Newspaper of Evening Star, June 3, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 3, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. ?ikHaM Bally, Iu4?yi IXMfM, AT TEE STAR BUILDINGS, ni mw? nil nviPiPn mai * M. UP/MJAUr, ? 1 TH> ITHUKw STAR la aarrad hp |k?to nticnlwt UTmCisti ran wzti.or Foarr BjV* Cfsn Mi mo!?th. Copi?a at the oounto* T?o Ciim each. By mall?thraa wrtii, tlJIi tf i Boiiti*, #SJ0; on* year, |l. TUB WIULT STAR-Published Friday-fljl ? rear. VlnvarlaHy iuad*ance,in both caaea, and r than paid for. i of adrertlalng furntabed on DRY GOODS. I)1 He mil ?h? particular attention <*r onr customers to our eh-gant *tock of STRIPED ??><> CHICK. SILKS, at T? cento, ?i, aril *1 d-?. fr?Bfh 0EGA*P1K> an-l GRENADINES. Frencfc PESCALSard PlyUE*. Llu?-n SC1T1NG-- a:?i MOHAIRS. A!?<>. to o?r >-l'-s?iw *t'*k of LUPIN'S BLA< K GRENADINES in hvttt mt the I - w~*t ni ?rket rates; Bla:fc V>K<* P >ints, ? lackre Ac., Ac., * it h many other i;o<*t> which we ar> n< ? Si-riiu ?t r-duifd price*, is order to re dirrem stock!'. tuetirstol July. (Mr price onlj?in plain W M r-HU-'TF* * RRO., m3U-.'StA>-. 2* 919 P- ?ina. aten ne. ^REAT KCDHTIOII! JAPANESE SILKS, 37;?. 40. 6t^ At'j 74 CVors. SI MMER SI I KS, 7 j Ceit* ?*d .* 1. r.-.M B??AM A WTLI g. pitriLIR H?l SE T II E A R 0 A D r COX PET1T10X D Jf fi'S D.' ACKNOWLEDGED TPF. BEST ANT ?'HB\P Br T *it'KE IN THE DISTR.VT. t>tu steck of DRT GOODS ? a m?tj re?p*'Ct f mpl?-te. NE* GOWS KTKB1 IW.Y. At th's estaWi-h?--nt car find ttie latent ?ijrl?? in w.-aring <n>, ar< l >tiuM? for ?pi iug an<1 iiiwurr DKESS GOODS sf all clawea. DOM RATIOS 'C Urg-' variety. Ol R GREAT SPECIALTY? I.LAMA I ACE JACK BTC *o?1 POINTS. All th- ih * eities in M S SHADES ind PARASOLS Elegant a>?. rrment t BIBBOHS, Per??>n.? that ?a le their dollar* an<l r? its sliotil? Eft tail to call a: b'-u-e l<. faft purchasing rise where K?n>?nber WTHE ARCADE. 447 7th <fwt, M?<*n D fcsi4 E, s^nthwest t" AR PETS 1 I ARPETS! CARPETS OviH|! to tl? 1-ark? *rdii.-?? f the ?t?n, ?ti< baring i lare?-?- Jt?ckof ? irp-t? <>n hand than u-na for the time <,f year, we shall, f: tu MONDAY. Jun< Ud. make a g neral re.luctiun .u price on all CAR PETS in the h Onr style* te E- ?li?h Tap?-?t"T*, English Ingrains Ari.eriim. I?>~ ?in- and Iii.itx.tiii Brussels cannot be ???< ? 11??1 anywhere. A Urge stod. V? lite an<l Ceeck M tttingi in itor? at low tisur^. Wiadowr Shxiei* ir. a'l c?l-?rs. an>l Fixtnr?-?to *ait Now !? :? f.ilr .?pportiimt> (< r h .>uw keepers to pro cure a nice Carpet for a little money. HOLHIKD k ?IIILBER?. ? 3!-tr 41t7 Tth street. b?-tweeu D and fc.S. W. Bargains in dry G'?ODs.-Andro*ok-u:i C"t,"'U. ffc ; Wani-ntta, #>?.; New York Mill* M?-.; Sh>-? tin* C"tton in 8-4. 9-4, and MM; Tabl? Lir-b.71*,: ToweU, $1 iS per dozen: Black Silk at 2S. wortn M 75; Pira?olg, atlc. to ?9. D?>v li?^<,7Sc Er rti-z?-n; B'.a< k A!p:ic??. 25c. to ?1; Victoria iwa. 22c.;'g C.?ti.hric?, 1w.; prints. Sc. Bleached f vttoc.?)c. A:1 ki'hls ofdresa goo?N at th< .t market pri< ??.at RR?)DUEAD A CO'B, n.12 tr 15i?li F ?tr- e?. ht-tw^en 4Jth and I3th. |)KY GOODS AT PANIC PRICES. Great h?*eain? in DRY GOODS from the Nei York and Iphia anctions Drew* Or^uadiDn at 6. K< aiei ifr, cent# p?-r yard; a beautifnl line o: Dr>-?? 'i' <?1? at than importer*' pric?-?; Strips i-'atlS a) ard. worth i5c ; Rlay Linen at aver] low price- ^triptd Y ?t-ni:te at 3oc., w-rth toe.; jol l?'t Lace Cartaiii* at ?3 50 a piece; a line of beauti ful P><ra?i>l4 at r?cbt price-, a few Llan:a Lae< til,awl-, at haif price. EMORY BAXTER. a2S-ly ltiO P ui.tyIrani* GROCERS. S. Oil ARE tc M)1, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS. 1413 7th STREET NORTHWEST. (Between M and N *ta.l NEW BITTER! NEW CHEESE! 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 HAMS. SI GAR CI RED HAM9 16c. PER LB 16 16 16 16 16 It DOOLEY S YEAST POWDER GRAHAM FLOUR OAT MEAL H>cfcer's Whenten Grit*, H?-cker'? Farina, By* Flour, Barley Tapioca, Sag>>, Manioc*, D'iryea'p Corn Starch. Wax CandV?, Cr"?? A Bla. k??H? Pickl?a, Col ?nan's Mnatard. Stick cay A Poor'* Mustard, 01i*e Oil, Saucea, Salid Dreaaing. CINt'IHNATI OLEINE SOAP. Dnr>?a? Satin Glcms Starch, Baker's Chocolate Cocoa, and Cocoa Sh* lis. Br. rna. Prunes, Currant*, Raisin*. MEDICINAL LIQUORS. OM Port Wine. French Brandy, Holland Gin, Blackt^-rry Brandy, Fine Old Whisky, California Brandy. C. S. O HARE ft bo.M, tr 1413 7th *t. n. w., between M and N. |f A. U I R ! HkCklVtl) U1K1SC7 fro? the Hill* In ?ALLEY OF VIBGIN1A. ill aell to fannlie* SO cent* per tarre 1m* tnai usual pricea. rnce* of sTliARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA W'INB, ?*? received from P!ea?'V> V^ley Wine Corn pan y acallon. 8. H. BACON, TOO Mar*" > between 7th and Uu ?111111 THB GOLD SPECTACLE, Om ?o, ? B. HEMPLBR, Optician ?* w ? *0 DOZBR LADIES' aKiKTs, WHICH Wh AH h StLLWt, kt ?0 CBXT8 PER SKIRT. MCIBVOO, HtFTT * TATLOR, M? PENBSTLTAH1A ITU0I, rpBB ELLIPTIC TOKB SHIBT Ia pronoa nca I hi thonsanda of wearara to ha tba ?arfee- J*J tl< n of clafanca and cohort. Tha *y?? oW> catting enablea?atoit an* fora.or ? it h abaolnte preciaion. In tha i and ?anafactc tortai* and ?anafacture^ experlanca ?nhlaaH mr to guarantee entire satisfaction. J.W.BRlGH WELL, Bo. 4BO tth *t , W aahingtoh, D. C. ml* -.?tivaa?,a^. ?> i hy ?U promwOf ntliniiil to t'aah paid. fH ^^?r^firrahfernrfi ti ofticiAna, MTLUIU ATI Ifte fmm Ife VS.. 41-N2. 6.304. WASHINGTON, D. TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1873. * TWO CENTS. AMUSFMENT& (< ik a .> u i v IS t fc. *1 A Jl BT Three Imntlrrd colored children at the LINCOLN INDUSTRIAL MISSION SCHOOL, corner K and 1Mb iUMt, WEDNESDAY EVENING,.Isue 4ih, 1>CA, under the uirec.lon of Pro'. ?eor?e Bascroft, 1 liy the "Orphan rhiMr'-n."''? Moonlinht iH ? C.nli," ai>d th<-??National Band." Admittance, 25 cent?. Children, 111 cents. Concert to comi?i?*ice at floVl^ck. ie?-2"* OLD No. i ?? Iiklkitm INtwN 4*6 I U< lilt { 43* ?TB8l < MARKRITKR I, "* *a. 4S? 7th ffreet, Mwmh D an< l ?trneu, et^st doers above 0dd Fellow's Hall. Choice OH fatotinn, Koiravime, Chromos, Ac. AIM, Urmt stock Payer Hackings, Window Faadee, Pictures, Frames, picture Oords sou Tea irw. ? ivtuir*) m ? "iiirw. k ivt tc. r V tlajBiun. Nail*. A*., 1b the District. fcrTEKMS CASH. Pleaee remember Name and Number. >e!