Newspaper of Evening Star, 9 Haziran 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 9 Haziran 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR ! < KOWMT K. WOTCT Edllf. Beading Matter od Every Page Largest CirciltUti ii the District WASHINGTON CITY: PIOXMT Jmm* ?, 1*7*. The most rigid f.'onomv in conducting every branch of the government of t!ie District of Colombia hw become a necessity. The task of retrenchment is a verv delicate one, however, and regain** the most careful consideration of the legislature. The economy which wonld de stroy the effirienry of any department of the ]>ublic service must enUil much greater ex Knw in th? Jong "?n than the amount proponed to beared. Instead or cntttng down or cut ting o0 mall salaries of necessary officers, thereby effecting a minute saving, but offering n premium for jobbing or corruption, let the list of officers be gone over carefully, and all the useless ones lopped off. Reduce "the num ber of salaried officers?it can and ought to be done. Mr. Thompson's " retrenchment bill," as it pamed the Council, was. in the matn, a pood o'ne, but by no means unobjectionable. of its most obnoxious provisions have been stricken out by the House of Dole gates, but the I ressure brought to bear upon that body has ciased thim to carry the amending pro cess too far. One of the most judicious amend ments ot the Hoc sew a.- that striking out the clause which provided that the board of Are underwriters should have the appointment of two Are commissioners in a board consisting of five members, a proposition which ought not to Lave^ Wen seriously considered. There is no food reason why this should be so, but many why it should not be. With the cooperation of one otter member the under writer* would coo tio! the Are department. What might, and pro- j laldy would be the result, even without inch co. peratron? A Are occurs. The energies of the f:r, men would inevitably be directed to saving the property insured in "our companies." The tr-n.Mir.-d would hare to barn. This might make business for the laauraacj companies ? ut is hardly a fair war of doing it. Old citizens can rem* ml>< r the time when the Firemen's Insurance badge? on a building were all-pjwer lul in attracting the steams of water from the engines, while property without that talisman w as allowed to burn. Other cities have pa**ed through the same e.\p<?rience. but all we believe I I ave profited by it to divorce the tire depart ment from the underwriters, other ?rg uu nts n. gU be used against the Measure, but the above ought to be sufficient to kill it. Let the tire department be free to save all the property j-o*siLle from the flames, whether insured or not. ? ? 1 he Star has shown heretofore that the raising of the tolls on coal transported over the Chesapeake and Ohio canal was a ruinous blow at the interests of that work, being directlv calculated to divert the trade to the railroad". J. any are stil. so blind as not to see It after the conclusive evidence we have submitted from t me to time, we refer them to the article we copy to-day from the Cumberland of Sat urday. from which it appears that the boatmen finding the trade leaving them, and starvation and rum staring them in the face, and no re lief coming from the canal board, have be.-n forced?on the principle that half a loaf is better than no bread?to reduce their transportation charges ten cents per ton. What now becomes *d 1 "resident Gorman s repeated assertions that at the prevailing rates before this change the canal could hold its trade? Ten cents per ton is a heavy item, and only the most pressing sense of danger could have driven the boatmen to make such a sacrifice. The health officer of"st. Louis recently sub mitted his annual report upou the social evil which is regulated by license and registration in that city. The number of fallen women in i >< was. 18, and the number registered March Cist of th? present year but Ka. The total number registered since July, l*7o, is given as -.6*3. The causes given bv the "evilists" as them to parsue lives of vice are *iven as follows: went into force, 217. In concluding hi* report the health officer MVS experience to the present time proves the enforcement of the regulation system to be economical ami humane, aud that it is efficient in the promotion of morals and the prevention ?t disease. i ^f^wn Courier expresses surprise ! tuat the W ashington papers have not referred to the change by the Ck.rmiil, to .,uarto form, and the i kronuU, quoting from the Courier, thinks the fact is due to " bitterness or envy" ? lto ^temporaries ?on account of its proe I-erity.' So far as The Stab is concerned, thi? intimation of bitterness or envy influencing iu course in the matter is simply absurd. We wish the CAr?.u<? all tbe succe*. it may deserve from its improvement and enlargement, ami should have very cheerfully and promptlv said so had self-respect permitted, in view or the gratuitously oflensive allusions of that paper to its cotemporaries in its announcement of the change. He sup|*>ee tbe same reason that caused our silence also influenced our cotem- 1 1 cranes, but they can speak tor themselves. The statement teleg^phed to a New York I aper trom here last evening, to the effect that there are several cases of sporadic cholera in this city. i? incorrect. There is at present an un ?:snal number of cases of diarrohea and cholera morlos some prevaling in aggravated forms t ut none with the violent and unmistakable s>mptoms of cholera proper. Xo deaths are known to have occ-.irred from these maladies this season, ar.d prominent physicians are of the opinion that they areca ised mainly bv sud den change of temperature. Id vlewofthe possi ble aj pear nice of cholera tbL? summer It is 1 advisable, however- that every precaution should be taken against the effects of sudden atmospheric change, and the use of improper ft>Od. * | The authorities at Belfast, Inlaid, have pro- ! tibited any celebration st the anniversary of j t:.e battle of the Borne by the Orangemen in i future, believing that such demonstrations are 1 a most invariably productive of disorder. In this country such arbitrary action by the gov ernment authorities would very properly be deemed an infringement on the rights ot Amer ican citiien-s. It is a idty, however, that the Orangemen will not or their own volition aban don the celebration ot the sunivei sary referred | to -nice it comment-i ate* an event of no na t onal significance, and which only serves to stir up strife arid bit* -rness between two ele ments in our foreign population. 'I he Temj-erance m n in Peuns Ivania have l-een grievously disat .-jiuted at the action of the State i ourtit-atioi. <i Convention in refasing to submit a li.|'ior pro ibition clause to a popu lar vote, with the und -.-standing that if it was sustained by a majority of the citisens of Penu syIvania, it should br ume the fundamental law of the state. Tk> will prevent a state test ?