Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR I Biding Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: WMT Umj W, 1979, ' larkct f The St. Louis convention appear* to have been a failure in everything except the social teatare? of the affair. Only one member of Congress took part in the discussion, an<l this one from St. Louis. The resolutions, nearly a col am ? long, demand all sorts of improvements In the Mississippi river, and all its tributaries and at its month: the owning of "every practi cable water route to the Gulf, the Atlantic ocean, and to the great lakes, which can be opened and made safe and convenient at rea sonable cost, when compared with the benefits to result from It: "the prevention of such bridges as interfere with navigation; the removal of re* strict ions upon the purchase or registry of for eign l'Uilt ships, and the change of duties which are supposed to make iron more costly. One man in St. l.ouls has had the hardihood to take issue with the convention. Instead of joining in the efforts to find a cheap way to markets 4,000 miles off, he writes to the Dfmn crat that he thinks tliey had better try to find a market at home. He says: "The idea that en couragement should be offered to induce the production of grain for shipment 1,3)0 to 1,500 miles to the seaboard, and thence 3,000 miles to a foreign market, presents a phase of folly that is difficult to comprehend. The great want in this country is diversified industry. We want consumers placed alongside of the producer, thereby creating a home market. All the manufacturing industries should be encouraged. One hundred million dollars expended in the Mississippi valley in manufacturing wouM be worth more to the country than double the sum invested in railways ami the other schemes of removing snags and sand obstructions at the Balise." The fact seeau> to be pretty well established that a number of deaths from cholera have re cently occurred in New Orleans, and that the disease is prevailing to somo extent at several other points in the southwest. A man died of the disease recently on a steamboat coming up the Mississippi from New Orleans to Cincinnati, and there is quite a panic in the latter city in consequence. One of the medical officers ap peals for the taking of precautions to prevent the disease gaining a foothold there. The Louis ville C-mritr-Journal also calls upon the health i authorities of that city for protection by proi>er precautionary measures. It would be the part of wisdom for the health au thorities of every town and city to take early action to ward off the approach of this terrible malady, by employing such sanitary measures as they may deem advisable, and by issuing public addresses to the j>ooplc in regard to the caw, character"and treatment of the disease; and, above all, how to a void it. ? ? ? The republicans of Ohio at their state con vention yesterday nominated the following ticket, which is a good one ami pretty certain tc be elected next October. For Governor, E. C. Noves, of Hamilton; Lieutenant Governor, Alphonso Hart, of Portage: Supreme Court Judges, long term. William White, of Clark, ?hort term, Walter F. Stone,of Erie; Attorney General John Little, of Greene; Comptroller of the Treasury, William .1. Wilson, of Portage: meml>er of the board of puhHc works, Philip ifcrzog, of Auglaize. Resolutions were adopted affirming the confi dence of the party in President Grant, favoring economy in the state and national administra tions. opposing further land grants to railroads, and lavoring cheap transportation. Hon James Monroe, representative in Con gress from the fourteenth district, was chosen permanent chairman of the convention. Pro lessor Agasaiz delivered an address before he Women's Club of Boston the other day en ?Our Public Schools," in which he pointed out what he considers tome or the radical evils of our present system. He takes the view that there are too few teachers for the number of papil*: too much is taught in the way of mem ory only, or by rote, whereas the true secret of teaching is to use the eyes, or to teach by ob jects rather than by books. His remarks elicited an aninated discussion, which was participated in by Mrs. Livermore. Mrs. Cheney, Miss Pea body, Mrs. Woolson, Miss Hotchki**, and other members of the club. From reports furnished the American iron and steel association by the manufacturers it appears that during the year 1872 the total number of tons or iron rails made in the United States was 941,992. Of this amount Pennsylva nia furnished 419,529 tons, or 42 ^ per cent, of the whole; Ohio, 121,923 tons; and Illinois, 106,916 tons. The remainder was rurnisbed by thirteen other states, no one of which was above 82,500 tons. This aggregate includes only such rails as were made for the use or rreight and passenger railways, and excludes 15,000 tons or ?feet rails, and all mining rails made during the year, statistics of which were not furnished. The Catholic church in America is gradually adopting many new features in its method of wo*k and worship. The latest innovation on ancient practices was made at St. Stephen's church, in New York city, where congrega tional singing was inaugurated last Sunday. This church is attended by a large and wealthy congregation, and as its reputation for choir music bas been among the first for many years, the innovation is the more significant. The pews were supplied with the versicles and responses, with the Gregorian chants, and several rehear sals hud been had during the week under the direction or the pastor, Kev. l>r. McGlynn. Gov. Kellogg having invoked the assistance of *uie general gov -rnment to enable him to execute the laws in that state, the President has, by his proclamation or to-day, i printed elsewhere in Tm Stai,) commanded the in surgents who are opposing the recognized state government to disperse within twenty days. This is preliminary to active intervention by the land and naval rorces of the United States cas.j the insurgents refuse to obey. The President fully "sets forth in the preamble the reasons which have impelled him to take such decisive action. Referring to the consolidation of the Central American states into one diplomatic mission by the last Congress, the Chicago fiVi suggests that one representative, accredited to all of the South American states, ami located per hapf at Kio Janeiro, would be quite sufficient to perform all the necessary duties now |?er fotned by nine mi ulsters resident, whose sala ries alone aggregate 97',000 per annum. A verdict of 91,000 damages was given in a New York court day before yeoterday against an omnibus line on account of injuries sustained by a passenger through the driver of a stage starting while the rormer was attempting to alight. Such verdicts will have a tendency to accidents from similar causes. The New York P?t in an article on the state charities makes the startling assertion that at the present time one out of every twenty-three persons ia that state is supported either wholly or la part by the public money. The easiest way in the world to accumulate a fortune is to advertise judiciously. - ?mmm? ? ?y Three more bodies have been recovered from the Atlantic wreck. i I>utch ministers have tendered their i to the King. ?