Newspaper of Evening Star, 29 Mayıs 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 29 Mayıs 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR mtllT B. WOTP Mfr. Beading Matter on Etotj Page ii the District WA3BINGTON CITY: THriKDll .Mmy ?t, M71 Th? EMracy *f Pmjr*'. It is now related that ft preacher or Decatur, Illinois, who had been totally blind for sixteen and who had appealed in v?in to the best medical talent for relief, tlnatty concluded to try the efficacy of prayer. He prayed long and earnestly. and "in one moment hi* sight was restored to him." A brother preacher who tells the stary withholds the man's name, "to save j the feelings of the family," from which it may 1* inferred that the knowledge that he has re covered bis sight is very harrowing to their feelings. This reminds ns of a somewhat simi lar case which occurred at a camp meeting in the state of New York a few yean ago. Among the most devout attendants was a young lady who for over two years had suffered from a pul monary disease which had deprived her of the power of speech except in whispers. During the progrtss of one of the evening ser vices special prayers were offered for the restoration of ber speech, when the young lady suddenly arose and rent the air with loud soouts ot thanksgiving for the mira cle which had been performed u|.?n ber. It is needless to say that this startling episode produced a profound sensation, and was the direct canse of a number of conversions. The officiating clergymen had no hesitation in pronouncing it a miracle, and used it as a pow erful illustration of the efficacy of prayer; but tbe physicians, upon being consulted, stated that similar cases under ordinary circumstances were not uncommon, ami that the cause was ' purely physical, and resulted from the rupture, j occasioned by straining, of certain abnormal obstructions in tbe throat. They further said that tbe disease with which tbe young lady was attticted was wholly incurable, and that her death would be hastened by the recovery of her speech. Whether tbe theologians or the physi cians were right we shall not attempt to decide, | but in less than three months the young lady slept "the sleep that knows no waking." Since tbe assembling of the civil service ad- ' visory board in this city the time has been oc cupied in an informal discussion relating to the working of tbe new system in the different departments of the government. Yesterday tbe board commenced tbe consideration of such modifications of the civil service rules a> expe rience has demonstrated to be judicious, ami are called for by tbe best interests of the gov ernment Having bad a full interchange of views with tbe President and tbe members of bis Cabinet, the l>oard will probably embody in tbe modifications such suggestions received from the former as are not incompatible with their own convictions in regard to the civil ser vice. At tbe late cj-ecial Caldnet meeting to consider changes in the rules, several heads of departments laid particular stress upon the fact that in examinations for promotions inad equate weight is given to tbe recommenda tion of heads of bureaus relative to the ef ciency of certain competitors. It has always been held by most of tbe heads ot bureaus that their particular preference should receive special consideration, ami that the party recommended I.v them should start out hi a competitive exam ination from thirty to fifty per cent, ahead of all other comi>etitors. This mode in nine cases out of ten would of course result in tbe success of the favorite of the head of the bureau. Whether such a provision in the rules is advisa ble or is so strenuously insisted upon that the Civil Service Advisory Board will doubtless modify tbe rules accordingly. They will also change tbe character of examinations for pro motion. making them less scholastic and more practical. This is a sensible modification, and will doubtless secure more clerical efficiency/' than is obtainable under present circumstances. Besides this change, and the establishment of a system of equitable apportionment of clerks Irom tbe different states and territories, the board will do but little during its present i ear ion. It is a fact pretty generally known that the far western people "don't go much ' on the North American Indian. Tbe Kev. Henry M. Baum, rector of St. Matthew's Church. Lara mie City, Wyoming, recently preached a ser mon on tbe Indian question, which so delighted his congregation that they caused it to be printed for dimemination in the state* farther east. Tbe reverend gentleman took for his text: "And Joseph made it a law over the land," and argued that the Indians should be held as strictly accountable to the laws as are tbe peo ple of all other races in the United States. Says tbe Rev. Mr. Baum '-If a farmer or miner kills an Indian in self-defence, be must be put on trial for murder. If the Indian kills tbe farmer or miner, he returns to his tribe and is reckoned among them a brave." He gives tbe remedy for our Indian troubles in the fol lowing language: "When they are made to earn their livelihood tbe same as other men; when tbe judges of our civil courts shall be made tbe judges of Indian wrongs and outrages, then Indian agencies and talks al>ont reservations will cease, and the In dian brave will become a peaceable Indian, ube Church will be able to accomplish ber work, and tbev will become peaceable citixeiis. * * * Tbe American Indians have no more right to arm-, provisions, clothing and reserva tions than we have, until they have earned tbem And we cannot expect that they will earn them as long as they are given them. At present, and under the circumstances, it re mains lor those who are brought in contact withtk?m. to unci; them their place, which will teach tbe government a lea?>n as well." i ? ? ? ? The legislature of Michigan has appointed a board of fish commissioners and given them for the next ten yeai*. for tbe purpose of making experiments in tbe artificial propagation Of ttsli. While nearly all tbe states in the Union, and tbe government as well, are taking measures to propagate fish or to prevent their extinction, it would be well for our legislature to act promptly on tbe bill now before tbem. which will check gill-net fishing in tbe Potomac, and thus put a stop to tbe war of extermination on shad. wb:cb has nearly driven them all Iron: the river. ? The public baths in New York are to be opened on Sunday next. Whet: are we to have these health-promon rs in Washington? HOBSBS AND VEHICLES of ?v*ry kind U-t-X for !>?-?-.irati. i D?T. ran be obtained from J B OLt'OTT A St*, eithT al their Ikablw, oi *b ?treet. Mwwd 1> ?:.?! B, or their office at Wil lard's Botrl. It ir^THK HNAL KhHEABSAL >f the Ml'Sir L-t-y FOR DB?t?K\TION DAY-111 t~k- place ai Grand A run Ha. I Til IS t TtiuraJuj ) BYENINQ, al S ?>'?!? ck sharp ALL MKMBKB-f ib?chum? ar? earnestly re <ju?--trd to atli-nd punci ually. It* W B BROWN,Chairman ABTEKS, DEt'OBATION COM M IT7 I.E. G A B. 3?? 8th strret north w. ??. ? Tli?- C?*iimittr- a ill be pleased to receive all donation* < f flower* at ;beir hrad-iuarters, or will M-nd for ttw-m dnrtnr nil IUDaT, ftftd until t) o'clock EBlDAY 1IOKMN6 M ABO *!? H ABI'SON. CLairaut. IV-=S?SHl>BT BOl'TK TO ARLINGTON OH DBCOBAl ION '> A Y . 7BI DA Y. MajJuth. Boats will lea*.