Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1873 Page 4
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ral Meigs.) "to lost hi* life while gallar- re_ i-elling a charge by a detach m ^ rShetUodoah ralley, m ?1*4 oi about twenty iu u it -'*?'* *l*o repo*e here. Comrade ?? h. n;.,anfr ??k cb^rgnl with the .inty of MMfrntlng these graves, and at half-past flight O'clock he lett Oram! Armr Hall. accompanied hy fourteen per-?>ns, About halt of whom were ladies, an.l proceeded u? the cemetery. On the arrival of the party they repaired at once to the to Kb of Secretory fctonton, where. after a prayer hy Comrade Bronner, )liM Annie I>. Ware read, with (Teat reeling, the following poem, written for the occasion: Our .\Nllna'<? DfKtl. ??J H. ?. WOOPBC*Y, *. V. How sleeg the brave, wh> sink to res', By all their country ? wish** blest* -CWiia). *Tjs hallowed ground '?for here repose the brave. Who heart the call, a threatened land t.? s?ve, ,mko " Can*, with purpose high, r??lvr(l to conquer, or to die. L?, here the* rwt ?and with Spring* sunlit hours, Ws to deck tb?ir grave* with fairest flower*. Wo nor* th> bugle's llwt, nor war - alarmn? ?or rolling lrum.?hai. ?umtii>n th-m to arm*. F?r the? hav* reached that bright and blissful shore waere strife. disease ana death are known no mors. Aa?wertd the roll-call in that ramp above. Where all is Harmony. and Peace, and Love. b**l\ mart j rs ! ia an honored I'anse. The Cause of Human ki(ht> and E<j'ial law*. *??t in four gl. riou* graven, for yon have won The immortal pci/e?jour work wa* graadly d >ne; And id the proudest?la ft#tlUl run? ft' nobly died J or ?and for ?,am. When < ivil strife was raxing in our land, And war w> nld stay n >i his relent lea* hand: w h* Li gentle fill, with a sorrowing eye, Paw i he red .haft- of death around her fly, We then ha.I bope. that when the war was o'er, Cnr nation w< nld lie pu*er than before That then thronghont our land wonld proudly ware Ow starrj ling?fair enaifn of the brave, That selti-h aim-, and pride of power -h uld fail, And love of roimtry everywhere prevail; That peaceful Art -houid follow martial strife, And crown with joy -npreui"?our social life And now, though In the far-off South, we find p. me proving to their interact* traly blind; Though flery ptMiuii*. re.kl.-ss rule and hate, Threaten, perhaps, the Welfare of a State; We hopefully await that better day, W nen wiser counsels shall resume their sway. My fcroth+r of th* N? nh. S-mh. Ea?, or W live btH?**forth Vfttld Ik* Miprmiely Let O0 f< r**t t??* ?a*>t. ?it* *d?I Tbf tlighlHl prutprch of manj Ai*dto th* N*r:?>n* let n* plainly prove. That me r* unit*! l?\ * t?ovi<J of Love. Here, on thi* day, let iu our vow- renew. That to our common cantry we'll be true. And to our** Ive*?for the? wesur*- shall Ik-, In W. Id and deed?true to Humaiiin . 8. shall oary.-ung Republic grow in might. Aad to the Nations prove a h-atm I it it r; aisbt over wrong . ontinu* to prevail, Juetice be meted out, in equal scale. Our people -ball new enterprise display, Th^-'-ar of Progress onward keep its way,? W hile with Prosperity and Plenty blest ? Cball rice this ;??..?,/ Krrw lit nf ia? Iftvf. Who sleep I >en eat fa th-se mounds about us here ? A bat ion s sons. tlie dartug, dead?an*I dear. As Spaitan mother buckled ?n the shield To ber lovetl sons, and sent then* to the Held,? Fray ing the l.od* that thev would trulj M^ni Her precious jewels, and with sure success Their ettorts crown. Ifc, from th? North, E ist. w ^***t, The UK>th?r*of our land sent forth their l.ewt And dearly loved ones in their manly mi^bt A sacrifice to > reedom. Truth anil Kiglit. , .'/I ,*t "Zt?1 whl1' ??- dew* -hall shed, Like grateful no>nw o er each lowly be?l. A" aroi*'* nr*! l,"w,'r* ,heir 'r??r?iico fling This touif ?C?4? nf ihatk,?tkt.% mil iT'd grrrmm't. The gallant dead,?our noble ones and true, Mow -bsil we reader them the boniaue du- ' They tell in I'reeAom * cause?the cause of God? A . ati-i, * tea"- -hall water lone the s.ij, Jieatb which a Nation - ?ons now calmly rest ? A aofiia - n an trutt. bt-t. Although b- tnainxdeum mark th- -pvt. Th?ir sacrifice ?hall never be forgot For they imn.ortai are?a deathless part Of the great Nation's living throbbing heart And in all years to come?.-ach cherished nain Phall Iivf en.-hrmed up-n the |>ag. offane But ? me are ?... and o rr main a n.'onnd The -add* -t^of all wor.|s, ?? -i. t .?D,j I ?? tou*.?our feeble sight may fail Fercbanceto j. n. trat the misty veil. That-eparate? tbem fr >ni ns,?fi< Lort And ia that blss?ed camping ground above. * The I that wet,- UBknow n to us whiie'here On H svr $ Hull, resplendent-hall appear ro in a few short years, we all-hall own. And know, our brn>-i sum ?*? V" ir- I a?ar'.-a Through the | line of ag. s now ag r.e, Bavelivr<] TvfiNii^i/fltaiii* Ala a'a< n P? and Ue tpy'.mrf sublime Shall stand in aanal- of the coming time Fields that were blighted by W ?/\? banetul bf t',. And harvested by ra# >*>l. Keaftr-li-att This cri utid is holy?cbertshec < n the day On which we here a willing tribute pay To who after Life s hard battle s| en. And In that laet rea. s<- no biv.uic keer, B? oriiers they no longer are ifpri-wl, They have teceived th .Hnai. r,/?r Oh. lowsly city of the honored dead. % ho in the cause of country brave|> bled, ?ree? wave your oaks abovs each grassy monn.!,? Pigh s? f. ly n.gtitwind* through this sacred ground. Chanting a refrain of Peace niMl Love, For those joined the army h sts nbove. In that ^rand camp, where war ?? arret i,, ??? In realms ofbttss, before the tai^r i ?art?a?. April l, K73. After the tomb of Secretory Stanton bad keen beautifully decorated with floral symbols and miniature American flag,, the part, be decked the graves of Otfii*. Keno and Orittlen and the other soldiers interred in the cemetery and then returned to their carriage and drove to the Aqueduct Bridge, where soon after they jdined tbe main column on it* march to Arling ton Heights. 6 (??gressimial nnd (slewwood t rine lerles. Tbe pleasant duty of decorating the graves of union soldier* at Congressional and Glen wood ctnttrtiei was axeigned to Comrade A. -J. Gun ning. who, acompained by two comrade* and Mrs. Marie Barton Greene, left Grand Army kali, corner of '.?th and I? streets.. in a carriage, at half-pa-t seven o'clock. carrying wreath.*, Itowers and flags. They tirst procee<)e.l to the Congressional cemetery", where they decked the tomb ot Gen. John A. Rawlins, formerly Sec retary of War. with flowers and garlands. A few davs since a letter was received by an officer of the G. A. K. from the widow of Gen. Rawlins, expressing the bo|>e that his tomb would not be overlooked in the decoration ceremonies, and a reply was at once forwarded, stating that the request would of course be cheerfully complied With, and that tbe G. A. R. had already made arrangements to pay special honors "to the Memory of the deceased soldier and statesman. At the tomb of Gen. Kawlin.* a prayer was of fered by l>r. Bogan, and a |>oem, composed for the occasion by Mrs. M. B. Greene, was read bv that lady. 'After the decoration of the graves of the few nnion soldiers whose remains repose in this cemetery, the comro ttee pro ceeded to Olenwood, where, alter appropriate religious serv ices, the graves of the union dead w ere decorated with flowers, garlan.l* and min iature flag*. At the conclusion of the ce re mo nies, tbe party left for Arlington, where they Joined tbe main body of the G. A. R. Prespeel Hill Cemetery, Tbe graves ot the German soldier-who tell in deten-e of the I nion, at Pros|>ect Hill ceme tery. were bedecked with flowers under tlie ??spices of the German Veteran ("nion, an organization cotnjsoed of honorablydiach.irgesl Vnion soldiers. The procession formed in front ml the City Hall at .??? p. m , under the direction ?f Comrade Krnst Ruppert, grand marshal, assisted bv bis aides. Comrades Wm. Heins. Char lee Harle, and Adolpb Knea-, and Ml O'clock, jTt ceded by lx>ni h'- lull band, took ?p the line ot mar. h tor the cemetery. The procetwion wasquite large, and : i lei I. hes:de? the member- of the German \eUran l iiiori. the pupils of five or six Oerman school,; the Washington Sa ngerhund, . Mr. Ixiui.