Newspaper of Evening Star, May 29, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 29, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. fiMtoW laltft Iu4?n nitpM, A1 THE 8 TAB BULLDLSG8,, rwwilmn Atmm, mt. lit* at, til rwM ru imPirn mui uvr, THB ITMIkO 8TAI ?? aerred by ctrrlwi to ttetr BiUrlb*n mThCmti rn wtn. jf fotn Won Cnxn pi* Hum. Cchtea it tb* covsm Two Ctrn etch. Bj attu. >hrm moot* rti moailu. #J W, <r,e y*ar. fi. w TBI WSEELT STAR-Pit TV Frtday-fl M i ? Te+r Vlntsn?bly tB*dT?v?,iafeoUoMM,iad j mo ?aper Ml loader thai fur. MFBa?a of lirwtWiui tamlahed am iwtletHot. , BOOKS, STATIONERY, See. ? ?TBI AM EK RAN ODD FELLOW," for Mar, I pric?- Is cett*. received and for sal* by l>T04"*MAN A SON. As?nta for District of Co Inn tia. PW* fth atreM Borthweet, torwr of I Alao >il the m-w B>- k*. Peri aiicala, Ac . auJ a full an VjrtnKLt of Stationery, Picture*, Pictare Framee, y*r m?tr The boyal diadem. anew mcsr BOOK. Play acl Profit to Mr Garden; br Boe. Th?- Youc? Mrchamc, a Practical Treatise Th?-Otb?r Girl* b? Mr?. Whitney. Mt-nmr of a Br. thrr, by Tn in?< Hushr* Lir-ratnr* and l>* U ttbc* Arnold. tYognei at all pH *e. luriiC) for STAINED GLASS wa ballantyne, ?if 4U9 7th street, near B. | 1ST Of NEW BOOKS AT SHILLINKTOTS BOOKSTORE. I'M K?-iniri*t. n. By Mia* Thackeray. The Old Ounteee A nr<iiiri to "Lord U ae'a Chaire.** By Sir*. Ann S. S'-pt?.n?. Acti^nilm of Southern Indian* Ab<.?f Tfmpfit aud Th|.-. Pa?rar?*l Bv the author of "StrathB^re" and MD*4rr Two fltn.'' The Other G-rln B. Mra. Whitney, author of ?* We Girl*.'' A Fair &av-a. By Ju*tin McCarthy. Kf* Beiu-die?, f.?r April. 15C3. Young M>-n of Unit Britain. A j area] of air nn trie and instructive literature. B y* of EncUirf. A young geetleaan'e journal ?f *p? rt, fun and literature. A I'ay with < h?rl.i> Dickon*. K'r.flirvt'hiiiiuc v. Bv Bnlwec. Fanu Ballad*. By Will. Carlnon. (Illustrated.) A large atock of BLANK BOOKS, PAH JOKS and MKMOBANDIM Bf?OKS. NOT* PAPER. LETTER PAPEK, and P LAYING C at the , Trry lowest price* myf tr A GR1CCLTIRAL BOOKS. Jcftnrt. E'a Agricultural Chemistry (1 Tt Aurncu Gardener* Assistant 1 St Allen'a American Farm Book 1 m Hr^rn n 'ti Gardening for Prollt 1 Ml Waring'* Drainingfor Profit and Health 1 40 Fuller a Small Fruit Caltnriat 1 80 Fulltr's Grap? Culture l Ju Fiti'e Soathern Apple Cultunst _ J 74 Wright's Practi< al Poultry Keeper 3 UO Langptroth on the Honey B?-e 2 UU Randall "a Shet-p Haabandry 1 Jo Bore* Owner*' Cyclopedia. 3 71 Y'uatt on the D' C* S 7# All the aew book. received aa aoon an puMi-.hec by Hit HARD B MOHDN A CO., a8 tr IOI1 Prima. a?erne,corner 11th street. IN ? T10 *- ~ OPENING OF A HEW STATIONARY STOBk _ AkD BLANK BOOK MABUFAOTOBY. Firat claan *?"?'!? at fair prlcea.for cMh. LITHOGRAPHING. ENGRAVING. PBINTINb ANP BINDING DONE TO OBDBB. The pabUe are Invited to call and esanitne oar oa* BEN r. FRENCH Cnder National Metrop< litu Bank, and n<-it door to Jay Cooke M Co "B-tf Waahlnctoc. D. O. INSURANCE COMPANIES. 'I' ME E4|I ITAILE Lirt ASSl R aNCK * 5 V" I Ci 1 I a The bnaineaa f thia C'mpaay haa for year? been . the laigeat t>f any ainiilar ii.etitntion in 1M world. F. HEYER. Gknekal Agkmt, B_ *"31y jQ.l and iOj 7th *tr?-"t. ~0.\\' S. JU.1E? * CO. ? jj?.jl 1 fttstrut,up. P.O U-partmeni, nt the following a.rung Fire luauraiice - THE GERMAN AMERICAN, OF N Y , ? Caah Capital. ft 1,0(1 U 1)00 ? THE HBBI HANTS. OF NEWARK. N J , tr Caah A'aeta, f j76.74tf IT. -;**AT WE*?0MfAF"IYI INSIRANCK #AEH ASSETS #306,427 64 - OFFK E, hOJ F1FTBBNTH STREET. orrifeiTB niatcti DtriiTNUr. B.13-ta. B. W BATES, Agent. corcora wirb imscramcs ?p?E OF THE DISTRICT OF C0LCMBIA, thtmmiztd iyni lji, Ufj. Capital Si 00,000. OFFICE No. 14** PENNSYLVANIA AYBNDB, lOrmm Dkcb Stokk.) i?HS T LEN?IlI, President. J T. DYEB, Secretary. A ft OUy Chaa. or tbb DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OHVAMIKV A VH VST ??. 1ST0 .?*?? gimu?ZZ. aiw.*M KS'it-A' ?m c?o?"^,DD- * _ 1.1 tun. ?. ? a?? ^ Geo. F Guhck. Hoaua Kalir A. R. ?- ' 7 HOTELS. ?IOR HOTEL, GaoaaBTown, D. 6. -laaaa ?J,>jfg.V5CgS. It coataiaa all tha (Br sSsi.% S?aa tha door wary two or * rttaof 1 (Mtrftkiahoaaa eaa reach any at tba a* the natioMl eaalta e?_ the, paihtta I^TBOBB HOTEL, Bo. TB? G 8TEEBT. J*t> Bbtwbb* m A*D ?1B ftTIIBta. ?J'MB IMPBB1AL HOTEL, - JAMES SYKE8, Proprtmm. PBoSTlSO PbmMsYLVA^U AvBm, ttewem USA mU UlA ttrttu. WasHiMToa, 0. Q. a to the public for pairow 1? ?. the Proprietor aaka hie oM frieodT ao4 . of hia i nn ???1 ? uvh m w ua? aoiu ha ; ^ to the heet la Waahia * tf (Bap, Ohm EBB ITT MOOBM, WABHIBGTOB, D, 0. '"*1k'S'&K''"" V??. 41-N2. 6.300 TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. B A S E BALL lort? BALTIMORE WASHINGTON, FRIDAY, M AT 30, 1*?73. 4 14 P M ADMISSION 514 CENTS. It* 01?mpk Ground*. w AMI INGTUN SCUCEr/EN VEREIN. THURSDAY, MAY J'J, first sociable or the season. Th? attendance of the member* is re?pectfnlly so Htittd. JACOB HORNER, SapTintendent. ?^"Tbe Hor*e wars will ran until 12 o'cl'k p. m tt w ALL'S MEW OPERA HOl'SE. JOHN T. FORD - Proprietor. MX NIOHTS ANI> SATURDAY MATINEE Engagement of the brilliant voune actor, MR. CHARLES >1. WALt OT, and flrat production in this city of Mr. Charles F? ?? in's tbritlisg realistic >1rani%. THE SWAMP ANGELS; Or, The Oitlaws of Carolina. Mr. Walcot in hi" greatpers >n*?ion of HENDERSON. orri-apondent of the New York Herald. Snpp >rte?