Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. I ?tSMT *. I*T1. | LOCAL NEW8. -? *???>?! m*m% 4k*., T*-alfkt WmU'i Mm<* t'hA W?lcol in the <fcaa?*of-- the Saxmp Angel*." Hn?r ?Kip Van Winkle," long*, 4*kct*, Ac. ? ? ? rhvdfltrrf LMSl*. The p?t?-e worr ?fr*w bat* yesterday for the tlBK this Cap! C. M. !-evy ha* been very ill for some time past at lie rwMrw* on Capitol Hill, but if now {tronotfh ril oat of lUngrr. The ?n|<rtn(fn<lrnt of sewers has been I d-recred ?o put in a ?wcr trap at the northwest rormr ot litt an N streets northwest, in order to abate a stagnant water nniMnre. .Mr. A K. Mrdstone, president u! the National Labor i MncI ha* ap|<ointed .1. l*aggett Hunt, of New**irk. S" .1,, executive officer for that ?i*te a: the United Workingmen of Anm< t. Tke work tf cutting an<l (ruling B street ?u;kea?t, frem New .lfr*t avenue to i>l street, ww roramwifHl on Saturday last. It has not as yet been <ieeidcd what kind of street pare ?tent will be Mid. The bid* Isr erecting the British Legation building in ti is city were opened on Saturday by M inister Thornton. There were three com petitor*, an<l tlie bid* run from aw.iim to *.T7.ikS? *t o?e the or the appropriation matte by the British go.ernroent. The ct>mm?sieti to examine the claims of rttiieM for damage* can*ed by the public im provements. I ave finished their'work in ?leorge trwn, and al west of l'tli street. It is not probat le thit they will be ready to make a re port io 'he present legislature on any of the claims except those of Georgetown, and they will ask more time. A liian was iiscOfCTed approaching the city ?-n the BlarieosburK pike yesterday morning havir.g the sciall-pox in ite worst form. An I ?fficer the ambulance was immediately dis patched by In Bliss, acting health officer, and the man w?? Mm up and carried to the hos pital. He mte.idt-d taking the cars for Balti more, and wa.- on his wav to the dej-ot. At the Mer*o|>olitan Presbyterian church, ?yesterday. the ltev. l?r. Stewart, of Colerain, Pa.Titi cutted It the morning servtce, and the Utr. I>r. <i#c_iiner. of Heading. Mm, in the evening. Tl?e discourses of both gi-ntleinen ?rre iimi'iikli effective and were (Wne<l to hr large congregations. 1 ?rs. Stewart anil Gar diner are delegates b> the Gene.-al Presbytery la session ar Baltimore. A li?y naaiec. -John McVey was picked up at the corner of th ami G streets on Saturday afternoon in a tainting tit. and bleeding from t wound in tbe tw-ck part of the head. which be afterwards statrd was done accidentally by a comi-anton at :be gas works while loading a cart. The wout.d was dressed at the Children's Hospital, on F.*ireet, and he was then sent to kit borne, on M, l?et ween 23M and -5*1 streets. The Rm r?l of Fablir Work*. THE M V aixut WELCOME!!. A fuli nif 'tiu ' of the Board of Public Work* wa? held this t orning at the Columbia build ings, on 4 t rtre-t. for the purpose of receiving ami welcoming the new member, Mr. H. A. Villar>l.?hn,n company with Governor Cooke, arrived at the >ffice <>f the Vice President of the Board at tir; -o o'clock. (tovrrnor C?.ke made a brief address in Which he liearf ?y welcomed Mr. Willard and j expressed ins congratulations that the lw.?rd liad received so valuable an acquisition to its I meml-ershtp in .be person of a gentleman so : well known to tbe citixens of the District as a j tbore.igh. practical business nnn. Mr Willard itade an appropriate response. : thanking the t.l?er? for. be cordial manuer ] in VM.ich thev ha i received bim; and he a*- | sure*. thrni ot his hearty c?*?peration in all that irr'puue<l to tlie interest of tbe l?istrict of Co lumbia. with wftsii lie bad been so closely al lied i.i business a^d mk ia! interest- for many years. Mr i.heplierd w.erward- welcomed the new member, and re<il< 'l briefly what had b"?en ?lone s?..ce the urgaai/ation of the new govern ment: tbe general p. an o>i which the work of improvc.neiit had been carried on. and closed by -tatii-g that it w? :ld be im|MNM>ible to carry on work a* vigorous during the current year j incon-e-, lence of tie limited means at their command the principal thing to If obtained the preset t season w?uld be the finishing up of the s?wer%ge system m:!icli was regaiNlnl by all as paramo nt In inpur^nce to other work. The chief engineer vcm* then requested to ex >Uin by bi> charts i:?. drawings tbe general j sewerage pU i for the l.?..-trict. which occupied aoBie time. ? ter wbuli Chief Clerk -i*hn*on took Mr. W. through tbe^iflVrent rooms <?r the building ami explained hi detail the manner of dit^Mismg of the bu-iness w> the office, aa>1 in tro>i'jce<! tiie ?,r>?rinteadaats. clerks, and all in the b-iildingto .henew meit.t>er. Mi. Willard a*pie?sed himself as highly grat ified Kith tbe m? nner ot expediting business <n the various depai tmenfs, ?im at tl.H o'cloi'k, with Cooke^nd Vice President Shepherd, he lett rhe baildiag. Thi ki heral of The iate Kev T. B. McFalls took plac? from the residence of his father-in law, Mr. ii. A. Uobr^ht. on K stieet, Saturday afternoon, ar.d was attended by a very large eoncoarse ai friends. The bo?ly' was placed in a neat ami substantial rosew<>od toffin, with silver mouii'uirs. and on the lid a?? a s'lver plate, on which was ii^-ribed the<- ami age of the decayed, and the date of death. Wreaths of beautiful llo??j-s were laid on tbe coftin in gr*at perfusion. The ser\iec? were comiuctedby several clergymen. Kev. tl. N Coombs read ?eleoi;on> Iron tbe Scriptures, ?e<* was followed with prayet by Kev. ,1. C. Swiith. alter wbich Kev 1 >rs B'vron SiimIht taml ?nd O. H. TiNaity. in brief lemai ks, s|>oke **t tbe life and ch?xaotef ot the deceas^l. pay ing a kandsotne tribute te his mane virtues a' a Christian and faithful ai m-ter of the gost>?l. I K^v. .1. V.. French, hev. Mr U>gan. Key Ma ?on Noide, Mr. George Patch. Mr SamuH I Barlow, aul Mr W H Waller acted as pall bearers. The remains were taterred ia tilen woo<l cea?Ui v ? The Forty H??t rs* Dav<rri?>? at Sr. P %T rii k's The ceremony of the f<?rtv hours' ador ation ot the B.osikJ Sacra.^ent commeiK-e>l at St. Patrick's (* 'atholic? church yesterday morn- J ?ng, after solemn Higb Mas*, at II, la the pres ence of a rerv large congregation. Key. Father | Walter was celebrant, rather Keaue, deaoon. and Father San Martino.sub-deacon. The ser- J ?ton was by Father Keane, who spoke of tbe j origin ami object ot the forty ho-irs' adoration. The altar wss beautitally decorated and illum! natc.l, and aoplendid canopy uikter which tbe Blesse<l Sacrament was N?rn*e iu tbe pr<?c??sioTi ?as prepared for the occasion. St Patrick's twing the oldest Catholic church in Washington is often attended by persons from all parts of the city, as well as strangers, and the worthy pastor >loes all in his power to mxke the charcn attractive. The choir rendered Haydn's six teenth mass, with Pror. Kichter at the organ. The forty hours clone to-morrow with solemn Migh Maw. when the Blessed Sacrament will ? *?e again carried in procession. At the masses : ?