Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1873 Page 4
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? from Hi-?? e j an aliid. The bata-tiet* w> ? Jfci . t .e ?lee?I wa? rcmmitted and a pot -v., Z- ;t tend of Vtt .!ec*a*r.| w. rec*h.^1^T1,Il0' ,*?? d iriag:b~ trial, and it waa clearly , 2?;.';h T"oVX:' ,r> ???K2?2 V'H1 JV "?? trial i . - -V J - jtuL- I e!1 wt^ hc CM aboot ,nJ* 111 1 w"">'u mimim they rxrarned a verdict of "jtutfty w indicted/ Th? Uol l>a ??f IfceiMOwM. ?>?? t^<ng return^ ta the jail the prisoner to be for a time, but .a & lew ?!?)? returned kit okl air of brat ado. MB 'TILL l THAT DC DIDST KILL Till r-rDDLBB ?>b the Allowing Monday. ofter a report ha 1 krrn pwblKhe* m a tn..rwn?g p?p*r relative to a boy kaving been buried under the bouee where b- lormerK lired. an that he in itialed to ?><*?-a CMtatM, Ue ai?i in reply *.? t? th?- '?"nfemioa *ie renlievt yee, I w.ll, at the proper time an.t it will he tiat I .t*n't h.ll ?? nan." The other ?'*' *2 baling txier ki't^l an<1 u*J** *** hou*o%ap referred to. and he*i L 1*1! tbere Ir nol?ody um1?r tbe ""TjT 1 .kD27 ?f" Th? n??M?n, ?? Voo ?av you d?l not Ml tbe W in; *?,o did ? ' ?,ked at.d be replied, "No, I lid not. Ne'er niin.i who did; I'll tell that won enough, vhen the 1 M ??*? ?*??* hreant of ,V,w throwing wp bis irm ar-d auiling,) If they are (ohifttu bang tne to-dav, let th?m ?lo it; pot up the makfold to-day and hang tUe to-merrrw but tbev will bang a.. lanSoont man. frr I'm not grilty of killing the peddier " ??rriLi. harp-mi ox mv ' Knowing the langer he war in unl?-?< ?om" evidence wm hreught to hear en the motion tor a nr* trial, abeut this tioe he wtote the fol low mg letter (n Margaret /V*"1 1 *?????* to j?a thi-makeS t imee to ao If I have yon carried to Cilminal C ur; *?r that !?,?.,, kill !? ,r-<"r ymno Sim Binary kin J -1 *ti?l > "U mtiat tell ,t if > win i^U it a< I I'll |n.n 1 will jrrt a Dew trfa) and J v,|| ,-t.? ciajr , if.ion P-.Dt tellit k. I ,^l J ?i,| ,4 U t,l m il ?.*") S"" Pnni Mai^arct I have tunld t- ry ?? l> t?,%t S*"i B mhri ki'l ?l.- P-ll..r * ??d.? biykl ?f .. , Ik ?? Pirk.n.! x Mtnfer-t nm?i .a> ??> ?.! nr ? nl if vor 'biiik .,f -i?m ^mf A ?Mi ?ru r,. ,fi:t.. j., t>^tiMr th,0 v-,rrr??. ' ,,'TIr ' L u ' AT !i"'" K-;.?bry better lh%i. ,..n l..f? ?< ir litt e l?oi Wright itjnn I..*# * ->i mi<? D.. n'Ul >f I "III have tTm, m i. L N L ^':rl *<*ln if}">0 will S ?V Ihtf Still HrJk fl k n" I will not *.?! rn, i . D-mt f?rir?-t me Murg-.r^t f.?r ,..n n' th?t I l"t? on ii,4 3 ?ill imer k ? B %ck no ?"ii I -ir a rr,M 9a, that ,be P^ll?" iij'J.', ,2! ttiinir- in ?'<nr ?-?d 8^?d me w*??r>l t'??la? if J. n are truii^g to p.. it Mareeret this l? my U?t :im? 1 u uTll'Vl L:'rVH1^"" ?*> *'* ? >"" D ^t Mf ? ^."r 'i Margaret H. Wo?d I h?v JJf to mro.H I ,lnn All IT*. |>.. for y.i I ha?e rm ? ?Ti? k hoMj. for you to live i? ?h?n ,o? ???t onl of rail and I am going to ?#ud yer ~>n,? JTin? ? ' f*"' IkU*,,,iu?? c|..tbe? ... f ?Vrs; ?> . aii> ?'orj- f..r y< ? Margaret > n Buht B*? k Tor I ? act to hear from yun tell ni.- if won mill S ty ii to. for P.m '.ill the Poller ind fa id it ,'nml Mar ml J I R"-n t.. yon laot m?!it but v..n nerer an ' rr* jlfjerwt you have forget me yond^nt |..v? f'*'u,L,.OM w'" w,,u'*i.D A" ? twit >.,ii Marc-rei Job Kile ..0 a 9->teaiid Briog it I? ?? n in the ui irn " ? V"1 f!" " ,u ,tat Rifht hao.l D??or * * * ? ?iui I v* ill it whru | %ni tnrut^t ?ut d.? Am ? f .? it"lw*k .'Lv ?"*) B-mbry thV kill the p-,|.||.., ?t I *.*<?!: M'jf daN uitfbt Chri^tniA* tHi n?e ? Wr%M r'} '">? wif?- ^ iShlfiS: -I AM A rooa SIMJtBR ASD WOT Ft EAI V To l)H." aeVol oat ro,'owm* 'Ibv he wrote to Murgiret . **'*rrV annwer my left, r yon <l >nt rareaay thiug al^uiiite ya b>cau?* I have k .( to ??e h?BK ? 1 Did uot !>?? like 1 touM v,.? m?*X i-V,l " U"r 8*> j? 8amnel B ...h -ry lh.t hki l .IT,** T"1 '?*??>? ?N.1 if yun, hnn. wt, 'J!".1 ? new trial a i.l I wo.,t h h'li'C Mar^-jt ir m?. p,ea?. |)., ? t....|a it will n..t hurt you >.?y it wa- 8mu Beml^ry that kill th ? Pr.ldi. r man and et.tal I. it tell Iverv B^dv that P,nj| a'i ? *" Di*V M?r*r,'t '?? I> >r wife I am a wil'laf. n .? b wool to Dl- *. If ,.,q b-m rIJi ke-per- ot the J?ii a-al tell tbem Pam Beml>er> i* th^ . m that kl'l tli- P,^lier m tn I ail! lo t *.t |.?, ? * ,rifr.t tell me your ,"v' ? airit 1* ill." i" 1 ' >a,'J 1 ,n *?' -I l .n . n .'l! oil * u I,. k it ?oll kill .hi P?. ,V*?"'r ,th' J ul that ~ tin B -uih*rv kill the I Id'.r me an.I y..,; will le- ciair .n.l it W.nt t?-ll o?e v .11 Margret fll m ? in thia not if y.-n ar?goin to ... i,ke | .e|| >on G >ri^ ^ Milt- <?n ih:? ? fii?* aM.t ^i.p it t>? th?? ori#? that t*riB? it 'i f> U >???; hfc v i!| n ? *t le*! on oi? R (Hi ielf i! n"fcP'1 " ' J^ * r,,in? ?' H:e?kf.Mt lime Idl D. all the ?a> ? I ^nt v< u a iv4e I i~- ni^ht ?n I Otic Jeaferd.* at I?-r.ner tini^ Did y. u ? t ? tell me ,n thia ,f Plea*. I y'n adnai'f y. ..r. Da-WhUr. Eli-. W ..1 laU te,| if v"V* iL .? J"' >T*R Paje-r Kvery C cninw I h#?r ail tbe h.'"u' ! P 'Tr'm ' |K^**!"*Sain B-iol-t. Killing *11 n'e and w.D Will git clair an.l .r =-"?H.a.? I ...d'llw?st',;"bH |k-|,\ Tjiat n il th?* man H id j, n riiu?t n t.,,. .4r,.? we ?|| e)( ? u J?| trf, nM. ,f\ .n |,,VVna'i it "to, . rv , ,e.u, ? |. M , ?k ? ,u"f Heae.^ our tliomaa |> Wright here i. a pii e ' f aVJX ?, U. "' U ??" B"" " > >? P*-awT ' Arr^nd'd t?? |in? W%^ % "mati p:?r? D ncil "?'? ? b" Paper and pinne ! to .|,e n .iej n whirh aa? written h.-aro i? a Pentel a little Feaceof it Kite on tint U->rge W .-^l mm IKHI ES AS A?MI<? TO THK PrBLlf. The rrport of the sailor bov havmg been buried under the hon* ,eeni? to have worried bini. and in onler to inftuence the poj>al.?r min 1 ^ r.v r, Wt<i.t theKrea? tiert Tii-ni W right and That i. a k*x'" J""' r?l it "aid lbat there l? a eaii jr I??r ried Ui.?ler the iii'Un of J|||, M *r*.u - . ML ?.I i 0<'|.' fur? en- f aay it true but if titer.- m any ? ?ne under th-re a. nw B -<ly Put it there h.j; I , an? VMttl t<? ?).? w \,.ij ?tuu | g,,t to !?.- hnno f r I ?T.'w ln*'"r ?'Bf >ne .-H-. in jt.oati.l atler I an Drd ??? will r-e that I ?a.ViwVf?r n, 1 will tell yon j Cotoe t-> Mr* Margaret W. w<?hous a* lue nuie iu J|^t . p , H - - hyf :^ c\n7L'rrW"f^? I. kk berr and -h. a'k m- to B ard with h- r and I fiST? \' n .rn V \K -""J \ ?n?i i w ni<i I) -t have m> f^r to ? tlk r w*r. ?? IV ^rk b.T ir-u'Xr ?? T ? littlr ?b?- c ?m? to in - ?im! ?Hid ^Iif? r* -in** ni'iiiev for t?i m tea. ark it I, |,er ?i:?i j. i|?r. .u . * lir rw f\?Ht!rrlvC *"1 yowr r? 1. large .""y1^ tl?e*l)'rAnk" a^|r"l "*"WIi *"* Pl'" ?" the ;?! Rr j;?'.fc'SrS1 ?S?tJm ,I::"i ... ' nt t uial- Xa?U: Bono cam. there .ev'^S* tim.^cur-'in* ?%i ? v,> i ^ ta&Ssj?S cans*- of it bci b#- .T^l la I m + T t Ki*n I w ii ao m 1,1(1 M W??Ut h'T 4(i V W * Of ke^ l i''n Mr* *?r?retW^<l I w?old h ?< ? ot t<-r ?' ii-e any longer dk. atmtM.1 it I lei. ?vck^Titb a kJI'" ht5El*TS*? Sh" ??"M?o? her JJII J*theu I lb a fe-r-d |? go a war fil,VUp D^"k * u' 'h-^hf-u; SSflft S'.SirE aU'SSt: ...: J ?<rs .bV'br.', B ?. k har up theu I ao n I *,l ' ^"r. ?Bd a..Ble Okbtw parties b?f {.- _'.L J"1 t<? aa??cr fwr killing the L* i h bll!" I JL *" U"1 "r'?a. I , of , u i. it .* waitiug tor U? UailiiB f..r 555tUTS , ,U>? ?oMleiuai. all | rr.^vjL s KtL I C 8*,ar'J*> kJ?k- when I m '?I?^ICT*^| I fffl L^r* ^nfflp f >r I ki, lb V K .a ? it kill . u. , b.,e .^u;, m'li iT'ikr^ fare and -aay but I dH net kit' tbe l' ddi?r y u rjl'jil" ???"? I will -b aToJf.w i" ba^f-B and v.^j will t?. Wright I, iWnltf t M^ *,r", >,r Harrington a?i l th>-h^nhfa. Jt.Jge ? rUt 1 IW " h? tbiWkV 1 dM H W ngh; CitiVm'l'"* <'"1 Y<>,ir" "iMiua^D *"AT TUI BAID HIP U'VVI* ASO TH a?