Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1873 Page 3
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BOOKS, STATIONERY, 4a. j k.'I'HE AMEBIC AM ODD FELLOW." for May. | 1 pric?- 26 c?nt*. received and for Mia by ?*Ti>< hM AN A SUN A^dU for District of Co lumbia. 9th litreet n> rth west, corner of I Also > a*n 'h?* c ? B k?, P-ri.?!-?)*. Ac , and a full aa- 1 l?->-tmriit >f Stationery. Pictnree, Pictare Frames, a mS-tr *I'UI ROYAL DIADEM. ANEW MUSIC 1 BOOK. PlM anl Profit In My Garden: by Bo#. lh<- t >t.n* Mechanic, a Practical Treatise TtaeOtb?r Girls, by Mr*. Whitney. M rn r of a Brother, by Th'>tnaa Hughes litT?' re and Dogma, by Mathew Arnold. < r ?i?-( at allpricee. Ax-vcy for STAINED GLASS HM BALLANTT N E, 0:9 tr 4'J9 7th atteet, near B. I. i-a or mw books AT htllLLI*GTOV9 BOOKSTORE. CulJil 4S Street aid Pb*xa. Arim Old K*' ?ineton. By Mi*e Thackeray. Th? I'M C nntess A ?e.juel to "Lord H >pe'a "Ch : B> Mr*. Ann S S:--phena. AntliiiiltI'-* of 8.iUthrrn Indian*. Al. <-.e Tempeet and Tid?-. Paecar B> tbe author of "Stratbm ?rev and ?Und- r Two Flajja The ? (Jirl-. B- Mr*. Whitney, author of ?? M e O ri?." A Fa." Savn. By Jn?tin Jl> I'arthy. N'? K-nn-diea, for April. K I. V .nt.? 51 n of Great Britain. A jonrnal of amus ing a> d ii ?Trnctiva literature. B y* ' England. A youug gentleman'* j urua! ?Cf *p rt. !vii and liter*!nr?. A !??: ? ith Chaste* Dick?-na. K n :. Chillingly. B Buiwer. Farm Ballade. By Will. Carleton. i Illustrate.!.> Alare <l>a of BLANK BOOKS, PAS ..JOKS o.d MtMORANDl'M l'."OKS. N<>T?; TAPER. LETT* i: PAPER. and PLAYING C liDS.atthe ?-D I. ?-?t pncw niy9 tr ^ Gill* ILTUBAL B(??'KS. J ?.-? n*? Agricultural Chemistry ?1 79 An.' : ? ai Gardener'* A*?i?tant...?... 3 90 A l' i < American Farm B<>ok 3 so H rson's OudtBlM for Pratt 1 so V. trioi'i Drainiogfor Pr.'lit and Health 1 50 I .1 - ? Small Fruit Culturiat 1 90 F .!1-r> Grape Coltcre 1 Stl I '* Southern Apple Coltnriat J 79 ViikM's Practical Pi ultry Keeper....__ J 00 Lar jr-tr< Ih on the H"ney Bee 3 Oil V. - She? p Hr?bandry..._ 1 90 II ???? ?i?neri' Cyt iopw-dia.? 3 79 Y '?*?? on the D g* ... S 79 All the hew book* received a* ??'B a* published Of HH HARD B >1111 N A CO., e^ tr lOlAPenon avenne. corner lltb *treet. ^VTI? eT OPENING OF A SEW STATIONBBT STORE AM> BLANK BOOK MANUFAOTOBT. Fir** i la** t ?'Hi* at fair prlcee, for raah LllU*OKAPHING. ENGRAVING. PRINTING ! AND BINDING DONE TO ORDEB The r lie are lnTlted to call and examine oar o?? : T <1 BEN r. FBENCH, 1 Cni?r National Metropolitan Bank, and next door to Jay Cooke A Oo.'a, ??!! rf waahlncton. D. O INSURANCE COMPANIES. "I' HI. L(|l ITARLE Lilt ASSI RAM E 1 ?OI IETV. Tt ? l< - ii.-*a of thi'C a r'ny li ?* f r ye?r- b ?n H.?l?' .-?til any aimilar inatitntion in tlie world. F HEYEB. (iFHkti Ant\t, nui^l li .?0.t and iO i 7lh *tre?-t ii b.~j?VeT iTto: '? . Av -?ll 7r? *lr~tt,orp P. O U'Pirftri.n', K- pr^-.-nt the follow :us a.rooK Fir* lnaaraace iiit OK KM AN AMEBIC AM, OFN Y . C.t-I. ? apital. ? I .OIIO (MM) TIi I MF.K(11AN1> <'F NEWARK. N .1 , ?03 ti Caeli A--< te, *476,7 l!l 17 I -KEAT tt tsTER% FIRE I^I RAVE tOMPAMY. CASH ASSETS |3M.?7 6'i t>FH? K. ?.?M FIFTEENTH STREET. ? . e-;ik t kf . k v dwr/iirviit. m?2n ?B u BATE>. Aeent. 1'HE M>Rt??K\% FIRE I > M R V N< t twMPAJI * I t THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, 0>lamiztd Am. I<t,lg73. Capital SIUO.OIIO. CFFU ? No Hit PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. I ?? kk M Dklrt SroHE.) .'"HN T LENMAN, Prew.ient. # H HERR, \ ice President. J T. DY'ER, Secretary. ? 1' B>r' ? Wm. Orme, H Clay Stewart. Cha* A JaeJa* L B?rt>our. Ed want Droop. J ? hii T. L '.'i < Miiharl Greet., J bn Bail>-y, A ti llerr ap4 l> A BE YOU 1NSUBEDT _ IF NOT, APPLY TO THE OLD FRA>KLIM IMSLRAMCK MMIPaIT. OF WASHINGTON, D C. llri'S folHTFD BT Co??SBE*? 1 *a I?|9. 01Bc? ir the bnildinx of tbe National Bat.k of ts? *06 D atraat north weal. Ho charge for PolKiea. AM'vto" ? Dr. Jit. C. Hall. John Pnnfy, Dr. J. ? Jfrodh-ad, J Keyw, rth, Jaa C. McGuIre, Heury BrVi-y.J-* H Bradley, C. H Wiltberaer, W. / McDonald. F F MrOuire, Dr. D B. Clarke, M Q Bm^ry HKNKY BRADLEY, Prudent. CHARLES BRADLEY. Secretary * ~ ' The matio^al metropolitab EIRE IMBl-RAMCE COMPABY. or raa DISTRICT OY COLUMBIA. oavAfizxv a vu vst m, ibt*. CASH CAPITAL III B100.0M OMce in Sbe?herd'a Bnildlnf. Bo. DOS PetuMrt Aama atpinn. MOSES KELLY, Preaident. WM_ B. TODD, tloa Prealdeot BAM L EL CBO88, Secretary. IllNTuU : J B Blafea, Wm B. Todd, W to Wall, Charles Joat, Wm G Metaerott, JohnT. Leamaa. Oeo F Golick. Moaaa Kelly. A B Shepherd. OOU-tt HOTELS. ? TBlON HOTEL, Oiuianuw!), D. 6. V. 8HINN, Proprietor. Tfcla H-'tel has beeo newly refitted aad ,waM It eoataiua all tbe modern ImproTsiaeota?hot ?old bathe, bella, and gaa. It ia conveniently lo ?ntad. belnj aitoated on the line of the Waahlnfloa ?nd Oeorfetovn City Paaaen?er railroad, the can ?# which, fr.>m the rmihrond and ateamboat depett, paaa tbe door every two or three nUnotaa. The ?neata of this bona* can ranch any ol the public ?nildinit* ef toe national capital or any plnoe of ??neenieot, Ac., br a pleasant rtde of afewmlnutea Perawn* do in* boain^aa alona the Una of the nana! nod on the w her ree will End It to their adrantaae tc at< p at tb?? bouae. deoB-ly H TSOB'S HOTEL, Bo. 7VV G STREET, Brrw*** 7th a;?o 8th STttsr*. T HB IM PBRIAL HOTEL, JAMES STKBS, Pror^mm, Fio9t:m PrsMrTi.vamia Avbhvb. t>*w*en 13tk mtd 14<4 icmu. Wa*i:m: H, D. C. Tiaait;! to tbe pubUc for the pa*'. the Proprietor aaka hie old friends"and patron* to test the accommodatione of hia present sstabliahment, which he aromiaes shall ba foujui m IsaM Mjcal to tae beet in Waahinxton. jar? ti |Rep.,0hronJ rr?HE BRYANT HOUSB^ A Lo-imt an cemar U(* mm and 19. T. irraiai _ABw the lat of December. U73, Permanent and TrnnM^nt Bonrdsia will End this honss oaa of the ?nam desirably and aaoat oonvanlantly locntsd honn tn the city. The rooms an oenUy farnlahad, wall lighted ?V.atsd, aad proTidsd with aU (ions ? The charves are low, bnt the Soft of all coasts will be carefoily provided for. The proprietor, E. RICHARDS, haa determined to TproekSe a food catereir hoaM-astf iC. RBBITT HOOBB, WASHIBOTOB, D, O. PROPOSALS. ROPOSALS FOR BT BOUGHT AND CAST IRoN WOBK FOR THE NEW JAIL, DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. Kiw Jail, Disth.ct or Coltxbia. I OSes of Superintendent, May S, fcjn.f H t.OlUHT A>U CAST IKON WOKK. Sealed Proposals will be received at the office of ?? ? iperiuteodeot ootil 14 m, Jo* 7.KJ. for ?nraiatun*. delirerioc, fittioi, and putting in plnea the Wrought and Cast iron Work as exhibited by *k*51r??i"*s. described in the Speciftcmtens. nod fallen for in the Schedules, consiatiox if Wse Cast ?-on ( lumos of Basement. Rolled Beam*. Ac , ?f i,x>rr? JW.-rk of Biota, Gratings to Window*. C., Cell Doors, Iron Staircaaes, Ac ? 'tl? l?r?win?,Speci^ca?ioi>s and Scbed >? I' A*4 ,>n ?M*Kattoa at this oMca. ? *c*n Idio* reuaired by the contractors to pnt the work m plac^ win be fomUbed by the Oorern cLAr,r- bm w?? be erected by the coo r ^ i&s2r d^rew'bLldlrZ T2- ''ii H* ^ "Wirldai diBfrml bi4d9nf toot will |>0 oontidArt)>l in the accrecate The wbole of theCMt Iroo GoIuibiu of Basem-nt Story and the Beame? Mc ot rir3l yioor, tins bedellvered apd eat tn poeition within thres m >o(ha frsm date of acceptance of propose and the whole work mom be complMeS VitTlo twelve m. otha froas date of accsptance. Pnymeuu will be made monthly, deduction tan per ? until the Snni completion ef the contract AU bid* most bs accompnnlad b^n^ penal bond," In at Wfonabt er Cast-iron Work, and wha hairs of twenty thonaaod dollars ( S?.0UB,i that the kUd-r will accept and perform the contract If -??