- B??b> ? a barf. foet of Jfttb street, t-rmry five minutes, *1, h will land p* <seuger? witbift five miftfttee walk .?f the eronods, and avoid m long and dusty r >atl. Fare. M csuts; which ii.rludeafwrnaee across the canal. It* irsaogio B*rrblicaN ASSOCIATION-A l/_y regular bwikiw H'"'U>I of the Ohio B~pul> I an A?*<iali?s will I s hrld THIS (Thursday) EVENING May ?. at M ? rim 's Hall, at ? o'clock As important buainee* ? . be tranaarted, a full at tendance is ex pected f -rder of _ J it McGBBW. President. J H PALMBB. leer*- ary. it IT3?w?lTBi rai ? ksignkd obocbbt MBSt HANTS ?* -?? to rloe? our respective ptwee* of hnai*?taa at (ra> 7 S o'clock p. ni from l?e 1st da> of Juue t< tbe let day at October, IC3, ? xcepting Saturday aich>?. BBOWN1NO ft MI DDLETON, rBANK HENBT. BABBOtB ft HAMILTON, W? L MI1 ZGEB. BALL a "hi" ii 17 WHITB, H W Ha LI,, * H BA? ON. It MoBSStL. iPV?' *pmthaM coombs, olJ i. fiiiiqiL m itrtccjHuraui (uicu uie wui sweet rere verv dull yesterday awl exhibited J?ge. Money continue* my abun nrst-class commercial paper ru tn With tbe exception of stocks the Wall street markets were re little chani dsnt, and ftm-ciam commercial paper demand at 7a8 per cent, per annum, bat the late decline in stocks hardened the rate of call loans on nock collaterals. Governments were inactive at a boat stead; prices. The stock ??rket was firmer, and the leading fancies re covered a large portion of the loss of the pre vious day. Pacific Mail was specially feverish, owing to the prevalence of rnmors in regard to the annual statement made to the stockholders' meeting. After the statement was made known and tbe result of the election for director* was announced the stock was more settled and ad vanced considerably. Union Pacific fluctuated between 25 ^ and X, closing firm at the higher figure, and the whole market was bullish. Hiw p.B.n. UB. mi, lso. k\ tS? gfr -y* a jiV.mii'. 6-lTMan. A _Ji\ VuBB-FlB?T BoaBS. a . , no ?jan.*jir jms. 10 *)'? ? American Gold .... Currency l'a? ??w Fives US 19.' 1*4 w? 16 Iam 29.?Virginia tita? r,)r). ,], dated, tt, Wrrt Virgin a'*, tO\ bid to-day. *?,? O<nton dull?low mid dlinga, ii n Flour dull and heavy- arit chttged. Whrit heavy ami quiet fellow prices nn O'/rn dull est here, ?2, mixed white southern, 71, yell<_? .. w sera. 6X Oats dull-southern. Mtt.M 'w?t?rn mixed, do white, S1#S] Bye qui'et. MM? Proton, nominal" u? changed and quiet. Western butter s-eadr and U?tw"fiii lH?ky flrm 96. Sugar unchanged i,. ^ *0E ?.~ Stocks dull. Goldsteady ' "? J?on*T firm,6<<$7. Cxcliange?|.>ng,S', short V. Government* dull and stead". ' ,*w JOB't 19 ?Flour dull and drvtping, SrwV?f. ? ? ''"i"*- Uorn quiet and flrm i \ J *J May 29 ? Tin- gold exchan?-> will fej^ember *' 9^ <,nriD? Jnn?*' JuI?? August ?nd Loidom. May 19, 1) a. m.?Consols opened at SP; :oS f.^HCconnt B ,n.1. f 1*6,, ,|d. 91\; - ?" <? ??-*) ?.#?: new fires, Erin m>. c*uZ*U%' OP.UT- SSfrsSes, 60 THE WEATHER. D"PA*TWX*t, of ChtrJ Sunn! Ojteer.l W ashogtos. Mat S9.147S, lu .*> a m t SlSOPsls Fog THK PAST TWKSTV-roCB HOCKS ? Till wlllf ur? fall, nover Canada,th* Eastern ?!!?.? k w,'h northerly and westerly m inds, rising baremeter and generally dear weather. The t<-mp?Ta'iire is low in Tennessee and the Gnlf statee a inherit?^'n 'i* ,8"uth Atlantic statea with r.?, sL?.k ?' cloudy weather, and occasional rain. Southeasterly and southwesterly wioda. cool ?"d partly cloudy v?ath?rou the lower lakes and thence to the upper Ohio \allejr. Northeasterly and southeasterly winds, cloudy weather, occasional rrinn,y? h wKJ,T?prr"are. *?nd faii,in? *?'?????? the northwest and upper lake region and southward t? the lower Ohio and Missouri valleys Probabilities -For the Middle sta'es and lower lakes railing temperature, rising barometer, north y *nd "ortbeaaterlV winds, clear and parti] clondy weather, with rain this erentuK in south P??ni V,r*,n,?? Virginia and Western Pennaj Ivania. For the Eastern statee and Canada _ JMT| ^ cool,cWmi and clear weather, rWnVbvom"7?r, For tl?# Golf and South " ? ? ?- ? "? ' * VI--BI W ilifaS! wxn ?na ooiiiD Atlantic state, and Tennessee light southwesterly u i r) 11 h a u rtnur n ?> *-? iu ? ? - - . . -?? >1^11% noiiii * Mrtly cloudy and clearing weather with high pr-seure in the South Atlantic state* F or the northwest and upper lakes and ?outbwardto Kentucky and Miaeoiirt low barometer, rising temperature, northeasterly to southeasterly win Is clear weather and occasional rain. Beports are Oregon m l*??er l*kee, tlw southwest, and _. .. UrtL BEOBI). The thermometer in the toisineas room of Thf star oiT)' e registered a* follows to-day;?s a m .7fi liia_m^7n;12m..?). 2p. m..8S ' jT ? A ? ff^rNTBD '.UABD are request ** J" ?P?f*r '? fu? uniform, mounted and eouipped at their ArmoM, or, FBIbAT.tbe 3Uth hTst ,St a ni -harp By oider of Cai'T. O. K DIJFFT, KBKP TflOMHOW, Li?ut. and AdXS'",>,>r0?; [r^?>TBAHBlLBBV FKSTIVAL, for benefit or HAMMNI M K CHTBOH. to-night and niuhti.y' "HAHMME hall, , ? etreot. Mw^u 9th aud 10 h street*. l>r<ler< for Ice Cream promptly filled. n.Jy 3t* UNION C L D B . ?otice is herebr given that from and :?fler the 1st of June all peraous properly vouched for can become m.-ml-ers of the Union Club for one year by payiug a fee of fifty rents and receiviagacard properly signed ?? b?6 officor#* ',he nit-eti weekly at K LiE W FLEB 8 Washington City Garden, on N.-w York avenue, near 1-t atreet, where certificates of mem berehip car be obtained at any time. 1U29 3t H^TR*w.n^CO,BATfON ??.MMITT1E. G ~K rT?iu- r i''7i? receive all donations of FLU w EK?? at 3 J sth str-et northwe?t Will smul ^AV7o*Nl*aH,7???A.T. *vEN1NG or FBI "At JiOBNINO, until 8 o'clock. n.* ?. ?.?. H S. biohabdson. ** * t-hairman Decoration Committee. REMOVAL ? The undersisned have this day R '-'mot I*'-w avenue ? ' ?i to ,h*"lr n,*w Storeroom and n-f^iSS?' """"?,Wt',Cor JJ?r increased farilitien will enable n? to anaalv siaiwswssasj"- *? ? wt! n>ay? 3m QPLICK A BB<?. aitbbtion, knights templ ab~ tf^DEBT Ho ?n,fchfT?f <jPLP*BIA COM *llii S ' ? J. ^ ? T-, will assemble at their Asylum. Masonic Tem"l?, FRIDAY KVINIvn view P?rpoee of parade, inspection, and re - Bv order of the Eminent Commander ?>*-* A. T. LONQLET. Becorder. YOUNG MENtS(CHBISTIAN A8SOCIA Corner 9(h and U MrMi. tIB? ULATING LIBBABY reopened Over 1 Ouu new books just added. 'w BEADING BOOM, free to all. DAILY PBAYEB MEETINGS?U.lf. 6,atiddp. m SABBATH SEBVICES: Bible Lesson at t 30, in LINCOLN HALL, led by KrESii'sr ?vciation and exaaiLe the constitution aud the second annual report Th?s ass^iation is recoa "i**-*? y 'f ,tbg Uioat profitable in the Dia.rict, and has been ia operation for two years Bv an amendment to the constitution Fifteen Hundred y*enemins?ed the Se. <?td Series, are author ?-?ued. to date April 1st, hffs, without re an5^Back^ FaTmenta, except f,,r April arid C"". monthly duee two dollars per month. Each share entitles the holder to borrow from tbe Asaoeiation n ?'V? '^ do,lMTiS'? ?. PH1L H W"ELC9, 1 d vf- ?tre*",j Masonic Tempfe. 1 Bepnblican, 10 times.1 ' rr^THE BANKS AND BANKING HOUSES i "1" ^ Closed on FRI "AY, May 30th?Decoratlxri Day. Parties having "preTio^1 dm' ?0 Kovide MA DC?OOK?* CO by W M TBNNET, Att'y. GEO H B WliiTi a hI,1 lr"<W??i'UBl Bank. J; W utw iTiJvJ*; Nat Met. Bank. "iT^ S co '''"' LEA.SPIoiKa ??{!'??"? "? 8" nnw5 ?J?ank Bepnblic. JWH ^lPIKBVi oPr",'t 8*ti0,t4 b^k jw IJ^?SCHEHClf8 MANDBAKB PILLS.