Newspaper of Evening Star, 21 Mayıs 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 21 Mayıs 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. \ WIPSIBPAT^ Mmy 11, 1WI. LOCAL HEWS. ? WmU'iOperm H*utt?The comedian,?loe. Mar pby, in "Help.'* fWater Omn ? r?Prof. Bairland other ?one*, dance*. Jte. ~ Ju-hcinry Sq^ar*?Festival of the Women's Christian Association. Half interest in avaluable patent right fOr wl?. See *1. _ . Tomorrow to A ?Tension I>ay, and special services will he held in all tie Catholteaad Episcopal churches. In the court hi general tern to-day the at tention of the conrt was occajv-ed with the eaee of Daiaese agt. Hall. Rev. T. B. McFalls is Ivlnjr at the point of death at the residence of hu lather-ln-law, L A- Gobright, on F. street. The anniversary exercises of the T. M- C. A. at Lincoln Han to-night, will be of an interest ing character, C?ov Cooke will preside, and the opening tiidre*.* will be delivered by Hew. Geo. H. Hepwerffc. or New York. At a meeting of the National Territorial Guard* last evening. the following officers were olected Bevtrly Tucker, captain; John Cajay, first lieutenant, and John Simcas, second lieu tenant. The contract for the elevator for the Senate wing of the Capitol ha* been awarded to Leon ard At wood, of New York, he be ng the lowest bidder. The elevator is to be of the screw pat tern. and will be hi all respect* ?n?t-claas. At a regular meeting of the National Territo rial Guards. heWi at I nion Leasue hall last wight, the following officers were elected:? Beverly Tucker, captain. John Cayjay, first lieutenant; John Simms, *econdsl.eutenant. The following patents have Jus; been panted to WasbihgTonians. H. C. . iarstou, seal lock tor boxes; K. J. Smith, stair rail; K. H.Stalpe, button fastening: Li??a A. Taming , book rest; Thos. Hove. Mast governor for train separators; G W. Casilear, method or engraviuc. At the meeting of Colambia Typographical Union, act night. Mr. Win. It. McLean, of Tbi Star office, was elected a delegate to the fci ternational Typograpfctcal I nion. wLich meets in Montreal. Canada, on the &r?t Monday in June nest, vice Mr. tsamuel Haluiman, re signed. In accordance with the suggestions of a gen. eral order issued by General Burneide, com mander of the O. A. H-, t??e clergy of t 'aching ton have beet recently raiuewfed by the organ isation in this city to deliver e.teli a discourse on the last Sabbath of thi# month, having espe cial reference to I>ecoration day. About 10 30 o'clock last night, as Mr. Adam Hitter was standing on the*ouUi side of Penn sylvania avenue, near l'Jth street, lookirg at a procession of colored peopie, he was struck in the face by a colored man, one or the tol.owers or the parade, and while ltnter was sC nneJ with the blow, his hat was seized by hia assail ant, who mad-? off with it. I*afayette Royal Arch Chapter Mo. 5, of this eity. have determined to make a visit tc the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Canada, at Mon treal. anfl include in their trip tnnny cities and town* of interest on the line of Cfce route. 1 hev will start ab?.ut the ttr^t of Augast, and wil. be at*ent al*v it twenty day*. This is the first In stance where a -ul"ordinate chapter has viei.ed anv foreign jurisdiction in a body. Chas F W e*er has. by Mr. R. t. Merrick, en tered a *uit against "the District of Columbia," complaining hat al'hougb the defendants were required bylaw to keen the streets in repair, yet, on the iTt'.i of April last, about 6 , o'clock p. m . he fell .nto a pit or hole, earnestly acd negligently eacavated, and was severely hurt and injured, a?.d he claims ?ia,0n<> dauiages. m Tub Board ?>? Health met last night, ami Mr. Latigofon, from the committee <*u ordi na'ices ma<le a rei>ort stating the term* on which the new*pA ers offer to publish tke ordi nances of the l?oaj L The repast was adopted aad the eOMeittea.'mrc instructed to make the arrangements for *-heir publication. He aUo lrjiurtt J that the aommittee on ordinances had had a very pleasant interview with the commit tees o;' the two house.- of the Legislative Assem bly, and had visited the ITtli and S streets wharves, and expLaii ed the working* of the 2stem of removal* of j ight soil, garbage and ad animals. &<*. The objection* existing in the way of turning ovei the garbage for the porta*** of feeding h to swine, were fully made, and the committee of the two houses seemed much .pleased witL the .*ystem in u.*e, ami expremed their willim-ness to Co perate with the board by *uch legist ion as wa* neces sary to carry ont the present ; lans. T*he health officer submittal a weekly state ment of the operations of his ?- Ice for the week ending Mav bn.!i. Small pox cases reported. Hi; deaths from aciall |m,C; Hu sances report ed. +4; abated. Hi; deal auimai# removed. 35; marine products inspected. 13.7??t. bunch ti*li, Wtftu shail. oo.iifw nerrtng, 117 stwigeon, clams, crabs, V3 bushels oysters. The health officer submitted a resa.-ition that the frame houses No. and sWotti aUeet north west. being in a dilapidated and filthy condi tion. unfit for humah hab.'ation. and dangerous to life aiul limb, the .*ame are hereby declared nuisance*. injurious to health, and thetealth officer is directed to abate t^e same. Adopted. 1 >r. Bli*s also offered a resolution thai the sevevd clerks in the health office be eon siderrd ex officio sanitary in*j^?Ajrs. Adoptai. Also, one that No. ?7l* O street u>rthwest. ba ing below grade, having no sewer and defec tive drainage, the same i* declared a nuisance, ami its abatement is hereby ordered- Adopted. Also, that the shanty at the aorthwe.*t eprner of New Jersey and Rhode Island avenue o?rth we?t are hereby declared to be nuisances, and their abatement ordered. Adopted. ? Thi Garbac.k Qre.?Tto?.?The Board of Health have addressed a letter to the commis sioners or the Washington Asylum in reply to a communication from the secretary of that in stitution asking that the garbage collected by the garbage men be turned over to the asylum for the purpose of rattening hogs, in which thev ?tate that in their opinion the garbage collected is totally unfit for food for hog* or any other an imal intended to be slaughtered for consump tion as food, by reason of the great variety of foreign *tibstanc< s mixed with the same, such as ashes, broken bottles, fa-cal matter and the like, and that numerous protects have been -anade U, caembers of the Board of Health bv - rlcinity of the asylum against the establ.-bmen* ? ^^^'L^vto fattening institution in such close Proximity to residences. The estimated e*P?i*e ot diking flie ctange ?rom tte prtWefdw i ? ^ . the asylu m as proposed is over 110^)00. M astir C. V. Morris, t*. S. N.. who for many vears past has been on duty ht the Wash ington' navv yard, will. In a few days, remove to Sackett s Harbor. New York, and take charge of the naval post at thar point. Mr. Morris has always been verv popular with the residents of the east end. and the workmen in thevard par ticularly. and he ami Mrs. Morris will be great ly mimed, having been active in works of chari ty. Mr. Morris entered the navy in l*l>?, and has therefore been in the service W years. l>uring the war. when the navv yard was worked to its full capacitv, he. notwithstanding his ad vanced age. was one of the most active officers in the yard, and when the troop* were landed in Alexandria,nrdsr the command of the lamented Kllsworth. Mr. Morris had command of one of the steamers. Grasd Ekiisioxi to Eraopm.?Those wishing to vuut Spain. Portugal. Italy, Sicily, Kgypt. and the Adriatic, via Glasgow, this sea son can do so cheaplv bv the grand excursions of the Anchor line. In reference to which the agent in this city, Mr. A lex. Williamson. 