Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. JIROPOSALS FOB *BOCGIIT AMD CAST IKi'N WORK FOR TUB >BW JAIL, DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. H*w Jail, Distbicto* CoLr*?iA, t Office of 8oyrnatrnil?Dl. May 8. 1*3.\ WKOVGHT AMU CAST IRON WORE. IktlNl Proposals will ht rwl??l it the office of the Superintendent until Km, Jril T.18T3,for f'irri?hir.?. delivering. rittinr. and putting in place the\?r npbt and Uast-iron Work as exhibited by Ih' liravinn. drwriM in the m) called t'T id the Schedules. consisting nf*ie Oast lr- n < lutans of Basement, Boiled Ream*. Ac., of 7l<-or*. I' >ii H<>rk of Roofs, Ur?no?a (u Windows, Ac . Oil I'oi?,Iruii gttirrmiM. Ac. C pies of the Drawing*.Sp><-ideations, and Sched tl< may be hud ob application at this office. All scaffolding required by the contract"!"* to pnt the ?'Tk in place will be furnished by the fr'Tirii ment tree of charge, bat wiU be erected by the con tract. r?. pr p- ?*!* will be made by the piece, lineal foot, or weisht, for the variou* item* of work, a* called for In the Schedule The w >rk will not be subdivided Am or different bidder*, bat will be countered in the aggregate The whole of the Cast-iron Column* ofB?- m >.? St ry and the B-am*. Ac , Pir*t Tl*<-r,iiinat be delivered and aet in position within three mirth* from date of acceptance of proposal, and the whole work must be completed within twelve m< nth* from date of acceptance. Pa>n ent* will be made monthly, deducting ten per centum nitil the final completion ?f the contract. All t'd* mwt be accompanist by a pea*} bond, in the a-im of twenty thousand dollar* i ?ju ?**>,Ithat the bidder will accept and perform the contract If awarded, the auffiriency of the aecnrity to be certified by tne United State* Judge, the Cl?rk of ? he United State* Court.or ;he District Attorney of tb? District wherein he resides The D?-r?rtmeut reserv ?e the right to reiect any or ?II bid*, if it l>e deemed for the interest of tl?e Gov ernment to do ao; and an> bid that I* not made on the irtttnt t ?rm. to be obtained in this offl.-e,and doe* not cob' mtf respect to the reinire tnents of this advertisement, will not be considered; neither will any prop.>*al* be received from Barties who are not thetns?-|ves ?n?W'<l in the manufact'ire of Wtoo^i.f er Ca*t-ir?n Work, and who have not th- necessary facilities t>r getting ont the work. Proposals will be endorsed "Bids for Iron Work," addressed to i**7 ffi ADOLF <'tr!"?, Superintendent. a>boro?ALs tuu post office envel 1 OPES. Posy Oprtrg DrrARTMEXT. Wash xot?x.i> C .Mo li.l-ct ( IW-uie.! fiaamalawill tw received at tfete I>ep*rt ment os-til Till HM?AY. the IVlh day of June, 1-rj. at 12 ? il' i kn.. for larnbhint, in *n<-h quan tities ao.i at each time* as nay be reqnir.-t, the fol I win* i?. P *t Oltice Envelopes. f.-e a peri -d of one year, c< aiiiencinv on the l*t cay of July. W3, to w it: F<>K OFFK'IAL LITTERS AND RETURXS. N?. by 8Ji inch' -; estimated number re qr.irej annually, 5 #?' <?). 5 '1. *>ie 3S b' *>'? ibcIhe^timate<1 nnmb-r re* gnirnJ annnally, No. J. ?ue 4 by '< in.-h?*; futii&Atrd number re <l>-!red acnnally. 1.2S0 ?*?'. No. 4. 4S l-y h?? inche*; estimated number re quired annnally, Fi>R REGISTERED PACKAGES. Ho. 5. *i7* 5 bv 101, inches; entunatcd aum'e-r re 4Hirtd annually, l.tuti.iU*. The tminiAt'* (ii' ti are intended aa a enide to bidder* The Department may require m >re or lesa vt > a< h kind, a* the ?er*ic may demand. Bid* n ii*t be f r each kind of Enrel ^(of ficial ar.d registered i>a> kwe- > ?. p?r itelyand the c< ntrart mill be awards for ea< b kiud to the lowest ?t 'ponaible bidder. Sample* of the different ?i7-? and ?tvle* cf Knv?| 0|i-* reijnirol. together with blank form* or bi l?, w ill l>e furnished on api'licati 'b to thr Third A -.-tt ant postmaster Gem ral. Th>- Et.?el?>p- * must strictly conform in *i*e, <iual tt) of paper, summing, and make, to the samples, the gumming on the tlaps or lapiv-ta to be done in the test manner by hand. Tto- Envelope* must l>? landed in parcels ..f twent>-live, pack's! in string p vdel.. ar I or atraw t>oie?. *ecnr?ly tK>imd with Irlfen oi cotton cloth on the c. mer* and e.t;e*. each to contain n< t les* than J." of pi/? Mo*. 1 and 3. and li t less th in l>at f th? "ther size*, or . tht rwise. a* ma* b?-ord> reil, the bt>xes to Is- wrapp?-d in *tr.>ng manilla p.-'js-r and properly *ea|ed. w a* to bear <afe tiai.-p rati' n by mail t.' p-stmasters. When re <jnir> J to b? delis >-red at the D'-partint-nt. the wrap fing may bv ti-p?'iis?-d ?ith, lu the di-cletion of the '< ?tmaster G-n- ral M h?-n 2 or more Envelope* are required to fill the crder >d a postmaster, or a h--u larger lot* are v id^re.1 to b? *< nt I to- P'>*t tUBee Department, t!ie> muat be paik^d in *tr >ng w.-od-n c??- and ?prop, rly a idr?-?sed. but wh>-n less than 2-n?> are ra ? ir.. 1 t. I? *^nt 1 > mall proper label* of dir>ctiaa must be placad on >-ach package; all to be done by th** contractor without ailditional ? barge. The Envelope* muat be deliv.-r.-d in - i i , i ?n' l ?i,-aas ma; from time to time be required to till the order* ef postmasters or of the Department, and be delivered ??ither at the ast office in the city where the accepted bidder resides or at thi- Department, as th- P -tn aster G- n- ral may ilirect, free ot <^st for |>a> king, labeling, and delivering; th? whide to be done under the inspection and stip-rvisiou of an agent of the Department All the Envelopes nerein dearibed must bear ?ccb ar.ntiiie a* tW> P ?tmaster General way direct, and the registered pa<-kage Envelopes will be re quired to l>e printed in Vermillion or aotae other ap proved brilliant cdor The P,?lmaster Gen-ral reserves the right to re ject any and all bids if in his judgment the intare-is vf the Government require it. Each prop<s>al must be signed by the individual or firm making it, arid be a. . npam.d l.y a guaran tee < ertified to be r?-sponsit.le ami ?ulTi. lent by the f atmaeter or Cnit?si State* Att' rney where the idder resides that the bidder shall, within ten day* ?Iter being called upon t? do *o, exevute a contract to furnish promptly, and in article* a* ordered, the Article .>r articles award si to bim,to beacc 'mpauie>l t ya b< n<1 with appr >ved *e< urity, in a penalty of not less than twice the contract price of all the article* estimated to be famished bv said bidder, conditKued npoti the faithful performance of the pROPt Proposals unaccompanied by racb guarantee will Dot be considered. Tta Postmaster General reservaa to himaelf the Vtgbt to annul the contract if in hi* indgm^ut ther? eball be a failure to perform faithfully any of its stipulation*, or in case of a wilful attempt to impose ?D the Department Envelopes inferior to samples, failure to ?omply with any one order under the contract will opeiate as a forfeiture of the entire penalty of the |m|K| under the 17th section of the act of Congress approved August 16, 1S4I. entitled "An tact legall7lokt ami making appropriations for such necessary objects a* have been n*ually included in the general appr< priati.-a bills without au'hority of law, and to fi* and pro*ide for ceitaiu incidental evpense* of the Department^and offices of the Gov ernment. and t," other purpo-es."i U. 8. Statutes at Large. V I^fit.l orthe Postmaster General n^ay , in his discretion,direct the purchase in open aarket of such quantities of Envelopes as shall be necessary to supply the deficieacf caused by such failure, and chai tc- to the contractor or contractors ftfty per centum < f the price which it shall be found jie< esearv to nay for auch articles. Bids should be securely enveloped end sealed, marked** Pr. posal* for Post Office Envelopes," and addressed to the Third A**i*taiit Postmaster Gen eral, Poet Office Department. Washington. D C. JOHN A J. CRESWELL, ml? la* 4 w P. sit master General. SALS FOB STATIONERY. Navy Dkpa?t*knt, I Wajhixsmm .May 17. 1^73. ( Sealed Proposals, addressed to the Secretary of ?he Vavy, f,.r furnishing Stationery for the Mavy De partment, and bureaus and offices thereof, in Wash ington,during the fiscal year ending June 3U, 1374, will be received until 14 o'clock M. of the 5|d op Jog. Proposal* mn?t be *ubmitted on the form* fur nished by the Bepartaient, with tlx- guarantee and certificate annexed, and must embrace all the items therein. Proposal* from parties not engaged in business in Wa*b'ngton, or who have not a supply-depot in such city, will not be Considered. The schedule embrace- two general classss- l*t, paper and euvel pes?It. miscellaneous articles, and the contract will be awarded in the whole or by classes, as m*> be considered the more adi antageons to the Government The Department re?wve? the right to r--<iuire a greater or less .