Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. i CH?T M. !?OTM Ml?r. Baading Mitter on Every page Lggwt Ciwliliw ii the District Washington cjitt: UTTRMT 1mm 7, int. lit *r the r?t?rt? The intelligent St. .John* (Newfoundland) correspondent of the New York Er'niw Pott furnishes mo me interesting additional inform* tion concerning Captain Hall's expedition, and in making an estimate of the results holds that It Is a gTeat mistake to suppose that the voyage or the Polaris has been a failure. Solid and valuable additions to oar knowledge of the geography of the regions north of Smith's Sound have been made by Captain Hall and bis party; and the possibility of reaching tbe pole by this route may now be regarded a* set tled. When. In 1*M, Mr. Morton, of Kane's party, stood on Cape Constitution, in latitude about 30 was satisfied that he saw the waters of the open polar sea break ing against that headland. And when, in li*l. I>r. Hayes reached latitude 81- 35' lon gitude 7? 30, on the opposite shores of t.rin? cell's Land, he too was honestly of the opinion that Kennedy Channel expanded into the open polar basin. Little did he image that, ten Tears alter. Captain Hall, In the Polaris, would sail through these water?, ami find here a bay sixty miles in breadth from east to west, and eighty five miles in length from north to south, ai.d that be would winter in a harbor on the iireenland side opposite the spot where he stood, in precisely the same latitude, but sixty miles farther to the east. This is what Captain Hall did; and henceforth Kane's and Hayes's open jiolar sea ?ill be known a* Polaris Hay, and their theory of an open polar sea at this point must now be legarded as ineorrect. This im portant point the voyage ot the Polaris has placed beyond all doubt. The writer says in this connection : Having crossed the mouth of this bay. the Polaris entered a channel twenty-five miles in width and forty-five miles in length, which Captain Hal. named Robeson's Channel, at'ter the Secrtta^ oi the American Navy. At the northern extreniitv of that channel he found himself in lat. 16'. The land on the Green land side here trended eastward, and another inlet or bav opened, but the weather was too hazv in that direction to determine its extent. l?n the American side land was visible to lati- j tude K. . within four hnndred and twenty miles ot the pole. What a glorious chance of solving the problem ot centuries, and winning the lsurel crown! Here the question arise*. Wbv did not Captain Hall now press on'.' He met with ice at this point, but it was by no means an impenetrable pack. He could have gone on. and wished to do so; and the responsibility of turning back must rest on Captain Buddington, who concluded that it was unsafe to ad vance as no harbor might be found in which to winter. What a pity that the partv did not resolve to ?Jare everything, and seize the golden opportnnitv which 'mav not recur in the next hundred years! Possibly, had they done so, thev might have found that Greenland extend* to the pole, and that a watery channel severs it from (irinnell Land all the way; or possibly they might have found themselves in the open polar >ea. somewhere beyond latitude St-, 'the existence of such a sea is not yet determined, l.ut so tar it seems that the evidence is In favor of Petermann's theory of Greenland being pro longed over the pole. Some other daring ex plorer will follow in his track, and the mystery of the pole may yet be solved." The New York legislature has amended the |aw relating to the punishment of murder so as to divide that crime into two degrees?the first degree being punishable with death, and the second with imprisonment for life. The law specifies three kinds of murder in the first de gree. 1st, "when perpetrated from a d'hberote and fr'm'hrttft d'tign to effect the death of the person killed, or of any human being; 31, when perpetrated by an act imminently dangerous to others, as evincing a depraved mind, regard less of human life, although without any pre meditated de-ign toetfect the d>-ath of any par ticular individual, 3d, when perpetrated with out any design to effect death, by a person en g-y ? _ ? ? ? .-njmy ? MIUUCI in the second degree is: "Such killing?unless it be murder in the first degree, or manslaugh ter, or excusable or justifiable homicide?as hereinafter provided, shall be murder in the Bast degree when perpetrated intentrnmallf, but vntkvmt <iel>beratvn awl premfditatv**.'' The law was passed with special reference to the scru ples of jurors who are averse to capital punish ment. and who frequently insist on acquitting prisoner charged with murder, rather than to outrage their own conviction* of duty by agree ing to a rerdict which will consign him to the gallows. ^ Tbe idea has been held out that young Wal worth. who assassinated his father on the flim siest of pretexts, will escape hanging because of his influential blood connexions. In the present state of public feeling in regard to the insecurity of human life, it is not Ukely that considerations of this sort will have weight with a jury, unless through improper manipu lation in its make-up. The verdict in the case of Stokes shows that it is not so easy as has been supposed for wealth and family influence to carry a jury at will in New York. The New York papers, by the way, are in structing to a healthy public opinion in regard to this atrocious parracide. The Tribune calls the murder 'selfish, unnatural, brutal." The Mum declares that *the fact that tbe father was a bad man affords not the slightest justifica tion. there is nothing of Mlt-defei.ce about this act." The Ereming P?*' thinks that there is no palliation for the crime of a boy who comes a fanudred and fifty miles with murderous intent and slays his father, and the Herald calls young Walwoitha-'nicnstrousoffender," and preaches a sermon on the general and alarming disrespect shown ot late years by children tor their parents. We have on hand a number of communica tions that lack the requisite of the name ot the writer in order to receive attention. We do not require the names Tor publication, but simply as a pledge of authenticity and good faith.j Tn Weekly Stak, new ready, contains particulars of the surrendfr af Capt. Jack; tbe Walworth tragedy; the New York fashions for June by denine dune, th-; Congressional Kxcurston "through tbe Southwest?the ex cursionists in T? \as?in editorial corre spondence; proceeding* of tbe District Le gislature; late#t and best tales, roems. sketches and fashion Items: together ? tb interesting local aews. Washington news and gossip, agri cultural items household receipts, dfce.. Sc. Terms. One dollar and a half ;?r annum. In advance; single copies five cent*-, in wrappers, rrait? fnf mulling |Ta?