Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR: mruBAT my n, un. LOCAL HEWS. ? WtUl'tOmen Hvuit?The co?e>lian, Joe. Mur phy. ib ??Help.'' t.?Prof. Harris And other star?, j Jfcc. Jutitriary Xyuart?Fotiitl of the Women's Christian Association. Iumk 7Vi?pJ'.?Grand ' >ratorio by the Barili Musical Associa* on. tK >ot a case of ?mall pox wax re i or ted to-day at the B?<ard of Health. The race advertised for this afternoon over the P iney branch course hu been |<>?tponed ?ntil Honda; on account of the weather. B. I>. Carpenter, superintendent of roads,has been directed to grade t*ie banks, and o ler ?i?e repair the Wlieeler road; also to trim tbe level grades of the 1st section of the 7th street Dr. A. Brockenborongb ha* tendered b"? re eignation to Gov. Coolie as physician to the poor for the 1th council dis. ict, which has been accented, and l?r. W. W. Ward has been ap pointed In his stead. Yesteniav, at a primary election In the 13th district, Simon Wolf, Gee. H. Boston and Chris. Addison were elected delegates, and Jas. Shaw ?nd David Shepherd alternates, to the general republican committee. Yesterday the member* of the Council and House oi I>elegate? of the Legislative Assembly received free passes ovet the Washington and Georgetown st ret railroad, good until January 1. irfi, with the explanation that they were sen: by direction of the l>oard of managers. A meeting ot the friends of the Columbian Cniversity will be held to-morrow evening at Wormlev's hotel, where a dinner ?to be given by the trustees, at wbich the plans and pur poses of that Insti. j? on under the new cs-eer oa wbich it hopes -o enter will be explained liy President Welling arvl others. T. K. Hollohan.tliemunlerer ot Mrs. Lamplfy, la Baltimore. stated to a reporter yesterday that he was married in Washington, where his wife died of consumption, which was hereditary with her. He says his right name is Thorn?" > Ktchard Whalen". and that his aliases have been *? Thomas Kichard" and ?? Thomas Richard ITiliT rn " A largr number of the colored Knights Tem pl irs of t..?s city started on a vi-it to Baltimore this morning, to rake part in the anniversary celebration of the commanderv of that titf. A rompetiti ve drill for a sliver' cup is a part of the programme. .Messrs. Vaebon. Dade. and John A. Gray are among the speakers for the occasion. This being Ascension f?av was appropriately observed in the ?'athofic and Episcopal churches. The services were Of the ascension of our Bleaned Lord in"? Heaven forty davs aiter His resurrection from the dead. l.arge congregations were in attend ance at the churches, although the weather tra^ ?cry inclement. In the C*tl>olic churches th ? festival is a holidav of obligation, and observed as Sunday as far as possible. CawUliM ami Xeed* or the Fire Dp part meat, MT0?T OT Tit* BOARD OF TOMMISSIOSERS. The report of the ConimLv-iorers of the Fire l>epartnsent. sent to the Legislature yesterday, covers the period ironi April 1. 1*72, to March 31, 1*73._ New engine-housesare a>ked tor com. Ciues No*. 3 and 5, the former on account of s extension of the Capitol grounds, and the latter an account of its untenable condition and unfitness tor the use to which it is devoted. A new engine company in the northern section of the city, and new book and ladder company at the west end. are urgently recommended. The reconstruction and extension of the lire alarm telegraph is also urgently recomuiendcd. The report ,-avs: " Saving of valuable time by the use of thn electric tire alarm effects the rescue of millions of dollars worth of valuable property from the flames every year, without it the best organized force is comparatively in efficient; with it, the usefulness of the depart ment is increased in a ratio which makes the expense insignificant in comparison, i >ur city was one of the tirst to adopt the Are alarm tele graph, but that was many years ago. and now a large portion of the mo>t valuable property in Washington and (ieorgetown iseutdde of the limits of the area guarded bv the wires. This may result at any time in a" disastrous confla gration. Worse than that, is the fact that the area covered by the system is very inefficiently protected, ard mi-placed confidence in the alarm boxes may lead to worse results, even, than the absence of the telegraph. * * ? The tarring in ot a wrong number bv these old boxes, by which ttiedepart ment is misled, might cost our citizens ten times the amount re quired to do the needed work." The following are the estimates of expendi tures for the next fiscal year:?Salaries,*58,40*; repairs to apparatus, *t>.i?*i; horse feed, *<i,unn: aopplies ot all kinds, *3.u?i: repair-to houses. 92.<NK>; lire-atarm telegraph. *2,500; repairs to harness. *700; washing. ?*?*>-, fuel and gas, ?2.3IO-, horseshoeing, aouo; eight thousand feet new hose, *12.s?i0; six new horses, ?2.W?; re building houses for companies No. ;i and 5, fJO MO; deficiency for 1?72, ?14,61C; deficiency for 1*73, total, #I3t?,81?J. 3 The commissioner* a-k the pavage of an act by the Legislature requiring the construction of Are-walls in all rows of buildings. Especial at tention is called to the necessity or uaking the appropriation a-ked, both for the corrent ex penses. and to pay the indebtedness already in carred, as one of the causes which go to swell the cost of running the department is the fact that dealers who furnish them are compelled to wait for a yea- for their money. The hose of the department is stated at a)<ont 4,Mo feet, aiost oi which is well worn and not able to stand the pressure. The chief engineer - report shows that the whole number of alarms during the year were 192, of which !? were false, 4 from chimneys, and 3 test alarm*. Total alleged loss by the other 13*; fires, *lt.2.1on; insurance, *125.000. Of this the loss by the fire at the National Theater and at the G street wharf is put down at 9l-2-*s.<ww>. leaving the loss by the other 131 fires but *30,100. The number of fires as compared with the aver age of the past eight years shows an increase of ?, and the losses as compared with the same averages show an increase of *W,oon. The superintendent of the fire-alarm telegraph YCtOmottnds the reconstruction and extens;on of the telegraph and the substitution of 100 au tomatic for the 55 crank-boxes now in use. He **?'?*!*? the cost of the work, including 3 new bell-strikers, 1 ttuV?-dial repeater, loo auto matic alarm-boxes, 5 gOflg* io? ?r.jine-hottse-?. 