- Waldeck er. president; ? ami the Arion Quartette *'lub, (Mr. Uuik Morell, president;) and the Washing ton and GdambiaTnrn Verien A*-ocittion-. I lie march was coutiuue>l without special incident, and or. the arrival of the procession the pirtv formed around the stand, which was erected in fr^int of the graves ot Privates < ihl ami Rickett. of company B, Turner Rifle*, -th battalion al l*istrict volunteers, who WM killed in ? skir mish near Orett Kails, on the Potomac. Julv 7. isfci After the execution of an appropriate'air by the band, Comra>le John Trzeciak. presi dent of tbe German Veteran Cnion, del', vered a briet address, atter which the Throne of Divine Grace was invoked by Rev. 7.. I.. Rielz. The Arion Onartette club followed with a hymu l? fttting the occaaion. after which the band exe cutevl the Jfwr> f. After a funeral son< bv tbe Washington S? ngerhnnd. Comrade K. F. M. teehtx troceedeu to deliver .in ti?:maa) the oration for the occasion. He dwelt eloquently upon th* devotion of the Germans to the bo me of their adoption, and paid a glow a tribute to the memory of those who in defence of the Union. The oration con cluded. the Sa-ngerbund and Arion Quartette Club, accompanied by the band, executed a grand chorus, which was followed by ? song by the pupils of the German school-1. The band then played a symphonic, during which the company divided into several parties, and under the direction or Comrade John Trxeciak, presi dent of the German Veteran Union, Comrade Charles Kbert chairman of the decoration com mittee, and Comrade Wm. Burchard. chairman Of the executive committee, proceeded to deco rate the graves of the heroic dead with floral tributes ofarteetioM. This done, the company returned to the city. The whole alter was conducted in the best of taste and without the slightest disorder of any kwd. and reflects great credit on the German Veteran Vnion. and all others who participated in th* ceremonies geMiers' s wad Battle (emeierle,. From th* fact that th* remains or },;a Cnion soldier, are interred in the cemetery at the Old Soldiers' Home, ? committee of forty per mm, headed hy Comrade Hawkea. who had th* direction of th* ceremonies, war* detailed to decorat* th* grave* at that point amt^lau at Bsttle cemetery, about two mlies beyond the "Horn*." The fMlowtng ladles were or th* ?&?u,~ Cictoria tierald, Ender*, T.ydia K. White, Caroline Riley, C. T. Wldstrand, Marv A. Thayer, Annie Etheredge, Agnes L. Mrw, Mar> H. Cm verse, Sweetland. The com mittee left tbl headquarter* of the decoration committee on ?th street, near D. at about half pa?t eight, in carnages. Most of the decorat one bad precede them, having been ?ent out ye; t?r- ay. On their arrival the party repaired to the arbor near the center of the cemeterv. which bad been covered with large American nag*. evergreens, and other ornamental devices, wh? re the preliminary exercise* took place. A praver was offered up Kev. E. C. Merrick, a"tr which Comrade M. P. Leggett delivered a brief address appropriate to the occasion. The following original ode was then read ?.v Comrade J. B. Dunning: Tfcoy are Bleepiag To-day. ?V VR?. *1111 BART"* GRKE>g DILL.") ?'?"?pin/ ^ay. the brave and the trne, Iffl "?rofl who fought, in the aid armv bln?; i "leaping t?ne <th tb?- Ocean's deer serf, Aaa under the bloom of spring's verdant turf. They are I nried to-dav on battle-fields, where Our flower-wreaths for victors, they never may ?hare. Where the battle wa fiercest they have fallen asleep Where biros, winds, and waters, their lone v eils IPfp. Tbey are ramping to-day on Held- they hare won Thrice hallowed the ground a brave soldier sleet*. os : ^ He btf planted the Flag midft earnage and blood. On u?r.untMii,in foreet, through tire an?l through flood; While he shouted,"Farewell companions,?go tell My kiti<1r*-d afar, that no covarl I fell; Oh comrade' draw n^ar. ra thi- tanner I hold. Though dying, I I! chug to each briirht. ?tarr> fold * T^>jbre fallen wherever war s pathways have Ir. hospitals, ramps, or in nrisomt? nnf?d. My the road-side alone, in twilight ? deep eloem? Have yielded their breath to f lie warrior's itad .loom. Ar.lwln- "tart m* within th- rude enemy's linen - ??r d?in? leneath the tall southern pines? Thev ?. re ever nn.laniitrd?<l.-t-miiii?-d and brave To cuii'iifr or die," their dear country to *a\ e. But we gather to day on our mission of love, yur grateful rememl.ranee of loved ones to prove their lowly green mound* yl ho -luml-er witlmi these beautiful grounds? All the choicest and sweetest of nature's fair flower* M "bow ers" * gri tt"* anJ greenwood s Wi'.d W. will vislt "i(k h<-ro who bleeps in this shade. Ami sprinkle our flowers on every lone grave. Here thr rosea and lilies, and wild columhiae, VI ?:? J??w ? ?f'lnaM and myrtle we II i?id?, !i Pansies and daises ami ?we.'t mig!io?ette, e II mintrle the fern leaven and llu> violet, And the laurel?whose lansuag. and hi-tonc name Is the emblem of glory?the crown wreath of fame? , *' W *alter t?? *ia> anvng rr.??-??? and crow riff. A? silently her* we oh*!) vint thee* mounds. They are sleeping?your comrades? these long tiles of graves 6 B?ar ? ;tnes-to-day that the*e martyrs and craves ?were the warriors who battled for Freezhivi and tt; <v H T, Who rallied?enlisted?put foemento flight. They will an-wer no more to the bugla* soft notes Or roll-call . f names, where ur starry Flag floats; "J1.1 rally no more when thedrum beat.alarms hor fail into ranks, with the order, "To Arm-!" Ail these faces and form- that lie hidden to-dav L; w under the verdure ot flowers-jewelled May? H ere the treasure* of ?owr one. who waited to hear S. me tidings of tliem,?waited year after year. And the rne^aage at last ttiat their anxiou? h'-arM tfirillea, U *" Wounded?or, ?? Mi-sing' -or And they re mourning to-day while the known and unknown Slt?p sweetly where earland- and flower-wreatli* are strewn. 8 Ih!lv to-day-chime, then sa<IK ye 1..1IS, Ar.d mlittle yonr drum* to low tundra! kin-li** j They re our Brothers-vonr comrades?wh i-- de ir hvea were given For > reedom on Earth and for Glory in Heaven. Let our battle-flags float, and our h.arts otler rravern, A nation is saved and the victory is theirs. All the Glory anil fl<?n?*r ar?l r?Tare due To thf h^ro^- wh?. fought in the old Army W!?ie. Immediately after the reading of the poein the party was divided into detachments and I roceeded to decorate the graves, being assist ed by the veterans of the Old Soldiers' Home, in charge of Oen. Thoma* G. Pitcher, governor ot* the Home. Meanwhile a small party had been detached to decorate the graves of the Union dead at Battle cemeterv. Alter the decocatton ceremonies the party repaired t-> their carriages and proceeded to Arlington, to assist in the ceremonies there. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB This Afternoon'? Dispatches. ASSOCIATED PRi.88 REPORTS. ? BE1XHER, BOWE.1 AXO TILTOX. *be Eatered Into by Them. Publication of a Kintciilar IHx-uuient. ^?RK, May jo?The custodian of the ?ovenant entered into April 1, bv Henrv Ward Beecher, Theodore Tilton and lieurv Bowen, makes that instrument public thi? morning assigning as the reason therefor the j ?ct that Bowen has of late repeatedly decl ared that he had never disavowed his charges against Mr. Beecher, but that he jet insisted on ; r?^e u*vowa'' to which is attached signatures oi the above-named, opens thut. We three men, earnestly desiring to remove all causesot ortence existing between us. real or fancied, and to make Christian reparation for injari.