Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. 4 HOSBY *. !SOTKS Editor. Beading Matter on Every Page Largttt CircililioB ii the District ~W ASHINOTOyCITY: IRIDAT Jm* ?. 1*71 At m?ti to-day Tom Wright ww hnng. and another impress, ve Itswn ha- l>een added to those rrrtall; addresi*d to tbe murderous cU*? v i o cotmt n|-e>n immunity tor the taking of human W>. through legal ijnibb'es and the la??r? of sentimental noodles in their behalf. That Tom Wright fully expected to escape the l^naitT of lux dreadful deed, i- shown by the flippant self-possession he exhibits! through t';e j-eri-d of his trial, even after his convic I'.in np to tbe time *hm to hi* astonishment he fonid that a commutation or pardon *?< not forthcoming. Since then hi* mood bv changed to a desperate effort l?y all sorts of contradictory and clumsy state ments to save his neck from the haltor. t#v implicating other* in the ?nnlwom deed. |;nde and repulsive as the execution ot tbe murderer upon the gallows may seem to l?e. there caii l?e no iiir'tmu of it- ertect np-vn the dangerous class to whom the warning is directed. Tbe e*?mpl'"? recently made in our Jail-yard have had a marvellously wholesome efcct already, and it the execution of the law is on'.y steadily and rigidly enforced, withont inter miwion bv way of commu ati?>n or otherwise, the would-be murderer will be apt to give Washington a wide berth when weliig a leld tor his operations. ????? The -bi; of ot Baltimore. ag:?in-?t the Niw York Mutual Insurance Company to recover The amount of a policy on her husband's life, and which case ha- excited general inter ? .-t. was decided by the United State* Circuit < out! in Baltimore yesterday. The plaint ill' claimed that her husband w is burned to death 1 v a coal-oii explosion some time ago, and on this materia! point the insurance company took i.-i r. and endeavored to prove that Coss ??< not ki'.'t-d it; the manner indicated, and that he is ali*e at ti ? pr? *nt time. The trial wait long j?t.d the evidence interesting. In instructing the jury, the court in eltect. that the buroen of proof in sncli :i cn-e is upon the plaintiit to prove all the tacts necessary to enable her to recover, including l i ts <>f idea- 1 tity of the IkkIv t of whose burning evidence had b?cn given with that of Winlteld S. the insured. otherwise. and unless the jury is satis tied ot the tact, the plaintirt cannot recov r; that it the jury find tbe roan Cos* represents! t<>the insurance company tha* he was temj>or ate when he w?. really intemperate, an 1 that l.e al.-o m?de willfully false statements to ttic Knickerbocker Company in relation to his ap plication to otfcerjlife insurance companies ha Til-it been accepted or declined?then su<'h false statements amount to fraud. and the jury are at liberty to considet such frauds, together with all the other tacts in the case, as bearing upon the question of fraud at i?sue in this ca.-^ in relation to tbe actual or fictitious death ot .-aid Cos*. The jury brought in a -eab.-d verdict yesterday. It was opened to day and found to be in favor of the plaintiff. The rccent trighttul ca??? of hydrophobia in the suburb.-ot Baltimore at)?rd partial confir mation. according to the A mm "in, to the theor\ ot l>r. Philpots concerning rabies. He .-ays that the traditional mad dog which runs over the conntry, and raves and bites and fling* tbe toam from hi.- mouth, is no iunl dog at all, aid he cannot communicate his rabies either to his own ?i-ecies or to man. The dogs w Inch we dread are those which foam at the mouth and run from place to place, snapping at whatever comes in their way. l>r. Philpotssays that thev have a distemper, which cannot be communi cated to man or l>ea.?t. and that they often re cover. The do*; atHicted in this way cannot dunk on account ot tbe muscular affection of the throat, but he lib no dread of water, and lias an intense and insatiable thirst. He i- a terrifying beast, but not a dangerous one. The real mad -log tas Dr. Phili?ot> knows him. is a sullen animal, that lies still, except when water is brought near him. and then he goes into a fit. He is not apt to bite unless some one c? mes about him and disturbs him. On account yf the absence; of the violent conduct which is popularly attributed to mad dog*, the owner .uiagme.- that he is merely siPk. and has no tear of him. It he attempts to fondle him or pat his hand on htm. he is pretty cert tin to be bit ten. In tbe Balti more ca?e it was this sort of a dog that bit Mr. Freybe and bis two gardeners. He was a young dog tbat had !>een raised on the place, and it wa> supposed that be was sullen and irot*- because he bad been tied. The western railroads terminating at Chicago have taken a step in the ri^ht direction in re gard to free payees. At a meeting of the mana gers bt Id on Tuesday they resolved unanimously to cancel all outstanding pa-??es ?t the etui of this month, and to refuse to issue any more after that date. This order is absolute .except with re sard to the passage of employes over roads with which ttev are connected, and eacept in cases where roads are compiled by existing contracts to grant passes. Clergymen are no longer to be allowed half-tare tickets, and railroad officers are no longer to exchange passes with each other. Passe- to the pre*s are not enumerated! speci fy ally >-i tbe catalogue, but of course they are included under the general head of "all;" and now it will be in order for the newspapers to -t^p dea<1 heading railroads. Indeed it is about time fcr the press to shut down on the whole tree i as? and work-for-nothing system. No predrs-'on ot interest in the Cnited States or in the wothl is t alied on to do -o much gratuitous work a* newspapers. Every adventurer and riecu'.ator who has an axe to grind expects edi tor. an.l publishers to turn Lis grind stone, and to give tht iii as pav a litt.e of the dirty water that is left in the trough or uot, accordingly as be mu\ he !it?ra"v or economically inclined. |.? t the i ress toi'.<.w the example furnished by tbe radroad- as n.di.-ated above, and pay cash for what rlieyg't. ,?nd re<ini-e cash for what thc\ give, and the proverbial proverty of news papev n.ei. w ill soon become a story of the past. J Woman's rights -eem to be. even, more im !