^A special panel of two hundred an fifty Jurors were drawn in New York yesterday for the trial of Wm. M. Tweed. gy It is said that Thiers rises at 7 every morn lag, or earlier, and never retires to bed till midnight. ?y Longfellow and Bryant have been made honorary mem ben of the academy of St. Peters burg. tor Among the European cares, or royal roads to health, are tfte mud bath, the whey euro, ?oafs milk, the grape euro, and mare's milk. gubernatorial convention in_Atlanta, * rday, adopted a memorial to Congress, c aid to the throe great water lines from ?{ to IM Atlantic coast. The Wall street markets were (UfBaat yes terday. The money market was easy at 5 to 7 per cent, for call loans, and 7 to 9 per coat, for approved mercantile paper. Government bonds were firm in foreign markets bat tower In New York In sympathy with sold. The stock market was doll. * _ ? ? s ' i nr.,;.fj tR-SlF^ ?d^S;:5S Sg o?.rs, w I;*'., wu.. 5-?-SvJaa.BJly.w_a). - ?< ....fflsa- ftU1 -asn^vEUss? W r'A.TSsr1 O^rn-whiU .?:.?!? ?*J?"t^*rn *n<1 "nixed eastern quiet and r._- _ Osle????utb#m dull, sirups- w^ter ? ii? n? V i9^5#i wh"*'51"MJ Kyednll, Wc.@?l u nc ha^M11 ? p r ? T ' ns q u i e t and steady; prices i. '*,' rD butter Inn sod in good d? ?* a? choice,7f*m Wlii'ky nominal anl 1 '?? ?"l*r?ftir<li-niun1, l<)S. m?1" Toss, May 22? Floor doII and nnoh*i>j?.~1 w beatqniet KBd heavy. Corn dull and unrhtnge,] K Mb* *omi. May 22.? Money nrm, fc<07. Oold "FJ?. 1' i- OuiemnifDUdull and atfidy. Lnsrwis, Mav 22, a. m.?C?ns< Is SBSfor money and account. Bond- <? 1366. old.tl1,; lStf.W, 1Q ? s, S?V new five*, MJ> ?. . Brie, 48\ Lo.xDox, May JJ, 2 p. m ?Erie. 49. ? ~li* wmiiii 7ab Oxpaktmmt, OgUis CkUf Sifmml OA-r. t Wmeisstow, May 22, 1WS, 1030 a^aT | Bysonw roa thi fast Twim-von hopi. - The bar .ssrter remains high in Canada, New Eng l?u>l ai.d the middle ?tate> with southeasterly wind* 'en peratare, cloudy >nd r:"7ie?h, ' ? northwesterly and southwesterly winds r> 'ng barometer, cooler, clondy and clearing wea.her with occasional rain, in the south Atlantic U^T1' "'"l Tennesaee Prevailing southerly ?rinds. barometer, cloudy and cleirmi th^USt k * ,*n'P',.ra?nre and occasional rain In Oh,D'and?r^nHriv;rr;8,'Jn 'Ud ""^ward to the in^s^ni1'Si, ~f"r thP mi(IJI* *,lk,e? diminish ,ng temperature, southeasterly and *V" ;'"e",rrly ?'nds. cloudy weather and rain, clearing thin>evening In the siuthet n portion. For Rngland and Canada, falling barometer, sont li es* erly winds, clondy and rising weather, fror the gulf and south Atlantic state* and Tennmaee rising barometer, cool, cloudy and clearing weather, for the nerthweet and the lake* and thence to the Ohio m?,rnXi.T',1"\"ontbeM,e,ly and northwester ly win.Is, falling barometer, cloudy and clearing !"/?SJ' oeraeioaal r?'" Reports are missing a<nit'of'hhe M HKise!p pi Keneral,y fr"Ul *? 9t*'?~ IV^MOINT VKBNON HOME, No. a -A full ^y_ attendance is requested "t the regular melt ? ?VBNIN(f.UMd ??., it .s O cl<?rk. * hen arrangements will be made for he funeral of 8ister Elizabeth Bum. By order _!! TUB hECOBPKR. it rot< ma?. tlall, second floor, corner ilth and n FBI DAT EVENING, Mav ??at ' i? ? ' . ff'f?*? organization. BBADLBT, of <'ammittee. ,>IC SI(" POBTPONBD '-Notice \TTFuil PIC NIC OF P Uufd .hi,h .ii.u If48. AND BNULI9H "h#n,d h?v? been held at Beyer - th-street I ark to-day, i- pootpouad. on account of ?tKiV"111 rV.":W;."3"' rni J e ^VM^'T1^" bnaineM of lu,po?tMce mil i^Drouifbt Ix-fore th** met*tiD?. By order of the President, 8TBPUBN F. (ilLL.Stcretarr ?S?US.UKU?; W HAl'PTMAN, Justice of tke Ptart, attends to all kinds of Claims and L*. iorth^Sr"' Sou,hwe?, eurn"r of 11th and O streets : maylllr fj=5?BOAKD OP PI BLIO WOKKS, , . . Washtsgton. May 21. MT3 .r i.'f ? ' Riven that ail written in-iuiri'es or information in regard to improv ements. either projected i^r in progress, ahoald he addressed "Vice If? Board of Public Works." for h infonnation should ?&r&JvfnrWi?Al,rt-U" 8ccre,ar' By order of the Board. u,2i 6, CHA? 8 JOHNSON, 01 Assistant Secretary. J^?STKAWBEBKT F RSTIVAL " WOMEN'S 'CHRISTIAN association. -kJ _ y* J*tinciary Square. FYfCi^S'Tk ?01ikm?ncK ?d WEDNESDAY *.'! if?1? continuingThariday au<i Friday, and till 2 o cl.Krk p m Satnrday. } il?*n? Inncb, tncfiiding all the dainties of rslfromn'Millo^cCck* ^ "f'??? Jocal and iustrunieutal music erery erening _'~Lvr Patronage of all who would contributa to a i?Ii 7 phrely benevolant objoct is soli - ^ mau 3t TOUNO MBNS| christian ASSOOIA . RIB BBADINO BOOM?itotlv. Weekly riil/v? JaV+iXL tVw,iPErter- PABLOBS AND \^S2Ari?N *?0?8 for Ladies aodOenUe nL'ii. mTi w^a?i1i_0rJt%n a^ Pisno. LlAKi*?* 13 u'?and ? ?. ?. 8Ab\M*IfT^BNo"oB|T 8*bV W *8 MA??*Ah.B PILLS.?These are composed exclasively of vegetable ngredients, and aithoogh they entirely snMrawle ?th erc^rjrJ.-? X* of >t? in^rtSi ??f5'"-. Th<'r *ct. dlrytly npon the Ilyer, and are a ralnable remedy in all cases of derangement result - ng from a disordered state of that organ. Liver 't L' vTIndigesfioii, Sick i "oachs. Typhoid Fevers, 4c., Ac .all succumb to ?.' Schenck's Mandrake tills. For sale >y all Druggists and Dealers. m3-tr FBB1 Jer t7 yT?_7'y"ty wMch Ul1 "Pon mzgmsmi see a physicianSSStft.^SuSmS nfallibls remedy against malaria. era, which are sold^PVP inence of their rirtns and W nsdictne ysr ?rrs//swcs for ladies ILIU1N S| s, neadaches, morning siel l^cnJisrto womsa. These by aU. druggists, are. law slckt Bit W >epot for Soda and Mineral Waters. iei5-|y NBW DBUO 8TOBB, Mo. 1489 Phihtitaiu A viinn, . ! "f cnr* <* ssankind. Bo terrible urtorTthaMTw!!^? "* *?mT world's Mory utt a person knows to he infected with it r*uld not he snowed to mix with soslstf Haaailr isSf S^Mi^r.?'i,*rlwed ? ?*" t*rror br the ?W?1 /.tp?' af^f-Thy ??? 