Newspaper of Evening Star, May 28, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 28, 1873 Page 2
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evening star Balding Mittti on Evsty Ptge Urgat CireilHitt i? the District WASBINGTON CITY: AT... 117*. An interesting legal caee i? in progress in Baltimore. In the year 1*66. Haslin. alias Tucker. *u convicted of horse stealing in the Circuit court for Charles county, and wm sen tenced to the penitentiary for the term of sev enteen years and six months. When he had served out something more than six years ot bis term, he wis pardoned by Governor Whyte on condition that he would leave the state of Ma ryland and never return. He returned to Bal timore last January. and won after was arrested for alleged complicity in the Lampley murder. It was ascertained that he bad no band in the assassination of Mrs. Lampley, but in the mean time attention was calltd to hi* violation of the conditions of hi* pardon. He was brought be fore the court on Friday last, and the jury im paneled to try the questions of facts involved returned an inquisition setting forth that Tucke-- & the same nun who was sentenced in 1866, and that he did violate the term* of his pardon. Hail the trial ended here, the prisoner would have t-een temand.Hl to prison to serve out the remainder of his term; but his counsel made a motion in arrest of judgment, and upon this motion the constitutionality of the recom m'.tment of pardoned convicts who do not ob serve the conditions of their pardon will be argued. Should the motion be overruled, the case, it Is thought, will be carried to the court of appeal*. Last summer the charitable of New York and Philadelphia raised large sums, which were devoted to giving free excursions to i>oor chil dren. The keen enjoyment of the juveniles on these occasion-, and the healthful effects of a day's frolic in the woed.- or on the water, were so noticeable as to convince those who had contributed to make the little ones happy that they bad done a good deed, and they will prob ably be ready to aid a similar enterprise this summer. Arrangement* are being ma'te in Philadelphia to give the children free excur sions again this summer, and it is to be pre sumed that New York wtll not be behindhand in the same direction. Why cannot the chari table of our city strange for similar excursions this summer. The sum required would not ne cessarily be large, and the compen sating result would certainly be satisfactory to every con tributor. At any rate, if Washington is behind hand in this particular matter it will be because our citizens are drawn upon for the support of more charities than any other city of its size in the United States, and cannot afford to do more than they are doing at present. A St. Louis correspondent of the New York Cvmmert* asks that paper two ques tions. the an-wers to which are of interest to banker.- throughout the country. The ques tions are: I. I- it ? r?*>er for a bank to loan mousy. t ?k iit<7 as cw-.aieral security its own certilicate of fttock'.' II. Can - Sink afford to pay, upon one year dop?Mtf?, intrr?;t at ihe rate of 7 per cent, per ar.nnm. or even more, if the market rate tor money is steady at 10 per cent.'.' The answer of the Journal to tbesc queries is (1) that every national hank is prohibited by section Mi of the act under which it is estab lished from making ?'any loan or discount on the security of the shares of its own capital stock;" and (2) that in the opinion of the Jour nal no bank of discount should pay interest on deposits; but a margin of three per cent, would probably cover the expenses, although it would leave little or no profit, all things considered, a The New York legislature has under con sideration an act amending the law of libel. It provides that no publisher or editor of a news paper or other publication shall be arrested in an action for libel before final judgment shall have been entered against him. The New York Jrumal of Commerce endorses the proposed amendment, and says that while it does not impair the rights of persons who consider themselves libeled,ithey will be deprived of '?the luxury of inflicting vengeance upon some editor who had told the truth (perhaps) about them by arresting him late at night and clap ping him in jail'' Another proposed amend ment does away with exorbitant bail ami places it at from t-'.OOO to W.tioo. The St. Joe region in Michigan on the east vide of the lako from which the state takes its name, is noted for the frequency of its peach crop, which seldom fails even when the fruit not so far north is destroyed by late frosts. This fact, causes the land within the limits of the peach locality to sell for from five hundred to one thousand dollar- per acre. It is well known that the country about Washington Is a better (each region than St. Joe, and yet land does i.ot coat more than about one-fifth as much. It has been observed that on pieces of clover ground in the neighborhood of this city the cut worms are so abundant that in covering a hill Of corn In planting from two to five ot them will be exposed to view. Whether they aro as plentiful on old ground or not we are not in lormed. ? A conference of the prohibitionists from all parts of the state of New York have unani mously repudiated the I>ix beer compromise and declared for the ''civil damage'' provision, home of them took the extreme ground that ale and beer as beverages are "the most costly, debating and ruinous of all in general Use." Ex-Governor Wise, of Virginia, declines to j run for governor on either the republican or conservative ticket. P-K?*ASONIC.-El BEKA ft. A. CHATTER, No. 4. slil hold a special convocation THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, at 7 Si o'clock. Com rani' as of Slater Chasten are cordially invited. Br order of the M E H P. Jt 8. JU11S THOMSON. Secretary. frS?ThE DECORATION COMMITTEE G. A. K , will?.* si' *ee I to receive ail donation* of TLOWlCi* u 3*2 #h?trr?i ?.Tihw?ii. Will ?<*i?d t r them cither THl'BSDAY EVENING or FRl DAY HORNING, until 3 o'clork. AH* BIOHABDSOH. mi- It Chairman Decoration Committee. RAM BEKRY FESTIVAL FOR THE BENEFIT or THE INDl sTKIAL HOME SCHOOL. At Ho. yjj r?aiurl'8oii a>rnne, M?mu 9tk auJ 10th -trs-ts, THIS, ? EDNISI'AT ? EVENING, May ?, 15TJ, at 8 o clock. Admi^ioti g r-nta. It* f^S? K OF P.? All Knigbte whs I.Tirw to par U*y ticipate ia paring a fraternal viait to Pytha ?< reaI) L dtre.of Baltimore, will plea*e meet at my r.ficr THURSDAY NEXT, at i 30 p.m. or at the ?HMN and Ohio Railroad depot We will leave at < p. m. thm be ins the last tram. Tickets to be had of me only. It A ft. L KBESft. REMOVAL.-Ths undersigned have tht* day removed from corner of New Jersey avenue ? 1 B atreet *outti to their new tttorer<?>m atxl v. arehoaae.jooutheMt corner of same square,)cor i * l?t and C sr-?>> ???nthsart. oar tacreaeed farilitie. will enable u-to (apply ? i 'Moarn GRO<'BRIBS, Ac , promptly, anil at ?' r*V?"i?w aaeiaewhers. " ?r?*a GCLICK A BEG. A""TIOft. knights templar COLUMBIA COM AMDBftT^Bo. ft. T., Will aaaemble at their A-?!??.Ms*?ais TetnMe, FRIDAY SYKNINO. ??" J<Ha instant. at T o'clock, ia fatigue drsss for the purpose of drill. T> v will aleo aaaemble at the A?ylnta on TUBS PAY EVBB1BG, Jnae 3d, at i o'clock, ia full slreM tor ths porpjse of farade, laepecuon. sad ra - v?e?. B <tder of the Ball i V A. T. LONQL1Y. Be<-order. ^.,K,.Di,L,?.re.?