1 switch board, l<tf> ce'l* additional battery. Ijrt ?iles of line, poles included, Insulated wire tor boxes and office, at *w? <wq. ? - - it Catholic Confirmations. ? Archbishop Bayley yesterday morning, after confirming one hundred and twenty-live persons, mostly children, in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, of which Her. P. F. McCarthy is pastor, also confirmed in the Chapel of the Vis itation convent twenty-six young ladies of the academy connected with that institution, cor ner of lfch and G streets. In the afternoon the Arcbbiahop dined with Senator Casserly. This morning, at7:30 o'clock, the Arcftbishnp, assisted by the Rev. Fathers Stonestreet. Healv and Ciampi. confirmed one hundred and flrty alne persons at Trinity church, in Georgetown. Of those confirmed thirty were adults, and about forty were trom Georgetown college and the Academy of the Visitation. o Allxokd CaraLTT to a*i*ai?.-During the past month Mr. Gatchel. president S. P. ?. A., h as arrested for cruel treatment to am asals, Thus. Miller, Marshall Adams, George Hmith, George Solomon, John Jeffers. .James Henry, James Hay ward, aud John Clark, and la each case a fine or *5 was Imposed. He has caasad to be killed *even horses tbat were in jured and could not recover, and turned four horses out Ol harness because ot unfitness tor labor. On Tuesday. 13th inst., Mr. Gatchel ar rested Mr. J. B. Olcott on the charge of aban. doning an injured horse that had fallen on u street, near 7th northwest, which was at the time in bis custody. The case was heard be rare Justice Klopfer on Satnrday last, when the ac cused was haul *20 and coats?A. B. Duvall for the society, and Mr. Boss for defendant. Death or Rev. t. B. McFalls?We re T B McFalls, Chaplain I nited State* army, died at two o'clock this morning. at the residence ?r hui rathcr-in-law, Mr. L. A. Gobright, on E street. The deceased was formerly pastor or the Amembiy's church, and at t*e commencement or the late witr was commissioned as chaplain, serving in the Harewood and other hospitals in this vicinity He had been on sick leave tor several years past. It is unnecessary to speak at length or one who was so generally appreciated as Christian minister. a Wall's Ofbua Hor?a.?Mr. Jos. Murphr has had rather a bad week mj fai, the constant rata keeping a great many V^pl* from the theater. This is hard on a conedian who is really one or the most promising on the stage, aad manages to keep an audience amu?ed. with *ery little assistance from his ?? support.'' It ie to be hoped he will have better luck the re mainder oT th* week. " Help" will be repeated and to-morrow night Mr. Mnrphy has * benefit when he will appear la a double >?''l ?? ? am T.,km to Philadelphia. Michael Suilii? ? - jticaaei suuivan was arretted in this city to day by I>eteetive* Coomcs and the request ot Lieutenant Charles D. Croat, or the reserve police corp*ot Philadelphia, and by the latter take* to Pailadalnhia oa th* owe ? clock train this afternoon. Sullivan was ua der *4,000 bonds tor asMulting Officer Caton in that city some time since, and suddenly left, it is alleged, wbea wanted for trial. Uiw PrancATioas?Prom P. A. Fill Jk Co. we hare the London Art Journal fbr May; from Shillington, Frank I^wlie's and Harper's Weekly for May 31 and Wild Oats for Jaae 5, and from J. C. Parker, Harper'* Weekly for ttslMlmtiit _ J? , JMy. COUNCIL ?The Cotncil ?u opened wit* prayer y-vtertlay ifttrMo? bf th* chaplains r b*,or* **? <*>????? a covnnr tfcc Oottsq, u??.rU)? rf.ol.Hon *">?5 t?r ? ?a?emest of Hitnti amount* ?? *??<1*4 for laprctementain Washington, Oeorss town and the eoanty. Thi. ?ut?m?S Im mZuVy J?lABiSfJ* '?cU^1 ?ith the ronwJwoic* ^2; ? jfS? V^CEU to ** ** W?ah j ordered to b? prints 'in the journaL' rt" erTwi and Hrtnw kill changing the name of the Tillu* k?own m Barry Farm to HUlsbore, . .. referrl^ Browne introduced a bill for the prewrrati.'.n ! ir1h!l?ADK.h7rtn/,B the fotom^ r^ t" t he rlir Tk^m 0'!?? at ? f Ttain season of ? L? FotMm that from and after it? 'V*y ?f person Who .hall deliver or land at any ???rr, ?hore or uther place within the limit* of tkl *!?*** ' [ Columbia, any fresh^?l T herri?? which are to b? ?old ??r offered for **le after th* llw? ?alt- wit^nVh?'li^^r**J> T?10/?*" *?"? or offer for anyTJt^r. JfJL .t ?* ,he DlMrirt of Columbia, a?d 722* ^rio*.th? of May, Jane, J?|y tb?rrafta!tk^i ?f*r' ,ha"- nP"n conviction tK^^T,^c5^urt' ?*><>?? The bill was read a Brat time and laid over, n. from the committee on police, rf Parted hack Council hill Ho. 8 to prevent the con . *. * of disorderly persons on the corner of screen or avennee, wilb a mibititnte in the nature of an auiendniant, which waa laid oTer and ordered to ?"?printed. ??r Thompson. from the committee on finance, reported back Council bill No. ai, makin* anpr..prt 5 k. f'ind and t? pay intereat on the ni , / Columbia a id the late corp , * "f WMhinjft(,D AO() (Jf- f(*tOVin Vifhunt amendment. The bill ?-------? its."'. w'."*ol't iU THE STaV'Sf ,bT rJr Commission*?, " ?"?fall the amount and condition of the property belonging to the fire department f, . r'.? row,ie I"?*- *?? amend by including a renort ?^hj^perint?*.1 of the fir. alarm t'el"gTa^h, ?f^1e^^T^^?h*^^Il,' fr(?m.1th<' fin*nr,> committee, re J . , " Hom# I.ill io extend the time f r ??? wTth .V. 'eiita and for other pnrp,V< JT'nrnil.WUeUd,,,?U,? *Ud tLe bi,J P^ AJ-j HnBM^,0F ?W*OAT18 -Mr. Hnnt intro , r,.bU1 lo r**vlMa ">* '?"> ?f coal, makin* it an law ful to send ont coal nnless weighed, and n ticket asw-tfsft.w '? ~nt wl,k *nmler ? ?*"? p-Si' *ZatJ'ingulf^ fUI to ro?"'?e the di? i5?3^>^?S!jewS?S nU,,";rW I ? ?hISneteSP,r.N7ded l? t ?aa laid f.yer!**0 *C->(the reaerred seat bill,) | Certain amendmenl- to the role*, offered I.* Mr * V^e T.*''ln^trrr'i1 to 'f1*' Committee OM ? | ? SwKft^iTSs?1 vstsssrar. r^ttsfa5,suftaevaatswi: BjjHdntlon re<tnestins information from the B? trd .r'^sa'Kiasg pa- <do.UK busintw in the Digtrict we^e ' h Bill for the relief of St John's H >m? u:?? I ^ cr.^Wrr,Vep^^^,iti0D0r Ann 3 r??irXS^nlrX\\nZ" """? rtfer W? J .efof^Vnymew!,0^'^^ U,Wrtin?Coni?it- r' mitteeon Diwrict olBeeAu^nldn "er^lUhi s1 _JJr Vermillion thought Mr. Murray ha.1 ? auth ? i^^r^xaawicw',,,e ?-a-1 ? reail^'fir relating to the drainag. <>f |,,t? w.t. I ( reajl alir-t time, ordered t<> be printed, aud referral Henseconcurrent resolution relative to the EXB.VPT.05 OF CHt ?t? PROPKRrV FRoll T,SA ra? taken np. fox, te^Jnf.iaTlaHon.r^r th? bi" t0 the c?"' .,5 r Shepherd urged the adoption of the resolution 'at ui? that in some inxtances rburche-, and huiin>n? natitatlons <>wne?l whole -niare- of gruiuid which n?>n?r.r;^",ri"g 'or aP*ctUative pu^poJaand w'i -.J'!'