Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR ?ATI ? DAT Mmmm 7. 1*7*. LOCAL NEWS (?McwihI Uml*. N Y. Hep. As?'n umu io-nigjt it Clarke s Ball. Tbe w?t officf at Moant PIea?ant, D. C., h? b en di*> ontinu* d. The catting down of Ttb street west is pro grosing npidtr. From Br%d. wch4?6 Thf Duily frrfiphit for Jane 6th; ItlswrfAttV rf Ciaiiin't Weekly for Jods 14th; .4f pi't-m'$ Journal lor -Inne Ttb, an?l the lllmttmt'd Ckrit'ifn W"k1y for Jane Mth. To morrow, as usual, the .'andnii W-ming Gi xtttr will contain excellent original articles and c he ice selections made for its very many read ers and admirers. Mr. Elliott, tbe young man who fell from a h< u?e in Mlchler h ace at the tire there a few weeks ago and received serious injuries, is oat of danger. Kev.m. .fatten, pastor of the F.-street Bap tist church, has resigned and will preach his farewell sermon on tbe 1Mb inst., having re ceived a call to the Sixteenth Baptist church of New York city. ThenewM.K church at Sligo is to he dedi cated to-morrow, with preaching in the fore noon by Kev. Mr. Morris, ami in the afternoon by Kev. Mr Cleveland, both of this city. It is eypectrd that a large number will be present, attracted tblther bv the religious exercises, to gether with tbe pleasant weather and goou IOA<)fU The well known colored lentist, Robert T. Freeman, died yesterday. Going to live with I?r. >oble when a bov, and showing some apti tade for dentistry, he was advised to begin the regular stu-ly of it, and did so at*I graduated from the Harvard Mental College at the heal of his class. Last fall he was the independent republican candidate for the legislature from tbe xtb district. The new Sonday-school Reference Library, for the use of teachers, just fitted up in the Y. M. C A. rooms, yesterdav received tbe hand some addition of a complete set of Lanze's Commentary in fifteen octavo volumes, from the well known puhl"?hers, Me> <rs. Scrlhner. Arms'rong & Co.. of New York, forwarded through Mr. L. 1- Crounse. ?I. c. Wells, esq., late of the Petriot force, and later employed as clerk by the Board of Public Works, whde passing from the ferry to the hotel in New York city one sight about two weeks ago, was overtaken bv tao ruffians and knocked to the ground ard robbed. Remaining in an Iiu-enslble condition, be was found ami conveyed to a hospital, where fee was very weak ard ill for over a week. The Grand I.odge Independent Order of Me chanics has elected the .ollowing officers for the ensuing term. G. A., Charles N. WeiM; V. (}. A., H G. Wagr er; recording secretary,.!. P. I>ement; secretary. William I.. Sew ard; irr^urer. J. P. Jacob*; chaplain, .1. .1. Fisher; conductor, J. C- Wil 3n; I. S., William H. iKiugheriy, and O. S., J. J. Bradlev; repre sentatives to the Supreme Lodge, C- S*. Weiss and Henry G. Wagrer. O Lot* Lkasbd roR Chvr< h Prnro?*? *ot tsE*rT rRcM Taxation?The B<>ard of Pub lic Works lately received a letter from the trus tees of the North Baptist Church, on 14th street, through Mr. 'L. Richards, chairman, stating , that two lots of ground in square j longing to that church have Wen assessed the sum of 9331.T1, and asking that they be exempt from taxation The letter was referred to the Mi]>crintende!it of taxes and aase>cuieuU, who i r? ports as follow*: ??I And that the lots were leased for ninety- j nine years by the I3th-street Baptist Church j socieiy. and a building erectcd thereon, or that the building on the lots at the time of the lease was put into use for church purposes. Some time la?t fall the North Baptist Church society secured this property from the lJth-street Baptist church tor the use of their society, and they have occupied it and still use the build ing for church purposes. The property appear* in the name of J. G. .1 add on the books of this office, but not as trustee for any religious society. As the property still belongs to the origin.*! owner, the church having no deed for tbe same, and as we have no knowledge that the owner does not receive money for said leas-*, I am led to suggest that this case should t>e treated as private property, and that the taxes ought i9l?e paid. The general law governing the exemption of churcli or school property cannot consiktently be strained to such an extent as to cover property used for church purposes where the society pays for the use of the ground. As thi-is to all intents and purp'ises tbe property of the party or parties who leased it to the Baptist Society, 1 would recomtaend that the certificate of indebtedness issued ! on these tots be <*ontinued until such time as ?lo< timt-m.try evidence can be produced show ing the right and justice of the claim set forth." The recommendation of Mr. Hall h:ts been approved, and "Mr. Richards so notified. Tbi Firb Defartmkst The Board of Fire Conmi'vloners met last evening. The re Ert of Chief Krglneer Cronin for the month of ty was read, s- owing 14 tires, with alos or fll,!a*; insurance |l?,;?u Mr. Booker, from tbe committee on hose, reported that the hose of the department wss in a miserable condition. The resignation ot W. W. Hurdle, private, was receive*! and accepted, and James W. Spring man. on motion of Commissioner Booker, was cfcosen to fill the *-acancy. Mr. McHevitt offered a resolution that a committee be appointed to inquire what amount Of money No. 'i engine-house and the truck boux can be sold for, ami what amount it will take to pi?ce tbe school-bouse at ?;tb sir.-el and New York avenue in a proper condition lor the dm of the two companies above named; also, that tbe committee be empowered to secure a site tor No. 3 engine-house. Mr. B<?yley moved to amend .o that the committee on buildings and the President of the Board be named is tbe committee to carry out the provi*ion*of tbe resolution. The amendment was agreed to and tbe resolution adopted. Mr. Morgan moved that it be considered the ^ense of i he Bo vl that It is highly inexpedient and improper to allow the Board or Kire loderwr.ters of this city ta>have the appointment of two members ot the Board of Fire Commissioners, out of a toll board of live, a* provided for iu Council bid reducing salaries. The resolution was aaanimously agreol to Tbe committee on r?'- and discipline re quested to be ducba' from the considera t.on of lb: t port'on ot the charges against Foreman -loht on. ot the book and ladder com pany.rel.uive to absence from his j*ost and neglect of duty Adopted. Hovi hGriat Loxooa CiBern, Ac The Baltimore Jmriam is enthusiastic over toe performance* of Howe's great I ^omion circus and Sanger's menagerie ot trained animals now exhibiting in that city, and to open here on Monday next. The .1 mrumn savs : "The sur prising performance ol M 'lie l)ockrtll, tbe skill ful, daring, bare-l>ack equestrienne, were pro nounced the best ever witnessed in this city, as were also tbe dabbing hurdle hare-hack riding aad fea> of horsemanship of Mr. W. H. Mor gan. The clowns were uuustially amusing, par ticularly the J-'rench clown. The acrobatic and gymnastic performances, athletic exhibitions, the intrepidity and excellence of the vario>is artists?in fact, tbe whole entertainment was of tbe highest order of merit. A special feature was the extraordinary performance of the trained anima.s. The teats ot tbe five elephant* were exceedingly wonderful. Molock, the trainer, made a great sensation with bis wrestle witb the group of nine hyenas and five Bengal tigers, creating a prodigious excitement." Order* nr thi Board or ParLic Work*. The Board of Public Works have had oue of tbe fire-proof rooms in the rear of the Colum bia buildings on 4^ street, properly tit ted up with shelving and rases to contai > the records or tbe board which are to be place.! in them at the close of every day for safety. The records of the register's office are also to be kept in similar vaults in this room. An order has i-een issued by the Board of Public Works th contractors to diseoutinue the work of sodding parks until further order*, as the heat from the sun parches the grass and kills tbe roots. The parks hereafter on which improvements are to be made are to be leveled and prepared for aodding. and left in