Newspaper of Evening Star, May 24, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 24, 1873 Page 5
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m AUCTION SALES. Fl TIRE D*V? I > > ! \ TIM E R A If A ft at'*-st torn*r P ?rRi rr EES'SALE i?F AYALCABLB bcild IM. I?T ex S ST KKET. NEAR Mm ST. huKTHW EsT 11 *irt':* ? f adeed ,.f t rn?t. dated the 11 da* ? ii. t. t--f. a 1? !?"?. ami wurW in Lib"r T ? i R. N A, folto S22, <>f th* Land Iw'inl* of \? *- ? ?> C' unty, th* ?it*.-rib*rs wilt s*ll to the r. on th* p> i-tni- - : T V ESD A Y . t Ii tffthda- ' May. A D. IS73. at i o'clock p. m . L"t hi.ii I ? ? ?'. 4 f nr.! in ?.ln?r^ nanibrrnl 118,, two i . thirtv "ieht in th* city ..f Wmehnig t n. I? -:r c? of C-'iun.l.ia. to pay $1,343, with inter ?~r *r. n O l't'-r 3, W??? urd eii?'0??. Tf" IriatafMl* ar. Or." t. 'irth cash.! of which l>* paid at th* tim* of the sal*,land the ?i In- in *-,u>il sums in 6. 12. H and 24 month*, for vlm hth' pi:r< hawr mn<t gite nm**, h-aring inter <?it al s~t,-n ?nrc-itl fK-r annum. payable semi-an nually , i:.ii 4M'iirml tiv a ,l-"d of trust on th- pr*ni i~s A 1 ' nieyaaclng at th* <-ost of th* purchaser. If th" I'rmiar* Dot complied with withiu lite lay* Iron, th Ut of sal- th. Trustees r*-er*e th* right I i th- property. i r mix part th*r*of, to th* #i!gh**t ? tfd*r i n th*- promts**. for i a?h, on t*n iln? pt ? i notice in the 'Itmiiif Star.' Wash ington i in. at th? ri-k ai^'l t ?t of th" purchaser in <l-fan t A N T H II A PE- I r.. ,. JAMKSW HiRCdRtS. (Tr",t'M L \TI MBR y ' LEARY. Ancts. ? ? Y L A TIM EB * ( LtARf, _ . I 9 A' ' ti.?ne*rs and R al E-talf Br.'kers, booth* est coraer P-nii?? h ania ati-aue aud 11;b it.. Star Offic* Building. (iio< iki sm * ofTTie i?fsir\ble res ll'IN'E N >*? I t STREET, RKTWKEN pi T' StCANI) M \ KKE r, GEORGETOWN. D I p. ?!'?ii#of a 1<-rree of tb* !?:iprrni* ?"onrt f I I>i-tr t ? f C- inmt i*. t waul on th 7th In f M t> . A D WT!. in P>itnr"ry can* of > - ii m . t <i ts Pitw rt'al , No 3,~4S Ejuity I ? ? N 12. I will -? ;! at public an t.on.on MON 1>A\ tfiday?* Jan* A. D 1*7:1. at K o'clock !? ?? , ? '? - t - ( th" pr?mi?<-?, th-L->t la ins anil Im ii.j i t ,?x f G ? r?"t' w ii in th* District of Co lnmt; ? 1 kn.'Wii ami ?l--ci l-.l np->n th" ?r.>nn I r' it, | .? f -a'-! ? ity aa th?* n?**t w>-at p<rt of ? m?'? I'- altf a- I ||a? kiu ? a Mition to 4. rw-t ? ami l-.ick en mm! of L< t nnmtH-ri?l oi? hni '!-- 1 mi! t* . (1-2. i?KinniiiK for tlu> uni> at j? j -1 ..'i rn< r <'f <a <i Ltn 1st ?tanil tod :ime?" ? al"ii( the lin" ?f *akl ?tr?t twenty *-i?!it f-?-? . /I ? - in- h"?. th"iic?? n >rth !?> ?lli*> inthf y. ir i l-' ii'lr -dan.! tw-nty two (122>fi*?t; th,-nc? > t<i i th-lin* --f -;?nl illrv tw-ntT-^izht (Hi I- t ? t^h" S 1 mi h<--. th>-n- - ?? -nth n?* hnmlnil an I 4a-nty t? 121 !?-t to th* pi.? ? .,f tx-cinninc. , - lirr ? ? th" inpr yrtii' tifa th?-r?-i?,consisting of t -nl -:* rial B (? k Itwclin.c, Ci utaiiiiui; ah- nt tif I * i*Ti 1131 i<-onia T rn.* ! ?*!?? a< pr<* riM by th<> d"Cri^: Otic , ' r-1, ? --h. ami tli* l.alani-- in ?i*. tW"l** an?l "i<!i t "i.i if ? ?? r ? In h arpr. ynl n tr? or bond will I t.?k"- pn tl>|i> In '"inal |ii<talnirilii witk iitriwl ?r *ig|,* * p?*r i'*nt p*-r annnin. payable ?"nii-an l.i:ai!> A t"P?'?lt "I t? ? hnmlr- ?! Il?r? wl| If It '1'iir -I a* tin-" of "hI". If th* t*rm^ --f -al* I-* n *t ?? mpl - ' with in ti?? <la>? tr -ni dav *f ?al- th" pr-'p-rt*. *11 I" ii**- M ;tt th?- co*t ami risk of th* ?1. ftnl; "i p'-.n l.aner ('??n**Tancm* at pnrrha>*T'* V N r n,K\RY. Trnat"* lib LATIMER .t I LEAKY, Anct* HI GREKR ? VILLIAXS, Anction*ora, S 1UU1, BorthW"?t corner lutb and D*ts. \ M.I ARLE REAL ESTATE \T THE < ??RNER 4>p I! I NPARY STREET NORTH ANI> 7ri: >TKHT AVEST. AT THE JUNCTION OK THE T r; ""TREIT I'ARS. \T AITTION ?? Oi TI ESDAY. th* '2 7:11 !;i> .f May. 1C1, at ?? k p in . wr ikall "*'l on th* pn-nii***. I- tk L 't No :<7. in tnMiyahw of Monnl Pl?a ?nnt.hay.i < 41'f""t 2 inch"- fr--nt. rnnnuiK through t--?-h ?:r**t **?t. with th* impr< *-m< nt?. ronimt t < Ri , k P* ilmc holla*. Tliln pr,ip?Tt> Ii ? r.n- b- :-l ne'roBt? > ii llonmlary. b*t* *en 7th and Jih ??r?- ?-.ntakii..' it ?alnabl* pr p*rtv. T*?n? On* half . a?h . balai.- ?? 1 and 1 year*, for ii-1 it ii.i: s p.-y c- nt. int*r**t ??-? ur-l by a d- 1 ? f trr.?T on th- pr*tni?"?. C' Dv?*y ?iicitiK at th>* Ci-t ? f tlv pt-r, hawr. Akwd *n on th* da* of?ale. 11.11 i GREEN a AY ILL I A M "4. Am t. (VlOKlGAGEE ^ SALE OF FARM NEAR 1*1 R0< KYILLE. P ?irtn" f a p w*r il,iita:n*'l in a i|**il ot r ? " II t y Writ jnil wit*, ot M -ait? l in ronnty. to Thomaa I> Ealb-rton, a trus t-* . f the .--ta;* Yth?- lat* J- hii Berry of Bait i:i r- . d"C'd, t*-ar dk ilatt- th"29th "f Jaini:?r\, Iti. i r? rd"ii am nrf th* lai.d r*c.>rda"f Mi>nt C .tn"rv - .nt) . in Lib*r E B P.- N-' 1. folio 5i">. A ,11.. ?. I- r>im*il,a C'.-t?n*?** of aaid *?tat*, an t t *! i t ii* ri >rtKajr* af,.r*aaid ha* b**n duly ?* ? . w l ? .ff*r at public -al*. ?t th*4'onrt U u-*. ir K kx -.; *. n T1 KSI'A Y .'^7th day of May. 1-Ct, at tl h i:* t 14 '. I -ck M . the f illovniiu par< *l'a ?,f lard. it*?i in M ntcontrry c-mnty, mt'ntion*d ati i ,1 -< ? ? 1 in *aid inor?g:i?*. Th* oue ;? com p -*>l tpartaof ?*v*ral trail- Call"d r*?pei tiv*ly "Ashley. Th- Two Broth*?," and ? Val"iitin*'9 4. ?r l- Et.larged." I\in? ii^- n the main roa.1 l*ad ?i g ft*i! K'-d rickT wn t< R,,okTill*.an-1 c-.titain li.? it ill 2ff', acr*?. tn l lieins th" -am* land that ? a- <. i \ i 1 by Mi< ha?-l B Giifllth to ?ai.l II -nry W *< b d- ? d datnl 18th of Noyre-iber. lslt, and re rtd.d -*-r B 8 , S?>. 6 folio tiff, Ac.,oue of the d r. r 1- f M^nruomery count*. Tb- r p.?r, ^1 of land i? a part of th* tract Call-d ? - Iti - gundy," cortaimn? 79 a- r** and 17 I.- ?. ? . 1 is kin wn a? L t N ? !> in th* di? isti.n th?r"of n Iv William L*". ?iii " l->?a??i. au,I i-i th* sam- I t wlm h ?a- r. n*"ye?l b% >1 try P iK?i-r urar,anet'.ntm -f th* laet will ami t*st:uii"nt of ??ai l !."? t th* - lid West, by d" ,| ilat*?l th* li4th of M sy. 1*3. ail r*cord"?l in Lib*r E B P.. Mo 1. folio 74. . ne of th" Lan?l Recordsof M >ntgom*ry c-'inty Th~" tv parc"ls of Ian,!. more particularly d* ?rril-il I > tij-t - and boiinila in -anl il-ed of m Tt Ka<*. an- c titt<n,,n? to or **ry n*ar each "IhT, be ;nj impr.o ? 1 ?ith a D?"llirs h- '!??? ami other mual farm I Midlines They ar" ?itnat*d atoiit two mil*a frrm th" t ? n of B i k t ill*, and abo'.t 12 mil*a tr >m Wa*hir*t iti city, and the Metros.Iitan raflroail. Hut al- I *ii>? oprnMl for tr??*1. paas--s through th* lat il a'ld brings it within a short and *ery Con V*nien* Cist ince of the national capital. Tb* t' rni- of*, a* pr-*cnb*<l in nM mortijag*, Are that on- l.alf of tn* pun haae money ahall b* pud in ct-h.and th- residue in two *,jual inatal m-5t- in tie and two year*, with inter** from th* day ot -a - A W BRADFORD, mli "o?4 Trnate* and Aa?iifn*e. I'HITEIi STATES _M ABSHAL S SALE In *i*tn?oftW" writs of u*rl faciaa. isaned from th* Cl*rk'? . ffiie of the Snpr*n?e Conrt of the District ot Columbia, and to m* .lir*cted. I will a*ll at pub lic sal*. I r ro'4, on MONDAY, th* 3d day of .Ian- , H73. c-mini- n. in^ at 11 o'clock a. m . th* following * -ds ai i chatt-ls. to wit- l.nKt running f-et of f urin*. c- r.strncted of wix?i an 1 iron, in ludin< the pt.m* f r s t'ina f- ne> The sale will tak" pl?c- on ? ,tj.*re N ? 'oS. I. tw- - n North Capitol and 1st str-ets ea-t and I ami K ?tr? t? north and My rtle str-?ts. s-if*<l and le*i*d upon as the ^.yodS and i-hatt-ls of B T Gilb- rt. ami w ill be sold to snttafy e*e ?atiots N ? lit *47.and 7 ,?44 in favor of WiUinm Li! I y ai d Ti;ck"r A Sb- mian n.23-dt- ALEX SHARP. P 8 Marshal. DO. BOOKSrSTATIOXERYp Ao. m m ? ?'THI AMBRICAN ODD FELLOW." for May, ? ptic* IS cents, r*c*i*ed and for sale by STOCKMAN A SON. Agents for District of Ci? lumbia. *'2"? >th str*et northwest, comer of I Also all th* new B -,ks. Perioaicals, Ac , au4 a full as ai'itment of Stationery, Pictures, Picture Frain-s, *r- m? tr 'I'flt R' YAL DIADEM; ANEW MUSIC ?1 BOOK. Play an1 Profit in My Gard*n; by Ro* Th* Young Mechanic, a Practical Tr*ati*e Thelither Girls, by Mrs. Whitney. M-ti: mli Brother, by Th-.mas Hugh*s Literature and Dogma, by Maihew Arnold. <'r i-jnet at all >ric*a. Ag-uc) f -r STAIHED GLASS WM BALLANTYNE. Dlt 451*4 7th street, n*ar B. | 1ST or NEW BOOKS AT Ml I LLI M?TO.VS BOOKSTORE. l int 4 , Stieit ass P?s"*a AviarK t>I.) K i siiigton. By Miss Thackeray. Th* Old C untese A senu*l to "Lord Hope's Cl> -ice." By Mrs. Ann 8 Steph*us, Anti^vities ..f S- uth-rr. Irniian A I- ?? * Tempest and Ti'l". Pa* *: I B* th* author of "Strathm-re" and 4"l nil- r Twi Fia<?." The Other G-rls By Mrs. Whitney, author of *? W - Giris."' A Eairgyy -n. By Jr.stin McCarthy. W-w K-m- ii*s, for April. l.