Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR raMUM Dally, Iu4*p ?i??pte4, AT TI1E bJAR BUILDINGS, r?aujhuia Ai?um, Mr. Utk si. Hi mi Vmrim enrm. ft M. UffMiAW, *rrrf<ft. # 1H? EVINiNS_eTAR la aer**l t>j earrtert to ???!' "jl'trtUr. at TK^CKSra m VIU,< r futll ? I? u*n rsa nth, Cc?i^ at the MaN t *>t- (Kt. Bj ? t?r%* amy ai ju <1 i imtti, |3^t one > tv, ?S. ' * ' THE WittLT 8TAR?Pt:ttna*?<A m<lay-flM ???' ?^Ia*artaMj ib ari.ance, u> loth CMea, aod *> ??Kt awt U.c??i ujm. paid ftr. ?* adT?iHiL? fnrntibtd <m application. AMISKMKNTS. * HR^r ih.r to wiyium. IT ? OMISti ! SEE IT II t KM ?<?-? VTATI\F riM l * AND UK NA< LAIC oF ri;^. WoRLD HOW KS' KH EAT LU> DON (IRI19 AND |a?jf i '? B ' 11!? 1 Mma^rrif <( Traiii>d A it miii r IR D A YS ONLY, ? N THE I ' T M\-H ?T?:FET. NEAR PKNN *'iL\ \NIA AVFSI K, ^ ?!? ii' J liar |?>. W<d. i J??' II- anil Thurxlay, Junr 14. 11! KEF M*T IN' T F \:||I1ITI9N9. ONE Tit KKT To SEE ALL. F t-t ii.!f liitfiin t' ?i American ando-nce <pf th* >tii*i.ii<a- FaiwuuiailM. >?11 E. DOIKKII U th? ian t?? ?ilar ?.f Enr.'p-. .c fan, ran> c *<-en-? ct> br>r?eba< k t-y ?OSiS. DOCK RILL Bunneraault r><? tig ai d daubing teat* l-jr IhcjOTruito MA1TRK PIERRE. The and eccentric humorist, M' '5!* KENNEBFL. fWtli.?n who never !*p !?*??. ins the tir*? <>l hia ?"h I e\-r in II; A?| rica ?crt. it- Mr lie act ?.j .M"H? K n,n-|.. | u p ii I; ? M ta^nera'Ie P.-krt II? r?. a WILLI Ail II MORGAN, Th- ? rM t'li illoi.sing Hurdle Ri.t 1 ha brilliant Tr?c<'li AtMeiea. known tin I iri f* an th ROMFLLI AERIAL (iVHNAhM. Th- vnadrriiftkr M oncriir. Fl\* ELEPHANTS l\ THE KI9M;, mil ra>r>! t f Ik" hit ?n'pl'-h- .| /... tmnlifr. M f. 1. t-i:?- ll - i. . -1 w.-n-1- rful e\btbili n ..f VAIt U? **t TrHiMi.K ?i??i Brti!*- S.?k*c;t> e%#?r wifu"** -d. mul?'(.h, the i:. viv ibi l. IMVISTIRS ri\K BENGAL TIGERS IN TIIEIK PEN Mi'NTANli, THE CANNIBAL, ? r?-?Tir? M,h ai l <.W *|.k|| ,.f uin ? f-ro ?i' ?.* II}*; . r trivi Ci tlr.i. ENTERTAINMENTS AFTERNOON \\D tVR XING RACII DAY I <>0E- ? ? F I. N AT I A Nil 7 O'CLOCK I'l.r Ill - tin e I tM the ?lid II -art* la th ir J It: ? ? *1*r i? s;i\- ;he a< i,f i?uc? an pp -rttinity I >r "??I" ? ?il< cf i?>i. f ?ikl anin .t? . ..i.MiLi .l Mfk' M ?..?([? r,?-1?. Hi- Oir >i-if-rf ? u at ? ?? ? hi it i uii'it ?ti !j ar tli- a m i'f Ihr d<x r*. ?'?rat -r fnll rn<! ir I ? nplon ofth* l.i-at L ?!; l'l Shi'*.. i? i-? r al I* nt. n ai. I '!?<?! I?1*'"""' ??? ? X !?? ??r .iO<iliif? in?("ir. < HiH"Jr< nn - M - L?i>-i :??, F-tatouini' a?<l C.irav?n, Atlii.i-*i- a nil.: r In ? ?I - " jjj I I'N'T I AIL To >KETI1K (>RaN|> STREET I A?.E*\ n?N HONDA A M<>RNIN(i. Jl N t. '? AT I o i*i Lot K '; - ' H A K BALL ? A->T?'N <'U:u| t f S) v-. U A5HIN iT'?N ?ATi RI?A > , -? if 1th 4 I.. Vui oLIMril til;n(Nl>* Ai'n,i.v. r . .'II vn.i>. j(? Olt K" J Va Eiklkitui _ ?? } aa4 Sal* | 434 'tl #11 At ) 7 J H ST* _ MARRRITEK R, ' ? <3 J Tth atrwl, t^-i?e. n D and R Mrn?ta, etcbl l> icf? 01i P?ii.uri??,\ injti, CbruQi'x, Ir ? P?r*-r Hai:wriff*. U irxi^w rkAOtfai. F:cior#??, Vram*-*. Pictor'* Cord* lud Tm "?^t/kmVca'h' " ,J>e Fl*?<?- rt-ni^mbir Hmic and Ba*ib?r. HIM BI G ?L RICE will p*v ? f?i7~c??ii prut- K'r ais> kiint <4 Lwlv-*', G- ntu' nsn ?'ni| df?-n a ?*c?M kuid Cluthiag, B- ? m,Sh.Kw,Ac. fcU.i <:h rtr^rt, bf|??<-ti E and G,?viith. M<M* by mail tn*a>ti) att< n.A?d j,jg.|r EXCURSIONS, Ac. j^EVPi bl EM IRMON8 On atlrr FRIDAY. JI NK U, WJ, tuo ::?? ?,,U Nx "*-a? I KKA ^11 I _ FJ RT W'!l nmirlrr r f,.nl.i ^ TIE-DA* ?i.| FRIDW EVEN ?UU ING rirnr-i t;? (1 ?i th?- l'..t m?c, Icmvihc %th?rf I .1-t .? ? V|.irk iii.. r?*.irt..m at 1 1 p m. 1? .1 iini in- ?i,min.-T ot 1 *72 ih ? -\. iir ? i-'iip ???rf larg. !> Fatroni/<d l>> maii> . f onr l^st nti7fii#, ?bi> ''Ulul in tlwui avoul aa.l ... tap- fr<>ai th- h-?l and .Dint ?.f she city. N 1 eft ,rt "J1**' 'larei ilisrn b tin- i iiiiii(??tiiairr totnik 1 ?? i^?nt hlU a|rct 4tli m r\*ry rcupect. 1)h l?i|n ?il. l -'-mt l>?*d at Ihr b..?| t,. prev?-ol tb? a. II.I?' In lm v rnpr p.-r . harn. t.-r* N-> int .xi ml UK liijni.r. ...|.| M :?i . ! mc, m l rrfr?h m.-nu.t I.,aril Ear*-. ?;u.l- ti<k-l?. * I; l?ly *V V'anup Appty t? AA * fl BYLES, |,VXLlR5K'Sb TO GLYMuNT Vrr:< ? jh? P .t. mai F?r?v Comni. j SkUMH 8TSHT HlUKI. A , , Wj.HIMTi.S, ?? M Kfl S Or Id after Jun. 1 th- ateauu-r WAWASET cau I ?-? tiart* r?*l l??r Excursion* to tiiy- mb. boat . b Tura.Uy?, H?l t?A4W 1^ !??.?)? aiiU Tlii:rada> ?. Th- ikatwrMWl - .. complete lrter, karitut been th roughly * inter feh- ha? a HDo. commclioua ??- ~n;t be. upp?, and w m ?,.r, ?r' ? tn nrii a tmiitjeM. . ? 1 J'1'*1*' '? tto* LeaMifnl.ami QI>mont in ? plenctd CModiliua, having be-n th .ruB^hly repaired ?tjd lb- (rr< nnd- put in *<x><1 order. p?"-u 'f- r,: Sl.M.MKR RESORTS. J(??t? rolNT HOTEL, rhode island. sE.isoa op i?71, vh THE El ROI'E.AN fuAN i't i? ?el Ik now n ai.d p< pillar SoBturr R-?..rt, ait ... Ray", b-t?r-l, tllfl. . A T I.e-tti m a 1 t ... iuail.|, II-cap*, it> 1 th- II t.? 1 uk-ei, it, , li'4' l-:? n.k> ti.- a.: ti- , ? 1 a ^'|^r -i r.LV^ V" > ?uru... !. A u- a L ? -?u.a. t. 1 . au mcreaa . , - . .. t-en ?d.|e.| RikK . a ' .7 ' ,!y; *" ... 1 il) ti- t***. Pro\).i? it? % |i | ?? '* ^ H. H( >. Propt V a-l irr, hcaitUy ionT uirr rr+* n. D?*?r Suit k* r ? (*ar afkli r a ; ' J-1 !?> Ill- B. b !?e ! .\ L' ?r" r!,!" b> ran \A a.h'T,<*7 it), L. a , p. , f r tll^ rr, , p , u f 1 .J lti.rr< x-Ui-nt* amc- :a?t>?ar >' ue oia//? ,n Ir 1. , lath r ? m. mr ic- h..ti? a pi ?n . in tl!J J"" SUyrfc^i gaa nssajg&ya I: iht iJSu u ^V1*110 ?"> H< . - a fan.Hi-, will rt?d tt,l. U>. r r?ati. 'h ******* For fnr -,ri*' ?-E"KGE bell. Pr>prt^>r W^T em) hotel, AT LOSU HKA.V H, j WILL BE OPENED OH THE or JC?K ?^''hYldretV^' *7 ImI Th ILD RETH? tr^Z* P,Etl' nV'IQIl ?EO G PREfBl R V , L*Biau.|,T^?* - * L,L^?;L" ->.? tJnn-l, F?rVmW"i ??AE?EIW-pw H~1 M. ? ?**'???, fern .tied. Ala*, four uafur- A 2 rcltr'lOU CW.KiI-0wr,ko>'y 10 JVHM w EIMMRLL CI?rap^Mn.. M aahi?mt..i, ccnnty. Md ?7 lai jgXAHiJiB ?? ? ?OLD BPECTACLR, OltlT f?, -K, *a EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Iitebnal Revbnvb?The receipts from this source to-day were #V.O,.%sm 25. Thb Pre?idknt and fanily left here this icorn ng 011 theearty train tor l?ng Branch. A? tino Assistant Stroeon H. T. Pbrcy ha* been ordered to the Canandaigun. in place ol Assistant Surgeon George P. Bradley, de tached from that vessel an.l ordered home. Sb<retary Robeson went directly to the navy-yard this morning from his residence to resume the investigation into the Polaris dis aster. He will carefully Investigate a'l the facts |>ersoiiallv, with the view to ascertaining the exact condition ot affairs. '? A sow of Gen. I?. II. Hill (T^mn Brttrn low's man') has been appointed a cadet at West Point, where his father, the General, giadua'td in 1s|J. hi the ?ame graduating cl i-s with Karl Van lK?rn, lx>rg?treet, and -John IV| So :-.i\s the New York ttfilii. Marhikh Senator W. M. Allison and Mi** Mary Neally, of Burlington. Iowa, were m ir ried at H o'clock yesterday afternoon at the residence of Senator Grimes, in that city. The w< doing ?h> strictly private. The bridal partv left la -t evening tor New York, and will sail for Kuiope. to be absent about four months. Personai?Fa-Senator Nye is in the city, looking remarkably well, notwithstanding the reports of his late ee^jjre sickness. ???? Mr. Samuel Ellis will discharge the duties of chief clerk of the ordnance bureau. Navy Depart ment, in the a rise nee of Mr. Brandt, wh<i will be in Europe till October, as noticed in Tub St a u of yesterday. A Boari> or Army Office* to consist of Capt. -lames McMillan, 3d artillery, Assistant Surgeon (ieorge A. Otis, and First it. Thorn*- II. Bradley, '.JVt infantrv, will as semble hereon Monday next to examine ;nto and report on the qualifications of such per son- a* may l>e brought before it for appoiut ?aelit r?j- superintendent* of national cemeteries. As ENTERrRlPlN*; SKow man of Tiftiii, Ohio, oilers the government ??