?,Speaker (Mr. Campbell) eaid he had been iai'* Parttea interestMl in this ineaau re who sonld like to appear beforetfconuuittee , .u the'snl) . *r- Shepherd -aid that these parties could aroear .JiJSKK3K? P-Ttonityt.. appear Uf.,rrthem ,n ?P M^rAdloa-mT -3; n.v, Mr T. M.C. A. !?TXR*STINO ASMVKRSARV *.VER( I.SEP <l? an* ASSOCIATION at lircolk hall lait MliHT?ADDRESSES BY ?OV. COOKE, PRESI DENT SMITH, BKVg. DRS. HEPtVORTH, TIP FAS1 AND OTHERS?WORK OP THE ASSO CIATION Df R! N<; TH E YEAR. hJire?w^'?nf?iMen * CLristiai1 Association held .i!h? 1 i anniversary at Lincoln Hall l*,t iJy,iM^J!lce ? ae present, not with tunding the rain. The exercises were verv in eresting. Got. Cooke presided, assisted bv President Smith of the association. There were >n the pi at tor m a large number of prominent ritizens, including mo5t of tMrgy^Z ^V cral prominent olficials. On taking the char <-ooke said he would not deUun the audi tuce with a speech, especially in riew of the r i.^!i presence of eloquent and distin guished gentlemen who were to s'ldres* the meeting. He proceeded *t once by annoanc.nK U?? anBiTemry hymn beginning. ? We meef fou here, our brethren dear." A portion of the ' ~**P%r of St. John was then roa.? by the Ker. Mr. Gray, alter which the Her. Mr. Oreen ir?rae^#*hLt*PPir0|>,i*t* pr*yer The welcome g, "<*l?d welcome, every brother," was then i??*' , *ixty or seventy names of candi lates lor membership in the association were rtad and accepted. Following this came the iddresa ot the president, Mr, I%nk H.Smith. *ho gave a brief history of the association. The Rev. Geo. H. Hepworth. ot New York, "."f1! w Ter7 eU*lu?nt *n<l stirri ig a<ldress. it> abich he spoke in thrilling wordsof the progress >f the cause of religion and ot the unification of kll sects in the common cause of Christianity ks taught by the Master himself. He was londlv applauded. 3 Mr. George S. Page, an active lay member, af New Vork. was then Introduced, and com menced bv saying that he was sandwiched in l-etween the solid chunks of Closj^l bread as a thin slice of laymen tongue. He then gave an interesting account of Eis visits to th? Home for Little Wanderer* in Horton, the Home for \ oung Cripples In New York, and described a tour he took with some of the i^>y* of his Mis sion School in New .lersey aroi nd among ihe whisky shot* of New Vol*. He v losed bv re temng to the improvements going t,n in Wash ington. and hoped the people would s.^e that the moral imi rovement kept pace with the physical, bv sustaining such institutions as ths Youug Men s Christian Association. Rev. l>r. O. H. Tiffany, of the Metropolitan M. E. church, followed in an excellent address on the value of Christian organizations. At the conclusion of his remarks, iTr. Hall called ujK>n Dr. Hepworth to endeavor to loosen the strings ot the pocket-looks of those present, which he did most effectually, finite a large sum being realised. Mr. Page, of New York, contributing *5M>. Thirty dollars was contributed for the election ef Mr. Hepworth as a life member. The exercues cloeed with a benedicLon bv Kev. Cleveland. 3 * ?WO" or THE ASSOCIATION. The board of managers present a brief sum mary ot the work of the as yciatton in its va yCar endln? March 31, -w'; .? whifh,11 appear, that there were, within the period mentioned, l?i conversions. The meetings have been well attended, and be iween fifty and sixty lectures have been given under the auspices of this class of christian workers. A company of the younger portion of the members have organised what they term a youths' working committee, and hold tinder their direction quite a number of neighborhood prayer meetings in various parts of the city. The services at the 'all, almshouse, workhouse, rh^L*chf>1' KendsUchspel.and the Women's ~ 7"""? ?avss.ssiMV^pw, MM WAV WW UIUCu 8 LhrlfttUn AwocUtkm, hire continued through workhouse and marine bar ?S, vJS?2f*" tai SsSF'S5^ - - ?ttq?. Thereyrtrf ^ssftatsr^^ *r new BMmoers receivea during u>e year, im- ? ?**!" Mareh h.UIS, ISO; ,227 ? has been the year from orer co ' the oonoession of the building, the rental of ?on will la _ Of S3^00. , continues, as cof^ojr^?^^ r '???? * about WJOe. Through foture he ?2,Mpsr an Theqoestiooor ttnanoe, I G ri T tl 15 n L $ 11 t* St L H ?11 cl M J ai S. VI m 81 *i I' PI l?: by nii ju v? V, pi 1 O CO 0 til D CI Tl Vfl 8' c? * m h: of ??] nr hi oc Ik h< ?a ai cc bi fr P? E In tt Cl ti ai In it tl to l> tc c! ?c ffl d< P Ci tc 11 Cl M m C| Albxavdwa.?gnotattonsofnewMfbr ?? lay, fanlrtied to Tn Stab by Owr|? W. Harrison A Co., wholesale dealers la tali. No*. IX King W., 80, 51, W fish vharra, Alexandria: Shad, per hundred, ?10.75 to ?12; Herri ig. per " k white perch, per bunch, , #4.25 to 95; 20 to 25; rock, per butch, 30 to 35; offal, per baaeh, 10 to 15. Washifhtow.?To-day, the following sale* at the fish wharves were made to shippers by K. A. Goider. Jfc Bro.; agents:?2,000 shad, from ?10 to S12; 30,000 herring, *5; 100 banches rock, 30c.; 300 eels, 1 to 2c., 20 sturgeon, *1.50 to tX Thi Csioud Pt BLK School*.?At a meet ing of the Board of Colored School Trustees last night, the secretary read several communlca rat ions relative to the claim of the colored schools for #10,747.77 against the board of com missioners of the sinking fond; one of which, front Governor Cooke, stated that the whole matter had been referred to the attorney of the District for his opinion. A donation of #5 was received from Mr. John E. Clark, superintend ent of the 19th-street Sabbath School of the Baptist Church, towards paying for the picture of Charles Sumner. A communication was re ceived from a number of students of the pre Society. requesting the use of one of the school rooms in the Sumner building in which to hold their meetings; rejected. The application of Miss Blanche Washington for position as music teacher was received and filed. .Mr. Ferguson moved that all teacher* who propose to continue in the employ of the hoard during the next school year be required to give a notification of the iact to the siqterintendent on or before the 15th of ,lune next, and that any failure to com ply with the above be considered a declination and the vacancy be filled at the option of the board; adjourned. The Bill to Kkoui.atk axt> License Horse* of Ill-fame ?The committee on iio liceof the House of Delegates held a m -eting lay before yesterday in relation to House hill No. 25, in relation to houses of ill-fame, &c., and gave a hearing to eighteen ladies who ap peared in opposition to licensing the social evil. In an address l>efore the committee Mrs. Sara J.Spencer said tliey op posed the bill because it really means the licensing of prostitution, the protectioiiof vice in men, and further degrading (alien womeir, and because it sets a price on the head of every young, unprotected girl in the District of Columbia, and makes the legalized business of the procuress one of the safest and most lucrative "industries" in the national c ?p taj. She concluded by reading from .Jacoli H right's speech in Parliament on the practical forking of these measures in England. Susan Kdson, M D., followed In an appeal for the co Iteration of men and