Newspaper of Evening Star, 4 Haziran 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 4 Haziran 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STA^ | W??AV?- J 4, W?. LOC>T^ fTEWS. r . ?B4rn<M>il LaraK M'; ' - ff. Downman in the |?n?r*l agent in ttlC iltokt of the Life In* a ranee Company ot Virginia. See advertisement. . The Hope Pleasure Club hope to hare a pleanant time at their pic-nic at the 7th street park this evening. _ Colombia rommanderv, No. 2, and I)e Molav Commander*. No. 4. Knight* Templar, gave a crand drew parade, inspection and review yes (erdaT afternoon, on l?ui*iana avenue, near the City Hall, and made a tine appearance. The second annual commencement of the law clam of Georgetown College will take place this evening at m o'clock, at l.Tncoln hall. The Attorney General will be the orator of the evening", and the President and Cabinet will attend. Mr. W. C. Magee. whose death was noticed in yesterday'* Star, was not the proprietor of the K-street Bowling Saloon. Mr. Magee formerly owned that establishment, which is now owned hv Mr. C. G. Eckloff. At the time of his death Mr. Magee was the proprietor of the Excelsior saloon, on 14th street. The residents of south 7th street complain that the omnibusses ami express wagons leaving the wharf on the arrival of the mail boats in the afternoon are driven at a break-neck pace, en dangering the lives of persons who raav be cross ing the ?treet at that hour. An advertiser who pnt a small "for rent"' notice in TriKtar a day or two since marked far "one month" writes in reference to it this ?aorning as follows: "Take out and send bill to ?se. Don't fail to take out. for the confounded thing has bothered me nearly to death. More than two handred thousand people have been after me." T A VrBDEB. la a Frightful Manner. ?ery Doubtful. A telegram wasreceive<i at police hea lquarters this morning to the effect that a white man named -Joseph Smith was lying on l>oard the schooner Mayflower with his head crushed in a frightful manner. The boat lies some Ah) yards from the 12th street fish wharf, and it was ascertained that the injured man is a fish erman just up from the fishing shores, near Fort ^ aehtngfon; that last nignt three white aaen went on board his boat and beat him fear fullv. When found this morning his eves were protecting from his head, and hit body was Mangled and lying in a pool ot blood in his berth, where two or his teeth' were also found. LlTIR. The injured man, whose name is Joseph Smith. was evidently attacked by burglars, who it is thought mistook the Mayflower for the yacht belonging to the Americus Yacht Club, and intended to get the silver plate recently presented to the club. They broke open the close's and searched them, leaving Smith sense less with his head horribly crushed. He was brought oft this mortii'ng. T>r. Boarman is of the opinion that the wounds are mortal. Officer Brock early this morning arrested a man named Tolson. in a boat, with a quantity ot' tea ot> board, but it was subsequently ascertained that a store had been robbed in Alexandria. John Henry Rollins, Joseph Kskridge, and Randall Henson, were also arrested l>y Lieutenant Gessford's men to-day on suspi cion. The wounded man has been sent to the Providence Hospital. There was one wound, apparently by an axe. on the top of bead, crushing the" bone, and the jaw-bone was also broken. Officers Burns took the surterer to Providence Hospital, and on the way obtained such information from the injured man as lead bim to believe who the parties were, and on his return he gave this information to Lieutenant Gessford's men. and aidt-d in the arrest of the three above named parties. ?r?t of Health. XLK? TfOS "F OFKK ERS?TKV1SAJH.E*?AM*AL9 at lar<;k, Ac. At the meeting of the Board of Health last ?ight, the committee on ordinances, was re quested to rei-ort an ordinance in reference to manure-pits. Mr. Marbury reported that the matter of FAYlSio THR ?? A KB AO R MKN had l?cen turned over to hiui by the controller of the District, and that the pay of these men for the last four months had l?een given to them at a very siu tll discount by Mr. Sticknev, who was unwi'.lmg to continue paving them'unlfs* he *aw a prospect of reimbursement. He uraei that an appropriation ot 97.0M deficiency, for the payment of these men, shou.d l?e attended to in the Legislature. RRP<>RT?. The weekly report of the health officer was presented, "bowing 17 new cases of sratll pox and .1 deaths; .'MK nuisances reported and lf7 abated; Vi dead animals removed, garbage complaints of nnUances abated; inspections of 7,42.1 bunches of fish. 7.s?*> shad, 24-1 .Am her rings. Ill' sturgeons. cral*. 4o.i??> clams, ?? bushels oysters, of which bunches ot fish, bVX?i herrings. J.rsm crabs, and clam* had been condemned. Also the following condem nations of unwholesome food, 3*<7 pounds of beef. 173 pounds of mutton and lam>>. 64 pounds Of veal. MI pound-of corned beef, Jfcc. The report of the coroner was presented for the month, and showed that ten cases had beeu viewed by that officer. THR W AR AOAtXST >TISA*i RS. The health officer -aid many buildings in the city wonid have to be abandoned unions a pro per system of sewerage was instituted. Many cellars were overflowed; other residences were wninhabitable in consequence of ponds of stag nant water in the close proximity to them. A resolution was adopted requiring'the two tene ment shanties in Cullinane's alley, in square 49*. between H and I and 4 if and ' th streets southwest, which areia a filthy ami dilapidated condition, leaky roof, no ventilation, drainage, or water supply, and infected with small pox, (12 cases having occurred since I>ecember last.) to be abated as a nuisance, according to law. Also one declaring the two frame buildings in allay between 7th and *th *"d E and it streets aout'heast, of which Win. Nottingham, esq., is ?gent, as nntit for human habitation and a nui sance injurious to health; ordered to be abated. The old brick house known )i* "Castle Thun der." on N street, between 4'^ and ?:th south west. was ordered to be abated as a nuisance, it having defective and cracked walls, broken window arches. Jkc. RLRCTfO* <?* nrrirRRS. The board proceeded to an election of offioers far the ensuing two years, and I>r. C. C. Cox was reflected president, Dr. 1>. W. Bliss secre tary. John Marbury, Jr., treasurer, Dr. I>. W. Bliss health officer. ANIMAL* AT LABOR. Dr. Bliss moved that the committee on ordi nance* be instructed and authorized to draft an ordinance to prevent the herding ami grazing Of domestic animals on vacant lots, public re servations. or in the streets, avenues, or alleys Of Washington ami Georgetown; adopted. o Asm al Krvirw or the D. C- Militia General orders. No. 12, just issued from the executive office. Washington. D. C., June, U as follows: ??The troops comprising the militia of the the District of Columbia, fnlly uniformed, armed, and eqmpped, will amemble at half Bt 4 o'clock on Thursday afternoon, the 12th at the Olympic ball grounds, for inspec tion, review, and para<le. The senior officer Cesent will assume command, aad the inspec >n will begin promptly at 5 o'clock. The com ?Minding officers of the regiment and battalions hereinafter constituted, and the officer in com mand of the Washington Artillery, will, upon reporting, submit a statement in writing of the aamber of their respective commands. A sa lute of w runs will be tired by a detachment of the Washington Artillery upon the arrival on the grounds of His Excellency, the Gov ernor. Pursuant to the authority conferred in section M, of the act -to provide for the organization aad discipline of the Militia of the District of Columbia.'