Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. ^tonb masonry. Orncx or th* WtmiMTos Av<rit>rcT,l ashmgt-n, May 3lst, IC3 i ^ Ptr , fiid r>?.| ?'Pr--po?*la for C->m ?'.e?n* Bt-<ne Brtdgee ob the Washington Aque duct." w'll be rw^itnl at this Office until IB o elk (>n thetfBiM day "f Ji *x, for fnrui-hing and set fen* copies an-t parapet* of stone bridge*. Prop. ssls will be received only on the printed fcnns. which. with plan*. specifications, of c-nlr??t. ?in1 any d?eired information, cm be had Co srf'!<ation, by mail or in person, to O B BABCOCK. Colonel C. 8. A., ?el *t Chief Engineer, Washington Aqueduct. ^ )? ?itl ASSISTANT ^ UlABTERM ASTBR, Four M. Vans', Va., June 2d. 1473. 8e*l?< I'f'p ?al?,in triplicate, with ropv of this . ni~ni-iit att ached, are invited at thisOffire ?Bntil 1* o'clock m , on the 3n i>at ? ?* Jclv, H73, f r the de|i\?rj of the following 1.allied supplies at fljj* post during the fiscal year commencing July 1, J"*3 at aurh time, and in *nch quantities. a* may b-' ?i- .rnrii, inkjecl to the nana! inspection. vix: 351 C'-rls merchantable hard W od. (moreorles* > ? ciTde merchantable Pine W<iod,i ni 're or len>l jT.tff pound* Corn, (more or less I p?-nnd* Oats. (rioreor l?? I p. nn4t Hay, r-aled. (moreor le*s.) 215 s p nn<l? Straw, bal d. (more O' le?*. ( The Corn and Oata to be clean. and well aarked. 5h> 1I?< t- b" tin* thy. of s go ?f unslity. free from V^e!*, fi:l in *ea*on, well rnrw) and baled. The f^traw to l>e of go-id quality.clean, long an 1 wall l^aM. ? Blank f-rms of Pr->po?al* with enarante- printed th- re?.n.t * hn-h in al! rase* most be properly filled &> ! C'-riin- d to ) will be famished on application to ? _ Pr- p will be marked. ? Proposals for For t?g. or ' pr p -hI? f- r ? -I," a? im ca?>- nmy b? Ii I *1 lrt-?-d to the undersign-d v THEO. J ECKEBSON. -2<t Capt. and A. <J M , Bvt. Mnjor t' S. A J PROPOSAL* FOB WROUGHT AND CAST IK. N Wl'KK FOB THE NEW JAIL, DIS Tl.H T OF COLUMBIA. Kkw Jail, Pi?trictop Cot rMBtA, I Office of Superintendent, May 8, W73.{ WKUl'iiHT A!*U CAST IKOX WOHK. txal-.l Proposals will be received ?t the office of ttrf bnjinidtfintfiit nntil 14m, Ji me f.MLftt turni-hing. delivering, fitting, at. 1 pnttiug in place the W and Cast iron Work a* exhibited by the Drae : ?sgs, described in the Specifications. and railed for in the Schedule*. consisting of Wie Ca*t Jron t lumnsi-f Ba*?nwit, Rolled Beam*. Ac , of SMoors, Iron W-rk of R- ofs, Gratings to Window*, JSC., Cell Door*. Iron Staircase*. Ac. C plea < f the Drawings.Sperinca'ions, *ni' Sched 1may be had <>n application at this office. Atlsraf! Iding repaired by the contractors to put the wi rk in place will be furnished by the Govern free ?f charge, but will be erected by the cou tra- t?rs. I pr-p sal* will be made by the piece, lineal foot, tr weight, f-* the varion* item* of work, an railed tor in the Sschedule. Th# work ?ill not be auMi\ ided ??ni rig difterent bidder*, but will be Ct>naidare<l in th> aggregate The ? h le of the i'Mt irou Columns ri Ba-etn-ut 9tory and the B-*am*. Ac., of Firat yI.H>r. mnet b- dalivered m..| aet in position within libree nn ntha frem date ot acceptance of prop->*?l. ??>.d the ?hole work mu*t be completed within twelve ni' ntha from date of acceptance Payment- will be made monthly, deducting ten per Cf-iitum until the final completion of the contract. All I id* niuiit be accompanied by a penal bond, in theMim of twenty thonnand dollar* ( fau.HJO,> that the I idder will accept and perform the contract if awarded him. the sufficiency of the security to be certified b> the l"nite<J Stales Judge, the Clerk of the l nited States C urt,or the District Attorney of the I>i?trict wherein he resides The Department reserves the right to reject any or PI! bide, if it be deemed for the interest of the Gov ?-rrin.?-nt t' do a>'. and ?n> bid that i? not maile on the prii.ted f>rm. to b? i btametl in this offl.--.and do** not confi rm in every re*pect to the re-iiiire rvwts of this advertisement. will not be considered; T?ither will any proposals be receiveil from parties V h are not th- m*elv>>* engag-d in the nianufactnre rt Wn-nitit ?r Cant-iron Work, and who have not t;>e necessary facilities for getting ont the w-.rk, Pn will be endorsed " Bids for Iron Work," and addressed to m7 ZTt AD<>LF CLCSS, Superintendent. j>K?^posALS for materials! NaVI PBPAHT itIVT, Bl RKA OP Var:~ a >* 1>oCR \v A-H > TON. M ?> It law. .. m - ?> ?- I".,, ?a<ij ii- ioi J. S PsbdPr p-^a!* for each las*, -.parately indorsAl Prop,'sal* t--r Class N . i name the class 1 for the J> ?vy Yard at < name the yard will !>e n-Ceive.1 at Ihi* rfli.-e nntil lu o'clock a m of the tvvilkth ( I Vth < J'ms. at which h >ur the opening of the A ids will btCiiMwncel. f<>r furnishing ati-l Miver irg at the several Navy Yard* an.I Naval Asylum, |.:e materials an-! articl- -embraced in printed ?ch d tiles, which, with the f-rni of offer and gnar-uity, s?e<l priti'i-d instructions, will be furnishe-l on ap 1 at ion, aid seal by mail, if so requested, t" per p ns -I-siring to ? fl. r t- contract for any or ail of tti- i laes?* nan.e.1 therein, by the Commandan'S of |he?everal Navy Yards, for the < lasses f..r the yards Under tb- ir command. ? r by the Paymast-r nearest thereto, ot by the Bureau for any or ail of the yards S>>-?sj |i;ni. The . lapses of this bnrean are numbered an l des i?* d a? follows: C a?- No. 1 Bricks. N- 2, Stone. S>. ?, Yellow Tine Tin-l - tjN . 4, Yellow P;ne Lumber; No. 5, ? >ak and H ?r I \V si, N 6. White Piue. Spruce, Junii^r and Cy pr> ? No. 7. Lime, Hair aud Pia a r, S - i ?ir. N- ?? ' ? rn ? I ,ti 1 Han.!. No. 1". >? ate; N 11. Iron. Iron Spik-s and Nails. N i. u. frteel. N 14, Files, N l.V Punts. Oils and Glass; X> 16 Ship Chandlery. N" 17, Harilwar--. Ho. |s, Stationery . N- Hay and Straw. No. 21. Proven f-r: N B. Charcoal, No 2't K-lting, Packing and Jlo-e N 24. Sperm and Luhri, ating Oils; No. 25, J ?. U :h. Piping. Ac . N J6, Augers, No. 31, ? 11 per aiid Composition Nails. NAVAL ASYLTM, CI*** N>?. 1. Clothing. No. 2 Hats. B -ots, Shoes, > . S- 3. Pi- ?i*ioi?s; N- 4, Groceries; No. 8. Dry t> de. N 6 B'ead. Ac.; N >. 7, Tobacco, N->. i, < ai N .9- Paints, Oils. Glass, Ac., No 11, Lam 1 r. No 12. Fit'-w- *1; No 13. Provender. No. 14. Miscellaneous, No. 15. Hardware; N->. 1'i, Sta tioilerv The f.db-wing are the class,-s. by their numl?ers, T S|iine,l st the respective navy yards and naval ?l-> luru KITTERY. M A1N1. K * 6,7. n. 14. 15. L", 21.22. 24. CHARLRSTtlWN. MASS N s 1,2,5,4 7, s, 9, ii. 12,15. 16. 17, l*.3u. 21,22.23. 81-25 BKtHiKLYN. N Y N *1. 3.5,6. 7. 9. 9,11, ft. 1?.U, 16.17, 14,20.21, T.. 23. 24. 25. PHILADELPHIA, PA. K<? 1. 5, 15.16 17.18. 2". 21. LK.M'UB 1>LAND. PA. No*. 1.6. 9,9. 16, 1* NAVAL ASYL1M. PH ILADKLPAIA, PA. K ? 1, 2,3 4. 5 6.7.8. 9. II. 13. It. 15, 16. WASHINGTON, D O. No- 1.2,9 6,9. II. 12.15,16. 17.13,3D, 21. NORFOLK YA N * 1.4,8.?, 7.8.K', 11, 14,13, 16,17,13 30,21. 23. 84- 25. 31. PENSACOLA, FLA. K<*. 1, 4, 6,7. hi. II, 1*. -*>. 21. MA HE ISLAND. CAL. No* 1.2, 3, 4. 5. 6, 7.9, 9, 11, 12, 14. 15. 16. 17. 18, 81 84.29 ma\ 15 law4t LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT * BON, ? BOARDING, LIVBRT d SALB BTABLB8. 