-nmg there were a great manv coiumu this m.? alcants. Tut rrwiRAt ??r tri lat* U??. ... well . son of Mr. Andrew Koth well, look yesurdavjuf^uoon Ti*X tV>" uapUat churva. x he services were conducted bv key. Jurten ana Kev- C. C. M^a<lor. The re mains were followed from tbe church by a large aoml>er ot tbe relatives ami friends of the de ceased. tbe choir, Sunday school teachers, ami the Choral society, to the Congressional ceme tery. where the Interment took place, the Cho ral'society singing a dirge at the grave, and Kev. Mr. lleador pronouncing the benediction. The services were verv impressive. The sing Ihg of the Choral society, particularly at the I yrave. made a |cotouml impression on those present. which was not le*cned by the solemn ity of '_h? funeral music of the choir. The re mark* of the Kev. I?r. dutten were well calcu lated to impress the lessons ot mortality and immortality upon the mind* of hi* hearer*. Tni Catholu Court km atioss?Arch bishop Bavlev admitustcre<l the sacrament of confirmation In St. Aloysius church on Satur day te titi prrvms. of whom hS were adults, and aaoong them ? were con verta. A tier confirma tion the archbishop celebrated mass. and. as aisterf by Kev. Father Maguire. gave holy com ?nnios to some (tersons. Subsequently the arehbtahop wa?hami*omelyenterti*ine<i at Gon aaga college by the reverend faculty, and re tarded to Baltimore by the .1.1% train, having ?ajonrned here just one week In hi* visitations ?f the charches. The confirmation* m the sev eral churches during the week numbered 1,130 In all. The adalt converts confirmed numbered m T?* PoTOwat Boat Oira?A special meet ing of the Potomac boat club was held at the 1'aion hotel, Georgetown, on Saturday even lag. The committee having the matter in charge reported that taey had offered a home and borne race to various rowing organizations, and that the prospects were encouraging. The ceuwain ef the club was author! ted to arrange tbe clab regatta: it will probably take place aboct the middle of dune. Several active members were added to the roll. Battism?At the I3th-street Baptist church last evening tbe rite of baptism was idaisir' tared te ten person*. At the Calvary church taa persons received the rite, and at the F.-street Baptist church one. The sermon* ia all of the charches were appropriate to the occasion, and large coagregatkms were ia attendance. ??Taa SwAvr Asoels."?This piece, which ia to he performed at Wall's Opera Howe to sight ft* the first time, is said to be fall of dra ?aatic aeaaatkms and very well constructed Mr. caarlee Walcott. who has the leading character, k spoken of by tke New York press as a promis ing young actor. ^ Tai Pitoki Bcsiaaaa?On Saturday, Sa rah B Borwell (a?e Beam filed a hill for divorce against Georga Delaaev Bosweli.on the ground ot adultery, -lohn S. Brent filed a bill against Margaret A. Brent ea tke ground of adultery gfif deacrtma. 1 HE KMEMKI II BDEB. SUKBflC tf (he 1?Bi Tea Wright. Hit Mory of the Bloody Deed. Another Attempt ?? Tlx the Crime o. Brmbr,. ??n Friday next. Thomas Wright, who was convicted in April last ot the murder of the Po li?b peddler. Kogerski. in l?ecember la?f, will, it the President mould not interfere, viler the extreme penalty of the law by hanging. On Saturday be dictated tbe following statement, ji-irj orting to be a confession of his share in the cnme: The murder wa? committed about five o'clock in the evening on the - A of l>ecemb?r. The man bad about and some cents. I came home abont live o'clock in the evening. I came from Duke Hill. I went in at tbe front gate, (??outh.) When 1 got to the corner 1 saw Bern bry and. I think, a man named ? fecar going out of "the back gate. < north.) It was getting dark, and I could not se< plainly what they had. Sam had something in bis left "hand about the sise of a half bushel, of a yellow color. I could not be certain that it was. Oscar and Sam had bold of what appeared to be tbe legs of a 'nan. In a few minutes Sam came back. The other ?nan did no.' return. I sat down at tbe back duor an<! waited till Sam came back. I asked him where Margaret was? He said she bad Koue out, and he had not seen her for some minutes. I said, "Sam, did not 1 see yoi go out ot tbe back gate just now?" He seetned to be surprised. and saul, "Did you see me?" I ?>aid yes. and somebody was wi'th you. He then sai?K "I did go out. and one of my old friends was with me." I said. "Sam, what was that you had?'' He then said, "If I tell yon will you "never say anything about it?" I promised I would not. He then told me that a man had come there and be bad STKtrK HIM on THK HEAD WITH A SI*AI>E, and the vther man struck him with a plasterer's trowel. 1 then said to him, "You 'iad better carry that sho\el away from here; there i* blood on it." He took the "shovel and stuck it in a barrel of mortar that stood between the wood shed and the back shed. He went into tbe house and brought out a deed for some laml in Virginia, and Itegged me to lake it. I told him I did not want tbe deed, and 1 should say noth ing. as I did not see him do it. He then told me he got *iV) and some articles, but what he meant by that I do not know. I asked him what he bad done with the money. He said he and his partner bad divided it. This passed before Margaret came home. This was aboat tio'clk. While she was getting supper we went out to wash our hands. I said to him, "!<et us go to the wood shed wheie tbe murder was commit ted, and see If there is anything there that would lead people to suspect." He said, "Let us wait till morning; it is too dark to see now.*' We then went in to eat our supper. Sam 4id not eat much, he ap|>eared o be sick. When Margaret and 1 bail finished ->ur sapper, I asked him to play cards with we t >r apples. He got up ami we played one gamt. and I beat him. Then he laid down, and said be would not play any more?he was sick. I was sitting with my head in Margaret's lap. Al>out halt-past 2 or 8 o'clock, THK roil. E WHIST1.E BLEW. Sam jumped up from the bed and said: "l>id vou hear that whistle? There is something up." I said: "I think it is .iohn Itrown down at Mrs. kaboe's fighting, as tbe whistle sounds from 9*11 -treet." He said: "No, it is not, there is a light down there." We all then went to the door and *aw a light where the body was found Sam then came back and said he had promised t.' ji< to his -oeiety meeting, but as he leit bad, and there was something up be wouki not go. and went to bed. I laid down again, with my head in Margaret's lap. tilt l>an lartwright came. He rented a room up stairs. Then Mar garet and I went to bed. In the morning S.tiu and I went to the wood-shed. 1 found apiece of matting. I said to Sam: " What is this'.*" He said: -Here is where he fell, and I put this dvwn to hide the blood." 