Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1873 Page 3
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PBOPOSALS. Proposals rom wrocoht cast IRON WORK FOR THI HBW JAIL, DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. Nbw Jail, Distbictop Colcmbia, I Office of 8 a pari at rodent. Hat 8, 13?.{ WKOL'UHT AMU CAST IRON WOKK. Sealed Proposals will be received at the office off Ibf ggwriBltnarDt until IS a., Jcvi 7.K3. for f'irm?h:ng, delivering, fitting, and putting in place the Wr >nght am) Caet iron Work a* exhibited by ? *" -- ' ? ' Specific^1? * fli?* Drawing*, deecribed in the W?cifl called for in tne Schedule*, consisting Cart Iron Ctlumae off Bseement, Rolled IleamjK Acoff JTloors, Iron Work off Ri>ofs, Grating* lo Window*, Ac. die .Cell Door*. Iron Staircaee*. ?>.. Copies ..ff the Drawings.Specifications, and Sched ule may be bad on application at thisi office All scaffolding reuuired by ?he contrctort to put ?be work in place will be furnished by the Govern ment free of charge, but will be erected bj the con *rpr',i?*l? will be made by the piece, lineal foot, weight, for th? various items of work, as called for in the tkhednle. The work will not be subdivided H,lg| different bidder*, bnt will be considered in ghe aggregate. The whole of the Caet iron Columns c.f Bwvnt Story and the B-ams. Ac , of First Jkwr, must b- delivered and set in position within three months ffrein date of acceptance of proposal, au.d the whole work mnit be completed withift twelve months from date of acceptance. Payment* will be made monthly. d -ducting ten per Centum until the final completion ?ff the contract. All bid* must be accompanied by a penal bond, in Ibe mn of twenty thousand dollar* ( 9?.iJJQ,> that the bidder will accept and pert 'rm the contract if ?warded him, the sufficiency off the nectirity to be certified by tie United State* Judg", the Clerk of the Uai*ed State* Court,or the District Attorney of ghe Dirtrict wterein he reside-a The Department reserves the right to reject %oy or all bide, if it be deemed for the internet of the Gov ernment to do *o, and any bid that is not made on tne printed f rm. to be obtained in this office, and doe* not conform in every re?pect to the require ment* off this advertisement, will not be considered; j,e:ihT will any *ropo*alaho rsttltti frosa parties ?who are not th-m<?lves engaged :n the manufacture r.f WrugM er Cart-iron Work, and who have not the neee-warv facilities f->r getting oot the work. Proposal* will be endorsed "Bids for Iron Work, PB<1 addressed to . m7 rt ADOLF CLU3S. Superintendent. C~^'OAL AND WOOD FOB THE TREASURY / PEPAKTMEKT. i fiMMtt DFf*KT*e.iT. May 15th, M71 Prop -^1- f snpplv tbe Treasury Department wl h Coal and Wood for the ?n?nine vear will be received abthis office up to noon off MONDAY. Jane 23,1873. Instructions to bidders will be furnished on appli cation to J. H. SAYILLE, Chief Clark. n>15-law3w (Chr. A Rep.| OFFICE ACTING COMMISSARY SI BSIST RMCR. Fo*t Whippli, Va.,Mav 1J, 1373. Sealed Proposals in duplicate will be received at this office until 1'J m.. Jinf. 17th, H73, for furnish ing the Fresh Reef required by the Subsistence .Department, U. S A., at this rtation,during the six niouths c> nimenctng July 1st, 1-C3. Blank forms for pr >p ?aU and information as to conditions, quality of Beef, payment*, Ac., can be obtained b . application to GEO S GRIMES, nilfi gt 1st Lient . 3d Artillery.A. 0. S. STEAMER LINES. Anchor line steamers, Sail from Pier *?, North River, New York. EVEBY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Tbe paseenger accommodations on Steamer* of this line are nn?urpaase,l for elegance and comfort. Cabin rtate rooms are all on upper deck, thus securing g--od light ai.d ventilation RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY Sat. stramers. Wnt tifamers. Gold. Currency. Cabins. f75 and $?t. #71 and ??5 Cabin return ticket*securing beet accommodations ?130 S13C Steerage, currency, $3U. Certificates for paesage from any seaport or railway WatioB in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent at XATBS AS LOW AS IT AST OTRIl URsT CLASS LIVE. F r passage apple to HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 B wling Green.N. Y.toC. CAMMACK, 14*J3 Eat. n w.,or WILLIAMSON & CO., 1743 Penn, avenue n.w.. Agents. Washington. 1116 l\JEW EXPRESS LINE YIA CANAL, i ' IITWIM .PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA. Va., WASH INGTON ANi) GEORGETOWN, D. O. SAILIXS DATS. Turn Pier J, North Wharvea, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and SAT-' CEDAY, at l*m. From 49 Water street. Georgetown,D. 0 .TUBS PAY and SATURDAY, at 19*. m. Thi* line connect* at Philadelphia with "Clyde's iron Line" of steaner* for Providence, Boeton and Sew England State*. No wharfage in Boeten by thi* line G. F. HTDK, Agent for D.of 0. WM. P CLYDE A CO.. Philadelphia. F A REID, Alexandria. Ya. Waldo A. PEARCE, 44 Congre** Street, Boa ton. ?^"Freights delivered by Eaog's Express Order* left at General Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenue, or at the steamer wharf will be promptly attended an \V a8mhgtop4oyidFrnor' Bonon- *** Tbe flne Iron Steamer LADY OF THE LAEE Raving reenmed her regular tripe to Horfolk,will leave her wharf, foot of gth atreet, every MONDAY and1 THURSDAY, at 1 p. ?., touching at principal Elver Landing*, connect,ng at Horfolk with Steamship off tbe M and M. Line for Boston and Providence Freight should be addreaaed "car* off Lady of tfce Lake, via Norfolk.'' Branch ticket office at Enoz*i Exprew Office, 693 Pennsylvania avenue. 1.1. CEOUCH, Agent,ath-street wharf. DORSEY CLAGETT, General Agent. Plant's Store, oorner 11th s>. and Pa. ace. ?UMARD lime. TBE BRITISH A9D NORTH AMEEICAE ROYAL MAIL STBAMSHIPB, BETW REM HEW YOEE AED LIYEBPOOL, GALLING AT COEE HARBOR. FROM HRW YOEE. Alcerta Wed May 14 * Kusaia. Wed_Msy 21 "Java Wad May ft 'Cuba W.-d?June 4 ?Scotia Wed.June 11 Batavia Sat May 17 Calabria. .Sat May M Parthia. Sat May 31 Samaria Sat June 7 Abyssinia._Sat_...June u Una* 4o not carry ?***? follewlng WEDNESDAY tag 8ATUB DAY from New York. Man* oi Pamasi.?Cabin, ??, RMS, aad ?1JB ?old, according to accommodation. Tickatato Paria, Elg, gold, additional Return ticket* on favoraMe terms . R30, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool aad id all parta off Earopa, at lowest rates. Tkroocfe MUaoff lading given to Belfaat, Glasgow, Havre, AJBaerp and otaer points on tbe Continent aad for Hadtterr snean porta. For freight and cabin aaa , apply at tke Coaspany's office, Ho. 4 BowUng ?;for steerage passage, at No. Ill jtssfsiy Green. Trinity Boilding. CHAS G. f EANCELYM. Ageat, Hew York OTIS BIG^LOW, Agent, Steaoier Office, I->ll Pa. aveuiit*, aovW-ty Washington, D. O. M KRCHAHT*S L1NR OF 0TEAMSHIP8. tlTWItl WASHISGTOH>ND HEW YORE. ? I I ? 0. EHIGHT sag JOHN GIBSON will asake regular weekly ^gaaa grlss between NEW YOEE, ALEXaN <H^? PHI A, WASHINGTON and ORORGB^^HB TOWH, ae follow*:?Leave HRW YORE froa Piss OEO RG rroW y*ev*cf Vriday V/ Zltrs AV5rXteffi^foratMTolTa'i^U'VP*A. DMMHAM, Agent, offioe aad whan toot ot llgft street, Oeorga gown, or at Iks ana st 17tk strest sad Maw Ysck ?^"Freights delivered by Enog's Rzareaa. Or ders left st General Office. 603 Pennsylvania ava> Tne, or at tbe steamer wharf will J?e promptly at te^r^o. j. W. THOMPSOE.l HOTELS. BTEIOH HOTEL. OaoaaiTown, D O. U Y. SHINS, Proprietor. This Hotel has been r ewly refitted and It contains all tbe modern Improvements?hot aad aotd bwttis, belle, and gas. It ia conveniently lo seted, being situated oa the line off tbe Waahingtoa and Georgetown City Passenger railroad, the cars of which, fToca tbe railroad and steamboat depeta, >aa tbe door every two or three minutes. The an?-ets of this bouss can reach any ot the public Buildings eff the national capital or any place of amusement, Ac , br a pleasant ride of a few minutes Fereene doing business along tbe tins of tke canal aad aa tbe wharvea will ?nd R Qtop at this house. iedl-ly TyBOHM HOTEL, " H Ho. T#? G STREET, l-tf BrrWKXMfTI AMD Stn 8thBITS. JB B IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES BTEES, Frt Fbontum Pbh5stl vahla Avsksb, Ummtm W* aadldtfe wrssu, WUHISSMH, p. O. tks Props letor i ik?5csrr^ .. . . ? ? off his .... which be ^ fJ^ad Si EBTAET HOUSE, _ ?ssassd sa serwss Ui* mmmtdji. j., Aftsr Us 1st of December. 