Newspaper of Evening Star, June 4, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 4, 1873 Page 1
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fiMhM Bally, Myi iHfltl, AT TEX STAR BUILDINGS, reufjiTMia Atwni nr. Uife WL, m mfi? nil nvffiPB moat TBB BYBNINB 8TAB to aerred by nrUm U tfertr sat-crlbers ? TimCitt* PIS win, or fain ? ?? Cast* r? Mom. Ooataa * the t?? (m? Mch. Br Btll-tart ?t ( mcbths. ?100, one jear, |l. THB WEEKLY STAR-Published Friday-?1J| ? F?a?. ITlDtirMlj in hItuc?, is kottoMM.Ui ?3 hhi ?*?? lea** p*id lor. V Bates of KmtWti tarnished am AMUSEMENTS. |^Y tiENBBAL REviUBST, ? YRCAPANTE'S GRAND ORATORIO, ?T** Sf?f? L?*? Wonl? *1 oar Sa>i?ar.' WITH ORCHESTRA, Will I* bj the BAR1LI Mt'SICAL A**OCIATION. Ftl lb*1 benefit of their Dirwlor, MAESTRI) ANTOBIO BABILI, AT MAR1NIU HALL. TH : B>l>A> . Jl'NE J, *18, m. TKKETS. 91. ?f? war e# ree-rvd, without ettr'* cfcv?e ?? Blli? m;:?:c*l war.-r< o?K, So. 377 Fomr*ylvania ??e?oe j*4-? / ' K A> U (U.HERT ? * BY * Thr'e hun-lred colored chiMr*n at th* LINCOLN INDCWTRlAL MISSION SCHOOL, cornir Bant U>h ?rM. WEnSBSDAY CVBNTBG. .I.ine 4,h, ?h?3. atd?T th?- dire-ilon of It..*, Q. ,.Tgf Batcr^ft by tb~ "Orphan Children," Moonlifbt #W Ch.1 . acd the "NatioMLl j?aM." A'in. itta ??"*. 25 cents. Children- lu crate. ?Concert t- c<nim?--tce at ? oVIork. joJ-Ct* Ub Eitchitiaa i hi? d ? ?d Sale { ?s? MABIRITBA't, ** 8T Be. 43* rta ?rm, t-r-wren D and B stree*. etaht _ doers above Odd Fellow^ Hall. ChoVe Oil Palntinp, Brrrar. in**, Okrwa, Ac. AJau, lar*e?* m.-cl Pmp-r H?n*in?a, Window 8b*6*?. Pictnrn, frtmf*, f.ctnw Cords mod Tit ^ ??? Fleas' remember N ame aflf Bmi6w. jelly" ASOMt BB6ALIL Tt&j ^Tl br.\ M *> arf prepar?d to fnrir'-h E jnipm> uta for ail CVni:ii?ird?rie* at JACTORY PK.CES CHAPEAl'X. SWORDS AND BELTS. cijpf?, laps, aoit ct?n artiste p* ?"!?!!-?. ng to tbe Order. W ? guarantee all Suit* sold to be r?rulatir>n. WILLETT A Bl'Orr, ma) % 1m SOJ Prmurlfuia avenue. O HTMSTtT-L ai(nr^TTl-^-a~r?ir cash ancefor any kind of Ladies', ?<-ato' and C'hil cm u ? Second-hand Clothing, Boots. Shoea, Ac. SUB 7ih?tr^,b-t?>d,F and G, south. Mote by mail af ended jeSly LADIES' GOODS. ?? MISS YlctUR.ttiCK, ft 90i PENKSVLVANIA AVENUE laa r- natantly on hand a Oar ?aaortin<-Dt of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS. CHII9, FLOWERS RIBBONS, Ac., ?? th? newest deaicn*. Ladioe CAPS and COf K PI RES jval re-?-?vtJ nii ;r EAD AND SAVE YOCR JC JNEY. R __ Ladies who baTe Hair Switches that harefadod from n? oan have tii*-m rat >r*<l to their naiarai anade in anprrior manner. Wt have a Tery larare awrtBeni of Ji CurU'Tery long and buidoomt ..,N''* '? t}"' tin" lo buy at BArAMI E?TREN SHair factory,61* 13t?i ?t., neartb ?trwt. aJ4-tr (VOTIC*. -BartaiD. are now beiu* oIT?red in MILLINER* and tAMCT GOODS, ?? B. LENEBBRG A CO.. ?""*r 707 Market Smc*, ^TAMPliiG DEPOT teba-tT_ Oppoatte Patent OK*. WELLING OFF I 0 _ SELLING OPP I AT COST, TO D1SBOLTB PARTNERSHIP, the entire Mock OP THE NEW YORK BAZAR. 441 Seventh street, near B. ?*rf-tr NO H I'MBCG. HI ADXBS" Li FRENCH STARCH BNAMBL to the beat article ia the world for doina nt Linen or ^^^gj-isssssm., I?M Balttewre. Mrylaad. PIANOS, Ac. A LARGE LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND SECOND-HAND P1AN08, from different factories, now on band and fur tale or rent on Ea-y Ti*x?,to make room at BBK HEN BACH S PIANO WARBROOMS, 11th street, above Penusylvania avenue, Acencj for Wra. KB?1^ A Co."? and Wa. Mc ' bun's PIANOS. Second band PIANOS tak-n in part payment for ? lAOotf. m^ tr fVBX; .PH*<-'TiCAL JTaJo ? MAJk An, funuoriy foreman for F. O.? l<iCbte A Co., tnuer for Steinway A Svns JBlH ?nd late tnuer Tor MeUerott A Co. Toner 1111" Mtd reaairenf PIABOS and ORGANS, No. B3S *'? Order. left at Karr'.Jew?!* ? re, ?S9 Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn'* Dnii Store, corner Penriaylvauia a venae aod 9tb air not Bowenthal a, *?#1 7th street, corner of H, will meet' with prompt attentioa, and satisfaction enaraa aH-ly JF. Lit AS, 1149 7th streets. w.,Tmmmmmd . hriulaior a/ fiamos mud <Jr,*?s. 6r Received at ThmupaoB's comer Uthst EhB ?ad N. York ?ve.; Getty *s. Bridge, near III ITl ? ^ cor. 7Ui and Pa. Ali work tnaranteed.a*trna>CPU *agy WCHOMACBBB A COU PIANOS, ^ phiLadblphla, GREAT RBDl'CTlOB IN PRlCBB. wt"5h- ?? ?ee?u?* of IMr m yashj itj over all others, has* la a few y*ara_j^^ bacome the moat popular here, aa well as allB|A krwtft^Tow^uXah*d aow Iof foi mirl S^UARi piANOS framtMito ?4n CPBIGHT PIA.NO& from SflUUtu i7ti GRAND PIANOS who wiah to save from gm to BM t> Mr - vtwsawar . VBBL 1 <*" Ml nothing reserved. (>CB roRi ED SALES OCR f OKCBl* SALES OP EST I BE STOCK OF ENTIRE STOCK NOW GOING ON KOW GOING ON. *1 ARB OVBBSTOCKKD # AND MIST BEDUCB, AND WILL SBLL A* B10.S1J S??.^t|lA. j** ?*?? TOO AIJM V UOOVS TOO jjjj y booijs '1 l?sl i>M ZULU. MIST hA SOLO. A KX SKLLIMU KAPIUL Y. AA? SMLLIMU KAPIUL Yt TBN DOLLARS PIPTEEN DOLLABS,TWEN TY DOLLAR*. ? 1? Bait at fio. Sun at %\i, ?BT Beit at fBB. MotfaSMriiioiti iit Slit S? IgtX: ALL MUSI &H S*iL 1) all must?% solo: IX BOYS' SUITS W B Of PER THB SAMB INDUCEMENTS ? ? for as Suit #7fcra#lB. BIB for a ||f CALL ATONOB. BRING THB BOY8. BUY BABGAINS IIOBABLB TA1LOBB, Otun in abb 9 UXilM to. V?. 41-NS. 6,305. WASHINGTON, 1). C., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1878. TWO CENTS. SPECIAL NOTICES. L??thfi! Lfrthrt! Leeches! Imported Swediah L?whn will hereafter always Ml*, wholesale or retail by ART HI"* N ATTANB, Druggist,corner II and D streets north W 6#b, , . , ,r*T RWEIVID 2i22? W^??*ri?TW P"'n% M?i' Cartons, a substitute far Castor Oil, v.entaur Liniment, 6millions' Liver Invigorator, Ayer-a Medicines, ' Bchenck's Medicines, Michler'i Herb Bitten, WiiKhester's Hypo-phosphates, Ood Liver Oils of all kinds, Dr. Jayne's Medicines, Helnit>old's Bo< hi;. Kennedy % Dlacovery. Salve and L:f?n<nt. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Pierce's Gotten Medical Discovert.. These and all other Remedies of tfce day at my popular tow rates for cash. ARTHUR RATTANS, Druggist, myJ3-tr M and D Meets northwest. TBI DI!,S? * *errl?a' Wsrce?irralilr? Sance IS l5Dl<Pn*?gBLK. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, New fork, ?ctU-taw\y Agents for the United States, HalrBre Is the beat In the world, the onry trns and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculous tints no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan R^r^LwY^- * *" drn""Uf^d1^ EXCURSIONS, &c. |^iEST ijBAND PICNIC OF THE METRO w POLITAN SOCIAL CLUB will be given st at BIERS' 7th 8TKSET I'AKK, THUB8 Jt ? * ENINO,inae a, W73. Tickets a-tmitling a gentleman and lailies. je4-2t* 'FJr G,V?P WC-NIC of the HOPE PLEAS u pi SFail. J" " 7,11 street Park, on |>R * EDNKSDAY, Jnne 4,1873. Rodblrd'a eel- S# (brated String Baud has been engaged for the ? <c< asion Ticket* 00 cents, adnuiiini a gen- CiiA tie ma i: and ladtea m J^RTPORT EXCURSIONS. ~ On and after Tl'RSDAT, JUKE 10, Ja73, the CJllfS' ll*d steam* r KEY PORT w:ll conwieace her regular ^ TIESDA* and TB1DAY EVEN if^.ia J1*0 excursions down the Potomac, leaving wharf foot of8th street, at 6 o'clock p.m., returning at lip m. During the summer ot 1872 these excur sions were larg- ly patronized by many or onr best citr/ens, who ionnd in th?-m a i-ool an<1 pl?a*ant e? C?P^ fj"?" the heat and dust of the city. N >! effort shall be spared during the roming sniunier to niilse theni pleasant and agreeable iu every r. ?pect. De tectives will be stationed at the boat to prevent the admission of any improper characters. No intoxi cating liquors sold. Music, dancing, and refr?ih m> nts on board. Fare, single tickets, * lady gentleman. Sl-W. Apply t? WM. fl. BYLES. Agent. 609 Pennsylvania avenue. mjlliu EXCURSIONS TO OLYMONT. Office of thk Potomac Febkt Comtaxt, i SrvE.vTH Sthkkt Wharf, J ,, . . , Wa-hisctos, May 21, 1873 \ On and after June 1 the steamer WAWASET can be chartered for Excursions to Oly- ? n moot on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wed p * A nesdays and Thursdays. Thr steam?r?wfiUa D"? J^er, having been thoroughly overhauled last winter. She has a One, commodious saloon on her upper deck, and is in every respect adapted to the excursion business. The Potomac M now beautiful, and Olymnnt in splendid condition. having been thoroughly repaired and the grounds put in good order. '^barter, apply at office of Potomac Ferry Company, foot of7th street. m21-2w LECTURES. MBS. ZINA FAY PEIBCE WILL LECTtTRB On THURSDAY AFTERNOON NEXT, June Sth. at 1..J0 p. m .. At LINCOLN HALL, on Trut Eronomy in tht Houtekohl, n.r the benefit of St. Mark s Fr-e Church, Capitol Hill. Ticket* 2# cents, to all parts of tb- h-u^; f.,r .ale at Ballantyne's, Parker's and Philp * tioSo ???? Bookstore*. je3-2t* SUMMER RESORTS. |^OlKY PQI->T HOTIL, RHODS ISLAND. BKABON OF IS73, ON THE BUROPEAN PLAN. This well-known and popular Summer Resort, sit uated on Narragansett Baj, between the A . . A cities of Prov idence and Newport, will be V^Sa# opened for the reception of KUnii jiin?l?9J Wh. To meet the growing demand!) of th^oSi^T the capacity of the House has been iiicr?-a?"*l since ast season, b> the addition of a number., t ^1 j?rge, airy, and Bowly furni.tii-1. A new KmtiirAoti of tax incr^Mnl 9i*atiue cAMcitv h>u *>rJrD *lg,,t steamboats a day from Protiii?i? ai.d Newport. For information in re gard to terms, etc., address. . City Hotel, ProTidence.R. I , L. H. HUMPHRkfS, Proprietor. V ATTU.H.-This popular and very healthy som J mer resort, near Snicker's Gap, and A. . A surrounded by the Blue Etdge mountain," two ho?irs ride by rail of Washington. City, is now open for the reception r* ? 1873. Improvements since last front, t>ath-r?oB, aa Ice-boaae fllli-a, a piano in th? heuse The bniMings are stone, consisting of large airy rooms. Beautiful m ountain soenerr Th^ wishing to enjoy the c<jo1 brettet of this elevated region will address, aw __b Bound Hill P. O., L >udoun $o ^a ^-Kef-reaces at 1309 F street N W nJD-tf Jhi bealiau srimiis, 7 m rut '?i?5H<>?TH?L?{|?riAK. asd bATH COUNTY, rihlilNlA, I^t'of jTmk -?.the r?c?P*ion of visitors on the Passenger* by mail train from the ?a?t arrive at arrive ? liV ? froui the wwt }Z p' visitors for the Springs by these trains remain over night at Covingtou PuJ^. r! by mall trains from t& w^arcl^c'ISSIT2 L m ^f^u? ^arrive at 7 uu Btagw and other vehicle* for the 8Driiiff? T5'kS*lBH!n,ih j ? FINE BAND OF Mf'HIfl ta ?n we<j for the nea^.u, and the qhuJ t!r an.o^ment and recreation pr^Med f-cU,t,? tor fsniphlets^caa U- had of Messrs. KaSn^!r Bichmond, or of the Agent at J# ?3tfc?T moatL Chil ML gy??';11 Pis Junction, ?siy ssfb ?,;?,nr,oKiM4 Bailroad Ijpprovem. nts hare bean BadelEST for the comfort of guests euual to any snmmSrrSFj th^Sr?22ftd& for ?txuuUi:r For f?r i ma iw* QBOBOE BILL, Proprietor. 1 WE?T END HOTEL, ' AT LO*Q. BRANCH, fl. J., will Opened on thb ioxh of june kx44W1?,^T<5?t ??" be made to a. ? A AHMirR*T?i" ^PEESB1" bV ? MILDttlTfla Pronri?ftotB. Lnn* Rruneh^^?" ImproTemenu since laat year '^K 'W*.10 ice-bouae flllea, ^netors, Long Branch. - ? ?wtJmell sacea given. _For particulars apply to JOHH W. KiNSBLL, Clearaprtog, Washington county. Md. atf li gia-w-fiTT nom, ? THB MABVLAND FBBBSfOHB M * M. CO JS AO IF HEAVY TO MXCEIVM ORDERS EOH a TO ME EITHER SAWED OC ROMA DIMENSION. Apply a^OoBtHay 's oflcc. COBNBB B. AND ??T* 8TBEBTS, Reck Creek. C. W. BATBKW, rresldeat. ?OLD BPBOTACLB. OHLT HEM PL BE, Internal Rivixri?The receipts front this source to-day were <311,37 4.81. The Preoidrnt and Mr*. Grant will leave here for Long Branch on Friday mornisg. Or*. Sherman will remain here all the sum mer , hut will vend his family to CarlWie, Pa. Gen. Scbofirld has ordered all tke troops in the Modoc country to be concentrated in camp near Tule Lake to await further orders. First Lieut. J<?hn Q. Butleb, ordnance departnsent, has been relieved fPem bis present duties and ordered to report at the ordnance agency, New York city. Naval Ordirv,?Passed Assistant Surgeon J. R. Trvon, ordered to duty at the marine ren dervous, New York. Assistart Surgeon J. C. Boyd, ordered to the Fortune. Medical Direc tor Thomas M. Potter, detached from the New \ork marine rendezvous and