Newspaper of Evening Star, May 27, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 27, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WWilT Kiijr T7, 1973. LOCAL NEWS. WbITi Oft* tlnHf ChM. W a loot la He dram* Of "The Sfinr Angel*." T%'?Ur Cfumiqw "hip Van Wink!*," tone*, dance*, dre. ~ B'JKr'f ftwu'l T?r**t Pari?ric-BiC of the Bikit'i Benevolent wpncwtion. kilt. Both JtbUlnigton ami Parker have Apple ton's Journal fcr the 31ft instant. .Minn Kate Wo.xl. of the dead letter office, has resigned to take effect .1 une 12 next, and Mm Nellie C. Wood tw been appoiuu><l in her stead. Major A. C. Richard, accompanied bv Col ??. U. Berret. or the police board, visited an>l In spected tie central fruard bonne veoterday an-l foand that it wa? about an filthy a* represented. The contractor oti l.Hb street, between K and Kborte Island avenue, northwest, ha< been di rected to proceed with the laying of the toot walk* on wd street at once and complete the rame without delay. The receipt* of tax*# bv Collector Slater on 8aturdav last were arwlT|34nOf and over one m 11 Hon dollar* ef general taxes yet remain un paid. Two per cent, abatement i* allowed from all taxes of the present year's levy paid thi* month. At Piney Branch yesterday afternoon the trot between Wash Sailor'* bav mare Bessie, ?ml A- K- Foote's gray mare Minerva, tor a purse of *.>*) a Hide, mile heat*. be?i two in three, to?k place, and Bessie won in two straight l,eai?. Time. J:W an<l 2:3* A copper soda fountain in .Tare!*' confection ery More, on 5?th street, between I? ami E meet*, exploded last night, about 9 o'clock, np*ettiag The marble fountain and throwing it from the counter,smashingnp the glasse* gene rally. nn* ng sirups, creams and *oda-water in a pfemiseuon* m?rncT. and creating a general consternation in the neighborhood. The Fireal "lartle Tbawlrr" Teete* ?Imj. XIH iHlSOKJICE* OP THAT AVC1BXT LAND M A ? K Y<-?t<enI?y afternoon an alarm was turned in from t-ox .V5, at the Arsenal gate, caused by tire being discovered in the stal le of Mr. Samuel Pumphrey, at the eorner of N and lu. "rec ?outliwest causal, it i* *npj>osed, by a deposit or coal The names spread to some frame building* in ?he alley, and communicated to the root or the old bntMing on N street, known as ??Castle Thunder." burning the roof ofT before it could be eatlngnished. A general alarm was afterward tuned in. and the entire hrede|?art ?rent called out, when the progress of the lUaei was checked without much loes. Mrs. Prafber loses three frame shanties, valued at IMM>: Mr. Pumphrey, stable, t'JMl; and Mr*. Goodridge. tool*, vafned at $im. "TASTII THIUPIR'' was at one time one of the finest private resi dences in the I>i*trict. but has been recently in a dilapidated condition. Kotbingbut the .-hell now remains, with a charred root overheat and tb#mo?t prominent object inside from a street view is an old oortee-mill nailed to one ot the window jams. An old resident near by state* that he bae lived in that neighborhood over fifty vears. and it was an oUI bulldine when he was a Ik?t. He state* that it was built in 174:>, by an Knglishnian named ?Tohu ijueei:. who liv.>d there in the capacity of Indian agent for the British government. thk r?rr? to mitft thtsk and make treaties and get their presents. They came trom Virginia across the Potomac in canoes, t^ueen had a kind ot landing built at the foot of M street in 1715. About that time the Indians got dissatisfied with his treatment or them, and came to hi* house one ni^ht, took bis niece, who was living with him, and carried her across the river, and he had to pay a huavy ransom to recover her?a red blanket to each ot one hundred warrior*. Shortly afterwards they bad another misunderstanding, and act fire to a frame building belonging to Queen, an.l burned it down. At that time ?' Castle Thunder" was owl) two stories high, but w ay afterwards rai*t-d *"? ? tfHte-sU>ry house. an i has remained thus ' r<K-e ::red th- re until the breaking '****' * fvvol>llOf?.?v w ?r. and the second tl ?L k "** " American sobhers fear of that >. ti^j cu* <|f hi* bed an<l t&t re and t. -n a * ? .'<rjr 7i;ee Mt'jto H'? . ?ctt ar.d M streets vliicl' stood near thec.i,. -w,' Tl.ft, found lor some of his alleged ttr> >, ''.yi'i ?iud in bi* hou.>e a quantity of an. tc Co?: gun??a part ot a cargo he liad been.- f'g , eey to the Indians for the pur|>o?M? of ?. against tl;e colonist*. Afterwards hia la. - t were sent into the Eng'i&h lines and were neve% Tieard of ary more. 1h front of that house (ien. ' Washington diabatxied a regiment of Marvland soldiers at the close of tue war. After the Americans got |Os? of it they u*ed it ror *iaarterniajter's store* aiidtlu up;?er i>ortiou for a hospital. fW H*AfX)rAr.TKR? It wasinJIua bouse that ticn. ltone an 1 his staff took trclr dinner arter the caoture of W tsbington by the British in 14l?>, and by him it was used as a headquarter* duriug hi.- brief vrijourn here. <>n the top of it he stationed nn n for si^na^ng hi* rteet down the river. Our informant states that when he was a yowt'i Ool. Terretowaed and occupied M, and it was tb?*u In excellent condit on. and was a great r--?rt tor faakonable aixl retiiaeil company, manv gay parties LawLg been given there by tue oc?u paiita. ? LAWTn? tn Ksrrto?Lut ?f G -*A*U'? * y G'0ry*t<s>cn f<lL</* am i 'kr *? Xntivnal Vari- r- ff The annual commencement exerci?e* of tli?*law deparUiM at of <??orgetown College an l the ??National L'niversit> * take place in a few d*>?. The C|!lowin^ is a liit of gridoateb of ea^ h ln Ittfttss: (i>er;-:i f? fk//<t< -('harl'>? Br i Whaw.S -w Jer Wi, Cbarl-? 0 B o?u, Pi?*r'ct of Cdnmbis; S-V"l ft,?<] a Bi'in.X'W York; J 4wi C B. Borfr, Di? liMotO'lmkia; l>anM ?? C. Callahaa, ni'tfW i f Colaiiikia. Chat!? > Caai|*r, M.?r . Uu l, U K. 1'a'Ut, Sew Maniwhirr. Jaiues T Colfiiian, Jfsw Tnrk: gv-rwtl Da'lv. Kanaao: Alexander J. Falls, fanland, J.-hs U Hs-w- II.N-w Vork: B rnani . Hardly, Maine; H-nr\ J B<w:<-tman.Di?trict of Ci'laibla; HiarN L Hnehsa. Diatrtct of C ?li'n iiia. H>:vie L. Maao*. K^a-neky: KirbarJ M ? \llis W, if., Bairict of I'.diiKbia; William P. Pi^rea, Ce rsrta: John P. Bile*. Iii triet of Columbia; Pranri* 0. t^axton, Illinois: Warrwn B. 8' >n?-. M?? T-^rfc; N 'ahH 8?syi?r. jr., ?>hio: <;?orgeC. Wiuit, Ohio; f* WiMs iii. Vir /i'O* Aa-tewa' I'mr+ir.-iti ?John C Bsxter, Oslo; Albrrt K Bwn^.Tunw ; Warm Brown. M ?i:.