Newspaper of Evening Star, May 29, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 29, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. ?j ])bOPDg\I 9 r<>R STEAM SI A' 11 IN E t 1 8 LOO Pa or WAB. | FATT DEPARTMENT. 1 B ?nr or Ste?v } Wmiimtos. D. C., May s, UTj. \ 1 Manufacturers ot steam machinery are invited I- *ei?i I ' thi* Bureau until loox or &r?i ?T 1. K). pr"??iU r>r tlx- contraction of Steam Ma chinery f r o*e or more of three veaeela >f about 6*J tor*. *?<1 propelled by one screw. Ther* will b*f.?r each v-anel one pair of enginea, w th sorters condenser and hortsonital cylinders, C pled one crank shaft. Th? I- il'fi to be of the T?ry beat charcoal iron, Wthc< irp -siti-n tnt-sa. and of snfflcieat strength f r a w -rking prewar* of iip?und< per eg oar'inch ah 're th>- atmosphere, all to be below the water ing in the v *ael.(aboat It feet above baae line ) The ?? r*w to be of rompoeitioa, copper and tin, ?bom It le-t in diameter. 7tier? will be two auxiliary HMD pump* of ap >ved type aod *iie, and a freab water distiller of a par >ved ilHtR. with special pump The u?i:al number of tin pi irate pieces, tool*, and iamraaw-ata required in *ucb Natal contract* are to l;e flim:?l."d The machinery i? to be ..f the ve.-y h??t quality of material and workmanahtp. aCc-rding to Naval *tan<4e-d. vnd will inclnde all that ia necessary for M-am:?.? ?b?* veaael*. inch a* <?al bunker*.-.haft alley, tir-i -Is. oil aul tail w tank*. Ac , ami is to fce. in all re?pe.-t?. C 'Diplcir for that purpose, ac ( ?tdm< Naval usage. In addition to the ordinary wharf trial, the niachib t> will be required to deveb-p SUt> iixlicated ti r?e? (. v>t-r r <nti(iii >n-Iy during forty-eight con ?ecatite hour* af-?-a. with g-??i anthracite coal, and the ???-?- weight of all the machinery, including coal b-.iikera. -haft alley, water in boiler*. Ac., is ?? t t<> ex< ee?l 215 t. ns The a tailid plan*, ?pecift.-ati'>B? and drawing cm b - ?? appli'-a'iori at thia Bureau at any t:iu~ < ; ? after tbe first day of July. 1-C3. Th i: timer* isto be erected <>n board the vessel* at an fii;. M-ap- rta of the Atlantic Coaet n -t aoiith N i! ik. Virginia, a* the Secretary of the Navy B *J elr. t. Th- !>? p^aal- will state the name or name* of the parti'- 'i (i:ll,iiKi!b?ii -uretiea, the groes *nm f <r * hu h h*-v pr> p-~e t- fnrni-h machinery complete in tli? ?? .-I. ainl ready for ?t?aming at nea, which ii u*t I )-.'l) done and c-mpb-ted in nine months "It 'Di tlx- .late ?( contract Tie ( ^ i ?al? are t<> be endorsed '? Pr<pt>-.?/.? for S ?? iiin'j 'or Siwfjn/ H'ar" to distinguish tl.mifi : other Immnw letter*.an.t be accompa nied ? y ? c py i f this advertisement Th? i rrra< ts will embrace the u-nal condition*, at.d p' n i*nn will be made In the u-ual manner, a* the ? rk pr *rwn-?. The Bureau leserves the right t re;.-, r an> or all pr poaaU that may be i nade riK"er thia ad\erti*ement, if, in it* opinion, lh?- pel lie interest require*. 2 t- p-al-will ai*'L>e received at th* "am-ti'tie. at.d in all r??j>ect? in the-.?me manner an lander th?- s-iii > condittona, for *te?ni mu hinerv, for one ??r n?or*? i t f iarvffln4>U(f{ al>i>at tfiii tuni mea*nr* n.ent. wLick w ill be re jnired to do? elopflrio itxli. atml l?t)r?e? p wer. and the groaa weight of which "ball aot e*c. e.| i7j ton* S I?- with the n?^-ea*ary apecillcati-vaa, f.>r en(1i,e? :>i.d l-ilera, in accor<lan?-e with the f.revo lt S (eni'ialdirrctiona.dearrip'ion and requirement*, ??ill b- r-C M?ifor examination and c.>n*i<lerati<in at the II rean from d"?inifr< and manufacturer* of marineeu?in<-9 until meridian, on the h)th of June, As* 3 B-a. (!mni of the hull, covenqk the space al lotted t- the machinery, *howins the height and !? >re ar -l aft length of the apace all -wed. will b* fur m<hed ' ipplication to tb- Bnreaa Thespeciflca lion* wi!! state what will be the maximum expsn*e of an n..: < a:?-,] horse-power in p>>uud* of go.,4 an thracite ci al per hour, dnricg a wharf trial of not |e*? than :*> con*?-cntive hour~ at maximum power. For an\ de-ign accepted .kS a whole, )r any novel f-atnre or part of a d<-*ign adopt, d, a reasonable ?urn, in no* ase exceoding will be paid as Conipeifnttoa. as soon %? the additional working drawn.** required are furni-h?d. for the be*t re JVcte.1 the *am o| 9iu> will be paid. It is un der*? *! that the riiht is res^rve.1 to nse.onthe term-al ov<-at:?ted,any (iesicn or any parts of any r-sign ? 0 red. or to rejevt th-m If th.-y ?? not con ?idered -np?ri< r to those prepared at tbe Bureau f ^ law |w WM.W W WOOD. Chief of Barean jpK^PUSALS FOR materials! Hat\ Dcpaitmemt, B- II*: OP VaIDs i5l> Doc*?, _ . . W a-HS..TOM, Msy 14. liTJ. 8. al- d Pr. p *al* for each ,?lass,*?parately indorsed 1 rop ?*I* f..r Clae* No. t name the claas) for the ^ "1 nli nam?' the >ard>." will 1>? r<-Ceired at thia . in. e until 10 o'clock a m of tbe twelfth < 1 ?11 or .Ii 5g, which hour the opening of the Aidawi.l >>? cminenre<l, for furnishing and dsliver tng at the several Navy Yards and Naval Asylum. IL?* iuft>n?|| :trticl* ?erobrac?Hl in priut^i Bh-s. wi irh. with the f,?rm of o(f?r a:?d guaranty, and prmv-d irntrnction*, will bo furnished on ap plicati i . *nd ?ent f.y n.ail, if So requested, to p?>r ?'tis ^1 *ir iug to offer to contract for any or all of th-> ila-s-a named therein, by the Commandan's of tlie several Navy Tarda, f.r the . lasses f..r tbe yards fader lb- it c.>mm*tid. > r by the Paym?ater neareat tlierrto.oi by the Bure.m f. r any or all of tliejard* at.d asj |i:tll. Tbe i !..--?* ..f this bureau are ntunhered and des ignated ?< follows: Clae-> 1 Bricks, No 2, Stone- No. 3, Yell w Pine Tn>??. r. N t. Ye|k>w Pine Lumber; No. S. <??k :?ii.| H ml Wood; No. (. White Pine, Spruce, Jump r ai d Cypress; No. 7. Lime, Hair ?nd Pia*. t* r.N -.i nieat.No 9. tiravel and Sand. No. In, Blate. N .. H Iron. Ir--n Spikes an t N#I*.N>. 11, hteel: N It. Files. No. IS, Pain**. Oil* an<l Glass; J> II Sb p Chan-llery. No 17. Hardware; Mo. IS, fctalioo r? . No. Ju. Ha> and St raw . No 21, Proven der; N a,Charcoal: Nr> o. Belting. Packing and J|o*e,N 21. Sperm and Lnbriratiug Oil*; No. 25, Ir .nU rk. P plng. Ac , No. JS, Augers, No. 31, < pp- r ai -1 C-iuiposition Nail*. MAYAL ASVLTM. Class N?. 1 Clothing. Ho. 2 Hats. B->ots, Shoes, ? c.,N t Provision*; No. 4, Oroceri.-s; No.I. Dry C< .*i*. N 6 Bread, Ac.; N ?. 7, Tobacco; No. 8, Coal; N 9 Paint*, Oils. Olass, Ac., No. U, Lum l>er,N " 12. Firew.^sl; No. 13, Provender; No. 14, M-scel.aneou.*. No. IS, Hardware; No. 16, Sta tioner; The foil, m n.g are tile classes, by their nnmberg, r-jwir-d at the reapective navy yards and naval as> haaa> EITTERY. SAINB. K * 6. 7,11,14.15. **,?? 21. aH. CHARLESTON N. MASS N -s 1,2.5.6 7,9,1,11.12,15,16,17,U.U,n,22,S. S?. a BROOKLYN. N Y. I a. I. V5,?, 7.9.9,11, PJ. 16,15, 16,17, 13, SO. 21, ?.?. 24. a. PHI LAP El. PHIA, PA. N s 1 5.1.9, II. M. 17. U.W, 21. LEArc.B 1>LAND, PA. N -a. 1 6.5,1, W, 18. NAVAL ASTLCM, PHILADELPAIA, PA. K * 1, S, 1,4,1,6,7,1.9,11. 13. 14, 15, 16. ? Washington, d c. Ko*.,9,11,12,14,16. 17,19, 21. NORFOLK.VA Nos l.t,5,?, 7.8,?, 15, 16.17.13 *>,11.23, St. ?. 31. PKNSA^LA, FLA. Ko*. 1. 4.6.7. lo. 11, 18, ?. 21. MARK ISLAND, CAL. Noa 1 2. y t, 5,?,7,8,9. 11,12, It. 15. 16.17, 18, 21 St. 38 ma> II lawtt PROPO!>ALt? FOB Wrought AND OAST IB..* WORK FORTH! NEW JAIL, DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. New Jail, Di*TmicTov Colombia, { Office of Superintendent, May 8, U7i.| B KOl tiHT AMD CAST IKON WOKK. Sealed Proposals will be received at the office of tbe Superintendent until 14 ni , Jrvt T.lCi. for furnishing, delivering, fitting, and putting in place the U r light and Cast iron Work as exhibited by the Draw ieg*, described in tbe Speciflc^tena. and called for in the Srhednles, consisting of 'Sis Caat tron ? Iumns of Basement, Rolled Beam*. Ac , of Floors, |r..n Work of R>s>f*, Gratings to Windows, Ac., Cell D?