> the snMciancy of the aacnrity to be the Colted Statea Juda*. the Clerk of ted Statea Conrt,or the District Attorney of .net wherein he rsatdea. Department rsasrvss the riftt to raiect any or k, ifU ba dumid for the interest of the Qor d > so; nnd any bid that ia not mnds on f rm, to bs oUaiaed ia thiaoMce.and net conform in every respect in the raanirn ? of thia advertieement . will not ha coosi'lernd, will nny proposals be received " to tha k Work/ ADORE ClUM, SnperintaaJeui. BANKERS. LEW IS JOHMSON fc C O. J BANK BBS AND DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, Have REMOVED to their new Banking H >us? on he corner of luth street and Pennsylvania ?r?nu?, on the a if formerly occupied by them. ml3 lor TIB BK.ELOW, Banker, ?43 D STBBBT. NEAB SEVENTH, Pays INTEREST ON DEPOSITS. makee COL LECTIONS, ?ud transact* all business connected with Banking. " tpl ly g A iTl IRQ UOTSE 4. H. SQUER ?r CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, OPPOSITE WILLABD's BOTKL, WASHINGTON. D. 0. ? per csnt. paid on dtwOiUi. Collection* made erwywhtre, Drywiti payable on demand. Pay of officers In the Army cashed in advance. apl tr BRODHEAD, Broker* No. 939 Penna. ave., Boom 9, Washington, D. 0. Special attention given to Investment securitiee. Invitee attention to aecurities now offered at pricaa which will pay U> t<> 15 p?r cent, in amounts arid of length of tune to suit invent, rs. Safe, reliable, profit able and prompt, making tliem in every respect FIRST CLASS SECURITIES. Refers by permiseion to Lewis Johnson A 0o., Washington. D. C.: Mum Kelly, E?i., Cashier National Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D. 0.; Hon. J. M . Br*ahead, Second Controller, Washing ton, B.C.; Edwaril Clark, E?i., Architect U.S. Cap ttol, Washington, D. 0. niarl7-.ini 'THE NATIONAiTbaNK OP THE REPUBLIC i (Cotne rof 7th and D streets,) OPEN FROM 10 A. M TO 3 P M. decl7 ly CHAS BRADLEY. Cashier. GERMAN AMERICAS SAVIXHS BAXE, "" No. 414 S*vk>th Strbkt. Orporut Ik* Pott-'Ufict Dtf 'imtnt. Bank boon: la n.toip m. Saturdays opeti an .11 4 p. m , to receive deposits only. Interest paid on deposit*. Collecti jus made and SXchi.IlKe furnished. JOHN HITZ, President, A EBERLY, V. Presl, W. F MATTINGLY,Sec..O. E PRKNTISS.Uash'r novt-ly HE FREEDMAKTS SAVINS A*D TRlSTtUMPASY. Banking House, No. 1407 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Treasury. PAYS BIX PER CENT. INTEREST, lnirrtst Brttns ik' Htsi of Eark Mimlk PAYS FOUR PER CKNT. on business acc.nntt from date of deposit. It ruts Vtrtiflratt* of Vepoftt bearing 6 and 4 per cent Interest, available anywhere. HAS BRANCH OFFICES in all large town* and Cities of the S-utb and Southwest. Bank knurf, 9 a m to i p m. Open Wednesday and Saturday nights from 6*4 to I Vclock, to receive deposits only. Call at the Bptikor tend fer a copy of the Charter and By-law*. jU-ly G J AT COOKE * CO., BANKBR8, BUT AND BELL FOREIGN EXOHANOE and iBtVE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, arailabU is any part of tk* ?sof 14. Ocr Drafts on JAY COOKB. McCULLOCH A CO., LONDON, are Cashed In any part of BnsLasp, Irsla*dand jCOTLASP. frt* Of rkarii. Ui%> 13 WAKHIMOTOM CITT 5AVMOS BANE Vortur 7tk strut anf Louisiana uriMi, PAYS 6 PER CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposit*. Deposits can be made and drawn at will. m'.li t> J A RUFF. Treasurer STEAMER LINES. PH1 L.v??HEH.I^A?1'BXAMDBIA. Va., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D O. AIM hok i.i > k steamers, Sail from Pier 3u. North River. New York. EVE BY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The p.u?en^er accommodations on Stt-am-rs o| tin* line are unsurpassed f- r elegance and r mf< rt Cabin staterooms ar- altet T on npprrdeck, thut securing good light*-?=???* and vertilation KATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY Sat. Jl'imfJ. II'"/. lira men Gold Currency. Cal t.s _ ?75 and gGS $74 and ?63 Cabin return tickets securing best accomni'xiations .. $130 .gisc Steerage, currency. Certificates f t pa'sage fr in an) se;tp irtor railway st ati ii in Great Britain. Ireland "r th ??Continent at RATE* A? LOW A- BT ANY OTHER F: K-T-CL A-? LINE F r passage apple to HENDERSON UKi'TIIEBS, 7 B ? ling Green, N. Y.; t? C. CAM MACK, I 4^3 Fit.n w.,or WILLIAMSON A CO 175.J Peim. avenue ii.w.. Agents, Washington. iu6-t,rh.s.1m jVEW~ EX PRESS LINE VIA CANA LT 1 ~ BETWEEN A LI GE SA1LIXS DATS. From Pier J, North Wharves, Phil adelphia, \V EDNKSDAY and SAT UBDAY, at I U m. From 5<* Water street,Gsorfetown p. C .TUBS DAY and SATURDAY, at l(fa m This line connect* at Philadelphi i i?h"Clyde'? Iron Line" of steamers for Provide ?, B??t?n and New England States. No wharlago in B.>?ten by tins line G. F. HYDE, Agent for D. of 0. WM. f CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. F A REID, Alexandria, Ya. W ALDO a. PBABCE. ?4 Oongres* 8treet, Boa ton. ?^"Freight" delivered hv Knu's Erpress Order* left at General Office, 603 Pennsylvania av?nne. or at tbe steamer whaif will be promptly attended to. apl W ASHIHQTOH^BFOLK, BOSTOHrAND The fine Iron Steamer LADY OF THB LAK.B having resumed her regular trips to Norfolk,will leave ber wharf, foot of 4th atreet, every MONDAY and1 ? THURSDAY, at 1 p m., touching at principal Bivet Landing*, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship ol the M and M. Line for Boston and Providence Fretght should be addressed "care of Lady of tbr Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Kbos*! Express Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenue. T. M. CROUCH, Agent.4th-?treet wharf DOBSEY CLAGETT. General Ae?nt. ml4 Plant'* Store, oortier 11th s* aid Pa ave. ^?INARB WE. THB BBITIBH AND NOBTH AMEBIVAB ROYAL MAIL 8TBAMSHIP8, BETWEEN HEW T0BK AND LIYEBPOOL. CALLING AT COBB HABBOB FROM NEW YORK. * JaTa?_....Wed?May t8 J Parthia......8at_... May 31 ?I'uba _W'ed...Jniie 4 " 1 'Bcotia Wed..June 1] "Algeria....Wed. .lune Is * Russia. Wed..June r, Samaria S?t June 7 Abyssinia.. Sat June 14 Baiavia.._-Sat I >n>. 21 _,Ualabria_ .Sat Iuii-js Steamer* marked Lhua ? do not carry ateerage paa ? soger* And every follewlna WEDNESDAY and 8ATUB DAY from New York. Rat as op FaMAas.-Cabiu, #?*). flOO, and Ilk gold, according to accommodation. Tickets to Pari*. (U, gold, additional.4 Return ticket* on favorable term*." Steerage, ?30, currency. Steerage tickets froa? Liverpool and Qaeenatowa, and all parta of Enrope, at 1)west ratea Through bill* of lading given to Beiraat, Glasgow. Havre, Antwerp and otner aolata cu .ae Cuntlnent and for Mediterranean porta. For freight and eabln paa sage, apply at the Gompauy** office. No. 4 Bowling Green, for steerage passage, at Mo. Ill Breadwu M .or .teerage passage, at No. Ill Bread way Trir.ltv Building. CHAS. G FBANCBLYN. Agent. N-w York OTIS BIGELOW. Agent. Btcauier Office, 1^11 Pa. avenue, aovlAly Washington, i?. c. SRCHAMTV L1NB OF aTBAMSHIPS UTV1BR WASHINGTON AND NEW Y0BB. thereafter the fine Steamahtpa ? O BNIGKT aM JOHN GIBSON will makeregolsJweekly tripe between NEW YOBB, ALBXAN SpIA, WASHINGTON and GBOBGB-<SMH TOW N, * follow*:?Leave NEW YOBB from Pl<* W East Elver, every SATURDAY at 4 * - ?-L GEORGETOWN every F BID AY * TmmS ALEXANDRIA the Muae dayat 111 m. 1 ? For fall Information apply to B. F. A. DBNHAM Pant nnaa a*Ml waas* paaA &a BiaA ?* ? a m *w* .