Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ?okHab?4 Dally, liitajv At TEX STAR BUILDINGS, ni irninc sni imPipiK cidut, b. m. firmly TBI IT19IS9 STAB la mtid by canton to their idurntKii xi Tbs Casta PIE vui.oi Foatv Von Cisti hi w?tb. OoiIm at the c. uutag Two (aim each. By mall?thraa ?ttfc AlJt, ,a Two t i*n aaeb. By mall?thraa ?il?, B1JB; Hi tcatha, tS Mi am yaw, |l. THB WEBBLY BTAB-PnbtM>ed MM?r>|IJi ? year B^Iavarlabiy in advance, mbotheawa.aod mo )M? aast loatar thaa paid for. LADIES' GOODS. ?1M SlcC?H*W*, pesxsylvasia avbsubJ IIa* c?.i:?t?ntlj on han<! a fine a*?orta?ent of 1BPOSYED BONNETS, STRAWS. CHIPS, FLOWERS- BIBBOSS, Ac ., all of ;bf trvMt i!mrrn. CAPS ?ni COIF ri RES .oat rw-l?'<l ** ? J^IAD ASD SiVX YOTR 3IOSIT. LaitM who have Hitr Switches that harefaded fi. ii. iw can ha"* tt.'Si to their natural -l ??e iu cip*; icr uiurt.rr. \V? hare a eery large a**?.rtn:*> t of M Car;?:T?rj long and h.ur.t-H>nie ^wIlcV? **r> !.wap. V w it th? tlm? to boy at MAP AMI EST REN S Hair Factory.?1P l*h ft., imr.U street aM-tr . f^OTICB ?B?rt >'r? ?r* a<vw being oflered^ia MILLINERY ?ad FANCY GOODS, B? S LEN/.BF.RG A CO., ?3-:r TOT M trket Space, J^TAK PING DEPvT ?IT Sbvunth Slllll, letil-ti Ot>,Patent OflS-o*. JELLING OFF I SELLING OFF 1 AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNER3H1P. the er.ttre stock OP THE NEW YORE BAZAR, 441 ?ev?uth str?*t, near E. 7 tr SO HCMBUG. > RABIES". |H?" PIANOS, Ao. J^ LAROF. LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND SECOND-HAND PlANoS, (rem different fcetoriee, now vtt baud and for sale or rent oa Ea-y Tesxs, to make rrctt at BB1CBEN BACH'S PIANO UAKEROOMS, 4SI3 ll'bared,?kuvi> P nnsyltama avenue, Agftcy for Win. Hiiufcc t Co.'* \nd Wia. Mo Cw.M?a^ PlANoS. SwdihI l.aud PIANOS td'il in p irt pnyiu-iit for s*? P:an<a. mSir C'TSTAV K! US, F&ACTUAL TTaNU Y J?J* kti, fv.'o?, r!> f t I. C y-. Liabta a C* ., tuner for jt ..v A 3 ux flLaRMI auj tat ? tun*r f. r Metzerott X C ? . Tuner"! tl v Bid repairrr of I'iANi'."4 at, i ORGANS, No. fc JW B-w i in tvanr. Onlrn i<S at Kirr'< J w. Iry 8t 'f% til* Pei:u*jrlv?nia ttunae; Nairn's Drag St'-r , ? f. ' - 'Miiia ivrMc ar.<l Ah *tr?e?T, R< a< titHai'?*, "?oI 7ih , comer ? f II, will met with pr> n it attention, Mid satislact.ou guaran teed. ai*-iy iW'-etri' M of i !<.??*_ \*o.r Af -. 4V<? 11 - t ?tr et, t.rar narthw?ii at ru?r p- ouaylt aula av-ft- . <ta?t?ra lu Pi*u-j* and Ma*ical In?tmu<<*iit? t><*i a'ly. TnnitiB at.d R?-p?'r.r*. Po,.gbing and Varnishing pacrirr faithful att.-i'ti -n. apI7-tr JlMTMl WTIEFF ? PIANOS u: ?bfaan*d in * a? tt'Or alid axcfllrlitr of 2 I wj>t! aid rut I?im. ii L. v. iLi> A BR m3& Jr. LLCAS. 114? 7tts .<tr?-M it. w., J ? tir*ula:vT of Ptants a a-/ Oriant. Or am drr> rrfritnl at 1 Dvtii|w/i'a cortirr IS*bat. aud N. V rk ?tf, ; tifttj's. Bridge, nt?r <Wt?. G?.rf?ti??(t; an-1 M.*e'.cor. 7tb an t Pa. a*. P an.? ?r.d ? tb-r iDitruuifiita p*"kui aiid m >i -d All work gitaraotved. tuhJS \y WCEOMACKEB A CO.B PIANOS, O PHltADBUPaiA Oil SAT REDCCTDJSI IB PRICES Tbaaa InMrnmaiiU, whub, on account of tAutr at CrtotHf OTar All other*, have la a tew yMrt-j^k c.'tua the dmm p>.pular k*re, aa wall mr kllbMw orer tb>- country ? wu be had avw (v>r tba (ol-'lllr lowing low hricr?' bJuarb pianos fr-M tr? to ??s. UPRKIHT PI ANOS Ir. tn gtOu uT#7H. SRAND FiAMS tr?o, #<CA U- fljffa. Per* na who w mb to aate fr.-iu ?luu to f Sut.- tn pCi chaeitig ttt Wt Uiatruuient oot, are invited to oai ndcoinrff ttnii*-i'"a Piaooafor rent. Piaui? amctiaagad. Tauieg a'-l H^oatrmg arvp^rly at'ood*.' to. CABL RICHTBB, Ag?nt, M4r ?S? P-no*?lT*ata avccaa R. fer|hy aermiaaioa) to?Oen?n Pataiaater Geaeral U.S.A.; Jaii Chief Clerk C S. Patent USc?: J -i REAL ESTATE AQEXTH. J l a N BvtYLE FRANR BARS'UBI JI A5I BOVLK * CO., KHAL t sTATH A.VO XOTh HROK KHS, Kw. MA lit It atre?t.'oppusii? C. S. Tt?waory. FOR SALE?A hand* :u~ HOTSE on I ?tre-t,N?> V13. A new large doable UUlSE , c.-ruer 21'S and H HUl:>K H<> H?IW M?iw liu?etu at^nue. HOt>E N" >1 street ewt.fur *ale or rerr, f?r aiabed or nnfamwhed A COTVAtfB In WiihinC* Bow, prk*. aiiw. Several atall Honeea, from S3 9?|H t.. fS.nv; viral! ra?b pa;iuenta. We ha?e ?riera] very fiti* FARMS, tuiproved and unitii pro\ ? d, wn dilferrbt railr- ads ranniag from the city. I t a?>e at low figures or exchange f>r city |t'yrty. **.??? feet of OROCND 10 variona nrti'.ns tbecity I f **>e at low ftgarvs. on easy rn ?. or will exchange for productive fvprorad jiayOy. aplg-tr f"*EO. TRUESPELL A CO , > KkAL k. STATU BROKE US, ? 14 7th street, |o?er Oernian Atnvrtcati Sxviuca Bank ) Special attci.tiou given U> RENTING COLLECT ING. PAY ISO TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. uissloai to?General Beaj. Alrord, ?? - - - jMn g. Grinn-ll, v uki vkb ? v v. m wui viacrj J -hii Fraser, Arch itect. H<>b. F P. Blair; Hob. J. W. Douglaaa.Coni Blvloner latersal Revenue; Wni. B *? ?e*. Furtit tiur Dealer, C. E. Pretitiae,Caahi?r German Ani?-ri can Sa> inga Bank; Col. John M. Feaaanden: Hon, Jofca Hitx, Consul General of Switzerland. Oi ?n? ACST1B P. BROWN, CoraaB B. Y. ataiM and 1Mb afreet, Waaiiington. D V., w ioliuu Duin m LI BBER, LIMB, CEMENT, 8ABD, Be., Ac., Ac LCMBEB BILLS cat to order on abort notice BLCB STONE for Boikling, Macadamixing au? Favtag pwrpoaaa ialhand la any part of the Dia trtcV BBAL ESTATB boagM aal a?M aat bom* tn ??"' To thia branch of tJha baaiaeaa 1 a til hat a a?er give n, prrw oal attention, and win ba at my a^ra daily fr.xn |g a. a? antil 4 p. m. Barl-tf ?U1U1 TBB BOLD BPBCTAOLB, OittT M, B B. HEBPLBB, OpUctaa. aJl it ? 4? \V? ,rsT ??>? ?9 DOZEN LADIES' SK1KTS, WHiCh WA 4KK SALLlXm AT ?? CEBTS PBB SBLRT. LUC B WOOD. NtrTf ft T A BLUB, ?MS PESBSTLVAB1A ATBBBB. j^|BBO!t1C MBGALIA. C*APBArX.oEI)6 A5D BBLT1I CUFFS, CAPS. ?d every article pertainiag to the Order. mm ?ail Saita aold to be regulation. * r *" WILLBTT A BUOPF, |M Peaaay Ivaaia avenaa. V-vakpKTB^TCEaNED AT THB STBAB OAB C PET BEATING WOBBS, *"*? Maine avenue ^ 'Ssar 1'BB FAT BBB will rwalco to caa ba fitted aad suited la all laMAiaabla style IB ^ BAB ELIB B Bo. 1BBT Phimtitaiu Br iaalP tr * ~ T Sil, I M(1fM7 HWJ i>nllOBi IBMiMfl wit at 1. STBAUt', 1B11 Ptaaa. in., aea ; * " ? ftie f?eiiino flat 1 1 ~ ? 'i' ii."' ? 1 i ? ? i i m . ? ? ? i ? i ? V ~. 41-N2. 6.303. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1873. TWO CENTS. SPECIAL NOTICES. Lrrrhfil Lffrhru! Leech**! Ijvjx rttd ?w-d*h Leech. ? will h*r-af:er *lw*?. wholesale cr r'tail. ?>y ARTHl'R ?*i 591 l)rw*gm*eotv*r *1 end Dstreets u- r;fi , . , also JCirr sktives a .reeh ""rN* if *11 new Family ar..l Patent M Mk ciues. wt ?nna*r>I?; Caotoria, a -ohatUute for Cantor Oil, C?ntanr Liniment, ttimmons' L;?i r Inv ."curator. Ayer'f M'dioues, Bchenck'* M<4i<infs. MichWr* Her1> Bitter*, ?i?f fc?f?r'ii II j p< ? ptioeph atcs, Cod Liver 011s t'f all kin in, Dr. Ja>ne> M>ilicinee, H- liut?dd"? Buchu, K- nn?dy"sDi?covery, SaUe *ntf Livt?- nt, Cige'e Catarrh R?m?<J)r, Pierce's Golden Mfdical Di?coverr. '!>"* ar.d all other ihnirdirt of the day at my Popular low ra?.? for c??h. ARTHUR SATTANS,DrMWHt, m} 23-tT jj .?Dd D street* nruiw-?t. The Cor ham Hanufar turivg Company rj mind 'he public that the t?npr. m- Court ?f ftie Ci.:ted 8tate? h*? recentlj given a decision 'n ?h.'ir fa\or, which ?ec?r?? fan protection from the imr.a tors of t-ht-ir dffigirv, Srtct aI Attfv-toi i? r<*|Be?fr,l to the fact that thf- following*ni?. niai k? are fttamp.d up .n ever> article ainiin!'a-t*.;r~<l t) thtui. 7ra.iem.mtk fyr | T vU mark <r.r Iroraau: Sttrttm* | ??*?,/! ?.( !ro PUtt. STEBLEVG Gobham Mrs Co.. Manufacturers of St.-rlirg driver Ware and Fin* Electro Plate, Prov id. uoe, B I., and 1 Bond ?t., Bear York. Tea Service*, Dinner Services, and Wedding Out v*r,"*P? ft"? the larr-st loth,-swall-d, ? rder, are constantly i*auing from the G rhan. Worfce. apM-?njjt Batchelor'a HairJ>yeJs the beet in the worn, the only tnie and perfect Hair Dye; no ridiooloos tints. no dti-ippomtment, harmless. reliable, ic?tan lane-ns black or brown; at all druggists', **?! lb Bom, ?tre?t. New York. fS-eoly EXCURSIONS, Ac. A r|'AKK KOTK'K I SE'OND GRAND PICNIC OF THE KNIGUTsOF e'r. PETER BK ..1VKS AT Jt EN E>l AN 8 Pl?a*ur<- Garden i_ ON WEDNESDAY, U SE 4th. 1*73. ? ?a-''* a?. in it ted nDluacroiitMUiieil b' .? g"n ' i,D- Ticket*, adn.itting a Gentleman and L i ii~ c?t?. t-2 2 J^EYPORT EXCURSIONS. <>n ami after TCKSDAT, Jl'NK 1?, K.I, tho of.1,f5' Kn.1 U* rf'" ?e?m-r KEY- ,ir-?w.^ ItJRT m:JI c riiD ' -r.* h-r r^niar Tt P -DA Y and FRIDAY EVEN I>G exeqr.ion'down the P-t. mac, lear tie wharf ii hAtr'-r-"' oVIx-k p ni . r-tnruiiijr *t I 1 p m. D'irinsth,- ?uon!ii^rot 1872 th??? e*< nr m..ii? * r-Ja'(. |y p.itr juiz ii \.y many nf <>nr l^st citt/. u-,^ho foiiml ?n them a* ool and nifa?ant c*V*trom th*- h'4t nni (hist of the city. !!.?? ff..rt enali l.-e ei sr?<l dnriL jt th? couilntf rammer t-> m?k ? t lien> ple'ieart and aercall^ in <*i ery respect De le? live? will he Mationed a( the boat to prevent the ailn,i?ri n ?{ any improper chara< ter?. N > intosi "i 'is ;i.|iici?k,|ii. Mnaii', dancing, an-1 refre?h m-ntsoi) tward. Fare, nin-ilr ticket-, *) l?Jv an t rentleman, 0J M. Apply to WJI. ft. BY bRt>, A*e!it.60y Penn?ylTauiaavenie. ni3l l:n J^XCL'KJsIUNS TO GLYMONr. " ~ Ofpice op the Potomac Fkrrt Coup a jit, J Se^ih Stiekt U'hakp, ( . , ? ^hiwtoi. May II, 1173 \ On and after Jnne 1 the ?eamer WAWASET can b< c hart<T?d for Kxcnntioni to Gly n.ont on M<'iida>a. Tuerday*, WV<1 O'?.ar? ainl Thiir!ui>y?. Theateanier* U now In complete order, having been th .roujfhly overhauled laat winter. ?h. lia? :? line, comm-xilo'' '?bri upp*r deck, uni is in ever> rein*rt a^t^totheejrar.ionbnsfn/Hw *r/ r"|K:ft IT)" Putmnar i now J?-*B?if?l. and eirmor.t iri * condition, having b?en thorougiil> i ep tirt-l and tL?' gr*'iiQdh put in g<*od ordAr F>.r charter, apply at office of Potomac F-rrv t-ompany, f--4 ??f 7ii? m21 iw SUMMER RESORTS. V ATT03I.?Thi? popular and t*tt healthy inm 1 iuw report, new Snicker's Gap, audA-, A -u. roui'd. d by the Biae Bidge niountaiii, two h"nr? ride by rail of Warhiogton IfciMT City, i- bow open for the reception of ?'jentT^3T^ l.'CS ImeroTemeot* Mnce last year. Fine piazza in front, balk-room, an ice Uoute hi lea, a piano in tho honee. The bviHing* are stone, consisting of lar*<9 airr rocnj?. B^antifnl nionnum Rciery. Tno-i? ?*Mob WUI Carles,he CO?' bre*Zc'* of thi" ??e> ated _ ' ? _ A. 0. WRIGHT. , Bonnd Hil P o., Loadoan Co.. Va. A^Ri fereaceeat iaot> F utreet M W. ?-?'-tf I*AJ*^MKRfcT HOI S E. A?n>ip?U* J una ton, u ..f l'"1 *1*-? *iia?ted on th^ A - , A. ? ?'hicatoii Branch Baltimore and OhioV^SA# Kailrca.1 Improvements ha\e beeu ma<lelciHT for the cemfort of guests eqnal to any sunimTTTiSt Hr>nir m w'" find this H "tme a devjrahl* place for the summer For for th. r information adrfrna? ,nr ??? GBORGE BELL, Proprietor. fHE BEAI.IX8 iPBlRGS, ox THE U-NJ^rTn^KAP^K. A,D hATH COUNTY, VIRGINIA, Tt'iVt ^Twl? Tor!^ of visitors on the Ilii. imi BE, with aceesnmadatioae fori . . a I . r? h"",1red Iw:r*??- They ar.- accee*ibl.f^SA? ?ftd oh'? EeW'oad OvihI&MT 2iVeB,1C"T ^^i 2n JACK80!I PMsengersby mail traiu fr in th^ rnu a-rive at Z?' ?? re- train,from thT^t arrive at e.te p. m. \ laitors for Che spring" by th-te tratue remain over n.?h; M CovIngUm Pa^n?e? ??>"-? trains from th* west arrive at Covington at 7.20 a. ni KxprfM tnim frum the arrive at 7 110 Stageu pud other vehicle* for the Springs ?rnntilMj?'^i.OD *lSrT UJ! "*??? Tralasotoptweuty t? ? Oorkflon for brralfaat and supp-r. ? amp'e acortiiiuodatbina. s r,fi* BAKD or *GSIC ?? f" ??ked for the oeaa n, and the u^ual facilities f .r amaesmrat and recreation provided ' r Pn??lV?'Zw cmri }* o' Messrs. the Spri.^ 4 CV' BlcLuioml, or of the Agent a SJT "*>n,h ?*il WEST END HOTEL, "" AT LOXG BRAS1H, n. i., t WILL BE OPENED ON TMB 1#th OF JUNB Appllcat iiMDs f?T room* ran be made to B . . a P- *? HILDBBTH, Mo. lit Broadway, ?"lTlLiri*??.T ed^resaing PBB8BI'Ky]|SI oeo1* pbAbcEt tor"'Lou* P. M. HILDBBTH. ' r bo melted, hone i encesgi' ( w aenlngton esiity, Md. m? Im AMUSEMENTS. ING at 41 o clock, on the PiKyBraiick^JfijcSk Course, f..r a Pa-?e of Bias. O H<j?-^kV%S r.?'?fc? ,k* " roan mare; t tl .