Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. 1Y avy pat orrin, W.\?h!*?.tom. D 0.,Juna*,U73 Ml- I Propoaals, to l?e endorsed ? Pr*?po*als. ' I- ?t thi* **1B* ? until 1 'J m. the 1 51th j>at ?*r Jt 11.1*C3. f. rlh? below-dear ribed Coal. to I- MiK rnlrrfTof ri^DK to the &>t?i naant II the folb wirg named Bit; Tarda: PI HEAT STEAM ENGINFEBING lilt ton* Cumberland Ctal, Navy lard, Porta ?onth. M H iJaitons t umbarland Coal, Navy Yard, Boat->n. Mesa. I J*?| toil-. Cumi erland Coal, Nary Tard, Norfolk, Va. J,r? ton* Cumberland <'*>al. Navy Tanl, Waahing t-*a. D C All to be of the beat <iualit> Cumberland C- aJ The r ntractorto pay the coat of inapecting tha Coal delm-red at the Washington Havy Yard. Bidcei - must atate in their bids the time within which the Coal can he delivered. Reaponailtleva cant* will he required for it* prompt and faithful delivery when awarded. Blank forma for bid* to be bail at thia offlcce. Tlie right ia reeerved to re )?t an. bid nat coasub red advantageous to the Gov ernment . Th" above Coal ia to be delivered on the wharvea at the several Navy ^ artja into carta provided by the Government. and will be paid for according to the weight of the said >' itj Tard'a scale* OB THOBNTON, j|]l Pai Inspector C.S.N. V. MASONBT. (?tFici or ihk W^'imiaTni Ai<rE!irfT,| W a-bineton. flay 31st, l"C3. < R-<kl f? Pr p-eal? end* r-ed "Proposal* for C*?m fJetiLff n?- Bridges on the Washington A ine nct." will be received at this Office until lit o elk en the 'JOth bat or Jr*a. for furnishing an-1 set ting , oping and parapets of stone bridge*. Pt* p - Us will h? received only on the printed ffrra,*. which. ?itb plan*, specification*, form* of contja*'? and any deeired information, can l>e bad on at ion. by mail or in nerson, to O B BAB< OCR. Colonel C. 8. A., jel C' Chief Knginear, Waahington A-iueduct. 4 hi V l( E ASSISTANT yl'A BTERM ASTEB. W U. 8 A , Font Mo^aog, VA.,Jnn<- 2d, H73. 8?*ai<?i Prapoaal*. in triplicate, with copy of thia ?d w i? n>>-iit ittn. h-<i, are invited at this Office until I'i o'clock m .on the 3d dat <>r Jcly. H7d. f r the 4?litery ot th- following named aupplien at thia ? luring the fiscal year commencing .Inly I. Kl,it a irh time, ami m anch uuantilies. aa may be re-iinr-- , anhject to the usual Inspection. vii: 151 cord-merchantable hard Wood, (more or l?*a.) 151 c ni- merchantable Pine Wood, (mora or less.I 17JVC pounda Corn. (more or lese > Jl"a.TJH p und- Oat*. ( more or leaa I 173.:*' p* und* Hay. l.aled,(m**renr leaa.) II.' .?<?' r nmla d. imore or leaa. I Th* ?'*>ru ami Oata to h*- clean, and w?-ll aacked. The IIa> to be tini* thy. of a good i|iialitv. (tee fr -m ?. e-1-, cnt in aeaaon, well rnrwl aad baled. The Stra* t ? be of good <iaality. clean, long and well l.aled Blank forms of Proposal*, with gnarante.' printed th. f.- .n.i which in a!; aee* mu-t be properly filled a i, *1 certified to.) will be ffurtilshed on application to tbi* < Itice Prop.-als will be marknl, "Pr .pnsala for V r Hg. ,".?r ?' Prop.~al* for Wood," a- the caae ma> be and a.! tre,*e,l to the anderaigned THBO. J ECKEBSON. jrj gj Capt. and A H M . Bvt >1 nor C S. A. Proposals for post office envel opes. Po?t OpricK PrrABTMr^sT, ( W*.h s<.to>, 1) C , May 14, W73.\ 8-:?l-,i rrij"?*l? will be recejyed at thia D-p?rt tit 1.1 nl TIII K?DAY the l?rh day of June, 1-73. ?i 1 S o'cb?ck m , f>r fnrni-hing, in a Itch <|tian t- a i at *nch tinie? n* may re-tuir.-.l. tli? bd I ?irg .leacrilwHi P at Office Envelop"-. f>r a period of oii<-ye?r, commencing on the lat day of July,1573, ?o W!? for OFFICIAL LETTERS AND RETCBNS. No. 1. -i/e .V? by ts inche-; estimated number re ^aireri ?? unally. i.lfvum 5 >.!. aixa 3^ br 6', inches, e-t.mated number re <jnirtd a::i ually.75li.imi No. 5. sine ? by 9 tin hea; estimated number re nmr. ii aniinallT.lJfti.iatt, N 4. *i7e 4?, by los inches; e<tiniati-d number ti qmred annnaily. FOB RLUISTEKED PACKAGES. N i. }. ?iz?5by Ji>-* inches, estimated number re ^nired annually ,? uti.iiii The estimates given are intended aa a guide to bidder* The Department may require more or leaa ot eat L kind, aa trie service may demand. B'd. nust be maile for each kind of Envelope (of ftci.?l and registered packagaa > "eparafely, an<l the c titra. t ? ill be award-d for eark kind to the lowest r ap. raibJe bidder. Sanipl-aof the different a?/ea .?nd styb-s of Envel op-? r .jnirail, together with blank forma or hid?, w ill be fnrmsbe.1 on application to the Third A?1st ? nt p.-tni.ister General. Tl ? In- lopes must -trictly conform In *i*e. unal >' "t paper, gamming, and make, to the samples, tbe sr.:.,!! nig on the flapa ot lappeta to l.e done in theb s- n *i,tier by band The Bnvalopea must be l'. ii. parcels of twentv-five, parked in strong pialet.oir I or straw boaea.aarnrely bonnd with linen or co?t-n cloth on the corners and ed<ea. each to contain t le-a than V*> of sire* Boa. 1 and 3, and b''t b tli.ili luo of the other sirea, or otherwise, as nai ! ? or lerad, th* b leu to b? wrapped in strong mani'l** p.p -r and properly sealed, s? as to bear safe tran-p tati -ti by mail to i* istniaaters. When rw quiro; t ? t? <le|jyered at the Department. thaurap -tngn.av b* ili-pen?e*l ?ith, in the discretion of the Katma-ter General. Wh ii Sj^uor m re Env-lope* are re*jnired to fill theoriler **t a p??tnia?ter, or when larger lots are order* f to be aent to the Piat Office Department, the> n aat t?e parked in atr**ng wooden caa*-- an*l pM>p,r ' . a-ldre*aed. but when le*s tban 2MM are ra ?jrir*-d t * be aent by mail proper labela of diraction mD-t l*e placed on each parkage,- all to be done by the contractor without additional charge. Th" K pea moat be delivered in socH iaantl ties aa n:av from time to time be r**<taire*l to fill the onier* ef po-*masters or of the Department, and l*e deliveri d either at the post office in the city where the arcep?ed bidder reaidea <>r at this Department,m th*'P -tmaster General may 'lirect, free of coat for parkim. labeling, and delivering; tha whole to be don,- under the inspection and supervision of an agent of the Department All the Envelope* n* rein deacribed must bear ?neb printing as the P ?atmaai.-r General mav direct, aivl trie rsgister-d parkage Euvelopea will be re quired to be printed in YermiUion or aome other ap proved brilliant olor The P stmaater ? General reaerre, tha right to re ject at. t and all bida if in his judgment tha intareaia of the Government reunite it. Earb propoaal must be signed by the individual or firm making it, and be arc**oipanied by * guaran tee certified to he reapotwubla ami suffi* tent by the ?oalma?:er or United Mat s Attorney where the bidder resides that the bidder shall, within ten days ?Iter being called upen ta do so, execute a contract t" furnish promptly, and in articles aa ordered, tha article or articles awarded to him,tobeacc >mpaniad by a bond with approved security, in a penalty of not leaa than twice the cot.tract price of all the articlea estimated to 1* farm-bed by said bidder, condm ued upon the faithful performance of the P Proposal- nnarc. mpamed by aach guarantee will B' t be considered. The P *tn,aster General reaerraa to hima-df the right t*> annul the contract if in bia ludgment there ahall l>e a failure to perform faitlifully any of ita mtpularions. or in caae .?f a wilful attempt to impoae ?n the De partment Envelopea inferior to samples. failure to compiv with any one order ander the contract will operate as a forfeiture of the entire penalty of the bon*l under the 17th section of the act of Cor .res-apprved August J?, Wl, entitled "An ai t Ieg>:icing ami making appropriations for auch necessary objects as have teen usually included in the general appr priati<*n bills withont authority of la? . and to fii and provide for certaiu incidental eipen-* a of the Department^Mid officea of the Gov emme: ?. aiel for t.ther purposea." i C. 8. Statntaa at Larg-. V -1 i. page a$;i or the P *>tmaater G* n* r:?l ma>. in bia (bacretion,*iirect the purchase in open market . f such'luantities of Envelopes aa -hall be neceseary to supply the deficiency caused by such failure, and ' barge to the c*>atractor or contractors fifty per c-atum of the price which it shall be found necessary to nay for anch articles. Bids -h' ul*l be securely enveloped and sealed, marked " Pr-p* aaN for Post Office Bnyebipe-." and*?