Newspaper of Evening Star, June 3, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 3, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. T? EADAY Jnnf 3, 1*7*. LOCAL^NEWS < ondrnw<l Loral*. Win. C. M^te wc" known as the proprietor ?f the saloon on K ??"? et, between l.'th and l.?th street*, die*! to-day of consnrnption. The commission of Joseph Williams, as gar mAstyr. hv b?f n revoked by the governor, ai <| Robert Holmes appointed in'his stead. Twenty baixl* have been discharged from the boiler shop at the navy vard on account of the fat'.are of the appropriation for the support of the yard. In the championship game of base ball in Baltimore ve-terday. between the Washin; on club, of thi9 city, and the Baltimore club, the lat'er were victor.ons. .-core 12 to 3. l>etective S .rgent has In his pow?"ion a pawn ticket, which was found on Pennsylvania avenue, between Tth and :?th streets, which the cwiur can have by calling at )>olice head quarters. The tax collector took in on Saturday last 9Ur<50. many having paid up their arrearages in order to avail themselves of the two per eent. discount. One per cent, on a'l payments Of the last tax levy is allowed this month. Major Vandenburg. contractor has a large numt>er of men at work on Seventh street, be tween H street and Sew York avenue, in re stating that street to the proper gra<1e, so as to admit the opening of K street and Massachu aetts avenue. At a meeting of the Sons of Temperance at Tem|>eranee hall la.-t night, it was unanimously declared expedient and desirable to e-tablish a grand division for the District of Columbia at the earliest practicable date. Thearganization will be perfec e?l next week. At a meetidg of the Virginia republ.can asso ciation last night, the following officers were clceted for the en? six months: J. Weed Corev. president; J. W. Cromwell, ami A. T. Maupin. vice presidents; A. Davidson, record ing secretary; K W Moore, financial secretary; J. U. Hawlev, treasurer. .1. H. Thayer. .Iames K. Jenkins. I>. K. Fontaine, Philip A.Tracy and K. K. Tsylor. executive committee. Major J. F. Ma'le or the Sixth Auditors office sa'bd from New York on Sa.urdoy, in the steamer Italy ter Europe. He has been suffer ing for some time past from wounds received during the war and he visits Karope upon the advice of his pbys>cian to recover his health. A drunken row took place on the train due at the Baltimore and Potomacdepot at7.30o'clock last nigbt on the return of a party of colored excursionists f rom Bowie station. Pistols were discharged and razors drawn, but no one seri ously injured. Mr. Hambright the conductor in attempting to <iuell the disturbance, received several hard knock* about the head, and had to make his escj(>e from the car to escape further injury. ? Mmuo op the Ciikcoras Market Com mission.?A meeting of the Corcoran market cemmi-eion w?? held yesterday to confer w.t?i the Governor in relation to the market binds. Governor t oo e staled tl-.t, in view of the low sta*e of the r < ?y mark i and the late articles in the New Yo k p iper? protesting against the so-called lav h extravagance of the District government, be thought it would be better for them to wait awhile before tbey disposed of their bonds. They woo'd sell a'l the better, and he did not favor crowding the bonds on a weak market. When jiossible. he thought it was best for the District to negot>ate their own bonds. He d>d not favor pushing the work on the market house ahead at present, as they mould tinallv have to suiter a great discount. Mr. Campbell said that some of the letting bntchtr* in that vicinity desired the privilege of purchasing their stalls. By so doing the budding could be fully paid tor in live years. General discus-ion ensued, on this question, aid the Governor stated that if the paw would p? rmit. the butchers might buv the bonds. Vig orous work on the roarket-hou-e depended on the price obtained Tor the bonds. It' theycou'd be certain of obtaining a fixed price tor them they could go on with the work wit*i impunity. T'-e <iu?stion depend' i entirely on the negotia tion of the bond A resolution, offered bv Mr. S. R Bond, was adopted, '-that the contractor for building the P--trter wing of the Northern Mark ;t be paid iti t oi ?!-. If he will accept th?? same, as the p iv nieii s become due nnder hi- contract, at the rate of nm i-tv-seven cents on the dollar, unless the Governor can sell the same at a h'gher rate be'ore the -aid payments become due.*' Mr Lemuel Bur-lev offered a resolution ''that it is the opinion <>f this commiss - ?t the 7th strtef front of the market building, on s juare 44*. should l>e at once put under contract; and that to provide for payment for the same the Legislature l>e re-|>eetfully requested to au thorize an additional issne of market bonds to tbe a*nount oi' ?KXI.dlO." Mr. Campbell moved an amendment "that the Legislature be resnectf-lly requested, by jo nt resolution or otherwi-e. to anthorize tb^ commission to retire the market bonds wifn the revenues derived from the sale of stalls as. jon as the funds are realized from such sales." The amendment was agreed to, and the reso lution was adopted. Rev. .lames A. Handy having tendered his resignation as a member of the cornrais-ion, Mr. Charles ,1. Brewer was apj liuted iu h.s ?tead. The Governor was authorized to pay the contractor, Mr. C. R. Hewitt, the Ulan? due him. Real INtatk Sales?Messrs. I.nttreil .Jt Donn'ngton, auctioneer*, sold for Wiu. F. llolt/man. tri?tee. on Saturday evt-n'ng. we-t half of lot numbered -*?. in -?juarc .?>>!. totier niond Crandell. for S2.K75; al-o. lots l?: and 1>, s?, uare sj, tor #515?<?:is Bigelow pu*chaser. Tfc<>s. K Waggaman. real estate broker an 1 auctioneer, ha- ?dd lot No. 1. in square 1,0?13, to Thos. Wilson, for 4 e-nts per foot. Messrs. Green Jfc Williams have sold for Lewis 4. Davis and others, executors of the estate of L. Johnson. the house and lot No. ls? Pennsyl vania avenue northwest, being the eastern part of lot Ain ><tuare I'M. with a front at' U feet 4 incheson Pennsylvania avenue, with a depth of 120 feet s , inches, improved bv a three story brick house, to N. Kauffman. for *14.000, Also, yesterday afternoon, for John F. Funis, lot No. 1*. square 455, improved by a three story ami attic dwelling-house, fronting on fi street. between and Tth northwest, 24 feet, with a depth of 121 feet, more or less, to C. A. Beavans 'or Also, a vacant lot adjoin ing. having a front of 24 feet 3 Inches, with a depth of 121 feet, more or less, containing about i.KU feet, to C. A. Beavans. at *1.36 per foot, amounting to alsxit -l.ono. Duncanson. Dowling A Co.. sold, yesterday, lor Athony Hyde and James W.Corcoran, trus tees. part of lot .V in square 5 1 s, improved by a tbre? --???ry brick house, on "tli street, between <? and H -treets, for |s>,2un to Mrs. Mutha Ann Fitzhngii. ? Srm-EN Deaths.?Last evening about * o'clock a man named George Matbiot, for a lorg time employed In the Coast Survey office, fell dead near the northeast corner of the Cap it?d. The body was removed to the seventh precinct station-house, ami Coroner Patterson called in.who after viewing the remaius and in ?iniring into the circumstances decided the eause of death to be apoplexy, and that an ip. ?iuest was unnecessary. The Uody was then turned over to Mr. Anthony Buchly, under, taker, to prepare for interment. I>ecea?ed wss chemist in the United States Coast Survey office. He resided with his family at Hyattsville. Maryland. \ ester.lav a wjun named Fngle, who live<l on 1st, between Mad Ostreets southwest, died Middenly, ami the Coroner, after an autopsy bad been performed by Dr. Hartigan. decide,! that the cause of death was ai*?|de?y. and there fore held no imiuest. ? Wore or the Cbsteal Dispewsahv.?At the second annual meeting ?t the central dis pensary. held vesterday afternoon at the dis rnsarv. corner of loth and K streets northwest, I Carroll Brent |?residing. reports were pre sented show ing that the total number of receipts compounded during the year was 1,V?; total number of patients treated during the year, W-'; total number of patients 'reared last year, All; increase. 151; total cured, 441; improved, ??. still under treatment, .-SJ; sent to hospital, failed to report, 2*. died. 5; vaccinated. 