-ly* IC RRKALIA. We are prepare* to fnrnfoh Masonic K ;w pmniitg for aH<"onuiiandef.-i?u at FACTOBY PRICCS. CBAPBAUX. SKORDS ANP BELTS. cuffs, caps, and every artirfe pertaining to the Order. We guarantee ail Suits "ok* to be regnla'ioti. WILLKTT A Bt OFF, ma>30-Im *Oi "Pennsylvania av-uue. NO HUMEUG.-L. BICB~~will pay a fair cash ?rice fwr any kind of Ladies', Gents and Chil dren '? Second-hand Clothii s, Boots,Sh??s, Ac. 6*3 7th street, between F and 0, sooth. Mete by mail promptly a! tended i-S8-ly LADIES' GOODS. MISS NotURiMICaL, 304 PENNSYLVANIA AVSNUK,' as constantly on band a fine assortment of TMPOBTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWEBS, RIBBONS, Ac., all of the newest designs. Ladies CAPS and COIF FL'BES just receivtd m6 ir EAD AND SAVE VOIR MONEY. R Ladies who hare Hair Switches that havefadeC from us can have th-m restored to their natnra ?bade in superior manner. We hare a very largt assortment of A1 Curl?;very lou? and handsome Switches. very cheap. Now is the time to bny w MADAME ESTEEM'S Hair factory, 618 13th St., near.O street. alt-tr JVlOTiCE.?Bargains are now being offered^ In MILLINERY aikl FANCY GOODS, By E. LENZ BERG A CO., a2S-tr 707 Market Space, ^TAMPING DEPOT 017 Seventh Stbkst. fet'M-tr Opposite Patent Office. JELLING OFF I SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAB, 441 Seventh street, near K. ?ar7-tr NO HUMBUG. jaoM-lT PIANOS, Ac. ALABGE LOT OF NEARLY MEW AND SECOND HAND PIANOS, from different factories, now on hand and for sale or rent ou Ea?t Tkrs*?, to makelll 1' ' room at REICUENBACU'S PIANO WAREROOMS, 4*3 11th street, above Pennsylvania avenue. Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.'s aud Win. M>> C amnion's PIANOS. Second-hand PIANOS taken in part payment for aew Pianos. m? tr f2UBTAV KUHN. practical piano VI MAKRR, formerly foreman for F. Ligbte a Co., tuner for Steinwav A Sons,|MBBBI and late tuner for Metierutt A Co. TnnerMI' and repairer of PIANOS and ORGANS, No. S3* New York avenue. Order*left at Kbit's Jewelry Store, 0*9 PennsylTanla avenue; Nairn's Drug Store, corner Pennsylvania avenae and 9th street; Roaenthal^, SOI 7th street, corner of H, will meet with prompt attention, and satisfaction guaran tee^ aX-ly ^TIKFF'S PIANOS, uusnpassed in sweetness of v3 tone and excellence of finish; low prices??^. ?nd easy terms. G. L. WILD A BS0.Jb|B Agents, 4*0 11th street, near northwest(11 Mil corner Pennsylvania avenue, dealers in Pianos and Musical Instruments geneially. Tuning and Repairing. Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. apl7 tr F. LUCAS. 1146 7th street n. i ? Rtrnlmtor nf Pianos and Or nans. wa ders received at Tbompsoa's corner 14th St.I and N. York ave.; Getty's, Bridge, neartss s? ? Oonrrees, Georgetown; aad Moses', cor. 7th and Fa. av. Pianos and other instruments packed and moved All work guaranteed. m highly UCROMACUB A CO.'S PIANOS. 9 PHILADELPHIA 9BEAT SEDUCTION IM PRICES These tnatruments, which, on aecoot of thstr aa seriortty over all others, have in a few yaart? become the moat popular here, aa well as all|MBH| aver the country, san be had now for the foi-MlTT1 lowing low prices SOU A BE PIANOS from ?*? to 0071. UPRIGHT PIANOS from A40U to 0701. GRAND PIANOS from ?A to JMTa. Persons who wish to save from #1U0 to $M In PQJ --basing the best instrument out, are invited to cat sod compare lor theaiselves. Piaaos for rent. Planet exchanged. Tuning and Repairing properly attend* to. OABL BICHTEB, Agent, dM-tr 03A Penn ^ NOTHING RESERVED. fipretedotei Peremptory. Positive, 8TB FOB' ED SALE!* CR FORCED SALES OF ENTIRE STOCK OF ENTIRE STOCK NOW GOING ON. NOW GOING ON. WE ARE OVERSTOCKED AND MUST REDUCE, AND WILL SELL At AlOagl* Suit.atfl? ? #** Suit, at ?*0 b t*T Suit roo MANY GOODS OO MANY GOODS MOST BE SOLO MUST 0* SOLD. arb SKLLINU rapidly. ARK SKLLINU RAPIUL Y. mm. viFTlRl' DOLUWil**8' tbb dollars,^ poLLAM. ? Buit at ?Snit at |l?^t 8mit # gao. NO rmkkr YA TiONS. NO KKSKR VATIONS. 4- IJttff ALL WILL BK solo. ALL MUST BK solo. ALL MUST BK SOLi? IN BOYS' SUITS W* OFFER THE SAME INDUCEMENTS. ?.?or?tSSa..Ttorafir ? 10 for a fl*. CALL AT ONCB. BEING THE BOYS. I BUT BABGAINS. m ITKBRt, ful,,J?ABU TA1LOBS, Ttl tw B Stakits UBEl LINE! JBNT LI1IB u ?! per taml. SPECIAL NOTICES. I^rthr*! Lrfchrt! Lfrckro! Iwp<<ted Swedish Leech'a will hereafter always be kewt for sale, wholesale or retail, by ARTHUR NATtANS, Druggist,corner 3d and D streets north ALIO JUST RICEIVES a fresh supply of all new Family and Patent Medi cines. We enumerate. Castoria, a substitute fur Caster Oil, Centaur Liniment, Simmons' Liver Invigorator, Ayer's Medicines, Schenrk'K Medicines, ~l:chler% Herb Bitter*, f incliester's Hypo-pho?piiatefl, " "T kin?8, A ? _ Cod Liver Oil* of all L _ Dr. Jaj ne> Medicines, HclmMdV Buehu, Ktnned> % Discovery .Salve and Liniment, B*ge'sCatarrh Remedy, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. These and all other Remedies of the dayatniy popular low rates for cash. ARTHUR RATTANS, Druggist, mya-fr M and D itrwti sorihwwt. EXCURSIONS, Ac. tjMBST GRAND PIC NIC of the HOP! PLEAS 1 CUE CLUB, at 7tli street Park, on WEDNESDAY, June 4,1875. Rodbird's cel ebrated String Band ha* lieen engaged for the occasion. Tickets .>0 cents, admitting a gen tlm.isn and ladies. j't-2t* ?>OAT RACE.?The neat little steamer PENN DSYLVANIA will leave her wharf, foot of Hiph street, Georgetown, at G-* ^ tJi p.m. WEDNESDAY. Juae ttliia?aih thus givingjp.tsKi iiger? a tine chanceto view the en tire race. Tickets, AO cents. This steamer may he chartered for Jishing or other emmrsions by applying to A. RODIER. 