placed on waiting orders. Assistant Burgeon E. Z. I)err. detached from the Naval Academy and ordered to the practice ship Constellation. Special Cabinet Meeting ok thi Civil Service Kr les?There was a special meeting of the Cabinet to-day with all the members present except Secretary Belknap, for the pur pose ot a consultation with the Civil Service Commission in relation to the proposed modi fications and changesin civil service rules. Va rious amendments to the rules adopted by the board were approved by the President and Cab met. The Walworth Murder?At least some of the parties involved by the awful tragedy in New York yesterday were well known here. tke 7i,e of lhe deceased, and mother of the murderer, was a daughter of <ren. Hardee, formerly of the U. S. army, and 75s , knpwn ?n Washington society as a oeautiful and accomplised woman. Mr. Wal worth was also well known to many Wa^hiitir ton wsople, and was at one time imprisoned in the old capitol on a charge of communicating "With the enemy. ? Toleration is Japan?'l'he Department of State has received information from Mr. L>e Long to the effect that religious toleration in Japan nas not been decreed,and the law* and edicts against Christianity have not been abol ished, but orders have been issued for the return of banished Christians to their homes, and tor the removal of offensive proclamations against Christianity. Those in the government councils favoring religious toleration were said to be still in the minority, but it is thought the time was not far distant when all decrees against freedom of thought upon all subjects would be abolished. Any attempt to hasten such reforms faster than they were being ao deUat Cd would' W wms puPIosed, result in Tobacco Pei>di.ei:? on KailroaiS Trains to pay the Internal Revenue Tax The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has ad dressed a circular letter to collectors, calling their attention to the fact that be is in receiiM of information that various persons on railroad trams are engaged in selling tobacco and ci gars without having qualified themselves as re.t?u,at,on^ require, by purchasing a special fa* stamp as dealers in manufactured tobacco, and directing the collectors to take proper steps to enforce the law and require every person, whether a minor or otherwise selling tobacco or cigars on railroad train* to pay the special tax provided therefor, which 18 Wedding in High Life.?The marriage of H. D. Cooke, jr., son of Governor Cooxe, to Miss Anna H. Dodge, daughter of A. H. Djdge, esq., of Georgetown, will take place this even ing at 8 o'clock at St. John's church, George WI?' the Rev. A. B. Atkins officiating. It would not be an easy task to describe the oeau tiful floral decorations arranged in the church by the friends ot the young couple. Immedi ate-!)-under the center of the chancel is a mar riage bell of magnificent proportions, com posed ot flowers of the choicest varieties. Tube roees, heliotrope, safrona buds, and smilav compose the lower part of the bell, while the baptismal font and pulpit are improvised as stands for the myriads of bouquets, wreaths and garlands that the fair hands of the brides ?tiVf/rHCe,."1,Iy arr?n?ed into pyramids. Many other tioral decorations give the church U^pearance of a conservatory in its fullest It has been arranged to have the wedding take place precisely at 8, and the bridal party will thZ ZfJl'Ji ? order: Prof. Lawrence, the organist, will perform an original wedd:ng march as the party enter. (This march hs!* been dedicated by the author to the groom.) Mrst, the Governor and Mrs. Cooke, Mini Dodge, sister of bride, with the groom, who will *fkeK^eir places at the left of the altar; then the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the follow ing order: Miss AliceBartlett and Dr. Barnes; Miss Sarah Cooke and Mr. O. Kvans, of Eng. land; Miss Anna Kennedy and Dr. Humphries ^w > ork; Miss Laura Harden and Mr. Me Nmr, of New \ork; Miss Carrie Dodge and Mr. Wm. Moorehead, of England; Miss Kite Cooke and Mr. H. H. Dodge. Following the bridesmaids and groomsmen will come the bride, who will be escorted by her father. Her dress will be heavy white satin under-skirt. Maimed with bufiiings of illusion, over-skirt of illusion trimmed with a fold of satin aud broad point lace flounces, and handkerchief to match. Low neck and short sleeve white satin W!vw*' f. e'MV#'e* tulle jacket trimmed with satin and point lace. Hair curled and pulled. Ornaments will be elaborate pearls. The dresses of Miss Kate Cooke, sister of the groom, and Miss Havden will be white crape, elaboiately trimmed with ruchings aud puffs of same material, finished with chain stitch of white floes silk; overskirts, looped bugle on left tide, with white sash and white flowers; orna ments, pearls. Miss Sarah Cooke, of New York, white crape trimmed with the same and white silk. Miss Carrie Dodge, Miss Anna Kennedy and Miss Alice Bartlett, (white tarle ton. trimmed with white satin; oversklrt looped with white flowers. The groom will present the bride with a bd quet, and the groomsmen, following his excel lent taste, will pay the bridemaid* a like com pliment. Messrs. Patten, Rlttenhouse and Coyle will tuhlkVf .'i aJnd.Wl11 ^ full dress, white satin badge on left shoulder. b.e m.f,ul1 evening dress, with Mr. A- H. 7>odge the fa?iSr? T,in tke bride away. familfes of tb^?1*0"5* ?mri4i" Pftrty. with the . ,,, ?* coupie, Will return to the resi dent of the briae, where a short reception will take place. The happy couple will leave to night for the north. ? ? ? Charged with Murder.?An altercation occurred in the neighborhood of Dawsonville on Sunday last, which resulted in the death of .James Thomas. We have not heard the par ticular*. but understand that Thomas got into a fuss with Wm. Lee who fired at him with a shot Sn. inflicting a mortal wound from which he id la an hour. Lee was arrested and carried before J ustittBeed, who committed him to jail to action of the grand jury .-isomer* Co., (Jfd.) Advocate, A Seven Cent Murder A difficulty o? a seven Cent Murder Adifficulty ~ .'T^T ?? ?