Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. I <KW>BT n. MOTE* Kdlfr. Beading Matter on Ettj Page Lwgegt Circilitioi in the District WASBINOTON CITY: raiMT ..mmj 40, vm. The netting apart of one day in the rear for keeping green the grave* and t&e memories of the men who died that the I'nion might be *aved. and the general suspension of business on that day, are evidence that wme few sparks of patriotism underlie the more i-comment and leu- commendable trait* of oar l>u-y population. The ceremony, simple bat beautiful, of decora ting the grave*of the gallant dead with tlowers. is one calculated to draw out the higher and letter sensibilities of those who participate in it, and teaches to the young a lesson of patriot ism more touching and more enduring than any in their books. ? - The shipments of Cumberland coal for the -week ending May 24th, amounted to >5. "O tons, an increase over the corresponding week of last jenr of 1ft ton* ? cwt. For the year to that date K'>1.2M) toil!- 12 cwt. were shipped. showing an in crease over the same period in 1*73ot ?6,oi:> tons C cwt. Increase in railroad shipments, 13*,019 tons ? cwt. Decrease in canal shipments, ttt.nTO ton* cwt. The?e figures l?ear out what The Star has recently published as to the canal Wing intentionally or unintentionally managed in the interest ot the railroad. The Cumbeiland Tim't gives the following figures to show tha* the rates of freight upon the canal are higher than upon the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, although it is well known that trans location by water should cost less than by rail: The present rate of freight trom Cumberland to I.ocust Toint. via. the B. A O. B. B. is 92.:tl per ton of .* 000 lbs.; which is equal to ?2.5S per long ton of 2,240. The distance by rail to Balt imore is IT* miles, to Washington by the Metro {?olitan Branch is 151 miles. It follows that if a ton of coal can be hauled from Cumberland to Baltimore, IT* miles, for that it can be hauled from Cumberland to Washington, 151 miles, for 92.19. Now let us see what the expenses are upon the canal. We have wharta;e at Cumberland * cents, freights ?1-33, tolls 51 cents, and cost of unloading below about 25 cents; m i.viuga total Of f2.19. When it is considered that coal by rail brings from 25 to 50 cents per ton more than coal l>vcanal, and when the additional advantage of being able to fill an order in tvn'y-f?ur Knurt by rail, that cannot be tilled under nr ?#?iys by canal ia considered, it will be seen that the dif ference is decidedly in favor of shipments by rail. t'nder such circumstances, is it any won der, ask* the Tim's, that canit shipments have drcreatfi and rtiIr?od shipments ia- r'at-d - Governor IM\ having vetoed the local option law passed by the New York Legislature, for the reason that cider and beer were included in the list of proscribed beverages, the friends uf temperance Immediately set t> work to frame another bill, and after much deliberation pre sented what is known as the "Ohio l>amage Kill," and it was promptly passed, and is now before the governor for his signature. This bill gives to every wife, child, parent, guardian, employer or other person who shall be injured in person or property by the intoxication of any one. whether habitual or otherwise, the right Of action against the party who famishes the liquor, ami the owner of the premises on which the liquor is sold is also liable, and may be sued jointly with the tenant, or the action may be brought against him without reference to the tenant. Why should coal be going Bp with the ther mometer'.' That is one of the anomalies of the season, and can only be explained by the theory that the managers feel that they are masters of the situation and can control price- through the Mason. At the Seranton sale in New York day before yesterday there was an average advance Over the April prices as follows Lump, 3 ?, cents per ton; steamboat. 20 cents per ton. j grate. 12 ^ cents per ton; egg, 23 \ cents per ton; stove, 8\ cents per ton, and chestnut, 13\ cents per ton. ? ?' ? ? ^ ^ ? ? The see-saw operation.- of New York law and it* uncertainty are very fairly illustrated in the case ol George Francis Tram. He was arrested | for a violation of law. when the question of his sanity was raised. After an exhaustive exami nation he was a?lju<lge<l to be .-ane. Then ar raigned on the charge of circulating obscene j>ublioation? he is adjudged to be insane and ac quitted. Then comes another legal investiga tion as to his mental condition by a sheriffs jury. They decide that he is sane, and he walks Oat of prison a free man. Both houses of the Connecticut legislature have agreed to the constitutional amendment providing for one state capitol, and that it be at Hartford. The amendment now goes to the people for endorsement, and there is a prospect that children will soon cease to have their brains muddled trying to comprehend why one little state shonld have two capitals, while the greatest nations are content with one. The Boston eight hour league have resolved to the effect that the universal adoption of the eight hour rule will free the world from all its Tice and misery?will even purify politic*! Thev don't explain the process by which all this is to be accomplished, however. The Wbbelt Stab, now ready, contains an account of the latest revolution in France, latest news from the Modocs. the Congressional CAcursion through the Southwest?something about the Indian country?in editorial corre spondence. proceeding* of the District Le gislature. latest and best tales, poems, sketches and fashion items: together with interesting local news, Washington news and gossip, agri cultural items, household receipts, &c., jfce. Tirrmr One dollar and a half per annum, in advance: single copies live cents, in wrappers, ready for mailing. ? PAPER HANGERS? Th members f th. PAPER IIAV.CBS ASSOCIATION ?r ?? i?nen.? th regular mnftiiifi on MON DAY IVBMSU. .if ti. cornerof Louisiana av'-nn au.1 7tt. ?nr-t, *r 9 o il fk E> -ry member will be e?p-rted, as btuiura ? f iniportauc>- will be brought the aa~*? itfi? n. By orii-r of th> Pre?t dent. | n Ju tl* | fRa.-TRA V BKRRY FESTIVAL, ttvX V"B BKMf T HAMI.INK M E CHURCH. TO ? NIGHT AND NIGHTLY ' " HAM! INK H ALL, F street bet*- -ti ?h nuc 10m. dreett. Orders for b e Cream promptly filled n.WSt* Pf IOI i LCI. Botic# is berebv given that from an 1 iller the lot of June all persons pr.p.-rly vowbed fur can become Di'-mhcrn of the I'tiiD Club for one year by paring a fe?- of fifty ceata and receiving a card properly aigued to tbe ollicri. The cluli m et* weekly at E L?tt FLEE 8 Wakfaiagtou City Garden, on S-w York ?venue, near 1st atreet, where certificates of mam b~rabip c ?a t?-obtainej at anr ti?e. m?i Jt ET~TH E rNl. It RS ION ED GROCERY I?ie7 MERCHANTS >?rea to rU>ae onr respective placea i>t buameaa at < *e\,-n >? o'clock p. m from I he lat day of June t" tbe let day of October, M73. excepting Saturday hum*. BROW NINO A MIDDLETON. F RAN b 111MB. BARBOlR A HAMILTON, N. L ?rZ6tK HALL ME. E ? .. HITB. H W. HALL. 8 H BACON. 