Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. TCM1AT May M, lf7?. LOCAL NEWS. Wall'tOptra House?The comedian, Joe. Mur phy. in 'Help." fttmttr C?miq%??Prof. Harri? amiotherstar*, dUKMf (SC. L*nc+l* Hall.? Cirnrrw & Dixey's Minstrels. Jbkwtjtn Park.?Opening May Festival. FMnary Jf. f. Church?Lecture by Rev. Thos. Guard for the benefit of Gorsuch chnrch. (MdfMfd LoetiU. At a meeting of the director* of the Alexan dria <a?at rompanv, held in Alexandria ves ****'*'? WM qualities w presi *n<l &. O. I hler as clerk and treasurer. Latimer & Clearv sold this morning ** *** marine barracks a large assortment or ?aval quartermaster stores. The sale was ex tensive, ant! the price* brought were large. Robert Beall, J. C. Parker. Kervaml Jb Tow. and 8hillinjrton all hare Harper's Jhrntkly for Jane. Beau has also the Popular Science Men'hln for June, and Shillington has Avvleton't Annul for May 24th. ^ The funeral of the late Dr W. H. Combs took ?j^jertcr,*r' and Tr ,ar8r,y attended. Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Peter-* church by Rev. Father Bovle, after which the terv*111* *ere buried in Congressional Ceme .?IM\ ?n ln*?neetnal treat will do .1? i *5* '^tnre of Rev. Thos. Guard, on 'Body and Soul," to-night, at the Foundry M. S. chnrch. The proceeus are for the benefit of Gorsuch chapel. Colonel Adxh Webster has been elected a trustee of the Western Presbyterian church, to ?II the vacancv caused by the death of Mr. Jno. B. Turton. It has been determined t> pnt >3,000 worth of improvements on the building this aeason. * .The ladies of the Women's Christian associa tion. never weary in well doing, open a festival r??m* to-morrow evening, to continue till Saturday at two o'clock p. m.and appeal to the many true christian men and women of this vil ^ J TbeJ ,le!**rve liberal patronage, bee their advertisement. Owe of the scaffolds in the new Jfepafrliemn building, (corner Pennsylvania avenue and I3tn streets.) ^?ve way yesterdav afternoon, ami one of the plasterers?George W. Couhton ? f< 11 at.out 15 feet, breaking his right leg. lie **" conveyed to his home, '.<33 9th street nortn west. where medical attendance was summoned. Hibernian Society. No. 1, met last night, and **J?r -w. I rell. the retiring president, submit ted his report, showing total membership, 338. Amount of funds on hand May, 1>C2, #1 <?*$ &V eapended during year. Sl.dft.Vi; balance on ?J"1' Jrom tl*?t amonnt over all expenses. *3t>3 23; amount collected as dues and fines and nom other source^ during the year, f_> ,3.^7 making a total ol S2.72u.50 now in the hands of the treasurer. A female teacher in one of the public schools on Capitol Hill is charged with cruelIv beating one of her pupils?Kimar I lorsey, a ilelicate bov, ten years of age?with a hoe handle. We re vrmus from puMwLing the particular)* a? nar rated to oar reporters, until the aflair Rias beeu investigated bv the board of school trustees or other competent authority, as we might other wise do injustice either to the teacher or th> P?l>il. coscirt in the Franklin buiUlioz last aight by the pupils of the schools of that district was a great success In every particular. Its ob -f a raise a fur>d for a fountain in front ? building. The solo and chorus of male intermediate No. 1 were very good. M isier W**.tbe ?ol?W. and the chonu by the male intermediate school was applauded ?f also the recitation by Master Harrv tlanry, of male intermediate school No. 2. Lucilla E. Smith, teacher of female inter Wdiate school No. 2, produced some excellent tableaux, in which the following pupils took parts -Angie Calvert. Loui-a Harbin, Mat tie CMIins, Mattie Cibbs. Minnie Poj>e and Hattie 1'avis. Third intermediate. Miss Nellie Gibbs teacher, had a charade?"Conjuration"?which was highly applauded by the aud.ence. The dialogue. "Gossips," by Misses Carrie Johnson, fcadie Gerard. Hmma Pentland and Era Hold ?n. of secondary school No. 4. *a* very go.*!. The cantata, ??\oicesol Nature. ' was fairly ren ^ ^ r*1U Woodrn,t- Flora Lvnen, Ke becca ^eng?-r^ and the pupils of secondary s-hool No. >. This school is under the charge of Miss Reed. Miss Fannie Hjover, teacher, * l^rt ?n Df progamme, " The revolt of In ht'r p?pil? acquitted themselves* well. Tlie characters were soih tamed by Florence Jewell. Kosa H trt, Mav Ahrams, Lottie Brown. Henrietta Heilprin ? fle Jack-?n. Mattie Mckee and Badie Shields. After that lolloweil a cantata Beautv of Piety." by the female grammar aehool of which MIm M. E R. Nevitt it teacher, ** , wh,c^ "^.e selected for the principal B,erl'n' Annie Harkne.<s, Minnie Weston Clara I.oh, Cora Chai*, Stella Hurdle and others. Master E. t>. Rockwood rea.l with ?ne (fleet " Mark Twain Among the Mutu ?L**,, and he was followed bv aouartette. "The I'ream,** by Masters Middleton, llimball. Nairn and Hurdle, of the male gr ?m "ar school. The concert will be repeated to night. o I)l< oiiatios I?at?\o Interference miM t'ne Arrnngr^entt.f the G. A. R. to be Allowed*-The execntive committee of the Grand Army of the Republic, having in charge the decoration cer emonies at Arlington on the 3oth Instant, held a meeting last night, and a<lopte<l resolutions that ?? whereas a notice has Wn in lap aanday papers by a r<erson named Culver, rcpidi"! on lmh street, inviting donation.<? of Bow en. for the purpo^ of accoratini? the graven --i KC?nfeder\t< bnrie,t at Arlington; aad whereaa such cont?mplated proceeding Ls Maculated to create disorder and lea.1 to a breach of the peace, therefore the members of the executive committee of the G. A. R do hereby give notice that the 30th of Mav, being art apart by the Grand Armv of the Republic a* a memorial day. and the grounds at Arling ton being opened on that special dav by order ?t the q?rterma^ev general or the army to the Orand Army of the Republic ? for the purpose ?f strewing flowers upon and decorating the graves of the deceased union soldiers,' anv at V mpt by the friends of the rebel dead to strew flowers on their graves will be regarded as an ? m i1.*1' ^,th fhe Programme of the dav, and will not be tolerated." -' ?? CasksofViolatios orthk Rtrnrt-nAi? : Act?Assessor ot Internal Reveuue Walter T ?f this District, has had a consultation with Solicitor CheMey,of the Iu^rnal Revenue bureau in relation to a change of jurisdiction I>Siti-i^ein<'irCU't?J0 f>oilCe tourt of this I in cases of violations of the act of lie r^luifing dealers in all kinds of ^mt^led or fermented liquors, cigars and to n^ie^'thl* lta?p'in lieu?f a license ander the old law, which stamp refjaire.1 to be displayed in a conspicuous place where it can be >et n. on the premises of persons doing . No ^'ce > required to be f i ,f . ^ MMor.Mi he now proiio^e^ to .K nuf nts before the Police Court, where they will be dealt with in a more sum J*rv' manner than through the old svstcm WMchreqairod a preliminary hearing before a mi?loner. ami theu the slow proeeHs of a Circuit Court trial. A Ions list of ^^S?ntdet?n'tif?,>J.t?ib*CCI0 mD<1 ,"luor dealers ^LJT-i. Police Court this morning. agWiiK whom warra?i arc now being mvfe ?at, and in a day or two the first of thfs series tfes^mi^wcd a*>r?acd of aad l?n*l futtl?T JH* WaSMIVSTOV i ^ ERKijr. ? Notwithstanding the cold ami cloudy weather there was .iuite a large ?<??adaacert (he Washington pa?k pr.?;-hooting with the rirte(by *un i L ladl"*> an.1 bowhng by member*, occupied the time till dark. The grounds in U?e evening were Illuminated, and asyr1 Sr?sri?rsjrere ? sssfs.'ss: which the toans, *aj. s Star,were offered andap fromTl vLr^<>,>LeU t0, were read ' DOr Cooke and Baron Schhrzer ei ?ti val'wTiTbe S^Jleir to attend. The at 12 o'clockV^?, untiI ^-morrow night prize* will be announced eTemn* tbe ,Ul of WalPs opera housed ^ MiSSur'aV0 %t la? .ight!h a very clev^^a^'.""'