>ertectk understood in Kngla::d than in this country. Two Kngi -h magistrates have com mitted no fewer th-tn sixteen women to prison tot molestation aid mtimida'ion under the criminal law amendment a?t. A number of ial>orers haat U'en ?l:-ni.ssed In the village, on the ground that tliev were mem *>ers of a trade union: wifrr-'npon th? ir wivs* and daughters assembled, some of them arm- I with sticks. ' and prevented a couple ot men who bad been engaged I t a tmm-r from going to work. It dots nut afpear fl it the womii struck the men. Se. n of tl> m were sentenced to ten <t?y- and nine to s? . ? n days' imprisonment. Th. ni Lyndoa, the Chicago e mchman who ?(M<I iwi won the ?'tighter of hit employer, | ?lsMif ? )*at ago. a:.<: then had her kept anay i him by her |??r>-iits. attempted to regain I jM -ses? of her by a writ of habeas corpus, al Irgn g that he was ? i titled by law and by tbe w -h?s of bis wife to society, association and care fnWing bto ;^bt into court, however, the wile elected to remain with her father, much to Thomas' dl*?Urt. She fo"i?.t love in a -table to l e not qui.-1 so charm ng as fancy painted it. ? # ? ? The new law in li.: ds doing away with du? cnm:iJ?tion as to sex .he election or appoint ment ot school othre; xkes eftect Ju'.y 1. At that time all distincti ? ? of oron acoantof sex. mi tu as eligibility I ? ?nv sch'tol otice in the state >s conci rned. w, -ease to e xu-1. ? ? The miners ot the ni ddle e* .tl-tteld Of Penn ,-ytvania have demaa t -d an increw??s of wages which w*? rtia.-ed by the operators, and Geo. W. Chi ids. ot the 1'h.Udtlpaia L* tyr, has been Elected nmptre. VOBK hl?ITBLI<A!l \3?O01 A TIOW There wilt he a ie? i ?- nie?uni ?f thi? orgaaisa tixii al IIji!I So. 47V i'-aaa- i>ama ?r -wmr. ? ATI" lll'Af I. KllkU, Juae7 MR at 7* Pr'-w -?I anwi ilmsnt to tbe Cons' nation will be ?cV?1wp. .. UOWO BXLh. Prssid'Bt. JAS? f fPBA'il * *-? ?*_ iyr=?pi. tHAKLLS I. HAONKB has iwrnersd hi* hrir-r imMsbct. lo Mo. I1JI imTTs*rsst.t-tw^c LmadM. Offlcs hours as here tofcr>-, frrm 9 t: U> a. ?> , U lo 1 P. J to * ?. ?. riRAscui. abtd cobhekcial. MV0nUB9B| dMMirftlitt Cooke & Go. foroi^b Ui toibwinfto^iv r ,t. ,>?*?'' &unf. s?r? US li ! IO?Ts 1?'< US C m kW *,,?*-Bt*?T Boii? u.a.ty iffu t?.# | ? 1/4* n)c4 *>?>.? M1 Am^n uO 'id H Currency u Hew Ftvag..__.. . n ? ? ?, I/O. i?it ? ?*, UM. 16*. ? *??. U * ? ?'?Jan. 1 Jly.W jiv, ? ? ? Tl?? ??rkMt. \ JiU.e *>. ?Viijiii;* *!X<M oil 14 ?Mv *-"-rn *?*???"? l~(Zn : "*7'- '*ilow *>?tb~rn, f%V,' ?1LlZLZ ,}m'? "*?*?<""hern! .rI Q n?*ed, ? ($??!. do. white, R> * .1 rtSlTl. ^ Hty unchat??1. Provisi >n* ulit . nonmiallv unchanged Western bfirter ! Ki t rer. ipt*. m fair demand. ?w<ej2 Whisky timer. Soa-.m, Sugar in g e>d l-m?uTTlO'. , Tun. Jun<' it ?SticksdullmJsteady. Gold, H. ??<?->. i.-SM Exchange I >ug,'} shirt, 1J Government* .jnirt. ?*?". ????, w Brw T->??. .Tnn? 6 -Fl .ur dull. Wlp?t ,n: -t and nnchaug.-d Corn .;uiet ami st*-a1y Erie'*!?**' ?1au''6-2 p ????Oona-dsforin .Uey, ?r,. Pas -s, jar- ? ~ Rente* S7 francs. Par:-, June 6 - K.-ut .* s; francs $lreutim** t ?**sr?; i, Jun -6 -B, 9i\ for issue of '61. u .n THE WEATHER. w AP. r>F.PA>rMK NT. Oj*r. ,f ttitnn'i O* w / Kw,... . k J"tie?. H73, lU.Wa m. 'I T,^ I V PAST TWMTt ritH Ks - , l>at..iB*?.-i coutinue* highest m Florid i !? ont.'i"'"1' b^,"vr "-* *??!???. ???<?? ? ."Hl.i ? i" ' X'-^r, rutii %r v. It vailed riming V e?in- *da> fr. m T-nn>*?-?^ to wearers Morris and westward to Tu" ?VJ t- ? rtherti New Kt eland a ti l st I. ?wr?n.- ??' *n ?..nth. ..j.'M. Virgin.h CI-nr or n?r!lr ! \ VVlh w"'1 W:'M' r ili? tt i ? ItMlork] m MiIm. j.' i lf J ' 't N v Kii^l.tnrl ?oalliarl)'to *""rl> * ?ith?-t ?r *???{), r over tU? - with ??. t. p.'rti n. l-nt ir?*n-. of tuiht r* n . *-r tli? n r h ,'Vmt F.',,h' M Ml- ST*T-'' >*h?iitSr!, Ji'h V J"rVWli ' ,, ir ,r r?rt!v rl It; ij , * .-Hther. * nh rl* :irir.e w. Mh?r m?r th? I >wor a^teof nil" M T",h Vu.m" *? '? Iff S-4ti . :r ? 'Utherl* t ? wo?terly Will is riiii r. With ram .???-, ?\c n? I rnl'iililj in N irMi < :?r? lin*. Kr :u i -r Mi 'tii- i Jlrl ??!<! T"nr <?" -? ri.-^i .. p?'t!y c! >n ly Z** U*r. pr. hHb'y r tin -,r from Miif> iri n ! Trnre-.-" .,,.1 K-ntnrky. K - |.?H, W?r flirt M:iiiir>ot? ? ntlio.-iKtar'^ to - 'lit'iw-Mt.-rlv ? i, I. v tin w ry Pr.,l,:,b1v .r ri. U * " U Morniag rep fr..ln nnp-ir M" hig.n. Kail-*-. K . ky in, auJ i'aciic ?' .<t nr- generally mining. t^^y ?. hTBi^ BKKKT FESTIVAL w.'I b! *' *T .^RNON PLACE >1 K K ?tre..|4 north*. on Innlv rv?v.v >n;AYJ THTBSIIAV, *'i.1 i i FMN'iS of th?? w-^k. Tickets nf ?Jnii-?ion, te.ift in.ible iu refre-hm-ut-. twentv Cv# C ?? J.-14! !T^" PTbAH BI-BR V kbstival ^p.r.-r f vTVu,tR * E turaoH. rvr iiv "r^ an-1 4ih ? l ! ^T,THI8 U KIK but Sat'iidiy *' ? ?"*-!?*. 3uc.;?m?|e, 10c ; 8ni>iwr.air j-j 5t REMOVA L ? The Ii<i,1er?igae,l h:?T.- thi Cnr iDcre?*a faciliiie, wili ?mtin twfo?np?ly <>?,r rtiMoai. r. C.ROl'ERlES, 4c.. pr .tuptly.Wli u pure. ;u< low ^ elsewhere. OTLICK * BR? U^OF.OBOB W HArPTMAM. uwy, *tieti l-tf. >11 kind, of Claim* %nd L ? g?l Ibw.itie**, .uiithwMt Corner of Uth an i G mayll lf (V^? TOINU MtN^SCHUmiAai ASSOC LA ('? rn*r 9th an i I) CIRCrLATINO LIBRARY reop-ued Over 1 ft). lie* l?.ok. jnat ..H. .1 KEAD1H6 ROOM, free to a'l 1'AILY PRAYER meetinos-1M3.8.,:ii9p m , ti w SABBATH SERVICES: B.I.Ie Lew,,,, in LINCOLN hall, 1*1 bv t iiini'e." ner-.f Ii"li?n Attn r?. THEATER SEli * ICE, corner of llih uirt C .??? at* p ?i n,r<r fv^S?J'ARriK> I'EMKINU TO JOIN \ (;T?"iTTi . r estate and btildino assd ? 'ATlOB! are r.-ine*;. <| to rail at the Office >( th? Secretary of th^' N.ti Capital R. ,1 Eitate -.dati .i. atKl e*.DiiLe the constitution an^ t?? ot 4 an una 1 rep..rt, Th ? a*?.-ciati >c i- r-m- ,a t.i/e?l a? one .f tii- ui wt profitable in ? he Di^ric* and Lm In-en in p. rati, c for two year* By an ?n.endiiient to the c m-itntion Fifteen Hundr*i ^r.;(1"non"!'"'"<1 s<"'" <1 3-rf-., areanthor t/-d to b. i-.n.-d, to date April 1st. 1*7.1, without re omring any B>* k Payment., exrept f.,r April an] Kiirh h od<? hiiO'irtni ?] ,lUr- ...jTl ?routhly due. two dollar, per ^nth l^h l^e entitle, the holder to borrow the A.< irUtion tire hill. Ire.! d'.liar* n t PHIL H Wrif'lf n.J7 lut I Republican. 10 time* ] HENCE S MANDRAKE PILLS-Th<*e ..P'1;4 are coniposed e\clc-nel> of vegetable ingredient*, and although thay entirely *aper?ede t ?'* of mercury . ?!o not leave anj of in in uriou* Tt" > yt dirytly tip n the lir-r, and are i valuable remedy in al! cv?? of d-rsi-.g-inent re*nlt :iig fr.-m a HH. rd.-red state of that organ LUer C> tup..tint, Bill, a.- Disorder*. IndlJ~ti n ? HajTache, Tj phoid Fever-'", ac ,K!?b v the free ,..e Of Schenck'- M\:,d/.ke tuL r^; I" all PrnggHts atid p.-a!-r* nil tr IT^ O ? .