Newspaper of Evening Star, 21 Mayıs 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 21 Mayıs 1873 Page 2
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EVENING' STAR Lngat Cireilitiw ii the Piatrict Beading Matter on Every P?ge WASHINGTON CITY: WF1HCTMT Mmy 91, lfTI. The >tru|igl( oi the railway kings, Tom. Scott ?nd John W. Garrett, over the possession of the Mount Pleasant (Pa.) branch railroad, i which was recently operated under a lease by the Pittsburg and Connellsville railroad com I-any. ha* terminated in ravor of the autocrat of the.B .lt;more an.l Ohio railroad. Aboat two month* since the directors of the road in dis j.-ite tore up a portion of the branch near Broadford junction, which placed the road in connection with the sooth western branch of the Pennsylvania Central, claiming that such ac tion was justifiable on the ground that the term* of the lease had not been complied with l>y the Pittsburg. ami Connellsville company. Rome three weeks'ago the president of the Con nellsville company ordered a force of men to Broadford to repair the damage and restore the connection with their line, ami in compliance With hrs instructions about thirty men com menced the work aligned tliem. but before they had made any progress nearly 2?rt) em j.loycsof the Pennsylvania railroad company. In the interest of the Broadford branch ap|>eared on the scene ami demanded that the work cease. Acting under orders from the president of tbe Connellsville road, the forr# withdrew on the arrival of the opj>osing parties, when the Penn sylvania force, in order to render any future attempt to restore the track more difficult, set lire to two bridges located between the point where the track was originally torn up and the main line of th? Connellsville road. The di- , rectors of the Pittsburg and Connellsville rail road, claiming that they had been illegally deprived of their righto, applied to the supreme court for an injunction to restrain the Mount ; Pleasant and Broadford company from any ; further interference, and the case was argued before the supreme court at Harrisburg, and a decision rendered granting the preliminary iiunnction prayed for. Karly yesterday a large force from the Pittsburg aj<l Connellsville road started to Broadford to repair damage* and restore connection, and it was reported that ! opposition would be offered. An Associated Pies* dispatch says, however, that yesterday afternoon the superintendent of the Pennsyl vania railroad turned over to the Pittsburg and Counell.-ville railroad company the entire con trol ot the Mount Pleasant and Broadford road, ?s ordered by the decision of the supreme court, and that the employes of the Connells ville road proceeded without opposition to restore the tracks and bridges lately destroyed 1-y tbe opposition. The speech of ex-Serator Henderson before Ihe Cheap Transportation Convention in St. Louis seems to have l?een designed to break the force of the anti-railroad agitation, which is just now attracting mi much attention through out the country. According to his view of the rase, the railroads cannot afford to transport western products to tbe seaboards at lower rates than they are now offering, because of the enhanced cost of everything entering into the construction of the road', and he laid particular stress upon the cost of the rails, claiming quite c< nhdently that "no road desiring to make anything upon its investment, and have a margin of dividends for the stockholders, can afford transportation at lower tates." The difficulty with Mr. Henderson's argu ment is that he stfctes only the effect in the I remises, and not the causes which bring it about. The ? hole trouble in the case lies, not in the real cost of transjiortation, but in leaking that cost of transportation so high as to jay enormous dividends to fast freight com j anies. etc., formed inside of the railway coi^ 1 orations, and still leave enough to pay divi- j dead.- on stock that has been watered up to rep- | resent from ten to twenty dollars for every sin- j gle dollar actually paid ont tor building the roads, their rolling stock, and all other j-ropertv. Let last freight lines, palace car companies, ' and all such blood-sucking contrivances be abolished, ami then let the railroads be operated ?o as to pay a fair rate of interest on their real value, that is, on the money actually invested in their construction and operation, and pas- | sengers and freight can both be carried for less one-fourth their present cost. The confession of Hollohan, who is now under sentence of death in Baltimore tor the murder ?f Mrs. I.ampley, an aged lady, some months s.nce. will be read with a thrill of horror on ' account of the peculiar atrocity of the crime. I The wretched criminal implicates the son-in law of the murdered woman, who has also been tried and convicted of complicity in the crime. Hollohan has the audacity to sign his confession *'A True Statement of an Unfortunate Man." j Had he used instead of 44 unfortunate man*' the vord* "cruel and relentless fiend," he would ' liave come nearer the truth, judging Trom the cool deliberation with which the murder was l>'ann?d and execnted. Mr*. I.ampley. it seems, I vw murdered not on account ot any enmity kelu against her by the assassins, but simply 2*cau*e they wanted to remove in advance the person *ho, if alive, might appear as a witness against them, and who, when they called upon tLeir bloody mission, treated them to cake ami vine, all unconscious of their terrible purpose. ; It is gratifying to know that Hollohan admits that his eentence is just, and that he will expiate Lia terrible crime on the i:;th proximo. ? The summary action of a New York judge yesterday, in ordering the jury to return a ver dict of "Not guilty," in the case of George Francis Train, charged with publishing ob ?cene literature, on the ground of insanity, was a singular proceeding, in view of the fact that Ihe prisoner had but recently been pronounced sane alter a long trial. Heretofore the public lias not had any very g^eat amount of sympathy lor the eccentric George, believing that he has ' a penchant for prison bars. He is now, how ever, place*! in the attitude of a real martyr, with a presort for the public of future innu merable references to his incarceration In a Snad hoose. besides tbe fifteen " Kastiles." which Stave become so familiar. His counsel has ob tained a writ of fciUii mrj-tis, returnable to morrow, to show cause why he should not be released. Gov. l>ix, ot New York, has vetoed the local I'ption bill passed by the legislature, and the 2iouse failed to pa.'* the bill over his veto by a ?vote of 92 to flu. It is understood that the gov ? rnor favored the general features of the bill, I lit was opposed to the provision which put ? ler and lager beer among the prohibited bev ? age*. Before he vetoed the bill heavy pres ? re was brought to bear u|>oa him, both by the 3 "lids and opponents of the measure. The "XI > wer* and maltsters urged that if the beer V.i.! < der clause was retained it would not only >i. n their business, deprive thousands of work 3: ? n of employment, and drive millions of cap fcr out of theetate.bat that notwithstanding 0. i. w, as much intoxicating liquors would be fji.tnk as formerly. di ige.Woods, of the United Stat.-? Circuit P ouit at Moatgcmery, Ala., recently affirmed ^te refusal of the district court to allow pro ceedings in bankruptcy to be based on the rail Tale to pay losses on a contract for future deli very fc'f cotton, it cot being the intent of the parties. Ml at any cotton should be delivered ami the ?contract being virtually a wafer. The counsel Sl?r the petitioner propose to take the case be fore the Imted States Supreme Conrt by writ fci error, alleging that the dismissal was on grounds which can be remedied by the course |M*y propose to take. The remarkable story of Arctic adventure *nd possible crisae, iB our telegraphic columns Jo-day, is as weird and mysterious as anvthing dreamed by Poe or I* Quincy, and adds a ?Milling chapter to the romantic history of frolar exploration... The suspected poisonin* of JLapt. Hall recalls a prediction made before the jailing of the expedition, by a r-emon in this Wty well acquainted with its persons'/, that Capt. (ball would never return alive, but would fall ft victim to the en?y ?i tome of tbe party. Pur. ?her development.