Newspaper of Evening Star, May 28, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 28, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. I jfcorusAls for postoFficb envel OPES. W t'N Pmt (ttnc?Dtr?iTni*T, I mimtox.D C , Ma> U,Mn ( KtViAi>"&"<r?sz r t o?c in-ior-. "fcrg* cf on?-year. C uim-uciig on tbe tot M OFFICIAL LETTERS A?D RITCIS8. *Nc>\ fc? inch-. -st>?at*d uwat-jr re ?J|!^f "STwb* **4 !?chea; asti?*ed lamUr re number re "V Viiie cs'bylS'^Si'bea; astfcaated uumb-r re cr.TtJ ?D^iillT?iW),OUM. r<<K REGISTERED f.\riABII. ?o 1? ? i?'"he?, estimated number r? 1 i.l.l-rs The Denartin nt nay r?*|Uire m-re or lesa , i rlrh k twl. ss the ?rvi?-- may 4rMM> . Km1? Bi at be mad- f ir fnf ll kin. of I < l(itl and re^atered P^t?agea)sejyratsl>t _*f L 1 contract will be awaril-d for each kind to the lowest ' beu'ptesof ttodifmit ?ixes and stvl i of . _ _ n? rf i4 fnffHh^r With blAtlk f 'Tflll "f J!ffbTJ?riiwl*i am t*>tkr Tbird A??M ?awrcsis A*-".' ?? '???"??-?g! ,,7 ,.i"??;????'""j-sssa ttrft tf <??"> ?? ?*iKSr Vh-fcn*elopes ??** rvit* < n net . ,,th?r ?i/-?, or otherwise. as | r -l.Jr >tul or HK-rlT - al-d. so " to t>-ar ?jfe , RSii rrafr " b? *- l ;<tn?**ter?. W?rt re- | ' ,7T.Tbe delivered ?t the Depaftm. ?t. tha wrap l"a?a<av b*4i-pes-?l.ttb,intbe'fc*rMk?of tl? Wh^'l iM or m*re Fs?- l?P<" are r?*inir-?l t?. All . * r l"r ' ? or ?b?i Ure-r I >te are !'d-r?i? U to th- P -t Office D-partment, Ih?- una- 1- aack-d in ?tr ri? wooden <?*- - an1 ? . r> ,.i,1r??- il. but wh*-n less thiUi are re I ?d fr. ?-Int ?- msil r- P r 1.??'"I* ,',?st be placed T Ihecont-- ;..r without ad ti*i nil charge Tu' Envelopes must b~ d"liv~r?d insurh ,,"*n 'K ti-e M n.?> fr. m. ti-.- to um* N? ?1 ''? < rd? t* po-tm??t?r* ->r .f t !m>0? p*rt ???* nt. ?''"'J _ , vln^r?-.1 ?-tih>T ?t th<? ?"?? olBw tn th? fttT ?fcw? tr* *rr-p'?t bfcM?rr?n.r?<>r ?t thi- D^pai tra^nt, ?m HfPn.tmwt'rfr i'rtl dirwt. fr^ CM*t f^r m. kiuif. %b?*'ing. and d-liverine; th? wh'ktol. ,?<.!.? antler th^ in?p*cta.. ?nd snp^rrwioB of an Mrnt of th* IVprtwil , All th<> h r?-io JmrnW mrt kw prm mrf <M Aw> p.?tniJM?<?r O^u-rml m?\ direct, .nd reri-t".-.| |*t.f will b? re i,i:irt-ci t--1? prints In V>r?i!llf?. or sow >?lh?-r ?p i*ro^rd brilliaot c*>U?r. Tb? P<?lmi(l?r^ii*"il rf*rrr* th? rreht t" r? j ?? any aixt ?H kM" 't'" hH ju Jgiu?-nt tb? inter?~?t? S'-U- by th? individn?l or ?rn. i< ikinc it, and b- h. r .mp*i.i.-.11 ? y * "'|*r t ? r??rtiti">l to b* r-?P"D-ibte ?im1 mm mt ?f IM ? IIIf -T Alt rn-y wher* >?.? t i id-r r.?id.? th*t lb?> bi?lder ?hall, *>thin ?tt< r b*iu? c.IIp*! *ip*?n t? do so, ?" u4?* ? * " r*J ' t fi:rni?h pr ?niptly.aii'1 in ar'iil?? as orderad.the 4itu le >>r ?rtKi?? awardM to btn.,t0^acc"mpaDi?l It a b"iK' with ?ppr-.%?<l ?-?-nr??y, ui a P?*" 1 lot l.V than t-u' ?h*;t prfc* .|f all th? artkb* estimated to be Nrni-h-d b) ""id ^tud l^r, nditi .ued up.'II the fairhful p-rforn>Ance of the ?""ropo-a!- mil -I.N b> s.chirn*ranl^. will u l be considered. _ . ,? The p *tma-ter funeral rewirves to h.m*' II the r elit I- annul the (i .tr* t if tti his jn Ument th-re ??hall be i failur*' to perform f.tthfnlly any ?>f its r.-..n.^?r,n ca- f a w.lfnl at to .uiPj'se raon th- Jepartiu^nt *rt*e|. p-s inferior to sample* The failure ?o C.n.ply with at.v one -rder un l-r the rr.ntiact will op-rate ae a toifeititr* of tb? Mltlfo r ualty ot the fn?nd und-r l*?e f r I ere-- appr re! Anaont >>. 1>42. eatitl-d An h t legali/it>K and making appropriations f >r such I . liuTT objects a< have be.-n n?n?lly lnt lod-d in the general appr' priation bill* withont anthopi y of law, and t.. ti* and pro*id- for cr*tain ln?-i? i;ta.1 i xpen?-? f tb- |Vp*rtm-n'<?nd ? fflf-es ..f th- O .v ? ri nietit and for uth-r purpo-es. (C. S-^tatnt-s .it I are. V I !?? pae-atf.l orth<* P ^tm ister O n-r il may . in his discretion,dir.-t the purchase in op-n narket of such .jnantitie? -<T Enrelope- wishall be I ^cewary to -apply the d-tin-ncy caused by 'iich Isilnre, and < kare-to the contractor or contr^jctors tfjy per c-ntum ? f the pric- * bicU it shall bv touu l i.t-c-??ar\ to pay for such articles. P.ula -h"Ul?1 t? ?eeurely enveloped and ??al'd, narked - Propolis for Post Offic, Enfelop.--. and -t?ir-s--*t to the Third Assistant P -tmaster O-u "??' P -?o?c Vr?MM-fc n 17 ;%>> 4nr Poatiua^ter o-n-ral. nROPiifALS roa WROTOHT AJIDCAST 1 IKt'S WORK FOR THE hE\\ JAIL, DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. Kkw Jail,Di*tbicto? OoLrMSTA. I Office <Tt Superintendent, May 8, l&3.% trKULUHT AXU OAST IRON tfOKA. Sealed Proposals will be received at the office of Ibe baMribtnidfDt uutil 14 o., Jcil I. WS? w furni^biKif * (Mitwiof,fitting, and pntting iu the Wr< tight and Cast irou Work as exhibited by the Draw legs, described in the Specific dlMis. and called for in the Schedule*, consisting of me Cast Iron C. luinus of Bae-:nent, Rolled Beams, dc., of floor*, lr?.n Work of Roofs, ^ratings to * iudows, Ac ,C.U Doors, Iron Staircases. Ac C'-piea of the Dr^nMS.SpciBc?'lon,i?nd 8cj*d Hit DllT bid OD iNllCAtlOl At lb?8 OIuC?, AUscaff Idir.g reouired by the contractor to pnt th# work in plact* will N* fumiihtnl by th* Ooffrt : ;et-t free )tcharge, but will be erected by the cob tr?ro?oeaIs will be mad- by the piece, lineal foot, or waiaht. for the rarious Items of work, as called for in tbe Schedule. Tha work will not be subdivided among d>C-rent l idders, but will be .nMidered i. the aggT-gat- Tbe wk.. le of the ^ ast iron Columns i f Ban.' nt 9tory and the Beaaas. ?... of fit. *l?oc, b?. d?iiver> d and set IB position within threeB*>nrhe fr-m date of acceptMtce of proposal, and the whole work must be completed within tmp?>^n?ent?'wJll be madeMoutkly, deducting too per Ceiiturn until the final completion ?f the contract. All bids must be accompanied by ? penal hoad, ln the sum of twenty tb itiannd dollars (that the bidder will accept and perform the coutract if awarded bim, the sufficiency of the aeenrity to be rrttflS by tke Cnh-d State. Jnd.-. the Cl-rk of Tnited States Court,or the District Attorney uf the District wherein he reeid-g. The Department r?e-r*es the right to reject any or nil bids, ifit be d-em-d for the interest of the 0<j* .mment to do so; and any bid that ts not jade on the printed f rm, to b? obtained In this office,and 1<es net conform in e.ery respect to the require ? ? rill n? neat. ?f this advertte-stent, witr no< be consiJer-d, i> sit her .ill any pr-p.^ls rec. ire-i .'ro?n*rtl?s who are net tb-m?Wes engaged in - < nianafactnre cf Wrought er Cset-tr-n W..rk. and who have not th- nevessvy facilitias for g-tting oal the work. ptvMsatowi" be endorsed "Bids for Iron Work,' Wt WADOLF CLrSS. S.perintendsnt. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JI Afi BOIL*. ritxsiE BAH3UM JI A5I BOYLE * CO.. KhAL S 8 TA T S AMD MOT K H&OKERS, tin b.^ 14th street, opposite L'. S. Treasury. FOB SAI.B-A hand*' m-HOUSE on I street. Mo J13 ? A new large d-.title UOl'^E. corner 21st a ? N _ Bor.SE Ho. 1V 1U Massachusetts avenue. U?>1 SB ?l <16 Al stre-t eaet, fur sale or rent, fur aishe. or tufornished A CUTnOl in Wlllard's city, for sale at low figures or escbauge for city pr p-rty Willi f?-t of OROUND Tn various r>rttobs of tbe city for sal- at low figures, on easy mis. or will sxcbai.g- for prudact1<e improved property apW-tr C'EO. TRt'ESPKLL A CO , ? HEAL KSTATH BRf'K KRS, tU 7th street, (over Oermau American tarings Bank ? Special att-titlon given t? RENTIVO. COLLECT IMi, PAYINO TAAES and KEtsOTlATl^O LOANS. Refer <by pen&issloa) to? General Benj. Alvord, Pajtnastrr General I' S. A.; James S. Gr:nnell, Chief Cl-ik C S Pat-nt Offics: John Praser, Arch itect; Hon. T ? P Blair; H n. J W D? ngla?M,C >m ? missrner Int-rnal R-%en Wm.B M.?s. Furni ture Dealer. C E Pr-ntn?,Cashier German Ameri can Saiing* Bai k. Col John M Pesssnden; Hon. J? hn Hitr.Coneui Oetieral of Switteriand U8 3m* AUST1M p br?