<73. Y ?ing M a of Great Britain. A journal of amuv i.ig at.d i:.structi*e literatnr*. Boys of England. A young gentleman s j -arual Of sp- rt. Inn and literature. A D??v with I'hatln Dick*ns. K-nrln. Chillingl*. B\ Bnlwer. Farm lU.lads By W II. Carleton. c III*r*r-?*d.? A lar< .ck of BLANK BOOKS. POKS and M 1 Alt RANI)I'M BnOKS. NOTE PAPER. V.ETTEE PAPER, aud PL AYING 0 a(l?.atthe f.-ry low-st prices my> tr ^GRKILTCBAL BOOKS. J hnstAn's Agricultural Ch*n:lstry..?Bl 71 An.err an (iardem r'? Assistant... ? S M Alli e s American Farn Bunk.? llli H-nd- rson's Gardening for Protit 1 90 W an tig's Draining for Pr-, lit and Health 1 50 Ft-Uer s Small Fruit Cultnrwt 1 M Ftiller's Grape Cnltur* ? 1 N File's S uthrrn Apple Cuiturist 1 7i W right's Practical Poultry KeeperS 00 Langst roth on the Honey Be* SIM Banditti's bbeep Hs?bandry.._? 1 N B rse Owners' Cyclopadtn. 3 71 Y, nat? on the Doga. ? 37a All the n*w books receH*d aa soon aa publislMd ?y BICHABD B MOHCN A CO , a8-tr 101 a p*nna a*enne, corn#r 11th streat. ^ 0 T I C B. VPEMNU OF A BBW BTATIOBBBT 8JOBB ABD BLANK BOOK MAKUFAOTOKT. First 'la* at fair arieaa, tor eaah. ltlTHt*ORAPHING, BBGBAYING. PBIBTIB9 ABD BINDING DONB TO OBDBK. The petite are tn*itad to call and mam ? BBB. F. FBBBOH, Coder National Metropolitaa Bank, and next doer to f - HI LDBBB*8 HOSPITAL ABO DISPENSARY, V/ boa A Strrn. n. W., liisiiaa 8U mU t>A tu. dally i Bandars accepted) frsas 1 _ w _ a, W P Johnston, aid Grafton Tytog. iS^.i SS^s'SaBAa: W.w. Johnston, Msdical, Moaj.Wsd'y.FrMy. L.J Dasia, SacrsterriJneee 0. Kwady.Pw* F B McGwlrs. Trs?arse, to.wkws all oms IH iBoill WOBMLBYM rSCTORAL 8TBUP, OOTOll AID OOUM. BULU at ALL 0?n?i5f|. AFPtt^- s > k?. ..uctioneer* pin We will co .ic-tn ">:i.MONDAT,M?f i A' \is St .?tlo h'^4 L iniMunt *rH0u?, . . ? t. ?ir da?s nnir, an extensive st.?ck of jUij/JcLOTHING BOOTS. SHOES and DRY GOODS. consisting of the following g Ksls &" Gent'? Suit*. lot Boys' Suits. *?> pair* Pants N? Vk?. Midden Napkin* !Wi do7en Towels. 5u piece* Summer Dr>?*s O >ods ? pieces Lace Curtain* 2S piece* Stri|JM Nainsook 25 pie. es Bisb?p Lawn !A) very fine Toilet Quilts Ai.?o, Avery large assortment of FANCY GOODS, such as Toys. Pocket Book*. Combs Bi irtu Colgate Soap*. Marseilles Trimmings. Ribbon*. Flowers. K id Gloves, And other goods too r>ninernn? to mention Terms ,*.M) and under,cash. above,Ju *nd 60 days, apprised and indorsed paper m22 4t S 8AM9TAG & CO- Auctioneers BT LATIMER * CLEAR*"! " Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneer*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and lltb at.. Star Office Building. H ANDSOME PRIVATE TEAM AT A0<Tl'iX. 7\ On MONDAY. Mtt -J6 1<] at 1.1 m . *'' "hall fell in front of >ur ai'tion rooms .?ne of the line*! turnouts in the city, con si-tii<kf of? A NEARLY NEW LANDAULET IU< nt: b-en in use four month-. PAIR OF SUPERIOR >1 AT' H t.RFVS Sound in every particular. MAGNIFICENT GOLD MOUNTED SET OF UARNE>S We inv ite the special attention t per? ti? tn want of an excellent private team as, with ut d>nbt.thi* i- one of the hand- dwcI turnout* in tt athingi *u. Terms cash. n.22 d LATIMER t CLEARY. Anets. BA THOMAS E. WAOOAMAN. Real Estate Ancuuuwf, 411 7th street, CHANCERY SALE OF VA LUARLK REAL KS TATE ON NEW .1EK3EY A V EN IE SOUTH , NEAR THE CAPITOL Jty \irtne of a decree of the Supreme Court of the Pi-trict of Columbia. pasS'-d in Equity ?u*eNo 2M. Pw II, between Thonia- >1 H *nso?i ai d wife as coniplamant*. and Griffith C Barry aril . thers. as defendants, on the 4th day of October. 1*72, and of a supplemental decree passed in saidcanw on the .'Wth day of November. 1*2, the snbscribi r will sell at public auction, "n the prem ise-, on MONDAY, the tfftth day of May.lH73. at St :ut o'clock p ni .all that piece ..r par.?l of ground l)ingand being inthe city of Washington, D C , an<l being part of Lot numbered three,(3.1 in Sijuare numbered si x hundred and ninety (6?i. (having a fr-'iit of 23 feet < inches op New J erne > avenue, and running back with that width about 1H3 feet to a public alley, containing 4..VJ4 suiiare feet, more or less, itnpr- veil by a -ub-tantini and comfortable Brick |i? ellii g If. use. Term* of Sale: One-fourth cash; balincein *ix, twelve and eighteen months, for purchaser'- note*, bearing interest from the day of tale, secured by deed of tru*t on the property. #9JU of the casli pay ment will be required of the purchaser on th* sp >t If terms of ?ale are not compiled with in live aays after the *ale. the property will be resold at the ri*k and expense of the defaulting purchaser. All Con veyancing at the cost of the purchaser T >1 H ANSON, Trn*tee THOMAS E WAOOAMAN, m3-s* Auctioneer. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, Northwest cornerluth and D streets. TIM STEE S SALE OF~A_DESIRABLE BUILD 1N(. LOT AT THE CORNER <>F 13th AND lioi NDAKY STREETS NORTHWEST AT AUCTION On MONDAY, the aOih day of May, 1373, at fi wi . h ? k p in . 1 -hall sell, on the premises, by ^?virtueof a deed of trust to me, dated the nth 4aj; of February. A l> 1372, and duly recorded in Lib*r Nr> 661. folio 37rt, one of the land records for Washington connty, in the District of Columbia, all that certain piece or pare*! of ground situate and lying in said cit>. and twing known and de*cril?-d as L"t numbered fortv six 146 >, in Carrington t Hughes' recorded subdivision of Square number?1 two hnn dred and thirty-four <234 > Said L >t is situated at the northwest c. rper of said s.iuare, T-rirsof sale: One half cash; the balance in six and tw?lve months, for note* bearing interest and seen red by deed of trust on the premises Terms to I"- emptied with within ten days, otherwise the propertv h ill be resold at owner's ri-k All convey ancing at purchaser's cost. ?Hu will be required at time .-f sale. WM A . W A RD. Trustee m!2 eoAds ORKEN A WILLIAMS. Auct* B Y B. H. WARNER. _ , R"al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7 as 7th street, bet wee u G and H. TRl STEE S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON VERMONT AVENUE. BETWEEN Q AND R STREETS NORTHWEST B^ virtue of a deed of trust,dated December ?ji luth, l.-Co, and duly record-d in Liber No. i>32, *"* f.dio U7, et sen , one of the land records for Washington count), D C., I will ell, at public auc tb'ti. in front of the premises. >n MONDAY, the abth day of May. A. D. 1S73, at A o'clock p. m , all that certain piece <>r parcel of ground situate and lying in said city of Washington, and known and de scribed as lot numbered sixteen (161, in Adams and Coltman's,trustees, recorded snhdiv !<> of square numbered three hundred and uine with the improvements t her'-on. Tens- made known on day of sale. A deposit of Si>J will be required at time of sale. If terms of sale are n< t complied with tn live days, the Trustee re serves th- right to K-sell at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaaer. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser, WM. B TODD, J? , Tmstee. m3 eoAds B. H. WARNER. Auct. DI DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., AuctsTT 13 Corner Mb and D streets northwe st VALUABLE BUILDING* LOT ON K STREET. BETWEEN 14tm AND 1(>th STB NORTH AA EbT NEAR SCOTT SQUARE, AT AUCTION 9 On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May With, at ? o'clock, we will sell, upon the premises. Lot 6, 8'jnar- lyN having a front of 4S feet 6 inches on N. rth K street, with a depth of 146 feet 11 inches to a 3D f'M>t alley. We would call especial attention to the ?ale of this property. as it is one <>f the finest building lots in Washington, being in the most fash tollable part of the city, situated 0U the north Side of K Street, between 15th and 16th Streets northwest, and nearly opposite Scott Square, and suitable for one of the finest private residences in the city Terms: One-half cash, balance in I. 2. and 3 yeacs, notes bearing interest and secured by deed of trust. Conveyancing. Ac., at cost of purchaser. A deposit of .fsisiwill be repaired as soon as the property is knocked off. DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO. ml? | Republican] Auctioneers. dt latimebTcleabyT I D Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st. Star Office Building. VEEY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON THE NORTH SIDE OF H STREET, NEAR FIFTH STREET. NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION ? On MONDAY AFTERNOON, Ma> tft>,1T3, at 6X o'clock, we *hall sell, in front of the premises, part* of lots IS and 16. in sj<iare.M7, -2 by Itili, w ith the Improvements thereon. Consisting f a three story pres* brick front residence, with twi.