416 Sth street, bet D and ?, and Chain Allsv, H. between 13th and 14th. Office, Willards. Best carriages furnished. Special cars paid to tks tw-ar-iing of horses. dectl-lp ALL I SON N A1 LOR, J a., ~ LIVERY AND HIRING 8TABLB8. STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMBB. 13i* E Street northwest. Arlington stables -r. cruit, jr. G STREET, Bitwii* 17th aid 1(*t?. Carriages by day or night, and for wadding* or par> ties Jectt lr 4 'ONGHKSS STABLBS, Vy e>TU STREET, BtTVtl!) D A!M> B. Horses and Buggies for Hire, and a freak sopply Of ?ood Hi rsas lor sale every week. jySTly RICHARD YANT, Proprietor. WASH BAILOR'S STABLBS 13M B ST. CARRIAGES of the latest styles constantly on band and for hire by the day or month. Parties, weddings, and rsception* fnraisbsd with the m?t romfi -rtabls and elegant Carrtagea. Pariicnlar attention to boarding Horses, ni Morses always for sals and exchange. d?clS-tf A AND R?bI KittU ??rl?Bf? C?Bklat4, In Its f :tt Gold Bonds the N orthern PactSc Hall Toad Cowpanp.J[^rnlBhea to the public an inveatmenl ?ecurtty whick'scombinea the ready negotiability, the Convenience, an<k?b%higb credit of a first class rat! r- ad bond, with ia*j,ndity aod aafety of a real es tate ni- rtgsge on landvorth at least twice the anou.1 ?abed They are offered at par In currency, and yield ? XiANDX'Mk Pk,'*IT to those exchanging I tHs. The bi-nds are a first and only mortgage on th* toad. Its equipments and earnings, and also on ? laud grant which, on the completion of lb* road, wlli Average ttAKAi acres to each mile of track. They are issued In denominations from gM0 u JM Coupon, and flou to (lujMi R--gi*tered, hav* thirty years to ran, bear an Interest of 7 JO per cent b r id, and are EXEMPT FROM CNITBS BTATES TAX to the holder The semi annual Interest en the Registered Bond* k paid with GOLD C'HXCES. sent to tks post oflios ?duress *f the holder. All Marketable Stock* and Bonds received la Ofcange, without expense to the investor, at thai) BiCbegt carrent prices. OOOK1 * ? tRIIII, WABHIBOTOM. ?.r Bridal abd ftnrral wreaths, boo UCBTS, CROSSES, ANCHORS aud 6TARS preserved or Enameled in Wax. AU kinds of Hall Braiding done. Ornamental Hair Work oa Glass aad ?earl, by Mrs. FR1RB, late of Bostoa, Bo. IU ire^. near I. northwest Referencaa -Mrs. Preal S3Tfen^ty krs. AdmlrsJ Goidsboroa^k, W? W| (V -rtorm, Gaaanl H*f i aenwai I oca pains, wees, t?. Alfe? HEPoKE GOING BLSEWHtRE sxaaias the "al Dra? Suit for ? IT.ja specialty,) tad c 1, t fee lid ?t A. BTBACS . I*tl Penna ^e., ?ear 11th. PHiHLtE THAT wapBASILT SOL^BD - ?a?~ ?= -- B ?= ? ?J1 BE wai a ? "I aay. Charley, pardon me, but wrmj tell Ik w Is rt yon alwaysi drssa^so sty lish, and ha ?>? wisn you wways oress so sty iisn, and baviug but as5Ksrss;?wiM-te^!K rpHB LATSBT WOBDBB ofths J the ftmit, m ?' *? 111! Penn*.are. ?th.^ 5BDBB ofths 11 h century If mf ?* SiTJi-H S', mm UID ikJI BANKERS. | KWIS JOHNION * CP., BANKERS AHD DEALERS IN FOBEIGN AID DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, H?? REMOVED to their Mt Banking House as he corner of IWh MrfH and Prnniyltui* on the site formerly occupied by them. m13-lot OTIS BIOELOW, Banker, ?43 D STREET, KEAB SEVENTH, Pays INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, makes COL LECTIONS, and transacts all buliMi connected with Banking. apAly Bi N I I S fl HOCII or i. H. SQL ICR * CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orrosiTS WlLLABD's HOTEL, WASHINGTON, D O. 0 per cent, inttrest paid on dtftut. Collection* made everywhere. Depoeits payable on demand. Par of officers tn the Army caubwl in advance. apl-tr F. BRODMEAD, Broker* No. V39 Penna. ate.. Room 4, Washington, D. 0. Special attention given to Investmspt securities. Invitee attention to securities now fiffered at prices which will pay 10 to U per cent, in amoanta and of length of time tosuit investors. Safe, reliable, profit Able and prompt, making them in every respect PIRST CLASS SECURITIES. R?-f>n by permission to Lewis Johnson A Oo., Washington. D. C.: Moeee Kelly, Esq., Cashier National 'Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D. 0.; Hon. J. M. Brednead, Second Controller, Washing ton, P C.; Edward Clark, EsqArchitect U. S. Cap ttol, Washington, D. O. marl7-3m HE RATIONAL BANK OP THR RRPOBLIO (Cornt tot 7th aod D streets,) OPEN PROM 10 A. M. TO 3 P. M. deel7 ly CHAS BRAD LET. Cashier. PKRMA5I AMERICAN SAVIJIQI BANE, U No. 414Skventh Strkkt, Ofposu* i*< Pou '&t* IHpmtmtmt. Bauk bonin: f a. m. to i a. ra. Saturdays open an 31 4 p. m., to receive deposits only. Interest paid on deposits. Collections made and sxehange furnished. JOHN BITZ. President, A. EBERLT, V. Prest, W. P. MATTINOLT.Sec.,0. R PRENTlSS.Cash'r uovHy ,HK FREEDMAN'S SAVINGS AND TRI ST COMPANY. Banking Honse, Mo. 1407 Pennsylvania arenas, opposite the Treasury, PATS SIX PEB CENT. INTEREST, Imterist B'tms Ik* >ir? oj Hark Mtntk. Mis POUR PER CENT, on business accounts from date of deposit. Itru*i Ctrtifaatt! af Urposxt bearing 4 and 4 per cent. interest, available anywhere. HAS BBANCH OFFICES in all large towns and cities of the Swuth and Southwest. Bank horns. 9 a. m to 4 p. m. Open Wednesday and Saturday nights from 4>4 to I )YI<s;k, to receive deposits only. Call at the Bank or m-.l for a ropy of the Charter and By-laws. jM-ly J AT COOK E A tO^ 1 BUT AND SELL POREION EXCHANGE and IB8UB CIBCCLAB LETTERS OF CBEDIT for travelers, arailabi* is my part ttf tk? world. Oar Drafts on JAT COOKE^McCCLLOCH A CO,, are Cashed tn any part of EaeLa*v, Ikblawb and ScoTLA!*t),/r?? nf tkart?. may 18 WASHINGTON C1TT SAVINGS BANK Corn* 714 strut as4 Louzstmna mmm, PATS 6 PEB CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT loterest commences from date of deposits. Deposits can be made and drawn at will. tnv?-tf J. A RUFF. Treasurer. STEAMER LINES. AM HIIK like steamcrs. Sail trou P .-r Jo. North River, New York. EVERY U KI?N KSDAY AND SVTITRDAT. 71,e passenger arcoriimi-dat ions od Steamers ol thi? line are un?urpase.-.l for elegance SBinaftrt. Cabin staterooms are all^XC-^J? on npper deck, thn-t securing gt>od litrht"^^*^^* aii?l ventilation RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW , LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY. Sat simmers. W"i. ft tamers Gold. Currency. Cst ns _ and $64 $76 and ?05 in return tickets securing best accomni'KlatioDS. ?1.10 >.....$130 . Steerage, currency, ,*30. Certificates forpassage from any seaport or railway station in Great Britain. Ireland ortheOon'inent at RATKS AS LOW A* By AST OTHER fIR'T-CLA?S LINK. P.T passage apple to HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 R * ling Green, N. Y : toC. CAMMACK. 1443 P st. n. w., or WILLIAMSON A CO., 174.? P- tin, avenue n w.. Agents. Washington. ni4 IV EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, IV BKTWKBS PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Va., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D. 0. _ SAILIiie DATS. k Prom Pier ?, North Wharves, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and BAT-MoBib UBDAT, at lH m. Prom 49 Water street,Georgetown,D. 0 .TUES DAY and SATUBDAY, at 10 a. m. This line connects at PLiladt I phia with "Clyde's Iron Line" of steamers for Providence, Boston and New England States. No wharfage in Boston by this line G. P. HYDE. Agent for D. of 0. ?M. P. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. P A. RE1D,Alexandria. Va. WALDO A. PEARCR, 44 Congress Street, Bos con. WFreights delivered by Knox's Express Orders left at General Office, 60,'i Penn*rlvania avenue, or at the steamer wharf will be promptly attended to. apl \VASHINOTON^HO^rOLK. BOSTON. AND The line Iron Steamer LADY OP TUB LAKR having resumed her regular trips to Norfolk,will leave her wharf, foot^^^K^r^ if 4th street, every MONDAY ind*"?"* T1IC RSDAY, at S p. m., touching at principal River Landings, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship of :b? M and M Line for Boston and Providence Fr-igbt should be addressed "care of Lady of the Lake, via Norfr Ik." Branch ticket office at Knox'i Express Office,603 Pennsylvania avenue. T M. CBOI'OH, A sent. 6th-stre*t wharf. DORSET CLAGETT. General Agent, r 14 Plant's S?ore. aopbmt s? and Pa eve. plMAEO mt. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROTAL MAIL 8TRAMSHIP8, BETWEEN NEW TORK AND LIVRRPOOL, GALLING AT CORK HARBOR. PROM NEW TORK. " J ava.__. Wed?M ay 38 "t i.lia?.._Wed.?June 4 'Scotia Wed..June 11 "Algeria? MVd. June W "hnssla. Wed..J one "J5 __ . hreamers saarksd thus * do not carry isngers every follewlnj WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAT from New Tork. Ratbs or Pa?sa??.?Cabin, R80, BIMt aad B1K gold, according to accommodation. Tirketsto Paris, #14, (old, additional. &? i urn tickets od favurabls tertns Steerage, #3u, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and ?nd all parts of Eorupe, at lowest rates. Through Mlis of lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Havrs, Antwerp and other points on the Continent and for Mediterranean ports. Por freight and eabin pas <age, apply at tht Company's office, No. 4 Bowling Qr-*n;for steerage passage, at No. Ill Brsadway Tl mity Buildint CHAS. G. FRANCKLTN, Agent. New Tork. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, Steamer Office, fill Pa. avenu*,, novlg ly Washington, D. O. sr Parthia.?Sat May 31 Samaria Sat June 7 Abyssinia ,.8at_..J une 14 Batavia.?Sat June 21 Calabria. .Sat June la ERCHANT'S LlNR OP STEAMSHIPS. BBTWBBR WASHINGTON AND NEW TORN. Hereafter the fine Steamships B 0. KNIGHT aag JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly trips between NEW TORK, ALKXAN-^S|^ft DRIA, WASHINGTON and GEORGR-<9i^HB TOWN, ss follows:?Leave NEW TORK from Ptsr SO East River, stsit SATURDAY at 4 ?. ?? Leavs GEORGETOWN every PRIDAT at T a. ?? and ALEXANDRIA the same day at 10 m. Por fall Information apply to R. P. A. DBNHAM, Agent, oOlos aad whan toot ot High street, George tow a, or at Ikt so rase at 17th street aad New Tork imM. VFreights delivered by Knox's Express. Or ders left at General Office, 603 Pennsylvania ave one. or at the steamer wharf will be promptly at tended to. lell-tl J. W. THOMPSON.) CHILDKRN'S HOSPITAL AND D1SPRNSART tM?4 A" Strut. A. ST.. 6sMssos 8<A aad ttkns. Purported by voluntary contribntious. Hosptta tree to children under M years ef age. Dispensary oaen daily (Sundays excepted) frem 1 to 4p. m. Medicines farnished grataitouslr. Consulting phy sicians, Drs. J. C. Hall, Thomas Miller,0. H. Liso -rmann, W. P. Johnston, and Grafton Tylsr. imiuf'i ftynnssi. iMisasss. Timt of Ssrwtcs. Dr P. A. Ashford, Surgical, Tues'y.Thurs'y, Sat*y. Dr. S. C. Busey, MedicaJ, Toes'y, Monday, Sat*y Dr.W.B Drinkard, Rye A Bar, Mon>,Wed'y,Pr'dy. Dr. W. W. Johnston, Medical, Moa7,Wsd'y,Pr'dy. L. J. Davis, Secretary: James 0. Kennedy, Presi dent: F. B. McGuire, Treasurer, to whom all ooss munlcatloasaiay be seat; Post Q4los Box 44S. Ml I1R. WORMLRT-S PECTORAL SYRUP, VOB OOUGHS AND OOLDS. BOLD BJ ALL V&W9918TB. o*?-ly* AtUrt WHARF, f~t tf UhtmdF strms. TO CONTRACTORS AND MERCHANTS. Cargoes of STONE, OOAL. . . HAT, LUMBER, Ac., discharged from vessels and storsd or delivered at the shortest notice aad lowest rates. all ly G T. AtLEB. YOUTH'S SUITS in Scotch and diagonal, very nobby,at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ave., near 11th street. all |\EATH TO THE MODOCS and death to high LP prices is the motto at A. STRAUS'. 1011 ??? avs.. assr 11th st CHINESE TEA BONO Bag rwaoT4d to 413 Dftrsst, ? sth aad rth, ?" ? ? than svsr. No rsat to 1*. BENJAMIN MOTION?That N.S.JUSTH, S10 D street, h* ^ TU> atr*eta DOrthwe(t< .. ? SECOND HAND CLOTHING R^xnailssH eo<* ** ready-mads asw ones. ?ILK DRRSSRS a specialty. fsU-lP Sl-BIC.LiNEVER CEASE.-AU S. rLSiL11!?- ?? three different shades for trlBta^^siot A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ITOuBQw illB KIMlt |J| AUCTION SALES. PC TIRE DAYS. DT LaTIMBB ft CLEABY, m3 Auctioneers and Beal Estate Broken, Boutbwest corner PmiuiItuIs tTcnm Mid Utb at.. Star Office Building. CHAKCKBT HALE or VALl'ABLK REAL E9 TATB IN SQUARE HO. *bi ^ Br virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of C5 the District of Columbia, paved in cause N >. ?*3,l<73, William Flemtning and others against MrHair and others, I will sell, in front of the prem ises, rn TUESDAY. the 17th day of Juue.MTJ, at <>H o'ctoctfp m , the north half .if lot N> S, frent i ng thirty feet eight mchen on Massachusetts ave uue, by eighty feet deep mope or leas. Also, the Honth half of lot No 5, having a front of thirty feet on north 0 street, by ninety two feet deep, more or lea*, with the improvements thereon. Also the north half of lot No. 6, having a front of thirty feet eight inches on Massachusetts avenue by eighty-five feet, more or leas Also tbe south part of lot No g, with improvements thereon,having a front ot tliir?y feet 011 north O street, by one hundred feet deep, more or less. Also, the south part of lot No. 7, wi h the improvements thereon, h?' '*>* a!>ont of thirty feet on north G street by or ndred feet deep, moreorless. Also, lot 8, havit, :? fronton M*s*a chusetts avenue seventy teet eight i mlies. bf an average depth of ninety-flve feet and a half; all in square 56S This property is situated between Massachusetts avenue, nortl G street, New J-reey avenue and id street northwest. Term- of sale: One-third cash: balance in si*, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest at th~ rate of eight per cent per annum. The purchaser* to give tneir notes eudor?ed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be retained on the proper ty so'd mitil final pa) nient # made. If the term* of sale are not complied with in six day* the property will be resold at the cost of the defaulting purcha ser. A deposit of $100 will lie n?tMI trom the puj<"ha?er of each lot All conveyancing at tlisex pen-e of the purchaser. B 8 DAVIS, Trustee, jl d LATIMER A CLKAKY. Anc's. Y Ll'TTRELL A DCNNINQTON. Auctioneers, ill? Louisiana ave ,bet.9th and lothsts N. W. B TRUSTER S SALE OK VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL, ESTATE. TWO TWO STORY KRAME DWELLINGS, AND SEVERAL SMALLER r'RAME OUTBUILDINGS ON DEL \ WARE AVENUE. BETWEEN C AND D STREETS NORTHEAST. Ry virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date M ty 24, A D. 1371, and duly recorded in L'ber No. 677,f"lio ?i'i, one of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, and by request of party secured thereby, Lwill sell iit public auction, in front of the premises, to the hiifhe-t bidder,on WEDNESDAY , June I*?, A. D 137.1, at 6 o'clock p. m all that certain piece or par* eel of ground, situated and being in the city of Wash ington, in said District, and known as part of ori ginal lot four.<f, in square six hundred andeightr four,CM.) which include rub lots C and D. of J. II Merrill-- subdivision of -aid original lot four.(1,1 in -aid square six hundred and eighty-four,(#31,) and bounded a- follows,to wit: Beginning forth" same on Delaware a\enn>'. at the northwest corner of said lot f<.ur,(i.) and running thence southeast ward!), at rii^ht angles to said avenue 18".) feet,to reur line of -aid lot fonr, 14;) thence south along said rear line 41 feet 8 inches; thence west pi feet; thence northwestwardly 55 feet 6 inches, to a three-foot alley; thence north along said alley 30 feet 1*? inches; thence northwestwardly 81 to said Delaware avenue; tlien.-e tiortheastwurdl* along the line of said avenue 21 feet t't inches to the northwest corner of said lot four, (1,) and the place of beginning, to ge*her with tta improvements thereon. Terms of -al*: One-third cash, of which $100 must be paid at time of sale; balance in e<iual payments in six. twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four ui ntln. with interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annnm, payable semi atiniiaily, nnt'l paid, from day of sale, the purchaser giving notes, to be secured on the property sold, to satisfaction of the trastee Con te)ancing and recording at purchaser's cost. The trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser in case the .erma are not complied with within six days aft.-r sal . WM K HOLT7.M \ N. Trustee LUTTRELL .v DUNNINC.TON. * j-5 eod Auctioneers. B Y TUOS. E. WAGGAMAN. Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7tli street. CHANCERY SALE OF IMPROVED REAL ES TATE (>N A rn STREET NORTHWEST, BE TWEEN G AND H. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, passe,! October 12th. 1372, in chancery cause No. 2,757. Homes et al. vs. Humes et. al , and a subsequent decree passed mi said< anse May 26. 1373, I shall offer for sale, at pub lic aucti'.n. in front of the premises, on WEDNKS DAY, the 11th day of June. 1873. the south 11 feet front by the depth of the lot of lot 29. and the nor.h 6 feet front by the d? ptb of the lot of lot .10, square 1-6, improved l.y a neat two-story Frame House. T. rms; J700 ca?h, of which QH) must be paid at the time of sale; balance in 12 months from day of sale, with 3 per cent, interest, and secured bv the not* of the purchaser and a reserved lien upon the pr< perty If terms are not complied with within one week from day of sale, trustee reserves right to resell at risk and cost of defaulting purchaser, R T. MORS ELL. Trustee j.Vlw T1IOS. E. WAGGAM AN. Auct. BY LATIMER & CLEARY, Auctioneers ami Real Estate Brokers. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Elev enth street, Star Office Buildings. ADMINISTRATORS SALE OF HORSE AND FA MILT CARRIAGE. On SAT! RDAT, June 7, at 1U o'clock m jjrni will sell at public auction, at the auction ' ? rooms of Latimer A Cleary, One superior Horse, 1 years old, One Family Carriage. belonging to th<-estate of William H. Langley, de ceased . Tvruis ca-h C. C. LANGLEY, Administrator, j. I 3t LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts. KEKBY, DENT A CO , ti nrral Auctioneer* an I r?mntj>i?ii Noa. 313 and 315 9th STREET, near Pennsylvania avenue.?Goods sold at auction at onr rooms or any part of the city. Special attention paid to selling Real Estate at auc tion. Liberal advances on consignments and prompt returns. References:?John S. Barbour, John Van R<swick, Hon. Lewis McKenzie Windsor A Ford, ami Jour an W Maury nylt-lr THE TRADES. PRACTICAL PLUMBING, GAS FITTING and SEWERAGE P romptly attended to, on reasoti sble terms, by JAM ES F BRIEN, No. 609 Louis iana avenue, near 6th street, nortb side. Residence, Id street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED PI PE al wave on hand. m21 tr JVotict of Removal. TIIE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE UN DERSIGNED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI A VENUE, AND B STREET, BR THE EN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERM AtTER AT THE Cor. of 131b street and Ohio tie. o. w. ni9-lm KATH'L B. FUOITT. HER A 10 A LAG1RPUSU. Successors to Hr.NRT Hoialci, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, 407 F street, alt lm* . Between 5th and Sth sts. northwest. A_ WMIftGS. JOHN C. HOGAN.713 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City and Country Residences. TENTS and FLAG8 for sale or rent. AWNING MATBBIAL of all. kinds for sale. Bole Agent for the only genuine MILDEW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. aplS tr pLUMBING AND GAS FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plumbing and Gas Fitting done in a neat and substantial manner, and on reasonable terms, should leave their orders at 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Onpitol Hill. Work warranted. *iS7-<m* WM. BOTH WELL. M CUNNINGHAM, HATTER, ? 1011 V Street, between Men and Utb, Mi the pleasure to announce tnat he has received cm the Spring Style of Broadway BLOCK, and is^M prepared to furnish New Hats made to order on^^ them or remodel old styles; also, an sasui tuient of felt Hats for sale, on reasonable terms. ft-tr ^WHIReii fU6?, TEWTI. M. G. COPELAND, ?43 Louisiana avenue, on* door eai Tth AWNIBG8 for Stores, City and County tttkmch* In style and finish. FLAGS and TENTS for sale and rent. BOOMS DBCOKATBD. All Canvass articles mi DANCING CLOTHS. to ordsr J S. TCBTON, 9ARPKNTER, BUILDER, AND OOITIAOTOI Ordsn tor Hows Carpentering, Jobbing, or 00 ractor's Work speedily attended to. oe. 1Mb street, below B at. northwest. Shops and Office, janS-tf | . H GENUINE BBNOWMBD BBLGIAB 1 BLACK CLOTH SUIT, euual to any custom work, for B90, tbe style of each double-breasted and square (rant, at STBACS', 1011 Penaa. are., new 11?K Utb C'CHEN'S LOAN OFF1CB, eornir of 7th rtrsst / and New York mvmue, entrance on Hew York avenue. The most private loan offlcej in the city. Money loaned at the lowest rate|_ _ of interest on Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Plate and Plated Ware, Guns, Pistols, Ladlsa and Geutiemen'i Clothing, carpets , and all artlclea of vulne. aM-lr ?U rpHB HKW MATIOMAL MARKET. FRESH, SALT and BM0KBD MBATb, of kinds and of,tbe best quality, furnished E the best style: also-OiMB.fODLTBT, 9^^ FEDITS, and VBGBTABLBS.? tbelrMk ssaaunycan be procured at tbla Market. nartl-ly BOBT. HYATT, 414 Utb at. M W AUCTION sales. to-morrow IIT THOJB. M. WAOOAMAN, MJ Beal Estate Auctieneer, 919 7th street. "{?SpISt^SV 6thV*teeet1 IVsPVf P STREIT8, NORTH ' " OR) ^uoer ?ud by virtue of a decree of the R?. BP?"' gon? <* ??? District of Columbia, bold oUriiSC ? Co"Il ft"1 wi<i District i Tt i! i Lewi* HfLwI Tiay ,13rs'iD r*,n*- Ko *Jl?i wherein Lewi* H. Schneider is complainant and William u Gallant and other, are defendants, the u~lJl?21.2i *ZS?? "HI *ell at public auction ,n fr?SWt? KE'lSk",*-*r0',c,'*l rB?t)A Y. thV 6 th day of Jon". lfCS, tbe following deerribed parcel* of real ?rtate situate m M ashington, in *aid District, to Lot lettered K in Corcoran'* recorded *ubdivi*?on of lot* in square four hendred and fort r-aSsTus? improved by a lately built three ,tor. pr^ {.^ I^piKeH^ !.?r wh'ch th' '< "Me, a* pre scribed by said decree, are: One third of nurchase P?'!* t? casl,; the re*|5Se inUwmS instalments at *11. twelve, eighteen and twenty I.ur mouths re.pect.vely, with interest from day of sale or all cash at option ol purchaser. ? And immediately After the above *ale the nnd-r siened trystee. by Tirtae of th- tame d.-cree will sell lots fifteen,(15) and sixteen < 16) in Gallant's re ceded subdivision of part of square four hundred and seventy-nine (179), improved bv atworto^v Bnck Dwelling this last property is sold ?ib^t to an encnnibranre thereon, to be assumed'br the pnrrhaeer, of twenty-fiTe hundred dollar*. payable two vear* after February 29th, IsTJ. with interest at ten per cent, per annum, an.1 the terms of sal? for which are: (Tne-half ca?h; residue ?*li Zt *",,[ ** ?" ??? ?>?& *h:ch are to be * lien until paid on th- nronertv re.. ,S1iVr" r??tred "?-h bid whTac' cepierf. If terms of sal.- are not r>mplM*,th m* days the trustee reserve- the right to resell 15 risk and cost uf defaulting purchaser W E EDMONDSTON. Truste n a-eo.tds THOS K. WAtJGAMAN. A-ict ^ ^ AI L A CO. Auctioneer* ? Marble Building, Not- ,?00 and UOsi Pennsylvania a\e., cor. 9:li st POSITIVE AM> PEKKM PTOBY hAI E O* FINK BUILDING LOTS S We will sell, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON Jutie 6th. isn,at 6 o'clock, on th- promise.' Lots A anil It, ?|Mare 117, fronting ? f^et i the lot MM n,T""n? ''-" k the depth of tn? lot. ltn feet 111 Inches, to ?? Si-foot al|.\ Th. and^M streets.1 " "tnat^ ou ,9tU between L T.rms: One-third cash: balance in six and e rn?.nth?, for note#satisfactorily endorsed and secured by deed oftru<t 011 the prnniises and ?r in* interest Co,,ve>anclng at purcl?W\cost A depo.ll of Slu, will l,e r,Quired as soon m sold * ale positive without reserve *?? W. L. WALL * CO., Auct*. B V OE??M A H ILLIAMS, Anrtlonwi, r, .r ' uuneerfi, rforthwest corner lutb and I) streets. !^RlHprSA.LK(rF VALl ABL,c ??AL K8TATC tfn* i?HrirL A 0 *,|wcrt-e of ,h" Circui t Court for B| ?V. 'rK*'." county, sittin* as a court of , *^l'nt) , passed m the case of William O Jone^ a Oie'.niT' Wif"' ?*' ?1' " Benso^K ^nber. a* tru-tee, will ?< || at public auction, on the premise^, on SATl'KD AY the 7th ' Jnno.lirf,M 1 o'clock ^ m* it fair- il on the next fair day.) the real estate of the late Win' f?!',"<J,lnK of sew-ral parcel, or wrts of l^Y* called "Deacon's HalI,'' "< ranir amii.VlM ,a',n p"rt "f " Kli/ab-th", D-li?ht," coS ? ?cre?,nioreor Ienn,situated in Prince Get rg?* 8 county? between the B-*ltiniore ^nil v.*u t. ineton and the Metropolitan^>ailrS-t^!n? t?ri*McCuHi^ w!lririnr,<ul" r'u","? of K*-??cre m ?7 uilc?cti, \\ illiam G. M* tzerott and <;. fieriii W Hi*: V"' Mill*, om" " by uiTr?' T?i T'J elfht miles from Washington cit\ Th s land is beautifully l.^ated. in good con th-re'!'' y "".PP'1^1'wiM? wood and water imi,^ J? ???sprin?r* ?l jiure water near th #?A'r,,", of sale: One-third of tlie purchase money to be p?id in cash on the day of ?*!.?. ?r ratificaOoJ thereof by the court; and the residue in eoual in-tal mem*, in ?ix and twelve mouths from the Jay of "SK und the pajuient thereof to be secure<i \>y the bonds of the purchaMer or purchaser*, uith xrfreties to he approved by the trn?tee, with intend on th.* whole

