Newspaper of Evening Star, May 23, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 23, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. fikhfhci Nllf, Iniifi HMytcl, at tuk star buildings, rtBinlTMM AfM| ??*. llife It, fki itmm nu nvsrirn cimir. tjtjtf TBI BVE5INQ STAB <? Berred by carrier* to u?u ?Qtxiib*r? u Iiii'im rim ?ui, vi F?btt r. rt titn r? (Mm at tk? ?*qlu-t Two CUT* *cfc. By mall-three ?Btha, BIAS, UJ ?>; aae year, CI. THB WEBELT PTA R-PnMShed FaWPT-tl* ift?f ?^IaTarlakij ia advance, m k ?> iim iM ao ?4p?r MM lone*' uu hu lor. ? of aA*?rtleiB4 fcrnMoi n ayyt'fatioa. AMU3EMEXT3, U ALL-9MCW OPERA HUi ^C Jl HN T. FOKO p. t T 'NIGHT! TV RIGHT" BENEFIT- BXSKFIT ?'THE MCBPBY ' ?THi MURPHY ' T?. i?w cb ?--Fir?l riif ?? riLT\ UCAL1 rH'N ? > ? ALUHAX-TSC MI"Brnr ?SKIT" HE* -.-KETCHES A*l *M> ?KELT SKKT< UPS h* THB HIKPHT. M'-RE BLI NDF.RS TH&B ..Ntf. L?::j < ?iU< 'Tin Mnrfkl. Bu*an,np '!i th:? M-nri ii Miss Nnn:? Liwr'ai-i1. *? rlELP'" MATIN KB SATCRPAY " tl jus HH him ?tw*. ? -n71 tod biin in ? K a>!ay > HI. Mr CH A!*. WAErOT,?nd flt(t ???. J lion ir r1t? i f th>-fhrilH*<r drama, THE >WAMP ANGLES. mil ('IAND MAT* H RVCE FOR AT ? Pit* V Bra: H ?? T-.. k. II**: - & - nd.t- ?? V''3iI)At, w Mi- 'il|>,l 4 rata r *hiu? W >:i:,or ?i?? I?. n A. - - - 1' m (i???rml?r? (. m.-'MimrT*;" JX Jl"* / nu-n D to tlt? Co?r*.'. Jtl rput*. d ? A>U)S FOX.Pnn ietor. MMIMTBH TBBATKB COXItPI I Elrvrl.Uk IUK(, BMUh Pebuaylraaia MMiut EEH"LD OCB BILL THIS WEB ft! rUl'F HABRI8 PBOF. UABlilS: THB MAS OT WONDER! B I RALFY" SISTERS, Th' Brilliant D?n<-?r?. BILLY PE VEKE, The Caw< Vvcallat. JOHN PENDT. Tue Ethnpi in Specialist. BELLA GORDON , Charnpi n 9"?v au<i Da ace Lid? ? ?tfGIt wT.?ME, Tin* liTortO' DinK?u?. OTTO BUBBANK, TBe Great Ethiopian. KITTY ROW*ELL. (Mi> C at. V-caliat. rtKNIEB VT, The HARRISON SISTERS. JOE. WIllTTAKER, 4. COI.LIWOTON, Ac. Tb? gr*-a? Y <rk arotaau Kirnm, mI*? RATE BATMONp ir faiwl 'himcwr ?f ETaMET in the rREUH?PY! FRK*<H8PT: Or, THK K ALL OF ALGIERS: Th*- {avt-ritr B?w Torh actor. MB 9. P ia hia feaioia r<-?4Hk'it ef MAHOMED, in the *r? at Min'ary I>rwi?, with all fts ??arr!t??, Ar tb ilanrem. ?w >ril c--m I>?ttl# wnr., <n . MISS BATMOXD >? ? TL r.t * 9-+T tn h-r tnyl? rhara<*4'-r in tbn 'Intana ' lictn'M WEDNESDAY ao<1 9ATFRPAY. ??" A -(artliimv nan ?narf-McBt i??**t w*-k. Otr So i Va EiUkitati INivN 4H } mad Bala ( 4l? Ttv St \ At /7th ot MARBR ITKH'S. ? a. <3? Itm au*?*, katwn?? l< and E *?t?^ta, Mehl 4f?ra ?butc Odd F-llvw'n Hall. Ch tc* Oil fMMirn. Bnxravirica. Cbruna*. Sc. JUm>. laryaal Mvca Pap^r Umiiv>*ik?, PkImm, Fran?, frnrf Coral ud T? afctojl JT*. Nail?, *c , ta tBa District VTEKMS CA^U Flaaar r-r nkrSww ud >in?n. )H-ly* ALL E1KDB OF OAST-OFF WBARlSvi AP PA KtLcukaaoid tvlkaftur beat Miuuot By addreaaiay or calliM ?? JCSTli. ? ll D?re*t, between HE and 7th n w. Bot?eby mall ?r >aiptlr attended to. Oaah paid. fU OLD GOLD, 8ILTEB, BRASS, OOPPEB/Btc., U'uslit at fait pnce? for a Sew Yurk bonae. ?ot>? hvt.i Fnrmtorf boofbt aiultold. Notaa by mail pQMrtly att?t?!wj to by ACGBB8TXI9. 1??* FeanorlTama aretwe <m-Iy* REAL ESTATE AGENTS. Jl A> ltoYLE. fMAHK. BARN CM Jl'AM BOVLR a CO.. BAAL fiSTATt a>U MOTS uroksks, N feOA 1Mb airrei, opp-aitr U. 8. Treaeur). FOB SALE?A haadeumr- llOTSB ?n I N" V13 A lalilr d- nMe HOL'tE. cuiufr 21-1 aixt H HOI SE N" 1010 EuMcimwlU airbie. BOt'SE S ? u'jti V. <lwt ?aat. for ?Jkle <>r i?nt, f ?r atebcl or unfurtiii-hrd. A COTPAGB in Willard a Bo? . pi ir*. ft2AOO. S^Terai wnall Hooeeo, fr jin #iJt> tt> 93,9m; email rath pajmrnU. We have arveral ?er> fine FABM8, iiuproreB aal uoiiu prot*d. on diff.>r>>tit ra!lr- a<l? rnnnfng fr-?D the city, I r tal<- at low A^urea or esctiahfe for city prop*rtj M.cati fret of GROrSD Tu variona p< rtb rm of the city fi r *aie at low Ihr"oa eaey terti.a, or a ill excb^cfe for prcdoctire improved pro pr rtj apB-tr 4 'BO. TBCEbDELL A C?JL. Ml t^eal &ST1T2 bhok KKS, *li 7th atreet, iofcr Urrmiu Aia ricau Barluct Bank.I {?eeciai aftrw*ion r>*ea t? BENTINO COLL WT IS.. PAYING TAEEB and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Brier , by prrmiiialnal to? Oeneral Beaj. AlTord, fm c a.trr Orarral U.S.A.; Jaaiee S. Grlnn-ll, Cbirf Clrrk l" 8. Patrnt John Fraeer, Arch itect; Hon. F. P. Blair; H<>n J. W. Douglaaa.Com ? winiier Internal B?-Te?oe; Wn, B Mo?,F?rt rnre Dealer; 0 B. Preatiae,Caehier German Amert ran SaTinfa'Bank: OH. John M. Feaeenden: HH. John Hiti. Conml Oeneral of Switzerland aa BBl* A 1ST I* P. BBOWB, Goner B. T. arcane and lath rtreat, _ WaahiBEfoa. D. 0.. wkolmale Bum iB LF725?tAI&1kcxllxirTi*A*,>* ?? Ll MBEB BILLS cnt to eraer oe abort notice. BLI E 8TONB for Bnildisi, Macadam is lua asd Fa-n, parpeeae BK wl in any part of the Die trict. BEAL ESTATE e?et?4. To tbia branch at after aue ay pxrewaai alK I daily fro* 10 a. a. antfit p. m. Devlin Ji Co., WW VURB MEECBAMT CLOTHIERS THE LARGEST VARIKTT 0? i?OODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WE.VR IN AMERICA. AI.L THE NilW STTLES AT iU)tr 1111 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ^ys HAYK Jl'BT BCCKIYKO ?? DOZES LADIES' SKIRTS, mmllh Hf A AAA ^AA-Ai>6 AT CENTS PBB SKIRT rooo. Bi rtT * TAIL J ?*? PENNSYLVANIA AVBNCB. Metropolitan Hotel Block. APANE-B BITB8 RBBD A BONE, aK la 1114 F atreet nerthweet. |\I0W OB BX HIB1T10B, the boa oa White 11 V ret, I entirely new.) battene faetewed with rt?f?, at A. STRAUS', Mil Feaaa. im., aw ITIB CHLbBAB TEA BGB? iMnamHtlUB lb aad rtb TBA8 cheaper than ewr. Bo rea? to par IJAMIB, ^^tLEE'S WBAEF, WHMlf, TO COBTBACTOBB ABB MBBCBABTB. Ovrom of BTOBB. WAA,. _ BAT, LVBBBB. ft.. discharged froaa veeaela aad atored or delivered at tBaeborteet notice and lowest rataa. <Bly O f AtLEB. gggKMFbAaia^Sy V!S. 11-1S2. 6.295. WASHINGTON, U. C., FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1873. TWO CENTS. SPECIAL NOTICES. Leeches! In p. ? t?<t *w.di*h Le?eh-a will hereafter alwar* I* *??" T'-t #al*,wor by ARTUrR NATTANS. l>tugiri*?,?-orn<?r*l andDtreet* north a eat. AT.SO T?T WtCTtVED ^frpsh *wptl? ? f all tfw Family and Patent M di c:nee We rnnmarate Carton*. a ?nl atif ute for Carter Oil. < -ntawr Liniment, Svninnn#' L:*er Inyig' rat^r, Ajer ? Medicine#, tcb?wk'< Medicine*, Herb B.tlrn, W?KliHtfr'< Hypo-ph..?pha?e?. C"d Liver Oil* of *11 kin'". Dr. Jayd''i MrdiciB'ii itetmbold V Bncba, KftDwI) i Pieeovrery. Stive and Liniment, S ig. '? Cat arm Remedy. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. The.