Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. rafcH?ke4 ?ally, likafi ?x?Cf(Ht AT TEE STAR BUILDINGS, rtmamyIyrmJb Aimm, mt. Utt K, ni m Rii Virspipn einm i> A liWJMAW, J THE ITININO ST A R ?? *nrt by carrier* lo U*tr sobrrtberaat TrsCitt* ?E* were.or Fortt Fowl C**T? he host*. Or?iea -J, rji4 HmnUt Two Cetw Mrh. Bj m*L~ur? mcatha, $1*0, ill mv%ib?, f J OS; via* t%i, ft. TBI '* EEELY STAB-P?bI1*b?d Friday-fljl tyMr. V Invariably m advance, UiMMMM m yap*c MBt k)i|ei ihu paid fir. VIMm of itTwtMiii fnrclsbed on wllwtlw. INSURANCE COMPANIES. T THE E?l( ITtRI.E L^E l?<l RAK E 1 >?? IETV. The I ?;???-?? rf 'hi* C- rr.r*ny h*? f -r year* be<n l L?- ??!??.???? :lar i: ?;i?uti< u in the w?rUl. r HEYER. tent, n>? Jlv -iA.< k>I >0-? 7lh?trft w B J?>E? * ?o. ?? . -| I T ? ?;r?Mw r.n It pnrtmmt, R. treviii :i.? Ml ?:r| ?.rung Kire Insurance * THK GERMAN AMERI< AS.OFN T . C?.n I ??it%l. ? I OOO.OOO TKE MEK HANTS'. < f NEWARK. N J . ol2*r Ca?b A??ti, |>>76,Tt'i 17. g ' REtT WESTERN FIRE IMIRA.VE *? IOMPASV. CA?H AS-IT" f iOH 4.'7 M ?FFI? E. MM FIKTEENTIl STREET, ? rrv .? MFAKrxiiT. *is-2m b. w. bates, A^nt. HE IDRUtRtl EIRE I.1SIRA.1CE iu *1P A* * OF Tl!E DISTRICT t'F COLUMBIA. CbtamnU Aprt. Ui, 1S7J rapltnl. Sioo.uuo. OrrU t No 14il PENNSYLVANIA AVEBUB. iOver M LKlx'i Drcs Storr.I JfHN T. LEN MAN, Preeideat. A H UEBB. \:cr Pruiikiii. J T DYEB. S?crrt?i7, P Onre, H Clay Stewart. CUte. A Jam**. Jan. L S'irbvor Edward Droop, T. Lt i mar, ttAhaei Grr?-n, .' "tUi Baa ley, A. II. Herr. ?M->> Abb you inscbed t IF NOT, APFLT TO THB OLD riAXKLn INSURANCE iOMPAH, OF WASHINGTON, D C. _ I"SCOBr<>taTEI) IT CVnim IK 101S. OBc? In tfce building of the National Back ol Ui Brpcbiic. No. 70b D street Borthwaat. Mo cbargi fc-r PiUciea, Iri'tcnrt ? Tr Jm C Hall, John Party, Dr JM Brwlbead, J. Eryworth, Jm G. McGoire, Henry Brad..Jo* H Bradlry, V. H. Wilt barter, W. J McD- nald, F. F MrGnire, Dr D. B. Clarte, M. G Emery HENRT BRADLBY, President. CHARLES BRADLEY. Secretary. " ~ ' or a Ml DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ?MA9UMO A VH VST 99, 197# CASH CAPITAL OKra la Sbepiierd'* Bc'ldmc, Bo. 99** Pennayl una mhm. MOSES K ELLY, President. WM B. TODD, Vice Prasideat SAME EL CROSS, Sectary. iumiou: A. B. Blake, Wa B. Todd. *?. Wall, Charles Jnat, Wm.G M''i?rott, J'hti T. Ler .naa, 0?< F Gnlirk. Moae* Relly. A R Sh-aberd, ncU tl BANKERS. | EW l? J0M%>0> A I'O., BANKERS AI>1> PE4VEKS IN Ki>rkh;>- AND D?'ME?TP EXCHANGE, REM4,VED t*-their new Btnkint; H"nae on Ur wrurr of knh ?treet and P>-uus> Uania ?v>'nn<*, tu Ih?- ?ite f?TB?-r1y occiipi*-! b> tln-in. m!3 liH OTI* Bit.EtO\? , Banker, 043 D STREET, NEAR SEVENTH, Far* INTEF.EST ON DEPOSITS, make* COL LECTIONS, and traoaaiM all bciiaeei conn?ted witb Bank^.iK a>1 ly BA N A 1 N t> MOUSE or J. H. SqilER A tU, 144b PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. oFPiS.TK WTLLakt)'* HOTEL, WASHINGTON. D C. P >-r cent. ta.vr<.?: yawl on itroms. Collection* made e*erywh?-re. E>r???lt? payable on dwiiand. Pay of olBfri In tbe Amy raabnl In advavre. apktr Jr. BRODHEAV, ? Broker* ??. *39 Penca a?e., Evm $, Waibtn|toa, D. 0. Special attention given to lnTeetaent aacartUaa. lavitee attenti >a t" aecarittea Bow bfferedat price* wklcti Will pay M to II per ceBt. In anoaata and of bawgtb of tiawtoMit In* eatore. Safe,r?iiable, profit able and pr<mpt, making them in eyery respect FIRST CEAS> SECCBITIES . Befera by ^-nsmx ti to Lewi* Jokaaog A Co., Washintft. ii D. C.: Moaee Rally, Rat., Caabler Batioaa. ?etrop> litan Bank, Waakiacton, D. C.; Bon.J ? Brecnrad, Second Coatraller, Waahint too. h C., Edararti Ciark,E?j., Arataitect U.S. Cap itol. Waah iugt >n. D 0. mar 17-An TIB BATIOBAL BABE OF THB BBPUBL1C A tCorn* rof 7th and D atreeta.) OPEa FBOM 1* A. M TO If. H. AaoP ly CHAS BEADLET. Caahtar. GIBHAR AMERICAN IATIRHI BAJIE, No Ali Srvrnth Strrbt, OryniM tAaPaM-O^ca * f - "? Bat art ay* open an lo raceiy e depnait* ealy. ?Mfrar p*id on drpCalta. CoUactloaa mad* and farniabe4. ^ A EBERLY, V Preat, F_MATTlNGLY^ec .C B. PBEBTlBS.Caak'r Uo**' **i lABYPeBBaylTBttlA avanna. MT.H?I^?,aSrKV?EBT. r*nrScf't'?i . ^ fru** date of depoah. ia?w*s CmtiAtm*s if Dtpmtxi bearing ? and 4 par oeat Interest. aiisble any where. HAfc BftAKCH O^FICCS la til large town# r^ citiea of the Sa?th and Soothweat. *awr?. t a. at. to 4 p at. Wsdneaday and Satarday night* from ?* to ? #c'?^k, to receive depoait* only. Call at tba Bank or a?d ?ar acayy ogtk* Charter and By-law*. jLAly J AT COOEE * CO., BOY AMD BELL FOBBIGM BXCHABGB an! JB0CB CIBCILAB LETTERS OF CBBDIT ??? Traveler*. araiiaeJ* m mi fan 41 <Aa wrtf. Oar Drafta on JAY COOEB^MrCCLLOCH * CO,. H*CmM In any nart of Eiwun, lllunaM Bc?Tl.A^l?, frm Ijf rimrI*. may 10 WABMIMOTON C1TT BAVIMOB BAME Unur 7(A mm mmd Lemnamm aaaaam. FAYS 9 FEB CEBT LBTBBB8T 0B DEPOSIT Internet oommeocea from data of depoalta. Drpt-ait* can be mad* and drawn at will. myfetf J. A. BUFF. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAB BOYLE fRANK barnje JEAN BOYLE A CO.. EA'JL ESTATE AMt .VOTA" tifiOKKKS, Eo. IMA atrevt. opp. *ue U.S. Trvaaary. FOB SALE-A hand?.m- HOUSB on 1 street. No ? 13. A tew lute d->aMe HOL'SE, corner Uat aiidfl HOUSE ">>.1919 Ma***f ho?ett* ayeuna. H0Ut>E N<>. Vib id Ktreet ?*?*. for mI? or rent, fur iiah?-i or unfarmaked. A COTfAGB in Wlllard'a low: price aiJM. Several amall Hone**, from BAW ?.> $J M , amall raah pa>menU. We have Iveral very nne PABMS, improv*4 and anim ?ed ob di0erent railr.>Ml* ranaiag from ta* fur *ale at low Agnre* or exrhangp for city rty. SM.'UI f*et of GROUND in various in* of tbe city for aale at low Egnrr*. on eaay or will *xckange for prodactiv* improved |y^ apW-tr BO. TBUESDELL A C?L, ?aal msnrt bkokmrs, A 7th street, < over German American Sating* Bank ) leclal attention given te BBNTING. COLLECT ?? PAIING TAXES and NEGOTIATING IABB Beier by nermiaston) to? Geaernl Beaj Alvord, S)maater Qeaeral U.S.A.; Jam** 8. Grinnell, ?'Clerk T 9 Patent Cite*; John Fraair, Arck Eon. F. F. Blair; Ho*. J. W. Donglaas.Coas i>ner Internal Revenue. Wm. B Moea*, Faral (are Dealer. C B Preotim.Caabier 0*rman Ameri can Saving*' Bank; Col. Jobn ?. Frs**ndsn;HoB. | JobB HiU.Co?1 G*nsralof Bwttiarlnnd MEAn* _ W aafclngtoa. D O - WlOLassXB DmaLBB IB BBEB, LIMB, CEMEBT. 9ABD. As., Aa., Ba UMBEk BILLS cat to order o? short aotle*. LUB 8 TO BE for BaiMtng. Macadamising ml ing mil? AaUvarad In any pact of tk* EM* SiAL BVTATB MbM gad sold ead man B a4. To (Ala branch <4 the taslmm ( will ksr? Skady*fwm? / m. '??ta^V'm'* "^mart ?