Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. I ^tum MASONRY. p I V r ri or twit W?*iin#m Ajrimtr.J V s?Wm?t<>B, M*v 31-1, l<J < S?al?d Prop-wal*. end r?. d "Propn?al? for C>>m plet'rr ft t: Btnlct on itoe Waehingtn Aiue ilnrt "? II bo received at lKi? Offir* until 19 <? i lk ? n tl.e '.'*Tii Ti?> ? r Jl>K. for furni*h:iig U'l set |iM < trpii.g ?i?i parapets ? t ?tnm- liriilji". PtopoU will lw rtc?i??l ??"!? on th' print"*! f'rm*. ? !>)' )). with plan*. *pKilctli >M, f?nn.? of ? utr-< t.and any desiied inlurniatioii.ctli W bad ?>u ai-pl < at ion, fa mail r in person, to O E BA BCOCK C .l.nM U.S. A., j+t tt Chief Engineer, Washington A piednct. Of rf- e aIbistVnt gtliTDxaster. r. *. a.. Tout M'*kok, Va ..fuoe >1, H73. B"%le l'rap..aals. in triplicate, with copy <?f thi* fcli-rtt- meat atttcM. invited at IhinOIArt until 1 -J tYl>?k? .on ?h- 3d DAT or Jclt. K3, f ? the d-'i^ ory id tb- following named sr.ppliee Mt 1) is p?t ouring th* fiscal year comtn^nclnc ?> air 1. )n1. at ?t;rh time. and in xrh -I'lantitie*, a* may be repaired, evbjtct to tb? u?n?< lB*peotioo. Tir: l;i cord* merchants* le h*'.l Wood, (more or lose.) 1M f"rt? Pine W.?od,(m .re or l??.l J7.?7 p .r ? d? Corn, i m T-or loo-.) Jl >.r> p- u d* I?at*, l more or ?ee* I 37.1.7m p c d? HHiHM.imtM l?".l JI. jUW r -i . de St?*w, lal I.(i?.w* or le*a.> T'i* ? n and Oata to be clean, and well *?. Th- Ha t >krti*uthv.of a*..-?.,B?lit?.freeftr>.iu ? ?M'. f * in ?oa??>u. well cured sbI Ml"d. Tho Ftra* t. I- of rood .|ii*<-M, loag aod wrll |aM. ? Blank f *m? of Propr-al?. with guarantee print* I lb re ! . .< hicb in >11 .-a*e* nm-t ho property tiled a : r . (1 !? .) will l.e on application tc I Pr>>iv ??.'* will h" marked. ?? Pr?po*sls for For *?.Pr t ?l- f r W .1," a-the caa--may be :r- ?- -Ito the u: ider*ig?ed. THE<>. J ECKEP.SOX. j>2C', an.? A. 'j M.. Bvt. Major U. 8. A. >BOPO?ALS FOR WROUGHT and cast 1 l.'l WOKK rOB THE RJlYV JAlL, DI3 TJif' T or COLUMBIA. Krw J*i!.,ri?Tt,rT??r CoLr*BiA, I ' t o cf Snp-*rint<-inlei t, Mav 8, l;w3.f M ' 'ILUHT AMU CAST IKOy WOKK. t*-a'i.. Pr< p<>aal< will be rocetre<! at tho (Tiro of II - ? :ii- r.t r.'. til lta.| Jrxii T. 1973,for fr^rni-' i-. delivering, rtttinr. and putting lu place the t-kt and (7*?t iron Work an exhibited !>y t> l?r i* -g?, de?ciibed in the Sp-rillc ttMna. and callort ( r nthe lrh*4<H, c> n*i<tin? of fl?e Ca*t lr. :i < li. n* of Ba>ement, R .lle?l Beinw, Ac., of 1 n Work f R >'f*. Oratin<? tu Window*, 4c.,l'illl>< r?. Iron Stair' aaei, ,?r. t'vp:-- f t he Drawir w-, !>p. tin ationa. and Sch^d Hi n,a> ?? had un appliratn n at thia office. At! ?c *tt l>) iif r <f;ir'dbTthe contra, t. ra to pnt tl'e ? '1 it. pmce Wi'1 fe- fiirniahed by t!ie t}.>vern B ent tree ,.f ciiarg. . fcut will be erscted l>y the con ?rartor?. Pr p- - .!> will bo it;vie by the piece, lm-al foot, erw?.ck!.f'rlkryarii item* of work, ** called for in tbe acbedulo. T ;? * rk will ivot be aulidivided Bin r ?i fl rent t'idder*. but will be eouaft-red in Hi af r :il?. The w tv le ..f the I'aat iron Coiumu* ?>f H e tr. ut Story aiel the B ama, Ac., of F;r?t ri.'or, ui'iit t -deliver-d ?? t in p.>aition wuuu. thr.-c ti t?: So fr >m date ! acceptance of prop-.aal, ?t ?i |? ?h..|r w.'tk D:n*t l>e completed within twelve r.lw from date f acceptance Pa> in- aill b" mad- ni' i H:ly, .l-ductin? ten per e< r*"** " .til (lie final c nipl-tioH wf the cooliact. All iod- niuat be acc n.p^i.i- .! I>y a peaal b ind, in tl?urn < ! tweuty th< .iaa;j.l dollar* i 9A>.tJnO, Hliat t! ? ? I" I?' r will a. cef and p?-rf -rtn th-- contract if ??? the ?', h< : > f t>ie aecn: it> t ?? rrrti.,-d t , tli* l'nit?-d Siatea J'id?the Clerk (.f fh.e ( i -e ' Stafeo C' nr'.-r *t1e Piatrict Att >rn<-, if th" l> ti ct wherein he readies. Ti e !> pa'tnieDt reaervea ?he right to reject any or ?II !???!-, ? it bedeem?*i for the int.-r<-?t of th" O >?? ?rnni*-' t I" do ai d anV lo-i that la nut aia<le oi> tl:e pn..ied f .mi. to b? obtained in this oMre,awl due* II ? C. nforvi in every re*poet to the re-mire trent* ? f t'"a advertiaenient, will not bo ron?ider>d; l.e:th?-r ?.11 any propt*al? be re<-eived from partita ? h" ar> i.t th>Bi?el > e? en wag "d in the tnannfa. ture rt Wr itght ?>r Ca?t-i*- n W rk.and wV> have not Ab-nec ~-ary facilitieaf r g' tting ont th" w rk. Pr.f' - ??? will be end. r~-d "Bids for Iron Work," ?lid a ll.-*e<JtO m7 F' AIH1L? Snperintondent. pRt>n>.\iLS POR M IL. PinmiiT or thi hyttioit, I ? i-H.Ht.'>, Mas ??'t ^ ai p- J".?al* all ?> r . e|\.until I'4 >VI.<k t?i , FklOAT. Jbiio 40'h. H71, f->r fiirni*l?in*_Puel 1 i ti. 1' , -.nuiei t and i?*- veral Bureau*. >1/; K r tone l iiTidred and fifty ton*, (2.?l>i pomd* to tl>e t <a~t quality of Baltimore Company K*. 1 Win A -?. Antnra. ite Furnace Coal. AI*o. four linrKir' dad Utt? ( UU i ???!?? 12,2t" p >und? to the ton > I.-t ;ty ot filmni'liii (' a), e|?j and -tove*ij:e-. Tti -i?l> coal nin-t t^- d-liv-red within ?i*tv (*>) d ? he4?te . f th? contract, a?d **ore?| in th^ ? ?nit* i ? the Department in a *ati?factory manner, I f .re |i. -parto-a fnrni?hing it will l>? pii-1. AI*o. t*??ti ti"- i'.l c- rd* aell a aa .ned l-aker'a Pin? V - ,.1. ? 'he l?. ?t .jnal'tv . aid tif?y (i'> cord- l? *t Ink X* *i li ?e-a?> ned and sound. Tiie ab >v< w -*!t .l c rd-d at the Department bui'ding* a* dr?i' a? Tlte whoi- t- l?" iuapected, weigh-d.and ?i- ?oi:r- ? i-e. rdance with an act of Oongr<-??, ap Droved .I t Jltk, I87ii. Certificatea from tho ?hip p- r? u H-: l e .howu tothe ^nperintendont, certifv in? i: it II ? .! delivered t?|Mi (the contractors Ha tbekind n: red by tho Department. Thebi.|*will J- i.p i :i tbo ..fBce of the Superintendent in the P'?. i. t -ucb bidilor* a* may cho ,.e at tend. A patiofa. ' T\ 1 kd wiil be re.tuir?i ol the iu< ce**fnl J ..lder* f -r f l.e faithfnl p?-rf rniani. of the contract. The r:?:IiT t ? accept or reject any or alibi Is U re perveif ? , the D'-partnien*. i?.a> ? I.9.19. C PEI.ANO. Socre'ary. IN ? U R AN C ECOM P ANIEs! T Ht t(il IT.tRLK LIFE ASSlRAXtl SOCIETY. Tti'- bn?.it'e?a of thi* Company baa for year* bee? Ike laiiceM of any oinular .istitu'iu in the world. t. HLTER. Qkjikal Ajiit, ira\S?-lf 403 ainl iO& 7th street. 11' B. JOSE* * CO~ I* ? Ao ill 7i* <?wt,?rr P. O O^trtm'nt, Re pre-. Dt the following s.roug Fire Insurance C". n ?ai.i"a ? THE ULRMAN AMERICAN, OF N Y., Caoh Capital JI .UUO OOO THF MERCHANTS. t>F NEWARK. N J . niZ tr Caoli Aaseta, |ilb,TIH.lT T7RE \T W ESTERN FIRE INSIEASCE li iompahy. CAJH ASSETS 9306.4-47 6* OFFICE, t>03 FIFTEENTH STREET, ??pru?.n DiritTmyt. B.lSJai R W BATES, Agent. THE (OECOReAM FIRE INEIRANCE 1 cuMnnv OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, O-tauizul Ami \U, 1573 tipBal S1U0.0U0. OFFICE No. 14*? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. (Ova* MiLPcm^V Dbcc Btosi.I ^ JOHN T. L EN MAN, Proaidoat. A. H HERR, Vies President. J V. DYER. Secretary. D ?icioEs ? W?. Orne, H. Clay Stewart, OHM. 41. James. Jao. L. Barbour Edward Droop, John T. Lei.n ar, Muhaai Graen, John Bailey. A. H. Herr. ap?i> Abe you insuredr IF HOT. APPLY TO THB OI-D FEA1KLIM INSURANCE COHPaNT, OF WASHINGTON, D. 0. iMrolpoBATXb ?T Ci?>??E?? IS 191*. OSce 1b the building of the National Batik ot tfet Eapablic, Ku. TO* D street DorUiweat. |o charge tor Fi.licie?. 4>?'?e*'-r?.?Dr. J as 0 Hall, loka Party, Dr. J. Brudi. ad, J. Key worth, Jss. C. McGvirv, H?an Brad ey, Jna. H Bradley, 0. H. Wihborgor, W. J McDi LalJ, F. F. M. Gctre, Dr. D B Clarte, M 0; HESBY BRADLEY, President. CHARI E9 BRADLEY.Sacretary. decSMofoi Tbf national metropolitav FIRE IMCEAirE COMPART, OP TBI DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Ot.hAMZBV A 0U VST '40, |97?. CABb CAPITAL 1 OVce li Miepberd'* Bnildtng, Bo. NS)( Penniyi aan.? aver.aa. MOSES KELLY, President. WM. B. Tt'DD. Vioe Prsaideat BAM l EL t. BOSS, Seeretary. iiiMtsii: ?A- B B -vAS, Wm B Todd. Wu.. Wall, Charles J oat, V n.. Q Me^aerutt, John T. Letmaa, G ? F Gslick. M'sesKcliy. A. R Shepherd, or 14 tj A RAILROAD and l?it t^tate Isrtgaf* (?nklnca. 