*-d to the Third Aaaistant P ?tinaater Gen eral , P >a? Office Department. Washington. D C. JOHN A J ? BESWELL, a.17 !<* 4w p sir master General. PROPOSALS FOB Fl'EL. *0' Syp.-it ami OJlrtr.l ' P*'l ()jfre ttrpartm-nl. J WuHiViti'*. D. C , 3Iay 17, 1<T3 V Sealed Pr p-eals will be receive*! at this office antil IV o'clock m . on WEDNESDAY. July *1, 1*3 ! r fnmi-hing Fuel for the Post Office Depart ment , a? follows : F' rtlie d* livery and ?t'*rage of 620 Tons (2,210 P?'U11.'? .? th" l*?st quality <>f Baltimore Company or BV.Tin.ora Vein W hite Ash Anthracite Furaace <.al. F'-r th- delivery and storage of ?? T*>ns (IA?0 aoarnl*' * f the best -tuality Baltimore Vein White A-h A tbrai ite, egasiie, f..r grates. All the above C- al to be thoroughly screened and free fr. ui slate, and d 1.?er-d within #U days fr**m the date *,f the extract, and stored in the vaults of the Department I*ef re the party fnrniahmg will be paid. Also, 11* Cords of the beat Oak Woid, well sea ? tied at.d s. and. ami 30 Cords of best ,?nality well aea?* ne-l and sound Pine W?a| The above to lie d*li?er**l n Ctfdays from the date of the contract.^* be r**rde*J at the D- parunent buildings aa may be de air*-.! Thewlfle to be inspected, weighed or measured by tlie insperter appointed under the act of Con gr-ss . 1 July 1?, l*7u Th?* weight to be arcordiug to the ?. ales of the Po*t Office Department. Average aamp' a of ibe coal to be c- atracted for muat accom pany each bid. B'd* ' r the different articlea will be open<-d in the office of the Superintendent, In the presence of *nch bidder- as may tkoswu* attend, the II day of Jnly, M73 The Department reserve# the right to reject all or any porti'*a off the bids received, if deemed for the interest of the Department ao to do Satiafac b*ry b>'i*d ?ill be required for the faithful perform ance f tie contract within ten ilaya after tb? award is made. &atiafact* ry cartificatea from tL* ahipp* rs must be slwwii the Superintendent, cer tif?ing tha'the coal dalnered to them (the contrac tora' is the kiad re?iaired br the Department. G D. CHENOWITH, Superintend*--t and Disbursing Officer "I" * ?' P*yat Office D?parta^>nt. T" IS 1S? TO G1TK NOTICE, That tha subacrtber ha* from the Supreme Court of the Dia irict of Ceiumbia, holding a Special Term, letters off airv-Uw????0* ,h" aatate ot PAT ? It K BARBT. lata of Waahington county, D. , All persona having claima against the 1* hrr*"b? warned to aihlbit tha same. Ti*?i,lTr*,^*irr,f' to the subscriber, on or t" ,'? the rih dar^of Hay nest: they may otherwise fro,n *11 benefit of tbe said ee ? m' "isfcrs Admlnis'ra* >r. UBFORB ?OI?e ?UIWIBBB aaaaiaalfii BJ Diacoaai Draaa Bait for B17, (a spaclaitr ) aZi "T*AD? - wMrSSSa: J AI18I # A 1 j', ?an.! I, j aat racatTad.wholsaals and retail. BEBD ? SONS, B?r *w lilt r street aorthwaat. BANKERS. o TIB IIOKLOW, B ? n k ? r ? MS D STRUT. NEAR SEVENTB, r*n INTEREST OH .DEPOSITS, ??*? <*>L LECTIONS, and transacts all business connected with Banking apg-ly UlRllliO HO CII J. H. IQl'lR ft CO.. ? PENN8TLVANIA AVENGE, orroairx wuuh1! botbl, WASHINGTON, D. 0. ? Mr Mat. mutmi paid on Collections made everywhere. D<* poetts MTlbl* OB dMBMkd. P?f of oflcon IB the Atbit cashed ib advance. W. fEVOHEAD, Brokar. ?o. 939 Penna. ave., Eoom *, Wsshlngton, D. 0. Special attention given to luveetMantsecurttles. InTitci ftttratioi to wcarltief now Mrered at |rlp? BMion*. Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D. 0.; Boa. J. M. Brwlhend, Second Controller, WMhmj ton, B. C.; Edward Clark, Esq., Architect 0.8_ C*? Itol, Washington, D. 0. ssarl7-Ma rrnt NATIONAL BANE OF THE BEPDBLIO I (Corn. tof 7th and D streets,) OPEN f ROM 10 A. M. TO 3 P.M. , gecl7-ly CBA8. BRADLET,Csshler. BR MA 91 AMERICAN RAVINGS BANEt No. ftlA Sxvbsth Strut, /? OmiM lAs Ptt-Q^ta ~ Bank boars: fa.m. to 4 p. m. Saturdays open on dl ? p. to receive deposits only. Interest paid ob deposits. Collections made and jtTh jF^lI TlT,'President, A. EBERLT.V. Preat, W. E MAWiHOLT^c .O. E. PRENTlSS.Cadi'r BQtUT riim feeedman'i lAvmoa and 1 " TRIE* COMPANY. ??RIm Bonae, No. 1407 PennsyIvanls avenue, oppoeite the Treasurjr. PATS 811 PER CENT. INTEREST, inter if i Btgtiu thi Hru *J Sack Mnmlk. PATS POUR PER CENT, on business accoanU from date of deposit. Hum CmttJltmm* oJ Dtrostt bearing ? and 4 |? oent. Intereet. available anywhere. SAB BRANCH OP PICES in all large towna and citiea of the B?nth and Southwest. Bank hour I, $ a. m. to i ?>. ??. Open Wed need ay and Saturday nights from SH to I o"flock, to receive depositsonly. Call at the Baukor ?end for a cop? of the Charter and By-taw* :M-ly J"" COOKS ft CO. MOT AMD SELL POREION EXCHANGE and ISSUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OP CREDIT for travelers, arntlobU ta My pari af Ik* world. Our Drafts on JAT OOOEE^McCCLLOCB a CO,, tre Cashed In Bay part of EnslaND, lliUNl and jcotLATtD. fr? eaarrs. mayl8_ aehinoton citt ravings bane Cbntsr 7tk strut mmd Lortxtutna n?M, PATS S PER CENT INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposits. Deposits can be made and drawn at will. myM-tf J. A RDPP. Treasurer STEAMER LINES. A mhok lixe steamers l S.til from Pif-r North Kiv?r, New Tor*. EVERT WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAT. 1 i ? passenger accommodations on Steamers of Ihi. line are unsnrpassed f.>r elegance and coinf..rt. Cabin staterooms are sll< on upp?-r deck, tbu* securing god light" and ventilation. KATES OP PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. OR LONDONDERRT. 5a:. titamTt. Wed. steamers. Gold. Currency. <'?l)iiirM?~>??~ #7s and $89. $71 and $69 Cabin return tickets securing best accommodations J1J). .?..fU0 Steerage, currency, $JD. Certificates for passage from any seaport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or tbe Continent at B A TBS A* LOW A* It A*T OTHE1 FIRsT-CLAM LINK. For passage apple to HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 Ro? ling Green, N. T.; to C. CAMMACK, 14<p F st. n. w.,or WILLIAMSON A CO., Peun. avenue n.w.. Agents. Washington. m< t,thj.ini IVEW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, i V BKTWKK5 PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Va., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, P.O. SAILIBS OAT*. From Pier 1, North Wharves, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and SAT URDAT, at l*m. From 49 Water street,Georgetown, D. 0..TCES DAT and SATCRDAT, at 10 a. m. This line connects at Philadelphia with "Clydeli Iron Line" of steamers f?r Providence, Boston and New England States. No wharfage in BoeUn by this line G. F. HYDE, Agent for P. of 0. WM. P. CLTDE A CO., Philadelphia. W. A REID, Alexandria. Va. WALDO A. PEARCE, *4 Congress Street, Boa ton. _ ?^"Freights delivered by Kanx's E* press. Orders left General Office, 603 Pennsv' ,nia avenue, or st the steamer wharf will be promptly attended to. apa ^yASHINGTON^OR^OLK, BOSTOH. AMD The flne Iron Bteamer LADT OF THE LAMM having resumed her regular trips to Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot of Stb street, every MONDAY and1 THl'RSDAT, at I p. m., touching at principal Elver Landings, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship of the M. and M. Line for Boston and Providence Freight should be addressed "cars of Lady of Um Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket ofBce at Knox's Exprees Office,603 Pennsylvania avenue. T. M. CROUCH, Agent, ith-strest wharf. DORSET CLAGETT, General Ag^nt. m!4 Plant's Store, comer 11th st. andPa. ave. ^tKAEO INK. TBS BRITISH AMD NORTB AMERICAS ROTAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEM MEW TORS AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOM FROM MEW TORK * jAva__..Wed?May SB ?t.'iibs W>d?.Jun* 4 'Scotia Wed..June U * Aig^rie_..Wed. June Irt ?Russia. Wsd_.Jun?. ti PartLia.?Sat May 31 Samaria Sat?June 7 Abyssinia _8at_. ..June 14 Batavia...?Sat?June 11 Oalabria. .Sat Jun-W thus ? tfo not carry steerage pas 4Bd rv'sry follewlnf WEDNESDAT and 8ATUR DAT from New York. Ratbs or Passasb.?Cabin, *80, RMS. and ?W ?old, according to accommodation. ^Maa Tickets to Paris, 9U, gold, additional. Return tickets on favoraMs lliai.