Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR T *. HOT! Bssding Mtttar on Bvsry Psgg Lggtrt SBi i? the District WASHINGTON CITY: THTMDAT JaM ?% 197%. We find ia the Washington correspondence of the New York Journal of Commmx, the follow ing Uble prepared from the last censor showing the ratio of occupants to booses In the princi pal cities of the United State#: Prrton.' to a Oft/J. Ktnh. Families DwtlTga Dtr'U't. New York ... 1 M6.789 6?.6? 14 72 Philadelphia S 127 7?t 112 JH 6 01 Brook Ira 3 8M.066 45,834 ?.<54 at. L. Ui- 4 90,431 99*79 7M Ckicagc - 5 59.497 47,6.0 6 7(1 Baltm.ore 6 49.y29 4U.3SO 6>&1 Bixti.n 7 sB.lsi tl.?3 8 46 fineunall 9 42.437 UMU 8 41 New Orleans . 9 39.1.19 3.1.6SC 5.S9 fan Francisco .. 10 >> 5A3 29.416 5.77 WtK^icfton ? 12 21.U3 1 'JUS 5 59 Newark 13 21631 MJM 7 32 Lonisvill* 14 19177 14^7(1 6 87 PittahnrK 19 16.1S2 14.214 6 n5 Jersey City 17 16 687 9.H67 8.37 Detroit 18 19.639 14.66S 6 ?2 kicbnond 34 9.792 Wffl 6 35 Chariot on 26 'J .o98 9.S61 7 14 Uwtll 31 7.649 6?>2 6 43 Meeopki- 32 7.834 d.ftrt 6 .98 Mobile 39 6Jl)l 8.738 9.58 Savannah... 48 5411.1 4JK1 6 19 It will be seen that of the larger cities in this list, or those having above 30,000 families. New York has the greatest number of person? to a dwelling, and Washington the lowest. In New York the number to a dwelling stand." a<? high as 14.72, while in this city there are but 5.59 to the honse. This amplitude of house room, to gether with the ample ventilation afforded by oar wide streets and divergent avenues, ac counts. doubtless, for the low death-rate of Washington. This city, it 19 constantly remarked. is much Cooler in summer, than cities further north, and from the same causes. The circulation of air is unchecked here, and finds it way, from what ever quarter the wind may blow, through the city by means either of the numbered or lettered streets, or the great avenues intersecting the streets at various angles. The number of cases of sun-stroke in Washington is very smtll in proportion to population to that in New York, or even in Philadelphia, where tall buildings and narrow streets, intersecting at right angles, Cffactually stop any general circulation of air. As the area of available ground for building purposes is lnr^e in Washington, it is not prob able that the ratio of i>erson* to the dwelling will ever be greatly increased beyond the pres ent healthy proportions. The system of i<oor children's pic-nics, initi ated so successfully in New York by the Times people last year, is to be carried out again this year, and the tirst excursion of the season is to take place the 21st of June. As affording a lit tle variety of scene these children's excursions are well enough: but in a sanitary point they amount to very little. In fact, the exposure to the hot sun. and the over-eating on these pic nic* are very apt to leave children at the end of the day the worse for the trip. For the diminu tion of the frightful infant mortality in our large cities something more continuous and effective is required. Dr. Toner, of this city, through whose investigations much of the data concerning infant mortality in this country has been obtained, shows that the recuperative point for sick children is in elevated or moun tainous districts, and he recommends that municipalities and benevolent individuals, instead of devoting all their attention to the building and maintenance of hospitals, where only the hopelessly invalid?the wrecks of humanity?are cared tor, should purchase parks or reservations of ground in elevated districts for the free tenancy of poor people with sick children during the hot weather. In furtherance of the same object, he recommends that cheap tares or free transit should be pro Tided for such poor families. Slight cabin tenements suitable for the sea.?on could be fur- j nished. or the families might camp out on the ground provided. Washington city has more to dread, probably, ! from hydrophobia than from cholera. It is es timated that there are from fifteen to twenty thoosan<t dogs in the city, or nearly one to every family. The Baltimore papers give the dettuls of some horrible hydrophobia cases in the vicinity of that city, in which two victims have already died, and a third, who left his home after being bitten, is supposed to have inffered the same frightful end. If, now, any Of the miserable curs who run in packs in this city and make night hideous with their yelp ings, should get infected with the virus, it can be seen to what extent it must be instantly spread. A rigid enforcement of the dog-tax would not only put a large sum into the city treasury, but would doubtless tend to reduce the somber of these worthless animals; but a large proportion of them *eems to have no recognized owners, and consequently the surest remedy is to send the dog-catchers forth in full force. The latest and more complete returns of the election for judge of the supreme court of Illi nois. indicate the election of A. M. Craig, the farmer's candidate, over Judge Lawrence, the present chief justice^by a majority of probably fifteen hundred. His election is considered a test of the strength of the so-called "farmer V granges in that state, and foreshadows in some degree the effect the new movement will have npon the old party organizations in the western Mates. It is unfortunate, however, that the fanners made a test vote upon a judgeship, as it looks like an attempt to tamper with the in tegrity of the courts by ejecting from the bench every man who will not pledge himself to de cide in their favor in the ca?es against the rail roads in which they are Interested. Cases of Asiatic cholera "but not enough to excite alarm" are reported at Memphis, as well as at New Orleans. The theory has been raised that the cholera must have been imported to New Orleans by some vessel, but most likely it was propagated there. All the conditions for the breeding of cholera are to be round in the filthy gutters of that city. Our city is com paratively clean, but there are some quarters whore a vigilant eye will be required to main tain healthful sanitary conditions. The manure naisance on the river front is one of these mat ter* needing rigid attention. The anxiety felt in regard to the safety of the ateamship Pennsylvania, overdue, at Queens town, will be dispelled by the telegram else uere, announcing her safe arrival at that port. She was delayed, it seems, by an accident to her propellor. r"~S?D* CHARLES B. HAGNKK has r-n,ov?l opposite his tunuer ie*iden<?*. to No 1133 1Mb street, betvsen L and II Ollt' e hoar* ?* here tofore, from 9 to lu a. m., 12 to 1 p. u.. 7 to s p . ta jeg 34* |T3? THERE WILL BE A MEETING of the, BBPCBL1CAN ( ENTKaL COMMITTEE cnTH C USD A Y EVENING, Joue 5. at 7:3V o'clock. A fall attendant*- i? r?-iine?t*d. 'OSEPH WILLIAMS. Presid-nt. J T SETTLE. S-rrtary je4 2t r-3?METR<'POLITAN M E CHl'BCH, Uc/ C<-raer AS and C nti>??-. STRAWBERRY AND FLORAL FESTIVAL, TIBSDAT AND WE NE6DAY, Jl NB 3d t>n 4th. gea? B Ticket, 8* Cents. * j3 2t ?)"3? A STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL will be lUTbeld at MT VEBNON FLACB M. B. * UCBCH.corner 9"h and K street* n<>rth?.