^TiT "Oieter houie iSFST ' for ? Bule Mm ?orral to go in^a wa^o^ ;w I -ays- ' T?w 'fM KtUWiC lWll EVENING STAR Washington Newg and Gossip. Ij.tct.nal Revent-k ?The receipts rtera this socroe to-day were Tfe Puuidkxt was somrwfcat ftidlsposed to-<ay and did not receive any visitors. *nd!an Aoht, K. 8. Hammond, recently <l*d while on his way to the Colorado river reservation in Arizona. Mr..). K. Hamiitdx, an experienced archi tect, of New York, formerly of Cincinnati, has been appointed superintendent of repairs on public building*, in connection with the office of Supervising Architect of tlic Treasury. Geji. John Katok, Commissioner of Educa tion, has declined an invitation to deliver the annual address at the graduating exercises of !1,e School at Westchester, Pa., on the *5?' Thursday of the present month, on account of the prt?nie of other duties. Importtant Appointments by the Pres ident?The President to-day made the follow ing appointments : John A. Bingham, of Ohio, envoy extraordinary ami minister plenipo entiarv to Japan, vice DeLon^. suspended. Louis E. Cropiey, consul at Chemuitz. Win. II. Shortt' consul at Cardiff^ Progressing Baikwakds.?The Commis sioner of Education has received intelligence trom Texas tl>at the legislature of that state has passed a law over the Governor's veto vcr tually abolishing the school system. I'nder this system a large number of schools had be*n or ganized, the total attendance in the state bein* about 127,000. 6 I m rnocRii-ME for the promenade concert in the Capitol grounds on Wednesday, by the Marine band, is as follows: ^u'ckstep, Sentz: 2. Ouad 1. V Heydnrefdi; 3. -Introduction and Waits r ruhlingsgruse?Labltzby; 4. Selections from Somnambula, Bellini; 5. Gaiop?"With love and joy"?Faust: C. Serio-coiuic Operatic I'ot fouri, Beyer; 7. Finale. Fond Pcwhapm and ??j.n Sai.e* in Ji nk?The Secretary of the Treasury h;n di rected the assistant treasurer In New York to gi ve notice that daring the month of June h* will ptirt'has* one-b'i.t a million ot* Ujnds ou the 1st and :fci Wednesday* each, and will sell t>vo midionsot gold on the 1st and :5d Wtdriesdays each, and one and a half million of gold on the Thursdays eaeh; in ail, sell s?ven Millions ol go'.d ami purchase one million of bonds. A general order issued from the War de partment to-day directs that in accordance with a^ decision of the Second Controller of the Treawry, bills for medicines and medical at tend awe will hereafter ba allowed ?u!v for etneers who were actually on duty at t'letiiu - and place specified in the bill. The account* nm-t mk?w that the iiAio r on duty at the time and that the services of an army burgeon could not oe obtained. Bil's for medlc-it at tendance toofticers families will not bo p.i. J. The interest on all three per cent, ccrtill - rates of indebtedness ceased on Saturday, the last call having been made on the 1st of A t?ril for the balance outstanding at that ?Ute the interest to cease on the :$1st of May. Of the .*.'40,000 outstar.di.*?iJ last week, S'.' were redeemed in New Yo.'k on Saturday, leaving a balance of but ", rfud they have probably been presented and redeemed in New York bv this time. These certificate* ?vere issued under the sets of March 2d, 1*J7. and ..'uly 25, 1*.*, to enable the Seeretaiy of the Treasury to r. tire the compound interest notes. Tlie tota.' jtrnvnut ot three per cents Issued was J|JJ5,153,000. Personal?Major Wilmcr McLean, who is the owner of the bouse at Anpoiaattoox, Vs., in which the terms of surrender totwfCR Generals tJrant and Lee were agreed upon, has receive*! an internal revenue appointment ar.l will be ?t?tiont4 for the nresent in AInmi aJt's't of m Simpson Eh..,/ tli* Apodal Til; . r ^ Illustrated London .V-vj. has arrived in Washington en route tor Engl m l. v > and Japan, and o-i his arrival at San f ranoiaco immediately left for scenes of the Modoc War, and h is forwarded to London a number of sketches of the Lava B -ds Mr. Simpson is the guest of Mr. Franklin Piiilj ! The Postal Card Matter.?The Postmas. ter General has not ordered the snspenhion of the printing of postal cards, but ha* sent direc tions to the special postal card agent at Spring field no. to accept any cards which are printed on an inferior quality of paper. The Morgan 5!T*L c.omfa,ny, which has been pri.,tin<? the cards, Is endeavoring to comply with It* contract, and print cards%ual to the sampl" wi !? several days l?etore it will be able to print enough cards u>?uirply the dei-art. m ? ?u . latter be convinced of the inability of the company to comply with the other parties?"1'*01' ^ WOfk wU1 be ?ive" t0 Liei't. Wheeler's Expedition.?The I>en* ver A>" ? of May 21st says Geo. M. Lockwood, agent ot the Wheeler scientific expedition, ar rived in that city the day previous to complete the necessary preliminary arrangements for m?!' rtJiHrVr *?' ?hich ?xpectod to take the Held trom that point June 1st. The expe dition. or series of expeditions, contemplates a thorough and exact surrey of the territory west ot the one hundredth meridlau. The observa tory at Ogden will l>e the principal connecting point In die tar-west country. A series of torn), graphical maps, ou a scale of one inch to eight lf?l?S?d. f? ?>? accompanied with descriptive text, devoid or Irrelevant or The Omaha Bbidue CaSE.-There is no question pending before Attorney General Williams as to what point is the eastern tarmi nusof the Union Pacific railroad. The only question before him In this connection recently i* the Omaha bridge case, and that he decided without touching the point as to where the terminus ot the road was. The Uniou Pacitic railroad company claimed that the bridge was not a partot the railroad, and therelorcthelaw . ,Jowe th? government to retain oiie lialt ot the compensation due the company for services rendered the government, on aficouut 2 i5t?*iHA? U^? rnlttd States- did not allow tTly "Calces renders over the Omaha bridge. The Attorney General nowever, decided that it made no dutcreiu-e whether or not the bridge was a part of the railroad, it was used bv the company, and tlie government therefore had the right to retain the money under the law. The <x?ntrover8y to ?s to the eastern terminus of the road is one in whteu s^vernmeiit has no interest, It bei a contest be J ween Omaha, Nab., on the side ot the Missouri riyer, and Coun?-"t t?i?.?? Iowa, on the east side. Council the terminus there, while t^e i^onle of X braska and the railroad 'Jmnan K ? mt nm.kA a??a>mw wmpaoT docd want it Shii^TiS th.f . L v^ner*! is or the opinion that matter can be settle by the court* under the late legislation of Con gress. A Conviction abd Another Murder in BALTiMOM.