- *U1 be atrftitfi wili* inter The appropriat on reqttrted of the tegUla ture to pay the discount on the #4,000."00 loan ki di? to be nrrtiMTf. because an appropria tion of fonr million dollar* was. made, and that amount ha* been reckoned against the Bjard I of Public Work*, when they did not realize so much. It will undoubtedlybeeapedle^topaw it, l>ecan*e, unlew the board hare mean# to finish up the work about the public reservation*, the congressional appropriation will not be available. The subject might be enlarged Ui?n. but we merely wish at this time to *ng gest that the member? of the House of Dele gate*, throwing aside all per*onal or parti zan feelir.g in the matter, should be governed solely by consideration* of what to best for the inter est* of the District. The l"gi*Utare of Pennsylvania ha* levied a contribution, amounting in the aggregate to ?7.*>.noo, on the street railways in Philadelphia to aid in the erection of a permanent centen nial building in that city. This amount i* to be collected by a tax of three per cent, on the grow earnings of the railway* from July 1st next to January, 1*77. The railways may or may not accept the proposition under the law, but thof? which do will be exempt from certain l?enalties and liabilities, and cannot have their tare reduced by any legislative enactment until 1X7. One company has thus far accepted the act. and it is expected that the rest will do so. Of the ?1,000,000 for the building appropriated l.y the legislature *2!So.0flO is to be obtained out of state funds and the remainder as above in dicated. mmm - Down w ith thi Tolls?We are informed that although President Garrett does own stock in the Consolidated Coal company, he has not a controlling interest, and that as this company have about f 13,000,000 invested, it would take a Ming little sum to purchase such an interest. If this be so then the only reason why the transportation of coal over the Baltimore and Ohio railroad has increased, and the shipments by the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal decreased, is simply that it costs less to send by rail. If President (iorman or his company wish to regain the lost trade, therefore, the problem is an easy one?down with the tolls. The saving in the office* of the Diatrict under the Retrenchment bill of Mr. Thompson, which has just passed the Council, will ami>uut to ?67,210. The easiest way in the world to throw away money is to advertise injudiciously. n^?OKOROK W HAUPTMAN, Justice of U^y P'art, attend* to all kind* of Claim* ami L" K?kl bu*iuees, southwest corner of 11th aud G strew* northwest. maySl-ly ?A~REGULAB MkETING OK Til K GRAND LODGE, I. O. OF GOOD TEMPLARS, 1* held on THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, May 21? Odaon Hall,corner 4>* ?tieet and P.-nn sylvania avenue, at ?"'? o clock. All members of the order are fraternally invited. If A 8. CLEMENTS, Q.W Sec y. |Ta>BOAKD Of PUBLIC WORKS, U^Jr Wa*iii xoTo>. May SI, 1873. Notice in hereby given that all written inquiries f<>r information in regard to improvements, either projected ?r in progress, should he at lrs*s<*l ?' Vice President Board ot Public Work*." Personal application for sncli information should only !>?? mad-- to the Assistant Secretary, R > >ni 13, Morrison'* Building. By order of the B jtrl. CHAS. 8. JOHNSON, nSl 6t Assistant Secretary. jV3?STRAWBi:RRY KKST1VAL by Tiia WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. On Jmitriary S'lmtre. This Festival will commence on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 21st inst., continning Thursday ami Friday, and till S o'clock p. ni. Saturday. An excellent lunch, including all the dain'ie* of the season. a ill be provided each day of the festi val from IS till S o'clock. Vocal and instrumental music every evening The patronage of all who would contribute to a worthy and purely benevolent object i* Soli cited. ni?? 3t Y M. C. A ANNIVERSARY. W THE TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY " or THK YOUNG MEN S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Will be h-ld in Lincoln Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Mat SI. M73, at 7:30 o'clock. Addresses by Rev George C. 1Iep\vor-h, R?.'V. S ll.Ttm.Ji., auci Re* O.C.TirrAST.D D. The annual meeting for the election of oAkts of the A?wh iati"n will t?ke place on MONDAY EVE NING, May 19, at 7:30. mlfi tr TO LADIES. _~ ILSr How tad It Is to see a young wife, a mother orfamlly who require* all her physical strength to fulfill her household duties, and all her moral ca Cities to accept the responsibility which fall* upon , ta see her aroat rated, losing every day her strength, feeling badly without being able to say shy, but yet suffering enough to be utterly misera ablel This state of weakness and debility is more fatal te her than a severe spell of sickness, for in that case she will receive the proper care, ss in the other she will linger month* after month*, not thinking worth while to *ee a physician about it. until nature, exhausted,gives out, and she is carried to the grave, when a little precaution In proper time would have spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen,!*) cure, nothing can compare with the LONO-LITB BIT TERS of Dr. L. GJBERTRAM. Thev are a safe aad Infallible reaaady against malaria, dysaepsia, coa tiveness, biliousness, headache*, morning sickness " all complaint* peculiar to women. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, in conse quence oT thetr virtue aad atoet agreeable taste, thi medicine pm txttUmtt for ladlee. jM-tr hTlicbn ? MEW DBUO BTOBE, ?o. 14MV Pk&nstlvahia Avbitvi, Depot for Boda and Mineral Waters. fell-ly rasfRVM TUB EAELIEIT AGES TO the prssent day, Scrofula ha* Men the bane, and, a* It were, the cane of mankind. So terrible and loatnsome had been at some periods of ths world's history that a person known to be Infected wtth tt would not be allowed to mix with society. Happily la oar day the dtesass I* stripped of its terror by the aaeof BaKaatTaa'* Boot a?d Haas tap, and the victim of Scrofula, Plsers, Sores, Pimples, Blotebss, Tetters, >o., can be restored tasoand health . tDROOTWANl5 HERB JUICES, gl? per battle I Bold by 8.0. rORD, 11(1 Pa ave., and by Drug ^?DISMUND A 00., Proprietors, 91* Raom Philadelphia. mayV-ly B"9?DE. A. PRATT, GraduateoCUMo Ooilegsof Uy Dental Surgery, 411 7th sttftt, between D and B, a lew door* south of Odd re^B^Hali. JUa ?srsto B. A. Baooa and Bev. W. B.IHm all PRACTICAL PLIMBING GAS FITTING am SEW ERAGE promptly attended to, >>n reason able term-, by JAMES r BRIEN, No. 6U'? Louis iana avenue, near *th street, north side. Rseid*nee, Id street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED PI PE alwsys on hand. mSl tr 'HIS lb TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscriber has obtained from the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, holding a special term, let ters ot administration on ttae personal estate of EVA MOHR, late of Washington c>anty, DU trict of Columbia, deceased. All persons having claims against the >aid deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the aarne. with the voucher* thereof, to the subscriber, ou or before ihe SlKti dav of M ?y n*-xt;tney may otherwise by law be excluded trom all benefit of ths aaid estate. Given under my hand this 2>t b day of May. 1S73. FREDERICK NKUJAHE. nSl wjs* .idmimstrator. T1 NITLD STATES PATENT OFFICE, I l W ashisstos. D. C., Msyl4tli. 1373. On thejs-tition ot BKN.I AM1N 8 HEALY,ofCo- ' h"< ton, NT, pra> lug for the exteusion of a patent grsi-t-d to him on the Mthday of August, ISM, for an luiproveai>-ut m Self acting W igon Brak-s ltisoraered that the teatimony in the case be closed or the 15th dav of July next: that the time for filing arguments and the Examiuer s rep>rt be limited t<> tne 25'h day of July next, and that aaid petition be heard on the 3Vth day of July next. Any person may oppose this extension. m21 ?Jt M b. LEGGETT. Commissioner. Joseph j. mavi PARIS E1D GLOVE DEPOT, Fknx?ilvai:a Avi., ma-tt Bxt. ?TM a*D U>TH->T*. CARRIAGES CARRIAGES 'ARRIAGE3 On band, a large assortment of Fouy. Plia-toiis with top and without, and althl ni.