-. ?nharJ *?MihaBia: Jakn U ? MMikiisi'iu. Irol. k. Ciovtrr. N-w York; ? i. haei A. T?ii)on, S>w^ Willi* [irum snorrt.jr , I *s, B-' -i Dm til, wxtk Car lin?: Will-mii B Imrstt, Pe*nsyh ania. Williai i Pl?tch ?r, MtrUUrae SwmI M (}^>rdo?, Ohio; William 15. Ort-gorv. Iodians. Dane I K . Hswxnnrst. Virginia: John N Hubbard, HamtliaMtt; Andef n P. Lk?T, Ohio. Oilvar W. Luaaaa. P^B^aylt ania; Kk hard H Maaniax, MaaaaiioiMlts; Saaauai J. Millard, Pmtrbt of C->lniuloa, C-'luuihua Q. Xaaly. Irxliaa^; Jcbm T Btuitb. 1'liaoU; Fr.tuk A'il?>n, Virginia, St then T-Uvr. low a Th >ina* D. Yr.iger, P-atw) h ania. ? A Wojaii Fail* rr.. v a rnr*TH Story Window and la o*lt a Little Barista.?At an early bonr vesterday morning a lady em plo\ed m the Treasnrv I>epartment. who ha* room* la t ho j^e in the viciaity of ith ami E streets northeast. m?de an almost miraculous ?wrape from death. She occupied a room in the fourth -'ory, and it i*thought that she walked in her ?leep to and through the open window. She fell out, striking first on the roof of a two and a halt story bacx building, rolled off It and striking the |?>rch at the luack doer rolled down the stet* into an allev. 8h* wa- taken ap and removed to the houae, where lira. Young ard Thompson attended her. 8h 1 wl? TMMfXlay morning taken to Providence Hospital, and it wa* rouml that with the exception of a fracture ?? one ot her kuees she bad susuined uo se i ioua injuries. ? T?? Swamt AjKiBLs."?Play-goer* who delight in terrific com I at* ending in tableaux all down but one?and hair-breadth 'scai>es, and "sach," can sartoit on sensation at Wall'* ?H*era house this week, by witnessing the red bet d rasa a of the "Swanap As gels," In which Mr. Charles Walcot, as the New York Htroi l coi respondent among the Lowery gtng. show* with what calm indirerence the averaga news paper man face* the rifles and pistol* of whole ).??t?Mt* e? aswaaainn in his search for items and glory. If the .Immatist bad only killed a few more of the characters In the opening scenes of the play, U would have improved It somewhat. a Fii.T*Y Struct*.-Much and Just complaint Is made by the residents oa M street, particu larly between 7th ami 14th, at the fact that that much-need thoroughfare kas> not bee a sweat for more than six months, though several other streets farther down town have been cleaned ap repeatedly wttkin that time. This nagleet is the mere trying because aearly nil the cross street* have been paved bat not cleaned ap, so that the dust, sand and gravel from them Is roostaatly carried by the wind over and through M street, to the great damageof apholstery and car pee* ef residents, to sav nothing of the eyes aad clothing ef passers-by. Bui E*tat* SAim-The following sales have been made since our u?st report; Br Green a WUliaoaa, aacttoa**ra.~Lot *. in swldiviaaun sf square Bi. on the rera?r of ItU aad Booislar> ?tr??ts. to K. Sbaa. for S3 ets. per muare foot; ?nt'-lotT, ta ?qearw MR, ow fth atrwH. bstweea L aad M nnrthwM. in 11. Funis!!, for 40 cu per ?wo?. awaBibi te #S in. Br Eevby. Dent a Op., aaetionesse.?Uot i. in ?qnarr 41. and lot U In square 41, to Joseph B. Bill, for ft it*. By Tbos. S Waggaasan, raal estate broker aad an<-tl<neer ? Lot nosbered S, In square Mb, i? pro* - ed by s three story Inch, to Mrs. Ana Barsy, for V'~ A lUIMOn 8c I DAT SC BOOL ROOM is to be added to Trinity P. E. church. The baacment, which has heretofore been the piece of Saaday school worship, will be remodeled; the Boor will be lowered ewe root, aad underneath wilt be laid a concrete pavement. The lmprovemeat Will oost *1,200. a Twoc-Asaaor Small Pox have been reported to-day. one at SK S street northwest, and one on <*h, between M and N streets, south vest, the latter lata!. Third LrffWallte AiMenbly. i COlfiHIi.-At tb? Iwt ???niac the I Pre- .dent -uboiitt>-<1 ? c. rnmnnk-ati <<a fro? the f re . coirmtwi Tirri. Inviting the mrtuN is t" vr'tiiKM a ThlrUl^^SZJlJl svateni on next I ifMl<y afternoon, an., a rf lew of the entire Itr? I f ' 'V'? ?? rw artl., the i alter iu from r.f the \r- I refvrrwl AUo, a mm-inicat? n , * r'^Ti ?r lbt *re d?- i h".hr ?',f?r a?Je.Tf.h!Kd hwrinf W o^HUmIIt to he hea'l th.T^J.h? movw'tbe M to "?? *?mJKSi " r^"1 *1)111 to anth rise thetrn v7 Hi me to close au alley in square ? ^ M p^t under the rnl. ? 7 r i,T.r- .l ""vV *r'seu?ed i ro'tiKirlal from several otter??'"f ? ereatinir the of oyster*: referred to th- com ?.??.. J"4**- A??o. peiiti n fr?m Frederick j m'J*< sak'I'K that the committee nn national re ia^hS! mi l i Assembly aid him iu bring 1 A1*" Aor ***** amount- for valuable mrtt?! ^br* referred to -aid corn ftStaL?k?,F ^EfKOATES -Mr. Yermillbn In to r^ir ?*? - fr7.C'li.l,!r,r",lS"d V'"'?r ?>>e relief of J. J) M?. * "'1re(?T??i'r ert,,lnK l" th"' Georgetown (X* .?M n *?"*? '?t rod need bill to condemn and ctoie an alle* iu e^nare J9H; referred. ? k ri. "* n rntr' duc,nl' 'n relation to railroads ^' i.r."tr^rr^ !? Mheelt unlawful to ring r. '-1? "feagii..* within the city limit*, and re '? thai a n an with a red flag ahili precede nil If J wot oyer fifteen Tanl- .n advance, r,.. ? ,h?* c,,i limit*, and shall not run farter than .is mile. per bour 1 4 ^K*krr Iiid I f(-n? tli^> Uon^f in invitation '.V' ^h >'r-"!V't "'th- Fire r nin:i oner*! i * ?? be present at a trial of tl,e ,nd *re< iew of ,ue The fXlUMUoan bill wan called up, and p..-?rii> mo,e<1 to p?"* n<> >?? consideration ten Mr. Brewer moved to poet pone ten days. Si "W --*""?110p wtpone for twentv davs. ?*, D,O"?,0wn"'1"1 ,,v '^definitely i 1,*'^U.fM 3l ' Mr,*r* Brew t r, Cla*e,t airl JJ" g??hert'amotion *v |o?t_Tea? 7; Bay* 8 n*r moved i? amend the niotinu uf Mr Brjwwr bv ineertJi.. fifteen day?. * Mr' HV2.,.?u*djo"rn? l"?t-r-a? 8; nar-9 preTK,us quo*t,ou hi Carroll moved to adjourn: rarried?veaa Me?era Brown. Carroll. Chaee.Cox, l?yer, Mnrrav' Trln.ble. Vermillion and Wall-?: nay. Melrl' Berrv. Brewer Clagett, Herbert hint, L^*' Taliaiero and tbe8|>eaker-8. ' Preabytery of WmUm?(m City. r*ocx*i>iit<.? at th* last j*h>rt. atid'Hev UBr F. Bmingwi dkrk.bS' moder;ttor' ^rV?.-underI*,Hl oftered r*?lnMons or reep?ct to tbe memory ot the lat? ltev. T. B. 4 f????. which were adopted. The resolution* WM1 ?eath they h*v? ?ustalnad a . Ho lK>w with ""hmisoion to the ?S nio*t dispensation bwfut!Lrn? theK8en,,e of hU many ?,u? l^acber, ,^'tor, hiaUrrlan of the fwillitf aDd depowtary of the archives of the cheri*h his mem h? R V ^rotaer ami friend. Ac. nr t? I'. V w** elected aUted rlerk ? .v I?r?hyttry to aupply thf vacancy ca iwhI by the death of Rev. Mr. McFalls. , ,V.r. .n?erUnd *nhmitted a letter he had 1-rcpaml tor tranfmimon to Mrs. McFalln, in torrnin^; her of her liusliand'a anrce-aor. and to whom ?hc was to turn overall the paper* be proTttf l? tbC which1 wa, a,1 ?Th*"*,1*r?tof stated that the express pur vomret this meeting wa* to Uke into coiwidera tior the rewgnativn of Rev. l?r. C. B. Bovnton co,!,rlr,?