*? ladies. " '? to ??e a yuan* wtfs,? mother of 7aw:11y who re-imri* all her physical nr^rih to frifill her honi^hold dntiea, and alf her inoralca Cttieg to accept the responsibility which falls upot ? ?\ *7 pr.Hrtrated, lo^n* eiVrr day K 'irfn|tb, (wlint liklly withont being able to RAT i! 1ret."?*rr.,n? ?>?>''??*?> to he utterly mls?ra f !fi? X ? ?* w??knew and d.bilitr is more fval t?. her than a *erere spell of sickness, for In thai case *he will receive the proper care, aa in the other * _^L .'Ifi** tU' nths after months, not thinking worthwhile to see a physician about if. ontil natnr? exhauated, civea out, and she iscarrW to the crave' T pr<^*atlon ,n ProP*r time wouifhave r prevent, to strengthen, to cure nothing can comaare with the LONG LlV* bit.' 7t L.^ (^BERTRAM. They are a safe and Infallible remedy against malaria, dysaeasia c. tivenej., biHonanesa, headachS! mSSKf%k5L and all complaints peculiar to women These Bit ters, which are sold by all drqggiM^. are In qpence of their virtue and most agreeable taste tki medicine *m vulUmu for ladiea. ^ day, ?fo^iu' K\een? ?b *? 2* * peraon known to be infected with It w-uld not be allowed to with ?ociety Happil, In our day the dieeaee is stripped of its terror hv the use of 8a?u?it^?,s R??t at?D Hima Jujcg*. and oi ? 12.^? 8?r of aim, Clwn, Som, Pimpl^e BI "tehee, Tetters, gc.. can be restored to eoand heal't a2i.KffissaL*00 ? irrrnnri NEW DRCQ BTORB, ??. 14 XV PmnsTLvakia Avina. Depot fer Boda and Mineral Waters. felS-ly A: 5^**' Oradtwu of Ohio OoUeg* of ?w' Dental Surgery, 411 fth street, between D a^B.a few doors santb of Odd Peilowa' HaU. Re ?? to ?. 4. Baooa and Bar. W. B. Bv^s -y^ |)RV tiOODS TO SCIT THE POPULAR IDEA or ( HEAP OOODS low p'rn'e. ful 'iBe ?f DBEis ??0DS at estrem-Iy Swi*s, Victoria aad B.*hop Lawns, B.itist and Linens at low hgnres. White B-I Spread* from 41.* to 4*?cbt ap. White Duck, suitable for boy*' ?"*r ?' I"1 w hite. brown knd HgiirVi Linen, and Drills fr.m I* to Jl. kin^n U?t.Jk?r illlT l1!!? n8?"""" Flannels and blea<-h?d and nubl. ached Cottons at reduced orice* W ^r bargains in Dry Good* call at ^ prK,H Fjr EMORY BAXTER S J+*"tr 1V2B Pennsylvania av^nii' TV EH YORK, May &th.l-C3 ~~ A GREEN. Georgetown' J"""?* v'''to band Our STEEL FOI N TAINS are all tested toSmi lb* J* JWIS matthews. O T 1 C B . W'LLIAM T. MrCriN, CoaPty Constable D bts < oll-< ted Prompt Return*. Collection of claim* of all kinds respectfully soli. ited. Otfice with ju* t.<-e Ge. rge W Haup<man, s .ntbwest corner Uth ami G street, northwest. | Rep | niX* ly PR^ BABTI.ETT PROPOSES TAKING A numle-r of la.1*. I>etween tlie nges of 1? and 15. who wish to learn phonography, on an excur sion to Maun .luring the summer vacation Address it. writing *37 Uth street ? .athwe?t, Washington, p c- jilt* VOTICE ? DISSOLUTION' .5A^?4JX??BAK<iA|NS, iu FANBY GOODS AND NOTIONS, at the New Y >rk Bazar, 441 7th str-et. near E. to settle the old Arm _J'3 1 r J. B. T0UNQ. Arctic soda, with pdbe fruit syrup peruvian OTTAW A BEER, VICHY. Ac rornrr Inrk itrtrt an t M'irh'an l sivsim fMirtirxt The PERUVIAN OTTgW*A BEER beii^purely l . ten" al. is superior to all other on acc. tint of it* wrrfirm/ vol KiM.*vnnni-.> and taste of flavor, and niiUlv inv igoratiiig rifects. Drawn from "Tuft's Patent Fountain," U is cool and refreshing,) at on? ? "f C'T' of soda.) aud may be safely r.-coinap ud ed to the si.-k, invalid, and pers> ns and children of w.-ak C'.netitutiows Manufa>-rure<t and for sale at I>r..g St re of W E KFNNAUGH , corner 10th MTt^y Itryltad nvenu- urrthwi^t. 0i31-lmv JUMM 6. REU156ER. 1< B CREAM PAVILIOK NOW OPEN. Fannlie* and parti-s .nppiied at reag >aaM- termt. j,2 3m' No blj 4S STKE,r gt,fTHWK4T. ^JARPETS, carpets. CARPETS. ~ C. ? D, CARPET H016I, J?04 StTBSTM fit A ? IT S TO R t: a large as>ortment of CARPKTS. OILCLOTH, MAT TINO. BUGS, HATS, Ac. .?a "AtiStFSmi T" Su?BlE 41k. 1Kb **mtm .. M. OUTER * CO . wholesale and retail dealers is FINK BUTTER AND IXU;*; MARK PHILADELPHIA TRINT BCTTER A SPECIALTY CBHIItE AND NORTHERN MARKETS. 0 M OYSTIU, O M OYSTER. Ja., jiSJ* J F. OYSTSR MALL'' < LOTHINU HOI St. Bttr KEEP IT BEFORE THE PEOPI.E ? T OAK HALL l?B- AND IT* rniK fit SUIT. TDK IT* Pf OPLE. ALL WOOL, SHRUNK ??ill SUIT. j6 3?~ 801 bel"! *???i 801 BELTS! Rl'SMA AND MOROCCO LEATHER 11 EL T 8 , IN BLAf K. RED AND BROWN, with.Gilt, Sit-fl, a:11 Ow JU--J Buckler, rec-ived t li:.i at ?AVIS', *01 MABKET SPACE, Ji6 31 Cornei i'li at rt-et. JJAY, OATS, STRAW. 1 have :n store, * large -ujipiy if Hay and S:raw, v?h: h I mi i mining oft .-it extremely l-w tigir-t. 1 ciders atii buy?!* will tin J i: to their advantage to t u:f ? call. :i? I ?: i detern in- .1 to sell at ur >? niln('!i"ii,tnriirtai! nti k. Also, in store, ;< ;i th o, sand br-h N On!?.liv? th< us.ti.d bu<h -I* C >".i,\. uicn Mill he inrlnd-d in thesscrificw on Uay and S* raw Mni f-id ?>f all ki: d, ver> low. C J RREWCR. j'.6 6t WOtf 7th street southwest. 4 ' OUT> LAGER?It y-u w ant a g!a*s of fresh ?nd VI cool BrtltlUi Te l,A?.kK,s<'p at the basement ii' 11 le ast cornel 7th and II -tr >-:i northwest. j<6 S?* JOHN H ONTRICH, Proprietor. J" USErH J. MAV'n PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, ?>3'J l'ANN&YLY AN IA A YEN IK j 16 2t _ IrN 11 EI> STAT Ks> PATENT OFFICE. Wa*HINGT>>S. O. C., Max 17th. UTS On the petition -t FKIUiINANl) PH1LL1PPE KDolAKD CARRK, of M. Pierre, Li N-nuoirs, Fran.e, praving for the extension i f n patent granted to him . n the 2d day of October, and rei'wn-l iti two di\ isiSns on the lsth day <t February, 1873, for an*emeut in Apparatus for Fre?zu.g Liquids. pauut d in Frame on the Jt'li 'lay of August. 1*.'. It is ordered that th* testimony In the case be el wed on the fc'th day ot July next: the time for tiling argument* and th* Examine!'s report l?e limited n the *'h day of Augnat next, and that said putition he heard on tlie l."l*h aay of August next Anv person may opp.?e this extension. 6 i.3t M D LEGGETT. Cornni' 'O vlon^r. AK HALL" ILOTHI>0 HOI SE. TO Ot 'ti PAHiO>S, Gl EE71SU Finding l>y past perience that nothing his ever and fill-d the w ant* ?.f eo great a pi ^portion of i ur usti u.i r* as . 11r lAMUlI *11 SLIT. ALL W OOL $11 811T, SHRINK *11 SUIT, W ? have made the moot unparalleled pr-ptrationa t>- ?"it and tit everybody iti UAK HALLS nuiver -ally kkuwti *p. cialty. TBI. POPI LAR 911 SI IT The d i <>p-niHg late) wili he jrt, we mean to make it "-harp anC decisive." To better secure that ??nd, w h**e MATERI ALLY KEbl'CLD ALL OL'K PRICES. Ol'R HANDSOME STO< K MI ST Oo RAPID LY Ol R GROANING CoPNTEHS MUST BE itID OF THEIR W Eli.HT SPEEDILY. We are severely in -anient ?h-n we say that our irasniticent and universally adaptable stock of MEN S, BOYS-. 