<1 a ithout rumble, singb- ami double.. Also, a larg> -t'tk of fasbouabb ramili Carriag-s, c* n*isting of Baronch?'S, Victorias, Bretts. Cab ri"lette? Extension Tops. Ac., Ac. Top and No-top Buggies, in great variety, at ROBT H. GRAHAM S, New Repoeitory and ractory, 410-414 8th street, aerthwe?t. Repairing promptly attended to. ml3-3t* ^|A?OMC REGALIA. We are prepared to furnish Ma*>uic E |ii'pm -nt* for all Commanderies at FACTORY PRICES. CHAPEAl'X. SWORDS AND BKLTS, currs, caps, and every article pertaining to the Ordei. We guarantee all Suits sold to be r-gulation. * WILLETT A EUOrr. nia>a> lm VOA Pennsylvania avenue. OY8' AND YOUTH'S SUITS a specialty thi* seasouat A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. av*., near c B uta |>ATENT SELE-VENTING BEEB EAUCETS, for sale at Manufacturer* Price*, vix: 12 Inchee in Length ?10 00 >3 " " " IS 00 PALMEEA GREEN. n ^ ** Greene ?t., Georgetown. p. C. |JI8SOLUTIOB. ^ WasHtXaTos, D. C . Hay 15 li73 The partnership heretofore exwtinT&twe^n t*e st:l-scribers, ur.der the name, style or firm of D A J SHEEHAN A CO ,hssthuiday SeeadisaoUsd'. by mutaal consent. The boaises* will be ooatinasd by D. and J. IH SEHAM on their own areouat. Any indebtedness of said firm will be, by the aaid D. aad J. Sheehaa, paid, aad all per*oa* ind -btadtosaid late firm are to pay soch to tha said D. and J. Shee has, whoa* receipt will be a fallI discharge Oivea under onr bauds thi* 15th day of May, A D. UT3. _ D A J SHEEHAN 8. W. HOPKINS. Witness: K T. Cliait. > N . B -Mr HoekiiiS has retired Tor the purpose of accepting a p>?iuoti on the Pacific railroad. n.geA D A. J. SHEEHAN SCOTCH CHEVIOT SUITS for #M KT lll'S' *?? ? Wall street was doll yesterday. The money io ell clai rket continued easy to all elum of borrow ers, the stock brokers pajlni 6*7 per oent., with the borrowing demand for some stocks sof ficientlv good to get them carried for 3a4 per cent. On pledge of government bonds, which were scarce, the rates were M per cent., while approved mercantile paper was in demand at 7*9 per cent. Money is steadily accumulating in New York, and, with dullness at the stock exchange and a very conservative feeling in trade circles, the tendency of rates is down ward. From now until the middle of Septem ber, or such time in the autumn as the demand for currency to move the crops begins, it is be lieved to be out of the power of speculators to seriously disto rb the market. -?? Jay Cooke * Oo. furnish the fOLtowtngto-dav: Stirl. Bw?i. SWTs DJ-IVIW. 11J. tl', | IJO'sJnAJy.'WlV. 18'. | 6-K'?,JnAJr,W.*r>a 21. ?-?J.MM. IS* 16 ^ 4-*rsJnAJy,<?8.18\ IV, MO's.lMft 17* 18 ! 10-?<s H<2 ? _ mNxw Ioaa? FiasT Boaxd. UJ^?VMBL ?\ ; ?-?rsJan.A.JIy,13?. 18-. s-ws, un ?u;? 1*4. 16 ?-?Ti, 18M 17* ?-Wsjan. AJiy.m .lH'. s-?"s,jan. A Jly.W. Jo^, HMO's 14'. American G*>ld 17* Currency ?*? i5\ Mew Fire*. _... 14', BaLTIHOAI, l!a) 21.?There wax no meeting of : be stock board this morning. Baltimoxx, M*y 21.?Cotton dull,17*^18 Flour ?tend) and unchanged. Wheat, in fair demand, firm and urn-hanged. Corn?white southern, strong aud advanced 3 cents; other descriptions dull and lowtr; white southern 7t?(a72, yellow southern 6f@5t; mixed western, ti.'IM'&tt Oats steady? southern, 62 ?tM. western mixed. 49ta>5u, do. white, S2(<i'<S. Rye initialised. Hay ? Western, ?26<a$.'W. Mess pork, nominal 917>?fc$H. Bulk meats?shoulders, 18 ?(it 1?'?; rib sides. 8\;clear rili sides, 9t?9'4. Bacon? shoulders, 8rib sides, 9\(?10, clear rib sides, W. Sugar cured hams?14'>??16. L ird dull. 9(a Western butter easier; not quotably lower. hi-ky nominal, scarce and wanted, 94(<t95 Sugar weak. IPS Nnv York. May 21 ?Flour dull and unchanged. >\ heat quiet. Corn dull. New Yoke, May 21.?Stocks firm, Gold S'eady.l"1*. Money tirm, W. Exchange, long, 9; Ktiort,10. Governments dull and steady. London, May 21. 11 a. m.?Consols op?n?d at 9V\, for money and aVj for account. B >nd? of 1885, old, 91H; 1867, 9J'?; 10 *?'s, 88?t; uew fives, 83. F.rie, 49%. Loniojs, May 21, 1:S0 p m.?Consols for money, W,; for account. 93'.. 15 'lids?10 4d's, 8i*?; lie* lives. 8t'Si; Erie, 49*?. THE WKATHKK. Wik IHriKTitnrr, OJUe Ckitf 9ianmI OJUsr,? WAsnmoTon, May 21, 1873, 10.30 a. m. ) Synopsis vox thi fast twentv-focx aovxs.? The l>ar?.meter has fallen, with rising temperature, southeasterly and northe.tsterly winds, cloudy weathe-, ana occasional rain in the northwest and on th<- lower lakes, and thence te the lower Missouri and Ohio valleys. Southeasterly and northeasterly winds, cloudy weather, high barometer, and low temperature have coutiuued with raiu in the middle and south Atlantic states. Southeasterly winds, high barometer, and partly cloudy cool weather in New England and Canada. Southeasterly winds, :ioudy weather, and occasional rain in tli? gulf states and Tennessee. raoBSBiLiTiEs.?For the middle states and lower lake legimi, high but slowly diminishing pressure, northeasterly aud southeasterly winds, eool, cloudy ai d rainy weather. I'or New England and Canada, southeasterly and northeasterl) wiuds^cool, partly cloudy weather and occasional rain. For tlte gulf and south Atlantic states ?ml Tennessee, southeast erly ami southwesterly winds, rising barometer, cloudv and clearing weather, with occasional rain. For tlie upper lakes and northwest Slid southwest to Keuturk) and Missouri, southerly wind*, falling barometer, warm and cloudy weather, with occa sional rain Reports are missing fi"m Oregon and wesfistn Teans. ? f\JOTICE.?All persons hax ing claims against th< UU firm of PoE A SELIGSt'N are reqn-stM to present them to me within thirty days from this date, if they desire to participate in the dividend; and nil n debt t? said firm will please call and settle atouce. 0. H BRADLEY. Assignee, At J B Dawson's Wood and C >al Yard, n:19-6i No. 1316 N-w York avenue. THE '?LITTLE WORLD" WILL REOPEN on the 21st of this month, at No. 1 **04 SEVENTH STREET, Between S and T streets. HOSIERY. FANCY GOOD*. NOTIONS. JKWELRY, STATIONERY, CHEAP TOYS, *?- , Ac., YER V CHEAP, AT THK n:19 fr "LITTLE WORLD." TREMENDOUS OVERSTOCK. HOUSE FULL. SHELVES CROWDED. COUNTERS STACKED WILL BE SOLD Ml'ST BE SOLD. PRICES DOWN TEN DOLLARS FIFTEEN DOLLARS TWENTY DOLLARS 910-Good Business Suit? #10. 9 Id?Better Business Suit? I'JO-B ut Business Suit?930. We are determined not to risk a surplus stock by waiting for the season to advance b?tore putting prices down, and will therefor sell? A ? 13 Suit for $10. A 93* Suit for 91* A 937 Suit for 930 " WOULD 1 WERE A BOY SOME MORE " The same course is being unreservedly pursued In our Boys' Department, and we are telling? An ?