-*t<>r> back building, containing II rooms, and with all the modern improvements, being house No. 4t?3 H street northwest. Terms: One-third cash; balance in one and two j ears, deferred pay meets to be aecured by deed of trust oti the premises sold If the terms of ?ale are not complied with in 7 dav* after day of sale, the right is reser* ed to rewell the property at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser Conveyancing at pur, hwer'* cost *3*t down at time of *ale. n il | Rep | LATIMER A CLEAKY. Aucts. BY iiREEN ? WILLIAMS, Anctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner ItRh and D sts. A DESIRABLE BlILDINO LOT ON WEST I?th STREET. BETWEEN L AND M STS.. AT AUCTION On MONDAY,the tfbth inst . at b o'clock n., we shall tell on the premi*** sub Lot li ?>ck p ? IN'.?, tn s-iuare No 1?3, fronting 27 feet on 17th street, between L and M streets, and running back t . a 5i? foot alley, lieing a desirable buiMiog lot in the most iniproving part of the city. T' rm* One-third cash, balance in', and 12 months, with Interest. *ec ured by a deed of trust. Convey ancing at cost off purchaser. ASu down at time of ?ale |m21 d | GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. Y TllOS. E. WAOOAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON liiH STREET AVEST, BE TWEEN O AND P STREETS. NORTH Under and b> virtue of a decree of th? Sn hB p rente Court "f t be District of Columbia, hold **iug ati E inity Court f-r said District passed on the 16:h day of Mav. 1 -71, in caus>- No ^'lo, wherein Lewis H Schneider is complainant and William 0. Gallant and others are defendants, the r.ndersigned trustee will sell at public auction in froot of the rremise*, at o'clock on FRIDAY.the ttth day of une. 1873, the following described parcel* of real estate situate in Washington, in said District,to wit: Lot lettered K in Corcoran's recorded subdivision of lots in *uuare f nr hundred an<? fort)-six (446), unproved by a lately-built three story press-brick front Dwelling, for which the terms of sale, as pre scribe,! bv said decree, are: One-third >>f purchase tn< ne) to be paid in cash; the r-sldue in four eoual instalments at six, twelve, eighteen and twenty four months respectively, with inteopst from day cf sale; or all rash at option of purchaser. And immediately after the above sale the under signed trustee, by virt*e of the same decree, will sell lots fifteen (191 and sixteen 116) in Gallant 's re corded subdivision of part of square four hundred and seventy-nine i 47#?. improved bv a two-story Brick Dwelling. This last property is sold subject to an encumbrance thereon, to be assumed by the purchaser, of twenty-five hundred dollars, payable two years after February 29th, 1371, with interest at ten per cent, per annum, and the terms of sale for which are: One half cash; residue in six month*, with interest from day of sale; or all cash at optioa of the purchaser. In each case the promissory aotes of the pur chaser will be re.|uir*d for the deferred payments, which ate te be a lien until paid on the property sold. SliWwill be required on each bid when ac ceptrd. If terms of sale ars not complied with in six days the trwstee reserves the right to resell at risk and cost of defaulting purchaser W E EDMOND8TON. Trustee ma-eoAds THOS E. WAOOAMAN. Auct THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 41* 7th street. I By virtas of a deed oT trait fross Charles V. Gordon and wife to John D. McPherson. recorded In Liber MS, folio 3M, of the land B1 lie auction, tn front of the _ described in said deed, to wit: Lot as Square No 1st, with the improve Frame Houses Terms: One-third cash: the balance in six and twelve months from day o} sale, and secured by pur chassr *s notes and dead of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. u _ J^dTMcPHEBBON. Trustee. m*> eoAds THOS. B. WAOOAMAN, Auct. ?/-POSTPONED. BY OBDBB OP THE THUS tee, until MONDAY .June vth.M I o'clock p. m. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERMOOM. Ill LUTTRELLA DUNNINGTON. Auction?m. A* 917 Loumuik itpnuf, bet. 9th *?k1 Unli ?t?. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL R8TATE-TWO TWO STORY BRI< K DWELLINGS ON 97th ST.. BETWEEN land K. NORTHWEST By virtue of a deed of trust, dated May 19th. A D 1371, and duly recorded in Liber No. MS, folio 339, one of tb? land records for Washing ton count). in the District of Columbia, an.I by re qn-at ef party Mcnrrd thereby. I will sell at pub lic auction. in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY. May 91st. A. D U?3. at 4 o'clock p. tr.. the south 14fe?t 1 inches fronting on 17th street, between I au<1 K streets northwest, in tbe city of Washington, in Mid District, by equal depth of #1 feet 9 inches of part of Lot N >. 13, in Square No. 5, and mora particularly described in Liber RM 11 , No. 16, folio f.i et seq , one of the land record* for said District, toother with the im provements thereon, consisting ot tvrol story Brick D?elliugs. T? nns of sale One-third rub; balance in equal payments in an, twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser giving notes bearing ten per rent interest from day of sale, and secnred to satisfaction of the trr.stee, on the property sold; ?I ? most )??? paid down at time of sale. Conveyancing slid recording at purchaser's cost. The trus tee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk slid < ost of the defaulting purchaser or purcha ?ers. in ca?e the t. rms are not complied with within *i* days after sale WM F HOLT7.M\N, Trustee. m9 d Ll'TTRULL A Dl'NNISGTON. Ancts. ?jTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONE!*, >n account "f the ? ain. until SATURDAY. M o 9t:li, l.Cl, at 6 o'clock p m Vm. F HOLT/MAN. Trustee. n22 LUTTRELL A I'L NNINGTON. And ??Y LATIMER A CLEARY. I 9 Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. Southeast corner Periisvlv ania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Building. BALE OF VEBY DESIKA RLE LOT ON SOUTH SIDE OF EAST CAPITOL STREET, BE T? EEN ?th AND 10th STRKETS E\ST. IMPROVED BY A SMALL BRICK BUILD I NO. WITH A FRAME BUILDING ON THE REAR OF THE LOT . By virtue of a de?sl of trust from Charles H J 8e? monr and wife to Daniel L Eaton an 1 mv- | 'self. dat?-d August 9th. H72, and duly recorded in libel 6311, folio 427, one of the land records for Wash mgt <n cnnty, District of Columbia, and at the ? ritt> n request of the party secured thereby, I will sell, at public auction, in front of the premises, to the hignest bidder, on SATURDAY. May 24th, 1-C3, at t> o'clock p m., part of original lot seven (7), in square nine hundred and forty-two <9421, having a front of .Ti feet on East Capitol street, by a depth of 1 uft feet, t "get her * it h the improvements there, in Title perfect. Abstract at the office of the trustee. Terms: One-fourth cash, and the balance in 6, 12 and In months, with interest, secup-d by a deed of trust. $1U8 down on day of sale. In case the terms are not complied with in seven days after sale, the property will fee retold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. BRAIN ARD II WARNER, Surviving Trustee, m* eoAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts. B B H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 799 7tli street, between G and U sts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED HEAL ESTATE ON D STREET NORTH. BE TV EEN ?*th AND ?th STREETS EAST. ? H* virtue of a deed of trust dated September 119tb, A D. 1"*>7, and dnly recorded in Liber E. KJ. K.,No. 15, folio 436, et seq., one of the land records for Washington county, D. C , I will sell at public auction, in front the premises, on 8ATUR DAY, the 94th day of May, A. D. 1.-C3, at A o'clock p m , all those certain pieces or parcels ? f ground situate and lying in tiaecity of Washington, D J., a- d known and described as l->ts lettered ami marked " R" and "8," in the subdivision of the west half of square numbered nine hundred aud sixteen, i91j.) with the improvements thereon Terms made kuown at sale. A deposit of A;*) will be required ?t time of sale on each lot. If the terms of sale are not complied with in ti** days, the tr istee reserve* the right to resell at the risk and c>>st of the b faulting puri baser All conveyancing at c.wt of the purchaser. W. B TODD. J ? Trustee. m3 ...Ads B^ H. WARNER, Anct. BY DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Ancts. Corner 9th and D streets northwest. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN FIRST WARD. AT AUCTION. ^ On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. May 91, at o'clock, we will sell, upon th? premises, all "^?of let 17, in square ;a, having a front of 50 f et S inches, with an average depth of 86 feet. This lot will be subdivided upon day of sale, giving purchas ers a chance to buy a portion or all This property is situated on Virginia avenue, near the corner of 14th ?treet uorthwest, and tbe attention ,,f buyers is called to this sale, as property in that part of the city is rapidly advancing in price. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, notes bearing interest, and secured by deed of trust. Conveyancing, Ac., at piirt baser's cost. A deposit of 91(J0 will !?? r- quired us soon as the property is sold. DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO.. ml4 Auctioneers. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D *ts. EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE CARPETS, PICTURES. STOVES, CHINA, GLAtSWARE, Ac , AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 93th instant, at 10 V^^o'clock a m , we shall sell at the residence of I^BIa gentleman declining housekeeping, on 3d I f 1 street east, between East Capitol and A ?treets north, Ix-ing house No. 94. the following fur niture, nearly new. viz.: One Fine HairCloth Parlor Suite; Marble top Center Tables, Whatnots; Reception Chairs, Ornaments and Engravings; Nearly new Brussels Carpets. Rugs and Mats; Window Shades and Lace Curtains, Extension Tables, Dining Chairs and Lounges; Three Painted Cottage Sets in giexl condition; Mattresses, Feather Pillows anil Itolstets; Blankets,Spreads, Sheets and Cases; Ingrain Carpets, Uall Carpets and Stair R Ms; Crockery. Glassware and Cutlery ; Excellent 0o..k St'-ve and Fixtures; And a go,sl lot of Kitchen Requisites Terms cash. GREEN A WILLIAMS, m20 d | Rep My ?>J Auctioneers. B BT TH0S. E. WAGGAMAN. Real Estate Auctioneer, 519 7th street. TRUSTEES SALE OF VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS. ADJOINING ST ALOY BUS CHURCH, AND NEAR THE NAVY YARD, AT AUCTION. m By virtue of a decree in Chancery, Equity HPcause No. 1,196, iii the Snpr?me Court of the ?^District of Columbia, wherein McDermott et tl. are complainants, against McDermott endants,the undersigned, as Trustee, will sell at public auction, to thehighest bidder, on WEDNES DAY, May 93th, at i o clock Dm, all of Lots 1,1, 1,4. S and 14, in square 621, fronting on K street lorth, and North Capitol street On THURSDAY, May 99th, at A o'clock p. m.,on he premises, all of Lot No 1, in square 1 .life, being it the corner of south K and 15th streets east. The above property offers rare opportunity for uvestments in real estate, as it is |iK:ate<) in one of he most improving and \ aluable sections of thecity. Terms of sale; One-half cash; balance in Sand 12 lontbx, with interest. A deposit of fifty dollars rill be required on each lot as soon as sold. All con i?o;*ne;iig at cost of puicha?er. The above Lots will be divided into bnildin; Ms :o suit purchasers Particulars at sale SAM'L. L. PHILLIPS,Trustee nr. 16 dts THUS. E. WAGgAMAN. Anct BV LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, louthweat corner Pennsylvania avenue and llth St., Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEE S SALE OF A FIRST CLASS RES TAl RANT, N.. 490 7th STREET NORTH WEST, AND LEASE. I By virtue of a deed of trust to me, recorded in Liber Not 7W, folio Ui3et seq ,ot the laud records of the District of Columbia, I u ill sell at public Miction, on THURSDA Y. the 99th day of May, H73, U 11 o'clock a. iu., on the premises, the entire siock n trade, furniture, flxtnres and lease of the prem ires No. 490 7th street northwest, in the city of A aehii gton, D. C-, tormerly known as " Klomau's iestauraiit." The house is doing a good business, and is coni ilete iu all of its appointments. It will be sold as a * bole. The lease lias two years to run from tk- 1st lav of July next, at the monthly rent of $ilt) Terms of sale: 92.<HM, with interest at eight per ent. from Jan 26,1473, and (he expeusesof sale iu ash, and the balance at six months, for which the iote of the pun baser, bearing interest from tbe d?y >f-ale. and secured b> deed of trnst on the property old. will betaken. A deposit of .?10nwill be re iinred of tbe purchaser at the time of sale. WM F MATTINGLY. Trustee. n>i9 d LAT1MER A CLEARY. Am ts BY LUTTRELL A DUNNINGTON, Auctioneers. #17 Louisiana ave ,bet. 9th and loth sts. TRUSTER 8 SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE: 9 THREE STORY BRICK DWELLINGS ON SOUTH SIDE OF L STREET. BETWEEN 4>. AND 6th SOUTHWEUt (ISLAND) By virtue of a deed of trust, September XV1. A. |S D , 1971, and duly recorded In Liber No. 691,folio **364, one of the land records for the District of }oluuibi?, and by request of party secnred thereby, i will at public auctian, ii. front of the premises, to he highest bidder. on SATURDAY, May 31st , A. [>., W.I at K o'clock, p. m., all that certain piece or >ar< el of ground lying and being in the City of Washington, in said District, and known as the vest half of lot numbered twenty,(A).)in square iuni)>ered live hundred and one, 1501,1 fronting 14 eel inches on south L street, by equal depth of 29 feet 11 inches, and bounded on the west by a U 'oot alley, and oifthe south or rear by a 30 foot illey, together with the improvement* thereon. Terms of sal* on each House: One-third cash, (of s hich #75 on each piece of property must be paid ?me of sale;) balance in equal payments, in one and ;wo years, with interest at the rate of eight per ?nt. per aunnm, payable semi annually until paid, from day of sala tbe purchaser giving notes to be ?ecured on the property sold to satisfaction of trus ee. Conveyancing and recording at purchaser's :ost. The Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at tbe risk and cost of defaulting pur baser or purchasers ib case the terms are not . i mplied with within six dags after sale. WM. F. BOLTZMAN, Trustee. mil d LUTTRELL A DUBNINOTON. Ancts. HI GREEN A WILL1AJU, Auctioneers, ' D Mo. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D ata TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE TMPROVED MEAL ESTATE IN 8UBARE Mo. ST*, MBA* ST. ALOYSID8 CHURCH. By virtu* of a dead of trust, dated November ? 13th, A. D. WTl, and dnly recorded in Liber Mo. ?M68, folio ?, Ac., of the land records for Wash ington county. D. 0.. and by direction of the party ?ecured thereby, I will *ell at public suction in front 7the premises, on THURSDAY, tin ftth day of June. A. D. 1571, at ? o'clojkp. m., all of Lota Mos. 142,143, 144 U6 and 141, in Gilbert1* recorded subdi i ision of square numbered six hundred and seventy flve,(?7?.lin the city of Waahington,with all the Improvement* thereon, consisting of nearly tnlshsd One-third in cash,of which sale, the i bwining on MFwVZd ?v deed of trust to the satisfaction of the AU conveyancing hi ? WARD. Tr4%tee. ?a-PQtdft 0**IH ? WILWAMS,, JU*,. AUCTION" SALES. BT LATIMEB * CLEABY. Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers. 8"Uthwes* corner P-?en?vlv *ni? itptud sn.1 Mh *?? htar Office CATALOGUE SAL* LARGE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OP IIISTOBICAL. GEOLOGICAL, 1THNOLOG1 CAL, AGRICULTURAL. SCIENTIFIC AND MISCELLANEOUS BUOkS. KmbraMne complete sets ol ?, The A nnal? >f Congress, an-1 C >ugre?ion*l 'Debates, Am?ricsn Archiw. State Pap-'rs, l Ac , .\c. Srhiiokrtfl'j American Iniisns, rulid Folio 8h?ki?p??r? Works of D "kens, Bulwi. Leuih Hunt. Po*. Ilm), Wttrrl; Novels. Ac., Ac., to M ? Id tl our Sales Rooms, corner of lennsvh Mm ivciine tn>l 11th ?'r.<ct, on TUESDAY EVENING, May 37th. and FOLLOWING EVEN ING8. commencing at 7 o'clock. V Parties nnabl<> to attend the Salw can hare their orders executed b> the Auctioneer. Term*, cmIi, mZ4 LATIMEB .V CLEABY, Aorta. (Snnday Herald A Capital ) W. L* WALL A CO., Ancttoneers, Mew Marble Building, Nos. WOO and VOX Pennsylvania evenae, SALE OF FINE BULKING LOTS. We ? ill sell. on TUESDAY EVENING, May ?27 - 1S73, at ?> o'clock, on the premise-. Lot* A and B. Square 117, fronting IT feet 8 inch** on 19th street, and running Imck th> d-ptli ot the lot, lki feet 10 incbfo. The altove property is situated ? >t> lull street, between L and M ats. ? Terms: On'' tliit'l cash; balance iu 6 and 12 month*, for note* satisfactorily endorse) and secured by dee I trust on the premise", and bearing inter -st. Con veyarcs at purchaser1* cost. A deposit 'f $ MO will be re-1nired as soon a- sold. n H d ( Kt-r.l W L. WALL V CO., Auet*. BY B. a. WABNEB, Real K-tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7ii9 7th street, between G aud U. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PRO PI BTY AT TUF. CORNER OK ItiTii AN I' M STREETS toy virtue ol n deed of trust t > me, hearln? data the 1st d:iy of February-, A D H72. an 1 ?duly recorded in Liber 673. folio 221. and at the B1 reaiuv* pi.nlic B . ? J?lic met ion. to the highest I'idder. in fr'.nt ot the premises. on > K1DA Y, the 13th day of June, H73, at 6 o'clock p in., lots numbered nineteen < 191 and sixty four <fr4) in subdivision of ?.|n?r? immtwri'd one hundred and eighty-two (182.' as the sam* ar - known upon the public plats au,l plan of the city of Washington. Thi? property lront* about 4c'. feet on1*>th street, and lias a depth of about '."J feet, to an alley, and bind on M street, and is improved with a larg ? 2'? story frame store and dwelling, atid two smaller frame houses, and is located in a rapidly improving part of the city. Th*|>ropert\ will be s"Id subject to a prior inrnni brance of which matures January 10,1-C4 T*? ihis' One-half cash, and the residue In six months, w it It intere t from la* of sale $I?V to be de. posited whentie property is struck off Allconvey ancing at cost of purt hater. J. J GRIGGS.Trustee, n 24 B H. WARNER. Anct. PNITED STATES MARSHAL SALE~ In virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued from the Cbik s ..nice nt the Supreme of the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell at public