^..iuvibhmvh Efpir IV m. r. a. u Agent, oftoa aad whart toot of Rlgfc *tree? town, or Mtfea aoraar at ITU atraat and ] Frelghta delivered by Eno-;^l Erprew. Or ders left at General Office, 603 F'lWfyfvsiii* it* one, or at the steamer wharf wUi be promptly at tended to. Wl-tf J. W. THOMPSON. Vttfir&ViS 8i"??SMS si'yaiju-iiin kkssst xiLsK asi.tt4sgavsasj ?edicloee fnrnlabed gratuitously. CoMultlng phy siclana, Dr*. J. C.Hall,Tbomaa MUler.0 sSSSL ^ * Johnatoa, and Grafton T'yler. Au?uf'; Pkt*utmuA IHsmiu. Thmt tf IBB. WOBMLBY1 PBCTORAL 8YBUP, m OOCOHS AND OOLDN. mtfP^ " ALL 1PM?V9J6T$. ^tLBB*B~WHa1>, r?t if tik m*4 Furm, TO CONTBAOTOBS AND MEBCHANTS. Cargoee of 8T0NB, COAL. _ BAY, LUMBBB, Ac.. Use bar red from vessels aad stored or dellvared at lb* shortest notice aad lowaat raise. aJB-ly G T. ArLBB. PIANOS, Ao. A of nbably new and *?? SECOND HAND PIANOS, from different factories, now on band for tale or rent on East Term*, to room at BE1CHCNBAOH-8 NAKO WAREROOMS, 4SI3 11th street, above Pennsylvania avenue, Agency for Wm. Kuabe A Co.'s and Wo. Mc Camnion's PIANOS. ne^T:pr*n.*<lIld PIANOS taken in part payment for practical piano , . ""Mi formerly foreman for F. C ? Lighte * Co., toner for Steinway A tk'ni.BM and late tunerfor Meteerott A Co. TnnerIII 111 and repairer ?f PIANOS and ORGANS. No. S3* ttJUSfV?*- Ord'mleft at Karr'. Jewelry Store, b)!9 Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn's Drug wore, corner JPennsylvania avenue and Shh street: Rosenthal's, SOI 7th street, corner of H, will meet ?ith prompt attention, and satisfactioa. gnaran ^ ? aS4-lf_ WTIErr'8 PIANOS, unsnpassed in sweetnesa of 'tone and excellence of finish; low prices_^n^ and easy terms G. L. WILD A BBO.jBftl Agents, 4'JO 11th street, near n..rthw.Mt corner Pennsylvania aveuue dealers in Piauos and Musical Instruments genetaily. Tuning and Bepairing, Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. apl?-ir J I i 71,1 rtreet n. w., Ttmtr and . Hrtylator Pianos and Ortans. A- ? aers received at Thompson's corner lath st sad N. York ave. ; (Jetty's. Bridge, near III ID Congress, Georgetown; and Moses', ror. 7Ui and Pa. JT; r'anoe and other instruments packed and moved All work marantend. mil* ly WUHOMACK.EB * OO.'S PIANOS. 0 PHILADELPHIA QBEAT BEDUCTION IN PBICE8. *??5 Instruments, which, on account of their n } have in a few ynan__?s^ become the mort popular here, as well as allKa|B aver the country, can be had now for the fol-Mlw^ lowing low prices SQUARk PIANOS from #378 to #fT|. UPRIGHT PIANOS from SflUOto *708 GRAND PIANOS from to #1,078.' Persons who wish to save from #100 to #300 In per chasing the l**?t instrument ont, are iuvited to cab and compare for themselves. Piano* for rent Piano* exchanged ?;M vm,ij uiumaa, aicui, lf Pennsylvania avenue ? Tuning and R'-pairing properly attended to CARL RICHTXR, Ageut, THE TRADES. PlsVwM^n?Ll'MB,.NO' ?AS FITTING AND ? I . k1?AGK promptly attended t<>, on reason ably term-. b> JANES P BKIEN. No. 6?? Louis lAiu V,,'n.n*' ?<h street, north side. Residence, PtPif ii noJthSMt Specialty. TIN LISKP rl rK always op hand. tr Notice of Removal. THE U'MDKR lil'SIN'EjjS, HERETOFORE CONDUCT** BY THE UN i E/.'SU,XPD OX SIX TH STil KET, X EAR MISSOURI A VEX I E, AND B STREET, BE TH'EEX SIXTH AMi SEVENTH STREETS NORTH tt'EST, 11 ILL BE LOCATE O HERB AFTER AT THE lor. of 13th slrert and Ohio awe. n. w. NATH L B. rVfltfT. IJEUAIG A LAGIRPUSH, ** .. ? Successors to IIpxrt Horaltk, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, "M ,n>* Between 8th an.l 6th "I. m>* W *I*?S A JOHN <;. HOGAN, 713 Market Space, Manufacturer of AUNISgs, for Store#; City and t ountry Residences. fioo/fg'K.Vo';?Taifg"" u,wf pLIMBING AND GAS-PITTING. JUG*****?*?? ,h"ir P'??nMn? and Gas Fitting done in a neat ami substantial mariti.r, a-id on reasonable terms, should leave their order, at U Pennsylvania a\enue, Capitol Hill. W ork warranted. mP-fcn* WM ROTH WELL. IYI CV5,n.,^?-ham' hatter, il',' j.811 * Street, between Wtn and 11th, i to announce tnat he has received rm tbe Spring Style of Broadway BLOCK, and ii3 'hetrT'iS? i i8W ^ **' made to order en*^ . f'1 old styles; also, an assortment of Felt Hats for sale, on reasonable terms ff-tr NINAS, FLAGS, TENTS. 7 M O. OOPELAND, ?4S Louisiana avenue, one door east 7th street rsfJ^Ifnm'0erand?^i.Chtf ^0??nt7 B^'dea^ BOOMS MTOBATID danoinqTcloths"*1* t0 onl8r tt Jt K. THETON, CARPENTER, BUILDER. AND OOBTBACTOB Onlen for Honse Carpeoterln#, Jobbing, or Oo ractor's Work speedily attended to. Shops and Office. )ana-tf litb street, below ? at. northi REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLE FBANK BABNOM , JCAS BOYLE A t'O., Vo KoauJk T* ANO XOTt: BROKERS, Ru f>Od 16th (Street, oppmoiu. |j# y TreMury. 'OB SALE?A handsom- HOUSE on I street. No ?n<i H BmTsW" 1'n.bnMMUOL'dK' corner 21 it n, .ft, l0J? Mas?acliu?etts avenue, i w 5 ? ** for BAle or rent, fur uished or unfurnished. A COTTAGE in Willard's ?n,a" from "S?*1' cash paymenu. We have fABMS, improves and unim f . different railroads running from the city, f..r sale at low figures or exchange for citv property. 300,?ju feet of GBOUND in virions portions of the city for sale at low figures, on easy Wl" exchange for productive improved property apM-tr f^EO. TBl'ESDELL A CO , ... _ HEAL ESTATE BROKERS, ? la 7th street, (over German American Savings Bank.) Special Miration given t- BENTING, COLLECT LOANS TAXES aud NEGOTIATING ture Dealer; C. E. Prentiss,'Caehier German Amer!? j*Kn li't11*r-Uol. John M. Fessenden, Hon John Hilr., Consul General of Switzerland. Austin f. bbown, Oon* M. T. avenue and 18th street, WH0L?aL? Dkalii ? W-bin^on, D. o.. fer cat order on short notioe Mac^SliSSrlie Pwius PorpoM* daliverad in any part of tbe Dto BEAL ESTATE bought and sold ?-* bom* i> To this branch of tbe busineaa I will Sere ?Jter give ?y personal attention, and will beatm office dally from 10 a.m. until 4 a '? LIVERY STABLES. J_B OLOOT1 A SON. ? BOARDING, LIVEbV ? lb 8th street, bet D and I, _ between ISth and lttk. I w . ^ , _ d SALS STABLW i,5fJ D and ?, and Chain Allev, H. l*h and lttk. Office, WUlarda. Alllsohhailob, J*.. "?**! AND HIBlNG STABL _ SITLISH CARRIAGES and COAOi l?SS Estreet ^ A^JfSrMni* bBLB8*~B- 0ED1*. J* STREET, Bitwiu ITt* and ISth v>arrla?as by day or nigbt.aad for weddlan or s pOHGSBSa BTABLBS, H fcTiitTBlllfjlitTWMiiD and ?. Iru-ii mchabdVabt, rr"f fboblbmthat was basilt soltbd * "1 say. Charley, pardon me, but pray tell ?? ^ilfi1mT?'i i^iInr"di:aTrb> STKAUS, llll AUCTION SALES. Fl'Tl'RK DAYS. B BY OREFN * WILTIAM3, A ictioneen, K^. 1000 Northwest ljtb and D streets. SALE OF A THBEB 8T0BY BRICK HOUSE AND VACANT LOT .FRONT ON G STREET NORTH, HITWIEN AND SEVENTH STREETS WEST, AT ALCTlON. By virtue of a decree ,?f the Supreme O-nirt of the District of Columbia, pa**?d >u the 1 it a day ^?<?f Mav , A B. 1573. mad* in th? cause of Waite vs. W aite. and other*. No. 3.181. Equity, I shall sell on the premise*. on MONDAY, th- ill day of June. A. D W? 6 o'clock p. m , all that certain pi?ce or parcel of ground in the cityof Washington, Dis trict of Columbia, and kmwn and described as lot numbered eighteen (18>, in sqnare numbered four hundred and fitty-five 146S), eacepling a portion of said ha fixe (51 feet in width, on the eastern side of said lot seven (7) feet and six (6) inches in width >'D the rear of said lot. which has been reserved for alleys, together with the improvements, which con sist of a three-story and attic brick dw-llin* house, and a brick stable. The above lot has a front of twenty-four feet. Also, a vacant lot adjoining, hav ing a front of 14 foot 3 inches, with a depth of 121 fe+t more or U-as, with fine side and back alle>s The time of sale as prescribed by dee ree are One third of the purchase in cash, and the remainder in equal installments of six. twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing inter-st from the day of sale, and secured by thd t>?'tes of th- purchaser, and such other security as rjay be satisfactory to the trustee. Convev a icing, Ac . at th" c >?t of the pur chaser. ?J0U will be required at the tiireofsale. and if the terms of -.ale are not complied with within five da* s from the day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell tltv property at the risk and c-wt <>f the defaulting purchaser or purchasers, b\ ad vert ising the sanw three time* in some uewsp-tper published ill the citv of Washington JOHN F ENN1S. Trustee. GREEN A \\ I I.LI WS, nil.