-The Balti?or? papers this morn tag tell of the sequel of one deed of blood and of the commission of another trirhtn a few hours Ib criminal court on Saturday ^-Was eonvicted of murder lathe ?mdegree for killing Annie Oibaon, whom, it will be remembered, be butchered with a some few months ago. About midnight of the same day John A .'Curtis killed William Sheaf (both colored men) on Chestnut street. ThUmnrder was done under the influence of pwswii.tee two men having quarreled over a ?"""?d" Til Spahiri Cobtes assembled oa Satur day. but in the speech of Flgneras the" wis nothing noteworthy except a renewal of the stale premise to abolish slavery in Cuba. He also said that Spain woald pursue a policy of order at boose, and did not desire any (erriter lal aggrandisement, which is probable enough so long as she has a formidable rebellion within her borders and finds It difficult to hold on to the territory she now occupies. A Carlist Defeat?General Cabrieetty, In ?>?????*?? the Spanish government troops, has defeated a force of ?,0M Carltsts under 8e ballo. General Valise has ordered the suspen sion of railroad traffic In the province of Valen cia under penalty of death. WInfanticide Is aakf to be incloasint to a startling extent In Manchester, N. tt. ?T"Ben. Sebobee, who killed Ben. Parrish at Bowling Oveen, Ky., ssveral weeks age, com mitted suicide in that ptaoe Friday night. He was driven to the deed by remorse. MrKcailc B?M lata Mexico. ATTlTrD* O* Tn* ADHISISTBATIOJI. The following Washington special Appears in the New York HrraU of to-day: At there has bee* mach speca'atkm through out the country regarding the recent punWh the Kfrcfcapoo Indians ia connection with the reported invasion of Mexican territory {'J * f*va,ry under Colonel MoKenaie, the following semi-official statement exidaia* the attitude of the administration : It wa* determined last fall te stop the rorfnc bands of Indians, give them reservation*, -uut rtqoire them to be on the lands desis?at*Mi within a reasonable time. The President in structed the Secretary of the interior to Iriorui the superintendents and Indian agents lecate<t !.V Ticinity of the predatory bands, that ?' the patience of the Great Father is exhausted , h*?rt i* *ngry, and bis hand will be fmnd ih^irV Hfalni? *ho him, stop their roving life, and neaceably go on the reser vations assigned them. If they do notabey him ne will send soldiers to punish -them." The Modocs, Apaches and Kteka^wos *<? alKrtit the only bands which resolutely oppose*! the or ?aa?n t Theresult ofthe camp iign -r.e A0',ycs and Apaches is already Known. Hie kick*p?>os occupied foreign ter ritory.. and tor their removal Congress made ample appropriation. It tw intended to give them good lands in the seuth western part or tlie i*rr. yV * cavalry esoort was promised through Texas, to prevent anv re ^g,efU,1 /V,ack V> the Tex?"?- All propo sitions tor their leaving Mexicar soil wire a their future c;?re was assigre.i " Anticipating a renewal ot their !.Ilto,.Te*as'} a?d in order that the entire frontier migut be under one onm ol was added t. 1 J?ry division of the Missouri, under Lieut. Gen"! PhiL Sheridan. The visit of ^ ?e.CretaIj ol War to Texii-S March had no official significance whatever. Partly for recre ?^tha,".ipar.tly forthel>?rPO^e of ascertaining whether the department wat; as eeonomi.-.aliv managed as it should l?e. he accompanied Gen'l fJttlr r i ?r. J* l*Pert,n? tour. Fro a, the i?i,.H.ti ? M,Ke"zi?receivedInstruction* sub stantially to pursue and nunish the Kickarous could bcKriick. Nothing was said regarding an invasion ?f Mexican territory, and far as i? known !!?? obe>"^., the instructions of his superior ??flicer, without discussing the propriety of crossing the Rio Grand^m exJutmgUem It is not expected his official report w il ex plain or account for any alleged violation of i!?iiterritory oi Mexico. The first intimation I-Iii tfc?",e F1 i Mexican government. If, ? rti then remain tor this government to tu'iVe sncli defence ot the put or future coiu'n.-f ,it its military officers on the Texan border a-ti e pence and protection of our people in this p.trt of the country may demand. The Kicka?oo< h? Irhft stated, are included among the uum ber which have ben turned ovei to the ariuv for punishment. There is 110 donbt but what that order will be strictly obeved. while it i* f-iiiaily certain no order has emanate.! from the President authorizing the invasion of anv part ol Mexican territory by the federal forces: The Public Debt. " The following is a recapitulation of the *Ut<3 ment ot the public debt of the United Stat * tor the month of May, 1?73 : l/eht Bfaring Interest in Coin. &'"<]* at ?> per cent *?1.332 73s fu, on at 5 per ccnt .iujSS % <fI.*47.:K)5.'j5i> (m Deli Rearing Interest in Larfui M>ih7J~ t? rtih * ludebtodm^ at 4 per ct <!7? o,*, m Navy pension turn!, at 3 per cent 14,000.000 m oj Debt on which interest bascea^i siuce maturity 2,l*;.2:n m D^bt bearing no interest. ????. Old dem <1 and legnl-teiMicr notes. 30G (V^> 0'*? To Certilicatcs of .loposit -'T^' k'nT r'a Fractional /"rrencv.. 9. certihcatcs ? ^W.'SS S 4ti0,932,^i}.:i i 7"?j debt 2.225,WS,0?4 'j1 1 nterest 3n,A6Jl *w>4 1 Vtal debt,princip'l and interest 2,2no'.74ivi:sj oj ~mmr . Ca*h in the. Tt asury? ?_ S7.*i..V?s.r.lG 1<5 ClllTenev ? ,.?,M. \' q. . . < .VI** 40 Sj^cial th i*mt h* U\ lor re4emi? tionof certificate- of deposit. as provided by law 2j.fjr, (XH> <?C Debt, les? cash in the Trensnry ^ ?I 11116 1. 2 ill Q?l\ ST1 It i h im cn*\\ ill tho Trea^urV, ' ' I May 1, 1873 2,153,I??,1.%5 :? Decrease of debt during the ua<t " ulomh IKI .SL~,**2 Vj Decrease of debt sincc M.ircli 1, 1 ,IC:5 *7,Ilfi.?J7 n; Decrease of debt from March 1, 1*?>, to March 1, !>?73 4P Tlic statement ot bonds issued to Pacific" rai . road companies shows totals as follows:?