< HI K' H ul" 11IK STRAN>,BBi*.t Epi*co pad I Y M C A Buikliiiu 9tfi and D str?-t HSI>A V . II * m. free. It* nr3H?"LI'MRIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOC'lE U?.r TY ?A ?tit?( ??????-time will bf hsld THIS IVTSING at ? u'clo-k, at th?- smthwH* c^rnrr of*hand+?t~t. 11 | g MacMEBKAT.Swc i""S?rOl Nl>b> < H ' Kl'B. Mil \SD O an - Nxtiiii ?r>K? TO MORROW, At 11,by thepvt" R"> II.A ?'LIVELs*f>. ReCniDK ??r Rn I T) luvn. fc-st? It* fSsWACGH I. E. ' HUD'H-rmchiai TO MORROW u II ? m..b> Rev. D M Blown lw. A? # p m ???<:..O'l ?-?riiKMi t?. yoaug men, by tbe P?nt-r. R. i R < haid Koaam It" KTHR BoARD~<?r TRl'STBEfl OK PCB Lir *,ll iweet at tbe Franklin I BaiMitig Tl'EM'AV R VBN I NO, Jane W, bps jsT* A P FABDON. >?rstary fr-3?MBTB0P01.1TAN M M R. CHrRCH. bCNDAT, J?2? S'n, ?U1 be observed a< ? ?hiM??-n,s Pay." M>* service at 11 a. ? ? Miastoiaii sen Ice st I p. a., Bveninf service, 8 p m. if f-^TO MORROW t fcSH A*D FRAGRANT ILy MriSMtB Jgiir. " "| RI?AY Mol MSG GAZBTTB ? ill present to its BO.O'3 rs*der? cbukf and de lightful Sabbath Day ? ' reation, affording. la its rirblr freighted colmm.- that mental relief which largely promotes rm. ei. I aids in the ae d?d rem S" ii fr<<s the t<dl a- "I labor <?f the wseh. The AY MOBBIRG i. A/KTTB. 1st It be r<*mem at- ?-??- ^ - * * ? erSDAY MORR^O t> AZETTB- 1st It be r.' msui fiToriU nd ^oyular 9uo?Uy ?%P*r, to %|l, ftcfcnowledc*] to hi tk#>BBY BBBT AI>VPBT ^IBG MBDIL'M ?>",T,tLT' i?.? > fiy* ha? rsmovsd ? I?M? i I?; 9?** a* b?*re 9ioMa. ai . tttolp. m.,1 to I p. m ? ILBDBR ? DRDO BTOBB, Ma. 14N PuMnraiu A In New York vesterdav afternoon. a break took place in Ohio# and Pacific Mail, which were run down 1 va2 per cent., and the market closcd weak, with the other faneiea lower ta sympathy. Mva s? s s ?Ws.lflM. 17S | a-WVInAJy/ae,* JOS |-wiTW W'4 ! IHI-i U* UX Maw *?>aa-?ia?T Beiao. u.s. avian. ttx a?%, 1M w;? l-VV, Uk M7. no's, uaa ==-~S^ B-Stjaa. A Jly,m...l9\ 6-?-a,Jaa. * Jl7.a7_li\ a-s'Oaa.Ajiy.iaas. 19-40's MS ? Currency a*a~...?. 13H How IlTW 14 . BaLTTMOAI, Jane 7.?Virginia'*, consolidated, St ,;*?t \ irgmia's, 10; North Carolina six-s, old, Z& do., k-w,U. do., special tax,IV?bid to-day MaLTImoee, June 7 ?Oottoa qniet aod a "had* 1-etter?low middling*. 17V*I3 Floor very <lall an t unchanged. Wli-at uaiet and steady, prices unrlMiifetl Corn Arm ?>) in (o"d demand?white southern, 71: yellow ?oathern,#S'#}4; mixed wsstsrn, hS. Oats dull and weak?soothern, ?V<*W, western mix^d, C: do. white. W B?e?jniet and nuchanasd, S(cfh>. Hay dnll?Penn*> l> ania. S2V?S?5 Fro Tinoni quiet mem pork. 9l7K(^)li Bulk meat* ?ti-?d)f-?bonl()i,r?,7liwi'?i rib aide*. 8 ? rib ?ides,?',(??? Bacon ?teadv?shoulders, li rin *.'!e?.'<%: clear rib side*, in; *ugar-cured ham*, lift? 1? Lard dull ami om:i*l. Western butter unchanged. Whisky steady,NOBIS. Sugar strong, los New Tore, June 7 ? Stocks dull, (i >14 steady, 17',. Money quiet. 8<5r7. Exchange, Ion*, 9; shirt, j, ., Governmentsdull a?>d steady. iffw Tott. Juue7.? Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat quiet. Corn qniet and unchang?d Lo*l>o*. Jane 7,11 a. m.? Consols opened at 9J-, f. r money. 91for account. American securities, m thing aoinir, and prices nominal. Erie.tVj. Loxnox, June 7.1 ? m.?Consols and American securities closed at unchanged. THE WEATHER. V <s rtrtiTxim. (>>? of CkuJ Qfi'ir.l Wa*H!'ngto!?, June7,1.3T3, 10:10a. in. ( SYNOPSIS rot THE PAST TWESTT rnta HOCES? Thf barometer lis* riieu vrry generally ?a?t of the K >ck) mountains, being highest over the upper lake r-gion and Florida,and low. at in Minnesota. Rain nr^Ai preTailnl on Friday from North Carolina and T.-nn???ee tothe Gulf, over the lower ake region, He* Y'Tk and New Entland. Excepting the latUr, clear weather is now generally reported from the stations east of the %-chv mountains P?oB*Sit:TiK- ? For New England, northwest erly to northeasterly winds, somewhat lower teni perature, and generally clear and clearing weather jtr. probable. For the middle states and lower lake region, geaerally clear wea- tier and somewhat lower temperature, with light to fresh northwesterly to tH-rtneasterly winds oyer the former, and northerly to easterly over the latter. For the southern states east of the Mississippi, partly cloudy weather, with probably areas of lieht rain >n the ceaet. From the Ohio valley and Missouri tothenpper lake and Min nesota, easterly to southerly winds and clear or par Iv cloudy weather. Moruing'elegraptaic reports from Texas. Bausa-, upper Michigan, Dakota and Rocky mountain stations are partly missing. LOCAI. RECORD. Tlie th'-rm^meter in the business room of The Fur office registered to-day as follows:?3 a. m? it?; lua.m..7<. llm..77;lp m ,T?. TV^?NIW YORK REPUBLICAN ASSOCIA U^iy TION ... , There will be a regular meeting of this organirt lion at Clarke's Hall. N? 47? P-BBsylvanie av SATUKDAY EYEBlhG, J uue 7. 1373 at 7.? ' Proaoeed amendment to the Constitution will be ac'ed npon ALONZO BELL. President. J AS. E SPRAGUE. Bec.^ec. ja-lt a--^?RBMOVAL.?The undersigned have this day removed from corner of New Jerwjr avenue aiM B street south to their new Storeroom and Warehouse, (southeast corner of same ?uuare%>cor m-r l??t and V streets southeast. . - . , Our increased facilities will enable to ?np|ly onr customers GBOi'IRIKS, Ac., promptly, and at PT?Z?&W " e'*fWber>- QTLICK A BR? |V=5?GEORGK W HAUPTMAN, Justice of tlu (i_gr p,arr, attends to all kinds of Claims and Le. Kalbnsinese, southwest corner of 11th and O Greets northwest. W111! YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA [L^ TION, Comer 9rA ??J U 5fr*?t.?. ClRCrLATlNG LIBRARY reopened Over 1,000 new books just added. READING ROOM,free to all. l?AILY PRAYER MEETINGS-U:ia.?,and9 p.m. SABBATH SERVICES: Bible Lesson at 4:30, in LISCOLN HALL, led by Commissioner of ludian Affa rs; THEATER SER V1CE, corner of 11th and O sts., at 3 p. m niP tr ir3?SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS.-These pills are composed exclusively of vegetable n.Tredients, and although they entirely supersede the nse of mercury, do not leave any of its in urious effects. They set directly upon the liver, and are a valuable remedy in all cases of derangement result ing from a disordered state of that organ, Liver Complaint, Bilious Disorders, Indigestion, Sick H-adache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac., Ac .all succumb to the free use of Schenck's Mandrake Pills. For sale b* all Druggists and Deal-rs. uil-tr TO LADIES. How sad it is to ses a young wtfs, a mothsr Trfamily who reuuirsa all her Phrrtcal strength to fnlhll her household dutiea, and all her moral ca K&9 WWVWWmJW'W strength, feelina badly without being able to say why, but yet suffering enough to be irtterly mlsera able^ This state of weakness and debility is more fatal to her than a severe spell of sickness, for ia that esse she will receive the proper care, ae in the other she will linger months after months, not thinking " while to see a physician about it. nntil net are, sted, gives out, aad she ie carried to the crave, a little precaution In proper time would have worth exhai when . snared nothing TERS of Dr. L. O.BERTRAM. They are a safs and Infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, coe tiveness, biHousness, headaches, Bornlu sicknses snd all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ters. which are sold by all druggista, are, tojoouw m- wtzzis. k Bras it were, the cans of mankind *) terrible flloetbeoms had been at some periods ofthe world's history that a person knowa to be infected with ft w<.uld not he allowed to mix with socisty. HappUy in our day the disease is stripped of tts terror by ths use of BaaaaiTatf's Root sud Heee J vices, and the victim of Scrofula, Cleers, Bores, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Ae., can be rsstoredtosound health in a few weeks. . ... ROOT AND HBBB J DICES, #1JB per bsttls Sold by B.C. FORD, 11M Fa svs., aadbyDrug gists. DESMOND * CO., Proprietors, Baoe Street. Philadelphia. mmf9U SHKaDR. A. PRATT, Oradaate of Ohio OoUege at BE a^r aoonTSu&^Odd relk,ws^'|HaU.^Rs 9 OOK At fellLBTER S a ,e7 it CENT COUNTER Arctic soda watib; lo?A itfri nn<i Maryland nrtnw IIA NBC BY SMITH'S MINERAL WATERS' lors ftrrrt and Maryland aren*t. PBRCVIAN OTTAWA BEBR ' lor* stmt a nit Maryland annfU. FRENCH snd ENGLISH PBBFI"MERY?Low's Evtrsct -'Wood Violets,*'"Upper Ten Bou?4ii?t," " Wlntx Roee,'"1 New Mown Hay. 'Coiidray VB 'U ouet de Biarritz/'-'Soap Lettuce " and "Glycerine ," Lnbin's and Edes Extracts. W. E. KENNAUGH, 10th street and Maryland a^enne j7 UlND FEET AND FREQUENT EXERCISE in the op* n air and suushine being the best pre servatives of both physical and mental health, sud consequent usefulness and LONGEVITY, th< uaamls of persons com- from far and near to visit l'R WHITE, the well known Chiropodist, No. Ittli street,opposite the I'nited States Treas ury, Washington. D C, for relief from Corns, Bun ion* .Troublesome Nails, snd other diseases of the feet, and advise as to suitable fitting shoes. His treatment generally give* immediate and painless relief, an4 even in extreme ca?es, if none but suita ble shoes are worn, often effects a perfect cure. The feet Isring u?>-d so constantly need occasional atten tion. and as there is danger in tampering with Corns or Bnnionsby using a knife, razor, or other unsuit. sble appliances, the majority of ths intelligent por tion ofthe community visit the practically exaeri enced Chiropodist in order to l?tter insure safety, ec< t>< my of time, crmfort, and health. je7 N JEW YORK, May ?th, 1373. Messrs. FALMKR A GBBBN, Georgetown: Yoiirsof 27th instant,to hand Our STEEL FOUN TAINS are all tested to SOU lbs ji lw J9HN MATTHEWS O T I C B . WILLIAM T. McCUIN, County Constable. Debts Collected. Prompt R"torus. Collection of claims of all kinds respe<tfully solicited. Office with jus tice George W. Haup?mau, southwest corner 11th snd O street* northwest. 1 Bep 1 m? lr DBOF. BARTLETT PROPOSES TAKING A I number of lade, betweea the ages of 10 and 13, who wish to learn PHONOGRAPHY, on an sxcar sion to Maine during the summer vacatioa. Address hi writing H37 13th street southwest, Washington, 1VOT1CB! IV DISSOLUTION I BARGAINS BARGAINS, in FANCY GOODS AND NOTIONS, at the Mew York Bazar, 441 7th street, near B, to settle the okl Arm jeS-tr J. B. YOUNG. Abctic soda, with pobe fbuit syrup, PERUVIAN OTTAWA BBEB, VICHY, Ac., romtr )or* street mnd Maryland avmtu 'trakwett. Ths PEBUVIAN OTTAWA BEEB being purely botaah-al, is superior to all other oa account of its metfieimal 9*altti*>. evenness aad taste of Savor, and mikllv invigorating effects. Drawn from "Tuft'i Pstent Fountain," it is cool and refreshing,! at one half the cost of soda.) and aaay be safely recommend ed to the sick, invalid, and persons and children of weak constitutions Manufactured and for sals at Drag Store of W. B KENNAUGH, corner 10th street aad Maryland avenue northwest, mil lm* JOHN ?. EliaiNGlB, 1CI CBBAM PAVILION JlOW OPEN. Families and parties supplied at reasonable terms. jel 3m* No. ?1> 4* Steeet SorrawrEsT. f^ABPETS. cabpbts, oabpets. new storm! A LAMB ASSOBTHBBT OF CAKPIT8. OILCLOTH, MAT TING, BUGS, HATS, Be. mlAlm BB4 7t? it., nr.T A K4 cbi?irfo HOUSE, ?#4 Iitiki St. T. ?? "?"? TBI WORLD RENOWNED NOVELIST. Hu ioM begun, in " Saturday Night," The Great Family Pi^r, hi* last, and, we think, the beat story he hti written. He mp bimselt, in a letter accompanying hi* MS . that he' W??r? tk* mtrrrtt af itu Story ftt'ly up to nmylMimt kf *a - trrtr tm." It ia entitled UNDER BOLT AND BAR! ot. THE WIFES SECRET. ?Jr Get a copy of SaTlrdav of tlii* week, and read the Unit chapter* of UNDKR BOLT AND BAR. Nothing better has app*-ar>-d for years. For Ihi* Story Mr. Art'uiir received the highest price ever paid for a s?rtal. It |^REN('H PRINTED ORGANDIES ?? AT HALF PR1I E. Just opened, tliirtv piece* French printed OR GANDIES of tlie very finest quality in chintz colors it? CENTS PER YAbD. Also, Lupin's fine Block Silk and Wool (2RENADINES, in plain and satin stripe*, ranging from 75 teat* per yard up. Three pieces PI'RK SILK BI.A< K GRENA DINES at $1. $1 25 an<l ?1 So, all below the reg ular price. ONE TRICE ONLY. W. M. SHI KTER * BROS.. j7 4t 919 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ITNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ) Washisgtos. D. C., Hay M. JW3. On the petition ot MARY ANDREW a,of B<-m ville, Penu., administratrix of Abraham Andrew*. deceHsed, and Harri*on Kalbach.of the same place, praying for the extension of patent granted toth* raid Abraham Andrew* and Harrison Kalbach, on the 30th da> of August, 1359. for an impri vcui-iit in R. rixontal Wheel*: It is ordered that the testimony in the caae be closed on the 29th day of July next: that 'he time for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be limited tothe 8th day of August next, and that said petition be heard on the 13th day of August next. Any person may oppose this extension. je7 siw M. D. LEGGETT. Commissioner. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Huhirnt a Spoil Trrm, Junt i/, 1ST3 In the case 01" Wm. Joseph Jackson, executor of POM PE Y J A C K SON, decfMed, t be execut t?r af >r - - said has. with the approbation of the Supr>*meConrt of the District of Columbia aforesaid, appoints TUESDAY, June lith, H73, for the liual settl-'m.