51 The treasurer's rej-ort shews ?Appropriations from territorial government, a.**>: donations, tMJI; balance from last year, IMW.?2. total, ?.TCSl. Pavssents?M'-dicines, ?3?(|.2:; house ea|?nses. including fuel, printing, repairs to shelves, Ac-, ?i? 2?>; balance on hand, f 12:5.40. The Police to Aid the Health Orrit ek*. In MSSKjiience of a complaint a<blres<ed to Major Richards, superintendent or police, by I?r. Bliss, acting health officer, to the effect that in several instances members of the police force have advised the friends of persons afflicted with ?m 111-pox, living In teneaaeut houses, that tbe Board of Health have no authority to re move those afflicted to the small-pox hospital, thus seriously obstructing the health officer m bis official duties, an order has been issued to the police directing them la the future, to rentier all necessary assistance to the officials of tbe board of health. Tn Capitol Pa ax aid Chixok or GaanE.?Tbe Board of Public Work* has be m to cat down 1st street east, opposite the public grounds, east of the Capitol, and will work to tbe grades established bv law before the Board was organized. These grades will re quire the highest poitionnf the Kast Capitd Park to be cut down seven or ' eight feet, to drain the fro a mis from the Capitol building, in stead of towards it. as now. Mr. Fred. Law Otmstead has indicated his acceptance of the position tendered him. and is ready, as soon as arrange me nts are completed here, to examine tbe Capitol grounds and give his advioe as to their improvement. The Bo it Ra? e t?*tween the Cheaapeakes, of Norfolk, Va-, and Analoatans, of ttols city, will 1? BE HAICIED 031 FRIDAY. EiecattM of Wrifht. What Ike PriMwer hM toftay. On Friday next about noon, Thomas 1). Wrlgnt, who was convicted in April of the murder of the peddler Roger ?ki, will suffer the extreme penalty of the law by hanging in the jail rani, unless executive clemency is interposed. The jail Jard is email ami as at former execution* there as been a great ru?h for admission and the halls and doorways have been blocked up *o as to impede the movement* or the officers of the law; on this occasion, by request of the de partment of justice, there will be but few per sons admitted. URHJHT ADMITS THAT HI KILLED ROOERSKt. Wright when he first was committed to prison acknowledged to a certain pcrsou that he had killed the peddler, and he alone, but subse quently he accused Ilemby, who lived in the same bouse. Within a few days past he has tacitly acknowledged the crime by saying: "I don't think that it is fair to send a man to the penitentiary when he killed four men,and hang me when I didn't kill anybody but the Dutch peddler." A few days since some gentlemen were ad mitted to the jail yard to see the gallows, and the trap was sprung to show how it workcJ. Wright hearing this noise came to the window, and seeing the party said, '? Thev have built that for Tom Wright, but I am d?dif they a ill hang me on it." WRIGHT'S THREATS. Yesterday afternoon, in consequence of cer tain threats made by the prisoner that he would not be hung, and would givetbem trouble, Ac., ho was brought out of Ins cell and stripped of his clothing to be certain that be had nothing secreted therein, and a new suit of cloihing having been brought to him he put on pants, shirt, and shoes, but refused to put on a coat; ? I'd hi* leg irons were changed tD others, to which he is attached by chain and handcuffs, in Hhich he will be kept until the morning of the execution. In consequence of his violent behavior he is debarred from receiving the vi?it* of anv others than his spirital advisers. HOW HI RKCAMB A CATHOLIC. Something has been said recently in relation to liis r spousal of the Catholic faith, alter min j istcrs of other denominations had been visiting | him. and it has been hinted that the priests forced themselves upon him. That, however, | is not the rase. Some time ago he was con fined with a prisoner of the Catholic faith who was visited by Rev. Father Roccofort. i I>uring his visits Wright became acquainted with the beliefs and doctrines of that church. After praying several weeks and receiving the instruction of the colored ministers, he said he cou'd not feel prepared to meet his Gad, ax he could not forgive Bembry. He then concluded to try the Catholic church, and taking the counsel of one of the guards he sent for Father Wigettovera week ago. and that minister has been visiting him almost daily since. This morning Wright seemed perfectly resigned to his fate. THE SCAFFOLD is the same on which .Jenkins, for the murder of his wife; Woods, for the murder of Cheese man, and Johnson, for the murder of his wile, were executed last fall and winter. It is a substantial structure 12 feet square. The platform is 10 feet from the ground, sup portent by 6 bv 4 timbers at the corners, extending 4 feet above the floor of the platform?a rail.n? at that height extending around it. In the center of this platform is (he trap, 5 by ?; f^et. flush with the floor. On the east s'de a piecc of plank ?; inches long and 3 inches wide extends an inch above the ffoor. This piece rests on the end of an iron rod attached to the curved iron, the ends of which supiKtrt the trap, and a foot 1 > i?itf placed on it. the trap i9 sprung. A flight of 12 wide steps ison the west side of the struc ture, near the southwest corner, and in the cen ter of the north and south sides two upright tiiubersextend to a height of 20 feet, supporting the cress beam off by s timber, from the center of which the fatal "noose hangs. The whole stru< ture is painted lead color. The prisoner being much heavier than his predecessors every precaution has been taken to have everything strong enough to prevent any accident, and under the beam two heavy braces have been placed, and a new rope of the be*t quality and larger than usual ha> been stretclo-d. noosed and soared, ready for the work of the law. Pnblle School Kxamiualiuus. THK WHITE SCHOOLS. The annual examinations of the public schools of the I 'istrict ot Columbia were commenced >est< rdav with the written examinations in the ii termediate and grammar grades by the sii'j boards of the four school districts. The printed qu< -tions were handed the pupils at !? o'clock a. m.. and they were given until 1 o'clock to re turn written answers enclosed in envelopes. The committee will make a report al ter a care ful examination. The oral examination of primary No. 1. fourth district, Miss M. K. Garrett teacher, was com menced at 3 o'clock. Heading, spelling, arith metic, grammar ami penmanship were the studies under examination. It was shown that good progress has been made bv the pupils under the careful training of the teacher. During the year twenty-six transfers to higher grades have beer made, and twenty-five more arc to be pro mob d after the next vacation. Awards of honors were made as followsMaster Myer Cohen, medal for de]>ortmeiit ami scholarship; Masters James Speight. Simon Brien, Charles Keis, Hfnry Jones an<l Win. Leishear, diplomas for deportment; Masters ftavmond Donaldson, Henry Gibson, John Crowley, Frank Ka^au, Albert Kahlert and George Trueshine, diplomas tor "cbolarship; John Fry, diploma for penman ship; Herbert Fitzhugh, diploma for music. Tl is school will be dismissed for the present on arceuut of the illness of the teacher. THI COLORED SCHOOLS. The examinations commenced yesterdav in the colond public schools located in various partsol the District. In the Anthony Bowen school building cor ner of E and nth street# southwest Primary No. *. Miss Mary Ward, teacher, was examiued bv Mi .? Martha B. Briggs. principal of Anthony Bo?en building. Number of pupils enrolled, 35, present. 31; allot' whom presented a neat ap pearance. The vtry rigid examination occu pied three hours. Ella Butler, Nancy Jackson, C larissa A. Cor bin,and Abraham Heed received special mention tor diligence iu study and e emplarv conduct. Primary No. 4, located in the same building, was examined by the same principal, com mencing at 122)0 o'clock p. m.. and closed at 4 o'clock. Number of pupils enrolled, 51; num ber |?resent. 