Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR Umj SI, 1STX. LOCAL NEWS k, T?- _ WmU't Oy*r+ Ho*** ? Cha*. Wa!cot in "Tha |**D|i Angel#"?last night. fWaier 'Kip Van Winkle," ??1 the ms?l Tirtcty entertainment. iMiIrT"1 Uf*K From J. C. rarker we have Harper's WttVl '^The second concert of the Verein wdl take place at the Schueuen park to-morrow afternoon. ... ... Frurtnt t.* ? boiift of June wm will fie jTfcwif i V. n..n*j 6c-tlte be to-moirow. So CM. Vlorri rf sajs, and be mean* it. Be*. Dr. TilFary will preach the baccalaureate sermon at the Metropolitan (M. K.) Church to BHrow morning he,ore the graduates of the Rational law University. It in stat, J that more bass were caught in the Potoaiac yesterday than ever before in one day. The ri'ver was dotted with UouU and the shores lined with fishermen. Detective* McF.'.rresh and Sargent yesterday arrested here Oliver Beveridge. of Baltimore, charged by the authorities of that city with peT Crv in swearing as security on a bail bond that was worth when he was not. The Baltimore and Washington base ball Clubs plated their third championship match on the Olympic grourds yesterdays which re volted in favor of the iormer, the score being 22 to fc. A nnmber of the employs of the War depart as nr yesterday visited Sfiant ? ?llvet, ard beau tifully decorated the grave of Co'.J. P. G? leebe. who was killed at Murfreesbaro', Tean., daring the war. . The contract for stationery In the Hon*e of Representative* for the following articles ha* Wen awarded to Warren Cho?te & rii: ? Inkstand*. Arnold's fluid, Panne ink, bln.-k lead pencils, Morgan's mucilage, era*mg knives, paper weight <, rubber bands, large and mall, wafers. Mr. Wit. Bvies. the agent of the steamer Key port, is about to recommence the very pop ular and health! ol excursions by that steamer down the river forty miles, leaving In the atter noon and returning at night. To escape the beat of the city tor an atternoon's worth some thing to every"business man, and the U.p Is a aery refreshing one. The clo*' ig exercises of the May devotions St. Aloysius chnrch yesterday evening we. J yery interesting. There was a procession o. about mm little girls, all dressed in white, and the floral offering* at th.? shrine of the Bless I "Virgin were very pre'u?e. An appropriate ad dress by the Kev. Father Magnire.and the ben. edict ion of the Blessed Sacrament closed the axereise*. __ .. The children of the fourth district connty achool* held their annual May festival yester dav in the *cbool-hon?e near the Soldiers' Home The attendance of both parents and Children was large, an.l all enjoyed them elves aerv much. After the coronation ceremonies were over, addresses were made bv the queen. Mts? Ella Hugtes. and her maid- of honor, and the"Qocni Set" was danced, the floor being thrown open to the public. The contract for supplying the fallowing arti cles of stationery for the House of Kepresents tives has been awarded to Pfcilp ?!t Solomons. o> this city Fancy note paper, quills, blank books, envelopes, red tape, penknives, portl'ol'es, pa per folders. Manilla wrapping paper. -;rap books, papeteru-*, steel pens, paper tastewers. spong,- cups", rubber good*. |? n? and pencil*, novelty m>'n<)ra?lnai>, pen wipers, ?Lears aud scissors, writing tablets a,el ink*. a CoLr*BiA?i Law itool <lKAr>rAT?? - The following is a list el" persons who will graduate trom the law department ol Colum bian college ai the annual e?mmencemetit ex cretes at Wall's ?>|.era House .on the evening af dune 11:?Jam*-* A. Babeon. of Me.; Alex ander B. Butts, S. Y.; E. H. Bliss, Miss.; Fill more Beall, Md.; E. Huntington Bottum. \ t.; T. B. Brown, I). C.: Marrinus W. Conway, Ohio, J. B. Coshlan. 111.; Koger W.Cull. 1>. C.; Campbell Carrington. D C.: Frank W. Clancy, N. H.. HenrvT.Cr??by. Pa.: Chan. D. Camp be'l, Ohio; Edward I>. Cooke. Iowa; W. H. Chadsey. Cat.; K. C. DuBois. Pa.; Wivcrly I>. Drinkard. I>. C.; Wilson C. Donn. Md.. Philip T. I?odfce. Minn.: Walter P. Floyd, Va.; L. F. Hunt, Ohio; Thomas H. Janvier, Del.; Kow land M. Jones, Pa ; Wm. Kindrick, 'l'enn.; Abner B. Kelly. I> C.: John I>. Kerr, Texas. Mort. M. Leggelt, Ohio; Charles Lentz, Ohio; Edward McMalor. Va.; J F. Medbary, Wis.; Electa* A. Pratt, (It. A., Yale,) N. Y.: J. Ar thur Patterson. Me.: Geo. C. Keid. Ohio; R.J. Southworth. I). C-; G o. Simmons. Ind.; Julius Solger. Mass.; Duncan Thompson. N. Y.; Oliver T. Thomp.-on. I>. C.; Henry C. Town*ml, I). C.j Rul'us H. Thayer, ( B. A., University of Michigan.) Mich.: John U. Wil liamson. Md.; Irving Williamson. Md.; C. F. White ley, Ov The add rev- to the graduate* will be delivered by Mr. K T Merrick, of this (itr. totiATins or OKAitLASD Ckmetkrt ? Graceland cemetery. a new burial ground near the eastern terminus of the Columbia street railroad, was dedicated with appropriate services vesterday atternoon. The Graceland Cemetery Association was ircorpora* id Septem ber 30. fan, under an act of Congress, the officers being; F. K. Smith, president. Thos. 1>. Tullock, secretary and trea?urer, and Mo?e* Kelly. Samuel Norment, and George F. Galick. director*. The grounds, embracing over thirty acres, which are *?tuaied at the intersection ot the Benning's bridge road With the Bladens burg turnpike, were pnrcha-ed October IB, JK71, and were laid oat la twenty sectior s, con taining over 5.00? lots. The dedicatory exercires commence*! at about t> p.' m. Dr. Pi^brey railed the assemblage to order, when Kev. l>r. Gray re: d selections trom the wriptures, after yrhicb Kev. O. H. Tiffaav oftere^l up a fervent praver. Kev. Byron SuoJer'.and then delivirf 1 an interesting address, after wh'ch Ilev. J. E. Rankin read a poem which he had written for the occasion. At the conclusion of the reading the assembly waj adh U ;u? die - ' ? *" Th* Sports* as's CLrs.of thi? city, spent the day yesterday in an excursion to the Great Falls tor a pigeon -hooting match which came of at 12 o'clock. The score sto>sl as follows: A. Marr, 5; C. Williams, 7; J. X. Davis. 2; C. S. Wheeler. C- H. Alexander. T; T. M. Alexan der. ?; James H. Marr. Jr., 5. J. H. Dodge. 4; B. William-. 5; J.K. Morhouse.t: J. N. Pevton, 8; T. H. rpperman. ft. Win. Y. Clarke, & CoL Alexander aud C. Williams who were a tie, shot otf at nned?nble rise, the latter killing both birds ami the former missing both, when Wil liams was declared the winner. Me;"<ra. Top bam aad Adam? were the referee*, aud C. L. fcvert acted as Imlee. 