55i.KMS5SaA ?? ?f Uh*?, O^a^f RgiaaglwMg n I *Bi.a*e1J0.fall at hi I N street northweet. as snch ??I ? '.t /u prv"nFtl' *t??nded to and dene in the ifMeti si)ie, PVgCwL( MB,,NO OAS riTTll?OAX_D i. . prMOiDtlf attofMii-il tot "n reMou ble term*, b> JAMBS f BHIBN. No. 6V* LoniS uia avenue, near tth street, north side Reeidma^I ???M.ig.T.r.sir- ti^'; _ JOMCPH J. MAT'S *AJU8 bid olovb DBPOT. , _ *?? Pijisstlvajiia An., mftMt Bst. Pth asd mi sts. [wJX1^*8,1 CABBIAOB8! CABBIA?B8! On hand, a large aaeortmeatof Pony . mms, ?w'?h top ?ad Wit boat. and wit I ,tid without ramble, single and double JI^SKl Uso. a large at??k er fashionable Familv CarriaaM racing of By ^hee, ?ic.,%TJ? Brei^^b-' lolettee. BxtensioaTope, Ac., Ac. iop aod Ao-top Juggles, In great variety, at * . _ ^ BOBT. H. OBAHAM*8, few Repository and factory. 4l?-4t? 8th street, lerthwest. Repairing promptly attended to. ?>) >' AS05IIC BB8ALIA. We are prepared to fnrniah Masonic Bunipmenu or all Cenimanderies at FACTORT PRICES CHAPBAIX. 8WOBD8 AND BELTS, CUFFS, CAPS, knd every article pertaining to the Order. We guarantee all Salts sold to be renlation as |>ATENT HELF-YBNT1NQ ELEBB FAUCETS, for sals at Kaantactnrers Pricse, tU: 1J laches ia Length mm W M " " ;~^Z.9 i3 00 'ALMEB A QBEEN, ?14 lw ??qreeaest.,9eernetawa,D.F. TH OBNTINB BENOWBBD Mia.., 1 BLACK CLOTH SUIT, esaal to my castom work, for SB, the style of sachdouble-hseastsd aad square freit, at BTBAU8', ltll Fsua.aTa.7aMr nth. 3r [TWsl lTHTI Llifr BEST WOOD BUBBT LIMI at #1 par delivered to aU parts of ths city. THOMAS PAfilT, THOMAS PAHBT.Mth street. ?? ? near La. aveaae, aorthweet. K.^ir'sr.rRU-^ WB. MM! * M., ? Mt. *11 7th Brett, rn f. o. i>f?rlwmi, brMrat the following ? rn| fire Imumc* Caw ' ? TtfFaiRMAR amrricar, of n r.. the mrrcharts.of ?M tt Oaeh IwH, 9*T6,T?9.n ?wiruN uMruvmwiji? nmTf* BMB HUMl^iUiU for the comfort of gueeta tantl to any summer rsaott in the state. Gueeta with familiee will And this Home i MrtM* place for the rammer. For for Btlli TnrrtMI, Timm oiMt ROTicB,is mmmessst hM obtained from the Supreme Court of the District of (MibM?. holding ? special term, let ten of administration on the aemonsJ es tate of BENJAMIN F. WILK1NS, lata of Washington county. D. 0.. dsceaai d. AU per son* having claim* against the Mid deceased arc hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the Touch er* thereof, to the subscriber, on or before tha Mh day ot May next: they may otherwise by taw be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand, this Mh day of May. UTS. ii.g-th.St r J. HEIBEBGEB, Administrator j POH MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLES r AND TAN, USE PERRY'S MOTII AND FRECKLE LOTION, . IT IS RELIABLE AND HARMLESS. PIMPLE* ON THE TACK. BLACKHEADS AND FLESHWORMS, USH PEBRY'S IMPROVED COMEDOXE AND PIMPLE RKMEDT, THE GREAT SKIN MEDICINE. Pr. par.-d only by Dr B.< PERRY, Dermatol ogist, IS B"Ud street, New Tork. Sold by all Drug gists. n;W-t ,th^2ni N9TICI.?All persons having clsini* against the late Ann of POE A SEL1GSON are re>jueste<l to present them to m>- within thirty dsys from this date, if they desite to participate in the dividend; snd all in debt to said firm will please call and settle at once. H. H. BRADLEY, Assignee, At J. B. Dawson's Wood and Coal Yard, ml9-6t No. 1316 New Tork avenue. THE '?LITTLE WORLD" WILL BEOPEN on the 21st of this month, at No. 1904 SEVENTH 8TBEET, Between S and T streets. HOSIEBT, FANCY GOODS. NOTIONS. JEWELBT, STATIONERY, CHEAP TOYS, Ac .Ac., VERY CHEAP, AT THK nil9tr "LITTLE WOBLD." JS. JONES HAS BEMOVED HIS DBUG ? STOBE to the corner of Penn*Ylvanis^^? avenue and Second street east, where he will^V continue to keep on band a fall Stock of Pure^K DRUG*. MEDICINE. PEBrOMEBY, FANTy and TOILET ARTICLES; also, all the 8tan<lard Homo) pat hit medicines and Concentrated Electic Preparations. mis 2-twlm* TREMENDOUS OVERSTOCK. HOUSE FULL. SHELVES CBOWDED. COUNTERS STACKED. WILL BE SOLD MUST BE SOLD. PRICES DOWN. TEN DOLLARS FIFTEEN DOLLARS. TWENTY DOLLARS. 8 10?Good Easiness Snit? ?10. 81d?Better Business Suit? $1#. 5*20?Best Business Snit? ?80. Bf We are determined not to risk a surplus stock by waiting for the season to advance before putting prices down, and will therefor sell? A Sli Snit for 810. A i'J'J Suit for 91^ A iU7 Snit for 840 ?'WOULD I WEBE A BOY SOME MOBE " The same course is being unreservedly pursued in onr Boys' Department, and we are selling? An $9 School Suit for 9* A 5 10 School Suit for 9 7 A School or Dress Suit for 910. THE ASSORTMENT BEING FULL, THE ASSOETMENT BEING FULL, THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW CALL AT ONCE CALL AT ONCE. WE MEAN BUSINESS WE MEAN BUSINESS BROT2 FASHIONABLE TAILORS, ml4 OmnTnu# D Btihti. fit BIBB BOOTS, SHOES, ill ^ AND ^ GAITERS, AT LOW PRICES. STRASBLRQER BRO.'S, 906 SlVMTH 1TBKKT, BITWXKX I AND K, Have now on hand a foil line of BOOTS, SHOES, GAITERS, SLIPPEBS. and LOW TIE SHOES, for ladiea, gent's, and children's wear, which they will sell retail at wholesale prices. Children's and Misaes Celored Shoes, at manufac turers' prices. Ladiea' low-price Oaiteri and Slippers for house comfort, a specialty. Ladies' Slippers, from 39 cents to 93. Ladies' Gaiters, from 91 4'-' 93-W. G> lit s B <>ta, from $i so to M. Gent's Shoes, from il 25 to Please call and examine, and yoa will save IS per cent. STRASBURGEB BRO.'S, ?13-lm 906 Seventh street THE ONLY GENUINE 1 A Suits, thoroughly sponged ai be had at A.STRluS'.Tofl Pa _ Middlesex Flannel ;ed and made to order, to ave.,near lltb. ais NO HUMBUG -L. RICE will pay ? fair cash price for any kind of Ladiea', Gents' and Chil dren's Second-hand Clothing, Boots,Shoes, Ac. 693 7th street, between F aad G, south. Note by mail promptly atteaded. je?-ly Delicious cbeams and ices Always on baud at the newly refitted Salooaaof HENRY ALBEBS, Confectioner and Ice Cream Manufacturer, mM-aolm* No. 101* 11th st., bet. K and L. DEFORR GOING RL8RWRRKE exanme the D Ittaaonal Drees t*iit for JB17,( a specialty,) and only uTbe hid at A. STRAUS , 1911 Penna. ave., llt>. aM 'PHI ELLIPTIC YOKE SHIBT is pronounced A tj thousands of wearers to be the aerfec tion of elegance and comfort. The system otfliA cutting enables me to fit any form. or deformtty IMI1 with absolute precision. Ju the matter of mi JW terials and manufacture, experience enables?? me toguaranteeentiresatisfcetioa. J.W. BRIGHT WELL, No. 49Q Wh St., Washington, D. 0. mll-tr Must and shall bb sold.-?ramt SACRIFICES AT CAR OS LOAN OFFICE AND BAZAAR, No. 91? Pennsyl- |9A vania avenue, between 9tn and loih streets.AirfE The whole of tha remaining (took in finest Gold and Silver Watches,(Swissand American makes.) Gold Chains, Rings, Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Musical In struments must and shall be sold prior to removing to my new stare. No. iOi Pennsylvania avenue, under Ratio**! Hotel. You save from It to 60 per cent, by buying here. Goods sold on Instalments. Call and see, if will pay you. Remember CABO'S, No. V14 Pennsylvania avenue, tetween fth and loth streets mll-tr BR0DRRAD * OO krw-ir ? 