Newspaper of Evening Star, May 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 21, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. r?kH?b?4 tally, lu4<ji fiMftcl, AT TBS STAR BUILDINGS, rlvaala 1t?m, wr, Uife Bt, in m? mi iimrn cwm ?k m, lir/AUAW, /nKM. ? TBI EVENING STAB hi ?erred by carrier* to Mr snberiber* M T?* Cemts rum wiu.or Foktt Vori c**ts rmm mo-sth. 0?pi?? at ths counter Two Cmri sach. By Mil?thrsa montba, 01JB, , tJ.OB; on* yea*, fl. THE WltllT STAB-Publisb-d FrMay-$lM ?ear VlttwfiiilT In idTUM, In Mb MM, Ml longer thaa paid for. o< advertising furnished on ap>lt?4tio?. LADIES' GOODS. ?g* MISS XcVf iilKi; PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,dk 11m constantly tn hand a flne assortment of IMPOBTKD BONNETS, SIBVWS, ( HIPS, PLOW BBS. RIBBONS. *r., t?"*'Fns L.i lies CAPS an.l COIF ?< ?*? ,H?t rectm? ni4 lr J{EAB AND SAVE YOCtt MONEyT frW*l? Si*'? Hair Switch"* that bar*faded Ik^L 71 CMn h*v* th-oi rwet>-red to thesr natural * ia ro?"tllt ? n.r. We hare a very Urge Larlaiwerr long and haii<i?otr? A DA M E hSTKEN S Ualr factory, 619 13'h st., <trmt. aM tr Mrs. c. b. (iIllct, AT THK HEW TOBK MILLINERY STOBE, HAS BIMUVKD from bit 9th street To 469PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASH1HV TON. D C? H,*w T,,rk ?h? ol tT *irL.,,#T'lt^,in BiUinery and Fancy JJ*"*? for ,**t tmron- ?b? ?olicts aeon tinna jce of ??rronage. frW jm? fViOTrCE.?Bargain* are now being oflfcred in * MILLINERY ~ and FANCY GOODS, *y E. LENZBEBQ A CO., - ?a"'r YOT M?rl?t Space, ^TAMPING DEPOT, ? 17 StVtTTS b? Oppo*tte Patent Offlca. WELLING OF1M ~ __ SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW TOBK BA7.AK, ?41 Seventh street, near E. NO HUMBUG. ?*1 ADIES'** _ FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL U the beet article in the world for doing di Linen ot It toaarta a beautiful gloee to the fabric Wow sale by all Orucm. BC1IHAM I CO., Manufacturer*, m 16? Wnt Lombard street, )?M-ly BaititnAre. Maryland. PIANOS, Ac. A large lot ok neably new and SBCOKD-HAND PIANOS, from different factories, now on band '<n Ea?y Terms, to room at KEITH EN BACH *8 PIANO WABEBOOMS, 4513 11th ?treet, above Pennsylvania arentie. Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.'* and Wm. Mc Camn.on's PIANOS. ^ 8ecnn,l han.l PIANOS taken in part payment for BfW 1 n.Qir CI ? EIHN fKACTU AL PiAXO , m J*-A A k Ky f>?rDi?*rly for F. C hl5 .lT. * c" ? t?in?r for Stnuway * t?on?.BH| an. J latetnu-r f^r ?*t7.-rutt A Co. T.iuer III 111 Mhl repairer of PI A BO* aud ORGANS, 6 3* &! r_ K.V\rnu,> ,?r l"r' 1 >f? ?? Karr ? Jewelry Peonsylvar.ia a-nno; Nairn'. Dnij more,r *y rPn n ?y It a m a avenae and ?th street M?*enth?l s, ??01 7th street, cornt-r of Q.will attentioa, and aatUfactiJn (mar ,n. a>i-ly S' ' *? * FJ? PIANOS, iinsupawed in eweetneM ol j and eacellence of finish; low pnrw__^?^ and *aej tem.s, G L. HILD Jt BKl) Agt-Ms. 4itO 11th etreet, near northw J ?? LUCAS, lit? 7th street n. w., IWane f ' A????uer m Piano* aa4 Ortams. M S at Tbom peon's corner 1Mb at hB T; rk *"? ; Bridge, near IVI in Concreee, Georgetown; and Mum', cor. 7tta and Pa, Sli -rr^'TA^1 ot,^" 'ntnuaenu packed and moved All wort guaranteed. mhS^Iy WCHOMACKEB A OO.D PIANOS. 0 PHILADELPHIA ?KKAT BEDCCTIOH IB PRICKS. Thaaa lesernmeets, which, on Mcnat of their m -Wity over all otbem. ha%e in a few fl - - popniar"i?re,'ae"wen as\7l|^|b ??m the country, cau be had now for Um fol-MHF lev Iuk low pncwi* SOU A RE PIANOS fnm ?S1to M. (7FRIGHT PIANOS from A?uo t.Ta7? _5BAND PIANOS from ISTito A1J75 Fer?.?ua who wish to save from BUM to la m Mi Pennsylvaala avwa* it BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. JTHDf,ce^i* r IC.Ai< ODI) r1KLLOW," lor May KTO< I?*rv * i.v' i ?"<? lor sale by in nil? 5, i Aganto for District of Co K ? northwest, corner of I. Alto all ih^ D?m Booki, Perioaicalt, Ac., an4 nfall as aortiaent of Stationery. P.ctur*, P,W# Vrkin", ? atf-tr *0*AL ?I^DEM; a B K W MDSIO Play and Profit in My Ganlen; by Roe. ?? Z P^tical Treatiee TbeOther G^U, by Mr*. Whitney. ?t-moir of a Brother; by Thomas HuKhea r/T^HcS11*' b' MlUhew Arnold. Agency for STRIKED GLASS. .Arr WM. BALLABTTNB. BM?-tr liW 7th *treet, near B. L,n OF NXW BOOKS AT SHILLING TOM'S BOOK STORK. Cuisu 4)* Strcit asd Pum. Avkjici: ? i- K.7:,1.r.rtnn- Br *'* Thackerav. ""Bi's?"T.,?t ?2?l? n Anti'jnttie* of 8r>oth-*m Indians. Alx ve Tetnpeet and Tide. ,, .?aecarH Br the author of "Sttathmore" and "( nder Two Flan." 4. ?lr"- ?' Mr*. Whitney, Mthor of A Fair Saxo?. By Jnstin McCarthy. B*w itemedi^s. for April, kC3. Oreat Britain. A journal of anio* in* aitA instmctive Uterature. A >oung gentleman'* jonrnal *un and literature A Da? with Charles Dick-ns. K-aelm Chillinglv . B> Bnlwer. Farm Ballad*. By Will. Carlson. (Illustrate , A larr* *t.<k of BLANK BOOKS. PAHS BOnKS an<l MEMORANDUM BOOKS. NOTE PAPER LETTER PAPER, and PLAYING U ^ the very loweat prict-s j, AGRICULTURAL BOOKS. Johnaton'* Agricnltural Chemistry fl 7? American Gardener'* Assistant | vj Alien's American Farm Book |jg Heouerson's Gardening for ProBt 1 M Wariac'a Draining for ProAt and Health 1 30 Fullfrli Small Fruit CalturisC 1 to Fuller'* Grape Calturs 1 M Flu's So uthern Apple Calturiat I 71 Wryrht'* Practical Poultrr Keeper ] UQ ? s ?a All the asw b<>>ks r*c?ived as sooa as pablisbsd Vtr i*ia^l?^. BD B "ohpn a CO., "" Pesaa. avsnns. corasr 11th i OTIOB. " #ar."ss&ss: wMSoot ooaaiaiat; tbsrs Is Httla or ao pala, ao losi (fdM, and n aoas b?t saltaMs aSoss twvora, th* > evea la *ilt?i* sh gbthe l^t being A perfect VhEATB TO TBB MO DOCS aad death to hick If pritm is ths JDWtto M A, tiTKAUS', ltll /?" flje pming f fat V-. Vi-N2. 6.293. WASHINGTON, D. C.t WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1873. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. ASIUNOTOM ScHl'ETZEN VEREIN On account of the inclemency of the ??itkw, tb? KHVlTMHFItT is poyfynxl until farther notice. It d' BAND MAT< H RACK FOR *1,000, AT "? Pincy Branch Ric Track. Utb tm > ctre? t road, to coibp oB on THURS PAT, Ma> 23< 4<i'cl?k. If gHW.V fiiTt fair <la> fallowing. Mt. Nailor en- i.m ? TV. ' A. Doraey Owner enter* g. m. ... "T"''. Admission to the Con rue, >0 cents. AMOS FOX, Propiietor. mail 2i* WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. *1 JOQN T. FOE?..--. ^. . Proprietor The cKFt>rat?d Irish Comedian and Character Ar B M". JOSEPH MI RPHV, Aw?J?f'LlJKl)AY MATIN**. Frvd. G. Ma^le^H^SiKcessful Drama, Written especially to display Mr. Murphy's wonder - lSLim^i ? an<1 to "li,"re in Irish and Dnteh dialects, in which specialties ho is pre emi nent, introducing his fanim musical <?n,~,rtLKKKT< "/8 ?r D^TCH LAND, supported by an Excellent COMPANY OF DRAMATIC ARTISTS. ?? *1? C*D secured in advance at the ofllce of the New Opera House. Admission' Orchestra. 