>? n. Corner H I avenne and 1*h street, Washington, D O.. Wioimii Dinn in LI BBER. LIME, CEMEMT. SABD, Ac., B?., Ba Ll'MBkR BILLS cat to order on short notice. BLl'E STONE for Building, Macadnmixitig and Paving purposes deli Tared la any parts* ths DW trict. BEAL ESTATE bought and sold aad sons vest-d To this branch ?f tbe bnstnsas I will ! after give ay attention, Md will beat ap oflrs daily from 10 a. m antll 4 p. as. marl-tf LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTfTBOM, . BOARDING. LIVBRT d BALM 8TABLBB, 41* 9th street, bst D and B, and Chain Alley, ?. bslwssa Mth and tath. Office, Willards. Boat camagaa furnlahad Special care paid to IBS lyrtlM of hor? B Allison mailob, jr., LIVEBT AMD HI RIBS BTABLBB. BTTL1BB CARRIAGES and COACHMEB. l)W E streat north ^Camagsa by day onUght.aad fog wsddlnyior p w^kijjssrs sfaar As ~ ?1 and for hire by tha dap og i CA1TED STATES PATENT OPriCE, WmiHtni.D C., Mav lwh.UT) On the petitton of BBMJAMIM B. MBALT, of Co hcH ton.M T i prating for the extension of a patent It is orostsd that tha tsetiwoay la th* caaa ba C*>"e>sl ?s tha 10th day of Jaly next; that tha rate for filing arguments and the Examiner s report Be limited to tne iftth day of Jaly asst. aad thai g^Ad petition be beard >n tbe Snb day of July next. Any person aiay ospsetkis extension. asSl w Jt M b LEGOBTT. C? aiailnl nsr. (VOW oa EXHIBITIOM, the boo on Whits 1" Vest, isatirely nwj buttons fastened with ?irga, at A. STBACS . 1V11 Penna. nvs., near t?S7 ?a UH ECBBLB ??DTILB DULrB" TOOTS POW a by DsatMa tog ly aad hsaMAy asttcu. ,for. aals by O' BANKERS. BANKERS AMD PB4LERS IN POUU&M AND POMEST1C EXCHANGE. REMOVED tnthrlr M? Btoklnt Hoax on he corner of loth street tod FfDnqlTui* i?aom, op the Bit*- formerly occupied by them inB-l? miisiivw, ?? > *?*. ?43 D 8UIIT, REAR SEVENTH, Par* INTEBBST ON DEPOSITS, mtlw OOL LKCTIuMH, ud tnnmtt all busineaa coMiected ?UbBukiu np9-ly |J ADIIK6 HO CSS J. IL MI IKR k CO., 1444 PENNSYLVANIA A V EN CM. orroaiTB will abb's botil, WASHINGTON, D O. cant. MUirrsi paid on dtntits. _ llections made everywhere. Depneft* payable on demand. Fay of oAcers In the Army cashed in advance. ?>1tr Jr. bkudheap, Broker, Mo. 939 Penna. are.. Boom 4, Washington, P. 0. Special attention given to Investment secnrltln. Invite* attention to securities now offered at price* whichwill h> h?to 14 per cent, in amonnta and of length of time tosuit invsator*. Safe,reliable,print able and ar>mpt, making them in svery rsepect FIRST CLASS SECURITIES. R*'ers by permission to Lewi* Johnson A Oo., * ;t*hinfft<>n D. C.: Moaes Kelly, E?j., Caaaier National Metropolitan Bank, Washington, P.O.; UrD. J M Br?nne?d, Second Controller, Washing rot, P. C., E<iward Clark, Eat]., Architect 0.8. <!ap ?to., Washingt on, P.O. marl7-?m 'TUB NATIONAL BANK OF THB REPUBLIC 1 (Cofnr rof 7th and P *treet*,) OPEN FROM 19 A.M.TOJ P. M. dec UNI y CHA8. BRADLEY, Oimhler. t " kKJIAS AMERICAN SAVINGS HANK, VI Mi>. tltlkvnTlBTUIT, Ottmu* ta* fM Otki 9 per i Collec Bank hour*: ? a. m. to 4 ?. m. Baturdar* op?n an Jl 8 p. m., to receive deposits only. Interest paid on depoaita. Collection* mada and sichuiir fnrniahed. JOHN HITZ, Preeident, A. EBKRLY, V. Prest, W. F. MATT1NGLY JJee.,C. E. PRENTlBj.Oash'r uov9-ly THK FB EE dm AN'B SAVINGS AND TR 1ST COMPANY. Banking Hotiae. No. 149T KuuiiItuU avenue, oppoelte the Treaaory, PAT8 SIX PEE CENT. IMtEBEST, Intrrtst Btgiut lis Firu a/ Katk Month. PA YU FOUR PER CENT, on buslneaa account* fr.>m data of depoait. !iwu Cmtlram Itoroni bearing 4 and 4 par cant. Interest, available any wb?-re. HAS BRANCH OFFICES In all large town* and citiw of the Bwuth and Southweat. Open Wednesday aud'Satutdfty night* from ?* to ? o'rl?<k, to recaivadep<?ltaoaly. Call at the Bank or ?end f#r a copy of the Charter ami By-law. jlS-ly J A* COOKE A CO., BANKERS. BUT AND BELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and 1/WUB CIBOt'LAB LETTERS OF CRRPIT for r?Teler(vaf?iWJi Ma map part a/ uki wmld, Uor Draft* on JAI OQOM^jCgllOCB . 0?? are Caabed In any part of EmsLAND, IkSLAIfB and Acotlasd, fit 9/ than*. mayU WASHINGTON C1TT SAVINGS BANK ?V Corner 7th itnu mud Ltmisxam* ?t?ai, PATS 9 PEE CENT. INTEREST ON DBP08IT lxtereet ootnmeuc** from data of depoaita. Depoaita can be made and drawn at will. ?y?tf J. A. BUFF. Treararer STEAMER LINES. Anchor li>e steamers, tail frim Pier 3D, North River, New York. F.VERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The paeix-nger accommodations <>n Steamers of tin-* line are nn*urpass?-d for elegauca ami r<mfort. Cabin state rooms are all' on upper d< ck, thus securing e->od light* and vertilati..n. RAT KB OF PASSAGE TO GLAbGO* , LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY. Hat. W"l. MMtmtrs. Gold. Currency. Cabin* ? S?5 and $40 %7t aud jiS Cabin retnm tickets aecuring Inst accommodations 91.10 3 IXj Steerage,currency, $]). Certificate* for passage from any seaport or railway station in Great Britain. Ireland ortbeContinent at h A TIs AS LOW A* BT A?ST OTHKB riR?T CLA" LINK F r paaeage apple to BENDERSON BROTHERS. 7 bomling Green, N. Y.: t" C. C'AXMAI'K, 14U3 F at. n. w.,or WILLIAMSON A CO., lli* Penn, avt one n.w., Agent?. Waehington. md t,thj?.1m EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, IITWIIX PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Va , WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, P. 0. ?AILIM0 DAT*. From Pier J, North Wharvt-i, Paii adelphla, WEDNESDAY and SAT URDAY, at 19 m. From 49 Water atraH,Georgetown,!). 0..TUE8 DAY and SATURDAY, at l4V a. Thla Una Naawla at Philadelphia with "Clyde1* Iron Line" of steamer* for Providence, Boaton and New England State*. No wharfage in Boaton by tbi? Una Q. W. HYPE, Agaat for p of 0. WM. P. CLYPE A CO., Philadalpkia. F A. BbIP, Alfiandrla, Va. WALDO A. PEABCE, 44 Congreaa itreat. Boa ton. ?^"Freight* delivered br Kaox'a Etpr?aa Order* Irft at General Office, 60:t Pmineylvania avenne, or at rtteateamer wbaJf will be promptly attended to. ap) YV A8HINGTON^NO^^K, BOSTON, ABB The Sna Iron Suaawr LADY OF THB LAKE having reaomed bar regular tripe to Norfolk,will leave bar wharf, foot ef 4th atreet, every MONDAY and* THURSDAY, at t p. m., tonchlngat prlnclpM wvei Landing*, connect,ng at Norfolk with StaMMhlp of the M. and M. Lin* far Boeton and Piwldenoa Freight should be addraaaed "car* of Lady of th* Lake, via NorfolkBranch ticket office at Knoi"i Expraaa Office, 693 Pannaylvania avenne. T. M.OROl'rH. A gent, 9th-*treet wharf. DORSEY CLAGBTT, General Agent. ml4 Plant "a Store. cora*-r IBth at. and Pa. ava. (JLNARD INK. TBB BRITISH AND N0BTB AM ERIC AB ROYAL MAIL BTBAMSHIP8, BETWEBB BBW T0BS AND LIVBBPOOL, CALLING AT CO BR HABB0B. FROM BBW YORK. * Java__..Wed_May S 'Cuba?._M'm|m.June 4 *Bc</tia Wed. June 11 ' Algeria? W<*d. June !?> 'Ruaaia.?Wad..June a Parthia......8at May 31 Samaria....,8^t...June 7 A by *<i nia -Bat June 14 Batavia Bat I une 21 ~ , Calabria. .Bat Juu to Steamer* marked tbua * do not carry rtaaraga pan ? 'tiger* And *vary follawlng WBDNESPAY and 8ATUB DAY from New York. Rath o? PAVAem.-Cabin, BSD, (IS. lad #1R fid, accord i ug to accomm< idauon. Ticketato Peru, flf, gold, additional.i Return Uckata on favorable tarn Steerage, |S, currency. Steerage ticket* from Liverpool and nmnua>u?a and all parta of Europe, at loweat ratea. TUrougb bill* of lading given to Belfaat, Glaagow, Havre. Antwerp and other pointa on the Oontinant aud tot Mediterranean porta. For freight and cabin aa* ?age, apply at tbe Company *? office. No. 4 Bowling Green,for atearage i*??*gi, at No. lit Breadway Trtnitr Building. CHAS. G. FBANCKLYB, AgMt.New York. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, Steiinier OQicv, 1411 Pa. avenue, aovlg-ly Waehington, P. 0. \I EBCHABTH LIMB OB aTRAMBHIPR III iimn WASHINGTON AMP BBW Y0BR. Swiathr the ?ne Steaaahlpa B 0. KNIGHT an* JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly 1pa between NEW T0BK, ALEXAN-4 tripe between NEW YOBR, ALEXA si^sswrs^vasii *v-jns5 ALEXANDBIA thaaamadSfat 19 m. ?W/toB P. A. PENHAM, Ageat, 0?Ma aad whan toot ot High atreet, Georga aveane. VFreigMa delivered by Enox^i Espraaa. Or der* left at General Office. 