33 High stieet, or the Captainoli l>o.triI (Hep ! It* ^ELECT MOONLIGHT E \ t I R S I O 51 AND VIEW OF THE BOAT RACE. The tine iron steamer LADY OF THE LAKE will make her tirst Moonlight Excur sion down the Potomac on WEDN ES DAY NIGHT,June4,1873. Leaving* her w half, foot of 6th street, at 4:30 p. in., Wednes day evening, proceed tip the river to a position wh -ra the boat rare will be in ftill view; after the race will go down the river to Marshall H ill, where sh? will remain about two hours. x Dancing Music will be furnished. Arrangements have been made so that nodi?rt3pi!t able characters will be allowed on hoard. Tea can be had on the tioat. Tickets?Gentleman, $1; gentleman and lady, ?1.50; additional lady,30cents. _lt DORSET CHGETT. ri^AKE N<?TI?'E I SE< OND GRAND PICNIC OF THE KNIGHTS OF St. PETKR TO BE OlVEN AT JUENEMAN S Pleasure Gard"n OH WBDBESDAY. JUNE tin, 1S73I No laities admitted unless ?ccompatiied by a gen tl- man. Tickets, admitting a G-ntleniaii and Ladies. ^?0 cents. je2-2t* A K EYPORT EXCURSIONS. on and alter TUESDAY. J UN E 10, 1873, the eleiraiit and favorite steam r KEY PORT will commence her regular TCBSDAV and FRIDAY EVEN ING excursions down the Potomac, leaving wharf f"? t of 8"h street, at 6 o'clock p.m.. returning at 11pm. During the sutnnierol 1872 these excur sions largely patronized by many of our l?est citizen?, who found in tln-ni a cool andplea?tiit e, c?te from tin- h'-at and dust of the city. N"!etf>rt shall be rpared during the coming summer to make them pleasant and agreeable in every respect. De tectives w ill be station'*! at th?v,boat to prev ??nt the admission' i any improper characters. Ho intoxi cating Ihjuors sold. Music, d incing, and refresh ments on board. Fare, single tickets. SI: lady an.I gent 1<man, SI..*). Apply to WM. II. BYLES, Agent, 60H Pennsylvania avenue. m31-lm j?XCURSIONS TO GLYMOMT. Office of tiik Potomac Fkrry Company, SeviiNth Strkkt Wharf, W asiiixgTOS, May 21, 1:57.1 , On and after June 1 the steamer WAWAsK T can be chartered for Excursions to Gly mont on Mondays. Tuesdays, Wed nesdays and Thursday. The steamer is now in complete order, having b<?eu thoroughly overhauled last winter. Sh- has a flue, commodious saloon on her upper deck, and is in every respect adapted to the excursion business. The Potomac ia now beautiful, and Glymont in splendid condition, having been thoroughly repaired and the grounds put in good order. For charter, apply at office of Potomac Ferry Company. foot of 7th street. n>21 2w LECTURES. \f KS. zina fay PEIRCE i"I will lectcrf. Oil THURSDAY AFTERNOON NEXT, June Jth, at 3 30 p. m.. At LINCOLN HALL, on True Economy in llf Hon>?Ao for the l?-uefit of St. Mark's Free Church, Capitol Hill. T<> kets 2S ceuts, to all parts of th-bouse: for -ale at Ballant) He's, Patker's ami Philp <* Solo m< n-' Bookstores. je3-2t* FESTIVALS. pESTl VAL. The Ladies belonging to the Congregation of ST. MARY 8 CATHOLIC CHU RCH. Upper Marlboro', propose holding a FESTIVAL hi THE WOODS adjoining the residence of the Carmelite Fathers, near this v illa^e. on THURSDAY, Ji ne l'J 1*73 Various amnsements will lie protHeo for the oav and evening entertainment. A very elegant Atlgiutn will lie ratfl-d, t > which the requisite number of chances is not y?t lak<-u. All the refreithiuents of the season will l?- ?up plied in abundance, and a band of music will bo in attendance. The proceeds will l.e u?<-d for the benefit of th ? church. The public are cordially invited to att-ud. m31 eotdj SUMMER RESORTS. |^Ot KY POINT HOTEL, miODB ISLAND. SEASOM OF 1813, ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. Thia well-known and popular Summer Resort, sit uated on Narragansett Kay, between the A . . A cities of Pro\ ideuce and Newport, will be opened for the reception of guesta J.ine 25th. To meet the growing demands of thepuo.K, the capacity of has been increased since l?ot 0VARI'U| II) lllv wllTTlivFTl vl a umtllrwe rjflHU 'ill large, airy, ami newly furnished. Rustaurant, if an increased seating capacity, has also l.een adde<l light steamboats a day from Providence aid Newport. For information iu re gaid to terms, etc., address, City Hotel, Providence, R.I, J __ L. H. HUMPHREys. Frojri?h?r, ^ Mu Tcry hstfthy au^ < uier reeort, near Suicker'a Gap, and A . . A aurronnded by the Blue Ridge mouutain, two hoars' ride by rail of Washington City, is now opeu for the reception of (neata, sen. 1?73. Improvements since laat y*mr: F1' front,bath-room, an ice-hons?> ?'j??i. ,w. Si'rrrools" fli[^ ?.r*uVru' mountain aceaery. Those wisht% co 4hjoy the cool breezes of thia elevated regjtn will address, _ ? A. 0. WEIGHT. Eonnd Hill p. 0., Loudoun Co., ??. References at 18'da F street M.W. m30-tf nARKHCRIT HOUSE, An**p*lii Junction K Howard tovr^y Md. situated on theft- . A Was hi: JUfIra for fse cc'jifort of gueets eou in the Mate. Gueets with Aetrartf tcmr^. Md., situated on theft . . A hlngton branch Baltimore and OhiofnEV road improvements have been made JSJUX be cohort 0f guests equal to any summer rvaoit families will find thia the summer For tar m23'lw* GEORGE BELL, Proprietor. a desirable place for the summer For for '^?er information addreaa WEST END HOTEL, AT LfiNfl ItlMCH, R. I., WILL BE OPENED ON THB t?TB OF JUNB Applications for rooms can ksl _ ??. B HILDRETH. Mo. ft* Broadway, 1 Hew York.or by addressing PEES BURY J HILDRETH. Proprietors, Branch. J^'J RICA STONE. THE MAETLAND FREESTONE M. A H. CO 18 HOW READY TO MKCEITM ORDERS FOR STONE, EITHER 8AWED OR ROUOH DIMENSION. Apply at Company >s oEce, OOBJfBB E ABD ??t? ETEBBTS, Reck Creek. ?M-tf C. W. BAYOER, Fresldeat. EVENING STAR. Washington Hews and Gossip. Internal Rkvinuk The receipt* from this source to-day were McKenzie'k Indian ParsoNERS McKcneie captured twenty-four Indian children and tit teen women in his recent raid. He will send them to Fort Gibson, in the Indian territory, which coarse is approved by the President. The capinet to-day took no action as to what dispo stion should be made of Capt. Jack and his followers. Tbe President announced that he would leave here ou Thnr day for Long Branch with hi* tamilv to spend thf summer. but he would re turn every two or three weeks to dispose of any buMiK ss which might demand his attention. Appointments by the President The President made the following appointments to day:?.lames M. Bracket!, of Wisconsin, re ceiver of public moneys at Kan Claire; Jo?. F. Irish, of Whconsin. register of tbe land office at the same place: John ?