1 W. MORsEl.L. IGNATH s GEORGE COOMBS, B HflllA, REY AM BROS . _ BBALL * BAKER. O. O. COKXWELL A SONS, 1 W RK' D A SON8, ?jMT B H Mil iBMlXQ p^j?BBHOYAL ?Tbr .Iseaigned have Uia day raMoved from eorr r of Mew Jersey avenue ai7 M straet sooth so llnil new 8tur?ruoa and Warebooaej^atbeaM co-:,?r of unit sgaare,) cor Ber lat aad Cstreata soaiii wi. Ov increased facilili ?ill enable n< to supply oar rmoaeti gBo< EUIE8, Be , promptly, au<i at prtcea aa low aa elsew h* r-. OFLICK * Btt* J^fOCMG BBS^ CHRISTIAN ABBOCIA Corntrtik a?) D M"?M CI^S?^k.*S?LJlwVBV Ovarii READING<? all. DAILY FBAYEB MEkTINGS-lJ l*,?.,1Ki?p m BABBATH SEBVICEB: Bible Leaaon a? 4:?. :a LINCOLN HALL. 1-d by CoMiaaioner of Indian Affairs, THEaTBB SBE , corner of 11th a?.d O ata., at i p. m. nig-lr I 111 II B R ? raw decs mil, ?a. i?at Punnruu Aram, vmm. mm Notwithstanding the lmproTement in Pacibc Mall stock after the publication ot the annual statement on Wtdnttdtr, the stock wm v#ry weak yesterdav. suffering a low of 3 per cent , and closing at 4',. Union Paciflc wm more stea?l v, ranging only from 26\ aJT \, and cl?***! *t JT >,. The other 'fancies were dull, and the market wjl? generally uninteresting. BaLTTHOII, May 30.?'Virginia aives, onadi dated, MS, West Virginia's, 10\, North Carolina ?lit. special ta 10?bid to-day BiLTiaoti. May 30 ? Cotton dull?low mid dling*. 17 .isJi Floor dull unchauged Wheat 4111 *t ati'1. prices unchanged. Cam steady?whit* eonthern,71&7J. yellow southern,*3, mixed ?Ml*ri, M'a.M. Oat* dull?aotithern. av<E53, western mixed, *r'aU). do. white. XKAM Eve dull.. ??/<**> Hay unchaiged. Provision* dull and unchanged Whiskt dull and nominal MS- Western butter, g->od choice, ZU'ta. Sugar firm. 10"? LoSDOS, May 30, 11 a. as.?Consols opened at 9S'{ fur money, SM for account. B >nd* -f 1*5, old, 91>?. Ij&.MV H> *>'?. 88V new #t?i, < ?. Iri?.jfS. Paiis, May 3U ?The *pecie in the Bank of France ban increased SjmtMW. during the past week. Halite* op* n'-d at 36 franc*. 36 centime* THE H'KATHEI. War Dsp**T)ie*t, Ojfi" <xf Chief Sttnal Q0c?r,/ May so.inrs, 10 3U a. m. \ Synopsis roi the past t?'MTv four The barometer has rapidly risen over the northweMt and ibe lake*, an<l thence to the Ohio and lowsr Mi-aouri valleys, with |..wer temperature, n?rtb easterly wind*, clear and partly cl-udy weather, and or. aaional rain on the lak*-s. Southeasterly and northeasterly wind*, partlv cloudy, cool weather, and hufh barometer in tb- aonth Atlantic and gulf atatea and Tennessee. Ri-ing barometer, falling t -n p-ratm*-, northwesterly and southwesterly wind-, clear and partly cloudy weather in the mid die and eastern ?tatfn and Canada. Pk"Babii itie> ?For the middle states and lower lake regn n, falling temperature,northwesterly and n rtheaeterly wind*, partly rleudy weather and occasional rain in the latter region. For New Eug l*nt and Canada increasing pr?'ire. cool, clear <>a'her and northwesterly to northeaaterly wind*. I -r the upper lakeland northweat. and then e to T mi- *see and Arkan-as, rising barometer, cool and partly cloudy wtith> r and ??rtneasterly wind*, with occasional rain. For the a->nth Atlantic and gulf ?t.?te southeasterly to northea-t-rly wind*, high barometer, cool and generally clear weather. R~ p. rt* are mining from the *outliwe-t and the Pa cilic c< ast ?????1?'? P""S*PARTIES" DESIRING TO JOIN A GOOD Ue.y REAL ESTATE AND B1 ILDINO AS40 CI ATION are requested to call at the Office of the S'-cretary of ihe ?? National Capital R-*l Estate A* ^nation" and examine the c?n?:ituti >n and tlie a. coi d annual report. Th'a a-a ?ciation i" r.-cog ni/ed a* one of the most profitable in the District, and has n in operation for two year* By an amendment to the c >n-:itutiou Fifteen Hundred Chares .denominated the t?e< o d Series, are author izedtobt date April 1st, 1573, with jut re juinngany Back Pa>ment*. except for April and Slay. Each ahare is one hundred dollar*, and the monthly <iiies two dollars p?-r month Each ahare entitles the holder to borrow from the Assorixtion five hundred ihdlars net I'll 11. U. WELCH, n.27 l?t 90.? F street, Masonic Temple. ( Republican. 10 lime* | jpS?SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS.-These pill* are composted exclusively of vegetable ingredient*, and although they entirely *uper*ede the use of mercury. do not leave any of its in urious effect*. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valuable rem*dy in all case* of derangement result ing from a disordered atate of that organ. Liver Complaint, Bilioti* Disorder*, Indigestion. Sick Heanache, Typhoid Fever*. Ac., Ac . all succumb to the free use of ScBrnck's M tndrabe Pills. For sale by all Druggista and Dealer*. mi tr |K^? TO LADIES. .. [i How Md It la to aee a young wife, a mother offamily who reauirea all her pfiyaical strength to fnlflll her honaehold duties, and all her moral ca Cities to accept the responsibility which falls naon , tw see her prostrated, losing every day her strength, feeling badly without being able to say why. but yet suffering enough to be utterly misera able! This state of weakness and debilitr is more fatal t? her than a severe spell of sickness, for iu that case ahe will receive the proper care, as iu the other the will liuger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about it. untn natare, exhausted, gives out, and she is carried to the grave, a ben a little precaution in proper time would have scared her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to care, r.' thing can compare with the LONO-LIFE BIT TERS of Dr. B O. BERTRAM. They are a safe and Infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, cos tivenesa, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness and all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, In conse quence of their virtue and most agreeable taste, the medicine par szrsUswcs for ladles. jM-tr ? FROM THE EARLIEST AGES TO the present day .Scrofula has been the bane, ?no, as It were, the curse of mankind. Bo terrible and loathsome had been at some peri'ids of the world's hi*tory that a person known to be infected with It ?.<uld not be allowed to mis with society. Happily In our day the disease Is stripped of its terror by the use of BamaKitaj's Root asd Herb Juices, and the victim of Scrofula, Ulcers, Sores, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Ac., can be restored to so and health III A few W6*kf. ROOT AND HEBB JUICES, 01 M per battle gold by 8. C. FOED, 1104 Pa eve., and by Drag lists. DESMOND * CO., Proprietors, 91* Bece greet. Philadelphia. mayg-ly fV-^a?OEORUE W HAIPTMAN. Jmy'ltt P-art, attends to all kinds of Claims and Le kal business, southwest corner of 11th and O streets northweat. may21-ly KfSaDB. A. PBATT, Graduate of Ohio OoUaga Of Dental Surgerr,411 7th street, between D STB, afaw doors eeoth of Odd Fellows' Hall. Ee tsrete E. A. Baeoa and Bee. W. B. Brans all kitny sum m \r ATT05I. ?This popular and verv healtliy suzn mer resort near Snicker's Gap. andJ* ?urrounded by the Blue Bidge nM>uutain.* two hour*' ride by rail of Washington J City, is now open f>r the reception of guests, seasoy i<3 Impnvenients since laat year Fine piazza in 'ront, bath-room, aq ice-house hlleo, a piano in the louae The buiHing- are atone, consisting of large liry rooms. Beautiful mountain scenery. Tnoae si>bing to enjoy the c ?ol bre?z-s of this elevated region will address. A 0. WEIGHT. Bound nill P O., Loudoun Co.. > a. ?y*References at iaO^> F -treet N W ni3u tf | jREM GObDS AT REDUCED PRICES. We call the particular attention or our customers (o our elegant stock of STRIPED and CHECK SILKS at 7i cents. $1. and SI ili. French OEOAVD1E'4 and <;REN ADIN KS French PEECAL- and PIOUES. Linen >OITINOS and MOHAIRS Also, to our elegant stock >f LUPIN'S BLA< K OBENADIN E>, in ev ry grad \ ?t the lowest market rates, Bti:k Lac- P>ints, Jacket*. Ac., Ac., with many other goods which we ?re ntw..ffering at reduced prices, iu order to re lu< e our stock l>\ tlie ftrat of July. One price only? ?