Newspaper of Evening Star, 6 Haziran 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 6 Haziran 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSE i\a\y pa* orrrnt. _ . . IT W \?H.5?;T01I, D. *. f air ' Pr p sal*. to I* .-ndoraerfl . *V1F?^*'v w II 1 ? r c-i?od a? thi? ?HS " until li , ? fTH i >w.l-CS. forthe belew-d^ecn'??" I- il"!;i.M(r??(>f to tho G">r*'riUDent at tfe*(<'i: ?1r( rifiBi**! Naw Yards: ?T REAC 8TB A X ENGINEERING ? li*1 t- i.s Cumberland Cttl, Na*| lard, Ports mouth S H 1 < ? : ? Cnal?rlia4 Cotl.Nat; Yard, Bosi?a, M Ijji ' - Cumberland Coal. Nary Yard, Norfolfcs Ta ? L'> 'r' -? Cumberland c al, Navy Yard, Washing ton. D C Al! ti '?<? of the Ter* best qn?lit> Cumberland C al. Th- r ctrartorto mi ?!*>? c .si of iaspectiog the C- ?' *t the Washington Bat; Yard. B .Ve--must state in t hoi r bid* lk>- time within ?>,,<! ?' ? {' al can ho deliTered. Responsfhle se e>iri|\ *i!> ho re.inir?-<J for il? prompt and faithful i)?li?rr? when t*kr>lf<l. Blank form* for bid* to t- Wt a? >hi* ffirce Tho ri?ht is iwrr?l lor# i?-rt <*! !? I n I .b-i.1-red ad? antagoousto the Gor rrrtiH-i.t Tto ?! .*<? C'-al is t bo doliTered on the wh.irrea at tl . s- r ?l Naw \ards into carts pr?*id*d by the G-- ? : ci? r.t. and will bo pad for accordingto t m said 5a*) Yard's ?calo O E THOBNTOH, ?g v P*v Iappfetor r. 8. M. JsTU*r MASONBV. I i t or THF v ?<H'\9Ti>1 A^rEftrtT./ M ankiiiKtoD. May 31ft, 173. < S . i p--aa'? ? *1 -Pr po?al? f.?r C.?bi t? Is t, Rndu*a ?n iho W a*In net on A in? .,,t ? ! b? r?-if ' at thisnthre until I St < Hit tl JO . ;i %?>, or Jt %r. for fnrnUhing an. set t. n( i -p:r.? a-ri par ip-tuT <ti?n?* bridg?~-. Pr i .1- will h? only on the printed f -i - ? i>. with p:ar'??. sp<cilications, f >nn? of < n r and any information, ran be bad On a| | ?tion. b> : hii < r in person, to ? E BAIHtKK .CdotKl t\ B. A., ;e2 < Ui?f Eii*iueer, \Va?hin<ton A'|ii<-dnr|. |? I l' i. ASSIST * NT yl'A BTKKM ASTEB. t I 9. A., F->rt M. \m r,YA , .f-in" 21.1-C3. ai>- l'r?p <? triplica'e, with c?p-- ?>f ?litw a I -i T.t ?tta> hed, nr?- invited at thi^lKlice VTiiil 1. <1 km.on the 3n i>at ?r infi Ml fttki try ol f i' win* Banc.I - irp' ?- .it tlii< r I'iriti* tile >ear r nniionrii<< .1 uly I. InI .? , .-h tim?.an.' in ?n<~h iin^iitltfo*. m majr b r- ji ? .--t-,fct to ilr wotl l*?pFftliNi. tIt: r' .?.??rcl>a^lt?, lo li? >1 W"ftl, (ni^re or !?????.? 151 f t - mercbaataM* Pim m >re or le^.) i ? o h Cera, | r? ??r le? ? li-niWl- Oat?. i ro or i*-?e > f !-? I* 11 ij , l.ib-d. < m.-reor b'M. > v ?? v Straw, Ml d i more or Ik. I Tlior .rri and Oata t?? b" dean, and well a?< k-d Tli ? Ilk. t-? I tini'-th) . of H go ?} i|Uality. fre,- fr .in ?-e-l?. r>'* in aeaa?n, well Vnred and t>.?l .1. T!i? 8tra? ! I.- of *?? d nitlitj . rb an, lon^ and uell I lb*. Biauk f of Prop.-aN with entrant?-pi >nt*<i tbi-rcni . ? liu It in all ???-- iim-t he properly fill>-d a ' r r'-r d to. I will ho f iriii>he>l oa application to |M) < ?< Tr will be markod, "Pr -poaala for P r M .' ? ? - Propnmla f.>r ffimd,"an tne ca?e ina> be ?? d ?? >t --?-\l to the nrd-r?iKnod THB<? 1 KCKERSON. jtlS' Capt.andA.g M., B*t Major I'. S. A. >Ki'P?"SAL!* POB WroUOHT AND OAST UtiRK PUB THE *EW JAIL. P1S 1 kli T OP COLt'MBIA. Ntw JaiL, P ?t*;rTor Cnirmu^ | I (jtiKe ol Superint' tident. Mm 8, B K ft VGHT AND CAST IK0.> HToK&rl ?*al- : Pt p^aalu will b? receitfJ at the office of ?ho >i p-: ii.toiuh iit until 1'ini , Jc\t 7,1.73, for ' r - i. diliTori:i?,flttti)e. and putllUM iu place tlio \\ r- i iht and Caot iron Work a* -xhibitod hv ? ?i- l?r to MK*. d?'*crited in the Spovitiratlun*. and Call-4 ' r ib the S< hodolt-a, c. nuitii.g of Hi<>Ca?t Ir n( i*inin? of Bao. n.fut, Bolh-d Beam*. Ac , of Floor*. If ? >b Work of B--?>f?, Gratings to Windows, Ac , I-ii l?o >r?. Iron Stairraaes, Ac. < pi'- of tho r>rawin??.Sp-< ifica'inns, and Sch?d \i!? tit I- ha<] un appl iration at this ofti,e. A.. ?> *n Idinn re-inired ty the contractors to pat the * rk i-i plico will l-o by tho O "Torn -unit f'--o ,.f cliarg-, tut will be erected by the coa ti a- t I*. pr p ???!? will be msde by the piece, lin*al foot. or ? .-:.'br. ? ?r tho Tari? n? itoms f wurk, im cailxd f^ r it; tL"Steilnle. Tl.? w rkwill not be sul?divided ?id'I a dlffoeeat MMws, but will ho conaidor*-.l in th* a^rr -ato. Tbewb<-le of ? he<*axt iron Colnmut ?!Ri- ni nt Story and the B imi. Ac., of First F1 or, i. ::4t b,-do.iveri'd and *? t iu position within thr-vv ? I?" froni date ol accoptance of prop-o-al. a id th< wh? lo w >rk mu?t bo completed witbin t? -Itf n- orbs froui dato of acceptance Pa; n t? will bo madooi-mtbly. d?ductin* ten per WSliiB til tho flnai c? uiplotion of tbo contract. All 1 i< taust be acc->mpanio,l hy a ponal bond, in Ihe - n t twenty thonsand dollars < that t..?* 1 id'i- r will accopt aad perform tho contract if awnrl-il oni. tho snfllcioucy of thes?arit> to bo certif--! ? tne Unitod Statts .!'idx?. tho Ch-rk of tor I i,: ? StaJof Court,or .bo District Attorney of the 1- -ti wbemin he reeidea. Tl.o I' i-artmoct re?rr? tbo right to rejoct any or ?II b: if. : o b? do?Tj?od for the interost of th" 0 >t ?run.ot t do ao, ar.d an) hid that la not tuaile on tho yip : 1 f mi. to t-s obtained in this offline.and 4oea l ? tiforni in oTory reaaact t* the rieiuiro c on?- ' - %b<-rtiseniont, will not be considered; neirh r ? I any prop..-als be recoir?i from Banea w ho ar ? t i th.-Ci^oIvea t-njw-1 in ?he m mnfacturo o! Wr ? ?-r Cat-iri.n Work, an-1 who have n,.t tti- t.-r -??'i facilities for *>-ttir>* out tho work. Prop. - >i? will be t-iidorsod '"Bid" for Iron Work," ?r.d a ldr? a?ed to n 7 T' ADOLF CLl*?S. 5up"rint?niont. INSURANCE COMPANIES. 1 HI t ({1 I T.t HI. E LIFE AS91 RAS< E SIM IETV. Tti- 11 -i::? -a of this Company ba? for year* b-ea tl.- l.ti -? it any similar inaritntlon iu th* world. F HbVKK Grmkal Aot\T, s.?C lr ??03 and illj 7lh streot. \\* B. JO*E? k CO, ?? . ,V? ill iititrxl.iifr P. O 0-pirtm*nt, R j?. r.t the folbviag s.rong Fire Iuaurauce < THE t.KUMAN AMERICAN, OF N T . Cash Capital, *1.0O? OOO T 11F MERCHANTS. OF NEWARK. S .1, r. " Ca-h Assets. -$>>76.741* 17 KI vTW ESTERS EIRE l.lSl RAXl'E ? tO.M PANT. CASH *.?;-ETS 930^.4*^7 6il 1.11 l? E. bO? FIFTEENTH STREET. : fVl.Tl TKSajitBT liSrARTXKM. B-.1A33) B W BATES. Agent. The iorioran fire insirance tU.MPAN t ? I Tli* DISTB1CT OP COLUMBIA. O'aatzsd Aprxi 1st, LS73 Capil?r?_ 9100,000. OFFICE Kn.HW PENNSYLVANIA AVENDE. i 0'. IB U.LBrks'a Dbca Btokb.1 JOHN T. LENMAN. Proaideat A U HERB. Vice President J T DYER. Secretary. I> RBCToRi -*? Orme, H Clay Stewart, 0ha? A J an. os. Jan. L. Barboar. Edward Droop, J?hu T. L nr.- ii Klicbael GreeB, John Bailey, A. H. Herr ap4-l> ABE foC INSCBEDT IF RoT, APPLY TO THB OLD ERAtELI* INStRABUE COMPa.1T, OF WASHINGTON, D. C. l>roiFn*itir< rf Comkrw in 1919. Ofl)c> in the building of tbe National Batik of UM ?-?ot . <?. No. 7 06 D street northwest. Ho charge for P 11. ???. Ih-f.-t?Vr. Jaa. 0 Hall, John Pnrdy, Dr. J I Br <)!.- ad, J. Keyworth, Jaa. 0. McGaira, Hear* Bridley. Joe. H. Bradley, C. H. Wiltberger, W. J ?cP nald, F. W. Mi Guire. Dr. D. B Clar\e, H Q lir-nr HENRY BBADLEY, PrealdaaL CBALLES BRADLEY, Secretary. TMF *ATIO*AL METRO POL1TAB 1 EIRE I5IBIRAMCE COMPAMT. OP TBI DISTRICT OF columbia. OKUA.'VIZAD A0VPST *?. 1BT9. CAtB CAPITAL 9100.M* Offlre is Shepberd's Building, Bo. ??9t( Peonayl M""Ff If fl 1 T Tn^ilial w. .. ? WM B. TODD. Vloe Preaideat ?AMI EL CROSS, Bocretorr. aa ?*? ? vr ?n. Wte O Metaerott. G- F Oulick. M ibm K^ir " A K Shepherd. oeU-tl LIVERY STABLES. JB CLCOTT A BOH, . BcaKMNG, LIVEBT d BALE 8TABLBB 416&h nreet. bet. D aid B, and Chain Alley H between l*h and 14th. Oflce, Willarta '' B?r f *rnig* fnraiaM Special oare paid to um board-ng f honw. deefl-ly Allison bailor, jr., _ L1V EHY AND HIRING BTABLn. STYLISH CABB1AGES and COAOHMBM. de.pi ly um B street northw?w BL1NCTON STABLKS -B. CBU1T, jb. G UTRIET, Bitwih 17th ins 19TB. Carriagoe by day or night, aad for weddlaga or p? TV cA BKlAGES j*?T the ?af o* ?oatB. o-j ha d and for hire ~ rart - ? Part lea, tue B>i ?t and elegant P?iKSsaa.l Part tea i ar attatlo? Flflkinf afttsllui to boardlai Moraea always for sale aad a*ehZa?!r ^l ro O^T^nSai H" r ?1. by ?r. 