Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. ra>HsH?4 ?Uly, tufeya at tub stab buildings, rivMia A' m nmn ru uvsPim nom. m. ftiv/MJAw, ?? ?w i#l I*ISIS6 STAR ia *ned toy carrlm to tbslr ?r,Urinera ?t Tr > CitSTs f I* wni.ur FuRTT I '(l Ctir? ril Ho nth. Cooiee at the cuoaM Tsro Ckjrw each. B> si all? i?rea Mtte, ?1 Mi Hi kdUU, 93 t*r, one leu, 91 TMB W EEKLT 8TAH-Published Friday-91 Ji ? r?*r. 6V Invariably iu advance, u> botAcaaea.aa* ?o K??r awl longer tbaa paid for. I of advertieing twtIM am appllcatloa. LADIES' GOODS. 801 BCLM BELT,: HOI belts: RUSSIA AND MOROCCO LEATHER /: EL T S. IS BLV'K RED AND BROWN*, with Gilt, Steel, a??i Oitiliied Buckle*. re<-.-i\>d ll;e ila* at _ D AT If, ?*01 MARKET SPACE, :*4 St Corner *th street. M>l imioriast. 801 Another sm.?ll l^t or those large FANS. in I towii,drat Kilt, antl black, rrceivej tWn. ii. PATIS'. F ,MN HOLDERS IN GILT, SILVER. AND uijtiuti!, at DA\IS . ??AH.l.SAT.OST,?_ DAyls._ SASHES. SASH R1 HBONS. EMBROIDERIES. HaTS. FLOWERS, *ud NOTIONS. eclling cheap at DAVIS', j6 Jt *"0 I Msrket Spare, corner Mh street. JIISS MtlOKnilH, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB.Wl Hu rr Ti'tantlT on hand a fine assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, < HIPS, FLOWERS. RIBBONS. Ac , all ' f the newest designs Ladiee CAPS and COIF f I KI> .nst reyeiTnl wi tr I^EAD AND SAVE TOUR MONET. Ladiee who have Hair Switches that have faded from us can liave th.-m reetored to their natural sha-b- in superior manner We have a very large aaeortme't ? >T 1 Curl*, eery Ions and handsome Switches. very clieap. Now is the time to buy at MADAME EST REN 'S Hair Factory, 61? l?th at., ?r G street. aM-tr (V OTICB.? Bargains are now being qJbrcd_ la MILLINERY ?ltd FANCY G?M?DS, By E LENXBERQ * CO., aJ3-tr 707 Market Space, WTAMP1NO DEPOT 617 Stv-KNTH Strkrt. febll-tr opposite Patent OWce. WELLING OFF I BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP. the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR. 641 Seveutb street, near K. *ar7 tr NO HUMBUG. Ml ADIES" Lt FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL lathe beet article in toe world for doing op Linen or Maalin. It lmparte a beautiful cloak to the fabric For aaie bj all Gr?i-ra. BURNHAM A CO., Manofacturera, 160 W~et Lombard street, mM ly Baltimore. Maryland. INSURANCE COMPANIES. T HE EQUITABLE LIFE ASM RASlE MM IETV. Th? bnsmese of this Company has far Tear* b-?n the largest of an) similar institution in the world. f. HEYER. G?tR?i Agext, ?a<C3 ly iOii and illi 7ih strevt. IV ~ ?. J?.1E? * CO , TV . Ao .'?li:-k Mr-'t,orr P. O Represent the following strong Eire Iniarauce Conipaci'-s: THE GERMAN AMERICAN, OF N Y. Cash Capital, A I .OVU OOO THE MERCHANTS, of NEWARK. N J . ? i? tr Cash Assets. j47(>.71S 17. 4 'BEAT W ESTERN FIRE ISSURA3ICE tl lOMrANY. CASH ASSETS 930b.4*7 6SI OFK1 ? E. 603 FIFTEENTH STREET, OPPtmlTl TliiAltll DRPARTKRNT. kBSii R. W BATES. Agent. T?E ?OR<OR\N FIHE INSURANCE 1 (vMPANf OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Ormmztd Apr%l l?, M73. capital SIOO.OOO. OFFICE No. 14*? PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'B. (Over M.lhrVs Daca Stork.) JOHN T. L EN MAN, President. A H HERR, Vice President. ' J T. DYER. Secretary. DikkctoS-:- Wm Onne, H. Clay Stewart, Chaa. A. Janiea, J as. L. Bar boor. Edward Droop, Jshn T. Lenti ai. Michael Green, John Bailey, A. H. Herr. ar? ly |N?>URAXCE. HEYER Ik BISHOP, ? ??iraicf A|f all, No iOi SEVENTH STREET. Wasa:??Tox, D. Q. LONDON ASSURANCE CORPORATION, ,0r ganized 17*>- the oldest Insurance Com pany in the world.) CasH Assfts. &>Lr> 913.*i34.446 CONNECTICUT FIRE INSURANCE COMPANT, ov Haripokd, Cash A???ts .OOO NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANT, OP UAMTPOkD, Cas* Asskt* $6-J3.000 TRADERS FIRE INSURANCE COMPANT, or Cm;ca60. Ca?h As?*T?.(lnt'td U S. reg bonds.) 9600.OOO NATIONAL FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, PHILAbkLrUlA, Ca-h A**tn. ?0)193,000 ALSO AGENTS FOR EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY ov New Tori, < A?H ATS 9 XV.OOO .OOO de. > - tf k BE YOC 1M81RED7 1 . IF NOT. APPLT TO THB OLD EMAMMLIM IMSURAMCE COMPaNI OF WASHINGTON, D C. *' .w_ l5*"OkP..?AT*D kt CONRM in 1*19, ?T iu,w,n? of the Rational Bank of tfea 'olki'e?0- * D atreet northwest. Bo charga JM>imi?.-Pr. Ji.Q. Hall, John Party, Dr. J. M. . v< ??"t*vuB runij, UT. 4. H, Brodhewd J. Reyworth, J as 0. McGnlre, Henry ^Wlley W H Bradley, C. H. Wilther^er, W j McDonald, W. F. McGoire, Dr. D. B. Clarte, M 0 Bmerjr. HENRT BRADLEY, President CHARLES BRADLEY, Secretary. ? " THE NATIONAL METROPOLITAN 1 EIRE INSURANCE COMPANT. OP THB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OHhABllhU A Vti OST 90. 19T9. cash capital ?ih,ni OBn In Sb'pbertl'. Building, Bo. N9)( i aaaaa aienne. MOSEa RELLT, Prealdc WM. B.TODD. Vloe ?ABCEL CROSS. Secretary. a lIMtfUM: i. B. Blafta, Wa r Todd s?y?ih oh^i jSI" WmG MetieroCt. JoknT. Lewi F^aWrtj Moaaa Rally. 1 HE MOST WONDERFVL DISCOVERT OF THE IVm CENTURY. Dr 9. D Hovo's ArabiAB Milk Cmro, FOR fUMSVMtTlOM. Curf? urdmary Cowgbe and Colda la a few boar*, like magu . alao. Dr. 9 D. Howe * Arabian Tonic Blood Poriflar, ? kick w purely Tritrtabl-, cleanses the tyatekk of all iaipwritiea, Miilue it rigLt a-4uare np, and makes yore, rick bio,4. F-r ^General DebllitT. ' "L^st Vitality." and broken d. wn conatttutione. "1 CkmJUntf :4? Mimutmik Cratirry" Tu Bud Its e^ual ?very bottle ia wortk na weight in gold Price 9 1 pet bottle; oreix U tiles for $? Bold w holeealr and retail ny Cm a* . Brorr A Co., 4S# Pennay Iraaia avenue, A ad at retail by Z D GiLHAJi, 6*i7 Pennsylvania arenae. W. G. Dream.corner Pena. are. aad 23d at, J. P MiLCClK ?Co., near Treasury Deparunent. A Dav ia A Co.. 14th aad L streets J R. MaJOB, 7th ai*l B streets. t. M. Sto<?*,7th aad L atreeta. . B. I'lAiii A Co., 4'. street an.l Penaa are J. S. Jo\m. Sd and A -treeta aoatbeaaC. Tab*B A Co., MD 7th street aoathaast. W. D Poarnn, and 0 straeta aoathwaet. A. J Scbapbrbt, Nurtk Caaltol aad B atreeta. D. P.liriUM.Jtl fenasylnaaia are. and 3d rt w B. 0TO5R. coraer 7th and O atreeta. Wil.??BI> Mt Lkop. Georgetown. ap?-wAaJai* I 1MB! lime: UXIt BEST WOOD BCEET LIME at ?1 par barrel, OaHssssd to all perta of the city. ? THOMAS FAfcBT.MU t %h mxm JSat V2t. 41-N2. 6.308. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1878. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. ASHINGTON SCHUETZEN VEHE1N. CBASD MI RED ( 0\( ERT. TOMORROW, (SUNDAT.) JUNK 9th, AT THS SCHUETZEN PA UK. NOTICE ?Pasaive mrmb?r? are cautioned that thrlrctrdinf mrin)?r?hipt*nn?t br transferred to non-member* for the purpose of gaining a<iniM*ion to our Park. Such acts are liable to forfeiture of membership. and will be strictly adhered to. The Board of Directum. It H.L BLOUT, Secretary. FUST VISIT TO W1SIIICT01, IT IS( VMIM8! SEE IT THE REPRESENTATIVE CIRCUS AND ME NAGERIE OF THE WORLD. HOWES' GREAT LONDOX CIRCUS AND Saager'a British Meaaserie of Trained Animal*. FOUR DAYS ONLY, ON THE LOT. SIXTH STREET. NEAR PENN SYLVANIA AVENUE, M?mI?T, Jane 9, Tuesday, inar JO, Wed. nesday, June II, and Thursday, June 14. W THREE DISTINCT EXHIBITIONS. ONE TICKET TO SEE ALL. Firt?t introduction to an American audience of the ?tupeudou* Pai mi an artist. >ILLE. DOCKRILL, he equestrian wonder of Enrope. Graphic panoramic scene* on horsebai k !>y MONS. DOCKRILL Suoinii rsault riding andd;tshing feat- l>y the jUT'-uile MA1TKE PIERRK. The diverting and eccentric humorist, MONS. KENNEBEL, The Clown who never Speakbeing the first ->f his ?chool ever seen in America. Burle?.jne Manage act by Mons. Kennebel upon his M atle Basket Horse. WII.LIAM H MORGAN, The World Challenging Hurdle Rid?r. Tlte brilliant French Athletes, known throughout Curope aa the ROMELLI AERI\L GYMNASTS. The wonder of the Menagerie. FIVE ELEPHA5ITS I > THE RI 51 (i. performed by the accomplished zoographer, Mr.C, Roberts?the most wonderful exhibition of Wild B*aM Training and Brute Sagacity ever witnessed. MOLOCH, THE INVINCIBLE, ENCOUNTERS FIVE BENGAL TIGERS IN THEIR DEN. MONTANO, THK CANNIBAL, Wrestles with and overcomes a pack of nine fero cious- Hyenas, or Grave Bobbers. ENTERTAINMENTS AFTERNOON AND EVE NING EACH DAY. DOOR:* OPEN AT 1 AND 7 O'CLOCK One hour's tin.e to see the Wild Beasts in their dens. In order to give the audience an opportunity for inspecting the collection of wild animals contained inth* Menagi rie D^partn ent, the Circus perform ance will not begin until an hour after the upeuiug of the doors. For a utore full and particular description of the Great London Show see Pictoral Posters and adve tisements of Howe's A Sanger's Companies?Circu... Hippodrome, Met,ager:e, Pantomime and Caravan. Admi-sion...... AO Children under lo years 2A DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE GRAND STREET PAGEaNToN MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 9 AT 1? O'CLOCK. je6 It OLD No. j oa Exfelbiti?a imwM _ IN | aad Sale I is* fTMBt.S 'Tl* ** le. IS? 7th street, between D and E streets, eight loon above Odd Fellow's Hall. Oboloe Oil Painting*, Engravings, Chromos, Ac. Also, largeet stock Paper Hangings, Window ibadee, Pictures, Trainee, Picture Oorw and Tae -a^sEi,w?8*a?u,UDttu,a Pleeee remember Name and Number. jelly* WO HUM BUG .-L. RICK will pay a fair cash ?rice for any kind of Ladies'. Gents' and Chil dren s Second-hand Clothing, Boots, Sboee, Ac. 6)13 7th street, between F and G, south. Mote by mail promptly attended jeU-ly All eisds of cast-off wearing ap parel can be sold to the very beat advantage by addressing or calling on JUSTH, ill D street, between tth and 7th n. w. Motes by mail promptly attended to. Oaeb paid, fix NOTHING RESERVED. liprwtfcitei PfreBptorj. Pwitiff. OUR FORCED SALES OUR FORC ED SALES OF ENTIRE STOCK OP ENTIRE STOCK NOW GOING ON. NOW GOING ON. WE ARE OVERSTOCKED AND MUST BEDUCB, AND will SELL At 4 IV a 91* Suit, at f 14 a 9'4* Suit, at 9'<I(J a 9'if Suit. TOO MANY GOODS TOO MANY GOODS MBHSSSft UliiitiM WntiV ? i au?t FIFTIEN DOLLARS,TWEN TEN DOLLAR?Ty*oLLABS. tl? Suit a. 8nit * s#it ^ 9? AO KhSEKVATlONS. AO KEbhK YaTIONS. ALL WILL BE SOLD. ALL WILL BE SOLD. ALL MUSI BE SOLO. ALL MUST BE SOLD. IN BOYS' SUITS WE OFFER THE SAME INDUCEMENTS. 9i for an 9* Suit. * 9? for a 91V. call AT ONCE. BEING THE BOYS. BUY BARGAINS. LOT] FASHIONABLE TA1LOES, ag-w 0>im Tti a? P Btakits gXAMINB TEE ?old 9PB0TA0LE* OR.1 E H. BRRPLBB, m?n W u* Race store. TBI MARTLAND FRRESTONE M. A M. CO IS NOW READY TO RSCEIVM ORDERS tOH STONE, EITHER SAWED OR ROUGH DIMENSION. Apply at Com pan) 's o%ce, CORNER E and SSth STREETS, Bsck Creek. ?E'f C. W. HATPEH, Preallf t. TV .fLLlrT1? TOEB SHIET is proaoa ace SPECIAL NOTICES. L??rhf?! Lffckfi! Leeches! Imported Swedish L^chu will hereafter alwavs be kept for sale, wholesale or retail, by ARTHUR NATTAN8, Druggist,corner 3d and D streets north west. ALSO JCST RECEIVED ? a fre*h *npply of all new Family and Patent Medi cine*. We enumerate: Caetoria, a substitute for Castor Oil, Centaur Liniment, Simmons' Liver Invig .rator, Ayer'* Medicine*, 8ch*nck> Medicine#, Michler ? Herb Bitters, Winchester's Hypo-phosp>atee, God Liver Oila of all kinds, Dr. Jayne's Medicines, Ile>mtM>ld'x Buchu, Kennedy'a Discovery, Salve and Liniment, Sage's Catarrh Remedy, Pierce's Golden Medic*! Diacoverr. These ami all other Remedies of the day at my Popular low rates for cash. ARTHUR HATTAN9, Drngg<st, my2S-tr Id and D street* northwe#t. ON THE BREAKFA8T .LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, Lea it Perrtia1 Worcestershire laact IS INDEPENDABLE. JOHN DUNCAN S SONS, New fork, OCtU-tawly Agents for the United State*. Bttckflsr'a Hair Dye I* ths beat in the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridicnloas tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneon* black or brown; at all druggist*', nnd 1C Bond street. New Tork. fS-eolj EXCURSIONS, &c. ClSDAV EXCURSION. The second of the popular Snnday afternoon Family Excursions will l>e given by the steamer Lady of the1 Lake, SUNDAY EVENING June 0, leaving her w harf, foot of 6th street, at 3 p. m., going down the river aa far as (JUANTICO and return, stopping at Glymout and Marshall Hall. Tickets, >50 cents. It DORSET CLAGETT, Agent. MO0M LIGHT EXCURSION. LINCOLN POST, No 4, G A. R .will give a * rst-cl-m Mooniichtl Ex cursion to GLYMONT , on TITES-? DAY EVENING, June 10. Steamer Wawaset, w hich tins been elegantly fltted np, will leave her w harf, f<?ot ?'f 7th street, a* 5:30 p. m. Mmic by D< ncir* Band. No means will be spared to insure comfort ami pleasure to all who go with us. j7 2t* El PORT EXCURSIONS. K1 On and after FRIDAY. JUNE 13, 1373, the elegant and favorite steamer KEY PORT will commepce her regular! TUESDAY and FRIDAY EVEN ? ING excursion* down the Potomac, leaving wharf f>?'t of 7th street, at 6 o'clock