> plain figur.-s W M SHUSTER A BRO., nv3u-dStBeott 019 P-'nna aveua-?. JEAQE FOB COWS AND HORSES. pASTUBAQE FOB COWS Apply to JN0. KJJOTT.Jb., ml etdm* At E Lyon's Mill, on R >ok Greek. (iRA>D UPEMIMH 1873 or SUUMER STYLES BLACK ALPACA C0AT9, DRAB D'ETB COATS. DIAGONAL MOBAIE COATS, FBENGU SEEGH COATS, L IU LIT COLORED STBIPED ALPACA 1 OATS A. STRAUS, thetlethier, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, m?a-tr Between 10th and 11th streets. Devlfci $l Co., KEW YOKE .MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LARGEST VARIETY OK liOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE HEW STYLES AT mU tr 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ^M EAFIDLY REMOVING DAMAGED GOODS AND FILLING 0/ DAY BY DAY WITH FRESH STOCK. Orders promptly supplied. bS? N W BURCHELL jafabbs. fab. levsral thousand, just received, wholesale and retail. BEBD a SONS. nP-tw 1S14 F street northwest. i^BV DESIGNS FOE LADIES' AMD CHiL DBBNS' DBBBBES AT MBS 0. H MAUBEBS STAMP1H0 DEPOT. ?n.n SIT 7th street. sat B S JOSTM. Sf Dstryt,^ ?MJU RIMi WQT\AW*m% PIN O W LOOK! ? l-KEEP COOL. DON'T OCT EICITEO.-91. 5 1 < he< k that itrrim ?( Perspiration. 9 I. 91 Br ( omftrliblr md Ota'l Frrl< 91. 91 - A genteel hot-weather Ooat f >r 91, WELL CCT, WELL HADE. OOO? FIT. fl-One Dollar? 91. 9 1 -Oji? Dollar?91. BY THE DOZEN BY THH HUNDRED BY THE THOUSAND ?1 fl - 91 51 ?1 31 91. FOLLOW THE CROWD DELAY NOT COME AT ONCE 91 ENOUGH ?1 FOB ALL ?1. HABLE BROTHERS FA.>H1*>NABLB TAILORS, _m*Hm ?tv a 7 th a >w D Str fvt<. IAIKB\>KS LETTER BALANCES, TOB POSTAL USE Mi?pi Fairbanks A Co have established their ag -ncy iii Washington with th.- undersigned. a:.d we are pi epnred to execute ?r lers for the -STAND ABD SCALES" at manufacturer'* rates, 'lelivtrtd /'?' of freitht. Send for lists of sl/.'s and prices. WARREN CHOATE A CO , B jokaellem and Stationers, Vernon Row. P. 8.-M(*r?. W. C A Co.'a new store will be opened in a few davs w ith a complete stock of Books hliI Stationery. OMrr* sent to them previous to th? opening of the store will receive prompt atten tion m?-3t f^OTICE OF BEMOYAL. Str CAB" legs leave to inform his customer* and the puldic generally that he has removed his Ba'.aar to No .>0.? PENBSYLTANlA AYE Nl E. under the National Hotel- where hec will keep a tine stock of GOLD and SILT*/.. W aTCII KS, Kwm-. and American make, JEW KLRY aw DIAMONDS, which he will sell at great bar uaius Solid 14 karat Gold Watches, from 93111 a ?? ds Oo. ds sold on monthl) instalments. No tro ibleto sl;*w g< ods. Watches and Jewelry neatly repaired. R-iienib- r th ? name and numher. K. CABO, 00'"> P "iinsylvaiiia avenue, uuder National Bo-el m?-tr motile. WILLIAM T. McCCIN, County Constable. Debts < ol .-.-ted Prompt Roturtis. Collection of claims of all kinds respe. ttulh soli. it. d Office with jus tict George W . Haup'man, southwest Corner 111li and G streets north?-st. | Rep ) ni?* ly C~2E^tlemevs hi mits ? OF OCR OWN HANl'FACTl'RE. In Plain Colors, In Broken Checks, Iti Cheviots, lu Silk Mixtures. Ia Blue Flannels, a! at unusual!) 1 .w figures, f ?r caeli. Com- abd r> all/.- the tru'hof this ?insertion. ? NOAH WALKER A CO. 611 Metropolitan ll 'tel Building uni ?A fl! BOYS', BOYS', BOYS'. CLOTHING. BOYS', BOYS , BOYS', CLOTHING. BOYS', BOYS', Bots', CLOTHING. . We make the BOYS' TRADE an especial feature it. our business, and par.-uts may rely on procuring a' this establishment B y's Clothing wellcut.well n.ade, well trimmed and durallt. NOAH WALKER t f'O., . _ *>11 Pennsylvania avenue. mt$-fit Metropolitan Hotel Building. CCARRIAGES' CARRIAGES' CARRIAGES!? ? A large stock of Li^ht t'arriage* an It able foi street, park or road driving,' of the very best make and finish Second-. hand Carriaaes. very cheap, to make room for new work. Repairing promptIv attended to. ? ? ROBT. H. GRAHAM'S, New Repository and Factory, 410-414 3th street, between D and E 11128-3t* JELLING OFF AT AND BELOW 1O8T-A ? One assortment ot a>l descriptions ,,f la ^gfg IteSj miss.-s' and children's, and also of; gentlemen's BOOTS, SHOES. O A ITERS. Ac , will be sold at and below cost in order to close bust ne- JOHN ANGERMANN 4 SON, n,2s Itn No. 41* 7th st ,opp Odd Fellows' Hall. [\jOTICB ?Fishing parties cau have their horses taken care >f by J R TRAIL,Chain Bridge E N E C A STONE. THE MARYLANP FREESTONE M A M. CO IS XOW READY TO RECEIVM ORDERS FOR STO.\E. EITHER SAWED OR ROl'UH DIMENSION Apply at Company's office, CORNER K AND 4*rH STREETS. Rack Creek. n.Mtf t. W. HAVPEN. President. ^|A?O.MC KEG A LI A. We are prepared to furnish M ** >ni. Equipments for all Comnianderiea at FACTORY PRICES CHAPEACX. SWORDS AND BELTS. CCJFFsj. CAPS, and every article pertaining to the Order. We guarantee all Suits sold to be regulation. WlLLETT A RUOFF, inaylJ 1m WOi Pennsylvania aveuue. THE ?'LITTLE WORLD * WILL REOPEN on the 21st of this month, at No. 1-J04 SEYENTH STREET Brtweeu S and T streou. HOSIERY. FANCY GOODS, NOTIONS, JEW ELRY, STATIONERY, CHEAP TOYS. Ac .Ac., VERY CHEAP, AT THE ml? tr "LITTLE WORLD." Hfl FINE BOOTS, SHOES, ill ^ AND ^ 0A1TERS, AT LOW PRICES. STRASBIRSER BRO.'S, V06 S?VE>TH STREET, BKTWKK9 I A*b K, Have now on hand a full line of BOOTS. SHOES GAITERS, SLIPPERS, and LOW TIE SHOES, f >r ladiee, gent's, and children's wear, which they will sell retail at wholesale pru*?s. Children's and Hisses Celored Shoes, at manufac turers' price* Ladies' low-price Gaiters and Slippers for house comfort, a specialty " "Hipper*, 1 Ladies' Slippers, from 36 c?nts to ?3 Ladies' Gaiters, from 91 to 9340. Gent's Boots, from 9' M ?*? Gent's Shoes, from 91 V> to 96 P>eaee call and exam-ne, and you will save K per ceut. STRASBl'RGER BBO.'S, ?U lm 90S Seventh street L'ORJ MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLES 1 AND TAN, USE TERRY'S MOTH AND FRECKLE LOTION, "IT IS RELIABLE AXD HARMLESS. PIMPLES ON THE FACE, BLACKHEADS AND FLESHWORMS, USK PERRY'S IMPROVED COMEDC'NE AND PIMPLE REMEDT, THM GREAT SE1N MEDICINE. Prepared onlf by Dr B. C. PERRY, Dermatol ?st. 4? Bond street, New York. Sold by all Drag <*? m?-t,thrsjm E HAVE JUST RECEIVED ?0 DOZBB LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH Wg ARM SSLHH9 AT B8 OBBTS PBB SKIBT. LOCKWBOD, HCFTT ft TATLOR, ??9 PEBM8TLTAIIA 1VUQI, USD ? CO. \Y p>> _ WANTS. WANTED-OPERATOR* TT m30 3t LANSBURQH A BBO W^J'P-Two r<p?ritn(M Clothing BALE!* .* *. "?*? ?T* afraid to work. Apply at BO MAN A COX'S, <07 7th street. It competent child'* NriSI: moot * , ^ "II iff.ioiBfDdKd. Apply u 9*0 New Y ?rk avenue northwest mJO-St* \V'A N TE D?A GIRL, whit* or colored, for r*J.h?usework, in a family ofthree grown per *"n* month. Apply, with references. ? Ho. I68J P street. H' \VANTED-A white OIBL in ? <m!I family of ?? two pfrmD<, to cook, WMh and iron; must be i competent. Call at No. IS14 19th street, near ; f' " in30 If U "ANTED? Two white MSN, of good business qualities, to act as out-4.