* UVUVMTAIU. lower end of Hanover county, Va., between Richard Carter and Richard Johnson, both colored. Johnson rave Carter seven cenU to bay to bacco, Which Carter claimed to have lost. Johnson charged Carter wtth stealing the ff?n?7> ,,Pwn * filch Carter called Johnson a ? struck Carter, whmfCarter drew f "tabbed Johnson InVMVneck, kill ing bi? almost Instantly. Carteii^k Jail. Thii AantcAN IOTirrra or Homeopatry is holding Its 30th anniversary in Cleveland, Chip. Kearlj every sUte U represented, Pro fnaot XJ. K. Small, of Chicago, presiding. A resolution was adopted condemning the recent act of the Massachusetts Medical Society, and stating that sach action is subversive or free dom of thought in a science which demands the most untrammelled investigation, and aim* a death-blow to any Improvement in medicine. Daisy crushed in blushes" is a sweet new tint. , _ --J horse disease has reappeared in Hart ford, Conn., also. ?TThs Marquis of Bute Is the "last" to an nounce his intention of coming over. *P"A New York social club will include cluba ble women. mrA female gymnasium excites the cariosity of the excluded male sea in Pike county, Mo. .y.1.* K,b?d* Waad, evil-dispoeed striken who distarb those wishing to work are now liable to a fin* off MO, or imprisonment for nine ty days. / What Khali he Dmm wttk tkc It No conclusion bu yet been come to by the Federal authorities aa to what shall be done with Capt. Jack and his followers, captured by Gen. Davis. Army officers here who are per fectly familiar with Gen. Davis, do not lor a moment credit the report that be held out any promises to the Modocs in order to hare them surrender. The orders tabued to him just after the assassination of General Canbv were not to exterminate the Modocs. but that their course bad been such that extermination would be justifiable. When the Indians came out of their hiding places and threw down their arms, the troops of course would ?<* lire upon them, and they were sent ?e tbe rear as prisoners. The question as to whether they shall be tried for their crimes bv a civil or military authority is an open one. In lhe lirst place they have committed murder, which is an offense against the State, and pun ishable with death by the laws of Oregon. On the other hand they hare violated a flag of truce, which is an offence against the rules of war, and can be tried by a military tribunal. Those who are in favor of the Peace policy, ami believe in allowing the Indian to do as he pleases want the Modocs tried by a military tribunal, as in that case the President has to approve the sentence, and they indulge the hope that influence can be brought to bear upon him to induce him to exercise clemency I /?the ot.her J""?d, If the civil authorities of Oregon try them tbe governor of that stafe is the only power t? interf ere. As tbe people of Oregon are not much given to the peace policy, the supposition is that Jack and his followers will be strung up In a short time if they have the trying of them. The Governor of Oregon can make his requisition on the Governor of California for the prisoners. This would be re ferred to Gen. Schofield.who holds them in cus tody, and he in turn would refer the matter to Washington for Instruction, then the President could g ve his directions. There seems to be no doubt that he will order that they be turned over to the state authorities of Oregon for trial and punishment. The Horrible Double Mirkik in Vir Dempsy Jones and her husband's sister, Mrs. liS* ?'? re*idi1I,g ,ln Nanseinoud county, Va., ?^fn rile? from Suffolk, were murdered on last Sunday during the absence of the other members of the family at church. Mrs. Jones' little daughter returning from Sun Jay school with some friends whom she had invitea tot.ike 6r' ?r?*n ,nto the llou,'e 10 apprise her mo ther of the presence of company. To her hor ror she found her mother and aunt lying life-, less on the floor. Their heads had been maslied .Tr1 ? favy white-oak club. The money which they had in their pockets was taken, and the house was searched for more, but the blood thirst\ robbers only found a small sum. The school-house-at which the girls had been at tending religious services?was In sight, and screams soon brought a crowd to the house. ?f. fC w?* tor the murderers, who could "?.,i*ve bee" far away-but although several colored men were arrested on suspicion, there was no proof against them and they were re leased. A dispatch from Richmond says that a negro named brown was arrested in Suffolk on suspicion, but the prooffe being very light, he Subsequently uiimistakaMe f.n, guilt was ascertained in bis house, in the shape of bloody garments, jfco and parties went in pursuit" of him. At the latest accounts he was surrounded in a thicket of woods near Suffolk by several hundred citi zens, and he cannot escape capture. Tbe two old ladies belonged to one of the most re?.Dect \h" part of the anJ tbe feeling that ha* been excited is very intent Mr- W A. Dozler,'

of 1 ortsmouth, \ irginia, a gentleman well known as tba owner of valuable trottinghorst-s. He was at Norfolk intending to participate in a trotting match on Monday when he received the sad Intelligence of his mother's death. | The Lumber Combination. ? The recent failure ol the lumber combination, by wuich i merchants and speculators ha've gone into insolvency, has caused considerable "talk" dealers In that article of merchan dise. A menber ot one of the New Vorks firm* belonging to the combination says the original cause of the failure was the Chicago and Bos ton fires. These calamities might appear at hrst glance, to be beneficial to tEe lumber nar rehiildin^f^hi1* a demand for material in rebuilding, but the contrary was the case for 1 buiMers generally were largely dependent upon advances received from th'e Insurance companies lor the money to carry on their work. After these disastrous rtres thjin panies wer? crippled to heu, the builders with any more money, and as the ?i !f ?C0?U P.V e 8m*"er luiubcr dea'.ers who, in turn, could not pay the larger houses' such as those In the combination, they had been ^^"^tocarry them. The bullingt?2SS for in^H, bee? stagnated, and the demand ?. K.m^r T5ry 8'ack, and when the market was backward tiiey could not force It. A Whirlwind Strikes Chicago. *V which u?J. unwoutodly, and with astonishing constancy, cheered the city during the day, was obscured by inky clouds' which sailed swiftly from the south"w??t in-' northeasterly direction. Rain feTshorUv a?S ^ndeltgthteUwhrichdh,ightVing ****" t0 *ld to ine delights which have been so plentifully Showered upon us this season. Then, without ItT1f?L!??? premonition, came the whirlwind. Its presence was announced by the sudden swaying northward of the roadside trees, whose bud-spangled limbs, bending under the intlu 22?.,?