75 cents; Balcony, 60 eta.: Reserved seats, 73 cents and $1. m!9 m ekcadante-soraxb ORATOR I?, or TH* ' 8f?f? Last Words of Our Savior," With full1 Orchestral Accompaniment, will he git en TIMPLEr"by,th'e ID aBhln*lOD' at MASONIC BARILI MVSICAL ASSOCIATION, 0? THURSDAY, May 2M873, in aid of ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHAN ASYLUM, Maestro Antonio Barili Musical Director. ,/JJiViVSJ" mmj,1 'if reserved without exrr* ch?rgt,?t Ellis Musical Hirtroou*, 937 Penusyl Tanw ft\<'itne. ml9-4c WA>H~l"?TOM THEATER CO>11 QUE (Eleventh street, south PenuayIvania aiem? BKHOLD OCR BILL TU18 WEEK' PROF. HARRIS' PROF HARRIS' THE MAN OF WONDER: UABI'13 B1L1AV ill lrcM?8, Ttr Brilliant Dancers. Ill LL i PI > KliL, The Comic Vorall if BEL? M^JRDON "h Tne Ethiopian .SpectTli-t; v-^iiUw k<2 i.S? i?. li" O^e Lmly Iirff) ir bb A it R' I'iT Favorite Dansen*. kitty" bouVi^, Tae ?re? *thiopt?n. pIibvi* sXf ^ ?8erjo-Comic V cati?t wJu The HARRISON SISTERS, JOS. W HITTAKKR, j. COLL1NUTON, &c. The ffrnat Nhw York protean actress . Mid? KATK BAVMONir *s. ??J-rJlS,itr.h'trmc,er of HAMET in tlt? FKEMI H fcPT! KKR\> M ?*i'i Or, THE FALL OF ALGIERS' The favorite New York actor, ? MR. 0. B COLLINS, in his famons rendition of MAHOMKD. in the gr>'t Mili'ary Drama, with all its ?arches, Arab daucea, sword cm bat", battle scene*. Ac. MISS RAYMOND is without a peer in her triple character in tliii ? drama Matinees WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. A startling announcement next week. ml9-tf ? / ?? ?xhlhitiaa INiw N . * J? ? "d tal? { ?3? ?TH ST.! AT it tb H, MARERITER'S So. 439 7th street, between D and * streets, eight ahove Odd Fellow's Hall. * Choice Oil Paintings, Engravings, Chromos, Ac. ??& $ss^J5j^ws? its in tile District, *" Please remember Name and H umber. jol-ly' A'ihSl??* w? CAST-OFF WEARING AP PAREL can besold to the very beet advantage 9i addressingorgalling on JUSTH, Mnt.. between Kb and 7th n. w. *otaa by mall pcoaaptlr attended to. Out paid, fit Oh?nS?tL2'JS&ISLOOPP**, *TC? Hn^hf.w [?r ? New Terk house. BoateMd Fnrnlture bought and sold Ifotea by malt KSSSi^aSSrSS-S0" atomBmSOSImI oily* REAL ESTATE AGENTS. J LAM BOYLE. ~ FRANK BA&NUM HKoA km iiZhlK ^ OK BRS' No. b04 1Mb street, opposite U. B. Treasury. ?/??* ?AL*?A handsome HOV8* on I street. No. an<?H HOrsiT corner^ n? nnru ,0!? Ma*achusetU avenue. HOL 8* No. Vtt Id street eaat, for sale or rent, fur Row WJ+TaORJ. Willard's ?tiT'.i . ??S*Ter?' Honaes, from ?iSi|t?Jt5'?W| We have several very fine FARM8, improved and unim *LZT*t'.0D railroads running from the city, for sale at low figures or exchange for city ''l!?* > feet of QROUNDTn various Crtions of the city for sale at low figures, on easy ' ?r will exchange for pioductire Improved pr?*frty- apfc-tr fi*0. TRTE8DELL A CO.. Ifa t.v K*AL ESTATE BROKERS, * 'tD street, (over German American SaTiugi' Bank.) ^.V5 ?-K*NTINO, COLLECT LOANS TAAKfl and NEU0TIAT1N0 Refer (by permission) to-Oeneral Benj. Alvord. Paymaster General U.8.A.: James 8 Grinned Chief Clerk U. 8. Patent 00^; Joh~F?i^r,^ Arch itect; Hon. F. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. Doagl^.Com mlasioner Internal Revenue; Win. B Moaea, Garni ture Dealer; 0. X. Prentias, Cashier German Ameri e^Bavings'BMk-Col. John M. Fes^ndentHon. John Hitr, Consul General of Swltxerland. afa-^"" AD,OorJr 5BTWI?e Wasiiaui Duux m " ~ *' ?" ?" Pj??? pnrpoosa (UUvered la Mr part of the D1? REAL S8TAT* bonght and aold aad i To this branch of the bvaineaa I wtll Uviw ?fter rive my peraonal attention, and will be at my oBrs dally from u a. m. until 4 p. m. marl-tf Devlin a Co., SEW YORE MERCHANT CLOTHIERS. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS FOR GENTLIMEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW STYLES AT miStr 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCE. 'I'H* FAT MEM will rajoioe to learn that the* of cVS?^LTwSSB WTSkW "?irKS aTT, ZZTyfiMmF" "TEA 08 . LIE'S WHAEF,/MM/ UAmmdf Mrssu. TO ?SlgBAg9?a f*D meechaets. of STONE, OOAL, , HAT, LOMBKEt Ac., aad"low5lt"0r*^ ordoMrarad at the shortaat =1L ?? T. AtLEE Several thoaaaad, jaat received, wholsaale and retail. ***D A SONS, ?g-?W 11114 F street northwest. (JARP*T8, CARPETS, caxpets. C. O. D, CARPET HOUSE, V04 Sktihth St. NEW 8 TO MM! A LAME AS80BTMEVT OF CARPETS, OILCLOTH, HAT TING, RUGS, HATS, Ac. Persons fnraiehing pi?Me call and examine and yon can bny them at New York prices, at the 0 0. D. CARPET BOUSE, aU la ?4 7rn 8t ,. aar. I * X *0.1SST PmnxsTLvaniA Ariml jafia.TS 8PECIAL NOTICES. Fine Ola Hie Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Eye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fin? Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, _ _ Fine Old Eye Whisky, _ Warranto* Warranted Warmntm Pnrt Pur* Pur? And UnaduUerattd, For Uentrni and Mtdictnai Uu. This is the article we bar* now sold for upward* of ire years with universal satisfaction; pnt up in large bottles at One Dollar ptr bottle, or can be had in any quantity. ?/"Notice, that we will return the money if this Whisky does not give satisfaction or preve as repre sented by ns. Also an excellent stock of California Wines?Port, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel, Hock and Claret; also. Eell>'? Island Catawba and imported Liquors of ail kinds. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist, alOtr Corner Id and D streets n. w. UN THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNEB AND 8UPPEB TABLE, Lea A Perrins'Worcestershire Sauce IS IKD1SPE3SABLK. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS. New fork, octlB-lavly Agents for the United States. EXCURSIONS, <fcc. i I^XCCRSIOH TO GLYMONT. Office or the Potomac Fihit CoMrist, ? StVkNTH 8t*eet WHtll. > . Washisgto*. H?* XI, l!<73 \ On and after June 1 the steamer WAWA8ET can be chartered for Excursions to Oly- . niont i>n Mondays. Tuesdays, Wed-^^^2*?J* nesday* and Thursdays. Thesteamer^^*"1^?*1*6 is now in complete order, having been thoroughly overhauled last winter. She has a fine, commodious saloon on her upper deck, and is in every respect adapted to the excursion business. The Potomac is now beautiful, and Qlymont in splendid condition, having been thoroughly repaired and the grounds put in good order. For charter, apply at office of Potomac Ferry Company, foot ofTth street. mil 2w SUMMER RESORTS. r|'HE HEALING SPRINGS, ON TIIE LINE OF THE CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAILROAD, BATH COUNTY, VIRGINIA, Will be opened for the reception of visitors on the 1 *T OK J U N E, with accommodations for A.