| bv a fnll COMPANY Or DRAMATIC ARTISTS ? Admissn n, JO an t 75 cent*, reserved seats, 75 <*en:? and ?1. Seats for any evenins daring th? we-k can n w be secured at the Opera House. mJj-tf WARHIMGTOM THEATER COMIQUE. I Eleventh atreet, south Pennay Ivania ??en or I LAST WEEE OP THE SEASON ' GIVE IS A BUMPER AT PARTING! The Popular Character Actor, MR WILLIAM DU VERM, the original and v?ritabl." MICHIGAN BILL'1 of war fame, who was connected with Gen. Buell's c- tnmand. and whoee hair-breadth e*cap-s and dar ing adventure* excel the in ?t vivid imaginings of romance, and have formed th- baais for many a tale of liction. in his treat impersonation of hip VAX wixkle; THE SLEEP OF TWENTY YEARS' In which portraiture he in nuly to Joseph Jt-n. rw t,with new and beaat;ful scenery, proper ties, i-ostnines. *c., and a Powerful Dramatic Cas' 01 R U>1'AL INIMITABLE OLIO PERFORM ANCE. NEW SONGS. NEW DANCES, NEW ACTS. tut FRIDAY, May 30. Grand 5J"n?8t to the Old War Horse,OTTO BURBANR, when a grand bill will be presented. SATt KDAY. May 31, Last Night of the Season. Junes,grand inaugural opeuiug of the COM IQUE Sl'MMEK GARDEN, and a host of attractions. ADMISSION FRKE TO ALL ADULTS. w Billiard Parlors and Smoking Saloons open dailv fn>tn 9 a. m to 13 p.m. Fall season commences September 1. nijo tf | I NCO L M H A L L. ON B shi h T ONLY. THURSDAY EVENING, MAY US, 1973, >h? Famous II Y E R I SISTERS, And their GRAND COLORED OPERATIC CON CEhT TROUPE, Mr. \l ALLACE KINti.tir great???t living colored Tenor, and the popular LCCA BROTHERS Admission. 00cent*. R -ervtd Seat-, 76 cent* Seats aecured at Ellis music store. mZt >t JLoKo.l Ob ElhibitieaINtw N ?M S aad SbIb | ?3v 't* St.\ fl th St , . ' n"ai*d' ? ?reeU, eight "jsrsrss?a2.Wi-?,... Choice OilPaintjaii, X*f? H?Jgtngs. iades- Pictures, ?rwmtv, Pleaae remember Name and Number. )el-ly* A LL KINDS OF OAST-OFF WEARING AP PAREL can be sold to the very beat advantage by addressing or calling on JU8TH, ? 19 D street, between Kh Bad 7th a. w. Botes by aaall promptly attended to. Cash paid, fl] 7\LD GOLD, BILVBR, BRASS, OOPPER, Etc. U bought at fair pricee for a Hew York bouse Boose boU Furniture bought and sold. Botes by mail Ktlnsy'lvanlifavenoe0 ** AU?USTBUI^||l?Sa LADIES' GOODS. NOTICE TO THE LADIES. Call, before purchasing, on MRS. M. J. HUNT. and examine her large assortment of HATS an<i BON NETS, FLOWERS. FEATHERS and LACES which are being sold at unheard-of low prices. No. QUI D STREET. mT 3t MISS McCORMlCE, 904 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' aa constantly on hand a line assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, Ac all of the newest designs. Ladlaa GAPS and COIF FUEEB just receivtd. m> tr [(EAD AND SAVE TOPE MONET. Ladies who have Hair Swttcbea that have faded from us can have them restored to their Datura shade ia superior manner We have a very larg< assortment of SI Carls: very long aad haadaoBM Switches, vary cheap. Now is the time to bay al MADAME ESTEEM'S Hair Factory,*10 1fth st. aaartG strwet. sS-tr \ OTICE.?Bargains are bow being oS*red li MILLINERY FANCY GOODS, By E. LENZBERG A OO.t a33-tr TOT Market Space, gTAMPlEO DEPOT. SIT SSVBNTS STKttt, Opposite 1 WELLING OFF I ^ SELLING OF?I AT COST, TO DIBSOLYS PARTNERSHIP. OF THE MEW TOES BAEAE, 441 Seventh street. Bear E. -tr HO HOMBDG. ?Lamsb lathe ?.?French staeoh enamel tmmm I IM West Lombard street. i toy ail SO EE HAM S CO., Man jaaM-ly NOTHING RESERVED. bfMiinM. F??aipUry. Pwitivf. OUR FOR? ED SALES OCR FORCED SALES WE A EE OVEESTOCEED AND MUST EEDDCE AND WILL SELL At #l?a?l* Suit.atf 14 a #** Salt,at fSOi f?T Sait. MANY HOODS omamyGOODS MOST bm SOLD. MUST EE SOLD. ar* 8bllino RAPIDLY. arb 8BLLINQ rapidly. T? OOLLA...AIKIHKL""-*WM sssmnu SSS: all mill is solo. ' HiWYriitilS: Ut DOTS' SUITS ?s orrat tu uii iasocsaam. '? su^.s... CALL AT ONCE BEING TEE EOTE EOT BIMifW. SPECIAL NOTICES. L?ffhft! Lfrckrt! Imported Swedish Leeches will hereafter alwaT* t* kr(t fnr or rrt?ii, l-j ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist i foruer Id and D iirwti norih ALSO JT?T RE' ElV ED ? fresh fipfty cf all u?? Fauiilf and Patent M >di cines. We enumerate: Cn?toria, a substitute for Caetur Oil. Centatr Linimaat, Simmons' Liver invigorator, Ayer's Medicines, Sc hem k '? M nllfjDft, M.chlr. Hut B tters, Winchester's Hypo-|>h<^epha Cod Liver Oils of all kind*, Dr. Jayne'* Medicines, HelmboldV Buchu, Kennedy 'a Discovery, Salve and Liniment, Sage's Catarrh Remedy, Pierce'* Golden Medical Discovery. Tbese and all other Remedies of tbe day at my popular low rate* for cash. ARTHUR NATTANS. Drnggi*t, ni>25-tr Sd and D streets northwest. The Snpreme Court si the United Sta'es lias recently given a decision infavorof theOorham Mafcutacturing "Company, enabling them to protect their designs fri ra all other manufacturers who imi tate aiid copy them. PARTTCCLAlt SOTXK in requested to the fact that the same artists are ea gaged in the production of designs, whether f< r cue sterling Silver Department or for the celebra '-d t^>rhi?m Plate, hut the Company never reproduce in their Electro Plate Department the designs wh oh tUey devote to Sterling Silver. Each has its oin special trade mark, as follows, stamped upon every article : Tradt mark for Trade mark/or Uorkam Shrttnr Silttr. Gotham Kle- tro-Plate. mm Jg STERLING GORHAM MANUFACTURING CO. Proridenet, H. i., ami No. 1 Bond ti.% New York, Manufacturer* ?f Sterling Silver, Tea, Desaert, and Dinner Services, and Wedding Outfits; also Man nf.icturers of the celebrated G rbam Electro Plate. alOth.St Batrhelsr's Hair Dye la the best in tbe world, tae only true and perfect Hair Dye; no ridiculous tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneous black or brown; at all druggists', and 16 Bond street. New York. f >-eolj EXCURSIONS, <fcc. I TP THE BEAUTIFUL POTOMAC, U TO TABLE ROCK. The STEAMKR E G. WHEELER will mate regular trip* ur the river TO MORROW tD*'?'oration Day ) Leave# foot of Congress street,' Georgetown^ It* / ' KAMI ANNUAL PIC-NIC ??r TUB YOUNG CATHOLIC'S FRIEND SOCIETY to be give \ at ANALOSTAN ISLAND, MAY 3?ih. The organization i? purely charitable, as its object i? for education and dothiug of the yoatb whose parents' means are limited. The above Soriety's contribution is voluntary, without. ati? personal