4*. The pupils were examined in reading, spelling familiar words from the chart, arithmetic, counting, adding bvones, twos, and so on to one hundred. Arabic figures. See. The school presented a bright ami orderly appear ance. Minnie Lawrence. Annie Ryder, Mary Grasty, Mary Hill and James Edwards rece.ved honorable mention for iudustry and good con duct, and for regularity of attendance, Eliza beth White, who was neither absent nor tardv during the entire vear. Both school-rooms were tastefully decorated with tiowera. Mr. Rider congratulated the school upen the satisfactory progress made and enjoined upon the pupils the necessity of spending their vacation in a profit able manner. Primary No. II. located in the Stevens build ing. Miss Mattie Lawrence, teacher, was exam ined by Miss Mary Jane Patterson, principal or that building; number of pupils, ?3. The ex amination was in the studies of the fifth primary #r??le? alphabet, reading and spelling from the chart; arithmetic, counting and adding by ones to Iflo, and twos and threes to60, Arabic ligures to 100. The gymnastic exercises iu this school were very good. The teacher was highly praised for the excellence or training. She i* herself a pupil of the principal, Miss Patter son. Mr. Henry Johnson, president, and .Mr v> m. P. Ryder, vice-president of the Board of Trustees, were present during the examination and expressed themselves highly gratified with the progress made by the little ones. The pu pils deserving of especial mention were Samuel Emmons, \\m. Green, Wm. Price, John Gi ir ,?teWarV *y Lov'n?' Oliver Ebiro and ? m. < .eary. 1 ime occupied in the exami nation, tnrce hours. Primary No. io, Amelia W. Ringgold, was W.1?! n building, f Sere were 52 ot the 5?> pupils present, and they were exam ined In reading and spelling from charts and first reader. Arithmetic, counting and adding I torn threes, tours and fives to 100; subtracting with numbers of three figures to 999; Roman numbers under L. The pupils deserving or special mention for feneral excelTence**^ Ellen Fisher, Elisabeth Alexander, Laura Car at?- ? The 8 J!cb001' nnder Mn- 8- P. Vashon i*** Vj "it? by Superintendent Cook in read ing and spelling, la which they acquitted them* tto*?o?di^u?vJt?iJln M far as tne more difficult comsaon fractions. Thev also SSsSfS!&^ ssktss&'suzs ssa.,r?i?c5!is; tees Johnson, Marshall and Archis Lewis ^fl dressed the children, and congratulated tea. her and pupils on the advancement?^! in their several stadias. W^Ann^nfiaTAwlBm'ijJ **? ^**1' pUs-nl time may be Third Lefftftlatlve AmiMy. COUNCIL.?The C until ni? opened >c?tci,U>~ afternoon by prayer. House concurrent retention calling npon the B ard of Public Work* to furnish the Legislative Assembly a statement of the character and locality of improvements far which appropriations are a<k?d to t>e made, wat read and agreed to. House bill to regulate the business of #*?nbrok ers, junk dealer*, at.I dealer* in second-naud arti dee iu the District of Columbia, was read a first time. H<use bill to present the careless dm of fire-amn, ill referred. Mr. Browne printed a petition iiened by thir teen hnndred citizen*. s*kiug the passage of a law tosuppress thervil <?f intemperance in the District of Colnml-ia, which waa referred to the committee ? ?!> p? lice. Mr. Browne, from the joint committee on po'lee, submitted a report of the condition of the station hoiisea in the District, in which it ia recommend<d to tell the Central guard-house and I at of ground oa wliich it ia situated; also, the station-house property of the sixth precinctbtati<*n,at the intersection of 9th -treet and Massachusetts avenuo, and te purchase lots, one at ISli and D street*, and and another in the vicinity of 12th street and Rhode Island avenue, and erecting suitable building* thereon for station hcuses: read, and ordered to be printed in the journal. Mr. Brook* introdncad a bill far the sirrroKT or the colored school* in the cities of Washington and Georgetown, and to pay the outatanding indebtedness of the board "f trustee* of the ->ame for the fiscal year commencing June 90th, Ki The bill provide* that the following ?ums are hereby appropriated out of the proportion al an ount due, or that ma) l>ecome due itie ir-nn-K of said schools by the citie* of Washington and Georgetown under the act of Congress approved Jul) 2H 1858* * Two principals at 91,000 each 92.000 00 ? We principals at *800 each 7.200 00 ?fifty nine teachers at $6.M)tach 3S.SA0 00 Ten teacher* at *660 each .'iJoo 00 Seven assistant teachers at $400 each 2,so 1 00 ('our special teacher* at $*J0 each, (two music teachera, one drawing, one pen manship). 3,200 00 Snperinttndent-.. ?... 1,200 ?? Secretary and clerk to superintendent 500 ou Care of school-rooms, pay of janitors, niglit work. Ac?.? 7,00 00 Rent of (cb'HHil-roonii- I.uv to Stove fixtures and fuel. s.uuo IKi Book*, stationery ami furni hing goods 4,oo.j 00 Carpenter*' work, plastering, wliitewasli ing and general repair* 2Ju 00 Permanent improvements^ including*, hool furniture and neceseary water closet ac commodations)..-... 2,f<i0 00 Insurance of school property, printing blanks and annual report, stationery, m? dais and diploma# 6,000 00 Total $91.49* mi Providfd. That all, or so much aa may be ne< e? sary, of moiieya now due or that may become due ?aid trustee* under the act of Congress approved Jul* 23, ls6>i. in addition to the amount* herein ap pn priated fer specific purpose*, shall be Used exclu sively for the payment of all outstanding indebted ness of said board of trustee*, and for that purpose a sufficient sum i* hereby appropriated: Ami pro*ultd /er/Aer. That no m?>ney appropriated by this act for any specific -hall l>e drawn out for any other purpose whatever: And provtdtd Jnrtk>r. That tne jule* pursuant to law governing the disbursements of public funds appropriated for the support of the public school* of Washington and Georgetown by the controller and other officer* shall apply in the same manner to the public school* for colored chil dren ?.f said cities. H.-ad and laid over. t>:sTRU T OFFICER*. Mr. Thompson introduced a bill a?f ndatorv >>f the set prescribing the duties of certain officer* for the District of Ci lumbia and fixing theircompensatlon. Th? bill pro* ices that tli - act entitled an act pro viding aa*aid, be. and is hereby, at ended by inserting therein the following as the thirty-sec >nd, thirty -third, and thirty-fourth section in lieu of the sections bearing thvee numb, is 111 the act of which th's act i* amendatory, viz : ?see. 52. That there shall be appointed a superin tendent of assessments and faxes who shall tim e chart-' of all assessments in the District of Colum bia. and receive and collate all return* of the same made to him b> the assessor* of the*'-veral district*. Upon the completion of each aseasment,and th revision thereof of the board of appeal-, he *h?ll prepare in duplicate an accurate list of|ih?Ba:ne, giving al| hal.etically the name* of al' pertoasas ased, with a description of the property a->*-ss *l again?t them respective!* , one o| wlibn S.tid lists shall, in book form be retaine 1 in hi* office and the other transmitted to the coheetor of tnv?; and the -uperiiitendent shall, in addition, preparjin bo. k form and re'ain ill his office a li-t giving in numerical order the niimlwr of the *.|iiar ?, subliv is i. ns and lots a**c-sed in the cities of W ashing: >11 and Georgetown, with the name of the oun-r thereof; h? shall al-o kei p a book in vilm htft ic corder of deed- and register of will* shall each d ty enter in a manner sufficiently distinct to enable the change* to l.e noted ,>n the tax boook andas4. ?sin 'lit li-ts all tran?f< r* of real e-tafs in the District of Colombia, with a description of ihe m. tesanjb Mind* ? f the property ?o transferred: and the *aid sup-riii tciidsnt snail enter *'ich tranfer* as may b? thus re corded upon the assessment l>ook-in hi*eflice and in the office of the collector of taxes. The superin tendent of assessment* and taxes shall receive an nually a compensation of dollar*, and give bond 10 lie approved by the governor in ihe *11111 .f ten thousand dollar*, Conditional for the faithful performance of hi* dutie*. S?c 33. That there shall be appointed for each Council district an assessor of taxes, who ?hall be a resident of the district for which he is appointed; and it shall be the duty of the said assessors, under the direction of the superintendent of assessment* and taxes, to asses* quadrennially, within their re spective districts, all property now or hereafter made taxable, the assessment for the fl-c*l year of ItCS 74, already made,to be .