p.m., returning at 11 p.m. During the summer ot 1872 these excur sions were largely patronized by many of our liest citiz-ns, who found iu them acool and pleasant es cape from the heat and dust of the city. Nojeffort shall be spared during the coming summer to make them pleasant aud agreeable in every respect. De tectives will be stationed at the boat to prevent the admission of any improper characters. No intoxi cating liquors sold. Music, dancing, and refresh . |1 ments on board. Fare, single tickets, SI; lady and gentb-man. 41-&0. Apply to WM. H. BYLES, Agent, 609 Pennsylvania avenue. m31-lm re>l. A f'RASD FAMILY FESTIVAL \.J FOR THE BENEFIT OF ST DOM INICK'S NEW CHURCH. Under the auspices of the HI 1LD1NG ASSOCIATION, On MONDAY, JUNE 30,187:1, AT THE SCHUETXEN PARK. An excellent Band of Music has been > neaged The C mmittee of Arrangements have been presented w ith a beautiful Diamond Ring, valued at $liV; also, a Sewing Machine. i The Ring will be given to the geutb man,L? and the Sewing Machine to the lady, who Ui?p >?ea of the largest number of ticket*. TICKETS, FIFTY CENTS. Children accompanied by their parent* or *uir dians will be admitted free. ml7-lawt> j^XCUBSIONS TO GLYMONT. Office <>i the Potomac Ferrt Company, J Seventh Street Wharf, S Washington, May 11, 1873 1 On and after June 1 the steamer WAWASET be chartered for Bxcnrsions to Gly mont on Monday*. Tuesday*, Wed ueedays and Thursdays. The steamet is now in complete order, having been thoroughly overhauled last winter. She has a fine, commodious saloon on her upper deck, and is in every respect adapted to the excursion business. Tne Potomac is now beautiful, and Qlymont in splendid condition, having been thoroughly repaired and the grounds put in Rood order. For charter, apply at ollice of Potomac Ferry Company, foot of7th street. m21-2u can FESTIVALS. ^EkllVAL. The Ladies belonging to the Congregation .if ST. MARY S CATHOLIC CHURCH, Upper', propose holding a FESTIVAL in THE WOODS adjoining Wie residence of the Carmelite Father*, near this villajre, on THURSDAY, Ji-nb 1'4,1ST3. Various amusements will lie provided for the day and evening entertainment. A very elegant AfTghan will he raffled, to which the requisite number of chance* is not yet ? aken All the refre*hmenta of the iteason wiii Ih> tup plied in abundance, and a band of music will be in attendance. The proe.-eds will be used for the benefit of the church. The public are cordially invitedt>> attend. m31 eotd SUMMER RESORTS. ||OlKY FOIST HOTEL, RI10DB ISLAND. SEASOM or 1S73. ON THE BUB0PBAN PLAN. won, 911 in! This well-known and popular Summer Resort, sit uated on Narragansett Bay, between thef cities of Prov idenca and Newport, wHI be' opened for the receptiou of guests June 251 li. To meet the growing demands of the public, the capacity of the House lias been increased since last season, by the addition of a number ol r?oms, all large, airy, and newly furnished. A new Rustaarant, if an increase,! seating capacity, has also been added, light steamboats a day from Providence aid Newport. For information in re gard to terms, etc., address. City Hotel, Providence, R. I , j2-6t L.H. HUMPHREYS, Proprietor. V' ATTON.?This popular and very healthy sum mer reeort, near Snicker's Gap, and A . . A surrounded by the Blue Ridge mountain, two hours' ride by rail of Washington City, is now open for the reception of guest*, uuuu 1873. Improvement* *lnce last year: Fine piazza in front, bath-room, an ice-house lillea, a piano in the house. The buildings are stone, consisting of large airy rooms. Beautiful mountain scenery. Those wishing to enjoy the cool breeze* of this elevated region will addreee, A. 0. WRIGHT, P. O., Loudoun Oo., Va. F stroet ?. W. niD-tf m MMHUll Bound Hill P. ByReferences at 1809 F street^!. W. mJO-tf DARKHCRhT HOUSE, Annapolis Junction, I fiuvrarU cvunty. Aid., situated on the* Washington Branch Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Improvements have been made for the couilort of guests euual to any summer iu the state. Gueeta with families will find this House a desirable place for the summer For far ther information address niS lw' GEORGE BELL, Proprietor. WEST END HOTEL, AT LONG BRANCH, 51. J., WILL BK OPENED OH TUB i?TB OF JOSS Applications for rooms can be nUtol. . A D. M. BILDRETH, Mo. Broadway.IMI Bew York .or by addressing PBESBUBY ABflU A HILDRETB, Proprietors, Long Branch. GKO.G. PRESBURT, D. M. H1LDBBTB. malUJanell COB BCMMBB BOARD BBS.?Four Bo. 1 r BOOMS, furnished. Also, four unfnr- A . . A nished.and BOARD .in a beautflnl ooutryfflM home In a healthy locality. Good rtbr lfiU For particulars apply to JOHB W. K1BSBLL, Clears prlag, Washington county. Ed. tfla KQAI HALL'* CLOTHING HOUSE. Keep KBBP IT BSFOBB TBB PBOPLB. it 0AM. HALL BB- AND IBS YOBB $11 SUIT. TBB ITS Pboplb. ALL WOOL, BHBUNK f" BPIT. *** - i*r>?.S1j?1{Sg w EVENING STAR Washington Newi and Gosiip, Internal Kkvenur?The receipt* from this source to-day were *??..V50 0.5. Thk Maris* Corps being abont iV? men short of its complement as now prescribed, ac tive recruiting under the superintendence of Lieut. Colonel Chas. G. McCawley has been re commenced. Bid Accreted?The Secretary of the Treas ury has accepted the bid of the Atlantic W#rks ot Boston, Mass.. to build ore propeller for the revenue marine service for the sum of g7<t sno This vessel will be of wood and fitted with compound engines. Special Agents P. o. I?.-The Postmaster General has appointed the following special agents, H. t lay Bayly, ot Salem, F.iuquier A?i?nttat <;; Clark, of Perry count v Ala., W. W. Huntingdon, of Galena, 111.; M. f Hammer, of Dacatur, 111., new agents, and Warren F. Ldgarton, of Little Kyck, vice S. If Moorehouse, removed. Naval (>RDRRS.?Lieut. Commander K. C Merriman has been ordered to the Juniata, as executive officer of the ship. Lieut. Frank Courtis has been detached from the receiving ship Independence, and granted three month leave. Lieut. H. N. Manner has been detached trom the Michigan and ordered to the Inde pendence. The statute or limitation,as It applies to the internal revenue bureau, went into ert'ect yesterday, in pursuance of the act of June ?;tb i??Vwhich I\rovi(le? that actions for claim* ?'ch ?ccriiid P'ior to that act shall be i..e sented to the courts or to the Commissioner r/n.t A Te year ?fteT tlie parage of the act Quite a large number ot claim* were tiled ve* terday and day before, but a number received late*7 * '?