gain, soliciting th" patronag-- of the public. U' J|0 : FOR THE REOPENING Oir GLYMONT' GRAND FAMILY EXCURSION TO U L Y MONT BY THE ISLAND FRIENDSHIP CLUB. On MONDAY. JUNE lib, 1873 The safe and commodious steamer WAWASET will leave her wharl, foot of 7th St., at 9 o'clock am, and will stop ?t I obj -ct A Alexandria ft<'ing and returning. Ami>le police arrangement* have l>?sn made to se cure order and arrest all parties engaged in riotous conduct. Music by the H<>ly Hill Band. Tickets, admitting a gent and lady, $ I. ni jl .tl* REMEMBER THE INFANT ORPHANS. ELEVENTH GRAND FAMILY FESTIVAL, roi the iivirtT or ST. ANN 8 INFANT ASYLUM, MONDAY and TUESDAY, June t and 3, W.J, AT AXALOSTAN ISLAND. Open each day from 9 a. m. to 11 p. m. Tickets, 5<? cents. Supper tickets (including ad mission >, one dollar. Free steam ferriage from foat ef High street, Georgetown, every ten ml notes. IE 28-41 SECOND GRAND ANNCAL PICNIC OF THE 9 H1BKRNIA BENEVOLENT ASSOCIA tion o? Washington, D. C.. at L<elHer's Pleasure Garden,New York avenue,THUR8-1 DAY, May 29,187T Tickets for sale at D. A.l__ Br< scan's. 916 U street northwest, James ttellt-w's, t0? 7th street northwest, and of the numbers. Tickets admitting Pent and Ladies,>u cents. mZ7-3t* J^XOURSIONS TO GLYMONT. Office op the Potomac Ferry Company, I Seventh Street Wharf, > Washington, Mar IK 18TL \ On and after June 1 the steamer WAWASET can be chartered for Excursions to Gly mont on Mondays. Tuesdays, Wed-' neadays and Thursdays. The steamer is now in complete order, having been thoroughly overhauled last winter. She has a fine, commodious saloon on her upper deck, and is In every respect adapted to the excursion business. Tm Potomac is now beautiful, atxl Qlymont in splendid condition, having been thoroughly repaired and the grounds put in good order. For charter, apply at office of Potomac Ferry Company, foot of 7th street. mil tw SUMMER RESORTS. DARKHURST HOUSE, Annapolts Junction, I timcard rtnmlt Md., situated on the A . . A Washington Branch Baltimore and OhlofnRV Railroad Improvements have been atde^f^U for tbe comtort of guests euual to any summer ru*."1 in the state. Guests with families will And this House a desirable place for the summer For fur ther Information address ?Blw* GEORGE BELL/Proprietor. V ATTOM.?This beautiful and healthy summer J resort, situated new Snicker's Gap,A. . A and surrounded by tbe Blue Ridge muun-fcMf tain, and within two hoars ridsoy R.R.J?9I from Washington City, will be open and ready for the rsception of guests by June 1st, 1873. Amongst the improvements since last year, is a line piazxa in front, bath room, an ice-house, fillea with ice, and a Cano in tbe hanse. An elegant stage coach will also > kept for the accommodation of boarders, and will mset tbe trains at Hamilton Depot, W. A R. B. whenever required. Those desiring to spend the summer In the country will address, A. O. WRIGHT, Round Hill P. 0., Loudoun Co., Va. Mf Go to 1JI0M F street northwest, for Informa tion in regard to the place. mlft-tf WE6T END HOTEL, AT L8M BRANCH, H. J., WILL BE OPENED ON THB IWth OF JUNE Applications for rooms can be made to B . . A D. M BILD&ETH. Mo. ft* Broadway,fAAl Bew York, or by adirsssing PBBSBURY119] * oihDo. pR^?BuFror*'Loof Br""'h P. M. HILDEETB. maM tJuneH C'OR SCMMBR BOABDBBS.?Four Bo. 1 r BOOMS, tarnished. AUo. four nnfar- B - .A **For^an5cn]ar? apply to JOHB W. EIBSBLL, 9n county. Md. stf tm J Sevsral thousand, jnst receivsd, wholesale and retail. BE ED * SONS, mr iw IBIS WI PXA1IIB ?OLD aTBOTAOLB, oni M. partus, gj,. telafis EVENING STAR Washington Nawi and Oouip. Internal Revxnce?The receipts from this sturce to-day were ?44M.fWl.os. <iEn. Sherman is e>|>ect<tl to return here to morrow, though not in lime to attend the deoo ration ceremonies at Arlington. The Qrmion in diplomatic circles just now is. wili the recent change In the French gov ernment necessitate a change in the represen tative of France in Washington? The Prem pent and General Babcock re turned here this morning on the early train from Harrisburg, I'a. Daring the forenoon the Pres ident saw quite a ls'ge number of visitors in clining many ladies. ' The Bins for Indian Supplies The Sec retary of the Interior has approved the report ot the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, holding that there was no unfairness in the letting of the last Indian bids at Vw York. The American aid British Claim* Com mission wll resume their sessions at Newport Rhode Island, on the 3d proximo. It is believed that all the claim* before the commission will be adjudicated by the 2fitli of September the expiration of the limit. , tbtl Fx-Gov. -Jewell, of Conn., whose arrival here was noticed in The Star of yesterdav left last evening for Philadelphia, but will return here in a day or two to have a consulta tion with the President, and will then no .loubt formally accept the Russian mission. SAFE?The Secretary of the Treasury this morning received a telegram, stating that As sistant Solicitor Robinson, Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Tanner, who went over with the last in stalment oi bonds, had arrived safely in Lon REVIDENCE FOR THE FRENCH LEGATION ? It has been determined to build a mansion for the French Legation in this city, ami the Jardit, property, on Connecticut avenue, has been se cured. A trench architect is en^atred uikji. scale aUtl th* buUdin?U tol>*o?agriud Appointments i?v the President. The President this morning appointed Henry F. Askew centennial commissioner from Dela ware, vice Wm. T. Read, deceased; Darius Sul ?v". I'ostinaster at Clinton, Mo.; Frank I?. ??? "v' suPfrintendent of the mint at Carson -ity, Nev.; Alva A. Knight, collector of inter nal revenue for Florida. Civil Service Resignations.?Messrs. J. H. Saville and H. I. Kimball have resigned as members ot the local civil service board of tlie ?ep*rtm?.n,t' to take effect at on.