|eeino<i the first of -aid as-es?m> nts, and to remain ami continue four years, subject to tne annual emendation* and correction* h< rein authorized respecting this aud all other quadrennial a-*? s?nenls, namely That in each an 1 evtry intermediate year, between the quadrennial a?*e?sments, it sbsll lie the duty of the assessor* to inform them*e|ve* of all taxable property which ina> have escaped asuss'iiient and valuation at any pre ion* assessment*, and also of the increase i i valuation of any property which *hall have en hanced in value by rea*on of additions thereto or improvements thereof, all of which fl.all I* complete before the first day <>f Jannarv in the resp-ctive fiscal years for which they are made, and within ten days thereafter returns tHereof, al phabet!'ally arranged a- r< gards ths names of pr pert) owners, shall le-made to tli p. riuteMd?!it. f assessment* and taxes for collection and registra tion The compen*ation of each as--es*or *hall l.e five dollars for each and every day he shall have been actually employed iu the discharge of his du ties: Proi idid. That for the quadf'uulal aaass-iii-ut he shall not be allowed compensation f.-r a p--riod exceeding ninet) da> s, aud f>r the intermediate an nual assessment* and emendation- he -hall n'?t b ? allowed compensation for a period exceeding f>rty day*. Sec. Hi. That there shall be appointed a board of appeal*, to consist <>f eleven citizen*, one front each Council district, who shall be familiar with the value of pp.pert) . and have beeu residents of the District of Columbia for ten years prior to their ap pointment, of which board the-uperiutendent of as sessment* and taxes shall act as clerk. The board -hall hold its meetings on the second Monday iu March of each and every year, ami shall continue in session ninety consecutive days in years when a quodrennial assessment is made, and thi. ty Cou*ecu tive dajs in other >ears, te hear and determine any and all appeals that may be made from the valua tions of the assessors of taxes. The board may make such changes in the returns of the said a*se*sors a* to a majority may seem ;n*t aud proper, and irs ac tion-hall be complete and final: and after the ses-ment*nhall have beeu thu* received, and the books made up and corrected, it shall be ami*d? meanor for any person or persons to alter or change the?ame.and any per*on so offending shall, on convi -tion thereof before a court?fcompeteut jiirl* diction, be snbject for each and everv offence to a fine of not les* than fiftv <1 .liar* nor more than five hundred dollar*, and iaiprisonmeut in tail for a term not le?* than six months uor more than twelve m.n'hs The member* of the hoard of appeal* shall not receive any compemation: Frovu'td, That all acts or part* of act* relating to assessors and asse** tnents anJ the board of appeals, inconsistent with ths prov i-ion* of this amen-latory Jact, l>e, and the *anie are hereby, repealed; read aud laid over. Mr. Gulick move,) that the president fill the vacan cies on the -everal coinmitties occasioned bv the re ?ignaiion of Mr. Smith; agreed to. Mr. Thoiup*' n moved that Mr. Bnkcr b? neb cteil to act a* a member <>f the market commissi >n to nil the vacancy can** d by the death of Col. D. L Eaton; adopted. Mr. Golden,from the committee on Waahingfon, Georgetown, and county affair*, reported back House bill No 11, to change the name of lit ry Farm, with an anieridinent *ubstitiiti>ig tlie nave of Hillsdale for that of Hrltat?.rn. Afterdet ? -u-w n agreed to and the bill pa**<o. THETKOie-Eii IflW #4^)00400IMPlov IMEfIT LOAS. HOl'SK OF DELEGATES.?Mr. Murray moved to reconsider the vote by which the bill providing for an additional four Million loan waa referred to the committee on laws and judiciary, Mr. Carroll inquired the object of the motion. Mr Mm ray replied that he intended to follow up the mction by ** ' . to lay It on the table. Tt?e people v . . ? ppoeed to the bill, and mmy fir pert)-holder* had accosted him in relation to it. n hia opinion the very introduction of the bill will damage the credit of tne Diatrict government. The motion to reconsider was agieed to. Mr. McEnight moved to refer the bill to the com mittee on ways ana means, and said that he wai sur prised that an attempt should be made to kill tlie bill by taking it oat ofthe hand* of a committee He haa introduced the billlngo?d faith, and it was a just and fair measure, which would not increase the debt of the District. He believed that the people generally would favor it,especially after it was fully understood. Mr. Campbell said that the bill was a step in the right direction, and with a provision, aa there must be,that it be approved by Congress, and ths bonds indorsed by the government, as they should be, the work of improvements now half completed could be finished. He waa not disposed to treat a bill of this nature so summarily. Improvements should go ou; the people wanted them, and the only question wre Id what extent we could so legally. The commis sioner* of the siuking fund had not sent in their re port,rltbough It waa their duty to do so at the be Snning of ths session. When that rams Is, the onse would know better how the finaacee of the District stood. He held that it was the duty of Con gress to complete the improvements, aad if the United States could be induced, by indorsing those bonds, to thus ackitowledc* the obligation, it would be t? the interest of the District. ?r. Dyer opposed the reference of tbe bill, as it would indicate that tbe House favored it. In his opinion it would impair the credit of the District; but at any rate ae harm would result if it waa laid over a few days at least. Mr. Marray disclaimed aay personal discourtesy to the gentleman who iutroduoed the Mil,aad moved to Ivy the biil on the ta*>le. Tb* motion was wgreed to?Tea* Messrs Browne, Chase, Ccx, Hnlee, fc nr. Marrar, Shepherd. Sn.oof, I'reil, Venuilli?i?i and Wall?IS. t*ya? M "*rs. Berry. Brewe-.Carr-dt, Claggett, Herbert, MrEnighi.Taiiaf^ro, Trimb'e and tbe Speaker?9 Several members esphUmd their votes, am..ex them Mr. Sin >ot, who said that while he favored im prov enien'* as much aa any member, be waa -d to such a bill aa this, tbe effect of wUicb would be to Impair tbe credit of the District. Mr. Clagett roted4,Bo" out of courtesy to the deie gate w ho introduced the bill, ami ax pressed the hope - iliat it would mo to the committee on ways aud meaas, where it wouU be sffoctuaUy killed. thi caisAriAJii asn ohio caxaL. Mr Dyer offered tba fallowing coucurreut resolu M to tbf wthi^ril; and whereas Mid *lft1 eonattUf. i|i their published plan for investigating and consid ering th? subject referred to them, have designated tint, the St. Lawrewe route; second. Ike Krie canal rente; thirt.thf Ju-m River and Kanawha . .im! roate; fourth, the pr<p.?ed Georgia canal r ?*te ?[id fifth, tb* M's^issippi river route?overl.wkini: or V**?1 * 'J|* Chesapeake and Ohio canal route, which owe* its betfnnng to our ureal WMhingt-.n. which was fostered and encouraged by municipal subscription of the cities of Washington and <i??rgs town, aided by Congressional action, and completed * 'I1? ?*"" Maryland, and which, when said canal is extended to the Ohio river, will prove th> best. cheapest. and most direct artificial waterway t>>c< liiie< t theeeab ard with the vailef of the Mis sissippi, thus opening np an oatlet of imruedi ?te ne cessity to the west, and providing for a commerce of national importance; and whereas the select com mute* referred to is lev in session in this city, and ready to hear and attend to whatever matters ma\ be piesented apon this subject: Therefore, be it ?f.?o/rr?f,(the Council concurring.) That a joint specialI committee of three tromeach fwu-e be ap F'tntod to confer with the Governor, the B >ard . f oMtc Wnrk?. th" B'>ard <'f Trade, and with citi zens of the District, and after snch conference to If. ?I"m,,d,?te steps to bring to the notice of the Meet Committee on Trsi sportation Bootes to the Seaboard the great merit and importance of the ex tension of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal to the Ohio river, to the end that snch extension may be embraced in the report of said select committee, and thereby invite the attention, n<>t only of Congress, but of the whole country, to this great national enterprise. Mr. Dyer submitted a letter from L. Deane giving along statement offsets and statistics in relation to the enterprise. The resolution was adopted,and, with the letter, ordered to be printed. MtSCBLLAXXOt'S BtSISESs. introduced bill to saualire taxation, and for the relief of property -owner* on Penney I* ? aia * venae?