17? Pennsylvania aveaue, can give valuable infor mation and furnish tickets, plans of vessels, Ac, if desired- Mr. Williamson is a native of ? M?ld Scotia." Tourists will find it t* their in erest to call on him. ? ARrnninHor Batlry, after confirming 75 person- at St. Marton's icolored} church yester day, visited St. Joseph's and St. Vlucent'* asy lums . the bouse or the aged and inflrm. eon ducted by the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the \ isirktion Convent, ii> this city. In each or which institutions he was cordially welcomed ami pleasantly entertained. Confirmation was administered 'bv the archbishop this morning, at 7 3Ro'clock, in the Church of the Immacu late Conception ? TaacRs to ?i Lowrbrd The Board of Fablic Works have notified and requested Mr. 8. S. Riker. president of the Washington and Georgetown railroad company, and Mr. J. C. Mekelden, president of the Columbia street railroad to lower the traehs of their respective soads to conform to the established grade in the vicinity of the old northern market, as It is the Intention of the board to reduce all streets in that vicinity to the new^grade. SrDDSR Drath-?Mit. Louisa Neitxev.wife of Mr George Neitxey, the well-known contractor, retired at half-past Uo'cloek last night, la apod health, and about midnight was a corpse. It is supposed her death was the rssult of apoplexy. Mrs. Neitxsv was in her 4?th year. She'leaves seven children. She was a charitable aad worthy lady, and her death will be mourned by a large circle of friends. ? Small Pox Casrs RaroaT*oTo-DAT.?One - I. between ana 1st streets southeast. M lY* i ; . . ? ?th streets soatheast; two oa I Wtween jtand 1st streets aoatheast, and two at iw ??? ii.f Wall T HOUHJ Wiier? hil MW dram <? ?a he p. rformed for the third time. There is some good acting and a number of startling aad tableaux In the piece. ? Go add srz ??Enoch Arden" illustrated by "tableaux." with a reading of the poem by Mho Ware, at the Assembly church, corner 3th and J streets, this evening at 7 o'clock. f I COCRVIL.-Tb* Coudt tu opnid last evening with prayer by the Chaplain. House concurrent resolution litaRtU day of *d jom ?iwl of the Lf(i>l?tiT? Assembly en the Kib of Jnoe, waa referred. Hon-- MO (halting the name of Bliry Farm vil la** to-Hillibf'roa?m rtfrrrc4. Cornell bill Mo. St to ?t|ltk m Kt entitled aa act tucking an sppr ipnati on to paj tfcs outstanding ihaednesa of the late corporation* of Washing ton, fte.rgetown aad the Levy Conrt, was referral to tbe < mmittee on " The chair nbnititd a report from tJie man \e?Tt of tb* t rewiman * Hospital showing the iiiuiitK>r la baapttal July 1, 1871, 39: nnnlxr admitted to April K.l*73tU3; discharged, IM;dtceae?d, ?; remaining in hospital. M. The report waa referred to the cum mHwon health, asylum and ckaritiN. "Sr. Brown* presented a petition from Conrad Fsunce, Jacob Tauc*, John Gibson and eth'rs, habermea, asking that a law be patted to prevent the landing of shad or herring at the wharvea within ttna District after the first day of Jane and until tbe Belt succeeding aeaaon for flsninv, the ot.ject being to prevent the otter amttiilatioa of the fish in tbe Potomac river by the gfll-nets; referred to commit tee on police. Mr.Browae railed up Council bill No t, to pro vide for the filling up or draining of vacant lota. Mr. Browne Mid the laws of this District were very defective upon this subject, and he had endeavored to frame this bill so aa to meet all the necessities of the caee. After alight amendments the bill was read a third time and passed, fit .provides that when any lot nr parcel of land is below the grade, the Board of !H ealth shall ascertain whether the condition of such land is calculated to affect injuriously the health of the neighborhood, and if so, request the surveyor to examine it and determine whether it shall be *b*W by drainage or filling, and report to the board, with probable coat. The ownera-are to be notiti"d to have ?he nuisance abated in thirty days, ami if they fail ifter such notice, the Board of Health maytun^f ihe nuisance to be abated, and the coat shall beas ts-seed on the property J Adjourned. HOT SI OF DELEGATES -Mr Carroll intro duced a bill to erect a sea wall at tbe foot of Canal street. Mr Herbert introduced kill for tbe relief of John McElroy? to pay 9WU damages alleged to have u-eo sustained by him in conswiuence of the grad* ef Maryland avenne.between ??b an ? 6thstreets, having ?been twice changed?also, petition of same part) ? re ferred. ? THE MtT*Or?UT*t CTREET RAILROAD. Mr. McKuight offered a resolution requesting the Coverii' r to Inform the Housebv what authority of Jaw the Metropolitan street railway c. mpanj are toying their tracks in certain streets and avenues; ami also I be asseased valuation of their cars, depots, rolling stock, Ac. Mr. liaise inquired in what streets the tracks are being laid' Mr. McKnight replied that the road was gridiron ing tbe streeta in some rases, as far as he could learn, without any authority whatever?B street for in stance. Mr. Talliaferro was opposed to the manner in ?ta??h this road bad imposed on the property holders, not laying their track until the street was completed aad Uie assessments made. , They heard the crv of economy, retrenchment and Inform bv a certain gen tleman who was engaged in tbe business. He con tended that this company ahoald be compelled to pay for the paving of the space occupied by their tra<ks ami two feet each side on EaatCapitol and 4H street* Mr. J)y?r moved to amend l>v making the inquiry as to what street* they are laying tracks on without authority of law. and whether they have complied with the law in reference te paving. Mr. McKnight accepted the amendment. Mr. timoat thought the company would cheerfully pay what waa due. Mr Suiaeaaid that the information could be ob tained at once by examining the charter*, and while 3reeitig with what had been -aid as to pavlng.Ac., lie jected to the resolution because it asked informa tion which they could obtain for themselves. After Mime further debate Mr Murray moved to postpooe; lost?yeas. M> *srs. Dyec, HtiUe, Murray, smoot,and TrimMa; nays, 14. The resolution was adopted. Mr. Berry introduced a bill to create the ofti-e of inspector of gas meters, at a salary of per an num; r? ferred. Mr T all iafero introduced bill for tbe relief of David pay for st-rvices as laborer; referred Mr 8hepherd -fferedJ* resolution requesting the Attorney of the Distriat to inf>rm the House whether there i? any clause in the charter of the Metropoli tan railroad company which can be interpreted to prevent,or which precludes the compam from pay inu license for each car. ;?* is paid by the Washington and Georgetown and the Columbia railroads. Mr 8mout objected to the consideration of the re?. 