^^^^ Steerage, ??, currency. ?.. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and QneenMown, sad all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Through bills of lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Bavre. Antwerp and other points on the Continent and for Mediterranean ports. For freight and eabia pee sage,apply at tbe Company's office, Ho. 4 Bowling Grw-n.w steerage passage, at Mo. Ill Bread*ay ^tlSAs!'?!^iRANCKLTM. Agent, New Turk. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, St*-auer Office, lill Pa. avenu?, aovlAly Washington, D. O. \|ERCBANT'S LINK OF sTKAMSBIPB. WASBIHOTOHAMP MBW TORK. ips M O. KNIGHT MS Hereafter tbe he SteamablpB M 0. EMIGHT s? JOHN GIBSON will Biaks regulv wmUt^|M| triss between NEW TORK, ALKXAM-^^^^^b DRIA, WASHINGTON and_QEOBQR-M^^? TOWN, as follows:?Leave HRW XORK tnm_ Piss 1? East River, every SATTJRD, GEORGETOWN every FRID >AT at 4 p. m . Leave JAT at T i. a., and at IS r VBVMVB1VWM ????! F.-A. mnu. Agent, olMe and whnrt toot ot Blgb street, George " of 17 th street and New Tork Freights delivered by Knox's Express. Or sftatOeBeral Office, 603 Pennsylvania ave nue, or at the steamer wharf "witi be promptly at uur. ??? vi tended to. >ell-tf J. W. TBOMPSOM. C*vMILDRBM*8 BOSPITAL AMD DISPENSARY j S04 M Strtt. JV. W., Mass MA mmd ft* MS. Supported by voluntary contribntions. Hoe pita free to children nnder M years ef age. Pis open dally (Bandars excepted I frem 1 to 1 p. m. Medicines fBrnisbed gratsitonaly. Consulting pby sicians, Drs. J. C. Ball, Thomas Miller.0. B^ieb arm an n, W. F. Johnston, and Grafton Tyler. Atumd'l Pkviutmu. i>ws?j;s.7S?u Srwte.^ Dr F. A. Ashford, Snrwical,Taes'y.Thuis'y,Sat|y. Dr S.C.Busey, Mrdtesd, Ta-e'y. Monday, Saff. Dr W.B Drinkard, Eye A Kar,MonS,Wed*y,FrMy Dr. W. W. Johnston, Medical, Mon'y.Wsd'y.Fr dy. L.J. Davis, Secretary: James 0. Kennedy .Presi dent: F. B. McOuire, Traasurer. to whom all oo? annicatlonssMy baast;Fot 0?oeBox460 Mb QM. WORM LET'S PECTORAL 8YBUP, isi OOCGBS AMD COLDS. BOLO Bf ALL OBL9??lSn. w?iy A tLEE'S WBARF, foMnf ft* mmd t urmtt. TO CONTRACTORS AND MKKCBAMT8. " ?T0",? ... discharged from vessels and stored or delivered at the shortest notice and lowest rates. aS-ly O T. AtLEE. JELLING OFF AT ANP BELOW COST .-A 0 flne assortment of all descriptions of la-M^sm dies', misses' and children's, and also of ?HM iosebuT --'boots, SHOES. OA ITERS. Ac rill bs soM at and below cost in order to cl JOHN AKGERMaNN A SoM, lm No. 41S7th at .opp Odd Follows'Hall. UTICE OF REMOVAL. IN CABO begs leave to Inform his customers and the bbMIc generally that he has removed bis .Ex. Basaar to Mo. AOft PENNSYLVANIA AYE- gfO Nl'E, under tbe National Bote!, where b^AUM ? ill keep a flne stock of GOLD and SIL^l WATCHES, Swiss and Amarican make, JBWELRT and DIAMONDS, which hs will^U at great bar gains. 8<>lld 14 karat Gold Watches, from up wards. Goods sold oa monthly instalments. No trouble to shew goods. Watches aad Jewelry asatlr repaired. Remember the name aad number. K. CABO, Mt Pennsylvania aveaus, under National Botel. B0-tr YOBTMS SUITS ta Scotch aad diagonal, vary ? A- ?TKAC8\1011 Fb. avs., naar AUCTION SALES. riTiRf datl BY LaTIMER a CLCABT, Auctioneer* ud Real Est ate Broker*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at.. Star Office Building. CHANCERY 8ALB OF~VALl*ABLE RKAL BS TATB IN SQUABE MO. 4S* Br virtu* of a decree of the Supreme Court of ?a the DKrtct of Columbia. pa-wed in cuw Ha. ?*S,iC3, William Flemming and other* against Mr Hair and other*, I will aell, in front of the nrem i*N,on TUESDAY. the lTth day of June, ICS, at ?H o'clock p. m., Hie north half of lot Ho. 5, front in* thirty feet eight inches on Massachusetts one, by eighty feet deep more or leaf. Alao, the south hair of lot Ho 5, hartn$ a front of thirty feet on north 0 street, by ninety-two feet deep, more or leaa, with the improvement* thereon. Al*a the norrti half of lot Ho. 8, having a front of thirty f?et eight inrhea on Haaaarhiuietta avenue by eighty-five feet, more or leaa. Alao the aenth part of lot Ho. 6, with improvement* thereon .having a front ot thirty feet on north O etreet, by one hundred feet deep, more or less. Alao. the *onth part of lot Ho. 7, with the improvement* thereon, having a front of thirty feat on north Q street by ona hundred feet deep, more or lew. Al*o. lot 8, having a fronton Mas*a cbnsetts aventia aeventy feet eight inched, by an average depth of ninety-five feet and a halt; all in ?quare 546 Thia prop- rty ia aitnated between Massachusetts a\enue. north O street. New Jeraey avenne and 3d street northwest. Terms of sale: One-third cash: balance in nix, twelve, and eighteen month*, witn interest at th? rate of eight per rent per annum. The purchasers to give tneir note* endorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be retained on the proper ty acid until final pa) ment i* made. If the terms of sale are not complied with in *ix days the property will be refold at the coat of the defaulting purcha ser. A deposit of B100 will be required from the pujcha?er of each lot. All conveyancing at the ex pense of the purchaser. B 8 DAVIS, Trustee, j4^1 LATIMER A CLEAR?. Alices. METROPOLITAN police property SAI.E All property atolen or abandoned, not required in .indicia! pri ceedings, that has been in the custody of the Property Clerk a'x months, will be sold to th highest c?>h bidder, at 10 o'clock a m WEDNES DAY. Jnne llth, 1873, at the Central offic*, No. 4*?!l Louisiana avenne. * Any person who ha* lost property or money by theft or otherwise, and which may be embraced in the catalogue (tbat can be aeen at the office), i* hereby notified to identify the same prior to ? day of sale above named, or forfeit all right or claim thereto, pursuant telaw. By order: GEO. R MERRICK. Property Clerk. jeS 3t W. L. WALL A CO.,Ancts. RAILROADS. BALTIMR0AB,tR0nl> ?H10?55P^ On and aft'-r SUNDAY, .Tune 1373, train* will leave WASHINGTON CITY aa follows, viz : Baltimore and Way Points... 5:00 a m. Baltimore and Way Poiuts .6:45 a. m. Cincinnati Express, via Metropolitan RR...7:.1Ua. tu Boston. New York and Philadelphia Kxp...80U a. m. Baltimore and Way Poiuts 8 IS a m. Baltimore Fast Ex presa, without atop* 9 ?A a m. Baltimore and Way Points ll:i?i m New York and Philadelphia Express. 1>? 5 p m Baltimore Express, without stop* 3:'t0 p. m Baltimore and Way Poibts 3 40 p.ra Winchester and Metropolitan Accotn 4:00 p m. Baltimore and Way Points JS i?) p. m. Cincinnati.Columbus and St. Louis Exp 8 35 p. m Philadelphia Express IHD p. m Bsltimore Way Point* 7:15 p. m. B >*ton.New York and Philadelphia Exp...H80 p. m. Baltimore and Way Points 9:? p. m St Louis,Cincinnati and Columbus Exp. .9:4) P. tu. FROM BALTIMORE FOR WASHINGTON. Leave at 4 20,6 au,7,8, 8:15,9.15and 11:10a. in.; and 1:43. 3:30, 4:3U, 5:20, 6.10. 8:40 and 8:50 p. m. FOR ANN\P0L1S. At 6:43 a. ni. and 5 p. in : but not on Sunday. FOB NORFOLK. At 1:06 p. m., but not on Sunday. SUNDAY TRAINS. From Baltimore?The 4:3i) stopping at Relay and Laurel only; the 5 2ii a tu. and 4:30 p. m., stopping at Relay only; the 8:30 p. in., without stops; the 8 a. in., 3 20. 5:20. and 8:6u p in . stopping at all stations. From Washington.?The 5 and 8 a. m., 3.7:45 and 9:20 p. m. train- stopping at all stations; the 1.U6 and the 6 p. ui. at Relay only; and the 8:30 p. m without FOR POINT OF ROCKS AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. At 8a. m and 4:30 p. m Returning, leave P-dntof Rocks at 7:06 a. ui and 2:15 p ni.. arriving at Wash ington at'.K35 a. ui. and 7 16 p.m. No local trnius on Suaday. Through ticket* to the West can be had at the Washington Station Ticket Office at all hoars of the day; also, at the Company'* office, 4SA Pennsylva nia avenue Ptutsengera purchasing tickets at the A\enn* office, can there arrange to have their baggage called for and checked at their residence, taken tn the depot, aud put in?o the baggage car. For New York. Philadelphia, and Boston,see ad vertisement of" Through Line.'" THOS. R SHARP. Master of Transportation. L M OOLE, General Ticket Agent. GEO. S. KOONTS, jel General Agent, Washington. f'lIROl ?.H LINE BETWEEN WASHINGTON. 