Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR FafeHflhed laUy, liNayi imyM, AT THE STAR BUILDINGa, rmvylvMia Anm, w, utk WL, tii mine nil nvsrini mmji * M. lirrMUJmr, frmUimt, TUB EVENING STAB IB set-red by Mrtm t* M 4r nt<ril*r? at T*** Hi WSM.or Fobtt f ? C**t? pbb bosth. Ooalea at tbe ooonter T?o Mth. Bj mftii?tarM Matte, BIJt; Hi aoutba, (Ml, dm mr, ?? ' TUB WEEKLY STAB-PiblMsed Friday-#1M ? f-ar. WT in variably in adratiea, la kotkottM.ul ? HKf MM lcng?r thaa paM for. ? of advartMag hribM n i INSURANCE C0MPAN1 1 KOtlETV. Tbf r>f thisC< tnpany ha* for year* been lb*- lanr-?t of ?ni s'niiUr institution in the work!. F. BEVEK. Gk>*r?l Agk*v, ?m- 31f 40-1 an-l 7th utrwt. IV ????>?* * to, ?" . Mo -?I1 7/a orr P. O O-partment, B? pre*?nt tb? following s.rong Fire Insurance (Van THE GERMAN AMERICAN, OF N T.. tvh I'upiinl, a | 0I?U 000 TBI MEW HASTS. OF NEWARK. N J , 'r Ca?h A?m-t?. 8^76.749 IT. rf'KEAT WESTER* FIRE INSURANCE ? IOMPA.1Y. CASH AJJETS. 9106.417 (J OFFICE. bo;? FIFTEENTH STREET, OPPO?ITB IBSA.?IRT PSrARTMIIT. mlAJm B W BAJTES, A*ent. *pHE <OR<ORjWI*E INSURANCE OF TITE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Ortantzmi Ami 1st, U73. t apitai OFFICE No. I4X* PENNSYLVANIA AVENGE (Ovt? M.l?ck5> Uac# Stobb.I JOHST.lESJIiH, President. A H HERR, Vice Pr'sident. J T. DYER, Secretary. D,i*ct<>s? -_Wm Ortne, H Clay Stewar*. Chas. A.Jnm,Jm L. B-irt>. nr. El wart Droo*. J?hn T. L-i.a>ar, Michael Greeu, John Bailey, A. fl. Herr. ap*_If Abb you insured? IF HOT, APPLT TO THB OLD FR1.1KLI5I I5IUEA5IIE (ffnPAll OF WASHINGTON, D. 0. * Ijkobmbatbd srr Comim i* 1818. OMce in t be buildin* of the National Bank of the D street aorthweat. Bo cbarg, 7!>* ???? O Hall, John ^"fy. Dr. J. ? Brodb^ad, J. Krjrworth, Jaa O. MrGuire, Henn SvSi'^.'r " S:ofe 0D,"nw.'"Ss::I I 5SI-ul? T"v?ttv,v^v?jjs?r8*:T" OF THB district OF COLUMBIA. OKVAfUZSU A VH OST 88. 1ST*. CASH CAPITAL bioo.OO* ??c.x vmSTiAJSZ0' ? BIBWTOB*: t-B 5"V' w? B T>*M. ? *4il? Charles Just. W? G Mtwrnfl, J"hn T. Lrnn<an. a*^it Muaaa Rally. A- R Shepherd, otfl4-t9 GROCEIW." *? O HARE * Ml WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 6B0( ER!>. 1?? 7th STREET NORTHWEST. (Between X and N et?.) NEW BI TTER! NEW CHEESE t 1* >6 I# 1? ltt 16 10 lb HAMS SI GAR CI RED HAMS l?c. PER LB 1* 1? 16 16 |b |t IK>OLEY*8 YEAST FOWDER. ?BA11AX FLOL'B OAT MEAL HrckfT * Wh^aten Gritu, H^ker'a Farina, Rye Flour. Barley Tapioca, Sa??. Manioca, Dnryea'a Corn Starch. *" Can.ll^i, Croaa M Bla< kwell a Firklea, Col Bi.ui ? Muatant. Stickn*) 3L Poor ? Mustard. Oli^e Oil. Sauc.-s, 6alid DrrMin?. CINCINNATI OLBINS 80AP. Pwrjea ? Safin Glnan Starch, Baker's Cb >cnlate Cocoa, and Cocoa Shclh, Br<-ma. Prnbi s, Currants, Ruisins. MEDICINAL LIQUORS. French Brandy, H llaixt Gin, Blarkt"-rrj Brandy, Fine Old Whiski, California Brandy. C. B. O HARE * SON, _*"T 1B1J 7th *t. a. w.. between M and N. f A. U I iTj HtCtJVtV D1KECT froa> the Mills In YALLBY OF YIBGINIA. Ill aell to familte* AO cents per barre less thai tuaal price*. Fricea of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE, BJa^Vl^ rrOB1 P1'm**at VaJ1?7 Wins Company 8. B. BACON, T?? Market Bpaoa, between 7th and tth streets. W? "AV? ?C?IV?P ?? DOZBB LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH ?b AK A ShLLJMV AT W CENTS PBB SE1BT. LUCE WOOD. BIFTY * TAYL4M1, ?84 PENNSYLVANIA AYBNUB. Metropolitan Hotel Block. f?M. BK1- A NO MARRY, W .11 Bud ?yj^ 'l^rtn.^t ^ cheap NKJIGLS' ? ' LITTL# WORLD ' N<>. IBM SEVENTH STBBET Between S and T streets. HOSIERY. FANCY GOODS NOTIOBc.flJ?^,LRY.8TAT^BEEY. VKHY CtiEAK ill tr " LITTLETW0BLD." FWK MWTH BATCHES, FR?lKi|| AND TA!?, t'SE PERRY'S HOT11 AND FliECKLE LOTION, IT IS HMHABLK AMD HARMLESS. F1MPLES ON THE FACE. BLACEHBADS AND FLESHWOE31S, t?? PERRY'S IMPROVED COMEDONE AND PIMPLE REMEDY, TH* G*AAr SKIM MKU1C1XK. r.TJ'B.SluZfj BT<.PBRRT Dvrmatol. ?rc?t. Sea York. Sold by all Dru* nS-Mh^r 'svf^v t.irtxrx.zs'zi *s Z m. B.A O/ll.fl flVY MS* . . <? kr a ?o 18*2 F*"*sTLrA3iiA Atbiib.1 ? WMWikNMlthtrtMla nsB-n ff AYE YOC BEEN ?? w^wa,. WMtll> It Is admired Vyall i22 tobeaasaat A. BTBALM . 1011 Fa. aee^-!S fbe f mm 'JHai - V?? 4f??s? 6.306. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, J USE 5, 1873. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. gASE BALL?JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP. CHESAPEAKE n. CREIGHTON. Oltnpic'o Oronnli. FRIDAY, June I, at 4 p. m. Act mi "ion 25 inl>. L^iwfrf It* I^TgEHXKAL bequest, MEBC AD ANTE'S UBAND ORATORIO. ?'TktStTtl L?l Word* of oar Saviaar.1 WITH ORCHESTRA, W ill be rfmtM bv t he B ARIL I MUSICAL ASSOCIATION, For the bonettt of their Director, MAESTRO ANTONIO RARILI, AT MARIN IU HALL. THIRSDAY.JUNE ?, at 8p m? TICKETS,Si. ^ Sriti m?r h<> reserved, wilhout extra chares, at ;ilis' musical warerooins, No. 37 7 rtunylvanii je4-Jt Elh avenue. Ol^No.j ?n (Siw N 4SV Ttm 8t JitrMta, eight Wj j rl t,*? MiKKK[TKH% I*. ?39 7th street, between D and B doors above Odd Fellow "a Hi-.. Choice Oil Paintings, Engravings, Chromo^ A?. Also, largest stock Paper Hangings, Window HMm, Pictures, Frames, Picture Gorda and Taa Mlijtmn, Nula, Ac., la taa District. Pleale remesnier9Hime and Number. W lT" NO HUMBUG.?1?. RICE will any n f' price for any kind of Ladies . GmjU ai dreni 8*c?nd-hand ClothiDi, Boots, Shoe#, 7th street, between F and G,aooth. * promptly attended a fair ctvh and Chil Ac. 6*3 Note by mail ie*-ly LADIES' G00D3. 131 MIES McCOHMICE, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' Has conatantly on hand a One assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS. Ac., all of the newest designs. Ladies CAPS and COIF fa. FI RES jnst receive m4 tr R EAD AND SAVE TOUR MONEY. Ladies who have Hair Switches that have faded from us can have them restored to their natural ?haiie in superior mauner. We have a very large assortment of El Curl*; very long and handsome Switches, very cheap. Now is the time to bny at MADAME ESTREN'SHair Factory,t?18 13th st? near.G street. a>4-tr (VOTICE.?Bargains are now being offer?