-s done or summed u> be done, and to efface the .listurbe.1 past and to provide con cord, good-will, and love lor the luture, do de | clare and covenant.99 HEX RT C. BOWEN *U ch*W *?<' imputations et-r ibuted to him as ma<ieagaiUit Beei-her an.l lh^eeKWiti,?Ut re*"??"It hek no ws not Uing prevent him from extending to Beecher his most cordial friendship, confidence ft" ? k B ,et'?wslnp. regretting sincerely that he ever wade any imputations, charges or innuendoes unfavorable to the Christian i..aracterot Beecher, and promising never in luture to recur to them by word or deed. THEODORE TILTo* avows that he will never again repeat bv word of mouth or otherwise anv of the allegations imputations or innuendoes containK letter to Bowen, in which the latter is cited as the author ot said allegations. Ac., against the moral ai.d christian character of Beecher . . *R- beecher, on bis part, puts the past forever out of sight and memory, and says: -i regret the causes of ?uspicion. jealousy ami estrangement which have J. ome between us. It is a joy to uie t have my old regard for Henry C. Boweu and J heodore Tilton restored, and a happiness to me to resume my old relation, of love, re^ct and reliance to each and both of them it I *n?thin? injurious to the reputation a! .1 0r I ,letrac,e?1 ,r?m their standing ' gentlemen afMi ol my church, I revoke it all, and heartilv covenant to repair and reinstate them to the extent of my power.'' THE CrSTODla* OF THE COVEW\\T says the public can understand the brave si ence which the brave prea.her has kept under the protracted storm ot slander. He had cov e i?'i w V1* T1 a'Ml t0 ma"'Uin pea.-e and brotherhood, and the document is given to the world to estop and convict the principal "^'"against truth, public decency,and the rights of reputation. J ? York \?ies. the I'AV WE CEI-EBRATE. New Iock, May 30?The weather i? tine ??mis southea-t. Flags are Hying all over tlii^ city and Broadway. Stores down town are generally closed, and societies organizing for to-ua> e decoration atrvices. THE TROT TO ( u)|E OFF at Prospect park im the course of the afternoon between tiarelle and Fullerton excite* great in terest ami large crowds will attend. Lets are mainly on Gazelle. St S RISE SERVH EH ami the decoration of the grave of Admiral Farragut took place this morning by a partv trem the navy yard. ' TWELVE XI* KrtZOoTtC C *?ES occurred among the horse* on the Coney lslan.1 railroad yesterday making K| now sick, and several new cases are re|>orted on otber Brook lyn city roads. THE LtdlHATCH at Albany adjourned j?a< Jit at 3o'clock this morning. IT IS STATED THAT TREStDEST ?R*NT visits U est point academy on June 15, remain ing there a week. The examination of cadets by the board of examiners commenced yester day. J <.EN*RAL THOMAS VAX BI REN the dismissed \ lenim conimiasioner publishes a defence of himself, charging that his onlv anTf.Ti*' 'r Stakes inappolntmeiir and asking for a suspension of judgment FIVE SI'S ST (OKI cases occurred yesterday in this city. . . ?IV-K TM'ifSAMP IlllWMni arrived Weduesdf| and Thursday. , . _ THE rtOCEMloi Of the Grand Army of the kenut,li<> Oie various posts of this city. ma^chSf d^wS Broadway this morning. The turnout was<?7te large, and attracted much attention sons lining the walks. The battalion ^oi orphan boys in grey uniform, accompanied bv their own band, together with the orahaj firU from the Union Home, dw^Hn white, were objects of marked sympath" Among the escorting military was a compVnvu. eolorsJ troops. A large number of tea^, far niahed by various merchants and express com. r? quantities of Sowara, The tattered remnants of battle flags of N?w York regiments were carried In the Trt_nHy ohareh oay *s Cypress Hill and Orwnwwd c5m2torl2 ta.u<w.i.,k. "? vi ?stones AMTIEft CEBIT mi M IIIW. THE BTOHM PABT OF THE CITY U FLAXES. The Conflagration Bapldly BpreMlac A Korthwc?l Wind Fiailai the Fluac*. Foptow, Mav 30, 9 30 a. m.?A fire broke out a little after & o'clock thia a. m., and is bow raging on both sides of Washington street, near Bovlston and E?ex streets. The Globe Theater is destroyed. A northwest wind psevails. [Second Dispatch.) Boston, May 30,10 a. m.?A fire broke out about half past eight o'clock this a. m. in the upper part of Haley, Morse A Co.'s large fur niture warehouse, No. 41 Washington street, and is spreading with fearful rapidity, the wind being strong from the northwest. The princi pal direction of the lire is now towards Harrison axenne, Hudson street and South Cove. The fire departments from the adjacent cities have been called upon, and the streets in the vicinity of the fire are blocked with moving goods. Later. THI FIRE ACROSS WASHINGTON STREET? ihh kkkim.'k rian<) biilding and the OLOBK THEATER IN Rl' IKS. Boston. May3<?, 10 05 a. m?When discovered, the tire was in'the upper floor of Haley, Morse \JCo. s warehouse, among the workshops, and fames were issuing from the roof. The piles of light material packed away were like so much tinder, and before the alarm could be iven great volumes of flame were rolling up ity feet into the air, and clouds of smoke were rising. The heat generated wa? intense, and in twenty minutes the upper stories of the building from front to rear, a distance of 200 feet, were a mass of glowing tlame. The fire worked back into the stable or Geo. F. Bonnev, <>n Bumstead place, which runs out of Boyls ton street, near Washington street, and de stroyed it. Eventually the walls of the immense edifice fell and crushed to atoms tne extensive gallerv of -fountain, with all the stores beneath it, on the opposite corner of Fayette court. The flames soon spread to another great building adjacent, and that was also destroyed, includ ing Nos. 403, 4a5 and 4<'7 Washington street, the premises of Khodrs. Kipley & Co., clothing; J. W. Brockett, pianos: George Foster, hats; ?J. F. Libby, dry goods, and George F. White, millinery. Lat'r?The flames have crossed Washington street. Chickering's splendid granite building, with its immense front, and the Globe theater, a'*e in ruins. The fire has also caught the stee ple of the Presbyterian church, corner Bea<-h street and Harrison avenue. The spire is a n a?s of flames. The International Hotel Uone. Boston, May 30, 11 o'clock a. m The rear of Chauncey street is threatened both from Hay ward Place and Essex street, and the entire s< uare bounded by those streets and Washing tcn street, which is notalread vdestroyed, is be ii g abandoned by its occupants. Chief Damrell expresses confidence that the ti-e will speedily be stopped. The loss aire idy a r.ounts to several millions. Continuing its course southerly from its place of origin, the fire soon attacked the Iiiterna tianal Hotel. G. R. Kicliardt proprietor, No. 415 Washington street, and it fell an easy prey to the <levouring element. The sway of the monster was irreslstable. ami the next to fall its victim was the large lour story stone front building occupied by Kelly's billiard rooms. No. 419 Washington street; tleo. Thomson & Co., tailors, No. 421, and Montgomery & Co., con fectioners, No. 423. The tire on Beach street, in the Presbyterian church, has been extin guished. The military have been called out, aiid the crowds in the vicinity of the fire are Wing driven back, giving the firemen more room to work. The Fire In tier Control. Boston, Mav ?;o, 12 m?The tire is now be lieved to be fully under control. THE WILDEST EXCITKM EST exists throughout the citv, and thousands of extra* are being circulated. It being decora tion day, all the insurance offices were cloned; but they are now beingiopened, on intelligence of the conflagration. THE KIKE COMPLETELY UNDER CONTRuL. Boston, May :U), 12:15 p. m The fire is now completely under control. THE NEW YORK insurances. 13:30 p. nt?The following is a complete list oi th.