* rf BEED A SOBS, liU F street Berthw?t. A TUtE-S WHARF. ta mmd r mmu. r c-K.isvTo??<sit"? ? . . HAY. LUMBBB, Ac., y dUacKarj^d^Rro^^v**a.l*^and^? delivered J F ?-if G Y. AtLBB. } V ? V?. 41-N?. 6.297. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, MAY 26, 1873 TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. w ALL'S XCW OfSKA HUCSE, JOHN T. FOBD ... ? Proprietor. SIX NIGHTS ASP SATURDAY M \TINEE ?: gagement i f tb^ brilliant young actor, MR. CHARLES M. WALl UT, and first production in thi? city of Mr. Ch trie* F >* >?. 's thrilling r<**li*ti- .l'?rn% THE SWAMP ANOELf; Or, The Om?\r< of Carol;'**. M.. Wilcut in hi* great pers -nation of HENDERSON. e >rr< spond?nt of t h?- N-w York Herald. Saeported bv n full COMPANY OF DRAMATIC ARTISTS. Admission, Mand 75cent*; reserved seats, 75 cent" and 91. Seats for any evening during tlie we- k can n?w l>e nernred at the Op?-ra niM tf ASH I.IK TOM THEATER COMIQl'R. (Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania ir?ua? > LAST WEEK OK THE SEASON ' GIVE r? A BUMPER AT PARTING ! The Popular Character Actor, MR WILLIAM DC VEKB, th? original and veritable " MICH ItJA N BILL" of war fame. ?ho war connected with G-n. Buell'* c riimand. and whmc hair-breadth e*cap-* an 1 dar i g adventure* e*cel the in -t vivid imagining* of r. mance, an-t havi- fortn-d th- l>asi* for many a tale of fiction, in hi* ereat impi-m nait. n of Kir VAX WINKLE; THE SLEEP OFTwENTY YEAR*' In which p- rtraiture he is only to J ??.-ph Jt-flervoD. with new and l.-antful scenery. prop-r t c<?tnni> ?.Ac., and a Powerful Drnmatic Can-. 01 R I'Sl"AL INIMITABLE OLIO PERFORM ANCE. NEW SONGS. NEW DA9CBS, lhc 014 War Horse,QT i j JllBHANK, when a grand bill will be presented. SATl BOAT, May 31, Lajt Night of the Seas n. . ."JlL'iS &I**Dd>i'*ugural opening of the COMIOl'E >.1 HMlSi GABIiEK.anil a host of attraction*. ADMISSION FREE TO ALL ADULTS. r Billiard Parlor* and Smoking Silooii* op<n daily from 9 a m. to M p.m. Fall teaeon conitnepce* September 1. mjr.-tf IN CO L N HALL. ONE NUiHT ONLV TH I BSD AY E> ENING, MAY *9, 1873, " he Fanion* H Y E R S SISTERS, And their GKAN1> UOLORED OPERATIC CON CEI.T TR01 PJt, Mr. ALL ACE KING, tH': gr.-ate*t living colored T< nor. and the popular LUCA RB0THEH9 Admi<-io:i? JO cent*. Ri?ervcd Seat?, 75 cent*. S?-at- *ecnrvd at Klli? ninslr store. ini> $t 9W??.; 0?JB*hlbitia? \ Nbw N {OB Eiklkttitl 11 I 43y a i. ?v vow 'ra Bt.\ _ _ it |lri st . .,o?v MAKKRITER'I, 439 fth street, between D and I streets, eight doors above Odd Fellow's Hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Engravings, Chrotn?*, Ac. Also, largest stock Paper Hangings. Wiudww hades, Pic teres, Frame*. Picture Cords and Tas "S^SSift'cASH:" "? Plena* remember Name and Wnw.ber. Jelly* All kinds of cast-off wbaking ap PARELcan be sold to the vary beat adtautage }j addressing or calling n JCSTH, ? 19 D strw?t, between fth and 7th n. w. Bote* by mall promptly attended to. Oash paid fll OLD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, OOPPEB, Etc., bonght at fair prices for a New Turk boose. Souaebold Fornifure bonght and sold. Notes by mall womptly attended to by ADGENBTB1N, 140? Pennsylvania avenoe <111-ly" LADIES' GOODS. MISS MclURMKA, ,w4 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' Has constantly on band a floe assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWEBS. BIBBONS, Ac., all of the newest designs. Ladies CAPS aud COIF FL'BES jgM receivid. tn5 tr EAD AND SAYS YOUR MONEY. Ladies who have Hair Switches that havefadec from ns can hare th>-m restored to their nataraJ shade in superior mauner. We hate a very large assortment of A1 Curl*, sery long and handsome Switches, sery cheap. Now Is the time to buy at MADAME ESTEEM'S Hair Factory,CI8 Utb st., neartG straat. a?4-tr Mrs. c. e. gillst, AT TIB NBW TOEE MILLINERY STORE, HAS REMOVED horn SI 4 9th street T<? 4tt*l PENNSYLVANIA AVENCE, WASHINGTON. U C., and baa jnst retained from New York with the latest atyles and novelties in Millinery and Fancy Go'*ls. Thankful for paa. favors, she solicits a con ttooawce of patronage. apM lm* Nmcu and Bf fancy goods, aa-tr *? "N/.BER0 A OO STAMri*6~0EP()T: m, J*1*?'1! Opposite Patent Offloa. WELLING OFF I SELLING OFF I AT COST. TO DloSOLTE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW TORE BAZAE. _ 441 b<-*enth street, near E. ?arT-tr NO BCMBUG. ??? ADIES " , V . FRENCH BTABCH .EBAMEL ll tn Mnal For sale by all Grocers. ?OEMHAM tts. r 1M f^tteonT Mary laad XHEMENDOUS overstock. HOUSE FULL. SHELVES CEOWDCD COUNTERS STACKED WILL BE SOLD MUST BE SOLD. PRICES DOWN ten DOLLARS. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. twenty dollars f 10?Good Busiuesa Sait? #!?. 91A?Better Business Bait?#14. E<10?Best Business Smt-tStf. 9T We are detenained not to risk a surplus stock by waiting fur the *eas<>n to advance before putting pricea down, and will therefor sell? A #14 Suit for tlO. A ?*.** Suit for ?1?. A ?*7 Skii for ?S0 - WOULD 1 WERE A EOT SOME MORE." The same course is being unreservedly pcrsaed in our Boys' Department, aad we are sell in g Ea School Sait for f A. A fl? School fait for |T A #14 School or Dree* Suit far |10 TMA ASSOKTMKNT BMING BOLL, THk AVSOUTMKNT BMINU FULL, THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW. THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW. CALL AT ONCK CALL AT ONCM. WE MEAN BOSJNE8S. WE MEAN BV8JNESS. tor: FASHIONABLE TAILOE8, ?>U-tr Oaim Ttb am? D jafaees. fab. Several thoassa l, jaat received, wholesale and retail. EE ED * SONS, ??P ?? 1414 F street aorthwest ?OU? SFBOTAOLB. ont ??, s. a. iBan.BE, pEAMELIMA^ -- 1H7 h?*STLTi?U At SPECIAL NOTICES. I V.*V-he,! Lerchf#! L?Mkn! Imvoit^l SwHdnh Lwbfi will hereafter always maWaw."^^ ??? *Hail. by ARTHUR **ATTAJJfe. I>ruggist, corner >1 and D streets north W t'BI. , . 4L*? 'l'*T *?CBIVED a fresh *npp|y of all ?'? Family and Patent Medi cine* W< enumerate: Castoria, a substitute for Ca?t>r OH, < entaar Liniment, Simmons' Liver lnvig.>rat?r. Ayer's Medicine*, ? Schenck'? Medicines, Michler* Herb Ritters, iik-heater'* Hypo-ph<?phates, Cod Liver Oila of nil kinds, Dr. Jayne's Medicines, H"liiil?