Newspaper of Evening Star, May 21, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 21, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. iboposals roE wrought and cast ? BOS WORK FOB THE HEW JAIL, DIS TRICT or COLUMBIA. Biw Jail, DutmicTof CoLr*?:*, / Office if Supenatend-nt. Mar 8, lvj.( WROUGHT AMD CAST IKON WOKK. Bftlfd Pro|u?li ?ill b* wtriTKl *1 the office of Ihf l*D^riit?i4'iil until 19 a, Jcm? T. 151. (?f furti!?t?o(. J*li??ring, fitting, and put tin f in place tb? Wruubt and Oct iron Work as exhi blted by the Drawings, described in the Specifications. and (UM for in the Sch'dules, consisting of th* Cut lr?>n C latnni of Basement, Boiled Ac., of Floor*, Iron Work of Ek*?, Gratings to Windows, Ac.,C>IIDoors, Iron Staircases, Ac. , ? . I'tirii .* the Drawings.Specification*, i??d Sched ule may be had <>n applir at ion at thia oMce. All scaffolding reintred by the < r.?tr*l?lt to put th? work in place will b? farnlsbed by the 0"?en aient ftw of cbirp, bnt will ka erected by the con pr. |<?ale will be made by the piece, lineal foot, or weight .for the variou* item* of work, a* called lor in the Scbednle. The work will not be subdivided ?m m different bidder*, bat will be considered in the aggregate The whole of the Castlron Column* pfBa?<-m?nt Story and the Beam*. Ac , of Firkt Floor, mnst be delivered and set in position within three months from date of acceptance nf prop>?al, ?id tlie whole work mn*t be completed withi6 twelve month* from date of acceptance. Payment* will be made monthly, deducting ten per centum until the final completion ?f the contract. All 1 ids ant be accompanied by a penal bon 1. in the'ram of twenty thousand dollar* ( ? *).???,> that tl?e bidder will accept and perform the contract if awarded him. the sufficiency of the security to be certby the United State* Jndge, the Clerk of the United State* Curt, or th? D.*trict Attorney of the Di*trict wherein he reaide*. The Department reaerre* the right to reject any or ?II bid*, if it be deemed for the luterest of the Gov ?rume-it to do ao; and any bid that ia not made on tue pr nted f.rm. to be obtained io thia office. ai.d 4<*a not conform in every respect to the require ment* 'if thia advertiaetuent, will not be considered ? neither will any proposal* be received from narties who aie not th? m?^lve* eniM?d in the manufacture of W r mht ?t ('?<t ir>6 Work, ami who have uot the Dtienrr facilities for get Proposals will be endorsed add re* ?ry facilities for getting out th* work, la will be endorsed --Bids for Iron Work ai?l addressed to ni7 JTt ADOLF CLUSS. Superintendent STEAMER LINES. Aftl HOH LIKE STEA>1 ICRS, ? Sail from Pier *>, North River, New York EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The paae> nc r accommodations on Steaasert this line are unsurpassed for elegancaH atid comfort. Cabin Mate room* are all' on tipper d?ck, thus securing g".<d light* mid ventilation RATES OF PASSAGE TO OI.ASGOW. LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDERRY Sat H'nmrrt. W"i. Gold. Currency <*b!n# ?75 and t^S and 965 Cat In return ticketa securing beat accmmodntiona. ?1K) .? 130 Steerage, currency, .$?. Certificates f. r_p*?**?e from any seaport or railway station in Great Britain. Ireland ortbe Continent at BATBa A* LOW A* If AST OTHKK PIBsT-CLA** Ll^K For pansage apple to HENDERSON BROTHERS 7 bawling Green, N. T , to O. CAM MACK. 14SI3 F*t. n w.or WILLIAMSON * CO., 1753 Fenn atenne n.w.. Agent*. Washington. n>6 rEW EXPRESS LINE YIA CANAL. BKTWKF1 WASH N 1 1 SSTWXX* PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Ya.,W< INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D. 0. aaiLixe dat*. ? Front Fieri, North Wharves, Phil ?^elahla, WEDNESDAY and BAT CRDAY, at IV m. From i* Wat^r street, Georgetown, 0. 0., TUES ?AT a ad SATURDAY, at 10a. m. Thia line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde Iron L ne" of steamer* for Providence, Boston and New England State*. No wharfage in B >ston by thia line O F. HYDE. Agent for D. ct O. W M. P CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. F A. BEID, Alexandria. Va. W aLDO a. PEARCE, 44 Congress Street, Boa ton. ??"Freight" delivered by Knox's Evpre** Orders 1-ft at General Office, 60;t Pennsylvania avenue, or at tfce steamer wharf will be promptly attended to. a pi ASMNGTON^SOMOLE, BOSTON, AND The line Iron Steamer LADYOF THE LAEB baring resumed her regular trip* to _ Norfolk,will leave her wharf, foot^^^nrnv^ of tth street, erery MONDAY and^**^** TH V RSDAY, at J p. m., touching at principal Eiesg Landings, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship the M and M Line for Boston and Providenos Freight should be addressed "car* of Lady of the Laks. ria Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knox's Etprnu Office. fiU3 Pennsylvania arenne. T M. c BO urn. Agentjlr h-street wharf. mil ' ? ??ent ,artj-street wharf. ^di LAO^TT, General Agent. Plaafa Store, eorwer lath st. and Pa ays. ?I MAKD LIKE. THE BRITISH AND NOBTB AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YOBE AND LIYEBPOOL CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. FROM NEW YORK. Algeria Wed May 14 "Roasia...?.Wsd_May 21 ^ Java. .Wed May 3b Owba ed June 4 *Bcotia Wed June 11 Steamars asarksd Uins' 9-tigers Bat ay ia. Sat May Oaiabrla. JJat_ May Parthia ?Bat? May 31 Samaria Sat June Abyssinia._Sat_...Jane do not carry following WEDNESDAY and 8ATCB _ DAY from Nsw York. Batik ov Fasaaai.-Cabin, #*). (W, and f ?old, according to accommodation. ickets to Paris, ?U, gold, additional. Return ticksu on fatroraM* Imu.^BB Steerage, Ml, cnrrency. _ Steerage tickets frosa Lirarpool md Qtiwstos Md ail parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Through Bills of lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Havre. Antwerp and otfisr points on tke Continent and fot Mediterranean ports. For freight aod cabin pas sage, apply at the Company *s office. Mo. 4 Bowttag Green;for steerage passage, St lo. Ill Breadway TrtcSABlo!^BANrELY|l, novlAly OTIS-B UilTo W*. KaZ-*?,: k' ct^aiurr Ofllce, 1>?11 pai. avcun *, Washington, D. 0. ^jERCHANTB L1NB OF oTEAMSHlPS. WASHINGTON^AND NEW YOBE. I fa ? _O.KM 1G BT ast EWjoie'ALl NGTOB and GE< ?^Freights delivered by Enoy<? Express. Or ders left at General Office, 603 Pennsylvania ara nue. or at tha stesmer wharf will be promptly at tended to. tatl-tf J. W. THOMPSON, 1 HOTELS. LB ION HOTEL. OmoKagTown, D. 6. TkM Motsl ku\iis IMHl' MnMBaB 1 i j ^pro _ _ gHtf tbs door every two or three minutes. Ths a "L"ts of this bowse can reach any of the pal" Buildings ef the aattoMl capital or If1??'.?*>*<oJ?T n plusssnt rtde of Fers?ns doing business along ths line of and on the wharves will fattt W op at this house. ot the public My place of * of tke mmI U YSON'S HOTEL, No. TO* 0 STREET. _je? tf^ Btywiiy Tra a^r ?th Srnrrs. I'bE IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES BIKES, P'0T"i*tv. Fbo5t:^? Fi.i?TLTA!tu Aviyyi. i*?ir?s UlA mmd Ulk ftvssu, WidliSSSW, D. 0. , ? pro east e-4nal to the beat in Washington, jant-tf |Rep.,Chronl THE BET ANT HOUSE. M Ltmtmt on wm* 14.4 f.Tts mud N. T After the 1st of December. 1ST>, Permanent and Traneient Boarders will flud this house one of ths In the cTt/ located houaw Th.. ro- maare neatly ftirni-bed, well lighted aad ?itilated and provided with all modern boms ao Tbe charges are low, bat tbs wants and ths coai f- rt of all guests will be carefully provided for. The proprietor, E. RICHARDS, has determined to provide a good caterer sovU sotf C WILLABD^ EBB n T HO0SB, WASHIBGTOH, D. 0. |^B. WOBMLET O PECTORAL SYRUP, . fot OOUOHS AND OOLDB. KOLU Mt ALL URUHV1ST8 vm-tj' . Bridal and ftnebal wrbaths, boo QUETS. CROSSES, ANCHORS aad BTAH Frsaervsd or Busmelsd la Was. All kinds of Hate Braiding done, Ornamental Hair Work on Glass aad Pearl, by Mrs. FBIES, lata of Boston, Ho. BOO ft* street,nsar I northwest Referenoss:?Mrs Pr?sl 4?at wraatj Mrs., Admiral Boldsbnrsagh, W. W| nipis 18 TO GIYE NOTICE. That ths sobscii 1 ber has obtained from the Suprtsns Court of the District of Colombia,holding a Special Term, 1'ttkr* testamentary toe per*onai estate of COTTLEIB H BAUH, late ef Washington county. D. C, deceased. All paraoM having c'aim* again*t tbe aaM deceaasd are hereby warned to exhil-it the same, with the vouchers thereof, to tie suhacriber, on or before the ttb day of May next, they may otherwise By law be excluded fr< m all tetiefli uf the aald estate. Given under my band this4th day >< Mat. 1<"3 _ - rjw CHE1STINA S. EACH.Exsctrtrtx. PROPOSALS. Proposals ror post-office envil opes. Poit Ornci DirtiTviiT. I Wa-HmoTos.D.C , May H, Igh ( Sealed Proposals will b? received at this D part m. ntuK'il iHt RSDAY, the lVth day of June, KJ. it II o'clock m., for furniabiug, in snch qnan (IIH* ttid tl neb I IBM* M MT be required, the fol lowing deacribed P Office Envelopes, for a period of onfjetr, commencing on th? 1st day of July ,1JTJ, to wit: FOB OFP1CIAL LETTERS AMD RETURNS. Hk>. 