1b Its T T Gold Boads the Northers Facile Ball road C'tapu.) fnruishea to the y?hMe an lureatnent ?eccr.ty wUich cmnMnos the ready negotiability, tbr eoc??L.-i to, and the high credit af a trat claas rail r ad la.rd, with the solidity and safety of a real ae tata a> rtiagi ob latd wont, at least twice Use aooial Oaaed Thi-y are o!Tt r-d s* par In MgreMy, and yield e lLAM'SOME ??Ar-ngl-ig I |H Tbe bi-ods are a tret and ooly Mortgage us the road. Its eumpiBents and sarniaga, and alao oa e iaul grar t which, ob the Completion of the road, will avsrag ZSXMV acree to each mile of track. Tbej are Issued la denominations frotn |Ub u BI-ood C< UpOB, and tW> to |lujm Registered, bar* thirty i*?ri to roa, bear aa Interest of 1 Jg per com la gold, atel are EXEMPT EROM UMITBD STATES TAX to the holder. The sfu.i st.nnal Interest ea the KagWtared losdi I* pa?d wttk GOLD CHBCEB seat to the poet oRoe ?rtlrsas ef the holder. AU Mirk*?abIs Stocks inn Bonds received to Change w.that expeoee to the laveetor, ? theb klfhal current prtcee. I1RIERI, WASH1BVTOB 8"su THE MAETLAND FREEVTONE M A M. CO JS A O tr HEADY TO HECE1TM OKOEliS tOK STONE, E1THEK SAVED OA ROlliH DIMENSION. Apply at Company's office. CORNER K AND 9Sia STREETS, Rack Creek. Ffrtf ?. W. HAYOEN, Prreidem. BANKERS. [1V1I JOHXIV5 k C O., BANKERS AND PEM.ERS IN FOREIGN AVD DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, Hot* RIMOTID tifheir n*w Ranking oa kf of Mtk Nr^M tnl P-unsylvauta iv?nn?, o?i tb> ilt? ffirmnl? r?fnpiw1 b< them. wU-la 0~ TIB BIGKLOW^ Banker, 94* V BTRRET. NBAB SEVENTH, f?T? INTEREST OH DEPOSITS, bUm OOL LRCTIOHS, truMcti all buliw connected with Banking. >||-ly RANKING II O 17 B E 3. H. SQL'I BR * CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orroaiTK willakd's hotxl, WASHINGTON, D O. S mt cwt. tmtertrt paid on rtewostts. Collections made everywh?>ce1 Dfpmlti parable on demaud. Par of oAcera In the Army cashed in advaace. apl-tr Jr. BKODHEAB, Broker? Mo. 939 Penna. are., Boom ft, Washington, D. 0. Special attention given to tnveatmeat securities. Invites attention to securities now offered at prices which will pay MM IS per cent, la anioanta and of length of time tosuit investors. Safe, reliable, profit able *nd prompt, making th?m in every respect FIRST CLASS SECURITIES. ?aapew R fere by permission to Li*h Johnson A Co., Washington. D. C.: M >se? Kelly, E?]., Cashier National Metropolitan Bank, Washington, P.O.; Hep. J. M. Rretihead. 6?>ud Controller, Waeliiug *r>n, f?. C.; EJwar.i Clark, Esq., Architect U.S. Oap **, Wawbingion. P. C. mar!7-am I UK NATIONAL BANK OP TUB BEPUBLIC (Cotl'? rr f Tth and D utreete,) OPEN FROM 10 A M.TOJ P. M. dfcn i) CHAS. BRADLEY, OasMer. nEHMAH AMtKItA!X BAVINMb HANK, U No. kid SmvSMTR Stkikt, Orrofiu Us foil- Ofca Vtpmnmtnt Bank hours: t a. m. to 4 p. a. Saturdays open on 11 8 t m., to receive depmits only. Interest paid on dep-aits. Collections made and n;b?'.ige famished. IOHN IIITZ, President, A. EBERLT, V. Pr?st, W. F M ATTINGLY,8t-c.,C. E. PBKNTlSS.Oaeh'r a?v9-l) T~HE FKJtJCD.llA B'B SAVINGS AND _ TRiST COMPAXY. Sinking Hon*, No. 1497 Pennsylvania aveaue, oppt-site the Tmaeury, PATS SIX PKR CENT. INTEREST, ln'rrtst B'fns tk* first *J Kntk Momlk. PAIS FOUR PER CENT, on bannm acc>?nts from date of deposit. ?'MW' of Urpotit bearing 4 and 4 per oent. Interest, available anywhere, IAS BRANCH OFFICES in all large towns and cities of the S?nth and Southwest. Jiamk htnrr> 9 i. m. to 4p. m. Open Wednesday and Saturday nigtita fr >ro 4H to I >VK<ck, to r?ce(T?d'-p. eitsonlr ? Call at the Bank of tev.i t r % o,.pr ,f ((,?? Charter aid By-la*s. jltl-ly J AT iVOKE * CO., BANKSRS, BUT AND BELL FOREIGN EXCHANOB and iSSt E CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, avmrlabU ?? say pmrt of tin world. Oar Drafts on JAY COOKE^MrCCLLOCH A CO., are Cashed In anr part of Es*la:i:>, IasLA.tcand Scotland, frit Qf tkarrt. mar 18 WA4HIN43TON CITT SAVINGS BASE I'-ormtr 7th strut mm(f i'tana vtsuti, "AYS ft PER CENT INTEREST ON DEPOSIT * Interest commences from date of deposits. Der-^its can be made and drawn at will. T'! *1 >f J A RUFF. Tr?asnrer STEAMER LINES. Am h?k line ?tea.uer?, Sail fr' in P,?-r 2t'. North River, N"W York. EVEBY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. 1 he p:w? nui-r accommodations ?n Sttamers ol thi? lm** are nn-nr passed f >r el-gance ?"t! Comfort. Calun slate rooms are all< ? n d*ck. thu* securing g.,,^1 light" and > tilution KATES OF PA8SXGE TO ULASUOW, LIVERPOOL OR L??BPONDERRY. Sal. tt'nmrr*. HW steamers .. .. ? Gold. Cnrrency. Cab;* ... S75 iintl ?C3 ?7| and ?69 Cabiii return tickets securing best acci>ir.m<slntii>n8_ g 1.30 .n.giy Storage,currency, I ^rtirtcatesf. rDH?sH*e fr.nt hii\ sesportor rail war statu r. in Great Britain, Ireland ortb?C<>n<iD>-nt at KATK? A* LOW A? BY AST OTHER FlB'T-CLA's LIXE F r paasace apple toHENDKRSON BROTHERS. 7 b-Mlicg Green, N YjjtoC. CAMMAt K, 14?:i F -t. n w.,or WILLIAMSON A CO.. 1744 P-nu. avenue n .w,. Agents. Wa?hmgt-?n. ni?-t,th, (\KW EXPRESS LJnE VIA CANAL. 1 1 BKTWF W N PHlL,^?^tH.,^AL,XAWDRIA. Va., WASH INGTON AND OEORGBTOwk, D. O. SA1LIK0 DATS. From Pier J, North Wharrea.Phil WEbNESDAY and BAT L KDA Y. at IV in From 9? Water street,Georaetown, D. 0 .TUBS DAY and SATURDAY, at 10 a m ,v v"Tljmo Thta hue connects at Philadrlphia v 'th^Clrde1! Iron Line" of steamers for Provid^nc, Boatoo and New Erglawl States. No wharfage in B >sten by ill1?* _0. F. HTDE. Agent for D.of 0. 2*- A CO., Philadelphia. F A REID, Alexandria, Va. WALDO A. PEARCE, 94 Congress Street, Bos rOJJ. , bT Kwo*'s Express. Order* U?fl at Gt*i?er%i Ofhoe, 60.'i P^nnsyhania avetia*. or at the steamer wharf will be promptly attended 1 a pi WASHINGTON^HORFOLK, BOSTON, AND The flns Iron Bteatuer LADTOF THB LAKB baring resumed her regular trips to Norfolk,will leave her wharf, foot jJVfh ?*'rT "ONDaV and" THL S p. m , touching at principal Rrrst Landings, at Norfolk wtfk Steamship of ?he H and E. Line for B <ston and Providence Freight should be addressed "cars of Lady of tlv Lake, via Norfolk." Branch tirket offlce at Eaox> OWce,6O3 Pauosylvanla avenue. T B.CBOiOH. Arent.tth-street wharf. DORSET OLAOETT, General Agent. g'H Plants Store, porter t. sod Pa. avs plKARO INC. THB BBITIBH AND NOBTB A E BRIO A B ROYAL EAIL STEAESHIP8. BBTWEEN NEW YOKE AND LIVEBPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. FROE NEW TORE. * JsTa^_..Wed_May S3 ?Cubs _W<,d...Juiie 4 ?Scotts Wed..June 11 'Algeria... W?-d. Jiiik- IS ^Russia Wsd-.Jtini' J6 Parthta. Bat May 31 Samaria Sat June 7 Abrssinia_8at_...June 14 Batavia Bat J>hi?* Ii _ . Oalabria. .Sat?Jun - U St-aiiien marked thus * do not carry steerage pee ?sogers &ud every fotlewinj WEDNESDAT and SATUB DAT frovi New Tork. Rati* or Pa^?a??.?Cabin, $&0, fW, ud ?1E ?, according to sccomuodatioa. lets to Paris, BU, gold, additional. Beturn tickets oa favorable terms. Steerage, Mi0, currency. 