- New York tire insurance companies hav ing risks in Boston: The Clinton, Pacific, .Etna, Brewers and Malsters', Citizens',City, Columbia. Commerce, Commercial. Continen tal. Corn Exchange, Exchange, Firemen's, German-American,Germania, Guardian, Han over. Hoffman, Home, Humboldt, Interna tional, Irving. Lamar, Loriilard. Manhattan, Mantet, Mercantile, National. New York and Yonkers. Niagara. Ph<enix, Belief. Republic. Standard, Star. St. Nicholas, Tradesman's, and the Washington. ? Vlee Prewident H'll?on. Boston, May 30?Yice President Wilson is in town to-day. He is suffering from nervous ness, which has affected his eyes. l>uring the late campaign Mr. Wilson made over i:t0 speeches and traveled nearly 20.000 miles. He has attended to his Congressional labors during the past winter, and at the same time was pre paring the second volume of his historical work for publication this autumn. His physi cian now orders a cessation of all work, includ ing correspondence, and that Mr. Wilson shall seek rest and relaxation during the summer. Front Km rope To-?lay. THE EPSOM RACES. London, May 3"?The race for the iWkes stakes at Epsom, to-day, was won by Marie Stuart. I!RADLAC<>H IN THE HANDS OF THE CARLISTS. London. May 30 The Pott of this morning ?ay a private dispatch has been received here, announcing that Mr. Bradlaugh, after leaving Madrid, was seized by CarlisTs an l carried to the headquarters of the insurgent Saballs. His life is said to be in danger. The Day in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, May 30.?Flags are flying in all directions. The various posts of the (iraiul Army proceeded to the ditierent cemeteries with bands of music, and the graves were dec orated, orations being delivered at prominent points. a cask ok epizooty was observed this morning in a ferry boat coming from Camden. o In General Datii a Vletini to Hodoe Treaeherj? San Francisco, May 30.?Considerable an xietv is felt for Gen. Davis, who has gone on a -cout with the captured Modocs after Captain ?Jack. ? . ?_____ St it aoainst a Railroad Company?Yes terday Mr. J. C. Wilson entered a suit for Henrv E. Norris and Mary Norris against the Wash ington City. Virginia, Midland and Great Southern railroad company, claiming damages to the amount ot *3,000, for having (as is alleged by said Mary Norris), after receiving fare to convey her from this city to Fairfax station, Va., failed to do so, but compelled her to leave the cars two miles from the station, ahd to walk in the darkness and snow, by which she was greatlx injured. GEQRoirTOWy. Accident.?About a o'clock this morning, ?lames Fenwick and Alexander Brown, while painting tb<- ? ill of Mr. E. P. Welch's house, on ..l sued, were precipitated to the ground by the fall of the scaffold which sup ported the ladder upon which they were at work. They fell about 45 feet to the ground, and Mr. Brown was seriously injured. He was removed to his home in a carriage. Mr. Fen wick was not so much hurt, but was also taken to his home. Bcs'M-? r " -t? Police?Lieut. U'irley has a ten ot pv.~cc hand at High and Bridge streets, who are bnsily engaged in housing all who are not able to pass peaceably on to Ar lington. From present appearances he will have quite a large family in the station-house bv evening. "Bivkr News.?The steamer E. C. Knight cleared this morning for New York, with *56 bbls. flour and Vi.noO lbs. of tallow ; and the steamer E. C. Biddle arrived from Philadel phia. with a full cargoof general merchandise, including iioo pieces of iron pipe for the Cum berland water works. Grain Tradk?The schooner Margaret Ella arrived to-day from Alexandria, with 1,250 bush, wheat for Hartley ,& Bro. No sales were -eported at noon to-day. The canal boat T. J. Baker arrived with ?o?j bbls. cement aud a -mall lot of flour for George Waters. Ghorobtown, D. C., May 30. A Fever Nest?Edit,* star- The officers of the Board of Health should look after some of the lots on the square bounded by *1 and 3d and Fayette and Frederick streets?near the northwest corner of the s?iuare? as they eon tain foul stagnant water which will breed dis ease this warm weather unless attended to. X. Fish Wharf.?The receipts of fish to-day were 20,000 herring, which sold at 91 per thousand. V An Iowa judge has decided that spitting tobacco in a horse's eye is worth a sentence or six months in Jail. ?T'Thesudden death of two persons, either from cholera or cholera morbus, has created great excitement in Paducah, Ky. ?7* Austin Bid well, the alleged Bank of Eng land forger, who was arrested at Havana, has been brought to London and lodged in New gate. V Down east, when they want to speak of a man's liberality, and don't want to praise him too much, they say he has a heart as big as Rhode Island. tar A conference of New York prohibitionists has called a convention of representatives of churches, Young Men's Christian Associations and temperance societies to meet at Albany on the 14th and 29th of June. ?7~Tbe None Frete Presee, Vienna, eontrib* atcs curiously to the exhibition, Us tribute be ing ? hugh glass house?a crystal new?paper palace?by which visitors are able to mark tvmjMf in the working off of the evening EVENING STAR rJtlPAT... May SO, 117*. LOCAL NEWS !T?ir? Optra Houtr.?Clin*. Walcot in "TLe Swamp Angels"?last night bat one, Tk**Ur Con ? ? Rip Van Winkle." an 1tl e usual variety entertainment for benefit of Otto Bur bank. From Shlllington we bare the America* Asr riiultuhtc for Juue. The courts were not in session to-day au4 many place* of business were closed. Ben. F. French, 513 15th street has been awarded the contract tor tine writing paper for the House of Representatives. Workmen are employed in demolishing the mound at L street and *Massachusetts avenue, and a fountain will be erected on the site. Brad Adams send* us an armful of pictorial and literary papers, too numerous to mention in detail, but all of the latest dates. B. A. has everything in his line. A child four years of age. son of B. F. Hack man, living at JMO B street southwest, while placing on the corner of !?th street,last evening, accidentally fell into an open sewer excrava tion, and, severely injured himself about the bead. in the Police Court yesterday, in the case of Thomas S. iHmaldson. charged with letting rooms for gambling purposes, after the wit nesses had all given testimony the judge fined I>onaldson *300 or six months in jail, and the three Principals 930 each or HO days each in jail. At the regular weeklr meeting of the Wash ington Schuetzen Yerefn yesterday, the awards were announced as follows: For bowling?F irst prize, M.Joseph; second, H.Groverman. third, ?John Voglit; fourth, C. Ruppert. For shooting ?First prize, Capt. Baugh: second, -John Lip pold; third,G. F. Wassman. This morning the two horses attached to a wagon belonging to a colored man named Mod son, took fright near tho corner of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue, and ran Into a f'our horse wagon belonging to Vanderhilt, and, tMwneelsof the vehicles being looked, both team- started across Pennsylvania avenue into Louisiana avenue? the driver or l>odson's w agon and a small girl in Vanderbilt's wagon being each thrown out, but fortunately not hurt much. The teams broke down a lamp j>ost. and when near the corner of 9th street one of Vanderbilt's horses fell, and the wheels passed over his neck, injuring him fatally. Lively Meeting of the National Labor 1'Maril. WORKING MKN AGAINST THE POLITICIANS. <%?uite a lively and exciting meeting of the National Labor Council took place last night at their hall, on Louisiana avenue. The assemblage was called to order at 8:30 o'clock by the president, Mr. A. E. Redstone, and several credentials of delegates were ac cepted: delegates who it was loudly claimed by some present did not represent the trades. A motion wax made to go into executive ses sion, whieh, after a lively discussion pro ami con. was finally agreed to by the president cast ing the deciding vote, the meeting being?><|ually divided. Those opi>osed to the chairman then left the hall, and loudly expressed their deter mination to-cut loose" from Mr. Redstone and what they railed''his ring of |>oliticialls.', de nouncing" them as "a bogus concern and not representatives of the workingrnen." Th" dis affected members remained ontside until the executive session broke up, when they returned to the hall and organized teni|>orarilv bvcalling Mr. .lames Maekey to the chair, and Mr. <ieo. Corbett as secretary. Red-hot speeches were made repudiating the action takrti by ??the so-called Labor Council" and "the bogus political representatives" ap pointed by Mr. Redstone, and eM>eciallv ex Senator Pool. Mr. Witlierow moved that they repudiate the action of the so-called Labor Council an I re