^'; 5* aiort versatile actors on the ?tat^ ?i"r* k Should not draw good booses this i* L iw d?wn ?d lack of appreciation on the S2? ll ami not to anv w^t of merit on his part. Such comedians as 8ti.\rt S>^SDta,^0tH.rr"^r* *??? have plaved tLlZrt7 ^^T^were ^ . ?y.T ?rw-vssw WPJ were un heralded, and have gone to New York or Bos ton and Ailed the theaters night after night. If taey come back here after such triumphs, how ear very discriminating patrons of the drama flock to the theater, ana how the actor must laagh m his sleeve! We cannot say much for ?he drama in which Mr. Murphy figure*. It was written to show his versatility as to make ap and dialect, but he might do better by try ing other roles. V? * C. A?iwwwl Dec turn of Oficirt.?The anrual election tor officers of the Voang Men's Christian Association was held last evening at the rooms of the association, with the following result:?F.H. Smith, unanimously reelected president; B. F. Window, Wm. Stickney, Wm. 4). Tennev. O. O Howard. J. A. Ruff, vice pre^ kleats; Allied Wisd. recording secretary; Jas. Meklrum, corresponding secretary; J. R. )a. hrie, register; t. B. Baily. treasurer; A. g. Pratt, financial secretary; Harry Oleott, libra rian. ? Caanraoss ai?r> Dixby's xixjtrkls still maintain their reputation, and delighted a latge audienre at Lincoln Hall last night by their fine singing and original comicailtiea. The burlts<iue opera was very good. Third l^tHUrin Aaati My. rorS'-IL ?The C"nixil w?s ? p?i,*<1 with prurer ??rniD? kr In M Rill. Th? PrwMtM U.d before the Ouacil couftnunication from the Governor (printed tn fall in t(M Holm* proofing* r'uV'rI'c* lo '?* ???powi District offici* ? n the W sshtugton B.arket square. The c.-ainiuui < at ion ami p*p-rs were rrf^nrrd to the committee on pt'blic work* and property. 2fT-Br^ukB >WWM<a petition of Alfred J..n?w and other citizer.s wkmg lor tbt iloiiu of mi alley in square ,3, referred. ????? Mr Gulick presented a petition fro* Thomas Bad Jam? * A. Tail. praying relief frc.m erroneou, ?Tref??id P**?n?ta* on east tkl? of square 6n ni?.tlc nof Mr Thompson, it *m ordered that fifty copi?* Of tit* I 'lnUnllrr'l report l?e printed Brj>wD?> intr duceda bill explanatory of an ?J? entitled an act niakiig an appropriation to Bav the outstanding indebtedness of the late cor potations Georgetown and the Levy Court read and laid over. ? riolUTT EXIXTT PKOM TAXATTOt. Tt' P.esident laid ?.*fore the Council j c.'mruuni ? Miou I rem Collector Slater aa folic*** - . ,. . _ _ Mat 17, 1573. , ,ii "PIT to your resolutions pa<?ed ''J ? inst.. a copy of which was duly served upon me, I h?\f to say, first, that I am not aware that any real -state belonging to colleges or other edacrt tonal or religions institution* in the District of Lolnmbia, and not ua?-d for the ordinary purposes of snch institutions, baa besn exempted 'or relieved i Payment of taxes;" and, sacondly, that I ?m wholly unable to inform the Council what prop erty is exempt from the payment of taxes under the law for two rtaeout, vix. I do not understand that I am charged with the interpretation of the law, nor do I desire to assume ?ny such responsibility; neither am I advised relative to the occupancy of the several piece* or parcels of land upon which exemption from payment of taxes is claimed. I, however, submit lists of property npon which exemption from i?ay ment <>f taxes i.? claimed, which have been carefully c< n .piled from the records of this office and that of the superintendent <>f ase*?meats and taxes, and fr< m the best information at baud. Value of prop erty, taxes on which, at present rates would amount to .4S7.4t3. Respectfully, ? , , .. W*. H. Slater, Collector R' f< nred to the committee on Dduh i'. i 'tr^'i1? finance committee, re rV^k! "?f'bill No. 1, reducing and i?- . ? .'"i"*!*/ *5??** for the goveri.iueat of the ! . ??lanibia and establishingthecompeu nation tli* refT. with ?nndry amendment*. The l>i|| !\*fi * 7' llp *,,d seriatim in c >ui;nitt?e 11. iL. ? .'u- ""r"''"! *1'' The following safari?*" officers, ami officer* without _ ? . SALAKIFD OFFICERS. rU rlrl^iTsIlIT*V*' S2JM'; chief clerk. $ 13J0; two clerks, SUBsach; clerk acting as cashier, f l,StM; Cost roller, ?2Asi.. bief clerk. $ l^jnt), b..,,k -Keeper in hie. flu e. *lJ4iu; two clerks in bis office. *1 Jul each; Register of the District, ?SJM; two clerks in his office, ?l.9iu each- Water Kesisirar, *2All?; two clerks In his office, $1.3V each, Inspector and Tap per ofWater Mains, glJJM); Attorney for the Dia MV.W.- irimnt |Attorney, Surveyor for the District, .?!.WV; Assistant furreyor, .?1 Coroner of the District, ? 1.2110; one tax clerk, *2.ilW; Superintendent of Araeasmeut and Taxes, who shall be clerk and secretary to the B'*rd of Appeals, ^ IV? h^inK one for each Council district, $3Vea< h; superintendent of lamp*, ,4'jm market master for Northern market. Ml; market n.aater for Western market, ?<W; market master for Eastern market, market master for Qeorite U.wn , n.aiket, Superintendent of Puldic Schools for the District tf Columbia, A3.nuo; Treas urer of the District Schools. ?a*.; Chi"f KnginWof sr.'' I -ri;'r,r",'nf ' f' ??"W.- lerk to Fire Commission a>'?S *uP*r"??,'?,l'-nt of fire alann telegraph, fj' operators of lire-alarm telegraph. fUMi ea< h; six foremen, ?1 w? each; five en trii.eers, Jl.uw each; five Piemen. M ehch one tillerman, f?n; six hostlers, each thirty privates, each; three inspectora ami wei.l^rs of coal JJ hW each; thr^comnns r.T r. , ^jwhiagton Asylum, 9am ea<h, Intel,dant of Hashmg.on Asylum, secretary to Commissioners of the Waaitington A-> lum, $?A), physician to the Washington Asy lum, 5<im, eleven physiciaus to the poor,one for each liffft'eT district. 56w> each; thirty or more lamp lighter", each to receive compensation at the rate of S5 per year for the liKhting. extiugunAing, and cleauing of each lamp within the district that tn-iv be assmio-d to him, or the Governor may contrm t with responsible parties fordoiug this work at a -otILrl?n{en*^^^7,",? ,he J' r?K "nf rate p. r lamp, superintendent of garbage maatera, AOoO; t-'ifli t. en garbage mast -rs, ,wo for ea. f, cWncil di-ttict in the c.ty of Washington, ami on. Oowncjl district in 0<*orgft<?wt), mid ??i^ for ea< h Council diatrict in thecouuty, each to r^eive ?h.n in the actnal discharge of'his duty $ , iaudt^i?!lift? i!r,fi!f cart, the nun^er of I fa)' to be certified to by the superintendent ot ?ar t .ise Blasters; Secretary to the Governor, jkTjJuu ' ?Vk ';ffice of ,he Secretary. $ 1 j?s); treasurer of the ? on.missionera of the Sinking Fund, *1 juu book Keeper of tke Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, Treasurer of the B .arU of Pub!i< "? rk-. 5-,.V?i- one messenger for th- Govern r s .Hire, 4, JU; two mes-enser? for Columbia Ruildi-g'. S.2u ea< h; one janitor for Legi-Utive H?|| ?;-?) one night watchman for Gove; uor'soffice. ATa'o'ne night w atchan for Legislative Hail, *7lu-*oih night wa!< hinan for Columbia BnildinK. *72u,' ornci? wiTinrr salaried. The follow ing office* to l>e filb.-d w ithout tnmrk'o ,Uf? f^- 11 *">'' ?? ">?> l?r u? ap !TVa* ?? Z 'J'r c''"er* "* t he SI nk i ng fund three boards of trustee* of public schools- .ue for that part of the District of Columbia known as thenty ot Haahingb n.toconsi-t ,.f three person for each schotd district in said city, and residents of said a, hr.o d.strict.; one for that part ,.f sL'd D.a trut ofColombia known as the city <>f Ge>r?eto<vn to consist of two persons from each Coiin. il di-trict f'/ik Tf?iiTuU ??>i'ldistrict, aud one for that part off aid District ot Columbia known as the county of Washington, to consist of seven p-r a. n., re.,dents of said county; five commissioners of the fire department, four to be nrpointed by the Governor (two on the recommendation of th? board'Ji *Mi| one by the Secretary of the Interior; member* of the board of appeals, to con si-t of eleven members .appointed by the Governor; .