>. Evans, meinl>er ot the Hoard ot Trustees of the Reform School of the District of Columbia for three years from June 3d. Is it the Result ok tiie Temtkram e Movement or the Weatheb? ? The total number of distilleries in operation throughout the country on the 1st of May, as shown by the books of the Internal Revenue office, was 4<ij. with a daily producing capacity of gal lons. The total number in 0(>efation on the 1st of June was 319, with a daily producing capacity of 191,1(4 gallons, showing that KJ distilleries w^Ve closedduring the month of May, and the daily capacity decreased 58.&15 gallons. A kkneral Court Martial has been or dered to meet atWillett's Point, New York har bor, on the 5th of June, for the trial of Musi cian Francis Carey and such other prisoners as may l?e brought before it. The court w .11 con sist of the following named olticers: Captains W. R. King, A. Mackenzie, and J. C. Post; First Lieutenants B. I>. Greene, A. H. Pavsoit; Second Lieutenants P. M. Price, jr., and C. F. I'alfrey: all of the Engineer corps, with K.rst Lieutenant James Mercur Judge Advocate. Maior Ben Peri.ey Poo re Commander ok the Ancient Artillery The dinner of the ancient and honorable artillery of Boston v*s t?T?lay afternoon was largely attended. Am-uig the speakers were Governor Washburne, Col lector Russell, A. A. Rice, General N. P. Banks, and I?r. George A. Loring. After the dinner the ancients marched to Boston Common. when Major Ben Perley Poore, commander elect, and the other officers for the ensuing year, were commissioned by the governor. The Vienna Kxposition?The State depart ment has received information from Vienna, indicating that everything is progressing satis factorily, in connection with the exposition, since the new arrangement, and that there is a fair prospect that the American depaitmcnt Mill soon be in coiiiplete order. The board of commissioners has appointed the following gen tlemen to take charge of the different groups: ? Mining and metallurgy, Howard Painter, Pa.: food, E. N. Horsford, N. Y.; iron and steel. G. Wendenhall, I'a.: paper, G. \V. Silcov: machine ry, (i. A. Stan berry, Ohio; philosophical instru ments. R. B. Lines; musical instruments, N. M. Lowe, Boston; education, T. B.Philbrick; agri culture, J. A. Warder:_^ b Naval Offkirr Transkerrep Commo dore Thomas H. Stevens has been ordered to the command of the Norfolk navy yard on the 1st of July next, in place of Rear Admiral Charles H. Davis, who has been detached from the command of that yard after that date, and ordered to duty as a member ol the lighthouse lK>ard. Commodore John J. Almy has been de tached from duty as chief signal offlcer of the navy trom the 30th inst., and placed on waiting orders. Commodore Foxhall A. Parker has been detached from duty as a member of the lijrht housj board on the 30th inst.. and ordered to dut/ as chief signal officer or the navy. Cant W'o. F. Spicer and all tbe other officer* hive been detached from the Iron-clad Terror and placcd on waiting orders. Gatlino Grws?Congress, at the last ses sion, passed the following clause in the army appropriation bill: "For experiments and tests of two Gatling guns of large caliber for flank defence of fortifications, #."5,000; and of the sys tems ot heavy rifled ordnance recommended for trial by the board convened under the act of June C, 1s7l', and. in the discretion of the Sec retaiy,-of any other systems for utilizing orim proving the cast-ircn guns now in the service, 9"0.(KHt in addition to anv unex|>ended balance of appropriations made'for the present fiscal year." In accordance with this law the Secre tary of War, before his departure for West Point, designated Major <>. A. (iilimore. engi neer corps, Major T. J. Treadwell, ordnance department, and Capt. LorenzoI^orain. a board ot officers to meet at Hartford, Conn., on the .r>th of June, to decide upon the caliber of guii* to be tried and tbe ammunition to be used in the experiments and test* of two Gatling guns ot large caliber for flank defenses of fortifica tions. A RMT G AZETTE?The President has accepted the resignation of Capt. Edwin W. H. Read, 8th infantry, to take effect Mav 2:?th, and that of 2d Lieut. Jose K. Peabody, 3d cavalry, to take

effect May 31st. A further leave of absence, on surgeon s certificate of disability. h is been granted to Col. Gordon Granger, 15th infantry, with permission to go bevond sea. Assistant Surgeon .John W. Brewer has been ordered to duty in the Department of the East; and Assu-tant Surgeon Julius H. Patzki has been ordered to duty iu the department of the lakes. The leave of absence granted Capt. Charles A. Alligood, military storekeeper, in March last, has been extended three months. The leave granted Major D. R. Clendenin, *th cavalry, on the17 th of May, has been extended five months, with permission to go beyond sea. Leave of absence for six mouths, on surgeon's certificate of disability, has been granted Capt. Thomas L. Brent, 3d cavalry, with permission to go be '??ve of ?t*ence granted UyC been?t'T go beyond sea. ^mission to A News Enterprise?The New York Tri bune 0>;r^rd?>, it is atuijtrsvK.^ Jhat * c.^r?ct Won ?ade by per^nf wliosC hilhes hart* Hoi as vet ^rtB.IIMdC phblic, JWith the Pennsylvania Hallway CoBWuiy, for the running of early trains bclVrtSfcn New York and Philadelphia, ruder this uew Arrangement a train will leave this city at 3:30 A. M., to be known as the "news special," reaching Philadelphia at 6:32 A. M. It is intended that the New York news papers shall reach Philadelphia in time for the breakfast table of the people of that city, in stead of 11:30 A. M., aa Is now the case, in the cities and towns along the roate they will be served proportionately earlier. At the same hour that a train leaves this city one also leaves Philadelphia, and is due her? at the same time the oAer is in Phila<U,pkla. It wiU bring .V?.