1GHT COLORED DRRSS PARTS in Pearl, Lj Lavender, and Tea colon, aad of excellent workmanahip, at A. STRAUS', 1911 Penna. ave. 11th. iS QISSOLU T_I OR. VuimsTOi, D. 0., April IS, 1873. The copartnership heretofore existing between Elphonao Yoanga and Wm. H Bears, under tha name and firm of ELPHONZO Y0UN(Js * 00.. la diaaolved by mntasl consent,the seoood term of aach copartnership having this day expired. Tha busi ness will be continued at thS old stand (Maaonla female, corner ?th and F streets,) by ELPHONZO YOUNGS, who will pay a)l just claims against and collect all ameanta due said firm. Thanking my friends and the public for their lib sriircsxir.iii'a Krii.-"" BLPBOMSO TODIQI. WANTS. EE/ ANTED?A GIRL to do th- bM*wrt of a " <Mll family, 141* mint notthwst. U* WiNTID-4 WK!M|teW?ITi. housework In a wU fa*aily. Apply ? itrntiwttwwt. B WANTED-A Drag C!?rk f nearly eigat yeara' f VrTeSmVwi^i ? SITUATION. AJdry. M ALTnE A," Star o?ce. h>? ** \E7 ANTED?Two first-class SERVANT8-one tn VV do eookluc, and tfcc Other to do washing and ironing. Inquire I?H E <*. north w??t. ?B K WANTED?A WHITE BOT, 15 to IS years Aid; one that knows how to iwwp and clean up In quireSM tthst. ?* \1TANTED?Two YnUNG MEN or B0Y8. Ap VV ply to Q. W HUMPHBEY8 A CO ,4S8 7th ?treet. ANTED?A flrst class, n^md han.1 CHILD'S CARRIAGE Add row "Theodore, Star of flee,staling price. mM-3t ANTftD?A Norwegian Ladjr desires a 8ITU ATI ON aa ee*m*trees or operator on Wheeler A Wilson machine, in a private family: beat of ref erence given. Address D G.,City P.O. m22-3t* ANTED?A COLORED LAUNPRKsS, one who thoroughly understands her business Ap ply at No. 614 E atreet northwest, between the hours of 9 and 12 a. m. Big li' ANTED?A WHITE UIBl. to do general housework. andto/i n*h during tli? summer; city references required Apply be* ween 5 and # p. m .at N" 1101 H street northwest. mil St* WANTED? K?erjb -d> to kuow that th< y can get FRESH BUTTER at frimSl) to 36 cents per lb., arriving ?very w<ek, at 11*7 7th street north west mC eolw* \\ANTKD-A competent and reliable person to V V ink* charge of a child; one who is willing to go a sliort distance iu the country, and who can bring good recoimremlation*. Apply at 819 M st. It* WASTIIi- WAT NVRaE. To a really re " k|ki table party, who value* the health of th"ir offspring, a ini'st rare opportunity i* at present of fered, by one who is young and perfectly healthy. Address Box 3, Star office. ?22-3t* ANTED?Two FARMING and GARDENING HANDS, and a Teamster, with or without fam ilies; houses furnished on the premises, short dis lance from city limits, on 7th-street road. Address Box 8, at this office. m22 3t* w"~ANTR1??CANVASSERS "white ' to sell D m Applet on A Co's new books: Picturesque America, Portrait Gallery. Life of Webster, and other valuable works. Apply at Boom 3, Intelli gencer building, between 2 and 3 p. m n.22 3t" W. W. HAYNE. |17ABTK1>-Tu B- iit for the summer months?a ? FURNISHED HOUSE,or ROOMS suitable for housekeeping, iu the section bounded by 1Mb and 2Uth sts. and E street and Netv York avenu? northwest. Family small: best references. No no tice taken of any communication not stating location of honse, lowest price per month, and name of owner or agent. Address H. II. H., Evening Star of fice. m22 ft* WANTED-A good COOB, WASH EE and IRONER; nona other need apply. Call at No. 1013 N street northwest, from 7 to 9 a m. or from 3 to 7 p. m. mil 3t* A N TED?For the summer?To rent, a furnished HOUSE, of not leas than 10 rooms. The loca tion must be west of 9th stroet and north of F street. Apply to T T. CBITTENDEN, Attorney, 319 4* street ni21 ?t* WANTED ? Immediately ? A first-class man COOK, thoroughly competent in meats and pastry,to go to Saratogafor the season. Call imme diately at No. 1406 G street, on JAMES M. BAY. mll?* WANTED?A German girl w ish-? a SITl'ATION by the 1st of June for general luusew.>rk. chambermaid or seamstress; can furai*h. if de .469 Dem sired, her own machine; best of city references can be had at her last place. Address M 8 ^tar Office. m2U3t* WANTED-A WHITE WOMAN to cook, wash and iron at No. 417 4>? street, opposite the Board of Public W orks. m20-3t* WANTED?A married man ol several years ex* perience in the dry goods and grocery business wnnts a SITUATION as salesman. B'-st reference given. Address J., *09 I street northwest. m2U-3t* ANTED-A gsod SERVANT to cook, wash andiron for two in family. Must come well reci mmended. Apply at 914 Pennsylvania avenue, l?etween 9th and lotn streets. mJU 3t WANTED?Twogood GARDENERS and FARM HANDS. Apply at the store of J.0.WI9 WALL A CO., No. 310 7th street, or to B W. CARTER, Tennail) town, D. C. m3j 3t WANTED-All those who value their sight to H know that tha best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE'' in tlw country is accurately suited to the eyesight by H H. HEMPLER,the Optician, corner 4't ?tr<et and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. myi9 ly* ANTED?A GIRL that can come well recom mendad; can call at 933 New York do the cooking, w ashing and ironing of a small fam ily. Apply from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m., or 6 to 8 o'clock p. m. ml>-tf ANTED?PLUMBERS to know that we are prepared to furnish them with all kinds of BRASS WORE, at 1006 C street northwest. WM. H. DOl'GLAC A CO. N B.?Braaa Casting done daily. nil lm* WANT EB?LADIES to take notice that Madame D E M AI80N, of New York, Irvs opened her Millinery Paalora at No. 413 13th street north west a3U lm %V ANTED? Immediately?Families or persons in >? need of first-class SERVANTS of every deacrip ttoa, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good honi"s ana best of wages by applying at the Eureka Employment Office, tuEni. LOUISE C. BUTLEB, 407 llth rtreet, aear E. a!4 2ta ANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOB >T SEWING MACHINE hu IU ne*dU ulf iti ting: tha most perfect shuttle In use, resting In - cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mm*. oreetjs Pattern Emporium aoxSO-lT T. W. SrluIBt AfiOt. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?A flue SETTEB DOG, answers to the name el "ScottyThe finder will re ceive a liberal reward if he will leave the animal at the Countiug-roMn of the Star office. m2?-3t ? OST. ? Saturday evening in the President'* I a Ground*, or between 18th street* and Termont avenue, a gold SHAWL PIN. Suitable reward for it* return to 1801 F street. m21-3t* BEWARD.?Luet, on the 19th instant, a pair of Emerald and diamond EABRINuS, tied in a liandkerchiei. By retaruing them to the clerk of the Ebbitt House the above reward will be paid. m21-3t* T OST.?Yesterday afternoon, going from Boun