*? School Suit for 9^. A 910 School Suit for 9T A 91^ School or Dross Suit for 910. THE ASSORTMENT BEING FULL. THE ASSORTMENT BEINU FULL, THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW. THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW. CALL AT ONCE CALL AT ONCE. WE MEAN BUSINESS. WE MEAN BUSINESS. HABLB BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TA1L0BS, niit tr Ooawxx Tti awd P Bthhi. ffl FIXE BOOTS, SHOES, l|| ^ AND ^ I, A ITERS. AT LOW PRICES. STRASBl'fteER BRO.'l, y<jb Seventh stpebt, eetwiem I and K, Have now on band a full line of BOOTS, SHOES. GAITERS, SLIPPERS, and LOW TIE SHOES, for tailiea. gent's, aud children's wear, which they will sell retail at wholesale prices. Children's aud Misses Colored Shoes, at mtnnfac turers' prices. Ladies' low-price Gaiters and Slippers for house comfort, a specialty. Ladies' Slippers, from !5 cents to 9S. Ladies' Gaiters, from 91 to Gent's Boots, from 9' 5,1 to 9^ G? nt's Shoes, from %1 25 to 86. Please call and examine, and yon will save IS per cent. BTBASBl'RGER BRO.'S, uil.i lm 906 Bevsnth street THE ONLY GENUINE Middlesex Flannel Suits, thoroughly sponged and mads to order,to be had at A.STRAUS', 1011 Pa.are.,near 11th. a25 NO HUM BUG-L. BICE will pay a fair cash price for any kind of Ladies', Gents' and Chil dren's S?c?nd-hand Clothing, Boots, Shoss, Ac. 633 7th street, between F and G, south. Note by mall promptly attended. jett-ly ELICIOU8 CREAMS AND ICES Always on hand M the uswly refitted Saloons or HENRY ALTERS, Confectioner and Ice Cream Manufacturer, mlO-eolni* No. 1019 11th st., bet. K and L. ?^IME! LIME! lUflTT BEST WOOD BUBNT LIME at ?1 per barrel, delivered to all parts of the city. THOMAS FAHKY.lOtk street, m3-4m near La. avenue, northwest. D Mist and shall be bold.-gkb^t SACRIFICES AT CARO S LOAN ^ OFFICE AN J) BAZAAR, No. 014 Pennsyl vania at enue. betweeu 9tn and 10th streets.AtfE The whol* of the remaining stock in finest Gold and Silver Watches, < Swiss ana American makes.) Gold Chains, Kings, Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Musical In struments must and shall be sold prior to removing to my new store. Ho. Pennsylvania avenue, nnder National Hotel. Yon save from SB to 10 per rent , by buying here. Goods sold on instalments. Call snd see, it will pay yon. Remember CARO'S, No. 014 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and k>th streets. mU-tr r?0BKH'S LOAN OFFICE, corner afjtk ttrttH V/ astf New Yerfe www, entrance on New /Ov York avenue. The moet private loan offlce. A_ a a ? mm ? ?? - ? - ? *? Money loMed at the loweH ntcO piiSln^f aUT,r Watehse, Diamonds. Plai^ aod PlsSed Waw. Guns, Pistols Ladies OejHJeajso's Olothiac, Carpets , and ell articles of aSt-ly fTHI NEW NATIONAL MARRET. FRESH, SALT m4 SMORBD MSA marilU B0BT. HIAJTi 414 Uth it. < WANTS. WANTAD?A anuM Y? PLACES for to wash. Inqslre on?'.h str-*?, brtww Cull It WANflD-Br w? e*perienc?i nuw?.a SITU ATION; lb* best of wienscw |i?*a; lt?9 T itrwt.UftMii 17th and Ulh, ?orttwuc. It U' ANTED?At one*,a small HOUSB, abont four TV room*, for a first class tenant. Address CHABLESWITT. Star Ottce. WAKTKD?A food COO*. WASHFB and ? IRONER; none other need apply. Call at Ho. . 1111 B street north wort, from 7 to 9 ? m orfroni 3 to 7 p.?. m2Hf ! A NTED?For I he summer?To rent,a furnished HOUSE. of n<<t lees limn 10 room*. The loca tlon miml l>e went of 9th <tr?>t *nd north of F i Ap|-ly to T T. CRITTENDEN, Attorney, 319 4* eireet. niil tt* WANTED ? Immediately ? A first class man COOK, thoroughly Competent in meats and paMry,to go to Sar??ogafor the season. Callimm tii tely at Ko. 140b 0 street, on JAMES M. BAT.' ' mJlJt* WANTED?A German girl wUhTTa SITUATION l>y the l?t of Jane for general housework, chambermaid or seamstres?; ran furai-h. if de ?ired, her own machine: l>e?t of city reference*can l>? had at her last place. Address M 8 .Star Office. ni213t* W'A^TED-A NUB8E. Who is willing t?Tdo v* chaniberwork. References repaired. Apply at No. 100 K street northwe??. ni? It WANTED?A go?d cmf-ti >ner wants a SITU ATION. At ply at 4??6 Louisiana avecue, between 4H and 6 li ?tree s m20-Jt* \MTaNTED?A WH1T1C HUMAN to cook, wash vv and iron ? N><. 217 4>i street,opposite the li.>ard of PnMir Work*. ma)-3t* %\<r ANTED?A married man of several years ex " peri . nf In the dry goods and grocery l>u<tine*s wants a SITUATION as salesman. B si reference given. Address J., **09 I street northwest. niSl-.1t* WANTED?A gsod SERVANT to cook, wash andiron for two in family. Mu<t come well reci mn.ended. Apply at 914 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and lOtn streets. ' ni20 St WANTED?Two"good GARDEN BBS and FARM HANDS. Applv at the store of J.C.WIS WALL a CO., No 310 7th htreet, or to R W. CARTEB Tennallytown. D. C. m*>-3t_ \V~ANTED? Bv a respi'ctaMe white woman, a vv SITUATION to cook waah and iron. No ob jection to go to the country. Good references Ap p y at the Star office I km ween the honrs of 11 and 12 uilwk on Wednesday and Thursday. m2U-2t* WANTED?A lady desires to tcach English branches, French, and Music iu a private f:tni ily. Addr?-?a"FANNY," Star office. nili?-3t* \\TANTED ?A MAN that understands handling i v? aud takiog care "f liorseH, to go to the couutry j Apply to R. II G Bui'IS, No. 130i F. street, | northwest. nil93t* WANTED-A HOUSEKEEPER, to take charge v v ot a single gentleman's house, a short distance fr< m the city. Address Box AOO, Alexandria, Vir ginia. ml1.* it* \Y,rANTKD?A settled WOMAN to do the house ?f work of a small family. References required. Inquire at Hilvei berg's Dollar store, 319 7tli street northwest m!9 3t | J ANTKD?A man tout ta 'Ovntiy?A man to go to Laurel fur one month, to do general and f areen work. Apply at 1*214 12th street northwest, >etween M and N. ml9-3t* | ANTED-A mil .K WuMAN to take care of | a child twenty months old. Only those with the best references.need apply. Call lrom 10 to 12 s. in., at'297 E:?*t t'apit-il street. ml9-.l.* \\T ANTED? In a private family, a mile north of vf the Capitol, a steady WOMAN, to cook ami make herself generally useful; must come well re commended. Apply immediately , 21st street, four doors south of 11. ml9 St* \Er ANTED?All those who eaiue their sight to v? know that the best '?ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE'' in the country is accurately suited to the eyesight by H II. HEM PLER.the Opt ician, corner ??*i street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. m> lly* U'ANTED?A GIRL that can come well recom mended; can call at 933 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small fam ily. Appl) from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m.. or 6 to 8 o'clock p. m ml>-tf U WANTED? PLUMBERS to kuow that we are prepared to furnish them with all kind* of BRASS WORK, at 1006C?treet northwest. WM. H. DOl'GLAL' A' CO. K B.?Brass Ciisting done daily. ml-lm" IV ANTED?LADIES to take notice that Madame I?. E MAISON, of New York, has opened her Millinery Parlots at No. 413 13th street north went a.?) 1m WANTED?luinx-diately ? Families or persons in v v need of hrst-classSERVANTSof every descrip *ioa, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servputs also can get good homes and best of wage* hy applying at the Eureka Employment Office, ? o Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, ft07 11th street, near E. al# 2tn **rANTED? Every one to know that the VIOTOB ? SEWING MACHINE has its nte-IU ttlf-sit <ias:the aiest perfect shuttle in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency, 4K9 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Detn ore?t's Pattern Emporium. ang3U-ly T. W. 8PICEB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. w .. illie." Any oueaeturning this bird tomtjf No. 143 Washington street,Ge.>tgeto?u, w^ill?& NavvflCl kUMT r will * 10ST.?A PET RED BIRD (very tame) nam ^??Wl No. 143 _ _ be lilierally rewarded. It* LOST ? Saturday evening in the President's Grounds, or bet ween IvTi street ana Vermont avenue, a gold 8H AWL PIN. Suitable reward for its return to lt?01 F street m2l-3t* ???>? REWARD.?Loot, on the l.uh instant, a pair of Emerald and diamond EABRING3, tied in a handkerchief. By retnruing them to the clerk of the Ebbitt House the above reward will be paid. m2)-3t* I 0ST.?Yesterday alternoou, going from Bonn -J daiy street along North Capitol toll, H to terminus of Columbia cars, and thence to tT 1 Yard Bi idge, a straight handled green silk BRELLA in greeu silk case. The ftnder be rewarded on returning same to Freedinan * Bank. m?13f LOST?A white and liver colored Pointer DOG; akout 9 months old A liberal re ward will be given if retnrn>-d to J. B.u 0A8PIN, Apothecaiy, corner 7tli aud M ftreets. m#J-6i * LOST-AII unseale.1 LETTER ENVELOPE c?n taming a note written in peuril on a small slip Kof paper, with the address also iu pencil. A liberal reward paid for information iu regard to the name abd its recovery. Address Post Office Drawer N ?. li. ml9-3t R0ARD OP PUBLIC WORKS, D Distbict of Columbia, Washikotos, April 3, 1S73. A reward ef FIFTY < 9M> DOLLARS will be paid for the detection aud conviction of any person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter b* found stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers

in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. _ BDWARD JOHNSON. a3-tf fRepob.Chron.l Chief Clerk. LOST?On the 1st of March, on B street, between 10th and Id streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid If returned to No. >09 M street northwest. m7 PERSONAL. KMKET "RLA< K EYES" SAME AS LAST ? as we agreed. Mothers is houi -. (It* ) SE< ^O AND CONSULT MADAM DE GRAFF, the wonderful Seer and Clairvoyant; she Is the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter; she can be consulted at 326 Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and streets, for a short time only; she gives adv ice on all business matters; tells how to recover lost <>r Btolen property, tells of lovers, and even tells the name ol the persou you are to marry. Fees f 1 All letters answered promptly by inclosing ?1 and stamp. Hours from 8 a. m. to lu p m m!4 12'* MEDICAL, Ac. I?LEf-TBO MAGNETO GALVANIC TREAT J MENT for uervous diseases by PBOF. G P EVANS, No. 4*7 Pennsylvania aveune, *1 floor. General applications, 23c.; sponge bath,6oc. li 115 ee l in MBS H. J. FRENCH, (As Ctitbrmud Ktl+alt Clairvoyant, Mnttral and T*>1 Mtdtrrm, can be seen a short time only a> T2t 11th street northwest. Hours lrcm lo a. m. to 7 p. m. mS-lia* '' WTATUVOLENCE," OB THE WILL CURb7 O THK GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WOBLD. By it all diseases are cured. No medicines used, and uo laying on of hands. Taught by Mrs, J. R EL loT, 478 C street north west. ap7-tr 1/EM ALB DISEASES of all kinds treated. De r scribe caae ana enclose AS, advice and medi cine will be sent. Address Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON. No 64*? North 11th street, Philadelphia. )anI7-ly* /OBSTACLES TO MABBIAGS.-iJam Rtht! Vf for lovng Mm from the eltcM of Errors aud Abuses in early life. Manhood restored. Impedi ments to Marrlaf* removed. New method of treat ment. New aud remarkable remedies. Books and Circulars sent free, in sealed envelopes. Address Hoirard Anotiation, No. 1 south 9th street, Phila delphia, Pa ,?an institution having a nigh refuta tion for honorabls conduct and professional skill. . marJO-eotm jyjADAMB WILBOB EiurmtU pbtbiviaii and mibvipi, WJ.JW OOPWited 0 njfll DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIB8 Residence and Consuitatlsn Rotms. 911 9th stUn between Hand I. Rooms, Board, Msdical attendaaos Ac., at reasonable prices. Tapewora removed wttl head In two boon. Ref Iq ?acceodfoll; treated In Waahlngton. H'U 7 i' Q 1 1 I 0 L U T_I 0 N . a WAsHtusTON, D. C., ApHl l?, 1*73. The copartnership heretofore existing between Blphonso Youngs and Wm. H Sears, under the same and firm of BLPHONZO YOUNGS A 00., t* rmtualcon dissolved by BButuaTconsent, the second term of such collect all amounts due said firm. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. _WM. H. SBARS. Thanking my friends and the pnblic for their lib eral patronage In the past, I would respectfully solicit a continuance of the ? BLPHONZO YOUNGS. Having spent the past two years very satisfactorily tth Mr. Youtigs In the above-named business, I i/vsalil - 2^ a ^ sna IUI asi ila asul with ar. xouugs in (fie above-namea ousiness, i would take this opportunity to thauk my friends and the public for their aatronace, and cheerfully rec FOB REST AND 8AUL FOR RENT-Ear* chance. pertly mew FRAME HOUSE; In rixw u4 kitrben; large, dry eel - l?r; witw l?r?rt. 114M l?b ?t ?. ? POE 1BIT-T?o large, third story BOUM. furnished; will be rented singly o- together. and tat le board sapplled If desired. Apply at 1 S3 ftb street n >rtbwest, bet. G and II. mtl-S.* ^TmiBT-HOCS* No. 33 R street *.?th,o? Mtt? Cipltol Otrdni; C'liitim 3 room*, bath POR 1 M .... ?___ rooii, ra,wtt?r,tc. Anl) In A 8CHOSB'?M, in An hitect'a Office,Capitol. m?l 3t* FOR RENT?FURN18HED HOUSE, c .unlete, in 15thetr<-et, will rent to a pmate family for a mply the rent of empty house. Addrees t? Star Office. mtHf FI*OB RENT?Msnds inel> FiirnKhnl PARLORS and BEDROOMS. <>n flr*t and second floor*, with water, fa*, bathtub* and watei closets on ea< h floor. Rent from ?10 to ADD per month. Apply to GEO ROE W HAUTTMAN. Ju.ti.eof the P-ace. eouthweet corner of llth aud G streets a w. in 21-3 * L^OK SALE?Elegsntly Famished eighteen-room T PRESSED BRICK HOUSE, walnut finish with all m<*tern improvements; bay window* front and buck; very desirable location. The Fnrnitore c.?t S.r.,iV0. and I* as good at new. All will be sold for tb<- price of the b use, if aold ?????a The attention of members of Congr-as 1* in* ited t > thia prop' rty. BURNS, TFI.ER A CO., Insurance and Real Estate Ag ut?, n.21 3t* E street. near 7th northwest. IV OR SALE?A two story prt?*ed brick DWELL a 1NG;0 room-, cellar, g*>. and water-cl o*et*. Ac.; in aood condition; situate in ? d?*irable neigh borhood and healthy locality, near Corcoran market and 7th street car* Price, fJ-itll Term*: $500 ca-li, balance in 5 year* with 3 p. r ient interest. Also, FOR RENT-A 3-storj pressed brick DWELL ING; 12 roonm.crllar and all modem improvements, Contign? n?tot??* above: S>o pern, nth, p.?? ??i'it ai\en let July. Inquire 1 433 G street n. w , from 9 till 4 uclock, or 1336 6th street northwest, after 4*1 p.Til. m21-e<4t L^OR RENT-* ell FURNISH EDBOOMS. at 713 I. ISth ?treet, between G aud H mjl)-3t* F^OR RENT?With or without B aid. two unfur nished ROOM S on the tir-?t floor, front, at 1414 F ftreet, between Htli and 15tli streets. n }l .It* IVOR RENT-TWO STORES on Pennsylvania ? av nu?. between 12 h and 13th streets, No. 1330 and ri'J'J. Inquire on the pr?-mi*<-?. irSi 3t* ?^TtlT RKNT-W ill bo for rent Jan- 1st. HOUSE r Mo. 1 Hiy |r street; nine rooms, with bath and tin dern improvement*; large yard and stable. Inquire oti premie*-*. m>i3t* L'OR SALE?Threechoh e LOTS on M Tidian Hill. 1 Will be Sold on reasonable terms Apply to p. G. HOWSER A CO., Grocers. No 1331 7th street, between N and 0 streets. m2<> .'tt* I To R SA LE OK KKN T ? N i to- room BRICK t?o.*tory KRAMER and B HICKS LOT >n II street, i>ear 4th. LOTS all over the city. G R M ILBl'RN, AI 3 7th stre -t. m20-6t* L'Ok RENT?Furnished or uufurui*h<-d, No ] 427 1 S vtreet tiorthwe?t, two-story, pre*?.-d brick front,aix roon.s, cellar,hath room,'rout porch, and yard of r->*e*, few doors from State Department. Apply to present ocenpant. mil l<it F^OR RENT?From the 15th of June to October, a FURNISHED HOUSE of eight rooms, with modern improvements A rare chance for a careful tet ant with no children. Inquire at 13*J4 14th street,between N ?nd 0 *tre,-t? northwe-t. mii-St* L'Olt RENT?Partly furnished or unturnisloid, ft two or three communicating ROOMS on second fleor, w ith ga-and statiooar) w a?hstai?ls; hath and wa er cInapt attached On the Aveuu*, between and Wth streets, No. Itfl 1. m2U-2t * LViR SALE?At a bargain, another of those reat ? two-st.Ty BRICK HOUSES,*evenroom*,water and ga?. n? rih side of F street .between 12th at,d 13th >-treeN; large lot; easy term*; rare chance; ca'l aii'l see: prop?rty will !?? shown. B H. WARNER. 7ti9 7th street tnai)-5t ^*OR SALE?Two new FRAM #S, very neat and 1 pretty, aitjnat<-d on Lawrenc stre?-t,b? tw<-en 18th and l!th and Rand S streets, one square from street car*; in a growing neiehVorh<?*l. Apply to WII. LET A L1BREY, Lumber Merchants, corner (th street and New York avenue. m>) 2w I~J?OR RENT?DWELLING HOL'SE, wita presa brick trout an:l uiathle triiuniiug*. No 1AU7 Rhode I-land avenue, between 15th and 16th atreeta, the residence of the First A-*i-tant Postmaster Gen eral for the paat three and half years. Inquire 140*.! 