sale, for cash, at the Auction Store of Wm. L Wall A Co., on the corner ?.f 9th street and Pennsylvania avenue, on THURSDAY, tli" 99ih of May,1873, at 11 o'clock a. m., all Henry O. H '"id's partnership interest iu the fallowing goods and chattels, to wit, vie : 1 large and I small Plated Silvei Salvers, 1 P!at?si Butter Dish.7 Plated Cake Ba-k-t-, 4 Plated T-a Sets, 6 Plated Castors, ?. Plated Cups,21) Plated Goblets, Sei/.sl and levied upon as the go<*l* and chattels of Renry O Hotsl, and will be s '?? satisfy execution N" 9 9f0. in fav*r of Morris Falkenuor A M >rris P"ll?k. ALEX R SHARP U S. Marshal, D. C. WM L. WALL .V CO.. Auctioneers. May 2'M, 1<7.1. mil Its Y DUNCANSON, l>i?W LING A CO., Aucts., Southeast corner 9th aud D street* uorthwest. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURK, CONTAINED IN No -14 ?nil STRKKT NORTHWEST. RKSI DKN-5E OK THE LATE HON ROBERT J. WALKER, AT AUCTION. Ot. TUESDAY MORNING. May 37.c t* UA. n.encing at lO o'clock, we will sell the Furni I^BIture, Ac., in hon-e .">14 .Vh street, th- resi I T ldence of tiie late Hon. Robert .1 Walk r, n-\t to Wesley chafM'I, consisting ? >1? W aln it Chamber Suite*. Wain it Parlor Suite tliiut Wardrobe*. Hmar,- an! Washstanls. Walnnt B okcases, Springs, Mattresiee, Tapestry, Th ree Ply and Ingrain < arpet- Cook Stove.Crock ery am! Gla*twar?, with numerous other articles usually found in a well-kept lious". Term- cash. lira DUNCANSON. DOWLING A Co . A'i"ts. BY B U WABNEB, ? Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 7i2t> Seveuth street, bet wee u G and H. Vi B> virtue of a deed of trust t" me, dated May ?91.'. 1-71, recorded in Liber No.?V|9. folio A17, one ?Biof the laml records f.<r th? county of Washing ton I -liall offer for sale, in front <f the premises, '?nil KS DA Y. June 1873. at ?> o'clock p m.snb lots numl>er>sl3o and 31. in?iuare numbered 429, with the improvements thereon. Terms of sale: One-fourth of the purchase money cash,(of which $2Smust Im? immediately paid,) bal ati, e in six and twelve month* nfter day of sale, with interest, secured l?y deed of trust. If tne terms are not ci mplied with in ten days after day of tale, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser Deeds ami recording at the expense of the pun baser CHAS. CONS. CALLAN. Trufte-. m23 d B 11. WABNEB. Anct. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, Nc 1000 Northwest 10th and D itreeta. CHANCERY SALE OF A THREE8T0BY BBICK HOUSE AND VACANT LOT .FB0NT ING ON G 8TBEET NOBTH, BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. ? ? _ . By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt <>f ^Hthe District of Columbia, ptsaed on the 14th day IHof May, A. V. 1873, made in the cause of Waite ti. Waite, and others. No. 3,181, E-julty, I shall sell on the premises, on MONDAY, the 4d day of June, A. D 1873, at tt o'clock d m., all that certain piece or parcel of ground in the city of Was ..ugton. Dis trict of Columbia, and known and described <is lot numbered eighteen (18), in s-juare nambered four hundred and fltty-tive(4M), exceMing a portion of said lot five (5) feet in width, on tbe eastern side of said lot sereti (7) feet and six (CI inches in width on the rear of said lot, which has been reserved for alleys, together with the improvements, which con sist of a tnree-story and attic brick dwelling liouse^ and a brick stable. The above lot has a front of twenty -fonr feet. Also, a vac ant lot adjoining, hav ing a front of 24 foot 3 inches, with a depth of 121 fet t more or less, with flue side and back alleys The time of sale as prescril>ed by deeree are: One third of the purchase in cash, and the remainder in e.jual installments of six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing interest from thedsy of sale, and seenred by thd notes off the purchaser, and snch other security a* may be satisfactory to the trustee. Convey 8 icing, Ac., at the cost of the pur chaser. $2Ullwillbe required at the time of sale, and if the terms of sale are not complied witli within tive da> s from the day of sale, the trustee reserves the ripht to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser or pnrchasers. by ad vertising tie- sane-three times in some newspaper published iu the city of Washington. JOHN F ENNIS Trustee. GBEEN A WILLIAMS, tnlVd |Bep.,m>28d| Auctioneers. BY LATIMEB A CtiEABY, ~~ Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pensylvnuia avenns and litb it., Star O (Bee Buildings. CHANCEBY SALE OF VEBY VALUABLE BUSINESS PBOPEBTY. 4?ia PENNSYLVA NIA AVENUE, SOUTH SIDE. BETWEEN 4* ANE 6th STBEETS NOBTHW EST. > B* virtue of a decrea of the Supreme Court of [the District of Columbia, passed ou the 7th day *of May. A. D. 1873, in chancery cause of seinmes et al m Payne et al., No. 3^Ml, Equity Doc. 12, I will sell, at public auction, on TUESDAY, the Jd day of Juu?. A. D. 1873, at <? o'clock p m., In front of the premises, Lot numbered 31. Reservation B. lying and beinf in the city of Wa-hiugt >u. District of Columbia, with improvement* thereon, consisting t?f a substantial brick store and warehouse Said lot is more particularly described as follows: Beginning for the same at tbe northeast corner of said lot and running thence west along the line of Pennsylvania avenue twenty tive < 25) feet; thence south to alley in th ? rear one hundred and twenty-seven (127) feet tive 15) inches, thence east aloug the line of said alb-y twenty-five 125) feet; thence north to Pennsylvania avenue aud the place of the beginning one hundred and twenty-seven) 127 >fe?t five (5) inches. Term* of sale, as prescribed by the decres: One fonrth cash; and the balance in six, twelve and eighteen mouths, for which approved notes or boud will be taken, payable in eoual instalments, with interest at 8 per cent, payable semi annually A deposit of five hundred dollars will be required at time of snle. lf the termo of sale ba not complied wi be i . veyancing at purchaser s cost V W. CLEABY. Trustee. B itli in five days froaaday of sale, the property will ? p-sol l at the cost and risk of the purchaser. Con ryanciug at purchaser's cost. N F. CLEABY. Trustee, mil) 2tawAds LATIMEB A CLEABY. Anct* BY GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001 uorthwest corner lotb aud D sts. BUILDING LOT FRONTING ON NEW JERSEY AVENUE AND BCNNING THROUGH TO 3d ST BEET W EST, BETWEEN H STREET NOBTH AND MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 91s*. instant, at 6 ?lo'c ock p m., we shall sell, ou thr premises. Lot J'C, in Charles Stott's subdivision-of S<tuare No. M3. being 17 fcst 4 inches front by 1?) feet deep through to M street, making a geo4 buiMiuc Trout on both streets. . . . ...? .. Term: Oue-third cash; balance S and 12 mouths, for notfs bearing interest, and acsured by a deed of trust on the premises sold. Comreyanciuf, Ac.,cost of purchaser. S100 down on day of sale, ml# d GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. THE ABOVE SALE 'J TOSTPvNED untH WEDNESDAY. May 88,1871,same boar and pla^e, on M-count ot the rain. ni22 QEKKN A WILLI.IMA, Aact^ pEBEMPTOBY SALE. VEBY ELEGANT COCNTETSEA.T AND FABM. "Woolton Hall;" Mansion, Farm, and Tenant Houses, 50 acres, Philadelphia and Wilmington Turnpike, Brandyvrfns Hundred, New Castle coun ty, Del., three sqns.rsa from Bnllevae Btatbyn, on the Philadelphia. Wilmington and Baltimore rail road, half mile fn ,m the river Delaware, three miles rrom Wilmingto-j, nine miles from Chester .and 23 miles from Phil adelphia,residence of C. B. Griggs, **" ON TUESDAY,MAY .. , At 13 o'clock, noon. wHI he sold at public sale, without any reserve whatever, at the Philadelphia E'change. ?T^The very elegant Furniture made by Smith A Campio*A a?*r be had at a valuation by the par chaser. W '/sit particulars In handbills. A SONS, Aucts, JO.14,174134* 139 and idt 8.4th, Phila, 8TBEET. near Pennsylvania aT?ne.-Goodg m* EVENING STAR DOUBLE SHEET. <%in i?r tin THE OLD MILL. It in r?i-ti< ?h-r> < I *11101 Ik ? adl ? Heft ! f.'ir. Aim *h..| and ar? ?til! I?*rk i tilt tr itti u*|| t . f? .. ,r 1 risks id t Iv ?n;d the l.att.o -d I ??? Of th<- ol.l .i-?-rt.-.J mill H is th^ claitr that th y m.v|. And nv'ir> forn.otbat r.niii I it pl*i?d uivf vaiimIim|, i|ic f?r ?h ? 2 fig 11 o: ?thn / if^ h?i>pv ^ Of 0?y<i forn* ?-r >n^. 8 n;? -.l^ry laughter r.n.'s ar .?i?i An 1 l-wrs . pr.t?,.. <roivi I Tl ?!. !"'Sr?t p irl\,i,r ;,h; r.*' ^r-i. w??h. ,n,j i..,r th.