* and all other Rwtiielio* <>f the day at Uij popular low rat'? for ra#tr ARTHCR RATTANS. Druggist, myZJ-tr 3d and D *tre*ta northwest. EXCURSIONS, Ac. VXClRSlOR TO GLTMORT. Offici c? ihk Potomac Fekkt Covpaxt, ) Stvastn 8t?vet Whirr, J W'i.M >tmi, May U? WC3 S On an<l after Juio 1 the steamer W4WAHET can b* ? hariered for Recursion* to Oly- "**w ltiont on Mon4a>*} Tuesdays, Wed r n>sday t and Thursdays. The steamer ??? ?? ?ia i# no* incomplete order, having ??? en thoroughly ? iverhanM last winter, bbe ha* a tin-. . commodious saloon on her upper deck, and ia *n every respett ad*i<t<-d to the excursion business. Tii* Potomac ia now beautiful. aiwl Qhanoat in ?pietMlid condition, baring been thufi ughly repaired and the ground* put ut g?od oruer. For charter, apply at oflIce of Potomac Ferry < otranv. foot ot 7th streot. m2l tw SUMMER RESORTS. P.IKKHCKST HOI bB. A?mapvii* J>rnttu>n, ei. trmr f nMUif. mj., aiiuMtod on the A . * A Waeh'OKicn Btauib Bultiaivre ?n4 Ksi'.ri ixi Iiapr v ??no nt. ),av>- l^n ! f?-r the comfort M me.', eunal to any lumax-r rnx il n. tbe ftale. with families will flud tills H?v*e a desirabl* place for the summer For fur th?r lti*< tn at ion adores* a a Jw ' GEORGE PELL. Proprietor. rpilE HEAL I MO SPRINGS, ON TliC LINE OP THE CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO P.AILROAD, t .mh CO li.\ ti, v1ku1n1a, Will ??? opened for the reception of visitors on tbe l<i *'f Jl NE.witb accoium'.iatiuD* l>ri... a ttire* hundredpt-rsons. They are trceaaibinfflttf by the Che?Hpe*ke a.'idUhio Railroad Covington de|vt, fifteen miles by a line turnpike ..f .??> i;i ade* in fine order, pacing in fnil flew of the ' ILF.BRATED FALLING SPHINGS and th MAGNIFICENT SCENERY UN JACKSON RIVER . P??aet>ret. I?t mail train from the ?'*-! arrive at C'.>rir?ft?ii at 7:*; p m. E\preaa trains from th ? ?'?! arrf\? it ?.S* p lu. f*>r tiie >prine' br tbege tra-na r>ni?in over niirht it V<>viniti o. P^-?.>neem I mail tiain- from tbow^at arrive at (?<?? .ugt.-ii at 7:9) a th Kapre## train* fr-nu the ?>??: arrive ;a 7:uU a. iti St'igw and ..tio-r vehicles f..r Spring leave C?viny??ti everr ntTn'ng T:?ins-t .p |w- n y nuuu'es at OoviiK'on for br<al>l*-t ^n i ripper. tv b"te|., ? ith ampie a<'<-oiiiiuOd.vtl n?. KK SNICHf FINE BAND OK MTSIC is e. fac?il f. r toe ?eaa"n. and the n-nal facilities f a: ni??nieiit au<! recreation provtil.-d. 1 riflive j.ii |-h|e*a fan t-- had of M's'T3. l urcell. La'Id A Co.. Richmond, or of the Ay.tit at tbe 2*1 riliipi. Ti km# B'>*rd? *?' P*r daT .?Ai per month Chi! dren and r< l?>re?t aerranta h ?lf price ?M 11 Hot M. I?.-re.ident mlai-in w.l aw B M.ijl'AHLEH. Ag"tit. \*ATT03l.?This beantifnl and healthy summer I reaort. .imated near Snicker's Gap,A . . A and #nrr' iuide^ by the Bine Bidce moun-yca^w tain, and within two h*nr? ride by B. B. iAjU fniin H i-kia|t<Ai City, will be opeti and rSSayfor the recept n ?* f4 neata by June lit, IS7X Aion^at the in.rroven.enta aincelaat y^ar, k a Bo* piazza in front. bath-r>">m. an ice-h<ia#e, iffl-a with ic?, and a fian>< in the honae. An elegant st*fr? cnach will al?> e kept for the accommodation of boarders, and will meet the trait* at llamUtui# J>?pot. W. m ??. B. B. whenever rennir?d. Thnae desiring to spend the ?i.?nn,. r iu the couutry w ill addreaa, A4O.H'BIOnT, Bonnd Hill P. 0 .Loudoun Co., Va. ?/"Go to till!) F street northwest, for luforma tif'P tn regard to the place. nili tf \\'EbT END HOTEL, AT LO.IG BRANCH# J?. i., WILL BE OPENED ON TUB l?ta OF Jl'KK. ? PBEaBtBT,' H1LDBETB. maJf-rJuneH ^KHKK BOARDThuaa wbu wiafa to?a the heal and oust oftha ctty f..r cool^ SfHC ?"" " \ in readix^M u> me uniM rfnLe". Th? boUJtnTT* large and airy, and e-rery apart will b? made to ana i?*er to the romfon and pleartrtr. o?gues(?. Sitnat-d on bigh frouud near th* Leeabucg and Aldi* grade, ahont mae allaafrom tha former ptace.with daily r'-mmoiiicaHov vrtth Waabington. Charges rtaauc able. F*r particulars address THOMAS W. LAKE. ?.10 Zw Aldie. Loii<lon county, Va. |^0B KCMMBB BOARDERS.?Four No. 1 F ROOMS, furnished. Alao. four oafur- m . a A ni.bed.and BOARD.In A beaotfiul country home in a b**llhy locality. Good rcfM^XUHX encea given. For particular* apply to JOHN W. KIH8BLL, C1**rapring, Washington county, Md. ra7 Ini 31ETROTOL1TAN dollab store. A PULL stock Ob TWfc FOLLOWING h lmakkakly ( H HAP UOOUS HAS jos1 bhks HkCklVkU. OH examination TH h x Iv ILL UP ham. toti thlms?LV ls. ? Uent^t Fine Linen Hemmed Handkerchief*, 3for $i. Brown Buck Towel*, 6, 4 and Jfvr |1. Bstra Fiae Danank do., S for fl. ti-nt * Faacy Half Ro**,3 pair* for #1. Gruf. Real Brrti?h do., 3 pairs for ?1. Quality BtiUah do- 4 pair* for fl. Qem * Light Marino and India Ganza Shirt*. *1 Splendid Bimpeadera,Moeat*and #1. l?o S?5 1-s of f ineCai 51 each. MC English aiad French Hair ?ru*h?a. ?1. English shawl Straps, So c ats and (1. Laoie* readp-aiad* Garuieuts of all kind-. m*de ot tbe beat Mnaiin, and wall sewed, at one dollar. Superior Bia* T icked fbirta, at ft. Fine Heotatitched Haadkerchlef*, 4, 3 and 1 far 91 Mouming do., 3 and J for 1 pairs Ladiea or Children * fall r*fil*r mail-* Hoae. for jl. Children s sirip<d full regular extra long Hone, 3 pair* for 91. S? lid Walnut Square Picture frame, with glass ani back,*i/.e8\l<), Su rent*. Fine Oval Frame*, au cent* and 91. Six Fine Pla?e4 Knives, for Ml. Splendid SatcheVs and Baskets, 91* Sn>al! Willow W >rk Suuds. 91. Childrea's Rocker* and Chair*, 91 Hand.-me Jardinier* and Yaeea^at_M Fine OU Chroma ia aolld W fflWl Frame*, at 91 each. R.dl Plate Bracelets, Setts, Ring*. Chars*, Chains, rhatelainaa. Hecklare*, Jtc ,at ft 1 each. we Sty l*? of Rubber and Jet Jewelry, at 91. ALL TH&mt AND A THOUSAND othtck articles aw Alt youh inspection. ICTROPOUTAS >OLU? STORK, llB SEVENTH STREET, ?l>tr ?IA1UI ?OLD BPBOIAOLB# ?Ml m h. brmplu. ^ABPXTS, CARPETS, CARPETS A A W 8 TO h A ' C0&FRt 'A LA&?K AJfeORTMEXT OF UOtllR, *?4 Sivtsni Bv UARFKTt. OILCLOTH, MAT TING, EC OS. MATS, Ac. Perso** furniah nj p*rw ?*U aad waalu as* Tow csa b?y tbew at Hew Jo* KicM,*! th* -u.1. JAPAIMII FAIR. ? thousand, just redely *4, whol** ale and rfil. JUBBBbOMS, my.*, lUllFa^,^.^ 5S5T ?"*?u ^ s*ra^s . EVENING STAR Washington Newsand Gossip. Internal REYBBra.?The receipts from *his source to-ilay were ?4'JO.o?i *9. Postmaster? throughout the country will be turi.i?.h?;d with the new official postage stamps i.ext ?etk. Clerical Appointments?George D. Scott and Henrv Adams, ol New York, and David C. Fountain, of the District of Columbia, have been appointed first-class clerks in the Post Office department. The Fvnebal the Late (;k*. 