{iiantity of any article in th> schedule than that specified, as the wants of the sauie may require The articles will be ealbd for from time to time an needed, and must be iu accordance with the schedule, and ?ttisfactory to the head of the office or bureau for which lequired: must be delivered without un necessary delay, and at the expense of the con tractor; in defauh of any of w hictt requirements the Department reserves the right to purchase the articles rise* h?re. or to annul the contract ia whole or in pert and will hold the contractor* resp>nsible f? r any additional expense it nectaearily incur* thereby. Bills properly approved.accruing under the con tract, w i.l t?e paid quarterly . GEO M ROBKSON. v> ^2>.11 ?? cretary of the Jiavy. |>ROPOSALS FOR PI"EL. Sayriat'S'i'at a*'/ lb I'armii OJtrtr. P?*t <<!<'? U'rirtmmt.>, D. C , May 17,1^3 , 8eale,J pr, p. sal- will l>e received at thi* office until 12 .V|o.-k m . on ?EDNESDAT> July *1, KJ, for fnrni-hitg Kuel for the Post Office D -part n.ent. as f. Ilows ; f or the delivery and storage of 6?0 T -n* (2.240 p'tit.dslof the l.?st quality of Baltimore Company er Baltimore Vviu \S hite Asii Anthracite furnace Coal. For the d> livery and storage of *0 T >n* (2.2a) pound*) of the l>e*t quality Baltimore Vein White A-h Anthra. ite. egg si/e, for erates. All the above Coal to be thoroughly screened and free slate, and delivered within <n lav* from the date of the contract, and st tul in the vsults of the Department before the party furnishing will be paid. Also, llifi rds of the best Oak Wood, well sea e? Bed and sound, ami 39 Cord* of |>e*t quality w. II ?eaeoned ami st>und Pine W<ms1 The atxae tube delivered iii <0 days from the date ..f the contract, to t e corded at the Department buildind* as may b? desired. The whole to be inepect'-d, weighed or measured fey the inspectsr appointed under the act of Coi i of July I!, WO. The weight to be i any ti Bids 1 _ _ _ W .. scolding to the scales of the Post Office Department. Average 1plea of the coal to be contracted for muat accom each bid Jefor the different article* will be open d in the office of the Superintendent, In the presence of such i titdders *s may chooae to attend, the ad 'lay of JqJy, | 1*3 The Department reeer*s* the right to reiect all or any portion of the bid* received, if deemedfor r the interest of the department SO to do Satisfac t?ry bond will be raquired for the faithful perform aace of tbe contract within tea day* after the award is mad-. Satisfactory certificates fro? the shippers must he shows the Snperintendent. cer tif> ii g that the coal deiiver.d to ibeoi (the contrac tors! is the kind required h* th- D-nsr'tuent. . O D. CHBNOWITH, Superinteade t and Disbursing Officer *1- '* *t Post Office D?par ment ^ j^lNICA STOMB. THE MABTLAND FBEESTONE M A M. CO IS HOW HkAUY TO MSCKITM ORDERS JOK STONE, EITHEK SAWED OM ROUUH DIMENSION. Apply at Company '? office, OOKXM K AMD ??? STREETS, Back Or*ek. ?at-tf C. W. HAYPKM, Prealdeat. LUMBERS ABB INVITED TU BXAMIME our stock of BBA^8 WoBK.oa which w* . ff-r A liberal discount to the trade. ALEX. B. SUBPSBBD A CO. BANKERS. L,w IS JOHMO.1 k CO., BANKERS AMD DEALERS 19 FOREIGN AND DOM 1st 1C EXCHANGE, Hire REMOVED to their ?w BuUdi Hon* on ba eon?r of linb itrnl and Pennsylvania ateam, oil the site formerly K-cupied by them. m 13-lot tis bioeTow, Banker, 043 D 8TUIT, NEAB SEVENTH. Pay* INTEBBST OH DEPOSITS, makes COL LECTIONS, and transacts all buliM connected with Rankin* ap4-ly y ANkl N 6 HOUSE I. H. S?1 ICR * CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orr<*ITZ WILLAkD'* HOTEL, WASHINGTON. D O. S per c?nt. mutrist pah) on deposits. Collection* made everywhere. Deposits payable on demand. Par of officer* In the Army cashed in advance. apl-tr r. BEVDHEAO, ? Broker, Ho. 939 Penna. tte4 Room A, Washington. D. 0. Special attention given to investment sec arl ties, luvites attention to securities now offered at price* which will pay Mtu li per cent, in amounts and of length of timetosuit investors. Safe,reliable, profit able and prompt, making them in every respect FIRST-CLASS SECURITIES. Refers by permission to Lewis Johnson A Co., Washington. D. C.; Moses Kelly, E?<j., Cashier National Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D. C.; Hon. J. M. Brednead, Second Controller, Waetiing t< n. h C.; K J ward Clark, Esq., ArshUect 0.8. Cap Itol, Washington, P.O. mar!7-3m 7t HE NATIONAL BANK OF THE BEPUBLIO a iO>'M tof 7th and D streeta.) OPEN FROM 10 A. M TO 3 P. M. dec!7-ly CHA8. BBADLET, Cashier. 'ERMAN AMERICAN lAVLItil UA.1K, X N.>. 414 6?vsnth Stukt, OrrofUt uu Post-Ofc* ikyansMsi. Bank boors: f a m. to 4 p. m. Saturday* open on .ll t p. m., to receive deposits only. Interest paid on deposits. Collections made and sxchnnge furnish.-J. JOHN HITZ, President, A. EBERLY, V. Prest, W. F. MATTLNGLY,Sec.,G. X. PRENTlSS.Oasb'r novHr I'UE FK EEDMAII'I SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY. Banking House, No. UOT Pennsylvania aveuae, opposite the Treasury. PATH SIS PER CENT. INTEBBST, lwertrt fi>?isj tk* hr$t ?/ Jiark Month. PAYS FOUR PER CENT, on business accounts from date of deposit. ismsj Onv^'?Ju af Oepostt bearing ? and 4 per cent. interest, available anywhere, II AS BEANCH OFFICES in itfl large towns and ci;ies of the Seuth and Southweat. H&nk hours .9 a tn to 4 p m. Of*u Wednesday and Saturday uighta from I* to t O'clock, to receive deposits only. Call at the Bank or send far a copy of the Charter and By-laws, jfe-ly I AT COOKE * CO., ( BUT AND SELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and ISfcUB CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, mrtnlmblt ta any part of the world. Oar Drafts on JAY OOOKE^MrCULLOCH A OO,, ?re Cashed In any part of Kxclaxd, Ikilaicb aad Scotland, fv? qf chart*. may 18 WASH! NO TON CITY SAVINGS BANK Ovmsr 1th stntt mmd Lmntimnm avsaas, PATS 9 PKR CKNT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposits. Deposits can be made and drawn at will. mylO tf J. A. RUFF. Treasnrer. STEAMER LINES. A NCHOK LINE STEAMERS. ia Sail from Pn-r 3u, North River, New York. FVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The passenger accommodations on Steamers of this line are unsurpassed for elegance and ci-mfort. Cabiu staterooms are all< on upper deck, thus securing giod light* snd ventilation. RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY. Sox. sfamrrs. Wni. strainers. G<>id. Currency. Cabins #7s and 304. ?78 and $44 Csbin return tickets securing lest accommodations. 9130 JUO Steerage,currency, Jf30. Certificates f< r passage fr>m any seaport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or theCon'inent at ? ATI* AS Low AS BT A.NT OTUKR PIHST-CLA'S LI*?. F> r passage apple to HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 B> a ling Green^N.^Y^to C. CAMMAOKj 1493 m _? _ - ?.-? " "" " enn, ta ? witrn, n. i.,ivu.i/AaaAi;a, i F st. n. w.,or WILLIAMSON A CO., 1743 P, avenue n w . Agents. Washington. m6 t,th,s.' EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, IITWIIX N PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Va., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D. 0. SAILING DATS. From Pier J. N-rth Wharvee, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and BAT UBDAY, at lit hi. From 99 Water street,Georgetown, D. 0., TUBS DAY and SATURDAY, at IB a. m. This line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde* Iron Line" of steamers for Providence, Boston and New England States. No wharfage in Bosten by this line G. F. HYDE. Agent for D. of 0. WM. P. CLYDB A CO., Philadelphia. F A. REID, Alexandria, Va. WALDO A. PEARCE, *4 Oongrsss Street, Bos ton. VFrsigbts delivered by Kaox's Exprsas. Orders left at General Office, 60.1 Pennsylvania avenue, or at the steamer wharf will be promptly attended to: apt yyASHINGTON^O^RrOLK, BOSTON, AND The fne Iron Steasner LADY OF THB LAKB having reenroed ber regular trips to Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot! of 4th street, every MONDAY and* THURSDAY, at S p. as., touching at principal Bivas Landings, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship of the M and M. Line for Boston and Provldenoa. Freight should be addressed "care of Lady of Um Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knox's Express Office. 6?;t Pennsylvania avenue. T. M. CROUCH, Agent, gth-street wharf. DORSEY CLAuBTT, General Agent. tnl4 P'atit** Wor?. corner lath ??. and Pa. ava. QIXAEO INK. THB BBIT18B AND NORTB AM BRIO AB ROYAL MAIL BTBAMSHIPB, BETWEEN HBW YORK AND LIYBBPOOL, GALLING AT CORK HARBOR. FROM NEW T0RK. Parthia.?Sat May 31 Samaria Sat June 7 Abyssinia -Sat....J nne 14 Batavia. Sat June 21 Calabria. .8at__ June K * Javs Wed-May ? *Ouba W?1_Jone 4 *Hcotia__.Wed. June 11 'Algeria WVd. June Irt "Russia. Wsd..Jnii*- 26 Steamera atarkad Una " do not carry Aad arary follewlng WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY from New Tork. Ratbs op PastAaa.?Cabin, ??, f Mi, aad |lk a--Id, according to accommodation. T.cketa "* i to Pane, fU, gold, additional.4 R-tnrn tickets on favorable 8'eerage, A3U, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and all parts of Europe, at lowest ratea. Through bills of lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Havre. A ntwerp and other points on the Continent and for Mediterranean ports. For freight and cabin pas sage, apply at the Company's office, No. 4 Bowling Green; for steerage yassaga, at Ho. Ill Breadiisj Tririty Building. CHAB. G. FRANCKLTH, Agent, New York. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, Steamer Office, 1411 Pa. avenue, novM-ly Washington, D. 0. MERCHANT'S LINB OF STEAMSHIPS mwiu WASHINGTON AND HKW TORK. Hereafter the fine St earns hi pa ? 0. KNIGMT aad JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly tripe between NEW YORK, ALEXAN-4 DRIA, WASHINGTON and GKORGB ? TOWN, aa follows:?Leave NEW TORK dross Plat S? East River,every SATURDAY at 4 p.a., Leavt GEORGETOWN every FRIDAY at T a. at.,aad ALEXANDRIA the same day at 19 m. For fall information apply to B. F. A. DRHHAM Ageat, office aad whan toot of High street, George town, or at the earns* of 17tk atrast aad Maw Tori avenne. VFreights delivered by Knox's Express. Or ders left at General Office, S03 Pennsylvania ave nne, or at the steamer wharf will be proaaptly at tended to. lall-tf J. W. THOMPSON. HILDREN 'S HOSPITAL AND D1BPBBBABT ~ N4 M Strut. M. IF., ksnasas 8(A mmd Uksti. b'ipported br voluntary ooatribntioas. Hue pita free to children under M years ef age. Dispensary open daily (Bsndaya excepted) frem 1 to Ip. a Mediclnea fnrmshed grataitously. Consulting phy sicians, Drs. J. C HJ1, Thomas Miller, 0. H^Lieb ermann, W. P. Johnston, aad Grafton Tyler. Jdsui'i PttiMiau. ikiissa. TVsu a^ Srtia. Dr. F. A. Ashford, Surgical, Tnes'y.ThnrVy, Sat*y Dr. B. 0. Bnsey, Medical. Tnes>y. Monday, Safy Dr.W.B Drinkard, Bye A Bar,MonS,Wed*y,FrWy. Dr. W. W. Johnston, Medical, Mon^.Wed'y.FrMr. L. J. Davis, Secretary^Jeases 0. Keanedy, Presi dent: F. B McOnlra, Triaaarar, to wboss aU c<m ?naicatloasBsy be aaat; Post Office Box 4SS. Mas IXB. WORM LEY'S FBCTORAL SYBUF, MB OOUGHS AMD GOLDS. _ SOLU B t ALL VM 99018TB. ?tB-ir* A tLEEITWHABF, rmtmf%utmue Strmu. TO CONTRACT0R8 AND MERCHANTS. Carguea of BTOMV, COAL. * WT, LUMBER, Ac., discharged troas vesaela aad stored or delivered at the sbortsat notice aad lowaat ratea. a?-ly Q T. AtLBB. YOUTH'S SUITS ta Scotch aad diagoaal, very nobby, a* A.STRAUS, 1S11 Pa7ave? near lltk atraai. all rVEATH TO THB MODOCS aad death to hick U prices to tke asotto at A. STRAUS', 1S11 Fa. JBB OHIBBSB TBA M0M9 ?asriMsd to SIS D atraat. ur, 1911 Pa! AUCTION SALES. FI T I RE DATS. B1 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, E.. 10OW Northwest 10th HhIDi CIl5?^?RT 8A^* OF A THREE 8T0BT BRICK HOUSE AND VACANT LOT .FRONT JffO OB O STREET NORTH, BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of ? tb* District of Columbia, ptuwd on the Uth day ^?of May. A. B. fcffs, ma?le in the cause of Wait* vs. Waite, and other-. No. 3,131, Equity, I <hall sell on the premise*. on MONDAY, the *d day of Jane, A. D 1S73, at 6 o'clock p. m., all that certain pi?ce or parcel of ground in tne city of Washliucton, Dis trirt of Oolumbia, and known and described as lot numbered eighteen (IS), in square numbered four hundred and fltty-five(4SB), excepting a portion of Raid lot fire (6) feet in width, on the eastern ,wide of ?aid lot seven (7) feet and six (6) inches in width on the rear of said lot, which has been reserved for alleys, together with the improvements, which con sist of a three-story and atne brick dwelling house, and a brick stable. The above lot has a front or twenty-four feet. Al-o, a va- ">M lot adjoining. hav ing a front of 34 foot 3 inc! ?ith a depth of 121 fe. t more or leas, with Bne ?i,. and back alleys The time of sale as prescribed by deeree are: One third of the purchase in cash, and the remainder in e<jiial installments of six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing inters from the day of ?ale. and secured by thd notes of the purchaser, and ?nch other security as may be satisfactory to the trustee. Conveys icing, Ac., at the cost of the pur ch*M>r. ?9V will be required at the tince of sale, and if the terms of sale are not complied with within five dav s from the day of sale, the trustee reserve* the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of th? defaulting purchaser or purchasers, by ad vertising the same three times fn some newspaper published iu the citv of Wa*hinirton JOHN F. ENNIS. Trustee. GBEEN A WILLIAMS. mlS-d [Rep., my 3S-d ] Auctioneers. BY LATIMER A CLiKABT, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwestcorner Fensylvania avenne and 11th St., Star Office Building*. CHANCERY SALE OF VERY VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY. 4G'J PEN.NSYLV.V MA AVENUE, SOUTH 8IPE. BET\VEEN 4S ANE 6th STREETS NORTHWEST. Bv virtue uf a <le< r? e of the Supreme Court of iff; the District of Columbia. passed on th? 7tli day *?*of May. A. D. 1873, in chancery cause of Seinme? et al vs. Payne et al.. No. 3.IH1. Equity Doc. U, I will sell, at public auction, on TUESDAY, the 3d day of Jane. A. D. 1373, lit 6 o'clock p. m.. in front of the premises, Lot nnmb<Ted 31. R.-servation B, l> i:ig and Ix ing in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, with improvements thereon, consisting of a substantial brick store and warehouse. Said lot It. more particularly de-rribed as follows: Beginning for the sann- at the northeast corner of said lot auM running thence west nlong the line of Pennsylvania avenue twenty-five < 25) feet; thence south to alley fti the rear one hundred and twenty-seven (127) feet tive (5) inches; thence east along the line of sai l all>-y twenty-five (25) fe<-t; thence north to Pennsylvania avenue and the place of the beginning one hundred and twenty-seveni 127 ) feet live <5) inches. Terms of sale. a? prescribed by the decree: One f urth cash; and the balance in six, twelve and eighteen n:onth?. for which approved notes or bond will be taken, payable in euual instalments, with interest at 8 per cent, pavable semi annually. A deposit of five hundred dollars will be required at time of sale. If the terms of sale be not complied with in five days from day of sale, the property will l>e resold at the cost and risk of the purchaser. Con veyancing at purchaser's cost. N r. CLEARY. Trustee. mlO 2tawAd* LATIMER A CLEARY. Aurts. . OREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001, Northwest corner 10th and D street*. TRUSTEE'S SALE ~OF~VALUABLE UNIM PROVED REAL ESTATE LYING ABOUT 100 YARDS NORTH OF BOUNDARY STREET, AND FRONTING 3:13 ?9 100 FEET ON BOTH 7th AND Sill STREETS, N. W? EXTENDED. By virtu*- of a decree of the Supreme Conrt of ?OVthe District of Columbia, in thecase of Hoover, ?^"?guardian, vs Hoover and oilers, No 2,760. Equity Docket 11. passed on the2Sth day of Octooer, 1*72. I will sell, at public auction, tothe highest bid der, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY, the 9th day of June, 1873. Lots 45. 46, 47, 48 , 49 . 50 , 31, 62, of a subdivision of part of Monut Pleasant, recorded January 19th, in the land records oft lie District of Columbia. Terms of sale: Ten p"r cent, of the purchase money to b* paid at time of sale- the balance in three equal installments, one in ten days, one in six months, and one i l one year from tin- confirmation of said sale. The last two instalment* to bear interest at the rate often percent, per annum, and their payment to be secured by adeed oftrnst on the property. Convey ancing at the cost of the purchaser. In default of the pay nient of the first of sa-.d three instalments, the Ti ustee reserves the right to resell the property on the terms above mentioned, at the cost and risk uf the defaulting purchaser. LYDIA A HOOVER, Trustee. m27-d BKKKN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. KEbBY, DENT A CO., Umrral Aurtiowcrt nnd Commission Mrrckantf, No*. 