>rs, Iron Staircases, Ac. Copies, f tbe Drawings.SprcincatioM, and Scbed Tile may be bad on appl ication at tbls office. All scaff Ming required by the contractors to put tbe work in place will be furnished by the Govern ment free of charge, but will be erected by the con tract r*. Prof sal* will be made by the piece, lineal foot, or weigh'.for the various items of work, as called for in the Schedule. The work will not be subdivided among different bidder*, but will be corwidered in the swer gate The waole of the Cast-iron Column* of Bas -m ot Story and the Beam, Ac . of Fir*t Fluor, mnst be delivered and set in position within tfcreen. >nths fr?m date of acceptance of prop^al. aid the whole work must be completed within twelve months f'om date of acceptance. Pa>me<it* will be made monthly, deducting ten per centum until the final c.-mpletioa vf the contract All tod* must be accompanied by a penal bond, in the *nm of twenty th.-Uaand dollars ( fJO.uH.) that th*|. Id. r will accept and perf .rm the contract if ?warded bia, the sufficiency of the secaritv to be eertifi-d bv the United States Judge, the Clerk of the I'nitol S'ates Court,or the Diatrict Attorney of the D ??r.ct wherein he reside* The D-partment reserves the tight to reiect any or all bids, if it be deemed for the interest of th" Gov ernment to do so; and an> bid that is not made on the pritit- d f >rni, to b* btained in this office,aud doas i. t onfonu n every respect to the require ment* ..f th:? advertisement, will not be conaiderid; MitL r will any prop??a!s be received from parties who are not themselves engaged in the mannfWtare of Wr -tigl.t er Cast-iron Work, and who hava not the ne. e* ar> facilities for getting ont the work. Proposal* will be endorsed --Bids for Iron Work," ?nd anir? ssed to _m7 27t AIK)LF CLCSS. Superintendent. 4 'OAL AND WOOD FOR THE TRBASCRY V DEPARTMENT. Tt(i?riT Department, May 15th, 18TA Prop. .*i* to *uppl\ the Treasury Department with ^oal and W -si f. r tiie ensiling year will he received at thi> lb e np to noon of MONDAY. Jane 23, 1873 lastrnctioae to bolder* will he furnished >a appli cation to J H. SAYILLE, Chief Clerk. in 15-law3w I I'hr A Rep ) J>ROPC>SALS FOR SALB|0F WASTB PAPER Tgcast-gi DiriiTxivT.'Eay IVh.UT). _Seal d Pr >??*?!? for the WASTE PAPER of thu De-partment for the year ending Jnne 3U. 1874. will be received until IS o'clock, n<M>a, THURSDAY, Jane 19. 1873 Instruction* to l-idders will he faru ished on asplication to J.H SAVILLE. mis lswlw Chief Clerk. 16 TO GIYB NOTICE, TImI the snbscrib-r _ obtained fr.-m the Bnprsn Court of th* District of Columbia, holding a special term, let tern , I ?tmmistrati. n on the personal es ' f*e of BBNJAM1N F. WILKINS, lata of V aeait?gt.,a coaaty. D C . ill rraand All per ?ons aavng claims Mainat the said deceaeed are trtt' V? ?k* ?ame, with the vouch ?" aabseriber, on or before the Mth day ot May next; they maty otherwise bp taw ha ?Mladed from all bene* of the said Ztate Given omte> m, Ba?d. this Wib day ,4 ma* h* f J. HEIBERGBB. AdBiiui>tra*or. TJ'HISI |N TBI,CPTBIDUTftlCT Tkt 7it da* s/ M?f. M73 EHil BaIT?9 vs. saaaa Baato.x-Mo. ? As_ v\...k^s am Equity Docket 12. On motion ot the ntelatiff, by Mr Fa, I. B* his aoticltor. it is ordered that the defendant, Sarah HarU-a. caaae her appearaace to be aagared herein oa or b* tore the Srst rnle-da? oocarriag ferty days after thia day ; otherwise the caaae will be proceed td with a- ia caae of default. BytbeCoart, A WYL1B,Justice,Be. True copy. Teet; m?th 3t B J MEIGS, Clark, Ac ^UBBLl WON DEBS NBYBB CEASB.-AU woui Men's Suite in three different shadaa for triffin^aam^of il, at A. STBAUB', lSll^Pa. ?Xbp^STCTjEanrd at thb btbam cab BANKERS. [ tWII JOBNlOil * CO. BAKKIIS AID DEALERS IN FOREIGN AVb DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, EEMOTED to th*lr M* BwUni Bow on g^sussaffssf'^s^ o? - 843 D STREET. MBAB SEVENTH, 0H DEPOSITS, make JOL traaaacta 111 boaiaeaa connected with Banking epAly |g A M E I ft G HOCII J. H. I4CIIR | CO., M46 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. OFMIITI willa b d'? hotel, WASHINGTON, D. 0. * ?***? **liresl pud on dtpotut. Collection* made everywhere. th25 *?' Of offlcfn |B toe Army cashed 1b advaac*. anStr J'. BRODH1AO, ? ? Broker, Bo. ?3? Penna. axe., Room 8, Washington, D. 0. ?^??tlOD JfiV en to 1DTMtw.wt inrni HIjlm ?Wch wilT*?*!# totu"BeUrit,**.D?W?ffor*d M ?r???4 inKZrYi?V. ..? *?r cent. In MoanU Mid of !2lf til ^?'""?ble, profit FIRSTcftsS^ECURI? lES." in ?W,r r#MeCI BfU>ni by permisaion to Lewis Johnson A Oo . ggigo'-fe^jga.Ma. y.yaai **?*t Wiihinitop, D. 0. mar 17-3m I^HB NATIONAL BANE OP THE REPUBLIC (Corn* rof 7th Mid D ttrMi ) . ?OPtt PROM !? V M TO? P. M. lltlT-ly CH AS. BRADLEY, Cashier. nCRMAil AMERICAN 8AVIMU8 BaVr V* No. ?l? 8sVENTH Stheet, "***? Orretu* 144 FostdjUt U^mrtmma. ?.?B/f*-b<)?r,i.* *? ??to 4 ?. m. Bwnrdays op??n an ?".*> ???. to receive depesite only. -cbSjfiJjtta.4^0-^ Collectlone made And ^JT^1' A EBEBLT.V. PrMt. WoV*y 1 PBE*TI8S.Cfcib,F T"* "flRSi'MV"" "? Banking Bouse. No ;1A0T P<-umyIvanla avenue, , UTS fTm%$e'i!ifasSn. PATsTouif PKk mnr" *fKMmfk MoniA . ' " m dC"of de0^i,t1"0'- J"U "n" &***"> t?*ring 4 and 4 per Mat DMA RR A MFWhere. BRANCH OFFICES in all large towns Mid citlea of the Swath Mid S mthwest n_? ? m to 4p. at. Wadneeday and Saturday nights from AK to ? to receivedepoeitaonly. Call at tba Bank or ?end f?r a copy of the Charter ind By-ta-T 7&ly )AY COOK K * CO BUT AMD BELL FOREIGN EXOHAAni iBtoUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Jil OOOMjMcCCLLOCa * CO.. r.ara'" FATS 8 PER CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT IfitaratK commences from data of deposits. D^pfiaita can ha made and draw at will. KT* tf J- A. RCFF. Traa?rag STEAMER LINES. A NtHOR LIKI STEAMKRA, rv/nil tjffJ&LSi'Nor,h Rivar/New York. f'T*1WIDB?8DAT AND SATURDAT. ii P?aeenger acc..nim.?l.iti,>us on Steamers of this line are unxarpasaed for elegance <itibi and comfort. Cabin at Me rooms arc tll^XKrn on upper.deck, thus securing (r>od light"?"?fi and vaxtilMion. RATES OF PAfjstat th GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDRRRT W?<. y.'amtri CabllTretara tjeRagSSSK^ lx?t accommodationa. ?139 a13c ,, ... . Weerage, currency, 930. BATE* AS LOW AS BT AM? OTHER PIR.T-CLAM L!*E Fst. n w , or W AlKiisoN A t" 1 P un avenue n.w. Agents, Washington |\RW *XPRBaB LINE VIA CANAL, IAILI3IO DAT9. mm sSS?Asa^ o?T^*BiVrB?iT' ST/rr1 ?Do' tdm 8q*,?- in R?>atenb? i?il ? r,, ?Jf ? "? HTDE, Agent for D of O if " I-?"" * CO.. Pfa'laielphla. ?' ? *EID, Ale*aBdna, Va. WALDO A. PEARCE, 44 Oonfraaa Street, Boa ton. l^ftVce^ai^m^aA^S0''' **9nm Orders G<:Per*1 0fflr- ?0d Panns) Kim, arenae to stransst wharf will ba promptly attended boston, and The tna Iron ????? LADT OF THE LAKB ?s^rsrfher f^?SwV?o Norfolk, wUJ leave bar wharf, foot! THC RSDAV',?.?to^t^ar1ncl^l R,^ J^irsrsfij for*s3s?B Frei^ht should be addreased "care of Lady of the " _Branch ticket offlce at Eaoxl = . ~-.1-"y.- _ orsncn iicxet once a Offlce, 603 Pennsylvania avenue. *' * , Ag"nt, Ath-street wharf. mu *wE2S%?LAeiTT' Agent. ?14 Plant*? tore, oorver Ikh at. aid Pa ? Cl eve. RAID IKE. THE BBITISB AND NOBTB AMBBIOAM BOTAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN HEW TOE* and LIVEBPOOL, CALLING AT COBK HARBOR FROM NEW TOR*. 'Java Wad May ? Cuba .?._M ed..JniK- 4 Scotia Wed. June II ' Algeri?_..Wed. June h ?Kusela.?Wed. 15 Partbia,?8at_.. May SI Saniaria.?8nt?June J Abyaalnia.