(refunding two-thirds of the taxes fir the improvement of that avenue;) referred Mr. Clagett introduced bill appropriating $1,001 for tIts construction of Lyle's patent tire-ladder and ei capes; referred. Mr. Herbert introduced bill set ting apart that portion of the city of Washiustoi between L street south and Maryland a veil u? ?nd east of I2tli street east, a* a common on wh'ch cattle may gra/.e in charge of a keeper, referred. \l?o, a petitioni for an allay in -inure S3); referr-d. Al??, bill a uthorizing the Metropolitan railroad coaipanj to extend it- line from ita present terminus on Ka-t Capitol street to luh east,and along nrh street to the Anaco>tia bridge, suliect to the approval of Congress; referred. Mr. Urell introduced bill to explain the actsiaking appropriation to nay the interest on the late c ,r porations of W ashirgton and Georgetown; referred. Mr. Berry 'submitted a resolution - ailing on the Board or Public Work* for a detailed statement of the expenditures of the *2jn,u0rl appropriated for improvement* in the third district under act of June 20. 1*71; adopted. >1 r. Taliafere, from the committee on police, re ported joint resolution authorizing the committees on police of the two houses to visit Baltimore, PbiltKlH;lna, Ntw York, mitl l?'>ston for th** piir pose of examining into the police systems of tliaie cubs; adoptrd. The Spt aker laid before the H ^uso a communica tion from the Governor transmitting it report of General Babcnck in relation to

THK TH1MT\ -SIX IJH It WATKR-MAIS; ordered to l<e printed in the Journal. Gen Babcock, in his report, give? a full history of thewotk as well ss a description of fie sune as heretofore fuhlighed iu Tiik Star, and Concludes as f< I'oas The total amount appropriate by the LegMatnre and plated to my credit in the K>r?t National bank I* ftJ0,(MI. The expenditures to date are as follows: Jesfe VV Starr i* Son*, for .16 inch i>ipe<iaud ?peci?l castings, fJ67.l9U.34; Jesse W. Starr A Sons, for SO anil JJ-ii. 'h pip. * ami special casting*, $62,ft47.U3; Theodore T Woodruff, for "top-cocks, ?10,M4 w; Knimart. Dunbar A Co.. for laying 36 inch mains. .032 2I?; 0"llare,IIirot>er A Co., for Iaviug3t; inch mains. ?32,576 65; Robert Strong A Co., for laying 3U and 3u inch mains, 35. engineering ami *n perintendance, $15,ii61 01; advertising, ?1,841 43; miscellaneous, at. tiniance 111 First National bank, S63S.27;total, The following named contractors have presented accounts tor extra wo-k aDd materials turu:*h< I Messrs Emmart, Dunbar A < ?>., Stio,24"..52 Meaar*. Emaiai t .% Smith. ?1j063.95; M"-srs. l; >beri Strong A Co., f23.fti?13; Mr. R. O Campbell, Messr*. Jesse \\ . Starr A Sons, #90)04.05; total, ?'J9,W4."8. Th* M'accounts 1> caref illy in j vestigateil. and the result* of investigation, to 1 get her wjth lopies of the accouuts, are h-ieuiih sulniitted. The followipg abstract shows the am tint that sh< uld be appropriated by the District b?gi?lature for their pa\nietit:?Emmait, Dunbar .V Co , .?1S. '.<>7 17; Knimart ,v 8;nith, 1 6ci.t 3r,, R. O Campbell, *lj<i7 {*?: Jesse W Starr \ S 'ii^. 4".; total. .?31.423 44. Ip the investigation of the ace .nut of R .b't 1 A Co. it w ill be Keen that the sum of ,^4.'<J 07 i f und tole due, ami ir w ill also be seen that ih y li-l not complete their work within the tiui" speciti iu ? their contract, and that by the terms ,.f their .1.n traci a t nitlt) lia" a. <- nal to the District of Colum bia, in a li*eijii.-in ?? f ih~ir delay, am Uliting to 532-7"2. Sli uld tl.e |o.i|j.-t governiuent deem it profer to omit th"- p?t it >?, 1 h ai tot he al.ov e am-?unt of #31.42147 should I.-.lied tie--11:11 of ?4 1o2 'J7, making the total deficiency .4.J5I. Addt tln tlieani u it appropi fated b> the Legislature,A46<Uk?), and deduct in the hrst national batik."* . rj 2.', and the total co?t of the District of C liim'>ia"t lnrt? -ix. thirty, and twenty-inch mains will l? ? 5 4>i,i(.'ii.27. The estimate mwde by the i??-i?tHnt engineer ot the W a>liing*on aijiieduct. J one,1871. wa? for fiirni.h'ng and lajing a cast irou main fromth- dutrilxiting n?er\oir to Capi'ol ill. udi-tanceof 2.-?,053 fe*t, and amornted to $4^5.42.'i. Under the xct of the District of Columbia Legisla ture there have been laid of Sti-iiicli main*22^Kfeet; of 30-inch mains, 1.S75 feet; and off 2u inch mains 4.150 feet; making a total of2?,u61 feet I11 th? a?aist ant engineer's eatimate the probable < n?t of the pipe is estimated at 3 cents, and special ca-tingx 1 cens a pwird. TI.e actual cost is, for the Cl inch mainS cents, and for the s(s-cial castings 5 cent* a ponnd ? for the 3l'-iiicli main 3 cents* ami for <p?- ial castings 4'? Cents a pound; for the 20-inch main 2\ cents, and tor spe. i tl castings 41i cents a pound. The excava tion and baik tilling nas been increased in conse ?inence of tile D?cessity of conforuiing the gra !e* of the pipe line to the grade* of the street* a*e?tabli*hed b\ th? Board ot Public Work* The excavation has also beet, increased where sewers ha*e b< eti eucoun 'en-d, it being neceessary, generally, to l?v the pipe under instead of o\er Ihetii. At Foondry branch'h > cost of the work was increased in ord r to haaten the completion <! \ at that point, *0 asto iUrn the water in ? e ?? i'ie^by means of tic* G**o-g? towr division lii\iew of the above, I *niofth~ opinion that the amount of the deficiency. i)3g,M.~. 54. should nut lie considered as unreasonable'or uuex tscted in a work of this magnitude. The assistaut engineer* employed upon were Me?<rs. James0. Aldricb. Heury t. :bert and Thomas H L<K>mi*, of New York city. The nup-c tors wrn. M. e*rs. Alexander I Russell, ?f pi,,ia. delphia,?nd Tho*. Th>, H. A. Dtip tv, C ias. W. Cuutiingham and Mlas Browning, of Washing toti.DC/. The*** g*titl'/niou p6iform*d the (lutics pertaining to their respective p -ili ns in an Htle and efficient manner, to which fact mu?t b* attribu ted the rresent perfect condition of the entire line. Mr. R. Dunning, ibe clerk for the Washington aqueduct, performed the clerical labor in an iinttring and faithful maimer. Iu preparing estimates and plans and executing this entire work I ?>. moat ably ami cheerfully supported at all time* by th? a**istanr engineer i fth Washiogton aitu -duci, Mr. Theodore B Sane. Also, a communication from the major lD)j rap.r. intendeiit of police, iu answer to a resoluti u ..f iho House in relation to trespasae* on ihe park*, re ferred. Also.communication fiom the t^introiler submitting aalditional estimates of fxpemlituie* r, ' f? rred. Mr Wall, from the committee ou laws and judivia ry, report*d bill repealing the la* clo-;ag harl?-r ships on Sunday: laid over. THE NORTHERN WARKET. Also, communication from the conmi -aioner- of the Moithern market, recmum*nding thattiie 7i|t street wiiigot the market be at once put under cou tr"ftV ,h5l ???*?? >rity to issue a huu tied th .its atd dollars of market bouds b*- given; reterr>-d. On motion of Mr. Brown, the Council amendment to the b-H fixing the name of the village known as Barry s Farm as Hillsboro , was concurre*! iu Tue Council amendment makes tlio name Hillsdale. Council amendments to the coornrr. nt remdntion appointing a committee to seieci a suitable building Police Court *as concurred in. The bill to reimburse Hunt A Williams for losses rastain'd in t he construction of the J* ff. r*on School bnildiug. and appropriating ftUMWOfortbe purp.?e. wasconsideied 111 committee of the whole, but with out coming to any conclusion the committee ro? and sundry papers referring to the claim were or dered to be printed in Ihejournal. Adjourued. Thk SrrrLKMKKTAL (WOO,000) Loan Hill 'fpinv.n of Mr. Cook. tk< Attorney for the Oittrict at to ifi Lfpality.