1 OUTHS', AND CHILDREN 3 FINE, COMMON AND M EDI CM DRKSS Bl SlNEsS. FAT li.l E AND WORE I N't. SLITS AND SINGLE GAB ME NTS W ill be positively ofteted at prices as must ensure f ptec> sale.-by pla'ing them within ea->y r. a--h ? f all. Bf>pectfullv, J. II SMITH fc C O.. OAK II \LL CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS. ?'*V?> 7th Str?:kt, r.extto Parker's. N. B -Thou- locking for BOYS CLOTHING -h >uid rail at "Oak Haft." P 8 ?FRENCH, ENGLISH tad AMERICAN GOODS for Custom Wc.rk. ^'HVSTAL (HA>DILIEKV ? We ca'.i atti ntifb to oat a->s .rti.i-ht (f yerytle *a:.t EN?.LI>H ( ?YSTAL CIIAN'DELFEUS, ?1 the newest pattern-", aal of th ? most ex jiiisite wramauebip F >r elegant eof effeot,brilliancy of light and rf ai. e. n 'lBi , they exie! all Othttrrhaiideliersheintolore made. \\ e have already introduced thetn into some of the dwellings in this ? it> and elMwhore,and p-r soi swho couteuipl ite building or retiirnithing are invited to examine <,ur stock. These goods are of our own DIRECT IMPORTATION, atd are ofered at very low pri es. yi. w. galt, bro. a to., JEWELRRS, }esfit I 1 ?>7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENLE 801 IMPORTANT. 801 Another sm.?ll l^t of those large FANS, in b:oWli,diab,giU,and black, r.-c-ived this miming at DAYIS'. F'AN HOLDERS in gilt. SILYER. AND oxjdi/ DAVIS'. pAKASOLS AT COST, at DAVIS SA8HES, 8ASH R1HB0NS. EMBROIDERIES. HATS, FLOWERS, and NOTIONS, .-mug ch-apat ? DAVIS', jS S' ^01 Market 8pve, corner 8th street. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. MORE NEW GOODS!' THEY ABE ALMOST GIVEN AWAY ! LOOK AT THIS LIST : Children's Sun Bonnets and Hats.SOc. '? Marseilles Hats, very pretty, SI. Lawn and La 'e Hats, 91 " Plaid MmtUn Aprons, cover entire dress, 80c. " White Dreasas.croMbarred muslin, SI. " Buff Suits, 41. Ladiea' white and colored Border Apr~>ns, J5.-. " Ruffle and Plaid Muslin do , 50c " Percale and White Lawn Blurt Waists, 91. " Full tucked Skirts. $1. " Puffed and embroidered front Chemises, SI. " Tucked and embroidered Drawer*, 91. " Tucked apd Lac? . so. Boys Calico Waists, 50c. Ladle*'Scotch gl?Rham bla k Sun Umbrellas, ?1. " Lisle thread 2-bnt'n half GauntletGlotes.Kc. " Leather Belts, 16c. ? Moroccoand Im. Russian Beit*, SV. " Oxydized and Gilt Belt Chain*, Sk. " W<H>d, Painted and Linen Fans,2V " Fancy, Wood and Silk do . 60c. " Black, white and col'd Silk and Vi. nna do , Children*'Ine Linen Handkerchiefs. 3 for 15c. Ladles' hematite hed Linen do., 4 for $1. " tine Gauza Vests, 01. Oetits'do r fchirt*, 91 " Light British and Lisle Socks. '? 8trip<-d So?-k*,3 pairf^r 91 " Black and Fanc> Silk Bow*. 25 and 50- . Ladies' Bias Bilk and Fringed Scarfs, aoc. B-'*pleat and other atyle* Ruffling for the ne*tk. 25 and r?c. per yard. Extra large and fine Damask Towels,3for *1. bpleiidid Bathing Towels,3 and4 for 91 Ac. If you hase anv consideration for jout px-ket books, j on w ill not fail to call on metropolitan poll a r store, 91* SEVENTH STREET, * near Penn*7lTanla HUM, P 8 ? I have now on band my nanal full stock of CRogl ET at 92 to. 93 fi0. 94 50, 9*and 91 Come ai>d lo< k at th? m jej-tr onn BOXES ME8SIN K. PALERMO, a-.d mUII N APLE^ LRMoHS, large and har>d?ome, ;uat received JOHN W. Ll'MSDON, SO* ?th street, opposite Centre Market. jt 3t DA8TI RE FOB HORSE", ?? PEE MONTH - ? Mi acres of the beet In country, adjoinitig La ?atic As] luni. Apply to T. TAYLOR, at Shreve's drug atore, Pniontown. pREVIOUS TO REMOVAL. Selling oct a large etock of HUMAN HAIB GOODS at the lowest price* ever known in this city, ae the store I now occupy wtil be torn down by Jul* 1st in order to build. Call early and *ecure bargains. H. PHILIPPI, 719 Markat Space, j3 61* Between Tth and 8tb atreeu. j\|ASOMC REOAtfi; ~ . We are prepared to furnish Maaonir Buaiptn^nU tor all Cunimaudet tea at FACTOBY PBICBS. ABD BBLTS, CUFF?. caps. and every article partainlag to the Order. We guarantee all Su;ts_aol4_to b^raauU ifBTT.? BoOPF,, 1 ata?n4. WANTS. \\*ANTED-3i HORSES *nd CARTS, S*h ?t, ?? ?n1 hu.v'!t? j-t> 2t* Q O IIABE * CO \\'ANTFp? Inim'diate!) ? A ttr?t-cl?aa C-4?r-d ** BARBER, at th?cvru?rof 13th and C streets, I I <nd. It* \\" AST EP?T" ? g.vd CH AMRERM AIP3; also *? two W A ITERS Applf ?? the St.Cloud H ? t'l U \Aj Ah 1 F1'?A c,1 WHITK WOMAN to * C" k and a?-ist in ? vd-.iag ?nd ironing A? p!\ at H>01 I street northwest. j o 3i' VU AKTEI>? At 1 'i'2 1 C street southwest ( Isla .d ?, " a r?-sp. ctsble Whi.e or Colored tilKL tod >'&?? w?.rk of a small family. 1;" w 'ANTKP-A COOK, hi Gr-n-ral IICNTER S. ' 1726 I street norttur.-st." N>ne n-ed apply except first-rate cooks, well r -somnKnd- I. I * \\" A NTED ?IRONER*. "li" , at th- WASIUNt? 7? TON STIA.M LAl'NDRY. *?14 Fstr~t. op posite Patent Office. o4 V.* \\* ANTED?A W'OM A N to cook nu t Co I lie li m? " *? rK iti * small famil* ; must be well re,-.,m- 1 trended. A pi'ly at 1 410 S stt?et northwest. <?2t* ' ANTEP?Two iCSTOM Vk.NT MAKER*: ' ala-. WOMEN to mali* "tire psn*al<> .n? p?v| BOM AN A 00\ 407 7ths*r?t 'In) Building. It %%' ANTED?A WOMAN i > ? ? 'k .?n<! is?ist in ?? w ashing itti.I ironing; also, a M\N aM t'll AMBER.M A IP, to go at n.-e to tl.e routttr. . ti I wi*''" Inquire 14 12 1 ?t northwest it* W'ANfKP?A few th u-tu.tct B'tt l <f P'lt'iii Works' CERTIFICATES op 1 N PERT Kl> NESS. Lowim |ii<1 left at tli ? N'ttional II ???*! will r- < en e pt aft?tilia ?> Jt" U' ANI KP- A midTile-aj-*!. reliable ~WHITE i WOMAN !? tak-* rharge ^f i<tn?!l h >us? .?-s J 1 *? re, reroninrridati'iis rejrir-d; g >o ] wnij<?s. In .t ir ? M, corn i I ', and P street*southwest. je6 21 \\~ANTEP?At !:?*? F -If t. , fir-t cla- M?at ?? anil Pa?tr> UOOK. ?i? > a HOY fr >m 15 to l-t J v. irs of ag- t?? work in iining room ?n<i i.i tke Inrn ? If generally nsful. Good i?iTen tncmp-- I t? ut help. je*i It* /"ANTED- !iiitn< 'i*tel> ?A WH IT E Nt KSK | 1 Hint lilTr tti~ Imit njrrrfrrrf ng G><d**gs i:i?en Appl> l? t*?,n the h?nr? if <? nt'-J 10 i n ?t I ef. .r? or after time stated'at SiUti, corn"r -t I fil 3-1 streets nirrthwegt. i.-O ii" | \\ A NT F P- 40 LA BORKRS : ,, . ,k ,7^ ratf r ad Apply M GIBBON'!*, 27th str-.-t northwe?t. . je5-2; W'Tntkp-a -tu.irt < <>i.(iuki> hiTv7 aprifT7> " CAKO'S B i :?*r, No. AOA I'* nt^titic, t'.nd r NatiocHl Hotel. jeS-jt \VANTKP?A hi peient WOMAN who< under ?? '?tabdnthe wviBEaachine(Sinter or Victor), and I'nn make ladies' i;<rment-> <>f all ile?oription? Si'-adv i in plot ment Kiven the year round. It. t'l I- UN. i' ? ??r?t intttti????. j. i :tt ? ANTEP? .Ml and sundry to kn >? that they ?? ran have theii \\ aslnne done at th? WASH INUTON STEAM LAl'NDK V. "?! 