that con dition until a suitable season for that work arnves. ft ia understood that the Board of Pabiic Works have made tbe necessary arrangements to proceed with the Kb street improvement, aod 'hat tbe work Is to be resumed at once and continued until completed. Axaon a Taa?n>r?About l o'clock to day tbe horse attached to the truck wagon of Sir. John Bay lias took fright on Pennsylvania avenae. at the root of tbe Capitol, ^ad ran amy. Charley Washington. the driver, aad a boy r?Deriae, were thrown out, breaking tbe wrist aad severely injuring the former aboot tbe bead. A little son of Mr. B.tyiies, about ten years aid, who was also in the ?u?v. kept bis seat tirmlv until tbe horse reached 4^ street, where a collision took place with the buggy of l?r. Magruder, smashing both wagou aud "iiggy aad upsetting both horses. Tbe liule boy was thrown oa tbe pavement, but strange to say was only slightly hart. The colored boy driving tbe horae ot Dr. Magruder. although burtedin thedennsef km smashed baggy, was dragged oat unhart. Thi Board or Fiaa Uidirwritiw last vt opted resolutions that tbe practice that t -d to a certain eateat la tbe District ?V :.r? po-lc" ? upon a portion of stock con rlouii Soth to the insured : rhovovi, . y i ..uriiig, .nd must therefore lw ! -r? t?r l .?sl. Parties insuring are requested la fat ire to b? particular in the wording of their policies, ar?l refuse all in?ar ?nce ? bleb dues not cover the entire stock. RtroRT o* Daiagv to PaoraaTr bt CsASiiV *>r Gradb is tiBmutrvwi.?Tae ctaaiMion appoint! ?l t> nia'iw and inn rfawsges claimcd to be sastai-led by reason of street imi^ovsaMnts will be ready to iiliali ineir report for iicorgttown the laUer part of t?? ensain^ neck. TUWH1T1 SCHOOLS. Firti Diftriet.?Male Primary, No. 3, in the basement of the 13th street Baptist church, Miss Bosquet, teacher, was examined yester day by Trustees Harris and Stuart. This school has bad several teachers daring the rear, and therefore has not gained the standing" it might had been in charge. have had if one teacher _ I The medal was awarded to Charles Simpson and diplomas to Arthur Clokey, R. Kills Um mond, Hamet Round tree, Eddie Shaw. Gilbert Hart, Walter Stevenson, Frederick C. Church, Milton Ranb, Charles H. Rodders, Irving Da vidfon, and Cornelias Eckbardt. Primary, No. 13, Miw Louisa Weightmin, teacher, was examined by Trustee Hart. This school has twenty-foar ooys and thirty-tour girls on the roll, and thev "passed an excellent examination. The medal'was awarded to Mar garet Wegener, and diplomas to Elisa Emm - ner, Elizabeth Wagener, Rosa Cranston, Elisabeth Conner, -lames Belt, William I'ante, ?lohn Ehchardt,Oscar Hosch. Charles Harlow, Lloyd Weaver, OttaHesch,Sarah A. Kennedy, Susan Barrick and Margaret Curtin. Secondary No. 1 (male), Mis* Addie Puller, teacher, was examined by Trustee Harris and . Superintendent Wilson, and, as usual, passed a fir?t class examination. The medal was awarded to Charles E. McNabb. He also received the gold medal for spelling awarded in the competitive examination in his grade. Diplomas were awarded to Charles Barker, Wm. Hickenloper, John Motley, Geo. (ioidon. Edwin Baker, Chas. Hruehl, Leonard dov, flohn Git'bs, Frazer Gibbs, Courtney Cooper, Harry Robinson, George Sargent, An drew Lani.i, Wm. Omoliumdro, Artis Ititrcli, Geo. Rawling* and HenJ. Cowen. Male Secondary No. 9, Miss Sue G. Hickey, teacher, was examined by Trustee Hart. This school has 3a pupils ou the roll, all of whom were present ami parsed a good examination. It is one ot the high grade secondary schools, and in September all the pupils will be sent up to the intermediate school above. Both teacher and pupils were Uglily.complimented by th^ examining trustee. The following awards" were made:?First honor, silver medal, to Thomas H. Godfrey; diplomas to Walter Doxon, Ernest K'ng, Kichard Co/.zens, James Sweetman, John Rich, Alvin Whittington, John Moore, Harry Barton. Primary No. 4, in the Franklin building, Miss Kate E. Rawlins, teacher, was examined by Trustee Harris. This school is composed or little girls, and has names on the roll. The examination yesterday was thorough, and at the close both teacher and pupils were compli mented by the examining trustee. The mefla'. was awarded to Lena Ourand. Her competitor was Addle Kaiser, who was rewarded with a diploma tor scholarship, attendance and deport ment. The other pupils who received diplomat were Frances Clarke, Lilly F. Rea, Maggie Ambrose, Ida Baxter, Pamela Durvee, Mena Imhot)'. Sarah M. Farijuhar, Emma Redstone, Susanna Wood, Helen Bishop, Jessie Jones, Alma Ebert, Ella Casaell, Ada Fill, Alice Perrle, Nellie Pocock, Louisa Portner, Hattle Mc Queen and Josephine Michaellis. secondary No 10,(female) Miss Jennie Halla ran. Uacher, was examined by Trustees Faust and Stuart. This school has "54 pupils, and is located in the building on 19th street, between G and H, which is well suited for school pur poses. The children yesterday acquitted them selves in a praiseworthy manner. The following were the awards: Medal to Miss Alice Corcoran. Diplomas to Jessie Greer, Ella Greer, Lillian Todd, Cora Serrin, Kate Grover and C. Doug lass lor attendance; Mary Shinn, Clara Cohen, Margaret Stewart, C. lleilprim. Florence Gore and Mary Darman for scholarship; Mary Mie-kum, Stella Waters and Elizabeth Wood worth for deportment; Susan liannister for im provement in i-enmanship; Sophia -lackson for vocal music. Miss liallaran will transfer at the beginning of the next school year 2* of her scholars to higher grades of schools. Srrtm'l District?MaleprimarvNo. 1, in charge of Miss Gettings, was examined resterday by Trustee Randolph, in the Seaton building. All of the pupils, 52 in number, were present, and 45of them will l?e transferred. Medal, Albert Minor; diplomas?attendance,de|>ortmeiit,and scholarship, John Madigat; attendance and deportment. Frank Uowe, Henry L. Shackel ford; atteiwtance and scholarship, Lewis liold stein; attendance, Archibald Waters, Frederick \oight, Char'es iKslge. Seligmati Wa'lacb, Wm. Spresser, Wm. .MrGaw; deportment and scholarship, Henrv Willis, Alfred Klakring, Geo. S. Daniel; scholarship, Elmer Dunn: de portment, Henry L. Frailer, Joseph Goldstein, Cornelius Malonev. Fred. Sbaf hirt: penman ship. William Jones; vocal music, Clifford Grant. Female intermediate No. 3, in charge of Miss Kern, was examined in the Miller building by Trustee Detrick and ex-Trustee McLellan and Mr. A. K. Browne. The reading of original compositions by Lillle M. Trevitt, Susie R. Sheriff, and Ellen Morrison, was a feature. There were 52 of the 55 pupils present, and 40 will be transferred. Medal, Susan B. Sheriff'; diplomas?deportment and scholarship, Rosa Kaufman, Laura E. Towner, Linda Herman; attendance and scholarship, Lillie M. Trevitt, Augasta Luchs: deportment and attendance. Mary Sonnenburg, Mary A. Hulbrook; scholar ship. Cora A. Williams; de(>ortment, Sarah H. Wtiittlesey. Lena H. Holmes, Elizabeth Hobbs, Marv A. Mills, Augusta M. Nichols, Carrie M. Hughes, Mary H.W bite. Frances Bourn. Carrie N. Calhoun. Grace M. Dorsey; attendance, Emily A. I.incker, Emma M. Bamberger, Ella Harj*r; deportment and scholarship, Helen G. Nichols: vocal music, Nellie S. Deland. Miss Helen U. Nichols also received the second Spen ceian prize tor penmanship. Trustee Randolph examined Miss Ellis' school, in the Seaton building. The school numl?ers 55 scholars; 52 were present, aud 40 will l?e transferred. Shortly after Christmas were transferred from this school. The pre miums were awarded as follows: Medal, Miles t/uackenbush: diplomas?attendance and |?en manship, Wm. Kirby; scholarship and de(?ort meut, Charles J. Evans; attendance, Samuel Dove: scholarship. Charles H. Fox, tieorge Ka lis. Jerry Veser, .lames Van Fentan, Albert B. Hall; deportment. Charles L. Cooke, Frank E. Aryerer, Walter Donaldson, Thomas C. Clark. Carl Cluss. Wm. Swingle. Geo. Miles, Michael McManvs, John Ward; music,Harvev Hayes. Miss Bartlett'n schoot (Primary So. 5) was also examined by Mr. Randolph. The reading of selected pieces by James Maber, Wiu. Wil liams, and Earnest Major, showed that the sc-bool had received