^ . .U rkUCHII a4.D. ..ell'I? ? p^naaal tbe follow in* ? .2'?SS s; -a .'^vSCu-S ?oo to aw. that yoo aow Kara Bit Hl. " i.*4n> tbe brad with tbe old **ag but yo? ."S J""' Sa?il JlargMi ?aa Sani bamber. Hit Utoata-. uw tkaS^L? <lay bight at Sor? . olutk Margr^t rT. *ua ? kat my I a ? or 8a> a mv lw>? r aay - t hat ?ua n.I?iT ??y that Samoel B^a b-ry khd Ua* Prdlvr mSkSZVt "m V"Br IMtl* torn Wright my aawver aaya that y ... ?*T <* KooaT artora CkriOmagir lawyer a ap? yon mo?t at Conrt ** ?eetwe? *??! the >?0ler atad laid n on 1 wr tint* tomy la**?r aaid if y<m wi oM that be I< ULd hat ?w:lw gtud >f lioaae ! a.oil 1 bad been giving Mra W'.mhi m-atej t>> in laying ? IT her Bill* at Mr. Ke> k-?*> atff D< ing it aaid je?t paid f r an- B' wawld a^t me . laar Will yaa aay ?o Mar are t eat be afrad t> aOf that Sam jKUl the P?d if y? aay that I anil ?.t a a aw trial tkea ma and y?i ?.11 km amriiaO will yoo aay that tell me at Dmarr nma an I eaa tail my law yer Marove. W ? .? ?>il do m I Ult yaa f will never forget you I Wdl - ary joo too tell me if yoo will aay at ?oart tbm ?am lortkmi kill tbe p^lar and laid it cm ?onr Bttl* tomaa O Wright Marrret y -u aak w? wbal tba fi i4i>n aaea tba Frarbarta P"H be afrad t> at that t I wtM with tut baoaaaa y.a bad amor igdtd ma Ike Preacher aog if yaa o?* Back aa tbe lelaad to l.aa feoP1* la going to kill yot: Mra K ?b aad #HI Wbaien ?a .l )ui aaa not at tbar k?Me an M ulay margret too tie '.bat vuw waa at bom all Day and you muaiaav ?ba? ?? *< watil u->um tbaniftbey ??* yoo wnat made yoa aa) ;?.? wow at Mra ke>t man WMtat aay tbat Km A wbarr aaid lor y-nt to aay ao Margret if tbe aak )ua wb> kill tba aadl.Hr yoo aay B .m^.mbery till ;bc ,Wl r man and laid it >n t- m W right tell m# la note I very word tbat y<m ara goir g to ?M If yon ant g^iag to aay a? I a-k Ml me If ycu ar?c iag t ? aay tbat Bam lil-| kill Ibe p dh r man If yoo aay po my towv ?r *aid b* will get ?* and yoo oat ot tarn jail Max gar ?? you mnm r y la r?i? and y n mk Be what my aid to ma iwyer ?tid ba will get me .ml yaa oad little ;? Wood wot if joa wiB mr iMH 1Mb Baiikn kill the pedler and Is'd it on Tom Wr'ght tell me if yon will Mr so I'll nt by ? tall me IT you will ?a> Sam B-mbry kill tb? pr.i:er Margaret you bad better ?tor talking n?o ut yonr ami jour sis ter tbe |w(rra h?-?rd you t tlkinc 1*4 n??ht you ha?. bet'er k?e| yonrmonth ahut if tbe y find that 01* tvev will liar u you and your mother and your sitter t o k?? your month ?hut an<t say that Sam Beauty kill ihr ivdikr inaii aiid laid't "ti )r >ur li.tie torn tell me if yoo will *ay tbat that ia what I waat U> know Qooi by your little ? D Wright. STILL AMTHIK ATl'VA-L TU KAVI Hi? TIBCK. In hi* next epistle he tells Margaret kow she can recant what ahesaid in court aud*hrow the cr me on Sam B em (try : M?r?eret Wright I want ynn to nnd*r Stand good ?o row may not mai?any B -th?-r M argrret v..n moat r.w?e R ght ont ?>d mv Sam B^n-tar. Kill the Pettier man on M i>.lay Itveninc Marge ret it th-v s?k yon Did y?a *e? Stun B -mbry P ill the Poller Margret >?>n awj Sam Bembry hit th* Pedler .*i th. hea.fwl.b tbe old Spade Man:-re; if they a^k you 'he rjjoiiil yflrj never t.-u!d that l>ef re you tuii?i say San. B> BfJ me nut to lell Sam ke-p Begiog so hard von went Margret you must not f .r<et to ?ay thai (<?m Will the PMler M-ir?r-r-t if they ^*i?*s;i?n yon Margeret you ?ay I would have tould yon loog a?o Hit Cam lieg me ao bard I thought I witnltl not tell Marreret it they aak you what 8am R.mlrj ilu\ Hit the redler thibs-s Margeret yon must my in th" wood shed tb?n if they ark ynn M rger.-t if they a<-k yen where Tom Wright waa ?ay on 4 and a half afreet ?I they aak yon what yon was(d ina> wh*n Sam Beinbry kill the Pedler man tell yon Saw Svn hi t tbe ran andjrni wint from honte tbink of your little t'm Bight Every MM and I>o aa I tell you aay 8am kill the Pedter man on M'liday Evening about A or 6 o'clock then -ay yon lift h'.me and when you rum Bark he had carried the some wliore Margaret youmnat amy tbat Sain Beg yon to aay that torn W right Don it .Dont forget aay yon would have tould on Sam Bembery but Sam said he wa? g >:nt to lay it on |?'ur little torn, torn Wright n-var DunTut San. B< mtiery kill the Pedler and laid it on torn Wright good by my wife Margaret. T. D. W. 8K!fTBW< ED TO DIE. On the 14th of April the motion for a new trial was argued before -ludge MacArtbur, ami it was overruled. On the court Asking if he had My thing to aay why the sentence ot the law -bould not be pasaed he made a long rambling address, asserting that Sam Beinbry killed the peddler, and concluded by saying: "If you hang me you will hang the wrong niati, lor i didn't kill the peddler. Sam said he ki.ot ked a man down and got *;M<> from him, ami the detective* never go* town to hiui. for he belonged to the Oallilcans, and they didn't sns|.ect him, and if he got oat ot that he could get out of this, if be was arrested." Juilge MacArthur in passing sentence said: "It ia due to the community to sav that the court ia entirely satisfied with "the verdict." He then pas?ed the sentence that Wright be taken tojailand be kept 'n close confinement until Friday, the Oth day of May. between th'> hour> ot I<> a. 111. and p. m.. and be then taken to the place of execution and be hung by the reck until dead. At the conclusion of the sentence Wright remarked. "Gentlemen, it's hard for a man to die tor what be did not do.'' UK WARTS TO 8KK ifIX,H KACARTlirit. After the sentenceha?l been passed lie desired t?> see .ludge MacArthur, and WTOte him the following note: . . . . WAslIIxotow, D. C., April 17. to Honerbal Jncge Ma< nrtliur if you pleaae Jest roma over to jail I want to see your Face ai^ft'ii I'leaae cooie and oblige) our Hnmlde Pii^ojie. J i.lg 1 Jt at want to aee > our Fare Lc not but one iuiriut take Pity on Poor me a Prisoner and come and let m* aee ion one time if yon Plea?e ('<>nie to morrow jest one 111 in 111 J am roBtlnrd iu jaii but 1 waul to aee >m. Yonr Homtde Prisoner T. 1> Wright Jail. The day after this motion tor a new trial waa overruled a party visiting the jail aaw Wright at Jiiit window and remarked: "Well, Tom. all hope is gone; the court has ruled against you;'' and he replied carelessly," Well, 1 suppose I Lave got to be hung for it. If 1 can see that judge I'll a.?L him to have me shot. I don't want any rope around my neck any way; but if I know that a certain man was standing beside me in the same tlx 1 could die happv." The 1 arty asked "'What man do von allude" to, Tom; BenibryV" Wright replied: "Xo, it wasn't him; you 11 find out some of these days; it was the s of ah who went back on me. who got the sw *g and hasn't been seen since. If thev wmt to hang me let them do it; but they will hang the wrong one. It wasn't no hatchet that wa used. He wasn't struck with a hatchet." ??What was it then," was asked. Tom replied: "An old spade. If the detect ives had looked about for it they would have found it setting in a barrel." The visitor a?ked why the trowel, could not hay e made some of" the wounds. Wright replied: "Yes, there was a little old trowel a bout there and he was cut with tha* " [There was no such instrument as a trowel pioductd on the trial nor wa? it claimed that any other instrument than a hatcktt was usei. Alter this statement was made by the prisoa.'r a trowel was found on tbe premises which, on bring examined with a microscoj?e showed two small spots of what appeared to be blood. A chemical analysis showed beyond doubt that it was blood. A single ted hair was also found on the edge of it Ket. j HI THREATENS To HAl'HT HI* 1?X-MISTKK?S. On tbe oOth of April he addressed the follow ing note to Margaret: April ?ith 173 M ?rgar*t Wood I h.iv? got to be Hung for what you aaid at the court bouse Mar garet Wood I t nld yon that I had better go back to Mrs M?