-Mr. Wm. A. Cook, attorney tor the District, tu hU letter to Mr. Matthew Trimble relative to the legality of the supple mental loan bill, (referred to in Mr. Trimble'* sjieech on the $300,000 bill, S3 reported in tho pro ceedings of the House of UeleffRte# ? ftw Jays ?ince, wid published in The 8tak.) says he is of the opinion that the Legislative Assembly has the right to authorize the iseue of additional bonds to make ut? the deticiencv caused br the COrt Ot th? original four-mfllion loan. He that ther# can be no doubt that It was the intention of the Legislature that the entire aum of four millions should pass into the hands of the Board of Public Works, to be used In making improvements, and it is certain con tracts were made in reference to this con ?r^tl??,atf I?6 act- lt ti, fro~its teirns, that it was supposed at the time of luber*^*? that l.he itonds would be sold either at par or tor more than their face. This could not be done, probably in conae qnence of the persistent and embittered efforts nr i!i?i them, and leas than four million* of dollars was realised from negotiating a aale In reference to the powers of the Legfslat^atl\ rhL't.they V *lmo,t unlimited, and !S U true that its legislation is subject in hy this fact '? " primary right created 2'*?y Uongreae. Acting within the designated limitation, it is unquestionably the ?fthe legislature, Wiethe ^niVt of Governor, to determine whether anymea expedient or inexpedient, proper or im ? A Kiw USOAVIZATIOII or WORKtHOXBV.? The delegates to the National Labor Council who withdrew from that organisation on Thurs day evening last held a meeting last night, and elected the followina officers: Mr. J. P. Maekey, president; Mr. George H. Loveless, vice president; Mr. G. M. Kowc, secretary. On motion of Mr. whltotore, the secretary was au thorised to correspond with me different shops and request" them to send delegates to a lab h council, that shall be compose 1 solely of m ; cbanlcs and laboring men. Messrs. Williams, Wltherow and Houck were appointed a commit tee to prepare a circular to the different shop", setting forth the objects or thf council. Messrs. Lowe, WUliaaas and Offutt were appointed a committee on credentials. It was then decided to call the organization tho Mechanics' and Laboring Men's Coanc? of Washington. WiSiiiOTORun Lucuu m ah Alixai mia CacacH TaU?A number of ladr and gentleman enrtastty-soekprs from Washington were reqaestod to leave Christ church grounds by the NitoB, after tho expiration of the sor , vices yesterday, that ha might took is. Tk.? I refased. Mr. yolta elosed the g Earthly (The following Hues were written by an In itiate of the Washington Jail last Sunday, in Tie* of the near approach of the da* fixed for the execution of the prisoner Tom Wright, con victed Of the murder of Kogerski, the peddler.] Softly now. in lingering ray*. Through grate* and bar* the sunlight play*; Checker* the wall* with square- or gold, And glorifies the casements old. Through the barr'd window*, .Tune looks in To cells resounding with the din Of langhter, oaths, ami song* ob?eene. Of shameless vaunts of deed* unclean. Without, the holy Sabbath ouiet; Within, the sounds of hellish riot; Outside, ascending prayer and praise; Inside, unblushing sin always. In hi* lone cell the doomed man lie*, And notes each moment as it flies; With miser's grasp he fain would hold Those fleeting gleams of sunset's gold. I Between bis cell and yonder walls The gallows grim his sight appal*: All hope of further respite passed, He knows this Sunday is his last. The faithful priest, with pious zeal. Has sought liis sin scarr'd soul to heal. To lift the blood-stained wretch's mind To Him who died for all mankind. Sweetly on the evening air Pealing ehimcs invite to prayer; Pictured chancel windows blaze, Gothic arches ring with praise. Kieb silks rustle through the ai?le*. Faces fair are bright with smiles-, Hot-bouse plants, of beauty rare, With their fragrance load the air. " Praise the I>ord!" the hired choir sings, ?? Bring to Him your offerings."' Fervently the pastor prays For long life and i>eaceful days. ******** 1 .lesns, from Tby throne on high, Hear a poor lost sinner cry; Deign his guilty soul to bless With a brother's fond caress. Take away all thoughts of earth. Grant Ins soul the heav'nly birth; From the gallows help him flee To a refuge safe in Thee. _ So, when another week has fled, And he is numbered with the dead. May he, washed clean from every stain, Forever in Thy rest remain. .June 1st, 1973. ? Committed t?> Jail to Avswrr thi CKARiiK <>f Wixe Mi rder.?Win. H. Buch anan, who was before 'he Police Court yes terday on the charge of murdering his wife. Anna' Buchanan, on Friday night last, by shooting her in the head, was again before that court this morning, and the examination con cluded, after which he was fully comiuittea to await action by the grand jury, bail being de nied by the judge. BriLDlJto Permits have been issued as fol lows: J. K. Condon, thrce-ssory brick, Ma*s? chusetts avenue, between -d and .Id sts. north west: Mrs. O. Edmonds, one-storv brick ba<-k building, New York avenue, between ;<d and 4th sts. northwest; A. A. Wilson, three-story brick back building. 19th street, between I and K northwest; G- I>. Bnrch, two-story brick. *;tU street, between P and <>. Spelling Content.?The following pupils were successful in the recent spelling contest in the :>d school district, and were awarded gold medals: Female secondary No.2, Mi>s Lusby teacher?Mary Gill. Male secondary No. Miss Kowlaiid teacher?Mason Weller. Fem ile secondary No. S, Miss I?ulin teacher?Annie Waters. " Male secondary No. Miss Alice Onlahan teacher?Harry "done*. * Flection ok Director*.?At a meeting of the stockholders of the Franklin iusuranee com pany yesterday, the following gentlemen were elected to serve as directors for the ensuing vear:?Henry Bradlev, l?r. J. C.Hall, Dr. d. M. l; rod head. J. C. Slaguire, J. H. Bradley. I >r. D. B. Clarke, M. (? Emery. dohn Purdy. Wm. j. MacDonaM. F. B Mc<;aire, John Key worth, and Dr. J. M. Call*. # Fire Last This morning, about one o'clock, a tire broke out in ii. B* urn's mil linerv and fancy store, on 7th street, between II and f streets northwest, and damaged hie stock to the amount of *2,000 to >..'1,000, wliicli is fully coven d by insurance. The firemen were promptly on the ground and prevented much damage. THE (XH'KTN. ? OFBT IN GENERAL TERM?Ye-terdity, the dtcrt-r "f the court b'-Ui* ill the i Mr it Steven- aet. Bi ail e! al. (di^niisanifi the bill) was afiirmed. Tlie court adjourned until 0atur<la?, when it i? expected a number of d< cision? will be announced. CIRCUIT < Ol'RT, Jutitf ?To-day. Ste|li>'ii* ?gt. Omsir; \erdict for plaintiff. E<w wood agt. Creecy et al.; do. Limney :?*t. M tier, tt; order ot Oi I'haim'Court affirming settlement tiled Sn.nh agt. Beverly; dismflwed. GEORGETOWN'. Steamer Seized?Yesterday morning, as the little steamer Pennsylvania was about to leave the foot of High street,she was seized a?id detained by the revenue officer here, and the captain fined *20 for not having the name of the vessel inscribed uj>on the wheelhouse, as required bv law. I'pou appeal to the Secretary of the Treasury the fine was remitted, and the steamer permitted to ply between Georgetown and Analoetan Island, the name having in the meantime been painted on the wheelhouse. Oak Hill Cemetery ? .ln??u<?r of St"ikr.ld' rs?The annual meeting of the lot holders ef Oak Hill Cemetery was held at the office of the company yesterday evening, lor the purpose of electing a board ot managers to serve for the ensuing year; the president, Mr. C. M. Matthews, in the chair, and James Oozler sec retary. Mr. W. W. Corcoran positively declined a reelection, and requested permission to nomi nate as said board Governor H. D. Cooke, Messrs. Charles M.-Matthews, Philip T. Berry, and Matthew W. tialt, which nomination* were confirmed, and the gentlemen declared duly elected. the president. Mr. Matthews, submitted his annual report, w hicli was adopted. The report states that the number of interments since the 1st of January, lWt, was 2?0, of tphich ."is were ma<ie since January 1st of the present year. From four to five thousand trees and hedge plants have been planted during the year. The rej?ort recommends that the work of ornament ing the cemetery and finishing oft the east end be pushed to completion, so that it will appear to advantage. It also recommends an im provement in the present system of Sunday regulations, relative to the admission of visi tors, suggesting that the tWketsof admission for that day be circulated *o the IiJt only. This order is thought uecessarv on ac count ol the improper conduct practiced i,r many Sunday visitors. The secretary's report", shows that the receipts lor the year ending April30 were#22.