-The* l*te3r pilla are comp*wed exslusively of vegeUble ingredienu, and although they entirely supersede '?IS*? "1 ?erc?r> - *" not leave any of its in urious r . w. They set directly upon the liver, and are a valuable reaasdy In all cases of derangement result ing from a disordered state of that organ. Liver Complaint, BIIiom Disorders, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac., Ac Lul succumb to ?h** ?se of Scbenrk's Mandrake k>ills Foraale by all Dmggisu and DealeraT^ ' ^ ^ ofrmily who reqnim all her ahrtical to fulfill bar household duties, and all hsr moral ca pacities to accept the responsibility which falls upon able 1 This state of weakness and debility to mora f*t*J ?? '.WW spall of slckness. /or tn that ST-m o , carsjBS <atheotbsr SM155 jsftda ssf^^ittass: malalnti if r a liar to ?. ?? LETTER BALANCES. TOE POSTAL USB. Meaar*. Fairbanks A Co have Mtabliihfd tk*lr l(AMr to WaabiLgton with the ?ind>-rsigned. and we ara prepared to execute ardera for the "STAND ABD SCALES" at manufacturer's rates. dtltrtrtd frtetf fmtkt. Send for hata of size* and prices. W A KEEN CHOATE A CO , Bookseller* and Stationer*, Vernon Bow. P. S.?Meaar? W. C A Co.'i naw store will ba opened in a Jew dara with a complete stock af Booka and Stationenr. Order* sent to them previous to the opening of the atore will receive prompt utten lion. idMt | ACE SAlQt El A?D ?HAWL>. We hate juat opened to-day another lot of extra LACE SAC<Jl'ES AND SHAWLS. which wa aell lower than any other store in the city. Call and aee them now, as this ia probably the last lot of the season. Alao, great BARGAINS In WI1ITE DRESS GOGDS At CONNOLLY'S, n.29 4t 609 9th street, opp. Patent Office. {THOICE 1>B? GOODS, OF BETTER GBADES THAN USUAL, AND AT LOWER PRICES. An tmmmst hock of WHITE GOODS, InclndiuK Victoria and Bishop Lawn*, French Organdie*, Nainsook*. S? i*? Mull*. Ac., Ac., at redweJ prut*. BLACK GRENADINES,* plentiful auppl) .from K cent* up to $1.75 per yard. Black Silks, Ja p*neae Bilk*, Summer Caahmere*, Pongee*, and other elegant Good*. ONE PRICB TO ALL. IOOAM * WYLIR, 1019 and 1030 7th atreet northweat. ?^Agency for Mme. Detnoreat'a Pattern*. mJ9 tr OTICE OF REMOVAL. IN Mr. CABO beg* leave to inform bin customer* anl the public generally that he ba* removed hi* Jbv Bazaar to No PENNSYLVANIA AVE fKV Nl'E. nnder the National Hotel, where hfAU| will keep a fine *tock of GOLD and RILVIK WATCHES. Swiaa and American m?k< ,JIWELBY and DIAMONDS, which he will *ell at great liar gain*. Solid 14 karat Gold Watche*. front ffti up ?atdi Good* sold on monthly instalment*. No trouble to shew goods. Watcher and Jewelry neatly repaired. R-member the name and number. E. CARO, iOi Pennsylvania avenue, under National B"te|. rog>-tr OTICE WILLIAM T. Mi CU1N, County Constabta. Debt* Collected Prompt Beturn*. Collection of claim* of all kind* respectfully solirit'-d. Office with jus tice George M . Haup'iuau, southwest corner Uth and G streets north*e?t. ( Bep ] m? ly T)H0N0GKAPHY.?A Free lllu?trative Lecture A on thi* subject THIS EVENING, at ^o'clock, Y. M.C.A. Building,corner Mb and D streets, to which all are invited. En trance on 9th street. It* PASTURAGE. PaStarage for HORSES and COWS Apply to JOHN KNOTT, jr., at E L> OOf*' Mill, on ftock Creek. nlNclt* ( <E5ITLElE!i'9 Bl'IIXEM SUITS OF OCR OWN MANUFACTl RE, lu Plain Color*, lit Broken Check*, In Cheviot*. In Silk Mixtures, In Blue Flannel*, all at unusually low figure*, for caah. Come una rtalize the tru<ho( tin* assertion. NOAH WALKER A CO., 611 Metropolitan Hotel Building. BOYS', BOYS'. BOYS', GLOTHISG. BOYS', BOYS", BOYS', CLOTHING. BOYS', BOYS', BOYS', CLOTHING. We make the BOY'S' TRADE au eapecial feature in our businrsa. and parent* may rely on procuring a' thi*estahlintuueiit B >y'* Clothing well cut, wefi made, Wrll trimmed ami dnrabla. NOAH WALEEB A CO., 611 Penn?> Ivania avenue. nilt-St Metropolitan Hotel Building. (CARRIAGES' CARRIAGES' CARRIAGES !? J A large stock of Light I arriag?s./^mB/ suitable for atreet, park or road driving. of the very beat make and Inish Second bund Carriages, very eVap, to make room for new work. Repairing prmpth attended to. BOBT H. GBAHAM'S, New Repository and Factory, 410-414 8th ?re?t, between D and E. mW-3t* JELLING orr AT AND BELOW COST?A tine assortment ot all deacriptiona of la-^^w dies', misses' and children'*, an<l also otftHI gentlemen n V ? 1 BOOTS, SHOES. GAITEBS. Ac , * Mfe wilt be ?)ld at and below cost in order to rl?ae uust ne?s. JOHN ANGEBMANN A SON. ni?a-lm No. 4197th st ,opp. Odd Fellow*' Hull. IV OTICE ? Fiahing parties can have their horaea 1^ taken careof by n?-3f J B TRAIL. Chain Bridge. ^ENECA STONE. THE MABYLAND FBEESTONE M A M. CO IS MOW READY TO RECEIYB ORDERS FOR STONE, EITHER SAiVED OR ROUGH DIMENSION. Apply at Company'* office, CORNER K AND S9th STBEET9, Back Creek. n.Mtf C. W. HAVDEW, Pre*ldent. ^|ASOKlC REGALIA. Wear* prepared to furnish Masonic Ei'ipmeut* for all Commanderies at FACTOBY PRICES CHAPEACX. . SWORDS AND BBLTS, CCFFS, CAPS, and every article pertaining to the Order. We guarantee all Suit* sold to be regulation. WILLETT A EUOFF, maySOlm 004 Pennsylvania avenue. THE "LITTLE WORLD" WILL BEOPEN on the 21st of thia month, at No. 1904 SEVENTH STBEET Between S and T atreeta. HOSIEBT, FANCY GOOD*. NOTIONS. JBWELBY, STATIONERY. CHEAP TOYS. Ac .Ac., VERY CHEAP, AT TH* m!9 tr "LITTLE WOBLD." l|| VINE BOOTS, SHOES. ftl ^ AND ^ GAITERS, AT LOW PRICES. BTRASRUROER BRO.'I, 006 Seventh street, betwebx I and K, Have now on hand a full line of BOOTS, SHOES, GAITEBS, SLIPPERS, and LOW TIE SHOES, for ladiea, gent'*, and children'* wear, which they will aell retail at wholesale price*. Children's and Mlaaea Colored Shoe*, at mannfac turera' pricea. Ladiea' low-price Gaiter* and Slipper* for house comfort, a specialty Ladiea' Slippers, I Ladiea' ~ Gentl . m- ? - Gent'* Shoe*, from Al St to Pleaae call and examine, and you will save S3 per ceut. 8TBASBUBGEB BRO.'S, mlS lm 906 Seventh atreet M> Slipper*.from SI ?nti?? ?> (*' Gaiter*, 2? a Boots, from f? SO to IV pOR| MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLES r AND TAW, USE PERRY'S MOTH AND FRECKLE LOTION, IT IS RELIABLE AND HARMLESS. PIMPLES ON THE RACE, BLACKHEADS AND FLESH WORMS, USE PERRY'S IMPROVED COMEDONE AND PIMPLE REMEDT, THE GREAT SKIN MEDICINE. Prepared only by Da. B. C. PERRY, Dermatol ogist, 40 Bond atreet, New York. Sold by all Drug glirt*. m?-t,th.<?m yyE HATS KIT RECEIVED ?0 DOZBB LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE are SELLING AT ? CENTS PIB SEIBT LOCBWOOD. HCFTf * TAYLOR, OW PBBBSYE^ABIA AYBIDB, J^EW DEAIOBS TOR LADIES' AMD CHIL DEEkS' DBBSBBB AT BTAHPIMR DEPOT, ?IT Ith WANTS. WANTED-Two Oral class BK1 " for which ?? will (It* the hi other need apply. A. It A BICE BftlHK lAKIU, rhest anc*. No [ABDS m?k WARTKD^-Two flr*tcl~s DKlMlAltU iauwdiil*lr. Ayplr 9l< <th street north WMt. If WAVTID-Thrw sewing machine OPERATORS, also, OM Irat clM MIL IIRBR it Bo. IN tS street south w,?t. It" WANTED-Two CBAMBIRM AIDS, two LAUNDRESSES, and a BOT for pantry. Ap Hr at St. CLOUD HOTEL m?> St" YV ANTED ? Immediately ? Throe iodustri >os ?' GIRLS at JOHN C. HOGAN'S Awning Fac tory. 7 13 Market Space. It \VTANTED?A young man woul-l like BOARD J? with RuOM in a private family. Address J. F.. Star office, slating l<c?tl?n and terms. It" \VANTED-Wx ?rt( rlM CIGAR MAKERS. v? Appiv immediately to 307 Pennsylvau'a ave nue ea*t. It" WAS TED-By ? lady, wb<? is a competent dr-se *" maker, a SITUATION in a family. Under stand * three different sewing machine*. Addi Box 7 Star office. It WANTED-A middle ag. I WHITE W0M7\nT. do the cooking for a Miiall familv in the c.inn try during the snmmer month*. Reference required. Inquire at the Star office. ncB tl* \\T ANTED?Two GIRLS. Or.e to stand in store vv and one for housework. Must c<-me ?dl re tonimeeded. Apply at K LUTTER A CO s. 314 9 h street. ral'Jt' W*ANTED? A go?d HOUSE WOMAN t > cook, v v wash and Iron. To one who snits. the heat or wage* will h<< paid. Address B. I*. H , Star office. u:29 .'it WANTED?By a family leaving the city for the summer, h WRITE WOMAN as child'* nurse and to assist in the work of the bonne O h?I refer ences rxjuued Apply between the hoars of 10 and 12 at No. 1309 E street. ntX?