-8e?....J une 14 Batevia.?8at__J,ii.e 21 Oelabrla. .Sat hui-K ftt ramere k.a '? ~ ? ?' ?"i'* JO mmmm* marked thai * do not carry Mrin bm ??mm ' mm* psr-?aa 6i''era?a, BAD, currency. ..e?Tr*?VicA'B*2fro* Liverpool and Qeeenatowa And ail parts of Xurope. at lovoct rates ThPAnwh btlla of ladin, given BelfLTQU-?ow7h2??. Antwerp and other aolnta on tba Continent fg,' Mediterranean aorta. Tot and ??e,apaly et tbe Company ?? oftfce, No. ?B<?wKa Green;for steerage peaaeca. at No 111 Triattj UuiidtB?r " ' 11 CHAB. G" FRANCELJN._A?e*t, New Tork. H> OTIS RIGELOW', Agent, steamer Offlc., 1511 Pa. averse, novlA-ly Uaebiugtou, D. 0. JIIERCBANTV L1NB OF 0TBAMSHIP8 1 WASHINGTOn"aND NEW TOR. ^Wltnfo^tton applv to B. F. A. dbnham, at, oBica aad wbarr loot ot Hlfkatnat. Georte U?C AAthe eeraar of Vth mZZZZTieVi2R w"Freights delivered by Ebox*s Exareas Or dera left M General Offlce. 603 Pennaylvania ava tended to* ^ wWt ^ U MU-M ' J. W. TMOMPSOM. I 8?2?!iK ? SPwSiiz-'iKri ~"n.b,o"?" aictaaa,Drs. J.C.Hi ||m. voBMufi FBGTO&AL 8YBUP, MB OOUGHS AMD OOLDB. mm.?PLO "AAA VM 9H til STB. ^tLRR'B WHABF. esd Fttrmu. sa^s1^ **Iy O. T. AtLEB. V6^VFll^my~ MV UIBK jxgas tt4iwrsaa.rtt.tiy PIANOS, A*. AUIW LOT OF NBABLT HEW AMP SECOND-HAHD PIANOS, fcpas different faetorlea, now oa hand and fot aald pr rent on Itti Tx**?, to sake room at REKHEN BACH'S PIANO WABEBOOMS, 451* 11th *tr*at, above Pennsylvania avenue, Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co."* and Wa. He Caaunou'a PIAB08. Second- hand PI AMOS taken in fart p?y?ent for now Pianoa. mf tr rjUSTAY KUHB, PRACTICAL PIANO yB MAKMM, foraaerly foreman for P. Ltchte a C'>., tuner for Stelnwar A Bons,||HBr and lata toner for Metaerott A Co. Tuner 'II1' . aad repairer of P1ABO* and OBGAHS, Ho. OB9 Hew York avenue. Order* left at Karri* Jewelry Store, 699 Pennsylvania avenne; Nairn'* Drug Store, corner Pennsylvania avenae end 9tb street: Boeeuthal1*, Wl 7th ?trM, comer of H, will meet with prompt atteo'ion, and aatiifaction guaran teed. att-ly UTIBFP'S PIANOS, nnraaeaeed la sweetneaa of O tone and ?r?ll?nc? of flnlah: lowirtci?_j^^ and easy terme. O. L. WILD A BRO fMD Agents, 4X0 litb etreet, near northweet1" corner Pennsylvania ?Tenoe. dealer* la Piano* and Musical Instruments genet ally. Tuning and Repairing, Polishing and Tarnishing receive faithfnl attention. apl7-tr P. LUCAS. 1148 7th street n. w,T-nwnd ? t\t**1a:or nrPianot and Ortamt. Or^Mv dero received at Thompeon'* corner ISth *t N9TO and H. York ave. ; Getty1*, Bridge, near* 11 tl f Oougr***, Georgetown; and M?*ee', cor. 7th aad Pa. av. Piano* and other instrument* packed and moved All work guaranteed. mljt ly UCHOMACKBB A UO.TJ PIANOS. 9 PHILADELPHIA GBBAT BBPOCTIOH IN PHICKB. Theae instrument*, which, on acoooat of thetr as sert ortty over all other*, have in a few year*_?^^^ Become the mo*t popular here, aa well a* all|B3BH| Tver the country, ran be had now for the fol-"' IT" lowing low price* SOU ARE PIANOS from ?37l to ??1. UPRIGHT PIANOS from #400 to *701. GRAND PIANOS from to f 1,071 Person* who wish to save from #100 to $S0t la par chasing the beet instrument out, are invited toeall and compare for themaelve*. Piano* for rent. Pianos exchanged. Tuning and Repairingproperly attend* to. CARL RICHTBR, Agent, <114 tr 934 Pennavlvaala avenue THE TRADES. PRACTICAL PLI MBINO, GAS-PITTING and SEW KRAGE promptly attend^l to, on reason able term?, b> JAMES F BBIEN, No. 609 Louis iana avenue, near 4th street, north aide. R?eld?n<-e, 999 M street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED PI PE always on hand. mil tr Jt'otice of Hemovai. THE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOEORE coyOLCTto BY THE UN DERSIGNED OX SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI A VEX UE, AXO B STREET, BM TWEEN SIXTH AXO SEVEXTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WIL L BE LOCATED HERB AFTER AT THE Cer. of 13th street and Ohio ave. n. w. n.Slm ilATHL B. FUG ITT. HERA1G a LAG1RPCSU, Sncceaaors to HF.5BT HoRALCK, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, 407 P street, aN In* Between Sth and Sth sU. northweet. AWNIKea. JOHN C. HOG AN. 713 Market Spare, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Store*, City and Country Residences. TENTS and BLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kind* for wale. Bole Agent for the only genuine MILDEW PROOP AWNING MATERIAL. apt* tr pLUMBING AMD GAS-T1TT1HG. Thoae desiring to have their Plumblnt and Qa* Pitting done in a neat and substantial manner, and on reasonable terms, should leave their order* at 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. mg-to* WM. ROTHWELL. M CUNNINGHAM, HATTEB, ? 1011 P Street, between IMn and 11th, ha* the pleasure to announce tnat he haa received fm the Spring Sty la of Broadway BLOCK, and is^L prepared to furnish Hew Hata made to order them or r.Bodel old atylea; also, an aaaortment of Pelt Hat* for aale, on reaaonabla tana*. f?-tr IUM, ?EBW. M. G. COPELAHD, 04) Loalataea avenue, one door eaat 7th AWNINGS for Otor*e,City and County rtttmrk* ia style and finish. PLAGS and TENTS for sale and raat. BOOMS DECORATED. All Canvaaa article* mad* to order DANOIHG CLOTHS. J B. TUHTOM, CARPENTER, BUILD EM. a mo OOHTBAOTOB. Order* for Hoaaa Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo rector ?* Work speedily atteuded to. Bhop* aad Office. jang-tf ISth treat, below B*t. aortbw*ffi. HEAL ESTATE AGENTS. ~ J UAH BOYLE. FRANK BARN0M JI'AR BOVLC A CO., REAL ESTATE AXO NOTE BROKERS, No t>04 Uth street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. BOB SALE?A handsome HOUSE on I street, Ho 913. A new large double HOUSE, corner list and H HOUSE So. 1010 Maaaachusett* avenue. HOUSE No. 996 >1 street eaat, for sale or rent, fur niahed or unfurnished. A COTTAGE in Willard's Bow; price. 02.6u0. Several small House*, from fSAUU to S5,unu, small cash payment*. We have several very line PARMS, improved and unim proved, on different railroads running from the city, for sale at low figures or exchange for city property. 3U0.UU0 feet of GROUND lu various portions of the city for sale at low flcures, on easy terms, or will exchange for productive improved property. apM-tr Geo. truesdell a co., REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 414 7th street, (over German American Saving* Bank.) Special attention given t? RENTING, COLLECT ING, PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer (by permission) to?General Beaj. Alvord, Pa>ma*ter General U.S.A.; Janiea 8. Grinnell, Chief Clerk U. 8. Patent Office: John Praaer, Arch itect: Hon. P. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. Douglass, Cora miaaioner Internal Bevenne; Wm. B Moee*, Purul tnre Dealer; C. E. Prentlas, Cashier German Ameri can Savings' Bank; Col. John M. Peseenden; Hon. John Hltt, Consul General of Switzerland. ali ta' AD8TIH P. BBOWH, Corner H. Y. avenue and 1Mb street, Washington, D. O.. WHOLBaiLI DlALH IB LUMBER, LIMB, 0BMEHT, SAND, Ao., A?., Ac LUMBEB BILLS cut to vrder on abort aotloe. BLUB STONE for Building, Maradaastviag aat Paving parpoae* delivered la aay part of the Di* irict. ? BEAL ESTATE bought aad sold aad Bona rested. To tbi* branch of tb* baainea* 1 will I after give By personal attention, aad will be at i office dally frotr 10 a. *?? until 4 p. ?? ?rl-tr LIVELY stables. JB. OLCOTT A S?)N, . BOARDING, L1VEBY d BALB STABLBS 410 Stb atreat, bat. D and E, and Chain Allay, H. between ISth and Uth. Office, WUlarda. Beat carriagea furniabad. Special oar* paid to ths hoarding of bora**. dedl-ly A^JfA^fenGBTA STYLISH CABBIAGES aad 00i ABLHB. JACHMBB. ly 1SBA M atreat northwaat. A BLUIGTOH STABLES.?B. CBDIT, JB. ? ? BTBBBT, BtTWin 17t? lis IBtB Oarrtaga* by day or nl?bt, aad tor widtaf or a o-namau. D ^ Horaaa aad Bagglea for Hira. aad a mate (apply at nrsassHfuiT. ? bow to it yon alway*dr*Meo atyliab, aadbavi^ Bat AUCTION SALES. rvvt;ri u Northwest MU) lad Di chancery balk or a thiu-itobt f*?rOlf ^D8**?