quest the pa|>ersto give notice of that fact to the public throughout the country. Mr. Lowe said that the reason he had with drawn froiu the old labor council was because they had brought in old, broken-down poli ticians. What good was Senator Pool to the w orkinginen ? Of no use but to laugh and sneer at them, and ride intopewer on their backs. He would sup|>ort no politician from this time, but would work for any laboring wan, and strive to raise him up. Mr. Nathan W Howe, one of the delegates who remained in the former meeting, wished to know if it was a private meeting. Mr. Thos. Williams said it was a meeting for mechanics, and all of that class were welcome, but there was no invitation extended to such men as Senator Pool, Gen. Cameron, Col. Fisk, Gen. Banks, Gen. Butler, and other politicians. Mr. Rowe was surprised at the movement, and thought they were starting off badly by abusing men who had declared themselves fa vorable to the labor movement. It was un wise to tight politics. The eight hours they now enjoy lor a day's work was gained through pol iticians. He had heard much said against the chairman of the executive committee? that he was a bad and tricky man. These charges should be looked into, and if true, he ought to be removed. He had heard something against the presideut of the labor council, but be that as it might, he had certainly worked in the labor cause. He thought It a good idea to establish another labor council, but unless they worked together it would amount to little good. It there was anything wrong about an individual, put hiin out. They would tind it difficult to keep up the movement if there wa? constant bickering between the members. Mr. Lipphard, another of the old members, said he bad heard Mr. Williams say that thir teen true men had followed him out of the hall, but he considered that they were well r.d of such men. Mr. Otfutt considered himself as good as anv man that dare utter a word against him. Here was a prospect for a row, but quietness was quickly restored by Mr. Lipphard retiring. After further discussion, Mr. Witherow's mo tion was adopted: and after some further speech-making, the meeting adjourned. ? R editing the Expenses ok the Col nty Schools?Yesterday, a meeting of the county school trustees was held at thetiovernor'soffice, tor the purpose of hearing the report oi the committee of the whole on the resolution lately adopted by the legislature asking for a detailed statement from the Governor of the operations and ex]>enses of the board for the past ye ir, and asking f urther it their expenses could not be curtailed. Mr. Miller, chairman of the committee of the I whole, made a statement explaining the action Of the committee at their meeting on tto 27th instant, and he moved that the last aunual re port of the county schools be referred to the Governor as their answer to the first query of the said resolution, and that the action and re commendations of the said committee relative to the consolidation of certain schools and other reductions be:ore mentioned be aftirmei, and considered their answer to the third query adopted. Mr. J. S. Brown, from the committee on finance, matit- a report that in addition to the unpaid balance due the contractor for electing the new >chooi houses at the beginning of the current year, there were outstanding b lis tor furniture and other unpaid accounts, making an aggregate debt of 921.750, according to the estimates previously made to the comptroller of the District, and for which a tax of 35 cents on the *loo was asked and is required. In addi tion to the a'.tove sum there was due lor the July and August salaries, 1873, a sum amount ing to ai>out ?4,ooo,to be paid from the receipts of the present fiscal year. That as near as can be ascertained the ex penses for the current year will be 928,J~d. The receipts, actual and estimated, areas follow* From taxes, **1,000; fines. Sl,ooo; sale of schojl house. 91,000; total, 932,0"0. Balance, applied to reduce debt, This sum will be all abj*orbt'?l to balance the i?ayment on the la Julv and August salaries. The Board having agreed to consolidate the Cammack ami Lugenbeel schools in tin* lirst and second districts, and the Yidal aud Voorhees schools in the third and fourth districts, and to dispense with the assistant teacher In the white school at Bt ightwood. and to lower the grade of school No. 2, fifth district, to a Stioo sal try, a curtailment of expenses can be made on that basis, and the estimate for the next school ve?r can be reduced to 924,620, thus making a re duction of 93,831 annually. To meet the above expenses a tax of fortv cents on the hundred dollars will he sufficient. The report was sdopted, ami the secretary was directed to ti an?mi t a copy to the Governor, as a response to the second query, thus answering all the questions called for by the House resolution. Adjourned. Colored School Examinations Yester day the pupils of the grammar and intermedi atei grades of the colored schools of Washington t'I.d hAd * written examination. Those attending the scl oos located m the west ern district assembled at Sumner school build ing, on Lth and M streets northwest, at 9 a. m . ^5" e**min?d by Superintendent <;ook, while those of the eastern district were sub jected to a test by Professor Vashon In reading, ?trgeta?ou thsast. Both examinations demon strated that great progress has been made the past year by the pupils, and showed that the teachers have been fluthtul to their trust At the examination in the western district vers trustees Pope and Ferguson of the school board V J! e**tCTn district trustees Henry JohnI W. C. Marshal andVauSr ti Kinsst.. mm _v. __r ? *ln? ?*. OP. Si, M fish wharves. Ale'S^ff ?Ud,94 to 95: white perch, very rU7 *****?? WWriy " V Third L(?MMIt? Awmbly. COUNCIL.?Tli* Council was opened with prayer yesterday evening by the chap ain. Council bill Mo. 2*, to prevent incompetent persons frem et gaging in the drag tn?iDf?,?Mr'( rr?d. Ml ilall presented a memorial from the proprie tor* ot * Cluber 01 the pnndp <1 hotels, restaurants atul dealers in tish. MKiu* the passage of Council bill N a. for the preservation of shad and herring in the Potomac river; referred Mr. Uulirk presented a petition from Foster Hen ?ha? , askirg that a committee be appointed to ex amine into th* justice of enforcing the payment of certain ta.\e? on his property; referred. On motion of Mr. Browne, tt * a* agr>--d that when the Council adjourn it be to meet on 8atunlay n< it. The President (Mr. Stickney) laid before the Council an invitation from the *uporiiitendent of colored schools, inviting th- members of th* Council to be pre?ent at the examination of the school* during tfce current season; accepted. Mr. Browne, from the committee a police, to wnotti was referred Conncil bill No the rM?nr*Tio!i or ?hap a*i> mmxr. in the Potomac, stated that the committee had pre parard a substitute bill, "not because they l?lie*ed that t h^amerxlment prov idee t he beet mean* ? >f pre venting the threatened extinction of aha?l and her ring in the Potomac.bat ? cause, in their judgment, it provide the best mean* w itbtn our proper author ity to that end After the careful examination of the recorded obscr\atlou of persons who have ?tudnd the mean* of multiplying the food tisbe-, your committee are ef the opinion that shad and herring mar be multiplied to almost any extent in the Potomac without any interruption or restriction of fishing if the artificial propagation of those fislns c< uld Ik-?