^,n MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, By X. LENZBERG A CO., aS-tr 707 Market Space, STAMPING DEPOT ?17 SiV1NTH STKIIT, fetn-tT Opposite Patent OBce. SELLING OFF I BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire atock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR. 441 Seventh str^'t, near X. ?*r7-? NO HUMBUG. it I AD1ES1' L FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL la Moalin For the beat article In the world for doing up Linen or aalin It Imparts a beautiful gloaa to tb? fabric. >r aals by aR Grocers. BOBBHAM A CO., Mannfactarera, ISO West Lombard atreet, JiaU ly Baltimore. Maryland. PIANOS, Ao. A LARGE LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND SECOND-HAND PIANOS, from different factories, now on hand and for sale or rent on Ea^y Ttm>,U) make room at REICH EN BACH'S PIANO WAREROOMS, 443 11th street. above Pennsylvania avenue, Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.*s and Wm. Mc Camnion's PIANOS. Second-hand PIANOS taken In part payment for i?w Pianoa. m^tr C1 USTAV KUHN, PRACTICAL PIANO I MAKER, formerly foreman for F. Ligbte ? Co., tuner for Steinwar A ana late tuner for Metaerott A Co. Tuner's! 1' * and repairer of PIAVOS and ORGANS, No. 0 3* Maw York avenue. Orders left at Karr'a Jewelrj, (99 Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn*a Drug Store,corner Pennaylvania avenaa and tth (treat; Rosenthal's, (?01 7th street, corner of H, will meet with prompt attention, and aatlafaction guarun 1149 7th atreet n. w., Tmssr . Or J F. LUCAS in id >n*ress av. Pian< ftssM and Organs. Ur _Mk ders received at Thompson's corner ltthotJEBBHI and N. York ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, near *11 Ell Congress, Georgetown; and Moses', cor. 7Ui aad Pa. as .Pianoa and other instrument* packed and moved All work guaranteed. mhafly ^TIEFF'S PIANOS, uusuaassed In sweetness of S3 tone and excellence of tlniah; low ?rices__a^^ aad easy terms. G. L. WILD A BRo JBBB I Agents, 4UO Uth street, near northwest>11 Ell | corner Pennsylvania avenue, dealers in Pianoa aad Musical Instruments generally. Tuning and Repairing, Polishing and Varnishing faf " receive faithful attention. apl7 tr gCBOMACBKB A 00/8 GREAT REDUCTION IB PB1CB8. which, on aeoovat of tAsto aa pasknHy over all others, have la a few years? become the moat popular here, aa well as alipHBH over tbe country, aan ba ted now (or tte tol-?ll in ^BS/BaJse ?ntotwi. UPRIGHT PIANOS fromJNMto #701. GRAND riANOS tram ?871 toJl^TI. who wish to savs from SUN to (JM In fOr t out, are invited to MB Pianoa for rant. Ot-tr and Renal rtngjaroperly OARL BICHTEB, Agent, 934 Pennaylvania av NOTHING RESERVED. Unprecedented. Peremptory. Positive, OUR FORI ED SALES OCR FORCED SALES OF ENTIRE STOCK OF ENTIRE STOCK NOW GOING ON. NOW GOING ON. WB ABB OVERSTOCKED AND MUST REDUCE, AND WILL SELL At 4 lo a 15 Suit, at Aid a *4* ?*Oa i*7 Suit. TOO man y uooos TOO KAN Y OOOVS l' MUST Bh SOL U ? MUST BA SOJ.If. AUK BULLING HAPIOLY. AXE SMLL1NO RAPIULY. TBB DOLLARS. FIFTEEN DOLLARS,TWEN TY DOLLARS. fl? Suit at f lO, gX* Suit at ?ld 7 Sail at #??. NO H AS A'A VA TIONS. NO RM&MH VATJONS. ALL WILL Bh SOLD. ALL WILL Bh SOLO. ALL MUSI Bh S9LO. ALL MUST BM SOLD. IN BOYS' SUITS WB OFFBB THB SAMB INDUCEMENTS. for aa #9 Salt. $1 for a 01V. 910 for a 111. ONCB. BEING THE BOYS. BUY BABGAIBS. FASHIONABLE TA1LOBS, waam Osim tw *n P tEira A wm* a* iv v-??ija,4issit?52?te rtys * L iTBACI'. 1911 ttmTTZ S SPECIAL NOTICES. , Lrrckri! Lffckrt! Swedish LmcIhi will h?r??llfr yf/ 'ft for sale. wholesale or ARTHUR 1ATTAN8, Druggist, corner Id and Datreeta north AISO JCST RtCKTVKD ? fresh ?rrrlT of all new Family and Patent Medi cines. We enumerate: Castoria, a substitute for Caetor Oil, Ontmir Liniment, Simmons' Liver invigorator, Aver's Medicine*, Schenck'a Medicine#, Micbler'a Herb Bitten, Winchester'* Hypo-phosphates, Cod Liver Oila of all kinds. Dr. Ji?j ne's Medicines, H-Unl-old's Bnrhu, Kennedy's Discovery, Salve and Liniment, Sage's Catarrh Remedy, Pierce'* Golden Medical Diecoverr. These and all other Remedies of the day at my popular low rate* for cash. ABTHUR NATTANS. Druggist, my23-tr 3d and D street* northwest. Bttckrl?r<i Hair ?ye I* the beat Is the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculous tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, Instan taneous black or brown; at all druggists', and 16 Bond street. New York. ft^olr EXCURSIONS, &c. i-MRST GRAND PICNIC OF THE METRO f POL1TAN SOCIAL CLUB will be given at BIERS' 7th STREET PARK. THURS DAY KVENINO, June 8. W73. Tickets 60c admitting ft geDtl'iuftn and It* Hew je4-2t & j^EYPOBT EXCURSIONS. On and after TUESDAY, JUNK 10, 1873, the elegant and favorite steamer KEY- JCTmm PORT w.ll commence her regular_^^4?^f TUESDAY and FRIDAY EVEN 1NG excursions down the Potomac, leaving wharf foot of 8th street, at 6 o'clock p.m., returning at 11 p.m. During the summer ot 1372 the* excur sions were largely patronized by many of our l>e?t citizens, who found in them a cool and pleasant es cape from the heat and dust of the city. No;effort shall be spared during the coming summer to make them pleaaant and agreeable in every respect. De tective* will be stationed at the boat to nrevent the admission of any improper characters. No intoxi cating liquors sold. Music, dancing, and refresh ments on lioard. Fare, single ticket*, ? 1; lady and gentleman, J1VI. Apply to \VM. 0 BYLES, Agent. 609 Pennsylvania avenue. mSI-lni ( 1 can j^XCURSIONS TO GLYMOHT. Office of the Potomac Fkrry Company, St. v a nth Strkkt Wharf, Washington, May 21. 