^%! wWind' the ground The? stoutly built houses shook and groaned under the ? v* i shock of which a resident described 48 the stroke of an immense fist against the roof. A glance out the window was ""T^ed, wlUi a view of a mass of rtylng JLIte! fi.1JJ'nf.?r?m a section of sidewalk down to ?ss^sttasfflBrta5,!ss child, daughter of Mr. Frank Bryant, of Can nier, Hart county, commenced the day of Sat urday, the 25th Inst.. in good health and sweet ness, and with good prospects of a long life. ?i?ent in gambols among tbe roses. A bout ten o'clock she brought some mushroom in her hand to ber mother, saying, ''Apples, mammy." Mrs. B. made her throw *1*?',M)t suspecting that she had eaten, Presently she became drowsy, and whs Dut to ntfi/?? ,5ep- About eleven o'clock^ or a Umltff VWUh, 8ick ?tomach and --I -TS.Ci4n was immediately called; ne arrived about twelve o'clock noon, and foand ^wiitb vomUlng, convulsions, cold, clammy skin, dilated pupiu, complete prostration?In a dying. All medical agents and kind offices of friends were unavailing, and at fifteen minutes after three p. m. she was taken hom? Say*l".WiUl thC Kedeemer??LouitvilU ledger, I* the United Presbyterian General Assembly at Philadelphia ye?terday, resolu tions were adopted for the retention of church properties in the control or the assembly bv a provision in the charters of the churches; tore venting alienations of such properties to other denominations; requiring their reversion to the general assembly when the congregation alter their ecclesiastical connections, and that the trustees shall be in full oommunion with the church. The committee on untyu reports! that It is neither expedient or Important to au K delegates of tTe Evangelical "liance k be held in New York, in October, and the re Port adopted. The report on seminaries was adopted. The matter of establishing a normal school among the fteedmen of Tennes referred to the board of freedmen's missions to report on next year, and a resolu the instance of the imperial government. The UMiber explained to his incredulous wuu?.n.^. tl>4t in a certain district of that province the ?courge had existed dor the last sixty years, the efforts of the local government having prevailed only to the extent of confining it within narrow limits and to a few families. A sort of laxaretto had boon established, under the care of~the 8ie> tenor Charity, bat adequate a^^dattou tor the sufferers are still wanting. VCoe, the defaulting Boston broker, had a family extravagantly fond of yW.B. Aalor hassasrt w. P. W.Dana, the aruet in Borne, a i ot the roads i* Plymouth and Read ing, Vt.. were still impassible on Saturday, the a?h tnrtant, on account of snow. **? VBobert Bonner has ordered aa expensive monument tor Fanny Pern. The pedeMal will wnchedtmhftarn!eaves?*" Ul~~ 1,1 ,,f^T rHenry Fairbanks, aged iy Of New York, was she Tfc? (??grcNlMAl Ki?an.?akl! at Rev Irltui. [ Editorial Correspondente of TV .Vtar.] Nrw OllliM, May it, 1873. New Orleans is seeking a panacea for her business debilities as well as her political ills and with a view to getting the government doctors to look into her case, sent a delegation to our Congressional excursionists urging *erv strongly that a visit should be paid there. The Invitation was accepted, and our party, bidding adieu with some regret to hospitable Galveston took passage on one of the Morgan line or steamers to Brashear, from which point we were conveyed, also, by Morgan's railroad to New Orleans. THI NOROAlt LIKL A good deal of outcry is made in the south about the onerous monopoly and exorbitant rates of the "Morgan line" from New Orleans to Texas. It b certainly a pretty cloee monopoly and probably the rates are high, as they are on all southern lines, so far as my experience goes; but it is certain that Charles Morgan ha- l*en, on the whole, so great a benefactor to this region that it is a pity they have not here a few more of the same breed. J\"t the management is model, both on the rail line and on the boats. j? the 5 ' *orKan? by the energy, promptitude and colossal nature of his operations. um L h*ve,?ere*t5^ ? vast business trade which otherwise than through his instrumental ity might have never existoJ, or only been the slow n-owth of years. He purchased, in the ?ailro^!iaCnf bankruPt piece of railroad Ofelghty miles, running from New ?r and conve? it into one of the best railroads in the country. In the StSe..i?ri,5c n' be pu/ in oi"eration a fleet of J**[?t"Class steamers, and made a line of transit between New Orleans and Texas ports that at once served to develop an immense business be tween these points. He has gone on extending his operations until they have reached vast pro* LAVISH*' M tie work ?f an individual, and not of a company. He has now twentv-two iron steamers in the Texas and Louisiana trade about I>,0? tons each, and also has three immense steam ferry-boats running >?? tween New Orleans and ilgier* on the 5|>S? rlTer' whenThis railro^ com and his great manufacturing shops are situated. His road is stocked wiS somV ?iIlll2rCfl car8' aiu* ** tully equipped to carry on the heavy freight operations it U required t?