"!,"?ey fr"? tt"1 day of sale. A deposit ?f 5?? *ill be r. ,|inr.?d on th-day of sale. Oi, ?iiebt of the Whole purchase money the trnste- will C?*wvey?!i?; purchaser, at his co"t Tor'he If deemed desirable, the trustee will divide the above-mentioned re..l estate, to suit pur, haaers. ? "!iS?N" bv *"? *" f Nos.?Oo and wo4 p? avenue,corner of 9th street. TPKUPBBTVA1 Wji a ^8?* ?PKOVEI> ALOY8IU8\^rByCHABE b7-' NKAUSr *Br. xrJr ?,.*,dTd ol 'rn"t-Octob-r Md, Hif 'li,l.y r,^'??"d in Liber No. 6?3. r???-ta " '35., .tc., aini b? thewnttcDdirection ?ftlie ir?Ji ,TC? Ik tl,eri'>r' * wi!| Kt public auction of lune i n WT? "" MONDA Y, the l?th day i June, A I). W73, at t> o clock p. m.. all of Now. Jy aiii. lu), in Gilbert*s re<*?>rded nublivijion of in t?. FI!1.,n^rrfJJ.Mix bundrf^ and seventy-live(?>75) in the city of Washington, with all the imnrove me? t>. thi reon, b< itj?( two nearly-finished Dwelling Bouses, frontin* on north I-t- t Ulhnwl must 0n'"bJk!!! r,-,h' of which .fiou mu t be paid on "at h lot at sale, th- deferred Bay - ments to be made in six and t?eiv?.months after day Of f ale, with interest at t-n percent, per annum and Tr.'.'V. e ?r trust to the saMsfa, Hon of^he TV. rU Jerm* to be complied with within nix day* after day ..f ??|P, otherwise the Trustee r^r w-s th! riiMit tc refs.-ll the property, after one week's notice JISJ BV duncak.-on, dowlino a Co., Auct*. Corner 9tn and D streets northwest. 1M K YNaSNI?S V a K/? / VKT j10003- MILLINB KI ANI* (AM I GO<i|iS AT ATfTlMW r-VO On Ti ESI)AY MOBNING, June a.Kcom ?il'uO | I1 ? ?nd contiuuinif a*7'* rE*VN,i' wVwi" "iL wufiin o?J ? i!1" ' *, if"Ck of Dry, Millinery of sale wfSin" convenience Black aud Colored Silk*. Merino* B nek and Colored Alpac?s. P, plum. Black and Colored Water-proof Flaunels Grenadines, Lawns, Suiting* Gaasimeree, Clwths, Casinets. Print*, Oinshain*, MiiHlins, Linen?. i* t,ood8 of every description. Netting, Hosiery, Gloves, Frinees. Bilibrin*, > eivets. Trimming*, Ac., Ac. . n Ji r??wable, and Comprise* *..nie of the fin??t Dry Good* ever offered. Buyers will be fur Wi Tt'!' attention of dealers la called to this sale, as the good* are in ffoo<| |,,ts J'2 DCNCAN8QN. DOWLINO t CO., Anrt*. |>Y LATIMEB A CLEABY, ~ '/,. Auctioneers and Beal Estate Broker*. Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th gt . Star Office Building. ' THE BEAUTIFUL COCNTKY RE^IDKvrr < ALLKD DUNBABTON MhLL HiTrirri. VTnN'Vi LTTiVmKvOM lJPI*,lcI'8 MII,L TO I KrirlALL i TOH N? AB(>I T TU*n a vn a ATM CTD.N, FKdM W^HIN*T?0N,DD0A, On THUBSDA Y, the 12th day of June, H7J Kon the premise*, at 4 o'clock, we shall Sell the , ab-'ve suburban property, frhe place contains about twenty-three acre* of land, improved by^ tiiaiision house, containing eighteen r<H>nis; also, two* comfortable tej-ment hoii-es, with all "i- nnria. iT outbuilding*. There are seven acres of grapes ia beHriBg, pears, peaches an.l other fruits P I lie view from the house is one of th finest in the an.l ,h,*p'0>''^ar~ .l^it h^' li^rVii'^'interesti ami secured by a deed of trust ou the premises. Convev "ifnef* >ak- C?*t the purchaser. $5uu down at " LATIMEB A CLEABY, Auctioneer*. DY B. H. WAKNEK, V B.roker *"1 Auctioneer, No. 7iit> 7th atreet, between G and H. TBI'STEE'8 SALE OK PROPEBTY ON ??T!i hTKEET CONT1NCED. JU8T ABOVE BOPB JLA fNO,52: H.w EST' A T Al CTION A , By virtue of a deed oftrust to Uani-l L Eaton ^Sdati-d Jul) 12,1^73 and duly record-d iu Liber r ? V H *"d al""bI' a decree ..f the Supr-me Court of the District of Columbia passed in E<iuitv i Docket U, substituting the uud-r sigt.ed Trustee in place of Daniel L. Eaton, de cea^ed. I will sell, at public auction. In front of the premises, on MONDAY, June 16. iVs. at tt o^clock p.m., west halt of lot 41, in Jes-e B Hav's sub A S N?o" J'r ^''^' t a* r,<ord"i in Liber J u l'i L ' f*dio 341, of the land records of VI foihington county, D. C. Terms tobe made known on the day or sale Aim down on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within five day* after sal-, the Trus tee ret-erves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Convey ancing at purchaser's cost. c) , GEOBGE W. BTICKNEY. Trmt-e _j.3-e.Ads B H WABNEhI anet. By tuomab e. waggaman, " Beal Estate Auctioneer, ftIV 7th street rffevBJLTiTne ? j * 1eed ?? tn,rt fro? Charles ?3 V. Gordon and wife to John D. McPheriln recorded in Liber 609, folio 334, of the la^i record* fer Washington county, iu tlie District of Columbia, I will, on MONDaV, the sil?t d'.v- of April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., offer foraal- at nnh lie auction, tn front of the premises, the prote-rtv de?cril>ed in said deed, to wit: Lot ?umbered 17 tire ,v* ni?-?St<K T UU'3**^W AUG AM A N "a^c! CIIANCEBT BALK OF^VALUABLE BUILDING ,?ATi^n,l0.f ? decree of the Supreme Court ^S>f the District of Columbia, pa sed in cause fto 3.UM. Slade et al. ?*. Slade et al , I will *?H in fr?>nt oi the premise*, on MONDaV the IK.h day of June, 1S73, at 6)? o'cl^k p m., Lot'lt aid ? psj ?sra'SSK Jersey avenue, northwest. Bew Term* of sale : One-third cash, and the balance In 6,12 aud U months, with eight per cent interest ner annum, the purchaser to give his note* for^' ^ Jarred payments, endorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. ? lien will be reservedou theBroLrt? nntil final payment is made. A deposit of Slofwl/l be required on the sale of each lot. If the V rm* of ?ale are Dot complied with In six dara tk? will be resold at Ihe cc^ of t^ defwitli^ p?,^^.y All conveyancing at the cost ef the paraUaaar. ua liATinu I Suum'T^A^u. AUCTION SALES. THIS ArTKBWPOW. Bt b. h. warnbb, ~ ? ?Uo Estate Broker ud Auctioneer, Bo. TV* Seventh street, between U and U. TBT^TII'S SALK OF VALF VRLl FARM IIARYLABD1 B1NCIt GluRG,t s COCNT*. B> virtue of * decree of the Circuit Court far Prince C-org-'?, silting m e,nit?. the ^?-* a* Trustee,will offer at pal.lie sale, on the premises, on THURSDAY. the ftthday oi June. 1873. at the honr of 1 si o'clock m , if fatr- if rot, the rext fair day thereafter, a v aluable tract or parcel of Land containing liny and ane-fourth acres. being part of the real estate of the late Wil ham Clark, and now ownel b? the parties to ?be in which the above-memion*1*! decree was pa??ol It is situated abut ait miss northeast of Washing ton city, and i? approached by the 7th street r. ad, pas-ing I ythe Soldier*' H >me, or by North Capit al street and Glen wood, and is half a mile from a -"a tion on the Metropolitan railroad (on Stott * farm? T . **?'j handsome shade tress, and desirable sites for building lota. Terms of tale: One third of the purchase money to l>e paid in cash on the day of dale, ou ratification by the court; and the reaidne in two eunal instalments in one and two year*, to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, with se< unties to be approved by the Trustee. Two hundred dollars of the ca-h pajmeut will be required on the day of sale Thf is aathorixed t. divide the said land, and will divide it into lots to suit purchasers, if deemed desirable. , R B B CHEW. Trustee. At the ?atne time and place, the subscriber ? w. tome) for William Clark, the owner, will sell titty sere* of Land ?*<Ij mine t li? al> n?, similar in quality and l<<cati?ti. This land i? improved b> a con. tort able Dwelling and outbuildings. Terms made known on d*y of sale R B B CHRW. Attorney ?36 m.w f B H WAKSKR. Aurfr. |*Y B H WARNER. ? ..... R'*' E"*tp Broker and Auctioneer. No. 7 7th street. bet w eeu U an 111 sis On WEDNESDAY. .Inn" 4th, 1S73. at A 30 p. iii , I will offtr for hhI*', at pm! lie an in 7" ,ro*t of the premise*, the ni ?t northern *2 feet M?4 luche,. from front to rear, of Lot 7. iu Sjuare 144 Also, on the same day. at 6 p m., the m-st east - earn IS fe.-t 5 ir.che*. from fr.-ni to rear, of Lot 18. in Square 117, improved by a two-story and basement Brick I)mfiling. On THURSDAY, June ."?,'l*7a, at f? p m . Lot S. in Square 1084. Teims: One third cash; the re?'dne in 6, 1J and IS months from day of **!<% with intervft At eight (8) per cent. T.tie to be retain^ unti: all of toe purchase money and interest i* paid T rai> of sale te be ~omplled w ith v> ithiD live dav s after sale, otherw ise I reserve the right to resell, at the ri?k and i o?t ol the defaulting purchaser Allconrev ancmg at purchase ri c?*t. A depo*lt of gfc) on ac ceptance i,f each bid . M. C. LF.WEL.KN CLEMENTS, J AS S EDWARDS, Attorn^" and4^nt' i.23eoAds B H. WARNER, Auct. BY GREEN A WI LI. IA >1S. Auctioneers, No. 1001 northwest corner loth and D ?t?. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALCABLE IMPROVED ?I.WTTsf^J^UBABE N" C,"'SKAK I By virtue of a deed of trust. dated November I Uth, A. D 1871. and duly recorded in Liber No. 'MA folio *). Ac , of the land record-* for Wa*h ingtou county. D. C.. and by direction of the party secured thereby, I will ?ell at nut,Inauction in front '.f Premise*, on THURSDAY, the atb dav of J urn . A. D. 1?7:?, at t? o'clock p. m., all of Lot* No*. ?42. 1*1, <44. lift and 146, in Gilbert's ri-corded Ktibdi v ision of square iitimbered ?i? hundred and seventy five. (675.) in the city of Washington, with all the itnprov einents thereon, consisting of nearly finished Dwelling IIi'UmS. Tenns of sale: One-third in rash, of which must 'je raid on each Lot at sale, the remaining ou 'iefern-d pa>inent>. to be made in e<jual paymeuts in !