t-d dary street along North Capitol to H, H to terminus of Columbia cars, and thence to Navv0,il Yard Bridge, a straight handled green silk UM- I BRELLA in green silk caae. Tiie finder will H be rewarded on returning same to Freodman s Bank. m?l 3t* OST?A white and liver colored Pointer DOG; about 9 months old. A liberal re ward will be given if returned to J. B.|_ CA881N, Apothecary, corner 7th and M streets. UOABI) OF PUBLIC WOBE8, L> Distkict o? Columbia, Washington, April 3,187S. A reward ef FIFTY ( 9SO) DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or perftoro who have stolen? or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Uover* iu the cRiea of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the ?^*BDWABD J0HN80N. aS-tf [Bepab.Chron.] Chief Clerk. | OST-On the tot of March, on E "treet, between Li 10th and M streets northwest, a Rt BY RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid ir returned to No. >09 M street northwest. m7 PERSONAL. V0T1CE. ? AM persons having claims against 1> JAMES JIBDIN8TOM are requested to send in their certified amounts on or befwre June l<t, at which time adiviaiou will be made; otherwise they may be excluded by law. a-i^w. uil5-eo6t A.M. BERB, AssigBee. QO AND CONSULT MADAM DE GRAFF, the wonderful Baer and Clairvoyant; she l? the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter; she can be consulted at 336 Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4H streets, for a short time only; she gives advice ou all business matters; teils how to recover lost or stolen property; tells of lovers, and even tells the name of the person you are to marry. Fees #1. All letters answered promptly by inclosing fl and stamp. Hours from 8a. m. to 10 p.m. ml4 la MEDICAL, Ac. E LECTBO MAGNETO GALVAJfIC IBM ?.. MENT for nervous diseases by PBOF. G. P. EVANS, N?. 487 Pennsylvania avenue, 2d floor. General applications, 16c.; sponge bath, fiUc. mlt eoltn I\1R8. H. J. FBENCH, OuJMtbraHd KtitmtU ill CUinsoym*!, MtJtcalmmd Tut 1' sera a short time only at 7*? llth *reet northwssr Hears Irom 10 a. si. to 7 p. ss. m*-ln? _ ttfc^TATirVOLENGE," OB THE WILL OUBB* O THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD By it all dtssasss are cured. No medicines used, and no laying on of hands. Taught by Mrs. J. B. EL IOT, 478 C street northwest. apTtr PIMALI DISEASES ef all kinds treated. Da r scribe caae ana encloaa #&; advice and medi cine will beaent. Address Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON, No. 640 North llth sliest, Philadelphia. iae>7-ly* rytADAMB WILSON PHYSIO l!^ a\d11? Will. DISBA8E8LEC1DBNTAL TO LAJM ? ? ? " ? ss*t|7s* street, wber* testimonials can ha k jmwt York avenue. 'The most private loan d^OBENV LOAN OFFICB L and Nrm Vork avmwt, anti ? TtA strxnee on in tha city. Money loaned at the lowaat rat* of interest on Goldand Silver ?tiD ? hi AGONAL COATS and VET to maSch In. tan I " different shades and stylea(verr drea?y)4at A. ITBAUB', ItU P?. ???*. UWM< a? Plata and Plated W are, Qua, PW?.?i~ Geo tl amen t Clothing, Oar pats , and a? artWes a? valna. aia-iy rpHB MBW BATIOBAL MABEBT. FBESH, I ALT and BMOEED MBATB, af Ml kinds and oCitha bast analtty. laiaiahid ^ _ tn the bast style^1sc?AME,POULTBD(,X^^^ In ten TOR MKT AND 8ALE. 1?M>* Ra NT?Two hu-?? BOOM* is building 9J? *_Ivania itmm. Apply to Wl. 8 TKL. nB ** FOB IINT-Two ??rj Mrtblf Unfurnished PARLOR*; oa flmt floor: 3?3 Miawri ivnm, opposite im Botanical Garden. mfl4t* PO* HHT-Pir *00*8 in a new brirk 3 , ti Bo. 1JI9 ltih Krwt, Hwwi M tadO streets. It* *KMT?Very desirable ? room FRAME, i0*tJ*1!?"' ??rl hall. I win an' fr.<m cars, ffli. THQ8. B. WaGGAMAn. 8197th streot ig\ IT OB BENT?Front ROOM, suitable fur on* or .* tw? ia a private family and pkitMit location, 1*18 12th atreet, between M and S streets T f?rt h - ma . . . ? ?"* vv? I WIWCVU a W1U *1 r,<>rtb Big ?? I*" OR RENT?Very desirable HoloK.all modern * convenience*; possession Jun? 1st; No. 191i AiW.wIf"'*. aTer,B*- TH08. * WAGGAM AN, * 19 7th mat. mM-a P>OB SALE OR BENT?HOL'SE, 71* JHt T Mrwt; price >1 floo. rent $w ?r mont h , poeii* nongiTra Junflil; has modern cnn\raiPDc?i and [ lurnacr, key may be had at No. 7 17. mtj 2w F^OR BALK?A two-story BRICK HOI SE. *11 room-. In good order: bark building new; part cyh, balance on time. Apply at the house. 1243 4th street, between M and N narthweat. ni22 eo3t* I^OR HALE CHhlA /*?A KRAME Hul'SE. * taming 6 rooms and summer kitchen and bath room; price f 1,70(1;ff&V ca?h, balance in 'inarterly instalments. Mo. 1244 New Jrrwy aveuu*. In quire on premises ni23-3t* F~^R^Wy^A71oTJl<^~foriniTenne7d?inra tie ROOMS. furnished, for housekeeping; pri 'ate en'; ?i|th front; water and ?a?, refer ence* required. Inquire betw<-eu three an<l nix ocl' c*- ma at* F?*?AL1 ?P ?XCHA??E-a? ACRES on 7th ^ 'hf"' mile* north from bounda ry, I/welling, eight room* and cellar: no prettier District of Columbia. J. A. MITCH F street. I,tj2 .(? t^OK RE NT?A three-story BKICRHOUSE, 15 ????'. * larg Storer H.m/:or ner And O strt'efn n<?rthw?*t HOUSE, 4 room*; on 9:h street, ret ween H an t I northeast. Also, a 4 room BRIt K HOUSE, ?n Covington "'H'iJ'a. lighter A gatchel, nth and F ftreeta. KH?| 1iN,I"Z*h"*??<????. pressed brick front in?. . j i V rooms and line storeroom, nice fix tures, and brick stable; in * healthy and thickly part of the city; a No. 1 stand for the gro cery or dry goods bustles*;situated on the corner of ?.???? Pstruts,opposite Uonlinechurch,<white;! near Corcoran Market and 7th street cars. F t par ticulars inquire at 14IS ?th street. close by the propeity. Possession given immediately. nig it* Krbi??k LuiT?*oiwo'*,orr and Mansard roof mtedfi containing ten rooms, bay proS?, 0n M rtoor' with modern tin alul^nH'rh-LOT9- M b' 1<W feet to an S-elf' f?,e between 9tli ?nd luth streets north rj l HI ? pavement: no c**h thrZ h?,!','^ months from partiea who'll improv. them, interest six per cent. ma st nth street, bet. N and O sj"^.nh'wert F'*0|inrl5Ta""R*re P*tly 11-w FRAME HOI SE, Ave r.?.ms and kit< h.-n; large, dry , .1 tar, wat?r in yard. No. 11 4al 18th at n w. m21 3t* KS?,, Rl"lT~T,,,w" '*'**'? ,h'rd "t-ry ROOMS, . , ??J"|shed; will be rented singly or together, and table b<<ard supplied if desired. Apply at 73,? ?th street northwest, bet. G and H. "'*! ?? K?A^I?T~.H,0?C;Sf No" 33 B.treet - .nth...t * Postte Capitol Garden; contains 8 riMtms, bath inTr' Ac> A,>pl.