>ld'? Racha, Kennedy to Discovery, Salve and Liuirotnt. Sage s Catarrh Remedy, Pierce'* Golden Medical Discovery. These and all other Remedies of the day at my popular low rate* for cash. ARTHUR SATTANS. Druggist, m' J3-tr m and D streets northwest. Thf Oerliain Manufacturing Cempauy riblk that the Supreme Court ef the United States has recently given a decision in their favor, which secures full protection from the imita tor.* of tbeir designs. SrKOTAt. ATTEITTOt IS revested to the fact that the followingtraie b>Hth"i?rf "Pon every article manufactured i<?ar,k fol , I Trn,u mark for U or ha in Sttrliitf Silvr. | liorkam E.'tetro Plate. _____ STERLLNu ^ i.. 1 Gobham Mfg Co.. Manufacturers of Sterling Silver Ware and Fine Electro Plate, Prut id'-uce, R I., and 1 Bond-st , New York. Tea Services, Dinner Service*, and Wedding Out nts,in great vari?t> , from the largest to the smallest, of the highest order, are constantly issuing from the Qrham \?orka. apM-m 8t EXCURSIONS, &c. At A nothing { 'RAND ANNUAL MCMC bv ih n Washington bakek s benevolent a? , , SOCIATION ol the District of Columbia, to be held at BEYER 8 PARK, 7th STREET, TUESDAY,' MAY *7 ih, commencing at 3 oVIock. The committee of arrangem* nts nave left nothing undone to make thi* the grand Pir-Nic of the season. < ommittee of Arrang. metits:?Clias. Schneider, obairnian;0. Scbawb, Mm. Falk, L. Neurath, Ih kru-heiin. Tickets, oO cent", admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. m2?-3 ? J^XCURSIONS TO GLYMONT. Office or thf Potomac- Ferry Company, j Seventh Street Wharf, _ , , Wajhixgtoi, May 21, 1873 \ On and after June 1 the steamer WAWASKT can be ( bartered for Excursions to Oly mont on M<>i.da\s, Tuesdays, "'II*- ^"s? ^ U-adays and Thursdays. The steamer<""HBftaa is now in complete order, having been thoroughly overhauled last winter, fche has a line, commodious saloon ou her upper deck, and is in every respect adapted to the excursion business. The p,,tomac uow beautiful, and Glym >nt in splendid condition, having been t hiroiighly repaired and the ground- put in good order. For charter, apply at office of Potomac F^rry Company, f? ot of 7th street. m21 2w SIMMER RESORTS. ^" J" "Ol *E AHHiifuin Junction, a tii'trnr I ru*uty M / , situate,! ?n rb.-A . . A \Va?i.ingi. M Bran, h BhIiiii. re and OhioVi*^# Kailr.-H.l Iibprovein nt* ha. .? bean made for the , omtort o? gue.t. e,.,.,i t., ,?r sunimT-i ,T7..t III the State. Guests W. >1 f?niilies u ill find this House a desirable place -,>r th-summ. r For fur th? r information ?<!?!( *??? OEORGK BELL, Proprietor. fJ1ME HEALIKfl SPRINGS, ON THE U?offiHffflAP,A?E AND BATH COUMTY, V1HUINIA. l^r'oF r'H"t,t,,:n Vf visitor! on the A ' wl,b ace?uim.slato?us f.?r A . . a I.VS. i?lil22Nl *??"*' Jhe> ar- at ces.ibis ImI -?sSS Pasaenger# by mail train from the . ?st a-rive ar arrVveg1aS5!;^P ? fx ?V" t?*tU arrive at 8.? ( m \ isit.>rs for the Spring- bv the*? ra ns re'" ..yer night at C ,n ii^ton. Pa^eiVie^ 7 * ?"i"' fro,,,.,h- *"lve ? CoviMtorTat . ' i, Bxpresa trains fr.nn the east arrive at 7 uti ?*her vehicles f.r the Spring Cot 11ijftnit every tiHtfTiing. Traiot ston tw? S.11BU!^ " ??7nron for b^aktast awl siM) renry Two hotel. - Dr?aKtast and supp. r. *?ri,in'??dation?. gitwHur iS . * BAND OF MUSIC is en seaa.?. and the u-nal facilities f,.r an.uwnient and recreation provided. Pnrvll I'ZiA rciPht'"wCM ?- l"M? of* Messrs. the^pru^ Richmond, or of the Ag.nt at Terms : Board?per day ?6" per month t^hil ' ?T?*nts half price .nia m M resident pliyalcian. nil?-m w.l 3w B M. QUARLE8, Ageat. V ^TTOS.?Thu beautiful and healthy summer ? reaort. situated near Suicker * (ia p. A. ? A and surrounded by the Blue Bidge ni..un A tain, aii.l within two heurs ride by B R ial r?^a^T?r . ?a" "?u?u iwviwuw riu? DV K K 11 from V, ashington City, will be ..pou and rf! the receprt n of guesta by June 1st, 1873. Am >ngst the improvements since |?st year, ia a flne pia//a in Piano' in ther'h"^*nA1C*'ihoa""' with ict"t a pianu 'D the hoiifle. An elegant utRK^ coacli will r|?i be kept for the accomodation of bo*^??r? a ,.i .m meet the trains at Hamilton Depit, VTA .'.R wbeneser required. Those desiring to spend the" summer m the country will addreaa, P De WEST END HOTEL, AT LOXG MRA.UH, M. J., HILL BE OPENED ON THR tVru OF JUNK Aaplicatijns f?^r rooms can be made to A. . A ?' v ! l Si 4SI kroiidw>y,lAAI a n'ltnBb.B11 ?jlore*'??g PRBBBURY I9T D M. H1LDRETH. maU tJnnel9 F?RK()0MiBk^BOAKDRRij -Four NuT"I ?_For particulars apply to JOHN W kinriit Cloaraprlng, Washington county. Md. m7 lm ' Devlin fc Co., NEW YORK MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LAKUE8T VARIETY OF GOOD8 FOR GENTLIMJtN'6 WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW STYLES AT alS-tr 1113 PINMTLTAIU ATRNUE. ^ARPBTS. CAAPRT8, CARPETS. NEW STORM! CCARP*V |A LAM* ASSORTMRET OP " ??048 * ' I CARP,T>- OILCLOTH, MAT Srtbsth St. I TIIO, RUGS, MATS. Ac. Pertoas fnrnlahlnc alraas call and examine and |M ??> bay theaatllewTort prices, at the iEVMSHnHi EVENING STAR Waahington Hewi and Sonip. Internal Revenue.?The receipts from this source to-day were $724,130.83. 4 i en ERAt SHIRXA1 tS SOW ill St. LOU>#, but will return here Wednesday or Thursday. Surgeon C. S. J. Wkll" has been ordered to the New York navy yard, in place of Surgeon M. Bradley, detached from that yard ana placed on waiting orders. Co*nissioner Drunmond, of the General I.and Office, has gone to Colorado, where he will remain three weeks lor the benefit of bis healty. Signals on Pike's Peak?The Secretary of War, at the request of Prof. Hayden, hasor dered a signal station to be established on the summit of Pike's Peak. J. K. Dodge, statistician of the Agricultural department, who has been appointed by the President an honorary commissioner to the Vienna Exposition. leaves for Kurope in nent Saturday's steamer from New York. Capt. S. J. Qlmnn, of Fredericksburg, Ua., has been appointed deputy U. S. internal col lector for the counties ot Spottsyhrania, Staf ford and Hanover, in the Old Dominion. The salary is about y 1 .'Joo per annum. Tbk Shoshonks and Bannocks.?A special tgUli sent out to the Indians in Ida^ r#parts io the Indian office that the Shoshones and Ban nocks are oft' their reservation and near the settlements, but are peaceably disposed. Tbk Pp.khidknt, accompanied by General Bat>cock. left here this morning for Harrisburg, Pa., y> spend a few days with some personal friends there. He will return here Weduesday evening or Thursday morning. Postmasters Commissioned.?The Presi dent this morning signed the commission* ot the following |>ostmasters: Robert Dennison, Warren, Pa.; Samuel A. ?f. Snyder, Fremont, Ohio; Joseph Bobleta, New Ulm, Minn. The Russian Mission.?Nothing has yet been heard yet from ex-Go v. Jewell, of Con necticut, as to whether he will accept the Rus sian mission, which has been tendered to him. hut it is the impression here that he will do so. Keilogg'8 Officers Sustained by the l.oi isiana Supreme Court?The Attorney General has received a dispatch stating that the supreme court of Louisiana has just decided two cases of contest for office under the intru sion act, and in l>oth cases the legality ot the officers holding under the Kellogg government was sustained. Another New Planet Discovered The Smithsonian Institution received this* morning at 10.40 a dispatch from Prof. C. H. J. Peters, the celebrated astronomer of Hamilton col lege, New York, announcing the discovery of a new planet in sixteen hours fourteen minutes of right ascension south, twenty-one degrees eighteen minutes declination, motion due west, eleventh magnitude.; Increased Keveni e.? A comparative state ment just prepared at the Internal Reveuue office, showing the receipts from fermented liquors at one dollar per barrel, in some of the leading collection districts returning the largest revenue from this source for the tirst six months of the fiscal vearsending Jua*1 30,1872 and 1873, shows a total Increase of *669.837, or 17 percent. In the District of Columbia tiie receipts for the tirst six months of 1872 were *6,?>04. and in 1873 >*,7*9, showing an increase of *2,183. In the lit Maryland (Baltimore) the increase was<11,193; in the 5th Maryland (Annapolis) *4,*13. Dr. Mary E. Walker's Application for a Pension Rejected.?Some time ago Dr Mary K. Walker made application for a pen sion on account of disability incurred while performing duty a; a contract surgeon with the Union forces in the southwest during a portion of the rebellion. The particular disability of which she complained was weakness ot the eyes, which prevented her from reading or writing to any great extent at night. The case was thoroughly investigated by the Commis sioner of Pensions, who came to'tbe conclusion that the disability from which she suffered was not contracted while she was a contract surgeon in the army, and therefore rejected her appli cation. ???? The Indian Scare in Nevada and Cali fornia? Thr'atrninij Jlorrmrntt <>f the Saraott. A telegram from the deputy sheriff of tftko county. Nevada, who was sent to investigate the troubles with the Indians at Spruce moun tain. confirms previous ref>orts. Large num bers of the Snakes, Goidioots and Shosones are holding a council in l>eep creek. 'n the vicinity of Spruce mountain. The redskins have all disappeared from around the settlements in that sectmn. Herders in charge of Gov. Bradley's cattle, near the xoene of the trouble, have been notified l>y the Indians to leave the country at once, under ]?enalty of l>eing killed. The set tlers of Spruce mountain are aecuriug all the arms and ammunition |*ossible, and are prepar ing to resist Indian outrages. The sfttlers of Surprise valley, California, are alarmed by the fact that the old chief Winne mucca has gone north on the war path, with AO warriors. He was followed bv cavalry an-1 %?ked where he was going. He told'the officers : . ntiud their own business, and if they wanted to tight he was ready. He was warned' to behave him self, and allowed to pass. Marriage in High Life.?The following announcement appears in the Evening Post of yesterday under the head of "married:" "Mat thew*? Smith At the Church ot the Incarna

tion, on Saturday, May 10, by the Kev. G. H. Houghton, I). D., J. B. Matthews, to Ida Smith." Mr. Matthews is a son of the well known millionaire, Edward Matthews, and is about 21 years old, while his bride, under the name oi Ida Harlan, was at one time a member of the Lydia Thompson dramatic company. The happy pair are said to have sailed for Eu roj* the day of their marriage?.V. T. San, 34th. Bushwhacking in Virginia?A freight engine on the Manassas branch ot the W. C., Y. M. & G- 8. railroad was fired into from an am buscade near Mt. Jackson, night before last. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the cab was literally riddled with turkey shot. There must have been several guns levelled upon it from the report made ana the damage done the cab, as the floor was covered with splinters. The aim was certainly taken with a view to kill, a* the would-be assassins were very near, and shot into the f ront of the cab as the engine was mov ing from ttoem? Virginia S-ntinel, 24tk. A Son Kills his Mother?In Brooklyn, N. Y., last evening, during an altercation be tween a voang man named George Roderick and James Corcoran, in which the latter was verv abusive and struck the former, Roderick and Corcoran drew pistols. Mrs. Roderick, the mother of the former, rushed in between them, and In a siruggle to prevent her son from firing, his pistol went oil, and the ball passed through his mocker's eye into the brain, killing her in stantly. Roderick was Intoxicated. A Band of Dim-uadois, numbering thirty or more, took forcible possession of Caddo, in the Indian territory, (a station on the Mo., Kan. and Tex. railroad,) Saturday, and defied the authorities. The United States marshal being overpowered, telegraphed to Fort Gibson for help, and tamps were sent to quell the dis turbance. Chastising a Daughter to Death Frank Dennis, or Memphis, round his daughter, aged 16, in a house of Ill-fame on Saturday last. Af ter taking her home be began to beat her. when suddenly she staggered and All against the sewing machine, and in a few moments ex pired. Dennis surrendered himself. A Parricidh?W. Eldridge, of North Har wich, Mass., was on Saturday last committed tor trial ia October tor an assault committed a few weeks ago on his father, which resulted in the latter'sdeath. Tub town council or Manassas, Va., ap pointed by actof the legislature met on the 17th mat., and organised by the election of Mr. Robert C. Weir, mayor, Mr. Geo. C. Round, clerk, and Dr. J. W. Horn baker, town sergeant. Colukncs O'Donnell, one of the oldest, wealthiest and most influential citiaens of Baltimore, died last night. He was for three years president of the Ola Gas company. W Batter is high in Peoria. Ill., but the ser vant girls ia that town wear beautifully oiled hair. KTAdvices Mm Montevideo of April,? say vellow fever prevails there to such an extent that the people are flying from the city and nets ts suspended. ME BLOODLESS lEVOLOriOX 1* FRAME. Tklfn by Eieilmnl la Parts, feat A? Blood afcedL As stated in a dispatch printed in Saturdav'? Star. President Thiers addressed the wwrnblr. urging the definitive establishment of the re public; after which a recess was taken until 2 p. n on reassembling. the assembly, after hi energeti.