Pnncipal outstanding. jnd,623,51?. interest accrued and not yet paid, ai.Gio.i-i7.'*); iutcrest paid bv the United States, *I8,5??,2S? :?>; inteie* repaid by traiicportntion of mails. i*4,iW.77.XH. 2{*U"Ce ?,:'ntere^t I,ald by the United States, 1 ?T 14j3?3|W0< ? 12. The laited NUt?a Xaval Acs CI-OS* O* THE ACAUKMIC TE ' ?" aWaRH or diplomas to thb ora?l^.^iss skc UKTARY BOBKSOIt. The academic year of the Naval Academy at Annapolis for 1872-'3 closed on Saturday with interesting exercises. A very large audience present. Among the distinguished guests were Secretary Robson, Judge Bradlev, of the Supreme Court; Judge Itobiuson, of tue Court oi Appeals, ami Gen. Kobinson. with member. ot the academic board. Admiral Davis, Capt. Wm. Hy. Preble, ot literary fame, and others. The graduates were seated in the front row ot benches, in the middle aisle, the remtiuder of the battalion taking possession of the side ro* ot seats, leaving to citizens tin middle of the Chattel. As Secretory Robeson, Admiral Wor den, Judge Bradlev ami < aptain Carter en tered, the audience rose. The Rev Mr. Sabine, ot the Baptist church. ot>e!ied the exercls.a with prayer, after which Rear Admir.' vu ?ve'e?n!,eV:ldre,W;in tUe' 6f which ho 4* ? SVM? Uca'Ieni pHctieal ail vice to the graduates. A dress parade followed. At its conclusion, the graduates, thirty-four in nnm *i . v"* ovlet engineers, marched to the ,ollt'tle ?y.rol' Academy band playing "Oet haUcrt"? ?r* Wilderness. ' The graduates Thci^l ,<:forJe Secretary Robeson, who was fr:Mmler n t?m|?orary pavilion. Secre Robeson then addressed the graduates briefly, and presented them their diplomas. As the graduates broke ranks the battalion cbeercd tlitm, and they returned it. whilst the band plaved "The Girl 1 Left Behind Me." Mid shipmen Schuetx, of Missouri; Deeriug. nf Maine; Fowler, of Massachusetts; Howard, of Illinois, and Cowes, of Connecticut, were re Sctively the live highest in the class, and det Leach the highest In the engineers* class receiving the lirst diploma. The other classes cheered the graduates, among whom was Zan Zoo Matsmulla. a Japanese. The graduates will have leave for one month, and then will be ordered to sea. The second and fourth classes will leave on the Constellation Wednesday or Tburadav for the summer's cruise. The third class will have three months' leave. ItiL~ *?L?7-~MAJL ?<>*??? AERE8TED. Robert N.padley is under arrest ta Bon ton charged with receiving and disposing of drafts and other valuables stolen from the mails. His alleged accomplice to.R- M. Wales, a postal route clerk between Toledo and Buffalo, who was arrested about a rear ago. Dudley Is said to hare made over fifty thousand dollars bv his operations. Ha had recently purchased a haud some cottage at Mattapan, near Barton, under the name of E. H. Purcell, and fitted it up with mach luxury. The establishment was talten ... T/- _ w_ ' hjs mmmm w?Q LAftCH possession of by governatent officers, and Its oc JStfSS,~XiZL%ZZ?i2i&?r. gtorty, luring a sfungsbot, assail & bThm" sock, or th? New IMmm HerawTatthe corner ^i?UTleLMld ?'. Hancock r? ceWed afievere but net dangeroas cat on the forehead. His asm I Is nt eaSgsd. McExkbt has iasned an addram to the neo . *?; Wato?, the hotel swindler, well. VSfiJi "r- ?" ?"-?? ?? jjr.ssss ?,wnraS the world of fashion. SEW YORK STYLES FOB J|M_ ?*?? Sramaklat. I > otto* C*i rtjp<m4fnct >if Tk* Ermin^ Star.] N?W YOB*. May 31,1ST i. Spring Via* mver had a reputation Mbeproitd ot in tkene latitudes, but tiie ?|>ring of 1S73 will long lie remembered as Me of tlio dreariest of its kind. People say we had sncli weather before th w*. and ham time-, in More on th* sta'ength ot it, but it docs not require a pro,-lie: to foretell hard times somewhere in no vervdi? ,r?twr," 'T'? "ho ar? on,T *??? <?. faking life pleasarif, who will pay two per 2SC1* ? d.Ay to gft rid of " trouble," who cob and live as getieroudv on mer^f^ ^ moi,ev u'?y ? o" tfce interest ot tbe money thev own. Business men cecnnlainbf their "hard work," V conM,*tt Principally in talking about the hldllrlf.f bnr,tiT,t "P "ensebodv willing to ?"dorse U?eir promises to pay; moan while tfceir 2, intw?t?Me in the hands of hired emi-lov < w">L"" mnriYal B by staying away from how.; h much as |*v?uble, or Anally by breaking u?. at an e,,?r,uuu>( ??-"-? ?ih5ev,Llcau*ed b.-v waste and expenditure are everywhere remedied l>v greater waste \n 1 larger expenditure. Certainly there must com ? a ?iay ot reckoning sometime. i? , ^%'h" meantime, strawlK-rries are crv L,t li?, jrr5et*',be ?,ark *nd tb? avenues a?e ! 4,1,1 ??triders, and sunshine to U',at lK"Ople are beginning ^ who have no residences in New ??.ri "i*0" tbe Hudson) ?*where sha'l you spend the summer?" Now it is all very well to .say "Oh' Mr has found_a delightful farm-house, whose only draw-back Is that it i? a distan e from the city, an.t he will not be able to com ? to see us very often." Hut in her >ecret li-art Ji?i r 1' often 1,01 all so much picas .{ with the rural pros|>ects as she pretends t?? !? ? 'J* little to be envied al ter all. ' *tt.r!irVOB^ 0< I* "country farm-house" t , dislikes eggs, who is a jew in regard to !r? a,V cannot drink milk, are no! so grea r atttr all; and when to these facts are added th knowledge that one or two choice friend* re ii!iiin in town, that several short excursions have been planned lor '-over Sunday" in which she can have no share; the m^tfnnolv.'t ?f \u>men naturally l>eg'n to *it*pect the effu^on "'?VrAW"'Ch ''i6! sympathizes with h r ".?ares, and his anxiety to see her and the e!i?re?a^,Ure y a"11 ho^ tor t!, Til K FRESUIMT I* KASH1..N. til en/rt "T lil"' rt,ul'iieitv have .-rent rfmall fashions; w hether It ?i|| remain or not. lasts. "Ce"' " *"*>d at lca;t Pamers have been aV..t!,e enormom -.haTe A ready dre" v s look o!?l which are pun. d ? - ige'buneVs and tbe straight rertiiigotc?siuA.le di?Uii gnished?carries all befoie it. The distinctive parts ?.f th-: la teat cort times are the redmgote. the heir ot hI-.rk velvet and iinihrelia meuts o1 tiy>dlz,'d ?dver, and Hi What is it that has rained upon us sti.-'i showers ot umbrellas, that has all at once ! H"e .umbre,l? into an article h lui of the greatest importance? Every shop is full of them, and the iiri -e range trum nine to twent.v-tive dollars. The recent styles are of the finest twilled Kilk changing dark blue or pluoi-rolOr into black. litera?'.V^aire COruel,a?. ivory or solid Miter, bnished as crosses, as strai* with buekiAs r ^ti it? CaIyii. 01 a Bower, and in various other devices. The club handles are (osint; heir prestige; the newest design* close into a sleiider a dey.ce as a ge?l?nun s sword-caut -AS Other antique heads, x:.:. -? Spliynx, or The euitt att*-?-- ' ? ?astens the belt. v * ..ments for umbrella and vai aigrette shoul.l match. The set costs t-n t? fifteen dollars. Of course, these are not tiU-tr but what i* real nowadays? A lady whost hnsband'hw been very wealthy, who lived al>roa?l tor year.