Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. raHI-he* Dal'r, lu^ayt iiujtcd, Al THE STAB BUILDING9, rtuoflTUia At Mine, Mr. Utk It, hi nnat mi nvsPifn worn, A m. TBI EVENING STAB '? wt?4 tor ctrrlrri to Uiii .uUrlUTS at TnCtnTs ril win,or FoKTT Ion Cxirra pit a<?Ti. C"|im u tk* oooDtev Two Cist? each. By mall? threa inbU*, fl JU, m moaih*. ?).?; one > ear, %$. TUB WEEK.LT BTAB? Published Friday-flJI ? fear I availably in advance, ui both oaaes,and mo paper seat longer thaa paid fur. i of aCvartMng AmhM on application. AMUSEMENTS. \Y iH'l >tw UPEK t HOI SC. Juil> T. PORD? ?Proprietor LAST SIGHT OV THE SEASON. TV great Druni'ir THE SWAMP ANHELS. Th' eminent actor. Mr. W ALCoT, ? tt' !i*w York Herald ??<>rr?-?p >ndent. This great Drama. repl-'e wi'h the dar*ng d?-eds of R. tugree and Deserters taring th# 1 if-civil war, i- full <?f iu--i -tirriiiK I?ii idents and powerful Dr.twuic Artint aal is a tMiti bdumre. c?-s. N. th it - Th? OpeTa H >n??* will >>? for r?nt from i - ptwaaar 1. For parti.".il ?r- applt ?t tl l'< v Cfl;< after Jane 1-to Mr. John T F .rj, |: . *ir.. re iil.11 w i%Hn?iTO!< TttEATKK cu.tiuire, (Eleveuth atreet, tooth Pennsylvania ave jue LAST W*EK OP THE SE\SON C.IVL IS A BI MPER AT PARTING ! The Pi p?i?rt'h?r>r'er Actor, SIR V ILLf 4M DU VERB, th* original a-rt v ritaM -" MICHIGAN BILL" of war |jn.?, w??o *,? connected with G.-n. Bull's c n.mand. and who** breadth ~*ri>p ? in I dar ii? i!vfititrf?ejc?! It!" ni -t titid tm ujimri z-" of t in *7/ ? hav?- forwi*-d ih - bs?i< for mnay a ta'e of hctioi. Hi hi" -real r? 'nai' n .if Hif fA.V WINKLE; THE SI.EE" ?>K Ti> ENTT TEAKS! It. wh- h p.rtr-inr* he is *er.iad only to J' seph Ji ff-r? n, i* ittMi,'W ap.l benat'ftil seeaery, prop t t- -. eoafwtne*. Ac ?n-l a P wrtnl Dramatic Ca*t OIK rel AL (KiMITABLE OLIo PKRFHRM ANCE. N.iA SONUS. NEW DARCES, NEW' ACTS ?=/" F RIB 4v Mi> S Irand B?nefi: to the Old W ar H"r?e,OTTi> BL RBANR, when a grand till will be pre^-nt -J. BAT I BOAT. May 31. L?-<t N:<ht of the Sea- n June D.grand t*iancnral p-Tiim? >?7the COM lyi B St MMEK C ARPES, and a h.?~t o! attra. ti?a*. APMf-'MON I RKE TO ALL AI?r LT3. Billiarl Parlor* and Sni kin* Saloons or?-n stailv from 5 a m to 12 a.m. Pall ?e**'?n commeoo?> September I. m3f-tf OH N".? Ol Elklkltlta VNt'VN ?*? > aad Sala I 43V "*T? ?T.\ -.Dii1.? . I'Ti ST MARkKITCR'l, Ha. 4S9 7th ^-r?*t, hrtwevr. D aod ? ?r?e(i, sight ti n ah< ve 0-!<1 P-ll<<w> Ball. d>otoe Oil Paintlnca, Bu?rav liure, Ohrnasoa, *c. A'*', larv-m ?t,,ck Paper II *nfir7r.e<. Wivl .w fhaae- Pictar?a, Praaiea, Picture Cord* and Tm ?b-. Kni??, N?iU, Ac., ib tne DiArict. WTkUM^ CASH p.eae- r. ?n."Tber S*me and R?mber. )al-ly" A LL RIND* OP CAST-OPf WKARIRG AP PAKELcan beti.U to the very be?t ad\oatuge by addreaenif or calliux on JL STH, SI9 D atrext, betwa?i tth and 7th n.w. N. tea by mall promptly attended to. Oaah pakl. fU OLD Oi>LP, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER. Etc., buaifht at fair prices L>r a Hew Tark hon?e B n? ii 'd Pumitir? bv.nght andw ld Note* by mail ?r trrt!y attend ^ to by ADOBMSTBIH, 14?? PaonnylTanta a?enoa <tP-ly* LADIES' GOODS. ?V-? PENNSYLVANIA AVBNL'B,^ Haa con.tantly on hao^ a tine assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STEAWS, CHIPS, ) LOW ERS RIBBONS, .tc., all of the new eat <le?ii{n?. Ladies CAPS and COl E PCRE> ;C?t r.-. ? :\.d inS i." R EAD AND SAVE YoL'K ilONEV. I frot m Ladle* w ho ha*s Hair Switches that have fa.lor fr?>n. ua cau tia\ e theiu restored to tbeir natura. ihaoe in snp. rior mai ner W ? hare averylai *. rtmeiit of #1 Curi<-Tery loin; and h*nd? ch> Hi itched. ?wt ch< ap. Now is the time to buy at ADA ME LSTRKK SUair Factory, fclS 13ih *t? -aear.O ?t reet. aS4-lr ^OTICE ?Bargains are now being offered In MILLINERY ftAj m- an I FANCY GOODS, By E. LBN/BERG A CO., aa-tr 707 Market Spacs, STAMPING DEPOT 8 ?^ELHN UOFf^l Q?ca. AT COST' TO OISSOLPB PaVi'1?0 0'E | ' Xo H CMJBCO^ if ADIES" Li FBEECB STARCH BNAMBL la the beat article In the world for doing ap Ltnou oi ? aalin For i ?Ml ISO Weat Lombard str??t, jarU It Baltimore. Maryland. le beat article in the world for doing ap Ltneu oi Hn. It iuiarti a beautiful gloaa to the fabric sale by all #ruc?n. BLBEHAM A CO., Manafaetarera, PLAN OS, Ae. 7 A LARGE LOT OF VBARI.T NEW AND Ail SECOND-HAND PIANOS,* "^?j. different factories, now oo hand an ! _ y? r sale or rent on East Tta*?, toTMke^^W room at ~ EEI<'HENBACH'S PIANO WARE ROOMS, L;; i Uth .'reet above P?naay!rania arenne, "" Aftttcj for Wm. Knabe A Cu.'s and Wm. Mc tCtaikvtt'a PIAKOS. ? Second hand PIANOS taken !u part payment for _? new Ptaaoa. mi* tr /^LSTAV K.CHN. PKJLCTUAL P1AX 0 \I Ji^E KH, formerly foreman for F. C' . Lighte a Co., tnner for Strinway A Sons.lBHHI and late toner for Metzerott A Co. Tnner Ml wit and repairer of PLAEOs and 03GAN3, No. *311 Mew Fork avenue. Orders left at Karr'e Jewelry Store, PenneyIvania avenue; Nairn** Drag Htvre, corner P^nnayIvania aveaae an<1 Rh street; Eoaenthal's, ?M?1 7ti street,corner of H. wiU meet with prompt atieuLoa, aad aaUifaction guarau towl. alt-ly WT IBf F'S PIANOS, unsopassed in sweetneaa of ? tone aiid excellence of mush; low pricis_^B. ?ad easy terms U L. WILD A BRO.JB^Bfe AgeiMa. 43MI 11th street, near northwest*IV II1 ??mer Penuay Ivania avenne. dealers ut Pianos and Mu-icai Instruments net ally Tniiitig and Repairior. Poliahiag and Varr.ishtng receive faithful attentioo. apl7 tr ^ ? F. LUCAS. 114? 7th street a. ItHHrMT 'v sr. HttniMor qfPiiuo: and Or tout. Or ders received at Thompson's corner U;b st JbIBB aad N. York ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, cearVlf MV1 Cougreas, Georgetown; aad M>?es',c?c 7th aad Pa. .. av Planoa and other instruments packed and moved All work guaranteed. mhttlf WCHOMACEER A OO Ti PIANOS. philadelphla GEEAT EEDLCTION IE PRICKS. , which, on acoout Of thetr aa y over all others, have In a few yaan_^^^ tRatooat pupa lar hart, aa wall asa: JbIB the oouiry, aaa he had now lor the IO. TTTTT1 ; low ? H are pianos fr*? ?m to m . Bright pTanos from rawtoRm. GRAND PIANOS from ?a?Tto tl-BTI. ND PIANOR from #?? to A a who wish to aaaa from ?R| the baat inatrament oat, ar* to RJNfa par oat, ar* invited to call Piaaoa for rant jsaMsrs 'HE MOST W OBDEKFFL DISCOVERY OF THE IMtm CENTURT. Br t. D. Eova's ArabiAa Kiik Curs, ton CONSUMPTION. 1 ordinary C?ngh* aad Cold* in a few honrt, Lka 1 ? D Howe's ArabtRR Tmi* Blood ?Rriflor, hKh is purely vegetable, cleaasea th* system ot impuritie*, haiMs U right square ap, aad saakea re, rich blood. For "General Debility," "L-et Vitality." and broken down coaatitationa. -J CkmiUmtt ik* Aimtutntk Qatsrs" T> Bod its equal. Every bottle la worth r;* weight in g.. 1.1 Price 0 per bottle; or aim bottles for ?