-e. Mr. K. O. Graves, it is understood, will tender mltk before the -end of the present o ith. No new board will be appointed until the new rules now before the advisory board shal. have been acted upon. - ??,lra Naval Orders?Chaplain John R.Matthew* has been ordered to the Naval Academy. Lieut Commander George E. Wingate has been de tached trom the Richmond and placed on sick eave. Lieut. Commander K. N K ha been detached from the .Juniata and pl^ed on sick leave. Lieut. Commander F. W. Dicken> JrsSeIeJve?tlie(1 ,r0Da the Kaueas 411,1 placed Focr Per Cent.?The commissioner of in ternal revenue holds that toilet and fancy soai* which are held out and recommended to the P^''c through handbills, labels, &c? for thalr *2 *Ild beautifying properties tl,u? placing them in the catego ry of mcdicinal or cosmetic articles, rath ?r than soaps, are liable to the stamp of l rer centum tax under schedule C. Walt Whitman, while himself but par tially recovered from a stroke of paralyse, wa lately called from this city to Camden, N. J., to the death-bed of a deeply loved and resected ShedtodSKg OA nstant, nearly ,8 years oi age, and his been whTe rS*enf Cemetery, Camden. From h^.w i r' her '<>?>? ami active life, and her eulogy. I?eaceful death, quite transcend Bids were opened at t-iebureau of construc tion and repair, at the Navy department, yes terday. to furnish the timber and other supplies TiJJi* navy-J*r<,? throughout the country. There were some fafty proposals received tor timber, iron, steel and other metals, hardware iacn^hJo/???d,Yhip ch*ndi?y- belting, coal! The contracts, amounting to nearly half ten da?," W,U be B?^d ? week or Railroad Scit auainst an Internal Revenue C0LLBCT0R._The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has received notice from the *1 A,b*?y that the New York Central *nd Hudson _ River railroad com pan v has brought suit for the money paid on the serin ??>'<??* tax. The commissioner has notified h r ^.jtatw district attorney to appear and defend the collector. The latter has been thelJSJeS5riJS.deftnCe b0eU "9umed bi PIrsonal?Hon. Wm. E Chandler Is In town for a few days previous to his sail ... ,or Europe. Mr. Chandler is the guest or Mr George B_ McCartee, 902 nth street north benor Marlscal, the Mexican minix ter, has removed his headquarters to New XJk- ''"M"- Gen. Jeffries and daughter of Can't bb Sold Withoct the Consent or ConnBEss?Attorney General Williams ha vine been requested by the Secretary of War to give his official opinion as to whether or not Fort Reading, in California, is a military post as contemplated by the 6th section or the act of nn? ??. *nd whether K could be sold with out the consent of Congress, has decided Chat ^'?!jfeuT,?oB * military post as content iPIr?h^ *Ct' *nd the^*"?re cannot be sold f?*?r?ment without the consent of Con 5?vW? The Revenue Marine Service?Captaiu K. A Freeman has been detached from the Mahoning and ordered to the command of the Fr?tn^rrePH,rnC^t New York. Captain rank Barr, detached from the Wilder TSTrHai,l?ii0fd<r6^ com?*W the Mahoning Third Lieutenant N. G. Woodward ordered Iri*h,eriUi?hIlingVw.Plr"t 1_L,e??ten*nt Joseph irtoh detached from the Moccasin ?,,"i ordered to the Manhattan. First Lieut W j*-the Rescue at Fernan i Lieut. IJ. c. Mitehetl detached from the Rescue, ana ordered to the Jasmine at uSh?S<ftlL^?t.L,#UfB<U,t ? ^ ^kerde tacnea from the Jasmine, and ordered to th? OetftaatBaltlaeore. The eollec^of?o?L?t

10rder*d ,to P?t the revenue rasTa* % ??*?" jjaiiyr",,uce<i >? c??K?.? Thb Naval acadiet Graduates The Annapolis correspondent of the Baltimore Ga zette say*: "At 10:13 a. a. on Saturday next the diplomas to the graduates of the Naval Academy this year will be delivered to the Midshipmen, either by President Grant or Sec retary Robeson. The Japanese student, Mats Mailer, graduates this year, and is well up In the front of his class, bat will only reeeive a certi ficate of graduation. The colored cadet, Con fers, stands low in his clam, but not far enourh down to "bilge." He will, Uwevor, remain Tn the same slsss next year as he now is. J"he Japanese prinos, A sand, in the same elass now with Conyers. passes upward to another next year. The graduates will be detached from the academy and ordered to their homes. The second will have leaves mated them, and the lirst class (the second tin alter graduation) and the third (now the "piebe") will go on the an nual cruise. The Telegeavhic Hto&v About 8bndino Modocs to Bbiko in CArr. Jack's Scalp wot Relieved?Nothing has been reoeived at War department from General Davis la Bogus Charley, Shack Nasty Jim, asd 8toaasboot Frank having been and e?alpvod and seat oat to bring ia Captain Jack, dead or alive. The telegram ia ^ ?? ?? ? ? to that ? to HookerJim Oft with the Indians, w they requested, and it i> oot probable that he would do anything so in coi.sistent with the con re* he then pursuai An to hie confidence in the loyalty of Indian* it maybe said that be has been too long on the frontier engaged in warfare against the In dians to entaln any such delusion. Although General Davis is rery impulsive and some times may commit errors on account of his lastiness ft is not belie red that he would be led into any such blunder as trusting these Indians bevond the rango of his muskets. Besides if these Indians are to be employed as stated in the dispatch they cannot be punished for their past misdeeds. Tbb Govikxiiiiit Paper Mill?The re port of the committee appointed by Secretary Kichardson to examine the government paper mill is dated Philadelphia May Si, 1*73, and is as follows : ??We, the undersigned, in accordance with the request made in your letter of ?id instant, to visit Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, for