careful instruction in that direction. The rell numbers 58 pupils; all were present, and 31 will l>e transferred. The awards were as follows: Medal, Ernest L. Major; diplomas, attendance and scholarship, .1.tines Maker; deportment. Wm. Wagucr.Wm. Fisher, Charles Keakoing. Chailes T. Williams, J. F. Wall, A. H. Walker, Howard L. Morrison, aud Howard B. Miller; deportment and scholarship. Allyne Fisher, James Watson, J. H. Hughes, and W. S. Smith; scholarship, Wm. H. Wil liams* music. C. E. McGaw; penmanship, Felix Mabouev. Female Secondary No. 6, Miss Jane Thomas, was examined by Trustee Detrick. A short time since Ella Perry, one of the pupils, died, and yesterday a diploma to which she would have been entitled waa framed and hung up in the school room. There are fifty-nine pupils iu the school, tifty-six of whom were present, and forty will be transferred. The premiums were awarded as follows: Medal, Lizzie F. Brown; diplomas for scholarship and attendance, Lillian M. Cluss. Georgietta Bealle, Mary N. Finney ncbolarsbip and deportment, Annie R. Cluss, Eliza A Morrill: scholarship, deportment and attendance. Nellie Hamlet, Saltie K. Fahertv, Fannie Greer. Annie Ltnder; attendance and deportment, Elizabeth G. Tatt, llhoda Riehey, Ella Perry; penmanship, Aiida Clark; dejtort ment, Alice Golden, Annie L. Karr, Louisa M. Howe, Matilda Doberty: vocal music, Lula H. Lyons, attendance. Sarah Peyser. Secondary No. 7 (male), Miss Whitney teach er, wm examined by Trustees Woodward ard Randolph and Mr. McLellan, on Thursday, and showed remarkable proficiency. There were two rivals for the medal, Francis W. Clements and Charles L. Nace, who stood equally high in their studies. The award of the medal was left to the sab-board, who decided that as Master Nace received It last year. Master Clements should have it this year, aud it was accordingly so awarded. There are 41 pupils in this school, all but one present at the examination; 38 or these will be transferred to a higher grade next year. The following is the roll of merit:?Medal scholar, Francis W. Clements: diplomas fur scholarship, deportment aad attendance were awarded t* Charles L. Nace; scholarship aad deportasent to Herman Kaufmans: scholarship to CharlM H. Miller, Lard law A. Swash, Cha P. Swanl, Moses Newmever; attendance and deportment to Parley Simpson, Horatio H. Mo ras. attendance to Joseph C. Davidson, Castle man Bom, Edward C. 8 h if ner; attendance and vocal mnstc to William L. Wilson; penmanship to Noah B. Smith; deportment to Christian H. Matters. Intermediate No. 2 (female), is the Miller building, os H street, between s'th and 7th streets, Is is charge or Mrs. Meyers. The ex amination was conducted by Trustees Randolph snd Woodward. Mr. McLelland and Profcmor 1 >wtiels. The medal scholar was Mary F. Har rington, who carried oft the prise after a very close contest ?tAunle H. Carts and Lucy C. Stant&ury. Diplomas were awarded to the fol a- i a ? . _ i? J I MMVt? A* r? Fmilx it. Snowden, Annie H. Cavls, Kate M. M. Stasabury; attendance and deportment Annie E. Oarand, Aainle Moore, Marv A. Clark, Florence A. Glad man. Basle F. Me lt new, Mary E. Knox, Sarah E. Fraser, Annie H. Hoffman, Elisabeth A. Crap pen, deport ment?Pefdita S- Altachuh, Sarah J. Keltey, I.oiiana Pusey, Jcanette B. Peale, Lillian M. lied rick, Salfie?-I?avis, Helen A. Daffy, Sal lie C. Sipes, F.milf B. Pettit, Mary L. Rollins, Marv 8. Bailey. Marj C. Coeprr, Jennie K. Vs nning, J alia Darby, Rachel Magalre, Myra Hiilmsn; attendance?Ellen E. IHraaldson. Salt* W. Daniels; department aadsocalmaalc Fannie R. Thoaias, penmanship?Hannah Nachmaa. Tk>rd Diitriet.?Primary M?*a lasra Blaud. trad i.ooge," coraer of 6 anil 7th No. 12 (female), ?r, la the -OlJ E scholarship?Mary M. Mundell, Isabella Wil liam*. Mamie E. Matthls. Era .tones, Mary L. ]>unn, and Mary B. Offutt. Sixty-three pupils are in this school, M of whoa are to be trans ferred. Primary No. 16 (female), in a dilapidated brick building at the corner of 5th and B streets northeast. Miss Tew. teacher, was examined by Trustee French. She has 37 pupils, 13 of whom are to be transferred. The medal was awarded to Ella Benson. Diplomas: For scholarship? Jennie Sailer,'A. Lilll bridge, Ella Wethcrall, Lillie Bender, Msggle Thorpe, and Katie Big ters. For music?Ids Tudge. For deportment? ?iizie Andrews. For penmanship?Maggie Kooney. , . Primary No. 6. (female,) located in the McCormick school building. 3d street, between M and N southeast, Miss Martha J. McCutchen teacher, was examined by Trustee Scott. There are in the school forty-eight scholars, eighteen of whom are to be transferred. Prises were awarded as follows: Medal?Mary FullaloTe. Diplomas for attendance?Mary Barker. For deportment?Blanch Dunnlngton, Rebecca Dunnington, Martha Brinkley, Lillian Parkins, Carrie Child*, Carrie O a wood. For scholarship and deportment?Annie Rollins, Ida Rellley, Elizabeth Eckstein, Catharine Branson, Flor ence Saddler. For scholarship?Mary Jordan. For penmanship?Lillie Berkley. For vocal music?Mary Allen. A teachers medal was awarded to Annie Rollins. Primary No. 7, (male,) In the McCormick building, Miss Sarah J. Kealey teacher, was examined by Trustee AMan, who awarded the Tizes as tellows: Medal?.lames W. Morris. _ or attendance? Edwin Dement. For deport ment?William C. Nicholson. For scholar ship?Michael Carroll, Albert S. Dulln, George Koach, Richard Harden, and Henry Newman: For penmanship?'lames Gordon. For vocal music?Edward Brck. The school has thirty seven pup'ls, of which number twenty-six will be promoted. Primsry No. 10, (female,) Mrs. McCathran teacher, loeated in the "Old Lodge," corner or Tth and G streets southeast?upward of fifty little one* in attendance, examined Thurs day by Trustee French, who awarded the STizcs as follows:?Medal, Anna M. Scarf; ipiomas for attendance, Edith M. Arnold, Ida E. Edwards. Margaret Johnson, Nona Davis; dejortment. Rose Lee Fairfax; scholarship, Mary Umpleby, May Jenkins, Annie King, Elizabeth Conner, Sarah Barnes, Sarah Jar boe; penmanship, Anna Forrester; music, Sallie Berkeley. Primary No. 14, (female,) at the old Capitol Hill market-house, 3d and A streets southeast, Miss Eliza M. Aiken teacher, has sixty-one scholars upon the rolls, twenty-five of whom are to be promoted. Trustee Scott examined the pupils. The medal was awarded to Anna G. Bland ford: diplomas for attendance and scholarship, Ella Ellis; de]>ortment and pen manship, Clara B. Thompson; deportment and scholarship, Georgianna l.arcombe, Augusta 4k erman, Annie J. Austin, Mary Dart, Lillian Orcutt, Maude Hoyt and Kate Simmons; schol arship, Emma Wilkerson, Madeline Bock, Alice Ellis and Winfred Austin; music, Julia Martin. FcurtK IHstrict?Female Primary No. 2, Miss Anna Fowler, teasher, in the Jcflerson build ing, was examiued yesterday by Trustee At Lee, assisted by Messrs. Champlin and Wilson of th? school board. The room is pleasantly located in the northwest corner, lower floor, and well provided with light and ventilation, and the ti>ty-four bright and smiling little girls neatly attired in white, each with a handsome bouquet, all eager for the questions and prompt in re sponse, altogether made it one of the most suc cessful examinations of the primary classes. Of the fitty-four on the roll thirty-four are ready to be transferred to higher grades, besides this there have been thirty-nine transfers during the past season on account of progress attained. The merit roll was as follows:?Medal, Marietta Fahev; deportment, Emma Adams, Norah lircdekaiup, Augusta Cohen, Jenny Lamb, Marv Doniphan, Kmma Samstag and Adeline Cook: punctuality, Annie Keppler, Mary Toomey, Annie Schlett; punctuality and schol arship,'Ida Porter, Amelia Opeiiheimer, Mary Flynn; music, Agnes Messer; deportment and scholarship. Lillian Goss, Anna \ ate* and J ulia Hamlin; i>eiimanshii> and deportment, Alice Greenwell; penmanship and scholarship, Mary McWilliams; scholarship, Addie Grinder, Ma tilda Opi>eiiheimer, Georgia Moran, Annie Loniax, Stella Crowley and Virginia Fuld. Female Primary, No. 6. Miss Bettie Robin son, teacher, Jefferson school building wa? ex amined yesterday by