1ST, Pnrssas fraiarisssTBoasdar^wUl SndjAto twsae one eg tta ^grjja.'sparagBg.g ' tIss charges' sra less, bat tke wisSi aad tka eom tart off all gwesU will be carefully provided (or. - iroprietor, R. RR'HARDS. has determjnsd to iago? W0RMLEYM PBCTOBAL 8YBUP, GOUGES AED OOLDE. HOLJJ if ALL DEIVfim. I Hate Work on Glass aad PROPOSALS. pB9P08AL8 FOB If ATPB1AL3. i Na*T DlfilTXFST, B XKAl or and Dock*. ? , . _ l_yrA?*>?f:Tos, *ay M Propo<i4lfl for <*tcb cliMi TtanratolT indonod wPro^ . <*? No <>^"C!ra'fSTS th?I7 ?*"J2tti?*2*t,t?IF*,'"wa b* received at this office until ]? o clock am of the twelfth L!?tJLiP^/1 **i *? which hoar the opening of the * f"r furn'shlng and teliver tK i -?S.TT Tsrds and Naval Atrium, ifcs whiih Vtf,*f?tctf*-1in printed ach d l*f' , jt with the form of offer and guaranty , pin at tor, and <ent by mail, if ao req nested, to per ? sons desiring to offer to contract for any or allof the sever*? n*n>ed therein, by the Commandan's of L^T.721 H*t' for th* rlMM for the yards their cotHtn?nd, or by the Paymaster nearest anTasyinm * Bnr':t0 for **' or 1111 ?t the ysrds ,h'" bnre?n ??> numbered and des igfatea as follows Cuss No 1, Bricks; No J, Stone, No. 3, Yellow Timber: N;>. 4, Yellow Pin* Lumber; No. S. Oak and Hard Wkss; No. |, White Pine, Spruco, Jumper and Cv pr-ss. No. 7, Lime, Hair and Plas ter. No. 8, Cement; No 9. Gravel and Ssud; No. Ill, Slate; No. 11. Iron. Iron Spikes and Nails; No, lj Steel; No 14. Piles, No. la. Paints. Oils and Olass; No. M, Ship Chandlery; No. 17, Hardware; Ho. D, Stationery, No. Jo. Har and Straw; No. 21, Proven der; No 22, Charcoal; No 13. Belting, Packing and jl' Sp?mi ?d<I Lubricating Oils; No. 15 Iron Work, Piping. Ac ; No. 26, Angers; No. 31. Copper Uil Composition Nails. * ' NAVAL ASYLHM. Claw N?. I. Clothing. No 2 Ha*, B.?M, Shoes, No 3, Provisions; No. 4, Groceries? No g. Drv Goo*,: No. 6. Bread, Ac.; No. 7, Tohkcco Vo 7 C al. No. 9. Paint,, bito, Ola*., Act Noll' l?' her; N? U. Firewood; No. 13, Provender; ko 14 SJSST*?* N?- 16 Ho 1?, Sta The following are the classes, by their nnmbets ?.y!'?U?! " respective navy yards and naval' KITT*RY,MAIN*. Noe.?, 7,11,14.15.18,3D. II. a, 24. ?- i s CHABLBSTOWN, MASS j( * 5'6 7' 9' Hi 16,17,13,20,21,3.33. v ' , . . BROOKLYN, N. Y. ? ?* ? '*' 7<8?,'U?K' >?,15, 15,17, 13, ?0. 21, Nog. 1, 2, J, 4,#. b.7.i,9, 11,13, 14, 15,16. M , , WASHINGTON, D. O. 0"' >'2.5.6,9,11,12. 15,16, 17,13,20, 21. ? , l?Z;i4'*>,'7>*'1U<U<U>?> I6'17-'8 ?.?. 23, ? , ' , ? PENSACOLA, FLA. Noe. 1,4,6,7. 10.11. 18, ?, 21. MARK ISLAND. CAL. U ??' ' *'5' *' 7* 8' *' U< M? ,5? 16' I7. 18, 21, may 15 Iaw4t pR0P08ALS8FoRSTKAM^M UINKRY FOR NAVY DRPARTMENT, ) Bibf\i <>f Stkam Bngixrering, S 1* a?hi*otoji. D. C., May 5,1373. \ 1. Manufacturers of steam machinery are invited this Bureau until noon op ArocsT i, ii.'..' Jl,r tht" construction of Steam Ma chinery for one or niore of three vessels of ah mt ttMi tons, and propelled by one "rew " ' fcb?nt ** inerewiH befor each vewel one pair of engines horisonit*! cylinders; "ri^GS'lin ??m^n7?ren^h L?I preiwure of su pounds per siiuare inch Ab ?ve the Atmosphere, all t<? be below the water ri IV- ?"???< "boot 12 feet above l.aM line I ?J-uEc, ? y>rove,l design with ?pe. ial pump u,st,llef The utual number of duplicate pieces, tools and Jr?r,ve,,uirwliD sucl' * n,25?i2TC^?MZ "1? ^ ?.f ,he T* Quality of material and is irkmnnslnp. accordiug to N*vui standard, and will include .til that is vrrmn f ? the vesaels, .Uch as ^J'bSSSSflhaft ?M?>, fire, oil au<l * allow tank?, Ac , aiid i, to oording'to OT^r>,e,e f?r ^ jinbS5?s,it^h3tew:x'aati!5 hrirses p.)w?r continuo^ly during forty-eight c .n lit ? ? ? * ? machinery, incladin* v;T'i time on or after the first day of July, 1373. V The m?4 hinery ittobeerecte<i ?.n board the of Blorfolk v^*J?01 thl^Atlantic coast not south ?jyretec?* V,rgin,a' M the Secretary of the Navy ?JfjE will state the name or names of the Sh?. hN.kB fn"' aBa ,he:r !*ureties, the grow -.iim for pX'b f;?" 'm"QtI., The propowals are to be endorse,l "Proposal* for A.'am Markinery for Sloops of War" to distinguish theiu fr??m other business letters, and be ttccomna i?L * C?PJ this advertisement The contract# will embrace the ii*nal conditions The lu*5t in0th,> n"uiil manner, as' r'?-}t ^reJ^Tor a^^pr?^ ,^2. W1,J V*" li* received at the same time, fh . fespects in the same manner and under the aanwyamtloM, for steam ma< hinery, for one tSTJcOTS, "*"f" S.K3I T.'"1 th? necessary speciflcatlou for engines and toilers, in accordance with the forego *ri<1 f^inirements, rt ti n^L 7?for '<*" consideration _J_ P * from designers and mannfactnrer? r?f ^nne engines nnt.l meridian, on the Wth of June! Body section* of the hull, covering th? .. ni?bed on application to the Bureau Tlie sMciflel tn.ns will state what will be the maximum e^enti Jj *n indicated horse-power in poundn of >ood^&n teh?C*,r^JS,n.r-'^SriD? * t-'J^f net less than 36 consecutive hours at maximum power For any design accepted aa a whole. cr ?7iyno?ei feature or part of a design adopted, a reasonable sum, in no case exceeding .fSjiuo, will be mm u compensation, aa aoon as the additional w?king drawings required are furnished. For the be^t re* J*cted deaign the sum ot A500 will be n*id it deratood tbnt the rigbt i. ralirved to n? "ggtM XSZfjZXi' J?B0P0SALS FOB STATIONKBY. K\V.T DfllTiUXT, I r;,~S?si?;z:i?zZi'S',l lr 'ng Stationery for the Navy De "D<1 turesus and offi. ee thereof, jn M tuh .during the fiscal year ending June 3u l<7i will be received until 1)1 o clock M.Vf the or ntZKW'r '"e submitted on the form- far !? ?> the department, with the guarantee anH therlln aune*ed, and must embrace all the items W?hM,?o?1fro? ^hni7 Bot i? bt-ineas In w a*n ngloti, or who have not a ?udd1 V?>. *% hcity, will not Im? consideFed. PP ' ^ ,n T"? J?hedule embraces two flreneral claaHss- * Kt papor and enveiopea-?Sd, miscelianeone article and Wwi awarded In the whole or by tfM th* U,?re "'^"tageou. The Department re-erve? the right to rmsirs > ti Hn th'J T ;;f ?ny i? ??>e scLj** li uire ?fecified,aa the wants of the same may The articles will be aalled for from time to time a* n? eded. and must be in accordance with the schednia ??J ??ti"'actorjr to the head of the office orb.Trein' for which required: must be delivered without un srt cles elsewhere, or to annul the contract in wholA for,Di!frtiAlitiW thecontrartor* responsible thereby. ?ddltl "t1*1 expense it uecasarily incurs trfc'!!V,raCpai,/!u^r.^CrUin* ?nder the c'n" ir? JHJK ?? G*?w M r?bk^on, _H ~AJ1 Secretary of the Navy. J)B0P0SAL8 FOB ARMT SL'PPLIKS U. 8. Arsbxal, Pik*svill?. Mo..I ^^tkhi:A-r^rw?,lhDAti tewT.^r ^hdrJ?f*jrrnVfri^,he ut ?f Corts of Hard Wood, Pounds of Bye Straw. subject to inspection on de ?ad?o*b^pu2'i^flT "^5T"^r cr^?^lmbS", ^ 'r^i?;:f,e'^^rba&r*w ,u ^5the Sos'l'.iA A ^ ^ille Ar?>nal Q" Min charge ofJ.U. PROPOSALS FOB FBAMK BDILPINQs! Depot QrABTgrnxasTKm's Orptci,/ a , . _ wa*"'*?toii, D.O.. May II. 1373 < - S^yed Propoaals, la duplicate, with copiea of thia umrri'aT"/^'.^'?1 \Vil ?thisofflcS gort Whniai ' W?. /or the conatruction at la ?wn'pple, Ta., oft he following frame bnildi ? Whipple, fa., of the following frame haitdi ngs =~'s,srisi.b?iis*,fff *"S ?litelraasfeiJKE: M"*? ^?>d Instruction Build Payment to be made when" the buildings are com pleted and accepted by thia Department. Full infomuioa furuiahsd upon application to thia office. _ ? WM MtKBS. Bvt. Brigadier General U. I. Army, m!7 At Depot Quartecmaeter J^OTICM TO CONTBACTORS. Orrin or thi- Potiri Telcgmaph.1 No. 49* Loci?iA*a Avkjicb, \ _ . . Wa?bis?top, D. C., M*y ,,V Sealed Proaoaals, duly indorsed aa snch, will be recftved at tnia office until 19 o'clock M , on SAT CBDAT, May 4A. for rebuilding, and also for ex teadiug and rebuilding the Police Telegraph Lines in the District of Columbia. Detailed epeciftcationa for each will be furnished on application to M. T. HOLLY, at thia office The Board of Police re serves lbs right to reject any and all bids if ' for the public ssnjee mlS-td President ZJrj pBOPOBALS FOB SALB?F WABTB PAP MM .ThKaarmt DieAKTHg^T.'Mav u^h uc.t Sealed Pr e.