*. (old wholesale and retail ay Cmas. Stott A Co., 49# Peaasylvaala avanae. Aad at retail by B I>. GiLnai, AST Pennsylvania avenue. V. O. Dit a?rr,Corner Peaa. ave. and 23d at. J. P MiLAca* ACo.,near Treasury Depariaieat. A. Davis A Co., ltth aad L street*. J E. Majoa, 7th and H streets. J. U. Stos k, 7th aad L streets ?.?? CLaag* A Co , iN street aad Peana av* J 8. Joaaa, S3d and A streeta southeast. Tiltl A Co., Ill Tth street southeast, f. D Downs*, 4H aad C streets sonthwMt. A. J. icaaraiar,North Capitol and H streets P. P. BicaLiaa. JOl peaasyluaaia av*. and Al st %. E Irusi, c rner 7th and O streets. tuniB MtLiod, Georgetown. asB-wAsAa* psAsaus . gffrcjjxs, k 1 m A vcinrg. fnv '"sg V?. 41-N2. 6.302. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, MAY 81, 1873. TWO CENTS. SPECIAL NOTICES. Lrrrbrt! Lrffhn! Lffckrt! Imported S?--di*h L"ech- ? will hereafter always be kept for sale, wholesale or ARTHIR N A i TANS. Druggist,corner 11 and D streets nort h W?at. iL?n jcrr KKrEivr.D afresh *npply of all new Family and Patent M-oli emeu. We enumerate: Castoria, a substitute fi r Castor Oil, Centaur Lialant, Simmon*' Liver Invigorator, Ayer's Medicine*, 8chenck'? M?dicines, M chler * Herb Btters, Winchester* Hy po-phosphates, Cod liver Oil" of ?U kinds, Dr. Jajne's Medicines, H'?< Buchn, . Kennedy 'a Discovery, Salve and LtRirr.cnt, Sace ? Catarrh Remedy, Prcrce* Golden Medical Discovery. Tbe?e and all other Remdiws of the day at any ? d\i! ir low rate* f'T c**h V puiar low ~BTHUB H a TT A NS. Druggist, my23-tr 3d and D streets northwest. OH THE B*EAKFAST,LUNCHF.ON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, Lea k Prrri?'Warcritrribiri Sam e IS INDHPKN*ASL?. JC"HN DUNCAN S SONS, N?w York, octlft-Ja". ly Agents for the United States. EXCURSIONS, Ac. w?Vk?DAY EHIRMO*. w? ? The flr?fc f the popular Sunday af- _|I ?? ? w terno n Family Excursion* will !>?> S,- 1* given by the steamer LADY OF TH E-? pl - LAKE. SUNDAY EVAN'NG. May 26th, leaving her wharf, footff 6th street. al 2.30. going down the river a* far a* Liverpool Point and return, stop fiins at Gl' ni'-nt. Ticket*. ;,0 rents. t |Sunday paper*! DORSET CLAGETT, Agent. J^EYPORT EXCURSIONS. On and after TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1*73, the elf-ant and favorite slum r Ktl - _|r^"k i PORT will commence her regular ^rtum f* 1 -ri KSDAY and FRIDAY EVEN ING excursion* down the Potomac, leav ng wharf f.? ; o.'8.h street, at 6 o'clock p.m., returning at 11 p tn. DnritiKth- summer ol 1372 these esenr si<" -? w* re largely p.itronixed by many of onr best citi/- n?,who foand in them a cool and pleasant es cape from the heut ard dust of the city. N"J effort shall be spared durii:g the coming sntntner to make mem pleasant aod agreeable in every re-pert. D-> te< lives will be stationed at the boat to prevent the admission of any improper characters. No intovi ra'irg liquors sold. Music, dancing, and refr??h m-r t# on bo ird. Fare, single ticke;*, *1; lady a i l kNitlimin, $1 50. Apply to WM. H BYL.ES, Asent,ftOtf Pennsylvania avenue. ni.'ll -1m J.JO ? FOR THE HEOPE 'ING Or GLYMON f GRAND FAMILY EXCURSION To U L Y M O X T BY THE ISLAND FRIENDSHIP I LI B, O.n MONDAY, JUNE tfa, lo73. The sab- and commodious steamer WAWASET will lea\e her whari, foot of 7th st. at 9 oVtork a n: , and will st..p a: A!' \ai tlria |?il| U< NtWBlBg 1 Ample police arrangement- have been made to w ciir? order and arre?t all parties engaged inri H'US conduct. Music by the H .|j Hill Bar>d. Tl> kets, admitting a gent and lady, ? I m29.$ * R t.MKMBER TI1E INFANT ORr HANS. ELEVENTH GRAND FAMILY FESTIVAL. FOR THE BENEFIT OF ST. ANN S INF ANT ASYLIM, MONDAY and TUESDAY, June I and 3,1373, AT AMALOSTAX ISLAXV. Open each day from 9 a. m. to 11 p. m. Ti? kets, 60 cent*. Supper tickets < including ad mi-iunone dollar. Free steam ferriage from fo?t wf High street, Georgetown,every teu minutes. n'23-U J^XCURSIONS TO GLVMON T OtFict of the Potomac Ferry Company, i Seventh Street Wharf, > Washington, May 11, M73 \ On and after June 1 the steanu r WAWASET can be chartered tor Excursions to Gly niont on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wed- ' n-sday" and Thursdays. The steamer is now iu complete order, having been thoroughly overhauled last winter, she has a flne, commodious saloon on her upper deck, and is iu ever/ respect adapted to the excursiou business. The Potomac is n< w beautiful, and Qlymont in splendid condition, having been thoroughly repaired and the grounds put in good order. For charter, apply at office of Potomac Ferry Company, foot of 7th street. m21 2? C'KAXD family festival I FOR THE BKNEFIT OF ST DOM INK'K's NEW CHURCH, Under the auspices of the Bl ILDING ASSOCIATION, Ou MONDAY,JUNK 30,1873, AT THE SCHl ETXKN PARK. Au r-vcell<-nt Band ot Music has been >ngage<l TheC nunittee of Arrang-ments have be-n presented with a beautiful Diamond Ring. \a!ue<l at $1ijm. also, a Sewing Machine. i The RiiiswiU b?- giv. n to the gentleman,! and tfce 8- wing Macliiuetothe lady, who disposes of the largest number of tickets. TICKETS, FIFTY CENTS. Ch.ldren accompanied by their parent* or M ir dians will be admitted free ml7-lawt? FESTIVALS. pElTIVAL. Th* Ladies l>elo?glnK to the Congregation of ST. MAR* S CATHOLIC CHIRCH, l'pp-r', pr. p..:,e holding a FESTIVAL in THE WOODS a^joinuiK the reside res of the Carmelite Fathers, >n TUESDAY, thi 10th of Jink. Vari.'U-?iiiits, m.-!.t? wi'l be pro>ide<l for the day and evsnirg eotertainment. A very elecaut Atlghan will rattled, for which the rrtir.isite num> -r of chances is not yet taken. There will be all the refreshments of the season ?M a band ufnu-ic in attendant-. Trains of the Bal:imore aud Potomac R.iilr >a>l I a. f \Vs"hinKton at 6 f3 a. m. and 10 38 a m..con i.ecting with the Upper Marlboro' train at B >wie Station. mil eotd SUMMER RESORTS. yATTUV-Th.. popuUr *od yen healthy sum je?l A mer reaort, near Snicker's Gap, audi surrounded by the Blue Ridge mountain,1 two boars' rid?" by rail or Washington, City, is bow opeu for the reception of guests, wwn 1873. Imrrorsments since last year: Fine piasxa in front, bath-room, an Ice-house 11 Ilea, a piano In the house The buiMings are stone, consisting of large airy rooms. Beautiful mountain scenery. Those wishing to enjoy the cool bree?