*-d I Rep., mv ?S d| Auctioneers. Y B. H. WARNER, Real K-tate Broker and Anct' meer, tio, 1H9 Seventh street, between U aui H . TRUSTEES SALE OK VALUABLE FARM LAND IN PR1NCt GEoRGK'S COl'NTY, MARYLAND. By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for 'Prince George's county, sitting" ?subscriber, a- Trustee, will offei at putiiic sal.-, on the premi-es, on THURSDAY, the dthday of ?lune, 1*73. at the h'?ur of 14 o'clock m .if fair; if not, the next fair day thereafter, a valuable tract or parcel of Land containing rifty and ?:ie-fonrtli acres. Ix-iiig part of th< real e?iate of the late \\ i| l:am Clark, and now owned by the parties to the suit in which the above-mention-d decree was passed. It is situated about six nnlws northeast of Washing ton city, and i? approach <1 bv the 7th street r ad, passing I y the Soldiers H .me, or by North Capitol street and Glen wood, and is half a mile from a sta tion on the Metropolitan railr<'ltd(on S ott's farmi isver> line,with hands oniesliade tr e?, and desirable sitfs for building lots. Terms of sale One third of the purchase money to be pai 1 In cash on the day of sale, on ratification by the court; and the residue In two equal instalments in one and two years, to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, with securities to be tti>pr..ved by the Trustee. Two hundred dollars of t he ? ash pa> ment will be te<|uir-d <>n the day of sale. The Trustee is authorized to divide the said land, ind will divide it into lots to suit purchasers, if deemed desirable. R B B CHF.W. At the same time and . the subscriber, as at toinej for William Clark, the owner, will sell fifty live acres ot Land -wl 'inin^the above, similar in quality and location. This land is improved by a comfortable l>w<dliug and outl.iiildiugs. Terms made known <>n .lay ..f sale R. B B CHEW, Attorney. BiW m.wi IJ II WARNER. Auct'r. ?h BY LATIMER A CLEARY ,< Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker* Southwest corner Pennsylvania av.-nut- and Uth St., Star Office Buihliugs. TBUSTEE S SALE OFDE>lBAP.LE IMPROVED I'ROI'KBTY <>N THE SOUTHWEST CORNER ? 'F M A SS ACHI SETTS AVENI E AN I* 1 7 in STIII"KT NORTHWEST Bv virtue i.f a <b -1 t trust, dated August the Igal.tli, Kit. and duly recorded in Liber So. 021, "^f.di ''iiii! one of the laud records tor the county <d Washingt n, in the Di-tnvt ol Columbia, and b> the written request of the party s.-. tired thereby. 1 will sell at public a'ic? i .n. in It out of the pr mis.-, t.n MONDAY . the ?tli d?> f June, 1873, at ?Ho' lock p in . Lot numb. re.I <7 thirt\-sevea.of S|..Mildtiig and Wilson's sulslivi?i .n of original lot ?tie(l). in square number d one hundred aud fifty eight (lf.s i, as recorded in the office of the Surveyor ?.! the city ef Wa-hingt n. I>. <? improv.-d by a nearly new two story Frame Dwelling, and situ.ved on southwest ot hiis.-tts a\ ? uue and 1711, street northwest Terms of sal< 0n> third cash; r sidue in siv and twelve moi ths, with interest from d <> of i?... fened payment-to be secured by ad f trust on the pro|>ertv sold. AM conveyancing at l ost ol pur chaser. glull ib wu at time of s i). HALLET KILBOI RN, Trn tee. ni2't eo,\.Is LATIMER A < LKAKY. Ancts. H Y B II. WARNER. ic al Estate Broker and Auctions* No. 7!i*? 7th street.betveeu 0 anl 11 sts. \\ BY On WEDNESDAY. June 1th. 1571. at "to Eg p. tn , 1 wili offer for sale, at public auction, in trout of the premises, th iuo-t n .rth tii tz feet ld'j inche-, from front to rear, of Lot 7, in S jnare lit Also, on tie; same day. at ?> p m., the most east earn 1?> fe<-t 5 inches, from front to rear, ot Lot b, in Sjuaie 117. tmprov ed by a two-story anl basement Brick Dweliiug At. i. <?n'1 Hl'RSDA Y, June .*?, In7j, at K p. m., Lot 3. in Square 10*4. T'-!t?ih; One third cash; the residue in 6, 12 and IS months frou. day of safe, with interest at eight (s? per cent. Title to l.e retained until all of the pur. Iiase money and interest is paid Terms of -ale to be complied w ith within five days after sale, otberw ise I reserve the right te resell, at the risk arid i ost of the defaulting part haser. All convey ancing at purchaser's cest. A deposit of $Mouac cep?ai:cc of each bid. W. C. LEW EI.EN CLEMENTS, Uuardian and Agents, JAS 8 EDWARDS, Att. rue/ m23 eoAds B. II, WARNER, A net. Y DLNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Ancts., Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. SALE OF FINE ROSEWOOD PARLOR SPITE, walnit i hamb?:r hets, damask ci r TAINS, <>IL PAINTINGS. MARItl.E T<?l' TAI'.I ES, ST AO HORN II \T THEE. Ac.. ('ON TAIN ED IN HorBE No NEW Y'ORK A\ 1.N1 E NORTHWEST. AT Af7CTION. ffi On WEDNESDAY MORNING, Jnne 4th, UA c. innienc'i.g at 10 o'cb>ck. we will ??*a MMN w \ ork a?. nu?,betw.^n 9thand lu.h streets I ^ 1 northwest, the entire Household Furniture, P&iutiiigs. Ac , consisting of? Parlor Suite. alnut Parlor Suite. R> and Walnnt Marble-top T ilfles Damask and I.ace Curtaius. Mantel and Pier Mirrors. Stag Horn llat Tree. Od Paintings, Engravings and Chr >m >s. Sideboard, Kxteusiou Table, Dining Chairs. R. fngerator, Bookras. V alnut Chamber S?ts. Cottage Sets. Feathers. Hair and Shuck Mattresses. Taides. Bureaus, Washstand*. ardr .bes. Work Stands.

Blankets, Comforts. Spreads, Sheets. Vel vet. Tap-stry, Three ply and other Carpets-. Oilcloths, Rugs. Mats. Parlor Oi naments, Vases, Ac. Cnt Glass, China and Crockery. Kitchen I teusils. Tubs, As., Ac. Being the effects of a lady d?cliniug housekeeping preparatory of leaving for Borope. This sale is worthy the attention of parties desiring to obtain first-class Furniture in fo<il condition* Terms cash. DL NCANSON DOW LING A CO., ?'2S 1 Rep ] Auctioneers. B. H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TU0 7th street, between G aud H. VALUABLE BUSINESS LOT FOB SALE AT AUCTION, ON EAST SiDE OF 7tii 8TKEET, BETWEEN N ANDOSTUEETS, NEAR MEW CORCORAN MARKET SI will sell, on the premises, on MONDAY, Jnne Ud, ltJ7;i. at tt o'clock p m , a Lot on the east side of 7th street, between N and O f-et front by 116 feet deep to a wide paved alley. T.tle perfect Terms Oae-lonrth cash; balance in 6,12.18 and 2? months, with 7 percent, int. re*t. ?50 down on day of sale. n28 dAds B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. B. H. WARNEK, ??? _BeiJ Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 789 7tli street, between G aud H sts. PUBLIC BALE OF A VALUABLE BUILDING _ LOT. By authority of t be Board of School Commis sioners of Prince George's county, the snb _scril?er ?will sell at public sale, ou the premises, on THi RSDAY, the itu day of June next,(if fair if r?t, on the next fair day thereafter,) at the hour of 3 o'clock p. m., that 8chool-houae and lot of ground contiguous thereto, containing one acre, situated in Biadensburg district, opposite Clemson's aud the farm of Benedict Y'ost. Tnis lot is situated near Highland Station.on the Washington branch of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, aud four and a hair miles from Washioctou by the Turnpike, and is very desirable as a building lot. Terms cash. RICHARD B. B. CHEW, Att'y. mat. Maw B. H. WARNER, Auct. ?Y B. H. WARNER, ~ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TH9 7th street, between G and H. TRI'STEE'8 SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PR0PIRTT AT THE CORNER OF 1?TH AND M STREET8. vvnaan v# 4^ By virtue of a deed of tniat to me, bearing Eadate the 1st day of February. A. D. W72, and ?