<! public opinion on prohibition which the cold water men desired, lu the expectation that it would result in favor oi their cause. We gather from tk<- Memphis papers that there has been no eh?! ra there, and that the number at deaths from t are rapidly decreas ing, aiso. that noboly ' t the city on account of the disease, and iii ?t those who did go are ret ur mag. P"3?GBACK ( BPISH i..ML) CHLftCH Lvy VAL wlllcemmea* THIS(M->udujr1M 1 SO at 8 o'clock, in P-^on-ac Hall, corner Uth si rsei ami Mar) taiid a??iii*^i?ll Washisgt .a. It* P^AlTtA*BI?BY FESTIVAL will b- held *O!*l>A*.Tl'fs0AT and W EMIBSDAT bi-.UlS. Juit' v.h, ivh ?od 11th, at OM Yellows* Hall. Ia>> T*r-l,fjr ihe benett of the F.rst If. t. f Church. Kaat >? ashiagtoa. H p^3?STKA* BtKKT ? fSTIVAL ^ ?T PATBUJI ' SlW rHOJM'lT, K ChDAT. WKPHSkDkT. XHCRSDar BTK ? IN68. Jarw i'l'h, ll?h aad 13th, AT MA>0> id TKMPLB. w faWBHSIWS nillCIAL All C?MKIWAL. Tne Wall rtrff) markets w<re very <1u!l 011 Saturday, the reason (itcb being (be ?Uen?? ol a large number of operator*, who were at tending the tleromc Park race*. ???? Jhy Cook* A Co. hnlih ik? fallow lngto-alAr: 3wp'g. BkWt. Bmi S?iTt ft-M'n.iaa W\ I7S ^M'-JaaJr.VJI-. n ?-?'*. WH. ?\ KS Hr.Ja4JT.-lM*', MIVMI IV. 18 H I K> ?1 I4U Miw Ioek? Fia?T latiD. P. ?. IVBU. I HU'? Jan.*Jly ,J" ,T 1 ... W* 3 v. ?. v .....a MB'., 1SB. 17 ? UK. 17 M!>.JP"w.-=s-ws ?-??Man. 4Jly,W...? 6-Vs,Jea. A Jly - American Gold 17 V Currency fT!.? l? Sew rn? , jyj BiLftMll, J B* ?"i a V~ old. W; do.. cod rololated, 64',, Wwt > irgtaia's. lu'4, hid to day. BaLTiaoan, JuneP.?Oottoa shade Drn*r, K'iiH. Fl-nr doll and unchanged. Wh-at dull and mi Corn itMd?-wkit? eoutliern, 71, fallow -outherr, M; mixed western, *>3. Oata dull?eouth ern, jQM; wrolrra mixed, M4I9; do. white Ma taw. Krt nochu|?l. II ? uc hanged. Provisions ?juiet and unchanged. W"*terti bntter steady ? good to choic-, lMntl Whisky dnll and nomiual, M. Sugar firm* r, loS ? Nnv Tnt(. Jane 9 ? Money 0rni,5"4i. U >ld dnll, l?*.,(<*17',. dull and steady. Nk.w York. June 9 ?Flour <iniet and unchanged. Wheat vety firm Cora shade b"'?er LnJOiii, Ju> .e 9, II a m?Consols opened at 91lf for niAney, 9Xf$ f r account. B ?nda of I8S5. 91?%; 1S67. m'4: WtO's.WiS; ne* livw,*)1, Erie, ?i. Loximn, Juno 9,2 p. ??.?Brie,*!'.?? ' ? ~ THE WEATHER. War I>F.r*RTME>T. <>j>r% af Cut'J Sum.' (Jlfcw.t W?.Hi\orOx. June 9.1;J73, 10:*l a. m. i SvXOPsI* l<il THE PAST TW(*r?-r?m HoCRs ? The barometer Imi continued rising from Florida to New ,1 ? r-?*?>. but continue* highest over the St. Lawrence \alley It bas fallen from Missouri anl K-ntnck) to tbe lake*, with ea?terly to southerly ? ii.d*. beinj now lownil oter Wisconsin. Cloudy weather, with area* of rain, ha* pr>vsil>jd froui ?;?? rgtaaas Fl ?Mt Io T'-x ??, and from Missouri to Minnesota and Lak>-?Superior anl Michigan; but rising bar-meter, frwh to brisk northwesterly ?li d?. I *er temperature, iow| clear and clearing watte' are now reported from the n>rthw?*t. CI- ar or partly cl nd< weath* r ha* otherwla* g-ne rally continued at tnr station, east of the Missiv iii pi. Probabilities?Fr New England falling ba rometer, wind* shifting to light and fre?li easterly I and southtrlt, and generally clear weather are probable. For the middle state* light to fresh *.-oili' a-terl> aal sou hvn-steriv wind* and gene rally clear wather, Fur thr lower lake region wild* v<eriugto <i>tntliea<terlv and *outbw Merly. and paitly cloudy aeaili?-r, with p ""aildy occasional aii wrif light i ai'i to-night For th' soulh Atlantic ?t?'e* light to fr,*h <H>iithea*t *rty to north?a?t<Tly w Ind*, continuing brink f<*r a time on tbe wouthern futlon of th?C"*.st and generally clear weather, or th- nortliw^t, and grailnaily extending eaet ward o?or tbe np(K-r lake region, Indiana and the l.jier Ohi" *al ey, northerly to westerly winds, ami clear and cbaring, cool,r weather. Moruing teb-graidiic reports fr.>m Fl irida^L >ui sisra. Texas, Kansa-, Ml* liigan an l Bocky M >U3 tain?, are partly minting. |>^3?SKSI' 'J-'* CENTS for beat and eaaiest Cypher U^y for u?w P wtal Cards, Telegram*, Ac. A > hi!d enn use it. but no third person can mike it out. Box 4*J1 Wa^hingt n,D.C. je9 |v^S? 1 O. O F -COLI MBIAN 1NOAMPMEHT U^y No. 1 ? M<-?-t at ue* hall, over Hall'* store, 7th tr>--t, between 1? str>- t sn<l L >ui>iaaa avenue, on WKLNMI'A* EN ENINU, June ^o'clock. ... ijt W B M< LK < N. Scrib-. ft^3?A tTKAM BKKKV KEHTIVAL. will be h?ld u^X at OI*D FELLOWS" HALL, on 13rh street, l.eiw een (' anil D streit-, by the Sons and Daughters of Conferewee i f Asbury Ohurch.for the *app >rt of the Q< ?pel,>>ii WEDNE?DA Y. June 11 Admission, ?J3 rents. At which time there will be th<- character of Blue B^ard. Come one, come all' j9 It IV^?ATTEBTI?iH, MEMBBBS OF WASH L.-7 INUToN < ITT HIBIKN'HN BKNEVO LKNT SOCIETY. No. 1 -A Special Me-ting of th'* Societr will be held at Carroll Hall THIS l Mot-da) ) EVENING. June'jth, H7J. at 7:10 o'cl.ick, to make arrangements for the funeral of our late brother. M' Nilaxd, Funeral will take place fri'm bis late residence. No. 113t>Jtrh ttreet nurtb ?i at, on Tnesday afternoon,at 3:91) o'clock. B> ordtrof the President. It D. >HAXNON, Secretary. IV-S?WE. THE INDEBSIUNED OBOCEBV Me:rhaiit*.agr?etool<HM>onrre?pective plai ns otTn'ines* a' hs|f pa*t seven (7?,) o'clock p. m. fr .m the 9th day of ^me to the 1st day of October, M73, excepting Saturday nights n. f.<;\n. john r. hall, W H H.CISSELL,* w. h.wylie, M I' FOWLE. 8 W.STEELE, C. 8 OB A KK i SON. YV. H SPH!Nt'L \ CO . PAI LI'S THTSON, Jt-HN DOWLIN'i. GEO. W CI86ELL, JEWFLL * OSTRVN M ILSON A SCHCLT/E, DEk. j9.Tt* fr^s?THE BOARD OF TBI'STEES OF PUB Upiy Lit' St'HOtiLS will ni'-et at the Franklin S< tiool Building TUESDAY BVENlNO.Jaue lj, M73. je7 3t A. P FABDON, Secretary IK^REMOVAL.-The undersigned have this day removed fr m corner of N-w Jersey avenue aiTT B street south to their new Storeroom and Warehouse,(southeast corner of same square.(cor ner 1st and C street* southeast. Our increased facllltie* will enable n*to*npply our customer* GROCERIES, Ac., promptly,and at prices ae low as elsewhere. pi a >28 3m Of LICK t BRA o gal but GEOBOB W HACPTMAN, Juttxrt 9f the Ptme', attends to all^inda of Claims and Le , ?. ? w. ..U.W , iuiub ,uu L.e galbusineM, southwest curner of nth aod G *treets northwest maytl ly YOING HEN'S CHRISTIAN A890C1A TION. Corner 9th aa</ D ttrtttf. CIRCULATING LIBBABY reopened Over 1,000 new books jUSt added. READING BOOM, free to all. DAILY PBAYXB MEETING8-lJ:l?,?,anJ9 p. m. SABBATH SERVICES: Bible Lesson at 00, in LINCOLN HALL, led by Commissioner of Indian Alfa rs, THEATER SER VICE, corner of Uth and U sts., at 8 p. m. m27-tr rr^aSCHENCK'S MAMDBAkI PILLS.-Theae pills are composed exclusively of vegetable ingredients, and although they entirely supersede the use of mercury,do not leave any of Its in urioua effects. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valuable re?edy in all caaea of derangement reeult ing from a disordered state of that organ. Liver Comalaiut, Bilious Disorders, ladigestioa. Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac., Ac .all succumb to the free use of Schenck's Mandrake Pills. For sale by all Druggists and Dealers. ml tr ?ILIURNI NBW DBUG BTOBB, 14M PixmnTAini inni, Depot far Soda and Mineral Waters. fsll-ly able I Tbts Mate of weakness aad debility la mora fatal ts her than a severe spall of sickness, for la tkat caae she will receive the proper care, as in the other she will linear Boathe after months, not thinking worth while to eee a physician about it. until nature, exhausted, gives out, and she la carried to the grave, when a little precaution In proper time would have spared her Ufa. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, nothing can comaare with the LONO-LIFB BIT TBBS of Dr. L. tf. BEBTBAM. Tber are a eafe aod Infallible rewiedy agalnet malaria, d tiveoeee, biHousnese, beadachaa, no aad all complaints peculiar to woaaei tars, which are soli (y all druggists, qtienoe of their virtue aad most agree medicine par ene/tatcs for Indian. &!tf SMS5. and. aa it were, the curee of mankind. Bo terrible and loatheome had heap at soate periods of the world's hlrtory that a iwrson known to ha Infected with It ???J' haaKwad to nix with eociety. Happily "tripped of Its terror hj the tC v 11" * *o7 DliJsf 'pS'sE? CM ** r?toTf* tosonad baaltk' BOOT AND HEBB JCICES, ?1J| per battla Sold by 8. C FORD, 110* Pa ava.7nndbr Dras. fiSi.PhfitolKa.* CO " PropriM^tT* lS2. ^HEAP SUMMER SILKS. B) piec.-e superb itnality of striped Summer 8>lks at n l per > ard. f >rmerly aold for 11 so. Japanese Silk* at 46. 90, and 9t cent* per yaid. B/" All other Dree> Good* reduoed In price. JOSXPH J MAY, jt St 93V Pennsylvania avenue. OOK AT MllSTKR'8 je7-?t 91 CF.NT OOUNTEB. ARCTIC SODA WATBB! ^ 1WA irr(?t <*?'/ Maryland it-raw. HANBCBY SMITH'S MINERAL WATXBS r 10ta llrel and MmrtlmMtl armue. PERUVIAN OTTAWA BEBB I llKA Hr?l ami Maryland mVMHt. FRENCH and ENGLISH PERFUMERY?Low'* Extract "Wood ?iulet*," "Upper Ten Bou<iu-*t." " W hit* Boee.n"New Mown Hay ."Ooiidray 'a*'Bou tiet de Biarrttf ,""Soap Lettuce" and"Glycerlne," ubin'a aad Edes Extracts W. B. BENNAUGH, lt>th street and Maryland avenue. j7 T\EW YORK, Mat Pth,M73. Messrs. PALMEB A GBECN. Georgetown: Yuor>of JTtli instant, to hand Our STEEL FOUN TAINS are all tasted to 500 lb* i3 lw JWHN MATTHEWS. O T I C 1 . WILLIAM T. McCUIN, County Constable. Debu Collected. Prompt B-turns. Collection of claims of all kinds respectfully eoliclted. Office with jas tire George W Haup>man, eonthweat corner Uth and 0 etreete nonhwset. |Bap.| srttly DBOF. BABTLETT PROPOSES TAKING A A number of lad*, between the ages of Id and 15, who w ieh to learn PHOMOGBAPuY, on aa excur sion to Matoedurla? the summer vac at ioa Aidreee ia writing Mf Uth street southwoet, Washington, p c. >irtf ^jabpets. cabpets. carpets. aVW/, 9#4 SgvgsTM Sr. A ? W STO hA' A LAMB ASBOBTMEHT OF CABPKTS. OILCLOTH, MAT TING, BUOS, MATS. Ac. I examine aad intthe |^<MkftRIDOe ALUM SPRINGS, VA. OPEN JUKI 1st, 191). This fsvorite and celebrated W*ter1u* pi Owrr ?>t<ii(ivn?l atirirti<>D4 this wtitoii. uiagaUcenl Bill B ?m. flue see will 1! Bo wl i ag Alley for ladies, '"r, gentletuea. Wl s superb Cr iiiet Gm&uU. D.y|." !" in i style not rorpuMxl ugrwhrrt iu xIrgima. The ?ilm of th<**e special Spring either ctirs or greatly relieve most case* of Scrofula, Incipient Canaan j*.on. Chronic Broehlti*. Chronir Laryn gitis, Cliroais Pnti?monis, Chronir Dyspepaia. Chronic Diarrto a, Chronic Dysenter>. Th*y are *l?o a great value in ihoee affections which are pe culiar t > the female const itnt ion, and aa an appeti ser, a tonic ard a general restorative they are, per baps, unrivalled amount mineral waters. The Proprietor ha* pro?ldwd for the lawns and ball room a flrst -clase baud of music, and in general all th* sonrccaof amusement and recreation n*ually found ?tour best iumm.r rea?rts will be at the command of the auest* at BOCKBKIDUE ALl'M. The place is witlrn from eleven to thirteen honrs of Rich mond. V ashington, Bslttmore. etc , by rail, all in dajlight. Passengers leave the car* of theChesa peake and Ohio Railroad at Goshen Depot, and new and"- elegant stage coache*, passing rapidly over a smooth and levelroad i>f only eight miles, set down the visitoig at the Spring* to tea _ JAMES A. FKAZIER, Proprietor. Dr J. S. DAVIS, of the University, Resident 4L.,: J>OOM. Office Manager; 8. M. 311 l.l.r.N . Office Manager The water for sale by COLEMAN A ROG KK8, Baltimore. Descriptive pamphlets sent free on application. j?9 lm* "()*k MALL" ( LOTH I NO Hoi'SE, Bots\ Our Salerooms YotTHs' Crowded Daily with Sukgixa *>n Thuiisc nr Utr,K? Bi yfrs, who Ch!li*rkns'are Batikly Fittisc, Out is ove CloTHIKG. 811 Si ITS, PROVES "OMETHISH. Rsrectfally. J. 11. Smith * Co., "Pitt Hxil. OABD 01" PUBLIC WuKKS, Dnirut op Columbia, . . . , Wa?hisgtojs,Juue7,1573. Notice In h^rt-ny fivfn to ill p r*ot)4 having cm tracts withthe B>ard of PnMlc Work* for 8 siding t" -usp?'iid operation* until further orders. V here streets are laid oat for parking, however, the property-holders will be permuted to sod hi their own ?-x petv, sh >nId they desire to do so, tip .n proper a) plication at the ? ffice of the B ard. By order of the R ard. ? CH AS S JOHNSON. Ass t Secretary. 9-3t |Chronicle arnl Republican. | IVOTICE TO ALL PERSONS RESIDING IN a.* First,Second and Third Ward, d-siring the ser vice* of the Chimney Sweep. L?ave your notices at b. xe* located a* follows:?First bos, corner ii h and K streets; Second, Central Guardhou-te; Third, cor D'r 13th atMl F street* nortliwe*t; Four h, curlier 12"h street aixl New York avenue northwest; Fifth, ItWi and L street*; Sixth box,corner l!?tb street and Pnnnsyb ania avenue; Seventh box, ft) Ii and 1' sts., t'tnire Taylof's. Leave yonr notices ax stat-d, ami the) shall be promptly attended to on the first and ?ecouaday after leafing them. J'9if ANTHONY BANKS, Snp'ra DREM fio D? ~ AT IS* AND CENTS. 100 pieces DRKSS GOODS reduce.! to 12', cents ?JOO pieces DRESS GOODS reduced to 26 cents. Black Grenadines, Summer Silks, Linen Luwus, Litien Suitings, at reduced prices _ JOSEPH J. MAY, J? 2t 939 Pennsylvania averitt? [VjOTIi E -On and after WEDNESDAY, Jnue Uth, the Coach will ran from New, ? York ?\ etriie ai d 7th street to Glenn ood( < enietery every M KDNE8DAY AFTER-' M?