-ut and distribution of the personal estate of said de ceased. and ot the Assets in baud, a* far a* the saui" have been collected and turned into money; when and wb>-re all the creditors and heirs of said deceased ?re notified to attend, with their claims properly ???itched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded fiom all benefit in said deceased'* estate: ProridrJ, a copy of this order be published once a week for three week* in the Star previous to the said dav. Test: A WEBSTER, je7-s.3t* Register of Wills. LoUk at sbuster s Je7 4t 1-J1, CENT COUNTER. EO. 1*1. Ul?lERfcCO, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN FINE BUTTER AND ERGS; MAKE PHILADELPHIA PRINT BUTTER A SPECIALTY. CENTRE AND NORTHERN MARKETS. G M. OYSTER, G. M. OYSTER, Jr., jfi Jt J F OYSTER AY. 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We call attention to our assortment of very tle gaut ENGLISH CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS, of the newest patterns, and of the moat exquisite workmanship For elegance of effect,brilliancy of light and real e< , they excel all othercbandeliers heretofore made. We have already introduced then into tome of the finest dwellings in this city aud elsew here, and per? sons who contemplate building or refurnishing are invited to examine our stock. These goods are of our own DIRECT IMPORTATION, atid are offered at very low prices. M. W GiLT, BSO. * CO., JEWELERS, j.ftfit 1107 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. MORE NEW GOODS!! THEY ARE ALMOST GIVEN AWAY I LOOK AT THIS LIST : Children's Suu Bonnets and Hate, 50c. '? Marseilles Hats,very pretty, SI. " Lswn and Lace Hats, 91. " Plaid Moslin Aprons, cover entire dress, 60c. " White Dresses,rroe*barred maul in, 81. ?? Bnff Suits, Si Ladies' white and colored Border Apr ins, SSc. ?' Ruffle and Plaid Mnslin do , 50e " Percale and White Lawn Skirt Waists, $1. '? Fall tucked Skirts. #1. " Puffed and embroidered front Chemises, SI. " Tucked and embroidered Drawars, SI " Tucked and Lace do.. 50c. Boys'Calico Waists,Mc. Ladies' Scotch gtegham black Sun Umbrellas, SI. " Lisle thread l-but 'u half Gauntlet Gloves 45c. " Leather Belts, S6c. " Morocco and Im. Russian Beits, 50c, " Oxydixed and Gilt Rett Chains,Xc. " Wood, Paintt-d and Linen Fans, 35c. " Fancy, Wood and Silk do., 50c. " Black, white and col'd Silk and Vienna do., Children*'! ne Linen Handkerchiefs, 3 for 35c. Ladies' hemstitched Liuen do., 4 for SI. " fine Ganze Vests, Si Gents' do. U Shirts, SI. " Light British and Lisle Socks. " Striped Socks, S pair for #1. 14 Black and Fancy Silk Bows. IS and 10c. Ladies' Bias Silk and Fringed Scarfs, Mc. Box pleat and other styles Ruffling for the nesk, 35 andSOr. per yard. Extra large and fine Damask Towels,!for SI. Splendid Bathing Towels,3 and ? for SI.,Ac.,*c..*c. If yon have any consideration for your pxket books, yon will sot fail to call on metropolitan dollar store, SISBSTEHTH STREET, ??^S?Ih?*s bow on hand my oaual fall stock of wm as "? ????" WANTS. w AKTID-itilT ? ptreet.a WOMAE to do leneral bonne work for a imill tmuilf. It WANTBD-Imm?diate|y-A'Ni.tlS ?' ?**??* ea*i,oneflrst class DBES8MAEEB Eoother need apply. W?-* VV'ANTKD-A Clored OIBL.a* waiter and ?" chambermaid; moat com* well recommended. Call at No 991 I street. " l\'ANT?r>-A SEAMSTRESS inasm?ll femilr; ? f one willing to make herself otherwise netful, good ref. rences repaired. Apply ?t Ko. 114 C atreet. jeT 3f WAMED-A WOMAK.w Mok.wHhwl i run Yv for a -mall family. good reference# re-mlred Apply at 49* Maryland ?venae, between ?H ?nd ?tb street*. ' If WAMIU-An active white WOMAN as Coo* for Mi Eating Hoaee, will pay go.?l wag** Apply at the Or.-en Mountain Kmihk Honee.Oen ter Market. If VV^NTK^-A BOY, 15 or 16 veara old; one wbo vY bas some kuowlrdge of the Irug bu?in*?? pre ferred. Good recommendations te<iuired. Addres* L. K. 8., Star office. je7 Jf WA NTKD?Immediately?A YOUTH of 18 or JO years, who understands housework and driv ing: none other need apply. R?ferencee required. Apply al ??*()'> E atreet northwest. It* ANTED? A competent white WOMAN, to if cook, wash and iron for as-nall family, refsr ecces required. Apply at 1340 N?? York avenue, near 14th street, bet wren 9 and 11 o'clock. je7-St* \VANTkP-To RENT, a STORK on Pennsylva " nia avenue, north aide, between 4H and 12'h streets. For a good location, a permanent tenant can he obtained by applyiug at No. ?"i0 4S atreet northwest. je7 3i* WANTED?T? rent to on? or two gentlemen, a " suite of large airy ROOMS for the summer. by a family leaving tow n. Reference re?inired. Ap Ely at the southwest corner of Vermont avenue^iiid i street. It* UTANTED-An INVESTMENT for one or two years for $4 000 This sum W available at once if security and title ar* good JOHN B. WHEELER. R"wl Estate Broker, )f7 .It No 1 4 16 P ?nnsrlvania avenue. \V'AN'IEI>?A suitable G riuan or American v v GIRL or WOMAN to do the cooking, washing and ironing for a family of two living in George town,!). C. Oo.kS wages paid to a first-class aer vent. Apply between 2 and 3 o'clock p.m., at the Star office. jeT 3t W ANTBD-94 HoRSES and CaRTb, 2o:h at t" and Massachusetts aveuue. je6-2i* O O BARE A CO W ANTKD-A Competent W HlTE~\VOMAN to " co> k and assist in washing and ironing. A"p ply at l?>01 I street northwest. jH> 3t* W~ANTF.D-IRONERH.-t. , at th- WASHING TON STEAM LAI NDKY.M4 F street, op. posite Patent Office. jH> It* WANTED-A WOMANtoc >ok and Co the house v* work in a small family; must be well recom mended . A pply at 14 10 8 street northwest. 16 2t* %%'ANTED?A few thousand ?>f Board of Public YY Works' CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTED NESS. Lowest bid left at the National Hotel will receive prompt attention. je6-lt* WANTED? A middle-aged, reliable WHIT! vT WOMAN to takecliarge uf a small house and store; recommendations required; go.*! wages. Iu oiiireof \\ M. KRONEBEROER, coruer US and D streets southwest. je6 2t * WANTED?At i:i<i Fslr.'et.a first cla-s M?at vv and Paetrv OOOK: also a BOY from 15 to 18 nrs of age to work in .lining room and make him self generally useful. Good wage# given to compe tent help. je6-lt* \VANTED-Immediate!*-A WHITE Nl'RSE; v v uni*t have the best of references. Good wages given Apply l?etween the hours of 9 and 10 (not before or after time stated ) at !fU6, corner of I and jl streets northweat. i"*>-2t* W ANTED-A smart COLOKED Bt?Y. Apply to CA RO'S Bazaar, No. 404 Pa. avenue, uuder National Hotel. jeS-3t \%/A NTED?A competent WOMAN who. nnder vv staLds the sewing machine (Singer or Victor),