* A three hundred persons. Tliey art- accessible wifSAW by the Ch? ?apeake and Ohio Railroad from Covington depot, fifteen mile* by a tine tun^IE^Tf easy grades in tine order, passing in full view of the < KLEIIKATRD FALLING SPRINGS and the MAGNIFICENT SCENERY ON JACKSON KI \ K R Passengers by mail train from the ea?t arrive at Covington at 7:Wp m. Express trains from the west arrive at 8 ,S$ p. m Visitors for the Spring- by theme trains remain over night at Covington. Passengers by mail trains from the west arrive at Covington at 7:2na in Express trains tr--m the east arrive at 7 on a. ni. 8tage? and other vehicles for the Springs leave Covington every niorn ng. Trains stop tw-n'y minutes at Covii gton for brtakfast and supper. Two hotel., with ainp'e accommodations. KE" >N ICH'3 FINE RAND OF MUSIC is en gaged for the seas on, and the n-ual facilities f >r amusement and recreation provided. De-criptive pamphlets can be ha<l of M"ssrs. 1'urcell. Lsdtl A Co., Richmond, or of the Ag?nt at the Springs. Tkb**: Board?.*3 per day 960 per month. Chil dren and colored servants hslf price ? H II orsxos, M. D , resident physician. iiil?-ni w.f iw B M. QUARLES, Agent. Y'ATTOS.-TIih beautiful and healthy summer resort, situated near Snicker's Gsp.A . ? A and surrounded by the Blue Ridge mouu w(f?fR w tain, and within two h?urs ride by It. K. fr^.-, ??? "*? - " ? lMd ready tor _<n, HimiiiiiioiiHurii rMe Dy H. B. fn m Washington City, will be open andu_?, the reception of guests by June l?t,H73. Amongst the improvements since luat year, is a fine piazza in front, bath-room, an ice-bouse, tilled with ice, and a piano in the house An elegant stage coach will also tie kept for the accommodation of boarders, and will meet the traiBs at Hamilton Depot, W. A ??. R. E. whenever re.jnir?*d. Those desiring to spend the summer in the country will address, A. O. WEIGHT, Bound Hill P. 0., Loudoun Co., Va. ttyGo to 1SJOM F street northwest, for informa tion in regard to the place. mlS-tf \yEST END HOTEL, ? AT LOSG BRANCH, -V JM WILL BE OPENED ON THE 1?th OF JUNE. Applications for rooms can be made tol. ? A D M. HILDRETH. No. *4 Broadvay.fMV Mew York, or by addressing PBESBUEY 1?9] A IIILDRETB, Proprietors, Loug Branch. GEO. O. PRESBURY, D. M. HILDRETH. ma!6-tJunel9 RUMMER BOARD.?Those who wish to exchange C? the bent and dust of tie city for cool A A quarters and line scenery are invited to try VfmV the LOUDON INSTITUTE, which will belgJU in readiness by the first of June. The building is large and airy, and every effort will be made to min ist?r to the comfort and pleasure of guests. Situated on higb ground near the Leesbnrg and Aldie grade, about nine mile* from the former place, with daily communication with Washington. Charges reason able. For particulars address THOMAS W. LAKE, mlO 2w Aldle, London county. Va. OR SUMMER BOABDEKS.?Four No. 1 BOOMS, furnished. Also, four unfur- A . ? A nished.and BOARD, in a beautfiul countryfCmV home in a health) locality. Good refer ences given. For particulars apply to JOHN W. K1NSELL, Clearspring, Washington county, Md. m7 lm METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. A FULL STOCK OF THE FOLLOWING REMARKABLY CHEAPGOODS HASJUS1 BEEN RECEIVED. ON EXAMINATION THEY WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Gent's Fine Linen Hemmed Handkerchiefs, Sfor 91. Brown Buck Towels, 6, 4 and 3 fyr |1. Extra Fine Damask do., Sfor ft I. Gent's Faacy Half Hose, 3 pairs for 91. Gent's Heat Rri.i-fc lirs for f 1. Gauxe Shirts, f J. - ??asntl UUOC, O PAl TH IOf f , Gent's Best British do., 3 pairs for SI. Second Quality British do , 4 pairs for , Gent's Light Merino and India Gauze Shit Splendid Suspenders, 60 cents and 41. UU Styles of Fine Canes^#1 each. Ml English and French Hair Brushes, (1. English Shawl 8traps.60 cents and Jtl. Ladies ready-made Garments of all kinds, made of the best Mnslin, and well sewed, at one dollar. Superior Bias Tacked Shirts, at 92 Fine Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, 4,3 and 2 f?r $1. Mourning do., 3 and 2 for 91 3 pairs Ladies' or Children's full regular made Hose, for 91. ? Children's Striped fall regular extra long Hose, 3 pairs for 01. Solid Walnut Square Picture frame, witb glass and back, siie 8x10, 60 ceats. Fine Oval Frames, 60 cents and 91. Six Fine Plated Knives, for ?1. Splendid Satchels and Baskets, 91* Small WillowWork Stands. 9' Children's Rocker* and Chairs, 91 Handsome Jardiniers and Vases,at 91. Fine Oil Chromes la solid Walnut Frames, at 91 each. Boll Plat, Bracelets, Setts. Rings, Charms, Chains, Chatelaines. Necklaces, A1 M0 Styles of Rubber and Jet Jewelry, each. at 91. ALL THESE AND A THOUSAND OTHER ARTICLES AWAIT YOUR INSPECTION. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, I1H SEVENTH STERXT. mU tr near Pennsylvania iapahxse kites. J SEED A SONS, ?1M* 1414 F street northwest. f\IOW OH EXHIBITION, the boa on White Is V?at, (entirely new,) buttons hissed wit rings, at A. STRAUS', 1911 Penna. ave? dm HOMO MNIOSMIi b- REM J AMIR, p A8TUEAOR FOR COWS ARD HORSES. " ^',,1T STEADS', 1911 Pa. ave.. near 11th U mM nan the ?OLD SPECTACLE, OUT 99, I R. HEMPLRE, 0 ?JB-tr 4H Oc'lMI Ute when you cai STRAUS' EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Internal Revenue.?'The receipts from this source to-day were $401,867.26. Miss Effie Bassett, a daughter of the late David Bassett, of the 6th auditor's office, was to day appointed an assorter of money orders in tbe same office. Major A. W. Evaks, 3d cavalry, ha? been relieved from duty in the Department of the Platte, and ordered to duty as Acting Assistant Adjutant General of the department of Arizona. Fifty KncnriTS have been ordered to the 3d cavalry in the Department of the Platte. This regiment is doing guard duty on the line of tbe Union Pacific railroad. Representative Halsey did not draw his back pay under the supposition that it would lapse into the Treasury. Understanding that such would not be the case be has ordered the Sergeant-at-Arms to draw the amount now due him and pay it into the Treasury. Jri>GK Williamson, who has been appointed Minister Resident to the Central American States, was during the rebellion in tbe southern army, and commanded a regiment under Gen. Kirby Smith. He has since " accepted the