0 Cottarnnss for t? Pope?Archbishop Bai!cr ha* directed! that the annual collection of "Peter pence,' as ordered by the Jecon L Plenary Conncil of Baltimore, be taken up in all the churches of the archdiocese on Trinity Sunday, the 8th of June. The archbishop re marks'that "in the present condition of our Holy Father, the Pope, deprived, as he by violence ami injustice, of all his ordinary sources of income. it is rot only an act of rc spect ami affection, but of toiemn duty, on the part of every Catholic to contribute to his sup port." ? A Stoiiii Watch?On Thursday four col ored boys ma<le a raid on the clothing of two white boys who were bathing in Rock creek, in the vicinity of Kalorama woods, and took a fine old-fa*ntoned silver watch from a pocket of one of the boys, and ran. The white bovs fallowed in puisdit, and overtaking the thief, a ta<?le ensued, and the owner of the watch re covered the chain ami key, but not the watch. Yesterday, Officer McMahon arrested the boy and recovered the watch, bnt the owoer is not kaown. a DaroRATio* Day at CrLPKPES. C. H? The graves of Union uildiers interred at Cnl peper, C. 11., Va., were decorated yesterday ander the auspices of Phil Kearney Post So. 11, G A. R., Department of Virginia. The audi ence was called to order by Comrade J. O. Haw lay. who delivered a tew appropriate remarks. A hvmn and prayer followed, after which Mr. Blair delivered an oration saitable to the occa rton. The cemetery was subsequently deco ated with flay, flowers, and evergreens. AaoraaaSrDDza Death?Last night.about 7 o'clock. Mr. Paol B.own. aged years, died auddealy trom an attack of apoplevy while sit tiag la a chair at McManus' grocery store, at the corner of 13th and H streets northwest. One of the clerks noticing hi* head fall back wards ran to his assistance, bat he was already dead. Dr Garnett was called la and gave the opinion that death wo* caused by apoplexy. Thi Kjhohts or St. Gaoaoa will have their first grand pic-nlc June 3d, at Jueun. man's Pleasure Garden (Capitol Hill), upon which occasion the ladies will present the Kaights with a handsome banner. Everybody should visit this plc-nie, ae the committee bare I aa pains or expense to make it one of the ; pleasant of the season. ? o raanvaL at Analootan Island for the t of St. Ann's Infant Asylum, on Monday Toesday next, deserves liberal patronage. tbo good sisters having in charge this Institu tion rely upon the annual festival at this itoe carry oa the asylum, and it Is to be they will not be disappointed. There are "present over ?0 Infants la the asylum. Gltxowt, dawa the Potomac, will be the srrso of a pleasant social party oa Monday ?ext. whoa there will be a grand family excur sion to that point la the steamer wawaset, ander the aaapicas of the Island Frlendahip fluff Saib op Rial EirraTa?Mr. Wm. S. has said to Mr. Joba P. Ot mats ad one of the largo hoasee recently erected by him on N 13th northwest, tor the sum of A Wife EilM fejr Her ?? THU T* tXL SBOOTIX) <L AIMKD TO HAVI II KM ACCIDENTAL. About eight o'clock last night, ?rae colored men living In Desmond's kflty, between 9th ?ml 10th and E and F street*, got into an altercation which led to a quarrel, and several roughs followed one Jen. Horace Buch anan to hv home, on 10th street, threatening him. The latter went into his house to ge; his pistol, a* he state* to defend hlaiself, and was Questioned by his wife and brother as to what the trouble was. In his haste to arm himself he did not reply, but catching up his pistol, a Smith & Wesson seven shooter, he commenced testing the condition of the lock bv cocking it and letting down the hammer. They remon strated with him for hi* carelessness, and caught bold of him to force the pistol out of his hand, and in the struggle it was discharged, the ball taking effect in the head of his wife, entering by the side of the noee. She fell, and l?r. Charles Allen was called in and probed lor the ball, but without success. Officer Giddings heard the shot, and immedi ately went to the howse, where he found Buchanan holding his wife in his arms. The officer asking who did the shooting, Buchanan responded, "I did." Tbe officer took him into custody, when some of those present remarked, "You can't take him(from here, for it was acci dental." For a few minates it looked as if there would be trouble in consequence or resisting the arrest. Detectives Clarvoe, McOevitt and several officers of the 1st precinct appeared about this time, however, and the prisoner was carried off. One of the colored men?Charles Sargent?picked up a rock and attempted to strike one of the officers, but officer Mark wood Siring him a blow on the head which broke the atoii. Sargent dropped the stone and was taken into custody. The woman lingered until five o'clock this morning, when she died. Bucbanau was locked up at the l?t precinct station until the coroner's Jury investigates the case this afternoon. There is but little doubt, from all accounts, but that the shooting was accidental. ? . leti-The Kwiing Frlcea Taday. "? L?m? ft ; do. i>?26< ' do. (cornedTllwinuJ. ?'Pieces), ?Jgf. Urt. tront. 16c 1*1, rtmd,' sLmoTw "*lr"n per dozen; ?beeph?ad Sc ??i ?, *^1 ' hrrri"? IV;. ?>. u?acker?I, 28 el'"?.ur?'"on- ?? fresh risii <?f all kinds market weil supplied with aewMfE<ft^"?2-0<T? IrMl> 4Cr ? p^k. do l'T-V <ia?^t *kaTT hanch; beans, Fhead; ??ina. b, <^^ ;-Cr ba*o ** V t ^Lt, < Bermuda), ?.? hunch; ,bunch r*Mi?h, > IH-ck; pi,, plant, 4toir > bnnrfr lUT*".-. ' ? *~S: J&df. Itx-.. cherries, 13.- Wlb. ' ^ *' blackberries, To>fcTT^L"7pJiS**l?>t'!y pfint, &*?. m - KFT,-'"r ?'*????**te?c. cincke," 6*4 #; > d"i * 15 > ^rr: "prin* J PVre "'""f"? ?" '"""'"hed by *4 flu,.. MSSMiiAS- S2s? """Mlin*. cut t?xtrA 4K Sdui ?? ilk" fin?, ? ikd; tJackl^rriefi 5*2- ??". i0to,8; ?"P^Wdn , berries. > |,b . Vcran rr-en, i?S; drv.Ufttlf. ^ ? h,"Les *? lambs, 'r",'.-iTV^i. 'heep, 9<g ben- ?l*. T? i r Ph.-:?*ant?. S7 W-n^a^^.tter1*2V,9', *?? duck*?* n.on,6<?< Ur ?'kk? I'jfta'ir !Sf'? f.M- ' 2J@SJ; com "p-?-*nti. d.. 5?i,kr^*-,Iabb.ltt "kins each, Jfrtflc ? Sr.'H .