-3t" WANTED?First rla?* WASHERS andTROjT ? * EBS, also, a MAN to make himself useful. Apply at the NEW TORK LAUNDRT AND BLEACHERT, 1321 Maryland avenue, between 13?hand 13'? street* s'-nthwett. mt' 3t* ANTED?A good WHITE GIRL to cook and ?' do housework fw a fatnilv of two person*. To a competent person a Conifortahle home an<l ifhi per month will be given Apply 011 ?kl street, between G and H northwest. It* RANTED?A YOUTH, U to 18 year^ of :ige, " bouest, quick, and gentlemanly, a* clei k in a first-class grocery Permanent employment to one who is satisfactory. A'Idres* GROCER. Pont Office B->x 4 44 giving nave. ?e?, residence, and an/ ref erence that may he deemed desirable. mS9-3t" \\* ANTED? Bv an experienced and settled person v ? a SITUATION a* steward in a hotel or private family, <>r valet, <t any position where honesty and integrity Is repaired: is an Englishman; has trav eled; and speaks French; would go to Europe or to the Springs; has the best of testimonials and refer ences in this city. Address to W N , No. ilOlO H street,between 20lh and 21st streets. in2' 2i* W-ANTED?A good CHAMBERMAID; alss, a GIRL to wait on table. PARKINSON HOUSE. t>22 Pennsylvania avenue. ma It* WANTED-A good DISH WASHER for a 8,77 tauraut. ApplytoCHAS K LOT/, G street bet ween 17th and 18th streets northwest. niX-it* ANTED?To rent for the next sixty days a nice, comfortable BUGGY or Cul'PE, with top. Address Loch Box 6Q, City. m28 6t IVANTED?A YOUNG MAN to stand m a previ vv sion store Inqnire at No. *06 N >rth Capitol street, or Stall No. 7 4 Center Market, m28 2t* YV ANTED? A second-hand BAKEK. One " bread mil cakes. At 1M0 7th street ncrth. mSVSt* \V ANTED-A WHITE GIRL, U or is yearsldd. vv to take care of a child, Catholic preferred. Apply t>< JOHN F. <>RJCEN, 1 420 llth st. mlS- tt" WANTED?To BORROW from ? SOU to ?1^00 by v v a party who will give security and pay ? good interest Address S R , at this office m2" - St * \^r ANTED? A CL'TTER for tine custom sailor t" irg. Apply at 1431 I'ennsx Ivauia arenue from IS to 1 o clock Wednesday and Thursday n>28-3t W. DKMOTT WANTED-A WHITE MAN for general use at '? DOOLEY'S Pharmacy. 223 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Good references re quired. mSS 3t* WANTED-A first class WOMAN C00B fof~a restaurant; also, a BOY to make himself u-e fnl. References reunited. Apply at 414 7th street northwest. m2S-2t" w w \v w Lr ANTED?A HOUSE to take care of for the ? summer, or longer, if desired, by a respectable family. Good refereuce giveu. Address FAMILY, Star office. niM-ii* YV ANT ED?To purchase a small HOUSE; frame " preferred, in Georgetown or its suburbs. Ad dress. stating lowest terms, locality,size, Ac., PUR CHASER, Washington city, I>. mis 3." WANTED?A WOMAN that can do general housework, cook, wash and iron. Work is light, two meals a day. To a suitable person good pay. Call at 409 tth street east, between D and E south,Capitol Hill. m> /ANTED-A WHITE WOM AN, American or r German, to do the general housework of a family of three, in house with modern improve ment*. For a girl of good recommwndations. a good h^me and good pay. Apply at St.?r office tuVj 2t* WANTED?I will give from S.'si to 5 llsi to any person who will get me a SITUATION as Mes senger or Clerk in any Government Department. Can command some influence. Address BUSINESS. ntnr nSIrn ?M-S* W'ANTED-A stesdy COLORED MAN , one of vv from 40 to 60 years of age; a single man prefer red-anil can bring good reference, can hear of a gcxsl home by applying at No. 9? H street, between North Capitol and 1st streets northeawt. m2S 3t" WANTED?A middle-aged WOMAN for general housework in a small family. N >ne but a fnlIr competent and well recommended woman n?*d apply. Best wa*es will be given to one who suits. Apply at 1704 llth street, between S and 7 o'clock. mM 2t* WANTED-A practical OARDENER to att^ to six acre* of ground one-half mile from Georgetown. There Is no use applying unless yon understand your business. Situation p?rmaneut, and good pay PHIL. H WELCH,V03 F street Masonic Temple mS8-3t YVANTED?Merchants *"4 others who wish to " straighten up their Books, or have writing of any kind to do. can always hear of a capital and ex perienced CLERK and ACCOUNTANT, who will perferm the tame, either by the job, day, month, or year, on the m >?t reasonable terms, by address ing PROMPTNESS, Box 709 Georgetown, D C. ni23 St" YY* ANTED- Four first-class BASTERS on fine vv work at Miss M 8 ADAMS, 1107 H street, between litli and 12tli streets. n 2r 3i* \Y' ANTED-' three go.?l CARPENTERS " No other* need apply. J H BYR&M.1914 H street northwest. m27-at* YYr ANTED-A Baker and Pastry COOK, at the American House. None need apply without thoroughly understanding their business. m27-3t 'A'AN TED-WET NURSE. Apply at S0? L v v street northwest, between 8th and 9th streets. Also, a GIRL from the country not over IS, for gen eral housework. uiS7-6t* YVANTED-A good COOK, CHAMBERMAID, " and WAITER BOY; colored. Must come well recoouueuded. Apply at 6)10 I street north wear mZT 3t* YYT ANTED?By a res p. it able white Girl a B1TU vv ATION as Chambermaid orlo gotraveliug as Nurse, No. 1026 G street, between IStli and 19th streets mS7 St" \Y'ANTEP-PER6i>NS HAVING A HEAVY v? Sewing Machine, can find boat awnings to make at L. ORADWOHL'S, 173.S Bridge street, four doors above the market, south side, George town . m27-.1t* WANTED-A HIGH HONORSMAN OF AN v v English U niveralty, with mornings occnpied in tnition, desire* more work. Classics, Mathe matics, French and Natural Science, *ch<><*l or pri vate family. Address "Tutor,'' Star Office.* WANTED -ASMSTANT BOOKKEEPER - Wanted, a Young Man with a knowledge of bookkeeping to assist in a set of books, who writes a good hand. Address, in writing of applicant, giving references and previous occupation, to"Comm*rce,'

Box 403, P'?st Office. mZT-St WANTBD?Responsible tenants for several furnished CHAMBERS, by a family about leaving their residence in Grant Place, during the summer. The house having all modern conve niences,can be rented, with privilege of dining r.*im. Ac., if deaired. First-class board can be ob tained opposite. Apply at No. 641 Louisiana avenue, near 7th street. nZ7 5t B. F MORSELL. \Y* ANTED?TO HIRE, a white cook, washer and *v ironer for a small family. Apply to P. A DARNE1LLE. Congress street, above Stoddard, Georgetown, P.O. m24<t WANTBD?Everybody to know that they can get FRESH BUTTER at from 30 to36cents per ID., arriving every week, at 11*7 7th street north west mC e?Ss" YY'ANTED?All those who value ^heir sight to ft know that th* best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE" in the country i* accurately suited to the eyesight by H. H. HEMPLER.the Optician, corner ??