-*t, on TCESDAi. WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY, and FRIDAY EVENINGS of this week. Ticket* of Wdasteion, redeemable in refrv*kmsau, twenty Ats cent*. >*??? STRAW BERRY FESTIVAL r FLETCHER M. B. CHURCH, Corner of K*w 1 ork *??nne and 4th street, BYEBY BIGHT THIS WSBB bat SalanUv Sse M tickets,99c., Bin?*e,iac.; tapper, 9*. je?f a^atBBMOVAL ?Ths undsesigned have thi? day BJ? removed fr? ni corner of Hew Jersey avenue V?I B street sooth to their new Storeroom and arskoass.jsoat beast corner of same square,)cor W*v 1st ?s< C street* *oatk*ss?. Oar increased facilities will enable n? to ?npply ecr caatoaers GROCERIES, Ac . promptly, and at ..Jaw?toewbers. QULICE k BR? GOOD |V^?FABT1B8J>B8IB1N0 TO JOIN A GOOD IJ7 BEAL B8TATE AND BU1LDIVO ASSO CIATION are rsqnseted to call at the Offlce of the Maui 1 lei 1 of Ibe "Rational Capital Real Estate As sociation" aad examine the conetltntion and the ~ annual^ report. This_a*soci?tloa U^recof| I - - B? aa it to th* constltntloa Fifteea Hundred of the moat profttabls ia ths la operatioa for two rears. By aa the Second Ssrtea, are aatkor-l to Vt lul to date April 1st. U71, wltkont re I ftntria* any Baca Faymsats, except for April and iir Xsct share Is one haadred loilars, aad the Soatkly dase two dollars per month Back share ?ntitles tke holder to borrow froai tke Aseoelation * if IUBW J The announcement yesterday moraine tMt the Bank of England diacoont rate had been advanced to 7j*r cent, made fold ftrmer In ranging from 117 VallS*, and clow ng at 118. Money waa easy, with call loam ranging from 4 to 7 per cent, per annum, the extreme exceptional. In the stock market Pacific mall and Panama were firm and higher, bat the re mainder of the list were weak, and closed at lower flgnies. _ ? ? ?Vir--:-2i Si I SSHSeS&npi IS1 *>L* ? -.1' , HP* ! lMI 14S |47. r ? ?w i-n "w Board. MO ?Ws, 1M4. M* ? 1W MS ? tB'.Jkn. AJIy,*...l9S mh?*b m Ms AnwrictaOvM 17'4 Currency IV U , ?sw rtTSS. u litTIlOll, June 5.?Virginia sixes. old r? i.raVo.Cd?.r,,d*,ed' Western >iHiafa;; ? June 5 ?Cotton oviiAt inH W heat w^eik^a Jm** ri >" 11 ul* uncharged *7 * weak and lower; while choice, 11 hWcl* 1 <k> coDimoL to fair, do., ftl.AOraai 60- rwH S1.4l'*?l 70 western. sprTnto """hern, 71, yeflow Southern' (JOloS; mixed western, t>3. Oats dull weak ?>?.! 47^49; ???l, SiiJSh $ ?9 H^rrS. 5'}- c>*?f rib SldS, r.f ^ . f*?r *??snd I?r -boulders, 8li' rib aide*,9s,. clear rib aide-*. 10<a,i0l? Suctr rnr',! W^ltern"hntt.r *? lZn duj' *'"1 n-minaf 9 4, G?**raa*?ats very <nii?t. ""s.ot.anort, u-V* I"?i JnDf 6?Flour dull and h?avv i .aDd h*?VT- c',rn dull and drooping LnxDos, June 5,11 a. m -Cons I, opened at 91V w'nsy hv h)'v,;:r ^"nn, ? ??>?? ?* ?*? ?, law, !H 10 40 a, 88V new lives, Erie, I I'arts, June 5.?Rentes opened at 56 franc, forllc^t?T5ir,ie!?^;~0oB,l"b f?r n"uey ?? Paris, Jane 5.? Rente, 57 franc*, 10centimes. June 5, 4:.>J p. m.?The bullion in the Bank of England has decreased A'215,<Mi dnring the Pk.t w. ek. The amount of bullion withdrawn fiom J?, onjbalance to-day nwiiii^i The rate of discount for three months bills in ..pen is ?g per rent, below the Rank of England rate The rate f.-r m. ne> at the stock exchange .>n government se cnrites m lower than the B .nk of England rate by - > p"r c^ni, I.osdox, June #, 4 p.m.?Consols closed st 98 for nioney and 92J, for account B ind* of 1867,9t:,. THE WKATHKR. War Pepartmejit, (Jufic. af Cktrf Sttnal QglrerA W a-h:xgrox, Jnne 6, M73, 10:10 a. m ( TfTi,OFlU FO* THE 'AST TWBHTT-FoCK HorRS ? The low barometer ou Wo.ln?*l?y morning oxer the '??wer lakes and Lake Huron has odtkI .astward over Msw England, accompanied by fresh to brisk wind-, cloudy weather and rain ar?as. Southerly #w*"?!S?r aT,"1 r*ln ar"a? prevailed on \\ ednesday from Florida to North Carolina and Tennessee, and in northwestern Louisiana Cb-ar at ?he stationi east of the Rocky m.>unta>n?, except New England. 1 Robabilit:e?. For New England cloudy wea ther and rain area, fallowed by clearing weather ?L'd rTen'n?r. ?nd northerly to westerly winds. For the lower lake*, mi.I.lle states and southern states east of the Mi?-is?ippi, sonth ? esterlv to northwe-terly winds, and clear or part ly cloudy weather. exc?pt probably light showera fr. m -outhvastern New Virk to North Oar.linadu" ing the day From the Ohio valley to the upper lake. g?n?-rally clear weather, and wind- backing to southwesterly and southerly. Morning telegraphic reports from southern Florida. Texas Mississippi. Kansa-. Dakota, Rocky mouutaiua and Pacific Cout arc generally missing. A. LOCAL KEf-ORD. The tri.-rm. meter in the bu-iness room of The I?tar fffi. e r- gisf. red at follows to-day:?s a. m .7^' lo a. ni., SO; 12 m..ftl: 2 p m.,84. n^OEOROE W IIACPTMAN, Jutttrt q/ the P'art, attends to all kinds of Claims and Le gal business, southwest corner of 11th and O streets northwest mayllly U^TOUNO MINt8 CHRISTIAN ASSOClT Corner 9:, amrf D ttrftt*. tlRrTLATlNG LIHRARY reopened Over 1 OOJ new b.?>ksjust add-d. HE ADING ROOM, free to all. DAILY PRAYER MEETINGS?Uifl.s, and 9 p m mjw> . SABBATH SERVICES: Bible Lewo? at 4:?, in LINCOLN HALL, led by Con.misMoner of Indian Altairs; THEATER SER v ICE, comer of Uth and O ats., at 8 p.m. mXT-tr MA51>KA^? PILLS.?These "e/.P1'11 are composed exclusively of vegetable ingredients, and although they entirely supersede th?- use of mercury, do not leaxe any of ita in.orioos v^Iki T1"*y?ct.lllr17'?ly ?P"n the liver, and are a T. 2 f ? rP1D'<,> ?n all cases of derangement result ing from a "lisorderpd ?ate of that organ, Liver n'l^ajnt.^Bijiow_Diaorders, Indigestion, Sick H>-iuiache, Tkphoid Fevers, 4c., Ac .all succumb to the free use of Schenck s Mandrake tills For sale by all Druggists and Dealera. ml-tr |f^ .TO LADIES. *h?f How sm |t Is to ses a yoong wife, a mother or Ttnily who n^jQiroi all bar idfiIcaI arnnffth to fulfill her booscdtold duties, and all her morai^. pscities to accept the responsibility which rails upon ta tea hw vroitrated, locjoi erery dav Der ?trength. feeling badly without being able to say WKi''. ei?OB?h to be utterly misers able I This state of weakness and debility is mote fatal te her than a severe spell of sickness, for In tkat c"es ?be will receive the proper care, as in ths other Jl? J?P*er ??uths after months, not thinking J ? ?bysiciaa about l{, until aatars. exhausted, gives out, and she is carried to the crave. 'reeantion In proper time wouldhavs ker life. To prevent, to strengthen, V> ears, comssre with the LONO-LlVl BTT TfRBofDr.L^tTBERTRAM. They *#^?>'-,1* Infallible remedy against malaria, JinTici-til' nveness, biHonsness, headaches, morniugScknesi and all complaints pecaliar to women Thfwri ri? ten, which are sold b/ail dmgglsS^r, to^onsl Quencc of their virtue and uLu !L medicine ysr uullmc* for ladies Wrtory^at.person knowTu) be^fi^TT^thh weuld not be sJlowsd to ailx with soclsty. Happily In onr day ths dlseass Is atrtpped of its terro7bv' iS 'D??; *ks dlseass Is atrtpped of its terror bythe M**^gjew AND Herb Jvicbs,and ths victim of Scrofula, Ulsera, Bores, Plmales In a^^w^ks***,*#',e*,,be"rtor0dU,0,,"d ba*tU> urootand herb juices, ti a ?? fipld bT_B,C FORD, ll?< Pa a"e , andTby D^J fists. DESMOND Jl CO., Proprietors lift Ssm Street, Philadelphia. * ' NEW DRUG STORE, Ho. 14V* Pi.i.xstlvajiia Avbnvb, Psyot fsr Soda and Mlasral Watsrs. feU-ly S^DR. A. PRATT, Graduate of Ohio Oollem of L Dental Surgery, ?U 7th str^b^asn D s.? to E A FeUwsVHail7Rs yRY GOODS TO SUIT THE POPULAR IDEA OF CHEAP GOODS. low prTce-'0'liBe of D"^3 FOODS'" extremely Swiss, Yiftoris aad Bishop Lawns, Batist and LMeas attowifigures. White B^l Spreads f?,?n, * . fi^<b?