>VTT?j.ooDPC., Balttmobb. Jaaaary 1st, 1SW. Umiitmm -It afforte as plessais to add my teetl *M>of to the wouderful effects of roar truly excellent medicine? ftoaadalts A sufsrin* for two year* , with scarcely a hops ealth, I was Induced to _ After fr m a ahatter-d constitution if restoration t? m- uauaJ health. try >mS R."??dait?. after taking, secordiac to roar dire*ttose,.Ar'Set.'jrj, I ran truly ear that I havs twe?> rnafMrif restored, as my taaay meads know sst 1 believe by ths ass of your medicine I <or<ttally r-c,?m*ii.| it as aa excellent rsaovator ?aad punfler of the blood. Truly your*. JOHN COX, Comer Gay aad Lombard Musts. Forsaieby? c\LVEBTF01D, llMPenaa^l % ania aveaue ? RAND B nWo. ?k tost , a. S o clock, to con.ii??|hi "ppU ? atioa of tas Lodge, to renwvs from ths iavsath ?treef Hall whilst ths improvement* are beine mV * t. H. SWBET.Gr hec ?wtTTbek^Mai Mm-'Hic Tesspls.e* WHdAsDaT XVENING, ?9io n.-aut. si Vm ?'e?usk. A rail ?utsadanre (a rsH>?sted. Br oriUr oftks ?. M, |f. There was more animation In the Wall street market* yesterday than for lone time past, the chief movement being la storks. The market opened qniet and firm, bat an attack wai made on Union Pacific bond* on the publication of the bi 11 orjcotnplaint in the litigation! ast began at Hartford. The prlee of the stock was ran down from 30 w to 25 s<, but subsequently recov ered to ? Is that the move is purely spec nl: t re, as the charges made hare bean famil iar to moet perrons for a long time past. The general market was affected by the decline in Union Pacific, Pacific Mail being the next h'aviest loser, and declined to 41K, closing at 4.'^. The market closed heavy. Jly Cooke A Co. farniah the i K tw'.JsAJr.wiis t: ? i-a's,iat v>s 17 \ ?-r*jnajy,w.i<>\ at* fr-U'l|l*Bp _17S 1- , h^HTs 14 14 . ?-?>, Mi 18 ? ?Waa. A Jly,*A..l-i^ HWia. A Jly. W__ir, MMB's MX American Gold. Id Currency 1^1.. 'S'? Mew Fivsa 16 , BaLTTMOEE, May W.?Virginia sixes, old. 37H; do. consolidated,547?; West Virginia's, 10'*;"North Carolina sixes, old, 28', bid to day Baltihoeb, May 2- ? Cotton dull?low mid dlings, 17\. Floor s'tady, heavy.and unchanged. Wheat heavy?red western, fit SMtlJI; other* nichar ged. Corn qnft?t and steady ?white ?outh"rn, 71. wen:em mixed. 49?AS0; do. whit*. Bye dnll. *tc (<91. Provisions .juiet Pork nominal, $1H. Bulk meats?shoulders, 7S<?*''1?; rib sides, 3?4; ?lear rib sides. 9 Bacon Irmer and in improved demand?*houlder?, WnrtS,: rib sidej. 9\; clear rib ?id s, ?ugar-cured ham*, 11(314. Lard lull, W?9l?. Western butter a'eadr and uuchauged, 95. Hay unchanged. Sugarsteady, 10*,' Riw Toil, Mar 28.?Stock* dnll. G Id firm, 13'?. Money qnlet, 6<47. Exchange?loug,9-t; short, 9*?. Governments dull and steady. New York. May 29 ?Flonr dull and drooping. W b*at 'iuiet and heavy. Corn uniet end a'.endy. Loxnojl, May W, li 30 a. m.?Consols opened at 98*. for both. Bond* unlet?1368, old, 9r?; 18U7, 94';.; 10-40's,W\: new five*, ?? .. Brie, 49 . Pas t?, May 28 ?Rentes opened at M franc*. Iosw>>, May 2!<, 130 p m.?Consols for money, 93%. Brie. 49 __ THE WK1THEB. Was I>ErARTiiE>T. Ojf?r? of ChuJ Sitnal (Mirer,! Washixgtox, May SH, ld73,10 30 a. m. S SvSCPstS FOB THE TAST TWKSTT FOOB HoCll. The te niwrature ha* fallen over the country west and Li rtliwest of the Mississippi and Ohio valleys and in the upper lake region, with higher pres-ure, "?nth* Kt'-rly winds, clearing and clear weather. S? Bihwf.>rf? ?Ld southeasterly winds, high but diminishing preseure aid cloudy weather in Ten ne?see at.d the galf states, with rain in the western gulf. Southerly wind*, partly cloudy and clear weather in the lower lake region and middle state*. Southerly winds, clondy weather and falling barom eter in Mew Bngland ami Canada. Probabilities.?For the middle states and lower l*ke* rising barometer.cooler,clearing w-ather and southwesterly to northwesterly winds For Canada and New England clearing weather, southwesterly winds ami falling temperature For the south At lantic -tales southwesterly wind*, diminishing pres sure, partly clondy weather and occasional rain. For the gull -tates and Tennessee southerly and southwesterly winds, cloudy weather and rain. For the lower Miseenri ami Ohio valley*, and northward to Minnesota and the upper lakes,southwesterly to northwesterly winds, low temperature and gen erally clear weather. Reports are mis*ing from the southwest, northwe-t, Montana and Oregon. & ' DECORATION DAY. Executive Office, I District of Columbia. { The executive ofllces 0f the District will be ?loeed on FRIDAY, May S?th, the da\ set apart for decor ating with flower* the graves of Cnlon soldiers. It i? recommended also that by the public schools the patriotic annivernary shall be observed as a holi day , and that the citizens of the District shall join in the observance of the beautiful and solemn cere mony. II. D. COOKE, Governor. By the Governor : Ed'.vim L. Stastos, ni38-2t Secretary of the District of Columbia YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIV TION, Corn'r 9(k and O UrtUt. CIRCULATING LIBRARY reopened. Overly.) nevk book* just added. READING ROOM, free to all. DAILY PRAYER MEETINGS-?:l?,6.*uJ9 p. m. SABBATH SERVICES: Bible Leeaon at 4:30, in LINCOLN HALL, led by Commissioner of Indian AiTa>rs, THEATER SER VICE, corner of 11th and O sts., at 8 p. la nt27-tr P 3*I'ARTI ES DESIRIN0 TO JOIN A GOOD REAL ESTATE AND BUILDING ASJO CIaTION are requested to call at the Office of the Secretary of the "National Capital Real Estate As sociation''' and examiLe the constitution and the second annual report. Th's association is recog nised as one ><f the most profitable in the District, and has been in operation for two years. By an amendment to the constitution Fifteen Hundred Shares, denominated the Secord Series, are author ized to Im isaued, to date April 1st, 1873, without re quiring any Back Payments, except for April and May. Each share is one hundred dollar*, and the monthly dues two dollars per mouth. Each share entitles the holder to borrow from the Association fiye hundred dollar* net PHIL.H. WELCH, n>27 lot 905 F street, Masonic Temple, 1 Republican, 10 times.| irS?THE BANKS AND BANKING HOUSES v^iy of the nndersigned will be closed on FRI bAl, May 30tb? Decoratian Day. Partis* having paper maturing on that day are requested to provide tor it the day previous. J AT COOKE A CO.,by W. M TENNET. Att'y. H. D. COOKE, Jr., A. Caa. First National BuiW. GEO. H B WHITE, Asst C?*. Nat Met. Bank. G W. STICK NE Y. Actuary Freed. 9av ATruit Co. MIDDLBTON A CO. J A. RUFF, Trea*. Washington City Sav. Ba^k. LEWIS JOHNSON A CO CHAS. BRADLEY, Cas. Hat. Bank Republic. BDW. TEMPLE. Vice Preet Bank of Washington. FANT, WASHINGTON A CO. WM. STICK NET, Preet Nat. Savings Bank. J H. bUUIER A CO. W. LAIRD, Jb , Cas. F.AM Bank, Georgetown. J. C. Mi KELDEN, Preet M Nat. Bank, mg-3t rr3?A FESTIVAL FOR TAB BENEFIT OF TRINITT CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL will be held in the baaement of the'ehurch on the evenings of TUESDAT and WEDNESDAY, tUh and Xn. mMit7 (>rS?GEOROB W HAUPTMAN, Jmtlu* of the Pemt*, attends to all kind* of Claims and Le galbvmineaa, southwest corner of 11th and G streets northwest mayllly fr^SCHBNCK'S MANDRAKB PILLS -These U^X pills are composed exclusively of vegetable ingredients, and although they entirely supersede the use of mercary, do not leave any of its in urious effect*. They act directly upon the liver, and are I valuable remedy in all cssaa of derangement result ing from a disordered state of that organ, Liver Complaint, Biliooa Disorders, Indigestiim, Sick H- adsche, Typhoid Fevers. Ac., Ac , all succumb to the free use Of Schenck's Mandrake Pill*. For sale by all Druggist* and Dealers.