situation" and acted with the republicans. Amokothi callers upon the President to day were Rev. G. U. Hep worth, who is stop ping at Willard's, and George Shepherd Page, esq., who, with Mrs. Page, is the guest of Mr. L. L. Crounse. These gentlemen speak at Lin coln hall to-nigbt on the occasion of the Y. M. C. A. anniversary. Commissioner Meacham writes to the Com missioner of Indian Affairs from Salem, Oregon. May ?, that he had arrived at home, and that since leaving the lava beds his wounds have been healing rapidly, and he hoped within tin' next twenty days to be out nearlv as good a> new. He proposes to visit Washington before the present month closes. Want More Room?The Post Office depart ment is negotiating for the lease of the Seaton mansion, on E street, between 7th and xth. The department has long been cramped for room, and its clerical force is swelling vearly. The additional room is desired mainly i'or the Sixth Auditor's Office, as there will be a con?i<ler;u>le increase of the clerical force of that office on the 1st of July. The Transportation Problem Nenitor Windom, chairman of tbe select Senate com mittee on transportation, projH>ses to remain in Washington all the summer, and will address hiii'self to the work of collecting information ot value bearing upon the subject of cheap tr?ns portation. The information will be arrange 1 in convenient form, so a* to be made available by Lie committee wh*?n thev start out on their tour of ins-pection in September next. Mr. Matrk e Delforse, for some time past minister resident from Belgium to this country, called at tbe Executive Mansion this m truing, accompanied by Assistant Secretarv of State Davis, and presented his credentials as envov extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary from Belgium to the United State* of America, the king of Belgium having recently promoted Mr. Delfosse to that grade. The usual diplo matic courtesies were observed. The Civil Service Advisory Board met this morning, with all the memlters present except .Iu<lge Walk#r and Mr. Cattell. Mr. Shellabarger, of Ohio, and Dorman B. Eaton, of New York, ti e two new members, were pres ent, ?nd tbe board organized by tbe election ot Mr. Eaton as chairman. The old members of the board?Messrs. Elliott, Blackfan and Cox were also present, and a general discussion en dued as to the civil service. The boa'd will tw in ?es?ion several days. Gen. Walk.'r Is ex pected to-morrow. The Case of Gem. Van Btren?Several prominent gentlemon of New York, Ineludin^ Henry Clews, all friends of Gen. Thomas B. Van Buren, late American Commii?ioner Gene ral to tbe Vienna Ex{>oeition, have represented to the government authorities that thev believr he will be able yet to prove his innocence of am corruption, and they have asked for a copy of the charges and evidence against him. One ot these gentlemen who arrived here vesterdar admits, however, that Van Buren was utterh unfit for the position, and says it never ough' to have been given to him. The New Steam Sloops of War The Secretary of the Navy has decided to build the eight sloops of war authorized by act of Con gress. as follows: One each at the Norfolk. New York, Kittery and Charleston navy-yards; at the last named the vessel to be of iron, ami the others of wood. Another Is to be built at the Kittery navv-yard of material furnished by the Navy department, the contract to be giveii to the lowest responsible bidder. The sixth, seventh and eighth are to be built at private yards, also by contract to the lowest responsi ble bidder, two of them of Iron and one of wood, all screw propellers. The Departments to be Closed on Deco ration Day?The following Executive order was this morning sent to the several member of the Cabinet: Execctivr Mansion, i Washington, D.C., Mav21, 1873. ( Sir : Tbe President directs me to say that the several departments of the government will be closed on the 30th instant, lo order to enable the employ^ of the government to participate in connection with the Grand Army of the Repub lic in the decoration of the graves of the soldiers who fell duting the rebellion. I am, sir, your obedient servant, O. E. Babcock, Secretary. Liett. Wbeeler's exploring party will leave Washington in a few days and start upon tbe contemplated explorations and surveys west of the 100th meridian. During the field season of 1K73 they expect to exnlore portions of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. The force will be divided into four corps, which will again be subdivided into tour corps, which will again be subdivided into four astronomical parties.

The parties this season will operate in nearlv parallel lines from north to south, cutting most of the old routes of travel, and traversing the area of the backbone of the continent, obtain ing the profile of the same from Denver to Mexico. Trofblb Feared in Arizona.?The Com missioner of Indian Affairs is somewhat appre hensive of Indian troubles In Arizona, as the government finds itself unable to keep its promise to feed the Indians on reservations, owing to the failure of the appropriation for the currant fiscal year. 8ince the last ap propriation was made many, Indians have gone on reservations in Arizona, so that now their total number is about 16,000? many more than there were last year. The appro priation for the next fiscal year is not avail able until July 1st next, and none of it can be anticipated, under the circumstances It need not be wondered at if the Indians go off their reservations for the purpose of hunting. Postmastmrs Commissioned.?The Presi. dent this morning commissioned the following putuirteic-Jobn W. Spalding, Lancaster, N. H.; Francis P.Vincent, Vineyard Grove. Mass - Daniel Finchthorn,Waverly, fewaT chel Tritt. Farmer City, 111 j JoeephFSexton, Ashtabula, Obio; George Matthews, Pawl Paw, Mich-; Z. Jackson Ellsworth, Kansas George E. Went worth, Pensaoola, Fla.; Henry Blank man, Brookhaveu, Miss.; John Ballinger Gallatin, Mo^; Mrs. N. M. Dink grave, Monroe, La^Rtodon Qulnney, Navasota, Texas; Robert L- west. Wichita. Kansas; S*muel R. Ainslee, Kit Camm, Colorado territory; Robert Denni ?O". War?n. Pa.; Samuel A. J. 8nyder, Fre mont, Ohio; Joseph BoMoter. Nov lAm, kinn. General Caiiy'i Fiiwii 0?HIim this morning received a dispatch from Omaha, Nebraska, May 90th, saying: "Genera' Canby's remains tsft hero at two o'clock to day. (8igned) E. O. C. Ord." Another dispatch from Omaha says: "Gene ral Canby's remains will arrive at Indiana do lis on the eve of the 21st. via Peoria." General Sherman also received the following from Indianapolis, May 90th: "First informa tion of runeral train reoeived this day. Re mains are expected to-morrow evening, and the funeial will take place Friday at 2 p. m. unless changed by Mrs. Canby, whose wishes we do not yet know. (Signed) John Love." General Sherman, with Colonel McCoy, of his staff and Gemral Callender. of the arsenal, left here this afternoon for Indianapolis to at tend the funeral. A ImIot Defeat! General Sherman this morning recived the kl cwing disj atcb from Gen. Schotie'.d: Saw Francisco, Cal.. May 30,IK'S. To Gfn. S*. r?