4 1 street, op p<-?ite Patent Oftirp. for one dollar p-r tn >ntn. , Gnodfi called for and d<ii*er<Hl Repai'itu; fr ??. i First-ola-- Ir' tiet- yai.t<d j--6 .It* | WAMEP-A >onne U I11TK MAN, to oert e at ? ? taMe. Apply at 60S ISth street. jl 3t \VANT?:P-A ko-1 CHAMBERMAID. Apnly > V at OWEN H01SE j? it* W'ANTFP?A tilRL for (fener il hona-work for a of three. In<june at No. Ith *ti*-t BOBlllWl. ji 3t* W'ANTLP-A WOMAN toco k, wish and iron. * ? O'>od ref r- nce* re|uired. Apply ?t N". 216 E 'treet, between Sri and 3d. >4 J(c WANTFP-A wiiitf: ?'"???, ;f-nial?;> ?|ST. ?> two COLORED WAITERS, (inen.l Apply MK-J F. street. I?e?ween 3th alul lot l> stree *. < IIS. FLA ESI H'S Pinins Saloon. j4-3t* IV ANTED?A TENANT for ^.tit of lloaau N ? ?treet northw?*t, vitliin Hie miiiiiin' w alk <*f (Joverniiit-nt Printing OfM' --. It has gas and w ater. summer 'MUlu n Bent moderate. je4 WJ ANTEP?Iinnjediately?At Seaeca onarrv. >? LABORERS and Ql'ARRTMEN. alt MEN experienced in sawing stone. Apply at Company's Onto*,corner K andMth streets, B?>ck -''reek, or at theipiarry. C. W. IIAVPEN, President jl <?t U'ANTEP?W ET NURSE. Apply at 90W~L street northwest. I??lween8th and 9'h streets. Also, a GIRL from the country not over 19, for gen eral housework. je2-6t* W'ANTEP-HOI SE PAINTERS at FEN " W I< R n Paintimt E>tal>lishnient. No. 46 Jef fers?.n street. Georgetown, D. C. None but g'?.d workmen need apply . y<2 \\J ANTED?All persons w ho have not yet ?.-en " th. improved WHEEL FR .V W ILSON SEW ING MA< I1INE to call and ? xannue it before buy ing an) other. It is simple, iKilselt iui, swift?ruAkuig l/4Vstitches a minute N > shuttle ust^l. and there fore but one ten-ion required. Will last a life time. S 'id on monthly payments. P. .1 STEER .VS<?N.

Agents, 4t?l Pennsylrauia avenue, .near ?*, "treet. mySllni* 11/ANTKl'-All th'>se who value their sight t" tv know that the "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE" in the country is accurately suited to the eyesight by H H II KMI'LER.the Optician, corner l'2 ureet and Puiu?>haui.i a\cnue. Depot for Tlierni' meters . f all kiml*. tn: >9 ly~ WANTED?A GIRL that can ome well recoru ' ? 111 tided; can call ?t 9.'13 New York avenue, to i the cooking, washing and ironing of isinalif .rn ty. Apply from 8 a m.to3p ai .or 6to3o'cb ck p tu nilS-tf Ur ANTED?linui'Hl:i?tel> ?Families or persons id need of first-cl*ssSERV.\NTSof every dearrip lion, male aiid female, to call aiid get snpplie<l at itioe. Servants al-o ran get good homes and host of * <??e? by arrly tnic at the E<:reka Empi' ynietit Olti? e, to Mm. LuLIjE C. BUTLEK, 607 Uth street, E. ' a 16 2m *\ ANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOR ? SEWING MACHINE has its <mtdU ulf stt :in(:the m st perfect shuttle in use, renting In a .r<Mi)e; ueedle bar and wnrka of steel. Agency, 4 62 p. iiiinylvaiiia avenue. Also, Branch of Muie. Dtm ^r- s?'s Pattern Emporium. argSO-lr T-W. 8PICKR, Agent. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?In or near the Metrop"|jt?n Hotel, on Monday, .luue il instant, - ? Fmiue EVE GLASSES. A suitable re *? J4*tjfc , w si d w ill be paid if left at the office of th, Motr.y- ( politan Hotel. It* IO&T?It is thought, on 7th street uorthwest, b? j tween L anil K, an old POCKET-BOOK, con taining a small aniouut in cash, several notes, re ceipts ?ud other papers of value to no one otherth in the owner The Duder will be liberally rewar-l-d by lenxing the same at T03 4th street northwest, or Room 62, third floor, P. O. Building je? ?? J. W. CROMWELL__ C- ~ REW ARD ?L. st, Sunday night, June 1st, 1 C?J going from 23d and M streets, to 20th and K 1 streets, a BLACK LACE SHAWL The above re- | ward will be paid by returning to JOHN FIST ERST, KV1 street. j5-ji' LOST.?A ladies'GOLD WATCH with a portion of chain at*, a. lied. A iibeial toward paidtoauy one leav ing it at this < ffice. :i-6.*i NOTHING RESERVED. Unprecedented, Peremptory. Positive. OCR FORCED SALES Ol li FORCED SALES OF ENTIRE STOCK OF ENTIRE STOCK NOW GOING OS. NOW GOING ON. WE ARE OVERSTOCKED AND MUST REDUCE, AND WILL SELL At flOaSU Suit,at f li a ?22 Suit, at ?20 a #27 Suit T<>0 MAN V (iOOUS TOO MAN 1 OOOvS M VST BE SOLD MIST Ut SOLO. ARK SELLINO HaPIULY. AtiE SELL1NU HAPIVLY. _u -.I", (in DOLLARS,TWEN TEt DOLLARS,^* pyLLARS. 4li Suit at guit at Sait ?t ?20. NO HtSliH VATIONS. NO RESERVATIONS ALL WILL BE SOLI). ALL If ILL BE SOLD. ALL MUSI BE SOLO ALL MUST BE SOLO. IN BOYS' SUITS W E OFFER THE SAME INDUCEMENTS. 9ft for an ft* Suit. #7 for a 410. #10 for a #19. CALL AT OfiiOC. BRING THE B0Y9. BUY BARGAINS BROTH] FASHIONABLE TAILORS, n.27-tr Comma In an D Btiicct* 1873 GRAND opexijig 1S73 GRAND OPENING o? SUMMER STYLES OP BLACK ALPACA 00ATS, DRAB D'ETl COATS. DIAGONAL MOHAIR COATS, FRENCH SEROR GOATS. LIOHT COLO RID STRIPED ALPACA COATS A. ITRAl't, th* C UUIer, 1011 FRNN8TLTANIA ATENTJR, ?f?tr 19th aal lltli aUMts. FOR RENT AND SALE. F'OJ, RENT?Tw ' C<-tnmn:.i< ?ttnc ant ?Die for n.'ia?#i^?p?ti8 . *?? f h* furl R-*f er>-br**w lD?jn?re at No *M|4 I ?.W. It* ?e NT?Three mifurni?ii.<4 ROOMS, en ita ? h.iWk?pi i >??<..r and ?|<(, in fum-sl.ed BOOM* on tirst floor, 32* ?!<*? nri ?Tt-i ne. ? . L^OR Rkwr? Second ?' .fi KKont KOOM.fer ? *i*hed three BOOM S >n the thrdfl .r.M-.fnr ?i" i"i w ' Ac ? r,*nt rb?ap; 1 L s!r -.* N W w?l'l? in ihffw >? ? ft* |a"on FAI.K?That KKSIBABU* PK>?PKRTi. ? residence i.f the late r.miTu t.| ,r.. j ?,,, jj I'" ??""? T "t I an I ' J*" O-O RENT? Four 11 ? II? H'?Ks. \ - 7 if ?* ^1"?^ OR SA I.K?Out* ,?f th?* ni?Mt u?*nt'?*l tainTas alii! IV th-1 ! ,1,1 c ?"?>'??-< ?-.? ;h !?? | ? ,r of JA?*A t*IT p Ku rt r 1. .' T A 1 T. Pennsylvania ate;,He \ 1 -J-l I lirtwftii ad and 4th streets S r F(;?,vf.' f-4IT>7''l? o> hkk k i,* ^77 ? I.IMi, |'i?.i j >th street, near I* ~'r ?l ? 1 rcI-? with c-iln.r* i? w.-ll built H1(I ui.rlv finished. I>ir, 1, m front; ?ide ..., lio,1 *?Ef. Tl"- ' " Uh? ?- '-"I- " in* ? ilfi .ir.niahit.grapdtty.and 1* so -n to -j 1 ^ M* section* ?f tb*Cf?v V fir'h r I*rtu nUrs inquire on the ptftai*e* after tUr, - P F'flV v.-r E7vV*yARLK ? ?t NTt-V KK>I r . ilr, . \ - flv" from \\ .shingtoo, r.tV-. 1! e* mansion bons*. tenant h tl! hmw. I, nery. milk h .n?. aid. n-1'd ? It ^ ?"?,cr"V f ?'*?**?? ?" !>?"?? n ? ?w?r, -tut ? of cultunti.Tl .? |.iB. .. j* w,.|| fH?- .J , ,1 in porf.rt ??r |pt ?iM ? il! !># H .'?i fol i ( v? r ! 1,p 1 * rli 1 Mi n Aril' t-> ?K<> TKf'KSPKLI. - B"*l K?t*l? Br ^-r-. .? 11 r-h ?t. I.-' K UXT-Kt root* Rill K ROI >k , ? ?