^i J-ach Kr the N rthern, lasteru and Western maiketa, in the city of Washington: two c. mm ssi.j.ers f..r the market in the city of Georgetown; three trnrtee* of the "Corcoran t2lilr,rj' ti? city of Georgetown; two trn tees for the poor of the citv of Georgetown r.n.l. 11! student of the Washington V>ylumr of weight* and tneitsures, two f .r th*5 ci v of W asfmcrton aud one for the city of Geonre -Jl'li inspectors of Hour; two Inspectors of sslt.dJ'r'ovMions.tive insp.ctors and mea-urers ..f Inmt er, f ur for the city of a-hingron aud one f r Georgetown; hve inspectors and meaaurers of wood, four for the city of M a-hington and one for Goorge town; twogaciters ard inspectors of spirituous li ^uop .?e tor the city of Waihington and oce for tb* c*v of Georgetown; five weighers of hav,straw ami fodder,three for the city of Washington ami Tii- '-'r _ ty ,of Georgetown; thr.-.- superinten.i r.Sef?l5ZTT??;t7V'f"r ,l"> cUr ?.f w*-hi^to., a?d one for the < ity ..f Georgetown;, o Council district; two commissioners of H<*?teri. B11 tihI-ground; tw<> ceDiiuiiMion*rtof era Burial-ground; sexton Western Burial gronnd? sexton Ka?tem Burial group.l; fifteen scavengers' two for each Ceuncil district in the city of Wash ington and one for the city of Georgetow n. HOUSK OF DELEGATES ?Mr. Berry pro^ented a remonstrance against the extension of Olive ftreet, in Georgetown; referred. _*r Brewer introduced bill for th? relief of E C Doro ho, to refnud money paid for license, referred' . ?.'? Taliaferro present?sl the petition of pr>.D- rlv holders in square asking for the opeufna of in alley; referrwi to Board of Public Work*. * .?'?Hun! Introduced a bill making an appronria book; re^rred ' Pr?"P*c?tlon of the uumencal *r. L'rell presenter! the petition of D W. BilUfor P*lir T-!tr,!rS'",Pr'>1 ?"?^'Utendeut; referred Fr?*e"ted a petition for a sea wall at th? mouth of the c*uai, r ??fit?ru brtuich ) D^-tirinn ?IferiJ3W#Utertor P*J ^r.peciait^ceXies0 Mr. Vermillion offered a resolution calling upon the Register for a list of msnrance companies doiua busim-M in the District; laid over. * MEMoBiaL fuk A HoJtt Fok WuXH AXD CHIL J?r- Hnnt presented a petition signed by abant 123 Citl/en*, which was referred to the committee on cliaritie* and corrections, and ordered to be print.^ The memorial sets fonh. at considerable length that under existing law* all avenue* to template,a vice, and c rime are open, that an unjust aud per verted public sentiment encourages the rearing ot young girls to idlenes*, ac.. auT cousigns .uch m t?Lt,t0.t '*?<>'tafa-JT.wbHe allowing freedom to the equally guilty men; and asks the Dis 1 establish a "Home forwonieu atd chifarsa, ' cyrtrtrtng three dej^rtmenu I. An lndnstrial H.?s (urflirW-WhsrTsm, I ri who desires to reform, and by reason of InuJffr station or want ot t raining caun.* securi meut, may be supplied with work aud the trafninv requisite to enable her to do it well, and where th!? who are about to become mothers may find enmlov ment adapted to their physical SJB&TjSffSfthe same time shelter from observation aud scorn and may receive kind. Christian, motherly counil'ISd influence during their season of trial Hospital Wtei? tba1 ^ ? Foundling n<*?p!ia! >? %% ter? tU?* little od?*? b?>rD ont of ''^asaiso neglected, ill treat^l. M^vini tufl^* drusken, vicious parents, may be supplied w ith t*-(Mi?r^?AtctxfaI. jTMli?:t<>a? care, their good nualitie. developed, and tbeir inherited evil pruSwiati j? ,?V pressed ami resgraine.1, no onprobn.HiJ eaithet imtf cating unworthy parentage Geing appli^iu iV-Viu 3. A Reform School fc>r Girl* and Women?WU?ra *ny ir.corrigal.le, corrupt girl or woman of known vi. ab' life, mho, after the opening ef the ii^!!Vrl. home rerus.-a to avail herself of the otT portanity >y reformation aud useful employment, :t 'e or^vol'nntiri? *ic* ^ ^reet # . 51*J wTO"intarliy ri*idiu*c id a house of.;:, at "*L ms7im!t1S^BDde^ ?""??t. ?ud required to labor "? '"sJsua sss'a!^: wtir* instltaUon to BoBM I _ from fathers 1 ownclTlT currrnt expenses of the sntlr* institution to t?1st. By proceeds of labor fro* Industrial and Reform School. M. By sums rsunired at hers of children la Infants' Home, to be as plied especially to tks support of their own chil dren. 3d By volnntnry contril ution* from liberal citiaaas; and 4th My snch appropriations as may bo de? med aecesaary. TIB MW OFFICES Pol TBS DISTXICT ?OVBKVXXXT. The Speaker laid before the Howe a mssssgs from the Governor in reference to the transfer of a por ?tea of the Wsahingtoa market house groands to ths Diatrict aovarnnsaat, which was refer red to the com mittee on avarketa and ordered to bo printed. The massage ts a* follows : ExKccTivnOrrirs,Di*TBtrT op Colitmb'a./ _ , . . WAsamoTog, Mm U, 1S73. ( Ts i*? 4><e*iil,_J i - ^ *5Rr to traamnlt herewith PI... suwruitraasmit herewith a copy of the memorial which WM presentisd by the Governor and Board of Public Works to Uoagrees a*kisg for an appropriation for the parchase by the United states of the iatereet of the City Hall bniUlag la Washington now used solely for government por ?M - C poo the conaideratien of tn* memorial aa amTroBriation for the purchase wis mats by Voa tj^of not exceeding R78JM0. Thto appropriation '? contained in the deflciei<y set of March ?, 1873, id a copy of the clause making ths approprtatloa is "Ti^acr4^ Coagrsm ^ij*_th^p?r?H|rha??irt &&SSlTtS?of n saSuSL le building for MMrt' Tited make a*' gemeats to secare the land oa Pennsylvania and Loakdaaa avenues, between 7th aad 9th streets Actii g nnder the authority of this act arrange in. nts ha e been made with the Washington Market 5??' "5' J?r conveyaaco by ths company to the JlS"? of land sufficient for the erection of the Dis 'nct building, including ths whole front oti Pena sad Lowisiara avenues, between 7th and a'^sxteediug aouih'wardl, sighty six ' ? ??f* *?f thuti Kh-Ha Utfxh^r vilh th? ri?ht tamotrt acoart vasd and peZSTS^ aU The betw> w the Di trict land and aline tea feat north of the wiIM the present market building of the coa pv.; The agreement of the Uoteranr ud B->ard of Public ? orka with the company and the deed of the company to the District are dated March Id. I8T3. irtlcoplMare transmitted herewith. The oaly difficult point in the negotiation with the tOTtpany was tftedetertnr ati<m of th? proportion* of th? rental (to he realized from the whole ground* N"Pport of the poor of the District! which shoald be assumed by the District and bjrne by the company respectively. The proportions are. how ever. at leaet fixed by a eoasideratfoa of the ressec tive values of the land conveyed to the District and retained by the company, a* heretofore determined by the District assessors, for purpose. of taxation, and the agreement, a* Anally executed, is believed to be jnat to both parties. The commissioners appointed by the Secretary of the Interior under the act of Congress above re ferred to hare made a valuation of the District in terest in the City Hall, and have agreed upon the maximum amount allowed by the act, namely, which sum will be applied to the erection of to* new building for the District government. ? H. D. Cooks, Governor. The agreement gives the bontidsof the property, oa t Pfhall dTfi 5' government on its ?K?LS.?S.r . ?