<Vntte.^rmbI-v"e ?<? t>t. motion ot Dr. Smith, the relation ot I?r. r? ' A^Mbly'a Church wa* dis >olved at his re?jnest. an.! Rev. Mr. French was p!t vacilft 1>rcach thera' 8"d dec'are the pul v.n/fv' l^0,l!, ,lS co,'gTegation of tho Lewins ville (> a.) Presbyterian church to Rev. .lolin rail ???Wai* re*i1* Mr- Brown accepting;the ff .T i hands, and theassignoeut inat.e. A committee, con>istin^ of the modera tor ard Revs. Riddle and Bittinger, wh- ap pomnd to coaduct the insUllation ceremonies. J one PtJ UkC ,,liU e Wed.,e?lay eve.d u^L'k^'iT, f'0'/41 "?** KeTS 11 H- "owe and , *IMl *? M<*r Lyman l?e?d.led to the church ? rection r.. mm it tee, xlH| that l>r. M? Far land w.I^ed committee on homt in.vjioi.s, .-o Mr Nourse moved that the committee on edu ca. in i.e authorized to recommend that the w?me o' Hernial, B< i?^y be placed on the list lor appropriation from ti.e board of education '? *w.-?anrer was directed to settle the balance li?. ~ ?t McFalla. lue Re\. kfct.wn, of Howard 1'nlversitv. \va< Mr. H n*.. religion by Iirs. Smith and ?xamintd in ?p. '? *<amiaaiion was declared iunderland. and i. "*n>wu a as alu?itted Into atisfactorv. and Mr. be care ot tbe presbytery. ^mraitte* be ap. I>r. Riddle moved that a i "^lue tb? Celd ?ointed hy this preebytery to exa- -BizHg a 1 * ''i'1". ^ with a view of or* ** on hnrch there; referred to the eommitu iome missions. The congregation of the Assembly's Clnircli ?eie granted permission to select thefr own totu- i xn,1til the next meeting of the pres <>ferv. in September. * 4 *t<y >y K?T- !>*? Cheater, ami |be ( turned" 5 ""debtor, the pre>bytery , Mr. wm. Ballantyne, chairman of a special c oinmlttee, announced that the Presbyterian s ?i.eral Assembly, now la seasion In Ba!tim?e, i o the number of about Mt0, would pav a visit to L to-morrow. They will arrive at about i ?i o t lock a. m , be received by the Washington i Vesbytery. be escorted to the Capitol and utk?r ? dacw or interest, partake of a Innch at Wil- ^ ard a hotel at I o'clock, and after other vidts, ? etnrn home on the 4 o'clock train. i r*? Writhtl Besylte aid the 6. A. B. t HtAlMrAKTEiH Dbpaktmkjit o? thk fo- ( roMAC, tirand Army of the Republic, Grand i \rmy Hall, Washington, D. C., Mav T>, l?t,3. ? Prft'. r S>mr In your iseueof veaterdav vou -ute " hat ' Tom Wright has been respited' one week i it the request or the Grand Army or the Repnb- I ic. I most emphatically deny that the Grand 1 %rmy of the Republic ever male anv sach ? ?e?ine>t. Our opinion is, the sooner he is haiut ' M letter. Very respectfully, < F. H. Spraock, < Commander Department Potomac, G. A. tt. I A School Girls'Talk About AwAaotxo i 5<. hool Mkdals E Wor Star ? I often see ar- ( liclee in yonr paper which are intended to break up bad practices. Mow, th? re is a perniciou* habit in several of onr pu >lic schools, which -ho 11 id be looked into; and if you would raia? ! yoor voice against it, you woulu please a large number of yonr juvenile readers. I allude to ' the awarding of medals, which, unfortunately, are seldom given to the best scholars, bnt, ' rather, are bestowed upon the teachers' favor ites. In my school, the girl whom a large ma jority of the pupils know to be the beat scholar, 1 will not get the medal, unleaa a competitive ex amination is ordered by the trustees and the award ia made upon merit alone: for we can all , see that i>ur teacher has a favorite already se lected to bestow it npon. and consequently the really deserving one will not be rewarded for her hard study during ail of the session. I am not an aspirant myself for any honors, ami never expect to be, but I think it very bard that because a pupil happens to have parents that ar# popular w?th the teacher, or, perhaps, are influential in politic*, sne tfhvuld carry oil the first honor of the school with6ut eai'i Inft It, while a more deserving pupil, with poor but respectable parents, is rewarded with a piece of paper with a picture of our school upon It. A Pcpil or Wallach School Bcilmmo. Niisaxo*8 aid R ilk in ik*?Eititor Stmr. The question of privies in sheds and coal-bouses, spoken of by vonr correspode: t of May Uth, ought to be brought before the Board of Health, in t?rvK. In the northern portion of th? city the slop-man only calls once a week, and the horrible smells that are emitted from a shed where the ordinary stops of a family are kept, and where a privy is tucked up in the darkest, dampest corner, cannot be faithfully described. And add to the scene, new and then a rat steal ing from under the privy, and adroitly drag ing portions of the slop away to some unknown ?juarter to decay and perfume, and it make* one wonder how we keep aa well as we do! Remedy ?have the slop man call daily, and have the privies ont in the air and sunlight, If there must be privies. A Sv rrkkku. Taxes is thb Cocwty?A meeting of tax payers of the eoanty was hakt at Mt. Pleasant school hiisi last evening. Dr. Daniel Breed, chairman, and Mr. M. E. Robinson secretary, to determine what measure should be taken to prevent the alleged unjust imposition of taxes proposed in the bill recently passed by the Council. Resolutions were adopted, that the county ahouki be chargeable for oas half only of the expense of reads leading directly to the ciUes, that the connty should pay a Jest proper* tie* of expanses strictly general and no msrs; that the county police tax should be In exact proportion to the number of privates on duty in the county, as the law of Congrem provides; and la favor of township government. The subject was referred to a committee of five to report on Thatsday ovylagnexl Annraut Cakdidatb ?on Divorck^-To day Messrs. Moore and Newman tied a Mil for a dUoroe ia the EqaKy Court for Bessie Parker from James Parker. The petitioner states that they were married ia 18M, her maiden name being Watak; that la Jaaaary, 1857, be commit ted a cruel and brutal asaault \nd battery upon her; also on the 1st of March, ltfS, ami at dl vers other tineee; aad sbs also charges drankeaeas. In Bitb Fao*T?Arrived at Rfey's wharf to-day. schooner W.G.Moore, Captain Eaton, from Calais, Mains, with lumber for Mesara. Mohua ft Sons; also, ttboon*r Charles Denin, Captala Wicks, fTOsa Wilmington, N. C., with 1 amber, and sthMair Regains, C?pC Smith, tnm Norfolk, witTlusher lor same. .. ? "" I1?h Markeu, d?T "f n?W fl*h r?r this nVn to Th* Stab by George W. ?