-nforced at all the fisheries on theriTer; but this would re>iuire legislate n by the state*, >f Mar> land and Virginia aiid the District of Colntnb:a, enforced under the direction if the c >mniia*iouers ha\ ing authority over the whole I- ngth <4 the river. The ti-henes should l>e either tax?d for the nt'-ans of thin propagating the fi-h. or should be required t" return to the river at !e.??t ten shad or herring fry for every oue tiah taken. This may be d 'U- at a fishery taking lUjUUOahad at an expense of le?* than f40. And a large proportion of the liw.iM>thu? re turned to the river nnJ eoncto would return at the end of three year* fit for the table. In view of these facts it need* no argunn nt toconvince an\ one that there i? do sufficient reason for the yearly de creasing number <>f shad and herring In the waters of the P.rtomac. But as it is not within the authori ty of this Legi-lature to control the fisheries on an> consid* rable part of the P'totuac. and a-a threat eued ev il may l?e diminished *?y giving the tish un restricted passage through the riv erduring a part of each w. ek.your committee i- port the accompany tte amendment as a substitute for th - bill referre.| to th<-ni for the temp<>iary protection to the tish nu til *u< h turn-as the more effectual mean- referred to can be provided." Section 1 id the amended bill provide* that it slrvll be unlawful for any person to take or ti-h for shad or herring w ithin the District of Columbia, between the 2oth day of May and the 21st day of I>e. - ml?- r of imr year, or between snuset on Saturday e\ enjng and sunrise ou Monday morning ot any week,either w ith net, seine, w ire-trap or p> und. and it shall l.e unlawful for an> person within the times aforesaid to obstruct or hinder the pasrage of any migrating tishe- by any pier, net, seine or pound, or any other means us?d for fishing; aud it shall be uulawful for am person to uw in fishing foi -had anv net or seine the meshes of which measure less than four ilichee and it shall be unlawful to sell or offer f-r rale within tin- District of Columbia au> fresh aiiad or herring between the fist day of May and the .fist day if December of any year and any p->rsoi, vio latmg the provision* or this act shall l>s d-m?d guilty of a misdemeanor, and nn conviction thereof shall l>e punish'sl by fine of not less than oue hundred nor ne re than five huudred dollars. Sec 1. That the Governor shall appoint a Commis sioner of fisheries, w hose dutv it shall be to inquire into the l>e?t mean* of multiph ing food fishes hi the Potomac river, and to promote ??ch legi-lattoi, id the *tat<? of Mary laud aud \ irgima as w ill tend to that end, and said commissioner shall l>e allows! from the treasury of the District of Columbia his necessary and actual expenses intliat b. Wall,not eK. ceeding If Mi. which sum is herel.) appropriated. He also present d a protect fr..m J . W. R. . .1 and others against the passage of the hill settiug forth their reasons, and Manning that it is the large seines in the lower river that do harm to spawn, and tnat by the pas*age of the bill it will interfere with the rights of the gill net and trap men. Mr Browne related the purport of the argum-iits which had l?-en presented bef?>rethe coniTintee on both side*, ai.d alluded to the valuable stalls!n .tl articles which have recently b?-eu published in tte lr-cal pape rs, and stat^l that the Committee had en deavored to frame a bill bearing on all ^la?-e? (.f h-h-rineu alike, and accomplishing the object- pro posed. Mr. Riley spoke in favor of the bill, -howing its advantage* Mr. Culick thought the bill go<H|enongli.luit there was very little ground to work upon, a* uio?t of the ti-hmg is done outside of the jurisdiction of the D -- trlet. and the eftei t would be to drive the ti?h to other markets. It would be better t^ pass over the matter until the next session of the Leglnlature. as the tishing season is now over. Mr Hiley said tie laws of Virginia and Mart land were very restrictive on the subject, <'id the leguia tion here might cause the more strict enforc^m. at by the authorities of th<?e states. Mr.Gnlick moved to strike out the second secii >n pro\ iding for a comniiseio jer of the fisheries, ? hich was a;:re'd to. The bill was then read the third time as amended and passed. Mr. Bri wne.from the committee on police, report ed back favor<thl> 11 D. con rurrent resolution , au thorising the joint committees on police ot t> th houses to select a suitable building near the ?'it> Hall to l>e us?hI for a I'oln e Court, which, after I ing amend'-d, was c>ncurr?d in. IlOCMi.?Mr Hunt moved that when the li n e adjourn it be to >atnrday; agreed to. Also, offered a resolution requesting the Attorney ot the Distiict to inform the Home by what airh r ity th' Potomac steamboat company bolds poss'-s sion of what t* known a* the upper 6.h street wharf whether they ps\ rent for the same, laid over. Mr Vermillion introduced bill tor the relief of J Nicholas Callsn, to pay for damages sustained l.y hi-horse falling an excavation at the corut-r of Pennsylvania avenue and 3d street east, referred Mr. Smoot. from the committee on way* and means, reported bill relating to the collection of d> lin<iuent taxes, with amendments, which was read a second time, and ordered to be printed. Also, ;taktd to be discharged from the considera tion of the bill to Incorporate the Oram! Tabernacle of the Order of Gallileans, th- legislation asked t. r l>eing embraced in the general incorporation a< t of ('digress, agreed to. Couucil resolution requesting that the work "ti t lie <-? ntracts for extending lCth street and tie re duction of College hill !?? resuni'il, was referre?l to the committee on pul-li< works, Ac The bill to regulate the business of pawnbroker, junk dealers, Ac.,was taken np, the ainendmeuis agreed to, and the bill read a third time and pa-n d House I.ill to prevent the care|e?s use of re-arms wastsk' nup. It ena<'ts that any person who shall intentionally, w ithout malice, point or aim a g in, pistol or other fire-arm at *r toward an* person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and <n conviction ?hall be lined from $1(J to ?2S. Mr. Herbert moved to amend by inserting the word razor; arid it was agre?d to. The bill WSs passed. Mr, Brewer introduced bill forthe bett> r observ ance of the Sabl ath, by prohibiting the riinn.iig of wagons for the delivery of go<ds oti that day referred. Mr. Long introduced a bill requiring collectors of rags, bon>s, grease. Ac., to procure pet niits fr- .n the Board of Health; rtferred Mr. Murra> intrialuceal bill reducing the nuu.L'er of inspectors cf lumber to three?one each for the Rock Creek district, east of 16th street; Potomac district, east of ]at and weet of 4Ji street, and \na cost is. to comprise the remaining part of the City referred. Adjourned. ? Two VHlnHble InventloDH lor Pishl. ing Fire. Yesterday after the exhibition of the iiniirov ed tire-alarm apparatus at the hallot? the House of delegates, (noticed in Thi Star of la*t eve ning,) most of those present i>roceede<l to the Ailington hotel where the fire department was reviewed. After the Governor and a number of our District legislators, with the fire com missioners and others, had passed down the lines ami examined the