women in redeeming and aving th? unfortunate and degraded. Action on the bill is still postponed. The ca on the !tth street railway line com nenced running yesterday. Trips are made at present from M street to Missouri avenue, op posite the B. and P. depot, but it is the intcn joii to run the cars to the arsenal grounds, at he foot of 4 >* street, in a few davs, and out !ith treet to the boundary as soon as the condition ?f the street will permit. The ordinary Metro ?olitan enr ticket is good over this line, and ?assenger? are given transfer tickets from it to lie F street line, and rice rer*a at the croswing it F and f th streets. The cars are run on the lew line ?very live min.ites for the present, but t is undeistood that more cars will be put on is soon as the demands of travel justify more requent "Tips. Heal Kstatk Sales?The following sales tave been made since our last report: By <>* Cullan, real estate agents?'Three-story ?rick h..Ufe,lotai feet frunt by 132 feet deep on I ?rr1- ' ? l?'"n ,!h and 10th streets northwest. to \ils..t> *? Br?wn: price. Six-room frame loose on I lerce Place, between I Oh ,n.l 15th Streets lortliuest. t" J.'hn H. Raker; price, $2.60u. Tlir.'. t.'ry-;in<l-t)sseinciit brick house on I> street I.e. ween M an 1 3.1 streets northwest, to Or J * rarkinston; price, #4,rtnoca?h. Part of |..t 2,' in ?jnareC3U, on I? ?treet, between N"w Jersey avenue i, ii "I? Capitol ?treet, t? J.T Lenmau; price, 13,119 25 cusli. r ' A Hediikvk Askku fok i'OM Wrkiht. lev. Father Wiget, of St. Alovsius^-liurch. Iris la.lo an apical to the Attorney General to ecommend a reprieve to Tom Wright, un.ler ?nteiice here to be hanged on the 30th instant, le .specifies no particular time. It is under tood that Attorney General Williams is of the pinion that the sentence shonld be executed n the day already set apart for that purpose. THE CO CUTS. COURT IN <iENJCRAL TKKM, Cimf arttrr '!?-/ Affortatt O'ih. MmA thttr ?a t I To-day. the court took up the ca?e ..f ex toy. Bowie,of Md., vs. the Baltimore and Ohio "(row: appeal from thecircuil conrt on exceptions hisi is an action against the railroad f?r the loss of le trotting mare Australia, the property of the laintiff, \ slued at #10,1**), she having had a lee token at the Baltimore and Ohio railroad depnt. in us city, wbil>-being taken in a car to go to th ong I si sad race*. In the conrt below a verdict of s.iui was rendered. The esse is still on trial. ?OUITT COURT. Judm Wgiu.?Yesterday. auf vf. Haut; decree pro confesso. and order to ike te-timony Iwfore commissioner. Stone vs Mme; order appointing B e. gckloff guardian to iz/if J. Stone. Estate of B II. Cle!utiitti.d*Mvas I; decree confirming proceedings of probate jam etion. Allen vs. Coyle; order recomtni'Mng so al auditor s report f.-r distribution. Meikle vs. 'ikle, hearing fixed for to-morrow. Estate <>f tthnw. Thompson; decree confirming trustees sale id for liquidation of incumbrance. Freedin-u's tving- B ink vs. Eaton decree appointing Ge .rg* f. SUrkney trustee ft . Lean vs. Falconer; decree aking Henry A. L<* kwood party complainant later rs Daniels, ord. rva ating pro coafsao, and anting defendant lea ,e to file cross bill. CIBjXIT COUBT Jtuite Humphrrt/t.?Tester iy. Maxheinjer vs. lavage United States u*e vs. rosoetal. G.d?y <a. M?Namara; Mendenhall vs. lowmaa; Davids'n vs. Be<1mon; Crown vs. Crow y: Davidson vs Davis- Lloyd vs. Taft; judgment default in es n esse. Msllard vs Freiind indz snt for .ace due. King ft Co. vs. Eussell dgrnent b ?)W aflimMd. Hibernia Bink vs Ho ?y; le-.eto ameii ! declaration. Ottman vs. K .p ... lisuiwsd for want of prosecution; Morris vi " *nhmitted to conrt. and judgment for a *itift for ?49. Green vs. Maguire; dismissed for ^K^nt'w-whhout <.Mts. .Johuson vs. Connellland D .nnelly, jury respited. flHCl IT COUBT Jifitt Hnmphr. >/< ?Th's 17,** "? '??"*? Johnson vs. Connell anil Donnelly, jury trial; verdict for plan I; ga "stOCounellfyr A?|.2S and r..r .1efen<l.nt omirlly. Frayzer v- Baker, judgment bv default. srket Given v? Nailor, W ard vs. D ut, Smith ts Ikmpeon. H rrell vs. Honwhild, Trist aud Hahn t. li-nnsge. judgment by defsult. POLICE COUBT. Jmlu S?'ll?Today, Wm, anard, charged with carrvlng a ra/or, forfe,t?i 'Ilateral, 8?. James McPherson.threats of per sal violence to Martha Morse l.y threatening^., ash her month, and if that would not ?ettle her she td a six shooter, with which h<fwonld p.lish her T; bonds to keep the peace. William Datton, as .oli and battery on Laura Weeks. I This was a nail difficultj between children, and as snch cases ?ve become quite frequent of late, the judge toak casion to say .hat such trivial difficulties shonld > settled at h'.nie by the parents of children, and ?would discourage such prosecution. Mr Close .id that these were warrants issued by magistrates. *d the reason ha had brought this esse before the inrt wm that stones had been thrown in the streot r tlie parties ] The indge fined defendant ?1. m K^lly, asssnlt and ba.terv on Lizsle Kellv.his ife. Thijwae an unproroked sad cnu-1 assault; 10 and cost*. THE MATRIMONIAL PTtOMOTFR. Wis.L Brown, a lawyer, was charged with de aud ng Frederick Coombs of three dollars. The rosecntor was "Uncle Freddy," the aj\*cateand ?omoterof matrimony,discoverer of electricity, the rst one * bo applied this power for the purpose of emotion. Ac., Ac.. Ac. Uncle Freildy testified lat Brown came to him and represented that he was mender of the Histoiical Society of Pennsylvania id a lawyer by profession; that he had liesrd of his sim on the government, and cou d aid him in get ng It through, as he had great In tluenecs with Sen iors and officers of th- Pniwme Court, and w >u <1 ot charge him any fee, but afterwards obtained j?3. i order to obtain copies >f papers from the clerk of le Supreme Conrt. Mr. Brown here made a state lent to the conrt. denying any Intent to defraud, at said that Mr. Coombs followed him np fur davs > solicit him to take his case, representing that his aim would amoast tn millions of dollars; that he lefendant N as persuaded to believe that he hail some >rt of fro homo p?hhro claim, but he had made no Use r*presentations. Mr. Coombs contended that rfeidant had takes the money from him on a to p.rfn.- ?!.