Newspaper of Evening Star, May 27, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 27, 1873 Page 1
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TIIE EVENING STAR raMfcM lally, taatoyt nM|U4, AT THE STAB BUILDINGS, riTMia Atmm, m. Utt M, m irons mi mvini ndui E? M. MAWWMMJUTJr, *r,?4m$. TBI ITIXISC STAB ?a wnrt by ewtai to lk?b ir t rlMi u Tn Cutt ru wiu.or Fobtt Ioii i'un ra mo.*tb. Copies *> Dm ooaatsr Two dim ?acta. B; maT-thm BIB), " .Bi^oa* yaar, #4 THE WIIILT STAB?Pabllabad Frlday-fl Jl a f?*f V lat irUtl J ta idTuct, ia Mk mm, ul *? lo?m tfeaa paid tor. irfK? A MVS KM FATS. WALL R >EW VfCHi HOUSE, JOHN T. FOBD fro?r?rtor NIGHTS ASP SATURDAY MATINEE F? (?? ?.?nt f the br illtaitt |?uu( BCfer, MR. CHARLES >1. WALlOT, iM *m pr AKttnf in ihi< d?y ?( Mr. Ck^riti F ?* tei> tblilliacr>-aii't' i|r?iu?. THE t?WAMP AN1EL?; Ob. Tar OiTl.?w? iif c<anti^?. M Wale < ia hi? grw. t?*rs of HENPEKWIN. rrt?ep? wlmt of the N *? York Herald. Sue rtxl It t full <X?MP*NY OF DRAMATIC ARTISTS. Admier i. -d. SO an<l 75 cent'; reserved s-a'i, 7} centa and f I. }*ea:s for but erenins dttrisz th ? we-k caa now be wired Bt the Ofra flow. a?X tf WAJHMfiTOI THEATER C?OilQUB ? I El?-"~uth meet, aonrb Penusiltatua MtaiM > * LAST WEEK OF THE SE\??N OlYE ISA fil MI'EH AT PARTING ! Tb'- Pt palar Character Actor. . . MR WILLI\M DP VERB, the original bi <I veritable** MICHIGAN * \ ? , war fame, who wbk connoted with G ' r n aiand, and wbuw hair breadth see.* ,j i k advei.turen excel the m -t Tnid ' F*> *nl dar r n.B.-c*, Br.! have foi m-d th*- baai- t ^mins-* i>i ts tction, id bo great iaf-r?.n?l. .?* man J a tale Hit VAX ViMR- ?.'?* Till SLEKP OF T?E* lr, mhirh rmimre h* i? ? J ?> rui'D, xith n^w ?!>d b?tr /[?"id.iDlf ^ t e?.. ,?tnT.?^-, Ac , and ? P *-??rr. p roper Ol K re UAL TNIM1TA' ^r*S25^i&'uw ANCE NEW 8?>X '? E OLIO rCRFORM ' SB'" ?**, NEW DASCB9, T FBfPAY, Msg - ... .. War Hon*,OTTO B' AS."** OM mil bf prf<*0OtHl. ilffeAHik- whfB 11 friod biH JnJeVr^iS'i*" L*"1 ?'?*? If th" Sm? n E C MM a fu A K? ??T-r.,..r-alnS -T th- COMIgVE ADMISSlo to*!*? Vnrr-rT mf Rillimrtl * ? ? TO AtL ADtl/Ts. 4*ilv 9 ? a^r!^>T? jl<1 te iking ?a!o?'oa ^ til IN' MA' > r ^ ^ ^ wmuwtmm r r Mll|W? 1. mtl-Cf I/*1 ? I. n H A A L. Till - *NB ONLY TUI jEtday enenino, may j*, i?T3, \ h* P?m?n? HVIEI I1ITBRS, " t?- ir GRAND COLORED OPERATIC CON Mr _ ?*BKTTROlPB, " .W *LLArB KINO tb?- gr?*????? Itring c.tlorM ? T?-t..r bi J 'br p<piUr LrCA DROTHBRS .I'p^-i'ia. .M? B -er\"1 S-bi?, 75 ur-d at El ..? innate M?r?. aiH-4* Ott Hv 1 91 Eikititui iHiwH ?9S S sad Sal* I ?S? """ "A HAXUITRK" B?. 439 7ta atren, b-twi?t L> and I MrwM, a||M d?ur? aboTB lidd t?!!?? "? U*a. PSolce Oil Piiaimn, Er>^r*?h.?". Ch--ia<?. tf. Alat, la*:?al stock Paper K^nsitigv. window Sa%de?. Pictnrwa, Fra?.ee. Pw?ut Ovnla lad Tm WB^Te^M?t!A3H-' '* * Di-trte* Plewo- r-n - ait^rBawa Bad ?HWbf. )?! IT* All EiNcitf or oast-off weTmisg ap PAREL rac be ?iM U tbe rerj bv ad^ai;t^? *r addr??BiB?t ralliBK ?>* JL'UTH, ? 19 V atr?*t, batwaea 9th aoJ It* a. W. B<*te? fc? c.ail promptlr attended to Canh paid, fll OLD BOLD, SILVER, BRA?3, OOPPEB, Brr , lKn?ht at fair pik?* f-.r a New T??rfc honae. ? < na- I,--id rarnitnre b^ruiat ai>.l ? id. Botaaky nail nr'lj attnded to br AU0EN8TBIB. 1999 rjirawta avenue fll If' LADIES' GOODST Hbb c Ml?s JltitfP.MiCE, ?9 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' Ot laa c nstantlr oa hat.l a line aosormcat of IMPORTED P -NMT> STRAWS. CHIPS, FLOWERS. RIBBONS, Ar all of the ae???t de? *n?. La>l;ea CAPS and COI I - FI RES 4pet re<~eiTtd. a*5 tr LAD AND BAVB YOUB MONBY. R Lad tea who bar* Hair Bwttckaa that baT# faded fr. m os can have tbr-m restore,! to their aatural ?bade ia suaertor manner. We have a *ery larje aasr>raa?at of M Carta; *ery I"DK and haadn'iiii: Switches, my cfcaap Bow is tha time to bay at MADAMS B8TBBN S Hair ractory,919 l*h ? , -- r?0 itr??. mt-tr rVOTICB.?Barfaiaa are now being 11 MILLINERY rANCY GOODS, By |. LBNZBBRO * CO., _ aa-'r TOT Mark-t Spa#*, j^TAMPlNO DEPOT, ~ ?IT 1mm Stbbbt, Opposite Patent Ofiles ^ellibu wrr 1 SELLING orr I BT C(?ST, TO DISBOLVB rARTNEBSH1P, thf entire stock Or THB NEW YOBE BAZAR. 991 Sleuth street, uaar B. BO HCMBCG. CM BTABCM BNAMBL tbs bsat arttcls la tbs world for doina na Ltcae os Ua. It Imparts a beautiful gteaila tbc fabric, sats by Grocers. icBBHAM^CO^ BatUaaors. Mary m INSURANCE COMPANIES. T"? *???? T^s bweioass of this Company baa for year* be^n tb? laigeat *rt any similsr iifctrtuti n in the wurld. r. HBYBtt. OiytiAL Asm, ma??-Iy Hi and fi 7th street. w M. JO.<9E? ft CO., '' ? A't.ill ra?r??,w f. O llpmrtmoiu, Represent the following s<ros| Fir* lnsurancs (? n> aaai-s: THB GASMAN AMERICAN, OF N Y . THE an tr Cash Assets, tAT9.T49.IT. (/EAT WESTW^E mSl'RASCI CAPH AHSBTT IJM.44T 99 OFFICE, AO3 riFTEBNTH STREET, i>rrv*iTB TBSaatay oBraaTHaar. _?u"3m B W BATES, A coat. fHE IMCUSCi or TIIE BISTB1CT or COLUMBIA, Off ?mat* Ami Ut, un. Capital EM9.9WU. OFFICE Bo 1??W PBNBSYLVANIA ATBBCB. iOvia M.iat asCa Data Sioat.l Fresideat. t f a^ Ty' Gre^. Joba Ballsy, A. H Hsrr. T^.a;vw."lv1vi,,wa?m,r-1' or TM DISTRICT OF COLOMBIA OdTWAMZMV AVUV6T BB, 18TB. CAPITAL |1H.M? ?ttft EBRD E SOBS. aB Is 1914 F atrast aortbwe OOLD SPECTACLE, Ont B9, A tLEBB WHAEF,<e*y 9Uaad f bthu. , _ - .. I . ? L inW OV w O. T. ArLBE TWO CENTS. SPECIAL NOTICE Lrrthrt: Lrrchn' I*fi?orl*4 Swdiak I,-ech s Leeckeal b* *?pt f"t s?le, wholesale *"? hereafter itlwavs NATTANS, Druggist, eor ^ r'tail.l.y ARTRI R v. ?i. ' ' Jto il and D streeia ?<. rth AL?0 )? ? fresh supply of all ? '** *khv*b cinea. M"n,nm-r jf" Family ar:d Patent * Mi Caetnria.a sn' sf*; . _ Centaur Lh -^ttote f r Cantor Oil, fimnoim " ?***??> Am??? ^trer Invigorator, Schenf Mch' Ollniiciort, Wir 1 H'rb B-ttfri, C. /i'll'l'S Hyco-phoephatol, r ^Lirwr Oils of all kiofi, V* Jayne's H-dicines, RfJnibnld's Bur tin, Kenned)'a DteroTery. ?alxe and Lintwttit, Catarrh Remedy. Pierce's OiW?n Medical W*uiftr. Theee ard atl other Rem'dies of thr day at my popular low rathb for cask. _ ARTHUR RATTANS.ErogK t, m> 23 tr Si and D stfeMa ?orihv ?t. ?T* '?th* '? ?orU, ?be out? true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridtcil ,-js tints, ??