7'here was r.Loon ABorr in the woon-*HX?. He took ashes out of a box that .Margaret kept rhcre tor a.?hes. and sprinkled them ahout to hide the hlo>sl. I asked htm' "Is there nothing else here?" He said no. there was not. I said: -If there is,you haul better take it away." Then he said: "There is nothing but this trow el," and betook the trowel and went off toward* Mr. Riley's wharf . As he started he called me and again begged uie to take the deed. but 1 told him 1 would not. I told him I would say noth ing, and if Mr. McDevitt caiue I would tell him 1 had seen no one. Then he said again: ??Will you promise me to nay nothing about this?*'" I promised, and we shook bands and parted. Mr. McDevitt came that morning, and asked me where I was on Monday*.' I told bim. in the fore part of the day I wan at the wharf. He asked me was I there about 11 o'clock? I said. ? No; but I came a little after 12." He asked me. '-Did you see a peddler about here?"' I told him 1 did not. lie asked for Margaret. 1 told him I left her in the morning, and she was there when I came back. He said.--They want me to search your house? have you any ohjectkm?" I said - - No." and helped them to search. After we were through I asked him if be was ?au-tied ami he said be was. Mr. Mc Devitt told me be wa? perfectly satisfied as far I was concerned: but if he wanted anything further he would let > le know. Mr. McDevitt and myself left, ami " ent out on the commons; the rest of the party went oft then towani* loth street, and I return c to my house with Pete Boss. ami went to playing cards, as usual. Sam came home at dinner, and 1 told him McDevitt had been there. ?ure enough. He asked me what did 1 say to him. I told bim I said f niD *OT 6EK Tiut rEMiLEK, just as I told you I would say. Sam appeared very m^rh alarmed, and said: "Tom, tell me the truth what did you say to Mr. McDevitt*."' I fold him that he asked me abotL? U o'clock in 'be day w'len the peddler wa? *up|*>sed to <-ome. but diJ not ask me anything about night. I told him I was not at home at II o clock. Sam then said "It you told bim that, I am satis fied. If Mr. McDevitt comes to >ou again, just rtand to what you said at first, for if they arrest me they can get nothing on me, a* an one knows me. and no one lias got nothing on me, and 1 have always kept out of McDevitt'a way. I have done a heap ef things during the last seven years I have '..,ed in Washington, but none of the detectives know me. because I keep good company. I can aay I was at Mr KileyV wharf shoveling coal, and I can say I know nothing al>out It." Ife cautioned me not to speak of the matter to Margaret. 1 then asked him what be did with his share of the money. He said "I lent it this morning to a friend to buy a horse, but I will satiafv you if you will ?av nothing about it." I told him I would say iothiug This waso? Tuesday. On ''bristmas day we gal up and went out very early to get THKISTMA* PRIXKH. On the way to Hut us Shields', Sam said to me, "Tom, I feel like I wa* going to be arrested: now,Tom. don't you drink anything to-day, for rpu know one drink makes you drunk, and you inav get to talking and speak a word accident ally, and the detective ? would get down to it, for you know how you talk." We left Kufus Shields' with Oscar and went to Mrs. Kaboe's. Willie Wbalen offered drirtkjt around. Sam winked at me not to drink. ( drauk black berrv. We then went one door below Mr?. K ahoe's house, to the house of a colore< I woman. Sam and Oscar took big drinks, but I took none. We came out, and ? >?car went into Newman's. *"*' "?"'?elf then went. Sam then said to . ?*? have stood til*: "Tuffi, >0*1 'Tt * gentleman?,? up to your word?now, when vou go home, tor God's sake dont go talking to that woman Margaret Wood* Now, if you want to drtnk, stay at home and Mrtnk. I will go and get the liquor." He wei* to Mrs. Kaboe's and got a quart of rum ?nd made egg-nogg. He then said, "I wll'. go out and nan <>ct what the talk is, as I've beard -ome tNngs said." 1 told him to go. He went to Ben Miller's on llth street and came back and askedIf any one had been here. I told him no One but some women. He aain asked me ir I had sanl anything, and I d him "no." Abont to'Clock in the evening two men came in with Sam, one named Henry Corsey and .lackson. We all drank together. Then they al> left and Sam did not return till just before da^k, ami again asked me if any one had been here. 1 told him -no." He then said - I have heard a great deal to day, but If they do arrest us just stand to what vou have said and they cannot hurt us." In a few min utes Mr. Mcltevitt came In ami arrested us. I have not the least knowledge who dug the hole in the wood shed or put the ]>eddier's goods there. Wright also said that tbe peddler was never in the house at all; he was killed in the wood shed, and the body laid there until It was dragged awav. If there was any blood In the bouse Sam Bembry must have pat it In there himself. KIVARKS OK THB ABOVE. [To some who read this story It may be neces sary to mention that Bembry proved an alibi accounting for every hour of hie time on the, day the murder was committed. The above also contradicts many of Wright's previous state ments abont the murder. He has heretofore accused Bembry and Margaret Woods. He now clears Margaret and brings a new character on the scene, one Oscar. He also says Bembry stuck the spade into a barrel of mertar in the yard. At the time spoken of It will be remem bered that the weather waa extremely cold and everything of a fluid or semi-fluid nature was frozen solid, so that part of the narrative is hardly credible unless the mortar had been thawed for thto purpose. The suggestion that Bembry put the blood In tbe house is hardly more reasonable than the mortar story, j Tkb mornin'/The work of erecting the gal lows for the execution of Thomas D. Wright, convicted of the murder of Kogerski, the ped dler, was commenced In the Jail yard. It Is the mm scaffold built for Jenkins, and on which Iw and Woods and Joinson expiated their crimes, and it Is on the same spot where it stood on thooe occasions?directly opposite the win. dews of the eorridor on whfcmWright and Tonng (the alleged murderer of Hahn) are eon Bned. Wright did not falter anv when the tis*. b t? were pat la place, but he qaietiy viewed the operation* of the workmen until Us spirit ual advisers (Messrs. Draper and Gibbon** en tered, when he retired with them to his cell, and spent some time listening to their nborU ttons and prayere. He id not yet satisfied, be ?av?. that lie hae made that peace with hi. Maker which will insure the salvation of hi* soul. ? FAVORABLK TO A RK riTE. This Afternoon Mr. Meigs, the clswk of the court, received a letter t'roui the Attorney Gen eral. requesting a copy of the records and find ing* in the case of Wright, and it is supposed that this action is favorable to a respite. t,en. Crocker has determined that he will issue as few passes or tickets of admission to the jail yard as is possible, and these will be con fined to members of the press and the profes sions. ? A BEMMTE FOB WRIilH W ! OMENOBE WEEK TO LIVE. on the recommeiMlat ion of the Grand Army ot the bepublic, the President, before his de parture from the city this morning, ordered !