*"' property against all poswible C^!7 '"I1 *" ,he provisions of the ( ??? right to the mark-! coin pany, and that the market company shall pay V? l*if D'?trict ?f Columbia, during the ii^i purpose mentioned io laid action it.' n".?,uV payable quarterly, which sum shall, during said 'erm, be in the place of all rental for tbe ground occupied by the market buildings of said cmpany, and in case in auy yearth* general Pfcfff **-**- f?B ground and market buil.ling ex<Tf* above that amount fkU. . d'-doe'ed from said rental of $7MO, so that the total annual payment* for rental and taxes rr ????,the District, h iwever, not r 'h??KX pT***.ly **BerTJD?? ?nd tlie M 4rket kfbyJ?nf<7r,;nf- the right of th- Dis til t given by section 2 of the act of May 20, 1870 of C?ny?JllJ[,|,rfor.,h" Pr" P^t'oti of the mar "d of the public the amount of rental* m? i ^ k i? """ ,n m*rket building-: "^ril ".^ V iy that the annual rent.I H ,?L K*? *fands in the other markets in the i.i ? ? t eshi?(rton shall not be fixed by the f Jt'Iif mt a |nw,'r r,lte P"r" Per cent, of the rate t^?'"Dder said section for -tails and stand-in the I\ , n l',n,!'!,"fT of. Maid com pany, aad the District If Ji I'.vi r11"?*. ** released and convey ed as ?X. for lhe Purpose < fa mark "t The agreement to take effect April 1, 1873. ni<?tini?f?^r?!lH '.'P'"" Hons# apomrnn nt< at ion from the Board of Public Works, transmit building regulations, referral to i* on ifwcni, Jtc. r', T'liafero, from tne committee on pnb'ic Itl nieiTnd^'1^' n"" for'h? relief of St. John' time Mission Hons?; which was read a second The House proceeded to consider . Ki..?n"*E"V>!s lnr- Tiflt. ?nd bill to cause fiie-walls to be constructed between M? MnK?i iT ter ""'ted; which, on inoti -n of Mr. MrB night, waa recommitted R?rrr *.K.? ?1,16 ?"""* of tillage of Barry s Farm to Ilillsboro was taken up. billbep?tpoiirt>Ved ,llftt ,be COB,ider*tlon oT tb? Mr Brown urged that the bill be not port pone) "1 Mr. Herbert said that there were a nunil.-r of names proposed, amoug them 1'otoma. City. Hills boro', t< uglasville, Howar.ltown and Oaledonia Mr Tnmble suggested Brownsville. S\T" PfnWn ~Th?f what 1 dont want. X wsr read a third tiiii?* and papseil Hoqm gelation re^n^ming th?* committee on na tional relations ,.f the House and Counc I and the ^ peaker and Presioeut of said bodies to call npon th!! ?r^rt i ?"rge the passage of an amendment to ? ?i ?'lc 10' ""kinK the Council elective bv the relations re rre-l to tlie committee on national House resolution in reference to ,. ?? ?.l,A Bl ILDIN J F".R THK WLICE COt Rt ivh "P1 ?.nd adopted. a? follows the lo.TrT.f r?,,1W,,l'? ,n which the Police Court of ? '/ Columbia is now held is inconveni not .nffi * '.V 8,1 y *rr,a"Ke'1 *"'? 4entilatod, and is m.V. ^ y fommodioiis to meet the re.|iiir.? fourt, ar.d to give the officers thereof proper facilities ar.d suitable officer for llie 11 ansae thenforf be it S,neM p"rtainil,g said court, ii That a committee of three from ?a~h How* t* appointed, wh shall have power to f- lect asuitable building,,?o be n-e.1 a- a Police C irt, jojiventeiilr located in tlieneighliorhood of the city Hall and ?_lice head.jnartera, and make such n ??.> tiaiion with the owner or owners of such buillingTin '/";LtCt, ,":,VD'"g ' as they niav deeni tIiort expedimt. and report the same to the Legislature at tw r ,,urin? ?hi.t so',',1 Jt Jt th" ron'irnittee' H'lnt weru aef-Wlt'SLmC??^!2f*he ?'r, rn^ to furnUh n u !.i 1 tuejit of the amount paid by the It urd of Healtf to contractor- for furnishing d^l.-ri/fn* ind V the br>rtri1' V'" sold to acavang- r Cost ?f same w as adopted. Kesolution re<iuesting the G ivemor to f'trnish a ietailed statement of the work done under thesuoer t ision of the w:iier registrar wsn adopted OnmofonofMr Murray,the Housethen resolved I'self into committee of th? whole on the l.ill to re^ "'ate shows end exhibition* in the sal- of seat-, :?,7cl !" V. amendments having I adopted the c >m nuttee r<?e, and the bill was laid over. Treatment of H'?mhI f?r street Pave, meiiis. ? ?-ei-Public Works are in receipt of the following letter relative to the treatment of wood pavement*: 11 - ?: . **??"tcTO*, D. C . May 16, l.Sr.l. V I have the honor to acknowledge thd TT iS ^ yoar c,.IT,'tnnnic?tion soliciting my o,.i? M,n ou the practicability of treating by chemical means certain samples ot pine wood, forward-si to mab, you. ao as to prot?ct them from decay. Tlie decay of w<?o?|y fibre* njay briefly be said to be brought about bv a s|>e< ies of fermeutatiou, oc ,t"?,ltro?en|/.e,| constituents. Oxygen Is absorbed and carb >mc a:ihydri<Je and water are triveu off, and in process of time the wood crumbb - into mould. Tbe decomposition of this albuuiiuous ,TihIr.!"ill!"rP"r 'T rapid, ate rdingto tie n?uru of the substance and the surrounding conditions In answer to your in iuiry, I have to remark that there ia not the remotest doubt of the practicability ?l Pt^t'tt.fg decay in the sampl- presented, so that the matter is really resolved into tlie iiueetion a* t > ? hat means are available for the pu. p J! r ,r reasotis which I nee,I not state, for they are of JlHtJiM ??. * ? ?v!'e ?hemist, impregnation by But fortn^L'VJ1 .ca,,e altogether inadmissible But, fortunately, w^ have not far to go to find tli PhLfwm D"'al,s,- Thcwe specially indicated are auy that wi'l io act npon the albuminous component 2,' ''"Wood as to prevent its decomposition JrM in ?n i^T?SI,^rt!rC*"Which P0**"** this pr ,C Jr\K 'n a.? eminent degree, vm: creoaote, carbolic acid and its honiopgiie.creasylic acid. In the pre ?mi>oesn>le | substances decomposition is itiipoA^ible, ?nd I hare found in experimentH of mv own whh the two latter sub-tancev that even in a highly dilntetl state decomposition is not only Kii'hi j"1 when it has commenced and con ? derat'ly advanced it is immediately arrested. rrH,t r *?( careful labratory experiments .lave been fully confirmed by actual practice on a large scale a- may be ie-n by reference to the report of General Qilmau on the ? Decay ?n | o^^ineV? V STV'!^ 1n ,371'to th" ch'ef L..? 77't ? 8. A. In this rep<irt, bm<0?l it in nli observations and protracted t?ftn. he confidently ex presses the opinion that a thoroughly creosoted timber would last from twenty to thirty P*r" To be brief. I may add that General Oilman ** hazarded nothing of his high reputation for ac curacy ia making this statement, but that, indgiiii; t'1- c""CI*! tests which have been niadVin thfi lirection, he is within the limits i>f probability and from the experiments which I have made uiion' the arTTn*^o^fW'nt<Hn,y yon'1 am "?tisfl?l that th y Jftd ? n?l* *" exceP,,onto wl,at may be consul I send you herewith a part of a block treated with lt9'd under cir> um-tances about e?|iiivaleut to the tj-e|y process. You will find that it ia th .r oughly impregnated. Very respectfully, yours, //,? / n *KW' Analytical Chemist lion. J C. Abbott. Waxkmtton, D. C. Tom Wriffhea Death Warraat. Ti\5^r ?^. death w?rr?"t In the case of Thomu bright, convicted of the murder of Kogerski, and sentenced to be hanged ou the iuth lost., was received at the jail, and the prisoner the solitary cell to the left, on the secoiid floor, which was last occupied by Charles Johnson, hanged for the murder or his *11? Georgetown. Wright seems to have settled down in good earnest to the work of pre paration for death, and reads liis bible and religious works mort of the time. Some of his wrl"nK His counsel, Gen. * d*y or two ?'nce. and re??,?t? ^ r 1 *?" not P^'ble to obtain a "?J1** for a_ few weeks, and Gen. Henkle nrom ised to aid him In that direction. It is almost certain that the court aad District Atton.ey will recommend a respite for about two weeks Alktakdria?yuotatiouaof new flsh fbr this t<> Th* 8ta* by George W. Harrison & Co., wholesale dealers in fish. m?. ** wh*TTe?. Alexandria: Shad, per hundred, ?12 to ?14; Herring, per ^rwJf ',toW; ,whif" n?rei.t per bunch 10to 15 ^ w vu JO;offaltper bunch, I?0!0*?To-day, the following sales r ^ were to shippers bv <* *?ent8:-4.000 shad from k Kg trom ** to rock, m to 30c., 500 buaches perch. 