313 ami 313 9th STREET, near Pennsj Ivania avenue.?Good* sHd at auction at our rooms or any part of the city. Special attention paid to selling Real Estate at auc tion. Liberal advance* on consignments and prompt returns. References:?Joha 8. Barbour, John Van Biswick,?Hon. Lewi* Mc&enzie Windsor A Ford, sndJonr an W Maurr nrlJ-lr THE TRADES. PRACTICAL PLUMBING, GAS FITTING axd SEWERAGE promptly attended to, on reason able terms, by JAMES F. BRIEN, No. 609 Louis iana avenue, near 4th street, north side. Residence, BU9 3d street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED PIPE always on hand. m21 tr JVotice of Mtemorai. BY, TIIE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE UN DERSIONED OX SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE, AND B STRES1, BE TWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE (?r? of 13th street end Okie ive. o. w. m!Mm SATH'L B. TUOITT. HERA 10 A LAG1RPUSH, Successors to Hkxrt Hokalck, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, ?97 |T 0treet *54-lm* Between 8th and <th sts. northwest. W NI ^1^3 JOHN C "HOOAN. T13 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City and Country Residence*. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for sale. Sole Agent for the only genuine M1LDEW FROOF AWNING MATERIAL. aplS tr pLUMBING AND OAS-FITTING. Those desiring to have their - .umblng and Oas Fitting done in a neat and substantial manner, and on reasonable terms, should leave their orders at 113 Pennaylvauia avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. mg-to' WM. ROTHWELL. \f CUNNINGHAM, HA" EB, 1M< 1011 F Street, between lOtn and 11th, ba* the pleasure to announce tnat he ha* received rm the Spring Styls of Broadway BLOCK, and i*,^L prepared to furniah New Hats made to order eu~ them or r.Aiodel old styles; also, an assortment of Felt Hats for *ale, on reasonable terms. fg-tr ^ WNINGS, FLAGS, TIMTE. M. Q. COPELAND, 64 3 Louisiana avenue, one door east 7th street. AWNINGS for Stores, City and County Residenoss tt Kerch* In style and finish. FLAGS and TENTS f?r sale and rent. ROOMS DECORATED. All Oanvass articles made to order DANCING CLOTHS. seV-t> J I. TVETON, 9ARPENTER, BUILDER, AND OOITRAOTOI. iSSS Shops and Office, )ang-tf 11th tisut. below It. northTrm LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLOOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIYERT ? BALI BTABL 416 8th street, bet. D and B, and Chain Alloy, between Uth and Idth. Offloe, WUlards. Beat carriages famished. Special Kit paid to th? boarding of how. dedl-ly A^LlVilfT AND'HIRblO 8TABLB8. BTTLIBH CARRIAGES and OOACHMBM. dec3D-ly 1386 E *treet northwest. A RLINGTOH STABLES.?R. CRUIT, J*. A e STREET, Bnwnn ITth and 18ti Carriages by day or night, and for weddings er f CONGRESS STABLES, u 8th STREET, Bjnvni D and ?. Hoiwes and Buxgta* for Hire, and a fresh *nppty sf good Horass tarsals every week, Jyn-Iy bichabdtamt, : 'I'HB PROBLEM THAT was BASIL T SOLVED JL "1 *ay. (Vkrisy, pardon w, hat gray Ull aas how Is It yon alway^dreas ao atyltah, aadhaving hat a moderate incomer" "Why. stniply haeanas 1 pur chase fmn A. BTBAUB, 1611 rwu. av*., near 11th." a3B AUCTION SALES. rivriRK DATS. B? BT LATIMEB * CLEABT, _ _ Auctioneer* and B tl Estate Broken, Southwest corner of Pmn.MieM igd Utb street. Star OBce Building. TBUSTFE"8BALE0F A mm FORT ABLE TWO STOBY BBICK ON THE WIST SIDE OF 13th STREET, BETWEEN W AND BOUN DABY STBKSfs, BEING No 3304. Under and by virtu- of ? certain d?ed of trust, Cbftrinf dit? on the 14th day of Mar, A. D. If], ??duly of recoi d in Liber H >. W8, folio jsd, one of tbe land re?ord?? for the District of C duinbia and to me directed. I will sell, at public anction, to the highest bidder therefor, on THURSDAY, the 19th day of June. A. I? 1873, at 6S o'clock p. m , oti the premises. Lot numbered seventy eight (78), in E K. Allen'* subdivision of part of ea?t half of Square numbered two hundred and tbiry-fonr(H4>, in the city of Washington,together with the improvements, ronsi?ting of a two-story Brick Dwelling, being Ne. 3*204 13th street n<?rthwert. Terms of sale: One-third cash; and the residue In two equal instalments at six and tw*lve months, with interest from t!?e day of sale, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. One hutdrpd dollars cash to be paid at the time of sale, and if tb" terms of sale are not complied with within five day? there after, the Trustee reserves the right to resell upon one week's notice in some newspaper printed and published in tbe city of Washiugton, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. A THOMAS BRADLEY, Trustee, ir27 3taw3w LATIMEB * CLKaRY. Ancts. DUNCANSON, DOWLIH9 A CO.,Aucts? Southeast corner 9th and D atreeU uorthweet. SALE OF FINE ROSEWOOD PARLOR 9UITE, WAl-NUT CHAMBKR HRTS, DAMASK C1R TAINS, OIL PAINTINGS, MARBLE Tor TABLES, STAG HORN H AT TRKE, Ac.. CON TAINKD IN Hol'SK No ?43 NKW YORK AYKNUR NORTHWEST. AT APCTION. #S On WEDNESDAY MORNING, June 4th, Ui n-ii:HMTC T? at 10 o'clock, we will sell,at WIK IO|Ni'? York avenuw. I>etween 9thaod liiihstreet* I { 1 northwest, the entire Household Furniture, Paintings, Ac . consisting of? Rosew rod Parlor Suite. V aluut Parlor Snite. K- sewood and Walnut Marble-tnp Tables. Damask and T.ace Curtains. Mantel and Pier Mitrors. ? Stag Horn Hat Tree. Oil Piintirgs, Kngravinrs and Ohr>mr?s. Side! o:ird, Extension T.tlde, Dining Chairs. Refrigerator, B"pk^:ise. Walnut Chaml>er S *ts. Cottage Sets, Feathers. Ilair and Shuck Mattresses. T tides, Bureaas, Wsshstand*. M ardrofces, Work Stands. Blankets, Comforts. Spreads, 81i<">t*. Velvet. Tapestry .Three ply and other Carpets. Oilcloths, Rugs. M:?t*. I'arl'-r Ornaments, Vases, Ac Cot Glass, China at.d Crockery. Kitchen Utensils, Till*, Ae , Ac. Being the effects of a lady d-clining housekeeping preparatory of leaving for Europe. This sale i-worthy the attention of parties d>-siring to obtain first cla-- Furniture in gooil condition. Terms cash. DUNCANSON DOWLINC. A CO., ni23 " I Rep.] Auctioneers. Y B. H. WARNER, ? Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 739 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF 16th AND M STREETS. By virtue of a deed of trust to me, tiearlng late the 1st day of February. A D. 1373, and ?duly reoorded in Liber 673, folio tti, and at the r? quest of the person secured thereby, I will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the premises, on 7 RIDAY, the 1 .'ith day of June, 1^73, at 6 o'cl"ck p in., lot* numbered nineteen (19)and sixtv four <M> in subdivision of square numbered one hundred and eighty-two(181,> as the sam? ar?* known upon the public plats and plan of the city of Washington. This property fronts about ; feet on li>th street, and lias a depth of about 97 Hi alley, and binds on M street, and is improved with a large 2,'t-story frame store and dwelling, and two smaller frame h uses, and is located in a rapidly improving part of the city. The propert\ will be sold subject to a prior incum brance of A4,wv. which matures January 10,187t. Terms: One-half cash, and Mie residue lu six months, with intere-t from day of sale. % luti to lie de ??-it.-<t whent-e property isstruck off. Allcouvey au ing at coat of purchaser. " J J. GRIGGS,Trustee. n.Jt B 11. WARNER. Aact. B B V THOS. K. WAGtJAMAN, R'-al Estate Auctioneer, 5 ID 7th street. B CHANCERY SALE OK VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON Oth STREET W(ST, BE TWKEN O AND P STREETS. NORTH. Under and bv virtue of a deeree of the Su preme Court of me District of Columbia, hold ing an Equity Conr* for said District p.iss'sl on the 16th day of Mav, 1S73, in cause No. 3010, wherein Lew is H. Schneider is complaiuant and VI G Gallant and others are defendants, the undersigned trustee will sell at public auction in front of the pi"euii-es. at o'clock on FRIDAY,the 6th day of June. 1S73, tbv fallowing described parcels of real estate situate in Washington, in said District,to Lot lettered K in Corcoran's recorded subdivision of lots in square four hundred and forty-six (4t6>, improved by a lately-built three story press-brick front Dwelling, for w hich the terms of sale, as pre scribed by said decree, are: One-third of purchase money to be paid In ca?h; the residue in four equal instalments at six. twelve,eighteen and twenty-four montlisreapectively, with interest from day cf sale; or all cash at option ot pn-chsser. An l immediately after the above sale the nnder siuned trustee, by virtne of the same decree, will sell lots fifteen (15) and sixteen (H>) ill Gallant 's re Corded subdivision of part of square fonr hundred and seventy-nine (1791. improved by a two-story Brick Dwelling. This last property is sold subject