* approved August 19, 1*71, bat talions as heretofore formed and recognized are rob this date discontinued, and will be here after as follow*: 1st Regiment?Companies A, B.aad D of the Washington Light Infantry, the Washington Light Guard, the Corcoran Zouaves, the Grenadier Guards, and the Georgetown City Grevs. i?t Battalion?The Butler Zouaves, the Territorial Guards, and the Stanton Guards. 1st Battalion of Cavalry? The Pi art tent's Mounted Guards and the Governor's Mounted Guards. The regiment aad battalions, as above constituted, and the Washington Artillery, will form the first brigade of the National Guards of the District Of Columbia. U ntil the election of field officers, the regiment aad battalions created by this ?rder, will be under the command of the senior oAcers thereof, respectively; and, with a new Os the selection of said officers with an little delay an practicable, saeh officer commanding ? regiment or battalion will, wlthia one week attar the inspection and review,order a meeting of the Captains aad Uoatenaats of his com mand for the pnrpoee ot holding an election of hie id and staff officers, as preocrlhed hy the act of the Legislative Assembly hereinbefore erred to. Ky ooma?aad of His BxneUoacy U O. C. Jf." A Daaanocs Lrratic?Lam eight a man giving hie earns ae William Klrh applied to pottee bend quartern for aaststaaae in aooortlng snsttsr srus *?$&? rakllc IchMl EianlMtiMH. THI WHITE SOHOOL*. First Ihitnct?Secondary School No. 8, Miss Sarah E. Gihbs, teacher, was examined yester day afternoon by Trustee* Hart and Stuart, in th< rrmnrit of" a number of spectators. This to one of the high secondary schools of the dis trict, aad of the 41 pupils on the roll at least one-half of them are qnalified for an inter mediate school. The examination yesterday was satisfactory. The following honors were conferred: Schq^ medal, to Edith Blackistoa; diplomas for scholarship to Rebecca Cook, Catharine Holtsman, Mary Alice Curl, Mary Susan Cherry, Addie W. Hazel. Lizzie C. Rub sam; diplomas for deportment, Catharine P. I Westeott. F.lizabeth Reyburn, Cora E. Gibson; diplomat for punctuality, Ella Larman, Martha Woodley: diploma for penmanship, to Maggie E. Leavy; diploma for vocal music, to Bettie Hurdle. The gold medal awarded in the spel ling contest oAbis grade of ?chool? in the First district was awarded and also presented yester day to Hattia E. Haupt roan. of this school. Primary No.l4,in the same district, at the cor ner of acth and R street*.Miss Macfarland teach er. was also examined by the name trustees. This school has 40 boys and 29 girls, and is one of the new primaries for young children. The follow ing honors were conferred: John Walton, the school medal; diplomas for scholarship, Freu. Ralim, Harry l>enney, Otto Eckstein, John Sin clair; diploma for scholarship and music, Annie Davidson; diploma for scholarship and pciimau ship, Clara Serrin; for de|>ortment, Joseph Israel, Ekin Crlswell; punctuality, Sallie Cis sel. Female Secondary. No 4, In this district, was examined bv Trustee Harris. This school is taught bv Mis* Dora Brown, and all of the pupils will be transferred to a higher school next \ear, which shows they have not been idle during the past one. The medal of honor was a* anted to M is* Sarah Seward, and diplomas for attendance, deportment, music and scholar ship were awarded as follows: Lizzie Collins, Ella Tiller, Ro?a Bnrgess, Katie Kane, Susie Wyvill. Fstella Nichols, Bertha Shaw, A<ia Waugh. Marv Gibson. Katie McGuire. Ella Main, Edith "Turton, Lizzie King, Johanna Maloney. Hannah Michaels, Carrie Johnson. Sfrana Ih*trtct.?iSecondary School No. 12, second district, Miss Matilda King, teacher, was examined yesterday by Mr.G. F. McLellati, Hon. Horatio King and "Prof. Daniel. This school is composed of 4t'> girls, and so rapidly have they improved that all will be transferred to the first grade secondary, and a few will be passed np one more grade to the intermediate schools. The premiums were awarded as fol lows: Medal? Eva C. Rothery. Diplomas for attendance?Mary C. Hartbrecht, Josephine A. Hartbrecht, Blanche MacMurray, Minnie Moran, Sarah Traiu, Amelia Peyser, Kate Schweetzer, Amelia Helder. Attendance and deportment? Margaret Train, Dora MacMur rav, Delia East, Ruth Salkeld, Minnie Kneesi, Ella Donn. Deportment?Henrietta Hartogensis. Fannie V Clark. Ella Johnson, Ma Dorsey, Fannie 8. Tower, JenniA Perkins. Deportment and scholarship?Adelaide E. l.ans dale. Scholar-hip?Josephine Diebitsch, Eliza Ellis. Agnes E. Stewart, Minnie Bayliss, Car rie Baker. Penmanship?Emma Kirk. Vocal music?Charlotte E. W. Calhoun. Secondary No. 11, Miss Sewell, was exam ined by Mr! Dietrick. assisted by Major Frazer, and passed a creditable examination. There were present 41? boys, 27 ot whom are recom mended for transfer. The premium list was announced as follows: Medal?Edward Woltz. Scholarship?George W. Dorsey, Maurice Un burn, Oscar Nauek. John Prinkett, John C. Weidman, Henrv E. Amos. Deportment? Frank Henry, Robert W. Talks, Theodore K. Nelson. Attendance?Wm. E. Wise, Ira K. Moore. Wm. MeCristal. Penmanship?Henry Newmeyer. Music?Edgar Nelson. This sclnwl is taught in a rickettv trame building on l*th street, between P an<l Q, totally untit for school purposes. Miss Kate Brown's school, located in the di lapidated building on :'th street, (Male .Second ary, No. 9,) was examined by Trustee Wood ward. There are 35 iiames on the roll, ang 34 pupils were present. They will all be trans ferred to a higher grade. The premium list was as follows: Medal? c.eorge M. Kent. At tendance?I oh ii L. Lange and Walter H. Ste phens. lieportment and scholarship?lames W. Tubman and Robert A. Wind. Depart ment?Robert B. Webb and .loseph M. Pratlier. Scholarship?Arthur M. I ?onaldson, George E. Bayli>s. Stanley Baker, and William A. Fnr mage. Penmanship?Charles H. White. Vocal music?Thomas J. Martin. Honorably men tioned?Edward J. MeCristal, James F. Hil b is, and Edward P. Crump. 1'emale Primary. No. 16, was examined bv ex-Trustee McLellan. This school numbers 75 girls, only one absent, and they made a very good showing. The premiums were awarded :ts follows: Medal?Lizzie J. McGinsey. Attend ance and Dej?ortment?Margaret Green. De portments Eliza M.O'Connell,Alice V. Hughes, -lennie Appier, Margaret Lesh, Pauline Ellis, Sarah Tbecker, Eva Belle Fearson, Marv Sil vers, Eva Donan, Lauia Newmeyer. K inula L. Moog. Scholarship?Ellen Sheeny, Marv New meyer, ? arrie Jackson, l^ouiaa Lefevre, Fannie MeCristal. Marv Slough. Penmanship?Emma Fisher. Vocal Music?lennie Kennedy. Primary No. 14, Mrs. Walker, wa? examined bv Mr. M'cLellan. There are ?