>or Salesmen on (al ary or commission. K>nt 3. Intelligencer Build ing. lu to U?.bi m?o-3t* \\* ANTED?A settled White WOM AN, to tak^* '* care of aThild and assist at housework Apply at No !II9 I street, between JJ an<l 3d streets north ?est. ic \\" ANTED?One HAND to work at Drtinuknn V Also.two APPRENTICES, good sewers, ?t No. '?t11 street southwest,corner of t, and .?:h ?irrets. n* IVANTED-T?o strong and willing German " BOT8 to learn Baking Apply at th- Bakerv. No. 7 .it North Capitol stre--t, between G and H street a. ni*i it* \\" ANTED -Fift???ii ? K>d BR1CKL A YEB3, im mediately, at Georgetown. go.>d wages and Steady emplnnu nt given. S ST K<>N"iJ, Oontrue tor, Office 1 ??<> Bridge street, near M trket .?m.X tt * IV'ASTKP-Bv a g iod white Girl, a PLACE at v~ Co.,k. Laundress, or general house*.?rk for a -n.ail family. T'>* be?t of reference cau be furnish I Aipi> ,i? Ida liith street northwest. in to it* Ur ARtSD?At ISM V street.a TOM IE te WH-h and iron; one wli > understands bet l>ti< iness thoroughly; g.?od wages and steady employ ft given. it %\'AN'TKD?A furiiish-d >r imfurni-h -d H'M'SK ?" for the summer, by a small family of adult*; le car* taken; willing! pay small rent; good city r?f-rence. A4.:ress in right nam ? and No. of house, L *v. Star rftice. ni.lo J;* U."ANTED?By a colored man. a PLACE ?? Coachman "r honse wront. g>si reference Jiven. Anrlv at I* POLLARD'S Wood an.I C >al ^a-.l, Veruient avenue, near g street north ,H*I ?* \\; ANTED-COOK, C'H AM BEBM A ID, MAN "" MCR V ANT. to go tlie country at once Apply at 14 la I stro-t northwest. <>r >n tii? premise*. Bla den?biirg Station. Inquire at (he Store for "Oak Lm> ti ' U? UT ANTED-By a family of three. a small HOUSE in tlie northwest ?ccti on; go.Ni neigiib.rh.od Kent mtist be low. Water indisp?us*l>|? Perman ent it rcnt-d. Address -HOUbE," at th? Star emce. ntti) tt* WANTKD?Iii.ojo.Ii iteh? A NT! i HuRSE " " >II<>EK. who t an turn and fit with exarttixna and ni< ? t>. Steady ?-niployni^nt and good wag-a ? ill be gi\ nn to so< h one by applying at once to T W Ml KPMY.U street, crner B alley, bet fith and 7th ?ts. ta?l-:tt* \\* ANTED?Two hr?t cla>s BBICK^MAKEBS, ?? for which we will give th>- Ingl.e^t price }f,, Other need apply A. A T A KIOHABDS. mJ9 3t* m ANTED - Two ( UAMBEBMAIDS, TwT. ^ LAI NDBESSES, and a BOY f ?t pantry. Ap ir at St CLOl I? HOTEL m? It* \\"ANTED?A niiddle-ag -.l WHITE WOM anT. ?? do the co..king for a small family in the conn tr\ during the snmm-r mouths. B'-ferenre r.-.|itii.-.| Iii.jii11?- at the Star office. BtflhSt* \\" ^NTED?Two <; IBLS. U;ieto?tatid in store and one fer botmework Must c..nie well re foinmt-tided. Appl> at K. KULT<?N Jk CO. s. .i 1 4 9th street i?2i .It* \\" A NTED-A g<-l HOl'SK WOMANt. Col. ?? mu-liaiiilintii. To one w ho suits, the best ot w?g'*-> will be pni.J. Address B. F. H , Star ?'ffi*-''- nig* 3t WASTED?B> tfaroilt I mng the city fur the cumiiier. a WHITE WoM\N aachild's uurse and t<> aaaiat in the work of tli- house O >od refer etices ruiuired Apply betweeu the hours of 10 and 12 at No. 1 30^ F street. fn2i* 3t* UJ AN! ED- First jja-s WASI1EBS and IKON" EKS. also, a MAN to make himself u?eful Appl> at the NEW YIIKK LACNDKT \Nl) Bl.EACHEItY. M .ryland avenue?bet re! ? 13'h and I.S'j streets southwest m?.' Jt* \V ANTED?A Y01 TB, 14 to 14 years or age, *? honest. <iuick. and gentlemanly as cl- i k in a tit st cl i-- grccerj . Permanent employment to one who is satisfactory A ldresa OKOCEK. Post Orti< e l! \ 444 . giving name, age, residence, aud any ref erence that may be d'euied dosirabl". iiiJ.'-St* \\ ANTED?Bi aa experience.! and settle.) pirson ""a SITUATION as steward in a hotel or private tamtlv, ..r valet, ..r any positiou where honest) and integrity is required is an Englishmin. has trav eled; md speaks French; would go to Europe or to the Springs , has th- l>e-t of testimonial! and refer ences in this city. Address to W N , No UOIOII street, bet ween 2uth and 21st street*. ni?' it* \\T ANTED?A good DISH WASH ER f .r a B- s *? taut ant Apply to (HAS K LOT/., O street betwe..ti 17th and 18th streetc northwest mjs.jt* \\*ANTED?To rent for the next sixty days a " nice, comfortable Bl UGY or CuUPE. with top. AiMresa Lock Box tiO, Ci?y n'28'~>t W'ANTED-A WHITE OIRL. U or is ye?r* old. " to take care of a child Catholic preferred Apply t JOHN F. UBEEN. lAiO ltthst mit-lt* \\ ANTED?A WHITE MAN fot general use at " DOOLEY'S Pharmacy ii'J.'t Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Good reference* re f?ed. nit) St? ANTED?To purchase a small H0C8E; frame preferted, in Georgetown .r its suburbs Ad <}.V?s. stating lowest tsnns, locality,size, 4c.. PI B C1IA>EB. W ashington city. D c. m2S 3i* %V ANTED ?A WOMAN that can do general housework, co?jk, wash and iron. W >rk is hffht, rw?? nin.-iN a day. To a suitable p?*rH ?n i^ond pay. Call at 4 0*s ttli streot eaat, between D and E south,Capitol Hill. m24 3t* \\"ANTED?A stesdy < OLOKCD MAN, one of v v from 40 t. ? 80 years of age; H single man pr-fet ted. and can bring g.nxl referenc?, can hear ot a g.?sl home by applv itig at No.a*? H street, b-tween North Capitol aud 1st streets northeast. ni2i tt* L'ANTED-A practical GABDENEB to attend to six acres of ground oMdHl mile from Georgetown. There is uo use applying unless y.,M und.-istand your busine^*. Situation permanent wid good pay I'll IL. H WELCH, ?<!.? F streot. Masonic T>?up|e. mK-3t \\rANTED?WET NUKSE. Apply m 90?T ?? street northwest, between8th aud 9th streets. . Also, a GIBl. from the country not over U, f.?r gen eral housework. niJ7 6t* WANTED ?Responsible tenants for several *? furnished CHAMBERS, by a family about leav iiig their residence in Orant Place, during the summer. The house having all m<s]ern conve niences., can bo rented, with privilege of dining room. Ac., if desired. First-class board cau be ob tained opposite. Apply at No. t>41 Louisiana avenue, near 7th street. n g 5t B F MOB8ELL. \\* ANTED?TO HIBE, a white cook, washer and troner for a small family. Apply to P. A DABNE1LLE, Congreas street, above Sto<ldard. Georgetoan, D C. ni*4 6t W ANTED?All those who value their sight to " kn. w that the best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE ' in the country is accurately suited to the eyesight bf H H llEMPLEK,tlieOptici?n, corner 4S street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. myl9 ly* \\'ANTED?A GIRL that can come well recotn ? ? mended; can call at 933 New York avenne,to do the cooking, washing aud ironing of a small fam ily Apply from d a. m. to 3 p. m.,or 6 to 8 o'clock P "? mlA-tf U" ANTED?PLUMBERS to know that we are prepared to furnish them with all kinds of BBASS WOKK, at 10U6 C street northwest. WM. H- D0CGLA6 A CO. N B.?Brass Casting done <*??>? ml lm* \V ANTED?Immediately?Families or persons iu