>ON. Ije9-6t* | HI GCKLY A BOW EN. frH18 IS TO GIVE NOTICE, that the subscriber I has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letters of administration on the personal estate ot WM. C. MAGEE. late of W ashinetou city, t) C.? deceased. All person* having claims agaiust the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, w irh the voncher* thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 6tn dav of Jane next: they may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand, this 6th day of .lime. W3 _ H A. WHITNEY, je9-m.3w Administrator. NIT ED STATICS PATENT orFICE, Wa-himtox, D. C., J'li.efi-h. 1S73. On the p. tit ion 0f HALYOR H ALVoRSON, of > t?hti.?, >ew II.i npshire. praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 20 tli day ofS-n lenibei I860, reissued on the 6rhdav of June, 1S7I, and on th? 8th day of December, lS71,forau im provement ih Lamps. It is ordered that the testimony 'n theca?ebec|o?ed on the 1ft h day of August next, that the time for filing arguments and the Stammer's report be limited to the 29th day of Augtir-t next, and that said petition be beard on the 3d day of September next. Auy person may onpose thi* extension. jg-m.St M. D. LEGGETT, Commissioner. IX THE SUPREME COURT OF THEDISTRlCT OF COLUMBIA. </?? of J*n*- 1H73. \\ I'.Cottrkll A Co . vs.Dasiel Les?No.lO.WO, at Law. On motion of the plaintiff, by Mr. L. G Hine, tli. ir attorney, it is ordered that the defendant cause hi* appearance to be entered herein on or te-fore the first rule-day occurring forty days after this day: otherwise the cause will be proceeded with a^mcaseof default Bv theC iir?: D C HUMPHREYS,Jn*tice,Ac. True copy .?Te?t: R. J. MEIGS. Clerk. 4c. J-tf m.3t By .1 JAY CAMP. A**t. Clerk. IOOK AT SHUSTER S * J"7 4t 1-J'j CENT COUNTER. M. OYSTER* CO, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN FINE BUTTER AND EGGS; MAKE PHILADELPHIA PRIST BUTTER A SPECIALTY. CENTRE AND NORTHERN 31 ARRETS. G. M. OYSTER. 0. M. OYSTER, Jr., _jf>-ft J F OYSTER. "()AK HALL" (LOTHINO HOUSE. I TO OUH PAT HONS, VhEEUNU : mding by past experience that nothing has ever and nllea the wants ?.f so great a proportion of Fiodins met our customers as our _ FAMOUS til SUIT, ova * ALL-WOOL ?11 SUIT, ova SHRUNK til SUIT, We have made the moat unparalleled preparation* to si:it and fit everybody in OAK HALLS univer sally known specialty. the: popular an suit. The season (opening late) will be short; we mean to make it "sharp and decisive." T<> better secure that end, we base MATERI ALLY REDUCED ALL OUR PRICES. OUR HANDSOME 8TOCK MUST GO RAPID LY. OLE GROANING COUNTERS MOST BE BID OF THEIR WEIGHT SPEEDILY. We are severely in earnest when we say that oar magnificent and universally adaptable stock of MEN'S, BOYS'. TOOTHS'. AND CHILDREN 8 FINE, COMMON AND MEDIUM DBE88 BUSINESS. FATIGUE AND WORK ING SUITS AND SINGLE OAR MENT8 Will be positively offered at prices aa mnst ensure s^ecy sales by plscin^ them within easy re ash of Beapectfj l^| ,M|T|| fc co OAK HALL CLOTHIERS AND TAILOE8. ? ? _ 3SI4 Tth Street, next to ParkerY N. B.-Thoee looking for BOYS' CLOTHING should call at "Oak Hall." ?JLHrFBFSCH' ENGLISH and AMEBICAN 000D8 for ( ustom Work. j5-9t* METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. MORE NEW GOODS!! 1 HEY ARE ALMOST GIVEN AWAY I LOOK AT THIS LtST : Children's Sun Bonnets and Hats,BUc. '? Marseilles Hats,very pretty, ?1. " Lawn and Lace Hats, 91. " Plaid Mnslin Aprons, cover entire dress, 80c. " White Dresses, cros/tbsrred muslin, $1. " BoffSuiU, 91. Ladies' white and colored Border Aprons, 2Sc. " Ruffle and Plaid Muslin do , 00c 44 Percale and White Lawn Skirt Waists, #1. 44 Full tucked Skirts. #1. 41 Puffed and embroidered front Chemises, fl. 44 Tucked and embroidered Drawers, SI. 44 Tucked and Lace do.,fiOc. Boys'Calico Waists,30c. Ladiee' Scotch gingham black Snn Umbrellas, Al. 44 Lisle thread 2-but'h half Gauntlet Gloves ,25c. 44 Leather Belts. 2#c. 44 Morocco and Ira. Ra?sian Belts, Sttc. 44 Oxydized and Gilt Belt Chains. Mc. 44 Wood, Painted aod Linen Fans, 25c. 44 Fancy, Wood and Silk do., SOc. 44 Black, white aod coi'd Silk and Vienna do., Children*' 8ne Linen Handkerchief*, 3 for ISC. Ladies' hemstitched Linen do., 4 for #1. 44 line Gauze Vests, fl. Gents' do. U 44 Light British and Lisle Socks. ?? Striped Socks, 3 pair for 01. 44 Black and Fancy Silk Bows,28 and Mc. Ladies' Bias Silk and Fringed Scarfs. 60c. ? Baa pleat and other styles Baffling for the ne?k, 29 and 50c. per yard. Extra large and fine Daoask Towels,! for 81. Splendid Bathing Towels.3 aud < for #l.,?c.,Ac..Ac. If-you hsve any consideration for your px Wet books, you will not fail to call oa UETROFOLITA9I DOLLAR STORK, SIM SEVXMTB STREET, iViMIs P. 8 ? Ihavs sow on hand my asaal full stock of CROijUET at ?2 M, ?S JO, #4 50, aad 0<m* aad look at them je4-tr ?. RE1S1NORR. 1C* CBXAM PAVILION HOW OPEN. JOS* Fssnilies ai^ parties sapplled at rwasoaable I i*Ha? Bo. SH SH 8t?e?t SocTnarasr. IVOTICE! ^18 street, aear B, to ssttle the oU ftnn ies u jr. B. TOUBO WANTS. \v A?TED?Two g-x* PRBASM A K ERS Appiy 77 st No. loth stre-t. It* WASIW' a le4t oepyit. 44 WW * 0 J , Uwrpt '??, P. C j4>' W A RTF T>?A'i E NTS WANTED at K ? 416 7th 7" rtfifl kintbrui; pay* wel|; uo bMk bism ?. Enquire aft? r 4 p. m. a \? -AHTKI>?C. 0 E^ELOFP w>*? POI'RRjTS " at the B ?wltng Alley , N >. Wl* E itr-^t W t??T? mil sn.l |?b ilrw?. ?? )e9 I.* \v * STIP ? I?nw4lttrlr. or?- or two fv?1 DBESSMAKERS tii4 Oil or lit Apfr^n^ti at t*18 IQib street northwest. It* IV' ANTED?B AMDH on Liaeu Coats. Njne knt * " those experienced n?d apply 11 ROM AN A <OX ,?97 7th Hr?\ IVASTEP-AI 476 Pennsylvania a " steady (URL to assist M cooking ui ?Mhin(; it" W ANTiC D?A COOK, WASHER, and 1R0NER at 631 I street uorihvtit. Apply, bringing reference. j?9-3v* W AXTkD-rAINTEBS. Foeror five HOUSE ?? PAINTERS' first class. Apply t? It* MACN1CHOL, 417 10th stre-?. V\*ANTED? Bv a Competent COOK AND BA 77 KEB (tnsl-> a position in a in or ont of town,to rook pastry, Ac. Apply 1613 4th s:re(*t northwest. tt* 11'ASTED-By ? Ttll'KU MAN tn <>"(a(oin 'nt 7 7 or permanent situation as copiist; tin li?<( considerable experience. A Idrese COPYIST, city pOi-t office, or Star office. Jej-3t A4*ANTED?A competent WOMAN ?white pr? 77 ferre*i?to cook, wash, mid iron f ?t a small family; r?ference* required Apply to 001 1 str?*t n'rthwest. je9 6:* \V"ANTKD-A ( HTmbEKMAID, must cm? 11 well recommended* at < IiARLES MADES HOTEL, It* Corner 3d and Pennsylvania a\wn?. %\7 ANTFD ? T*vm??rr<?w morning, thirty g'i <1 '? CARTS and thirty good MEN Will i>* ort twice a mouth. J E. Zl'G A CO., It 27"23 K ?tr"H. at Canal. W^NTED^A (food white~8EBVAVT, to co>k, *7"wash, atid iron for two in faintly, must conn veil recommended. Apply to t' AKO, ?>0A Louis iana avenue, under National hotel j:< 3t \\T AN TED-BvT YOUNG mTn a situation in 7 7 the Dl ug busiues-. a* clerk; ha-* had lire vears evperi<-nre; satisfactory reference given. A blress AMMONIA Star office, or city p >st *ffi"" \\T ANTED?B> a re?pe, table (il It I, :i -it 77 nation at nurse or chambermaid, to travel wis h s lady for lhi< summer; g ??*! r> ferences. A pply No. 1742 K street northwest It* \17ANTED?WET N1 USE Apply at ?*0? L 7? street noithwest. fcetween 8'h and 9'n str<-els. Also. a GIRL from the country not over 18, for g?u era' housework. j9-2sr* II' ANTKD?A Colored Gl RL to go into ?|ie couii 77 trj ai< nur?e. Apply at onre nt 1324 loth street, between N and O. Mint come w? II r-c.n, niend.'d. j^9 2t" *%'ANTED?Light JEBSKT bPBlNO WAGON 77 with top, alio, one pair mule-. Aildrea*, sta tine price, APPLEM \N A t'O , j' l> 3t* 14th street, north*-it. EE* ANTED?A placa tor two > >ui>k GIRLS of i?j 77 years old. one to do ch:tinber w >rk ami plai n S"w ing. the other to do chamber-work and takec?r??