Trustees Crook, Cham plin and AtLee. Miss Robinson has tirty scholars, all of whom were present. She has transterred twenty-three during the year, and has twenty-three more ready for transfer. The medal was awarded to Anna Hahn, the test being very close between her and Annie E. Fowler. The latter, however, received a di ploma as a reward for her efforts. The diplo mas were Issued to the following: Nellie Rid dle. Elizabeth Groveuer. Anna Slneclng, Anna Fowler, Bertha Hamburger, Emma Magee, Eva Dehwab, Mary Murphy, Fanny Livings ton, Clara Bell and Kate Kahlert. The ex amination in al respects was a success, and the trustees complimented the teacher. Primary, No. 7, in the Greenleaf building, Miss Pumphrey, teacher, was examined by Trustee Crook, Thursday. There are forty-one pupils, nearly all of whom were present; fifteen will be trard'erred to higher grades. The ex amination proved one of the best that has taken place thus t ar. reflecting great credit on the in stiuctor. The honors were awarded as follows: Medal?John Smithson. Diplomas?William Hoover, Michael Mockabee, Henry Ash ton. Timothy rlark, Conrad Reinhardt, Robert Grigsby, Henry Tolson, William Ballanger, Thomas Flaherty, John Murphy, Geo. Love lace. < .ustave Riley, George Daun, Patrick O'Neile, William King, .James Campbell, Bos well Haynie, JamesLacey, and Edward An. derson. COLORED WHOOf.9. Primary No. 1, in the S street building, Mrs. L. P. Matthews, teacher, was examined yester day by the principal, Mrs. 8. P. Vashon. There were fifty-ore pupils enrolled, and the meri torious ones were as follows: Harry Thomson, Eliza James, Robert Smith, Columbia Bailey, Kmma Walker, Martha Banks, and Deunis Johnson. ? Primary No. 2, same building, Miss M. E. Chew teacher, was examined by Mrs. Vashon, principal. Here there were forty-two scholars, the deserving ones being Marv Harrington, Helen Robinson, Winnie Foreman, Luanda Mcintosh, and Wm. Harris. Primary No. 3, same building, Missel. E. Bartlett teacher, was examined by Miss E. G. Kami all, principal. The deserving pupils were: Erocb Jackson, Morris Jackson, Douglass Beall. Richard Mack, Sandy Clark, Mittie Mason, Martha Smallwood, Carrie Page, Dru ? clla Slater, William Marlow, Harrison Robin son, Robert Spotts, William Kennedy, James Smith, Racbel Taylor, John Branson, Alice Evans, John Mack, John Wesley, and Charles Voung. Primary No. 4, same building, Miss Harriet Saunders, was examined by Mis* Randall, the principal. The meritorious pupils were: Hen rietta Matthews, Julia WJIllams, Eliza Beall. Eva Slmms, Charles Snnms, and Charles Mack. Primanr No.7, In the Lincoln school building, MiseC. K. Parker teacher, was examiued by the principal, Miss Bozeman. Thirty'nine scholars are upon the roll. The roll of merit Is as follows: Anna Williams, Lida Mai vm, Sa sanna Matthews, Annie Belter, Martha Cal bert. Earnest Matthews, George Scaggs, Wil liam Gant, Eleanor Daggs, Fannie Smallwood, Hannah Cartwright Ella Jones. Rebecca Dar sev. dohn Button, Ella Stewart, John Perry, John Smith, dosephine Boston, Clara Chase, Anna Williams, and Sannder Scaggs. Primary No. H same building. Miss M. C. Kelly, terri er. v.:.s ? xamined by Miss Boze man. Thirty-ium. Bcholarn were la attendance. The meritorious ones were: Lizzie Campbell, Eliza Davis, Julia Morris, Mary Morris. Emma Foster. Stacia Diggs, Anna Parker, George Bell, Lorenzo Jackson, Margaret Wade, Alice Stewart, Fannie Carter, George Lee, .lames Williams, James Butler, William Brown, Jas. Stewart. Arthur Cor tee, Lizzie Hard, Fannie Parker, Susav r ^f r, and Mary Bell. Primun > -ens" buildiug, Miss Amelia Butler teacasi, w?t examined by Miss M. J. Patterson, the principal of the building, assisted by Trustee W. P. Rjwer. Those who acquitted themselves best during the examination were: Maggie Habit, Mlnmo Parke, Ella Dunbar, Lena Dav, Katie Folev, Mary Williams, Marv clones, David Kidrick, Daniel Brown, Sinclair Davis, Joseph White, Willie Fleet. Major Jackson, Albert Grant .James Hudson, Alphon sus l-ee. Primary No. 6, same building, Mim L. V. Fisher teacher,was examined by Superintendent Cook, assisted by Trustee W. P. Ryder. The scholarsshowing the greatest proficiency daring the examination were: Charlotte Carpenter, Elisabeth Donobue, Henrietta Dent, Mary Newton, Joseph Norris, and Maxwell Harrison. Miss M. L. Bowen's primary school, in the same building, was examined by Miss M. J. Patterson, principal. The scholars who have made the most rapid improvement in all their studies during the past school year are: Reuben Smith, William Fracture, Ernest Mar tin, Sarah Brown, Florence Mtddleton, and Jackson Monroe. Secondary No. 4, in the same building. Miss L. A Barbosr teacher, was examined by Super intendent Cook, assisted by Trustee Walker Lewis. The roll of merit was as fellows Moses Feskey, Isabella Shields, Uiey Llndsey, Adele Hughes, Willie Brown, Robert Henry. Henry Mack, Ida Harris, Jennie Sydor, ami examined oa Tharsday: John F. Cook building, The following were ? Miss H*A Simmons'teacher, was examined by the principal, Mrs. M. A. S. Lary. Than are 47 pupils, nearly all of whom ware la attend ance. and passed a very satisfactory eman ation. The meritorious ones are Geo. Thei ,J oh a V. Reider. Benjamta Pierre, Mary Ches well, Susan Robinson, Ida Robinson, Rose Lo max, Rosalie A. Taylor, Virginia Xeleen, and Maria Goodlow. Secondary No. S, In the R. J. Cook teacher, was examined Undent Cook. There were 43 building, MUs sd by tanertn pupils in the sebosl, ai>d thoss deserving are George Ferry, Bessie Johnson, EUa CoUi, Amelia Alexander, Laviaia McCoy, Dora Bew jaan, Katie Brow a, Liaweed Walker, Fanale Sarah Qamaway. I^aviaia Maria Rosa, 8usie Jackson, * " William Uawlerd, Martha Kelly, Martha Keith. Alexander Hay*. Robert Garnet. l>?vid Rom, J?ri? Curtis. Smith Rmi, Elisabeth Nervis. Catharine Stephenson, Chas. Hamilton. Laura Palmer, Martha Mingum, Mail tU Hughes, Homeael Lee, Jack M or ran, WilHam Freeman, John Tabbs, and Adeline 8mith. _ Primary No. 3, on Delaware avenue eoath. Mis* Anna V. Tompkins teacher, was examined ky the principal. Miss ?? G. Randall. In it there are 39 pa pi It, two of whom were absent. The meritorious pupils are Henrietta Simms, Margaret Johnson, Lucinda Smith, Lewis Jotes. Walter Jones, Dennis Rland, James Ronton, Howell Holmes, Joseph Hamer, Jos. Thomas. Philip Brooks, Sidney Johneon, Mo ses Campbell, Sallie Black man, and Lacy SoHt. ?f Health. fbccbbdibos last ximht. At a meeting of the Board of Health last night, Professor Langston, from the ordinance committee, to wbom was referred the subject of "manure pits," submitted a report recom mending delay, as the present legislation on the subject was sufficiently ample and effective for present purposes; adopted. PBBBISBS COBDBKBBD AS SIMS AWC'E*. Health Officer Bliss submitted resolutions condemning as nuisances the following premi ses, and directing the health officer to condemn them as such and abate them: A frame build ing corner of G street and Ball's alley, between 2d and 3d streets northwest; the frame buildings in Jackson alley, between G and H and 1st and Korth Capitol streets, being below grade, house No. 72ft Bates' alley, between 5th and 7th and G and H streets northwest, having no drainage; bouses No. 714 and 716 Bates'alley, having no sewerage, falling ceilings, &c.; the brick house No. 736 13th street northwest, for being in a dilapidated and dangerous condition; houses No. 628 and t30 in alley between 6th and 7th and G and H streets southwest, having detective drainage, stagnant water under neath, &c.; houses Nos. 619 and 621, in same alley, for same reason; the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, extending from 17th street to Hock creek, between the berm band and the towing Sath of the same, as containing stagnant water, ecaying vegeteable matter, exposed offal, and as being without sufficient drainage; houses Nos. 618, 620 and 622, in alley between tf and H and 6th and 7th streets southwest, as being be low grade and in a filthy condition; a frame shanty in alley between C and I> and 1st and 2d streets northeast as being in a filthy, dilapi dated and overcrowded condition; two frame houses in alley between P and Q and 13th and 14th streets northwest as being in a dilapidated and leaky condition; houses Nos. 910, 912,916, 918 and 920 Khode Island avenue northwest as having stagnant water in basements; house No. 1546 Columbia street northwest for same reason: house No. 1 Covington street for same, and bouses, from No. 2 to 16 inclusive, on Coving ton street northwest as being in a filthy con dition, having stagnant water in cellars, &c. The resolutions were adopted. MISCBLLANEOCft MATTERS. Mr. Langston, from the committee on oid nances, asked further time on the matter of re porting an ordinance against domestic animals running at large; granted. A petition from several fish dealers, asking for the removal of Fish Inspector C. Ludding ton, was referred. Mr. Langston submitted a resolution that a committee of two consisting of one member of the board other than the health officer, and sa'd officer, be appointed to consider and report at once a plan for organizing and arranging the clerical torce of the health office proper,