> disappointment, harmless, reliable, inxtan black or l>rown; at ail dru^giju1. oixi 16 BoDd<ire*i, N?w York. EXCURSIONS, <fee. SK^.0Jl^2BA5D annual picnic or the * HIBERNIA BENEVOLENT ASsKX'IA- #% ?i-n of Wa*hinfrt<>n, D. C.. at L-ertl-r's f !f "IT Carden/New 1 ork avenue. TUI' RS /?? ?>AT. May ?. 1S7S Tickets f .r sah at D A.CJk B-rsuens, 910 0 street northwest. James B-ll-w'., J09 7ih street northwest, and of the m-mber* Tk tete admitting Pent and Ladies,?i cents. .it* f^BAND ANRl'AL PIC NIC ~~ WASHINGTON B^AKIRfl B^NEVOLENT AS of the District of ColnmMa, ?o be held at BEYEB 8 PARK, 7th STREET, Olf , TUESDAT, MAT *?th, Cr2lII"nr * *' ' o clock. fm The commute* of arrangements hare left n. ihi.i* nadone to make this the grand Pic Nic of the ?>???..n. f mmittee of Arrangements:? Chaa. S? nn-ider, ? ksirn.aii,C.8cha*b, win. Palk, L. Rewrath.Rh. ar i?n*im. Tickets, 40 cents, admitting a Gentleman and Ladie?. bMI ' ,?XCUBSIONS TO GLYMONT. Office or ihi Potomac Fkrkt Cosfist, 1 Btvilf 8trekt Wharf, J _ . _ _ WS?HlxeTo:*, Maf 11. 1373 \ On and altar Ja&e 1 ifc? st*aju?r W A W ASE T can be chartered U,r Excursions to Gly jpss-w mailt om Mo* days. Tuesdays. allays and Thursdays. The attain*-1 ??hi tfiSUS-. is mow la complete order, ba?ln? been thoroughly overhauled1 sac winter. Is be has a flee, commodious ?aioon on her mppar <Nk, and ia in every reapoct JF eicnrsioa bnsln^es. .hf. P"tBJ?g ?? mw beautiful, and Qlcmr,nt T ? c'naitb'O, having been thoroughly repaired ai>d th? vronods pu? in good order. Por charter, apply at office of Potomac Perry Company, foot ?T7u? street. niji 2w iJtoiug SUMMER RESORTS. |)ARkHlRiiT UOl&E, Ann tyolt). Junction. *. ricirant commit MU., situa'nl on 'h- A ? ? A Branch Baltimore and OhiiiV^AV K,;Ir ..,d Improveue ms ha' e been nml" XpjW I for the cnitort of guests e?inal t? any sumnrnein m , L' yfi wl'h families will And this H< uae a de?irabl? place f?r the summer for far ther information address Ba*** GEORGE BELL,*Proprietor. Y ATT051.?This beautiful and healthy summer resort. situated near Snicker's Gap,A. . A and snrri-uiided by the Blue Bulge tiH.un fffaL# tain, and within two hours ride by R R UBl frum ? arhiDgti>n City, will be open and iSECTlfr the recaption of gnesto by June l?t, 1S73 Am.mgst the iiuproTements since last year, is a flue piazza in 1!^.' K?ri^'tn' l***l??Q?et with ice, and a wano in the hou^e. An elegant stage coach will al?o LV? rT acc<?ma.o<1atii?n of Carders, and wUI meet the train* at Hamilton Dupot, W. A ?> R R whenever require. Th"e desiring to spend the summer in the country will address. _ _ A. O. WRIGHT, Hl" r- 0 , Londonn Co.. Va. P street northwest, for Inf rma tion In regsrd to the place. nils tf \\*?bT END HOTEL, AT L03IG BRA.1CH, M. J.t WILL BE OPENED ON THE 19th OP JUNE _ Applications for rooma can be made to A. > a 'S&VSV&JZ!VF?"-L'"" Btancb^^^^ D- 11. H1LDRETH. naU-UiMli ssr ri tiiK ,!;isra^7 MeaagtTen. C&ZJ?iVri}tnJ9917 to ,0B!I w KIN SELL, Offspring. V, a>hn,gton county. Md. m7 lm 1873 S"A,B i87,3 op SUMMER STYLES OP BLACK ALPACA COATS, DRAB D ETE COATS. DIAGONAL H0HA1B COATS, FRENCH SERCB COATS, LIGHT COLORED STBIPBD ALPAOA COATS A. STRAPS, the Clptkier, 1011 PENNSTLVANIA AVENOtE, tr'3~tr Between ICh and 11th Crests. <Dcy1Ih A Co., SEW YORK MERCHANT CLOTHIKRS THJC LAKUKST VARIETY OP tiOOLS FUR GENTLEMEN'S WB^R IN AMERICA. ALL CJIE MEW STYLES AT mtttr 1113 PnWSTLTAMlA AVEBCE. ^JARPETS, CAAPSia, CARPETS. MMW STORM! ftpfe |A **** assortmert of BR, CARPETS, 4ULOLOTH, MAT ?*. I TIRO, RCOS, HATS, Sc. m fjfbft. M. OYSTRR * CO. IMUSALR ARD RETAIL RRALRRS n ran butter and eggs. ("PHn.SDri.PHlA PRINT" RUTTRS A SPECIALTY.) CRRTRR ARB RORTRRRI X A BERTS. OTSTRR, O. OTSTRR, ,.F.0, EVENING STAR Washington Sews and Go Blip. Iktrr*al Hrvrhc*?The receipt* from thW source to-dty were |3J9,!)iRXI. A COWr*TTtTIV? EXAM1RATIOW to 111 by rro" motion eight vacancies of the third claw in the Pen-iea Office, will be held at the interior Department on the 7th proximo. Natal Oidiki Lieut. Commander Louis Knnpt) has been detached from the California and placed on waiting orders. Master J. H. Selfildpe has l>een detached from the Asiatic station and placed on waiting ordeis. Pkrpohal Speaker Blaine will assist in the Oh.o republican canvass. Mr. J. W. Bab hon, chief of the flnaoce division of the Pension Office, was taken quite ill last night, but was somewhat better to-day. I>*. Charlik H. Craoiw, of Georgetown, i will be nominated to the President, on his re- | turn to the city, as a member ot the board of trustees of the reform school of the District of j Columbia, in place of Heury A. Brewster, de ceased. Skuor Zakacora, the new Mexican com- , missioner, is expected to arrive here next week with the treaty between his government and the rnited States extending the time of the Mexi can claims commission two years. The com mission will resume its sessions as soon as he returns. How is That v<vr Hi?h??If Gen. Myer, chief signal officer of the army, decides to estab lish a signal station on the summit of Pike's Peak, Colorado, during the present summer it will be more than a miTe and a half higher than the stations on Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, and Mount Mitchell, in North Carolina. Improve* kits in Ordhawc*.?The Secre tary of War has appointed Col. Laidley, of the Watertown arsenal; Col. Benton, of the Spring field arsenal; and Col. Crispin, In charge of ordnance stores at New York, a board to visit ling land, France, Prussia, Austria and Kussia to investigate improvements in ordnance and ordnance stores. Thev will leave New York early in June, and be abroad several months. Clerical Promotions?The Secretary of the Interior to-day made the following promo tions to fourth-class clerkships in the Pension office, the gentlemen named having succees tully passed an examination before the civil ner\ice board of the department:?W. H. W'*b *Ur, F. W. Poor. C. F. Sawyer and J. R .Van Mater. Also, L. C. Cot and J. E. Carpenter to third-class clerkships in the medical divis.on of the same office. Keapt for the Km ka ? Secretary Belknap this morning recei\ the following dispatch: Chicago, ?' *y 27, 1*13. To '*? Sftrr'artf War <;rn. Augur telegraphs that Mexicans on the border are well please wltli the |>nni*hm''nt given the Kirksroos by McKen*ie. The remainder of the Kickapoos threaten retalia tion, but we arc ready for them if they come. P. 11. Sheridam, Lieut. General. The rROi.BAiiME lor the promenade conccrt tn the Capitol grounds to-morrow evening by the Marine band, commencing at six o'clock, is as follows:?!. March; Heinecke. 