>?"Own out, as having come too The result op the examination of the '?plebs." or new candidates for admission at West Point, was announce*! on Thursday. Or the one hundred and forty-two candidates ??If1! were rejected on account of not bein? sufficiently robust in phydque, leaving one hundred and thirty-live to undergo the mental examination. Of these, eighty-six were ad mit ted and forty-nine were rejected, being a larger percentage of failures than usual. The Northern Sioux?Mr. Felix Brunot, president of the commission to uegotiate with the northern Sioux, leaves for his post of duty on the ?th 111st. The grand talk will be heM about the middle of the preKent month. The latest advices from the membersof the commis sion already at rted Cloud's agency are to the effect that preliminary arrangements have bicn made, and that the Sioux are pe.ceablv dispo ed. At the last issue of rations i:{ uoii Indians were present, and all were friendly'. The Fate op the Captivr Modoc*?The President just before his departure for Long Branch held a consultation with Gen. Sherman and Secretary Delano, alter which was referred to the Attorney General lor his opinion the question whether Capt. .lack and the Modoc* now under indictment for the assassination of Gen. C-inby, I>r. Thomas, and others, could be tried by a military commission. Judge Wil hams has been busily engaged in examining the subject yesterday and to day, and is now preparing his opinion. In which, it is under stood, he decides (that the prisoners can !?e tried by a military commission. Personal.?Gen. Frank P. Blair writes from Clifton Springs, N. Y., that he is slowly improv ing in health. **"Gov. Jewell, minister to St. Petersburg, will sail from New York on the .A Of July. ????The colored cadet Conyers at Annapolis, failed to pass his examination. Several of bis assailants and himself are thus placed on the same footing. - ' First. Lieut. iMiward c. Gardner, revenue marine service, has resigned. ????Mr.C. G. Barber, for several years past a third class clerk in the office of the Secretary ot the Interior resigned to-day to ac cept the position of private secretary to Presi dent Watson,of the Erie railroad. ??? Post master General Creswell left in the noon train to-day to spend Sunday with his family at Elk ton. ????John P. Foley left the city to-day for a week's trip to West Point. ? ? Thr Marriage op an Author J. T. Trowbridge, author of " The Vagabonds," MvLady, "Neighbor Jackwood," "Coupon Bonds, and many other books, a writer for the Atlantic Monthly, and editor of Our Young Folks, was married day before yesterday l.y t le Key. Mr. Cutter, to Miss Adelaide S. New ton, a lovely daughter or Mr. A. E. New*in. V"1' al*> a writer. The bride ba? Iknmi from childhood the editorial pupil and pet of her t.t Iantcd husband, and will continue to be a heln mate for him. They are in New York on anex curslon of two or three weeks that will include rtern New York and Niagara Falls, return ing by way of the St. Lawrence river to their residence, a charmed spot owned by the poet, bordering, lake in the fawn of Arlington, a fewmiles out of Boston?JV. T. Sun. Junt 6. Kocrville and the Metropolitan Kail road ?Kockville, for the past few days, has presented quite a lively appearance. The open ing of the Metropolitan railroad has brought a good many strangers to our town, while hun dreds are passing by on this great thorough fare. Parties are continually going to Wash ington from this point and coming fir. u Wash ington to Kockville?the two places being uow in such proximity, the interchange of friendly greetings and the transaction of business is but a trip ol pleasure, when formerly a person ought to have made his will before setting out in the old stage-coach on a visit to the Metro politan city?Rockrilt' (Mg.) Stntin'l. 6tk. ^EL,?cJr,citt as Antidote pok Poison On Wednesday a son of Kobert Montgomery, two years of age, residing at No. 31 Wood year slreet, drank a quantity of laudanum, which had been left carelessly in his way. He soon fell into a *tu)*>r, which was followed bv con vulsions. Dr. Hurry was sent for. who called to his aid Drs. Caldwell and < igie. Electricitv was applied for the purpose of rousing the child from bis stupor, as no medicines could be ad ministered. The electric current was continued tor about two hours, when the sinking energies of the child began to return, and by Thursday morning he was out of danger Halt. Am-ria'n 7tk iHtt. Attempted Pakuicauk in Bkookltn.? Christian Baugert, a tailor, residing at l?;i Leonard street. E. D., states that he saw hix^ou Cjarles, eleven years old, putting something into bis coffee. Christian kept the vessel and examined the sediment on the bottom. He tound lead filings and phosphorus. The l?oy and Mrs. Baugert (wholives separate from her husband) were arrested and taken before Jus t ce Sender. The bov admits having attempted to kill his father in this manner, and savs his mother told h 1 m what to do. Both prisoners are held for examination?2V. T. Journal of Cot mere*, June 0. Kmighation to Virginia A letter from ( hue city, Mecklenburg county, Va., to the Richmond Whig says: 71 One day last week about twenty prospectors, ail seeking eligible investments, arrived here. Some have already bought, while others have selected farms which they intend to purchase. The plan of opera tions which is carried on is believed by intelli gent settlers to be the anly one which will ever succeed in filling the 8tato with desirable emi grants, vis: colonised Immigration." Ths Cholrra Scarr in Memphis There Is but little excitement in Memphis in regard to cholera, although there is little/if anyf de crease in the mortality. Physicians say Pnren promp{lya" tended to on its Ant appearance has been treat ed successful)*, although in some Instances death ensued fn four or five hours. The Ap T *Bt of 307 ?lnee May 2 to date only S3 are reported by the attending pur slctans as being from cholera. Distinouisrrd Visitors to Color a nr. _ uf U,e Pno.f.c for Salt Lake City, where they will separate _ ?"i? California, ail part rSi^ to the e**.-Canon Cit? (Col.) Timet. 