*-?ho1jwl?d?*lerf in Ash. Nov Sk2i ,i!V J : ft"h WkarTea. Alexandria: 3!?^g? l?-^<L'A,0 7,to *n n?; Herring, p?r ?? ?6.75; whitcperch, perb?nch, !? to 15 > P?" b-mch, j) to 25; offal, per fctacii, f Botlm*o Permit*?The following bulhlinz permit* hare boen issued since our lan report : A tbree-gtory brick store, weat aide 3d street, netween Pennsylvania avenue and south A street sontheast, for Isaac Bnrs; a fr^mc dwell ing-alley between 9th and loth and K and G streets southwest, for Emanuel Jenkin; four d!rt5mnK*. B "treet_ between 3.1 and 4 k streets southwest, for S. fftrment; one fw2i. A i40k dweUing and store, 7d, be Jta?L northwest, for H. Moran; one story trame store, corner 19tl? and M street* r'b'nn h e?l'uu?- .r v J!lr'ght' 0ne *tol7 frame iflih ^rt?^i f E <treet? between 17th and Iv S??1*??' for congregation of Liberty B. 2UJJJh^ond-story brief store and dwelling, F *7 * and m south west, for Thos. mnd fcasemeat dwelling with &bode Island avenoe, between litb and l*th streets northwest, for Mr. Thomas Jr. Morgan; two-story frame dwelling. 13th ^has/n ^ and U slreeU northwest, for Daniel ^ ^ T ?.Fr _? ITH the Old Love, y Wy''?.in the Equity Court, made a decree of divorce in the ca?e of Mary1 5;iiin,pi'e 1 William Campbell. The p<A 0.Vhe 3lBt of March, l*tf, !he ? <1rreDd?nt; that at the time she knew that he had been living with a worn in eonJ^^T0 wfc k ib80n'bnt "nPPOWd that liis connection with her would cease, but he his since cohabited with said Caroline. Mr. R. |>. mn?tri.?,'l'<'ure,,.,or.tho P^tioner. smd the testi ro?hhJtonkeDbyJ- C C,e^"e"d A S. 'tub courts. COURT IN GKNEBAL TKKM-Tv<l?T the >r. SErtSiil? 1 iCm#e ^each *1. "?t lAis v /' ui"- ' Itivsn f?>r plaintiff. ! ni?,,,,n ,,f ?e" TH? B. a P. a. t SIXTH P*l?BYT*aiAS t?.Thn ???** r' the Sixth Presbyterian Church sit the Baltimore and Potomac railroad tiff" and S ars ^''ph'm ?0f" Mw'T for th-' plain if' X&L& itirzrwf w chnsM ?ryeedinga to recover ilnmaicm timuT^and Lroa?kC1on,Mn' m?l?taiaiug th..(r c,?icb" j-d ?-c^'??? ,hw fn his opinion the or^n for it , ?.i*ID rend*'r'<1 useless v a house of worship. ,hil,<? railroad rnurisel tlien raise,) the point tliar !.f ? .rri,T. !'y ,h' M " "hal and the f.'nn thU poin? Jrregular; and the Court overrule! ?4h?,rsj5rsts, rr, - IB *t'?t r thr, .rrtv e,! at tli-,r c..i(cln,i.."a..,w Cl'J?a<rI8ie<k0A^T>.'?.f*^*M//Yw''*re*'~T"d?r, ?o^emt,nSj*?lia AT~:jr ^ "H nt W a.,d Pt 1 ?' ?f "heo- Zv. ni,?-d al n,? ?kl sssanlt on John H. 6:ii!d th.. stfett "iJ? WC*K, WPir,-<,"k"Jf "?n'1 B ?'d oT Pnhlie wlirks heiien Si- U"U-,t^ Pat, i?1; B.^rk'do X"l'ea: *'$ t"g!,7," ['"hi MSIlPtSII ?m aitVStffSi SsStV iKSKU *i', fl!""' wirrieHMv, Hiid Afk^l thm? *L "J: ao*ona f? of th^#? ,ba?.dh'i'. "wii the CAM Woult] be CoOtillllfJ ur til aftap H^.' *oc! Rai*l CllSi T?)lcr. <l!fi(?rder!T, fin^l tx Vi;,. Wi?hiDffton,(]o , flnfit a id wijiviri Kli/a mitli I ' RAChe! WA< <>*er the rail of the prisoner's ,i,JL .J?Iw to !0r,lp VD? V. 8t?uke op the New York The Ei?,i. the projected stiike of tht- car jiui tXTEKS? lf* for eight honrs does not {" N>w h , howeverf that to be general. 1? the society t? all U 'i? ten Lou oh to bops where the men are work - Mjtaeli his Inve them awav. chief of Police ^orutwt ssned a general order to the police w. ney ill men at work at all hazards. The louj that the bottses will hava u? inicklv concede the eight-hour system to the ir v nT employers, on the contr try, iay the men have taken an inopportune mo ^,K?'.?rn P'^?"1 agiUtion, as, on account ?{!"? , the 8ea8?n- they can afford to loee their ahopt* for an indetinite period. Scores 'fnoB-eeciety men are at work, and are pr Jm sed protection in case of an attack. The lead :rsof the men vehemently assert that every nan laboring ten hours miwt conform to the tight-hour rule or Itave the city. A number of soes carpenters and builders present at the Mechanics and Trades' Exchange yesterday ilVrnoon stated that the trade is stagnant f in?^,y flfty P*1" eent- of the car pen tore nn smployed, in consequence of the efforts to en force the eight-hour law; those at work being l>aid forty cents per hour for ten hoars' work a llien the non-laborers regard as an infrinee rtKnto&iK.' and tfe ende*TOring to mdace h^???lTTpnLAK;~Tlie general assembly of the united Prebsyterlan church of North Amer ica meet* in Philadelphia, Wednesday. The boundary extends from the Atlantic to the Pa ' aDilembraces all except the Southern ?tates. It is expected Rev. Drs. Eadie and Cal Jerweod, from Scotland, Rev. M. Bennett and George Patterson, from Nova Scotia, and also delegate* from the Wildcnuian church of Eu rope and from Canada will be present. '?52E ,Rob?foni? thinks ..Mr. r?s; 7,";VoTbfVS* "" " ^jtTROPOLITA^ DOLLAR STORE. A FULL STOCK OF iBk FOLLO.VIXU hb.MAKk.AbL Y CHEAP UUOOS HAS JUS7 HMCKirEU. OS EXAMINATION THEY H ILL SFEAK FOR THEMSELVES. OenCW Pine Linen II mva* Handkerchiefs, 3for tl ? cowl Quality British do , i pairs for Ml 1.V*Iht Merino and India O a axe Shirts, ?1 9pl?xJid Suspenders, 60 cento and tl ?*' U? Styles of Fine Canes. #1 each. ' WjyEualish aod Frsnch Air Brushes, 01. fatf* ?^5W| w c??ts and fl. LMtoeready-made Oarments of all kinds, made of *t one dollar. Tacked Skirls, at |I. Flue Bsmctitched Handkerchiefs, 4, S and J fsr || Moursmt do., ? aud S for #1. * ?r Childrsn's full regular made Huse, for tl. ^palmfor'$l** h" r#?Ur extrm >?M Hose. Solkl WaJLaat Bqaare Picture frame, with glass and back, sixe 8x10, ae cento. Fine Oval frames, to cents and fl. S.nS .JSiw" "? sv^Jia\a^8V!Ss5til. Fine Oil Chromes la solid WSMT F, , Ohaii Boh Plate Bracelets, Setts, Blngs, Oka ruts, Chatelaines. Necklaree, ac , J f 1 each. M Styles of Bubber and Jet Jewelry, at fl. ALL THESE ANJt A THOUSAND OTHER ARTICLES AWAIT YOUM INSPECTION, MlTlorotlTAR DOLUS ITS1S, Sl? SBTBBTB STBBBT, mU u new n? li?I rrHB ELLIPTIC TOBB SHIBT la I b* iknusands of wssisn to he the ties of elegance aad comfort. The syi asaasfiksxn.'wa Urlals and manufacture, exnerien MmmillDSMl, m** Md ?h,oaorta slfla. Xk BBBJAIUJI, GEORGETOWN. The rmwAL of Mra. Joseph Libber, who died from paraivslsa few days sinoe, took place yesterday afternoon from her late residence, on 1st street. The tuneral service* were condu t< d by Iter. Mr. Valiant, of the Methodist Protest ant chart