the pur pose of examining the stock and material used in the manufacture of paper for the Govern ment, aDd the prices paid for the same, have said examination and beg leave U> report, that we concur most fully in the report made to Hon. GeorgeS. Bout well. late Secretary of the Treasury, on 7th July, Mfft, by Senator A. H. Cragln and Lyman HollingswcrtL, e*|., and hereby adopt the recommendations made by those gentlemeu. We would, however, suggest tbat in case there should be an increase of not less than twentv tive per centum on the quantity 01 localize, and distributive fibre paper ordered during the next year, as compared with the average 'juautity ordered during the past two years, a reasonable reduction (in price might be practi cable. We likewise take pleasure in stating that the order and system of the Messrs. Willcox give every assurance that the government will he and faithfully served. Very respect proiuptly Signed?Joseph Parker, (paper manufactu rer, New Havev, Conn.,) Lyman Holling?worth, (i>aper manufacturer, Boaton, Mass.;) J. it West. U. S. Senator; Wm. Hemphill Jones, (Acting First Comptroller of the Treasury ) Frederick A. Sawyer, (Assistant Secretary ot the Treasury." * COLORADO. "NwltxerlaBd of America." ITS KS4 HANTINO CLIMATE ANL MAONIPICENT KIKKST-ITR mirXTAIS AIR THE l!KAN/> ELIXIR <>p LIFE?A KOKMIR W ASH I KHTIIM AN AMONU THE CT(K K RANCH EM AND Bl KPALo RANOKft OF SOITHLRN COLORADO. [Extracft from a Prirate Letter. | <ikineros Ranch, Colorado, May Ji, 1 <71. Vtar Colonel: * * * I never tire oi the -cenery here; and the climate is?well, there no use in trying to make you understand how perfectly splendid, transparent, exhilarating it is. One gets up in the morning feeling a? though a champagne cocktail had been hyper dermically injected into his veins (or in some other my>terious way administered) in the latt moments ot? his dreamless slejp, so intoxi cated is be with pleasurable emotions. His brain is clear, active, spirits elastic ami ex uberant, the mysterious luff lenee infecting the body and inducing a strung desire to run, leap, shout, sing, eat? \es, mythiug and everything beiore him. lie has no dit>(?osi tion "to grumble because his st~ak is not done to a turn, his rolls too hot or not hot enough, or his coft'ec cold (if such should be the case,) but assaults a great slice of salt bh.on and tats it with a relish, (a "hing, by the wav. I never thought possible by any one' who had tasted other meats,) stows'away hall a dozen tortill'U, baked in grease, and swallows two cups oi black boiled coffee, without milk or sugar, enjoying all far more. I'll wager a steer, than any of "you all" do your dainty breakfast* at the top of the season. The grand old mountains, almost at our door, have a thousand different phases?now rising clear-cut against the sky, every crag and gorge and tree distinctly visible; now seeming t art tier off in the hazier atmosphere, which betoken* a storm, the rocky angles and abrupt spurs toned down into a mass ot iron gray, piled nigh up to ward the heavens; and now halt shrouded in great banks of fleecy clouds, their topmost peaks thrusting their heads to the empyrean, hoary with the snows of six thousand winters, (m >re or less.) A little green valley takes its tortu.>u? way towards the foothills, watered by a snow fed mountain stream that washes the grassy slopes of our lawn with its limpid waters. On every hand are shrub-fringed hills, verdant with' the varied green of the pine, the pinon and the cedar, and tiecked with wild ffowerc, bands of listless cattle and herds of timid deer, ever scenting danger, and off like the wind, ere vou can bone to bring them within ritle range. How you like 'im, maybe? It is all true, but the deer, and they are antelope, and there are none of them just about here, but plenty of them thirtv-five miles away, with buffalo in'the season within fifty miles?near enough, for they play the very devil with a stock range. Hut come and see for yourself. * * * I have a letter from Mr , of the Pension office, saying he and Mr. would like to invest 91,000 in sheep (on shares) here. I have advised him to put his money into cattle, whirn are low, and hold them for a ri?e in beef and a fall in sheep; then, if deemed advisable, sell the former and invest in the latter?May at the end of the year. Cattle are bound to rise, and *heep prices must topple. The prices at which sheep are held are disproportionate to the price of wool. The result of this state of facts is plain to be seen. * * * * Desirable government land in Colorado is be coming " very few"?fewer every month?but there is no danger of overrunning thit range with stock, for all the water is taken, generally by stock men. # # * Wx. E. Sweet. iventiM ?r the Prstesl %at t'karch aC the Olseese af The ninetieth annual convention of the Prot estant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Maryland, including the District of Columbia, assembled at GraceChurch, c jrnerof Park and Monuments streets, yesterday morning. About a hundred delegates, compo>jd of the clergy and laity, were present. About three hour* were spent in devotional exercises. After di vine service was concluded f ie Assembly was called to order by Bishop V.'hittingham. I)r. Dalrymple was reelected sec <?taryby an unan imous vote. Mr. Joseph Pac anl was appointed to assist him. The chairman (Biship Wliittingham an nounced the following con: aittees: On Elec tions?Dr. Hervev Colbur i, Mr. George U. Dennis, Mr. T. hiarbury, ?)n Accounts?Mr. Glenn Perine, Dr. Chestov. H. B. B. Chew. Parochial Contributions- Chas. P. Boehm. John B. Edwards, Dr. Hat,an. Admissions ot New Parishes and Cong egaiious?Rev. Dr. Hutton, Kev. Dr. Stanley, Kev. James A. Buck, A. B. Davis, and Bernard Carter. Bight ot Clergymen to