8teeritgeuckeufrom Liverpool aad and all parte of Europe, at lowest rates. Turoogfe bills of lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other points on the Continent aad foi Eediterraaean P->rts. For freight and cabin aaa vage.applr at the Company* ofllce. No. 4 Bowling Green; for steerage passage, at Mo. Ill Breadway Trinity Buildin*. CHAS. G. FRANi'KLTN, Agent, New York. OTIS B1GELOW, Agent, St^aun r Oificf, 1411 Pa. avenue, no^ U ly Washington, D. O. iiTSRCHABT'8 i<lNK OP oTRAEBHIPB .vj ttmm V?ASH1NQT0H AND NEW TORE. IferealW the 9ne Bteamahlpa E 0. EEIQBT aat iOUE GIBSON will make regular weekly trip- between NEW TORK, ALEXAN DRIA. WASHINGTON and GEORGE-' TOWN, as follows:?Leave NEW TORE from Ptsr IV East River, every SATURDAY at 4 p. m., Lews GEORGETOWN every FRIDAY at T I. ?., lad ALBXANDBLA the same dar ftt 19m For ftHI Information apply to R. P. A. DBNHAE, Agent, ofitoe and wharf toot nt High street, George town, or at tfce oornsr of 17th Ml aad N?w Tan avenue. Freights delivered bT Kaoxt Express. Or der* left at General Offlce, 603 Pennsylvania ava il ne. or at the steamer wharf will be promptly it t?'iw1ed to. leU-tf J. W. THOEPSON. ] C^U 11-1'BEN'S HOSPITAL AND DISPENSARY / B04 k' btrnt. N. IF., ostwaaa itk aa-f ihsU. Supported b> voluntary contributions. H??pita free tc children under M year* ?f age Dispeaearj peQ daily (Sundays excepted) from 1 to I p. m Medicltes furnished r^Viitocsly. Consult log phy sicians, Drs. J. C. Uall, I nomas Miller, C H Lieb ern anr, W P. Johnston, aad Grafton Tyler. Aiund't Pkyrmant lH'msu Tiin* of Stntiet. Dr. P A. Asbford, Surjrical, Taes*r,ThOTsVt 9a|*y Dr. B. C. Bnsey, M-dical, Tu-s'? . E .>tiday , S il*r Dr W BJ?riakart, Ere A Ear, MonSr,W?d'r,#r'ey Dr. W. W. Johnston, E?diral, Eon*r,Wed'> .Fr'dr L J. Dsvls,Beeretary; James 0. Keuuedy, Preat dent: F. B. EcOulre, Treeearer, to whetn all oom meatcationessay be aat; Poet OEee Box 499 l-9m ? KB. WO RE LEY'S PKCTORAL SYRUP, fOB OOUGHS RED OOLDB. BOLD B T ALL f>M VttViBfB. A tlfll WHARF, rest <f Uk m?+f strm TO CONTRi ? Cargoes of STO TO CONTRACTOM^AND EERCHANT8. discharged from vessels aad stored or delivered H the shorteat aotice and loweat ratee. ^ ag ly O. T. AtLRR. YOPTHV SUITS tn Scotch aad diagoaai, very ?obby, at A. STRAUS', 1011 PaTave., ae^ Uth atreet. sM ? \RATH TO THB EODOCS aad death to high U prtoaa ta the aMtta at A. BTRAUB', 1911 Pa. awe., aaar Uth at fuoum TEA MM ?MHtWBIllPgfU. I ?R 9M RR. BH?R 91*9. Uaa ever. No rent la sag la 1BBJAEIB N^Syja^ifij.'in *Jf tnT/'.tr BBCOBDEAEDOLOTEINa WUBELY O wool E en's AUCTION SALES. rt-TtRE nw%. III LATIMBK ft CLEART, mJ A and Real Estate Broker*, BuO'tvMt corner nl Penn avenue and lltb street Star Uilco Buildiog. TKU&TxJ'SSALEOF A COM FORTARLE TWO story to.1"!* L,n thie side of 13th KTRI5T. BETWEEN W AND BoL'N DART STREETS BEING No. *204. Under and br Vlrfn > of ? c-rtwir deed of trow Qbrmini date on tHe 14th day of M??, A D. 1371 ?"?duly "l record in Lther K". MS, folio 359, one of the land records fur the District of Columbia, and to me directed, J will tell, at public auction, to the highest bidder therefor,on THURSDAY, th? 19th day of Jnue. A. I> 1373, at 0li o'clock p. m , on the prtmise*. l*o? numbered seventy-eight |T8?, in I E Allen's subdivision of part of eaat half of Square numbered twi' hundred and thirty-four in the city of Washington, together with the improvements c insisting of s two-story Brick Dwelling, being Ns 8'Jt?4 13tb street northwest. Terms ot sale: One-third casb; and the re?i1tn In two e.junl Instalment* at six an 1 t*?lve month* wltb Interest from the day of sale, secured to the satl-fsction of the Tru*tee. One hundred dollars cash to l>e paid at tho time of aale, and if ths term* < f ftoleare uot complied with withiu five day* there after, the Trustee reeervee the right to reaell upon one w< ?k's n?-tice in some newspaper printed an. riiblishfd In tbe city of Washington, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. A. THOMAS BRADLEY,Tni?tee. m27 StawSw LATIMER A CLEABV. A act*. BY DUNCANSON. DOWLIHG A C0.? A nets.. Corner >tb aud D straeU north west VALUABLE BCILDISo"LOT ON 3n STREET Hi/IV\ EES MASSACHUSETTS A\EXl'E AND C t TRKETS NORTHEAST, AT AUCTION m On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Jnue 4th IUJ it 6 o'clock, We Will ?ell, npon the premises ?J?-:he south fin feet front of Lot 10. Sjuare7.W. ant l>oiitided aa follow*: Beginning at the southeast ,pele of ?aid lot 10, and ru ml in; *?t MIS f"?t thencenotih 3# feet, thence nortli astv ard.s to inter ?ect Maeeacliusetts avenue at right aiule* 12 II lii} feet, thetice due east 138 78 100 feet to 3<1 street thence south along said street 50 f-ef, to place (?f I egwnl?g, and contain* 7.1W 43 100 -"mire f>>.>t. The above lot l* on* <f the finest on Capitol Hill ard convenient to the street car*. This lot will b* ?ubdivided if desired, aud is suitable for bui! ling purpose*. Term*: One-third cash; balance In ?and 11 month*, nt te* bearing Interest and s<cured by deed of trust npon the prenn?e*. Conveyancing. Ac., at cost of purchaser. A <l<'p< sit of A loo required its soon,as the prop -rty Is kinds d on Plat ti> b? *een at our office. ?Z7 DUNCANSON. DOW LINO A CO.. Ancta. |Y II H. WARS Eli. R-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer. Ko. 1'JV 7tb street, bat ween G aul 11 its. B' ft On WEDNESDAY. Juno 4th. 1373. at ft;"0 I p in , 1 will offer tor sale, a* public aiicMou, in Mront of the premise*, the ni ist northern 22 feet 10*4 iuche?, from front to rear, of L'H 7, in S jnsre 1M Also, on tb? *ame day, at 6 p ni., the moat east earn lti fe,-t 5 inches, from front to rear, of Lot 19, in Siin-tre 117. improved b\ a two-story and basement Uiick Dwelling. Al?o. Ou TIIURSDAT, June 0, 1373, at 6 p. m., Lot S. In Square lf^i. Te?ti>*: One-third cash; the residue in 6. 12 ard l,s month* fn in day of sale, with inter-st at ? ighl (SI per cent. Title to l>-> r -tAin. -l until all of t he purchase money and interest is paid T rim nf sale to be romplied ?ith within five d*ya after sale, otherwise I reserve th'- right to resell, at thn ri<k and cost of the defaulting purchaser. All convey ancing at purchaser's cw?t. A deposit of ou ac CeptaLCe of each bid. W. C. LKWELEN CLEMENTS, Unardian and Agents, .IAS. 8 EDWARDS, Attorney. it.23 roAds B. II, WARNER, Auct. BY GREEN A" WILLI AM sTAuctioneeri^ No. 1001, northwest corner lJtb and D street*. SALE OF VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PRO PERTY AT AUCTION. , On Till RsDA Y. June 6th. 1S73, at 0 o'clock ?[> in , on the premises, w u shill sell part of lot -15. in sijuare, H?. rift, having a front ..f 2lfe- t ill ti street norsb, bet wet-n 1st and North Capit"! streets, and running back a good depth to an alley. Tei ins: Oue-thirdcash; balance in 6. 12 aud is mom lis for notes being interest and secured by ii,nt of trust on the premises. Stamps at cost of pnirhaaer. SoOdown at time of sal*. i. L-.i d GREKN A WILLI AMS. Aucts. THE TRADEa PRACTICAL PLCMBING, OAS FITTING a >:? t-EM ERAGE promptly attend'-d to, on reason able term-, b> JAMES F BRIEN, No. 609 Liuis iaiia avenue, near 4th street, north side. R?sidenre, Witt Id street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED PI PE always on hand. m2l tr Jl'otice of Remorat. THE LUMBER BUSINESS, HKK&TOVOKE COSUVCTEU BY THE UX DEHS1UKEU OX SIXTH STREET, XEAR MJSSOVKl A TEXVE, AXU B STREET, BM TWEEX SIXTH ANU SEVEXTH STREETS XOR TH WEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE m9-lm WATH'L B. FLQ1TT. Her a io a LAGiRPCsa, Successors to I1k!<rt Horalck, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, 407 F street, a94 1m* Betweea Mh and Sth sts northweat. A ? >IXi?. JOHN C. HOG AN, 713 Market Space, Mannfacturer of AWNINGS, for Storea, City and Country Residences TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for sal*. Sole Agent for the oaly genuine MILDEW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. apU tr pLUMBING AND GAS FITTING. Those desiring to have their Pltunblng and Oas Fltting done it a neat and substantial manner, and on reason able terms, abonld leave their orders at 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. ?g-??i' WM. ROTH WELL. M CUNNINGHAM, MATTER. ? 