/!l? *fn,*nce of Tnomas Wright be respited until Friday, dune ?th, so that the execution would not take jlace on Decoration day. ? a probabm; homicide. One Boy Shot by Another. statement of the Boy who did the Hboetiag. Last evening. About 8 o'clock, the report of a pistol and a cry of murder in the vicinity of North Capitol and P streets and New York ave nue, roused the citizens living thereabouts, and soon afterwards a crowd assembled at the place from which the cry proceeded, when a colored boy was teund lying on the ground and bleed ing trom a wound in the breast. He was re moved to an adjoining house, where I?r. smith was ca.led in, and alter examination of the wound pronounced It mortal. The bov cave his name as .lohn Jackson Field, eighteen vear* of age, and stated that a white bov, named Samuel Hessler, ha.I shot him. ft was atter wapJs ascertained that Hessler had fled to the country towards his home, a distance of about tour miles. HKPSI.KR'S STATKM KXT. This morning Acting Sergeant Perrv arrested Heeler at the Northern Market, wbre he has ?>een engaged in selling market truoH, and he taken to the second precinct st?ft,on-house. Hessler is but l?i years of age. and he makes the following statement: "At 7* o'clock in the evening I .-farted from the house of Charles Knrinels on P street, between N?*rth Capitol T ?!reet' .with Marietta Funnels, and abent halt ?ay Ik*tween 1st and Jd streets a crowd ot boys attacked me with stones, one striking mc on the left arm. and l ran with Marietta to the comer of Jd ami P streets whore I left her, I then turned around to return home by P and North Capitol streets, and was paxong toward home when a little bov ran tin with a stone in his hand and said, "can you ?r0*-' "youB ot a b? ain't you going to trot. Just then a gang of boys come run ning cursing, ami swearing, and when 1 saw the n coming I ran across the commons toward O street, ami when I reached that street the>tones were dropping all around me.and 1 shot my pistol oi> ti the air, thinking it would ?*toi> theiu run linuj after me, and 1 tlien heard one of the bov* say ''Jackson knock the* ot a b down!" .luckson was then withing ten steps of me, Aid I kept on running until I got about half wav be twee* ij ami It streets, when * 1 HHKI1.BI AND FtKKU ASA IK. ' d?d not ?top to see if 1 had struck anv one, but 1 noticed that the crow<l had stopped rgii nuitf alter me, and I went straight home, and can e to market this morting, when 1 w.*? ar rested b> Sergeant Perrv. S? rg't Perry Mates that he dressed himself in citn en's clothes this morr.K.g and repaired to the niai ket-house, where the boy was in the hs bit ot coming with produce for sale with his fatter and waited tor him to cotne He appeared as usual, seemingly unconscious of the result of last night's shooting, ami talked freely, and without any effort at Concealment. 1 Ids morning he was brought to the police couit, and a warrant wa? issued charging him *>?ault and battery with intent to kill, am? Mr. Close a*J%ed that he be committed to await the result*of the wound. Field, it is said, cannot recover. 1 he ball has not been extracted ? Third l<e*i*lat|?-e Awembly. THE COUNCIL was not in ??ssi<>n Saturday e*e ?iu|. HOUSE.? At the Saturday i^wtiion Mr. I'laitdt iu trodnced a hill to rhauge the muiie of that portion of B -treet, between loth an.l 12th streets northwest, to ? ..mme <e -are.-t; referred. AI?o, -uhmitted a res.. "1-1""v?t?t<:hwa* adopted, regiieating the attorney .Jfil? D let rirt l_? Inform the House Firm Whether, in liis o| i hiof). it compete ut forth** Legislature to wi.rk contracted for uiid?r the old Govern ments to for otherwise th*n as provided in *sid centract*. or two-thirds to be paid out of the f.iiwU of the iMi-tri. t and one-third bv the person* ning the property benefitted by tbe work, as pr... ^ section of the organic act. Second W lo t her, when work wax authorized by tbe .dd gov - eminent, l.nt b<4 Contra, ted for or ordered, and has Miice been done under order* and arrangement* w ith SSirfT i ^r.rn5l5C Wi,rkv the c^hoidb'a, M o^2 W* t'"*" '?? according the old law s. Third. H hetn?r taxes for the Day *3* of debtii of the oM corporation* can t* a*se?*. d .?r'nm''nw f f?rt ^,h* laTe" <*the present gov . I nment. or wh.tbei special taxes must b- levied for ?u< h purpoee* Fourt.:. What the ||nn ?f distine nVent1".' th" "'?ligations of the old govern S'n ern'iVeiit P*y"'"trt Hnd "f *??e present t relI offered a rea?^!ation re<iuestiiic the i;ov !Hm?rLn rtDfIhhe o?^ Vy W,l*t """hority the VL -i^. i . hlo.,l*i|ro?l < ompan> has laid It. along I street nortbeaat, from We?t street to mf .taT avenue, and if rhe -an.e , *nn..t be" re "i?ie * Adopted.?W I""r* <* proprty to improve the Mr. Shepherd intro lnce.1 ? bill giving the nam- ,,f Rigg. xtreet to a street laid out private enter J *n<1 8 l4'h (treets. Tti* ispeaker laid before the House a commuuioa f^??t^?,,frirt K-*i.ter i? an.*?r ,ra r.'^. t'on, Kt**ug the uauieK of fire lusuraace c->nipaiiie? dolM business in the Distr.ct, with The nS of thefagents or reareKentatitex, with the amount of ?7,Pi*r? v ti* ',^,?n'*';ed printed in tli? .1 ?urnal. r ,, Council, makiug appropriatiou* isl hl' w OFr??4 tor in'?/^t on the debts of the District of Columbia and of the late Corpora lions of Washington and <ieoigetown, was read a and Meluia re*M'r^ to the Committee on Way? Council bill to r. golate shows and exhibitions in qf *eats, wag read H third ti."e, amended, and passed Adjourned. The rieh MarkeM. ?WjotaUonsor new fish for this day, fttrnhhed to Thi 8tab by George W. Co., wholesale dealer* in ttsh. Nos al 5 * 1 J 88 tt"11 Alexandria iopdred, ? 11.00to f l:t.O(i; Herring, pei *hit*Perch, per bunch, io^> ^ r ' :omkl,,>er buncb' ? Hkal KflTATK Salka?The following sales have been made since out last re|>ort: By Latimer A i leary, anctioneerx.?Part or oriiri i'UL!??!i ?ril? ap?mnm. In square 942, on Kant ",a ,l"' v * ?ann"!*tul>?Au<-tioneers.?For Win. F. Ilollzuiaa, trustee, lot 13, s<iuare Mo. 5, with mi * B^R^ Oat leu purchaser R?rrni m!.' ?fi !>Vr estate broker ?For P<j., all of souare So. l.ti, on Conneniroi fknno!. *? ?? In*erso|\, for f jo *vz??l&&sz<3r *?'-w"" ?? *?a. y mM The "grand colored 6p?raf ic concert trouj?c'' which appears at Lincoln Hall on Thursday evening or this week is highly spoken of by the California press and the newspapers in New York. The Hyers sisters are said to sing the most difficult classical musical with great ?