and of the Board of Health, aud to make such recommendations with re?i>ect thereto as may be deemed necessary and wise; adopted, and Messrs. Langston aud Bliss were api o'.nted the committee. ? Washington Markets -The Ruling Prices Today. Meat.?Beef (porter house,) 25(<$.'*v V fc.;do. (sirloin*)26c.;do.(round).a*-.,do.(roasting pieces), 2U<ii2Sc.; do. (cornt-d,) 10(a pork, 12l?uBlc; d?. (corned), ?(412?ir.,-thutt>'ii. 16;i3Ur. Uiiit>. 18020c; veal, 18020c.; dried beef, 2O028<'.: hams (whole), 11017c.; do., ?iir?tl. shoulder (whole), 10c., cut, ItK; sliced, 12>*c.; middlings. K?C.;cut,U)?c.;beeftongue*, ftifa'Ve. each; lard, . Market f -r beef very active. Fish.?Bock, 40c. > bunch; perch, 40c. p bnnch; sea l.ass, 12(o 14<'.p lb.; shad, (salt or smoked,) AKaiV. each; herring- <???>. !???,) Sue. P doreii: do. (melt.) SB cent.*: hallibiit, cents ft.; Spanish Mackerel, fCc 091 ea?h; Miai-ping turtle, tu> 092 each; cattish, 25c bunch; b-bsters, 1V~. p ft>.; salmon trout, 16c. > ft.; ahud, k)c. ^ pair; herring I5c. dozen;sheeph-rd. 28-.a 51 50; sturgeon, ic. ~f mackerel. 3.(428 each: -alt water ta>lor*,40c. biincb?market Well supplied with fresh tish of all P; bu kiiisto. VkgktaBLKs.? Potatoe*, Irish, 4C". P pk;d? new, fSXii ijl r1 pk;ouions,6c. V bunch; do. i Bermuda) 91 pk; beans 10c. P<|t i kale. 26c. p pic; cabbage. l.VaS*. . P head? spina< h, 40c. p peck; tomatoes (Bermuda), 10c p basket; asparagus, M<J)oc.p bunch: raddish, 5c. V bunch; lettuce, 801ur. phead; peaa. 2O03tf. Ppeck; pieplant, 408c. p bunch; beets, ISmj'AK. p l unc h, cjrmfins,60c.p doien; cucumbers, 91 pdos. FRliT*.?Apples, (eating,) 40060c. per peck; orangca,2tKa28c. 9 doxen; lemonsTi?04Oc. p dozen; strawberries, S015c V <iuart; pine apple* 20036c. each; bananas, 7bc(a.~i p dozen; cherries, 2uc. gnart; gooseberries, Wc p quart. Dried Feuits.?Apples, 5c. p quart; peaches, (peeled), 15c.; do., (unreeled), 10c.; blackberries, loc., cherriev, 18c. V lb. Butter.?Philadelphia print, 80c. p ft-: New York, 40c.; choice roll, 40r.; fair do., axguc. PotLTRT.?Chicken,. $1 280al.8o p pair; spring chickens, 9i09?? dor..,78c .091 M'f pair. WHOLESALE MARKET. Prices at the wholesale market, aa furnished by J. F. Saum A Co.. general commission mer chants, 928 Louisiana ave.,bet 9th and 10th streets northwest :?Flour?Kve, 94.80098.50; middling. 94.SO09?; tii r >?; super tine, SS.78097.2S: cut extra. Au.w - ? extra, 98-<BO09t; family, 99.8009 lO;corn,t>40te:rye.6600O;o*ts, 49081; wheat, 9i.709l.90; beans?white, 92 260$2 78: mixed. Ql(($ ml: dried fruit?apples, 93(<$6; peeled peaches, loMU; unpeeled do., 4^6; blackberries, W^7 dried cherries, 16^18; cranberries, fl barrel fl?; potatoes, ? bushe', 75c.s.(tf.fl, onions J(aJ V bush.: peannts, ( b?ef hides green, 8>?; dry, 14018; beeves. 307; sheep, 940 98; lambs, 9308 00: calves. 607H; pheasants. 97. hens, 9> dor., 96; chickens, 92.UO09A-W: ducks, f. dozen. 940t&; butter, 28033: packed, 2&03U: com mon,>01O; eggs, 21022c.; rabbitt skins each. 203c. opossum do.,80lOr.;coon do., 18040c.; grey ftix do. 2808Or.;red fox do., 30c.091.28; mink do., ?Ito94 otter do., 9109?; deer do., ?; mask rat do., 18028c. skunk do.. Mtc.091-38. About 2U0 tons of hay and straw have t>een sol<| prices as follows:?Best quality, 91.% flcwt., and second quality HOc. Straw at 94.40. SM barrels corn at 94094.78 V barrel. 300 bushels oats at 80c. Hay dull and prices falling. Auzahdri a notations of sew fish for this day, furnished to Thb Stab by (leorgc W Harrison & Co., wholesale dealers in fish. Nos. 42 King st, 80,51.06 fish wharves, Alexandria: Shad, per hundred, 912 to W2.80, Herring, per thousand, 95 to >6; white perch, per bunch, 25 a30c-; rock, per bunch, 23a30c.; offal,per bunch 15a 20c. Thb Grasd Cibclh Puucbhsidx on Mom dat The Baltimore Sun of yeMcrday, in speaking of the visit of Howe's I.on.ion Circus and menagerie to that city, bas the following " Howe'i Circuit and Jfenoi/rrie?The proces sion through the city, ye^ierday, of this im mense combination, attractetl great attention the streets being crowded by men, women and children, and the chariots, the horses, ele phants, ponies, and mounted men in armor, and ladies in glittering costumes, together with music by an excellent band, were appreciated immensely. The tents were crowded yesterday afternoon and last night, and the pertormanoes in the ring, together with the rare auimal show were pronounced among the best that has vis ited Baltimore." This company will make its first visit to this city on Monday next, and remain Tuesdav Wednesday and Thursday, giving two exhibi tions on the 6th-street 1st each day, at 1 % and 7 o'clock. The gorgeous street narade will be given on Monday morning, from 9 to o'clock. t ? Alarm o? Fibb, Accidkbt abd Ibcbbdi abt Attbh ft?The alarm of Are at 8:45 o'clock last evening was caused by the burning of a lot of straw on 13th street, between V and & streets northwest. The fire department responded Kimptly, but their services were not needed, e nook-and-ladder track ran into a pile of lumber while on the way to the fire and broke a wheel. The man who set the straw on fire was fined 96 bv Judge 8nell this morning. ?boat half-past 9 o'clock It was discovered that an attempt bad been made to set fire to a stable In an alley in the square bounded by 11th and 12th and I and K streets. A sponge satu rated with coal oil had been inserted under the weather-boarding and fired. The flames were soon discovered, and the police and citizens extinguished the flames without taming in an alarm. ? Coupbtitiyb School Examivatiobs? Con tert for Ike Kendall end i'iiu SchtUrtkipt?To day Messrs. O. C. Wight, O. B. Tsnng and O. T. Mason conducted the examination of the candidates for the Kendall and King scholar, ships (in Columbian College aad Dickinson Col lege) at the Jefferson school building. There were four pupils selected from each er the male ? Their 1 1 the examiners, bat they are deeignated by ambers. Each boy, after enclosing his name aad the number drawn in aa envelope, pro. ceeded to write out the answers to five q? tions in history, four in reading, six in physical geography, seven in grammar, aad ten In arith Kbal Estatb Salbs?W. L. Wall A Co., aaetisnsers, last evening said lots A aad B. la sqnare 117, sa 19th strsst, hetwsen L and M, northwest, to George A. Lane, for 19 oents per ? JFaggaman,real .. ? soid lot 62, of E. K. Allen's subdivision of sqaare 234, to Joha D. MoPhsrson, for *2,000; lot 63, sf E. K. Allen's subdivision of square 295, for ttflOH-, both lots improved hp two-story bricks. ? Spit bob Allbsbp Tbbspass?Mr. Hugh T. Taggart ha for Joha T. Scrivener entered s salt against Martin Conner for trespass In having caused the arrest of plaintiff and his nonflasaseat la a station hesss on the 8th day of May, and hs claims 91,800 damages. Bur Dbowbbp?A her about twelve yean sf ass, nsmsrt Kohsrtsr Eekolos, whose psrsaU reside on Cartel OiU, wae drowned at Four Ml*es raa oa the Virginia Me of the rim this Bh4wsf about ? o'clock. Mr. COCHt IL.?Mr. Brook* introduced a bill fa re tltf ud continue ii fore* an Kt ?? fund uwuM