- speech by M. Casimer Ferier. mini*, ter of the interior, rejected, by a rote of 362 against 318. the simple order of the day. em? noting from the left and supported by the gor. ernment. An order of the day. prepared by the right, declaring (hat the present form of guv ernment was not under discission, and regret ting that the reconstruction of the ministry did not afford conservative guarantees. wa? then adopted by a vote of MO to 3-M. After tuicli tumult, M. I?ufaure, minister of Justice. as cended the tribune and declared that France would not remain a moment without a govern ment. notwithstanding the vote first cast. The ministry would answer for the maintenance of order. "The., would confer with the president, and agree to a night sitting. INIU'MFALL ok thibrs. The news of the action of the assembly caused the greatest excitement. At the evening ses sion Oufaure, minister of justice, announotl that the ministers had tendered their resigna tions to M. Thiers. who ha<l accepted them M. Dufaure tlien handed to M. Buffet, president of the assembly, a menage from President Thiers, announcing'that he delivered back ti the a.? sCmblv thenigh functions which, had been con ferred upon bun- The reading^" the message produced a profound sens* turn, and after a temflc uproar, the lert tiered that the resigna tion of Thiers be not accepted. The motion was rejected by a vote of 368 .igiinst 333. The resif'iiatir>** - ? - accented. M. Buffet The memb?" oT tllC !?!' dn adjournment of the election of a successor I to M. Th ew, but the right insisted upon I choosing a jresident immediately. A vote was I then take*, and it resulted in the kievtiox or marshal who receiver! 35*) votes. The Deputies of the I Left abstained from voting. A committee was I then appointed to wait uj?on Marshal McMahon I and inform him of his election. It was headed I by M. Buffet, who tenij>orarily handed over the I presidency of the Assembly to M. Goulard. I The members of the Lert enthusiastically I cheered M. Goulard upon his taking the seat I'|?oii the return of the committee, M. Buffet resumed the chair and announced that Marshal McMahon had accepted the Presi?iency. tlio<igli not without pain. M. Buffet also stated tl At the ministers would temj-orarily remain. The crowds in the streets and in front of the legisla tive chamlier increased at night, and when the result of the proceedings in the Assembly was known there were loud shouts of " Vive la Thiers!" '? Vive la Kepubli<|ue'." There was no attempt at disorder, and the people <|Uietly dis|>ened. THE CHANOE IN THK PRESIDENCY was accomplished without any breach of the !?eace. The radical journals "yesterday were calm in tone, and recommended prudence and wisdom on the part of the republicans, and urged |>eace and strict adherence to law. (>-<m betta issued a manifesto,calling on republican* to respect the law. Mar-lial Mr M-thon's accep tance of the presidency was co'i.'bed in the fol lowing word*: "I will obey the will of the as sembly, the de|<o?itory of tlie national sover eignty. Jt is a heavy res|*>nsibility, but with God's aid and the devotion of the "triuy I will continue the work of liberating the territory and restoring order, and will maintain tranquil ity ana tha principles on which society rests. To this I pledge my word as an honest man and a soldier.'' The new president has issued a circular to prefects of departments, promising that no at tack will be made on the laws and institutions of the country by the formation of the new gov ernment, which'has not yet been completed. A portfolio wa? tendered to Goulard, late minister of finance, immediately after President Thiers' resignation, but he declined it. Large numV^I* of republican functionariea have resigued. Bot.D Robbery by Mba*? of Chloroform. I A robbery was effected by the use of chloro- I form in the dwelling of Mr. Charles Conaway, I H;i North Bond street, about 4 o'clock in the I morning of the 14th inst., the facts of which I have just been made known. The robbery w as I attended with circumstances of an unusual and I singular nature. Mrs. Coaawav, who ?*? I sleeping beside her husband, stated that she I was aroused to partial copnctou*nes* about the I hour named, and saw by the light of the moon I or of the breaking day, two men at the side o the bed by her husband, one of whom had a pis tol in his hand. She states that she seemed t > I be in a kind of a dream, which she afterward- I knew was caused by chloroform. She could se I and hear, but was' not conscious of what wa- I being done so as to be alarmed; she thought she I was in a boat and that the men she saw wer I employed ou the boat; one oi the men was larg I and the other small; the larger one, though a I White man as she knows from his beard and I hair, whom she is sure she could recognise, eith- I er had his face blackened, or had on a misk. I He applied a rag, which she afterwards dis- I covered was saturated with chloroform, to the | face of her husband several times, and also to I her own. The men partly lifted up her hus- I band and got from between one of the slats ami I the mattrase and bed on which they slept a I pocket-book containing? 132, whicb they seemed I to know was there. Thev also took nis gold I watch from under Mr.Conaway'spillow. They I then snatched up a quantity or Mr. Conaway's I clothes and went down siairs. By this time I Mrs. Conaway had sufficiently recovered to cry I out to her husband, " We" are robbed; get I vour revolver," ?and to raise the window and I cry out as the men ran out of the front door. I Mr. Conaway was then aroused, but too late to I make close pursuit. In their haste the robbers I dropped the clothes, and In the pocket of one I of the coats was found the watch. Then* was no mark whatever about the doors or windows to indicate in what manner entrance was ef fected Baltimore Sun, 'Mlk. Affairs ij? Loroow Cocsitv. Va?.1 ??