-l|y Knel* and stay but you would not let me 40 I ti.nM >"U that yon would harem- Hung and larvai-t yon aaid y. n would not go Back ou in for NothiLg and Margaret I bate got Sit days to live th*ii ] have goj to lie Liunr Margar-t itiaoffull to be hncK for you. J . ant forgixr you I will c <11 Ba< k after I an. I>e?d and ti-ar you up for ll jimt me a> I ran never see my Mother or My 1'ather asaiu Margaret I will never ae?* you on Karth again but ton will n?M ?*r see any more Peace until yon ar >ed too Mariti?rt>t you * ml back on in- lor Sam Brn.Lry but I will com Back at you Everv nigh; after 1 hung you atn* me word that you had not go B:o-w on m?- and yon it Margaret I wan: you to kill that little Tom " * * I dont wai.t bun to be born Oh Mar gaiet farewell for Kyer you have Broak lay Poor Neck for N> ih'ng I rekon you a?-e the p.?p-r what y< ur Kllen aaid if you have not I will aemi it up 1 take th?- Star Ivery Moruing Margaret you n.u-t ?'rid for one of tbe Jail and t**lt them ih?i T m nt vet kill the P. ddler but 81111 B nibry kill the ni?r and tould me to aay it uaa Toiu Mar jar-1 you Do like 1 tell yon Now if you Dont I a ill be Hung Hud I Bont want to be hung for whot Sam So Sam Kill the man tell the guard tlna Byeningaa Soon aa Tof git tbla and Buad it tb?t Saiii Beinbry kill the P-dler and we w ill be clair of it yon no t>ain Don it Margaret a^nd m - word if ?on are going to Do like I tell you in the Morning Ton lisent at me }fow tend t'ir one of the garda and tell them Sam Bembry kill the Pedler au l torn never Marraret if o u will Do it I will getilairtell Kvery ? >nr you aoe tbat Bam Bembery kill the Pedler I tell thaiii ao Every Day it waa Sam that kill ihe P-dler if you are going to Do like 1 tell you Bite Back in th* morving "?AV BKHBEf or* IT AHD I.AID IT OS YOUR LITTLE TO*." <>n the following day be wrote Margaret as follows: Wa^ujxctc h May lltli W73 Margr^t Wright Bea??ed your letter was glad to heare from yon Margret 1 am soiry t-> heare of you being aick all ?he time 1 am in hops tbat you will get better Margrei you Said tbat you uuder alood me wliat I S."J but you have not tou'd me il you was going ti Sav tbat Sam Bemb'/ kill the man Margret I have ten Id tli? trooth on Sam Bembry 1 aaid that B-tu brr kill the Pedler on Monday niglit al> >ut i or 6 oclk and I tonkt them tbat Sam kill the mau and laid it on me Margret 1 w ant you to a. ud me w ord if you will aay that Sain B-u'.ry kill the Pedler man and laid it on your your little torn \\ light. Margret, It you will say tnat I will git a new trial the* I wont be hung Mar garet you aak me what the Preacher said about you the Preacher aaid you ought to be a tham of y.,ur Self for going bock oa your little tom Wright the Precher say that you ought to Do as I aak you be aaid you moat aay that Bembry kill tbe man and laid it on me Margaret send me word if you will aay that Bembay kill tbe Pedler and laid it ou your lit ?Jr *? D'*? P w right a? aoofi as you git thia you must Bipht bark to me Margaret tell me when you are goii.g tohave my sun. 1 want to no ao I seud you ?on.etbii>? for him I will tell you ail about my trial 15 a few Day I Dont no myselt yet but I am aertain ot a new trial anawer at Dinaer T. D Wneht TOM AHAIS KxrLAIKrt TO THE PI BLIC. About this time be wrote tbe following tor the public eye: Wmmt k>'(btmbrjf\ ta mt on Chrntma* from Mtttnf. To tbe Pnblic I will t< II tbe truth, I cant hold it any longer if you all want 10 know who kill that poor man that I am now got to be hung lor 1 will tell you tbe man wbo help to do it ia name Mr Sam B?iiit? ry I ran say for tm (ack who it waa with him be kill lb*- man between the own of ? ami half pais 6 ? ( Iocs at dark and him and ??- of hi- friend car ri?l Lmu away Ibe other one who waa with Mr Sain Brmbery waa one of tbe G?llean tab moude who be long to tb< same order that SataneJ Bembery did 1 now have got to be bung f<ir bia jot I no 1 have got to be boox ao 1 dont waat to ?iie with a lie in my umiwUi so 1 will come out like a man aisl let every body no the trooth I doo'. want no -me to brltai. me if I hey doat aee proper but thia ia tts- trooth On laM Chr.aUli.ta day me usl baai waa talk w hi lea w? was g >ing around early ia tbe moruing he aaid tbat be had join tbe ?"city Jto keen bis name up. (hated to me that lie couhl Do any tbipg be ilideut cars .what and he w.mld get cUr for no one would be leate tbat he Dnn it beraose he always keep in good company and then showasebow he had bean Owing for about 6 or 1 ysara. Me and San was going from home ou first of i briataaas morning, be aaid that tb?y would bare ?4-me oae lietore night but he waa keen anough to alwara keep bia.wlf oat Stated if they was to reet luint he would (it oat because no owe would bole a > e bsidOeea in tl it Said be bad feeaa in tbe city ao long andovery b aiy would waa a lie. Said aonetblagf>ont coming from the market taking Macy I doat re m Miber tbe words. TBS LAMT BOTE COBB. ?Dbe case waa haaid In tbe Court ta General Tew on tbe nation for a new trial aa egcep 1 <mj tbe 10th ? May, and ?n the Glfc ot the jMoth the mwMMtalMd the raii^s of i .1 ndge MacArtbur la ?h? Orialaal CoorC When the ssawattam was made Wright did not rUfAaiMPOK DEATH. Rev. Mr. Draper, a colored Methodist ah later, as alao Mot. Mr. Oibbona, had been call tag to see Mas .mm to thia Hat, hut Rev. Father Wigett, of Jo?ph'i church, having beea i?il for, the atfcers retired. The laat-naaaed having toaod htm unprepaaed for tbe great change whieh avaMed him. iaa 'lot. , , fol kftf* ,'a *ho ?" "tan Ifrt.welj uJ Sam g< t $9030 Dwllors ( f 2X> to Green Htck si*l some ethers tillage sm h? Mid ?i K true tbM I never Uf tue tl?w Vnt I Saw Samuel Bw.hsry and one of his fri?nd? ha?e th- P-,ller Carry m? Him out t?T if you will t?" K ind enough to K now Sir that in wtiat I got to Die . u ll-Ji D?> ol lay for^gir Ir U 8 Grant it is hard to be Hang Dead for uotUog bir for g d oar maker ?a> r giye we one more munth to live to Pre pare for PmiIi I had roach rether l>e Seat to Prison t< r to *wk the h-le of my life if ron wen Id l>* ItBd If to Send me to Such a Place out g <1 ?ak?>lf yon w\ll not (rive me one more month to Pr> pare for mi Death. Sir if your Honor Please Just think of a man Dy ing in trisfSfo^ that is awful Sir 1 Pra> every Da/ aid Every nigli! but it Seems thai there is n<> way for me to get ready by Fridaj aiid Sir with ont your is sistanre t cant make my Preparation for Death I ' am ? Poor Col lard Boy I am a Long wavs fr.mi my Hon*- bat for all that jn?t think of me 1 flit to t-e IIunit for nothing Por a Rubber Pleas. i Smd me to Prisoned for m\ life or if not Please send me to Prisoned for m> lift- or if not Pl>?a?e give j me < ne month to prepare myself for Death Sir > 'U naro got the Power hut I have thought over the ?jneetion I Dont believe that yon or any one who hue* the Power would have me Hung for a nother man Work Sir I want to See Some of your clerk* so I can Show tb'-m all about the all about the Afair then thev will toe that I am telling the trooth but Plea*' Give me one more month to Get Readt fop Death Itam a Hnmble Prisoner 1 had mach Rather be Sent to the Leva B**d or to Albany for my life then I could Die just. Yonrs, With Much Respects Humble Prisoner Thomas D Wright City Jail Washington D C President Grant. Washington D C. THE CONDEMNED MAS OBTAINS A P.RIEP RE ? PITS. The effort to obtain a respite iv successful, the President directing the time to be extended for one week, and that the execution take p'ace to-day. Tom received the new? with no mani festation* of joy, and about this time he was overheard to .