2. Over tine Triumphal; Gantes. 3. Introduction and Waltz? Departure from Petersburg; Gung'l. 4- Selections from Freischuts; Weber. 3. Poiaa Mazurka; Parlow. 6. Sounds from Home; Gung'l. 7. Pot|>ouri from Travidfa; Verdi. H. Introduction and Waltz Autograph, (by re quest;) Strauss. V. Finale. Forth* BcRRPtTor Phorqrafbrrs.?At the solicitation of a well-known phonograplier or this city, in daily receipt ot phonographically written postal cards. Judge Kdmunds, city post mast* r, has changed the color of the ink used ou the letter carriers' stamps. It was found that the black Ink so defaced the shorthand writing as to render many sentences Illegible. A light vermillion ts now* used, and It is probable that all i>o?tmasters throughout the country will be instructed to use the same by the Postmaster General. _______ Decoratio* Dat?Important Order rtf t\e Stcre'arj) t.f War The Secretary of War has addressed a letter to Quartermaster General Meigs stating that, for the purposeofdecorating the graves ot deceased Union soldiers, the national cemetery at Arlington will be under the control of tl?e Grand Army of the Republic on the 30th Inst., and that all organised pro cessions or parties desiring to visit the cemetery for the purpose or decorating graves other than those named above, can be admitted on any day subsequent to the one above named upon proper application. CotTRKKL TO 1?EF*HD ARMY OFFICERS.?A general order issued from the War department calls the attention of officers of the army to sec tion 17 of the act approved J une 22,1970, enti tled "An act to establish the Department of Justice," published In general orders No. 80, i headquarters of the army, adjutant general's office, July 1,1870. and a strict observance of its requirements?bv which the subject of em ployment of counsel at the expense of the Uni ted States is placed solely in charge or the De partment of Justice?is enjoined upon them When a necessity arises for oouasel to defend officers in cases connected with their public du ties, the matter should be reported through in termediate commanders to the adjutant gene ral, lor reference to the Department Of Justice. Thk Credit Mobilirr 8vit.?In the suit or the government against the Union Pacific rail road company, the bill of complaint filed at Hartford, Connecticut, includes also the credit mobilier, Wyoming coal and mining, Pacific and Atlantic telegraph, Pullman palace car, and Omaha bridge transfer companies, and also John B. Alley, the executors or Oakee Ames and J as. Brooks, and a long list of others, all connected with the Union Pacific company. It goes over the legislative history of the road, the relations of the company with the government, and r?sites the failure of the company to comply with the acts of Congress, and especially the failure to pay interest on the g;fi,23K,jft2 thirty-year bonds issued to the company between May, 1866, and July, 1870, by the government, which said inter est was paid by the government An aggregate net liability of said company to the United States on said interest account remained on the 1st of Januaty, 1473, of the amount of 96,um,708, making the aggregate liabilities of the company at that date on United States bonds lamed u the company, principal and intereet secured by a lien, under act of Congress, on the pro pert' of the company of S33,435,?ll. The balance so 5* toting by reason or non-payment of Interest by the company is rapidly aooumfaatlng. The Lou islam a Priso****.?An action has been commenced at New Orleans against M. M. Cohen and C. R. Bailey, charged with an at tempt to assassinate Gov. Kellogg. Gen. Le Blanc, the oommander or the for?ee that lately attempted to dispossess the Kellogg officials at St Martinsville, with others, were brought before the United States Commissioner, hut no overt act being proved against them, feey were discharged. A diyorcr CAS* la St I ssli the other day toak a very singular and mj at or lens tarn. The seaaendeni. a Mrs. Hill, tisHSil ?hat it had kriis agriM kjhmnlf and the plaintifi that if they.did get a divorce they would marrv again, We shouldn't suppose that judge or jury wwwkl have maoh difficulty fa disposing of such acase as that; hat the ways nfmanWd peopl&sre really past finding out ^ TuAalhib BcrcniT o r Puwnu by Carluo4?The Spanish minister or Assign aflslrs has sent a circular to the representatives ?.5$?,*S2r'?2 lists, and mqpssting them to convey the infor mation of these ontragee to the governments to which they ctngeopoctlvoly aocmdtted. A Wbols FaJuxv PoieowRD?The family of Frederick Bnetef, fa New York, eona sting of hashand, wife, aad two children, have won poisoned. It to supposed, from eating partially cooked ham. The ntfa died on Sunday, and Buckey Is not lxftrte| teHvo. Tr ied to as TuiP Td-*o**ow.?The time tor netting fa epneiirflme te fan fifteen new Indwtmrnu against Tweed, fa New Tork, has been extended fa te-mesne e, far whieh Say the trial ef the big indictment to also set A Historical C*akact*r Drad?Colonel Timothy Msnw, who rnmmeaitod the Oth march to WaehlBetesT^vfa AanageHeffisdlfiiu^ gay at Lynn, aged CT. mr All the Illinna [oiitieiane are writing tot tCi- ^ V??S8S, THE COIIS. ESSIONAL EXCURSION THROUGH THE SOUTHWEST. Tl>* C*?lry-Tl? ?? the ladtMn Katloa-Tke DmIuUm or (k? Ck?r*kc?i Over Ike T*??r Trtfc??-Tlw Fe?A* A?ii|?l ti? ChmktM-MlM NMret mDmIU' ?lll [ Editorial Corr'*jr>ndenc* of 7V _ Dejusow, Texas, May 18,1ST3. The f?t. Louis What-i?