* street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. mytf ly * WANTED?A GIRL that can come well recom mended; can call at *33 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of asmallfam lly. Apply from 8 a. at. to 3 p. m., or ? to 8 o'clock p. m. mlA-tf YYr ANTED?PLUMBERS to know that we are If prepared to furnish them with all kinds of BRASS WORE, at 1006 0 street northwest. WM. H. DOUOLAC A CO. K B.?Brass Castinf done dally. ml-lm" YY' ANTED?LADIES to take notice that Madam* *v D E. MAISON, of New Tork, has opened her Millinery Parlor* at No. 413 Uth *tr**t north west^ aJU-lm WANTED? Immediately?Families or person* In need of flr*t-clas*BERVANT8 of every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get rappiied at ones. Servants also can get good horns* and bsst of wages by apply In* at the Eureka Employment Office, to llrs. LOUISE G. BUTLER, fttT llth rtreet, near E. alt 2m Pennsylvania avenne. Also, Branch of or**t1* Pattern Emporfhm. aSA-ly W. SPIOEB. FEB80NA1*. QO AMD CONSULT MADAM DB GBAFF, the woatoM Sssr gad Clairvoyant; shs i* the ?math daughter of the **venth daughter; she cna be eonsnhM st IN Pennsylvania avenne, bstwssn M and 4K strests, lor ?short time only; she (Iran advice on all bwlMas matters; tell* how to roc over loot or atolen property;toll*of lovers, and even toll* the nam* of the porson yoaare to marry. Boss #1. AU letton answered promptly by tndoslac ?1 aU st?np. Bowr* from 8 a. m.toMp. m. uu4 3w" lyO^C^J^^S^JUCT^ySJSstrsy,^ FOR RENT AND SALE. FOR BENT-A funrtahed ..r unfurnished BOOM . located In th*m"?t elevated and desirable part ofthesHy?Mo. 4* M ?tr?< n->rthw??t. mJ9 Ji* L^UK K1RT-A Fnrmi?b?d B00M.r>vl and rl** r sant. l*?iUr??i UIirNmtiioTthirMi.M 17th and H > lt? L'OR BENT?A six nt m COTTAGE on Kin r chuaetts Itmiw, kdvwn 1Mb and 1Mb Inquire at I 4 IS I street aorthwnet. II* OK RBNT?8T0BE and BOOM ad->iniu*; 1911 Hih nmt northwest. Inquire on the prriuitM. mat St* l^OBBENT-Faraiabed BOOMS, from#* to ?i a Nch,M 31i FrDM)liaiiia afenur, betw^a M and ?S streets. tmt^ H? EpOB BBNT?One Knrnnhml BOuM. ?ltn *r r without Board, at 904 U ?(r?M.opjn?it? Pat ent OIBce. mf 2t* 'OB KENT? Unfurnished ROOMS, two commit? DK?tin|.mtpcond floor; No <13 12th ?rwt, uear Pennsylvania n?n?. mi? It* L'OB SALB?Several of th'Hto ellgilde LOTS in r -qnare M6; AJS caah. balance M 10 per in >ntti m'.%3t THOS B. WAOGAM AN. A19 7th st. F OB BALE-A new HOUSE and LOT, V room itod kitchi-D, lot ???. No. ttlll N ?lrwt, near list northwest A ppb on pr-mis - m?n tt* L'OB BENT?A uiceh -furuishe.1 rear PARLUB. I with a piazza: % HI Alt', one CHAMBER. Can p*w l>r tke door. 927 9th atr<*t b-two-en I at. and Mew York avenue. It* f^OB BBNT-SUBUBBAN BOOMS f >r tl.e mm nier, three well fnrui*h-d for h?a*'krrpin( Aptly at 442 g street, between ith aul 5(J> north w Ht m?' ^t* L'OR RBNT?A gentleman willing to room with I another, can have a tiae large airy second rt> .r front BOOM, bath, 4c , at 70-? 3thstr?et n rth ww?l Hi It ' L'OK RENT?One six room and one eight-room ? HOUSE, with ga* ?iid wat<-r.within two?qiiar?* of Corcoran market. In go ire of ml tt HOLUDOE It HQS . .Mb and O ats_ l^OR KENT?HOI'SB, corner and K street*, r containing ten room*: modern improvements Will not be rented for boarding house. Inquire at 1943 Pennsylvania avftini'. mfc* 11" I/OB RENT?A small HOUSE in a delightful lo r cation, 1311 M street n?rth??*t. $2" per raoith in advance Inquire at the Store of OW CN LEDDT. corner 1.1th and M sta northwest. ml? !m |< OB~BENT?A Fitrniahed BBl?K HOl'SK. or 1 unfurnishe', in a centra! locality. All modern conreniencea. In. mi re at Office (>07 S 7th stre?t, opposite Patent Onice. m29 2f" t"M)R RENT-HOUSE No. *2? *?:h *ire-t. bet r H St and Pennsylvania aveuue northwest, con taming 7 rooms, bath-room ?nd cellar: ga> and wa ter. Apply to JAMES W BABKEB, 1106 H st northwest. ni2^-.'o LMIB REMT?Communicating PAKLoR and I BED-BOOM: SI8 per month, or four Room* fnrnished for housekeeping at |B per month iti ad value. 904 K street, south side of Mount Vernon Park. m?-3t* L'OB SALE?A three-story pre*???d brick HOUSE r No. 19 H street northwest, situat<-d ou line of Columbia street railway; contains 7 rooms, water, gas. batlireom. and other modern Convenience*. Price 3* .1X10. Terms easy. m2!? It* IP OR RENT?A small, neat IIOISB in BiadenT l>tirg,adjoining the Spa Sprint. Also, furnish ed and unfurnished BOOMS. at ;?02 ?t'h street 1 in ner Market Space, over Davis" Fancy Store. Applx at 7 a. m. or 1 >. m it* " F*0B BENT?For housekeeping, flv*. BOOMS, in eluding bath room, water anil gas; second floor of house No. 67 II street, near Government Punt lug Oflice, J30 per month. Apply at No 49. same block. m?-y* IVOR BENT?BOOMS, with Board, In a C"nie I riient nn-dern and newly furnished H"U? , .iU E street northwest, near 6th. Also. Table B >srd. Beferences exchanged if p<*silde. Terms reaxona ble. mid St* F'OB RENT-A DWELLING. r th- St re ot Murray & Ed'-liti,corner of fh ami H streets liorthwst. containing thirteen larg- rooms, with eas and water, well suited for a boarding li use Inquire of JOHN R. CONDON. Mo. 313 H -tr??t northwest. m2s?-3t* t^OR BENT?A large furnUht-d HOUSE, c ?m r plete. near Lafayette Square, for the svmm-r to a responsible person. BM ref,.ren<->-s re.|iiired. Rent mer< l> toniinal. a careful tenant being th> chief consideration. P ?p>essn-ii imiuediat- lv. la quire at Star office^ etif-St* ,*OB SALE?On long titn -, with aiuall catli p*\ m?nt: Sub Lot<|1 and 35, square tin 14th ani V streets. Pail Lot 22- square ?Js. 13th street, near S. M itt 13U ctlh Lois 10,ll^j ?D'l 16, square 9i3. K?th str"et ami N- rtb Carolina avenue. B'lb Lot 36, s-iuare Ml; tax title. 15.K' by ,H0 feet of square 525. tax title. L-1 9. square -Cs, tax title. St v<*n tfve-room FRAME HOUSES, lots lixioo. fronting -ast on 7th street ensi. between A ami B north, one square from Bast Capitol street railroad. n>2!i lm JNO E.KENDALL F^oR SAKE. SPECIALTIES! BABQAINS! All of Square north of S<iware \ >. b9T, One-fourth of Square Mo. 9.'(4 having an east oti 6th street of 2f 1 feet by a d-pth or lie t?-et; '?u'v one square Irom Columbia railway, aud c|,,m> hj the new market. A l>ea?tifui LOT on corner of North Capitol and E streets, 60 by Hi2feet. A desirable LOT on New Jersey avenu<\ near E stieet north 22feet front b? IS* feet de-p; price ,uly 45 cents, worth 75 cents a foot. Street pxved, g.ts and w ater down. ?t/"I am prepared to ofTer the above pieci-s of ground 2n per cent, leas 1 han ruling rates In the same locality. MM ROHREB. nig* It Beal Estate Broker, 413 7th street. F'OR BENT?ROOMS for housekeeping; gas and water; a desirable summer l.x 440 K street, bet. 4th and 5th northwest. in2? 3t* L'OB BENT?A suite of BOOMS, ou second fl'Htr, P newly furnished: terms reasonable. Apply at 913 9th atT'-et, bet. H and I northwest, mSS 61* F'OR BENT?HOUSE, and Furniture for sale. No. 917 11th street, between H aud I north weat Powswion given 1st of June, 2t* I^OB BENT-No. 3 Grant Place, furni-thed com * muuicatitig BOOMS on second floor, en suite or singly mti It" Ij*0B BENT?Two or four Furnished BOO*f}. on tweond floor, fronting south, at 1117 F *t., corner of 11th northwest. tt* IPOB RENT?Three nicely-furnished ROOMS, r with batb; 1227 L street uorthw-?t. Also, STABLE in the rear mW Jt* 1r>OB BENT?A three-story FBAMB HOUSE ^n 14th street, between La. avenue and Eat., No. 502,near the Treasury. Inquire of E F. Bl'T LEB, 1407 E street northwest. mMt' fJ*0R SALE?Mew BKI< K, ?7,i?i; two-story I'BAMES and RBICKS. Lots?ix% 31 street. Bear F KBAMES and RBICKS. Lo*>?ix96; 31 street , F; V street, between 11th and 13th, 3Uc. O. B. M1LBUBN, <13 7th st IP OB BENT?Small Furnished HOUSE, consist ing of four rooms, hall an ? summer kitchen, water and gas Inquire on the premises, 1013 Mew York aveuae, after 3 o'clock. tu2^ 3.