Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR Boding Msttsr on Evsry Ptgg Lirgat Cirtilrti? ii tht Dirtriei WASHINGTON CITY: MMMT Jaa* 3, 1*7*. BnwMrr of iko Mopmtel f ram t?? no4* CMitry. Gen. Da*is liu achieved a great triumph. J5y a stretch of masterly strategy he encom I a*ed the Modow. toil cat off Capt. Jack'* re treat- Capt. Jackwn deployed his skirmisher*. ?i,.l raptured Capt. Jack and his three war tiers, and the war is ended. * L-i't.?By a slight failure of Captain Has* Bro'uck an<t Captain Jackson to m tke connee I ow Capt. Jack and hU three warriors have Bscaped. It was ail on account of the lara. Hut Capt. Jack was greatly surprised. Our gallant army captured Capt. Jack's grandmo ther, (the "Princess Mary,**) Black Jim's wo r<an. ("Kangaroo Sall,"> and "Ave other fe male Modocs, ranging from three to twenty jcarsot age." Y't Later?Gen. Davis has beer, deploying Sixain, resulting in a brilliant success. The it^air was the most exciting of the campaign. Borne of tne Modocs canic in, offering to sur li'udcr. Some of our guns went off. accident ally, and the Modocs went out agtin. Gen. Davis then deployed some more, routing the Modocs from their lair. Suddenly four shots were fired, and four bullets whizzed In the air. Cen. Davis then cried " Forward !" About this tin e Capt. Jack and the three other Modocs tasked down the roeks and cried out, " We sur ie:.dt r! IX)n't shoot!" The Modocs then came In at once, and the war ceased. Lat'.-t?Capt. Jack and his three warriors l.a ve gone out again. The Cumberland .?w* says that the passenger fare from that city to Washington by the Balti t ore and Ohio railroad is g'.io; to Baltimore t'on. The Cumberland JVm'i tn an article Which has no reference to this fare (or rather nntair business says: "The distance by rail to Baltimore is 17> miles; to Washington by the Metropolitan branch i* l.*?1 miles." Put that and this together and we tnd thV H costs JO cents more to travel 131 miles on tli ?* road than it does IT- miles?whi<-h is not so paradoxical a? it seems, because you needn't pay the larger sum lor the shorter distance, nnless you are so per verse as to want to visit Washington instead of Baltimore. And yet President Garrett prom ised there should be nc discrimination against the District! The Cumberland A>??? naively pays: "The demand for tickets to Washington is not lively, as the fare to Baltimore?15.30 J- so well-known that as soon as a passenger is fat turned that the fare to Washington is frt.70 lie immediately purchases a ticket to Baltimore, which, of course, carries him to bis destina tion." The same discrimination in freights would nitke a difference of nearly 'JO per cent against this District. An interesting bounty case was decided in Jt ? Jersey the other day. In 1 *>5 sixty men wire enl.sted and credited to Iloboken, which at that time was oitsriug ?4<?0 each for recruits. Boon after the enlistment of these men the T.eas came of Lee's surrender, and thev never w ent into service. The city then refused to pay the bounty,claiming that the war having closed it was released from*its obligation. iCecently a test case wa* brought to recover the *4O0, to gether with interest for seven years and ten ii.ontbs. and the court decided in favor of the claimant for the amount claimed. ???? ? Kefcrring to the recent judicial decision in Alabama that a failure to fulfill a contract for the sale of cotton, where the jury found from the evidence that there was to be no actual delivery of cotton, but the difference was to be adjusted tn money was not an act of bank Juptcy, the Alabama S'a"> Journal remarks that "in view of this clear and explicit decree, we feel justified in announcing that it will prove the death-knellof the extended gambling which bas so long prevailed in this country under the ?pecious name of ? eotton futures.' " At the session of the National Agricultural Congress at Indianapolis on Wednesday la*t the secretary submitted the third annual report, from which it appears that there are 10,W) ag ricultural societies in the United States, two thirds of which were organised within the last |ix months. The aggregate membership was given as VW.noo farmers banded together for mutnal protection. The Congress was attended By about 130 delegates, representing ninety farmers' clubs, state granges, and agricultural colleges. So much poetry, good, bad and indifferent, lias been published on the subject that we trust our Fort Wayne contributor will excuse us for sot using his "Lines on the Demise of Chief ?Justice Chase." We give the concluding verse, liowever. as a fair specimen of the whole : And the death of Justice Chase Is serious to the nation Which he has served so faithfully In his responsible station. The public debt statement, published else where, shows a decrease of B3,523,2*2 50 since the 1st of May. When it is taken into considera tion thatthe receipts from customs last month wtre lighter than usual, and the payments lieavier on account of purchase of sites for pub lic buildings, payment of the pensions which *cme due quarterly, .Sc., the decrease is very satisfactory. The Stw Yoik H'orM has uone Into the martyr far listing business with its neighbor, the a) d is \uite banpy. (although it affects to be miserable) over the arrest of its ?^special ccttimi&?ion.,r,"Cbar'esBradlaugh.the Fi.gUrh repubHcaa. by the CarlUts in Spain. It will be a s.-kI da* tor the Donsof Spain, when the Wt rid ami H't 'M unite in a war of extermi* nation against then-.. The crresponde?.: of a New York paper, Wiiting from Yi-rua about the Exposition, ?peak* enruaitgiivly of the pr>>spect of a re?pectable exhibit bv the Americans. He says the api>ointment of Mr. Schultz a? chief com ?>is?ioner has had a wonderfully quieting effect on the American exli >itors, and that in three weeks more the Catted Slate* will mike a Brave show. The New Orleans *g?nt of i-he Associated Press say* that "Governor McEaery has issued on addret* to the peo| '.e of Loubianu, advising acquiescence to the K -Hogg jrov< rament until Congress a?