'FBIE^^."f*,i ^ ?J2|5 Va treat, tear I north west, *** *? ?treat, t-ear I, aortBweat. 1 . dent Grs-.t. Mrs. Adalral GoUeboroegh, W. W1 Qnworaa.C anal Blasi.O'Biral Toaikiaa, Oeaa; ral AUea taalAlw BKFOBB GOING blsbwhbbe sRaniaa tao D ag.nal Drees Suit for 917, i a specialty.I aad only to be bad at A. ST MACS . 1S11 Peaaa a??? aaar U'h. ?? w'ggj.'a'a.v^giLaj^'.-ag-z M?? 9P ^ ? ?- * vow. D BA | hU lf ?etaeati bjU-1 !?? o bauT??3 VII BI6KLOW, ? ?? -NTH, ?43 D STRUT, NEAR MK ? OOL rin INTEBEST OK DEPOSITS, -ctsd LBCTIOBS, ud transact* all boiiM MU> With Banking. apS-ly amino ho mi 3. H. SQUIKR * CO* 144S PENNSYLVANIA ATBHVB. OPPosIT* WILLAkD's HOTXL, WASHINGTON, D 0. ? Mr C*nt. tntrrtrt paid on dtftitt, Coll?rtl<7Ds mtdr sverywbere. Dt- ??it? mibl* on dfoaod. Pay of offlcsra la Uir Army mbwl in advaaoe. aid lr Jr. BBUOHEAOy ? Broker* Bo. *39 Penna. Boo? f, Washlnftoa, D. ?. Bpsclal titration (riven to tor?MMt mirlttM. In Tito* attention to Mcnritin now Mered at pricsa which will par M to II per cent, in amount* and of laafth of timeto*ult Investors. Safe, reliable, profit able airtt prompt .making tNem In every respect PI EST-CLASS SECURITIES. Bsfer* by permission to Lewi* Johnson A Oo., , Washington D. C.: Moaes Kelly, Esq., Caahier National Metropolitan Bank, Wirtlotton, D.C.; 1 Hon. J. M ? Bradheart, Second ~ " " " sr. -, ?. C.;"Edwariiri?i"?? 0?lrtr?ll?f, Washins 'iVithiiitoi D o Caj. War 17-3m I '?'HE RATIONAL BANE. OP THE BBPUBLIO t 1 (Oornr tuf 7th and D atreeta,) < OPEN PROM 10 A. M TO If. I. dec 17 ly CHA8. BRADLEY. Caahlar. i ER?A!? AMERIi&N lAVIKei B&Kft, ' No. Aid SSVBMTH STXKKT, Orr*tU4 ik* fo*t- Qfct Dvmtmmi. Bank hour*: f a. a. to 4 p. m. Saturday* "K? on til 8 p. m , to receive deposit* onl*. Interest paid on depoaita. Collection* made and r*rKj?ri?? furnished. JOHN HIT*. President, A. EBERLY. ?. Presl, W P MATTtaQLYj3ec.,0. E. PBENTISS.Cs.b'r aov4-ly THE FRKKIMIAM'B SAVINGS A.1D 1 TRIAT ( VHPAXV. Banking Boa*. N?. lftWT Pennsylvania av*oa*, opposite the Treaeurj , PATS SIX PEB CENT. INTEREST, InterrH b>ttni (As >ir?| of Eatk hlnmtk. PATS POUR PER CENT, on biuineas account* frooi date of deposit, inw) af Otrosu bearing ? and 4 per oent. Interest, available any where. dAb BRANCH OP PICES In all large towns and cities uf the 8?utb and Soutbweat. Hank kauri,l ? m it 4 p. m. Open Wedm sday and Saturday nights from 4)4 to I jVI'<k, to receivedeposit*only. Call at the Bank or tend for a copy of the Charter aid Br 'an jld-ly J AT COOEK * CO., BANKERS. BUT AMD SELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and ISSUE CIRCl LAB LETTERS OP CREDIT for rravel?r*. ttriflmbU ?a any part a/ IM war id. Onr Draft* on JAY COOKB^MrOULLOCH A CO,. are Cashed in aay part of Es?LA5D, Ieilasb iM JeoTl.A *I>,^ss 'Knrtt. may U \V A?h7n??TO!? CITT SATIMM BANK " Gmi<r 7ll ttr*i> ?|4 Lnnnaui m?mm. PAYS b FEB CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of depoaita. Deposit* can be made and drawn at will. aivB?-tf J. A. BUPP. Treasnrar. STEAMER LINES. IV EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, 1 V BKTWKFX PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANURIA, V*.. WASH INGTON AMD GEORGETOWN, DC. ?AIL13S DAT*. Prom Pier J, North Wharve*, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY aud SAT URDAY, at U m. Prom Water atreet,Georgetown, D. 0.,TUES DAY and SATURDAY, at 10 a. m This line connects at Philadelphia wtth"Clyde*? Iron Line" of steamer* for Providence, B"St >n and New England State*. N > wharfac* in Boston by thia line G. P. HYDE. A^-nt for D of 0. WM. P. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. P A. REID, Alexandria. Va. WALDO A. PEARCE, *4 Congress Street, Boa ton. ??"Freight* delivered bv Express. Orderi I "ft at General Office, 60.'l Petinsvlvania avenae. sr at the ateaiuer wharf will be promptly attended to a pi yy ASHINOTON^HOR^C^LK, BOSTON, AND The line Iron Steamer LADY OP THB LAEB bavinc rtanmed her regular trip* to Norfolk,will leave her w>'?rf, foot' of 4th street, every MONDlY ai<1' Till RSDAY, at 1 p. m., touching at principal Bivar Landings, connecting at Norfolk with Steamship of tbe M. and M. Line for B'?ton and Providence Preight should be addr^aaed "care of Lady of the Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket offlce at Knox's |xpre*s Office, SOB Pennsylvania av^sne. T M. CBOUCH, Agent,#th-street wharf. DORSET CLAGBTT, General Agent. ml4 Plant's Store, o^raer 19th at a->d P? ave ptKARD ??*. TU* BRTTISH AND NORTH t MERICAS ROYAL MAIL STEAM^UIPS, BETWEEN NEW TORE AND LIYEBPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOB PROM NEW YORK. ?Java Wad?May SS 'Cuba W>-d-.June 4 *Sc<>tia Wed. June 11 'A'g<-ria W<-<i. June Li *Ruaaia...?Wad_.Juli>- 2S Part hia Sat_.. M \T 31 Siuimria Sit Juue 7 Abysiiuia.-Sat June 14 Batav.a. Sat June 21 Oalabria. .Sat Ji:?'h St- HO.ars marked thus * do not carry at -arago pat ? ?ogera Abd every follewlnf WEDNESDAY And SATCR DAY from New York. Bat la or PaasAak.-Catin, fdS, BlOb, aad fUC gold, according to accommodation. TKketa to Paris, #14, fold, additional.4 Retura ticketa on favorable tannj.r Steerage, #90, currency. Sterrage tickets from Liverpool and Qmeaatowa. azKi all parts of Europe, at low eat rataa. Throagh bills of lading givm to Belfast, Glasgow, Havre. Antwerp and other poista on the Continent and for Mediterranean ports. Por freiaht and cabin paa sage, apply at the Company's otflce, No. 4 Bowling Green; for steerage paaaage, at No. Ill Braadway Trinity Bnilding. CHAD. G. PRANCRLYN. Agent. N-w York. OTIS BIGKLoW. Ag^i.t, St aui<-r Oilier, l-il 1 Pa. avenae, novij-iy Washington, D. 0. ERCBANT'S LINE OP oTEAMsHIPS IITWU* WASHINGTON AND NEW YORK. I>m M WASHINGTON AOU I JBareafWs1 tbe Rne Bteatushipa B 0. KBIGMT ana JOHN GIBSON will make reguUr weekly triaa between NEW YORK, ALEAAST"' DRIA. WASHINGTON and GEORGE* TO W dl, aa follow*:?Leave NBW YORK from Plat 3? East River, every SATURDAY at 4 p. ?? Leavt GEORGETOWN every P BID AY at T a. a., and ALEXABDB1A tba aaaeday at 14 a. far fall information apply to B P. A. DEN HAM Agent, office aad whan toot ot High street, George town, or at tbe earner of 17th atraat aad Bew Tori Freight* delivered by Ku?x's Exprees. Or ?ler* left at General Offic", b03 Pernnylvanis ave t.o".cr at tbe steamer wharf will be promptly at ten<led to. . tall-tf f. W. THOMPBOM.1 CHILDRBB'S HOSPITAL ABD DISPBNBABY N4 M Strut, y. W.. kmwmm *k mmd *ksu. Supported by voluntary contribution*. Hoaptta Iree to chiklrea ander 14 years ef age. Dispenaan open daily (Bandars excepted) frem 1 to I p. m Medic Inea farnirhed gratuiH usly Oonanltlag phr ririana, Drs J. 0 Hall, Thomas Miller.0 H Liab ermana, W P. Johnatoa, and Grafton Tylar. juis/i'i ftyiwau. Ihumsu T\m? of Dr. P. I. Ashf rd, Surgical, Tn<ie,y,Thaia'y, Sat> Br. S. C. Buaey, Medical, Tuea'y. Monday, Sat*y r.W B Driakard, Eye A Ear, So*?V.S^,,y'Er!iy Dr. W. W. Johnston, Medical, Mon'y.Wed'y.Pr'dy L. J. Davis, Secretary: James C. Kennedy, Praal dent; F. B. McOnlre, Treasurer, to whom all com mualcatlon* may be *aat; Poat OMoe Box 411 14* WORMLBYt pat SYRITP, pom OOUGHS AND COLDfl. BOLU Bt ALL UKUUVISTa _ orm-ij ^tLEE'S WHABP, ft* kf 4:4 an l F ifcui. TO CONTBACTOBS and merchants Cargoea of STOBB, COAL. _ . HAT, LUMBER, Ac., discharged from vaeaela aad stored or delivered at tbe shortest notice and lowest rata*. aM lr 9. Y. AtLEB. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the aabacrt ber has obtained from the Supreme Court of the District of Colnmbia, holding a Special T-rtn, letters te?tanientary on the personal estate of S P. CHASE, late of W asbington. I>. C.. deceased. All pcrsotis having claim* against tbe said dec- a*->i are hereby warned to exhibit the saiue, with the voucher* thereof, to th" subscriber, on or before the 2wh dav of May next: tbev may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given nader my hand this ?jth dav of May. 1873 f 3t H. D COOEE, Ex -cut, r. IX HiE SL P RE ME COURT OP THE DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA, H' lttrm* a Spraal Txrrn. M/ly JO s, 1973. Ill fhecase ?