?? need of flrst-classSERVANTSof every descrip tior., male aud feuiale, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good homes and best of wages by applying at the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, 407 11th street, P*?r E. al< im \V ANTED-Every one to know that the VICTOB >' SEWING MACHINE has its nttdU uM t*. fta<; the m?>?t perfect shuttle in use, resting In a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency, 46V Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Dem orest's Pattern Emporium. ?ng3U ly T. W. 8PICEB. Agent. BOARDING. PRIVATE BOARDING?Good lee at ion, pleasant room?. prices moderate; within a short distance of both the cars aud steamboat, No V** Princ* st.. Alexandria, Va. tu30 lw Rooms fob rent.collbge hill?piea* ant BOOM and BOARDING for two gentlemen, at a vottage. on College Hill. Fine prospect and pure air.witbiu a -outre of 14th streetcars In quire, or address "P.," Boom 77 Secoud Audi tor's office. m30 3t* fOB COUNTRY BOARD apply| at the residence " of DR. KEECH, Bladensburg, Hd., Highland Statioa. B IO R R. m?-3t* FEW MOBE ROOMS cau be secured at -'Green A. wood," one mile from Georgetown, on the Tenally town road. Carriages run to the street cars. For particulars apply at t>09 13th street. ni2S-3t* OB EIGHT SINGLE GENTLEMEN can i? b/acci-mm'-dated with good BOARD and ROOMS at Arliugton, Va. Five coaches both way each day. Apply loW.II JENKS, No. 7 IS 7th street, b? tween G aad H. m36 6l* A FEW FAMILIES can be accommodated wit'.i Booms and Board for the summer in a delight ful and healthy location, 36miles from Washington, by rail. Enquire of JUAN BOYLE A CO. ml9-eolUt Furnished rooms fob permanent ob TRANSIENT BOARDEBS; also, TABLE BO A BD, 911 E street, between Sth and 9th north west. ml3 1m PERSONAL. NOTICE'?All persons are hereby warned from trusting my wife NANCY L. KRONEBEB GEB, on my account,she having left my bed and I* ard on the ltth day of May, 1873, without just Cktise, and refuses to return. WM. KBONEBKBGIB, Corner US and D street southwest. It* Washington, P. 0. QO AND CONSULT MADAM DE GRAFF, the wonderful Seer ad Clairvoyant; she is the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter; she can be consulted at 336 Pennsylvania avenue, between Sd and 4H streets, for a short time only; she gives advice on all business matters; tells how to recover lost or stolen property; tells or lovers, and even tells tbe nsme of the person you are to marry. Fees ?1. All letters answered promptly bf incloeing ?1 and staap. Hours from 8 a. m. to 10 p. a. nut Sw" nw MAXIOM AI? Maui, IKS; JH1 FOR RENT AND SALE. |VtLR RKNT?A second story fr->o? Room . wiffc A Board, in a pmatefamily. 406 >1 street north mrH mjn *? I/OB BENT?Two furnished BOOMS with Board ?, rJOSSOr+im third floor*, With uie ot bath. prio moderate. y 18 I ?(rwi northwest mA? BENT?DESK BOOM on F street, |<? fl >or no tetter location in the city. DOI?GE t DABNEILLE. 14U1 f itrwt ir^B BENT?Furnished and atifurni-hed BooMS ? nrst an! second floors. modrn improvements in the hotis*. convenient to the cars, at N'j. 734 IS: between Q and H . mSO- It * f,""ni-hM rVBLOK an * IIIAMBKB ?o ?nit.-; also. nthei BOOMS, with y 'i? ?It" reduced pric ?-?. for lh> ?umnivr A p pi * l.? 91 li bet w -en New T >rk avenue and mSoSt fOB RENT?HOUSES No.lvIA *ad 12"* P sti?et * northwest, contain each 11 rf?ns; modern iin PT'Tnff/!? -iPPl* l"*lwfcti 1.- and I d.?ck M IN P>OB A FuBl>. No. 3*7 Missouri ate Mtle- L mTVSi' 1/OB BENT?HOHSK No 7S3lyh -tr.-t, .,*en "ew V?rk avenw and H street, contain ? tig 11 ro->nts, writh tn slern conveniences R-nt $7 per month Pf"'??ion given immediately. Appl t" J. W PILLING. 1103 Peims?Ivams ave ^ m? ii l'?* BENT?A furnished >r unfurnished ROOM" ? located in themost elevated and desirable pan ofthe ?ity?No. 40 M ?tr?>t n ?rtliwc t nil? c* KKN T?STi i RI ?n.t ROOM adjoiDint * ill 14th street n>>rth?-st. In.inirr >n th pr< nnsee. niJ9 St' I/OB BENT?Furnished ROOMS, from ?4 to *S f* 3 I.? Pennsylvania avenue, li.-t w-en .1,1 ?! d '""rwl.. tm?) at' l/OB BENT?One Knrniih?4 ROoM with or . Sli ?"u' Board, at WO G street, opposite Pit ?*F*t Ufllrf. nj**9 2i * l/OB BENT? Unfurnished ROOMS, two comaiTT * 11.g, on ??-cond floor. No 113 12:h street uear Pennsylvania avenue. niJ9 .It * l?*OR SALE-Several ot eligible LoTS in * square5>"6; *25 cash, balance $10 per 111 intli ?'?' ? Tlfos e wa?;<; vMaK ai? "h.t I/OB SALE?A new HOUSE and Lot t room* and kitchen: lot 2ii?hs. No -JUrf Jj ?treet. tiesr L'Nt northw'-ot. Applv on pr<-mia>">. mjy It' I/OR BENT?ST BIB BAN BOOMS t >r th^nra nier; three well funu?h< <1 f ?r hoa?.-ke-piti>( Appl> at 444 0 street, between ?tb an I 5th north nr.'' tt* L^UR BENT?A ceiiilenian willing t-> room ?itli . iU'?.,. wC*.n ''**** ? hue airy .i, | tl > t front BOOM, bath. A. , at 7o.i sih?tr.?t n-rth **"t mS?3t* F,(i.l?..|{^NT~A'UH ,r" *1"1 <?"<? enjht-r.>om HOI >K. with e*. and wat r.within t?-.?? ot t or< oran market. In.iuireof _n-2 ? HOLLIlMiE BROS . Sih and 0 ?ts. L'oR BKNT- liOl'SE. corner l.Hh an<T f ?m a containing ten room*: ni Hiern improt-.-nient* ? .J } ,,p r,;nt?l for hoarding h .use. Inoiiir.' it Penfuylvmn aventi**. nii"> it* F'OR HEMT-A "mall HOUSE in a dellrhtfiil |.. cation, 1311 M atreet n'Tthweot. AJii n r ani e Inquire at the Store of OM KN Llll'Pl ,C'?rner I tth ami M ?ta. northweat. m29 lm I* OB RENT?A Purni*he<1 BKI' K H??rsK ,7r * nnfurnishet, in a central I.M-ality. All m -lorn conv.-iiieiicea. Iniiureat Ofli-e ???', Tth atrevt opp>iaite Patent Office. m29 2t* h"OB REN*r?HOl'SE N -J- I,., H ?t and P<-nn-<) Ivania avenue northwent r,>n taming 7 r.xmn, l>;ith r oni ma 1 -liar, ga- and w ? ter Apply to JAMES W. BARKER, fl06 H *1 nortliwewt. iiijy- jw K"A 1,11;u,1r( 'r?t 11.g PARI,(?H~d ? BEP-ROOM *18 p*-r month, or four Kkdhi fumiDlitfl for liouaekeepinK at #ts per month ii *1 vai^re. 504 K Mreet. south aide of M nnt Vernon ritrt urt' St * F^OR SALE?A three-ton pr.?-I l.ri. k IlOl'SK No. 19 II street northwest,hituate] |jn,. I oliimhia atr-et railway, contains 7 nx>m<, water hatli rnoiu. Hid other,' Price j?4j)iw. T>mi?i*?<r, m29St** ^OR RENT?For housekeeping, five ROOM>. in ? ? Milling hatli room, water and ga.. aecoml tl ..,r ot liouae No H. H atr.-. t, n. ar (; vernment print jng Office. ?jvper month. Apply ;?t N' . ft?,a.m. "I'')<'k- in.'t ,|t? I/OR BENT?ROOMS, with B ><r<l in a enve Ment nesleru and newly furnished llous. :- i j K street northwest, near 6;h. Alao. TaMe B ?ard Belerem en exchaii^e<l if ,l-.,rah|e. Terms rea-ou tu?-2f K?mK KEN7r> I'WKtLlNG.over th- 81.^ ? Murray A Edelm,corner of 4 h and H -tr -et* northwest, containing thirteen Urge r..,?iis, with L-an at.d water, well suited for a l> anting h .nse l. iuireot JOHN R CONDON. No. 3U |l Vrl liMlthutMt. I^OB BINT--A liru- turm-h -.J HOUSE. cTnT plt?te, near L for the s mm-r t ? .% retponaiMe person. B??t nf.renr^ re. mi red Kent m*T.;l> connnal, r* c;tr??fiil tenant l?**inc th? chief consideration. P saesaioti imiuediat- l> In ?tnire at Star office. mjj-'jt" F'OR SALE?On long time, with small cash m,. ment: r Sub Lot* 11 and 35, ^uare Jul litti *?<! V 1 \! Ul 1 ^ strt^et, uear 8. 24 l\)\ tul? Lot*i 10, av??l %%-^t kt of lt?, k ?: 4f,. ^13 iiifh stre-t and Noi tli Carolina a\ enue huh Lot 36, square 941. ta\ title. 15.10 by HO feet of square *25, tav title. L< t 9, square ?Cs, tax title. Seven five room FBAME HOl SES, lots lixliu lioiitluft' ast on 7th street east, lietween A and B north, one *<jnate Ea-t < apitol str-ei railioa.1 n2<,m J NO E KENDALL ' i/oit sAiiiT ? r SPECIALTIES I BARGAINS! All of 8>inar>> north of Square No. bitT. One-fourth of Square No. S34 having an east front on 6th afreet of 2?ifeet. b> a depth of l? f,^.t ii, t^ nVwJmar.eke;,,U C?1,:U'b,a < W ?diisgiffi.raa^of N,rth <;llpuo, ?,,d A desirable LOT "ii New Jersey avenu-. near K stteet north. 