1011 V Street, between lOtn aad 11th, feas the pleasure to aauouncs tnsH he has received r-m tAs Spring Style of Broadway BLOCK, aud is^M Kpared to fornlsh Hew Hats made to order on^^ n> or r ?odel old styles; also, aa sssi.ii iBiunt of Felt Hats for sale, on reasonable terms tt-tr ^WNITOB, rUfl^TKNTI. M. G. COPELAND, ?43 Louisiana avsuae, one door east 7th street. AWNIBGS for Btorss,City and County ReslJenos* rtcktrcA* in stile and finish. FLAGS and TENTS f?r sale and rent. ROOMS DBCORATED. All Canvass articles made to order DANCING CLOTHS. J I. TURTOR, CARPBNTKK, BUILDER. aHP OOBTRACTOR. Order* for House Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo ractor's Work speedily attended to. Bhoas aud Offlee. )ar.g-tf lfth street, below B st. norttrwsat. ? LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A BOM, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALB BTABLBb 410 8th street, bsl.D aud B, and Chain Alley, H between IStb and 14th. Office, Wi;lards. Best carriages furnished. Special oars paid to Um tM-ardlng .*f horses. 4*11 -ly Allison bailor, je.. LIVERY AND HIRING STABLB8. STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEB. de<? ly 138* E street aorthoest. Arlington stables.-r. cruit, jr. G STREET, BtTWiiit 17th lttn, Carriages by day or night, and for wuddin^or y r^OBGRCtM STABLES, V/ Ctm STREET, BiTWBait D *nt> B. Hcraes and Bnggles for Hire, and a fresh supply of good Horass for sals every weak. jy?l ly B10HARD VANT, Proprietor. WASH. BAILOR'S STABLES 13W0 B ST. CARRIAGES of Um latast Sylss ooastaaU) on hand and for hire by the Say or month. Parties, weddings, and receptions famished wttl the most ccufortahls and slagant Oarrlwes. Particular attsattoa to boarding Horses. aa< Horsss alwars for sals aad *? Bhangs. dscU-tf I *HAt was EASILY SOLVED * ''I.say (Jfhrley, pardon me, but aray tell me how isK you alway s disss so stylish, and having hut Uth DirORB GOING ELSEWHERE szaataa ths D Diaaoaal Drsss Suit for #17., a specialty J and only^Te bad at A. STRAUS , l#i 1 T^ana. a?T. near Hth. Ivaala avasaa, near llth street ?j? PLIMBERS ARB INVITAO TO EXAMINE our stock of BBAP8 WORK, on which w"off 7 a liberal diseoaatloths trad*. ?>S?-?3t ALBX B. "nEPHERD A CO T" LATKJT WONDER of the 1t h rentes &&ss5xjg& w AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW fc BY GBEEM Jt WILLIAM?.Aac:i)!^?, V, rlbwMn curo-r of KKh ?ol D *t HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS, Ac . AT irCriOS ? On TUESDA X. Jnrie 3J, 1373, at 19 o'cl >ck a. m.. w. shall sell, at the residence of ? gen tleman declining housekeeping. No. 1107 street. between L ?nd M attve*? northwest, the foil win* nam-si collection of Furniture: Hair Cloth Scfae. Marble-t >p Table* Ingrain Carpet*. Muhogany Sideboard. MtrMf to* and Painted I)u"'W> and Withstands. Oil Clotli, R -i. Lounge, Hall Chairs and TaMe. Mahogar.v It d?t< ads, 0. S. B arker*. Walnut B*v olv insChalrs. Parlor ard other Store*. Stair Carpei? ami OH Cloth Cr?rkery. Kitchen Uteasil*, Ac., Ac. Tirna cash _ jm31-d GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Anct*. JAMES GU1LP. Auctioneer, Mo. 1014 Pennsylvania avenue. BALE OP FLOWERING PLANTS, BOSKS, GERANIUMS, Ac. On TrESDAT. Jam-3, at 9 30 p. m , in 'auction r'out 1014 Pennsylvania avenu?. pi31 It JAMES QriLP. Anct. BY 1>Y LAT1MEB * CL.EARI, I) Auctioneer* aud Rea) Estate Broken. Southwest cormr Pe-j^lvanTa avenue and llth at., Star Office Buildiug*. CHANCERY SALE "JT" VERY VALUABLE BUSlNE>S PROPERTY. 4K9 PBNN^YLVA MIA AVENUE, SOUT1I SIDE. BETWEEN 4 j ANF. ftrH STREETS MOBTHWEST. mBy virtue of a decr-a of the Sttpreni" C -urt of the Pistrlct of Colombia, p*s*e.| on th" 7th day of Mtr. A. P. 1375, in rbancery cause of Seitiutes et al \?. Payne (-1 al., No. 3.'??2, E I'ljty P *. II, I trill sell, at public miction, cm TUESDAY, th" 3 1 day of June. A. P. 1473, at 6 o'clock p. m . in front > f the premise*, Lot numbered 31. Reservation B. I> irg Miitl being in the ri:y of Washington, Pi?trict ?.f Colombia, with improvement* thereon, consisting if a -ul>.-t uitial brick store ami a? r?-h ??-?e Said lot i?nior? particularly described ?? follow*: Beginning for the same at the northeast corner of said lot and ? nnning thence west along the line of Pennsylvania avenu- twenty-five (JS) feel; thence south to all ?>" In 'lie r??r one and twenty -seven < 1271 feet live (5) inches; tliei ce east along the line of sail alloy twenty-five(25) feet; thence north to Pennsylvania avenue and the p'sce of the be/rinniuz one huudred ard twnty-Seven j 127) f -et five <5) indie* Tirni" of sale. ?? prescribed by the decree; One f urth ca?h: an*! the balance in six, twelve aud ejcbteen month*. for which approved note*or bo-id u ill be taken. payable in equal instalments, w ith interest a* 8 per cent. pavable semi-annually. A deposit of five nnndr'si dollar* will be required at time of sale. If the term* of sale be not complied with in five day* from d.ty of sale, the prop -rty will |?e r> *<-M at the cost and risk of the Cuu veyancing at purchaser's cost. N P. CLF.ARY. T-u-t?e. n:lii 2?awAds LATIMEB A CLEABY, An, ts. Y DUNOAKSON, DOM LINO A C0.,Anct?.f fcouth' ttHt corner 9th aud D streets northwest. B SAL* OF FINE BOSKMOOP PARLOR SUITE, WALNUT CHAMBER 8ET8, PAMASK CUR TAINS, OIL PAINTINGS. MARBLE TnP TABLES, fTA<; H??RN II \T TREE, Ac., CON TA1NED IN HOUSE No ?4U NEW YORK AVLNl E NORTHWEST. AT AMOTION. #7\ On \S EPNESPAY MoRNIN?J, June 4th, UA. coii:wienc'ng at 10 o'cb ck, we will *ell,at 9 4JI I? ? Y'ork avennv,betv*-en 9*liand lrt hstr-ets I \ inorthwect. the entire Household Furniture, Paintings, Ac., consisting of? Roseaeisl Parlor Suite. Walnut Parlor Suite. R. sewood ai d Walnut Marble-top Tables. Pama-k anil Lace Cnrtains. Mautel and Pier Mirrors. Stag Horn Hat Tree. (>il I'aintirgs, Ki'eiav iiu r I Chromo* Sid'-I oard. Extension Tui . , ^lining Chairs. Refrigerator, Bookcase. Walnut Chamber Sets. Cottage Sets. Feather*. llalr and Shuck Mattr???. Table*, Bureaus, W ishstand*. anlr iUf. Work Stands. Blankets, Comfort*. Si>r ads. Sheets. Velvet. Tape?tr> .Three pi) and other Carpet". Oilcloth*. Rugs. Mat*. Parb r Ornaments, Vases, Ac. <"ut Gla-s, China and Crockery. Kitchen Utensils, Tub*, Ae . Ao. B? iig the effect* of a laiiy d-cliniu^ ho us- keeping preparatory of leaving for Europe. This -ab- is worthy the attenti m of parties di^irfng to obtain first class Furniture in good condition. T?rtus cash. DUNCANSON POWI.INO A CO . n 2^ I Rep I Auctioneers. B Y B. H. WARNF.B, Real E-tate Broker and Anefioneer, No. 1U9 7th street, between 0 aud H. TI USTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PBOVEP PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OK 16th AND M STREETS. j, Uy virtue of a fleed of tnwt to me, baarlng Sdate the 1st da} of February, AD. In71, and *<luly recorded in Liber 673, folio tU, and at the reuui-st of the person secured thereby, I will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the l>reniise?, on F RlPA Y( tne 13thday of Jnne.KJ, at 6 o'clock p in., lot* numbered nineteen < 1?) an ! sixty four <(v|) in *ul>division of s^inare numbered one hnudred and eighty-two<ljj.l asthasani' are