*'< pupils in this school, 04 of whom were present, and all of them up to the standard for transfer to the next higher grade. The premium list was as fol lows: Medal?Helen M. Cooper. Attendance, deportment, and scholarship?Roeabella Frank lin. Attendance and deportment?Mary Cal houn and Catharine Doyle. Attendance?Susie ?I. Griffin, Annie N. Billups, Josephine Knorr, KateM. Hammond. Deportment and scholar ship?Christina Rul>enacker, Ixiuisa Ehrhardt, Anna H. Lruehl. Deportment?Susan E. Ellis, Mary J. Biilups. Katie E. Major, Jessie F. Ma jor, Josephine King, Lydia Belle Dutton. Addie Johnson, I.illie Clements, Mary Nott, Susan V. Dt van. Scholarship ami vocal music?Catha rine Wilson. Scholarship?Adelaide Hollidge and Sarah E. Hollidge. TKtnl Dirtrict.?Mr. Scott examined Primary 13 yesterday, consisting of K7 boys, in charge of Miss Dodge'. The inedal was awarded to David M. Kobeitson; diplomas for deportment, to Wilber Bender, Edward Chase, Henrv Get*, John Erlach.Wm. ilorgan, Edward Cooper. Wm Pohlers, John Haght, George Phelps, and James S. Woodward; for scholarshin, to Thos. Robinson, Edward Place, Robert M irtin, Geo. Campbell, <ieorge Austin, William Chester, Henry Shli ley, waiter Bland, and Chas. 11 ar tel, for penmanship, to Wm. Campbell. Miss r annv Crosby's school was examined by Mr. Dulin. This school now numbers 4s, and 27 have been transferred during the year. The premiums were awarded as follows: Medal, to Waite E. Brown; diplomat, to Henry Ardeeser. attendance and scholarship; Frederick l.eoti harns. attendance; George Mellis. Edwin Spear, Kdward Lou\man, deportment and scholar ship; Edward Hierllng, Emanuel Pifterling, George McCullen. scholarship; John Heller, improvement in vocal music; Isaiah Thompson, improvement in |>eiiman?hip. Primary No. 17, (Miss Kelley's school,) num bering-V; girls and bovs, was examined by Mr. W. B. Moore. The school Is located on Mary land avenue, between 1st and 2d streets, and has three grades of pupils. The premiums were awarded as follows: Medal to Ida Tribby. Diplomas for attention, deportment, and scholarship?Mary Kelly, Michael Kennedy, Marv Metz, Annie McGrann, Angeline Gtii selli, Michael Smith. For deportment? Edward Hughes, Lulu weidieldt. Nellie FiUsimmons, Charles Tribby. El wood Howard, Margaret Parkinson, Marv Morris. For penmanship Mary Torney. For vocal mosic?Martha Kauf man. Miss Emma Van Doren's school (primary 18) was examined at 7th and A streets northeast yesterday by Mr. Allen, and the pupils passed a fair examination. This school is a mixed one of 63 pupils. The premiums were awarded as follows: Medal to Carrie Isabella Isham. Diplomas to Florence Virginia Ellis for scholar ship, deportment and music; Julia Ann Adams tor scholarship and deportment; Agnes L. Was ney for scholarship, deportment and penman ship; Ann Eliza McElroy for scholarship and deportment; Mary Amelia Teuber for scholar ship; Albert S. Houghton for scholarship. F- urth District?Male primary, No. 3, Miss Ellen Halliday teacher, located In the Jefferson building, was examined by Trustee AtLee yes terday, assisted by Key. Mr. Shannon. Many of the parents of" the children were present, and all were well pleased with the neat appear ance of the children and their orderly deport ment. The number on the roll is 72, and ?V re ported present. The exercises consisted of the primary studies. A recitation by Graat Guth rie was very well delivered. The medal was awarded to Nymps Jones and diplomas to the following: For scholarship, Henry Martin, Grant Guthrie, John Qroener, Edward Champ lln, Robert Impey, and Wm. Halliday; deport ment, George Shannon, Mendrun Wood, Henry Blunt, Salvador Hobbs, Monroe Parker, Leldy Depru, Morris Solomon, John Cox, and Wm. Walker. Miss Halliday is one ef oar oldest pri mary teachers, and the degree or excellence in all the studies taught in this grade, and the good conduct ot the pupils, show her to he a valuable teacher. The penmanship diploma was awarded to Alexander Wood, and attend ance to John Kearney. Female priamry So. 9, VIM I?ttie Laces teacher, located In the Greenleaf building, on ?* street southwqst, fourth school district, was examined at i o'clock p. m. yesterday by Trns ***_ Champiin. The exercises consisted of the cherne, "Gathered once more," followed by of the pnpils In reading, arith metlc tables, questions on the map ofWashing tan^epelling, numeration, ciphering and analy *? ttgures. The medal wm ^p K?born; diplomas Hattie Fisher, Barbara Welgel, Laura Shack, elford Mary Whltaker, Katte S^ingand Vslva Money; fbr attendance and dVportrSent Sarali Beall,_JuliaBeall, Matty Barke, Wel thj Thyer. M axy Thayer ^scholarship _ Bettie Davis, Jaae Baker, Liflie Keppler, Laura Mul len. Mary Javins. M aerie Reiser, depertmeut Jrena Bender. KatleNewtand. Lee Mnekaboe, Aim May AtLee, Annie Bradley, Ella Bock, EUea Canaedy awl Adele Kern. The cmidren i all a heaaUfal i fair to make a most valuable teacher. The ex ercise* In mental arithmetic were very grind, and a new and good thing introduced here U the map of Washington, a local and valuable study. In addition to these the trustees awarded a medal to Mary Moffat, who was transferred from her own school some time since, in which she doubtless would have been the medal schol ar. The teacher also gave a hook to each of the following puplla for remaining at the head of their respective classes for two consecutive monthsWinnifred Kilborn, Mary Javens, and A. M. AtLee. Female Primary No. 4, Miss Gray, in the Jefferson building, was examined yesterday af ternoon by Mr. AtLee, and was' found to be fully opto the average, the pupils answering all questions with promptness. There were sixty-two pupils on the roll.-sirtv-oweof whom were present The awards were as follows: Medal?Annie Miller. Diplomas: Attend ance?Mareb K. Parker. Deportment?Alice McDade, Hortense Whiting, Rosa Huchler, An nie BTedekamp, Adelle J. Hammett, Esther M. .Jacobs, Carrie E. Kiley, Clara L. Walsh, Vir ginia Grinder. .Scholarship?Annie O'Donnell, Nettie Harlow. Celia Stein, Maggie Larcombe, Amelia Fuld, Bertha Oppenheimer. Penman ship? Kin ma V. Mclntire. Music?Rebecca Stein. Female Primary No. 8, Miss Clara Worrell teacher, located in the Greenleaf building, was examined by Trustee Crook at 3 o'clock yester day, a large number of spectators being pres ent. Fifty-seven of the tifty-eigtit pupils on the roll Were present, and acquitted them sejves with credit. *In March last twentv-tive of the moet advanced pupils were transferred to schools of a higher grade, but notwithstand ing this the examination yesterday showed the pupils well advanced in the primary studies. The awards were as follows: Medal?Susie Grigsby. Diplomas: Deportment?Ida Smith. Rachel McFee, Kate Hurley, Annie Sweenev, Howard Krutchlev, Kate Small, Stella Coltoh, Willie Bearfield, Kate Mills, Charlie Mitchell. Scholarship?Martha Garner, .John <jerh\rdt, Alexander Moore, Ida Lucas. Scholarship and deportment?Kate Lenoir, .Julia .Javens. Pen manship ami deportment?Ida Moore. Vocal music?Lizzie Flaherty. COLORED SCHOOLS. Primary No. 5, taught by Miss J. B. Haw kins. in the Anthony Bowen school building, was examined yesterday by Superintendent Cook, commencing at 9:13 o'clock a. m. and closing at about 12:15 p. m. The exercises were in the various branches taught in the primary grades, and in reading, spelling and arithmetic the greatest degree of proficiency was observed, to which may be added music, In which the colored schools all excel. In the primary ele ments of arithmetic the superintendent gave a thorough examination, and he afterwards com plimented the teacher and pupilson th$ progress manifested since last year. In definition they also showed a good degree of training, and In reading and spelling were very fair. Trustees Rider and Walker Lewis were present with Mr. Wm. Costin, the latter of" whom made some excellent remarks, giving the pupils some good advice. Miss Hawkins has been an assistant to Mrs. Briggs, the principal of the school, and is regarded as an excellent teacher. The pupils presented a neat and orderly ap pearance, evincing good government on the part of the instructor. Tne examination was very satisfactory to the superintendent and trustees. The number on the rolU is 4*, and there were present 34. Primary No. 12, Miss A. M. Boston, located in the 8 street building, second district, wa* ex amined yesterday by the principal, Mr. S. P. \ ashon, commencing at ? o'clock, and lasted until 3:;t0 p. m. The exercises were in read ing, spelling, counting, numeration and the fundamental rules of arithmetic. The read ing was especially good. The honors were awarded to Aleck Dorsev, Adora .Johnson, Vir ginia Jones, .lamesDangerfield, Adelaide MquI ton. Adam Williams, and Mary Lomax. Primary No- 5, iu the .lohn f . Cook building, on O street, taught by Miss M. A. Teagle, w is examined yesterday by Mrs. M. A. 8. Cary. the principal. There are sixty pupils on the roll, nearly all of whom were in attendance. The roll of honor is as follows: Sophia Carroll. Mariou Johnson, Rel ecca Fields, Ma/oura Butler, Alice Dudley, -'anme Beckley, Annie Hoe. Lavinia .lames. R *efta Krvev, Christina Brooks, Arthur Myers, Frank Price, Lewis Carroll, .lames Freemtn, Samuel Woodruff, and Henry Plummer. The examination was particularly good in reading, spelling, writing and figures. The room is neatly arranged, and ,there was on every desk a handsome bouquet. Trustees Henry Johnson and Archie Lewis were present assisting in the examination. The Primary Schools, No*. 