^ mS-tr pacitiee to accept the responsibility which falls upon her, u see her prostrated, losing every May bar strength, feeling badly without being able to say ?br, but yet suffering enough to be utterly mlssra able 1 This state of weakness and debility is mora fatal t* her than a severe spell of sickn?*s, /or la that case aha will receive the proper cars, as In ths other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician shoot it, until nature, exhausted, gives oat, and she is carried to ths mvb when a little precantioa la proper time woald hava spared her life. To prevent, to strongthsa, to care, nothing caa compare with the LONG-LIFE BIT TERS of Dr. L. (^BERTRAM Tber are a safe and Infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, ooe tiveaess, biliousness, headaches, ssornlm sickness and all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, In conse quence of their virtue and mod agreeable taste, tha ' par rrrsflsacs for ladies. JS-tr him/tnr thai a ?mmm n? a- . a. a. s ? m >.? ?. wmmsasomi perioas oi me world s at a person known to he Infected with It ?flowedtoad* with society. Happily S?.??1"?? history that a ] weald not I In oar day L> WW ? >u irpm w Its (error uy use of Bamabitajv^v Root tsniHiu ths victim of Scrofula, Uleers, Sorsa, Pimples, Btotchss, ^T?*tsrB, Be., caabs restored tesoand health ROOTWAND HERB JUICES, flJi per bettle Sold hy 8. C. FORD, 1191 Pa eve., and by Drug gie*. DESMOND A CO., Proprietor*, *lt R*?e 1, Philadelphia. mayW-ly M IL11HH ? NEW DRUG BTORB, ?a. um Punnuau Arum, Depot tar Soda and Mineral WaSsrs. teifi-lf T>LUMBERS ARE INVITED TO IXAMINE * oar stock ol BRASS WORK, oa which ws offer a liberal disconat to the trade. mS-eo3t ALEX R SHEPHERD A CO. ?DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. The firm of JOHN W. LUMSDON A CO. is thU day DIb!*OLVKD by ssntual consent. The business will be conducted hereafter by John W Lumadon, who aasnmea all liabilities and collectaiall amounts WA*ai5GTO!?, D. C? May Mth, 1873 mg It JUST ISSUED? ??Mrt sf ths War with Isiles, BT JOHN R. KBNLT. Published by LIPPINOOTT A CO. For sale b/ R B. MOHtN A CO., and Bookseller* general >L my?lawlm j^M RAPIDLY RBMOVINO DAMAGED GOODS AND FILLING UP DAY ST DAT WITH FRESH STOCK. Orders promptly sapplied. gss W. W. BURCHECL. PARTIES MOLDIBO TAX^llTLBS to ths K Property of the late Jo ha Carethsncaa have tkelt a^Sad^a^y mM3t* 634 Loaisisaa avenue. Y0?f&gt??2.2lS: G"&Wo?aa??ss:m la Flila Colon, Lo Broke* Checks, UOkwMi. In 8Uk Mixtures, In Blue Flann?'t?, all at unusually low figuree, for caah. Come aad rtalne the traihof this assertion. VOAH WALSBB * CO., 611 lfetropotiUa Hotel Building. D KMOTAL-Kr CABO bega leave to < Ah. customer* and the public generally h? has removed hia Bazaar to Ho. ZQi P rm ? is * 1 Bu^r rhich ur>i -a m BOYS', BOYS', BOT8', CLOTHING. BOYS', BOT8', BOT8', CLOTHING. BOT8', BOYS', BOYS', CLOTHING. We make the BOYS' TRADE an "special feature in our business, and parents mar rely on procuring at this establishment Bov"a Clothing well cut, well made, Well trimmed and durable. NOAH WALKBB* CO., 611 Pennsylvania avenue. mg-3t Metropolitan Hotel BoUdlng. i inform hia that m _ Penn sylvania avenue, under the National Hotel,4 where he will keep a flne atock of Gold and " WATCHES JEWELBT,and DIAMONDS, Wuivu he will eell at great bargains. Goods sold oa month ly instalments. No trouble to shew good*. Rera-^ berth? name and number. B. CABO, 464 P< un sylvania avenne, under National Hotel. m28r (CARRI AGES! CARRIAGES CABBIAGEV J A large ntock of Light Carriagee,, suitsble for street, park or road driving,! of the very beat make and finish. 8econa-J hand Carriages, very cheap, to make room for new work. Bepairing promptly attended to. BOBT. H. OBAHAM'S, New Repository and factory, 416-414 8th street, between D and B. m28-3t* JELLING OFF AT AND HELOW COST-A flne assortment of all ileacriptions of la-g rt? diet', misses' and children'a, and alao of] gentlemen's BOOTS, SHOES, GAITEB8. Ac , will be told at and below coat in order to rlnae busi ness. JOHN ANGEBMANN A SON, mtt-lui No. 41? 7th at .opp. Odd Fellows' Hall. |\IOTICE.?Fishing parties can have their horses I? taken cat a of by n? Jt* J. B. TBAIL, Chain Bridge. '?'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber a has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia,holding a Special Term, lettera of administration, w. a., on the personal estate of ROB ERT F FOSTEB. late of Washington county. D.C., deceased. All persons having claims against tr.e said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit '.he same, with the Touchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 2Wh day of May next: they may otherwise by Inw be excluded from all benefit of the said estate Given under my hand,this 2uth day of May, 1873. LCCBETIA V1BGINIA I her X mark) BELL. Administratrix, w. a Witness: A. WEBSTER. Register of Wills .mil- w3t * IN THE SUPBEME CODBT OF THE DISTBICT OF COLUMBIA, Holding m Special Term, Moy 21th. 1873. In the case of Sarah Elizabeth Tucker, executrix of JOHN W. TI CK ER. dec'd,the executrix aforesaid has, witn the approbation of the Supreme Court of tie District of Columbia aforesaid, appointed TUESDAY, June 17th, A. D. 1873, for the final settlement and distribution of the personal estate of said deceased, and of the assets in band, as far as the same have been collected and turned into money: whe i and where all the creditors and heira of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims projerly vouched, or they may otherwiae by law be excladed from all benefit in said deceaseds estate: Prov ided, a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeka in The Star pievioua to the aaid day. Teat: ni'.8-w jt* A. WEBSTER, Register of Willa. BANKBCPTCY NOTICE -To all tlie creditors ?f WM BRADLEY, ELIHU BBADLEY. ami JOSEPH F. BBADLEY,ot the late firm of Wni. Bradley A Sons, who have proved their claims, and others in intereat: You are herebv notified that the said bankrupts have, by petition to the court, each applied f<>r their final discbarge, and that a hearing ? >n their several petitions will l>e had before the Su preme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in bankruptcy, at tlie office of J. Say loa Brown. Regis ter in Bankruptcy, on the following days, viz The lo-ai 111g on the petition of Win. Bradlev will be held on t ie 9th pay or Jrjte next, at 12 o'clocx in.: th heating of the petition of Elihu Bradley will be b< Id oti the If th day of Ji xe next,at 12o'clock m.. and the 'tearing on the petition of Joeeph F Bradley will be heard on the 1 Ith datof Jrx* next, at 12 o'clnfk m., when said creditors mav appear and show cause if any they have whv the prayers of said petitioner should aot be granted. ALBX SHARP, r. S Marshal of D. C., m Messenger. Test?B.J. MEIGS, Clerk. Bv L. P. WILLIAMS, Ass't fl?rk. JAPANESE FANS, Jl'ST IN TIME. S00 BEST JAPANESE FANS, Arrived to-day. N. W. HUB* IIELL, n.26-3t 133'i F Sreet. ^ E N It 1 STONE. THE MARYLAND FREESTONE M A M. CO IS AOIV READY TO RECEIVM ORDERS FOR STOKE, EITHER SAWED OR ROUGH DIMENSION. Apply at Company's office, CORNER K AND S9tH STREETS, Rack Creek. m? tf W. HAVPEM. President. ^|A?O.MC KIGALI A. We are prepared to furnish Masonic Equipments for all Cocimauderies at FACTORY PRICES. CHAPBACX. SWORDS AND BBLTS. CUFFS, CAPS, and every article pertaining to the 6rdsr. We guarantee all Suita sold to be regulation. WILLETT A BUOFF, may30 lm V63 Pennsylvania avenue. THE '?LITTLE WORLD" WILL BEOFBN on the 21st of thia month, at No. 1964 SEVENTH STBBBT Between S and T atreeta. HOSIERY. FANCY GOODS. NOTIONS. JBWBLBY, STATIONERY, CHEAP TOYS. Ac , Ac., V ER Y CHEAP, mI9tr "HTYLEWOBLD." fftl riNB BOOT6, SHOES, f?f ^ AND ^ VAITERS, AT LOW PRICES. 