1 PHILADELPHIA AND NEW YORK. Washisgtos, May 26,1873? Noon. Train* between Washington kii't fS" N'-w York are now run as folh>w*,J?|B FOR NEW YORK, without change of car*. _ Le'aAe daily (except Sunday) at 8 a. m, 1:10 and 8:30 p. m. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Leave daily (except Sunday) at 8 a:m.,l:luand 6:00 p. m OH SUNDAY. Leave for New York at 8.30 p. m.,and Philadel phia at 6:00 p. m. Sleeping car* for New York on 8:30 train only Through tickets to Philadelphia, New York, or Boston ran be had at the Station Office at all houn of the day. See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisement for schedule between Waahingtou, Baltimore, An napolis, and the West J L WILSON. Maater of Transportation. L. M. COLB, General Ticket Ag>-nt. GEO. 8. KOONTZ. Agent. Washington. niI7 AL*u"5o? ?.V",U,# j AUD ksm ALEXANDRIA a FREDERICKSBURG B. R Omar a/ B mmd Sixth Strut. Loral Trains leave for Alexandria as follows:?6,7. 8. 9. lu, 11, a. m , 12 noon, 1 2, 3, 4, S. 6. 7.8, p. m.. 9 a. ui. aud 7 p. m. daily,all other trains daily except Sunday. L->cal Train* from Alexandria arrive as follow*:? 6.3.1,7.33, 8.33. 9 33, Hi 33. 11 33, a. in. 12.33, 1.33. 2.33, 3 33.4 33.6.33,6 .33.7.33. 8.33 p. m.; 8.33 a. m and 6.33 p m. fr--in Alexandria daily, all other traina daily except Sunday. 'Traina marked thus oonaact with trains on Wash i art on and Ohio B. B. QCANTICU Accommodation leaves Washlngtot ,:OREA'T W>11THEISn,BX?BE8S, via Btohmond laavea Waahlngton 11 no p. a. daily , axoept Bnnday Through ticketa to all points South nod Southwest for sale at Office*, comer 19th street and Pennsylvs nla av-one, and corner 6th street and PenneyIvanla where pnmengera tan leave orders for baggage to b* Clerked at all bo tela and reaidenoea through to dastl nation. E. S. YOUNO.Genl Paeeenger Agent. Jr30-tt B"-TI"S?!,L^1DDroT0"10J U?pm ear. 8U mmd B ttrttu, n. W.~ trains lbayb for" BALTIMORE. iB*. m? Niagara Exp., dally. I:ft3 aja>.? Baltimore Mail, daliy, 10 SB a. aa., Weatern Exp., daily, a*cent Sunday, p.m. Baltimore Acc., dally, except Sunday. 3:? p. m.. Baltimore Ac commodation, daily, ex cept Bnnday. 5 0p.m., Cincinnati Bx areaa^laily, except Sun day. TU p. m., Weatern Exp duly. _ TBAIHS ABBIYB if WASHIHGTOH. 1 Weatern Bx?.. ? daily, exoept Sunday. Sunday. 3 U3 p. m Cincinnati Ex., daily,except Suuday. 1*? f, ? ' P?ctBe Bxpreaa daily, exoept Sunday. dafly1' ^???Bodatlon 10:40 p. m.. Southern Cx exoept Sun Traina laartng Washington at ( U and 10:38 mm. aac J:38 p. mjooonectat Bowiewith trains for Marlboro', leaving Bowie 7:68 and 11:28 a. m.. and 4:53 p m , ar rl?in? at Marlboro* ?:IS a. Si. and 12:13 and 5:33 p. at Trains arriving at Washington 8:38 a. m. and $-M and 9:08 p. m., connect at Bowie with trains leaving Marlboro' IMm. m. and 8:40 and 5:33 p. m. Passengers leaving their orders at Ticket Offioaa, corner of 1Mb street aad Pannaylvaaia avenue and northwest corner of Sixth strset and Pennsylvania avenue, can have their baggage called for and cheok ed at bo tela and reaidenoea to all pointa North aad West. Through tickets to Cincinnati, Oolnmbns, Indiaaapotta, Xonlaville, Bt. Lea is, Hew Orleans, Chicago, Omaha, San Frandsoo, aad all polra north, aortbwaat, wast, and southwest. _ B. L. DCBABBY, Oeal Bttfl. B. B. TOPHO, Genl Pass'r Agent. jyl-tf 1872 PENNSYLVANIA BOUTB 1872 TO TBB MOBTHWEWjWOTH, BHD SOUTH Trains leave as follows: Washington.? 4B a. m. I Baltlmora 1M a. m " 10,38 a. m. i " ?~ 141 9. m. ** mm.. ?*.38 p. m. I " 6^| p. m m ...... T-fS p. m. j M 10B p. ? THE GBEAT BOUBLB TBACB BOUTB, ffttb elegant Sc?r^ry, Palace State-rooss Bay aad light cars, with modern improvemnnu. Two hundred miles savsd to Western aad Oaatral B*w Ycrk. The lgJB a. m. dally, sxospt Snndav, northwest, IM p. m. dally, aad 8:48 p. m? except Sunday, wast. Bin GoniMCTioita mrongft tram BALT1MOBB to H LAG ABA aao PITTBBUBQ without change. Ticksu by this route can be prooursd at IBs oBcsa, jorasr of llth strest aad Pennsylania avenue, aad aoraer of 8th strest aad Pennsylvania avsnns, aadsr Rational Hotel, wksis rsUabia infnnaatina will to given at all tteas. Pasaangers procuring tickets at this oMea oaa secure accnmaiiidalloas in Falass Oars Car Pltto BD.B. YOUBQ, rIMj pOBBN'BLOAB OFFIOB, cerwar afltk y>mmdMt%s terk atnw, sntraace on Hew York avenue. The aaoet private loaa office In the city * " of internet Money loaned at the lowest ireet on Ooldand Silver Watches, Diamond*, Plate and Plated Ware, Guns, Pistols, Ladlss and Gentlemen?* Clothing, Carpets , aad aft articlee of valne. aH-ly ?pHB HBW HATIOHAL MABBBT. sse" tJBF&Atatb&tk. 'PHB PROBLEM THAT wa.a EASILY SOLYHD 1 "1 say. Charley, aardoa me, but jray tell mm bowisByoaalwanBraaBos a moderate Incosaef" "Why chaee from 4. STBAUB, IB llth. 11 ? ",iF BBOOHr-HAHD CLOTHIBO AUCTION SALES. rivriBE dats. DT OREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, D Ko. 1?1, aorthweet coratf Mth n< p TRUSTEE? SALE 09 IMPBOYED REAL 18 TATB IN THE KOBTH WESTERN PART OF THB CITT AT AUCTION. ? By virtue of a de?*i of IrwM.dtM th? 11th dir of Mar- A. P l#l, ud duly recorded ia Ltber No. MS. folio .*4, one of the (and record* for Washington county. In th- District of Go urn - bis, and by the written requast of the parties secar ed therein, I thai) *ell at public auction on WED NI8DAT, the ISlh of June, A D. 1873. at fto'clk p. ni.. in front of the premises. to wit: All thet piece or parcel of ground, known and designated a* Lot fifty-two <9S) In Leonard ft. Chapman'* recorded subdivision of original lot* No*. 4 to II inclo*ir?. tn square three hundred and sixty-four, <SM,> in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, Improved with s three-story and basement Brick Dwnlltnt, with a two-story and basement back building. with modern improvements. location on Rhod-' Inland av enue, l>et ween <Hh and 10th street* northwest. Tetnis: One third ra*h; balance In 4 and IS month* for note* bearing interest and secured by a deed of trust on the premises told All conveyancing at the c< st of the purchaser. 3 300 down on day of sale, and if the term* of sale are not complied within Ave days after the day of sale, the Trustee reserve* the right to resell (lie property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser; by advertising three time* in some newspaper published in Washington city. JNO. A L MORRILL, Trustee. GrfEEN A \\ ILLIAM8. je5 eodAds (Rep.) Auctioneers. Y~Li rTRELL A DUNN1NGTON. Auctioneer"I VIT Louisiana are ,bet.*h and lothsts N. W. TRUSTEE'S 8ALB OF VALUABLE IMPROVED RKAL ESTATE, TWO TWO 8TORY FRANK DWELLINGS, AMD SEVERAL SMALLBR FRAME OUtBCILDINGS <>N DELAWARE ATENCB, BETWEEN C AND D STREETS NORTH BAST. Hv virtue of a det-d of trust, bearing date He May 24. A D. 1471, and culy recorded in Liber "No. 677,fwlio Slit, one of th" laud record* for Washington county, in the District of Oolunitia, and by request of party secured thereby, I will sell at public auction, in front of the premise*, to the hlgnest bidder, on WEDNESDA Y, June 1H, a. D 1373, at 6 o'clock p. m all that certain pi "ce or par cel of ground. situated and being in the city of Wash ington, in natd District, and known an part of ori ginal lot four, (4, in square ni* hundred and eiglitv four, 684.) which include tub lot* C and D. of J. H Merrill's subdivision of -aid original lot four.