4 and 5, taught by Miss Ella Logan, of the .John F. Cooke school, on O street, between 4th and 5th streets, were examined yesterday by the principal, Mrs. M. A. S. Carey. The roll of honor was as follows' Wm. Johnson. John Smith, William Jackson. Bessie Gray, Sarah Smith, and Anna Douglass. lesterday afternoon. Superintendent Cook exsinined the secondary school on Delaware avenue taught by Miss E. G. Randall. Trus tees Ryder and W. Lewis were present. There were thirty-three pupils on the roll, one of whom was absent. Those pupils deserving es pecial mention for general iudustrv are Cath erine Brooks, Mary .Johnson, Martha Grey, Addie Johnson, Elmira Johnson, Edmund Jackson, Henry Mack, Julian Simonds and Ephralm Lee. ? Protections or the Park*. Ac. so** sro?K8Tioir* or ma-ior hii-hard*. Major Richards, superintendent ot police, in answer to a resolution of the Housa of Dele gates, calling his attention ta the act for the protection or parks in the streets and avenues, has addressed a letter to the House in replv, iu which he states that the law has been found to be inoperative to a certain extent, for the rea son that it applies only to parks "on the tul- or tid*f of any street or avenue," excluding the nuiceroiis public parks and reservations, mtny of * Inch have been recently improved aud beautifully ornamented, from the scope of its operations. The attorney for the District ha? I given an opinion, stating that the law cannot be enforced as against trespassers on other than parks "on the tide or tides of any street or ave nue," also any persons who are "owners or oc cupants of the lots lying on the same street or avenue, and fronting on the parks," Jtc., are virtually exempt from the restrictions and pen alties provided in section one of the act inques. tion. It is necessary to prove the trespassers upon grass-plots are not members of the fatui ties ot "owners or occupants of the lots lying iu the same street or avenue," and that they have not the permission of such "owners or occu pants" to enter on them before thev can be held amenable to the penalties provided by the act. The right of owners or occupants of lots to "enter, care for and use them." and also the placing of the " grass plats" under the imme diate "care and keeping" of the "owners or occupants of lots fronting thereon," renders the enforcement of this law difficult and un certain. Under this " care and keeping" pro vision, owners or oceupantscan permit not only their children and servants to enter these parks, but also the children and servants of all their neighbors, and the " rest of mankind"?not to sav all the cows, goats and geese in the District uricaptured by the Board ot Health. OTHKR DRTKCTIVE LAWS. He also calls attention to the coritoration law, inoperative in many instances, where snow is allowed to remain on footways or sidewalks, for the reason that it provides no |>enalty for a fail ure to remove snow from sidewalks where there is not " a building bordering" on the street and binding on the sidewalk which may be encum bered with snow. Under this section the own ers of vacant lots cannot be compelled to re move snow from sidewalks fronting vacant lots. The isth section, page l(tt, iu reference to ice, is more comprehensive, and includes the side walks "nrtfniviiig buildings or lot* of grounds," ?lc..This M C .on lb cdective except in instances where the owners of lots reside out of the Dis trict, (such instances being Suite numerous. > or when the persons having the care of such lot* cannot be found, which is often the case, as there are no records showisg who may have the care of such lots when the ewner resides oat of the District. Again. I am l^rnied that the Police Court has ulcil t*. ?' '? i bat is not used in playing at ye gaiu< m > in the Streets, such opera tions <lo not constitute a ?'game" within the meaning of the law, and therefore no ottence Is committed. This law should be so amended as to Include the tossing, throwing or impelling of a ball or missile In the streets, avenues or alleys, in any manner whatever. Accidents and dam ages are of frequent occurrence, arising from amusements with balls in the streets. Epi#copal8c*day School Jcrilkb?The Episcopal Sunday school association have adopted an order of exercises for the proposed grand Sunday school jubilee to be held at the Epiphany church, June 17, at 5:39 p. m , as fol lows: At the entry of the bishops and clergy the 223d Hymn, "Hymnal"?"Onward Christian Soldiers"?will be sung. The reading of the l!?th Psalm. Gloria in Excelsis. Apostles' Creed, versicles, and prayers. Hymn 484, "Hymnal"?"Hark ! Hark ! my soul! Angelic songs are swelling." Address. Hymn 336, "Hymnal"?"Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear." Address. Hymn 424, "Hymnal"?"All hall the power of Jesus' name." Doxology. Benediction. The addresses will be limited to ten minutes, aad the schools are requested to assemble punctual!v at 5:1.1 p. m. The Rev. Charles D. Andrews, of Christ church, navy yard, was chosen to conduct the musical ex ercises. _ "Church or thb 8tranoxrs."?a Protest ant Episcopal church, where those of that faith who are unable to bear the expense of a pew in one of our older-established churches, aud those temporary sojourners in Washington who na turally foel some delicacy in depriving citixens in our crowded churches of thev seam, can bo accommodated, has been organised under the title of this article by the authority of the Epis copal convention, recently held in Baltimore. Subscriptions have boon received from all quar ters, and this evening there will be a meeting in the lecture of the Young Men's Christian At bsliding, for the election ef a vestry transaction of each ?- *?* 'hoi tun UttoiaUw MmmmMy. C0CHC1L. The Council *u opened yesterday kfttrnMii with prayer by Mr. luktn. Council bill No. ?, making an appropriation for ttie ?upport of the colored schools of Washington anil Georgetown and for pa> ins the outstanding in debtedness of the board of trustees of the Mine, wss read and referred to the committee on flnaace. Council bill No. So, amendatory of the act "pre scribing the duty of certain officers for the Di^rict of C?lnnihta and pavituc their compenaa tioi>,"( published in yesterday's star,) whs referred to the committer on finance. Bonne bill Mo S7, to regulate the bnsinee* of pawnbroker*, jnnk-dealers and dealer* in second hand article* and ware*, was re*I a second time and referred to the comm tteeon police. The President announced appointment* on tbe various rommitteea to fill the vacancies caused by the resignation of Mr follow*:?On judi ciary, Mr. Bnker; police, Mr. Golden; printing, Mr. Gullck; military affairs, Mr. Brook*; engroe?ed and enrolled bills, Mr. Kilay; fire department. Mr. Cross. Mr. Browne introduced a bill to promote THE PI R ITT or KLKCTIOS*; which waa read a first time and laid over. | It pro vides that the "Marston ballot-bo*'' be nse.1 at all elections in the District of Columbia, and appro Kiates ?800 to enable the Governor to purchase the xee required for the next election. Section S pro videa that a photographic ropy of all seals used at any electien, for ballot-boxes, ahall. before the cloaing of the polls on the day of any election, be de posited with the clerk of tbe Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, t* b- by liiai kept until required by some lawful authority.) Mr. Cross . ailed up Council bill No. 13, TO ESTABLISH A SORMAL SCHOOL in the city of Waahiugton; which was read for in formation. Mr Golick moved to amtnd the second aection, which establishes tba amount to l>e paid tbe in structor, by adding a proviso that uo further ex pena?