8TRASBIRQER BRO.I, 906 Skvkxth stexet, iitwkin I and K, Have now on hand a full line of BOOTS. SHOES, GAITEB8, SLIPPERS, and LOW TIE SHOES, for ladiea, gent'a, and children'a wear, which they will aell retail at whoieaale prices. Children'a and Miaaoa Colored Sboea, at manufac turers' prices. Ladiea' low-price Galtara and Sllppera for house comfort, a specialty. Ladiea' Slippers, fron. SI centa to fS. Ladies' Gaiters, from 61 to ?3M. Gent'a Boot a, from 6S M> to 68. Gent'a Shoea, from 61 16 to |t. Pleaae call and examine, and yon will save 16 per cent. BTBASBUBGEB BRO.'S, ml3-lm 966 Seventh street |^1ME! LIME! LIME! BEST WOOD BUBBT LIMB at ?1 per barrel, delivered to all Anrta of the city ?irta of the city. HOMA8 FAHBY, 10th street, mS-Am near La. avanne, northwest. w1 HAVE JL'ST RECEIVED *? DOZED LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARK SELLMW AT 68 CENTS PEB SKIRT LOCK WOOD, HI FTY k TATLOR, FBBH6YLVAB1A AVBNUB, ?6-v Metropolltaa Hotel Blook, th" twr?ow Dr. I. D. H6W6>8 AtbUbb Silk Cmr6, FOB CONSUMPTION. Curea ordinary Concha and Col da la a few koora, like augic; alao, Which ia purely vegetable, claaaaaa the ayateaa of all impurttiea, ouilia it Hot aquara up, and **Forr"GenwS' Debility," "Loat Vitality," broken down conatitutiona. wi CHmlltmii the JVtaeteeatA dMiary" Ta ftnd ita a^ual. Every bottle ia worth Ha weight ia gold. Price f 1 per bottle; or aix bottlaa for $?. Chaj. 8tvtt A C?. aanay IvaaUa avenue, And at retail by ~ D. Oilman,6?T Pennsylvaaia avanne. irrr, corner r Z D. OlLMA W. O. Dcck: J. f. Mu.bc] WANTS. WffiEV SS! SWtt&tf&l IiOl'BE, 844 Pennsylvania H?m?. m? ?t^_ w*jfit\g?K.Y8?%sSE tOtm 17th apd l*b streets northw?t m?-M" BE7ANTED?Three unfurnished BOOMS,suitable " for ho*seke**tt- ABdrees, statin* tarme ?riloie??tcttA. T. >..>>?ro>ct. It WANTED?To rtat for the next si*i? days, ? vv nice, comfortable BliGOY or CUl PB, with top. Address Lock Ro? 6>, City. WANTED-A *OUNG MAN to ?tand laiMMri sion store. Inquire at Mo. 8B6 North nan to I street, or Stall No. 74 Center Market. m>3 It* WANTED?A secondhand BAKEB. One bread sad cake*. At 1940 7th street north. oi?**_ WANTED-A WHITE GIRL, H or Is years ol.J, IT to take care of a child. Catholic preferred. Apply to J?HN F. GREEN. I ?40 l?th at. ?**-*" L ANTED-To BOBBOW front ?tW to SUM by "-and p?y a good mf-lt* \V ANTED-To BOBB0W from 1 ? v n party who will give security i interest. Address 8 IT, at this offic WANTED?SHIET HANDS for flr*t cla*. ens " torn work at SUTHERLAND'S Blurt Factory, 814 r atreet northwest. It" WJANTED?At 7134th street, between Q and H, ft a WHITE NO BSE and CHAMBEBM AID. German preferred. Moat come well recom mended. It* WANTED?A CITTKK for tine ciixooi tailor - ii g. Apply mi 1431 Pennaylvnula avenue from 191<> 1 o clock Wednesday and Thur?d*y n>? * W. DKMOTT. WANTED-A WHITE MAN for g-neral u? at v* DOOLEVS Pharmacy, 4513 P*nnsytvanla avenue, Capitol Hill. Good references re paired. ml8 St" W~ANTED-A l?iV el?? WOMAN COOE for-1 restaurant, also, u BOY to make himself use ful. Beferences required. Apply at 414 7tli street northwest. mas-2t* %EfANTEl>?A HO'.'SK to take care of for the if autumrr. ?r longer. If desired. by a rsapectab'e family. Good reUieuce given. Address FAMILY, Star office. mM it' %RrANTED? A respeclahh- young girl wishes a M SITCATION an chambermaid Wanta to leave the city for the summer. Can l>e seen at 1141 New Jersey avenue, above L street It* WANTED?To purchase a nuall HOUSE;frame prelerred; in Georgetown or ita suburb*. Ad dress. ?ta.ins lowest terms, locality, size, Ac., PUB CHASEB. Washington city, D. 4'. mMi* WANTED?A WOMAN that can do general housework, cook, wash and iron. Work i? light, two meals n day. To a soitable per*>n good pay. Call at 4 09 4th street east, between D and E south,Oapitoi Hill. man St* ANTED?A WHITE WOMAN. America* or Wi German, to do the general housework of family of three, in house with modern improve menta. For a girl of food recommendations, a good home and good pay. Applv at Star office, mjg it* WANTED?Bv a middle-aged A merican woman a SITUATION a* cook -<nd laaist in washirg and ironing. Willing to go a sho.t distance in the country or Georgetown. Good reforences. A'llr.-ss Bo? 14 8tar offlfre. It* WANTED?J will give fr>m to ft loo to any ? person who will get me a SITUATION as Mihi aenger or Clerk in any Government Department. Can commandaomeinfluence. Addre*. BUSINESS. Star office. mMt* VVANTKD_A ?*????> J ? OLOBBD MAN, one of It from 40 to SO years of age; a single man prefer red, and can bring good reference, can hear of ? good h'-uie by applying at No. 4** H street, between North Capitol and 1st streets northeast. niH-B' WANTED?A middle aged WOMAN f >r general " housework in a small family. None but a fully competent und well-recommended womm n*ed apply. Beat wages will be given to one who suit-. Apply at 1704 14th atre-t, between 5 -ind 7 o'clock. inXj ?* WANTED-A practical CARDENER to attend v v to sit acres of groun<l one-half mile fr*m Georgetown. There is no u<e applying nnlesa yon understand yonr business. SitUHtion permanent, and good pay 1'UIL. H WELCH, 905 F street. Masonic Temple. mM-3t \WANTED? Merchants and others who wish t> straighten up their Books, or have of !?._ kind to do. can always hear of a capital ami e* perienc.-d CLEBK and ACCOUNTANT, who will perform the same, either by the job, day , month, or year, on the most reasonable terms, by ad lress ing PBOMI'TNESS. B <x 7 04 Georgetown, D C. m28 it* /ANTED?A I.IKL to take care of two chil dren,at 110 0 street northwest. m!7 Ii* \v WANTED? Four tirst-class RASTERS on flue work at Mflw M S. ADAMS, 1107 H street, between Hi Ii and 12th streets. n *7 St* WANTED?Two or three good CA RPENTEBS m No others need apply. J. H. BYRaM. 1914 II street northwest. mZ7-3t* WANTED?A Baker and Pastry COOK, at the American House. None need apply without thoroughly understanding their business m27 St WANTED?A good CAKE BAKER; one who understands his business. Apply at G. BUP PRBT, corner Mh and H streets. mZ7-Jt* 'ANTED?WET NUBSE. Apply at 80V L w street northwest, between 8th and 9?h streets Also, a GIBL from the country not over IS. for gen eral housework. mS7-4t* rANTED?A go.Kl COOK. CHAMBERMAID, w and WAITER BOY; colored. Must come rell recommended. Apply at 640 1 atreet north west. m27 3t* \VrANTED?A smart honest SERVANT to cook, " wash and iron and assist iu the general house work of a stxiall family. References rei|aired. Ap ply immediately at 707 Bthstreat. mZ7-3t* \LT ANTED? By a respectable white Girl a BITC vt ATION as Chambermaid or to go traveling as Nurse, No. 1B4B G street, between 19th and 19th streets. lug St* WA NTED-A f-l'STOMBB lor 6o sallons .f milk daily. Cl'MPSTON A DAVIDSON, 907 Louisiana avenue, mZ7-St* under Wall's Opera House. WANTED?A good GIBL to cook, waah, and iron. Also, a GIBL for chamberwork in a private family. Inquire 443 D street. Oood refer ence required. mX7-2t*