28tk ult. Shootiiio rt A Natt Surgeon.?Surgeon tS*S2*Slii?r S:dr" "?f ^ If Ml seaL The Polaris IsmliKsUM. Secretary Robeson ku at the Navy de partment but a short time this morning, and, after examining hi* mail, left tor the navy-yard with Commodore Reynolds to hear the state ments of Esquimaux Joe an<l others from the Polaris. Prof. Ktird, of the Smithsonian In stitute. also takes part in the investiga tion, the result of which will be made known by the Secretary of the Navy next week. Tne investigation thus far has developed the fact to the satisfaction of Secretary Robeson and those acting with hint, that Captain Hall died a natural death and that the separation of the Polaris from Captain Tyson an<| his party w as purely accidental. This fact is established by some very strong circumstantial evidence, not the least important point being this: that the party with Captain Tvson had all the re mainlning boats of the Polaris, and if it had been the intention of those on the vessel to tor sake Tyson's party, the boats would not have been left with them, thus depriving the ve??el of its greatest necessity. Captain Tyson and Esquimaux Joe both testified to the fact that Capt. Hall was sick two weeks be fore his death, and was unconscious most of the time. Alter the death of Capt. Hall the dis cipline on the Polaris was not so goo I, but nothing that might be considered a mutiny oc curred. After his death all ideas of the e*|?e dition were abandoned, and the vessel was headed homeward. The Frolic, w ith the Polaris party on board, Is still lying olf the navv vard. and, under or ders from the Secretary of the Navy, 110 one is allowed to communicate with the" officer* or crew of the vessel, nor are the latter permitted to hold communication with anyone on shore. The testimony before the informal court of in quiry, of which Sccretarv Kobeson is the head, is taken down in short-hand by a stenographer. PoMt thin l"p. < HAMI8 AFTKR IINK30, 1873. 1?Franking privilege abolished. 2?Postmasters supplied with official stamps. 3?Official stamps must not be used except tor official business. 4??Stamp of one department cannot be used for correspondence of another. 5? No matter can pass through the mails free. 6?-Postage must be collected on newspapers published in the county where delivered. < ? Exchanges not free. Publishers must pay postage on each exchange received. *?Postal cards uncalled for are uot sent to dead letter office. 0?Postal cards cannot be used a second time. 10?Ordinary cards can l?e transmuted through the mails by affixing one cent stamp, provided the entire message is printed. The address may be written. POSTAGE. Letters?Three cents for each half ounce or fraction thereof. Drop Letters?Where delivered by carriers, two cents for each hall ounce or iractiou there of. At other offices, one cent tor each half ounce or fraction thereof. l'rintril Hatter??>ne cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. Seeds, bulns, cutting*, roots, scions, chromos, and engraviiii;* are classed with printed matter. Merchandise?Two cents for each two ounces or fraction thereof, limited to twelve ounces. When any of the above matter is mailed wtioilv unpaid, and by inadvertence, reaches its desti nation, double rates should t>e charged and col lected.?Post office Gaze 'te. Sensation is Kki.iuidi s Cir< lbs is Ral sioek?A i'uuny Episcopal Clertyinan Kesv/ns His Charge to Heconw a Catholic In the Balti more American this morning are the particulars of an event which is just now the subject of much comment in that city. The Rev. K. South gate. a young clergyman of the Episcopal church, who came to Baltimore a few weeks since from the diocese of New York, to assist the rector of St. I.uke'i cburch, Franklin square, has suddenly Ab?nd?iicd hi? position as a min ister of the Episcopal church ana entered a Theological seminary of the Koman Catholic church. It appears that Rev. Mr. Southgate, w ho was only a deacon, had become a candidate tor priest's orders, and that the day for his ordination would have been "Trinity Sunday"? to-morrow?but some days ago the rector of St. Luke's notified the bishopof the diocese that he had serious objections to the ordination ot Mr. Southgate, in which the bishop coincided, ard it waj? therefore determined that the young deacon would not be ordained. The vonnf nun was then advised to return to his father, the Right Key. Horatio Southgate, who resides In New York, but instead of doing so he seems to have gone immediately to St. Mary's Seminary, ft Roman Catholic institution in Baltimore, where he was at last accounts. Another Indian War Threatened ? Murder?/ Lieut. AI my by the. Apaches Advices trom Arizona state that the Indian agent at San Carlos, Major Larrabee, has had some dffi culty with the Apaches. They undertook ?> kill him with spears, and he ran to Lieutenant Almy's tent. The latter, with si* soldiers, then accompanied him to the agency, where they went into I^rrabee's tent. When Almy and Larrabee came out of the tent?the former in r J vance? the Anaches fired on them, and Almv received three bullets, all passing through his' bod v. He fell dea?i without a groan. Larrabee was un touched and and retired into the tent. Four ot the six soldiers ran. The Apaches tied across the river. It is probable that mauy of them have taken to the mountains. Almv was born in Massachusetts, and was promoted to be first lieutenant of the 2th cavalry in April, l*?. America's Pork Show at Yienna Pro fessor E. N. Horsford, of Cambridge. Mass., the American commissioner at Yienna in charge o! the food department, writes from that city. May 15, (the day after his arrival,) to a t rie no la Cincinnati, stating that the cartoons sent bv the Cincinnati Porkpackers' Association were about the only things in order in the American department; that thev were in a desirabl* position, and would attract the attention of all visitors to that quarter. He pronounces them unique,characteristic and useful, and adds that they will be remembered with the great things of the ex]>osition. Maryland Hangings?In thefCourt ot Appeals at Anna|>olis, \esterday morning. Chief Justice Bartol deli -ered the opinion ot the court on the bill of ex< ptions in the case ot Joshua Nicholson, convi ed of the murder of Mrs. l.ampley, affirmed t ie ruling of the court below. It no'w remains 1-r the court below to pass sentence on Nichols n, and the governor will fix the day for the xecution. Ilollohan, who was tried jointly witt' Nicholson, and wlios< execution was fixed for Jie 13th instant, will probably be respited by ? 