-'n,n?io for the u?e of Captain .lack, now in the custody of the mili tary authorities. He desires to exhibit Ca;?t tin .lack for >ixtv davs, and offers to pay 930,0**0 w lien the Modoc chief is delivered to him and the other half at the end at sixty days; but in ease Captain -lack commits suicide then he will pav *l.(**i per day up to the time he in iv com mit such act lie promises to keep Captain .Jack safe and return him in good order. Transfers or Army SruoBONS?On the recomnieudatiou of the Surgeon General the follow ing change.- and duties of otlicer* of the medical department have been made: Assistant Surgeon (ieorge McC. Miller, relieved from duty in the department of the south, and or dered to the department of Arizona. A?si.-t int Surgeon Wm. II. King, relieved from duty in the department ol Mi? ouri. ami ordered to th'i d< partmeiit of the south. Surgeon Charles T. Alexander relieved from duty in the depart ment of Missouri, and ordered to report to the Surgeon General. As-istant Surgeon Charles I!. Byrne, relieved from duty in the department of Columbia, and ordered to Baltimore, Mil., to rej>oit by letter to the Surgeon General. The Polaris Crew The U. S. steamer Frolic, with a portion of the Polaris crew on board, arrived at the navy yard yesterday from St. .Johns, .-he having been sent there to bring Capt. Tyson and party home. As soon as -h. arrived Secretary Robeson and Commodore liexnolds, of the navy; Prof. Henry and i'rol. Baird. of the Smithsonian Institution, and Capt. Brown,of the signal corps, went on board the dispatch steamer Talla|>oosa lying near. ? apt Tyson was sent for, and in the cabin ot the Tall'apoo-a they had a long conference with him. It is the intention of Secretary Robeson to allow no communication whatever with the Polaris crew. A board of naval officer* will be designated to take the testimony of the cast aways, and when that task shall have been committed the report will be male public. KEDSHPTfow oy Five-twenty Bonds ok 1 The Secretary of the Treasury this morn ing issued a circular giving notice that the pi! and accrued interest of the bond i.< rein below designated, known as "i-iS) bonds, will be paid at the Trea-ury of the L'oi'ed States, hi the city of Washington, on and a;'ter the t-th day of September, 1 *?73, and that the interest oh said Imiids will cea-e 011 that day. That is to sa\. coupon bonds known as the third series, act of February ;?>. 1*?;_', dated May 1, ls?;:?, as follow-: 1 fc<mrf*.-S )0?No. 1J01 to No. (1JW, both inclusive: ?KO? No. 47.XJ to No. 19)00", both in elusive. sSOO?No.3001 to No. 10700, both inclu sive. ?No. CTiH to No. TJtiOO, both iui lu ?i ve?aiO,?NN),tsiO. H- fittert4 H> n<it.?No. to No. It Jo, both inclusive; No. t*so4 to No ?jh.'i'i. both inclusive: IM-HalM to No. r?T<io, both in elusive. M.00??No. ^'???*1 to No. both in clusive: *">,o00?No. ??! to No. T.VH), botfi inclu sive; *i0,0no? No. ifKy to No. w;sit. both Inclu sive?yl.Ow.t'W. Total, ?20,000,000. Affairs in Montgomery Corsrv. Mu - We regret to learn that Mr. Wiu. 11. Stabler's barn was entirely consumed by fire on Sunday night last. Mr. Stabler also lost several valuable rea|>ers and two or three carriage which were in the barn at the time. There was an iiiMirance of tour hundred dollars on the property which wnl do little toward replacing it. BaM Batt (*n Friday last the ??Star" ol Ceorgetown, I?. C.. visited this place to play a match game with the '-Montgomery." The visitors were beaten by a score ol i:>tol-.? Rb \rill< 3'n'm'f. Fanny Hyde's Bondsmen.?When the jury failed to agTee in the case of Fanny Hyde, who was tried tor the murder of her employer, (ieorge W. Watson, she was liberated on bail 111 When her second trial was called 011 -he failed to appear, and was rearrested in Washington, \esterday morning. Mr. Place applied to have her bondsmen exonerate.! troin their liability. ?he now l>eing in the hands of the authorities. " The motion was op|?o?d bv Mr. ttlittori, and will be argued ou Saturd iv?-A- F. Star &A. ^ ,- (i. .r and twelve to thirteen inches long, formed ov* ttllinp h tube with snow and water an t then ex loosing it to a freezing mixture, brittle as it is, can be bent without breaking by gradual and per-istent pressure, with iuterval.-ot rest, iutoa perfect ring. Aitken publishes some interest .ug experimentsof this sort in a recent number ot Nature, and applies them to an explanation of glacier movements. Cheat Bond am> I.and Frai i?s.?The North Cerinau government has -?ent an agent to this country to ferret out one O. O. Glaves, who is charged with having swindled large numbers of Germans b> selling to them bond.- aud western land- of an almost worthle-c character, on rep resentations that the bonds were valuable in vestments and that the lands were eligible lo cated and fast increasing in value A. Y. j-*r nal vf Ci Ur? Colored Fellow CiTi/.ftNfefcave be< n holding a state convention in New .Icrsev. The session was rather stormy, but not uiire so than attends the average political conven tions of their white brethern. They renewed their vows of teally to the state and reendorsed tlie republican party, including fli* administra tion in General Grant.?y. F. Worl4. The Battle ok the Boynb.?The niigistra tes of Belfast. Ireland, with a view to the adop tion ot measures for the prevention of disturb ances on the 1st and :wi of duly, the anniversa i rie-ot the battle* of the Boy tie and Aughrim ! respectively, have determined to prohibit all processions on those days. Anotbeb Kboaobmebt in Crna?A Span irb telegram says that an encounter has takeu ; p ace in the Beroja mountains, Cuba, in which 7| insurgent-a ere killed. The Spanish lost 19 killed and I- wouiuleti. ? 7" I be Memphis ttaby show attracted m>re j single than uiairted people. 'I hey were more t interested. (/Si'bnul teachers in Ca-? eountv. Iowa, 1 have to agree not to be courteti before they can j get situations. WMr. Santa Kosa. an American citizen who has been imprisoned 111 Cuba, has been re leased. and sailed Wednesday from Havana for New York. S^Tbe constitutional convention of Pennsyl vania has adopted a provision to prevent illegal voting. It requires that each ballot cast shall be numbered in the order ot its reception, and each voter, tl be pleases, may an an additional safeguard ante his name on the back of the ballot. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB + Thla Afternoon's Dispatcher. ? ? ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. End ol lh? Baltlmarf Life Inorurt Cm VKKDICT FOE rLAIHTI WW FOB THE FVLL AMOUNT. Baltimore. .Inner;?In the United State* circuit court this morning, the jury in the c?