Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ?AT S, 187*. LOCAL NEWS < on<l<mrd The chicken cholera ia raging in Alexai lt>a, For the first time since the mttbluaa^iit of the office of inspector of buildings, no permit WW issued to build t -day. The last Unitarian Sociable will be hek) to right at Masonic Hall. Refreshment! and ?adif. I?r. 1>. W Bliss. acting health officer, made a sanitary tonr of t*.e city yesterday, accompa nied by several rc| rcsentativee of the press. The Amertcus Yacht Club at a meeting last evening sdo|>te?l resolutions of respect to the Memory of Win. C. McGee, their late presi dent. ?? Trne Economy in the Household" is the Subject or a Iccture bv Mrs. Pierce at Lincoln Hall to-night, tor the benefit of St. Mark * Church. Capt Starkweather, of the District volunteer artillery, has resigned, and Lient. Moore has been ordered to parade the battery for inspec tion on the 1'Jth inst. Bush t'nderwond, a scout during the war, and one of the most daring of Mosby's hand, is now in charge of the stables of a brick manufactur ing company of this city. A number of enterpr'sing young colored men l*"t evening perfected the preliminary organi zation of a real estate and loin association. .1. W. Cromwell was elected chairman, and E. W. Turner secretary. Shillingtcn. < sieon building, sends us Apple ton's J' umol for June 7, and Frank Leslie's 9Uftm'rd .V'Tpffwnrr and Harper't tor June 14th, the latter having some spir.ted Mo doe war ilius.rations. From Robert Beall we have Frank Leslie's 1 lut'rat- <i \-for Jnne 14; also, from J. C. Parker, Btwjxr'i Wrrkly for .Inne 14. A marriage notice purporting to be that of Mr. Clayton Homiller, of Georgetown, to Miss Jennie finnan, of Washington. w;is inserted in Thk Star a sew days ago in the usual column; it being indorsed racoorditig to the rule of this paper' by proper authority apparently. We ar>* now in ormcd that the indorsement was a forgery, and that no such marriage took place. The person who would commit torgerv iii the perperation of a trick like this is .|"uit?? un scrupulous enough to do it in a way U? earn a term in the penitentiary. O The Rowing latrh Yesterday. or* aiauwtas clcb defeated by the CHI>A TBAKB.H OF 50RKOLK. The boat race yesterday between the above Clubs, was witnessed by many thou -anils of people who crowded the vharve?and vessels ?long the shore of the Potomac and tilled a fleet of small craft tn the river. This race has l>een long talked of. and has excited much comment and -peculation in other cities, as the Aanalos tan- have several other races in pw^rt the coming season. The water of the river was i ?iu te rou?h, but the l>oats pulled willingly out into the stream at the signal ot the umpire, and I took station alongside the upper stake boa** which were on a line with the H street wharf. The course was due south from that point I * Miles and return. After one false -tart, the crew pulled oft at the word "go" which, by the way, is a rather unsatisfactory signal tor the ?tart, as the wind is apt t<> carry ort the sound of the umpire's voice. The tiring of a gun would serve the purpose better. From the start the Chesapeake* pulled a? if to win, gaining almost a length before they had gone past the l*>at house. The shouts from the multitude njx>n the shore cheered the oars men as they passed, and upon their return, the vereantsot the steam whistles and hurrahsof the spectators were deafening. The crew- and officers of the racc were as follows Analostan. of W.ishington?Colors: Blue part.-, wh'te -hirt. blue handkerchiefs. H. M. Gurlev, stroke, weight 146 pouuds: it. L Pres cott. So.weight 14-t pounds; K.J. Clarke. No. 2. weight 1?4 pounds. C. A. Brown, bow. weight l>; pounds. Average weight of crew. 147 pounds. Trainer, John Bigun, of New York. Chesapeake, of Norfolk?Colors White Iants, t>lue shirt-, white handkerchiefs. 1". lardy, stroke wei/hf 14". pounds J. C. Maker. Ko. 3, weight 14f> pounds; L. M. Ta/ewell. No. I. weight 14J pounds. W. C. Dickson, bow. weight I4!? pounds. Average weight of crew. 14". pounds. Trainer, Patrick Reagan, of Bos ton. The umpire was Wm. Gilmore.captain of the Ariel club of Baltimore. Time-keepers. Col. C. M Alexander and ltenrv Mutiniii. Judges N. A. Tappan, G. W. Orson,of the Analostans; Jos. T. Allyu and Pendleton T. Moore, o' the Chesapeakes. The general management of the race was en trusted to Mr. Wra. Koach. of the Analo^tan, ami it is only justice to him to say that he was stnctlv impartial. If his natural svmpatl ;es had been with the Chesapeake club he could not have been more particular in seeing that the vinitiiig club had lair play. The time made la the race was l?i minute* and 4 4-5 seconds, the umpire declaring the Chesaj* ikes the win ners. It is irnpo*. ible to make the exact differ ence in the time, as the Analostan* did not pall to the stake-boats on the return, but ran the -jl ftVCe alongside the wharves. Altogether the race MitTiio of THK Board of Firk Csdes emTiRS.? At a regular meeting of the Board of * ire I'nderwTiters of this District last night, Mr. Bramhall, from the special committee, submitted a report on the charge preferred against a member for writing a |<olicy t-?iow the ?vtablished rates, and it w<- otdered that he be notified to b* i-rrscnt next Friday evening to ?>?*0 tne charge. Mr. Burns su*>mitted a ? which was adopted: ??That any mem Sri"Si- he*,. -- "?*" ??? pla.ned of on reasonable i'Itp, h> .... ? Tided commissions, or given any rebate, or evaded the rules or rates of the "board, shall submit his books and papers to a committee, to be appointed by the president, for examination; and shall also, if requested by said committee, submit himsclr to an examination, under oath, touching the matter complained of; a refusal so to do shall be tleeuied ynma fact* evidence of the violation complained of .and he be treated ac cordingly." ?>n motion of Mr. Hart, the officers of the board were instructed to take such steps as are necessary to have the Legislature take action to prevent the storing of large quantities ol hay. coal oil and inflammable substance* in |?opufons portions of the city, and to secure, if possible, a reprofatitffea of this boaiu .u the Tvaf? tre commissioners. ? North Washi>oton Bt ildisg A-so?.ia Tiojr.?At the hrst annual meeting ot Uiv N villi Washington Building Association, held on Tuesday evening, the secretary submitted his jearlv report which shows that an aggregate ot has advanced to stockholders ?n iit shares. Tte Average premium for the ye ir lias been MJB), i>er cent.; present actual value of one share. *IJ.4.'?)%; nominal net assets, ?:H,4.s 4"_showing the nominal value Of one share to be *15.'.s>. or more than 25 |>er cent, in crease ror the year The stock account shows total number of sharer subscribed, _\ V.3; with drawn. ? '?: advanced on. total. 4<d; num ber of share.- remaining unsold.J.I'd. total. The choice of officers resulted in the reflection of (iro. W. Ci.ssel. president: F. C. Cato, vice president; Jas. Kraser. treasurer: J. A. Pres rott. secretary; K. C. F.cklott', J. M. Yznaga, J. W. Cox, Jos." Wevrich, <?. M. Barker. J. G. Thompson, H S. Cummings. J. W. Porter and I.. S. Thomas, director*. Twenty-nine shares were advanced on, at au average of about So (>er cent. ? e A *3.00? Coal ??ilFirk Last NtoHT.?The ?larm last mghr at '.