-ix,twelve, elghtteu and IW' lity-fum month* aft? r sale, with inler< *t at ten per cent, per annum, and ?ecured by deed of tru*t to the satisfaction "f the Trustee. Tenns to be fully complied with w it hi u six <'ay- after day of sale, otherwise the Trustee re -eive* the right to resell the property, after - no we-k's notice, at the risk aud cost of first purchaser All envey unciug at purchaser's c<^t. WM H WARD Trustee. m22 eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. A'lcr*. JIY F. A BOSWELLA CO. ~ ? ? Auctioneer* and Real Brokers, S ,uthw<st corner of 4S street an>l Virginia avenue. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN "UNION," <'K ftui STREET- BETWEEN M AND N AND 4-, AND 6th >TREETS Til W EST W ill he sold, at public auction,on Till"RS ?E DAV .lune d at 6 o'clock p, in., unle*? previ ('I"!) sold at private sale, L"t-> uuiuhei -d 41. II, 45 ai.d 46. in S.|iiare Sir.'. These lot* will be suMi vid?d to suit purchasers, and are within hulf a s-inaie ,,f the street railroad One of these lots i* improved by a three-storv Brick Hou*". Tetins of sale; One-half rash; the balance at 6. 11. ?nil Is months, with interest at 8 percent. #lno lown at time of side. If terms are not complied with within live days, r> sal# at purcbuer'n co*t J't2t BOSWELL A CO , A nets. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner ltr,h and D st?. SALE OF VALUABLE UNIMPROVED TRO PERTY AT AUCTION. , On Till RSDAY. June ith, 187,'i. at l? o'clo< k >P m . ou the preim*e?. vv? ?h-tll *ell part ..f b>t -15. ill S.juare/N i'.24, having afr nt of It feet ou G street north, between 1st and North Capitol street*, and running L>ack a goi^d depth t. an alley Terms: One-third ra*h; balance in 6, 12 aud 18 toot tlis for notes being interest and secured by deed of trust on the prenn?ea. Stamp* at cost of pur< baser, ?5udown at time of sal*, mid GREEN 4 WILLIAMS, Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. 1001 uorthwost corner loth and D ?ts II ? wmwvMm.mvt.n'ii TRICT OF COLUMBIA (OFW. D ? MUR dock,) above Georgetown, sale to 7?,?fv-|,LAli! auction rooms of t55k.?i-^-will,am8- northwest cor 1NGTON i?TYAND D sTaK?T3' 1S WASU i By virtue "f a decree passed by the Supreme JCourt of the District of t'olumbia, in E iuitv -< au*e No. 2,7tU. Oeorge W Linvilleetal vs William D. C. Murdock et al., we will sell, at public auciii'tj,at the auction rooms of <ireen A William northwest corner of loth and D streets, in the cit> of Washington, D C ,on TUESDAY, the 17th day of ?lune. A D. 1873. at the hour 6 o'clock p m., Lots 21. 22, 23 . 24 , 25. 3f>, 30.31, and 31. of our subdivision of a part of a tract of land lyiDgaiid being in the county ot Washington, in t he District of Columbia, called Friendship, St. Philip aLd Jacob, and resurvey on Jacob. Each of the nbove lots contains from five to twenty acres. The land is situated on two roads leading into the Ridge road, and by these ro;uls to Georgetown ?ad Washington, and is only two and a half miles from Georgetown. The new road about to be made by the B'>ard of Public Works will bring this property much nearer to Georgetown. The land is of g" .d .jnality. and part of it wood land, all well watered. The laud is suitable for ag ricultural purposes, and is in a very healthy loca tion. There is erected on said lot 36 a large new Flour Mill, in good running order ai.d condition, uith watercourse. The mill wi.l be open aud -ubject to inspi-ction to all person* One I0I4*ill be sold with privilege of twr> or ru^re lots on line of lot sold. A map of the property to be sold can be seen at Green A Williams' auction room. T? rm* of sale: One-sixth cash, and the balance in thirty equal monthly payment*, with interest at tl r.ue of ten per centum per annum from day of sale until paid, w ith security to the satisfaction of th receivers, aud a lien retained on the property sold or the purchase monev can be paid in cash or upon shorter time than a* aforesaid, at same rHte of inter est. A deposit of will be required of the pur chaser at time of sale. All convevancing and stamp at coat of purchaser Plats of the prop, rt> will be exhibited at the time of sab*. WM F.MATTINGLY, 1 PHILIP A. DABNKILLE.S Receivers MM J MILLER, \ .J2 dAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. UY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, L> No. lOOl, Northwest corner loth aud D streets. trustee s .sale "oV~ VALUABLE UNIM PROVED BEAL ESTATE LYING ABOUT 1?0 YARDS NORTH OF boundary SIREBT, AND FRONTING 383 ?? 1?0 w"ejPtended ttu ani) sih stkekts' m By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of Withe District of Columbia, in the case of Qoover, guardian, vs. Hoover an<l others, No. 2,7a# Eouity Docket 11. passed on the 26th day of Octob< r, 1872. I will sell, at public auction, to the higlvst bid der, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY, the 9th day of June, 1873, Lotf 45, 46 , 47 , 48 , 49, 50. 51, 52. of a subdivision <if {?art of Mount Pleasant, recorded January lyth 8tx3. in the land records of the District of Columbia' Terms of sale: Ten per cent, of the purchase money to b< paid at time of sale- the balance iu three equal installments, one in ten days, one in six months, and one ii one year from the confirmation of said sale The last two instalments to bear interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum, and their payment to bea ?ecu red by a deed of trust on the property. Convey ancirg at the cost of the purchaser. In default of the payment of the first of sa.d three instalments, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property on the terms above mentioned, at the cost and risk of the defaultibg purchaser. LYDIA A HOOVER. Trustee. ni27-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts Y GREEN k WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest corner loth and D street*. B _ VALUABLE IMPBOVED PROPERTY FRONT 1N0 ON A STREET NORTH, BETWEEN 1st AND 51 d STREETS BAST, ONk SUCARE B VSr OF THB CAPITOL, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 9th instant, at 6 o'clock p ?Bill., we shall sell, on the premises, Lot No. 30. ia ???iuare No. 728, having two good four storv Rnek Houses, with basement; all partition walls built of brick; each houae containing eight rooms, with gas ami water. Terms made known on the day of sale. J? d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. BT B. H. WARNER, I Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Na. 7H9 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEE'S SALB OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PBOPBRTT AT TBB CORNER OF 16th AND M STREETS. BJ virtue of a deed of trust to me, bearing Kadate the 1st day of February. A. D. 1871, and ?*duly recorded in Liber <73, folio 08, and at the request of the person secured thereby, I will sail at public auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the prraiises, on IR1DAT, the 13th day of June, 1873, at 6 o deck p. m., loU numbered uineteen (19) and sixty four (M) in subdivision of square numbered one hundred and eiffhty -two <133,1 as the same are WasWngt^S ** *** pUQ of th* citjr Qt This property fronts about 40X feet on ISth street, and has a depth of about? feet, to an alley, and binds on ? street, and is improved with a large 3H-story frame store and dwelling, and two smaller frame houses, and It located la a rapidly improving part of the ctty? . The property will be aold subject to a prior inci? trance of #4^000, which matures January Ml, 1874 Terms: One-half cash, and the res id y?c-u?i IWI, ?N lun rasiue In six months, withinterert from day of sale, f 100 to be de posited when tae property is struck off. All convey ancing at cort of purchaaer. ' AUCTION SALES. Wn (on N'w *?*>'* BuilAni. Wo. #00 and tit Pennsylvania avenue. '??^wTS'T SALE OF KROCRRIK* OF S'^J MO# AMi OTHER PARTIK* RK iitclof sale* *ToEls ro* ws?m ~ ?.KIUAT.??^N,N',;> kbT^'V**,,l#oVl ??<11 ?>? gwy&s-TTar- ,M~ Si!." olAwlSif ??????? Si'!" Whisky. OlA anl Brand* B U Port a?.l Sherry Wine *Iiu el22?? H?. Is Herring and Mackerel nl?l# (*Qf%r Champmgiw and Claret <?reen and Black T.a? w ?