*s.mbles in Uecember." Now tbis i> very commendable in Mr. McK.iery as a citi *en. but why does the press agent at New Or Bans persist in styling him "Governor." If the Pnblic Oanl. uer will coat his eagle eye over the Smithsonian grounds he will see that they need mowing pretty badly. White weed and similar weedy nm- t'ices are guing to seed; the grass is lodged. at? altogether the grouudi ore in a very untidy e<-ndition. The Baltimore Gaf'tc closes an article urg ing that a fund be rat>-ed to give free excursions ho the poor children t>. i- summer, by offering to Bead the list of contn ..ator* with the liberal Rib of fSOO. m ? George Francis Tra;n has sailed (or Europe. May the breeaea be steudy and strong that waft him from oox i' stbawbbbk festival FLBTCti K a. B. CBCBOB, CoraerofKew iork *os??s4 khi?rH?. BY BEY Bl'iUT THIS ? --iBB bat Saiurd.jr. Sea ? attchsto.3te' Buppw.rQe. j?<5? rva * Lif c o, a,n RRW !W! V^niTfmie, eoiii?idn| THIS BTBW1SO. asd mdiMf ?l?? a H???er on !.?;?> Night ltes? D ncasts, io er- ?, single S''| >??' ?. I* r?T>e? I' auTICK?A r- ular eennnnatcat <o? of ?. L_7 b rMNi'H Lot ul will b- h*U at Ms aTuic Temnle IHUlM laf >BVEHIXO. at T 30 A t ^ A e' M vceif -m ?eh*?r a Isetars -n Ms?.nle Ji rissra*sue?. All utitnlltSMr ? aoothasst?. ^tner of Uth ?sdfl'rj^to avithwset. Money was wj abundant atid at New York on Saturday, the rate for call loan* de in tbe atUrnoon to 3*4 per cent. Mr annum. raciiic Mail w%? uie moet active stock. ,nt V.w5*k* d'f linin* 41/, to 39k. and closed at 40\, tliejvwf Sgare* vet r?a< lied. _ _ *?'?. awrc. Ab<| 9*U t S consolidated, MlWr** Virginia's. 10', bid today I7S air? ?f'J J -??*<?? dnM?low middling. ? .y dulJ; market faTors boy em Wh-at -hits " Si*? *c,lr? tvT soathera? I?' southern, *J; aiiixl WMUara?nil,WL Oats dull?eouth-rn, IKIM; west ??? p ' ' ti0, white. 50^51. SyTjalet Jr^~ , H"T aolM and steady?western, f2W#?jj ? *? a?ml?al?y unchanged. W~??n> ,f?'t de?rand?good ch dee roll. X2niU Meady?s 11*ooddeaiAnd ami _Nkw York, June 1?Stocks Arm. G '11 dull. 1"^- Money eaey . s?v>. Exchauge lon<, 8'a short* ?V Sorrn mnMndull and steady * i JT .li'if *lj'wne J ?nn and drooping, a beat ?nn? and heavy pro doll and heavy. THE WEATHEIL *? Dtr*i?Ti.*wT, (?', ,* ChtO 8unal OMter.l ^ *sat\?ro*, Juuei, u;3, huue. m { 8tsop*t? foa Tm ri,T twksty four hovrs ? ,l.hi*ht?rt,,OVer '??-???? England a id tii h*V,a*B northwest of the Olilo t-.lley, with ea-r<-rlyt" smtberl\ viinds and c|e?r yr*.^*r' f*c"* fr-"" N-braaka and w.-?.?rn low. r?n^r 'r *?*?** ?"? Minnesota, where m22?/?zn r' rf'? ar'r ?I?l brisk sitfh-rly , bave pret ailed. A diminished pressure has nV r-.r '?orl''*a* t ward into Florida and southern Pain T l?hV< if br''!i wl*d? ?nd heavy r**"t T '*" " L>D ,h " >a,h Atlantic tim?sl 0tVr,,,w ?lear weather baa generally eon Probabilities ?For New England clear or partly * r ?nd " ,r,h*rl^ *'? ?? are pr.Gable n?Mldl* statee and lower lake region Ken waro?er weather ami mini* ?biffin* to ?aj-terly and southerly. From Michigan t.> erw'JjlV M Missouri,easterly to south er ly wind*, gradually veering to ? .nth-rly and weat , i w,i*' ?r *n''r,ia Bouti of tit. ? - 1"/a S! <?aar?'rly to -outlisrly A ?'a*.im,nd. P*?'y ?<????>? ?eath r. For the aon'h Atlantic rtatci cloudy ??-:?ilier and hea^y rain which ma> p.*4ibly extend to night into Virginia. Rentncky and Tenn?<??ee Morning teleg aphic n'iJJ"'Othern Florida, upper Michigi-,. westerw Dakota, and .Texa*, |,a\e not yet been I.OC*L turORD. The therm -meter in the hti^ineo* room of Taf Stab oftre regi<t> red aa foil .wn to-day;?3 a. m., di Ma n...r,9.1; in..7.1; 2 p. ?. .7is F^SBNDTIII ? E>T?for b?*t and Oh'<ape^t buiuim r H. ver igea, and oth-r Valuable Be ? *' 1"pable Ink- Tor tbe new is r 4>JI u: "V* b,-5 P^rfn-n. riei, Ac., Ac. A I Ir m !>??* 4 VI e U saLuigiun, D. C. j 2 V VOCA L C cTn 0 E E T . " ~Tlie Choir of the North Presbyterian Chnrc?>, N N-twe n 9th and 10?h atreet*.* ill i.jve a fits. ? 'HT at the Chnrrh. on WKDNESPaY EVKS i 1. . tout., connienring ;it K o'cl.n k.for th Il-ITl li .L '^5rvh Tickets OO CenU, tobeob ia.iieil at the ji lt* B3* OA II'?? K T ^"k^V of C?> L UM BIA N k. X ,T*^r ,r,r ? '? ar" beret.v notified to ?Met at their Encampment, over Hall'a grocery ?tore, iih street, at 7 J?o clock TBIS EVENINU P.,^I^htJ*rj;"5e"u "U ,h ftu^ral of r nriarch John P. Uilto^. ? ? J B. AUSTIK, C P r^fHEKi W ILL BE A MEETI HO ok WA8H1NOTON LODGE. N . 6.1 0 0 r TriS (Monday t EVENING, at V o'clock, in the n^iii <'?er Hall s Grocery Biore.Zrh afre-t, between sr?K..*?v msx JC8 8 BOI.WaCTV ?SAKSCS?.?:o.' ? . ?KIM I1L1CAN associa" r*fr? I . . /S r' iaj- ling of thix a? x iati >n wrTT !-? le I.I at Claik sUall. 479 l>Ivaioa '? Tl .KS,VA,Y *V EKING. J.ll.e 3.1}' 5 ? k H. B.L.H. Chandler, of Virginia, will -l-ak np/.n Then. reaei,) ?f aj,| fr,>tn tli- G u-ral ?iVnt." Th. I'.'ii.i'.'r ar.r"rr':T,kn JliljJUd*1 ilu?rwTe u r?TToi..??^y",''v p^:n II^K??ta W^lKJTOS BCILMSU ? ?o? "i?o^!ll^.*,II,!!?, the North Willing Vr*?n?v 8f i^'V100 *,'U h"ld ?>i. next X June 3d,) at S o clock p. m., in hall on Lm kT C?.rn'r.^!,7,h ?*eet The secretary V It^?i ^ r 2hm?"ri; ?bicb, ther- w ll be an election of oflicero for the eixning year, tb'-n the i regular pa> nient of does and sale of mon?) . A full attendance t?f the ?t?>okholder* i' GFO ? PBESi'dtOicr tarf. _ OKO. w . CI^SEL. Preald^ht. ?ti jf j|^?T0UII0 MEN^ CHKI.TIAN ASSOC'Ia" | CornT9tk ani U Strettt. CIBCI'LATING L1RRAKY reopened Over lJluu Ut? books just added. ,W BEADING BOOM, free to all. ItAILT PBAYEB MEETINGS?11:15, (,and9 p. m. HABBATH SEBVR ES: Btble Le*k?n at i 30, in LINCOLN HALL, led by Comm'SMoner of Indian Affa-rs, THEaTEK 8EB 1 ^ ICB, corner of 11th and 0 eta., at 9 p. m mt7 tr (rS?BEMOVAL.-Tbe undersigned hare tbis day mVTB ?f ?Tenn* ai-d B Street sotth to their new Btorerooa and Wurebonte,^ vintbeast corner of same suuare.t cor ner 1st and C streets southeast. ^,r i Onr incressed farilities will enable astosnsaly K^.o1,^,.(aiiKi,s' "-**? <?>? nia)? 3m GTLICK t BK1 R-^-PABTIES DESIRING TO JOIN A good n=?TlMWAL *?*ATB AND Bl'ILDING A8JO ! LIaTION ye re<iaeated tocall at theOSceoftbe Secretary of tbe "National Capital Beat Estate i? sociation and examine the constitution and the ?ecood annnal report. Thts association is recog oaeof the most proltable in tbe Dmrict baa beea ia operation for two years. Br an amendment to the coiwtitotioa Fifteen Hundred ?bV.**VdM,?,n^,,tedJ,the Series, are author iz.