>- \ it front A r rault n-ith a Ra: r.?On Thursday morning a difficulty occurred in this town, be tween two colored men? Ed ward Brown and Horace Brown?which resulted in Horace Brown being cut in three pla ;es, very severely, with a razor?on the shoulde , forehead and on the head. Edward Brown, it appears, bantered Horace for a fight. They repaired to a point on the railroad, near the de,<ot, when Horace strip(>ed in the usual style w th pugilists of their stamp, for a fair fight." Neil bad In the mean time armed himself with a razor, and com menced a violent and dei; Uy assault upon his antagonist, cutting him a - above mentioned Horace being unarmed, rat. until he could get a rock, when be turned upon Ned, who then fled, and has not been seen since. Land Sale?Mr. John B. l>oniielly, of George town, has recently sold the farm formerly owned bv A. Staats, on the Alexandria turnpike, two miles above Falls Church, to J as. R. O'Neal, dealer In fertlliaers, for f'.0,000. P. O L. E. Hutchison is appointed post master at I'nison, in this county, vice James C. Swain, resigned. A new p .*toffice is established at Morrisonville, Loudon county, Va., on a special route, with Archibald Morrison as post master?Ltftliury Wathii. 'tomian. Oliver Charlick 8. as the "Eysbibo Post" fob Libkl.?A for libel has been oommenced in the court of common pleas by Oliver Charlick against Wm. Cullen Bryant, Isaac Henderson, and Parke Godwin, of the Evening Post, damages being laid at llt^lOO. The alleged libel consists of two editorials rela ting to Mr. Charlick in connection with his appointment as a mem'.er of the police board, in which It la assarted he a spoken of as a mem ber of the common counil when it went aide the title of the "Forty Thieves!"?y. r. Com me trial, 24th. Clothibo Clebks Combibibq to Clobb Eablt.?A permanert organisation of the clothing clerks of Now York has beta formed, tor the special object of forcing employers to ckae their stores before 7 o'clock. Moat stores close at that hoar, tat it to said that the 'bosses" have determined to keep them open to a later hoar. It tot* check this aaovemcnt that the organisation Is formed. A committee mm appointed to rWt *11 the empijrtr* who d? not close before 7 and aak them to do ao. A Gold Ribo i* a Cow's Stomach?A cow belonging to a bulb la the third ward died a few days ago. He went to work to save her hide. After having skinned her, he thoaght he would h?ve a poft mortem examination,aad whea she aaa opened he found a gold ring, worth etght lollars, enclosed within. Thic is not Intended u a hint to advise any one to kill thetr oow la lie hope of finding a gold ring? rgrpune &n tael, M A imt. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Tkla intriMBl DlapatchM. % ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. ? FRANCE. IrVAHOX AS PRENIDEXr. Mis AMrtM to Un rrrfNto-X* la. ?Htelf CkMCf U kf NMlr i?* Extolisf Uw? Tk? CiritlBf gwwi '!? Ik* Awmbl* W bra lk? <%M|f ?! Knltn was laUr Fram k. May 2f..?A social from Paris give* the following is the text of President McMk liou'??l(lrer to the prefects. --I have t?een called through the conscienceof the National Aasem bly to the Presidency of the Republic, no im mediate change will be made in the existing law v. regulation*, and institution*. 1 relv u|on material older and coant u|?on you, u|>on your vigilance and upon your |?atrioUc assistance." THK M'nn WRRK KXTKKMRI.V EXllTINO in the National Assembly chawlier pending the discussion. which resulted in the imposition of Theirs and the exaltation of Marshal McMahon In the President's box were Madame Theirs, the Prefect of the department of the Seine, ai.d others who were gesticulating <iuite wildly, and once the Prefect was called to order for the ardor of his enthusiasm. The diplomatic corpr was well represented, Lord l.yous, BriUtb minister, was not present, being engaged in giving a dinner and reception in honoi of ya?tn Victoria's birthday. Mwr celebrated women of Napoleon's court. as veil as of the Republic, occupied conspicuous places and renjaiucu until the iwliticalchange was consummated. As 900ft #1! ttejs!? ?? ?iepg*ag Theirs th representatives?! thedifterent countries irnmed lately left the chamber ami telegraphed the news" to their resj>ective governments. THIERS CAVES A SENSATIOR. Thiers sat a close watcher of events, and con stantly using the exclamaiion, "Oh, f'wa V-* ttturt." Once he caused immense excitement whi-u he said "They have spoken of negotia t.ons, when it has occurred to me they only wanted the governnuht to be transferred to Paris; but the armv would not eater there. I have repelled them in order t?i prevent the shedding of streams of blood at the expenss of the army. If there is a man who counts the cost of this effusion of blood, it is myself. I have fallen! I rather wish to say. we have fallen. For a long time I had the bojie that this detestable faction" The close of the sentence was lost in the tremendous uproar which the beginning bad excited. Again did Thiers awake the enthusiasm of his friends when charged w-i.h being the protoge of radi calism, he retorted. "There was something more remarkable than that in their midst. They had with tbem the I Hike de Broglie, who wa? the protege of the empire." No tear of disturb ance is apparent in Paris. The people were out on Sunday in great numbers at the Chan tilly races and giving themselves up to pleas ure, and caring little -oemingly for politics. Tke New NlaMry. Paris, May J?