-, who tlourishe.l it ot ,he Empress Eugenie, was supposed to iKNiwss a foi tune ill her diamonds All her friviHls knew that they wore furnished ^lhr,c?urt^er,and matched in appear ance the magn.heent jewels posted by the Empress, io-day her husband u a bankruot and it turns out that her diamonds are paste, though they hare passed current in the "best"' society for years. I ?i- Vbe toilette growing in import ir.k.o the neck. ??jJre.licis" and Elizabethan rut* are taking the place ot tlm | modest ra ttle of lace or pleating of muslin, whici* succeeded the time-honored collar; and if tha uitnepHious rontnine to increase in the ratio, it is Impossible to tell where It will end. styles now consist of tha i w5 fh* ftake; the latter consisting of a 'i^ ,lve< cut high at tha back ot the throat; the former ot net ot nvislin, reiiit^i C ',' h0,,,oW l''cWs, sometime^ rejieated ia Uie material of the dress, which tonus an outside ruff, the lace or muslin com in a next the skin. A little exaggeration of the modes would give us the flaring, wlng-Iike an. pendages ot t^ueen Anne's reign, but at present the^pa,take of the more suteiy E^abXaa KtDtiro rorsTBr hats. ?. .t^e *" two l?r young lady e-inestri airs this season, both of which have then ad. mirers and which may be seen auy fiuedayuis>u the bridal-paths in the Central Park One is i?Yi tbe ?,ber-tJ e "Hotten Uow.-' and both take their names frt m the hat which accompanies the costume. T.TAe.VBrW i801 tLe t Tce ItaJUn type. The hat uahigh,conical felt similar to the "Ty rolean. but instead of st vi al narrow folds is ornamented with a single, road band ot y,lf teavher, 1 he lastiioiiahle color is cof ,vr/ / coffee ereei i \ PriaoeLstyle, witi.*^5' *i' skirt in one in tbe fo Vlv VT - wit" a ?asque at the b;ick^ is of cottee greon cloth, b ,Jd?i m a .lirker shade ot the color, ana m intp,i ?,th gilt or oxydized silrer butt ? s. la^r-rti^,.!l worn at the throat ait*' wr , ce rutties are quieter^11*0^ ?r <:^Jtten \oir" style is much A c\tee cut jacket cf na y blue.n^tUe green, t?ni*^ ifw i'i w?l''y bjnnd with narrow, twilled, silk galloon, ?,nd Jnbhed with simu lated cutis, real torn over collar, and vest t^n nr"t?? ?C kbe*rtUt' a sma'ler edi Lm.?. . one *01rn..b^' gentlemen, around which a gauze veil is ite*> ntd and tucked shirt with narrow collar ol lin*u cambric edged witli fine English embroider". Karrow neck ties dogskin gloves with t untletv A cMhmere skirt is olten worn witb tl ese cloth jackets. A lady s whip is undoubte< y for ornament rather than use. It is a slendei a>y, with a handle ot f?"j % cornelian, .Iyer, or onyx; cut er tnrned into crosses, bor ? shoes, or other em blematic devices. Broad brimmed htts I are appeared in straw &na muslin, under the tu?ihp ot 4<couiitrv" An?i "gsrden" hats. Very handsome "c^ntJy ha^*r# onegkom wltu slightly oral crown., and broad brims raised at the sides over a spray ot flowers, or a pretty ornament of laee aisl rtbboA The ouMds t- imming is a long plume laid flat against the si. e or the crown, w more frequently gros grain ribbon and flowers, a bunch of roses or dripping pond liMies. The n and' "oft. cap crowv rather Mgh ttw brosvi, and surrounded with a deep indented brtm foyer, d with straight, sia ?i ?"?Hn, exactly like the kilt completes the garniture. mand j caps worn by little girls-but the plain white mnslin, Una and sort, in clone plaits is more beoMBlng. p M " ? .v , , L?** Cl'STCMK*. u nJu? the season there clent for rammer needs, and was mui* . ?.?? ?? ??'"?wm needs, and was made w'rh > ?'0 ?!Te mor# Nation po tbe snbject, for it Is fc and now that bleached wd ""b,eecbed Irl^h linens are In hlgk tone tn ft*ton?Me tabcic; so kigkly ^wLd n$h tints, to select ittsre a combination of braiding and ei.bro.der \, o with pare needlework alone. a? to merit no '?jypfr the ap|<eiUtion of -?impi?." The *e costumes are really artistic. The ore broidery I* sometime* a couibinat ton of a darker M>ade with while, sometime * whit* and again ?he d.*r>er !:hadf The cost is tweutj nee dollar* for the hand em'>roider*d ?nw, un ?*' ttii Is rarely vary cheap. To work ipon them must be?fur the poor opera tives one long starvation. Batiste i* a modern improvement upon linen; light showy, adaptable, hut not no firm o durablo as the pUia, solid fabric. 1 make* up into very light, pretty, and coo summer e-ostames. however. and trim* charm Ingly with lace ot the wme shade. To etul.r ji however, seem* very much like painting the lily; it certainly mM* no beauty t.. a fabric whose chief charm is it- lightness and d. 11, acy. while it kas the effect ot drawing the 1 r if adding a dtgrt* u(" weight sirable heat ot summer. is not at all <ie '''??? and linen rontitle are the nov eltles In linen dre* material-., and thev are a indestructible a# if they were to be used tor? what are sometimes called in Kngland?labor hn? frw>V: aredull, canva?~ boll in color. and the new, plain, dark blue cost,,mevarc not tuterxiol tor city promenading purno^* ? tliey are tor the **?a-side. for mountain evcir SZ out'" whu h i* getting to wet,*1SiiSS?0 *****ot W"*? u w -rr?. '?* su tiering any more with pore. .?L <??" "*!* their tour mile* to the hour a? well a* men, it thev arr together " '' *,kl il u>'I,,r several tuiurs | Walking boots are now made with low. broad I heels, and the sole fitted to the shape ol the | loot They arefinished without hows or buckle* or.fancy ornaments of any kind, an.1 depend I *holly u|K>n their neatness and adaptability tot their beauty, Jt Is unnecessary to say that thev "5.!?t-,0'l<L "*** comfortable for'wear, but really give the foot a much better appearance Moreover. there are hopes m>w that the nevt ouVVrut'che? WOniC" Wl" '* ab,c ^ w*lk ?'lh _ WHIT* TOILETTUW. tel^uf?e fofw,'"?,trert toilette--is over. A lew will be worn by vouns ?rirU and i.?r quet M?d garden parties Uiev^e.' ot ?urJe prmte as ever; but ladies ef^ortr m mEMK them suitable wear, and thev will ?? i I seen upow city Cheroag blares. bl?ek"il'k'wr^vi'lT*'i ',,r* *rr ??<?? wit!, oimck siik ?r velvet collars, cut!* and hurt .... Juwde P*"" erc*lU*.. is jn tints ami o?i?r> and bald, opaline w lute, finds little lav .?r toi ..tV!^U "" W,u to ,,e White ^ Mtrc,Be nic^v III every detail ol the costume. ar?-not adapted to the variel ??"l HreespectaU v 1 aT^nrd when worn oy matrons whoMavotrdu JH>.s i.?. not a subje< t ol remark and wIiom* <-oin- i plexions have loi.j; cenaed to be a aource ol i edi ving rert-et'oiiorNelivratuIation * <?h. bl. sst.l Ux^n ol youth and health am 1 treshncss. that can wekr anything that re- 1 ?l'''r?