'lotion. Mr Shepherd moved to suspend the rules carried? Jeas. 16; nays. Messrs. Murray and Sniiot?9. Mr Shepherd said there was a great cry of re trenchment and reform, and it was their duty to make inquiries a- to how tbeae prircirles can he carried out. It waa their duty to increase the reve nues by all proper means; and, in a conversation with the Kegi- ter, he learned that while the other roads paid a license tax, this road had not paid a cent, and that they (the compauy > contended that they ??re relieved from such tax. He wished t? know if this road was exempt fr>>ai the license tax, andwtuld give notice that if the attorney decided . ,iat the> could not be taxed, h-- v? mi,I move that to ? ' ommittee on national relations b* requested to ask '''J'Kress to amend tbe law, ao that it may be taxed, ihis con pany, it seemed, claioied in >re privilege* than tbe others, and had resorted to the trick of lay iia: down the ties and allowing tbemto remain until tbe streets were improved, and thereby * -t out of payirg for the paving. Mr Murray was surprised to seethe aniaiusdis plaj *d, and said that the pr oceedings would appear to have been taken because it happened that the president of the road in i|uo*tion in th* Count il had voted for a bill looking to retrenchment as to oitices and salaries Mr. Shepherd denied that his action was eause<l t>y any personal motive*, or that ha had any other >bjeet fenan serving the people. Mr Herbert said that this road was in his district ind b*s people had suffered. He endorsed the remark* of Mr. Shepherd. The resolntio* wm adopted, yeM, 18; nays Murray aod 2. ? x TI1E ^f3U?4W0 LOATI BILL. Th^biJ! id additiun to thefoar million loan hill, 1 take? up in committee of ' L *chnight in the chair. .Jr* moved that the nam be r?Hluc?*d from 5.*<1,1011 to UWJ. and lie stated that thehonds sere s. ld^in Europe by the Fi.-st National R ink of hew York for tfHtCold. and consequently there wa? ' ,r*s of %? on each hundred, making the deficit on he -51t"W'A*f.' ?IttlJMi, but haaidea there were com nissiops to be paid. Mr. Wall aaid that h? coul4jiot vote for 'b? bill as t was at preaent framed, nor could he do *r. uutil h> ras informed as to whether tbe whole deticieuoy can *jrni ided for. Mr. Hnlsemovad that the bill be postponed nnti| rhnrsday, and it be made the apecia! srder after the all of diatricts And with the courtesy of the t?use he would also offer a resolution calling on ha Governor for information as to the amount re uired. Mr. (?ampl>?ll moved to amend by indefinitely io?tpon?(ig the bill. Mr. CMfrtt urged that the bill should not be post *>ned. Mr. 8heph?rd explainer! that there was nodispr^i i. n to stave off a vote, bat aimply to obtain infor nation that soaaa members seem to want As for nmselt he looked on this matter as an act of justice The motion of Mr. Hulse waa adopted, Yeaa? ieaars Berry, Carroll, Chase, Cox. Dyer, Hulse * array. Shepherd, Smoot, 'Trimble, brell Vermil ion and Wall?13; nays? Messrs Brew*, Claeett lerbert, Hnat, Lonj, McKiyght, TaliafWo an 1 the ofreredi a reaolation re<mesting tb? v .i inform the House of the amount realized ?y the negotiation of the four million loan; the intount of deficiency, aad how caused. IK*Il but, an motion of Mr shepherd, the rules were auspendxd, (yeas, 1? iays?Meaar*. Clagett, Herbart, Long, aud tne nv.m~-~- - ?' ?and the workings f the other markets, with a view to the adoption of letter regulation* for their government; adopted. Ldjourned. Thr Mat PRsnvAi at the Schnetien ra? continued yeaterdtj. Owing to the thciem ?nt weather the attendance v. iu> small. The por?s went on aaasoal, however, and were con inued until midnight. In the afternoon the . >rize* were distributed aa follows : Rest shooting?Flint prize, 920, R. Hcunrh; ?econd, fI5, C. F. Wwmin, third; ?10. Wm. Fendner; fourth, *8, John Leopold; filth,*?. \ ugust Koch; sixth, #6. John Baier; seventh, IS. C. Kuppert; eighth, ?4; C. Xander; ninth, 1^3. Chris. Ebel. tenth, 92, Geo. Bauer. Off-hand shooting?First tKize, 98, R. Heunch; ?econd,95, Wm. Fendner; third, 94, Louis Baier; fourth, 93, John Bakeramith. Bowling?First prize, H. Oroverman; second, -lohnTravers, third. Cien. Blumingberg; fourth. Adam Y#ung; fifth, C. Ruppert: sixth, Simon Wolf; seventh, Mr. Elbring. of Baltimore. It wa* contemplated to continue the festival to-day, but, in consequence of the had weather, it has been decided to postpone it until some time in June next. a Privks Acsoes thi Kivrr The Columbia turnpike, across the long bridge, promises to be one of the fashionable drives the coming sum mer. Tbe first two miles is in poor condition and uninteresting, but alter, reaching the hills and pasting up beyond what used to be the inner and second line of works, the country grows more beautiful as you "advance. It is a continual succession of hills te Bailey's Cross Roads, the old review ground, from whence there is a long level on the Leesburg pike to Mnnson's hill. Both pikes have recently been much improved, making a delightful driy'e some distance beyond Fall's Church. It should not be forgotten that some public spirited man has put up a convenient water trough at Arlington, making a pleasant resting place for the horses on a summer day. With such a good road from city to country, It Is a pity, If not a shame, that the Alexandria and Fredericksburg rail road company will not improve their mile of road akAg the causeway, making it comfort able and safe. ? T. M. C. A. Comhittrrs.?At a meeting of the president and officers of the Y. M. C. A., held last evening, the following were elected to *?rve as the standing committees : Finance? O. F. Presbrey. C. T. Cree, William Stickney, A. 8. Pratt; library and rooms? O. G. Wight. 8. 8. Bryant, M. B. Cushman; meeting and lecturea?L. L Crounse, C. H. Merwin, W. M. Mew; benevolence and employment?Warren i hoate, Klphonxo Youngs; mission schools?F. W. \ aughn, J. B. Johnson, Kineell; borne evangelization?E. p. Smith, C. H. Richards, A. T. Stuart, J. E. Carpenter ,J. M. D avail, A. Bulaskl, J H. Olcott, M. C. Wilkinson, R. O. Olcott; entertainment?c. M. Parks, E. T Knight, J. M. Mason; churehea? C. E. Fester, J. tfut>r>ard, Crawford; boarding house?A. S. Pratt, Woodward. E. N. Waters. Fir**?The hern at Drorers' Rest caught fire yesterday and was entirely consumed entailing on the the proprietor, Mr. Henry Weaver, a less of about 8400. It was occupied by Mr. C. H. Tavenner, who shares ia the loes. About 11 JO o'clock last night. Officer 8atton, of the 3th precinct, sounded an alarm from box 38, (Franklin Engine-house,) caused by the breaking out of flames In a brick boose on C street, near 11th, occupied by Sarah Longster, and owned by Samuel CaaMl. Tbe Are *" meat respo _ fames. Damage about hZM) no A FBIVATB LTtia-ll MTLOM WKOTIMD lOW BillH ABB IOUID "AM LOBB A* TB*T LIT*." Dr. W. D. Stewart, medical saaitary Inspector to the Board of Health, receatty reported to that hoard that while audtiag sanitary taspec ttou in the tenement boaaee of Heg alley, be tween 6th and 7th awa L aad M streets, north west. oa Saturday, the 19th last., and while la the fthanty of one Lacy Gaskins, colored, he observed that she was nursing from a bottle a very delicate white infant apparently about three or faur weeks old. lie questioned her as to wbere she obtained the child, how long she had bad possession of It, aad her knowledge of its maternity, to which she responded that the child (a female) wss brought to her the previous week from the residence of "Miss Vector Jane I Wilson, No. 811 9th street, between U and I i streets, northwest;" that she has received and nursed "as long as they lived" other infants from "Miss Doctor Wilson's establishment;" that Dr. Wilson keeps a sort of "lying-in hos pital for fallen girls, who come to bar to be con fined, out of the way of observation;" that Miss Doctor Wilson herself delivers the girls wbo apply to her, bath white and colsred, treats them through the sicknees "until all signs hare disappeared and disposes of their offspring fbr them;'" that sbe is "doing a line business, em ploys two servants or narses all the time; that she has patients (girls) frequently, several at a time for several weeks in her liooee waiting for their time." Miss Dr. Wilson has been doing business for more than a year past in her present locality, and Lucy Gaskins has been in her employment, ana knows personally of the facts which she re lates as occurring during that period of time, and states that "the business seems to be in creasing. ' Dr. Stewart stated in his report that he was of the o{>inion that the facts disclosed are germane to the duties ot the health officer and should be energetically and judiciously Investigated, whether from a sanitary, humane or moral point of view. He recommended that the health officer order that the little innocent he discov ered be taken from this miserable and filthy hovel and placed in an appropriate asylum, and that the health officer order such sanitary inspection of the establishment and premises of Miss Dr. Wilson as might lead to the disclosure of what kind of business she is doing, ae well as her manner of doing it; that the records of the health office be examined to see if Mhk Dr. W. makes the proper returns of births required by law, &c. On the receipt of this report, Dr. Bliss, health officer, ordered I>r. Stewart to visit the estab lishment of Miss Dr. Wilson and ascertain whether she makes a return of birth* and deaths in a<cordance with law to the Board of Health. Midical Inspector Stewart subsequently made the following report: ? U. H . Win, M. D.. Health Officer: Sn : 1 have the honor to report that, in pur suance of your order, I visited the residence of Doctor Jane Wilson, No. 811 !)th street north west, at whose establishment the infant female child was born, as reported by me, in the custody of Lucy Gaskins, residing in a filthy tenement shanty in Hog alley, on Saturday, the 10th Instant. Miss Wilson claims to keep a " lyiag m h<?|>ital," for the accomodation of "ladies who desire entire privacy," and especially younfl girl* who have been unfortunate; says she has done and Is doing " a good business, ' that her patients come to her from this and neighboring cities; that she has <i?n- business in Cincinnati. Ohio, and Norfolk, Virginia, and for the past year in her present locality in this citv; she does not claim to have ever received any professional education, but says that her education is practical and " picked up." She claims to have conformed to the require ments of the laws and ordinances of the Board of Health, as far as she thinks it necessary, in the matter of rei?orting births in her practice, whether in her establishment on Oth street or at private boarding-houses in the city. She ad mits that the names by which she report* the births are fictitious, but claims that it is neces sary lor the "success of her business" and "to preserve inviolate the coaiidence of her patients and lacts communicated to her in a professional way. ' She could not tell even approxiniately how many births she has conducted, and said that she "kept no beaks or records that would atl'ord any information; that she did not con sider that'the Hoard of Health has anything to do with her business. Dr. Stewart reports that he has subsequently examined the records of births in the health office, am! is unable to find any record of births returned to the office bv Miss Doctor Jane Wilson. She refuses to give the names of the parenTPTJf either the white or colored infants found in the tenement shantv in Hou alley, though she admitted that lioth of the children were born in her house, the births be ing conducted by tierself, and that the names which she returned to the heulth efiicer are fic titious and not true. To say that the miserable, filth ' tenement shantv in Hog alley, where these little waifs were found, is unfit for a nur*-;ry for tender in fants, is to give but a faint idea of iCfi real san itary character. The miserable hovel, almost hid by the filth of the crowded alley, is uutit for human habitation; yet that <s the place, and inch a* that, where Mrs. Dr. Wilson sends these little iunocents for appropriate nursing. Yet Iter high sense of honor and duty to those wbo tiave trusted her with their secrets and con Idence will not permit her to divulge to the Hoard of Health the real names of the criminal ,>arents of those worse than orphaned little t>al>es. Hoping that I have successfully accom plished the delicate and important order you Save charged me with, 1 am, with high regard*, your obedient servant, W. D. Stkwart, Medical Sanitary Inspector. It is the intention of the Board of Health to ake such action as the law will admit in the premises in relation to this case, and at the ame time place the matter before the Legis ative Assembly for such action as in the judg nent and wifdom of that body the preservation >f life and public morals require. Tbe rials Market*. Alkx andiua y notations of new fish for this lay, furnished to Thb Stab by George W. larrieon & Co., wholesale dealers in Usb. Nos. 2 King St., 00, 51, 56 fish wharves, Alexandria: (had, per hundred, 810.50 to 812; Herring, per housand, 94.25 to $5; white perch, per bunch, 0 to 25; rock, per hunch, 20 to 25; offal, per bunch, 0 to 15. Washiwotok.?To-day, the following sales it the fish wharves were made to shippers by <. A. Golden & Bro.; agents:?4,000shad, from (8 to 910; 20,000 herring, from 94 to 95; 1ft) lunches perch, 15 to 25c.; 500 eels, 2^c. Seal Estate Transfer*. The following transfers of real estate have teen filed iit the office of the Recorder of Df^d* Iince amt lft?t report; ( May 12.?* a .iraons and R.E.Day to J o?aG. Bieelow, subs. 59 to 68, square KM, 831,90"; J. A. Barter to Anna M. Gray, tub. 1U3, square 366, |3,'Xtt; J. L?onberg<r to J, W. trwt |4ri lot !,square35b, isriib', G. A.L&D6 to J. C. Mansfield, loath hair lot 27, square 76, 82,400; 8. E. Day to C. S. Poole, subs 49 to 5J, square *,8, 9S.4US.76: G. W LinvUle to J. E. Herrell and Isaac P. Child*, subs to P, square 817, ?1.177; J. H. Gillis to Moses Kelly, sub. 10, square 73S, }7,?I0. L ? May 13-V. Taylor to C. Arrick, let 19, square I9u, * 12T. G Hughes to R. Reyburn. part 26, tquare 28, 8Ki>; W J.<"ooketo Juau Boyle, lots I. 1 and 3, square 36, #4,405; L G Marinito H U and L. C. Talmadge, lot 6, square 198, ?13,2*,; N'.ra Bi llot to O. Hendley.lot 1, square S36, gHIU; 8 T. Brown to B. M. McLeod, snb G,?iuare X, *S,fiiio; P. A. Byrne to K Falconer, lot 4, square #8, 83/SW; ) C. K -err to Roecoe Cenkling, sobs. 2, 3 and 4, hiuare 18k1. 84,66", Given and Jones, tm-te-s, to E. tf. Votu, .ubT# and G,square *16, Rl/OU; ?? *?" ?ourn, trustee, to Sarah A. Gorham, subs. 3u to 33, hiuase 157, R19 800; F.W Jonea, trustee, to 9. H. Willi, part 14, square 13, 8330; M. Buckley. trustee, to Mary K. Wright, south part 13, square Ue, 14.?C F. Bennett to Rleanor A. Hare, , ?quare lse. ai4M:, E. G Todd,et at., to T. Beverly, east half 41. square 209, 8928: J. 8t ear us to B. H. Stiuemet/., sub. 4, square 282, R3J)U?; Geo. to W. H. Pitcher, lot17, res. D, 82,800; W. B Todd to Walter M. Punii>hrey,snb. W, rquare 4?:?-SMU: W. B. Webb,trustee,to G. Mattiu.ily.lois 19 and JO, square ltd, 8S^?; Henry Bradley, to O. O Green, sub. 17 and 18, square 973, A2.H0O; Q. Mat tincly to John C. Kay, lots 19 and 20,s<juare 101; 81*1,984: Th? O Hill to E. J. Lewis, part 9, square 196; 9\,V2S Jucob K ig and ?. Dipple to A. B. L. Keese, trustee, lots 18,19, and ?, equare IM, . May 15.-T. Jackson to G.W.Knox,lot Preser vation 11. ?; heirs of W. B. Todd to G. Follans bee, sub. 24, square 668 ; 82JS72; A. Metxler to W. Hessler,part lot 2, square SttTft-OOO; 8. T. Brewa. trustee, to Mary A. Hopkins, sub. D. square M; 83,<S6U, George Turn burke to H. L. Davidson, south half lots, sqoar- *-1. 