15 to 2ju 'in sturgeon, tl to?l.g0; 1,000^,2 toW? " ^ n*A*T -The twentieth 22di??^fit K^i^ounf Men'" Christian As observed at Lincoln hall to ^ on whlch occaaion our people nLLtf,!?^J'y*"!6of to theelo SiewYor^who ?^Pr?? H Hepworth, of w?w i org, who, since his con version toortho do*y, has come to the front rank of the New '*i-^P**t force and sower. Bov *ui T1.?^"/' ^ the Metropolitan M?*. church,' will alao speak. and there will be a at tnere will be a stirring ?*1 ??. Got. Cooke will preside. T3^.A^ TO ?? DivoacMD. W#I* &1?d in the t????V???vr ' m tollowa; applies for divorce from * Fnldarick^'w hotter. 8h# states that thev we?T Kev. 8. D. Finckel In IDH, and that in 18f2 ahe wa. compelled to leavehi^M he negUwtedto Si?v! b6r' and tr?^ herwitt{ISTw-^ T?ch?r applioa for a divorce from Pr. Algheus W. Tucker, on account of adul ftaJ'in iwrn^1to ^ that ^*5 were mar ?d in 1867, and gives namee of the nartiM and datea ot his alleged adulterous acta. Bayte7?M^ar^2? ri"**T,?*8- ? ArchbUhop charci JaT^2^/<?t?nUy tn St Stephen^, were cbilaren^^u l*f e portion of whom A^hWshop^^^^e^J^^y the Hi nation in an IbZ^-i candidates fbr eon ?i?u?JHSssasi- ,i siv.?' kS.? p "h"~ U u p**tor' *? % 'yg* numbw of persons gaaum* Thomas K. hn BraMhalTSr^Bu'slTlTo'* JntUfial Pjwen ?f Giwita. IKTKBEFTian CASS I* TBI COURT IB 9B.V KBAL TXBX. This afternoon, in the Court in General Tern, the ease of Francis Dainese against Charl n Hale was taken up? Messrs. Cuppy, Henkle, and Arrick for plaintiff, and Col. w. Penn Clarke for defendant. The plaintiff claim* that the defendant a? Consul General of Egvpt on or about November 3d, M64, did claim to hare jurisdiction in a controversy between the plaintiff and R. H. and U. B. Allen, and unlaw fully did seise certain goods, which he detained for a long period of time, and that defendant maliciously issued a pretended process of gar nishment ordering certain creditors not to make payment to him. He farther states that at the commencement of the proceedings ami during their pendency he and the Aliens were resi dents of the United State*, and were not resi dent* of or sojourners in the Ottoman empire, and he avers that by reason of the seizure he suffered great loss, aiid he brings suit for 000 damages THE DKPENDAWT sets up as a defense that at the time said seveud trespasses and grievances are alleged to have born committed he was Consul General of the

Cnlted States at Alexandria, Egypt, duly fur nished with a letter of credence trom the Presi dent of the United States to His Highness jhe Pacha of B^ypt; that, as such Consul General, he held the highest diplomatic rank of any re|> resentatlve of the United States in the country to which be was accredited, and that by virtue of the laws of the United States he exercised Mj?3 functions and duties of a minister. That when he took cognizance of the cause of th" Aliens against the plaintiff, the said plaint ff had a stock of goods in store in Egvp That in his official capacity as consul genetal as aforesaid, by the law of nat'ons. as well as tin laws of the United States, he was invested w.'h iudicial functions and power over citizens of the Jnited States residing in said country of Egypt; ami by virtue of said authority and power," he did the things complained of by plaintiff, and that he is liable only to the United States. a<i?! not to this plaintiff. To this defence the plain tiff demurred, and the defendant tiled his join der. The issue of law was heard at the special term in April, and the court, upon consider ation, overruled the demurrer, from which ruling and judgment the plaintiff appealed to the general term. THE PLAIJiTIFF CLAIMS 1. That neither the laws of Turkev nor of this country authorized the defendant to do the thingscomplainedofinhisdeclaration. 2. That however this may be since the passage of the amendatory act of I860, the laws of the United States had conferred no civil jurisdiction what ever upon the defendant when be committed the grievances complained of. 3. That the treaties between the United States and Turkey contain no grant or stipulation authorizing American Consuls to exercise civil jurisdiction in Turkey. 4. That there if no law or usage of Turkey and no law ot the United States authorizing Ameri can consuls in Turkey to attach the property of persons w ho are not within their consulate. 5. That whatever power consuls in Turkey may |H>ssese to hear causes between American citi zens residing there, it is an executive and not a judicial power. 6. That the process of attach ment is an extraordinary remedy, resting ex clusively upon statutory enaetment, and when resorttd to by an executive officer without au thority of law, constitutes a trespass, for which he is liable in an action for damages. ?^?????? THE COURTS. COURT IS GENERAL TEhM -To day, F. !<? j Porter, K. Raymond Bliss. ?nd Joseph R. Couch lend were admitted to the bar. The argument in the case?>f Williams agt. Flor ence was concluded. CIRCUIT COURT. Humphrey.?This morning the appeal calender was ealh-.l and a num ber of judgment* by default were entered an I seve ral judgments were afkrioed. PBObATE COURT.?To-day th^ following Imsi ness was done before the register wills; Th.? will of the late John L. Smith, bequeathing to hi" son Lownd* A. Iiis watch and chain, to his son L. Soott bis diamond ring and pin, to his <sou John E a ;ot in "?lUare 29>>. and directing that the t>al ?nc.> of hh es tate be equally divided between his children. wit; tiled. Hie will of the l^f E hvard Svvann, t>%i|n<?tthin^ bis estate to Ins v, if.', was fully proven and admitted to probate. The will of He^rv Kiog, beqneat hing his estate to hi? btother. Kndlcott King, wa?fully proven. Elisha La/onbys will, btiiueathing his property to his wife, was fully proven and admitted to pru b te, and t he widow qualified. I.i the case of tin- estate of John B Tnrton de ceased, the widow renounced, and letters of iwlminis tration on the estate were ii-sm-d to L II. Schneider. Id re will <>f C> prian> Chaves, otherwise .lar.n; en* '-at tib-d by P. S. Chaves. On the petition of the ex">nt*<r o! Thomas Stark pole's estate, the time fir the settlement of tli e tatewas extended to Juii? 24*li next. A decree wa- mad" anth >ri/.ing M.C. Llewelen Clements, guardian, to s.-ll certain real estate for tlie bem fit i.f the children. The court holds that -uch a decree requires the approv al of the t'ha?c-ry Court, and then fore the decree will go there for approval. POLICE COURT, Jn-tue Sue//.?Yesterdav, Eli :. Berry, charged with stealiug several articles of clothing and jewelry, valued at ?lo; pleaded not guilty and u is sent to jail for 30 da* s. John B >wie, a-sauit an l battery on Richard Thomas; $10 n'ld costs. John Steveus, larceny of ft40 from \V T Situnders, a huckster; 6o days in jail, appeal noted. Edwaid Rey uoldg, charged with stealiug clears va! ued at ?1.?U; continued. TO-PAV. James Pnckett, Wm. Johnson, James Fitzgerald, and seveial others, forfeited their collaterals f.r piofaiiitv. Thomas Long, a vagrant, wax sent to the workheuse. John Morgan was fiued .*5 for vio lation of the cart law regulating distances to bo ob served between carts on the streets. Lncinda B<nk->, a vagrant, was sent to the workhouse. John Wilson was nr.ed ?3for profanity. Clav ,1.tines,same offence, ?3. J oho Brown and Anna Reeves were tinel ;?5 each for using load and boisterous language. Michael Long, charged with malicious trespass in retnoying sand and gravel from a strest: lined $5. Frank Ajlen was charged with grand larceny of c'othing, wines, cigars and tobacco from Theodore M. Kuid, keeper of a re-taurant. The larceny was committed in April last, the goods are valued at oyer *50. aud have iust bei-n recovered aud the alleged thief ar rested. Afrer hearing the testimony the judge ?ent the case to the graud jury. Allen wa committed n default of security C I TY ITE M S. TcRco-RrsstAJt Baths; also, Medicated Va por Baths, for all skin disease, at Dr. Shedd's, 903 E street. 