>f Casrle* M Mat hews, executor of Al.I.I^ON S YATES, deceased, the executor afore*ai>l haa, wirh tbe approbation of the Su preme Coart of tbe District of Colnmbia aforesaid, appoinu-,1 TUESDAT, the l?^h day of June, A. D Mrs. f .r the final settlement and distribution of the personal eetate of aaid dec. ?*od, and ,.t the assets In band, as far as th? same havs been collected and turned into aivaev; when and where all the creditor* and heirs of said- deceased ars notiled to attend, with their claims properly voUch"d, or they may otherwise by law be exc tided from all benefit in Mid deceased's estate- Pi or i Id, a copy of this ord.>r be published once a week for three we?ka la the Star previous to tbe said day. u.BfJw T~t:? A. WEBSTER. Register of Will*. | I "SITED STATiS PATENT oPPICE, J WAsaTB6Toa,JB. C., May 10. 1373. I On the petition of JAMES HAYITES, of Hollis, Mains, prayinf for tbe extension of a patsnt grant ed to him on tbe Mb day of August. H34. and rsis ausd on ?h* stth day of August. 1?], for an improve m?-at In Wood Saw Pramss: It is ordared that tbe testimouy in the case be ?a the sth day of Jnly next, that th? time for ??! tbe Bxami dot's report be lim l.~'tL'tLlZ*^01 next, and that said pott thy b* board oa tks at day of July next. tU /M101 ??ay oppoas this sxtsosion. M. p. LEQGETT. Commisslensr. AUCTION SALES. riTlBE PAY*. di LaTIMCU a CLEART. 19 Auctioneer* and R?a! Estate broker*. Bout b west corner P"nn*y!?enia avenue aud 11th at., Stat Office buildup chancebt SALE OftaLUABLE REAL es TATE IN SQUARE MO. *64 By virtu- ol i dp rm of th-i Supreme Cinrt of ? District of Columbia, ptwed in cwse N >. tk. William Flemming and uth-rs against tufa, ?hcra, I will ?ell, in front of thepreai McEair *T?n % ST. th* 17th day of June ifri, at ifii'iltrnv. '?? n >rth half .?f lot n > 5, freut o'clock p m '\f *"'?<?? on massachusetts ave in* thirty *-et era?* v wore or lea* at*}, the line, by 7?hft y?> c a frjut .if thirtr fc*t kiiith half of lot Ho (, w?v *o f?et de-p, morf or yn north G street, by ntnef/-** '-erson. Also t less, wJ?h ibe iiiiprov>ine;ifi? v. * of thirtr f.nt iorth b?t of lot No. a. h^rftig' a? rr<??. ? v right* gve i?nn di.t in ioi no. n, > n'-? t ri2hir ight in<-#?* on Massachusetts avenw# w. ? ?,. fja ?. Vet, more er l**s Also the <*?nth pwrt t thlrw aith iinpri>;?m?*f>t? thereoii.tiaeiog a frwrrt v j ' ** eel on north 0 street. by ?n? h'indreJ nore or lens. al? .the south pari of lot No. 7, w. be improvements thereon, having afrotifpf thirty >et on north O -drert by one hundred feet Jeep, nnrfcr le*s. al*n lot 8, ha\ ing a fronton mva*? 1?it????t? mrnur ?v< nt? lost eight laches, by an iv>-r?ge depth of ninety-five feet an t ? half; all in ?jiare 966 Thia property ia aitu.led bet,w?en nrwiarhn-i-ttii a'.eti#?, north <; street, 31 f* j-rapy n eme a in! at street northwest. t^rm* of sal". One;thlrd cash: balailir* in ?ix, weire, aitd eighteen rsemhe. with intere* at tb ate r.forgld p* r rent per hftium tb*> pnrViasers 0 give taeir uote* endor'ed to the satisfaction of he Trcstee. A lien will he retained oil the pri-per ty sold until final paim-nt '-made. If the term* of ? ale are dot cnipliMl with in -il day- the pr ip-rt? rill be it the cost of tb? defaulting p'irc!e? ?*r A il*jn?it nf #1w will p* required Ironi the ju-ichaser of each lot. AH conveyancing at the ex [?ns* of the purchaser. B 8 DAVIS. Trustee, jfjd latimkr A i t EAUY. aiir"> * th08 r. WAGGA91AS. Real Estate Auctioneer, 619 7th atn>et. HANCERY SALE oftmPROVH> REAL ES TATE t>n *th STREET xorthu EST, he tw kkn u and h Bby virtue r,f a dte? of the Bnpreme c-oirt of the Di*tri< t of 0 >lumbia, pah?r?.l oi t.?b"r ISth. M72, in rhanrory canae No. J.75T, Himiea ??( al. r?. Hunit-a <?t. al . aud a *ubae.|iietit decree p i?.vl in niil. aus<- May 26, 1<"1. I ahall offer for sab-, at p-i'' 1 (audi .ii, in front of the premiae*. on wkdsks DAY, the 11th d.vv of June, 1J73, at 3 o'ebwk p. n . the aouth 11 feet front by the depth of the lot of t 29. and the north 6 feet front by the d'-pth of the "t of lot 3ii, a<jnaie 4-*l, improved by aneat two-at.iry Kt-ino Bouse. Term*; s 7ul> ca>-h. of which 8wmmt be pai.l at the time..f pal c-, hn lance in 12 moiitli* fr.>m day of ?al- ,with 4 per cent, interest, and secured b* the note of the pnrchao r and a re*?rve<l lien npm th" l>rop?>ity If term* are not complied with within >n- we< k from day of *ale, tru?t?e reaerves right t" re-.-li at riak and > -d of d> faulting purchnaer, r T. MORSKLL. Truatea j.Vlw THOH. E. waggamax. au. t. b b u WARNER, Real Estate broker and Auctioneer, No. IliV 7th atreet, between U and ii sta. ?AI E <?f VALUABLE BUIL1>IN(? i.ot ON the south SII?E oe M STREET, Bfc twekn 4 th AND ath 8TS 5 1 will offer for ?ale to the highest biilder, on TH i'RSDA y. .Ittne 14ih, lstt, at ft oV|.?ck p. m., a ?aliiabix Building L >t, located ax above. 1 feet 6 inches front on M street, by adeptli^of i'.w 'cet to a.% fwet pa*e.1 alb-y. All woodeu paveuieut ?nd other taxes paid. terms: One third caali. and balance in (, 12 and <vm nthB, at 7 per cent. interi??t, a?cnre<l by a deed jf trust, ftlwidown sn day of sale. This ia one of the best locations in the city. je4 e? fwd* H. h. WARNER, l i'i 7tli st Bf LCTTBELL a vl'NNIMGTON, Aucttunec-rs, 917 Loaiaiana avenue. i'ai i'avl.E sal.EOF REAL ESTATE-A RARE CH\NOE for INVESTMENT. ton tucr8da y, June h o'clock p in we will sell iu front of the premises, to the highest hjdder. two elegant Hrn k iijiis-s. ku'.vti is .116 and 31 ??<'street, between 3<1 and t i northwest, fronting 54 feet on C street and running .ack unfeettoan li-f'mit alley, upon which th.-re are brl< k stable* running the width of the lots Th> i us. s c< ntain 11 ro<>ms, with all the ml*. uienc* a. water, gas, Ac. The property w:ill be aold e-parately or aa a whole. T'rmsof sale: One-third cash, of which mfo on ach house must lie paid ou day of aale. balance in ?. 12, and is months, secured by a deed of trust on ;lie pretnitea. li TTKELL i di NSINOTON, je.vdAda Auctioneers, ml 7 L- nisians -iv-v |\t V TRi7poLlT\N polli E i'ROP a kt V l?l SALE All property at"'en or abandoned, not require! in udi. lal pri< e??liiigs, that has l>een in the custody ot ibe l'roperty Clerk a'* months, will l e a dd te th highest cash bidder, at 10 o'clock a. m WEDNKS DAY. June 11th, mrt at the Central office, no Louisiana arecue Any p<rson who has lost property or money by th- ft or otherwise, and which may Ix embraced iu ibe catalogue ( can b? a?en at the officel, is hereby notified t" identify the -ame pri ir to the day fd sale alh've n inied.or forfeit all right or claim thereto, pursuant to law By order: GEO. r IIKRRI' k, Property Clerk. 'es V W l WALL A- to . Aucts. THE TRADES. PRACTICAL PLL'ubino, GAS KITTING a>id SEWERAGE promptly attenib-d to, on reaaon al.l- teini-. b. JAMES ? BKIEN, No. 609 Loaia iana avrnne, near 6th atreet, north aide r'>aid-nre, ui<9 >1 atreet northeast. Specialty, TIN lfned PI pk always on hand. tnll tr Notice of Removal. TUE LUMBER BUSINESS, HhHETOrORt CljyUVCTEU BY THE UM USKS1UMEV o.V SIXTH bTH E ET, tV EAR MISSOURI A VEXVE, AKlt b STREET, Oh TWFEX SIXTH A.vU SEVEXTH STREETS XORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERb AETER AT THE Cor. of 13th street an* Obit mve. n. v. _nj> :-n MATH L B. ffoltt. Hera ig * lagikpusu, Hucceaaora to Henri Hoealce, practical coppersmiths, 407 ? street, *14 lm* B?twe?t! 5?h and (th ata. northwest. JOHN C. HOOAN. 713 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for biuret, City and Country Reaidences. TENTS and FLAGS for aale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for aale. Sole Agent for the oaly genuine MILDEW PROOF AWNINO MATERIAL. apli tr pLUMBLNO AMD GAS-FITTING. Thoee deairinf to have their Plnmbtnt and Oaa Fitting done in a neat and aubatantial manner, and on reasonable terms, ahould leave their ordera at 113 Peunaylvania aveuae, Capita! Hill. Work warranted. pg-vn- WM. BOTHWELL. M CUNNINGHAM, MATTER, ? 