*dnly recorded in Liber 675, folio 128, and at the ? I willaell at front of the -. . v- T-- -, ? Jar of June, 1873, at 6 o clock p m., lots numbered nineteen (1>) ami sixty four (6|) in aubdiviaioa of sqaare numbered one hundred aad eighty-two (Ml,) as the same are known upon the public plaU aad plan of the city of Washington. This property fronts about 46% feet on l#th street, and haa a depth of about 87 feet, to an alley, aad binds on M street, and to improved wHh a iartelVstory frame store aud dwelling, aad two smaller frame the city and '* Iocat?din * improving part of The ^^rtywillbeaold suhjert to a prior incum brance of BtvOOO, which maturea January 10,1874 Terms; One-half cash, aad ^a realdue tn aix months, with interest frqm day of aale. Bioo to be de posited when Ue property toatracfc adT. All convey ancing at coat of purchassr. ^ B.H.^IiStiuiXnSS: Y GRkEN a WILLIAMS, A?otx>neers. No. 1##1, northweat coraar 10th and D sts. Bv B1 uaij rvooraea id tiii>?r 0/3, TuiiuZM request of the person secured thereby, I public auction, to the highest bidder, in 1 premises, on FRIDAY, the 13th dar of B| ^AAHSI?mKnfiUW? I Ah Will be aold, at auction, oa VEDVBSDAT, the City Hall. lt iae cjty ofVa?*Unoa, District of S2rW.-^SJ!^SaSs iiSI" ard?on, State o/hc half < H) of aectio' "45'Eii? i&srt AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW. BY L*TMMER A IUART, Auctioneers i*a?l BeaJ E?tat? Bokers. Southwest coru-r Pennsylvania avuu" uil Ilth *f., St?: Office BuUdiiMl ATTBACT1YE balk at our auction ROOMS #J\ On 8ATUBPAT MOBNING. May 31.eo* V^^mencing at IV o'clock. we shall ???!!.in front Mli f our nln rwn?. t < try superior colWti n I 1 I I B .nsehold Q...*ls, kc., embracing? Parlor Suite-. in haircloth mini rejs; M T Tables. Walnut M T Chamber Furniture, Walnut Bedstead-. B'ir-?n* nr'i W**h*t*n<U, Brussels. Three ply and Ingrain Cfttpets, Hair and Husk M?tfT*?*ee Oilcloths, Featb.-r Beds. Bolsters and Pill >w?; W md wSUad-*-, Cane and Wood seat Rvk:ni and other C .iAirs, Walnut Ext.-nsi >n Pining T?He?. B>-friger*tors. Crocker* and Glass Ware, Heating and Cooking Stove*. Kitchen Furniture, Ac , Ac A Lao, SO dry Packing Caak*. in good conditi >n. Lot 8*r..nd-hand P< r-.Sssb.Ac. Term* i*h 2t LATIMER A CHARY, Ancts BT PUNCANSON, DOW LI WO A CO., Ancts Corner fch and D -tieets northwest. IMMENSE SALEJ>F PRY GOOPS. Mil.LINE BY AKP FANCY GOopS AT AUCTION. ?^ f?^ On SATURDAY MORNING. Maj 31 >ic a large siock oi |jr>. nuimerj and Fancy in part for C0ln MJience t sale We ,;:tB? Rl?ck and Celored Silks. M?r<n<? Bit'k *ud Color*! Alpac%?* I* I'.afk .nd Colored Water pro,.* Flannel. Grenadines. Lawus, Suiting* C .-siiii. re?. fleths. Cssmets. Print-, Ginghams. Milelina.Lt ens I ekay. W tiir,? .t-|* of evert d? - rii i Netting. Hosiery, Glore-, F- in. Ribbons, \ elv?t?. Trimmings, .? ? . !kc. This stock i? seasonable, mdc* son.* of the flnm Drv Goods ever offered Bny? rs will be fur nished with seats The attention of 1-?|. r* is ,-,.11. i tothis -ale. a- the Hr,. c,>n<i ?, I'.gT PI N0ANSON.POWI.ING * t i> , Au.-ts BIT I t W UfOI, ROWLING A C > kaefn m* corner 9th aud P struts uorthwest. TRUSTEES' SALE f?F VALUABLE I N IM rnT nRrALi K>tyi lN XS ASHINGTON TuVixP? ?k STREET \\E>T, l!E *.-Sr"8?S5& ??St NORTH 11 STREETS ,,B V lV"<' * a**! "f trnst, recorded E'l.' ,U.'' L'.T" ot !h'" r?i-tn< t ilk Lit. -r N'i ?" 15. 201, ,Vr., an l in p'irsiianc.- of the re. ?itiest of the parties soured thereby, the tinder sigi ed, as Trustees, will sell. at public auction, to rRT?'4 v '?? '.^7;1 '1JTP*1 '*the.premisee, SAT I KI AY,M*> 31*t,M73, at ??'??> clock p m . r??r. tainr<>al<^atein*atdcHr,b?tnt the norf, 2 f fr<'"t by d'-pt h of -aid lot..( I. >t l<. in s.jnar"&il with the^right* and appurtenance* to rhe -nme beiongins mMw.7.U'"J"!1!* ri,J' ??'<? Trust.*.-Will. ? ?rL 'nIIM at * p m? iii front of th^ promts.**, sell certmn other ??s;at>- in V\ ?,)i M.. ton city P C . ??,jnK ? part of |,.| #,?.j-i*ro "h M't* '?? feet on 5th str.-et west tn l exteniitig b?i k by that width 7| feet, impr .vi^t hv * thre. -tory I.tick dwelling house, N? 7?"t, ..1,1 vh tiaiTei* ",e "S^ts, improvetueut* ;?uj appurte Til.-anionnt of indebtedr.e*^ secnred i^ i interwt at lOoerce.t from Fel.ruarv l it h7 iVr.C sj?." I i To be paidmcbah upou. ju h pan .-l. m?; r i'"U?re !,p )" h P:ir' ?' "a ? tn i 12 in nth after dat>. of sale, with interent at the rate of h per cent, per annum, to l.e evidenced by promi-s..ry 1'p to s;,j.j TniHtt??s, and s.-. ure.i |.y , d.-< d > f trust upon th>- pr.-mis'-s ?.>),] __<h , , . (?aid on . a. h parrel at the time of ^ale Convev ar.cing, Ac . at piirrhMera'c st If the term* ? f -?!e be lot complied with 111 fix- .lays act,.r ,j, "f -ale. th. premise- will be re*. Id at t tie ri-!? m l cost of the d. fault ing?urcha?. r 1 ANTHONY HYPE. {_ 01 . . W CORt OBAN ^ Trustees. mil . r .Vdspi NCANSON. POW LIN(i A ? O .Auft* IV 1' ITHELL A I'CNNINGToNVAn. t, 1* J17 Louisiana ave.,l>H. 9th iUi{l Hti '^kI a^Vst.V'l'1 of VALUABLE IMPROVED nulV I ?mTAt^ u three story bri< k BKTWKK% a. SIPE OF L STIiEET (ISLAND)1 AN1> bl" bOl'THWEST, r?B\^irtne/'J * ,l*" 11 "f trnst, S. tli. \ O , I-C2. aud duly rec< rd.^1 in Lib-r N ?. Sr.' f.,h . iM. ..ueot th? land record-for the Di-trt 1 of iwm'-.'tiM* y r^""<,,J,.r'4r,> MW,'red th reby, I *1 at public auction, it. front ..f the preti.mes, to P LCI ? i' ! SATURPAY. May 31st . A i?.'' 1 r 0 rj0,.k- p 1,1 ? H" ,hM ?ertaiu pi.^e or ra'iel of ground I) me and being iu th^ City ?f Washington, in said Pistrirt. and known as the we-t half ..f lot numbered twenty. ( 2n. lin -iuar I'umbered Jive hundr.-d Mid one.(iol.tfronting 2i l?V.,.'!,,hH0n 80,i,,, L st' e.,11,1 d pth of 1-^fet 11 Inches, and b'uii'.v 1 on the ?<? b\ an foot all. ) . and oil the nouth or rear b> a it f.,.,t alley. together with th. improvement* there.>n ifJIfVi1'*1' "n f"c.h H""-"-: One third cash". 1 of Hm.!!fft'i i"? 'ia ' P'.ec'*"r property must b-pai l time of aale, 1 balance in e4ualpayments. iu one and twi. years, with interest at th" rate of eight r>..r tr".e "t* 4Ui","V ??' nil annually until paid, tr m d.iy ofth#* purchaser giviog note* t secured on the property s Id to satisfaction of ,m? . ' ""'""B' lltf and recording at purchaser's cost The Trustee reserves the right to r-s-ll th. property at the risk and co*t . f d-fa- pur chaser or pnrchMer* in case the terms are n ,t Complied w lib within six dags after |1Y B H. WARNER, ~ He. 7 2??t"h ?Ues^^lStweeu G^.d T?BW' S PR0P?ErRT?l^ Inf We M^TTYDr^\B^ iXk''mE?^8,u>J<TIIWEHT- OPPOSITE GOV ?NTiTOfiftygffiffl0"' AN" CORING & S1V" "s5'rf Wit square .ill. fronting 25 feet 011 n,nnin* kark about luu to al5fo<.t ?ooiri ? t>;'I|,pr',V4^ ? ?3 st .ry brick house of 1 . ? ceilar. Thi% .tvt i,u? is one of th. m >*t beauttfnl in the city, the |,,t large and Well adapted for an elegant residence. in?2-??icash. and the balance in 3 years. a? 10 per cent. A bstgaiuwill given Title **? I'-ct. Abstract at the.. th -auctioneer IT',. down on day of sal -. Ooiit.m at.cirig at purchaser - 'nit 11 i BRAIN A BD H. WARNER? I"#; ',4d,, Auctioneer. IV?I>mN(:aNSON' HOWLING A CO.. Aucts , ?J Southeaat comer of ?th^andD streets northweit. 1 OF DEAD OIL ON WATERS' ^IS?K*r- GEORGETOWN. P. C , AT AIT. TO>N. ON At COUNT OF FREIGHT A\r> ?HTORAOE DU11 LADY OF TH E l AK E ?11 1?T? TLBDA> AFTERNOON. Ma. 31. W3. commencing at 3 o'clock, w. will towri , pF <??*' *l W*,er* w, 4rf. George 10il BABRELS DEAD OIL. used for soaking paving blocks,consigned to Ru, Im ' "'i'1 ,0^H "o'"' t ' pay freight and storage due us as agents and owners of the steam.-r LMy of the Lake Parties interest.