< iftcduty of obtaining pies of taper- in the clerk s office, snd hsd not been > the clerk s offices! all. The court states that he tw no intent; it was usual for attorneys iu such sses to charge a retaining fee before commencing tits, and he would dismiss the case. Uncle Freddy id not seeni very well satisfied with the tarn Ills ?as hsd taken. Th* Livft'OR (ji-KRTtoN bas boon sharply de ated in the Canadian Parliament. The com littee to whom tlie subject has been referred eclare that- the relations between intemper noe and crime are so significant that they can ot be ignored. They assert that four-fifths of II crime* In that country can be traced to in -mperance, fortifying their position by the act that ot 28,289 commitment* in Quebec and Ontario last year 21^236 are to be traced direct r to Intoxication. They also cite the opinion of B physicians, who testify that aloohol is pro ocative of disease and death, being In fact a ealth destroying agency. They are Inclined d test prohibition, and are seeking to frame a effective law. There la a strong feeling tn be Parliament on the subject, and a stringent iw, if not one absolutely prohibitory, will be Sighs or Dkath?l>r. Hugo Magnus, asslst at physician to the hospital at Bresdau, sug I?s6 that the tying of a tight ligature around me of the fingers will determine whether a to be dead ts go in reality. If ife be not extinct the extremity of the finger oon becomes red, the death of the eolor ln reaslng to dark red and violet, while the skin ibovethe ligature remains white. Thlslser* ly understood, as. If there be any circalatioijDf he blood, the ligature prevents the re am of the venons blood, while the merles still continue to conVey it to he capillaries. A teat so simple ean be implied without difficulty, end seems to tw quite decisive?Editor11 Jk*eaJ{/lc Record, m Sarjxr'i fur J*mt. ALL the Saratoga hotel- open next month on

\ grander scale than ever before. The welters Save had their pockets enlarged, the cock roaches are unusually Bveiy and well trained, while the bedbugs have formed associations, by which net more than three rettelh of 1 tuckers will prey npon guests la one night. From all Appearance* Um farmer and fruit grower will bare to contend the coming season with an on usual number of noxious lute*. It ie, therefore, necessary to take immediate steps for defence against them, as moat apeciea pro duce several broods in the mason, multiplying by the thousand fold, making all work in ex terminating the first comers an exemplification of the adage "a stitch in time saves nine," only reading instead of nine, nine hundred. In the first place, every one has noticed the vast num bers of cut-worm in the ground, both in sod and stubble. These will, u not killed or kept away by pungent mixtures, do Incalculable in Jury to the corn crop. Indeed, I find them very troublesome ui the vineyard and In the young asparagus beds that have not yet been dressed with salt. I have found thirty in a space not larger than my hand. There are many devices for securing the corn against its attacks, and these should be hunted up, and the best adopted. Rolling the seed in coal tar (a very little) may keep them off; Punching holes in the ground be side the corn-nills, and the use of some very odorous and odious superphosphate may repel them. Salt Is very useful in repelling this and other Insects, but must be applied sparingly, and in connection with lime or plaster. It is an error to suppose that salt is sure death to corn. To a certain extent it is beneficial, but too much ef it will kill the plant. Perhaps the surest way to get rid of the cut-worm is to gather them by hand and feed to the chickens, thu* (figuratively) killing two birds with one stone. See how manv you can get in half an (more or lest.) he will have done wetland you will have done better. ^Bfttherdestructive insect i< the tent-cat?rpil lar, which molests the apple and kindred trees. They are already producing their second broods. Every worm's-m" it in valuable tree or worthless should be at one destroved. Cutoff and burn, or if on a large limb crush out or burn tkoronyhly (which is difficult) with a torch. I had just liea'rd of starving them out bv throw ing sail* on the wtbs.but 1 should prefer some surer method. The curculio* are another great nuisance, hut I can not yet see whether they promise to be more plentiful this summer tliati usual or not. Study up the different methods of warfare, and adopt the simplest. Some strong, bad smelling application is useful, as the *'Turk" has a deli cate nose. A valuable plum or apricot is worth taking care of. The thrip, a small tly that Infests the grape vines, threatens to do us great injury. Take care of them, tor thev are more dangerous thiui most insects ot larger size, and have ruined many vineyards in the west. Trv soap suds showering, sulphur, torches, carbolic applica tions, ami report as no successful meth ods for ridding the vine of this pest are yet i?op ularly known. The blister tly, or potato beetle, was plentiful last year. Drive them oft' the viue with straw whisns and stamp them out. In bis warfare against these pests man should seek other aids than his own hands or ingenious methods and contrivances can give. Tho birds will do tar more work than he in saving his cro|?. Protect thf birds if you mould exterminate the inmate. I would even spare the crows, tar ring the corn to prevent them from gormau dizu.g. but letting them come to feed upon tna cut-worm, caterpillars and chinch bugs that silently and in concealment work more ruiu than can all the genus carous. In conclusiwn, remember, as some fruitgrower has before re marked, as eternal vigilance is the price of lib ertv, so is it also the price of fruit May 15th, 1*?73. SiNortAR Hakoino ok a Lai??Coroner Young has been notified to hold an inquest at 120 1st avenue, on the body of .lohn Steue, ag--d fourteen years. He was employed by .1. \V. Houghton, importer, 706 Broadway, and this morning was found partially suspended by the check-rope used at the hatchway. The hatch way was closed, and the loop In the rope was a short distance above the floor. When discovered the head of the boy was through the loop, and the ro|>e pressed upon the windpipe, lie was dead. Whether or not death was caused by strangulation can only be determined by a post mortem examination', which will be maae by Deputy Coroner Beach. The deceased was very delicate, and it is supposed was suffering from heart disease; he may have been playing with the rope and was caught in the noose, or he may possibly have been suddenly seized with pain and fell forward, and was thus caught in it. His relatives do not think he committed suicide. His legs and one hand rested on the floor X. T. Sxprest. 