Seats?Itev. l?r. McKeuney, Rev. Dr. Jackson, Rev. Dr. Grammer. Canons and Other Bustness?Jtev. Dr. Nelson, Rev. Mr. Rankin, Rev. Dr.Vm. H -Iges. F. W. Brune. Hon. D. R. Magruder. IS iteof the Church Rev. Dr. Addison, Rev. Mr. Brand, Rev. Dr. Ridout, C. Morton Stewn , Tnomas Lausdale. Bishop Whittlngbam l ien read his annual address. He gave an i teres ting and favor able account or his trip to and sojourn in Eu rope. ? Bishop Plnkney next read an elaborate ac count of the diocesan work performed by him. His report eontalnod asu {gestion that the min* Imum salary of all officiating ministers be fixed at #1,000 per annum. Rev. T. U. Dudley, chairman, offered a ma jority report proposing change* in the bounds of the convocations The report was accepted. Rev. Dr. Leakin, of committee on the state of the church, reported an increase In the clergy of one member over IK1 and three over 1872; a decrease in confirmations of 400 as compared with 1871, and an increase of 113 over 1*72. and an increase In the number of communicants of 297 over 1871 and 406 over 1*72. The report fur ther represents the church to be in a remark ably prosperous condition. At the evening ssmion, commencing at five o'clock. Assistant Bishop Pinkney occupied the chair in the absence of Bishop Whltttng ham. The customary evening services were hekL sJter which, the convention entered upon Rev. Mr. Lewis sabmltted petitions from St. Mary's and other parishes In Washington, ask ing leave to organise. The leave wav granted. He also asked to snbmit to a committee the question of whether the convention ahonid convention should npoognise the congregations formed In the Dis trict of Columbia unoor a lata act of Congress with regard to religions corporations The leave was granted. Rev. Geo. C. Stokes offered the following resolutions, which wen adopted:?l. That the convention aocepts and receives the Hannah Moore Academy as the Aseosaasehoei far girls. 2. That It appoints the Bt Bev. fa R. whlt tingham, Rt- Rev. Wa, Piachney, Rev. a. J. BiSTW. C. Van Blhber, Hon. W.P. Maulsby Wm. S. Beech, Samael tt. Wynaa aad W. W, -? ?? ? 1 ? ~ n ? Corcoran to receive the property and ftaa> chlsss of the ssadsnsr, whea Ueaa he legally iaee ths same uatil their enoesosors are amoiat 3d3 TELEGRAM TO THE STAB TkK in?rlM>1 DkHtCkM, O ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. o Hew T*rk THE HFIMUH The river i* very high, and Mrenl boom* have l?een washed away, entailing heavy lot* ot lumber. THREE CASE* OF DlOWMJit were reported yesterday. HEAVY BAIL. Judge McCue. ot Brooklyn. demanded noo ball for John McHalpine the burglar, who was recently captured by a young lady. Hi* friend* ottered fJO.iwi, but the ju?lgi- refused to take lew than *290,OUO. MIXISTBE JIWIM expects to leave for St. Petersburg early In J une. THE H?>B?K DISEASE, which vi*itcd this vicinity list tall. ha? reap Kared at the stable* ot tne Coney Inland car lie. Brooklyn. Seventy horses are now sick, and there have been two fatal rases.J un. caxby's viwnr. The Tribune tdvises that fifteen or tvrentr thousand dollars be collected In this city, to as sist in placing l>eyond the probability ot want the widow ot <ien. Canby, who died pennile**. THE VASTEST HALF MILE EXCEPT DEBTEE'S. Startle wa? driven to a road wagon on Fleet wood course yesterday, and made tne first quar ter in 34k seconds, and the second quarter in ?}?, making a half mile in 1 T\.the fastest halt mile ever trotted to a road wagon by any horse except l>exter TBACIXU STOI.BX ROXDS. It appears that all the bond* found with Jim Brady, arrested Tuesday, were not stolen from the Glenn Falls National Bank. Two f I0,?nn bond*, registered in the name of Amasa Stone, were believed to liave been stolen from an Ohio bank. This morning A. P. Thompson, cashier of the Port Jarvis National Bank, informed inspector Dilke* that he believed some ot them were stolen trom his bank. Detective Whitlev, ot the detective force, has K1.*>,<WU in bond* In his possesion, *up|M?*ed to have been stolen from the Glenn Fall* bank and which he found with two men arrested sometime ago. THEBK WERE TWELVE RIIW K< >K OOI.p to-dav, amounting to #2.C4?.,ooo, at trom 117.8 to llMt MRS. VARY AMI KEt I. SOX , daughter oi the late dames Bluok*, died in this city vesterday. ?.BOB? B H. rBKDLETOX arrived here to uay from Kurope. S< HIKIKER St'BK. The schooner S. J. Ford wa? sutik in North river yesterday by coming in collision with the ferry *joat Jay Gould. THE HORSE DISEASE ha* reached the Brooklyn city railroad stable*, and tears exist that the dt*ea>-e will again bcome general in that city. ? Wall Klreel To-day. New York, May 2?.?The government sold ? of gold", at 118.40^ to llb.U. The New York stock exchartge closes at 3 p. m. dur ing the month* of Juue. duly. August and September. All sales of gold have been at us4alls>tKii8^. with the market quiet. On gold loans the rates have been I to 5 for carry ing and flat. Foreign Exchange dull, with business on a basis Of lo* , a % tor prime sterling. In the money market stock brokers h*ve paid for demand'loans and government Itond dealers 5*6. Approved mercantile paper is quoted at iaS. Government beads have been strong. At the board the business in southern state bond* amounted to 9M.W. Teiiuesnee's were lower, with Missouri's and Alabama S's stesdv. The stock market has been weak for Pacific Mall, strong for Union Pacific, and otherwise dull aud barely steady. THRU TBRSOBS eTTleD AT TH* KERRY. lxiUDOl*. May 29 There were numerous accidents among the visitors to witness the race for the Derby stakes yesterday, caused by the running away ot horses, falling of stand*, and the pressure of the great crowd. Three person* were killed and several others were seriously injured. JirTIST he SPAXISH MEX-OF-WaB. Madrid, May a?Letters from Carthagena it port that disturbances occurred a tew