h, ast-wted l,T Re*. P. H. Sweet, of the same church, and Her. Or. William, of Christ iKpiscopsl) churcb. Mra. Libber was TO years old, and was beloved by a very large mini ber of friends. Shem- rai^dMn the Episcopal ciiurch. but afterwards joined the Methodist 1 rotcstaut, in which church she has been an active member tor a great many rears, she also took an active interest in the aged woman's home, on High street, in thisclty. L*. TH* Cor*TT?A log hoQ?e in the hvU? ?yLbe,?n*tn* to Dr Arthur, and occupied woman named Martha Beckwith, caught flre yesterday afternoon from the chim new, and was entirely consumed. The furni ture and other household ?il'?cu were saved. *?2? *KW"?The steamer Columbia cleared {"r Baltimore with a miscellaneous 'vv the steamer E. C. Knight arrival mm New York with a full ear go, also, the H. Stout cleared for Philadelphia flo"r- The schooner Anme M t>om Saulaburr, Md., with WJtoo feet cf lumber for Wheatly ft Bros. 0?A? T"ADF?The schooner Thos. P. Mor to-day from Alexandria, with 1 ,ifH) re^Jrtid * ,0r Hart,y & Bro Xo F* Henley, ??<?? president of George tte ALEXANDRIA. the election held in m)llTlf/.i. 7"r*11 pon Thursday the radicals elected the following ticket:-For supeiv.s.r, F 8chutt: assessor, Allan Pierce; commis sioner of roads, Ira Munson; town clerk, Alon r.o .A? Cn *tor', u?ratio B*ll; justices of the peace, Benjamin Austin and A. S. Neemlfh ?"?lit|l Bates and Jefferaon Lane; ? k T. ' .e J1001-' Arthur Green. Mr. Schutt is a resident of Arlington doing busln -s? in Georgetown. Allan Pierce is well known in I1.? '*r,re,i a term in the A lrgima legislature. Horatio Ball has served sereral terms w collector. Benjamin Austin is a clerk il1>v Washington nary-yard. So little taken in the election that but *5 oolored ra*ni named kelson Wilson, a laborer emplored hv Mr. Pul t'hi'Vilthe construction of the double track of at work in'Vffi4 *? ashing ton railroad, while at work in the cut near Four-mile ran on Sat

ylV, jf*'_ww suddenly taken sick, and die<l tion??tKl fHA,.-, _,ti!,r<'T>orte<lth?t in a t.11. to be estab lished here by a company to be organiied for a ^e,1Veix**n wh0 ha" wine exfurience in the business contemplates the erection of one on his own individual account, and that having the lot and a itortion of the necessary l.uildfngs already in U Vision? an early da1111 DCt tlie execuMon Of hu? plan at orTl'^ F'8!,^rt,?The only shores now fishing are those at Sandy Bar, Ferry Landing, Tern Landing, Moxley s and Pamunkv, atul all of those will have "cut out" on or before tho 1st proximo. The lew fish that have arrived since Saturday sold at from *4 to f5 per thousand for JhLi at *?? per for the opJJitW KCOn g"lers Lavc c?mmenccd Boaup OF Prnur Works?Df. Johnson has prepared a bill, which b- will introduce at u^rTX' the ?!ty ??uncil, to he held to morrow night. providing for the creation of a I . pnblic works, who shall proceed at H ?tU,ir,Tve ?,Ml e*tend the street- and sidewalks otthe citylatt e*min<, CITY ITEM A Straw Hats, in great abundance, s-iline cheap, al StinemeU's, \z\: Pmn'a avenue. lT.3 ?f.rli:. ?t<h k of Boys' and Chl'dren's Straw Hats, tor dress an.l school. Stinenietzs I r.: I ennsylvama avenue. ^ *' i" CJutrrNNATT La'iki: akd BrcK Brer on i, *?' 1>riverV "**? sample, corner I ennsy.vania avenue and street 2!.5 Gktitlhmkn's Pcarl Oaxsimkrk I?RKS<; Hats and Mackinaw Straws. Stincmetz's. lij? Pennsjlvama avenue. 2T 3 Stbaw^HatsT" at Willetr * Kuofl s. < ail at once, and get one of their Citv *tylea The largest assortment in the y* 27,3 Smashks. Cocktails and other I$rivir^,HChr|l,U"y co,nlK)"tl<le?l by Geo. W. , Cor,>9 01 effifient Assistant-", at avenuc andTf str^t""' CWFUer ,,TV9L}c SrxAKEntTTyrD SijTc;ers will tind i TrtM het" beneficial in clear . I voice before speaking or sinsinc and relieving the throat after anr exertion of the "'X'S K? Cm"1" ??'??'*?! r'-w at the? each even'ng this week, Th.^..L ?OB 7??ra8 of Latimer & deary! 1 he collection embraces many rare and stand ir.i works, Government Documents, ic., Jtc. A initioss-^ * Fine Liuen Drawers for <?2. ^^Lis,e w Undershirts for 5<). i'K?hTrr?k Wr4i^r8 ,or GHQ C. Hrwyi^o, 410 7th street. Pku'*'* "fEW*L*Y Store, Ko. 45T Pennsylva." * -Vsem*' ^ 8l, eet English Alaska Diamonds, Colorado Sapphires, Cut Opals, received this morning. A Stabtliwo Truth!?Thousands die ally from neglected coughs and colds, w>4ch soon npen into consumption, or other equally ratal diseases of the lungs; when by the timely use or a single bottle of Or. *Vutar1t Baln-no. Wild Cherry their llree might have been are served to a green old age. *;,? Dooi.rt's Yeast Powder Is the chea:>est, but not lowest priced, Baking Powder. Elegant Biscuits, Bolls, &c., prepared in a few min utes. _ 2.1,6 TfRco-RcssiAH Bath*; also, Medlcate?l Va KF ?aUl,? f?r all skin disease, at Dr. She-id's, 903 E street. 5,20,6: Wnxoox A Uibb's gawiae Machijt*. The eelebratod Baaaar Patterns. Agency at < )bas. Baum's hoopskirt and corset factory, fib street, Intellifsnoer Building. 10^8 Th? Centaurs of old were half hors-* and half man. Ther consorted with animals, con quered mankind, llred upon the flowers of the century plant, made one of their number god of the heating art, transferred their name and home to the constellation Centaurin?, and raised the diril generally. But the great Centaur -St*?111 ,ti<r i?into> rheumatism, swel'Jngs upon man or beast, is now anton ishing the world. And astonishes beca-iw It does Its work. ^ 17,eo.5 Boom hit being indispensable to health ?nd eomfort thousands of persons come from far t??e well-k-town Chiropodist, No- 038 10th street, opposite the Treesmrj, for relief from corns, bed nails., A&. end adrfee ss to suitable shoes. ' tiATionai SaVinee Bans, eorn? of flew York avenue and 18th street, per* ? per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender menth. Buihlng hours, i to 4. Saturdays, ? to 4 and 8 S S5t3,l ttl? Pom's Extract Is lor sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott A Co., 488 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Obains, Biagm, fetads, ?l*eve Buttou., ts ?u.{ and shaM be sold prior to r?n?vias f sy. 414 Pennnrlvanla avenne, I "tel. You save from ? to (u par ns, Musical In to ?7 .wv, Mi under Hatloaal Hotel . by bortac here. Goods sold TV ? GEORUFTOWJ ADTERTlSEMEirrS. xnMOHilf ANNIVERSABT -The 1L^ M'SSION ARY SOCIETY <3 the Sabbath 8cbo?l of th?- M?WW P^*?*??C^rch. ?-orge t< w?.w'H ti< M M? ?n?*?! tO MORROW I Wedm lay > EVENING, M .y>*h. In the el i:r.