~al* for the WASTK PAPBBoTthia D- pertmeoi for the year ending Juueju. i<7? ili|| te received until 1* o'clock, noon, THDUdat J up* 19,1H73 Instructions to bidders will be fnri-' bhsd on npplicntiot. to J. H. SAV1LLK. ?OS lawiw Chief Clerk. AUCTION SALES. rCTDRl BAT*. BT LATIMER A CLKABY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken. Southwest corner Pean>ylv?nla and Elev enth at reel, Siar Offlc* Building. IIORSE. BUGGY, ANP HARNE88, AT AUC OnSATUBPAY MOBNISO. May 94. at 1? o'clock, we shall sell, in front of oar ? snlesrooae? One Sorrel Mare, 7 rear* oM, One Top Baccy. One Set Bingle Harness Sale positive, u party selling has no farther we for a team. Terms ?a?h. n>M-3t LATIMEB A CHART, Ancts. DT OBKIN I WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, L> Mo. 1001, northwest corner loth and D *?. VALUABLE BEAL EST\TE AT THE CORNEB Or BOUNDABT STREET NORTH AND 7th STRBET WEST, AT THE JUNCTION OF THE 7th STREET CARS. AT AUCTION. , On Tl'EbDAY, the ;47th day ef May, W7J, at ? o'clock p. m., ?c shall '< on the premises, Lfceing Lot No 37, in **lx ion of Mount Plea aant, having 40 feet 2 inches front,running through to 8th street west, with the improvements, consist ing of a Brick Dwelling house. This property ha* fine building frost* on Boundary, between 7th and 8th streets, makinc it valuable property. Terms One-half cash; balance 1 and S year*.for note* bearing 6 per out. interest and secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyancing at the coot of the purchaser. J|100d<>wn on the day of sale. mil d OBEEN A W1LLIAMJ, Aucts. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucts., Corner 9th and D streets northwest B VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON K STBEET, BETH KEN 1-th AND 16th ST8. NORTH W KbT, NEAR SCOTT SuUARE, AT AUCTION. ^ On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May 86th. at MH6 o'clock, we will sell, upon the pre.nises, Lot ^?*6, Square 1<W. having a frontof 45 feet 6 inches on North K street, with a depth of 146 feet II Inches to a 30-foot alley. We would call especial attention to the sale of this property, as it is one of the finest building lots in Washington, being in the most fash ionable part of the city, situated on the north side of K street, between IMh and 16th street* northwest, and nearly opposite Scott Square, and suitable for one of the finest private residences In t he city. Terms: One-half cash; balance in 1, 2, and 3 years, note* liearitic interest and secured by deed of trust. Conveyancing. *< ., at cost of purchaser. A deposit of 9500 will be repaired as soon as the property is knocked off. DrsCAMgoN _ DOWLIHO A CO. ml9 (Republicaul Auctioneers._ flY LATIMEB A CLEABt, _ _ 15 Auctieneers and Real Estate Brokers, Hcuthwsstcorner Pennsylvaniaaveuue and lltbst., Star Office Building. YBBY DESIRABLE "RESIDENCE ON THE NORTH SIDE OF F STREET, NEAR FIFTH STREET. NOBTII* EST. AT AUCTION. _ On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May ?6,13T3, at 6H o'clock, we shall sell, in front of the premises, part* of lots 15 and 16, in s juare 513, '.2 by 100, with the Improvements thereon, consisting of a three story press brick front residence, with two-story back building, containing 11 rooms, and with all the modern improvements, being house No. 103 H street northwest. Terms: One-third cash; balance in one and two fears,deferred payments to be secured by deed of ? rust on the premise* sold. If the terms of sale are lot complied with in 7 days after day of sale, the right i* reserved to resell the property at the risk .ind cost of defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. ?200 down at time of sale. n.21 |Rep.| LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. BANKERS. B | E W IS JOHNSON A CO., BANKERS AND DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, Have REMOVED to their new Banking Hon*e on he corner of loth street and Pennsylvania aienne, on the site formerly occupied by them. inl3 lot OTIS BIGELOW, Banker* 643 D STREET, NEAR SEVENTH, Pays INTEBEST ON DEPOSITS, makes COL LECTIONS, and transacts all business connected with Banking. apl-ly a~nking mouse or J. H. SQL IER A CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. orposiTK willabd's hotel, WASHINGTON, D C. 8 per cent, interest paid on deposit!. Collections made everywhere. Deposits pavable on demand. Pay of officers In the Army cashed in advance. ap2-tr JF. BAODHEAD, ? Broker* No. V-39 Penna. ave., Boom 8, Washington, D. 0. Special attention given to investment securities. Invitee attention to securities now effered at prices which will pay 10 to 15 per cent, in amounts aud of length of time to suit Inv estors. Safe, reliable, profit able and prompt, making them In every respect FIRST-CLASS SECURITIES. Refers by permission to Lewis Johnson A Co., Washington. D. C.: Moses Kelly, Esq., Cashier Rational Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D. C.; Hon. J. M. Bredhead, Second gontroller, Washing ton, B.C.; Edward Clark, Esq., Architect U.S. Cap ttol, Washington, D. 0. mar 17-to T'hb batiobal bank or the bkpubuo (Corn* rof 7th and D streets,) OPBH FROM 10 A. M. TO If. M. . decl7 1y CHAS. BRAD LEY, Cashier. PERHAII AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK, \T No. 61ft Skvkmth Stkkst, Oppotit* lAs Post-Oft* Dtpmrtmmt. Bank boors: t a. a. to 4 p. a. Baturdayi open an il S p. a.,to receive depestts only. Interest paid on deposits. Collections Bade and wchance furnished. _ ? _ _ JOHN BITE, President, A. EBERLY, V. Prest, W. F.MATTiBOLTJSec .O. E. PBENTlSB.OashT sotHi Xh* v-iumKbaw" ahd t--hi*?g Bouse, Me. 1MT Pennsylvania avenoe, opposite the Treasury, PATS SirPBB CENT. INTEBB8T, Interest Begin* th* t\rst of Each Month. PATS FOUB PER CENT, on business accoants from date of deposit. lumu OniMmtu of IMposit bearing ? and 4 per cent. Interest, available anywhere. OAS BRANCH OFFICES in all large towns and citlee of the Benth and Southwest. Bank horns,9 m. tn. to ip. m. Open Wednesday and Saturday nights from Wtol j'clock, to receive deposits only. Gall at the Bank or tend fer a copy of the Charter and By-laws, jllt-ly COOKE * CO., JAT BUT ABD BELL FOBEIGB EXCHANOB and iSeGB 01BCULAB LETTEBS OF CBED1T for Travelers^wvatlabl* in any part of th* world. Oar Drafts on JAT OOOK.lMcCULLOCB A CO.. are Oashed la any put of Bn?lani>, Ikblarb aad acon.4WP,/rsi of thame. may 18 WASHINGTON CITT SAVINGS BANK, v V Corner 7th stmt mnd Lot I Louisiana or* PATS S PER CENT. 1NTBBBBT OB DBPOSIT. Interest commences from date of deposits. Deposits can he made and drawn at will. mygtf J. A. BUFF. THE TRADES. JTotice of Hentovai, THE LUMBER BUSINESS, ? HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE UN DERSIGNED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE, AND B STREET, BE TWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE Csf. sf 13th street bm4 Ohio awe. B* v. m9-la NATHL B. FUG ITT. HEBAIO * LAG1BPUSH, ? ? Successors to Him Hob&lck, PRACTICAL C0PPEBSMITH8, 407 r street-, aU la* Between Mb and ath sts. northwest. A*JOHH^HOGAB, T1J Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City Country Besldences. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATBBIAL of all kinds for sals Sole Agent for the only genuine MILD! PBOOF AWNING MATERIAL. aplA M. J B. tttBTdN, 9AM r MITTS R, B01LDMM, SSEtf *Ml. MmtB AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW. BY W. L. WALL a IO., AienoMtn, _ Mew Marble Boiiding, Hon. VM sad IN Pennsylvania tr?M. TI1IBTEEH PABLOlfiBUITBS IB BEPB.TER BY AND HAIB CLOTH; THREE WALNCT CHAMBER SUITB8, WITM WARDBOBE-4, FIFTEEN WALNUT rUAMRBB SUITES TEN PIECES, COMPLETE: OOTTAGE 8ET8; BOOKCASES; DESKS; SOFAS; SIDEBOARDS HAT TBEE8; HALL t)HAIR8: EXTENSION* TABLES: TUCKEB SPBINOS: WALNUT, CANB AND WOOD SEAT CH%iRS; SAFES MARBLE TOP TABLES; BOOKERS; BBUS 8ELS, TAPESTRY AMD OTHEB CARPETS; TWO HUNDRED ROLLS WHITE AND CHECK MATTING; ONE HUNDRED PIECES OIL_CLOTH: ONE BAGATELLE TABLE W_ITH BALLS AXD CUTS COMPLETE; ONE SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, (Bat en A Bacon. t A On WEDNESDAY MORNING. M%r Blst, 1*1. commencing at 10 aClock. we will soil witli ?Sfeoiit rese?ve,on the first floor of oar Sales iWl rooms, the above-named g<?irie. * It WM. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. KTTHEAB?TE SALE IS POSTPONED nntil FRIDAY MORNING, May 23.1873. at !? o'clock, in consequence of the rain. ni21 2t [Rep.] W.L. WALL A CO., Ancts. |JN1TED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of fleri flc las, Issued out of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the District of Oolnmbia, and to me directed, I will sell at pub lic sale .for ca*A, ia front of the Conrt H>usedoor of said District, on FRIDAY, the ?3d day of May, 1W3. at IS o'clock m., all defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to lot No. 5, In square No. I.tff2. Also, the west half of lot No. S, in square No. 1,1186, in the city ot Washington, D 0., together with all and singular the improvements thereon. seir.e.1 and levied upon aa the property of Richard M IInil, and will be sold to satisfy execution No. 7,M*4, In favor of John W. Le Barnee. rnS-dta ALEX SHARP, U. S. Marshal.D 0. BY LATIMER A CLEABY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue aud Uth St., Star Office Building. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON U STREET, FETWEEN 14th AND 13m STREETS N0RTHWE8T.AT AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. May 19th, at E] S o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premises, ?Riot Ho. 19, in square No. >6, having a front of 68 feet 8 inches on 0 stree?, between Uth and 15th ?treet, with a depth of 110 feet. The property will be subdivided to suit purchasers. Terms; One-third cash; residue ia six and twelve months, with interest from day of sale. Deferred payments to l>e secured by deed of trust. Conveyan cing at cost of purchasers. on each lot at time of sale, or if taken by one purchaser 975. mlS-dAds LATIMER A CLEABY, Aucts. BiTTHE ABOVE sTITe IS HEREBY POST p< i:ed until FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May U3d, same honr and place. t"20-dAds LATIMER A CLEABY, Ancts. B Y MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Auctioneer, No. 503 Ninth street northwest. 9 By virtue of a deed of trust, dated April 26th. 1872. recorded in Liber No. &S1, folio W7, one or the land records for the County of Washington, and by direction of the owner of the note secured thereby, we shall sell at auction, in front of the premises on FRIDAY, May JI3d inst , at 6 o'clock p. in., lot sab. lu. and the west half of lot sub. 16, in Bqncre 943. Tt nns of sale; One-third rash,(of which B25.00 oti each lot will be required to be paid immediately after sale), and the balance in six and twelve months, with ten percent, interest, secured by a deed of trnst on the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in ten days after the day of sale, the trustees reserve the right to re-sell the property at the risk and cost of the purchasers. Con veyancing aud recording to be at the cost of the purchasers W.H.WARD / Tmaliii JOHN II MATTINGLY,< Trustee*. n il MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Ancts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D nts. B EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CaRPETS. PICTURES, STOVES, CHINA, ULArSWARE, Ac , AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the il^th instant, at 10 W^^o'clock a. m., we shall sell at the residence of gentlunian de< lining housekeeping, on 3d # ^ Istreet east, between East Capitol and A streets north, being house No. 544, the following fur niture, nearly new, viz.; One Fine Hair Cloth Parlor Suite; Murble-top Center Tables, Whatnots; Reception Chairs, Ornaments and Engravings; Nearly new Brussels Carpets, Rugs an.l Mats; Window Shades and Lace Curtaius; Extension Tables, Dining Chairs and Lounges; Three Painted Cottage Bets in good condition; Mattresses, Feather Pillows and Bolsters; Blankets. Spreads, Sheets and Cases; Ingrain Carpets, Hall Carpet* and Stair Rods; Crockery', Glassware aud Cutlery; Excellent C""k Stove ajid Fixtures; And a good lot of Kitchen Requisite*. Terms cash. GREEN A WILLIAMS, mild fB''P M> 2<>| Auctioneers. Y DUNCAN SON, DOW LING A CO., Ancts. Corner 9tli aud D streets northwest. B VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN FIRST WARD. AT AUCTION. ^ On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, May '44, at 6 o'clock, we will sell, upon the premises, all of lot 17. in square 31, having a front of 40 feet 6 inches, with an average d >pth of 86 feet. This lot will be subdivided upon day <>f sals, giving purchas ers a chance to buy a portion or all. This property is sitnatrd on Virginia avenue, near the corner of 2-iili street northwest, and the attentiou of buyers is called to this sale, as prqfftrty in that part of the city is rapidly advancing in price. Terms;;fealanceinland 11 months, notes bearing interest, and secured by used of trust. Conveyancing, Ac., at purchaaat> ooet. A deposit of BlOO will be required as soon as the property is soli!. DUNCANSON, DOWL1NG A CO., nil4 Auctioneers. DY GREEN A WILLIAMS, AnetionMn, D No. 1000 Northwest loth nod D streets. CHANCERY 8ALE OF A THREE STORY BRICK HOU8E AND VACANT LOT, FRONT ING ON G 8TBEET NOBTH, BETWEEN 8IXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt of ^?the District of Colombia, passed on the Uth day ^?of May, A. B.1873, made in the cause of Waite vs. Waite, aud otheni.No. 3,181, Eqnlty, I shall sell on the premises, on MONDAY, the tfd day of June, A. D. 1873, at 6 o'clock p. m., all that certain piece or parcel of ground in the city of Washington, Dis trict of Columbia, and known and described as lot numbered eighteen (18), in square nam be red four hundred and fiity-five<466), excepting a portion of said lot five (5) feet in width, on the eastern islde of said lot seven (7) feet and six (6) inches in width on the rear of said lot. which has been reserved for alleys, together with the improvements, which con wist of a three-story and attic brick dwelling honse, and a brick stable. The above lot has a front or twenty-fonr feet. Also, a vacant lot adjoining, hav ing a front of 24 foot 3 inches, with a depth of IB fe* t more or less, with fine side and back alleys. The time of sale as prescribed by deeree are: One third of the purchase in cash, ana the remainder in equal installments of six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale, and secured by thd notes of the purohaser, and snch other security as may be satisfactory to the trustee. Convey* icing, Ac., at the cost of the pur chaser. ?2U0 will be required at the time of sale, and if the terms of sale are not complied with within five da\ s from l he day of sale, the trnstee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaultiiiK purchaser or purchasers, by ad vertising the same three times in some newspaper publisbed iu the city of Washington. JOHN F. ENNIS, Trustee.