- shall be incurred than ia appronriab-d for the support of the public schools for tbe fiscal year end ing June 30, l?74 Mr. Gullck explained thnt under the present pressure of finances the Diatrict eh >uld not increase tbe expenses, and after a consultation with some of the trmstees and the superintendent of achools, it was thought that there ?a? no m-.-d of using the ?lJ0ns?*t apart for the instructor the first year. It wits an experiment, and it would take *ne year at least to organize the school. Mr. Buker thought tbe bill as it stood contradic tory in ita terms, as section two appropriates SI Jut) for salary of instructor. Mr. Uulick said the bill does not appropriate any money at all. but aimply names the amount of salary. Mr Buker thought that nnder the term* of the bill a teacher might sue and recover from the Dis trict?lie thought the aection fixing the salary should be stricken ont. Mr. Gntick said the ob*?rt the first year *a? "imply to get the school organized and in ruuniug order. Mr Golden moved to strike ont the clause fixing tbe compensation. Mr Thompson thought it should remain?the amonnt was email enough, and th- teacher can and

should claim it under the terms of the bill, if passed. Mr Gulick said he had drawn up the amendment knowing well what he waa doing, and disclaimed that the fl 50" could be used ?nd?r tbe proviso. The superintendent of s, he "is had seen the amend ment, and approved of it. Mr Brooks was not satisfied to let the section re maiu under any verbal understanding that the monoy shall not be expended a- provided, as it might cause trouble heteafter. The amendmt nt was agreed to, Meaars. Browne, Brooks, Bnker au'i Biley voting in tbe negative. On the passage of the bill Mr. Browne said that he should vote for it, although it had defects; in rela tion to the charge* of fraud agaiu't s<>me of the trustees and contractor* he had alluded to at a former meeting of the Council, b>< now stated that the peisou who had given hnn the information in writing, had couched It under the bar of "private,'" thereby preventing liini from giving it tbe publicity he desired to do. Mr. Buker was opposed to the bill, on the grounds that they should not vote a dollar for experimental purposes w Idle the finances are in such a state ss at present. The law confinesonr expenditures toour re. eipts, and the amount is too great to be used 1 >r experiment* and entirel) too little to carry aut the purpose* proposed, of establishing a Normal School. The bill was then passed, Mr. Buker Toting in the negative. House bill No. 8?, for the collection or delinquent taxes, was read a first time. The President laid before the Council a communi cation from the Governor, Inclosing a r-'port from General O. E. Babc-'ck,chief engineer Washington a.iu.'duct, concerning the latitig of th" thirty six inch main in the District of Columbia; read and or dered to be printed. Mr. Riley, from the committee on health, asylum and chantter. reported back Council bill No. 23, to Srevent incompetent pi rsons from eng^mg in the rug business in ihe District of Columbia, witn slight amendments, whi. h were agreed to and the bill passed. BOUSE OF DEfcKO \TES ?Mr. Trimble pre sented the meui u 1*1 of a niuuber of barb-rs protect ing against the repeal of the law closing barber shops on Suiida) , laid on the table, to be taken up with the bill. Mr. Vermillion introduced bill tor the protection of licensed home mnrk'-ts, referred. Mr. Murra> p e?euted a petition for the condem nation of alley in sqnare H8, referred. Mr. 8nio?t,fronithecominitteeoii wavsand means, re polled loll making an appropriation for the prepa ration of the numerical book, and presented a letter from tbe Governor on the subject; read a second time and ordered to be printed with the Governor's letter. Mr Wall, from the committee on health, report*d bill in relation to the registration of deal lis and the interment of the dead, with a sul>stitu:e. Substi tute orders! to be printed a-id recommitted. Mr. Carroll, from the committee on markets, re ported bill makiug an appropriation of for the lease of ground corner of B at. 1 11 streets north east, and the erection of amarket thereon, with a substitute; laid over. Also, bill in relation to th? sale and rent of stall* in th>- E.i-tern market; laid over, Mr. Vermillion, from the committee on District, reported bill(<' 1? reducing and liuiitiug the ntiin I?t of officers for the government of th-- District of Columbia, and establislxng the compensation there for, with sundry amendment*, and asked that the amendments be printed and referred te the commit tee of the whole; sooidered A*sV--MSNT CKRTiPKATES. The Speakei the House a niessitge from the Governoi i:. .. v?- i to s resolution oi th.-H..use transmitting a copy of the report of Geo. M Heall, aup? rintendent ol assessments foi; tbe Board of Pub lie Works, with a statement of the amount of asse nient certificates issued to May I. ItTS, showing that certificate* N"- 1 to23"J have beeu issued, am * ..nt iug to I|ti24 I'M.Li. THE Cor ITT SCHOOLS. Alao,a message in answer to a reeolnt'onof the Bouae transmitting a report of the county school trusteea in relation to the coat of the county schools for the current school year, setting the aniouut down at 83*1430' with a proposal of the trustees to consolidate certain schools, and otherwise reduce the expenses for the next fiscal year to 924,6Jo, re ferred to committee on schools. LICEMSE FoR Rt XSIRC. ?T?f.KT-r*E?. Also, a communication from William A t'ook, attorney for tl>e Diatrict, in answer to a resolution of tbe House relating to the license paid by the cart of the Metropolitan St.eet Railroad Company, stating that there ? :i> n'thing in the charter that prevented n license for each < ar being charged by the District; referred to the committee on rail roads. Council bill to eecure the simultaneous paym-nt of dues to the white and colored schools ol Washing ton and Georgetown, was rend a first time and re ferred to the committee on school*. The three hundred thousand dollar bond bill wan, by -.inaurmons consent, laid aside, retaining it* place on the calendar. The bill to repeal th* act closing barb -ralnps on Sunday was alio, on motion of Sir. Trimble, laid over; adjourned ? The Pish Harheta. ALEXAwrmi a?gaottttomot new fish for this day, furnished to Thb Stab by George W. Harrison St Co., wholesale dealers in Ash. No*. 