(4,) in said f.iuare six hundred and eighty-four, (684. > and bounded a- follows,to wit: Beginning forth'' same on Delaw are av enue, at the northwest corner of raid lot f. nr. (4,) and running thence aoutht ast wardlv. at right angles to said avenue 149 feet, to rear line of said lot f"Ur,(4;> thence south along sail rear line <1 feet 8 inch's; thence west 46 feet; thence northwestwardly 5ft feet 6 inches, t" a three-foot alley; thence north along said alley 3ufeet 4S inches; tlience northwestwardly 81 feet to (aid Delaware atenue; them e northeastwardly along the line of fluid avenue 2t feet 4'? inches to the northwest corner of said lot four, (4,) and the place of beginning, to gether with the improvement* thereon. Term* of sale: One-third cash, of which *100must be paid at time of sale; balance in equal payments in six. twelve,eighteen, and twentv -four months, with interest at the rate of eight per Cent, per annnni, payable semi annually, until paid, from day of sale, the purchaser giving notes, to be secured on the property sold, to satisfaction of the trustee. Con veyancing and recording at purchaser'* cost. The trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and co*t of defaulting purchaser in <t* the term aie not complied with within *ix days aft. r sale. WM F HOLTZMAN, Trustee LUTTRELL * DUNNINGTON. jeS eod Auctioneers. B n < t Y liKKKN A WILLIAMS, Aacth>n<s>rii. No. 1001, northwest corner loth and D?ts. VALI'ABLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE. OPPO SITE OKN. SHERMAN'S FRONTING ON I PTREET NORTH, BETWEEN Sn AND ?d STRKF.T8 WEST, AT AUCTION. a On WEDNESDAY. ")- 11th instant, at 6 o'clotk p. m.,we shall sell, on the premises, a handsome three-story Brick HOUSE, with a tine doable back building, with all modern im provements, in perfect order; having a fine Stable aud Carriage-house. Lot being SO feet 8 inches front by 150 feet deep to a public alley. Being house No aso. Terms: $2.0o0c*sli: balance 1,2,9, 4 and 5 vears, for note- Leai ing 3 per cent interest and secured by adenlof trust on the premises si.ld. All conveyan cing. Ac at the coat of the purchaser. $2uu down on the day of sale. j5-d OREKN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. |)T WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, l> New Marble Building, No*. 900 and 9051 Pa aveuue,curuer of 9th street. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN SQUARE No. 67i, NEAR Sr. ALOY8IUS CHI'Rt'H. By virtue ot a deed of trust, dated October 23d, ?|9 A . D. 1871, and duly recorded in Liber No. 643, ?'?folio 352, Ac , and by the written direction of the party secured thereby, 1 will sell, at public auction, ii front of the premise*, on MONDA I, the ltttliday ot June, A I> 1873, at 6 o'clock p. in., all of Lots Nos ;*9 and 100, in Gilbert's recorded subdivision of S|U*re nuinl>ered six hundred and *e\ enty-flve(675), in the city of Washington, with all the improve ments thereon. being two nearly-tinished Dwelling H 'uses, fronting on north I street. Terms of sale: One-half in cash, of which 8100 must be paid on each lot at sale; the deferred pay ments to b>- made in six and twelvemonths after day of>ale, w ith interest at ten per cent, per annum and secured by deed of trust to the satisfaction of the Trustee. Terms to be complied with within six days after day of *ale, otherwise the Trustee reserves the right tc resell the prop*rtv. after one week's notice, at the risk and co?t ef defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost J M CAPKBTON, Trustee mSOd W L. WALL A CO.. Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue and Utb st.. Star Office Building. THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE CALLKD DUNBARTON HALL. SITCATED ON THE ROAD FROM PIERCE'S MILL TO TKNNALLYTOWX. ABOUT TWO AND A HALF MILES FROM WASHINGTON, D C., AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the l'Jthday of Jnne, 1373. on the premise*, at 4 o'clock, we shall sell the <al*ove suburban property The place contains about twenty-three acres of land, improved by a mansion house, containing eighteen rooms; also, two comfortable te: ement house*, with all the necessary outbuilding*. There are seven acre* of grape* ia bearing, pears, peaches and other fruits. The view from the house is one of the finest in the District. Any one desiring a tine country residence would do w?ll to attend this sale. Terms : One-third c?h; the balance in one, two and three years, with notes tiearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Convey ancing at the cost of the purchaser. $500 down at timet f sale. jeS-d LATIMER A CLE A RY. Auctioneers. DT LATIMER A CLEAR*, D Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and llthst.. Star Office Building. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOT8. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ^Mof the District of Columbia, pa sed in cauao ? No 3,1)64. Slade et al. v*. Slade et al ,1 will aell in front of the premises, on M0NDa\, the lftth day of June, lg73. at OH o'clock p. m., Lot S4 and SU feet front of Lot 15 by the depth thereof, in Square 5ft?. Lot St is 6u feet front, and will l?e sold in three Pircelsof 20 feet each. Thi* property is situated on ierce street, between L ana M and 1st aud Mew Jersey avenue, northwest. Terms of sale : One-third cash, and the balance in 6,12 and 18 months, with eight per cent, interest per annum, the purchaser to give hi* notes for the de ferred payments, endorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be reserved on the property until filial payment is made. A deposit of A100 will be required on the sale of each lot. If the term* of sale are not compiled with in six days the property will l>e resold at the cost of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at the cost ?f the purchaser. B 8 DAVIS, Trustee. je4 dAd* LATIMEB A CLEaRY. Aucts. UT THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, R Real Bstioe Auctioneer, AIM 7th street. TO BE SOLD BY "PUBLIC AUCTION ON TUESDAY, the 10th day of June, at ft p.^ n , lot D, on Ohio avenue, between LXJ-i and 14thKl streets, and lot I, with the improvements, on*4 13.'* street, between Ohio avenue and C street, in sqsare No. 257. Terms: One-third cash; balance in $, IS and 18 montbe, at 7 per cent, intennt. 950 to be paid on day of sale. THOS. E. WAGCAMAN. je4-ils Auctioneer. Y B H. WARNEB, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TitV 7th street, between G aud H sts. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON THE SOUTH 8IDB OF M STREET, BE TWEEN 4th AND Ath STS I will offer for sale to the highest bidder, on ?iTHUBSDAY. June 1 Uth, 1873. at 6 o'clock p. ? m.,a valuable Building Lot, located as above. 21 feet 5 Inches front on M street, by a depth Jof 190 feet to a30 fset paved alley. All woodou pavement and other taxes paid. Terms: One third cash, and balance in 1,12 and 18 month*, at 7 per cent, interest, secured by a deed of trust. % 100 down en day of sale. This ta on* of the best locations in the city. je4 eodAd* B. H. WARNEB. SOT 7th ?t. DT LUTTBELL A DUNNINGTON, Auctioneers, II 017 Louisiana avenue. VALUABLE SALB OF REAL B8TATE?A RARE CHANCE FOB INVESTMENT. On THURSDAY, June lMth, at ft o'clock p. B8m. we will sell in front of the premise*, to the "Abighest Mdder, two elegant Brick Housss, known as 316 and SIB C street, between Id and northwest, fronting 54 feet on C street and running back 180 feet to an 18-foot alley, upon which there are brick stables running the width of Ike lota. The booses contain 44 rooflM, with all the modern sonve niences. water, gae, Ac. The property will be sold separately or aa a whole. Term* of sale: One-third cash, of which BU0 on each house must be paid on day of sale: baiaace in 4. IS, and 18 months, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. LUTTRELL k DUNNINGTON, jeft-dAds Auctioneers. BIT Louisiana ave. BY TH08. B. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer. 91V 7th street. . CHANCERY 8ALB OfTmPBOVED BEAL E8 TATE ON Atm STBBBT NORTHWEST, BB TWBEN G AND H. ? By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Oourt of the District or Columbia, passed October ISth, 1872, in chancery cause Bo. S,787, Humes et al. vs. Humes et. al , and a subsequent decree paesud in said cause May SI, 1873,1 shall ofTer for sale, at pob II cauctlon. In front of the premises, on WEDNES DAY, the 11th day of Jnne, 1871, at A o'clock p. ni , the south 11 foot front by the depth of the l?t of lot SI. and the north 4 feet front by ths dertn of the lot of lot M. msms *? '?? ? *?J 1 XT oonneieer rront by th? depth of the lk>w^onee.