-h on Coi.^ro?- atreot. Im>fesn;m exeicis ? ???> 1?* ex peet-vl To c jmai-nw at 8 o'clock tn>7-3 * JJ-^arARKWELL IIWIOIARI MEETING rrsn \btos street m e. cbcech, GEOBGJSTOWN. A Farewell Missionary Meeting will be hflJ id the above-named Church, OH TUESDAY EVINING MAT UTtl. TO BID GOD SPEED TO Brvs JULIUS 80PEB and W. S. DAVIDSON. Who are g< int m Missionaries to Japan. Bev. Biahep AMES will preside. Addre**e? lt the B>*hop, B*-t D W THOMAS, jn?t return*<l from India. Rev. B L. DASHIEL. 9 cretary of Board of Mi?ion,and oth?r interesting ey.-rci- ?* It STEREOSCOPIC VIEW?, f? ? FOK THI ?KXIFtT OV BLESSED PETEB CLAM SOCIETT, AT OLD TEINITY CHURCH, OH TUESDAY EVENING. June 3,1*73. Admission. 38 cent*. Doors open at 7.30. to eoni nience at 8. as*** AT AUtTloH AT * O'CLOCK TUESDAY, 87th INST -30 Share* STOOR IN NEW Mi SONIC HALL,Georgetown, by THOMAS DOWL 1NQ, Auctione-r, Bridge street. in* ** IJiTRAOBDINABT^BAROAlNS IN DRY Plain nil Striped Grenadine*. Japarws* Silks, at SOr., worth 75r. B' autiful Goods for Suiting*. at 3ft, 37 and 5^. Victoria Lawn*, from 10c no; PiqTie*, 35 to SO Batist and Lin?>n Suiting- all shades, very rh> ap Striped and plaid White Vrench Orlando**. Black Alpaca* nnd Mohair*,* specialty A larfe ?tock of Goods for MenV aod Boy V wear. Ladies' and Gent*' Ganz* Under Vests. Call and bay real bargain* of BENJAMIN MILLER. m33tr 101 Bridge street,Georgetown. |JY THOMAS DOWL1NG, Aucfr; Georgetown VAIUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY "S WEST STREET. BETWEEN WASHINGTON AND CONGRESS STREETS, AT AUCTION. ^ Ob THUBSDAY, May 8?th,at 6 oV1.?U p. Era., I will sell. on the promiaes, part of L 4 No. **200. fronting 90 feet on the south aide ot Went street, between Washington and Oongrvss streets, by a depth of 130 feet. The improvements coa?i-t of a substantial and nearly new Bnck Dwelling honse, containing ten rooms. hath-ruom and cell ir. water and gas, Ac., Ac., and on? of the beat kca tioua in town. Term*: One-third ca?h; balance in 6, 13 ami 18 months, with interest at 10 per cent. p?r annum, se cured by a deed of trust on the property. Convex - ancing at roat of purchaser. A deposit of $1UU as soon as the property i* struck off m33 THOMAS DOWLING, A net. |JY THOS. DOWLING Auctioneer; Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALE OF SIX COMFORTABLE % DWELLING HOUSES. No*. 4A.4T.44. 43. 64. AND i'J DUNBABTOR STREET, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. Jnne 3d, at 4 o'clock, 1 will well <>u the premise*, uu Dniibarton street, be **tween Green and Montgomery atreet*. si* n>-?r |y new comfortable frame dwelling h<>iiai-?, p ith modern improvement*. The location ia pleasant and healthy, and all street improvement* made. Terms: One-third cash; balance6,13 and lsmuCit, secured by a d>-ed of trust on the property. Coin.-v aneing at coat of the purchaser. A deposit of $ ;m> raquirod as soon as the property is struck off JOHN DAVIS. m30 dts THOM AS DOWLING. Auc'r. B Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georfetowa. VALUABLE IMPBOVED PROPERTY ??N W ASHINGTON STREET, GEORGETOWN. AT AUCTION. ifl On TUESDAY, Jane 31, at ? o'clock p m. I BhI will s. ll on the premise*, part of Lot IS. front ??'"?ing 97 fent on the east *iile of Wa.?hibEton atr-et. b< tween Dniibarton an I B-all ?ir.-ets, b> a <i??ptli of 60 feet. The improvement*consist of a s<ib*tan'ial two-atory and-half Bnck Dw?-illin H'>'t?e *ith water and gas, perman.-nt wash tulia, nMritie man tle*, pantry, Ac., Ac. Choice pear?, crap"-, Sc., in theKHiden This prop<Tty i* el:gibl> locat'd on m. of thetliii'<t atreet* near the h? art of th>- cit) , anl i? well worthy of the attention >f bayer* Terms: One-third cai-h; balance |j 6 arid 1? months, with interest aecnred by d-ed of tru-t ? n the premie??. Conveyaucine at th* c >*t oi purchaser. ? rLlfcc W K IMPROVRD PROPERTY. CORN KR <-?K UIUIT l> 3I> THOS. DOWLING. A ie*. fY TllOMAS DOWLING, Auctlor,e-r~ 139 Bshige atreet, Georgetown. EXECUTORS' PALE "of VERY VALUABL] AND BKIDGE STREETS, GEORGETOWN, AT AUCTION. I By virtne of the last will and testament of the late Timothy O Douochu*-, deceased, and with the consent of Peter O'D >noghne, in his own 'ijrht, the ntidorsijnied will *ell,at public antin, on the premises, on TUESDAY. May tfTth.I-TS at i o'cl< ck p. m.,tliat valuable improved prop.-rty fronting ? feet 8 inclioa on Bridee atreet, by SSfeet 3 inches on High atreet, impruiedby three aU>rt? and dwelling House. Immediately after the above sale we wBI sell part Of lot Mo. 43, fronting 23 3-13 feet on th'- a?.uth ?ide <d Bridge street, near the Market-linage, by a d? p'h of 88 faet, Improved by a large tliree-*tory Br.cfc Srore and Dwelling-lionM. Terms- One-third cash balanr? In 6, 13, and 1? m< nthe, the purchasers giving 'heir not*-*, tearing interest from day of *ale. Deed* given and dee-1 of trust takes to secnae the deferred pa) iu i.U. Cob veyascing at the cost ?f*he purchaser. SARAH O DONOGHUE,# PETEB O'DONOGHUE.J Kx^r-i >n ?17 3w (Bep| THOS. DOWLINO. A irt. |^EADY FOB THE SPE1EQ TEAPX With a tall torn of flrat claai workmen, a c *n Slete stock of the b?at foreign and domestic I>ye toft, Ac., Ac., I am fnllv prepared to CLEAN OB RECOLOR LADIES' AHD GENTS' SPBING AND SUM M KB WEARING APPAREL, "\iP.'E*?MK?ta*. rR MILIUM ST BAM VYMlj/jj AXV SCO t? ^ESTABLISHED ifesi. Office,49 Jefferson St.,Qaorg?town, D. O ' Box T?3. ai>7-*r THE TRAPES. GAS-FITTING a*t> ?d to, on reaaon T , Vo. 60V L?nis iana avenue, near Ah street, north side. Residues, >??? 3d street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED FIPE always on hand. u3l tr Jfotice of Removal, PRACTICAL PLUMBING, GAS-V I BIW ERAGE promptly attend-d i able term*, by JAMES F. BRIEN, N THE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE COyDVVTEU BY THE L'X DERSIGKED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE, AND B STREET, BE TWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE C?r* if IMh street bb4 ?hle tie. n. v. 1Mb MITH'L B. rUOlTT. UEBAIO A LAG1BPUSH, _____ ^ PRACTVc"AlTCHoV/i%ITHS," 407 F street, aH-lm* Bstwean ?h and tthsts. northwest. JOHN O. HOGAN, T1S Market Space Manufacturer of AWMI a Gp_, for Stores, Ci?? urf pLUMBLHG AMD OAS-FITTING. 113 Pwnasylvaaia avanaa, Capttol Hill. Vw^wtHM. WJ| moTHWKLL. m. PROPOSALS. j)fcoro*AU> run stat.obeb*. W*?^?rAiTJiKiT. I WAiniicitx ?'**, May M,Jt , SMf? Pcop.?-.., ?au -we-? ?? Ike *-7* ??? War, will he i>c?i?"d at ;fci? |fHrta'Tf u ..-I o'clock . n SATl RHAY . the Slat da> > fJane, l?, for mrpi) ?'