'ie governor aud exe cuted at the same time Hj Nicholson. Anewsttlkop rest acu ant is becoming very popular in New York, which are known a? Quaker dairies. The pr.netpal diet Is milk aud cream, with oatmeal, wheaten grits and kindred food. No liquors are sol-t, nor ale nor wines, nor cigars nor tobacco or ai y kind. The economy ot these establishments and the purity of the articles sold make them very popular, and thev are cutting into the li; tor restaurants marvel ouslv. A well-knowi. Bostoiiian, Mr. J. B. Gibus, has the credit ot originating this new st vie of eating houses. Captcbr or I run uy the Carlists The attack on Irun, Spain, waa made by the Cure of Santa Cruz. Carlb's announce that it has been successful, and that the town is now in their hands. The Ch* lists shot twenty-seVen carablniers captured near Irun. Great indigna tion Is felt in Madrid at the atrocity, but the Carlists claim that these men first hoisted a white flag and ther. poured a volley into the Carlists as thev appr ached. For this they were shot down without n rcy. The Walworth Traoedy?The New York Herald in recapitula ing the incidents connected with the killingof Walworth by his son Frank in that city on Tuesday, says that some of the insulting letters from Walworth to Mrs. Wal worth had fallen i:ito the hands of their son Frank, and contained insinuations against the virtue of his mother and his own legitimacy. A destructive pike occurred in Toledo last evening and destroyed a number or stores. The loss is estimated at #.30,000. The Commercial office was slightly damaged. Princess Acgcsta of Lieguitx, widow of King Frederick William or Piussia, died at Hamburg ytrtwdsy. ?7"Prince Adalbert a cousin or the Emperor WilMam died at Carlsbad, Germany yesterday. ^"Sixty-eight t arried eighteen ia Yellow Springs, Ohio, one d*y last week. 17 The Philadelphia Pres? snys Mrs. Edwin Forrest has rusd > application to her attorney for her -hare of - he t-:a? of her deceased bus band. MTk. colored man struck his wife with a hatchet about U ree strawberry tickets (valae nine cents) on Thursday, la Norfolk. The wo?an died Saturday; the man escaped. ITThe crack nag GaaaUe and two others were btaten ta Park trotting race ?PGeorge Johnson, oelored, was arrested ia Norfolk, Va., Thursday, charged with being an aeesanlice or Jlsa Brevn lathe roeeatmardez 1i hh'Ji Y* h TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB ? Thli AfYerBMBl Dispatches. ? ASSOCIATED PR*SS REPORTS. (?fnenil Davla A ?f I krM Ik H Irwi W latere lew with the I?4cr Lender. Be I* Ml Afraid te Die bat Dm*: .ike to tx- NkM-kled. C*vr. -Inne 4.?I ht<l at) interview w.tb t'aptAin -lack through the medium of an inte-preter. At first he was reticent, in tact he did iH>t even notice me. F.natly hip sister M try prevailed on bim to talk. Hi* first remark ? as in relation to bis shackles. He said it made him leel mean to be hobbled like a borne, lie * as HOT A SKA ID TO DIB, and had no idea of running away. As be *in>ke bus eye* snap |?ed. and lie looked like a very lion in rage. All questions pertaining to hi* righting be declined to answer. When I asked hiiu his age be gave me to understand that he was .'><1. and he then voluntarily started upon a state nien; ot hi* grievances and tho?e of hi* people With reference to the lien Wright affray be Mid that white men murdered hu> people years ago, iihI that what he bad done was only IJI t'AYMENT OK OLI? DEBTS. He did not enter into detail*, but left the inter preter, Scar-faced Charley, to patch up tbe story. A critical study of Jack's face corrolnj rates the impression derived at first sight. He is a thorough jAdian. His head is large, <juite square, and *4* firmly on his shoulders. His eyes are black and bright, aud his face broad, with prominent cheek bones. His no>e is sym metrical. aud slightly auuillne. His lips'are thin and clean cut, and, combined with his chin, indicate that resoluteness ot pur|>one that has wen him such notoriety. His comnlexiou if dark, and his face has a pleasant look, l ake him all in all, be is A SXRIKIXC. HAD. IMace him among thousands and he would be taken for a chief by any observing stranger. These who have seen buu do not wotnler that | he is the leader of tbe Modocs. Though in chains and on the brink of eternity, he is yet feared and respected by the Indians about him. CAVT. JACK'S COMPANIONS IN CHAIN". His uearest companion m chains. Ncbon- j chin, is 3n years of age, is w rinkied. and ha? tbe villain depicted in eveivlme of his face. He wears his hair short, and stands about five teet in bis moccasins. Boston Charley is altout 25 years old. His face is expressionless. Jack would attempt t escape if he had a chance, even at the risk of being shot down. Probably be never realized that his death was inevitable until tbe irous were placed on bis feet. Scar Faced ? barley sars Jack told him he could get clear when tbe white men were asleep. This was before the irons were brought into use. CAIT. JACK' ATTEMPT TO SSCAI'B. General Mavis is srti6iied that Jack did try to escape last night, and through the aid of con federates on the outside, for u|>oii an examina tion of his shackles this morning it was found that one of the rivets had beeu tiled nearlv in two. His legs are onlv confined. OKB Hl'BDBED AHII TWINTV BIOHT CAPTt\ E?. At 4 o'clock this afternoon Col. Mason arrived here from Fairchild's ranche with tbe infautrv force of the expedition, and the seventy Mo docs who came in there. Thus we have one hundred and twenty-eight captives. CAPTl'RR OF BLACR IIM. Bavlis' Camp, June 4, midnight ?New* has reached here that Hooker Jim and Steam boat Frank made a successful scout vesterdav, MWMtijUMK. To iler mountain, northeast of here, and assisted in making a capture, one of the captives is Black Jim. He is the Modoc who bullied tbe settlers in this region tor two or three years, and committed cruel murders. TheOrcgomaiis regard him with special hatred. Only five or six Modoc warriors are now wisuiug. The Warm Spring Indians held a war dauce this evening, which was witnessed by a large audience of officers and men. kM4 U Half (toe War tferer*. Baylr* Ca*p, June 5,9 a. m ? Late yester day afternoon a detail of men belonging to tbe artillery arrived in camp from Timber moun tain, near the peninsula, with twenty juniper logs, clean and straight, and evidently not in tended for use in the erection of tents for the prisoners. Many persons marveled tor what purpose the timber had been obtained. This morning the secret is out. Gen. Davis intends to erect a scaffold and execute about one doxen of the worst murderers in the tribe at sunrise to-morrow. He feels that there Is no need for delay, as no doubt of the guilt of the inteii-led victims can exist, and justice demands s|>eedy and certain action. Even at this time he is writing a statement of their offences, which will be read to the condemned Modocs. A still later dispatch says Geu. I?avis, after having con?