enue n.w.. Agents, Washington. m4-t,th,s.lin EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, IN BBTWBBX PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA. Va., WASH INGTON AMD GEORGETOWN. D.O. sailixo oats. jr*?k From PierS.North Wharves.Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and BAT-*""" URDAYj at 10 m. From SO Water street,Georgetown,D.O..TUBS DAY and SATURDAY, at This line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde*! Iron Lino" of steamers for Providence, Boston and New Bngland States. No wharfage in Boeton by this line G. F. HYDE, Agent for D.of 0. WM. P. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. ' F. A. BEID, Alexandria, Va. WALDO A. PEABCE, 34 Congress Street. Bog ton. ?^Freights delivered br Kaoi's Express. Orders left at General Ofllce, 003 Pennsylvania avenue, or at As steaiuer wharf will ba promptly attended apt lP?^QT0pi0VlDE?HL0V BOBTOH' The fne Iron Steamer LADY OF THB LAEB having reaumed her regular trips to Norfolk, will Isava ber wharf, foot J of 4th street, every MONDAY TUI1 DBt\ n w ? ? ?.? ws??w*t BUflVAI ? THURSDAY,at 3p. m., touching at prinoipnl Rivet Landings, connecting at Norfolk with Steamship of the II. and M. Line for Boston and Providence Freight should be addreased "car* of Lady of tkf Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knot*! Express Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenue. T. M.CBOUCH, Agent>h-535et wharf. DORSEY CLAGBTT, General Agent. m!4 Plant's Store, corner 14th st. andPa. ave. ?UNARD LINE. THE BBITISH AND N0BTH AKEBI0AB R0TAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN BEW TORE ABD LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOB. FBOM BEW Y0BK. Algeria Wsd. May 14 Batavia. Sat May 17 * Russia. Wed?May 21 Oalabrla. .Oat May 31 ? Java^_Wed_May 38 Parthia. Sat May 31 ?CubaWed...June 4 Samaria Sat?June 7 'Scotia Wed..June U Abyssinia?Sat-...Jone 14 Steamers marked thna " So not carry sugars And every follewln* WBDBESDAT and BATUB _ DAT from New York. r:?~ ?? lavoraue Steerage, ?3o. currency. bteeragejUcieufrom Liverpool i and all parts of Europe, at lowest rt. i_ blllsof lading given to Belfast, Glaseow^Hsvf* Antwerp and other points on the Continent and foi Mediterranean ports. For freight and "-MrTal. Mge. apply at the Gumpany*s office, Ho. 4 BowCbm Greetiifi.r steerage passage, at No 111 Trinity Bulidlnir 114 Breodwoi CHAB~ o"*FBAHnKLTB, Agsnt. New York. OTIS BIUELOW, Agent, Steamer Office, 1011 Pa. aveuu.*, novl3-ly Washington, D. 0. WEBCBANTV LlNR OF oTBAMSHlPS. BBTWBBR WASHINGTON AND HEW TORE. Hereafter the One Steamships B O. KBIGMY aM JOHN GIBSON will make regmlar weeklv ^Ma Kiss between NEW TOBE, ALCXAN D Hi A, WASHINGTON and OEOROF ' TOWN, aa follows.?Leave NEWJY0R1 30 iMt River, every SATURDAY at 4 GEORGETOWB every FRIDAY at 1 ALEXANDRIA the same 4nr at 10 at. for fall Information apply to B. F. A. DBBHAM, Agent, oSMe and wharf toot of High street, George town, or S the corner of llth street and Hew York ?^Freights delivered by Knox's Express. Or ders left at General Office, 003 Pennsylvania ave nue, or at the steamer wharf will be promptly at tended to. te41-tf J. W. THOMPSOB. 1 ^ RAILROAD ABD ftcsl Cstsls lortfAg* C?rMB44s In Its 7M Gold Bonds the Bortbera road Oompany furnishes to the public an Inve security which oomblnee the re?ly negotiability, ths convenience, and the high credit ef a trst-class rail road boDd, with the eolldlty and safety of arealse tate mortgage on land worth at least twioe the ? They are offered at par In ourrency, snd rWd a HANDSOME PB0FIT to those esehnng^ 1Mb. The bonds are a 8rat and only mortgage on tht road, its eqnipmenta and earniagB, and afto on ? land grant which, os the ooaspletlon of the road, vlll average 8400 acres to each Mile of track. SUM Coupon, and SMI to Begtatered. bam thirty years to ran, bear aa intereetof 7 Ji per cent la gold, and are BXBMFT FROM UBITBD 0TATBS TAX to the I " AUCTION SALES. DT LUTTBBLL ft DUNNINGTON, Auctioneer D *17 I nsMsas mm, TBCITI1Y BALK OF YALVABLB III PROVED BBAL B8TATE?TWO TWO 8T0BT BBICK DWELLINGS OR *Tth ST., 8 BT Mr IBM I and K, NORTHWBBTjAlso, ONB TWO 8TOBT FRAMB DWELLING ON L ST., BBTWBBN 1?th and Nn, NORTHWEST, WASHING TON, D. 0. ? By rirtm of a deed of trust, dated Mar Wh, A D 1871, and duly recorded in Liber No. MS, folio 3M, one of tbe land records for Washing ton county, in tbe District ef Colombia, and by re ISfH ef fifty secured thereby. I will well at pub lic auction, in front the premises, te the highest bidder, on WBDNBBDAT, liar 31?t, A. D. 1S?3. at 4 o'clock p. w., tbe soath Mfeet S inches fronting on 17th street, between I and K streets northwest, in the citr of Washington, in said District, br equal depth of 81 fee* 9 inches of part of Lot No. 13, in Square No. 6, and more particularly described in Liber B. M H , No. 14, folio 299 et eeq , one of the land records for said District, together with the ini Irox enients thereon, consisting of two 1-story Brick dwellings. Also, on the sane day, at 6 o'clock p. m., all those part* of Lots Nos. 14 and IS, in Square No.85, in said citv, and described as totlow*: Beginning at tbe northeast corner of said Lot No. 1C; thence running south 81 feet 6 inches; theare went 32 feet: thence north 10 feet; thence east 4 feet; thence north 71 f-et 6 inches to the II? e of L street north,and th*nc? east with ?aid line 9S feet to place of beginning. Refer enc? for a more particular description in Liber J. A. 8., No. 136 folio 408 et seq., one of the land records for said District, improved by a 1 story Frame Dwelling. Terms of sale in each case; One-third casta; bal ance in eoual pnvir.ent# in six, twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser giving notes bearing ten per rent, interest from day of sale, and secured to satis faction of the trustee, on the property sold; #KJ0 "?