***rV??CrnI'OT 8I*TnHA^B??55I*S0EI^' between AT AUcfioM Urm* ni?? WEST. ? .K^Tirtue.0tV(S?cr'^of 0?art of ^UwdXrfftl?tti,pans-d u? the 1Mb day B ^"ofMay.A B. UfSjaede in tb* niw if Waite n. Waite, and others, B*. 3,181. Equity. 1 shall HI on the KniiiHi. on MONDAY, tkr Sid day of June, A. D. 1873. it ? o'clock p. m , *11 that certain piece or pare*I of ground in toe citr of Washington, Di? trict of Colombia, and knesrti and described as lot numbered eighteen (13), in sqnare numbered Mir hundred and fifty-five(456), excepting a portion of <aid lot Are (4) feet in width, on the eastern ?iie of said lot seven (7) feat and six i?> inches iu width <* ha rear of raid lot. which ha* been reserved for ill?T(,tn(?lher with the improvements, which con hat of a three-story and attic brick dwelling house, and a brick stable. Tbe abOTe lot haa * front of twenty-four feet. Alao, a vacant lot fcdjoining, hav ing a front of M foot 3 inches, witba depth of 121 feet more or lea*. with line aide and back alleys. The time of sale aa prescril>ed by deoree are: One third of the pnrcbaae in cash, and the remainder in sjnal installment* of six, twelve, and eighteen lionths, for notes bearing interest from the day of tale, and secured by thd note* of the purchaser, and inch other aecnritjr aa may be satisfactory to the raatee. Conveys icing, Ac., at th? coat of the pur chaser. ?2U0 a ill be re<|itired at the tiire of sale, ?nd if the term* of *ale are not complied with within ire da< * front the day of sale, the trustee reserves he right to reaelj the property at the rink and cost >f the d'-fanlting pnrcha?-r or purchaser*. by ad rertising the *ame three time* in ?.mn newspaper published in tbe city of Washington JOHN r KSN'IS. Trustee. GREEN A WILLIAMS, mI5-d f Rep., my 18-d) Auctioneer*. Y THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctieueer, 419 7th street. 'HANCEBY SALE Or VALUABLE IMPROVED PKOPKRTY ON ?fH STREET WEST, BE TWKEN O AND P STREETS. NORTH. Under and by virtue of a decree of (he $u | prenie Court of me D>trirt of C dumbis, hold ling an Equity Court for said Dist-irt pass-i on he 16th day of , 1S7J, in cauae No S)10. wherein Le* m H. Schneider ia complainant ail WilliatnG. jallant and other* are defendant*, th- undersigned niatee will aell at public auction in front of the ?remise*, at o'clock on FRTDA Y.tlie ttih .lay of lime. 1^73, th-- following ileacribed parrel* of real wtaie situate in Washington, in said District, to vit: Lot lettered K in Corcoran'* recorded subdivision if lota in square four hundred and forty-six <iui\ mproved by a lately built three *tory pr*ss-brick rout Dwelling, for which the term* of *%le, a* pre cribed by aaid decree, are: One third of ratrcha** noney to b- paid in rath; the r-sidue iu four e iu*l n*talmeiits at *ix. twelve, eighteen and tw.-nti four noiitharespectively, with intereat from day of sale; ir all cash at option ot purchaser. And immediately after the above sale th? trader ligned trustee, bv virtue of the same d'-cree, will ell kts fifteen (15) and sixteen (IS) in Gallant a re onled aiihdiviaion of part of square four heodred ind seventy-nine (t79l, improved by a two-story Irirk Dwelling Thi* la?t property ia aold subject o an encumbrance thereon, to be assumed by the lurrhaa-r, of twenty-five hundred dollar*, payable ?o jears after February 29th, 1S72, with interest at en percent, per annum, and the term* of aaie for ihich are: One lialf ca-h; residue In aix months, rit h intereat from day of aale,or all caah at option f the purchaser. In each caae the promiaaory note* of the pur haaer will be requir-d for the ileferred payments, ihich are to be a lieu until paid on the property old. glUOwili be required on each bid when ac epted. If ternia of sale are not complied with in ix daya the trustee reserves th*' right to resell at isk and Cost of defaulting purrhaaer W. E EDMONDSTON . Trustee. roSf-eoAda THQS E. AiiOAHAN. Auct li BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Eatate Brokers, onthwest corner of P-nn. avenue and 11th street, Star Office Buildinf. BlfeTEE S SALE OK A C<?M FOBTAltLE TW"t bTORY BRICK ?N TIIE WEST SIDE OK 13th STREET. BETWEEN W AND B<?CN DARY STREETS, BEINO No ?iit)l Cu'l<-r and by virtu" of a certain d-ed of trust, bearing date on the Hth day of May, A D. l-^J Muli ot recojd iu Libei No. 688, folio :&*, one of lie lainl records for the Diatrict of Columbia, and to ie directed. I will sell, at public auction, to the ighest bidder tlier?-for,on THURSDAY, the l?th ay of June. A. D. 187.S. at 6'j o'clock p.m. on the realise*. Lot mviuhvred *eveutv -eight (78), iu E K. illen's subdivision of part of east half of 8-iuare umbered two hundred and tbirtv four < 2'M). in the it> of Washington,log.-ther wit)ith<- improvements, oD*iating of a two-atory Brick Dwelliug, being Ni !lt04 13tb street northwest. Terma of sale: One-third caah; and the residua in wo eifual instalments at aix and tw,l\e month*, fitb interest from the day of sale, secured to the ati-factiou of the Trustee. One hundred dollar ash to be paid at the time of sale, and if ths term f sale are not complied with within five day? th'-re fter, the Trustee reserves the right to resell upon ne week'* notice in some newspaper printed and ublished in tbe c ity of Washington, at the risk an<l ost of the d<-faulting purchaser. A THOMAS BRXDLEY. Trustee. tr.77 3taw3w LATIMEK A CLEARY. Aurt*. Y GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Ho. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D ?to. RC STEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN Sgf'ABE Mo.67rf.NKAR ST. ALOYSIUS CHURCH. m By virtue of ade<-dof trust , dated Noremlxir m I3tb, A. D. ItCl, and dnly recorded in Liber No. ? <W8, tollo ll), Ar ,of tbe land records for Wa*h ugton connty, D. C . and by direction of the party ecured thereby, I will aell at public auction in front f the premise* on THURSDAY, the Ath day of une. A. D. 1873, at 6 o'clock p. m., all of Lota Noa. iZ. 14.3, lit 113 and 146, in Gilbert's recorded snbdi isioif..f souare nnmt?ered six hundred and seventy ive (675 ) in the city of Waahiuctun, with all th* mproveinenta thereon, consisting of aswriy inished )we||ing Ilon-es, Terms of sale: One-third in rash, of which $5o ?Ukt lie paid on ea<'h Lot at sale, the remaining on leferred pai ments. to be mmle in aqnal payments in i*.twi Ive, eight ten and tweuty-f >ur months after ab>, w it li interest at ten per cent, per annum, and *cured by deed of trust to the satisfaction of tb> rrastve T- rms to be fully complied with within six lays afier day of sale, otherwise the Trustee re erve? the right to resell the property, after one i-e-kV notice, at the risk and cost of first pun htssr. ill conve) unciiig at purchaser's cost. WM. H. WARD. Trustee. miC-eolds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BY DUNCANSON, DOW LINO A CO., Aucts., boutheaat corner 9th and D streets northwest. SALE OF FINE ROSEWOOD PARLOR SCITE, WALNUT CHAM11KR BETS, DAMASK CUR TAINS, OIL PAINTINGS, MARBLE TOP TABLES, STAG HORN IIAT TREE, Ac.. CON TAIN ED IN HOUSE No 04* NEW YORK AVENUE NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MoRNING, Jane 4th, rmiimenc'iig at 10 o'clock, we will sell,at 04s Ml \ e\t Vork aT- nuv. lietMi-en 9th ami 10: h streets I \ lnortbweat. the eutire Household Furaitnre, Paintiim. Ac., consisting of? Roseweod Parlor Snite. W alnut Parlor Suite.