|?Ut tall 4?-rangement* tor the ex ecution of the Modocs, received orders irom Washington to hold the prisoners until further sdvised, and is thus stopped in the conU-m p'ated work. The feeling in camp Is one ot profound disgust at this action. ? Hew Vork Xnie*. VK TOBIA WOODUt'LL DYIRO. Xbw York, June 7.?Victoria Woodhull lies unconscious Irom an attack of heart disease, with r.O hope of recovery. A THIRYINO CLERK. August Lorenge, a clerk, has been arrested for stealing93,IJOU worth ot lurs troni Lord A Taylor. ? THB DAILY wiri MI'CDER. One Stewart was arrested in Mott street last night, for kicking his wire to death. PI? KS1 DEN T OBART AND FAMILY reached I.?ng Branch yesterday afternoon in the height of a rain stoim, driving immediately to their co' tAge. There are but few people at the Branch. YIC sot si? K. Tbe rep -rted dangerous illness of Victoria Woo*lnull is untrue. thk Brazilian corvette nc< thbboy from Uio J.unero arrived here last mjht. BiRK STATEMENT. The following is the w eekly bank stateraeu Loans, decrease, KT>40 .<**'. specie, increase. t6,M2?8M; legal tenders, increase, *975,Tort; net dei>osit*, i icrease, circulation, de crease, si: .000. 1RVR - OT CAPTt'CRD BY THB CARL1STS. Lusdi n . June 7.?A Madrid dispatch con tradicts t' e CarlUt report from Bayouue of the capture < Irum. TUB < :RIIAB EVACUATION OrrRABC K. Paris. -June 7?The Bank of France has paid Into he treasury one-quarter of the sum due to Gi lmany on account ef the war Indem nity. T! e remainder will be paid in monthly instailm nts. The report that there had beeii successf < I negotiations to accelerate tbe de parture' ftho German troojic from France is ptobabi; false. thiciolira. Vm>A, June 7?The cholera has disap peared rroRi the country adjacent to the uanube. AW AM ERICA R I* COMMAND Or TBR INST R ORRTB. Nr* Tors, June 7?A letter from Havana states t hat the Spaniik volunteer officers after capturng the dead body of the Cuoan General i and burned it in two vases A gran sat IIM it with to aatos, preserving t which now adorn the president's room in the casino at Pnerti Principe. It is reported that an American named Henry Keve has been ap point d successor or Agraaaonte in command of the Cuban forces, and the most energetic war fare v ill be continued acalnat the Spaniards. Bt Lori *Ju?aT??It is tb^North Muwoort, now knows as ihs St. Lonis, Kansas City and Northern railroad that will he advertised for sals by Governor Woodson in connection with the Missouri Piciftc, and nst the Iron Mountain mill "ad as erroneously repsrtod from J City ysatsrday Pi.oyidrnc r, K- L, June 7.?The barn of ths We j boaset House, in Bast Greenwich, K. I., wss strcck by lightning at three s*dsck this asomlBg, and csassatd, together with ths hotel, the Masonic hall. Brink*'* haresas shop, five horse*, and several carriages. Lsaa S12,od?. o The Hsaaeoaalhls O Ci bvblabd, June i .?At ths An rlcan Institute of as* ral reports hsM the next i _ A icsolution ofered by Dr. Wnase*tsr Utlsa. ws* adopted, "* N k? V.'Bk. dune T?Wall street M very dall to day. (Mdhiikwn flrn at ft:\sli?. ?iik r?rt on gold loan* of lk to 9 for ewrtin|. 8t?rlw ucti?i>|( Is .jiobO MM| awl 11"-. , lor iiriar, wttb the rata* fur haai n< a* at ??.?-!?. Ik-low The trad* la|v<rt> for the week amount to #? JK2.J51. all ef which ie teneral met. bai.diar ex-rut ?MW.On 4m mtola. loney is Terr alundaat, narrower* en call tw in* supplied at 4a.V and prime mercantile paper at II in jr at ?a? S ? tiovernment bond* are atr.>rg and higher to-day Southern Mate SomU at tha board were nominal la tha ttork market trans action* hare been small. except la Pauik Mall aiHl Ohio an.! Miaaiasippi, the former having fluctuated between aad , an.1 the tatt?-r between ?k and .UK. ' theiawe the flscta at ion* hare been inside % per cent. ? The lanrth iperlraaWrf llfH run ap?i thi a, .lane 7 - The steam*! p lllinot*. ot the American I irerpool line, wal launched at II e'clock in in agtiiftcent ?tvle. The nret ? w covered with steam. r? fled with spectators. while the wharve- in the viciaitjr were lined with tonntless multitude*. Pour steamer* of thi? line are now afloat. and two will be dispatched tor F.urope in .Inly. ,, .. ^ ?>lleet Mllai iraaaHi B??T?ii, .luae;.-ln aaait In the !>u|erM( Conrt te r*cover maai rent aad taarr brought acalnrtaman.vlo used the premiae* tor ? lienor aaloon. the jury found tot the detendantf the judges ruling that n<< rent could be recov ered for the premise* 1; with the land tor it's knewledge of the intentioa to devote the ?an?d to wUIi<i{ liquor in violation ot lt?. The Hlaalag Meaiurr Kale. Kif Wb>t, Fla . dune T ? (nielli*. noe ot the aafrty Of the riraaAi|> t.eorge ?'n?m well, from New Vark ftor New Orlean*. who** turn arrival at the latter port lia* iau?^t ao mu-fc ititlrty, reached here to-day. Hrr eiifiMt broke down during the n>> age. atxl ?bc k tor *baco. in the Bahama-. -he una mam* in sate anchorage All on boai.l well. mi Walaarth I rage4). ?TA TkM H?T Or V<?t ?<? TO TUB < OKORtli. The iouuest in the Walworth shooting ? ase is New York was held yeaterd ay. The .twry to in<| a verdict that deceased cam- to h'- ?|<'a*h from pistol slot* tired by Frank II W*l??rtti la answer to the ?)ue?tioa w hat be had to *ay,If anytb'ng, to the charge, the ac.?i*?>d ?aid "l am guilty of no crime, I will make a statement.: Mv father treated my motUet *< ry cruelly tor year*, Incensed against bis own la'her lor pit ting In* little -hare of the proiierty in truat. ?a that div mother and tfa l;ttu<)y got something out of it- My father kept writing left era to my mother full of imprecation* against lita father. He wrote to her. among other thing*. I will kill \our l?oy ami defeat the d -4 scoundrel >a hi* grave, and cut oil hi* d <1 innn" forever.* He al*o threatened my lu'rther's lite. Ahout three year* ago he beat m \ mother cruelly. I was not present but aaw t!