5,20,6: TALCABU and Reliable.-"Rrotvn't Bron chial Trockct" are invaluable to those exi?os<'d to sudden changes, affording prompt relief in Coughs, Colds, &c. ?),eo3 " 1 ? Chains* Splendid assortment of Roll Plated Vest Chains, from S3 to ?10, received at Prigc's Jewelry Store, No. 457 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4 ? street. Hats! Triple Combination. Willt-tt & Ruoff have received another sup plv of the above hats?three in one, adapted tor all weather. 19,6 Caution.?Purchasersof the Peruvian Syrup (a protected solution of the protoxide of iron) are cautioned against being deceived by any of the preparations of Peruvian bark, or bark and iron, which may be offered them. Every bottle of genuine has Perurian Si/rup (not Peruvian bark) blown in the glass. Examine the bottle be fore purchating. 19,6 Elegant, sweet, light, and wholesome Bread, Rolls, Biscuits, Corn Bread, Muffins, Buck wheat and other Griddle Cakes, and Pastry Cakes, with Dooley's Yeast Powder. Sold by grocer*. -. 16,6 Cincinnati Lager and Buck Beer on draught at Geo. W. Driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4^ street. 15,5 Guinnehs Porter and Bass and Encoop Jfc Co.'s English Ale on draught at Geo. W. Driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and street. _ 15,5 Julips, Smashes, Cocktails and other pre scriptions carefully compounded by Geo. W. Driver and his corps of efficient assistants at the new sample rooms corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4street. 15,5 Children cry for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oiL 4,25.eo3: To OBTAr* the most delicious julip or smash, made of the finest material, and manipulated in the most artistic manner, co to Goo. w. Driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. 4,5 ? Soda Watxh Apparatus fob Salb?A great variety of White and Tennessee Marble Soda Water Apparatus at manufacturer's prices and terms. Second-hand ones taken in exchange. Pure Soda Water in Steel Fountains, at Palm ar & Green's, Georgetown. w,s Shirts madb to Ordbi?Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, ean have their Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's, 422 9th Street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: oF?*2!!5xI,l?OT *or Ml* at wholesale by Ctae. Stott AC*, 480 Pennsylvania avenue, 1>F toWrtiBTetywhete. t,w,f,U . 'HI CBmcM^otSweiJhalf horse and Ther eoneorted with animals, con qnwed mankind, lived upon the flower of the eeBtnry plant, made one of their number god art, transferred their name and home te^the con^ellation CenUmritu, and raised tte divil generally. But the great Centaur Liniment ror stiff joints, rheumatism, swellings Bnd lameness, upon man or beast, is now aston ishing the world. And| astonishes because it does Its work. i Bad adruie as to suitable ^ to health _i?oome from Car the well-known opposite the ' naiis., Ao., rpHE LATK9T VOHDIB oft!* Nui ntnry U J t!.e Stiait, new seDii)? rsi>tdly at STdAl'*\ 10UP?^V? ? Bear Do, 8E0EQ1T0WW. Ecriwioa of ? OAMitmiiTOi?Tester day afternoon ? large copper generator far making gas for soda-water, in the factory of Palmer jfc Green, on Green street, exploded with great force, throwing the head and the in side dasher acres* the room, and scattering the contents all over the room, burning slightly several cf the workmen who were there em ployed, and breaking a hole about two feet square throngh a heavy brick wall in the rear ot the generator. Under the circumstances, the escape of the workmen from serious injury is remarkable. Polick Isspkctios?Capt. Brock inspected the summer uniform of the police of the third precinct in this city, to-day. River News?The steamer John Gibson ar rived to-day from New York, with a full cargo of general merchandise, and the steamer Co lumbia cleared for Baltimore with a miscella neous cargo; also, steamer G. H. Stout cleared with 100 bbls. flour for Philadelphia, and MO do. for New York via can*!; the schooner Maggie arrived from Port l>epo.?it, Md., with 110.000 feet of lumber, ami the schooner Mary T. Con ner from Jacksonville. Fla.. with 20.5.000 feet of Florida pine, both for Jo*. & J. E. Llbbev. Grain Trade?The only arrival of grain to day was 1,200 bushels wheat by the schooner Thomas P. Morgan, from Alexandria, to Hart ley & Bro. Fish Wharf?The receipts of tish to-day were 45.000 htrring, which sold at (3.W per thousai d. ALEXANDRIA, Committed to Jail. ? Joseph Gheen was committed to jail yesterday by Justice Beach iu default of bail lor his appearance at court. The charge against him is that in July, 1*7% he robbed E. T. Having of ?1*5, ag<'ld watch an.l a revolver, in a restaurant in \\ astiington. The case was given to the Washington detectives at the time, l>ut they made nothing of it. A short time ago. however, the mother of the man who liad been robbed, while In the Jewelry store of Mr. Acton, alluded to the robbery, when Mr. Acton informed her that he had seen the stolen watch several times since 1*70, ami that it bad been at his store but a week or two before for repairs, having been left there by Mr. James McKennv. Mr. McKenny. who "was at once sought for. stated that he had bought the watch from Gheen, and as the latter had been with Javins wlen the robbery was perpetrated, he was arrested.and as above stated, committed. Ji ncES of Kle< tioji?'the following are the judges appointed byJudge Lowe to conduct the election on Thursday next: 1st ward, Jacob Fultz, W. P. Graves,'and M. H. Nash: 2d, (ieorge Washington, A. C. Kelt, and E. T. Steele; 3d, A. B. Crupper, F. L. Brockett. and C. A. Yohe: 4th, W. W. llarper, F. A. Reed, and L. McK. Bell. Colored Baptist Corventiok?The col ored Baptist convention of the State of Vir ginia, which met in this city on Wednesday last adjourned sine die last iiight, after a har monieus session, to reasaemble at Liberty, Bed ford county, on the 2d Wednesday in Mav, 1*74. During the session about ?1,100 were collected for missionary purposes. Marine Railway?It is understood that efforts are in progress, and are meeting with encouraging prospects of success, for the estab lishment hereof a large and well equipped ship yard and marine railway. The site proposed is the property known as Hunter's ship yard, which was "bought cheap some years ago", and will be subscribed at its cost price in the stock Of the company proposed to be organized. Kkoistkrrd Vote?The following is the registered vote in the four wards of the city, as shown by the corrected registration t-eoks which (1< Bed on Thursday last: 1st ward, white 491, colored 2.V.; *2d ward, white 3t?8, colored 220;3d ward, w hite #18, colored 500; 4th ward, white, 425. colored, 5o4. PllDMOMT AND POTOMAC RAILROAD? Ground was broken 011 the proj>osed Piedmont rfnd Potomac railroad on Friday last at y uanti co, and it is stated that a large force ot laborers will be put to work upon the construction of the road within a short time. Laud Sale? F. A. Kirby, auctioneer, sold this morning for D. L. Smoot. trustee, six acres of land with the improvements thereon, near Mail's Cross Roads, in this county, belonging to Dr. Henry A. Armstrong, to Peter D. Birch for ft'.WO Oaftte. Ia*t <r nitty. Georgetown Advertisements. >NOTl?K.?Tli<- annual meeting of the LOT HOLDERS OF OAK BILL CEMETERY wfTI be'hi'ld at the office of th<* company <>n MON PAY, J one 2, 1873, at 5 p. m.. for Ihe purpose of < lec'ing a B< ard of Blanagers t<> -erve for the en tuingyear. JAMES GOSZLER. ni20 -wAeSw Secretary. Y THOMAS HOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown j VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON WASHINGTON STREET, NEAR BUIDGK STREET GEORGETOWN, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, June 3(1, at 6H o'clock, I will Kgsell, < n th?