>deii and Willow War* Tea t addi... Bin* and Sh?lvm? B' xe? Soap, Caadlea, Starch. lVi>p~r Raieica. Platform Scal?? < or* Starch. Tapioca. Rice. Smoking and Chewing T-bacc-., Cigare 4 opper PnoiB aa<i Meaauraa. Truck < ounter* an.f 81- el * mg tr , ft, Bom, Wagon an* Harn.-~ " __ __ J*M L W ALL A CO . km-,. |1* LATIMER A CLEAR'tT ~ t Aiictune-rs and R. al E?tate Nrkr?. Nullivwt c<>rn?*r .>( Penns* I. ai.ia aveiue ana KVt. euth street, Star Office builhng YOCNG BLACK M \KK \T ACCTIOV AV* MORMN.. jV N 7 h. \ r.'i".'-! f: *,u fr"Tx",r ,u 'i nr ? in-. ...? -Uc* M*r' - ,U"J * T LATHit R ACLEARV. Anrt. IV (,KK>,h?I*"L.IAM> *?? r. No. 1OOI. norths eat corner iwh and D ?ts. *Jirr fr'k lu't-rl^ residence. ??ppo W&ii Vs? STKkkT> \W <T \T MVTMN o. wii'Nksim .I 11 n ,. , r aw" ?II. 1 ???- pi-mi-.-. ? htnd^.m* thre* ?tor\ Brick ? ?? ir. *' kr,,,l,0"i?. ? i* li all m-d-^i M l cTr'Z "n f ^ ' ' r l-r, haung a Dn HI..I < KH ! tl |_ ,( |, , N ?' -J-Jo"" f*" d'"' p,? " ?n,M B '?'? ??" f.Jn!?!L ?,A*frh ?*We I. T. J. 4tn4 5 ? for n. (farm? n p~t rent int^r>-<t an t .f-OI j hl ?ft>?t >in the rr. nn?~. All 0liT^r? < itic. *r at th. ?t <>f th' PunkL , a?L, j on tl.fdaj otaal*. run haa- r. ?Jik. down GRKF.X A WIM lAMv Amta |JV LI'TTKELL A I?l KSlK6Tt??, Auctlo,.,^?. " "I ? Looiaiana a?t>uae. ' j VALUABLE 8Al.[(IF RRAL E^TATIf a d . m Eirlirh%w!V;::%,;gVnh.' 6r'rrt'L'' ?ep:,ral..>"rri.T?hto|, Tl" pr-,^?' ",D ^ T' tiih of aal^: <tn.- t(i;i-d n<i. r>f ? ? * ? .?act, |>o?T IllMt ,, iafVa-3 a'alJ' I .'n 6,12, ati.l I- moutha. ?-<-.ire.| |?y a ,,f tr,,? ?taar- L.'rri!KLL *?? xnisi/tui i Awtl?i..-fr?: H| 7 L "tiaiatia 1 B1 W?UW>OO.ImC bu ^^a?t corner ?h and D atrwu n..rth??it. alivj^u y>-A?"4K3,,E*iM>*-jaiM< i'w? H?t ...hi? e ?-l rk . W. .hall . ff.-r f.?r ??l^ f thi p,i! auction, to the hiifli -t bidder, m |r nt ?ih ^,^'t''''"7- n *" 1 .'?*). ann*t? on i2in I.hwm-1, n?.|tb >1 **.<{ ? ,.?k v -tre?t*, havinc a front .f r et ?,,h ,1 i.'J ^ f.*t 6 It?c,y*. improVMl I., a Kraii,. H^.i *7? ?" ? 'hir i ca-h. I.alance ii, .i\ ??.i twelre "eV l'oV ,Tu ' ?*??*??. -22url7b> j.s d AK?0*, HoWLINd A < 0 . - AactioiMtrra. 11 > KELLEV a U\Ti IIEL. A'irti 4?en.. ?>_ ^^^oriier 11th an^E atroetj^orthweat 1 JL2F J^PT 1 *~*'V"h> i" i ii H N< E ???;?* ? S'l KF KT '( AMroL IIILfc. I R) ^ iitu?- . f h ?!????" 1 iif trn?f ,iat < i ) -* i' i ' 1 ?' *' " lv "c r<1' ! '' Lit. r N ? ?li' 4^1,Ac . Att?l by th* written lir^rri r3 <Tf' 11 rl'*"fr^,'t"rf1' w,l! ?''I. ?? P' a.ic I i ? 1 pr? in I <????, r >n \\ K i) nic si* v v u- 1 **th riay ..I June, A B . |.;., ? 4 , ? L \J' f^ur i'/in ^'r'i'i Vl "r.",il"" L'K '""''Err-i . 4, i!l ? J .AT< Ti lllll *|j hun<ir?- ! mii i in".:, u'a;;;.,,',V,rMrt' c*^to1 in ? ,.T,v:;;,,;;: ?? ' '--rxf- ??'" riarl.t to reaell tbe rr '^rt fatUtin^pun:l?Jer* " ,he r'^ " ' ^ di-' IV K "i'oim * ^LLIAMS, Aucti.^iwra, ??<*!. aorthwoat corner lmh aud D str*>et? TBl'STEE'S SALE OE IMPROVED nm . in" wit xkE"}!?* ""' ? Jjyss-.-f vVi^jsTiS-Ksau'!!: NrM>AT, the l*?!h ?.| June. A. I? |<"J >. #, -.!fc p ni.. in trout of th. preuti?e*,to wit: Allthet ni'ent ? r parcel of crcund, kn un tnd deeiei i . till,-two <M? ,? g. cViViV^ re^.",rVel H?LdlTi?k.t, of_ ..riemal lut. S,? , to lllnd^JlTl -iiiarethree hiitidred and wxt?-f.w. "i-il i ,? in city u! HHKliiiiffton, l!?i?trict of i olunih * ??' J! with a tlireenjorj and ba*.-meut Bm k 'Oaelil'iv' e .tb a tw..-?t r? .iti'l l-a-en, ' m<?l. m improYMnei.t-, location on Rho.1 t i* T I;.,, .between ..:h a,?i U,;h atr^.? *v* T?"?iifc: Oil** c??|i if a a. i i* l f'T note* |>eariiiir interest and aernr.-d |.> a d"''1 ? ruM on the r-en.i^aold All cove, ancineafthl c. rt "1 the purchnaer Siuod.wi: on dav "f ,* * If ll.e tern,a t* ?ale ate not Conin*|e.| withi.'SV da,- after th. .lav ..f ?ale. the Truat ' r.^-r '* V, ' ..'.eo,|*d. A >ULLlAMi. |1Y B. H. WARNER, ? No 7'J-7ih'.ikr"^'\B.r"k"r ^ Auctioneer. ?e. 7jy 7th rtreet, between O and U u"^r' CUANf'ERY 8ALE OeTmPBOVI'P PRn?.B,r ON BOKTH K STREET BETWEIN ".E/Y AND IAth STREETS WEST l4rM A , B> virtue of a decree of the Supreme r,,..e. n ? c.. P??ed in the . au.e Of Rlle. e, .. '. .^' P a! Kiiaitv, I will *|| mt J*r?trj auction,-1. THURSDAY June 1 bX i'l, p in , in froiit of the rreiui*e?. part- of L..t? - a,M in s^joare 227, becinnluf for the same at the north weet of I. >t lu, on the sonth line ofno?7 ? *tr<^t, thence runninc due , a?t IS feet the. ? 69 teet r* iin he#; thence weit U fU' * [ northC9feetZSjnches to the beglBnin**im?.22 I by a two storjr Erain.- Dwellinc. 'uiprmed Terms of sale. One third caah: tb< real,lue ?? e.|iial pa, m. nt* at 6 and U niontka tr xn d?, of aiu with intere-t at 8 per ce it. per annum The .,H . ' be retained until all of the pur, ha., money,^Vlth |i" tereet, ia paid If the terms of aai. are note with within seven day* from dav of aale I r the HuM to re* II the properl>. tbeThTk "f the defanltinf purchaser All c .tivevai^i,.^ purchaser ? cost # luidenoait ..D accentan.-. r? 2 JAMls s J:dwaRi?s.PT?,^r 114 j.S.H.Ad. B H WAKKKR Z:. B* GREEN A if?I,L fc1A * 8, AnctlTTneer, ? Ko.ipoi North wot loth and Datreeta. TB^S^T8^frKP'HoV9V?i|\?BVE\1?? N f' AND ^ ??T ? By virtue of a dM of trust to I.^hra u-. ney and myself, dated October 1 K< recorded in Liber??, foli. 163 ??e *f !?? records of Waabington, D.C , and *.?? "? l*'"1 the party thereby aecured, I will *ell at biiMiv '11 Hot.. in front ..f the nreniia,-* the ioli? V',,c,*uc" on THURSDAY. JnK 19 W?1 M ? o^Tk,'"1<l r lot eightj-eiKbt,((to,)in J ow>l?h F snbdivtatoa of the w. at half of ?.jtiare three il^t^ and sixty -five,, 36.',, > tcaether wit'ht he iS?^ BnX' H;.ru,IM of",wo ,u,r> Terms One-third cash, and balance in six apd eifrhteen months, with 7 percent inter-?t , able semi-annually If term* of Hale are ?"l'r'*T" Pll?-d with within five day a after -ale th- Hr,L tob. retK.ld at the nsk'.* SUTtb.^l?tmJ purchaser, f on>eyauciti)t at purcha?< r's co?i #1 8 hundred ?he property i.-truck ..'ft . t?. Ii A Kfc KR, h*ir\ifiiijf Trust*** jeS eoAds t.REEN A WILLIAMS. A?. t. Nonstable sal*: - T ?C cult ?J V "in?LVi'rt0,Z" d,wt^-h> John . ? ^ -1 ? J ? ?',n aiid f??r the county of u a.>. iDffioD* D C , mt the suit of Beruwd Hsotf, I hive ^fy.ed and taken m execution all the rieht title claim and interest of Loren/o Thomas ir in tif? following nano-d r.kmIs and chattel., nt One carl 1^1 Meerschaum Pine I herebt notice that ?u SATURDA Y. the 14th dar^.f l. . 1S73 at I J o'clock m , 1 will offer for^eiVh-' auction room- of Latimer A Clean the chattel! a., seized and taken in ex.-mtion, f?y nnbhr auction, to the hiifhe? bidder, for "aah P * JQHN D CLARi J.":?-.,notable. Thuradav. J?in?S^bff3 ^ U,?' ~ ETROPOLITAN^^POLU * PROPERTY Ail property at<>lan or al-andoned. not reooirad in judicial pr< cejdiiiKs, that ha* been in the i K?s?a'fflara j;:m: i; via-i EtlSSJ:SJS: - .-""J Any person who has lost property or mnnev h. theft or otherwiae. and which may U embracMl to the catatoKje (that can be ?een at the offl^ '?? hereby notified to Identify the name prior toth? dar of aale above named, or forfeit all right or claho thereto, pursuant to law . Bv order "aim tee St OI?? E Jt,E.Rlli(;K,, Pr.perty Clerk. J 8 y H . L. M ALL A Co , Aitcts. B Y LATIMER A CLE ART, Auctioneer* and Real Eatata Broke CMr' CHANCERYSALEOEIMPROVED PROPERTY A By virtne of a decree of the Supreme (vifIL B the Diet rict of Columbia, r" --iPjT** Cogr< r S'ade. et al..ra. Slaje et al . I SiU^Lif.B front of the nremiaes, on SATURDAY the ia.2 day of Juw., firs, J 6s eVIock a ? , |L4? in square No 454. beeinninKtor tL?awattl^??Lh' east corner of aaidT.t, and running t?. fert 8 inchee, thence ^SL SmSS% ilZZZ fEL? *''PctT*'to ? fifteen foot ? incbea. to tbe place of beeinniii t?e COB,? two^torv t?Mck th?.T;'.f?n r^?!* ??ch. and a brick atatle with twelve ?talla._ Thie property is located l*tw? c !? w?5t streets and <2 a-d H street* north of .???e: Oae-thlrd oaah; balance in ?, U Mil 18 months, with Intereat at tbe rate of e|(bt per cent, per annum, tbe purcbaAr to give his aotea, indorsed to tbe satisfactioa of tbe Trustee If the term* of sale are not complied w ith in six day* the property wttireeoM at tbe cwt of defMltiSJ purchaser. A dap-sit of fK?wiU be required at t hp J?4 iMa LATIMER A SutiW, AwU, EVENING STAR rumuvimi tv?at Tktn ? Tbe ? trad*- for the vtrii bn raiad i On the vhol* sale of aix aiaea tbr Mlnm was about rents per ton. thim vainkil exceeding the ?dtinrf of ton conts |wr ton previously M BMinord by lb* great r?rtni| oob|'?mm tar tbr .1une supply of coal. tbe 1-rol.ahle ttrm km of com I price* for th^griuainder of tbr sea son . Ilif New York (Vwl and Iron Hacord. to weekly review of the trade, aavs the advaneaa for Mar an<1 .Tune ten cents per tor. of coal, imparted a better ton# to the market, and Many bayrfa a h<> had held oft durinf tbr Iwt day* ?r the *c? k ordered fVeely their rapnlM* Tba stipulated advance for c?al a? tb# aeaaon w ?am ? ??