1873 On and after June 1 the steamer WAWASKT be chartered for Excursions to Gly mont on Monda>s. Tuesday*, Wed-. nesda> sand Thursday*. The steamer is now in complete order, having been thoroughly overhauled laat winter. She ha* a tine, commodious saloon on her upper deck, aud is in every respect adapted to the excursion business. The Potomac is now beaatifal. and Qlym >nt in splendid cnndition, having been thoroughly repaired and the ground* put in good order. For charter, apply at office of Potomac Ferry Comiany,foot of7th street. m21 2w FESTIVALS. j," C ST I VAL. The Ladie* l<e|o<-gjng to the Congregation of ST. MARY S CATHOLIC CHURCH, Upper Marlb .ro', propose holding a FESTIVAL in THE WOODS adjoining the residence of the Carnitine Father*, near this ?111?_re. on TlllRSDAY, June 13.1973. Various ainus. ments will be provide*, for the day and evening entertainment. A very elegant Aftghan will be rallied, t) which the requisite numb< r of chance* is not yet taken. All the refreshment* of the season will l?- ?np plied in almndauce,and a band of music will be hi attendance. The proe-ed* will be u?ed for the benefit of t chun li. The public are cordially iuvitedto attend. m31 eotd R SUMMER RESORTS. Ot KY FOlXT HOTEL, RHODE ISLAND. SEASOM vr 1973, ? ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. Tin* well-known and popular Summer Resort, sit uated on Narraganaett liar, between the " * cities of Pro* idence and New port, will be opened for the reception of guests June, 26th To me-t the growing demauds of tliepubii-.. the capacity of the House ha* been increased since last seaeou, by the addition of a number ot rooms, all large, airy, au<l newly furnlsln-d. A new Rustanraut, ?-f an increased seating capacity. has also l-een adde<l. Eight steamboats a day from Providence at-d Scwpfirt. For information in re gard to terms, etc., address, City Hotel. Providence, R. I , j2 ? L.H. HUMPHREYS, Proprietor. YATTOS.?'This popular and very healthy sum mer resort, near Snicker's Gap, and{ ' surrounded by the Bine Ridge mountain, two hoar*' ride by rail of Washington, City, is now open for the reception of guests, eeaaua 1473. Improvement* since last year: Fine piasxa in front, bath-room, an Ice-honse ttllea, a piano in the honse. The bniHlngs are atone, consisting of large airy room*. Beautiful mountain so-?ery. Tnose wishing to enjoy the cool breeze* of thia elevated region will address, A. O. WRIGHT, Bound Hill P. 0., Loudoun Oo., Va. %y References at 11109 F street N W. m3u-tf JsadtM, IIARKHCRKT HO I'SB. Annapolis I fjotrani cvuntf. Mi., situated on the Washington Branch Baltimore and Ohio Washington Branch Baltimore and Ohio RailroaJ Improvements have been made for the comlort of guests euual to any summer roso.t In the state. Guests with families will Had this House a desirable place for the summer For fur ther information address niS-Sw" GEORGE BELL, Proprietor. \yEST END HOTEL, AT LOMO BRANCH, N. J., WILL BE OPENED ON THE IVth OF JUNE Applications for rooms can be made tol. .A D. M H1LDRETH. No. ?S Broadway,VAM Hew York .or by addressing PRESBURY JfiSLI * H1LDRETH, Proprietor*, Long Branch. GEO. G. PRESBURY, D. M. HILDRETH. maU tJnneH I/OK SUMMER BOARDERS.?Four No. 1 " ROOMS, furnished. Also, four nnfur-1. . A nished.aiid BOARD, in a beautfiul country VfNA V home in a healthy locality. Good rof*r-]|jU ences given. For particalan apply to JOHN W. K1NSELL, Clearspring, Washington county, Md. m7-lm /COMMON SENSE PATENT WAXED WOODEN SHOE PEG. Sataraif* ami Coalta wttk Shot maker's Way. Patented in the United States, Can ada, England, Frauce, and Belgium. This exceed ingly simple but highly important invention ad dresses itself to the common sense of every one, and requires neither practical teats nor puffing to prove that pegs thu* waxed will hold the leather as with rivet* of iron. The seam formed witfe waxed pegs ia totally impervious to watei; it will not rip la soles, toee or ihsuke. The waxed pegs do not l*ecome loose and wear the stocking* or anrt the feet, and bat few being required the elasticity of the leather ia preserved, and the ease and comfort of the shoe secured. The So est and l>e*t style* of Ladies', Gents' and Children's BOOTS and SHOES constructed with the new Patent Waxed Peg*. caatoiu made and for the trade,) together with Royalty Stamp* Waxed Peg*, Ac., for sale by LOUIS KUBTS, manufac turer of BooUand Shoes, No. TS3 7th street, Wash ington city, sols agent for District of Columbia, Viririnia,North and South Carolina. mSJ-eo?t" a A STONE THE MARYLAND FREESTONE M * M. CO IS NOW READY TO REVEIfM ORDERS FOR STONE, EITHER SAWED OR ROUGH DIMENSION. Apply at Company's o4Rce, CORNEB K AND 8?TH 8TREBTS, Back Creek. mM-tf C. W. HAYOEil, President. ^JASONlC AkGALlA. We are prepared to furaiah Masonic Boulpatents for all Commaaderies at FACTOBY PRICES! CHAPEAUX, SWORDS AND BBLTS, CUFFS, CAPS, and every article pertaining to the Order. We guarantee ail Suit* sold to be regulation. WILLBTT A BUOFF, may Vim Ml Pennsylvania avenne. jgXAMUETBi BOLD BPB0TA0LB? ORIt BS, 4* | 1MB! LIMB I LIMB! BEST WOOD BUBBT 1111 at 01 par barrel, u, di 'rgfiags^.'ggi, ~ tlon of elecanee aad ooaafert. Tha. al*-tr EVENING STAR Washington Nem and Goiiip. Intern al Revenue?The receipt? from tula source to-day were >334,732.33. i Th* Civil Se*vic* Advisory Board yes terday adjourned until next October. The I amended rules as agreed upon will not be made I public for a week or two. Th* tbial of ex-Senator Pomeroy, on the charge of bribery, begins in the District Court at Topeka, Kansas, on the 16th. Eminent couu- I sel will appear on each side. The trial isex- I pected to be protracted and sensational Th* Texan Border Commission, Col. T. P. I Robb, president, will arrive here on the 15th I inst., when they will prepare their report so as to have it finished by July 1. It is not proba ble that it will be printed before the meeting of I Congress. Pension for th* Widow of Capt. Thomas I Gen. Lorenxo Tbomas, In behalf of the widow I of bis son, the late Capt. Thomas, killed In the I Modoc war, has made application for * pens on. 1 This