<-? of this elevated rsslttb will addresc A. 0. WRIGHT. Round Hill P. 0., Loudoun Co., V a. References at 1209 F street N. W. nJU tf UARkUtRSiT IIOUE, Annapolis Junction 1 fimearj o unty. /id., situated on 'he^^j ^ Washington Branch Baltimore and Ohio Railroad lmproveuu^its have beag made for tho cotnlort of guests egual to any summer iu tlie state. Guests with families will find this House a denirable plact for the suoHaer For far ther address m3 1*' GEORGE BELL/Proprietor. WEST EXD HOTEL, AT LORG BRANCH, N. J? WILL BE OPENXD ON TU 1?TH 01 JCNK 1^11 Application* for rooms can be madetol. * A DM B1LDRBTH. Mo. A St Broadway ?ew York, or by addressing PRB? BU RY tfjlU A HILDRETB, Proprietors, Lone Branch. GEO. G PRESBURI, D. M. HILDRETB. m*U Uan?M For?Jrt?culars apply to JOHB W. K1BSRLL. an oosatr, Ed. ?J-lm J 8. JONES BAS BBMOYBD BIS DBC? ? STORE to the corner of Pennsrlvaala^^ avenue aai Second street east, ? here be i continue to keen on hand t full Stock of P DRUGS. ?RDIGIKE, PERFUMERY and TOILET ARTICLES; also, ah the Hooopoaathic medleiaea and Couceatrat trated ons. att-lawlB* J VST 1SSUBD ? ~ ImmIfi *f the War vltl BT JOBS B.KKHLY. rblisbed by LIPPIXCOTT A CO. For sale bv B. MOBUN A CO., aod Booksellers general ASONIC AKGAJL1A. C^PEAjl^uK up hUTil CUFFS, CAPS, and every article pertalnlas to the Order. We guarantee tU Suiu sold to be renlatioa. _WJ L^LBCT jT RUO P F. ^ EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Internal Rivnn?The receipts from this source to-day were St>31,011.34. Secretary Robeson left here yesterday fot Annapolis to distribute the diplomas to the graduating class of midshipmen to-day. Thi President and family leave hereon next Thursday morning for Long Branch unless the temperature should remain as it now is; in that case they will stay here until hot weather begins. Secretary Belknap, accompanied by his private secretary, Dr. Barnard, left here at noon to-day for West Point, to attend the an nual examination of cadets, lie will be absent about two weeks. Mips Mary Stea dm an, daughter of Alml ral Steadman, U S. N., was married in St. I.nke's P. E. Church, Philadelphia, on Thurs day. to Rolling West, of Boston. Rev. C. O. Currie, rector, officiated. Pi events to the value of *20,000 have been made t? the happy couple. Appointments by thi President The President made the following appointments to day: Thomas N. Chase, of (la., agent for Indians for (Ireen Bay agency, Wis.; Matthew .1. Dutcher and Wm. llaltord, gunners in the navy; Alexander Mack and llenry P. Grace, boatswains in the?#vy. Female Employes Fcrlocohed?Daring the past week Superintendent McCartee, of the Burtau of Engraving and Printing, Treasury department, has been obliged to furlough at>out sixty of his female employe* on accojnt of a lack of work. He hopes it will not be nece-n?ry to furlough any more employes during the summer. Persoral Col. George K. Leet and W. F. Stocking, of New York, are at the Imperial Hotel Hon. W. L. Scruggs, Minister to the United State of Colombia, is at 173rt F street, in tliiscitv. He leaves New York for Aspinwall on the 10th proximo. ?Hon. Robert Boiling, ol Virginia, is at the St. .lames ? Kx-Seua tor Osborne, of Florida, is at the Ebbitt. West Point Examinations.?Nearly all ot the Board of Visitors to examine cadets at th<^ June examination have arrived at West Point. The examination of the "plebes" began Thurs day. There are ll!? of them. Secretary of War Belknap is expected to reach West frtint on Monday. President Grant is expected to ar rive on" the loth of June, and to remain several days. Special Dcty.?1The Secretary of War has directed Major G. P. Andrew, of the 5th artil lery, to proceed to Plattsburg, N. Y., and verify ill ? boundary lines located by a board of officer* oS the right of wav across the military reserva tion at that place, and of the lot of land within the saiue to be released to the New York ami Canada railroad company under the act of Congress apptoved dune, 1*72, and the amei.d . tory act of March 3d, 1*73. Mani pactcke or Sparkling Wine?The Commissioner of Internal Uevenue has notified the United States district attorney iu New York city that the decision of .ludge Blatchl'ord in the imitation sparkling wine case is ac<juis.:ed in, and that an appeal will not be taken, .fudge Blatchford's decision was that carbonic acid gas could be injected into wine made of native grapes without making the wine liable to tax at:on, wine made of native grapes being exempt from taxation. News from the Syndicate Advices re ceived by cable to-day from London by Secre tary Richardson from Mr. Cattell,our financial agent there, and by Governor Cooke from th< s> ndicate,are to the effect that the bonds called in on the 1st of March are coming in rapidly, and everything is woiking in the must satisfac tory manner. The syndicate will be enabled to mvet their engagements much earlier than they anticipated, and another call will no doubt be made early next week. The total receipt* from Internal Revenue daring the month of May were *12.3.73,187.72, making the total amount since the begiuning of the fiscal year f 106,Old,222.23. The estimate re ceipts for the current fiscal year were ?llo,ooo.i oo, leaving something less than ~V< ?>,(<.?<? to be collected during the month of June, to reach the estimate made at the b^-giii ing of the year. The receipts in June will be at least ?#,000,000, making a surplus of for the year. Identification of Stolen Bonds.?Yester day morning Mr. Thompson, cashier of the na tional bank at Port Jervls, identified the bonds captured with James Brady, beariug the nanus of Garrett Fay, O. Young, Benjamin Newkiik and William C. Drake, as having been stolen from his bank when it was robbed tour years ago of nearly 9300,000 worth of bonds and money. Mr. Wells, an architect of Washington, gave information yesterday in regard to the two ?10,00<> bonds of the same capture, beariug the name of Amasa Stone, of Cleveland. He recol Iccted that Mr. Stone was robbed of theseabonds :everal years ago, that he offered a reward of $1,000 tor their recovery, and that there was some correspondence in regard to them with the Treasnrv Department. Inspector Dilks will notify Mr. Stone by telegraph. An attempt has b?en made to alter Mr. Stone's bonds by chang ing "Amasa" into "Arnacy," and "Stone" into "Storre." The word "Cleveland'' has also been erased and rewritten in the handwriting of the other alterations. The person who may be found guilty of thus altering the bonds is subject by the United States law to fifteen years' imprison ment.?A". Y.Jonr. Commerce, 3o<V Thi War Aoainst the Chinese in San Francisco? An unknown Chinaman was murdered Thursdav night in San Francisco. The supposed murderers are named Itrennan and Ecbodes. The Chinese are greatly alarme I, and apprehensive of further murders and riot ing. Their theaters and stores are all closed. Law abiding citizens of all classes denounced in strong terms the efforts made by unprinci pled demagogues to incite the murder of thes** people. There is a general determination that ; the laws shall be maintained at all hazards. Hashed by a Kope thit Hanokd her Hcsband About three mouths ago Mr. Allen Coy of Jameeville, L. 1., married his brother's widow. The brother hanged himself about 13 years ago, ami she preserved the rope with which he hanged himself. Last Monday morn ing, while her husband was busy at his out-door work, she went into an unoccupied chamber and banged herself with the rope she had kept so long.?y. Y. .v?r., 30th. Eigwt dead BvDtKS were lying a' the Brook lyn Morgue Thursday morning awaiting identi fication., and every one of them has been taken from the river within the tew days.i>ast. Be yond the stereotyped "found drownai " follow ing the kroner's inquest, there is no explana tion of the manner of their death, though the unmistakable marks of violence on.three or four of them assuredly point U murder. The "Imjia-rcbbeb iirsrLx" isagauc heard from. This time it was a Brooklyn young lady, who was thrown from her carriage pawing down the htk from Prospect park. She ciade ninety-seven and a half bounces, lei all, and was finally rescued, by a hook and ladder company* from the top or a telegraph pole, wfcereshe had stuck in attempting to complete the ninety eighth bounce. 