-dtob, issued, to date April 1st, 1373, withont re <in i n d fany Bsc k Payments, except for April and May . Eaeb share is one bnadred dollars. Md the monthly dues two dollars per month. Eaeb share | entitles the bolder to borrow frnai the Association 1 hv hundred dollars net. PHIL H WELCH I 905 r *reet Ma^c TBrnpfe ! I Bepnbllcan, 10 limes 1 ir^?bCHEBCR 8 MANDRAhE PILLS.?These are compoaed exclusively of recetable Ingrediects, and althoogh they entirely snperse.le ^rrc"rT; do '*mTe M7 <* its in urious effects.. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valuable remedy in ail casea of derangement result in* from a disordered state of that organ. Liver gomylalBt,_BHloua_P4eorders, Indigestion, Sick Va?L 4c., Ac , all floccumb to Lb ^n**Of Bchenck's Mandrake KlU. For saJe by all Druggists attd Deal-rs. ml tr F9 _ _ .TO LADIES. fw How I'd H is to see a yooac wife, a mother K!'f "JT& YvrS&g&glStfSfa strength, feeling badly without being able to say ki' \ ?l T?t,?ei1ng snough to be utterly misers able 1 This state of weakness and dvfeilitr U mora fatal to her than a severe spell of ilcknsas, l&r iJthm fjrjm JE9*?? {a ^ ^ber ^ '!"??? mcnths ? think!^ ?h.u* !? *? ? physician about ti, until natare. ?xbaosted, givss oat, and she is carried to the grave! ,n tlm? wouuf^iave to itreiixtheti. to cure, ?,S^bing^can compare with the L<>N*0 LlVl BIT . ly.*?! LGIbEETHAM They are a safe and Uveoem, b.HousneW, be^achesrmorarnTSe'kSei and all complaints peculiar to women. Ttu-se Bit tora, which are aoM by all drqgguta, are, tn conse lii story that a person known to be Infected with it weald not b* afiowed to mix with society, Hapailv w of its terror bMhJ ase of Saxakitas ? Boot a*B Bias Juices, and Srwt. Phiu22pWa Proprietors, 9^ ? r2?? ^nmnnnnrT -yyiriy HEW DBCO STOBB, ?O. 14S? PlKHSTL vakia A vim, Depog tar Soda and Mtesral Watsrs fet3-ly P??.'- PABTLETT wil1 meet penwms withloi to Y fi* ^ A ef5S"_. ,n 'HuNOOBAPHT at *li? Jclock Parlors, THIS EVENING, at 7 jyBW TORE, Mat J9th, 1JT3 itbbl Voua: * lm J?UM MATTHEWS WPIEIT PHOTOGRAPHY.?Messrs 'WEAVER Mr VlLLlAl|gJ?'{??s?T,,i,r **? U *^0 . r; . ."'AS.MIfM S -rth-rn Liberty Pho ^I MMEB CLASS FOB MEDICAL FHABMACBrTICAL RTi nivri Instruction in Materia Pharuta. -uP?. .k of writing, reading aa>i dieaensn^J ? ** *rt Special lectures on * Incompatible" c,?rr- tiich ??' ZWSTi^ ?labia The use of the cool and .pac "n, h^ll l! well as the extensive materia medtca cMlectiona 15 U^Matioaal Colia,, of Pharmacy, hj bSfESi^ * tbeporpoae. F* further lafovm^.r, ,np,hairB? ?TkkeU at U?So? f*.?*"ears J. p. MUburn A C ?.. P-nna avanue. ne.r 1Mb ^reet. OSTAB OLDBEBO? ctittrZJZZ7 Mad rimct,c-iD ?8K?MI ?iasi^is^.rrii1 R?'" H0"^ RHODB ISLAND. SEASON or 1973. IN TUB BtROPBAN PLAN _ *hto wall-Snowa and popular Siramor sit Hi*. belw~n thef *"!*"?? ."'"?Wenoe and Newport, will be 1 Sopene# for tic r-. ?pi ion of *ue?fB Jnnej '''' To ma*ttbe(rowing demands of the] I'dyicil; of the H?uir liulmo iocrrM ??4s#t, by tli- ad Mtion of a number ot rs Urre, airy, nr..I a??ly fnrni*h><0. A aaw Bost*nrnnt,f f a* inrrjwl ?eat in* capacity. ha* Mao Iwii added Rtjftit steamboats a day from Proi Uience aid Nrwp-rt. for Information in re fifd U> terras, ?>c., aJitwu. City Hotel, Providence ,B. I . __J?? L. H. HUMPH KITS. Proprietor. pODTAL SCALES. IMPBOVEB LETTSB BALANCE, Arr*nc?d ?o that they way be aa*d for other w*t*li than latter*. |or ule at mtiiuficlRrtr'i prices, by ROBERTBEALL, B >oks?ller and Stationer. J*** * Pennsylvania aventie. JOHN e. REISINGER. ICB CRBAM pavilion NOW OPEN. Families and partis aappli*! at reasonable term-. j'i-3m* No. 613 4H Stkekt SormwEsT. T^HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscriber. n!^2?t?%5l225zrru? 8uPr,"n"> Court of the I'lstnct of Columbia, holding a special term, letters v#ii-v1VU.r>. ??. "if ??>???? or JuHN M TUUBG. late ot Wvhin^t .n county, D. C., d<* rcaaed. All person* having claims against the sa'd deceasod are hereby warned toexhibit th? same, with the voitcbera thereof, to tbe subscriber*, ou or before , J*** ?> Mai next: <hey nuy otherwise br law be excluded from all benefit ot the ami estMf* Given OUiirr otir hunt It this 31 *t daj of May. 1873 . . KLIZA W YorNG,# ? ! _j2 m iw M M A YOUNG. { Executon. NOWLOOK! fl-KEEf COOL. DON'T bet EXC ITED.-*!. 81. ( beck that atream of Perspiration. Jl. 81- Be Comfortable and Don't Fret. fi. fcl-A genteel hot-wenther Coat for $1, WKLL CUT, WELL MADE, GOOD FIT. 8 1 ?One Dollar?? 1. ?l-One Dollar-? I. BT THE DOZEN. BY THE HUNDRED. BY THE thousand. ? 1 8* 81 81 81 81 81. FOLLOW THE CROWD. DELAY NOT. COME AT ONCE 81 ENOUGH.. SI? FOR ALL *1. HABLE BROTHKRS FASHIONABLE tailors, "TO1? CoRHKB 7 TH A vn D Streets. (\ O T I C B . " 1 T McCUIN, County Constabla. Debts C 'lb-cted. Prompt Retnrns. Collection of claims i'i ^l^r^Ufn"> Office wit), jus. ?ild ?'in?bwest corner lltb " streets nortlmest. | Rep j ni2y ly WELLING OFF AT AND BELOW COST -A fine assortment ot all descriptions of ??- ? j., ?lies , misses' and children's, aud also ofSM] gentlemen's F|( BOOTS, SHOES, GAITER8. Ac , * ftL will be sold at and b?lnw.rost in order to close bust lm v. J'iHN ANGERMaNN 4 SON, n21 im No. 41?7lhst ,opp. Odd Fellows' Hall. Devlin * Co., NEW VORK .MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LARGEST VARIETY OP GOODS FOR GENTLIMEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW STYLES AT nil^tr 1113 pennsylvania AVENUB. J)ASTUBAGE FOB COWS AND HORSES. ? A.? L^7isg..;?givtta. P?a MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLES and tan, USE PERRY'S MOTH AND FRECKLE LOTION, IT IS RELIABLE AKl) HARMLESS. PIMPLBS ON TUB FACB. BLACKHBAD8 AND FLBSHWOBMS, USE PERRY'8 IMPROVED COMEDONE AND PIMPLE REMEDY, THE GREAT SKIN MBUICINE. WSJ: ?S=: mW-t,th,?.Sm rrus NEAREST ROUTE to tbe Vienna Exposi aTe Vn^Uth' **' of BT*AUS', 1011 P^nJ I^AIBBANKS LETTER SCALES, Every size and style, at very low rates. THE UNIVEBSAL FAMILY SCALE. ?| the POCKET betteb SCALES. M e U?i> on hand and always ready to stinnlv anv and every style and kind of LETTER SCAL*1^ the manufacturer's lowest rates ?^AL.? at *? al*? * i!'" J'J?" of Commercial and Banker*' Stationer) , Blank Books, C*th and D<-ed Boxes. ? *1 tr loia1^HABD B "OHUI. M CO., n.ll-tr IQia Pynna. avenne, cornor 11th tret. TOM, DICK, AND Harry, OR ANY OTHER MAN, W ill find a ?pl< ndid a? .rtno-nt of ch-an EIRE WORKS p , . . NICHOLS' ?'LITTLE WORLD" No. 1904 SEVENTH STREET Between S and T streets. hosiery, fancy goods M,?.,yjyuij.jffifflilBR. VERY CtiEAK n31tr ulittlbtworld." 