know n upon the public plats an<l plan of tiiecity of W ashington. This property front* aboet tri; feet on lfth street, and lias a depth of about ?7 le^t.t ? an alley, and binds ? 'ii M t-treet, and I* improved with a largn -story frame store and dwelling, and twoamalier frauie bouses, aud is located iu a lapidly improving part of the citv. The property will l>eaoM subject fo ajirlor incum brance of (Ijliuij, whicn maturi-s Januarv hi, 1474 T> rms: One-half cash, and the residue in six nioi.ths, v? ithinterat fromdav of sale. $iou to bed posited ubenti e property isstruck off. All convey ancing at cost of purchaser. J. JL OBIOOS.Trustee, n ii B n. WARNER. Anct. BT B. H. WARNER, _ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Mo. 7X9 Seventh street,between 0 and H. TBOSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PARM LAND IN PRINCE GEORGE'S COCJNI IT, MARYLAND. B> virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for NvPrince Georg-'s couaty, sitting in eijuity, the " nbsenber, a* Trustee, will offer at public sale, on the premises, on THURSDAY, the 6thday of Jnne, M73. at the hour of 19 o'clock m , if fair; if not. the next fair day thereafter, a valuable tract or parcel of Laud containing fifty and ?ne-fonrt'i acres, being part of the real estate of the late Wil liam Clark, and now owned by the parties to the suit in which the above-mentioned decree via passed. It i* situated about six mile* northeast of Washing ton city, and isapproach'd by the 7th stre?t road, passing by the Siguier*' Home, or by North Capitol street and Glenwood, ami is half a mile fr >m a sta tion (in the Metropolitan railroad (on Stott's farm) The anil is very fine, with handsome shade trees, and desirable sites for bnilding lots. Terms of sale: One-tblrd of the purchase money to be paid iu cash 011 the day of sale, on ratification by the court: and the residue in two e-inal instalments in one and two years, to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser or purcb iaers, with securities to be approved by the Trustee. Two hundred dollars of the ca?h payment will be required r.n th? day of sale. The Trustee i* authorized to divide the said land, and will divide it into lots to snit purchasers, il deeuird desirable. _ B B B. CHEW, Trus ee. At th" same time and place, the subscriber, as at torney for William Clark, the owner, will aell fifty five acies of Laud adjoining the aliovs, similar in quality and location. This land is improved by a comfortable Dwelling and outbuildings. Terms made known on day of sale. B. B B. CHEW. Attorney. l-Mm.w f B H WARNER. Anct r. |1Y LATIMEB A CLEABT I) Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud llth St., Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEE SSAI.E OF DESIBABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OP MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ANB 17th STREET NORTHWEST. B) * irtue of a ib-ed of trust, d*t*d Anznit the Kal&li. 1S70. and duly recorded in Liber N 0. till, ?US-folio 413, being one of the laud records for the county of Washington, in the District ot Columbia, and by the' written reuu<-*t of the party secured thereby. I will sell a* public auction, In front of the premi??ep, on MONDAY, the 9tli das of June, 1573, at bis o'clock p. 111 , Lot numbered St) thirty-seven, Af Spaiilding and Wilson'* *ubdivision of original lot ??we (1 >. i n square numbered oue liuudred and fifty - eight (1M1, as recorded iu the office of the Surveyor of the city ef Washington, D. C., improved by a nearly new two-story Frame Dwelling, and situa'ed on southwest corner of Massachusetts avenue and 17tli street northwest. Terms of sale: Oue-tliird cash;residue insix and twelve mi lit Its, with interest from day of sale. De ferred pavments to be secured by a deed of trust 011 the property sold. All convo 'anclng at cost of par chaser. Slowdown at time of sale. BALLET KILBOCRN, Tm tee. n I3-eo<ds LATIMER A t'LEARY. Aucts. Y B. H. WARNER, ? Beal Estate Broker aud Auctionuer, No. 799 7thstreet, between O and H iU. PUBLIC SALB OP A VALUABLE BUILDING LOT. CBy authority of th? Board of School Comnis sii nets of Priuce George's county,the sab scriber will sell at public sale, ou the premises, on THURSDAY, the 5fh day of June next,(if fair; If not, on the next fair day thereafter,! at the h ?nr of 3 o'clerk p. ?., that School-house and lot of ground contiguous thereto, containing one acre, sit usted In Biadensburg district, opposite Clemsoo's and the farm of Benedict Yost. Tku lot I* situated near Highland Station.on the Washington branch of ihe Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and four and a half mib-s from Washington by the Turnpike, and is very desirable a* a building lot. Term* cash. RICHARD I?. B, CHEW, Att'y. mJ6-3taw B. B. WABNEB, Auct. Ill B. H. WARNER, _ _ D Real Estate Broker B Mo. ?9? 7th street, between 0 aod Hstfeets Cn ANt'EBY SALB OP VaLUABLB IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THB SOUTH SIDE OP K STREET, BETWEEN BORTH CAPITOL AMD FIRST STREET BAST. AT AUCTION, By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of ^9 the District of Cnlumbis, passed in th^cause of ?ETocker aad Sherman ?* James M. Orm-w, No. 23dB. Equity docket M, 1 wil t *ell at public auction, in front of ths prrmUes.ou THURSDAY. June 19, 187S, at ? oVIorti p. "*., Lota Nos. 2B, ?7, ?3. *29, t3U.33l,Z3Z,?a.lM.*a>. ZM, S3B. S3* aud twin B. P. Gilbert1* recorded sabdi vision of aquareg7t.tnc"ther with the taproveaseats t hereon, consist in* of ele gant 'kree-story press brick front dwellings This props rty is sold to satisfy a asech?nic's lien of about A 3,2U> and subject to certain Incumbrances which will be made known on the day of aale. Terms for the assent realised above said Incum brance a rash. If terms ?<eale are not cusn#lted with wit bit. Ave due after e*l? the property will be resold at the risk and e ?t of h ?defaulting pnreliaaer. |IW down on each accepted bid. Conveyancing at pur chaser's ??' ^ ""va'vaa.^. IZEBBY RmBBF mm auction AUCTION SALES. this ArruitooN. |>T PUNCANSON. Di'WllS*! * CO.. Anefw U coraer tib aad |> streets n^rtkvnx. TRCSTKIS' SAL* OF TALI* MILS UNIM PROVED REAL ROTATE IN W AMHINOTON CITY. P. ?\. OK .tn STREET WltST, BB IWKIK K AND r STRKET* NORTH ; AND OB VALUABLE IMPROVED RK VL ESTATE IN WASHINGTON. D C.. ON 4th STREET NORTH B,TWI1S ? A!iD 11 STREETS ^ B> virtue of a deed of tm?t. recorded lami Bthr land record# of this In L(h*r N >. ??#18. foli* *1. *c., and in po'intn^ of the re qurst of tbe parties secured ther?by, tkr ui4?r signed, as Trustees. will sell, at public aucti >c,t ? th* highest bidder, in front ofth- premises, on SAT tEDAl, H?r Slit. 1ST3. xt nTlork p to . cer tain rc?l m|?i* in said ci.y . Mnx th? north II f??i front bv depth <>f ??td lot of Lot It In square All. with the rights and appnrtenanc.-s to the ae'ne belonging UniW lh<? uw authority sell TrMtoMvulni HOKDAT. Jnn? Hd. I-CS. at t> r n< , in from ..f the premises,sell certain other in Washing ton cit> . P. C.. being ? part of lot I. square 81s frotitii g 16 feet on 5fn stre f west an! extending ba> k by that width 74 feet, I oi proved bv a three story brick dwelling No 7W?*. on ?a?d Mh MrM, with th* rights, .aipri . riuvui? ?isl appurte nances. The amount of iudeb'edn^e* secured i? S4.'*Waul Interest at 10 per ceat from Ftbraan IJth, H7J. Term* of sale: To I** paid in cash :ieon e?ch parcel, 5IA*': balance upon each panel In 6 and I? m >-ith? afterdate of sale, with interest at the rate o? * \>~r cent, per Mina, to be evidenced br prom -- .rv notee, pay ab'e to aaid Trusftes, an 1 t*rur? I i>t a deed of trust upon the premises sold. ?.?) cash t ? be raid cn each parcel at the time of Hale. Convey ancing, Ac., at putchaeers'rut. If th* term* of tale be not compiled with in Are dars after tu- dav of sale, the premises will be resold at ttie usk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. ANTHONY HYPR, I Trtw??m JAMES W CORCORAN.(Tr""^ nll-eoAdsPrNCANSON.POWI.INO A TO ,Anf? DI QUEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, D V.j. 100U Nonbuest UKh ami D street*. CHANCERY BALE "oF A TIIREE?TORY BRICK HOUSE ANP VACANT LOT .FRONT ISO ON G STREET NORTH. BET? KKN SIXTH ANP SEVENTH STREETS WEST. AT AUCTION. a By virtue of a dec re* of th* Supreme Court of the Pistrict of Columbia, pMaed on the l?th il*> of May, A. R. 1^73, ma<l-.'in the cAuaeof U'aite ti. Waite, Mud other*. No. 3.131. E (Uity, I "tnll ?oll on the pretiiio-*, on MONDAY, the X I d?y of June, A. P. 1S73, at ? o'clock p. m,. all that certain i> *c? or parcel of (rroimd in tli* city of Waakhtctoa, Pi? trict of Columbia, and known an l described ?? lot iiunWred eiKht?M (1SI. iu ^nare nK'uber< <1 four hamireil and titty-five ( 436), excepting a portion of said lot tive(5?feet in width, on tne e*.