1. ?i?? J\i by IS iDchrx; estimated nainl>fr re quired annually, iJUMW. K\J. ii/? IS b? 6S inches; Mintted nnmbr re* qclred annually, 75U.IWO. No. 3. aise 4 by ? inches, eatimated lumber re quired annuall*. 1.2N),0W. No. 4, aire ?S by M>H inches; estimated number re quired annually, 3t??.t?W. FOR REGISTERED PACKAGES. No. 5, size 5 by )o', inches; estimated numVer re quired annually, I tuu.uOO. The estimate* given are Intended as a guide to bidder*. The Department may require more or lea* of < ?ch kir.d, aa the aer* ice may demand. Bide Boat be made for each kind of Envelope (of and registered packages) separately. and the contract will be awarded for each kind to tne lowest reap. i>sible bidder. Sampbsof the different sixes and style* of Env.-l opee required, together wiib blank forma or bid*, will be furnished on application to (be Third Assist ant PoatflMMter General. Th? Kax l'>pea must strictly conform in site, qual ity of paper, gumming, and make, to the samples, the gumming on the flaps or lappets to be done in the b-st manner In liaud. The Envelopes muat l?e landtd In parcel* of twenty live, packed In strong p <s?el oard or straw l>oxee,eec?relj bound with linen or cotten cloth on the corners and edi;e*, each to contain not Ie*s than 250 of sizes M<>*. 1 and 1, and not lean than luu of the other sizes, or otherwise, as may be ordered, th ? boxes to be wrapped in strong manilla paper and properly sealed, a* to bear safe ttat.-?"itation by mail to postmasters, When re quired to be delivered at the Dep*rtn)nnt, the wrap ling may bv dispensed with, in the discretion of the Postmaster General. Wb?n Id*) or more Envelopes are required to fill the order of a post mailer, or when larger lots are ordered to be sent to the Post Office Department, I hey muat be packi-d -in strong wooden cases and prop- Hy addressed, bnt wh'-n leaa than 2,?0i) ?re re qnired to be sent by mail proper label* of dir>e'ion meat be placed on each package; sll to be d >ne by the contractor without additional charge. Tne Envelopes muat Ik- delivered In snch qn.ttrl tie* aa may from time to time be re>|uire<l to till the orders ?.f postmasters or of the Department, and l>o delivered either at the poet office iu the city where the accepted bidder resides or at t hi- Department, ax the Postmaster General may direct, free of cost for pack me. labeling, and delivering; the whole to be done under the inspection and supervision of hl apent of the Department All the Enve) ?'? h- rein described muat b?at such printing as the Postmaster General may direct, and the reeisten-d package Envelopes will be re quired to be printed in Vermillion or some other ap proved brilliant olor. The Postmaster General reserves the right to re ject any and all bids if in his judgment the interest of the Government requite it. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it, and be accompanied l>y a guaran tee certified to be resptnsilde and sufficient by tht postmaster or United States Attorney where the bidder resides that the bidder shall, within ten dayf alter being called upon tw do so, execute a contract to furnish promptly, ant in articles as ordered, the article or article* awarded to him,to be accompanied by a bond with approved security, in a penalty of not less than twice the contract price of all the articles e?timat?d to l>e famished bv said bidder, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the same. Proposal* unaccompanied by snch guarantee w ill rot be considered. Tlie Postmaster General reserves to himself the right to annul the contract if in liis judgment there thall be a failure to perform faithfully any of its at ipnlati- ns. or in rase of a wilful attempt to impose W>n the Department Envelopes inferior to samples, r failure to comply with any one order under the ccntract will operate as a forfeiture of the eutire penalty of the Irend under the 17tli section of th? act of Congress approved August *>, 1341, entitled "An act legalizing aud making appropriations for such nec?wsar> objects as have been Usually Included in the general appropriation bills without authority of law . and to lix and provide for certain incidental expens-*of the Departnteiit<4and offices of the Gov ernment . and for other purposes." < U. 8. Statutes at Large. Vol 5. page 296;) or the postmaster General ina>, in his discretion,direct the purchase in open market of such quantities of Envelopes as shall be necessary to supply the deficiency caused by such failure, and charge to the contractor or contractors lift) per centu. > of the pric- which it shall be found nccessarv to nai for snch articles. Rids should b> securely enveloped and seal-d, market!?? Propo?al?f?r Po?t Office Envelopes,'> and addrewed to the Third Assistant Postmaster Gen eral, Poet Office Department. Washington, D. <? JOUN A. J. f RESWEI.L, tii!7 2aw ?w Poatmaster G-i eral. |)KOPOt>AL8 FOB STATIONERY^ _ , . _ Dbpabtjii?it of Statk, Am, tl. 13TS. Sealed Proaosals for furnishing stationery for the tear ending June 30.1^74. will be received at thia Drp^'Oirnt u,i,', 31? of May, 1473, at 12 o clock H. Blank forma for bidding will be fnruished npon application. The bids will be considered and accepted or re j*-cted Item by item; and this advertianient and the PT'pnaaK so far a? accepted by the Secretary of otate. and Ine bond accompany iug the ?ain*. shall constitute the contract between the Government andI the bidder or bidders, a'-a uo farther contract will be executed. The article contracted for mn?t be furnished fr^m time to time, during the year, iu quantities pur suant to orders from the D?*p.trtmeiit. The entire quantities of each article will, how ever, be called forduringthe year. Each proposal must be aigued by the Individual or firm making it, and be accompanied by a bond, with sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to fifty percent, of the bid or bids accepted, approved by a United States officer of the district in which the sureties re side or do business, on a form to be furnished by the Department conditioned for furnishing snch por tions of the articles as may be awarded under it, and the performance of the contract. All deliveries will be subject to inspection by an expert detailed for Mte purpose, by the Secretary of State, and the delivery of an inferior article will be deemed sufficient cause to annul the contract, at the option of-the Secretary. Deliveries muat be free of charge at the Depart ment of State, Washington. The failure to comply with any one order under the contract will, at the option of the Secretary of State, operate as a forfeiture of the entire penalty of the bond; or the Secretary of State may direct the purchase, in open market, of such quantities sf any articles as shall be n*ceesary to supply the defi ciency cansed by stich failure, and charge to th* contractors fity per centum of the price which it shall be found necessary to pay for snch articles. Proposals una. companied by a satisfactory bond will not be considered, and contract* will be award ed only to established manufacturers of or dealers in the articles. Proposal* to be addressed to th* undersigned, and marked "Propyls for Stationery." ajP-eolm HAMILTON FISE, Secretary of State. |lROPOSALS FOR ARMT SUPPLIES U. S. AS,EML,, Ma.,! ? , J May 19,1<3. < S sled Proposals, in duplicate, with a copy of thia atlvertiasuient attached to each, will be received un til 10o'clock a m., on FRIDAY. June 1Mb. H73,for anppl) ing thia Arsenal with the following quarter master's store*, from the 1st of July. Ii73, until the 30th dav of June. 1H74: SA,' Cords of Hard WnM, 710 Pounds of Rye Straw. The above storea to be anbjact to inspection on de li' ery at the arsenal Wood to be sonnd, mer chantable, dry. Ana free from -mall or crooked liuibs, and to be piled In p.-at wod-yard. Straw to be of ih~ lieat quality,) lean and securely baled. Pr p- sals must l>e marked Proposals for Wood or raw, aa ti?* case may be, and addreased to the un deraigix-d, fr.-m whom further information can be obtained if desired. M J. GREALISH, Capt O 8 K and A. A. Q. M. in charge of Pik -s v llle Ars? nal. m>) gt |>ROPObALS FOR FRAME BUILDINGS DlPOT QrARTKBMAsTFR's OFr!CE,/ ( , ? W*?Hiw?Ti.s, D C , May U, 1<73 ( S- a!