22feet front b> 1J4 feel deep; price uly 45 Cents. wortb 75 cents a foot. Street pived, gus and water down. v 'B ' ?ni pr-p#rel to offer the above pieces of ground 3) per cent. Ie?aih;ia ruling rate* m thesam^ locality. m m ROHRru mt'.H ' Benl Estate Broker, ai3 7th street. t^OR RENT?ROOMS for honsekeapinx; gas and water; a desirable summer location, at 440 K street, btt. 4th and 5th noithwewt. into-at* KOM BENT-A suite of BOOMS, ouae. ond flj.r. '"rni/hed, terms reaa..iiable. Apply at ** 13 Wh ?treet, bet. H and 1 northwest. m!w <ii* 1/OR BENT?Two or four Furnished BOOMS. E on iwcond floor, fronting south, at 1117 P <t corner of Mth n?rtiiwest. mV 4t* " F?^oRE??I~T^ nicely-turiiiithed ROOMS, staVJ r H?#k' l str,"*t northwest. Als STABLE in the rear m2S :{t* KFBAME HODSEon s<.J tr^t,'^?tWe'nL* ?"?""? i?d Eat., Mo ftl riln . J/TIl Inquire of E F LEB, 1407 B street northwest. ru2*3t* ^1?R?*^B?New BRI<'K, #7two-story rRAMES and RRICRn. Lots?i\<JS. SI street ne*r F; \ street, betwteti ljth and 13th, Slfc ' ni2v*t G. B MILBUBN. j 13 7th st. Is'OB BENT?Small Furnished HOUSE, consisT of four rooms, hall and summer kitch-n; water an<l gas luonire on the premises, 101^ New York avenue, after 3 o'clock. mZS * 1^^.? RENT?F urni?hed ROOMS convenieut to lilts??*'.ftf ,,n 'he line Of the Me*opoli \ , ^ be rented low during anmmer. ao.tolO I4tli st., two doors above F. niM-St* P?A^5NT-A ,aIg? newi> f'Tnished Front i BOOM on second fl.xir of new Brick House bath and gas; F street cars pass 303 East Capitol street, corner 3d, two square* east of the Capitol grounds. ni2$-5t* F'OB SALE OB BENT?New three-story pressed brick front HOI'SE, ten rooms, all modern con venience, together with stable, and over 5,?uu feet of ground. One of the finest residences east of the Capitol. Apply M Boom6d, War Department, A u "? m? 3t* l^ob sale-Two frame hoises.iou 4sr^t ? 93 feet deep, situat-sl on south side of East Capitol street, between Sth and 9?h sta Price ApJiJ ll' bichabd bothwkll. W4 gtli street uortheaat. m2? Iw" ^OR SALE?LOT No. 12, square 5iW, situated on L street south, between 4H and 6th streets, im proved by a two story Frame House Apply to ?.???? ? - JAMES CHAPPLB, 8t Quartermaster General's Office. l^'OB SALE?HOUSE and LOT, No. 1919 G st M. nortbwest; three ?t?>ry Brick, comDarativelv new; Lot 18 feet front by 128 feet deep. Price vry ??? '^?r? of L * CLARIv, Paiwrliaugtngs Store, No. 1JU3 Pennsylvania are m2s lm 1^ E_OR RENT?A three-story preened - HODSEjContalniug nine rooms, in g??od order, niee dry cellar .water and gas; splendid loca tion, convenient to the Capitol and Baltimore de P?** .??- 1 Btreet between 1st and 2J northeast Inquire at No. 469 Washington street 0*%" FC>B RENT?An encellent opportunity is offered to a small family f >r hooaekeeaing auraoses FiTa , l21"bT!wBL'nM8iP?rtly furnished if de sired; two Furnished ROOMS, Chamber and Par lor communicating, suitable for a gentlemau and : " >?? eAin,,M?'^roo,g'BBICK; oue ten room rrlf!ks sii four ro-.m BRICKS, well l<>cated, with modern improrements Must be sold. A bargain can be had in the above property with accooun<slating terms L. S. CHAPMAN, Carpenter and Builder. x llth street, between N and 6. FwiB?NJr.H2EFti*L"? ?-oath * *Mt, Capitol HiU, between the avenue and F street railroads, the most complete house in Wash ington; eight rooms, cellar, bath room, water cloa <*? h?>i ?'"dow, front yard, Ac. Tiie boose U grained throughout; good stable, alley-way, Ac Also, a good eight-room FBAME HOUSE near corner Utli and I> streets southeast. ' Also, two new FBAME HOUSES on 19th street northwest, near Boundary. 7 rooms each' ba*?p at CU^ PHIL- HWELCH.^Oi1 #C" m2* * Masonic Temple. Fi*OB BENT?8!I6 Rith street northwest, a large odera ro<!,rni,^*<1 **0MT BOOM; cool and airy. modern conveniences. mJ7-4t* POB BENT-Bewly furnished BOOMS ia a new litwet nor7hw?>, " *"*? C^J?1 F^OB BEST?Bice new aix-room HOUSB, with gas and water; eligibly located; A SO aer month. n>g *t Baal EMate Brokeirl'cor. lath and'w ata. PO^SALE-Five LOTS on Capitol HiU, corner tav-m Eel Batata B^oker"A* UthM^ FOR RENT AND SALS. L^OB BIKT-A fotir stjry prees brick IW.* E L r LING.tnelr l?v ated 01. umb 9. b-?w-e * l?t uUI str~ts, Capitol Hill.twing tbe corner hi n??r td street. north'nlnnin* twelvs r<***?? wHb water, ta?. Ltlro>??t rmiwr*. w?h? ? balb roi*! and Itnndrr, ?itu ?m?i? f"?' w'rt ' bu!ik>. nod capaci. u? itrd in the rear, ? rmr* chance for irfnrtM ? very nice su?ni-r *"?! islb?THf beet conlltion Price (1*1 p? n >t?tb. (HESTER * KY<>S, R-al E?tat* At'St' and Br 'kera. m; JT tf 11 (I i?t nr>w( - ?ath*a*t, Cm*>I HiU F~~V)R BENT?F-or BOOMS, suitable for boaae k> r^!k(. at 1 146 HIb -Ir-et northwest, (W? d>e* fnwl street. in* ft' L'OK KENT-*I BSUHID HOI SE ! <"<*? G ? utrwl oorthweat, pposite Chart b of ICp plunj . Per*. n? wishii g to see tl?. hi>vw(ia rail between th- bom* of h.i end 2 ?VI<)ck. Poeeeeeion given ibonl J HP'- 1st tuM tt 1/OB SALE ?A I.A RUE LOT curtaining >ver r lt?.t?*'-^nare feet, w ithio two ?.iu*res of C ilum l>ia railroad. Vilib*t<)M*MTli>*tt earlv appli rxico MBlif. MAl'BV A RRO.. Real Estate and Insurance Br kers. 1 4<7 f ilr^. ni?> Iw L'UB KENT-Thre? -et t> and b*aeni'-nt HRIt K r DWELLING HOUSE. *o 1135 KKb stre-t. L u>J M street* nurtbvmt. Water, ca?, water rl<?w4.aad Let robestove Bagiirr >fTHOH ERAS* IP. at Noah A Oo.'s. *'11 P-dii-i I vania tv?oni>. niJS St l,'<iK SALI-A Syl ARK OF (ittM'VD in the I ti 'ilb- rn auction of the <?it> . wuti the -idewatks. ciiihilig. and guttering all laid an 1 paid tor II >r? rira p.i? it Will sell chxu and on I n< tuti AppIV t. HI'VCK A AI'DISON. R ,1 E?tst. Afftlo. S 14111 New 1" orb ?n>im?,. ?rt f Itth ?Irct *<irtha<^t. |Rep.AOhron I m>; tt I/OR fcALE?On-- of th >ae beautiful tw . ?tory press brick front and man-aid r.wjf HOUSES ? itniitril ou l?:h street, brtwn 8 and T ?tr?"-t? northwest, known an ?? ? ill&rd's Block. 'water.gas. l-ath. Latrobe at >ve. Ac. JAMES E WAl'OUi Real Estate Broker, n 14 ii< Corner 1-Stl ai ^ - rwt< I^OB UNT-VILD6PBIM COTTAGE. M Mt PltaMtil, nrar 1Mb ?trwt car?. omnibus t ? t paitni* nts and market; ???? room-. ln< Imltug lia'l aliu' cellar. cistern, p-inip in kitchen, ?pnng a garden and laati ion* third ?frrl. *3 .? in <ntb. !?> je*r Irijuire >>f Pi KRKEl*. lit. Pea-ant, or *1* F street northwest. ni34 6t* I "/OR SALE OBTr KST-HOl SET" 7 I 5 11-t atiwt; price S'i (?* . rent jtSU p?*r in oath, poa? a ?iM> itivrn Jan*l?t. Iiaa m<>d> rii c *v?ii?niK ai.d fnrtmcr. kn* ma? !?? bail at N 7 17 b r f? ir-t'. r | iMirularo arpl) to UKU S. f ARh KK til-i IStli iitiwt t? LH)R RENT? Eurni?b?-d -r unfnrni<>h<-<l, N I4tf7 r S ?tr?^t i.ortb?'M. tao-mory, pr--a?.-d buck front, ai\ crllar,bath r.?>ni, tr-?ut p >r*li a d yard <>f r.-??-?. fc* 4?>rn from Stat*- D' partm.-nt Apply to pr>-~ nt occupant. nia> 1<* 1/CI! SALE?Two D"? FRAMES, ?ery ti'-at and ? pr> tty, nitnatnl -n Lawr<-nc<- lUth and lS?th and B and Satr^-t", n<- ?.iuar,- from ?tr- t carh. in ajrroaiiK i.iehli h <1 App'? t Vb 11 LET A LIBBKY. Lmnbw-r M rcbasta. MMTMi atrn-t and N< ? V< rk aveim** uiSu Xw 1/olTBkXT-DWELLIJItJ HDISE. aim pr ? m I rick front an?l marbl? triniiuinc", So I *07 IU ?1<- I-land avrnw, t?'t?. -n 1Mb and Intli ?tr--t?, tbe rtwidt-ncr of tlir Ewat A??i?tant P<atM4fr <?? n ? ral for th*' pi?t tlirw and b ill yrani. lu juir- 1404 Utb ?tr<'?