>.?A new ministry isannounced this morning" in the Jt>urtml 'tjfrtal. It is con stituted as follows : Miuister of Foreign Affairs, Dukede Broglie; Minister of Justice, F.rnone; Minister ot the Interior, Beuie, Minister of Fi nance, Pierre Magrie; Minister of War, Gene ral I>e Cissly: Minister of Marine, Admiral d'Homay; Minister ot Public Instruction and Worship", Batbie; Minister of Public Works. I?e*esrillgny. Minister of Agriculture and Com merce, Boulllierie. THERK HAS REE* WO DISORDER in any portion of the country in consequence of the" announcement of the change in the gov enment. Dispatches from all sections rei>ort that tranquility prevails. * tnly half ot the troops are now held in their barracks. Sew Yerk X? ARoTHER ROT MURDER. New York. May leered and iusnltedby a crowd of urchins, Johories A rata, an Italtau beggar boy, turned on and fatally stabbed one of them, named .lohu Golden, aged 9 years, in Mulberry street, last night. THI WEATHER continued very warm all night and thU morn ing. Isaac Van Fine was sunstruck insensible on avenue L> yesterday, the first case ot the season. RILLED RT LIOHTMWG. During the terrible thunder storm which swept over Long Island on Saturday, a dosen Herman laborers, while cutting asparagus at Foster's meadow, were prostrated by llgbtni and two instantly killed. Another laborer i killed near Pensburg. Large trees along the entire track of the storm were riven and torn up by the roots. TU YEARS 1* STATE PRISOH. Dr. Bmwn, for the attempted murder of Gas Collector Gumoy. was sentenced to tea years in the state prison to-da\. FIVE I'RRSORS BAD THRIR LEOS RROKRN. or feet cut oil by falling oft'of borne cars yester dav. A little boy of si* years was pushed oft the front platform of a car by the driver, and his left foot was cut oft". THE LEASE OP THE HARLEM RAII.ROAD for 4(11 years to the New York Central railroad commenced to-day. J. W. WALLACE'S REM AIMS. The body of J. W. Wallack arrived here to day. TAIHTED TAIRTOR. The motion to ?juanh the indictment against Tainter.late cashier of the Atlantic National Bank, was denied this morning. Pretbyterlaa Ueaeial Assembly. Baltimore, May 1The General Assembly of the Presbyterian church t tenth dav)o|>eiied at X o'clock this morning with prayer by llev Edward H. Geary, of Oregon. The report ot the committee on narrative was submitted and considered. The re|s?rt embraces the whole field of the church, its progress, condition, Sc. concluding with a list of m'.ni?tArs who have died during the past y ar. After its reading the Assemidy engaged in prayer, oftVred by the venerable Samuel Lawrence Tlie report was then adopt.-d. The special com mittee to w tiich had been referred the rei?ort and accompanying resolutions of the committee on a book of praise, subm':tt."?! majority ami minority r* i*orts, the first recommending the adoption b> the Assembly of the report ami resolutions." and the minority re|>ort recom mending the continuance ot the committee on a book of pritise for fnrtbsr cons-4er*tion of the subject. The report and resolutions of that committee were given in the proceedings ou the iMth ins:ant. It is stated in brief that the work had been compiled by It*v. Joseph T Duryea. of Mew York, and the principal ac companying resolution was that the com mittee be authorized to proceed with the work, s id that under the direction of the committee, the board of publication stereotype and publish the same without waiting for the farther submission ot its {tarts to the Assembly. After considerable debate, the majority report was adopted. THE PIlJ?DERBY. ^ New Voiik, May 36.?At the ChanUlly (Paris) races, yesterday, Boiard was the winner of the Pah da docker club, or French Derby; Ftageiot v is second, and Appal Ion third. Franc Tli ua was nowhere. Nine horses started. THE rROFOSED ASIATIC RAILROAD. Lordor . Mar Jt>.?The Dailf .Vewi this morn ing publist es tne correspondence between Lee seps and lkuatief, the Rusrian ambassador, at Constant!? aple, regarding the building of a railroad i-ross central Asia, to oonnect the Kuaeian a d Indian railway i ria lTi;fl, K, T., May *?Bastlck & Wilsaot's ^rrel fac orT -?? rao,?M-,i Jarcs, Out., May 26?Two-thirds of _ business jortioa of this Tillage was destroyed bv fire Saturday night. ^ T ' Provitewc r. May X.? A Are at Cranston last d<y?yM the barn of Ws. Esbree, with twenty-foRT head ef Jersey cattle and property Loss, ?12^W?. Baltimore May *-~I asses Hooper, Jr.. head ot the house of J asses Hooper At Sons ?enshants st this tAtj, died au denly tats msrnirc at his residence. Notablb* at tbb Vio?i Kxmibitiob.? Dm of Tat lor'? Miliar The Prince of Walee bad bnrtoned hta brevn coat to Mud in the jtowi rig rotunditv of hta body. and walked very lightly. conetdering hie weight. Hie taoe u thoroughiv and pod humored, but BaUiw ?ore. Hie reign will bring no danger* u Fngland Frtdcru k William of Pru>a a improve# on ? r fAW r rlew. 1 u hi* idi.t.tgraph* there n!ki> |?tberln| uf the evebrow*. And a hard Ivacaacvin thegaie. which do m iwleM to tbe real man. Hia evee are aa unu>s?in Tui>t blue, whick at* >uat* for their photo-rapti to ?Inline##, bat they err. tn reality. bright, frank And wiiiBiii|. HU fhceexpreaaee a good deal of Matb?a Arnold* ?aweetnew and Ught." I *h<>uld nAme, ai it* two prominent characteris tic*. virility and boaeaty The Crown Prince* \ ictoria clnng to hie arm with a very evtdint toidn?aa I might Mate, tor the edification J matn la?ti?e. ttiat her dreaa waa A green . arWtv . : l?>r l*? }"vn?e color a.m tag for waa ft three?1 richly tra1>roid<-red flcuncoa If did not ??Kp the floor behind her. * ni Howard Khmk-II waa a boat to wiito ol the ladiea' drwai, but he aaya " I have had an awful warn>nf. TV Mm I '??* after the opening I aat near two 'adiaa a* breaktaat. who were 1mm mealy aa^attf wtia the new?pa|>er. ? >ne waa reading a.oa4,a?<l a ltbout intending to li?trn. I toraae awai *??Ipr> mi, that thia merriment waa caaaad ??jr an elaborate account ol the dreeaee of the I l-reaa, and of the ladiea on the imperial *tfr> which aome audaciou* bat ignorant man ventured to give, and which aaa pronounce*) to he wrong tn detail. In color Hoc poufte wan not waa mauve" 'And aee, It aat? -ae had on a f+rlr -frit with llliea It wa# light green." *c." ThkT* iii> Jt'RnM?A C?h'?> Bum?r it ?y.*J?fiMi?A inaor aaa ertenairely circula tion al>out the City Hall park and the dKriet attorney*a office thta afternoon, that the aehp?*> na cleik* and other aubordinatea had Iwn ae ?i*ne?l to a *|>eclal and very delicate duty?la other aorda, it waa Maid Jiat tbe namea <>t aoer ta'n number of the |?erx>na ?ummone<i to ac' Aanror* tn the Tweed caae .mi TwaUv wcr) given to each of them, a tti inetrneiioao to find out til. MH-ial and buaiaea* xtatua ami Mk eral character of every man on tha p?orl. in <|u;rie* acre to be aecretlv made in the viciatt* of each man a i-lace of buoinew, a* well aa of bia private reaidence. in a word, nothing waa to l?e left undone to furn ah a >x?mplet> ?mi cor rect picture ol the paat and preaent life, to en able the diatrict-attornev to know aBo wrra amtable men toait on tht Jar* which i? to trv the '? Bowa. -.V r. C.a?, Mtk Fobbtkkbba Comibo?"They arc l-avme a~ in awaima"?ia tbe comment of the Pall Mali Gazette a pea the audden rindi ol emigrant* to the ?f til*:and The outgo t* rani I y enbtrnou*. The tiuhi.