-:?? n - ! ? of ?aid lot aeveii (7) feet aiul sisiO inche* ui width - ii tl'erearof said lot, which has been reserved for alley-, together with the improvement*, which c >u ?i?t ?T a thiee-story and atilc brick dwel'ine tion??. and a brick Mable. The above lot has nfr^nt "f twentj-fonr feet. Al-o. a vacant 1< t adjnibint, liav ing a koiit of >1 foot 3 imh'*, with a depth of 121 fe< t niore or !???. with flue side and bn-k aliey*. The time of sale ii? procribe<I by de roe are: O ie tliiid of the purchase in cash, an I tke remainder in equal iii?t.iflments of ?i*. twelve, aril eiifliteen month*, f>r notes beariui; inter-?t from the lay of sale, Slid secnred by tl.d notes of th- purol.^ser, and such other security hs may be satislact ?ry to the ti usice. ConvevH icing, Ac., at th - coat of th** pur chaser. &2uu will be r ? iuired at the time of sal*, and if the tersio of sab itre n?t com pi !? d w :*h with"! five <i?> s from the day of saie, the trustee rmrvra the ri^l>t to r-<?e!l tie-pr >port> at the risk and C"-t r f thr defanltiBft puri haser or pun hasers. by *d >er!i-ine th.- aaw>: three limes iu ? n?c newspaper published in the city "f Washing:..ti. JOHN F. ENNTS. Tnnt?. GREEN M WILLIAMS, n l.'-d f Rep.,my >3 d| Auctioneers. BY LATIMER * CLEARY, Auctioneers and R-al E-dat" Br 'k?r?, South* -.?t corner Pennsylvania avenue auj 11th it., Star Cffic. Buildiiij(. CHANCERY SALE fiETHE DESIRABLE RKS IPF.NCE, No. ??* 1<t 8TREKT. MKTU KKN POTOMAC ANP MARKET, CEOR^ETOW S. PC. g) By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ETuf tli ? Pis'rict of Columbia, p iss, d ou t(i 7ih t B . toe Annals of Congress, and Congressional 'PfbatfS, American Archives, 8tate Papers, A"r . at. TnJians (jl TI, - PI-T1C1 ol Col'iniMa. paWh-d OU th- 7lb iday' f May, A. P. 1873. to, Clwnc.-tr ?'??* ;f S. 111.I - -t a'.. V* Pay tie et al , No 3.?U E i yty I? ry i N .1'. 1 sell at public a-r t:<-a-??!? *",N llA Y,tlo Jid i-.y of June. A. P 1*75. at t> o cbjck p. in , ii. front of the pr. imses, the Lot lying and ?? ina in the city or O-orgetown. in the Dis.rict ?jf C '( Inn.bia, and known and descnb.-d np .n the ' i lii'i or plat of said city as the next west part ?<! k"?g's acre. In B-attj Ha-ki ?'* w ii*. ;n to ??eorgetown. and back eround ofL-d immlwrad on hni dr< d and two, (l'ij.) I>e2innmg f'r the sam- at the southeast corner of said Lot ou 1st St., and run ning ve-t al. ne the line of said str- t twenff -ejgh (2S.fect oght(8)in< lies; thence north to alley in tne rear. fbuiidr.-d and tw-nty-two (122) feet; th -nc -art along the line of *a;.l aller tw-uty-etg^t (?' , ielit ( 8> inches; thence *..?th one.hundred and twenty two (122) feet to the place ,.f beginning, to gether with the improvements thereon.o n?i?tiDit a substantial Brick Pwelling, containing abjut nf 1 Tenifs of'^Ue as prescribed by the d-cree: One fourth cash, and the balance 111 ?n'J j ie , c 1. oiitbs. f'.r which approv-d notes or bond wjl be taken, pavable in equal instalments with interest at eight%Tner cent p -r anuun. t.avaMe s. n^au nuailv A <iep-.sit of two hundred dollars w ill be re oufred at time of sale. If the terms ?f sale be u.d con piled with in five days from day ?>f. sale the property will be resold at the cost and risk of the d-flnl-iug purchaser. Conveyance at purchaser , ? pun u?e R ^ CLE ART, Tmstee. ml'il 2:twJtds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. Y B. H. Broker and Auctioneer, Ko. 7th street, between G aud H. VALUABLE BCSINE83 LOT F?>R SALE AT AUCTION, ON EAST s'DK i IIITW EEN N ANP O STttEkTS, NEAR NEW COBC(^RAM MARKET- unvntT I Mill Mil, on th" jremi****, on MONDAT, ?i June Sd,187S. at 6 o'clock p.m. a Lot on the ^east side of 7th street, between NandO ^'teet front V-f 116 fret deep lo a wide pa\?-d ullejr. Title P T.'ru ?? One-loorth cash, balance jn S. 12.1? ard 2? mon'he, with? per c ut. interest. ?3u down on day ?fr?rdAds B H WARNER, Auctn-neer. CATALOGUE SALE LARGE ANP VALUABLE COLLECTION HISTORICAL, OEi ?LOOIC AL, ET H NOLOGI CAL, AGRICULTURAL. SA lBNTIl IC ANP MISCISLLANEOUB BOORS, Embracing complete Mi of ^S^*c^"Ac.' Schoolcraft's American Snleiidld Folio Bhakespeare. Works of Pickens, Bulwer Leigh Hunt, Po?. Hood, Wnrerly N >vels. ???Ac.. to lie s. Id at our 8al? R^>ms, o..ruer Feni.syh ania avenue and }Vii'r TnwiVO IV ZS EVENING, May SI7th, and FOLLOWING EV LN "JS-V.'STKM.*'.; :?;>? ??<?"> 1NG June Rd and following EYENISuS at 7/. o'clock. T.rms,cn?h. laTIMEB 4 CLEARY, Aucts. (Sunday Herald A Capital 1 amY GREER * WILLIAMS, AnctioneeM, |5 Horthwest corner li>th aud D street!. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE RE A L EST AT E. By virtue of a d**cree of theCircuit Court for Piince George's county, sitting as a c.?urt or euiiitv, passed in the case of tAUliam O. Jones and Ann Jones, his al., vs Ras! Beason et al., the subscriber, as trustee, will sell at p^ublic auction, on tbe premises, on SATURPAY^the Tth day <4 iune, I'rf- at 1 o'clock p. m..(it on the next fair day,)the real,estateof thi lal Biblev, consist tug of several ^uc.^1,,10^ tracts of land, called "Peacoa s Hall, i.ramp toil's Lot," ancf part of "Eli/ab-th s ?"n' 'a'niiig lt>32-10 acres,more or less,situated in P""'* George's county, between the Baltimore and Wwh u hTid the Metropolitan raHr-ads?two niib distant fr m each-a?lioUiing the farms of Ex-8^crei tary McCulloch. William G. MeUerott and U-nera. Micbler, and the Adelphia -Mills, owned by t,e.?r4 W Riges, aud eight miles from Washington city . This laud Is beautifully located, in good cm dltioL, abundantly supplied w ith wood aud tb-re being two springs of pnre water near the house?ai .1 ag.xsl mill site.aith an.plH and nevsr W^K5^S5l consist of a g.asl twx stjry dwelling Ie Use and suitabb' Oiit-hous'is. T?. rnis of salr: One-third of tU. purchase mo-iey to be paid in cash on the day of sale, or ratification tliereol by the court; and the residue in equal instal meuts in six and twelve neintbsti om the da* of sale, and the pax ment thereof to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, with sureties to be approved by th* trustee, with interest on the whole purcha-e money from the day of sale.. A I fiuu will be required on the day of sale. On p?r mei t of the whole purchase mouey t he trustee will execute a deed to the purchaser, at luscost for the C'TfVde-n?l desirable, the trustee will divi.le the aluive-meniioae>l to suit purel^sser?. above menu tl(.HAM) B B CHEW, Trustee. n.36 d GREEN Jt WILLI AMd. Au ts. T OREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. lOOi, Northwest cornerUUi and P streeU tDI'^tve'S SALE OT TALCABLI UNIM? TPR0VE1> REAI ESTATE J.YINO AROUT lOO VARUS NflRTII OF BOO B1 RERT, ANP FRONTING _ ??lOO FRET ON BOTH Tn ANP 8tH STREETS, N. w vxtkkbkd. vinue of a decree of the Bupreme Cmrt of ?Ithe district of Columbia, in the case ^Hoover, sCiiuardian. ri. H' Ovrr and others, N r 2,7M. Equity Pocket 11. passed on tlwNth day of Octoj^r, ij-.i t _.?]| sdl, at public aaction, to tlie highest bid dV: in fw.m of tKe pre-.i--. at ? oVIock I. the afternoon of MOHPA?be ?th day of June, H73. l V.t.u it 47. 48. 49, W. SI, 82. of a subdivtsloa of part of' Mount Pleasant, reconledJanuary l*tk, fgnS. In the land records of the DMriet ofColutubia. | Terms of sal** Tea per cent. of the purchase money tothe balauM in three equal Inst allmenta, oue ?a tan Aays, ??e tn six months, and the TVwSee rveerTSa tke rigUt to reseU the property op 11 <eUn?s abov e meBtion-d, at tbe coat a^frisk of tbe defaulting ^tirchsaw. HOOVVK< Trustee. ^4 <|REEM A WILLIAMS. AucU. B T OREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Mo. 1001, nortkvsat corner Mth and P sts. BALI IN BAMI IN RICHAJ WW I wmuila; tto follow!)* feacrfbaTtraat. piece or PMeal ?4'laat, lria^aikdWm? tutba c?snty of Rich ardson, State of Nebraska, to trtt: The south one half (H) of isaUau Sot tkirt?-two,(J2.)in townahip AUCTION" 8AUBL Iff FraoAilMB. dowling * rim.i?H ?-?"? wV.w^r*) ?OOI?* V II I. IN F. KV AND FAlCi | ftOOtM *T lOTTMR - t'u TCESDAY *,?-?*? I c.