1873 ?"A*ID ]g73 OF SUMMER STYLES or black alpaca coats. DRAB D'ETB COATS, DIAGONAL MOHAIR COATS, FBBMOH SB RGB COATS,* LIGHT COLORED STBIPBD ALPACA C0AT8 A. STRAUS, Ike Clalkltr, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB, Between ??h and 11th atrsets. ^JAbPETS, CARPETS, CAKPETSl NEW STORE! | A LARGE ASSOBTMBKT OF carpets. oilcloth, MAT Siv*Vth St | TING, BUGS, MATS, Ac. 1ST WANTS. HA?D."*?T?r0V tce. j-? tt* VVT Ajltl I>?A f mtli-M WOMAjp. to tbe " ge??r?l hoc?? wort In a private family Apply at Na ia>N 0 st., bat. 13-b ?4 Wfclo. i ? <> *1 611 6'h stre-t. I>?t F andtst*. Ill ? \VA^TKb-A w|1t( o|AM>|h<( \i"d.w*u lV rrconinweled CB R1S * ADES H >tA, >-??? ConwrM st. ?d P-Mwl'??i??? ttpANTFI^A purchaser f>r a ?-t of TINKERS ? V TOOLS, cheap f,.r cash, ??r time given Apply It 14)19 P street, l?rt 14tb tin) IV h WANTED?By trooni Mu,iflic* M AN at a pi no* l? water >t t be St reference ?ce. pl? if required. Addres* '?0. jrt-Jt COACH rings. 0 "?1 Star of j-9-** r: fV'ASTID?Bf i ro?>(^i?W? Whi<? 4irlt i 8n " UATION as Nurae in a private fa-nilv;the be*? of reference ru be given. Address ' NURSE.' Star office. I'* UfAirrA-#rt NURSE. Apply at 9t?9 L vv street northwest, b-twe?n8th and 9lh struts. Also, a G!R1. from the country uot over 13, for ?-n i eral housework Je?-4?* | ANTFD-At 13*5 f st..a first-class C?mK. t one that tally understand- M-at, Vegetab e and Pastry cooking. To such g?o>l wages and steady employment given. It* %*?ANTEI-HOUSE FA1HTKKS at KIN ! Y* Wirt's P*lnrtM;*?tsb'1shm?nT,No. 46 J*f ferson street, G*orgHown, D. C. Hone but g'>od wortmen need apply W ANTED?By a respectable White Girt, a SIT j UATION in a small family a* Chambermaid; I will assist In washing and Ironing. Th? heat of re ferences given Address B"X 9 Star office. It* VV7 ANTED? IU a respectable, mid.Me-aged White . ft Woman, a 8ITUATION as Cook or Nurse, j Good reference*, wilting to go thecountry or tra el. Apply 1760 K st . bet 17th and l?thsts.,n w. It* VI7 ANTED?Two settle! COLORED WOMEN <u j vv a private family ?one a firsf-r|?ss Co-'k and the other <a H"iise Servant <g<.sl wages), to go a I <hnrt diatanc'-in tlierouutry. Reference* required. j Aildiess Bo* 4 Star office Jel 2t* 11T ANT ED -An Int-llieent young Man j ?7 desires a SITUATION a? Salesman or Book keeper; has had a number of years' evp'?ri"iiCe in business and is well acgualuted with the city trade. G <d reference furnished. Address "SALES M A N," Star office. jeJ St* \V AKTED-A SITUATION for a Mao and Wife, ?? who nas had considerable experience as a Coachman and Gard ner iu a private family; is will ing to work at anything, and is not afraid of hard work. Wife a No. 1 Seamstress, experience by han l or with machine. Apply C street. No. 1*", near the depot, between the hour* of 6 and 7 p. tn.,for two days. If TANTED?At 176'i K str-et, t.etw."?n 17th and 18*h sts.,two good DRESSMAKERS nrtl-Ji* w WANTED?At once, bv a permanent tenant, a 7? SMALL HOUSE in a good locality Address Box stating I'wati ti and terms. nul It* %VANTED-A First class SCRUBRKB and a 7 7 CHAMBERMAIPal the Union Hotel, George, town. m31-2t* WANTED?An industrious atid reliable midd'e ^7 ag?"d V HITE WOMAN as iinrse and aeam stress. Apply at hotue II, C. 8. Navy )ard. B-f erences required. mM-tt* 11'ANTED?A fanillv leaving town w.?nld lik- a ?v gentleman to OOCOPT A ROOM during the MiMtr. Reference re?inired. Apply southwest corner Vermont avenue and Lstreet. aa31-St* \V ANT*I??luimediatelj? A TOt'TH of Is or 2?. it who understands housework and driving. B?-st r<feienc^? re>inireil Applv *J06 R street oor'h. Alsoja g.MKl COOK, WASHERjtnd 1RONER. If 11 ANTED?A steady WHITE WOMAN t.. lo the * v general housework of a small family. G > -d wages. go??d li<>me, and pronipt pay. Reoonime ,d.i tn ns r?<|iiir?d. Apply to ANTHONY BUOIILY, N8l!l Penna. aye northwest. m.1l 5i * 11'ANTED?In a small familv. a WOMAN to y y cook. wa*h and iron and do the general house work. None need apply without the very b<.-at of recKiiiniendations. Apply 141(0 6th street north west ,corner P street. ndl-S Ur ANTED?All persons who have not yet ?e?n the improved WHEELER A WILSON SEW ING MACHINE to call and examine it letfore buy in? anyother. It is simple, noiseless, swift?making 1/Otistitch'* a minute. No shuttle used, and there fore but one tension required. Will last a lifetime. 8''Id on monthly payments. P. .1. STEER & SON, Air-ills, 461 Pennsylvania a\enne, near 4.S street. my31 lm* w T ANTE!*?OPKUATORS 11.3l) .11 LANSBI'RGH A IJRO. 11'ANTED ?A white GIRL in a small family of " t? " persons, to cook, waeli and iron; most be con.petent. Call at No. 7V4 19tU striwt, near Pa. av.* li'ANTED?Two white M iK, of g'??d busine-s It i|naliti<?, to act as oat-door Salesmen on sal ary or commission. B> "U; 3. Intelligencer B'lild irg. 10 to 12 a. m m?0-3t* ANTED?Fifteen good BRICKLAYERS, im mediately, at Georgetown- food wages *r,<j steadv employm nt given. 8 STRONG, Contrac tor , Office 1*?0 Bridge street, near Market, .'It* 1\'ANTED? By a colored man, a PLACE as It Coachman or house servant; good reference sriven. Applv at P. POLL.\Rl>'8 Wood and Co*l Ya'd, Vermout avenue, near street north ?e?t/ tnW3f IV ANTED? By a family of three, a small HOUSE " iu the northwest section, good neighborhood Rent moat be low. Water indispensable Perman ent if hinted. Address "HOUSE," at the Star office. niSO WANTED?Immediately?A No. 1 HORSE SHOER. who can turn and fit with e*actn"ss and nicety. 8t< ady employment and good wages will he given tosn< li one by applying at once to T. W Ml'BPHY, G street,corner Bate*'alley, bet.6th and 7th at*. m?-3t* W"ANTED?To rent for the next sixty days, a nice,comfortable BUGGY or COUPE, wlib top. Address Loch Box 66, City. irg St WANTED?All those who value tbeir sight to know that the best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE" in the country is accurately suitvd to the eyesight by H H. HEMPLER.theOptician,corner ft street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. niyt? ly* ANTED?A GIBL that can come well recom * v mended; can call at 933 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washiug and ironing of a small fam ily . Apply from 8 a. m. to X p. m., or C to 8 o'clock p. m. mlft-tf VV ANTED?Immediately?Families or persons is If need of flrst-claas SERVANTS of every deecrip tloa, male and female, once. Servants also canj wacen by applying at the 1 . to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, ?&7 Utb street, near E. a!4 2m VV ANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOE ? SEWING MACHINE has Its mmdU strut ting: the meat perfect shuttle in nae, resting In a -radle; needle bar and work* of steel. Agency, 469 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Dem urest 's Pattern Em port am. aug3n-ly T. W. 8PICEB. Agent. to call and get supplied at get good homes and best of Enreka Employment Office, LOST AND FOUND. LOST -A ladies'GOLD WATCH with a portion of chain attached. A liberal reward paid to any