-'?""""In. !.V?o. ;?rey fa* ,|o ti.WTlrtak do.! i m*il skunk d">., Joe ^igl 2fi ??t''k ra! I5'a25c.; prfc?,ia?!i,,:r,;^y ?Mht?rar,h%vi.h"11 m,Mi ..nnliiv sue. Straw i"*', > ??., -Mil ?? *4tt)t4.75i |)|lfr&| *. "'-f- ?k'hsrr^Nc..rn dull ami prices fallii>?. c,-<*l'?oat* at &<-. jjav ?? a Th? Fish Kiirkou S"k5J?. ? ?rbj?SSl^ '^TsZ: thousand, S5.25 to <5 V? ,"i Herring, j^r r?k. .. js JCH> aheephcads .?t JOc P?r bunch; ? ? ? T% -T!.0KP F CAWD,DATicf! pon Teach ^moklin school buildms to#dav Ti?or * "our ?u'hd,UateH 'n a?' ?*' orSfc nODJiber about i'umK am! V, "'^of private schools, ^here were th?rti1U i? an<* lor teiicherships in the primary ^l fi'n???1! School#/ liate mTheMe"miarvand0finin:lidr^ for lotions held inoaerow^aLd thlSft' ?*cl>001* in the ,.rin.a^ sch^ls ^.r.^K tCac'1, r!,hiP^ wLr?SS q^t^^tiet^eoa,,fc-re^, or |>o. | t>r.nary JChwUl^fQJ^Wd arithmetic, grammar, geography, and Unite." (h? If J^?ry *ik1 t0 ?K? for teacherships in tbe secondary ami intermediate schools the ^ame branches with the addition of natural philosophy and algebra. For the first class oi StSath^<ine Wefe 8'* ,|ue9t,ona ,n anth metic, three in grammar, exclusive of exam \>\en for parang and of talae gynlax; nix in *eo <r?|.hv, and five in I'nited States historT For Siter^we^ TCOndarT *Dd intern^li?te ro,,?? ^ e ^qn?Uons in arithmetic; X'D* ^,D*r; WU P*r8in? ?n,? examples of lalse syntax, six in geography; five jU rnited %T^l\t:r0y\n * ^tural philS1 commenced at 9 o'clock thi, morn in "iid while nJanotVrT&Ta^d exll^fnid orafwb^" ,TeSKE Ster1,^nMltTrU*^e Km?|0'^- ** n jgtg X JuZ: evening ?r tbe **01"1 Tue^lay Th* Work op Cleaxino thi Allkt.s_ ^r/lZ?Cfw"y"rni!y Honrtl o/ "? a"A Ward if fuldtc H ?rks?Messrs. Cox, Bliss and Mar HeaUh, had a coml-ren/e meeting with the Board of Public Works (full !>oaru) this morning, to consult as to the he^t EX-afc^ ,bAth b^? towwds keep ing the alieyt of the city in a proper ttanitarv d^i's during^hetent ?J?readof infectious ttraff Which was that the* lloard ^PabHc ^Tork. have decided to give their siioSilritemw! special orders in relation to the cleaning up (by the contractors) ot alleys where they have been i?T?k V Ounng the consultation Vice Prem i Shepherd took occasion to state that the Board of Public Works had expeS?<TTlaSe allevs -heJ?Ur n,i1,ion ,OHn 'ncW^g up the been throirn. **' *'* refuse matVhad , ^ 'tw Filkd.?The following will* h>? nmlL ?'??"Ie office of the Register of Wills* Gilbert L-ox, of Stafford county, Virginia who ^U.^u^h^ntheV^ ITw^k^r b^^th^ceTtllniS^,1^ property to hi. wife and dirJcUnf ^e b^lan? to bo divided among his childre*. which w2 fn"y I'roren. letters toida men tar y were Y?BD?4n<1 W" A. Young? ??Ami> Hialth met last evening *nd resolutions declaring the followina nlaces !?~r?s5^rS?^Si ner of C and lttth ^ h*-" on the ea?t -*-*- ?# ^Ikwwt, old frame . i!S ?f_*otomac atroet, Water street, Oeorgatowa. Dr. BUmoffinod a resolutloatkat the dividing ^ **? i,fc ?????"ger districts shall be M street, running east from 10th to 5th street, then along Sth to ft straet, then to Now York avenue northwest. Adopted. BriLDtno PntaiTO Imitvd To-nAT. A one s*ory frame ehanol, Vth, between North Caro lina avesne and B street southeast, for R. b. Ferguson, John Slater et al., trustee or North Carolina avenue Methodist Protestant church: two two-etory frame dwelltngs, 13th, between S and T streets, northwest, for James H. Oar LAST DAT OF TBI AITIC1L CONVENTION? A PROTMT rMM TBI R1SHOP, AO. The Convention of the Protectant Church of the Diocese of Maryland, including the District of Columbia, reassembled in Baltimore Thurs day morning. CHURCH or THE DISTRICT OF COLCWMA. Her. Dr. Nelson ottered a resolution, which was adopted. "That hereafter any congrega tion in the District of Columbia which may be organised under the provisions of the second section of chapter 80 of the laws of Congress, approved May 5th, 1?I0, may be received into communion with the convention as a separate congregation, on complying In all other respects with the canons, lavs and usage* of the Dioceoe of Marvland." Til ASSISTANT BISHOP'S ADDRRSS. Rev. Dr. Kelson, Kev. Dr. Jackson and W. O. Harrison, eeq., were appointed a committee to take into consideration that portion of the Assistant Bishop's address, which related to his connection with the Church of the Ascension, Washington. Kev. Orlando Hutton, of the committee on new parishes and congregations, to which was referred the petitions of All Saints'Church, Baltimore, and St. Luke's Church, Mont gomery county, recommended that those churches be admitted into union with the con vention. The report was adopted. TBI HYM1AL ONCE MORS. Dr. P. C. Williams ottered a resolution that no hvmns shall be used In Protestant Episco pal churches except those contained in the recommended by the General Conven tion of lt.Tl, and those usually found in the Book of Common Prayer. The resolution led to an exciting and to some degree acrimonious dim usmoii. Rev. Dr. C. K. Nelson raised the point of order that the convention is merely a legislative body, and not an ecclesiastical court v.-ith jurisdiction over such matters. The chair sustained the point of order. The Bishop appointed the following commit tee on clergymen's salaries: Kev. Mr. .Johnson, Kev. Mr. Lewis, Kev. Mr. Watkins and Messrs. Thomas, Dent and Keech. Kev. Thomas Duncan introduced reslutiors to the eftect that all practices teudiug towards ROMISH DOCTRINES which have crept into the Church, shall be dis continued now and avoided hereafter, and far ther, that church memt?ers shall discountenance all institutions and organizations which have not received the sanction of the general or dio cesan convention, and that the convention re affii m what is contained in the last pastoral let ter of the Bishop on the subject of ritualism, embracing the subject of private confession. Coi siderjUion of the subject was i>o*tponed. Kev. Dr. 1-ewis then presented the report of the committee on canons. The committee pro poM d several changes in the canons, all of which were adopted without dissension, until a propo sition was reached looking to the repealot' canon 18, which discountenances church members ??attending horse races, theatrical exhibitions, and other VAIN AND LIGHT AMUSEMENTS." This proposition gave rise to considerable de bate, but the suggestion to repeal was tinally amended as follows, and adopted, to wit: "That in recommending the repeal of th?s