and can make ladles' garments of all descriptions S'earty employment given the year round. B. 3IK ?'i strset southwest. je6-3t* w S'eaoy t f TKRN, *\rANTED?All and sundry to know that they ?? can have th^ir Washing done at the WASH INGTON STEAM LAUNDRY, M4 F street, op p< site Patent Office, for one dollar i?er month. G.-ods called for and delivered. Repairing free. First-class Ironers want, d jeft 3t * \17"ANTED?A WOMAN to cook, wash and iron, yy Good references required. Apply at No 216 E stre.-t, between 3d and Sd. j4 Jw \V* ANTED? A TENANT for part of House No. tt it'll K atreet northwest, within five minutea' w ilk of Government Printing Offlre. It has gas and water, summer kitchen Rent ni'?lerate. jet L7 ANTED? Immediately?At Sen**ca Qnarrv. V LABORERS and Ql'ARRYMEN. alto, MEN experietced in sawing stone. Apply at Company's Office, corner K aid tSlh streets. Bock Creek, or at the Quarry. C. W. HAYDEN, President. j4-6t \t ANTED?WET NllBSE. Apply at ???*X v v street northwest, between 8th and 9?h streets. Also, a GIRL from the country not over W, for gen eral housework. je2-6t* WANTED-nol SE PAINTERS at FEN WIi'l 's Painting Kstablishuient, No. 46 Jef ferson street, Georgetown, D. C. None but Rood workmen need apply. je2 \\T ANTEI??All p<Ts..ns wbo have not yet seen the improved WHEELER A WILSON SEW ING MACHINE to call and examine it liefore bny iiiv any other. It is simple, noiaelese, swift?making 1 ^0<)stitches a minute No shuttle used, an.l there fore but one tension required. Will last a lif* time. Sold on monthly payuents. P. J. STEER A SON, Agents, 461 Pennsjlvania a\enue, near 4lf ptreet. tny31 Im* W'ANTED? All those who value their sight to know that th? best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE"' in the country is accurately suited to the eyesight by H. H. HEM PLER,the Optician, corner 4'? street and Pennsylvania aveuue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. my 19 ly* \V ANTED?A GIRL that can come well recum v v mended; can call at 933 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washing aud ironing of a small fam ily. Apply from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m.. or 6 to 8 o'clock p m. mlA-tf VV ANTED? Immediately?Families or pcrsoua in " need of first-class SERVANTS of every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Bervanta also can get good homes ana best of wages by applying at the Eureka Employment Office, to Blrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, ?0T Uth atreet) near E. a IS 2m VV ANTEI??Every on* to know that the VICTOB W SEWING MACHINI has iu nmdU ulf ut linr: the most perfect ahuttle in nae, resting in a cradio; needle bar aud works of ateel. Agency, 46ff Pennsylvania avenue. Alao, Branch of Mm*. Detn orest's Pattern Emporium. angSO-ly T. W. SPICEB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. LUST?About IS o'clock Friday, between 3d and Oth atreets, en E street, a SANDAL WOOD FAN . spangled with jet chain and pin attached. A suitable reward if returned to 133U I atreet north w?at. j7-2f LOST.?A I ad lea' GOLD WATCH with a portion of chain attached. A liberal reward paid to anf one leaving it at this office. j2<4i* BOARDING. C^OUNTBY BOABD at city prices; cool bouse, / convenient to the city; ten trains stop adsy. For further information call at the Navy Depart ment, room 4. je7-3f WILL TAEE A FEW BOARDERS FOB THE summer, beginning tirat of July; place shady; two milea from B?ckville: rooms on lower t1o?r; terms, eight dollars per week for grown persona, sis for children and nurses. Address A.G. W.. Bock ville Post Office. Md- ji 2t' SI MMER BOARDING AT BED WOOD, A DE lighttul com.try seat; IS miles from George town or Washington; west side Bock Creek. There is a pavilion, croquet ground, a variety of fruit t Ac., and a daily stage to the Treasury, arriving at 9 o'clock a m., leaving at 3 30 p. m. For further particulars, apply to Mrs. BROOK, 911 16th street northwest. jS-2w* FlIYATE BOARDING?0 ?<*! location, pleasant rooms; prices moderate: within a short distance of both the cars and steamboat, No. 90 Prince st., Alexandria, Va. . m30 1w A FEW FAMILIES can be accommodated with Booms and Board for the summer in a delight ful snd healthy location, 36miles from Washington, by rsil. Emjuire of JUAN BOYLE k CO. ml9-?ol0t I71KN1SHED ROOM8 FOR PERMANENT OB r TRANSIENT B0ABDEB8; also, TABLE BOABD, 911 E street,between 8th and 9th north west. mU-lm PERSONAL. I)1 _AB , HAVE YOUB WHITE SUIT d> ue up nicely at the WASHINGTON STEAM LACNDBY.914 F street, opposite Patent Office, ai d meet me at the music on Saturday. j6-3f ADMIBEB. QO AND CONSULT MADAM DE GBAFFt the wonderful Seer tad Clairvoyant; she la the seventh daughter of the asventh daughter; she can be consulted at 396 Pennsylvania avenae, between 3d and M streets, for a short time only; she gives advice on all business matters; tells how to recover lost or stolen property; tells of lovers, and even tells the name of the person yon are to marry. Fee* fi. All letters answered promptly by Inclosing ?1 and stamp. Honrs from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ml4-4w* By K all no laying on of hands ? T.4T8 - jyjOST WONDEBFUL JNVENTI0N_0F THB J. Moses' Electre GaUanicSPECTA-^3AC^ CLES, Patented June t, 18K. H. HOFFA.Sol* Agent, Denier InWatche*,J*w*lry,andwatoh Material Ko. 6H8 Pa. ave., bet. 4th nnd fth sta. dec7-lr jy|AIOSlC & KG ALIA. We ar* prepared to furnish Masonic Eqnipments for nil Commanderies at FACTOBY PRICES. CHAPEAUX. SWOBDS AND BELTS, CUFFS, CAPS, and every article pertaiaing to the Order. We guarantee all Suits sold to be regulation. WILLBTT m Bl'OFF, majlO lm 90i Pennsylvnnla avnne. P^plrtarage'for H0B8ES and COWS JLICIOUB CBEAMS AMD ICES Always on hand at th* n*wly r*Qtt*d Saloons of D'J HEKBY ALBBES, Confectioner and Ice Cram Mannfactorer, Mo. 11th st., bet. K and Is. lttk strew. afli FOR RENT AND SALE. l^OB RENT-PLEASANT booms. fx-iBf the r Capital and Botanical Gtrden?, on 3d street. No 1 #4 j7 It* F? F Oft BBNT-UBf UBN1SHED BOUXV -a m itiil*oriin(lf,? th or without b'?nl, 31** C street uorthweet. )7-.v* /OB BENT?Two or three Uufurntsbed B'HUt"*, _ first floor, with water and hath. Apply at Sit 5th >tr?fl northwest. je7 3t* FOR BIIT-ROCSI.corgor 1Kb and F streets, contsiping t?n r?oai?. m?dem improvements. Apply ?* 1993 Pennsylvania ??fiiu?. je7 St* pOB SALE?FBAME HOUSE. N 1?09 9th 1 street northweet. bft*i*li T anl V. eight rooms, fin* ball, good yard, Ac T*rm? easv In quire at 119^ 8th street northwest. #3* POB BSNT?Large PA BLOB anl BBDBOOM r ou M rl.> -r. snitable for ti- or two g-'itl-m Ale?, other BOOMS, furnished and unturui-h~1. at 9t>5 Vermont avenue. corner I street. j7 3?* I/oB BENT-A NEW BOISE $30 per month. 1/ seven room., slate mantel*, French windows. at the end ot Conn- cticnt utm#' car*. Inquire 4>i4 Louisiana avenue, from 9 to a p m. je7-lm fj^OB SAL* ?Tw-> six-room HOl'SES. water.