*! will tak>* notice GEORtiE H PL A NT A CO., Agents A Owners ni29 DUNCANSON. POWLING. A CO."Ancwi IIY LATIMER A CLEABT. ?# . R**al Estate Brokers aud Anctlmeers, southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th at . Star Office Building. CATALOGUE SALE LARGE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION HISTORICAL, GEOLOGICAL, ETHNOLOGI 1 AL, AGHlCtLTCKAL, 8CISNTIF1C AN I) y . miscellaneous books, Embracing complete sets of rmtrsJ**'. Annalv of Congress, and Congressional ftflflj/Debate*, Arfcerican Archives State Paper-, kTT7 IM ?T iiC" Q8*J?olcraft s American Indians, Splendid Folio Shakespeare. Works or Dickens Bnlwer, Leigh Hunt. Poe, Hoed, Waverly Novels! At., Ac., to be s* Id at onr Sales Room-, corner of FVr?Jl vV" V.Tn<1o?> tuespay ING, May U7tli. aud FOLLOWING EVKV 1NG8. commencing at 7 o'clock * ??? . ?^"Parties onabv to attend the Sals can have their orders executed by the Auctioneer Terms, cash. UlU .W >AT,IMI5!1 * CLEARY, Auct*. (Sunday Herald A Capital.] IJY GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ?* Northwet corner luth and D *treeU. PUBLIC 8AI.EOF VALUABLE BEAL E8TATE. P,.LVrA?' of " ,lMCrw oT the Circui t Court for Prince George s county, sitting a* a court ..f eguity, passed iu th. case of William 0. Jone* audAnnJone. his wife, etal .T*. Basil Benson et "ibacriber, as trustee, will sell at public S.5 V".' on on SATURDAY, the 7th KH Juiif*. 1873, ?t 1 o'clock p. m., (it fair- if n >t SiMev Drm I?Jh dafr^^tate of the lat^ Wu! Siuley, consiHtitig of Mveral parcels or nartu of , ,'*nd; called "Deacon's Hall," '^Tramp tafnlnVfas ? m of "Eliiabeth * Delight," con taiDlDg 168 2-10 acrefi,m?)rpor l?M,nituated in PrinrM 8 c<'nuty, b?twe.-n the Baltimore and Wash ingtoni and the Metropolitan railr*ads-two niiles distant fri.n each?adjoining the farm* of Ex-Sec re. !^!l' YJ', " ?- *etrerott and Geueral tt- D'nd the Adelphia Milla- own.-d byG^frTe *'ght mile* from Washingt.>n city This land i* beautifully locaud, in gewd cin The improvement* consist of a good twa storr K house and *uitab!e out-house* v"rnMI,*1*: One-third of the purchase money ?k ?yj? J.*LCMh 0,1 the ?f ^e. or ratification thereof by the court; tnd the realdue in equal in*ul "JfPJ?' ?ndtwal*e months from the day of sale, and the payment thereof to be secured by the bonds 'J.1? Parch?fer or purchaser*, with sureties to be ? tru*t?e, with interest on the whole J5.0?*' ?!?? f"" day of sale. A deposit of I jWH wUl be required on the day of sale. On pkv m^nil-^T^. . Wrctaw Dkooey the trustee will coC^eyaSA purchaser, at his cost for the If deemed desirable, the trustee will divide th aboye-mentioaed real g^tate, to purchaser*. mitd HS?L ? Tnmee. mil-fl QEK1N A WILLIAMS, Aac*j. U*1TED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. ^Invlrtue Of two writs of fteri facias,issasd from the Clerk ^ office of the Sustems Court of tbe nim lij of Cnaabia, and to ?* directed, I will sell at aab ic?le, for auk, on MONDAY, the Sd day of June lro2l^<>2!d<2hl3LEf 'i? iS?0*?As"-'lh* following I ?etaedand ^ ?reeto. , Bewanln F. Gilberj, and wiU be sold to ?aUs^eis' si'sfZiXY.bx"""?1 "isffiar ~ - ALEX. ShARF.P ?. Mac^.P n AUCTION SALES. BT * * L WALL * CO . Auctioneers, Ordinal II >rw ?:><! Carriag- Htuu, LMm:4nt (triii:*, W??'n fth nnl Wh str~-t? C\ ^ On SATl'RPA\ MORN I NO. M ?> 31.t. mfillOS ciVU\b . w? will s 1. ** ?' -'Or II n ur? On" B?? H?r?e. Ii\ hani* h.gti. 4 ?ears >11. ? ar ? ?l-wl, can trot cl?a* i?? J p-r f? ctly g?ntl|. Family C*rrit(i'.tHlill ill Ph:ladelph>a Set Mngle Harness?'lie property f M L?a!i> , lea* rng for Europe > >ld s* N < 10 ?' , * * L WALL .? CO . And. DT LATIMEB A CLIAI). I* Anrti?n?er? aud R?: Rstate B' l?r., Sonthwsst comer Pennsylvania avenue tuJ Utbst Star Offlo- Bulling BUGGY ASP DRAUGHT HORSES AT AS C TION Ol SATURDAY. Msy .Us?, at 14 o'clock. In; , ?e * ili sell in front of oar A': R.mui ? On? pair B'Ugv H >rs?s.go,?d drivrs Tw > good Prauglu H >r*"s Sold oal> litctDM IhfovoH has u" farther u?? f?r tb?m Salf p?'iti><' It LA TIMER * CLEART. A net. ... ... BT W M L WALL * CO . Audi u-.t?. Ongin*l H orse and Carriage Raraar. L' UiHtnitTMV, betw.-en 9ih end 10th ?tt#Ki? AUCTION SM I- EYKRY TUESDAY. THC RS I'A A AM> Sv\Tt RIVAV M< KN1N COM MESCIS?; AT l? O* LO< k ,7V . on >ATI" KPA > M<<RNIK<.. M i> il? niiicr, 'lie at III 1-k. * <? 11 ??-!!. at ^ ill B. /*??-. a Munit ? r >f ver) tto % "U.ig HnKSr? OM t'iir of Soirel M?'?. 5snd< years "I.I,sound, aii i pt.-:i.pi iii i?<t? On. S i r> 1 T?!f~i?vh M?r?, 5 >nrt Id. li hau l-. * ?r< ante.!? uihI; iti I -Ii. ?li ? ? ? gr.-st ?p...-| ju?t art ><-<1 fr >iii th* vell>\ of Virginia 0;i?- D ?j p' >1 B- i*u li r-". I<>'. hand- huh. *? rv st)li-h ran trot li. 4 nrmitrs, ?arra(t1 mwui). ati.l a prompt <1 r 1 %. 1 . On. I* * 1, Mai ,;> v- ar* - LI. 14 han ls high; <i-siy in t *1 (tine hi ? .1 *, warianted *.>111111 ana 11 title in baru< M> At.- >. > -ipr*! !? ? priced II >r*es, -<1 1 *M * f.o w ,rk r? It W I. W ALL A < 0 . Allot I? Y V M L ^ ALL A~co..~Auw<t tT- r?, i N w Miihl. Buil.lMig, S?s VOO *t.?l HO'4 Pa avrim.'. cornt>r <<f 9th fltrMt. TRl'-TFE > >.AI E <>K AALI'ARLR IMPRoYEO l'Ro|'ERT% IS !",>! A RE N ??7... N E AR > ALOY811S ( HI ROB R\ vimw wf ?ilM'>t trwt,4at*<l o--t..h r ; .1. B>TT A I> Kl, *nU ilal) rprord-d in Lit.. 1 N ? ? ii I'll. ,\c , ?ii 1 l y thrwritt' ii.lirect I tli? pait<r x.-rr.rr i th.-r. v , I a iM^"lI. at> mioti .ii in tr' it .f th ? pr^m 1 ?>?-?. ..n iBN|i \ f ,th. I'.'I; I ?> of J111 ?, A I' KTS, at ?> ?> Yl-^. p. 111.. >%ll .>1 L.>t? So* 99 r.n I liw, in OilWrt ? r?^- r.|?l mbiliiti n f >l?ar. HMltnl -i* MiINMt] " ? in thr rify of W *-l.n irt >n. with all tli?- impr..r^ mr?t<th< reon. tx-ir <t two nearly-hui?h*d li?^IIin? II D4M,frosting ii north I *tr? t. T-ini-of s?t?. On half in ra?h. of which oni*t r ?:?! oti ??'li lot at "al?". th> rr>-l p*. nip|it? to L. nia l- in ?iv an I tw?lr*?i >nth- after Jay ot ?!?!??. with mt<-re?t it t> ti p<r rent. p< r animni anl ??-cur.*>l |.v il'^d of trn?t to the vHtt-f? ti >n f the Truntee. T<-rm? l?W. >111 |?f i.-<l ? it Ii aithiti ?is .i?y? aft<-riiay >f -al^, "th<*rwi<- th' Trustee r^a?rvtMi the right tr r"-. II the pr perty. aft^r one ??eli > n tic*, at the ri-k an?l <~<?t of .iefaultiuit pnrchavr. All teu\ ?> aiicibK at pu'rhaiK i ? c J M CAI'ERTON, Trn?tee tr?) 4 W L WALL .V CO Ancte PWSI> SALE T'.< te will h ? ?ld ?t the P^uud. corner .it ?tr-et an<l N-w V W Ma I 1 * h< II -Ink MONDAY MORN ? -R IN(?. ?ti?- il fit' < f .Inu". l?T.t, if not re - JtX d<<ni?-d >'ii or ri-th-ii ilat^? Oik" BLACK :?:? 1 ne?;R \Y ll'IR^K 'ik?n tnl Impounded by th" K >ar.l of H -^lthl up in th" North?e?terti . ti"n of th> Citv It* SAMTEL EISSTE?NT. P ntid M > V DL'NI AN.-(<N DOWLIMtf ? CO . A i t. S*'Utin a-' corn r Ninth iud I) -tr<*?-ls u> rtk*-'-t. sevi n octave rosewood piamo, m ar Bl.E T<'|TtlT1 \OE -KT. LOI N'.ES. vv \R!? R(<BES. TAPESTRY ? \RPET. Ct?< <K ST <\E RKERK.I R.ATkR. a .*? . Ci? M 4IN Kl? IN II "I - L ??l J I I t h STREET N<l:i 11 \\ I - I In MONDAY MORNISO. ' ;? *\. Ill ?a^Hni -111 uig ?t IO . 1 1 k . ? *ill i-ll. Hilt II ? >ii? "? 17 11th -<i>--t.l U a<i'l I ?tr et* n>. rtl.?<--t, the entire c intenti jn-i?tinf of? 1 -ev 11 ?1?Vi R.'?e?r -l Plan" I M?rHe top ( ? ttagc Set, W .idr ? I T i ie-tr) < arp-'t. I. hi ,g>\ < hair*. BoiAraae T <l le? R- f nceratT,C"- k s; ?ve,Cr?n.L rjr. .V. . At . W ith v mieroti* other nrtii l> - I I K< AS SON. DoWI.ISti A CO Ai:<-< B* l. ATI MER A CLE ARV f uctioueer" and R- %l K?tat- B"okt-r?. Southw -at corner P.