canon the committee is not to be understood es Intending to give any sanction to sucK worldly amuse ments as are plainly inconsistent with baptis mal vows." Ti e zid, 24th, 25th and T6th canons were re pealed, and the J7th and 20ili were adopted as ame uded. The canon of "support of ministers" was adopted, that of 1851 was repealed, that of 1M55 was amended, that of 1*;? was repealed, and the re uainder of the re|?ort was adopted, n. ik ng the code of canons as thus amended the law ot the church. CONVOCATIONS. Kev. Thos. U. Dudley, chairman of a com mittee appointed in l*it2 to consider the expedi ency of providing by canon or otherwise for the recognition ot the convocations of the dio cese, with the view of giving the privilege to each convocation of sending a delegate to the regu ar meetings of the committee of missions, r?ad a report, which recommended that the diocese shall be divided into foir missionary convocations, as follow*: The city of B ?ltim >re and the counties of Baltimore, Harford ami Carroll to be known as "the convocation of Baltimore." The counties of Howard. Anne Arui.del and Calvert to be known as "the con vocation of Anna|K?lis." The counties of Mont gomery. Prince George, Charles, St. Mary and the District of Columbia to l>e known as "the convocation of Washington." The counties ot' Frederick, Washington, Allegany and Garrett 'O be known as "tue convocation of Cumbe. I?? t ' ??' **ontgonierv Blair thought there was "a -at in tbe?'^ tub," which he wished to see inearthed. PROTEST OF lf?HOP WHfTTINGHAM. At yesterday's sessio.'1 the Kigbt Kev. Bishop kYhittinghaiu. who wa- ab"?1'* when 'he repeai ng act was consummated, se."1* ,n a communi cation entering his "solemn prot "**' against it. \n etlort to reconsider the repealing made luring the session, met with renewed ippost ion, and the subject was dis|>osed of by tue *d onrnment of the body sine 'lie. Previous to adjournment, however conven ion proceeded with the consideration of the iutini?lied business of the night bef< re, to wit: THR CONVOCATION SYSTEM. After a protracted discussion the report pro losing to divide the diocese into tour convoca ions was amended; In some unimportant par iculars, relating to the dutie? Of members, &c., in.I was then *-a#sed a? a whole. Oh motion of Rev. Dr. George Leeds, chair nan ot the committee on missions, resolutions vere parsed cordially endorsing the principle >f associate missions', and expressing a desire 0 see it carrlcd out at the earliest practicable LOment. HEW CONGREGATIONS. At the instance of Kev. Dr. Hatton, chair nan ol the committee on new parishes and con rregations. leave was granted for the organ:sea ion of the following new congregations: To ;harles E. Foster and other petitioners, to or ani/e a congregation, to be known as "The Church of the Strangers," within Epiphany 'arish, Washington, D. C.; to James Thomas lohnson and other prtltlouer*, to organize "St. ilarv's Church," within St. .John's Parish, Vashington, D. C.; to George M. Howard and ther petitioners, to organize the "Holy Cross Church," within St, John's Parish, Washing on, D. C.; U} William Brayham and ther WtitiW*. to organic ft congrega ion, to be knOWTl ?? "St. Mark's Ou^h. ith the limits of yueen Caroline Parish,Ho*." rd county; to Fred. A. Hilden and other peti ioners, to organifte a new parish, umler the ame of st. dames' Parish. within the limits or Washington Parish, District of Columbia. Kev. Dr. Nelson presented a report on so uuch of the Assietant Bishop's address as re nted to his connection with the Church ot the Lscension, Washington. The report declared hat the manner in wbicb UiC liisliGp spent bis eisure is & matter to which the convention hould not presume to otter a suggestion, but hould be left to the discretion of the Bishop lone. The repori was adopted. On motion of Kev. Dr. W. W. Williams, St. Tohn's Church, Washington, D. C., was tixed ipon as the place for the next meeting of the lasemblv. ? ? Charged with Robbl.^y and Fal*e Pre ?enses.?Henry Kewklrk was arrested in Wash ngton on Thursday by Detective McDevitt, on 1 dispatch from lnde|<endent Detectives Smith, hereon X West, charged with obtaining under alse pretenses SI Wl from Kebecca Burn ham, ind also with stealing a gold watch, valued at 'SO, from the same party-The accused willingly :ame on to Baltimore in charge of Detective iniith, of the above firm, and on being taken Kfore Justice Hagerty was released onSl.ono >ail for an examination on Saturday afternoon. Baltimore American, 31*< ? ? Legislative Inspection of Police Sta ?jons 1 o-day, the committees on police ol he District legislature?Messrs. Browne and Jail of the t'ouncM, and Messrs. Hunt, Long, Fall.Tala ero. and Co*?accompanied by Maj. i chards visit* d several of the station houses if the Metropolitan police with the view of ascertaining the wants of the force. Thev ound particularly in the 5th, 6th, "th, and 1st jrecircts. tb.* buildings generally unlit for the purposes of the department. Times ap.e Dull and Yet thet Flourish. Messrs. Wolford & bh 11 berg, the enterprising try goods firm of South Washington, are seating quite t furor? in thli market by the Kueral reduction in prices on every article in elr establishment. We advise thow who ralue their dollars and cents to call on this firm. See advertisement elsewhere. t Bold Robbery on the Avenue?Last night ?mn thieves broke the large plate-glass window >f Messrs. Wlesenfield'sclothin* store next door o Shillington's bookstore, anO stole all the -lothing within reach which was in the window ind got away unobserved. Small Pox cas? reported today: One cor ner Delaware avenue and I Jstreet southwest: 17 8th street southwest; between H and I and ;th and 7th streeU southwest, and one at 312 Jeorgia avenue. CmrLATlTB VOTIMO 1* P??*STLTAW1A^ Mr. Buckalew, In the Pennsylvania Constitu ional Convention. Wednesday, succeeded in laving a modification of the cumulative plan >f voting applied to the election of oounty com missioners and auditors. Three oftheae of leers, respectively, are to be elected in each conntr. but no voter is to vote for more than two candidates for each ofllce, and the three persona having the highest number of votes ?ball be elected. The convention has now eon ?Id*red all of the articles of the proposed con ?tltution on Irst reading. Married Her Fatrrr's Ooacma>.