993 Pennsylvania ave t ue^t%t lt>< (t#smt,r *Barf will be promptly at taU-tf?' J. W. THOMPSON. ] THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the *ub*criber Las obtained from the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, holding a spec ml term, let ter* ot administration on the personal aetata of EVA MOHB, late of Waahington couuty. Dis trict of Columbia, deceaeed. All peraon* having clnim* against tbe said deceaaed are hereby warned t< exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the mi?criber. on or berore the Suth da, of May next; they may otherwiae by law be exclude* I rum all Irt-nefit of the said eetate. Given under my hand """rifsWlCK NKTJ AQC. mil wjw' ^Administrator. 1>? W0RMLBVB FKCTOBAL 8TBUF, V9B 00UGHS ABD OOLD9. OOLV B r ALL VA VtMlBIB. 0-{xtntiai3<r "SS& free of antra ^tLBB*S WHAEF, /hei Uk mmd P urmt. ojs.'svaiSE'avtr ?vt,un HAY, LUMBER, A?.. llachargrd from veeaela aad stored or deUvered at tha ahortaat notice and lowest rataa. AtLBB. WUBELY WONDERS BBVEB 0EASE.-A1I 9 wool Men'a Suit* In three different ahades for tha trifling aum of S<,? A. STRAUS', 1911 Pa. ava.,near11th itrsw. *Ji VUVTl'S SLITS In Scotch and dl?e?i, very iHh.^'MA ,TmAUr'I#" ST I^EArt *6 *mb H&Hbi iitjgk Aft ?BTRADB', IBUIK jroapw J tb^WK uJst AUCTION SALES. FlTim 0?Y?. BT LATIMER ft CLEARY. A uctioneer* and Real latall gwitkvMt eorMr Prnn?fhiuiit itmiu tu>l litb at.. Star Qfte* Building CHANCERY 8ALKOr~THR DESIRABLE RES IDENCE, Mo. 3* ?*t STREET. BKTWKM POTOMAC AMU MaRKIT, GEORGETOWN. DO. ?? vfttueof adecree of the Supreme Court ? Iof tli>' District of C?luuUk, mnhI on the 7:h l4?;nf Mi;,A.D 1373, in Chancery ctt?- of t'Uin et al. vs. Payne at al , No. V?4& Biuity Docket No. IS, I will sell at public auction, on BON l)AT,tli?!Mdar(4 June. A. D. ? oVIwek p bi , in front of the premium, th?* Lot lying and ho lm! in th? city of Georgetown. in the District of Co lumbia, and known ana described upon the gt-owiid flan or plat of said city a* the next west part of King's acre, in Beatty and Hawklu1*addition to Georgetown, and beck ground of Lot notn bored one hundred ua two. < lilf,> l>eginning fi>r the am" at the southeast corner of aaid Lot on l*i ataud run ninc want alone the line of said strM-t twrenty.eight (23; feet eight |?D Inches; thei ? north to alto in the rear oue hundred and tvn' . (!2S>foet; thence east along the line of said a jjr twenty-eight (2Si feet eight (4) inchen; thence south one bondrM and twenty two 1123) feet to the place of beginning, to gether with t be improvements thereon,consisting of a substantial Brick Dwelling, containing ab ut flf t>en(U) rocma T<rma of tale as prescribed hi the decree: One fourth cash, and the balance In six, t wetve and eigb te en month*, for which approved uotes or bond will t>e taken, payable In eqnal instalments with interest at eight (8) per cent per annum, payable semi-an nually. A deposit of two hnndred dollars will be re quired at time of sale. If the term of sale be not complied with in live days from day of sale the property will be resold at the coat and risk of the lb-faulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. N F CLEART, Trust "e. I mlO lawftd* LATIMER ft CLEARY, AuctsJ Y LI TTKELL A DUKNINGTON, Auction? >r*. y 17 Louisiana ave ,bet. 9th and 10th su. B TRUSTER'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE: * THREE STORY BRICK DWELLINGS ON SOUTH SIDE OF L STREET, BETWEEN ?H AND 6th SOUTHWEST, (ISLAND.) By virtue of a deed ol trust, September Hi, A. D , 1372, ami duly recorded in Liber No, ?WJ.t lio L3M,otieof the land record* for the District of Columbia, and by reuueat of party secured thereby, 1 will at public auction, ir. front of the premise*, to the highest bidder, on 8ATURDAY, May 31st. A. D , WTS. at 6 o'clock, p. m.< all that certain piece or parcel of ground lying and being in the City i.f Washington, in said District, and known as the west half of lot numbered twenty, (*),) in square numbered live hnudred and one,(sol,Ifronting St feet 8>? Inches on aouth L street,by equal depth of 13 feet 11 Incites, and bounded on the weat by a 15 f >ot alley, and on the south or rear by a 30 foot alley, together with the improvement* thereon. Terms of aale on each House: One-third cash, (of which $75 on each piece of property must be paid time of sale;) balance in equal payments, in one and two years, with interest at tne rate of eight per cent, per annum, payable semi-annually until paid, from day of Hale the purchaser giving notes to be secured on the property sold to satisfaction of trus tee. Conveyancing and recording at purchaser'* cost. The Trustee reserve* the right to resell the property at the risk and coat of defaulting pur chaser or purchaser* in case Bie terms are urt r n> plied w ith within si* dags after sale. ? M I'. HOLTZMAN. Trustee, d LI TTRELb ft DUNNINQTON, Ancts. BY GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, N^. 10U0 Northwest liKh and D streets. <dancery sale or a three-story BRICK HOUSE AND VACANT LOT FRONT ING ON G STREET NORTH, BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of BI he District of Columbia, passed on the lith day ^?of May, A. B. 1573, made in the cause of Walte vs. Waite, and others. No. 3,141. Equity, I shall sell <.n the premises, on MONDAY, the '3d day of June, A. D. 1373, at 6 o'clock p. m., all that certain pi-ce or parcel of ground in the city of Washington, Dis trict at Columbia, and known and described as lot numbered eighteen (191, in square numbered four hundred and fltty-five (4Sft>, excepting a portion of said lot flve(8)feet iu width, on toe eastern side of said lot seven (71 feet and six <() inches in width on the rear of said I >t. which has been reserved for alleys, together Willi the improvements, which con sist of a three-story and attic brick dwelling house, and a brick stable. The above lot has a front of twenty-four fan Also, a vacant lot adjoining, hav ing a front onB to 3 inches, with a depth of 121 f-?-t more or bs<. with One side and baofc allevs. The time of sale as prescribed by deeree are: One third of the purchaee in cash, and the remainder in equal installments of six, twelve, and eighteen niontha, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale, and secured by thd note* of tli*' purchaser, ami such oth? r security as may be satisfactory to the trustee. Convey a iCing, Ac., at the cost of the pur chaser. ?Su) will be required at the tiireofsale, and if the term* of sale are not complied w ith within five dai a from the day of *ale, the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the ri*k and cost of the defaulting purchaser or purchasers, by ad vertising the same three times in some newspaper published iuthecitv of Washington. JOHN r ENNIS. Trustee. GREEN ft WILLIAMS, mlS-d | Rep., Auctioneer*. BY B. H. WARNER, R al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7*39 7th street, between G aud U. SALE OF ONE or THE MOST DESIRABLE PROPERTIES IN THE CITY, ON THE SOUTH SIDE Or MASSACHUSETTS AVE NUE, No. 1010, BETWEEN Vth AND 10th STREETS NOBTHWEST, OPPOSITE GOV ERNMENT RESERVATION, AND LOOKING INTO VERNON SUUARB. , I will sell, on rBIDA Y, May 30,1572. at 6 [o'clock p. m , to the highest bidder. Lot 19, in 'tquare 3U. fronting Sft feet on Massachusetts a> enue, running back about 10U feet to a 15 foot paved alley, improved by a 3-story brick house of 10 room* and cellar. This avenue is one of th most beautiful iu the city, the lot large and well adapted for an elegant residence. Terms: $2^0uu cash, and the balance in 3 yeftn, at IU per cent. A bargain will be given. Title per t'-ct. Alwtract at tka nflct of th-- auctioneer. i| ltM ?owu ou day of *ab'. Omvryancing at pnrrhas-r's co?t. BRAINABD H. WARMER, inSfi dftd* Auction?r. THE TRADES. PRACTICAL PLUMBING, GAS-rfTTING axo ? bEWERAGB prunpUy attended to, on reason able term-, by JAME8 F. BRIEN, No. ?0V Louis iana avenue, near 8th street, north aide. Residence, M street northeast. Specialty, TIN LTNBD PI PE always on hand. al^ tr JToiUe of Removal* TllE LUMBKlt BUSINESS, HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE UN VERSION ED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE, AND B STREET, BE TWEEN SIXTH AN D SE f EN1H STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERB AFTER AT THE Cor. of 13th street a>4 Okie ate. ?