>*l,?p?r*. It is believed that In this way u?e circulation of the news paper* of boti titles can be considerably in cwaaed. if the enterprise proves snccewt'ul, it is ttc intention of the projectors to extend it to point* West and Sonth. The credit mobilise bill la equity, filed In Hartford, has been amended by Including the names of Andrew Corregte, J. Pierre pont Morgan and John Pondior, or New York,and Thomas Scott, of Pennsylyania, as additional defendants with Cornelius 8. Bushnell, of New Haven, aa having shared la the profitsraaliced in the sale of bridge * ? Let Ub Havb Peace.?The we men's univer sal peace com mission met la Philadelphia, yes terday. Carotin* H. 8peer, presiding. A series of resolutions la favor or peaoe were adopted and a number of addresses made. VTbe Minnesota republican state conven tion has been appointed for Jaly 18. K7*Buckley T. Benton, owner of the Park theater la Brooklyn, N. Y., committed snlclde vesterdsy evening by shooting almselt through VCarpenters are fearfully careless about patting np closet hooks. A Philadelphia wo man broke down four before aha could hang herself. KTJennie Dennis, a young married woman, committed suicide Tuesday night at Harrishnrg, Pa., by drowning herself la the canal. Domestic troubles. ?TA hoy eleven years old, la Detroit, feigns death ss perfectly that only experts can dis cover signs of lifts. iflr Dr. Brown, who was sentenced to tea years in Sing Sing for sssanhing Murray, the New York (as bill collector, died In prison Wit The following have been received at army headquarters: Saw Francisco, .Jane 2d. H". T, Sherman : Colonel Davis ic ports, Jane 1st, Modoc scouts sent out on Tuesday, the 27th of May, from 1'ule Lake, reported to him at Applegate on the evening of the 28th. having found Jack and band encamped on Wilton creek, at crossing of the emigrant road, 14 miles east of Applegate. Hasbrouck's and Jacksjn's squadrons, under Major Greene, were sent immediately in pursuit and came upon them on the evening of the -Nth. They pursued them till the evening of the with, when 14 warriors. 10 women and 9 children were captured after a slight skirmish. Among them were Schonchin and Scarfaced Charley. Jackjutd three warriors escajted in one direction, and the remaining nine e-eayed >n different directions, leaving twelve men not captured. He will push them lively until caught, and hopes to close the war in a few dsys, and start tbe troops to other points. J. M. Sohofield, Major General. San Francisco, .1 atie 3d. G'n. II". T. Sh'rmi'n, l>. C.: Subsequent dispatch from Gen. Dav is, dated Apnlegate s, June 1st. announces the capture of Jack and two warriors and families. II ?* ex perts the few others to come in soon, an I con sider the war terminated. J. M.8? hofiklp. Major General. What la to be none with the Xo<li>r?. Ik the absence ol' the Secretary of War, and of definite official information fram Gen. Davis, no action has been taken ii|?on the question what disposition shall be made of the captured Modocs. Gen. Davis will report to the headquarters of tbe armv that he holds these Indians as prisoners of War and ask what disposition shall be made of them. They hav ing surrendered as pri oners the military will hold them subject to the instructions of tbe department of the Interior having been called ui>oii by that deportment to a*i?its coiuin don ers in forcing these Indians < |m ie reservations assigned to them. The nrob&jrties are that a similar disposition will be made of the Modoc chiefs to that made of Santanta and Iiig Tree, who were concerned in the annihilation of * Texas train several years ago. These Indians belonged to the Indian territorv. but committal the depredation in Texas, and were turned over to the date authorities there for tiial and pun ishment. The murder of Gen. Catiby and Dr. Thomas, having been committed in Oregon, doubt, be turned over to the civil authorities of that state tor trial. 1*11" from tbe Nodoe Country. SOME PARTICULARS OF THE ? AMPAK.N A SNAKY COf*TRY TO IAMI' IN. The following is an extract of a letter received from the Modoc country by a gentleman of tiis city: Cant Sorm or Tcle I.akk, ) May itith. i?7;. s I^ar //. Yours of May Jd h o- been received. Vou doubtles-have lifH-il all aiiout the recent tights in the papers, as they seem full of it. I went out a week since with three companies to try and tind the remains ol I.ieut. Cranston and the missing soldiers, and to bring them in; also the bodies of the seven whom we buried under sage brush. We tound the Indians had stripped and mutilated the bodies and then set tire to the sage brush, burning the bodies to a crisp. We tound also the bodies of the missing sti ipped and scalped, and so terribly swollen and de composed that it was im|<OHsit>le to move them so all we could do was to hollow out graves for them in tbe lava and leave them. There have been several skirmishes since the disastrous tight, in which we lost several men and had quite a number wounded. Do not kuow where the Indians are now; they ap(>ear to have changed their place. Nearly all the troops have gone out after the Indians?Col. Mason on his side, and three troops of cavalry from here This leaves me in command of the camp here, with companies K and G, 12th infantry, and a lot ot teamsters. Generals (iillem. Davis and Hardee are here, and the pros|?ect is that we shall move our camp across the lake to a penin sula. They are getting ready to send the wounded in l>oats. There are plenty of rattle ?nakes, scorp.on* and lizzards here, and they get to be so familiar that thev come into our huts, and we are obliged to shake our blankets before retiring. Farther Irons the Lava Beth. THE CAPTl'KIU MOItOOS?Boors CHARI.IK A TEA-DRINKER?V MOTLEY SET?UGLY OLD SVM'AWS, I'ASSAUI.E YOUNG ONES, HANDSOME PAPPOOSE8. Cajip AT Fairchild's Ranch, Cal.,j Mav 23, 1H73. \ Pear //..? Since writing to you last I have changed my injsition twice. It* was concluded to evacuate the lava bed, as no Indians appeared to be there, and I was sent to occupy Van Bre mer's Ranch again with the two companies of the 12th infantry, of which I now have the command (K and G); was at Van BremerV Ranch two nights, and was ordered here to command the headquarters guard of General Davis; arrived yesterday just in time to take charge of tit; Modocs, who came in last evening and gave themselves up as prisoners of war?15 bucks, 20 squaws, and the balance children anJ pappooses. I have them now under close guard The bucks all brought in their guns and ammu nition and gave them up. There are some ot their hardest fighters amongst them, but none. I think, who were in the Canby assassination. Jack mast be rather short-handed now , and may make with the balance of his band some work for our cavalry, as I hardly think he will venture to give himseir up, as death should be his certain portion. No one knows what will be done with the prisoners; they mar be kept here to draw in the balance of the tribe. Thev are a motley crowd, dressed in all styles; many speak English, having lived in the settlements Bogus Charlie |U rather pat ticular in his diet. upon issuing him rations j >sterdav he said he did not want coffee, but pr< ferred tea?an arti cle our men have not had ii< the campaign. The old N)uaw8 are hideous, a f wof the young ones passable, but the little c' ldren are, many oV them, cunning and actual v handsome. 1 loti2 to get out of the country. ' ack to a few of the refinements of civilizedli ?; five months of this kind ot lite is all I want i- one vear; and as re gards the opinion of th? est of the command are pretty much nnati jou#. Gen.GIUem has been r< cved and went back to Frisco yesterday. #As!^I^r*5%T*Ti?iF^c'6*'TK9T '* Arkas ins rtate attorney |iiniii7 llu iNflrifc|Tyvt*r*1'"' for a writ of quo warrant agamst Governor Bax ter to show by what authority he hold* the office of governor. The application sets fourth that tbe governor has unlaw :"ullv usurped office, al though Governor Baxt r re.used to recognize the right of the court to hear such application, and announced that hf . ill obey no mandate is sued by it on such appi.cation, and refused to employ counsel to contest the case. The ease was argued all day yest rday and was to be re gamed this morning. The filing of the applica tion by the attorney g ncral renewed tfat ex. citement of a few thus ago, when it ?as ru mored that such action was to be had. Should tbe writ be granted, It is thought a conflict will ensue. The governor holds that the legislature adjudicated the matter; that was the only power that could do so. The militia are being reorgan ized by Barter. Cold Weather ak i> Frost in May Seldom do we experience a gr< *ter change In tbe weather than this which has n<?w occurred. On Wednes day afternoon the summer heat of 88? was oooled a little by a pouring rain, which came rather suddenly, with but little thunder, but it poured a perfect deluge. It never rained harder. Thurs day was fresh aad pleasant, and Friday coo*. Last night was oold enough far warm blankets, and this moralag there was a thick white frost la the lower lands of Bast Hartibrd, ahd also a very perceptible frost la Weet Hartford. In this city at sunrise the temperature was *?. The frost la some of the towns about mast hare nipped the early garden vegetables. Honey suckles are la bloom la the woods, aad apple trees^) la the orchards?the latter boin?, ur doubtcdly, later thaa was ever Innw7 b^'tore, since the first settlement of New England, except In the memorable season of 1816?" the year without a summer. Grass aerer looked better.?Bmrtfmrd Tiwui. Jfay 81. Labor D anon strati on in Losdou?There K" *i?2ob. on Sunday, to protect against the , which harshly and unjustly afreets the interests aad rights af labor. Thirty thousand people ware ? Daowvan at Fu.?Captain Thomas Gale civil iianiiinwi seniagim." Aggj/smarea A**CAL MUTIXft or STOl KHOLDBa* AT AH wapolis?uroKT or pbesidkwt oormab ? ILErflo* or A P REM PINT AMD D1U( TiiKH. of ">? stockholder. of !h? Cheaeapeahe and Ohio Canal CoaMwnv ?H held at Annapolis yesterdav in the executive chamber. The boaid ot public work* of the ??I?iVC*TPO!^I ?f ?<)rer?or Whyte. Controller Woollor.l *d.1 Treasurer Dan*. represented the ^ n * owner Ol ? majority of ? '?wU> ?*J , represented tbe *^k owned bvWa*hington city and (ieorgc fPTTr. P**"*4*1 and Mr. Iteuj. ,.T 5V *^?d M wrrtarr. A report van sub mitted by President Gorman for the focal Tt-*r ending tbe ;?irt of May. 1*73. which shoVs th" MMicf-"* % M r00'0?* ,or ,h* !"? * *? HM4W3.??. Tke total exiienncg daring tli?r lertod were f JOM.4V7.T2, a next revetw SLSLVFJ" ?*?.????. which, with the bal j , rem*urJr ,roni the mccdlW vear <?t leave* tor the payment of the float K preferred constructs,, , ^ e revenue for the pa?t yearshews an increase over 1*71 ot ?54 hv' and oyer 1 tii of The coil tonnage tor the year ending May 3t*t, isTo, wan 7u^u! ton*. lor Kl, W*7 ,*70 ton*; tor 1872, 772,/7.; tons The decrease on account of expense*. ordinary and extraordinary, atMl the pay of officer* i"? with ,s"???.^v.ndTiX^v, 0. Tihnt*,:I tro,'ri*,k>n heretofore madeaa account ot interest on preferred construction >> >nj. , iiy ^?"t're <uaount due to and including coupon* falling due .lanu&rv 1, 1*37. Ot the amount so appropriated there remained in the handsoftbe financial agents of I 55V*?,Vpa,,Jr?Mmn. Alexander Hrownfv s ' ^m'oVT?'^^",^'* <Uv ?' >Ur' h 'he J? . . ^ cou|<ons representing I vhicb liave not !>?en presented. Some ot then, I iJfilEV'f" *,n* w>thbeld, awaiting the decision m the suit instituted by W. W r-n in the DHtrlct of Columbii. The principal improvement* made under rh? recommendation of William K Hutton 1.,! chief engineer of the company, have been .?..m pleted at a cost ofM7^?^ whlchUMgreaUy improved the condition of the canal - . T** rsjien.recomaiend* improvement that are neceasary on account of damage* to the ca. nall and increased tonnage the cost of which exclusive ot steam pumps and dam- is esti mate. ? m.0?0, but the expenditure* on tlu*t account should extend over a series ot ie?r ?? make the improvement without demandinzthe payment on the bonded debt. The toll* a * in iCent\ l*r ton on ??*' ?'r?ni Camber land to <??H>rgetown. The report reviews thed t ticultv with tfi6 wafifr lessen &nd rppitp^tii , tract aud calls attention to it* violation The report expresses the interest felt by Ute com K4:U\,,JVD"'rov-l-? 