1011 f Street, between Wta and lltta, baa the pleasure to announce to at he haa reed red rw the Sprinx Style of Broadway BLOCK, and ia^m Cpared to furniah New Hata oude to order n or kmodal old atylea; alao, an ?m liiiont of Felt Hata for aale, on raaaonable term. f?-tr ^wnirfls, fum, tkwti. M. o. COPELAND, ?4 3 Loaiaiana avenue, one door aaat 7th *** ??wt7 FLAGS and TENTS for aale ana -ti.i. BOOMS decobated. ai1 Canvaaa articiea made to order. i1 ant'ing CLOTHS J E. tl'&TOM, tARfENTER. BUILDER. an CONTRACTOR Ordera for Hooaa Carpentering, Jobblaa, or oo factor'a Work apeadlly stendejiot BLopa and OIBce. JaaB-tf llth street, below ? it. th GENUINE RENOWNED BELGIAB 1 BLACK CLOTH 8CIT, eaaal to any custom work,for fm.theatyle of each double-breasted and square frent, at STEADS', 1011 Peaaa. are., near ^^hibr^~l0air"0ffici^ corniir^Tth~$trmi v and jV'w York mrmtu, entrance on Mew /ov Fork avenue. The moat private loan office jl wjl in tbe city. Money loaned at the loweet rate0 v of interest on Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Plats and Plated Ware, Guns, Pistol* Ladles and gentlemen's Clothing, Carpets , and all articles ci value. aK-ly jfll MEW MOTION AL MARKET. FRESH, SALT and SMOKED MEATS, at Ml ln/1. .rJ >l. H._ 1.I.-J ' i kal EtTATE NOTICE. afyjr to-day I shall occupy the office rooana in the ?econd ?turj N i. 1410 Pennsylvania aveun-, npie aite tVillard'a H ?tel, and c.mtlnua the Beat Estate ami llrcker*' basinees in *11 ita branches. . Wi-0 the a**i*lan<-e of mvfather, for twenty y?ara bsokUeeper 'if William M. Shnater a Bro., w* ahall o? enabled to ui/e careful aud prompt atteutiou to ali miittera intrusted to us. HOUSES FOB SALE AND RENT, aud vacant lot* ill every section of th- di*tr|ci. LOANS ON REAL K4TATE and all oMi r avail able securities pr.'Biptly negotiated I can com mand at ones, for good note , well secure!, trom ?4m?to 8?go). * ^ " JOHN B. WHFELER, 1416 Pennsylvania av. tine, je 4-eodltth Opposite Willard'. Hotel. ?pu ciun m aoie mnivi ? ?b aad ftk. aorta Me. tkaaever. Ma raat to pay. 1? uxj1mui rwidom, AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW BY LATIMER A CLEART. Auclion?*r? aid R -s! Kai*>? *>r . Southwest corner fa?w?'- >j(il aveane an 1 Elev ..(Ml,lk*i o?ce Building*. ADMINISTRATOR*'SALE OF HORSE AND _ FAMILY CARRIAGE OriSATrRDAT, Jsiw 7, ?i l^o'rl.ict m I will Mil at public aiictiou, a: the Auction * ** * room* of Latimer t Cl?tr;, On* superior Horse, 4 years old. Oue Family Carriage. 'fl^fiog to the eatate of W Uli&m H. L*a<l<",le ceas.^. Tortus cash U Pv^'O'SY, AlmiaiatratiT. jN ft LATIMER A CHARY. Ar.. ts BY LATIMER /CLKARY, Aucti- iiwm and Real Estate Br ?k?n?. Southwest comet of Pennfylvania avenue a ad Elev enth street. Star Office BuifJing YOlTNO BLACR M ARE AT AUCTION ? On SATURDAY MORN1NO, June 7th, *L-%T> l-CS, at 14 m. in front of our suction rootitt, we shall Mil.* youiig Jilack Mare; sound ?-d gentle. Terms ca?h. j4 f LATIMIR .% CLE ART. A art* n? . tJlEKN * WILLIAMS, inntoBnr*. [3 Northwest corner ltftb and D atreeta. PUBLIC S ALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. Bv vii 'ue ?f a decree of the Circni t Court for Ki Prince 0 county. sitting as a omrt of ?Eaeqnity, pa* >4,d in the case of William 0. J >ne* and Ana Jones,?."?? wife, et al, tb. Basil Reason et al., the subscribe ."??? trustee, will * -II at public auction, on the prei.">?*e*. on SATl KD.\Y,the 7th day of June, 1?73, at ? ?> clock p. ni.,< it fair; if not, on the next fair day.ML* real estate of the late Win Sibley. consisting of s<^eral parcels or part* of tract" oi land, called "IVarou a Hall, "Cramp ton'* Lot." and part of 'fctvthV Delight," con tait.irc 16* 2-10 acres, more or lew, situated in Pfince Oecrge's county, between the Baltimore and Wash in St on Hi;d the Metropolitan railr-sads?l*n miles distant f|.-m ea. h?adjoining the f.\n:ie of Ex -Secre tai> McCulIoch, William G. Met2trott and U *tieral M:rM. r, and the Adelphia Mills. ? om??l by tie >rg* W Kitp?. and eight ti tle* from Washington city. 1ht? land is beautifully located, in good con dition. abundantly supplied with wo.<t iw?d water ? there being two springs of pure water near th* honsr?andagood mill site, with ample .sad uever faiiit g wa?er-powsr The improvement* consist of a good fw?-story dwelling honse and suitable ont-hoiisos. Terms of sale: One-third of the porehas* money to l>e paid in rash on the day of sale, or ratification thereof by the court; and the residue in e.|iial instal ments, in six and twelve month" from the day of sale, and the payment thereof to be secured by the bond* of the purchaser or purchasers, with ?urwti.>s io be approved by th? trusts, with interest on th? whole purchase money front the dav of sale. A dep-wit of $:<? will be required on the day of sale. On pv ment of the whole purchase money tlie truste - will execute a deed to the puicliakser. at his cost for the c< hvtvanre If deemed desirable, the trustee will divide the above-mentioned real estate, to suit purchasers. RICHARD B B OH K W, Trnstee. n 26 d GREEN a WILLIAM*. Aucts. H Y GREEN * WILLIAMS', Auctioneer*. No. 1001, northweat corner loth aud D sts. YAM ABLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE, OPPO SITK UKN. SHERMAN'S FRONTING ON I STREET NORTH, BETWEEN i*.i AND 3;< STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. t>n WEDN ESDA Y. the llth instant, at 0 PM o't I m k p n. , \\ e shall *e||,on t he premise*. IK a hands -nie three story Brick HOUSE, with :< tine d<> iblw bat k building, with all modern im |.ro% etin-nts. in p.-rfect order; having a tine S'able and Carriage-house Lot l?eing Jij fe?t S inches fr..ut by l&t fe< t deep to a puMic allev. B- ing li -use No 'J"JO Ternt- J2.(?*ira*h; balanee ), 2, S, 4?n1s years, foi n- te- bearing S per cent interest and secured bv a deed of trust on lib wf hio wM. AH'"onveyan < inc. Jr at the ? ? ??t t>f the purchaser. .?^9U down on the day of sale. ji d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancta. Y V\ >1. L. WALL A CO., Auotioueera, N'-w Marble Building, B umiuiii)|, Nns.voo and 404 Pa avenue, coruer of 9th street. THt>TEE S SAI.E OK VALUABLE IMPROVED . B.\ VJof a ""ust. dated October 2*1, , , ,..51:!,n,, ''?Ly r^onied in T.iber No rt?. toll,, 352, Ac., MI.I by the written direction of the pattv a. cored thereby, 1 will sell, at aublic auction, in front of the pr.miae.. ,n MONDAY, the |?ih lay m'S?' . , . ^ ".clock p. m., all of Lots Hoe. 'J9 and lu), in Gilbert ? recorded aubdivition of Ninare numbered six hundred and seventy 8ve(fi;5), in the city of J* ash It; gt on, with all the improve m< it- tie reon. being two nearly-finished Dsvellii.g House*, fronting on n >r+h I stre-t. Tetiri* of sale; One-half in c.?h, of which SlOtt must be paid on earh lot at sale; the def,-rr?sl pay ments to be nt:?io in six and twelve months after day < I rale, w-ith interest at ten perceut. p?-r annum and ^?cur-d by il-ed of trust to the ratisfaction of the