- pri-niiw a, part of Lot No. 18, front ai**s nig 21 feet on Washington street, near Bridge street, by a depth of ta feet. The improvements cot s ?? of a three-story Rii. k Dwelling house, eon tsitiing -even rooms. Term-: One-third c??h; balance in C ati<5 12 nios,, with interest at 8 per cent, per annum, secured by h deed of trust on the premise*. or all cash at the op tion of the purchaser. Convex anring at cost of pur chaser; a deposit of 41i*) ?s woou as tn? prop-rty ia ?truck off [mjn| THOMAS DOWLING. Anct. |^Y THOS. DOWLING, Auctioneer; Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALE OF SIX COMFORTABLE DWELLING HorSES. No*. J.*?.4T.4<J. A3. ft4. AND 3a DUNBARTON STREET, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. June 3d, at S o'clock, I will Baa sell "" 'he premise*, on D unbart on street, b< ?*tween Green and M ntgotuerT streets, six n-ar ly new comfortable frame dwelling hous<-s, with modern improvements. The locatiou is pleasant and healthy, and all street improvements made. Terms: One-third cash; balanced, 12 and ISmonth*. secured by ad'ed of trust on the property. Oaiwy- ? ancirg at cost of the purchaser. A l- p >sit of $100 ie>iuir?d as scon as the property is struck ..If, JOHN DAVIS. m? dta THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r. THOMAS DOW LING, Auct., Georgetown. B BY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON WASHINGTON STREET, GEORGETOWN, AT Al'CTION. On TUESDAY, June 31, at ?> o'clock p. m.. I [will sell on the premises, part of Lot 123, front ting 97 feet on the east aide of Washington str-et. between Dnnbarton and Beall streets, by a depth of 60 feet. The improvemnit* cou-ist of a substantial two-story and-half Brick Dwelling IL with water and gas, permanent wash tubs, mnrble man ties. pantry, Ac., Ac. Choice pears, grapes, tc , iu the garden. This property is eligibly located on one of the finest streets ne?r"he heart of tiie city, and is well worthy of the attention of bayers. Terms: One-third ca-h; balance 4a 6 and 12 months, with interest secured by d<*?d of trust on tbe premises. Conveyancing at the coat of pnrrhaaer 11 21) THOS. DOWLING. Auct. 1> Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer, 0 138 Bridge street, Georgetown. EXECUTORS' PAL* "of VERY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY.CORNER OF HIGH AND BRIDGE STREETS, GEORGETOWN, AT AUCTION. jK By virtue of the last will and testament of the Cjlate Timothy O'Donoghue, deceased, end with **tbe consent of Peter O'D 'noghue, in his own eigbt, the undersigutsl will sell, at public auction, on tbe premises, on TUESDAY, May 117th, 1873, at 1 o'clock p. n. . that valuable improved property fronting ? feet 6 inches on Bridge street, by S3 feet 3 inches on High street, improved by three store, and dwelling House. Terms: One-third cash balance in C. 12, and 18 months, the purchasers giviug their uote?, bearing interest from day of sale. Deeds given and dead of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. Con veyancing at the cn*t of the purchaser. SARAH ODONOGHUK,' vT,.nt?r. PETER O'DONOGHUE,< tx-cntors. nil? 2w (Rep ) THOS. DOWLING. An. f. JJ W. BROWN, " BOOKSELLER ASD STATION ER, 1518 BRIDGE STREET, GEORGETOWN, D. C. I have this day opened a BOOK 8T0RE at the abovenamed place, and would solicit a liberal share of tbe patronage of tbe public. Particular attention will be raid tothe Book and Stationery departments, aid satisfaction in prices guaranteed. I am also closing out all the stock of Sheet Music of tbe lata house of Poe A Soligaou at oue?half price. Call and examine. k!54i |^F THOMAS DOW LING, Auct'r; Georgetown tbtstee's sale of~valuabie seal es TATE IN GEORGETOWN, D. O. By virtoa of a deed of trust from Charles T. Edmonrton Mid wife, made January 28th, 1870. Land recorded amongst the laaj records of said District in Liber No. ?08, folio 313, 4c .aii'l at the aiUest of the party secured thereby, 1 will offer for e at public auction, on THUSSDA Y. the lit of May, lffj. at A o'clock p.m., in front of tbe prem ises, all that Lot of Ground in Georgetown afore said, known and described aa the southern part of lot No.<1, in Pater Baatty, Threlkeld, and Deakin's addition to fa id towu said part having a front of thirty-two feat on the weet aide of Lingan street, between 1st and Prospect streets, and ranning back OT that width tothe rear. The property is improved by a substantial Prase Dwelling recently repaired. Terms: Oi?e-fo?rth of tbe parchaM iKmey cash, and the reaidue in six, twelve, and eighteen months, for which notee bearing six per cent, interest from the day of sale shall be given, to be secured by a deed of trust of the, premises. The terms of sale moat be eosapMed with within four days after day of toSsus te' fhaasr. - All conveyancing ^buyers' coat. A de 'SAtt ?0S TEK BPKIHQ lull. 'otiS'oif ISSoboR LADIES' AND QENTfl'I8Pj|INO^AND SUMMER ?w??Uy FMMMtUM ibn. Office,Jefferson at., PoetOffw THE TRADES. JTwtict of Htmmvml TilE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE CONDCCTED BY THE C\V VERS1GNED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE. AND B STREE1, BE TWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE Cor. if 13th street bb4 Ohio avt. n. w. ni9 lm NATH'L B. FUGITT. HEBAIG A LAOlUPl'fH, SiKcwri to H?*?t Hi iiiri, PBACTlt AL COPPERSMITHS, A 0 7 F street 04 In* Between 8th and ?th *t? n .rthweV CiHAS. HABTEL. ~ / CARPENTER AND BUILDER. 014 C street southeast. All orders promptR at tended to od rfwoniblr terms. *17 l m* N V^?3S JOHN C ?HOGAN. T13 Market Upare, MuOfn'tai^r of AW NING&, for Store*, City and Country BhiJmicih. TENTS and FLAGS for Mir or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of *11 kinda for sale. Pole Af'iil f'*r the on)/ g-nuiue MILDEW PBOOF AWNING MATFt.iAL. splitr pLCMBING AMD GAfc-PITTING. Those desiring to bare tl eir Plumbing nnd S*> Pitting done in a ueat and ? ibstantial manner, and on reasonable terms, shoelii leave their ordera ?? 113 Pennsv iTanla aveuue, Capitol Hill. Work * arranted. ?>27 6ni* WM. BOTH WELL. M. CUNNINGHAM, H ATTIC I., ~~ 1011 F Street, between utn and 11th, baa the (hem or ryAodd old styles; alao, m liniment of Pelt Hata for tale, on reasonable to -ma. fO-tr i 'ALL ON J AUKS P. BBIEN, V/ Practical Plumber and (in J*tier, to have your Plum Hun, Gas Pitting, and Sewerage Cmptlf attended to on reasonable terms, No. OOV uisiana avenne, near Mb street, north aide. Besidenre, 1I5IS hi street. norths?t mM ^WRINflB, rUG^TIRT?. M G COPELAND, ?4S Louisiana avenue, om door east Fife street. AWNINGS for Btorss. City and County BesMenoas rvJurtJu in style and finish. FLAG8 and TENTS for sale and rent. BOOMS DECOBATED. All Canvass articles made to arder DANCING CLOTHS. seV-tr J B. TIHTO.1, CARPENTER, BV1LDER. an OONTBAOTOB. Ordera for Hons? Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo r actor'a Work speedily attended to. Shops aud Office, jatJl-tf l?th street, below B st. northwest. LITERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A SON, . BOABD1KG, LIVERY 4 SALE SYABLEe tlb 8th street, bet. D and E, and Chain fley, U between 15tb and 1Mb. Office, Wilterda. Beet carriages furnished. Special care paid to tb? boarding of borsea. derfl-ly LL1SON NA1LOU, Jr.. LIVE BY AND HIRING STABLES STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEB decg) ly 13Ua E str?t northwest ABLINGTON stables.-b CBCIT, JB. G STREET, Betwfx* 17th 4"ir 19ri. Carriages by day or night, and for weddi&ga or par ties. uerhl-ly /niNGBKSS STABLES, V biH STREET, UtTWin D 4!?D E. Horses and Buggies for Hire, and a fresh aapplF o' fO<<1 Horses for aiue er+rf week. jySl ly, BICHABD VANT, Proprietor. WASH. NAILOH'S STABLES 13*0 B ST. CARRIAGES of the latest styles Constant!