> Twenty-four thousand barrels of freight have been taken into New Orleans in * single day by the Morgan line. ThegrULst trade over it is in cattle, and 1,000 head a dav Uomil work 10 NCW ?r,ean* except BKA8HKAB TO NIW ORLEANS. J he run by rail f rom llrashear to New Or leans is through what is called "the su^ar bowl" of Louisiana, or its rich cane land, and we passed through a continuous succession of cane and rice plantations, though a large pro portion of them were in a state of dilapidation and disuse that told unpleasantly of the busi ness prostration and |>olitical disorder prevail ing in the state. After passing a succession of untnly looking sugar plantations, with mills and tenements in decay or altogether in ruins, a thrifty, well-tilled estate was pointed out near ?>ew Orleans, as the property of Oakes Aoie?< He seems to have had a pretty keen eva ? where a uttle mo ney could be put "to do the most good" in the TsfZt!! purchasing railroads, canals, and real estate. The conntry from Brashear to New Orleans is nearly a flat plain, much of it equa ble or overflow for the cultivation of rice An occasional alligator in the sloughs and biyous cau8e ?b"zz of exclamation from the car-windows, and the eye was delighted bv wav of contrast to this hideous reptile, with acre's upon acres of that most beautiful and frai?r*iif of flowers, the white pond lily. ??*??? **W OKLKAN8 is in a bad way, and the air of gloom and de spondency that has settled upon the city is painf ul to see to those who remember it in its days of gayety and prosperity. Coming from active, cheerful Galveston, the difference is very marked. Since getting here we have m-t the penalty usually inflicted upon those who visit a jarring family; we have had to listen to the heated representations of both the warring political cliques, and if half they 'say of each other is true, It would seem that neither side is tit for power; and that a return to straight-out military rule otters about the only satisfactory solution of the difficulties here. Helloes 1 be" neve to be a well-disposed man, and he^ertain ly gained consttderablerespect from the people of Louisiana by his course as Senator, but Uie process of "counting him in" as elected Gov ernor, was such a burlesque upon election forms that it is not strange that the people here look upon his rule as an intolerable usurpation. Y de not overlook toe fact that great t lauds were perpetrated on the other side, and that the McKnery party is loaded down with odium for the mirderois outrtgS. upon tbe colered people; but two wrongs dcTSot make a right, and it was the duty of the repub lican party, especially, to set an example of in tegrity and fair dealing in election matters. It u i!?<1 1 Congress will not agaiu weaklv shuttle ofl the responsibility of dealing directly with the Louisiana muddle. The men? bers here now admit, so far as I have talked with them, that a great mistake was made in Blurring the question over at the last sessiou. TH? WAITS o* NEW ORLKAKD. But New Orleans is laboring under a compli cation of disorders, and her business prostration is due partly to other causes as well as her political troubles. It is doubtful if the city will ever again see the flush tim< s of the past, when the Mississippi did the grett carrying trade of the Mississippi valley through the gates of New Orleans, and when the ro- inda of that great caravansea, the St. Cha js Hotel, was the social and business exel uge of the world. Now the railroads Inter** ;ing the ML^i^sinni have diverted a vast port: n of the trade that u*ed to follow the river d< vn to New Orleans hollL ?. rCBCen.t Clt7ha ?ot abandoned the hope ot a restoration ^f all Its bumnni glory, through the revival ,f water traSS^ uon as a rival to the rail. But flrst the navi mi' Mississippi j iust be improved at Its mouth; for New Or lea us knows that when the entrance to her harbor is so shallow and ut certain that, as at this time, a British ship has been lying for two week*, at the bar, unable to get in, and two outward bound grain-laden ves sels have been detained bout the same length V-Fl?' *? cannot e^pcct the trade of the world to come to her jrves. How to make a good serviceable and j ermanent channel iu place of the half dozen shallow and shifting ejdtsoftheriverto the GuUis the queetion! J^nf^1?,^?0?1? here h8ve D0 behefln the pos uh"'5 **cb nnel of any o( ? toting ?oM j, bhonj by the fact thit ^ a Eult lB fkvorlng the St Philip canal project, which pn? poses to Intercept the river af>ove the p r:??" V ? ?V.VW|?? Wio iiTW ttuuve LUC DajMM about six miles below Fort St. Philip, and make a passage aooss a strip of alluvium to the deep waters of the gulf. The ConmsJ menwho went down, per steamer tothe piB868 were rttbfr rironiblY (inDpiMMi Sif ?s 5 SS n^?eth* J1??-*-*!1?*** currwt, Md thereby bottom de thnw|h 97,900,000, bat it will doubtless cost1 a 42*15! taftUlaai] Yesterday, therefore, I < 3 ^?of the clerks <fthiSt.Ckiil?-*hi by-the bye are not of "?or* rsWiia of I Itai VM fartlj ? i Ol Mlvcry by >*w lou, June 4.?A special from Houston. Tem, aa> ? a band of armed desperadoes ?nr _ . VlN. KOCHLSrn, Jut 4?The boot and shoe _lanofartorr of J. T. Stewart * Sou wan d? aeojed by Art tbia moraine. Tbe km la eati jsxsslzzl & of tbe bridge over tbe Oraamn river ? EMMbnrMUwMi tk? UM Mr. H?W, a* UwbBtttOaTeiaoi of Son Scotia. Imuimre to Salut Bbokbu.?tm ggfrr Octrty t. J.H * ?*? refuaed to traaa Wf it tl ilia. He tkn Hul tHaaa I n fl^ Aiatrict cwt, when tbe eolt ^ dlaLtetd % public policy. An a^teaV^a.'igH jSWr >e eoartff>MlK0lSoS5oi Su be hamitd to tbe aoveraor tHa*. 1 and partly through street* occapied br reai dencea, bat everywhere 1 noticed the aune uni versal nuisance of surface gutter# reeking with ??ery species of Alth. At one moment tbe no*e was delighted with tbe heavy fragrance of tbe jna*nolia, the oleander, and tbe rich flower* thai crowd the (anion* here at thia aeaaon. and the next it was saluted by the inrernal sicken inj efflaTli, from Uiew foul gutters! It i? id* nutted that the cholera has already some toot hold In the city, yet not a hand is raised jo clean out theae disease breeders. 