14th street. The above house has recently be. n painted outside ?ud grained waluut in*ide, and nut in perfect order. m2LM>t I/OR SALE-AT A BARGAIN FRAME HOUSE. 10 Room?. No. (i34 12:h street northwest, n.-ar Agricultural Department. Lot 24x100 feet; side aud ba? k all?y. Price, $34J00?one-fourth i ash; balance 6. 12 and IS months. MATTINGLY A W HEELER. m20 1 w AO.'i 9.h street, ne?r E street. IVOR S^LE ? BRIt'K liOUSK, on Pennsylvania A aveiiU'-, between ljth and 1Mb street*: has four Store Roon d otle-rw ise amost splendid business property. Will be sold cheap. A fine chance for an sleghiit investment. FOR SALE?Three new nix-rocm BRICKS, 13th street; thret-out of six sold. WM.H.MINN1X. ti 2t'-2t* No. titt.'t 15th street,Cortr r F -treet. F'OR RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS for hous keeping,at 1012 Sh street, betwe<'n K and L atreeta. m!9 3t* F-OR RENT?Eroiu June 1st, large, second-story > RONT ROOM; gas, stationary washstami, hath, Ac. 705 3th street northwest. mlS.'tt* , F"OR SALE?Ver* desirable BUILDING LOT for aale, on weat side of 15tli street, opposite Scott Square; K by loo feet Apply ld4? M street, be tween !5th aud ltith street* northwest. ml9 Jw* F;*OB SALE?A neat six room BRICK HOUSE, with hall; front yard nicely terraced DYER A DAVIDSON. 14ti9 Peuusyh aula avenue, over Mil bur nJsDrugstore. mli? lw F)R RENT?Verj desirable six-room BOUSES; all modern conveniences; close to market and cars S25 per month THOS. E WAGOAMAN, ai9 7th street. oily Jt F^OR RENT?Two or three very pleasant <~ommu nicating BOOMS, with every convenienre, in cluding bath. Location central. Apply at 707 ith street, above Patent Office. ml9-3t* I/OR SALE?HOUSE Nu 112 H street, George A town; eight rooms, hate room, gas aod water Lot 27 fe-t by IJO 82J0D?SI^uj cash, balance .%? month; or a redaction for all cash. Apply 917 Market Space. ml9-3t F^OB SALE?A new BRICK HOUSE, containing seven rooms and hall, with modern improve ment*. located on loth street, between N and 0 streets. Apply to No. lsild Vermont avenue, be tween M and N streets. Terms liberal. ml9 3t* F)B RENT-At WIS 15th etreet. (Scott Place,! FURNISHED ROOMS, singly or en suite, at stiiLmer prices For people remaining in town during the summer this is a splendid location, being convenient to hotels and cars. Well shad d aiia airr. ml9 1m FOB SALE OB EX- HANGE?An unimproved, unencumbered FARM, of about 300 acres,aitn at?l on the Manassa* Gap Bailroad,convenient to three railway stations. Price, 030 per acre. Apply to JUAN BOYLE A CO., Beal Estate and N te Brokers, No, 609 15th street, eppoeite U. 8. Treasury. ml9-?w FOB BENT?a new three-Story BRICK HOUSE, containing 15 rooms. No. 313 12th street we*t, near Pennsylvania axeaue, can be rented on appli cation to No. 3ilit 12th street west. ml7-at* FOB SALE-New BRICK HOCSE.7 rooms and ball: modern improvements; 11 OS 4th street northwest, between New York aveuue and L street. m!7-lw* F OR REN1?Not f?r from the Treasury, a four room uew BRICK HOUSE; $15 per month; possession given the 1st of June. Inquire 644 Louisiana avenue, between 9 and 3. myl7 lm IT OR BENT-The 12RICK HOUSE No73711 A str<et,a little west of the Government Priuting Office-coiitains 7roems,with Latrobe. hot water, bathrooni. Ac.; nearly new and in good condition. Apply to R 8. PARKS, 7 K street, or at room. 116 Patent Office. lnl7-4t* F'OR BENT-Sumnier RESIDENCE House with ten rooms, high and healthy, good water, gar d?n, dairy,chicken house, stabling for horae and cow . fruits of all kinds included; near statiou. Fare !8.r^Pi1P'r^,lT P*r Quarter ticket. ApplvtoG.W C1S8EL, t?20 7tn street. mlo 6t* F'OR SALE-h?i'SE No. 14 j7 Bhode Iidand avenue-two-story and basement pressed brick, haa south front 22 feet; lot 22x100. Price $4,7oo, S2.01*' cash, hal. easy. Inquire on premises. ml5^8t* t'OR SALE?10 LOTS near Connecticut avenne circle; 2 new 7 room HOUSKS on 2ff h street, near 8 northwe*t; 30.000 F EET of GROUND on l?th street northwest. Address N0BTBWEST, Star office. inl5 tf F'OR rent-furnished house-house No 600,corner F and 2oth streets uorthwest. will be rented on reasonable terms. Immediate p >* se-sion given Apply to C. E. BITTENHOl SE Agent, 1443 F street. ml4-eotf F'OR RENT-HOUSE No t?3S *Kh street, be tween II street and Pennsylvania avenue north west, containing seven rooms, hath room and cellar water. Apply to JAMES W. BARKER! 110b H street northwest. ml3 2w F .Pli'T-A ten-room threestory BRICK HOI SE; all mcdem improvement*; situated on i'lti? between M and N northwest. Iuquireat 110 j M street northwest. mlo-2w " OR PALE OB RENT?Very desirable two-story r FRAME HOI SE, on large lot of ground in I niootowu, containing eight room*, with astore pslace for business. Apply to B. F. MARTIN, Uniontown, P. C. iu9-12t* FfOB SALE-A FARM of 30 ACBES in Mont gomery county, Marylanl, 'miles from Wash ington; on a turnpike, and l*i miles from the rail road depot. Improvements consist of four frame dwelling house*, one blacksmith shop, aud a store well situated for butlneM. Good water and fsnciug. Th? wLolecan be b?>ught for ASjwOcaab. . FOB BRNT-A FARM of 1?? ACRES 8 mile* ftom Washington, on the turnpike, and 1H mile* fr< in the railroad depot. The dwelling house con tains U rooms. The farm ta well worked and watered; good stabling and out-tuases; has flue orchard ?aad pastures and will be rented to a first class tenant on reasonable terms for a term of years. For further particulars apply at Ro. 703 K street. ml-eolm Fof; SALE-COUNTRY BRATS.?ftT ACRES _ v, LAND at Highland Station, B. and O. R R.: new four-room House, Barn, Poultry House and Milk House; water and good fencing. 37 ACBES OF LAND; nine-room House with eloaeta. Barn, Servants' Hons-.- plenty ef water; large quantity choice fruit trees. Terms eaay. Apply to LEMUEL CLABK, apH-eo8w 60S Utb Street, corner Uth aod|F. >B BENT-Valuable BUSINESS STAND, thM story, room DxfiO feet, aortbeaat corner Louisi ana avenue and 7th street; alao, OFFICES oa sec ond floor. Apply oa premises, or * 453 C street northwest, before 11 a. m. m?-l?a I?OB RENT?May 1st, with board, rwo connecting JT front ROOMS, with hot aad cold water. Board and Rooans for two, #??. Modern conventeaoea in houae, 1037 ?th street. FOR RRRT?Tbree-atory BRIOR HOUSE, Ho. 339 3d street northwest, one mtaate's walk from the Pennsylvania avenue and F "treet care. Rent per month. Apply to Dr. MAORUDER, 310 Estreet northwet. a?-tf F)R RENT?Fine three-story prsssad BRIOR DWELLING, with all modern improvements, with store room and two cellars. Inquire IIOL LIDGEBR08., feed dealers,Mh and O. lU la POR RRNT?Furnished or Unfuraiahed ROOMS, I r sooth front; anitable lor bouaekeeping. Anply I Silt Peunsy 1 vauiaavenue. aptt-la 1 FOB MBIT AND SALE. I/OB BALE?LOT (cheap I oa ISth street. between r Pfui;ltui* ?iww ud O ilr?*.IiWM Om slas m Hat street, bet we >? a G and H. FOE BALK?Two new $ r ?om BBICE H< TSES om O street, M?wt IMk ud Mtk ?orthw-et, Mb, |M ud wK?; om the rM|r. nicely located. FOE SALE?HOl'BR om oreer of Wh and I eta northwest. lot 41 4 11 fe-t oa Mh.b; Id' M 12 en I rt ; nhiklr (m lifmcb uw, much of the material is MOW on the ground ? FOE BALE?Three-etory wt bnwat preasod brick HOI'SE, teo r*??, all mndTn laiproee ?Fit*, ob B street, brtwrm ?h au.l Uh northwest FA KM FOE BALE OB RENT-IS mil? Belleville,a short distance from Muirkirk station, on B A O. B B. House uJ S or 6 fe tes mar br rented separately, iti< Iti.ltne orchard. VI H MIKNIX.OOS ISth street. nild-tw* Oppxif th?- Tn*?"?n . IVOR BENT? Faar law. airy ROOMS. fr nting E corth and south; two e-mnnitncatiu*, on flmi floor, and two ditto on aee<>ad fl ? ?r, with lanre porches, bathr>>om. Ac., ia bouse; excellent for a part* of geatlenteu ?b would wi?h to n?e ops of the rooms as a parlor. Brferencea reqnirnl. Aipl> at thisoSce. m* Iw L'OB BENT-FCBBISHED BOOMS: a tmck r Parlor furnished aa a Bedroom, and two pleas ant r<H?M. back and front, on eecottd etory. la an eligibly -located Dwelling on I street, near 9th. will be rented on reasonable terms to B?