*-15 o'clock was causal bv the discovery of tire iu a f rame building. us?d by Mr. M. Marceron. as a grocery store, corner oi Jtii and D streets southeast. Tlie firemen ar rived promptly but were unable to extinguished toe flames in that building, owing to the com bustiMe meterial. and it was burned down, and two two-story frame houses adjoiniug, occupied by H. I>or*ey and H tireen, were injured. The houseand stock of Mr Marceron we re destroyed, inflicting a lose on him of 91 4<s? for the stock and 4'?i for the house, insrred for ?t,000. The low of Mr. Dersey is estimate?l at ^.'Wio, aisl that of Mr.4?re*n at *4??i. These two house* are the property of Mr. H. King. The origin of the tie was the explosion ot a coal oil lamp. Tbi Labor CoraciL Svut At a recent Meeting of Redstone shop No. 1, Caited Me chanics, a diseusaion was held on the action of toe delegate* to the Labor Council in withdraw ing from that organization. Mr. A. E. Red Stone, who was present, took a part in the dis cussion. Finally a resolution condemning the nee ado Labor Council, ami comDlimedting the delegate* that withdrew was adopted, and to show their disapproval of the course pursued bv Mr. Redstone a motion was adopted by a large vote that henceforth Redstone shop No. 1 should be known as Colombia shop No. 1. ? ??The Cbcrch or thi Strawers."?A Meeting of the congregation of '?The Charch ot the Strangers" was held last night in the lec tors room ot the Y. M. C. A.; Mr. C. E. Foster in the chair and Mr. Till secretary. The follow ing gentlemen were selected a* vestrymen C. K Hulse, F W. Pratt, C. F. Foster, James M. Gassawav. T. W. Hitter, M. P. E. Chandler, H. P. Saunders and E. R. Rankin. The vestrymen will consider the propriety of organizing a Sun day school In conjunction with the church. Thi Oldest Ihharitahts' Association met ve*terday, and Mr. Masi, from the com mittee appointed to prepare a programme for the celebration of the 4th of J uly, reported t*??? he had invited John Dowling to deliver the ar? rual oration at the City Hall, and Mr. Jenkln Thomas to read the Declaration of Indepen dence. Resolutions of reepect to the memories of David Bassett, John M. Young, John J. Hil ton and Fielder R. Domett, deceased members ef the association, wem adopted. Rrraim immt.-Editor stmr. While our District legislators are retrenching, why not tarn their own pay into (he District treasury ? 1 WTOIT* M'HOOLf. P\mt POf-ru-t.?Fern* W Pnnm No. 6 was ex amined by Trustees Harris and Stuart yester day. This 1? one of the lowest grade primaries, and is composed of very small children. It is in charge of Miss Fanny E. .(allien, a roans lady who understands teaching, and her srhoiM reflects credit upon her. Of the 57 pnpilson ! the roll all were present yesterday. The medal ?aa awarded ta Ellen Law ton, and diplomas to Irma Heilprin, Theresa Hinklebein, Emma (ioodacre, Mary E. Lynch, Ida Smith, Cora I> rman. Fdith McCann, Katie Hess, Mary Mallow, Helen Spalding, Mattie Barron, Mar tha Shinn, Hattie Aston, Mary Chamberlin and Emma Prewn. Male Primary No. II was examined by Trus tee Hart. This school is in charge of Miss Kate Snyder, and. like the one above mentioned, is composed of young children. Miss Snyder Is a graduate of the grammar school of that dis trict, and has been teaching several years to the satisfaction of the trustees. The honors of the school were conferred apon the following ? Medal to Robert C. Milburn; diplomas to John Jebb. Willie Kaiser. Eugene Sampson, James Kettner, Harry Mctilue, Willie Godfrey, Mau rice King, Andrew Kick. George Borden, Ed ward Boss and Harry Hulse. Male Secondary, No. 3, Miss Ella McMabon teacher, was examined by Trustee Harris and Superintendent Wilson, in the presence of a large crowd of spectators. The boys passed a good examination. There are 56 pupils on the roll, all of whom will be transferred in Septem ber. The school medal was awarded to Law rence role, and diplomas to Charles Henderson, Clarence Barnard. Benjamin Parkhurst, Em erson Hawk. Hsrry Hamilton, Benjamin Dn ?all. Joseph Morgan, William Baldwin, Chas. McGill, .lames Williams, George Scott, Itobert Hurler, and William Pix?)u. Benjamin Du vall also carried otf a special prize, having won the spelling medal in tlie contest between the Secondary schools of this grade. Female'lntermediate No. 2, MissL E., teacher, was examined bv Superintendent Wilson, Trustees Hart and Harris, and as usual passed a satisfactory examination. Iii com petitive examinations it bore oft' three special prizes, viz: for spelling, by Miss Ellen Fitz hugh: for penmanship, by Miss Sallie Burket; and for German, by Miss Kosa Korn. Another papil of the school, Miss Eva McCuen, com peted so closely with Miss Korn for the German medal that Trustee Hart preseuted her with a special prize. Miss Laura Emraart was awarded the school medal, and diplomas were awarded to Misses KHeu Eitzhugh, Kmily Bock wood, Katie Sterling, Lina Frank, Fanny Martin. Cora Hines, Alice York. Minnie Moore, Mary Hill, Alice Speake, Eva McCuen, Kn>ma Reins, Shaw, Mary Barry, Charlotte Wohlfarth, Sallie Bucket. Alice Smart, Klla Beall, (ler trude McXabb, Mary German, Kosa Korn, Ger trude Farrelly, Mettle liibbs, and Lillian Hart well. Secrmd IHstrict?Yesterday. Primary, No. 0, Miss Lizzie Haislup. located in the Brent build ing. was examined by trustee Woodward. This schools numbers ti3 small l>oys, and lias trans ferred ,iy pupils during the "year, anil a like number are ready for transfer "now. The pre miums were awarded as follows: Meda ?Wm. < onstantine. Diplomas for attendan ?Geo. Crew ford, John Mitchell, Theodore Miles, 1 auls J. Peyser, Edgar Perry, ami Theodore Thomas. Deportment?Edward Weaver, Mau rice Adler. Charles Crigbt, and Wm. Malonev. Scholarship?Peter Prints, Thomas Clement's, Andrew H. Duffy, Anthony Dennison, Jpines Bresiiahan. and Geo. Seibold. Penmanship? Henry Stolpe. Yocal music?Wm. Dickson. Miss M. C. Johnson's school, (primary No. 11.) located in the 9th .treet shanty, was ex amined by Trustee Detrick and ex-Tru&.ee McLellan. Thirty-five pupils belong to this school, allot whom were present. But half a dozen will remain in it when the transfers are made. The medal was awarded to Wm. Moran. and diplomas to the following ?For scholar ship, Chas. Merrilat. Wm. Perry, John Smsel, Herman Sentner. Wm Martin. August Hahler; attendance, Wilmer Bo wen. Horace Beall; de portment. (ico. Wylie. Jacob Bookbinder,Chas. <'rider; penmanship, Geo. Beall; vocal mu^ic, Sydney Johnson. Secondary No. 10, Miss Jennie Free, teacher, located on O street, between 4th and ">th, was examined by ex-Trustee McLellan. There are in this school fifty-six young girls, and all but tour were present. The entire school will pass by transfer to the intermediate schools at the ne\t term. The medal was awarded to I?ui*a H. Pringhorn, and diplomas to the following: For attendance, dcjortinent and scholarship, Be linda C- Saunders, Flora E. Lathrop. fteor^iana Fills. Klla J. Lemon. Attendance and detri ment, Sarah A. McMurray, Margaret M. Hupp, Lillie H. Heidee, Louisa C. Lofler, Carrie L. Stowt II. Attendance, Sarah Odenwald, Cath erine Decker. Harriet A. Kaiser, Mary L. Kai ser. Mary J. Clatkson. Deportment aiid schol arship, Caroline C. Schlaich, Nannie A. Feti wick. Deportment, Grace L. Lesh, Ellen 8 Connor. Susie G. Silvers, Mary K. Millard' Marv S. White, Anna H. White, Sophia E" Dohler, Nettie Lemon. Penmanship,Sarali M. Phillips. Yocal music, Annie D. Kaiser. Male Primary, No. 7, was examined by Trus tee Woodwaid yesterday afternoon. The school is in the Berrv building. Miss M. P. Clark is the teacher. There were f4 names on the roll, and M were present. The first class will he transferred. The following were the awards: Medal, Frederick W. Bevens. Diplomas: For schp'axslilj', Joseph Justh. Nathan H. L. Bob bins. Louis C. Seibold, Nehemiab h'ammer chlav. Jesse E. Cfar?"