GBEEN A WILLIAMS, n 15-d [ Rep., my 28 d | Auctioneer*. BY THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, ^ Real Estate Auctioneer, A1V 7th street. By virtue of a deed of trust from Charles KJ3V Gordon and wife to Johu D. McPherson. ?^recorded in Liber 601, folio 324, of the Isisd records far Washington county, in tne District of Ci lumbia, I will, on MONDAY, the Ulst day of April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., ofTer for sale, at pub lic auction, tn front of the premises, the property described in said deed, to wit: Lot lumbered 17, in Square No. 140, with the improvements, being four Fiame Houses Terms: One-third cash: the balance in six and tw? lve months from day of sale, and secured by pur chaser's notes and deed of trust upon the premises. Couvey ancing at purchaser's cost. J. D. McPHEBSON, Trustee, n 20-eoAda THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Auct. AVPOSTPONED, BY ORDER OF THE TRUS tee, until MONDAY, June ?th. at 5 o'clock p.m. , .... Mcpherson. Trustee, ml eoAds THOS. B. W AGGAMAN, Aoct. IIY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, LP No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D sts. A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT ON WEST it 5o"B"T' ?"**<"> L ASD ? "?? ?On MONDAY, the 36th inst., at 6 o'clock p. in., we shall sell on the premises sub-Lot No.7, in square No. 183, fronting 27 Teuton 17thstreet, between L and M streets, and running back to a SO foot alley, being a desirable building Tot ia the most improving part of the city. T"rms: One-third cash; balance in6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust. Convey ancing at cost of purchaser. IK) down at time of sale. [m21-d] GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. LOF FASH HiAE By virtue of a power contained in a deed *f mortgage from Henry West and wife, of Mont* ??gomery county, to Thomas D. Fnllerton, a trus tee of the estate or the late John Berry man, of Balt imore city, dec'd, bearing date the 2Mb of January, 1866, and recorded among the land records of Mont gomery coanty. in Liber 1. B. P., No. I, folio 633, Ac.,the undersigned, a co-trustee of said estate, and to whom the mortgage aforesaid has been duly as signed, will offer at public sale, at the Court House, in Rockville, on TUESDAY, 97th day of Mav 1873 at the hour of IB o'clock M.| the followlng LrSi of land, situated In Montgonlery <?uuty, memSoned and described in said mort*agi. The on? U 2SE posed of parts of several tracts called respectively ''Ashley ."-'The Two Brothers," and "Valentine^ Garden Enlarged.'' bring upon the main road lead in* frees Frefcrfck Town to BockvUle, and contain ing in all S37H acrae, and being the same land that red by Michael B j;sa lot which wascoa vsradby Mary D. borer nen r, as executrix of the last wCl and tsetament of Mid Lee, to the said West, by deed dated the Uth of May, UM, and recorded la Liber B. B. P.,Mo? 1, folio 74, one e( the Land Beoords of Montgomery connty gage, are contiguous to or i fug improved with a Dwellii farm bulldlms. The* are situated about two miles from the U w? of Bock Title, and about U miles from sr "sssrx. ?ssa the land and brings it within a short and very con venient distance of the national capital. The terms of sate, aa prescribed in said mortgage, Ire that one-half of taw parchaes money shallbe I to cash, and the recRtes to tmaequal tnstal meats day of AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON. BT W. L. WALL A Co., tietlowwra, New Marble Building, Hoe. *00 and ?0< Pennsylvania itmiw CHAHCERT SAL* 0P~DE8IBABLE PBOPER TY. Ho 436 M STREET SOUTHWEST, EES 1DEKCE OF THE LATE JAMES T. DaTIS By virtue of a deere. passed by the Supreme ^BConrt of the District of Columbia on the 18th day ^?of March. A. P. 1873, in a cause pending in said conrt, wherein Jamr- 8. Ds?is et al are complain ants and Man M. Dav?* et al are defend anU, oeing cause Ho. 30/67, Equity Doc. 13. the undersigned will offer, at public sale, on the premises, on THCB8 D AT, the ifSd of May, 1873, at 6-oVlock I. m., the following described preperty, to wit: Lot 19, in Square 614, with the i?provem?n s. consisting of a handstne double dwelling houee, brick, with stone trimmings, with all the modern improvements, hav ing a handsome garden containing shrubbery and fruit trees. This is one of the most attractive and desirable residences tn the city, having been built expressly for the use of ita late owner Tii' lot has a front of <4 feet on M street and a depth of 180 fset to a JO-foot alley. Terms of sale: #10,000 in cash; snd the remainder in two equal instalments at oae and two v?ars. bear ing interest, ami secured by the notes of the purcha ser and a lien upon the property, or the purchast r may pay all cash at his option. #300 t* be paid at time of sale. If the purchaser does not comply with the terms within 30 day* after the sale, the property may be resold at his risk aud coat. All conveyancing at t he cost of the purchaser. JAMES O. PAYNE. Trustee. mS-3taw>w W. L WALL A i'Q . An-is BY B. H. WARNER, _ Real K<tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7 ?9 7th street, between O and H. PUBLIC SALE OF VERY VALUABLE AND DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON 1th STREET NORTHWEST. BETWEEN N AND O STREETS, NEAR THE NEW CORCORAN MARKET. ?J-*. I will tell, at public auction, in front of the SB premises, on THURSDAY, May 'J* 1. WJ, at 6 ** ''clock p. m , to the highest bidder, three very desirable building lots, each t rent in* SO feet on the east side of 7th street by a depth of 116 feet to a wide paved alley, together with th? improvements thereon, consisting of a neat one-story brick and frame store on each lot The sale of these lots afford a rare opportunity for investment, as their lot ation for bu*inees purposes is made exceedingly desirable by the erection of the Corcoran Market within half a square and the already established trade of 7th street. Title perfect. # 100 down on sale of each lot. Terms; One fourth cash: and the balance in (5. 1J, 18. 24 snd 30 months, with 8 per cent, interest, se cured by adeed of trust, or all cash, as mav be pre ferred Terms to be complied with in 7 day*, or the deposit forfeited. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. tfclS-eo&ds B. H WARNER, Kurt. By thos. e. waggaman. Real Estate Auctioneer, SIM 7th street. DELIGHTFUL EIGH'TROOM BRICK. Ho. <?0b 20th STREET. BETWEEN I AND K. On THURSDAY. Max 2'id. at d o'clock p m . K31 shall sell, on the p-einise*. the above property, ?^having a front of 15feet on 10th street. Special attention is called to this house, being most desirable in all its appointments. Terms day of sale. m!9 THOS E. WAGGAM KN, Auct. Y TH08. E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 219 7th street. B 8ius church. And near the navy YARD, AT AUCTION , ^ By virtue of a decree in ChuDcery, K nnt\ ?9?rause No. 1,196, in the Supreme Court of the ^A^-District of Columbia, wherein McDermott et al. are complainants, agaiust M< Dermott et al de fendants,the uudersigne.1, as Trustee, will sell public the highest bidder, on " lOMiv DAY. May ?*th, at i o'clock j> m , all of Lot* 1.1, 3, 4,Sand 24. in sqnars 621. fronting on K street north, and North Capitol street On THURSDAY, MayJ?9th. at S o clock P. m ,on the premises, all of Lot No. 1, in square | .uAV being at the corner of south K and 15th streets . The above property oflfen rare opp^rtuniti-* f??r investment* in real e-tate, a? it to located In one of the most improving aud valuable sect ioui of thee it r Terms of sale: One half ra*h; balance in 6 an I 12 routb*, with interest. A deposit of Mty d dlars will be required on each lot as soon as sold. All con veyancing at coat of purchaser. The above Lota will be divided into building lots to suit purchasers Particulars at sale losuupu 8AM L. L. PHILLIPS. Trustee n.16 dts THOS. E WAGSAM AN. Anct BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania aveuue aud lltn St., Star Office Building*. TRUSTEE S SALE OF A rIR8T ULAS* RKS TAURAHT, No 4iI0 7ih STREET NORTH WEST, AMD LEASE. _ By virtue of a de<sd of trust to tne, record-d in Liber No. 708, folio lut ?t *eq ,ot the land records of the District of Columbia, I will sell at public auction, on THURSDAY,th- U9thday of May, 1873, ?til o'clock a in., on the premises, th. entire stock in trade, furniture, fixtures aud lease of the prom ise* No. 4*20 7th street northwest, in the city of Wasiiii gtoii, D. C , tormerly known as Klornau s Restaurant.