one leaving it at tlus office. j2-4i"^ OST?On the 31st of Mar, a small black and tan DOG: earn cut. A suitable rewa d will< Im- given If remmed to 19S9 14th s'reet,. betweeu 8 and T streets northwest. j2 tt* entie a DIARY containing ?? 60and psp-rs lieu if returned to D G. I OST?May Slat, on IMh street or Pminsv Ivania J a A liberal reward will be g EK IIELBERHKR, 7tt4 6th st. northwest. j2 if IOST?June 1st, a small black and tan JIP, when -t lost it had <>n a small leather collar;< aiihW>rs to the name of LIRBIE. literal reward will be given if returned to 1981 I street. It* &r REWARD.?Slrayd from the stables of the O*' suljecrilier. a bay MAKE with whitni spot on forehead. The al.o\e reward will lie gion if retururd to El'GENE MACK,* corner 2d and H streets, South Washington. j2 3t* REWARD.?Lost, left on the tftli of May, V*} somewhere on Pennsylvania aveuue, bet we.-n 6ih and 7tb streets, a carpenter's HAND TOOL BO X. The above reward will be paid if returned to Stsr office. j2-3t* I OST?Sumlay eten'ug, beiwei.-n and guarl--r -t oi 8 o'clock, in a street car on Pennsylvania avenue, Itetweeu I7ih and 18th stteets, a GOLD BEACKLET enameled with bine. A suitable re w aid offered if returned to tne office of the Y. M 0. A. _lt I OST.?On Thursday morning liwit, somewhere J between <;alt's jeweli v siere and the Corner of 7th street, on the north side of Pennsylvania ave nue, a BLACK BBACELET set with gold stars. The finder will be suitably rewanh-d on leaving It at CSO F street northwest. jl-2t* G*r REWARD?Lost, May 10th, a. or near Gales v>) Woods Park, a black and wbite^ NkWFOl'NDLASDPUPPT,front parts nearly ? hite; is three months old^nna m swers to the name of "Don " Th-= ah< ?e reward will be given to any one returning his to 1719 New Jersey avennenorthwest. ss91-3t* IINB BOOT** SHOES, AND UAITERS, AT LOW PRICES. ITBASBl'EflER MO.<|, W06 Seventh itkket, ?itwssx I axp K, GAITk'rS^'bl^PPERS.' md LOmP TIE SHOEsi for ladles, gent1*, and children'* wear, which they will sell retail at wholesale prices. Children's and Misaes Colored Shoes, at manufac turers' prices. Ladies' low-price Gaitars and Slippers for house comfort, a specialty. Ladlea' Slippers, from I cents to Ladies' Gaiters, fror " " lenfa Boots, fr Geni-s boots, irom ax w to gs. Gent's Shoes, from ?1 B to |i. Please call and examine, and yon will save ? per cent. STRASBURGER BKO.1t, ?<V K I' SJO. STRASBURt N ?1S 0TICE OF BEMUVAL. Seventh street ?r. CARO begs leave te laform his mstomers i ths public generally that be baa removed h Baaaar to *?. PENNSYLVANIA AVI MCE, nadar ths Eational Hotel, vlwrt will keen a fine stock of GOLD an" .vrafessrsi.nriis'aii^-^a-si gains. Solid M karat Gold Watahea, frosn #?) up wards. Goods soU on monthly instalments. No trouble to shew gcods. Watches and Jewelrv neatly repaired. lEesnsniher the SMW and namber. B. CARO, Ml Pennsylvania ns-sm Hotel. hsfoki-d iilmai! w nad J. 1. SAV1GI ave., b'-tweeii Mth WM?. Penney! * an ia lUh Hud I FOR RENT AND SALE. F?iMk&i T7 JlPi tOT. .1 room. nea/itet ; ?11* N e?r*e?. yt nerthwflst. a?K* on ?f??? 1-i Jt' t??W****-& ""V BBICE HOVIlTr^tia rortfc.X'* CBAPMAM, 13*? mhTjT 'ofhS!^tAU **"' ArpV\f? ^nn5*T?furnished FBOlfT f.ifc f, 51 '."i"*0?- * "?r; r"wl "n-1 ????>. ?' ?? miuntee "mm Tm wSI4 "nente.nll modern convent enoa t*jo amh wm, near P nna .?>. j.?ur K 'u'niriFJ'V~V.r^ ^lt>rr n'n?' r?"ni rSVMI 1 --^^3' - * 1 S#a?h st-eet northweei, Ui-l VJ5T1* ?"?? ??. c*ii?i w.r e*ton ^ *r''t"lf northwwt. J j-3t* ' d<7^!Ih,1' LOT f ?r 2 '^i. ?1?? ?f ,4!'> afreet, op p. tTWI l8*? ?W Mth Greets northwest. j-1 Vw* P'l* **NT-A -nit of three BOOMS, on the *71 , **!''' !? ?!>' kitchen, If., unturnisNwl central l<iMtl<4i;ui a Inllr withoin clnl ir ? plv at ?30 C street, near hi^m rxl^ ' i' KVRn KEKT-Tb; U Pi*Kit STORY of a ...riTi ... *;'!?*? "?',*hl*f"ra ""all family, wtth or wii* nti. i " . A??lr. between S an ! 8 >'ck.cK.<JO? JRi M?WU New York tveuue ami K * je?-?? F'OR BINT?III a neat tw.?-?torv brick da ellinr three IN FURBISH EI> ROOM>. suiiabl- l*r piisekeepn.g, together with m?. of ha'b room R nt ?" ?? a reliable tenant. Call at Mil b street ll> 'll (i W Ph( , 1** F^rith wV^? H?CSE !?????? 5 rooms, ,IT f . 1 P*?"S?Mframe.> L .? 31 f?t front bv " ?r pTfreaV ** V"' """, ? f'??'?? anil re?r. Pi ice. A 1 Git^ T-rn.? t.> miii ptir, i, t? r |?. ..nir^-.n, V. ?34 llthMreet eouthea? t*"-'?i B all') ( wulti. je2 3i* I1 Vt fir?t rl.i? two ? story pressed brick front HOUSE. No. 213 vh street southeast. near P. nnsyli am* ?\, rni. Tins hyiiM' waa builtto order, ef beet material, cmtain* euht room*, saloon p?rl..r. with nmrl.l mant. N, U V" hai?d?..m<-ly p?(-r.-.< fr..rn t T tnbottoni, tiaaxaathmoriiout, au-1 ?.?ter..n n- n,. ll,'n"",'at ly will ?.? ?i i rcr-,?4JOe f"lh,0,r montliU p.i> mrnta ?t m I! A>'Pl>'on the |>t(iuiw<. Thi? pro p<Tt> is worth 5 j,iOO. '?J-3*W |<,OR. RKNT?P!*a?atit ROOMS f .r SI" >| M KK ?V\ U!>e of ????h-rooai. I3il NVw Y-rk ?reBne- mil 3t* POR RKNT-TWO DNKCRNISABD RooM^ * *a - V,nn,t*rK?tc?^u coinjiniLira:inn, N . 406 L ??rt'ft, Wtwwn till an<l 5th iiorthwwt. n?Si :tt* ."OR SALE-A NEW~RBICK"llorst ciitaln" ' riM?m* and hal', wttli modern impr <c<> ment*;locat?! on 10th, h?tw??>n N and <> 't n.rthwert -Apply at iilli v"rn7,.DtavVnu/TI M and N str^n. T^rmf liberal mSl FlWAIkViHTmH.,^-TH, ST?SKT .wTiTK V KsTnd * w AfiEntH 8E8; al**o. FKAMK DWFI T TV<i corner 6:1. and N ?tr?.t. wmh." SLLINO, m31<t APP,J U' Lin" BYLKS, Ai?-nt. 1 6t 609 Pepn<>lratita irenn" THRSK8TORY BRICK HotsI, ??r. M ??