-d Proposals, in duplicate, with copies of this s ivertiseuieriT attached, will be received at thia office nnlil I j m Jl'yt ill, 1373. for the construction at lort Whipple, Va.,of the following frame buildings in arcordaric- with plans and specification* which may be seen at this office, vis: TwoiJ i S-t* Company Officer*' Qnartera. Ol* ill Post Headquarters and Instruction Build ing. Payment to be mad* when th* buildings are cm pl*-'ed aid accept**} bv this Department. Full information fumuhed upon application to !h;soffice WM MTERS, Bvt. Brigadier General U. 8. Army, "1' St Depot Quartermaster ^OTIC* TO CONTRACTORS. v Ofuce of the Police Teles?aph.J S ... No. 4M Louisiana Avimk, > , , ^*ashixctos, D. C? May 14. WT3. \ S aled Proa-<eala, duly indorsed as such, will be received ar this office until 14 o'clock M , on SAT URDAY. May for rebuilding, and also for ex tending and rebuilding the Police Telegraph Lines In the Diatrict of Columbia. Detailed specifications (or each will be fuinished on application to M. Y. HoLL Y. at t his offise. The Board of P dice re serves the right to reject any and all bids if deemed net t saary tor the paldic service. . , _ W. J. Ml'RTAGB, m15-td President B >ard of Met. Police. OKFIC'K ACTING COMMlSsARY Sl BSI?-r ENCR. Fo?t Whipple, \*A.,May 11.1373. Sealed Proposals iu duplicate will be roceiied at this office until IS m.. Jr5E 1 Tth, 1373, for furnish ing the Fresh Beef required by the Saltaistenc* Department, U. 8 A., at thia atatfon, daring the six mouths commencing Jul* 1st, 1373. Biauk forme for prop-sals and information aa to. conditions, quality of Beef, paymeuta, Ac., can be > btallied by application to GEO. 8 GRIMES, wH-tt 1st Lieut . M Artillery. A. 0. 8 I 1GHT COLORED DRE8S PANTS In Pearl, Lavender, and Tea colors, aad of excellent A- STRAC8', 1*11 Psnna. avs. ?ear Ufa. flflS Dr. W. W^Johnston, Medical, Monj^JT^'y.FrMj. DEFORE GOING EL8RWHERE exanine the D Diagonal Drees 8tth for fl7,ja specialty,) aad only to be had at A. STRAUS , 1811 Penia. are., near 11th. ? I? I. BEIBERGBR. IFM-Ir ,( SS D 0 AC BE 8, RAT8 or BEDBUGS < AUCTION SALES. FIT i rs DAT*. dt GREEN A WILLIAMS, attioaasr*, t) No. 1000 Northwest kfth aadD streets CIIANCEBY SALE of A THRU 8TOBY urite house AND vacant LOT.PRONT ing ON g btkekt NOBTH. BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS WEST. AT AUCTION. By virtns of adecreo of the supresae Conrt of the District of columbia^ passed on the nth day ?bofmay,A.?.lS73,?adein the caw* of Walte n. Watt*, and others, No. 3.131, Equity, I Khali i?ll on the ?rfli?i on MONDAY, the ild day of June, A. D. 1573, at 6 o'clock p. m., all that certain piece ?r parcel of ground in the city of wanhlngton, Dis trict of Colombia, and known and described an lot numbered eighteen (19>, in square nanibered four hundred end fttty-Ave (436), excepting a portion of said lot Ave (6) feet in width, on tne eastern *i<le of raid lot seren <7)f.?et and six it) inches in width on the rear of said lot, which haa been rwtrrtd for allay, together with the improvement*, wbich con ?iat of a tnree-atory and attic brick dwailing houae, and a brick rtable. tbe above lot haa a front of twenly-four feet. A loo, a vacant lot adjoining, hav ing a trout of tt foot 3 inchea, with a depth of 121 fe?t more or lea*, with flne aide and back allet*. The time of sale aa pre-<-rit?ed by deeree are: ot?e third of the purchase in caab, and ike remainder in equal installments of six, twelve, and eighteen month*, for t.ote* Waring interest fr the day of tiale, and aecared by Hid notee of the inrchaaer, and aurb other security aa may be aatialact^ry to the truatee. Convey* icing, A?-., at the co-it of the pur chaser. will be required at th-* ti?reof?*le, and if the teim* of sale are not complied with within five dai * from i he day of sale, the truatee reserves the right to reaell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser or purchaser*. by ad vertising'lie aam> three times in soma newspaper published in the city of wiiehiiigtou JOHN f ENNIS. Trnstse. GREFN ? WILLIAMS, irl.',-d [Rep., my 13-d) Auctioneer*. BANKERS. | ewis jom.\so.\ * co., BANKERS AND DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, Have RFMOYED to their new Banking hovse on he corner of lutb street and Pennsylvania avenue, on the site formerly occnpi'sl b' them. mil lot Otis bigelow, Banker, 643 D STREET. NEAR SEVENTH, Par* INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, makea COL LECTIONS, and tranaact* all business connected with Banking. apt ly A N k 1ku u O i SI ? J. H. SQL ICR ?e CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, OPPOSITE willabd'* HOTEL, washington, D C. 8 per cent, interest paid on deposits. Collect ion* made everywhere. Dep.>sit* payable on demand. Pay of officers in the Ariny cashed in advance. apl-tr F. bhoohead, ? broker* Mo. 039 Penna. aye., Boom t, Washington, D. 0. special attention given to investment securities. invitt * attention to securities now offered at price* which will pay 10 to 14 per cent, in amount* and of length of time to suit investor*. Safe, reliable, profit able and prompt, making them in every respect fibst-CLASS SECURITIES. Refers by permission to Lewis Johnson A Co., Washington. D. C.: Moses Kelly, Esq., Cashier Rational Metropolitan Bank, Waahington, D.o.; Hon. J. M. brsifhead, Second Controller, Washing ton, ??. C.; Edward Clark, Esq., Architect U.S. Cap ttol, Waahington, d. 0. mar 17-3m 'i 'HE NATIONAL BANK OP THE republic A (C<>rn? rof 7th and D atreet*,) OPEN PBOM 10 A. M. TO 3 P. M. dec!7 ly CHA8. BRADLEY, caahler. t'ERMAN AMERICAN SAVINGS bank, I No. aid Seventh Street, offoim Us FostQAc* Dtpmrtmmt. Bank boon: 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Saturdays open ??? til 8 p. m., to receive deposits only. Interest paid on deposits. Collections nude and ?xchange furnished. JOHN HITZ, President, A. EBERLT, V. Preat, W. P. mattikgly.boc.,0. e. PRENTISS.Oasta'r qovHy TH* Banking House, No. ii#T Pennsylvania avenns, opposite the Treasury. PATS six PER CENT. INTEREST, lntirtst Htfint the f\rtt of Ear k Month. PAYS FOUR PER CENT, on buuuea* accounts from date of deposit. iiinu CmtMnH* a1 Deposit bearing 6 and 4 par oent. interest, available anywhere. bab BRANCH OFFICES in all large town* and cities of tke bentb and Southwest. Bank k*mi,9 a. m. to 4p. m Open wednesday and Saturday nights from 4x to i i'clock, to receive deposits only. Call at the Bankor ?end far a copy of the Charter and By-la?i. jlg-ly J AT GOOU * CO., NUT AND BELL POBEIGN EXCHANGE and I6SUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, w<tun*m any part oj tkt world. Our Drafts on JAY COOKE^McCULLOCH a co,, *rs Cashed in ray part of Ensl&ir), Ibklakb and Scotland.a** of tkartt. may 18 o/asmiroton CITT SAVINOS BANK, vv Comer 7iA una and Lomisiema enmme, PAT8 ? PEN CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT. Interest oommenoee from data of As posits. Deposits can be wad* and drawn at wrili. myfct tf J. A. RUFF. treasurer THE TRADES. JTotUe of Amoral. THE LUMBER bufclnebs, HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE ON DEF.SIONED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI A VENUE, AND B STREET, BE TWEEN SIXTH AN D SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERB AFTER AT THE Cor* of ISth street u4 Ohio sve. n* w. nis- lm wATHX B. FUG ITT. Heraio a lagirpush, Successor* to nex*t Horalck, PRACTICAL coppersmiths, 407 F street, al4 lm* Between 5th and 4th sts. northwest. w n ihtift* JOHN c.'hOGAN, T13 Market Space, Manufacturer of AM NlNGS, for Stores, City and Country Residences. TENTS and FLAGS for aale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kiuds for sal*. Sole Agent for the only genuine MILDEW proof AWNING MATERIAL. apl? tr pLL MBINO AND gas-FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plumbing and Gaa fittitig done lu a neat and substantial manner, and on reasonable term*, should leave their orders at 113 Pennsylvania avenue, C*pitol Hill. \? ork warranted. mX7-4m* WM. rothwell. CUNNINGHAM, HATTER. . 