Ri sewood and Walnut Marlde-top Tables. I)ama?k and Lace Curtains. Mantel and Pier Miirors. Stag Horn Hat Tree. Oil Paintings, Engravings and Chrom<>* Hidel o?rd. Extension Table. Dining Chairs. R'-frigerator, Bookcase. Walnut Chainl>er Sets. Cottage Sets. Feather*. Hair and Shurk Mattr<*ss?*. Table*, Bureaus, Wasbstaud*. anlr ibes. Work Stands. Blankets, Comforts, S|>r< ..ds, Sheets. Velvet, Tapestry, Three-ply and other Carpet". Oilcloths, Rugs. Mats. Parlor Ornaments, Va?es, Ac. Cnt Glass. China and Crocker>. Kitchen Ltensils, Tubs. Ac., Ac Being the effects of a ladv d<-cliniug hous keeping ueaaratory of leaving for Europe. Tnis sale is worthy the attention of parti"* d'-siring o obtain ftt^t-class Furniture in go<*l condition. Ternis ca*h. DUNCANSON DOWLINO A CO., IBep ) Auctioneers. BT B. H. WARNER, Real E*tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TilO 7th atreet, between G-aud H. VALUABLE BUSINESS LOT FOR SALE AT AUCTION, ON EA8T SiDE OF 7th tfTREET, BETWEEN N AND O STREETS, NEAR MEW CORCORAN MARKKT SI will *ell, on the premises, on MONDAT, June t|d,lK73. at 0 o'clock p. m , a Lot on the east side of 7th street, betw een N and O ,?) feet Trent by 116feet deep to a aide ia.-d alley. Title perfect T-rm?: Oae-lonrth cash; balance in 6.13.13 and K months, with 7 per cent, interest. $50 down <>u day ?f sale. B.18-dAd? B. 11 WARNER, Auctioneer. I*Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, D No. 1001, northwest coruer 10th and D ata. TRUSTEES' BALM OkTaLUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTT FRONTING ON Yni STREET VEST, BETWEEN S AND T STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust dated the 11th day of Noveml/<*r, 18M, and dnly recorded in Liher No. (01, folie 393. one of the land records of Washington connty, D. 0,1 will sell on TUESDAY, the 17tli day of June, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., in front of ttw premises, at public auetioa, lot No. 10, in s<jusre No. 417 in the city of Washington in the Diatrict of Columbia, tog*ther with all and singular the improvements thereon Terms of sale cash, and all conveyancing at coat of the pnrrbaser ?W0down at the time of aale. JAMES JOHNSON, Truetse. mi8 1aw3w GREEN * WILLIAMS, Aorta. B Y B. H WARNER. _ . Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 7510 Seventh street, between G and H. ? By virtue of a deed of trust to me, dated May 19,1871, recorded ia Liber No. <49, folio JST. one of tbe land records for the connty of Washing ton. I shall offai for sale, in front of the premises, on tl'ESDA Y, June 3,1873, at ? o'clock p. m., sub lota nnaiberedSO and 31. in square numbered 8?, with tbe improvements thereon. Terms of sale: Oee-fourtli of the purchase money cash.(of which 928 must he immediately paid;) bal ance in six and twelve months altar day of sale, with interest,secured br deed of trust. If the terma are not complied with ia tea days after day of sale, the property wttl be reaold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser Deeds aud recording at the expenes of the purchaser. HI "IVVafttTS: Igr* SWC1BSFSW ? jli*i LIBEI MtmK, TRUSTEE'S BALI OF VALUA PROVED PROPERTY AT THB 0< 16th AMD H STREETS W virtue of a dMdof trust to ?jH'J*** the tat day of Ftbnwrv. A. ! ?roifttr front* about 40>* feet on W> . depth of about 9 feet, to an altar, and Mad* r?t, and ta Improved with a lar?e?4?*ory itAra * AUCTION SALES. THIS ArtitM?w. f|t LATIMEB * CLEARY, I> Auctioneers and Beni Bstate Broken, iMtkVMl comer Pepnfrl'aaia avenue and 11th St., Star OflceBufldlngs. TBUSTEB# BALK OF A H1BT H.AM BBS TAIRA>T K? 4?0Tti 8TBBBT NOBTH W EST. Ak? LB ASK. Br virtue of a deed of trnrt to Me, recorded tu B Liber Nth. fa. folio 103et seq .of tW land record* ^?of the Dlstrtrt'of Columbia, I will sell at public auction, on THUEHD A Y. tb* ?9th day of ?ev, 1<S. at 11 o'clock a. m? on the premises, tbe entire mark in trade, fnrnitur- flxturea and lea* of the prem taea Mo. 440 7tb street northwest. in tbe rKy of Washingt >n. D. C . tonfterlj known aa " Elctnaah Brataarant The houae ts doing * e*>od fcusinea*. and t* pxn piste in all of iu appoln vents It will be eolj m a whole. Tbe leaae ha* twe year* to run from th-? tat d*v of Jnly next, at the monthly ?ut ef (tki. Term* of aale: |1jW, ?H interest at eight p*? rent, fretn Jan ?. U73, and tbe expnneeaof sal# iu cash, and the balance at *iz months, for which the note of the purchseer, bearing interest from the day of sale. and secured by deed of tniat on the pro p?n y sold, will betaken. A deposit of .fwn will be re quired of tbe purchaser at the time of ??ale. wm. r mattfngly ml9d * B' ?? ? i I.Trustee, kATIMICR A CLEARY. Ancts TBOS. B. WAOOABAH, Beal Estate Auctioneer, MS 7th street. TRrSTEE f KALE 7T? VERY VALUABLE BI'ILDINO LOTS, ADJOINING ST ALOY BITS CHURCH, AND NEAR IBB NAVY YARD, AT AUCTION ? By virtue of a decree in Chancery, Einitj . auxe Mo. 1,19k, in tbe Supreme Cotrt <?f the -District of Colombia, wherein McDertn<>tt et *1. are complainants, against McDermott et al <le fendants, the undersigned, as Trustee, will sell at public auction, to th>- tiirh-st bidder, on WEITOE> DA Y. May 'J**!!!, at & o.-lock e m . all of I, its 1.1. J. 4. 5 *nd?4 in square (21. fronting on K. street north, an.) N>rth Capitol street Oi. THf R8DAY, Hay *9lh. at 4 o'clock ? ir .jm the premises, all of Lot Nr?. 1. in square 1 .ott, i.-iu? at tbe corner of south K and 15th street* east. The above property offers rare opportunities for investments in real estate, as M i? located in one of tbe most improving and * alnable section" of the city Terni* of sale: Oue half cash; balance in 6 and !? nronths, with interest. A dep"sit of fifty d illar* will be required on each lot as soon as cold. All con veyancin* at cost of purchaser. Tbe above Lots will be divided into building ljtF to suit purebaaers Part t ulars at -al" SAM'L. L. PHI LLI PS. Trustee. ml?dt? TH08. B. WAG4AMAN. A net BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Bstate Broker*. Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenae and 11th et. Star Office Buildiug DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON 0 STREET. BETWEEN 1<th AND 14th STREETS NOBTHW EST. AT AUCTION w-k On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. May *9th. E! a ?? ? clock, we will sell In front of the prem ^?-es, lot M->. 19, ill square N". having a front ofdrt feet 8 iu< he* on U street, between 14th and 15th ?treet*. wit li a depth of llOfeet. The property will t>e sulslmded to suit purchaser* Terms: One-third ca-h: residue in six ant twelve months, with interest fnmday of sale. Deferred payment- to be secured by deed of tri?-t Convey tii< ins at coat of purchasers ?2? on each lot at time sft-ale, or if taken by one porch?er *75 m* dAda LATIMER A CLEARY Auct*. By latimbb b cleart, Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneer*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud lltb ft., Star Ofllce Building. CATALOGUE 8ALB LARUE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION HISTORICAL. GEOLOGICAL, ETHNOLOGI CAL. AGRICULTURAL. SCIENTIFIC AND MISCELLANEOUS BOORS, Embracing complete sets of ?, Tb- AntialM of Congress ami Couffreesional 7D. bs?es, American Archives. State Paper*, Ac . ,vc. Sch<iolcraft's American Iudians. xpli-tidid Polio Shakespeare. Works >f D'1 keus, Bulwr. Leigh Hunt. Poe, Ilocd, Waverly Novels, Sc., Ac.,t" be mid at our Sales R>oin*, corner of Fetit sy^ama a\eim*- and lltb -ir^t, on TUESDAY EVENING, Ma> J7th.and FOLLOWING EVEN ING8.c<>niniencitig at T o'clock. B^TParties nnable to att-nd the 8al? can have their ord-'r? executed by tlie Auction-er. Terms, cash. mH LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct*. I Sunday Herald A Capital ! _ BY LI TTKELL * DUNMINGT?N, Auctions-r*. 