days since on l>oard the Spanish frigates Victoria and Almansa, stationed at the naval arsenal. The ring leaders in the demonstration wire were promptly arrested and placed in close con finement, when order wa? restored. ? Eleetlm of Chief Jmtiw la tsaaer lifat Habtfobd, May 2??In the senate to-day Judge Origen S. Sevmour was elected chief justice, to succeed Chief Justice Butler, re -i^ned. As hi* term will expire February 9, 1K74, by limitation, in consequence of his age. Judge John D. Park wt< elected to be chief justice at the expiration of J udge Seymour's term. Ueneral A?easMy mi the raited Pres. bytertaa Ckarch. Philadei.phi a, May 29?The general assem bly of the I'nited Presbyterian Church ot North America met in session here this morn ing. Kev. J. T. 8couIler, of Ohio, was elected moderator. Memorials for establishing norma! schools among the freedmen, and the establish ment of a su*tentation fund, were referred. ? Faaeial ef Ueat. Harris. Philadelphia, May The funeral of Lieut. Harris took place this afternoon at Lau rel Hill, after religious services at St. Luke's Episcopal church, without militarv displav. < Lieuts. Farragutand Rogers, graduates ot West | Point, were among the pall-bearerg. Fatal Bailer Expleslea. Detroit, May ?*?A buder in Stevens' shingle mill, in East Saginaw, exploded thi* morning, killing one man ana fatally injured fonr or five outers. The mill was totallv de molished. o Dang* roan ^IMae^ of Keprewealatlve Wbhtche->tbb, Pa., Mav a."?lohn Hick man, ex-member ot Congress, I* dangerously ill at hi* r< sidence. itnd little hope is enter tained of IT:." recovery. Bitty Fover at 4|aetoec. New York. May lt*?A yu?-t>ecdi*p*tcb say* it is reportta that the ?blp Edinburg Cattle, which arriv.d therewith emigrants, ha* the ship fever on board, causing excitement. ? ? ??? The Pmt.ico Hack*?The second day's races at Piralico, near Baltimore, yesterday were attends d by a large crowd, and the track was in good condition. In the first race, one and a half ullea, all ages, purse *400. Four started. Eoius,l; Lochiel, 2, Wheatley, 3; John Preston,4. Time: 2:43*. In the second race, Chesapeake stakes for all fillies three vears old. one and a quarter miles. ?0O entranc- . play or pav; club to add MOO: *100 to the seoo'id horse. Three started. Lizxie Lucas, 1; Sattire, I. Minnie W. 3. Time: 2:I5J|. Third rac", mile heats for all aces, best three In five, tutor to first horse and g'joo to second. Three start ?-d. Fadladdeen, 111; Jury, 2 2 2; Wvnne, 3 distanced. Time: 1:43*; 1:433*; 1:? it Fourth r ce, purse *?00, dash two and a half miles for a'.l ages. *500 to first horse, Elnu to second. Two started. Village Blacksmith, 1; Teetotal, ?? Time: 4:54. Lor do r:. Cocety (Va.) Mews?Much of the work < >ne in planting will hare to be done over agai. The cut worm to Mid to be verv destructi* a this year, as it always to la oold wet At the corporation election in Leesburg, Sat urday last. Cast. G. R. Head was elected may or: H. 0. recorder; B. R. At well, town sergeant; and the eld council was elected with one or two exceptions. The ffcuallton and Jasses' chapel Sunday schools are te take an excursion to Washington, on Satvday, the Mth of Juae?L?Sotm Mr. ttryrizi. SOTTB ilWCAX SYMPATHY FOB Ct'BA? The 8?> _h American republics, out of their abundart hatred for the power which oaoe u LOCAL NEWS Tbe pmnii or (rrtiMMi** ti the ili? ration of th( of tbe Union deed at the >. tUoaal WeBsetery, AillB|ton. te-aorrat, Is w follow* OIPH or It IKri< 1. Nation*! gluteal til 2. Montr *ell Marine 1 3. Calling the Asarmbly to order l?ep. CoowmJw r. H Aprac<ie 4. Praver Hoe. O. H. Tiffany. I) l?. % Chorus? To Thee, O Country Choir. ft. OrigiM I'oent ?Memotta: E A Duncan.M l> 7. Hvnm?Peace on Earth Choir. t*. oration R?.T. I>e Witt Tallage. D D. ?. Male Chorus? Comrades la Arm- ..Choir. 10 Music .Marine Baod. aT TUX TOBB O* THE riltuWI, 11. C.od Sate Oar Union Choir. 11 Prayer .He* John Charter 13- Hj mn?SoUlier* Memorial Day Orphan# I rum the National fchltcti' and Sailor* < )rpban?' Hum . under charge of the lady manager* and orphans of tbe home 14. Original Pofa I nknown ...4. P Irvin*. 15. American Hjatt... ? heir and fall Marin* band. t its raocaaatoa will then torn, headed by the IMemdent of t'ua I nited State* aad lariteO gneets. whc will ??e supplied with baskets containing dower* ?n leaving the stand. tbe* will aaarcii in front .i the or|>hans to tbe main road leadi^ into the cemetery, when the President. tnnted an?l orphan* will take charge of the decoration of that portion adjacent to and wwl ? the main aland. Member* of the G A. It., with badgev will be divided into ten dlviaion* for the p?r|?? at decorating tbe main body of tbe remoter?. The proceaston will form la front of the r >miK of the I nknown, and be tinder the immediate direction of tbe departaaent > oamandt i ORPKK or MAK> H. Tbe |irarf?on, headed by the Marine band, will march to tbe main entrance leadiu* Ut Ue cemetery. wbea the President. lavtie?i gnes's rowot grave*on the right, when Uiey will flank to the nglit. Tbe tenth division, on reaching tbe tenth row ot nare* or tbe loft, will flank to the left, and each division will decorate tbe ten row* just paaaed. Kacb of the ethei iliriaiaaa will (lank oil when tbe\ reach the kowrr end ot tbe tier of graves assigned to '.bam Lwiies will accompany each division. Tbe decoration committee will caaae the flower* and dag* to be placed In charge at a member of their committee, who wul take hi* place at the |*>itit iU?gnat<-<i tor tlx rntr) oi each division U|?ou eompletion of tbe decoration, the sr v eral division* will torm on tbe main i??l. an<l march, beaded by the Matine band, ba-ak u> the main stand, where the audience will be dis missed. officer of the Day George E. Corson Aide? ?lobn Enoch. .1. M Kline. W. T. Kellev Badgea? Executive committee, re?i. recep tion committee, blue, music, pink, iliixiraluiu committee, white; transportation committee, Been, finance. orange; general badgr tor m< tn raofU. A. H., red, white and blue, sur mounted with atar. at othkr < snrrKBtKa. The decoration of the gravea at Soldo-?