-ap. White Duck, suitable for bovs' ?f?r' ?? *rn r-r vard White, brow n aLd figure! Linens and Drills frwm 29c to *1 J?f# ?f d"!rt Summer Planneb. Mei hid and unbleached 0<.ttons at redu<-.-d prices For bargains in Dry Goods call at prices. For jeStr l?4Jn*?0BY.BAXTEBS. J 5tr P?nu??Flrari!a ?v?nn ^'EW YOKE, Ma* Znb, 1^73. v*'^r;~,!ALMKR 4 <TrEEN, Georgetown is 271,1us' ban,! Our STEEL Forw TA INS are ail terted toM> lbs '?l N J' lw JttHN MATTHEWS O T I C E . "? n^T|I??yA^*' M('CUIN, County Constabls. Debts roll^cted PromptrReturns. Collection of claims fcrnfl^.ryu r solicited. Office with Jus . Haup'man, southwest corner 11th ind G streets northwxt. ; R??p | mil ly P*V?', "AfK,TL?TT PKOPOSES TAKING A 1 tiumls-r of Ia<ls. between the ng.-s of 10 and 15 ?ho W.jh to l-arn PHONOGRAPHY.on an Mcur u wT 1*?g"'"""'??rxacation Address n writing *J7 Uth street s- uthwest, Washington, V OTICE ! ^? t v n^otiontf AJv'ftNCY goods \!SI> NOTIONS, at the New York Bazar, 441 7th "reet, near E, to fettle the old hrtn __ 3 .'I J. E. YOUNG. I CARRIAGES ' CARRIAGES' CARRIAGES'? A large stock of Light Carriage ama iiiitable for street, park or road drivfSgiOASRS^ >f the very best make and finish Second- *2^== ?and ( arriages, very cheap, to eaaka room for new v?rk. Repairing promptly attended to. "g Jarga AVl\cvffif'oiTKIt'BV.E*tTK?EJeP le<aalcal, is superior to all other oa account ^fito "&\nnal ' svsnness aaad taste of fiavor, aad iiildlv Mivigorating effects. Drawn from "Tuft's f'/ffiL t*1"^' ??ol and rsfreshlng,(at one Jj1/1? c^"* ?' ,od*'' "?ay be safely recommend ?d to ths sick, invalid, and persons and children of weak constitutions, k an u fact a red VndforMje at ^ ?^of W E. EENN A UGH, earner 10th ?tre? and Maryland avsnue northwest. m*i |?n* JGMM ?. filltlMSM, *CM CREAM PAVILION MOW OPEN. Families and parties supplied at rsasoaable terms. Jri Sm' K?- 613 STERKT S<irTHWlsT. ^JABPETS, CARPETS, OARPET8. ~ C. O. D, CARPET HOUSE, _ 994 ?bvbnt> 8t NEW STORM! A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS, OILCLOTH, MAT TING, RCG0, HATS, Ac. Persons furnishing pisass call aad examine aad H4Twlr.,atT I A EJ J B^EAW,UUUtiisrTTV 11 isalway ? ?QAK HALL" CLOTHING HOC SB. TO OUR FA1 Hons, GB RK11NQ : Finding by paat ?ip?r1fK? that nothing has ever and (IN the wants cf ao great a proportion of our customers aa oar / FAMOUS 111 SSIT, Oil ALL-WOOL *11 SUIT, OVB SHRUNK ?11 SUIT, W e km made the moat an paralleled preparations to suit and fit everybody la OAK HALLS univer rally known specialty, THE POPULAR ?11 SUIT. The season (opening late) will be short; we mean to make it >4sharp and declare." To better secure that end, we have MATERI ALLY REDUCED ALL OUR PRICES. OUR HANDBOMR STOCK MUST OO RAPID LY. OUR GROANING COUNTIES MUST BE RID OF THEIR WEIGHT SPEEDILY. We are severely in earnest when weaay that our magnificent and universally adaptable stock of MEN'S, BOYS'. YOUTHS .AND CHILDREN'S FINE, COMMON AND MEDIUM DRE&S BUSINESS. FATIGUE AND WORK 1NG SUITS AND SINGLE GAR . MENTS will be positively offered at prices as must ensure tbeeiy gales by placing them within easy reaeh of all. R.-?p. i r f1 i 11 * , J, it SMITH A CO., OAK HALL CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS, 3113 7th Street, next to Parkfr'i. N. B.?Those looking for BOYS' CLOTHING should call at "Oak Hall." P. 8.?FRENCH, ENGLISH and AMERICAN GOODS for Coatom W.>rk. jvst* {'RYSTAL CHANDELIERS. We call attention to our assortment of very ?le gant ENGLISH CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS, of the newest pattern*, and of tin- most exquisite vortMMkif. For elegance of effect,brillianry of lisht and reai. ifon'?) , they excel all other chandeliers heretofore made. We have already introduced them into some of the finest dwelling- in this city and elsewhere, and per son* who contemplate building or refurnishing are invited to examine our stock. Tbet-e goods are of our own DIRECT IMPORTATION, ar.d are offered at very low prices. !*!. W GALT. BHO. A- CO., JEWELERS, jc6 6t 1107 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 801 IMPORTANT. 801 \NOTHEB SMALL L^T OF THOSE LAROE FANS, in brown, drab,gilt, and black, received this morning at DAVIS'. FfAN HOLDERS IN GILT, SILVER. AND oxydized, at DAVIS'. pAKASOLS AT COST, at DAVIS . S AHIIES. SASH RIHBONS, EMKROIDERIES. HATS, FLOWERS, and NOTIONS, selling (heap at DAVIS', jfl-3t frQl Market Space, corner 8th street. OANKRUPTCY NOTICE-To all the creditors D f*M BRADLEY, ELIHU BRADLEY, and JOSEPH F. BRADLEY,<>t the late firm of Wm. Bradley & Son*, who have proved their claims, and others in interest: Tow are herenv notified that the ?aid bankrupts have, by petition to the conrt, each hpplied for their final discharge, and that a hearing i>n their several petitions will be bad before the Su firenie Conrt of the District of Columbia, sitting in lankruptcy. at the office of J. Say lee Brown, Regis ter in Bankruptcy, on the following days, viz: The hearing on the petition of Win. Bradlev will be held on the 19th pay or Jrxt next,at tfociock hi;: the hearing of the petition ?>f Elihil Bradley will be held on the UOth day of June next,at 12o'clock m..and the hearing on the petition of Joseph F Bradley will be heard <m the ai?T Day of Jl'*E next, at 12 o'clock m., w hen said creditors mav appear and show cause il any they have whv thv prayers of said petitioner should not l>e granted. ALEX SHARP. U S Marshal of D. C., as Messenger. Test-?R. J MEIGS, Clerk. j.S.lU.17 Bv L. P. WILLIAMS. Ass't Clerk. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. MORE NEW GOODS!! THEY ABE ALMOST GIVEN AWAY ! LOOK AT THIS LIST : Children's Sun B<>nnets and Hats, SOc. '? Marseilles Hats-very pretty, .jfl. " Lawn acd Lace Hats, 91. " Plaid Muslin Aprons, cover entire drets, eoc. " White Dreseas.croasbarred muslin, Al. " Buff Snits, 41. Ladies' white and colored B irder Aprons, 25. ?' Ruffle and Plaiil Muslin do , .vjc " Percale and White Lawn Skirt Waists, SI. 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If yon have any consideration for your pxket books, you will not fail to call on METROPOLITAN DOLLAR store, SIS SEVENTH STREET, Pennsylvania nnu, P S ?I hare now on hand my usual full stock of CROQUET at S> AO. ?3.SO. 84Ju, $6 and ?8. Com and look at them je4-tr OnO BOXES MESSINA. PALERMO, and ?UU NAPLES LEMONS .large and liand*ome, jnst received. JOHN W. LUMSDON, 510-5 9th street, opposite Centre Market. j * 3t PASTURE FOR HORSE*, $? PER MONTIlT? a 160 acres of the best In country, adjoining Lu natic Asylum. Apply to T. TAYLOR, at Shreve's drug store, Uniontown. j4-3t* |>RKVIOL'S TO REMOVAL. Selling out a large stock of HUMAN HAIR GOODS at the lowert prices ever known in this city, as the store I now occupy will be torn (town by July 1st in order to build. Call early and secure bargains. H. PHILIFPf, 719 Market Space, j3 6t * Between 7th and 8th streets. J?OSTAL SCALES. IMPROVED LETTER BALANCE, Arranged so that they may be used for other weigh ing than letters. F rsale at manufacturer's prices, by ROBERT BEALL. Bookseller and Stationer, je?