917 Louisiana ave ,l>et. 9th and 10th sis. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED BKAL ESTATE: U TH BEE UTORY BKICK DWELLINGS ON SOUTH SIDE OF L STREET. BETWEEN 4?i AND *>tu 801THWEBT, (ISLAND.) By virtue of a deed of trust, 8-ptember HI. A D , IS,!, and duly recorded In Liber No. 6'/J.t >lio 5&4. one of the land records f^r the Di-tri<*t of Columbia, an<l by request of party secured th-Teby, I ?ill at public auction, li. front <>f the premise*, to : he highest bidder, ou SATURDAY, May 31st , A D , lST.'l at 6 o'clock, p. m , all that certaiu piece . r panel of grouud lying aud being in tbe City of Washmston, in said D.strict, and ku<>wn as the aest half of lot numbered twenty, (JU.) in square ninibered hve hundr-<l and one, (501,1 fronting H leet SS incb>-s on south L street, by e-jual depth of 129 f'-et 11 inches, and bounded on the west by a 15 foot alley, and on the south or rear by a 3D foot alley, together with the laiproveiuenta thereon. Term* of sale on each House: One third cash, (of liirh .??? ??? aliicb 975 on each piece of property must be paid ime of aale;I balance in equal payment*, in one and two yeara, with interesi at the rate of eight per , ...U ......r.i M ilie rate OI eight per :snt.per annum, pay abb- aetnt-annually until paid, Irom day of sale the purchaser giving notes to he secured on the property told to satisfaction of trus lee. Conveyancing and recording at purchaser'* :o*t. The Trustee reserves tbe right to resell tbe property at the risk and cost of defaulting pur -haaer or purchaser* iu caae the terms are uot coniplietl with within sis dacs after sale. WM. F. HOLTZMAM, Tnwtee. ml?d L1TTRELL A DUNNINGTON, Auct* 8 V GBEBN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, 1 Mo. 1001, Northwest cornerlOth and D street* TRUSTEES BALE "or"VALUABLE UMIM PROVED REAL ESTATE LYING ABOUT 10W YABD8 NORTH OP BOUNDARY BTREBT, AND FRONTING 343 t?9 lOO FEET ON BOTH 7th AND StH STREETS, N. W .EXTENDED B? virtue of a d?-creeof the Suprem- C<>urt of HBthe District of Columbia, iu the case of Hoover, ^^gnaolian, e*. Hoover and oth-rs. No. 2Jt?, Eouity Docket 11. pasaetl on thettth day of Octotx-r. 1-72. I mill sell, at public auction, tothe highe*t bid iler, in front of tbe premises, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY, the 9th day of Jnue.1473. Lots 45. 4>, 47, i8, 49. 50, SI, 62, of a subdivision of part of Mount Pleasaut. recorded January 19th, ISM. iu the land record* ofthe District of f^>lumbia. Terms of sale: Ten per cent. of the purchase money to b> paid at time of aale- the balance in three equal ineliillnieiit*, one iu tendays. ont in*ix months, and one i i one year from the confirmation of said aale. The last two instalments to bear interest at tho rate of ten pei cent per annum, and their payment to he *ernred by adeed oftrust on the property. C ?nvey ancing at the cost of th> purchaser. In default of the payment of the flrst of said three instalm- nt-, th-- Trustee reserves the right to re?e|| the property on the terms above mentioned, at the cost aud risk of th defaulting purchaser. LYDIA A HOOVER. Trustee. m27-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. I1Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, I) Northwest corner loth and D streets. PUBLIC SALE OF VAU^CbLE RE AL ESTATE. B\ virtue of a decree of the Circui t Court for Prince George's county, sitting as a court of eijuitj , pasned in the case of William O. Jones and Ann Jones, his wife, et al., vs. Basil Beuson et ai., the *ub*criber, a* trustee, will sell M public auction, on the premise-, on SATURDAY, the 7th day of Juue, 1873, at 1 o'clock p. m.,(it fair; if not, on the next fair day,)the real estate of the late Wm. Sibley, consisting of several parcels or parts of tracts of laud, called "Deacon's Hall," "Cramp ton'* Ltd," and part of "Elizabeth's Delight," con taining 168 2-10 acres, more or leas, situated in Prince George's county, between the Baltimore and Wash ington and the Metropolitan railroads?two miles distant fr. m each?adjoining the farina of E(-Secre tary McCulloch, William G. Metzerott and General Micbb-r, and the Adelphia Mills, owned by George W. Riga-, and eight tuilee from Washington city. Thi* laud is beautifully located, in good con dition, abuudantly supplied with wood and water - there being two spring* of pure water near the bouse?and a good mill site,aith ample aud never failing water-p?.wer. The improvements consist of a good tao-story dwelling house and suitable oat-houses. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase muuay to lie psid in cash on the day of sale, or ratification thereof by the court: and the residue in equal iu.>taJ ments, in six and twelve month* from the day of sale, and tbe payment thereof to be secured by the bonds of tbe purchaser or purchasers, with -uretie* to be approved by the trustee, with interest ou the whole purchase money from the dav of sale. A dep-?*it of ??? will he rvqnired on the day of aale. On pay ment of the whole purchase money the trustee will execute a deed to the purchaser, at his coat for the conveyance If deemed deairable, the trustee will divide the above-mentioned real estate, to suit purchasers. BI0HARD B B. CHE W, Trustee, mai d GBBBM A WILLIAMS. Aucta. B- Y B. H. WARMER, ? Reai Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Mo. 7)19 7th street, between G and H. VALUABLE 1H thb Corner or , ... a*>v?a mo, U'llUHS, BUI K (Df request of the person secured thereby, 1 will sell at public auction, to tbe big beet bidder, in front of the premises, on V B1DAT, tbe 13th day of Jnue. U73. at 0 o'clock p m., lots numbered nineteen (?>awl sixty-four (<4> in subdivision of sqaare numbered onehuudred and eighty-two < 183J aa the same are known upon tbe public plats aud plan of the city of Washington. This i audi OU L m frame ..... nn. >uu iwu ? iisr rrame bouaee, aud is located iu a rapidly improviag part of tbe city. The property will be eold subject to a prior taenia branee of B4jM?. which stature* January 10,1874. Terms: One-half cask, aud the residue ta si) months, with Interest from day of sate. 9 UP to bade postted when tee property is struck off. All convey anoinc at coat of purchaser. ?M . V ? ?WAlSf,iBTu^: IJM1TBD STATU MABSBA.L'8 BALBT In virtue of two wi Clerk ?* oBce of the sg' he Ef* AUCTION SALES. BT PCBCAKBOB. DOW LINO A PO . A**. . BouUkW coiner of fth anl D *reet. imtkwMt. 'Vh ARf1 *,1 in it!, *t* >\Pm? 1 k OK w*Tt??' WO^ITUlI, D 1* if Arc. T?^' 0* ACWCMt OF FBEIOHT a N it I sTo*a..e di e lady or the iake ^l?.0n.-?ATt ,PAT A'TEBNoon Ms. -#a*? . Wl. commencing at .* >Y1ork. w- ? zzjg?*'w w"?' ?*?*- ?***? ; I" barrel.- dead bil. ***<\ f ?r ?"Akftjj p*unjt coburi d ro Kan I ??II ? wharf, aotftn he mi l t pay freight and St rs.e ' du* us as ?rnu and .Tthe h'wTlm 4 tk? L?kf Nrtir#Imrmtnl wvll t.vk' n.'tice GEOBUE H PL ABTltOO Arwnti Afl^V.. "? puncanmi/ DOWl/k(TTco?a!3? Bt latiheb a ruABri " Aur11oneers a nd Real Exit* Brotor* 9OVtaW0|( corner PeQD*ylTA||^ lTfQt((? aqH llfh ?f Star Ottoe BwiMrng " I AT TB ACTIVE BALE^T 0 U B AUCTION f fl\ OnBATUBD.AT MoBNING. May J| c .? ! Ul meoeiag m IB o'clock. we **Jh" rvo"*. ? *?ry ?l|xn i c-.ll , ti .n JJl1?f H-neeh>ld Q >, Ac., ' iwhrsr ng hairr',J,,%,"1r*?*. M T Tables, w ajout M T. Chamber Furniture, w sln-rt B-<1<tead.. Bnr> ?n? and Bri??|? Ttirrf-Hf and Ingram Ca; p- a Hair a-n] Bu?l ??ttn-?w?. Oi rliiilw, fftil'i H-.|. H.Vrrni,,! PillWind .? S!*a' ?. lane a >d Wood sea' Baking and other Cliaira, ' i ? aliiut Svt'-t.?i .|? rtiiiPK TaMw, ?? frigerators. Crockery and Glv.. Warp, Heating ??,1 Noim, Kitchen Fjruilurf Ac .Ac . Auo, ^ Ca?k?, in (mrf condi: ,n. Lot S?