*ttr ac?i Mull. Appu N 11 ?>, !.r> 2t ? .?"(?K KKXT-Kn. K<??>>!>. ,|,rH* f, ,,, i I I U j\i.? - 1 ??-?.? ii"**? TI 11. Ml! I I?*u1c, 4 1 til -tr. . t IKTth?< -t \\ tt??r %u\ ili I h?- |kO(b? 1/ * * R H E X T- T *>, 11.?. 7r four I* \ r If iTv" 11 nK^ HOOM8, f ?r !i mi pi,^ p?eirHt>l? and r? Moii?b!e. CaII at 114 1 L -rr Lf?l ISffl. ,rf ?, m * IN i'r UNI HI To ? nUUjft?uiiHc<<iiid -?f?>r\ . u*? a,,,| R..??? *U,Y"T: ApHj i.u?i iu-hi lot It #tr?'#-l. _ .j t,. * l/C'R SALB.-II.M >K > . ??^o K:.-t ? *T~| P'lk, contain L'i ?* r"4""*- "I'lliowMclmpfiifiHii App'y ??t <*10 ??m<- mjnarf. (."it" K^i!FKrricNImAi ??KIV\ri KKsT" . V '""'???I dunn< tin* miiiiiM-r montlif f.n ,|? r<-nt .>f x h? p.'., ,r B.f. r. i r. g r- <|inro<l. ID-,nlr?* Vn t^i ? pi ;;i.? w, \ . ' W'W Jwh rtrwl iiorthwiM. 5.V* " K'irpnktNdmMJT*^A rl> Kl KM<IIK[> ? 'BONT BOOM in ? pru at<. family, w?tli ii? ? ri t?r,or?.to* Udy "t>lr, tlirw |.| .0k? fr in Tr- wury ????td < an b> <>btaiii< .1 opp..sit?. T'i" la.|\ < r.<n' Ph'.v the ..I...*1 and not tho le,lt. K"l?r>-nro r ?l>nr.-<t. A'l<lr?*?K Mfl. A. B . < iiy. >5 2t* |,*OB BKNT?J;ooms? T*<> aiifurni-h-l~ c -m I mtitikkt iiik Ro>. nis, second floor, 4 1 ;< itth ,t" Mm?P?. >\> ;:ufc. ,*4 "tI. ?? I^OR RENT-Tw?> uiifm niah-d uo<s ?1 * noor, w Ith g??, to a family ? iih .nt ?-?iililr- : a iuod l' ration. Applv at No. V.'tb 221 ?tr -^? hp t? '< n l'? aveniif m.l I ?>!>????. o-i it' K,m>rf*TKTh?n?t*ryi"''-1 *?"* "" "t BUI' K * HUt >r. N??. r..>r?hw*-Ht t>. 1 aiKl K Inquire Ml I7tli ?trtwt. h#4?r?H*ii tt A I lO l ? ^ ? P'jlJ f.?|I nT?' 1,1 "KS,SHKI~HOf slS". I i.i^O IJ1*? O <tr-?'t, ?.pp..-it?- th? Clinrrh f Kpiptmti.v. T-nu!, uunlerate A|.piy ?t th Iiiiuim , G ?tr?*tt. ' ,,, Jw" I<'''J:,* I K.-I ti?v*oi,<? ..rtw i of ih ... K B \ M K BOLSE8onTrtr-Hleft.whi. il I tr,|| ^|| "'"S time &uil Hiiial! ci^li pavnn tit ? I- W. POWNM \ v . J'-* lw" R'-al Estate Broker. 112 7tii 4tre?r. K(i".ki NT"K ur.jiahf.1, Alo.Trft^Tonf-itTTi-h-d * lii-%?*>?? i.>, $)b, ? li, rf >ii<-a aij,| Stoi ??? 6*); istwre, e<o, oince*. *&?, ?js, THOMAS K. U AOUAM \M, _J,< y ^19 7th -treet. 1/OB BBNT?A l>r-*..-d Bri. k IIOI'SE -f s ro >ina ,i J* T' "ii? "f the tiiieHt location-, in II . InstricC, ou L ?treet, u.-ar of t it ft ,p..t n rili?(st. Inquire ot M. GREEN, corner d" Itth ?tnl L atreet*. je4-JI F'OB SALE OR KENT? For tl,- ,u..,:Uer, a pleasant ftESUiENCE, 9 room,, 2 , milea (rom the city, north, rad fotti aiuDtoi' walk to ?ta "?n .u Point of | ..rk, k R . with two acr- - *t land, stal.In.if, ex< . ll.-ut Watet. !<? Apply at 11 19 Y J?'4-1 w I/UR BKKT-HODkl So! l5?lK^MLb^ t tween New York a?oni|, ??d H street, contain pit 1 i r>? fih with modern convenience. R-*nt ft *5 p. r n. -ntti. P..s*?--,ii..n giv.-n immmiiMelr 0 J. W PILLlNii, 1103 PennayJvauia ave' 3: F'liBirL-'n.Tr -JW" "r r> a"1 MamwrJ r.. f V* * IIOl Sh, c<?utaiiiiuK t^-ij r on. |,4v aiiidou , r^.uison flr?t tio .r, with l.-rn im provenienfs. Also, three Bt'ILPlNG LOTS, H bv 100 f. to ui *lley, Oil R itre.-t. b twe.1, ? h ?,,i 10 rtl.w. at, tor .?|J>.I earl., pavement; , ras|, ri noii wi fjr la month, from partita ? ho'|i i m. pro\e them; i Lit'rest gi\ p.-r cent. L. 8 < H A PM A \ J' t-3t 11th st.. bet. S atii 0 st?. northwi-st. la'^R RENT?That l eantitul t?ro-ator>-. Mauaard Fo'n . . *rr,"",'.t BK,<;K DWELLIKO. S? ,t a tin a7, '?. m^rti m?r.>v?oiMiU. Inaair* nt f) itrcn, next ?ioor. ^ L'UR 8ALE-A <,-UTTAGK. -i? ro .:.?. ? kitcli.-n, at:il cellar, ijas and ?at.-r lot tl f.- t front; terraced; fruit.trees; ?rap<. vine., and tl .we a Location, 1411 oth atreet. within u- - ,u*re ol Market. Tnr further information all at 1 U.? 9th street northwest. j3 6t* F'OS S.AH*~ThrVr UriLI?IN?J LOTS on lj-h hetwj-en S and T streets. Thr P?? lots r.n 12th street, between S and T. One L >t ?tre?t. between ltth and l.lrh streets Will t?.. ii at ? bargain. J. STANLEY JOKES. jS lw No. 511 7th atreet. ( pp p (j ivpt |,'OK SAliE-K^t PART ot LOT J. *1MrsW. I~D I L Street, betweeu 9ih and huh str-.-u north *_est, aoutli front, ha\ing a two story hu Idiit; and attic, with lar,?e backbutldtnir, all Mated, water and iraa Tl. vacant irronnd ?n ea,t aide ..f house would take a comfortable aide building Terms easy ?, a ni.sletat. nponpavment of ot,.- third cash K >r t-rmJ ?pply to .fAMKS TOWLW, Pr p-rty Age?,. ?f <tre.-t northwest, bet wee u 5th ,.ud ^th streets. Offi. B1L ' ji-iw F'OB SALE-Very deairable BUILDING LOT fTr ?ale, on went side of 15th atn-et, opposite Scott Biuare; *>by lUUfeet Apply 1545 M street |J!. twe?*n 15th and 16th afreet* north went. j *2 3h* l^OIt KINT-8IXTH 8TRKCT WH^HVK<^ T WAHEHOI SE8. alao. FBAME DWILLIvS Corner 6:li and N atresia -onihwe-t ?IDLING, m'-1 Kf APP1> t0 UA P BYLtS, A?e?t. n ' 6t W9 Pennsylvania atenn? FC* S*! * - TWO NEW BRTc'K HOUSES N". 50!i B street aontheaat . 7 ro.>ms'bath-i o.,tn FOR BENT?DE8k ROOM on f street, 1st floor nobetter location in thecity noor, ?ODGE A DABNETLLK, -lr3n <t 1* *1 r atreet. f^OB RENT?HOC8ES N- . 1X6 and l*n D atr?.-i northw. at; contain each 11 room*; modern im KOvrn.e,,ta. Apply between ?2 and l oVhik nue FOBD, No. 327 Misaouri ave u - m.H> 6t? K(nut?t^L*~?U luUS "??*'? caau pay Sub Lot- II and S5, ?.jnnr? Jw. l?h and V ?tr<wta IH *'c>t ' *'Joari' Wth street, near 8. U.hit Sub Lota 10, and % of IS, aonare lit loth ?treet and North Carolina avenue! ' ,Wb r.Lr r'A ?'lu?re M?; tax title. 15.10 bj SO feet of sguare H25, tax title. Let 9. square 978; tax title. 2S"b -aw --jsyg t-a a'fly I' WftMit sTeil dW|i,'iituauil oi~ioath*"uij? of f "t Capitol street, between itth and ?th aU. Price Ay>i> f? MCHABD BOTH WELL, ?th street Durtboitt. nx3d-8we F^^-?th.1?D8,L ^ ?o. ihi8o a,; northweet, tbree-atory Brick, comparatively Pwi lot 18 feet front by 1S8 feet deep. Price ??-ry low; all taxea paid np. lnunlre of if; F CXABB?, Store, N ..1*23 Pennsylvania ar" ^ BMla FR?iWSnriS*"1'!".^1 hr*? "t<>rT PBES8ED BRICK HOI SB. containing ten roonia, besides store and cellan, bath and pantry rooms, with cas, hot and cold water, and all modern improvements ?rd cooTenh nt to aart and market. , Whol., honae 5witboua store MO. Inquire BOLLIDGE BB06., Uli and 0, or 1501 ith street. niy>4 1m P'O.B RfNT?A four-story preas-brlck DWEL LING, linely located on aonth t", between 1st M streets, Capitol Hill, being the corner bonse near 3d street, north aide, containing twelve rooms, with water, cas, Latrobes. range, ducub waiter bath-room and laundry; wit\i ample Cual and wo-al bnnks. and capacious jard in the rear; a rare for securing a very nice summer home, and in the ?ery best condition. Price 9(0 per m .nth. [HESTER A BYON, _ , , Agents and Brokers, r*- ?7-tf 110 1st Street aoutbeast, Capitol HiU. POB hALE-A IK4UABE OF GBOCNO in the A northern section of the city, with the sidewalks curbing, aud guttering all laid and paid for. Ilorae cars pass It. Will sell cheap ana on I ii* tin; H.U^Kst * ADDISOII, B-al Eirt",e Agents, No. 1491 New York avenue, corner of 14th stre. t n rtliweg,. [Bep.AChron ] m?