Trustee. Tt mis to be compile.) with within si* day* alter day of >?|e. otherwise the Trustee r-?erve* the right tc resell the property, after one we?k?s notice. ?t tne risk and cost of defaulting purc haser All ceiivcyancing at purchaser* cost. ? ? ,, J * CAPERTON, Trustee n^ 1 W L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. * B II. WARNER, " ?. R<<kl Estate Broker and Auctioneer^ N?- 7th street, b^tweeL G and U streets. thT%lo,vbhlv,?,sbsj ?2?tbStII5? ^tnOT,<c^tnol abu A.I ,{>?vIf1"'!1J.*1Vcr'*r ',f ,h" Supreme Court of ?S3''"' District of Col'imbta, passed in the cause ol ?*1 ii< ker and Sh-nttjn rs James M . Ormes, No. 2A?? E'juit) d>? kei 12. I wil I *.*ll at ptti?l|c auction, iL'-J/' W'1 J'!" penihes, on THl'RSDA Y. June 1)1. IHi J, at bo rl<<k p. In, Lots No*. 213, 227 tin. 2"N 2?.ni..234. 236.236, 23s, ITJnud 2W lu B. F. ?!1.. h.r,< old.-d sub.ll vision of s<|iiare 675. together wj:b ?lie taipro\etueuts t!i"re. :i, c ?nsistiiig of o|e gam thre, -?tory press bri. k front dwellings Tlti? prop. H) is ko|<f to aati*f\ a mechanic'* lienof about * m . rertain incumbrances which will be<' known on the day of ?aie Tetms for the amonnt realized above said incim braiio?* cash. If tt-nns of sale are not with ? rtfJ<'r/''l< Jbe pr perty wilfbe resold lit Th n?K anil c?N*t of ili^dvfimhinv pnrofn-M?r Alii) ^bls?r0, 1 l,iU" Cnnverui il,K at pur FRANK G. DANIELS. Trwrtee. _niJ1 ^'*ds B. II WARNER, An. t. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Eatat? Broken, Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue and llth at Star Office Building. THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY REHiDKVf'F J? ALLKD DL'NBART0NHAIL8IT[!ATKD ON THE ROAD i KuM PIERCE'S Mfl I To TI NNALLYTOW N, ABOUT TWO AND A AT M CTItm >R0M WASHINGTON, D C A "" THURtiDA Y, the liith day of June,l3T3. ^goii the premise*, at 4 o'clock, we shall sell the ?s^above suburban property. Tlie place contains about twenty-three irm of land, improved by a mansion house, containing eighteen rooms; also, two conifoitable teinaient houses, with all the necwaary oiitbutidings There are aev<-n acres of grants ia lw'"lr,l,*? Pears, peaches and other fruit*. The View from the house is one of the finest in the District. Anr one desiring a tiue couatry residence w oil Id do w*ll to attend t his sale. Terms: On.--third cash; the balance in one, ti and three years, with notes tearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premis..* Convey Urne'l* *ale e?<t ?f pur< has. r. fioo down at jel-d LATIMER * CLEARY, Auctioneers. IIY LATIMER A CLEAR*, ? A R< al Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and llth st fitar Office Building. TRrsTEE'S SALE OF DESIRABLE IMPROV ED PROPERTY ON D STRKET, BETWEEN A.' AND 13th STS NORTHWEST. t ndt*r aiiil by virtue of a (|?hhI of tru?t, bear |H ing date the 11th ilav of October, A. D H72. and ^*<luij recorded iu Lile-r No. 69H, folio 413 Ht ?rlrt'?f !n* '?^records for Washington county, Dis trict of Columbia, and by direction of the party ae fiSFi l?F,y.' {"hf" #e" on SATURDAY JulyT 1^ ^.. ... 'n? ^,p T" following described Sr/rP . t i if "f Lot 15, in s-juare No. 2<u, more particularly descrilidi as; B**giuning at a wents'nSTJf2I? Une ?f ".%'J - ?' <?nd -f seventy nine feet, ae\en and live-eighth inches from TP1 <C,?rner. of ??'ds.|aare, and running thence a, uth eighty-three feet four and three fourth i , !V'"ii nC!idu,> we*.,to.thH *?*tern line of said 5"rth the western line of aaid lot 15, eighty-three feet four and three fourths indies; thence due east to the place of beginning together with the improvcmenta thereon, consisting of a three stor v Brick Dwelling. 8 Ternis of sale: Auiount secure.] bv aaid trust (gS^OU).together with esneose* ol sale, In cash ra wfs[VhT,-^ o^;,Kr5S _j4-eoAds LAT,Am,KR SB^VA"rVTK; RT LATIMER A CLEARY, ?*Auctieneera and Real Rstate Broker*. Bonthweat corner Pen nsv I van la avenue and llth at Star Office Building. uln?.. CHANCERY SALE OfTaLUABLE BUILDING _ _ LOTS. ifaka virtu?of a decree of the SuDr<*me C.inrt -STv t^-i>lit.rlct of Columbia, p* ? i .3 '**? S,*d?' ?* ?' n Sladi et al? I wiMaSl in front ot the premises, on MONDaV the 1 tith day of June, K.t, at 6.4< o'clock p m Lot'it mi ? &T L M l7 depth therswf^lB^ttqn^are ? f'Vi1* feet froot, and wil! be soldiathrwa PS I Cels of 2" feet each. This prop ,rt y iiTVit tatJl.m Po .ce street, between L and M and 1st ^Id Me. Jersey avenue, northwest. M *e,r T' ftns of Sale : One-third rash, and the balance ia 6. 12 and 18 months, with eight p^r cent interest aer annuna.tbe purchaser to give his not?M for the de Trustee*1 A"!i!i -mTd to ???*-tW?cti? M the . . i ? ' . w'" !?* reserved on th? sm^ro until tinal payment ia made. A d- p-.sit of iltNTw^ii I >e required on Iht sale of each lotTlf thelcrmlTor sale are not complied with iu six dara the a^SITtv ? 'J* "-o'd at the cost < f ?hodefanhin5pn^M?r All conveyancing at the cost ef the astrchaser^^^' ds LATIMER a CLk!WT?2Z ^JONSTABLE sale. ~ " TBC cS25"ja7r!Lof 2.V' to.m* by John :V_T" * J r., in and for the conatr of w I t J1' *.*1 t"<' ?u,t of Bernard Heme I claim and InterSat'VlwS^o TboaMr'i^M\I'lfc auction ro<m of LAtiBMr A *yx ?k- . Chattels a<>seized aad taken in execution auction, to the hjgheet bidder. foTcMh?' ' pabl,c JOHN D. CLARjt, J*., Coos*abb?. Thuraday, June^f S>??* *** ^ ^eljr. MM itV Maarr ^^** AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON. ni IHt'8 * ^AtJGAMAN, lUftl Est Ate Auctieueer, fit 7th street. CHANCERY BALK OF VALUABLE IMflOTrp PROPERTT OM ?ih STREET WEST, BE TWEES O AND P STREETS. NORTH. , Under and by virtu* off I d?crf? of the SB preme C<?nrt of tne Diatrict of Colombia, hold ing ad Equity Court f>r ?aii District p ***?-! on the l??h day of May, 1373, in cauae No ?10. *h?i'iD Lewi* B Schneider i* complainant and William G Gallant and others are defendant*, the under* *n?d trustee will tell at public Motion in front of tne is o'clock on FBIDAT.the ?th .lay i>f J one. LCS, the following described parc-U of ie*l estae situate in Washington, in said Distr: ?it: Lot lettered K in Core ran'* recorded aubdtvi*! m of lot* in square f >nr hi.:idred and fort> -six , 4*> . improved by t lately-built thre*- story pre** ln.^ front Dwelling, for which the term* of sale. w pre scribed by Mid decree, are' One third of purchase money to be paid in cash; the r -sidu* in four eaual Instalment* at *lx. twelve, eighteen and twenty f ?nr motthsreapectively, with interest from day of sale; or all cash at option of pur> hvser. And immediately after the above tale the and t s.'<ned trustee, by virtu" of the same decree, will ?eli lets llfuen (15) and sixteen (141 in Gallant's re Cord* 4 *ubdivi*ion of part of sqnare four luindi .*d and seventy-nhie iT9'. improved b} a two-story Brick Dwelling This last property is sold ?ub;e<-t to an encumbrance thereon, to be assumed by th? purchaser, of twenty-fire liundrH dollars, payable two years after February 29*h. H7T, with interest at ten ner cent P?T awn am. and the t<~nas of>al? f.T which are: Oue-htlf ca<h. rsaidue In six month-, with interest fr >m ie>> of sale;or all caat* at opt:.?a of the par? baser. In each case the rfmissory notes of ?he pur chafer wiT! be Itqsir if f r th- lef erred which are to be a lien until paid on th? property -ol.l (l.Will be require! on each bid ?>n ac ceptet*. If terms of sale are no! c implied w?t!l in >lx da* a the trustee reserve* ?h? right to rear* at rtak ai d cost off ire pnrrhasor W E. EDMoNDSTON , T.-a*??e pg-ooAda THOS E WAOQAM AX. A-i^ _ H r VS.K W A fx A CO. Auctioneers, S-W JTafble B lildiiiK, K ??J0 and ?0'J Fetinsyliania a?e., cor 9th ?t POSITIVE ANP PEBTMPTOBV SALE Of KINK BUff.DING LoT> 5Vf will ??)!. ..1. FBIDAY AFTERNOON. Jui! 6th. 1,^73. at 6 o'elock, on the premise'. Lot* * and B. squars 117. fronting 33 feet 4 nrhes or llth sir et.and irtnqu.e back tbe depth off he lot, lWmt 10 inches, to a 3." foot alley . Tu ilrne prope.iv i? situated on Mth street, between L nid M street*. Term*: One third cash; bwlance in six and w el\e months, for n> tes sal isfaetonly eu.i"r*'?.l a-i.l by dee4 of trust on the TTensi^es, and bear a? interest. (:?n*ei aucii.ic at pcrrtiaser's cost A lenosit rf $lu> will l?e re-iuired as soon ?s *W. -ale positive w ithout reserve ;3d W. L. WALL A CO., Ancta. u B Y CBKEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Ko. 1001 m>rthwe?t corner Mh and I> sts HANCERY SALE OF RE AL ESTATE IN THE COUNTY OF WASHINGTON, IN THE DIS TRICT OK COLUMBIA (OF W. D C Ml'R POCK,) ABOVE t.EOROETOWN SALE To TAKE PLACE AT AUCTIOH ROOMS Or GREEN A WILLIAMS. NORTHWEST < OR NER OF IOth AND D STREETS, ISI WASH INOTON CITY , ? B> virtue .-f a decree passe.] by the Supr-m? Court of the District of Columbia, in E.iuitt <-atise No. a,7'.?, George W. Luiville et al vs. William I? t". MnrHock .