* IPOB RENT?Kurni-hed BOOMS coiirenlent to Denartmeots. and on the line of the Metropoli tan railroad. Will be rented low during summer. No. 61Q 14th st., two doors above F. m2S 3t* For BENT?A large newh furnished Front BOOM on second floor of new Brick House; batb aud gas; F street cars pass. 303 East Capitol ?treet, corner 3d, two equarea ea?t of the Capitol grounds. m28-3t" OB SALE OB BENT?New three-story pressed brick front HOUSE, ten rooms, all modern con venience. together with stable, and over ifiW feet of ground. One of the finest residences east of the Capitol. Apply atBoon>64, War Department, A. 0 0. m?3t* (70B SALE-Tw FBAME HOUSES, lots tf feet 17 front and 93 feet deep, sitaated on south side of East Capitol street, between Sth and 9th sta. Price A3.<xi0c*ih Apply to B1CHABD BOTH W ELL, ?24 9th street northeast. mii-lw* I^OB SALE?LOT No. 12, square Stu, situated on L street south, between *S>and 6th streets, im proved by a two story Frame House Apply to JAMES CHAPPLE. n>2S 4t* Quartermaster General's Oflice. l^OB SALE-HOUSE aud LOT, No. 1919 G it" E norttwest; three-story Brick, Comparatively new; Lot lileet fr>nt by 1H feet deep. Price very low; all taxes paid up. Inquire of L. F. CL ARK. Paperhaugings Store, N^>. 1223 Pennsylvania ave nne. mW-lm P^OR SALE OB BENT?A thre>--story creased brick HOUSE, containing niue rooms, in good order; nice diy cellar, water atwi gas; splendid loca tion, convenient to the Capitol aud Baltim >re de SOt. No. C street between 1st and 1<1 northeast. pquire?f No. 469 Washington street. mZ^-frt' E^OB RENT?Au excellent opportnuit) is offered r to a small family fir housekeeping purp Five Unfurnished ROOMS, partly furnished if de sired; two Furnished ROOMS, Chamber ajd Par lor communicating, suitable for a gentleman aud wife, or single gentlemen, at Me. 1244 4th st.-eet non hw est nils 3t* OB SALE?A nine-room BBICK.'one ten-room BBICK; 2 *1 j room FBAMES; six foar-room BRICKS, well l?x* .ted, with modern improvements. Must be sold. A largain can be had in the above property with accomrn.slating terms L S. CHAPMAN, Carpenter and Bnilder, n ts jt 11th street, between B and 0. FOB RENT-HOUSE, No. 1*? 3d atreet sontlT east, Cspitol Hill, between the ivenue and F street railroads, the moat compile house in Wash ington; eight rooms, cellar, balhi oom. water clos at, bay wiud w, front yard, Ac. The house is graimd throughout; good liable, alley-way .Ac. Also, a good eight room FBAME H0USB, near corner lltn and D streets southeast. Also, two new FBAMB HOUSES on 19th street northweat, near Boundary: 7 rooms each; never oc cupied PHIL. H. WELCH, 904 F St.. m28-3t Masonic Temple. FOB BENT?S26 1Kb atreet northwest, a large well-furnished FBOMT BOOM; cool and airy. Modern conveniences. m27 *t* ?7*OR BEIfT?Mewly-furnished BOOMS inn new r and very cool house, with Board. Call at 601 1 street northwest. m27 ?t* roE BENT-Furnished BOOMS on the first floor r suitable for honsekeeplng; gas, water and bath. Apply at 1018 Bth street, bet. K and L. mV in' |?0B BENT?Pleaaant BOOMS for summer, furn 17 lshed or unfurai-bM, Parlors and B^<d Booms, 1321 Mew Torfc avenue. mST-3t* F)k Klkf-I ice new eix-room HOUSE, with ?- Mtt,: ei^bbj"ATB: izsoirth bB-W Baal Batale Broker, cor, Uth and T ts. EH>BBMBT?Oaelatae front /arniaked BOOM, r second floor, suitable for two gentlemen; also, other Booms. Apply old No S4? MWouri avw?e>i hooae from 4>t treat. mtT-3t* E70B BBNT?At 618?th street, about one aquare JP from Po?t OSes, a large front BOOM, three windows, new house, new furniture; aas of bath; to gentlemeu ? !??? aAtl-rtVrLOTt - *21 iirjis FOB RENT AND 8ALR fl'OR RENT?A three-etocy BEIOE DWKL Ll>a.wiihk?ck WHiitf, K> t.1#. situated oBlllkrtrtfl.bMWM O anf U Inquire oa Ik* ywl**?. mdBM' ?/"OR BEBT-The bast baiit and tai-h-ai HOUSE r la Uniowtown, on Waabnifon Nichols' a?ti?? and Pilliure street. AppO n*?t dvor eat. nitT ?? yoR BENT-Furnish-d HOUSE. |?.Ua(ini r III. |?; O^rn u. f?. A16. %!?. STOBES.J7*. ??? ? 27* Tftpy 1 WAO(i(H\M !)?: h<t rot SaLB?A l?r<> story BBfCfc llor*E. ?t? r r <?k. o-arlv nr*, a f*?>l loratioa; on* momv fritt lli? Nortkrrn aarkii, hcim l\i 14*1 %!??.. bet we.-a O and P Inquire >? the yrwiw tintll I Saturday evening i?e*t Price flj*> mf7S.' h^OB SALB OB BXi'ltIM-* AC BBS. three mil.-* frfli cltv . j? acre F\BM. eight lai 11??. 104 ACRES, aeventeei: mi lea, all n??r Bailr-ad THUS. A MIT? HELL, n XT-Si* #5* Patre-t. E<OR SALB OB BENT?BOUGB N Ml Ittla r ?tre.-t. l-ef?e?.ij K and P. nine water, ' gas. bath room, and cloeet. W ,IM?e for rent list of J no.- Inquire at iu27-3t ADAMSoN S. 30i *h str. at. F'OR RENT-At M ? utit Pleasant. f.>r 1 or or lt?? Bo.iiih*. to a (ix>4 tenant, a Ptiral*h?l COT TAGE of six r. mh. with water. hath, ear lea Ap ply at the ??-. ond house on Howard aveuae. aftei 3 p. ?. aiJ7 v FOR RKNT-A Furui.h.-d MOUSB f 10 ro'tms, mi Wh ?tr?rt. thri? 4(hti fr ? W<4< Vr <. T.i a pro at* family the h'ii?e wil he rented !* p tember 16. protimo. at the pi ?? -e "f #Vpv tu'uili in ad* ancf. Uai, water, tul bath FITt U A tUX. n 27 3t |i*n P. nna>l?uia avenue. 1 IVOR RKNT-A two story BRICK HOI *E. with 1 French r<a.f, containing sixro->m>. ?o th. north ? ijf uf Srtrwt.lx-tUfMi lath and 15th. (a* an I wa ter; cellar under the *hil? hotiaa. 1 wMlat*- p ? ?rwi.'t will b?- given. Pnce A* per m<>iith. pitch a r<?\. n 27 St li#s p. nusylvaiiia inwi* |,'oR BAN T?Tnree B<?<>M* on second fl??r, ??a 1 gly <>r en suite; handsome PARLOR and < H AMBER. on unitf. and pleasant Otti R in. in -(Si I l'.? HI i1 delightfully Mtll.Wed .| ull' II II- ? N>'. 7H3 13th street, between <? an<l II. with find Kt und* and alirublx-ry. M >?t delightfully b>-ete, for -winner Will be rented at tu lerate Agure, with <>r without B ard. ?27 V* L'OR RENT?K. r th-- ?n'un?r months, or ititil I Jatiuary lit, UTl. a de-irahle RK>I0EN< K at H>-ri.d.>n xtation n \\ anlnur' .n A ?Mno railr. ad, about JMiiileo from the citjr. It . out at on 16 rooM*. iu< Imliiift S baaeiueot room*. Thi* i? a good I <a Ik ii for an> on?> liav inn biioineM. in I li? . it), aa 11. atedaii) niornibK aud e? e*nic train*. Tei m? m erate. Apply to KKRBY. 1'KNT A CO . Auction**!* and C mini??i.>n M -r. h*nt?, n.J7 eoji 3 I t and 314 !*h ?t r. et, n?.<r Pa ar L'OB KBMT-A fowr-atory r<? Mrk D? Kl7 r LlNU.tiuehr hMatad on aouth ?, brtuwa l-t and SI atroeta, Capitol Hill,t>etnx tliac.>rorr h >o?? Deal atreet. north aide.containiDK twelve roamaa, with water, (a*, Latr.>!???? ranca. dumb waiter, bath and laundr) , with MM ml aud ??'?! bnnk-. and rapaci. n* t ard in the rear, a rare chalice for Hocurinir a ?ery nice ?utiimer h .m- and lathe very b^at coudltiou. Price $60 per m nth. tHKSTKK ? R?OM, R? al E-tat- Agent* and Br <k*ra. tin 27 tf fI l? l?t atre?H >..uthea?t.Capitol Hill. L'Oll RENT?Pour B*K>B8, an it aide for h"im I k?*epiitjK, at 11 4t? i:li ?:i-et north?a?t, one d >.>r fn m M in96 St " C'OB BEMT-rt BMIaHElt BOOMS, aia?la ?* I in suite, on id tl ?or, with table board, at IVli luth alteet narthweat. > 4t* 'OR BBVT-Two I area IL'BNISHBD Bot) couiinntiicating,front and back, with or with out boaid. in a private family . No *?l 1 11th "treat. Iftwaa H tad 1. m'Jf St* t*OR BENT?KCRNIbHBit HOI SB 1340 O r atreet nortliweat. ? .ppoaite Chur. h <A Epiphanjr. pera. n? winhiti* to aee th'- li 'ine can call b iw-vn the hour* of lu and 2 o'clock. Poaaeaai in ffivau about June Ut. iiiMK OR SALE?A LARtiE LOT < ontaibiag 'V.-r In.iaai -|Uar. feet, w ithin t wo ?.