-3t 4WA Pennsylvania avenue. ill rlNB BOOTS, SHOES, ^1 * AND ^ GAITEKS, AT LOW FKICKS. STRASBCROER BRO.1, Seventh street, between I and K, Have now on hand a fall line or BOOTS, SHOES, GAITERS, SLIPPERS, and LOW TIV SHOES, for ladies, gent's, and children's wear, which they will sell retail at wholesale prices. Children's and Misses Cslored Shoes, at manufac turers' prices. Ladies' low-price Gaiters and Slippers for house comfort, a specialty. Ladies' Slippers, from 38 cents to S3. Ladies' Gaiters, from S> to ?340. Gent's Boots, from A* ao to S8. Gent's Shoes, from SI V to )'? Pleaae call and examine, and yon will save JS per cent. BTBASBUkGER BRO.'S, ?l?ljB H>6 Seventh street CELLING OFF AT AND BELOW C08T.-A O fine assortment of all descriptions of U-aAa dies', misses' and children's, and also ofSHI gentlemen's f 1 BOOTS, SHOES. GAITERS. Ac , * K wiH be sold at and below coat in order t* close busi ness JOHN ANGERMANN A SuN. niS-hn No. 41S7thst ,?pp. Odd Fetiowa' Hall. ^OTICE or REMOVAL. Mr. CABO begs leave to.inform bis customers and the public generally that be has removed his 9v Bstaar to Bo. dOft PENNSYLVANIA AVE NUE. under the National Hotel, whsre hsalflf will keep a fine stock of GOLD and SIL^CB WATCHES, Swiss and American make, JEWELRY and DIAMONDB, which he will sell at great bar gains. Solid 14 karat Gold Watches, from S30 up wards. Goods sold on monthly instalments. No trouble to shewgeods. Watches and Jewelry neatly repaired. Remember the name and number. B, CARO, 404 Pennsylvania avenue, under National Hotel. nB-tr PAPtSsrin1'for HORSES and COWS. 50*35*" A paly to JOHN KNOTT,Jr., at E. Lyous Mill, on Sock Creek. mM eo4t* TiELICIOUS CREAMS ABD ICES LP Always on hand at the newly re&ttsd Salooaaof HENBY ALBERS, Confectioner and Ice Cream Manufacturer, SdS-?ola" Mo. ISIS 11th tel. Kigali. WANTS. W LABORERS to work im ? rail n!?kS?f. Ap"' 10*? 0??0HS,*46trthyye, ----- Jnrl. WWnn^Tw ""^tOCLORBD BOT. Apply to WaMontlHrtef"'*'' Mo' *9i fm mW*?m*)Z.a*r W ?***P~To bn? ? ? Of 7 room HOU8B, wick ??,???!sv85?g sssr "" ?ir work. Apply at No. 48a H Hr?H >OTt>wwl it* VV fClmM SOLICITORS for the n-uJi? popular In?ar%ac? C<MDpuj in the United State*. Address ?'B ." City {oet Offloe It* \V AHE1*rAPIRL ?? wrap lonr.kiw. Aa er. 3?i P *CLLEB * SON, CoafectioS rtr^* Pennsylvania avenue, south side. sear 3d VV' ANTED-A competent WHITE WOMAN, to llth gt.j !>fti66D 9 and 11 o'clock. It* W j^f-A compwat WOM AN who under * and cil. m?i? i.5!Wl.n*m,chiBe,Sin<er or Victor), 9tV?/v . garments of alt descriptions. STERNlTLlI"t?t *,Ten Jh* TP?r round B Q l liKM, 319 street southwest. j"6-3t * \Y'ANTED? All and Miudry to know that tb?y i*inTf?2i *V ashing done at the WASH I??T?.>N.8TEAM LAUNDRY, 814 F?treet, op Jv, i? rVitj Office, for one dollar per month. 1 Goods called for and delivered. R>*pai'ing fr?e. f ifHt-rlay?* Ironern want* d jeft 3tw VV A!17ID~ A young WHITE MAN, to wrre at table. Apply at 604 16th street. j4-3t Wlf(Tlti;*i,&CB'"""l"'A1'' ,,'tf' YY^ANTED?A (JIBL for general housework for a .1 Jy ?' t,irt'e- I?1?ire at No. |? itli street southeast. j-l-St* YYr ANTED-A respectable GIRL an clerk in a ?? grocery store. Apply immediately to liili 1, Mreet north went. jt 2t* \V n" WOMAN to co >k wash an j iron. ?? . Uood references r.-.jnir.-d. Apply at No slltt E -treet, between 2d ami 3d. j4 2? \VANTED?A WHITE"W0*AN to cook and vv assist v11th washing Beat references required. Incline at 2'21 Ea?t Capitol street, corner 3d. jt 2t* \Y'ANTEI>-A WHITE>OOK~frSS^7r~also. 'w? COLORED WAITERS, (men.) jf.,\|^r?Hu'??h ?'?' 10th stree.s. CHS. r LAIHH S Dining Saloon. jl-3t* W TENANT for part of House No *7. V/ K ?reet northwest, within five minutes' walk or Government Printing Office. It has Kit* and water, Bummer kitchen. Rent miKitrate. je4 WANTED?Immediately?At Seneca Ouarrv L A Bo K E RS and y C A R R Y M E N; ala...MEN eijperieiced In sawina stone. Apply at Company's Office,corner K and Wtb streets, Creek or at the Quarry, f. W . HATDlN.Kesi.tent. jt St VV^"Db-A^AkS RAKER. Applyat __ H AA ENhER 8 Bakery. 4 76 C st. jj it* YV AN T ED - F i nrt -cl a??i'R7. NE K8 mt the City j*3 r>' Ixtween E and F streets. YV ANTED-A COLORED MAN AS WAITER. f ft,]" to take cart* of horse and carnai?**. Re. Terences repaired. J g. JONES, je 3t No. ill 7th street. WVJ|*hv"vA.kV,SJAN TO J?? GENERAL !. l ?RR' ,0 ? suitable cer?on good wages will be ?iveil Call at N - 40* itb street eawt, between B and E south,after 4o'clock. je3-:{t* W^NT>HrAw8ITi ATI?N by a White Girl to ? #V a,"d ??sist in Ironing, and no brtaee?Iand Kr*V< A,P'y at 914 WANTED-A GENERAL HOl'SE WORK. 5 miles in the country, in a f?milv of two in. ,ulre DESEOSSE. French naker'^V^d houie corner 19th, n>-ar I ennsylvania avenue. je3-2t* W^Kr^Hs J.??r7llNl'ii'AUy TO WORK ON ' , d'NOIBS MACHINE, in a Fane? Store: a good operator re^iured Apply immcliatelv No y n,a ?venue, between 17th and ls;h ^inriB wfPi. je*i->t* II ANTED?WET NCRSE. Apply at f^09 L Almn "t^LP0Jt'llvt?,betw,'e,,8,h*ud9th streets. Also a GIRL from the country not over 13, for gen eral housework. u-2 Kt * XViF?'tP.-"01?* P A I N T E R S at KEN ,v w D E ? I amtiiiB E-tablishment, No. 46 Jef w^Ur^^fetuwn'D c None rP \\ T'"?All persons who have not ret seen ING MArn?NE, ,i!KE>EK v W1LS(,N SKW i?i. 3i ai HINE to call and examine it before bnv er- 11 '* win,PL?' noiseless, swift-makiiiB 1 .SOU stitches a minute. N.. shuttle use.1, and there fore but one tension required. Will |*?t a |,fe time 'TkillyI?>*>,e J STEER* SON Agents, 4bl Pennsjhania avenue, near 4W "ye<>t- tnySl lm* ANTED?All those who value their sight to know that the best "ONE DOLLAR 8PEC to the corner ,f""r"7?? V-'CTB. UULLAH i lAtLE ' in the country is accurately suited eyesight by H_ H. HEM CLER,the Optician, corner ' ? ??reet and Pennsylvania aveuue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. niyl9 ly" YY;aIs'TEI>-A GIRL that can come well recotn ,!.? D'endJ?li can c*l' at 933 York ?venue, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of Mmallfam ily. Apply from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m.,or So'cl -nk p-rn_ nilfr-tf WANTED?Inimedlately?Faniiiies or persons in need of first class SERVANTS of every deecrin lion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servant* also can get good homes and best of wages by applying at the Eureka Employment Office near f8' LOU1S* BUTLER, 46? Uth it^ "e>r 1 a!6 2m WA^^o*MaThTn? ria*: the mijrt perfert shuttle In use, resting in a Tadle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency, 469 pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme Dem orest s Pattern Emporium. aug3? ly T. W. 8PICEB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. Si ^ HEW A RD.-Lost. Sunday night, June 1st, V" going from J3d and M streets, to 20th aut K ll^'.i?. LA,(i![ LACE SHAWL The above re ward will1 be paid by returning to JOHN FISTERST, uq street. Pii.nic ,m Analortan Island, on loiVft -i.i L VV m, <iOL,D PANEL f i d,Ml*tld shaped center, in whi< h fonr diamonds were set. Also, a CAIILE I IVK GOLD CHAIN to which the L-AeVtas att^h .h Star office reW w? 1 ^ **ld for its return to the A Udiea'GOLD WATCH with a ponion of chain atta<hed. A.liberal reward paid to any one leaving it at this office. CfK REWARD.?Strayed from the stables ofth'e V*i subacrit^r. a bay MARE with whiter spot on forehead. The above reward will C^Sa l>e given if returned to El'GENE MACE ^Qx corner M and H street^, South Wathington. ji 3t ? ?C REWARD.?Lost, left on the 8th of MajT, ?0B3'where OB Peutisylvania avenue, between 0*n Ind Ttb streets, k carpenter's HAND TOOL BOX . The above reward will be paid if returned to Star office. j2-3t* REAL ESTATE AGENTS. j can boyle. frank babnum JCAN BOVLI k. CO., HJ?Akm?