82 800; F. Clots et C, Kobe, in trust, south half lot 19, square 529, ; A C. Smith et al to same, same property, 81JU0, W. Thompson to A K. Shepherd, part lets 28and 27, square 254, and part lot 6, square 630, 8<3A)0; 0. Just to J. H. Gnils,sub. 10. square 732-87,800; B. W. Moore to S. H. Browu, sub. F, square MS, 81^)00; 8- Horment to B. N. Gray, lots 1 and 1, ree ervation 0. 88.499; J. T. Ward et al to B. N Gray andG B. Iloyea,lots28and29,reservation0,81*480; f. A. Lambert to W. E. Edmonaton, subs.76to7t, square 13?,81J20; H K Randall et al to G Mat tingly, part Tot 19, tquare 101, #1,439; A. R. Shea herd, subs. 34 and 38. square H; 819000; O. A. McBuen et al to F. Howard, part lot S, square 448; *1/5' M.?Susan Nichols to H. J. Slye. part 6, sunare W. 81 8W;B. B. White et al. to w. McLean, ?b 4U,square 614. 83,800; Maria0 Fltxhngh et al. to John T. Lsassoa, part i, square IN; 83,119: O.C. 8t?vers to T D 8l#|Woa, sub g^sqaara sis, (3,98; ? - ? 164 and 68, square _ .square undivided m, 81V*>; ? Bacae to J. If. Dick?son, un.n??aea half of ? and 66, aaaare 198.8?^?;be?"of R. Barry toG. W Hatton.lo* 11. square, 10 S. 8MB. May 17 -Msacy Kilafoyle to BedeUa Haske, part 8676; T. X. Wallace to R.?.<???? juare 933, 81,160: Mary A. Qadsbyro May 17.?Hal 4, square 844. belKsab.?, square 933. 81.M0: Mary Jsmse B. Gadsby, weel half lot7, sqaa aare lflt, ?1 J?; C C. Burr to Denpis Shehan, par*. 83X00; J.W. Whitney to Miry C. ftaiia 778"81 BlMMnum.ud MrTJ^as., subs. 16 aad 17, square SSI, 8|J6Ji Boynton, sub.27, square 944, ? SSTr' n?" S5JS?h*to?F BrHolden, to iauBo>U, aart.lJ, sub??, Sun'T6??'89^000; Bfl/abAh Miller to|jKl Robinson to A. M. Robinson, sub?. B an? CJ. sqaare , 87eo; A. M.Robinaon to Fannie L. Robinson, do., 8W0. Bkal Estatb Iua?LatlMr A CMarr, auctioneers, yeaterday evening aaM Mi Noe. 11 and 12. la square 420, at the corner of Eighth street and Bhode Island avenue, containing fifty centtf*aq?6Mfoot.

TH* IWIH ATrU AID TH IOABD OV niLTI. or the Council, and Mm Clagett, Shepherd' Vermillion, trell, Wall, BreWe?, Trfmbtol C?rroll, and McKnight, of th? Houm of Oele g ites, with a number of otbera, made a tour of inspection to the nth and S streets whtrren afternoon, by invitation of the Board of Health, to view the manner in which the B'gbtioil,|ftrbftM} and dead animals, are re moved out of the District limits, a process which has heretofore been described in Thi 8T.ta at length. After Tie wing the construc tion of the wharf at 17th street, Dr. Bliss a d Prof. L?ngsten explained to the committees the na*n,TJduties of the scavengers. The carfe ***) apparatus ttsed were then looked at and their uses explained. The system of re moval sf gorbage was also folly explained by aad Langston, and comparisons * <*** here and other cities. Tbeysuted that If there Is failure in this de ,oe '".F**1 part to the Insuf K ^ collectors (sixteen) sWfeZSLS4 *??* often political con nfl men?iaL ?~>utfTto sustain ^*n i*c?c???t collector. In cases, It has been ascertained that a gar bage> gatherer has l,A? dwellings to attendto making It impossible fer him to get round oftener than once in a week or two. Tbev also ?toted that there Is no demand for the in this city it IsMttr f^feeding^^"^ matter*^ Alwa^Xi,1'!0*?* g,"e Hml ?" 'refute ;A lias 552S?njar Je'is dance of it was to give it to Mr Sawder he conveyed away with the anitnais a^T eicreU Dr. Cox joined the party later in the day. Hn?l ???.E,al?* ,jK^e<laty.0f e*P'aining the general system to the committee. On returning fr,?ni tne inspection of the wharves, the partv visited the offlce of the health officer, aid Dr BliS ??>? a detailed sUtement of their manner of dealing with vaccinations and small-pox. The r.rH.H. entfr* .^"torn. and the visit re Ucijate" mU y Profltoble to all who ,-ar The Tomb ?f WMhisflos. PINAL MEETING O* TH* VICE RBGBNT8 OF THB MOUNT VERNON ASSOCIATION. C"m,; *Io!'in0"por* Reelected SHperint'ndsnt JELfKSS %SX,?,??. "J y IS52* s^ra^sss J. Hudson acting as secrstaty^ A resolution to the effect that the nroceedn of th* fn? ?eiDt funds be held Inviolate, and that SOBSESS" te*"**1*0 defray the expels ?? was unanimously adopted i iT decided tliat each vice regent should herto^tZT^10 inve8.t *n moneys oollecte<l by her tor the endowment fund in her own st it J aMocUUion 8Wne M tte next meetiu? ?r the seSJuA1 J;^iCH' HoliI'n?8w?rth, the resident secretary and su|>erintendent, receiveil hi* ?rS?U?r^MUin? year- and dePO?itod nis bond with the treasurer. The vice recent ot Pennsylvania was directed to draw un the yearly report of the association 1 h? adiiresHeif'th?^?n Pamela Cunningham, addressed the meeting, reading to them her m fi !0.11 re^e?t (on ???count of continued ill-health), which she did with regret She re MrMad ?m to "ominate as her sucoes. Pen^lvnfia efcan8' \ vice "K?' Iron, / ennsyiyania. The request was granted an.i The UM?'lnou*ly confirmed. ' ? association adjourned to meet xl Mmmt I T emon on the first Tuesday In June. 1874. Thb Murdered Gvpsy Girl ?The o*^>?A ment at Cold Spring, N. y" over IheCL oi tKreUil adesIiregoH) Kirl cont,nu<*. *nd now K.f w 9e.8lre 0n the part of all cia_s?es ?n ?r ""human companinns to justice. The 5?I??er 6fuJiy have rendered the following ver dict in relation to the matter-'.That the un girI came to her death from ?he t ?t her person having been outraged ?,v !?i'?r P*?0"8 10 '"e Jury unknown ' ujK?n the rendition of the ahove arrest BaUock warrants for the arrest ot the old man and woman and the ti.I? the gyi?syIpaxtv>' It'isH? Jro|f"?*ir1' composed m.ght have crossed the river int^Tr'an 'e Coun 5y' in ??' believed here that thev have en. done ^"tohess county, though theviiii,<ht have done so. Couriers armed wfth orefcrs of arm* life ? ae?n?*ent in every diction, and, unless appreheoded fn*a few*daral^Thfra t*11 wiU be that the girl was Udnapped'from a re^pecfabTe family In Hartford, CoiAecUcu? bu tKnn on t?ICoro?er ^ nllocltf blSked5*^^^^^^^ Ait Old Woman Wants niv i ?/?* i ... Lost HcsBAND?Under the heading "'stravwi farm Wuh?countSUSa^ Huudley, of ShelieyV .^7'?ythe county, advertises her husband Andrew Jackson Hundley, In the Enterprise' She says he left her about two months aJ<> in were accompanied by her son 4<Ho? wim i ?> I want A. J. arrented, and handctirt'etl if ,n? brought baikSto me *??? murt'itv LTh? g00d many debt? that he ??J5 ' he owes me a support in nn- old *upl*osed to have goue to Tennessee ?^ ^ ?nt we8t" He 18 ? long, lean laifk to n?Wbea daii^ hZ ^ br<^' "houlde^, ue>?, light hair and complexion blue fwen't J about 43 years of age, (being about twenty years younger than mrself s a 'W!r\k viz,a forw*"1 u"5' ntJtnV*?, Pa*io"-#V? Old gstmtet and reaHzed^fo/?the u^'~L?W prlce8 have been salesof real e^t.L 1 ye*r ?,^ two' at the forced ???1 t.b,! asRiEssKjEisSyips ?.asa?2ssa; J'Which for many generations had Hn4 dh gradually Appreciating in value, have sln?5e iee?., when they reached their maximum ?S},rJ?e' nnder tb? inflation 9f currency, ?n?* V^e of a larg? norU?4ftt ?migratioiit suddenly fallen to a price so low as to evince fhc existence of a land panic. Farms for which in the year mentioned oflers of purchase at #ioo Per ww made and refused, will not bring i aiKl those that were held at ?50 and f?0 then, may be bought for *12 and *15 aUy^rue " not loo8e ^gnage, but liter Mr8. Fair Orrs a Jcdomint.?The trial of the case ot Mrs. Fair vs. Siegfreid & l^iise, lessees ot Piatt s hall, was resumed in Justice XVr .n? ???