*<m Davi* reports rtfht with In lian? on 10th inst. Indians were whipped and ran away. Mounts! troops in pursuit. No' heard from since 14th inst. J. M. Schofield, M*J. Geril Com *. Mr. Colfax has written to a friend in Pari i Utter containing this:?"I never received a lollar from Ames on any account whatever, in ? cash, in stock, or dividends or bonds I have full faith that He who knoweth al hings will in His own good time make my en tire jnr.ocense of this cruel and wicked chart; manifest to even the blttwt of my enemies. ' Boart> of Visitors to West Point?Th following board of visitors to the military icademy for 1K73 was appointed yesterday b\ Secretary Belknap:?Rev. J. L. G. MoKowti. 111.; Hon" M. Russell Thayer. Pa.; William S Early, Va.; .lames H. McMullan. Me.; Hon Henry B. Curtis, Ohio; Hon. A. T- Akeriuan. Oa.; Rev. A. L. Chapin, I>. 1>.. Wis. On tb? part of the Senate the visitors appointed at the last session are: Hon. John Sherman. Ohio: Hon. J. W. Stevenson, Ky. On the part of the House of Representatives: Hon. John Cob urn. Ind.; Hon. L. P. Poland, Vt.; Hon. S. S. Mar shall, 111. Van Bcrbs's Friends. ? Hon. Jno. Hill. Col. Vermillyea. Mr. Walton. Mr. Jones, and ?ther prominent citizens of New Jetsey who reside in the immediate neighbor hood of General Van Buren, recently sus pended from the office of Vienna Commis sioner, called D|>on the President to-day. and had a long interview with him In relation to Gen. Van B. whose reinstatement they urged and pled tlieir unshaken conii dcnce inliis integrity. The President replie?l mat he would await the official reports in the case and would tee that no injustice be don" any one. Hkayt Demand for Postal Cards?The demand for postal cards is still increasing. l"| to date the orders received at the Poot-Offlcw Department aggregate over 22.00">,000; prior t< the 1st inst. orders for 12,000,000 were receive.! The average daily orders since the 1st inst. have been about l,050,0(*i. This morning orders for 1,499,000 were received. All of the large cities have sent for their second or third supply. Th? tliird order from New York was received to-day and is for 1,000,000. Heretofore there has been some tardiness in the production of the cards, but to-day the manufacturers notified the Post-Office Department that they now have three cutters in oj?eration. which cut a little less than 500,ono daily. They state tha' they will add another cutter this week and thre?' more later, and that an additional printing press will be started a* soon as they can supply enough paper to manufacture over 690,000daily. Tub will of tiii late Chief Jcstick Chase was to-day tiled In ihe office of the Re gister of Wills, lully prjvcn. and admitted U> probate. It is a very short instrument, written on one sheet of letter pai>er. and hears tin- dat? of November 11#. IsTO. It commences by noni inating Henry I>. Cooke sole executor. After the pa\ ment of all his just debts, he directs that the following be-juests be made: The interest and fat 7 |>er cent to his niece, Jane Auld. during her lite, and if In-r daughters survive her, tne principal is to l>e divided between thf m equally. ?10,000 in stocks each to Wilber foree University, at oberlin, Ohio, and Dart mouth College ."New Hampshire, and whatever may be due bv his late brother. Kdward I Cliaso, of Stockjxtrt, New York, is remitted to his widow and administratrix. The picture oi Chief Justice Marshall, presented him by the members of the bar and other citizens of New York, lie leaves to the United States for the us. of the Supreme Court. The balance of his es tates he leaves to liis daughters, Mrs. Spragae and Mrs. Hoyt. The will closes: "I commit my soul ti> the mercies of God in Christ Jesus, our Savior through the Holy Spirit." Gov. Cooke qualified as executor, giving bond in the snm ot 9100,000. Hon. R. C. Parsons, (ex-Marslial ot the Tinted States Supreme Court.) and Jacob W. Sliuckens. (tormer private secretary of the Chief Justice.) were the witnesses to the will, which is in the handwriting of the latter. Brutal Harder of a Defenceless Wu CONFESS I OT* OF HOLLOHAK WHO KILLED MRS LAMPLEY IN BALTIMORE Thomas R. Hollohan, under sentence Of death for the murder of Mrs. Lampley, in Baltimore on the 2d of January, yesterday addresaed a letter to a member of the press who bad sbow n him some favors, in which he says; '-My sen tence is'just. I have broken the laws of God and man. and I am willing to give up my life, but I should like to have John Nicholson's com pany on the platform." He then goes on to state, in substance, as fol lows: "I met Nicholson, ana took a ride with him to Canton. He knew 1 had been in trouble before,and was not bashful in proposing this job. He said Mr. I.ainplev had $3,000 in the bouse, which we would get, but that we must kill the old woman, or she might recognize him. I re fused to enter the scheme then. On the day of the murder I inet Nicholson, and went to bis house with him, and learned there that the family were going to the theatre, leaving the old lady alone, and we determined to do the deed then, and arranged all the particulars. We entered the house without knocking and found Mrs. Lampley slttttag in a rocking chaii sewing. She treated us to cake and wine, and was putting up cake for Nicholson's children when he gave the signal. I choked her aitd he struck her in the stomach. She was then dead. and we carried her into an adjoining room. 1 remained with the lady while Josh went up stairs and broke open the boxes. I went up stairs for a minute, and he banded me the sil ver. We then left the house bv the stable, and on reaching the street Nicholson gave all the money, which I kept until the Sth of January, and then divided with him. Tucker knew nothing about it, and received none of the mo ney. Ifear this Nicholson may escape. li s* there is no Just law in the state of Maryland." He states that he made the confession in order