&*e and correctness. As this company attempt a higher style of vocallsm than those of their race who have preceded them, there is some curiositv in musical circles here to hear them. ? Gorkt> pv a Bt-Lt -A son of Captain W. G. Brock, ot ihe a: .r jpolitan police, was gored by a bull Saturday afternoon, and seriously in jured. The boy was taken from the ground in an unconscious State and carried to his home, where he received medical attemUnce. After the accident the infuriated beast ran through the streets, and finally Into the wood and coal yard of Messrs. Stephenson & Bro.. where it dropped dead. Th* SCBIDI'LI OR THI ALKXAPDKIA KAIL road has been chauged. Trains leave the de pot hereafter from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. each hour during the week, and on Sundays at 9 a. m. and 11 p. m. An additional train has been put on the B. & P. road, leaving the two cities at 1 o'clock p.m. and arriving at 3.03. e BrtLDive permits have been issued as fol lows; Isaac Beers, 3-story brick, 3d street, be tween Pennsylvania avenue and A street south east; Emanuel Jenkins, l-stery frame, alley, between !*h and 10th and F and G streets south west; 8. Xorment, four 2-strry frames, B, be tween 3d and streets southwest. Small Pox casrs kave been reported as fol lows since last Saturday: One on Q, Tetween North Capitol and 1st streets northwest, and one found on road (Bladensburg). rOURT IN GENERAL TIB* -To-day, the ca-e of Brown agt. He Murray was argued. OttCCIT COURTHmmpkr,,,.-To-day, several judgiMnta by default were taken. Potomac Bteaml">nt Uo. apt Crouch; damages mrai J at ??? FOLIC* COURT, J?4tt Sn*U.~To-day, Daniel Jackson, colored, l.rceoy of a uiiantity of lumSer fi' K?rrT^ the Dtatrtct of o daa blar #30 aad costs. Jobs Reutxer, assault and bat tery ou John L. Jotm: flo and costs. Jvuea M KeMlag, threats of vioteuce to J oh a Keating, his Ito wSr Ui?hr!! ?rAi lowa pauper waa thrashed within an lack er hi. life tsr Wttk^gthTto^ " WTBailey, the ~ KdiUr S*0r Your article on the *1 r*nt of the Asiatic cholera, in which you auk the citisen* cf Washington if they are prepared for the visitation of the dreaded scourge. *w as wise a* it waa timelv, and it behooves the authorities to heed your warning. The heedlessness of the people about the sanitary condition of oar street* ami alley* is suicidal! It therefore devolves on the Board of Health to see to it that, should the terrible Asiatic scourge spread his gloomy pinions above our land, he cannot flud a foul spot in our city on which t > rest. Cholera is but a bird of prey, and only alight* where filth and fou'ness invite him to his l'ea?t of death! He is born of foulness, lire*on foul ness, and must be starved out by cleanliness! It is time, therefore, that the Board of Health peeled oft their daintiness and went to work in earnest to clean out the cesspools. Men would

the horror of leaviug carcasses un buried! Such heedlessness would be sure to be avenged in plagues and death. Yet In the midst of our most populous places in Washington ?fiMLRrc breeders, festering in the sun, which, unless speedily abated, will not only invite foreign plagues, but will produce plagues native to themselves! Between 12th and 13th streets (bounded by T ami U) there is ?? a blind *Hey which, for foulness and fllth, might challenge tie vilest *pot in those Asiatic cities where cholera I* hatched! * row of respectable brick buildings on I2tti street, containing perhaps one hundred persons. All the slops, etc.. from these house empty into this alley. Directly in the rear is a row of two-story brick buildings, occupied by colored people. The number of persons in this r?W e,Ju*k. perhaps, that on 12th street. All slops, drainage, etc.. from here also "debeach" into "Uiis alley. Now, consider that there is no outlet tor all this tilth and you can easily un derstand that there is enough of incipient death lurking there to spread gloom over the whole country. With a burning sun pouring irto this f.'Jer . to poisonous exhalations render lite miserable tor blocks about tke place. It seems to be useless to re(K>rt to the authorities. I heretore, in the interest of the general health we call upon you to publish tk:s letter. How many more such plague spots are hidden away Iroru the public eye in onr is tor the pro|<er officers to discover in time. If not dis covered amd abated, then we mav safely sav that every house will pay toll to the undertakers lor the grueral supintviess. Ywrs _mly, ^ Many Citizen*. G E O It G K T <) W N. PmiBAL of Bkv. Father Karly The 7'*;r*'Bev. -lohn Karly, 8. J., late presi i? . Georgetown College, took plaoe at 9 k o clock this morniiyf from the College cfeai*?. The funeral >frv^es were performed by the Rev. Joseph E. Keller, S. J? Provincial of -?.J,*' T,here wa> a veryfcrge number of Jlatbolics and many Protestants present from ssbington and Georgetown, and the following il8ll!n&/>r,'t,,re" ,rom Philadelphia; Very Bev 0 S Wllet \ . G.; Very Rev. P. A. 8:?nton, . . ,t.ev- father Kilram. paster of St. Atm schurch at Port Richmond, Philadelphia; and Bev. I .J. Bllnkerest, pastor of St. Joseph's church, Philadelphia. Aim), the following from Baltimore: Kev. Mr. Oately, of St. Patrick'* church'. Kev. Mr. McMann, of St John's church; Bev. John Foley, of St. Matthew's church; Bev. Stephen Kelly, president ot Loyola College. Bev. \\ F. Clark and Bev. .lohn Mul lally. From Mount St. Mary's College, Eic mittsburg, were Bev. T. O'Neal aitf Rev. I)r. Mc< loskey, president of Mount St. Mary's Col lege, and Bev. Mr. Williams, of Australia. The pall bearers were six students of the college The immense assemblage and the solemn i?r vices, together with themsurnful music, iu:?ie the ceremonies very imposing. At a meeting of the students of the college on Saturday atternoon, resolutions were u naiiimou-Iy adopted expressing deep sorrow at the death ot their beloved president. Father Kar v; and that as a slight evidence of their re si >ect and affection tor him who ?as so lately their kind and prudent *tij>erior. their affec tionate trieiidaiid second father, thev wear the usual badge ot mourning until the sc'olastic e? ercises ot the year are closed. and tiiat a coov of the resolutions be sent to the Washington him Baltimore papers lor publication. The com mittee on resolutions were .lohn S. Hotlines ?oriv lc',H*rn,arM ?^w|?h W.udiiDgton, ?fameM J **<*>. ? Walter S. Perry, lohu B. Ward. Charles Herr, Jacob Arnold, John G. Agar Clem. Manly, and .