>urt yesterday. Adams, who, as the plaintlft s agent, engaged the ball, was sworn on her behalf, and denied the sUtement of Siegfreid that he represented the lect areas to be an aged widow lady from the east. The court gave judgment for the plaintift for the 8u.u? Pald bJ her for the use of the hall, together w'th printnig and nostlng bills, amounting altogether to *96, besides costs ot suit. It did not allow her anything for carriage hire or for the money she refunded to purchasers of tick eta. Of the sum recovered *50 was for what the defendants had received for the hall. Thev of oourse expected judgment would go agafnst them for uiat sum, having only refused to re ^J?11 would not surren der their receipt.?van Francisco Bulletin, 13(4. i*t^i>0Thw>lMTa ixCAfKR of Life (nscr The Chicago Tribune has the follow inc Deb Moines, May li_In the United States circuit court to-day, In the case of Hattie B. Tisdale vs. The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance the jnry rendered for plaintiff. The K . . ?? husband's life was insured in the utual Benefit when he disappeared mysterous it in Chicago 1867. Suit was brought to cover fhe^mountof the policy, defendant claiming that l isdale's disappearance was no prodf of death. Letters of administration had been taken out, and the court to-day decided that ?uch letters were evidences of Tisdale's death t^^U,?A,,ry; Defense could no pcore that he was not dead. The case has ex. cited great interest and been long mnfe."" X H.*011 ?TRIKM?? York The *"4 are confident that the com 5-he 10 CeW to the,r demands. 5? Drought from Mew England states to -*rike" have joined the mS i?. are new snpported by the or fTL1L?7i;? ;, ?Journeymen cigar m tkers are preparln? to ??torce a demand for a lditioial lf^f^--^*}*horers'Union has forbidden its meanns to wheel brick or mortar la barrows if. T. Timet, 20tt. u? uwrows. S i.?*-9y *?? Fcsaca AsacMBt.r. wa? S.^h assembly on Monday d-^f'\ J"? to have been opened yes er day, baa been postponed antll Friday. 1 latert" laADB.-In the ment p#r* la a brief state shlDMdfI^#5!^J,^5f 80"351 coolies snipped from Maoao to Pern durin r the past pylahed from shipwreck, ??1*m. ?*7 of lahoinanity CIRCUIT COURT, Jmdtt JfumpArnr*.?To-day. idfBcitD by MmK wr* entered ia ? ? amber of Church act. B?b>iH nkalttM to I ? I Morrtaact. Tmnw do. C?*ello aft. Lloyd, oa trial. P ROB ATI COCRT -Tefrday MissSuMe Dank worth <|oalitied u administratrix of bar motbei ? eatate:bond, #SJ00. To-dav. the will of the Ml Chief Jo*ire O.** ?hAU, folly proven, and admitted to prol.ate, and letters were iasu>d to ?. D- Cooke a? executor, b.<nd . fthftiiidO The will of the Ule W. L. Sharker ?* to-day filed in the Probate Court,ud admitted toprobaie ax to per*.>Dalty He bequeath** to hie wtfe all hit mo'.ey aad hie watch to hie ptod nephew, and ??? Irate* hi* wife a* executor. Hob. Stephens>o irclier proved the aignature. The will of the late John Casper Smith, (who wa* found drowned a few day* since), dated January I, \ytt, l>equeathlnf hie eetate to hi? wife wa* proven. iOLlCB COURT, Jmdtt Smell-To day, Wa. Ro\ixer, charged with unlawful!) carrying on traile: case continued. Patrick Kenil), same rharg*; fin-d B5. Richer! Darne*, aame charge, fined $$. John Pearson, *ame charge: On*d (I and amount of income tax. N O Reynold*, profanity; forfeited collateral. Rdward Cook, do ; $3 Ueorgeanna Dawson. vagrancy; bonda or workhouae. C. H. Butler, profane: 93. Ida Orean, do.. nolle pro*. Get. Knox, do.; ?5. W. Cooper, imleceut exposure. MS. T Harria, carrying conoealed weapoua: lined f)0, orWdaja. Michael J. Owen waa charged wiih exposing for aale unwnolesome article* of food, (butter.) Th> prosecuting witness testified that he paid lAcent* per pound for the batter, to be aaed in his business of l>aker. The Court aaid that it could not conceive that batter would be void at that price a- an article of f..od. After examining th- ordinance of the Board of H> alth, the Court said that to con vict under It the article rau?t be proved to be ottered for rale aa an article of food, and he would therefore dismiss the caae. A WARSINii TO oyFICEB* NOT TO EXCEED THMR A I THoRITY . Samuel Rinstein, pound-master, woe charged with a-f-ault on Thomae Pit/, a small boy. Prosecuting witness testified that yssterjsy |in?t?incuiBr up and arrested him jerking a shovel out of hi* hand and twisting him around. Orticei O'Har* te*tirt-d that he mwi commotion where some persons were at w< rk in a tank of earth, and goiug over found Rin stein with the boy using him roughly,and asking what the b<>y had done. Rinstein -aid the boy had calUd him a lo g catcher. Einstein alao stated that he was an : >ffic> r The defence call-d Sampson Ty ler, who testihed that when the fnss first occurred the officer war not present; that when Eiustein passed. two boys, (one the prosecuting witu>~?,) c ilied him a thief and threw atones at him. and that when the officei come up Einstein waa attempting to wreat the shovel from him to take him to the station Mr Brown - appeared for the accna>d, and stated that in the same neighborhood the pound men had been aasaulted frequently by the boys, and heatso ottered in evidence the commission of Einstein a* an additional private of police. The court held that the ponnd master had exceeded his duty, and that even had the boya thrown atones or called hia a lieg catcher be had no right to interpret that act as an interference with hia duties. He should rely on th* same law which is for the beueflt of every citiren. Be bad eveeed his authority In thia caae, but the conrt would impose a nominal fine only. A* fSrORTVXATE HlnBiVD. George Clark and Lucy Rivera were charged with aaaault and battery with intent to kill John T. River> on the 18th instant. The prosecuting witneaa came Into court with hia head bandaged up, and Or. Klemachmidt explained that there was a severe wound across the fa^e and several othera, and o?e back of the head. Rivers testified that the difficulty commenced by his going on a boat in the canal to get his money, which his wife had taken from him when she left him, and after he had been struck with an axe on the bend, he made bis aacape, but subae qnently lie met them, and while he and Clark were tusaeling, his wife cut him, and Clark used a knife The wife atated that ahe met her hasl.and Sunday morning, and he assaulted her, tearing off her clothes. Both the nccused were committed for the action of the grand jnry. Parry Biley, trespass; collateral forfeited. Thom:is Uoilman, larceny; decision reserved. GEORGETOWN. Urn Over?Yesterday afternoon a little M?n of Mr. J. K. Bodier, of this city, was run over in 1st street, near High, by an ambulance loaded with millfeed, diiven by Mr. A. L. Lodge, and seriously injured. He was removed to Mr. Tlios. Crowley's drug store, where Dr. Mackall examined him and tound no bones broken, but lie fears internal injuries Mr. Lodge was ar rested, but it was soon ascertained that it was an accident and he was discharged. Grain Trauk?The receipts of grain to-day were t?er l>oat Seneca 1,200 bushels wheat. 