0asry takes place at Indianapolis this evening. Gens. Sherman, Sheridan, McDowell, Crook aud other prominent officers are expected to be present. The threatened Indian difficulty in Ari zona has probalny been averted by the otter 01 tho beef contractors, to whom the government It already largely indebted, to furnish beef un til Julyi next.'when the new appropriation* will be'available. The Si rvivoki A dispatch wa? received at tbe Navy Department this morning t'rcm Consul Molloy, announcing the arrival of thf V.S. steamer Frolic at that port, an<i stating thut she will leave to-morrow (Saturday) night tot the soath with the Polaris survivor*. Tbb Concbbssional excursionists arrived at New Orleans at i:30 p. m. yesterday, and were formally received by Mayor Wiltz at the city hall, thence to St. Charles Hotel, where aptttaients had been provided for them. To day they were to visit the mouth of the river. Kai'MI ash's splendid historical picture of "Columbus before the Council at Salamanca," has been placed on free exhibition in the mine ralogtcal room of the Smithsonian Institution, where it deservedly attracts much attention. It ought to belong to the government, is what all the visitors seem to think and a good uiafly of them say. Tiettts of Seward axd Corwin. ? There has just been engraved at the bureau of engraving and printing of the Treasury depart ment a vignette of the late William H. Seward, and another ot the late Thomas Corwin?the former for use on the checks of the disbursing clerk ot the State departmeut, and the latter on these of the Interior department. 1 ear Admiral Penkock. commanding the na< al force on the North Pacilic Station, Inform* the Navy department under date of May -.'d. that he would leave Honolulu in the flag-ship California on the 4th instant for San Fij'.ncis.-o. He rejiorta the condition of political affairs under the new King a* satisfactory. The officers aud crow are all we 1. I'eatii of an Khtimaislk Lady.?We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Cora Livingston Barton. which occurred ou Wednesday evening, at Montgomery Place, on the Hud>on. the seal ot her distinguished father, Edward Livingston. Mrs. Barton leaves a large circle of friends in tills city. New York and Philadelphia, to mourn her death. The sailing Vessel Constellation, re cently used as a gunnery ship at the Washing ton navy yard, will go out with the midshipman from Ann?pol? on board, for the annual i.rac ticocruuo. There was some talk of this vowel being turned over to the Ordnance department hot as she was nwd as a practice ship lastTear and Is well aoitM for &at piirZ The Tl again be assigned to that duty. ' Appointments by the President The President to-day ap|>ointed J 8. Kobimon, of Kenton. Ohio: Orvill P. Chubb, of Fair mo ant Minn., and Charles Aldrick,of Webster Citv' Iowa; commissioners underact of (&D?re? ap proved March 3,J <53, - to %?csr?in tlieCKacc!>o'n For k^^e*Dee Mot ne* r iv^r*he?i ft?'.\Ta^g>uti1 ?f rROr.BAMME lor the music at the Presi dent s ground to-morrow afternoon, is as fol u"?1' ^uick March, Du.mesne Cravs, by J. H. Boss. a. Overture, Nabuoo, by V?rdl a *nd Artus Kiange, bv M ? Triunwrlc. by ScIiuiuhii 5 (tiIhh' VL t i?y SchacLt. 6. A Wiltx' with Introduction, bv Strauss ' first tinr>) 7' fSt?S?&t!?r ?r Abi. Abmt Obders. Capt. E. Q. Thompson, t'thl infantry, is ordered to report by letter to the I superintendent of the general recruiting ser- I vice. New York city, to accompany a detach- I ?*"t of recruits to the Pacific coast. Bvdirec- I .'?,n President, Col. Jefferson C. Davis, I r mlantry, is assigned to duty according to 1 his-com mission of brevet major-general %il* I 01 the department of Columbia, to I take effect from the date of ca Id comma ad. I Tbb Weather Chronicle from the offloe I of the Chief Signal Officer, U. S. A., for tbe I week ending yesterday, says:? ? During the I * ai0rai'ceater has PM?edfrom the | southwest into the southern states, rraduallv I Terrltor?a&i K*f>COnd Ua?ImOT?d tr0n> Indian I r?, /y. ,r over L*ke Michigan into I Canada, a third is now apparently located in I the upper Missouri valley. The largest total I ?mounts of rain during the past wSek hsvi I ,Ue foUow?nf station. Au- | 1^ ?nehe?; Charleston, 2.73; St. Paul I -j5, Mobile. 4.23; and New Orleans. 5.3?i. Be- I twee no ne and two Inches has also lieen rei>orte<t I irom fourteenother stations." 1 I Acting Chief JcsTioa^ln 1&?8 the thirty- ! ninth Congress pa?ed an act providing that m I case of a vacancy in the office of Chief Justice | of the Supreme Court, or his inability to I charge the l>ower* and duties of the said ortiee I the same shall devolve upon the associate jus- I ticeoi said court whose commission la^riil in I time until such inability shall be removed or I another ap^ointmeut shall be dalv m i te, an i I "tl'U1 be dul^ *l"alitio*l. I and this act shall apply to every person succeed- I mg to the officoof CLief Justice pursuant to its I I'nder this act Associate Justice I Ulrtord w ill act as Chief Justice until the sU0- I [tinted 16 Justice Chase Is ap- I GOTBBNXBBT KwaiFTe AND EXPBMDI. I i tkes.?The following official statement of re- I ceii ts a?1 expenditures from the Treasury de- I partment by wsnants for the quarter ending March Jlst, was issued to-day: * 1 Xti Urceiutt?From customs, Internal revenue I Snm? .^1 ? Un<1??S<J m'w^lAneous sources' loans and XiMfturv m 12 mi I 100. Tota.l, #1^.909,779. Net Ll^ iT^re 3I' 1872' ,,W^W'?-S21r a2?,--,7"?-,-r.0rcUU Kaa "MUMons, I on P?bllc debt, I 835,614,924^., redemption of loans and Treasurv 1 note*., purchase of bonds for sinking fund Ac I 787.40. Total net expendituw I ** Balance In^aMaVy Mar^hit*l^j I -#234,7.10^49. ^*rv'ntfl? I ?^ I X*W ClBCl'LATlNO NOTB* TOJ* KaTIOBAI, I Bancs?At the last seaalsa of Congrees thf I Senate paseed a blH makfof %a appropriation I to replare the worn and nnrttlated national I bank notes. The House failed to concur iu it, I hut as the measure was one of necessity aa I *** ??