-I? Chicago the ease of Lyndon va. John L. Han cock, a wealthy and woll-known eiti sen, far the penes*ion of Hancock's daaghter, to wiom Lyndon, then a eosehsianU the employ of Haneoeh, was secretlv "?arrted ?botrt a year wlvCl j BlKl vOv father. THE COURT*. COURT IN GENERAL TBB* -T?-U* (h* MM "I bhaiio Ift. Grant. ar<t Conk ?|t. Orul, wr? arrurri. and thr jn<'gm#nt below(for plaintiff* Daioeae act. the Board rJ ? W'1 rk? a? ?. 1 tbe Board of Public Work* a?t. wlnn* ?Mf taken op. rt.LIC* COURT. Jmit* 5?II.-T(Hh7, Andrew charged with tbe larreay . f Z1 <* stationary from SutUiairtoaV b?_frll'r.\.Tal"r?1 * *' Shilling* ??? r* c.??is?d the artir 'a*, an I o*ic*r Dinwnor?Wllod ti*?iS"5?j "A to m daya in jail, and the t? ?h? ow?ar. John I *"w*" .an4with intent to kill MicUa-l l.owlin* I, twtin* htm and afterward* ahootiuc at hte wrml with a pirtol: (rand P**r-" 00,#r,d bar, pleaded *ullty | to rtealipg a belt, and waa committed to jail U daya. ita 'JS hi''V!8^ on Priscilla Smith, j. if' *7 cjrtttim her wtth ? rator; nxtr day* in A*l_ ?)"' "lih Mealing a horxe N .A'U.n4,r Edelm, worth ?1SS. Tne hone W*J takra from tbe owner'* pasture in Maryland and recovered in thi* city; rrand jury. John Ho i^.^'w1iinifL /VVt<:ry ?.n M*ry StercuK, 916 and ?k?li 5^ t'll'wore, larceny of ?ome carpenter <t? wT.?u** Garrity. aaaaalt aad bat tery on Matilda Harris; |S and coota. Levi and battery on Allan Jackson with V?^4 ?48' *r alaty daya in jail. LeT' B"'??*, chargod with forcing hhnaelf on the a>inednct bridge without payment of toll; #5. Cl?a*. Sargent, waaaqlt and battery <>? Officer Mark wood, ?W ?n<l c<xt* John Thomas, threat* of violence to Eliza Thomas, his wife; bond* to IMjaoe. A large ntimber of collat-ral* were forfeited by parties who failed te appear to answer to minor misdemeanor*. Mary Smith, an idle and vicious person waa teut ta the workhonae V1(? Trfh*DJl; ' billing*, indecent exposure; yW^ni ?"n<,v*n, white, charged with ca-rrlng a pistol and raeor; lined fit), or 60 Jar* in jail. Rob ert Johnson, colored, eharged with carrying a pistol J!"? r"7,'r- ?ai<l he was going to kill the Mo. doc*, bnt Officer lMnpm?>r*? took him ?lont, hikI jh? ?i ''J""1 ?so'or " ^ '? J*". Oh;?s. Ji?f

nt, indecent exposure; 910. Frank Lncae, throwing stone*, on the street; #6. ? ????????? *? Rl*0-ALLK* V?. McCoole The St. Ix>uis Globe hays: The preliminary ar rangemeiits have been perfected between Vom Allen and Mike McCoole for their next mill, ami there cdn be no donbt this time that both men mean business. The tight this tune will be for ducats, two thousand aside, the b itfiefn "'thin two hundred miles of the city or bt. Louis, and both parties are ta leave on tne same boat, (to preclude the possibility of mistake, we presume.) The dtt* ' f the mill has been finally fixed, and ?<f8Tf*Iu^nt *'!? W?,lt wi" transpire an the 2Jd . PJeniber-, Th're w,w but lifle .juestlon as to the deposit of forfeits, and finally if was th* I?1 deposit* ?100 should be ?Sn u C1 *!5,ll,!l.v?fn' be transferred to ?i f, 1 . J deposit has already been "ponied,'' andtbe next deposit of U00 will be next m 8 on the e'ghth day of July Tom Allen, at this juncture, weighs a clean 215 pounds, but he Is r during this daily bv dil gent exercise. He is in training now in a small way, not particular for this tight, bat la SSSfi*" Id be chal lenged bv any one. Mike McCoole s present weight is 2tft poumls, bat as he telegraphed for his traineV. a reduction a tins weight will be a natural result. ?IHorLAR I>?own 1 so-Abraham Cannon Of Snawx county, Delaware, visited Seaford last fJL7' ,n eompany with his wife, ami as in ?brtrLriasSII,K ?ver "ovingtonv mill dam, on the way home. Mrs. C. got out of the c ?r r'age and walked back until a bend in the road hid her from her husband's view. Mr. c. waited tome time lor her return, and on going to look for her waj surpr.sed to find her body floating in the race, hie being entirely extinct. Mrs <? '','1 four '"teresting f]; ?H ? f?'r circumstances, and the motive 1? / -s smc'd?l act is involved in mj>terv ? H ilminytrm (OrI.) fjep. * *i2mSL7? Blam*."_a rejKJrt from the l.hode Island railroad commissioner certifies ti? the general assembly that the wholesale alaugh i.nh,,*iSWI,?erfl a,,d??Ptoy*In the Hichiaond ?U . " er was a "mysterious dhpensution ?l i tMnt/Ii0*'? XO,T w,l'cl1 "Olxxiy was in fault. He thinks the br dge was properly built nud in good condition; that it was destroy d by the ?hfnki"8 ? a.' above u- w''icb he thinks was suflljiently secure. The cotnmis ??tw, f'?,?.tiC8tV ,l,at carr' '?p "upplkd e8 putting out fires and for re Itafiiig passengers from wrecked cats. Vai.ii>itt op Marriage is Slavkkt ?dJfc * eat^ of the Georgia supreme court, re cently gave a decision in a case of great im portance to the colored population. A claim r?r,? i"1' ,0 .the ProPerty m one Philip Oarner, deceased, a former slave, by two cot ared men, as his heirs. It was resisted on the jround that their parents, being slaves, were tha?''ft Jen0/ I?lal<tD8 a marriage contract, and A f. agewas r"nseiuentlv void and Nhe children were illegitimate, .lidg.- Hetd maintained that the marriage of slaves was rali.i at common law. and that their otl-pring fnust be considered legitimate, whether bJrn iu ?lavery or since emancipation. ?-There are to be only four female figure?on he monument of dames Fi?k. are seventeen American sculptors ;n ? to six hnglUL and nine German. ?6T1 gnat ins Donnelly is named as the agri. ulturists canduUte for governerof Mini.?wta, W"CapUin 0 lamlwiayne, one of the famous JKTTbe Princess of Wales' last infan* lived i'^y.aK,e^!nin.ute8' and vet was cail.d Alexan ler John Clifries Albert. fcTRev. Bob Smith, ?'reformed saloon-keeD t," ban DtfP "reafbLlj to the "bailors andsca oen ot Lake City, Minn. ?*A Swede woman of St. Paul recently as ouishe 1 the natives by carrying an oil barrel hrough the streets on her head. '<^"l>?'gf do a large share toward supporting he seb joto of Potter county, Pa., paying a tai ?f one dollar each for the purpose. ?Ore of the English Tory journal says there 'ol der" aDd "diaortFer ^e8 m ot of Lieutenant Harris, upon the had been wounded in a fight nlll^rf ,.tf*Vele!