8UDDEN Deatb of a Bcbiulak?In the ab sence of a family from Windsor, Cauda, yes terday afternoon three burglars entered the . house. Being discovered, one of them jumped out through a window, cutting an artery in his < leg. He ran about a block and then fell, and died In five minutes from Iocs of blood. The other two escaped through the hack door. A Ska of Ice.?Capt. McNeil, of the bark Mayerton reports May 19, off the east end of An tlcosli saw a heavy field of lee as far as the eye could reach; and from there to the southwest end be saw very heavy Icebergs. Ten miles west saw the hulls of two vessels and a tent on shore. Passed 15 vessels between the Brandy pots and Quebec. VEighteen bodies have been found In th* river at New York within two weeks past. George William Curtis is slowly recoverin from his recent Illness, which was mainly ner vous rrostration. ?y-Victor Emmanuel has refused to accept the resignation of his ministry, and they conse quently continue to hold office. CTThe Military Gaxette of St. Petersburg announces that an order has been given to American Arms for 300,000 rifles of anew model. i^Geerge Francis Train, it is said, will sue the city or New York, for false ipif-riaaameot, flsin:!rg (100,9(0. SCATTERING SHOTS. Considering the amoant o' rain that hai fallen this season. there has not been such a redaction in the price of milk as housekeepers had a right to expect. ?" Zoopholists" is what newspaper men pro pose to ca't Me infers of the Society for the Preven .ion^pf Cruelty to Animals, in order to reduce the expense of type-setting. ? We have at le*st a square stand-off with Canada, and It any thing we are a little ahead. She gave us the epizootic, and in return we taught her the credit mobilier trick in building railroads. ? Bellew, who has been giving "farewell readings" in this country for the last three months, has finally res 1 his passage ticket and *.oi e aboard ship. It was a goxi wind for Bellew that bellew him to our shores. ? The great and good Wattersonof the Louis ville Courier-Joui nal has been in Europe .or two weeks; but, equally to the surprise of him self and the gratification of bis tocim tm*ns, the readers of the paper hav'nt fit discovered his al ?ence. ? llalsted of the Cinclnna'i Comm. ?rclal '=? championing the cause of f ee beer. Lager for three cents a glass! is his battle cry. And the most curious feature of the thing is that his luart (which most people thought he hadn't any) seems to be in it. ? This time he lives at Memphis. He is a print er by trade, named Holden, and the value of the English estate (to one-third oi" which he has just had news that be has fallen heir) is about 915,000.000 in gold. Of course ieg?l expenses will reduce his share a little, but not much. ? A black-mailing woman of Cincinnati has been tined one hundred dollars for sending a letter threatening exposure, &c., to an old gen tleman she thought she had -'a point on" unless he would loan her fifty dollars until tall. This will be good news to a great many old gentle men. ? It doesn't seeui right to have doubts as to the success of anything calculated to bunctii Washington; but really ?a can't see ho? an enterprise that b;is to worry along under the name oi "Le l>roict" canever amount to much. Lt JJroict' What does it mean, any how'.' and why is :t spelled that way'.' ? Almost lias bad as Lcl iroictis "Terra Cott.i City," which name has been chosen tor the first station out on the new railroad line west. Way didn't they call it Pal'ssy, or Wedgewood'.' Either would have been slant, simple, eupho nious, and appropriate. ? The question whether Nast made Harper's Weekly or whether the Weekly made Na-t, i just now actively discussed by our exchanges. The truth, as in most ca. es, lies between. The Weekly had a large circulation and Nast a wide rej ut ttion be.'ore thev came together, but both were me rtased ai.U a gc od deal ot money mide ?or each by the cor junction. ? The proprietors of the New Vork Tribune have engaged Messrs. A. G. Kiddle and E. L Stanton to defend it in the matter of the Camp l.bel suit, and it is understood that if it is pushed to trial th? proceedings will go forward to lively music. Meanwhile the 1,"ibume doesn't scare a bit. On the other hand, it loses no opi>ortunit\ to tire a shot at Camp, and there is every iiuli cation that before be realizes from this one h< will have equally good grounds for half a do/.en more suits. We don't believe he will bring them, though. ? What a senseless thin? is fashion, and I'rom

what absurd and inappropriate beginnings do styles often spring! For example, one of the hats now most worn by young ladies, called the "Kagabas," was the creation of the notorious prostitute, "Cora rearl." In a drunken freak she made a wager that she could mike fashion able the most outre looking hat possible, an I she won her bet by takirg a soft felt hat, hammer, ing it out of its original shape, tricking it on' with a few feathers, and ribbons, and wearing it on the street a day or two, after which it be came all the rage, as she predicted. The short stock sun-umbrella with the enormous knob for the band had its origin in the necessities ol a rheumatic hump-backed old dowager, at one of the European watering places, who in that way combin d for her double use the ?