is the first application growing out Of the J Modoc war. Appointments by the President.?The I President has signed the commissions of H. E. I Brooks, postmaster at Barre. Ma.u.; John T. I Weathers, postmaster at Harrtsonville, Mo.; W. I E. Williams, postmaster Orangeburgh Court I House, S. C. He also appointed Wirt Hopkins I assayer of the mint at Carson City, Neb. Naval Orders Capt. E. It. Calhoun or- I dered to command the Hartford, of the Asiatic I station. He will sail by the steamer on the 1st I of July, and relieve Capt. E. McCauley fiom I the command of that vessel, and ordere<t to I command the Lackawana, relieving Capt. Paul I Shirley from the command of that vessel. Capt. I Shirley has been ordered to return home. I Affairs in Louisiana Senator West and I Representative Sjpher, of Louisiana, arrived I here this morning tor the purpose of having changes made in some of the minor offices. They represent the condition of attairs in Lou isiana ps much better since the President's proclamation, and express the opinion that op position to the Kellogg government is decreas ing rapidly. Major Elias Griswold, of Baltimore, who has received an appointmeut as special agent In the Post <tftice depaitment, was the confeoer- | ate provost mar>lial at Richmond during the war under General Winder. His appointment va> made on May 7, and his compensation is *1,600 j>er annum and in addition ?3 per day. He has been assigned to the duty for the present in the oftice of the solicitor of the department. Newspaper Postage After June 30? After the 30th of the present month all transient or miscellaneous printed matter must be fully prepaid at the mailing office. Regular publica tions, known as newspapers or periodicals, may be sect to subscribers now and after the 30th inst., unpaid,and the postage collected quarterly of the Mibscnhers. Newspaper exchanges may be prepaid quarterly either at the office of mail ing of dttyery. Personal Delegate N. P. Chlpman wad in Paris a few days since Hon. J. Edgar Thompson, president Pennsylvania railroal; H. J. MoConib, esq., president Southern rail road; Gov. Parker of N. J.; Gen. Perrineof N. J.; Hon. E. J. Cleveland of Conn.; Hon. F F. E. Woodbrldge of Vt., are at Willard's. Minister Schenck's daughters are to preside at stalls at a l'ourthcoming "grand charity fair," to be held in London. A spscial tkain of passenger palace cars, from Washington, arrived at Camden street station shortly after 12 o'clock last night, and proceeded direct to New York. The passengers of the train constituted a wedding party, the central figures of which were H. D. Cooke, jr.. son of Governor Cooke, of the District of Co lumbia, and his wife, n? Miss Anna H. Dodge, daughter of A. H. Dodge, esq., of Georgetown. D. C.?Bait. Sun, .V*. Th* Patvirt of Pensions for the current quarter was begun yesterday by Col. Cox. a* his office on 9th street. Although there was a large number of pensioners present there was no delay, and there Is not likely to be any,how ever great the pressure may be, as ample pro vision has been made for' all contingencies. This is of decided advantage to pensioners, tr> many of whom a delay of a day or two often ?orlu great inconvenience.

Programme for the concert at the White House Grounds next Saturday afternoon: 1. Grand Quick March, Parlow; 2. Overture Massaniello, Auber; 3. Intr. and Walzes. Kosensteiner Lamer; 4. Potpourri from II Polluto, Donizetti; 5. West Poi nt Academy Polka, Moscow; C. Intr. and Walzes, Artus Klange, Gung'l; 7. Selections from Stradella. Flotow; 8. Mill Polka, Johann Straus*; 9. Finale. Important Decision by th* Court of Claims In deciding one of the cotton cases yesterday the Court of Claims laid down the broad principle that no suits of recovery or the value of captured and abandoned cotton can be entertained unless they were commenced within two years from June, 1865, which was the close of the war. An appeal was taken to the Supreme Court, and if the decision is there affirmed It will throw out of the court claimants who have suits to the amount of 915,000,000 against the government. Assault Upon thk Colored Cadct at Annapolis.?The Secretary of the Navy to-day received a telegram from Annapolis announcing that Midshipmen Young, of Mississippi; But terfieM of Kansas; Lockett, of Georgia; Rowan, of West Virginia; Muun, O'Keefe and Gridiev, of New York, have all l>eeii concerned in an assault on the colored midshipmen Conyers, by attacking him with stones. The riotous mid shipmen nad all failed in their examinations, ana will be dismissed from the Academv re gardless of this offence. They are all in close confinement. Conyers is not seriously hurt. In Time of Peac* Prepare for War.? Captain John D. Brandt, chief clerk of the bureau of ordnance, Navy Department, will sail for Europe in the Saxonlaon Saturday, and will be absent several months. He will visit all the navy yards and arsenals throughout Europe with the view of ascertaining what improve ments have been made in the casting of heavy ordnance, also improvements in fuses, and wiu make a thorough investigation, so far as per mitted, of all modern Improvements pertaining toordnanceof the navy. Cols. Laidley, Crispin, and Ronton, of the Ordnance Department of the army, will leave here on a similar mission for that branch of the service in about ten days. Under the recent act of Congress creating a board of immigration commissioners, the Sec retary of the Treasury has made the following appointments: Dr. John M. Wood worth, I. B. Saunders, J. Fred. Meyers, Charles Coline, J. H. Piper, and Helen M. Barnard, well known as a Washington correspondent. The lady member of the board, whose appointment Is a notable compliment to her sex, is to be assigned to the duty of reporting upon the treatment of women and children on board of emigrant ships; Dr. Wood worth will exercise a general supervision of the Atlantic seaboard: another commissioner will go to San Francisco to In vestigate the condition of the Chinese and Japanese immigrants; and others will be sent to Europe to make inquiries and prepare a full report. ? Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Mr. A. P. Gorman, president of the Cheeapeake and Ohio canal, called on Senator Wlndom yesterday, the chairman of the select committee of the Senate on transportation, and presented to him a statement containing information bearing on the works which baa been requested for the use of the committee. Mr. Gorman had also a* Interchange of views with Senator Wlndom. The boaad of public works of Maryland is fally advised of the fact of the committee havtat determined to consider the propriety of extend ing the canal to Pittsb?rg, or seme point on the Olito, "by national aid, and the stockholders of the canal have requested the board to conskler the subject which, it will do, and perhaps report thereon to the stockholders at the next meeting, in J Ely. As the state of Maryland, represented by the board of pabUc works, controls a majority of the stock or the will of coarse rait with it to decline or acoept the proffer of aid, if it should be made by the general government. The Mate of Virginia has already importuned the general govern mentto take bold of the James river aad Kanawha canal and complete it, aad in eon sideratto* Of ft* offers to surrender all <ynt?vol 'B it. TheLast Chance?There was a large crowd of visitors at the White Hon* to-day, and the President granted an audience to nearly every one, it being their last chance before his depar ture for Long Branch to-morrow. Tbi Polaris Castaways?The Frolic has not yet arrived at the navy-yard, bat will prob ably be here by to-morrow. Secretary Robe son, however, will not allow any person on board to bold any communication with Capt. Tyi-on and party until alter the government Khali have heard their statement* as a basis for official action. The Secretary will have a long conference with the party soon after their ar rival, and will inquire particularly into the exact condition or attain from the time the Polaris started on the expedition. More About the Walworth Parricide A PLEA Or INSANITY. The defense of young Walworth, who shot his father in New York on Tuesday, will be insanity. The inquest will be held to-morrow Mrs. M alworth, the mother of the lad, visited him at the Tombs yesterday, in company with Judge Barbour, a cousin of the deceased, while the scene was affecting, it was not marked by any display of extraordinary emotions. Charles (?'Conor, the distinguished advocate, had an interview with the prisoner, and is understood to be retained for his defense. THK DE* EASED THI HERO OP OSI Or HIS OWJ HOVELS. Morris Phillip*, of the Home Journal, who was a friend of the deceased. and to whom "Warwick" was .dedicated, made statement* essentially as follow*. The deceased was born about the year 1830, probably at Albany, and was a son of ex-Chancellor Walworth. He was educated for the legal profession, an<l, after be ing admitted to the bar, practiced in his fath ers office. He soon, however, began to turn his attention to literature, and did his first writing For the Home Journal. Then followed the publication of hisdifterent novels?"Lulu," "Hotspur," "Stormcliff," "Warwick," "Dela plaine," and "Beverly." "Warwick" was probably hie most successful work, and it was from the publication of this that his popularity as a wi'.ter dated. A story entitled "Married in Mask," which is now being published in the New York Weekly, was from his pen, and the publishers ot that paper have another storv, which has not vet been named also, by the same writer. His domestic lite was very un happy, and he had been separated from his wife a long time. His two daughters, aged from 12 to IS, were living with the mother. The infor mant had not heard tbe deceased mention hi" son. In one of his novels the deceased had made himself the hero. And had set forth his troubles to some extent in the story. Tn* Modoc captives remain at ApplegateV ranch. Captain Jack and Schonrhin were ironed together and placed with the other warriors in a small building adjoining Apple gate's house, under guard. Neither Jack nor Schonchin spoke a word. Not a muscle ot .Jack's face moved, but Scart'aced Charley pro tested against the indignity. He obtained hut little satisfaction, and retired in disgust. The usual Sunday evening services of the Warm Spring Indians were dispensed with. Instead they held a glorious war dance until miduight They leaped and howled about the tire, and in dnlged in other fiantic demonstrations of de light. The cord of Gen. Canity's hat was found in Jack's satchel. Col. Green's capture wa made in Oregon, and Col. Perry's in California The question now is. What will be done with the Modocs? Five Modocsare still on an island in I.ittle Klamath lake, but they will have to surrender. < >ne of them is terribly wounded Terrible Deaths prom Hydrophobia The horrible deaths of two men from hydro phobia, and the disappearance of another wbose veins run with the same deadly virus, are recorded in the local columns of tbe Balti more American this morning. About three weeks ago, at the residence of Mr. Ferdinand Freybe, on the Hookstown road, a large watch dog was taken sick. In removing him from one part of the yard to another, Charles Freybe. (aged 23, a son of Mr. Freybe,) Anton Auer. and Herman Drussel were bitten in the hands by the dog. I.astJTuesday morning Auer died. racked with horrible spasms. Young Freybe. who had visited him at bis bedside, was at tacked on the day of bis death, and lingered until 1 o'clock yesterday, when he died in the same manner. Drussel left his home to con suit an old.Gorman woman who is said to pos ses a cxm tar hydrophobia, and has sot siace been r STBonDamcmm Baltimore Mur der TRIAL.?The testimony