> 10 A St'HON BORN, in An hitect's Office, Capit.'l. m21-3t* l^OR RENT-FCRNISIIED Hol SE, c VpU^, 5mir? T'" re,lt f? ? Pr????- family for u. PJLi * rent of '"'P'T hotwe. Addres* E W Mar Otnce. mil, if ^?e!y FuraiaVd PA RLOKS BEDROOMS, n first and second d<M>rs. with water, ga . bathtubs and water-cloaets on ea. h from 010 to $2u dt month Anniv to GEORGE W. HAUPTMAN, Justk" of the Boiithuegt Corner of 11th and Q *?treefg n w. m2I 3k* F?Jr???v ,t5 RI," k ' Ji Ann ro ,m -ii . KESSEl* BRIi K HOUSE: walnut finish ?nh all 1 ? ti vvon, " ?null II111P* II W llll all nxsiern improvemenU, bay windows front and ?T,-i>Ver!i d/'?lrfcl>le l -cation. The Furniture c *t ?..^JUti, and ts as goad aa new All will be aold for tb? price of th<- h-us,, if ??hl The attention of tneiukers of Oongr>-aa is invited to i ti is f?rop< rty. BURNS, TTLEK * CO., -?ot Iusurtince and Real E-tate Ag nt*. rD-' n E atreet, near 7th northwest. h Fl'HN ISH EDROOMS. at 7 13 A lllti stre< t, between G and H. nilu Jt* l^OR'RENT?With or without B >*rd, two utituT r ni?lie?J ROOMS on the first flmjr, front, at 1414 F stre<*t, between 14tb and 15th streets. m2i> 'tt* It RENT THO STORES on P?*nnsy|\ania . hV.joo* i*""' I2,h 131,1 streets, No. 12^0 and mj. I mi bi re on the premises ni3i :#* Three p'?*???ut? unfurnished . KOOMh, with water, gas, Ac. Apply at 304 2d street. between E and f streets n. w. Itiiieicjt* *'URMSHE0 ROOMS,on CV*k."ZfV-*t,,rrt flVors; Table Board can be bad at 619 J. street, between 6th and 7th streets nortliwest. m20-eoSt* b" f 'r ^''u, June 1st. HOUSE ? 1*19 t street; u:;ie ro< nis, with bath and f! .ft ""Provf"e,"?i l-?rge yard and stable. Iu<iuire on premise?i. tnt?-3i* It"' ??'K?ALK-Tbr?*cl?oice LOTS on M. ridianHlTT. JT.'jJ.SUl'1? on reasonable terms. Apply to |> G. BOWSER A CO , Grocers, No. 1321 7th street' l>etween N an<l 0 streets. , n,2,, MlliBl'RN, S'1'3 y?hsTn-e't|1 ?>ef >L? L^OR SALE-Very desirable BUILDING LOTS on V-JbJS'A/wL!! a,,d New Hampshire, \ erniont and Rhode Island avenues. MAURY A BRO , Real Estate aud Insurance Brokers, 1427 mXi-eotw K?pnrs,NT-Thr;'!"rT an<l basement BRICK nL#fc-L r' furnished, in g<x>d location, on I street northweatjfor four months Rent very low. Inquire DHRER,7th atreet, opposite P'?t Office WTtient. m? eo3t* l^OR RENT?Furnished or unfurnished. Mo. 1427 A 8 ftreet northweet, two-story, pressed brick frout, six rooms, cellar, bath room, 'rent porch, and 4 i-?. ro8*"i ffw doors from State Department. Apply to present occupant. m3u lot K(nSJiTfn?nlnr Jtb '* JuP? ta October, a * * UBJilSHED HOLSE of eight rooms, with l!i?,I,nr?*i5)trOTt'n't.,?J5' A rV ch??ice for a careful teiant with no children. In<iaire at 1324 1 ith street, between B and 0 stre^^tn north went. m3u-3t* F'OR SALE-At a bargain, another of those Leat two-story BRICK HOUSES,seven rooms,water and gas. n< rth side of S street,between 13th and 13th ? treets; large lot; easy terms; rare chance; call and V?i f.rfc,p:'rt,r. wlU be ?bown. B. H. WARNER, 72y 7th street. mil-7t K??i?ALi?~Tl|0 nfw "AME^.very neat and. UB Lawrence street, between ls,h and 19lh and B and Sureeti, one t<]tiar?* from street I Kl" * i/^rvv* '"-'ehWorh.xsr Apply to WIL flfl.f LIBBEY. Lumber Merchants, corner 4th atre?t and Kew ^ ork avenue. mSU-Sw P^OR RENT-DWELLING HOUSE, with pre., brick front and marble trimmings, No 1407 Itnode Island avenue, between 1Mb ?nd 16th streets, the residence of the First Assistant Postmaster Gen Vf"' r?.r thf pajf.thrr? *D<1 balf yeara. Inquire 1402 14th street. The above house haa recently been painted outside and grained walnut inside, and put in perfect order. m2P-6: |P0R SALE-AT A BARGAIN T FRAME HOUSE, 10 Rooms, ?o. oJ4 ljth Street northwest, near Agricultural . .. . Department. Lot >4x100 feet; side and ba? k alley Price $3^wo?one-fonTth cash; balance 6. 12 and Is months. MATTINGLY A WHEELER, n'W |w >03 9th street, near E street. IT OR BALE?Very desirable BUILDING LOTif >r A sale, oniwwt side of 15th street, opposite Scott Square; K by luo feet. Apply l?4i M stre?; be tween 16th and 16th streets northweat. m!9 ?w* |r?B.8ALM?A neat six room BRICK HOUSE, nAVI1MMIW ' t j'iu 2ard BTeljr *wraced. DYER A 1 , *? ,1429 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mil bnrn's Drugstore. ml9 lw f?a ^?aj^ summer prices. For people remaining in town during the summer thia ia a splendid location, being convenient to hotela and cara. Well ahad-d and *lrv- ssH-ltn l^OR SALE OR EX<'IIANGE?An unimproved, I unencumbered FARM, of about tuu at res.situ ated on the Manaseas Gap Railroad, convenient to three railway atations. Price, #30 ner acre. Apply to JUAN BOYLR A CO., Real Estate and Note Broken, No. 604 16th atreet, opposite U 8 Treasury. ml? ?w F>? K*Nt-A ,?.w BRICK HOUSE, 11 rooms, with modern improvements, situated on I, near m" fErVw1- ?*' Afp,T t{J MAURY A 6R0., Ho. 1427 F street. ml7 eo3t (TOR RENT-A new three-s??.ry BRICK HOUSE, r containing 15 rooms. No. 312 12th street went! near Pennn Ivania avenue, can be rented on anDli cation to No. 322 12th atre^ west ml7 fe? POR 8ALI-New BRICK. HOUSE, 7 rootna and 1 fw; modern lmpruvMDcntf; 1102 4th atr<*^t IimI between New York avenue and L l"lvgt- ; m!71w* fc'OR RENT?Half s<iuare from 14th street cars, ' Afoe'wo!> new BRICK HOUSE; & IS per month; possession gtven the 1st of Juns Inquire o?4 Louisiana avenue, between 9 and 3. my 17 1m rOR RENT-The BRICK-HOUBI~MoT37 H * *rirt,a little west of the Government Printing Office: contains 7 rooms, with Latrobe, hot water, bathroom, Ac.; nearly- new and in good condition. Apply to R. 8. PARKS, 7 K street, or at room 116 Patent Office. ml7-4t* I^OR RENT?Summer RESIDENCE. House with ton rooms, high and health/, good water, gar den, dairy, chicken house, stabling for horse and cow, fruits of all kinds included; near station Bar* A""jgAy msm?slj&rB near 8 northwest atr>ot northweat office F^OB RENT?HOV8E No. MS ath street, be twasa H street and Pennrylvacia aveaae north west, containing seven rooms, bath room.and cellar BEST?A ten-room three-story BBIOK f^?^iD*Ji5fcr#0?"' far a first-class how.; fc..ho?j?hndjV><>d 1MB, Mad. JOB BENT AWP BALI. ?r^*-*4MrTw?>^ZtZmSSncK mocbmb ?** Mt?aj?r?hwe?t; bath. T!r*??. *Mf MM. nor^i^^ta! a *?*?? rfMullM. ?ortbwM, lot 4i J is tut 01 9m n, N lou kJ it tMi on I ?I.J WfclWl |nr Irt Bio* koMH VOCh of tbr material la now on the ground. * FOBJMLE-Thraa-atory aad ?r?^ brick HOlsE. tea rwmm, in \noa!