* w. [u9-lm WATI1L 1. FUGITT. HER A 10 ft LAG1RPUSH, Succe**o r* to HEXRT HoRALCt, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, A07 r street, a34 lm* Between 5th and Sth *ts. northwest. Awnimcw. JOHN C. H0GAN, 713 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City and Country Residence*. TFNTS and rLAGS for sale or rent. AH NING MATERIAL of all kinds for aale. Sole Agent for the oaly genuine MILDEW PRQpr AWNING MATERIAL. splfttr pLUMBING AMD GAS-FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plnmbtng and Oas Fitting done in a neat and substantial manner, and on reaeonable terms, should leave their ordera al 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. _ ?y-to' WM. BOTHWELL. CUNNINGHAM, HATTBB. 1011 F threat between Men nth. has the pleasure to announce toat he has reoelvsdr the Felt Hats'^yiwJs! on reasonable 1 ^wmwei, fua?, tewt*. >. O. 00PELAND, ?43 Lotktaat avanoe, one door east ftfe i M. I ? Spring Style of BroadwayBLOCE,"andTs] Cpared io furnish New HaU naadet n or rcttodel old styles; also, an 1 BABFMNTBt. BVILDBE. an OOlTIAOtOE AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW . B T GREEN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner of 10tb and D SPECIAL SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE. Ac., REMOVED TO OUR AUCTION ROBMS FOR CONVENIENCE Of BALK. AT AUCTION. lTf?ll?nt ||*'WIV-A C*?r fit! , Html *iv) Cnw; One Superior Guitar; Walnut Fnui o Parlor Unites, cpholotered in R p ?n1 U air CI >tU; Black Walnnt Bedroom Suite: Oak Mxrbl^top Sid? boanl: X?rt>)>' top and Walnut Ont-r Tables; W?lii?t Frame Hair Cl"tb L<>nnjres; Hair Cloth Chairs ?nd Bockere; Reception Chairs; Walnut Bxtenstna Table ati<l Pining Cha.ra, Walnut and PainW Bnr ana, Bi)?i*ail?, Waal.s'ands and Tahiti Walnnt Hat Rack; C-?ttag* Furniture; Child** Cammc? and Walnut Cril> and Mattress; Walnut |'iuk r?w, Writin* Tables; Mirrors, Re frigerator. Wster Coeler: Carri*g? R and Blanket; Stair Carpets, R"xta.OIWmith' Brussels Hall (Tai p-t, W Shades; lt'iue leather B"da,>ws and Bolsters; Spreads, Lace Curtains; Hair, Husk and C"tton top Mattresses; Two Fin* Brussels Carpets; Ingrain and other Carp?ts; White and Chock Matting; Crocker; and Glass wtare; Parlor and other Store*, Cooking Uten ?ila?ic. , On THURSDAY MORNING. W*T ??, UnSKS, cou?tn?nclng at 10 o'clock, we shall !?? *1 "-ell, within and in front of nnr Anction Kooirs.the Ftrrnitnre of a party declining heuse keeping. Terms caah jnI7_ GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. BV LATIMER A CLEART Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennaj Ivania avenne aud 11th at., Star Office Buildings. FlFTn AND LAST SPRING BALK OF GREEN HOUSE Ah D BEDPING PL ANTS, FROM THE NLKSEKY OK JOHN SAI L. ~ OnTHURSPAY M0RN1N0. May *?>h. J]<"3. commencing at 11 o'clock, we shall ??ell, Pwfthin our salesrooms, a large collection of Flowering Plant-,consisting .-f ch R ????>?. P-Iar g< niiim-. Geraniums. Lilli<-*. Fuchiw,0*M?rin?, Colons, Verbenas, Gladiolus, \C., Baskets of se lected Plant*, Hanging Ba-ketf, Ac. Te tun cat-li. n.2? (R. P 1 LATIMER A CI.E ARV. An' ts Y PUNCARSON. DOW LING A CO , An.-t'rs, Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. HORSES. COAL < ARTS. W\GONS. AND HAR NESS AT AUCTION. On Til I USD A I MORNING, Mav ilUth, H i?-v*commencing at 1?.! o'clock m.,we will soli. ? ~V tn front of our auction rjotus? 1 fine Roan Mare. 1 Bar H >rse?. 2 Coal Carta. 2 Wagons. 4 Set- Harneaa. * The ab<>ve belong to a party Riving up business, atul will positively be sold. nia6 DUNCAHSON, DOWLING A CO , Ancta. I SITED STATES MARSHAL SALE. Invirtn<- of ? writ of fieri facias iaau*d from the Clerk's office oi the SuprtMnn of the District of Columbia, and to me diiected, I will sell at puMtc aa'e, for ca-h. at the Ancion Store of Wen. L. Wall A Jo., on the corner "-f f;h atre?'t and Pennaylvania at enne, on TH I'RSPA Y, the S9th of M.-iy, 1S73. at 1 a o'clock a. m , *11 H"nry O. H >od'a p irtn?r-tiip intt reat in the following guoda and chatt?la, to wit, \iz : 1 large and 4 small Plated Silver Salvera, 1 Plated Butter Dish, 7 Plated Cake Backets, 4 Plat?d T' a Beta, 6 Plated Citatora, Plated Cnpa.9) Plate.1 Gobb'ta, f?-i/.ed and levt.-a upou a- the goo<|? and chattela of R<'nrv O. Hood, and will he . to aatisfy execution No 9.9S0. in favor of M >rri* Falkenuor A M .rvu Pollak. ALEX K SH ARP. U S Marshal, D C. Bv WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*. May ?I,K73. tn2? dta BY LATIMER A CLE A RY, Auctioneers and R?al E'tate Broker*, houthweat corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th fit., Btar Office uuudings. TRUSTEE S SALE OF"a FIRST CLASS RES TAURANT. No. 4U0 7th STREET NORTH VS EST, AND LEASE. By virtue of a de?-d of trnst to me, recorded in I Liber No. 7lW, folio 1U! et ?e.| .,ot the land records ?iof the Di-trict of Columbia, I will sell at public auction, on THURSDA Y.thr '.19th day of May, 1373, at 11 o'clock a. ni., on the premises, the entire siock in trad", fnrniture, fixtures an<i lease of the prem ises No. 4W0 7th street northwest, in the city of Washington, D. C , tonuerly known as " Etonian's R<-?tHurant. The house ia doirg a good business, and i* com plete in all of its appointment-. It will be sold a- a w hole. The lease lias two years to run from tke let day of Jnly next, at the monthly r?-nt "t .?230. Terms of sale; 42-"W<*ith interest at eight per cent, from .Ian 25, 1.173, and the ??\peuses of sale in cash, and the balance at six mouths, for which the note of the purchaser, bearing interest from the day of -ale, and secured by deed of trust on the property I'M. will betaken.. A deposit of .?ltlu will be re uuireU of the purchaser at the time of sale. WM F MATT1NGLY. Trnstee. ni 1!M LATIMER A CLKARY. Aii' ta. I?Y LATIMER A CLEARY, > Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. Southeast corner Pennsylvania avennu and 11th at. Star Office Building. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON U STREET, BETWEEN 14 ru AND I4tu STREETS NORTdWEST. AT AUCTION. ^ On Till RSDAY AFTERNOON, May 519th, E!al 6 o'clock, we will sell, in frout of the premi ?R-ee, lot Mo. 19, in square No. *?, having a front of?H feet 8 inches on U street, b-ttwenn 14th and 15th streets, with a depth of 11 fi-et. The property will be sulslivided to suit purchasers. Terms. One-third ca-h; residue in six and twelve niohtbs, with Interest fr >m day of sale. Deferred payments to be secured by deed of trust. Convey ancing at coat of purchaaera $15 on each lot at tiuie of -ale, or If taken by one purchaser A75. ni? dAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct*. B ' ?17 * K Y LATIMER * ObRARY, AacMoneers and Real Estate Broken, B1 Bouthwsat ooruer Penajlvania avenue aod 11th at., Btar Office Building*. CHANCERY BALK OF VERY VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY. 464 PENNSYLVA NIA AVENUE, SOUTH SIDE, BETWEEN 4H ANE 6th 81 BEETS NORTHWEST. af*, By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of Tlx the District of Columbia, pasetxlon the 7th (Uy ??of Mar, A. D. 1873, in chancery cause of Semrnes et al vs. Payne et Ai.? Nft. 3,t>rt. E jnjty Doc. II, I * ill sell, kt public auction, on TUESDAY, the 3d day of June. A. D. H71, at 6 o'clock_p. B , in front cf the preaiaee, Lot numbered 31. Reservation B, l? ing and being In the city at Washington, District i f Columbia, with improvements thereon, consisting cf a substantial brick store ami warehouse Said lot is more particularly described as follows: Beginning for the same at the nortlieast corner of said lot and