^" ,r?,ed b' an,#,u ,aro'*torr Terms; f 7? cash, of which $50 mts? be paid a? Sagarjaaausaaifasay * fOOinaB AUCTION SAL ^ ri TCKi tin B* BT '?gclSftiXgZSSSTS9, Tl'BSTEE 8 SAVE Or A TWO 8T0BY AMD basement bPick. house, on the east HIDE or 10t?L BETWEEN P AMD Q BT8., KW.ATAUOnof. mm By virtue of a deed of trust to Joiku Whit ? n?y and nnrf, dated October 1,1871. and dot; ?worded in biberflLfvlio 163. one of the land record* of Washington, D.C .and by direction of the ftrtT thereby ?ec?r*d. I will ?<?11, at public a ac tion, Id front of the juaiiei. to the highest bidder, on THUBBDAY. .tune It, 1873,at 6 oVlock p. as., lot ei(btT-eicjit,<ttil>ia Joseph r. Aelley'? reccded subdivision of the ved half of aauare three hnodrad and sixty-five,<aM,>taMher with the Improvements thereon, ooasistiag of a twostorj and hsssment Bnck Howe. Teraa: One-third cash, and balance In six, twelve and eighteen months, with 7 per cent, interest, pay ?k'--vt-nil annaalIt. If terms of sale are not c,? with within Its days after sale, the property resold at the risk M cost of the defaulting able semi jct-eoAds GBBEB A WILblAMS. A*4?. (JOBSTABLE 8 ALB. ao I* hs&tfss&tiiuS THOMASE. WA0GAMAN. v. street Bsal Estate Aactionaar. Sit n. ? de~d of tmst fro* Ob. r'n! BT- iN wff# to John D MrPk-n. 1 ??w 1?*iL'i?r **' fo,io **1 of tb~ ffcortu itr m Mbir|toD county, ii tm+ IH?rrtrt at ?' I will, ob MONDAY, the ttlft liar of April, 1CT3, at 4 o'clock p. ?>., offer for aij# ?r mK lie ioctinfe, |u front of the the aroa?*r?v Jfeerlbed in said deed, to wit: LotTumKrSIT a w'th ^ bSiw foi . Terns: One third cash, the balance In six and twelve months from day of sale, and eecured by nr chaw's n<Hee and deed of trust opoa the premises Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. M ^ JJ> M?W??80?,Twtt?. mJOeoAda THOS. B. WAGGAMAB. Auct. ?/"POSTPONED, BT OBDEBOP THE TECS tee, until MOBDAl, June mh,at5?P ' I I JiiJ'fc* Tl* BBOH. TnJtaa. ml eoAds THOS B WAGOAliAB.Aact. 11T P. A BOSWELL A CO , ?? Auctioneers and Beat Brokers Southwest corner of 4H street and Virginia svenne. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN "UNION " BTBBhVaViFri,"aV5ro M * iScTBWE8TMD ** AHD *TH RESETS Jk" sold, at pnblic auetion.on THUBS BDAT. June ? . at 6 o'clock P, m , unless preT, ?"oasly sold at private sale. Lots numbered 5. 44, 8?- Th?** lots will be snbdl vided to suit purchsaers, and are within half a square of the street railroad. One of three lots it improved by a three-story Brick House Terms of sale: One-half cash; the balance at g 1t and IS months, with intere-t at 9 percent ftl?6 ?1 **''? If. not comptted with w ithln Ave days, resale at purchaser '* cost * BOSWELL ^C^AucU. MOMIvai* J BOIf ^ALFlS POSTPONEdTST HONDA1 .June 9tli, same h"ur and pi a. e J* ? BOSWELL A CO . Aucts. BT GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Northwest corner lOih aud D streets VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY FRONT iwnu a*?ISSCl n,,bTH. BE I WEEN 1?t east, one souare e \s r -1L at auction ? On MONDAY .the Wth instant, at ? o'clock p ni . we shall ~ellson the premi>e?. L->t Nr> >i iB ??iuarcho 7M. having two good four-tory Brick Houses, with l>a?enient; all partition ?alU built of arili water containing . ight rooms, with gas Terms mad" known on the ?iar of sa|,> ** UKEKN A WILLIAMS, Ancts II* GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, ?"* No. 1001 northwest corner loth and D sts. (_ I! ANCEBY SALE Or REAL E^TATB ivrnr COUNTY or WASHINGTON IN THE I?ts TRIrT OK tOLl MBIA (Or W D V MOB GEOBOETBWN*. SALE TO JiblvpJf'A^*, AT AUi'TION ROOMS or '^t'AMS. NORTHWEST COR NIB OF 10th AND D STREETS IN W4su IKGTON CITY 1N ^ Ai!>U By virtue of a decree passed by the 8npreme e^Court of the District of Colombia, in E-iuttr ^?w2"^' p*orge W Linvilleetal \s. W illiam P C. Munlock et al , we w ill sell, at public auction, at the auction rooni-> of Green A Winiam northwest corner of loth ;?n<l D streets, in the citv of Washington, D 0 , on TUESDAY, the I 7th day ?f ~ P mt ,h" hour of ? o'clock p m., L ts ! .'25, a6i*,-3Jj *"d Si. of our snlidi vision of *? V?- 1 * tract of land lying and being in the county ^Washington, in the District of Oolunibi a, called Philip and Jacob, and re?urvey on acTe*"^ ?' "" a'K>Te l?l? contains from Ave to twenty The land is situated on two roads leading into the RmIkp rondf and by th'-iw r??H?lH to Gt*>rc*town aad Washington, and is only tw. and a half miles from Georgetown. The new road about to b? made bv the B -ard of Public Works will bring this pr much nearer to Georgetown i Tl'e 'n'"1 fr "f K,M,3 ijuality, and part of it wood land, all well watered. The land is suitable for *e Ho" I"1and is in a very healthy |.>ca There is erected on said lot #6 a largs new ri ?ur Mill, in good riinnmg order ai,d conditi-.n. whh watercourse. The mill will b. open and-ubject to inspection to all persons. J One lot will be sold with privilege of two or more lots <>n line of l?t sold. 'A map of the property to be m.|d can be seen at GriM-ii a \\ illiam^ auction room. T?mis of sale: Oue-sixth cash, and the balance in thirty c?iual monthly payments, with interest at the rate of t.-n per centnm p.-r anunm from day of ?ale until paid, with security to the satisfaction of the receivers, and a lien retained on the property sold or the purchase money can l?- paid In cash or upon shorter time than as aforesaid, at same rate of mter est. A deposit of gfio will b<- required of the pnr chas- r at time of sale. All converancing and stamp-, at cost of purchaser. Plats of the property will b. exhibited at the time of nab WH. r. MATTINGLY, 1 ?'Lf L.! i *ILL ? ? ? Becei vers "31 J HuLIK. > GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. OYGRIKN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, L* No. lOOl, Northwest corner loth and D streets tRistee's sale or valuable unim proved REAL ESTATE LYING ABorV RTwrwv^1! *rr?NURTH or BOUNDARY rBONTING 3J3 ?>? 100 W , EXTENDED ANU 9lH "BEETS, N ?.iMWie of a d-cree of the Supreme C ?nrt of TXhe District of Columbia, in the case of Hoover ^^?enardian, vs. Hoover and others. No. 2Ja?' feoU> P^?ed on the26tli day of Octoh-r. 1^2, I will sell, at public auction, to the highest bid der. in front of the premises, at 6 o'ebn-k in the afternoon of MONDAY, theVth day of June. 1S7J. *?.? Jf' "< 82, of a subdivision of Srt of Mount Pleasant, record<-d January 19th a. in the land records of the District of Columbia* Terms of cale; Ten per cent of th ? purchase monuy to be paid at time ?f sale: the balance in three eoual instalnnenis, one in ten days, one in six months, aud one i i one year from the confirmation of said sale The last two instalment* to bear interest at the rate of ten per cent, m-r annum, and their payment to be secured by a deed of trust on the property. Conver ancing at the cost of the purchaser. In default of thepaimeutof the first of said three instalmeots the Trustee reserves the right to resell the aronertv r-n the terms above mentioned, at th?cost aad risk of the defaultirg purchaser. _ ^ LYDIA A HOOVER. Trustee "J7? GREEN A W ILLIAMS. Aucu WABNEB, ? ...K'*1 Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T?9 7th atreet, between G and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE oT PBOPERTY ON ?r? tTRKET CONTINUED, JUST ABOVE BOUH DA YnSTREET NOBTHWEST, AT AUCTION TJrtne of a dead oftrust to Daniel L. Baton, dated Jalj U, Mra^and duly recorded in Liber Jt"? V.?Kfl?: ^7 * decree of the g.ipreme Court of the District of Columbia passed in E-iuity cause No.SJ(B,pocket U, substituting the under Trustae in place of Daniel L. Eaton, de ceaned, I will public auctions In front of the premises^. MONDAY, June 1?. 18T3, at 6 oVl?* p.m., weatbalf of lot 41, io J?s-e B. Hay's sn|, .livis'on of Ml Pleasant, as recorded in Liber J ?.? '?^ L, * 8J1' Oie land records of Washington county, D. C. Terms to be made known on the day of aale ftloo d?vwn oni acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within five days after sale, the Tms iTfcTjr*!! the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser Couvev anciug at purchaser's cost. . GEOBGE W. 8TICENEY, Trustee. je3-eoAds B. H. WABNEB, Auct. BY RELLEY A GATCHEL, Auctioneers, Corner 11th and V streets northwest TBCSTEE'S SALE ofToT IN SoL'ARE No ON i>t stbiet. capital hilL. Of trust,dated rebruary y 1'? .?"