-ay. that he did not want to he bung; he wanted to be shot; and on being told that there was no way to change the sentence, he exclaimed: "Well, I'll dc d?d if they will hang me on that thing," (looking ont at the gal lows in the yard:) and turning to a jail guard he asked: "Cap., <lo you think mv l?ody is heavy enough to break iny neck?" The scaffold ar this time was not finished, and several of the colored prisoners shortly after brought out the steps for it, entering the yard by the gate on the east side. As the prisoner saw what they were engaged in he sung out? "LEFT WHEEI.! YOP BLAC K ! don't you know you are carrying that for me. Left! Left! Keep time, there, you ugly black scoundrels! You'll have to carry me up them steps. I don't intend to walk;-' and more of the saiue character. A bystander remarked:?"Wright, Jenkins run tip the steps." Wright?"Well, the yaller ? of a ? had a right to; he cut his wife's head up, but I didn't kill any l>ody. and I wont walk up there sure." Ilia OPINIO!* OK THE HALLOWS, The prisoner watched these ('reparation* with interest and later in the day was allowed to walk in the yard in company with a guard. Here he carefully Inspected the whole structure, and asked (pointing to the trap) if that was where he was intended to drop, and, getting an affiimaCvc answer, he said; "Ja<! that will skin the niggers shins all to h?1!" On Thurs day of la^ week, having concluded to changc his miristers, and having discharged Rev. .Mr. I)raj>er, who had l>een attending him for some time, he was baptized in the Catholic faith bv Rev. Father Wigett, who has been indefatigable in his efforts to prepare him for death. "HIS LIKE TAKEN AWAY BY THE HOOD TALK - I "*?? OF MRS. M A R< * A RET WOOD." After he was baptised he sent back to a friend who had loaned it to him, Bnnyan's Pilgrenn Progress, on the fly-leaf of which he wtote w follows; "This i? for my Poor mother and ow n?rs. " * So hear m ni\ last of my life in this ?.?rld imt mv lift- taken away b> the good talking of Mis* M:i.j-aret Wood bv her kind ami good talk I am bronglit to thi- Point but this is all She or anyone ran do to me on this Earth but accord in.' to Promtis they will have tosnffer for all thev liav? |?in J to meet yon in a better world may G si bless \o.i my iniiliier for e\er your Sun Thomas Dkrro Weight." HE t? PLArED IN DOUBLE IRONS. ??n Monday last, in consequence of certain threats made by Wright to the effect that - he would not be hung," "that he wouM give them tjout>le?7' <Src., it was deemed necessary to give him a thorough search, and accordingly he was brought out and strip|>ed and an entire now suit of clothes given him, after which lie was placed in double irons and transferred to a cell on the fir>t floor left. He was not verv well pleased with this treatment, and for several days was in anything but a good hum >r. A -lav or twolafter his transfer a visitor approached him. and he repeated to him his statements as to K?ml>ry killing the peddler. Ac. When asked why lie h.'d not given the full statement to his counsel, he replied : 1 .I?':?!81'T ',v* TO HURT XARSEIXT WOOD; and if I had to hi on Sam she would have loan brought in. It was my fault in not telling General Henkle H> done everything a man conI I, but it was my fault 1 didn't tell him all, and now niv nock ha- got to be for it. The mistake 1 made was in going t? Margaret's; she has provod to b'1 my mistress. I had inst come from sea and hai some money and she wanted it; so she p< rsnaded m t<> take up with h?-r. So my neck has got t ? be broke 1 didii t kill the man, but I've g?t to bebw.ig. I reckon?O xl ka-ws it: I know it:Sam knows it; and Margeret knows it?that _ . I DII'.Vt H1I.L THE MAS! But I euppo*. everybody will believe I killed bim is all right. I f. rgive Margerei f..r what she done, because nhe c.?nie h- re and aikuow le.Jged t b it ?he swore wrong; bat I can't forgive K> mbr>. H ?ays, too, that he wants to nee me hung."' The visitor asked: "Well,Tom, how come you to v rite to Slargeret telling her how to swear ?" The prisoner continued: "l III Il> *T PIT NO WORIH IN HER VOtTH, tint I did write lier one or two letters ;iud told her to tell the truth. It was D<4 f ?r any love f..i or against Sam that I didn t tell on him. I II tHI you Mill know. \\ b?*ii 1 came h??in?* ?ft**r -ulkIou , 1 went in an<l vyuni it* <1??orwttb tliuk'-y wit ch !?%<! it-en pia* ed un<l?-r tl?? arep, and h)ih cani * no ?n4 aeke.1, 'Is Tom Wright here?' I natd, 'Ym; what the d"\ ll are you doiug out this tun-of night ? She said,'I was frightened; I -aw som.-thiug.' 1 said;?Ton kn..w what it wa?,'and she exclaime.1.? I didn t ?S! anybody .' I believe she and ih,? b?>y both saw the first lick struck, and she thMo went away." WHY HE THREATENED MRU. WftOD*. : '1 he visitor said:?" You uaed some threats in your letters. ' Wright?"Yes, I threatened her and heg-?ed because 1 thought she would tell the truth. Yisitor?"Well, you wrote the letters?" Wiight?"Yes, but she wrote to me tirst. Al ter she had been to the grand ju^y she sent down a note and dropped it in the lime-box when she come down, and then raptied on mv door and said where she pat it." MKS. WOODS "DONE TALKIWU. A reporter of The Star started on m search lor Margaret Woods on Wednesday evening, and found her In the neighborhood of 2d aud O -ireets, hard at work at the ironiug tablo. "Well, Margaret," said her visitor: "have yon been to see Tom to-dav?" Margaret?"No, sir; I don't think that I'll ever see him again." Kep?" Well, I suppose you know Ue is mak ing some statements as to your knowing all about if.''' * Margaret?" I hope the people ain't going to believe all his lies." Kep.?"Well, Margaret, what h:ive vou got to say about the statement of the conversation on the night ot the murder ?" Margaret?" That's all been published, and I don't want b> talk any more about It. THE FKOPLB CAM BELIEVE WHAT THEY chwohe; I'm done talking." Kep?"He says that you w/otu him notes while you were both in jail." Margaret??? How could IV I couldn't write.' Kep?Your son was with you; maybe ke wrote a note?" ?farK*ret ?" *0, 8iri hc don't knov how to write." Kep?" r>id vou <?ver receive a note from Tom ?" " Margaret.?"Yw,, ?lr, I got one from him and burnt It up." Kep?" Were yon and he engaged to be mar ned ?** Margaret??? Yes, sorter, sir. As slie evidently was Jrm in her resolve not to talk much about the affair, the repot ler re tirwt. a nrxrrr.' -.or to break jail. ltwtesuay \.i..ui made a statement to one of I he jail guardaabout a plot which had beeu en tared Into some tine ago by many of the most daring prisoners. In which there would bare been a general jail delivery, had the scheme been canried into effect. It appears that he with other prisoners, (some confined on the floor above,) had been furnished with keys and saws by outside parties, by which aiean* they could easily unlock the cell and corridor doors. There were also eutside parties who were to aid them and the plan seems to have been that on a cer tain night, at a given signal, they were to kick off their leg Irons, attack two of the guards with the heavy leg Iron; kill them if possible; and when the guards In the yard came to their assistance the party outside were to throw over the wad (about 25 feet in height) a rope ladder and one or two were to scale the wall by this ?cans and eoae to their assistance, while the others of the outside party were to be at the front gate ready to answer a signal if they were needed and rush la