-tt>?<.!>", the exjienses. *1K.<>24.<?2, leaving a balance on hand of *3.M1A large number ot lots have been sold since the date of the report. Diei? xro* his In.ifrie* The Rev. K. Cooper, who was injured bv a passing vehicle attempting to get on a street car at the corner of 15th street and Pennsylvania avenne some time since, died this morning in this city at the residence of his son-in-law, Fsau Pickrell, esq., on 2d street. Mr. Cooper was over 70 vear* of 9e. and was for manv years an active minister the Gospel in the M. E. Church. No Better?Mr. John Walker, the flreman who was seiiously injured on Sunday afternoon last by the upsetting of the hose carriage of steam lire engine No. 5, and who had bis left leg amputated yesterday morning, is in a very dangerous condition. River News?The schooner Ann L. Whit Ban arrived to-day from Norfolk with 22,000 feet lumber for Jos. & J. E. Libbev. and the steamer G. H. Stout cleared for Philadelphia, and the Columbia for Baltimore with miscel laneous cargoes. The steamer John Gibson ar rived from New York with a full cargo of gene ral merchandise, and the schooner Louisa Waters, from Baltimore, with a cargo of salt for I. Thomas Davis & Co. Fish Wharf?The receipt* of J)*h to-dav were 20,000 herring, which sold at *3 to 93J0 per thousand. WA leading Baptist clergyman has written an essay in advocacy of ministers having some secular business upon which to depend. ?CT-Tll* ??*? ? KTThe American mutual aid association of co-operative mioe have "struck" for fewer eats or mure cheese. ?^Ex-Senator John P. Hale, of New Hamp shire, has gone to West Point and expects to pass the summer there. VThe Fall Biver, Mass., apothecaries have been notified by the state police not to sell cigars, confectionery or soda water on Sunday. ? ? OB AMY OTHER MAN. Will floe a sjlewdid^^s^mewt of cl .JSKP-* "urrtilRm. eSPBCTA CITY ITEM3. HAintom Cheviot Sutb, m*lc in super, ,r style, for #12. Gbo. C. H*?r*i*rt. *W SeTenth street. Colt* awd Corsw -iiiWei cbmjM of climate are sources of Pulmmn -y an>! Hrvnckfl mfrctimu. Take at once "Browi'i Kronckfi Trvti't," let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Thront be ever 90 slight. 3,co3 Mai?i*aw?. Nackiiat*. Mai ki*a??. Another supply ot three favorite Straw Hat*, in all the laahionable A a pee, Just recelvod at W i i.LiTT *v Br?rr p, 3 P?iwylTinii avenue. PrnrviAW 8y*vp~?This valuable medicine haj> been silently making it* way into public favor by the numerous remarkable cure# it ha? performed. It* singular fflrtfy is owing to the protoxide of iron which in this preparation re main* uncf.angvd, and i* th^only form in which this nial (t'mrnt of healthy blood can be suj? plied. ? CnTiivn7!! M a< kikaw A*n Pa*a*a Mat* Bleached and Trimmed to look a* well as new, at A. T. Whiting'*, ?4 PcnusvIvanU avenue. * 31,ti T*t !>ool*v'k VtA?r Powi>BK,yoa will ooon find it not onlv the best. bnt also the chea|>e*t. Baking Powder. Pat up full, net weight. JO.ti Chlmih cbt for Pitcher'* Castorta. It regulatea the stomach, cure* wind colic and cause* natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. 4,23,eo3: Porp's Extbact is tor sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott & Co., 4*0 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Prntic Speabkbs a>o Sin<;rn* will find 'Xmrs'i ftrrm htnI Tm>k't" beneficial In clear ing the voice before shaking or *inging. and relieving the throat after any exertion ot the vocal organ*. For Coughs and Coldr the T. W are eflectual. eo) My KiVfinoM for a What the purse of King Richard could not then procure, all >*an row purchase for a soug. The Centaur I.ini meut will not raise the dead horse of a king, but it will cure a lame one. and -more than that?it is the most remarkable thing for swelling*, still joints, caked breasts, sting- and bruise*, the world has ever Hen. A man ought to sutler with the Rheumatism who has not tried thi* liniment. 2>,eo.1 SrrvKRKRs from tVn*s. Br*tn*s, Kad Nails.etc., find immediate relief at I?r. White's establishment, No. 5M 15th street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. The treatment often effect* a j?erfect cure, even in extreme cases, if uone l?ut suitable shoes are worn. tr TrBco-Rrssian Baths; ?lvt, Medicated Va por Baths, for all skin disea.-e, at l)r. Shedd's, !*i.! E strict. 5,jn,?>: Pokd's Extract cure* rbeuinatt*m. burn*, pile*, ulcer*, toothache, *ore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, coiic, lameness, bruise*, l>oil*. wound*, neuralgia, hoarseness. diarrh?ra, ami all hemorrhage*, etc. Pond's Extract differ* from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases.,s,tf Thb Natiowal Saviros mark, corner of New York avenue and 15th street, pays # per ct. Kit atmum on deposits for each calender month, anking hoars, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 a??d 6 toe. *TU,Htl? WiLUioi A Qibi'h Xmriixi Machiri. TLe celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Baum's hoop.-kirt and cot set factory, <tii street, Intelligencer Building. U>.A TneomrviTT at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 ? Thbbmohbtbks and Barometers are repaired And made to order by Hempler, near 4* street* WEORKETOWX ADVERTISEMENTS. rr5?niiiFKMAX society ok <;eorgk TOWN, will meet al S-ciet) Hall,corner of Uifti and Pp -p, ? t ntrM?, "U WEDNESDAY E V KN1NG, June 4:h, at - o'clock p m j3 tf AKTIU H SU ALL, 8".-. |^Y Til OS. DOWLISU. Anctii'iM?;(>--ur(et"i>ii VALUABLE PROPERTY ON HIGH STKELT AMI HIE ('AVAL AT AC' TI#iN j On TUESDAY, .lun IOI . at ?>-, I k p. . 111., I will sell. 11 th>-tii ?r*r >f L ?! N 11T f- ? ' ? _ _ ... ? ? ? in'^, j'.ti 1 ? 'I L t froutuuc 22 f?* t ?>n tli?* tide of street, by a depth <>i ni feet ut. the canal, improved by a blacksmith ami wheelwright shop. Thi* prop erly offers a line opportunity f..r an investment Terms: One-third ca?h; balance 6 and It ni >nth?, with inter#-*, m-oirwl by a #leed of tru-t on the property. Conveyancing at tliee.sit of pn-rha- r. jet THOMAS DOXN LING, And. STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS. O F?R THI BFSEF1V OF BLESSED PETER CL AX o SOCIETY, AT OLD TRINITY CHURCH, ON TUESDAY EVENING. Juu-3, lrT3. Admission. 25 rents. Doors open at 7.30; to com mence at 8. mSS-<H * EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN DRY Ta goods. Pla in and Striped Grenadines. Japanese Silks, at Sor . wort h 75c. B? autifnl Go. d* for Suitings, at ts. V and li". Victoria La? ns. from a>r up; Piuue*, tS to 5>s Bat 1st and Linen Snitinr-- all shade?, very < heap. Striped and plaid White French Organdie*. Black Alpaca* and Mohairs. aspe< ialt\ A large ?t<>ck of Qo'ds for Heu'- and Boy's wear. Lallies" and Gent*' Gauze I'nd- r X'est*. Call and buy real bargains of BENJAMIN MILLER. nitS-tr IOI Bridge street, Oeorg-town. |^Y THOS. DOWLING Auctioneer; Georgetown. I'KKEMPTORY SALeTTt SIX COMFORTABLE DWELLINO HOUSES. No*. 4A.4T.4tt. A3. 64. AND i'4 Dl'NBARTOH STREET, AT AUCTION. On Tl ESDAY. June 3d, at i o'cl??ck, I will ^Hsellon'be prenn?r?. ou I? 11 i.barton street. I<e R*ltweec Green and M >ntg.>iuerv streets, si* near ly new comfoitable franie dwelling h oses, with modern improvement*. The location is pleasant and healthy, and all street improvements made Term*: One-third cash; balance 6, It and 1'?month*, secured by a deed of trust 011 the property. Convey - ancit-g at cost of the puichawr. A dep.?iit of (iu< rauuirvd a* soon ac the property is struck ..ff. JOHN DAVIS. . ni? dts THOMAS DOWLING Au ? r |?Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON WASHINGTON STREET. GEORGETOWN. AT AUCTION. Ou TUESDAY, June 3d, at 6 o'clock p. m.. I will s?-ll on the premise*, part of Lot 1U, frout "S*iur 97 feet on the east side of Washington ?tre.