-lt Convention of Con gressmen ind others that met to iliicnw, no lo-ly exactly knows what, and continues it* labors hy an exploration that is to end nobody (up to the present writing1) exactly know* where, has swung round the halt' circle to this point. The " Congressional Convention," in voked in the interests of cheap transportation. and of water tr. n*|ortation as opposed to that by rail, founo itself embarrassed by proposition* to conflicting, and of so wide a range that it became evident that nothing short of some great log-rolling scheme embracing all the different interests, and footing npan appalling aggregate depletion of the Federal treasury, will bring oat any practical results from all the talk at St. touts. A ship canal around Niagara Falls, the dee|>en ing of the mouth of the Mississippi, the con struction of canals through Georgia and Vir ginia across the mountain range dividing t>>e Mississippi valley from the Atlantic, ?ere among the incongruotfs projects urged. Of these, one only?the deepening of the mouth or the Mississippi, is likely to stand any chance of endorsement b;- strict construction legislator* opposed to tl' j enlargement of the powers of the general goveriwnent; and it is doubt ful if any permanent Improvement of the Mississippi navigation can be made Justifying any large governmental expenditure. The practical re sults of the meeting at St. Louis were In en abling the Missouri folks to show the wonderful extent of their mineral and other resources, and to set forth the ground for their faith 111 the theory that' nothing can prevent the Missis sippi valley from becoming the center of hiuuati power." TUB RAILROAD TRIP. It was rather a curious feature of the whole business that the cheap transportation conven tion, per canal, should have been gobbled up by the railroads at the closc of its St. Louis sit tings, and carried otf in triumph in a train of Pullman sleepers, amply provided with creature comforts, to see what the railroad men are doing In the Soutli west. The party left St. Louis Fri day morning Ly the Atlantic and Pacitlc rail road on a trip that, as originally blocked out, projo^ed a vis?t to Galveston through the In dian tcrii'ory and a return to St. Louis through Kansas and Sedaiia, Missouri. The newly tinished lines through the Indian territory and northern Texas alt'or-l complete rail connec tions between St. Louis and Galveston l?y a much shortened route. From St. Louis to Vi nita, In the Indian territory, we followed the At antic and Pacific railroad, whicl: hai> been completed to that joint, a distance of 3<>o nnlc* fioni Si. Louis In Its course towards San Fran cisco. This road proposes to reach San Pran C'.tco in miles from St. l/ouis. following the Smetal line of the 3-r>th parallel; while Tom eott's Southern Pacitlc railroad runs some three degrees further south; both line* coining together, however, at Albuquerque and diverg ing again beyond that point. PAffSIKO THROl'UH THE 1MDIAK COCHTRV. The ma n interest in the trip thus far has been In the past-age through the Indian coun try. Captain Jack and the Modoc business has brought up the question, HWhat to do with them?" to everybody in the country. The anomaly was presented by our day's ride through the I ndian territory of railroads running through one of the richest tracts In the country, and no where a sign of the usual development and im provement that follows the Introduction of rail road facilities. With the exception of en occa sional hovel, with an accompanying patch ot cultivated ground, the country was almost as silent and unoccupied as the alkali plains of the Great American Desert. The reason is that there are less than 50,000 Indians scattered over a territory of 45,000,000 acres, or a larger space than all New Kngland. Two-thirds of this vast territory is arable ground, and of the portion passed through by the railroad, scarce an acre is poor land; but the Indians do not like farm ing, and they do not like railroads. TALKS WITH THI INDIANS. We took dinner at Vinlta, the Junction ot the Atlantic and Pacific road and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas road, and while there the members of Congress and others held a number of talks with the Indians gathered at the sta tion. There are some twenty tribes gathered in the Indian country, and tbelr proportionate numbers are about as follows:?Cherokees, 15,WO; Choc taws, 15,000; Creeks, 13,090; Semi nole*, 2,300; Chlckasaws, 5,000; and so on, dwindling down to some petty remnants of tribes numbering a few hundreds each. The Seneca*, 'or instance, are reduced to one hun drod and fifty in number. There are also in the Indiau territory about 12,000 negroes and 3,000 whites. The Cherokees and Choc taws are, therefore, the most powerful ot these tribes; and Vinitia,

the point where we were stopping, is in the Cherokee allotment of laud. A bitter feud ex ists in this tribe between the Ross party, headed by William Peuu Ross, the chief of the Chero kees, and the Boudinot party, headed by Col. E. C. Boudinot, (well known in Washington,) whose rather was assassinated by the Koss party in consequence of tne part taken by him in ad vocacy of the removal of the Cherokees from Georgia to the present reservation. The Boudi not party, representing the more progressive portion of the tribe, favor the abandonment of tribal relations, the citieenixiijr of the Indians, and the division of their lan<n amongst them in severalty. The plan advocated by Boudiuot propose* to give every Indian?man, woman, and child--ItV) acres of land, inalienable tor a term of years, so that It may not be sold for a *ong by the owner; and the remainder of the land Is to be sold by Government to be held in trust as a perpetual fund for the Indlaus. The plan proposes a territorial form of government, i"? tar as consistent with the treaties with the C herokees and Choctaw*; the establishment of V. 8. courts; the right to representation in Congress by a