> the first and #50 on the second property above named most be paid dewn at time of sale. Convey ancing and recording at purchaser1* cost. The trus tee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost cf the defaulting purchaser or purcha sers. in case tbe terms are not complied with within six days after sale. WM F. HOLTZMAB, Trustee. n3-d LUTTRELL A DUNNINGTON, Aucts. By GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, No. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D sts. BUILDING LOT FRONTING ON NEW JERSEY AVENl'E AND RUNNING TH BOUGH TO 3d STREET WEST, BETWEEN II STREET NOBTH AND MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, AT AUCTION. d32b WEDNESDAY, the 31st instant, at 6 Kw 'cock p m., we shall s-ll.on the premises, L<>t ? U, In Charles Siott's sulidivision of Square No. na. being 17 feet 4 inches front by 130 feet d-*ep through to 2d street, making a geod building front on both streets. Terms: One-third cash; 6 and 11 months, for notes bearing interest, and soured by a de?-d of trnst on the premises s<dd. Conveyanciug, Ac.,cost of purchaser. #100 down on day of sale. m)6d GREEN* A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BY THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioueer, 413 7th rireet. m va By virtue of a deed of trust from Charles HV. Gordon and wife to John D. McPoerton. ???recorded in Liber 6<J8, folio 324. of tbe land records fer Washington county, in the District of Columbia, I will, on MONDAY, the it 1st day of April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., offer for sale, at pub lic auction, in front of the premises, tbe property described in said deed, to wit: Lot numbered 17, in Square No. 140, with the improvements, being four Frame Houses Terms: One-third cash; the balance in six and twelve months from day of sale, and secured by pur chaser's notes and deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. j. d. Mcpherson. Tm-te?. n>90 eoAds THOS. B. WAGGAMAN, Auct. '?^-POSTPONED, BY OLDER OP THE TRU3 te*, until MONDAY .June 9th, at 5 o'clock p. m. J D. Mr PHERSON* Trustee, nil-eoAds THOSTb. WAGGAMAN, Aoct. B f tt.L. WALL A Co., Auctioneers, New Marble Building, Nos. 900 and VO'i Pennsylvania avenue. CHANCERY sale OF DEStRABLE PROPER TY. Bo. 436 M STREET NORTHWEST. RES IDENCE OF THE LATE JAMES Y DaVIS. ^ By virtue of a decree passed by the Supreme Ka Court of the District of Columbiaon the lsthday ?*?'f March, A. D. 1873, in a cause pending in said court, wherein Jamrs 8. Davis et al. are complain ants and Mary M. Davis et al are defenlants, being cause No. 3,067, Equity Doc. 12, the undersigned will ofler, at public sale, on the premises, on THURS DA Y, the 33d of May, 1873, at 6 o'clock p. in., the following described property, to wit: Lot 19, in Square 614, with the improvements, consisting of a hands'me doubU dwelling house, brick, with stone trimmings, with all the modern improvements, hav ing a handsome garden containing shrubbery and

fruit trees. This is one of the moat attractive and desirable residences in the city, having l>een built expressly for the use of its late owner. The lot has a front of 64 feet on M street and a depth of 180 feet to a 30 foot alley. Terms of sale: #10,000 in cash; and the remainder in two equal instalments at one aud two years, bear ing interest, aud secured by the uotes of the purcha ser and a lien upon the property, or the purchaser may pay all ca?h at his option. 9900 to be paid at time of sale. If the purchaser does not comply with the terms within 30 days after the sale, the property may be resold at his risk and cost. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. JAMES G PAYNB. Trustee. ni8-3tawlw W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. [\1 ORTGAGEE'S SALE OK FARM NEAR ROCKYILLE. By virtue of a power contained in a deed of mortgage from Henry West and wife, of Mont gomery '?unty. to Thomas D Fullerton, a trus tee of the et, or the late John Berryman, of Balt imore city, d?-?. I, bearing date the 29th of January, IHtiS, and recorded among the land records of M mt Soniery county, in Liber B. B. P., No. 2, folio 62s. c. ,the undersigned, a co-trustee of aaid estate, and to whom the mortgage aforesaid has been d'lly as signed, will offer at public sale, at the Court House, in Rockville, on TUESDAY, 3Ttb day of May, 1873, at the hour of 13 o'clock M., the following parcel* of land, situated in Montgomery county, mentioned and described in said mortgage. The one is com posed of parts of ssveral tracts called respectively "Ashley,""The Two Brothers," and "Valentine* Garden Enlarged." lying upon tbe main road lead ing irem FredeMck Town to Rockville, and contain ing in all 237H BFr?s, and being the same Und that wan conveyed by Michael B. Griffith to said H <nry Wer by deed dated 18th of November, 1833, and re corded in Liber B. 8., No. 6, folio 407, Ac., oue of the land records of Montgomery count*. Tbe other parcel of land is a part of the tract called "Burgundy," containing 79 acre* and 17 perches, and is known as Lot No.9 in the divitmni thereof made by William Lee, since deceased, and is the same lot which was conveyed by Mary D.Gover nenr, as executrix of the last will and testament of said Lee, to tbe said West, by deed dated the 18th of May. 1863, and recorded in Liber B.B P.. No. 1, folio 74, one of the Land Records of Montgomery county. These two parcels of land, more particularly de scribed by meies and bounds in said deed of mort gage, are contiguous to or very near each other, be ing improved with a Dwelling-bouse and other usual farm buildings. They are situated about two miles frrm the t- wn of Rockville, and about 11 miles from Washington city, and the Metropolitan railroad, now aboot being opened for travel, passes through tbe land and brings it within a short and very con venient distance of the national capital. The terms of sale, as prescribed in said mortgage, are that one-half of tbe purchase money shall be paid in cash. and the residue in two equal instal ment* in one and two years, with interest from the day of sale. A- W. BRADFORD, mlO-eotd Trustee and Assignee. DY LUTTRELL A DUNNINGTON, Auctioneers. *?* 917 Louisiana ave ,bet. 9th and 10th sts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE; 3 THREE STORY BRICK DWELLINGS <?N SOUTH SIDE OK L STREET, BETWEEN 4>? AND 0rn SOUTHWEST, (ISLAND.) By virtue of a deed of trust, September 131, A. D , 1872, aud duly recorded in Liber No. 692,folio 364, one of the land records for the District of Columbia, ami by request of party secured thereby, I will at public auction, iu front of the premises, to the highest bidder, ou SATURDAY, May 31st., A. D-, 1373 at 0 o'clock, p. tn., all that certain piece or parcel of ground lying aud being in the City ef Washington, in said District, and known as the west half of lot numbered twenty, (20.) in square nuuil>ered five hundred and one,(S01.)tronting 24 teet inches on south L street,by equal deptfi ot 129 f-et 11 inches, and bounded on the weat by a 15 foot alley, and ou the south or rear by a 30 foot alley, together with the improvements thereon. Terms of sale on each House: One-third cash,(of which #75 on each piece of property must be paid time of sale;) balance in equal payments, in one and t\?>> years, with interest at tlie rate of eight per cent, per annum, payable semi-annually until paid, from day of sale the purchaser giving notes to be secured on the property aold to satisfaction of trus tee. Conveyancing and recording at purchaser's cost. Tbe Trustee reserves the right to r-<sell the property at the risk and cost of defa'lting pur chaser or purchasers in cas? the terms are not c<>ni|4led with within six dags after s?le. WM. F. UOLTZMAN, Trustee. n-I9 d LUTTRELL A DUNNINGTON, Aucts BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. No. 1001, northwest corner 10th aud D sts. SALE IN BANKRUPTCY OF TRACT OF LAND IN RICHARDSON COUNTY, NEBRASKA. S Will be sold, at auction, on WEDNESDAY, the 4thday of June, 1873^1 13 o'clock meridian, at the office of the Register in Bankruptcy, in the City Hall, in the city of W*shlugton. Dis'riot of Columbia, the following described tract, piece or parcel of land, lying and being in the couuty of Rich ardson, 8tate of Nebraska, to wit: The south ooe half (M of section No. tbirtvtwo,<32,7in township Nu.tuo.d,) and range eighteen (18.least of the sixth principal meridian, containing three hundred and twenty acres of land, more or leas. Tenus; Caah. All conveyancing at cost of the purchaser. W. C. BE8TOR. Assignee of Z. M. P King A 8?n in Bankruptcy. mil 2aw3wAds GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. IGNITED 8TATB8 MARSHAL'S SALB. In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, issued oat of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, and to me directed, I will sell at pub lic sale, for ea*k, in front of tbe Court House door of said bistrict, on FRIDAY, the 33d day of Mar. 1873. St 13 o'clock m., all defendant'aright, title, claim and interest in and to lot No. f, in square No. Isin. Also, ths west half of lot No. ? ia square Bo. 1&, 1- the city at Washington, P. P., together with all aad singular the tmprorsiaeuta therson. seised and Is vied anon as ths property ot BielMra M Hall, and will be aold to satisfy execution Bo. 7,094, favor of Joha_W^Le Barass. JJI _ mjldtt ALEX. BffABp", p j. Marshal, P. O. KEEBY, DBNT a CO., &m*r*l Amctimtert mmd Commttttom Mrrrluuu*, Nos. SIS aad SIB tn STBEBT, sear Pennsylvania avanos.?Gooda sold at auction at oar rooms or any part or ths city. SpecisJ attsation paid to sslihJkeeJJIstate at aac returas. Befsrencss:?John B^Barhoar, John Van Riswick ,-Hojv Lewis MeBsasW Windsor ft Ford, acdJoar an W Maory aylt-ly AUCTION SALES. THIS bt .. Iwttwwt oorner Pennsylvania ?*???? aai lltk ? Star Office Building. 8ALK OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS OB aVikcV't wmt akd mH0DB "LAMI> a. By ?lrhi? of a Iktw of Ik* laprwn Conrt of i^lthe District of Colombia, iMind In B<*uify ? cause Ko. 738, chancery mlw S, wherein Klin beth Brent ia plaintiff and Charlee B. Brent at al.