*e of Eliia M. Uom ig?mst the New York Mutual life insurance company to recover a *5,000 life l>olicy issued by defendant on the life of the |daiu"tift ?s husband returned a verdict for the lull amount for the plaintiff*. It wax alleged that W S. Goss, husband of the plaintiff, burned to death in h>s shop, near thin city, in February, 1KTJ. while experimenting to find a substitute for India rubl?er. At the time the shop was entirely consumed. at<d the holy of a man ww taken from the ruins with his'limbs and face burned off, but the chest and head i>rcser\ed. Coss had policies on his life in the New Yotk Mu'ual insurance company tor S5.(iO0. issued in 1W?*; in the Continental lite in surance company for 45.000; in the Knicker bocker for *.*>,000, and in the Traveler's insu rance company for *10.000. Payment was re fused on the ground that the d-.*arh of Go** had not been proved; that the body found after the tire was so mutilated that it could not be re cognized; that it was not tbe body of Goss, ar.d there was reason to susjiect fraud. Suit was then brought against the Mutual life insurance company as a test, and a ver dict rendered as above. The case has been on trial for eight days before Judge Bond. The plaintiff and defendant were represented by the ablest couusel. and other coni|>anies had counsel present during the trial. A number ot medical and dental experts were examined as witnesses. A motion for a new trial was en tered. t:u rope To-day. A PORUKKY. l.onnox, dune ?;?A letter appears in (his mornings paper* from M. Pietri, formerly pri vate secretary to the late Kmjieror Napoleon, contradicting the authenticity of the appeal of the ex-Kmpess Kugenie to the French people published yesterday afternoon in the Pall Mall Gazette. TUB KMPF.ROR WILLI AM BFRtorSI.V II I. A special dispatch from Berlin to the London .Y'ir.< sa>s the Kmi>eror William is in a serious state and his physicians have advised him not to take his contemplated journey to Vienna. POLICY OK THK HEW GOVERNMENT OK FRtXi'E. The Dukede Broglie. minister of foreign af tairs, has addressed a circular letter to the rep resentatives of France abroad, declaring that the difference between the majority of the deputies in the assembly and M. Thiers was not on his foreign but domestic policy, the late cabinet not otlering sufficient guarantees :<gainst revolution in the country. The policy oi the new government, he continues, will be moderate at home and pacific abroad. All at tempts at revolution will be vigorously opposed without attacking existing institutions. M. Maximilier l.ettre. an eminent pbylologist. was yesterday received as a member of the I rcnch MtdWBT. n The H>sl Point Ksaintnatiou. IHK SfCCSSMrtTL CANDIDATES. New York, June fi.?The following are among tbe successful candidates in the exami nation fur admission to WeaJ Point Aeademy: Joseph B. Boyle, Md.; Hartford P. Brown. Wm. M. Black and Walter B. Craig. Penn.; Henry O. Flipper and Daniel A. Frederick, ? icorgia. Wm. W. Galbraith, Penn; Charles B. Catcwood, Vs.; Kdwin F. Glenn, N. C Wiu. P. Gordon, Penn.; Juo. J. Hayder, Tex is; Charles Hall, Miss.; Henry Kirbv, X. C ; Theodore Parker, N. C.; Francis d. Patten, dno. H. Philbrock and Fdward II Plnmtner, Md.; F. A. Siiuuis and G. W. S. Sander. Penn.; Benj. Stern, Ala.; d. B. Walker. FU.: ?I. F. Whit worth, S. C.: Jno. W. Williams, Ya.; C. J. Woodward, Md. ? Sew York Xoles. MOKE TAMMANY KINO EX - OEPICt A t.? A R RKHTED. Ntu York,June t. dohn Noe, ex-sup^rin teiident of the Croton Aqueduct department, and John Hice, former time-keeper, were arrested yesterday on a charge of fraud upon the city "treasury to the extent of *t'W?.noO. Kol>ert Price, said to l>e associated with them in the traud, has not vet been arrested. St ITS AO At?t st THE CITT, aggregating #1,000.000, have been brought l>v l.dmund dones for stationary, and ./.Navarro lor water meters under the ring rule. Till FIRM ol I.eet, Stocking .V Co., which hvs had the monopoly 01 the general order business of the custom-house, has dissolved. ? Wall Street To-day. Nvw York, dune ?; Gold opened at 11*. sold at II"'. Mil*;^, and has since ruled at ll?alls . ' >n gold loans the rates have been 4 to ? for car rying. Foreign exehange is up for prime ster ling to 101>?, and 1101, respectively, with busi ness at a concession of >,?:>.Hi. With the ex treme dullness prevailing In the Wall street as well as in trade circles, money lenders have difficulty in employing the'ir funds, tin pledge of the government, the uiost that ran be obtained Is and a good deal is down at 4. At railway and miscellaneous stocks c is high rate. But little mercantile paper i? mak ing. and the demand at about 7 tor prime i good. Government bonds are strong, transac tions being small in southern state bond*. ? ( leaning Ont iheXeil ran lMnr|(i>n1?. M atamokas, June .V?<ien. Ceballa*, com manding in the State ot Jal isco, announces a complete victory over the insurgent chieftain l.aseda, in the Aleca mountains, near Tepee, where he had heretofore defied national au thority, routed and dispersed his followers, capturing a number of cannons, a largo amount ot ammunition, and destroying his mountain fortifications. The cityofTej>ec is occupied by government forces. Ceballas claims to have pacified the State of Jalisco and established the authority of the general government in that section, where it Las not been respected for vears. ? Death Sentence Commuted on the Scaffold. Kaleigr, N, C., dune The condemned men Griffin and Mordacai, sentenced to be hanged to-day, received a commutation of sentence to imprisonment for life just one hour before the time of execution. A large crowd had collected around the scaffold, and the prisoner had dressed for the occasion, and had taken leave of their families, and were engaged in the last devotional exercises when the messenger from the governor arrived. Ah Awaisli at Large. Hazi.eton, Pa., June 6 Yesterday Henry Stant'enlierg entered the dwelling "of Mrs. Bellly, a widow lady, and demanded money. Being refused he stabbed and beat her and'a small girl living In the house. He assaulted another ladv in the neighborliood. but being in terrupted fled. He is slill at large. Mrs Keilly still lives, but is in a critical condition. Stau ieiil>erg is venrs old, IS teet x Inches; stout built; small dark moustache au<t goatee, and was dressed in a gray suit and light hat. ? The Sioux Want m Reservation In Canada. Toronto, dune 6?A dispatch from Fort Garry. Manitoba, savs a large and friendly deputation of Sioux Indians from the we t waited u|>cn the Governor General yesterday to ask him for a reservation ot land. A large quantity of provisions, clothing and trinkets were presented to them, and after a friendly talk they returned home. ? The Polaris. WHAT CAPT. TYrtOM SAYS. New York, June f.?Capt. Tyson is reported to have told Secretary Robeson yesterday that he bad no tears for'tbe safety of the Polaris, and gave some instances where she pr r ed her great strength, and said she would undoubtedly Arrive safe tbis summer. Those of the expedi tion who arrived yesterday are all i:i good health. ???? A Drnnken Woman who 1 Murdered Her Mather. Bi no ii ami-ton, N. Y., June 6.?Tbe coroner's jury in the case of Mrs. Knsa Comity have re turned a verdict that her death was caused by wounds ii.fficted by her daughter, Mrs. Can ning. who has been arrested and is now in jail. Ths prisoner is years old mud an habitual drinker. ? - A nether l^glilatlve Keandttl. Albahy. N. Y., June 6.?The presiding officers of tbe senate and house of the late legislature refused to sign the annual supply bill, haviug reason to believe jobs were inserted after it left tbe hands of the conference com mittee. Tbe bill will be printed and submitted to tbe members of tbe committee for inspection. A ihothlag Crime. It0< tiESTKM, June ti?A Spaniard gving the name of Geo. Kane was arrested here last night for attempting to ravish and murder a Mrs. (?age, in her houae, near Albton- Mrs. Uag4, who is ia a precarious condition, recognized tae man m k?r MMUaut, ? THE SCAFFOLD. TON WRIGHT IIA1V6ED. HIS CONFE8SION. A BLOODY DEED. BOW R0CEBS1I WIS IIRDERED. THE ABMANBIN AND THE VICTIM. Wrlchl'o ABteffdfBln- Tfrriblf If?? cortl of Crime -Hi* Jatl Ufe-HU Lrltfn l? Hi* Wlntrrw. Warffii. ret W?o4?