42 King *t., 80, 51, 66 fish wharves, Alexandria: Shad, per hundred, f 1OJ0 to *12; Herring, per thousand, *5.26 to *5.30; white perch, very scarce; rock, very scarce; offal, vers- scarce. ? Thb Ketorm School The trivteee of the Reform School met yesterday, and .t communi cation was received from Architect Clark rela tive to supplying the Reform School with gas from the citv, recommending the plan, provid ed the cost does not exceed ?5.ouO. The build ing committee was directed to unite with the architect in consideringthe subject of changing the dining-room from in upper rifcor to tbe basement, and also the plan of the stairs. Mr. Cari>enter said that the controller ol the Dis trict bad expressed a wish that some action be taken by the board in regard to the M.OoO due them from the District, and suggested that they accept bonds for the amount. The beard de clined to take tbe bonds. ax.d referred He sub ject to the finance committee. ? The funeral of the late John P. Hilton took place from the Foundry (M. E.) ekurch yesterday afternoon, and was largely attended, Columbian EacampmentandWasbington Lodge of Odd Fellows being present. After the ser vices, conducted by the Kev. .Mr. Cleveland, were concluded, the remains were taken to Oak Hill oemetery a ad interred. Sbkratiokal Krmors.?Since last Thursday there have been in circulation a great many rumors In relation to Mr. Jesse W. Uppercu, such as that he had threatened the lives of his family; that he had been placed in Msunt Hope insane retreat, and that he had confessed that he killed Mrs. Wheat. Those who certainly know all about Mr. Uppercu say that these stories are malicious inventions. So Car from being at Mount Hope, Mr. Uptx-rcu was, on last Friday afternoon, at tbe steenle chase race, and behaved himself in a perfectly proper and decorous manner. His mends intimate that he Is now at the residence of bis sister, at Owlng's Mills, and that he has some thought of doing as Mr. Greeley so frequently advised, and with his wife go wes*.?Baltimutre American. Thb Cholera lit Ecropb?That dreaded scourge, the Asiatic cholera, has made its ap pearance in Western Russia. A dispatch from Berlin assures us that a rigid quarantine will be maintained around the Infected villages. 8hou!d it reach Vienna there will be such a panic among the represent* yes of all nation* as the world never saw. The great Eporitian palace will be left desolate, andit might hap pen that the fleeing multitude would carry the scourge to the other great cities of Europe*. ^Galveston topers drink '-Captain Jack" cock-tails compounded at the Bird Cage aaloor. a/"A San Francisco dentist now excavates teeth by machinery. ?yOne hundred and ten lady students were matriculated st the. University of Zurich in Switzerland at the last term. ^The allocking statement is made that a young miss In Balls ton wears her back hair so tight she cant gat her heel* to the floor. ?p-The Massachusetts beverage, "Schenck," ia found to be a certain sort or beer, with four per cent, of alcohol, and the constables are sup pressing it. 9TA youth at Berlin, Wis., lately married hie Dulcinea under the very neoe of her unwill ing BMKfcer and carried her away while the eld 'u3; fleptlafcorotafcr. Pa. Ave. iio IJth^tuit, Jim 'id. Editor Star I respectfully tik the Influence ?t "The Evntro St ah to prevent the abom inable nuisance occasioned by the U. S. Treasury department burning the waste paper. This evening the stink and smoke is actually suffocating and calls for the interference of the Board of Health. The Evbhism Star has repeatedly protested against this nuisance, and it Is hoped will do ao again. The offices of an important department oi the government on Pennsylvania avenue and 15th street being obliged daring this warm weather to keep the windows open, is greatly inconvenienced by this dreadful nuisance. Please call the attention of the parties blameable for this nuisance through your popular paper. C- C. The Mean Whistle M aisaaee. t<lu\ r Star?Sir. 1 wish to call the attention of the authorities through your Influential paper, to the very great and " unnecessarv an noyance which the people of the nonheakern Krtof the city are subjected to through the *seant blow ing of steam whistles and ring ing of bells by the employes of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad company. 1 say unnecessary, because the blowing ot the whistle is unreason ably prolonged, often lasting over thirty seconds. Surely some system of signals could be devised which would do away with this eternal ana exceedingly unpleasant noise. It is more try ing than usual at this season, when, through the heat, i>eople are compelled to have their windows open. If the whistle is blown before crossing Boundary street It can be heard along the line and at the de|*ot. What more is neces sary? We think the |>eople are entitled to some consideration at the hand* of this monopelv; but instead they treat us with the utmost con t They lay tracks where they please with out the authority of law;thev comply with the grades of street" or not. ss it suits their con venience; and they disregard the law of our legislature regulating the speed of steam cars within the city limits. I wish President Gar rett no harm, but if necessity or some other law compelled him to reside in this section of the c ty, he would fully appreciate the just* ness ot my complaint. Very respectfully, (?raveyard Urievanre. Editor Star. Ha\e the lot-holders ot G leu wood cemetery any rights which the superintendent thereof is hound to respect? I ask this ques tion, Mr. Editor, from the fact that Mr. Clen denin, the superintendent, lately entered my lot without permission, or even consulting me, and cut down four arlior vifces which I had put there some eight or ten years ago, and which I valued very highly. If you cannot answer the above question, will you Kindly inform me <as well as manv others who have grievances) whether there is a board of directors for the cemetery, and when and where they hold their sessions'? W. B. CCDLirr. Decoration Day at Ball's Bin IT. While the graves at Arlington were being decked by loving hands, and orators with elo quent words were recalling the brave acts and generous sacrifices of the bovs in blue w ho fell in defence of Union and Liberty; the grave* of those who fell in the terrilde disaster at Ball's Blaft were not forgotten. Nor have they been neglected since the war. Every Spring caine to their secluded resting place, those who ha 1 lost friends, perhaps sons or husbands in the same cause they had fought for, or those why through the k ng tad war had lived in its very vortex ami hoped and prayed for the Union's victory. The ceremony has not been neglected since Its institution, and has been conducted with loving earnestness and quiet simplicity that gives it added significance, when the remoteness of the place from the nearest town, and its almost utter inaccessibility are taken into consideration. On the present occasion a numerous party had gathered from Water tord, Leenbtirg, Wash ington, and Falls Church, with their choicest flowers to celebrate the occasion. The orator of tin' day was Col. S. E. Chainberlin, who ha> I beiieve. not only led the movement from the tirvf, but been the most active assistant at each succeeding anniversary. He gave a short ac count of the advancc,' the tight and the di>-a? trous retreat. He reviewed the cause they suffered for, and its final triumph, closing with the hope that the unity secured would now be enjoyed in harmony' by all. Appropriate remarks were also made by John B. HutMn and Edward Nicho!s. The flowers, which were of the choicest varieties, were then laid by tender hands u|>on the graves. Hollywood. ? ? - THE VOIKTB. CIRCUIT COURT, Jttdtt ?To-iIit, Hugh*-* agt. Stewart; verdict f?r plaintiff for lostello Hjtt McKarland et al. A number ot judg ment* b> default were tnk< n. POLICE COURT. Juiitt Sh-V ?