<wi> EYFKY EVENING ?i-i? ? i tH? ?t ? . J" CI ???? oat. we will ? i: within nnr Nl?m . *1TV l"-t- *|"m,*rv f*?c? ?, ?.fo ^ iT of mK>. We name in ??rt Black Color.-.! *lk*. Xrrfen." " M"' ""J <"l red AI I'?tj P.?to?. nlr^ .y. <?+*** Waer r. ., t FianaeU. Oreiwdttiea. La? oa. S ittiui?-, C*?*taei?, Prtut?, M-j?J,n-, tl?i> . ?'{**? ??? ?f ererr **??L v"'.**'" ? ?''?*?"?. *'iu*~. Rll-i.. Ael*,-!.. Trni.niii-c*. 4c . Ac 11 Hm !2"a to HMimtMf. ?Bd C ?r?o Mm, ,.f the hre.t dryr g,.od? e*.-r off-red. Bnyef* will to ?iioti . *9 ikr fi-cwU ?r* in ? < ^ j..** jej_ Dl NCABIM.K. IHtK I 1KU \\ OA**. IV W*C4?><>N, I?OWLINO a CO . A.M UI Cvm?r jkh^ud D <rwi uorth?**t !MMIK?K 8AH OF DRY (Sl)on< Mil I r?> BY AM- Fancy OOOPP at AC"ti^m JfH On TUESDAY MORN I S(! Jn?I II , m v 10 ?? rl<>ck, ?u,l r^iirihioBf ?i 7 ?, *JJ1 i '? < k EA EN INC. w? ?ill a-:l, witUt,, ,.?r ?nrt*irTf?: ??'*y ??<?*'* Pry. M'llin-ry f . rmft far r <>* It4?* ?? IIAlUe |U ^41 ( ; B)*'I and Colored Silk*. M-rlri?* B>*.k aDdColottd AipiCM, I* plitt*. B.?clv a: <1C-?l red * iter proof FlauneT? Otenifc.ries, La? us, Buttings. C -?:iii-r^?. Cl-th?, !"'*? M L'nen*. I.*"**' ? dearriptton. N iir>-.H r> , (iiuM, Frm?** Kii>to>n?, A rivet.. Trtmuitag*, A. . *r. Tli:?j. M ??(lc uipri-.-* n,nu,4 of th* rtntel Dry G-hj4f .M._r oflT.-rvd. Buyer* * ill |. f ir. t thi? I rr? !T ?******?+ '* ?!??*!?? r? 10 CAllr.! t??VM? ? .1. , a> t*.. co 4? ,t ?* Dl N0AK8ON. HOWLING % CO , V ?? ^ ^ 1- J^ ALL i C?., A ictioiitfrrf. h , " 1 *ud yo2 PcutuylvAtiit ftveua#. Tlir r 1TIRE STl>< K. PI XTt'RKS i <>r > *viirr1 vI-'tK,N ?i '1 I'KNNSVLX \ NIa :? ii-VJ ?i ^TKIC1 T * T \! rtlON .Bi,S,ESI!AT J""' ?. -1 yl. at 1 o ? cl >, v . W ? wit! n*\\ th Stork i ixtur ?. ,v, * .^.r. |,T,V a Br * Ii- ?i> d.-o!iiiu,i{ l-u-i< ?: , .? T.-hk, ItuivriM H*!<1 Oi'ionff, ^*.a?in, in X,. I M?k?r.|, Mu*|k|i,.N.L'>|.ra4 ., || rri .c^ iJ'A pi-1. I! ?I I.') . <' _>?) ??||, Si?rd:iie<, L*r<l, l.?rr l- Vmrcar, Kr??t?in% mi') Bucket?. Sufit1, C 1'"r k- s.ut. r,pp.,. r!0o, ^ l"l>?oc i Hiid Cujir*, " ?*l? c<uxt? in the Orwcri In,,.. A io, Fixture*, R. ?!??)? md C**a&t**r? >' - ? ? M L WALL a CO., Ancta. B* A W ILLIAH8. Aikimiikiti, hit. 1001, Dartliwe<t corker loth and 1) ma. H? KliWii ? *T?. ^ AIM T f K AM & UaLNiT M T i KNTCK T4KI ^ TW.? ,?? BLACK W\l"t "huiiii M lll.S PUNTKIi UKI'^TK Vl?S u i?>i STANPfi; M \ Hih.AH V I.K>? TAKLI m< i ll'Vl^ks4 hi"<v Vi-Kn 1 "AK IHKIN*. tt.MlM ? HAIKS. HI ^K AND roTTUM Top MAT FKAT-HIB PILI mw" a?,, Vll M?K>, HALL OIL * LOTH 8TAIK mi CLOTH. 8TAIR RODS; ?)HIN i. OUM AND i Kol'KKKY W\RK: <OOKlk" Vlox ti KITCHEN CTENSII.i.Ar On THURSDAY MORNING, th Ati, V^f"BI?fN'IH|il lO ,><|,? k. ?e ?h?ll m>1I , v^n11?- r-*id ii.-.. >.f a i,?ly iIO|Ils (I.ll.?k?:.p: I \ tins, N?>. H Iw'tw^n |?i, , ?. ^trw*tii fiortliW' rili <1 c h 'i u f U .uphold Kum t n. T^rm.r^h ? 11 f '* " "KEEN* WILLIAMS. Anrt, B OliEtN i J ILLIAMS. Aurti-fj.-^r*, null ftonbweft coriifi liKti Aad VALUABLE IMrRO\KI? PROriCRTV FRovr lAVlS AMIiEKT SotTJJ^BKTWECK iTt A jjl* X ^TKKKTSj KAHTi OM SyC IRK |ur r* Thi A APITHL. AT Al ? ThlS VUK Il3t M"NI'aA in.tar,t. it ?> ?' ; t ,. m , wfkljiill -??ll, on tb?- kf-rux- L >t N ? 3< !* a-.u-ti. No|.<aS.ka<l?(t?o^ .od f ur >:,.rv Ur.ek l;T" " ?fc .U pa?|. IOB wmUn i.Uii? ..f ?Hi t'aTor . gjU rouuia, ?iib cm T?-ri:i* Li vn oti tlio ilar >f aal.* A?KEEN a WILLIAMS. A.t<*s BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Atictuciwrj and R-al E<tat? Brtk-r*. Sou-lii nat corner P<'ini?yl\auia a\^uOf aud li'j ?? Star Ofllce Building. ' TIIK BEAUTIFUL COI'STRY RK<ltil V>'r A A LI I'D DCNB ARTOK II IL si r ^ AlV'-CTftSf. ,l10* " VS|IIK''r?N l> C . Of! THURSDAY, til# 12th liar of .|?nw o? th- pr- n^.a- ? ?VI.h k.w"nClT ?low rabnrbta pr p-rty Tri- nlaco hl...?t ta-nty thr^ met* ,,f |.?d. mMrtoo hpwp,containingHirfatcon r *.*; ,u ,t ??? ' honaep, with all ih- n*r nr. oiitbniMiBCk Ther- aro ?. ?. n acr^. ..f . b^artbK. p?jt>. P"ncl,e? and ..?li??r frui?? P n.T.2 V''*."" ,h1 u o* tli- in th? ri j' V on<' ? ^n*" country mi ! ur^ w ^tild Ho w. II to attend this-al- ?>?"*'? uc^ 0a*?thw?aab; the b.lauce incne two Lr?** )'Wt?, ?ith note* t><*ariii2 iu^r"-T ??,,! n?*riirM by a of trn?t otitic p -mi?? C -iVfr ""n.^,hre0rt ?f ,h" Pur^ha?,-r. j -?hI LATIMER A CLEARY. Anrtloaeer,. ***1!' ^^.A *' *S. Aoctloneern. " No. lOOl northwaat corner liKb and D *ta. 4 SnriK^ SALE OP REAL ESTATE IN THE R\ virtue of a decree pawed hv the ?. ^?L..nrt of the District of f,,-a. i;, K -^--C.Mee v, Oeorge W LltiviU-e, J? W illiani D. f Munlock e? al., we w ,|| oHl ,r the aucii ni roonx of Oreen A W ill,! northa?a( con er of loth mh I D >tr-eu in tl> ?i i Waaliinstoa.D C.,om TUESDAYnk llVdt % June, A D HT^. at the h-ur of 6 o'clock a in I *. 21. K.S. 24,2... as, .10,SI. ana Si. of our ?ub4iviaj.i>, '>f *?,u- ? *ct '* '?"'1 'l'"??nd l>?i;i? in . h- con ov of W 4*|.i ym>n, in th- District of Oolnuibia i-.iJt j ":id""rP- 8'? Ph""*, d ^^.^ r^urVey1^ af*'-?ch*of t lie abo\ e lot* contain* from fire |0 twaaty The land i* ?ituate.| on two roada leadinr ?_>. ,i_. ?**?.?>*> ??? ??*. r r>, to Qa Aft a- hiuffton. aud i? only two and a half unlm Georgetown. The new r.?d about to b~Uide bv ? B<*rd of Pul.ltc Work, will brin? th",^ rlr . much nearer to Oeorir-town. '*? '?> ? T^,r^ If 01 * '"I'tr, and pan ?f ^ wood, laud, all well watered. The laud l. auital^to for Oon ?ud w in a ?try li ailh) i??5. Then i? erected on taid lot *? a lar*. oaw F! nr Mill, in Rood runninc order aad . >ud tion ?,?? water coura*. The mill wi 1 open audVubi'ecT . iii?pectn-n to all peraon*. ^uo;?ct to One lot will b?, aokI with privilege of two c* m .w lot* on line of lot void. ^ T rm. . f *ale: Ooe-*i*th caah, and the I alance u thirty e.jual iu*nthiy paynieut*. with inter^rai rk" rato of tt-u peii centum per an nam fr,?i ,i?T ,,f\4;.. nut) fai l, u?h .ecunty to the *atinaction Jf ,h? receiver-. an.I alien retained on the propertvaold <.r the P'.r. haae monev cau paid h. canfiof ?hotter l nue than ait aforesaid, at aanie rate of intor e*t. A dep.?ait of $iO?.ll b reg,?r^of , ,'?J ctawr at time of aale All ii.inw.arm, and It XL at c< #t of pui-chaaer. Plato of the prop, rt> w.? u eklublted at the time of .al" * 1 ' W* P.MATT1NOLY. 1 PHILI* A. D4KNE1LLE.' Rec ir^r. AVM J MILLER. ( ?g^Ada GREEK A WILLIAMSjkn-t.. IIY LATIMER A CLEAR I , '-e R<-al Estate Broker* and Aocti. u<-?r? oocthweat corner PeunoyIrani* a\eUUe aud 'lltti m Star Office Buildup. i B * ? A I'M IN 1ST R A TOR'S SALE OFSMALl riivr BUILDING ON LEASED ?GROUND H7Tr?e HOLD FCRNITURE. COKsigTIVu'oK kin hTEAD, BUREAU. TABLES. FE ATHER Rrn AND PILLOWS, CHAIRS. TIN SAFE i oT CLOTHING,COOK STOVE.Ac OAF*,LOT ? OnWEDKESDAY MORNING, J?B 4: at M lcl??rk. I ^ill h#>1I tli? *b ?ve, ;*c fin, 7 ji 13d fctre^t, Mvffti G tnd H ititfU hurtl tv> tU- ewat. J FREDERICK NEUJAUR. Aduiii..-trat >r Ul-St LATIMEK v CLE A KY. A lift*. |>Y AAM. L. WALL A CO., Auetioneer*, ?' ??? , H-'w Marble Bnildinc, No*. 900 and 009 Pa. kr*uue,coruerof $tt street TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN SUUAKE Ho 07i NEAkhP ALOYS1U8 CHURCH. ' HI-AIk6r Mk . \,"n" ol ? l,7<1 of tr?t, dated Oct >S. r 211, >IK^ do|y recorded m Lit.-r N,i fit) **folloS52, Ac , aud br the wrftten directi,>n if the p?rty ?ecure<l thereby, I wi!| *ell. at ml,lie aocti .n fr? front of the premUea.on MONDAY,th-l^hdar' of June, A D.UC3, at 6 oVluck p. m., all of L.>t< Koa. 99 ami liil), iu Gilbert'* rec >rl?d subtliviai ,o ,,f Niuare iitiiiil?.red *i* hundred and aer?:i-y.|re ftfTsi in the city of Alahhington, with all th-itnproi men. thereon, to iu* two iMwrly-ttihlnd D?elliua H^aaea, fronting on north I atra-t. * ?f ??e lrtLl5 c*fh' of ?Hich A1?U mtlrt be paid on each lot at *ale;th- d-feir-1 i?T. menu to he made In *ix and twelvem -nth* after dar of aale, with Interest at ken per cent. per annum aud wured l.y iM of trust to tl>e ?wli-fKrtiaa of the Tt.1 f' Termatobe t<?ipiir<l with wuhiu ,u dar* after day of ?ale, otherwi*.