inmiing thence weat along the line of Pennsylvania avenue twenty-five (25) feet; thence souih to alle> in the rear one hundred and twenty-seven (127) feet five (.'?) inches; thence east along the line of said alley iwenty-flve(V) feet; thence north to Pennsylvania axenue and the place of the beginning one hundred and twenty-sevea (137 > feet live <6) inches. Terms of sale, as preecribed by the decree; One fourth cash; and the balance in six, twelve and eighteen months, for which approved notes or bond w 111 be taken, payable in coital instalments, with Interest at 8 per cent, payable semi-annually. A deposit of live hundred dollars will be required at time of sale. If the terms of sale be not complied with in Qve days from day <>f sale, the property will le resold at the coat and risk of the purchaser. Con veyancing at purchaser's cost. N F. CLEART, Trustee. n 10?awAda LATIMER A CLEART, Ancta. B. H. WARNER, A _ ^ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer No. 749 7th street, between Q and H streets. CHANCERY SALE Or~VALCABLI IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF K STREET, BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND FIRST STREET EAST. AT AUCTION. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of Lai the District of Columbia, paased In the cauae of ?ATucker and Sherman va James M. Ornies, No. 2.885. Equity docket 13^ I wil I sell at public anction, in front of ths premises, on THURSDA Y, June 111, 1173, at 6 o'clock p. m? Lots Noe. 232,327, 338,229, 3.10.231,232,33.1,234,335. 2*, 238, 239 and 240 in B. F. Gilbert's recorded subdivisionof square675, together with the Improvements thereon, consisting of ele gant three-story prese brick front dwellings. This property is sold to satisfy a mechanic's lien of about ?3^1)0 and subject to certain incumbrances which will be made known on the day of sale. Terms .for the amount r^aii/ed above said incum brances cash IT terms of sale are not complied with w ii bio live days after sale the property will be resold at the risk and c<ist of thedefaultingpumhaser. ?100 dewn on enrh accepted bid. Conveyancing at pur chaser's cost. FRANK G. DANIELS. Trustee. m21-eoAds B. H WARNER, Au< t. ?Y LATIMER * CLEART IP Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Utb St., Btar Office Buildings. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF DESIRABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE AND 17th STREET NORTHWEST. ?J-*. By virtue of a deed of trust. dated August the Bu319th, 1870, and duly recorded in Liber Ho. 621, ??rolls 433, being oue of the land records for the county of Washington, ia the District of Columbia, aiid by the written request of the party secured i.Ju front of the 1873, at u/g v viwk y. h? . | uvi HVHitTmi ?? r Oi Spuulding and Wilson's subdivision of original lot ?ne(l?, In square numbered one hundred and tfty thereby. I will sell at pulilic anction. in front premises, on MONDAY, the 9th day of June, U 6H o'clock p. nr. Lot n?ml>ered 37>thirty-sev Spaulding and W ilsou's subdivision of origin one(1), in square numbered one hundred and , eight < 1M>, as recorded in the office of the Surveyor of the city ef Washington, D. C., improved by a nearly new two-story Frame Dwelling, aad situated on southwest corner of Massachusetts avenue aad 17th street northwest. Terms of sale: One-third cash; residue Inaix aad twelve months, with Interest from day of sale. De ferred payments to be secured by a deed of trust on the property sold. All conveyancing at eoat of par chaser. ElOO down at time or sale. ?s J,. BY B. H. WASHER. _ . Baal Bet ate Broker aad Auctioneer. Ho. 78V 7th street.between UaatH its. On WBDHBBBAY. Jnae 4th, UTS, at * 30 a. m , I wllPoffer for sale, at public auction, la front of the pre en lass, the most northerns feet inches, from front to rear, of Lot 7, ia Sqaare 144 Also, on the same* p.m., the moM east eern M feet S inches, from front to rear,?( bat 19. in Square 117. improved by a two-story and baaaaaaal Brick Dwelling. Also. On THURSDAY, June #, 1571, at ? p. a., Lot I, in Square MMS. Terms; One-third cash; tha restdao la C, it ?e complied with within ive days , se I reserve tha rlgnt to resell, nt the risk and eaatof the iifhahhig part hases . All eoavey ai cing at purchaasr'a scat. A deposit sf |Btaao> J T'cl.* iiuonn r?, AUCTION SALES. THIR AfTKRNOON. THOJ? E. WAGGAMAN. Real Estate An rtiooeer, *I? Tib street. BT A?5,.r?',Vo Vt'-vav KsD.'JtKoYlfiS* "" *? "" ?? rirtae of to OkMMrr, Rqwlty Hn 1J?, hi the Dnproiw Ooirt ? _ ;p*ct of Coiuaaihta. wbmin Mc Dennett M hi. are complainants, agv n*t M< IVnuott ?t al i|? fendaait*. the ?wlw?ifMl, ?* TrWw, will aril at public auction, to the highest bidder, on WEDNES DAY. Buy U!th, at & o cl-*k ?.m , all of Lota l,t, 3, 4,?end?4, in eu?tare ?S. fronting on K street iioitk.Mvt North Capitol *r**4 Oc THURSDAY. Mar **th. at ft o'clock*, m ,oB IbrltimMn, all of Lot No. I. la *<atiare I Mi. krii| at tMeorMr of south K awl 16th street* east. Th? abort projfrty ofltrs rare opportunities for InTNlnoMi It r<>al mate, aa it is located in'me of Ik* moat improx ro* and < ahaoM* section* of the city Terra* of aalo: ?tie half cash; balance in ? and 1] rnnth*, with interest. A deposit of fifty dll.r* will be required on each tot aa soon aa sold All con ?*-y ancing at Sost of jpurchaaer. The above Lota will be divided into building lots to suit purchaser* Part irwlar* at sal* SAM L. L. PHILLIPS. Truatee. tr 16 dts TH<?. E. VAOQAEAN, A net * UKi:CN_A WILLIAks. Audi khhiii, No. lHOl northwest corner 10th and D sta. B1 BUILDING LOT FRONTING ON NEW JERSEY AVENUE AND RUNNING THHOUGII TO *t> STREET WEST, BETWEEN U STAF.ET AT ALXTION *AS8AtHlSl:TT!i AVENUE, ffSk Od WEDNESDAT, the 81?t Instant. at 6 ?w^'c ofk p m., we *h*ll K--11, on the prem:se?, Lt ? C, in Charles StottV subdivision of S-juare N - 8?>3. being 17 feet 4 Inchee front by i"*> feet d-~p l K'+ud building fiont tl r u#t; to 2d street. Baking a Oti both street*. B* Tortus: One third cash; balance 6 and 11 months, for nott* beariup intere?t, and secured by a deed of trust on the pri-uii-va ?o|,| Cmveyanrlng, Ac., cost of in re baser. A MX) down on day of Kale <1 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Au ts. ty THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPON ED nn'il W KDNESDAY. May H73,same hour aud plve, on account of the rain. ti2 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aitcta. BY LATIMER * CLEARY, Real Estate Broker* and Auctioneer*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania aveuue aud 11th at.. Star Office Building. CATALOGUE SALE OF A LAKGE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION or HISTORICAL, GEOLOGICAL, ETHNOLOGI CAL, AGRICULTURAL. SCIENTIFIC AND MISCELLANEOUS BOORS. Embracing complete set* of rmyw**, The Annals of Congress, and Congressional UaimjlDebate*, American Archive*. State Papers. Ac , Ac. Srh k>|i rafl's American Indian*. Splendid Folio Shakespeare. Work* of Dickens, Bulwer, Leigh Hunt, Poe. Hof'd, Waverly Novel*. Ac., Ac.i to be sold at onr Sales R >om>, corner of Fenr *vl* ania avenne and 11th street, on TI'ESOIY EVENING, May *7tb,and FOLLOWING EVEN INGS. olntneiicing at 7 o'clock. ?^"Parties unable to attend the Sale fau have their orders executed by the Auctioneer. T>-rniB,c**h. m34 LATIMER A CLEARV, Ancta. [Snndat Herald A Capital ] B. hTwakneb^ _ R' al Eftate Broker and Aoctlon??r, N .. T*? Seventh atreot,ta*weea G and H . TRCSTF.E'S SALE OF VALUABLE FARM I.AND IN PRINCE GEORGES COUNT*. MARYLAND. By virtue of aderreeof the Circuit Coart for ? Prince G?'orte> county, witting tamky, tt* 'j.ubscrilx-r, as Trustee, will offer at public sale, on the premises, ou Till KSDAY. the Aih day of June. 1.^73, at the hour of 1*4 o'clock m , if fair; if not. the next fair dny thereattei . a valuable tract or parcel of Laud containing tifty and ?ne-fourth a< res, l>eingpartof the real estate of the lute Wil liam Clark, and now owned by the p^rtv-s to the suit In which the above-in?ntioii<<d decide was passe.1. It is situated ab"iit six inilaa northeast of \V ishing ton city, and is approached by the 7?h street road, p.iasiti# I y the Soldiers' Home, or by North Capitol street and Glen wood, and is half a mile froth a sta tion on the Metropolitan railroad (on S'ott's farm l Tti'- soil is \ er> tine, ?ith h tndsomeshade tree#, and desirable sius for building lot*. '1 eruis ?.f sale One third of the purchase money to be paid in cash on the day of sale, on ratification by the court: and the residue In two t*|iial instalments in one and two year?, to be secured bv the bond' al the purchaser <>r purcha?era, with se< unties to be approved by the Trustee. Two hundred dollar* of the c**-h pw) ment will l?