} 0ver three thousand nile* to his bedside, and arrived there a few jours before his death. NOTHING RESERVED. liiprecedefited. Peremptory. Positive. Si ?o^ AS ABK OVEBSTOCKED AND MUST BEDCCI, AND WILL SILL Vt $10 a 815 Suit,at Aid a 92* Suit, at 9*0 a 9*7 Suit. r??o ^ UoSl|\|5su? nu tivtIIN DOLLABS.TWES t*? dollabs.ttifollaes |ia Suit at 9l?iM 8oit at $1*^ g,lt ^ r,0. NO KtSER VATIONS. NO RE&MK VATIONS. ALL WILL BE SOLU. ALL WILL Bh SOLU. ALL MUSI BB SOLD. ALL MUST BS SOLO. IN BOYS' SUITS WK 01TKB THE SAME INDUCXXXNTS. 9A for an 98 Suit. 9T for a 91*. 910 for a 91*. CALL AT ONCB. BEING THS B0T8. BUT BABOAIM9. VASHIOBABLB TAILOBS, ?S? Ooun Tn an B hiui B HATI IDIT UCIITB9 w ?0 DOEBB LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WK ARM S ML Hit? AT ?8 CBBT8 PBB 8B1BT. ttClWOOB, gum * TAIMBt Ml PBBBITLTAB1A ATBBUB, GEORGETOWN. A"Tcrr,*D?market-house tu occu pied thii. m, i-ntnp for the first time since It ?w raised. The butchers and hucksters occupy the mate stands a* before, ami thing* look about as they nwtl to. notwithstanding the entire build ing ?*? raiwd 13 fret 8 inched V T*AUK?The coal trade ha* not been M brisk lor the past week, owing mainly to the non-arrival of schooners. The receipts' by ca nal ***.ahont up to the average. Tire receipts are as follows: At Ray's dock*. 2,547 tons. New Central company, 5,420 tous; Consolidation 9?,?''""y? tons; Borden Mining company, f?"' 0,6 *l?ipmenU ftom Ray's docks 1,94- tons; from New Central company, 3.HT0 tons; Consolidation company. 1.257 tons; Bor ?17 tolu,; making the SSSSfeffi^ U'"B" <>? Real Est at*?.Tas. L. Darts 15 ?#ent' b*' for John T. Baker the bouse and lot at the corner or Prospect ? ajjW' to James Noland. Rivkb News.?The steamer E. C. Biddle fllf^ffor^*yvfo^Pb<ll*de,phl* wiUl 364 bt ls. flour for New Aork, Tim canal. Fi9B Wrabf?The receipt* of flah t(Hlav ^Tthou?ndherring WWch ">,d*t i,^T*A?B?'^he r?ceipts of grain to-<laT were^ b^ ', wheat, per canal boat E. E Wheeler, for Geo. Waters. On 'Chance this ??'n* 4.650 bushels were offered but non SOW. which "?hows a very dull market It iM thought it will l>e better on Monday. citTTtemsT Gewtlembii'* Mackimaw /*n ww" *lCAheT ^wL*Hi,,V,,ed to l,H,k v we!l ?* n^nue Whiting's, 924 Pennsylvania 0 31,6 ni^Hff,h2HAln tVe *r^fl huainesa center of the ^nierican House, Boston, has fortv Tor flmiiiiarge^K!ryK,,uiet' retired room New England. hou8e L" ? ??P?rior afeP"m^LLT FlTTl*' Shiuts?The largest L'udcrclotliing, Half Hose, in Suspenders, Cuffs, Collars, Arc., in unexcelled variety. Pr.ce* moderate Gbo. C. HEtcuyo, 410 Seventh street. [From the Bo?ton '?Shoe Peg."l 1 hi Waxen Wooden Shoe Pk<?. it,f,*J!??m0re t^read> use "o more screws. v?? ?>*?truct vour sh<H?, Extend their use Irom pole to pole, ]'eS* W1" **re the sefc \ our feet keep dry. prevent the gout, As pegs when waxed will not .*g nUt. s? wui "?? nJi*7 nJ>?t.iT's YKA8?p(>wi)EK,you will soon J th?Ll>e8t, but also the cheapest Baking Powder, weight. 30, Ani0KrtTh??lKTAlV*. FOR SoDA NOT r*li Si i coppersoda fountain that exploded -tore^on o/h mrt. at confection ilfl M B wa* on'y charged at 2"0 mp'r ver^Ure' Tv?e "teel 'ountaius which Pal ?ui? Green wil1 hereafter exclusively tor tosuuau5" ,i? ? + n^E.<..ALIAUje attentjon of the traveling pub ic to the oCJ established firm of J. 8. Topham ?-.i ? . street, they being the only prac manufacturers of fine Sole leather La dies Dress Trunk and Traveling Sack* in *?, city, together with a large k l in it a"i' SV.Chelg- Their stock is complete in Ttile iXvTf ?: aTl the1?oods offered for ?.rW 7?.?f and durability an.l price, cannot be excelled in the city. Give loas* BaH ,tU 8tre,;t',,ext to Odd Pel. t VOJ Bew-ark of Corpus Foi'staus for Sot>a I pon hearing of the explosion of a copier so.r.' daTn?ffhta,l^^rT18 c?nlectioi>erystore,or Mon day night last, we decided to test the relative strength of copper and steel founUins in tf a'i'.^v?!! 6 two copper fountains at h>ss than 250 lbs. pressure, whilst the steel fountains ??^?STCewtully 600 ,b8- which as high r, ^are co on our generator. ^0,2t rAi MKH ^CtRKKy. Georgetown. ?.^.T Kikopox fob a Horse What the Mtrse o King Richard could not then procure all can now purchase for a song. The Centaur I fnu nent will not raise the dead horse of a king but U thi'nU?rV a l*uie,L0m>- al"'?niore than that is the most remarkable thing for swellings ?titr Joints, caked breasts, stings and bruSS' the wTthdthhr?rer M;n" A '"an oughttosuSfer lu'iment 1Ulcaiuatwm *** ?ot tried this ( Ptbljc Speakkks and Sisuerb will find iniTi^ ' Trocket" beneficial in clear lng tbe voice before speaking or singing and relieving the throat after anv exertio.' o.' the areeflTctual. F?f Cough,i aad Col?^ the SrFFERERS FUOJI u,i:rk, Brsioss. Bad 'kiI'k10"' , Immediate relief at I>r. White's establishment, No. 5;t5 15th street, opposite r ? treatment often effects a comer 1 ennsylvania avenue and 4^ street. 27.5 w7nt2a!m' M^" Smashes,Cocktaii.h and other pre scriptions carefully comi>ounded bv tieo. W. Driver and his corj>s of efficient assistants, at the new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and4jf street. 27,5 A Stabtliko Tbctu!?Thousands die annu ally from neglected coughs and colds, which soon ripen into consumption, or other eouallv fatal diseases of the lungs; when by the timelV ^ot a single bottle of Dr. Wuta/, BaltamJ ?iId Ch'rry their lives might have bsen pre served to a green old age. 26,6 TrBco-RresiAW Baths; also, Medicated Va por Baths, for all skin disease, at lir. Shedd's, 903 E street. 5(;J0f6. 8*wim? MAOHin. The oeleb.ated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. asiSisrR^r" "Ssrf-'gJ Th? ooiiijiiaiTT at urge appreciate the ase of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,8 Child ben cbt for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for c*810' olL ^ 4,25.ea3:a Powd'8 Extract cures rneumatism, barns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond s Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be ? cure for these diseases. ni,th,s,u Thb Natiobal 8av"i*os uaik, eorner of New York avenue and 15th street, pays 6 per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender month. Bulking boon, 8 to i. Saturdays, 0 to 4 and 6 to *? ?t3,14tl6 ^P?*D'8 Extbaot is for sale at wholesale by Cbas. Stott A Co., MO Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf . __j and Barometers are repaired and made to ordsr by Hempler, near 4x street ^JABPKTS, CASPSTS. OAKPSTS. NEW STORK! 