<on the sundry civil appro- I prlatlon bill appropriating WW jjfa "to replace I the worn out and mutilated circulating notes ar I natienal banks,and for engraving and prf#2rlng I in snob manner, and on aooh nanar. or uinC I form aud design, as the SoereUrv el the Treas- I ury may prescribe, new cirewttUag notes for I the national banks So replace notes of a design I and desominatlon now succeesfuUy counter- I feit*d .i>rovlded that each of said national banks 1 shall reimburse the Treasury the eosm ef the I circulating notes ti ns furnished." It was the I intention of the Treasury officials to replace these worn out notes asseon as possible. tbe bill patted the Houae as Itcaaieftomthe Senate fee %erk es?M have been poshed for. wardrapidlv. As it Is as amendment to the sundtv civil blU, as above stated, the work caanw be commenced until after the first or east Jn)y. as tbe appropriation is not available till alter tkat date. It will take at least a aonu to prepare the new plates, and the notes cannot therefore be put in circulation until lata In the Another appropriation of *10,000, nor paper, engraving, printing, ea press charges andower , expenses of making and issuing tho national currency, also lays over until arter the first of July. Fitormlnniin, T?E riGKT WITH TBI UrAXI AND CUE A rooo?orriciAX rbpobt-nineteen war Eton* KILLEt)?HO STATBWKNT AN TO \VRU TH H R TUB FIOHTTOOK fLACB OS MEXICAN *OIL ? . _ ? The Secretary of War to-day received the following telegram from LteuU-Goneral Sheri dan, dated Chicago last night: "General Augnr telegraph* that Col. Macken zie. with six companies of the 4th cavalry and twenty-tlve Seminole scout*, struck a camp of Kickapoo and Lipan Indiana abont eighty miles from Fort Clark, Texas, early 011 the l*tL 4n?j 'h*v,lnK ?n?rched 4,1 the ni?" previous, aud killed nineteen Indians and wounded two and captured one bo. k, a former chief of the l.ipans, and forty-one women and children, be side? destroying two Tillages, with their accti muiated property. He had three of his men wonnded?one mortally. He has already over nity captund i*>nies. The dispatch is silent as to the precise locality where this fight took place, faying nothing about its being on Mexican territory. Tbrtaleaeii Iiwllnn War in the Sorth ?Ml. 5,000 VABKIOltS TO TAKI THE FIELD THIS SUM MEK. A despatch received at the War Departmout by te If graph and mail, from General Custer dated Fort Randall, Dakota, May Hth, report-i the sale arrival of his eoaynand at that place alter live days march iWm Yankton, and con tains the following statementFaille, the guide .,n? OIn ?*ndall, rei?orts positively that **rriors and young men belonging to the Yankton agency, left their reservation a few daw ago to loin the hostile bands of the rapper Mffc??otirt, and that th6 Indian* will muster 5.000 warriors in the field this summer. Fallis has live?t in this country years, and is married lo a H<|naw. i rci*?it the statement for what it 1* worth. Ek iiasok or ConrLiMESTS Ou April M the Hon. H. A. Fierce, minister resident of the L nhed .States at the Sandwich Islands, bad a special audience of King LmiaMio, and i>re??nt cd to his Majesty a letter from President Grant congratulating Lunalilo on his election as k ii* ami expressing a desire for Uie continuance 01 friendly relations. King I.unalilo. in, con gratulated the Preaideat on his reflection, and reciprocated bis desire for the maintenance ot friendship between the two powers. Personal?Por-Uuaster General Creswel leaves here next week for a two weeks'trip to California. ????Senator Hamlin baying de cJmed to .Iraw his "back pay,' it has beei covered into the Treasury. Secretary Kobe Mm left for New \ ork yesterday. He will ret in on Moiidav next. ? ? ? Colonel 6.1>. Harrington chte clerk of the Census OiEoe, disclaim* t he credit of editing the iiiuth eeumi>. or anv i?.iri m 1V ^ *ucL credit justly belongs to Oen r. A. V. alker, the superintendent. |>r. C A. White, of Iowa, has been appointed i;eclo'Ut ol tin* \ eiioHSUint* cxMittou. * Tup Yacht Ameuica to i:e S >ld.?Th. Navy depar.ment will soon oner lor sale the yacht America, now at the uaval academy ai Annapolis. Tiiis yacht is of about loo tons ra pacity, and it will be rem -mlitred in a content of speed some years ago she aefeat.-d the Kiu lish yacht fleet. She was built in Ik"i i,v (I o Steers, ami was owned tnr .Mr. Stevens, ot Mo lajketi. During the war s\e fell into the ban Is ot the confederates and was u.-ed as a blocka l< rntiner on account of her superior sailing iiu-il ities but was captured in St. .lohn s river, Fla.. ,K,?t>'01 lhe Wabash, aud again b.ouglit north, hud somewhat altered, and ut not sc fast now, though she is still a very rapid sailer. Siie has been several times repaired, but of course is very old uow, and in rather bad condition. Th* CabinetMeetiko was attended to-day by aU the members excepting Secretaries Full aud Kobesoo. It is understood that earnest at gireB to toe '"Meet of Indian affairs generally, and with particular reference to the oondHlon of attairs ou the Itio Grauuc. opinion of distinauished officials that a time has arrived when it fa Imperatively necer s.ry to take very prompt action to prevent am further depredations aiong the border. There are no official advices here that Mexican soi: J**!???!invaded, but full particulars, through an official source do not seem to be at hand f?r!?leLr?forUare *n*>ousiy h?oked for. Sec i '' nfd 10 pr?sident and the rin-i sf?T -a? adT,cef bc lia* received TSTA|tL2^ay a" Cu"ter' published in News hmb ?tk Asiatic Squadron Rear Admiral Thornton A. Jenkins, commanding thr naval three on the Asiatic station, undei date of Hong Kong. April 12th, rejorts that the Lackawanna left Cautou April 1st, and re turned immediately to Hong Kong. The Hart ford arrived at Hong Kong from Manilla March 30th, and on April 3d tie Admiral made her his flagship. It was the Admiral's inten t* proceed with the Hartford aud CMonoCacy to Savatow, Amoy, and the cm* ^il#aclll,,g ?h*n8ha< *lK>at May 1st. The ckawanna sailed April loth, for Yokohama, J")6*e she will remain for the present, Captaiu Shirley being the senior officer in Japan. The iTWrJa'S t,ha"?lW' *!*rcb 12 Ht.d arrived ' Jfarc" 15. Whence she intended to precMO March 20. through the inland seas to ,ew d*y* at Kobe. The 9aeo left afongbai March I'd, and proceeded Nagasaki to Yokohama, where she remained at last accounts. She will return to Nagasaki soon after arrivai of Lackawanna at

?i* Ashuclot remains at Tient sin. The Palos is in\augtze river. She nil Reordered to be at Shanghai abont May t?t The Idaho remains at Yokohama. The V^nttc Apru 1st ^ 8411 ll0m in^aP?re for Houg K>ag Gkorqe Fkakcis Train was brought ui> under a writ of halxai cvrp tt in New York yes terdav morning before Jud^e Fanchar. in the Mipreme court, who, after short argument, am the consent of Train's counsel to have the writ lismissed stated that be could not go behind -he record In the piesent case proceeding, but hat under the statute an examination could *ke place at any time as to sanity or insanity rrain will make atiother application prior io tii> leing teent to the insane a^ylam at t'tica. Threatened Troublk in France. ? A telegram trom Paris says that the debate which it is expected will take place in the National Assembly to-day absorbs the attention of all classes. There are apprehensions of disturbance, indprecautions have been taken by the miliUry iuthorities tor the sui.pression of dlsorderh J 'tioiL^ !tJr "Ported that a conspiracy ? kil! President Thiers has neen dlsoorerecf The conductor ol the plot is said to be a mad man. Th? Played-out