} on hand and for hire by the day or month. Parties, weddings, and receptions furnished wttt the m. ?t comfortable and elegant Carriages. Particular attention to boarding Horses, aar Horaes a'waya for aale and exchange. declt-tf GROCERS. P L U I) B ! RECEIVED DIRECT from the Milla In VALLEY OP VIRGINIA. ill aell to families 40 cents per barre leas that nsual prices. Prices of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down CATAWBA WINE, ?uet received from Pleasatit Valley Wine Company. $'U a gallon. 8. H. BACON, TOO Market'Spaoe, mar* between 7th and 8tn streets. Old, i V New, No 4^ PaPERHANGIXGS. {No.- 439 Tth St.S (TtH Sr. NOW OPEN AT MARERITER'B, No. 43V 7th street, between D and E streets. Eight doors above Odd Pellews' Hall, PAPEBHANGINGS of new and stylish designs of the best fabrics and fi niah,selected with due regard to harmony of color, durability, richness and econo my. A large portion made specially to order, em bracing beautiful stripe and other designs in Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing room*, Ac.; ? and 40-inch plain tints for panneliug with gilt rod or finishing plain, with a fall line of medium and low-priced Papers, patent and perfect repreeen tationsof Wood and Mamie,for panneling balls and vestibules. BOBDEBS in Gilt, Velvet and Gilt Imitation^ Frescoj and Common Center Pieces. luill.i l? >ll rinvij UiU V'lililHI French Pireboard Prints, Ac., making the largest and moat complete assortment in the District. W INDOW SHADES. New designs, different sites ant colors; alao. Plain Goods in Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender, Green aud Stone Colors for baking into Shades. Shades made to order. PICTURE PBAMES. Solid Oval, Walnut and Gilt, and all Gilt Prames from 3x4 to MxSO inches. Box Oval Pramea for W re at ha at cost. A beautiful selection of French and American Gilt and Velvet Prames for Ivory type and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in great variety. Frames made to order. PICTCBE COBD AND TASSELS from Card to Portrait Site, different colors; also. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture Cord, very superior goods; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic tare Nails, Bings, Screw Byes, Ac. PAINTINGS, ENGBAVINGS, CHBOMOS, Be. A limited, bat choice, selection in appropriate frames alfrays In store on exhibition and sale. Chromos and Engravings ordered. Orders for Paperhanging, Window Shades or Pic tar* Frames punctually filled and satisfaction guar anteed. Terms cash. Please remember name. OM No 4SO. I. MABKRITBR, ... _ and namber 430 7th street, *"? m Between D and B streets. WB "AVB J GST RECEIVED ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELLINW AT SO CENTS PEE SEIBT. LOCftWOOBi MUFTI ft TAYLOR, 003 PENNSYLVANIA AYEHCB. ?OtT Metropolitaa Hotel Yoas:?TBA?!rt.n'fcr-i. llth street. I YOU BUN the Tooth's Imperial Oat Vsatto match? It is admired by aU and ssssaat A. STEADS', 1011 Pa. na-.M* ?A a MMd rr/inYiu^ii i a ? iT_ "nrf'wo RAILROADS. A^WIV a same 4sir BKHk - ? ? ?l ?LE1ABDRIA * rKiriRICKSBrM B. B ft Jimmd StMU t XVtfTZ. nf?SFu\i7Z ^Tsii' I tf, 4M,?J8, mJ j? ** *? ?- " **? Tsr'aw.l".- ??? ??? iDiRlOO Btre?? IWM) *** 1 "??? orders for "IVi. rorwo.??i trn-tt: \mUM \ ?_ rRAlftfl LEAVE FOB BALTIMORE 4?au," ?hMlrt EI' I.A3 a ?., Baltimore Hall, d?liy, Bxp _ daily,ex.erl Sunday. IB|. ?., Raltim pe Ac <n. daily, n e*rt8an.1?y. 5:AS r ?>.. Ornnnatl Ef M. "i'/MKJJS ? I ?. Bl. ..aitsE dally. ?? r,*- ParlBe Bx__ _ daily,..xoept Sunday. ?1| daFiy. >? * i.n.j Bomber* Bx nr^" . MOPfl fui. 'ftw?*? Bxpl MB. Train* tearing Waabltmt. n at 6 SSand 1C 18 a.? ar^ J..V r mutineer at B. wi.-?tth traina for Marlboro' lea*1ti? B *!r < Uj and II % a. a., and ? u a m ?r. rtrtu* at Marlboro 8 18 a. m and t: 1.1 uW J ja a m Tr?i?? arriving at Waabincton l is a. m end 8 jS STd?J* ?..*!' B>wt? with traius Iwtu^ Marlboro' ;.?*> a. m. and 8:40 and ijj a. a. * Paas wren. leaving iMr orders at Ticket Office*. ooraeroT 1Mb street and - T" nal i ?iM_lr_j| northwest corner of Birth Kmt ?.nd P?ni.?i Irar.ia w ^ t7 ??!?!? ZS&Z*!* ?"*** ai>4 , TVwrt <-lekets to Cincinnati. Ooti Ind anap..ltii. LotiisnJIe. jtt. L?.0 ,t ? ui'ii iurt p|, i.i ij p Vmb Ol^MM S!tSX?Zm; SS iSKS?;-* ?"rolnta ?*? Eg rorKQ.Q^^M'??'1 TO '| 'SKSfU! >? _bbtwbbii , l*OTj>B ,re1L A I?BL PHLA, AM> NEW V--HE. Hi>M'>?r?<i, ?..\mk?rllun T^lnsbefweenMAfcfilRGToii mIIBW toHJL if* rnu m* f Nrur?: FOB MEW *ORK. ?e,. ^wdiUnMtfUHuniaHiiMi a. m.,i??nd t~ - rOE PBtLAPKLPHIA. Leare dally , except St.uday ) at 8 a. m.% 141 and *X . ... . _ OB ItrRDAT. *t1MB r4fc T< rka? bw v. m., and PhlladalpMa can for M?? Tort on 8 1Q y.m.c r^TcI^ b^kh2 "f the dS^ ^ 8l*Uotl alaUki B*!lliiot? and Ohio railroad i-l-rrti?r m mi - aasfcar "tO- BOONTB. Ag'nt, H mtiififtoi. ?ALT1MOBB AMD U hT(^ O RAILROAD J WimmsMV Jai. *. irs ^?1M bfnrwn U A8HINoT<>N AMD RiLTI. mKri-^,;iA8llI?OTO* ^Bt) lEIWUlIrt tow raa aa loUowa, rim: M " BOB BALTTMORB. kjoar*dally, ?moo*t Rnnday . at ? ??. *-m am a.m.: ,U. 4 R?,*i%jL?*2iSS L?Ta?,!.^r^^LroB BALTIMORB . _ foe all way statiori 6YC*pt Soiidtf, |t 4 i?* 6 if And Map t"? a /?r.idRS?s-: -13 .h Jo action, Hanovw'and R. U? 'JK.'tsvL.riSsaj , 41- 'OB ANR APOLIH Lo?t? at ? 4B a. m. and 4:lti p. m, bat no tralaa to from Annapcluon fnndar FOR KORFOLK. Lea%e at IDC p. n.,except fui>tiay FoR ALL PARTS OF TUB H BUT f'*c*p, Saturday and h.nd.v, at f ?f a. Ci and i n and 8 U) p. m. Ou 8aturdai at < u LS 4ud 6U p u?,. and on Suudaj %t s it aii<4 s u.' p m "* rr^.1*!141^8 ^'y? AS roLLOHH: ' tlTVl^V* ^ IUilUaore,M Jrnv Philadelphia and Bait imor?> at i sn a m Frnn Baltimore at tJO. ?.?). 8 40 and 11 Ui a '?> ?od 1*1. J.40, T:?e t i and ii|"- V * . FROM TUB ? BdT Arrtra at 1*, C J? and lvM> ? * Tlirourh tlcketj to tb(1 Cin b? bad at tM> #a?hiu*t?n Station Ticket office at all honTlT# Uy; alao, at theCuwip^,office, "?'A P^n?yIranto ?Tenne. Paaaencera porchamti? tickets at the Av? ? oftce can thi re arTarite to tiara their hua>M r""? checked at their r~.,d?? no!,tlk|Ti? 'to into tbt* bacjrad* cur. r.maen.ei.tofM-hroufh Line." *"? ^ THuB. B. SHARP/Aaa't Mantor Tranraortatlon 1872 pbsnstlvanla roctb 1872 ro TBB BOBTUBBfT SOUTH, Ibd Booif Trains taavi aa followr VaahtngUm. 4M a. m Baltlmar? 1M a. a. JSI .? T:AS p. m. ? _.?R>.* a. ?. GREAT Bol'BLB THACK RUI'TB, 8*"' Uow^iry, Palace t*< ate roowi day anC L With t^i i*jt aw 1 ? - ? a ?.?. 7*1 p. THB GRT ~ fHk elt*aut ,.lr_,u ' c*r1, with modern lmprorenienta. iSTirrt4"4 "al* ~**d u' WaakH? and Central ,Jh* i11' * * ? dally, except Bnndav, aortt tellyl iDd ft:48 i. n., fiwpi itoiKUf, MaI? On*n?fCTU?!M PiWSSn^?1 BALTIMORB to B LAO ABA and rliiBBCKO witbont rbauft. Tic keta b) this route can be procured at the o(Bo?a. ^a?f .ftf PM "?>lMta avenoe. and y *?"*. ?* PenasyIvania sreone, under t?aU tiaieT **&?? utforaaUoa wtu ba Pasaancera procuring tickets at thts oflos caa ?etws aooowfiodatioas ta Palaos Ova for htu uurg. BP^B- TOCBO, General Paaes??r Ajmt, INSURANCE COMPANIES. ^JREAT ?E\?R\mE I^IRAHE CASH AShETS ?306.4*7 6< OFFICB, t?03 FIFTBBNTH 8TREBT, orpoaiTK tekasikt naraarMBKr. pU3n> R. W BATES. A?ont. THB CORCORAN OP THI DISTR t'T OF OOLCMB1A, Otraaiz*d Jtp^i I?, Uff3. Capital... Bioo.oou. OrriCF Bo. 1488 PBMMSTLVAIfIA AVB8 C iOvita Milacek V Data Broaa ) l*' f". MBtroic W? Onne. n Clay Btewart, Mdmhiri g^?: j t ^wSa. ABB TOC IB8UBBDf . OW WA8BINGTOB. w!tT iSfOkpiHATsr n OomiIm ta liM .9"??. *??!???of IM Katbwal P*:.k of tBC snsziif'- iEm-s CHARLP8 BBAT 'J rwsa^na - or TBI . DISTRICT OF OOLUMBlA OMVANIZMV AVVVST BB, 1BTB OA* CAPITAL. ife |MFOBTAjrr

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