- re<|uir<sl on the day of sale. The Trustee is authorized to di>ide the said laud, and will divide it iufo lot* to suit purchasers, it deemed desirable, R It B CHEW. Tnu *e. At the same time rind place, the subscriber, as at torney for William CUrk. the owner, will sell tittr live acre* of Land adjoining the ab<>v?, ?rm!..r in quality and location. This iat.d is improved by a comfortable Dwelling and outbuildings. Terins made known on day "f sale, R. B B. CHEW, Attorney. n2' B 11 WAKSKK, Auct'r. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest corner luth aud D streeta. B Pl lU.IC SALE OF VALUABLE RE AL ESTATE. , B> virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for I Prince George's county, sitting aa a court of tenuity, pas?ed in the case of Williaiu O. Jouea and Ann Jones, his wife,et al., vs. Basil Benson et al., the subs<-riber, as trustee, will nell at public auction, on the premises, ou SATURDAY, the 7th day of June, 1873, at 1 o'clock p.m.,(it fair; if not, oit the next fair day,)the real estate of th? late Wni. Sibley, consisting of several parcels or parts ot tracts of land, called "Deacon"* Hall,"''Cramp ton's Lot," and part of "Elizabeth's Delight," con taining 168 2 10 acres, more or le*s, sit mated in Prince George's county, between the Baltimore and Wa?h iugton and the Metropolitan railroads?two mile* distant fr< m each?adjoining the farm* of Ex-Secre tary McCulloch, William Q. Metzerott and General Michler, and the Adelphia Milla, owned by George W. Biggs, and eight miles from Washington city. This land ia beautifully located, in good con dittos^abundantly supplied with wood and water there being two springs of pure water near the honee?anaa good mill site, with ample and never failing water-power. The improveKents consist of a good twe-story dwelling fu'usegadsnitabUot-honaea. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash on the day of sale, or ratification thereof by the court; and the residue in euual instal ment*. In all and twelve mohthii from the dav of sale, and the payment thereof to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, with saretioa to be approved by the trustee, with interest on the whole purcliaut rnvney from th? da* of a?l?, A dep >?it of ??00 will be required on the day of sale, un pay ment of the whole purchase money the trustee will execute a deed to the purchaser, at hU coat for the conveyance If deemed desirable, the trustee will divide the above-meutiooed real estate, to sui: j>nrcha*er*. B B1 RICHARD B.' B. CHfcW, Trustee. n,28 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. Y B. a. WARNER, _ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Ne. 749 7th street, betweeu G and II. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF 16th AND M STREETS. -**? By virtue of a deed of trust to me, bearing ?5date the l*t day of February. A. D. 1871, and B^duly recorded in Liber 673, folio >28, and at the reuuest of the person secured thereby, I will sell at public auaion, to the highest bidder, in front of the premises. Uh FRIDAY, the 13th day of Juue,H73. at 6 o'clock p in , lots nnmbered nineteen (19) and sixty-four <M) in subdivision of square numbered one hundred and eighty-two(1^}.> as the same are known upon the public plats and plan of the cit f W ashington. This prop?-rtv front* about tO.'i feet on 16th *tre<-t, and ha* a depth of about 97 feet, to an alley, and bind on M street, and is improved with a larg? tVstory frame store and dwelling, and two smaller frame b uses, aud ia located in a rapidly improving part of the city. The property will be Bold *nl?ject to a prior incntn brance of ?4,0UJ, which matures January io, 1471. Term*: One-half cash, and the residue in *ix months, with lntere-t from day of*ale. ^lOutohede p>'sited ? hen tie property is struck ofT. All convey an -iug at coat of purchaser. J. J. GRIGGS.Trustee, ti U B H. WARNER, Auct. B 11 WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 729 7th street, between G aud R ?ts. PUBLIC SALE OF A VALUABLE BUILDING LOT. By authority of the Board of S< hool Commit Isioners of Prince George's county,the sub "?scrilK-r will sell at public sale, ou the premises, ot: THURSDAY, the ?tii day of June next,j if fa>r; If lo.t, on the next fair day thereafter,) at the hour of 3 o'clock p. v., that School-house and lot of grouud contiguous thereto, containing one acre, ait uated in Bladensburg district, opposite Cb-mson's aud the fann of Benedict Y'ost. Tata lot is situated near Highland Station.ou the Washington branctt of the Baltimore aud Ouio railroad, and four and a half milen from Washiugtou by the Turnpike, aud is ?ery desirable as a building lot. Termacash. RICHARD B. B. CHEW, Att y. aM Staw B. H. WARNER, Auct. IIY B. H. WARNER, D Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 7US Seventh street, between G and H. ^ By virtue of a of trust to me, dated May Hl9.1871, recorded in Liber No. 649, folio 3BT, one ^?of the land reconl* for the couuty of Washing ton, I shall offer for sale. In front or the premises, op Tl'ESDA Y, June 3.1873, at 6 o'clock p. a., sub. lots iiumbered 90 and H. in square numbered 129, with the improvements thereon. Terms of sale: O?e-fonrth of the purchase raonrr cash, (of which f 2S must be immediately paid;) bal ance ir. six and twelve months after day of sale, with interest, secured by deed of trust. If the teratf are not ci mplied with in ten days after day of sale, the property will be reeold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Deeds and recording at the expense of thejpirchaser. CllAS. CONS. CALLAN. Trustee. tr23-d B. H. WARNER, A net UHTBD STATU MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of two writs of fteri raclas, issued from the Clerk's ofllceof the SnprsMs Court of the District of Columbia, and to jae directed, I wttl sail at eub tT>CAL^Xi.bSfiAR'p. U >. Marshal. D. 0. DOUND SALE?There will beeoldat tk> P^oud, A comer of Sd street and Ne<w Teik^ avenne, at U o'clock MONDAY MORS lkn ING, the M day of Jane, 1873, If not re- M d*0?T1D?ARRbBAY MULlftikeu (and by the Board of Health) ay In us northwestern "?SrV^^lSr^n. einstein, pond-i AUCTION SALES. DL'MCANHOK. DOWLINO * OO , Ami Mnw 9th tn4 P iUw? Milki B1 T?'RTOISB SHELL JKWIIRt, PLATED WAKE, MIIR1S. HoSlkRT, W4P8, T?4?. Ac . aT AUCTION, On THUKM'AT MORNING. Tar *?th. at 10 o'ch ck. ALSO. AW of Frmiture It DrNCANSON. DOWLIHO A CO . Aocte BY DUMOANSON. POWLINO A OO . Awcta. 8<>wt he?* corner till and D streets northwest. CARRIAGES BOCEavTaV.TOF AMD NO TOP ?A?im?, CONCORD BL'GG T, AMD BAB 9IESS, AT ArCTlOB , Ob THUESDAT MORNING. May IK k M . i tTrnwedia. ?at'er aale H 'f?, Carte, Ac .1 we e?vll aril in fr??t of oor aarttnn ro m* 11?? to* Kipr>? Wagon, J an tor Wag tin. Carriage. Rrckawar , Concord llnifT, 81* Setta Hari ? r M DUNCANSON roWUKfl * rO . An ta B. B. ?ABNEH. K-al E-t?f Br >k?r an.1 AttcM<?ueer, Ko. TiS 7th street, b,-iw.-en G and U. VALUABLE BUSINESS LOT ro* KALE AT | AUCTION. ON K AST HiDK Ol 7th rtTREKT. W?T? KEN S ANDo>T*EETS. NEAR BKM Corcoran market SI will *ell. ob the irmka, 'Mi EOIPaT, Jim M, W3.?t f V<lxk r m ,? I ??>* ?n th? t?>t ?nti> ?f 7lk atr<-et, N and O i ?t float by *1? fiet <i?H-r to a wide pa>'d alby Title p- rle. t T?rm* On? turlh caah. I?alaac. in h. It. IS at 4 ft nun he. with I percriit n*t?-r?*?t <i->*a *>n da% ?l ?ale. n ^ S.1* It II WAKML *nrti"W?r. BT T GREEN A W ILLIAMS. Anon >n~r*, N... 1001, aorikWMl corner Mk and D *ta. V TKUSTEF.S" SALE Ol VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY VRoNTlNG OS Ith STRUCT VEST. IIKTUKKN S AND T STREETS NORTH. AT AUCTION j ft*; H> virtu* of a dei-l->t trust dated the llth day f ?t Ktrratlf, IMI, -nd luly re<- >rrt?d in Lh?r *? ** N " ? tail, folio SI!, mi* of tbe land r*ronl< 'f W ?