to an encumbrance thereon, to be assumed by the purchaser, of twenty-five hundred dollars, payable two years after February 19th, Uffl, with interes: at ten per cent._per annum, and the terms of sale for which are: One-half cash; residue in six months, w ith interest from day of sale; or all cash at option of the purchaser. In each case the promissory notes of the pur chaser will be requir d for the deferred payments, which are te be a lien until paid on the property sold SIM) will be required on each bid when ac cepted. If terms of sale are not complied with in six days the trustee reserves the right to resell at .ad Co., of ?*S'?affo^BCTO?.Tr-M.. mg-eoAds THOS E. W AGOAMAN. Auct. ~ Y B. H. WABNEB, , _ ^ . , Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 733 7th street, between G and H sts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A TWO 8TORY FRAME HOUSE ON THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF 9th, U AND BOUNDABY STREETS NORTH WEST AT AUCTION. _ _ ^ By virtue of a deed of trust to Daniel L. Eaton, ESdated .1 ill\ 12,1873, and duly recorded in Liber , folio 199, and also by adecree ofthe Supreme Court of tbe District of Columbia paesed in Equity csus ? No 3 J03, Docket U, substituting the under signed Trustee in place ofDaniel L. Eaton, de c< ased, I will sell, at public auction. In front of the premises, on MONDAY, June 16.1873, at 6 o'clock p. m., part of lot lettered Djiu Fry's subdivision of lots 6, o, and 7, iu s?inare 393, bounded as follows:? Beuinning at the northwest corner of said square and running thence south 2B feet 2 Inches; th?nce east 70 feet 3 inches to the intersection of this line w ith Boundary street; thence west along the south line of Boundary street 74 feet 7)4 inches to the be ginning, together with the imprevements thereon. Terms to be made known on the day of sale. $10U dow n on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within five days after sale, the Tru< tee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defanlting purchaser. Convey ancing at purchaser's cost. GEOBGE W. BTICKNEY, Trustee n>29-eoAds B. H. WABNEB, Auct. THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, i 13 7th street. By virtue of a deed of trust from Charles raV. Gordon and wife to John D. McPherson, -^recorded in Liber 608, folio 324. of the laud records f<*r Washington county, in the District of Columbia, I will, on MONDAY, the 31st day of April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. tn., offer for sale, at pub lic auction, in frmit of the premises, the property described in said de<d, to wit: Lot a umbered 17. iu Square No. 140, with the improvements, being four Fiame Houses Tirms: One-third cash: the balance in six and twelve months from day of sale, and secured by pur chaser's notes and deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. 5. d. Mcpherson, Trustee. n,90 eoAdf THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Auct. ?/-POSTPONED. BY ORDER OF THE TRUS tee, unul MONDAY, Jnne 9th, at 8 o'clock p. iu. j D Mcpherson. Trustee. ml-eoAds THOS. E. WAGGAMAN. Auct. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, _ No. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D sts. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED KKAL ESTATE IN SQUARE No. 674, NEAR fcT. ALOYS1US CHURCH. . _ ? By virtue of adeedof trust, dated November 13th. A. D 1871. and duly recorded in Liber No. 668, folhi JO, Ac., of the laud records for Wash ington county,!). C., aud by direction of the party stcured thereby, 1 will sell at public auction in front ? <f the premises, on THURSDAY, the ftth day of June. A. D. 1873, at 6 o'clock p. iu., all of Lots Nos. 142.143, 144. Its aud 144, in Gilbert's recorded subdi virion of square numbered six hundred and seventy five, (676.) In the city of Washington, with all tbe improvements thereon, consisting of nearly finished Dwelling Houses. . . Terms of sale: One-third in cash, of which ffiO must be paid on each Lot at sale, the remaining on deterred payments, to be made in equal payments in six.twelve,eight?en and twenty-four months after sale, with interest at ten per cent, per annum, and secured by deed of trust to the satisfaction of (he Trustee. Terms to be fully complied with within six days after day of sale, otherwise tbe Trustee re serve* the right to resell the property, after one week's uotice, at tbe risk and cost of flrat purchaser. ?""SSTS'SSkl.. Trw. | GRIIN St WILLIAMS, Ancts. I1T LATIMEB * CLEART, D Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11thstreet, iBUr Office Buildings. BY n B TRU8TEE8' BALI OF A VALUABLE BUILD ING LOT ON 8 STREET, HEAR 14th ST. NORTHWEST. ?By virtue of a deed of trust, dated the M day of October, A. D. MM, and recorded in Liber T and R, Mo. 3, folle SB, of tbe Land Records of Washington oouuty, tbe subscribers will sell to the hi chest STihdJ it bidder, oa the premlaes, on TUESDAY, the day of Mar, A. D. 1873, at I o'clock p. ra , Lot 14.(1 roar,) ii "" ? numbered 4t (four,) in square numbered tM, (two hundred and thirty-eight,) in the city of Washing ton, District of ColnBDia, to pay %lMi, with inter est from October 3,1MB, and expenses. The tens of sale are: One-fourth cash,(of which ? lu) must be paid at tbe time of the sale,) aud the residue in equal sums la 4,13,18 and 94 months, for which the purchaser must givs notes, bearing inter est at seven per cent, per annum, payable seal an nually , and secured by a deed of trust on the prem ises. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchMer. ir tbe terns are not complied with within five dan from the day oT sale, the Trustees reserve the right to resell the property, or any part thereof, to the highest bidder oa the premisee, for cash, on tea days'public notice in the "Evening Star," Wash ington city, srUe ri>k, wnd cost of th- purchaser in default. ANTH. HYDE, I . w co'hoor^u \ Truiteea. da LATlfrER A CLEART, AucU. sll-Sawgds If. EST TBI ABOVE BALE IS POSTPONED until TUESDAY, tbe 94th day of June, 187*, saiso neur and place By older of th? Trustees w&U* Ms LITIMER A CLE ARE, AucU. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON. B1 DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO.. Anet'rs corner 9th and D street* northwest. TRUSTEES' SA LE iT~ VALUABLE UNIM PKOVKl> BEAL ESTATE IN WASHINGTON CITY, D. C-. ON So STREET WEST. BK T? KEN E AND F STREETS NORTH. AND OF TALUABLE IMPROVED RIAL ESTATE IN WASHINGTON. P. C.. ON *tb STREET WERT. BETWEEN G AND H STREETS NORTH. MA By of trnrt. rec >M?i tn<nf B'br lanJ wm<i Of this District in Liber No. ??<18, foil ?* SUl, Ac., ami in p?rm*n -e of the re quest of the parties nfcnrMl ther. by, the imd?r signed, as Tni?t?*. will sell. at public knot ion. to th* highest bidder, in front nfthe praam**, on SAT URDAY. May .list. 1S73, at 4S o'clock p. m . cer tsin real estate in said city, being the north 14 feet front b> depth ?f Mid lot of I. -t U. in ?inari,U1,?rith the right* and appurtenance? to the same belonging Under the same au'horitv mM Trns?e??* will, on MONDAY, June 5M. WJ, at 6 pm., in front of the premier*, sell certain other real estate in Washing ton city, D. C., being apart of lot ?. square li 14 fronting 1# feet on ftin street west an.1 extending bark by that width 74 feet, improved l?r?thrn story brick dwelling hou?e, No 72V, on said Vh street, with the right*. improvement* and srpurte ?MM. The amount of indebtedness secured ta *4.??*? and interest at 10 per crit from Ftbruan l.?h, 1C3 T-rnis of *alt: To be paid in cash upon each pari. ? J,S?i, balance npon emh parcel in 6 and 12 ni >nth? atierdate of *ale, with interest at the rate of S p?r I cent, per annum, to be evidenced by promissory notes, payab'e to said Trustees, and nreii l.y a j d? ?dof trust npon the premises sold. ca?h to be pa;d on each parcel at the time of sale. Convey ancing, Ac., at purchaser** cost. If the term-, f ] sale be not complie.I with in ti?e davs aft? r the dv\ of ?%le, the premise* will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. ANTHONY HYPE, I Trustees JAMES W CORCORAN.* Irnw^ n il-e<*AdsDUNCANSON. DOWLING * CO ,Aucts B Y LUTTRELL A DUNNINGTON, Auctioneer*. 917 Louisiana ave.,l>et. 9th aud loth *U. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED HEAL ESTATE; 'J THREE STORY RKI'K I?\* ELLIhGS ON SOUTH SIDE OF L STREET. BETWEEN AND biH SOUTHWEST, (ISLAND.) *??, By virtue of a dee<l of trust, SeptemVr 13!, A P? D , 1*72, and duly recorded In Liber No. >lio ?*364, one ?f the land record* f<?r the Di-trict of Columbia, at.d ky request of party secured thereby, 1 w ill at public miction, ii. fron'of the premises, to th" highest bidder, on SATURDAY, May 3 Int., A D , IST3 at b o'clock, p. m., all that certain >i"ce or parcel of ground lying and being in the 0?y ?f Washington, in said District, and known a? the west half of lot numbered t w^nty, (3u.) in ~juare numbered live hundred and on*.