Prize Kino.?Suit was oiumei.ced in the marine court in New York i-esteiday by Arthur Chaml>ers, to recover M,<W?placed in the hands of Alderman Burns f* stakeholder in the recent projected prise Bght, which amount was decided forfeited i?y Chambers not appearing in Boston to he weighed. JohH Murphy challenges John Deanv, ot Boston, to light for at catch weight. Glass Eteb?The minor details of the new census tables of manufacturers contain matter both instructive and amusing. We find, for in stance, that all the people of the United 8ute? depepd uimn one shop tor their home-made ar tiflcial eyes, and this shop oaly employs three hands. TMnk of the conoeqneneee to one-eyed people if this shop should burn qp, or one or two of these men should die, or they should all go on a strike! ? - - The Bank of Knulavd Bonm.?The bonds, amounting^ ?lQ,ftao, alleged to have been pur chased by George Mo Donald oat of pact or the IiWMds ef Hie Bank of EngUind forgeries, day, were*attached''on'thefi* arriraMn New wm A.delH(?wdrpendipg the viOelsien of ^ommlssiener Outman, who has chflrg^ ol ^Lamination of McDoniW Tub Firaena Jsmes A. Cos was ?as presenwd by the prosecution, i-h??i?. ror. luadditton to tttSBfcSSRxS5SMTS 25 term of tlh flapreme court, hot en ooasent of the court the prosecution Introduced taaUmonv p. j y - die "A tn Chicago wttB a broken skull went about tbr a waak betote M concluded to , of Which Mr. * makes anap W. Norton Sfi65??** , KsMKnisaasis irSSdi?e<m1y Two Ktorie* of the LMq?lfy lardrr An Annapoll* corrr^poT dent of the B^tiiuoro G<**? tte say*: '-Owing to the abseii _?? of .SUeriti "|*n from the clt* jwterdtv, tml his direc ting to Warden McNcw. Niclio!?on did not the l apera yesterday with Hollohan'sronfehsioi In them. To-dav he Urst learned of it, and he became more excited than he ever ha* bceu since lie was Incarcerated incur J til. Nichol son If* very garrulous, and will talk, or, it aught be said, cannot help talking, tiinif* be d .t not i>roi*<>M the plot ot the robbery to Ho!lob*i w hile on the drive to Canton, and denies th ?t h had anything to do with the actual ki!lir?>- of Mi> Lampley. lie states that he was whilst the murder was being perpetrated. He say. that t le words which Holtchatt attributed to li iu about 'croaking' Mrs.Lampley waxtbelaugua^ Of the former to bin. He denies ever receiriiv any of the money obtained by the robherv lfollohan's statement that Nicholson an 1 h< attempted to escape from our eourt-house at the time Marshal Frev was attacked is contro dicted by his own words to one of the keeper* of our jail, to whom he stated nu one kiww aiiv thing of it but himself. Judge Wui. H l%ck ha* been engaged to argue the c.tse upon Nichol son's belt all, in connection with W Frank Tucker, eeq., before the conrt of appeals, when ?.",.ca*e ** f*ken np before that tHbunal. W Holl:ngsworth Whyte, esq., having withdrawn from the is understooi that the mit* jurors of this city who formed part of the jury in the I,ampley case have agreed to sign a petl t:on to the governor to extend ?he time of Hol lohan's execution. The object of tftis is that U t'i may he executed togher. If the petition (the three other luror? out of the rltv will donbt lest< sign the application alae) come before the governor, it will in all probability, thure is rea son to believe, be grained. Thk PnEmtTTBBIAW GE9KRAL A-SEMBLV The proceedings of the general assembly were enlivened yesterday by a somewhat atarilmg resolution, ottered by Key. L>r. Samuel B. Bell, whirh pru|>o*ed an fn<|itirv into the e\p?Mienr* ol adopting the itinerant system Tor the clergy". At tirst it was suppled that l>r. Bell was jok ing, bat he backed np his resolution with a ?beech which showed that he was in real earnest He argued that under the Presbyterian system the lnde|>eiidcnct>ol the pastor is taken away (hat lus life is spent In the futile attempt to please everybody; that he is subject to the con ?tant criticism and persecution of every one who is anxious that he should leave, and "tliat anv member of his congregation w ho is so dispow d can make his |>osition so unhappy that he will resign to esca{>e from farther controversy. l?i Bell did not finish his speech, and probably he will t?e heard from again. The fraternal messewg.Ts from Scotland awl Geneva were recelveil, and eloquent addresee of greeting and welcome were exchanged. Alter the recess the report of the comui tte. on foreign mission* was considered at great length, and niiw-tot the recommendation* were AuOj'tid. Seventy-live tlioibnnii dollars w.i? pledge! by individuals ami churches tolio tl ? late the de?-? 01 the board of foreign milium, amounting ;fl37 ,(?*). ' 1 he ass, *>ly appointed committees to confer wiih the . tthera Assembly and the Obi Sell jo! Synod ot >.iwm>uri, with a view to renuiou. Tut: Chicaih) Trmpebakcb Movement? S "*"> -s"'??< ai II M ?Htmit Wvrkt The 11 0 cloc k ordinance wtut into effect last night 1 here was c?T*ifcidcrable diversity of opituon rel ative to the mtnuw in which the silo,a-keep .? ol the various jettons of the city would receive i and submit to the order. Tt a as generally agree'1 that the majority would respect the law, and the non-closing wmg would bo small in nam Her and Influence. 8o s|?< inc had been the ord-rs given tbe i*>lice that it was understood, should any bars be found in oj?eratlon. those selling the liquors were to be at one arrested. In ail d rectJons of the city, ae far a? known, no opixt Sltion was even attempted, but curtains wer* drawn closely do* n, light* were extinguished, doors were locked, and an unusnal nrifet j?re * ailed. 1 he arrest* at the differwut asoeinct stations were few. The order works welL evi deuly in regard to polioe court dockets uni Versa! good order, and in depleting the princi palI thoroughfares of persons of nooccupa ion and qu? stionable character. The only place* Joing bi gness were the ice-cream saloons, whose proprict >rs apparently uid a trade ? Cktmgo Fatal Aicidbnt at a Uorhkb-stom ims ?During the ceremonies of laying the eoriier stone of a new Catholic church, in ska niokin. Pa., yesterday afternoon, a portion ot he tenqxirary flooring, which had been erected lor the accommodation of the vast multitude jave w ay and precipitated Into the basement be' ilea tli a large nam her of persons, six of whom were badly- injured. Bishop Wood, of Phil* telphia.aud Bishop O Hara, of Scranton. who were conductuig the eeremonie* at the time of the accident, awlsted by about twenty clergy men were among those who went down with the falling floor, but luckily escaped anv serious .njury. Some ot the injured are pretty badly Jnrt. Antlionv Kelley, of Mahoney Plane', ormerly a freight conductor on the Ueadiin: ?ailroad, is so badly hurt that his life Isdesi.aired it. One man baa both legs broke a. A little t?oy and girl also had leg* broken. Be v. Father Kock, pastor in c'uarge, immediately threw his louse op?i, and is doing all in hisiiower for the JUnererg. Kace-Horsx.