that it might be published and the citizens know the truth. He wrote the confession with his own hand on six pages of foolscap. It is written plainly but with many errors of spell ing. Hollohan is to be executed June 13. Nich obon has not yet been sentenced, his case hav ing been taken to the court of appeals on a bill of exceptions. Arrest of thi Eighth Ward MrRDcnsi. IN Nkw York James Jackson, the murdoret of Mary Jane Sullivan, on Saturday last ii. New York, was arrested yesterday afternoon at a resort ot negro thieves and prostitutes near the scene of the murder. His throat is cat about six inches across, but the doctor says he will re cover. He denies tne killing, but says she fell down stairs. He will ' e sent to the hospital. Thi Attempt to shoot Gov. Kellooo? W. M. Cohen, reporter for the New Orleans Pic ayune, has been arrested on the charge of at tempting to assassinate Gov. Kellogg on the 7th instant. The agent of the associated press at New Orleans obligingly set up an alibi for Mr. Cohen, and assures us that he was in another part of the city when the attempt was made to >hoot Gov. Kellogg on Magazine street. 0'Kelly's Enforced Trip to Spaiv?A Herald special from Madrid says the council of ministers, after considering the "case of O'Kelly, Has decided to hare him transferred from Cuba A Spain, that he may have an impartial trial i>efore a competent tribunal, and hu given or iers to have blm sent forward immediately. The government has telegraphed accordingly jo the Havana authorities. Valuable Discovery?It is reported that a correspondent in Awyria has found the king's ibrarr at Kinevah, and discovered ralnable fragments, particular! ions of the broken tablet oontai~ >f the delnge, hitherto deciphered ly missing por ning the history ?d in the British Tbi gkkat nzx at Port-au-Prinoe, in k ii?? four hour hoars, consumed 250 buildings, among them Notre Dame cathedral.) The ee J mated valne of the property destroyed Is 11,000,000. The woman in whose house the Ire originated, and her three children, were burned ? death. Tax Shah of Persia arrived at Moeoow ] lay. Upon entering the city he was mot by aa mmense concourse of people, who wok itm with the greatest enthusiasm. The i ?eat that the Shah was accompanied < European tour by three of his wivee it not 1 Bobt or a Missing Man Focwd.?The >ody of Patrick Kelly, collector for Arasids, Nonstable A Co., New York,who had bean miss ng since March I, has been found la East river. watch aad some jewelry art missing, hat here are bo marks of violence. Mb. Beadlacob, the Eaglish rhile ob his way to Madrid topres ish reeolatiOB ~"*gT at slating Spain ea the ee ablishaient of the republic, wr 1? *? >y the Carlisle, bat soon after: Sik Geo bob E.Cabtieb, late iter 11 ?tun* >iwi rtifiawi. died TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB ? Thli in?f?*? Dispatches. ASSOCIATED PRK8S REPORTS. ? THE POLARIS E1PEDITIOX Strange Story of the *i?r% 1% or* Tkf) Were IbaadtaH by ibr relart*. NnnplrlM* that taptala Mall im New York, May 21 Thirteen column* of the ] details of the Polaris exposition derived from the survivors were published this morning The prevailing impression of the nineteen un fortunates when left on the iee was that Bud dington had wilfully abandoned them. Thev also believe that Capt. Mall was poisona* Thev lived principally upon weal*, oocasiouall\ indulging In roast dog. They attribute THtHl WKKDIRri'L nitKIKV AT 10* to the sagacity and perseverance of Capt. Tli> son. The latter says that while the scien title results of the expedition amount to nothing, yet it demonstrated that it is possibb to i>enetrate farther into that mysterious region of sea and ice than Franklin,' Haves, or am other explorer proceeded, and that 'it turni?lied evidence of the probable existence of a Polar sea. Ou the loth or October, Capt. liall started on A SLBIHiK BXPEDITfO* S"RTH to renew his vigorous efforts in the direction ot the Polar sea. The sleds "two in number' were drawn by Esquimaux dogs purchased at Holsteinberg. Capt. Hall was accompanied bv ?loe Hans Christiau. and Chester, the mite The party wat absent two week* and returned to Polaris bay on the 24th of?October, 1 <7 I. No authentic information can be procured of the events that occurred on the two weeks trip, but it appears that after his return to the sbipCapt. Hall was almost immediately taken sick. CATT. BALL'S SICKHESS AND DEATH. John Heron, the steward. makes the follow ing statement "Captain Hall had good health up to the time ot returning from the sledge ex - pedition. He was not sick when he came on t>oard, but complained soon alter, and said that the heat of the cabin attected him. He cot mater to wash and put on clean underclothing I asked him what he would have; was anxious to get him something nice. He did not care aliout anything but a cup ot cotter, and did not drink even that. I had no conversation with Captain Hall.except to ask him it he was itettei or bow he was, and such like. He was sick a fortnight, aud talked very little. He was per fectly delirious tor the las't four days. 1 think he was paralyzed, heard no one sa\"so. It was my own opiiiiou. There was nothing sudden about his death. He was attended by l?r. B;s sels and Mr. Norton, who did everything in their jower to alleviate his suffering*.'but with out ettect. His illness cast a glcoiu over the entire company, and ? is tlie lust iiNMKfb|| Circumstance which had occurred m connection with the ex|>edition. His death made us all j feel very sad. AWFTL HI RIAL S4BNE. Capt. Tyson, speaking ot' Capt. Hall's death. *>ays :?" Hall was sick htteen days. At first he was paralyzed and then delirious. He was in sensible when he died. On the stb ot Novem ber he died, and was buried on the 11th. His grave bore south southeast, and about five hun dred paces distant from the observatory iu Po laris bay, which was in latitude 81 , :?