1011 p Street, between Mtn and 11th, has the pleasure to announce tnat he haa received r~a she Spring Style of Broadway BLOCK, and is^l prepared to fnrnlah New Hat* made to order them or r^aiodel old styles; also, an assortment of Pelt Hat* for *ale, on reasonable term* fg-tr ^wn1ngs, FLAGS, TENTS. M. O. copeland, ?as Louisiana avenue, on* door east tib AWNINGS for i boom! d. "em All Canvas* articles made to arder DANCING clothp j r. TURTON, 7 ?ARFENTER, BUILUBR, to 00ntbact0b. Order* for low Carpentering, Jobt'tc. or 0? motor's Work spssdily attendod to. strast. bslow bst n^wtkw^ LIVERY STABLES. J. noaedlngt LIVE St ? SALE 8tablmb 410 ith street. bajt. d and e, and Chain Allay, h. Uth and 14th. Ofloe, Willard*. _m famished. Special oar* paid to u* boarding of bows*. decsl-ly J,V, Carriages by dnr or aiglit,aas for waodtea* or m ^ho?- .t, ^ bet. 4>? and gth sts. Carpet* called for and retwmed free of extra charge. lobeneo RICK, apll-ly* AUCTION SALES. TOMORROW. V LATIMEB A CLEABY, A<Ktloii??n twl >*?! Estate Broker*, B B SOUthWMt Cir??r P?D<rjTMit k*'DU |L< 11th rtrwt, Star OSce Building FOUBTH 8PBINO SALE OF GREENHOUSE AND BEDDING PL*NTS, FROM THE NUR SERY OF JOHN SAUL nlfc . On THURSDAY MORNING, Mar i*Ji. ?WKisTS. commencing at it o'clock, we shall sell. WKio it kin nnr ulMroou, a large collection of Flvwering Plants, consisting of choice R ?see, pelsr *oniums. Geraniums, Lillies. Fochias, Calcnlarios, Colon*, Yerb-nas, Gladiolus, tc . Bintrti of selected Plant*, Hanging Basket*, Ac. Term* cash. ml* [Rep| LATIMEB A CLEABY, Awt*. DI JAMES GUILD, Auctioneer, *?? No. MH Pennsylvania avenue. EIGHTH REGULAR WEEKLY SALE OF FLOWERING PLANTS, BUSES, GERANI UMS, Ac, ~ , On THUESDAY, May ?3.1. at 4 :tO p m., in the auction room, 1914 Pa. avenue. m?R (Bop) JAMES GUILD, Anct. Y W.L. WALL A Co., Auctioneers, New Marble Building. Not. 999 and 999 Pennsylvania avenue. CHANCERY RALE OF~DESIRABLE PROPER TY. No. 436 M STREET NORTHWEST. RES IDENCE OF THE LATE JAMES Y DaVIS. ?By virtue of a decree paused bv the Supreme Court of the District a( Columbia on the 13?hda) of March. A. B. 1S73, ta a cause peudiig in snij court, wherein Jamn 8. Davis et al. are complain ant* and Mary M. Davis et al. are defendants, being cause No. 3.US7, Equity*Doc. 12, the undersigned will offer, at public sale, on the premie**, on THUBS DAY, the aid of May, 1573. at S o'clock p. m., the f Mowing described pisperty, to wit: Lot 19. in Square 514, with the itnprovemt n.s. consisting of a hand* me double dwelling house, brick, with stone trmmings, w ith all the modern improvements, hav ing a liaudsome garden ooutaiuiug -hrubbery and fruit trees. This i* one of the most attractive and desirable residences in the city. bavins been built expressly for the use of it* late owner. Th ? lot hat a front of 64 feet ou SI street and a depth of IdO feet to a 3u foot alley. Terms of sale: QIO.OOD in cash; And the remainder in two equal instalments ?t one and two years, bear ing interest, and secured by the notes of the purcha ser and a lien upon the property. or the pure hast r may pay all cash at hisoptiou. l|fiUU to be paid at time of sale. If the purchaser does not comply with the terms within 30 davs after the sale, the property mav be resold at hi* risk and cost. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. JAMES G. PAYNE. Trustee. m8-3tawTw W. L. WALL A I'O , Amis. 7~B~H. WARNER, _ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 729 7th street, between G and H. TCBLIC SALE OF VERY VALUABLE AND DKMPABLE BUILDING LOTS ON 7th STREET NORTHWEST. BETWEEN N AND O STKIETS, NEAB THE NEW CORCORAN Al A K K ET. I will sell, at public auction, in front of the Ea premises, on THURSDAY. May aid, H73, at 6 ? ? o'clock p m , to the highest bidder, three very desirable building lota, each fronting 20 feet on the east side of 7th street by a depth of 11C feet to a wide paved alley, togetk-T with the improvement* thereon, consisting of a neat one-atory brick aud name store on each lot. The *ale of these lots afford a rare opportunity for investment, as their location for business purposes is made eireedingly desirable by the erection of the Corcoran Market within half a square and the already eetablisbed trade of 7th street. Title perfect. $100 down on sale of each lot. Terms: One fourth cash: and the balance in 6. 12, 18. 24 and 3D months, with 8 per cent. interest, se cured by a deed of trust, or all canh. an mav be pre ferred. Terms to be complied with in 7 days, or the deposit forfeited. Conveyancing at purchaser's c -at rklS-eoAds B. H WARNER, Anct. IIY THOS. E. W AUG AM AN, LP Real Estate Auctioneer, AIM 7th street. DELIGHTFUL EIGHT R"OM BRICK. No. 90b 30th STREET. BETWEEN 1 AND K. , <?n THURSDAY.Ma> !**!,?! A o'clock i< m. [ I sIihII sell, on 111*' p einise?. the above prop -rty, Miavinga front of 15 feet on 20th street. Special attention is called to this house, being most dc'sirable in all its appointments. I?Terms day of sale. ml9 THOS E. WAGGAM AN, Anct. BY LUTTRELL A DUNN1NGTON, Auction*-rs. 91? Louisiana ave ,bet. 9th and 10th su. TRUSTEE'S SALE OK VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE: J THREE-STORY BRICK DWELLINGS ON SOUTH SIDE OF L STREET. BETWEEN 4)? AND ttiH SOUTHWEST, (ISLAND.) tBy virtue of a deed of trust, September 23d, A. D , 1872, aud duly recorded in Liber No. <92,folio 354, one of th<- land record* for the District of Columbia, and by request of party secured thereby, I will at public auction, in front of the premises, to th-highest bidder, on SATURDAY, May 31st , A D , 18/3 at 6 o'clock, p. m., all that certain piece or panel of ground lying aa<l being in the City <>f Washington, in said District, and known as the west half of lot numbered twenty, (20,) in square numbered iive hundred and oue,(50l.I fronting 24 feet 8>? inches on south L street, by equal depth of l?.i feet 11 inches, and bounded on the west by a 15 foot alley, and ou the south or rear by a 30 foot alley, together with the improvements thereon. Terms of sale on each House: One-third cash, (Of which $75 on each piece of property must be paid tune of sale;) balance in equal payments, in one and two years, with interesi at the rate of eight p?r cent, per aunun., payable semi-annually until paid, from day of sale the purchaser giving notes to be secured on the property sold to satisfaction of trus tee. Conveyancing aud recording at purchaser's cost. The Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of defa Itisg pur chaser or purchasers in case the terms are not complied with within six dags after ssle WM. F. HOLTZMAN, Trustee, n 19 d LUTTRELL A DUNNING TON, Anct* BY MATTINGLY ? WHEELER, Auctioneer, No. 603 Ninth street northwest. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated April JSth, 1972. recdNed iti Liber No. 681, iolio 197, one of -the land records for the County of Washington, and by direction of the owner of the note secured thereby, we shall sell at auction, in front of the premises on FRIDAT, May 6 o'clock p. m., lot snb. 10, and the west half of lot sub. IS, in square 943. Terms of sale: One-third rash,(of which i|25.00 on each lot wftl be required to be paid immediately after sale), and the balance in sis and twelve months,with ten percent, interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. If the terms of sale are not complied witn in ten day* after the day of sale, the tsusteee reserve the right tore-tell the property at the risk and cost of the purchasers. Con ve> at>ring and recording to be at the cost of the purchase r? W H. WARD. JOHN H 5IATTINGLYJ Trnstew n.ll MATTINGLT A WHEELER. A nets. BY DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucts. Corner 9th aud D streets northwest. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN FIRST WABD, AT AUCTION. On SATUBDAT AFTERNOON, Mar 94, at