* HDdmi(iM4, dnlr appointed tmtM in aaid cause, will public aaetlon, in front of the premiee*. on TUBSDAT, the itOth day of Mart A. D. UTS, at t o'clock p. m.. th<a? valuable Build in* Lota on 9th street weet and Rhode Inland aveaae, numbered ti and IS, in Brest'a subdivision of eq tiers No. 490; lot 11 containing 1.747S square feat, and lot USJB square feet. Tbe term of sale, as prescribed bv the decree. are: One-third caan. and the balance in two equal instal ments, for which the no'a* of the purchaser will be taken, payable in lit and twelve months, with inter eat from date, and secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A deposit of B3S will to* required far each lot at time of sale. If tbe terms of sale are aot complied with within seven days from dv of sale, tbe property will b* resold at tbe cost and risk of the purchaser. Title direct from government of the United State* All conveyancing at exist of pur chaser. JOBS CARROLL BRUNT. Trustee. *XS-2awAd* LATIMER A CLE ART. Aucta. BT B H- WA^ff;tate Br >ker and Auctioneer, Ho.TM 8eyenthatreet,|, twe?B0audH. TRUSTEE'S SALE or VALUABLE IX PROVED PRot'kRTT IN THE NORTHERN SECTION OE THE CITY, ON 0 STREET OR COLPAX STREET, BETWEEN tSru AND ?6th STREETS NORTH WEST. By virtue of a deeu of trust, dated March 1st, IMS, and duly recorded in Liber 664. folio 38S, ?ae of tbe land records for Wanhiii(tnn couuty, District ef Co lumbia, and by direction of tbe part v secured, 1 will sell. In front of tbe premises, on TR1PAT AFTER NOON . Mny 9th. 1<3, at ? o'clock, to the highest bidder, the west 4* feet 9 inches front of Lot 19, in Square 196; improved by three two-story Frame Houses, or such parts of said premisea as may be aeceseary to satisfy said debt. Terms of sale: One-third cash; balance in 4 and It months, with sis per cent, iaterest. The deferred payments to be secured by a deed of trust and in surance on the property sold. In caae tbe terms are not complied with in Ave daya after sale, the rijtbt i? reserved to resell the property, at tbe risk and c< st of the defaulting purchaser. *100 down on day of <ale. FRED. KOONES, Trustee, alft-d&da B H. WARNER, Auct. I/THE ABOVE SAI.K IS POSTPONED until Tl'ESDAV, May *0. 18T3, ?aui- hour aud place. By order Trustee. n-9-eoAds B H WARNER, Anct. Y B. U. WARNKRs R-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 729 7th street, between ti aud Ii. B TRUSTEE 8 SALE OP HOCSE AND LOT ON R STREET, BETW EEN 17th bT. AND NEW HAMPSHIRE AVENUB By virtue of a dee<j of trust,dated March 9th, 1870, of record in Liber No. 611. folio 212, one of 'the laud records for the county of Washington, and by direction of the owner of the note secured thereby J ahall sell at auction, in front of the prem ise*, on TUESDAY, May 40th inst., at 6 o'clock p.. m , part of Lot No 3. in n<inare No. 154, bsiag one half of the property from front to rear secured !>y said trust, having a front of 10 feet by a depth of 127 feet 6 inches^with the improvement* thereon, being a two stoty Frame House. Tenns of sale; One-third cash, (of which ?25 a ill be required to he pai.l immediately after sale,) and the balance in *ix and twelve months, with in terest secured by deed of trust on the property . All conveyancing at the cost of purchaser, aud if the terms ar>- not complied with in ten days from theday of sale, the Trustee reserve* the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defauting pur chaser. ASBUBY LLOYD. Trustee, m 12 B H. WARNER, Auct. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*, Northwest corner of kXb and D streets. TWO FIRST-CLASB PRIVATE RESIDENCES. FRONTING ON E STREET NORTH, HEAR THIRD STREET WKST. AND NEAR THE CITY HALL, AT AUCTION On TUESDAY,the UOth 6 o'clock Em p m., we ahall sell, on the premises. tw > four ?factory mastic frout Brick H uses, fine cellars and tin roots, with all modern improvements, consisting of gas. water, beth-mom, Ac., making flrsi cl?*< residences, being houses 5jos. JiC and 304, and having good front* and depths. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in one, two and three year* for notes heaiing seven per cent intsr est, and secured by a deed of trust on the premise* ?old. Conveyancing, Ac , at cost of purchaser. Oue hundred dollars down on each bouse at time of sale, mis td GREEN Jr WILLIAMS, Auct*. Y THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 219 7th street. ft? B B TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE BUILI'ING LOTS. ADJOINING ST ALOV 811 S CHLR( H, ANB NEAR TUB NAVY YARD, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a decree in Chancery, Equity ause No. 1,195, in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, wherein McDerm >tt et al. are complaiuants, agaiuat McDermott et al de fendant*, the undersigned, as Trustee, will sell at public th<- nighest bidder, on WEDNES DAY. May U9th, at & o'clock n. m , all of L its 1,1, 3, 4. 5 and 24, in aonare 621, fronting on K (treat north, and North Capitol street. On THURSDAY, May JI9th, at i o'clock p. m .on th- premises, all of Lot No. 1, ia *<4uare 1 .'