- the Trustee r-**rv?* th right tc reaell tha property, after oee w^ MTtiVT at the riKk and co^t of defaulting purcliaaer A'l* ceuvoaiicingat purchaser'* rtwt Tm 1 * wiirwrz.. VALUABLE PROFSKTT. AT THE COKKtk xwia5?swa^ws Sn ^'u"r>H|,oBy?i Wt ^ L"? *0. Te??a: Om half carii; balance In ?,Uand 14 nmitlM, far aotea hewn** lateraat, aad *nurRi L ! aj,d of tr?t o* tbr arem^ee* ufpureliaaci. ?i<?(Lwn on each tM CKEEH A WILLIAm" AncO -^.a-e* OY LATIMER ft CLEARY, ELi...???????* ^ ***** BruAm, B?Mh?a*?o*?er of Pennaylraiila areaaa aad Kiev wb*reet,#tarOSceMuiUUa. ADMIBIBTRATOR*8 KALE ?X? ?T ?irty of aa order of the bnpreee of th# Dlatrirt of Colrahia, hoWiug a 5 ff*1*! Iff*, pk*w*d la til matter .jf the ?* tata of John B. Tarton. dec>aa?d, I will a-ll at anb * EDNEhDA T, tto- ?th dap of Jaae, A. D., UTS. at the hour of l?a. m . oa th* pr--??*-. 7?" Co*l T?t< of laUe Joha B. Turtoa.enraer ?f Jeffer* n atre?< aud the Canal, hi th-0*tr i^Qmm toai., IL C.. H-r*?. Cart*. H*ra??a. Weighing Scale*. Wher:-Barr?w?. lot :>f u!4 troa aa! ir >n ripe., ?ud other tot?i? a^d n .?jc! ar * haljagU-s I.'tLe knra estate. r *T 9 T J Tet?*caa>. 1 CriSP i? HKFIDt^ Mtx n -tra-or Latimer a cleart.aucuB EVENING STAR. )?<>? TO >-AR? rc K IT. Soienca M mffilv. tor June mm t*at prwhall, tbt m^ttnv??t ?.y ?" ifiE ft u. tXCZ? m *" *? atte?,d u, til U?t :i.o (mi,*,,. \ *t!!te VU.I T require c?ean.?.g bv sgsaKaaa sft&v .. (<?... > .r, .."r".,;,rr,;. neeer * ordered what >*>. ,-m. .,* ? * ' *?** i w?n tru kim it ?i?ru7r jiL wale* and thr-ee ?**) oft. mj H, one tJLm .ill :';??? - r?^ ..Ki r.n ,????! *' them ? pertrot!V cVaa smooth surtaoe la health the !*.???* ol lfc,' car >? iw-vrr ?tr, bat. tf we att-wipt to eieaa I Oe Infallibly make It m. H re h, a atrawjo lack ?.f jl;*ticr, a* it would ne.-wt, wbicfc, i,!^ Ill*' ]>*' r? " ??***??? juetloe at tfce bat "'* *5 h**t tl.oae who lav* olranlt ' .T* ?* ?ml '"?"'InI ?Nr-M ww*" Wa-h.n, the ear ont with m?p and watrt m I. ad || kecua 'I' ??* ??<?<-? wt,.n ? h., onfHt to he.? irtwd iriij-, tncrvaaea it* <|uwntit? ti>i.lul? *??<! makes it a!?orh tlie dust wli ,-h the' ??$,?.;"Srrt!1* ?*r*??' ?* " wE rp*?1 twUm,* it ro,w.l. Th d, ? more ha*tii to the ear* than all the nth? 1 <?.tr,ro.rt.,:ii s; ?<mt?iane mucS m..r?? than it K*-t, oat j<ctan*at.e who.l-.n'u thm make a t!5V?. .,TV ibM^a^f faiilaMv witn tfcrcwM-e,. winch h ?sr*** ???< *<? !*"? * th*. ?? Lo end. ?m< ar the ramt wuli N ~"-rtanoe lit ti.o '**?*? Um'?' *"? *" *' > It out +> lM ?i?1| Hut till* | dorr m?-l ?m.ri niiM-hirt Ulaa n,erHT , r.,to? * tt,e . . y "^,^11*" |.a^,,..?.aiwt w,mk,^tt,.aM eft rmali f?%ke. ot ?TUI llj?*r are atw.hardlT H?ae.ido? n uimm, S. ttiomliialic. (Mil It II la |?,t on|v fl,.%tNt?^ t||%, ??>1 inrfa'nMlTiM. a.Nt then nal l?r t? totm.4 ?>.t.-h the har.t n.a- |.reve?t? l mMl kroanr. aia oa??Hl . ai?i ?nrae tnav follow. ahtiinjr ahould r, the onter ??r f?tvf.afara.tl1ettnl.err.n^.. h |, , ?4 l-iart'ce. alfo. to |.ut .n wool m iaiMlaiinni or rhtnintortw into the e 1 for the relief <>t tootharhe. When a . hii.IV eat W n? It nrt n *w?. erervOH^ >?ionk1 IW to iooth It. anil all atrona. irrt tatlnif apt<tieMtn>iivahoi I.I l^ avofcl^Tl^enaa ol hot tg or onion ?h<>n|,| llot H?. .,?t ln w_, * ""i """"I' "hotild Ik- a|<p!i .1, with ih'iiim luTe "' ''W*1'*'" ?bouU1 not It kIwiiM te remrnlher<Ml that a'antl* STw^i "1 ,h" "* I' "> injuie ,ln the >hole wy. u. whot Uie eat ? hah tuallr mrr1 i" ?,,v,ii",g ,M????tii ear ^i'nien, in whovu It i? ofVn t*OTiro4, A ItAmoK Latka KNM'aWitMit( 1. y?L. **i *T Trraay. a ^0' aJ.-tii>et hired Vo Vr* MarT i.ii. v.- at Af .1^ V"' t ,n ""?? ot the a;.?rtmeiit? ^ J"* the rainaMa war.l ohe .lewelrv ot Miiw l.tura Kc<*ne On thli rroprrtT Trrntiv ?,a.le . raul. raTTrlni ??ay ?ltCM??v ami tewelrv valued at MIS On 1 u-J <la> ii:ght iaat officer lOwMend. a! the nth |?rcCine!, who lia<1 l.o. ii ??lavnit" tor the thiet rai f I t him dead to r rl,u" ? he^ a? e^t* In, the Kevere Ho,,-- where he IZ 2T. room, with the stolen property Ik I it-1 ? riiln. i he |>riM.ii?>r wi> taken bel .rw |k,w;.t " rf^T.%'T?bl*gniHm'm bl t4 lvr triaT.-^j|: ,} *'T'V AT La-t-Altor a Ioik f.*r,nd at ?1 ila^i Iii<l.'|>4',id. lire the |.ooi-|e ,?f prinne K.? ^ K.and through th'e.r h^. iot.d unan.u.ojwii t<1 arret.t the tei km at union witti tlie ! Nifitinioii of ( 4iu?1h k?? no* Rr'rV *" J roVi,"'r' on tlie iiirtl,ea,teri, BntiM, iHiutiMi.A. 1 no.u-1 11, t'anal* an.l the ?<tjoiniiiK island#, are em'.r*r?-,1 in the n w d.-niii'ion It is a latge territnrv. and a* a well e-iabl!*lud. imlei?ti.1otrt re,.ni.|iC Wl|| ? ^ don lit f tK'i omf a biftilr rrupcuHJ-U tower 011 earth. 7 1 w *TSeveral towi.s ui !?*? frahiUit tUe s*le of tiew*l>H|?-r* on Sunday. r. fT M'/; S,"*rt' C?*<ral?a. Kuwif nM |,er I. i ~ i lv, r r of protuiae, racaatl*. atid oiad< Lim smart #10,(100 wottU. . New.lerstv n>tn wh<> reeor??re.| *?; dm lor bavin, his ear |.u.. bt<d is lookm, lot ? ??? one to |.inrb IU> other. i.f7!^ 8?*T??nnty. I w*. wr,m in voted at a late eieet.on, but the ,rand j?i?r has tefu- si to .ndirt judges ol election or tb. woman ?< eorlT|* rtf' rtsle a mile . i^htv on* w .? '.7 J' U"' WCek- "Xf?M not b?.t no tired as Kbe bad been after a day at camp-meeting or a picnic. * . ??"T?ei.ty pupils ortbe Pittabnr, female col lege having become convened. declar<<d tbeir .letern,inatK>n to flirt with none but youi.e divinity studeii bcrea.ter. " 'i" * turk^ c*?e at Norwich th* otber day, a w..m?n tMtitie.1 that she knew h?r tiirkey* "by tbeir walk, their couatenaaoe and tbeir manner of rooKtin, " ' K>H 'n Ncbraske frere to the 4#i>th of eight te*t. The jKXau, l,u, ^b: \nmVf .avVnd'll^r^" "?w coming ^t rSVw^S?5!iPf. m1,! Vux ?IB*. B II TON At 9 '* clod a ru , on th* i*? M JOHN" P. HILTON/la tVlZk "ZZfk,.'; The luiM-ritl aer? m-m will take p^e m{ ?tf,iaArr ?i?*i Mr5r';ys, sssjs.' ,An'r ? "'"",t llloetw, at h*r rwilnrn JL "treet ...uii.w.-.t, Mra K T Nash ?on of It the4?l ye?r ^Vra?e *^U' KTEKLIKO At II ??cl?ck a a VL. j M m., BLOU H tirHAEI>80K', toSfdliiSSJ ?nd Adaiiue p, ftt'-rlnix aa^f tl a. nth, ** > LII- Oo tlie f| lilflff (if J II Via, 1^ . Vf*ar?,Ini.i.itha, and U via., y eat child. fW H au<1 A . I W,li? Funeral m ill take place to morrow - JBaII. Bon an<l E <kville 8^>tin>l romr , . UNDERTAKERS. RICHARD r. HART ST, lSm,r?fmu KAK Vht * MAKS.I Bio. MS? r 6ikfcet, betweeL eiinth aei Tw? METALLIC HOHIAL CASKS ASH CASAMW ">*rt ly SHHOCUS. HA bin. #a Rkhajio w. barker, CAblfi KT MAK kit ANl> OMOhKTAKMM. ? I* KLBVKKTU VTKEKT. c?ar #. tL'H>!TVuk. "^ALL^K IS US MA OH AM ^yiLLIAN HAtKKTT, UNDKRTA] SiC.TS* 7 IH STkKKT.BkTWBINQ Alls B3 t** *1 OMBupi and rw??r, or al' tr<nd? ^JETKOrOLITAX DOLLAU STOR*. & HILL STtH'K Ob 7HE tOLLOWiVit AHKABL V C'H HAP tiOOOS HAS J t'SJ hKhS KECtll'HU OS f-X AM I \ A7 lfi\ TH A r H ILL bFEAK tXJfi THEMSMlHI Oent* Fine Linen Ixnad Iiandkerrhief. Ih. w, Browa Buck Toweta.?. i a.xi Jhr|| ,f#r ?"* Bztra Fi?e Dwmaak do., I for fl's Kaac, B*il H<*a*, J aaii? f..r ti CrBt*. Beat British do., $ pair* f?r #1 * 8erond Uualitr Brnhih do . 4 aair.",r B1 ,?^e'au Tnd0 ar' Sh"t'' ?* IWgtilaeof riaeCawe. #1 each ? J?"f'sih r'*rh ",r 4191. BnahaL Shawl tkrap. to cent, aad ?1 thi'heirifLJS?4* 0??*?tauf all klada, mada of sirSSsSSSSSk" "te* Munmn.A' , lurf , for ,( ?. t >1^ t kr ,1. Cfr jr " 0h,Mr-'* aaaia ??ffirrvrnn ,oot row. rr^''m,k? Fine ovalirnmm. *> cen.a and #1. Ri* Flue Fhlii Kalvaa, for ?1. Splendid tialrheU aud Baafcato, #L Ni.ili U Dow W riln?d?. f I Childrea'a Bakers and Chain, #1. Han*ii Jardtnien aad MJ Tine OU CbrooMa ia aalid M *lJm 9 B1 each. Boll Plate Bracaleta, Setta. Eiiag* ChariM, ALL THE8k A*tO A ThGVSAXD OTHKM. AKTIC1.KS AWAIT YO-UU ISSPmCTlOM. NITKVPttaTAH DOLLAR IT?IK, ??? 1ETEKTB BTEEET. mis ?r M J ,jM ncali <4. wh<4eaale and retail. bebd b bohb. 1B14 Pattw

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