(as. s. Alullalv, (secretary.) I akic in Trinity Church ? Tk* Al'?r Catch'* t'irr During the SrrrUt W.'iile the service of the forty hours' devotion was com mencing In Tiinlty (Catholic) chnrch, con ducted bv Kevs. I- ather .Stonestreet au.i Hol land. and Mr. Lancaster, yesterday, and when that point in the service was reached where the "Blessed Sacrament" is exposed, the gas jets surrounding an arch on the grand altar brill for the occasion, and covered with laces, were lighted, when the tUme from one ignited the corner of a curtain, atul in a moment the decorations were inflames. Some of the con gregation became panic-stricken, and rushed outot doors, screaming and crying. The ex citement, however. wa< of short duration owing to the prompt action of Bro. Whelan S. J., and others who extinguished the Ham?s before the wood-work had fairly caught notwithstanding the entire lace and velvet work covering the altar was consumed. The valuable painting. "The Last Supper," which hung besiuc the altar, was .seriously damaged An alarm was sounded ui>on the discovery of the fire from l.ox <U. bi:t before the tire depart ment reach d r> -. cue the flames had been extinguished. Alter wuiet had been restored the Blessed Sacrament \?as removed to the altar of the Blessed Virgin, where the service was continued, and, subseouently, a meetingofthe St. Vincent de Paul Society was hew and resolutions were adopted returning thanks to the ladies of the congregation for their prudence and wisdom in controlling the fear? ot the children while the altar was on fire Nkkd Ixh>kiB4> Aktki:?If would be well tor the Board of Health to examine the condi tion of the tenement houses on the comer of ater and Potomac streets, as there are loud complaiuts from that ouarter. Grain Traps?The canal boat Andy Jolin f>"?"'ved to-day with l'm bushels wheat and I ,M? bushels com tor J O. Waters. The prime wheat sold at s*I.!#7, and thecoru at titic. for yel low and iOc. for white. The steamer Georgeanna arrive.! to-d%y ?!? 5 j?>*<*ll?neous cargo, and the canal boat with m?? bbls. cement to George Wafers Fish.?There were35,000 herring wceived fo lav at the fish wharf, and sold at ,,<;r thousand. 1 CITY ITEMS. 1 hk indications are that we will emerge from winter to summer. The spring has been exceedingly backward, and yesterday gave us foretaste of the qualUv of the weather we mav speedily anticipate. We are pleased to learii hat our fartiionable clothier. Mr. A. Straus. No. 1011 Pennsylvania avenue, is already pre pared for the heated term, having just received assortment 0t black alpaca, mohair, i? alKl Chin* "i?k; figure.! coats ,fnh ",ades: white Marseilles and duck vests, light cassimere suits; diagonal, bas ket. and French worsted coats, with vests to novelties. These goods have been furnished at from 20 to 2* ner cent Sflow tbf usual price*, and will be soli accord ingly. *fr. Straur fresh goods nearly every day, and his assortment is nS Varied ami pricw so reasonable that we are not surprised *6 enjoys so large a share of public patronage. Taki Ay*r's PiLi.sTor all the purposes of a purgative, for Constipation. Indigestion. Head ache and Liver Complaint. By universal aC' cord, they are the best of all purgatives for t'am M8e' m.w.f.&W A StaUtlinm Trcth!?Thousands die annu ally ttom neglected coughs and colds, which soon ripen into consumption, or other equally tatal diseases of the lungs; when bv the timely use of a single bottle of l>r. Wittar't Hal mm o, Wild Cherry their lives might have been pre served to a green old age. 26,6 Dooley'b Ykast Powder is the cheapest, but not lowest priced, Baking Powder. Elegant Biscuits, Bolls, &c., prepared in a few niln utes. ?'6 Tcaro-HvBstAN Baths; also, Medicated Va por Baths, for all skin disease, at Or. Shedd's. 903 ? street. 5,20,6: Pond's Extract cures rneumattsm, burnt, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, ?calds, soreness, old sores, headache, oolic, lameness, braises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, ?parseneas, dUrrhosa, and . -U hemorrhages, etc. Pond s Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact tl at It Is a standard medicine, treated of in mdical writings, and known to be a care for these rltsnsstm. m,th^,tf Child an ort for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind oolic and natural sleep. It Is a substitute f* eartor oil. 4^S,eo3; . T.** Cbtavm ow old were half horse and y11* oontortod with animals, con quered mankinc, lived upon the flowers of the ^ ?f th*ir nomber.god ? ?ft? tnum'taTed their name and cw.itollattgn Oemtmmrius, and raised the divil generally. Bnt the great Centaur Liniment for stiff joints, rheumatism, swelling* a.g?? *1******"?w aston world. And| astonishes because it ? *? Vtt ti*u GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMENTS. (KS? SOTICI -Tbc roitiilfn of EXCELSIOR LODGE N? 14. K . f P are hereby nl to kimI at the Ball *f Decatur LMg*, ||o | (' B. pr.?? -tre?M. G.rretown, r,n Tl'ESDA Y. the J7th. at 7:30 p m . In f-ill nuif<>rm. f..r escort J*tv Br order | if | J. W. PaLCOVRR. K. of R. a?d 9 WTEREOSCOPIC VIEWS, ' FOB THR lisitnt OP BLESSED PETEK CLAM SOCIETY, AT OLD TRINITY CHURCH. ON TUESDAY EVENING JtfneS, 1*73. At'nii??i<in, 28 cent*. D'>or# per at 7 30, to c>ni nupce at 8. m? 8f AT AUCTION AT A O'CLOCK PCE9D\T. 87th INST -?Sbare? STOCK IN N*W ?? ? T503A& DOWL lNft, Auction**- r, Brltiff Ptr**t. n?JS It* IJjifkAORDINARY BARGAINS?IN?61f Plain and Striped (irrnaliiM. Japans 81 Ik*, at Sue., worth 7*c. B< autifnl Go--da for it 28 17 and Bi? V'Ctori. Lawn*, fro* toc^B: Batirt ard Srutur1- all ahadea; vrry c b- ap gtripedaod plaidWhite Krench Organdie, Black Alparaa and Mokaira, a apecilitv A large rtifk of Go-sja for Mm'- <uid Roy'? wear L?di?a and Gent.' Ganr.p Cnd-r Y-nt*. Call and bny real bargain* of ii?P tr Hi Bridge itrwt.flwirgi-tow. |J' THOMAS DOWLING, Aucfr, Georgetown ROPERTY ON r?iwJlI?f)?L. BETWEEN M ASH INGTON AH? COM;REM STREET*. AT AUCTION, fi- t X.' "*T ?????.? ? o'clock p. ?J!ZV.eel,ifw.*r *r,mu*?- part of L<>; No. ?**?. rmnting X fe-t on the aonth wide of Wm rJ f*^. J7h *?? ?ongreea Mix-to, ,7 , of 1? feet. The improT.-mento conaiM of a awWantial a?l nearly n? B'l. k Dwell'ng .?jirt1 LIS?? iW'iin. Ulfc-mtim and cellar. , i*7^ *?*? ** . *c-. and om of the l??t I oca in town. Tem?. One-t^ird ca?h; balance in 6, It and IS ^ wMh '.Bt,.rr,t ? per cent, per annum. ee cwred by a deed of truM on ttit property. C?nvp? - arrcu.g at roM of pnrrhwr. A dcpoeit of fluo aa ?oon aa the property ia atriK k off _'J1? THOMAS DOWLING, Anct. |JY TIIOS. DOWLING Auctioneer, Georgetown. ''WWW ??&?&* VX COMFORTABLE DUELLING HOUSES No. 4A.47 49 43 AUCnON ITNBARTOH STREET, AT tfk V" Tll*SI>AV- Jon*1 ?<*. at ? ..Vlock, I will Bf* owjhe prearfaee. on Dnnbarton atree:, be tw?en Green and M >n'g >nerr atreeta, M* near ly ne* comfortable frame dwelling h-mv-t.. with m?Wrn lmproTewy-nta The locatf,*, I? aiul healthy, and all Mreet improv(-mentu mm1> Te?ine: One third caah; balao<-eC,Uand Km-nth* at-cared by a dec < of truat on the property. Convex ancing at coat of the purchaser. A depoait of refnrad aa aoon aa the property iaMrurk -.ff -J0du THOMAS DOWLIN6 DAuTt> |^Y THOMAS DOWLING, Anct., Georgetown. VwVsHl|fcrroIvIP5i,o5P. Mo'*RTY ?>N AT Al '-TION ^TKKKt, GEORGETOWN, ^??iD DAY. June M, at ? o'clock p m I "n ,h<l pi emiaee, part .,f l,.? m, fr?.t 9J feet on the ea-t .xlr ,Tf Washington atrret. &?.7D J^""''*rton and Beall mrfetn, by a ib-pth <?! cOfeet The improvements cou?iM of a aukMtantial t*o ?..ry-and half Brick Dwell,ng H",,w ,",h tS^**^JTM?rv*^f^r*-rm?|.ri.t waoh tel.-, man l? ti a, pantry, Ac., Ac. Choice pearo, grapeo Ac in otehlH .7 . ?