delegate. &c. The party of progress headed by Boudinot are opposed not only by the Rossparty, but by two other cliques, headed by William Penn Adair, (WUUam Psnn is a favorite name, nat urally, amongst the Indians,) and Clement If. Vann, who though contending against one another in the main, unite In opposing the Boudinot party and m keeping up a sort or In dian ring tor tfceeontoot of Cherokee aft aire and the Cherokee funds. William Penn Rose, the present chief of the Cherokees, Is a nephew of the famous John Ross. He is a graduate of Prinoe ton College, and is a man of tne scholarly at taiitfnents, and a polished and eloquent speaker, bnt lacks moral courage and physical force. Ross has very Uttle Indian blood Adair is a man of less culture, but more vigor. He is a baU'-bk>od. Vans has very little Indian blood. TiaeoKAios or lovb. We have had numerous instances, from the or John Rotfe down to re married Indian Some of the brigbtsst and most attractive aen ben of Washington society ate the children of Indian mothers. Bat here la the Cherokee 1 of tree love seises to have I, aad there are aamerons roman tic lnrtances of women of high social position, beauty aad wealth, abandoning civilised life to tahe Indian husbands. Tears sgo, Ktias Boudi , {OUhor of Cel. ?. C. Boudiuot), end John at Corn well, OonneeticaL a KHu 1 sen of New Jhmey induced the hoy to adept htoaaasaT OthMatoek a fhney to hla.and amongst theaa Miss Gould, of Link add, Ctsnnmnykslfefllng to<?e of State. When theal Gould and joum there wae a row a the family _ mamty. The young Indian was hun* fn HH*y, the young lady. The only friet>4 the ytrirv* couple had in their love wai the gir '? mother, Mrs. Gould, who finding her lUufLur'i affections were fixed on her Indian lover, 5are her Ountenance to their engagement ii'tcr crosses euough to make op tlie staple ot a three volume novel they were married, the wife left home and home comforts to follow hei husband to his wigwam; and unpromising a? the pro*pect mighisecm. the union was a happy one. John Ridge, too. hail his love affair while at school, and married a Mlsa Northrup.of Con necticat, an accomplished and beautiful girl. John Koss, the late chief of the Cherokee*, married a Miss Stapler, a Phila<lelphia (Ju 4ker ess; and the second wife of l>ewis iMwning who succeeded Ross as chief, was a Miss Kvrs. a Philadelphia lady of wealth and high social jostion, who, full of enthusiasm for tl??? noble red man. voluntarily abandoned closed life to seek a home amongst the Cherokee*, and on the death of I K>wning's wife she married h.iu and devoted her wtalth to the education of hi* children. mh Of the six children born from the marriage ot Klias Boudinot to Harriet Gould, two are no* "??ng?William Penn Boudinot. who publishes the Ch<r<*ef Adrocatf, at Tale.iua, the head quarters of the Cherokees, and Klias C. Botidi not, mho, m above sUteil, he?<li the movement of progret* among* the Indians. The Atir? ?*e U.pTi?lt<* ,n Cberab* alphabet, invented by George <iueas?SffuoyaM, and which tbo Bondinot father, who *'??'started the Alrv-at> first in Georgia. Elias C Boudinot was educated at Burr Semi nary, Aermon*. afterwardsitadM law in Ar kansas, and took a leading practice at the I nlted States courts at Van that . of ^ yeAn prnctloed in the i nlted States courts at Washington, and it has been uaaafe fbr him to stay in the Cherokee country on account of the enmity invoked 1 ? because of his proiresivt doc ikdiait skcrbt socirrr. The Cherokees bare a closely organ! sad secret society called A><ta?c<a*, but which out siders style " The Pins," lYom the fact that the members at first wore a pin of peculiar ihape in the front of their hunting shirts. This society. It is alleged, has a ?? Danlte" feature, under which it assumes to pass upon human life obnoxious to the order. In voting upon the life of a victim, the district councils first take action, an4 this has to be indorsed by a t?*o thirds vote of the supreme council. A com mittee to execute the sentence Is then ap|*>inted Boudinot (K. C.,) who is of our party, has been warned that his death has been decreed by ?? 'J he Pins;" and a dispatch was ?ent to him op the road from Vinita by a friend, advising him to turn back, as a "committee" of the Ktrt?tak were looking for hiui, consequently there was a little nt.ple of excitement when the stopo^e wa* made at that j>oiut and various squad.* ot Indians?tull-bloods, and others?were seen about the station waiting for the arrival of the tnun. Boudinot, who U a Hue-looking npecf* men of manhood, with a noble head and cour ageous- eye, ste|.|?-d out upon the platform, and was surrounded by his |?ersonal friends, who seemed to be tolerably well armed, according to the custom ot the country, and it was evident U there was any knifing or shooting to be done, it would not be confined to one side Nothing occurred, however, of a belligerent nature. Among the Indians met here were several lull-blood.-. and these all expressed hos tility to railroads. The following it the tei.or ol a conversation: " C.mgr*?tman.?Why do you object to railroad through your country? i d,,D t want U>em. Some may like them, but we don't. C.y^n^n-t you get better prices for nliat you have *o sell? R'J .Wan?No; we got better prices before the railroad was built. Produce is brought in on the road cheaper than we can raise it? CoHftrtstman?How is that? You pay no taxes, have nothing to pay tor the land, which seems to be wonderfully rich; and vou are rwht on the ground. How is it that the people of Mistoun and of Texas, who have to pay taxes, and ten per cent on thair investment, as well as transportation charges, can send in their pro duce and undersell you? #?* *?"