linbilltiee of tb<> >ttr corporation of Washington, which provides for the i?Nii| of b< ads aad lav viae tod otimtlii additional tui? for the of Ih'MBItj laki over The Cktir >staiiwd ? conaiaiMlioa from Con troller Baker in r*tati> ? to the payment uf clerks ud employe* in the clc* of the collector of uin for extra services, nM| frth the aaoaidi cltiaml to be dae th?m, referred to the committee on ffnsnce ?r. Brooks submitted a resolution call in* upon tho (Jo\ ernor for the opinion of the attorn*? tor the I istrict in relation to the claims uf the trustee* i>f c stored acboola agai n?t the late corporation of Wasb loirti'D, adapted. Mr Thompson staled that on hi* motion the me morial from tne managers of the Children's B>? Pita), which bad been presented to the Council aoaae few day* uo, had been retern d to tha finance com mittee. His object waa to bar* the opportunity of raadlac the circular which accompanied the mem rial. Having dose ao.he now returned tbem and asked that all the paper* be referred to the appro priate committe??tlint of health, a*> loo. and cha rHIse, ao ordered. Coni.cil bill Mo. SS, suthoriring the redemption of part of lot to. 17, in square Mo. 419, and making an appropriation therefor, wae read a second time and referred. Mr. Browne submitted a reaolntion calling apon the Governor to furnish th? Council with a state mcot of the transaction* of (be auditor's oBee for the past Ureal year, adopted. THE OHIO LlylOR LAW. Mr ilall called np for conaideration Council bill No. 32. imposing peaaltiea in certain cam, which piovidea that any person who shall be Injured iu person or p<operty ,or means of support, b? any in toiicated person,shall have a right of ac.ion against aay person who, by ee ling or giving away ?pirit uous liquors, caus? s into*icaiion in ?b?le or in part or such persons; atd any person renting or permit ting the <<cupstion of any building where liquors are to be M.ld in lees quantities than a pint shall be severalty or jo ntly liable for all damages ?ustained and for exemplary damages. Mr. Brooks Mia that so far as his sbservation had extended such strict prohibitory laws had failed signally in effecting the purposes sought to be ac complished. It would be Inconsistent to paw* * law to present the sale or use of intoxicating liquors so long as licenats are grantsd for such busine**. He wasinfasorof severe police regulations governing its sale, and this was the most practical way of hai:<lling this matter. ? r. 11 all said the bill doe* not propose to prohibit the *ale. lint puuishes the free and mdis< rimiuate sale of liquors by irresponsible p. raon*, and pro poses to saddle the damage where it belong*. Mr Brooks contended that it cannot be done so leng as the business is legalized lis license. Mr. Biown* explained that tie liad drawn up the bill in accordance with the views and wi-bea of a large number of well meaning and cons< ientious cit izens of this District. It waa a difficult .ineetim to leg.slate npon, and it wae tmpoesiide to frame a bill to snit everybody. There in need of s<inietaing of Ibekind in this District, and bethought this the best bill, under the circumstance*, that could be drawn. Mr. Biley moved to substitute Council bill Ms 9 for this one, and take it up for consideration. I The bill is somewhat similar iu character.?Bki'.J Mr. Them peon aaid he hoped the consideration of the bill would ha postponed until Monday next; he had not read the bill, and as it seemod to be a matter of importance, lie hoped a m -derate bill, which would meet the emergencies of the case, and not ex treme in its provision*, would b> devised. Me moved to postpone; agreed to. MOKE ABOIT THAT LV. -[.IT . K SIMMER TK ? The chair stated that at the meeting on the pre viou* day, the member from the ad district (Mr. Buxei I bad given notice of a motion far reconsid eration of the vote by which the concurrent resolu tion of tbe House authorizing the joint committee on aolice to visit Baltimore, Philadelphia, Mew York, and Boston for the examination of prisons, with the view of making use of such information as could be cat her ed, in the construction of stuion Itouses contemplated to be erected in this city, had been rejected. Under parliamentary rule* the member could not make such motion, as he voted iu the minority. This statement was made in order that any member who voted in the majority could make the motion if he wit lied to do sr. No one seemed disposed to make such motion. Mr. Browne urced that some one should kate th magnanimity to do so, an the action of the Council as it stood would lie a dir.-ct insult to the H u?j of Delegates, which b<d> had unanimously adoptedthe resolution. He took occasion to disclaim any inten tion on the part of the mover* of the hill for a frolic, a* he saw stated in some piper Mr. Th- uiMon said thai iu order to accommodate the member he would give notice of a mtion to re consider, but not because he la* ored the prop- -ition at all. The motion was ordered to l>e noted in the journal. Mr. Thompson submitted a communication from the commissioners of the Washington a*\ lum, in closing a statement of deficiencies for the fiscal >? ar endiiiit June 9u. read and ordered to l>e pointed. Tlie Council then, on motion of Mr. joarned until Monday next. HOl'BK.?The Hons* agreed ihat when it ad - journed it would be to Monda) . Mr. Clagett withdrew his motion to suspend the ru'es tocoasider tbe $3?> imi bond bill. The following were ?pp. n,u d the special commit tee in relation to the extetisiou of tbe t'lu^sprake and Ohio canal: Mt w>r?. lijti, Kerry, and Clagett Mr. Cox introduced bill lor the settlement of cer tain claims; referred. Mr. Brewer offered a resolution calling upon the Governor in the absenceof a report from the Com missioners of the Sinking Fund tor a full statement oHhe bonded debt of the District; laid over under tbe rule*. Jo'nt resolution appointing John F Murray member of the Market Commission, was re id second time. Mr. Vermillion, from the committee on District ofllceis, reported bill regulating and defining the duties and compensation of assessor*; read a sec ntd time. Tbe Speaker laid tiefore the House a message from the Governor enclosing extract from a letter of the Board of Health relative to deodorizers; referred Council bill for the preeert ation of *hsd and her ring in the Potomac, war read a Bret time autre ferred, as also Council bill to prevent incompetent persons Irom engaging in the drug business. THE SALARY BILL. On motion the House then resolved itself int C mmittee oi the Whole for the consideration of the salary bill, and the following sections were agreed to; Superintendent of lire-alarm telegraph, f l ,sou two operators, $1,iOUeach; six foremen, f l.uuoea, ?, ?y* engineers, f 1,000. live firemen. eaeb, -ne tlllerman, ?8W); six hostlers, ftftju each, secretary so the Governor, ?2MI ?ar annum; clerk in the office or the secretary, f 1/M. Tbe amendment i relation to the Board or Fire Commissioners wan taken out and tbe board remaios as her<>re with salary of fluo per annum for each member; inteu dant of the M aahlngtcn asylum, ?1 Jou, rorty lamp lighters, *600 each , live inspector* and measurers of Wood. The coniasit ee then took up the office ot colle< tor or taxes. The salary of the chier Cterk and cashier were lived at 91 400 per aunum; two clerk*, one from Georgetown and on* from tbe county ?1 Washington, at 91,600; two clerks to he appointed if necessary atasalary at the rate or fljuo per annum. The committee then rose and reported the bill to the House with tbe amendments. At 9.46 the House adjourned. ? Osly Ok* Case or Smallpox ha? boen re ported to day?on 2d, between F and U streets southwest, and ouedeatL, at 30b L, street south west. ? TUB (OI BTH. GtNERAL TKBM-Today, in the Oonrt ,D General Term tbe graduates of the Law school ?r Georgetown College were admitted to the bar Douglas, et ?'? Mt. Smith, judgment affirmed-J udge MacArthur delivering tbe opinion. Boaton act Dooflas etal , do Coomb* Mt O'Neal; held over for farther examination. Jiott agt. ikatherford; decision below reversed and judgment for defen ant. Judge MacArthur deliwered tbe opinion, ami Judges Wyiie aad Humphreys dissented. Bnsn agt McMurray; deciaion i>elo? affirme>l Dsvisou agt. Whittlesey; decisiou reserved. . _ , TBI MAU ?