for the defence yesterday ta the trial of Henderson for the mur der of Dr. Cote, mainly went to prove that tbe hatchet which was supposed to have belonged to tbe dead man, and has been accepted as The weafon with which the crime was committed, was one that has always belonged to the woman who was the mistress of the accused. The mo ther. father and brother of the woman, as well as other witnesses, positively swore to this, and the cross-examination did not shake their state ments. Two constables swore to threats made bv Mrs. Smith, the principal witness for the State, that she could and would have Hender son banged If he did not pay her some monev that he owed her. Having shown this anlmn? on the part of the most formidable witnes against their client, the defence followed up bv endeavoring to prove his good character, and will close their case to-day?HiU. Amur., 5th. Suuide by Drowning?All pgr Love? Miss Susan Junk, daughter of Thomas Junk, a very respectable, wealthy, and worthy far mer, residing near Roxabel, In Ohio, drowned herself at waverly last Saturday. The young lady was about 20 years of age, and was at Waverly taking instructions in music. On Fri day night she told her teacher that she was go ing to spend the night with the family of the Rev. Mr. Jones, which was the last seen of her until her body was found in tbe canal next morning. Miss .lunk was a very beautiful, ac complished, and amiable voung lady, and no cause save that of unrequited love can be as signed for the commission of the rash act. In the general assembly of United Pres byterians in Philadelphia yesterday delegates were appointed to corresponding bodies in this country and Europe. The report of the com mittee on statistics was adopted, showing the following: Synods, 8; presbyteries, 56; total number of 'ministers, 991; congregations or ganised during tbe year. 23: total cost of hous?s of worship reported,?133,(>50; members reported, T3.4S2: Sundav school scholars. 47..*17; total con tributions. S8,730.78. The assembly adjourned last evening to meet at Monmouth, Illinois, next May. Excursions roR Poos Children The trustees of the New York Times' fund for the poor children of New York citv held a meeting Tuesday, and decided to commenoe operations on the 21stinstant, when the first excursion will be given. Relief of sick children will be began about the same time. The trustees have now the sum of *3,448 on hand from last year, besides some tre&h contributions recently rsc eived. Escap* or " tbi New Elijah."?Joseph T Curry, the seir-styled "New Elijah and Prophet of Jrhovsh," the founder of the New Canaan ite colony in Columbia county, Ga., who was found guilty of adultery and sentenced to five years' imprisonment, has broken jail at Ap pling and escaped north, taking with him the " Queen of the Harem Thr Carlist War in Spain?Dispatches from the Spanish frontier report a battle in progress yesterday between the Car lists, under Dorregarry, and a force of 1.500 republicans. The result is unknown. Oarlisfes appeared be fore Irun yesterday, and began an attack on the place. At last aoeounts they had taken 10 carablnlors pr* Arrest or Alleged Murderers?Law rence Woodward and John Cooper, negroes, hare been arrested at Elktoa, Md., and deliv ered over to the Virginia authorities, charged with tbe murder ofhdward TayMr, la Rich mond, twoj?* Homeopat setts medical society at its voted to expel "" whess trial has r , being but one dissenting Wood hull . of New Tech, the motion t? hum im indictment against Woodhull and Claflin fee mlUng otoow pab lications. ? Th* Arkansas Guberatorial Embroolio. The argument on the writ ot Tn Emperor William is slightly in, and was unable to attead the baa?vef onTuiedav in honor of the shah of Pinil * .. ?a^MAnyparts of T the moot severe hail TELEGRAXS TO THE STAB Tkls ilYeniMal Dlipatchei. ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS, ? ? ? Yorl* Xmm, TWO HU KILLED AMI KIVI IN H'SII' Mw % oaa, .1 uue 5.-By the taliin* ot a por tion of a pew tramp house yesterday at lv^ ^hen wounded. n*groe* ? "W mod Dve CONVICTS' STRIKE. The convicts of the New Jersey state nrUm KnbhedWa,r, ?0r Conu,cU>r> unl4,?^ ?*Hi ? , *OT TRt'I. ft!torI,<,y it is not true that . JU?r\.h*Mound l?"cunents again-t late District Attorney Garvin and James li \ oung, or a new indictment against Tweed TH k yacht k a< k. An unufually large numkr of ftpeotators and pleasure seekers have gone down the bav t<> witness the yacht race. The hay is covered with small craft. The weather is lair and fa BSSt.J'K *?*??"?? breeze, however 1 he wtnthtr i8 hot in the city. - . m .. THK STORES CAS*. .''?"f? Sutherland stated to a gentleman this after noon that he had seen a telegram rrotu Albany suting that the CouU of Appeals had rendered a decision in the caae of Stoke- afttrnj ing the judgment of the Supreme Court mi STEAMER FROLIC. fon of the ?e??b?ra of the Polaris expedition on board was intercepted oIT Sandv h) fie government boat and ordered to proceed direct to W ashmgton. trw-T!ntRE WKKK TWRLVR OFFIRt OF HOLD tollMU * at from 117 il , AMERlt A AT TH* UPiiMruiK. ]|'ekka, June 5.?The American department th1 IO?J*** Uirown op?11 to the public this morning, and steam was applied to the ma chinery exhibited therein. The novelties Mir. Bkss those from other countries. President a ? W,'i*e' "f Cornell I ..ive??v. a!^et" io^ ernor E. D. Morgan, of New fork. have the chairmanships ot the bureaus of education and commerce respectively. MATH of A* ITALIA* state-mav ? rTune 5.?rrhano Katazzi, died at 9 ?hi. ^annane, 4* m,les from this city. Signor i.auza, Preai.ient of the Council and Minister of the Interior w*? at hi* bedside when he breathed his |*,t The death of this eminent statesman has produced a pro found sensation. "ire EtOEWIK's APPEAL. Lospon June 5?The Pall Mall in tMssne tins afternoon, publishes an appeai of the ex-Impress Kugeine to the President of France, in lavor of her son. A CARLIST LEW. of hoii r.'riii' h UPf ,,kon A"?n?o. brother ot l>on Carlos, has levied one year's taxation upon the town of Moaistral de Men-errat During the inactive of the insurrectionteS in Vi!che Geue,?1 Velarde has gone to ? -? ... .. *'?llMrefiT?.