**'. attendance. Chas. F. Hoffman, Wm. Scrivener, Htury F. Tigeler, Wm. L. Burkhart, Francis Kras.-, fdward E. Myers; deportment, Frank M. Webei. "rank , B. Myers. Joseph T. Hodgkin. K.'ward Hinkle; < [?enmanshiv. William B. Hoover; vocal music, j<>!? n u. Hodges. Primary No. 13, located on 9th street, near P, was examined b> Mr. Detrick. There were 45 i.anies on the roll tall present) and 3-> will be transferred. The premiums were awarded as J follows: Medal?Albert Bhob. Diplomas for ttttcndance?J. W. Devan, Charles Meyers. Scholarship?David E. Weber, Fred. C. Loft as ' Miarles A. Devers, Harry French, Bobert r>or<^r, ChaiIv"?".rdIe- '*POrtment-Walter J l.ockhead. Arthur T>wis, Geo:McDuell, ^ Martin Itonaldson. Yocal music?Fritz Bur net. Penmanship?Chas. Behrens. * Third Ihtfrii I Primary No.I>, MissStromber- ? zer teacher, was examin^i yesterday aftern<K>n ! f>y Mr. W P. Allen. The medal was awarded to iiVo. <?tterback. and diplomas to the following ' boys for deportment, attendance, scholarship, ' Hid music, viz: Maurice otterback. Ellsworth , !;??>*, Henry Smart, Lemuel Ia>wtv, Fred. Mishan, Thos. Hale, John Stockett,"William Mui.deII, William Lilly, Peter Tallowill. Chas >>tterback, Henry " Stromberg. r. William ! Armistead, Joseph Murphy, <;eor>:e Shelton, ' I'has. Burgess, S. Lewis, and Frank Davey. The whole number of transfers is 22, and the ' total number of scholars is 7<). The building in 1 ? b".'b the school i? located is greatly in need of ! repairs. Primarv school So. 2, (female,) located in the I Cranch building, Miss Sanderson teacher, ?'is ' examined by Trustee French. Thi( fxamina- 1 tion, though rigid, was entirel" satisfactory to the examiner. The medal Was awarded to Kate M. Burmese, &i*l diploma- to the following tnlfttts: Annie Davis, Inez Clarke. Agnes Por^s, Mattie Turner, Jane Burgess, Grace Neyhart, Laura Padgett, Carrie Ober, Eflie W right ? 'harlotte l?esiey, Fannie Wools, and Christine Snyder. This school has fio scholars, 23 of whom will be transferred to higher schools in St ptember. Primary No. II, tanght by Miss Nicholson, was examined by Trustee Dulin, with ei|tial satisfaction. The medal was awarded to Frai k Hiltebinson. and diplomas to thefollowiiig hoys: John Mitchell, James Nokes, William Martip, William Webber, James I>oddrell, Henry Fo! son, Isadore Bieber, Abraham Fa.rail, William Keithly, and Henry Ferrell. The number of transfers is 21; the w'hole number of scholars, 31. This school is located In the Anacostia ouilding, and, like No. y, the school-room is greatly in need of repairs. Male primary No. 1, Miss Clarke teacher, was examined by Mr. Moore. The medal was awarded to Conrad Weiss, and diplomas to Matthew L. McNully, J. D. Griffin, James M. Catbran. Bobert F. Gordon, Thomas A. Baily, Clarence Miller, Theodore Miller, KoWrt Champion, Benjamin F. Shelton, C. S. Pratlier, Charles Scott, James Turner. Charles Miller, John Bitter, and G. B. C. Wells. The entire school, to the number of tin, will be transferred. Fourth District.?Male Primary, No. 11, in the Potomac building, Mias Sheck, was examined yesterday at 3 o'clock p. m., by Trustee Cham plm. Forty-six pupils belong to thia school and only one was absent. Twentv-flve are far enough advanced to transfer. The test exer cises yesterday were in the usual primary studies; and Trustee Champlin gave the pupils a pretty thorough hearing. This school is con sidered quite up to the average. The awards were as follows: Medal?Charles Foster?Di plomas: tor attendance?John Martin; deport ment?Charles Bishop, George Bishop. Scnlar ship?Ferd. Maguire, George Stahi, Henry Monney, Henry Knight, Clifford Cumberland, John Babbitt; penmanship?Samuel Crown; music Hudson. Primary No. 10 (for girls), Miss Johnson, teacher, is locoted in Potomac building, on 12th street. The school v. as examined yesterday by Trustee AtLee, assisted by Mr. John F. Haven ner. There are 42 pupils on the roll, 40 of whom were present. During the past year there have been 28 transfers made to higher grades, and there are 20 more ready for trans fer. The saedal was awarded to Nina B. Hav erner, and diplomas to the following: Emma Elmore for attendance and deportment; Ellen Brown, Ida Newman, Agnes Kettler, Kate Cnnberland. Jessie Mr ore, and Sarah Hacar for deportment; Lulu Sherman, Norah Mai ih. Emma Pftofer, Virginia Tucker, Cora Codrick. Josephine Merritt, for scholarship; Isabella Neitsey, penmanship, ami Clara Wiiiums for vocal mn**e. A medal was also given to Anna Yeatman by the teacher for general Improve ment. Primary No. 5, (for boys,) Mias Jennie Mc Cauley, teacher, located on G street, between tith and 7th streets* southwest, was examined yesterday by Trustee Wilson, and tne pupils acquitted tnemselvee very creditably. The awards were as follows: Prompt attend ance, John Sprlngman, Thomas Skid more, and Peter Hepburn: penmanship,Stephen Kearney; seholanhlp. John Jarvins, Wm. CaUeraon, Wm. Yates, George Wlnkelaaan; vocal music, B. F. Taylor; tOfUnhip, fa. Van ftklyw. The rnerial SlfT?^ * *?<>W?rd Reeside; KCOfld *T?2?2?* Cleavtr. The school room tain a frame building, and standing sepa 2*n hou<?? te ??7 cool, ami well adapted to school purpose*. There were 60 ?irL'i^J>reTi?t~*11 excePl tw0? *b*nt from J tobfSosKSd."? twentT-fl" Molars refdy ' No 8? Mi* Belle Peyton teacher, located at the Green leaf building, was this morning by Trustees ChampUin and At Lee. There are 45 pupils belonging to this school, all of whom were present. The chil dren, dressed in white, each bore a boo net of flowers, and looked very gay and happy- The honors were as follows: Medal to Columbia -Mockabee; attention and scholarship, Liszie i Desmond: vocal masic, Teresa Miller, Martha Hoover, Ma? Desmond, Katie Tatspaugh, Km ma Doyle; attendance and deport. r^*rah ASm,th. Hattie Soirell, Belle [Galer, Anna Clark, Mary Clark, Alice Leuvin, Maiy Spalding, Maggie Ashtou Flii'.%H,m>n,ei *??*?<**?. l^ttie McPeej fill* <?fPortment, Delra Welsh, Annie fhin A nni/ n *her.t'r' '<*? Murdock; penman ! fnmphrey. There have been 27 l I f during the past year, and the attend 4/,L u ^n Tery fair* ?n? of the pupils, I I I. i [er' wa* anally deserving of the iiie?ialt but hei attendance not being so prompt. w,as award?l to the first-named. The teacher p,npds*>re8eUt8 *en h*"dsome books to the TEW No" ?, Miss Strobel teacher ?