<* 'In'y recorded in Liber No 6.J2, .. f<>jj<'tM,Ac ,aad by the written direction of the party securad thereby, I will sell, at pnblic aur l.?n;ilif1? of the premises, ou WEnNSSDAT, the ! *th day of June, A B., 1S73, at ? o'cl^k p m Lot G, of snbilivlslon of original Lot numbered four,(4,>in Square numbered seven hundre.1 and ^Vw^nijii"p^C*^' ?4pit01 H'"'in wlfehS AjSkr d^^Th^^ Trustee reserves the right to reaell the prope.ty, after one week s notice, at the risk and cost of de faulting purchaser. J A-L JiORBELL, Trustee _J8 KELLEY A GATCHEL. Aucts. IIY B. H. WABNEB, ~ " N i el5r?k*r ^ Auctioneer, ?o. 7'Jtf 7th street, between G and H. CHANCERY SALE OE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON NORTH E STREET, BETWEEN 14 rS AND 15th 8TBBET8 WEST H Jk?B) virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court, D ? ??, m the cause of Riley ?t al. vs. Grady al. !L> JJ4?. Equity, I will sell, at public auction, on THUBSDAT, June 19,1373, at 6o'clock P, Premises parts of LoUS and 10. in Square 227, beginning for tba same at the north weat corner of lot W, on the south line of north E r"nBlnf dn*?'?* ?8 feet; tbence south inches; thence west U feet; and thence north tO feet 7H inches to the beginning; Improved by a two story Erame Dwelling. Terms of sale: One-third < aan; the residue lu two ?uual pMmenta at 6 and U months from day of aale, w it h interest at 8 per ca it. per annum. The title to be retained until all of the purchase money, with in !fJ!* 1 i1" t?nB* of ?a1'" are not complied with within seven days from day of sale, I reserve the right to reaell the property at the risk McM of the defaulting purchaser All conveyancing at purchaser s cos*. A loo deposit on acceptance of bid . _ _ JAM\s S/kBWABDS^TrustS jeft-eoAds B. H WABNEB, Auct. to Iwmt, m. j3?i AUCTION SALKS. RT DUB0AB80B. DOWLING A CO . Ann. u Soathea* coraar r.htnd D street* mUvnI. NINETEEN 8?rj8 m r,0 EOA8TINO Cor 2!r ????? it bVm* k,? oS^^ST iha. All p?ni*. concerned sill tak* notice iwnii i an)] DOKCAM^M. DOWL IBO A <jo . ^ 7 ?**? ? Airtittww. B* "'?? Aorthwe* corner Wh and D Ms saleor VALl * ArcnoliiEAET- AT PUBLic (>bT last . at T oVIoch zsr>^ i, "w r,i ?T"hi,B?^r ?*??>?, IS* r lTrir*., T V ' ?*?????' 8t.fMl.r4 ?uj BSrjrcy-. ^.^.vraras; i.,.5 7* V.",!bt Ir * v'; , H.rj?V . MoaHUy* ^'n*' fro,n Tu4>** ? ?? i oth r ?>??? tine. Ia Bee'.^EneyclopMia. id ?n ^ |7Wfl< 1<as The of < oncrea., frw io>.ni of Mi ??*!!. Togeth r with .11 elegant ?m. ??i*e|ia ue?u. Literature. T' im? r*?h *%mn ? .... J' d GREEB A W|LI?t ' **"' BT DCNCANSOB, DOW LINO * <X 'imkTjj bi utbeaat i orner 9th and D ?trer?? , -1 UBOCEBIE8.S1 I0HTL7 PAX.VitD B\ riR* - _A*J? * *TKR. at Ai rTIOK ,fh fOm ot. TCIHI'AV MORNING, Jim \ !,/ lT?rn* "Vlo. k. we ?U. ft. I " * 1 ' ! ? ' r *11 l I' ll r? ii ? . l.rtf. |: ?? . a?, 1 ?,rocwi?, .Ii* d<u>i*g?d b, ?r? *n>1 ?aier. ?ii.1 rem > .-4 to ur ?t.>re fur .In W ? n? IB put Hiior*. Coff???, T. a*. S;arch, 8<>ajw, Candle*, Cracker*, ri nr, pHte., Bro,me, Tnl?, Nu*?, Ol'"* Oil. B ?iidi P'tchni, Prut.-*, l'i. kle* 0>??*r*, Mti?t.-tr4, Gilifer, P^pttt-r, Choco a?e.8.n<-e, Ye,?t Powder. P'? b~?. Tomat<? ?. Turtle, Hi M . ig.ra ,1,4 Tofctcro P ue. Toilet 8 >.p, Kvtra-t*. Ac., Ar. W ??!. nuue >.?u? Otlier article. in the Gr... err line Mng a potion t the .t k of ..f the lite* gro :ery ?tor? In the fj'? ? 1*1"N< ANsoN. Dow LI No k 09 , JL 1 Rep I Auctioneer^. GKKKK ,V W ILLIA !H>, Anrt i.inwrn, ?-* Horthwewt corner Igth ?nd D ?tre?it?. TW O Giiop FK\MK HOOliS i vn I <iva KKoNTING ?>N 1CA<?T . APIT??L "tR? ?t" atm?t?onih am' "t? aK; tffcn'm T2l K?SI?|AY|i""> ,i,h " -*??**? I k HP 111 ? *h*ll H'll. on th?- t?rt*nii?#? P%rt ?f "L t I] i? K 920.1.. in. u f, t fr??nt .? *f-.-t I I tic 11 4?-p. Wirt, I?? . ,1 f rum. p..|| Itk H"U?e?, with hMenwatii .tut.l.le f,,i BriMti. r. m4?-tic"?. t" w hich >?k the .t?. otiou of p. r? .?? in ^ ant .t c mfortaH** If nif?, an th? v%*ili )?*> ? i.? to lh#? fiuh?*-t ln<td? r? Till p> rf.Tt roT'/'!'" K)ne.''*,f f!"h' s Ati4 II month., Tor not.-, bearitit; interest and ?er?r.-i J.y . d. ?4 ..f Itti-t on the pr ii4e.-s m?l4 OnBi-nn m; C '?t .f ptirrhNxer f l(w4.>?-n on . .ch h >i? ? t<m ? .t ?.|. J' d I ">l OBtINt mLLIAMS.Anr, IIY LATIMKR A CLBAKT, ? 9 A uctiv neer? .ltd R<-.l K?tMe Br k^r*. !?.>nthwe?t Ci.rn.-r of Pei.n.yl! *ni. ?> -uue .i.J kler euth .treet, StM^ Offlce BuilJiu*. THKKC STOHY FRAME n'TSE v , ..... BTREKT NORTHWE8T,'BcrWttN M AND N 8TREETH, AT AUOTI^M ^l??Br.E,PAV AFTERNOON J.,oe I3?h. .t HfV' ???* ? >n fr.-tit .if th. preaitiui ^?Lot iv in (...yle ? ?nt> of l?t* 7. ?? .ti4 3,in hu ire J;; .!-4ir"nVn? ".M1*'?che. on the ?M- ..f Wh ?tre.-tt ?ti4 runtime Wk ? fe.-t to .n ^ler .n,i JBiproTed by ?three .torj H iiH-,cout*i'n,u* nine room, .nd b.ll, b?4r.nt in ? trd. |< r"'? I'beral anu will b?-m?I-kuown .t time of i<7 ? i ,u .LATIMER A TLKABT - ''' d*d" I R' P 1 Au. tiot.or. RV LATIMKR A CLEAR*. J *MttoiWW and Real Broker.. tk-nthwe.t corner Penn.yl^n?. .re MJ Uth ?r^f, Star Office Baildtu^a. vALl"ABLE I'MMPROTEP RI\L E^TtTi ^ ?'""NT hBCTIONH OF TBI (ITT A T A ( 1 TION?HALE TO TAKF Fl trr *T OCR AUCTION RooifS AT AFTERHOO*. JwUth ^3lv3tM A o clock. within onr 8*1?r.. .nie. we entat*- fallowing de#crib 4 valuable real L? MS- "itti.ted on the nirth ?ide of .e\.*;"Vonrw^rwB ,,rt aui ??? str ^.oJthe^i '? -l-.?r. AVi., omer of Mh ...4 G ?j?h .tm'trl-irt lH,U 1 *1"1 1 Btr,"*u' an,: llth ?"?' Term, of Mle; One foarth cnh. in throe i'in.1 p?vnient?. ?t 6 12 and M moatb. with note, l'eJ.rii"k' "*cure4 l.y dt-<-4 of trtiMt >n th? T.*i '? Conrey.ucing ?t pnr. hM,-r. c ?t I*1,",,e re.inire?l on e?ch L"? at timeTr ?al. If the tenn. of .ale are not complied with withui ?i\ I mi r,*h' ,M" reserved to reiwll the prvaet bi V Pti *"<1 of P'irchaser in default. cm* hr~-u b> ?' LATIMER A CLEART. Aact. Dl GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. ?-* Northweat corner or loth and D ?troota. TBI STKK HALE OK A TWO-fiTORV pt>t<<? "^ -K AKH LOT"r/.BTlBOON BEwVtk NORTH "BTWEEN I AND K 8Tb "1 ? tni,t' loth 4a> of lil er il" i? r I L^?- d"1* r"' r4?d in r , ?v ? B -AtJ, folio ??. ,.B. ,f the Ia-i4 r-. .rd? *. a V iti the District of C?lt:ml<ia. and by direction of the holder of the note*. I th.ll ,h- 17,11 rw , , ! A.0. Iff! m front of the prenn??. Ht 6 OT^nf!t IP: Certain piece or parrel <f i n i'. il?" *' "*id c"* "f Wi??hint toti, ati4 kn>iwti and aewrilM>d on the pla^ of oai I Fn-her'.fubdni^ow .if enuare nniber-4 fi,e bun f^ ?.h??'n(l 12 feet fr->nt hv ir. ^ ""WlvlrtOA M re c ?rd.-d it. the <? ill re of the Surveyor of Mid rity.wtth , T, rD'?: On*-third ca?h, balance in ?. 12 and 18 nioiitb.. for note* bearing int. r?st ,iud secured by adet'.loftru^ th- premise.. Allconrevanrinn M '^r co<* of, the^orcha^r. f WO down on the day Jj? ?.? 'ftheterm. .,f ?al- are n it romali-d *"b|n B*e day. after the day of^ie. the tru> 'r* fight to reeell the property at th ^ ?"" wtf.was I1T B. H. WARNER, ??.,<? u Entate Broker and Aurtfoneer 1*9 Seventh atreet, between G and H GVvr *1 \\N ,8.w-AJK??-?r A DBMRABLE BUILD l?<* LOT, ON THE COKNKR OF ')jt? A vn m streets northwest" TACotioVD ?' Supreme Oourt of ^ythe Dmtrlct_of Colwmbia, I will tell, it public --I?ioB>'?fr"|} ?f the pr.-nii^*, on THCR8 DAT.June 19, 1"J73, at 6 o'clock p. m , Lot A in ?utHloiMon of original lot I, aqaare ts. Pontine ?' f,et on M street northweM by a depth of lu> feet Term.: One half ra*h; balano iu 3 and 6 mo< th. for note. of the purcha^r beat ing etfht per ce?t M rT? ?*' **e- f<?be withhelil until all of the Mirchaae mon. ? , with interest, ?? paid ok?fr?J4*S.SWl!TF*MK' GAORGB W. SALTER, Attorney. i7f?A'1 B H WARBEB. Auct 1H>1 ND SALE.?There will be^4d at the Pound. MT corner ol 23d ?tre?t and B. w T"rk avenue ^ ?orthvrwt|at ao-d,p?. on MONDAT.CrJ4 jy ??^. ".?ot.redwMXl on cr ?M.fore thajlLSL date, one red ami white ?p.4t.-d Bl'LLCAl F t tk -i. ' "tJ.Board of Health I op In the northwe?teniM*tioBof the city P 1 _l! S. EINSTEIN. P ?ndw.a.ter RT LATIMER A CLEABT, ,,.i, A".r,1?"r<*r* ^ *?<?*' Broker., Southwest corner Penna. avenue and llth .tre* Star Office Building. ' DESIRABLE IMPROVED PBOPERTT o\ .... tSSSS^YVii *^^Hnv^iii7r,v,r^r ,!T^,,*'I'/J<*6awl?.nth8feet 10 iticbe. of L^t U. .i-tCoT rB^k^?ifiMsoT~u u,er,M,n-ci,? 