-Yestenlay.Th<>?. PoDBhu. assault ami buttery; fined flu Catharine Ra?an, do, nolle pros, giuan William*, threat*, do. Clay Gray, assault and batten; do Adrian Spear, do.; lined 9IV an<1 co?ts. .lame* W'halen and \\m Perry, affray; *5 each. Major Jackson, lar ceny; discharged. John Smith and John Kane. af fray, fined *5 each Lena Walter and Laura Wal ter. as-mlt and lattery, tir?t named fiaed #S; th otlier discharged. About fifteen Di?triei cases were dicfHjfcfd of. TO-DAT. ?loslma <;>n, profanity; MS Joha Davi-.c<d ored, charged with stealing a horse, bnggv ?n<l n*r ties#, x allied at f5U>. from Judge B?rtl*y. who h*4 left it standing in front of a store on 7th street, while he stepped inside to make a purclia-e, and on returning to the street found it was gone It ?** recovered subsequently aud the man arretted. The buggy had been upset and smasiied to pieces. C >ni mitted for action of the grand jury. GEORGETOWN. Meetiko or Tbi'stkkh or Georgetown S< H(H)U ? The Aew School Building ? T't' Medals?The trustees ot the public schools of Georgetown held their regular monthly meeting last night. Mr. Hyde, chairman of the special committee to confer with the Governor in regard to obtaining the funds necessary to proceed with the new school-house, made a Verbal report, and, after discussion, a resolution ottered by Mr. Curtis was adopted; "That the board agree, in the event that the contractor ef the new school-house shall succeed in borrowing of the Farmers and Mechanics' National bank any sum not exceeding *2,000, that the same shall l>e paid to the said bank (provided the said con tractor does not previously pay it) as soon as available out of the first proceeds from taxes already collected for school building now await ing appropriation, after paying the note now due said bank for money borrowed by the board." Mr. Cortis moved that a committee of two be appointed to confer with the Legislature rela tive to raising funds to complete their new school building, and to modify, it necessary, the bills now pending there; adopted, atid Messrs. Wilson, Beall, and Hyde were appoint ed said committee. On motion of Mr. was ordered that the pupil receiving the medal shall receive no other premium, the medals being considered to cover all the honors of the scheol. The Up-Towk Street railroad,or P-street road, is apparently not much nearer comple tion than it was a year ago. Why is this thus? L',.. .I1, W' Thompson means" business, why dldn'the put down his track across High street, from West to 4th. before High street was paved at that point, and why doesn't he put his track on 2d street on the new grade? The grading is finished on that street except where the track is. The up-town people are anxious to have the cars runuing over the new route as soou as possible. Better.? Fireman John Walker, injured on Sunday by the ui?etting of the hose carriage, and who had his left leg amputated a few days since, Is much better to-day, and there are ao a>?prehensions now about his recovery. Dead Infant Focai>?Officer Lyles brought a dead infant to the station-house this morning, found by some workmen at the corner of 1st ami Frederick streets. Its oolor or sex could not be ascertained. Ihspectiohs or FLOrs.?Inspector McCann reitorts his Inspections of Hour for the month of May at l,oil bbls. family, 3,02* bbls. extra, 3a bbls. superfine, 129 bbls. fine, and 24 bbls. mid ? . .Total 4,822. Inspector Peters reports 2,224 bbls. family, 2.099 bbi?. extra, 376 bbls. superfine, M bbls. fine, and 46 bbls. middlings. Total 4,828, making the total inspections at this port for tbe month ?<&48. River Niwi.-Tlje schrs. Thomas B. Taylor and Americas have arrived from Norfolk with 127,000 feet lumber for Wheat lev Bros. Graie Trade.?The echr. Thomas P. Mor fan arrived to-day from Alexandra with 800 nshels wheat for Hartley Jk Bro., and the ca nal boat C. F. Water* with 4,000 bushels wheat for Geo. Water*. Fish Whari?The receipt# of fish to-day were 13,000 herring, which sold at *4 to *4.1*0 per thousand. TOM, DICK. AND HA ft BY, OB ANT OTBBB MAM, Will find ?pfjflJ'd^yQjJ|?||t ot cheap ?'LITTL^WVBLD1 ? Mo. 1*04 SEVENTH STBBBT Between S and T streets. HOSIERY, FAN0T GOODS. NOTIONS, JEWELRY, STATIONERY, nJl-tr "LITTbBWOELP." jjyjOBT WONDERFUL JNVEN TIPS J) T THE J. Moses' Bltetro-Osfvanic BPECTA-*?* CLES, Patented ??lit anil 11 llldYR* ?OME. -* *** evrtawa CITY ITEMS, 1 Art PAlYTVi ?Va %tA to MM It De Graff ikonM do do at one*, as sbe positively : Ukn her dt^rtore from oar ctt? June 1Mb. ? To-dat. at the corner of Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenae. the "thirty soul" can find all spiritual consolation 4,4 Gir akd milk, the new and most fashionable bewrajr, and or the purest and l?est quality, u to be had at Oeorge W I?river's. Koar-aiil-a balf street and Pennsylvania avenue. 4.4 ? o Tm BSatrrirrL and amber lager. the splendid and foaming ale. and drawn from faucets made from Hirnam and I>um?lnai?e wood, only foand at George W. DriverFour and-a-balf >treet and Pennsylvania are. 4.4 ? Colorado Sarphirbs. Cut Opals. Alaska Diamonds. ?let Uarnetts. and French Gilt Jewelry in the Summer Styles, at Pri({|> IH>llar .lewelry Store, No. 457 Penn sylvania avenue, near street. Mackijaws. Maihsaws. Ma<'Ribaws. Another supply of theae favorite Straw Hat*, in all the fashionable shapes, Just received at Willbtt A Hrorr's, 3 Hitt Pennsylvania avenue. A sr rk remedy for chills and fever. Aver ? Ague Cure never fails. m,w,tAw PBnrviA* Svirr?This valuable medn-ine has been silenrly making its wav into public favor by the nr nierous remarkable cures It has l?erformed. It? singular efficacy Is owing to the protoxide of iron which In this'preparation re mains unchanged, ami is the only torn in which tins rit?l tl'mmt of healthy blood can be sup plied. b 8cpa Water, in steel fountains, male Irom pure spring water,by Palmer A Urcen, George town. m.w.s O.brtlbmer's Macbiraw arp Parama Hats Rleaclie<t an<| Trimmed to look as well as new, at A. T. Whiting's, !?4 Pennsylvania avenue. 31.0 Trt Doolit's Yeast Por ker, yon will soon find it not onlv the l?est, but also the cheapest. Baking Powder, Put up full, net weight. 30.6 Kissbr<.er. Vichy, Congress and Seltter, maile by Palmer A Green, from Hanbury Smith's solutions and pure spring water, put up in syphous and small founts. m.w,s Pord's Extract Is tor sale at wholesale by Cbas. Stott & Co., 480 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tt Sifferbr* prom <?>rks. Br*io>.?, Bad Nails, etc.. find immediate relief at Dr. White's establishment, No. SiS 1Mb street, opposite I*. 8. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even In extreme cases, if none but suitable shoes are worn. tr TrRco-RrsstAH Baths; also. Medicated Va por Baths, tor all skin disease, at Dr. Shell's, 903 E street. 5,30,6 The Sewiku Machine sales of l*T2 were *219,(WO. 4,12-s,wtf Thb National Sa vines BAWt, oorner of New York avenue and 16th street, pay* 6 per ct. per antrum on deposits for each calender month. Banking hours, 8 to 4- Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. Kt3,14tl6 WiLLCox A Uibb's Sbwiro Machtrr. The oelebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chan. Baum's boopeklrt and corset factory, i Ui street, Intelligencer BalUing^ lo.A) Thb oojimtritt at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,3 Twbbmombtrr* and Barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near street* GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMENTS. ty-s?bihekman society ok george To V N. will niHt St Socicey Hall.corner of H ?h Mill Prospect streets, <>o WEDNESDAY EVEN IN'G, June 4th. at S o'cl <k p ni j3 AKTHl R SMALL. See. THUS. DOWLING. Auctioneer; Georgetowa VALUABLE PROPERTY ON HIGH STUEET ANI> 1 HE CANAL AT ACTION On TUESDA Y, June IO:b, at i^n'tlork p. Y7:T in., 1 mill sell, ou the premi*e?. part of L>? N > **17, fronting 22 feet .n the east ai>l?? of High street, by a depth ot so fe? t ..n the canal, improvwl t>\ a blacksmith ami wh?