-tf |^v& RENT? No. 1427 h ?reet nortbaeet, two A story, pressed bnek front, six ro-.jns, cellar, bath room,front porch and yard of roaee; few d< from 8* tte Department. Apply for key and terms nt corner inland 8 streets northweet. iifl |a FOB BENT-Half sonare from 14th street car*. ? four-room new BBICK HOUSE; A14 per month; possession giren the 1st of June. IiinTre 6j4 L ul.iana avenue, between ? and ?. tnyl71m brick front and marble trianlM. Na 15(17 Bhode Island avenue, between UtbandVtth streets the residence of the v'lrat Assistant Postmaster G n r **SL,*rr? ^ '"?f* Inquire 1402 14th street. The above h -uae has reoeotly be-n Minted outside and grained walnit lwtde, and pwmea ouxsiae ana grained wainat inside, and put In perfect order. mat in FOR 8ALE OB BEHT-yery dj^fcletw^ry Uniontown, containing eighfrooosa' t,STS.!3 A"" lit,-' FOR RENT ant> SALE. _ I/O* RFNT-At * 1"? 13th ,8,-ott H?r .1 I ? I RMMIIP ROOMH, etntlt or en amte, ?i ?m mer pr For p?opl-> rerii%itiin< to tons during the ?nn w?-r thia :a ? apl?ui1M 1 <ati.<n. t>et: g con^ enient to b.|eU and cara Well ?h *.!?.< * .1 ?az ?i> i? L'<'R *?? NT-FURNISHED HOUSE IH>|>K ? ?? SM.coni* r and i* h <irrH? nortkrmtl win N> r**t ted ob MMuiilt 1*1 ma. ate p ? ???<>? ?'??? AppU to C E BITTKSH-M SK A rent. I * r ?tr-et. n il ?,wf fv.r SiATS -AT ~A?'BK8 ? I'f l.AMi ?' Mdilant Sinn .?) R an t O K K, *?Wi ?' r'"B' U UM1- B*"1 T oltrj H lltr a.d *i.k Hv at.r and g Hk| fenctn* 1 .LAND, nine fmw H >i?* ? -h r!..?et?. Barn, J*r?anta ll i< pinty ,<f w?t~r large ?jimiititj choice fruit tree* T.mii? Applx to LCHl'KL OLAKK. Ijth ?it.| K hoarding. I V ILI. TAK k A rK W BOABDK B* FOB THK ? ??Bill . r, t*eg|u|iit>c ftrat ..f J?|,. pi. .1, ,1, I*.'' R-rk,,1|^; ,?.m. ,n |,l?l..r f ,t'T for rKin'r h ^*,s ' wr*'k , >r |wr?>n?. - % ' ?"d tittr?ee, Ad 11- ?? \ <: Vk K ? t \illf r- .t Otti,-. . M.I u " a* sli""5f? s??AR|MN.; AT KKI> W,.o|? * p|t t..?n >r w aehington; w<?teid- RxkOMt r , '* ?, ???''" ?>?< r.N?-'?rt.t:iMl. ? ??Irrmt v, o l*k a ? ?" ?> Tr ?.r" " M i o < lor* a m . tearing ?t 1 %? P m if,, r* , no,rtni,!"r,"rPl,,f" MrH "II 1 pWJI \tf bo akiTiniY-o I.ri,';..,? ? t iV, .T 1 r1,' * "'J 1 '""i * ,fh'n * '?<? -? *i Aj?&vfc,T? * wpSSm* '.f* 'AMI1.1 KM ?-an be -tccotum-lat^d wi !i t..i , Vi* 11 *"1 1' r '1' ""t"'"" ?? * >i ?;v: 1.1 Inl HI.,1 t?^?|th> I.N ... .SSn,il... fr,.ni W Mil in/I .. 1 r" f ? t .11 AN ll'i) LK 1 ( (l 1 . Ftkl? ! K?"s l"K iVuf OR "i'?kli w ?i-. 1ABLF ?*H*l,bH??iiS(li *1.1 9:h 11 rtli lull Im A PERSONAL. I ) i'1 :? vol K milTK M IT I U Ni'.'kf'iWr'" "" >T ? V >1 , , " . r: " Fltrot O ' *' V n'*" *' nm?i. on s?ut.Uy. -^-11 .* r?V I K K R {jJO AKD COSSILT Si Alt AM DC UUA t r. LIT.r.T^''r,UJ ?,,d ?"l?irv?>?,,?; -h^ I. t?. ^tilitli daufibtrr t'ff the wTriith (IftQllit'T ?!?.. vtZT'ZSj**? p,rn'>,x??<? ?"*???rx'm 3*1 4 T ?tref-tn. |,>r m ?l??irt fim* th. ^n... I"^\ICr 2," r" bu","r'*' ni?t?.-r* tell* how r^*? r I.N-t ..r(rt?|rn pr> p< rt j ; t? lla of |.,*..r?, ??,! 0% ?? , .,,, A M 12.V"; ?f r"rjM,n "?? to timrry l ". fi AI, l<tt?-?? r?^ pr 11.ptIt h| ii,<-i.H>it,c ? 1 it 1 i>n.p Uonr, fr jpi s m to l.i p m professional. 1)1,^ ^ KINvi .*? Murnwl. O'li *l'? St"*i ??1,7'"V"1'* ???"-,8', 1.1 , ? I ' I ?! ?# !? , p W J FRAKU, 1,1 ,-w. DKNTIST, < 1.1 lSb nlrM. ?Ii.ivh K H .* B"**1?'.*1 c ' ' 1 "rk in ?ip ,i ^ ?bcj- , u, 4?rabilit). ?u: punv city BK'U,*, ,"*u *u> l>eMiai lu the nOC_rOH ilAKIlGAN HAS KKMiTvEH Hl> ' to 1 itlU F <'rwt nor liM"?t ni3| ii? jAMEb O.CLRPHAKJT tt. 7. BBAILET (irriMNE ? rrailfv br?|K'<TINAKIi M?K<l<TKIi8 * Law BKFo'BTtBS 110 0 atrwt, b-tw?K*D lit aD<< ?,i <j?> >j? Itidiana >v. t,o? Bihai-1, JOHB ?. BANNA, N - v ?ATTf,B"* AT LAW. " H Mhiiurton, D. O. medical, Ac. ("krjrtn'fj V"1ack' k' , ,u reHrL pn.Tnc" "'J l- A ?*?"*>? of :?? B> it all d i M'a^JJelur^d* ti*p4 ami tl KMALtB I)ll*EA8K8 of all treated !>?? KlitcCaM ana euclu* ft, adrira ?t?i SMiXi Addrtw Mia. Dr TtiOM PHi?M N" *** Morth '??? ?r~*.,ia (VI ADAMS WIUSOII, % a t. 1 a i:v-a s-vr? w,,. S^lJfliCf atld CbD<Dlttll*c B' .liig.aill ath at treated lu Waah'ngtop 10 *?"??*? HOTELS. L'&IOM UOTKIa, OloKfiTow!!. D O ' h PropcWor fliltHcM hia btw newly raOitod and fcrnto&M Jt 54fJ?talM all the rood ltd iropruvwnoati?hoc . ^ Wilt and gaa. ft fi ooiivaut^cttir in ?%tM, bein* eitaftt?d on th? line of tb# WMhiuctoc ? l Plty Paawrjfer railrowd, thr can ^fwbirh, ftaB th? railroad and steamboat depots J*"* tha ^>or ??7 two or thraa miunt?a. tin f I* thia h?Q(e nfe reach any of tbe nbiw bniuiitiga of the national capita! or any o* y i lM?gt, Ac., br a ploaaaut rida of a few rniuntoa Per?' t?doin* bciin-?c al>>n< the 11m of the can* J tjf wta^e. will fladTt to t?? ftc j *t thia hno? daSl lT ^YaOM-8 H0TK1*. " T ?o. T?<# Q STBS IT. |e? tl ?CTWItH TTU AT, 9th IrtKT. liB IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES 8VKES, frem?Mr. PSORTIM* PlJtS?tLVAf?;4 ArBKVI. beimm UtA nd 14.* mtmu. Wasbimtoji, d. o, Thankful to the public for ft>&?roM tatroMM ti ??' ??*. tba Proprietor aati hia old frtefld^ltS patrotM to taat the accomnodatiour of hiT^.r. ? Mtatliihment, which he ?roaiiww i rrJITS laaat ?<, ual to tha be? in VfaahinirtQ. * foM- " jati>-tf [Rap., Qhronj O O. WiLLARD, " EBB ITT HODBR, _ WABHIMQTOM. P, Q. LADIES' goodst UlftS MrlORMKE, ^ yjT*PENNSYLVANIA AVENCR.ut 11 aa constant I j- on hand a fln? asaorttBent uC IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, ( HIPS, FLOWERS. RIBBONS. *c., rl aag',sra.^r' *?""" cira |^EAD AND SAVE TOUR MONET. - L*die# wbo Hair Switcbe* that hara faded from na can hare them restored to thoir utViS ,??yrj?r Manner. We hare a Tory large aaaortment of II Curia: very lone and handaome MADA*MI..d?T 'I time to buy at near G ^ Hair Factory, 61B l*h ?t? c*? ^Te th'*? roatorod to their natural ?hade in superior manner U ? ha>a ? ?? 5! near.Q atraaT "Smr [VOTICE.