-' , ., _ The house is doing a good business, and is com plete in all of its appointment-. It will be sold as a whole. The lease lia* two years to run from the 1st dav of July next, at the monthly rent ef #230. Terms of sale: #3430, with interest at eight per cent, from Jan 26,1H73, and the expense* of sale in cash, and the balance at si* month*, for which the note of the purchaser, bearing intereat from the day of-ale. and secured by deed of trust on the property sold, will betaken. A deposit of ? MO will be re quired of the purchaser rtHtee. n 19 d LATIMER A CLEARY. A.i t* BY B. H. WARNER, . t . . ., B?al Estate Brokar and Auctioneer. Ho. 729 7th atraet, between G and H. TRUSTEE'8 SALE Or VALUABLE REAL E9 TATE ON VERMONT AVENUE. BETWEEN Q AMD B 8TBBET8 NORTHWEST. ?? By virtue of a deed of trust,dated December 10th, 1870, and duly reconled in Liber No. 633, ??folio 147, et aeq , one of the land records for Washington connty, u. C., I will sell, at public auc tion, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 86th day of May, A. D. 1873, at * o'clock p. m .all that certain piece or parcel of ground situate and lying in said city of Washington, and known and de scribed aa lot numbered sixteen (161, in Adam* and Coltman's,trustees, recorded subdivision or square numbered three hundred and nine (309), with the improvements thereon. . . , , Terms made known on day of sale. A deposit of S5U will be required at time of sale. If terms or sale are not complied with In flve days, the Trustee re servea the right to resell at the risk and eoet of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at coat of purchaser. WM. B. TODD, J * , Ti ustee ni3 eoAds B. H. WARNER. Anct. Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southeast corner Pernaylvania avenue and 11th at., Star Office Buildiug. SALE OF VEBY DESIRABLE LOT ON SOUTH SIDE OF EAST CAPITOL STREET, BE TWEEN 9th AND 10th STREETS EAST, IMPROVED BY A SMALL BRICK BUILD ING, WITH A FRAME BUILDING ON THE K*V> virtueof a de.Ti of trust from Charles n Seymonr and wife to Daniel L. Eaton an 1 my self, dated August *h. 1872, and duly recorded in liber 690, folio <27. one of the land rMSord* I ? r ? ingtoo county, District of 0??lambiat aud at the written request the party secured thereby? I will sell, at public auction, in front of 11.e premise*, to the bigheat bidder, on SATL BP AT,, May 9<Ji, 1X73, at 6 o'clock p.m., part of original lot seven I. in square nine hundred and fortr-two (*?li '"}!"![ a front of 33 feet on Bast Capitol street, by a depth of 106feet, together with the improvements thereon. Title perfect. Abstract at the office Of the trustee T'-ruis: One-fourth cash, and the balance In 6, 12 and 18 months, with interest, secured by * deed of tru*t. 8100 down on day of sale. In caae the terms are not complied with in seven days altar sale, the 5r< perty will be resold at the ri*k and coat of the efsuiting purchaser of the purchaser. BRAINARD H. WAiytKB, " Surviving Trustee. m8 eoAda LATIMER A CLEABT, A nets. By luttrell a dunnington, Auctioneers. 917 Louisianaave ,bet. 9th and 10th sU. TRU8TEB S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE: il THREE STORY BRICK DWELLINGS Oli SOUTH SIDE OF L STREET, BKTWEEN 4>? AND bill SOITHW EtST, By virtue of a deed of trust, September fil, A. K D , 1872, and duly recorded in Liber No. 692,folio VB-354, one of the land reconls for tlie District of Columbia, and by request of party secured thereby, I will at public auctien, it. front of the prenuaes, to the highest bidder on 8ATUBDAY,May 31st., A. D., 1873 at 6 o'clock, p. m., all that certain piece or parcel of ground lring and being in the City fcf Washington, in said District, and known as the west hall oi lot numbered tweuty, <*),) in square nunil>ered five hundred and one, (501,?fronting 24 feet 8J? inches on eouth L street, by equal depth of 129 feet 11 inches, and bounded on theweat by a Is foot alley, and on the south or rear by a 30 foot alley, together with the improvemetita thereon. Terms of sale on each House: One-third caah, (of which #76 on each piece of property mnst be paid time of sale;) balance in equal payments, in one and two years, with interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annum, payable semi-annually i*l.> paid, from day of sale the purchaaer giving notes to he secured on the property sold to satisfaction of trus tee. Conveyancing and recording at purchaser s coat. The Trustea reeervea the right to reeell the property at the risk and coat of defa-ltipg pur chaser or purchasers in caae the terms are rot nilV-d LUTTRELL A DUNHINGTON, AuHa. DI LATIMER A CLEARY. D Anctioneera and Beal Estate Brokera, Boathweat corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11thstreet, Btar Office Boildinga. TRUSTEES SALE OF A YALDABLB BUILD 1NG LOT ON 8 STREET, HEAR I4tm ?T. NORTHWEST By virtue of a dead of trust, dated the 3d day of October, A- D. 1MB, and recorded In Liber T and B, Ho. S, folia 323, of the Land Records of Washington oounty, the aubacribera will sell to the highest bidder, on the premises, on TUE8DAT, the 87thday of May, A. D. UTS, at ? o'clock p. m , Lot The terma of aala are: One-fourth caah,rof which #100 must be Mid at the time of thelLle,l and the residue tn eqnal anma in ?, 13,18 and 3* months, for which the purchaaer nut give notea, bearing inter est at aaven par cent, par annum, payable semi-an nually. and aecured by n dead of trust on the prem (aaa, AU coavayancing at the coat oftbe parchaaar; If the terma are not compiled with within Ave days from the day of aale, the Trustees reeerva the right to reeeU the property, or any part thereof, to the highest bidder oa the premiaee, for caah. on ton days' public actios in the''Evening Star,'* Waah ington cRr . at the risk yd cost of the purchaser ia JAMBS W. CO'KCORAN.J an SawAdi LATIMBB A CLEABT, A acts. IfBBBT, DBHT A CO., Aucfiamirt mm4 IV ftawuitsi Merchants, Has. SIS and Si# *ra RUR, near Pannsy Ivania araaaa. goada said ,rbour,?oKT2 ? " r A r?rd, ?TlA-ly AUCTION SALES. BT VI. I>. WALL A CO., Aw B-w Marble BuiMiag, Horn WOO utf ??? ft. M BKW AND SECOND BAUD SHIFT I KG TOP BXPBIB8 WAGONS. SUITABLE FOB GEO CEBS OB MABEET GAKDENEBS. POUT ?-H.*:TON8, OKI AND TWO 8EATJAGGEBS Pa MILT CARKlAOt.S AMBULANCES, OBB TEBY FINE HEW JENNY LIM>. M\BB TB OKl'BB; TOP AND NO TOP BIGGIES. ROCKAWA Y8, DOdOEJ PH.FTOHS, BAR N Bi??, 1c. ? M On FRIDAY. Msy >3. at 1* m . w* ?ill **11. in (r w.-f oar ?tlw?ow. cor ? Mr of Rh Mrwi ul r?nwfl?tiili w* nne. tb* above ntm?d Carriage*. BtrnMi. Ac., l? row M<ukm snd pay rhtr|M. I'artte* ha< in# stork on stone will please take n<t?ce, a* th.- Stock will positively be 10U without further notice. " W.L WALL * CO ,Airt'. BY LATIMER A CLEAR! . Auctioneer* tM M Entite Broker*. South weet corner Pennsylvania *r? ud Uth street, Star Office Buildings. 81 PEBIOB UorSEHoi.p GOOD* BKtfOVED TO (ICR SALESROOM:* Vt?B COS V KM E N( E or SALE1 AT AUCTION A On SATURDAY MORNINc. May tftth. PA, 1ST3. commencing at IB o'clock, we (hail sell, f^Bkin front of oar auction r?otn?,th- Furniture of | 1 |? gentleman de< lining houseke* ping, .-m ? bracing: One Upright Piano P >r?e, Pisno C ?er and Stool. Parlor Furniture in R"P and Hair Cloth MarMe-top Walnut Outer Tahl>*and Rtee.-r ?? Marble-top Bureaus. Washstands and <>uiiu<*l-? B -?? Is Carpets ami Rug- Tilet V* .re Walnut B-d* ead* ?ttd Wardrobe*. Ornameuts. Cane seat and otlier Cb:?irs. Hair M ,Ttr*--~ Feather B ?l?ter? and Pill 'Ws. Ti r piy and ether Carpets. W alnut 8id- ln srd and Evlen?i -n Table. Cnckerj and Gla? Ware. Tckit z and Heatinc Stove* Kit. b' ti Furniture. \c n a 2t LATIMER A CLEABY, \iict* . BY LAT1MKR A OLEABY, Auctioneer* and R al Estate Broker*, Southwest C rner P?uin> 1? aiiia av~une aud Uth street, Star Office Building. WALNUT PARLOR M'JTFS, I PHOLSTKRFI" IN RKP8 ANI* IIAIR CLOTH. Lot N'iES, M A KHLK TOP TABLF.S. WHATNOTS. M \R BLE TOP WALNUT *11 AMBER SUITES. EM ! BRACING BrBEAI S.WASBSTAVDS.kc , A, : W A KDBoBES II Fl> STEAD*. TA BLCS. r lN E HAIR ANI> lll'SK MATTBESSES. FEATIIEK BEDS. BOLSTER* AND PILLOWS, WOOD AND < ASK SEAT CHAIRS AND RocKER. EXTKNSIoN TABLE*. IN WALNl'T ANl? OAK. (ROCKERY WARE, DATED AND GLASS WARE. COOKING AND HEATING SToVES. KITCHEN RBQI ISITB8. A- ., Ar. ONE 10 GALLON ICE CREAM FREE/ER. IB SILVER WATCHES, LOT CLOTHING, 1)1 CHESTS TEAS, CHROMOS. RANK COUNTER ANI" l?ESK. complete .BAGATELLE TABLE, with BALLS. RAILING, Ac . together w it la numerous other article* unnecessary to uteu r\ "' onSATI RDAY UV n enclna at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, at our 1^91 salesrooms, the above mention*! good-. IT* nig ? LATIMER A t'LEARY. Aucts BY LATIMER A CLEAR*, Real E-t Ate Broker* and Auctioneer*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at.. Star Office Building. HANDSOME PRIV ATE TLAM AT AC? TIO* rv On MOMDAY, May IST3. at 14 m. *hall *ell in frout of our auction room* * "a . .ne ol tlie finest turnouts in the city, con A NkNrLY NEW LAXDACLET. Has net been in n*e four mouth*. PAIR OF St PERIOR MAT' H GREYS. Bound in e\ery particular. MAGNIFICENT GOLD MOUNTED SET OF HARNESS W e inv ite the special attention of tver*>^n* in want of an eKcvlletit private team. a*, without d -ubt thi* i- one of th<- hand- 'tueet turnouts in W ashington. Terms cash. n 22 d LATIMER k CLEARY. Aucta. Y Ll'TTRELL A DI NNINGTON, Auctioneers, t?l7 Louisiana avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. B TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE-TWO TWO STORY BBICK DWELLINGS ON BTth ST.