^r ?eata, on H street. between' ?h aadatT2a?h weZ FABM FOB 8 A LB OR BENT-mt vt- *-i Beliaville, a abort distance fr.? MeiiViHr^aaf ioT on B A O B B. hum. aad 1 "rJirrewl^JL rented inclu.ilnj orchard ' .??? ?ia.saagtea., jskki.'ssrsf asurrxFC's*} MAB^TlV Cnlontown.D^T^ BENT?Valuable BCMM EM 8TAND, third A Hory, n?? IDiW fo?t, D(>rtb*a>i ropn?r Louisi ana avenae and 7th atreef; aleo. OFFICES on ?ee oad ;.<or. Apply oa k^um, or at 443 0 mr~* northweet. before 11 a. m. ml-lm , F,(JB B1NT-Na; l?t, with board, two connwt tng ' front BOOMS, with hot ani cold water. Board and Booni* for two. 944. Modem convenience in honae. 1MT 9th atreet. aJi ku-o^,?5lT-Thw*-*,vr? BKlC* HOC8B7No. JJ U ?reet northweat, one minute* walk J"? the Pennsylvania avenue and F "tree! ram. *fnt_?&) ?er mouth. Apply to Dr. MAGBCDEB, JIO K itrwt northweat. aS4-tf three-atory preaeed BRIOE witiH? j. j' ' wJth *" m ?dern l?pro???B>?nt#, 7I noit liaRa"1!W.? ????*? Inquire IIOL ! LIDuE BROS., feed dealer*. Hh and O. aV Ira p?l?rl??fE?kklem'*55? BOOMS: a back A Parlor p?rnbh.-1 aa a Brdroon. and two aleaa ?in rooms, bftck ad4 front, on M^ond tvforv in nn ellirlbly-lo^H Dwelling on I be ranted on reasonable tnrnx tn gentl-men onlr ^?5 A- National Ib-peblicaoftlBce ' 1 n'1*-" IBep.l k0nK8rA?o t" L'JV?' *A r S-In ?><*?'-rdM-. Ap. . PlJ CAKO 8. ?14 Pennsylvania avenue, k . tweenfth and loth atr.-eta. mr* Jt I SWR b '?I^cV^T01' p?,r l'f CARRIAGE BOB8E8. In<itiire at Pay I>-caniii?-tit liiiiliiing. Wo. 143< F at. ttor.hwoat m2I4t* IVORSALE-30U BOXES. 9x1 8 Inch.-, aad 12 IKOwr54.T?UM??l2tf?I- nOMBSTH SEW 1NO XACHIfll CO., W1 F street,< Maeonir T>-ni p!^2 mil 3t* Ji'j? half luter.-at in h I'l'MB WAIT * M** ELE> ATOK, operated l.y water pre*, rapes' *Ufc wfTy >l*'. no pull.y or i'bmvr Harn>*#, nearly n- w GEO w' iT^ieiifST" K^'m' Coruer PeM-iSS??'* F^OB SALK CHEAP?A 1 *2 Hokse Piiu' v b . CPB1GHT BOILER and ebjyne ^**5 'n,?6,. ROBERT riRTNER"^ -P?f. Alexandria Brewery (^HIRCU OKU AM JrOR SALB-fhJT-ciRG * N T ?r ,h?- N V Avi nu" Vwk,Si? i.Iinrcb ta tflered for talc &t alow price Tli#* in mSUSt ? JL*" \"tp- Trewnrr. ? mw si Freedmen a Bank Buildmc ^JODA WATER APPARATUS FOB BALE! sii^ssvffflsrta! srbs?jr-5 . *^"m!!?Xui*lS?2$Sm'Sm 'Uil taina to loan, free of charge, by n ???'?? palmer^ivb'bkw i L'OB SALE-SMALL FA KM?Apiar^ fo?r m,|j . , _Jlorl y from this city, containing 22 arr?-? abotit one-fourth in heavy timl>er The ininrr.v,-' nient* c. ncut ol a double f rani* Honae m ? order, withall the nooeaaary outbuilding* In. lad at, ice honae full of ? e. iWy cf ?oIT|^re Wflltl^H,,undred frnil of the beat varieti.-, " (wld on ffti) t^rnii. Rfui citv nr< n<irt * > iu l>art e*c hange^Pric?and tenua madeVnown a^,P iCt-ouU> WCHARB B MOHl'N A c? nil! MR 101A 1'ennaylrania avenue F^OH 8ALib?dO,000 linst-cliMt HOSKS T*i7mT~ riaKni**tr' Shrub*, and Tr'eea Him. aren'ue **' A J0RI)AN, ASSeSStt?I arrraue. a? lm* At private sale" " BABToSW. iC?"D,,rr Bet.ld.-nce railed "Dl'Jf ptals^ M^if iii't ?* lbt" rom fr ,n? 1? T'-nnalljtawu, ab >ut is A mileafroci Hiu.hinft?/u, D. C uii iJ' Cf ^ntwni about tw^nty thr^ acfu -f land, improved by a maiigion houae c. ntaimne ei?h teen r<>ouifi. and t wo amall cottMS,Co.^LuiX? ij' citber three rooma, ice houae, barn Ar There are aeren ncrea of arapea in bSIriM peachta and "ther frniU. oearin^, peari, !"i T',,Bl th<' honae ia one of the flneat In t he 5 fi' otlpd?airing a Sue couatry riaMlin n i '* c*" ?n<1 "famine thia pr >perti If the place t* not Bold by the lat of J une the M u aion H .q* will be for rent duriui thel^ra **" fi .VS? wl> 10 FIEBcfi SHOEMAKER 06 lni near Pierce ? Mill. ?een at KEATiNO A CO *8 Stablaa. liOO BAT ?een at KEATINQ A CO.*8 Stab lea tin gBoS PODOS * DABBEILLB, ,tT t* I??T W atreet. R OOfcs IV eo6 m BOARDING. TO BENT, with or without Board Ho "hn~-tt? avenne. m*>-eoli /^?Ol'NTBY BOABI).?prrnona wiohiag the M !w ?imffic" le"rn p*n"uUr8n^4V1 I^CRNISHED ROOMS FOB PERMANENT OR ,Atrv*??BDEM; ateo, lAJJLE ?0ABD,811 E atreet, between Sib aad 9th north mis 1m PROFESSION AL. JAMES 0. CLEPHAME. E. B. BRAILBT CLEPBani it IRAILEV. 8HOBTHAMB WBITEB?A LAW BEPo'etebb t i 0 atreet, between lat and Id facing Indiana avenue. mhJl ly J OHM V. HAMMA, Mo. 8 defl-tf ATTOBMBT-AT law. 8aa LIVERY STABLES. B. oloott ? soh. " " . BOARDING, LIVErV d BALH 4 !? 8th Mreet, bet. D and B, and Chain Aliev H between lfch aod Uth. 'OBtee, WlUartU '' Beat camagea fnaalahad. Special owra mm 'u ffc. boarding of hbwaaT^ ^ ALLIBOH BAILOR, J a., LIVEBT AMD HIB^HG 8TABL . 8TTLIBH CARRIAGES and CO ACE *?*H7 !?>?? E atreet n. A rlihotob STABLES ?B A G STREET, Btrwtu I Carrlagea by day ornigkt,aad I CEO IT, JB. lTra in lBra. or I fOMGRESS STABLER, ? ?th 8TBEBT, Bstwbbh p AWP M. Uoraea ar.d Buggiea for Hire. and^MII^H good Horaaa lor w* every wwk. ? jyMJy BICHABP TAJfT, w^SiSfissjssfsarA'jrae on hand and for hire by the day or Partlea, weddinga, and rwoeptlone the moat comfortable and elegant Oarrtaaaa * Particular attention to boarding Horaea, i Horaea always for Mia and exchange. dacil A railroad AMD Ictl EtUU lirtfafi ftiHiil to tta f JO Gold Bonda the Morthara road Ooaipaay forniabea to the pahllo aecnrlty which ootnbinaa the ready _ convenience, and the high credit ef a llrat road bond, with the aoUdity aad aafety at They ara oflhrad at par la eamaey.aad ytaM ? handsome pbofit to iMMOoavoa.aiidtlN to?M^M I gMliiil.L... thirty yaara to run, bear aa latarwt at TJI per aaM la gold, aad ara IUBR flOM UMITMD STATES VAX to the la paid with GOLD CBMKB,?al ka the peal BOFIIWU OHiHOBl It^o* Mlb-tw r*ixri*ED LBcra^i ? 4B4 rth etreet northwaet. L"aae eZ ?>? n* <4 MMteyeare. PneeBlJBB e-r year. Bl BMP. TTLIK A ?0. Ia*Branrw and ?Mt Eeuue Ar*o. ?? >' ? urMt.Mtr 7th. I $20,000, VoVf: tv m*l ? ??OEEE. ***' m ??* wNlllMIKMiat, AlOft JVi4 '.'"i ?rV?* AMY ()?B \ 1 V^L^*wUI Pr<*?'" b rtarkBhlp orn^ ?? Ml Mr *? the fr-l B c T7??V.fcr* ? ?A-V 0nf) ^OLtmp TO A CKH'P I'ABTf v. ?? rtn* claa* pmpertv. ?<??<?* n >w jg-^y* ,ikh??,;E^I hlanemam. /lame "BIIAii ?<? I at li upm .ltd M. ? |?rk airnw mni a ? SS i1 *F?"?' L*aTF7T5T5^Tf m r* N *?? ?"? -?r~< ...u, ?t *.TTirr" ?*'* cbeaj.; a*Urn |^KaL ItUll BilhiilX? ^OT Ofl 11th Nlf t?At? M and II ?r,w ^ fi* bTw?1l2: . BRK k COTTAOB M * r^ZjTli ??taated ae taaaewor for a t.a. k ?nMtM, and ^T. in* r?n>m for ku<i(lirr nai>l?M? at th. *(4r .ilCL. yfr-t?o? ^7>T; SITE. SOxlt? !M n B. l*etw.-ea T ^tt*niftii'? inil i(ll|vrt >? ??!??? ?i?< 'r?i kin aqajtre. by % i?r"T 2P-**** ?*?*?? and no* ..nder ' *V* ?' W{ P*'r ?"??lli; < an I- 1.114 l.t f.,r M9*lu, II,? *?lu- ? 1 th-irr..inifi ,| ?, 9 THE THREE ST??RT BRICR. HOI 9E N? |?? ? ? w? Bortbeaat, within two Mtam 4 ik* (illa tol. containing eight i .?>???> ? F irat tl ?r-per|.