-t al., we will sell, at pnl.lic ? iiction, at the auction r?K>ms .if tireen A William-, nortli?e?t corner of 10th mid Dstreeta, in the city uf WasliinRton, D C., on Tt ESl> tY? the 1 7ih d <?f June. A 1> KJ. at the hour of t? o'clock p. tn . Lots Jl. 22. 23, 21,25.36, SJ.31, and SI. of our subdiviaiou of ? pnrt of a tract of land lying and betas; mi thecouuiv >f Washington, in the District of Oolniiibla.c?'l?d Friendship, St. Philip ;ir.d Jacob, and re?urve> on J:<cob. [ Each ol the above lots contains from five to twaaty icres. . ...... The laud is aituated on two roads loading into th? Ridge road, and by th'-ae roi?ls t?> Gefirgetown md Wa-ht: eton. and is only two and a half miles from lieorcetown. The new r >ad at.ont to b'- ma>le bv til" Hoard of Public Woiks will bring this pr ?p? rty ntncli nesret to Georgetown The land i# of g >od .jualltv, and part >f It w...xl lai d, all well watered. The land i? suitable for a* riculii.ral jr.: poses, aud is in a very li -althy loca ' Ther" i" erected on said lot 95 a largs nam Flour Mill, m good running order abd condition, with water course. The mill wi.l be open and subject to Inspection to all persons. One lot will be aold with privilege of two or nor* bds on line of lot sold. A map of the property to b* sold can b- se.-n at Gr????11 .v Williams' auction room. T'-rnts of ?ale: One-sixth cash, an l th? balance in thirty eijual monthly payments, with interest at the rate of t- ii per ceutnm per aituiun from .lay of -ale until paid, w ith security to the satisfaction of th> receiver*, and a lien retained on the property sold; or the pur< hase monev can l<e paid in cash or npon sliorter time than afc afore-aid, at sani" rate of inter est. A deposit of $5(J will b- re.|tt1red of the pur cba" r at time of sale. All convevancing and stamp ,it c">t ?( pnichaser. Plats of the property will be exhibited at the time .-if sale W* F. MATTINGLY. ) PHILIP A. I? ARNEILLE.J Receiver*. WM J MILLER. N jj d .t rls G RF EN A w IL LI A M ^. A nets Y GRFEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, Ko. 1001, Northwest cornerlOth and D streets trustees sale "of" valuable unim ?PROVED REAL ESTATE LYING ABOUT lOO YABDS NORTH OF BOUNPABt STREET. ANP FRONTING 3S3 lOO FEET ON BOTH 7th AND Will STREETS, N. W., EXTENDED. ? . a ? . 9Bv virtue of a decree of the Siiprem" C-.nrt of the District of Columbia, in thecase <?f Hoover, guardian, vs Hoover aud other?, No. 2,7U. E.iuiti D<>cket Hi pa-?ed on theWtli day off Octolier. 1-C2. 1 will sell, at public auction, to the highest bid der, in front of the preuiises, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY. the?th day of June,l$73. Lots 45. 4*. 47 , 4*. 49. 50 . 61. 62. of a subdivision of nart of Mount Pi-asant. recorded January 19th, l&ivt, In the land records oftlie District of Columbia. -Tei ni- of fale: Ten per cent, of th- purchase money to be t aid at time of sale; th- balance in three equal fnstal.nien s,one in ten day*, one in six month*, aud one i i < tie year from the confirmation of naid sale The last two instalment* to l?ear Interest at the rate oft? n r>-r cent. per annum, and their payment to b? secured by a deed of trust on the property. Convey an< ine at the cost of th?- purchaser. In default of the paviuent off the first of s? d three instalments, the Trustee reserves the riglir to re-ell the property ..n th- te?m* above mentioned, at tin-coat and risk <>f the dt tauiticg purchaser. XYDIA A HOOVER. Trustee. n,Z7 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct. BY GREEN a WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. Northwest corner lOtb aud D street*. VALUABLE IMPBOVED PROPERTY FRONT ING ON A STREET NORTH, BE I ?'EIS l*T AND sin STREETS EAST, ONE SUPARE EAS r OF TUB CAPITOL, AT ACCTION ? On MONDAY, the ?th instant, at b o'clock p. m., we shall sell, on the premises. Lot N >. Si. ia a<juar* No 728. having two good four-story Brick Houses, with basement: all partition walls built of brick; each houae containing eight room*, with ga* and water. Term* mad- known on the day off sale. j2d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct* |>Y latTmeb A CLEABY ? _ l> A '.ctioneers and B-al Est at- Broker*, Southaett corner Pennsylvania avenue and lltn at.. Star Office Buildiuga. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF DESIRABLE IMPROV ED PROPERTY ON the SOUTH WEST CORNER OF MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE AND I7th STREET NORTHWEST. [By virtneoff adeed of t rn?t. dated Auzust the 19th. H70, and duly record-a in Liber No <21, folio 433. being one of the land record* for the county of Washington, in the District ol Columbia, and by the written request of the party secured thereby. I will sell at public auction, In front of the premises, on MONDAi. the Wth day of Jane, 1873, at 6H o'clock p m., Lot numbered 37 > thirty set en, of Spanlding and Wilson'a subdivision of original lot one (1), in square numbered one hundred and fifty eight (1681, a* recorded iu the office of the Surveyor of the city ef Washington, D. C.. improved by a ueaily new two-story Frame Dwelling, and situated on southwest corner of Massachusetts avenue and 17th street northwest. Term* of sale: One third caah: residue in six and twelve mouths, with intensit from day of sale. De ferred payments to be secured by a deed of trust on the pro pert v sold. All conveyancing at coat of par chaser. S101) down at time of sale - HALLET KILBOURN, Tm fee. m23 eoA.I* LATIMER A CLEARY. Auct*. T LATIMEB k CLEARY, ~~~ Auctioneers and Real Eatate Broker*, Southwest corner of Penn. avenue and 11th street, Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALEOF A COMFORTABLE TWO STOKV BRICK ON THE WEST SIDE OK 13tii STREET. BETWEEN W AND BOUN DARY STREETS, BEING No. *204. jx. c nder and by v irtne of a cert ai n deed of trust, Bbearing date on the 14th day of May, A. D. 1871. ?*>lulv of record in Liber No. MB, folio 259, one of the land records for tbe District of Columbia, and to me directed. I will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder therefor,on THURSDAY, the 10th day of June. A. D. 187.1. at 6S o'clock p. m , on the premises. Lot numbered seventy-eight (78), in E K. Allen's subdivision of part of east naif of Square numbered two hundred and thirty -f<>ur<n?), in the city ol Washington,together with the improvements, consisting of a two-story Brick Dwelling, being ?*. 'ii!04 I3tli street northwest. Term* ot sale: Oue-third cash; and the residue In two equal instalments at an aud twelve month-, with interest from the day of aale, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. One hundred dollar* cash to tie paid at the time of sale, and if the terms of sale are not complied with within Ave day* there after, the Trustee reserves the right to resell upon one week's notice in some newspaper printed and published In tbe city of Waablngton, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. A. THOMAS BRADLEY, Trustee. m27 StawSw LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct*. E Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Baal Eatate Brokers, Southweat corner Pennaylvanlaave.and 11thstreet, .Star Office Buildings. TBU8TEB8' SALE OF A VALUABLE BUILD IMO LOT ON 8 STREET. NEAR I4r? ST. NORTHWEST. SB, virtue of a deed of trust, dated the U dar of October, A- D. IMS, and recorded In Liber T and R, No. 3, folio 322, of the Land Records of Washington county. the subscriber* will sail to the highest bidder, on the preusiaes, on TUESDAY, the S7th day of May, A. D. 1873, at ft o'clock p. m , L ?t numbered 4.(four,) in square numbered tU, (two hundred and thirty-aigkt,) in the city of Washing ton, District of Columbia, to pay flja, with inier eet from October 3, IMS, and ezpenaea. The taraa of aale are: One-fourth cash,(of which fltt) must be paid at the that of the sale.taad the unin a r?dars B.'si1 sursrst daya' public notics hi, tbe "Evening Star,'* Waah ictty. >JfED jptfl Audi. AUCTION SALES. Iff DCKCAfceON. DOWLING * CO . A-*-? ra ?h and D streets uoethw?.t. SALE Of CBT GOODS AT 14 M ,#ATV8D?V .* .... - JINK j* Di Ncans ?s. dowmng % no an*. 11* LATIMER * oliaeiT" ?