of children. Appl) at No. 131*2 16th *'re<-t, n >rth West. je?Sf \lTANTET ?An experienced LADY TKAt'HER 77 wishes to fin 1 board in a respectablef ?mily for the tuiti'-n if French,Gerninii. and Mu?ir as an ^univalent. Apply at No. 311 New Jersey arenn?, <'*pitol Hill. It* \E'rANTEI>?Three energetic LADY AGENTa of 77 experience; ?3U0 to ?600 per day. articlis en tireiv new in the city; exclusive territory. f:vll at 17.'i'.l G s;ieet northaaat, between 9 and Tuesday. It* WANTED? P>> a permanent, reliable tenant, a 77 six or eight room HOUSE,batwe?n 9th and 14'h. Petins> Ivania avenue an 1 M streets nortbweat; ? iter indihtwnsaM-; ni<Hlerate terim. A<Mr ? ? Th full partit ulars, VICT'iR, St.?r offi> e. j -9-It* UrANTED?Kortv flrst-rla*. DRKHSMAKKRS; also, t< n operator* on Giover A ISaker. None but experiem ed hand? nee.1 apply. LANKItl RGn A I'.RO , It 4V4 and 400 7th streot north**st. UrANTED? Immediately?At No tH<> Id street e?-i,oin-fir-t-clis? DRESSMAKER. M >oth-r need apply. je7-Jt* \EtANTED-A SEAMSTRESS in a email family; 77 one willing to nske bers?lf otherwise useful; a <mI refi recces reijaired. Apply at No. 614 | st fret. je7 3t* EE'AN TED?A or 16 years old; one who 7 7 has some knowledge of the dm? busin?ss pre ferred. Good recommendation** re.|iuiod. Address L. E. 8., Star office. j?7-3t* WANTED?A competent white WOMAN, to 77 cook, wash and iron for a ?Tiall family; refer ei ces reijuired. Apply at 1340 New York avenne, iienr 14th street, between 9 and IS o'clock. je7-Jt* \1T~ANTED-T*. RENT, a STORK on I'enu-ylva 77 nia avenue, north side, between 4K and I2tli street*. For a good l< cation, a permanent tenant can be obtained by applying at No. 220 4H street northwest. je7-St* |VANTED-Au INVESTMENT for one or two 7 7 years for ,?4.noo This sum i? available at once if security and title are good JOHN B. WHEELER, Real Eitate Broker, j?7 3t No 1416 Pennsylvania avenue. \\T ANTED? A suitable German or American 77 GlBLor WOMAN to do the cooking, washing and ironing for a family of two living In G? >rge towii.D. C. Good wagee paid tn a first-class ser vant. Apply between! ana 3 o'clock p.m., at the Siar office. je7->t \\i ANTED?A competent WHITE WOMAN to co<-k and assist in washing and ironing. Ap pl) at 1601 I street northwest. j.< St* %\f ANTED?IRONERS, etc , at the WASHING 77 TON STEAM LAUNDRY, 814 rstieet.op posite Patent Office. je$ 3t* \Er ANTED?A WOMAN to co >k, waeli and Iron. 77 Good references required. Apply at No. 916 E street, between 3d and 3d. j4 tw W ANTED-A TENANT for part or Honae No. 77 227 K street northwest, within five minutes' v ;<!k of Government Printing Office. It has gas and water, summer kitchen. Rent moderate. j?4 'ANTED?Immediately?At Seneca Qn*rrv, LABORERS and Qlr 4RRYMEN. also, MEN \\m J experieiced In sawing stone. Apply at Company's Office,corner K and Wrb streets. Rock Greek, or at the Quarry. C. W. HAYDEN, Presiileot. j4-6t EE/ANTED?HOUSE PAINTERS at rltlT tl WICR's Painting Establishment, No. 46 Jef ferson street, Georgetown, D. C. None but good workmen need apply. jej W'AMTED?All persons who bave not j-et seen the imaroved WHEELER A WILSOh SEW ING MACHINE to call and examine it before buy ing aniother. It is simple, noiseless, swift?making 1 ,?00stitches a miante. No shuttle nsed. and there fore but one tension repaired. Will last a life time. 8old on monthly payments. P. J. STEER A SON. Agents, 461 Pennaylvania avenue, near 4H street. my 31 ltn* WANTED?All those who value their sight to 77 know that tb? best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE" in the country is accnrately suited to the eveeight by H.H. HEMPLER,the Optician, corner 4>? street and Pennaylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. myl> ly" WANTED?A GIRL that can come well recora meuded; can call at 933 New York do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small fam ily. Apply from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m., or ? to 8 o'clock p.m. mU-tf WANTED?Immediately?Families or persons in need of first-class 8ERYANTS of every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get sapplled at once. Servants also can get good homes and liest of wages by applying at the Eureka Employment Office, to Iflrs. LOUISE 0. BUTLER, ?07 Uth street! near E. att fcn \*,r ANTED?Every one to know that ths VICTOR 77 SEWING MACHINE baa its Msrfls ttlf-tm ttas: the meat perfect shuttle in oae, resting tn a cradle; needle bar and works of steal. Agency, 469 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mms. Dem orout's Pattern Emporium. angiO-lr T. W. 8PICEB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. LObT?About the 1st of Mar, a BLANK BOOK, size 6*8 inches, showing the account be- _ , twei t The Evening Star Co. and Green \ufLJj Williams, auctioneers. A suitable reward^S* will be given if returned to this office. j9 3t L~0bT-A MALTESE CR088 with my name in scribed on the reverse side. A liberal reward will be paid to anv one returning the same to me at the Fr?edman'a Bsnk. II*] R. W. TOMPKINS. IOST?About 1J o'clock Fiiday, between 3d and J 5th streets, en E street, a SANDAL WOOD FAN. spangled with jet chain and pin attached. A suitable reward if returned to 133V I street north wist^ j7-8t* BOARDING. BOARDING.?Vour gentlemen can obtain board, with communicating rooms, within two ntilns of Washington; location desirable; stage runnlnc daily; reference exchanged. Address "L. T. C., Star office. je9 3t* DO A ED IN PRIVATE EAMILY.-A young O lad) wants BOARD, LODGING and WASH ING in a private family, where there are no other boarders. Terms not to exceed |E a mouth. State particulars to-'ROSA," Box 308 P. 0. je? ?? /'OFNTRT BOARD at city prices; cool hotue, v convenient to tas city: ten trains stop aday. For further information call at ths Navy Depart ment, room i. je7 ?* SUMMER BOARDING AT RED WOOD, A DB lightfnl couLtry seat: 1>? miles from George town or Washington; west side Rock Crsek. There is A pavilion, croquet ground, a variety of fruit, Ac., and a daily stage to ths Tressury, corner 1A>< street and Pennay hrania avsnoe, arriving at 9 o'clock a m., leaving at SAO p. m. For further particulars, apply to Mrs. BROOK, 9111Mb street northwest. jUs' _ ^ r <wHh la Boom? and Board for thssuuner In a delight ful and healthy location,* miles from Washington, by rail. Enqnirs of JUAN BOYLE A CO. alt-MW BOARD, Sll E strest,bstwssa8U iidM north wsst. rnUhn JJAY. OATS, STRAW. Lhave In store, a large sap?y of Hay and Straw, Ich I am running off at extremely low Sgnrss Dealers and buyers will find it to tfceir advantage to give me a call, as I am determined to ssll at ^lanidetermJa^^Jts^SS, jjgSBfe., FOR RENT AND SALE. F pUB KENT?4 lOfM ronmn, at craff 17'h and K I-iqar at ?t^>r? ? ?t> 4<v r. 1* L'OK RRNT-fW. ad story FURNISHED KO?