-Hc WuM Her to Mare HI* !frrk by Arrun. nine Bfmbr) ?l the Crime. the rmMso.yjKM'tf i.jst urn in*. DEATH BY THE LAW. The crime expiated by Tom Wright on the gallows to-day, wm one of the most heinous character, awl ranks among the darkest deeds in criminal annaW. The murderer was cool, calculating and deliberate in its premeditation, and crnel mid merciless in Us execution. The taking of human life uuder the incitement of anger, jealousy or revenge, although some times excusable, U always deplorable, but a mercenary murder is not only inexcusable but destable and revolting; the band of every man is instinctively raised against the perpetrator as an enemy to society; and Justice cries out in voice of Holy Writ??? Who>?o ?heddeth m^u's blood by man shall Uis blood be she?l." The Crime. On the morning ot the 21th of December last our citizens were startled by the re|tort that a terrible tragedy had been enacted in our midst, and that the Itody of a man, mutilated aliuo-t l>eyond the hope of recognition, had been found on a vacant lot in South Washington. .About nine o'clock the previous evening, Francis A. Kidweli, a youth oi al>out seventeen years of age. and Alice Sorrel, a little girl living on south 1> street, while passing through the alley between tftli and loth and Hand K streets sou Mi west, noticed the body ot a man LYIKG apparently LIKKLgSS, and pasring out on :?tli street informed < >ffi -its l,ea< h and Henderson ot the circumstance, * ben they hastened to the s|K?t, and tound the dead Usiy of an unknown man. It w^? re moved to the tirst precinct station-bouse, wiicn it was discovered to be that of a white m m, short and robust, with a thick reddish bea^l, and dressed in a dark suit ot thick clothing, the pints being tucked into a pair ot heavy !><><>?-. Around the thighs was a double strap,"tightly buckled, with a similar fastening ab?ut the neck. The head was covered with cut* and bruises; thetopoi the sknil was crushed in a it by some i>bar|> instrument, and the brain wa oozing tbrough the aperture thus mule. A number of incisions were on the forehead, as if made by a pickaxe, an.l THE FA( E WAS I.ITER V LLV II A< KKD To PI?ns, e\Idently with the same instrument. Tlie nose was completely severed from the face, and the lower lip cut from the chin. So completely hacked to pieces was the head and lace that re cognition by the features was imi^ossible. Most of the wounds appeared to have been made trtim the right side of the head, and the body had the appearance of having been dragged some distance. The body was still warm in the region ot the heart when brought to the station house. In one ot the |tocket? was found an en velope bearing the inscription "Samuel Kog.-n ki, 1015 ith street. Washington. I). C., I>ee. 2P?;" also, an empty tobacco bag and a tape measUI<.. At the station hon?? the body was atretche! out j on a loose dooi. which had been placed on two battels in a bavk rooui, and presented a revolt ing appearance. ON E THI><. REMARKABLE about the corpse was the absence of blood, and it was thought that the face must have iieen washed after the killing took place. The mur dered man was of stout build, about five feet six indies iu height, and weighed about ITo (hmiihIs. The supposition was that he wa? roblxdand afterwards murdered to hide the robbery, and carried to the place where lie ? t found. The Victim. After the facts became known hundreds of people repaired to the station-house to see it ; they could identify the body. It wa- finally recognized by several of the acquaintances ot the deceased as that of Samuel Kogerski, a Pole, who had been in this country about six months and was employed in periling taucv k'xhIm. Hie tin tort u nate in. hi. who was a son oY Abraham Itogerski,. was porn in the city ot Kalvaria. province of Suvalskl, Poland, on the 1.1th td -July, 1MJ. He was tbo eldest ot seven children, and was educated tn the schools ot that city and well qualified for mercantile pur suits. having become master of several lan guages, which he both wrote and s|>oke fluently. Ills father was a man ot considerable tueau's, and esteemed by all who kuew him. lor In integrity ot character. He occupied : - por tion of ? >\ KP.SKKK OK THE PRhON ot that citv, and on bis death hissou Saiuuel succeeded lum in that position until the up rising of the Poles against the Russian govern ment in lMi'j, when he was dismissed tor |?olit ical reasons, alter having held the ottice for nineteen years. At the same time he lost bis property, which was confiscated by the Russian government. and eojn after concluded to emigrate to this country, leaving his wile and four chlldreu until he could make provision to send tor them He arrived at New York in 1*72 and went directly to Pittsburg. Pa., where he had a brother and other relations living, and there engaged in peddling which he followed some four months, and not meeting with success be started to Washington where he arrived the 20tb of Mav, 1*72. and being somewhat reduced in means his relative. Mr. George tioldberg. living at 421 :?th street, took hiiu to his hou-e and gave him a start peddling tin-ware. Find* ?-* - V * ?i-.?a i, .... i took up the business oi selling ilrv goo<l?. w hich he follvFCd until he met his death. While so engaged HE WAS VERY Pttt'KENT \M> SAYfK.i, and a short time before be was killed be re marked to bis relative that early in the spring be bo|>ed to be able to send" ticket* to his family in Poland to meet him in New York, as he already had saved over f&w. He wrote to a brother at Cardiff, Wales, when to repair to Liverj>oo| to meet his wife and children to a sist them in procuring a passage on shipboard This was al?out two months before he w *s killtd. His brother received his Instruction". Htid at the ap|H)inteti time, arrived at I.iverixtoi where he waited past the tnue when they should have met him as agreed tipon.and not knowing what to do, lie concluded to come over to this country to see his brother and ascertain the cause. He returned to Cardiff and settling hi? business, sailed direct to New York where h?? arrived in April last, and when on the i>oint oi' taking the train for this city, he met a country man of h>s who informed him of the fate his brother bad met. which so overcame him that he fainted in tbo street, ami after recovering his senses, bis grief made him nearly frantic. ?iknkihisity of the i?e< eased. He. however, proceeded to this city and is now temporarily at No. 1110 7th street. Hog.'r ski, alter being deprived of his property in his native city, 1, bored hard to support his brothers and sisters. ami. as an Instance of his generosi ty, it may be stated that he mortgaged his little property which he had left him in order to gl\e his sisters a marriage portion, just