^5 i ri Potomac building, was examined Trustee W[lfon. The pupils acquitted themselves remarkably well, f he honor* were awarded as followsMedal, Rudolph von Olumerjdploma for attendance. John Camp bell. scholarship, Samuel Fitzhugh, Harry Vtat man, William McGinnis, Thomas m.trf; V* , Walker, Win. Shanks; vocal ESS. ' famueJ Barron; penmanship, Henrv otlby. Samuel Fitzhugh was equal in general excellence to Rudolph* von Cilumer, gnt the trustees made the award to the latter. There are 55 pupils on the roll, 52 of whom were KffsSn Xf,e trustees complimented the htr ?,n *cn,ral l,r?ticitncy of the school and her good government. ? T??e ^o !o",n? ro" ?f honor was inadvertently omitted yesterday from the notice of Primary Xo. 5, Miss .1. B. Hawkins, teacher ?Scholar i, Litn^ V,'?r,,Uu!tT,K,,?ar Mitchell, Reuben defter.von, Maria Hipkins; not tardy during the ?ii?fc~u??rn5 ? S0!,, n' Robert White, Maria Ilipkins and Reuben Setferson. n . t'OLORED SCHOOLS. tof/'mar.y, School No. a, Miss M. Bond, teacher, is located in the Anthony Bowen build ing. It was examined yesterday by Mrs. Briggs, ^hJ;r'Sa,V There are ? in tJie w were present, neatly dressed. an.? r?om is very conveniently arrange* 1, and the teacher seems to be a good one. The ^ 1WM.IHMullows: Punctual atten SeFrf'i 68 Hawkins, Wm. H. Sothern, Selva Lawrence; Exemplary conduct, Selvia Atl>IflIfilnIin<! F,"r.ence ?owen; Never tardy, M?rinn H<S? ^'d**r5i Sm?h. .John Rhoder, Marion Holt, aud Zellie Matthews; General scholarship, Charles Hawkins, Charles Peek leitia irM>" ,lmProv?ment in writing, fmrn? \* ,lce',da ?' Smith, and Edward >mith. \ocal mumc, Catherine Hillman, Kate Jackson, and Frederick Webster; Neat H J-awrtI,ce' K,Uar<1 ?mith and Arth?,r )Hr? 'S.: ",",orable '?>e?t.on, Willie Arthur and David Hanson. Trustee Johnson th^pupifs"1 aml made af>i,roPri*te remarks to taJSt^W"^ the mme building. ?? P? Mwa M. . ISailey, wa> aim) exam ined by the principal, Miss Briggs. The exer Z?,:ZZLn thf l,.","al PrimarV studies, and the up Is were up to the standard. There are tifty Snt -??nf t0, th? "Chool.and all were WMd Wim?? . me?t was as follows: Ed Kel. -'owephine Williams. Mary Ke>< . Charles Goodwin, and Fanny Smith FannvnSmm.*ti*nd*nw?'. ?,oser,hir"? Williams; pnu,,,' J "py Richardson. Edward Wd licntncw Brooks and Willie Gibson, for v'n"the Steven? school-building, yest^r.Vnr ? Barney, teachej, was examined ti i i -i f! ^ lit* a Patterson, principal 01 th^ hl g# iThl* 8cL001 h** 54 pupils, aii?l ThZ e?V?i K ra,,Kl ProKrcss duriug the year. The scholars showing the highest degree of ex |U g.,be ,,H', term Hre An,la Nelsim, ? ? c?,-ee' ''ov',h Mahonev, Margaret a allc"' '?'???? iaLrirr,y,No ''.Mis'H. R. Jennings teacher ar"w, re? Thirty-se ven schob nlk Th. ~ . yesterday by $ uperintendent rook, j he reading and spelling were excellent ?,'?rr,t rol> la follows: Ella Thomas K in n.rWe0^','?"f ? Emma Gross, Iaek ?n / if McKenzie, Julia Hill, Marv ?lack on, Ceha Jones. Joseph Hollings, William an 1 ''Oinas Queen. Trustees Lewis and Rider and many friends were present. insMr^Ai ??' 4^l?Cfted ln the I'Ovejoy build ing. Mrs.M. E. Tucker teacher; with twentv eight scholars. Tbe examination yesterday was conducted by Miss Gracie Dyson, prfncipVSf Tuck^r??Thi,mll,r? ,,u1i1ld,,,?' listed bv Mrs. nimll wnn.-? roll embraces the following k^ fQT ? Boone, Peter Ryas. Mary Haw kins, .lames Moore, Ellen Gaines, Marv Harri u* an Marie L. Braxton. i No-??. in the same building. Miss L. teacher, with 5.5 scholars under her *f* ?*?niine<i yesterday. The room was profnsely decorated with tiowers. The meri Thi^'Vi!1* wer?,George Humphries. Louis* Ford, Agnes Thomas, Katie ^a.bert and <,has. Hammington. The trustees present and made short addresses. nn.lIiu?[r!i*fci#.v?I]S",'/Jlara E-Collln" teacher; 58 painls ot the third, fourth and fifth grade, is ? i ^uildi!M- The examination resteraav fonducted by the principal, Miss M. C. Bosemon. TLc.meritorious scholars wi-re Lucv Miller, Mary Winheld, Hattie Holliday. Mien Butler, Alfred Miller, iUTTJ Lancaster l! *? *,i"er.'JLoma- Randolph, Henry ti, ; Smith and Annie Jackson. ?? trustees comflimeuteU Mrs. Collins for r> ? 'ort< di,rir,8 the past year. rJ..i,try^?'*n ^he same building, is com [Kwedof sixty-five scholars, and is one of the tv?gei schools?'> the city. Mrs. Annie ,Jf V1? teacher. The examination was i?-V,(^i ^.^7 the principal of the Lincoln school building. Those who were named as meritorious during the paut scUwl Viar Ar# Minnie Dyson, Josephine Willis, Rebecca Miller, felizal^th Settle s.S i EuKene Medley, Wm E Addison, Mary Redick, Mary -i?ri V ^ord- For neatnessi Ude Parker, Joseph Ralily, KSS .A, S' Honorably mentioned-Owen iut^ulnew. h0ne8ty' auU CUra Vodery, for i^he f1rimarT school, of which Miss Laura T. '?"f* ta teacher, in the same building, was ex hy Ml88 M- Patterson. ?hi ? L ?re D8? 'pelltng. and arithmetic. ID whicUstn^lts the scholars show 1 much pro Kt^S. The number of pupils enrolled is 47, :uid Jy one was absent. The scholars noted for ec-ieral excellence are Mary Lives, Lewis Early, Owen Washington, Archie Reives. Ellis Brown, David Gant, Laura Haldrich, an 1 Ar thur Simmonds. Secondary, No. 4, Miss Laura Iredelleteac'ier, ^a"uexi?!,,,ied yesterday by Superintendent mentorions puj>ils were announced as follows: >fary Proctor, Lizzie Proctor. Har riet Brown, Florence Davis. Marie Kelll Draddy Whitlow, Philip Malvin. David Jack son, Lincoln George. Albert Neill, Washington Mutton. 1 he school numbers fcrty-seven pupils ot the first, second and third grades. , First and second primary, Uught by Miss E. V '"^ef? located in the Anthony Bowen school bnildlrg, was examined to day by the principal, Mrs. M. B. Briggs. There are 45 scholars belonging to this school, male and female, 41 or whom were present to-dav. and are a line-looking class altogether, and pissed a very creditable examination. The roll of -uerit was as follows: Wm. Ward, Richard Mcpher son, Charlotte Thommen, Wend all Bnwen, Emma Christian, Sarah Washington, Catherine Clellam :.ndJohi> Holland. Thirty-seven have been transferred during the year, and more are now ready for advancement. Drs. Bowen and JVatson were present and assisted ln the exam ination. Th* Concert to be given by the Barili Musical Association at Marini's Hall this even ing promises to be one of more than usual ex cellence. We trust it will be liberally patron ized, as well on accoant of its merits as because of the praiseworthy objects the association has ?? J'ew, vii: the education and encouragement beginners who show promise of attaining a creditable position in musical art. but who otherwise lack the opportunity for the cultiva tion and development of their talent. The con cert this evening will serve to show in some de See what can be done by an organized effort in is direction, and those interested either in musical demonstrations, pure and simple, or in the general subject of musical education should be in attendance to see what has alread v been accomplished. Beal Estate Sales?The following have been made since oar last report: Br Hester **y?n-Lot U, i? ?