\r ,Ii>m r,?.m anl kil< h< n, ar.-.>wd ;| ,>r?etTtia* r . ???* h-d r.?<???. rath m?aii'l*airr< i H third II . *? '"?' ,^1 an t hall rhamtwr Pri. ??. ?r.jh?. THE THBKB <T?>BY ItBM'k KF>Il>BN< B. ? :ih Urk haitding. N hi .ir?.i, and F. < ontaiumg tea r<i?m? an.I lath J". *.?Firat floor?two |?a r I, >r? dining rna* auil .. *L aecood floor?l*o lar?*e chamber-, tw.> mii?II rhainl?r>. and hath r.?.iii >?ith waior ? 1 tUinl Itoor?tw.. |ar?,> i banilx* -a. (Mlar iio.1t n.HUi b. n?> |tav winj -w in partnr Ta ? I. ?tr ?!>.? UJI- Str.- t inipro?.fn-i11> . .)? r?rj?rt ' Pr?o?, fc: ?mi. .? favnrabln .? P'l FIKB URO('KI) at th? rorn?r of .M ??<! ttrrszTMyr vWrS ?.-Kf,r/S K**rj wuti pdrrf ut, ??w?r mn\ part ml thr aMr, n.akli.ff o*. f the Iln-?t IxiiMin* f* a ri ? of i ??ttuKHa in tli< ? hoi<* nl*. I'rie. c?ita ^?-rJ?ot. FIT* H ? r?X B-al Katal. Br-k-r*. I.MI1 p? a?. n?.. B'l^will | B'-p<i<'hr| >'r?-??dniai ? lUnii Hii;l4'| %|OKET < OMBTAMTLY <?* B A1IOTU LOAM on r?U nuiv, in ????? in >t|.| TRI KM?BLI, * CO., Iw>*> *"' 1^*1 B?1 ?lf Br .fc'T*. iu Till ?|. p* ?Al.B-rfc? OOODWI it a?l r IX TI BBS F.j'r'* A v \L>k* ''i!11* * if* hu-lB?~. auit** H. A. r.? M*r oftic# T<*mi? ii>hU * "Kit * |> EAL BltTATB l.'Ukv MoMV to r?a ia BB. mhh aii?l for iencth of tlnw lo ?mi . U,u * AKNBK, 7th atraat. F'OB KALB-r ar IrM-ctaM BBK'B Hot 8Bh, tw? iwjuari . front C?pito| Park, and tk* - - dlatBorr lo llw Br* Baltera Markot ?!l. 2i% I^DlIf Rtr??(HL . ara. ai.ll lorata.l. Ibaae houaaa Bra *^11 built, i?a L ?" ch' f*"? hot and Cold wator, and -<? rjP 'Bay. Iu<iuira an tba praauaaa, 3I? O a aonthaaal. ' - a? la" !? ?aKiv8T.LJ?Jrh* ''TOCB. GOOD WILL au? Vo Vo\ i r? .'il,M'^""V7 ?*,d r*nr' Btor#, N<v 707 MarkH ("HCf, t>-< 7th bimI ?rh ata, nortB w?t. (aatr| B LBNfBk.Bg A OO. \ rn'A^y. BABM Pi?B h ALB (>B BX ilJ? ? r>AhoAJN ?JC mcr*m \my nuMlor Ifff1' gBHially for i^r,, large M-w T .laoc# ?in?i'aid*i ?V H"u#* *"<? "OllMiildinCBi iirn-Tard of im Concord iriM % mi, m a'feSilS fr~'t.SwS'iJJbS T, iu frDrrd ? ,,'*r Oum?-a'? Htali..n, on K P k >. !L1'1' CQBlity, Vb Prkf, oiUr ?aa^ Jn. ? B. PHILLIP?! * I,' 1B>T CLAfcS JlkAI. BfTATB fOB 8ALB ? AM]B KBKT. I ?? M?K*V TO LOAN l X* r.*w?rH -oaaa on H at.. i?B?l .?f imB. } ? * Ja. WaoB Pla< * , Inra <1 ?rank I OB B.lM'twacii isih and 13th, turnlah-d. I T r .,7'h ?wl l"?h; aal. an.! tftl ?' >Mh and l? B; f..r aal 1 on ati. m i?,', SIS 1,1 h- ^,?,,,? ^?r?>???iad i ??n M| ?? D a?41: ?? ?* lo?H, .. ? iut> M, " 12i h ?i,d |.n h. ifMOif.^.r ntit tl and Iftth tl. U VXI.H, tth b?a.^B M and N. Hltl, l-.-l U't'fll I' Mlhl o, I P.'? mrKUu"~: ?? *>"????-?> Bnd l?h;f.f M|? t o? J' i .,SJ'?,beewwe 1I,tl Bnd 13;h, r >ra?la. n LVlirrc?" pr . r, c.-r MB. f " Brick, with rurnilifrr.b f n? ,n-? loth ?%|* rTi ' W'lh rmS',tSr*' H " h*1 131 h and luh 'f1'"; Ofouad < n N. Y. a?c . n-ar iftth. aal* ll,b|? n. Oronn<l, on IA;h, b.-t. L and M. ( m cfnto I OroniKl, ihjubi* MB. (In ccdU.I S^iivI, near 16. < 2 i I't *pr? ^ rt}. near Capitol, for ulr or rwl Valuable Lot on 131 (i. near Fiforaale * Alh", a<| uare aouth <?! 186 A?. ProB^rt) in all part* ofthi" cltr Entate for rash: Bixnafe, rant, ai?4 -t'ssffi?j .tar Jiits,.?. R'DWEu.*!s,,?ctr 'j? iasf ig ?trert, ho. 1719. PnTe'.sjw,^^^ "* -an.# . w Hamilton a pkabhom. tf Y. M C. A. Building, Bth and D i. DRY GOODS. gXTBA FINE LACEJJca^UEs; stocfur**1^ fro* Bocti ? an Ibibi*m? ' EEAL LLAMA LACK 6ACQCEB. cb-ap "Ulch wil1 *?M esti aorJtoBril y sJn.Ti ?"??? lot of LAOS ^AOyl Kb oer brought to the city ? Call and ana WMNOLLYB.bO-^b.trZSr.*^ " ** 81 Oppaalte Patent OIBcb. I^LAtB til LBS OF ALL GRADES^ MBW DRESS FABRIC?, J'l>lll,..Ucf SarqtieB. PmbmIi, White Go-ata, Pw???, < bintren, Prr> Blea. La? n>. Organ I ?. Lia en?,Ac. Black Umiadinea, Al|?aca?, Moliair*. T? ua*,KuK li.h Crape*, and other Black ?..d. ??<?B?inp" Sattiuca. Clot ha, Tw.-ed-, Dack?. Drilling*. FIub* b?7' Maty Blue" Fabric* J,an?aaA?, 8hw4ui(a, Pnl .* Liuena, hapblna. I <>unter pajjr>. ToweleTUi)lina m*r One Price OiBB. <b plain^urea. ?OttAN * H VLIK, ?uI7 lr 101B and fttOrth alreet a rtfaw?>. 'piJE MODOC WAR Haa not iatbe l. act interfered with WOLFORD ft BBILIEKfl'l Procnriug their nunal ?ttractlon? iu DBY OOOLS For aprinf and ?uuuaer wear, Ladiea abould bear in mind that tbi. la the be* andrbeapeat eatal'ltabnienl auulh of Mew Yorkt2 hud rack good* a* Plain and 8trip*d Japaneae Milka Jonlarda, Black and Colored Mlk? B.a. kaudOH Strips Urenadinea, Chm.~ Popliiw n all fhadea. Mncie and doable width Uernauniea. A fal hue Mourning U<Kala THB UREAT SPECIALTY, LLAMA LACE JACK ?TS A NO POINTS All the noTeltiea in Sl'M SHADES and P \ R (Rot jt DuKwtica tn large varie,,, u.LiV *U *^2: clea, too iiBBeroua to mention PerBona tiiat talue their d .llara and rent* ahonl? ? hVi^ 10 c " tUl" ht'u*^ l*for? purt luMiiig Tin Remember BTTIIE ARCADE, tr 4B7 7th atraet, between D and E, g. W. JJELUCTION IN PRICKS AT THE ARCADE Oa lng t<> the backwardneaa of tbe aeaaon u i k._ Ing a larger atock ol CABPBTb on hand than u^uIj for ibe time of year, we ahail, fr.<n MuNOA Y PET^U'Crr1 ,U PrK* u" *? "?A*" Our at} lea In Eugliah Tape^rya. Bnrliab Ingrama. Amei ican lngratua and liultallon Bruasele canmol be excelled-any w here. A large Mock White and Cfceck Matting* In ?to? *t low figjrea. Wind* Shade* and Fixture* Mow t? a fair opportunity for bownhMpera to pro. care a uca (Jarpet tor a little money. WOLFOBO ft hIKLBE&O. m!7 tr 4BY 7th wreat. b* tween D and B, B. W. ?FARGA1KS IM DRY GOODS.-AadruacoMia 13 Cotton, 17cU amautta. a*.. Mew fort MTlia, ?? von U, ill | TT BUIBHIM, MB new B 'lk MM.IBM Br.i Sheeting Cotton m 8-4, ?-?, and UN, Tabic Linen, 7?r.; Towejx. 91 ? per dotea. Black !S<lk ak 92 2t worth 9> 7?, Paraaola, Su . to ti^ D >j lie*, 7Bc. per doarn; Black AlpmcmM, Mc. to 91. Victor** Laara, 22. ; Lining Caubrio, lllc.; prtnta. ft - Bleached Cotton, Be All hinda of dra^ fooda M ttaa lowest aarhet pr icea, at BEODHEAD A OBI ml2-tr UB1 F at ret, between Uth and l5W. IJBY GOODS AT PAM10 PRICES. Gr??t bargain! la DBY GOODS fro? the Mm lorkaiiuPhiladi lphjaancti. ua Drw GreudiM at 6, U, and 12S cenu per rardTa beaTtfm Tm. ^f Drea. CkKjda at le? tlE Lnpciu^VlSl Lbc* CurufM at %iju a piece; a line afki'ttf tol Paraaola at right price*, a few Llama Laaa bhawU at half price. EkoBY MAXTEM^ BM-lf I?S# PeonayUaaia btbJim. J^EW DEI1GHS FOE LADIES' AMD CHIL DEEMS* DEESBE9 AT MBS. ?. H MAC BEES' STAMPING DEPOT, ?1S tr BIT 7th jy| C. LtTTEELL. C A. DCMMIBGTO M ' LCTTEELL ft BlRRIRBTtl. AactieBeera BIT La. At*., J5?K SSVLJ^SsA A n|AW'. eSSe f? WOMDEMF^L^MTEMTH Elect r?Gal*a?M**FEOTi CLEB, OB or TBI FECTA iHrara *V l?(l

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