1 aaw bu?i nem. men seated in tbe ahade in front of their stores, directl* OTer these sluggish currents of tilth, seemingly unaware of the existence of the nuisance. Some of the citiaens do appreciate it, however, and one of them remarked in mv ' w !?j *.,,lo,,U, of Ben BuUer : "e is devilish, but he is potent." The fact Is that Butler, in tne time he controlled here, showed r? U^.T. ?*/?*ReVC ?nfore????>t ?f sani( nrv 110 D**1 whatever whv New Orleans should be given up every summer to r' 1 "*re w*a ??t ? case of it * ?Le *",n1n,er he 'Bled here, and a tells me that he kept these same reeking gut ~ c??fn "that one might drop a wLte handkerchief into them without soiling it ?? On approaching the ice-taotory. ito ai>i?ar f*?* WM *' unlike its mission tliat 1 concluded l had got on the wrong track, until reassured. Chimneys, smoke-stacks amLsteam pipes were in ful blast outside the immAseb?K.7?S *' most conspicuous objects pre re^* ?' ^-mouthed engine-tires. *. high-pressure Mississippi *eam immewt Tfct" of bot water but. a vefv ,ur??u" r?? It seemed a very unlikely place to make ice. Penetratin* fssst J'1? "*** BMUn building, is-i feet m ?hwf'.? * ?fre*t net worV of pipes. fi*?dlfterenl P0'01* inth< rvK)rn, ex panded iato ice-covered tentacles reaching out to the different compartments of the ai* ice machines in operation. ,wT,h<Lproof? of making ice followed here is 7k / FtotFaraday, through the liquid gas ol ammonia, and a* the !ifsss!* vert*d11,1,1 over a>Kl over again with trifling waste, the cost of this mate f' )K 001 Kre*t- The heavier expeuse is in the operation of distilling the mu<ldv river "?***? P-rtfy it and clear Tt of caJSjcaSS *w the use of the heating ism ratua and the immense vats we had mwii Th? drilled water is convey^ to tin ^TuVds ca KftL0' holding cakes of Ice K inches long, to inches thick, weighitw !n P?rt9- Th?8* nioulda are then placed w*?? J,"1 m comI,.*rl?"ents tilled with salt water (which does not freeze) and the applica tion ot ammonia is then made through the branching tubes above mentioned, heavifvcoat- ' ed externally with white ice, Indicative br the temperature within. The ice commences tor ru toS^jn!i^W ol tbe moul,is. tree/ing rapidlv towards the center; and at the end ot tour ho ir> the cake is solid The mould is then taken f rom the Machine dipj.ed in a vat ot hot water to detach the cake, which Is then shotout u^n ??'?V0rnV * bt*"ti,ul hliK k ot compact Ice f ?S l*? C CV'* smooth in surface as French plate glass. It seems difficult to believe mi^l i"'e;that i? the product of the inuddv Mississippi water one sees simmering in the vats ter took this frigid lorm in this sultrv atmos phere with the magnolia showing ite white blos soms at the oi>eii windows. The ice-cakes as they are taken from the molds, are piled one above another, until a square cakw^re !^eZ1|,,gi to?et^er ? ???*i these larger cakes are wheeled away to the-Unre st.?rT ?!2TLl?<Ul'ilCe,lt\Ca,,*,,'e 01 *C<V,mn?Klamfg t..ogo tons; from whence the ice is taken out h? wagona tor the citv supply, or for tr^Virt^. i?*? ?f *l?y to? "ei7 ^ hours^ but cat! in the coo-i weather of mid-winter, maka ashifh asss sr. tractive crxstallme appearance ?,< some deleterloa?' properties Thi? nrah. a would not aeem to be ielltoundL MPthi o,dT thing done to the water is to distil it wherebv it is made somewhat purer tl^ ?pr U or ukJ water; but it is probable that it i^end^ somewhat taste lev by the operation S account for the objection to it This ie? & * worked by a ?ock company, and hz been m operation about five years. A FAST riHIRAL. We went out yerterday by a Canal street car to the cemeteries on the outskirts ot the citv The famous shell-road leading out to I.ake Pontchartrain runs by the street car track, and on this ahell-road was a firemen's funeral pro cession. It was the fastest funeral I ever saw nearly rivaling that at Oid Cambridge, as de scribed by Durivage. It would ?eem that the hearse horses must have run with "a masheen" previously, and thought they were heading tor a hre instead of a cemotory for they pulled out at a tremendous rate, and the whole Draw-,?i, went thundering after them at a two-tortv v" a"':?*' Arw, ,.;,L"s,rr.r,j?? K IK " Ur" meiitr hS""t!".?? ?" his Lixe, occupied a no-top bu?*v <ot pearly a* red in the face as the color ot^?? efforts to force his wheexy nf fkeep up With the procession. Some ol the firemen who were belated, or who w*r# unprovided withcarnages, rStoout ?n if H the>" insisted that our dri ver should keep np with the funeral. This made it ^ best^ Ume on S^^'Of laborers were employed all whee'mK ?*rth to till up the old S J1 and it waa interesting to hear our driver yell to thei.i to clear the tr?5k,as we went^.r !?* up with the funeral. We reached y ln ????? to join the prooeasion a Orleirs. in one of Uiam oveng the coffin Pu"hed the priest uttered a tew rapid wordU and the old ;?xton, with an expedition acquired V .Teuiyl T# y**?' Pr?ctice, closed up the mouth of tbe cavitv with brick and mortar: a brother fireman, who from his facilitv ot hand ? >^"wAta*>an, came forward ana with m me swift lines in the soft mortar worked out Jie name of tbe deceased; and then -on returned to their carriages, which, bov ever acattered, some going towards ai* ' some to tbe city, whileoUiers(con tuinlng wonen and children) pauiod at a road w- ^ Wher* "?n*^^-advtSS We aaked jut car conductor if that was the or a Dn TELEGRAMS TO TEX STAB ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORT*. 