* . longi tude 61?, 44', on shore. We erected a board over his grave, with an inscription cut. giving his name, age, (fifty years.) date ?l deatn, aud command of the North Polar e\|?edition. All hands, except the cook, attended his funeral. It was a dark, dismal, cold, windy and disagree able day. The wind was uiouitifully howling, and the hearts of all were enveloped in the deepest sadness. Old sailors, whose faces hail been bronzed by summer suns and frozen ?u Arctic seas, wept aloud. Capt. Hall was uni versally beloved, and his death at a time whet, the enterprise promised so ho|>ef ully was felt bv his survivors to be au irretrievable loss. Those thoughts were up|<erm<*st in the mind* of all and when the f uneral returned to tbc ship then was a hashed silence attending the perform ance." WHAT E-HiCIMArX JOE SAYS CAPTAIN HALL TOLD HIM. Kverv day, Esquimaux .loe wav*. some of the rescued partv and those left on the Polaris used auarrel. Hall told him when sick that wome y gave him something bait. Haddington did not take careot him. His throat was swelled ..rink. TYSOH AKD PARTY DESERTED BY THE POLAR!?.! The letter further states that Budd ngtou had been anticipating the breaking up of the ice tor some time, and If he had wished to have Tyson and his companions ou board lie could easily have represented matters to them in sach a light that they would not have ventured to have been absent at so critical a juncture, but no such intimation was given to the men on the ice. The vessel did not drift away so sudden I v that the men on the ice could not have been rescued from their perilous condition. Tvsoti says: "1 could have got aboard the vessel that night and been there now, but would not leave the women and children. My duty was on the ice. I thought be would get'back to us next day, which he could have done." Capt. Tyson ft inks the ill feeling of Buddington and a few others who were hie accomplices had continued from the first, on account ot Capt. Hall's deter initiation to go as far north as possible, ami Buddington's determination, from fear or some other cause, that he should not. At Hall's death most of the others were in favor of con tinuing and pushing north, and Tyson says that Baddington several times expressed nis deter mination to send them (Tyson and his partv ) on THE ROAD TO HELL as soon as an opportunity offered. He charac-1 teiizes Buddington as a great scoundrel, and declares that he purposely abandoned them to destruction. He gives Mvers the character ot being energetic, but thinks be was not suffici ently aware of the condition of affairs at the time of the separation and the possibility of getting rescued, to be able to give any opinion upon it. The Germans, according to hi* ac count , ruled the ship alter Hall's death, and there was neither law nor system on board, every one working entirely on his own account. Bissell and Bryant were anxious to get as far north as possible. M vers had worked hard, and lost all his labor. ? A lair* la Mpaln. CABL1BT Y1CTOBY AMD BI Tt RERY. Madrid, May 21?The Carlist force under Don Alfonso made an unexpected attack yes terday on the town or Sanahuja, province ot Lerida. The insurrectionists met with a des perate resistance from the garrison, but the commander of the government troop* finally surrendered upon condition that the lives of his men should be spared. Notwithstanding the terms of capitulation the Carlist* butchered I Vi volunteers in parties ot six and eight in the streets of the town. WITBDBAWI bis BBSIOBATIOB. Madrid, May 21?The Minister or Marine tendered his i jtu'gnation yesterday, but subse quently withdrew it. thb Fll ST RETORTS EXAGGERATED. Madrid, May Jl ?The first report received here or the massacre of surrendered vounteers by Carlistsat Sanahuja was greatly exagger ated. A later dispatch from that town says only sixteen volunteers were butchered by the insorrectiiraiets. _ ThreeMcB Hbst laattaaifcUaglalssa Viboibia City, Kbt., May SO?A shooting affray, growing oat oT a game of cards, ocearred in a saloon in Li da valley, Lander county, on the 12th Instant, la the coarse of which a despe rado named George Chllds shot aad killed two innocent bystanders, named Joe Ouffise aad Hugh Scott, aad was hlaseir killed instantly by an unknown bj ??? rsiii ui ? Birsscu, May SI?A special dispatch rroal Rome to the Independence Beige says the Pope has had several severe attacks recently, aad i? in danger of death from suffocation. The car dinals are aasembled la the Vatican under the nrahtoacj of Cardinal Patrixl, ready to provide tor may emergency which may arise. St. Loni, May 21 A Marty one tUewasd woe repeal ot the social evil regaining system , was presented to the City Cos , aad referred to the sanitary oo ?aal ex Uet iveniag mr i?Hr rABPii?x. fifty ?fcarpahalaan ? hiHH Sap Cukiixo. Mh M?At the mm of tieverror Booth. a iiuabff of of Yreka have towferred with ?ifin nU Schofteld wife r?f ?rmrf to Ui? pnywHtoii for m?M t MMH o* shar|.?hooter* and scouts to tight the MMeo*. ?' the | Ml ? ?? t. g an I propert\ o? settler* In thentrrHf MftkWtH tion of this state. Oeneral Scbotteld rafl the |>T?fO?'th n favorably. To-day fl'? Booth received ? W-rtet trom the general, la. lorming him that tbe ?tnw af % rmmmmmf af volunteers to the immU. r of in? sihiIiI bt te ccnted o?i the fnlloanng terms TW will ami their own arise and anmanlttoa. nag the gov. rnment anil turntsh rauons TV oaaa nm.\,?ben nrgaatred. anil report to (i?*neral D*? - at hi* hewd.|>'?rter-, in tin- lava beda. la actordantr with thla decision. Adiatant tfrea ersi Foote ha* addressed a letter J ?' Burgees, <>l \ r. ka. author ? tig htm to raiae sack a cam ps n A cvnipant no rai?s4 *< b? lilMliil a ? acct|4td MMd a: the N *tn>nhl Qui af California. ai.?l it? officers will btduljifl ilowil b\ tbe tioiernor ? rmbjlrrlaa Ueaeral twHy. BaLTiauu, M?? a- I he seventh 4a;'a M*?ion of tbe tlereral A**ahl? of the Preaby t nan ? hurch wa< opened ? u praver by .1 udge l?errick-on, Of Erie Tbe a** nibly a.ceptod an invitation to mat the inebriate aiiiaa aa Sitjrda* afternotm. IH Derrick Johnson wt wttk some h? si tat on to a qeaataoa ot pr \ .iega ia reference to the action of tbe laeabt; la regard to tbe repcet ot tbe committee on thv ??-x rraniAi < tLuitrim. Tbe assemblv bad refusej to consider ita action. H row pt<>p<?ed to dkr a substitute for the tirat reaolutioa of tbe committee. to whick thara lia<l (teen ao aiuch ohjecfoa. whlcl. he thought would eiprew tbe n mpatb v ant approbation of tbe rbarcli in celebrating tbe centennial annt vcrsarv. and ol? iti tbe objecttoi la tbe Brut !.-? tiol I'- I "?> 'untnim "i? .on?ent of tbe asaeinbly to allow him the privilege of introducing a salwtitute. No objection MM made. the sul>atiti t ot I>r Johnson war aaani mouslv adonU <1. It la a mere verbal change In the |>hra*eolop> averting tbat it ia appropriate an?l ek|x-?tient tba- "the cbarch ahoafd Improve tbe occaaion of the celebration." Jte., to aet tortb tin- history, i r ? i?!?