* . Auctioneer. and R-a! E*t?te Br-^-r*. SoatDwsst corner PenixyI?ania av-nne at. 4 llih ?fwt. *ar Oftce Baildiag NEWJENN1 I IND WAGOki AT AUCTION flV_? On SATI HP AT. Jtiae 7 th,at III > clock i^.TOtu . we ??II ?W|, m front of .<ar ?n<ti .n * */ "?? n,v ? '?r<' ? ?eh H<>cee III if*r< .14. ? ,? also, a tMli.??? Ltnd ?^ i> _1L_ LATIMER A CHART. Aa-Ta RT ILlN5'AKSON. DOWNING A CO.. Aaca ?-* ? utheast Comer Rt? and D streets northwest. B%CE CASES, ETEOERE. M T COTT*?t lAEPlTS, MaTTRRSSE!* KE ITH ICR BlI^ < 10 0 1(1, Rtf EI(>(ktTiiK4 I.orSGES. NIWINf, M A?*TlTRlLS CBAIBS, ST"OVES, CEOCUEl Vr K*N (ft t?? SaTIRIVaY MORSIRG. Tih j,tn<l) V>1 ccmmeacintf at 10 o'clock. ?? ?iit wii, ta fWfr '?' ojr Hdimi rooms, a Ur(> ..!le(i?n lof Ftirnftnre, Ac., r?: oui stor ? f.?r cr<n venience of sale, tx-itui the effect a of a c-iilla i"?i at 'lDing ? i.#r Tbt aaW ofDry Oooda mill be continue* a( 1 It m of tb* <<* DUBCABSOB, DOWLIBi; .? C? . ^ . . 1 P J BY L * TIM ICR A CLEAR!. Aucti-?? eer* ari<! Res! R.tate Broker*. S-tub v est citrwer Pen? syli aria are u,i| iPb ttrM. t*a> Office tu.'Mina. IUH M HOLP /5 KXITI RE Ar . AT AlVTIO*! (?\ .^rrKI'AV MOE.Simi. JaaeT.I,. ? clock, a ill a*i'. *' .>u- su i .n r .m?, FW"" aa*nttu; I.-A ??f y urvifvre, t'.. <\Mnpri*ius I ^ 1 ii part? Et JTli-l. Brii?aeta a.*H Pan r r(imitate, .- Rep and eta * C '.nth T!ii' ? aai- 11. - 8? pei R-p Cut * . < a. t\ .Gnat C rtri4icw. S-rf tarr a??<1 * ? ?kcM* w*?? -it M *rM* ?. r .ari. Mlriiit ni'fl M:>h? i*?%n \ *r }* T ?i hh.1 Knp*?rV l'*i Jl^ ri A Hnra!iu P ?rt?t le lit ii W4c aft At m> ?' i4T tj la^'ltg !p S4^d>, linil#- %V I " LATIMER V CHART. U?>. 11^ B M I. AA ALL A I II., A? lloli r , . Orviiia! H ?"*? and Cat r a?<- Hu < v, L'luin sit atetiue, betare, n 9; 1^ aaj lUtfl -trefHui. CARTf*. 1. AHNESji ,SAI? DLfc.SURIDL.liS. HI'MM ICR ."HfclCTS. ?? ^ATI KI>A^ M??RS NO. .In>. Trh corunien. n>? at |0 o'cl -"k , ?e ? : A ? ? 1 *? ?t uiR</wi i(m,i bO HEAD or noRSEA. One pair nf Straw l...rr, K ^n aSKrea. c? aetv mai he<t, 4 >e?r? oM.I8'? ban** huh, ? . u 4 anU kia4 id harue?* One Sorrel U.rNjiH?r, ,td. IS\ haudfhurh, ?|)d m tlI* M* pprr Oa-- Black Hi r?e. IWi haa Ij bi<b; can b- 4riran I? a !a<lv. One B** H r?e, I jearaoM |? hsu.l. ?.?n-i4 ac.J kind id barn^aa, anituble f^r a Grocer* *an<?. Al?o, hoveral ?iim. ?ne Dnttiiv an.1 Sal ll>- H -r**.. ?.f win. h ? mi 4, Hn^i"in? ill l?e i!ivei? ?t tim- ot aale. and Bridle., Bewand Sacond baa-l Har new, liUK'ttiei*, Carlo. Ac , Ac. '? ??? L. WALL A OO , A-cr? n? AJREEJI* WILLIAMS, Anctioneera, Ro. 1901, Dortiiwt-ac ooroer liltb ao^D Ml W Vi.!i '?T.FRAMtI,,,AI'L0ilHl'ITE!5, CPH'iL CrW^JLS htJ A!"> HAIRCLOTH. "aL M T BEDRikjM >CITES, i MARHI E T<iP 1 \A ALB LT BEDSTEADS. U A l.NUT MARBLE TO I I.I KRAI S ami AA ASH PT AN DS I' A I VTRll CHAMBER SU1 TBS. HAIR di SK TA?N Tyl- M ATIKKsskS, PAINTED Bl1 KEADS, BEDbTEADt. WAMI^TAhh ?n4 AA A RI'ROBES. AVALBt'T WRITING DESK OAK MAKRI.E T0PSIHEB0.ARlt<?.L0rNi;ES OAK f'ANK SEAT DINING ROOS CH \ik<' AAALNLT EXTENSION TABLES BP L L SEAT CH AIRS. LOT At ALL PAPER \\ IN DOAA SHADES, OIL ? LOTHs\ BRCSSeLs ar,d OTHER CA RPKTS, TH IN A. OL A,n1 < RO< KERT AA AKfc: P.ARLoR. BKDRomM at.!* OTHER HEATING STOVES. \ LOT Ofc ? OOKING I TENSII.S. Rc. mo' uur ur ... , ')T. V " INDOAA S ASH AND BI.INPS BOLLS TAB1 V. < HK< KED. ai. I STRIPED _ _ _ _MATTINit 4 FINE ' HAN DELIERS aii I H DROP LIGHT* R\ Ou Ttl MORROW . ( Stlnr<ia\ I MORN I NG V^^.iiiiie Ttb, I?C3, ciiinnienclnr at hi ..Vl.ick a |W '" ? *- "hall ?el| in fr.^t cf an.? within wif f ? iHiiction r > >ni?, the above deecrib*-.! article, " T'lniMwii. i'-< GREEN A AA lLLIAMs. Anrr. ? V r . A BOsAA RLL A Co li Auction "era ?ud B-al Broker*. Scutbwert corner of 4% street Had Virginia aven?i<\ VAL' ABLE BCII.DIJiG LOTS IN "I NION t*R 5th STRfET. BETWEEN M AND V Io?thVestNI) 4 " AND 6? STREKT?? ?<+L "J public an-tion, on THCRS Da Y. June rf. at 6 o cuvk p.m., tinleae pr.\ i onfcl> fcoW at ptiVMte aale, L?'t? number .*d 4^ 44 .*'? 'I f,<U*r/' **? lo?? ?Jil be -i;l,.ii *id-d In (O.t puicha?r?, and are wi<hin half a K'tnare of the afreet railr. ad One of tb.^e lo'n i innproved b> a tliree-etory Brick H xioe Ter ma of aale. One-half caab. the |.?Uuce at 6 II and 18 ni .nth*, with intere?t *t 8 percent. Al<?i down lit 11 rue of fnli'. If term* ure not conirv ty1 with ? itliin ff*e days, r- ?al* at purchaser'* .? ?? J?? 2t BOSW ELL A CO , Aucta. mmviT/I* AB0I* ''Al-E IS POSTPONED cati! MON I A ^ , Jutt- 9? 1 . nan:** li -iir aad nin. ?? -?** BOSW ELL * CO . A acta. BY LATIMER t CLEARY. Auctioneer* a?<il R< a! E-tat" B- ?ler? S'.utbaoat comer P nna ar..,,^.. a>j(j |j.^' ...... Star Office Bu;ldiu?. u ",J 8,r*? . DESIRABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON w STREET EAST, OPPO?lTB THE Marink BARRACKS, AUCTION* lARJNh k'J" THTBSDAT AETEKNOON Un I J .? JgbH q clock, we -hall fr^ct of th j,; ^?ne-, Lot 2f. and a. uth-> feer ltfiuclie* l .t I? .n Square 9l>4. with lb? improvement* there*). ? *i*ttuii <?! a Brick Dweliirs ' ** Tbiv pr-pertj fr>nts fifty feet 8th ?'r? et . M ?IJ^ " i?tn.diately opp. eit- tiie M mn- B.ra-k T-it"* Ore f.mrtn raali; r ?iJu- ic t!.-e? eui, J f.' 1 a 1 *n4 ! BJ'.ntba, a-itf, n<Ke. b-arin, intcreat, and secnr<-4 bjr de?t oftruat on tb ? pretni ae* sold . RlOu deponit re miml at time of vale c u ?ey ancin* at pnrchaaerV cc*rt If the tenua ot -al* are not . ..mplied with within aix daya.tbe right *''' to r?-?lvertiae the property at the ri*k and coat of the pnrchaa~r in default *< d LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancta ni B H WARNER, " v. 1*<* rS'*!] Anctiotieer, N.'. 7*9 7tb atreet. betaeei, G and H at*. ?, ofa ?ftrn?t to me, dated N >? 18th, 1871, of reca:d* in Lll*er No. iril, fo|a,. 16-1 one wf the land record for the county of Wt<l>' itlKtoti, D. C.. and by direc tion ofthepart> Hecnr*^ 'hereby, ' 'o'lTT public aale in fioot of the pietmae*. on tuesday, the ITthdav of J.iueioat *t 6 0 ch-ck p m., all the rifht, title aud inters* ,f S.J Pacue, in and to a leaeeiiojd for ten rear* T orn Januaty 1, 18S3. grante,! b< the trutlaa^f Colt ii.bfa College. of lot No 2S >f aub.liil?oa .rf j oth college aroundi, renew abl<- on certain con dftion^a a- miin^ w?-u l.\ refervue^ to th. thereofin Liber Nn 661 ,f"li<> 18l,.>ne oftlta Laud R?-c ords forthe c^untr of A\ a^bington, together with the iniprov. menr. there n. being a nearly new twT BoM4aryme HoU!K' ?Uo*'e '*'b atreet, near Termaof aale are: One-fonrth cash tot which ^l""*be immediately paid,) balanc'. lu three aix. aloe and twelve month* after the day of.aTe with intereat, aeenred bv a ,l?ed of truat <?a the property All conreyancin* and record in* at th' cost of the purchaaer, atd if the terma of *ale are not complied with in ten daya after the day of Ja|! the trustee reaerrea the right to reaeil the Lowrti at the risk and coat of the d-faulting purchaser d W. B. WEBB. Tniatee lA.wAr^stri&s^si.'^a L?iaarler||.V?7IWM'? ?h,? ?*?" and C atreet, in Ternm: One-third caah; balance in ?, II and H montha, at 7 per ceut. mtareet *aii to be paid oa day of aale. THOS. E. W A OGAM AN je?^d* B? al Estate Auctioneer. 519 7th *t RT DVBCAWBOB, DOW LIBO A OO., AactV*. " D Boutheaat corner Mh and D atraata Dorthwaat. '."VAX AETERNOON, June I3rh, * Mif? a el -ck. We vhall off^r for aale, - . ?? ?"',,hc. ??ct'on. to the higheat bidder, ia fr.nt a ,n "luare l^? iituate on Hth atreet eaat, between * nth M and aotitli N hK*,Bf ? fr"?t.?f ?!???. with ? lepth of iu feet 6 inche* irrpmred by a Frame Honae mT,e,'35*cri;J>ft,w,*e ,n rt* ?n<1 m<>ntba, with notea bearing interest, secure.! by deed of tro?T. Uonveyanaing at purchaser'a c<M A deposit of *? required at time of sale DCVCAHSOB, DOWLINO A CO , Aoctic BY KELLET a OATCHBL, AnctiotMera, Corner 11 th and I street* uorthwsat TRTSTEE'S SALE OE"LOT I* 8QCABE * > 731, ON ls?8TRIET, capitol HILL fL23f'4^l"d Eebnisra yy ' ?no daly. recorded in Liber Ro CB. .1 1 '*.7 ^?d by the written direction of the partysecurail tbareby, I will aell. at public auc rttk ?XSZ?2?