'he liarkor ^t \\ ashington, but expresses the conviction thi* Congress a ill not pass anv law deiirirm^ ,i company of its valuable rights. ' * ^ Binee the adjournment of Coiun-ess W- ?"h a f _? J rerv the PJtomacriver of 5!!?,^tfk!!l^Xn^i reiir'j!?' l'erami",n' in addition to the ? ' .Tun'" * trH,le *? the canal during t> e ?h^? >etr thousand tons ?5coal a Inch lias heretofore been delivered vTa luiti more. Adding the tolls to the rent the session ot this wharf inereas,-- vlv.r ~?J JVfrr?l!r*" l*r ?"??"?? or for the next^xe^s As your traile increasef?. the ent r KKSg." "L"'however' poa*?ble that the plan nronose.1 for the improve merits of the city *,,.1 haHtor^ Uaahington cannot be carried oat w^oSt ? surrender by this company of ? IK)r, * old canal and tow-path fronting on the rivet between Baaby ? Point and 17th street l? such an event it will be highly advamaireous to tbe interest of this eompaay to disi?fJ^ ? terms,>0 ** m?> ^ te-.u.reil upon'li^ra'. its: liam?i>ort will 1< completed l?efore the close of iia\ .gatidn, and a conM<l*'rablv increased tra?l#? de2Hld7 pasS ?ver your can*1 ^ sapply IU ?toe cent* a ton of the'.mouitchiiS rJJS" ESuSL^JS, "L?M * "?>"<*?>? Not only will the completion of tbe outlet locks produce that result, but if boat* were unloaded promptly upon arrival thev would realize larj?>r protit* at reduced rate of'fYeight charge* reduce the cost of transportation to a mmlm ,u is all-important to our future trade fl'J V^ej-resent high rates for wharfage and freight, the difference in favor of canals as com. }o,"^ith ra,Iroad trans|K>rtation. is 47' cents a we are convinced that when th.- Pom,! improvements are complete,!, and miZ system ot towage established,?rberebv the c^ ??1?? ???"<>"*?** i. wVcSi 1 he urgent demand of the i-eople for w*ter tran*|>ortation may induce Congress to ai<i in <w?sxr?ss congress anu high official* of the l'nite<l stui?s *0 a* to make it a great nat^Ul work ^h evei7 aasurance that further aid would be*iV?n i'ZiS^I!greNe ,0r its ext?"*ion, in view of which lM Kllt8 were constructed With an aw^? depth of six feet, leaving not more than one hundred miles to be built to reach the slack WU?*?,ri?ati?2 bev0n'1 tbe niounuins "" With these and many other advantages .n,i ?tJisw..of ,t*rtbe'r '" t th?t"hSTilSd fi^i^ ? w * lyge stockholder, we re?t>ect 2ie U'e ?tockboldJSTu4c 5 *ome action whereby tbe subj-ct may S ? ^mpUy presented for the consideration of | [ attrac?ili> % I11? extensi?n of the canal we?t ' 8 are convl .ced that Uie Xigina" Sfon if ' carried out *while^V?^ to ^"'^re ^M ? 1 carried out, while to *ecure it oniy reouirea ti.?l conatructien of twenty^ight miles ot can^v ! comparati elv small cost compared with the proposed extensions are very de aii: z iwrsr 11 The ratio of the expense* of working and im- 1 proving the canal, construction and extraordi- r JU.T reJP * *V? th? Pxjss receipt* i* p; |*r f ?"t., shQT ng a decrease of 1 per cent, a* corn- f n-farrwl'tit-Jl* prevlou* year. The report wa* * Tbe foil wlngoflTiWf*? for the ert -Jng year: Pre*idenT!TiN<US?Ll< , Patrick*! ??ln?ore Mere-lith. ' ^ Via srsi^."-??? i rtS-SS **3*?P0WB?11 fl?rmer director, dv ? on account if hi* t health, a he stockholder* then adjourned to 1 meet on Toeeday, July fth, 1873. S Tscsir.LB Stokm in VianiniA^The Lees- 3 burg (Vs.) Watkingtonian says that ?toim visited Loudoun county on Tu< a severe Tuesday eve ning last. In Snickersville several perww were 125CR?bySwoSIT* building near Lees burg wire severely Shocked uom the sum cause. Much fencing and in some pi*<*? timber was Mown down. Col. Ham "ton KyjW' barn was Mown down aad MaJ. C. H. Lee's corn-crib and wagon-shed ware struck by Hghtuing. Mrs. PiggotTa and laaac^ilson'* barn*, were anroefed, aad tha splendid belt ol t^her,h?ayn as Panooast's woods was tarato terribly by the tsraado. Hail fall in 1.1I0H, TkicifiiftskUof ttrttAf " In Uis i sighbsrhaod of SaichersvUle, ? ?? - il them to replaating ,, laeampal thaa?to be plow T?* IVTBUATIOVAL TYrOOKAr HtCAL U?io* convened at Montreal, riwii i <Uy,.l reridwt Hamasoad ia tha chair. After reeeiviaf aa addreesaf welcome uSm iktSt wirsof ttie Montreal and the Jaeqaes Cartier transact ng other roattae basi , fatlowiag eflcsr* for Pr^Ueat, WsHL McLeaa, <***. STAaoaca.Washiattea. p: C-; tret rioe 1??W| Wtt. K< 1*?***'??^, Was. Keaaedr, of Chicago; sscsad v-c? president, w. O Jaiaaoa, of Troy; secre tary aad treasurer, John Collins, of Cladaaa $?!srtt? sKSa/i ?u:k&5 9t the VM, uq 4S gates being present. YA( nTI><^?Ttws ^trst yachti?Cthe eaar iff ea t^Delmrtf ?rat- lass yachts eatani waa y the Kate Kakiags. ?T tte?i? ^dtte prlat or the second etaal WMMfti BMu ardiUddte. W nununnni nu m ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORT*. ? a ? THE TICXK M ASMtl 44141K ?ry * Ike RMfamrMi * "KK. -lulK- o. \* .1 St4 mat.'.vitia* to the rnHfur ft OR. \ HUM about tb* ,m??. lar'tics in the American depart n.-nt ?( tbera. PO?itk>n, tells the st??ry of the no* ..wt ??' the reataurant (wrni^in*. i.Jj. ????*?* * Trvt," of NVV rlvi?! I an UI_ c. . . * r*''<^1 <?* lieacral Van Kami, ta '(piotwr la* ?n.V to'vt bin. he intended ?1Sin<whii\M an A mcnr J> the riimainun. ^an Hiirm rrpn?si b* lad n)i.,/a?1.: oauU. Torn Cabie an. .nwi. ot Nr* Tork among tWa. i ' 1 * *? oae Ht'ael, of W> Hn?adaar a?id .ufges.od that .lewetland Mitwli unite thrir rea.urces. M he out* wante.1 one rertaurant^ and that a rood one thT .aV Mr* Meyer also upii| a* a ? T "i ,ur oanaer* drrltnliu the chrrk m win to xfever to arianr* the final detail* aa to oaaeoaatea*. when Meyer mM the eapenses oi the coma? heavy and that no appropriation J???*** P1*"* *? * yngrwa, and sagge*tr.t that tWr* him. a? loaer, the chock rSfua, .1 "'gLC? Jewett refused. and was obliged u*?atifoTk?J w>|?f without the pApfn, ?nu IfavTi# HttrH'a depoeit unpaid lleyer. bo*, ior, g? ve il-wT-tt ?Jr ^ ,\aror,DS<-, 'r??* *anborn, nb? in formed hm \ an Burrti hnd wo right to make a cotuemlonor grant a space otibdde tb. buildta* for an* purpoae. Jewett < one-*. o? ,,H "f* contract# entered laroMa. ? understanding k,i?Mwr...; aIZ. ett aiKt ScUirti that no utter (IuhmwIou for 'he restaurant would be made. o? retvrn"fg to wtyj"*!!1*?**1 +"** **>*< Mitnel had , ??< vJ* ** Wtarncl when *n miluro pnation was utdf, bat had fit* m?*morAu*l< i?- .