4??saia^gaMa?',ga.a"' T.nn.; One-foorta cwh; recidue in the?? e^u.l M; Mnti *11,12 ud 14 Buiitbij ?itb note* baring interest, and wcared by deed aitru.t on the >r*af M "oW re.|Bired at li?we ,,f .!le cTa veyanriDR at purcbaeerV co?. If the term, of u|? V w1,h rtth,n ?>* rirtt j'1! *K' " 'J?. I? readverti* the property at the ri.k and coat of the pnrrhaaer in default ?** LATIMER A CLEABT. Auct.. Ri B- H. WARBEB, M? yoo Broker and Auctioneer, Ho. 7*9 7th Kreet, between G and H wU. m?-?fA deed of troat to me. dated N~>* C3lStb, 1871, of recant, ia Lilier Bo. MtTfaMoilL ~?ne of the lam)record for the cotmt) of Waah i {' by direction of the party aecur*^ Ji'S,rguB:?grai' Col^aihia"collegeiofriS?r^9,,'?f 'wtbdl^Uioa S jjooth college y^nnda. ?S?w5ie\TSK2T2o? dttJoDif li will h* igfp by r<4fnnc^ to tkp r^r n? 1 ord. for the county of W aahinitton, together with the -oK"#?* ?h"* n-^-? ? W^KrW twT ?tory Frame Huuw. - *??- an ink ? ' mr . ? -^'"B ? "^1/ UPW Boundt^ BoU~' ?*** ?? 141 h ?U^' T**rail of sal# twi doe fourth ca*ha i of whipk r.?r He Sp^Sa ^ z \t COM of the perrhaasr, aad if the tnw of laU SI not complied with w tea day. aflat the darof JST the trustee reaertea the rtghTtoraiaintheLZmZtZ "ji'd ?mi ?m. 'sST' A,^ ?3??. ? 'IIT * *9 *tl?ck, *e ihtU obr for .ale "f the Vi*a!ir bi*Wr. in irb rt^t^ rt?' ?'?I ? aqnarw 1M?. situate oti ,ro*!.r' * l~*. ?Hh a depth of feet?ische*. improve* by a Frmw a?wm7^ Term.: On--third eaah. balance la .is and tw. month.. With DOtos >^.?^7'JiTi." oai?g. n> .x and twelve 55 TT" ?? MwiH? cboTbsob. dowlibo A CO EVENING STAR A HIOTHU'O ARO Rl?TM'*9(IAkUl l*0tkn(ti Fr-rmcr -A fllWttW (KH.|H respondent of the St PmI Presa snde? dale mt the nth all . writM Thta MMWuity mwm ?rcb ahocked tht* morniM upw he?rin| Of % tad iMr which #eet.ln? Mas ?) In the Unit* of a reapected CtUff* **?" Joeepn H Toawrwl It MAOI* thU?H Sf h? box*. ubM .l(Hr|tk, lad mm? year# of age. tcturned h>mc fVom a neighbor's hoaae. and. full of miachtef, while seated by th* ?oea ?irigH himeell bv throwing kernel* of I hie eldeet aiater. Mabel, a gfrl of aome year??t afe.who wa* *ttttiig at work. |aj| angry after awhile the (trl threw a large pair of *heara at ber bi ittir. trfclrk aafort unately atrnck blm point foremoat fall la the left Sreaet, rrrrtratifg hi? tbtn clothing and hia braaat and Heart, cau*ing bia a I moat matant death. A Rvertciot a Poi*o?i??Cam i* Vtaatata. V .*? Mollte Tartar. living with bar ancle, l/ewellen Tucker, four mil-* from Barker ille, |<o>?oned Saturday night, and died Sunday morning ahoat .1 o'docfc. A rslarsi W'wm Mm at Mr Tackei 'a had a aick child, and went Saturday mora lag to the koaae of a colored nan and got a rial aanl to contain calo mel She brought it boaae and took ft to Mr. Turker'a daughter to wetoh out a doae far bar. While the medicine wa* l?e ng weighed, Mlaa Mollle Tucker a*ked for a doae, aavtng that I *bc ft It unwell. She took it abom ? oVtoafc and a beat an bour afterward* wa* wi riv) with 'p**m-. which coiifitiued at interval* ant.I ?boot ;? o'clock. Wb< n al.e died. A pbvwiciaa " " I I'1" arrived tmi lat* to render any ? The rial contained ?trv<liuiae ? a? callxl "i>tatice l>o*??ri( I???riTrr?<?*. amt ,'m* ,KVen in Ui? I inted States irrnlt *. ti"' t*rox tdcnce. K I . di?tri. t ? teat th# oonst' of the prorurun in ie ?tat?<?.?%. "*""'ton Which make-?wn*r?bt|? I real eatate a n*?Tj 'raticl.ipe .(iialiBcetiee >r nafnrallred ?. 'ttaaiia Wm Jteach I awrenca counael for the plainlifl. The ault U arainot ie moderator of voting c let net In Viorth rovidence for rffa? "lt to accept the vote af a eeif n Norn ritiren no * ? pwpwj o in tto ate The general aaari/'bly ha* ?*?ted that tho ate ahall hear th. roeta the defence. Tho rouHon?when it t* (p?ea? will I* irterreating, i several thowaand ctt?rena. tnrliniing a nua *r of e*-ao\dier-'. are debarred from voting by ie |<rtKtit law. VPnUtUcochaiilf are pronounced a* -ool l Arctic aoda. VA Methodiat rhi.rch in Iowa ha* the atara nd *tri|>e* |>aitit> ?t on aterj '.c. I/"A |>a|>er at lledtord. Indiana, want*acbool aching let out to toe lowaat bidder. K rongli kaigli la the way they a|>ell a pop* ir game In Wffitrti Mi*a?un. %r- CliiJl matineea" are at the preacnt a aocia' rature along the Walia?h rirer. Ind BJ~A Fall rirer common councilman haa i en ex|>trlled from office lor attending a cork pbt. |/"Mrp Miller thinka he maat be ?loakia* ben he talk* about marry .ng at) F.tigliah lady f fortune. |/"A 1?< troit girl wa* found dead knoe'.iag at er t>e<t-*tde in an attitude of |?rayer. ao the Detroit |>a|>er* aay. ?7"A anowballing match wa* Iniulged in by i>me aenior* of Amhcr*t coib-ge la-t week, landay, a large drift in Haaderland, Maaa,> ing them with tlie material for the aport. ?^.lohn Kigali, of riainrietr, Minn., i vetity-alK, birouacked in a atiowhank for orty-nine hour* 'luring a late *torm in that ? gion. lie would ha\e *tave<t longer, had not la wife come alter hiin with a coffin and earae. It i* atatcd that Mr*. Matibla .loee'rw iag?* | ro|*>*?'* to take the atump In ontaria ounty. N V.. for the puri>o*e ot ao influencing he public mi lid In that vicinity that an unpre ndice jury cannot be fciund for the coming rial of Susan B Anthony tor illegal rot ng VTlie Ohio constitutional convention la coa Mlermg the propriety of expunging from tho tate conatitutioa the section e*en.pttng cburcb iraperty t row taxation. Ohio liaa about oae eidh ot all the church property in the I'nioa, ir.d it I* Increaaing in value enormoualy. RICH: pr.X^HtMl On the ?th id*'ant, KARRIKT 'KKKPA DOKOBiW *lde.t dati -l.t-r -f J .tin C. nd Catharine Duuoh?...a?e<l 17 yearaaitd lua^>utha. fay *l"- reat in fear. Rn' d< ar?*t Harriet, and art th >n a Mia Ft-Try i>r from mi *iicbl * 8b*ll I no more thy f?> behold. So cheerful and ao bright * And la that voice forever liu?h-d, That once I loved to b' ar * Ah, no' niethiuk* I Imar it n >w 811II aoundiDK in m> eat Friend* and ratotiaoa are invit?d att?n1 tba niieral fT'4n ber m<Kber'a reaKl*n< ?. ??r < ?iim, etaaei. tl?t and t3d *tre<-t?, oa ^utldar, tba ?.U laMaiit. at So'clock p. ni. * Dl'NBAR In Ueorget ?n, on Frula) ajrniai. liaa hLI/. ARETfl Dr> BA R, mi th-??.h f*a. af er age Th* funeral will taae pi ace from her lata reai4**ea, .0 6 J Fred*rirk street. Oeorw- t ?i, on H nJar ?omtna. 9?li instant, at ?'? o'clock a il Tb* pal tne? and friends of the family are r??partfallv o? It*d to attend * HATES On the eeeaiug of tbe ?th ia<taat, aftar Ion* and painful llltieaa, wtan b -t?. kore *Hk hriattaa fortitude, BLLA VIRU IN IA. dearly ha 1 ved aijd eldeat daagliter af John W and Cjlaabia lajea ?i.'?l 13 year> and i m nlh Badly weop th) paienu ??'er th**. O..I batli (al|e<1 t bee to thy h'0<'. Thou baat left ua in thy beauty, Th<?a wilt never more return Gone, bnt not forc<4t?a. A B I Bait mora Bun and Cbicaao papers pl^aarrufr I UNDERTAKEBa RICHARD r. HAKTBV, UNDSRT 1 ?o. *x? V Btkuy, HATALLIC BURiALCASBB AND C1UII wo daacr i^naa. IT SHROOOS. HAStn. #s RICHARD W. BAtlU, CABIN MT MAIMR AN U VNOBHTAK em ILITMTI BTRirr. aear V. rVRNJTVRK Ot ALL tlNoB MAUM HtPAIHhO W1 UX1AM BACUTT, UNDERT Ic. TMTn Strut, Si REAL ESTATE AGENT8. | CAh BOYLE f RAKE BAKUOB JC AM BO VLB * CO., REAL ESTATE AX1> NOTE BROKERS. Ko h?4 Uth street, oppoaile C. 8. FOB SALE?A handsome HOUSE on I street. Ma. IIS. A new large d ubl* HOl'bE. oomer Bat uid H HOt>E to. IS IS Maaaacbaa^ts aveaaa. BOISE Ko. KS6 Sd street east .for aale or reat, for matted or anfarniabed. A COTTAGE la Wlllard^a Row; price fSJOO Several small Howaaa, ' |Sjdo to Bitot), small caab paymenu. We leveral eery fiue FARMS, improve# ~ proved, on different railroad* rnnmng from too it) fcr sale at low Bguraa or exrhaace ludlf ?roaerty. MSto* feet of O RO 1KB la vartowa kortioua of the city for sale at low Bgnraa. oa i, or will ax change for property G' ?EO. TBCESDELL A CO.. REAL ESTATE BBOEKRB. ill Ttb street, t over German Aawruaa Bavta lJ Special attention given t? REKTINO OObLECT Ho7 PAVIKG TAXES and PRuUTIATlhG UOAVB. c n loha Hltx, Ooaanl General of I DSTIB r. pre?tSi Parto? AED * VAITMMS, AT LOW BRICK*. terun ittiir, nxrm I aas B, kTbL^PPEI WCb5fm?r!L2!

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