-ntl?tnea only. Address "A. J.," National Republican efflce. mlf-tf IB-pl | FOR SALE. L,*?'K BALE ?Oae pair of CAKRIWE I Hi'KBKf Inquire at Par Department bul dine. No. 14.10 F ct nor hw<wt. nil 4<* |,"?'K SALE?30O K<> V LB. M? inches, and IX l iucbee deep; ia good order I'OSI KSTI'' bEW 1NG MAC11 INK < 0.,*<>?> F street,! Masonic Tent- j pie I mil 3t * L'uK BALE?A halt luter ?t in < DLMB WAIT 1 KR aud KLKVATOK.optr.itod by wst *r pre? ure in cuunecti<>n with x rvic' pipes. ao pulleys or ropes; cheaply con-sructed; Price, $1.S?' cash. T. L . 2V. Pension Office. m?l -V* |/OK BALE?A splendid BA K CO I NTEK. about a 13 feet long. waluut top. one eud turned. AI?o. doable set Carriag* Harne-s, nearly n w CEO * 11KI \ E K. Bsmple Booius. corner IVnn-? l? *ni? aveiitle and 4S J*t. in 21 -it l>~OB BALE CHEAP-A 1 J HOKBE Pow ER ? CPBIGHT BOILEK sn.t KNi.lNE in g? order. KOBKKT PoBTNKK. ni> d' Alexandria Bmny. C~^Hl BCH ORGAN FOB BALE?The--0K<.AN J now in life in the*. Y Aii-niii' Preabiteriau t'hurch is altered tor sale at alow price. The In- j ?Arument is a go?>d one. made by Erben.ani it in c<?ipl*-ta order. It ia sold to tnsa<- way for a larger < rikt>ii, and application should l>e male at ouce to JAM KB K FITCII. Treasurer lit^ Pa ave ,''pp. Treasury. m2u 3t Freednien's Bank Building. F*OB BALE?.lust received, a fine lot of HOR>ES 11. in Wi?t Virginia, amongst thetu sev tx. eral pairs, at 311 ?>lh street. '"V inIV ST* JNO. T PKK'E A BEO. Ei'OK BALE?One span <>f handsome yonng aud A tlioroutrh bred BLAi'E Ml LIS. "v-r , sixteen hsti.Is Itikrh Also, ou<- flue 1?KAKT llOKBE. aud three first claw- CAKTB J W. Mi KNIGHT. BiU Iw 1427 Peunsyh an it a>enue. SOLA WATEB APPAKATl'S FOB SALE A great Tariety of White and Tennessee Marble BOl?A W ATEK APPaKaTI B. at mauufaclurer? pin <? and terms, second-hand one* taken in ex change. Bilver-plated Apparatus aud Bteel Fouu tains to loaa, free of charge, by ?l?-la* PALMEB 1 GBBEM. Creorgetowa. 1/OK BALK ?SMALL FARM?A place four miles E northeast from this city,containing 22 acres, about oue-fonrtli in heavy timber. The improve ments consist of a double Frame Ilouae, in g'xitf order, ?ithall the necessary outbuildings,iiiclading an ice lioase, full of ice. Plenty of good pure water and several hundred fruit trees of the le-at varieties. W ill be sold on eaay terma, and city pr)->perty taken in part ex< Price and terms ina>ie ko<>wn on application to Kit HARI> B. MOHl'S MO , ii.I; lot IQU Pennsylvania avenne t"OK BALE?Just arrived, Si^heaii <>f very line Driving and Draft HOBSESrsotue fa-t trottera. aele<-ted expressly for thia market, at Hl'GUELY ? BO WEN'S Stable, Nea /*W.V York avenue, betae*n6th and 7th atreeta. MS Iw* yOB BALE?SO,BOO first clasa BOBES, Olimb K ing Plants, Oruameutal Bhrubs.and Trees. Parlor Plants, Aa. A. JORDAN, ConnecticutWfB avenue. >11 In' ^T PRIVATE bALE. The b<-aotiful Country Residence called "Dl'N BARION HaLL."situated on the road from Pierce's Mill to Teuuallytowu, ab >ut 2H ?' ? miles from Washington, D. C. JL^L The place contains about twenty-three acres of land, improved by a mansion h>>uee containing eigh teen rooms, and two small cottages, one containing six, the other three rooms, Ue houae, barn, Ac There are aeveu acrea of grapea tu bearing, p< ars. peachea and other fruits. The view from the house ia one of the finest In the Distiict. Any ouedeairing a fiue country residence would do aell to call and examine this property. If tlie place is not aold by the 1st of J une the II ?ion Houae will be for tent during the seaaon. For terma apply to PIERCE BHOEMAKER, s3R Im ? near Pierce 'a Mill. I/OR BALE?A handsomely matched pair of BAT r MAKES, kind.penile and stylish. Also,; a nearly new FAMILY CARB1AGK and' HARNESS. Bold for want of use. Can be' seen at BEATING A CO.*S?Btables. U09, *11, 213 and MIA Uih street northwest, one a>iuare south of Pennsylvania aveu*. a21 Im ? I^BICKCLAY FOB SALE. Apply to DODGE B DABREILLB, jU-tf 14*7 F street. BOARDING. It OOMB TO RENT, with or without Board. M<>. t?Ob Massachusetts avenue. m*' eoSt* (^Ol'NTRY BOARD.?P?rsons wisaing th. Ie-?t j of Countrv Board can learn parti< ulars by call ing at 1381 r street^ udU 3t* A FEW FAMILIES can be accomm>>dated with B'xjnis and Board for the summer in a d' hglit ful and health) location, SS miles from Washington. by rail. Enquire of JlTAN BOYLE A CO. ml9-eoltt ."?CRN I SHED ROOMB FOR PEEMANENYIiTr F TRANSIENT BOARDERS, also, 1 ABLE BOARD, 811 E street, between Sih and 9th north we?t. mis lm PROFESSIONAL. JAMEB O.CLEPHANE. E. Z BBA1LET clcphaneI BRAILEY, SHOBTHABD WRITERS A LAW REPORTEBB Office?Mo. 110 C atreet, between 1st aud ad. facing Indiana avenue. anhSI-ly JOHB W. HANK A, ATTOBHBT AT LAV, Mo. B Young's Law Buildlag, deS-tf Washington. D. O. JUBT 1 SBl'ED? He atlri of Ike War vltk IceIco, BY JOHN B. KENLY Published br LIPPINCOTT A CO. For sale by R. B. MOHI N A CO., and Bjok.sell.-rs r-oeral ly. m>3 2asIm '?'HE MOST WOKDEKFCL DISCOVERY OF 1 THE 1?ih CENTI RT. Dr. 8. D Howe's ArabiAn Hilk Core, FOR CONSUMPTION. Cure* ordinary Coughs and Colda in a few Ixmra, like magic; alao, Dr. >. D. Howe's ArabiAn Tonic Blood Pnrifler, Wbich ia purely vegetable, cleanses the aystem of all impuritiea, builds it right square up, and makes pure, rich blood. For "General Debility," "Loat Vitality," and broken down constitutions. "J CuaUmtt the Kinelremtk Cent try" To find its e^tial. Every bottle is worth ita weight in gold. Price 91 per bottle; or aix bottlea for & ?> . Sold a holesale and retail ny Cha?. Btott A Co., 4"?0 Pennsylvania avenue. And at retail by 7. D. GiLmax, 65<T Pennsylvania avenue. W. G. Drcsktt,corner Penu. ave. and 22.1 st. J.P MiLaia* A Co., near Treasury Department. A. Davis a Co.. Uth and L streets. J R. Major, 7th aud H streets. J. H. Stosk,7th and L streets. D. B. CLAiit A Go., 4H street and Penna. ave J. B. Jones. S3d and A streets southeast. Tabf.R A Co., iiltl 7th street southeast. F. D. DhU'limg, 4>? aud O streets southwest. A. J. Sc HAFHKRT, North Capitol and H streets. I>. P. HICRLISC, 301 peunsyluauia ave. aud Sd at W. R. Stonr, corner 7th and O streets. Wn.FRRP Mt(iton,Gf<Tgrt(>wti. apC wAs^n* C^Ol NTY OF WASHINGTON. ? BOARD OK" PI BLIC WORKS, District of Golimria, Washi><iTos, D.C., May 7, 1ST3. Whereaa the tindersigne<l believe it conducive to the public go<*l to open Jefleraon atre.-t, in l inon town, at the interaectionof said street with the north side of Nichols avenue, in the countv of Washing ton, from a point twenty feet aix iuches iaa south erly hue from the northwest corner of James B Ar nold's land, thence easterly with the aouth Itneof Jefferson street i as proposed to be extended I forty feet throufbtlke land of tha said James E. Arnold, Mrs 12 Iff opening of said Jefferaon street, as herein dee. rihed, persona having objections thereto are re Jnested to make them known to the underaigned on Iai <Oth, at noon, at the office of the > ice Pre?i dent of the Board at Public W orks of the Diatrict of Columbia. Boom Bo. 13, Morrison Building. Fc*' and a-half street. W aahington. D. C., where any ob lectioM which may be made will be heard and con KVMlkD, i^EGWB. me 10.14.17^1 J4 ADOLF CLCBS b. pd &ru t?i'i AJIAOECDKR, ? .'?OB HIRE ? Pleaasire BOW-MOATS; atao, ? IA BSE BO, foot of Ooogreas street, rrm ELLIPTIC YOKE SHIBT la proaoaaoed 1 by tbonaanda of wearars to be the parfec- ? cnttin^aKeall^o tomnffo rmTw defoi*ity\ with ataolate precision. In the Batter of ma-T terlala and masafacture, experiaaoa eoablea I me to guaraatee entireaatisfsction. J.W.BE1G WELL, No. 4*0 Mh at., W aahlagton, D. O. m!4-tr /"?LOTH I KG FOB THE MEBCHABTJthe Doc ly tor,the Lawyer, the Scholar, aad the Worhlac man. at BTBACS1. 1011 Feaa. ava .aear 11U. al? WOBE1BQ MEN havsaoi It they caa hay Qcau at ? ?TBaDBt,1011 Penna $2x?ii LS?eeuSlr*i? B08DH38 OBilMW $20,000, UtT ,1>#* ????? ? ?i > ?JE2JS25!