? tbe rfatim ?ri U*< ntJ ?a th* air b?l< ?,tw lb* IkiI T*f *b '??' *'? * ?? The atunoaery ?n*t be <4 tt* bs?f cuAllty. San pie* uu.?l ?(< >u.| ?ii' e*cfc bid. Thm Tiwhi wJU be r?-<j?ired to ti'i?l,*>lh ouiriw* fortk faitkl*! fal tiMufirt ?f tit fi n:r?t1, aid tli* 1>"|HUMrt rt?rnf tke ri*bt to .r?ter t he articles ?< u fmmr 4?-m rri p? r, ?Lk| U' increase or<lia..n.?k iks <iuaaittie* below ?t?T. <! Articles net named ift the *rk<^?'? below are to t? furnished it tl.e optu B ^ ik Ddpulvrt'. it the k?r*t mark-l mui ?M. W. RKl EN AP. gfornwj o! * ir. PAPER MAPS OF LINEN STOC\. I ream* folio poet, w-ipii nr 9< lh? , per ream S fUl- :ue? tu Iks., ? -r r -am i ream dutt'fli cap. ruied u> pattern, weigh lug 16 l?? pal ruaia. SS rnuir If . ap. U b* , P?r ream 130 PUMt>H'lw?y,fiiMiit plain, weighing It Its., per reau 209 ream* 4Q?rto po?t, ruled or p'.aia, weighing U lb*.. per rrun 176 r? *tn* quarto p-*t, rnt->?1 or plain, weighing 10 lb*., beaaetl ar prr pattern. p> r raani. 131 ream* not* pater. ruled ur pl*.n, ?ti|| C lb* , per ream. 62 ream* &.?!?? paper, rnl-d or plain, weighiag S ll? . headed *? per pattern, per renin. 30 t*sm* ciiMiif paper, Mann* patent. p. r ream. 1 r<-ni? bloti me paper, r?-d, per r.-am XO sheet* di ul-le elephant draw ,ng pap**, p. r >hrrt 43 r< in# blotting l>oarde, weighing 109 IImi , p r rum. 46 ream* envelope paper, buff or yeUcw. rtjll, weighing .*? Ib? . prr ream Stream- M%aiHa ? rapping p ip-r, super royal, *-lgfiiUK J' lbs., per ream. (V r. auir i>b> - pap- r, per ream. bi rranw brown wrapping pai- t 24 by X u: aeighn.g SO lb? , per muii. X n an ? blown wrapping p?p-i.J" t>> ?> iticbaa, ?eigl>lnc til lb*.. p>-r rvMAi. S(*<.0iWftiT?-lope? . If? 9, lu, 11 and It. p?rl , oi. !*' mW eiiTelopea, N <a 4, ?,6 and 7, p -r I ,?aai 1 ,(W eiive|np<-?. M tuilU paper, cl-'tb lib-d. 13 I ) 17 inch?-, per l.toi I,Hiien*e|i pr?, Manilla paper, dutli 13 t-jr 18 iljcher. i>er IW 4 000envelopaa, Manilla i?p^r, n -t lined, 12 b> 9 itickea, per UlD. 4-OUO envelope*, Manilla paper, not 12 bi 7 inciter . per 1 (*?> 34100 e?*rl..per, Manilla paper, not liued, l \ by 7 l?clie?. prr IjUtU. 995 groaa metallic prua. ai?< rt-d, p*i gi ?a. t.?W uuilla. No. On, pet IjMUM aTT d<-Cen Pabt-r r. Anieri> an ut Eacle black lead Pt-ucika, per J.'Ten. Iu3dvten Fab* r a red and Mac pearila, pei ?M, 124 4' leu pen bcldel r, aK*.'l t"<l. per d->(an 10do/en pes bidder*. as? Ked, rubtn-r. par dozen. 3G Ji reu ivory folder*, 10 incli C-i-graa*. per dozen. 38 Joren B'^dgera" crar-r?, ivory or cocoa haudl't. per <W<*n, 33Sd<>cen K niger* A S .na' or \\ ~tenh lai > I bla<l- penknivea, per d- re?, t d-./en Ro<iger? aciaaura, 4S and o-inch, par dozen. r dozen rh- ar?. 9,10 and 11 inch, per d /??n. 67 dozen Maytard A Mo>ea ink. <?uarta. p--r ?MB, 23 dozen Majnard .v Noyea ink*, pmta. per <!? >zen. 8 !>>*en i^uarta Carter a copying ink, per d z-n ?> dnzen .inarta Arnold * r *p% iuii ink. |h*i d / n. li'?i dozen t'reurb rmmine ink. pei d '/eti hi d< zen Dtircll'a copyibK iuk. ^narta. dor-'B. 30dozen inkataiid#, Iiiap*r ?, Wliitnev'., ur equal, prr dozen. 4)i poiinda aealing *a*. acailet, p-i p ??4. 40 |- ur il- Iii'li < rul'l>?i, pi - paird in pi^-a, p-r poaml It d--Keu auk taote or braid, a?* rte.1. p-r d>r?n. di'fen red tape, in piece*, n??orted. p?-i d->r~n 129 dozen roll* ted tape. N' ?? 17,19,21 a:i4 Is, per di 7?-n 306 pound- lin'-n twine, aa&orrel, per p^uuJ 72 ponfid* cable cord per pound V.' iM'iiiid< hemp twiae. per p>?n<l. .?! iV'/.-ii Mi>rcau * Biucilage, >at>. n-r d >z i. M doyeniiuart bottta* mn< ila-e, p?t ilormi. 12 doErn til.'iik bi? k?. aa>-orted. per dozen. So d"*ei; pack* Ti?ititig card-, p-r d ?rti. 1- ilocen rnlerr. 12,16. I? audit ineh. p-r d -r -i l.'CCfriiM ruM>ei bandi.?*M>rt. .1. p< i cr- ... ljd< /en uiaiuorandain bv< k-. aaamti 'l, p r d/eti t, dozen e? notaua' ?? *'., pel d"/.en. 7>? ituzi'D buxc* e> eleta, per dor n. 2 dozen eyelet puncher, per d /en. 16 di 7*n ijiiari* Arnold* writing; fird, pr d"/eii 4dozen letter clipa. per dozen, fo p. urn'.-?ponge, p?r pound. 10 do/, n golil pen* and holder*. p> i d ?/-u. l.ilt yard* tinciiig lineu. per y.ird. 29 iluzen i-i-ongr cup*, per d' r-n. 11 dozen pap. r a' tfclil*, |e>rdo/rl; 2><l.*'? M'.tiiliV patent p?p> r fa-renef, | .*r bn. 114 ruling pen*, each. l.t pound ? at? r?. per p?und f.'? no/.en 1-onnce bottle* p >?Bce, p? r dozen, hidozet, Moore'* bl- tt< r*. per dozen, 8d?zen ni> nioraiHlum block*, i,?on?il. p-r <wr?. m2" ir J)K Ol'OSALS t'UB STATION kliV. CLEKi'sOrncT Hwr.g Rgrisr^itXTATivE*,I" P .1 ?*-?iv,ti.>,IVC. Mays, 1ST3 \ Sealed Prop^<aal* will be recejreii at thi? office un til IV o'ci.ncK m., Mat H^.ltTl, for furnishing Stationery lor the u?e of ike Ho iae of Eepre*eata ti'ee. Flank form* of rrapo?a)*. ah .wing !b oiantitr and quality of each arti. Ir.and tb- funi. le>u<l to beaigned b> tlie bidder and aurelie*, will be fur nialn-d 041 a{t?li< aii -n to tki* office. l'rwao*ata worn eatabliehed d-al-r* only will l. c.inal?fere<l, aad preference ? ill t<- given to prodn. tionatf American industry .if equally chrap and of a* good qnalHr The bid* will be con?id*r*d and acoeptM or re j?-cte<l item by Item, aad the Clerk re*-rae* ttierlirht to order more orb-aaaf aay ar,iclatu?i tke qaau tit* advertiaed f<*. Sample* and description of litimgraphiac to be done Biay lie .Miwed on appli aii.-u to tlu* oflce Bidd- ra wTSIl l>? requlri-dtofnrai-k *.\nnple? of each dagi of articles, marked aith the tidavr'a name, and proprrlv numbered. A" article* to br d -Mvared free of rh*r?*? f ?r freight cr carriage at the CWkV Otll<-e, 11 .;i?? of BenreaentatlTe*. by the SKk day of June, LtC3. Thi* ad\erti*ement and th* vrop.?a1.?ofar a* ac oeptrd, and'ke lK>n<t accompanyinic the aauie, ahall conatMate tke . rtrai t b?t?een the Gi'?nm<*t au l tke biMer. and nofurthercntitnict will be eiecuted, and the failure to furui*b aiiy article a- propo*?d and acceffted, or tke fttrni*hing of articles inferior to the *.imple. will lie *ufflrient catL?e for annulling tke contract and forfeiting the penalty of the l?nd. Proposals *hotild be iudora,^!,*4 Proposals for Bta tioneryand directe<l, edwabd Mcpherson. louae of B-pre<-entativ?a. I" 8 I'OBT AMD CAST I felW JAIL, DIs m?