> neilhe' Mike nor diaiuon'ds to ,.?t oU ,i.Tll,a*,,Bds " tr*>? * nuisance and , ,r, tails an abomination; and is more loveh in hitv cent muslin than in fifty dollar silk. * Hut though white is no long.-r t ?.-hionaT)le i\>r tfie strett. it ie not banished utterlv. It j-. place indoors botii tor ,uor,iing>ani eVe ,,L a?.ir. Nainsook is the favorite niaUrn.i ?. morning drew**; and some ladi, . ("*^1' ! . teiul?rLer n0IU ^ June t!n'^o: s'p and riiapleet the Prin ctw dress, cut without lining, a pleat'or nth!? Ing m the skirt at the back; the .ea.B? ?,li ; ss,;rztzrsi;:?'"""- - at ssff sleeves to match. e*' a* ?fe the . Ath'rd d+figii is made with a Spanish rtounee beaded with msertkins, the sash outlinm* a Til'i , , ,'Ch ""lil-ort* the ba^nic at the b i k Le boddjee is aituost uniformly* open in front and furnished with muslin pleatlhiandU^ without an underdress of silk. The tunic Is tut u,^r.?V.ya ofembroMeryand lace \ ety pretty summer ball dresees are ma<le bv aiveiing a somewhat pasM evening ?ilk, witii |daltlnggof crtf. litf and ornamenting it cw"n*UoUli, ami forget-m - not*. .Small fluwers. natural in color and si^e have qnite taken the place of the enlarged m.i fai.ciiully colored sjK-cimeiu worn last winter malk itnaasMAKiMu. Ten year* ago hardly an article o( wora*nM he bought ready made in the em ui New 1 oik, with the siugie exception of clui? It wa* urged then-by tie pre^^ it wae as practicable for much of the cloth;ti* or women to be furnished rea-ly made a? that of thetilne ?*?"' ?Pidly AlmlS ^ ?ou'd be graded, made, and sold in the humeday. fhe profOieey has been fulfilled aud more. Indies furnialiing hoa?ea do not ?top as men e clothing stores do TT. ^rtTfn average limit of cost and popular dMn ta .iV-rther and vie with eacLother in the splen dor ot their single toilettes, in their eflort- to suit individual patrons. "Ie ?*a* ?f enormon* exr^me an<l a world of trouble. It coinitel* tbeui to keen a corps ot expensive dreafmakers, whose waste of coelly material is something frightful. Then there i* the heavy loss upon fitted* garments !>f fauoifiai design, which are not ea?ilv altered w.ll only suit certain |<ersons and upon which jTi^ 11 , *1?*'nttttes of costly trimminif A11 this is a mistake. Dressmaking should only be done to order, and fftted garments of everv description sliould be cias^d ?,th dressmilng Keady-made clothing s?,o rid comprise, fn ?l dition to underclothing, skirts. sVirt waiats loose-fitting suits ami cortamesof linen cloth w aterproof, and alpaca and hilf fitting jackets ?anee g?? ? a'*1 in common par lance. fit everybody; a-nl ir w..?i and nsativ Suff^,rS|,B,.tt? popular re juire ht h . V^i .t^*n i ai1 be produced. mwfiLii f .. f"ul,fv Jon Will never find If cut- nc?tlv-mad*, cuitabh ? trimmed ga ment out of a hundred in anr store ?ntK"' ?l T ^"slvTTy ? the gin e too big or too utile, or ctits too lliu _ much. *!?'" 0 ca*e with underclothing. In tliis dep&rtn ent perfection. both tor iadies and chi.dren. ba? been as ncaily arrived at a? can be expected. Not an article worn but is fur nished ol go id material, tolcrablv well made. ?' 1*1?** freely exceeding the individual cost Ot labor and material. This is a boon to womeu. such as the 7 alone can appreciate. Hat the sooner our ;Teat outfitting establishments rid aBd ?"bside into tbeir legitt. ate business of '?outfitters," the better tort, -in selves. Jekmib J firs. Scba* B. A*tho*t's Trial?Relative to the aj proa. -mg trial of Miss Suaan B. Antho ny. Mrs. L. tier says that she has been aaked to receive eon ributions, as Mia Anthony is poor and unable to pay legal expenses. Mia ruw. |?y.; "MU. Anth^y S.*^^7o^e?u in the mon: avoid any possible trouble and without t>.i? to induce iSToie^euTS?? But the t ng got noised abroad through the town, and 'hfrteeti others, ladies of the Eigh?t reepjetabi itv, voted later in the day. mZ Anthony had voted at former elections and m notice had ever been taken of it by the state or city omciaU. The law proride. Vh?y|? punishment for a registrar's refusing to take ssr ixl'Smm. s? ssssrsz: hae e*et been taken of it ?^oe H Thursday t>d M a serrant la the ramily of Mrac KJ-SSSfft ou?- ??,i "r1 is ^'.hZZ?i?e?X!s% rsjfsS eloth was Ibund tied ttoktly aroond J??2^,S3?? sri?S2???" She Wk? tlilrty-nine years of acTT man^M James Bowers was ammdlw Friday on ?us P1 clou of being the murderer. An Indiana eovrt has M?d I mm ?*J, kis own wife, notwithstanding the ob jector of her father. ??????? we 00 hieopee, Mass., has a guishct eompany. Why they shOuU lor utalM it is hard to say W1 ghost in Springfield, ID., has a 1 ?*} *? ?D-*i?aaiiy rt^ag f?rH bat never gives any ordets. kw ie the det^btfal think white Jack, and going faa to present to tl:? a I Hi TE1E6BAH8 TO THE STAB ? ? Tkh AlUn? AM90CIATKD mJLsa MKTORTS. ? I'? Tart <l?m. ?< <><? To ttwri. Ni ?' Yoke. .Imi* : ?Hon Smiiiuc! J. Tllden, f i-rnu ?f4?*MTt(ir Kkl??Miir*l wilt U arc lor *? r*?v en the 14th in-laid He delirt> <1 t ?t n*. fr'w fc1- puhfte laS?r? ni.til the e ?n p ? ?e overthrew * lh?ringt*U mm i vM ?rrr aauwt iuivit ui to r. co\?i *441 o?v ts>r uMlervaNatkoa of im ported ? car bli been tl* -intlnuci; the de riilti't pavii* the A?onnt claBi<si, wt.u l' kih ff iw ew^. TUB Mt*ai?e *TWAW?B l?rOK?? irum Una port for N<* Orleans h?U the follow* lug pawengera. Flret cabin. Mr rn!trtl?w. Mi*. J. W T?ixkctvaorlt, Mr? 8. !>*V **e ""taB cabin, .l0M*i>h ulltwk. Bo her' WU'!?. ,ij*ewa E. Fordlma aad Manna S? ?>i . colo-ed. IH? officer* are: Captain. L 8 Clapp.oCB Ftrat olticei. Craw lord. first fii/ nor. 1 *ru second entlMft. M rltoniM inivoopRru, ( Lium iikil ? *??. Tkr Ithrl CM against the women N> n~thu|1 aalCl<fim *a? called thi- morning. ai d ?J jugmcd until to-notrow, to al w tiiuc for the pr- p ration oi i)M?thl>i|rm< for a further adjov? nmcnt The define* cUtm th?( impor taut ?Itnt aaua are kba ul. thi otbbu wiv.nm ? i t<i. In the raited 8tate* Clrcm: 0>?'irr to-morrow the counwlft>r Woodhutl and wi" move pcremt tort'y to have a da* ??" ?l t??r 11? trial of the'charge a?aiii?t tt iu tot nan <ig olxteur U'nrature. Tmi:ku ii* *in ov?Cr>i'Au:? CliarWs Wilson, captain or x c > 1 it, pounded his wire an-1 threw h?