|iiare? of C ?lum ? bia railroad. Will be *ild very low it fail* appli cation ia made. MAl'RY A BRO . Real E?tat.. aud Iuxiitance Bt'*kera. 14X7 K atreet. tn3S Iw F'OB RENT?Three-at. >ry and b?went BRICK DWKLLINC. HOUSE. N ? 1132 loth atreet. between Laud M ?treet? northweat. Water, (??, w ater cl .aet. ai d La(io|.e atove. Eii.|nir>- >fTHOS. FRANf lS. at N? '?Si Walk, r A 0o,'?, t?l 1 P-nn?? I v a til a avenue. nXiil ,H>R SALE?A SyI'AKK OP ?R"I'SU In the north' ru at-ctiou of the . it) . w ith the ?l4cwal^g, cuib'.r.a,ami trutterinc all laid ?bJ caij for. H >r>. fftVa raM it. Will aell (.L -Ai and on I 'lig time Apply to HOCK A ADDISON. R al Eitate Asenta, No. 1401 New Torh avenue, c orner of l?th atreet Dorthw<-?t. [R>-p.AChron 1 mji tt F'OK SALE?Oik- of th an- l-antitul two ?tory pre?e brick front and man- .rd rwf HOUSES situated ou 14th atreet, between S and T atretic northwest, known a*"Wizard's Block,'1 water.<ai>. batli. l.atrolie atove, Ac. JAMES B. WAUGH, Bea! E-tat Br i r, n 14 ot Corner L'>th an 1 1 atreet-. L't?K RENT?A le-autlful ihree-atory PRESstD I BRICK Hol'SB, containing ten rooma, beatdea at ore and cellars, bath and oantry rooma, with it**, hot and cold water, and all m<?leru improvement*, and within two p-jnare* of 7th atreet cara and mar ket. Inquire HoLLIDGE BROS., 5th and O. or liOl 5thatreet. nay24 lu LMlK RKNT-A handa'tneh furniah.d SUITE OP I PARLORS on aecond door, verv ciieap, at 7 Vd l'it h atieat, betweeu U aud 11. Al*?, ether | roonie. uiXt4t* LMB RENT?WILDSPR1BO COTTAGE, at M?. I Pieaaant, near 14th atreet car-: 'mnibua to de l>artiuenli and market; aeven r<anu*. Including hall. -.!?<? cllar, ci at em, pomp in kitchen: spring near; F F garden and lawn (one third acre). A2Sa month, bi year ln<iuire of Dr. BBEBD, Mi. Plea-ant, or ?l** F atreet northweat. mji <t* L^OB SALE OB BBMT-HOISE, 71? flat I *tre.t, price OUU, rent (tu per month. poa*-? sion viveu June |-t, baa modern c^nvemencea and furnace, key may be had at No. TIT. P o fnrth-r paiticulani apply to GKO S. PABKKR. 613 1Mb atreet. m22 la fpOR RENT?Funiished or uufurni-b<-<i. No 1447 ? S atreet north*--at, two-atory. yreaaed bi i?k front, aix rooms,cellar,bath room,?r??at porch, and yard of ronaa; few d<a>ra from State Xb-partin'-nt Apply to prea.-nt occnpant. nJu lot l^OR SALE?Two new PRAM ES, very neat and 1 pr. it), aituat'-d on Lawreno- str'- t, l~-t*.-en W?h and 19th and B and S streets, one *juare from atreet cars in a growing tieighkorb<*>d. Apply to WIL LET A LJBBEY, Lumber Merchauta, corner4th street and New York avenue. niRi Iw F'OR BENT-DWELLING HOUSE, with pn? brick front ami marble trimmings. No. 1A07 Rhode I-land avenue, between 16th aud 16th streeta, the reaidence of the Pi rat Aaaistant Poatmaater Gen eral lor the past three aud half yeara. Inquire 140'i 14th street. The above h'-ua? baa racently been painted utaid' aod grained waluut inaide, and put in perfect order mil lm t-OR BEMT?FURNISHED HOUSE-HOUSE r No 600.corner F and tuth street* northweat] will be rented on reasonable terms. Immediate ??*- j seaaion given Apply to C. E. BITTENH0USE Agent, liiia F *tr?-et. mlt eotf | E.-0R SALE-A FARM of ?0 ACRES in Mont r goniery couuty, Maryland, s miles from Wash ington; on a turnpike, and IS milaa from the rail road depot Improvements constat of four frame I dwell-ng houses, one blacksmith shop, aud a stole well situated for business (*<mm1 water aud fsuciug ' The whole can be bought lor A5.UUU cash FOB RENT-A FARM of !*? ACRES 3 mil?w I ft. tu Wa-hiiigtpn, on the tnrupike. aud 1*? milesM fr< m the railroad depot. The dwelling hou-e Oou-H taits 11 na>ms The farm ta well worked aud watered; good stabling and out-houses; has flue urcharil *andpastures and will Iw rented to a first clasa tenant ou reasonable terms lor a term cf years For further particulars apply pt No. Y03 K street. ml-eolm hH*R SALE?COUNTRY SEATS.-AT AC BBS OF LAND at Highland Station, B. and O B B.: new fi.ur room H u-e. Barn. P 'ultry House aud Milk Houae; water and good fencing. 37 ACRES OF LAM), nine-ro<>m Hons* with rloaets. Barn, Servants' Housv' plenty ?f water; large quantity choice fruit trees. Terms ea?T. Apply to LEMUEL CLABK. apltl e?6w 6Q3 15th street, corner 15th and P. |V0B SALE-Very d<-?irable BUILDING LOTS on * 1, K, L and M streets, and Sew Fmip.hire, Vermint and Bh"de Island avennna MAl BY M BRO., Real Estate and Insurance Brokers, 1447 F street. m?-eo2w L'OR RENT?An elegant SUMMER SEAT, ade- ' a slrable residence, near the aea shore .at lslip Loup I-land, opposite Pire Island Llght-houae, 1 contain- U rooms, well furui-he<i for a hrst claea family; with fieri conv?nieuce for bonaekeepiuc, an hour and a hairs ride from New York. aud afew minutes walk from the depot; market, schools. < churches, stores, post office close at band, Ineroad*. salt water. flahinft, boating, stable accomm<Klatious for foar horaea; ice-house tilled, good lawn, shade and flower beds For terma apply to WM TYLEB, 719 1Mb atreet. mlO-eolOt* Washington city, D C. F~ OB SALE-Verr desirable BUILDING LOTjf >r I sale, on west aide of LMll street, opposite Scott ; Sjnare, X by luufeet Apply 1A4A M street, be- ; tweeu 16th and Mtb streets northwest. ml? 2* " L'OR RENT-At WlB 1Mb street, (Scott Place,> I r FURNISHED BOCMS. singly or en suite, at I ?naimer prices For people remaining in town ! during the summer this is a splendid location, )>eing i convenient to hotels and cars. Well shaded and airv ml?-lm E^OB BALE 0B EXCHANGE?An unimproved, | r unencumbered FABM. of about 3UU acres, sitn-B ated on the Maaassa* Gap Bailroad, convenient to three railway stations. Price, #30 per acre. Apply lo JUAN BOY LB A Co., B-al Estate and H >te Brokers, Mo. 60* 15th street, apposite 0. S. Treasury. mlttw PIR SALB OB BENT?Tery desirable two-story FRAME HOUSE, on large lot of grovnd ia Unioatown, containing eight rooas, with a store room ^a good place for buainass. Apply to B F. MARTIN, Uatontown, D. C. ?#-!*? PQB BENT?May 1st, arlth boavrd. two connecting froat BOOMS, with bot a?d coU water Board and Boomajor two, f <A Modsra convsaitseoes ln PROFESSION AIa. BEWTOB |18 KEMOTn tb 413 L STRKMT,?* cortaer of 4tbM^aortb jAMfei O CLE PHANJR B. E BBA1LBT J CLIPBANK ft ?EAILIT, BUSINESS CHANCEL ALB BTOBB BoB kbbv-u s? ta* it ... Bwaia-aw Niiti oa y ilrwl A rptM'Ull ? I I. V f 417 < rMl ? .apstalrs ng k P>f tiLI-Ulc Bt *rk 4>?l * 'l an4 r.? lim of a feflkHEBY PToBI. I- IH? ? ?.?>?> h?a ?mm, WMrii AMrroB i town, D ? ????* THE BTOCE. GOOD WILL and mtlUH ? an MMkl'l aSed t. RlM'IR) *Tl*RF . ala a ? "at c|a??7 ctrtavr rUHOM I t-argam I?n*lr? w r addreaa (Ad *S ?! . mr Va ?,? . a w ?l ?*j R*K>: I HaN< I -C t ??i-, id' mtM IU'.~ Ol . < II,, 1?mi>*ih UI Mil MU K ET STORFK in ibr ???nkrrn Mrt uf tkr nv I <4Mir* al waihoMI < <* ?h ????1 M n w n at a* PARTUS having MuOK> r IdT? i *?> a al>? r*' t of tlie CUV can fti,d |?,i ?. hw??r? and <*> irmi>?l?>rtn i'*nli TRi DELL A CO . B**i B? H> 'k.-r? *| j 7th mr ? ?8 1a ( Bt A 0#.? | ^TW E~GoT'P ? ILL and VI \ T? RRD a Drug fltere, lion pa?m>i an. ?t s?i \4 :??*?. w it I- tea. i. a- ?>?? I ? 1 l B P i' m*- < * _ LMR SALE OHM'H(!ir.I T'~ ? ? |lo Mfff N 411 "ii ? h m . ii??t in | M i Ae? elation, w ill *-'1 or earhang* It for B >1 Eat ale m In- to Mir# frMn !??>?' n.*?a Ii ha- a ? <i fad*. B'*ok* b ught. *>1.1 an4 niliaiol a< fatr raiaa. ii 1 | OTB FOB BALK. M I HIT a?th..ri*??t hv th? Wlr*. to *"11 th* full w n? ?