(Mil.)fronting 14 fee; 8S inches on aonth L street, by equal d*-ptti of 129 feet 11 inches, and hounded on the west by a IA f.iot alley, and on the aouth or rear by a 30 foot alley, together with the improvement* thereon. Terms of sale on each House; One-third cash.(of w hich $76 on each piece of property must be paid time of sale, 1 balance in eajual pay merits, in one and two year*, with interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annntn, payable semi-annually until paid, fr> m day of sale the purclianer giving not"# to be secured on the property sold to satisfaction of trus tee. Conveyancing and recording at purchaser"* Cest. The Trustee reservesthe right to resoll the property at the risk and cost of iefa- Itmg pur chaser or pure has- r? in case the terms are u >t Complied with within six dags after ssle WM. T. HOLT/.M \N. Trusts, nl" d LUTTRELL .t DUNNINGToN. Ancta. \ P U WARNER, R->al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. l'iv 7th street, between G an l II. SALE OP ONE OP THE MOST DESIRABLE 1'ROPEICTI KS IN T1IE CITY, ON TH K SOUTH SIDE or M ASS ATI! I'sETTS AVE Nl E. No 1O10, Bl.TW EEN IOtk AND 1 1th streeis northwest, opposite g<?v EI.NMENT RESEKNATION, AND LOURING INTO VERNON Sgl'AKE J*, I will sell, on SATURDAY. May 31. 1STJ. at b ^3 o'clock p. m , to the highest bidder. Lot 15, in ?"fguare 341. fronting V> fe- t on Maai>a< husett* avenue, running back ale.nt I'll f-et to a IS bs.t paved alley , iiuproytil by a 3 story brick house of lu ro< ni* and cellar. This avenue i* one of th< m >at becut iful in the city, the lot large aud w>dl adapted for an elegant residence. Terms; .?2jUuocash, and the balance in 3 y?-ars, at lOpercent. A bargain will be given Title per l?-ct. Abstract at the offlce of th^ auctioneer. .?li?i dou n ou day of sale. Conveyancing at purchasers cost. BRAINARD H. WARNER. ii 2C dads Aacte>tieer. B B B Y DlTNCANSON, BOWLING A CO.,Aucts. Southeast coiner of 9th and D streets northwest. l?i BARBELS OF I?EAD OIL ON WATERS' VHAlir. GEORORTOWN. I>. 4'.. AT Ai r. TION, t?N ACCOUNT Or rRKIGHT AND PT<?RAt;E DIE LADY OE THE LAKE. , On 8ATIRPAY AETERNOON. Mav S31, 1S73. commencing at i o'clock, we w in lofter for sale, at Waters' wharf, George town. P C. lO'i BARRELS PEAP OIL. us< d for soaking paving block*, consigned to Ru* n> It's wharf, and to lie sold to pay freight and storage due n* as agents and ow ners of the steamer Lady of the Lake. Partie* interested will take uottce. GEORGE II PLANT a CO , Agents A Oaners. m29 PUNCANSON. PQWLiNQ. A CO., Ancts. Y DUNCANSON, POWLING A CO., Aucts. Corner 9tb aud P streets northwest. IMMENSE SALE OE PRY QOOPS, MILLINE RY AND EANCY GOODS AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, May 31,com imencinitat 10 o'clock, and contiuuing every J MORNING and EVENING until the stock is Pclose?l oat, we w ill a-ll, withinonr salesroom, alargestxk of Dry, Millinery and Fancy Goods, removed for convenience of sale. We name in part ; Black and Colored Silks. Merinos. Black and Colbred Alpacas, P<ipllns. Black and Colored Water-proof Flannels. Grenadines, Lawns, Suitings. Caaeimeres, Claths. Casinet*. Prints, Gingham*, Muslins, Linens. Pekay, White Goods of every description. Netting, Hosiery, Giove*. Fringes. Ribbons, Velvet*, Trimmings, Ac.. Ac. This stock is seasonable, and comprises some of the finest Dry Goods ever offered. Buyers will be fur nished with seats. The attention of dealers is called to this sale, a* the (Aods are in good lots. mZ7 DI NCANSON.DOWLING A CO., Ancu. B Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Ancts. Southeast corner Ninth and Dstreets northwest. SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, MAR 1 BLE-TOPCOTTAGE SET, LOCNOES, WARD ROBES, TAPESTRY CARPET. COOK STOVE. REFRIGERATOR, Ac . Ac, CONTAINED IN HOUSE t*lT 1 Ith 8TREET NORTHWEST. On MONDAY MORNING, June ?dBHntenciiig at 10 o'clock, we will ??-II, at IIIII House 917 11th street, between H and I street* northwest, the entire contents, consisting of? 1 seven octave Rosewood Piano. 1 Marble-top Cottage Set, W ardrol* 1 TliMatrV ( Arsct. Lounge, Chairs, Bookcase, Tablss. Refrigerator,Oook Stove,Crockery, Ac , Ac. With nnmerous other articles. ii g DUNCANSON, POWLING A CO , Ancts. Y LATIMER A CLEARY Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania aveuue aud 11th St., Star Offic* Buildings. WALNUT PARLOR fTbNITURE. IN GREEN AND STRIPED REPS: WALNl'T MARBLE TUP CHAMBER SUITES; WaLNUT and O AK MARBLE TOPOHAMBER FURNITURE. EM BRACING BUREAUS. BEDSTEADS, WAS f STANDS AND TABLES, BRUSSELS AND THREE PLY CARPETS, CANE AND WOOD SEAT CHAIRS. 0ILCL0TUS: WINDOW SHADES; FEATHER BOLsTaRS AND PIL LOWS: HAIR AND HUSK MATTRESSES. EXTENSION DINING TABLE: CHINA AND GLASSWARE HEATING STOVES;OOuKING RANGE. KITCHEN FU RNITURE. *c.. Mr fS On MONDAY MORNING. June il, 1<JT3. V^^CoU.ineiicing at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, at l^B|the residence 717 uth street, lietwccn G and If 1H, near F'-undry M E. church, the above mentioned collection of Household G "sis n 29 d 1 Rep. 1 LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancts SITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. BT U In virtne of two writs of fleri facias, issued from the ChrWV office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, aud to me directed, I will sell at pub lic sale, for cask, on MONDAY, the iid day of June, 1873. commencing at 11 o'clock a. m , the following go<ds and chattels, to wit: 1,063 running feet of fencing, constructed of wood and iron, including the rtone for setting fence. The saio will take place on ?inare No. <76,between North Capitol and 1st streets cast and I and K streets north and Myrtle street*, seised and levied npon as the goods and chattels of Benjaiuin F. Gilbert, and will be sold to satisfy exe cutions Nos. l0.M7.and 7 >44 in favor of William Lil ley and Tucker A Sherman. ma-dtg ALEX. SHARP.U ?? Marshal. D O. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest corner luth and D streets. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. By virtue of a decree of the Circui t 0'AuAbr Eg? Prince George's county, sitting as a court of ?S*equity, passed in the case of William 0. Jones and Ann Jones, his wife, et al , vs. Basil Benson et a!., the sulwcriber, as trustee, will sell at public suction, on the premisee, on SATURDAY, the 7th day of June, 1873, at I o'clock p.m., (it fair; if not, on the next fair day,) the real estate of the late Win. Sibley, consisting of several parcels or parts of tract* of land, called "Deacon's Hall,"''Cramp ton's Lot," and part of "Elixabeth1* Delight," con taining 168 S-10 acres,more or leas, situated In Prince George's county, between the Baltimore and Wash ington and the Metropolitan railrsads two miles distant fr?m each?adjoining the farms of Ex-Secre tary McCnlloch, William G. Metserott and General Michler,and the Adelphia Mills, owned by George W. Riggs, and eight miles from waahington city. This land ia beautifully located, in good con dition, abundantly supplied with wood and watsr? there being two springs of pare water near the house?ana a good mill site, with ample and never failing water-power. The improvements consist of n good twe-st?-y dwelling boose nod suitable out-houses. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase money to be paid In cash on the day of sale, or ratification thereof by the court; and the residue in equal inatal ?u>, in six and twelve months froa the day of sale, the payment thereof to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser or purekseen, with sureties to be , with interest on the whole nnrwhaae money from the day of sale. A deposit of |M will be required on the day of sale. On pay ment of the whole purchase mouey the trustee will execute a deed to ths purchaser, at his coat for the ??"Adeemed deairable, the trustee will divide the above-mentioned real estate, to suit purchasers. inefl real estate, to suit nurcha RICHARD >: B. 0HEW.T GREEN A WILLIAMS, < Aucts. BT B. WARBBB. ? Beat Estate Broker and A' Ha. 799 7th street, between G B BUSINESS .LOT FOR SALB AT eant side of 7th street, bets sea B and 0 jofeet front by 1M feet deep to n wide paved alley. Tills "mk'hi s.b.waxbkh,/ AUCTION SALES. HI V. L. WALL * CO., twooMfn K? Msrble Bull ting, Hoc. IN tad tM NaufhM.t v TWO ITTEK OCTAV? KOS?W<?OI? CASE PIANOS. OKI UPRIGHT PIANO, WAl.Nl T ( HAMHIK SU ITS. COTTAGE Sl ltt HUH CLOTH AKDIir PARLOR SETS, W Al.NI'T ?AKI'R"BK!