-frserai.t ?<tv~r. | fe hoed o er woodlands f?r And throncl: th- door* *v. , , i * Pjfant tkr... *h , rniN of 1 ? ?nr.. motf I hear flii l n? or ui?h. ? r..iiilf.w. low. Again fh ? *tr*ato ??j pur.* -r iicht I.. .I* f . it. work with hunt-. .| might AM '? irN t! . ? p i i rou- m I. . I ! VW ""l "1- f niv ,; t. ?? i, tm-| j , ,,, |ol fr,.t|, A gain. agnin J |.e|' All vanMe ,, ii^,. morning mill H> tlii-? at in .,lu r.nill, kiss..)_ II .?i-vpt it ii,a, i... a',.i h.r; ?r* ,f. ?? Ih.v. k? ami th > ? ' I' T-miil Ml ,,,, ? ' tii" liki-tins null i,, ni t iii *"'! "IV '"'T4 ?"??* <>n T II. ? ii t i>j -n . Our r??iti( v ?r?l i till Al 4 * If ii Ike waiting l< ..?| a?t.. ir ... \" ??"'? n'iU' r kit. lu l, Tin- ..lit. it-??-rt.-i| mill' What Infill** During tIte earlier visitor the ro\al r?ii.,i ? Mn,;rieBm;^errw"C;' o^the sY"h every tiling Highlander was attending to the . uiin .rv ,!I, ter,. he was attracted bv the "avrirv" ,ors o?'a eomjK>nnd known by the Scotc hnier??'LiJ I-- '? which the Highlander w liat is that * asked the Prince who u ?? not known to the cook "Hodge podge, sir.- was the reply. "How .sit made?" was the next question til t and Mmntt?u int,lt- and turnips In "Yes, yep.- said the Prince. who ha.l tint Earned that "intil't meant -,..10 It" e" IhfltUt."'y C CO,'trac,,on "'"til t - -but what tii?V?.yi ther<!*T m"tton intil't. and turn-ps in til t, an<l carrots intil't. and "Yes. I see: but what i* iutilf.'" The man looked at him. and, seeing that the Prince was serious, replied <-'"*i"aiuie an'|T!>Cre" mUtt?n ,nti, t' *UiX turu'l,!i iotil't. -huV^ha^\i!r.-tiS,;^ur^'thv in'aire^ 1 yei(ed the Highlander wifurs mt'irt <I'oon' "Hn' ' n* 've iii^M . ^ re s mutton intil't, and -_L" Here the interview was brought to a -lose l?v one ot the Prince's suite, who was fortunately n-sw't"8' w^o rt*PI,ed "1 to save his Koral High new from being rapped over the head wltfi a the cook" 8earch ,or int"r^'^u ir?m FM^N ir" A ^l'^ **AR 1.1 p r" b . / . shoeking discovery w.?* recently um' t V W*ter 't'eachworks. N,.w road \Nbitetield. when the of a lad. fourteen 'V",1^t age, nat'ieil Samuel Astley, was found boiled almost to a jelly in one of the kiers. He nu* 1 ?*'?r at l',e k'er conipanv with a lad named Chapman, attending to the cloth which was l^mg passed through*a bo.ling chemical isVed at trrld that he haJl then as sisted at the manipulation of the contents of twokiers. and he remarked to ?'hapman that hwle?UH?'r?n ? * tLlr'' ,kier- but wo'"'l and hide. He ran away, and as there is generally a dense cloud ot steam hanging about the ki'et Chapman lost sight of him He was never again seen alive, ^is father called at the works the next mon.inf to make inquiries respecting him. A search was instituted for him without any satisfactory result, until aSout *qu?rleVZ three o clock in the afternoon, on the cloth be ing removed from the kie. which he was *een to run round on the previous day. his bodTuas found at the bottom completely I wiled. Hi features were not recognizable, and identity b.^m i'hLe,n^meJUI!i of h's clothing. His body inust have been nearly twenty-tour hours in the kier, tailing with the cloth. The Popi-lat'on or thk Lar^kst Cities, j lie Wemonal I>eplomxti |ue gives the follow ing in teres ting account of the density of i.opu ot humanity through out the globe. There are nine rltiM haylnl a d^n, tfc^nn^ECt^'i? souls, viz |in i""f?; Sooehow. 2,ftnft.i??.; Paris. I.l??, " Yrdo?- Canton. l,^C.(Mio. Constantinople. I.OT.^.(iOO. Sinont-an in the province ot Hunan,, and Tchan tcfaoan-foo. in the province of Pokien, It will be seen that, although l^oralon holds the hrst jdace. the Chinese empire can *till boast of |iotises>.ing more |*?pulous cities tuan all the civilized states of the West. The number of eitie* a i?or?uUfion from at?ovi* half a million up to a million is twelve, viz: New t ork. \ ienna. Berlin. Hang-kaow, Philadel phia. St. Petersburg, Bomb iy. Calcutta. Pow chow Schehing. Bangkak and Kioto. Twenty cities have a population of from .{oo.msi to ioo' ' thirtv-threeof from l>oo.inhi t'n ilv.1-. at' ninety ot froni 100,000 to inhabitants. Kurope alone possesses 171 cities n?Mli,gfInKreKthai' inhabitants, at the head of which stand Ix>ndon. Paris. Con burg Vienna' Berl'n and St. Peters 1 he Local Optiow Qibstiom The tem L^rtr.tK?t?men ?L,K#W York ??*ni disposed to adopt the suggestions made by Governor I>i* in veto of the l.ocai Option law. * A bill which ha,i already passed the senate has been amended in fiie.!?ol,^e y adduigtoit the local option bill in the lorm recommended by Governor I?i* namely, that the questions of authorizing the sale of spirits and of l^er and cuter in any town ship ot the state shall be voted upon separately e.01 5h? township, with power to permit the sale ot either, neither, or both. At the same time another bill has been introduced ? i ^ ky'vester. and has been ordered to a third reading. Mr. Sylvester's bill is a copy in ? temperance bill now in force in i? no11" and Connecticut, and provides i I?"?n ,fl10 ?*'!* li<iuor wherebyjlanv one is made drunk shall be legally respoVSbii tor anv mischief committed by the one so ob taining it while intoxicated, or for any neglect ot duty as a manor a citizen to the "injury of others 011 the part of the customer Iti conse quence of thehahitual use ot liquor. This lat ter bill meets with general approval every where, but the question has yet to be deter mined w beiher in practical operation it would amount to mnch. ? we bave ha<l w'th the Mod oca brings to mind a nlau for settling the Indian question which a frontiersman once imt>arr?d tJii?T2/ tlie?over-meiltf,. Rai<i he.of'd buy i^ i./i lTe. of whtak?T. and lots o' big knive* amlfl d put en out some^har in the We>t an' ^liVi^??KTer> \',evili?.h red"k'n in the hull land to what they call conTrenee. After they'd gotthar I d knock in the bead o' the barrels, and ?cat ter the knives all around loose, so they'd be tlf "of' ^e" 1 d 80 *WHy a,ld ,eave the Injuns to themsel7es. ??f course they'd take the whiskey &nd the knives and before sun do?n a.r ?ou!,>'i t be more than one reiskiu left, and then I'd go and knock his braiiu out atore he could do any more damage. That, air's, the only real way to aettle the Injun .,u jstton. I've l?een among m. an' 1 know. Plent r ot whiskey will "Mg n,vei''U fi*'=>out, an' nothing else TfliAsi'in or Chloral?Tie Lancet has from various quarters received reports which leaves no doubt that this very valuable medi cine is being grossly abused by the public. Chxral is tho most valuable medicine in the nana* ?t a judiciocup doctor, tat in also a mo>t dangerous plaything or luxary in the hands of (teople who merely wish escape from the ^ceplewmess ot anxiety or of fashionable en a single republican SyGeoegia has not now newspaper. ar"EirtlOT. Coburn, of Maine, has rinn Wjjwto the state indu^rial sckooifor^rlf 1 Sublime Part* has aent to the Dutch at a protest against the war with f>vernn chean. . commissioaary of police in Belgium, has day* 8U?I>?n<1 eating meat on (food Fri JS^^TJi0Wk ^ftyman who had a donation anotigh to last hi m thirty ?^"Ever since a Green Bay man hunc him self on a certain pUm tree, the btoemme have ^eet.**{St- eMk P'um as white aaa luettr of Fond da Lac accepted the mz simultaneous swains, WA OMuett* oT F< matrinvoaial offer of and then made them fight foV the preference,' > how much she in onfer to fchow the neighbors waa lit for. . ?f oppressing lager beer in Boetra was shown in eighty-three "drunk and disorderly" culprits at the police court on Mon day morning. WA bit or consolation for bald-headrd men Bald-headed men seldom get drunk or eraav whether they die young or not, aan a leaxnwi physician of Gotham. 7 ??ar?ea ?y*A man with a bi? heart line in AUentown Penn. Be found a chad's pocket-Koak ' ri?nnx? the NoiMtm. *? Inrkomrn in (he Army litfrrlnr *r?'..'"?J**1 * ?C Hm" Treop* M*w (tee W innspr*nm I?*?!?*??? ?? At | C?T'i;wi.*-l?.r ^ 'Jk' g^wv-t , I a?a Bui'#. April '.'4 ?It to tbe soldiers to say -At a rul<> thev are not good shots." tor Midi is the tact. Thm. 1 take it to oaring to two mwn First. thev are drilled enough at target shooting, s,-ootid t if tuns all sho^ altll SpJiSlT being hred a number ot rounds I think 1 *m t ???d fci,ot wilh * ride or six shooter but I know a Modoc would be tolerably *ate sV.A!?r??UI iW,t *rn,T f "n -either carl.t'ne or Npnnghvld market. I lave tried tht in and thev wm i00.1 ,a"1 at * lon?! Stance . in* wl.t !S tweet work. and that n. ? ! "booting at Modoo. is. and a verv small target they are too. generally speaking As I have before notified you. tlie safety of oifr men during tbe hght wa> owing, u, ? great mevure. to the tact that tb- gun. ,* jVodoo. were tb.?se capture,! in the tight ot the of January, and almost in>arta!dv thev overshot their mark. The Warm Spring Indians are a fine looking iMxly ot men. many ot them being *U foet. an* even taller. They are very decent and ord'erlv. much better Itehaved than an equal number ot ordinary soldiers, tor your soldier o?t dut y is not .tl?a\>the most quiet and orderly man in the world They obey implicitly tlielr leader, .it McKay, and the sub-chiet's who are | with them The sub-chiefs ate M Her. W ,rm Snring U. orge. p, Port pah. and II trnashei* . . > ,'rA n!le nu "? many of them siteak !? , , u Jilk N,m'' of them read and write. f,.' 