$J?TE ANU NOTE bAokjsrs, No. bOA 11th street, opposite 0. 8. Treasury. 'OB SALE?A handsome H0U8E on I street, No. ?ild H n?fns*r6e t;n,bAe?HOl,8l.1' ??'21st nni^'v Sa uoft 2 -11#10 Maasachasetts arenne. r?i?K^5 W street east, for sale or rent, fur Row ?0rir2n CotrAGE In Willard's ?*veral small Houses, from 93.M0 to Sfi.oou; small cash payment*. We have I!^ntr*i Ter>* ?ne f aHM8, Improve# and unim Pf,? r!-?Li ^nt '?l,ro?d* running from the city, for sale it low figures or exchange for cit? property. SUU.UOO feet of GROUND in varioti portions of the city for sale at low figures, on easy w axchange for productive improved property. apM-tr f^EO. TRUESDELL A CO., " at a t.v, - ^hhal ^state BROKERS, 91* 7th street, (over Oennau American bavinn Bank.) IsfT'pj'vrvn11 "iVS RENTING, COLLECT LOA^iS TAXES and NEGOTIATING Refer (by Permlsslom) to-General Beu. Alvord. ^?'^er general U.S.A.; James 8. ofinMll Chief Clerk C. 8. Patent Office: John Eraser Arch Itect: Hon. F. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. Douglaas.Com nissioner Internal Revenue; Wm. B Mosee.^umi tnre Dealer; C. E. Prentiss,Cashi?r German Ameri can Savings' Bank; Col. John M. Fewendeu; Hon John Hitz, Consnl General of Switzerland, aks-im" A USTIN P. BBOWN, " **? Corner M. I. avenne and lBUi street, WlOLluiJ Diazn IK ^ ashington, D. O., ?LUMB?kIRli^^?? 8Lrt*Tmis?! ci ,^,0rdeL011 ?h?rt notice. ?Jlu STONE for Building, Macadamising and PjrtaE purpoees delivered to any pJt of u? Dto BEAL ESTATE bongM and sold and bom* t>. ?e??d. To this branch of the busineas I w'n^ere tfter give my personal attention, nod will be at mi afficaJally from io a. ?? until 4 mT 1873 GRAI,ID opemifio |g73 or SUMMER STYLES OP BLACK ALPACA 00ATS, ?BAB D'ETB COATS. DIAGONAL MOHAIB COATS, FBBNOH SERGE COATS, LIBKT COLORED STRIPED ALPACA COATS A. STRAUS, the t'Uthirr, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, - *Ta"tr Between 1th and 11th atreeto. R0AGHE8, RATS or BEDBtJuw hrfnnnd ave., between loth and Uth Hard ware. ||| J. ,i?A? HEMOVEU UI8 DBU< ar' BTOBE to the corner of Pennarlvaais . ill?,??* P*""1 !???? e?tAw\e?Tte wthl cecena street east, where he win' continue to keep on band a fnfl Stock of ?nil DRUGS. MEDICINE/ PERFUMEBY 5V, ^ ToiLET ARTICLES; also, all U? BU* rrH* BEAEESt koCTB to the tiW a7a way of Jl, BTKAUB', 1 FOR RENT AND SALE. COB BBST-BU i*m BUCK HOrSB, r ?t? Md Hail. Irnt |>. Apply No. llOH L irM. liK* l^um BENT-HOUSE NO SHi K ?treet north r weal; six room* and passage. Water on the prMilwt. It* ?/OR RKST-Fnc ROOMS, three front and tw r back, d??7lhwtreet northwest. Water and gas In the house. jft-St C*OE BENT-Two, tkroo. or four UNFURN F ISHED ROOMS, suitable for hon-ekeeping Desirable and MNHMI. 0*11 at 1441 L ?tree4, nearUth jt It * P>R RENT-T wo comfortable UN FURNISH CD ROOMS on second story, ga? and water. Rent in advance. Apply 1439 Rhode Island aveune, near 1Mb street. )S 3t* f?0R SALE-HOUSE No. 9*0 Kaat Capitol street, one square from Lincoln Park, contain ing Bve room*. Will be sold cheap for cash Apply at 910 same sqtiare. j? ?* f^OR REKT-A desirable PRIVATE KKM DENCE will be rented during the summer months for tbe rent of tne house < #.10 per month). References r?qnired. Inquire on in* premises, N?. 13 a* loth street north went. j6 St* Ir*OR RENT?Ch-ap-A nicely FURNISHED FRONT ROOM in a private family, with use of parlors, to a lady only, three blocks from Treasury. Board can be obtained opposite. The lad>Com panythe obiect and not the rent. Reference re quired Address Mrs. A. B . city. )6 >* fOR RENT?ROOMS?Two unfarni'hed, cm municating Rooms, second floor, 413 ll'h ?t., above Pa. avenue. jey.V* l/OR BENT ?Tw,. unfurnished ROOMS on second r floor, with gas, to a family without children, in a good location. Applv at N > 9SB ttd street, be tween Pa. avenne and I alreet. je4 >t* rOR RENT?Three-st. ry and baaement BRICK r HOUSE. No. V09 3u'h street northwest. be tween I and K. Inquire 921 17ih street, between H audi. J*4 **_ l^OR RENT ? Two FURNISHED HOUSES, r 1.130-1)18 O street, opposite the Church of Epiphany. Tenns moderate. Apply at the house, O street. J"4 Iw ?TOR SALE.?I have one or two ??f th *e F RA MK I HOUSES ou T str-et left, whi< h I will sell ou long fine and small cash ^V'poWNM VN, je4-lv Real Estate Broker. 4l!l 7tli street. F'OR'RENT-FarniMlie.l. ?l?m, 46.'.; unfurnished. *75- ?W. ?45, ?15, fis, J? 12 Il"uaea and Stores, !%S0; Store, 840, Oflice?. ?50. $2*. $20. TllOMAb E. WAOGAMAN, j*4-3t 419 7th street. tH?R RENT-A Pressed Brick HOUSE 'f sro tiis. I water, gas, Ac., in one of the finest location* in the District, on L street, near corner of 1.3th street northwest. Inquire ot M. GREEN. corner ot 1.1th and L streets. J'"4 -it |>OR SALK OR REN T? For the summer, a F pleasant RESIDENCE, f room-, 2'. m I s from the citv, north, and four minutes' walk to ?ta tion on Point of Rocks R R , with two acre-of land, stabling, excelleut water, Ac. Apply at 14 19 (j street. Hi * FH)R RENT?HOUhE No. 723 15th street" 1* tween New York avenue and H street. contain ing 11 rccOM with modern conveniences. Rent $75 per month. Possession given immediately. Apply to J. W. PILLING, 1193 Pennsylvania ave nne. je4-St f^tiB SALE?A two story and M.insard roof RRICK HOI'SE. containing ten r<M>ms. I.?> window, four rooms ou first tljor, with modern im provements. Also, three BUILDING LOTS, 18 bv lnO feet to an alley, on R street, between 9th and loth streets northwest, for $1^M) each, wood-ti pa\etn-nt no ca?h required for lf< months from parties who'll im prove them; interest six per cent. HApM VN jol-3t " 11th St., bet. N and 6 ats northwest. |7?OR h.\LE?At a larnHiu. a BC1LDINU LOT r on the east side of 5th street, between L and M streets north'-ast, <M.\lUU feet. B. 11. WARNER, 7 Si9 7tli street. J3 3t fOR RENT?T ? a respcnsible party, a FUR r NISHKD HOUSE, until t)cto?.er 1st. best of references required. Apply at ftOO A street north east, J' 3t* ITORSALEOR RENT-HOU8C No. ?-.?? I street r northwest, just repaired and in s;ood order, with modern improvements. Iuquire on the premises front 4 to 6 p. m. j3 3t* |76r RENT?That lK-aiititul two story, M tnsard r roof and hasement BRICK DWELLING. No. 437 0 street; all modern improvements. Inquire at 435 0 street, next door. j3 4t IT1 OR RENT?STABLE. containing tlir<? stalls, r large carriage-house and hay loft; also water in stable. K street, between 12*li and l*h streets In quire of WILLIAM OREASON. No. 1301 E street. j3-3t* t'OR PALE?A ?'0TTA<iE six rouiii", summer r kitchen, and cellar; gas and water; lot 41 feet front, terraced; fruit trees, grape vines, and flowers. Location, 1411 6th street, within one square of Corcoran Market. For further information call at 793 9th street nofthwast jS 6t* l/OR SALE?Three Bl ILl'lM. LOTS on lVh r "treet, between Sand T streets. Three LOTS on 12th ?treet, between 8 and T. One Lot on O street, between lttli and 15th streets. Will be sold at a bargain. J. STANLEY JOKES. j3 lw* No. 311 7th street, opp. P.O. D?pt. l^tiR SALE?East PART of LOT 3, -quare Stfsi, on a L street, between 9th and 10th streets north west, south front, having a two-story building and attic, w ith large back building; all slated water and gss. The vacant ground ?n east side of house would take a comfortable side building. Terms easy and moderate upon payment of one third cash For terms applj to JAMES TOWLE9, Prop rty Agent, U street northwest, betweeu 5th *ud ifth streets. Oifice ?11. j3 Iw FOR SALE-Very de.lrahle BUILDING LOT fvr sale, on west side of 15th street, opposite Sc>>tt 8qtiare, X by li? feet. Apply 1344 M street, be tween 15tb and 16th streets northwest. jel 3w* IT'OR SALE?HOCSK and LOT: house. 