***, bath room Sin) or AtHOcaah; balance m >nth ly. L S CHAPMAN, je* 3t IS: h itro?t, near X street L^OR BENT?Very drflrthlo ftirni?h?.l HOUSE, r all modern con'- suienceo, near Patent and Post Offices. (10V je73t THOS E WAQGAMAN,5197th?t. L OB KENT?HOUSE, No. 99** \ atr-et north ? west, between 9'h and 10th. contains It) room-. witb tncdert. improvements. Inquire on the |>rm ises from 4 to S p m. je*3t* F">OB SALE?On Long Time-S?jU A BE l???l7at a bargain. Also, Lots in Squares |nh, |i?0, 1063, HIST, 1US2. ll'<9. IMS and 1122, -n easv >?7 !?' I'RFSHBEV A UBEKN. MOK st._ L'OK KbNT-l'lt'???iil Furnished R'OMS in the 1 country. about 2S >t S milea. with or without Board Splendid water and shade, Ac., the health lest in th? District; stable room, Ac. luqulre at the Star office. j?7 St* ?/?OB BENT-Thres or four UNFURNISHED I BOOMS, suitable for hou-ekeeping. Fa-oily ab-ent for the aiimnier. Convenient t.> d partrn?ut? T? rtns reasonable. Call at 1441 I. street, near 15th. before 9 or after 4 '7-Jt* F'OB SALE OB RENT-N . pJO't 1. i ti ?treet noitbweet, PRESSED I'.BICK HOUSE 7 room*, gas and w ater. large lot. Possession iiinn ? d lately Bent, $ SO per month. Enquire at IU0U M -treet. 17 3t* LVtB BENT-A M l TABLE H<?OM f r S?ci?tv r meetings, mi C street, between 6th and 7tli ii?rthweat,iRed Men's Hall). F t teniis apply to Mr RARTIIOLOM AE, on 7th street, between New York avenue and L street _i7-e Jt* fi^OB ~RENT?STOBE, 15x31. with large show window,and two room* julioiuing, N'o 311'i 11th street northwest. Also, a STOKE N> HOJi K st northwest, with fonr unfurnished K kmns in the same building. Inquire at the tiiocery. corner llib and E streets northwest. je7-3t* L'OK 8aLE-Twii new IRAMKS.very neat and I pretty, situated on Lawrence street, bet. is h and 19th and B and S streets, one square from street care, in a growing neighborhood; can be bought on longtime. Apply to WlLLET A LIBItEY, Lum ber Merchants, corner of (ih street and New York .IV- ' lie. j.-7-2? I^OB sale ON OAI'lTOL HILL Atirst'claas pr?ase.l hrick front HOUSE, 'illiSth -tieet southeast, half a s<|iiare frogi Pa. axe .com prising > rooms, saloon parlors.marlde m ?ntl >s. L i trot?es, Ac., water and gas, lot 22\lu5; nice b?? K builditiK and yard, side alley. and yard li.mdsoru -I* paxed. A very desirab e aituation, and near the new market and park Will be ? dd at a sacriflee on an early call at ft Si*) all casb, or $ l.ftm. sma!l < a?h payments, balance in monthly D"tes of ?i:>. at ? p i cent, iiiterist. H F.STEIt A BYON, Beal E-tate Agents and Brokees. j?7 2t* 110 l?t street south'ast, Capitol H ll. I^OB RENT?Three unfurnished ROOMS, ?oiita ble for housekeeping; water atid bath AI?o, nt furnished BOOMS on lirst floor, .VJ.'i Missoart axenue. je < 6t * l/OB RENT?Se?ot?d story V RONT K<?OM,for ? nished ? three BO* >MS on the third It ?or, utifn*" ni?lied; bath, Ac.; rent cheap; L street N. W. Stable in the rear. jeC-tt* F" *OR SALE?That DESIRABLE PROPEBTV, the residence of the late < ommrMlore H. Aulick, situatail on the nortbea?t corner of I ami Istb streets N. W Enquire ou the premise.. N 17119 I street. je fi-6t |/OB RENT- Eonr new Hol'SES. N<x, iJ hi, I 33 and 35 K street N E , Latrobn'a R?nge?. w ater. gas, liath, and other tn ?der:i com enn-uces Keys at No. 33. GEO BUBUES5, Attornei , ;i'il t'? street, uear City Hall. jeg-St* L^UK BENT OB SALE?One of the most genteel 1 and comfortable HOUSES in the District,con taining all modern conveniences, with lai lot.cor ner 4th and <? 9 E. Bent -JM) per m ?nth. Enquire of J AS. A. TA IT. Pennsylvania avenue, No. U'2 1 . between 3d and 4th streets 8. E. je 6-ltn* l^tlK SALE-That TWO-SToRY RBICK DWEL r LINO, 1605 I'.nb street, near P street circle. House has s?ven room*, with high ceilings; is well loiilt and nice!) finished, porch in front; *ide en trance and front yard. The locality is improving with astonishing rapidity, and is soon to lie one of the most deairable sections of the city. For further rarticulara inquire on the ptemises after three p m jeSat* OR SALE-VALUABLE COUNTRY RESI DENCE. abont five miles from Washington, consistir g of a laige mansion bouse, tenant house, servant's house, henery. milk house, splendid well of water, a large number ef choice fruit and sh.?le treas, and forty acre# of excellent land in a high state of cultivation. The place is well fen-ed arid in the most perf> ct order, and will be sold for $9.noo on eaay terms. If not sold within a week a portion of the bouse, with outbuildings and garden, will be rented cheap to ? family w ithout children. Apply to GEO TRUESDELL A CO., je6-lw Real Estate Brokers. 51 3 7th at. FOR RENT?Five ROOMS, three front and two back, 7;h ?treet northwest. Water and gas in the house. jj-3t* yoR RENT?Two comfortable ( NFI RNI8IIED r ROOM8 on second story. ga? and water. BMnt in advance. Apply 143* Rhode Island avenue, I near litb afreet j*-3t* ffOB SALE-HOUSE No. WttO East Capitol street, one aqnare from Lincoln Park, contain ing five room*. Will b? sold cheap for cash Apply at W10 same square. j5 Jt* FOB BENT-A desirable PRIVATE BESf DENCB will be rented during tne summer months for the rent of the house < ?.TU per month). Referencea r?gnire?i. Inquire ou the premises. No. 154V 10th atreet northwest. jt Jt* FOB BENT-Two ri BNISHED HOUSES. I340-U19 O atreet, opposite the Chnrch of Epiphany. Terms moderate. Apply at the hooae, Q street. je4 2w F^OR SALE.?I have one or two of thiaie FRAME HOUSES on T atreet left, which I will sell ou long time and small cash payment. _ _ R. W. DOWNMAN, je4 Iw Beal Estate Broker, 418 7th atreet. FOB SALE OR RENT FOR THE BUMMER, a pleaeant RESIDENCE. 9 room-, 2'. milee from tbe city, north, and fonr miuut*?t' walk to iu tion on Point of Rocka B B . with two acres or land, stabling, excellent water, Ac. Apply at 1419 W atreet. je41w It'OR SALE?A COTTAUE, six rooms, summer ? kitchen, and cellar; gas and water; (ot 41 feet front. Urraced; fruit treee; grape vines, and fiowera. Location, 1411 6th street, within one sqaare of Corcoran Market. For further information call at 7 0,? 9th street nortliweet. jj 6t? OB SALE-Three BI'ILD1N<> LOTS on lJth street, between Sand T streets. Three LOTS on 12tli street, between S and T. One Lot on O street, between ltth and 15th streets. Will be sold at a bargain. J. STANLEY JONES, j3 lw* No. ail 7th street, opp. P. Q. Dept. Fi*OB SALE?Bast FABT of LOT 3, square 369, on L street, between 9th and 10th streeta north weat, south front, having a two-story building and attic, with large back building; all slated; water and gas. The Tacant ground on east side of houae would take a comfortable aide building. Terms easy and moderate uponpavment of one-third cash ror terms apply to JAMBS T0WLE8, Property Agent, H atreet northweet, between (fth and tth streets. Office SLL j3-2w UOB SALE?Very desirable BUILDIBG LOT for 1 sale, on weat side of 16th atreet, opposite Scott Square; M by 100 feet. Apply 1545 M street, be tween 1Mb and 16th streeta northweet. jel 4w* fl*0B BENT?SIXTH STBBET WIlABVErTi^j WABEBOUSBB alao, FBAME DWELLING, corner 6th and If streets southwest. Apply te WM. H BYLBS, Agent. b09 Pennsylvania avenue. FIB SALE-TWO NEW BRICK H0DSE9, Ho 609 B street soutbeast: 7 rooms: bath-ii>om and cellara; also, TWO FBAME HOUSES on C aoutheaat; 7 rooms; bath-room and cellars, #3 too; for Brick House,for terms, apply to 446 1 street north weat. mjllw * JpOB SALE?On long time, with small cash pay Sub Lots tl and 35, square KM, 14th and V streets. jjFart Lot IS. square 2S8,13th atreet, near 8. M lOx Sub Lotai 10, and west S of 16, square 943, loth atreet and North Carolina avenue. Sub Lot 96, equare fit; tax title. 