* AVSTBALIA.*' Ill Bone ?|t. BalUtuor? ?ud Ohio ruilroftd i on en)' ?action to recover damage* alleged to have su sustain*d by the mare being injure.1 while tssing loaded on a car-which come* up ou excep Hons, Judge Wyliegave his views, and snid that when the owner of hones sends hi* agent iu charge, and an accident happena, the railroad wa* not re sponsible, aod uiMier tbe agreement made by the parties the defendant should have followed thedi the a?ent. Ju-lge MacArthur was in clined to ths opinion that if there was a delivery or the animal tbe defendants* I'able.and he s'.g gerted a new trial. Judge Cartter. who pnwide.1 fB the court below, said that hi* friends bad act touched on the main peint in the case. The plaintiff charged that tbe defendant had not furnish.-d the proper means to load animal*. Me held that the agent,althoagh in charge, wa* not expected to do than to eee that tbe horse* were properly st tended to, and it waa no pan of hi* bu*ineM to di rect the railroad bands. .. . onn case*. Wallach agt. Van Bis wick, decisiou Mow sfflrmed?Judge* Humphrey* and MacArthur dis seMing, a notice was given of appeal. South Wasli ijffon Building AasoclaUoo a*t. National Building Aas?iciatioa; Judge Olin delivered tbe opinion Ihe oonrt aArming the deciaion below with modifi cations of decree?Judge Wylie dissenting. WEVSIOCTB ACT. Til WASH 1 \6TOM All ALgX , amdkia kailaoab. The qnastion in this case i* whether the aarvir* of summons on Stewart, tbe secretary, in Mew York city, wsa a sufficient service to bind the com fany. Judge Olia delivered the opinion of ?nrt affir - ? - the court affirming tbe judgment below for plaintiff Judge Wylie dissented far th* rsason th* company was a fraud, and dtewart was a fraud, and the ooort knew that Stewart was not tbe secretary of th* company. He held that the habi tat of a corporation was within tbe jurUdiction in which It wa* incorporated. Judge Cartter said that tbe traascript was regular and the simple eneatloo tb*y hav* decided is that the transcript of tne judgment shoald have fare* and effect her*. Judge Humphreys coocarred with Judge Wylie. aad said further that the company in question had a* offie* in Msw T*rk for doing bnslnsss st th* tlrn* ot tbe sarv ice of tbe writ. RAILROAD AOAIXST BOARD OV FCBLIC WORKS. Washington and Oeorgetown railroad agt. tb< Board of Public Works; division below, in rrant lug aa injuactioa to prevent the Board of rablit lug aa injunction to prevent th* Board of Psblic Works from compelling tbe removal of their track from tbe center of P*nn*ylraala avauu*, affirmed. The Board of Public Works act lb* Waah ' Georgetown railroad omm for aa injanctloa t* tb*t afore had not Mr. Cook POLIOB COUBT. Jwiti Sm*// -Ts ???? of tfceftiis. tobe kUled.and^a^c?dlsgiral sf^lTuft 'alththe a lNtie ssn ot John C. Mo/air"JThia is' a crom-tr* case baturssn Mrs. t the bonsr, and sopns boaadsrs; hi as yet d>we,tb* JMM nmnfi '< , . ? Ik* worCbuasejjjr Btsi(n> mm ;?ttenr on Oeoras Braoks; |l awl Ts> lor. cbarged with setting Rj bet treeu tbs setting aad rwai crvaliag an alarm of tr?; aJ. maSmt to tbs GEORGETOWN. Stbbbt Imfbovemexts?The sidewalk* have been coaanrfd on High ttrert. mw Wtrt, ud it ? now Mid that Ukrv will be laid down to Bridge itrtrt as won as the t *1 pro re nin.t of tiie building* w? under wiv will per mit. The grading of Gar street wMI not be a# heavy as was anticipated. the deapeet cat being between Congress and High streets, and there only foor feet at the deepest point. Since the commencement of the grading i n Gay street the traTel on High street ha* been increased. and renders the carriagewar now almost impassable for pedestrians. For this reason it Is sincere! r hopod that the laying of the pavements wUl not be delayed one day longer than nscesaarv. Cwl Tsadi?Tl? oval trade for tie pant week has been rather more active, and the fol ic wing receipt* are reported for the week: At Kay's docks, 3,760 ton*, by the New Central company, 6.J35 tons: Consolidation ccmpaav l,84o tons, and the Borden Mining company 3,?7* tons Total receipt*, 14,J?7K. The ship ments during the week past: At Kay's dock* 3^14 tons, New Central, 7,KM ton*. Consolnla Uon Company. 2#?! to a*. and the Borden Mining company, 3,118. Total shipment* for the week, 16,949. ' idTen^ntMOnJ"3rMMlru"a4yu'xt The Colobbd Catholic Sobooi .?M Robert Hat ton. president *f a colored Catholic sooiety of ?his city, has written a letter to Kev r at her Stonestreet, pastoral' Trinitv chureh under wbo*? auspices a Catholic school Tor col ored children was established la?t fall, nvitinit him to examine the pupil* on the l*th of -lul next. Mr. Hatton speak* encouragingly of thi progress of the school, which started with but twenty punils and now ha* seventy on the roll* Kivkk >"ehs.?The steamer E. C Bi<ldle cleared to-day tor Philrdelphia with 312 bids flour for Kew York via canal. Steamers Kx press and Georgiana arrived with miscellane ou* cargoes, and cleared for Baltimore. The 7 h?In** p- *?**?? arrived with wit lor 1. Thos. Davis A Co. Gbair Trade ? The canal I>oat Ked-Eve ar rived yesterday afternoon with 4<ni bushels corn to J. G. Waters. The salt* on 'Change nince onr last report were 3,HV> bushels of (rood red wheat at Jl.ffl to ?1.70, and fn bushel* corn at 62c. for yellow, and <;* i,c. for white. F'^hTjiade.?There were no receipt* of tt>h at the fish wharf to-day, and it is understood that the hauling of the seines has cease* 1 tor the season. CITY ITEMS. Fifty more stebi roCBTAiB* for soda water arrived on Tucsdav last from New \ork lor Palmer Jfc Green, Georgetown. _ ? r ijie .Iet tiiLT aud Plaited .lewelrv received *t Pf'Kg* ?Jewelry Store, No. Peniisvlvania avenue, uear 4)? street. * Elecaxt _? Bt tton Paris Kids in'beaiitiful light shades only 76 cents, at Bbodhead Co.'s, 12M F St.. bet. 12th and 13th sts. j?? Excursions, Church Fairs, and Picnics, can be provided at short notice with Soda Water. Ginger Ale, Tonic Beer, &c., in founts and bottles, which are loaned free of charge bv Palmer & Green. Georgetown. 7,<j" The damage caused by the explosion of a COp|?er MMia tountaiu in -larvis' store wa* paid in full by Painter A Green. Mr. .larvis will hereafter use steel fountain.-, they are war ranted to 5C0 lbs. pressure. ? Madamb DeGrafp will only remain in our City until -June 11.and invites a'l who wi?he* to know their tuture to give her a call, a* it is said she has told many startling truths since -he came, and all who have visited her ?tre more than eati.-tied. Worsted Slits for Gentlemens, to order, from &fci. Kecent additions to the order department, at reduced rates, render it very attractive and worthy Uiv Inspection of geutlemeu of fastidious tastes. The assortment is believed to be unsurpassed in thi* section. But One Price i* charged, no less taken. Ge<>. c. Hbxmku, 410 7th street. ? Mackinaw*. Mackinaw*. Mackinaw*. Another supply ot these favorite Straw Hats, in all the faahionable shapes, just received at Willrtt & Krorrs, 3 90S Pennsylvania avenue. Gib awd milk, the new and most fashionable beverage, and or the purest and best qualitf, is to be had at George W. Driver's, Four-and-a half street and Pennsylvania avenue. 4.4 ? PERrviAH Sybcf.?This valuable medicine has been silently making its way into public favor by the numerous remarkable cures it has performed. Its singular efficacy is owing to the protoxide of iron which iu this preparation re mains unchanged, and is the only form in which this rital eiement of healthy blood can be sun plied. ^ # To-day, at the corner of Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue, the "thirsty soul" can find all spiritual consolatiou 4 4 ? ^Sopa Water, in steel fouutains, ma-le from pure spring water, by Palmer St Green, George town. ^ m,w,s ?The Sewing Machibb sales of 1*72 were ?219,660. 4,12 s,wU + Gentlemen* Mackinaw abd Pabama Hats Bleached and Trimmed to look as well a* new, at A. T. Whiting's, 924 Pennsylvania a venae. ______ 31,6 Tby Doolby's Ybast Powder, you will soon find it not only the best, but also the cheapest. Baking Powder. Put up full, net weight. 