20'*. Dress ok Amkbhan Ladies The Paris coiresi>ondent of the London Vanity Fair writes to that paper: Mr. Worth, the Lnglish milliner, for iu^ny years has liadhishand* more full than ever, anil every afternoon the car riagrs block up the whole of the Kue de la Paix befoie hla door. He dresses everybody in Paris now from Madame Thiers downward, and La ferriere, whom I rather prefer myself, is no irhere. The best dressed women in Paris are not the Parisians, but the Americans. They have s 11 the taste of the French, and far more boldness and originality. They Invent combi nations which frighten you at first glance, and ielight you at the second?and thev are almost ilways pretty, which is no small element in a toilet. _____________ Boston is talking of having mounted police for suburban and night service. The editor of a Wisconsin paper wants an ntelligent boy. He will probably be mad if it's i girl. ?GTJron fences around private lots in cem ? eries and public parks are going out of fashion n the northern c'ties. ITA well defined fire and a fully developed >anic in Turner Hall, at Fort Wayne, Ind., rere quenched by a timely application of beer. ?7"Kats mousing* among matches caused the lestruction by fire of the residence and store of kddison Williams, at Magnolia, Crawford sounty, Ind., on last Friday night. ?"The "Ken* Freie Presse." of Vienna, an tounces that the powers entitled to a vote on he election of the next Pope have agreed to eto the election of any cardinal favored by he Jesuits. Spain Is not included in the com >act. CITY ITEMS. Traco-KcasiAK Baths; also, Medicated Va ?r Baths, for all skin disease, at Dr. Sbedd's, >03 E street. 5,20,6: Hats! Triple Combination. Willett & Ruotf have received another sup >ly of the above hats?three in one, adapted for ill weather. 1?,6 Cactiow.?Purchasers of the Peruvian Syrup a protected solution of the protoxide of irou) ire cautioned against being deceived by any of he preparations of Peruvian bark, or bark and ron, which may be offered them. Every bottle if genuine has Ptrurian Syrup (not Peruvian >ark) blown In the glass. Examine the bottle be ore purchasing. 19,6 Elkgant,sweet, light.and wholesome Bread, Soils, Biscuits, Corn Bread, Muffins, Buck wheat and other Griddle Cakes, and Pastry Jakes, with Dooley's Yeast Powder. Sold bv grocers. 16,6 Children cav for Pitcher's Castoria. It *egulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It Is a substitute for sastor oil. 4,25,eo3: ? Valuable akd Rkliable.?1"Brown's Bron- j* hial Troches" are invaluable to those exposed TP :o sudden changes, affording prompt relief in Coughs, Colds, Arc. 20.eoo Pohd's Extract euros rneumatism, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, ?calds, soreness, old sores, headaoae, colic, lameness, bruises, bolls, wounds, neuralgia, tioarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases. m,th,e,tf Willoox A Giaa's Sawine Mao hiw*. The Mlebratod Bazaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Beam's hoopakirt and nonet factory, 7th street. Intelligencer Building. 10,2? Shiets sadi to Okdu.?Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, can have their Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's, 422 9th street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: Soda Wat** Apparatus kor Sal*.?A great variety of White and Tennessee Marble Soda Water Apparatus at manufacturer's prices and terms. Second-hand ones taken in exchange. Pure Soda Water in Steel Fountains, at Palmer & Green's, Georgetown. w,s Poxd's Extract is for sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott St Co., 480 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Th* Chttavrs of old were half bo-se and half man. They consorted with anima's, con quered mankind, lived upon the flowers of the century plant, made one of their number god of the beating art, transferred their na ne and bom* to the constellation I raised the dtril generally. Bat the great Centaur Liniment for stiff jotfcts, rheumatism, swellings mwA i.mmm ? *-?' is now aston be^ause it 17,eo5 Liniment lor stiff joffcts, rheumatisi U4^^he*worid?tt aSJ "*rr^sh'rg B10B?H0W. Hor?* Riiitas^-MMn. Holllngswortb & Coughhn, the contractors for raising the build ing in the vicinity of the Market House, hare bow under way fonr adjoining building* on the north west corner of Potomac and Bridge street*, and three on the opposite side of Bridge street. Whentbese are op and three or four others on i ? SP1C* ne*r the canal, the? will be done in that neighborhood. Hqcskd Agaih?The improvement of High street, between Bridge street and the canal, having been completed, the steam flre engine Henry Addison has been transferred from Br.dge street to the old quarters in the engine DOQ8f. River Nrws._The steamer Lady of the I.ake cleared to-day for Norfolk with a miscel laneous cargo, and the (ieorgeanna arrived Baltimore with an assorted cargo The schooner Pioneer has arrived from Boston with planter snd furniture, for Hartley A Bro. Cra..s 1'rad*.?The receipts of grain to-day wece2JNWbashel8 prime red wheat, bvthe boat Fish Wharf.?The receipts of fish to-dav were, 4fl,00o herring, which sold at S3 to S330 per thousand. Georgetown Advertliementi. ||Y THOMAS DOWLINO, Auct'r; Georgetown. **3j0 front P?rl Of L<4 No. nrw ",d<> West bvTrtIX?K -Tf and ??n?r?? struts, j I1* '"P^^meala cnasM "i ? siu>stantiai and nearly new Bn.k Dw?llii??r wa"?' tl,f hr*?m and cellar, tions ii?towtK^' ' * ?n* ?f th' b?* K**" Triiijfc One-third ca*h; I alance in I U tnrf is mantij., with iatwe* at 10 i^r r. nt ^r 'am," ^ cured by Sliced of trust on the property Gonvei anciug at c,*t of purchaser A deposit of ? 1 uja* soon as the property is str.u k off ^ 1 *10U ** ?!!'g TBOMA8 POWLING.Auct THOS. DOWLINO Auctioneer; Georgetown. '!?"?* uSo""?!.' s'.X iferiSS." ??rs^BTOS'sTRMT,' It ^S*ei!n J,,n,13d, at 3 o'clock, I will B"ween (J7.'^'*M ' J"1 *reet, be . *ween ureen and Montf'inerT streets *i* n#?*r anoing s? cost of the p-.rrhWf r PA ofBitL required a* toon &* the property 10 ?t nick off. n,a0 d,i THOM AS DOWLINGfDAuTvr. |{V THOMAS DOWLINO, A net.; Georgetown ? wMmS"- j,,ne 3d*at 6 ?'c,oc* P rn I faiij *1"/i'J' "n ? !>?* premises, part of Lot ]??? rr..nt ^1^^sa&Si?5 IJY TUUMAS DOH LING, Auctioneer, 1 Bridge street. Georgetown. msb /asiiif, (fflrVAi'iK A?!!r"p!f:UE si?*".'?oeg*tow!!!S? eufeVii^Uh^o'n ',*?I'" *!ld testament orthe ? ?ie> U Iloiioghti*-, deceased &n.l with r. hib?.co"?-"t ?f Peter oW>gh?. hi. Tin <gbt, the und< r0ign*rl will tell, at pablic >n tlie premise*. on TU1SD \ Y M?v >??tk JJ, D/ c*"h balance in 6. 12, and IS rn-t taken to secure the deferred n ? ?"uich" sARAcHn)%raTr/ ' , PETKB O HONOGHuS;! Exscutora. IH-Pi thos. Dowflwo. a... t |{Y THOMAS DOWLINO, Auct'r; Georgetown rBlbTKEf8 SALE OF VALUABLE It is at re TATE IN GEORGETOWN DC L K* ses all thnt I r# J?n mV front oi the prem? inim MM l^"a. ."I trust of the premises Ti?? urm, ??? ?. ^'^nV^flvedav! ?? ?2U0 will required at the close of sale n.7 (0ourier1HCGA<^,'nB^ywIrr.?5 |)B][ AT POPULAB PBICB8 mem?*" i.,.- * 0'Bndge street, Georgetown. 4"r?T?i"te ^s in P.^k' ' Linen Drills; all the novel Ifeached Cotton. lSic?*** ?onot^ * [^KADT FOB THK SPBING TBADK. With a full corn of first clam workmen . ?ADIKS' AND G1NT8' 8PW?0%D 8UMMKB romptly and In thet^m^"L' >?MMIUU S*fAfgfeZb*Z)? SCOUR. lk31 pSTt^BSTra?.' 