WASTED-PERSONS HAVING A HEAVY Sewing Machine, can And boat awnings to make at L. OBADWOHL-S, 173H Bridge atreet, four doors above the market, south side, George town. inZT-St* WANTED-A HIGH HONOBSMAN OF AN " English Univeraity, with morninga occupied in tnition, desires jnore work. Claastcs, Ma-.he matics, French and Natural Science, echoel or pri v ate family. Addrees" Tutor," Star Office mJ7 St* W'ANTED-A SITUATION as housekeeper by VV a responsible person, or would take care of a house for the summer, during the absence of the family. The best of city references given. Address No. 1146, corner 13th street and Massachusetts avenue. mJ7-lt* WANTED - A8MSTANT BOOKKEEPER - V? Wanted, a Young Man with a knowledge of bookkeeping to assist In a set of books, who writes a good hand. Address, in writing of applicant, giving references and previous occupation, to "Commerce," Bo* 403, Post Office. mZ7-3t WANTBD?Besponsilde tenants for several ?" furnished CHAMBBBS, by a family about leaving their residence In Grant Place, daring the summer. The house having all modern conve niences,can be rented, with privilege of diuing room.Ac.,if deaired. First-class board can be ob tained opposite. Apply at No. 641 Louisiana avenue, near 7th street. mZ7 M B. F. M0B8ELL. WANTED?Immediately?A good MILLINEB, at 313 4>* street southwest. m36-St* \\T ANTED?A thoroughly competent child's v v NBB8E Apply 1348 Massachusetts avenue, between ISth and 14th streets northwest. mM-St WANTED-A LA UNDRRSS, for a private fanii It family; must thoroughly understand her buai ness. Apply at 1344 Massachusetts avenue. ina6-3t VR7 ANTED?To rent to gentlemen, nioely Furn " i?bed ROOMS, in adeslrabls location. Inouire at 303 D street northwest. . niBSt' ANTED?Forty good sice'colored MEN. to work on railroad Apply until Thuredav evening to 0ANTZ A APPLEMAN, 308 Uth street northwest. m36-3i" WANTED?A settled WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron for a small family. Such a one, bringing good recommendation, te No. 433 North Capitol street, will And a good place. mM-St* WANTED?To purchase, a second-hand TOP PH ACTON. Please state lowest cash price and where te be seen. Address "PA&TON," Star Office. mM St * WANTED-A good white SERVANT, to cook, " waah and iron for two in family. Apply at No. 404 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4>? and 4th streets, under National Hotel In Jewelry Store. mM-St WANTED?At once?A reliable and competent German or American WOMAN, to cook, waah and iron for a family of two persons; good wages to a Brat-class servant. Apply, for two days, bstween the hours of two and three .at the Star Office. mM-St WANTED?TO HIRE, a white cook, washer and ironer for a small family. Apply to P. A DARNE1LLE, Congress street, above Stoddard, Georgetown, D. 0. m34-4t WANTED?All those who value their sight to W know that tha heat "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE" 1b the country is accurately aoited to the eyesight by H. H. HEMPLER,the Optician, corner 4H street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. my i? ly" well recom T__. few York avenue, to do the cooking, washing and Ironing of a small fam ily- Apply from 8 a. b. (o J |. m.,sor ? to 8 o'clock mlA-tf MUliaerr Parlor* at Ho. 413 Uth street north tloa, male and female, to call and get sul, ire*' near E. aM Ma PERSONAL. QO AID CONSULT MADAM DE GRAFF, the wonderful Beer and Clairvoyant; aba is the M and streets, for a short tlma only; fBviee ?? all trastasas mattsrs; tails how I tart or rtcisa property; tells of lovers, and FOR RENT AND SALE. F"fi SFSkSZ. B?g!a T 1/OB EENT-EOOMt for fco?>???<??; fff ?"J r wrttr;ai|i<r?Mtsummer location, at ??? K street, bet. 4th aadMh wrthwwt m? 31* >H >t tm*. M. A ??< 1 iiortb'wt. m? ? |("?Ot RENT-Farnisbed BOOMS, sort h andeouth ? front; delightfully cool. Terms very MW*. 1483 I MwH. ll |jX>t RfcMT-BOUSB, and Furniture for sale. * Bo>11 lUh Mm*. Mvmii H mm) I north ?m P.iaeessiow given 1st of Jane. my It * tpOB BINT-la 3 Orut PIk?, fanhh?4 f<w r municating BOOMS on second floor, eo mit? t ?intlr. mtf ?t* l/OB EIHt-T?o or four FnrniifaMl ROOMS, r on sncoad fl-?or, fronting south, at 1117 F *t., curnr of IBth xrthwwl. if X* B/OB BENT?Three nicely furnished BOOMS, B with bath; IMT L itrtot northwest. Aleo, STABLE In the rear mM if tVDB BENT?Pleasant K uriiisa-si ROOMS, front r ing smith. at 17<S G "treet northweei, opp-Mit* Signal efBce. It* f?fOB B ENT?HOUSE, No. *004 K street north" writ ,ili rooms and pa?ge, and water -n the premises It* f~7OK BENT-A three-story FBAME HOUSE >n lath street, between La. avenue and Eat., N >. lot, jear the Treasury. Inquire of E F. Bl'T LKH 1407 E street uortbwest. mf -** f~"?l BlALS-N-* BRI? lT 9" tw vstory tBAMES and RRICKS. Ln- HV.W. 3d atreet, ne* F; V atreet, between lith and 14th; 30c. i ,2S-?t* O. R M ILBUEN, <13 7th st. IfOB RENT-Small Furnished HOUSE^c >nsi?t ing of tour rooms. hall and summer kitch -n; water and gas Inuuire on the premise*. 1013 New York avenue. after 3 o'clock. tu?* 3'.* F'OR RENT?Furnished ROOMS convenient t.> l>epar:nietits. and on the line of th-? M-tr-ip >li tan railroad. Will l>e rented low during summer. No. 61Q 14th st.. two door* above F. mM 3t' F'OR RENT?A large newl> furniahed Fr>nt ROOM on second floor of new Brick Hon?e; bath and gss; F street car* peas. .'<03 Kist Capitol ftrcet, corner 3d, two squares ea?t of the Capitol grounds. mWJt* FOR 8A1.E OR RENT? Ne* three-story pres??d brick front HOUSE, ten room*. allmoderuc on venience. together with stable, aud over SAW feet of gr<'Una. One of the finest residences east of the Capitol. Apply at Room 64, War Department, A. O 0. ni28 3t* B/OR SALE?Two FRAME HOUSES, lot* 45feet r front and At feet d< ep situated on south side of East Capitol street, between Sth and 9Mi ?ta. Price ft3,uwcaah Apply to Bit HARD ROTH WELL, ??14 9'li street northeast. mJj-lw* 1/OR SALE?LOT No. 12, square bat, situated on r L street south, between tH aud 6th street*, im proved by a two-story Frame House Apali to JAMES CHAPPLE. n.2R 6t* ijnarterm aster General'* Office. FVIB SALE-HOUSE and LOT. No. I81*(Trf northwest; three-story Brick, comparatively new; Lot 11 feet front by IW feet deep. Price very low; all taxes paid up. Inquire of L. F. CLARK. Paperhauging* Store, No. 1X43 Pennsylvania ave nue. niy Im |>OR SALE OR RENT-A three-atory pressed r brick HOUSE, containing nine room*, in good order; nice dry cellar, water and gas; splendid be-a tion. convenient to the Capitol and Baltim >re de M. No. C street between lat and Ji northeast. Inquire at N<>. 46S Wa*hingtoti street. mSB-Ct* l^OB RENT?An escelleut opportunity i* offer.-.1 r to a small family fir hon*ek>*?pine purp..?-?. Five Unfurnished ROOMS, partly turtii*hed if de *ired; two Furnished ROOMS, Chamber and Par lor communii-atiug. suitable for a renrlemtn and wife, or single gentlemen, at No. l'J44 4th street nort hw est. ml* * L'OR SALE?A nine-room BRh'K; one ten ro<>m I BRICK; 2 six-room FRAMES; six four-ro >ni BRICKS, well l<<ated, w Uh modern improvement*. Mtint be sold. A bargain ran be had in the above property with accomm -datiug terms L S. CHAPMAN, Carpenter and Builder, n tS Jt 11th street, t>etweeii N ? DoR RENT-HOUSE. No, 1H? aj ,.r i *..uth * cast, Capital Hill, between the avenue and t street railroails. the most complete m Wash ington; eight rooms, cellar, barh-room. water c'.^ et. bay window, front yard. a,, i li-? bouse is grained through<>nt; good stable, alley-wa>, Ac. Also,ago<*l eight-r>*>m KRAME HOUSE, near corner llth and I? streets southeast. A *o, two new FRAME HOUSES on Ivth street northwest, near Boundary; 7 rooma each, never oc cupied. PHIL. H. WEL' H, y0-? Fat.. nj2? St . Ma- nic Temple. P>B RENT?PUtt Srth *tr.