-We dont llke to work in the same way the white man does; and our law does not allow us to hire white men to work for us. Be fore the railroads we could sell all we raise* at good prices to the travelers passing between K ansas and Texas. Wa could sell corn then for a bushel, now it only brings 50 cents. We could sell prairie hay then for a cent a i*o'ind riow it doesn't pay for catting. Ttoi* is wna' the railroad ha? done for us. ?intTa, (named for Yiiuiie Ream, the sculptress by some of her admirers in her native West,) ia at the junction of the Atlantic and Pacific rail road, and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas read, and promises to be a point of uo little import ance when the Indian country is opened up for settlement. At present, with the restrictions ui?n white occupancy, (except of whites who have married Indian wires, and are thus held to be Indians,) It now consists of a station house, store-house, and two or three small 4upon ?Bobi?,weu ?r ground, skirted by water-courses, fringed with timber, a fine view of perhaps forty miles in every direction is presented, the prospect beinc very much that ot KnglUh park M*n?rr in the appearance of rich men Uwns^totSd clumps of trees of a deeper green. In fact, all through the Indian territory there ha* been a neral expression of wonder and delight at the auty and richness ot the country. K. The Ken tisvcmisat sf fraece. macmaiiok'h adukkss To the aoskmkly? bob'tv TO L**D ? Rt,,u?LItA* *<? pJ'I.6 *nt M*cMahon sent a message to the Awembh- yesterday. It was read oy In . J Broglie. The President says: "I am ammated by respect for your wishes, and will always scrupulously execute them. The Na tional Assembly has two great tasks?the libera tion ot territory ard restoration of ord<*. The first was ably conducted by my predecessor with beroic^.tience.and I rel/.nyou to^mjwh the other. I shall follow the foreign policy of my predecessor. I wish for and the restoration ot the army, desiring only to restore *2? re**,n ,or "ance her rank among the nations. The home policv will be ^ The Mministration must be Imbued witli a conservative spirit. I will appoint to office tors of the law, de lend society against factions, and stand as a tyottr "wvwi"' w111 ? The Orleans Princes were pre snt In the As sembly when the question aa* taken on accent :J5 SSSSiZ"?*' Thiers has Informed t 'ie members of the Lan. ?*n^ri i i ^ 1,1,1 seat in the As sembly to-day, and will Uke his plaoe on ttieir scoompanled by late Ministers l?a L*ar?'-*cr?*r and Say. The whole Lett haaOoat^nponayolicyof oonstituUonal op potition to the new froTernmeut. . Thb Beitisji Pailuvut Still Gkikv t*6 Ovm thi Gkieva A wabd.?The British Mouse of Commons lmt night, while la owunT toe on supply, took op the" tern or the payment ?? Bentinck declarad that Gov am meat policy on this question had own humiliating and degradius. The isim. aeat should hart broken off the negotiations at 'jsb rszisHS ewninod the conaeqroiwaaf?r tab subJoctaof fixingIhaoSTSf^SSTar?L wwiider. Gladstone *?????% indirect claims by the * ?IrumuT!!!. ^ ueoaic Mreatoard.anrftbeitemwaa agreed of this citv met laM '??olsod to keep their saloon* next Sunday. By acting ia ooneert ??-? tit^i to overwhelm the city aMboriUaa mET.SSZ? . k'O CBOLBBA?We k*M Kew Orlraaa by prirato ?*t baa been prompt*^ B Wrttt miA?, -- ^jpib ? TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB This lfteriMBl DIipatckM, ? ASSOC LA TID PRLSS EXPORTS. o Tkt LmI?Um UitnMnki|). K(U(?k'? H1DI OV TUB wsteovkwt Niw Ynit, M>) 1*7?A New Orleans special say? that the colored supporter* of the Kellogg government held a largv meeting M Median cs* Tr>i>'i;ate Iwt evening tor the purpose ot tr ranging tor better presentation ot their cause to the people of the whole country. Lieut.-Gov. Anteine presided, and Governor Kellogg nixl several or hi# proniiuent state officials were on the platform. S|<^eck<ft vert made by leadiug colored orator* of ihc state. Kt solutions were adopted asserting that Kellogg was legally e'ecttd. and that his supporters were shame lessly abused aul deprived ot their right* .act fall. also, providing tor the appointment of a commute* whose duty it shall be to send north some ot their ablest colored orators, and organ ize in everv parish of the Mate a committee for the collection of evt.lenee ami the selection ol witnesses, and tc do everything that is a<-<-?? ?arv to remove the misapprehension in the north of the state of all air* in Louisiana, and to present Kelk<gg's case iu the strongest light betore Congress next December. OH. D1 (U*C AID HIS ?*. I.. L. Martinet, the member ot the Kelktgc legislature, who made the affidavit on which ? it ii. I>e Blanc and nine others wore arrested for conspiracy as defined by the ku kMix act. testified at their examination yesterday that he made the affidavit on the strength of Inform* tion which led him to fear that the colored peo ple might meet the Grand ParUh fate, un'? preventive measures were u?ed. His informa tion was In the form of a letter signed by five persons, who, when called upon the stand, knew nothing against the prlsooer*. aud men mentioned in the affidavit aa having been inti midated, and whose names It is uadsr?U>>vl were filled in after the affidavits were signed, were eqosllv ignorant ot anv wrong mi the |>af t of Mn. Deplane and his n? u. Martinet ad mlttrd that he had consulted with Kellogg and Mr. Billings before making the affidavit, but refused to say whether they adviaod it or not I?e Blanc ami hi* associates' were prompt It dis charged. I nited States Commissioner Shannon *aying that the "defendant* had been unju-My put to the ex|K-nse of time and money, but tbis is an expen.-e the> must be content'to endure for the good of the bodv politic.