5 rooms, r with wide passage,(frame.) Lot 21 feet front by 117 feet in depth, to 30 foot alley. Garden front and rear. Price, $1,600 Terms to suit purchaser In quire on premises, No. *234 11th street southeast,b< tweeti B and C south. je2 4t* I/OR RENT-SIXTH STREET WHARVES and r WAREHOUSES, also. FRAME DWELLING, corner 6tb and N streets southwest Apply to WM. H BYLES, Ag-nt. n>314t b09 Penn-ylvania avenne. l^OB SALE ? TWO NEW BRICK HOUSES, I No 30a B street southeast. 7 rooms; hath loom and cellars; also, TWO FRAME HOUSES on C -treet southeast, 7 rooms, bath-room and cellar-*, S <5 00. for Brick House, for terms, apply to 44b I street northwest. m31-2w* 1^<rR~RENf^bE8K ROOM ou F street, 1st floor; nobetter location in thecity. DODGE X DARNEILLE, n.T0-6t 14!tT F street. 'OR RENT-HOUSES No.1'^6 and 1U9 D street northwest; contain each 11 rooms; m<)dem im provements. Apply between II and 1 o'cl'>ck. WINDSOR A FORD, No. 3U7 Missouri ave nue. fu30-6t* fJ'OR RENT-HOUSE No. 829 20th street, bet. H st and Pennsylvania avenue northwest, con taining 7 rooms, bath-r >om and cellar; gas and wa ter. Appl) to JAMES W. BARKER, 1106 H st northwest. ni29-tw l/OR SALE?On long time, with small cash pay 1. nient; Snb Loth 21 and 35, square 204, 14th and Y streets. Part Lot 22, square Sid, 13th street, near S. 2?.10x 120. Sub Lots 10, and west H of IS. square 943, l?)th street aud North Carolina avenue. Bub Lot 96. square 944; tax title. 15.10 by 80 feet of square 815, tax title. Lot 9. square 878, tax title. Seven five-room FRAME HOUSES, lots 14x100. fronting east on 7th tdreet east, l>etweeu A aud B north, one square from Eaet Capitol street railroad. lm JNO E. KENDALL l/OR SALE-Two FRAME HOUSES, lots 45 feet 1 front and 93 feet deep, situated on south side of East Capitol street, between and 9th sts. Price ?3,t*W cash. Apply to RICHARD R0THWELL, *J4 9th street northeast. mil lw FOR SALE-BOUSE and LOT, No. 1819 G st. northwest; three-story Brick, comparatively new; Lot 18 feet front by 128 feet deep. Price very low; all taxes paid np. Inquire of L. V. CLARK, Paperbangings Store, No. 1423 Pennsylvania ave nue. mis- hn I/"OR RENT?A beautiful three-story PRESSED JT BRICK HOUSE, containing ten rooms, besides store and cellars, bath aud pantry rooms, with gas, bot and cold water, and all m?slern improvements, and convenient to ?ars and market. W hole house S75, or withoiis store #?io. Inquire HOLLIDGE BROS., Stli and O. or 1301 5th street. my24 lm F>R RENT?May l?t, with board, two connecting front ROOMS, with bot and cold water Board aud Rooms for two, $tt. Modern conveniences in bouae, 1027 ?th street. a2S FOR RENT?A four-story press-brick DWEL LING, finely located on south V, between 1st and 2d streets, Capitol Hill, t>eiug tbe corner house near 2d street, north side, containing twelve rooms, with water, gas, Latrobes, range, dumb waiter, bath-room aud laundry; with ample coal and wood bunks, and capacious yard in the rear; a rare < hance for securing a very nice summer home, aud in the very best condition. Price 9tu per month. (HESTER A RYON, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, mjZ7^f 110 1st street southeast, Capitol Hill. |>OR SALE?A SQUARE OF GROUND in tbe r northern section of the city, with the sidewalks, curbing, and guttering all laid and paid for. Horse cars pass it. Will sell cheap aud on longjlime. Apply tft HUYCK A ADDISON, Real Estate Agents, No. 1401 New York avenue, corner of 14th street northwest. | Rep.AOhron l m36-tf I/OR SALE OR RENT-HOUSE, 714 21st F street; price f6 000. rent 8*0 per month, posses sion given June 1st; has modern conveniences and furnace, key may be had at No. Y1T. For further particulars apply to UEO-8. f ARKER, 613 Uth street. " i."*0R RENT?No. 14U7 8 street northwest, two r story, pressed brisk front, six rooms, cellar, bath room, front porch and yard of roses; few doors from State Department Apply for key and tern at corner Uth and S streets northwest. n?l lm I?OB BENT?Hall square tn.m Uth street cars, r a four-room new BB1UE HOUSE; (U per month; possession given the 1st of J una Inquire 624 Louisiana avenne, between 9 and ?. my!7 1m I^OR SALE?Two sew FRAMES, verv neat and pretty, situated on Lawrence street, between Uth and 19th aud E and Sstreets, one square from street cars: in arrowing neighborhood. Apply to WIL LET A LIBBEY, Lumber Merchants, corner 4th street and Hew York avenue. ? nJu 2w LH>R RENT-DWELLING HOUSE, with press r brick front and marble trimmings. No. 1*07 Rhode Island avenne, between Uth and ldtb streets, the residence of the First Assistant Postmaster Gen eral for the pat* three and half yean. Inquire ItVt Uth street. Tbe above honse has recently been painted outside aOE trained walnut Inside, and pat In perfect order. mlO lm -An elegant SUMMER SEAT, a 4a residence, near the sea shore .at latip J, opposite Fire bland Light-house; contains It rooms, well tarnished for a first -class family; wtth every convenience for housekeeping; an hoar and a half's ride from Mew York. aad a few minutes walk from tbe depot; market, echoots, chjrches, stores, post oftcs close at hand; ft?e rosds; salt water, Ashing, boating; stable accommodations for foar horses; fce-hoase tiled j good lawn, shad FOR RENT AST) 8ALK. F7caia^ r prtcee For Meplr mmlniti la lovt tlx- *nmtner this ie ? *)liedld location. Kemg nest to hot eta and car*. Well itoM (iid poT t one during the roiTmiMi to hot eta HH airv ?? ha BALK OB IX( HA!loi l. ntittnpr >Te<l, unencumbered FA KM, of about M acres, sun ?ted on the Maoautf Ray Bail road* convenient to three railway stations. Price. |9jer acre Apply to JTAN HOY LB * CO.. K~al Ertate and N ote Brokers, uc. 60* Uth atieet. opposite C B. Treassry. mlt >w It'OR SALE OR BBNT-Very desirable two-etory r FKAII HOOK, on large lot of groand la I n i oat own, containing rifhl rooat, with a store fl>r baslasns. A*** B r. MABTIB. Cniontown. D. 0. mt 341* frOB BENT?FCBNISHED BOOMS: a back Parlor fhrnished aa a B~1 r.>om, and two pleas '"*? > back aad froutrmm second story. in aa eligibly located DwelliuaigCftreet, near Pth. anil he renthJ oa reaayr* .Vi r ';3MA gentlemen only A *1 drees "A. JRai^1 '"^l?caB? ml? tf | f r BOARDING. w PROFESSIONAL. < J. FRANKS, DENTIST. 4 13 12t tj street, above K 'rkwo'-l House, lit- euaraiitxe* n* go..d work in app> ?r ance, tit, dm ability. ant pur<t> fn.Hlciu'l for lr?? money thau an> U< utw lu the city. je4 UOCTOK HART1GAN HAS REMOVED HI oftcetoNo 1V10 F?