** Home and battle-ground will be conduct"! by a committee of (lie O. A. It , under the .iirec tion of Comrade B. F. Hawke*. aa follows: W Keed; oration by H >n. M. ft. I.eggett, Comluiaaiuner ot Patent*, o<lc, eomposedey Mr*. Marie Barton tlreene, l*v -I. B. Dunning. ea.|. Tbe veteran* at tbe H one will participate, under charge of Maior <>.-ue rai Thomas G. Pitcher, governor of (behoof* Service* commence at ?.;?? a. m. Af.erwa> )* tbe detacliuient will proceed to Arlington and a.?i*t in the ceremouie* there. The decoration of tbe gravea at Congressional Cemetery ami (lienwood will be by a comm ? - tee of the G. A K., under the direction ot Com rade A. .1. Gunning. The decor at fan i at oak Hill Cemetery will be by a committee, under tbe direction of Com ale K. It. Brouner. a The New Eaalera Market ? we. The new carter n market bouse building, at the corner of 7th and C street- aoutheaat, ta now finished. w itb the exception ot tbe Malls. To enable tbe contractor to erect tbeae. it I* neces sary that tbe l^gialature xliall furniah the mean*. Tbe bill appropriating tbe neoeaaary fund* paaaed tbe Houae Of Delegate* aume two week* *inre. but ha* been delaved in the Coun cil. Itesident* at the eaat end hope that the bill will be speedily paaaed. ami tan* furnish the meaua to rally complete this important pub lie improvement. The building ta 3A2 feet long by 4* feet wide in the clear, with a projecting part in tbe cen ter of 12x10 feet, which lorm* the main en trance . and ia divided into rooms for nae* of the market maater, Ac. There ia a cellar under the entire building, 7 feet 9 incaea ia the clear, with tbe aouthern portion finished for a base ment reataurant. The main floor of the market ia alanting. an aa to accommodate iteelf to the grade of < th atreet, by which the aaaw ater Is ol>t?ined at the different door* of eatraace. The floor ia constructed of rolled Iron beama, be tween which archea are aprung, upon which ia laid a brick pavement, bedded aolid In cement. The greatest height of wall* from level of baae ment floor 1a :?6 feet. Tbe walla of the cellar are of blue atone, t feet S inches thick, and atart upon a coin rete foundation 4 feet 2 mehee wide by 1 foot 6 inchea deep. All the Bills of witidowa, door*, and projecting part* of the building?front ami two enda-^re of brown atone, aa well a* the drop and keywtonea. The roof of the building ia constructed mainly of wrought iron, and i? covered with wooden purlinea and *heathed with tongned and grooved Imard*. u|>on which ia laid the slating. Upon the ridge of the root i* constructed a akylight and ventilator, made ot rough hammered glass one-hai: ircb thick placed upon aa Iron frame. The brick work ot the front and two end* i* of selected red brick, laid with white lointa. Tbe cornice i* of galvanised iron and painted ia imitation of brownatone. The cellar ta inteadad for tbe accommodation of the butcher* and other dealers, and ao arranged that each butcher can have accesa to hi* ice-box by mean* of a trap door behind hi* stall. A aewer ia laid through the entire length of the building, which nerve* a- 'iralnage for ioe-boxes, whtawh, tc. The location of the building is most excellent, being aliout equidistant from the East Cap'M. street and Pennsylvania avenue car*, and Is in a rapidly improving part of the city. The people of the eastern nection ot the city are greatly indebted to their representatives in the legislature, especially to Mr. Joseph Car roll, for persistent efforts in its establish meat, and great credit ia due to Mr. H. Wlngate. the contractor, for the taitht ul manner in which he ha* performed his work, under the direction ot Mr. Cluas, the architect ana auperinteadent. Fire tut or mraovBD arraKATrt. An exhibition of the tiamewell automatic tire alarm system of boxes, bell*. &c., we* given ia the hall of the Hoase of I>e legatee thi? after noon, at which there were present several mem l*rt of lioth houses of the legislature and of the Board ot Fire Commissioners, Prof. Hear;, Major Richarda, C. F. Stanabury, Major Wil bur, Mr. Adams, of the Patent Office, and other prominent citizen*. Near the center of the room was erected an automatic re|<eater for repeatlag signals to thegongsand be II* on one or more wires direct from the box. and in different part* of the ball were erected four of the latest Im proved Gamewell tire alarm boxea and one of the old crank style, with four gong* and one bell ati iking apparatu*. beaides the inatramenta necessary tor the central offtoe. It is claimed that by this sr*tem there i* no interference on the wires, and that as soon as a box is opened and a small book is pulled, tbe signal goes ia If the book is pulled the fraction of a aee ond before the book of another baa la pulled. Under the present system it has frequently happened that two alarm* going in about Cha aame time hare interfered oae with the other, and the operator uelag at a loaaaa to what hex came ia, time baa been lost. Mr. Arthur Shepherd called the aaaemilage to order, and atated that the committee aaiU lire department of the Hoaae of 1 >elegatuo ted invited Messra. Gamewell & Co. to give aa ex hibition of their apparataa. Mr. J. w. Stover, the agent of that Arm. was Introduced, aad, unlet id by Mr. Gardiner, explained the working of the maehimry? showing how the alarms are tamed in aad how the belle are atrack, aad clearly deaeeustiattng the superiority of the aeto matlc boxea aver the eld crank pattonm. The beet wi?

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