|Niy. ??.? W*. June'..-The attendance at the st<H k exchange to-day is very small, a l?>-Ke number ot brokers having gone to the ya. fit race. Accordingly the ?tock exchange market beenTaM|- ',arii?N?i,thly "*les f?W have with OTW' transaction at 11;?_ on gold loans the rates have been 4 to 6 for car rying. Foreign exchange is firm. but dull with prime sterling held at 1?? and 110,. MonevU extreme'y abundant, the rate.on goveiWent bonds being 4a5, and on stocks .'?af. Mercan in small supply, and prime sells readily atGovernment lK)nd.* are steady the rhiL. iUre r,n ?narket tlping pui^ chases by foreign bankers for exnolt !r flrm y^'rdav picked ap #. ,000,(100 for this purpose, and the greater part fnna BosU,n ?" "oSSnTJuS bonds the transactions at the board were **M*> of Tennessees at 7!?a79*. and *4 nun 2*. *i?i>uris at H3Va<M. The stock m ir hIvi?i"D kL. ****' bul h*" *lno<* improved ba**?f been very dull, ?,th rluctua ?*??pt in Pacific Mail, within Sfp2Tial."Mt,,;i rh' "Utcn,enf ?f the new board aftT??!!!n directors is promised to-morrow ?_"V A RCALPIMU PARTY. safari rf.V8' r 5-''n Sntunlay last, a "?all party of <>sage Indian* attacked some herdsmen on the New Ellsworth trail, in Kan cSamberi!. scalped a man named CHOLERA. rZbXr^" wl,ich h*ve ?ain?Ht circulation LnUuJf Cho,er* this city are entirely A SHOOTIjrr. AFFRAY. On Saturday last, Peter McNamara. boss in I"*"--* n*ar Booneville, discharged Pi^Mnr" <?ranev, doe Mam.n an.I These men were immediately hired by another boss named ?i'Neil, which tact by to the ctTlefengl neer of the works, and O'Neil and the three o XeiT^nd^^V" K?n Saturday evening * >?il and the diM*harge4 nn n assault*? McNamara badl7" In the melee Mc>am?r? shot and instantly killed Gran^v* nnd mortally wonnded MeXanuru gave himsel/np to the authorities, and was dis Justifable? ?,oun>1 that the ho.nicSTIm ? ? ??*. Mnw, ?r Blew HamMklre. his ixArscratiok aki> aassAos Concord, N. H., June.'.?Gov. Straw was in augurated and delivered his message to the two houses ot the legislature to-day* Thedocu ment gives a clear exhibit of the aff airs at th? ^ The toui revenue for ^ ^1^2 ISl total expenses. ?15,44?;reducUoTTf debt during the year goTern?r of ti^e^ffi JgflttoPH T1!? o*W?l?attoi? teone that cannot fail to en the whole American v?**oi?]e in its foi-nr TW? *tate should and umloubtediy will re-" spond in a most enU.usi.stic m,n^r7a?Tl the^ Is every reason to believe that the exi.UE will be the largest and finest ever seen ?u.i mwt wonderful as an illustration or the'nro iUfe^en?^U,,try4lar,n* ^ brsl of *,*,e NHrdsrrn. oaaoow WAMS THty. ?A.!I Fra*ci*co, June 4?The followina dip. patch was sent to-day frr m Salem..)rrri to ???tory5 War at Washington: X 'r^ fniteiu^t^!1 IEDOW in the c"" of the *"thoritie?, i most re ?pecnaiiT request that tlioee who nn? , }? circuit eourtTf Jack^'oOMt^ Oregon, for the crime of murder, and who ?m pot amenable to military execution bL to the ciril authorities of this state for tri?T^TTi rnnishment. if they have Te?Nie7en? f A^ de^ce^M^^h^^rh ni1' of *ui|t' >?' the e be I'!*?Hl befor? the proper trihunal. T- tirovrr, Governor of Oregon. ahotbrr steamer. launched next Saturday ' 111 friends, w. ?-- "1 ?,f j20',00<> ^o? bis mania from gambling. <"?cultias from a P"T*to diflnateh ? Philadelphia ""uzssz tkla 'imiHi"AS? *? JS "" ?? a*xX iggs vaaij uvvufl uc Ufntar# of Omm ru^. ? the New D- !??', Pro^dea/, LOCAL VEW5 To morrow. aboat the boor of noon, Tti It. Wright, rwriftfJ of ttir raurdvr of Mtki. fne peddler. ?U1 ?utler til penaltv of the lit b* lunrim in the jail] liea. *'rocker ft ml Bis offlcwra have a i n' o mtt MfirittW the even*, the the I >tparta?M of will be bat a limited oaaibar||H lifttfrtol adalawt have been o?* r?tbe law. member* ?>! the I,egi?lAture, r- | rrMKtkt.u* of the hrtl |f?* ami I'fcT* Claim. The jail wa? thw tuoru 114 bmf|fil by crowd* of pertwws for peases, bnt the WinW? war firm >n hi* rtilual. tbe number ia h.* hands not being sufficient to ge round. 1MB nBoTMKBOT TUB Kt KI'tltTNtl BI<I<1I<<1 at the Jail b few- day* ago. through BB Interpreter. for the (mitior W ".Inck Ketch." being b firm believer la tbr .tocirine of tbe MoMur law. "An eye tor aaere and a MM tor b tooth." but the application "was r*iaseu. Ho however obtained a pom to bob the murderer if hi* brother 41*. DM. On VfJnMir Wright ?i> very talkaUrt to the guards ob duty mar ku coll. HtaaM to them that kewBi sorry that br had wot told all about the murder at Int. The aaaa was wot hilled in the morning either, he Bold. Hewai knocked In the head in thr Banning about II o'clock. Btid not in the closet. bimI when they 11 i.t u> look t<<i him afterdark. the* foand that he wai Hill Uring Btid br<>aUi>ng. wad tbey tkaa finished him. aud that an ?fal spade wa* used tor the purpose The officers did wot qaeabaa him. and he did not volunteer to sav whether ha meant himself or oilisaa by the wt>rd they. He also told about hi* travel* ia diflerent part* of the country, and MM thai ho oitea had large sums of monsv. hat ho did wot Mate wIn ther he procured it by honest labor or not. TAKtl' IKIWM. I This morning he wa? taaaed ilea a J bly. and n evidently weakening, being totally devoid ot that air of bravado which he hat ea hibtted Mint hi* incarceration. Ho haa etatwd that he intend* to make a s<oech from thoacal told. bat that it will dei?:ud altogether oa tha manner la which he I* treated. Kev Father Wlgett spent aome time with him to-day. ami will call on him to-morrow ami remain with him to the last. A "Lit BMTtorS" MlASlOVABT. Among the vMtor* at the Jail to-day wai 1 serious laced colored man al?