/! V veT avenue, t>.>tuooU L rtr<et and New 1 ork avenno. It contain- ??f?ht S .1 fc?.K VPI?" P1,|,as*?'|y sitUH'ed Of, a Inree I ?t ZZl?m.r pkr,lcuUr'",rpl> ?' *"? KS? *\n?n ?* !' NfXV ,1R"'K ilOCSM. ' . B?trtef aoiithean'; 7 r.vom?; and cellar*; also. TWO FKAMK HOltfKS .n C ?*00 TlUr RH*Lr' Lr"nlI1V ,>*,b'r,>",U m"?, C-INr^. ,ule?J,nhw H,,,M''fur l?Tmn'???"'I F?Dw?i?i.N.T7^Ji,w*llin^ *"j ? ?tablF i i. ???* and neat Prico. 612 Location 14 'Brown * Court," ?? tertniniK <>f li-li' ? ?et tiara. N.ble in rear of 63^ (? -tr~ ,Vd "it* n 3i fc'*4- App,y u\ ??*o5Sk.%ssrto "'"" V ?7 E street northweat. KS?e?n 'l>K7^H0.T 2? 1?."' ",Jr?*.T 'rthweat, l(.. II ri. . P li w??t nlde 12<txlIn to cial "ilT^ven'enc".^ 'TUIe^rf^t""aT n*31^3'* A ldrp?a T II T. 8'ar offlri?. K oViM^'r011 next, June 6Th7afl ? orlorkp tn.,on the premi^e^, two miles from TATK of 'n'^L-'1' "B t,!<' " ?"'"ntifHl ES TATE of 681 acre*; splendid cropping t?rm e >od hi.iwea; aold cheap to clo?e a m.'rtiw ? r'5J ca.h produeta at the f.,rt. Apnlv ,? JO]|K?TiiK '?? a1 n. ",re*t? Baltlmora; or 8. J ? .lOIINSTOft, bOJ H street nortliweat, Wa<kin( 1 1*31-4t* RENT?A second-story front ROOM, wi'h * ?,,8rd?,u ? Prn ate family; 4 0b 2d ?re-t nort'j ^ __m30-3t * K??iL,5K1i~D*BK RO0? "? 1 atreet, l,t iw * DObettlT l(KHtlOD 111 Ihnrity ? ^ ^ DOI>OE A DARNETLLE, - * ^ * 14-^7 K street fV'li'* RENT?Eurriish'-d and nnfnmished ROOMS a nrst and secoiid floors: modern inipro\em.'uts in the boaiw;convenient to the cars: at Nj 734 ii h "t'eet, b. tueen 0 and H. ' trjo 3* ? F^AWfr*1^ PABLO* and a CHAM BE R en mnf; also, other ROOMS, with 5i. ?c1? price* for the summer. Applv ?13 9th atreet, between New York avenne and 1 tr"et- nu?J 3f FHIRRENT?UOl'SESN . IB6 and 1 S? D atreet northwest; rotitaui each 11 ro->nis; in >dern iui Crovetnent*. Apply between 12 and 1 oVbvk HNDS0R A roBI?, Nj. 3^7 MiUuri avj pt"* in3) 6t* POB RENT-HOUSE No. 7?3 I.Vb street, be i. ? i. JT NeW ?wrk H "treet.contain itJK 11, ?ith modern coiMenience* R.*rit rru". E5^ m30 3t P?*i"*J,ITr,^ "S*11 HOUSE in a delightful lo CjUiooi loll M street oorthwest A2?) ii?r L.?T?IiV "* ,hr Store ofliwls LEJ>I?Y, corner 13th and M at*, northweat. mX9 1m L"'(^ RENT-HOUSE No. ???> Xnh street, bet. W BAEKEElfl^a5. F<nui?t^L*?0,1 IOD* time'wif> ?mall caah pay Uth *nd V jjPart Lot B, vinare tXl, uth atreet, near 8. M.l<)x Unb Lota 10, and w< rt ii of IS, auaare 013 loth atreet and North Carolina avenue! ^ ^ Mth f"!' Ml; tax title. 15.10 bf 80 feet of square S26, tax title. Lot ?, wjuare (ff8; tax title. Seven nve-roo m FRAME HOUSES, lots Utloo fronting eaat on 7th street east, between A aud B "^I2'.0ne *jnMe from Capitol atreet railr<?d m29,m JNO E. KENDALL In OR SARE. SPECIALTIES! BARGAINS! All of 8qn?re north of ftiaare No. 6?#T. One-foo rth of Square No. B34, having an east ?H ? atreet of 240 feet, by a il.-pth of lib f.*t b? t h^new marrkrt?ni C?l"n,b'4 r*ilw ?> 'wid ~ of Njrth A desirable LOT on ifew JerMv ftrenae near R ^'eat a('rth,afee4 front b> 144 feet deep; p'riceon* w.d w!Tt'e7dS^n78 CM,U * f00t- 8,reM >"<*? pre'pare.1 to offer the above piece* of Pef Cent' leMkt*DMnM<{ ROH RE R ?i^ M Real Estate Broke" S13 7U. It^OB RENT?A auite of BOOMS, on aacond flo?r ^i-t'lah tlr ter7n* reaai nable. Apply at t ^? H aiiid I porthwwt. FOR RENT?Two or four rnrnished ROOMS, * on second floor, fronting aouth, at 1117 W >t corner of lith northweat. * ' m??'t' 1' 'lKkAVr^r.^R uu^ ??7-0W; two-story , I? v ? . Lot-Si street "ear E; \ street, betw???n Uth and 13th. 3llc ' O. B. MILBl'RN, il3 7th st. KS? .^ALf7wWo /BA*E HOUSES, lots ? f^t iz8i?. 11 ? "Jnare loo, situated on oroi ! 7 . n 4th st roots, im proved b> a two story Frame House Apply to .. _ JAMK8 CHAPPLE, n 28 ?t Qnartennaster Owneral's Office. L'Olt SALE?HOUSE and LOT, Mo. 1919G st new; LoJTslvi, frVnTM ^?asaaras; nits im I4 'hrl^Hnnss RENT?A thre<--story nrea*>-d' * o'lck HOUSE, containing nine rooms in ?o;si order; msedry celiar. wat.r ga* ?C^dM |'m^ ^",cc.,venient to the Capitol and B^ltunorl d? P0** .?H?. ?C atreet between 1st and 21 northeast Inquire at No. Ittf Wa?hington street. mjj 4t" It^OR RENT?Hewly-fnrnished ROOMS in a n?w Te7uc?o1 house, with Board, Call at ?Oi 1 gt reel northwest. F?g? a"JlWe? iSFh!? '?XHOUSE, with am water, oiigm v i.?cat?.i; Jh.aj per mouth. ? A1/7* ?g^jEatate Broker,cor. uA and g t. ? and ?w^hTn'IriTn^ S&1 jMTJi6llid<:? ?S5R " * O^r ?-w??, saw wq wuai wmvt. ou?ra Rooms for two, Modern oonvsnieaoas in henae, IC8T Mhatraat. aJI |7?0R BEMT-A four-story preaa-fcrtek DWEL r LING, finely located oa sooth ?, between 1st aad N street a. Capital Hill, being the corner boaae near M street, north aide, containing tw?lva rooms, with water, faa, Latrobea. range, dumb waiter, bath room and laanAry; with ample coat aad wood bnnk*. and rapacious yard in the rear; a rare chance for securing a very nk>e summer home, aud in the very beet condition. Price |M permoath. IHESTER * ETON, Real Estate A|eots and Brokers, m;T7-tf 110 1st street soatmat, Capitol HiU. IT'OB SALE?A SQUARE OF QBOUNO in the r northern section of tha city, wtth the sidewalks, curbing, aud glittering all laid awl paid for. H ir*e car* pass ft. Will sell cheap ana oa loagttiae. Apply to HUYOK A ADDISOM, Beal Estate Ageata, Mo. 1401 Mew Terk avenaa. corner of 14th atreet northweat. J Bep.ftChron.| nil tl SALE OB BENT?HOU8E, 71* ?trj*t; price M 000; real ?? par swath; pi >n given June 1st; has modern convenient and furnace, key may he had at No. TIT. Far farther particulars apply to GEO. S. PABKEB, SIS 14th street. vt2 l?r l^OB BENT?Mo. 14fT 8 stratt aonkweat, two r Story, pressed briak front, six noma, cellar, bath roors.traoi porch and yard of roes.; few d s.ra from State Department. Apply for kay and te raeta narthwe^. oDi at corner Uth and 8 streets _ FOR RENT AND SALE. _ iMlk b4'J> <#?#. The ?M* h"n- kw rvcnllt __ ??luted nttilr aod craned valuta at.-l put ? KfSw or?er. n,?i i,? ??*'? etreel, (Scott Piar-,> rTlRlltlKP i(X>M. k r? ?uite. m ? ??* r<*Kalnin* in ? ??<er |hl? t? ? *pl*ad>d I ?HIfi. Mr* b-tea t?4 ran. w?ll uid nil) I u po? ?AL? ?B I\rH*HCI-An nninipr Jv*l. | * , ""1 EARM, t>f al> <?1 M trnx.itli J 11 <;?? R**jr<<?t. convenient to I ilrSnAV^fifif r,^f*?5rtoS: ?cr* All pi J V"2** ?0> V!.* ,r? . R-*l Mmmlf and Nie fciSR.?"