1 i'"r cinet - Ilaumeta and he if at l matilla with aytew of his people, who I in all *!->ut Art Their reservation is I aboutI .^tenty mite* s^uth ot the Dalle-. on the I , * Chute*, iti :? very good location. Their .^l*. .r M,rr' l*01'*1'1 MeKay. in 37 years old. -u ' j 211 pounds?his "U** | mat? *."'V reierv ed i mIm. yr *c V*c'm,'n * "Air brood, and up to every M1.ii.4n trick an.t device. The Modocs would give a* much to get hto scalp a- . they would lor that oi tieneral tJillem He t one 01 eleven ch.idren by Thorn a.- ^ illVr. . 7 Con,l':?nv tra.ler.and the m.t-t 1 ?? li?dt*n-||flitfr ev,?r known on the I northern part of thu-coaM. There are several otlier Ktm-Qeiirge. an exprew ri.ler 111 the ! service ot the coveinment. and l?r William, an ' mr? L..",h'd phVM,-i? 11. ,10u residing in I m* ttlla. Their lather came here Itonalt kn .w- I not when, but be rem mber* hearing him tell 1 of Il>ringitig in the flirt drove ot ohoep and cattle ! from Calirornia ever brought into < >regon ?u t Hint OI,.'il"ll.UO!" ?M tkM tr,?' w<,r? &????? ana Hall. He had at one time a saw mill and ranche on ('hampcontx. on the Willamette a ?aw and grwt null at Wallalula. a ran, he ,i.d ?UO head of cattle on Butte creek, not the one | Wiiu ,, he,c, "Ih' * on .,f .ifo -5, JN OU*h: wllerr "e in the wint r J. ? SoniUl*,? for the leader; an ! n?w | -hi.t'ILy?lLa. "SD? ??'the main,e, which they hght. \Mien their line wax forme<t ia^riiV?r^. ,ert *?!.* ??nk men. I .5! . .e, fl%* on 14 that their true ! position could be determined ?t all timer.. The* tight under cover generally, "hunting in t wof '? one covering the other. One . ree,.- ahead : trjirg to entire a shot bv ererv p.??aihle dwic- I .L"^. f? ,ak? mllu ?t the heal mil, I the c<>ncealeii triend blires awav at once j and the loremo-t one i, then readv to tire I at one who ri?e> to return that *hot ] A-an tn.tan. eol the tricks 01 which thev re M>rt to draw the enemvN tire, or to make him e\|>ot>e hi* person I will relate an inntanee whi. Ii I came under my own observation during the 1 M.ond dayV baf.le. We have, beloiigiag Ui I..V .?VCr.,,I?leVt ,'*, k t'*'1'- ? Warm Spring Indian called doe, who >peak>- go.>.| Kltgi^h an,I has been itl tKivernmeiit emplov for iteverai >ear.?. Well, on that day the train wa? idle, and ?loe nitiHt have a shot, so two or three of his ?!!.?? that side, went in for-a leetle fun, as .loe expressed it. Thev hap pened to go up into the Skirmish line l^fore that break occurred which lett Colonel Miller in such a warm place. The Modo. s then were W VW- k,,d. ,l,e!r ro?"*t it dirticult to g.-t H shot at them. Cautiously thev crept forward. It one made a forward move ii wa> oMi. k as a Mash, then down behind a rock, hat ot! and hx his side, his gun always at full ,-ock and to hi shoulder ready tor tiring. Waiting a long time, a* it seemed. behind tl Is rooky shield, anotli^ forward move was made in a similar manner t.ettuig tired ol this, and not succeed.!.* in provoking a shot, the old ni t 11 Zeelv, who 1* lam,- in one knee, laid down his gun by .loe and < raw.ed forward like a snake in the direction ot the ledge. Alter getting in advance *ome dis tance the old fellow took two ?tone.- and grated them together, producing a sound like the era ting ot a soldier's hobnailed shoe o;i the hard lava. Stealthily a Modoc peered out Iroai his coyer to *. e where the Boston man was. when. I'k'lick'V thought, doe sent a ballet , ra?hui|i through him. and the Modoc threw up his arm '*!" ?ver- 1 Modocs |>oured in a shower ot bails, but /eely sprang back.getting kno, ked down by a bullet, which cut the thick hair on the top of his akull. but .loe covered his retreat A few minutes afterwards the hring opened heavily, and then the shells, driving tfiller an I his men out and as they came over the crests the line was broken, leaving .loe and his 00m rades to stem the tide alone. Thev stood it awhile, and then fell back and came down to Hospital kocfc. were tioneral Oilleni and start r*m "T tim.e- "WcU 'roe'" Il?'J way, - have you been lighting-. '' ^ es sir. ' said doe, forgetting to salute as n. the soldier's custom: "ves. sir, and 't ? l?Hup there. * "l?id v'ou kill anv Modoos. asked the general. "Don't know', sir. I got a good shot atone, and be tumbled over, replied Joe, very modestly. Here Zeelv ' put 111 hui oar, as we say, and by signs, for be can t speak Knglish, showed how it was done and where -loe bit the Modoc, asserting that be was killed. ? Well, .loe." continued the General with a merry twinkle in hiseye,"vou have don ? good service, but why did vou not'star and tight longer." "Fight longer, replied .loe. who did not understand the line falling back, "ti*hl longer; how could I? The d?d soldiers run away and left me an' him to hght alone. Thev left one man dead in their hurry upon the line aud one wounded man. We kept the Modoc hack as long as we could: but h?I."do vou 'snose two men tight all the ,l_d Modoos." Siowlv the General turned awav. with a queer look i'ii his eye and an odd smile around bis lii>s. which Meaed to say: ".loe, I rapcrt your braverv ^ wty I ?iiiiiire vour dirtioii which IK more forcible than clezant." .loe hm\ made a mistake; the woumted man got awav though tbe dead man was lett. But there is no doubt that Joe killed or ratallv wounded the Modoc. and some assert it was Scar faced Cl*r - ley, but I think from the description it was "Frank." who had a scar on his face, ami was loutid wounded and dispatched the dav tollow ing. I must close lor the weather is so coUl that 1 am half frozen, and there is no tire in any tent. "Thk Wirt's Silk oorresiK>n oent writes that in a re.-ent real estate transac tion in Berks county, the purchaser, after much haggling as to the price to be |>?ud for a tract ot ground, owned in common bv three married men, was unable to secure a 'marketable title until be had in addition given live dollars to each ot tbe respectire wives in order to obtain a release ol dower. Our corresiiondent ex presses some surprise at this conduct of the wives in exchanging their "thirds" for so paltrv a sum, but the custom is so prevalent in manv parts ol Pennsylvania, and bin-bands can only get the signalures of their wives to deeds o't real estate by promising them a "black silk gown," or its e-iuivaleut in money, which is always paid by the purchaser. The custom is frequently alluded to in the Pennsylvania re jK?rts. and inotie caaetbe reoeprioo of a silk gown by the wile was used as corroborative evidence ot the fact that she had signod the release of dower of her own free will and accord witheut 1 tbe compulsion of her bnsbwad. Occasionally 1 an owner, when dissatisfied with the price to he paid, has been known to nut his wife up to re fusing her signature to the deed, ami in thi way obtain an Increase of the purchase uonev. Some ot tlu close-ti?ted bargainers, having suc ceeded in this mano uvnr. retain the ?'?i!k ?*?*? ' money, and thus cheat their wives out ot their r.gbt?; but in a well-regulated rural society sach men are held in scorn and con tempt . a ltd are cvaaiderW a- miserable miser*. I'ltila'lt ijhia I)ik>'ERs at Yoc* Dixies?A Multitude of devicas have been invented to lessen or abolMh thet joublesor housekeeping, the latest ot which is tha plan of Mr. Kiddle, an Knglishman. who has constructed a kind of movable commis aariat lor sapphiug hot dinnea to families There is a central cooking establishment ia the Triage or dndricu All supplies, meats, grocer ies, etc., are bought at wholesale, and, ofooarae ?ore cheaply than at retail. A well-planned cooking apparatus is used by which a far per f?M 2L* do "*at amount of cook ing. There are various room*for all sortaoT 000k TWtables. far the preparation of paddings and deserts. The establishment to a model ot neatness, economy, and adaptability to Its purpose. Families hare only to order e* actlv what they want, In nay variety and com bination or dishes, ami It ia sent to them per fectly oooked and ho* at the dinner hour. The dUbes arc put into km boxes, dlrfctod Into eem ?""tmenta. the hexea being heatad by and then the dinners are carried about in *m those of the Parcels Dehvery OompeSr The dinners are thaa served in time in luMtto quantity and nf quality desired, and ne d5 ri?? keeping * the table. Tie pi?? h rec couretiieiiee and by its grent alM furnish many peopU b they get new, ana nt much le To PKcasnrs arrange the eat fiUed with vnh glass, such as need In hole at the tep, as the excluded, bat allow thai' thns plao in perfect sr'i Jtaral, Ikr W*rifn Mf.1 1?Nfr 1U1 !? ?