-t o*? r *1 i?i nt^ht In the Ea* river. obs-i ? h:1 r \ % ! that he ha>l had t iiougti tl. a. L. ? m i . A l<olicemau Jumped ovciboard ui! re-- i -I U. a s?i:ib* or mail t: 'rrr. r. It ha* heer discovered that tl??* m<i.< i *!??*! mail# have bee neystcm Alice \ an ? ? u I, robbed tor a long period. I I. r H*.uy ton, Suffolk ami Gkncoe have T?ee i "... - ii ferer*. OTBIIIU A PAIL0B'* f E At* WITH * ?'M >:????: KBITS. One Piatt, keeper of a W?' r lot, wt* arretted yesterday for opei '.u*. * i li i i ?. ktiiie the head ol a ta'.lur earned C ark* Barney. <rr.iT ma wir*a n* ?r? orr*. William Shaw apttl hi* w a'* I *d o;e<u I i Greenwich at reef lest nifht ululr ir tnv THHOiT CfTTtHO ABU N t ..IttN'U Huritic a quarrel in Th? ? . - ?n xtreet. Vin cent Bl?>od, colore?l. c?t V rr. rhKmrwon'" throat. coli>rvd. while the la; ? t *k- attvBptin^ to bit*- eft BloodV noi>f. ArCIDBM ALI.T -*or. I^aar Sitnimi* a<cideuta - . ? ! n?olf At Bald* :iiMille. lx>n?: l*'an<t - * l . . HYDIorm'l > A mvl d?><r wv fUot in H r -< u ? reet pea terday alter aevere,) bittiit: ui?t> ^ ? . hoy. A *ir? Mt KUKKKk ?: N Fltri-atrick. ?ho murder - *>'?? .? \ iwv er>, wrrwdnrtd to the |k> ? at ? . .t >|Ttn|{, to abich nl;?ca he Bed. I ...t.:. - , l commitnu the deed. I* KKPLK-1>" ' dndce narifi granted tl . it m a,|. .lonrnment of the trial of W n >i ; * 'rtolwr. 1 ha adjournment w ? (? ? : *n afii<la\it "f phyairiai**' to tl. ?<*?>. .> ?? e?-e<1 ?ith the trial no<r ?<i t ' ot -lobti iiraham. Tweed V Jiii *irjv Karapr r -? >1 . whit *?n u*, dune'J?To-da \\ : ?. holklat hi Kii|(laiid. Nob* actAd here or at Liverpool. IWKIVBpor Ml- * V "v\ A MX'c.fcl di>i>atcti lo t , 1 Bayvti: e, ^ay? the CarlM i. t !>i .. Iia? l?een <1eprive?1 of hii> eoi > I A KCi EII k>< ? r took p'are on Saturday i? r ,t Bitreeloiia. between a tore. #l the united Carlift bUiJn . n< tany and lion AlfonNO. A:t?-r r i r ol *evet al lioura duration the lu.-ui^ . - were deteated. and lied. Tin y wire pwaocd 4?itr tl- Moi. i.-tral de Caldot^ by Ik* gov'-rum-, ut tr?*j| ?i. All the federal rep ibli, ati laotion* In Barcelona have renounee?l their earl j?:ve par ty y lew?, and united a- one body In opnoKitian to the monarchic?. UIKVISU THE The government ha* rwived a di*pateh fiom G< n. Nouvu.a*, tUfng U?*t *:?!. :j.?oo men h<- holdr all the mouotain t>nsv>Mn Bi^-ay, and I* driving the CarliK* in that province to ward* the eoart. I-KUMAKY *?T (ATirrilO WITH M'MAHoW. The 7im-?oI tin* moruing publtaliea a ?p< . ial difpatch from Berlin whi< h >av? the <t<-im.i'i government it-diwatn-ti?-d with Proi<l< nt Mf MaltonV addreiw to the French Ai>? -mMv. and will itot enur into regular diploiuatie re(atio*> with hif g?ivi rtiuiont until **ticti. d that France will faithrtiUy adhere to the treaty ot Frauk loi-t Bnlrbery of twa Wawen In VirglaU KlCimnMi, \ a., dune J?Si-e. iaN from Suf folk. NaiiM-nioiHi ooanty. Va.,?tatMlh*t Mrn l><-m|M>ey Joneo, and her Mt>t?r. MiwIKizik. living nine unlet- fu>m that place, were ratir dert'd jrsterdav atw! the hou?e p'ui??l<"r<vl while Mr. Ji ik* and the children were at Sunday school. A bloo<ly club wa.? found iu the bounc. anil bloodv inatkrol bare feet were dtr<-ovcred at the froiit entrance. There ii? a clue to the murderer* and the citizen* are bunting them. The wildest excitement prevail*. ? . ? A KkeleloH Haagiug l? the T?p ol m 1'all free. Ma< os. OA., dune t?The akeleton of Cha?. Brnwiidebald. who mynU-riouidy (l'.Mi>pr?r*il from tbi* citv two montli* ag>>, nan been found hanging in the top of a tall tree near thi? city. He hnnghim?*if with hi* ?uitx"*h1 ??!"? during'a ht of mental ilimt ion, from dnnk. ?Age r Beer Keller* Arretted. VoK( kktkr. Maw, May 2.?Siat?-eii la^rer beer saloon kee|<em wAre arraigued l?efore the central district courtthia momiiig, cli*rg*-d by tlie idatr constable with selling liquors Their case* will l>e tried this afternoon. 1 he acca<<d will probably be fined, and will then appewl Eieltiag l?i?r Hani. ALL l AITlUUl BlTCATTAI1 JACK AXU THIUCB VAKUOSI. Tlie cavalry and artlllerv c<?nnnand? and the Warm Spring Indians, nnder Col. tiree n, lott BaylfV at 2 o'clock Thursday morning, ami rode in hot haste to Clear lake, whereupou U?n. Havis issutd *]>ecial order* for the aeout*. Bt> gus Chailey, Steamboat Frank, 8ha<-k Na?ty Hooker dim, who accompanied the expedition, to lead the war to -Tack'* Willow creek retreat. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon Captain daekaonV men ctme acroa* tarn picket* on a blutt neat the creek, and chased them to .lack ? retreat. 7 he tlecing Modocscried, *'Uau o?t'.")"Kuii quick!" "Soldier* are com ng!" Captain dack*ot. deployed hisskirmidier* Ai-mg the face ol the bluft. Though eapectmg to re ceive a heavy fire the men ran to the trout like deer under the lead ot tlicir officer*. Buddealy the Modoc*, conversant with EnglUh.cried out: "Surrender! Surrender! We no light, we want 1 talk peace: we like peace!" BrtdTO* CBAKItV A rBt??m Boeton Choaiey.the murderer of the iter. I>r. Thomas, came in f ull view, and was immedi ately covered by a dozen rifle*. Charley w.Vered U> surrender, and allowed to coaae to camp. The fcurpriar rc*ulte<t in the surrend?fr of B xtoti Charley. "Princes* Marv." (sister o< Captain ?lack.) Black dim'* woman, awl Bvc other female Modoc*, ranging from n>ne to u.uety years ol age. and *evcu i>ouiee and utile*. The Modocs actually alipped from the gra^p of the troxpa. There was no help for It. Capt. Jack'* retreat this time was inaide of the (#ne thorvgh which Willow creek run*, The raoon haa precipitou* aides, averaging forty feet in UMt OB TUB TBAIL AOAIB. The Warm Spring Indian* trailed the M >4oc* aero** the creek in a northwesterly direction, and the* dae worth, and finally ?? a rocky BllIT bounding Langell's valley oa the east. Thi* Meat, from the owtaet, was the Met exciting of the campaign. The freahHeaa of the tracka and their apparent proximity to the Modoc* main tained continual exciteaaent The troop# were led over ridge* and hill*, aioag canona and val leva, aad over Mall atreame of water, a f#wto traveled with diBculty by the heat trained aad aallea upon milea of lava la frag THE CBABOB AID TBS irUODBt. The aeout* tat the trail, and adelmtioa at wo hoar* waa the reeult. The halt arm* (hen i by a sudden yell I heers from of "Forward" waa given by Cel. Green. Alone the creet ef the WuB aad down p trail oa

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