0. o. D, CARPET BOU8I, 904 8eve?tb St A LARQK ASSOBTMKNT OF CABPKT8. OILCLOTH, MAT TIMO. BUQfl, MATS, Ac. Persons furnishing pleam call and examine and yoa can buy them atNew York ?ric?<s, at the -,i? i? ? CA*P*T IIOU8I, mm M4 7tb St., aar. UX4 YOKB SHIRT is pro bob ace .L 2 ?JSZSKi ZSSSktT?tSSTiA Wk3^sa?rtSsia^s? terials and manafacture. experience eaablesflT ?e to guarantee entire satWsct ion. J.W. BRIQuT. WILL, Mo. 4M >t> WiikliitoD, p. Q. niH-ir rklLirioUH CREAMS AMD l6l8 Always on haad at tbe newly refitted Saloons of HKVBT ALB ESS, Confectioner and lee Cream Manufacturer, ?o. I01S 11th St.. bet. K and L. pASTCRAOE H0*8*S and COWS m#0. LUTTRELL. 0. A. DDVIIIQTOI LCTTRKLL * OVRmflflTOR. Of Bftftl lltlU. ? mm m ? tas iisasuti GEORGETOWN ADYERTISEMSSTH. ir-^NOTICB.-Tbeuiinualineetlng ?? the LOT iJy HOLDERS or OAK BILL CBMETBRY wITl be held at the office of the r<?p?nr on MOM DAT. June J. UTS. at 6 p f?* the rrjC- '* circling * B irJ of Managnps to asrvefor thj en n c? pit. jiiKs aoyxn, W> 3U_w A Secretary ?C2TBRBOSCOP1C VIEWS. C? ro* T** Of . , _ BLEWir PETER CLAM 800ETT. AT OLD TRINITY CHUR'H. ON TUESDAY EVENING. June S, ITS. Admission,] ?wnff at 8. I cent*. Pivri kmd at 7:30; to com m?4t* IIVXTRAORDINART BARGAINS IN DBT J GOODS. Plain and Striped Grenad'nes. J ?n?>w Bilk*, at Wr., worth Tic. B?aat ifill Goods for Suit in Victoria Lawn*, from! iu?, at 2f. V and tor . ua; Pi^urs,St to S??c Batiat and Litre Sntt ing*. all ihadh*. very cl Striped and plaid White French organdies Black Alpacas and Mohairs.a sp-?-t?ltir A large st.?ck of Q.?4> for Mra> and Boy V wht Ludin and Orata'Gagi* Tndrr \?sts. Call and bay real bargains of BENJAMIN MILLFB. witS tr 1*1 BrMge street, Qoorg^own. Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct*r; Q?ur|?lowii. UCABPIAN h 8ALE~~OF V AH" ABLE I* PKOVBl> PROPERTY, IN GEORGETOWN. AT AUCTION I will offer forswle. on TUE8DAT, the IOtb ?Sday of Jane. 18T3 at 6 oVIock p. at . in front of ?MBt* B Mb* premises, at public auction. part of Lot No. 74. in old Georgetown, Ixginning for Ik it- it ? point on the wwl line of Hiprli street, where the south lite of the porticn heretofore conveyed to J a<? P. Essix bv d'rd dated Nepteml>rr 17th. l.NV", cuts thr ?aid west line. and running thence south with -aid line al-ont SR?? or l'-*s, to the center of tb rartltn n wall between thr warehou*r con*eyed to W m. B. Edrs by dreg dated May Sllth. 1 W.i and that immediatel) adjoining to and north of the same; thrncr ?Ht with thr middle of aaid partition ?all *' 1 6 feet; thence north 6t?S fret. mot* or |e?..,to thr south linrof tbr portion roarr)^ m ?( rr?*iii t< mill Ks*i\. and thencfeast with oaid south lin to thr beginning. Improved by a two- st"ry and attic Brick and twotwo story Frsme Dwelliug< Terms of Sale: Oi e fonrth ? a*h. th- rwidn'Mnt, ?I, IS and S4 mon h?. with lntere*t at right (fO prr cent.,thr title to br retailed until full payments of purchase money and intere?t If trrms arr n ?! ? -oni plied *ith within fivr days. I reserve thr right to resell, at tbr risk and cost of defaulting purchaser All conveyancing at aurehaser'scost. A d p -ait of fMlou acceptance of M*KY P. KS8I X, Onardiaa. JA8. 9 EDWABI>?. Attorney. m?_eo*d THOWA" I)"WI I NO. A act. TD'(8. DOWLINU Auctkiirvr,Ucvr(?luwu. B* m PEREMPTORY HALE OP SIX COMFORTABLE DWELLING HtTSES H..?, ?A,47.?y. AS, ACCTION 451 DCln,AET0B stKEKT, AT On TUESDAY. June 3d, at A o'clock, I will [aellonthe premiiu-a. on Dnnbarton atn?t, Im* It ween Green and M nt?r.>?ery atreeta.ais tear ly new comfortable frame dwelling h na**, with modern iniprovomenta. Thr location ia pleaaant ai d health) taiid all street impr- vemecia nxadc Term*: One-tbird caah, balance (, IS and l?ni..uth?. aeenred by adeed of trnat on the property. Convey ancing at coat of the pnrrhaa*-r. A d-pxnt >f (iuu raqnirad as ??u aa the property iaatrix-k <>ff. Joes DAVI^. niSO dta THOMAS DOWLING. Auct'r^ |JY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct., ??Kjrfetown. VALUABLE IMTBOVED PROPERTY ON WASHINGTON bTBBET, GEORGETOWN, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, Jnne 3d, at 6 o'clock p m.. I Ka will aell on the pr<-tuiaen, p?rt of Lot ISS, front ** iug Sf feet on th?* eaflt aid<' of Waahiugton utreet, between Dnntarton and Beall Mrretn, by a depth ..f 60 feet. The improv< meiita con?i?t of a -tit.itai.iial two-atory-and-half Brick Dwellinc 11 ????. with water and (tax, permanent ?ie-h tub", marld* man tlea, pantry, Ac., Ac. Choice pear*, grape*. Ac , in the garden Thin property ia eligibly located on one of tn?- h?>?t street* near the h'-art of the cit) ,aud i? well worthy of the attention of buyer*. Terms: One third ca*h; balance in 6 and 12 month*, with interest seen red by d?*eA >.f trust .n the pr< nu-<a. Conveyancing at the cost of ptirriia* r. n ai THOB. DOWLINU. Ant. R EADY POR THE SPRING TRADE. With a fnll corps of first claaa workmen, a r->rn plete stock of the best foreign and domestic Dye staffs, Ac., Ac.. I am fully prepare4 to CLEAN OR BKCOLOR LAriES AND GENTS" SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL. promptly and in the best manner, W. H. WHEATLEV, PHkMlUM ST HAM VYkl.\U AM) SCO Oh ? 1N(* WOHKS. . established 1MI. Premlnm aw arded LM7. OlMce.AW JeBeraon st .Georgetown, D O P.-st Office B * 7-JS ar7 ?r DRY GOODS. | |KC?BtiOoDS AT KEUl'l'KU PRICKS. We call the particular attention or oor customers to our elegant stock of STRIPED and CHECK SILRS. at 74 cents. * 1 : lid .? 1 Si.?. Fr.nch ORGANDIES and GRENADINES French PERCaL*> and PI?JUE> Linen SUITINGS and MOHAIRS. Also, to our elegant stock f LU PIN'S BLA'K G RE NAD IN ES, in ererr grade, at the lowest market rales; BU:k Lace P >iut?. Jackets. Ac.. Ac., with man) other good* which we are n?,w ottering at n-duced prices, in order to re duce our stock l>) the first of July. One price onl)? in plain tigur>-?' W M. SHUSTER A BRO , Bji dMw>It 919 P' luia. avenue. I^AjLE SA< IM Es A5iO SHAWLS We have just opeu?-d to-day another l"t of extra BUt LACE SACvtUES AND SHAWLS ahich weaell lower than any other at<*rein the cits. Call and see them now, this ia probably the laat lot of the aea?oii. Also, great BABGAINS in WHITE DRESS GOGDS At tn29'4t CONNOLLY'S, bO** 9th street, opp. Patent Ollice. ( 'HEAP STRlfED SILKS FROM Alt* L TIOM. We ask special attention to large lot of 81 MMER BILKS from the sale of WEDNESDKY LAST at NEW YORK. Elegant quality and stylos, at .?l uu and fl 28 per yard, WFrom the sane .ale STRIPED JAPANESE Bll.KS,at 46cents,6*. ,tki. ind 76 cent VLYON8 BLACK SILKS, at $1 t?l, #1.25. SI 40, up to AS super yard. ?