9*or-tvwm' ?? o ap7-tr grocers. ^ s. O'HARE fc SOM, WHOLKSALB AND BETAIL GBOCKKS. 1*13 7th 8TBCKT NOBTHWBST, (Between M and N ata.) K*W BUTTBB I NEW CHEESE I 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 IAM8. Sl'GAB CIBED HAMS 16c. PEK LB. 6 16 16 16 16 16 D00LEVS YEAST P0WDEB. Jit AII AM fLOUK. ^ OATMEAL lecker'ii H lieaten Grits, Hecker's Fsrina, Bye Flour, Barlej Tapioca, Sago, Manioca, Duryea s Corn Starch. l"ax Candles, Cross * Black well ? Pickles, Col man s Mustard, Stickuey A Poor's Mustard, Olive Oil, Sauces, Sal id Dressing. CINCINNATI OLEINE SOAP. )uryea's Satin Gloss Starch, Baker'* Chocolate Cocoa, and Cocoa Shells, Broma, Pruu>-> Currants, Baisins. MEDICINAL LIQUOBS. ?'\ForJ reach Branny, Bollajid Gin, Blackberry Brandv Fine Old V hisky, California Brandy. C. 8. O'HARE * SON. maMr W?M?t.a.w.. between P U U R I KhC?lV?D DIRECT rom the Mills ta ?ALLEY OF TIBGIMIA. ill (ell to families SO cents par barrs lesa than anal prices. Prices ef 8UGAB8 sad TEAS all Marked down. CATAWBA WIHB, MaTSSKS!^ rhmmat TaU#F a. H. BAOOM.TM rthsadfthi (? TH..B?BM?C01|aTOF?lDUrU0? Ireurr, fimnnn'n ?n T1' i. jOH!NOS By the Court: A Tni??opy.-Tast; B. J, ?> f-3t Br L. P. WIL with the au peraoM kavtng claims against tassaid fcefore the (th day ffTMaV nexT eaoSe* niTe?*n^Cln-e-Krro? *" at the said jattte. Given under mj hand, this flth dav of MaT fmt f.3w| GBO.H. B. WHITE/ JPAhXLSAGE S OB COWS AMD X10USE8. At E. Ljoa^MW, on^Icrle'g. LADIES' GOODS. MIM McCOtXlCK, PKBBSYLYABIA AT SNUB.1 HH (omutl; on k*a<l i fine MortneiX of * IMPORTED BOB NETS, STRAWS. CHIPS, rLOWIES, RIBBONS. Ac , all of the neweat dmini. Ladiea CA PS ud CO IT Fl'EBS ;art wwiwj u ir j^IAD ABD SAVE TOUR MOSEY. LidtN Who kiT? Hair Switch** that hare faded (root as can have them raatored to their natural ?had# in superior manner We have a very large AMirtn*Di a? #1 rn?U ? ?a ? * Mortme^t of 11 Curls: verr loo* aod h*i Switch, ?err chetp. Kow li lbs tim* to bnt^ MADAM* ESTRRNSHair ract0r7.TlBlJ.hrt , ?eariO street. ai? tr I Mrs. c. b. eiLLET, AT THE BBW TOBB MILLINERY 8T0BB, HA8 REMOVED from 814 9th street <w penbsylvabia avenue, WASH I Mi TV* V C., Mid has just returned from Bew York with the lateat atrlea and novelties in Millinery and Fancy 0>"<1k. Thankful for past favors, aba solids a con tinuance of ptronaga. aM* l?* |\ OTICB.?Bargains are a oar being od*f^ l> . MtLLlBEBT . and I PAHCT GOODS. Br B. LENZBERG A CO., I 1 ?3''r 707 Market Spaca, ? . ? I gTAMPLNG DEPOT. labM-tr Opposite Patent OWoa. WELLING OFF I ? selling orr I AT COST, TO DI8SOLYB PARTNERSHIP, . . the entire stock I ? OP THE HEW TURK BAZAR, I ' 441 Seventh rtreet, near B. marT-tr NO HCMBCO. "LADIPREBCH STARCH RBAMRL la the beat article in the world for doing ?? Linen or Maalln It tawv a beautiful gioasio the fabric ?-" VciXffiS . 00 188 Writ Lombard street, Imll lT Baltimore. Maryland. BOOKS, STATIONERY, Aa. 'tfpHB AMERICAN ODD FELLOW," for May, A_ jprice SB centa, rwltel and for aale br STOCKMAB A 80S, Agenta for District of Co lombia, MS 9th atreet northwest. corner of I Alao all the new Books, Perioairals, tr , and a full as sortment of Stationery, Picturaa, Picture Frani-s, Ac. ni?-tr THE ROYAL DIADEM; a B B W MUSIC BOOK. PU7 and Profit in Mr Garden: br Roe The Young Mechanic, a Practical Treatise. The Other Qirla, b> Mrs. Whitney. Memoir of a Brother; by Thomas Hushes Literature and Dogma, by Matbew Arnold. Croquet at all prices. Agency for STA1BSD GLASS WM BALLANTYNE. B;>-tr 7th atreet, near E. |^IST OF SEW BOOKS AT SHILLIXGTOS'S BOOKSTORE, Const* iS Sheet asd Pujia. | I Old Kensington. B) Miss Thackeray. The Old Countess A sequel t?> "Lord II -pee Ch- ice." By Mra. Ann 8 Stephana. Antiquities <>f Southern Indian*. Abort Tempest and Tide. a Paecarel. By the author of "Strathm'.re" and 8: "I'nder Two Flam." The Other Girl*. By Mra. Whitney, author of w " We ?Iris." L A Fair Saxon. By Justin MrCarthy. & New Remedies,for April, 1<C3. 5 Young Men of Great Britain. A journal of amus ing and instructive literature. B >? of Knirland. A your.g gentleman's journal ?_ of ?p>>rt,fun and literature. A Pay with Charles Dickens. Renelm Cliillinelr. B> Bulwer. Farm Ballads. By Will. Carleton. t f Hunt rated. 1 A iaree stock of BLANK BOOKS. P ASS BOOKS , and MEMORANDUM Be?OKS. NOT* PAPER. LETTEK PAPER. and PLAYING C tU>^ ?t the | ?' very loweat prices. m>> tr AGRICULTURAL BOOKS. Johnston'a Agricultnral Chemistry 01 71 American Gardener's Assistant. 1 M Allen'a American Farm Book...__ S SO n a - ? iv?ii m Arui do< Henderson's Gardening for 5 *^nf'? Draining forProflt Fuller a Small Fruit Cultrn ._ I so Profit I (o .and Health 1 60 Culturiat. 1 so fc ?. . *??*?? VUliUl It. I Ml I Fuller-sGrape Culture . S If Southern Apple Cultunst 2 TS I Wright s Prartical Poultry Keep^riZ." J ou I J] M tl f: Wright'a Practical Vonltry Kaeper >00 Langstroth on the Honey Bea...._. 2 on Randall^ Sheep Hasbandry........ 1 k) Horaa Owners' Cyclopaedia 3 71 Tonatt on the Dogs, S 7* All the new books received as aoon as published br RICHARD R. MOHCN A CO., >8-tr 101 ft Pepna. avenue, cornar 11th street. Httltl. I a OPENING OF A BBW BTATIOBBBY 8TORI I L ABD BLABK BOOK MABUFAOTOBT. I n First -ciaaa coada at fair artoaa, for oaah. I LITHOGRAPHING, RKGRAYIBO, PKIBT1B6 I ABD BIBDIBG DONE TO ORDRR. Tba public are lsvttad to call and mhbIm ou wm ?ock. BBB. F. FBEBCH, Under Batlonal Matropolttaa Bank. aod next door to Jay Oooka A Oo.V, ?eH-tf Waahiflgton. D O I dl PIANOS, As. tl C A LARGE LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND '1 SECOND HAND PIANOS, f from different factories, now on hand p for aale or rent on Ea<t Terms, to make'H II1 x x room at S REICHENBACH S PIANO WARBROOMS, as 4X3 11th streat, aboye Pennsylvania avenue, t>i Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.'s and Wm. Mc Cammon'a PIANOS. Second-hand PIANOS taken in part payment for aaw Pianos. m? tr . fZVBTAY Kl'HN, PRACTICAL PIANO I C VJf BAtBR, formerly foremaa for F. I Lighte A Co., tanar for Hteinwav A 8oos,H)Pfl and late tuner for Hetaerott A Co. TnasrnYlYI And repairer of PIABOS and ORGAM8, Bo. CSH Bew York avenae. Orders left at Karros Jewelry Store, 649 Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn'* Drug 8tore, corner Pennsylvania avenue and ttb street: RoaenthaJ a, S81 7th atraet, corner of H, will me?t with prompt attentioa, and satisfaction guar an latd. * ' aSt-ly ^*TIEFF'S PIANOS, unaupaaaed in aweetnaai of O tone and excellence of Amah; low pricea__qM_ and easy tenna. G. L. WILD A BRo JMBM Agenta, 480 11th atreet, near northweatVIIII1 corner Pennsylvania avenue, dealers in Pianaa and Mumcal Instruments generally. Tnuiug and Repairing, Poliahing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. ? ap!7 tr JW. LUCAS. 114S 7th atreet n. mm4 ? Hitulator at Ptanot and Otmmmi. Ur ?