109 barrels Hour and 4<*0 bushels corn to T. C. Wheeler; by boat A. S. Trundle 2,000 bushels wheat and 250 bushels corn to H. M.Talbott and 1.100 bushels wheat to Hartly & Bro.; by schr. Mary Ann, from Alexandria, 1,500 bushels wheat te Hartly ?Sfc Bro. The canal boat Nettie Crabam also arrived with flour, corn ami null feed to <;eo. Waters. The sales on "Change were 2,700 bu>helg choice wheat at S2.llaJB2.12; 1.5C0 bushels prime do. at ?2<i5a?2.0r,; and 1,500 brsliels good at 91-K1; which shows an advance of 5a* cents per bushel oyer the last sales, too bushels yellow corn sold at Cf> cents. Fish W'uakf The receipts of fl?h to-dav wtre 50,000 herring, which sold at ?3.50 to 94 per thousand. Kivkr New s.?The steamer T.adyof the Lake arrived to-day from Norfolk with a miscella neous cargo. "The schr. Sarah Fisher arrived from Port l>epo*it, Md., with 90.?8? feet of lum ber to .To*. & J. E. Llbbey. The schr. Crite rion, from Baltimore, with 40,000 feet lumber for Wheatiy Bros, and 2?>,000 do. for .Jos. J. K. Libbr, and schr. Belle Conway, from Nor folk. with 50,000 feet lumber for W heatly Bros, and 20,?>0 for Jos. ?? J. E. Libby. The exhibition of Human's "Pilgrim," at Market Hall to-night, is a very interesting one, and should be well attended. Canute Sao acitt?A shoat was being driv en to the slaughter-house, at Canaan, N. H., the other day, but took to a pond, and could not be persuaded to come out. The dilemma was pointed out to the dog, which swam around piggy and drove him oat on the other side, af ter pulling him out from *-.nder some logs, where the current had drawn him. But discov ering that he had him on the wrong side, the dog took the porker by the ear and dragged him to the water, and ferried him safely to (he spot where he was wanted. "Do toc like chickens?" asked a remarkably modest Nashville youth of his sweetheart, as he was walking about two teet from her on his way to church, 8unday night. "Certainly I do," she replied; "why do you ask such a question as that?" "Because I thought if you liked chickens, you wouldn't object to taking a wing," and he crooked his arm in an Irresistible manner. Sweetness took a wing. PITT ITEMS. Trsco-RcssiAN Baths; alao, Medicated Va por Bat lis, for all skin disease, at l>r. Shedl's, >03 E street. _ 5,20,0: Hats! Trifle Combination. Willett & Ruoff have received another sup ply of the above hats?three in one, adapted for all weather. _ 1?,6 8ilv*r-plat?i? CocirraR FiZTrsm and Steel Fountains for Soda Water, to loan free of charge, by Palmer A Green, Georgetown. w,s Aver's Ciikrry Pbctoral, the world's mat remedy for Colds, Coughs and Consump tion. m,w,f,Jtvr Cactioh.?Purchasers of the Peruvian Syrup (a protected solution of the protoxide of iron) are cautioned against being deceived by any of the preparations of Peruvian bark, or bark and iron, which may be offered them. Every bottle of genuine has Ptruriam Syrup (not Peruvian bark) blown In the glass. Ezawunt tke bottle be fore purckatinff. l'J,tf A Grxat InvnmoN?Steel Fountains, sheet tin lined, are the greatest invention of the age for pure Soda Water. Palmer Si Green, George town, sole agents. w,s Elsoant,sweet, light, and wholesome Bread, Rolls, Biscuits, Corn Bread, Muffins, Buck wheat and other Griddle Cakes, and Pastry Cakes, with Dooley's Yeast Powder. Sold by grocers. 1?.? Who Will Tby For It??We guarantee, under a forfeiture of SI ,000,that Soda Water can remain in sheet-tin lined Steel Fountains for one year or longer without eing contaminated by any metal. Palmer & Green, George town. w,? # ? Thk Sihocr Skwihu Machihb sales of 1872 were t219,6C0. 4, Now is the time to exchange your old Soda Water Apparatus for new ones. Palmer & Green, Georgetown, have a great variety of new marble ones for sale at manufacturers' prices and terms. Old ones taken In exchange Also, pure Soda Water jp 8teel Fountains. w,s Willooz ? Gibb's srwrwe Maobinb. The celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency a* Ghas. Banm's hoopaklrt and ooraat fiMtory, 7th street, Intelligencer Building. >MI Shibts iadb to Obdbb.?Gentlemen fur nishing their owb material, can have their Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's, 422 ?th street aorthwe*. Satisfaction guaranteed. t Soda Watbb Apparatus fob 8alb?A great variety of White and Tennessee Marble Boda Water Apparatus at maaaraetarer'a prices and terms. Second-hand ones taken In exchange. Pure Soda Water in Steel Fountains, at Palmer * Green's, Georgetown. w,s Pond's Extbaot is for sale at wholesale by Ghas. Stott * Co., MO Pennsylvania a venae, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Tub Cebtacbs op old were half hone aad half man. They consorted witn animals, con quered mankind, lived upon the flowers of the century plant, made one of their number god of the hMling art, transferred their name aad home to the nonetellBtton CiaUariw, and raised the dlvil generally. Bnt the great Centaur Liniment ror stiff Joints, rhen-natism, swellings and lamensss, upon man or b art, is now aston ishing the world. Aad| astonishes because it does Its work. r7,oo5 1J to health toease ttvm far the wetl-k j^issrwJss^v^KT3.'ft commencing X n o'clock . Huuc and Lecture MM) ilia lit. Ato?**ion.?c . chlldrea, Uc. It DT THOMAS DOWLIBG, Aocfr Georgetown. VALUABLE IMPBOVip PIOPIITT ON WASHINGTON STBEET, NEAR BRIDGE STREET. GEORGETOWN, AT AUCTION. On TCESDAT, June S.I. at (s o'clock, I will ?SS;?cll. "? the preaiiBea. part ofL.*No.'at si M on afreet. awr Brrfk" Nrw4, bj i depth of 9 frrt. Th? impr< re?em* coi ?'?t of a three-atory Bn, k Dwalitag boaae, aoa falsing aevea room. Tui Oa?-third caah; balance in 4 u4 IS m?w? with intereat at 9 per cent. per unna. aeenred by a d<-ed of traat oa the premieea, or all caah at the r tion of the purchaaer. Convex amlug at coat of pur chaaer; a depoalt of BM? aa Boon aa ta- property ia atrnckoff [mSP| THOMAS DOW LI NO. A wet |^T THOS. DOWLING, Aactwww.OeofiHown. PEREMPTORY HALE Of SIX COMFORT\BLE DWELLING HOUSES N.>?. 4*.4Y.4V. AS, ?4. AND 5s? DUNBABTOH STREET, AT AUCTION. Oo TUESDAY. June Sd, at A o'clock. I will ?9-rli n the previa.*. oa I unbarton atreet, b? ^?tween Green and Moatg<*aerT atreeta. ?tx near ly new comfortable frame dwelling bouaea, with modern ImproTrntent* The l.x-at?on in pl*aa?tit ard healthy. and all ?treet impn-veBaeat* oiade. Tenaii One third c?ah; balance 6, IS and l?m >nth?, f?in4 by a deed t>f traat on the property. Ci>n"i - ancing at coat of the pnrchaaer. A BajpaaH m 1 ? ratinirad a* a<.?.n a* the property iaatmck off. I JOHN DAVIS ? a>?dta THOMAS DOWLINO, Au.t r. I |JY THOMAS DOWLING, Aa*.; Q*<rfMowa.l IMPROVED property on AT Al tTiOH STREET, GEORGETOWN. A On Tl' EsD AT. Jnne 3d, at 6 o'cbick p m.. I ?3?ill w-ll <?a the pretaite*. part f L-t l?. front- I 97 feet on the ea*t aid- of Wa?hmgton atreet,1 between Dunbarton and Beall atreeta, by a dep?h of 60 feet. The improv.-rxnt* con-i?t *4 a *ub?taatiai two-atory and half Brick Dwelling II oi.? ?nh water ami ga?. permanent aa*h tuba, m*rt|e man I tlea, pmitry, Ac., Ac Choice pear*, grape*. . in the garden Tbia property ia eligibly local. I -none ?if the ftneat atreeta near tne h- art of the city,aii4 ia well worthy of the at tent on of buyer* I Tim P? ?-*?-e? ,H/ ?'? Mtviuioii oi i'aypr? Terma: One-third c.i?h, balance in 4 and 11 month*, with Intereat centred by deed of trott on the premiaea. Conveyancing at the coat of pnrrhaaer n.*> THOS. DOWLIBG, Auct. BY THOMAS DOWLINO. Aactiooeer. 139 Bridge atreet, G-orgetown. EXECUTOR*' SAL* Ttr VERY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY.CORNKR uF HIGH AND BRIDGE STREETS,GEORGETOWN, AT ACCTIOM. By tirtneof tha laat will and testament of the K3 late Timothy ODn..glin, d'-caeed. an-1 with conaent of Peter O'D'noehue. in hia own 'ight, the uuderaigned will public auction, on the premliu-e. on Tl'ESDAT. May liTth,W).at A o'clock p. m .that valuable improved property fronting ? feet 6 lachea on Bridge atreet, by S^ f'-et Slncheaon High atre?t, improved by thrae atorea and dwelling H nae. Term*: One third caah balance in 4, IS. and 18 month*, the purchaaer- givius their note*, b- aritig intereat frotn day of aale. Dee.