previous to his emigrating to this country. He was a intn of gentle and refined bearing, and possessed great nersoual strength. He could easily have stood his ground with Tom Wright in a tair en counter face to face. After his arrival in t'jis citv he took a room on Ostreet, between wh and Jth, ami every day it was hi? habit to start out early and work late, in order to gain a suf ficient sum ef money to bring his wife and chil dren to this country. With BRIGHT HOPE" FOR THE FCTCRS. * he trudged daily from door fo door, counting up his small gains at night, and denying turns,if the ordinary comforts of life duringthe cold and dreary winter^ buftetlng against all ob stacles whQe picturing to himself the day when he would welcome his wile and little on * to his new home. On the morning of the 23d of De cember he started out as usual with an assort ment of drr ftods and faney article* in a pack rtrapMd tonis^ack, Healeoearrled inh'sfiand a leather-covered valine, and ted wae *J00 or more In his pocket. He wa* aeen the aaae day Pj HT?nU liux b$ HA kU**r0ii?g hyu*, wi a ith-street car conductor ren. ver*d se* ng Lim on bis car. ht> ( H \g>- loft at tU? corner of 7Ui ?'n?( ?ml Mary Is ivenu*. A letter wm rffcutil ? lew .|?t bv %r> Goldberg. a relative ot the unft 'ate i>ki, Irum bio wxlo* id Kwrope fetch, alter expressing her sorrow at the ui, ly death of her husband. she warmly thank M???r*. Gold stein and Wolf and the Cttiiens of Washington lor the generous contribution; *?ut her la?t winter. . The Ib?|I Word wu telegraphed to the various st ?tion houses and to police headquarters and a in wt vigorous search for the perpetrators 01 the bloody deed at one* instituted. Lieut. Jaaw W.Gesstord, a*, the requested of Coroner Pat terson. summoned a Jury of inquest. Several phvslcians were ho attendance, and aided Dr. .1. V". Hartiuan in the autopsy, among tlx m being I>rs. McWilliatn*. Boirman, Leach. Ro land, and Brookheiraer. Alter the autoi-e a consultation was held by them as to the expe diency of taking the 'testimony with closed doors'in view of the fact that no arrest* bad been uiade of the guilty party or par tie*. Major Kti hards. with Chief Clarvoe. Detec tives McKlfresh, McDevltt. Assistant I?i??tnct Attorney Harrington, and several reporter* of the city "press, visited the spot where the mur dered man was found, and after considerable search several I>R<?P.S OF BLO?>r> WERB DIKOVRRKD 011 the mow and ice leading to the went side of the square where the body was fonnd. indi cating that It was brought" into the alley frww that direction. It w? finally determined. :i|?>n the request of the jtolice authorities ami dis trict Attorney Harrington, to hold the inquest with closed iloors, even the members ot the press being excluded from the room. Mr. Fran cis A. Kidwell testified to finding the bodv, and >liss Alice Sorrell, who was with liim at the t,me, corroborated his testimony. Mr. Ueor^e H. Newman, who owned the carts near by where the bodv was found, testified to being called ont by Kidwell, and seeing it Iviug on its face. Drs Hartigan and l^each, at the post mortem examination, fonnd in all twelve wounds on the head, which ap|?eared to have been m ule with a hatchet, with the exception of that on the forehead, which seemed to have l>ecn made with a pointed instrument. THE VERDICT. The jury found a verdict that Samuel lio gerskl cane to his death by violent blo??, in flicted with an instrument or instrnments, de livered on the head and face by some person or per?ons unknown to the jury. The ImmIv was allowed to remain at the station house in charge of friends of the same religious pursua-ion (Hebrew) as that to which the de ceased had belonged. The remains were buried on Christmas, alter the inquest. by a commit tee of the Adas Israel synagogue oh I*enn*y' va nia av? uue. THK SEARCH for THK MCRDKRHR. The police authorities were kept actively at wot k in searching for the |ieri>etiatorol the mur der. tin the Tuesday after the di-covery ot the body, the officers went through the house cor ner of loth and K streets southwest, and into the closet described, but as it was a very d ?rk corner the marks of blood were not discovered at that time, and Wright nff'? red to assist I?e tective Coomes In uptui everything in the house, and afterwards ?-?e?I Mr. Coonies it he was satisfied. During the search altout the commons tor blood marks, Tom was among the rest witn a bold front. The* Arrrcf. The detectives, aided by Lieut. G ess ford and his officers, had made several arrests of suspi cious persons, but none proved to be the patty wanted, and after taking allot t!ie circum stances into consideration, Chief Clarvoe, Detective McDevltt and Lieutenant Ge?siord, in company with Officers Hughes, Lewis and Leach on Christmas night, went to the house on the southwest corner of E and loth streets southwest, occupied by Tom Wright fa pal of the notorious brothers, .lim and George iturnett.) Margaret Woods, colored, (mistress of Tom Wright,) her son, a colored boy, named t.eorge Woods, and a boarder named Sam Hembry. and took them all .nto custody and lodgtnl them tn the first precinct station house. Ilere thev were questioned sepa rately. Tom dtnkd all knowledge of the deed, and would own up to nothing, merely saying that he was bad enough, but not bad enough to kill or rob. T?'M WRIf.HT < HA no ED WITH THK CR1MK. Margaret ?a& more talkative, and said she was not present at the time of the murder, bur that Tom committed the act while she was absent; that she came home and found what had been done, and that the goo-Is be longing to the peddler were concealed in a -bed in the rear of the premises. She also sUted that on the Friday preceding the murder Tom asked her when that Mutch |>eddler was coming there again, and on Iteinz told on Moiidav he said he was ttoing to rob him and get some Christina- money, that ou Monday she want out to do some washing for a lady near by; that when she came home Tom was engaged in washing up the floor; that on asking lntu what lie had done he said he had **killcd that d d Dutch peddler," and nut him in the closet, that at night be fastened the strap* of his pack aliout his neck and legs, and throwing the body over his shoulders carried it out and laid it on the com mens. She jier-isted in saying that im on;, to her knowledge, was present in the house but Tom and the peddler at the time of the mur der. Till rtnDLtBH PACK t'NKABTHKD. <>n obtaining this information the officers started back at once, and, obtaining a lantern, searched the house and shed thoroughly. They were on the point of giving up the search, when Officer Lewis overturned a large pile of lumber andtdiscovered that the earth underneath bad \>cch disturbed. A shovel was procured, and alter digging down about three feet they un earthed a bed -acking containing all the goods of Kogerski. consisting of shawls, laces and fancy articles. Ttese were removed to the station-house, together with a hatchet found under the l?ed in the front r >tu, where Marga ret directed them to look foi i he weapon which the assassin used in bis v,o k of butcherv. A light was brought to bear < i the clo-et. where Maigaget said the body ? - first placed after the uuirder, and MARKS or BLOOD 1 EKE KOCND on the door and wall, l?u the floor had been caret ully wa.-hed. a.