-t 4t Clark H? PW*"Vb8J%.wKI TJtlCT or COLUMBIA. JIkw Jail, Dutbictor QoLtKtia, I Office of Superintendent. May 8. MrS.i WKOUUUT AMU (MST-IKOM WORK. Beaibd Proposals will be recelTed at the office of the Superintendenl uatfl 19 m., Jim 7, lsTa, for furniahing. delivering,Uttiug, and putting in place the Wrought and Caat lrou Work a* exklbited by the Drawfaga, deecribed In the Specific attena. and called for ia the Schedaka, consiating ot^ke Cast iron Columns of Baaement, Bulled Beams. Ac., of Floors, Iroa Work of Boots, Qratings to Windows, AC., Call Doors, Iron Staircasss, Ac. Copies of the Drawings,Ste < incationa, aad Sckad ul? may be bad on appneatton at thia ffi< . . Alt scaffolding required by the contractors to put the work in place will be faruiaked by the Govern ment free of charge, bat will b? erected by the con tractors. proposal* will be made by the piece, lineal foot, eight, f< " or welgkt, for the varioue itema of work, na called for tn tke Schedule. The work will not he subdivided among different bidder*, but will be oonaidared in the aggregate The whole of theCaat-lroa Oolimias f Baaement Story and the Beams, Ac., ot Pirat Ploor, moat be delivered aud set in poaitioa srithin tkreenonthafreaadate of accrptssc* of proposal, and the whole w?rk must be complatad Wilkin twelve montha from date of acceptance. Payment* will be mads monthly, d*dnoting ten per ?*? until the llnal completioa et the ci ntraot. ..II1 ids must be accompanied hv a p?salbonil. In tha *am of twenty thousand dollar* ( fX.(N0,> that tke bidd< r will accept and perform the coutrart If awarded him, the sufficiency of tbeaacarity to he itrtiM by tlie Tuited Statea Judge, the Clerk of ?be Caited States Court,or the District Attome? of the District wherein he resides. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bida. if it be deemed for the intereat of the (}<>?? wrnment to do so; aud aay bid that ia not made on the printed form, to be obtained ia thia office,and loaa not conform In every respect to the rauaira menu of this advertisement, will not be ronrtdered, neither will aay propoeals be received fro? aartiea who are not th-m*elvee engaged In the maanfactare of Wroaght or Caat-ima Work, and who hava not tke sit iwary factiniae for getting oat the work. ProBoaals will ha endorsM "Bid* for Iroa Work," bimI Mdrawd lo mf gt ADOLP C1?D88. Saperiatendsnt. p BO PUS A LS EOB ARMY Sl'PPLlBS. D. 8. AaaiHAL, PiB*?raL?, Mo.,I May W.UT1 ^ I , witk a ropy <4 this asv rith tk. ii?rJLvM 730 Pound* of Bye Straw. Tha above stores to ha smja Uvery at the srasnsl _ Wood to be aonnd, aar aakamamaRor crooked Hasha, woad-yard. Straw to be of tha for Waotor " to tha an "rp/*-fn?T5,a. m iSTi.t" pa^r' *irL~' ?. - Jafir j5r Vn^fu' * * ' ' ^ a? D IMObOtlOl VullMTSl.D.C Tha aaaawSlba < of i BE? TOCHM. tha public for thatr lib aE5????ai&;;?r railroads. r??, Ml) ?. in 1^9 - ? ? ? ? - - - " ?n?i" **? i in^r *M* i ? ?r?tii? K ? -i. V aat F M.TJBO' ; *? i?T. will rin a? I >U *1,11, _ , r?'K fiA LT IMi>KI Li" U v tr..r h,1M.Ul >m ?. ? ?*>*M .? A. ??.. U r< aiHl I It ? j.t, ft 111. k ,l? J) I, _ _ or ?i ??Ar rot baltW*1?'?'? La>* m e ?<t4 a a n? a< 4 ? - /"? FOR ? * ? ? - M?, ?. ?!>4| ? if f m L?- . "i"4, * ^ fTiTli'SK. _ m'* I* m:?llr 'Ml,!. tA ar-I <- 4.' **? ?' ??d I.1'p. u. jl ? ib<1*1 ?: } - ? Ki ARXaPOLIS. day***' *' *' **' ^ 8 ** *' b"1 ?ot rt* . .. fob bobfoik. l.lo p t?..?.?? u.i| .??, >ut>dat . ^ . roiTHum Satnrda? ) at T 40 a. in. a-.d ** ni " S??iiSm ? 7 ? ?. ?. a-?l ruiroiKTor bo< r? aki> intermediate STATIONS AI_ ? ? ?* p III . ba- !?.?? Mi Pa? l*T -T*yyn ?'?"*??? ?? t>.? m??i cm ha-t *i t . Washing!, a Mimh'ii Tick* OttW at all t> ur? o? dtT. ^.WtkfC^MO ???? r u?->l ? ma a**t n> M?Th??iiir tlcketa at th? \x? oSW. ca? th??r? kT'ttlr NaT* (heir haccoc ralla.1 for anil ch*rl?| at l.-ir mrffnr. <,| L lv> lb* J'!?.??, and rat ir'o i t>acir*(- rtr T;* ?T<*%. Philadelphia. a?.t IImDh.mii! ni?nt <f" Tt?r? Ukh Liw J"'***? * *"AKP *??-r rfTraaapor*., *' M TkM Ac of <.RO >. RojlBTl*. 0-'n?ral Ar~tit mf 'I'11 EliI.u?.yj,sUikT*?i ? rSurov * PIIILAl>ri TH I * am> mm y<>kk .in* Mw^ii V MMn>toD tr>4 ^ ? > York ara nam ran a- f ?H-.wa.J'H FOB KKW TOR( ?k|i.<w rtiaitfr <<ar?. f i> ??mrtaj'? Mr a a , I H au( , ' , .for rniL&Mi.rHi \ , l^aiedailt I vacant ?mtda) > at ? a ut . 1 h' ?n l ?? , ' M os ?r\n?T. p?:\Yi?.:,sm~Vrk"sao' ?? *-?-*? rara f..r X ?? V ri >n ? S' train onli Tbr uah lu kj-f l ri. Ia4. I|?h.a. II-w \ rk ^rVh'-'iir" ?' ,l"' <??<> ?? ?ll b ? ir. Baltimore and Ofctn Ra lrtad a<>< rti?>rri i? vz ur,?" B-,u- "?A _OEO W KOQNTE. kg->.x. W >.t,n.?, n. n jr ALRXARPRIA HAMHUfl ^ TOR R R n^WK ?v*mw 4LSXASDRUJI FRtliRRlCRSRUBe B. I. X&r* 7 r- ^ "'???r iraiiu 4^1, w-n' f. n Al' *a??lria *riiv? a* f it. w. _ * "S i 2:22 / 5 r1!?- u? - - ? * ?" : w, M. K.H I) Ui * .H 4 III R|a.l ?? *t l^rsT,?lxmi*in* iUi,?-aU ????? j-w ruHr^Si^tri'V ??"? ?? Waak w"-wn?to? j;^SS5!av.V1?tC5iS^Si ooro*tUth atr?^ im Paawr nT ' ? W.^11 aa .. gAtTmuRR^rtm/MAO^^^ CM mU b H. R.HW9V ^RALT^S.*0*-*aAIK''AT 4?JL ?.. Suot. RrK. ??. I Wa t daily. ?.r,f * B*u,n,?^ W*aT?.,W^tlr , 4?llr. ?r. p. HuiSj" ".u.rr ' *?? '--f i?" p puiraiv, ? 1 ?> r m. Batiimoir Arc.. .? >1! ?> tu Cinnfii.n v, ?SfjVTiw;:a v,. :v^??L J??. <^lncinaatl C< , TJi'J" jrn.a^^.ma^^,, m ^ _ R,m>hW Ff. 'Mf ? ,W???rB Rx? 4 gdBy. T ^? Train* iMvlttC WaMtlnftoti m ??anJ I" ^ yiS t? to jconnect ml vttt trai it f(?r m .ru ^ IR?-Wlf 7.M *ii 1 II ?? ? a^ .\f- - ? rtMi? at Marlboro' ? u a i iJd ilTl 122? S * *r ii >rthv?a( corner of Hivth arraH anl V!! uT . ^^rr'Trn"<. 7J5. Th7^ Rortk aod 1872 PR5IC8TLVARLA ROCTR 1872 W T?B ?OBTtfWR.rMioffrHo !o^ Tb? r Ifli 'ft-. ? _ l*ii^nimrTivn jJij ^7 tbla rota cm ba )mn at tk# ngna !?JyV *l^ Wl P<*Dnarlama avauna, at!d ?^^Sfcas: ap%ja fh??allull r-tobU will ba HOTELS. lil1' I?1TmSSm& ts n?tiofthufboeeTlw'raeleb'^n efB22B"?eTi? x^&r.'szsrisi ;.xi?L ||TIOM BOTH,, ' ?o. Q 8TBRRT, Ritwbiii Ttu ame trw I rum p? I HPS RIAL BOTRL. JAMBS STB FBoirriM PmiMTLvaiitA A filillHl"!, D. 0. Q 0. WI1?LARD, ITT BOOSB. WASBIB0TOR. Ds O. GROCERS. ^ K. O'HARE AMI, W H0LB8ALR AKI? BBTA1L O^OCRRS, ISIS in STRBBT BOBTBWBST. (Bitwaai. H taS B ato.l BKWBCTTRR! BXW CHRR8RI 1? IS 16 !? is a? IS IS HAMS. Kl GAB CI RRD BAMS l?r. PRR (J, is IS IS is !? IB DOOLBYS YRABT POWLRR OBABAM flocb OAT MIAk B?ck?r% WlMlN Aritt, Haefcar% Farina, Br* fhmr, Bar Ir y Tapioca, laf >.M*aiwa, ? DwrWiCtn March. Wax CtaiVa, Orw A BteqkwMI'b Ptekln, GS> Baa1! Muaiard. Kii' ka^v | Poor* Moat?f<4, ou*?ou,r cnrcmATi OLBIBB BOAP. fiw 55l5^B?wr i Carraata, BatoiM. -MBDICIR AL LIQC0B8 C. B. S*lABI M Bll, mM-tr l?IIIi>ir.i.w.,>iHiiiRM? l^iSIItl MtCtifkit OIBKCT tka MUIat? TALLBT UP TIBBIBIA. m MO t* ?T SO SABS *Md tbas ?b C*VA?U TUB, Dk?S KJKJ'SrJrKfrfTi A*'

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