15.10 by 80 feet of square 8K; tax title. Lot 9, square 878; tax title. Seven five-room FBAME HOUSES, lots 14x100, fronting east on 7th street east, between A and B north, one square from East Capitol atreet railroad Bp JNQ B. KENDALL. PIE sale-two fbamb houses, louareet front and 93 feet deep, situated <m aouth "de of Cast Capitol street, between 8th and 9th sta Price trass* mcfuss F)BAAIl5r,!?U8B iOT' IBIS G at. northwest; three-story Brick, coaparatively new; Lot 18 feet froat by U8 feat deea. Price yerr low; all taxes paid ap. Inquire of L. T. CLABK, Paper hangings Store, Ho. 1993 Pennsylvania ave n*L wM-lm tBrae-story FBBSSBD ? BBICK HOI SE. containing tea rooma, besidea store aad cellara, bath and aantr^ rooms, with gsT hot and cold water, aad aifmodern im^ovslel u' Sand coavenlent to ears and market. Whole house 2aP Sor* ffii, ld^?lr* hollidge BOB., MB aai 0, or 1M18th stieei. my24im C?OB BENT-A"four-atory preaa-brick DWEL r LING,finely located on aonth ?. between 1st aad M streeta, Capitol Hill, being the corner house near M atreet, north side, containing twelve rooms, with water, gas, Latrofcea. range, dumb waiter, bath-room and laundry; with ample coal aad wood bunks, and capacious yard in the rear; a rare -haacefor securing a very alee summer ' in the very beat condition". Price 900 per~ta->nth (HB8TBB A BYOH, _ ^ Bel els Ageats aad Brokers, ?yg-tf 119 1st street southSMt.Oapttol HI 1U. isa's "P.VIK 1 a-iVSSi Ageats, Ho. 1491 Haw Terk a venae, corner of l?h street porthweat. [Bep.AChrou-| ?<?-?f |?0B BEHT?Ho.* Id ST ? ? I P .atory, atswud briak frost, ata reoaa, aallar. FOR RENT AMD 8ALBL FOB MKT? Half NIK* tr.mi Mil atr?e? car*, a four-room nfw BUCK HOI S*. |U p?i month, poaaeasion given 'h* tat of June Inquire 6*4 I'OiifitiM ?> wof, Utvwr t mm) i. m?17 Im l^OK BINT?DWELLING HOUSE. witn prtaa I brick front ml Btrblt trimKitfi. No liOT Rbode Inland ?irnu?, bftvm IMh urf Wh ?tr?**u, th? residence of the First AMiout PmOMntfrO-n rral fur tkf ihrw tad half xmn Inquire 140* llth Mr?fl Tko aborr bouae kai recently been painted oataide and grained aaluut maid-. and put in perfect order mil 1m FOK SALE OR BENT?Very d*wirable two-et?ry FRAME HOl>B. on lar*e |<h of groand in Uaioatown. containing eight rooms, with estnre ronai.if'xid place for baaineas. Apply to R F. MARTIN. Uni<>ntown, D C. tnftlM* P?R BENT-FUBBIBBBD ROOMS: a Ml Parlor famished aa a Bedroom, and two pi-as ant roosne, bark and front, oa aeoond atory. in an eligibly-located Dwelling on I street, near Pth. vtll be rented on reaeonable tenna to gentleman only. Addrees "A. J.,T" Bati?nal R-publican ?Bce ??tf f Rep.) I/OR KENT-At 5?1? 1Mb street. (Scott Place,) > FURNISHED BOOMS, singly or en antte. at ?in nier prirea For people remaining in town during the summer thia is aapleodid location, tteing cobteuient to hotels and cara. Well ihalM and airv ml* Ira I^OR RENT-An elegant SI MMER SEAT.ale ? slrable r-??idence. near tbe aea shore at lalip Long Inland, opposite Fire laland Light-house, contain* U rooms, well furm-hed for a tlrat cla*a family; with >'?wv convenience for housekeeping, an h<>nr and a half's ride fr?oi N?-? York, and a few minutea walk from the depot; market, school., rtmr. he*.afore*. P"*t office cl<?* at liand.fln-r ad?. ?alt aater. ff'hlns, boating, arable %c<.>mni.<l?lt >ua for fonr horses; ice-home tilled, rood lawn, shade and flower l ed" For t.-rm? applv to WM TYLER. 71* l?h street, mio-eolot* Washington city, D O. FOK SALE. L'MB SALI- A HOK>E. six years old. hand- m<. r sound, and in ?-?<*r? ?a> in t <?l Condi i ti- n. In<iuire at BA/EL'S Livery, B all rtrrrt, n<ar Hi(k, 6tarK<1?wt, j" Jt* T/OK SALE-A I'airy lioRSE-U UJON ?nd I IIARN K>8. CANS and Rul'TK Fori parti. nlats addrees j*+ ?? "PAIRV." Star office. _ F[*OR SALE?A One MAKE, well broke to *ingle or double liarnnn; ?t tnda wn!i -lit lnich . ir.c. suitable f"t a ph\ ?ician, ? dd for want of use. FKEI* K K<'"NE3 joo Jt* No 6ittt Louisiana ave. F'OR SaLB?A " Lawrence" second hand COUPEE, iii pe rfect condi'ion. To l>e foand at ANDREW' JOYCE'S, cumiuof litb and E atre ra, tor .tne week onl> . jJ*t* J^OUA WATER APPARATUS FOR SALB A great variety of White and T^nneaaee Marble tM>I>A WATER APPARATC8. at manufacturers' ^Hcaa and term*: aecond-hand onea tak<-ii in e? charge Silver-plated Apparatus Wl] Steel Foua tair.s to loan, free of charge, by n>)4 Im* PALMER A GREEN. Georgetown. Hricb clay bob ralb. Apply to DODOB A DABBBILLB, jlT-tf 14ST F street PROFESSIONAL. IkK A F A. KINU lis* returned. Olti. e, ?!# 1/ 141 liatreet northwest. Hour-, 8S to ?l* a in , 3to 4S? and 6 to 7 p. in j?< Si* Sj; FRANKS^ DENTIST, 413 12th ?treet, above K irkwo-?l H "H?e. lie gnaranteea good work in appear anc<-. tit,dniabiliiy. an I puritv of material?^ for k-e? money than au> I*<-utiat in tbc^ city- jo4 IkOC'TOB HABTIOAM HAS BEMOVBD HIS IF office to No IWIO F afreet nor hwo?t m.11 aw JAMES O.CLEPHASB. B. Z. BRA1LBY CLCPHANB k BKAILEY, SHORTHAND WRITERS A LAW REPORTERS Ollire-llo. 110 0 atraet, between lat and M. facing Indiana avenne mhll ly J OHB W. HANNA, _ _ _ ATTOBBBT AT LAW. Bo. 8 Tonne*? Law Bnildiag, del-tf Waahington. D 0 MEDICAL. Ac. C'ONSI LT I?R KBUCB, No *11 i.tb atreet, / l>etweeii H and I. A apecialiat ot twenty lite years practice. j4 If F"LECTRO MAGNETO OALVANIC TREAT i MENT for nervooa diaeaaea l>y PBOF.U P EVANS, No. 4*7 Penna>lvanta avenue, id floor. General applications, ate., aponge bath, toe. it 15 roltn I? KM ALE DlBIARtB of all kirxla traataa. De r acribe case ana encloae 11, adv'ca and m?dl cine will beaent. Addroaa lira. Dr. THOMPSON. Mr. *4? Mortb 1Mb atraK, Ph?.'adelphia. iltf lyJ ADAMB WILSOBI. A Rtaulmta K4mtmud PHYSICIAN AMD M1BWIFB. can be consulted on all DISBASBS INCIDENTAL TO LADIBB. Beaidence and Conanltatian Ro-ma, 611 ttk atraat between H and I. Booma. Board,Medical attonlanaa Ac., at reasonable pricea. Tapeworm removed wttt ketel in two hour*. Bafag to ??tlaato eacoeesMh treated In Waahington. mtII-7*' M HOTELS. |jB10fl HOTBL^yoA.g^, ThM Botol has baan nawly refitted Proariator. ? newly rafltted and It ooataina all the modern '?si?rtrmta tort mmt sold baths, balls, and gas. It Is ooavealaaUy lo sated, being situated oa tka Una of tka Washington utd Georgetown City Paaaenger railroad, thaean if ahich, from the railroad and ataamboat deaeta ?aas tba door every two or Urea minutea. The raeets of thia house can reach any ot the aublk bnildings ef the national capital or any%liS? o? uni>.