-?nbrella with the octagenarian invalid's walking stick. Now a", the young misses in the L'nited States think they must bare one swinging from their waist belt. The absurdly large tan which young ladies in this country consider essential to a full evening toilet first came into use at a Spanish seaside resort, where it was invented to serve the double purpose of fan and sunshade while lounging on the beach- In proportion as it was appropriate there is it out of place In a parlor; yet it is the rage all the same with the blind followers of fashion, who never think of con ? idering the fitness of things. And men are nearly as big fools as women in the matter of following fashions; though, to their everlasting credit be it said, no gentleman will allow his person and clothing to become dirty and disgusting to keep up with style, as n ost fashionable ladies do in the wearing of long-train walking dresses, greasy false-hair waterfalls, etc. Still, they occasionally suffer themselves to be imposed on outrageously, so far as expense is concerned. For instance, for the last decade it has been considered the proper thing in getting a suit of any kind to have one's coat and vest made from the same piece of goods, whether the trowsers be of the same or different material. As a matter of course, the vest does not wear out nor soil near so quickly as the other two garments, and the result is that nearly every gentleman who makes any pre tension to dress has about a trunk full of these articles partly worn, with no other garments to match. And yet he will go on, season after season, ordering three or four more vests every year, at an expense of from eight to twelve dol lars each, simply because bis tailor tells him that the style requires it. Isn't it so, young man? The Ureal Fire In Bostoa Yesterdny. SOME INLIDKKTS OF TUB CONrLAUUATIOM? LOSS OHK AMD A Ql'ARTKR MILLIONS. The military at the Boston tire yesterdavren dered valuable assistance. Companies I and K. cf the 9th regiment, who were In tne proces sion for the decoration parade at South Boston, left the line and proceeded to the scene of the conflagration, and did good service in keeping hack the crowd so tfiat the firemen could work. About the sam* time a company of mvines from the Charlestown naw-yard, drawing a hote-carriage, appeared on the scene, and were greeted witn cheers. The Western Union Tele graph company has lost fifteen wires by the fire, and communication is interrupted. The Fire man's National Bank had not opened their vaults, and they have reason to believe that all their securities are saved. At day being a holiday the report of the fire telegraphed to the sui rounding towns brought thousands of per sona to the city. Every train inward bound was crowded with anxious business men and sensa tion seekers. There oouid not have been lees than one hundred thousand persons near the scene of the fire when it was at Its height. John Hill, a fireman, was killed by the falling of the Globe cafe wall, and Charles Allen was badly hurt. The losses on the buildings destroyed, alt the assessor's valuation, foot np De ducting twenty per cent, salvage on building materials, the actual lose of real estate Is MM, 000. The total lorn Is estimated at one million aid a quarter dollars. Thi Fauci Cabibct Coiruno. ? The Paris Official Journal announces the appoint ment of General da Barial, Minister of War, in place of General de Ciasev, which completes the reconstruction of the Cabinet. It u re ported that Marquis de Banneville, ambassador of France at Vienna, will be recalled. The French Assembly yesterday afternoon voted to rebuild the column ef Vendome, and adjourned until the mh of June. Woodhi ix A Cunii AeAIM?Victoria Woodhuil. Teanie O. Clafiin and James H. Bleed, Indicted en eompbdnt of Anthony Co so stock, that they had an obeeene nubll catioo (Woodhuil A Clafiin's Weekly.) whlbe called fer tilal op the ;d of June- A. T. i i THE CON6RESSIONAL EXCURSIONISTS IN TEXAS G almlon, iU KnttrpHw ?** Ut ile Ak- The Harbor Hm<H DM|?pii lot Korthera Tria*?A 0?-?hr?<l KUtf Tlw Mbed u4 I'mtm* ???** ?fKorthfn ??'!> I-??* [Editorial Corsttfondtnct of The Stor.] Galvestor,Texas, M*v 21. 1*73. The Congressional excursionists, under the csfpab'e lead of Col. J. W. Dwyer, <of Ohio,) have reachcd G.ilvesf :?n, and have been the re cipients of a wonderfully hearty greeting by the people here. St. Ix>uis ha* been fairly surpassed by this little city ot twenty thousand inhab itants; and New Orleans will find it no easy matter to come up to the demonstration made by Galveston in horor of Us visitors. Galves ton, of coun-e, like all the other places visited by the party, has it# own little ax to grind in welcoming the Congressmen. She wants Con gress to e'ean out her channel, which, before the war. ws? from 20 to 25 feet deep, but is now only about 12X feet. Vessels drawing more than that consequently have to discharge a portion of their cargo into lighters, at au ex pense of irom &2 toM per tan, which the busi ness men of Galveston, who are making very energetic ef.orts to increase their commerce. fir.d a heavy tax. THE MRI'WTH OF OALVK?TOS. Galveston partak'? largely of the unmistake able spirit of industry and enterprise pervading the state. S>nce the close of the war. or dating from 1&;5, the heavy flow o? emigration into Texas has caused a rapid incre;ise in the impu tation and business of this city. The receipts of cotton for the present year are estimated al 350,not) bales, and there has been a large increase in the exports of cattle to New Orleans and Havana, and generally of beef, bides, tal'ow, horses, wool, coiton-seed oil, and oil cake. Gal veston has now of the Morgan New Orleans line of steamers from ten to twelve arrivals per week;a weekly line of large steamers from New York; ai<d a line just stprted direct from Liver I-ool of light draft, designed to go over the bar without lightering. This l.iveri>ool Hue is doiiij; so well that the English stockholders proj>oseUi build enough steamers for a weekly line. Tuere are also se veral steamers plying regularly be tween Galveston and Havana carrying cattle' and there are regular lines of sailing vessels to Northern and Southern |>orts. The recent itn po.tant railroad ojierations in Texas are adding much to the business of Galveston, as well a ? liiickeniiig business activity all through tin state. In no state In the I'nion has there b ei so uiu.h railroad building of late as in Texas aud nowhere have the return^ in the wavot freight or passenger trattic been so immediate: I and this growth must be greatly increa ed and accelerated or. the completion of the net-work of railroads now in progress, which w'llopen up every part oi the vast extent of tertile land in this state and the adjacent Indian territory Galveston may not reap all the ad vantages ol this business growth until her harbor is ini proved; but the business men here show so mirth intelligent activity that 1 do not doubt they will make their harbor what they want it; w ith or without Congressional aid. Galves*an, is may !?? added, has, for a ex ceedingly salubrious position: though it does not altogether escape the yellow fever. ABOIT TEXAS. Entering Northern Texas from the rich but uuoceupied Indian Territory, and traversing the State by the newly opened Kansas arid Texas railroad, we had an opi>ortunity to note the spirit of progress manifested every where, and the manner in which emigration i> pouiing into the S'lte. Seventy-three thousand emigrants passed through Galveston last year and more than two hundred thousand entered the State. Yet such is the immense area ol Texa?, which is large euough to make half a dozen ordinary states, that it is