<tt ol Intending vangraate huo arrived tn Liverpool dalle during the firaf eight dAya of the preaent month w?* ao groat that the lodging bouaekee|>era found N ililuM to accommodate them, and ainv w- placed in temporary <|uartora to wait for veooaaMa. During the week ending May 7, aparard at" lo.?wu ateerage pa*?eugrr* left far u??- ("aitod Statea and Canada. and it waa eap. .-ted that tho- numl>er would be incraaaod to M.iaai oi IS.iW" by the muldle of the meath. A <aa>iiier able proportion ot thew |?craon? were <?-rni4ii*. and wo me ol them had -oiue trom ti . Ii?uc |ort*. hut a?* bav< tbe author t\ of tlie I i.h |.*|.cr?. tor th< Mateiu. ri 1 that'-'vaat i... a..* r* are Enghah and Iriah." RanrLATiao tbb I'oat ai Caff*Braiffaaa ? The aiiperinteiHlcnta, clerk* and carrier* iho New \ ork |?o*t office and it# mih atattcn b?ve In'en itiatructed by Poaimaster .louea to i <*?;.trd l-oatal carda the *ame a> aeale<l lettora, ai> I n < a* printed mattet When undeliverable, o? claimed or unmailable, however, they are n<x to 1* retnriie*! to the wi I tor a or aeut ta" the d??d letter office. Thoae containing indecent wot?!* or picture*, or any acurrilou* epithet* or .. loyal devicea are to be aent to the aearcher - department. Although uiiproto ted by a teal, |iO*tal carda are nererthele** mail matter im truatcd to the poat office for tran*miaaion and delivery only, and a* *u<-h the |M?tmaater ? airca that they ahould be etempt from idle cu rioaty and comment by the employes in hi< office. Clerk* and carrier* are proht(>it?d front exhibiting or communicating anv me<??ge on a card except to tbe (teraou autboriacd to re ceive it Aw r>rLU*AIT Pamilv?A t-orreajiondetit of tbe Portland Pre*#, anting of tbe murder of l?r. Itaker. At Warren. He., aaya of the mother ot the aoman ii\.volve?l In the affair "TheaM lady. Flt/altetb Mink, i* aaid to be the mother ot ta? nty-t?o children, a large part of whaaa are living?all the aona have l>eeii married, bat only one live* with hi* wife at the preaeat time Three aon* live in the neighborhood . and It waa at the bouae of oae of Uieae that the old lady went the day before to atay a few dara. Hard *toriea are told of her, and her whole life aeem* to have been a continual acene of carc and trouble. She waa at Kocklaiai four weak* iaat K| ing. obtaining <i ditorcc. Her huaband had farm. A tea week* after the barn waa burned, but noi'tic lound ^niltr." 1* TBI PBB#BTTBKIA>' UKBBKAL AWEIBLT, in aeaaion in itaitimore, on Katurdav. after aar telegraphic report cloaad, a rapart fram the commitlec on church e&tenaton waa raad and adopted; alaa, a report from the committee an manaea. So much of tbla rei>ort aa propoaea the appropriation ot *4,1100 to the committee to he expended In the proaecaOon at further inquirtea upon the subject la atill pending. The atauJing committee on freadmea made thetr report, a# did alau aeveral of the other oommttteea. Praa ?dent Crant bad adxiacd the committee at ar rangement# that he will not be able ta reeelv* tbe meml?er* of the general aaeemUyat tha White Houac before Thuraday. (iii'Ri-B Fiahi ia Tbaib Tbyibw to Gar ?TTorHia Tbat?Tbla BMraing in the n pre me court chamber, before Judge Pancber, counael tor George FranciA Train filed a peti tion in which l>r. Wm. P. Nealia, the fombe pbyaician, aad Wm. J. Johneon, warden, da dare that the petitioner ia perfectly aane. Tha petition aaka that the court make an order re quiring the aherirt to produce George Francia Train before him on next Wedneadar, ao that all inquiry may be inatituten aa to hia aanity. Tbe court granted the order. .V. F. hij.rrtt 24(k. Why ib it??Iti* an old aaytug that "trc will not conaume the human heart," and withaut baviug a practical deatooatration ol tbe (act, we were dia|>oaed to treat it aa one of the aaper *tltk>u* v agar lea which hare come down to ae from an ignorant paat. Bat a caae in |wnt aeema to verify the adage. Tbe body ot the neaie woman who wa# burned in a bouae ia i>iawi4 I die, a few daya ago, waa entirely oonaumed, even to tbe bonea, but tbe heart waa intact aad scarcely charred at all. Will the de-Mom tell u? about it, and why It m ao,.'-f')?r?taiy tn4-r McDobibll, thi Hakb or Exolamd Fi>ii<.r&?A writ ol hAbeaa corpu* waa granted yeeterdav by Judge Faucher, in the Supreme Court. Chamber*, on application of couunel. far the production iu court, on tbe 40th imt .ef George MclHinnell. one of tbe alleged forger# ah. _ t ?a- a#. * * _ a . w ? W ? ou the t>ank of England, who ie now in caatody ot tbe United State* Marahal awaiung the deciaion af Cammiaaiaaar Gutaaaa in tbe extradition proceeding*. A copy of tbe writ liaa been served on Marahal riek. ? -V. T. Herald, J4fA. Sbabch fob thb Sa uTBii Mobby op Mb. i.AMrLBY.?Mr. Lampiey made aomc aearcb Sa*?;t'!;h far the money of which he wa# robbed at the time or hia wife''* murder by Holiehaa and Nuboleoi. bat ao far. it i* underatood. with out .-ucceaa. A -enaiderabl# crowd collected to aatch the net .tioaa af the eaeker for the aunken ail\?.r in ionea' falla, but Mr. I a my ley s>on deaiated. A man who aaid he followed tha Lvocation of a diver called at Mr. Lampler'e Sai~jda\ to Oiler hia aervicea, but did uvt find bim at home? Hair. .v??. mia. SrarciTBD MvbukbIbKicnmoid Mi Veliable, a colored man, arreetod ia Blehad \ a .on roapiciou ot murdering a colored wt-__. named Marv Holmea, wboee body waefoaad in tbe canal, haa cnafeaeed that in aa alterca tion with tbe woman be knocked bar into the canal, arid becoming trigbteued, ran off ami left her to drown The murderer will hare a preliminary trial on Thuraday. | Gkbat Ixtbbbatioxal Railroad Pao ibctbd?It ia believed that the Haaaiaa gov erament baa aaecated to the >ripwian at Ferdinand de I aaarpa far the caaatraeUoa af a railway acieaa Central Aaia, from Orawbaaa. connecting with the EagUafc railwaya la ladla to Calcatta. Leeeepa haa company and ltaaek the a The BBitaiBB or Jaw W. Waluck, tha actor, who died or oonmimptien ia a aleeaiag car while ea route ftvm houth Carellna, reached Baltimore at la o'cteck teat night, auuBipMrtBd Tht riiB?!imuumTi!r~ SSLSTTUd tad ?oaihwiar^hiecLmpaay.^ . _ Fiobt Bitwbu AtLBa am A rata*. af Cuolb. ? Aruc.. two handred aallea of ?t Loala. I Pk<>;ubitobt LabiaLATioB Saturday, tha bill rrpeallag U act af lfcw, legaliaing the aate af - ? waadeTaatod bya i : the i the. StabRahmTatoT

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