-ment, Ac , br a >ln?nt ride of a few minutes Per* r,. doing busit <as along the Une at wd on tbe wbarvea will tad R toMMB ?toy at thia ho?a. dac? jy YSOBB HOTEL. Bo. T?? Q STRBBT. jea-tt BKTWgMW Tth awd Sth ST???ra. THB IMPERIAL HOTBL, JAMBS BTBB8, PrarrMtar. rtoSTiH* PmiifTLTaMia Arim. Bmwm Ikt aUUU mtm, WasHiifeTow, d. 0. Thankful to the pvbllc for gaoaro? patroaaga to the paat^ tb^Froprieior^aaks frleods aatf a^kblUbMKt, which he aromiaes?sbaU ha foud'a! Vaaat eonal to the beat la Washington. jac? tf (Bep , Qhron J The bbtabt hodsb, Lotaud aa corwsr MtA drag mmd if. T. SNSSS. Attar tba tot of Dwtakar, lffl, Permanent Mi Transient Boarders will flixi this booaa oae of tbe ?oat desirably aafl Boat conveniently locatotf honaaa to tbe city. The rooam are neatly furnished, well lighted and ventilated.and provided with all ? * aoniniodatlona. The charges are low, hot tba wants and tba eoa fort of all gueata will be carefully provided for. The proprietor, B. BICHABDS, baa determined to provide a good caterer. aovB^ttf 4 CO. WLLLABD, BBBITT HODSB, WASHIHOTOB. B. O. 1873 6"4""> o""'"8 1873 OP SUMMER STYLES or BLACB ALPACA COATS. DBAB D'ETB COATS. DIAGONAL MOHAIR COATS. FRENCH SBBOB COATS, LIGHT COLOBBD STBIPBD ALPACA COATS A? ITBACI, the Clothier, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, myg-tr Between 10th sad 11th atreeta. p BE VIOL'S TO REMOVAL. Selling oat a large atock of HUMAN HAIB GOODS at tbe lowest pricea ever known In thia city, aa the store I now occupy will bo tora down by July lat in order to build. Call early aad secure bargains. H. PHILIPPI, 719 Market Space, i3-<t* Between Tth and 8th streets. THE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE UN DERSIGNED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE, AND B STREET, BE TWEEN SIXTH AND 8ETENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BB LOCATED HERB AFTER AT THB ? Cbts if IStft rtrsH ni ?Mb bv?. b. w. M. FPtlTt. *v C * ?*? fc * i BrSIKESS CIIAKCBS. '?'?B t?T?CB ABD riXTCBK? 0r^>T." < OST ECTIOJt IR Y, b-w BAS? CHEN. and *?ar>th ?.? in ooa[.i ?, um-, ? " ?oM cbaar l*?air* l??> 7thZU? * J,.'" The wki.l-mtam.mbb* h?>taTb*mt kMnMtk?bick*aa !?.??, ??, ,|?, ?" ?' a**n?r, rnmrl.l. U f .? w ?f-'M f.H Ml-fb-.f |t,un r? .?n Ik- f.. <*-f pi< kh'S a p\t\ibjh?i ?>- !*; j7 t: K'lotbT* f **?* **Li ?~R*?T? *? ?<?r* m ?K Ml. bal. . , monthly Inatahkrnt* of f 10. tbos b wim****. J~x ?tvrai ?r^t \ SgStv L**i''*!? *"?? far ?rifT,? A<tdr... r ... #wSr? ? ^ ***? t? 5 r ' ;^"f' F'^JB SiLI?OtiMrf aftw Ik. ht <u> if f Jff m fl t* >?M M pr>>at. ?tV.W'-nufc. I) , ? ? 'HO1' ? ntha-at. t~tm ??*?!, w t ... .... , '. * PLACBBMlTHa TOOL?.. .VTViAllU IrtrkN, Drillill Hwhiim. Hamw.t. tll^ (?)?,(- .. Stock* and Pkw an. I T*^.. T >|I<?. Anvil. h nm and a?aai.(iM ,.f other twola < aah ??? *- ? * F"U? ?^B-TkcBTlN B and PIXTI ltd . ?an ratahtiahnd Groracy \i?.i, ? PllVn V ? '*rram Tn<jntiv at or addrw. K 4.If,, rtr*fi, MTDfr > irrmit ?>r??r ?? it* AS * *ntbi? rmi h 4 Hilt *9y3fl\r <41 impravad n ?l . -tat.- m Vir<, , vortb Biuch ni..rr than donl l" tb. ai? , ? |?,. * ?tinr1.rl> if daairad Adlrrwi MOKTnV olnrt. j j . K 'Vt Ira".**.* HABj*Allt-?ro<K am ri\ ' ?I BBSaf a h . k and vat' *?n > 4 -a, u .at ... a?.d P. fn>' I'aaia 1. >ril ? ??i.d< r*?Kimt l>i*ta?<f*n |||,. h '?tf ol U-b an I f ij? ? ' \fLRlKlKT HvHI AT Ui? I'Kli'i; h. ?????? that hand. e ??.. ., ..... .7 . ! ? f 11KI < k KK vl I >I\ . ? \ t? 1 :?r'f rh-rm M;.!?_? :r,v ejs? v Tnr -?Lz Jjl !???? m \* mx at * 11 i . , 1 ** ? ?? ? aah. Th h W I 4 tbi...!???.at and ha. all th* a?lm . oa"? I?<?t and wftti-t in tli cli?nii>?iti %n?1 lil?r%r? nt i"l ro->m Th. nr. i^m r.TT3L-U*. i r.'.r: oj l>atb r<><itn A idlm m.1m th- ^ . ?'-? ?? w* "f M Alt-Hl tl.-r a i.r?. d "ira*,".' b ?^. Tb#Ko?>rt> aill t* ?| ? ? 10 "? r iti-ii m Tf.lV ? jft? B#a' Kataf H,.k-r|.Ov P. a.-.p T K T, I t'VAV.* T!,,ll.TEKN ?*??Bi.t n u.KH ? tor ?al?-, |>rti ?* tr.-n. A >?? a ... i _ ?h?-ni f..r o?,? truth fa.h. au.l th. Taiancr 'n Villi 1 ?n. foiH to Ml. t all at.d ? i , UuSi * ' "**" t _ *J ^ ?tr<-"r?. M .. n: T.n,p,?. k 8*L*~*,TtK'K pi\Tl K?> and LBAHK 1 of r>. S.. * J4 7lb .trirT n." ,< Z, "? t.- r> ? Ka>t. rn M .rk.i r . . ... ? ? n.,n,r> pr/n",^ r"f |>ABTIK9 havi,.e HOI SES ,.r l.t iT>T^7."TrTl ? n?,?jr"rt "? ,,."r,v*?< r..,sa--U.;?:r i*tiVTT/T*,i T? tv r* ",'k.Lui'u' ?> - "? Mau^ssr .*, k,u ?""? ?? f ^ K"%1 K?fMr> fr ifcor ' " 4 r ?4 t mm , r ?fii 8 ut>S3li Kiv.-'ssi sssuaf- ' ,::irr:;r; jiion'et to Loam ok uc\l kutat? 11 ? , Mai by * bko.. ,r ***' ??'??? ataj Iimur*nr.. Br diara, " c t! l?*T y atr^e. .\|ONBT <X)M.HTAMTLT ob H a&DTO Loam i?l on tral ?*iai<, m awua toaiiit . OBO. TRrtSIiBLi. * oil . *" 17 ll" Bt-ai Bat at- Bi.j. 4| i n bit. L^OU fALB?Boar flrat-ciaaa HKK'K M'THMrT ? t?j. a^uarra fr?<n Capitol Park, and th !>?<?? dial?ct to tha tH-a Eaatrrt. Ilirk? AA and cloaa to tba P. kiimi) U ama avrniim .. .' <ara, well lorMad; HmSS. ?*ch. "hot and cold 5^ "gU,r* ?n ^ il* i' ?tr?* : alw-ta* F 1M X-Tiuin!^, f T?i rnK? ??Op ? ILL aid 5. L'Vi**" ofthr miliu-T) ami Fauci wit ' ^ mn* *?? t-m' wat. laH tr) B. I.KKf HKKt) A t>? H^n nK'iT' fl* larca uaw T Barn. !>?< Ilinff, Tr-nant Hoaav uul ? Ibt-j ard of M. Concord r?p? ? IdSS tjSSSlSSI p u w) frucad, near tinm-*'. Htation on K f A WUE-ta 8^)h"" ^'wV.Ltea apl7 3m iy ? ?? a R a"blu "?Bciy?,r^5r ^ SSSL" % ?trwt.h'o. ITU. Prira. ffijuo ??? >av;'g^a???A || O f B B BOB n LB. . Tlta larja BOTH PTOhY hot8i with - ?torr a.tanaJon, *|? | ?rIiK"nirirtS? tw^nT COAL_A.\I? Wtxia ~ (j I iucmir. Patr prtca aad boporab , alinta m?< lm* ^JAPITOL HILL WOOD AND COAL TARD, A ST., F1CTH EBB Id AKl) 3;.. KoBTUBAMT .?5j??rc;2Ej pise's: >'vr - SSt:'ts& ITJSSf. i?~i, P?? M 'J* Bfi*^promptly and faithfully UN *' W.M ? a BLOW. De? lln Jk c?., REW VORk NERCBAMT CLOTHICRB THK LARGEST VARIETY OP GOODS FOR GEXTLIMKN jj WEAR IX AMERICA. ALL THE NEW styles AT ttXltr |i|3 D m biZ^UTisSiKf?IS^5??* t?.u ?ESiWKsj'S is apst. jtH SSS-sr^B WVXB?* wMS blphobbo tocbob. ^STSmSSSS- N*?n tt^^bu? ? N ** DMI8H FOB LADIBS' ABO CHIL OBBBS- DBESBBB AT MBS 0 I. HACBEBS' - MTAMPIKO DEPOT. BIT 7tb atrMt |Talebakbs* lbttbb scales. ,T*rr ?U* lad rtyte, mt riy low rat*. __ TBI URIVBBSAL FAULT SCALE THB POCBET BETTBB SCALBS fiSHSi?? Daatf I m3]-tr a>.?g?A?? MOTO B QQ. '^HWnurJS

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