- BETWEEN land K, NORTHW EST Br virtue of a deed of trust, dated May 19th. A D 1*71. and duly recorded in Liber No. iHS. folio 339. one of the lain! records forWa*hmg ton county . ill the District of Columbia, and hy re <jn- at ?f party secured thereby. I will *ell at pub lic auction, in front of the premi*es, to the higneot bidder, on W EDNESDAY. May il-t. A. D 1<3. at A o'clock p. tr., the south Mfeet 2 inches fruiting on 17 tli street, b.-tween land K streets northwest, in the city ol Wa>hington. in said District, bf equal d< pih of 81 feet 9 inches of part of Lot So. 13, in &inare No. s, and more particularly described in Lilx-r R M H , No. 16, folio 2W et eeq.. one of the land record* for said District, together with the im pro> emeuts tbereou, consisting of two 2 story Brick L^ellitigs. ! ? nns ot sale: One-third cash: balance in e,tual paynreuts in sii, twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser giving notea bearingten per cent interest rrotn day of sal*-, and secured to satisfaction of th? trustee, on the property sold; Sit*' must be paid down at time of sale. Conveyancing and recording at pnrchaoer's coat. The trus tee reserve* the right to resell the property at the risk snd coat of the defaulting purchaser or purcha sers. in ca*e the terms are not complied with within sis days after sale. WM P. HOLTZM AS, Trustee. n.9 d LUTTRELL A Dl'NNlNGTOM, Aucts# US~ THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, on account of the tain, until BATUKDAY, May *?th, l<fi-3. at 6 o'clock P. m WM. P. HOLT7.MAN. Trustee, n 22 . LUTTRELL A Dl'MN I NGTON, Auct*. w 8. SAMSTAG A CO., Auctioneer*. B m We wilt commence to sell, MONDAY, May rii'A f) ,itb, 1S73. in Store No #44 Louisiana avenue. Jiiil Jill f"r lour days only, an extensive at<?k of 111' *" CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES and DBY GOODS, consisting of thu following g > <ds: fiu Gent's Suits. lu> Bovs' Suits. M? pairs Pauls. 6U0 Veats. bn dozen Napkin* 5U dozen Towels. 9U pieces Summer Drews 0 x>di. SO piece* Lace Curtain*. V pieces Striped Nainsook. 28 pieces Bishea Lawn. SO very fine Toilet Quilts. Also, A very large assortment of F ANCY GOODS, such as Toys. Pocket Books. Comb*. Brushes. ? Colgate Soars. Marseille* Trimmings. Ribbons. Flowers. Kid Gloves, Ai.d other good* too nnmerou* to mention. T<-rm*: $Su'gbd under,cash; above,3U and <0 days, appro\ ed and indorsed paper mC 4t 8. SAMSTAG A CO.. Auctioneers T GRF.EN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. No. 1U01 northwest corner loth and D sts. BUILDING LOT FRONTING ON NEW JERSEY AVENUE AND RUNNING THBOUGII TO 4n STREET WEST. BETWEEN H STREET NORTH AND MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 91*t lastant, at 6 >'c.ock p m., we shall sell, on the premises. Lot C. In Charles Stott'* subdivision of Square No. ?3. l?eiiig 17 feet 4 inches front bv l.V> f<>?t d--ep through to M street, making a gwod building front ?nboth streets. Term*: One third cash; balance 6 and 12 months. Tor not. * hexriint interest,and S'-cured b> a de.-d of trust on the premises sold. Conveyancing, Ac., cost of purchaser. #HW down on dav ef sale. mlS d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. my THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until tt EDNESHAV Mm U<* K3.*am<- hour aud pla. e, ?n account of the rain. n GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. Y GRFEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, No. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D sts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OY VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN SQUARE No.b74.NE.VB 8T. ALOYSIUS CHURCH By virtue of adeedof trust, dated November Ef I tli A D IsTl and '|*l> recorded in Lil"-i Mo. lolio 20. Ac . of the laud records for W ash ington county. D. C.-and by direction of the party ? cured thereby, I will sell at public auction in front <f the premise*, on THURSDAY, the Ath dav of lune. A D. 1373. at 6 o'clock p. m all of Lots N-m. 141*. 1*3, 141 llfi and 14*. in Gilbert s recorded-utsli . isiou of square nuniliered -is hundred and -eienty lve.(675 tin the city of Washington, with all the ropi otement* thereon, consisting of nearly finished Dwelling Hou?es. Term* of sale: One-third in canh.of which nnst be paid on each Lot at sale, the remaining on leferred payment*, to be made in equal payment* iu is. twelve, eighteen and twenty-ftfur months after ale, w ith interest at ten per cent, per annum, aud ?cured by deed of trust to the satisfaction .?f tho Trusts- T- rms to be fully complied with within six lay* a'tei day of sale, otherwise the Trustee re ?rre, tbi right to resell the property, after one ' . ek?* notice, at the ri*k and cost ef Brat purchaser. Ul con.ej ancing a, purcta-g''a o-t^ m22 eoAd* GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. Y TBOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Kent Estate Auctieneer, 919 7th street. CHANCERY BALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON ?th STREET W EST, BE TWEEN O AND P STREETS. NORTH. B Under and by virtue of a decree <rf the Bn preme Court of tne District of Colombia, hold ing an E<tnitr Court for aakl Di*rict passed on be Mth day of May, 1871, in cause Bo. Jolo, wherein jew is BTBchneider i* complainant and W Uliaa??. ?allant and other* are defeadants, the under*igned rustee will sell at pwblic auction la froot ef tkt ?remises, at ?H o'clock oa FBI DAT, the 6tb day ef une. DCS, the following dsscribed parrel* real ?ta'e situate in Washington, in said District, to Lot lettsred K in Corcoran>i recorded subdivision 1 lots in sauare four huudrad and forty-aii (44*1, mproved by a lately-built three storr prsas-bnek rout Dwelling, for which the terms at sale, as are crilied bf said decree, are; One third of B B CriDPU UW 8BM1 uw.iw. wc. vuv wiiu ?n pin-BMP goaty to be paid in cash; the residue in four euual ostalnx nts at sis. twelve, aifhteea and twenty-fonr lonthsreapectively, with iaterest from day of sale; r all eaab at option ot purchaser. littMri And immediately after t Be above sais ths uader S ed trustee, by rirtne of the aaaas decree, will I. u fifteen (U) and aiztaen (M) in OaUaatv rs orded subdivision at part of square four hundred ad seventy-nine (4*9). improved by a two-stary Irick Dwelling. This last property is sold act o an encumbrance thereon, to be aasuned bp r iurchaser, of twenty-Ave hundred wo yean after February 1 en per cent. per annum, aad the terms < rhich are; One-half cash; residue in sin' rith interest from day of sale, or aU cash at if the purchaser. rhich are It b? ? ^It? old AMD will he rtQiM OB IMI bM WMI K* ^ptee9 If tor? ef sale are not ??9lMmb in defaulting pu W. ? KDIll'ia I'OBun I m. i nn . ITEOt. I. WAQOJJULh, A.MI fx d?Ti Che trwee imm i" we rif EVENING STAR coacLvaio* rasT___._. . ??cScr1rSri?,' ?*'? rBOCBBIHBOS. >? Hal fa roaatTTti r? urwr oa co*?.?Lin*n<?? to tae wit (TMrtl twrably was named k; tfce moderator u follow* Kev* T W > lams ?