* sioo^jur"'"" ?.?? ??? rriTBfr ?* a ri*rkriNf or rt? ?t m tv?n ger iii aay of ikr D<-^rUr >ta 44. din?f T .?t?r fl<? aiB) ?? ? 4 nilA to li sp to a good FTttf. oa tir* cimm prop?-rt'. M ?!??? n -w in laud. J. SEB'EAXT KLANkMAN Plant a R-tildn g. l.Mh nr?. | ard M?-w V. rk ??? a a* ???*> ?? WTOCK. rUTlRUMKl LkAM-i Mr Ufwri f aii>t Lk|?ni hi.-r- V gild 7th *trr?-t aotitba-t, r*py*it?- nr? rMrrii Mrk^.M *al?- . h>-ap; Mti> Ivl.n i> aaon. gnen f * aelln g. fog futth-r par I imlara im?iiv?- th* pr'-mi***. my % * TB It STrMB. GOOD WIIL. ai..t ? I \ Tl aa.-* ? of ? Fancy t^-oda and M>4l<>n ftar- for aal? rheea. 39* (' atr*H. between M aad dlh atn-at* mrtheaat. Capital Hill. ant* <?* L^OI SiLI-P?l? aad fKCM'll PTIoM ? STOfcR; rarr rhan** rrtcc i>?ri^ raah. balance an tin* A-ldrr*e. with r.a!^V nuir. ?. I 8 .fom offiw mla-M* \fo?sTcoSVTAKtTwS"hTmu to LOAB ??1 on real ealat< , iu "tin ? t<- .? .? GAO. TRl?I?KL1. ? Oo . my17 1m* H-al Bat?t> Br >k.-r*. At A TtK at. ?"0E sALK -Th? w<k>^ WitC~aa 1 riXtfiuii r ??fa UBOCIBT JTi'KIt iluiw a ?i??l Ihixbm.. Addreaa fl. A P. Mar .ITife T?rm? m-fa la ' kte-la* Real i?T4 tF LOANh- MoN KT to I au in ao?i* ano for length--I lim- , ??in ?iU Mt B H W A RN tit. T*** 7th atr***. L'OR (ALI-Llm. WILL an.) FIX r Tl BKSof a Litwi Mablr, (a ?nr of th. Iwa l> cation. id the city, and it"w d ? t.g a tin- huaiaaaa. For particular* applt to LATIMKK (CI IAIT, Anctfoi?a*ra. Ac.. MirOfli -Building. mll4t |/i'h >A1 K ? r r *.t , HUli KlV'CAR*. ? If ?,liar? ft III t'apu - I Park. and tit* A^A ?aire iliMtirr u> Hm> una Kw>t*ra N*rk*(iE!l atid clo?* t.> the r?-tfi?\:?ama airnu* 1 ara, well locate!. tli?w h u?*a are well-bailt. <?? r.fc.11* *?ch. g... h..t and cold water, and .*ewer. Tt-rni? ea?y. Inquire en tlir prefdaea, SI* C aoutl-eaat. aB m _ hi1 K SALE-Th* ??ToCE. WOOD WILL and I I \ Tl th Mil liner) Mid Fancy St--re, N 7t>7 M trket s?pac<, bet. 7th and * h at*. n .rth w.-at. | ?S tr| K- LKWy.BKKQ * C?. \ ALI ABLB BAKU Ml BALI t>B J?i t HANUl rt?B PBoBBKT) IB THISCITT? A ?? H EA T HAHUAiy '?Stt arrea \*y aiiportdB laiitl. <->p> . all) ?^r tvhacco. lkr*?_ oe?_ T>>h Barn, |i?i-||iuc, Tenaor U >uae and oatbuiidinca: < III') ard ??f Concord *ra?e * la*, ia bear 1 ml aai trellta^' Jn, a< Tea valnal-tr tiinl?r, balance ?n"_*J*U f?-uced, near G iinea'? Nation, on K T A I' K H .in b(x?>> It ama c >i?nt >. A'a Pnca, oalf K A. I'll ILLI Ph. _ apli-,1m IOA W eat atreet, O*<>r|e(ovn O. O. RAKE III ANCK to purthaae a c.>od BTOBB aai l>U KLLINti ch-ap, near new Biarkat, MA alreet. Mo. 171 it. Frice, tlJA, t?nw aany HAMILTON A rBABttOMa n> tf Y M O. A. Bnildi'i* . ftli arxt I> ata || O L B A r'u B ? A L ? ~ _ The I area FOUB STORY HorSK, with thrM "t -ry eatrnaioii. ?1 A B atree<. 10-arl) Dew, twinli r.??M, furnace, icaa ai. l water, with larr-> ard a?4 atablx in rear ?ar The w hole pr^p^rty baa been reoeatly Eit in complete reaair. and ia **ry ?????l?at for ? r?e. K<-nteel fan 11) . or for a board Itl# h uae. Will l<ea?ldlow. Inquire at Freedmau"? lank. napiriB Trraanry. Peunai Ivania avaona. fe IS ?<f DRY GOODS. p-XTHA FINE LAt K lb Ayl Ef. Jnatreceived li -tu Importeia' anctiod an iatm -t?a^ ?t<Kk ol REAL LLAMA LA< E SAO.fl I.S. in all at)li?, which will Im- aold extraordinarily ch- aa. Thi. ia without d<-niit the tiio?t lot "t LAi'R CAOyl EH <??? brcurlil to th?- 1 ill. Call and *m ttieai at C'N NOLLY fc. ????? vth -tr * . in*'W* Op^uaite Pat nt (MBaa. |^LAt A BILES OF ALL UBAUEB, NtW DRESS FABRICS, Llama Lace b?, <jti?a. Para- I*. White U ? m|., Piiiuw.l hint/'-a, P. r? al*?. La? n?. Orcandi -.1. a eti?.Ac. Black t*r?-iiadii?-?. Alpaca*. M ?hatra. Ta li n-e, Ikflbh Crape* and <>tli<r I; .?? 1 <. 1 9* ' aitiiiK*. ba:tii*?. Clothe, T?-?l?. I>a< ka, Itiiliiiiic Flanti^ and " Na?> Blue" F?hit - .B^-Table l?ama<.kfc. Sheetnga. Pil|..a Lui. na. 'Hpki? ''??" "" ? *? -? 1/ 1 KHfAioa t 'onnter piuw-. Tow eU. |) >7ll<-a Ou?- Price OiB} in plaiirogur>-a. ?OHAS A U VLie. nil7 tr IQIBandlBBO 7th atreet n >rthw**t 'J'lih MOU1K WAK Hap Dot in tip- h-aat iot?-rf--r?*d aitb WOLFvRU ft ftHILVLRU I I'lOcarinK then u-tial altractt >u. in l'RY OOOlis For iptiiig and aiiinmer wear l.ailiea ahould b<-ai in mind that thi? ia til-beat atid ch?apeat ?atal>liabm>-nt with ot N?? Vrk t ? hnd aui I. (fo<?l. a? Plain and Striked Japt.iw Hilka, Foulard*. Black and C-?l -r--d BllBs. H ? k aad 1 .1 ored Strlpwd Orenailinea, ChilteM* l* 'pliti? in all *>hade?, aingie and double w idtb 11 rmauiu^a. A fail line Mourninn G" ?l. THE UREAT SPKCIALTY, LLAMA LACK JACKKTS ASU POIKTS All th. noveltiea iu SI X SHADES an I PAR AS>?L4 DoOM-ntlca in law lariKi, and iuau> inAw aiti clea, too Dumt-roua to nieiitioii Prra^na that taloe their d-dlara and rent? *h<>?lf Dot fail to call at thia houae l>elora pure liauii< elae whera. . Remember IPTHE ARCADE. ml* tr 4X7 7th atreet, between D and E. S W. ||KLUCT10N IN TRICKS AT THE ARCADE Owinc to th<- barkw?rdneaaof the aaa^ >n.aod ha? - i tig a larger atuck of CABPATS <>a hand man ?i-nai for the time of y??r. we .hall,fr ?i MONDAY. M ap 1 Vth. make a general reduction in prica >u all CAR PEl S in the houae. Our etylea In Enrliah Tap?try., Enxliab Infraiaa, American Ingrain* and liuitation Bruaael* can pat be escelled anywhere. A l <iee atock White and Check Hattinca in ul tra at low hfrurea. Wind w Shade* and Fivturaa. Now ia a fair opportunity for boaa*Aeep~ra t ? cnie a nice Carpet for a little money. % UOLKORO ft klllLlERU. n.-17-tr 4BT 7th atreet. tv-twaen D and E. S W. BAKc.AlNS IM DBY UOODS.-ADdroaroa?ia Cotton, 17c.; Wain.utta. Bk ., Mew fork Mdia, ?lc.; Sbeetina Cotton in t-*, ?-?. and 10-4. Tabla LiD? ti.7tr ? Towel*. 91 jt aer doxen. Black Silk at ?2 ?. worth MX 76, Paraaola, Mk to $9, Doyliea, 7tc. Err aor.en; Black Alpaca*, ate. to |l, Victoria rnri, Sr.; Lining Cambric*. Mr.; print., tc.;^ bwDHI^ *Wl, DEf GOODS AT PANIC PRICES. Great bargain* in DRY GOODS fr >m the Maw ? ork and Philadelphia ancti ua Drea* Grenadinaa at BtrtpaB *3 lot Laca CnrtaTna at fi Sii a piece, a~l7ne~nf b^'auti lul I'ara*- la at right pnea*. a t*w Llaiia Ll Shaw I. at half prica. EMORY B AXTER, att ly 1*11# PenuayIvania a?.uaa. A AMD RprI buit (?Bklici. In Ita 7 Jb Gold Boudathe Morthara PacfAc Bab road Company furtnabea to the public an IntNUwM aecnrlty which oumbiua the ready negotiability, tka convenience, and the hifb credit of a Drat -claaa rail road bond, with the aolidity and aafety of a real aa tate mortgage on laud worth at leaat twtoa the aaotint oanad. They are offend at par la currency, and field 0 HANDSOME PROFIT to thoae ?schauciuct-Bto. The l- ?nda are a Brvt and only mortgage on th* road, Ita agtnpaienta and earuiuga, and alao on a land grant whicli, on the cuwipletion of the road, will average SS4MI acraa to aach mile of track. They ara Waned in denomination* froa RUB la ClMWCoupon, and ?100 to tBlAUD Rogiatered, bava thirty year* to run, bear an intarvat 7:B) par c*at. In gold, and ara EXEMPT FRoM OBIT BP STATES TAX to tba bolder. The wtnl-annual lute to paid with GOLD CHECEA.i af tba holder. All ?arketabla Btocka aad Bonda rwcatvad I without aspeuaa to tba lav N M/ EW DES1GBS FOR LADIES AND CHIL DEEMS' DRESBES AT MRS 0. H MA TREES' STAMPING DEPOT, ?ll tr Alt 7th atreaf. G. LVTTIILL. V. ft. DUNMlRGTo B L0TT1ILL ft ?lHIIIM?TOII. Awliwttri aad 1 ???kaaUi Mercbaata, *17 La. At*., bat. fth aad MtA < to ?ala of Beal Eatata. CEASE. UFRELY W ON DEBS BEVBB CE O wool Men'a Suita ia tbre* diF*rjot thetnfl ng^jtua of ?8. at A. STBACA', 1B11 A1:tAu: ?Jl M?" WOMMSFM^SVBITIOI^OFTEB J. Moaea' Electra Gab ani< SPI0TA-d^O( Dealer la Watcbew. Jawalry, awTw' atoh Mat*riala% Mo. ?** Pa.aTa.,hat.ftAawdTtAa?. dec7 1y work, lor t* atyle of aach Aonhla-breaatad aad aqr are fraut, at 8TRACB', 1*11 Peuna. ave.. aaar H'.h. f aft VOCBO MAM DO BUT DESPAIR?If ;aa hava IX but Uttle ai*aa?, and wiah ti look giaAail,gaA aa* of tha #8 aulta. in three difnewtt aiytto,at A STEALS', 1*11 Ncaa. ava .uaar ll.t, u?

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