-et northwest, a large well-furnished FRONT ROOM; cowl and airy. Modern conveniences. m27-4t" F 7*0R RENT?Newly-furnished ROOMS in a n?w _ aud very cool house, with B ard. Call at 601 1 at reet northwest ? nig <<* B/OR RENT?Furnished ROOMS on the first floor * suitable tor housekeeping, ^as. water and bath. I Apply at 101K Sth street, bet. K and B. tn27 3t* CHiR RENT? Pleaaant ROOMS for summer, fiirn- I F ished or unfurnished, Parlors aud Bed R .ms, 13S1 New York avenue. uiSf-3t* \ fj*0R RENT?Nice new six-room HOUSE, with gas and water; eligibh t<Kate<t, J Vi p. r month. I J ASi E e AUG H, DiZ7 6t Real Estate Broker, cor, lath and F sts. FOR RE NT?One Urge front Furnished ROOM, second floor, suitable for two gentlemen; also, other Rooms. Apply old No 346 Missouri avenue^d hense from4S atreet. mg-H* IT'OR RENT?At 6196:li street, about on? s<tuare from Post Office, a large front ROOM, three windows, new house, new furniture; use of bath; to gentlemen^ mZ7 3t* Bi*0R RENT?Oae neatly-furnished ROOM; thi*e r or four partly famished, adapted to housekeep ing, iti the desirable locality No. 1093 12th street northwest. Has water, gas. and a fine park. m27-:<* P?R RENT-A three-story BBIOK DWEL LIBG, with back building. No. 730, situated on llth street,between G and H. Inquire on the premises. m27-3t* FOR BENT?The l>?*t built and flnishsd HOUSE in Uuiontown, on Washington street, between Nichols'avenue and Fillmore street. Apply next d< or east. . mg-3t* F'Ofcl BENT?A four-room HOUSE, in perfect order, auitable for housekeeping to a family with no children, lnquira at the Store, corner llth and N streets northwest. mZ7 2t* FfOR RENT?An ei?ht room BRICK-HOUSlT gas and water; in perfect order; dry cellar. In quire at the Store,corner llth aud N streets north west. mXT 2t* FOB RENT?Furuishe<1 HOUSE. 8?S; U?furn illied, %79. 850, S4S, #7S, |U, %J, OFFICES, $ SO. fl5, 810, STORES, ?75, #40. n.g-.H TfaQS E. W AGO AM AN. 4I> 7th st. fJ'OB SALE? Five LOTS on Capitol Hill,corn?r 5th and E streets northeast, having an average frontage of SO feet, with a depth of MS feet. WILLIAM TYLER, niSTSt R -al Estate Broker, 7 14 15th street. |>0R SALE-A two story BRICK HOUSE, six r rooms, nearly new; a geod location; one square from the Northern market, being No. 14U1 Sth at., tx-tweea 0 and P. Inquire on the premises uutll Saturday evening next Price 83?.' tu27-3:* Bi^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?9 ACRES, three F miles from city; ->0 acre FARM, eight miles; 109 ACRES, seventeen miles, all improved, near Eailroad. TH0S. A MITCHELL, ni27-3t* 63^ F street. tP>0R SALE OR RENT-HOUSE No. 407 llth street, between K aud F.nine rooms; watur, tai, bath-room, and cloaet. Will be for rent first of June Inquire a* mg 3t ADAMSON-8. 30 j 9th street. FOR EENT?HOUSE ou 8th street, between 0 aud P northwest, containing ten rooms, water lodgaa. Apply to JOHN R. GREER, 8t3 M at. northwest, or at GREEB A HUTCHINS* Wood aud Coal Yard,cor. t>th and K st*. n. w. mg-tt* BTOR RENT?At Mount Pieasant,for four or Ave r months, to a good tenant, a Furnished COT TAGE of six rooma. with water, bath, garden. Ap ply at the second house ou Howard avenue, after 3 p. pi. m27-3t FOR RENT?A Furiiiahed HOUSE of lu r >.?m-, ou 15t h street. three doors from Welcker's. To a private family the bouse will be reuted until S-p :ember 16. proximo, at the price of fSf per montti In advance. Gas, water, aoid bath FITCH A FOX, ^nig-St 1400 Pennsylvania avenue. L"0R RENT-A two-story BRICK HOUSE, with r French roof,containing six rooms, on the uorth >ide of S street, bet wee u Htn aud 1Mb; gas and wh ,er; cellar under the whole bouse. Immediate po? ?ession will Ik- gi*eu. Price nig 3t 1409 Pennsylvania aveun*. 17oR BERT?Tnree BOOMS on second floor, sin gly or en suite; haudaome PARLOB and CHAM BEB. en suite, and pleaaant Office Boom, ia >paci> us ai.d delightfully situated double Houss.a No. 7113 13th street, between G and H. with tind p-ounds and shrubbery. Most delightfully locate, lor bummer. Will be reuted at moderate figure, with or without Board. mg-3t* BT0B RENT-A four-story press brick DWEL r LING, finely located ou south E, between 1st and Id streets, Capitol Hill, being the corner house sear Id street, north side, containing twelve rooms, a it h water, gas, Lat robes, range, dumb waiter. Liath-room and lauwlry; with am pis coal and wood liuuka, and capaclo ts yard in the rear; a rars ;hauce for aecurlng a very nice summer home, and n the very boat condition. Price ?*> per month. LHESTEB A BTONt Real Estate AgeaU and Broken, mt g-tf 1110 1st street south?at, Capitol Hill. E/OB RENT?FURNISHED BOOM8-Two ad T joining front Boom, at 813 G sti^et north rest. m3>?i* I70B BENT?kOOM?, suitable for househa?piiig, "aar'g: |7V>R y NT?Four BOOMS, suitable for hoase I* keeping, at 1146 8th street northwest, one door rotn M tree*. m? 4t* |7*OB REET-FURNIbHED BOOMS, single or r in sulU, oa >d-floor, with table board, at 1913 Oth stieat northwest. m? 4t* IT'OR BENT?Two large FOBNOSHED BOOMS. r communicating,front and hack, with or with >nt bow^In^a yivatefanally. No.811 llt^atreet, POB BENT-HOUSE TIT Uta street, betw^n r G street and Maw York avenue, aud furniture or I v L"*0R RENT?Ou second floor, two or three UE II FURNISHED BOORS, with use of kitchen, rater te the yard. Terms moderate. Me. 1S*? iampeon street, between 14th and Mth nod P and Q treets northwest. mE-St' l g street ana it sw lork avenue, aua turniture ^r sale. Possession riven oa June Bd. Apply to OBM ALEXANDER, 1831 feaaaylraaTa eve Pegaoas wishit g to aee tae houss can the hours of ll and 8 o'clock, about Jnae 1st. TOR MWT AKP BALM. r%miiga,A'aaai'ffl!!'? desired, ss a.i?ee on 7tb street road, ww railroad ?Utk,*. Uplendid site for a suburban ?filar*. Ad dross "Farmer," at this off?. mU ?* *0B SALE?A LABGB LOT cuutai.'JM ,??? JOJ0O MMWhH, within two squares of Coluni railroad. Will be sold eerr low If e^rtf ap#ll nde MAl'BVtBfcO.Mil^fMd Br<*kere. 1447 F1rw<. mM lw_ F'OB BEBT? Two beautiful large communicating j PABLOBSoa the fint floor to be rented singe or In salt, fnrnishe,ior nririiMb?*, with boardt if ' desired. Aleo, single BOOMS. deligbtfally located TmHvery uiodrrM* for th? inniB>r Ho. 91T 16th <rw<. brtw*?B 1 and E. m?St* P)B BENT-Thre* -s? r? and basement HE ICE DWELLING HOUSE. .Ho. 1132 :uth street. MurfiLtsd M Krwti northweet. Watrr. (M, ?tl?r d?Nt. ud Lttrub* itoT*. Enquire .?f Til OS FBANCI8, at Noak Walker A Oo.'s, (>11 P#biimI i TUl? WWW. UlSS 4t I fr>OB BBNT-Tw? or three UN Fl'BN18HED BOOMS, Kuittklf for houi?keepi int. at 4*9 hfth afreet, between Pennsylvania avenue and E etreet, I ? ater cb*et and balh room on wronj floor. Also, two FUBS ISHBD BOOMS. suitable for gentlemen. 1 on nwntbty Iff. "i> ?** 1VOB SALE?A SyUABK OF UBol'HO In tbe r northern section of the city. with the sidewalks, curbing, ??"! guttering al laid aa t paid for. Hwwe car* pass it. Will sell cheap and on longtime Apply to UUYCE ft ADDISON, B*l Est*t* Agents, Ho 1 4V1 New York a??no?.ror?fr of l?th street n<tih west. (Bep AChron I mSV t1 t L'oit SaLE?One of tk<w bMMtifal two-story I prw I.rick front and maourd roof HOUSE" ?itn?tfd ou 14'b omt, brt?f<'B 19 and T ?tri?t> n. rtliweet, known aa "Wiilard s Block;" water.gas. ' lull. La'n l? ?.>%<.. Ac. JAMES B. WAUOH. Beal E.tatr Broker, n 14 4t Corner LKh and F ?trm>??. It'OB BENT?A beautiful <hrw itorj PBESSfcD r BP.Ith Hul SB, containing ten rooms, besides store and cellars, l ath and nantry ro?me. with gas, I hot and cold water, and all modem improvementa, and withiu two squares of 7tk street cars and mar- ' ket. Inquire HOLLIDGE If BOS , 3th and O. or I idl ath street# m>24 lm F>OB BEHT?A hamEoraeiy farni*tn-d SI'ITK (if PA BLoBS on aecoiid floor, ten cheat, at 1411 13th street, between O aud II. Al?<>. ntlier rooms. mn-4t* | I^OB'RENT-WILDSPRIEG COTTAG B7"et-Mt" ! r Pleasant. neat l4lh ?tre?