(iiare 734. for Mrs. Jud^e Peters, to Samuel Strong, for aIOjUOO' lot ?..!? for WTb. Lincoln, to W. r rlEl'i? '?,r *i**: ^V3"'ln ?y"are m<tor 090 I. (luliu, to 8a*iiuvI 8tr?iDc, for #4J00* lolls to ^aw m for Mary B.IJwin, to W. St. John, for* ^Vs?m^?3,??t# >rop<,r,r Ca??o? ^ bBw?SbS552"lBp*1!** < Co., aactionssrs?For *. W. McPherson. trustee, lot A4, in Kslly'* sabdi vision ofsqnare M?, on huh street, between P and U tryiT W improTemeats, to B?M. Plumb for Mr. J. B. Carter has sold his salendid rsaidenn* oa M and 4th streets, to Caotaia J. Daniels for i!7?0 Also, two story brick, on tweea PaadQ streets, for #3^0. to Mr. Mo niton. Stperb Stbaw beekies?We have received ?one magnificent specimens of the Triumph gtgnn strawberry, raised by John Oarder, eaoT. Eastern Branch, and told only by Q. 8. Alex ander, corner Massachusetts avenue and 12th street. _ ? ofi WtolMtlldMlMla Third Legislative AaeewMy. ?t"TJ??n Council bill Mo. Kit! w Parity of ele*|tons, and H?n?e ,d,n* fnT tbe colltAfoa of d-lm?ieot ,d4 rrferred t?the ??Ii ?*" ? bill imposing penalties in *-*"?*? cay, which wu read, and" vnuaaimow ? onsent referred wlthi it a ??*c>-nj r-ading. Brown, from th? committee on polW-e, re ? ?ff ^ till to reflate the business of pawnbroker* and second-band dealer-, with sundry aater iment*. The first amendment wh to Mrike pawnl'r.'kers'1''' I*F ,uonlh ** ? of charge by Mr. Browne stated that the objects were to make this class of persona account for all articles pawn.d J1/ advanced on, as. at potent this olaes of wen are the moat dangerous in ?<ur midst?they enconrage thievery and demoralize youths and servanta,b<siidee encouraging a large class of laz> and idle persona honest Mvefi5o< r*ther tban Work (or " Mr. Culitk opposed the billon several grounds 'i1" th?* propose to levy a license on this kind of l'UMne-s, and then place severe restriction**"; "^"ndlr.tho bill

Kivesthe right to nil policemen to go into the pawn shop whenever they choose to do so without search fi*rr?*M or ,*Dy reasonable pretext; thirdly, ?w i "lucres the pawnbrokers to keep a sel of books open to the public, to have a fu'l desert o tlon of all persons who deposit any article, the value of the article, and the amount of money advanced ne thought there might be many legitimate private bargains made between these brokers and needy persons, w hich it was not right to make public in the TDftnner proposed, Mr Brooks took the ground that tne rate of inter ?*t prop. ShI was illegal, according to act of C'tigress. Mr. Uulick said the act of Congress limiting the '*'* ?'. "''frest to eight per cent was incoitflict j ;!i',or rather the bill was In coullict with the law of Coperass Mr. Browne said he thought the rate too high, and was willing to change it: but so far as giving the right to the police to enter these sh< ps is concerned, he thought this the best part of the bill. H - then proceeded todetail the mauner of doing this kind of business in this District, and the difficulties und~r which the police and the public labor in g ttiug oa< k stolen articles from pawn-shops Alter further debate, Mr. Brown.- move,! tli it the Timber consideration of the bill be postpon-d for the present, agreed to. Adjourned. llOl'SE OF DELEGATES -Mr Wall presented petition of E. F. M. I aehtz for relief for damage sustained by the bursting of water pipes, caused In excavations, with a bill appropriating A30)f.>ribe purpose; refemd. Mr. Cos introduced bill providing for the inspec tion of lime stones referred. Mr. Campbell introduced bill to complete tlin 7th street fro it of the Northern market, auth"riznig the of ^ 0,000 bond-; referred. Mr. Herbert, from tliecanmittee on public works, reported bill v-ivingto B -tree;, from loth to 12th, the name of Commerce street, with ati amendment that it be called Commerce Place. Also,bill naming the Mre. t in s.,uareS59, Rigg- street. Also, bill to Condemn and close alley in -.gtiare l<*j, who h were read a second time each and laid over. Mr. Vermillion, f?om the committee on District sniiirsl reported bill for the appoiotm.-iit of a steam boiler inspector: read a second time. Mr. Carroll submitted joint resolution that John F Murray be elated a member of tn?* Market com mission,in place of James A. Uaudy, resigned ? read a lirst tim*?. TUB SO-OALLSD RETRENCH Ml?XT BIL! . The Honee reeolved itself into committt*** ofth? whole on Council bill No. 1, reducing and li-nitiug the number of offirers ( Mr. Murray in the chair) The items were considered seriatim, acd the first 42 lines of the bill acted on. The salaries were fixed as iL Collector of taxes, ?1,800: chief clerk do., ? 1.(100: Jerk, acting as cashier, ?l,eW#: two clerks ao . SI,**) each (the committee's amendment, AlJso. being down); controller, .?3,U?) (the aniend nietit transferring the duties of the controller to the t r<i usurer w as rejected); chief clerk treasurer's office, u^ <-,K,r do\ ?I ?". two clerks do.| ?519)0 each; register. * ho shall perform the duties ? ''>lthe auditor, $3,000, chief <1 rk do , 9I.8U); clerk. $11100; two clerks do., $ 1,-jhj each T.2 V k!,,tr*r? S V,w < ,h'' proviso thar he and his office force be paid out of the water fund b-inc strickfti out): chief clerk to water registrar, ?1.800 clerk do . S 1 '00: Clerk do., $ 1.3>0; inspector ami tapper of water mams. ,c 1 v*): attorney for the Dis iicr,..*r,"'Wi "distant attorney, ,?l surveyor V2J*D; two assistants do., ( from Georgetown and one fr. m county) S1JOO each; cl rk and dranghtsman, coroner. .?l,*)0 ,the vn. n'l ment reducing tliesalary being .e,ect. |); H,lp<. "a tC'tident ol assessments and taxes, f 2?Vio At this point the committee rose, and th' II .use atljonroed. * iumniPiiceiiM-nt, Law n^imrtuieut U<-< trie el own DnUentliy. I lie aiuitial cotniucnceiuetit of the l. twDe partment of the University of (Jeorgetow 11 came ort last night at Lincoln Hall, which was well ti led with the friends of the graduates, who were ,s?ate?1 ujKjn the stage, together with tho A t jrnoy (leneral of the UniteU States, ,\ s.-ist int S-.'cretarv ol State, the president of the miiver ?;I>> and the law faculty, consisting of. ludce Clias. P. .lames and .J. liublev Asnton, esii The exercises, which were interspersed with music were as follows : ' The actof Congress of March 1, 1S.31, raisini? <Iforgetown College to a University w is rta,r. ??2; '! V P*n<ro,t D!tvip. Assistant Secretary Vi im H,eM In,ro,,,|^e'l Attorney tieneral niiaais, the orator ot the evening, skvinc th it ir the <lisintegrationof the lioman Kmi.ire the church became the :"gis of the jurisprudence ol the world and under the circumstances did the best that it could. They still continue to *h*rever the cburch and law are united. In our day we are no longer dependent ujK?n the church lor our disiK-naation of law A {M>rtion of the Catholic Church of this city has undertaken to Instruct our young men (n the knowledge and practice of the law. The At torney General of the United States does not hesitate to come here and give these voung men the result of his e*i>erience and "to f urther instruct ttfem in all that |>ertains to this science and profession. Attorney General Williams was greeted with cheers. He delivered an elo quent address, in which he spoke to the gradu atesot the duties and resi*onsibilitiesof their profession, and gave them some good advice f.,1 ,re'l?en,Iy applauded by the young men. The degree of Bachelor of Arts w is then conferred by Kev. p. F. Healy, president of tlie Lniyersity, upon the gra?