6 o'clock, we will sell, upon the premises, all of lot 17, in square 31, having a front of SO feet 6 inches, with an average depth of as feet. This lot will be subdivided upon day of sale, giving purchas ers a chance to buy a portion or all. This property is situated on Virginia avenue, near the corner of 341 b street northwest, and the attention of buyers is called to this sale, as property in that part of the city is rapidly advancing in price. Terms: One-third cash;balaucein6and 12 months, note* l>earing interest, and secured by deed of trust. Conveyancing, Ac., at purchaser's coat. A deposit of * 100 will be required as soon as the property is sold. DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO.. ni!4 Auction eers. BT EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. carpets, pictures, stoves, china, GLAf8W ARE, Ac , AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 28th instant, at 10 o clock a. m., we shall sell at the residence of |^Ha gentleman declining housekeeping, (>n 31 I ^ Istreet east, between East Capitol and A streets north, being house No. it4, the following fur niture, nearly new, viz.: One Fine HairCloth Parlor Suite; Marble-top Center Tables, Whatnots: Reception Chairs, Ornaments aud Engravings; Nearly new Brussels Carpets. Rugs and Mats; Window Shades and Lace Curtains; Extension Tables, Dining Chairs and L >nnges; Three Painted Cottage Sets in good condition; Mattresse-. Feather Pillows and Bolsters; Blanket*, Spreads, Sheets and Cases; Ingrain Carpets, Hall Carpets aud 8tair R s|s; Crockery, Glassware and Cutler*; Excellent Cook Stove and Fixtures; And a g?Mid lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms cash. GREEN A WILLIAMS, maid [RepMy2<iJ Auctioneers. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner 10th aud D sts. B Y B. H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TiiV 7tb street, between G aud H sts. TRUSTEE'S SALB OF VALUABLE IM PROVED REAL ESTATE ON D STREET NORTH, BE TWEEN 8th AND ?th STREETS EAST, jti My virtue of a deed of trust aated September l-::i 19th, A. D. 1867, and daly recorded in Liber E. ???.C. E.,No. 15, folio 436, et seq., one of the laud records tor Washington county, D. C., I will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, on SATUR DAY, the R4th day of May, A. D. 1873, at i o'clock p m , all those certain pieces or parcels ? f ground situate and lying in th* city of Washington, D. G.. a d known and described as lota lettered aud marked "R" and "8," in the subdivision of the west half of square numbered nine hundred and sixteen, (916,) with the improvements thereon. Terms made known at sale. A depoait of 950 w"' be required at time of sal* on each lot. If the terms of sale are not complied^rith in 11 v* days, the trustee reserves the tight to resell at th* riak ana coat of the defaulting purchaser. All coovevancing at coat of the purchaser. W. B. TODD. J*., Trustee. mJ-eoAda B. H. WABNEB, Anct. pEBEMPTOBY SALE? * VERY ELEGANT COONTRY SEAT AND FARM, "Woolton Hall;" Mansion, Farm, aud Tenant Hons**, 50 acres, Philadelphia and Wilmington Turnpike. Braadywine Hundred. New Caatle coun ty, Del.,three squares from Bellevae Station, on the Philadelphia. Wilmington and Baltimore rail road, half mile from the river Delaware, three milea from'Wilmington, nine milea from Cluster, and 23 miles from Philadelphia, residence of 0. B. Griggs, K*41' ON TUESDAY. MAT 9T, 1373, At 13 o'clock, noon, will be sold at public sale, withoat any reeerre whatever, at the Philadelphia Ei change. VThe very elegant Furniture made by Smith k Campion, may be had at a valnation by tha par chaser. particulars in handbills. M.THOMAS A SONS,Aocts, m3.7,10,14.17JMtJI 139 and 141 9.4th, Phila. | JM1TED STATES MARSHAL'S 8ALI. In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, issued oat of the Clerk's offlc* of th* 6aprev* Court of th* District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell at nob IX. ? _ ^ is> m a^* /1?_s VW ^ *m ?5as. i FRIDAY, the ?3d day Of May, :k m., all defendant's right, title, t in and to lot No.?. in square No. with all and singular th* improvements thereon, seised and levied upon as the property of Richard M Hall, ard will be *;>kl to satisfy execution Ho. TjOM, In favor nt J-hn W. Le Barnes. njdts ALEX. SHARP,U.l.Mtnhal.D.O. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON. DT LCTTBELL ft DUNNINGTON, Aact*ouee< D *17 LmJmu maw, M. M ai Mth *u TRUSTEE'S BALK OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL UTATI?TWO TWO BTOBY BRICK DWELLINGS ON *Ttm ?T JSTwlKN lud K. NORTHWEST Aiw, OKI TWO CTOIT FRAME DWELLING ON L ST., BKTWKKN 19th aid ?Otb. NORTHWEST, WASHING TON. D.C. ? By virtue of a deed of trust, dated Mar 1Kb. A D Iffl.uddnl) ncorMIn Liber No. 6U. folio 339, one of the Itodrrcordl (ot Wwhini too county, in the District of Cnhwblt, and by rv (??'?I *f J arty wcarvd thereby, 1 will eel 1 at pab lir auction, in front of the precise*, to tbe hi?h?*?t bidder, on WEDNESDAY. May a 1st, A. D. 18T3, at i oVIock p. ir.. the south 34 feet 3 laches fronting on 27th atreet, between land K street* n>'T; hwest, ia the ciiyof Washington. in said equal dep:h of SI fw?t ? iirlm of part of Lot No. U, tn Square No. 5, and more particularly described in Liber B. M. H., No. Id, folio TM e? acq . one of the land record* for aaid District, tog-ther with the im entente thereon, consisting of two 1 atory Brick welling*. Also. on the atune day, at ? ??'clock p. m , all thone part* of Let* Noa. 16 and li*. la Square No rtj, in *%id city, and descriIxxl as follow*: Beginning at the n< rtbea*t corner of aaid Lot No. It, thence running south 82 feet 6 inches; time* *i?t 31 fed- thence tutti) 10 feet; thence ea*t & M, thence north 71 feet 6 it.cbee to the II* e of L street north.and th*nce east with *aitl line aifeet to place of tieginntKg. R-f<-r ? ar- for a more particular description in Liber J A 8., No. IK foHo 4ft? ?* one of the land record* for said District, improved by a 1 atory Frame Dwelling. Ternse of sale in each case: One-third cash. bal ance in vuual paytreut* in ait, twelve and ei<ht<<-n month*, the purtkawr (hins note* bearing ten P*r cent, interest froai day of aal?-, and secured to satia faction of the trustee, on the property aoM; $P<0 on the flrat aud on the second property above i ? n.'-d tr.uat be paid dowu et tini* "t sab sncitig and recording at purchaser'* ? ?t The tru* tee reeerveethe right to resell the property at the riak and .oat of the defaulting purchaser or purcha sers, in ca?e the terms are not complied with within aix days after sale WM F HOLT7.MAN.Tm?te* ji*d H'TTRELL A PENNINGTON. Aiut-. BV GBEEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001 northw?-at corner lixh acd D ata. BUILDING LOT FRONTING CM NEW JERSEY AVKNl'E AND RUNNING THROUGH TO 'J:. STREET WEST. BKTWKKN 11 8TKKET north and Massachusetts avenue, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY. the Slot i?*tant. at 6 S$^"'c ock p m., we ah Jl well, on the premi*e?, L"t ? ('. In Charlew Siott'* sulidit iaioti of S mare No 563. being 17 feet 4 inche* front by lSi feet d-ep through to 2d street, making a good building front on both street*. Term*: One-third ca?h; balance 6 and 11 mnnth*. for note*bearing interest,and secured by a deed of trust <>n the premise* sold. Conveyancing, Ac., coat of purcliaacr. A100 down on day of sale ml6-d GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auct*. Y THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 31V 7th street. B TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS, ADJOINING ST ALOY Bll 8 CHURCH, AND NEAR THE NAVY yard, at auction a By virtue of a decree in Chancery, Equity HVi'iiw No. 1,135, in the Supreme Court of the ? District of Columbia, wherein McDernvitt et al. are complainant*, againat M< Dermott etal. de fendant*. the undersigned, a* Trustee, will *e|| *t Bublic anction. to th>' highest bidder, on W EDN ES iAY. May 5l*th, at & o'clock p m , all of Lot* 1.1. 3, 4. A and 24, in square (21. fronting on K street north, and North Capitol *?r?-et. On THURSDAY", May t9ili. at & o'clock P m.,on the premises. all of Lot No. 1. in square I .i?5, being at the corner of aonth K and 15th street* ea?t. The above property offera rare opportunitiea for inveatment* in real estate, a* it is located in one of the moat improving and * aiuableaectiousof ihecity. Terms of sale: One-half caah, balance in Sand 12 Votiths, with intereat. A deposit of fifty dollar* will be reqnired on each lot aa aoon aa aold. All con veyancing at cost of purchaser. The aboTe Lota will l>e divided into building l<Ma to suit ptirchaaer* Particular* at sale 8AM L. L. PHILLIPS.Trustee, n 16 dt* THUS. E. WAGGAMAN. A net BY LATIMER ft CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, Southweat comer Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th at.. Star Office Building. CHANCFBY 8ALE OT THE DESIR \BLE RE8 11'KNI E, N". a*? 1<t STBKET, BKTWKKN FOTOMAC AND MARKE1, GEORGETOWN, DC. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt IBfof the Pt-trict of Columbia, pa**e.l on th- 7ih day of May, A. D. 1S73. in Chancery can*-of S< mine* et al. v* Payne et al , No J,*42 Ejuity P<K-ket N<>.12,1 will sell at public auctiou.on MON DAY, the ad day of June. A. D. IM73. at # o'clock l>. m , in front of the premises, the Lot Iving and be ing in tbe city of QenrgMtuwii. in the District of Co lumbia, and known ana described upon the ground Slati or plat of said < ity aa the next went part >f ing'* acre, in B-atty and Hawkiu's aid it ion to Georgetown, aud ba' k gtoiitid of Lot numl>ered one hundred and tw<s < lui.? l>eginniug for the aam- at the aouthea*t comer of *aid Lot on l*t at., and run ning west along the line of *aid atreet twenty-eight (2S i feet eight (8) inches; tlience north to alley intbe rear one hundred and twenty-two (13) feet; thence eaat along the line of sa'd alley tw-nty-eight Is1 feet fight < 8) inches; tlience sutli owe hundr-d and twenty two (1221 feet to the place of beginning, to gether with the improvement* thereon,conaistiug of a substantial Brick Dwelliug, containing about fif teen (14) room* Terms of aale aa prescribed by the d-cre?: One fourtli cash, and the balance luaix,twe|v* and eigh te en moiitlia, for which approved note* or bond will be taken, payable In equal Instalment* with interest at eight (81 per cent per aiitium, pavable aemi-au nually. A aepoait of two hundred dollar* will bo re quired at time of sale. If the termn of *ale l>e not complied with in five days from day ?f aale the property will be resold at the coat and riak of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. N F CLEARY, Trnat-e. mlO 2awftda LATIMER ft CLKARY. Aucta. LATIMKR ft CLiEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, B1 ? ? Southwest corner Pensylvania avenue and 11th at. Star Office Buildings. CHANCERY BALK OF VERY VALUABLE BUSINESS PBOPEBTY. 46J PENNSYLVA MA AVENUE, SOUTH SIDE. BETWEEN 4* ANE 6th 8TBKKT8 NoBTIIWEST Bv virtue of a decree ,.f the Supreme f'onrt of the District of Columbia, passe.| on the 7th day of May, A. D. 1873, in chancery cause of Seuitne et al va. Payne et al.. No. JjMl. Equity Doc. 13. I will sell, at public auction, on TUESDAY", the 3d day of June. A. D. 1873, at 6 o'clock p. m . in front of the premise*. Lot numbered 31. B*aervation B. I) ing and being in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, with improvenienta thereon,consisting of a substantial brick atore and warehouse Said lot is more particularly described as follow*: Brgiuuiug for tbe aame at the northeast corner of aaid lot a*d running thence west along tbe line of Pennsylvania avenue twenty-five<2S> feet; thenca south to alley in th?- rear one hundred and twenty-Beven(H7)feet five (6) inches; east along the line of said alley twenty-five(2SI feet; theace north to Pennavlvauia avenue and the place of ttie beginning one hundred and twenty-*<-veu( 127) feet Ave (5) inches Terms of aale. aa prescribed by the decree: One fourth cash; and the balance in aix, twelve and eighteen months, for which approved notes or bond will be taken, payable in eoual instalment a, with interest at 8 per cent, pavable semi-annually. A depoait of five hundred dollara will be require-1 at time of aale. If the terma of aale be not complied with in five daya from day of aale, the property will lie reaold at the cost aud riak of the purchaser. Coa vey slicing at purchaser'a coat. *. F. CLEARY. Trn*tee. mlO Stawftda LATIMBR A CLEARY. Aucta. Y THOMAS K. WAGGAMAN, Real Katate Auctioneer. 419 7th street. B CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON NBW JERSEY AVENUE SOUTH. NEAR THE CAPITOL By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court FSof the District of Columbia, paa**-d in Equity ?31,'auae No. 2JH8. Doc. II, between Thomas M Hanson and wife aa complainant*, and Griffith C Barrr and other*, aa defeudaut*, on the 4th day of October, 1872, and of a supplemental dec re ? paaaed in said cause on the 30th day of November, 1)72, the snbacriber will aeU at public anction, on the prem ise*, ou MONDAY, tbe U6th day ot May, 1S73. at 4:31' o'clock p m , all that piece or parcel of ground lying and being in the city of Washington, D. C , and being part of Lot numbered three, (3,) ja Square numbered aix hundred and ninety (Wn. (having afr >ut of 23 feet ? inches on New Jersey avenue, and running back with that width about 193 feet to a public alley, containing 4A34 aoiiare fast, more or le*a, improved by a substantial and comfortable Brick Dwelling Houae. Terms of Sale: One-fourth cash; balance in *ix, twelve and eighteen months, for purchaser'- not**, liearing ictereat from the day of sale, secured by deed of trust on the property. fSUO of tbe cash pay ment will be required of the purchaser on the spot If term* of *ale are not compiled within five day* after the sale, the property will be resold at tbe risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. All con veyancing at the cost of the purchaser. T. M HANSON, Trustee. THOMAS K. WAGGAMAN, n.3-?u 3* A d* Auctione-r. DT GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, D No. 1001, Northwest cornerlOth and D street*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~A~DK8IRABLK BUILD ING LOT AT THK CORNER OF 13th AND BOUNDARY STREETS N0RTHWB8T AT AUCTIOH. , On MONDAT.the *J6th day of May, 1873, at 6 (o'clock p m , I shall aell, on the promiae*. by ?virtue of a deed of trust to me, dated the 14tb day of February, A. D. 187J, and duly recorded in Liber Vo. 6(1, folio 176, one of the land record* for Washington county, in tbs District of Columbia, all that certain piece or parcal of ground situate and lying in said city, and being known and described aa Lot numbered forty-si xj *6), in Carrington A Hughes' recorded subdivision of Square numbered twobun dred and thirty-four (334.) Said Lot U situated at the northwest comer of said square. Teracs of sale: One-hair cash; the balance in six and twelve month*, for note* bearing interest and ?ecured by deed of tmat on th* premisss. Term to be complied with within tea day*, otherwise the property will be reaold at owner's riak. All convey ancing at purchaser'* cog- jjl'l b? required at time of aale. WM. A. WARD. Trustee. mM-eoAda GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Aucta. PT LATIMER ft OLgABT,. . _ . D Auctioneer* and Beat Estate Broker*. South wast corner Pennsylvania aveaue and 11th at.. Star OMoe Building*. TRUSTEE'S BALK OF A FIBST-CLASS RES TALRaNT, No. 48? Tie STBBBT HOBTH W EST, ABD LEASE. a By virtue of a deed of truat to ms, recorded in H Liber No. 708, folio M3 et *eq.,ot the land records ?Hof the District of Columbia, I will sell at public auction, on THUB8DAT,thsSSthday of may, 1873, at 11 o'clock a. m., on the premiss*, the eatirs mack intrude, furniture,fixtures and lease of the pram iaea No. 430 7ih atreet northwsst, in th* city of Washington. D. C-, tormsrly known as M Kidman1* B?-?tnur?Dt. The bouse is doing a good busine**, and is plate ia all of its appointment*. It will be aold as a w hole. The lease has two year* to run from the 1st day of July next, at the monthly rent ef #tM. Terms of sals: 92.01k), with interest at sight per cent, from Jan. M, 1871. and the expenses of sale in cash, aad th.- balance at six months, for which the n?te of the purchaser, bearing intereat from the day of sale, and secured by deed of tra*t on the property a<>ld.will betaken. A depoait of 8 M0 will be re quired Of the pur- haser at the time of sale. WM F MATTINGLY, Trustee. Bitt-d latimer a oLeary, An t*. AUCTION SALES. B Y OREEN A WILLIAMS. Anrtvximv No. 1001, northwest coruer 10th Mid D sts. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucttoneer*, No. 1001, northwest corner loth aud D *ts. B of sale, th> premise* will be resold at the ri-k ?u l d-'fanltwg mrrht^r. ANTHONY HYPE, I JAMIK W CO BOOB A V < Trustee*. coM of the d-fault** nnrchaser. ol 0 W Iii21 -^oAdnDrUCA NSON. DO WLIV<; A < 0 , Anrt?. B DY B. A. WARNER, D Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Mo. TVS Seventh street, tot ween 0 and U. TRUSTEE'S KALE or VALUABLE I* PK0VED PBOPfcRTY IN THE BORTHERN SECTION OP THE CITY, ON O STREET OB COLPAX STREET, BETWEEN lfm AND 1<>th STREETS NORTHWEST Uj virtue of a deed of trust, dated March 1ft, 1*5, and duly recorded in Liber 064, folio SH, one of the land record* for Washington county, District of Co lumbia, and by direction of the part v secured. I will ?ell, 'a front of the premise*, on FRIDAY APTEB KOOII. M>r 9th, U7), at 0 o'cli<cl,toth)>iii(h<?t biddi r, the west 4t feet I mchw front of Lot V. in S>inars 196; improved by three two-story Frame Honsee, or such parts of aaid premise* at may be D?ee*ary to Mtiifrwid d-ht Term* of sal*: One-third cash; balance in ? and II months, with six per cent, interest. The deferred pa> ments to be secured by a deed of trust and in surance on the property sold. In case the term are not complied with in Ave day* after *ale, the right i? referred to reeell the property, at the ri*k and coat of the delaultiu? purchaser. AVW down ?n day of sale. FEED. EOONES. Trustae. a26dAds B. B WABNEB, Auct. VTBI ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED until Tl'KSDAY. May MU, 137S. *aui? hour and place. By order Trustee. n.9-eoAd* B B WARNEB. Auct. tkJT THE ABOVE SALE IS FTBTnER POST Poft ED until TUESDAY June 3, ls*J, miii-' h-ur sad pla?e. By or?l*r ol Trn*t*e nll-e^Ads B H WA KNE R. Auct. t B.H. WARNER, Real Eatate Broker and Auctioneer, Ko. 7549 7tb street, between G and H streets. HANCERY SALE OP~VaLFABLE IM PBOYED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF K STREET. BETW EEN NORTH CAPITOL AND FIRST STBEBT EAST. AT AUCTION. t By virtue of a decre. of th* Saprni- Court of the District of Columbia, passed in tlie <au? of Turker and Sherman vs. .lame* M. Oriu-s, No. iJiafi. Equity docket IS. I wilt s.