*lki4li(iTl)rlH-M aad >a *a*. T et A I < at? d ii. a h-altli) and ra|>ill> in.prot in.' |>?rt sf III. city, and ar? w-trlhy th* Mlnllu* of yrr? m dwli li.g In htiii' I lot hniMini h enea Ntiwf 1.143. Lo4? i.t.?. i.i.t.t. ?'. ? tl. n M. A an.) St. S|ll?f' 1 1*4. Lot f " I >C*> Loi> A. e. a -?4 l>) *Ki. L?4s I, 7,13. "k! l? T El?* "LARE > irgiuia a< villi' 4ii<l * Ii ?treet ?? >at11 *?*<. n.27 1 w Matt Yar-1 41KEY TO~ Li'AsTijt kaVlT EST ATR I . ?mi ? a ml or miik to ault. J AfeEP E VAIUH, li-a! Bat at" ?'??tar. n 2< 1 iii C< r l.S'li an<1 T at-., r ? m t m>aiaim A,*' >R >\LI ??? l< . ?<vwt ? ill ai. l r a t'ra' -ri..ra I '??N r Et'TIOS KK I a..1 |i r CKBAM > \ L?.M?N lioin# a (<1.4 (?a-m a-. a ? -I 'iiVMNiuciit (or a ? raoii nl linuti<4 i tfilal ln.|?ti* afu r r i n It* Rrt4?' ?< 14 ?t* \ICNM TO I.MAti OB RKU. K?-T\TB 1*1 M Ai'BT A BKll . K ?1 t>la:r auJ luauiarx*- Hp A?n ntvrt I4?7 1 ?m(. tsss TO LOAM OK Kl. 4L K-T4TE Tl:?* tH"iie> ?ill hr p aiuli ?"'*ri|f i.-al ntfai ? ' ? AlCTRoP I l?l'l?LKT. n.u I* rill atrn.-i an<1 I ??u ma aitin*. MON t \ ?nSSTANU\ v II iMiTm LUAB uU rral ealatr, in ?uin? to ?mt UEO. TKCKSIiKLL * ro , Bit 17 Im* K- a< B?talr Ri 4-n. i I A 7th at Dob ?alb Th-woot h ill a?.i riati kbb ? <4aUBiM KEY KTuRliihiMii a<<M4 l>u<iu??a. A'Mrraa II. A. I' , Mai .Rti* Trftii* m >4a ia ?. wit h ? KKAL E-TATK LOABb-MuBBT l? t an ta ? . riinw and lor l*ii(th >1 Inn- to antt n 13 lot B H W AKNEK. 7 at 7th ?tr~* f*OB CALB- Ft* firat-olaaa RBU'B Uol'HB^ two ?MUtrwi from Capitol Parfc. and .b> ?atir .liBtaiir to lhi Ilea E%?tprn Market. KS and cIom> to tin* Ppiitia) Itania at?M mrMtCA i ara, ?fll located. IImm- h.maM arf anil lulll. laa roaa ?-a?li. ???. hot and Cold wal-r, and arax. T? rm. ?a*> lti.juirr an tb* pr?*Biaaa, 31t C atraat aontlifaat. mM ia' 1, l'k SALE- Tli* STiK'Ik. GOOD W ILL and A KIXTl BEt* t?f th* Milliiittr) and fanrj Si r*. No. 7 07 Market , l??-t 7th and Nth a??. n >rth waat. |a8 li 1 B. LEBEBBRQ A Ot* \ALI AHLI r A RM Ilk BALE OB EE I HAKUI BOH Pk*>PEk'l Y IM THIS C ITY A ithh.AT HA Kt? Al ?> SC att *a tar> atip.*rtor land. **p.ciall> |or t-l-act... tare* u*t> T '1'anoo Barn. Uat-llmg, T?naiit H >?a< au? n1tuildiu?? tiw-fird of M C. wrd raK viaw, in luariui and lr*IIia*d. la arraa taluat.l timl-*r, l.alau. * arattia and ? t-U Irncad. n*ar Uuin*a '? Nat ion, n kit I' H K it Bp<'i*> It aula < ount) . Va Pnoa, unli ?&.UWI. B A PHILLIP'*, a|17 3m l?fc Weal atra?(. ttoot^ntuan. D. 0. RARE CHAJi< E t. pur. l.aa* a li Kid BTOBB and IiWELI.INU th**f, hhw n*w market, IU atrtxH, Mo. 17 111. I'm*. B.'jiV. term* ..aa; HAMILTON A PEABSOB, tnV tf Y M C A Buildint fth and D ?t* U O C b 1 BOB e> A L W7" The I arc* rorR SToBV (Ior8B, with thraa *ttiI7 fXtrnaioli, * I i B atreet. n*arl| new, tw*ut| r -oiii*, furnace, ?a? aitd vatt-r, with lar** > ard and alaldr in rear. Tk* whole pr p^:t> baa Iwn rn*nU| put id (otnylete t> pair. and i* very cunteuieot fur ? lar? t-. gi nt?*l faBiil) , or for a Uoardiuj hoaae Will LeaoMlow Inquire at Free.Ituau1* Bank, pp -aitt Treamtrr ? Penuat Itania aveniia. fe IS Mf YOli SALE. i 'LAM I'ASISU, larjjt PI/*, ||. Walnut Framflk "I 3lli) At. and S lif A iucliw In tk>' (law biM ? l"'?l' . U.2V 3t A I> A Mf?<'X'8. Mha|rn4 l^'OB HALk-A MOl'kIM<7 BIBD Aaplr al I PETTY A HAIIVKV S Hat .nd S' i Stort- 7tli ^ro?t. Iiet?t-en Lxiiaiana avt'iian I I> -ir* i n< rtliweat njp <?" * FHjB MH-fhf~?fli*l?i*4 atork *4 Dkl GO< 'D^ at 7 'J I Mar k'l 8|>a< ? n*rM -I r qK a ill Im- aold at a gieat bai ,-aii., to < lua* buaiaeaa. , FH)B SALE-A iiB'iVEB A BAKEB SEM I SB M ACH INB, iu good order, at haUf .Mt Applp at IB Orwst Plate bB Ii* ? ."OB bALB-raii of B Al HORbEb.4 and iTtw* A tdd, 13 baud* hivh; on atiliali, andrv warrantt-d aound. Apply at H o TOM LEs "} ?TfA Burmtare water -omm. 1007 |Vtin*jrltauia^-^'-a. att-iiue nVX' LOR SALE ?A junip-w at BO< k \ W AY, nearl) r new. will It. aold cheap, a* tb* ot?u*r ha* hi further u?e for it. Tbe -wen al Pl'MPHBEV'a Liitrrf Stat.I*. C at northwest. near 6th mf St* ^OB SALE?Bom Bo 1 liRM'UHT IIokITbJ, A in A ne condition. Sold tor want of u~-.?v__ Apply at WSO ttthatreet northweat,between jlJB land K street a, where the H .raea can Im-AA aeea. m: : v ? ttlX MEW TOP BPBIMO WAOOS-T" 1 OME n HAT TROTTING HI GUY. new., I'or sale at 47 Pr tact ati-et,Gf rte T town PBoBET UOKA WATER APPAKAT18 FOR SALE A great Tariety of White an4 T-nneaaea BoL>A VATEB APPABATI 8. at manufacturers' prices and terms, second-hand one* taken w. *? c ban ire Si Iter plat a.1 Apparatus aad Sleel F oun taiua to loaa, tree of charge, b> ?14 Im* PALMEB k GBEEM Oi.rgetow^ JJWC^AaI FOB BALI. .. _ DODGE B DABBBILLB, jlT-tf 14X7 fi " LOST^AN^n^KOl/XJ^ V OTICi: ?One of our driver* ptck-4 upaMjf ? ' DRAWINGS. ? Inch the owner caa have Wf pa> tnic lor thi* uotice. ma>3f A. A T. A. RICH ARDS. LWST? Ve*ter4a- afternoon, in th* Tr*??nr) I* ?aitnient.or otitaide.on 13th ?tr-et a ROLL OF MOMEV, containinK AA ?u The tinder will lie lilM-railr rewarded by leating It at r.*qa *>B, Itaaemeiit Treaeur > I?epxrtui'111 It* fl^Ol'ND ?pn ked up tn < entle Market. OI, Tu*a da> ui-.rniiig la*t, a -uiall sum >1 MOME\ Tb own. r ? .ui liat e the aanie Ity nailing at 1 ill C -treet aoutbeaat, < apitc.1 Hill, proa ing d*aigiiation uf U'*te* anil pat iug the expenae <d this a>lrertiaa meut. lt*_ 108T?On M atreei, t..iae.i, yib and luth, a BUB J 81A LEATHKR BELT AMD BaG. A tery lil- ral reward w ill be paid for Ita r.-lurw ti D C. COX. l'en*ioii Agent, cor. Mb and Gat* li 108T ?On Monday, aCOLLAk HL'TT??N, with j gray onyx stone, and marked on the reverse I aide K Tlie hnder will l?e li'-erally rewarded ? 4i leat ing it at tbe Evening BtaroAce mf At WTRAYED_lNTO THE liRoI'M>> OF THE k^ lu*tituti"U lor the Deaf atnl Kendall Gret a. Waaliiii^lou. on Katurda> May S4. liC3. a dark bat H<*R>E, with .<-^1 w hue face, aud one w bite hind |.>ot. Th* "wn*r can recover the horse by proving property and |ia> itig charges. bi!7 At* BOARDING. POB COL NTBY BOA BD apple) at the rasld -uc* r of DR KAACH, Bladenaburg. Md., HignlaaB Station. B. AO BR. Uia?-M** f[M N IVHRD ROOMS I'OR RENT with BOARt^ I bti F street, bt tweeu til. aad 7lh *treels u?rt|p wast. ??Al'\ A FEW MoBB ROOMS can I* secured al "Grsetp. wood," oiae mil- from Georgetown. on Ltah Tonally tow n ruad. Carriage* run to the atrewt For parti, ulars apply at t>0* 13th str*>H ui?vlt LRABANT ROOM FOB BBBT, WITH" BOARD, in a *mall pritate tsmily. f.?r g man and wile; |A per tn nth Apply ?il lltl corwer of 1. aaST t>LRA8~AMT ROOM AMD BOARDlMG~ A two, at a cottage. ?* C'-ilaga l ine proapect aad pars air, wulun a start- ,4 streetcars Imitirt, or address "P.,r' Rouai Second Auditor a olBce. i.l ?1X OB BIGHT B1BGLB GEMTLEMBB 9 be accommodated with good BOA kD aad R>>0 at Arlington, Va. Kite cow be* both way each < Apply to W 8 JEN AS. Bo 7 li 7th at) tweenGaadH. t LH RNIpHED ROOM8 FOB PERMAMRBT r TRANSIENT BOABDEBB. alao, (A BOABD, 811 B street, batwaaa atA aad Mh COAL AND WOOD. A#w sMERI V V, w G. HOLESAL^ABD^TAI^ALEB I. OF BVEMY DESCMFTlOtt. _j Ofl^e: SBS Paanaylvania ataaas.betwMa 4>a atreets. Depot aad Mill. Sixth atraat I Hear. Fair price aad honorable dealings i ?APITOL HILL ' VBBB 1KB < VAL f ABB. A ST., BET WEBB B? AID 3t>. KORTUL&ABT. The aadwalghi i Inn leave ta laiura kta Mtoa ? laalilinta of Capttol HUI ?d tk> pa hike g?p erwlly, that he has opened a braach WOOD AMD COAL H AMD na A atraa(, Matwaaa Ml aad SB, a ?rth - east, wkare caa A* (nuidtiwd waaortaaeet of the very Maat of Moth Wood aad Oaal. All ?r Ban art aaptlj aad faitbfuUy Ailed ?a*-eo?r W. ?? BABLOW.

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