<reet nor liwat 6? J AftlKB 0. CLEPHANbT E. Z BKA1LET fLEPHAKE fc BRAILEV, SHORTHAND WR1TKKSA LAM KBPORTERS Office? Mo. 110 0 street, Lx-tmecn lat and id. faring Indiana avenne. wihjl-ly JOHB W. HANNA, ATTORNBT AT LAW. No. 0 Tnng'* La* Buildiag, de|-tf Washington. D. O. MEDICAL^ Ac. HOTELS. I m ill taki a few b<? aKi'Krs ri>i tub muiiDier, beginning Brat of July, plate shady two rntlea from K?ck\ille; rooma on lower ilw t?rme, eight dol at* p. r *r< k for grown per??n*. ait *n4 n"r??s. A *? A. G. W ? K -ok ville Pout Office. Md >5 Jt" OARD IB A PBITATB FAMILY -BOARI>. 1 W ASH I NO and LOl". I MO a anted by a y<xing ?dy ? b? re there are no other boarder*. Term* not to etceed twent\-two dollar* per aontli Stat particular*, by letter, to KDUEU ARB. No. lOOO F alreet northwest. It* CI' MMEIFbOABDINi; AT KBI> WOOD A DB ? lithtful courtry ?eat; 1*? mile- fr >ni t,--orge town or VV a-liinrtoti, wmi side R ?ck Creek Tltere if a pavilion, i-ro-met ground, a variety of fruit. Ac , and a daily Mage to the Treasury . arri? ins at -J o'c lock a m . lea* ins at I B p m For further particulars, apply to Mr? BROOK. ^11 Wthatr?#t BOlthWMt. " PR IV A T fT B ?7a Ul> IN G O d I-h atn>n. p I - ?*?n t r m? . prir. a niol'rate, witlifn a ?h -rt d?>t?' ? ? of both tin car* and -t>*ml<?t, N" HPrianB., Al' * Hndrti. Va. nitlln F'Trnish"fi> rooms for pbbmamntTik TRANSIENT BOARDERS, alao, 1 ABLE BOARD, 911 K atreet, betaeen 9lh and 9th n rth weat. ml) Im "personal. nKAR . HAVE VOCB UHITE SliT done up nicely at 11?- W ASH I NtJTt.?N STB \ M l.ATNDRV . "It F atrfrt, < ppo?ite Patent Office, ard m<-et me at the muaic on Baturdajr. )i 3f A I'M I BE It wEKD TE!h ? e >T?for|.. -t and ? heap.~t Bum I n.?-r Be*eraK--?. and oth? r Valuable R-'Crikt*. io cluding iuTi*i-de%el<'patil?' Inkaf'T n- ? p.?at?lcard?, l>< at Perfumer!**, Ac. B i 431, NV:?? n. D C. )t ?. ^O AND CONSULT MADAM DE GRAFF, the wonderful Seer and i'lairroyant; ahe la the a^venth daughter of the *ev. nth daughter. *he rau be conanlted at Kit Petm?> Ivama avenae. between 3.1 and 4S atreet*. tor a *liort time only, ahe gtr<? ttd\ ice on all btiaine** matter*: tella how to recover loat or atolen pr< perty, telle of lorera, and even tella the name of the peraon yoo are to marry. Fe- a 01 All letter* anawerod promptly by iucloaing gl aud a'amp. Honra from 8 a. m. to In p m ml4 ??* C'ONBI LT DR ItRUCB, No. *11 ltth street, lietween H aud I. A xpecialiat ol tweuty ti\. year* practice. j? iw" L1 LETT BO MAGNETO OALVAMir TREAT MJ MENT for tiervou* diaea?ea l.y I'KOF ti P EVANS, No. 4*?7 penna>Ivani* avenue, U floor General application*, 2S? , aponge bath. Sue. in It ec'lm BB. H. J. FRENCH, <*e CJateeoyoai, and T*u M?fiMi,eaD be aeen aehort time only at 751* Uth atreet northwest Honra Irom 10 a. m to 7 p a. ni4 liu* '? ^TATCVOLENCE," OB THE WILL CU&B. 0 THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WOBLD. By it all diaeaaea are cored. Nu madicinea naed, and no laying on of baud*. Taught by Mr*. J. R EL lOT, 47a C atreet north weat. ap7-tr I/EM ALE DISEASES of ail kimla treated. De r acribe caae ana encloae ?6; advice and modi tine will beaent. Addreaa Mra. Dr. THOMPSON, No. B4C North 1Mb atreet, Philadelphia. iaaX71y* |\f ADAMS WILSOfl, ^ 1*1 A Kit via* If Edurmud PHTBIC1AN AND MIBWIFB. can be cou*nlted on all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIBB. Beaidence and Conaultatien 911 Hh all W> between H and I. Booma,Board, Medical attendaooa. Ac.,at reasonable pricea Tapeworm removed wKl head in two bonra. Unlet to patleata am i naafally treated in Waahington anvU-7 n* I TNION HOTBL, Oiotairc wn, D. 6. U V. BHINN, Proprietor. Thla HoCal haa baen newly reflttnd aad ? It coatalna all the modern Improvement*?hot aad acid batba, be I la, and gaa. It is ooavenleatly lo sated, being aitaated oa tha line of the Washington and Georgetown City Passenger railroad, tbe can of which, from tbe railroad and steamboat depots, pass tbe door every two or three sainntes. Th* ?nests of this honsa can reach any of tbe pcbllc buildings of tbe national capital or aay place of amnaement, Ac., bv a pleasant ride of a few mlnotas Peraona doing bostaesa along tbe line of tbe nana' aad on tbe wharves will lad n to their advantage tc <r yat this house dstjl-ly I^TSOIl HOTEL, No. T0V 0 STREET, Jea tf BiTWTtn Tnt axti Sth flrggrra. yHB IMPERIAL B0TBL, JAMES SVEES, Prtprutm. FioNTina Piymtiuiru Arim. Bmmm Ut* mU ink w?u, Waj?bi!WTo?, d. o. rhaakfnl to tbe poblic for generons patronage h. ma past, tbe Proprietor aaka bis old frleuda aad patrons to test the accommodations of bis preeaot bstablishment, which be protniaea a hail be fooad g least equal to tbe best In Washington. ianHf (Bep., Obron-l THE BBTANT H0CSB, LotaUd sa corner 14(4 strut flag H. f. aeSHS. After tbe 1st of Decern bet LCI, Permanent aad Transient Boarders will find this honsa oae of tbe moat desirably aad Boat conveniently located boaass in tbe city. The rooms are neatly tarnished, well lighted aad i ventilated, and provided with all modern home ac sommodattons. Tbe charges an low, but tbe wants and tbe earn fort of all guests will be carefully provided for. Tbe proprietor, Z. RICHARDS, has determined tc provide a good caterer. aovM-at>?f 0. W LLlLABD, EBBITT H0UBB, WASHINOTOM, D. O.' c. 'j'UE BAP1DITT EA8B WITH WHI0H are reaaoved aad tbe feet reheved^ are reaaovad aad the feet relieved. It ailing, front Bnnions, Bad Nails, Ac., at DB. WHITB-B Bstab Ushmeat, 111 Uth street, opposite tbe Treasnry, Is unite surprising to persons anaccnstomsd to bis method of operatlag,which is sattrely dfsreat froaa tbe old-time practice of tearing off tbe Ingrowing toe nail, or laacing dees Into tbebnnion, a distressingly painful method,nadoas which obliged tbe safferer to go sboelsss, aad seaaetimes oa cratches, for weeks or months, aad ao doubt tendsd to shorten life, at leant to make It far less pleasant aad aesfol, bat Dr. White's operations are fraqnently borae by childrea ?ttiag shoes, aad lndastlions persons tblak thereto sooaomy of ttes, comfort, aad health la aa ooca i^^vl^totheChlropodiet; aad It IsswelB known ?tost boaorsd la pcblic^usd0vjTato ^lfs. some from hr aad near to vtoit Dr. White's Bilalliihrnist, to ^ wbc Dr White bas Devlin Ji Co., KEff YORK MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LAROEST VARIETY OP GOODS FOR GENTLKMKN'S WKAR IN AMERICA. ALA. THE NEW 8TYLES I AT mlAtr 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNDB. BUSINESS CTTANCRn R I>ALE?Tbe STOCK u4 FIX TV RE* ?. , I* f4 an eetabll'bed Gncery Alar,* PIAKO.all . u ftii I equine at or >4It??. N ??*? wrf'rilitoww #-Bt* to ??. U1 ?ANTBD FOBS. SOB 4 TUBI *" "? "ri^r-d -etal* taYirfiaia, ?ortkMC)'' more thaa AooM* the *" unt later<?t gnarter* if deeired A-Mr? MOBTWN. ?.?? >lk*. ? -^k? f."?OR MLB AT A BAROAIM CT i ?' 'K ?w: M \ Trn?.4 ? B >ofc ami N?li.??rj 8 ww.a- < ?onM i4Mk ?Ar9** and h??i?l'Mi? aveao. north weet. R< ??im f'*r aelling, poor bewtlh A pp.y t a I he nn4ml|M4 ,brt?wt the hour* of M tu t f >?r K B B ) !> * ? ft PLEAfAMT k'OME AT Lt'R PRICK-Wa Am offer thai ham* ? -me twne?..rv, I aaMu-ot Preach roof ARM K RE-II*BX< B. R 7? I rr?H. nfT fl*? ftu m?*>'* ai?d the I? -i'.*iaa pr..f ?rtj. fbr *alr %r t k ? | iJf*?<>? '< fa> ?< hot and roM water ta the- rhaml>ere u4 library m ? ell aa bath room Th rw are tei> rw **r|i ^ .M -.teiiNtv# of bath-room A eaOar ?.*?d*r the kn Hon. C1,j al'ey at W of lot. AlCav .her a m at d-?tral.