> \ t mil ?. B A a|?*--i,: /??.J.*!.-?. to lk<- It ???? H?r?M fritm WatOohor.,-. Ma\ Jt. nn ? The oataaar'a Jnrp ti ?)inriti( into ihr circuiu?tance? U? IrtnMfitrath ot In Hikrr.ot Warren. who waa ?l"?l rr?1?t W|ht. olwariM'tl to Satnrdar mh( to i?m thf imttl m inrthfr iMtimMf Son# Ol tin' published acconnt.ot tblt tragNlT Hf !?? witwt Vw Nttil dort nn' >?< !?r Rtkrr *M ?hot ahile m W, hnl ?til? <1t ?w.itg. RImvI ba? b?fii foond on Mi-* Mink'* (umMt* Raker'* lire niMirMl tor ??.or?i. tn.1 na< ?HI WW. ?? Hl? hnitw ?w p?rckM< tbr?e month* a o. \ cair lnt.?rm*nt ??? at tb? pltrr ol Ihf hninioklr to-4? Tha h?nal ?( rnrrrd lhi> altrrnoon Thf ?fvlPM wee* M (k? clmrch. ami i ?frt tHrge cohnrrfitioi ?u n altrndanif A gloom portrartaa the rut en w rnutntv Kvcr\ on# if antioni to (*thw tk* 1 ? *?' morwl ot infortnntuin. The pidAl kw not l?een found, though letter* from Mtaa Mink to I'r Itaker confirm the report that ikr kw rir nid i loaded |i*tol ai?' ha* fre,|n? ntlj tkrwl ened tn iakr hi* lifa. She ha* iwirf blackmailed I m iiM miilnwd it Tlimarr v ar <oti* ruaora a* to hi> at MinkS hnnnf on tkf fatal night. iWV that h* wa? falarlr I'd there tar the I'tirtxw ot murder Attorney Kioe. < oconar H u*i and C>n*t*Me A M Wrlhirrlv* arr daiut all that ran be dotif to ilevclop all thf tart*, ft i> ap|iat(nt that Mi? Mink fithft r<iain't1*4 thi* horrible deed or *anctinned it iH thr I attar thmn tu<>re will be kiutn in a da\ or two l/' Tlir official rant a** aliow* that at tka April ele, tion in Michigan.t'hief.iu?tiee Chna tmncv rwirfd |ta.7w? ?o!??? tor rr there being *ga'ti*t hitn only eighty-?l* votaa, one ot which ?a> tor a woman. I/~A Washington Territory |>at>.-r hear* tha' ?ome |.< r<tt'? per?let in *rl!tng ammuniti m to Indian*, and tnildlr remark* that *udi action plimilil l>?- niOft etvcrelv coi.di'mned, il not pua i.-ln (I . W \ he Octroi* F. V Pre** aoe* looming up ta Canada a ??*tat? ri|at<" <|BeaUoa tn regard ta the |?iter? ol the local or provincial le?til> ttire* and the confederate government of tka liominion. ?/ aiimrn i* In Bo?f,?n, and a |xa|>eT thera uv? ??When you nv-Mtake an n< -|iiaintanoa ilrinin( down I olunibu* avenue with hi* coat tail* fiill ol pine *|>linter*. It i* aale U> aak In in how lie like* the circtm." ?X"'l t e wife ot a Ment|-hi> lawver mad* a bn*tlc out of ?ime ini|>ottant legal doriitnrnto whieh Iter tiu*t>and had carried ! ?tne. aad tlaa caw lint to tie continued in court until tka backward and crumpled paper* could ho brought forward in proper ahape. DIED. KiKLY K-% JOHN E \ Rl. \ . (* J . *r Md*at ot ??-? tart.,* ii College, I 11-1??. Mo St. 1*T?, ?i ? u p m . alter l*Ut? f -ut h-uia illnnaa, m th ? S+.h > cat < I lit* aire. Hiafnn-ral nh*e,miea will be prrf >rni*d in tka ? l|.-B< tMpel M.-ixlay next. Mar #, at !? *? a m kl BERT On Fn-f*v rM mat .at BnV|.>cfc p. in JdHN KLBKKT, ^1*4 mar* and < m >nth?, atier a wvere illnmu May h^ r<wt in p*ac?. R- iativ?? *ii l In^n-U are t-ap.-. ttni>> invited to atieinl hi* fnio-ral at Mi. I'atrirk ? Cimreh, < a (? at., near Itfih. on M n-i it ?-tti m*i.. at la a. ?. * ELLIS Onthe ?l .i.-t?i,i Mi- ELI/JkRETH ELLltl.c-<n* rt <4 th?-lat<- ll--urt Ellin, la th? 4ik jrmr ?t h-r a?e Tlo-tuiK ial u ill ink' pi*. * .-n Siindat att<T?iM?, at S o'rl.irk, from thr Mm-iiiM) ? fi^|>ii?riaa ChnrckiSth and I *ir>-?-t* iiorihwi**'. ?hi< h fnenda and aM>i<i?intaiice? are int if?l to attend. II LISIAW CAVKK <?' th?l?il, m., al t i'rl icl ii m . KLINKC I.INEM LAVEB a-n ,fPriiW? M and the I ale h f Lioeawr*av?r. acod i a>mb?. I ii?i? ral fr m the r--anleiic?- of ln< m .to^r. <>rn?r I It Ii and M atreei* Na*} \ ai I, a' < ,i . , < k !*qadar rxetiii.* | L han ii, V"rk eo , Pa , paper* pl-aa? rof? ,| ? KkMKK On Satn*daf, Mav Ii. at i o ? I <-k a. m.KMMA EI.I7. \ BETH, ?it>- of ? haa I m.~4 ?r, mid ol I ear> Funeral fr.-tn r?>ii1etir?- N.. II .' C atraet L?rtk a-t. M-'i'dar. Shtli inat . ?t I ?V|,?l p. ni I n-ndi f the tan,iIt are reap <"t flail* unit- <i t-> afi-nd . * KOTHU ELI. On tin* tj-l inal . ?1?i two mnntha Hi.-a-. GKORi.K W K? >T!1 W ELL. it. the Mta I .-ar of hi* age. Ilia fri-n-i* andthnaeof ai* lath-r. t Rithw?ll, II Iti\il?slt. <tt .-ud ill* Inn ral .,n * in4a> af' ?c - ]o--n. at i <? rlo-k. at th- E at Haptiat rhufh * W IIA L EN Ai V ?*? I", k p m .on ilie Si I inat , Kr? MHaH ELIZABETH WIMI.EN. t.rn?rl? 1 M"Uti'?rtr entity Md . dan*ht<>r of tka lata lokn Cr -wn in tli?> Catli v?*?r of lor a?> Tio-fun-ral ?ill lak>- piaoe M -nda) aft-moon, at I <?'. l? k. frowi tli- reaid-n.e ,?f tier a-?u. Mr liaaif r U lialen on Ttli <tr- .-t i -t?. n Krr-1?r k ant Fiir|i? ? >tk- -lo*>ti. I? C Tli*- fri?-ni* and -?latum of tin- fauiilt aie i-*p- tlully inittndto itt nd. t* ) iifNti <?n tin - ? m i, n .f 11,- t.'1 i n->; %nt, JOHN M \ <il tit*. In Ox- &>tk >-ar of III" a<e Hi* fnn? ral ? ill tak. pla> - -i, T ra<la> afttaXNi! be 7th ltut at>?i In* late raaidenc*. -II th?- r"rn-r of Mth and C alrreta aoiitliwnal T*a ri?-i,.|? and ar-jiiaititan, ea of the tanulv ar* raapaot rtillv InvMed toaitoad f UNDERTAKERS. IfltMARD r. HAEVBV, CJNDBRT < Savrwia m ft Ah f A I # MARL,) ?o. ?X? r Stbbbt, batwaaa Mtntk aad T METALLIC bVhlAL CASES AltO CAMS ??ari It mnnovus, mabitu. #a. ||kraiio w. imu, CABll*AT MAKMK AND VNDKKTilflA, II* ELBVBHTH STBBBT. aaar W. fVHMTVHM Of ALL KINDS MAVM HtPAIHSU yy IUIAH BAC&BTT, UNDBRTi Ro. Tit Tti Stbbbt,BbtwbbiiO an 1*' It OoMaa aad OaaftalB af all Mi THE BBOADWAT COAT aad TEST to Batch tB 1 all the race at A. BTBAeS .tto Oiotka*. !??! f*nMTlra?la aiwa?, near llth atraat. afl R-OA< HB?, BATS or BEDBI OB where ttlentworthk BXTEBM INATUBiauaed Tot aale bj B. D.] CILMAR.MT PennaiWania ava., and bOLMBB A BRO., aortkW sot. I*t and B *t* n.w. Q I 8 ? O L C T_I O ? . Wa*VIK?Toh, D C., April It, 1STS The copartnerahip heretofure eBiatinc bafaaa Klpheaio Toonfa and ?m ? B~ara, nudar tka aaBe and ?nn of BLPHOKEO TOCMOfl A CO . la laaoKed by aaatual < .>uaent .tke aerond term of aweb -?.partnernhip havinf thia day aspired Tka baai i?aa will be continued at the old etand , Maa^nta remple, eoraer fth and W atreeta.l t.y BLrHOHBO lorKSB.wbo will pa> all jaat naima acaiMt aai collect all aaaonnu doe aaid firm kLPBfib'BO TOl'HM. ?'K. H tfBABB. TbaaBitwt ai> frienda and the public for tbalr Hb ?rai pair- nase In the paat, 1 would raapactfaUp mucit a contiiiuBDi e of th<- ?ann ELFHOKZO TOCBM. ?arlai apeat the paat tworeara Terr aatiafact.-ctlp nth Mr T -oub* It the abore named bnamaaa. I aoaid take thia opportunitr to thank mr frtania aad be public for their patronage, and cheerfaUj rac .oimeiid whatever influeaaa I may hare to hi ereat* (apU-tf) VI H KB AI (^EMCIHE bCOTi'H CHEVIOT SUITS for ?M tB and ?IS. at A. STBACB'. 1*11 Tawaa a'a , near llth. MB |> ANKRCI'Ti V NOTICE -T? ail tka credltaM l> Ol UEO.b' LAMPHBRB. wbo mai bate proved hetr claian- T<hi *!>? Ier--trt to appear be ore the hnpr.-me Court d the In*trict of (j.Tliianbia, uttm* tn l>aiikruptc> on thr B?th mit op Mat* IfCJ- ar 12 oVI.wk in , at thr dlo-if l>?flwj . Brown. B- *i?lrr. at thr Citi Ball. M'aoliinct ?city,to abow aaer wtiv a diarh .r * fr-an all hiaibata ationld aot ? rratuwt to aaia bankrupt Eon are alaa i^Cihtil thai thr third mertniB of aa?d ?aptw creditora a.M he b-M M?? the R.fiaw. M ttw aamr piacr at 12 o'clock m ,m the SPth or lit,18T} B; or*?r of the Cowrt: _ A. SH ARP. I 8 Mir.hal of f? o . aa II?waeaaar. Tret -R J MEIU8. Clerk. rllls IS TO 31VE MOTIO*, That the tor haa obtuued froai the Sumaw Oaait of District of Cotaaihia. boMinr a haecial lara.letteea ?t R.ltn ni-tiHtH.ti on thr prraoaal ratal* of JOHM B AH ANEY . iata of Maahinatou County ,B U.,da ? :??<1 All paraoaa hariac launa acainaa leceaaed are haaeb* warnii ta exhibit th nth tha Totachrca thereof to the aubacribar. aa at Del "re the Aa Aar ol May .?e?t the* tap otharvha tiv law he ? ,-laaded from all UneSt of tha aald aatato. Bum nukrai kaud.tha>ttbdaT of Mar, KB. ,A MlwHAEL Mkliln. ?10*Jt* Adanniatrwtor. IN Till ?LPREME 'jol RT or TBE DISTRICT or CULI'MBIA, TV va dap * Ma?. NTS. IoH> W. Mabl'iw at al. e?. Bl i aaaa.TR F. TaTLOR ^ at al^-M<>. J.1N Buatty docket U. On smh? at tha plaintiffa, to Mr B T their aokicitor. u ta ordered that the L** T ai na? Taylor, Tkoaaaa Taylor. Baa |buib_>. Taylor, JonatWab Taylor, aad Ckartaa Moota, cauaa Uuar appearance to be aeterei here* oa <?r bct< re tae Brat rata-day occarraBC fort* dapa M?t tbw 1av: jiherai-* ta* caaar willba pa muted aa?h aa in aaaaf default. B? tha 9oart: _ a. VTLIB, Jaat ice, he TTae copr-Teat B J. MBIOS. (Ban. he. aalp-a. Ijana ??g?tXim patent cpaatedto htaa oa tha Sib dap af AaaaM.MBL sar^-JSi^ur>i-A,yia4^g-M ^ mS aJt*** I.TuSlTt', 'pdil iipuzss. vAas?&&rtu\

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