-< ixj baiKl D >r?. Saafe. Ac. TVrms -ash m?? LATIMER A CIEAKT, A eta. RV DI'NCAKSOS. DOW LING A CO . Am-t. AJ Southeast corner Ninth aud ?. northwest. S ?Y?.!,J>rTAV* RosicWOop PI\No, MAR I S ;S?? >Kt. Lol N'< K>. W \ Kl> ?*5?*.'.TAPESTR* CARPET,CvOK 8T"\K I Rlf HI<iKKAt <K. Ai . A> , Oii\TAIX(|) IN H"1 "l- 1 I 1th mmo it north h r?r * i On Mo> DAT MORNING,.Iau-*i. 1 |^^Hm< nrinr at |rt otkk. w ?ill . || ,, : "" House *?17 IHIi M?mn H tii.l | of-*** northwest. the entire r wt-nta, c??iatia| 1 "?tfn ncU?f RhwwivkI Piano 1 M*rble t -|> Cottage *et. w ;4,dr ,|.e 1 Tap#?tr? l'?r?rt. L ??nap,Ch*tr?, Bonkcw* T.<i>lo? K fruorator.O" -k stoTo.c'rock-rr. Ac . Ac Wuh uumei.xia <<th?r articlo. ?>? DI B^ AHMIX, DllWUBC A C'O . tnrx. BT LATIMEB A CLEABT AwtMuwo aud B< aJ E*tat<> Broker*. SoathauM Cv?m?r Peon?> Irani* aT?iiu<< uj jjtb at btar Oltic* Buildnt#*. W.ALSI T I'A KLOK PI'BNITCBE IN UKKFS AMD BTBIPED kEP* ttHBlt MAKHI it Top' h?mheb si iteslwalni-t .7*oak RABBLE TOPCHAMBEkri BNITI KI KB 5r/aJ?,'iM'i?'"AI S- 8EDBTEADS, WASH iT.V'r1 *ND TAB1.E8, HKI .4SEI,- ASD 2i^i^ CABE AND WOOD 2SaT.?.C,lA-lJ^^^l^L0THSi WINDOW BHADM. PEATHEH BoL*T? lt^ AND I'lL i-OW>. HAIR AN|i HUSK MATTKKS^IC* E\TEi>-D?N DIN I N G T.ABI.K CHINA AXli GLA.^W ARE IIE.ATINii SToVK- CooKINr BABGE. KITCHEH PI RSI TORE. A < , ' (?\ Oil MONDAT MORNING. Juno 'J I, |iCi nrnwiii* at lo ,.Vlu, k.we al.ali J||, J mi" r. ?idoi>c. 717 l?th ?tr?t. I^??? ?j aD.i I ' " F' ??drr M B. ctiuri h, the at. up nifiiti .n.d colltvtlou of Hotiafh'.ld O ?.xfa _m.t? d_j R. p1 LATIMER A CLKAET, An.^a RT ?JlB,52L*. W1LL^M8, AoctlodMira, ?* Wo. 1WI, oortbvnt corner Mb iHd D ati. VALUABLE PROPKRTT, AT THK CORKtK 1 srwa.'ift'Eus*??; ^ Va WEONEBDAT.Jun. 4?l>.lCS,at6*'el.?k BP, B I?B tbf W" BtmJl HI,tVOtf > 1.1 I u.I.,v?J^sand LoUi,~iu* '*rt ,f L* * ? T^rma: doe half caali; balance in ?, 12 and IS moiitlt., for notpg bcarlii* int?-r?-?t, aud K-tur^-l b? a ? Ip.-d .l trimt ,.n th- pr.|ni?M Stamp., cat "I putiliMfr ?S?d?wn on ?..t<~li him., at tim <>t ' , GREEN A WILLIAMS I g Anctl iumri RV LATIIBKR A CLE ART, ?? Aurriwtiwr* and R--al K.tat- Br k. r?. ?..ut liw?-?i corn?r of P<-nn?vl\ ama avenne aud Kler- I enth str-. t. Star Office Buildiuc. ADMIN 1STRATOR S SALE. >-r ?irln?- of an ord.-r of tb?- B>ipr<-tno Oourt of tlM> District of i oluml.ia. h Idm* ? - afiecial t'-rtu, pa*??*d in tb?* ni^tt-r oftb*- ?? tat?- ?if J?hn B. Tiirton, d^. faa??d, I ? m a,.|| M _?!, A. V 1473. at th- iH.ur of 1? a m .on tli* pr-uua?. of tb"CoalTardof late John B Tiutnn.corner of Jeftenw^n street aud the Canal. In theCit> .fG -otga SiAlea, Wheel-Barrowa, lot <?f old ir .o an I iron FT*- ?M o?j?T and personal propero beloneibK to the .aid eat ate. t >ir") T<tdi< each. ? ? '? H Schneider Administrator LATIMER A CLK.AKV Aucta. * WIIAIAMB, Auctlnaeera, Bo. I OBI, northwest corner Wtb and D streets B _ jsss:s?"b m THLRSDAT, J uue Ath, Wfi, %i n o'clock TTF. 1' ?on tb? PT'-niiaea w. .hall sell part of lot in squar-. Bo >94, liavin? a front of |i|(rt n ,r,i' lat and North Capi^d street*, aud runutug back a | k4 <leath to an ailer Terms: Oae-thi rd < aafe. blUnce ~ V li aSd ls # . not,*1.l^?a* interest aud aecured b/ deed of trust on the premise*. Stamps at cost ?t #arc^a?er. BMidovn at ti^e of aaUT^ CREfN A WILLIAMS. An-ts B C H. WARNER, k 9UU ?rrtk*r Aoctionaer, No. 7BB 7th street, betweoc G aud H sti. THOl^bEBON8TBE ^J?STSSIUVS? WEST AT ACCTIONABY 8TEKITS NOKTU ? B) Tlttoe of a deed of trust to Daniel L Eaton i d,i' r"c 'r,lr<1 Ki *? .folio 1W, aud all->bjr .de, roe -fth- S.ipr.-me isonrto! the District of < dunibia pa?..??i iq Kn itv 2TJ1, "?*??***? U, .?l-,t.tStTu7tbe nndir T3?.**.,.n #"?,'? ?ante| L. Eaton, ie c?rmn?'d. I will Mill, mt puMic tuition. In front .?f t?.?s pren i-rs^on MOjiDAY. June 16.1.J73, a, ? ?T,.*? P~. ?* ^ ?.*f jot lettsreq D, in Fry V .nlxlivision of M. 6,6, .uid 7, in square BQ, b.>iiu4sd as follows ? Beginning at the northwe.t corner of aaidsouare ? t lhe',c' *"a,h a feet J Inc hes, th?nc? east 7U feet 3 inches to the intersection of thi. line ?ith B-'undarr stree t; tbeuc.-w??! along th- south line of Boundary stre-t 7? fe?t 7H inches to the W ginnmir, together with tlie inipro^enients tliereou Term. to be made known on t he day of sale. a iom d..wn on acceptance of bid. If term- of sale ar. not complied with within five days after sal. , th. Tru< r***rv>^ to resell the propertv at th ?t,he^defaultiBR purchaa. r. Convey ancing at purchaser ? cost. ?,*ie *^?EUE?1 W 8TICKBEY, Tru???. PiP-eoAds B. H WARNEB, Auct. R* DCBCABSON. DOWLINO A CO , Aurt.7 " Corner fth and D streets northwest 'bvtu^ w: LOT ON In STBEET. bktu ken M assachusetts avenue and C tTREET8 NOBTHEA8T. AT AUCTION A ??' W1DNESDAT APTkBNOON Juni 4th, ^W:>t ? o cl??k, we will sell, upon the preuiiaos. ?-thesoutli su feet front of Lot 10. S.juare 7?. And bounded as fstlow* BecinninK at the aontheaat angle of .aid lot 10, and running west Iiis feet thenre north 3D feet, thence northeaatw ards to inter !?*"' MansaeU?setts avenue at right angle# 1J ?] |.m feet, thence dne eaM 138 78 10U feet to Id street ?.?, i.^1 *"1nth *,?,D,r saxl s?reet Al fe?t, to place "yCRKJ^i 2nd conUln* M? ? ?0U SO n are f.^t _J*jhe above lot ia one of the finest oti Capitol Hill, and euier.t to th# ntraft otn. Thi? lot iriil l, parpMM4 'f de"ired> Md ??"?'??? for building Terms: One-third cash; balance in S and 12 mouths ^"ariu* intereat and secured by deed .f truat upon the premise*. Conveyancing, Ac., at coot of purchaser. A deposit of tluo re^uir^sl as ao->n as the property is knocked off. " Plat t<? be neen at our ofBce. nig DUNCANSON. DOWL1NQ A CO. Ancta. RT Dl'NCABSON, DOWLINQ A CO., Ancts " Corner fth and D *reeta northw vwt. OOOD8, MII.LINE BT AND FANCY GOODS AT AUCTION I J On SATl'BD A Y MOBNI NO. May 31, com- ! o'cl<s-k, aii.l coBtininag every ' MORNlMQ and EVENINti until the atock is closed out, we wilt pell, within oar aalesroom. *,Kr** *t'*k of Drv, Millinery aud Knncy tioods, removed for couvenleuce of aaie. We namt in part: Black snd Colored Silks. Merinos Black and Colored Alpacas, Poplins Black and Colored w?^?ftuU>l?. Or?dines. Lawns, 8witin?r Oassimeres, CUtha. Caainets. Prints, ginghams, Mnslina, Linen*. Pakay ? Whit' Goods of every description. Netting, Hosiery. Otoves, Fringes Ribls>ns, Velvets, Trimmin?s77c , Ac. This stuck is seasonable, and comarW? eon* of rtas MAuS V\?U f - - .... ^ MT A WW - . A J _ THI* wcii i* NPMitDAMf, and ( ttnpcWt of n* finest Dry Goods fiver offered. Buyers will be tar nished with seats The attention of dealer* U called to this sale, as the goods are in g >od Jots. ?nS7 DUNOANSON. DOWLING A CO., Ancta BT THOMAS I. WAGGAMAB, Real E stats AacUoosst ', BAB 7th By Tlrtne of a dead of trust from Charles v- ?? ?? MiePheraon, ? to J.ha D. MrPReraon, T?"!.'1 Liber MA, folio 3M, of ths land reoordsfsr Washington countr.iA the DMtrtct Colombia, I will, on MOMD " April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., Ik anction. In front ef the r , described in said wit: Lpt n Rqnarr No. 1?, with tB? impMvamei * ruHie Hi Tsrma: One third cash; ths *"'Tinnf tn six and ssrsirstiy^isasrartuc; " r~?*~g " n Tti 1 ii p??-MssB. wbBu& WPOBTPOBED, BT OIDB1 OF THK TKm iiilS jS^ISwiS sy^rannlnt hack ahmR MsJom ka a M foot teL ?>gy.i-yK I*aaw?i - EVENING STAR r?r ??n ? Ro??t? T? tic lo??< vTMlki ta 4*i k lh? Ikwm *1 ( *?? W tf r- a??- | lh? whu rf anr ?<?*? daad Vm'll ' Ikr Iwk lufH. fr?oti i> ?????, Wilb rKNW ?'? MrkyNrtol kMf Brief xr H>vrd ?*>*? ">? ?"? ?? .VTf ? Tb< drw "old f ?? b*naafk ?h?Ml I oe? mat the nart?* ll? ?tb-? d>?* t* aa**,? ???* W tbefr ?h" ~ F H Hi* ?i ar nw-rigc* m< freely B?vea Hf-r- M theaalioa b.