at the front. The outside I>arty, he Mated was oompoeed of desperate men, and had tfce plot not been detected it is probable the stteapt would hare been made and possibly several lives lost in its execution According to his statement Captain damet Coleman and Mr. Eobert Strong were the two guards they had selected to kill. TOK WRITES nis OPIVIOB Or J IT DOE KACAO TBI-a ABD BE. MABRJSteTOB. Yesterday afternoon Wright positively denied all connection with the murder, and eftdeav sred to impress upon the mind of a friend the fact thai be had nerer dene a wrong act, except In taking up with Mrs. Wooda. About 7 o'clock he called tor^aper, and proceeded to *11 a sheet af foolscap with abuse ot'Judge Mae Arthur and * District Attorney Harrington. He the hope that thay would meet hit hereafter, when they will ha an an equal foot tag, and when the^wUl have as need ef_ wines and etgara. He aim lectures Bembry far the aart ha took la the trial, and repeated his aecu sations against Ma. He thanks Oen. Henkle for his efforts in his behalf, and Intimates that Mr. Iaasrsell did aot 4e hie duty. About a'doekne laid dawn on Ue pallet af strai aad did net amva until 5 sfetoek this morning When he areee ha was Baked If ha had aot had light's rest, and he replied "So, waa LYiaa awakb ul bioht ?tea. The eflear said tort aad j?u ought to the whole truth about the affair'' He replied ' *t be had *?'d tbe truth alt along amrl that B mbrv bad killed the man. At the bell struck ?'* ? clock he said?"Well, when that bell strike* again I'll be lying in my coffin. I>o vou know bow they are going to fay me out? (and placing himself in the usual position of a corpse, with bands crowed on the breast,) just so! * . Fa,her Wigett arrived aoout , o clo. k, and immediately proceeded to his cell. the ExErmra. Her. Fatlier Iioccofort came to the jail about 9 o'clock, and with Father Wigett and Father Berotti. administered the sacrament of Holy Communion to the condemned man, who seemed to be much more serious than lie ?as when he arose. At the same hour a number of police detailed 2fMLer,}be char?? or Lt. Kel'v, and Sergeant Siebold, reported for duty at the Jail, and were assigned to their respective post?. WABTBD TO HBK THE EXBCfTfOl*. As early as ten o'clock quite a number of per sons were at the Jail gate, some with pa*?e* and others with none, all anxionslr awaiting an op

portunity to see the Warden of the jail to get into the prison yard. The crowd, however, was not nearly as large as on former occasions, it P*ln#.gTne.rally understood that there would be out little chance of obtaining adminion. THE COMPKMMKn BK1IMSTO SOIIBB DOWlf. om had evidently made up bis mind on ris ing to be mulish ana give trouble, but be so bered down somewhat after considerable per suation, and al>out ten o'clock some of the guards went in with the deputy warden Mr. Knss, and dressed him In a white shirt, dark coat and black pant* and necktie. During the morning a man appeared at the jail and stated that he desired to convey to Wright the sad in telligence that his brother died this morning on &3d, near H street; but the storv was not be lieved and the man was denied admission. thi corfiN was brought into the jail yard by Mr. Plant about nine o'clock, and placad under the scaf fold. % csterdav Wright a?ked to see the se\ton of Mount Olivet, and Mr. Duftev called in the afternoon and informed him that he would plsce the body in the vault, and that no doctors should get it, and being thus assured he ex pressed his thanks to him. as also to his friends tor what they had done for him. He thought that the doctors might want his body to see how his neck cracked, which seemed to bother him a ^reat deal. THE B\'*H THB -JAII. TARD. The gates ot the jail yard were opened about 11 o clock, and the crowd passed in and were marshalled outside the lines or police, a few yards from the scaffold Bv 15 minutes of 1* all who had parses were in the vard, number ing in all (excluding the police) from 1V> to Jno persons. J hese were not, however, all who saw the execution, tor as on former occasions, some 01 the house tops overlooking the prison vard were filled with spectators, including a number ot women. The following physicians, invited by the t.hv tV,th* J*1'- wer?preaent;-Dre. Young, of the jail, Alex. McWtUianis, &sM.?tatit at the jIa,UAu.r*e?n EHot, of the Metropolitan .wlice; ?J. \V . \ an Arnum, Chas. M. Ford, of the Wash ington asylum; chas. Allen, J. s. Keale, of Providence hospital; Brookheimer and Turner Torrey. Dr. Patterson, the coroner, was also present in hi* official capacity, and J>r. .1 F Hartigan. THE E.48T OF TOM VYKIUHT. At a quarter before 12 o'clock (leneral Crocker proceeded with a few others to the cell of the condemned man to read the death war rant* lie was brought out from his narrow cell into the passage, where he straighteneo him self, towering up like a giant in size over the spectators. He was dressed in blue coat fSffcKffi'ch hat'h,rt' W,thoutve-t' ? 1 Crocker, who seemed much affected, proceeded to read the death warrant, and in concluding shook hands with the prisoner and change* 1 ^ope be prepared for the Wright, who had taken the matter quite uncon cernedly gr.nned in reply. The guards then proceeded to remove the fetters from Wright's Tn'm "??" thi* " w*" necessary for JTom to sit down. and he turn-it to General Crocker and a*kt-d i?r something to sit upon His fcrav blanket w ? brough? from 1 1,'s ? 11,ro{'l>l"? "l-?n this, he remains! quietly y, luie tin rivets were drilled from h's heavy irons Father Wiget had meantime steadily* " 111 band, which ho held Before the iron- were oft. Wright whispered to (.en. Crocker axking that he might see his fellow prisoner, Young, the colored man, charged with the murder of the drover in the Armory Square. Young was accordingly brought in, and Wright addret*ed him in an ot<-hand manner thus: "How are vou getting on?" ^oung?"Fust rate. Wright.?"Well, I ve got to go. (iood bve." i??,e V.erT',ew here ended. Young, who was vouh ot tlie twoVe,<' looked nuucl? thc more ner Before the irons were fully removed precau tions were taken to bind his arms and legs with '** ll wfevldt ?t from his herculean proportions and desperatc^courage that he might make a vigorous ettort to free hi mself. V u.1ute8 "'.ter 12 U1- the warden pro ceeded with the condemned man to the gal:ows. ,"er accompanie?l by Father t7 ? : Fathers Koccofort and n Uilu' and?everal of the offi cers lollowing him. lie walked up the Eton* bound as* hlr' Torreu,,? with some difficulty; bound as he was, and took bis nUee on the trap immediately beneath the fatal noose. He swayed backwards aud forwards tor a moment,but suddenly braced himself un. and ,he service he paid close attention. During an intermission in the services he inquired ot one of the officers if ^'Cy *?Uld borne, and received for an answer that the clergy had promised to attend to it. To another of the guard be said '? 8?? but 1 am going to' be hung, and then commence*! to prav *? ol ?e! -'eaos, save me!" ihe mean time he had drawn bis feet together, and his legs were pinioned: and, the fatal noose having been adjusted with tue knot under the left ear the black cap was drawn over his face, the sig-' ?? iW,^f *.Ven y the wavin?of ? handkerchief, fett,ni1 iW*1 1|,ru"* an u">?en hand, l^ody tall a distance of a!?out seven tett. ibis was at 12:15o'clock. TUB DKaTH BTHruitLE. ?h?re were some coiitraciion,shrugging of the * a ''?fi'tdrawing up ot the linif>s. movements cease<t within a minute. Kight minutes after, however, when tlie bodv ? and examined it was found that VhL Jfh t *** *U bt,?ting, but very slowly. ^^-Pbysieami were ol the oninion that tlie neck was not completely broken but that the con cussion bad simply rendered him tnsen.dbb-there utesaTh/^.e,,t 01 "Ie ,,UIlw ,or ab"ut utes. Ihe body was allowed to hang n minutes onger (over half an hour in all) and was then lowered into the coffin. . _ _ tub REMAINS it^lifi SL10 M 01ivet?bout 1:13 o'clock, and Carolina fo7in^menlntUa,ly North wUnS^e?nbrr?Laml Brumajirn, who were witnesses lor the prosecution, applie<l for ad Ke?