|? bow*. The property ? lll k# at" wn on ?p*l e?... t.. >ia FITCH A f.-X, 16 J' Rm Eat at* BmkerikM Pa ?>? <?? t t T r. A BaBB ?'!' \B?TB -raT a?ie, tbe f y riXTl'RE:*aad OOOBkW ILL of ? p, hi ore MOV d<'ili(a|^ tKMHNeaa t-atlata lory i?. >n given for arllin*. Apply at 14 II 14th at reel m.rtk treat jet %? 114 A V K THIRTEEN VALl \RI.I HOI ?R* tor aale, pri<-ea frirni t?>? <??i I will ? It them for <we tnilh rwk. tihl the balance in B , ?tr< I aui goinn to aril. A all and *>-t a bargain PHIL H V* RLCH jet *?t Htlk I" itf^et. Mae--111. T*-Wrte A ^}5CTJfTw,i AND PIXTI KES lip '? b.ALK l'-i-mi*.-1 r refit *erv rli**?r, m K 4 43 ttl, at rapt .Intween |> ?->d B. Wat V A tH. j.t f * f^^R ? >TO' K k I \ I 1 KI> ari l l.o ?t? I W II.L ' ? l'riia st I'ti I - ? w"? Peal u?me, NV (lLI N* Hl'lk Mia.r. O |p* |r*OB bALB?STtH'R ri\Tl Kkt*. ana I.AAwft r ot Gr ? ? r < . N J'H ? t i.? ? !?-'? m M irfcd V rther ra in [Hire op premlaea. ?>??<* I> A kT I Kt* ii?< iiiK lliil >k!t ?! T? I ail) part ot tin- rut < an flint pir. kMeri an.t ib tain a !? tup r?r !? ?t I i arrl? i ? u ? > TBI'ftB I I I L A t O ? Be*: K*t ?!? broker*. 'th atreat tii2v-la (Bep At'hroa I ftlOBBT TO LOAB OB~BBAL E?TXfi la ?"l aiitno ati'1 ? t ' t*i. t ? t JAM BP B ? ACtill . Keai Batate .k*r tiijt lni < r l.'.tl. aii4 B at? , r ???!?.? or at*ii-a IVIONkV H.' L?-AN ON KIM. BfUTB 1M MAI' kV A B KO.. B< *1 Batate atid.luaurati< ? P 'k?r?, BdS-tf I 4117 k alrea*. WHHONKV t OKbTAMTLY <?K H\BDTO LOAB H oil real relat* , m an ma 11 >1111 OBO TKl'k.-t'BLI. A I'd., rrxf'ln* Beal Bataie Broker*. 41A 7tb at. I/Ok ^ALE-ron^ tlrat<-:?aa HKI< K Htkl'bB?. I t*? ><|Uare? from < apit ?! Park, and ih> ?Mir i1i?taii'< to the be? Kaoteru Market. BB ami cloae to the Pruim) It anta atetiue mnelCK ar?, well I ? 11 ??e houaea ar? wHI-lmiIt, tea roonia earh. fan. hot ami cold water, ami ?ewer. T'-riua Mtf. lu^aira ?u the |>reaiia?a, 31? < ?trwl UathtM. a?- Iw* LOS SALE-The 8T??Cft. OOOPHILL and k MXTl kK8 ot the Mllliuer? ao.1 Patu> St -re, No. 7 07 Market >pac? . bet 7th an<t tth at*. 1 -rib a eat. |aatrj E LEN/.HKKG A Q4?. \ ALl ABLE rABM P<>B hALE "K BX t HANGE FOB PKoPEKTT IN TIIPS t lTV A t? Ht.AT h A Hit A IX -ST arrea vary atipatior land, <?p<cialljr tor tetiacco. Ia'(* new T t-aroo Barti. L?a> liinc, Tenant Hoaae and oatt'iuHinca. fin. > ard of Mb Com til crape t in?a, in b?arinc and ;*^;!iaed. W arrea \alaaMe tin *^r, balam e arahla and well fenced. near Guiim n V M *t K W A I' K B.,lb bp>t->> Itania ? -unt> Va Prl a, uuk g.'.,i?W k A PHILLIP!* Map 17-bi 111 ?' w . <? 1 owi D 0 .1 ARE CHANCE to ynrchaa* a (mid RTOHE aid II ltWkLLING t l.eap, n-ar ii-w market, flk ?,re?t, Nu. 17 IK. rrue. fljtl . term* eaa> HAMtLTtiN A PEARXU^^ R Tt ....... ? ? .??? I ???W| **?! MI" rBBJ H AM 1 rT?1N A I'kMi-' H, mV tf V M. C. A Boildin*.tth anil !? at? II O DM ? O h 8 A L B. TIM" larca TOFR 8TOKT BOCBB, with thraa atorr e?teuai >n, *1A B ?treet, nearly new. tweutv rmiia, flit i:? iw ami ?%ter.aitk larcr ;ar4aii ?taLSe in re?r. Tue whole pr pert) baa beer reoentty put 10 complete rewir, and ia very convenient for a Ik'i? . c-titeel faBiily, or (?* a bowrdinj| tiouaa. Will l*e aeUl low. In^uiie at 1'tce.liiiaii'a fiauk. ppwlta Treaatiry , Pentiat Itania arenne. fe IS eotf YOR SALK. ^ t'OB >ALk- Ta uprt^bt Ml?l\* CASES ia 3f? .-t I lik' li) 4 f??-t bicli. tbe 'th^r l? .'i-, !?)? ??,, all at HOOl>> Jew^l) bi re, *33 P-au-> Itania atinue. It* mTok sale verv < Wap \ ior>k s<?d\ r GENERATOR Appl> at Rl sMCLL 6 Phar niar>,corbi t\ t lin lit atn.ue and Utl. *tr t n -th ai at . M* l^OR 8ALE-A jtiitip -eat ROCK tVtl. n^nj r new. will lie a. Id cheap.?? the uwn?i l a- 110 fur* ther uaefor it. T" lirnni. at I'l M I'll Rkl's Lit- rf Btal'le.C "treet n .rthv ?t.aeat till. j.1 St L'OR BALE?A "^.awren. e " a - n4 hai.t ? t'OCI'KE, in p* rfect couditi .11. T'l (.mud ai ANI?REW JOYCE'S, corner of l?tb aaii E *tre.-t?, for one week only. jS<t" [^OB SALE? A Ml LE. cheap. 141 twee 11 I at au>l Su, laian I jrS sr J L^OB SALE?Out two borae power *A? MILL, r in food order, can be worked aith one ht~ Alt", one C<?AL C'A RT; will be aold rli- ap Apply E. C. BAL M"S Wood and C>al Tard, K?tre.-t, te. tween 6th and 7tb atn-eta aoutliwaat. mtl ft* SIX MEW TOP bPBIKG WAtOMS. 1 ONB bE 1 T TROTTING lit GOV. new Por sale at 47 P' ?p it *lr t.G' tc- QKhK t. an J Ab k PR' 1 BET mXT I** W ~ ? k^OL'A WATER APPARATUS FOR BALE. A (Treat rarlety of White and Tennaaa** MarMa SODA WATER APPARATI S. at nianufa. turera* pricea and terma: aecond-haud ouaa taken 111 ea < tianire Silver-plated Apparatna and Steal Eoun taina to loaa, tree of charge, by ?lU-lni* PALMER A GBBEN. Ganrr?tn?ii O KICK CLAf FOB BA.LI, D Apply M DO DOB ft DAftVBILLB. jV-tt 1 4H7 r atreet COAL AND W00R ^ L?HERirr, WUOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IB COAL AMI \?4>OD OF EVEHY DkSCHlHTIoy. Office: Tennaylvauia avaiiue, between M tad 4H atreeta. Depot and Mill. Sixth atreet wharf, Potomac river. Fair price aad ftoaorahle dealmga ?> Itri* ^JAPITOL HILL WOOD AND t O VL YARD A ST., BETWEEN Hi AND iu. KOUTUEAPT. The nnderalirned >? *? l>-are to inform hi- cnatom era?reaideuta of Ci.puol HMI?and th- public <-?? ? rally, that he baa ypeued a hrauch WOOD AMD COAL YARD on A atreet. betaeanSd aie! SJ. n r!k eaat. where can be foand >((h4 aaaortmeut 1 tlia very beat grade, of both Wood anl Coal. All or der* promptly and faithfully fill -d. m?4e..|ilt W H M A RI.OW |j 1 B ? O L D T I O B . WmlinToii. D C., April IB. UTS The copartnership heretofore exiatiuf betwae? Elpbonzo Yooncii and AA n H S--ar*, under the name and firm77 ELPBONZO YOl'NGS A 00 . ia diaai I ted by mutual conaeat .the aec. tid term of aarb copartnerahip bating thia day expired. The buat Oeaa will be contiuued at tbe old atand Maa i.?c Temple, corner tth and T atreeta,I by BLPHONZO VOI NGS, who will pay all luat ciaima agaioat and collect All amoQota due aaid hrm ELPBONEO VOCN08 AAM. H sEAfttf Thariklns my frieoda and the pablie f.?r th?lr lib eral patronaee in the pant, I would reapecilully ?olicit a continuance of the aame. ELPHOBZO TODMOS. Ilarlng rpent tbe paat two yeara vary aatiafact irtly with Mr. Toanga In the above-named boaiueaa. I would take thia opportunity to thank my friend* and tbe public for their patronage, and cheerfully rec ommend whatever influeaca I may hare to hia ta tereau |apl? tf} W M fl SBABS VVCI? MAI DO MOT DESPAIB?tf yo? bare I but little aiaaaa. and wlak to look* one of tbe ft8 aoita. in three different Jylea, at ft BTBAP8'. !?!! Pewwa a^a .aaar Uth. aM IS ^ EW DESIGNS FOB LADIES' AND CHlfc DRESS DRESSES AT MBS 0. H MAUBEB8' STAMPING DEPOT, mlS-tr 61 T 7th atreet RAPIDLY REMOVING DAMAOED GOODS AND PILLING CP DAY BT DAT AM WITB FBESB STOCK. Ordara promptly aapphed. nJ>-? ft W BCBCBELL J,' A IBB AN Kb LBTTBB SCALES, Every aUe and at) le. at very low ratea ? TUE CKIYBB&AL FAMILY SCALE. TUB FOCE.KT BETTEB SCALES. W e bave an band and alwar* ready to aupplr any and every atyle and ktad of LETTEB SCALE al tbe maaafartarar'a loweat ratea _ We ate. a fnll line of C mimart-ial and Banker* Stationer; , Blank Booka.Cwh Mid Dead Boxaa. BICBABD B. MOMCB BOB., n fl-tr IBIIPmaa avaaaa, nmr 11th pASTCBAGB FOB OOWS AMD HO iHlrl* JKO. EMOTT,J?.t ml eolm* At B. Lron'a Mill, oa ft <kCreak. -,r MM Utft f?r?M

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