- ik Tkai.vixu at Jksoxe rauk?In no previous year have there been ao *w ra<-e-horses in training at Jerome Park at his period ot the season as now. The snr-n neetirgof the American Jockey Club will be tin m three weeks, and there are not more than Jnrty horses at work on its course. This, how jver, is not to be attributed to any billing off in he public interest In regard to racing, Tor the ortiicomiagmeeting promises to be more bril lant ttian any of its predecessors, but to the s rcum>tance ol the Baltimore spilng meeting King held prior to that at Jerome Park. The najorltv of the horses that usually winter and rain at the latter have been this?i>riug at i'im icoPark?X. F. 7V?fta?i'. Jfav22. TheCapti'rio Herald CoaRKsroTcoKN r*. I he arrest ot Price, the correspondent of t Ue Sew York Herald in Havana, and the refusal ?. ??ow his counsel and friends to communicate vith him. has revived thequestion of the power d the government to try foreigners according .o Spanish la? by which the testimony of wit lesses ana prisoners Is taken by the judge with ?ut publicity, and prisoners are compelled to uiswer written irterrogatorles without knr>w ng the charges a .uinst them or who are their K-eiiseis. It is r? j?ited that a courtmartial is o 1m convened in Cuba to try O'Kelly. Thb m wit or Taistor, the defaulUng rashier <#the Atlantic bauk, in New Vork. yes erday moved to quash the indictment against he prisoner on the ground that the exact iir.ount ot the alleged embezslement is no! ?tated, and the exact denominations of the hill withdrawn Irom the bank Is not given. De rifcion was re^rved. Akothir Political Uow i? Abeansas K special dispatch to the St. Loais Times says hat political troubles hare broken out agaiu in ltississiii>i county, Arkansas. John Darrer eized the sheriffs office and forced out B T Scst, who was declared elected last fall. Both Mrties have sent telegrams to t?ioT. Baxter. John Bbioht, referring to the adherence of he Americans to the republic, says: 4>The ar. jnments used by Monarchists in anpport of the present form or government in Great Britaiu nay be used with equal reason iu support ot the -epubUc in America." iNftntABCB CIBCLM in Boston are exercised >ver alleged Atohonosty ot wnw of their agoots m collect ng 4hd returning premiums apon ta ?urance pouelee Intrusted to them. Charles p. (Tells, broker, recently doing business In State ureot, Usaid to have absconded with serar?i chouMnd dollars so obtained. ???r? r-_.~vyR* nPMHeAm passed over Ceatrai Tii. A 7^?tow?<Wir* ^ completely demk ???? ?5Ss wees of Des Moines was blown over ami several of the inmates severely injured. rA Coitvict Mcjldbrbo nv a Fbllow Pftis oaxa Elihn Moore, a convict in the Auburn, N. V.. state prlae?, was stabbed in the heart yesterday moratag hr Michael Doaohae, a tel ?wcon%lct. Moon has- -? Gb*. Da Blak and eompaaioM were before (he United States eowaWener In New Orleans yesterday. The ease wae adjourned until Mon day. en account of the abeeaoe ot a witness Tor ftekiitn. ^Tbe Khedive of Egypt has arrived in Con stantinople. ^"Pigeon-shooting for drink* on B? morning is eompUAtel orby toe few pious temDerate soouhiiisti of iulbamis lids ' MPThiie is a set?ambnbst at HaverU..? Haas., worth having. He gets npin toe irtgfct and dees tte fhmDy THkbg wKMIt knowing anything abont it. CTA Sabbath eeheol seysHntondsut and principal ot a hlgtechool at WrteriM, Pa., has mate?C ,000 by Eisskill la sigalagsttef people's nsmes_, and has been anestod. HI* that Thomas Mast, tte eartaataitat tee tee tempting oiren in London, and will not likely return to this country. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Thl? iRwi?i>i PUpatcfces. ASSOCIATE!) PRM.SS REPORTS. A IRKiHII'lL T9B.MM. llirilliiiK KccuMaiMilaci^BUcrikr Mara, WA*ai*nroa. I??*. Mu SX-A terrifle tor nado or whirlwind, acoeManiod t.T hail *n,i nw^h'ou^ county about rt* mi*. " V??i ^ "kington, veoterday attornoou. |,J '.ul * 11 f mile "< w dth, ud tort h^Ir*K?H tntytkan ?? it* course. H.<ns-. k ****** ,*??, cattle. ?;?i Lamti raught up and whirled through tn* ?il. ^ ^ *l,d n dashed to the 5^t?in.1?1 *1' a* to produce Instant ?lest rut tion. Mon?e* and bams were torn into tiagu.ents ami (n attered in ail directions, and - ?i;lw the fields are dotted with large Uml>ers, driven in tlie ground at an an^lr ot ?"?*y/:c*TrI* , Cattle were a?t?*liy driven head foremost Into the ground. ^iwe Cllll deflation or realize the ofthiAlready we have heard 01 rnnteen I arm house* ?ikj manv barn? th>< were literally torn to pie?? that were bad It damaged. School was' in ses s,<^ V * ^hool-hottse six mites uortli of her*-, and the tornado tore the building to [.ieoes %n-l carried a M year old UaughU r of Hy Koth well iV'u*rU5r of ? mi'e from eebool. When found -d?? wa? masl.ed to a jelly. Mia Smith tlie tea<-bw, and six or eight scholars were in jured, "onw ?f them ?ev ert lv. The wife ot Hear) Walters was killed. A~M?w Oardner andI aon ot Abe t.ibson. are at the point of ll' ?, 41' *?? Ktlowtl hurt iu the werr i.,^.r^",nwf ?L,,;.Cwul?b?l? near Kiota, i llJ ? McOoy was >ei ioii*iv hurt. *h?. ?r "w the ton,,do re,?.rts thai it wau. i.ailoon shaped, with the sin;Ul cud to the grouud. aud moved at the rate ot twenty miles per hour. It begun it? fearful work near Km a, where it dentofrtked several house*. We next hear ot ?t about six miles northwest, wh-re it destroyed two or three booses, and a* irp*??<Kf ??i ncrtkeast, scattered to the fonr winJ? the flue residences ami barns of Alexander i . i.Hb0Vck arhl ?*? C. Collingkam. It also er' f'I'i dwell,??* of D. Cora ? kVrr' T? **?.. [*' ?111 Corringer and Mr. ? H j I it** of many persons were >iva1 hoilii' tTrf|,!V rPtrin* hHw tbc collars ot their !t?.rk 0,5 "Mh,# *ith kituia of From the descrintion of an ere witness it refSf* "IS *. uur*^,,i anything u, it. trai k escaped alive. Ht^hoconM^cUrr P.TV'L It** hnrkd '^OO1 It" Cloud * thoi^h Shot fn>m a cannon. lUil stom * f.-U inc,J<s? in diameter. 8on? were brought to this city, and iour kours atVr they wt re p:? ked up they were still as Urise a? hen ?i jgs. ihe ro.-uln^ on uw toriii,ly wtr luarti ten miles. At tliis placo. 8i* mile.