^?i that f,xe;;uli0n' but were denied^ Z ine reason that lt they were recognised bv the o^aUonsmlght B,ake "?me ^'^"nt dem . ? TH* I'lATH CKRTIFICATB. After the execution the following verdict was ,tr,^"nPand "'gned in the wardKffiS; summoned6f?r"?hJS'g,,ed' J"';0" elected and summoned Tor the purpose, do hereby certnv the eth ^ "f "ho year I?3y l,r^"t and witnessed the'execuUon tl Sl!^btH and hanged bv the 8Cr?^ker thU don? by John fcfcSSTVrWS ? *?Ul between Cth day of .1 une, i?r5 C ck p ln-of tU? ??id Witness our hands this day and vear first *ri"en- Signed?Robert Ball, 8. Mc ?' ?. ,e.r' A' Kgltert O. Barnard, Perry H. Carson, J. W. Buker. Alma Joiiw, B. B. Carpenter, J. Richard Higgles. .1. ?-? > {urner Torrey, Martin Crotun, h. A. Harding, A. Donn, and T. X. Morrow. ""tended that twelve persons should sign the verdict (that being the number required by law), but before the officers were aware of it, the number overrun and there w..*re others wait do^?mei!'tPOrtUDity to *flix their nauies to the The friends of Mr. Kogerskl, brother of the J,ed<ller?. deny the statement nub IkAed yesterday that application bad been made bv him to Gen. Crocker for the privilege tfc? tr?P the execution of Tom Wright to-day, and disclaim that be had any such desire for vengeance as implied, or that ft was even his purpoEto witeew taeexeeattM. T?? Boabi> or MrrsoroLiTAii Police Cox missiokkhs met yesterday, and Private Robert French was dismounted and transferred to ?^?nS,w,,Ctii ?loUMou of the rniM. and Wm. H. Weat was mounted in *" his A resolution was adopted that the Central guardhouse, and buildings used as stathm ??d ?h prr.mcta, are unit for .. *c?f*Pod*u? * eft..ers, and that the cells attatehod an loathsome, unwholesome HWlnnaeBtofprimen that the health, comfort, and efficiency of the foree dplng duty in those precincts demand that immediate provision be made for thsir better ? ?? r-wvwswM w anuo iut moir that the board recommend the sale of the Central guardhouse and the Cf!!2?? M jmd 7th prechtct stations are ln Mid of irn* ?yjla>a>^afai; that Urn Leglslatura to requeS EVENING STAR. FRIDAY Jim ?, U7>. LOCAL NEWS. Josup Nicholson, of the District of Columbu, Uunltrfping ?xtm>n?tlon at Annapolir tar a second lieutenancy in the Marine Corps. Philadelphia print butter, fragrant ami golden, with other choice butter and fresh egg*, are the specialties which lea-1 Washington bouskeeper* u? the stalls of Geo. M. Oyster,v Ce.t in Uie Center ami Northern market.", every morning Mr. Peter Campbell, Speaker of the Hon* of Delegate*. w?? presented with a gold watch by his mend* at a dinner given him on Wednesday evening last. Collector W. 11. Slater made the presentation speech, and Mr. Campbell ma le an appropriate response. Michael McDonald, a laborer emplorfd In excavating for a sewer on lf>th, between M and N streets northwest, was sere rely injured yes terday by the caving in of the bank of earth, which cohered him completely. He wa? dug out by his fellow-workmen and conveyed to bis home"by officer Riley. Public SebMl Eiaalniu _. ^ _ thi white SCHOOL*. rxrtf District?Primary No. 1, in the b ise ?eK Per?ll.132Ulr**t church. Miss dav liv Mr H?rt Th7' V "aminert y?ster aayby Mr. Hart. This school is com.?o?e<i of boys, and has AS names on the roll l>ut at i*ui two-third, of them will tr^Mferred secondary school m September. The examina tion was very satisfactory. The medal w Genert C^SuST'im"?* *"J Wrt* l?r?*'nt*i bv ueneni bartield. LMploma** w<>re ?a ???uelE Lewis. Frknk K.llian! Thorn^K Henrv'F RuT^fV' S?lthI' Albert M. Paxtor.; Henry r. Rupp, Augustus Lepreux, Richard H Laskey, Merrill B. Parker, Gtorge B. Howard i ?rr. n,^TheJ\^r[r *'? *I'kins. If'rry Hans s Carhekl and Charles V. Wil Primary No. 2, Miss Flora I;. Wiggin teacher Kpvrus^stD:%n^,n,buliuinK' uy lrustees Stuart and IIart. This schiml ?? composed of little girls rrom; to 11 vears oi age I and the course ol studies pursued'is the sanm' nM?.! wther ohJ?^t teaching schools. The medal was awarded to Blanche Green and tit wSod'r laYw?n" TfT' ?ve,ln? *?*? gie wood, Ella I>onnelly, Grace Brown Roie Wivel, Augusta Christman, Julia Lusk Marv Berry, Llrne McMillan. Florence Fink Iteulafi ???ei?,Ml*ry Mo*2?(female) Miss Nellie F. Rerxl teacher, was examined l>y trustees Harris atui /.arI.and Superintendent Wilson. This school lias pupil*, and 47 of them will l?e transferred and M wn?C!lUrCh; ?V 6t,J ?'*?. between L examined yesterday by Tri stee I >etrick, agisted for a short time bvVur^ri?, Wilson Forty pupHs wer? I he medal was awarded to Pauline D A Shli dei??ment,,i^afi h 7? K'Ve" ** fo,low": l or ?e|<ortmtnt and scholarship?Annie M Vieh man, Margaret A. Johnson, Mary a. Vau ^e['i f Gothelf. Marian A. donnson 'i*eii mmashlp-Jaita Nachman; vocal music-Mary Primary No. 8. (female) Miss Bo?s tearW in the basement oi the tierman church. on .!?h street, is composed ol Sit little ?ir!s F.ltv-s'v ?T?lctedriTTtr,fi.^le .e,V?U,il|ia,io" * hich w ? coi, iy. ee 1>etrick and Mr. McLe Ian. he medal was awarded to Margaret A Wo I. bampton, ami diplomas a, tollows For a.ten dance? Rota L.? uppen. Clara V. Stewart .le portment?Laura V. < handler, Bertha k ?t?t man; Alice Maud Kgan, Belle Donaldson Iui a A ^t Moore, Johanna Hammered lag. it!olarsblp-Alice L. I,.is lit , J-.llen Mullrirk, 1-ranees Imoireii Kckl >r vSC,ie . W?lte"'ade, S.iralj A INsvser' Matilda F. Loetler, |*iimaiisiii|)_Klla S JoUu 7iV<^^ tnusic?Kate A. Stlcknov. Third Ihftrirt.?Primary No.3,(mate) < ran -h bnilding. Miss Ka*e Wilktrs.jn, teacher was S"edp y^terduv uivrniMti bv Tn,^ m ilium P. ALan, agisted by Mis> Wilkerxit, The inedal ??,? awarded to Willie Maliorv' diplomas: For ?choUrship-to c ILen^i m' Adams; tor attendance?Herman Heriurtli t?r atterslance andde|K?rtment?William C Hanna ChaHlK,Mar?e-1/arry Woo,1; ,or de|M>rtmeiitJ Charles M Gray; for scholar.-hip?Andrew Hiu shli n-'STv nn; ^tendance and ?cholar Miip_l rank Cross. Phillip Barrv, llenrv C dierprfch?rfoltelld,'!,Ct' 5Ih1 ''ei-orfment-Fred - die 1.right, lor music-William Thar back for A,!Kf&!;tb.nk Tue,,; for Amde 01?^^acher^'w ag' eiTaniiived'ljv lfira?tee T ? **?rd?J tUe honors as Medal-Jeannette Deneale: dii.lomas; for at tendance and l?enmausliip?Lmma McNallv Ttft it k U? f' Kate Kel'"ni; forde|M>rtmeiit ^lmie. Hutcherson. I^uis* ijessez, tor scholarship?Marv Rilev m??. Held, ''ulia Holroyd, Klla fhomiison Frau conia Metcher, Mollie Davis, Sallie iiaios lor music-Hattle rarrigan. . fourth iHstrict?Female Primarv \r i > located in the Potomac school building.'mism s! Iexamined yesterdav bv trustees Atl^ee and W ilson. A large number of friends of the pupils were present much interest in the very creilltabte progrew made by the children. The medal was awarded to Annie Thomas, an.t d'l'lomas> mflollowa: To Annie Ward and Net ?Iar^WittT..i \tfi Sl*!10* an<1 d?Portmeiit; ti. L ary kkidmore and Kate Mar tin, tor attendance; Irene Gill, Kstelle John SS' ,r,^ileHE>aM' ^.lle I^nsdale Ann iSx': lie Allen, for scholarship. Mary McBride nen manship, and Ida Crown, music. There 'have been transierred during the past year thirtv two pupils to higher g?des an!