> HAT RACES, MARBLK TOP TABLES, EXTENSION TABLE*. B ?OR < APES. DKSKS. CANE AND WOOD <E*T CD MRS SE?ING M ACH INKS, * ASH STANDS BEDSTEADS SAFES. WHATNOTS Ac ,Ac . SECOND HAND THREE PLT C\K PETS JOO ROLLS ? 4. A 4 AND 4 4 WHITE AND( HE< K MATTlJiii, 100 ROLL* 4 4 OIL-CLOTH. RIGS, JtcA On Moli |t A Y MoRNING, Jan? 4. r v-i [nwnciu* at I# ?VI*k,?f will sell the tb?Tr g K>d? without rr?r??. Wl L WALL A CO., Ancta Will be added to tlx* abote Ml* ? at vk .?f GRO | CI.R1 AS. hating k^u renived to ?gr Store I.Tr -n * eno-nce of sale. r. ?nipriaing Barrel* Sugar. Orm and Black T-??, Co<* ee l'src) Soap*. Stan h. W ??i.t?*?d Bur I* Old G*ft> Whi*k> an.l B and) . Barrel* Gin. bamU Vinegar ram Champagne iM Claret Wihm Bn?< Tobacco uid Clears Candles, ca??a B:and?, Ac., Ac With tranv other articles in the drocery line, all I of ? hich will b> aol.i with -ut re??rte. W L. WALL A CO . n ?| |R''|' Herald Capital.1 Awti 'i:e?ra * GREEN M WILLIAM*.Aactleasacn. N- .rtlw est corner of 1Mb and D streets HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. CAKrETS. OIL CLOTHS. Ac . AT AUCTION A On TUESDAY. Jnne 3d, Kl,at l?. cl k Bl a m,.? -ti 01 sell. at t he ri-nlence .if i ?i-n ?Qfe *n d- ? lining h-meeke-ping. No. II <17 ? b | I |-treet, between L and M Mrrrt( MMthaeil, * the) II wine named collection ,i Furniture II vr Cloth S< fa*. Mnrllf-l -p Tables Ingram Carpets. IMdriwaril MmMr-totlll P?inte?l Ri:r?aa. ii*l Wa?h?fa'>.1a Oil Cloth, R I' I. tinge. Ilall Ch tire ami Tabl Maliocai % P. d*t-ad?,C 8. R tV ra Walnut Revolving Cliaira Pall..t aidi-thei SI hm Stair Carpeta and Oil Cl ih C'r-ckery. Kitchen l't? a il?. * ., Ac T? rtr s ca?h ?414 t;BEKN A WILLIAMS. An. *. IVT JAMES GUILD. Auctioneer, > Ko. 1VI4 P uua)Ivania aveime. VALE or FLOWERING PLANTS. ROSES l.l KAN .1 MS. v On TUKSDAT, .luii 3, ,t it SO |> m , in 'auction r h ni 1**1 4 Peunst It ani* aee i m.11 2t JAMES GUILTI. A B r? |>T LATIMFR t CLEAR! , I ? K' al fc-nt'e BMiftt an.* Auctioneer*, Cvrner P.'i>n?Tltama avenue aud llth at., Star Office Building. administrator'ssale t?r small t r vme III 1LDING oN LEASED liROCND HOUSE HOLD FURNITURE. CONSISTING tip HKD STKAD. RUREAU. TABLES, FEtTIIEil IIEI) AND PILLOWS, CHAIRS. TIN SAFE, LOT CLOTHING,COOR STOVE.Ac "ti M KI-NKSI'A* MORNING, Jun- I .at BUI cl 'L I will cell the ab ve, at N > 711 ??Zi<t htie- t, l?et?een G and H atre- ca nnrtliwe-t, lieine th>-pt-raonal 'fleet* belonging to I lie e?tate ol E\a Melir. dwfaiit) FKEDEBILK NEl'J AHR. Adm:iii.trat t. ni.11 It L ATI M K R A CLEART. Au.ta. ?IT WM. L. WALL A CO.. Atwti<?e<n<, l> N' W Marble Building, S.?. 9(10 and t#Oil Pa. avenue,corut-r of fts afreet. TBI >TFE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVE!* PKoPEBTV IN SVtl'ARE K?. NEAR St ALOYSIIS CHI RCH. eBv virtue ?>1 a de,^l ?l tm?t. dated October ill. A D. 1ST1. and duly reconled in Lib'-r No ??M. folio S52, Ac., ami bl th- ? riit.-ndirMioa "I i lie part) tx-cBrt'l tlierrl.j-, 1 put lie aucti n. in front of the jr. miaea, .>n !?? Iid?y ot June. A D.kC3,it6 oilwk p. hi., all ot Lot* N * 99 and ltw, in Gilbert a recorded aaMit iai >ti of Jsioare nnalxiM "i* Imndred and aevMity-Are ( C.'ii. in tin- ? it> ot Wii^hiiigton. with all th'- l?pn ?teat* tli reon. b. itg two nearly tint*lied D?eliine H naer, front in eon north latra.-t. Term* of sale: On- half In ca*b. of w hich ^Itm n iiat b- paid on each |f>t at ?ale; the def. ire.1 pat nient* to be made in *t* and twelve m >nth* after da\ ot ?ale, w itli mtereot at ten per ceut. per annum and pectired by deed of trit?t to the *atI*f*<tion the Trn-le,-. Terma to be complied with w ithin ai* day a aft' rday -ale, otherwiae tb'- Ti uatee reoervea ri.lit ic rw|| the property, after one week a n"in ,-. at the n*k and c.?t of defaulting pun liaa?-r. All cemet anclneat purchaaei a ? ??t J M CAPERTON, Tniatee nsi-d W L. WALL A CO.. Aucta Y GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aactlooeera, No. 1001, nortbweM corner IWb and D "ta. VALCABLE PROPERTY, AT THK CORNER OF 11th STREET WEST AND VERMONT AVENl'E. AT ACCTDiN On H EDNESDAY, J ud' 4th. K), ?i # o'cl <ck Iff |> ni., on tbe pr.-miaea. W-.- ?hall aell.twog. ?1 "3k-Kianie IL>uae*aud Lot*, U-mg pan ..| L't No. 8, in Square N'' 9i>3 T'ima: Oi/e-half cash; balance in 6,12 and 18 monthr, for m.ti * bearing tuiere*t, ami ?ecure.| by a deed of trnat < n tl<e pr< unaea Stamp*. Ac.,at cost of purchaser SSUaown on each hnaa* at tmie ul sale. GREEN A WILLIAMS. n-S9-d Auctioneera. Br LATIMER A CLE.ABY, Auctiviieera aud Real E*tate Br -k-r?. S"Uthwe?t corner ot PeunaylTama ave ,ue and Elev enth street. Star Office Building. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE rr\ By alrtne of an order of the Supreme *J - of the Districl of Columbia, holding ^ t~^f ~a apecial term, paa*?-d la the matter of th - es tate of John B. Turton. d- ceased, I w ill aell at pub lie aaction. M EDNESD.A Y, the 4th day of June, A. 1>., 18T3. at the hour ot 10 a m ,<>? the premise* of the Coal Yard of late J .tin B Turton,corner of Ji-feraon atreet aud theOaual,intheCit> of George town, D C., Horses, Carta. Hamas. Wi tching 8< ales, WheeI-Barrows, lot of old iron and Iron ripe*, and other g<x*la and personal property belonging to the *aid estate. Termacaah. LOL'IS H SCHNEIDER. Administrator. n29.1 LATIMER k CLEART. Aucta. T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Anctionewa, No. 1001, northwest corner Ivtb and D streets SALE OP VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PRO PERTT AT AUCTION. 4Q> On TH I' R?DA T. J une At h. UTS, at 6 o 'clock ?vvp. ni .on the aball aeil part of |(>t ^^?15, in antiare. No rit?, having afront of U feet on G street north, between 1st and North Capitol streets, and running back a good depth to an alley Terms: One-third caah; balance in 6, 12 and 1" months for note* being interest and secured by deed of trnst on the premiaes. Stamps at cost of pnrchaaer. SSUdown a? time of salt, n&d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. B B T DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., AuoM., Corner tth and D streets northwest VALUABLE BUILDING* LOT ON 3n STREET, BETWEEN MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE AND C ITREETS NORTHEAST, AT AUCTION Ou WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. June ?th, ?Wat 6 o'clock, we will aell. upon the premises, ?J^-the south Si feet front of Lot It). Square *46. and l?oii tided as fallows: Beginning at tbe south "net augle of said lot 10, and running west IMS feet, thence nortb 30 feet,thence northeastward* to inter sect Massachusetts avenue at light angles 12 41 hW feet, thence dne east 138 78 Wit feet to *1 street eaat, thence south alone aaid street SU feet, to place of beginning, and contains 7.M8 43 KJO -juare feet. The above lot la one of the fluest on Capitol Hill, ard convenient to the street cars. Thia lot will be Milalit id-d if desired, aud is suitable for buildiug purposes. Tt-rma: One-third cash; balance in ? and 12 (ninths, notes tearing interest and secured by deed of truat upon the preuiiaee. Conveyancing. Ac., at coet of pnrchaaer. A depoalr of ?1(10 required as the property ia knocked off. Plat to be aeen at our office. n.2T DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO. Am-ta By latimeb a cleary. Auctioneers and Rest! E-tate Brokers, Bouthweat corner Pennsylvania avenue aud llth at.. Star Office Buildiug. CHANCFRY SALEOF~THE DESIRABLE RES IDENCE, No. 3* I*t STREET, BETWEEN POTOMAC AND MARKET, GEORGETOWN, DC. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court I"f the Di*trict of Columbia, paaae<l on th 7th 'day of May, A. D 1S73, in Chancery cause of Semmes et al. vs. Payne et al , No 3.M2 Ejn'ty Docket No.12,1 will sell at public auction, ??u MON DAY, the Sid day <if June. A. D 187.1, at b o'clock p. in , In front ot the premises, the Lot lying aDd be ing in tbe city of Georgetown, in the District of Co lumbia, and known and described upon the ground rlan or plat of aaid city as tbe next west part <if King's acre, in Beatty and Hawkiu's addition to Georgetown, and back ground of Lot numl>ered one hundred and two. < 10M.