*5, being at the corner of south K and Utli streets east. The above property offer* rare opportunities for investment* in real estate, as it is locaiml in one of the moat improving and valuable sections of thecity. Term* of sale: One-half cash; balance in 4 and 12 Souths, with inteiest. A deposit of fifty dollar* will be required on each lot a* soon as sold. All con veyancing at cost of purchaser. The above Lots will be divided into butldinc lots to suit purchasers. Particulars at sale SAM'L. L. PHILLIPS.Trustee. m!6 dt* THOS. E. W'AOBAMAN. Auct. BY LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneer* aud Real Estate Broken, Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Building. BALE OF VEBY DE8IRABLE LOT ON SOUTH SIDE Or BAST CAPITOL STREET, BE TWEBN 9th AND 10th STREETS BAST, IMPROVED BT A SMALL BRICK BUILD ING, WITH A FRAME BUILDING ON THE REAR Or THE LOT. ^ By virtue of a deed of trust from Charlss H ^9Seymour and wife to Daniel L. Eaton aul my self, dated August 9th. 1872, and duly recorded in liber 690, folio 427, one of tbe land records for Wash ington county, District of Columbia, and at the written request of the party secured thereby, I will sell, at public auction, in front of the premise*, to the highest bidder, on SATURDAY, May 94th, K3. at 6 o'clock p. m . part of original lot seven (7), in equare nine hundred and forty-two (942), having a front of 33 feet on Bast Capitol street, by a depth of 105feet, together with tbe improvements thereon. Title perfect. Abstract at the office of the trustee. Terms: One-fourth cash, and the balance in 4, 12 and 18months, with iatereat, secured by a deed of trust. ?100 down on day of sale. In esse the terms are not complied with in seven days after sale, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. BBAINARD UTWARNER. SnrvivingTrnstee. n.S eoffds LATIMER A CLEART, Anct*. Y B. H. WARNER, R-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T39 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEE S SALE Or VALUABLE BB4L B8 TATE ON VERMONT AVENUE, BETWEEN 0 AMD R STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated December Ej& luth, 137u, and duly recorded in Liber No. 632, folio 147, et seq .one of the land record* for Washington county, D. C., I will sell, at public auc tion, in trout of tbe, on MONDAY, the iitith day of May, A. D. 1C3, at i o'clock p. m , all that certain piece or parcel of ground situate aud lying in said city of Washington, and known and de scribed a* lot numbered sixteen (161, in Adatus and Oilman's,trustees, recorded subdivision of square numbered three hundred aud nine (3uy), with tbe improvement* thereon. Ternn- made kuown on day of sale. A deposit of $90 w ill be required at time of sale. If term* of sale are n t complied with In tive day*, the Trustee re serves tbe right to resell at the risk and cost of the Jefanlting purchaser. All conveyancing at coat of purchaser. WM. B TODD, J* , Tiustee. n.3 eoAds B. H. WARNER, Anct. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Southeast corner 7th aud D streets. TRUSTEED SALE Or~TMPROVED PROPER TY ON ELEVBNTII STREET EAST, BE TWEEN D AND E STREETS SOUTHEAST. By virtue of a deed of trust from William T. Grimes aud wife, dated January 22, 1873, and at the written request of the party thereby secur ed, I will sell at public auction, in front of the prem ises,to the highest bidder,on TUESDAY. May 97, 1873. at 6H o'clock p.m., all of original lot uin? 9), in square 992. together with the improvements th'-reon. This lot bas a front of as feet and is of Sood depth. It is improved by two small Prauie [oases. Terms of sale: One-fourth caah. and the balance In 6.12, aud 18 mouths, with interest, or all cash as may be preferred by the purchaser . ?100 down oa iny of sale, to be forfeited in caae the terms are not con>piied with in five days after sale. BBAINARD H. WARNER, Surviving Trustee. ni6-2awAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. UT B. H. WARNER, _ D Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7U9 7th street, between G and H. PUBLIC 8ALB OF VERY VALUABLE AND DKS1HABLE BUILDING LOTS ON 7th STBEBt NORTHWEST, BETWEEN N AND O STREETS, NEAR THE NBW CORCORAN MARKET. ? . ... 1 will sell, at public auction, in front of the B!premises, on THURSDAY. May i*<d. K73, at b ???o'clock p in , to the highest bidder, three vary desirable building lota, each fronting SO feet on the eaat side of 7th street by a depth of 114 feat to a wide paved alley, together with the Improvements thereon, consisting of a neat one story brick and frame wore oa each lot. . ? Tbe aale of tfeeee lota afford a rare opportunity for Investment, as their location forbnstnaa* pnrpoaea Is made exceedingly desirable by the erection of the Uorcoram Market within hair a square and already established trade of 7th Mast. Title 1 ?KB down an sale of each lot. Terma: One-fourth cash- and the balance ia 4,12, IS, M and 39 months, with 8 per cent, intersst, se cured by a deed of trjpt, or all caah, as nwy be pre ferred. Terms to be rcwpUed with in 7 dags, or the deposit forfaited. Conveyancing at surchaur1* oost. iW-eoAda B. H^WARNEB, Anct. BT DUNCANSON, DOWLINS A CO., Ancts. ComrMmd D atresia northwest. TALUABLB_r BUILDING LOTS IN FIM* A On SATURDAYArTERNOON, Mar B4, at 4 lschss, with an average depth of M feet. This lot wW be subdivided upon dag bf sals, giving ?7?ha* en a ehasoe to bay a portioa or all. This property is sitaated on Virginia avanne, near the corner rf 34th street northwest, and the attention of buy*,rs Is csdled to t his *aie, as property in that part tks city is rapidly advancing la price. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 4 and l^t notes bearing interest, and aecared by d'^ of traat Conveyancing, Ac., at purchaser's oa#.. a deaosit n>14 A action CO.. AUCTION SALES* B* w. L. WALL* Boa. 999 aad UN, TBR ? B W*L?l T WABDBOREf; firT?r.* wnWt wrM????*1Tiif3 1?M!VyRJsVMSf X' tL-~S12VStZB3Z?!Si "tr :!,:? ? ?? L *'ALL > CO (IT JAMES 01 II.D. Austioaeert K?. 1*14 Pennsylvania avenue EIGHTH RKGULAB W||KIT .... n. VMS*"1*" fLANTti OHH*?r , OnTHUBSDAT. Mav *3.1. at t :io P m klkiMMMIMM. 