^ twenty-three more are ready to l*> transferred. Pre^,?t "um ber on the roll tifty-three, of whom ? n " were present yesterdav. A mcial was a^ar.le.i by the teacher to Nettie Neitiev tlfe ^ ! equal in all resects tolhe medal s^iiJlar. Mi * Allen commenced her career as teacher m tl .Zml'vr ,a*l- au,J ?*ir to make tier ma. k in this honorable calling. k prim,? TH. COLO.tKt, SCHOOI.S. ? , , -v ^?- 3' located in the Lovejov nc1hm>) Moore. Ikfarv "Lm . Charlotte Sarah^Th^'wm"smith*fand S rP?'a^urdrthrnthde^^';: PrPmrilt th5 examination. bnildStt wm 4,J.n the 8umner school l?*er? examined yesterdav bv Miss thx 'P*1 PJ'I*1 of that bnildlng. in of the SlI Th?UM^fJ0fparenu atKl ,r'eD,t" 4?rf<>.exalnin,,ti(>11' No" J hai'P^1* and No. Mi^'A*"*! Np JiLn ",e'{oh,i F Cook building. Krin'ciiul M a **cbeT' WM examined by r5 rriIJf,I,?? M. A. S. larv, agisted bv Tmi tee Archie I^ewis, vesteruav. There are "? r.,rt Th-the rol1'b,,ly 0I'?" or Whom WM aill sent. The examination was aatisfacteV the declamations hj ,1' tj-? ?* ? ?, viJufJlJ Hjckp1 **" T"".? wist, Lliza Dawson. Lina V/Onpp, and Annie Moore, were good The Ma;.1Wa w??. Annie ^ephensou Katie Tu^rl CoHlMl Charl? ? and Primary, No. 1, in the some buildinir was examined by Superintendent Cook, assisted bv there are fn'r?1!^'7'I -Br??k8 In tLl" ?cho6l . Pul,u?. forty-two of whom stndi^Thl'h?n apparentlyproKcient in their studies. The honor roll was as follows: G-n>r*e * n'fer, Julia 8hields. Ellas Shields CharlesJ^mtBe, Lewis Hickman, Archer Rob inson, Mary Lemmon, Henry Hutchinson Mary Summers, and George Robinson' On W#5nilLtt??^eC?XSeT or Stoli* Goods. &?sw 3?jrg??&r throuth"?iU"^*X^o^5*LlSr''S:?; " ???1?l?<l 1 Wnmn, b?twl?d cwrtlee pMol, or t>r sn?Oi^& Wwmi ^sBtL'JX^TS3L'ES.'n>: doors below, fwid seme of the rilmrnV IT? on fnrther March, all tbe articles stolen^c^"? the pistol, were foand stored under this bouse. The ^ iBciKia Si Da?A stable on the Am. sndria ^ar Ball f er0M roads. In Alex SS-nly' X *?' destroyed ^ tire night . Jhe ?<rike among the track on ths JexarKlriaand Fredericksburg railroad ter nr?h^? P?r day, with ten boars, and all a i-f. ^?ker" again at work. A lad fifteen years of age, named James i^;i, VTA5SST" =^552&Si^^?Si5?41 ,,K olio* lng should to T*1?t?C -< mm?nder. William O. J"-Ti -*-?? -"K - W iK? *^athra^ SilTmakw, S?S: ?ter to nader )>uiry. b. w.i aptain W tbe rnrT?!r* Ammmmhi,. r^nftl yesterday afi'v"ti rVt)e<i with prajer by Bav B t. Bittm?er Mi Tb< n.p?. n ?obnutterf a ^??Mnt ?tun >r ~u, ? "'** *e?'??er batoe*, which after allu ting to tl* l ill fcr the ?*t? ?e tub <;t'Asr uorsr sow H' if (b> In* . all* riH. t??.? to the fart That b> a jOiMt roe lutlon of I be City O-imcllf of wtri r he water <t*partm?-ut pai?1 tbe tutu "1 ?^31?> for lot Mo. J, tii ?guArr 3PC. ?>?! u birh tbe c*?rpof ?ti aerwted Utc *u*nl bt tu* ?ii4 paid for thf f'kpt Mf of tht Mnif oot ?'f the freneral lund. Th* ,bl* *** >? j>?* ?wsi t? tbe water d? Mrtm?'Lt ? ^F** an* <wr material t?e4??u*ji.|r t. tl^d^MTlBje.,. IfM) action Is take. haTi,., r?Jff *ropert> anttal le fMHon" [J. 'JJ '?.r tectJ?K tbe iiu tte) ? l ti\<<***,? t.j i i# r referred r ,?rt'?*??* tr? ??t the committ** rtQ n,.H< # i*. r*>rted l>ark <\ mucil 1?>1I S* 910 prevent fa , ,AL1 9* ;*TW*?? withiiit _ license. ?it> an an.eodnx ut m tbe nature of STo^Thif Ti r ? ?'?'ix'rt *li?sh onclud.. Mi&ftte b5?T: " M,m"ar? ^ u" ^ ?',,h' ,." ""?"[ |" <ne that reuairce immediate atten Man, and while we are unw ilTing t. jo to the extent I'tilU * *?* ? tb brat section i4 tb*- mbi!iiilr tStSClfi Uw *??,-^1 ???*?* t.- Z~V?be C*?e DfFf. T lie **COt)4 WfCtluD liar h#w>n ara.M r.?.l after a careful stud? of (be ? tae mak la^oT^liio coiiBtr) v 1U1 a ?iew to prevent th adult- ratios and obrtacls in tbe wa) of it* podacr i,.ri Sk^^'ssirs?proi>^11jWSKtSi p-rtz. Tbt fi^uw'nar^.^nc-''' that ban|bi< ught muMiutiiMi ILi E. grief owe* miich of It- efllcieitc jr to a rigid I'vni 'V ,n %irW of tkM '?? tbe r '^in' Tl,,' provided for inspection under dimcti.n 4 tb? ?'aid c< Health at tb>- np?i?r ,.f brr?e? 1 dealer*, with tha reatrictins pr *M.-d la the tbhM ?eoti. b. and have pr-x*.* thS al. .fc-ir ? m ^r",d ^do!VrW,d 'hai' W "'?<sl a,ttl ft.'JttSXSt'tt X? m a?P. .priaii. n for ,h.. .aiu. , U.d L ,,k ' ??"??<??? t?H inpoaing penaitiee ia certain ? am way read a ?ec< nd Unit- an.I r? fei rr<|. M ?-e c? ncurr iT rewlntion for tbe ?election aite for a -nia.11<>\ bovpital ?m r. let-red A LB*t?LATIVE ?l MXIlV Tt'l Bgogci , P J ! *???l?itl..|. a'lth ri/itig the joint . rnitt.e 111 pol .<?? t.' * iait Baltimore, Fhilad-lrlua N. w fork and B.*t u. to . xaniiB tb. .n' Lr.T^I', ?""??? 01 ,h"~ ??'< ?'?* ? r par-4i piano for thre. Mnti >n l.-u-e.. *ithan.\ri th? f?for it the l*t, Mh and 6t!i pi**ctnrt?. btlanc* rU"* , 'uto tbe commute* D Mr. Brown had no nbiection, tltboiigh it u>. rat Iter out 01 the uenal rounte. |j? a<1\... at<^t n. ?M'ioncaUad for. ai.ting that itV a. . .| i? ^ that the central guardboaae and tbenarton u thecorwr (.l y?h etleet a?d M?arbna. tt "a XZKtK7^'f,,r ,L" '?? ^/^='J5Xr^V^?ES'AVT J!S I^iy "i* . ,'l*'"d flth ???t*We bu Mltiff'a but with tbe limiteil ni< ?n>> of the f>t^tr|rt tl?e? aL .ilH act ianti< nulv. U- would be gl^ , kn.Vit" " rr<<erd0 of tne ?ale of tbtff pr >p? rtj * ul?l t?#? kUf ticientiMmild new botiae*. but h - thought that 11 \lew ?>t the information tuiuifhM by ibe mmirr re?i-trarthe> might I-.I e.pp,,l,lt^i ' ? r.?" m"v*f t<> am-i"i th^ resolution bv ia tertiuu a pro\iM>ihat uo* viw-nif ,.f the nnrtli r. trj, be Incurred tot to- Mat rift,"aiC<T ' r? The rMulntioB ? w then Bon *L>ncurred in. ? r Brcwn stated that he *Dppoa.-dLLv thi? vote tho meu.U ant to refu*- all artioaTRkili to a c'.Ir recti' ii of the uuirance coBiplaiaetl of. ThOBipaon diaetainn^l any aucb intention, bnt ?Il~i*? 1 t"cnflicient anhit-< tnral talents to plan and erect anitaM- ?ta*i n b<> VMM. * MrBuker n aa areraa to tbe Diatrict Ih-.Ui: ta*.si for tbe lratification of a do*-n iiieiulMTa of tli Ligiflatice At*eiubl> .and c uld aot h o, atrm to B *ton w a? going to rem- the di*gra^efU| ,t* t ion lo uses of thia city. r. a*b o c*x*L. ? JC,U1 rr,0"rt.i? r?-l to tli?ette?..oi, > *!'**J " w,,io' "u" v u t'4'* 'I >tp and Thechair ;i;>p ir.*"d M-?ar?. Browne, Ti, .mP. ,, and Bnk?r ?? the committee 01, th*- part . f the Council to ex ail 1 ne into the foa'ililif of the rr,. 5hkfci" ' ex,'-,u",'B Cbe.ap.-aka .??J HOCSB -Mr B rrr pieo ntel the petition, ol E M. Cropley, b. B. an 1 A 15. O ple\, an>! Maurice Croplejr for i?>meat of alleged dai.,a?e? u, their proper: >; r? feriel. Mr. Hvh>e iiitr?'dnC'<d t?ill iiil><riMur ftftouu t. tbe st<Hk of tbe Georgetown and Kauta* turnpike c< nipai.) . r-feri.-d. Alao, reaolotion pioMduig o.r the app. 11,tn ert of a c nimitte.- ot ae*en wli. u ?! the Pie-id U of the B srd .1 Health ?ud the be.i', aSipteo " *n' for th<* *u P * Mr Hnlae fr. m the 1 .^innitte on ?pprorriatioi.? 4 " ?kin^ apnr P4> ui. iu.n,' betx aod otteeraof the Legislasare; bill d?->ignating tbe Eastern n.arkH a* the < artoil market, bill T ii* '" 't of KicboU'aveaif ,iu tbe count) 7,ll P JS* ?*" tiar 'nir ^acii bill to establish an indii?irn>l home for wo?n n ai,.l children, referred to the 1. inmit tee on cbaiitiee an 1 00 r reef ion*. Mr. M'sll, froat the conmittee on lawn an.l a <1 ciat V, teporieii bill exemptmg fr. m water tax a11 nuiiu'acliu that are run b) -t.-ain power in ti e DiMrict of ? oiuBihia, rea.1 a second time and laid 1 mr Al'o,adversely up. u the following -Council bill in relation to street gathering'; bill to regelate the .ale Id coal, and bill for 1 b. protwion -I cit, BeM of W asbingi 'U, ami the couunitte wa? di? charged fr m their lurther consideration AM adxer^ely inbi'l toa""- caul- to (rase in.ena a p<>rti? Bs *?f M aelnngt >n, and ask -d to b. disch.trt^id tr< n: ita further consideration; agreed to, and it - a rete-reil to tbe commntee Cli li?altli Tbe H' uae tbe conaideratlon of THE KKTFEJM HMr\T Bll I. i ?'