{uates. and the exerciKS cl<?*d with mu^ic. The foflo^ng "? tne lut of the 14 ' . oRAnrATEs. Charles Bradshaw, New Jersey; Charles O pl^r?'v* Cct^of Columbia; Sevellon A. 5- 7V; Joh" C" S" Burger, 1 district of Columbia, Daniel O C. Callaghan. District of Columbia; Charles Camper, Maryland; B K. Catlin, New Hampshire; James T. Coleman, New ^ ork; Eyerett Dallas, Kansas; Alexander J. Falls, Maryland; John H. Haswell, New J^ork; Bernard T. Hanley, Maine; Henry J. Hwbtman. District of Columbia; Charles L. Hhgues, District of Columbia; Hugle L. Mason Kentucky; Richard McAllister, jr., District of Columbia; Wm. P.Pierce, Georgia; John F. Riley, District of Columbia; Francis G. Saxton Illinois; Warren B. Stone, New York; Noah H* Swavne, jr., Ohio: Geo. C. Wing, Ohio Jos. C. Wildman, \ irginla. ofpk kbh op clam 1873. President, Alex. J. Falls; vice president, Se vellon A.Brown; secretary, J as. V. Coleman: treasurer, John O. S. Burger. Affairs on th? Tlrtiuia Sl<le. Falls' Chi kch, Va., June 5, l?73. t'OLLK<iIATK IKSTITfTK. Mr. L. A. Barber, of Washington, having generously made an offer to some of the citi zens of this place to furnish funds for the es tablishment of an institution of learning here, a public meeting was called, which met at the Baptist church last evening to consider the proposition. Before organizing, Mr. Joe S. Riley made some extended remarks, giving con ditions of the otter of funds by Mr. Barber Ift was followed by L. S. Abbott, esq., upon the necessity of starting at once institutions of learning in Virginia. The meeting was then organized by appointing Mr. L. 8. Abliott chair man, and Mr. John McCormick secretary. Fur ther remarks were made by Messrs. I?r. Lloyd John McCormick, Almon Burch, C. II. Buxton' ai<l others. The result of the matter was the appointment of a committee of seven, consist LI.,*.?,.the following gentlemen: L.S.Abbott, G B. Ives, G. B. Whiting, J. N. Crossman, C. H. Luxton. Joe 8. Rilev, and Hon. J. T. Hoke to report a plan of proceeding to the next meet ing to be held Wednesday evening, June 11 th at the church. ? The New Cbcrch op thkAsckxsios The festival being held at llooe's building, F street, between 13th and 14th, for the al>ove object, U a decided success. Everything in abundance and the ladies attentive to all wanta. The fes tival will be held every night this week, and lunch daily at 12 o'clock. t 9 Smale pox casks have been reported since Monday, as follows: L street, between ?th and 7th southwest; i)lo Cth street do.; 442 do.; be tween 2d and 3d and E and F do.; 1311 C street northwest; and in alley between H and I and 4('? andfith streets southwest; and one death in alley between Cth and 7th and H and 1 streets. THE COURTS. J wise Until? Today, John T. Mills and Bobert Berryman, two youths, were lined ?3 eaen for throwing atones in the afreets. John Henry was tined #? for carrying a raxsr. 1 ?..A STOLEN HOUSE. . H -Tillman wa; charged with stealing a Hill,l?o , of Prince tieorge Oonnty, Md.. valued at ?1M. Mr. Hill Biased his horse jat night, a^d at once started to this city where he foaud hia horse tied up to a thrashing ma clone ia front of the Central guardhoosn. Sergeant ?..f/%tk!SSr?iiP r*covert"? ???" h >r** *IH| *rre?t L';? 2 '??was in the net orselling the animal for 830. t*ent to the grand jury, aud the horse returned to the owner - ? THE EECEXT BOT SltOOTIM) CA?*. ??!?? JL?r ,wh<te bor. charge<i with assault wi?h Intent to kill J Hi. Jacksou Fields, ILfJi This case occuu ed iu tlie n?rtUsru SItrt Ja it. i^ J ?About eight <la>s ago, anrl was n> ^ I".~h^ Star. A crowd of toloreil bsysmade * ,on H???ler, and ch-?-?ed him several U*JD< threats, wheu he turned and tired a pistol, the ball taking ?fect in Fields'right sid*. w?V? r 00 "Prions cons?.|ueucen retalted *.,!"* >n court this morning apparently recov 22; ?M gave testimony. He stated that some SSm, W,|n ch"lng Heasier, and ? hreatening to A?L T*-W h brickbats, when he turned JUi ?S?117^. .?I**tke tir-t one into thegronud, i? Pistol, and fir* #the second shot, whicli Kl ?^ teatltied to atteu<t?iig the th?! th? ball lodged ill bis luncsjiiid Iim not b?t 4t ?as imp?sible to prcdiet ensue from it. Other witn* *are Keati f7,v.k V ' JL "iiwr witness^ wew heard for the, proaecutloa. after which Mr.Uar niim r called several wit b^STii*Id?cS5ora" *?lh" Kr%a*>arT*?* Humphreys.?Twtsr. tod and 1,9 *** ia toxica .w? * *** Sl*r -I *iA (orauM to the District Legislature through your vVfuaWl,) paper, (never heard that before, did you.') that an inspector of barber ?hop* be "appointed whose saUry shall consist of free shaven and hair-cuttings at all shops. I dont want the 'T?wUldn,t to *" b*rbers II 1 think some means should be at nam! to rejntm such den? of tcrtara m that under the St. Jerrrmanthuf House. Everv one ,n hi? own experience. ICt up on "X street for one, on 7th street for another. "?e .^enuefor another. It's worse than Mark Twain s barber shop. When I was first ?.?A'?tLthert%It,ie?rU8tic hair-.tresser com menced by carding me down with a sharp comb. I didn't mind the hair, for 1 supposed thilf^'of thW*e .grve.of 'nve*tigation or some !vS n/ "??' i " 116 plowed up the thd nec* 1 remonstrated. He deviate. 1 and then went to pulling up my hair with a dull shears. the only sharp K? ??^Wh,ch were the points. I know alM>nt the points, for they went in where the comb had marked oft-. The experienced hairdresser paused in bis torture to talk with a V.r1,itnTr"tf:,Ktion" about U,e la!,t b*? on the Island and the next pic-nic to Analostan. I having pleaded for Jnercy. he scratches! mv hWwi P, tert ^enue ?tyle. only drawing ^?m on*. ear' mn,t le*T,ng ho'th lull of ov!-r Vh?ei 7?eV f m,inates on a lancv touch over the lett temple, leaving a Modoc staml S?*?1! crown. I jumped out of the chair in "TATS! mJ ri*ht '>e from a murderous . ar,,; ****? ran^omiiiff mvnelf mv escane**' I -thanking my stars for my escape. I have said nothing about the worlf 'than ?hi U'iT?,?ly f?trget U? ,or 11 * -ls ortiiJin the tninininjg. It w&<* too nitifui 111 'V1 r?filnei* torture for pen to <i?? whn hivi ' yeJe?"Utor*! Ine" who shave and who have your hair occasionally trimmed* will you not, in the mtere-tsot poorhomanitv ap point an Inspector of Barber*? IxioN. [ GEORGETOWN. u ?'iRNifr BY A POAL 0iL ExI'LOAIOV About twh * rOHl oil lHml' exploded in tlie house ot Mr. Washington Brown, on High '? ate.f. street, and Mrs. Brown andXr little daughter were badly burned. tn "K.RiRT F**TIVA ' ? Attention is called to the advertisement of the ladies of the Pre I'jterian church of their festival to-night ati.l sjrrH?ss&s."? ?