>r"<K'r1f i? eligibly located or. one ?f ll.?* hn?jt ntr^tn netr th^ K^iirt of th?* city nr 4 m | worthy of the attention of l-nyer-H. 1 .J..1?"' /'ne-third ca?h; balance in 6 and lj nren. r ?>J fi*-ed of tm*t.? tbe premiaca. Ci>uve> aucmg nt the rmt of parcbM-er THOS. IKIWLING. A%.cti M^Ti THOMAS DOM LING, Auctioneer, 136 Bridge atreet, Georgetown. EEECLTORH' SALE <iK VIST vtMTjm tr AN I>RBKnM SRtSKJT ' r"KNKR '-*> H f Gil AtTTION STKEETS, GEORGETOWN, AT li?Py?i'rt1? Urt wil1 *1"1 t*Mam-nt oftiie i late Timothy OD .noghu-, deceased, an I with ei Kt.briT0,""y" "f P-'-r O-D .n .ehn.-, in bi. own igbt. th< uiideraignnl Will ae|| at a i t,.,n on tl.e prennm-N on TCESDAY. *a? !f7th7lVl at' ftV.fL ?7Pc valuable improv.-d pr. p.-'rtv * in. i nt u f'lr,ct"'8 "i Bridge ?lreet. I.y :{? f^-t i..d JhTeIHB?H u^^' ""PrjTed b' lhr^ ?f'|l".l,?i1'*Iv,J a,l"r "ie above ?.,|e we m ill sell pert I R h: V;'r.0nt",g? V21" ^ "n ??e aouth r:" f S fif) ??reet. near the Market home. I.y ad. p h S^e^d'Dwe'll"i;i?hSi?. '"rR" Brick CM,) balance in 6. 1J. and I? month", the purcha?er? giving tlieir r.otrw, bearing ?nrereat from day of .ale. Deed. *ITa.. and dead" truM taken to ae. nre tb>- deferr.-d payu . i.t* n veyanimg at the co.t of th-min-how-f SARAH O Donogiji R./ .. PKTKR o { Lx<>ciifor? ,"1, Iw IR,'P I Tllos D ' Anct gEADY FOR THE SPUING TRADE. With a fnll corps of nrut claae workm. n . plotj sfr>ck of th^ bf^t U?r*ifn %nd duMtic Dye Stuffs, Ac., Af.? I am fully Brcp%r^l to LADIES ??U promptly and in the bent manner. ' fHhtilVM STEAM SCO OH p . "STABLISHED 1^31. Premlnm Awarded 1867 ?>? STEAMER LINES. A ACUOR LI3IE STCAMKR*; EVBBV uTnwwiil'.!i^rth K'^?r, New York. ? VERY WEDNESDAY AND SATPRDAY Pa?aenger accomm-idationa on Steamer* ot ""^*r? uuaurpaaaed for elegance *2X2^ and comfort. Cabin Mate room* are all^^^ft oii npper deck, thui aecuring g..od lightwUHMk arid vertilation. RATES OP PAfMtoc Tf? GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY Wed '<"""**> citirMr?tCtsr^a? beat accommodations *130 <1% Staerage,currency, >V. ,me n w . Agent,, W^hiugt-n C J^EW EXPRESS LINE TIA CAMAL, PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA Va Waaa 0*0RGKT0wkTV. 0 A8B Pier 1, North*Wharrea PMI KSMWAraria iOB DA,^r?feK7^K,^.D.0.,T0M 8tr^, B? ?? t^ftawier wharf wiH be promptly a!ta^ WAbmaUTOpioYIDENoV ?08T0?~ ANT _The tea Ire. SSi^r "dyoP THE LAKE >? ?? iron BlNBer LADY OP her regular tripa to Plight ^?on*d V^Sd^t^Sf KITS. E?r?M^O^ce^COS pBrmnc.h t,cket ???* ?? Kaoi> YinSnr/in .Ponnaylrania avenne. ?14 riMf, iw.* ^iriARB IAI. THE BRITISH AMD NORTH AMERIOAM ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, RBTWEEH HEW YORK AND LIYERPOOLi GALLING AT CORK HARBOR, mOM NEW YORK, * Java^??..Wa?L_May to Partb'v 8at_. May 31 IguU Wed^Juue 4 S'.Uuaria Rat Jane 7 Scotia Wed..Jnii* 1] Abyaaiuia..Sat Juue 14 _Algeri.-_ M ed -Tiiiie Batavia Bat .lune2i ila...?.Wed_ .liuo 2.'. Oalabria. .8au_Jun.-to ina * Ao not oarry follawtng WEDNESDAY and 8ATDR DAT from New York. Rat* m PaaaASK.?Cabin, |R, |M, aad MM K'^ BCOonlmg to MccanmoaaUou. Ticketa to Parto, fU, gold, additional. fW.^cketo fV^7 Livarpool ud bill* of Hading ^treato ^BajSy OuSgow* HaTR, Maditarranean porta. For freight Trtattr BvuSmT CHAS. OTfRANCKLYI, Agaat, New York. _ OTI8 BIGELOW, Agent, Steamer OSce, liil Pa. avenne, ?WHy Waahlagtoa, D. 0. [\| KRCHAMT1 LlilBt TRAMSMIPR WAEHlKOToirk&Pb m YORK. ? o. ^.?ssrusrHs asisS^? g3sas%a?nssa wmi ' j. w. noinoi, mmm. At k. STRAUS', 1911 Pel ?fU OH IN RSI TIA HOHO * mp i1 U ?A1 THE TRADES. Practical plumbibo,bas-fitting? MEW KRAOB prr>?jB*lv attended to, i*ft? able t^*?? JAMBS F BIIIS. No. 6#H U ?ana near dtb *reet, north ??A? *>?? M itml torthiM Specialty. TIN LISII PI PI al?a>e op hand. aail lr .Vofke of THE LVMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE *!* DERS1V X ED OX SIXTH STREET, SkiK MISSOURI A f EX V E. A XL) B STREE1, BE TWEEX SIXTH AXD S ET EXTH STREETS NORTHWEST. WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE (?r. sf 11th ftreei as* Oil* w?. v. ml im RATH L B. FUOITT. HEBAIQ * LAGIBPU8H, Sncceaeora to HtiiT Hnitiri. PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, 407 r etreet, a?? 1m* BOttwi Mb ?ix1 Xh ?tt n. rth*^. AWi5Wc. BOOA?_.T? Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for IMonit Citf and Country RmkImcm TENTS and FLAGSTor ealeor rent. AWNING MATERIAL of *11 kind* for "*J*. _ Sole Acriit for tbe onlv genuine MILDEW PROOP AWNING MATERIAL a?l? "" M. "W.'VttfcKEfSu ?.?. bietbe jrieware to announce tnat he baa received r-m tit* Spring Stylo of Broadway BLOCK, and laU^ B-eparedto fmrwtah Mow Hata to order arn^m !mb Of r.model old etylea; aleo, an Mllllllilt of roH Hot* for ?to, o? rteennable tor? A WNINflft, rUe^TERTI. M O COPELAND. Ml I uaMana tTWW, one door Mat Tth A WBIMGS for Btoraa,City and County rttktrtJu in atrle nod InU. FLAGS and TENTS for eale and rant. BOOMS DECORATED All CuvaM trlklM made to .rder DANCING CLOTHS J K. TVETONi CAEPEXTER. b VILUBE. AMD OOBTBAOTOB. Order* for Boom Carpentering, Jnbblnp, <* Oo ractor'a Work apeedily attended to. Shnpe and Office, )uRtf tsth traat. Mow B at BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ae. "THE AMERICAN ODD FELLOW." for May. 1 price 25 cent', r>-ce1Vt*i and for eale by STOt'KMAN A SUN. Agvnta for Diatrlrt of C<? lunibia, SSS 9th atreet iiorthweet, coraer of I Atao all thr new B<x-ka. Periodical*, Ar , and a full aa aortment ot Stationery, Picturee, Picture Fraiaee, Ac. mi) tr THE ROYAL DIADEM, ANEW MUSIC BOOK. Play and Profit in My Garden; by R..e Tbe Y'-m.g Mechanic, a Practical Tr-?ti?e Tlie Other Girla; by Mr*. Whituey. M<moirofa Brother; by Tli'maa Hnehee Literatare and D<-Ktua; by Mathew Arnold. Croquet at all pricea. Agency for STAlBkD GLASS WM B t LLANTYNE. ni9 tr 42* 7th atreet. near B. I^IST or NEW BOORS AT SHILLING TOM'S BOOE?TOftK, CoKMK 4>? St R iCT AMD Pes>* Avmi t Old Reneiiifrton. By Miaa Thackeray. Tbe Old Connteea A ae^cel to "Lord II >pe'a Choice.'' B> Mra. Ann 8 Stephana. Antiqultiea of Southern Indian* Tem pent and Tide. Paecarel B> the author of "Stratbmore" and ?'Under Two Flam." The Other Girla. By Mr*. Whituey, Author of " We Slrl?." A Fair Saxon. T.j Jncttn McCarthy. New Ketnediea. lor April, ltC3. Youug Men of Great Britain. A journal of amua lus and iiiatrnctive literature. M _ >yaof Eugland. A young gentlemau'e journal of and literature. A Par with Cbarlee Dickena. K-nelm Chillingly. B> Bulwer. Farm Baliada. By Will. Carleton. <llluatrated.i A large atock of BLANK BOOKS, PAS 0OK8 and MEMORANDUM BWOK8. NOTE PAPER. LETTER PAPRR, and PLAYING C MDS. at the very loweet prtoee- myttr ^GRICULTURAL BOOKS. Johnaton'a Agricultural Chemlatry f 1 71 American Gardener'a Aaaiatant f K Allen'a American Farm Book IKI H>-ijderaor% Gardening for Prott Ill Waring 'a Draining forFrolit and Ifealth IN Fullera Small Fruit Caltaiiat. 