estimated that not more than one-titth of the arable land o' the State is enclosed. Away up in Northern Texas, near the Irdiati country, we fouud a go ahead place called Dallas, that has sprung up almost in a night. It claim? a imputation ot x,000: taxab'e property exceeding 9t,090,0*D>. seven churches, two newspapers, a public li brary. and a street railroad paying a ilividen i of twentv-five per cent. According to the si>okcsmmi for Dallas, who welcomed our patty, they have three crops a year in Dal las county. ??cattle, grain and emigrants;" and referring t > I he active character ot the {lopulation, he sai^ that there was not a State in the I'nion un represented in their community. The same speaker referred in warm term." to the aid done in developing that part ol Texas bv Tom Scott and .lohn W. Forney?tne latter through his publications on the lands and re source s ot Texas. Dallas is the point of inter section of the road from tli-' gull to the lakes, and Tom Scott's '-Texas aud Pacific" rovl. an-, long linesot new freight cars for the T. X P road, and immense stavks of rail and other iu t terial. gave token that the most beniticent <> railroad kings is pressing ou his colossal opera tions with the same force ami tliorougliner away down here on the borders of civilisation in the southwest, that he is ail alon^ the line o. the Atlantic coast, and hack to the Lakes. There is a good deal ?f A SMCCLATtVE RfKH to the towns in northern Texas on the rail roads; aud at Dallas, Sherman, Denisou, au-1 other joints, the present buildings are so inade quate to cover the newly-arrived settlers, that there are whole colonies ot families liviu<* in tents and temporary shauties. Denisou aud Sherman have the appearance of the l?oard an., canvass cities that followed the progress of tli I'nion Pacific road, but Dallas has a more s ib stantial look, with many well built houses. Sit uated in a rich country, it is probable that the Texas "cities" will have a longer life than th mushroom affairs on the Union Pacific rj.i 1 that died out so speedily. CEKTHAL AMD BOCTUERN TEXAS. But despite the flow of emigration to Texa from all quarters, the number of settlers scarcely makes an impression aa yet on the vast prairies of the state. Not only throogh northern Texas, but through the longer-settled regions of central and southern Texas, we whirled all day long by rail through rich plains, scarcely dotted by habitations, and occupied for the most part as feeding ground by immense herds of Texas cattle. The principal business or the engine whistle was to warn cattle, and not men, to clear the track for the locomotive. The increased luxuriance and beauty of the prairie flowers, and the bales of cotton piled on the station platforms, told that we were travel ing rapidly couth; and near Houston the fra grant magnolia, with Its contrast of white and green, took the shape of great forest trees. Harris county, in which Houston Is situated, is perhaps the most thickly settled of any portion of the state, and yet there are thousands of acres in this district unoccupied and for sale in the immediate vicinity of the five railroads intersecting at Houston, from S3 to 10 per acre. Somewhat further away from the rail roads, or from the principal cities, there is any quantity to be got at from fifty cents (through state scrip) per acre to 91.80. Houston on toe Bayou Buffalo emptying into Galveston bay, claims to be at the head of navigation, and expects to be something of a place hereafter. There were more alligators than steamboats in the bayou, however, as we passed, and the future of Hoaston will come to her doubtless rather from her railroad facilities than from her navigable waters. Houston has rather an attractive appearance however, embowered in oleanders and (magnolias, and withal a look of business progress. From Houston to Galves ton the country has mnch the same unocouplcd look seea above, through this may be accounted for by the tact thai the land grows poorer near the ooast. it was rather a tedious process to teach Galveston with our heavy train of Poilman rteeperso verthe two mifcsof trestle work to the island, bnt all Galveston w?s out to wel come us on reaching there, and the oordlal re ception, soon pat oat ef mind all the minor dis comforts of continuous rail traveling. Not the least enjoyable thing here Is the Arm beach that extends mr thirty miles al _ ocean ftoat of Galveston Island, and alsels at seasons of the year an invigorating irire as TTTfi as Mrs i WBS serf bathing The shall marts at Gali 3XES&: . >etf, 4y neelty in 'with rfs miles or e city has the drawback e( being ?xcept tonally strong fire department, (voluti w> i numbering aoont a thousand umber*, with three steamer-. and a nntnber of old ta-htomd hand en^iies. Among the bettei class edifice* is the cit v |Wft olfioe. a !>aikl?)nr building, mo-1-Med and constructed. ( believe, by Mr. S. G. T. Mureell. the well-known W?h irigton architect and bailder. The city, with it.* bright-colored cottage houses, embowered in masse* of green foliage and tloweriwg shrub beries. remind* one at a casual glance of Salt l^ake City, but a closer view brinjf* out the *l>e<-ially tropical character ot the ?.i ?, flowers and tret* ot this garden city by the <>4. X. Art Mr. J. H. Witt, ot" the excellence of whose work both iti landscape and likenesses we b?rr heretofore takes occasion to speak, ik busily engaged on a portrait of Senator Sunnier, under a commission from the Radical Club ot Boston. It promises to be one of his* be*! etlort*. and also one of the best picture* of Mr. Sumner yet painted. Mr Witt will spend most ot the summer in the vicinity of New York, where he h*? a numl?er of order*, and will re turn to Washington for the winter. ? In the studio of Horatio Stone mav be seen a recently finished lift-size bust. In marble, of Col. H. S. McComb.of cr iit-mobilier renown. It is a remarkably fine head, and an excellent likeness withal though the lines and features show rather more |?ower than most person* are able to see in the original. Artist* are. how ever. generally the best interpreters of chs aeter, and it Is likely that Mr. Stone ha* not indicated in the bast any greater reserve ot force and insistence than must underlie the di*|>ositioti of the man who would make such a tight against the monster cor|?oratlon as did Colonel McComb, regardless of consequences to trieml or foe. But, however that may be, the head will attract and repay attention as a work of art, aside from minor considerations.?Mr. Stone is, bv (hey way. still at work on his portrait bust ot the late -lames Brooks, and it strikes the visitor sonuwhat suggestively tj see the 'counterfeit piesentment' ol the man who first made war ou the credit niobilier organization in such clo*c proximity to that ot the man who doubtless sufiered most and most keenly of