-t, between Duubarton and Beall streets, by a depth of WfiTt. The improvem*uts cousi*t of a ?ut>?tantial two-story-and-balf Brick Dwelling House, with water ami gas, permanent wash tabs, marble man ties, pantry, Ac., Ac. Choice pear*, grape-. Ac , in the garden. Thi* property is eligibly located on one of the finest street* near the heart of the city,and is well worthy of the attention of bayer* Terms: One-third cash; balance In 4 and It month*, with intereat secured by deed of trust ?n the premises. Couve)ancing at the coat of purchaser m*> THOS. DOWLING. Anct. jJY THOMAS DOWLING, Aucfr; G^rgetown. m GUARDIAN'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY, IN GEORGETOWN, *T '?u7'ffe? for sale, on TUESDAY, th- lOth . ? ? , . -? IffJ. at S o'cl.s k p. m . in frout of ESdty Ot Jun. , v,ta- auction, part of Lot No. ?*the premise*, at pu... - e.?r ih? ?ame at a 74. in old Georgetow n, beginning . -????* lit* point on the west line <>t High stre^i, w^ south lit e of the portion heretofore conveyed to Ja? F. Es-ix b> deed dated September 17th, 1S58, cuts the said west line, and running thence south with-aid line alM*at B8.l? feet. ttiore or less, to the center of the partition wall between the warehouse conveye-l to Wm. R Ede* by deed dated May *Kh. 1-?W. and that immediately adiciaing to and north of theaanie; thence west with the middle of *atd partition wall Ml 4fe?4; thence north tti, feet, more or tea-, to the south lineof the portion conveyed as aforesaid to said Easix. and them eeast with said south line to the beginning. Improved by a two- ?tory and attic Brick and two two Story Fratn? Dwelling-' Terms of Sale: Oi ?-ioHrth cash; the reaidoe i??, it, IS and 14 moirht, with inter# st at eight 18' per cent.,th?titl?tobe retained until full parakeuU uf purchase money and in;ere?t. If terms *re not com plied with within Ave days. I reserve the right to re*vll,at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's coat. A deposit of $SU on acceptance?rbid. MART V. ESSIX,Guardiaa. J AS. S. EDWARDS, Attorney. n.g> e< Ad THOMAS D?iWLINO. AucL I^EADT FOB THE SPRING TRADE. With a fall corps aflrst elaa workmen, a com Piete stock at the bMt foiwign and domestic Dye BtaCS, Ac., Ac.jX**'?"y Ffepared to ' rttMtaa aeon. iS^grSf apf-te 1878 ?"*"* 1873 op 6UMMIB 8TTLB8 BLACE ALPACA COATS, DBAS D'ETE OOATS. DIAGONAL MOBAIB COATS, FRENCH URGE COATS. LIGHT COLORED STUPED ALPACA COATS A. STRAUS, Ut CtoUler, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, RAILROAD*. I ? ?. ? FALT1BOK K ASH OHIO ft) RAILROAD , On tirf nftrr SI KliAV.i?)? I,' l<71. irtiM will iMir *A>Ul>fltON 1 ITV ?? f>>11. w?, *<?; Bali t? or- aiwl W* t r ???!?? f ? ? ?*. Ballim >r> atxl W a< P. u,ta.? ?i U CIb< muftti Kimx'.iH Niir ><?tu BR * B -ton. S.w *..?li *t>.1 Philadelphia Btp Bftlttaaor. an.1 * ?< Point* . ' Sa ?a. ItHiiuon Fmi cm,, hi ?t?p* ' ill b, Baltini.-r, ?*d Way P. int* H Vt m Sew York ?tid Philadelphia kipre.* ?.l ft r ,.r, lUltimor, B\pr?? ? itli. ul >t p. ) jm k Htlini?rrtii4 W*i I'oitl* y ?, I W inrhMlrr tml M-?|it?i, \rC ' i ,u I Itallin,??re-*1,.I Way p..intv , ? _ Cum iuiiAii.Caluii.t u* acdlM. L u,- Bvp" J ? .. Philadelphia Ktftre?? ' ? . * W ?) P ii i. - ,, J' lt?t<>n.New V,?rk an <1 Philadelphia k. v r MiZ' Balttaor* ftn.1 W a* point. .J!??' 8t l.ouia.Cin< inuatt er.l C?)unil>n* r*? ??,{, m* FB??* BALTIBOBF FoR ? VSHfRur i\ Lrattal??,l>.7,H.!iUj|i??4ll ita a, . J 1.44,?:*>.4?,Hr>.4 ?' ??ftM8:?pm m m,t* FOB ANS.tPOLI* At t it ft. ai. Md 4 ?. m.;h?t ??<? ..n 8unJ?> FOB KoBFoLK At 1 04 p. ?., I'Ut ft<>t o?, >ni,4?\. - . WMUf TKAIS"8 Ftsin Bftltiratre?Thf ? Su Momm mI R.'ay a ? Laurel ?a.l> the 489 a m. and a * p . in ,iopp?J at R. lay ooly. ib-# *i p m., will, nt?t.|~ the ? , I" ? S *>. Sand *>, p in ?t.,ppinf ftt all ?t?U< rw. Fro* Wa?litiict<>o ? The 4 and <a.n 4.T ti > | trftlji" at. ppiuft ftt all aUMIo*. th - I 6a t atT. * * **' ** Belay only, an.I tbe vl? p n: * it t FOBPOIBTOF RO? K? ?*0 INTBKVrpI ATB POINTS u?\k V? *'^ B- tlimine. l?**. P lm .4 iT^t nT, ? f m" artn in* a' * .-h i* -? *-? '? ?' t-..n Through li.tH< to Vast ran h- had Bfteli?n*toft ??alt .>?Tirk.t Ollt.f ft* all h 4??;?!??>.attk*Owh*) '? o#o?, 4*4 p ,,,-?|. a nia ftTeuue Pa??n?r? pn-n,a?iii? tl< k<-* at the A'enu- ?ffl<?-.ran I here arrant* t. ?>? ? ((,?. ,r b?Ma*. Oftllr,! for and rhorw^l althn, f t-nrJr taken to ttw .i?p..| and rut ,m,, .|,. 4t %r Por T'-rk.|-I|.?iia, and B r vertt*'in? nt f ?? Tlir. ukh Ln * THOU K MUKP. "??t" of Tran?|x. at ion. L M t'oLP U?n<-ral Tlrk^t ? tiBu B-Jimsr*. >*' 0<?ftftral A?-n?, W ,.iiMn..n 1' IIR; >( ?. 11 I I Nic h i;t ?lfV? \ ft PHiLAi>ri.PHiA ASi? Ki? tork U (.NIN?T.|>, *. |IC< >? ..M|. ..Traina M?,^n \\ ?.i,h . > ? lurkaw i ..* run a- f,.i .?. J ME Nrw TOtiK m IIh .til rhaM* I -?r. - su i m ' M (I a m , t iti aii J I,.. ^ , FOB PHII.4I?BLPHIA r m 5 '?*ce^1 ?""?*?> ?ai 8 ? OI..J l >and . , ? OX 81 VDAT. V rk ^ ? r ?? ,.nd Plnl.l.,. MwpinK car* for Sow Y >r* train .w|. Tl.r n?h tirkj-t- to PtiUI-l,.!,,.. K..? ^ , k , -^fthadli" M *'Uon ??r* *' ?" h * rrfz&iilTSS. ",Ml Bailpmad al.-rt.-n, ^ !? r ?r lindnle W a?tiiinr..|i, Baltiui r.. \ . iiatx h.. *nd tl,?- W ' r? . au? { '? * Ma?i-r nf Tranap rtati n. L M. t OLB. ?.i,?ral T' Ait-nt CKO FKOOm A^nt. *a-l?,,?t n ALSXABDBI4 a ? ASHUIO.) TON B B. 1 AMD ALKXABPBIA * FBRPBBICK8BUBO ? ?_ Com* ? b mn^Stru S?uu ? Tr""** Al-*ftn4ria a. f .ll ? _j r ?. HI. II. a. in , u ?| ) i ( . T* ?Sftdaa ' *' m' 'UU> *" "I* * lr~"- ?'? ? P* . *? ???,i lria arrirr- r ? ? w? tSaayir'Ka?,; -? *'r?>Z4$h?JVbma***"? ^ Vftak. QLAXTICO Acc ?nxi4fttl ? lean* u , ? - fli.-m dall^^r^Suiidar * QBBAT WiVtHITSn EXPRESS, t* H am._. Ift??ra W ft?bttict,.Q U t> m dailr a*r?a JltjiJttetaiuaUH*!. K nth ai.d *. '??"nZi for aal?> at Oflraa, corner !Jrb atr??t ft.,4 P. ,,n.rT^ al? Mraaa, mm* ronieriib atr^t and P^...r|7.^ ? k^t* ran Iravo ,.rd^r? f.r |.a#-aia t? hi ^ryQiOfnl Pw?nf?T kg*nt vlO-tS Utrot rt* tik a*d b UTHli, y TBAlNB LBAVB FOB TBAIKR ARB'TB 4* ? * ft W-. w??t?** Bzr . ll iVa bi r.a ?lftilT, e*rrpt Sunday. daily. l.-tt' B-rtiiii.He Ace Snip m Clnc-,.. ft daily., kc^pt hii:.d?y daily,f*\?~.pi ^ ' 3B|.Bh Bftltini?rr Ac- 4:23 p m., Parilk - - - ? OJI* oQDdftf. ( Kl.fAcCom: la *U i S p. n .Cincinnati Ii dafjr ??coa" pr^aa^lftily, akcept Ban ltf ?u p. H , iont -rn Kf sir | --*6^ 1:?Tptl?^ooBiI!ct ftTB a" v?tb'ralt?folr Iftftvinc B<?wlr 7:40 and II ?? m Cl /i.r. l i' rtl?n? ?? llM-lborc SU a. m and 12 U aod " ? . Trftlj. mrririmt ftt B ftahincto. MBft^S 2/.S 2fd ? ? ,oo.ft?et ftt Bow ir vttk traiL. Ua/i ??rihoro' 7?0 ft. ? ?ad > 40 and 4 ?b^ lQ* v?T3PSftl'JjH^ ?? ?<*'? Oflc**, B*? VrTi ^ p^naTiT,,.. B B Torwo. oitn1Lp^Y A^T' ^***'' 1872 PBNNSTLVANrA BOTTB 1872 W TUB bobthwiht^,cth. a5d i>o? ? Trfttn* la*T? a* fallo*,. Baitl?or* / H ? a. - -- JS; ; ltfh' ImproTomenta nA.w'r?rt "d ?U1" to Tbe 10 JR ?. a. tally, atraat Knr,<i? > - ? a tk C<><ix?<- Tiont kinctoB. 43 10,* *. ? 49 p. ?. Tjil p. (Uroofk troBi BALT1MOBB U BI AO ABA art fITTSBl'BO without ctooc*. Ticket* by thu route can he p?oc*ra< ? tk* '?? MToer of lXtk atreat and P?*nnaylftuia ftt^aaa. an4 iorii?r of 4th street and P-noer* aula ftertiwe, ai,.ta* BftttoMl Hotel, wbar* retiabto Mmwim ?1il M (tvea ftt *11 tweft. procuring ticket at t"? a* ift Palace ? ftr> BOOKS, STATIOXERY, Ac. t^BB AMBRK AS OPP FBLLOW .*' lor Haf, 1 prifr 25 ceote, mvnal and f * *ate hf BTtK'KB AB A SOS Ait*tits ft Ditlrtrt >4 <'o Icn tia. fth *treet ftorthweet. > .>rfter >41 AIM ?II tbe new Book*. Periuftt-ale, Ac and ? full **? *<>rtBwut ol IkftH.-Bery. Picture*. Pictare Fraiu^ft, Ac. * m? tr TBB BOTAL DIADKH; A M X W MUSIC 1 BOOK. Play and Profit In Mr Garden: hr Boe The Votinc Mechanic, a Practical Tri-*tl*v Tar Other tiirla, b) Mrs. Whitner IL??koir at ? Brother^b) Tk<>ma* Hnrhee ??ee aul DofDia, b> HaUl# W Ai L, .U1. Utar*,. CnMioet at alift... ?i Afrnct for BTAIBAD 0L4W VI ballastvm. _ 4B*? 7tb ??r^et, near B. J^IST OF KBW BOOBS At IHIUIStfTOXt BOOBSTOBB. OokXtk IS Stbbbt asr Pktu Armf Old ReiMriBCtoft. By Hla* Thackeray. Tbe Old Coastaaft. A ftagnel to "Uori HoptV Choice." By Mrs. Ana S Btraheoa. AntWinltie* of Southern India** Abote Teanpeet and Ttde. Paacftiel. By the author of ?Sttftthmre" mmd "Cftd?-r Two Flft?* " The Other Oirl* Br Bra. Whitney, author ?C &.a Ba - _ m?I? II ** We Birl*. Inc and inelrocti?* literature. Boy* of Bn?land. A yotiuc Of Bftort, fu ftlid literal ur*. 000*2jSm M 0. LCTTBBBL. O. B. DOBB1B?TOI * LVTTBBU B BiBBINBTBN. ?*????.

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