?b0* KV?r L a Kn~r?i' !f.T,lr- JI ** \cur.9 --^1 LAMP Mjlrtltiidguii.i, >. M,i o k K, i-.Vkv.? M" H n??. Bars. Pt>a?try ftwr Mi,k ratti.*!*.' ???*** ^vsr' I or H "in" . .. ch*rt*, Btrn, ^naMi< H iu *l-utj ?if **t??r lu'* ^"entity choice fruit tr?ra T'rm. >?? aaif?l^ c, ,... CLARK. _5p AH?b lr*H. orner 1Mb ?a.l f. K?m\** -H.^lf ?-inare from t?h alrrfl tar?. ?"?'?ro'* nrv KKK'K IIOI'SK lu - tti/i'Tj ,fp*w*ion riv?n tlie l?t ,.f JIUt?' Vi-inW ?ve.o.. ?**.*.?, %ad, g V . PVbaMR* tf.?r?"L=StW"?tory I nioMovn,,T.^I.Utjfh ^HHjor'." tvJS RENT?ECRMI8HKD ROOMS: a hack P1fl"r furtii?M m t BMruou, tad two art r<H'(ii?, t>*. k ?>.d front, on aeroud ?t.>ry, m an *t'?tbl| k<?wl D? ellirijr oti I ?trwt, o- *r jk l will fci ,"1M|" e-utI<?V?eu only wT"J A. J., liMlontl Bfrublicu?flo(, [ H"p| l<H'kNT~BlMMw * et >r>, roi tii >*?<h.i fwt, D *tht-?-t c.?m r L"ui? at:? ?v. nue and 7th?tr?-t; %1? >, OK FI < FS on ?ec OD'i r.'qf. Apply on p^ n.iaev or at 4-a C ?< ,t nortfcw**t, U fori- li a. in. WtM l*n BOARDING. C*Ol MKI Bo A RUING-Apply to j O PARKFK bi ?r BrltitiUr, oti Wiwkii|l<ia braiicii of RAO j-a k? | PRIVATE BOARMNG-O -1 I Va-- - . ,.<? ,r..Tt . .r"<Ln'r; t-rntf. wlrhiti n .?1 rrdi-t.T oi I , tb tbr cam aitd ?tt-a&.l>oat, N |?rr?? - ?? Al. xan^na, \ a. mXi l? " Hm.MS FOR RENT.COLLI..R ' ast ROOM au4 HOARMNU f r t?. ?. Ilt|, at a rottase, im Cfll' Sr Hill EilM> pruaptvt ?? i pnrt- air.vitbiii n -,-iar- ..f im, ?tr?-t r*r< In K ?>n. 11 frn-oul An 11 t..r ? offir^. A EA M ILIE8 < an ?cc<nnm dat?d ?7tTi ??_ ^ R?ard for tb< nuimt in ? d-llirli> j Jul atid liealtb) locaO<>n. Sftniil^* fr. m \Va?liiiii{( >t, by rail. Emjn-r^ , f Jf AX BoTLE * Co. ml)? I I HKlSHEI> Rooms I'UK I'tRM \MR vr ok ?ANH?NT BOARDERS aHi., 1A8LE I" ? '*" * bei?-*eu Mb an i V h t. mi. ***' _ 111 llH ? PERSONAL. K*\" ?k EVES" Kill tu?>.-t on K ? i>tr?ft TO-MORROW; uu olber pla< , u.ual """j It * IVoTtrr ?' C , SlTTcV i^Ol ICE -Er?ni and att*r thi? dat^ my dmi. . an Bu>ii:. h? M ii'hk. r of tb- AdvertImtV Oa/.-tir, pul. licli .<1 iu tbu Cltjr, will c^w. JOHN T EORSTTH. CC>DTE^ C ? \ Tlfor l*r%t avi?i b-itiT ? B'l-t Bet frat; aud oth-r Valuat.l. Rc-,,!*, Ml. rliKwi.c lDvui-detri .pabl? Iiik*f >r n.-vi pout ?j, Ih? PtfhMrit*, *c. B"* ?ai, Wa-bn<r u. ? ii y (iK\NJ.LV,llX a LINES, l'aut< a, l IVrrni?''*'? Ht ,h'* ? ASH J. .-TE AM Lai. M'RV. *14 E ?tre.-t, r poHH?. | wTfrni Oltrre. N B ? A - pti i r >ik n lil-A ? AND C0N8LLT MADAM DE GRAFF, the wonderful Bwr and Clairvoyant: ?he I. th? M'fiSUsr V,t. xl>\*;s*rr l +t or Btvlrti pr"p?-rt) ; telliof^ lover*, and . re,, , the lit uie of the per sou you are tc marry, re-1 ?l a"',Vr"d 0?r"n,K,> b> inclining $1 * | -ttwn.y. Ho?r? from 8i.m. to lo p. m. n;14 ?v* * PROFESSIONAL. OOCTOR HARTKiAN HAS REMOVEIt HI' "*bc* to fco. Iwj< >' ?tre?n aor Im ,.?t nUI ow S \ t Ifi- 1E ?T I ST. OPE KATIVK "and me^Inil*;l^^L l^fcKTlST, F. rty p#r cent. I^?? tlian anv <1 -?it*1 ? ?. ? Ul.h.l.uM-nt hitbecfty. All work warrantk... IER KEUTON to 4IS i trsHt B48 KEHOTBD ?ThEtT,ue*z comer of ?rbst. north ^"L uiH4t' J A lliB 0. CLEPHANE E. Z. BRAILET HS A'l^'REPORTERS fi.uri^Una'iv'e^'1^' VOHS r. HANK A. * ... ATTOEMIT-AT law. de? tf U aahlngton. P. C. MEDICAL, Ac. M %JU&.fAS? STur',K ra' ? ^ USTAT^^RN.CAVi?T^TIH^iLRVCM By it all diMMNftrc^mrad^ Mo Mdicin?? naed a?d EHfilTH MA*M*TtL. oalvamic treat JLJ MEbT for nerroiu diaeaaaa b> PRoir i; i> K>ANS, No. 4*?T Penut) Ivania avenue, ad floor ^nUeolmPUCM,0a'' **"' ,p<jngv b*XM-^ ? DISEASES of all kind, treat*. Do Ho. 64* loitb IM Mmt, FMUd?l|ikit. ieiiS7-ly' III ADAMS WILSON. l"l A JUretorli camki r H T 8 IV ia]ia* d MI? w 111. _DI e E A 8 EP^I N C ID E*N T A LTC^ LADIBS be?T^n h?1^i 5w^?"v atrw? j>r ?T r i . h I r ?' rr?.' T ' WtoodanOC trMtod In WaahioatOB. HOTELS. ~ IJSIOM BOTKL. Obomktown,D.e. Tllla R^l fc?\: ? ^"PrlBtor. ?'jc&ir'i k)U k.11. ? T7r! ? ?" au< - kr ly ?old batha, belte, and caa It <? ooavenlentiV Yf Kng:ytfsrMa;M'taur^?i,xsiia do:'n*Cbn?ifn^a? Hong the ltaa" * wU1 tfctf ? *? Mr i ?t? y at tfct* honae. I^TSOIV HOTEL, Mo. TVV 0 STREET, jeB-tr BKTwm Tih ANPlrH I yHE IMPERIAL HOTEL. JAMES STKXS, fror'ittm rioNTIM* PlSSCTLvaNla Avtvtl * UtA mmd lti? lifMij Wui:Mtoi, d. (j. ^ SABAfol ta the pobllc for cenaron* patrocu* tt ?fc*. 5J* ???fn?u u ITt P O. WXLLABO. SBBRT lOffll, WAEHIMOTOM. D, 0* ?iwr. " riELICIOrS CRSAWfAMDlcir AfiDfrw om baud at tha newly refitted Saf?otM?r BENRT ALBIU, ?V*fcetK?er and lee CraM ?aatifaetar*. **' '*1*llth *-? b?t E ao-l L. BUSINESS CfTANTES. E^OB BALB OB BXCBAh?E-TERRITORY r for a 'ilutKV finli?< l>| a> $ hr?rr <? tIn* ? ?aatrj. Can >x xll. ? * 1' imw. >? rwwt. ^n* HARBCjUBCB ^<??^.th-* <t aa4 r.? tsr? w .*???' ??t c.B<*r?t m-i mar KETBTOBE* lath* n-irthrrri pa"* o*?h- ?r li vialra at ar>wth?aa? . nr !?**?*' * m HI" wr.?HTEI < I?^?f ?r*???*< M - *?* ^ i..^r 9*i ?. **?' r*h~t \ alnah Be ?'!>? rlirf n( iu? ini-<r *?>l? pal tr (ikir i r b?-?t p. rf>mwln. Ar. CHI. Waaliln ?<???. D. O. i ?? h L\> iTll-Vil(lf(H 1. w-fi.t. A Kit r F1 XTf" <>4 ? Ftnrf **4 K ? ????? l*? r?, in ? f.KSd I-?*?'!???'<>r W'?atu-?atM h- ???id rh?r ai pa. W ?' . M*m* M aaJ Mil. n-?r h ?l. C?>'li'l H'll Call ?>i??I?'cl rt p m >41.' 1?M?M HALS ~OB~BEMT-H? ?AnHINUMi r (IT!?.UW ?OkRtt.f*?. ?Isvk aa. Si itrfrti I< vrtthlnc rv^?<i*il> ( ?r i?tr< m<>? ik< n<>? it Hh- fcaildivg. A rpi) B< > > St A 7lh ?tr??t t,..rthw-? ,?t ?.??.< GO??DCI1ARrE Tit ll A V It TuVkTwYsM ISO v ELL DoRI ??? thr n> nil, h |?> h IH ? . * r?l at thr W iSHIWi^TON ?TK*V I. Al'UPKT.MI r ?traa? uortla ??, pp~u. r?i t ; Ufi< r. Pian?ptaa*? aud diapstrli. t> M *? ? ? |/DiKff(MU>' l't?R Ukt uK - . > i ii|I ? M? althfnl, fk h <wt all* ir -m B"':i?4?r) ?lrM, on rw.1 fr.?m n cil -n >1 M.? York. D*l?wai? ?TfK?K^ MxlH itr?H i. n??..??? |m t. vm h ????, ?lr i??ljr (itai-l. d 1?* imawin ? i?riifwrt: *t.. *<? : mineral and mil vv?r iu< wi?n ?> >i>t> ?? in*. fr? ta. ii i aurp<??4 in ?li , IIRWIIO ; I wrtwr. ?|| -1. h -fa, ? and lii-l. it 4-. nrr4. K.ietitr arreaa. B???. ?r ? ill ? -r? |.i? h>thaia?atb. CHABLKB hTK* ABT. t :l ? * It ? ??*"? ? ?'? ^Tih KTTTTMTrnjTTTl \M r "1 .. r? . C rmmii Mmi<?*i > t?i rr fur Mir, S BBS I' Ml?? iaa*. bii~. h?-ta?- n AI tn>. l<i ?tr? t-. i *"ih ?U< . ?l b irltiliK^ .(nnliml i > Im B.-nr Hfl'fl I" l-lll 111%' I* I,*??B BALI I SI I. :r-n?T? 4,4 I * tura* of iwkoi'fKY MTi'BC.4 ma * ? . l,?. i?