1 Ml Fuller* Grape Culture 1 M Fits'* Southern Apple Calturiat....?. S 71 Wright "a Practical Poultry Keeper Sou Langatroth on the Honey Bee t uu Band all >i Sheep H aabandry 1 w Borea Ownera' Cyclopedia. S 71 Tonatt on tbe Dog*. I 7i All the new books received aa aoon aa pabliabed by BICHABD B MOHUN * CO., a8-tr 1011 Pennn. ATenoe. corner Ilth atreet. 0TI0B. OPENING 0V A BBW BTAT10BBBT 8T0BB ABD BLANK BOOK MABUFAOTOBY. Flrat claaa goeda at felr arioeafor oaafe. LITHOGRAPHING, ENGRAVING, PBIHT1BC ABD BINDING DONE TO ORDBE. Tbe nkik an inrlwd to call sad exaatne our mam flock. BBB. V. FRENCH, Under National Matropolitaa uuri JIWIfUM BEHVpniMB BE?? a and next door to Jay Oooke ft Oo.V Mis-tt Waaklagtoa. DO. GROCERS. ^ ?. O'HARE k. SO!*, WHOLESALE AND BETA1L GROCERS. 1*13 7th STREET NORTHWEST. (Between M and N eta.) NEW Bl'TTBR! *NEW CREESE! 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 HAMS. SUCAB CURED HAMS 16c. PER LB 16 16 16 16 16 16 DOOLEY*S \ LAST PONDER GRAHAM FLOUB OAT MBAL. H?cker'a Whealen Grita, Hecker'a Farina, Bye Flour, Barley Tapioca, Sago, Manioca, Doryea'a Cora Starch. Was C and lea, Croea A BlacAwell'a Picklea, Col mau'a Moatard, Stickney i Poor'a Mnatard, OUre Oil, Qaucea, Salid Dreaaing. CINCIMBATI OLBIBE SOAP. Darvea'a Satin Glow StArch, Baker - Chocolate, Cocoa, and Cocoa Sheila, Broma, Pram-a, Currauta, Baiaina. MEDICINAL LIQUORS. Old Port Wine, French Braady, Holland Gin. Blackberry Brandv, Fine Old Whiaky,California Brandy. C. B. O'HARE k SO R, mat tr 1013 7th at. n. w., between M na<?. clou: EECEIfEV DIRECT from the Hilla In YALLEY OF TIBBIB1A. ill aell to taaillM M oeata far Nrre Pricea of SUGARS and TEAS nil CATAWBA WINE, ? : received from Pleaaant Yalley Wine ?S a gallon. B. H. BAOOB, TBS Market i Tth and Ml It I I I O L 0 T I O ? . Tb. ooUM >U I *jlfhobso rocaw. 1tbe paMk for tbetr lib KLPHOBBO TOUBOB. Having enent tbe na? twn ??a I I woaMtnkathta%fortmaltytoTh^T ereala. [aplStfl -WM, t-Tbnt ILS-JDOTR, SIS RAILROADS. AL?XAJD?I4 AW^BUIB*, */ J>< Sum w ? a. > *a4rta ?? 1 2. X. ?. S. ?*h--r trau.' L al Traiaa I- -a*e f * *>' 8. ? m ii.?. * '2 y > in fttxl 7 p. m.d?il< al! . u ?? ? L rnI Trui'i-fn?i Al<*?' Ina . t 33 n a ? ?> '? v ' 1 . itt 4*4 ??,*? " W *,*??' ?" ? f n, fr.?> Ai< xandoa .??!> *11 Ib.f in* '?"? Ut?a w. tu ?U K ic??. A M.r TBAIBSLKATB FOB _ baltihobk litltri Btl <*ur. MM ?. a., V 4*11?. UrrM He 1 0i' p m Buftinii*. Arc ?l?il> . e?i ??pi Pundity TBA IBS ABBITB AT WABHlNuToB a., Weaern Kit i , <?ilr, ascept _ Hall. AM a bi . Hail.dail). am j ?*at Piudar. r? Bip , 11 UNa a. Water? Bit , aday . dally 1 al a re Cincinnati Ri iiaih . i*r' ? SiMp.a., Baltimore At- IM f m . Pa itr C? eomntodatloD.daily.a*-, dally, e*c*pt !?un?l eapt Sunday 14* y ? .AooauL^J 5 fl p a> , Cincinnati Ki dally. araa.4allp, aacept Baa W * p a , ?. Hh. ni Ki - w- _ _ gr *?, dally. <t?c-pt Sea dail Water? (W MdH. uda* loa. j W aahtnxt'X) M< Band b'Maa aoA tj*i m conaecta Bowie wlta trains for MaiiLorv', laa> ina Bowl# ' * ami H t* a at . and IU| * . ar (ivliia al Marlboro' ?Uia aa4 It IS aad 5 * jii Train* artltiaa at Wabtnftoa fcM a. a *nd ? * tad tit a a , nawct at Bowl* with trams >a?iuc Har1b"^'T?k. ai aad 3 4U atd IS ? a. Paanuon lea*luc iWr ardata at TMM OBm> ooraa <7 Uth araa aad Penaaylraala aaaua* and aortbwa* eoma of bitth mr?4 and P*nr..? l?aoia sraaaa. caa ba*e tbelr bactace called M ai d chaofc ?d at hotels aad resldeaoa t<> all p. iota N nfc aod v?t Thronah t?ak?<a to C inctimal. ?"laiabns. Indianapolis. Xoni.*ine, Bt. L-als. ?fa Orl-aaa. oatraao.Osaaba. Ban rranctaco, aod ail points aortb. oortbvaM, aaa. E*,L,,Df^BET,tt^.1 M B B. TOrBO. CaaT Paa>> Arnl. :rl tf '?'HBOrOH LIMB PBT?BKNf2:^MD 1 WABBIBOTON.PHILADBI Mj H ^PIU, ABD NEW YORK Wi>l *aTo*. BoaMbar ?.tin .._Joabarwaan WABHIBtfTuk aad BBW tOB* ? ra ran m* f BOB BBW TOBB. rknu ?' baavadally iatCf-H Suuday i at 8.1K a. IB|. ?. BOB PHILAPKLPHIA. Laaaa dally tascap Suuday ) all a. m , \m aud I X OB BrNTtAT. baav* for Baa lurkatlBy m . aad PMiadri?Ma MIB I. a. Biaaytac can for Baa Turk oa |:H 9 m trala Tbmrn ttrkMa to Ph.lari*lphfa, Bra T?rl and Boatoa caa ba bad at tbr btatioa UBca at ail b^ura of tbr day. Kor B?ltla?r>ra and Obl<. railroad advarttapm?tjt aaa wibudaia titana \? BaJuaora. Aaoafo Ita and tba Waat. THUS B. t>H ABP, Aal Maat?* Trauvortatloa L M OOLK. Orneral Tn-k-l Arent. OKU t BQOKTK. Aaent. WaAiinftoa. Bai.tu.obb^ab^ oaFu WatBlNaToa, Jan. M. 193 1 Traiua b?rai in w ASH INOToJf ABD BALTI BO KB and WASHIBOTOB ABD TBB HBDTart aaa raa aa Ml. ?li. BOB BALTIHOBB Laaaa dally, asreat (tnndai. at 4 4f. fl <? ?r ? 4$ aadM:d> a. ?.: IM. l id. 4 10, I K. *.3U. C at and ? M OB HTBDAT BOB BALTIHOBB 9 BOB ALL WAf HTATIOB8 L*a?adally. amcapt 4:41.<41 aod IM A*. iBaalB a Ui , and H.u.d*> at 4 <4 n.J ai.,and lM.fa.s k. aad a^oTib Tha 14B.S U aod ill ? m trains al ?l?a fol ?owm? Matnua nnl>.?i> B ? ?< nl? (^?""i Aa?a#oWi jaacUaa, Harmvar aad Belay Hy.aM Pann'? Oroaaln*. BOB ANNAPOLIS. Laaaa at I ?? a. m. and 4 Id p. a>, bat ao tralb* to (roai A an a pola on Bondar BOB KUBPOLK. Laaaa at l?f a.,?if?yt Knuday. BOB ALL PABTS OB TBB WBBT baara daily, except Saturday aad Bvaday, at a.a aodl liandlBl a. On Batarday at 4 ? aad aad ?.? ?. and on juuday at I.U aad 844 ? ? TBA IBS ABBIVB AB BOLLOW8: Bro? Maa Tork, PUUadelphia aad Baltmora, al IK a. m , aad IM aa>! t My m. from Philadalpblaaad Bahtaaora at I Ma ?a. Br<an Baitiaiora at ID, ? M, I'M aod II M a. a., ?ad 1M. I:4?. IM. I M. T M I M aad Id* 9 m. BBOM TUB WBBT. Antra at 141, IM aod IiiBi. a Through UcAata U tba Waal aaa ba bad al tba ? Station Ttckat OMee at all b&ara of tba - ? ????"? *????? v?ce at all boara <1 tba lay, alao, at tbaOoa?yaa#VoSra, 4*4 Ptana) I?aula ?aaoaa. Paaaen?er* parrhaaia* ticket, at tba A*a jaa oBloa caa tbara arrange to hava tbetr I acnaaa ?lied for aadcbackad at tbatr raatdeaoa.tafcan to tba laaot, aad aat Into the baama* car. ^or Baa lurt, PhlUMWyjl* and Boatoa aaa ad r-rtieement of "Tbmaafa Liaa.** THOB K BHABPiTaaJt Maatar Traaa?or^(loa. L I. OOLB,O^oaral Ticket Alwt. OKO B BOOKTK OooT A'tTwaabtnatra )a? 1872 PBBBBTLVABU boctb 1^72 ro TBB BOBTHMBBT. bOLTB. ABO B<>OTB WBBT Trains laaaa as follows #aahinctoa... *M a. m. Bsitimora - ' ? ?? MrM a. m " ? IM f. ?. - IM ?. m - ? IM 9 ?? fB ?. a. " KM? m. TBB BBBAT BOl'BLB TBACB BOl TB, #ttb slsgaat Boar *y, Palaca Btala-rooa lay aad itabt cars, vHb aoian iaipr<>vaaa>nta. Tan basdnd alia aavad to Waatara aad Osati al flaw Tat, _ Tba MJI a. ? dally, accept Bandar - im B< dally, aad IM a. a- acept Mix1 *y. aa, Makb CoaaacvioM rbroafh froa BALTIHOBB la BLABABA aad f ITT8BOBO vftboa r* Tkcksts by tbia roate ?Jy*. *r?* at Penosylaala araaaaTaad :??? tickets al this Odkw em la Palaoa Oars fa Pita RD.B. TODBOj HOTELS. gassM of tbls boas* aaa raacb any a tba pabUc Salldlafli af tba aattoaal capital or aay piaaa at Raa data*b'afa?a' 'alwa Bhs ttas* sPtbs sad aa tba vbarra wtll Bad B to tbatr ifraa ?cpa ||TBOB? BOTBL, ?a. TBB 8 BTBBBT, Binmi Tn an Bra Brsaaia. yHI 1HPBB1AL BOTBL, JAHBB BYKKB, Pro^tmm. raoKTiaa PuMTirtiiu Arsasa. WasBiMio*, D. O.

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