>ut VSyearsoT age, with a heavy bible under hit loft arm. who made application to go la and hare a word ot prayer with the condemned man. The guard at the gate informed him that the primmer had ??elected Kev. Fathor W igett a* hi* '-preacher man," and he supposed that the Cathelie church woald attend to the spirituaJ want* of the condemned man. Thr applicant rep)tad, "So 1 hare heard, bat you know ?? are com manded to carry the Uospel Into tt? by way*. Ac." l'he guard asked. "Are you *11 ordained minister, *ir?" to which the applicant re sponded. "No. air, but I am a licentious one," meaning a licentiate. The guard informed him that "Hell'* Bottom," and *innlar locali ties in this city would be a good field tor him to work In. ? ? Death of am AiTBtM.-Mi* I 00 Hudaon, the actrtw. died in St. I.oui* on Mcnday, from tnjuries sustained man accident whichoccurred while playing the cnaracter ot ' Matcppa" about three week* ago, and in which Her favorite horse Black Be?? was killed. Mia* Hudson was born in I;ee*hurg. near thin city, u IMt, and wa*well known here, she was'onee married to Charier Backus, the uegro minstrel, but waB divorced from him Death or tub Wifk <>r * Naval Orricna. Mr*. KHa Inch, the wife of a United States naval officer, died at the house of a relative, on rejtan street, this morning. alter a lingering illness, of consumption. Mrs. Inch was well well known and highly esteemed for her many good qualities.?.ileram/raa >'? ft 11 ft-1. 4 k mat. New Y<<rk Dry Goon* \| abkrt There was a sluggish trade movement daring the pa*t ??k with the manufacturer*' agents, and. da *pite the etlorts ot the jobbers to galvanise business by making lilieral price concessions ia onler to reduce accumulation* prior to the usual true of stock-taking, their tiles showed a marked decrease day by day, and the aggre gate distribution of the week under review was inconsiderable, even when due allowance is made for the lateness ot the season. The re duction of from I cent to I k cent* on the price of nianv prominent bleached cottons, which has beeii foreshadow ed In our column* for some time past, has been unattended by aa increased inquiry for the goods at the reduoed rates, which " have met with ao response from the trade, who seem to have committed themselves to the hand-to-mouth policy, and only pur chase such goods a* they actually require for the Immediate necemlties of their busraees. Fo- print cloths the market has boeu dall and nominal, sales having been made at aboat tig cents for extras, while unaccepted offers of certs hare been made for -Tuturee." Apart from the auctioa rmms. there was not a single feature of interest developed during the week, and the market tor imported good* was dull la the extreme with the importers, from whose hand* the dirtrlbwtion of foreign fabrics has been unprecedcntedly light.?X. T- lHu/y Bui Ifti Thk GALLow-a im Mabtlamd.?There are now six 1* rw.ii- in Maryland who have been convicted of murder In thefirstdegree, ol whom three have lieen sentenced to death 011 the scaf fold. and three are awaiting aenteno*. The Hal lowing have been sentenced ?Thomas K. Hol lohan, convicted of the murder ot Mrs. Lamp ley. sentenced to be bunaon Friday, .luae nth. in city, Albert Kaunder*.oolored, convicted of the murder of liurdell, the cluck peddlar, in Calvert coaaty, to be hung duly 11th, at Prtace Fradenck, Thomas .lacksoa.colored, convicted of arson and the murder of HchoMeld. la 8t. Mar> '* county, to be hung duly llth, at Laon ardtown. .loshua Nicholson, convicted of the murder of Mrs. Lampley, awaiting the result of aa appeal, I^evln Palmer, colored, convicted of rape in Baltimore coanty. aad -lamas West, colored, convicted of the murder of his para mour, Anna Gtbeon, are awaiting sentence. The las* two were convicted the past week. Ia addition to the above, there is to be an execu tion in Kent county, Delaware, of John Car penter, colored, convicted of a rape 00 a white girl. Another murder trial will take place la this city to-day?that of Henderson, in.t cted tor the' murder of I>r. Merrym*u Cole?faff, Am Teask ArrAtK in St. Lon*?.Joseph H. Fore, what *hot and killed Muimii Beach, his brother-in-law. In st, Doui*. August. 1*71, and was tried and acquitted on the ground of emo tional insanity, returned there from Natchea on Monday last, and made a murderous assault u|?n hi* wife. He acco-ted her on the street, urging her to live with him again, which she refused to do until he would stop drinking. Alter following her some distance he again ap proached her and asked her to shake hands with him as a Inal farewell. She extended her hand, when he seised it. drew her towards him, pulled a hatchet from underneath hi* clothing and dealt her three heaw blows ou the heal. She fell senseless on the |>a\< nient. The mar derer ran, bat was captured after a short chaae. A surgical examination revealed three aerere gashes on Mr*. Fore's head, one of which would doubtless have proved fatal bat for the thlcc mass of bair which she wore, site lieaia a crit ical condition, but may recover. Tn Kr< *mt Virginia Mrancna Jim Brown, the alleged murderer of the two old ladies. Mrs. ? I ones and Mrs. Heater, near 8at tolk, \ a was captured 1 uoaday night, aad committed to jail Wedneeday. He oonieaand to the sheriff that he beat h(s victims to death with a billet of wood, and than robbed the bouse. He inforated the sheriff where the stolen money was concealed. The feeling agalast him is intense, aad it is more than probable dul he trill be lynched. Horace Yenable, the negro who murdered Mary Holaaes, two weeks Mace, by knocking bar Into the canal In Kiehaaond, has beea oon Ticted of ?1tm tn the tm* Shockimo Octkau nt Cbicaoo AWtot e o'clock last Bight Mr. Catharine Cuneer a re LiTiaanon ta know a Beewrlli trentls of Ma Kirkl tha ether day, and the la?

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