>?a; mitral Waliua. A.Uii-?-.|l \ *>l .4 G ?? ?? <??? 1 . t> C _ nif> ? * IIABTIYI* ha*n? n>*l>K? i t.??TS ???r aal- m ?II) r*!t I Ihr I ii? rai Mod |? >iaa ??? i < i. '?!>< tli ni^'ian !? ? I *|>i- ?i ?;??? TKI'*1* PFI.I, A CO , H '?l E?t at*' Mi? >k? r?, ?> | .i Ih ?'I ??; ii 2V Im ( R-*|- ai >n | I. OTS r> li SALE. I riii alilh Hf I tr III- i?r In ar4l ?h? t ill ?iu< a^mxl LoTl>i'h- a|> and on ? a- t ro?. T im ?r? I xalid in a ti-alili> and rapidl> iii.|ii<?iii. I art .f tin ?Ii?,mk1 ar. anltfef Mi a?t m.ii >n f ?>.?:? ui ili*l in? lo aril'' I t-f i I..,(1,1, .. i in< ? Siuin* l.itV L I.l S. 4 7,b.!*, Iii J.". I- J1 A, St. M.S.Vand JO. 1.1*1, Lot S " 1 iC6. L"l?<%.#. an<1 111 ?? WI2. Lota 1, 7. li ">?<! I* T BI>W I'LAUB. A'ircii.ia hni;< au I V I. ?tri-<-i ? i r 27 la v \ ? I ?>N BY~Ttl LOAN OK KkXC B<TATk -la ?urn a and <u lime |i> anil. JAMKP K V At K-a! B U~r. n Si Im C r, ami W ai?., r ?? ih 5 aa a*?lra M ON'CT TO LOAN QB KB \L ? ??TATB MACBY A BRv? . B-al K< ?'f an4 ImiiraV' Hi k?ra, r 23-lf 14-JT r m M \|OKET I 'iKMA-Nflt TTVn \SDTi? LOAM a"I wu r?*al wuif, in km > i' ?i:it bi.u TBI LMiBLL A CO., mj!7 lm* H-al B-al B k'-r- -?|.?rni?t I^OB SALE T>f OObfi "WILL i?J M\T( BBS of a OKI" KUV CTi'KK doin< a fxwl lin<in?M A<V)r<-?a II. A. P., Mar ?(hca. Term- m -W la f. niK l*' L'UK hALE-r .ar ht?l< m BBICB I (?<? ??.uar?'? fr< ni < apt: >! P,?rk. and ?aa.?- di?iai.r.- t. tli. i ? I. M.?rk<*t. ??>?? i III* I*aui> a'"tioa ?tr?-*>t J ? ata, a "II located, t!.???? Ii itiw arr ? r1i-l?mli, t?a ? each. ??, hot ail I ? ) ? > mm T> rn<? raw) . lu^aira ?i. tb>- pr.'iuiK>, ]|V <1 atraat aoiitlwat. a? la' I, OK hALK-Th* HT'H'k, OU(l|>WILL and I I IXTl'KLb <d tUr Mutitiw> ai<.) Farn> St >r?., S?. luJ H *?k?-t >ffncr, !?"! 7th ?ui mil ??? c-rtk' aiat. I ?; ) E LEB/.BEKO A %' ALL ABLE t A KM ?>>B AALK OK BE > 1HAKOE FOB FR<>PERT? IN THIS! IT* A (ikKAT HA l.(i A1 .V -ff arr??? \ i>r? ?u p^rior Ul.d, *-B|??ci?li> t - I l>at( iar*<? n?-w- T *l>acoa Barn, U?i Hii.(, T?*naut H .??? and outBaildiuc*. *ln?->art of fc* C<*coH rrajw rlt.*a,n, iHianu* and Irt-illaed' 1* a* rra nli.aUf ttmlifr, l-alau. + ai abia atid a? It IvucwS, ti^ai Hi.iti'-aV Btati.ia, n B P A P K b . iu t*( >t?)l?auia r'* P ir*, onlr ?Sj*W K a. PHILLIP.-, aj i.'-Sm ! 1 ' i? ? , D C ARF. ?'HAN('B lo ycrclMMacaod BTOBB aa4 1 ? > I LING ap. r. ar_ ww Miarkrt, Tkk R ?? atri-it. No. 1711 P' .f, Bf.Ak*. tann- i-w) . HAMILTON a PEAKcOB, BiJfl If t M. C. A . Bcildlnc. t"ti a* d l> ata |j Ut to B I OB l? A L E. Tilr larva FOTB-BTOKT UOCBB, with tbraa ati ry p*ienaioa, # IA k ?tr*^<t, ar!) cta.tanty r.aiata; furnact ,cita aid aat?r,aith lar?;?- > ?r<1 aod atal'lr lb riar. Tu? alwi* >r?-^^1> liaa ken r.?-mlf pm la r<m.pM? rraair, and ia r-ry couv<*bi*4il f -r a lar?f, *i'n;ta l faa.i!) , or fur a I?>ar4iu* k"imr Will I* a-.W K-w I'wuirt- at Vitfdwaa'a Bank. ..apoaita Tr?-a>nrr. P?una> Ivania avaana. ft ij <? ?f FOR SALE. puk >ALL ? Fa MtLK,cli?ap; IJI V -trail, t twccn lal aiid *1, Ialau t. j'i r J MEVKE tMik bALE-A larn- I'M ut a*, nil hand kit I JUI*?fcRATOK~.*'1 a- nam , for half pri. at J W ALLIKO'S, lil? liHli ?trr.*i Bt>rtliwa*t, Im a t-i n I) and B. ft * I/U B SALE?A "0" t>sria< |)4ach4 B l BABOtCUE, huilt t>r ?'.ki4 Brja. I il Kit T-rk. Coat, ^ IJiD Will ha ?>dd for A 4Aii. th<> '?a nrr ha* men-, f'tr thai oa-for it. Iniiiiir^otK 1. GB\HAB, K ? B' Mltorf and Fa. tory, 4 IB?414 6th Wr-at nortliaaat. j?? >f iLH'B hALB-A pair d IXATIoKM M ALE*. E uaed for coal j ard Alan, a WO il) ga OFFICE and a lot of FEM INo W ill b JT a Id t?r> I' a if r*Bi ira4 at .ima. In juirc ifl^#B M. GBEEN,com< r of 13th and L atrxata mSl * Ij^OK SALE?OBf two horar piarr BAW MILL. ib food ordar, cat. t? worknd with ooa hm ? Alao, ona COAL C AKT, will br aold rh?aa Apaljr EC BAlMtt Wood am! Coal Yard, ? itr~?T tawu tkh and 7th atn*<^a aosthwaat. aijl 4: o MB WHBBLEK A WILSoN hEWIMO M\ CHINE FOB f*Al.E. vitj cb?-ap. a! CAB1* S BAZAR Ko. iOi PaaBat Irama aiaana, ond-r N* 11' ual H<4al. ma> JT ywB SALE-B> jtartiw. M*rnt4, a d?a<r~ t ahlf lot of Fl RNITCRE, uaarl) nrw. aullal. - for parties roBtamplatiBC howaakaapiuc. 14*o Maaaaaliuaatta ait-Bu* uonhwaat. inAO ** L'CB hALB?Th?* wll-aal^rtad at.- k of DBT * GOI'DS at T*2I Market Spac-, ro'nrr < l< atr<*>(, will (>?? aold at a great bargain, to cl jf buiinoaa ?841* ^lX NEW TOP PPBIBO WAOOBM. 1 OVB BEAT TROTTING Bl GOV, naw For aak-at 47 Pi? aif?t, 0?>r?? I ti. JAh h PRuBEY m;.1 t^OLA WATER"aPPAKATL'8 FOR BALE A graat variety off Whit? and T-Bnaaa > 601>A WATER APPARATl h. at oiaiinfai-iurara' priraa awl tanna, ancoDd-ttaiid ouaa tak^n ib aa changa. Bilvar platHl Apparatus aud Stwal Foub tarn* to loaa, fr** tif ibaria.b) Bil4-ltu* PALMER A GREEN. <ia.-re-town BRl' B CLAf FOB BALE. AlB) la DODGE A DARKEILLB. Jl7-tf 14BT F airaat. COAL AND WOOD. (; uiatain. *uvL'*\i?At.*iArii ?? ?.srsw**4 ? 4 Fair prica aM> t-oaorahto d-aliBg*. M? Im> IShOLLllON D W a?H!>art?s, D. C., April 18.1STJ Tt>a C< phttft'-riljip hrratot >ra riiaiing t -ta t?a E.i ii' i.r" > ? ur.e? ar.d Wra. H btr*, uad.-r lb* cauia ai d firm .? ELPUONZO YOUKG8 A OO , la 4ta*4*ad I t antnal coaaaat.tha aacmd tarni of aii^h ecpann*>rahip hailnt lhi? d?? np.r?*d. Th? l uai tiaaa will c ntiuu?-d at th- oU aland i Haa -ulc T' lJit'.*. ? utB'-r Ft: aud r ?Uiala,l b? BLPHoKZO TOUNOB. w ho will par all jiiat ciaima agaioat aad "* -AWow roc?? an. u. bUk, Thanking m> frl.-t.di and tli* p?M?c for thalr Ifh aral pair, naca Ib the pant, I Woold raapr^ttully ?olicu a Conliuoaeee uf tLa enma ELPUOBEO TOCBQ? Having anant thr paat two Ta*? rmrj MMafartorily r. T. uuga ib th? ahora naaind bun.iaa 1 with Mr. T"Uiiga in Iht phorr namad boainaaa 1 y^.v?rrtuniff;o ? tha tuT twit hatronnfa. an? rh^tlilli raa onauriiu a uniftar tamiaaca I mat hata to his Jm taraaU. |apl?tf) WM. ?. BBABB YOCBO MAB DO BOT DE^PAIB?If fo? hwa? hwt llttia ?sans. and wiah to look gaataal, gat ana of tha f? antu. tn thraa dlffaraat drlas, at A BTBAUB', 1*11 Pawaa a*a.,aaar U?B. m POBEVV LOAB OFF ICR, iwaw af 7U itial V/ aad Arsa at-tmy. antranca oa law I* DBS10BB FOB LADIBB' ABD C'H 'L DEEM* DBE8BBB AT ? BS ? H MACREBB' STAMPING DEPOT. ?IB-tr BIT TIB atra? M BAPI1>LT BEMCVXEG DAM AGED ?OODB A AND FILLING LP DAT BY DiV WITH FEEiB BTOCR Ordrrt prorpflr tapplird V- V.

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