-t. Tbr ab h"ii?^ haa r?*-<*ntl> l?*-n paint.-d ? ut<i.b and grained *alnut iuoid*a. and pat lu perlcct order niS' lin t"_,<?R SALE?COITNTRT BEATS.-47 ACBE9 OKLASI'at liiKhlaud Btati'<n, B and O R R . row b ur-rooas II h^. Barn, Poultry Uoua?* and M'lk H owr; ?uti'r and ?.?k1 faneing. ;<7 At'RKS OF L A VP, nin?* r<- m H na? with clowto. B?rn, Servant*' llnu*.- pl-nty of water. Iar?r?' quantity choice fruit tr<-e? T?'rnia <*a?? . Apply to LEMl*EL CLARK. apis eoflw fiflJ 15th *treet, corner 15th and F E.-t'R SALK?V> r> d. airable HI I LI>IN<; LOTS on r I, K, L and M ?tr?-?-t?. and Sew Hampshire, V. rtn. lit and Rb U- l^lund av.-nnea M \l KV A UK" . Ri-al EMate and Inainani f B: ? k> r?. 1 4 1? F ntK't. ni3> ??ola LHili SALE-Ver> d?n .bu IiriLIXNCi LOT f >r r aab . ? ?n w?t ?lde of 15tb str. et, opposite S ott Sjnar? , * by b?'fe<-t Apply 1544 M street, tweeii 15th and I6(b atreets northweat ni2w" I/OR REST- At Kl* 15th -tr.^t. (Scott PI ac- ,1 b'l'BSISHKl* E'HlMS. aiuely "r >-n -uite. at dimmer prnea For pe<.pl?* remaining in town duriiig tbe ?uinri< r this m a >plendid location. t?eiu? c>b?enieut to hotels and lars. Well ahabd and alrv mis In I/OR SALE OR EX' HAXUE An nuimproTed. i tiDeiicniiitxMeri FARM, of about (III a ???.-if. ated ii the 4tana?san tiap Railr.-ad,contentent to three railwav atatioua. price, g m jn-r acre. Anpl) I to JUAN BOYLE A Co., K al E-tat- and N ie Bf'kers, No. bUb 15th street, apposite C S 1 Treaaiiry. Uil9 1* L'OR RENT? II ?ll -inar> It ,i l4 ii ?tr-et , :,r?. ? a four-rmitn new- BRICK IIOl SE ^IS p-t month; (HtsM^aion tm-u the 1st of .lime In.juire (>W4 L'ni?iana avenue, betwet-u 'J and 3. m> 17 liu L'OK SALETTr REST-Very d^trablMtw ? -t ry I r FRAME IIOOE. ou large lot of ground in riiiontowD, containing eight rooms, with a store- | room; a go,si place for bu-in-ss Apply to R F MARTIN. Cniontown,D C. niV ,'?t* I/O R REST?FUBNIBHED ROOMS: m ba7k r Parlor furnished an a Bedroom, aud two pleM ant rooms, bark and front, on second story, in an eligibly-located Dwelling on I street, near 9th; will be rented on reasonable terms to gentlemen only. Addr -ns"A. J.," National RepublicanefBca. nil* tf | Rep. | j I/OR RENT?Valuable Bl'SIS KSS STAND, tbM st. ry, room >?r60 feet, northeast corner Louisi ana it\' line and 7th street; also, OFFICES on a??c < nd H > r. Apply on pr>aiis?w,or at 44J C street r-ortJiweat, beuire 11 a. m. mS In LOST AM> FOUND. IOST?Between Gardner'- Photograph OalbTy . * on the Avenue, l>. ..r 7th strest. a POCKET Ht'OK containing .*??> in m< ney.a?il\ er fruit knife, and ? 'i i\or> c< nib A -unable reward gi?- u if left at 4VI I street northwest. It* 1VOTICB.?One of ?ur drivers pi kednp a set of la i KAW INtiS. winch the v?ucr can ha\ ? by aa> iug for this notice. no** A A T. A RI' HARPS PROFESSIONAL. DK NEWTON HAS REMOVED to 41.1 L STH h Is 7\ near corner of 4th at. north west mil tit* J AMES O.CLEPHANE. E. Z BBAILET clephane-* BHAILEY, SHORTHAND WRITERS * LAW REPORTERS Offcce?No. 110 C street, between 1st and ad, facing Indiana avenue. a hll ly JOHH f. HANNA, Mo. 6 Ton d?? tf W ATTORHBTATLAW. onnf *? Law BnUdlnf ? aahinxton. D. 0. MEDICAL, Ac. 1/LECTRO MAGNETO GALVANIC TREAT MKNT for nervous diseaaas by PROF G P EVANS, No. 4*7 Pennsylvania avenue, ?1 floor. General applications, JSc., sponge bath. Am. tnl5 eolm MRS H. J. FRENCH, (*? ChUbrmud tUhmMt CJatrroyssi, Bnliral and Tsfi Mtdium, can be seen a short time only Ml 7*4 11th street northweat. Hours from 10 a. m to 7 p m md lia* tt^TATCVOLENCE," OR THR WILL CURB. O THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD. By it all diseaaee are cared. No medicine* ased, and no laying on of bauds. Taught by Mrs. J. R. EL lOT, 478 C street aorthweat. ap7-tr 1/EM ALB DISEASES of all kinds treated. De r scribe caae ana endow B&. advice and medi cine will be sent. Addreaa Mrs. Dr.THOMPSOH, No. Mb North Utb street, Philadelphia. iarS7 ly* ADAMS WILBOB, " ' A Kuulmrtt Bdmrmud PHY81UI AN AND MIBWIfl, can be consulted on all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIM. Reeidence and Consnltatien Ruxns, *11 Rb atrMl. between Baud I. Room*, Board, Medical attendaam. Ac.,at reasonable prices. Tapeworm removed wttl bead in two hours. Refer to patiswti suiussrfiU; treated in Washlncton. nov 11-7 w" COHEN'S LOAN OFFICE, eomtr of Itk rtr?i amd Arte Murk arcii<M, entrance on New York avenue. The most private loan office j in tbe city. Money loaned at the lowest rat. |_ _ of interest on Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Plate and Plated Ware. Guns Pistols Ladies and Gentlemen's Clothing, Carpets , and all article* of value. alt-ly *|1BR RAPIDITY WITH WB10B are removed and the feet relieved. If jUloi, froa Bunions, Bad Nails, Ac., at DR. WHITB'S Rstab Ushment, $3? Utb drsei, oppwsite the Treasury, b joite aatprising to perauns anspfatnasd to Vis natbod ot ope rating, which to aaUraly dlEereat ft-om the old -time practice of tearing ofths li ?all, ot lancing deep Into the bunion, ? painful method, MM one which obliged the snVerer to go shoeless, and ifstlmw on urafsbss, for weeks toe ugly or months, and no doabt tended to shoyisn llfB, al laaat to make it farlsa pteasaat aad neeful, hot Dr. White's operations are fraquenUy borne by childrea wlthoat oomp laint; there is Uttle or ao paia, ao loss jf time, and if noato bat saltable shoes be worn, the treatment, even In extrea* sasss, stfsctt a perfa gb the fleet r-* ? oare: though the feet being are liable to oome occasionally with atting shoes, aad lDdnstrious atHwf shoes, aad iadastiious persons thiab there is SonaTv^rit to the'Chiropod'is^aad tt hla well knows fact that thnaaaads of psrsoas. many of than thoas moat honored la public aad private life, taw from rh I 8 ? 0 L U T_I 0 ? . WAsamaToN, D. 0., April it, UTS The copartnership heretofore existing betweM nanw'aad Bns^f RLPHONE0 TO UN 06 A OO. is dissolved br mntaal consent .the second tens of snch dissolved bv mutual coneeat. the sscond tens of racl copartnership having thla day exatred The basT ness will bs continued ^t the obd>tead (Masonic Temple, corner Rh aad r streets.) by RLPHOBEO Wft'&JZ""" my friends aad ths pwbllc for ths4r Hh sral patronage in the ga^. l woal<i rsepectfally ?olieMacontinnance o ilpuqM10 TOUMOB. VOW EAI W BOT PMBP^IB^Ifrwa haea BUSINESS CHANCER fcjTOCE. GOOD WILL ABP FI\T(BK? <o?,] Stat; aery Star* for atlf, E,. 343 P*-<a >ll?tlntkir|l'.M?*rk M audi. atrwH*. t. rth aMe, with prtytleg* of renting at a *-r> l-w I in 1 for Fentia aranne pr-'prtT ml ??* Hikf ITORI FOE KENT In >-ie of th-?**?? K??ir?p Stand* on I" atraet Apply! A LEA M IL N F . ?p 4?in nijf * ' |/ >R BAIE-L*aa*, fivV. O ? -1 W M ant f t I tnrea .iff a uE'"'EEY STt*BI A nag ? go >d ? a? id***. central l.<cato?n AMr?aa|l i ?IJ O? !???, P C HlJ? ? ? THE STOCK OOOP W ILL a?, riXTCEK* >t I an ratal Ig'ied KtX'EKt fT'*EF ?:? .atrat f !?<?" orta? ? I'? * S" at a ?1 ? ? I * at ui nl.ln?* E" 4? <H at ? f-t \ ? ? . ? ntT* V RARK<HAN'I Ft. - .w rn lnr? ul on*nf tw. I.???? .Kin Kkt tnl M % K K KT STORES id th' i? nbern pa t of il.e ty |a i?trr. Hi fe'Qthw *a? cor ?th ?lid IB *t? i, ? n,ja %* PASTIES ! l!*?l >K? ? I 1T* ?ay part aff (h*<.ih *an M r' ' haaer. ?? i ??. tarn a i>n|k<nri loan l>? aprlyn ? to ?;Et_? TBI K!