?d aiix-udnieBts were ? Tbepaiagrajl. in r. iati.* to aaaesa-.n was amend- d i ?0 as to reM<| ao l. il ?a n : Ten aase^irs?one tor Georgetown, two for tbe coii?t> of WvliiBgtoB, and one for eacUC jnril dicttiet to Washington cit\-at .ne thousand dol ; |arit each, w bo shall, under the direction of the ?i perinfendeiit ef a-ae??n?eiit? and taxes, perform th c'rr>c*^dut.le?.of the c.fiiceof said snperintend-ut . ^ A",!*d iV ,t"t ott""r: Pror"ir4, There shall not be lesetbau two nor m-ir* than three prss ent v ben makiBL a?aeM?nents, except In the count x Siiperinteiident pnblic, treasurer ..f public echo-Js. fMW por annum; a.aistant . hi^f en gtneer bredepartment, Sl^??. aecr^ar^ and traa nrer ot lire departmetit- ?la*i. The commute then rose and reported that tliex had ..rrixod a: ie con I usion. The Upeaker laid before the H .n?e a cooiiaauira tioa troai the Goversor in answer to a re?..loti. n of the Hotiae, transmit tinK a letter from the ?..r 1. ler iu relation to the ! ? < Bit ar.o Etnir nsti. ? ,Itroller is of the obiuion tbat the organic act of the lustni tor Columbia, isertloi, Hi ?|Mcb pra acribea that all sparopriationa, general or special, ? hall end with the brat fiscal quarter after th^ad jonmmeiit of the next regular ?ea*ion of the L-ifis lative Artaefiibl), f"rtid? the p?\ rf the bal.ta' * of the appropriation uiade Octob. r 18, lfCl. and thai there i? n??* Di? law in rorr#*aiitbori/uic th? a?ne of the controller f r the same. He sa? ? V,T ' balance reterred to has K beea pai? f the CbKa?o relief cammittee, and for the reaaon?tliat at the time the said committeen.ade request th- lau niakiag tie? appropriation had expired under the proviHi, BS of the organic act.'' The bp. aker laid before tbe Hooae a comtnutuca tlnn fr"* H, C. Maiwtoi, mxinng the nn-rahet* t.. jsapcci a ballct-box tbat catin t be taiupen d with The luritatHia was accepted. C001 oil bill to eatabliah a normal acb" >1 in tin r 1st net of Colnaibia was rea.1 a ttrat tim ? ami re f> tred to tbe ci4niiiitte? on s< luaila. Mr. CIa?ett move.) to suspend the ml a and uk bwwdgxd thooaawd boa.1 bill; peu.ii(lg which Mr. m-.?ed to adjourn, which wa? agr?-*d and at 9 p. in. the Ha?u*?e adjotirued ? Taa Cor*TT Sc hool Tei -tee), met yester day alterooon, when Mr. Koukut iireaeobeU the r?MgnaUon of William H. Uarria aa teacher of school Xo. 3. seventh district, which wae ac cepted. Alao, a communication from Frances H. Anderson, requesting a transfer from her present school to I'niontoan, which was re ferred. Mr. Mitchell presented a schedule or examinations, commencing Jnne 23, and ex tending to June 27. William J. Sintmdne was transferred from school No. 2, tilth district, to school No. 3, seventh district, Mr. Mitchell from the committee appointed to investigate the f.lleK^ ?roe! treatment of a child InTschool in the 4th district, s>ked further time to prepare their re|?ort; granted. Mr. Mitchell moved that the committee on examinations be directed to prepare and present to the board for its consid f'*1'?11 *' 'ts next meeting s system for the dis tribution ot nu-dals to meritorious scholars GEORGETOWN. Goou Naws eor I'rrowv fboplb The Georgetown branch ot the Metropolitan street railroad is now complete a* far west as Wash ington street tn this city, and as soon as the pavement is laid between Washington and High streets the can will be put on that far President Thompson says be exports that this pavement will be completed in throe or tour *eeks, and the cars will then ran over the whole line to Fayette street. An addiMoaal number of horses have been purchased, and everything is in readiness to open tbe rati u|?on the completion ot the pavement. Catholic Co a r ansae ??Tbe usual quar terly conference of tbe Cstbotic clerrr of the District will take place on Monday next, at &se p. m. at Georgetown college. Archbishop Bay ley has Issued a circular letter to tbe clerrv of ? ? the diocese in behalf of the industrial school I 1 located near Baltimore. An annual suhscrin- I I tton. to which every one will be called apon to J 1 contribute according to bis means, will be as tablished ia all tbe parishes. . 1 Oak Hill ( uim KKV-Jfc ting ?f fr, Bvarl I 1 of Mamejftrt.?The new board at ^anaMn of 1 t?ak MiM Cemetery met yesterday andb.KM ganired by re-electing as president, C. M. Mat . thews; secretary, James Gorier, treasurer, Jo- 1 *ph Reynolds, and suj>enat*ndent, Daaiel I 1 Barker. The Chair called attAtiaa to tbe aui- I * sance of the unbecoming behavior of masv Sunday visitors to tbe eemetery. On motion ot I ! Mr. Gait, the pre^ideut was apjiolated a com- | ' ?was ?|ijN>iaxea a com mittee to prepare an additional regulatioa on this subject, and report at tbe M?t maettna ? - Tbe su|<?.rintendeat was diierted to ssa that I f the present rrgnlst;ou* were strictly enforced I * until said report was rreeired. At his reot?? ? ' the superintendent was authutiMd to purchuse six aodluonal tsira-fotia raru, oostina about *??, lor the ornamentation 0: the gr.uit.dr. Oan> Traiik.?The cai.aJ boat |. Talh.itt has arrivtd with I "Qft bt.?be|s eorn and ^1 bushels or wheat fur Hartlcv A. Bro : aU> th canal boat Medley, srlth l.fisj busUsis ia? HartVv A lUo. and l.UQn hnsbetoaf 1^ R M lalbutu Mr. Talbott a tea 11 sSTl bush* Is wheat by the MetraaiolUeo raihiJ? Tbe sales ow Cnawj. to dav Wire 1 fee bI222: 2* XL bad lot f raws|-In d wwict ^nssr?2aB ae.?? city ITEMS. = ? LSS '??"I'*" Jr+ ?"??? Rra^Ma mm* I <? k? i Ixx-knt and ? at r?|..< p ,l?wHrr Store. Ka. ?5T fiHHiiZ ?M arcane. * s MWt v??? M a< m > ?*i. Mti'dii*. Al.othi r M!|>|>It i?t the mortr ?t4. . In all t*e *?i>p?p. jut - --?-? - . ??- ?' r? ? v l at 3 r v. nanrlrula .wuur to he bm.1 at J5orgr V rtr?Tf '? k.lf utrwt .,.1 P,, ,,., u( Widjw--lt :"; - i'mitl?*ECScon- ? b?. ^stsv^dE'Ep ..T<V|>aT; m Mm ??f r??T-??i.!. *^5^ PwJWtItiuii ITfttuf, fh< "I r . ?Oti! ? can fliid aM^iptntual conwUt on 4 J f cJ?j25Mr^"v*" ?? whrti^i# >,? GMTiMn.-* Miitinw Aim rA*.?? *ATe and Trimmed u> i.H.k .. ?. ? ^|>u*t A" T- *b'ti?m?. r.4 rru.,.*u , p?tyn,;":,fesirrx: '?uoet* nude from i." ?ood. only found at Omim w |,r,v,,r . J?*** ?n?i? l.i. -tr^,(1 ,v,r.?il:ur; r?. ? rr Srrr*m**? ram* c.-nwa. Brx N*iL?,?te.. Aa4 iBBMs|lt|r rf|irl ,.. ? ? *;* tr^^urr- Th*' .'flw ir.? mTiV^Ti I.**' *r'B eatreai# ca*e?, || ,, . 1( Riutalde alioee are worn. ' ,r 1 ? rfr?*t?f ? ? i>r **??' ! -. , ^ in!)??I.<tnAK.K 2 V<M * VaUTabi ?"??Call .. '?c ??? lWpoait ( oni| ?nv. corner ..i \..? *^SrittoT .Wcu' ? l.?L w . "Ilver wmr* or <"h.-r *al * 1 "*? Kent* ttoai ten to (lor do!Ur> wr iftord to do wttW th<*m. r.W h- : J , '4* *f (*? ayoand fr<t. * ' * **? kitIO*U liTIlM N?w Tork tftna? and 10th m * ??*?*. oorn?r of -..-w mm inn iitrn 6 i?r ? tem,ilol SMardaja, ?to 4 hk! ? ^ ? J,14tl? OT*?> w^Tiid MAf^a Tnt * lO.a JSi,3?ss?K?^r?5sr t ?? repaired i?rar ? ^ ?tr>et pEOItETOn ADTEtriSl lIJ Vrs. r^?STBA? KKKKV ?U?TIVAL, ?I h "??? K< All H, imtt?. f t?.c. ,.tr,.tl. hAl'l mZ'Zti" " " "' "? - :l-- ^ lite11 ","1 rB1PAI "SSIX^.J ,, ^ g*riUOW?INAB? <KHA?OAi*g uT^Sff Plain and Btri^d iNinr^M- Mlk?,atSMr.,a<>rthTlr ^.affal.tto- d? f??r Cnttlui, at 25. XI %? a ? r B?tlat and Liti-fi Hnitit.e-. ?1| otiad. . >, Bih? k Alp?< M kikI M'hxir*. n mh. 4m|?\ f \?*T *' ,rj| ?f *4* f??r M~tt - o . A JJ?m" '<**??- I'nd^r V??ts Call aud boy real barcainn ..f nitS tr le|BB.Ni^'* "!LLfcK ? pring** wl?^, Q?i*rn 1? ?n. THut>. I>QH LIN<. 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