*f r Beat low dartre the summer Irf-Tfnr* r? 936 H?w T"?1i ?r?nn? j9 St* L'Uk RkftT-Pumirhed or rnturui?h'-.| R'><?*?. ? or 8ul'e of Room, a I'h gas *ix1 bath A ppl rat Ho 33 B nmtMa, npp>*i(? th-? ?'?pi'o1 |Wliid?. Ateo, STABLE J* 1 ' FOR 8ALE-A SIXROOM HRU'K IlKl'X 1* food order. nearly new, within oa? square .>f | m?rl??, Kn 1191 In str??-l, li?iir??n O and P. | fcJSO Require on the premises j9 St* IT OR RENT-TIlE SECOND STORY of a fine | I Brick H<<use 1ar:n* north tnd a-<nih Hath and cloeets on the Mm* (I ??r, unfirnish?d App'* oa [ the, No. SI lft P< nnsylvania a?enne northwest. j9 4t* I LV)| MLt CBIAP-D*ir?Wi' building LOTH ? ot K ?tre?t northwest AW., five until fratns I 1101811! on Vermont aitnw, Mvkw 8 aid T streets. MATRT k RBO,, R-al Es'ate and In?ur ' aLce Broker*. 14)1 T F street. jt ool* For rent=-fubni?hed, ?v?t. #?T~UN FURNISHED, A 75. 4M. IS, A", I Bf*l'HS and STORES. AW; HTORKS. *is. f?u. OFFICES. #80. 825. ?M THUS. E WAOO& I ilAK, Hit Tthftriwt. yi St F'OR SALK OR RENT-HOUsE, 715 21st ?tree*; pi ice #6400; rent f M per month, p >ss?s i sion given June 1?', ha* ih.hJ.-iij convenience# and ! furnace; key oa> ti- had at No 7 IT For uirihor , particulars a*pl) to GEO. 8 I'ABkEB, 613 IMh etteet. j9-lm ? I/OR SALE?A nine room IIKIi'K. n ten room ltRICK.2 alx-roum TRAMKS; six f >ur room ; RR1CK8, well located, with rmsi-rn improvements. ? t: ?t be sold. A bargain can h? h?l in th- hI> >ve pr p?rty with arc.-mn? slating t'mn. L 8 CHaFMaN. C?ri?iitfr mid Rull.ler, ji lt ll?h street, b-tw.-.n M and O. F"OR~ SALE-Or- BUILDIN'iLOT oiTv-i I.r^nt ?venae, betwren L tu<l M stre*t? 4A\11S, ea?t ! front. Ote Hirldinc L'?t on K street northwest, ! M?d'n lstli ami lath, 21x117. aouth fr .at' will t? I ii'I'l at i Also, several Builiiri; Lots on Hth street, bet we- n O and R I Fiveprosied brick HOUSES: 9 rooms;s ?uth front, north*???fem part of rhe cit> , w ith m<*dem impr >v I m<-nt* on long Unie; kin all cash |>a< ?:< nt?, balance | ii out hi jr. I Also, 8 pressed brick HOUaES; tw story and btis.nient: 8 rooms, water aud it**, ai.d range; nortteas ern part ot ci'.y, atutll cash pa-. merit, and balance inonthlv Or,.' FRAME H??r*E, 7f >oms and hall: lot 23', l.v llti, $2.1un, * WO cash, balls ee ?Wi-- iu ti'h it 6 percent , northwestern pvrt of ci*v. NOl'LTON S HIt \ f N ARD, tiOH l.'.tb *ir. ?-t, jc? 2w* Opposite 0 8. Treasury. j,V.R BEMT?PLEASANT ROOMS, faring the I Capital and B >ta:iical Garden^, ?u 3<i stree:, No 104 j7 Jt* I^OB BINT?UNIURMSUED BOOMS, -n suite or single, w th or without b -atd. 31"* C atrett northwest. j7~3'* F^OR RENT?T*o or three Unfurnished BOOM*, first Boor, with water and fcath. Apply a' 5th street northwest. jrT 3i" fj^OR RENT?HttUSE,corner 19;h and F srr.-ets, cent ainine tan rooms, modern improvem^nta. Apply at 19i3 PeniiB) Ivania avenu-*. je7-3:* E^OR SALE-FRAME HOISE. N... I street northwest. bit*'tn T arel D, eight rooms, fine hall, good yard, Ac. Terms easy. In unite at lltt^Stli street northwsat. j7 J' FV>R RENT?Laige PAKLOH an i BkI?R<T0M on 2.1 floor, suitable for ? ne or two g.-ntlem >u Al?'-. other ROOMS, furnished and nnftiruishe<1, at ilti.? Vermont avenue, corner I street. j7-S * 1/<iR RENT?A NEW HOL'SF. ,>2iJ p r month, I seTen ro?.|iis?slate mauteU, French window-', at the er.d <d Conn, cticnt avetine car-. b(?ire t?"44 Leuistars avenue, from #to 3 p m. j<-7-ltn l^'OR SAL*?Tw.i six-room HOUSES; I bath rooiu. Aim or A?Ntca>li: b tUnceni litli ly L 8 CHAPMAN. je7 3t ^ 11th street, betw>*en N and Ol I4'On RENT?Very deairal-le famished HOI'"HI. ali modern couv euiences, uear l'<?t"Ut and Post Ofti'.-s. JllRl. j-7 3t THOS. K WAOOAMAN. Al^ 7ih st. OR ItENT?HOUSE, No. 9'J* I street north r west, between 9:h ami loth, contains 1<) room?, with m>_d?TU improvements. Inquire on the pr-m ises from 4 to 6 p m. j-7-3t* L'tiR SALE?On Long Tim-?SQUARE 1094. at I ?bargain. Also, Lots iu S-inares 101s, MM, l?.r1. 1067,1082. llt?. llli and lijj. ..n -asy terms. j.7 1W I'RKSRREY A OREKK st. h'OR RENT?Pleasant Furnished R'jOMS in th? couctrv, about 2S or S miles, with or without R ard. Splendid water and -hade, Ac., the health i? st in th?- District; stable room, Ac. In-iuire at ?he Star office. je7 St* F^OR BENT?Thre? or four UNFURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for l>ou-<eke"pinK. Fs inly ab-ent for the summer. C.'ti^eni^nt to departments. T'rtns reasonable. Call at 1441 L street, n-ar LMh. btfore 9 or aft^r 4. j7-St* L, OR SALE OR RENT?N?. |.rh 'tioet r northwest, ItBICK HOUSE. 7 rooms, gas and ? at?r. large lot. P ..s.-ssion jnm > diat'ly. Rriit, fSO per mouth. Enquire at 1000 M street. 17 3t* '<?11 RENT?fcTOliE, L&\3l. with targ.* show window,and two rooms adjoining. No 3UJ Uth street northwest. Also, a STORE No. 1103 Est. northwest, with four unfurnished Rooms in the same building. Inquire at the G.ocery, corner llth and E streets corthwest.* L'OR BALE?Two new FRAMES, very neat and 1/ pretty, situate^on Lawrence street, b.?t. lih am) 19th and R andS streets, one square from street cars; iu ft growinMteighhorhood; can be bought on longtime. Applyio WILLET A LIBItKY, Lntn l?er Merchants, corner of 6th street ami New *ork ftvontie. ? je7-J? F' pOR SALE ON CAPITOL HILL A first class prosaed-brick front HOUSE, '213 5th street southeast, half a square from Pa. ave., com prising 8 rooms, saloon parlors, marble mantles. La trobes, Ac., water and gas; lot 22\in5; nice back building and yard, side alley, and yard handsomely paved. A very desirab e situation, and near th? new market and park Will be aoM at a sacrifice on an early call at 64 3w all cash, or S small casb payments, balance iu monthly notes of $5S, at ? p.-r cent, iuterest. la ? HESTER * RYON, Rsal Estate Agents and Brokers, je7 tt* 110 l?t street south'ast, Capitol Hill. L'OB RENT?Three unfurnished ROOMS, snita * ble for housekeeping; water and bath Also, unfurnished BOOMfe on first floor, 343 Misai>art avenue. je 6 it * f~r?OR bALE-Tbat PESIRARLB PROPTRTY', the residence of the late Commodore John H. Aulirk,situated <>n the northeast corner of I and ]<th streets N. W Enquire on. the premises. No. 17 39 I street. js (4c OR RENT?Four new HOUSES. Nos. 47, 3T. 33 and 3d K street N E., Latrobe's Ranges; water, cas, bath, and other m.tdern conveniences. Keys at No. 3S. GEO. BURGESS, Attorney, 3 J1 t'? street, near City Hall. je<-3t* C^OR RENT OR SALE?One of the most genteel r and comfortable HOUSES in the District,con taining all modern conveniences, with large lot,cor ner 4th and G 8. B. Rent 8fl0 per mouth. Enquire of JA8. A. TAIT, Pennsylvania avenue, No. 4*41, between 3d and ttb streets 8. E. je 6-lm* IfO? SALE-VALUABLE COUNTRTREsF 1'ElfCE, about fire mile* from Washington, consietiLg of a large mansion honse, tenant house, servant's honse, benery, milk boose, splendid well of water, a large number ?f choice fruit and shvde trees, and forty acres of excellent land ia a high state of cultivation. The place is well feneed and in the most perf.ct order, and will be sold for ?9.000 on easy terms. If not sold within a week a portion of the house, with outbuildings and garden, will be rented cheap to a family without children. Apply to GEO TRUE8DRLL A CO., je6-lw Real Ratate Brokers. SI> 7th at. 1/OK SALE.?I have one or two of those FRAME r HOUSES on T street left, which I will sell on long time aud small cask payment. R. W. DOWNMAN. je4 Iw Real Estate Broker. 