*? tor Wheatly Bros., and the tchr. Hattie Baker WlUl ,ur"it,,re *"d government printing paper, consigned to Hartlev \ Bro Grain Trade?The canal boat Seneca ha? arrived with flour and mill.feed for T C Wheeler, and the canal boat B. F. Charles with 4,000 bushels oi wheat for same. Also, the' tor1!! MaV iiTtllK>tt'iTit!l 350 bu#h?l',of corn tor H. M. Talbott, and I,oat Seneca, 20:? bushels <io. tor same. The sales on 'Change to-day Jmo toff|,riuie to cholce wheat at Fish Whar??The receipts of tish to-d%v U.oruesai;T? herri,Jg' which ""?W at *5.50 ,*r A LEXANDRIA. urBhT08K,> Ne,w HoT,tl AK" Theater? Much hajf recently been said in regard to the hain't??hfWr? ,0r a g00ii theater a,|d concert PiJL i l'Itv- a,,d Architect Bradshaw ha planned a structure worthy of notice an.l co h^Mr ^V'a The location chosen is the lot owned b> Mr. D Appich upon which the old Alexandria Insurance building, and is perhaps w\dth?^eT* Kn.-he City' a,ni h;ls "ufflclelit width and depth tor a modern hotel on the Kuropean plan, together w ith a large and tir-t class theater in the rear. The lot is fifty feet trout ruiiiung back ITti feet to a wide alley". The plan represents the hotel front three stories high with a depth of+4 feet to an area or ce>urt eiifht ieet wide, the tirst floor containing the office sitting and dining room, with a passage and stairway on each side, one for the hotel and the m ?e?-o theater. The theater building in Itfnt "f i*'-? J'e ,eet. with good and sub stantial brick walls, and large and numerous pillars, carried up a sufficient height to admit of room lor kitchen, bar room, billiard ro.nn for t,ie ?se of the hotel, to gether wish ample sheltered yard room. m*-"Ar';,ed W'Th Kobbiho a Ckmetkry? Marfn Cunningham, white, and Kobert Ber nard, colored, were re-examined this afternoon tiL .? ommissioner ( harles Whittlesey on '"I* ,rom the soldiers' th^fr y' were hel<l under bonds for he'r appearance at the duly term of the C. S. o.!i ?! i ' . tormer in the 8uui ot aiid the latter in the sum of 9100. iHi siiiiHoftiK! section hands on the A. & V0t yet en<1e<J' the strikers stdl de mandmg 9150 tor 10 hours work and the rail wofk. any wishing to make 11 hours a day s oamk of basc ba,l played here Tttterdiy alTernoon by the l.'hea-ipeake club of Washington, and the independent club of Hps to ll*" W?n y the ,orm(r by a score of M passed through here vesterdav on his return to Richmond from Binghampton ol hTs mother La* been to attend the ,u?"" ^iT been determined to hold a camp me*t landIof *'r- -'anies Benton, near the August"**' ID ouUouI1, ?ounty, on the nth of _ ?? street railroad ha- com jneflreU ?nd will be pushed to completion rapi.i ly.?Gazette, last er'ning. CITY ITEMS. ? ' Summer Underclothing yet in lull assortment. J I'ndershirts from 50 cents to SC. Drawers from 91 to *2.25. Geo. C. Henmso. Ko. 410 Tth st. Mackiwawp. Mackihaws. Mackikaws. Another supply Ot these favorite Straw Hats, in all the lashionahle shapes, Just received at Wi i.lett & Krorp'n, {**r> Pennsylvania avenue. Gil* awp milk, the new and most fashionable beverage, and of the purest and best ouaiitv, is to be had at George W. Driver's, Four-and-a half street and Pennsylvania avenue. 4.4 ? Pertviaw Svrcp?This valuable medicine has been silently making its way into public lavor by the numerous remarkable cures it has performed, its singular efficacy is owing to the protoxide of iron which in this" preparation re mains unchanged, and is the only form in which this vital element of healthy blood can be sup plied. _ 6 To-?av. at the corner of Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue, the --thirsty soul" can timl all spiritual consolatiou 4 4 ? Gektlemen'b Mackinaw ahd Panama Hats Bleached and Trimmed to look as well as new, at A. T. Whiting's, Sfctt Pennsylvania avenue. 31 (6 Trt Doolet's Yeast Powder, tou will soon And It not only the best, but also the cheapest. Baking Powder. Put up full, net weight. 30,0 Coldb and Cocuhh.?Sudden changes ol climate are sources of Pulmonary an.i Bronrkial ojrectiont. Take at once "Rrotrn't Bronchial Tr?ch,*? let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight. 3,eo3 Children crt for "pitcher's C as tori a. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. ^ 4,25.eo3; ?,?t7BL!C 8pKAKERS AND SlNOERS Will And liroyem t Bronchial Troches" beneficial in clear in* the voice before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat alter any exertton of the vocal organs. For Coughs and Colds the Trochet are eflectual. m Mr Kinodom for a Horse.?What the purae of King Richard could not then procure, all can now purchase for a song. The Centaur Lini ment will not raise the dead horse of a king, but it will cure a lame one, and?more than that It is the most remarkable thing for swellings, stiff joints, caked breasts, stings and bruises, the world has ever seen. A man onght to suflfer with the Rheumatism who has not tried this liniment. 29,eo5 Pond's Extract cures rneumaUsm, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, ?cakls, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, sS^SKSiJrSi .S,K2StEE% Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations In the fact that It is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and i to be a cure for these diseases. aa,& M,tf The bbactifdl and amber lager, the splendid and foaming ale, and drawn from fiiccti made from Binuun and Dunsin&ne wood, only found at George W. Driver's, Four and-a-half street and Pennsylvania ave. 4,4 Srrrnns non Corns, Bunions, bad Nailsjetc., find Immediate relief at Dr. White's establishment, No. 838 18th street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. The treatment often effects a ttXssxxixr*? ea*e"' **?ne s*1 Ttvco-Bvmiah Baths; also, Medicated Va ?n -f0r ^ tkXa (UaMM> ?* Dr. Shedd*s, * street. tjo,* rear GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMENTS. jrS?KKAPIXt; A*P 8TBA WBEBRT fIs ?*7 TIT1L, for Ihr )?m6I ?f tko INDCSTRIAL HOME SCHOOL nfil-^*^WARK aBd *r J0HN TW" TIUUDiT EVENING. June 5th. ?) j< o'clock, ?t HIST STREET CUATKL, Georgetown. Admmion -Ji coat*. !,? ^TBAHBRBRY FESTIVAL, *?-?*??' ?f the PB.??, ^?u?1?.S?raio. iitu?lZZ4? h"tb" tfc"r cor. ?thof j"r.AV rB,PAT *TENING8.S?h ??d |^ai*auki>i>akv( bargains in i*by Plain and Striped Grenadine* .Tapnres* Silks, at . north 7tr v'ictnV.i iG'" d" ?* Su,u"*?- at ?. 37 *nd *v lUflrt1i??'auc "?? ^iw,ai..Nc. StH?n',,nt- ?" "hadee; very cheap fifths sf&vs^.vssr^ Call ai?i buy real bargs.i.'X >Prt< JJT mm. DOWLINtf, A actio?r; Qe^rgetuwj" rrontinR S3 fwt on the cmi side <>f nuk b? V lilHi'tHtn'it'h h A ?n Ih* rai,al? improved i!" k*niith and wheelwright oh.'P. Tlu> ?r r /L .'yrtutiftv for an investment w,T^.?^g~?: balance ? and ? mot.tb*. inLr ,' secured by a d?ed of tr?i?t on the *r. pert) . Conveyancing at the cost ..f pqrrha- r -j'* . thom as dohliSoTa^: B THOMAS POWLINO, A?etY; OMT^tol^. ^ SALE 0|T V A I I' A IK r> f %? A??Ar,rDri^op"tt' in ?borgetown. 41Lr of J?rI^TJTV0" I OH, ?? ??Wic aSrTion* JTrt !!f lIT*'/ ft,IT, rSrW TOi ly'S-'H '?'an.' "a r J said ITJJt ^P?-n,t-r 17th.1?M, cuts the fe^tSrSWiSSr 11 ,h" WikM' of 'a^ plrtt,,^, ?- JSTaSm: au 1 ",,c lint v{'luTm ^,^eS5,::/^ "'if1,1^ p*>r"v"^'r niiH< ?.?!, L.II?/;r i l,,flre ' . ?' term- nre n<?t com PIIWI H |(h lltOli) tl*> dUTP. I r?*.Ttn ?|,a r,,,|,# . JAS n KDWAKrs Au. ?.