all men Irom the exposures which followed. The prosecutor and the victim, so to sp<ak, side by aide! And, we may add, the respective character and relative |>o?itionol the two mo 11 are faithf ully represented in the handiwork ol the artist, as any one might see, without knowing the name or aught of the history of either. ? Max Weyl has returned from his visit of ob servation to New York,and will shortly go down into \ irginia ou a sketching tour ot a week or two. I.ater in the season he expect* to go up to New Hampshire, to spei.d some time 111 the bcautiiul tctncry in the vicinity of Conway and roundabout in the White Mountain regions, where he will find enough to keep hi*, pcucii busy for many a day. ? Bayard Taylor thinks the art exhibition at the Yienra fair a very i?oor show and actual ly leiigs for American landscapes. found no landscape," he says, --wor.hy to be placed anywhere near Gitiord and McKutee, and Kaft man Johnson's would slrtie like a gem m the midst ot it." 1 his teems like high praise, but it is no more than just. At the present day American landscape painters are the very best 111 the world. Sror.Ts ok the 0,1 ? at f\m lie?.?The closing races ol the spring 111 etmg ot the Maryland Jockey t'iub, at Pimlico yester day, were well attended. f irst race?Purse, W; dash of one and three quarter miles tor all ages; galloped over b> Brewing. Second race?Handicap nurse of *7<W tor al< ages that have run during the meeting; two mile heats, to the winner; * 100 to the secord horse. Three started: Chickabiddy, 1 1; Teetotal, 2 U; Edwin, 3 2. Time, 3..1I ^, n; Third race?Consolation purse of *ton t'vr horses that have run and not won dunug th - meeting; one and a half miles. Four started Buckdtn, 1; Artist. 2; John Boulger. 3, San tor.!. 4. Time. "2:45. Fourth race?Grand steeple-chase. {Mistakes of *.r4) each, pay or play; weltei weights alout iwo and a halt miles over a tair Uuui ing course; club to add -l,j-x?; to tli* first horse to the second, #3011; and to the third. -!'*?. Three started DuitV, I, T^ 111 many, 2; Locheil bolted. T me, "6:01. This was the most exciting race ever ruu over the pim'.ico course. I.o hiel led over stone walls, hurdles, a?id ditches lor a mile, wlieu the course led in the track for a short distance, and then into the inner field. Lochiel kept the track and Ilully leap d the railing into the Inner field, keeping the steeple course, coming out winuer. The race I mm the commencement to the end wa* mo-* exciting, Dutly and Tam many leaping in splendid style. THE PRIISUCT RACES. The trot at Prospect park. New York, yester day, for the purse of fJ.&W. between Gazelle and Judge Fullerton, was witnessed by at .out ten thousand person*. Gazelle was the winuer Snuimary?Gazelle, 1211; Fullerton. 2 1 2 2. Time: 2;21, 2 :W, 2:36',, 2;29t,. Bain tell after the first heat, and c ontinued throughout the race. REAri'EABAKOE or TIIK llottsK DISEASE IK Brooklyn?The horse il^cuc, which visited this vicinity last tall, has reappeared in Un stable* ot the Coney island car hue, in Brook lyn. Al>out two week-s.ace two or the horses in these stables showed *vtnptotu? of sickness aud in a few hours th>:r Liad-^uai ters swelled' this being, as will be reu.euilKr..1. Uie second and more dangerous Ma^rot tin- disease, as it appeared last fall. S:n<? the * wo first cases appeared the number o: horses affected has daily increase*!, and uow u*ar'y seventy are unfit for use in the stables 01 ?hc Co.iey Maud ?n?- tj' to the preseut t me two have died, bbould the disease in. r< am- the com P*nT *ill be forced to withdraw sever*1 of their cub. A few cases of the same character are said to hare appeared in the Putton avenu. stables, but the superintendent of the latter denies that there is any likelihood o: a reneral disorder among the horses. New horses coming in lrom the country are found to be ru<>-t a fleeted *ndit has hitherto been Suggests I ttiat horses not hitherto aflected hare taken up the infec tion irom the stables which have uerer been quite clear from the seeds ol the disease of last October.?A". Y. Times, 29tk. A Ballooh Tkip to Eubope?Prof. John Donaldson, two ex|?erienced And well-known aeronauts, propose to take the 5?dYh2FC? w^h 2? much ha" b6en "><1 and so little done. The Boston board of alder awn hare responded to a petition from them and made an appropriation of S3,oou to aid them in fitting out their serial ship, in which the common in that city on the ?h of July. The gentlemen intend taking I s wrtsin heifbt &bo?e tbf earth there is a continuous air current, or tide " to***! caused mainly by the centrifugal force generated by the revolution of the earth on itsazli, and mat this current 60 to 1?? m,le* l?r England in gro days, at the most, frem the time of start A 't20,000 Bailroaj) PARenaaa Ticket senger g^fon Indictment Cor"recetrfng'stJSm" property, bt being charged with harlag 9*,000 or Uieee ' " 1 tickets. FoaUrgarThaU ings.ow, and TELEGRAKS TO THE ST AS TMa lltoratM'i ? ASSOCIATED FKkSfi REPORT*. Xf? Vtrh Tlill frOlHO TO ITtOM ?? LSUACT <>* LAW M'lTI New Yot*. May SI?Train nv*? ttoaty tor Furope. after instituting proceedings tor *?, <to dtmi|(?. eacb again*t e* Aurgeon (irnrrtl HtawonJ, Doctor* Clvtaer. Piraoiw. Andrew* and Cross lor maliciows libel. He a?ao putt* against Va. E. iKrfxf. M K. <)?Nf, Anthem (ca?tork, <ln<1fr Part? tMr.d At Mtwt a ad othns. w liom be charge* were insttu mental in keeping btm la prison, litroBTant nm tsion. Sfdj[?irk rft?i?trd an linpnrLaat de oaion on a coal contract rase tn the general term to-day. H. C. K?wen ind others con tracted with the Delaware and l.ackawana coal < ompam tor a supplv ot coal. Alter a few Im were deliver, d a strike took place, ant Bowen refused to pay for what it* hat recetv ed. The rotnj'anf brought nit, p'eiding the term* or the contract, that utorne, ilisa*t< r and strike, exempted them from strict fulfillment. an.! the referee decided in their favor Todiy the general term reversed the decision ot Ihr iu|eti?tr i??rt. de ciding ttiat the strike *et up by the ?ompany **> not *uch a* t* meant tn the ??ontrartTnav inc been brought on by the plaintifl* them selves. rtac. The passenger dc|<ot oi the M <rri? and Kssc* rail* ay at Hobokea wa* burned thi* in>i mug. The lue* nill probably be heavy. ?TILL ri'rrimo. The Itrr tn the Delaware aud Larkanana '1e|vt at llolivkrn, i* at_ll burning U'iientbe flames were first discovered four train* werv readv to Mart. ?rere run out of the depot and saved, but tour freight ear* that could not b? r< move. mi burned rhe flames ..rmnuin cated with the dork ani tlie firemen are en deavorin^to save it. The origin ol the tire is unknown bnt i* said to be tae work of au In ert x liar y. The flame* were flrvt discovered iwuinf frpm ? window of the restaurant and notwithstanding an alarm was immediate! v given and fir firemen qnlchlv re*|<onded, owing to the infiamable nature ol'thedepot, the entire structure, 12W? deep by Til wide, wa* ?oon burning. The tiremen theii turned their at tention to having the Hobokea terry company'a building* art joining. at"! succeeded The freight in the depot wa* ot trifling value. Tlie railroad rompanv sav.d all their bn?k? and papers. Tlie total k?s, including the de|>ot and docka la a *r?Mi>i ? aukar ot distinguished general- were present at the acad< my ol music in.'m irial service* tast even ing. WB1TBLAW Rirtn acknowledge* wlnwiytiuai' through him to the tireeley statue tuinl ot *iu,?Kt. tri a ah k statement is as follow* :?Leaaa, decrease, ?l.'Off.Sti?; j *j?ecie, decrease, *l,l.'