~-" J A. L MORRRLL, Tmwee _J KELLEY A OATCHRL A^t* By latimbb a clbart, Auctioneers aad Beal BaHge Rrnker* Aoothweat eomer^P^et^D yiw sveeee ee4 jjlL ^ CH ANPER f SALE OF IMPROVED VBOPERTT fn .u'oare *To ^??'iS.** '?'eh*h f : ? % P?t ? b t ft, inmotreNo 4.M. be*mnii^|urtlmnaaIS. ....^1, M 8 inches, thenae avuth IB feat ? inchsa, tk. a^ *** Bfcat KincVa.le a flfleaa foot allrv, thea?p 88 '?* ? lubx. to the plaaa of begiuii^. TBe t?proTeinentv eokstst of two two-atory bAdk ra?.ass each, aad a brick stable with . This property la located kstwisw be. d TUi atrweu aU 0 aad ?onh * font twelve etalB. >? tweet, ?lh aad 7th i weat. Tettas of sala: One-third ca*U,v-'?ir in R, ij ? a ?a.-jygy^ay | The stable ariU haa tout) ant-lug at purchaser* c^at. jU* I Atl t?LB 4 CLCRitf r L EVENING STAR Cok^'UTin* or Irian AMSRti-AWd ? Ar rangement* are hc*ng m?<U for a Tt rtlor rf lrH (w?m U b? kei t ?? C1*\t lattfl. t*h*a. ab?nt the I.Vh of Jn1y ne?t lor th* af for? in* n ln|i' Kim tar to rbr G>rv I niot> for aortal And b?h*>rial kofjo't*** of IU leading IrOim'n af ew York. Pr*?a*alphtB. ti<4 otl-r *tt,*a. aw '??r?|r the ???'?'?I aa IW that Ut? Iilati e!? trrnt in hM? counfr* I.WMtk< aland tfg. MlRiralU or to which their mihkfif an<1 mpVlAW f nfitlf T'.tey mi (he (trraiM e?rao4 ???? ?n aln?*?.t ?r?r? *p?.*rr. an* that tbl* ladw* to th-kr ?l*t?uH af rokfnw awt li*ra<tnr a?t<1 f?? fflifMtta au 1 j?o litirni rr>rrf*Ttv>n |r ?? wten f%* th* o) tb* (Vman I'nion. wiBl** ohhja-1 to ?'t|>nni oi? In j.refet *n<v ft- perapnaof ofher nationalttle*. ?Ilwiit (iMiitHlnii ol iwl 01 pat Un. Fi*hibo ri* a l?a*i? OifcL- T1?f U..w?w field d**.' 1 hum ?yi ?Th* other ?^rra?uii fhrta Um Cahl* ?oa nAInf lr th* nrer mar <f?nr|W t?<?n. and nhilr paw* ally waiting *t ntot* the hook atracbe-t ty h?? l*f?e i~ r*a?e faete n <vf ka eontelb itg vhirk hr a-y|<n>^i ? *? ?? taige nl mow. Ilf ir?<tia|l' iHhxl the o?>i* t io lk? ?itfarf of lb* hat Mf?l nt a %> H ? aa thr tlecoBpnaert hot? of agir' ol a at** to indi cate aUoit U-n ee??? of age. Mr CitV?u srfilljr ?1j?rtltd at thr ilwmrif.tnil a. Voely Kim* nbtl to do ii. th* rim*|ri , bat a ?Uilf h* I'Wrtirfd lh*M^<tv?'rW a gentleman in ?1 rawing the l?idrfli ?hnrr and ImrMu* it. Nothing i? Imoan'M * who I'm girt *?? ot ??!.? Ihr rili cmrtanr^of kefilntl) 1 li? ho>t\ Lai eritit'litit l*?-* IB th* water lor c**tith? Sr"i? oKTHtLbtK Mr. F.dnaad William*, rlnet mate ot the ateni.ietiip W? ?tan4, lately arrived, ?nU* to u* ???' having arrn an? mrtition in *ii^ol th* |*r(iMiial? V>out *|><*ta m th*. ann. I fi?raattl tbia. h* leW Calcutta th* I.Vtlt of March, aixl on It.* lf??t out wo itbatrvcd two ?fotn on the ??f,*t*r? trf^ge ot th* -un, viaiM* all day. ?nd a Inch to?k t>"? iltrr to i-roaa. ai tl ot!i*r n>ot? appei.rri tgatn in turn tot av?r tl.iiJy iit?n-ln la.*:, tli* lait I ? a* on tin-.".?th ol April. ? best he u?n .1 Kng li?U weather prerentetl tutLer ohaervafion ? ItrmWiMc Toner. l.V*. ?/" > |i*laa*r?rllU|^ peo|?!.*4 wtrhold 'oik*, if ralltA <iunil>oro ?^-Popping th* ntte?*iott" ? '?irelegnn?. ?ay "la thr ring th* in<|iiirr" WSiriiwa plav? Amriicwi turftitry li ghl at liia Yl*nna concert* ?VA tit-wigr a tuil* Irttif an.t -tt f**t ? it? Ijm* l"ff? <1i?*f)v#r*?l tt*?r Anglic . t'al. %f \ Pwia man hath th* o s^ualmnrf rouiul ui iMrr anO *?iiN*g* dealer ?xrrr prv>lita M*. (/"Pro'cvi* Sw ing i? Jecturing cr?th* J*ath I>malfy in Clwago. Me think* thee oughtn't to ?? nig WKi nliick* want* o?* more j orfrait of I>an?r! Rooite. The la^t ai^iat j ut a |?|?t Ci>t lar im Haniet, wh<eh waMi't riglit Vrnmarv ia**ttn(f? to nr-m'nat* r a *?'iH r..i town ottioe* tw Canton, 111 , ar? I.-^4 la tharrt, after 8nn4sy morning **rvi.-*. K^Tlie LuamrHIr Courier-4ournal ihirh* Mi* *'Hlit of tour al>le-aiBMieil ram pl?rn>( ir?'|?rt i* the fattliniect ?p*vt*<-le that an iuii*overmhe<< iDimtrj ever hrheM. %jr I ivet- tliere a girl with soul m <t*a Sh* n*\*r r? h< r??*!t hath *ai4. Won't I tiaee damM'-k ?(i*n I'm wtd Ami h*m?tifhe?t piliow* for e??.U MT lillltD. l'fl ' k It?A Oi J !? ? ? vir -i - ' r ? town. I-. Rr? A B Alkin* <*> \v?<1b. - ? ? ?*h iwiml. HINKt P ttHiKK. Jr .lo AN!?.I U , ilaneiitrr of A lian.ilton l?.-le. . K*(. KIISMSIi-H'OTT ??ii W -.lti^ia* ?T"n '?.IS* Mli tn?tiif<t. at th- ?""?l'1?*i?rr of th** l.rul- . par?nta. I?> thr Er? Mr Oill CKO ? BMMON." ' NtK TBA A. St'OTT. hoth i?f thi?ri?% ? II '.IL (I'Rril Y On th*M instant, to Fath?r MiCarthv, ?l t'i? |>*r? ?( tli? l n i v .Ui* r..?r. p-1 n AS ( . H1I L til M *? ktTC U CROfE O RtlLV. b..t?iVk.1 lost n. II C WKbb L ATIMkK On IheM itrttaitl.i H*K MIKB.I B?|timi?rr, t. Mi- s M.LI K C. I ATI MKK. nf ('l?ri* cuiiti , M l. | Bsli .uior-p?p--> ? ||MMW|| I * *HLb-hLArK TaMar, .Inn* M, lo Rur. I? r W i imnm. at ?li<- jiv?>; ?? <l-"rB-|. ? n. It C. Mr. ALFRLt* M ELLS, t t* a-hli.*! ??. I> C. fi>rntrrl? "f Fi.ala?i<l. t--Mr? MAKY M.AI'K >A Al*sa?4ria, Va. | Alrian l'ia pa|? r? pi mi cm i ? FBF.EMAK Fri l?\, J in^t, l-CS. at Itl o'clock a in . in tiir Jl-t '???! .if ki>*r. K"HKKT TlI'MK FKEK.MAK.TI.M It. (nunliiuii t lie !?'<? W ai< -i F ami Ellin I rwniui Fanlirr uotu-e of hi? funeral will b? ?:> ^a b-rr afUr kt>HI.ER. On th* m ?riilt.f ?f t???< h f tnnt, JAP?>B hOni.EB.'ti tlir r?.?r >f h:- ?*c Tbr fiu.*r?l Will take nlarr fr Kn th- re?!<1?ac" of h aa n ii ? ?*, tvftMl K ?-h, VIS It atr*?t north *?? ?t, f?' ii.iIh. n.' run In k'ci <k H ilnmil ftiim'a rea,? ctfnllv 1?' tti-4. * | R. pul III au p>.vr c?py | UNDERTAKERS. Ii IIHARO r. HlRVEfi UNDSRT ItaMi u HJtKfKf # M4RX,' ho *34 t SraxBT. b??wanb Kiatta and METALLIC BVHIAL CASKS AMV CAhMKt* at Met 4tscrirt\a*. atari It SHHOUUb HABITS. #? l< HARD W. BAR&EA, CABIN AT MAK KK A* D O yifMHTAMMM. ? IH ELEVEKTU MTBEET. n?ar ? HKMTUHM Ot ALL KIM OS MA OS KKFAlRkU K YY I1XIAH IUIUTT, 8 0. TS$ T TR Stakbt, BlTWnpQ ARO I1 It Ooflna mmt Oaakati of nil REAL ESTATE AGENTS. jUAB BO>'LB. r&AhK BA&MUM It* AN BO VLB A CO.. HEAL ESTATE A>1> KOTE PEUKERS, Ko. MS 1Mb at r ret, oppuatta U.S. Tranaury. WO* 8ALB-A hawl...n,. BOr? on I atraat. Bo. ? 13 A new lap d HOlfE c .roar Bat ati?l B HOl>E fto. ISIS Baaaacl.IaeU. hran"" HOI SB Bti. Wt Sd atmat enat, for anl* or rrnt, fur niabed or aafarnUhni. A COTTAUB in WiUnrd'a Boar; price. ?r- Sr?*ral aaaail Horn fSSOU to ftjbu; atnall caah pat nwsiu fr ba?a *r?<*ral eery Anv FABB8. improvaS au1 Qniw proved, on dlB*rent rnilri.ada rtiaalnc from tba city, ft* nalr nt low Bgnrea or ni.haifa for city property. SUO.uw faet of OBOCHD in enrt.tap p. rtinna of the city f jt anlr nt luv Sgora*. on anay term*, or will axchnnca for pradnotiva impro*a4 propacty. tr BO. TBCESPELL S CO , 1 HEAL ESTATE BAOBABS, SIS 7th atraet, i ovar Ocrnat >??rtran Iktim Bnafc.l Bnacinl attention riven tu BENTINO COLLET IKG. PATIKO TAXES aa? BEOUTIATIBO LOABS. Beter i by nernstaaton i to?Oaaaral B*u Altmt, Paynmatrr Oenaenl U.S.A.; Smie* S. Orlnneli, Chief Clrrh I 8. Patent Offer. John Fraanr, Arch itect: Bon. r. P. Blair; B?n. J W P i?laa*.C -w niiaei met Internal Br van ue Wn B Boaaa.farai tnre Itealar, C B. Prent?a?, Caahier Oertnati AJi-n? can Savin?a Bank; Col. John B F?aaan4*n Ban. John Hitr. Coaanl OaaarainfSwitntlawd aiA An* A U8TIB P. BBOWB^^, ^ BwO. BLUB STOKE faa Bauatnc, MacaiaBju* MS At c;,?rsn IKiL^ mated. To thla knack of ft! "" "***? m UAJTMJLS, AT LOW FAiCES. SVUUtKCUL (MLO.t. ?aa Stnm tttitt, Mt?n? I B. Have now an hand a foil hwa of BOOTS, HBOBS, GAITBBS. SLIPPBBS. i*d LOW TIB SBoBS. tor Iwi ea. Kant a. and ch Mren a wear, which that wilt aell rata* at wr ChridvtiVt nnd Ii tarom" prtnaa L^taa' kow-prlnn 8iMtnad Sti eoahrt, a aanWt. _ _ . ?EtS!S',!R2jR?S|l jsr- "? ?"feajjagasi'' n?tS lat MS Bevanth a?aat diea , nktaaaa' aad chilSaaah.aad a*a? afSHI ?""Soott. ?????. ??u?. *VL will ha aotd al and belo? coat la oed^r tc rltna buai SOOTS, SBOBS, BJk ? ? ha nold at and below coat ia oeder to clonal -at- ?. \<rtlc? 61 uairlc. Mr. CABO b??i toart to taforaa SB MJ^aSa Al BUB, naSar the Battonal K4al. (hn j W AT?W Ami SlAJrtSiSke^ ^is&uvsvs BS$5Fv gS7 ^3 NUliiiiii? t,uimU+**t+. M

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