- Ln^tV1* f sur^jwin^r in u?rior p^r.fcssr;,zi as "place, one e Li Id was torn to piecc?. Kei>ort? received thus tar are from only a lew point* a ''iifc' die line ot the terrible destrorcr, and tte unt ot damaire cannot be estimated, but it HiiiuUJit to UMUiy UlOU^iUtld U ???. _ Uv* -tr?W tliau tooae re^J^i. iTJfST ? ' V.' mmd>e or tiM> ??ocfc kilvW lKKftii,* aotettifck) has erer l*milen this aecTWni of th5 lives were fust! COBS'd?n5<1 ? that so v- ?. A5?Tn** hkvkbs ktorm . EXC \ t'liK, May xl?A di*pau-.h from IK-s . T' .Vm*- "*V8 the severest th'inder ^torni in that region tor year- occurred yester Ter* b,own dow" ?< moved ? their bases by the wind; a MethodUt church was blown down, and an unknown uuu. *?? killed by lightning. The l^eabyievlaB Baltimokl, MavS3 The Pre?bviaruM7u!?* sv1.'i3S'"pf??^ TZFiZLrysJz toi,l,tr"<**?? <n the &or he ^burcli In Sunday KiieolA. at?i oclccting Sunday school libraries witnthat view ' jrere. after, discussion, laid oti the table it,.' I>r. ?ielis submitted a rnj>ort from Uto jndiaial committee on several cases pertaining tochurch diaciyliae. The rejort of the committee on home missions wa* called up, ami pu&dins its ooiistd eration the hour for the special order tor THB KBCBPTIOM W DBLBOaTCa from corresponding bodies havingarrtred. Kcr. u- I>. Uaase, representative of the Reformed church; Ker. Ketiuoh McCcllau, from the Pres hytenaq church Of Canada, and in counoctiea with thocliur^bof Scotland; Kev. Uown Pat* tenon and Ker. J a mem Bennett, from the sruod in the km w j^rovinoeeof BriUsh NorUiAiner '?*' P- Bacon, D. !>.. renrwejitative of the nattonal council of the CongregaUonal churclief of t&e United States; KeT5 ? Hurt from the general awembty ot the United Pre? bytenan cliurch of KorOi America, woreSev erally introduced to the lannmli'i and A. livered ad.lremes, Wiagg churchei cordial greetings and fraternal re n ?r" C^b/'ro^iedm*t happily to each ?f Uieee delegatieas. acknowl edging with due at>preciatl? their mammm ? ot Kreetln?, and tendering their goodwtshe and cordial regards to this assembly. Kecc? K*w Terk Sfotn. If* Ba*K or BM44LAHD VOBOR. iwloKK, May il.-In the bank of England rorgery case. Commissioner Uutman Lw de e tkeprisoner, Geo. MacDonald. be c >mnutted to the custody of the United Stats< marshal ot the aoutbern dirtriet of ^ y'T to await the action or tbe pre,Jr ruthomie? ' ..a . ?AFTIE THK *SAMIl?ATlO|t fH w 2." 2.' * candidate from school boys cadetatiip yeaterda*. C<m ^ w recet ed a telegram from the secretary ot War, stating that his district w*. rerreeenled at West Poiit by some chanwm the api-ortionmcat. ?"g? in W^Tri TO DAV'BL O'OOIKLt. An enort is making to tdace in Central rark JrSe,T^ 10 ConneM. the Irtblib ?5 meeting of the Committee having the matter in charpe. Judge John Brady w?s chosen president; P. H .lones. ex-twtma^er secretary; and hugene Kelly, treMsurer. *HK OOI.D BIkO at WOBB. *ere S<,,IU' heavy purchases of gold to day tor ariy inpremium,several of the lead . b*Tia* ?hout e'Kht million b"r,,U^ra'^?r." ,, math or com JjuHSTm. ti,?y. w"nCount A,**?n?l?r Manron'. He old" ,,0et,l",1 ?ovel^>^ TBE Sl'LTAB AKn TRR RnrntVB. .. .J,1TAKTI*,>PL*' May il?Tlie Suit in gave an audieace vesterday tothe Khedive of fcgrpt. AVOTHBB SPAHISH BTDDLB. Mav Zi?A special dispatch from have Brtseu between Gen. Kouvilas, Miniver of War. tt# t*9ai'* lB K*nrn, and hto a?ociat*? in the fwrernmewt, who mre (kuxiom- for the recall of the general to "? Locl* ?*<>?? who IB to iccvu^tacitt ? TABV DKLAB*. Nrw Your, May zl-a St. LouU tauer to "" A ou LAlttT to DO longer anv doubt but *** 2Ml*> W- ooltoctorot internal reve iJuIuT off?rBd the secretary skip of tbe IXliii is doubUeee the ?M eanard wt afloat in >sss. st?y sk^^^sas^&sf ?&*? \ssusisrsswii ^ aU'li from kto, Sitting EttStiTZZXftte ladder at a mill corner of 21?t and V11".4* ?jn?ArX TILL TBI T*rTB7 - oithe dtttii ?/1 u.u M jJJ niUrtTArttic '(ftlihm. tirt ttit the 'r'Ur wr ?er. who -tanad U? gnfeMtwann mtiea aI UMk ,vSSs wnw.wwwnaaur pnmmfag nor i|<*i no ?K)'rfK>CD Of a SUSpltUOU of Ml EkiUibUtil, would oof baredone so had hrknovn the *TMd. The |j?|a;u)#(U dO?*? n-Jl hnow Kktt trtfth mean*. Jpe Is spokrn of ?? ? *f. ti -eta eg niati but H an* i mat. tfT refv baJ reputation tiid WW ihw t*in|li*iv1 ^ '*t M*ye?ooo?e ot kif cxpad.ttoa- Se cottriiiclBf wa?tl>e proof that h. had been 'he tmut* at the death ef Mr. Sonta^. that J udge Daley is not inohaai u> *?? ct}>t k* true tbc w>rl?t to d of C%|?C BniWftiM wii by tho^e rewoed, and a'lnd"* to the cir cumstances that r vtw and Mcerw were j jx rted a* ?lk>?in( tnsulaiedituition I Capta.n II*'.:, he nays, however ' ble of leadin* *n< h *n e*.>ed.tio, care an much that the forth IH-. ri a. h <t a> he should re* t it He ?- ? - njii .tnl >ttcu|Hi Vu w4ir( kiaKtet* eerrn and to Lieut. tirinta 11, soa oi hia bene* factor. fsil'd This Mr. C: ntucll, when suOkea to on the ?nbjfrt. ?Mt'>|'tatn n?)1 UrkN only i>n< rtqtMtr tot the ta>k lif midet t<*itl?>W1ity to govern Uic m<n. He va* fee l4ai.tUr w*h lii- crew. John liegeman, who furnished the expedi tion with a |*>itioa ef ire witflt. is mate to ?ee by an intei \iewrr thai Mali ??|??eaad ktMMf Unt that Uaod.ugtou, ?.)??*tor and n eimn wo. Id sustain him tu uu di*lpUne be wnM a w-n pt ?o erfhrre. m?d Fh?; be (U <cb?sI in dtilr *tsits ?*? U*owb?w v^rwYorh ? a.- nor t* vol ably linprsieed bo re l?<lrd bim ki rer> ,i?et.W. nl maa and one vb< in it would V> diftii-iiH to ui O - 1 !?<- SeeontlM Pa.? Kqiiibble ?l Kail l.?ke ill>. Salt Lake Otv. M?> ^The ?'4teiaent ielr^??] lu?t Urt n.^t Iroiu ? n?w|>?|>er bare that llie ftt ? *m|? l?outla.?? are uj.|.o-*vl to the Mormon* taJili*K !'? "t in tbe <l?^N>r*f?OB i>| the ool?lu-T>' fr?\ea. I* imtm. Son* ?t'? rbargett volunteer ?>l<ller? furor tbe e*rm* .?n ol >ti tMM IVmi i>u?i<'i|?tinc ?? the ceretuo nto. but the regoUr trwn>t lm f*j>rt?>e4 iw ouch <lenre. lOlare *n?al Warfare. The t?o ti.>eto havtno M^lite.1 e?.-h other w weliitc ?ip|?wo<t. ?1iT. probably?for bere wa moat enter into the region of conjecture ?r4|> Wily n?ar eacb ottier A* they ap|tro*cU. ttro will moot likely be ?i>emd rrotn th..?e kuii* V?UI. ?hieb alloflteient ?hip??re now prortdol) that are in?uaMd <>n tbel<o<* .an a.* to tire the*!. The !>hot? ti?at own be tired will not be n imer on* The hoatile ?.(u.ijrun* will awn be too cloae for ?? bow lire" to be of any turthor u-e, and a* they pet rerr tiear eacb other, car toil^ will perhaps not care to haro thnr ti(? of tk toe iui|?e<tr?t by cioB?l? of tookt hati^tng a(>out their aUip*. ?*c-b veaael, ?till lua-ntainln^ it* *f>eed. will not imp(ot> al>ly look for an opponent in the enemy's torte upon w hom to try " ntta " The ewiur, on the oUiet hand, will u>o?t Hko?