>ti i 11 ncoantv.D fl . I wl'l sell onTU KSDA Y, th? Htli day of June. ICJ, at o'clock p m , tti front of tho |.r. m!????. at pi.bin aa~it.>a. I.* No M, idfqui* N'i.417 inthc.ty of W vhmflm hi th? District of Columbia. tog* thr with til aud uti(?Ur the iniproinwitii thereon. Tnti"- of aa'araali, and all conveyancing at cost of the pun baser ? lw> down at the 11 m-. of <?|r. JAMKb JOH N SON . Trustee. mtiS UiwSw GRKEN * WILLI AMS. Aucf T DUBCANSON, DOW LI NO * CO.. A note , b<>ulb' aat corner 9th aad D streets u >rthwe?t. SALE or PI KB Ri'SENN o??D PtHl.nR *CITE, WALNUT ? HAMKKR SETS, DA M ASK ft It TAINS, OIL I'A I NT1NGS, MAKHI.ET<>I? T A It I E>f>T.\<; HORN II NT TRl E. A. . COM TUN KD IN lloi SI No ??* NEW YORK AN KM E NORTH* KST. NT N"< TI'iN fj> (?? W UDNK>I?N% M-'RMV'.. Jiib? *th, VL riainiriir'iii ?t lOo'cl <*k. W" will a?-l I. at Ml Nr* Vork a* nn*. ?tli aa.1 Kti h 4r ta I ^ " north*?dt. the entire IIuiiwIidM Fmltiuv, Pnnitint*. &r .coi ?i<ttug ?f?. Roeeva'Ml Parlor Soite W iilnut Parlor Snite. R neaimd ami NValnni Marl |e-t 1 ?l.'. ?? iitnaxk aud l.are I nrtain?. Mantiland Pier Virrora. Stn? Horn llat Tree. Oil Palatini*. Erifrarlna* and fhrnn a Std>-I oard. Extension Tal>le Dinnif Cbair*. R' fri|?r?t"r. W alnnt t;h*n.t? r >t<?a. P .in*. M?, Peather*. Ilalr and Blmrk Maitr?'?,?e? Tal>|e?, Bur'-aim, W'^aliataiid*. NN j?rdr .t?-a, W? >rl Stand* ltl?iik< ta, Conforte. Spread*, Sli'-eM VelT?t. Ta*"atr>','Three ply and uthef Carp-t Oilrlotba. Rug* M?'?. Parlor Omanw nia. V??e?, Mr 1 'nt Ola?*. China *nd Cr> ckerv . Kitrhen Utenalla, Tnt*. At., i IIhuik the eff??-ia of a la<lv d--r|inini< h >in ke. girig p'epMratorr of learinefor Eur ?p?. Tlii* -al- 1- worthv the attenti ?i <>f parti d- <iTiltit to obtain fir-t cla?s Portilture in (o-?l coalition. Tt rrii*- ca-h. DUNCAN80H DOW I.IJHi v Co , mH (Rep | Aucti>?n-er? |>V LATIMKR * CLEABV, I? Aactionerraaad Real K-tate Br. kera, g uthaeat corner Pennaylvania ava.aud lliLatreet, .btar Ottice Buildiuffa. TRUSTEES SALE OF A VALUABLE RUILD 1NU I.oT ON U STREET, NKAK lira feT. I NORTHWEST. KHv ?irtue of adef^l of tmat. dated the Sd dar of OctoWr. A D. ItM. and recorded in Liter T and B, No S, foli,' XO, of the Laud B"Cord> of W anhiiirt' ti eonnty. the auharrib*ra will eell to the hiifbe?t Iddil^r, on the premiaea. on TUESDAY, the ?2T:h day of *lay. A D. UCJ at A o'cl -ck p. m . L >t nnn le-red 4.<f"iir,l in *|iiare numbered tW. 1 two bundr-d and thirty eirbt.I iu the city of Wa>liinK ton. District of Coloinbia. to pay $IJ43, with .ntar eel troni October S, l?ti*. and expeuaea. Tbe tern a of aale ar> : One-fourth caoh,(of which Qlii'mutt (m'paid at the time of the aale,) and the reaidue in e^nal ?nma in C. 11, 13 and 24 iuontlia. for whi< h the purchaM-r mu?t gi?e note*, heariug inier e?t at aeven ?er cent. per annum. p*> able aemi-an finally, and aecured by a deed of truat on the pr? n? iaea. All d>r e> an< ins at the coat of the purchaaer. If the term* are not complied with within ??? dajra from the day of aale. the Tru?tee? rraerr?th<> ruht to reaell the property, or any part thereof, to th? Incbeat bidder ob the pr?miaea, for caah. >n tea daja' public notice In the "Evetiinc Star," Waah iiiKton city, at the ri^k and coat of tbe purchaaer in dafanlt. ANTH H\DE, (TrndM JAMBS W. Ct?RCOBAN. ( Tru*?*. ?21 Sawtda LATIMER A CLEABT, Auct?. my THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until TUESDAY, the 114th da? of Juae, Wl, aama hvar and plac*. B* Older of th? Tmateea n2s2awAd- LATIMER A fLEABT,Aacta. BT DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Aucta. Corner fcb aud D atreeU northweat. BT IMMENSE SALE OF DRY GOODS. MILLTNE BY ABD FANCY GOODS AT AUCTIOH. . On SATURDAY MORNING. May ilUklJ lniencniKM 10 o'clock, aud coatinulau every ,?,/ 1 MORS I NU and EVENINi. until the atock ia rcloaed out, wa w ill a-ll, w itbinoar talearo m, a large atock of Dry, Millinery and Pancy Good*, removed for convecleuce "f aale. Wo name 111 alMj ^'0|orwj silk,, Merin'ai Black and Colored Alpaca. P.?"^na. Black and Colored V>'^.^-pro f'riaan-l!?. Grenadine*. Lawn* Suitint?. Cawinii ree. C latha. Caaiuet*. Print", Gincham*, Muxlina, Linen*. Pekay. White Good* of aver) deacriptloo. Netting. Hosiery, Gio?ee.Prin?e4. Bibl>on?, Velreti*. Trimming". Ac . kc. Thia atock i? aeaar<nable. and r.?wipri-*? ??? of the fineat Dry Good* eter offered. Buyer* will be fur nished with aeata. The att 'iition of deUera ia called to thin aale. aa the coodn are in good lot*. n T7 DUNOANSON . DOWLING A CO . An?-t*. DUKCAKSON, DOWLINO A CO., Aoct* , Corner #th and D atrtwte uortbweat VALUABLE BriLDINO LOT ON St> STREET, HKTNN KKN MASSACHUSETTS A\ ENUE AND C 1TBEETS NORTHEAST, AT AUCTION ? On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Jane ?th, at 6 o'clock, we wilt aell. upon the premise*, t he aoot h 5u feet front of Lot h), S-i u are 75*. and bounded aa fallows: Beginning at the ?<.iitb-?*t nngle of *aid bit 10, and running w?wt lllS feet, tlmee noith 39 feet, thence northeast ward* to inter ?ct Ma.>?acliu*etts arenu* at right angle* 12 tl I'll fe.-t, thence doe eaat 138 78 luo feet to M ?treet eti<t, thence south along said *?reet 90 feet, to place of lieginni.'g, and ccntaiw* 7.193 43 100 ?juar?* feet. The above lot ta one if the flneet on Capitol Hill, and convenient to the street car*. Thi* lot will b ? sulidivided if desired, and is suitable for building purpose*. Terms: One-third cash; balance i*<and 12 month*, notes bear lug interest aud secured by deed of t-u?t upon the premiae*. Conveyancing, Ac., at coat of purchaser. A depoatt of 1100 required a* ao.>u.a< the property is kuocked off. Plat to be seep at our office. mg DUNCANSON. DOW LING A CO. Aorta. Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001, Noribweat Corner loth and D streata. TRUSTEE'S SALE "oV~VALUABLE UNI* I'BOY ED REAL ESTATE LYING ABOUT IOO YARDS NORTH OF BOUNDARY STBEBT, AND FBONTING 343 b? IOO FEET ON ROTH 7th AND 9ih STREETS, N. W EXTENDED By v lrtu,- of a d?-creeof the Supreme C^rt of mWt he Diatrict of Columbia, in thecaae of Hoover, ^^gnardian. r*. Ma*rer aud otb<n, Bo 2.78i. E'juity Docket 11. passed 011 the 96th day of October. W2. I will sell, at public auction, to the high -at bid der, in front of tn<- premine*. at 6 o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY. the 9th day of June, HTJ, Lota 46, 44. 47, 48, 41. SO, 51, 62, >f a *?bdivi*|on of part of Mount Plewaaut. records January l#;h, l-yV3. In the land record* of the District of C >lumt>ia. Tei tna of ?ale: T>*n per cent. of tb-j parchas*- money to b< paid at time of aale- the balance in three equal in?tailments, one in tanda)*. one in six month*, and one In oue year from the confirmation of said sale. Tbe laat two iustalmeute to bear interent at the rate often per cent, per annum. and their payment to be secured by a deed of truat on tbe property. C mvey ancmg at tbe coat of the purchaaer. In default of the payment of tbe first of sa d three inatalm' iit*, the Traatee reserve* tbe right to resell the prop-rtj on the tenu* above mentioned, at theco*t and risk of th< defanlticg purchaaer. LYDIA A HOOVER, Trwtee. n 27 d QBBBB A WILLIAMS, AH. B |)Y DUKCABFON, DOWLINO A CO., Ancfra JL> corner 9th aud D street* nortbwaat. TRUSTEES SALB OF~ VALUABLE UNIM PROVED BEAL ESTATEIN WASHINGTON CITY, b, C , 0B *d 8TRBET WEST, BB TWEEN B AND F STBEETA NORTH, AND OF VALUABLE IMFBOVBD REAL ESTATE ?,.7TA;iiST?wV& Dd CAB?DK|T-s|T?Kfe NOBTB. By virtnaof adaad of traat, recorded am~>nx Sthe land record* of thia District U Liber Ba. "CUt folio* 901, Ac., aad in pursuance of tbe fa un** of tbe parties sacwrad tbertby, the andar slgtiad, aa Trasams, will sail, at pablic auction, to the highest biddar, iu frowt of the prsaai***, on 8AT UBDAY, Hay 31*4, ICS,at AM oVlock p. m., car tain real aatata ia said diy. batag tba north 14 feat front by depth af said lot of Lot 14. In kiiareBU with tbe right* and apportanaacee to tbe aanaa beluMlag. Mr?