* and polite ot the church, and to make grateful record af tba goodinss of f>od to na a* a i>eopie, the werda .juoud being an aildition to the lint rcaolattea. Yin* rrmmwn" ( ivIitNi. Atukta.C*., May 21?tftov. Hen.I neks ar n\< d last night. The convention Mt to day Tbe minority and majority report* of the com mittee on bumnetw received considerable dla. cu+ion u hi the pro|>er mode ot building the canal, the minoritv thinking It obould be gov ernment work ami not in the control of private CWimlliM. Qm Mcmlricka had aa eathaat *>11. r< > . pi:, r u|*.u appearance oa thelaar of the convention. ? 1 he (iniled Unn Mkapa la Xew ?r A artr AOAinar tbe citt. New uklkako, May 21?The gaa store of I-oxtaii. a foreigner, waa gutted b> a mah March Mb. He aue?l the citv. claiming damuft^. .Iu<lge liurell decitbtl that it bad no l-olix under it? control, and therclore are aet rci?|>oimible. >e? Haiea I^M Out la tl*< llAKTroKD, May 21?In tbe Senate to-<lay a coithiitutb<nal amendment providing for onla one Mate Capitol, to be located In Hartford, * a>> passed. rnor<*r.t> Tokkl Tiirod-h thb Kockt Mot ?TAtai> ?A Kcbeme la now <?n foot lor run ning a tunnel through the Kockv mountaina. Tbtr niav aeem a |irodii;to<is eiitrrpriae at drat to the caimal reader, but tbe parties who have the matter in hand are ?anguine ol tbe moot complete Micce*a. Tbe idea ia to tunnel the mountain* lr tn a |mhiiT al??ut one mile below Black Hank to th< Middle Park, running in a north westerly direction. Tbe tunnel to be raa w ill. it i? preMinn d, cut many rich veina ot gold and stiver, an>1 thu? a great mining interest be dt-xeloped. Monev lor tlie i>ru?e<'ution ot tba a ot k im I urnudietl by riigliali capitaliata, who are aanguine ot the ultimate Aufeeas ot the en terpriae. Some idea of the magnitude of tbe tark niav lie ?r at be red from tbe fact tbat tUe completed, will lw 12 milea in length. It li> iidciHltd to make it large enough to be nwd lor railnav purpose*, and ?i. It a roaJ ia ever to Ik" cuiirtractiil to tbe Middle Park, it will tiud ita m<>?t convenient route through the tunnel. It will be called tbe Sierra Madre Tun nel cciiipany, him! the incorixjration pa|ier* for it> orf aniration have alreadt been bled?0ca* f r (C*' /.' /f<" t v H'?ntaxn A ? r t. Torcntao Arrio tio* p<>k a H >rsb ? When Mim> llad^on'a trained mare, "lflack Bete,*' tell and broke her back at 8t. l<oula a few nigbta ?ince the griet of her miatreaa waa nitenae. HruiMMl and lacerated a>> *be waa bf ber aevere fall. Mit? II jdiou never left her ptt until it wa> dead, but cat holding its head la her arn>?. talking to it and Moot lung ita aufler iti^* a- fl.i uii^bf have done tor a human being xbe loved. When it died ahe became almost ? rantic nith Kiief. Her own injuries had se riously shocked her nervee. bat alie held oat for more tban twelve hour* by tbe side of ber dying pony, utterly refusing to leave it. even for the sake of the rest and care she herself needed almost as imperatively as did her poor dum*> patient. When tbe |<otiy died she was utterie exhausted with the shock of her iajariea ami loss ot her sleep, and tbia, with Iter paaaionato griet. brought on an attack of brain fever, la nbicb condition she now lies at St l/ouia. A* U*srr< Kfarri I.irkl 8ftT?A. Acker man, a detective, brought suit in the aufienor court against tbe New \ ork Time* for lljWI damages tor allegf-<l libel. It was charged la an affidavit before Judge Shad ley that Acker man, who nasemployed to collect evidence la tbe tlusth divorce ease, was in the room with li e afliant; tbat the latter went out, and on his return, a tew moment* after, a thirts -dollar check and some papers were miaamg from the ? ? . i? 1?- - safe, at Mi tbat the afliant sus|?cte?l that ?? ... articles bad been taken bv Ackeraaaa. Tba Times in its report stated that Acker man waa charged w ith having stolen tbe articles meution <d. Judge Monell. on tbe trial to-day, held that tbe re|>ort was a tair statement ot the affi davit, and dismissed the complaint?.V. J /*??', m?*. St-ccaaerrL Kkbklliok Aoaikst a Tbahb Tama.?'Tbe pen nst l\ania railroad company having occasion to tear down some old build ings used l>\ them in .lersev ?'lt>. emidoyed a a number ot masons trum Newark to do the work. Time being a great object, a special ar rangement was made to pay them by the hour and have them work eleven hours a 4ay. Sat urday night tbe Neaarkers were notified that If the> 'undertook <>t, Mon 1 i\ t.> ?utk lievond the eight hours fixed by the' Jersey Citv aociety they would be prevented by force. Cklef-e( Police ? bampey detaiie<l a ai>eeial toroe to pre serve order, and the Newark men worked all day without molestation. A Tratblibq Siob Walk?Tba Hew York legislature has before It one of tbe aaont remakable schemes for quick transit that baa vet been suggested. It a known aa "Mart traveling Sidewalk." Tbe plan a to baud aa endleas movable platform on an elevated traa way. Tbe motive power being from large sta tionary stear- engines underground. The side walk is to l?e |>eri>etaallv moving up owe Ma af a street or avenue and down another at the rata ol nineteen miles an hour. Passengers are aa l>e takeu an or off the platform by aaaa af transfer cards, without stoppiug tbe aaevaaaaat of the travelling sidewalk. OrroaiTto* to the Mibistebial folict ib Italy?Italy seems at present to be la a strangely disorganized condition. Home la tierce in its op|>osition to Papal antharity aatd Stiotglv III lavor of the suppression of the religious bodies. In Florence, on the contrary, all the svmpatbv i - on the side of the Pope aaatf the CburcL and against the government. I a tbe latter citv riots have already taken plaoe. It woaM aet he at all wwaaderfal If thla Mi Cus Corporation Suppression Mil should yet olve Italy in all the miseries of eivil war. Reform is dangerous when it goes agai oat the popular will Tata ruAaimi though alight I v personal allu sion to Congressman Havens of the Ylth Mis souri district ia published lu the ne? that atate: Havens waa a Congrwaaman, Birnitui thiar, Havens took Ids back par. And Havana raaaa to erief The people called to Ha^Taa, He woaldat | ' aeeSss* or'** ay A Chicago the "tergtrvana at M The Ohio bear q ?7"Mark Twain. Lydia and Mr. Bel law sailed far K a rope aa IPSdow fell ia the north at tug lead aa day. i to be galaiag in 1 tber'iSXn?r?J ? - of the yc*t?^V w1t^ * ?poect from I S? mM mrTb* police rlv~-r, nomim Mayor Haveaaerer of New York ea t?day^ tleorga W^Vaaa"^ city chambarUia. _ la Braaklya *far aporary reaadanoa, aaa D i, ? fortnight aga 9*The Una wlU a _ r, whaa a towa will ha af i i It aaa have aa aarthqaahe, a g l ma^aa^aaOag !-??f.a,B|

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