> tie i>reparui( to do the ?aine. and then bet wewit each pair ot ?h i<* will be^in a gani'-ol *>Vill in ui4iieuverm(, to a\otd tHit ittilt the hostile |>row. but alao the t<>r|* do which will Inevitably be tnwrd alortjj Mde. In additior t*. tin*, nmneureraof deteti<M>, there will be thou- l>y wbicU it i* attempted t?i deliver a deadly thrnit w ith the ptow, to |? ? n a conoentrat?*t t>ro?.l-hie from tbc bet j?o?i tion. and alH> ro plant the terrible tW|>edo (?eneath the opiioaeM'a bottom. Nuppoanif 'lie ftktii on both sid?> to lie nearly on an equality, the Ci^-t" will at ttr*t ;??*- through each other, tlo-n they will ha?? to turn ronnd. nec?-a??rily with cir?'umapectioti. to M%-oid caught in liank wh-i*t mi don.ff. and |>cuui iu Uie wia? CVelation* wwr a^a.n. -t, i. ?! I^^ tuur. Twv Uiaht Ai? t>r*-f ,trfi A Mu^uiar o? curreiioa. that i* atill in niy*trry. took place l**t eveimixon car ot the (irand ?'entral line. The car wa? lull, and or>ni'??? down the Bowery at a pretty rapid rate of afieod. when. In [?*<"iti(t Monatna rtrctl, Hl?-Ut i.^> p. IV . one Ot the w indow, wan Miildenl^' Muashed and a pioee ol the heavy plate gla*f tta- itul* dd? U in tiie ueck ot Mr. l>. F. Litun.of nth ifreet and 4th aven ie, Broolr Ivii. On aKAiuiiiaflow. It prore?l that the plate rlaaohad Iwen patietral.J by a ball, no larfr ttiin a |*ea. evideatiy *iiot Hum an air pan. tor there w a* no report. The bullet aeeaed to havo iieeii tir<d at Mr Llttell. for no ouo but lie ?at o||o?te the |?rUcula.' window which wu >uuci. The ball could not he found, iu ?yito of a h^n|r *eareh. The excitement In the car wa>. of courae. intcnae Mr. I.I|W1 ?atd be knew of no rean*n that would prompt aay one to (Ire at hiiu iu till* niaiitu*. The ear ooattn ned oil it* war. ?bd no arreM* wote iu uie. *)n the ahtewalk the patwer by did hot even know ol lt*occurr?nce. -.V. I*. H"nW.9$1 KxVLoato* from Om?i?Oaiue ha* lound anoth< r u*e, probably of little value to the arts, ?at ot iiitere^t a* a new tact tn acicnce, in the rroduction ot a?ub*tanc? having the bhW vio lent tipUinivs pro|?rtie>. Th'.ia <b>ae brcao? intc it to act upon benzine, which giro^ n? to a gelatinca* cubetance tetnied ow-Uiita*, which i* dried In vacuo, and ha* then a white color and aiaortdioui Mp|*>aranee. and explode* w.tti great .ud Jen new* and |*wer. When left itself lor anv length ot tiuw U decompoaea, ba lug resolved Into vartoui- acids, auwia which are acetic and formic. Another substance which explode* without the act on of either light, heat or electricity, ta formed by mingling concentrated orone wltl. bi-carburetted hydro gen or oidinary illuminating gas. CoxncTW or Mt rdkb?Thoma* .Is kson, ( Oloieil. was on the l?th ln-tant convictnd, iu Uie circuit court of 8t. Marr'connty. ot mur deritig l ane* Schoheid The deceased kept a *mall store in St. Mark 's coanty, and slept in the same building. On the nigkt of the *Uk ot Apri!, the store wa* burned, and the body ot Schofieid was found amongthe rnln* ne*t morn ing. Home goods were found la -lackson's hon?e which were identitied a? similar to those ?Meh Rchot.eld had in his store. He also, oataaao* casion* had proposed to men of hi* own color to stake a raid on Hcliotield. who had killed a man named Wesley Thomas, and had not been pan Ished ft>r the murder. Jackson ha* been sent enced to be hKiiged at such time as the Gov ernor ali a 11 name. Brrrn vmci is *f>r Bittbb?The New York Bun says that a company has bean organ iced hi t'-at city, with a capital ot tsiOe.OM. for the manufacture ol butter from soet obtained Horn the slaughter-bouses, it is cleansed, pine al in a tKiller with as much water ta bulk as tt aell, where it U melted, tlie retaas meaabraae 40U.C to the bottom, the oily substaa -e Hants aid is removed, the stearine eliminated, an-1 aliout thirteen i^r cent, oi mtlh added to the fatty product. The whole i? Churned. yielding butter at hall the usual coat ol the article. Fait Tv*bS*tti?k. ? tfdmand C Hobbell, ? compositor now employed in New York city, ta the fastest comjositor in the L' uiu-d States. He recently composed, in one hour's time, 2,905 ems of solid nonpanel trpe. twenty-eight ems wide, aid Lad bat five errors tn Ida fin* proof. He has been known to set *>,0M earn in ten hoars, an 1 1VU00 is his average day's work?distribat ittg type and correcting proofs in ten honra. Hia tnetid* cla'm bimto be tlie fastest typo In the country, and are willing and anxious to match him agtinst anv one to art type from one to ten hoora.?5". r. fr?r. The irgMiu or Boem* ha- generally been regretti d as a great calamity, although the Op tortunity it ha* afforded to a4den and straighteu some oi the street* has been thought by some to compensate in some degree. It is new under stood that. Instead of Its harlng been a Iocs to the taxable value of the city, it has really been a benefit, ami it ia stated that thia rear's valaa tion of the laud alone in the bari* district ia larger than the valuation of the land and all the buikiing* upon It. before the fire.?Bottom IIfraid. HrKAVBTaaATMEXT or P?.isow*aa?Michi gan is stepping to the front in the humane treatment at criminals, and In landable effort* to make the term of imprisonment alao a period of reform. Hereafter Use inmate* at her pans lent iarv are freed from the humiliation of wear ing strii?1 garments, and can earrea|*ond with their 11 lends. The etate also provides for their education, andgirea each one. wheadaefcargad, % suit ot clothes, 110 in cash, and sacfe money a* lie may have earned by orerworh. g7-Larabedouins is the latest for Mod oca. ?7*Four Italian female rtudents are aaatricn laUd iu college at Rome. i^Tbe average Indiana female aohool teacher gets marriir* ia aix moatha after arriv ing Irom the east. The "national christian aaaociation ep i>osed ta aecret aocieties*' ia holding a seaaioa with eloaeddoora at Monmouth, ni. ?^?Whilst Chicago ban are ordered to be rlesed at eleven p. m.. an to aheap w. la Fieyd county, Ind., has been ttaed farrefaatng ta mm his door to a cuatomer who emlM ? dnah after that hoar. ?7"A Fblladelphia mechanic propoeer to balM steamship* of Iron and ng Joint. This he acoeaapUahaa by ptotee aad frame, Instead af tu <Ot; Btoadard of May SO^ says the iosaofWW ia a willow tree m full taow m two feet deep.w ?7~Dr. 8. 0. Ashcreft, a jirom'tieut of bandushy. Ohm, waa shot and JBHH wounded wraie walhi^a attaetaf thatclg iMt mayor Oregg. haa been arretted on raaglcHa ?T'Teeterdav morning the body af a man WM ound In the river u Harheck store, Broaklgn, ft* ? ar?f? of oat> and DanbtirT man who haa __ thlrtr-trc reese. aav* there M mare power tor evM m a small rag carpet that haa been down alx months, than there ia la ? twMre-ha rci- 1 tank of whiakj.

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