> i* KtipiMwr*' to be tea cento per tea, and starting from April rate*, which were the low est ot the season, this advance has been sus tained, ard it will prohiblr be monthly con tinued ? Ihilm. L.4firr. Two |?rtw Piobt a so On iiv* ins Omici:'e l ira - Some time alnoe two \o?ag mew named Prater and Uavton. both boarding on Atwater street, had a falling <>nt about a tonne ladj. and hare ever since been parttca larly ??*?(?' tow ard rach other. Ycstordaf Plater heard that hip whilom friend had mm that he *?> going to maul him, and so he started out and found him at the raiiroad ele v ator. ju?i n?ii( out for a tall. Hr lea|>ed into tlir I oat and attack"! l?avtow. and t?>th turn bkd Into the water, liar-fly a word war *i>oken, l-ut tbr two men tought fiercely and l*>th went do*n t.glituc and came up fighting. grasping ? ach c Uict with one hand. and striking with tlie other. The other partiea ia the boat attempted to M-paratc the c< luhatante. but could aot At length Prater, wh<< wa*- the a t-akrr man of tin* two. l-?-cHine mi exhausted that he rrlainl bin grip and went down Itavtondid not h no fa to to go after him, and he caught him hv the hair, r?M with luni, and held him tip until both were pul!< d in Prater ?a> altout a* near dead ao a live matt could be. ami was in Ind aud quite 111 lart tt'Cliillf -/?> 'nul t'rrr /Vm. Tit* Pr.?-ar.*< i or Ttik. Shah ??r I'kmu at I>kri ik is an extraordinary event. It nl>twa the enlightened ami progressive spirit of the age, which t* luiiigitig the ruler* and |>eoplee of all nations in communication with each other and is destroying The prcjudn-eeot race, relu-tow mid caste that hare evicted mi lon?: We believ* thi* in the first time the Mohammedan potentate off Persia ha* vbitted Berlin. The Vniperor William. |ti*mar? k aud the UerliueM- compre hend the unprecedented event and are making the iniwl of it The Shah ha* a palace assigned to htm. ami all the honor* pro|>er to hw poet ion are bestowed. Hr a ill sec a great deal, both in (iermany and other parte of F.ur??|>e. to en lighten him. and his journey may prove advan tageous to the Persian jieople.? ,V I" //? r.?/<f. Hotrtt o* thi 1?k*h IIkaii sv?i aw ? \t the meeting of western railroad manager*, to con sider the question of abolishing the * y*t e m of f ree paw* on theii line*.a resolution wa*offered declaim* all outstanding pa*ee* void after the :?Hthof .1 une. and abrogating their renewal or any f urtlier iwar The reaolution war modified ho a* not to apply to employe* over the lines with which the\ are connected. also rtempfiug front the o|x-rationot the re*?>lutu*n tho?e |?er *011* having previou*ly aeknow ledired eoatraet right* t?? free pa*re-. Tliu* aroende-l. the reao lutiod war a?lopteil Iiv a in ammoii* vote. I?rowmm? ??r a VorTa.?Ch?* <Juinn and I at ned KichardMNi, two voamc men. were ii?ti ing at the High K<k k. halt a mile aliove Kred ? rick .1 unction, M<l , yeaterdar. when the lat ter. in cr??**ittg to the other ride for hait, about :t 30 p. tn.. got l>eyond hi* depth, and. being un able to rain-., wa* drowned. <,?uiiiu jumpcsl in and tried to rave hie companion, who tightly cla*|ad him hy tli<e wriatr, l-ut. finding h? ef fort* t> ii it lew*, wrenched lum*elt away and *whin aaiiore, and ran crying tot help, but it war too late. Tne wild wa* in the wood* ha? male h a annual appearanceouce more, and very early, he l>etog taia trme in Kmnm county, tieorgia. lie ir repreM-nted to tie eight feet high, and in a receft tight with M>nte of the citirena who attempted to capture him, he killed one of them. a? represented, and tore ofl the tall of a hot m Tur. rrniK itv given to me*?ago? written oa |?H>tal cards may In- avoided hv the une of in vis ible ink. ttie direction to "bold lothe fire" Ueinc written with common ink. Thir check* the to iui*iti\ene?s ot |io*t oftice clerk*, who have not the time to make application*. In Fiance invur ibie ink is sold for this pur|?HM . tWSenor i iren^e. a federal republican, has been mixie president of the Kpanish Corte*. ?/"Senor Pterrad. Spanish minuter of war a<i ha* r?**igned -Captain ,fa<k is not per-lara-ing any more. ?^Conversation fau? are vnbatitutsd for blow nig. ?/"An edict has been issued in .lapan that the natives ahall in future eat bread in*tead of rice. S/*Graia>hO| per shnrtcakea and |tf>tato-hng pie* are plenty in the CtiiueKe restaur.nit* at Satt Franctoco. ?/"The saengerlent tol>e held at Muhuqne, lor a. next month, will have a chorus of 1 WW voices. ?/The lover whomadehisproapectirefather in-taw a present of a cord ol wood hat a line sense of justice. ?/- a Temii?-eean was observed the other day setting Mr watch bv the wooden * igu of a N aah - ville jewelry ft?r? ?/"To an incautious ?*? or ? ao-railed hair ro Ptorative is attributed the recent death ?r a woman in lllinoit. ?/"Genera! K. K. Colstone. formrrly of the confederate army, ir a ifofeaaw in the Polf teehnic school at Cairo, Kgypt. ?/"A man named Nixon, formerly a street tiegcar in Mobile, ban juaf'died in < 'regon leav ing a fortune eatimated at half a million. ?/"Huckster? in Louiaville, Kv? art in the hahit ot washing tbeir umuldatock and putting it on the market as fresh vegetable*. WT A new clnb. it is *aid. is now organinng in New York, which will admit ladies a* well aa ge-ntlemen to membership. ?7*Keligion is said to be "reviving" in Indi ana to sm* an extent that there are almoat mm manv baptisms as divorces, aixty-three persona lieing immersed at Grand Chain alone laat Sunday. VThe ?>est lioaes I have ever aeen. an H. H.. were in honses which were not especially well kept, and tlie very worst I haveever known, were presided (1 mean tyrannised) over bf ?'perfect housekeepers." NAKRIKD. GALLA?;BKB-HTANT On the ?1 instant, hr the K-? Jar -I- Wils.m, Mr I.AURKSCE GAL LAUHKK to M>?a MKUIMIA MAM, ti tb of thiscit) ^ ? ? IE*. BOSWi'BTH. After a *ii<?rt hut painful iMnaaa. on the morning of the i\ lustant. It KIM A H A, ? iaaKhter of Lewi* and Caruliae V. Bo?? -rth, ia tba ljt h j ear ?f her act Take h"ly earth uutothy hntni l hrrast H- r cold remains, there he th?ir sileot rsat, V Idle fleetly through tbr realms heyoad thr skir? Iler spirit flies to heaven bi elory therr C. V. It. (Bait mi. >re 8uo please cop> | * IIAYE8 On the rvmng of the ?th iastant, aft<w a Ioiib and painful ifb.r-s, Hbirb -be hore witk I'linrtia* fortitude. KLLA VIKtilMA,drarl> ba b vrd ai d eldest daacht?T of Jobn W . aii'l Columbia Ha) e*. act-tI is years and 6 ni ntb bs-tly w.ep thy (????nt* o'er ther, G<<d hathcalle.f thertotby b<?i' Thou hast left us in thv tx-auty, Th?n wilt never more return. Gone, hut not fore 4ten. A B Thr friend* and rrlalne* of tb? family ar- raap^rt fully tnvifed to attend her funeral, fr -ru tbr m?i> ? lence of her parentt, XU9 U atreet northwest. Fri day. at 3 pm. * INCH On the 4th instant ELLT Pl RCELb INCH, if consumption. d-\ .t.d wife of (Liebard ln< h, C.8. Mav> , aiced f7 >ears. Funeral from thr residence of .lames Tatrr-oa, at IHa.ui. tomorrow. $ 4 Commcrc- ?rM, Alexandria. \m Frieuda of fauiilv iavited ? M' COBMK'E. Oufb< 4tn instant. at 6^ ?.'<hick, at hi* residence, 17th and L arrets, TlMuTHE MrrOKMICK, aaed 94 \ear* The faii'-ral will take place from tbr atMiveaamad place, on Pridav afternoon at 4 o'clock, and proceed to Mount Olivet <Xa*Cery. a MOEti AN On the 4th instant, after a lingrrinc illnesa, Mrs ABELLA HuBUAN, in tbe 7A1 year ofhera?*. | Marlhor<. Ga/ette pl*>as> cop) Relatives a let friends of tbe familr are respsctfallr invited to attend ber fuuaral. from tba rasnieaca of her sod. Mr. Geo. H Morgaa. Q street .bet wssa 1Mb and 19th streets southeast. Friday aharnooa. at 4 o'clock. * UNDERTAKES* I^IOUEB f I ?a. HI r I METALLIC BVXTlL CMMMSJLJHD marl ly MH It ODDS, HABITB, K R.c>saaw.i CAB1MKT tLAKi ?1? ELBYEKTBI ""? %*if? fi.""

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