*l? neht sh'p. Thi? prop erty I'fferaa fine opportunity tor an investment Ter^is: One-third cash; l>alance 6 and IS months, with interest, secured by a de?*d of tru?t on the pr-'pertv. Conveyancing at the c<s?t of purchaser. j.t THOMAS DOM LING. Auct. STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS. O fob the skm THE BENEFIT OP BLESSED PETER CLAV<> SOCIETY. AT OLD TRINITY ? HURCH. ON TUESDAY EVENING, June 3, U73. Admission, a cents. Door* open at 7:30: to com ?WW at S. m* ** EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IS DRY Ili GOODS. Plain and Striped Grenadines. Japaneae Silks, at *<r.t worth 7ic. Beautiful G?'"d? for Suttinrs, at tb. V and tOc Victoria Lavna, froiu Mc us: Piques, M to sue Batist and Lir.en Salting'. all ? hades, very cheap. Striped and plaid White French Organdies. Bl*ck Alpscas snd Mohairs, a specialt v A large stock of Goods for Men'* and Boy's wear. Ladies'and Gente'Ganr- Under Yeats. Call and buy real bargains of BENJAMIN MILLER. n.tS-tr Ifl Bridge street, George owa. pEADY EOB THE SPRING TRADE. With a full corps of first class workmen, a com plete stock of the best foreign and domestic Dye Stuffs, Ac , Ac , 1 aa fully prepared to CLEAN OR RECOLOE LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND SUMMER WEARIMG APPAREL, promptly t?t. tkKMJUM 8T*AM DYBINU AND SCOOK IN? WORMS. ESTABLISHED l?3l. Premium awarded 1MB ' Office,4P Jefferson s?, Georgetown. D O Poet Office Box TB3. apT tr DRY QOOD& pOPULAR I10URB? THE arcade: CUMPETITIOX UKFlhU ACKNOWLED'iEI) THE BEST AND CHEAP EST STOKE IN THE D1STEICT. Our stock o( DRY GOODS in every rexp^ct complete. Kt* GOODS EVERY DAY. At this establi?hSMnt ladies can find tin- lei -t styles in m.-armg apparel Rnitable for spring and sunimer season. DRRSS GOODS of all classes DOMESTICS in larg> vaiiety. OUR GREAT SPECIALTY LLAMA LACE JACKETS and POINTS All tbe.novelties in SUN SHADES snd PARASULS. Elegant assortment of RIBBONS. Persons that value their dollars and cents skould not fail to call at this hour* before purchasing else where. Remember VTHE ARCADE, 4ST 7th street, between D and E, southwest g -ARPETS ! < ARPCTS ! V CARPETS Owing to tbe backwardness of the season, and having a larger stock of Carpets on haixl than usual for the time of year, we shall, from MONDAY. June Rd, make a general reduction iu price on all CAR PETS in the house. Our styles in English Tspestrys, English Ingrains, American Ingrains aud Imitation Brussels cannot be excelled anywhere. A large stock White and Check Mattings in store at low figure*. Window Shades in all colors, and Fixtures to suit. Now is s fair opportunity for housekeepers to pro cure a nice Carpet for a little money. W'OLFOID * IHILRIKO, n-fl tr 4BT 7th street, betwsenD and R.ff W. ndroecoggis York Mills, 10-4 * It Linen, 70c.: Towels, $1 M Ber dozen: Black'Silk at #3Ji, worth #2 76, Parasols, ft, Doylies,7>c. P*r doses; Black Alpacas, me. to (1; Victoria IfWR, Be.; Lining Cambrics, loc.; prints. Sc.; Bleached Cotton,Sc. All kJuds of dress goods at tbs lowea* marketsrtcee^at BRODHEAD A OO*. mU-tr IHfl F street, between lMhaad l5b. D" GOODS AT PAN10 PRICKS. Dreas Goods at less than impo'rten^iMs - Pw^^*c^s yard, worth ffpjSay E522'afavar5 rpHE MOST WONDERESL DISCOVEEY OF 1 THE IftB 0K1TUKY. Dr. ?. D. Hewe'i irtkiu Silk Crts, >OK COHSVMPTlOn. Cares ordinary Coughs aad Golds la a few like magic, also, Dr Which is pnrsly vegetable, elisnsss the system o* aUimpRi^iss.jaijSsUriffkt squars sp. sad VQNt rtcb bloodf For "General DebUity," "Lost Vitality broken down constitutions. Mi Ckmlkmt* tkt Htmeumuk CUuim" To lad its equal. W gvsry bottle is wsrtk its weight ia gold. Prtoa#! psr hettle; or six hotUsa for fft. BoM wholseali aad retail hp And at retai|Tby* '4## ave J s af..^ i iter Tismsii - aCo.,utaM?] Msl | HAIIiKUAl>!\ ' """Hi On u4 aftrr ?l" N PAY, .??*?* 1-ffl. fain* will !??*?. * \MllSGTvN I IT* m ??HI?oo and U a> Point* . .j * . _ klllBOTP ?r.-1 * a; Point* " ?e ? -!* Ukidmi Kyt?- iiiH in>.|itui(k " r* ' B^ton >'? Yorfc ard Pk.M5*to Btr *" RaIttMoiv ai. 1 * ,, Pol,** f m m. mil ^ -*l Pi> . . a. "it: Baltimore ?nd Way P >T,rt? ? ! !! ? Clnrituli .OilnbwMdHi I ?. m' ' ' " r "? PA.uawpB.. b?? " ?*"?? *?? * K*ittmor?- Way Point* -2? *? H.?to*.M?w Yor* and Philad-iat,,, t? . ?? J !H* Baltnw. r? and Way Po?,u * IfM* W l^ni*.Cin?-iBn?ti *B| t\.;nn , K ?* f *? r ROM B ALTIMo KK -? u???m?ao.aan.r.?,*ii,?u*?*?ii i*l - ? 1:*, s<?. *?. u* " ^ tttM Foe ami a poi. ib ; ?'" Kfour -04" At 1.00 p m , Nit o<"?t on hinda^ fr , , 4 *C*I>AT TRAIN* t ^-vjh ii? * *'r m ? <?.,.? *-* t wiwg *? *11 .-at ?* ?,* /- L [? K "???*?* ? *n *?%i ???* th. r,? a< * ???? p mat Krl.v only iikI tb* - M r a, am * roBfoist or books kin imiiKDitn ?* ? ?' B't'imiiw. l?-ar. p |.? ?| s?als" ?'"?? .vx-mr^ss s^awfiSy^^^v**3!5* ma Mruu'' p^--,1T'. F ???? Ira Ax ?nn* r*a^h?r,arrlTl!'", ?"* M ,h* ?>??***?> rall?*j f,.r Bt?) .<>?? '*P ? p,,, t-"J' "?*** ?m,J?.,*', 'f- tbr..!,T,|,'lC!^- *1 M *h*rp. j ,>fwTrr<n*,?v- ?" ??? L M CLE. <*?n. r?l Tir*..t %r?nt. jel ??? ? EOt'SIT*. ? C?r?l u*m<, rf?BOr<.H I.I KK llfttWfci# WAIUi I Wei C KI F* H IA A ?P B?W fli'KK1 N* Trni*. ^1" > 2! lork are n?? run *> f..|| "~"? P< >K N EV VO|; h alth.nt ? L?a\r daili j rhan*? ->f r?ra. ^ ? r ? < P* 8",,4a? 1 ?????. 1 K> Il4 a FOB PRILlltRLrHIA p ni*Te '?*<?*?! Bun la) t at a * m.,j Ua?iJ C )C . , .. OK 81 \p\Y Leave for N-? Y.rt u m m V _ . _ |>hla at ? mt |> Hi 40 ' ? .???? P'tllad^J. Jtezst rs?: IrrS&zA? usr ;-i Assrajsi ijap. |i?. and th* BaJum r*, Aj* . L glkQ*LJ!?** nT Tr*TM|v>rtati.>n L * t OLB. O-I.rral Tx k..t Am n? ceo x kooxtk. 4,v;:,fc n,? ^L?XA?DBIA * WABHIliO axr. Ln-w ALKXAHDBIA A rBKOKBICKSBrBa B B. fbmm */ b ?i SixiA Strmu e.V.?' TnrJ-Z!"?? f 'I..w. -, 7 9*.m. milt 7 p. D1. d\jU *11 Mtli r',r A V r ni ! ?i?iSSr,5i 1^'RT: r ?? ? 3M.4X1.6SS 6?.rjiliSfi i i'V' :' *A lwpo?SSdOhi!"Bt^^ *?tA tram, ^ ?Mb. a J'***"? WMf ,a?too 4SfisSa*1 '? tis-a?w B. ?: rOVW.Qml P-nn-., a^. rj*.,, B^imobbahp^,^ o^o* cm .Ukmmd a urm TEAIbV8. V?M7l-r0B TBAIN8 ABBITB a* ? J5i RE? ~WAMJlfeK)t Mir. * 1,1 47?uf";^JTKr,,<*,?H' mi.. .*? svrsa?2s?r. ,mb?- vZT.1 ^ te,?^T5S2iSr' ^ 1.0U |*.m. Buitiuior^ Kcc., S uf t? m Pinnr si'p'-'BStttVe s:;:!.k'? OQtKMMloB (Uii. ' 4 V ' r ,|( Sl|r^ 'V** Bnndaf. 5 ? P- ?., Cincinnati B> ^fl^ iff lllll BBIMM Hnr,. Ul ... 1 * ? .. _ ????Jallr.Moapt 8ul ?_w?. BonrhTe (i. XT--11'>?**?**+ , Tralna k?*Tlac Wa4fcin*t ?n at 61 ?^F "arBowi* with ti " w^T^ w? rt8-2/.? ?ylboro'T^b'a. ? a^Ta jT^i'S^1^1 ^***?? W J-'h'n^S "SIT "w** for aMrbncft^ H?wl. Throuk P?<n*a Birth aa< It*liaMpoli*?\,onl*r:ll??, 01. I-Mito 2S _C L^T?T B. B. IOPI8, O*'TP^T'a "tT> JL8? im!V@ ??". 1872 ro TUB ?0BTfl%BBr?OUT?, AMD SOCTB IIHB9 M fr<l | "f|. :T? J: Z.! : zz2?? to Wa**? U4 Owtnl ?. - ?*U^yiillc ? Pn^i;^JP.^Tlg?*? ?? BLA0ABA WB TkAeAaby thu ro?U clnb* aroMirwd at th- - S3?J? Ho^thJSJ r?22,lT.^^L7?'- ??S3 ??^^AU ttSaiT Ul>to will M Pa?MMn an thla ^ Aca Oin f?r Pit*. BOOKS, STATIONERY. Aa. ^ir5fSrir ^r??^ Hor^ ? ?< nnomt ot 8tati..n?.r> , Picture, Pictar* Pr*ni?a, ?: m< tr JHB BOYAL D1ADBII, A M B W Mcaifc PUf and Profit In My ?ard*n. br in* J Cr.^uw at S%rtc2?^' ' 1,1 Arnold Aceacr for STA1MBD OLA88 mf-tr WM. B\lri,AKTY*B. ? 4B? rtb itrw, t.??ar B. LI6T or MEW BOOKS AT BHILLISGTOXt ?OOBSTORK, Coaaia ?s Btbkkt amd Pim Arise* tE^cTo**.8' f1" Thrk"-?T. ^? S2XL2 ,u>Pd u<^? Ariti<jntti?w of Southern Ioduuu ^U,T? TaMaat aud Tid^ ??{.?srsLV.^-1-'" ??* ii 11 mi -fro.'Xr.8'''' " ?-? """"I. ~.b?. Ja^^sxws" "??" feaggis*~ LjSfj^&ar ffir^ar^r. Stfh: arif&tS. 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