1MB WALWi Niw Tor* June 4?A resAdeat Of Mvr-Mn. Watwortii. Ike viA of _ killed vestrrdav by his aon. was a Mm Belly Hardee, dtuktfr of Cat Hardee, af Kntirkv, who wu killed in the battle of Bu*aa Vista. Alter the death of the Coloael hi* wife vent to Chancellor Walworth, the father at the mar dered man. to settle some content about the of the late Colonel. It ended by the Chancellor the widow This aa lv brought the daughter, Nolly, and Mai Tracy Walworth _ COMTKTIT TOOBTHEA, and the remit was that they were the course of a year Walwortti began Indulging habitually iu iutoxlcaUon and became brutal in the treatment of hi* wife, and on some r rnia ?truck her Thia treatment continued until the outbreak of the late war, when Walworth, through bis lather, obtained * position ia the State de|>artment. at Washington. ami hi* wave were improved. It was then discovered that Walworth was using the mean* his position t urniahed him with to give aecret mint aauon to the Confederate author!tic* of what war transpiring in the North. He waa arreted and n*T TO TBE OLD CAFITOL rilfol, but waa released through the inflaence of hia fatber and allowed to go to Saratoga, where ho made a report to tha authoritiea every day an til the clone oi the war la the aManttase hie lather #ed, leaving nothing to hia aon or <1 sligh ter-in-law. and the lormer resumed hi* old Mb - its. Hia conduct at lenrth became un >k aralde, and Mm. Walworth left him and shortly pro. cured A WTOM. Sheobta ned a rotation aaclerk in the Treas ury department. In Washington, where die re mained lor two year*, and tlien went to Kara toga and openeJ a young ladiea* *eminary. It waa while she waa there that she began to re ceive letter* front Walworth, threatening and insulting her, and making ou* rageou* charge* againat ner. It waa tbeee letter* whichcaused the aon to leave hia home and commit the hor rible act. J l'EATB OF THE BrBPEBED MA*. one oi the doctor* who attended on the mar dered man, aaid that when be went up atair* to room Ml, he fonnd Mr. Walaorth waa not yet dead. He waa lying on the rt?or. with hts I on the carpet, and gasping HI* pulse gave < or two pulsations alien the doctor took hi* i iu hia hand and then ato|>|>e< oitipl>-telv Blood wa* from a wound it In* l.-rt breaat f I torn bia aim He diod in about a ?|? of a minute after the doctor went into the niom. He waa ahortly afterward* placed upon a bod. THE CO*\Btt*ATIOB W HK.I l?Bk.tBI>BO TIB suootibo. The doctor say* that young W*1 worth ? ben brought into the room reported tlie conversa tion between himaelt and lather tha* i Walworth, the aon, standing liefora hi* i A'brr '? \ ou hare again written letters t ? my mother, threatening both her life and mv ? ?n WiM you aolemnly promise never t?. make *uch threat* again'.' Walworth (the lather 1 do m*ke that (?romiae. Walworth (the MB):?Tan have also r<-f>ea'od the insult made to mv motli'-t I??? \ou pr*msa never to use Insulting language to luy laothet again. Walworth (the father)?I do ni ike each promise. Walworth (the son)?lira* itif the revolver and |iointmg it at hi* father?**\on have made that promiae before. and I do in<i believe you, you ahall never hare the op|*>ri .uity oi doing k> agai n," and then the firing took plaje without a momenta interval or hesitation. A I O?T MOKTKX on the body of Mausfield Tracy Walworth took place to-day. Deceased wa* a strong, muscu lar, healthy man. about 13 year* old. Tha bal let entering the right-aide waa found lodgod in the rib* under the shoulder. The bullet cater ing the left arm waa louad flattened on the bone* of the arm, which were com pletely ah al tered The bullet which entered near the right ear could not be found without taking the head to piece*. UIMEAL Bias* To BX Yleai VAN RIABB A ? A > . FLAIB. New- York. June 4.?General Van Karen ha* written another letter, in which ha say*- "A more indefensible outrage than thia treatment of himaell and hia associate miaMoner* by the preaa of thia country he cant conceive. Contracts for covering tha vard and for addition to the machiat Vienna, said by a correspondent to hare given upon an agreement that lira waa to have been para to having charge of tR job, were awarded by Mr. McElratb. whoaat in judgment on f hoc late*. He say* that all charge* base fabrication*, and that neither mil man ahall wrest from him with impunity the spoHesa reputation of a life." MKBrHia, June 4 For tha disease has prevailed here which the ph at first pronounced cholera morbus or r'ever, but no alarm waa felt until when the physicians generally agra waa cholera, some classing it "sporadic other* aa Asiatic Thus far ita ravage* have been confined to negroe* and laboring classes, and in the aboeuce of an organiaad board of i am bar af CI da readily est victims health it ia difficult to estimate the fatal caaea. The doctor* aay the if promptly attended to, to treatment. Among the waa George Moore, of the Memphis and Louisville Transfer Company, who died last night. K? port* from a town below bore on the river aay the dlseaae prevaila there alao. There ia but little excitement in rerard to it. e Dcatnettve Mre la Bhi<i IslaaC Pbovidrvcb, K I., June 4.?A large Are la now raging iu Kiver Point, Ehode Island, 13 miles from Providenoo. An extensive ra< and other buildings have boon already ha and the fire threaten* to destroy the place. The mayor of Providence baa I I] uested by telegraph to send steam I which have gone forward. Naw Yobb, June 4?A dispatch from Kit Point. K. 1., 12:30 p. m , say*. "It is thought the entire village will be i The villagers are removing their chattel* ou all sides. The greatest tioii prevail* among the people. The lorn ap to the present time must be over several hundred thousand dollar*. It has uot yet boon discov ered ho* the fire originated. orrras fob nonos to-dat. New Y'obb, June 4?There were eight < >t bond* to-day amounting to BM7 fitn, at I lUA?toll7.4?. U BO BOB MACIMIBALD, the Bank of England forger, was taken from Fort Columbus this forenoon and put en board the steamship Minnesota, which sailed at noon, in charge of two London police ottoera. TBB OOVBBBBEBT o-day bought a half a million bonds, at L13J? to llt-,44. Bostob, Jane 4?Mayor Pioroa,ia a to the city council, reroinmawdi reform in lire department by aa increase of tha and providing additional safeguards tires. Some forty representatives of insurance companies, at a roted that policies be make exorbitaat moral of goods, or aay claim fbr was not actually necessary by Bra In the building from which tha ?ad, or la a bsliding adjaaaat to tt. Pei LADBLr bi a, June 4.--The' John Brown & Sob, on ^ took tre this morals,* at o mala baitdlag was fetaji. building had a ftrjj m m (Bat, c k??~? 'Va*toymewt to MO hand lom is esOaaa^g ^ ^mj?. Tha total A * Sons' mills la gUO AMi_Ua ?146AM, of which ?**,*? tola.

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