1*14 *s mmm ' m?g |Bep) JAMBS GUILD. A art Br LATIMBB ft CLEABY, Auctioneer* and Real Uttr Brokers. Southeast corner P^DiwrlTuii tri?i? and 11th st 8tar Office Building m ?HLVftS BMLDINO LOTSO!! r street, KITw KES 14th AND 1?tu 8TKKE1> NORTHW EST. AT AUCTION ?!**?? ? On MONDAY AFTKRNttON. May ? w* will ?ell, in front of the premi* ??*, ?- , '? 1??w? No its. having a front o# W feet 8 iw-bw on u IkKwwb 14th and 1Mb *t*?a*. with a depth of 110 feet. Tl?e property will b^*ubdivid.-d to Kcit pnrchk?-r*. rj:;^ yvrthi?* *i! r<?>due ia *ix and twelve month*, with iut?rMt frHii day of aale Pffrrml 52?i?2Li0 V bT "T1 * ??? oEEET clng at Mat of purchaser* $a on each lot at time of hale, or If tak< u by on? par.hwr fj ^.,16-dAds lItImTbaTlbIbT. A acta. ""THK a bote hm.k IH IIEBBRV Pi?><T **"?*??? TE,,DA* ArTBBNOON, Mar 2iV same hoar and place. 1 ' ??'?> m&dAda LATIMBB A CLEABY. An t. BT WILLIAMS. Anrtlattrra, v . AA, "?o. nm iiwnprn, ao. 1001, Dorthwnat coruer loth and D sta. EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD Fl BVITI Rt ?f ?P "*?? PICTCBES. 8TO V M.C1I I "; GLAcSW ARE t, , AT AUCTION. fQ , .?"[J* W#ISDAI.Ih? st*?lli In-1ant, at 10 ch*\ a m., m* thill aetl at th*? rmmi4-ncv of j3T|;^^A!!SMir?553'.3 2 "!Z2X?iiiV'?Z? One fine Hair Cloth Tartor Suite; Marble top Outer Tab|,<s, Whatnot*; ?? ? eMion Chair*, Ornament* and Engraving* "ST B?**e!\C?rprt?. Rng* an l Mat-, ? Shades and L? ? Curtaiu-, Kxten?i.>n Table*, Dining Chair* and L -Huge* Three Painted Cottage beta iu go<*l, ondiii .n Mattre*se> feather pillow* and Bolsters; B anket*. Spreadsheet* and t ????*; Ingrsin Carpets, Hall Carpet, and Stair R .d?; t I ckerv. Ola*-ware and Cutlery; Exc> Ilent C'?'k Stove and Flitaiw; And a |..t of Kit< lien K*s|tii*ite? T.-m?caah. ORKBN A WILLIAM*, [B^P My * \ Amrii u- . r? H Y GREEV A W II.LIAM8. Aattlontrr*, 1001 D street uorthweat. corner of 10th ?t. BY i TBl'8TEE'8 SALE OP A^VALL ABLE MARK KT ">' virtue of a iwi ,,f iroat from Bmanuel La ^Pce? and wife, date>l ?fthda>of January, 1*?, ?^?andduly r? ,,rd?d in lil?-r H B . N ? l.fofioTJ hST.? VmII?,1 r-,,unl: of Pr'"c' county! . ' i 3 aD,, ^ the r*giwt ?f th? p?rti?^ (H-cun-yl thereby , I will offer at public *ale, , n th? pretiiiKe*. oniMoN I?A% , it 3d da* of June, ls73, at the hour of 4 o clock p m., all that tract or parcel of land lyiUK nud being in Princ-- ? ? .rge'a couutv, 8t? eof Mai yland, and being part of ? I'hilluni I'w He Mann, r, anddeacrilied a* follow* Beginning at ? ,r?*N on the?.,utl? *ide of the Bladeaabur* at:d W ashing!on road, and running thence nth 2; degree* eaet X', perchea. then ooutl. 66 degree, im f2 ?r;r'^r f? ,b? I'ltnct line, and Willi *aid line north ?S\ degre.* We?t # nerch.w to the Bladen* iMirg and * aabington road, then with (aid r.iad oorth tii. e*"', ?"'? ?er<' h** tot lie beginning, con taining w acr.-a more or |.?, being th ? aarne prem * conveyed Ity Thornaa Ander* >n and wifet.iih said Lacey, ?* per de^l recorded iu lil>?r t. S.N'i 3. folio 431. This land adjoins J<>hu P Clark and Hoover ?, and b. ing near the Washington market i , render* it desirable property On the pr?mia< s i* a good dwelling,2? feet by 40. with a cellar; a baru U? ? w,tl>!'''",l<'.corn houae. meat h uae and 1 other building* The property will be sold alto- ? get her or in lota of lo to Sli acre*. I Terms of sale: One-third caah; th" r<-sidue iu 1 ? and 3 rays,the purchMer giving hi* notes bearing t intafeat from the day of sale; a dee, I given aud a b-.J of tru*t taken to secure the deferred patiueut*. All couveyanciug at the coat of the purchaser I ' WBElK^^fe^M8TrrX I ' TH08. E WAGOAMAM, v Beal Estate Auctiouaer, AIM 7tb street. DELIGHTPUL EIGHT ROi?M BRICK. Mo ?0b i SOth STREET, BETWEEN I AND K <1 f JMl'BliDii , May sttfd, at i o'clock p m, I t E31 -hall eel I, on the p emiaes, the above property, ?BEhaviM a front of li feet on SWh street. Speciij , to this h..u?e, being most desirable I ! in all its appointments. I ( T'-mudftjf ofittle. ?'1? THOS B. WAGGAMAN. Aurt. I I UK LATIMBB * 0LBABT; I ?'Auctionaara and Beal Estate Brokers, Bouthweat corner Pennsylvania arenaa and 11th atrt>et, Star Ottce Building POCRTH 8PBINO SALE OP OBEEN t 8vRi,vB?vi'?(,,"a,iK;HLT*'"S'ivs : ite&?as?5g?; rvsax'tLft- . ?mamm*nhn\ our salesrooms, a large collection of ? P lowering PlanU, cooaiating of choice R *?a. Pelar- I t wnninai Ge^iams Lllllea. Pochiaa, Calculanu*. Terms cash. I i ml8 | Rep) LATIMER A TLBABT. Aiicts. ? K* Dt'NCANSON, DOWLINQ A OO , Ancta u Corner Rh^aod D streets northwest t VALUABLE BriLDINO LOT ON K STREET 1 JET*KM 14th AND 16th 8T8. NORTH' I * EhT.NEAR SCOTT Stjl'ARB. AT AI'flTiim I Ak wNDAT,APTERNOON7May S6th, m i ^^6 o clock, we will >ell, upon the premises, Lot ? Sjiuar? 1?. havihg a front of ?& feat < inchea 1 on North h atreet, with a depth of 146 raet 11 inchea Joslley We would call eapecial attenti >u to the sale of this property, as it is ana of the llaeat * building lots ui y aaliington, being in the rng fash I K C.^i' on the north side ol i K street, between 13th and 16th atreet* northwest 1 and nearly oppoalte Scott Square, and suitable for 4 one of the finest private residences In the city I Terms; One-half cash; balance ia 1,1, and 3 years I I notes lieaiiiig interest and aecared by deed of trust t tamteyancing, Ac., at cost of purchawr. A deposit I t kc ?k<M^>fl re>jnired as soon a* the property is I | di ncanron, DOWLING A CO. _n'19 1 Republican I Auctioneers I 4 BT LATIMBB A CLBABT, ~ ? Aoctionesn and Beal Batata Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at., > Star Q?ce Buildings. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP A FIRST CLA^s RFh * WSKSb'&ia *? 8B4M8B8: ; jfelse^giSRSaeaiaa ? of the DiMtnct of Columbia. I will tell at nnblflc auction, on THCRSDA Y, th- *?U, darTif Ma^ i^s, ' M 11 o clock a. m.,oii the premis-*. the entire a,ock I ' in trade, furniture, fixtures and lease of the praui * ?sea No. 4SO 7th street northwest, in the citTSf t WMh^Bgtoa^D. C.,len*arly known as *'Kl jmau's I The houae is doing a good bnsineas. and is oom- S plete in all of iu appointmeut*. It will be aold a* a ? whole. The leaae has two year* to run from the 1st I ? day of Julv next, at the monthly rent of A2U I c Terms of sale : f2.UK), w ith interest at eight aer cent, from Jan. 26. IJJ, aud the expeuae* of aale iu caah, and the balance at sis month*, f. r w hich the 1 note of the pun haaer. bearing interval from th? day I 0V*|p-.?^ secared by deed of trust on the property I ssas.tssai^sssj. j-i?1 <??' ; "grfaltTOKbtgg- IJ B' m OBEEN AL *[?LL1 AMS, AncUoaeera, Mo. 1000 Northwest loth aad D i ( IJANCIRY SALB OP A TIIRKK-RTiibv AND VACANT LOT. PRuNT O STREET N0BTH. BETWEEN a/AUCTION "BEETS WEST. ?Vrtue of a decrt* of the Supreme C >urt of Hthe Diatrict of C. lnmbia, passed oa the 14th day i A. B. 1873, Made iu the cause of Waite t?. Warte, arid othen^ No Jjg|, Realty. | .ball a. U an "ONDAT. the *d day of June, A. D. 1873, at 6 o'clock a. ?., ail that certain pi-ce Of Ar"n?<l tnth* city of Washington, Dis trict of Columbia, and known and described as lot numbered eighteen (U), in square uambered four huDdtmlaBd flit y-Bve (<??), excepting a portion of ?Aid tat lv>(l>fc?l te width, onthaeaatsrn side of aaid lot seven (7) faat and six ,?) inches in width oa T***1 loti which haa been reserved for aliey - together wttL the ImprovemaaU, which coa ?dwelling house and a brick Mahle. Tha above lot haa a front <4 twent v four feet AWo. a vacant lot adjoining. ing a front of M foot 3 inches. withVdepth i f??t more or leas, with fine aide aad back alleys .The time of sals aa prescribed Wy daeras are third of the pnrchaae In caah, and the rewtaiDd ?*m*l; inatailaMnta of six, twelve, aad w? ? ? at the time of sale, And if the terms af sale ars not complied with within ?ve da: s from tha day of aale, the trustee rsas the right to reaaU the property at tha riak aad of the default Ing pairhagrr or porchaaar*. hv vertising the sUT*1 ~ ' 7 published in tbactt iSSSSS and bjr direction at the owner af tha now aacarai skaU sell at aaatiea, ia fraigt of the oa FRIDAY .May IM laat.. at ? o<ciock t aah. h>, aad the waat half af kit aah. M, la >.?., lot ?n JOH^I H^fATTlNfJ' Y ^Trawaas. MATTINCLt * WPaSjjg, EVENING STAR. Sr*AKi*? of the absurdly *lighf MaMi Inm which dael* iiaitiMw rwilt. lb* Rtrkatal Jtmrmol Mp We Un jast kwi lafwil ?f a n*?t Mnfuinttt meeting which l**k place Mar (*1M fit' d?rin| the war.and whfh. me ut luitl ha* M?rr brtu publicly niUiwl Tk? parties U? the affair were Mbm of a RM?- 1 Sit rr*im?mL Ome of U>n wa* a 1*? Ini? L.U UifOther bad heldtk^aai^rad^Jagle^ but tnd_rrii||nnl to krr*M * otter tor the in*-ut Tbe ricutrwuil had creda with ia* Mt ler. and had purchased sundry articles wbiefc bad been charged against him Wh*? aettuag t rue cane around a ilwpnU ar? betweea lb* I wo eonmiuni a tallow candle whi?h wu -hatred iu the bill. They both stubbornly utlhulurd Utf positions they bad Ukr* with repaid to tbu trifling a tatter. and final I v dertd *1 to reeort to the ??code" tor a final ?rtli aint >t tbr disagreement The wr?|?>i? aa?d owa MtaMseippi rifles. and our informant up be ?? both tbr am -notched w\*>n tb? ytmai Irad .tbr aim of each having a inmiu| and atal. Lite ha* been uc4 unaptlv liiraMt to a >ur cw<ll? It issaufled out triU a* littla ertniotiy. *omet,nis. Tmk Kn Uiut* Cin-Tbf Praanaa mili ary journal, New " llt*n?fbf Rlattor, cow am* >ome interesting information respecting he a<lopt?-d Mauaer rifle, which i* being wrrej >wt to the guards. and i* to constitute henoe ortb ti e deatructive tirearui of tbe i>?ra*l it my. It appears that at long range* tbe rifta ? remarkably true, but at abort distance* it re lutres an exceptionally low aim ll? beat Ji* aiice ia *ald M* metre*. or about Wt yard*. It etjuirw jurt ball' tbe time for loading that tbo ict die guu did. and lea* iw tbree to loarl than Iocs tbe chai?ei?ot. K.ighteen ahots per nunuia uay be delivered bv wttgle men and twelve into in Toller, but a# a rule no more than welve and elglit are counted upon The ride - dt scribed a* ligbt anl bandy, durable, and lot apt U? get out ol order. Altogether military uthorities consider that they ooa'.d not bar* ua?le a better choice. A kovkl MTurtixi i> ihout to I* under akeu in Ruck* county. Penn?