*' O Kew Vsrk Mste?. TILLOW JACK. Ntw VoRK, UM ?The captain." ot the ?hi|* Nornen and H W. M inr. from ltio .la neiro lor New Vol k, died of yellow lever on the voyage. Yellow lever patients are beginning to "arrive at quarantine. A LAEttK MEETIX4. OF ?WET>K? was held last night, in the interest of 8wedt*b tm grants and the Swedish emigrauou society tnnd. lUiiU 1 EOTHER* 8EALV WEUE AKBE'TKt) YESTERDAY, on a charge ol heavy fraud* in the hat b-i-iticse in Newark. THE TRIAL Or INHN KKl.tTV on a cLargeof murder, iu connection witli the Pattenhurg riot* in New Jersey, resulted in acquittal. A WOSIAJ'# jr*r FRO* A SBCKSD STORY WIS DOW. Margaret Lyons, a cook, was found in the area of Joliif W Kiias' liou-e, on 53d street, last night, having jumiteii from a *ecoiid storv win dow to escape fiom Klia*. The latter was ar rested. The woman is seriously injured. FATAL STAKKtXn ABill'T A UlRL. S. Maguire aa* arre-ted in Brooklyn for fa tally stabbing dames Hams dunu^ an alt>-rca* tion' about a_gul at a picnic iu Gowanu* yes terday. THE ITVIIAt OP JAM** W. WALLACE took place at 11 o'clock, from the P. E. Church of the Transfiguration, Iter. Dr. Houghtou of uciatini;. Among the pall-bearers were A. Oakey Hall and Recorder Hackett. TBI TRIAL OP TAIRTOB, the defaulting cashier of the Atlautic bank, ha* been )*cstponed till the J une term ol the L'uited States circuit court. THK MAYOR, CONTROLLER, ABDCOriUL of the city have sent a request to the legis lature for the passage or bills empowering the the ini|>osition and collection of taxes, a- the new city charter as lately passed virtually rcj'i als such powers. tm Ctak. RErrei>o mormox moiiy to decorate S"LDI Bits' OKATKI. Salt Lake, May M.?At b meeting of dis charged soldiers to-night Instructions wore given to the general committee to return all moneys contributed to defray the expenses ot decoration day to the donors. This action wa in consequence of the solicitation of funds from Brig ham Young, Elder Wells, and other Mor mon leaders. SPEAKER RLAtXE AND BEIOHAM VOOiO A local newspaper save that Speaker Blaine sat In BHfham Young's private box at the theater. Tbis Is not true. Mr. Blaine did uot call on Bngham at all. nor did he, like most public men who visit here, permit the Mor mons to pay his bills. Brigham met Mr. Blaine on the cars, and in a conversation which fol lowed the Speaker talked very plainlv to the Prophet concerning the i?olitic'al statue of this territory. Arirous ladlawi Defeated Sam PraXOSCO, May 30.?Company A, 1M cavalry, which was sent from Prescott by Gen. Crook ou the 1st of April to cooperate with the troops engaged against the Apache-Mojave In dians, found a band ot savages at the head of Dale creek, on the 6th inst., and fought them. In the action live Indians were killed, and all their provisions and b.anWeU captured. Imme diately after the tight the oomnaud received orders from Gen. Scbofield to proceed to the Modoc countrv. The latest reports from Ari zona Indicate'that there will be danger of au other general Indian war should the cavalry be withdrawn from that irmior,. AIIshik lki-??ier. MANGLED HoDlKP I > TM* IICRKK OP TBI WRECK. New York, May -T?A 11 ilifax d A patch states that wreckers 1'rv.n tue Atlautic report a large quantity of the im*o is ft.ul in the vos *1. and the sides ol th?* vi?? -1 h iring fallnn in on the cargo, makes it* r<?*????: very difficult. The blowing out of the eld-** of the veesdl by powder mangled mam bodies beyond all |>o*i blejecofuitioii, and the diver.- ?4v li?..*U. arms, legs, ana feet are strean on i. ?'i?mu in all directions. The bodie* found r? titlr? the most careful handling or they will -trop in pieces. The portion of the cargo rc*-?i-d and sold at Halllax brings good prices. Mat I?I Agrlrultaral t'sagrm. Ikdiaxapolis, May SI?Delegates to the national agricultural congress, which convenes here to-morrow, have commenced arriving, aiid nearly all the states and territories will be r presented. Additional importance is claimed for this meeting by the rapid spread of the t erm ers' movement and it is expected the mblect of transportation will be the most prominent in its deliberations. Cixcixeati. Ohio, Mae 27?While on an ?xcarsion train Sunday between Lexington. Ky., and Winchester, aa altercation ensued between two i olored passengers, named Jaah Bradford and John Pearson. Bradford shot Pearson; after which he cat his head nearly off and then threw hi* dead body from the train. Bradford was arreted. Wi * Saw Feawchco, Ma/ *?Pew thoesawd Indians have agMbM at Hew Westminster from all parti of British Colombia. ander tkt pretext of heldta* a coaaett. if ? ' to nfMlllM. New You, Mar The Yeflowseoue expe dltiea Is especi-d to ant with hot week, and no correspond* n|i * clTiUaag wlU ?a?w? wMhtt. j JSmSS??^' damn?e has be> a dowe le the eeepe by iniriw ralafi lartac tkc paat weak. tn uplo?atii>? ><jt mill law**. Aiua>?ku BHTft. IbrM^TItytu'T'. paity of ll? UiMitUi T?(<^r*Biiu?l mtm, ?[<>? *5'**. m*!"! exploration* *1 the And Aria J&bT" A "nl^phi^Sjptp *d?7he IlilMBftW. (UtlMd bl UIM Of th? Mtpl |m Ken taken. which. u t, rtaaaaaml, will debmtoly *ert1e tae (twil c*Wt tw*io? A plan o< rai? idlv taking aiutwde* <4 mw. >4?, Ar., Invented by dm ol Um |>>tt]i, U mM It work ?ilunUj-' riRt ixr loo* oru.tri I?jtp?'K. Mav 27 A fire. attend ><1 witk a lamentable )<w*"of life occurred this MtiM In Berkler Square *l? " to eacape from tkc hut aiag buudtaif k*4 per ish<d,and au 0U1. r* ?e? injured by lalltagl walla. No water was available, and ths *prrad with great raplditr. miTK"i r<>? r? twra. I/oanos. May C -A apecaal du|?lck fr I'm 1* to the lxxxioti Tim-, ?r> the ik? Presck govtrumcnt baa reached to adopt a frwo-trade poller, and al*o to tcduor the military nptMli TWIBBB. It w ?tsted im tlx -am. tlu>i>aurk that Prei dent Thicr* will rwunr b? literary labors. v-hahow m ri at mi mu or aowes. Tbe f/rw* ha* a *??< ial from Berlin, mrrr in* tbo Mm that It I* th? m< m<-at ?ptaton tn the lurnu capital Ika! rra?Hl?ni McMaboa carnal that President McMaboa u l prove aoounterpait of tien. Mon.-k, the restorer of the house of Stuart to the Pnglish throe ?, and tkat hl< ele 'w? heralds IffttiMUt rt iteration in Franco. ? Tkr PrMbylrriaa brariwl i?wnbly. Halt1 nona. Mat St.-The general aMnhly of the Presbyterian fhttrrti (eleventh 4?tr) ? ?nened with praver by Rev (iiwp liutfiold, ul Michigan. ike report of the committee ?'