-t car*. omnibus to <le l<artnienti and market, seven room*. tii< ludiug liail. hIbo cellar, ci?tern, pun p in kitchen; spring near, garden and lawn (one third acre), A2S a m>nth. lit , year Inquire of Dr. BBEBD. Mt. Plew-snt, or ( ?|S F at reel northwest. hBA' ft/OB SALE OB RENT-HOUSE. Tl? ll-t r stre. t; price A6 uuu, rent f Sli per mooth. poas-e aion Kiren June l?t; l ax modern convenience* and furnace; key uiay be lia<1 at N >. 717 V ?r furtle r partnular* appl) to (*K0. 8. PABKKB. *13 Utli atreet. in22 ?? L^OK fcALE?A t?o at or) pre*aed brick DWELL r 1NO; 8 ro..??. cellar, ko*. and water-cl ?et?, Ac.: in ><?4] condition; nit 11 ate in a dmirable neich- | boili.'od an.I h'-althy local ity, near Core->ran mark, t , ?* 7?b atre?'t cora. Price, fiJMi Term*; |W cash; balance mftyeara with 8 percent, interedl. FOB BENT?A 3-aton nreoaed brick DWELL* I NO. 12 riHima.cellar and all modern improvement*. coiiti|tii(>tiR to the above: per ui.>ntli, p<iaa>?ai in (ii?u lat July. Inquire 14X3 U at reef n. w ,fr<>a 9 till 4 o'clock, or 13Ub 6th street uorth?eat, after 4 3n p.m. n?2l e.?t t^OB BKNT?Furnished or anfBruiahetl, N . I4 J7 r 8 vtreet northweot. t?o-atory, prea*-d hrick front,six rooa.*, cellar,hath room, front porch, and yard of rosea; few doors front State Department. Apply to prewtit occupant. m? lut L'<1K SALE-Two new FBAMES.very n?*t and I pretti, situat'-d >>n Lawrence ?tre**t, tx-tweon 14th J aad 19th and B and S streets, one square from street | cat*: in ajrrowin* nelghk-rh . -d Apply to WIL- I LET A LIBBKT, Lumber Merchants, corner 4th street and New York avenue. rii>i 2w F'OB BENT-DWELLING BOC8E, with preas brick front an<1 marlila triniBiiiiA*. No. 1AW7 Bbode Inland avenue, between 15th and Ktli strwta, | the residence of the First A*ai?tant I'oatma?t*-r G-n ral ?? r the paat three au<t half years. Iuquire 1404 Ittfi *fteet. The above house has receutly l>e?-n pan .ntaid- and grained walnut inside, and pnt in perfect order. , niSU lm T^OB SALE?Verr de*ir?ble HUILDIBG LOT.f >r ?. aale 1 "-^?t ?lde of 15th atreet, tippo?ite Scott 3jtiare, au by liW feet Apply U4i M street, b ttteen 16th and I6fli atreeta northwest ml9 Sw* LMB BENT-At ?!?> l&th atre^. ,(icott Placet r Fl KNISHEI? BOOMS, aincly or en suite, at i *iiB.n>er prices. For people remaining in town I during the ncminer this ia a splendid location, beine i convenient to hotels and cars. Well ahad-d and airr. ml? lm l^OB SALE OB EX< HANUE-An unimproved, t unencumbered FABM. of about *?? acros.sitn ated on the Mna?v Gap Bailroad, convenient to three railway stMiions. Price, fJUpea^ Apply to JCAN BOYLB A CO., B-al Estate and N fe Brokerf, Mo. 60S Uib atri-et. wpp.?ite C 8. Treasury. ml? lw FOB BENT?Half *<iiisre from ltth str>-et car*, a four-room new BB1CK HOl SB; 615 per month; possession given the 1st of June I'inure 6)14 Louisiana avenue, between 9 and 3. m> 17 I111 I/OR SALE OB BENT?^Very desirable two-story ! r FRAME HOl'SE, on large lot of gronnd in ' I uiontown, containing eight rooms, ?ith a store- | r<xim;agood place for bn?ineaa. Apply to B F. MARTIN. Uniontown, D C. m9 lit* IVOB BENT?Valuable BUSINESS STAND, thW ft atory, ri>om 90xB> feet, northeast corner Lmisi ana avenue and 7th street; alao, OFFICES on sec ond floor. Apply na premUea, or at 443 C street northwest, before II a. ni. m3-lm Lv0B BENT?May 1st, with board, two connecting r front BOOMS, with hot and cold water. Board and Booms for two. $46. Modern cooveniebces in boose, 1047 9th street. att FOB BEHT-FCBHISHED BOOMS: a back Parlor furnished aa a Bedroom, and two pleM ant rooms, back and front, on second story, In aa eligibly-located Dwelling on I street, near ftn; will be rented on reasonable terms to gentlemen only. Address "A. J.," HationaJ BepublicanaMca. mlS-tf | Bap.| LOST AND FOUND* LOST?On M street, between Mb and loth, a BUS S1A LBATHEB BELT AIM) BAG. A very liberal reward will bo paid for Its return f> D C. COX. Pension Agent,cor.Sth and G ats. m?- tt L08T-A Scotch TEBBIEB HOC. had on blus leather collar, with no name on r'?fT ^ i A suitable reward wilt be paid for his rt-^nnE tam to 4005 G street northwest It* ? ( OST? On the evening of Msjr 27th. at Ht. Vernon ft-i Cbnrch, or in going from there down 9th street UO street, a gold PENCIL. Saitabla reward If left at Weed fetwnffc Machitia Co.'s office, 40V 9th street. If LOST?On Monday, a COLLAR BUTTON, with grar ouyx stoue, anil marke<l on the reverse side K The finder will be lil>erally rewarded on leaving it at the Evening Star office tu27-3t A? REWARD?L"at, on the JJtb inst.a livor V?l colored SETTER GI l',8 month" ol.l,?^__* white spot on breast: iron collar, with^anf brae* lock, with the owner and dog's name m on it. Tlte abow reward will be paid lor her return to No. e44 6th street nortliweat. m27-Jt* ObT?Ou tke evening of tbe Ktli. a YELLOW POCKET BOOK,containing.>ne |lv,t?j (l *. and on* % 1, either on F atreet, between 4th and ll'h n 7th. between F ?tre*j and Pi-nuaylva- - uia avenue. A liberal reward will l?e given if re turned to "J. T. D.,'" Boi'inOS. Winder'* Build ug. nig H* I WTBAYED IN IO THE UBOUNDS OF THE P Institution for tl>e Deal and Dumb. e\ Kendall Green, Waahiiigton, on Saturday,l_n May 24. 1873, a dark bay UoBSE, with a?" ? whits face, aud one white hiiid foot. The owner can recover the horse by proving property aud j?a> ing charges. nig 31* f OST?All persons are cautioio-d against negotia Li ting a BEAL ESTATE NOTE for ?iM. drawn by James T Benedict to the orler of Jam--* T.Pike, dated April 24th, 1S73, payable one year fri mdate,said note having b-?n lost, aud payment stopped. A liberal reward will be paid if leturn -d to JAMES T. PIKE. 110 B st. southeast. ui27-2t '?''AKBM DP?Saturdav, May 24tA, on T and J Bouiidsry. aGBEY HORSE. The owner can have liini b: itig expenses. street. gj 3t FOR SALE. F'OB SALE?A GBOVEB A BAKER SEWING MACHINE, in good order, at halt ost. Apply at 14 Grant Place niV-H* FOB SALE?Pair ot BAY HOBSES, 4 and 5 years old; IS bands high; very stylish, and <rv warranted sound. Apply UH O.TOWLE8 UBi Furniture warerooms, 1007 Pennsylvania? a\enue mj? St" ' i J?n;p-seat ROl KAWAY, nearly new, will be aojd cheap, aa the .owner has no t ?. .. v*c?r, v me ow uer nas no further use for tt. To be seen at PUMPHREY'S Livery Stable, C St. northwest, near 4th. ni!7 St* FOB SALE?Four Mo 1 DRAUGHT HORSES, In fine condition. Sold for want of nse.^y Apply at V30 25th atreet north west, between 1 and K streets, where tbe Horses can b?tt*E seen. m27 3f IVOB BALE-A stylish, bl xded MABE, fast, six ?T years old, w arranted sound, a tins boggy <T\ _ or saddle horse. Apply at Drugstore corner jl? of 17th street and Pa. arenne. m26 9t* v m24-3t" TOP SPBIHG WAGONS fEAf TBOTTIBG BUGOT, now. For aale at V 'roapect *re?t, Geom town. JaB.K.PBOBBT. niS-tw*. J^ODA WATBB AP PA BAT US FOB SALS. SODA*W ATE E Vp PA BAT Ud! ^TSS^SSnm' prices and terms: second-band ones taken ia ex change. Nilvar-plated Apparatas and Btral Foun tains to loan, free of ckarg?. br mM liB- PALMEB t OBEEH. Georgetown. I^BIOB OLA I FOB BALB. DODSS ? SSSILLJ^ PB0FES3I0KAL. D? ...TO. to (II L STRMMT, near corner 4 4ikat. north weat. mS4-9t* JAMBS 0. CtlFlAIl. B. S. BBAILBT JO.. ?. 11111. . . .... business chakcfa ??S5?Sii ?- _ ?icitMl-Tb? owg ?r I?OB UM*J>Ky?fgS n?vt K T * r I aa be Seefrealo retire fntm M?ein?sa It hx 1(4 trad*. IWfcl IwjMi ?M, ?i WOMffl at fair rilH. ai* *? l^nromu. ~ ~ I ma Mlkoriifd by t he v?mt to ni|lib?f*lin?i?| ??n>?d LOTS cheap and am h?> irrmm T tr> l<uH in a healthy ?nd rapidly laprotitii p?i ?( the rirr.MMl are worthy I be attention yt pere >a? iwifiirlo *rc?r* Ii4* for Mliliu b-<m?e Square 1MB. Lots 1.1 S. ?.7,?,?. M. V. St. ?, M. M. a. M,?.ai?d Jt. Square 1 /?