|? given and dee<1 of truat taken to aecare the deferred payni.-nta. C-u Tayaaciug at the coat of the pnrrhaaer SARAH ODONO?nrE.< PETER 0'I>oN0t;HI'K.t mir 2w I Rep I THOS. DOWLINO. Ami. W. B R O W M , 'bookseller axd stationer, 129 BRIDGE STREET. GEORGETOWN, D C. I hare thiaday opened a ROOK STORE at the abovenamed place, and would aolicit a liberal ahare of the patronage of the public. Particular attention will be paid to the Bo"k and Stationery departuienta, ard aatiafaction in pricea guaranteed I am ala<> cloaing out all the atock of 8heet Mnair of the late honaa of Po? A Soligaoa at ona-half price. ChII and examine. alttt IJY THOMAS DOWLINO, Aact*r; Georgetown TRUSTEE'S SALE OP V ALU ABIE REAL ES TATE IN GEORGETOWN, D O ^gt By virtue of a deed of truat from t'harlea T. ?w Edmon<t<>n and wife, ma<le January 26th, 187'i. **and recorded aaongat the latii recorda of -aid Diatrict in Liber No.4>J8, folio SIS, Ac., and at the re?joeat of tha party aecured thereby, I will offer for aale at public auction, on THURSDAY, tha >111 of May.lSTS at A o'clock p. m., tu front of the prenc taee.all tbat Lot of Ground in Georgetown afore aaM, known and dearribed aa the aoutbern part of lot No.61, in Peter Beatty, Thrtlkeld. wet Deakin'a addition to aaid tow*- aaid part baring a front of thirty-two feet on the weat aide of Linean atreet, between l?t and Proa pert atreeta, and running back of tnat width to the rear. The property i* impr ?i-d by a tubatKntial Frame Dwelling recently repaired. Terma: One-fourth of the pnrchaae money caah, and the residue In ?ix, twelve, and eighteen m nth<. for which notea t>earin? aix per cent interest from the day of ?ale ahall be given, to be aecured by a deed of truat of tl?e pretuiae* The terma of aale tnuit be comp'ied w ith within foar d.iya after day of aale,or the property ahall be reaold upon fire day* notice at the ri>>k and c?*t of the defaulting pur chaaer. All conveyancing at bnyera' coat. A d? poaite of 89UU will be required at the cl.iae of aale. HUGH CAPERTON. Truatee. m7 [Courier 1 THOS DOWLINO. Auct. Dry goods at popular prices. Vor GOOD BARGAINS be anre to go to BENJAMIN MILLER. 1*1 Bridge at reel, Georgetown. Japaneae Poplin* at SI and 36c ; Japaneae Bilka. Mc , 74c., (1: plain Dreaa Good*, tn all the new Oi'lor*, S6c , STSc., 60r- Black Silkafrom f 1 25 to PS; Black Grenadinea from S6c. to ?1, beautiful laid* for children, lAc.,Soc., 26c.; Victoria Lawn*. 20c., Sc., 37c.; Piouea, 10c , S6c., S7c.. 6*c ; Black Alpacacand Mohaira, a aplendid aaalitv, aa low aa 64c. Cloth*, Caaaimera. Ltnen Drill*; all the noe?|. tiea in Paraaola; one caaa Bore of the aplendid 4 4 Bleached Cotton, 12*c. at>SS tr I^EADl FOE THE SPEIMQ TEADE. With a full corpa of flrat claaa workmen, a coib plete atock of the beat foreign wad domeatic Dye ??, .MJJ gjg- .. LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND BUMMER WEARING APPABEL, "'Jr.'tttSBtBftaT, PREMIUM 8TEAM dye1nh asu SCO OR in? WORKS, _ m ESTABLISHED 1S3I. Premium awarded 1867. Office,49 Jefferaon at .Georgetown, D.O Poat Office Boa TS3. apT ttr GROCERS. ^ S. O'HARE A ?O.V WHOLESALE AND EETAIL GROCERS. 1?13 7th STREET NORTHWEST. 4Betwaen M and N ate.) NEW BUTTER! NEW CHEESE! 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 HAMS. SUGAE CUBED HAMS 16c. PER LB. 16 16 16 16 16 16 DOOLEY'S YEAST POWDER GBAHAM FLOUR. OAT MEAL. Heckar'a Wheaten Grita, Hecker'a Farina, Eye Flour, Barley Tapioca, Sago, Manioca, Duryea'a Corn Stari h. Wax Candle*, Croaa A Blackwell'a Picklea, Col man'a Muatard. Stickney A Poor * Muatard, Olive Oil, Baucea, Sal id Dreaaiug. CINCINNATI OLEINE SOAP. Duryea'a Satin Gloaa Starch, Baker - Chocolate. Cocoa, and Cocoa Sheila, Broma, Pran<-?, Curranta, Eaiaina. MEDICINAL LIQUOES. Old Port Wine, French Brandy, BollandGin, Blackberry Braudv, Fine Old Whisky, California Brandy. C. ft. O'HARE * SON, maotr I9<3 7th at. n.w., between M and N. pLOVRI RECEIVED DIRECT from the Milla la ?ALLEY OF VIBGIN1A. Ill aell to faalllea M centa far barre laaa than usual pricea. Fricca of 6CGAE8 and TEAS all aarket down. CATAWBA WINE, >u*t received from Plea?t Valley Wlna Ootupaay, ? 9 a gallon. B. H. BACON, T99 ru w? HAVI iOIT RRCBIVEB M DOtBB LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH wm ARM 8ellm9 0 A* x SB CEBTS PBB BE LET. tOCEfOOB, MCFTT ft TATL9E, MB PBEBBYLVAELA AVBBUB, IP'iafiuwisss RAILROADS. A^TiV^118 ALEXANDRIA**PBBPBBICESBCBa ft r?f Bm4 " ? if***'!l* AW^aafir*.? IWI M fclMw ?41 * ,-in,1* P2F.A **?*** *rr^? m tanow-? ii* ? ? ? "* '* ??? MgThfcVV *** ** * "GCABTicO locomotor*** laarao 1 KIATrtTH*CJHEJulrKWW, rla jrT Tomo.o^n J||, i;;J*17! Bj. ?' daiiT. *Ji *. 7F' ^7^^ J:? ? ??. liltiBMir* Ac- I S |i a SS&S?-'**? .if!?.?-? t-M p a^. Cincinnati Bx M?n Ban PHlA, AND NEW Y< >IIE km ?? hi ^^??araaft'Safc'MBL BOB NEW TOBB, ? * ? ^?A?' '^mn if irr i jTFm ' <?"<*# Sunday IliM a. ?.. 141 ? 1_.. 'OB PHILADELPHIA. Loara daily (ttMfi Bandar ml* for M.. Brf??AT. ? ?? ? ? Tork *' ?* p. ?., Mi ruiMWKM "jyV <*?? foe How Tot* ob I4? ? ?. trmtm b?E??ftS-,Lh^/lphHL Tort -d of the dayT StaUoa ofloa at all boon T the i ?F"IJ?**^?ore W Ohio railroad arirm-tta II* Md ibo w??* feluao**, ?g B"T*-<av^g oaiui _ wiiBiK#!,)* jui a. iirj & ^-s^&'sswrai i\ bow run h (oUun.tii; * w"* BOB BALTIMORE. p.m. " l-B. ( It,IB,Ml, 141 ?u4gj| Sr??aI,roB ?*>TmoKB | d 8JO I ir 8?????. ??*! ??. I Id,IB, |? ?^?a&*a?? 'IW 'l I in. Will N<I> M 1,^..^ iir?Z, i' ? ??. m. ?? fent.'nCn-.iiJi, <"*. *ad IfcB _ /OB ANN A Pol IB tSCSSSTASU,"' * ? ~ ? ? ?OB NosroLK. asrSwa ? ?? Md on DUtili) it S U ani a-fl) . f! ro-.rr.i7' " Brooi Philadelphia and BaNlmora o? i-m ? ?oo 1 *. |.40, IB, 4 34, 7m. 4:44. and ||tt . - "?? e?s3Ba&??%?l3 - "?>ue Pa-en*rr. T^h^MUctL ^'TZ^*2? laaot, and out into tlx- l-awa^Ti ' 10 *?? wwr^ujcui ui " i niiniff) Lin# " ? TWOS * 8HAB?TlS.t Mama, ^~ - - L. M. COLE. Oenermj Ticket ' QBO H KQ^MTf ,m 1872 PENHSTLvfjfU BOTTB 1872 ru tub bobtbwb8t*Xm.^5? iSw? Train* loa*a aa follow,. *' ? aafatocum 441 a. m , tM^m. " ETI'-S' : ?S'S: # It J" Z?"J,TS732i _ ?-?. .1^ *>M. ? dally.a*o^ -?Haj amlhal. 'm ?. m. dally, and 1:41?. ?.. oio^pi ti5?r7w5u _ Maki C.ijutctiona - ti&iit'ET.XittlZi** " ""?*? ? ?JS"S ft.rsci'isifa 2!2* ?f ^ ?tr?et And F^uiiivlvtnii AVBtme nninf Rational Hotel, wbaca raitabU ClT?a at all t:n.>?. iuion?auoa vtu aa (trea at all tlmoa. p*?arocurtm tfck?ta at thm o?ea am ?WwiodatloM la Palaoa (In for Pitla irK," TOCKO e?"?m INSURANCE C0MPANIB8. QKEAT WBBTER^FIRK ?NSLAARCK CASH ASSETf ..$3(W4J1 ?? orrirs, ?0? riPTEENTH 8TBEET, orrunu iiutriT DtrAiTmiT. _?U *! B. W. lAtM, -j i t JH* MWBARCi OF TUB DI8TBICT OB OOLDMBIA, OrtmmttML J&tl im, 1*? Capital 41N.4M. orricB Bo.i4?? penmstltania avemck (Ovbb Milbcbb'. l>aca Btobb > *? JOHN T. LENMAN, Pr*ald?M A H HEBE. \~c* Pr-.l0.ut t '? * UTBB. Bocretary. 1'iHCTf'H -ta.Om*, H Olay Mmrt. Cha*. , J?"?. J?? L Edward Dro?r,J?ho T. ai'S-""' Mlch^1 8rwa' JohB Bailey, A. H Horr. ABB TOD IBBUBEOf __ . IB BOT, APPLT TO THB OLD rftAKKLIN INHRAKK E lOBPiRV. OB WA8HINUTON. D. 0. * IllCOapoBaTBl. BT C?>?a?f? IB |8|? ? D ,urtk?? tHrtciort.?tH. Jaa. 0. Ha" John ~ ~ |MB(JBB TODB L1BB lu that STKOHU OLD COMfAHt. J. STANLEY JONES, Am*. O A IX L/iT \ THE Ml'Tl'AL ] ??A*? or t?b OIBTBICT OB OOtCIBlA OKVAMZKU A VV VST Bt, l?f|, UABH CAPITAL ||Hj Ofloa Ib Bhapbard^ BoUdlnf, Bo. NH r? tSZUKfiB&Sa2 S-. VOFTBl SUITS la Scotch a?d -"-a | i . *L "^.atA-STBACl . 1911 KXS J I THAT waa EASILY SOLfBlS

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