-ll at nublb auction, in tiont of tlie preiut*es, on TH UBSDA Y, June I U, 1873. at 0 o'clock ;p ni , Lots No*. 2JZ, 227. 228. 22m, Lai. 231. 23.'. 2*. 238 . 239 and *40 in R F Gilbert'* recorded subdi vision of square 675, together ? hli the improvements thereon, consisting of ?-le fatit three-story press brick front dwelling* Thi* pr p? rt> is sold to satisfy a mechanic's lien of ab >nt 53.2V and subject to certain incumbrance* which sill be mad- known >n the day of sal*. Terms for tlie amount reaiir-d above said incum iranns cash If terms of sab are lint coniplb-d with rithin flv^ ilars after sale the property w ill be refold it tin risk aud c-?t of thedefaultingpnrshaMer. ?1 ?' low n on each acc'pteil bid. C >u? e> aunui; at pur : baser * ct?t. FRANK 0 DANIELS. Trustee. mll eoA'l- B. H WARNER. Ant. I9Y LATIMEB * CLEABY, I) Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, lontheaat corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St.. Star Office Building. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON U STREET, BETWEEN 14th AND 14ru STREETS NORTHWEST. AT AUCTION. ? On MONDAY AFTEBNOON. May 19th. at ? o'clock, we will sell, in front off th?? premises, lot Bo. 19, in suaare No. SB, having a front of S feet 8 inches on 0 street, l>etweeu ltth and IVh treet. with a depth of IM feet. Tlie property will ie subdivided to suit purchasers. Terms: One^hlrd caah; residue in six and twelve louthr, with interest from day of sale. Deferred a> atents to be secured by dead of trust Oo%*eyan inc at coat of purchasers. S2B on each lot at tine f sale, or if taken by one purchaser R7?. _ mW-dAds LATIMEB A CLB^BY, A acts. ?y-THE ABOVE BALE IS HEBEBT POST -ned until FBIDAT AFTEBNOON, May *?d, ume boor sad place . __ . . mW-dAda LATIMEB A CLEABY. Ancta. 9T DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., AncTs., L> Comer M and D streets nortkweat VALUABLE BUILDING" LOT ON K STREET, ?ET?EEN 14th AND 10th STB. BORTH ?EbT.MEAB SCOTT SOUARB, AT AUOTIOB M On MONDAT AFTERNOON, May ?0tb, at ?? o'ch?k, we will sell, upon the premiers. Lot Bguare IM. having a front of tf feet ? inches n North E street, with a depth of Itf feet 11 laches > a 30-foot alley. We won Id call especial attention > the sale of thi* property, as It is one of the lines* uildiug lota in W ashington. being in the most fash >nable part <4 the city, situated on th* north aide of i street, between 1Mb and Mtb streets northwest, i d nearly opposite Scott Square, and suitable for n* of the finest private residences in the city Ternts: One-half cash; balance in 1,1, and 3 years, otes besrinc interest and secured by deed of tr?a. ? ?iirevanclng, Ac., at cost of purchaser. A deposit r t<U0 will be required as so?a as the property is DOcksd ct. MJVC&noK,nnnw?oo. all [Republican] Auctioueers 7*iv. pecial atteattap paid to selllagBeal Estate at acc k*. Liberal aSraaces oa con?lraiaeate and projapt ptcrns. Balhreacas:?JnbB 8. Barb .ur. John Van ttswtck.?H' r L?wis McEenxi* Windsor A F ?rd, pd Jonr an W Maury ttylfi-lr DT W. L. WALL A CO A actions sta, D New Marble BuiHiag, Boa. aad 9dV P^aaaytvaaia av en as. TBIETPEB PARLOk"mMTE< IN REPS. TEK BY AND B AIB CLOTH. TBBBE WALNI T ? hamper suites, with wabdbobe-*. fifteen waVbtt CHAMBER suites TEN PIECES. COMPLETE, ??OTTA<;B SETS, Bookcases. DBhKs. meAs,oii>ei?o*kd*. ? H AT TREES. HALL tHAIRS. EXTENSION TABLES: TC' KIK SPRINGS: WALNCT. CANE AND WOOD SEAT CH*<KS. OA EES. i MARBLE TOP TABLES; MOCKERS BRUS ' BELS. TAPESTBY AND OTHER CARPETS; TWO HUNDRED BOLLS WHITE AMD CHEi K MATTING; ONE HUNDRED PIECES OIL? LOTH: ONE BAGATELLE TABLE. 3* ITH BALLS AKD CUES COMPLETE ONE SEVEN OCTAVE BOSEWOOD P1ABO, , Ba? eu I Bacon.1 0h On WEDNESDAY MORNING M?v *1^. PA coamienc na at IB oVbvk. wf will ?^ll with M|is>t rear if, on the first floor of our SaW |E|TmMi. the abov?-ra??d f-*>da. 1 It WM L B ALL A CO .Aacts my theabrve kale is postponed m tii I'EIDAY MORNING. May?3.U73. at 10 o*ch?k. In coaewjuence of iht rain all 2t (B'p.l W L * ALL * CO . Anc KY LATilBEB A CLEtEf Auctioneers and Beat Estate Brokers Southwest corner Pennsylvania aivi Elev enth street, Star Office Bcikdiuga horse buu?;t, and harness, at ai TION fla. On SATURDAY MORNING. Ma i?.a? 1.3 I'J o"cb<k, we shall s- II, in front >f owr "* sah ?ro. m ? On" Sorrel Mare, 7 years old. One T p Bueey. One Set Single H ?rn??? Sale positive, aa partt aellinc baa no furtl. r oae Toia team. Term* < a?h r.2UTt LATIMER A CLEABY. Anets |>Y LATIMEB A CLEABt, I ? Aiicti~oo?"-? and B<*al Estate Broker*. Boathwest corner Pt-nnsylvania avenue and 11th st. Star Office Building. VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Till NORTH MM OE 11 STREET. NEAR FIE T11 STREET. NORTHWEST. AT AUCTION On MONHAY AFTERNOON. Mi> at feH o'clock, we utiatl .ell. ia front of th ? pr?-mifu^, (.art* of lots l.\ and 11, ia siaarr M7, 22 by lm. with tlie ini pro \ omeat s iber?,>n, consisting of a three ?t.TT pr??? bri' k front leaidencs, with two-story back (Mtilding. containing II riwma, and with all the inod-rn improyeinents, being hr>u?e No. It>3 H street ncrthweet. T? rnis: One-ihird cash, balance in one and tw > y? ars.d'-ferK'd psymei ts to bo secured by d?-?d ef trust oa the premises sold If the terms of -ale are not ronipli>-d witb in 7 days after day of sal", th* right i? resen e?l to r?*ell the prop**rt> st th* risk and cost of <l? faultins pur-hs-er Conveyan< mg at ru'cba?er*a coat A Juti d >w n at tini? of sab-. n.21 | R- p I LATIMEB A CLEARY. Ancta A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT ON WE'T 17th STREET. BETWEEN L AND M ST4.. AT AUCTION. fr% On MONDAY.the 46th inat . at ?? o'clock p KJ?in., we shall *?-ll on th*- pren. -*? * it. L >t No. 7. ? in a.iiiar'* N" 181, fronting27f?^t on 17tb?treet, b- tweeii L and M streots, and rniiiniitf l>a> k t" a So b>ot alley, lieing a deeirable buil:ing lot in th<* looet improving part of tlie city. T< rms Oue-tlnrd caeh; balance in<5 and 12 "n.?nth?. wiib interest, s? ure<l by a de?d of trust. Conv.-y at.cire at . .mt of purchaser. , J.iwn at lino-of sale (m21 -d I GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aorts. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT THE CORNER OE BOUNDARY STREET NORTH AND Ttii STREET WEST, AT THE JUNCTION OF THE 7th STREET CARS AT AIM TION On TUESDAY, th* UTth day of May, Ifl, at ^gtioVluckp m.,w<-shall ?ell un th- pr<-una<*a, M^b^mg Lot No 37. in snl>divialon of M >unt PI** sunt. having 4n f*? t 2 inch** front,rnnnitis through to 8. b street west, with th* impr-o *s*ents. consist iiiL-"l a Brick Dwelling bone*. Thi* property baa tin* bnilding fionte on llouwdary, betw *en 7tb aud 8ih atre?-t*.ii<akiiiuit valuable property. T"mi? On*-half cash, balanc- 1 and t years.f ,r not** l*-armg C p*r cent. intereet and eectm-d by a d?*?-d of trust on th- premises. Conveyancing at th Cost "f tlie ptiri ha-er. Aloud >wn on th* dav ofaale. mil Hi GREEN A WILLI \M j. Am t? Y DUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO . Anct rs corner 9th and D atn-ets uorthwe*t. TRUSTEES' SALE OF* VALUABLE U NIM PBOVEHREAL ESTATE IN WASHINiiToN CITY, D. C . ON :?t. STREET WEST. BE TWEEN E AND E STREETS NORTH. AND OE VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN WASH I NO TON. p. C.. ON -th STREET VE?T. BETWEEN G AND II STREETS NORTH eB> virtue of a deed of trust, recorded among the land record* of thi* District in Liber Mo. its. folioe 2UI. Ac., and in pursuance of the re quest of the parties secured thereby, the under sigiied. as Trustees, will *ell. at public ancti--u, to the highest bidder, in front ofth* premiaes, on SAT URDAY. May 31st. 18T3, at is o'clock p m. cer tain r*al e?rate iu ?;?id city . being the north 24 feet front bv depth nf aaid lot l?, in a,tuar<- All, with th* ri-lita and appnrtenaiires to the sain* belonging Un<ler the same authority aaid Trustee* will, on MoNDA Y, June ad, 1873. at ? p m , in front of the pr? mi***, sell certain other real estate fD Washinc fon city. I?. C., lieing a part of lot ?, square 57s, fronting lfi feet on Mh ?