4IB 7th street. tfOR SALE OR RENT FOR THiTbUMMKR. r a pleasant RESIDENCE, 9 rooms, IS miles from the cltr, north, and fonr minutes' walk to sta tion on Point of Rocks R R , with two acres of land, stabliug, excellent water. Ac. Apply at 1419 Q street. je4-lw Li*OR SALE?A COTTAGB. six rooms, summer r kitchen, and cellar; gas and water; lot 41 feet front; terraced; fruit trees; grape vines, and flowers. Location, 1411 6th street, within ode sqaare of C-rcoran Market. For further information call at 70A 9tb street northwest. jS 6t* yOR SALE?Three BUILDING LOTS on ISth r street, between Sand T streets. Three LOTS on IStli street, between S and T. One Lot on Q street, between 14th and 16tb streets. Will be sold at a bargain. J. 8TANLBT JONES, j3-lw* No. 311 7th street, opp. P. O. Dept. yoR SALE?Bast PART of LOT 3, square 369, on 17 L street, between 9th and loth streets north west, south front, having a two-story bnlkling and attic, with large back building; all slated; water and gaa. The vacant ground on eaat aide of house would take a comfortable side building. Terms easy and moderate upon payment of one-third cash, for terms apply to JAMK8 TOWLES, Property Agent, H street northwest, between 8th and 9th streets. Office 811. j3 2w FOR SALE?Very desirable BUILDMG LOT for r sale, on west side of 14th street, opposite Scott Square; M by 100 feet. Apply U4t 1 street, be tweea Uih and 16th streets northwest. je> ?w* For sale - two nrw brick houses. Ho. iOV Bstreet southeast; 7 rooms- bath-loom and cellars; also, TWO VBAHB HotSES on 0 street southeast; 7 rooms; bath-room and cellars, ?3100; for Brick Howe, tor terms, apply to 440 1 street northwest. na31-Sw* FOR SALE?On loag time, with ment; Sub Lots 91 aad 36, sqnars 104,14th and V streets ^Pftrt Lot 22, square SM, 18th strest, near B; M.M Bah Lota M, and west H of M, squa street and North Carolina avenue. Sub Lot M. square 844; lax title. 15.10 by 80 feet of square 8M; tax title. Lot 9, square 878; tax title. sat north, one square from BaM Caaltoi rtfeet rajlroed". mM-lm JMO I. KRBDALL. POR BALB?Two FRAMB MOU8BB, lots 46 feet HQMJ hot and cold i _ and convenient to ears aad marfcstT vfhoie house isag. s?s taTfe&yiaa8 FOB BENT AMP SALE. FI'OB RENT?Bo. 14tY S *re?< ?ft?* ?<, !?? 1 sory. r"?**? ,r,?* **??. ?"* rmumm, .?llar, t*th at porch and yard '4 M?; f?? 4">*i frm * IV m-nt. Apply for B?> and at 14th and 8 nlr??l? 6#rtli*>^ mJl la_ E.H'K Btbt-T.o FiBBunkfiHorses. F !*??-! 319 G stre??. lb- Church ?4 F.plpt.enr. T?*tn? ooitriu. in*! at the h <M?, 0 itrfH. H I* h'OR KIKT^A f-.or ??.rr prega-hrWk PWIt llNG.tii.eli I ad on a-HMh ?, 14 aw" ?l atret ic. Capitol Hill, beia( tb*c?ni?r hoaae n?i td nrrrt, nnrh ??lf, tmUwlat tw?|r? r ??n??. w ith aster, ?a*. L*lr<iN?. rang", ^mi* waiter. ami Uwi dr? ; with anjpie and w.*?d kuukf. and rapacious \ard in lN? rear; a rar? chanc for wfarltn a tit; nice auinmer koa?, tnJ iu lh? ver jr b<st c <aditioo Price |# p?r m ?nth. ,H ESTER * RYOW, n*al Estate and Brokers, nvST-tf 1 lO 1-t atreet sontheaat, Capit I Hill. L OK Kk NT?Halt aunarv tr<>m IMh atr~.t ram, i ? fonr-rootii ye? BKICE HOI SB, #U per ir iiith, p-weeaaion (i?? the l?t of June laumre SKI l><>ai?iana atnnr. Mvwn t aikl ) mv!7 Im U(7li KALE?A IHJCABE GBOt'Nu In th* I northern arcllmi of the city, with the aidewalks, ruiI n f, and glittering all laid nd Mid for. H >rw car* pass it. Will aril cheat ana on long time Apr IJ to HCTCE a ApDISON. Beal E?tate AltHl, Mo. 1401 Km Tork t?rnu?. comer of 1Mb atreet northweet. | R.-p ACbron ) niJ6 it I^oR RENT?DWELL 1 NO HOUSB. ?.tn prna trick front and marble trimmings, N > 11*7 Rhode Island a? et.ue, between IXh and Wth streets, tlie resilience of tbe Firat AvuMant PMtnv'n Gen eral for the paet three and half yeara. Injure 140)1 l4lli utrfH The tlxitr h>tl*e baa recently been Cirted outside and grained waluut in?id-. and put perfect order. mJU 1m I^OB BENT-FUBBISMED BOOMS: ? back I Parlor furnished as a S.'droom, and tw, pi. aa ant r< oms, l ack and front.on eecond story. In aa eligibly-located Dwelling on 1 street, u~er tth, will b" rented on r~aeonaMe tern.s to g-utlemet only Address "A. J.," National Republican efflce. mlttf IBe*.I _ _ _ I/ob lUT-roBniHni Rorn-iorM No. GOO, comer K aud 9th streets north ?r.?stl a ill be rei'tid oo reasonable t? rina. Immediate p *e aion given Apply to C. E. BITTENHOl sF Agent. nU'J F street. iu!I ?4f (/OB RENT?An elegant blMMER SB* iilrable residence. u< ar the aea shore at lMip Lone l-l:ind, oppoaite Fire Island Light-hona-; Containe If ro-ms. well furnished for a ftrac clnea fmnl); w ith e?erv c>n?- uience for honaekeeptng; an In ur at <1 a halfV ride front New York, an 1 a few nttfiutea aalk from the <iep.>t; market, m It >"la, h'-a, aforee, poet office cl>?e at hand, fine r >?l<; anil a ater, ft-litue, boating, atable acconintodatt >na for fonr h raea; ice-houae tilled, go >d iawu, abate and flower beds For l< rnta apply to V M TYLER, 71>? 1Mb street, mltl-eolor* Wneliitigton city, I> C. FOR SALE. ~ bALE?<lne two hoi^e ? AKK1AUE nearly A new. Addr>'?a APPLEM.1XT A ( O , ji lt* 10** 14th atreet northaeet. SALE?Owe M kww?awoc ENGINE and > A W M ILL; n* atly nea . nta-le h> Oarr A t > , Mchtiiond, li.diaua; all iu gocxl order. APP1 K M AN A CO., 3t?*? Jfh street north*.-St JV S ' sale, chbap-a ?ne bat 4rin?c lioR$E. 16 han<1x high, gentle and gy ?? ii!.J, and a tine trotter. T ' he seen at HO* \ KD'ti Stahle*, G street, between o.h and 7th .in-tt* l>ALE-A* jrearaolrl, hati<t? 'tu< ' r found; and loetcrv ?ay in u ? ?1 condl- / ti t: In<4t)ire at HAZEL'S Livery, R all street, iiear H ich, Geot ii'town. j7 Jt* * A.-OR SALE-A I'atry HdRSF WAGON^aud r HARNESS CANS and BOlTC I'urcv parti. Itlaia a>ldlfx? *1 Jet it* "l>AIRV." 8tar office. /w\ ?/OK SALE-A nne MARE, well broke"^ aingle I or double h*rn>-a-, xtxnda wi'h oit hitch gy iiiu, KOitahle fot a plitsician: anld for w ant Tjl ?d aae. FREI>'K BOtiNCS. J'<' 3l* No titb Loniaiana ave. L'OR 8ALB? A " Lawrence " aecond - band ' Ci>CPEE, in perfect condi'ion. T.> be found at ANI'KkW JuYC'E'?, coruer of Itth and E atre -ta, for ? ne week onl) . ij4t' ?