<i.'l'1, legal U)iKt?r>, ??? | crer?e, |l,K!ff4nO; net deposits, d ,-rease. fl,?!J.Mt; circulation. deereaae, ?I7,7(w>. the >rw vntt mat-KA?< R <'o*ra*i ' leas by the Baton fire lsf"i.<?*i. Tfie highest amount by any single comp-ttiv i* *15 '**J. a l'arliraiar> wl (he llealk ol lialoier Orr. New York, May 31 A lettct to the Tribtme from St Petersburg. dated tlie Mil instant, , -ay*?*? The diplomatic career of ttovernorOrr came to a pamtulend to-fore it aasfairlv l<egun. ? It i* not ?|uite twu mouth* ainoe he arrived in St P< tersburg and pre*- nte.l hia credential* to the I ini*-r\>r He was sunering at the time from a severe cold, contracted (luring tlie At lantic passage. ai.d al<out a week aftei In* for mal installation m hi* new otl.ce he waa forced I to take to his to*d. From that <lay he aid not | leave lil* apartments. Tlie cold settled on hia lung*, and afterwards passed to hia liver, so I tliat blood became aeriously artocte?l. No serioii* result wa* apprehended, liowerer, and on Friiltr, four day* liefore be died, his fuemla j thought be waa alow I v yet steadily improving: I but on Monday last tlie titril change came and | l.e divd quite auddenlv a' -* o'clock. Thefuneral ser\ iee* were celebrated to-day at the clia|>el of the Fnglish-Americanaucicty. There was no dis course, and the pa-tor simply reml the imprvs sive ritual of the church of F.ugiand atxl ceaaed aith a short prayer. The gloomy little chapel aasby no means full. There ?ere some doaen ladies, Kitglisti aud Am -rican, half a doaen American geutlemcn in Mack, and tbirtv or tony diplomats in tticir brilliant, yet sombre, court costume. The Austrian ambasMa>lor was there, the ministers of Braail, Italy, Uroece atid attaches of other legations, a* well as ol the foreign oflice. Mr. J. L. t?rr.jr.. the solitary family mourner, *tood side by *idenith <>eneral I'omutz, the eon*ul, who wore the familiar uni toim ot a brigadier general of the American aruix. The scene wa* ittdi-eriliably sad After the rev tor hail finished the service, tlie diplo matists a alked around the collin and dropped eaeh ii|Ktn it a little sand. The civilians present did the same. Frwaai Karate Tw-Uay. ihk ahitm'htior molikavi. L<>Mk?i, May ^1 The secotwl and third ot ?luiM', \Vh<t Monday and U'Uit Tuesday, will In) a close holiday in tlie Liver|iool cottoL market. Whit Moislsy is alM? a holiday in Loudon, bat Whit Tuesday is not. IHK < ARLfBTft. ISAE< EL<<NA. May 31?(lenrral Valarde has f<o.-t|oucd the enforcement ot Ins levv u|m>ii tl<o youth of tills province. Itoviug bands of Carl ists CH>nttuue tJ Intelcept railway trains and plunder passengers. tiikatv to nt AtiAtttHimti. I.oMh>>, May 31.? The new government ot France proposes to abandon the commercial treaty aith England. KATAL MIKE EXI'LOSIOJC. L?M>i<v. May 31? An explosion occurred ye <er<lav tn a colliery near !\ igan. causing the instant death of aix miners an<l the de?tructiou ot much property. rRAKt E TO I'AV THR OERM AX WAR INDEMNITY AT ()?( (. Paris. May 3! ? It is rej??rt that the Bank of France a ill advance the tunda necessary to complete the paj ment ot the w ar itMleiariitv. and that the evacuation ot French territory by the (ierman troops will fallow immediately. AKOTUEM GREAT FIRE IK < oKSTAKTfRoPLB. CoMRTAMTrkorLE, May 31?Another disas trous conflagration baa occurred tn this city. Fifty house* were destroyed liefore the Hi were checked. ral ( tlu I ? ?V ? ? . Fhilakeli hia, May 31 ? 1 he Uenorai A? s< mbly of the Fresbyteriau Church of North America reassembled this morning The re{<ort ot the committee on old record* aud his torical document* ot the synod* and preaby tcrte* of asaociate and asMociate reform churchea before union, wa* presented, alt j the report ot the committee on church pro|>erty. KeT. Kdward A. Collier, delegate from the Ketormed cliurch ot North America, a Mreas-d the assembly, saying that the Keformcd church rejoiced in the increased membership ot the I nited Presbyterian- and in their insti tutions ot learning.' At the l<eginu<ug of the year there was a debt on their foreign board of *?3.snu, and now there is enough mouev in the treasury to wipe out everv farthing of the debt. The moderator, in repfy, invited Mr. Collier to jk seat iu the assembly. Kev Ceorge Patterson and Ret. James Ben nett. delegate* trom the svnod ol the Praaby terian church of the Lower Provinces ot Canada, were in\ ,ted to seats and addressed the aaaemblv. _ Signor Matteo Prochet, president of the Wal densian church, of Italy, waa iuiroduced aud delivered an address. The assembly took a recess, and will partici pate in a drive through Fairmouut Park and a bamjnet at Belmont. talrUk af ? lappaaK ArewMallea a( the Beailer Faailly. Parson*. Kansas. May 31? tJounty Attor ney Ward returned yesterday from Tela* with the body of Nicholas Motiin or Marion, anp n' to have been an accomplice ot tha er family, the Kansas At I>en ison be made some important conteaaiona, and promised to tell all he knew about the Benders when he reached tins city, but when near Ataka station. Indian territory, he abut himself in the head with a revolver, inflicting a wound from which he died. It aoaam to be?ertaia that the Benders are now la Texaa, making their way to the Kto Grande river to croaa la to Meswo. m riva piaaaaa rilled. New York, May 31?A Boston dispatch t John tlill, William Kilboaa, Thoaaas Finaag James Began, and William Mahoney. trai were killed bv the falling of walls, and Chi Allen waa aerioaaly injured daring the yeMerday. Chicago, May 31^-While a battery ?ftwo ri - for bring a aalata ia " * ?'/was turning a t it < arriagea waa ove _ h ? John Conway, who s ere! brown ander the w her la. Daly tm >''M instantly and Conway ftualiy injured. Omaha, May^l^The preaident of the Uaiaa Pacific railroad * OOBpAOJ ?aim mu on terday for the erection of a depot and fiaaeal ofteea for that company at Omaha. Thla aHflia a long agitated qnation between OouacU BlaCs PHfLADRLruiA, May SI been committed tather-In-law. tacked by Ward a fatal Voas, May SI.?A letter froM DaySHa. Ohm, ?ays thstrho Prasfcl-nt 'a rataar 4 m ait Ep.vt to h?c a ai'.-ata ?t.

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