^LUP1NS\ BLACK GRENADINE in PLAIN and SATIN SI Rl PES,?cents to A1 ? WLIN EN SL'ITINGb. LIN LAWNS,BATISTE CLOTH, and over 400 pairs of new and very ch dee t) lea of THIN DRESS GOODS, very deeirable for the approaching season. All kinds ?f FINE WHITE GOODS anl PALL STOCK OF PKRt'ALKS. Prima and b?at makes of DOMESTIC COTTON GOODa at the very lower market rates ?y One price only, marked in plain flgarea JOSEPH J. MAY, mC-eoSt 939 Pennsylvania avenue GOODS.?Androacouin New York Milla, lie.; Sheeting Cotton in 8-4, 9-4, and UM; Table Linen, 70c.: Towels, ?1 SSaer dozen: Black Silk^ at f 2 26. worth SS 76; Paraaola, #9. Doyli?a,?c. C'T doaen; Bia^k Alpacas. SSc. to f I; Victoria awn, Kc.; Lining Cambrics. 10c.; prints. Sc.; Bleached Cotton, Sc. All kiuds of dress goods at the lowest market priies, at BBODHEAD A COM, mlTtr I BOA ? street, between ISth and ISth. Bargains in dry Cotton, 17c j Wamsntta, Slic |)RY GOODS AT PANIO PRICES. Great bargains in dry GOODS from the Maw York and Philadelphia auctions Dress Grenadine* ate, 10 and 12S oanta per rard; a beautiful lina of Dress Goods at leas than Importars'nri< es; Striped Swiss at S8c. a yard, worth 3tc., Blay Linen at avert low price: Striped Tosemite at SOc., worth 40c.; jot lot Lace Curtains at $3 JO a piece; a line of beautl ful Parasols at right prlcas: ai few? Llama Laae Shawls at half price. BMOBY B AXTEB, a26-ly lV'iO Pennsylvania avenue. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. [UAN BOYLE. FRANK BARNCM JOAN BOYLE ft CO., REAL ESTATE AN1) NOTE bROKERS, No. BOA lAth street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. FOB BALK?A handsome H0U8B on I street, Mo 11). A new large double HOUSE, corner Slst and I. BOUSE No. lilt Massachusetts avenne. HOUSE No. SSC Sd street eaat,for Mia or rent, fur uisbed or unfurnished. A COTTAGE in Will art's Row: price. BSA00 Baveral Mall Houses, from tSAOO to #6AW; small cask pavmcnu. Wa have several very Hue FARMS, improves and untm proved, on different railroads running from the city, for sale at low figures or eichanga for city property. MMOO fast of GROUND in various portions of the city for sale at low ffgurns. on easy terma, or will azchanga for prodwetivs improvad property. Geo. tbuebdell a co., REAL ESTATE BROKERS, > Savings A1A 7th street, (over German Bank.) Special attention given t? RENTING, OOLLICT ING, PAYING TAXIS and BEGOTIAT1NO LOAMS. _ . Refer (by permission) to-General Benj. Alvoftl, Pat master General U. 8 . A.; Jim S. Ortnnall. can Savings' Bnnfc: Got. John M. FreasaAaa; Hon. John HiU, Oonsul General of Sw innir I Mi WeeMeefle' CEMBMT.BAMD.Aa., 0#T WOMMBBFDL^MVMMTION Of THB CLE8,Tier Railroads. BALTIBmBK ASP rmi.bcap is * ??? MCTO*. Mat *. IsTJ K* WW I Ob knt afM th?? .lat. . *h1 nntit r*nh-- r-.?. ? *'AvH'K'-T.'N ??.i BM.TIMOBlj whi u?f w i>r, w|,| run as f<>ll< ?i, vii ? t ,, , ? roi BALTIMORE ??. i _ ljr"*t* < ?s p ? is. <1 ii ? Hi.. If tn And I lit. * ||?, 4 ji*. ? |jt ? ? i.. ? m FOB R <L LTI V< >BK " " M ? and * *, w ? ?M y , L#?r^ dfT ALI m ?TATH?jr?. mlS m tli'. iTfSP *??"???? > at I. f (8. ..1 - lijfav^LdI'm? i.**- fJ#t ? ;00?U,"u? " 3 .flM '<?i AKNvrOUl. ? . ? SOBDIK VoB TirWl^r^ - ?:S :? ru*puixtor "ft.*** no intikmkdiatu mmgwm-s Pa*wr,K,-ra pnrrhaainr ticket* at th# |Tf... L M o?le. "JJ^wrortatioB. t^Il^v^ !-"* ?1 * ?"? ?.v ^ n** run a, f || >w. .,,,., . . .. ?x hi viht Lmiir for V ? \ rk _, , J ? ? phln?t? air n, ??? p m , ? ;h1 | ,!???. J^v2 wrssrr'v ?f lh?dav? ** t,,d *' "" <? ti ?? ail h ,rJ r^lSjlllrC?^ t jar-li. anl O,. \\ Paltun r- Au oio i T"k ' *??'?" _UAU. B. BOOM*. A?~?. ? ? vfr A LBXABPRIA AWASUIBO-^^ "~ ? TON K K. IS^HH 4*r M'-tlSpl ^lexanpbia a pkbpebicesbceq b ? Omm tf Bmu Utah Trmi ?.. :! , ;4rm>a. J4 V,'^'' *rrt" - " ? * w*. Lu ,j ' in fr in Ai. \ai.,tru ,,, ii .i " " '' O ?vj?"r? SumUy vtlM-r Iran,, dallr Wt^MdTfkTB' b" comm0Ct *?t* os w a*b. Aocuai?n??t1oa iMTas W h, sfmk?Z.JT~ WlftblOfftAfl )] ,? A m Koo, Vfi Klf blDOTMfi J^XomS^to M 9"in* !r M OBc*, eornor is, h daily. H ' *?? ? 4TJV.? w"*-"i *?? , "a.?., Mail.ialJr m. Iji '_ w- t HiiinUf * * ? Kip . II (#? , ,. u ?lallr, hp. pi *? dally ? ???.? ' **rm-W'mm% b'? P? ?? ???11 nil.if(i I v Jfilr,i"KfH?iiBd.r 'I Lnv r< , * P. m ulixim^V. ,ivii ??Jm.U> compiodati..c <l?j|r ?*prw?, ?-P? Snoday.' Wly,e" a P. m . C.oclnoatl ??.; "aTli ??.rf>allr.t?cp,6UI. io w p Bow?har* E?. "J, -.. W?rtern Exp ^saw?s5ta?iarj? ??--? SrA-AiJlTi'.' s iPi^-?3?sa .5rsf?b"'s5'ii"p=^,????????-. ortfaweat oon>?-r of s.xft, ?ti?U ?*??'<* ao? , r-nur. can I..t? tb. ir l.a?ca^ai*^ , ,' ' V ! %,1* ! at h.^rU and r?..J..n7^r ?7 ^ ' J ^ , Tbrouirh t1rk>>t* to C'nrinn.M J! u'"^ ^'anapph., Lonl,T,l|,, * 1^?. ?' ? ?? TOCWO, ??T- ?"?T 08?? .sisi'li""' ""rT" ' ?72 TH* *0BTU**^?OLTH. AMD ?ODTH. TralP. !??*? h folio*, t{a?toB...... ?| a. ? I Balttaor*? f* a. JT* ?? "? ( ?? i? . ? S=9 ?? ? - ~~ aS r ? IS IS I Z ? J2?? -? y1???: '? ? "MM (? Tcrfc. zssxstes??s arymsss rxls sis-kr todmo'^ GROCERS. \ ?. O MARt * SOX, WHOLESALE anp bktail obck bbs, l*l? Tn 8TBEET NOBTHWEST. (BatVMD M and M tta j KI* Bl'TTEBl NEW CHEESE I 1? 16 16 lb |6 |? |D |t AM9. 81'tiae CIBEP HAMS Ilk-. PEB LB. 6 ?? 16 16 if, i? DOOLEY "8 > KA&T PuWP^K BAHAll FLOl'B OAT MEAL. txker i Whoaten Oritn. H?rkor'., B>C Flour, Barley Tnpioca,9Air<>. Mmiimb. D'iryca'a Corn Starch. '?* Cwidl??a, Cr<?a A BUrkw?ll ? Pi klM, Co?. man.iHaMmtf, Htickoe) & p.?rM.i?tard, Olive Oil, 8auc>?, Sal id Prt-Minii CINCIBMATI OLEIKE t?OAP. ?un^a> Satin Glow Starch, BakorV ?'h.* .lattf, Cvcoa, and Oocoa Sh lh?. Br .aia, Pruu. . ^urratiu, EalaiM. HEPICIMAL LIVtCOBS OM Port Win.. Fr. nch Brandy, HullacdOin, Blacklxrr) Brandr, Flue Old H biaky, California Brandy. C. S. O HARB ft ??? B. !>'tr UH 7th at. n w? twtwwn W and ?. t?v r7~ - MMCKifSO VlhttV rom the ?lllalB ?ALLET of V1BGIB1A. Ill Mil to fiBilln M erati per barrr oanal price*. Price* of 8CGAB8 and TEAS all CATAWBA WIRB, frtm ri~mat vaii<"w,n0{ B. B. BAOOB, TM iftkadBli f ?OM* Mi *BTEHTt"'nnB*ifTint1 ?Mm te'tl'flltss % 4 9JL*

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