^,X 0,1*r<1,,n n..Ve?.,td THOMAS PoWLIXO. A net jjEAPY FOB THI SPRltfQ TBADBT Wtth a fnll corn of Brut clam workman . promptly anrl in th# \^t ma'nnA- ' PhkMIUM STMaJT"**!?? *A/} U SCO OK PflM p o >t>7 >r dry goods. ( E ?Rill ftuuos, tLEGANT tTTf K9. '?OVD gt'ALITIKS. ?EKV Low PK1CES ^PE53^^g On, pricf. and tbat the lovpot BOflAS 4- W VI I V . . lOl^ at.l 1 ll'Jd 7th ^rii'i \ vt' ? rw *??'?'n Paruras J(. 4 tf" CHEAP?l >I MEK ?ILkr 1~ ? ^il^stfsjpyasr-'" ??? P*ir U? Ljnen^t.l'stri^! tfass . - jobeph /. ma v. ? ''?-~*f'a ^3t? P?-nm>) Irania ar?-mi. |)RSSS GOV OS AT KKDlCEU rt|CI|. MjlW,0"" ?!-?-*? ?, Fi>nch OHGANDIBS and ORKM APIS es French PEBOaLS and PIOI K< tS Linen ^CITIKGS and MOHAIKS i i-i,i*t q J? ",,r elecant stork of .. lie lo.,< .ri "'J'"j''(.UrVl'! ' One price oul>?in pUi,, ftrnr.* ' n%M?tA^?t W M feT-EB * BR" ? - r-uua. arei nc pOPLLAR HUIBK the arcade: competition us emu ACKNOH LEP<.FP THE BEST A VP cnrip EST STUliE IN THE DISTBICT Our stock of DBT GOOPS iu every rwp^ct complete. KEW GOOPS EVERY PAT. At this Mtabliri.ment Ti^iiea can find the ?-*? ?tyle. m wearing apparel ?ttitabl.- for aprinil I2d hUii nx rHeaM. n r*lB* DKKbb GOODS of all c\mm?9. OfB (.111 AT sRcSffrHL* "'" '"""? All rAcV?jgDg^?R?.T.',t. Elegant a^m.rtiiient of RIBBONS SUI'" P?tw na tbat value their dollar* and cnt? X?11? CaU " thU boa^f^ Purciriung elie? '?w'm,D^S*;,?|,.?. (jiBPETs s clIpiTs! curm: Owing to the backwardness the aea?on and foV.V?*,* lArgfr ftockot <arpeu on hand tb^n for the tune of year, we nhall, fr. w MON PAY J,!n. l&Ts'n'tbe Eo^ rWJUCt,0li in ou ?u'OAB Our styles in Englinh Tapetrr*. Englinb Inrrain* teMcefl^^hirre*^ ^'0,i Br?-U ^not' atVi7gur^k WUUe Mattit*. in rtore Window Shades in all colors, and Fixtures to snit w ^ * ^'r opportunity for boaneketipers tu ?ro cur? a nice Car pot for a little money ^ to tru WOLFORO ft SHILIIBS, ?31-tr 48T 7tb s<pe? t, between P and E,S. W. Uc.; Sheeting tiotton in 8 4, A, and I0-4 Table Bleached Cottoo.Sc. All kinds of dre^i rood,\| ^ Zlft?" ?iXa 5V^-B5?DHItAI> * 0?*, n?l*-tr Itf r stfsst, betwoea 18th an ' |}RY GOODS AT PAHIO PRICES. ?rent barrains ta DBT GOODS froa the York and Philadelphia auctions " ?tojU-toifMfc.. ,J^?IOIIT ?AiffS.'r" fHIS 18 TO GIVB NOTICE, That the subscriber ?1 has obtained from the Supreme Court of th? District of Colombia, holding a ipsr111 term let. ten of administration on the pergonal* fM ^ ?fBII(ji|II?r WILKIN?,^ r^f Washington county. D. C.. deceased All aor sons bating claims against the said -?"---- " hereby warned to the same, with thTronch^ era thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the luth day of May next: they may otherwise by taw be excluded from all benefit of the aid \5t*L , this ?h day of May. Iffj W J. HEIBERGBR - - - ma-thAt P Adntinistrator. ]\J08T WONDERFULJLMVENTIO^OFTHB d?c7-Iy JA la m!7-Jw ,j? mid vs.* I retuil. A BOMB. |t|Ol NT VERNON NTB8BBIB8, m VIT TKee&%LdRVrT*D*To' THIS MA _ ^ , C. GILLINGHAM A CO., >pp? W Jf Accotlnk P. t* , Fairfax. Vu. BOI5 HTM ft 1 LUMBER. LUMBER. ?ABOVOOOB A 8PBU1ALTT. ?iua cur to awn. RAILROAD*. If ALTIMOBE AKH OHIO ? D RAILROAD On and after H'NI?A V . J?H# Is?!. traira will leave V A^UlNUIuN CITY f'll-w?.\|?: Bait in or, m.2 Ray P!?<?>? Baliim t. and u a> p.dat* Cta< in nan F.irrw.Tit Nnrifnlttai Ml R<>?tea. Nf? > .>rk ami Philadelphia Ki t Raltmor. an t Wa> r. int. ? a a ?. 5*li'*or* '*?? ?*P>p?. ?ith.??t autfa tf ? .J Battimort-ard Winy Point* ... IJ onn 1 **9rmm J. sr - Kxf"r- r?*tl ?o?a J?# . Baltimore and * m Polat* 9 40 r nw Ineheater ar-1 BMr^toMian Accnai ia< ?> Baltimore and U at ? <^i ticinaati. CelnmbiM aad 9t Louia B*aAie? -T* Philadelphia Ekarew mx* {*? ?? H.IU?.rr WayKdnaa Z' B >a?oa.New Vwt and PhlUI. i,bExe SE Raltiwre aad Way Point. r ?f, * St l/oai*. Cincinnati end (Vlnml na ?*. . I, T ?* run* bai-timhkk roll w^phYn*? n * Leave at ? 90.9 R>. 7. *. wIt. ? U and II i?a ? ??* ..... rOB ANMAPOMS ; At Itia k aad s a. m ? h?t not on BunJay ? rot MokroLK. ' At I.-.T# |t m , bat nd oa Snnday Wr - m ... R'BJDAW TRAIN* ? rim Baltimore?The 4 Jo at>>anitia at K.'ar ? a II ?*h . OM>??>a ? and ?% a .? SL\ ' Vr.i ?? all ?ta?. n?! ? ?> . ^"tl ?t and ? a. m . t. 7 *A a t th*/? !, U'b" .""??V ?* *U ??>?? I '? a f ?VTiP m " B*ta* ??'? ?? *? r WHI> * rt'R POINT or KOrK?^KI> IXTIR*EDI AT? j"-?/,'u'**TO PJ"' < in*?a at ft%4 . ,. ; ?,? m - ?rrUimm at U ?,h ohHnndJKm m ">* ? '? ? ?" l-al tralu# * a!hir^.?'in^ VrickM omI?" .t*t h*4 *' da, ; al?, v at I b? " ^ ?? ?'! ??--r. .f .<.? ilia arrnii' Fa??-i.f. r. I , r-i,n?t|T?. l'?ma*? rallnl for and ? 5.".l-.- 'v* Owl* "r-;? Ma^?v^:rj; L M tvi| * Ooti-ral Tick.* ,.nf ri'Wrr 0?n?-a|,\VntH J,".,. *|V rwB ?" f> li^wa^C ' ' ~*gfy I OK srKi??T. ?hiaat<?t?V ?W * ** *! 8 J* p 111 ,tn'1 car* for K^t Tork m a v t?i Thr..o*li ri, k.-t- v Pm Ji.-ini,,-^^ w* " Cn,f B<mt..n ran be had at tkr S .1, ,, na " * "rk ? ** o| lb# dav. 1 oiatiou 0?t. at all h ur? naiw.h. ,h. VT"f H""b,n?,on. Raiilw -rr, a J Misfit ?,d ' AL"i?D^4N A XT) Ohmti }Wtt5 ' <r. Bil,..; ? :ua,,- pt ? .a." y "|..Au Vl '* ?rnr" '? f " *??? ** *!?. kit. *?:r%Ui 2 a, r fr- n. Al. landna dail? ? i , ,,,s n '"'PtfahdlT. J " " """t Haiti, iaily I"f^1wd^thiVa' |T'<X>CMCt tTAIM ob Wa<U. yS.tatTssgg=. tila areaar, and corner ttb ^?srar^sSi?3t5g ??nwrnann?Wlt ??* ??l K llrMI, W W \ ^?3.C 41 .^ii.^t^reMall. ?M m. m? W?rt?re Eia 80"<lar i irt!*m*Brr^ 8,i,>d*r' ' 4a^- * ***?? d^rTw^STr.i.V* i3 ^ Cinrinnaii rt , BaJtinnre^4r. fcfiViL!VlTJl"U' ?. r. * '"tDcla?M ??-.' dafliT t?riSS 1872 hiuiiHSJ mm I87B ro the ? ?7* Tra'aa Mm aa follow,.^^ H ashluloa 4-aa ? ? - *a?ttlti|t4n, ? as ?. at I ?-??? " ?*?J5 *?" 1 iJi ;? 7in ?' Jf j 2 ?'"2 ?? vti??ttenr tlCil4?;;;:; ? . ?*?? OaniarrSiSr PIT^BL B?wtt^>?Tchl^i* to IU8*U W| *22^*5 b5ttle ro"u o^'*room?4 flvea at all timm UilonmmUm vtlJ hg Paaa?gaw procarlng tick Ma at thto offlo 11 11 ?? Patooa Oan for ?I> B. TOCBO.l B00R8. 8TAT10NEBT. Aa. "THaf^VEIC;AK 0DD "tLOW - for Mar. BTOcJRiaA BO*; A^ttlo * D.-J^r,"!? C*' lumbia, BB? 9th atr~t ."'.V all the nr?, per?oai "ata Ac ?S - Ln ?ortnent of Ut^ioi^. Krt^P.'c^. VSlT ? m?Tr ?pH* BOTAl< DIADM; A IIV M01Ml Plax and Profit In My Qard-n: br K * The Other C?irl?, by Mm. ? hitne?. Memoir of a Brother; by Thomas M u>? Llteratare and Docma, by Hal be a At u Id Croquet at all artce*. A*eucjr for 8TA.1IAD GLASS ?a.?. RALLARTTBB, 199 Tttwrwt. uoar I, Ll8T or sew books AT BHILLISGTOX<B BOOKSTOHK. Co*MSB 4H ITIUT AMD Pu? AvtKI Bt ??" Thackeray. CoOBU1?. A AfNitifl fit " I rui n OWcy." B> Mra. Ann 8 So-' ^ a0P?1, Aattqattiea of B-.nth. rti IndLuu. Above Teaspeat and Ti l. el. 'Cader Two ^?utb .r ofv"StrattUBora? P^j^CTSST?, u wku., Mtboc. A Pair Bazna. By Jaottn McCarthy Mew BeeeBiaa, f,.r Aanl. i?73. ToancMea of Great Britain. A joonal ofl Inf and instructive literature. 01 Boy* of EDKlan<l. A t ? >tin? (rent! of a?nrt, faa aad literature. ~ " I A Dav with Charlea Dickeaa. Keaelin Chillingly. B* Bulwer. Ban BallaAa. By Will. CarletoaPMI Mratock of RLAKK ROOKS. PAS^ ?tMOBANDl H BOOKS. WOTS~g ?R PAPER, aad PUT1HO 0_^J ^ oii?b| ?"ay.aAK7, uthVoH PAfflPuBsss: fftsSPtA Kasissr'-as^. 4sa:t!?a M. 0. LUTTBBLK. o K. ?raiU?T0S a- if"*"** HIIIMNR. AKiUBtfN tM Cf

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