* ?l*ll>T?Rlal. ?r?TSKTATIoa, with the accompany lug resolutions, ww taken up. The preaent 'arvtcm of suatrntatloa, it* (ontinaance a* a *ej?aiiite *c kerne, or oonmllda tioit witk tbe board of borne bioiom was ear tw-tly darttwi'il lor two hour*. l?rs Van l>rke, of itrooklya. Campl>ell, of bucbert?ti BacV ?, of Baltimore, and otker* taking part. Tbe ro jort of tbe rout* ft tee. witk a resolution tkat tke sustentaflon a. heme haa the confidence of lht> assembly at> a w isely farmed and wail oon ? lukk-d plan, and tbat it I* no longer to be re garded a* a mere svMWiaaeat, wai final I v adopted. The committee ww continued, and I * Jacohua wat reappointed aecrvtary 1 the committee. yjp ^|| m Krwr Tor* Ma) "T.- Oold opened at ll?%, betweew which and HT \ all bw?incaa kaa keen doaae,the present g notations being l<?v On (old loan* the following have b?eii tke rates tn the order <inotrd 4.3, 4^,4, * and 3 per cent lor carrying, and fat. Foreign exchange, not withstanding tbe decline In nrenatam. con tinue* weak, witk | rime ?terltng quotrd at l?*ami ItW^ respectively, tke counter rate* hat tog been rc<lnc?d tliu incruing to Itv % and W*'\ A telegram trom Waahln^ton aartt tkat ?.< 'Mio.nonot called ^ Jo lw?nda bare beon ro orived nt tkc Troaewrr to ilar. la tke aoaev maraet there la an lncr>m>tnf ewpply amilable tor call loan*, which Mtock kroa<-ra obtain at ?nc i-er cent., T being nota tke exception*! rate. A i'wwri|.nif ladlaa Nk? Vobk, May T.?A Waekinirton ?i>ecial (Ivan a letter trum Indian CommtaMonor smith, to agent Mouteitli, at Lawai, Idaho, itiMructing htm that prohibiting Catkoticaor any other denomination from holding service aaiong Indiana (nltlioogh Montetth claim* hi* ayener ai> a I'reebv U-i iau iiuej la wrong, no re U^ion lcit'g entitled to recognition over any otlicr. ? Sen Laglam! fiemaa kafiragr At HaUaw. B"#Tti|t, M ?y Tt?TUr lourtk annual gather ing of the New Kn^land woman purtrage arno ciatton in Tremont temple attract* lew atten tion in point of nam here tkaa anual. The fpoekerf include many veteran* in the eanae. who abow no diminution in earnoatnoaa and l.oieof Olumph. The Ma>?tnrhuaetui legx>la twre t? vipirouilt' <tenownred for It# recent rwtea giving fufltage adrocate* leare to withdraw. Blake*. Ari any, Mar &?ike decision of tkecmn* of Apjo-alu in the caa>> of wtlf not be itiidcred for aetreral dava. Dcalk at a llt.iKW Sag. St. Lor IS, May S..? Mawbrit'i lcui|>U. tbe taiinoi* ?tnllioii. u>e<l Sandav. He waa trained at aio.ww. The PavwevLTawia Coal Tradb.?The coal trade continue* to improve. Orders are in good supply and prices are Arm. The Indication* all l?otnt to the fact tkat there will be a demand tor all tke coaU tkat can l>e mined and put into the market thin aeaauu. The Read tag rati road com pan* glre* notice of an ndranoe of tolls, of 10 cent* per ton, from and after tbe 'id of June. Tka being a aBeond advance eg Ilk* amount, Uic trade and all coBeaaaere will probably aee in it Um policy of tke oawaay to maintain price* and secure a* fhr a* It eaa an even trade t hroagbowt tbe aeasew. A certain aaaoaot 01 oeal i* required for tbo ywaj. and tke eapacit* ot tke erecral carrying cotnpantca la limited The more equally the tonnage ia distrtkwted througbout tae eight month* of tbe ooal year the more cheaply can it be bandied and fur niahed to ooaauaaere. To encoweage early order* prices of coal and toll* are atarksd at the mini mum rate* and steadily advanced with the ?ca aon. Rv this policy tbe late ( oyer* do not bare ad\antage of those who coma earty?no. Ltd f'r The 1)klaw abb Fbcit Caor?The Middle town Transcript add* tt*.testimony to the other IMaware papers tkat tbe frwtt crop tkstw la to be a rood one this year. It aay* that, althawgh the i^ack crop ia badly injured ib its own Im mediate section, yet re|<orts from other part* of the Peninsula indicate tbat, unlea* injarious frwef* or storms aboutd intermm, there will be aa abundant crop from hmvrna anathmard. The trees are ererywbere lade's with I and the Transcript aaya that the tbat tbe croi> this year will be larger fiian it last year. Similar report* are made of ati berries, blacklierne* aad sfihar flBall flnMs. whilst tbe apple crop ia not at all injured and promiaes to l>e abundant. Abb Apvbbtisbmkwt* Kvbb KbadT? Ib the course of a spicy article, answering tkw ques tion, tbe Mobile kegi*ter aaya "If any man aflect* to believe (hat advertisements are net read, 1st him advertise that be want* to buy a dog. tor instance. It he ie not famlahed with erery variety ef animated sausage that morning before breaktast?and, besides, with oaedr tws sound ground* for suits against klm for amault. we will break our golden rule awd dsadheal hi* advertisement And it 1* Talr to infer that any man who wants to aell a dog. also wiahss to buy *ometliiug w ith tke proessda of ki* sanine ventnre. And ?o u;> to tbe man who wishes to *oll his csrgoof coflee, that be may buy a cargo of western produce." The Two Capti kwo Hsualu CoBaaaroa nBWTa.?Price, tbe New York H**al(l Havana corresj-ondent. ia still confined in Port 0?h*iaa. No one is allowed to communicate with htm, and the charges on which he was arreated are still withheld Captain Oeneral Pieltain having ordered O'KeUey.theotheroorreapoaiderit, hi be brnught to Harana. he has arrive-1 tkere acoompaaled by Mr. Milieu. Tbe latter goes to New York, and It I* reported that O"Kelly will soon be ssat to Spain. The Modoc Wab?kenorts from the lava bed* Mate that Captaia Jack is north of tke Pitt rirer countrv. with twentr-fim warriors, who aay that ther will die with tketr rifle* ia Ueu hands. <",en. I>aris has wotii liana*. ?,en. l>ntru has mfimaj the troops to go in purauit ?t the aavagfw. Uen. Qlllcm ha* been ordered to hi* regiment at Bo n cia, Cal. Co!. Whsatou in hie command. Tn ViBeixu Wbbat Caor?Tks Rich mond Whig aaya?' It m too early to predict with ant degree ot certainty what may be an ticipated from the growing crop of wheat. We are glad to loam, bowerwr. from aeariy all asa uoaa at the state, that the iaapsawesMat ia tt iu appearaaos withia the last tow been wonderful." Thb baci of the . . . which was doclarad a faliars as was repeated reeterday. Twenty-O tered of the first-class. The hal ed the victor, ths AL Dacor ' , * ?? A. prlM

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