-also t ? rioor of the front room w here the killing toe place. The house in which the rests were old frame structure, stat in a large lot en closed by a picket-fence, ?s some distance from any other dwelling. The trout, or main building", is two stories i.-^h, with a one-stor\ back building, the whole ontiiuing but three rooms, with a rubbish lot- and staircase, under the latter lieing a close*t some eight feet in length, opening into the t ?wei xront room.where the murifei ?as rouimiuui, ai?t is the t to.-ct in which the tKMly was tem; warily deposited atter the murder. The lower .tck room is a kitchen, and contained a cooking-stove, talile, vano.n culinary articles, and li? psof old rubbish scat tered about promiacuo. y. THK TliK?>RV < f THK MIRXKR. The natural intereii.c was that th? pe.Idler was sitting iu tha fro.; room, exhibiting hi good*, when he was st .tck a heavy blow f rom behind, and knocked * ,-eles-; that other Mow* followed in quick succe* ion while he was down: and that the blood w s washed up carefully after the Itody had beex. dragged into the closet . Careful search was raude of the premises, an I everything on which b' >od wa- found retained by Major Richards. A tong these articles were several hatchets anc knives, a .screw driver, and some clothing. THK Ml RDF OTB WEAFOHB. Two ot the hatchet- ire such as are used in nailing lathes bv pla> erwrs, and on aclo-e ex amination blood was oundon oneol them, ai?l a few bits ot hair, responding in color and appearance to that o* the murdered man. The bouse from its |?sit.on and surrouiHluigs af forded a most com ment* place for per|>etra ting such a deed unobserved, and to hide more effectually the possibility of ottaervation, a heavy piece of cotton canvas like a piece of sail was tacked up over a window looking east wardly, the shutter of which was broken, on removing tome of the brick- from the edge of the hearth and those near the floor were found to have been saturated with blood a- if the pool had run over and down the cracks and seams between them. The Murderer. Wright was a powerful, full-blooded African, over six feet in height, and weighing when com mitted to jail about 200 pounds. On a casual side glance his physique did not indicate the powerful man he really was, but on cloae In spection it was nc'iced that his shoulders were very broad, and his limbs well developed. He bad a small bead with a retreating forehead, prominent nose, ?.nd thick lips. When he grin ned or laughed it was discovered that on- or two of his front 'etth were missing, and this added to the repi si veness of his appearance. A SKBTCH C / HIS LIFE AID CRIMEN. He WM bora, I oordlng to bU own statement, tn C.t In September, |?1, and was a slare to Mr. W Hajxaa, on wbow rarm he worked until during the war, when be worked at blacksinltblng, and later found his way to Richmond. Here, according to his own (WMV, ? robNry, au4 afterward* went To We'.don, N-?th Ctrvliu. There, *K*r Working ?' black?m . thing for thiw or four months. he emptoyne-nt in a board i awe or hctel. Witii a niio nauted Green, b? Mi'SSBr TIIK HOTEL or ITS SILVER FLATS. which thev sold tor sso. lie then made hi* ?? to PrankhntOB an<l worked on a farm, attend ing a school at Bruokvale taught by a ?iMonuy teachir. He continued to work oil a farm ai*i attend school until early in 1*70. A porter's place in a store in Frank .inton ww ne*t filled bj hini for a few month*, when he went to Dan ville and worked there a short time. In Sep ta niter. 1?70, he returned to Richmond and shipped on the brig "8. P. Brown" a* rook, awl afterward* ww 011 the brig ".lohn A. Pra. >. r ? until Christmas, DC1. sjh< n he went to New York and ston|?ed there a few month*. He ??? next heard of at Norfolk, Va., where he *hi|i|?-d on the schooner "Sacw" a* cook. While the vessel wan at Fredericksburg he COMMITTED AS (HTKAUIOI A COLORED <?: KL, named Green. The wwl then -ailed for l*?w< r Macbodoc ereek. and while loading ti<? lie outraged a colored girl in the woods. He i?e*t turned u|> in this city, arriving here in the latter part of 1*71, and he Mate* that he made con siderable money in discharging the cargoes of vessels, although but lew knew him to wvrk much. At that time he boarded with Mrs Rewell, on Virginia aven>ie, but in -Iuly moved his boarding placed to Margaret Wwiib At this time he frequented some of the lowest ? 'laces on the Island, and it is -tated that am oijj bis chums were Pete Kuaa. Sam Smith, .lohu Williams. Henry Williams, "Cotton" IHirsev, alias ??Henry Mitchell." Fred Wagner, G-or/e Burnett. .tini Burnett s who was shot dead in an altercation with the police a few month- ag ? ?, and Sam Uaiue) .no* in jail ou the charg< of murder.) Moltl ROItRERIE* A*l>ofT?K,|?. I ast sun:mer he, with others, on an e* ur- hi at Glymont beat and roblted two men, an I lie committed art outrage on a colored girl nam -d Davis. In duly last, while the camp-meeting was In progress in Berry 's woods, near Glen wood, he outraged a colored girl who had ? ni di red in the winds. After he ?:i> i-<>inrnitte>l to jail in this city lor the murder ot Rogers* he stated that he '-cracked" a confectioner* store with Henry Williams and Beliah B-cketr ?-t fall, and icot MW.iS, to which he added some more and put it ui bank: also, that lafr lie stole anoverroat from a house on Pennsylvania avenue, lwttft-en -I ^ and ?tb street-. lie further acknowledged tn conversation with certain inmates of the city jail that sometime in September last he entered the house ot Mr. Stephenson, near the corner .it loth and F streets southwest, oneevening ah jut dark, and concealed himself un.lei Mr. S V until the old man weut to slee|?. when lie crawled out and took from ,t tt sink in the risen some *4??, and got oft with it w ithout disturb'n,; any one. He had overheard a oonver-atiou about the money, and where tt w i- kept, froiu underneath the |s>rch of the house, where lie was prw|*ecting lor a job. COMMITTED T<? JAIL. On the 27th ol December Wught li.vl a pre liminary bearing in the police court before ?fudge Snell, and was fullv tor the a< tion ot the grand jury. Margaret Woods. Sam uel Himbry and Geo. Woods, the bov, being locked Up in default of one tliou-ml dollar* each bonds as witnesse- The prisoner wa> then handcuffed and escorte?l to jail. He was assigned a cell on the first fleor,andU? right, and the usual leg iron- were blared ou him, at which he seenn-d rather sarpnsed. He I did not like the fare furnished at the jail, and during the tirst few day* ate hiikUtfo. In a few weeks, however, he became ahTlMnuied to it, and steadily gained tlesh, having added over pounds to his weight during his imprisonmeut. HIS RECKLESS DEMEAMOR I* rRISOM. From the very tlrst he ati'ected the swagger of a bully, and was inclined to make trouble with the guards. Once be squared himself for a fight, but a rush l?eing made ujk>ii him he wa eoon run backward- into his cell and locked up. Continuirg his disorder I v conduct he was threat ened with the dungeon," with bread and water fare, when he ^nieted down somewhat. * hat ton's HAI.r BROTHER sAVS OF HIM. 1 he night that the officers made the arrest ot Wright and !he other inmate* of his house. Margaret Woods among other things said that the morning after the murder Tom bad taken the valise belonging to the peddler aw?\ t.