30,6 The BEAiTTiprl and amber lager, the splendid aud foaming ale, and drawn from faucets made from Birnam and Dunsinane wood, only found at George W. Driver's, Four and-a-half street aud Pennsylvania ave. 4,4 SCFFBBBBB FBOM t^)RBS, BCBIOBS, BAD Nails,etc., find immediate relief at Dr. White's establishment, No. 535 15th street, opposite U. S. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even in extreme cases, if none but suitable shoes are worn. tr Kissxxuxx, Vichy, *Congreas and Seltcer, made by Palmer & Green, from Hanbury Smith's solutions and pure spring water, put up in syphons and small founts. m,w,s Colds and Covghs?Sudden chances of climate are sources of Pulmonary and Hrtmcktol ejection*. Take at once "hrown't Bro*cki*i the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight. 3,eo3 It Cbildrbb cby for Pitcher's Castoria. regulatas the stomach, cures wind oolic Mtural sleep. It is a substitute tor castor oil. 4,25.eo3; ??CBL!C 8r*AKBBS AXD SlBUBRS Will find Brown i BronrkuU Trock<$" beneficial In clear ing the voice before shaking or siuginc, and relieYing the throat after any exertiou ot tiit For C?U*hj Colds the Trucket are eflectual. w3 A What the purss ot King K1 chard could not then procure, all can now purchase for a song. The Centaur Lini ment will not raise the dead horse of a king, but it will cure a lame one, and?more than that?it is the most remarkable thing for swellings, stiff breasts, stings .and brumes, the world has ever seen. A man ought to suffer with the Rheumatism who has not Med this liniment. ?,eo5 Pobd'S Extract Piles, ulcers, old , oolic, Mwalgia, . . ?- sorer, y?-r-=-? dlarrhms^aSi siT Food's Extract differs ftom aU 1 in the Oust that It j, mated of la tobaai A WEB REMEDY for elulU f(r(r ? Ague Cure never fail,. ^ ' SS fVitUl at Dr. Shedd's, ^ - morm AM* TAIf, USE PERRY'S mot 11 and freckle lotion, IT 18 RKLIABLX J.V/J HARMLESS. P1MPLKC OH TPS TACK. BI.ACKJlgM>g AVli FLIJHWORMs fUKTl LMrKOVED COSiEDtJNF AKD P1MPLK KhMFDY TMU VUKJkT SKIM M9VHU0^ ? I alii GEOKGETOW* ADVERTISEMENT*, i^cB rn / is fret s^HCBTZENPErr: FirTN iaxru ?>r tb( GBOKGBT0WN 8CHCBT/BB VKBEIN will am atvga AT ?-REEK SPRING ?< HI ET/EN PARK Monday ?n tiekdat. Ji h> ? *m mi Prua t?4 Buig >bootln# toil otBer uimii.. ? c -r. MnmW* Choice bwic will he on th* (TMnd. Oaalbuw* ?111 raa to I ho Park minute* from the alreet cai WB Dua Tick*?.a?l? ItlIBg aii-Bt tuJUlix .il. 'ntt l|? raT&AOBDIMABT BARGAINS IB I'hf Hj U P'.ain ud Striped Oi<??liiW ?c-i?b? 'vvv;?; i s sills*. irtS tr l#l Irl4|? i ||T THoS. DoWLIBU. Aitcuoaear~Ue,.r?ei .r VALCABLB PROPRRTY OB UIGH sTKIIJ AID THB CANAL AT AUCTION Ob Tl RAPA Y. jot' IBih. at A -i ? ? ? lock ?. P mI will M>ll. ob ?. pen H Nn. ?*I7, nvnlinf 0 M'nn the t?t ?><!?" <4 Kick ! ?f r>.. ? ht a . J hi fiw j ikti (ti? i-aiibJ. imsr, T THOMAS DOW LING, AaetV; U*. a'AIPIAMk PALI ??P TALr ABI.B IM PROVED PROPRRTY. IS GRORiiKTOWN. AT At'CTloN ^ I will Iferforanle, .hi TUESDAY, th* I Or* BBS Jay ot JgDr, IjCJ m t> "Wort r ai in front | **i h* premiae*, Bl publir aurttoa, paii ? ( I. .? N 7?.iii"UO*i>r(rtv?ii, beemoing for Ikf I itl' i Ihf weet line .4 Mlgk atreet, wn?rr th? fpgtk lit f ol Ik* portion hec?4of.?re cnvru l In J tf> P. B?i> h} deed 4it?4 frft?nhfrl'tli.llf>. cut* tha mhI tr?i line. >imI runau t ik^fN-rmmh ?hk<4i4 line al<out fin't M. bit* ?* l<*?, lolbr < ?*nr>* of thB part it in vail ?h? ?uMioB*1,) Wn> B B>In by 4n<4 Ilttxl May Mh 141. aud ilitt iniB?<liai?-l > adioiBiiw I* and north of I he eaiiie then1"<? ?m with the awhile of ?aid |ar<iti n * all Wl f fM(, Ih'-n. r B<>rt|i y, fe?4. niort .-r |ea?, i.? the aouth line<4 Ihf potti.? r<?i'Ha>?! ??n l to aald Eaaix, aud them rrwt with will antih lirar t? the brtlnnllil. lnyr<"*4 hr a two- >tnrT UhI Bi b B"<"k aad twotwo et..r? Praiiie Dwelling* Term* of Sale: Oi e fourth .-aah. the real J a- tad, U. ^ and M mot h? wttli intereat at e *t>t <?) p>r Cent ,tl>e title to be retained until full '? 1 paHMMMI and interest Ktoraa up is*, plied with wit kin lite data 1 reaerre tlie ncM ty resell, Bl the riak and < net <4 defaulting ynrrba- r. All c.?rieyao< in* at pari haaer'acoal A d?p ,i! 4 ? on acceptance of bid MABT P. ESSlX.Gnarl' ?a. J AS P EDM' ABDS. Attorney. n? e.Ad THOMAt DoVLINO. A art. |?EADY FOB THB BPBIBG TBAl'B With a full corps of flrwt rlaaa worktn-1. a com plete slock of the baat foreign and d u. -^ic Dya Stuff. Ac., Br.. I BM ful.y prepared to CXBAN OB IkroboB "AlViS Wgtf!*"*''*" PhkMJVM ST*AM VYK1XU AMU tHD CE< INH WOUKS, ? BBTABLIlSBBD IB3I. PTWltHB awarded IM7 0?ce,?? JeBarvoa m . ?eor*a?owB. D O P'?t Office Boi TVS ap? tr DRY OOODa ||K\ OOOI? TO BUIT THE POPLL\K II I. V or < heap oooD?i A I" ant if al line of DRESS irOODSat ntnwrly low price*. 8a iaa, Victoria Bad Bi?h"P U*n? Bi '?t an>f Lineua at low timiri-a. W hile B"l Spr-at- fr tn |lSto fA?< h< ap. White Du< It. aaitabb I r boi?' r, at 'A' per ?and. _W ht'e, br ?>?n and hsn ef 1/1 lie Bud Driil? Iroai ' 1, i ? II ? h < kieta ii SumiiH-r Klanio-U ai.d IdeacBaB and iinbb-acbed 0<4toiia at redut'"d pncea Boc bargain* in Dry Uooilacall at _ EMORY RAXTFR !?. j?8 tr IH'iV Penii>yli auia aieune ^HOItE UKLkk UttUUt, kLBGAKT 8TTLE8. GOOD VITALITIES. \BRY LOW PRK'ES. Bareama ib YICTOBIA LAWBSaad otliet W hit* K< oda and hummer fabrics Loo* at oar U-?c l>r?w goo^a. 8ilk Japaneae reduced to ?)% Bb<t S" per yard. Black Bllka.all cradea New ? ><>da arm mg d?ll> . Llama Late Jacket*, from ft to - a. It, new atv lea. %JTOn? prxct. aiid tkat the |.la-eat. BVflAR Ac B YLIK. lOl* aad lotto 7th *treet, N <*'. A'mry for Mmt Itomar'H* fnllrrn*. je ? if. pOPtLAB BUHB THE AKCADI! COMPETITION U k t l fc It ACKKOW'LEl??iED THE BEST AND CUE\P? kST STORE IB THE DISTRICT Our stock of DBT OOOD8 IB firrj reaped complete NLW GOODS EVERY DAY At tbia eatablUliwent l?li<a can And the lat -?1 atyla* lu waring apparel aullabie for nyiiuK aud auuiBier a?Ba ??i. DBBBS UOOD8 of all t laaa?a DoMktTlCS ib larg<- \aiieiy. Ol B GREAT SPECIALTY? LLAMA LACE JACK ATS and POINTS A?ltke no?eltiea luM N SHADES aad PABASOLfi Eleg ant aaaorliuent <>f RIBBOBs. ParaoMtbat value their Aollara and oenu altoa'd ni 4 fail to call at thla koa*e betora purchaaiu* eiae whera. Reoicniber VTHE ABCADB. ART 7lb atreei, betaeeti D and B, u:h??-?t C<ABPBTI! iiBPBT* / CABPBTS! Owing to tb? bark*aidii'-aa of the ae??nti. and bating a larger atock of I arp> ta oa kan<l thaa u?ual for the QBf of pa*r< we ahall, fr. m MONDAY, J una tfd. aaake a geaaral raducl n>n la prioa on all CAB MB, I PBTSIb the Our aty lea in English Tapeatrra, Bnglial. lugrataB. American Ingrain* and Imitation Bruaa. la ciM be e*celled anywhere. A large atock W hite and Check Matting* la atop* at low hgurea W ind. w Shade* la all calor*. and Firtarea tn ank Bob ia a fair opportanity for boaaekaepera to pro cure ? uioe Carpet for a little ruooey. WQLPOBB k BHILMCRO, mM tr ?RT 7thstreet, between D and E,B. W. BABUA1BS IB DBY UOODS.-Audroacoct.a Cotton, I7c . Wanautta. a*c., Bow l.irk Mill*. SicSheeting Cotton ia 8 4. ? 4. aad W-4, Tabla Linen, 7Bc : Towal?, ?1 ?aer doaen. Black Silk at ?SJA,, Paraaob, ft, D.?y Ilea. 7tc. aar doaea; Black Alpaca*, ate. to #1; Victoria Laara, Sc.; Lining Cambrica. IBr.; pnata. ac.; Bleached Cotton, Ac All kinds of drww >o<ide at tka lowest market aricaa,at BBODHEAD A (Ml ?U-tr l?>? r atraat. between mh Bad IMk. D*T GOODS AT PABIC PRICES Great bargain* Ib DRY GOODS froa the Hew York and Philadelphia auction* -Drea* Graaadlua* at t. Id and 1ZS oenu per yard; a beautiful lis* of Bhawla at half price. EMOBT BAXTBeT* >-ly IVM Penuaylvaaia i PIANOS, 4a. A LARGE LOT OB NEARLY NEW ABO BBCOBD-MBMD PlABoS, from diBerent factonaa, now oa hand a&d^^^ foraalaor raat oa Ea>t Titm,to aak**"*" room at RBICHEBBACH'S PIANO WARE ROOMS. AM 1Kb atraat, above PeauayUaala avenae, for War Baabe a Co.k aad Wa Mc % PLABOS PlAflOk taken la i ^UBty ^UMB^ ^PBACT/Cy. c tiA?k yalrer af PLABOd aad OBGABA, Ma. Bl orWvaaaa. Orlara left at tarrk J^at 2dltaap^**a. ?. L. WILlJ B IbO^|||IB| | TT'a^t** 1Mb Btraet. a>*r i^?xkwsa?Hf 1 n

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