>e mark*. Whoa I b< ar<l thi* I loaded a pMal '???longing to a .-on* u of mine, aud have carried i . I -np|?>*ed fa'her we* armed, at leaat when he cam-to see u? My uncle< larence W alworth It <<tmaaf*tkcrtOH> He recently pro|>o?*d to tak- aae to Kurop ? w,'h him. I ?a? troubled also t ; aving my nut her witbont a protector. Huikuv la?t I wrote tliia to uncle, that I mu*t go ai. ! >ce my li'ticr, and whether I went to Kurope ot not w o;!d depend on that interview, from th- fact tii it I ? tnted to get a reliable assurance t:ut li ? ? ? ll-l not moleft my mother during a >? i. e. I had no intention to kill him When i .? e?ma into ru\ room 1 axked him to - ? I.. .\ t?. li -t. l vi. i *|?ke to him. and *a ?! I? ? - hi ? yoa will neither ahoot my neither imi in-i't her. nor an\ of the lannly furth* i ' M. a:<*wered. -I promiae.'but with a look v. jneij : . m m<u<l implied contempt, and tin* ie\ r? > ot t intent to keep the prouii*e. H<- mi t..-!.?re put hi* liaial to hi* Ureaat. a* it to pull mi' a piaud. I aiu unconaciou* of having urxl luare than three t<m?*. He cluaed on m- i . ;iv. lit* hreaat wa> u|mmi me when I : ?-<) t la>t tune. I don't think he *aid anvil. ^ ?; 'ug '..e whola iuter\iew but what I have .1 .i." The prisoner wa* <.*ken t ? th i .in'i- to await the action ot th?- grand jury. l?m ;?/ tin- iti <jue*t young Walworth ap|K-aro<l to be the nto< unconcerned |?er?oii present, and, a* the nury ot the murder wa* related, no *ign ot remoraa for the deed or of terror ae to hi* fate wa* vis ible in hia countenance. He *uiled aeveral time* at miatake* made by w itneaaea. TIM Went Murder Trial KV-roara TO PK<?\E THI AUlHtD INHAKK^ At Itoter, lieiaware. oil Thurailay, on tha trial ol Ilr. I*aac C West, who la charged witlt the murder or Cooch Turner, colored, in lie. rember I art Mr*. Nancy Went, the mother oC the prisoner, having Im^u again calUd, *c-to;e?a that We*t received a hurt while a l<ov that ae ?r -a- 4 vr. M t aaw- e *? -a v? ut? he hat> at time- acted in a *trange manner, an<f *he noticed that laat Seotember be became *? nueer in bi* way* that *he feared he would en lirelv loae hi* mind She a 1*0 teatitied that We*t> lather at one tune lecame melancholy. Samuel I^it > te?titted that Weat wanted to pnr rhaae from him aome old relic* for a public muaeuiu be wa* going to eatabliab at Milton, a town of al>out I .cam inhabitant*, aud of hia go ing to a picnic on one occaaion and not leaving l.i* carriage, but getting in and oat mane dine* in one hour. Mi.Fvana told of Waat ? londne*.- for relic hunting, ami of hi* akinnin^ Irog- and catching anake*. and of hi* having tto? arm of a human betna. which Weat aaidjwafl the arm ot au Indian cLiel. Another testified a* to meeting him in Philadel phia, *trutting up and down the atreet in aacli k manner aa to have hoys tollowing him and hallooing at him. Another aa to hi* lioaating of making * 1<MM> out of hia gaa burner. Upoa that anhject all theae witneaaea* *aid that from Weat "a look* and acUons they believe.1 hia iraiv The moat important witnea* wasCapU Ksttell. He aaid that he had told Weat in per mit that he believed h:m cra/v. Weat lelt hia box ot relic* at hi* place in Mover. Tha boa wa* exhibited in court. It coutaiaed sack thing* aa glaaa jara ot anakes, buck horns, and an old *boe and nome ahella, atones, and saaay other odditiea. Weat'* talk to thi* man wasei I r q i-a?a*i? ?x?? * r.,ei ? !?!? W IUIP mill viiei* iravagant about bis going to make fortune* and about hia mu?eum. He aaid he woald notpart with the old *boe lor hi* right arm. Weal. I iluringthe exhibition ot these thing* and tha I w ttne**ea te*i imony. became ao deeply affected that tor the hr*f time he covered hia'taoe with hia handkerchief and cried. There were aii or neven wltneaaea who have known Weat toe tour or five veat*. and aouie from hiachildhaod, who to*tilied that he ba* borne in the different place* w here be ba* reaided. a moat excellent rharacter tor good conduct, and the defense ea tabli*bed l>eyond a doubt that Weat, hefora lb I* terrible tragedy, had a good repntatioa. Two Ivpt-STaiK* THAT will Pat?There have been large lortune* acquired aiuoe the war I by packers of truita and vegetables. The tomato grow n in tin* aection i* tar au|>erior in flavor and natural aweetne? U> tuat raised north of tha Potomac. Then there i* green corn. We hava aeeti the ground* and establiabinent of a packer at Mouocacy bridge, in Maryland, and which I haa been started aince the war, which sow ea ji)o\ * hand*. Hut we l?elievethe great pay ing enterpriae to be a large fertilizing manufac turing company. We have aa a baai* the rich marl ned? ot the Potomac and Rappahannock, that can be worked cheaply, < an 1m- brought here aud ground, and witb'otber adjunct* a fertiliser can be made which will possess in trinsic merit in every element of it? oompoei tion.?Frederick . turg ( r?.) Hera/4. Tbk oBtofR or roar at cakd* dates from tha Franco-Kuratan war. The diflicoltv of soldiera in securing pen* and pa|>er* npon which t* write home induced the iiermaa authorities ta i*aoe bit* of |>a*teboard to the soldier* for thia purpose, and they were largely availed of, tha me?*ages being written lu |>encil. Their mm wa* continued thereafter in time of pence, and ha* aince been adopted in England and tha I'nittd State*. ? Caihsal Feast.?A latter from tha Feiee Island* state* that the mountain aa killed a family ot w hi tea named Barns and Polynesian laborer*, altogether sixteen w Polynesian laborer*, altogether aixtaea aboee bodies were found horribly man. Some of the bodies were carried off for a tubal least. SiierLAt aki> Fatal At. idott?A mag girl named Elisabeth Arnold, was strangled Ml ileath on Monday in Pokin. III. She was climb ing out of a window, when the sash Ml, pi .Ion ing her by the nerk in snch a ?inner that deatto enaued be lore she could he extricated. Lrt Aa* Mtna, the allefsd marderteieC I>r. Baker, In Warren, Me., wns arraigwed an Monday, at Kockpsrt. she pleaded net gailty, and was taken to W iacaeset Jail to awaM irtaL insaaity M what the UOea Berald ca'ls it. ^Ctnetsnnti has redaoed the pay mt har policemen from 99 to a2.47 per day. CPA Boston paper twits Pelladelphla aa m? fact that It never and a decent tia yet. ?FTvo Iowa bora under thlrte>n ?aa age,killed a wolf with aa old tastaaiaj iaa *rA Cennecocnt railroad ? recei ved VtJBHb by the will Of a

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