>r It. He nlao aac. tta.n.T^ <?,* *aaBuren had made to ll^hrg and Welle a concession tor two or more bar-room. h?l i\Tt ?*f" ",c ?,rn' ,h?r tbee' n.M l *Ml ,PO"> ?<!.?? to ?3 una (or tb- ar aioija in the shape of loan* and aefcoot honaa do nations, and part of tbiK went to funeral \ an Bnren. At Hlttel bad not et made - ^ reqntr*! by tbe ?-?mct. 4cw4f^?*.tSS5 Ji to ?? K" ??', abtch Mr. M. ver ** Mr. Ilitxel'ii trieud and atlrlM^r r.? l u^cd. Vat be lnn*t?-d on new art io n" ?lewett thereon gave hi* late part .m, llot,ee of hia withdrawal, (are Ueii. '*1 \ an Huren a Mate mi tit of the nitnlra, at. 11. (noted that ho be olered the necetwary ta. Iit?> tor tran?art ln? ht^ buaineah at Vienna, ! he wan?hlu:ea to leave America without fitr;!ie? r.-.-oimitn.n Shortly alter hi? arrival h *hu t !ape Hn*et arrived with tbe conce?ak?ti t?r reatauiani giveri him by General Van Harm t* kiZSr and Mr. liennlaon. tor wl h tbVhad JSin tbe ? 14f?originally paid In J.y Hilr,Mh',w" i I5$ ,,mwl N,:w' the latter handeii over to Hit re I a* h - M. Wr?i ?hare ot the original ?1.<ni?. U?netal \ an I: .ren uhnl in iKM^endon ot the oth.. - .h, tefted to Baron 8di waits a i.-'tbei-o L. made to tbe new apidicaut . ;,r,d it ? ?? n-fUaei~ c' .'at \h*y not on,v b:!,i ??1-raToiJ lor their de|>o?it but noeoai) i,?,t t4? their ?n>nUrnn4exp(?wjm?itii>otiU - > m.-whole matter Lax Iteen dim u?Me<1 on t, j , r>.^ investigating commiaaioii t;..c ? ... ^ it-ff iKenmade to buah tin tli. .. . , , . Mit/el * nionev and inducii>4.' , r Weill to take Li in into the.. . ri lark \atrv *??. fm pi*k'?ck?dit ? c, Nhu V"KK, .lutie A I r ik bl .Ikdio Fi?k, jr., has I.. . . j* a new raitagainat the r. , , ^. '^112 company and credit ... v., Hca Oovciuor l?i*, <;?oige < I|M,\ K u .!< . j" m it ? Aa rbi.% , by tbe member* aganiM i u|?rativebniidingaaaocii:t. , . , ... , makers aectioti No. 2, wh<r. . ., . 1 ' charge ti e latter nitli rectivn g - a'u*T diaj<*lngof it to tbeir own advantage, a.low'ile and represented u? be tree from a I meu?5 hrance* to re* under a heavy m..rt<J- T? foreclote which cuit ia pending," thu* -? md!.n? tbe plauitibe out ol a large huui contn buted A ROV *1 RUI.CF III* r ATM Kit. At r.45 tliip morning Fmnk H WaimnrtK 552* Vy >^r-*bot *"-? killed bit lather. mTi^I /Li alnorth, m tbe Sturtevant lloiiae. I he deceaatd wai- an author and l^.a.i.i?.i at th? Sturtevant Horn* He did not live with hiJ jam,iy and domestic trouble wJ ,be7a-,U .It the tragedv. loung Walworth, who liven at Saratoga..lirectly alter the abooting went ?I the police station and surrendered hun*eli . . _ n'lKHIALI. PTtLL HULD Judge Woodrulf, in thel nited states I?i?tr..?t <>int to day d. rfled tbe apj licttton lorn writ 01 ? tr K.rari in the caae ot (iiorirtg Ma. m.nal.t the Bank ol l.ngland lorger, and remanded' turn to the cu?to,l> of the I nited State* iTaV^hlf few daV. W'" ** "el,t 10 >>' ? THI MTKAMPRtr VII.LB DR t* A RtM rom Havre, while comiiiir ai< the lower h? ?-day ran intotl.e i.ark Curaramfroo, Curaram it the entrance ol Swash channel str,km* abaft he lorengging, cutting her to the waterl-edae U or ram af War 4aoRg ike Hfikra (kiaee. THIBTY TBot'KARD I.KKKN. EI LK* CAPT1VRR M Asp A. KBD. l.oMH.x. .lune :t?A < .upatcb from Shanghai pviug some particulars of the capture br the mperial Cbineae forces of the city of Talifto 'apital oi a Mahommedan state, in the province >1 tiuiinan. southwestern China, aava mm righilul scenes were witnessed in the con juered city u|K)ii tbe entry of the Km,?eror ? irrny. 1 he victorious force, tell u|ain their *SMml ma^M-re.1 thirtv thousand ot them I be Sultan |ioison. d himself, preternug dear h ifs eueniks. ** " the^werol A RbaaflBg AlWr la. Atlanta, Oa., ?lune 3.?Two nit*n iiAm^i rlemlnc, who had l*en drinking In came in rolTed ill a difticultv with two policemen <>n th? treets last night. The Flem.l.g.^^SdVjSrt i club, aiHlone ot tbe police .hot the eldeat brough tbe heart. The ither em-aped. ?f tlae Nadar War. ?i RRKKOKK or carr. jacb. J,'n *2,l4*y Wcrnoou a series of proloivrod elto and cheers aroused the camj. near At,id^ ;ate s House, Clear Lake. Cgl . near J be la ^a *da. Genu Darw ami Wheaton and other olb ?rs. and all the men rushed Irom U^ bo^L ind tents. Down the level plain north ot tha louae was a grand cavalcade of mounted honw" nen. The command was Perry's. He ha.1 re urned from a scout Ait twenty-three hours Three mile* above the m uth of'Willow ,r??i" i it 1<'S o clock on Sunday morning, the Warm \ >|Ting scouts struck tbe trail, and alter a brief ^ *?rch the Mod??s were discovered, arrounded tbe Indian retreat. Sudden?* a dodoc came Irom out the rocks with a white ,ag. He in11 a W arm Spring Indiaii, and said lack to surrender. Three miiu m* ent to meet .la.-k He came out caunoT*|? [lanced around a moment, and then, aa if rir i* up all bo|*s. came forward and held out bin lands to his visitors. Then two of hia war wn?. five a^iuawa. and seven children <???. orth and joined bim in the surrender The ommaiMl that made this famous sooot wa? the 'r>J caralrv. Col. I>. Perrv, compaaad af troon *n"' troop H, Mai. Trumbull The haul ol Thursday MM 34 Mo2^, 1. yjjnginen. women and childrea, 13 being ems 11 ^?>. 16 nflaa af virion* pet >onies. Iliuilnii I liaill | mi'itT"" ' *"iifT| a inious a lout the dispoaitaoa hem. The former murdered Dr. Tbamaa ana he latter mutilated Meacham. Boston' uJ> ichonchln look like drnprradow Bach carrtaa ila character in bis face. Boatoa la about? rears of age and Schonchin So. The baldart rarrior of the band Is Scarfaeed Charley. le^tVn ?'ha upon a rack la the center of aiitdeLani >ed a few yard* back from the ere* of the bluff tad aeamed aa ieaely aa hia aarroaadlaaa. Ha rat w rapped in a faded army blaaket. and hm Mad waa buried ia hia haada. Hia aiater Marv iBtte nighth?Vtote*"' 1 tay .Jack laiaaaae. He is Ire feet i Pacific railroad aad rated by the raited a hich is to coaae to trial in Hartfhrd ta JaiT rhe Mbp< -na order* Mr. Trma to attaLd ciL ynrtontheirat MondayefJaly, aadDa?at? "arshal Crawley waa directed fa anne it iV Mr. Tram The deputy marshal immedl2ST

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