works of the engines, the signal was given by striking a gong, and the engines pulltd up to the water plugs, and in a moment live streams of water were playing. The next movement elicited the hearty applause of the spectators. This was the teat, never tried in any other city, of raising in one piece and at one time an immense ladder eighty feet long. This ladder was laid horizontally along the street in front ot the hotel. A shorter lad der was quickly raised to a perpendicular position on the base of the long one, the two bases being very firmly attached! Strong lines were then led from the top of the perpendicular ladder to points along the length of the long one where they were fastened, (?ther lines from the top of the pen>endiciilar ladder were led oil in the opposite direction ana were seized by eight or teii hremen, who by the advantage ot the leverage gradually pitlled down the shorter and raised the longer ladder, which was kept from swaying by guys from each' side in the hands of trusty men. The immense eighty foot ladder, with hose laid along it, w*s then placed ina^w minutes against the cor nice of the hote^ibout eighty feet from th? pavement, and atur firemen going up and down was as steadily and easily lowered. The next ex'|>eriment was the combination of two or three steam fire engines to force a single s'r. am of water.alsoanewthingin fighting tire. By that means an immense volume of water was thrown clear above the flagstaff' which sur mounts the high French roof of the Arlington The ladder raising device and that for combin ing the force of two or more steam fire engines are both the inventionsof Chief Engineer Mar tin Cronin, of the District fire department, and for adapting them to use here he is entitled to something more substantial than the thanks for our citizens. ? Edito* o? Star: For the information of the ladies and gentlemen who expected to go on the Canal Mission excursion to Great Falls to day on the packet Minnesota, permit me to ex plain the cause of the failure of the enterprise A trritttn contract was entered into bv Mr. Hit ter, the proprietor of the packet, on the tfth Inst., and he has been conferred with several times since and never ouce intimated that he did not intend to abide by the agreement. On Tuesday evening last Mr. B. was called upon by two of our party, when be said-, "Have one of your number here early Friday morning to say wbo shall come aboard, as it will be a public holiday." Yesterday I learned that Mr. R.. without regard to honesty or fair dealing, had cLartered the boat to the "Sporting Club." or i this city. I immediately called upon Mr. Bitter and demanded an explanation, But he aimplT I expressed his determination to take the "club " although be admitted that their rrrfci/agree ment was made subsequent to our ?>ritUmcom ti*rt. Now, Mr. Editor, if a written contract will not warrant ? party ta planning aa excur sion what will? and is there no way of compell ing the performance af sack ooatracts, or must people wait until the misehiaf is daae before they can apply ta tke law. B. B. Taylor. m 8 HOOT! no A 9T AI a Ml A 8 a LOO* La* night. I o'efcek, dob* Donovan and Michael fowling met in a saloon on 7th street, near Virginia avenne, and the foraate draw a nlstot and fired one shot at the latter, bat 1 mhwrd bim. Oflteer Howe CITY ITEMS. r?T POOLSY'* V KA ST PoWPBR. TO'.l Will MOT1 find it not only the best. but also the cheapest. Baking Powder Pnt np full, net weight. 3<t> ? ? 'ewelry Store. No. 457 Pennsylvania avenue, street, rv>'riv(4 this ui-rtniig K>ilc l*AUtil ul style* of Jewelry. Copffr ForsTtiim k>r 8<>nx wot Ktii arlk?'The co|>j?er soda fountain that exploded on Moi.du B'til't at .Imt>'? confectioner (?tore, on f*th street, was oulv charged at aw lbs. pressure. The steel fountains which Pal mer A Green will use hereafter exclusively for soda, are guaranteed to stand tfo 11*. | rwurr to the square inch. 30,2 We cat tithe attention ot the traveling i.ob lie to the old established firm ot J. S. Topbam & Co.. on 7th street, thev being the only prac tical maim tact u revs of flue Sole Leather La dies' Dress Trunk and Traveling Sack* in the citv, together with a large stock of Indies1 i? * Satchels. Their sto. k is complete tti all iu departments. and the goods ottered for style, beauty of finish, and durability ar; price, cannot b<? excelled in the citv 'iw^ Swa^U-,i' 0 _ ^ 30 *3 Bewarb or Corn;* KorxTaiRS roR Son*. 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"yuse- _ m.w.f.&W JrLirfl, Smashes. Cocktail* and other pre scriptions carefully com|M>unded by tleo. W. ' 1i*i*er and his corps ot efficient assistants at the new sample rooms, corner Pcuwyhama avenue and 4 >, street. ? * ? ^ rJ A St aRTLtKti TRrTH.'?Thousand* die anna, ally trom neglected coughs and c<?bi-. which soon ripen into consumption, or other eouallv fatal diseases oi the lungs, when bv the timely HiMtJ.rrj, their lives might have been pre served to a green old age. j,;,; .JT ,,iA*l,g; *lm'- Me<licated Va. ??T ff,."', ,tor *11 6klu J??ea?e, at l>r. Shedd's. 9W E street. ^ Th* cn*wr*tTT at large appreciate the use fulness ol Singer'a Sewing MkJhine. 13 Children crv for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic ai.d castor ollf u* ^ 4)M5|6o3.*f ETTRAf-T ?ures rheumatism, burns. pUrt, ulcers, toothache, a,,re throat, sprains' scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuraijra' hoarseness, diarrhea, and all hemorrhwex. ?tc-' Pond s Extract differs from all other a<ivertis. ,1 preparations in the fact that it is a sUmlard medicine, treated ot in medical writing, ai.d kuowii to be a cure for the&e m,Uiyjiltf v^"* kATfOKAL Savinhs oare, corner of f*ew Jork avenue and 15th street, pays 6 per ct KLnkVn-1^ OD d*T*iUfor calender month' Banking hoar., I to 4. Saturday., ?to 4 a,,16 ^ Kt3,14tl6 Ch^stoM X*R<ACT !?" at wholesale by & S? > Pennsyiyan;* arenue and by druggu-ts everywhere. t,w f,tf ' Taiuonnu ana barometers are MMir^i and made to order by H?pier, NOTHING KESKIiVED. Iiprfffifitd, tttwfton. Posititf. Ol'R KORi KI? SAI OCK FOKl CD 8ALE? <?K KNTIRE STOCK OF ENllhi: STOCK N..U GOING ON NOW UOINU ON. W* A KB OVEKSTO* KED AND Ml ST REOl't'E AND will SELL ' At 9141 a f 15 A ? *24 Sait w (M( TOO MANY UOOVS TOO MAMY GOODS MUST BE SOI.U MUST bh SOLD. ARE S E l LI .X (i UAH I Ul V AKE SELLIMU hAl'iULY. ten dollars fifteen dollars twf\ ty dollars te> $15 Suit at 910, Suit at .$15. Sou at $ JO 22 KtBERYATIOys. AO HESEh l'.4 r/oas. \ff ?{{-(? hk SOLD. ALL WILL BE SOLU. j/'f SOLU. ALL ML ST BE SOLO. IN BOYS' SUITS WK OFFER TBE SAME INDUCEMENTS 5 i for *b S ? Suit. 9 7 fcr a 9 10. 910 for ? f 14. call AT ONCE BRING THE BOYS bc* bargains a broth; VASH ION ABLE TA1I 0R8, B 27*tt Ooawum til ard d ?texct? /JARPETS, CARPETS, CARPETaT C. O. D, CARPET HOUSE, 004 Sevimu St. MEW STOKE> A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS. OILCLOTH, max TING, RCGS, MATS, Ac. .J???' furriiahin* pit mc call anJ oxamiti? ?i?i you can buy them at New Y.-rk prirtw. at th ml, .m ? O D. CARPET fioCSE, m!3 lm 004 7th St.. bet. I A K.f r.'H. ELLIPTIC YORE SHIRT i. pr.,nuu . ? thousands ?t wearers to Ik- the perfx JtL tiooot elesance and comfort. Th- n.;,ru CUttinc enables me to fit any form.. >r d> foiwiitv JDKi |?ith Ht.nuiute preciei o In the matter of ma ? eriais and manofacture, experience eaahltw^H W EL [U W oD V^O^'lTLr1 '?i.'0'1' J ^ BRIgTT w ill, Ho. 4HO b st , W ashington. D. C. mU-tr DO*H'AND YOrTIIU 8CIT8 a specialty thi* UthA 8TEAU8'- ??" Pa^avs , LCTT*1LL. C. A. DCNN1NGTO B LCTTRELL * Dl MNI5I8TOM. u.V1. Tm4 M'rchmm*, La. Ave., bet. 9th and 10th streata northwest ?nd Peiwonal attention given to the sale of Real Estate. ajl-jm* N v^a0B ""IB"")*, the bon on White irv&MstiJsnr-irnr1.5: L"RAilELIBI A GO , r_ _ OPTICIANS, ?o. IIMT PENRsTLvaxiA Avawrm & Gen ulna Bracillan Pebble Spactaciea lauttu ?L2 ya SCOTCH CHRTIOT SUITS for ?U ?eLr*Uth * A' ntLAVg'' **11 l**f* *h** Ifaf ?EOB?ETOW\ ADTnm?EWK\T?. r^-v'TUiKI Wll-L BK A MK^PU.t FESTIVAL II p tNlrtn* Mtvi M It Chtrrk, (?? rnt"?r f> C.. THIS afternoon ?u<l EVENING All n - v lt*?l to attend '? <?TBREOBCoPI' Ml*!" 