> hi brother who lived near the old gas house iu the First ward, and deseril?cd the house to the ofti cers. Infectives Clarvoe. Cooiucs. and some of Lieutenant Gcssford's in?n went to th< locality named but could find nothing of him. or any one who knew him. Soon after, how ever, a bait brother of Tom. named Hi vs. made his appearance at police head<(uar:er and stated that he had heaid of the murder, and that his brother had been arrested charged with it. and he bad come to learn the particu lars. He stated that he was engaged in teach ing school in Montgomery count r, Md., and bad walked all the way here, because UK W AS AFRAID TOM WOCLD COMB TO SOME BAD END. On being informed by Major Richards how mat ters stood, and that Margaret Woods lia?l chaigcd that he w a.- the |*M*es>or ol the ped. dler's valinttyHays was surprised and went on to say that the last time he bad any talk wi?h Tom was about the first of May previous, w lien be met him at Arlington 011 Decoration dav Tom told him he was doing well in Washington and invited bim to call and *ee bim. Havs says he felt glad to hear this at, Tom had al ways been a bad bov. and made up his mmd to go ami see him. Soon afterward* an occa-ioti otlered and he came to Washington and went to Margaret Wood*, but he saw things which he did not like, and he took Tom aside and ques tioned him. when he found that Margaret w* not his wife. He then gave Tom some good ad vice and left him, determined never to see him anymore. Major Richards otlered to give him a note to Gen. Crocker to |iermit him to see Tom, but lie declined to go. saving that he did not want to see him ag?in; he wits done with htm when he lett him at Margaret's house with hi* bad companions. He begged the officer* not to let his mother know anything about Tom's tt* as it would kill her. and appeared verv anxious about it, until thev a*-uredhiiu that they would regard his request. He then lett since which nothing has been heard of him Hays was inly a ball bto:lK>r ot Tom their mother lie* g the same. %%'rifjhl CMfewte? the 4 rime. A lew da s alter his cvuiiu*iiu*'ut to jail lie 0|*tied a . ill vernation with a teliow-pri-oner by rtiuarki. g. ?' I don't c*rc a d?c; 1 have sic hundred do .ars, and they can't h ing me with out hanging two or three others.'* His comrade replied: "'.ore, you had IteUer keep vour mouth shut iml talk to i,ol>odv bat vuur coun sel." WHl.X /yn HOW THE HECti H A- IH?VK. Torn kept at him for advice, and the comrade finally told uim that h$ would have to have some 1 acts ' etore he could, advise lutu what to do, and Wt ^ht, after some remark.-, -aid : " On th morning of the murder I got un altouf six o'clock and went out before break fast and gr- a drink and some pork steak. I come bom ind the steak was cooked tor break fast; aftei * hu h Margaret and me both went out. She ivent to *|>end the morning a* she used to do ind we (put the kev under tlie front step. Sin Uy after I came home and went in the house '?> myself. The peddler came about 10 o'clocl n the morning, aud I Kll '.ED am WITH AW OLD SPADE. 'J he fly cor*, tdetectioes). have got the thing wrong; hi was not killed with any hatchet. T didn't ki!'. bim so much for his money as tor hi* pack. T' ey are wrong too about the body in the closet, it was took out in the wood shed and covered with old rope carpet that was ou the floor. A t'ter 1 flafd everything, which took half or t .ee quarter* of an hour I V MIT Rot md TO JOHR WILLIAMS', who kec pfl a little sbop in front, and a place to idav cards back, and I played one or two games. Henry Williams aud me then went to the wharf where 1 expected to have some vessels to dis charge and from there 1 went to a drinking saloon, md from there back home to dinner.* The? imrade said: "Tom, mind vour atop*, ai.d se? ir I have it right," He then repeated the abcre statement, aanearasheeouM remem ber iu Tom. "You have got it right." AR ALIBI ftrw.EMTBIt. Con ade???Well, yon have madeout a mu. h stronger case than the detectives, and your on iv chance to to prove that yoa were not there that morni ig, and it is possible if the parties who *?u wtn y?nr fnends thev might be Voaitix e that they were with you from :? o'clock to 12, and If they could get the authorities to be ev t that you will be all right; if not they will you. tS hat became of the cari>et bag or hai d trunk'."' ^"r ght?"Oh, that is where thev will never find it." Comrade?"Tom, thev will hang vou sure." ITL to statement, which Is believed to be near the truth, he did hot make to more than one or two Inmates of the jail. To other parties he made entirely diflerent statements, accusing Bemi ry in nearly all of them of being the princ-pal In the murder.] TOM DBTRRMIRRB TO STARTR BIMBBLF. Wr'gbt then hfn?i greatty gepreaaed la spirits, and the next day remained ekaely la hi* cell, making up his ata4 te Mm UmK The pbytucian gave hia mmm ?illthm te t hich there vm ton aa4 hto BBaeflts lmi ovrd wonderfully, tag hi mbmrSmtiy ? f? a ? > '? ? ** cf rn? *< ?r??r IjU Lbfl' *; I# I'd-! hie <w?* ?d- thr foJ ? H?w*rg *trry, which dittrrr ?otnrwh?' rr?m the iM. ? r?t? . Roar Sah Sni tti anl m?. vi? playing carrt? 1r 'be tvn*.. ?h-n The peddler i-ame. a*?l ? in lh f?Ut>T > hn?baii 11 vent out '? g? t w a* lUikl>rtTv uiil |ii, and I went out t:d lrf> *t>tte m* ?IU? T*t Ma*. ??*? fiit Mm 1*1 the w<nd?????-. 1 until . when be toot btm i*?I vbHe I wa* with tt?e warn ?>? >U hrmKT'>. Wheti IIm Kiimhi. ? wturtle v ' u wr khrtitWMM vMinivl, aetiKl K? *T; rer ?>r? iiUtiif m? up NO*b?r the trnin nor Hinknrtt an vth ng about It. The man *n> taken ?av M tare*- ?? loaf Men. wh* bad a blanket umler Mm to preernt any ?re-*Ni cf tberonte by which he we* cwrM. I had Ri\y itoUat* wbeti' I ??* arre?te<1. but gave It ta> % Itttif at police be?i|nai lari. Comrade?-\\ here w l*e%w ? V iiMht TkrrtuMiickauwPfUr, b?t tlifreH a Wftttam Kom." Comrade ?"Where l? William R??* now'."* T'?m mrxr.Ata attti hth?* i ii mw, Wright.?"He t* the Man who man m the Smithaontan maud, but McDooMt ?ft It wa> m? who done it. but I pot mv rake in "the nott^y Thru fliere wa* a jwb itrntf by tho market. and both of them were done by tiM aaiue hand. lor they tRTot too MK'h." <oR>rado?"Wall, To>, how about wt f. All ! t w r r*tl? i *>'**? ' *?* *ot I want for n%e dollar* apieer Inwn on the la.and." Comrade??? O, yea, 1 gu?m you cau." i **???! HI* IriAl. A IWHt LBTTRR OA It a I A?. MarftrM Weo<l? and her wn, and tWrnSrv were committed to Jail a* wltn.-.*. - ?n the ,.?> alter he wae committed. and wr-tw .N.ntiaet in other parte of tbo Jail. An ?li> WihM?ha I * Mi her a email dog which ?ai able to |>a-a ?*???, ? tlie bar* ot tbo corridor door* li i? pow>t|>v i ?? be may have beeu aaed in c* i. i ,?m Maigart t U> Totn, aud n or r. j. %(?,,? , ?onu-tioter were ?cnt by ttib route or ih ?. -li t?rl?onere. ??ne oi tl??- hr?t l??t.r? ? *,v " right to Margaret wa? the f.. loam* ? ? . printi d verbatim : Ml ???t< VAUillT Woon. *f t vt i kltU! 1RB rSMK.tR *"r"i?,.r"ii "" K*"r> ?< ??? that H* % A ill the IV.ll.-r and I. i r,, .. ?ttr >.u?t. t'.at Kail K*mlwt> tilith II ? ..t t ,'J man and laid il oil t-m i <?? J., lit, | . i ,..., i, f I* **1m?r ,'1 n?? It it m ilt ii *1 hurt <-?(.* ?? i 11 *%#*rF B?h1> 9<.q w*. tfei^f Haii. B imI> - fe ll (tie* p. ,t tar that *,iH mmm from heinc U m. I ? .t|.| , t J* 55 l*-4* J?*? ?? ?? ' ?! ?'? ' Vila ? A, M*r'-T P *'VrV k!" ?h? ma u>4 It . n ? ? W richt liui ?aa. kid th^ aiati I ?ill ax lai n a?.. - tbrn ar<1 if yo? Itawt I alll fit In ,: I r n b I W'rd il j.-ti frying to IV. n. | mtlMn,. t ti. l. ii, th<- m nunc ai Br.