-Bargain, are now being off*red U milliner* - ainf FAHCT OOODB, " "TiTTjartti^. ^TAMPING DEPOT J"? ^ Oppoette Patent pa pa. WELLINO OFF I selling OFF I AT COST, TO DlflSOLTB PARTNERSHIP. OF THE NEW TORK BAZAR. ?df-tr 441 Seventh atreet, near 1. NO HCMBDb 141 ABIU" L FRRNCH BTAROM RHAMRL latbabaat article in tha world for doing u L is^u ? jfcs^a b?uri tavur ?of nn M iU orocen, mx-iN ? ? - - Devlin A. Co., SEW YORK .MERCHANT CLOTltlKRS THE LAKQUT VAKIETT OF GOODS FOB GEXTLIMEX'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW STYLES AT mtt-tr tin PE??ATLVAM1A A TEMP R. Srvfiri ROTS' AMD TOCTH-8 SUITS a anacialtv tMa I BTSINFSS CIUXCE3 LVit ? >d* ? r? ,T?." i r ?i .4 b"?i:i.? inter-?t !?? nt- ?? ?!.? l> .? CVIiiaibia Di'D?iB * P.tkMli ? ?. Il* *tiwt . l-a'ae. B It'll ai. i H !,'? ff"S\Lfc- /Tie- '' ? - r i ot* in 5.' 1 n?"n'bl> i ;?t*lnr i t? ??! $ I THOS E j**-* ftl*:tba.i * Hmik ch i 17 f., V i h . v >T"> h \ M ? v ! \? - | m U"* doing ?|k <4 I n> n-?? >r <?? ? . 1 rea?-lia *l*ea for arliiiii! Mlt afnl * I vt'ni.ti |? i I*4?B *. .1 a? 'rth-k?hia ' ? b* aoi-1 at private Mk?. rr-iiu??" X .**? \ , a ?-nur a?,<iib*?,?t. b*-!? **?i; fcl and ??? *?? ?l* HI AfK*WITHS , H- l ? ll' ?. I?r ? 11 lliti *1 H? Mnaka and I'lea ar-1 Tap- T nf?. Al.til,* ?*<l i quirtl'f nf ">"l? Caali ? f LViK> tl.i Thr M'?N k (u.l f i \ I -iL - r I>f an #a(al>liali< : ? ? rilk at a largtiU ItHjuir*- al or ad-It*-**. N ?!??? , ?liM. ii-rtie* Virginia a> in:'* *? c.> onii * \'n rvi> r >s i - k i i n -, , -a \ Vl4lk ?IK'h tlia* JoilM" tllf ?t I r <jnart< ri> if ?le?il?d. A I tr-?? M ?i?T ?> ? ? . live. t * I K Mil irTinK'.UN M > K . r v~ TI KkS - I * h k and ?? ? n ? * o * *? r rmr >'( Ulli itr^ tml Criiv I ?n ? >t?n? ?--?t K aa-tia f"i aHli*|, |>.? r halt* *r ?? 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I ?ill i. ti*-tr". t1 r I'lii T- p'ti riwti, a I tl?r t-ai ?nr?* hi 4 * *ai - 1 tin ?-?ll . ti??'ll. ( all aT.'l alt ?? . MUL H W It I.'*11. ;??? .".t ???i v Itr.- M ?? >ni< T- in|>|a. >Al ?. t'K KI.NT-Ti' N* *-MI\i?T v ? 11 V Ol.AHU UdkK> rn-i t : .i. t N atr?'<t? K l ffltkiun ? i - ? I l ii ?? m th* t nildinir Apt'li a' N <11 7tli ?1tri t n Tlba'-at. j?tli?i |?ABTIK8 Uavinie ll?Jl >tJ> >i I >TV l I an> part "f t'i?* < I'? ? an tin 1 pi- tia? ra , |. tali: a 'n.p'irar i loan In appl) i'i? tIF<? TBI IC* I Kl.L \ t O . E' at B-iai.- . .?l ? ; !i -t ? iiii> lot | B f *t >ir.>ii | MuNEY Tt~L?~AK i'N BKAL Ktl \Tt la anti.a atii! "ii tliin-? ai it. MMt!> K ? U i.H K.?l Kvat- R t?r. ??l I in C'"r. IMIi and T at? . r ? >ri 9 nt ? <ir? MONiV TO Lt'AN ?'N lira hUlf M AC KT 4 HUH . K al K?lat<* atld ln-..ralir. H k?ra, ??iS3-tf 14 J7 r a-r?? liM Y i tiK^TA.NTH <>N HtftiDTO LAN ? ii Iral nltli'. m*uiaa l'i ?n t y\ OIXI TRl l.rt'ET.L .* ?'<? . ? < 17 In.* R*-a! IC?!ai<- Br"k"P?. *1 ?? 7th at L'nH >AL?-r.0r III at :*?? HUI< K BUI Si-. ? |vi (Mjuari-a fnni 4'aptt it r?rk. and tb? .liKtai.c.- I? ? tli?* tj' ? E?-t-rn M ?rK a*id d>n t? tin* FmiihtIiaula ai-iMif ?!'?<<? * ? at", ?i*ll lucatoil. Ui?^>- tl 'U-iwi aia *?>1| limit, t<-a r<>mia racb, ?w. I?< and coU ?at?r, aid <'-a?. T<rm<ra?f. Iu^utre ?u lh*r |>rt*aiia?a, 31 *4 ???utli^aat. a$? la* I. OK SALK-Tlw MiK k, O'lOll MILL and r K1XTI KKS "t th- Milluirrj au.: Fau< > tJ?.?ra, N". 707 M ark^t SpaC' . I~t 7th and fh ??- t rta w?r. | nJ2 tr| E LBBXBBBO ? CO \' Al t AbLB r ABM r<*B DILB OB B& ? HANUB run PKoPCKH IN TUlst IT* A Uht.AT HAHUAiyi ?JZ; an?a ?er? mipnir land, .-prially t"t t^hacrv, late* &???* T"t?? Ham. Tfiiaut H a;.J "utl'uild'i ??>. kiii' iard't Ai? < ? rd itmpr ?in**, iti lirariiig mm trr '!???<( Jsi a. r? ? ?*:ual if ! t?.t.?r, bai?u- ?? a' at i# an t a ? II f?ncM*. i ? .ii <??.. ? St *t U f I I' i( K . Ili Sp"t"> U > < 'tilit? . V I Prior, okl? 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C HAI M'S WihmI and Coal Yard, I" ?Jh'-t. i. t?. ? ti 6?h and 7tli atr'-i-ta a.-Htlia'--'. nutl ??'* giillA ?ATEB APPAHATl S~K*? Ii SALE A (rnt rari<?tr of Whttr and T-D(.'-aa<a Mat', a W?I?A ATEB APPABATI S. at m* . r- , price* il>4 term, a-c -nd-baud i>ti<-a tak-n in ? t uar.?f<* hiWer p4at?-<l Ap(aia:ua aad rtttwl fjta tain* to loaa, fri-e .?f rliartre. by ?il?-lin*_PALMEB A UBEEK. Ov.'?-t"aTi It BICE OLA T FOB ULB. D Anirt* DO DOB ft DARMIILB. J17 tf 14*7 r atrarf COAL AND WOOD. ^ LsHCRirr. Wholesale and retail pkalkk m (OIL AMI %% OOD of eiehy V?s<mrrros. Oflif?: XBS IVniin l? ai ia a??r r.^. Ih-t w~-n M ant ?l? atr.^ta. Drpit aud Mill, tilXIk atrrwt wUart, Pntuniai rirer. Katr pne* and Aooorahl* d^allnga. my Ira* Q 1 ? ? 0 L 0 T I O B~ WaaniMTOH, D. C-> April it, UTS Tba coptrtaeratup barxt- l ra aiiatiux bMan^e Blpbonso Tuanara aad Win. H S-ara. nnd-r tba uani- aad Ana of BLPUONZO TOCBUS ft CO , Ii dtaaolvad br nutuai c?a*at.tba a?r<>nd tami of au h copartn-raiiip bavlnc tbta dap asairnd Th- boai ni-aa will be cuatiniMd at th" old stand Maa-n.e Ti^npla, coraar (tb aad F atrenta.) bj BLPB0M20 TOl KOB, a bo tnll par all ja?t claiaai acainr. aud oollact all aniouatt do* aaid firm. BLPHONEO TOL'BM JAM H 8EAB8 Thanktna tny frteada and tbr pabllr fnr thatr lib eral patroaair* m tb" paat, I wouid raapacttalir aoiicit a coalinuaiM.e of tbe ?ain? ELPUOBZO rOCMBS Having apeot tbe paat two rears rati aatiafartortlf wtth Mr. T< onfi la the abore-named bnalnaa, | irniild take thla opportuuuy to tbank nir frivada and tb?- public for their aatroaafe, aad cbeerfullr rac otiittieud whatever inflneace I mar hare tn hta la teraau. |apmfl kit H HE ABB YOCBQ HA* DO HOT DESPAIB?If ? "? bava bat little ataaaa, aod wiah to look (eutael.fat one of the fKanita, is three different etrlsa, a'. A ftTBACB'. Iftll ^aa ara.^^tH. ,^ ^ DBEhS' DBESftES AT MR8 O. B HAl'BEBd fcTABPIKO DEPOT. ruU-tr 61T 7th atraat J/AlRHANkfc LETTER SCALES. Bverr alze and at) le, at very I -w rataa. ? THE CMVEBSAL EAMlTT SCALE Pfl THE PO( BET BETTEB SCALES We l<a?<- an hand and alwara r<*ad> to aapplr aur aad ever) at)le aud kiad * LBTTEB SCALE at tbr maaafactarar'a lowreat ratea ff alan a full liar of C"maiercial and Baukera' WattMKi) , Blank B?>k?, Caah aud I? -<d B >im. BICHABD B. MOHUfc ft W.| nol-tr lftl* Paaaa. avaaaa, mraar tltA Iraat. JBB BAP1DITT WIT* WMUB yafgjyh^.ty^wSrt *aaoatba, aad a? Ao?M I?dad to Aotlai llft^al taaat u> vake It farlMi flaaaaataad wM, kw Dr. Whit*'a operaltoaaatw nwqiK-i.Ur kona kf duldrea attk at cxnalalat; tharc la Itttla ar aa pala, aa loa rftiate, and VftoMM auitaLla aftwaabe wora, tha jTtlur, and If aoaabat aaBaMa akoaa be wora, tka iraatmeai, area to atUaaia eaaaa, dhut a ?arf?* ?are^ tL?^th^tl^toat being aaadao ooaataatl^ (Vma aSaJil^oTtliaa. comfort,"aadTT2ah?to* aa*r'' " , Ml hMatoaa a*a SAV AtiE7r?iua) l?aata nit Wli aiMi A At It Hard S. JOBBft BAA BEBOTEO B1A DBCO . STUBS to (k* earaer of hMnlnd>^ avenue aad Second at re d ha wB.^V S^TolfcWTiVll'tATT." .II ta> standard C'M.featrg'ft Elartlc i

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