^B. ? lera received at Thompeoa'a corner Uth st JMB and B. York ave.; Getty's, Bridge, aaarHTTTl Oougreas, Georgetown; and Moaea',cor. 7tb aad Pa. a*. Pianoa and other inatrnmanta packed aod moved H All work guaranteed. mhMly J SCHOMAOKBB A OO^PIAN^^^^^ GRBAT RRDUCTIOB IB PRICKS. Tbwa l?l 1 ??mils, which, on account of thai! m- I U amloittr over all othera, have in a few r eara__s^^ become tba moat popular here, aa well aa all|BII| aver the country, can be had now for tba fol-fVV ir lowing low pricea SQUARE PIANOS fraua RS7I to ??n. UPRIGHT PIABOS from JW to #701. GRAND PIABOS from f87|to SIMf. Persona who wiah to aara front |I8 to |M tn pax ohaalng tba beat instrument oat, are invitad to wi snd compare for tbeaiaelvaa. Pianoa tor rant. Pinnna dlttr o5*?SSWWi 8S8 Panaagliaalal fU RAPIDITY ^B^^ASB WITS WHICH s>*DB.J^HITBt,8,>' **** , 888 1Mb street, oppasRi tba Trasa PLUMBIBG AMP QAS-FITTIBQ. >lng naa I C c ?0TH1TBLL. S only to basaaa at A. STRAUS'. 1*11 ? jtiy toW w* MA. STRAUS', 1S1IpJ?tT>,im2 ^HB LATBST WOBDSR of tba IMi oealtnS the 8? suit, now aelling rapidly at STRAUSt HI Paisaa.aea.,aaarTtta mt "0VS KJSWSrSrKfcSrS.T.W ?TC .aaarIItkSt RAILROADS. AUXi?BjU tilURVKIiirWItlCUICM X. B r it M md StxM ~ baaal Mm for Alataadrta tsavo a WUmr-4 , f, aistatiftifi"*? **?>??>*? LnilJWiM fttNB iWiM^rit arrive aa feiiowa ? T_i^r arrive as f?l|*wa ? ESSatiSNSS-.S"* ^BsaSir? 100 A Mtw WHklMtM Jl a. IT. dally. _ ffTM M88 ?.a. daily. OtrM tm.tikmU b tvtftt. ft. w* fEAlNB LEA VB FO E T BA I Hi A BEIT B AT BALTI McBI WASHINGTON. iSBa. a., Niagara lit , *-?*?? a , Waatara Bxp.? dally. daily, exoept Seed ay I.H a.m., Baltimore Hail. 8.88 am., Mail,daily, ?* daliy, cept Sunday 8Jh a. a., Waatera Exp11 ? a m. W lira Exp., dally, aacept Sunday. daily. l-JBp.a., Baltimore Ac 8:83 p ax., INdBr Etyrm, oommodation.daily, ax- daily,except Monday ce pi Snnday M IJi.iMin?nilrti.11, At.a.,('lKlBMll Bx daily. irMitUr.unpl Dull Ml 9 ? ,lo?lfc?f? Bx day. _ pr-aa, daily, except San aa, a., Waatera Expday tStlMTtii Waahlnstoa ?t( ISatd IIDPi b.mI jg ? at B"wi.- with train* l?-r Marlboro', mtibc Bowl* 7.88 and 11 18 a .a.. and 4 M p m . ar 1* I in at Marlboro' l lla.a and 12 IS aod )Bi a. Trelwa aiTlTlDC at W??l?to? S,B a. ? aod la ,n<1 SW> p. m, connect at B?wi? wttli traiua taavioB larlboro'7*. a. m and i:4V aiid 8:83 pji. PaMnyrri leaving their w4mi at Ticket OBosa, oraer <7 1Mb atr*et aod PeoaaylvaaiaTtnm ami lorthwaat ooraar of Siith street aal Pennsylvania d^'LiSb ?????? andcbaoh Int. Tbmnih tiafcea to CitHniatt, Ooii ndlanapolia, bowieville, St. Unit Bew Oi . <btcMto.Oaiaha.8aa rraortaeo.aodiOl potato oortk, ortb weat, vaot, aod ao?h??a. B L DTBARRT, Oaal Baat. B 8. Toriro. Pawl Pa?t A Cent jyVtf rHBorGH LINE BETWEEN 1 WASHINGTON. PH1LAREL PHIA, AMD XIV TffEE.?*^*^" Wmiimto<i. Nor?bar l.lffl Trains between WASHINGTON md MBW TOMS re ran as fallow* POM NEW TOBE. wukm* rhmmn ft aar*. Ua?* daily (except Sunday i at Ml a. IM ~1' FOB PHILADELPHIA. dally iexcept Buaday ) at! a. ?>., 1M aad IE OH SCNDAT. save Tor Haw f aepiag can ft. Tb'roofb tickets to Philadelphia, Maw Tort oat on caa be bad at tbe StaUoa Ufloa at ail r tbf dtf. For Baltimore aad Ohio railroad advarUa 'badtrte between Waabiucton, lUIUanw, l and tbe W rat Leave vs* ovni^Blt Haw f urfc at 8Ji p.m., aat Philadelphia bleep*nc can for Maw Fork oa M| p. alw TH08. B Ml A BP, Awl Maat* k * WLE. O^naral Ticket AaaaV. GEO B. EQQNTE. Ageat, Waebinttoa. )el| (""?"tva _ OBB aod ? A8H1HUTOM AMD THB WMHTara vsitbTsr :s "? OH SrhPAT FOB BALTIMOBM. Leara at ?:U and 8* a w . aod l.?, > 18, ? ?, 841 j ? m ?? ??^ d8.U p m r FOB AJLL WAT 8TAT10MS L-aaeadaily, es?pt ld.18 and Irdi m., 4.10 an a l~tt t m.jiat.d ,.n Hunday at 4 48 aod 9l)a. m .aod 1 uu., aod gilt p. m. Tbe 1*, 1:18 aad 8.18 p m traina atop at tba fol wina atatlona only, Tir Brad?ii*b?rg, B^ltarllla. Mtrel, Anoapolia Jnnri..*, Hanover aad Belay, ao, the S li p. m. will at?p at Jeaaapb Oat, and tba ? p.m. at Petin'aOminf FOB ANNAPOLIS. Laareat t 4 a. m aod ? U) p. m, but no trains to mi Aauapoita on Sutida* FOB NOBFOLE. Leave at IS p. m , except Sunday. FOB ALL PABT8 OF THB WMBT. Leave daily, except Nttarday and Saaday, at? ? ai. and 1:18 and 8-4B a. m. On 8?t nrday at 8:48 aa4 id 8IB P. ai.. and on Snoday at 1 18 and SHU p. ax. TBAIN8 ARRIVE A? FOLLOWS: Prom New Tork, Philadelphia and Baltimore, at Hi a. m., aad 8:? aad 8:88 p. w. From Philadelphia aad BaitUaora at 1:88a. w. Prom Baltimore at 840, 8J8, 8 40 and 11:10 a. 4 IM, 1.4U, 8 JB, I V, 7:18.8:88. and 10J8 p. W FEOM THB WEST. krrtra at 1*8. IS aod lt):? p. m Tbroacb ticket* to tbe Weat o*a ba had at tba aabiastaa 8tat?oa Ticket OIBce at all boon of tba r; alao. at tbeC<iaBpony'?oflk-e, ??l Peanaylvanla enoe. raaaanean percbaaln* tickHa at the Aea ta oMca caa tbarw arranfe to have their bxtfMt lied for aad checked at their reatdenoa, taken to tba ?ot, aad pot into the bacsaca car. K* Maw Torfc, PblladelaSu mmA ? ? rB^TS BHABrXn?--U, U M. COLE. Of-ne^ TVkVliem'? ?EO B EQQNTE QaaTA'atT^rlhtastaa. jaM 872 PENN8TLVANLA BOCTH 1872 > THB MOETHWE^rm>CTa, kSo BOUTH Praia. Iaara as follow.. ?* a. ?. I Baittiaor* ?~ f - ?* ?? "? ) M 1.88 p. m. It rara wi?k - * Rcan, wfth Bodera' hapro ^bwn4ra8 auUa aarad to Waatara aod Oaotral fw T< rt. Tba MJ8 a. a. DUliU1 Bp. a. daUy, and 8 40 p.m. except . Ban Cojtsac ttmm fffsBALTIMORE to MIAQAEA aod [TTbBUBO wit boat chanse. Tickets by tkia roata caa be pr oca red a I Uth Wrwet ao<T PennaylatUa^Venae] ^"ar ?f 8tb Wraet aod Pennarlvania aveoae, tffiP ?tiooal Hotel, wbars raiiabU Irf raatlna will ba "bp. b. tocmo, INSURANCE COMPANIES, ' KtAT W EhTER* FIRE l5lhl R.A5ICK I COMPANY. 1811 AS*ET8 #8S*.4dT SB OFFIt B, bOJ riPTEENTH 8TBEET. nrroa:jt IIUiUT MMBTOIXT. nil 3m B W BATES. Aaent. 'HI ? ORt OR l>FI*I IMBCaAMCi CuMPAKT OF THE DISTBICT OF OOLCMMIA, O'taaitU im. 1st, 1878. capital siss.soo. PF1CE No. 14SS PENNSYLVANIA AVEMCB, (Ovbk MilbvbVs Oava Stoaa.) JOHN T. LENMAN Preaident. A. H HERR, Vice Pr.^Meut. J. T. DYER, Secretary I?iaacT? a?: ?Wm. Onne, H Olay Stewart. Chas. . Jaoi?w, J as. L. Barbonr. El ward Dro'p. J?bn T. -Ktwati, Mlcbael Green, iobii Bailey, A. H. Herr. rvav?m.rt satfisv!"" or tii DISTRICT OF OOLCMMIA. OhhANUMV A VV VST SS, 1STS. kSH CAPITAL ?ios.sss DO re in Shepherd1* Bnildina, Mo. SSfl^H Fa iota at enoe. MOSES k EL L T .Prastdeot WM. B. TODD, Flaa 8AMIEL CROSS,' ' piaaaroaa: 4. B. Blake, Ya I. Toad, Wm. Wall, Charles J oat, Wm. Q. Metaarott, JobnT. ?ao. F Onlick, - A. E. ? 9 0ACHES, EATS or BEDBl OS caaaot bal I where O lent worth ^ EXTEBM NATOR ta naed. For aaie by E D. MAN, SST PaaiasTlraaia ava.. HuLMES A BBO.. apctbsaa lat aad Maa. a.w. aiHa' tb atraat. ^MILDEBMS MyPITAJLAMD gLSPMMBAMT? j?Xt*no*liLS ? tt ITEAU8, Itll lk.w

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