\ivaaia. which, f micowIuIIt carried out, will challenge Ut* ..Imitation of thoae abo are wont U? coiuplaia hat tbe oubjugatioli ol laturc la a neglected art imotig American*. A l.umber of wealthy gea b-men of thl* city ?nd Philadelphia -lay iooke. esq., among olhcr*. have tot no-J them clves Into an association having for lU object he laMiig out and maintaining of a tut park n 1 tucks county for tbe preservation and proa Cation ol American game. The tract al' land elected comprises about ?i*ty acres of wooda, ilcely grown. situated princi|?ally on a roun led noil, with vallevson nil Mde?. and Includes in ddition a. me twenty-tive acre* of cleared and tor pasture purpose A PofWT or Law?A well known lawyer of' 'belat a. Massachusetts, surprised the cit\ court ihI member* of tbe bar laat Friday, during tbe rial of a party charged with keeping a liquw uiaance, by poiutttig ?ut tbe fact that tbe cltjr ovemmcnt ha?Hiever pro|?erly provide*! for the olice court, and that It bad never been directly ?tahli*hed bv law. It thi* provea to be Uue, II tbe aenteucea. trials and self ures of liqnora, tc.. lor tbe past sixteen years have been illegal, be quest ion will probably attract Uie attrntiaa t Uie legislature at once. Thkhk ip uoivu to be no end ol trouble with hear poxtxl cards. Here is a real uice > ?i?ag tan on Columbia street, juat home from < ollege nd destined lor the ministry bv his lather a onimatid, bad a postal card aent him veateiday, bill tor wine and gin arsl cigar*, and it coaaa rem tbe same firm which has receipted all the oung man's ? stationery'' billa. ami the father .is tbe receipts, and bvaemc accident that |a?*t*l ard fell into his hamis. Now what la that > oung iiaii to do ??nit? H'r+H. >1 ra. Staktok baa a nice way of mating all bjections to the woman movement, li re la n Initaana taken from one ol her recent lec iires "The l?est intetests ol men and meatea re so essentiallv tbe same that when we coaaa > tbe tug ol war tbe men of our bouaeholda ill be ready to do onr lighting." LirtofY *till prevails to ?n alarming e*t*?nt i tbe Sandwich Islands. The doctors can And 0 remedy tor this teartul diaease. The lepera re isolated, and live in large communities by leuiselvee, nnder rigid law a of excliuiou Iron 1 her mortals ?7-The Jacksonville, Fla., p>st office waa L>bbe?l Saturday night. ?7?A rival to the Heaaemer cabin ha* been :i vented in Kus?ia. in this cas*- *he cabin Koala i a tank of water instead or reefing on a pivot. (/The Hf.iritiialisla ol Middlel?orougL. Mua., Uk, inconaistentlv. to make themselve* a oor orate body according to legal lorm VUroailaxe* are tbe tashionable weapon far uel> in Iowa, and death by avedent the caa >mary orthography of coroner'* juriea. ay A Peoria man says that hi* a ife'a toagaa 'ear* out no many net* ol talae teeth that the ent ist's bills have uearly broken bla up gy Archbishop Purcell ha* forbidden Catho c children to take book* from the Olu.-inuatt ublic library, on account of the Imaoral w?rta hat are distributed from it. VAn art critic: " *A l.ady of Modern Roaae. No. 23.) carefully painted, aud with a good la t rior, went for one hundred aud twenty dollar U Mr. Wllliaaaa." I/A bill haa been introduced ia the aeaata f Massachusetts providing tor a aystem of cm mlative voting in the choice of inspector* of lection* in citle* of that state. ?y Liquor seller* and drinker* in Maaaaeha >tt* arc jnanifeating a vast amount ol tageaa V In devising unsuspectod mean* ol procariag is! disposing of the prohibited article. t/~A Springfield reporter, unable to ob'ala It score o( a base ball match, gently aaid that e a on Id not tell which beat, for fear ofhurtiag )meliody'e feelings. I^A servant girl fired bar employer'* houaa i Philadelphia eleven time* on Thursday, and udeavored to throw suspicion on the son ol the Emily, aged three year*. S7~Tbe Chicago Times of Monday report* the ermona of the day previous under the following end: Tbe i ifher Side of .lordan? Chicago Coa regations Hear ol tli? Match lee* Beauty ol tbe bluing Shore. gTThe legend on the picture generally e* ibited in saloon* where businea* i* conducted n a cash basis Is altered la the weet to suit be times, and now reads, "Public trust is dead; ack pay killed him." mf~The pale, sad-looking young asen whom ne occasionally meets In the street are not onsumptive, are not mourning the lues M a riend, and are not diviulty studenU. They re breaking in tight boot*. ?7*A New Orleans child, whoae death had eeu formally certilied bv the family phyaiciaa, as frightened out of its coffin by a clap of tiundei last week, just a* the hearse drove apt* he door. mTA man laid down to pleasant dreams ia a acant lot In Pueblo, Cat., tbe otherday. Ha as astonished upon aaakeniug and finding a ao-story bouse built over bim. Tbat'?lheway tiey art building up In Pueblo. ay In Missouri, wheu a man kllla another unday, they prosccute bim tinker the law gainst desecrating the Sabbath 1 v shootiag I a mark, and have him fined lire ~ollar?aad Mta. ?The Cincinnati Commercial a*k* "Th ?nurtiwiiinni i unimrrrinniA' "Wfcy ave not tbe spiritual circle* ot Cincinnati eeu informed of the death ot Captain Hall tore than a rear and a halt ago? Here was a ire chance ror a convincing test," It add* **b?t le spirit* have never taken advantage ot aiiy ilng of that sort." JV? A 1^ H I K D, LLrrBIO?RICHKT On Monday.ths l?th ia aul, at the rwd?Bcw of the tnd?-'? aar. nia, In the ?v.J. A Waiter, JOHN W LLCrKlO, of Vir aia,t. MAKY COkA klCHKT.of thi* city ? DIED. CLAKKE On Tnsada> iiu>rain?. Ma> >Nh, at t ni . MARY A.,l?*lovwl wif* ol AutU u) J t'laik*. i the SM ? ear of ber mgr. fankri initio*. * JURIS In Cumberland. Hd., on Bandar laptks Mth, MARY R .wif-.* Knhml H ,_J ?d daughter of H?a. ? ieal olBtatr i ui. Hunt.-r, "f th? Dsaart UNDERTAKERS. J1CMAMO IkTALLiC MUMAL CASKS ANi> CAMM. ly **7w*OPl>?. HABITS. ?V CABIN KT MAM MM AND V*OK*TAKl I IV

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