^y?.aaaae?aa?borit, _*aid TrtMaaa wifV.7i tbe aaata authority *aid Truataaa will. ,Y, Jaae Bd, 187J, at ? ?. m., in front of t 1, eell certaia other real eatate ia Waahing , D. C., being a part of lot 9, square Hi umi city, D. 0., being ? part of lot9,t fronting 19 feet on 9tb street waat and back by that width 74 feat, improved bv a three ?kitr brick dwell!ag bonae, Bo. T99, onaaidfitb Street, witb tba righn, inprovMMU aad w The amount of iad*ktadB*M *aear*<l la tn?ereetat 10 per ce* Term* of aale: |s be B9 >v. balance upoa a. cetTf ^per lu'auin.' to"h*1 wdwfsTfcf projniee^ry paid oaeacA pMcel at tbetiaaeof<snla.^oava? anctfg Aa . aPpwrehsaar*' coat. If tba term* at ?ua!t??|iWwRk la ??* dap after the day "-'^^^abJ^ ANSOB, D0WLIBG AC0., Auti tit EVENING STAR. Biiall ? The day I* ended trt I alnk to wL^-p. My w< ?'y a4.1v it ?i'i4t rryotr I* ThinO, Father. tru'i ?? w. uxl keep Tkt* htUetae ot rum W'th V>Tlrg klndn+m mrrmlTi thou n* bed. And itml lu reet ?< |iirniit| pilgTim Icrl, Tlif firdoti I* the follow for ut kr*.), So ahai! my rlf?| be awcew At f-eace with all tbr vorM,d<tr lioH, Mat No fear* ray anal'* ttnararerlag fhtth rta ?kik*. All*# well' whichever aide tbe frare for n>e The morning light may brr?V'" Mb* M? Kkk, or Paitibokb. i<an <>a *AI \\mf? ?f k'r facie dg >*a. Bad Tin Ttmt RmMi Htm AIwiiI?n>ii rMfritf, Mi? Knint McKee, *ko. it will I* r?an'* Ih rtd. a low ?i?k? mmi i(Uai|iU<t Ui kM uncle. (Vvikl N'oack. in r?-*? ri|r, *? ah? *1 leg**. for Ul treatment received b> bet M hia baiida, made a m-cuimI ttliKpt Ifl'wt hit 11ff?*. Tlir wemail, it m< im. had |*oeored a warrant ft.-m .1 laathc Wjf?r? for tbr trr?M of Notck.ty t>ki<d(d tlitMBr to i*4!ewr M tcbell. with the to effect the iirwt The officer, not kitowiaig N(*fk, a?kwl bet W> i(?Mii|xMr bla ? lid *bow Inm the van Ikri |?ro<i?edod In No*fk> |>tac? of bum*1!#, gn the third lnvr of No. If* Weat Halt 11m re street. Her* the *1*1111, kifiM( duly |?i?usl >Mit (be man, ? *ib<4 ?? tbe k<i? ot tbe third law to ?*<* b<m taken do*a to Ik* otation kawae. W M n Noack made hi* appearance in rnn^uiy Vttklhf |k>!ii ?iiiH! >.? twode? . nded tke Maim abe followed cioao behind. but they ?r?trrl> descended two atena wL>-n ir>>a bor |HM-krt* *he drew a double barreled |>i?Uil and <liuckW aliot Noark in the hark, the hal! taking eflect jwt at the edge of the left ahoul.ler blade. 8kr Mleklj aimed again, but the po'i-cmen aoired h? r ana and to irinh tho ?MTdcroua wca|aui out o: li< i hand, but ju?t aa he laid liia ban,I on the nutile ot the jn-t d. tho t>a 1 waa diachnrgod and took eflect in tlie call 01 tlieritrht leg. The wounded man waa a??lo ?Ml Rome li?dj> to walk t?? lua n?a, where tbo member* ol hie tamilv rent the air with their lamentationa. III. C W Chancellor war MM in and citmiiirtl the ?>>und. which be pr? ihmi need not daiigeroua, altlioagb iwriooa. >\lule tbe woold-he MM wn? condor tod to tbe middle diatriet at at ion-bonne hv Ofhoer Mitchell a great crowd had collected around Iter. She act me>l entirely com|?iaed. and otten ?uaiulcrtrd her great gratification at the act mingled with an exhibition ?f aorron that ahe bad not killed him. At tbe atation-hoaae ah* remarked that ahe cared not what might ho done with her. for, *hc added, "I am ot no ac count in tht> world anxbow; nothing but a laughing Mock for all wlio know me ' It I* believed by many tliat the woman la inaane. At the examination l?e(ore .Inati ?e Hagerty aho wa- committed to Jail to await the action of tbo grand jury, tin the war ahe wan nn-t by her and amall child The former acemed to take a deep mteteat ? n tier, and departed with a ?<l countenance Horn the )aii.-/iiN. ^arnm. fitk. t Mr*. McKee. it will be r? membered. chargM her nncle with having delMiicbed her when ?he ?a> hut nine rear* ot age, and after ahe mar ried raiiunt difhculty between her hu?l>and and t-eraelt. becauae ahe would not yield to In a de mands.) Trk AnoBsaos ?? itom. at Pkhikr^k . Prot. Agaaai - l.aa alrea>lv roceired a|>|?llratioiia trom Me third nw?re at ? dent a tor admiaaion t<? hia achool of tia.ural tnatory on Penikoae taland than can t>e arcommodat'tl. while a ne? and g> tieroua a<blltion haa !>e?n made to Ita outfit. Mr. C. W. <iallou|H'. of Mwamj><?-ott. ha* prc aented to Prot. Agaaaic, tor the aclto>>l.a aii|ierb yacht of eighty u?na. fully c<)uip|>r<t and ready lor acrrire. wort I, ?Jo.twn TLia will enable tho at ii dent a and te^chera to atady tbe ara 'xittom ami it? inhabitanta bv drclging. and al?o to make ot>*crratiou> on the ?i.ill atrsam.?BoiUm J-mmnl. ?y-'Wet grocetica'' they call Vtn in Nan tucket, whicu ia Mill a biattd) - and watering I'lacc. ? ARKIKH. ? LATIMKR-EA1 MOSP ?ti Tartar e??*nia?, M ?> 9 o'clock, ot M not \ ??rnoo M B t Imrch. h? K<"? Hr W il. n.84M( kL S I. ATl - MIK t? lira kMMA JK'SK. I-th <4 thia cit> . Kocarda. W I R"T I HIKB. RAII EY. On M?? '.Tih, of coag-atlrn of tba brain. M I I.I.I AM W ll.MiN. lufatit aon ?f t *i lata William V aid Julia K Bailor. ?*?d I" m ?ith? Tli'-funeral will tai, pla e from tka bona?jnf B. a K. Ilaidy, SI34 Uth atr? -t o.utbwaot, Ttmra day Mat -Nth, at S o'clock p. m. ? ORPIN. Atfr a long and painful illnaaa, ??tba XTth la?tant, at ?be reald-a<-a id h?r hr 'liar ia law. No 324 k atrert *oatb?oid, MARY CUKHlM.ta tbr tieh y<-ar off h?*r ag?. w?e|>, O wae|>, \r ffriao^a, f.?r four own l<M?, But not for her?hec ath the aacr?d, 8ha ah all riae. On aof' l*' wlng?,t" that aublnna ah da, a liei< dwella ia rl?ry an all (InrioM O >4, B-) ot.,1 th?- akiea Prepare b ' raa, prepare in joy, tl m?B That happy aMer, in hor Moat rdriai. Where gn< f, nor tear*. Nor aickaeaa ??ntor. bat wttrrwall w j<?y, Aia'l o*-mci- ao-t boly lo?e a ithout all 'J Tkru'aodleaa jear*. . Bt Bra ? "TUB. Tnnaral aerrieao will take placeo* Tbur?da> .tka Z9rb mat ant, at S o'd??ck . from tbe roaidaa- ? of aar I rot her in law. Mr. Tra* ia Blair. |o.U4 K atraat, l^tv-'-ti 4l? and Sd atroet# aootbwoat DAVIH Hear B?har?lla, Ptinco Oenefa c^ooty, M l .on tbe 1Mb inataut. VM B. DAVlb. sa , IB the 64th year of hia ag". ( Philadelphia pap?"i pi^kae c ->py .| * K1MMKL At ? o'clock.r?tb of Mar. K MIL Tfr.iig at aoD of Ht nry H and Mary L km ui. il. ag<^l t niotitb*. Our little Mitiie ia gone heforeto lead tka way to lb atea. friend* of the family are inrit-d t" at tan <1 tbo fnnera'..Ki " clock TU'ir?4aj , lro? il 1 Wth ?tra-t northwaat. hCLLET. On Mar tTtb, at 4S o ijock a. MKUAEL J KELLK V. ia th- l?h ?ar .4 bi< agr.a nam* ot tba . ..uuty ?r I?laaf liati r> aidant of Waahin^toi. for tb' paat thirty yaara. '?Ma* he real in paare Amea Bi>funeral will take place from hia la*? reaiiaooo, VOI Eaat Capitol *tre?t. B^-iuira Maa* at tan o'clock at 8t. Peter'* charcb. * MIDDLBTON. At 3 p.m. on Monday, tbe ?ltk in Want. JEStilE P.. youngaat taughtar jf Am. B. and thf late Ro)?>rt U hiteMi<ldlotoii. Funeral ???r? ice* will take place on T tin radar afternoon, the 2Wb IS o'clock, from tka reaideno* ol ker mother, Ho. k?5 ft atraot aortk w Mt. B* RAIKEY. Pepa-ted thia life on the J7th of Mar. at o o'clock in the aveniaa . MAGGIE RA IKE*, tka l<elored rhild of John and Biidg>t Rain-'> , in the 7th j- at or her age. The midnight ?riooti ta t>eaniiii( Ppon her aflent grare, V here ale? pet I without dreaming The one we <-ouid not aare. The i lond? <d rrv-f are bearing Their *tu?l"W? on l>*r brow; Oh chide me n<4 f?r w. -pins, W e liatt no Maggie bow. Bt hi llt>T*B. Tin- funeral will take place from tlie r-ai4'-u< off her paraMa, Bo. IB 0 atroot northw-?t. Thtiradag evening, at 4 o'clock. B I at it and friend* are ra apecttutly inrited to attaod " UNDERTAKERS. R I IMAMS V. HABVIV, UMDSRTAJ iSkmtNr i* fliXfi r t MAHM.,1 ? o. IM F fTBBBT, betwaaa Blntk and V MMTALL1C B UKIAL CASKS AMU CASK ly MM BO tl OB. HABIT*. Ba. R,c CAblXKT MAKBR AMU VUDKBTAK ?Id ELBYENTH BTBEBT, aaar W. FVKMTVHB OF ALL EMUB UAVB ABA HBPAIBKO. aat-fc W1 IUIAB BAIEITT, UNSSRTw Ho.YS* YtbBtbbbt.BbtwbbbB ABB flS PIANOS, Ae. ALABOE LOT or BBABLY BBW ABB 8EC0BD-HAHD PlABoS, from different Ikctoriaa, now oa hand i for aale or rant on Ka*t Tub*, to room at EE1C HEN BACH B PIANO B' A BEBOOMB, 4*3 Uth atraot, above Peaney I*aula araaaa, A gooey for Wbi. Kaab* A Co.* and *a. m % PLABOS. PIABOd taken la | I??B Tth Alt tint

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