> PELL A CO , Real E-taf ? ltr-ker? >1 .? r*h ?tr m?' Im I K i v Ui'-n | k ? II I ? * F1VTI EK- ' . ? I>ruc Sior*. una pay ini ari. *t .*>r *1 1.-. a.. * il Ii real lia:ti- S< >|> I ' M l' i > mi- I ' E.'-'B SALE ok ev HAW .r tw r Ho l?t?rr N ? 4 I I 'ii I ha . ' r\t I HI 11 Aa* -flati ?. aill ae|| Mrh?i>(? it foi K ?l r''ai? ?h' d"?irm|.'i^tlrf Iritni In- |i ha* a ? ?t ttade. B ""i> I ught, mM. and * tiaueal ?' fair rata*. ntfe Jt* L? TS F<'R SAL! I aw ant h rw ! b? llir?*ii*tl ? *ell t ho fall ?? m K?gi>4 LOTHrli ar II I <>?i -??> t run T i? ara I w atxl in a baitli) ?ld rapnlli impr.Min* rart M the city, and arc ? ? th\ tli* j dealt ihg to aecnt ? lot" f i loiildtn* -in ? Sjuar* I ''*3. L 4* 1.} * I S".t- >?. *' 11 ft. .14. V. atiJ 3a. Square I t???. I.? 2 1 iC4. L"t-?.4. arid 10 MX. Lota 1. 7, IS ?i'4 I* T EP? <LIBB. V rginia ?\rmi an I >.h *!r*e4 ? <ith*?*t. nS i? la l \I"NEY TO \N M SEAL LM \ t?i . * I aim ? an.t i - i JAM BEE W \l i.H K-a' E?'a? II k?r. n ?? 1 in ?' i 1MII an-1 E m- t ml ?tp**?lri f' >R t Th<- ? ii ? il ? I I m I 1>ia h r a tira I ,.a t -'Nri< I luNEkl M-l l? k I KK V M h \LuUK. 4<?iii* ? ><>4 i ?- ? a. a c ???! ji >i?tmriit lor D ?-r?oi. .4 linni^l i ? I afit-r i f i' at 10?? Kri 1 _ -I ?? i#-t ?g mH at" \IOKEY 1U LOAN UN KK\L I ~ t \TE .'I M UK) A KKO . K>at K-lai* ? luaurn - H >W#r?, m? tf 14-it ?? itt tt. MuNM ? (>NM \>TL\ - \ II vMM ? Li AS III. rral i*atatr. Ill *un.? to ?u>t OKO. TRI'?1?EL1. ? i n , >' \ 17 lni* R?? E?' H k ? ? ? 1 |><<E HALi T- i? v* || i. , riXTI EBE I "| a Ultm'KKY JtT"RK I ?< ( ? e ? ?l t"i?iu??? AMl'-u H. A F , Mai <101. r T<Tin* III la ra a. |*OK SALE? Eotir tlratn.aa. ItH1 ? K H<H SE?. r t?' ?|Uar.-? from ? api' ^l Talk, an I tIi !?????? iliatMM* to th>- n?-a Ka-toru Mark'-'. WJ ai.<1 fliw to tha fnina) Itauia aicnua nti?HCi& cart, adl l.iraial. tlifv h<'U?? ?(' ?*ll-l>nlli tan rootiia rarh. can, h>>t an>1 ryld water, a??l ??w*r T< rtii? ????> . lu^uirv au tli?- prMuiaaa, SI* < -iraat aoatliaaat. a2.? Jn* r, UK 8ALE-TM ST<>CK. UimD ?II.L and r IXTl'BKS of tli?- Hilllnar) all I ? Si ?ra. S 707 Murkat space, l>--t 7th *ti<l Hb at* n rth wai. |aa tt| E. LEKEKKBO A t?. ALI'AELB r A KM K?'K SALK < K EE t II AN*>K EOK rRuPEKIV IS Tlllst ITY A UHt.AT BAKOAtX'?SB ?? r--a ?ar> nufWHir lati'l. oap?riall) for |ol?rro; l?r*a now T ??>a<*r? Bam. Iia<lltu||, Trotut H ???? an.1 ontlonltiiuia. ?in*j ard of But < "u< .id crap* * utoa, >r In<*iiiii au4 trrlllird. It' a< rra Talnal>li> timlwr, bnUu'f arabia and ?*li ft-tirad. li*ar t.uin. a - Station, ati It V A I' R R . iu Sp"t*> Iv aula c? ?iint?. > a Pi i oalp SS.i?W K A PHILLIPS, a| K-3m 1 Ofc W>a1 atr**t. U- r ?--t ?? u . O O. RARE CHANCE to pcrrhaa* a ?' >d sTi'liK and I'M KLI INU rb--ap. n ar o*w mark*!. U bio. 17 1 Jt. pi 1> 9t?'rDia < a?> H AM ILToN A PK AKsOR, ma> tf Y. M C A. Buildiuc. r b nod P ata - k. t ' U K SALE Ii Tl.?> law FOl'R STt'RY lli?rSE. with thraa ?t- rf ??*t<-n?ioo. * I i U?tri?t.ii"?rlr #<??, twAf r anna; firaari.pi a'.d aat-r.aitk laru- \ ard and at aid* in r?-mr Tti* ? liol* pr "p*rt> liaa !?**!. r~--nUf put ii. cotnpl*t* r*p?tr. and ta twj ronwntaat f >r a lar?? . ?t<-ut?*l f alii il j ? or for a b.?ardiug li"ia- Will l-*a ddl<'? Iii|Uir* at I [??<*daia..'? fia^k. < pp-att* Ttraiui ) , Prnuit Uatna aTeri i* f- IS ME Fur SALE. I,x>ksale< HEAP A MARBLE SMl'A KOfM TA IN . "il**r plattil ;?'id n t ?<>! ru>-r Apj'lj at Stai d* -?0^ ami A I ?? Cwt'l Maikat inV-it' | kNfc \\ IIKELIK A MIL-'i> "AM IN *1 \? A F t UlliK KOK SALE, \.r> Ii- <p. at CAku S KA/.AR. E ii. <>Oi Pvntii) Uaiiia av?au9, ati4?i S* ti ?i?al H"tal. ii. ki Jt L'MK SALE-B> p*rti*-r*c ;itl> niart - 4, a d-air r aide lot of El' RMTl KE, li-arly n-m . auttal'.a r lull'.' - I 'luteiuputtuc Ii >Ua*k?< p;u( I 4 tf0 m fiiiw ii ? t Ii? ? - - ?f" "* 4 ' LASb t'ASlKti, lar^' ai/., in W ?lunt Erama^ A I .16 ti\ 63, and Ai I > $?' Hi li*- 11: ' Ii Kla>a 8.1# cheap. d.? * APAMSuS 8. .<??? Vth atraet LMR SALE- A MOCKJE'. BIRD Apply at F PETTY A HARVEY S Hat and Sli-a^ Store, "III atri-ot. l?ol?e?ii L >ui*latia a? Tint %jO and [> atr*et d< rttiwaat niM ti* m Ii<K SALE ?Tli- ??!! a.*|.*. t*<i atM a aj PET r OOt'PS at 7 '11 M *rk*t Spa. , ? " ner a: ti atraot, a ill lie aold at a ifteat bargain, t" i a* Lii<.u*a? m2v ?>t' t'PR SALE?A GB'VER A It A K E It >EW|XU MACHINE, id order, at balf -t Apply at 1)1 tiiant Place tu> A* L'tiR SALE-Pair -d BAY HuK>L~ ?^nl iyara r 'dd, li batida bis'li tNf Mvlial,, ai, I r\ varraut"4 aound App:r at H O ToWLAs ,W Euriutare aarer-'om*. 1UU7 l'.-uu-?lnnia^^l avetiae in? II* SIX NEW TOP SPRING WAttOKII. 1 ONE BEAT TROTTING III GO) . n*? Eor aal* at 47 Pr apft atr--1. tJ-T** town J AS K PK* 'HE Y^ ni2I ?? * <^OL*E WATER APPAKAT18 FOB SALE A ffreat yariety of Wbit* and T oneaa -e Marbla h< 'PA WATER A P I'A RATI 8 at mannfa turara' piirea and terma, aecood-hatid one* tak-n in < liatixe Bllver piatrd Apparatua and titaai F >ua taitia tv loaa, free of cbarce, by -il4 Hit* PALMER i i. REEN Ua_r_ft wn E CLAT EOR BALE Apply (a DO DOE E PABNEILLB. )17 tf 14B7 F atraat Bbr.4 COAL AND WOOD. ^ L. iHEftlFF. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PEALER IN I (Ml. AXD H OOI) OF EVERY DKSCKlFTIOy oiti-e: ill" P*nna> Ivania a?*tio*. l??t?-*n VI and 4H atreeta. D? pot and Mil.. Sixlb atrve* wharf, Potomac river. Fair price aDd honorable d-altnr? m>> Im* AP1T0L HILL W OOB AM? ? O IL Y ARD, A ST., ItETW EEN *b ASP i NORTHEAST. c The uti4-r?i?ti~i ?*??? l-av* to tnf 'ra hi* mat .m era?reaideut* of Capitol Hill?and tha, *-a v'?,jKhM.op^uwl .? br?uch W OOD AMD ^ YARD ob A atr*-t. t>-t**?n II and Jd. n >rrh fftNf.?ber<* can b?* ti*uu<\ a ci??4 f very beat grade* of Im>Ui M ,??ai a:i l Coal AIJ or dera pr. niptiy and faithfully tiH d ni?4^.Wt w. B MARLOW METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. A EULL STOCK OE THE WLLOWiyu HEMAKKAtiLY CHEAP UOOUS HAS JUS1 BEEN HECEIYEU. OS EX AMIS A 1 lOM THEY WILL SPEAK EOK THEMSELVES. I Oert'g Fine Linen H>-mm*d Handker hiefn. Sfur f I. Brown Mock Towela, 4, 4 and My r |1 Extra Fin* Daniaak 4a., tfor |1 Gent's Faary Half B"aa, 3 pair a for f| Gerit'? Beat Brttlah do.,I pain for El 8*coDd Quality Britiah do . 4 fai r* For ?1 Gent a Light Merlin and India Gauze ftbirta, ?1 I Splendid Suxpettdeni, Si'cent* and AI. liuStyle* off Fin# Caua*. ft 1 each Mb EnflMh and French Hair Bruabea. 91 Bnclmli Shawl Strap*, Su cent* and ? 1 Ladiea ready made Ganuent* of ad kiad?. made m the heat Moalin, and wall aewed. at oae dollar. OM BnperiorElaa Tacked Shiru. at 9< Fine Homatitcbed Hand kerchief*. 4. t and 1 far |L Mouminc d<< , S and Sfor 91. -a31 S Mir* Ladiea' or Cbihlreu'a full ragnlar mad* Hoae,for 91. 1 Children * Striped foil regular extra long Haaa. d 3 pair* for 91. Solid Walnnt Square Pictnr* fia?e, with glaaa and . back, alee txw, lucetrta Fine O^ at Fran?*a. E) centt arid 91 ? M 81* Fine Plat*d Knl??^.for 91 Splendid Satchel* and Baaket., 91. Small Willow Work biand*.9l Child ran'* Rix-ker* and Chair*. 9> ? Hand* "me J ard la 1 era and Vaaea,at 91 Fin* Oil Cbromoa la aulid W alt^f Fr 91 each Boil Flal* Bracelet*, Sett*. B< ng*. Charma, C Chatelaine*. Necklace*. Ac .at El aach E? Style* of Buhhar and Jet Jewelry, at 91. ALL THESE AND A THOVSASO OTHEK ARTICLES AWAIT YOVK INSPKCTiOM. BBTE9P9LITAR DOLLAR ITOftB, 9IE 9BTBBTB 9TBBBT, nlltr naa

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