-?m*> Ithth* au i ll'h xt., Star Oflic* Buildincr*. r> B WALNI T PARLOR fl RMTl KE IN GREEN AM' STKll'EP REPS MALM 1' MA RULE TuP ' Ham I.EK S( ITES. u \LSUT hi I o \ K MARBLE loPCH AM HER f \ KMT I RK EM IIKAI IN<. HI REM S. BEhSTEAhS. W A"?ll STANI<S ANI? TABLES. BRI SSEL- ASP THREE PLY < ABI'ETS t'AKE AN P WOOP SEAT t IIA1 R> OILCLOTHS; WINP <W 811A I<ES EEATHER BOL>TtfliS AND PIL LOWS. IIAIR AM? III SK MATTRESSES. EXTEN>IoS IHNINO TABLE CUINA ASP GL ARE II EAT I NO SToVE<. ('O<<KIN<. RAKOE K ITCHES Fl RMTI RE v . f7\ On MON I'AY MORNINti. .lime Sd, I - 5. \>A f 11 menciiig at 10 'cl". k, w ? <hall - il, at lWKOii- r-ideio. 7 I 7 14th ?tre.-t, I.-ta . . n <? ant I \ III. near F? undry M E.rtnin h. tile at mmti >iied coll<-ction of IL uwh ?!.! O ?i> n 29 1_| R r J LA TIMER A (LEAKY. Y GREEN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. So. IOOI, northwe?t corner Unh aud D <ta. VA LI ABLE PROPERTY, AT THE COBSER OK lliii STREET WEST AN 1> VEimu.1T A> KNLE. AT ACCTIOS On H EPN ESPA Y , Jnn^ 4th. lsrj, it h cl ick (>. ni., on the pr.'tuio#*, we rliall nell, two g ? ? 1 "rimr II ntfti ?t liiii hniag pitl t Ml*. S, iii Square So *>3 Ti'in>?. Oue-liaif ciieh; balance in 6.12 and 11 month-, for note* l>earing iuterest, and ?<-? ure>l b> * ile?-d of trust on tin- pr- niipte* Staiup-. Jc. at xi ofputihaaet S.'ind an on ea<h hou*>- *t titn- of GREEN A WILLIAMS tli?* d i Ancti'.Ueern. BY LATIMER c CLEARV, Aiut 1. nwr* and R^al Estate Br >k>-r?. SuutlmHt c irucr ot Peun<> Ivama a. ?nue aud Eley enth street. Star Office Building. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. r\_ Bjr ?irtu.- of aD order of the s ;pr' tn>^ *J ?? "r' of the Piatrict of Columbia. h"!diug ? <*? * ? ?p?-<ial t'-rtn. pMsed in the matt.-r >f th- es tate of John B. Turton, di-ceam-d, I will ?t il at pah lie aurti"ii. WEPSESPA Y . the 4th day of June, A. D . 19T3. at th>' hour ot 10 a m .on the prea.i*e of the Coal Yard of late John B Turton,corn?r of Jifletv'ti atreet and the Canal, in th?-Cit> < f 0? tga town, D C., H rnea. Cart' II .rn-a- W.-ighius !y ale?. Wheel Barr.iw*. l.?t of old iron an,) ir?n piper, and other if.tod* aud prr* |>r .peit) b. V'ueitis to the ->aid estate. T? tni? cash. LOI IS H S< HSEIDER AdnnnlHtrat -r. niJ? d LATIMER k ( LEAKY. An.l*. BY GKEEM A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001. northwest corner hub aud D street!. SALE OF VALUABLE I NIMPROVEP PRO PERTY AT AUCTION. Ou THL RSDA Y. J une ith. 1ST J. at ti o'clock 1 ni . on the pr^nii?e?. we chall rail part of lot 5. in a<itiare. Ho. 6M. having a front of *? f? t ou Gstre.t north, h<-tweon 1st and North Capn -I ?treeta, and ruuuttii; back a good .lepth to an all?y Terma: One-third) aah. balance 111 6. 12 aa.l is months for note* bring inter>-?t and secured bf <lee<l of trust ?n th<- ptemi>*?. Sratnpa at ol purchaser. ASUdow n a? time of sal*. n j<d GREEN A WILLIAMS. An U BY DINCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Aocta , Corner tth and D streets northwest VALUABLE BUILDING LOT OS Sr. STREET, BET** EES MASSACHUSETTS A\ ESUE AND C tTREETS NORTHEAST. AT AUCTION 4^ On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Jun~ 4th, Hp.-it b o'clock, w.'will sell, upon the preniia**, ^E^th,. south So feet front of L.ot 10. S-|uarf7S6. an l bounded aa fallows: Beginning at the *? uth-nt nngle of Haid lot 10, and running west ltt'i t.-e<. then" Hfioith St feet,thence northeastward* to inter sect Massachusetts aveuue at right angles 12 44 1 w feet, thence due eaat 138 78 llfcJ t?-et to 3d ?tr.*t e*?t, thenci aonth along ~aid s'reet 30 f.-et, to placi of beginnb g, and contains 7,183 13 100 ?iuare f^.-t. The above lot is one of the liuest on CaDit- l Hill. an<l convenient to the street cars. This lot will b sutidividi'd il deaired, aad is suitable for builling purposes. Terms: One-third cash; balance in (and 12 months, notes beariug interest and secured by de^d of tru^t npon the premisHS. Conveyancing, Ac., at coat. f purchaser. A deposit of ?100 required as soou as the property is knocked oil. Plat t<< b?- seen at onr office. tnZ7 DI NCANSON, DOWLINO A CO.. Anns BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, Northwest corner loth and D streets TRUSTEE'S SALE *OF~VALUABLE UNIM PROVED REAL ESTATE LYING ABOUT IOO YARDS NORTH OF BOUNPARY STREET. AND FRONTING 3*3 ft* IOO FEET ON BOTH Tth AND 9th STREETS, N. W? EXTENDED. By virtue of a d <ree if the Supreme Court of Sf^the District of Columbia, in the case of Hoover, ^^guardian, vs Hoover and oth.-ra, N > 2.7M Euuity Docket 11. pa?pil on the94th day of Octoo~r, W2.1 will sell, at public auction, tothe high-st bid der, in front of th.- premises, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY, the 9th day of June, 1^73. LoU 46, 44. 47, 48, 48. SU. 41, 42, of a subdiMsioa of K1 of Mouut Pleasant, recorded January 18th, , in the land records of the District of Columbia. Terms of sale: Ten per cent , of the purchase money to be paid at time of sale: the balance in three equal in*talimeu<s, one in tan days, one in six mouths, aud od<-ii oue yaar from the . onfirmatioD of said sale. The last two instalment* to bear interest at the rate often per cent, per annum, and their payment to be secured by a deed of trust on the property. Com ey ancing at the cost of the purchaser. In default of the payment of the Arst of said three instalments, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property on the terms above mentioned, at the cost aad risk of the defaulting purchaser. _ LYDIA A HOOVER. Trusts. mg-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets B* B. H. WA52ffBroker and Anctt? Bo. T*? 7th street, betwe* 0 aad H streets CS4K?5KMLJ V VALCABLI IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF E STREET, BETWBKW NORTH CAPITOL AMD FIB8T STREET BAST. AT AUCTION. Jh By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of ^9Mi* District of Columbia, passed in the cauae of ?Tinker and Sherman vs. James M. Ormea, No. 1384- Equity docket 13,1 wtl I sell at pablic auction, in front of th* premises, on THURSDAT. June It, 1873. at S o'clock p. m., Lots Vos. m.W.mi.m, 231, ZSI, S3. U4. BB, X34, W. m and 440 in B. F. Gilbert's recorded subtOvistoaof squareS7*. tofetusr wHh ths imprtnesieuts thereon, consisting of ela gaat three-story press brick froat dwellings This property is sold to satisfy a mechanic * lien of about fsJuOaud subject to certain incumbrances which willbe made known on the day of sale. Terms for the amount realised above said incum brance cash lr terms of sale are aot complied wuh wttkb. Sve dais afterseletbeproperty willbe resold at tke riak aad eost of kedefhaKinpp^rehsaer. #U| dowr. on each acoeptau bid. Coaveyaaci g at pur XCZ '""V???VJB4f?S EVENING STAR IWfOftt? Its; K -?en foi -nt here 1 Ml " ?i?f pi*' ? O Bart a. sm?nc t!? > > >i.-?^H And rrt>? o ea- t pal]>4 h??-1 t? itb daiaiea I . nail.I, a* than l>ri|M FI rail Wet ? it ?? ira'i n( >1111 M M likffM. out th? wiu4s to Their l?l!alo M. ?? ? ?* 4h?r e?otb*-? tl'r rta-M an 1 >?t* H ? I" Mi loom* ep.4 B> tb<-trffr.-?t hear O B?rth. H -mi f?r >ur her> dead t B???! f ? mir Mr" d?-ad ' C tr !><?<?-. O H-s>ati. among til* a?T*pliini. And . r. ?n -a? I ??|rM * 'th fad. l? -? (trUiiilt b'?i Ik'' I'" o* An.! p* (hat dirk th* vfct.n- in th* e'rit" f>>i4 nut th? cb -ira to <ui| Ttaair triumph! if. A r?d. *? * ah*phrr4 ? all* hi* l*mt? bii? knd lift- lli.-in (rnlti in hit ami*. t' h >1.1 Our d?at >ii?? in thi n?f(wliM ? "IJ B <?i< f -r h-r.' dead ? Tim HkhtiBi: Famiii A*r*f < I, R~n drr i A ? R f w? -tirMl rtrtwaii-iit wae ih cviiMiiit at ? ?s1%r Ka|44e. lows, ln-t Sunday i night M thf arrest of i akii >n?wi>rin| *?fry <1. *<-t ption of John Bender or nM man Bra I <)fr. ol liHlrpfiidriMW. Kan .of murder lama. It *fni? lli*l on Saturday niffht Bonder tw hanging urnuiul Ihf df|ml at Kl? Nation, on tli* IturTington. Cedar l.apuf- M mmmM rail road . aiiit reaped ati*picior??. Mr l?e**uH. vIm ha.I ,ia*t l>?'i readng a m.nute dc?.