*e?; west and extending ba- k by tlist width 74 fi-*t, 'mpr-oed bv a three story brick dwelling hon>e. No 7*J9, on said 5th street, with the right*, improvements and app'irte nances. Th* amount of indebtedness secured i< $4.->0 and iuOrestst 10 per cent from F> t-ruat. l.tth, IH73 Terms of saW: To In- paid in caeh upon each parcel, %9.>*>: hslanre upon each par-?I in ? and 12 mouths afterdate of sale, with interest at the rate of 8 per c>-iit. per annum, to '?* evidence^ by promts* >ry note*, pavab'e to aaid Trustees, and secured by a de< d of trust upon the premises sold. y-?) cash to lie (?aid on each parcel at the time of sale. Convey ancing, Ac., at curcliH*er*'cost. If the term* off sale l>e not complied with in five dar* after the day EVENING STAR ?^ laMKral ?va>BM 1 *Aeni*,.T?.a_ri? a?(.??! Intbe l ?**' ' ^-St^USTS I>r. Smith from the com ra t tee ?r - menta. aubmitted a ?MwtM tt> reg!?T^? exc.rMon to Aanapoiiv a-.d .I.wjj,,?" v a the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. a?X iT.* ?"??1'lv decided to visit to mZ *?w- ?nd <?" Praawleat (it ?nt ?t J r ? ale? to viait Antiafxtli* on Monday ttftl The report of I>r Backu*. rh.'ira.n ot the ITtfc1*! ?*? TOted OU 0fr%stlWi. ?tl4 ,\,frW ????W|?CtjMit atueo itnenta- the ptln, 1*1 one givtti* rfcqrche* petmimon t.? coaribute through u,e ?- - ~ .. on I*itwvoienoe ?nai?<w. or directly uThl l<oanls- mhr Me.** by ikr U tW A motion l>y Mi NiicotUtii romnatder the ot Amrn!?n inlV^'Cf ET Ul ,h'? ?!d*lT,te ,|,HliW ,M byade The aa* then -ook up the re,.ort relet vw to the publication of n free periodical. an<t ww ? l?ngth> dixuaeloti the entire sub,oct wa? ro ll t tfd to a comtuihee of ten The matter of the conflicting claim* ot tk > two churches at .lackaonville. Kla . cam* up ?'Platoed b, l?r Reynolds T . w a<iw|?t?*l <Ur*rtitig tbr t?o*rd oa church erection to appropriate 8) <mu to reim uSr Sr-Sr* r ?* ???<? *?? tlmr church authorities h> make an amMiit!. noithern churches to the eitent ot e/lwn A rilt'i i "mister wd ia the atbolir and all other unevetife'icai ckin'lm is not <, baptism. *a> tabled. . Jhf X ?\?' ?",:R M T*T?*V- An tnqaeat waa held la?t Monday aft< rnoon in the Warrew inut<l?-t raae ot l?r. Baker. before Coronar ii Me. The ca?e thus tar batttoa all attempts to hint out the gmltv part* though the evidence worn* ti Motet to Mi? Mink. Kli '"r ro"' '"*r. a fed ;o. t.?titt*sl that ?he lEltrabeth M ink ? Itved at the pi*,-,- ? h.-re theiuunter tn-curred 11. to the .lav before the ?teed wa? done, anu that I?r. Haker had t? arrnrtoniftl to come to aoe Iter .lau^l t. r oc<-a ^ tb*' N,l?k bad t??d nor > Klical>etb) that >tie ?a? U? Ite nurrmt to th? doctor in t?cto?ier. Sir did not know thai thero *M any tntahle t^t.oen thew Mron* MiKpicioiikot a third partr, either aa an arconiplu* or t? the real rniirierw The olit lady *a? the only ?ltiM*n rvamniet. an.l the court adjourned till Turotav mnrnln;. Tbo ca?e will occupy a n imt^r ot dara. aTa lar*a number ol witne^ ara to he examined M "m Mink la lodged in the Mate prioon at Thomaatm. Mie ha- been a achool teacher and had a road cduration Or Baker had an inrtiranee on hw am lln ow*"'d propertr worth near I* f Aiewday* ago he bought the tw.aJ h?ut? in W arren He leaeca a wn n year* old. A l.tPE%viu< h a I Km Trikd to 8in _<?? Saturday nijrht the brother* M> and l?ate Bonier Klept In a small apartment a-ljoininc i VI W'TkrT"ni mt K*" '??'erentli atreef John, who had retired earl*, wax partial It aaakened by the little black and tan terrier ?.WnJ ^ J M"* brot,'?ra. which had jumped upon the bed and wm acratchinu hie ta. e. Pu-diin* the dof ,way be tirn4 to reautne hi* aleep. but the -a^acioiif animal continuod to acratck hi* face and iM^an to bark and whine. He thi n atr>*e and looke<l into the workroom which *??? ted, and there he aaw l/oui? han?tiu * ^ liatHikorehiet tied over hia fa<? and clothed oi*|\ in pantaiootm and alnrt .lohn apran* tor the body ami at it down, but be ? aa a minute loo la*?? l.otti?wa* alreadv de?d B s et *a> a native ot Switrerland. eighteen \ear*of age?A. p. ,vMW. |;>^ * PrRtt a ?.r Bailrhai. Travklliku ik.Ksu i a*d-Traxe ling in K?.?lamt hae about u ? pu asMtit exciteiiietit which aluoat e.iual* the I roveibial Arkan>a? bar-room The Pall Mall aer'n'l'el0' 3 "*y*; Tl'e ?ccal,??t? or a *eci ml claw, railway carriage attached to the Irtah mail traiiK which arrived at Staltord at on Saturday evening, con*i*ted ot two gen,JMr Moore, of sioane atr^t. Londoa, and ?!* Brown, a aurreon of l.nnerick. Soon atter leaving London, ^r Moore went to al?ep.?benbe waa attacked bv Brown who atruck him on the head with aatick. Mt Moore ?I?in?t^ll,<'* klaopiMHtent and held him till thearrirallot the train at Staflord. when It waa <1liacovered that Brown waa a lunatic. He atated that it wa? his intention to murder the occupant* ot the carriage. . , ??e**can rolilter* and KickatKio anJ I-'pon Indiana are on the war path. 5** Ubarty, I ml , latelychor |*d a playmate a hand oil withbia little hatchet. VBifniarcli ia in Miimeaota. It'athe name ot a new tow n there. iy Mi?aia*ippi hirea OMt hor conricta at Alt! a mo ith,and doean't tind them. ?^"The courtaof Miaeotiri bare decided that debt* contracted on Sunday are legal WKunice Beecher. w.te of Rev. H W. re"lrDr<1 ?rom Florida, whither Ul health drove her early in tbe winter. W-A Delaware judge fined a law vet onlr one dollar tor calling him a "bloated old rhi noceroh." Win order to terire the "atill noble art of ifird6f6no6 'fhe Marqtu* of ^noeimbur? oll^rm a porae of ?joo to be aparred tor by light weight*. * kjc:auj that f-HBu A. bodge a'moit deapair* of her ?ex becaoae women cannot ecpreaa their wn>hea in conciae, accurate, and buaine?>-like terms balfaoeaaily aamen. m* ?^Alpboiwo, the dandy clerk of Rrooklyw *aya be haa vet to nee the Brat woman come tali the dry gooda *tore where be ta employed who knowajuat what ahe wanU 1 >WI WU* S,^T?AV?" ?,re4*I,, r?*?o< wccearfal miningI. South Africa tor diamond*, thene Drecioua aUn>ea muat bec<>me cheai>eiied in value More hare come to England for tbe laat two reara than in one hundred previously . .fA emrt I*perstate* that Eider Knann ^ d<*,ln?d fo to bu> mother a dying bedatde re<**titly, for tbe rea^ti that ?ho wax an re of heaven, and the aud.eiice he waa ekhortmg waa iu danger of damnatnu. B can,el *?*? ?n elephant belonging to P. ?. ^ circus ti^d to a tree near Finl^ili landing the other day. whe? the eaprem train came alune. The camel fainted awav, bat tbe elephant Marted oft witb the tree, tlie camel and tbe kee|?r. ' * c*"?l. ? fleevele** Naahrille laeket of tho last stj le passed an old lady and her dau^huw ,n front tbe country, viaitinv the ex position: "Just look. Polltr." aaid tbe mother jacket * * ,Urr>< 10 r"1 lLe ?'<**?? in hor Poley. aged aeventeen, ha* l>een ar. ,'l"',Ml*,l'b?aoii the charge ot iBtanti wh'cb she denies, though it i* atated she once vlmitted it. 8he aaya tliat the ftSwa? r.'HM l" ? married man. and the father ??)i ft . A B: *he "v?,, the family ?ud tbal ?IMcp |?ei*aoiia. hKlged in owe room. DIED. CLARK* On Tuesdar morning, Mar loth at ? P1*'. MARY a., wife of Antimii* J C larke, ia the Mai , aar of h 17 a?e Aothoa* J. ..J*"* reman.* will l? taken r.^w fth an^ <; greets. Thnrvdar morning, at 11 Su a m to lit Patrick athatra. on ? -tll^auV ?h?^c~ * yerad to Baltim<>r?-. to be l.nn?d ia 8i. Patn k's ynrd. *lu reiW mat r+mt in ^Hire MTKB In L< 'Odoua c?aiit) , Vs., Sotardav 17th ?iiataat, ia the fj una^otli rear t?f fc. rafa, u|tA('a 4$"Ta^Ta*4 *UM< U,>rtbW^' - Th"." N'EITZKV Btvid- ol> <?n Tuxwlay nierit, tb Inat., Mri LOl*I8A MITZET, wit- of Mr tt??r*w NVnrey. >n th^ 4<t h >ear of hor * Dearest children I bate loft tliee, Id th" earihl) w<>rl<t alone Wee p not for me, I will meet t!??>?, In that bright, eternal home. abbwkb. Peaeetu! be tli) all?i.t alumb^r. Peaceful in tbe grave a? l<?w, Thoo no more ahail join our nun. W. Th?.u no more our grayer abali know. ?ay *be real ia ?eaca. v\vj? ijZ UNDERTAKERS. ? KTALLJC M PHIAL CAM I *H*OVD* HABrn. 8a. r.cma*? w. .am, CAB 1 MKT MAKKM AMD MMiriraa ?18 IUTUT1 8TKBBT, Mar V fVHNITWAM OfJLfolMm MADMJ0B yyiLI^IAM HAttlTf, Ic. TS* Ttb 8ri?rr, rBJi i wAr.i*<SL?rr.',t Nmn I vaai7aveaaa. aaar 11th atraet m n8KA8K8T BOCTB to the Tt^aa BtmoI t. la br tbe way of A. ITKAD8', 1811 Pena. ?ve., at at 11th tM

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