> l>eginning for the sain at the southeast corner of said Lot on 1st at., and run ning west along the line of said street twenty-eight (28) feet eight (8) inches; thence north to alley in the rear one hundred and twenty-two (122) feet, thence east along tbe line of said alley twenty-eight (Sbi feet eight (I) inches, thence south one hundred and twenty-two (122) feet to tbe place of beginning, tie gel her with tbe ituproTements thereon, consisting of a substantial Brick Dwelling, containing about fif teen <U)rooms. _ __ _ Terms of sale as prescribed by the decree: One fourth caah, and the balance in six, twelve and etgti te en months, for which approved notes or bond will be taken, payable tn equal Instalments with interest at eight (8) per cent , per annum, parable semi-an nually. A deposit of two hundred dollars will be re quired at time of sale. If tbe terms of sale be n<* complied with tn Ave days from day ef sale tbe property will be resold at the coat and riak of the defaulting pnrchaaer. Conveyancing s< purchaser's coat. H. F. CLEART, Trnatee m 10-law Ada LATIMBR A CLEART. Aucta BT ^SSa^^IlA^^ ^ BoothwMt corar PeDMylTinii iveoie tad Uta CATALOGCX 8ALK LARGE AND VALUABLE C0LLCCTI0H HIST0BICA CAL, A bracing oomplats sets of The Annals of 0 una IMS. and Congissslonal ass: ETHNOLOGI NTIFIC AND u, lonal Ac., AC., to be aoM a* our Bales Rooms, corner of Feni svlvania avenne nod llth strest, on TUBSDAT EVENING, Hay STth. and FOLLOWING EVEN INGS. i iimmmmW al T o'clock. VParties ansbls to attend ths Bale ean bars "h?^t^n*^2dA!?lio'lft*T EVEN their orAaraexs TSe sals will! _ IMG June M mad loUowing EVENLEGS at T* o'clxk. /astf1r ion EVENING STAR A* F.?ai i?m ornate* or s<m* imni ti T*m?Lp ?The 1/Otidon Tin**. Il tk* eoqrar of ? ?'cMcf of rtir W|>ar-mriit of Cutler* and Tool*, in the "l<oMhiii Intrrnttiontl F.?hihltioa.** wl.ich U no* o|*-a.? makiae tbr ioll??in| r? niark?ot Anx ti.'?n prntii-wiH-T in the matta firtir* of ?w? itwl nmrrl>; ? -'Wf aee Mfl male in the Amen, an ?hape ant P.uM ? ilk "th* Amfrifn hainllo uvit ttl over the At;?.traUan eelonica, In which Fngltah m<m ta< tura r? have let ? gwr it?l? ?tin ont of their liinil> The rtot? ot Kydari ?n>l Malhourna are atoeked with Ama-rican ahovela. AnerirM bur ki t*. hat above nil vith American mm; ?n?t a buahaaati wiiiid a* ?omi think ot Ihlling a tree with t flirt implement from the drift m with an aae of F.nglnOi j?aftem. The Ktvfitak %\e hi ad rut*, into the wood and Mirk* three, hut the rounded wedge ot the atatea knooka ???T I rtii|> a* bi( an ? plate. ??><1 tmiiini? l>%rk rea?l"v for the nevt at rote. S? 4mM the*- ?*?? could he made cheat* r in KnflitK! than in Anirrica. yet the the Fngliah maim fact nrera hate allowed the A m-Tlrana tor rear* and jttri U> n urnipolfr* lh? Australian market.'' Mo?a?tii I??TiTrvt<<n* t<> nr svrrsBmtn i* Kim!. The CkaiiilNT ot l*e|>ulii<i et the Italian Pariiwineiit ha? finally paaaad the Mil for tlie lupi^-wiuii and al>o|ttton of retigieaa corj or at!..!?? it. Home. There la little doubt that the noaaure will, in it* c??u|>)et.-neaa. re ceive the sanction ot Ike Or< wa. The Itatiaa treiaury iie#'d? money ami the proj.ertv ot the religiou* foundation* ha> Itoeome valuable after careful culture. an.l t?v an agg'oiaeratioa ot endowment*, in many cent nrtca. Ii ptitakaa, hewever. ol an int<mat.ottal, wor!d wide ow? rrahir. to a ?m considerate evt?*nt Thia fart max iea?H<> n am com Iirat ion* an.l Mini* freak <1 ?fl'.-nttii a to the government oi Kmc Victor Kr.niannel. It d . ationaoi an. h a r.-aull art in dead already apparent. Tlie liflnlatire ac complishment ot the nHVnrr in Itnair all: add to the Contmental evitcim-nt whirli if tadi ating rapnily from rati*. Th? ^hai s N \*ty Family ?.<?>r r.?* 4'at tain .In i>'? s. ?i r -Tiasf K. of the i?f ???? aire. ui>>ler Colonel Pertv, were to at art trow KairrhiidV >1 ateratay fm the Pitt river eamntry, to intrriri.t Captain .la<-k an.i hie I an I. if poa wil.le. and alao to aart-rtain the temper ot the 1'itt river Indiana. Tarntv arm Spring In aiiana jr<> with I'erry. One M.tdor warrior, with a K.|nav ai..l t<>ur children. came in and aiirren <1. ri d on Max ".Tth. Bogm* Charley, Miaek Na?t\ .lim. Hooker 41 m and Kfeiahotl Prank, ?Mil a eoalltnlire with tieti. l?avia and a rule through a |M>rtit>n of the lava l?4a. have Iteca Iui niMied with four <1a\a' ration*.. Iiorxw and Springfield ritiia. ami started on the trail at Captain .lark. The p-otHtaitiatn made hv the* in to kill Imu or ca|.ture him with the real of hla hand. lien. 1'avln ?? Mtmfi'il ot their loyalty. BVM Alhaas, Vt., |H*o|-le are taking t'.ieir laat skate. ?y-'Caah" improve* on l?r. W?ti?, ot I>(. Tl liat'a hi* nanit " tliua "And Satan find*. a?.nte errands still, Por weary !??>>? to do." 'Tw a? ever fliti* from childhood'* hoar I've wen mv fondeat l.o|*e?. take flight, I never heU a larhoard Ixiwer, Hut antue one UMtk it with the right," UTTIn- Hrainard Minn.) I riiiune aara It doeMi'l "car.'kd?a wlto la governor ot Minne sota." We infer trom thii* tliat the Tribune liar Joined the rinlia nl'"ladr|aiii1i ufjawi ?I in. ?^"The Hoaton Sew* fella the tem|>erane? menaf Mm-^?.|i.i~ii>. fiiat they may a? well |>re|>are for the liardet?t t.glit during the m at mx tuio'tli* the oM romiu 'iiwealth l..?? ever wlt liet*e?l on ativ moral iai*ue. NiRRIKII. ITO?lfLLFR-L?t NA\ At Pifi-i ?rg. A p. .1 ?tla. I.\ rfi. R. - Mr Tii->ii. .-. I'L \ \ T<?N HnMILI.KK. of (inirift. ? ii, D.I . Maa JFNNII I>1 Si A Si . .at WaabniKtt.ii :t?. |Hahim in mm rim- | ? ? . - i:i?. POWKTT Op tin- Srnii inatnnt at I <>VI?rk a m . >.| i>ni.<!f-> lit Lit Ik K l??ikMCTT, in flaa Null ??ar <*f Iiir a?e |T' *a? ra|? t* plfaae | liear (Hlh't. ?i.<l liw . a!l**.l toe h >m?, T" dwell ?iili inm in h*av?? ai. .?.-, A' ?l ?? are l?-ft oil earlli t?. n. nra The haw of ?tir<i*-ar falln*r'a lota. It* nr fatli'-r it i? liar.11<< part, But oh t? n<*t f->r<*?er . If w<- lik?- th'? .lie |-nre in h?'*rt. WiU me. | y..n n* Vr acain ta> ?--?er Fnneral wrvirea will take pla.-e at the M**tr?po|i tan r: >l )f.-riaii rhurrh.r.-rner tth a il II xir- .ta ?-..tith< a?t, tviiMa) at', r ...n atgo'rlork. Fiimk aii?l ar<4uaiutatir< K <>t Hi.->. an.l in nil.-r? of th. Aaaoriaiiow >4 tin Bwrviaofw i*f th-t* at ..f IKIt an<1 the OM'-at li.iiabllaiitii, are ra?p>xtfullf invited toatn-nd. ft" KALLEY Ou the eveuilac f tha t^ ii Inaiant, aft**r a ah. rt hut painful illi??*a? WILLI VM JAM IS, (In- d.i*nil an.l !?? I? ?*??-.! a>>n "f Kliral>eth aad l> -t ail. T Kallt-l , at*^l 13 >eai? atal Z uionth?. The fnneral will tak<- place ?ti Simda) avemn*. at thre<-<>Vlork,fr<>iii liia i*?r? nt V r< ?i.l??ic.-. M<>. Aid C atrwet. l-< tw. .-n 3.1 .iM 4iii -tr.-l? u .rtli-aaf Tha fri*-nda ati.l relatiaea of tha fauiiljr are i.?p<lfallr ina Itaw- to Attend. St* PEkkT. On haiardar tn rnli.c May Tlaf, ELLA LOl IbE. a*. <1 12 leara.t tnoniiw ami '< <ia> a aldaiat dhtigb'ar of John H and Anna M T?-rr? Tin- funi-ral will take pla* e t<> m?rmw. i Bandar,I JunaM, fnmi Un rawKen.e of her pwrenti.. at tha Peirj llmiat, <xrwer ..f 7?h and I ?treet?.at lo'claek p tn The relative* and friebda u( thefMBilr are respeetfull) lavited to attend. * fWanBT. Oa the auu mat . MAET CLEK ENTIsA, vmnnaraat daucht-r <>f w'm g ui] A Ma 8wee se?. a?ad 10 month* and Is dajra Funaial will twk# elaea fro* the reaadeace af har parent*. Ha. IM* Ith atra*t. I>?tween N and 0. ?a Pondai afternoon, at 3 o'rlock. ? UNDERTAKERS. I CHARD V. HAR VET, UNDSRT idMMKH HAM* * t MAKE,, So. ?M r Btkbbt, httnaan Ninth sag T METALLIC bVhJAL CASMS AND CAE 0/ art J. ? * i? . i iaa aiarl-ly SHKOOUS. HA KIT*. ?? RICHARD W. BARKER CAblHKT MAHKh ABU 0!*l>ENTAERR. ?IE ELEVEKTU BTEEET. Mr W. FOKMTVHM Ot ALL KINUS MAVM AMI RKPAUtKU aatr yy IIXIRM HACRETT, UNDKRTAXKR, Do TJlTuHiitT.BirwiisQ anii H4 run apg lr QoRpa an< O?kmm of all kiafc ~ INSURANCE COMPANIBaT THE EHIITARLE Ll ? E AMIRAMI 1 hOtlETV. The hnainea* of thin Company year* the lai tjeat at an> aimilar ti.ot itut i<.n in tha world. r. HtYtk. OtMtix A .KMT, ma>S-ly wO-i and 411 ?? 7th atr**4. B. Jo!kEa R CO, ? Ao. il 1 7i? ??Tr?. orp P.O i) iiilnia, k> present the follow in? a^rong I ira lua CrniMDira : THE UEkMAN AMERICAN, OF S T. Ca*b Capital. ? I J THE MEBCHAITb, OP NEWARK. N J , an tr Ca*li A??-ta. f^Th.TAr lT^. d ' HEAT W ESTER % FIRE INIIEARCB U COMPANY. CASH AB8ET8 f 306.4*7 ?? OFFICE. Ml FIFTEEMTH OTEEET, orro?iTK TKEaal Rt iiirtiTmnt. ml} 3m E. W. BATEti, Ar-nt. CORCORAM EIRE IRll'RARCI CUHPARV ^HE OF THE DItiTKICT OP OOLCIlBiA. Onaatxtrf Apmi 1m, lffl capital RIM, OFFICE Ho. 1??? PEHH0TLTAH1A ATEHC7 (Otbk ?aBt BN'a Dai* Btobb.I JOHN T. LEV RAH, President. ^ Prmmuiuat Secretary DiBBCToBa:? Wa. Orma, H Oiay Stewart. (Mm. A. Jaataa, Jaa. L. Harbour. Edwarjf Droop, J who T. LenmariTRKtiael Greeo, Juha Ballay, A. H. Haav. ?H-lr |NbUBANCB HEVER R BISHOP, laiariatt Agtiu, Ho. MB SEVENTH STERET. WaaaiMaTon, D. C. LONDON AB8CRAHCE COEPORATIOH, (Or co'n n ^ticIt^lee ih? ckAHcl txmViinr, r*.. lana HaBTroaa. ^ NATIONAL FIEB 1VBCRAHCE COMPARE* Cask A TRADEBB' HIRE IHSrRANCB COMPARE, or Cikac* Cui Aain^lttlUlT rag '"'?'AiJS&Y'U!?SS\STnAmm HiiiTuu^r^^uPililca aocim SSaea g'ipssjssasi

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