-ri|>tiea ef eai'h airmiicr nt the Ii mt. r lamiK nioi 4i* . < v< ri II at 11.mat ? .1 the de?oriptntw in ever* |?articular Hi telegraphed Ifi < edar I Ka|>iil? rurinoftim.aixl then (pit mime ctto I rem- together, put the - i?pe<-ted m'an in a Uea r?r.lif|it him there until Ihw ofticera (row that place arrived at 111*, an 1 arrested him. Il( ttll* nrvft* cotficti Mot r*. a tut a>l n la In- name being Betid?r lie admit* having Mil near IndrpmiiM Kllini. and had Mi orchard fhere H?? aim -|>eak* ef a ?laughter K ill, a honi he wM had ft,?9(t In her (HMvaMNi, | <>nlv giving him k -mail pro|?.,rti.?n ot it He v. . - k ?t. . t Part - the <~;ky ?h" kn. a Bender in t?v.V aav* that they would rrnifrtiirr hin. lint lit mvu- to be tatter thai* *e*c*i year* ?gn Tltf <>iHI|*K|t H Mvi 4*0* H'mr* trrnm-mn fk, 'Km I "i it ? r n-m? v ? ;/. - ? S'm?7 i/.?" l.iii'ilta Mvet* a|>|>ear(?<t at tk* lOtMiir'nirtur In Kr>M>kl\n ywUfMlai mitruinff, an?t l arelully read over her teatimoa* in the tioiatrich race, alter aliii h rhr ? gn??t her name thereto. Cttroner WbitHUU allowed her the lurtiil taken at the IImi- ot (tie murder, when Mie wild. ??That it not Charley linodrirb?a j.iKtol." And i4r affaln e?|ircix?st it a? Iter o|>i?. ion that Komi) kill?-<l Mr l*<Halri<*h. nrffi?d ?*? !?*- Amy Stone or K^te St?Hidar<t. the m v:n| Hvmmb. Mr l*avid lioodrifb l.r<"iffht an action it the Mipreme omit, before i u lff?- itillwrt. to mm|iM Mr>. Sii^an Piiiln. al Steles |>Unl. to fulfill a contract which lie alleffe<l ?!?' had made to ae cejit a hrown atone Ihiu?- in l?rfraw atroet ler her chare in ? dl|>|<er ?hi|>. Mr? to ??aid bearing that the hooee era* the one ia which I'hartee tloo?tn.*li, hi* aow. van asaatai nated. relufMHt tocoiiaumniate tlie negotiat oiia, \ ttdiet for defendant.? JV 1* S ir ,?:i. Tiir. H't.n rr.n ?- in VimA ? Alludir.g (e the rixe of prieeti in Vienna, the London Tim * ?a\t> "The famoitfiold caving. -See Na|?lea and ?lie,' might lw freely translated tor the warn:ng of intending vi?itor?. -S.-e \ letin* an-1 make out vonr nchednle of tHrirewr.' Thmgaare In a coiictant ctate ol Iraii?l.<rmat ion and ell prirm <re o?i a rapidlv amending >cale. It fa te mark the alteration" in the ilailr prlee urrerit ol certain eiiterpiwingrectaurateur*. ? Kapbif t.emg at once >ituple nikI i>ul>atanf ia) tare, ha? lit-en riMiig?to krender*. .Vi. an. aud now it ia quoted at KM. with every pro?|iect of a liardea nig niaiket. f.verything elae keep- pace." It Sonic wealth) men in M*xachnaett? %ra attempting to organire a ?eciety bav ing tor ite object the repeal ot the prohibitory li |ihm law. 1/ Little girl ?t the breaktact tablr M am ml, thie i? very old butter?I've found agtayUatr in it." ?y A retired actrca* ha> f??en teaching eleea tion to the children in t?arwtn fity. and the eld people declare that all the yoiiug folk* aay ??bee you tit mi! ckeey" an<f"tbe nobul.iuke." aX" A ii Iowa |ii?tice ol the pea'*e re! u?ed (4 tine a mail for k'.Miing a girl ag un<t her will, liecauw when the las> came into coart he ?ra* oblige'! to hold on to the arm of hi-chair ta kc? p from ki?ing het Iniur-elf. t/*Thir ic Hum the A ugu-ta. (ia., Cliromcle; **lkelin<|iietit aabacnl>eri?MioaM not |*ermit tlieir daughter* to wear tin- p:?per for e buatle. There being -<) much due on it, there i? danger of taking a cold." gPThey hare a l>u?ineM?-like method of pro cedure in"Kaii-a>? In the nnd-t ol the eacite ment caused by the dixmen of th?- t'-rrikSo I fender munlrfu, a -mall lx?ar<t wa- put up near one of the grave* announcing thai the d.-?.jrted Bender claim had been pre. uiptetf by auother *ettler. %7~ WUile /achary Rehoe ear app^antng hie ap|?etite at a St. Louia reManrant. a day or two ago. the tall atool upon * hicli he waa pnrcbotf suddenly gave way, and in the tai. hroke kie arm. If< a.--ert- that the thing wan lived up to break. a> a practical joke, and demand* |l Mt damagi * tor bis. injurie*. and hie interraptotf collation. DIED. IKiKStTT On th> Juth 1 n'clnct a in . of p*taly-i?, f IILMIi K l?<?KMTT nth* sptli >?*r nf hi- | T>-\a* ?*t?--rft pi?*a? r.ip* | l**-*r fath-r.i. 4 haa railed tba h >ui? ab./*e. T" dwfll w ith him in h?*a>eii. A - 1 are left on warth to mo?irn The |o*n of our dear father 'a lm ? father it o hard to part. But Oh' "f* Dot fi?r???r, II w>- lik*- thee are pare in hem. Will rue.-t jronr neVr affaia to Kuaeral -ftvice* ? ill take pla. e at 'he U-irop^li tan Pi"?t>>terian < hnr. Ii.frurr 4th and B air -a - ?utb*a-t, Sunday aft?-mi>.>ti attorhtrk. Krianga mid ar<i?aiatancei, of tb-fanil) , .ret m mh-m of tb< A???. tat i .ii .d tin-Son M >r? of the W ar .*f LAS ai.dtiH OiJ. -l Ilihahllabl*. aTr reap^vtfulif >D*tte4 to attend. M KALLEV On the e\enin< of the ? Ii inataa**. after a ?h .rt hut paiuful lilu^** WILLIAM JAMES, the oMrtl and helove.1 ? .n d Bliralietli aad D-iini- T Kail-y. at:e<] U >ear- and 2 montb* The funeral will take place on Buudat aveinnc. at thre.-'iVlo< k, from In* iiareut1* re*iit?oc<", M < 11 a C street, beta- en 3d and ?tti ?tr- ?t* unli~a*t Th* fii' i,da and relalitea of thf> are r "*p? :tfulif unite. ? atlfiid fc* I'LAT/. On Tiieraday, Mar ?h, at 8', o'clock a.m., UEOkiiK J., aou of J-?e|>h and C'hriatiaa l'Ut7. need 4 > ear*. 1 montha. and IS da> *. k'lative* and friend* ar* t-e?p~ ttully lanted to attend theftineral SalnrdaT. May il?i. at f? o'clock a. tu . from f-nidence (><14 P-nu*k Irama avenue | Bel tini'-re gun and \\aaliingt>u ft>r ihli an piaaaa ropr ,1 B UNDERTAKERS. I^ICUAKO V. IUAVIV, iSmrrvtmu /JAS f A f # MAKE. Bo. MS4 r St&ebt. between Ninth aad TaM MtTALLJC bVtilAL CASES A>V CASK ef ?*e> toirtfiiai. marl ly SHhOVDS, HABITS ?* It HARD W. BARKBB, CABINET MAKER AMU U>UKKTAE&M-, aia ELBVKKTH BTBKBT. neer W. 1-VhMTUHM Ot- ALL El!*OS MADE HkPAlHkU aw ^ I LLI AM ILACkKTT, Ho.fll Tti Btbbkt, BKTaraa!> 0 a*D a* apM ly Oottm and Oaakea of aU T'HIS IS TO OIVE tiOTICB, That the eabeeri- ' 1 lier ha* obtained fr.nn the Snpr<>a? Coart ot Ihf It ?'!. i of ? I unit * h Id lug a -p~ lal T-mi. l.'tt.r- ti-otain-ntary on the personal aetata ef * P. < HASB. lateot fk ashineton. D < d c>*e*d. All p< r*on* bavtne claim* a?aiu*t tbe eaid d-c ?4 are nereby warn>d to ethlliit the earn*, with Ike roochar* thereof, to the *nt.ecnb*r, on or before the ??hday of May neat the* ma> otherwise by law be eicluded from all benefit >.f the *aid estate. Qiven nnder By bend this Beta da* of May, Ufa ?BrfJI M. D CO"KE. la^cetor. IN THESl PBEMI < ??KBT UK THE DISTBKT ? OK I'OLI MBIA, Hol4tmt m Spmml T"m, May M'A. 1S1 In the caee of Cbarlaa M Mathews, etecutor e( ILI.IHlN 8 TATE8, dn^aaed. th- faacet<w atvrreaid ha*, witb the approbation of th* Bn [?rmi*- Court of the Duet let .if ( olumbia af >re*aid, ippointed TKESPAT. the pith day rtf June, A D itt. for the final eettiimi nt and diecnouti>a of the yrraonal retail of paid deo^asi d. and of the ameta u haul, a* far m the same bate been collactag ino turned into nuner; when and where ail Ik* ?red it or* and heir* of mid I I arc t'tiM o attend, with their claia* p ..perl* ?.mrW *> attend, with their ciaiM properly *oeck^ >r they niay otberwtae by law be nd^fr^l" Ul benefit in mid deoeaeed * e?tau l l copy of this order be published oaee a wearl' bree week* ia tbe Star peeriowa to tb* *aid 4*? mgfjw T~t:-A WfcBSTEB^EeffiS^rfWtUa I KITED BTATB8 PATENT OKrlcF 1 On the petition V*J aSlM B ATiE8if B^jP Maine, pravine for the eztenekoa ef a ? *.. i nent in ?ood fcv KramSr' ' t^rwr* It i*" ordered that tbe Isettmna/ la tbe ease bo han^d oa tbe Sib day ef jm^y yet. tbat tbe time fce tedtoTliTSth *af of J nlj neat "and thaTsaid pad ion be beerd on tbe Bd day of July next. xiEr?i ?w?sarsz~*~. aggafc-irwy

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