-<-kti?. a- uM m. ... I nn atop rryttitf f"i m? P ??! I %rt ? m.-at h k. ?^n,iL"!,Lrt'**rtt"? "r *< ?-r? \ p ut M thr ?M-thin u t |; ?t ..aJ. I tfll Say (Win R tnbt rv k-l th V ll^i ? ,.| Ui?l M .* t.m tint *?ni % kill fVr ,11 Kit. I-ark Ikla In lh. airunt .? Hi . klw al in.- Iirr if > u lia?e Dim Ilk. I i . 11 <. ,, , r theaakr ?.f font li't ?? t ??.. it r..? | I*> lit I will ki| ItaiiK *a? Mi'- I. u ri kill il. P-4h-r aad latd it < n ioaii..|| |t i (,. ii , . ? ai-dataid toit t.-ll all th. Jail ?iaiO? t. C if . ,t iha ,r S?* r* ow' ("? ? ? !> |( ??r? kill II^IWI.m and laid I . n l |> , j... I tfll H-nd far % orrl If j nr ,r- 1? , ,,4 , aft^r yoiiaat ? ? Do.,t ?it af-ai III. ? . , . for Mir?a? Urn r> K. Ml : ?? ?. t~w \\ rial 1 Ha* t.m r>*\ rr |> 1, m .. > . , : a^rr B':t Sam B- n l- rx kill tl. It l-r 11,an Pun: tin. u# afl.r . .. K . \T? .... l?o?rt Irt H i Oiw M P It D ar I a?A l> ,1 bn*) H<d> that8an' B-Uii.?r> KiI'Hh ' A KU Al..?ki. |> .... , ??? the .MUi01 Marchtbepti-n* . ? - into r. urt for arraignment .1 1 * , Kelly with a |H>**e ot L> . ,, ^11 J*lie court room m ?> . Va% , ' Willi |-er*oiip miitiou? tw J. 1 ? , . , prieoaer, wli? an?-r a .-ohm,. ,? , > , ... , S s Herklean.i Mr K. t I, wl, |'lea?l "not jtuilt v." an.l ? u', .. tlie ..I of April, lie wa?takrn !? . * 1., ,: .t wa? followed to the gale l.\ ^ ?. r . Utii .roa.t ol i<e<<ple. " III TRIPATIMI H!? ?; - -til . Imme<liatilv alter bl* a-1 tbe tiiue waadrawing n?-Hi im tb?* follow 1 tifU tier xl^ut . to Wm?l?, in ?l i ?> sbe doe* not nav tuat Beinbri k:,! .1 t . , ?I dler Lc will ??f?U?,"aml i?Ui mi ... . I ' ''1 I ltd l<U.T doA-ll' il.l f, ,la will I- aorr;if r It M .rear, t i>.r ilarlin! hUtV,a ui<>r.- p. ?-r f * >ou to a>-ad bp ?,iri >i >)>M u , to tbal >,i . kill t|.. |\,||..r ,,,, mirtrt before fhrlai. a? If <oawillaa> that ii.n.i-! kill tl?? mtu and liMtl it oil >??or iirn. t 14 . f th-will not p.. antthl.^ l Z au't J 7, * ?o ? "rr>. thif la trim j ui li (i. t ^ r._, . keTTuT1.. r; i"?M ,,r<j,*n' ai ' >"? -?? Hial \ ..u ? ill i,oi li . it Marram >. ,i > ,.t tua M.ird m tiTaaik^ i?at that yon Mould aot barrar btaa f.i i^i. ?V. . #?nd li..liar. l>nt 1 ? .11 ?? Muug kx^ L r .u ^l ul, 8am fe-mbr> kill tbe r-dl. i TnlrrarV.'V ,? ja> that 8m> kill tl- Poller and hXlh.?,}? t. in l willKH. ..: mid Mar iTar.-t !?* g.Jr&kr n?Z I t.-ll ) ? m if j. ii .ton- | wi|i ^ n., u,,k ur 1?r??t,"f I ha\> S. hi for K- tw |>aa. r to ai. aW'T 11.> Iiote ft.1 Ih- akf .f \ our litll# f iti M rl. lo wtlt-wo.d .h ai> Darlinr m, l'lVA?d aT | Orprnd-d "II pn to Sat- m- fr Ml Ik-io^t banc hat ?j* will Lot liM-tit at lu* until it w il| i?. t,M, t lf ii T< ?i ? ai.f do n.. ai.> r.-al i.iaiaar.4 M a. I* "il' J."; V Tl " ??; K ? ' aril. I than t. I>. a. I a k Jon if ?..n want ti.ft,. w Hi Z i i . ?, "l,t.,,*?l"?1'l',??itkm Marrur?t it ,f L?2 1 miT" ''V " ' ""*l'l n ?! I in MihT Ii W liat }on ha?.->K<d hat- Buuic m. Mar^nr-t W.hmI I,>,,U ?"?> l?"ll I lo.p |?p | ^?*-tliat \ oa want I., Uian>Mi b vin K-i?la.. M*i?^r*'t it V'W trp H to k it that & ,ni ?? > kill tlir P-dl-r t.-ll an. BikIh b..a H > I nai u-il n ' law >-r wIm-h hr ? ai't u?er hear. |J. i? t -in tic r Da> m-t>m? mdo I Mant to *.-11 hlni K.. |? m?f n what iMIUilv aak v. # at Ci.urt th.. la mi lot limp tf j? a (Kin i auaw-r aoa >..a will m?t kw ih.. rhai^r il raa l?..nt .?r It ai Sam n^l"> k I.I III- man I a ill M .. r-rH if v..., !>,??, w ..rd it > "'i ar- r- iar tn aav tha? San. kill tl? i,.?,. | will is.. Ba.fc on >"U Manr-r-t if *..u ar*- c,.|M ti, # ** i-1! ?v'V '***? "ord I". niKtit Marc r-' Via . m*' "a'* >??? will gpt "in ,.| |?.a, !*.^i i !LIK* . I'l" ? "?'n?l ni. word t. m, | w*HC<* .-.'lit and 1 aill t* 11 k i ?*r* a -rd ai.d ih ,, tl?? will Hanrt. ua. ?V|| ,? j|- I> i. t wan . n inol h-i?l me a u^<- Ba. k if p ? , | u,? ... a.l -1 it ai..I >W ui u,., Mu^iw5loi ma too. D. fk'rialit HI WAhT? H FR To HAV THAT *UK K* N'.THIK.. Allot'T IT. Kereiving muMnr to thr abore, be I^oahi ? iii.patieiit. aiMl, on the J*tli ol March, Aca.n a rote to M?i|?m, a.* fo!loa> : My U; Wi/c D C m ?UU Ii.n-t nt. ha. k t.. tu?- t . mormw u r. , Maiirr.-t tlna !? aonr liltl#- l-n, darcrpt t> a. I c lor th* *akr ,.| | -f(ri!r? . ' ?am- I?ar I gli out p. p? llkr lh? JiVi J?* for th-? w an! t" ha*, m- I.ut.k ?ar?MjI| SU i i"! "" ?'i1 :,,Ml itaad to it. *^ri Wthtf ?tu?-li. n >011 L"iH ?a> auiilunr no. ^ir in tlu2 "id Hm word tf you ar- r .inc tT.-aT .. i nr tr.altel n,?. if , n arr alSJta uTi * RT-'SWLTuJT^iZZT IUIHK I mill Igft cutr nr it ur tit#- an.i a anaw. r Bat k to morrow, ??.rrrit fnln,?, . .T . Brou,h? ? up kU','^^T; ^ V'"n rtt anot-)?*tn<lak. ' >"?> fcHOFKIM H?;R A ItRf( K Ror?R 1PAHRWILI .'*? a*- Hk uraiKKM . , ? ?' Apiu the day |.reviou? to hie trial), be wrote the IoIiomihk e*l?licitdir?^tiori>. to her a.- fo how -be <houl.l ?ao*r. and oRfrnthf I*'I* OI C00*1 hoitae tor me aial ?u if idle will only do m- lie deairea. It Mill Ik> ?een that the one grand eentral idea Mliicb he ?le Mred to inifriiw ii|M.n her wa? that -Sal ,{ brv killed the p<.Idler" en4 MUrVUI?c^'>*>C '<3 Mnttr, w,.? SiiSSTrtli nLrn? V" """k f Ittth- t.H? TT iiri. r-i ?ThJJ r4"" ""iM * J 1 : fi 2 1 H n?^ti I irt >t.(j it t|,p r..iiri i.,... ? ?u Muat L-kat M^- AII lli- t nor and M arit- t.-t ? u r t '.1 y.Vli *!! 1 *' ?? " *o"Mn? an* M?nr. f.'t i'V^i Ij""1 l?t tn-ai a. li. r- > "II li.. ?k- I trll y? u arid I Mill r-t Ctair ?< it a-" Tr, Tl. .Hid t^f-r. I*., | didn.-T*. ?, u,.r,,?adl .tL do il and aa> I IKm M ?r?4? WTrirhl rt tmT A>k- >ou aii) ^u?*tl"ii inu >>i j ii.,,.. .... fcl * al? nt It T>. tit Ray any thine nm - | a ,11 *?, *v mo.roMliut , n will D.r ?!; Mara, r-t (lont Iwnt i? ti.iUdy hut iup D-.V-Tnl I t-irx onl.p-k at ai; (Im ^M.n-mt t. u niuM at I Pont ?u.ut t?M mfi, M?r r-r?t I will li>?t lf-< I ha rlutuc. of k/tluc *',? - i i! ' *?"' '** J'""' llk>- I t-ll > mi M I win I.h4 to jou all tl*. tim- aad y<m miTtaS 2 mr and if th-> ?A- y.?, Auj uu. ati .t,. T u aa? a ^ l?ont no aiiMhiUff about it Marc-m I l.att . ?H you -tM-uRh ani..? may no ?l,n lo M, ?nd *? I t-ll jo? l>. nt I a-at to no ft kI? but me 1 ?* iiI Marrv >?.u J-at aa ao..B a> I .i jin r? f. r?-t what ywa ka*d >.k. tuwkl af thai ?oJ IraTa^ t'Hig Bark oa your littlp i .0, v-u a - aothiac Mmr-r-t Witaht7* tbTaikTafi! i r'nr !*!?*** li tor ut+ ai< i ll? t#BH?Te IUt .it !>i?d! br [) , ' f"v Vo?r?tr*l> fri-Bd TH 'Mw |i. Wiitiur TRIAL AND CORTK'TfoR. M ?n the id of April, the day a pool n tod tartbS trial, large aiuubrra of peraona ratberod the court bouae and tlie Jail to aee the pt and witnem the trial. Owing to the tmj crowd tbe bailiff- were ntatioBMl at tho houve doora, with order* to admit member* of the bar. juror*. wMm otb< ra w bo had taaineaa la tho ma. Aa an the lormti occasion be wa? ?oc(MhaMad b* u,* Keltr * aBd * 01 ,KjUc* **4?r IJoalenA i>' "JRRT LOOK at THR tHOt|i Af the priaouer lei t the bulhtiu* ha t.m i ^ tVhillf to hit tic m Aala? UHa u? 5r4?sK^22r1w^55 ta selecting the^^wZTSTo^^S^ ?qual number ot wbita aad colored m*V^ **OCILTT AR IRtMCTRO. Tho mRmr waa placed la charge at tbe Jarr or the dd Of April, about mob. The ctri-am Mancea of the trial are too t reat I* the memory of all ta require rocapituiattoa. Th* moat dam aging wttnem Rgalaat the arMMRr waa Marga ret Wooda, who adhered to her original MMo naeat that ho kitted the peddler, al?Ro igh Mm gave her tMtomy with groat retaetaaoe. uol Pemtry, wbcm.Tom ?oagbt to im;??t 1<

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