^t'L>A y> ATER APPAKAT16 FOR SXLB." A great rarlety of White and TeBneaaea Marble ??>I>A WATER APPABATUB, at niatitjfacturera prices aiid t.-rn a, aecoitd-hand ouea taken in ei Silver-plat..! Apparatua and 8i??l Foun laiti? to loan, free of charge, by D It lm* PALMER A GREEN. Q*org?t.>wn. RiOE. CLAT FOB MALB. Apply w DOPGB B DABNEILLB, Jl7 tf 14BT F street B PROFESSIONAL. DR A F. A. KINO haa returned. Offi. "*10 Itlhstr.-et nortliw.-st. Uout-.,6Sto j>-? a in , Sto 4S, and 6 to 7 p. m. je4 3t* j7fKANK6, DENTIST, 413 12th stre?t, above Ktrkwood H >uae. II?* tr.aratitee?? ta g.>od work in app-nr-. at... . tit, durability, am parit) of materia!*** for Icua mouey thau any Deutiat iu tbe^* city. jet Doctor haktigam has remoyed his / ???*? ? ? - ? - J clhceto No. lWlO Fatreetnor bwe?t. m3l 6? AM KB 0. CLEPHANB. E. ZBRAILET CLKPHANB I BRAILEY, 8HOBTHAVI> WRITERS a LAW BEPOBTB&S Office?Mo. 110 C atraci, between 1st and ad. facing Iudiana ave?ya. mhj! ly JOHN W. HANtjff, ATTORBEYATLAW. Bo. B Yoou*'? Law B aiid tag, drt tf Waahtuglon. P.O. PERSONAL. ^O AND CONSl'LT MADAM DE GRAFF, the wonderful Seer and Clairvoyant, ah* U the seventh daughter of the aeveutb daughter; she can !??consulted at 32C Peoaaylvania avenue, between 3d and iS atreeta, for a ahort time only; ahe givea ad> ice on all buaineea matters: tella bow to recover |.?t or atolen property; tells of lovers, and even tella the name of the person you are to marry. Fe~? |i. All letter* answered promptly bp tncloaing B1 and Ftastp. Hour* from 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. ml4 tw* itWlATCVOLEMCI," OB THB WILL 0UU. THE OBEATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WOBLD. Ry It all diaeaae* are cured. N^ medicinea aaed. am] no laying on of hauada. Taugkt bp Mra. J. R EL lOT, 473 C atreet aorthwaat. ap7 tr MEDICAL, Ac. CCONSULT DB. BBUCE, No. Sll ltth atreet. / between H aud I. A apecialiat of twenty Ave years practice. jl lw* IT*LECTBO-MAGNETO GALVANIC TREAT MENT for nervoua disease# by PB0F G P EVANS, No. 43T Pennaylvania avenue. Id floor. General applicationa, Mc., sponge bath,bjc. nilft eolm li^EMALB D1BEA8BS of all kiiada treated De A scribe caae ana encloee (6; advice and uedl cine will be sent. Addram Mra. Dr .THOMPMI, Bo. MB Hortb ljlh ^ree4, PhHadelpibla. |an!7-ly^ Madame wilbob, A KuulmlmSdmtmf* PHYSICIAN AMD MIPWIFB. cats be consul tad on all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIBB Baaidenoe and OoOeultatieB Bmim, OH Ptb gm between H and I. Boom,Board,Maallcal atteudaMe! Ac., at reasonable prices. Tapeworm removed wick head In two houra. Radar to paOawta ani nuaafnlli treated In Waahincton. aovtl-7 -n HOTELS. U"IU" H0Ifl?eS?,^5&s tbhBowlMbmnMlT iiillilal It ooatalna all the modern Improvement) aald hatha, balk, aad gaa. It is ooavenleatly lo ?ated, batng aKaaUd ow the Una of the Waahlngtoa ??d Georgetown City Pmmiw railroad, the can of which, from the railroad aadrtaamboaft depom, pam the door every two or three mlnwtm. The wlUtoSFfc to a^Kr?UkUr5 rzrsz H YSOB'S HOTEL, ?o. TOO 0 STBEET, BlTWWll Tw tin ?T? SrKIITa IMFBBLAL HOTEL, JAMBB ST EBB, , FtoniM FiiMfiuRu Aram. pHB WUIIMTOI, P. 0. Thaakfai ta the pabtic for imini patroma^a m d? pm>j the^Propriator aata Ma otd^frtaaATaad TBI BBTABT B0UBB, ^-hrffSKsarsarvsi _ I of P.O. rr?M. MCK, AUD BAEBT, OB ABT OTBBB MAB, vm ta. 7paS",wVSS'I o BtTSINEflK CHANCER WT?c?, wpowriM rixrt in ? ; ~rANcr mi moti<>k e\'our. -..i u-a, M 4tli aim Ih*?' A-Kl' ??* ? !?""?? nreyty ????/?. TIOBfcBV. ?-? Ml ?"< ia rua^ i> ?r<*i *>t4 ''???>? lM?ir* l?3? ;t* WB4.B-MTABLfMfR|> Ktl TKHIilf 1 loo?i.Mlhf V?irfc?..|a R .*?*, <#* lift, ?trf^ M? r 1% a?im ?% em#, roupi j* i* ?'|fi?rfd(nr ??!? loomr*' ?m> im ?? "rt/5 wniioi a paiYeejos. ? i*; I,"*'* B/TLl?A f?B~M* . f ?. ?t*ft \RL* 1 LOW ? N??r? ?? ft, ra?fc, hJi .. i,, ?H?lltlily lONtaiBlf ntf nf ||f?. / ^4 3t TUo* ? WAO#%?l4^. J , . __ ?*t. KAKKCIlAh<?-r ?r ??*.!*? At ? 8n**iu? r'?? * A WD 1M\ T 1 KK* ifii'.i (.. . hi ri ?f* t?i*m doinc h ?v hI t'U? u? *? ?+? l%% 7 Jh. ? n.fantgton. |> u ;.*?f L"<*B SALE???ii ?i J ?fi-r thfttt, ,f Jlrw. w?i ? Iw wM at pruat<- |.r|t ??., Hi If) % ?rsrASteA-fctxrr v ",<1 ? i t jt ? ^ C >t>Mftkltlg |U V I -a * Hi'/t ?.???.V. *?'*". WrUl ?? <1 a quantity of .MhT to. I? r??h 4 1? * F4V| RK*",t ?V?TOT* a?d riv ',rJ; 104 j"1 *??<? ?"? f o..?.ki ?? ? L 7^ ??d P.nn. | - H? IU- ? liiSiiil ft"!!' ,'rh ?i'h *Ml? ?? It n h-.or. ol t.a m l f,mr. I .MAV.B rHi?mTTiIf\i,tl .,11b >? L'r ? n- ? **' ?? f M I .. ??' V:rr V;fT?? nriyr,n?.VhV.t A-"> ? MRTlKfi li?\ Iuk II i 'I -?i ..r lTi"t> ? -i "aw *>? ?v^r^r \|<>NEY TO LOIS OI REAL A-TATE^ii 1*1 ium ai.<1 on tim>- i.i anlt *',H| ..,JlAMBh E v*rca.M R?tM. . 4 5 'IL F "r" ?"??'??? ? ?(? ?* nn |%|(>NL1 In Loan .>> kmi, ? 41 ? , - **I HT * RIlo . n.js tt * Iv*,e ^ l"mur\".:,*ir>k*r*' Nil F ?tr** KV.? .H^iJ5_(ln KTItV VT- -AT A. KKH * f LA*l'?' ilublinlltiai .n 1? au.141 i; |j ' H.r?. f ittr u J *?i MV% 'I J1 ?'"f ""l1" ?'?<? ?"?? .It^r J r.*V *'.RM *'r t .r,..- ro ? U .. w,?h c ? >M*t?, Barn. H ??* ? pl^nir of ? .._r U*'r11 > fra.t -r..^ f n,,: t*. iow ., K*fKlc:LARlt; - p ** *"? < ??iti.r LM t ,u,i f JlfvMTToFkfASTLl UNHAND To LOaM A*I on r.-al ci>iatf, iu ?i.ti,? ti .nit t? n tbi>>pell * <v?? _ ^ ^ ?a?at- B- k-r?. A| A rth it K?K IILI-r?ir < i%m HR1< k MoIThkT^ "_ tmf. Wl?TO trow < a?itoi Park. -?-< ">?- - * "Tthiy I^uire *u tba Pr-.,^., 3l? . .,t?| * 2oi* h ' M XTi'kkJ 'f", ^ "^i? .*' 00?D *'HL au4 v i "P ????' Mtlllnwy arnl fm ,, , a, JJ? w^>' f b?' :lh ???*?- ?? . jtg-trl 1 LCKXBtkn * r?* I aiTahlk farm i.kVmit ) istsnv&ifsvffifi ra'j^ tr.lli i? ? ^"l>c"rd ?fap* t ui?a, in t^n ?6.??i iU ?**?"**"" - Vf,, fnr.. ^ ?pi7a- ??? * o. ?tr^ ^ miftr * m r ? * Vi8 * - * 11 ? . ?. C. A Handing, frb an<j d ^ II ??ll FOB sale: The tare* roi R SToRT U<THB with ta... R.jagaKi'S i tasajes? coal Axn~wooa (J LOtiitr^ >l"UL"8'?|?,?t"V>VTAV.i.'ff<L" '? link u ua ss^snu**" ?"'? ?"??i?:s Fair prtco and hoorahU doalinga. QAl'ITOL hill ~~ WOOD A*D COAL TARO. A ?T.t BETH EEK AND 3t>. tioRTIIEAHT ? ?? The amler?ira?w) l."?? l-avo to taf >rn> hi. ? ? < n??r<wid??iiU of cWtol Hill-aa-i tH H?k,? ^ wi. *? IlWfr Cftfi !)?? fuUld m tfO'id Brim>rtiBi-m ,# #?. v?>r) 1 ?*t *rad.-? of bo(f, ?Mj a,,,i ^ ( ... der* ?roni|*lr M.d f?ithf?Ilr ?||?d 411 * W ?. MAELOW Oe* 11b 4 C?., THE LAKUEST VAKIETT OP GOODS FOR GENTLKKET8 WEAK IS AMERICA. ? ALL THE NEW 8TTLBS AT nnUtr HI3 PENWfeVLVANlA AVEHW 1873 ?***? ?**?!*? |g73 or SUMMER STYLES OP BLACE ALPACA OOAT8. DBAB DTTB OOATH. D1AOOBAL HOB A IB COATS, FBEBCH 8EBOB COATS. LI?HT COLO BED 6TB1PBD ALPACA OOAT9 % A* BTRACB, Ike ( lothUr, i?ai pebkbtltabia atekcb. *'T>>^r Bxweti Mth m nth atrwmm MOT W0MDBBrCL^BTBBTl0B^0r r?a 'an J^AMIiriC 1IUU1. ..y'.*? rr'porad t0 fnrnUh ?aaoaic B?itMMk "* cic. - "ciu" MB'OBDS AND Blin. ?ad ?nrr Mtidc pertainiac to Ibe^ONw Wo ptmiM ?U >>y? to be rtymUtlo. p I ? I O L o |_I o ! .

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