*. L-i t. " 1-itk. Lot. 8. ?, end JO MB Lot? I, J, IS- ? l? T EDW <'LtHK V i re lata *<mm au.i rli etreet eoetheaet, nJ7 1? Ha** Virl \|ONBY TU LOAN 0* BEAL BSTATB-Ib 1*1 etin ? and <>o lini. ?nlt. JAM E8 E fftl'UH iMllilU'lr .k?r. mX !? C<-r. Itili aad F K?..k?| apetair* LMI DtLI-TWM(io? .|<v<4 will wad e> r a flrwt-cla?a CO* FACTIONER* end K B CREAM 8 A LOO V . doing a i?4 l e- u. e?. a good inveetmeut for a p-r?nn i4 limited capital Ingnlra aAer 3 p ? it IM lrUf4 ,Q*?rt>ti'*a ?M4t' I^OBTaLB OB EXCHANGE . The ?nbe< rtber effern for ?aJ? t|o ?? re* of LAND la Prince tieorite'scoent) . Md . en I, tc ? ?1 .team <i ist and e*w milt iim it. Th. l?y n . e < mile* ?t the Potomac river, in a ?l?-ff*??t fat (rove of oak treee, public ech<?>l*. churches ami p iai .>0... .t.aae Hi band, daily roatamiu ati <t by-team io WaahiM |.>n and Al?<aiktri* h <>eee good, ami farm well h weed, ??U of wain id the > ard .4 ?if>n r ea lence. This aroperly a ill be sold upon C-'U? "Bleat term*, >>r e?- aanc pre) I 'h<-r rMrtlcnur* appM to the*uhe?ril?.r. ?t Marehal! Hell ?*t Ofllc< , Marylat. I. _ mjtsawji* OLIVER S BH1 \J?. MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL E?TATR XAI'ir * BKO . Real B?tate and Insurance Hrokaee mS-tf 11)11 F etreet. 157000 7", TO LOAM ON RKtL ESTATE Tl:e R>ouey will lie promptlt adiaiH-M, il ?? nritf ofered i? satisfactory AIHTKoPI IM liLIIT, mil lw ^ 7th tfreet aid I.oalaiane atena*. \| i?N K Y < t > N > T VSTH "> II \M- I u LOAM i'l on real estate, id ?ui?ip t?> ?ntt. GEO. TRCKM'BLL k CO., Bit 17 lm* R-al E?'ale R> k--r* 4| A 7th st. E*OB SALE?The UOOD WILL and FIXTtflBI r of a GBOCEBV 6T< >RE loing arnd I'uoo^v A Idreea II. A. P., Star olbce Tern* m ?U it*. mK-Sw* Real Ft ate loan*-money u> i WTb ei:me and for length ot ti> i< t. auit nils kit B H WARMR, **? 7th etr^t 1,'OR SALE?P.?nr flrat-claae BBI?'R H<>18EN r t?" e^uaree fr.-n. t'apit" Park, and Ibr eaBtr illetacre to the new Eastern Market, PV and clo?e t<> the Peaoe) Sania aveane etreet BU^L i are, aell located, theee h u?ee are aell huilt, tea r<M.ui* each. fee. hot and cold water, and -ewwr. T> rm? ea?y. Inquire eu tbe preMMa, 111 C elraal Iwtheaat. alv la* LUk silr-Tlw iSToCE. OOUD WILL (at F I'lXTl'REB ot the Mllliuerr aod P>nr> Store, No. YBT Market t?pace,bet 7th aad Mh north - weat. |ea tr| B. LEMZBERO * Ot?. \ ALl ABLE FARM PTTr HALE OR BjF < HANUE POR PROPERTY IK TUlt> t'ITT ? A UkkAT bAHtiAIM W ?rrie varf eupwriac land, eep<clallr fur ubtccv; l?r(a new Totiaeaa Bern, Owelllag, Tenant lioaee and oatbuildiaca; > luerard of n> Coaoord crape Tluae, la baartun and trelliaed. Iflu arree Trainable timber, balance arable end well fenced, uear GuineaV Station, on R t A I' R B., IB bpot?)Uauia coonty,'i'a Price, oalv I&.IW. B. A. PHILLIP*. apl7 Jm lOk Weet etreet, tteorretuwn, D.O. RHaBE OH AN('B to parchaae a iood ST< >RB mi l'V\ ELLINU cheap, near new market, r?h i*.raet, Mo. 17 1*. Price, t?n?? eaey HAMILTON A PEARM>H, min tf Y. M 0 A Buildinc.tth and DM. DRY GQOP8. 1 | IM lat E1V LU The Celebrated BlriALO- AND' OTTEK BLACK ALPACAS and the "BEAVER Pt RE MOHAIRS.1' A COUtLttk IIXI, at less 1HAM REUTLAR PRI< ES ?OOAN * W ILIS, 1019 and 1040 7tb etreet n rtbweet I/" A teat) lor Mmr Detuoreet'? I'etterun intt tr rUE MODOC WAK Uee not in the leaat interf-red wtth HOLFUKI) * IBILIEEO'l I'rvcuniiK tbeir u?o*l at tract lone in I>BY OOODS Kwr epring and eu rnnet * car Ladiea eb"Uld bear In mind that thi? Il the beat itiu cbtapeet eatat)h*bni'-ut eoutb of New Y ?rk te n.d encb goods a* Plain and Striped Japaneee Mike, Koularda, Black and Colored B a k aud Col ?red Striped Orenadmee, Chinee? r-pln,. ia all Jiadee. ei0)(ie and douWe widtli Hornaiiulaa. A tail ine Mourning 0>?kU THE OBEAT SPECIALTY, LLAMA LACE JACK tTS AMO P0i\TS VI til. ii'Trltiee m 81 N SHADE* aud PAR \?OL* bwmeetice in large varbo, and iuau> other aru iea, too numerous to mention Peraona that value their dollar* and ceata *ho?l< lot fail to call at this house bet ore pur< hae.u* aiae abere ibar ITTUE ARCADE. ml7 tr 4ST 7th Mrwt. between D and B, 8 W. [{EDUCTION IN PRICE*? AT THE AB0ADB Oainctutbcbarkwardneeaof thr eeaem. aod hae ing a larirer erocW ol CARPETS on band than ueual lor ihe tune of at at, we m MONDAY, Mm lVth, make a cenetai reductive iu price on all 0AB PETS in the booee. Our at) lee in English Taaeetrrs, English Itigraiaa, American Ingrains and Imitation Br uaeeia caoaot l>e eli el led an) where. A large stock White and Check Matting* in et->r? at low bguree >k iadow Shades and Futures. Now ia a fail opportuutt) for boueekeep~rs u pro rare a Bice Car pat for a little money. WOLFORD ft bHILBKRO, m!7'tr dSY 7th etreet. between D and B, S W* Bargains in dry ttooDs.-ABdruwr^ia Cotton, 17c.: Wam?utta. Sr.; New Fork Mills, Sc.. Sheetiug Cotton in 8 4, I t, and ltt-t. Tabla Liaea,70c.: Towels, ?1 ? per tfosen. Black Silk at (IS. Worth SI 74, Paraeole, Mr to ?V, Doyllee, 7tc. C-r dosen, Bla>k Alpaca*. Mc. to % 1, Victoria Hwn, ?k ; Lining Cambrica, It*., prims gc.; Bleached CottoB.Sc All kinds of drees roods at the oweet market aricee, at UBODHBAD 1 Cttl, m!2-tr I'JOA F street, between 1Mb and IStb. jj|Bt~OOobS AT PANIC PRICES. Great bargain* la DRY GOODS from the Mew fork and Philadelphia auction* Dree* Oreaadlaea it 6.11'aud 12S cent* per yard; a beaarifal line of ^)r<-M Good* at lesa than importer*' prices, Siriped ismatSc a yard, worth She., Blay Li nee at a van ow price. Striped Yueemite atfet., werth mc.; job - Uaee Cartafu* ar kSkur ---------- Parasols at rl?M piit ot Lace Cartaiu* at S3 AH a piece; a line of ul Paraeols at nwht puces, a tew Llama ui Shaw Is at balf price. EMORY BAXTBB, ?* lf loss PeBnsytraaie aveuaa. BOARDING. b ,'OB COINTRV BOARD appl>1 at t. re-i<lence ' ol DR. EkkcH, Biadeusburg. Md.. HiKBUud ?tati"B. BIO R R- "'??? PIN lallkD BO<'Mb KoRRI-NT ?ithBOARC?. r bov ? Hirwt, aud . ib t? ?rt! i6rt ?*?? a FEW Mt'RE RoOM> can l>e secured at 'Oreett A. wind," >ne u. ie from OeorgeC wu, on the renalhtown road. Carriage* run to the etreet car for particulars appl) at iiO"* 13th street, tut- It* IlLEAbAKT LOOM FOR RENTTW1TH GOOD I BOARD, in n small pn\ate lam ly. for e-wtle :.aa at4i wRe. S6t'per month Apply "VI llthat , orner of I- ?Bf -St" rLEAbANT RocM AND BOABDIKG FOR two gentle*en, at a cottaa< . on CoUage Hill. ? me prospect and pare air, within a -iBar- of i?*h treet cars IngBire. or addrees "P.," E>? TY (A oud Auditor's office. ml" 3t * f"?oI NThY BOARD- V? ith On. .tis.1' at, ! evt T. L- sive grouude?at Bladeuabutg Stati n. B and > R R Apply at the store for "Oak La? u/'or at 141# 1st reel aorthweet. Washington m?; It* nX~0B EIGHT SINGLE gentlemen % k- ? 1 - ' """ " fcl* gentlemen can ? be accommodated with good BOA RD and BOOMS it ArlmgtoB, Va. Five coarhe* both wa> each day . ipply to *8 JEN AS, Mo Yl? 7tk Street, be ween G and H m?i ftt' A FEW FAM1LIB8 oaa be aeeow?odated wtth fx Rooms and Board for tb> sumnier ia a d>-licht ul and health) iocatioa, Mmile, from M ashlarton i) rail. Eaquire of Jl'AN BoYLE A CO. ulg-eolgt LHRNIbUED ROOMS FOk ^B^kARftiT fik r transient boarders, aia.,. Vablb IOARD.S11 E street, between Och amtWaottlT aUlm MEDICAL. Ac. if ADAM WADSWOBTHft. a Clalrroyaat Pkr ~E Mcian of twemty yaare'eKperiekce.cM be coe uaed on all matter*, at ber rooma, from Rl a. m. te p. m? Mo. Ml uth greet, Smb. ?ea a abort urn* oaly Soar* from in a. ly ttali ESt^c F^! oaof baaS*.. Taagbt By Mr* J. DISEASES ol all kind* <^|0ST VOKDEEFCL INTEMTIOB OF THB

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