>'(? York; J. T. B?rkvt. HrlwwUdT. l?. Hwirg, chcgo C. A. Foot*-. Si ly?nU, Flders I/onla <bapln, Rochester, N ?. Vt^i K Verm;iTi', Kea York city, and J. K M hrtd, Pittsburg. I*r. Nlcooll* arit report**! on OTIKT1 t? rioM mrriHUM I'KVRVTKKIM oil varions NbJ?oU, among which aai overturn from the presbytery ot Baltimore ro|ii?atMig the emblv to Kflrn the doctrine of the chard aa to civil magistrate* and the relation* of tka church and state, and an ovarturc rrom the l?resbyterv of Austin. Tctas. *ugg<?tiag aoM action dmi(M?l to conciliate the southern states, and, If po*?itfte. prepare tie war tn a reamon at an early day. These two overture* were ca? aidered together. an<1 the committee recom oh nded a declaration, in iubstanoe, a* follow* 1st. In view of a reunion ??f the two branches of the Presbrterlaii church la the north and ?iih. neither of which wan responsible for tba comluct of the other, all action be forr re a mow touching the southern lM>Bbly or the old school *ynod of Miiwuri u now null and void. M The a>wnl>ly expreaae> confidence la tha soundness of doctrine an 1 < hrtstian character of tbe*e brethren. atxl laope* more Intimate communication will tend V> real ore the bam era tine ha* established between a* and theaa. M. With regard todvil magistrates and the relation of the chuich and state. t*? committee *et forth declaration* contained la the conte-?ionof faith and former government of the church, and 4th. Commend tne ap|<ointmt nt of two committees to confer with similar ?committee* mini the general ax* mbly of the church south ami tha old school ?ynod of Miao>uri. The report tnd declaration* were unanimously adopted. Tub I?bv (lnoim B -siaBes.?The N. T. Bulletin, in it# review of the dry goods maihet, aav* the movement in all description* i* ?jutet; bIm>. that the commission houwf dealing in do mestic cotton- arc unnsustlly dull, and nata IB a manifest determination on the part 01 lobbera to purchase only from hand to mouth. The agents lor woolen manufacturer* look upon tho srason for light weight good* a* being over, and their energies are now bent upon tho distribution of Tall styles of caaai meres and coating* to the clothing <rade. and their eflorlo in thi* direction are meting with a fair msM ure of success. A? to toieign good*, the Hallo tin a|a:-" There ha* been a noticeable Im provement in the city retail trade witlnn tho 4*t few davs, and if the present tine wcatbar slum Id continue an improved inquiry for osr tain fabric* which have been sluggish hitherto ia almost certain. No branch of the trade has suffered more from the backward!*** of tho season than white goods, and the o|>eration* of the city retailer* in theae fabric* have been light up to tlii* time, but there I* already an improved feeling and freer distribution of Vic toria lav n*. organdies and other maalina, as well a* embroideries." What Cobstititbs a NrieAW? B ??lu<lgs Wales, of l?elaware. in a charge delivered to the grand jury of New Castle county a tear day* since, laid dowu some very plaiu and prac tical instruction* a* to what constitute* a nuis ance in the eye of the law. A nuisance, by his definition, In'its largest seii*e.*ignitiea anything that worketh hurt, inconvenience, or danger. Public or common nuisance* include disorderly bouse* and house* of ill-fame, oltstructMw* to navigable atream*. corruption of the air or water, indecent exposure of the |>er*ou. un healthy trade*, Ivud ami unnecessary nolsea, noisome and offensive smells, Ac In general, it may be said that any injuries to land* or houses, which render* them useless or even un comfortable for habitation, isa nuisance. Thua, in regard to offensive odor*, it is said, the neigh boi lood has a right to rure and t'reab air, and a smell need not be uiiwhole*?me it it i* often slve and render* the enjoyment of life and prw l-ertv uncomfortable, a* by giving many psr soit*" head ache*. So in reference to nuisancee in violation of decency, that whatever plaoo l-ecomestlie habitation of civilized men thers the laweof decency must be enforced. A Nkw York Mystbbt .-r two Muktbi Clbakki> rr?The body which was found on Saturday last in the Kast river, at Pier 21. has bet-n -identified as that of Patrick Kelltr. aged 3*>, a collector for Arnold, < onstable A Oo.. who disap|>eared on the :td of March last, yiil of whom no trace could be discovered. He had been collecting as usual on that dav, and had made hi* return* at the office, but It was d la covered that he had received a cheek tor |M, which had not l?een handed in. Thi* check waa found on the body. and ?? in monev, but a gold watch, which It i* known he carried, and seve> ral article* of jewelry are missing. The ?>ody is much decomi>osed. but no mark* of violence ars to be seen. < oroncr Young will hold au inquest. y. I*. Er]<r's<? SiLl lE ? A gentleman of "elegant leisure," and a bachelor at that, has been amusing him self with matrimonial statistic*. and reports that out of two hundred marriage* published in New England journals, laat week, only two of the ladies had old-faalnoned namea -such as Marv and Sunan. All the other* were Mollies, 1 tollies. Pollies, Libidos, Tibbies. Biddies, Hattiea, Patties. Matties. Litcies, and so on. lie says if be can bear of some girl with a fa miliar ?'Christian name," be shall her." liBT. Mb. Abcibwt, the Kpiscopal mini, who behaved with such gallantry and heroiaa at the time of the wreck of the AUantic at Mar* Head, had a"' been summoned to New York to take the position of assistant minister at Trinity church, in that city, at a handsome salary. A few gi BKKiT of dissatiafaction against the new Massachusetts liouor law has developat itself. The farmer* who depended upon "brew ers' grains" for feeding cows, now find that this article oi food is cnt off by the abutting ap ef the breweries, and are now clamoring against the law furtoMty. ?"A resolution tor the admission of Pnnos Kdward's Island into the t.anadian confeder ation on the 1st of ,lulr passed the Canadian lily. ?start for house of common* ye*ter<l MARRIED. OLDBERG?PARBITT. At the h-?n?- of tho brid< ?* mother. Mar lltth, by th*- R?v. Mr. Joha peate. Piofsssor OSCAR OLrKIftli.of Vvlma ton cltv. and Mis* EMMA O. PARBITT,of Y uugs town, Ohio. OBBELL-STFW A RT On We Uisadar . the tlW, at th?- resid- no of tie brid- '* ?ister, bs the K<>< . O. W H bl.?. f RANK W. oKRKI.L,.T Waaliincton, to FLORENCE E. BTEWABT. f Baltiaitw count). * DIED. ARMISTEAP I>epar??d this lifeonth" list ia stani, after along and pa'uful illnes*. which ahe l> ra aiih christian fortitude. Mr* 8. ANN AKNU TEAD, beloved wife of W. C. Arnn?t?-a1. m th<* 38th year <f her acs. Sh ? l-a< ??* a lm?l.aud and si a > hildreii tomourti her irreparable l ata. The funeral will take place from Iter late resi dence, 1IOT corner 9th *tr??4 and Georgia a?enue southeast. Friday, rvl instant. Fiisnda and rela tive* of the family are respeitfull) lavitad to at tend. * BENJAMIN. On W dn.-sdsy . May Slat. LEON AkD I1ARP1E, >. <iu*e*t child of Charles F aad Yirgims J. Benjamin, ag<d* ne iith* * NE1T/.EY Suddenly on Ti""daj nirht, the Bth last., Mrs. LOl'ISA NEIT/.EY. wife of Mr. Ueora* Neitrey, in the a*ih tear ot her age. Ib arest children I have left thee. In the earthly w orld alone: Weep not for me, I will meet thee. In that bright, eternal home. aBswaa. Peaceful tie thy silent slumber. Peaceful in the grave so I *w, Th u no more ahsll join our naiuhar, ThsU av more oar prayer shall know. Mar abe rest ia peace. The funeral will take place >a Friday afternoon at half past .1 o'clxk. from the residence of the The fri? i of tho family, 6U N street no'rthwsat. family are invited to att- ltd. __ PBKwfi!?8 rR*nERICK BENRT PlRh iN^.onl) and beloved of Elitaboth Tapa. formerly Perkins, a?ed * ( Baltim .ee Boa. Eenne buiikport. Mmne, and Central t' it j Colorado please copy.] "w.P^Jtn UNDERTAKERS. DICHAJLB V. HAtTBV. TSTMBSRT (Saeeussr is ifARFAF g MiKM.t ?a. ?M W Stbbbt, bstwaan Mtath aad 1 METALLIC MOUIAlTa S KM AHD CAMK marl lj SHHODDS, HABIT*, da. H'w CABINMT MAMMA AND UNDMMTAMMM, ?IB RLE TENTH ITRBT, BB W. "/MAUI" ^SSgSySU-as ?a. Bxrkt Babtob this day: By tha Cawrt, Tras a*-thM r|*HB NEARFtT SOrTE to th- Tlsaws 1 tioc is by rba way of A. hTRACB', |?U 1 are., i

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