*w H?n u4 (jeatlv 1*4 (?lli|N* Imk. I!%e d*w* * Viui >*ch ? *ad ?het* hi bio* H?K?i Place a whlt< tablet o'w tark a?W? In i H. And >?4 their ?l .* n? -?? ir.1 ifcw- l?* t >nad Tht* Kr- ?nir M? oca, ?fc?r? <>ai an) tier* r^l. Mi- arti'- r> ? liaad* earh aa-nsd ???** Bvt n?t ako?e ??> Mm ?* ki(fc r*?-^aa *sai: |?-at? ria?- a : ..f r '*"** b? ginm, B*tt ? laar <(< Ve I h? d?ad ? auk* fTlijar imwiIi, |.?*? to earth, ai- Klfhl In " TV- an'-inn miaut ? cat) m? a arri r akaall, T?t *?eni tm W* ailuc *??r lan4 ami *"%. Wbil* -%r Ihvar irate* I v a uida. tint at?k and **V||, Th<>ir '-f\ an t ?<roruf al i .'ir loa aliall b.-. But ?a~. * fat* ??. in < -wr itarr >? had*. TI11I1 Ml atxxit ) >ii Nalur* ?o?. ?a tine. Par l>n?l < ?? or??-Wi await vw r o.?M- h-aita Than tbr m~*\ mt>ut<? ?ku<< ?* hiihet t>r f I-N DC | S r l?'<aai r*ti What Cova-mrm* Kca^nel? A mm ot fii-ai nipsrutM-i" to tbr Peanajrlvaula raal road NMtpy. atj?iml In the it^mt court of i'litla<lt'l| h ia Kt Harriobvrf on S?t urdae ImI, involved the ij^tt of the plant iff to rcoovar damage* for tbe killing of a man at a cnMiaf ivvcr a public tilftiany. *bm 1 ?m> i<r>>*M that thr |*-rmn killed did not ,lo|> toliMk ? listen Iwtore be trove on the rrwanii Tka company contfnlH tbia aw nr(1ijmcr la law* which ??? df?W *.tj the other aid* t treat la tereat la felt in thr esar, a? It ta tbtfiifkt to iW lolrr tbeaafety ot ?a?Nengera and travelers, nnd ia an entirely nra pat tit The case is ol groat im loirtaiice to the raftr^ad company. aa it would bold tli.-ni resfienaiMf every case of injury at I'uWIc rruaunip' if "eolded agamat them It n> thought the decisict at the court below will be rttrned. Frr.MMJip i?k l.iM??*' Ut4?D A?UTMI IlilLWAi I'iiwiM T if umply a acht me to ivk nert HiiM>ia by rail wllb Itnttah India The gait to be tilled on the line Iu Heated Mawn ? Peterfburg and Calcutta '.a aalv a atreieh af M>me twenty-tire buiMtre! mlea acroaa 'kt iloaeit-ot Central A at a. where. la thr Wmt?r. everytlmig ia anowrd in and frozen up. airf wbere, ia the hummer, everything ta burned U|>. It Mould coal Kiiaaia, v <U lier K\atem af contractor*' ringa, Uardlv leaa ^ian one hundrad tbouaatid dollar* a tnile to bntld tbia road, m that the g?|> laentloned aill re mire the aarn of two huiMtn-d ami fifty million dollar* to rail IK aver aitli a ?mglr track Kut what ia thi* >ua comi>are<l with the iioianaiun ot llntiali In it la, which thia road will tranator to U.iaaia* That ta the <|aeatio?i.? X f. H'ral4 PorrLATt?i< thi Otui Wi.?i More than l.tim itumigranta landed at C<u?tle tiarden yea trrdav. *n<l the huat aceneaot tbelaat twowoeha were retiiactrd. "I'be atrangera were Iriah, licroiaii, aixl Swedca. Orel '?? atarted for the weat v *ooii aa tbeir t>aggage eould be laudnd ind paiwHl The deatmatiou ot moat ct them win tor the tar weat and nortliaeat. the Swedna invarialdv cliotwiHg the latter aa an abiding I-lace kioat of the immigrant are marrieg, and bring their taniiliea ?ith ll:eui.?X. I". >ti>?, ??*. Th<>ma Caklvlb hunaelt could hardly b? more l?U< t u|?on an>thing Hritiab than Mr. Kuakin baa Iteen when heaa>a.white loora'.iriag on tbe theme that bia age baa dtatitigiuahed it* -elt in the acquiaitMn of the deetructire and the loaa ol tbe d< corative ai ta, that Kngland ot ta il a\ will, in the eyea ot tbe future biatorian. be chiefly reuiarkahle lor covering glaaa witii i?io turea ahe could not |>aiiit and kUlniic her rae tory women in the manufacture ot > artridgoa with which abe would not bght. ?VTlie word 'Muimortal" occurr but onoe in the Bible, 1 Timothy. 17. WWith admirable inc(time<jiifnce the rural |>re?a ia deducing a acarcityr ol champagne be cause the Prcnch v Ine crop ia a failure av Tiue ?elt abu< gallon ia exeuij l;Q?al in a lexaaeditor, who pro. laiiu* .l.wh Billinga the n>i*t atu|ied axa ol the mneteeuth century." W>aid a woman to a phyaician who waa weighing two graina of calomel tor a child. "I Han a be mi mean wilt, it la tor a |*>or. t alitor leaa bairn." VA colored man baa brought aud aga act tbe manager ot an Albany theater, uuder UM atate civil iigbta law, for excluding him tr the occupauc> ot rewrred aeaU, duly paid to %T M iaa Mary Ia>w recently proved heraalf '?high ami game" by winning the prise far declamation over her male claaamatea at Colby I niveraity, Maine. %JT Foot-ball, according to tbe aewapapatw, ia becviming a popular game with young ladle* ai! over the ronctry. Boston girla claim to be tkt moat akilltul. V A citizen ot Itangor, Maine, prom an ta pay the ao< iety tor the prevention ot craaity ta atiimala (I^mmi it it will aecure the paaaage of a state law prohibiting the use m the ahacfc-ctta on boraea. BVA aprightlvgirl in Port Wayne, Wi , ton county, wh?> engaged heraeit to a jraiing man "in fun." tainted on learning that he bad procured the publication ot the fact in the local ne wapa t>er. VAn I Union- girl. baring sis lorers. off ered to marry tbe one who should ?? break-up" the prairie in three day*. The resalt waa that A* got a smart husband, and her father found hia farm ready for planting free of coat. i7*This ia bow a country exchange pat it: --The sad effects of matrimony were never mora terribly depu ted than the other day. when a meek-eved man who had been married about a year patrolled the village street all day. trying toawap a meerschaum pi|?e for a secoud-band cradle." WA gentleman, whose wife has been ill far Kime time, came dow n on Saturday with a taca longer than a revised charter. A friend aba met Inm graaped bis hand in tearful sympathy and murmured: ?? Ob. wheo did ahedie*.*" "Ok, thunder.'' waa the solemn reply, "abe ain't dead, she's cleaning hansa." lilllKD. THOKX-KOEL. January l*h. 1CJ. by tba B?v. C.C ><ai r, B.C. TUuBh to MiaaMABTIlA A. MClL, b<4k ol W Mhiuftmi. * WEYBICB-KIYKOLDFt On tb^UtLofMar, 1<S. in llaltmiore. hy Rev. Path?r Mc< ol*<au. JiihEPII * ITKIt H,Jr , .if ? aaiiiu?t.>a. D C . t< lliaa MAKV E. KE> NOLD8. of Baltia .ra. Ml BHD. KKABN8 On theiilli mat . JOUKKV hE ABNS. ajt?<l *6 >tar*. a uati?eot Couut) B^w uiiu li,'Ire land. Bia funaral will take place from th* vaalt of Oe<jrget'?wii Boly H.-d rrai-tary. *uiiCa>, J una l?, at So clock p na Fri-ad* aad ac^iiaiatanca* are reapectfall) in*Hod to attend. I Ie>uia and M<*W York paper a pl?aae copy.) * I'LAT/ On Tharada) . Hay 9ib. at S'. o'clock a.m., UEOBi>k J , sou of i ?e|>b aud Chrialiaa Plat*, axed ? ?ear?. S ni'>ntha and li ta> a. B<lati>ea aad friends are reap~ itolly lavitad ta aiteu'l thefuii. ral Patnrda*. May k1 <?deck a. m.,from r-aidei.. e ?>?? I'.-iu ?? 1?ania aveana. | Bat tia?>re Buu and Wasiiinctoa Bepuldican pnaaa copy J B* BYliEB la Baitiiaors, Mil . Ma> feth MI BOO EL/1E BYDEB.acadlb >aar* Relative* and friend* aro rs*|ii*atad to attend Ua fuu< ral from tbe reaidance of bl* brot'ter Wiliifl P. Hi-let. JOU r street aoathweel, to-a^>rrow, ai U m. | Rep. aud Obroa. pjaaae copt .| * HAMI'LE. On May Mth. at tbe ramdaoc* of bar craiidlather. John D Uflreia, Ka.t , MARY Dl FBEEH. Infant daachter of James A ai<d Julia?. 8 am pit-, aged 7 n> ntlis. Pnneral from P street LiBa. m , Pridai, May ?. * WHITMAN At (amden . MJ, aariy oa tba uiorning of Ma) W, KS. m tbe7Mh year of kar m, Mrs. I.OClfeA w H1TM AN, wid>>? .f th- lata Wai ter Whitman, of Bri>okl>n. K. T,. and baloeag mot iter of Walt Yhitnau. ? Waahiagb>n. (ianra W hliman of ( nlm and Tb .iaiai S. WMkmaa, aC u< V - Ht Lou la Bnried on M *dey attamaon May Mth, m Cr**u ren otery . landna . UNDERTAKERS. K ICBAEB w. il Ma?S? V METALLIC BQMlAL~CAMMa AHU BWl ? "TwIOYBE HAMItm. ga. glCBABB W. MllllMi CAMIHMX MAM MM AMD 9MDMM FUMMTWMM MAMM YmMmUT ^yUAIAl SWS5S53Srs?'s?* I

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