0 F. K 1HI ?K<?VT ? r BLKssfcli PFTKECL.AM *>' IF T ? . AT OLI> TRIM TV ? HI'R< H t'STl SJI'AV IMNIKU,Jin'5.U'3. Admi**i n . 28 o-ent*. Dwm at ?t t? cor ice at 8. nil* ?* * L* \ 1KA< ?KI'IN A K V BARGAINS IN l>bl Kj Plain and Strips-! (ireuiJnw. Japan-*- Silk*, at a* .worth 73c B> antifnl 0'?"4? for Suiting* ?? JS- V ***1 VirtorM t?M. from Kc ws V i. .a Pnttirt and Linen Snitm*? all ?hade? >i-n . to ar Striped and plaid Whit* Fre?,rh <>r*aioli"* Black Alpaca* and M ?b ?ir*. ?*P*- ? A lar*e *<<rk "f Glor and Bo> - w.a Ladi~ andOenl* v,anf?- Vn#? r \ -st* Call aitU I uj r*al barca ns 4 BENJAMIN HILLKR M tr 101 Irttp wwt.?wfi" a 'V TMt'MAS VoFLTilU, Aucl 1. G IV VALI ABLE IMPROVFP fROPI RTT < N V est STREET. bat* FFN ? AMI IN?.T< 54 asp congests steeits. at ai < tion Ob TBl'RSDA V, Maytf? ?? ???I - k r ^Hm . 1 w ill *ell. . n the pi. nn*e*. part i f H N ?sajU'.M titmt *' !? t "H llw- - ? ' HirW te<?.-en ? 11 end C?'ti?i?*? ?tr? . ?* by a depth "W l*>f->et. The Improt-meat* con* - of a substantial and n-erly new B'i k Dwell m? h' iw,r< ntaiDinit?r r " iik.I ?tk r??: and cellai war-r and n>,?c.,tc.ialoa* f the )?* Ik* tn-n* 111 Term* Otif-lhlrd ca*lt. t slatice 111 1. It ami 1 < month*. with inter--*! ai It' per ? ??n? p-r a?t >101. Bi Otir?d b> ad-edof trual on IV pr ? rtv H'liu an< 11 it al C<>at >4 yvrchiHT A d' r *" I % l-A, ?? ?oon a* the pr-'peni i? ?tt'n k off nJ2 TH"M.A* |m?W 1.1 \?; Anrf II ? THOS.l'O* LING Atrth??W>' irt.a PEREMTTOKT SA1 KOf M\ COMFORT API K I'UEMING HOt'SBti N - 4' 4 7 4H Jl. *4. AND iU 1>1 N l> ARTl'N sTIi I.ET. AT AlTTIuN On Ti E-DAY. June 34. at * cf.rk. I w :l 1*ell .-n the prmii?*? on Inn.|.an atieetl.. tween Green and II n'cen--" t,-ar ly nn cmf or tal'le frame dwelli-ip It ?????, m -|i tn<>d<-ri> Improx ? ni' iit" Th- I ration i? pu-aaai.t and h* al'li) . aii'l all ?ti?^-t 111 |>r '???tn?-u-? atad TOur third raah. I>alanr< ?. ltand Is niontb*. ?Kiirrdi) a d-ed ? 'f tru?t on thr (r p<m I -ho v anrin* at coat ot th?* p?irchaa--i A ?? p ?if f f ? re^uirvd aa aooh aa tli> proprrt) i?>tri k f J"HN I'AVl mSu dta THOMAS DOWLIEti. Am r IV THOMAS I?i'W LINO. A net , tt.- , tn, ? u V A LI" A BI.E IMI'RdVKP PROPER! * IN WASHINGTON STREET. <? E< ? Kt.ETOW S AT AK TIdS. Oa Tl'ESOAT, Jnn?> 3d. at <-l k p m I will ?? :i on tlK pr.-mi~-. part .4 l."t IA1,front SC f*--! cii th?- t?a?i ?i4- of tk aohincton ?tr-*-t brtvwa DHl'MtM an I B?all ?trfM?, !?> a d?-ptli 1 tk' fr*-t. Th>* impro* ?tn? nt? con?i?t of a - il^tan' al tao-afory ai.d half Bn<k rmrilin* II -??. ? 11 ? dim ai?! (a*. p> rniai' nt ? *?h tnh?. 11 ,rMc mai tl?>a, pantr) , Ac , Ac fh- n - p<-ar?. grap^?. Ac , in the Kurdeii Thi- pr. p? rt> t? eligil'lv located OCIna? of tli*'flli>?t ?lri?lf lo-ar Ihp h'-art >4 lb?- . It) .and ? ? ??II worthy >4 the attention <4 |.nfer? Terina: <?ne third ca?h, balance m * and 1* tnont It*, wrth intereet a*<"tired b> d'-ad of trtiat <>nrh? pr?-tniH?a, Cou\e>an> inc at th> ? <>? <>t p>ir> |i?m ? ii Ji TU<? pnU LINti A tct. I^EADT roE TdE HPRUti TKtl'k W ith a fnll corra <4 flrat claaa w ri ? * plete atock "f the beat foreign ai><1 <l>*n-?tK D?o Stu??. Ac., Ac.. I am full> prepare to CLEAN OR KV.i uLOI. LAMES AKD OF.N'TS' SPRINO AXD SI VMKU Vk EARINO APPAELL. aroniptli and in the |?-at manner. W. H. RHKATLEt. PhkMJUM ST*AM VYklMi A M> M UCH iMi vrturns, established 1*31. Premlnm awarded Ollice.49 Jrfferaoi. *t ,Qforp(<>*l). D 0 P.?HOffic* Bo* 7H3 aj7 'r dry ooona 1 I At L HAt ?|l Ll AND Ml iWLk \k e have jort . f+t:-d to-da> ?nofliTl t ?! e\ti -? line LACE SACyl KS AND SHA*kL" ? loch wesell lover than anjr othei at reiutb* itp . I ' all Mild aee thea: i.?a . a- til I* I* prollii ly III lw>t lot ul th* aeaeoit. A No, at |: A K<. A ! NS in WHITE DRKSS UOCDH At CUSN??LLV *, ni29 ?t Vth ?*reet, pi Par. ..i t<*t ? . HOICE I k) tiOOl'S. "" Or BETTER <.RA|iK8 TH AN Ibl AL. AND AT LOW ER PED ES. All inimtuH tto<k i4 W 1111 K <H>OD3. itHludiiut V.itoria and b i L? i.- Kiei,. h utifaadi^s N^meooka. K?ia- Mull*. Ac., A< ., at r?./a ? i r" ? BLACK iiKENAD1N ES, a pleutit il enpplv 1* ceata np to fl.'A per yard. Bla< k Silk., ^ r.. S.ik- M.irn I a?li I - I . 4 will* i *l? ^ani Good* ONE PRICE To ALL. ?OKAS * W VLIK, 101? and IOtfO 7tb street n< rtlmmf, ?V Acetiej for M no Demort?t ? Patt< rna ru? tr f|TBE ilUDOC WAlt Bwinf in th< leant interfered with WVLFVRD * SHILBLKi. ? Procuring (bar ueoal attraction* jg DRY GOODS For apriitg and *uu.rner wear. Ladiea abotild bear in mind that thi? i? the beat and rbeapeat eatal livhuo ut nouth ol N-a V ikto tllid anch K<Mid? ae Plain and btripeal Jap^i.eae Ailka. Funlarda. Black and Colored SilAf B.a a aiel C< I "lid St ripe. I Grenadine*. Clillieee p..|.|,i.? u, all ? hade*, miici* and dout le a idtti U-rna..i .??. A full line Mourning THE OREAT SPECIALTY, LLAMA LACh JACKETS A*U !Oi.\ TS All the uoTelti?* in t?l'N 811ADES and t \ R ASOLS. DoiiMwtlca in laifie \an>-tj. and inauj uUiei ani* clee, too tiunerouc to mentlou Feiaotjs iliat *alue IIteir dollar* attd ? t,t? ?ii u!4 not tail to call at U.M houae bclora puii i,Mi,,? eitf ?km. Rem.n.l^r VTHE ARCADE. Uiir tr ?H7 7th -treet, betaeeL D aiN k. S f, REDUCTION IN 1TUCES AT THE ARCADE. OwibC to th?- backa ardu??a of tbe aeae. n. ai.d iiaa* in* a iarfrer flock <4 < ARi'ATs .* hai.o tnan .-nal fur tbe time of y*ai. ?e *UaiT. fr.?i MoN UaI. May lOib. make a t'-ueral ieduction in price ? i, all CAK* PETS in the bom*. Our at} lea In EnjcJwh Tape-try*. Enrli-1. lurraiaf, Atnericaii Ingrain* and Imitation Bi uvm if . anuvt be excelled any ? here. A atock \k hite and Cbeck Mattu^-a m xtora at iOW fit 'ire* M iliI a Shade* atid Fiklurea. >? a la n f?tr opportunity for bouaekee(M r* to pro cur* a nice Carpet for a little nione> . MOLFORO * SHILMCKU. nil? tr 4H7 7th afreet, between D ami 1.. 0 W. Bargains in dry G<??Ds.-AnJroato?iQ Cotton, 17c.: Wanwutta. *> ., New V-rk Mill*, klc.. Sbeelm* Cotton ic ?-4, i-4, and M-4; Table Lir?n,7ur.. Toael*. ?1 a??erdoi.-nL B.a- a Silk at %2 38. aorth ?2 74, ParA- T*. 8t?r to tV. 1? >liea,7?c. C-r dotes; Bla k Alpaca*. 3&c. to fl, Victoria >?i, 23c.; Lining Cambrica, lo> prmu. Sc.; Bleached Cotto?,(lc All kinds of dret* >;ood* at tbe lowest market Mice*, at brodhead s 4'OH, ml: tr 1403 F street, between 12th arid I tih. I^RT OCOD8 AT PAN 10 PRICES~ Great bargains In DRY OOOD8 lr>m tt.e Mew York and Philadelphia auctions Dree* Grenadine* at 4, lu and IJh cent* per i ard, a bean ? f?. 1 I ine o< Dre*a Goods at lens than importer* rri< ? r. Striped Sais* at 3Bc a yard,worth ate.. Bla) Ltnen at aver* low price, Striped Yowmite at 3uc.? s*nb sue.; job lot Lace Curtain* at $3AU a piece; a line ? t t ? auti lul Parasols at rlchl price*, a lew Lla i a LM Shawl* at half price. EMORY EA.XTER, aSS-ly l"KO Pennsylvania ?egM. "LADIES' goods. Has I Ml?? MctOEMItk, as constantly on hand a floe assortment o( IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS. FLOWERS. ribbons, 4 all of tbe neweet de*ivus. Ladies CAPS aud O Fl RE- .ost received. R EAD AND SAVE YOCR MONEY. Ladies who have Hair Switches that l evels froui us can have theai restored to tbeir natt shade la superior manner. We have a very " assortment of ?1 Curl*, very loan and ba Switches, vso cfjeas_ Mow is tbe time to ^ MADAME BBTRRVVHair Factory,*>!? 1Mb neartG N OTICE MILLINERY FANCY G90D8, By B. LENZBEBU aSUr TOT Market I TAMPLEO DEPOT ?It SBtrtxTi ItniT, s WKLiLiso owr i o selling off i AT COST, TO 0ISEQLFB PARTNERSHIP. Of TBB MEW TOBB BAEAR. r 441 VoVcMUEOkT"'* L-^-c. starob bbamel rJiteg w>iH,lPtiiiijg. _ _ _ |^| OST WOBPBRFCL JMTBETlQN_or_TBB J. Haass' Blectre ?afv aato SFBCTA-^^^^^"

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